Sakamaki Laito (逆巻 ライト)
CV: Hirakawa Daisuke (平川 大輔)

 Laito is the oldest of the triplets and comes with a manipulative streak a mile long. He appears to be a flighty and ditsy playboy but that just hides his perceptiveness and cunning. He has this habit of calling Yui by the nickname “Bitch-chan”. He also has a terribly cynical view on love and only seems to believe in lust due to his past with his mother.

((I don’t have anything to say about how long this took me. I’m really sorry! Laito was an interesting character but at the same time he didn’t… excite me. Anyway, I did things a little bit differently with going from Ending 01 to Ending 03 because that’s actually how it works. You start from Maniac and choose the “S” choices rather than “M” ones, which unlocks Ending 03 first and then Ending 02 is the full on “S” Ending)).

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Kondou Isami (近藤 勇)
CV: Inoue Kazuhiko (井上 和彦)

(HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES! I have completely and ridiculously missed the date but I wanted to share this as a Valentines gift to everyone. Kondou is one of my favorite characters from the Wasurenagusa series and his Kekkonroku track makes me bawl every time I listen to it. It was really surprising how much I liked him in the second series since I didn’t give him much thought in the first series (translated here by saki). Below will be somewhat of a TL;DR as I gush about why I love this guy).

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Sakamaki Subaru (逆巻 スバル)
CV: Kondo Takashi (近藤 隆)

Subaru is the youngest of all the brothers in the Sakamaki family. He has a very short temper and tends to destroy everything around him; much to the displeasure of Laito. He talks a lot like a gangster and would probably be swearing every second word in English. He can be surprisingly sensitive and concerned about others though.

(I know a ton of people have been waiting for this route so I hope you enjoy! Also, every time Subaru talks you literally just have to imagine him making those “AH!? WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” noises like yakuza members. No, seriously, I’m not kidding he talks like that all the time).

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Amnesia Later ~ Kent ~

Kent (ケント)
CV: Ishida Akira (石田 彰)

Kent has grown up so much from the first game and yet, in other ways, he remains the same dense man with respect to the matters of love. His route focuses a lot on him learning daily life lessons like cooking, washing, and other things while progressing his relationship with the heroine.

(It’s been a long time since we came back to Amnesia Later and so I’ll do a quick refresher on what happens at the beginning before the heroine chooses who she wants to be with to search for the fireflies. Please refer to Amnesia Later Ikki’s post for all the details. Also… I AM STILL NOT ANY CLOSER TO UNDERSTANDING KENT).

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Hakuoh (白鴎)
CV: Hirakawa Daisuke (平川 大輔)

(A translation as requested by the winner of my anniversary giveaway shoujosei! I’m obligated to give a warning that the text underneath this read more is full of R18 situations so… be warned (・ω\) This will follow the format of my Diabolik Lovers translation posts with time stamps and track names!).

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♪(*⌒ー⌒)o∠★:゚*PAN! Can you imagine that it’s been two years already? Wow, time flies… Especially when you look at my blog and you realize that there hasn’t even been that many posts since last year? Oops, I really need to do something about my speed //sobs. But my motto has always been “slow and steady” (at least in regards to this blog). It’s better to keep up my average speed like this than to try and rush out reviews and just burn myself out from otome games, don’t you think so?

Anyway, I should get to the point of this post. Once again I want to thank all of you so much for continuing to follow this blog! So here’s a big thank you to all of my old and new followers ♥~(‘▽‘人). To be honest I was hoping I could finish Diabolik Lovers and Amnesia Later before it reached my second anniversary so that I could host another game summary giveaway but… yeah, as you can see, not happening unless I get a time machine ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ. Instead I’ll be making this a drama CD translation giveaway and feedback post.

EDIT: As of August 26, 12:06 PM PST, the giveaway is officially over! The random number generator spat up #32 and the person closest to that was shoujosei who had #36! I’ll get started on the request Jooubachi no Kanbinaru as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who participated! I won’t close the comments this time so people can still give me feedback /o/.

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Sakamaki Reiji (逆巻 レイジ)
CV: Konishi Katsuyuki (小西 克幸)

Reiji is the second oldest of the Sakamaki brothers. He talks very politely and tries to uphold the image of being refined and not falling prey to his vampire instincts. He also acts like a caretaker for his brothers and cleans the house. He has a fondness for tea and his tea cup collection.

(Since so many people were requesting Reiji I decided to do him! I was also convinced by his Versus CD where he just sounds amazing. Can you believe that we’re halfway through the vampires? It’s only taken me like… half a year).

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