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Knight of Twins ~ memorandum of their ~

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Fell (フェル)
CV: 聖蹟桜ヶ丘太郎

Phi (ファイ)
CV: 空木あすた

Knight of Twins ~ memorandum of their ~

“You” are the princess of a country and, since you were small, you were raised as siblings with twins, who were the knight attendants of the princess, called Fell and Phi.

These are everyday scenes of spending time closely together as three people.

Thank you to Alma Lin for the commission! R18 warning.

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Denpa wa Yondeiru

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Tsukuba Manji (筑波 卍)
CV: 三橋渡

Electromagnetic Waves are Calling

“World War 3 is starting! Now’s the time to run and hide in my sperm!”

Five days ago at 5:55 PM.

Just when you thought your blood-related older brother Tsukuba Tsubasa, a 21 year old NEET, was coming out of his room for the first time in three years, he said “I’ll make these into tanks that can be used in World War 3 too” and started smearing his semen on the training cars of a driving school before he was reported by the local residents.

Taken into custody by the police, Tsubasa called himself the “Heaven-sent Child of the Prayer Electromagnetic Waves, Tsukuba Manji” in jail, entered the dream of his blood-related sister—you—and sent a message with sleep-disturbance electromagnetic waves.

“Sister of mine, come to see me! At this rate, the world will be invaded by cult demons!”

Ridiculing the message told to you by Tsubasa that you saw in your dreams, you went towards the jail where Tsubasa was detained—

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning and incest. Also, HOLY SHIT, the summary does not do this work justice and I actually cried at the end LOL the twist was very good.

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Futago no Ouji-sama to Dekiai 3P

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Nero (ネロ)
CV: 鶴見鉄塔

Rene (ルネ)
CV: 鷹取レイジ

3P Doting with Twin Princes

The daughter of a fallen aristocrat, you visited a secondhand dealer to sell your mother’s heirloom pearl necklace for living expenses.

Not realizing he was a corrupt secondhand dealer, you were about to be bargained down to sell the pearl necklace at a low price when you were saved by a young man called Nero.

He said, “Attend the ball at the royal palace in seven days. Yes, the ball to select a princess consort for the crown prince. Wear that pearl necklace, and it doesn’t matter if the dress is dated. —Listen, you better come. It’s a promise.”

Seven days later, as promised, you attended the royal ball and there you reunited with Nero and learned that he was the crown prince of the Anvers Kingdom.

Beside Nero, there was a young man with the same face as Nero who called himself Rene—

Thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 32 ~

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Chapter 32 ~ Fourth Game Pt.3 ~

Brother Zhang and the male player, who were both holding the pen, could feel the arrival of the spirit earlier than the others.

Their hands moved without command, as if being controlled by the pen, and they drew a crooked circle on the paper.

The spirit came.

The other three female players squeezed together, pushing against each other. They stared at the paper and didn’t dare to make a sound.

The flashlight also stopped playing tricks at this time.

The light source was on the paper.

Brother Zhang and the male player exchanged glances.

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Pink Kankin ~ Teki no Kagakusha Kanbu ni Torawareta Sentai Pink ~

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Dr. Yuri (ドクター・ユーリ)
CV: 彩和矢

Pink Confinement ~ The Pink Ranger Captured by the Enemy Executive Scientist ~

The super power Zenith Rangers fight to protect the peace from a secret organization that plots to conquer the world.

One of those members, you the lone woman in the group, fought day and night against monsters sent by the secret society as Zenith Pink. One day, you woke up in an unfamiliar research facility (lab), shackled on an operating table, and standing there was Dr. Yuri, an executive scientist and also one of the four leaders of the enemy organization.

“I’m free to kill you or let you live… but violating a woman like you might not be a bad idea either.” You were captured by the secret organization, which was trying to find the secret to defeat the Zenith Rangers. Dr. Yuri was the one to examine you. He looked down at you with cold eyes and said, “No matter how much noise you make, none of your companions will come to save you. They have their hands full battling the leaders of our organization. Without you, they can’t use their combination techniques either, so it’s easy to imagine the trouble they’re having.”

In this desperate situation where you can’t rely on your companions, Dr. Yuri’s hand began to touch your pink transformation suit… “Your body, your heart, I am going to expose everything starting from this moment. Resign yourself…”

Huge thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning and another one of my favorites from Under Rain. Plus, Irodori Kazuya is just AMAZING here. I’m not kidding.

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Occultic Lovers ~ Shidzuki ~

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Shidzuki (熾月)
CV: Shimono Hiro (下野 紘)

Onmyouji Illusionary Night Records ~ Sleep in the Palm of my Hand ~


Shikigami, curses, divination.

These techniques to battle against things that are not human have been forgotten together with the change in times.

However, in the modern age, there have been people who continuously inherit these techniques. The Bureau of Onmyou. The descendants of the legendary onmyouji, Abe no Seimei.

Perhaps due to opposing revengeful ghosts, which cannot be defeated by human means, these present onmyoujis have distortions in them as humans.

Due to a certain incident, you learned of “their” existence of fighters against monsters every day. And that was the end of your ordinary life.


“Show me it more clearly. You have such beautiful hair.”

An onmyouji who belongs to the Bureau of Onmyou (External Division of the Cabinet Office).

He’s a person who finds everything to be bothersome. In other words, “I’ll spare no effort in order to be able to relax.” For this reason, he shows a bizarre obsession about things he feels can be useful to him. It’s not only tools and shikigami, but even humans are no exception.

He uses a shikigami, called matagi, in the form of a rope braided with a woman’s hair.

In reality he’s intelligent, but because he finds it bothersome he doesn’t use his head much. As a result, he often makes the easiest choice and frequently gets wounded. Even so, that he manages to handle it is due to his excellence as an onmyouji.

Thank you to Lux for the commission! Oh god, excuse my notes but there are so many terms that I didn’t think I should translate because this whole series is about Japanese onmyouji.

Note1: In an extremely simplistic way, onmyouji can be thought of to be exorcists. But they actually do more than that and know more than that.

Note2: Depending on the media, shikigami can be many things, such as beings the onmyouji create as a representation of their power or they are spirits who are bound (or contracted) to the onmyouji to serve as their agents.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 31 ~

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Chapter 31 ~ Fourth Game Pt.2 ~

As a player who relied on deception to clear games, Brother Zhang was especially impressed with people who didn’t act like him.

He had tricked over a hundred people and only met his Waterloo three times.

Little Gu was the most beautiful player among those three Waterloo.

Brother Zhang would never forget her.

It was precisely because her impression was so deep and her temperament so prominent that, just by looking at the photo, Brother Zhang intuitively knew this person was one hundred percent Little Gu herself!

This intuition was trained out of countless junctures of life and death!

Brother Zhang was stunned.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 30 ~

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Chapter 30 ~ Fourth Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian didn’t say anything, but that line of black letters stubbornly floated in the air.

She hesitated for a moment. Last time the God heard she liked Little Ze, it let her off.

How about she still answered that she liked Little Ze this time?

As a matter of fact, in this game, Gu Yian discovered that Lu Zize’s name contained the word “Ze” and he was also a main character in the game. She felt that it was extremely likely he was an incarnation of God.

But Lu Zize himself didn’t say he was God.

The God’s Eye System seemed like it was that disgusting God’s incarnation.

Now that she had gotten away from the game, she had no way of knowing the real truth.

Gu Yian said, “I like Little Ze.”

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Tasuketenante Ittenai

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Koga Yukinari (古河 幸成)
CV: 乃木悠星

I Didn’t Ask You To Save Me

You were a temporary worker who spent her days as the mistress of the boss where you were assigned.
You could hear the slow steps of becoming 30. How long could this life continue?

Then, one night, your smartphone notified you of a call.
The call screen displayed a nostalgic name.

—Several months later, at the same time your contract expired, you took a week of vacation.
You returned to your home town for the  first time in 10 years…

Thank you to Tai for the commission! R18 warning and dark themes, BDSM, mentions wrist cutting, erotic asphyxiation. You can grab this on DLsite.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 29 ~

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Chapter 29 ~ Third Game Pt.11 ~


The next message from God’s Eye arrived.

“I only filtered out what I wished to say to you.”

That’s no different from what you sent.

Gu Yian realized that the stranger, Liu Han, had sent many messages but, on her side, she only received the ones after God’s Eye made its selection.

God’s Eye was an artificial life, how could it understand human aesthetics?

There was only one possibility. God had divided a part of their consciousness again and came down.

God always had such disgusting hobbies.

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Tears of Themis – Romantic Rail Getaway Pt.1

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Romantic Rail GetawayWeiding Shijian Bu – Tears of Themis

An interesting short event that deals with real world issues. First part is Lu Jinghe and Xia Yan, with Zuo Ran and Mo Yi coming at the end of April.

Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 28 ~

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Chapter 28 ~ Third Game Pt.10 Infatuation ~

Gu Yian stared at this scene.

She calmly said, “Since you’re awake, why pretend like you’re not? Take a good look at what’s in front of you.”

The male player swinging the dagger suddenly stiffened, and the dagger froze in midair.

He was like a slow robot, turning his head bit by bit to look at the people standing outside.

The light of the parking lot came down from above, making Gu Yian seem less angry. Her temperament was already clear and cool and, in this moment, she looked as if she was a cold adjudicator, judging the sins of the world.

The male player turned his head stiffly and saw the woman in the passenger seat. A drop of blood dripped from the knife in his hands.

“I… killed someone?”

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Hana no Yomeiri ~ Amazake-kitan Hakuja-roku ~

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Natsume (棗芽)
CV: 河村眞人

Marriage of the Flower Bridge ~ Mysterious Stories of Fermented Rice Wine: White Snake Record ~

“Even though it’s a strange place, it’s like a birthplace for me.”

Natsume, a jewelry designer, was reserved about his marriage with you.

While he worked, he also personally designed your ring and tiara, but he started to show uneasiness as the preparations continued. The reason why was because he still hid how he was the “spirit vessel of the White Snake God”.

However, due to an occasion, you both stepped into the world of the White Snake God and Natsume showed you his true form…

Thank you to anonymous for the commission, especially because this is one of my favorites in the series. MORE. MONSTER [REDACTED]! R18 warning and, if you squint, bestiality. You can also get this on DLsite.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 27 ~

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Chapter 27 ~ Third Game Pt.9 ~

Gu Yian had just smiled, unable to hold it back at Tang Jiu’s shameless behavior, but the next second she saw Tang Jiu and the large sign crash to the ground.

The tableau in front of her froze just like this.

Gu Yian was stunned for a second and then she immediately rushed over.

The customers in the candy store began to scream.

The cashier at the register couldn’t stand still and ran out from the counter.

Many people hurried over to check on the movement of the person lying in the doorway.

The sign was lifted by someone and placed to one side.

Gu Yian saw the fresh scarlet blood flowing on the ground with the bright lights in the candy store.

Tang Jiu’s eyes were closed, lifeless.

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MESSO” ~ Ame ~

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Osaka Sogo (逢坂 壮五)
CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部 敦)

Yotsuba Tamaki (四葉 環)

MESSO” ~ Rain ~

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! This is the first song in their album, Rain, and it was also the ending song for the 12th episode of the anime.

Lyrics: Shogo
Composed by:
Shogo & Hayakawa Hirotaka

Lyrics below, as well as a YouTube sample.

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