Starry Sky In Spring ~ Nanami Kanata ~

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Nanami Kanata (七海 哉太)
CV: Sugita Tomokazu (杉田 智和)

Kanata is 100% tsundere. He clearly has feelings for Tsukiko but is unable to express them and covers up any of his romantic or sweet words by telling her to forget about it. In his route, Tsukiko is an oblivious girl who doesn’t realize her feelings at all until the very end.

The game starts with Tsukiko looking up at the stars with her childhood friends. She asks one of them to tell her about the constellations and so one of them points out three stars that make up a triangle called “Spring’s Triangle”. Tsukiko mentions how they look like three good friends, but there’s a poor star underneath it that is all alone. That poor star is the Big Dipper.

However, another one of her childhood friends tells her that the three stars and the Big Dipper form a curve called “Spring’s Big Curve” and now all the stars are good friends. I’M DROWNING IN THE FORESHADOWING. This is the end of her reminiscence.
Tsukiko explains about the school she goes to called Seigetsu Academy, which has a highly specialized curriculum about astronomy. The school used to accept only males, but is now starting to accept female applicants. Our heroine is lucky, or unluckily, enough to be the only female there. She and her two childhood friends applied together to fulfill their dreams of studying astronomy.

Unfortunately, she woke up late and now has to rush to get to the Closing Ceremony in time.  On her way she bumps into Nanami Kanata who is the first of her childhood friends. They go to their classroom together to meet Tohzuki Suzuya who is their other childhood friend. They end up not being late thanks to the grace of Suzuya who is on attendance, but their teacher isn’t even in the classroom because the school is getting a transfer student.

The transfer student is Tomoe Yoh, who seems to know Tsukiko very well even though she doesn’t remember him at all. AWKWARD SINCE SHE ACTUALLY ASKS HIM WHO HE IS, OUCH. Instead, he tells her to call him by “Hitsuji” which was a nickname that she gave him when they knew each other as children. HIS NICKNAME IS… SHEEP. He also tells her that he’s glad to meet her again and that it all seems like a dream come true. IT WOULD BE ROMANTIC IF SHE ACTUALLY REMEMBERED HIM. NOW HE JUST SEEMS LIKE A CREEPER TO HER.

After the end of the morning class, Yoh asks if he can talk to Tsukiko alone and of course Kanata tries to interfere. But Yoh suddenly kisses her on the cheek in a French greeting and shocks everyone in the class. When Suzuya tries to ask for an explanation, Yoh just ignores him and actually asks for everyone to leave him and Tsukiko alone together. POOR KANATA IS HAVING AN ANEURYSM IN THE BACKGROUND DUE TO YOH’S FLIRTINESS. FUNNY FACT OF THE DAY: YOH’S REAL NAME IS “HENRI SAMUEL JEAN AIMEE”.

Finally Tsukiko remembers who Yoh is and apologizes for not remembering him. Her excuse is that he grew up and he replies that she has grown up to become a beautiful lady, though she was just as charming when she was younger. WHAT A FLIRT, I THINK I WOULD LIKE HIM BETTER IF I DIDN’T HATE HIS DESIGN SO MUCH. IT’S A SHAME THAT HE’S A CAPRICORN LIKE ME.

Kanata is seething in the background at the shameless pimp lines that Yoh is spouting while Suzuya is impressed. Then, as Tsukiko introduces the two as her childhood friends to Yoh, Suzuya says that any friend of hers is a friend of his, but Yoh just has this stoic face on before he tells Suzuya that he would rather just get to know Tsukiko. Suzuya takes Yoh’s cold shoulder like a man and laughs before saying “Looks like I got rejected”.

Of course Tsukiko wants all her friends to get along and Yoh acquiesces by saying that if this is what she wishes then he’ll try his best. AWKWARD ATMOSPHERE (^∀^;). Kanata and Yoh are not getting along well with each other at all. Kanata hates how clingy Yoh is and how he keeps on flirting with Tsukiko as well as how Tsukiko keeps on trying to push him closer to Yoh. When Tsukiko asks Kanata why he’s so angry and points out that he’s not acting like himself, he tells her that she’s not acting like herself either and that he “…doesn’t want to see that kind of Tsukiko”. (*´∀`*)えへへ

Kanata ruins the moment though by saying that it’s a fight between men and that she shouldn’t get involved. He almost ends up confessing that he likes her, but manages to stop himself in time. When Tsukiko asks him what he was going to say, he can only stutter out “I-I-I didn’t say anything!”.

One day, while going to class, Tsukiko sees Kanata skipping class and decides to skip with him. As she sits beside him she reminisces about their past together, such as how he was a crybaby when he was a child and how he was hospitalized for quite a bit of time because of his disease. WAIT WHAT? DISEASE? Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚)

While talking about how disease Kanata suddenly grasps at his heart in pain which sends Tsukiko into a panic. As she tries to decide what to do and gets up to find a teacher, Kanata stops her and tells her that she needs to listen to him very carefully and starts his sentence with “If I were to die…”. It all turns out to be a joke, though a bad one, and that he was trying to change the mood and reassure her because he saw her sad face when they were talking about his disease and he didn’t know what to do other than that.

During their talk, Kanata promises that he’ll try his best and become friends with Yoh, but that doesn’t work out well when one day Yoh pushes for Tsukiko to come eat lunch with him and tells her that he doesn’t need any friends other than her. IF THIS WAS AN 18+ GAME, YOH WOULD BE THE ONE TO LOCK HER IN A ROOM RIGHT?

Kanata interrupts them both by pointing out that Yoh is pretty clueless about how much Tsukiko doesn’t want to have lunch with him. Yoh responds by asking why Kanata won’t leave them alone, especially because his existence is useless to Tsukiko. The two of them go up to the rooftop to fight it out and during the fight Kanata collapses due to his disease. Suzuya stops the fight at this point.

Tsukiko checks up on Kanata but he brushes off his injuries and then forces her to laugh by tickling her. In the end, Kanata and Yoh are both lured over to share lunch together with Suzuya and Tsukiko. Apparently, Suzuya’s onigiri’s are dangerous because there is no idea what the insides are filled with. REMINDS ME OF BERTIE BOTT’S EVERY FLAVOUR BEANS, NOW I WANT SOME OF SUZUYA’S ONIGIRI (^∀^;).

The next day starts with Tsukiko studying with Suzuya in the library. The two of them end up going to the rooftop garden where they talk about their past together before she asks Suzuya why Kanata is so cold toward Yoh and Suzuya explains about how Kanata is probably scared that their relationships with each other will change or break. He even makes an analogy about Kanata being like a cat and about how cats chase other cats out of their territories. Suddenly, both of them realize that today was Kanata’s birthday but everyone forgot. They decide to celebrate it another day.

Suzuya asks about Yoh’s childhood and Tsukiko explains that he was always by himself and getting bullied by other children for being half-Japanese. She helped him find his telescope when the bullies stole it and hid it away and then told Yoh that his eyes and hair were beautiful. That’s when Yoh started to like her. After listening to her story, Suzuya says that he finally understands Yoh’s feelings towards her, but of course Tsukiko doesn’t understand the meaning and asks about it, but Suzuya changes the subject by pointing out how late it is and that it’s past curfew, and so he’ll walk her back to her room.

The next day is the closing ceremony and the first day of Spring break. Suzuya and Tsukiko have to accompany Kanata to supplementary classes to prevent him from skipping them. Tsukiko spends the rest of her day cleaning her room and then decides to head to the courtyard. On her way there she sees Kanata, but when she tries to go to him her arm is suddenly grabbed by a rapist on the campus. WHY IS THERE ALWAYS THIS RAPIST PLOT DEVICE? ALL LIKE “FUFU YOU’RE A CUTE GIRL. LET’S SPEND TIME TOGETHER.” (´-ω-`).

Of course Kanata shows up when Tsukiko trips, falls, and scrapes her wrists. After he beats the guy up and scares him off, Kanata picks her up bridal style and heads toward the nurse’s office. But, the doctor isn’t at the office so Kanata decides to treat it himself and starts wrapping her hand in bandages. They start talking about how Kanata is skilled at wrapping bandages because he was hospitalized so much. Then he apologizes for not realizing she was there in time to prevent her from hurting herself.

Two days later, it’s spring break and everyone is gone except for the people who have to take supplementary classes. Kanata was late in waking up again and he blames it on Suzuya’s method and actually says that he should try saying it in a girl’s voice. Suzuya smiles while saying that Kanata is a spoiled child and asks if he should wake him up tomorrow in a headlock. I AM LAUGHING SO MUCH AT KANATA’S GIRL VOICE AND I JUST LOVE THEIR INTERACTIONS TOGETHER.

Tsukiko tells the two to go ahead to class, because she thinks she sees Yoh and wants to ask him if he wants to join them in supplementary classes, and so she ends up going into the boy’s dorms. After class, Kanata asks where Tsukiko went and she tells him that she went into the boy’s dorm to see if Yoh wanted to come with them and Kanata starts freaking out about how she shouldn’t wander alone in the boy’s dorm.

Then they start talking about their mothers. Suzuya’s mother likes to make so much food that no one can finish it, Tsukiko’s mother is just generally nice, and Kanata’s mother whips Kanata into shape. Suddenly, Tsukiko realizes she forgot something in the classroom and returns to find it only to see Yoh in there. Yoh mentions that the three of them seem like close friends and that he feels like he’s intruding upon them, and though Tsukiko says that he shouldn’t be afraid to make friends Yoh realizes that his personality pushes everyone away.

She manages to get Yoh to start thinking about joining them as a friend and then he apologizes for keeping her here and worrying Suzuya and Kanata. The two of them turn out to be waiting for Tsukiko and end up telling Yoh that they were also worried about Yoh’s disappearance in the morning. Yoh starts to feel comfortable enough to ask Suzuya to make him something to eat which gets Kanata angry at him taking advantage of Suzuya and the two insult each other until Suzuya threatens them both with not making the food if they don’t get along.

Two days later while Tsukiko and Suzuya are accompany Kanata to class, Yoh shows up too and they bicker like usual. However, when they leave the class Yoh drops a Japanese grammar book that Kanata picks up. Kanata finally tells everyone why he’s bothered by Yoh and of course it’s because Yoh is trying to flirt with Tsukiko. But Yoh argues back that someone who can’t even honestly express their feelings shouldn’t be talking which puts Kanata on the defensive muttering that he has no feelings he wants to convey. Through it all, Tsukiko is completely oblivious to the fact that both of them are arguing about her.

Kanata is hurt that everyone is taking Yoh’s side and that it looks like their triangle is breaking up, but no one seems to be noticing his feelings. Suzuya says that this time it’s Kanata’s fault for initiating a fight like that by belittling Yoh’s feelings. Kanata angrily agrees that it’s all his fault and that he’s going to leave while the three of them become best friends. ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン I CAN EMPATHIZE WITH KANATA’S FEELINGS COMPLETELY.

Days pass with Kanata and Yoh still hating each other. Suzuya and Tsukiko try to think of a way to reconcile the two and Tsukiko ends up going to the courtyard to get some fresh air to help her think. While she’s there she sees Kanata who asks her what she’s doing out so late. She tells him that she was going to take a midnight stroll. Cue panicked looking Kanata asking her “What are you saying? What if a pervert showed up!?”

He goes on to say that she needs to realize how defenseless she is and then finishes by saying that he doesn’t like to see her in danger. She responds in kind by telling him that she doesn’t like to see him in danger too and that staying out late is bad for his sickly body. After a while, Kanata apologizes for the way he acted towards Yoh. He tells her that it’s not that he hates Yoh, but that whenever he sees Yoh he just seems to say the wrong thing. Tsukiko asks if he wants to convey his feelings to her as if she were Yoh, but Kanata refuses saying he’s not going to do anything that uncool.

They decide to head back to the dorms when Kanata realizes that she’s only wearing a thin coat and so he gives her his jacket. Tsukiko asks him if he won’t be cold because he gave her his coat? Kanata tells her that in times like these a girl is just supposed to be quiet and accept it with thanks. So Tsukiko does that only for Kanata to get embarrassed and mutter that her sudden obedience like that is unfair and when Tsukiko asks if he said anything, he says “I didn’t say anything!”. SUCH A TSUNDERE (≧∀≦). As Tsukiko goes to sleep she sees a cherry tree in bloom and gets the idea to have a birthday party for Kanata with Yoh invited to reconcile the two.

3/29. Kanata is surprised at the birthday party because he forgot about his own birthday, but when Yoh comes the two get in a fight again about how they don’t want to view the flowers together. Tsukiko finally gets angry and tells the two to just be quiet. Yoh ends up giving Kanata a present, a french sweet, which Kanata accepts with a really shocked face before he bursts out laughing because it’s a really girly gesture to give someone sweets. Suddenly all the tension is diffused. Apparently, Yoh asked Tsukiko what to get Kanata and she told him to get Kanata something he could eat.

Kanata and Yoh start fighting over the food they’re eating though, and Suzuya sighs at the fact that just when he thought they were going to get along they start doing this. Tsukiko is amused though and thinks that its good for both of them, but Suzuya decides to ensure that Tsukiko has some lunch to eat too and does it by nonchalantly saying outloud that maybe he should refrain from making lunch. This prompts the two to start saying things like how they’re bonding and that it isn’t what it looks like. FLUSTERED YOH AND KANATA ARE HILARIOUS, BUT I’M LOVING THIS TEASING SUZUYA BETTER.

The day ends with Suzuya telling Yoh to call him by his name and Kanata agrees too. Yoh gives them permission to call him by name and then finds out that Kanata gets embarrassed whenever he uses his name, so Yoh starts to tease Kanata by saying his name over and over again.

Once again Tsukiko is unable to fall asleep and goes to the courtyard. She tries to sneak up behind Kanata to surprise him, but he already knows that she’s there because he “knows her presence”. He also tells her that he was waiting for her because he didn’t get her present yet. Tsukiko becomes all flustered and says that she’ll pick a flower to give to him. WHAT KIND OF HALFHEARTED PRESENT IS THAT? щ(゚Д゚щ). Thankfully Kanata says that there’s no better present than her coming to meet him anyway.

Of course after he says this, Kanata has to break the mood by saying something about how amazing it is that Yoh can just say these things without feeling awkward. Kanata ends up promising to becoming stronger and more cooler, but chickens out before he says something like a confession. He quickly tells her that it’s getting late and that she should go to sleep and then he runs away back to the dorms.

4/1. Yoh points out that it’s April Fool’s day and Kanata gets convinced to pull a prank on Suzuya. The plan is to have Yoh tell Suzuya that Tsukiko collapsed and is in the nurse’s office and when Suzuya comes running in Kanata will surprise him. Tsukiko is completely reluctant and thinks that the whole thing is a bad idea.

So Suzuya runs into the room and slams the door open and is frantically and desperately looking Tsukiko over. He keeps apologizing for not having seen that she wasn’t feeling well. HE SOUNDS LIKE HE’S GOING TO BREAK DOWN CRYING. NOW I KNOW WHY SUZUYA IS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR GUYS BECAUSE I’M STARTING TO LOVE HIM TOO. Tsukiko starts apologizing and when it’s all revealed to be a prank, Suzuya is so relieved that he keeps muttering that he’s glad and then pats Tsukiko on the head.

Yoh and Kanata end up being scolded by Suzuya. They were both really scared of his mirthless smiling face and Tsukiko decides that she’ll never be a part of anything that’ll make Suzuya angry or worried.

4/6. A new semester starts and the four of them decide to view the stars at night together. The night ends pretty fast with them just looking for the Virgo constellation. Suzuya and Yoh are absorbed with talking to each other about the stars they see while Tsukiko pours Kanata tea and Kanata takes pictures of everyone to preserve the moment.

4/7. The next day Tsukiko just returns back to her room to sleep, because she’s exhausted and wakes up in time to miss dinner. She rushes to the cafeteria before it can close and finds Suzuya talking to the cafeteria ladies. HE LOOKS SO ADORABLE IN HIS CASUAL CLOTHES, BUT THIS IS KANATA’S ROUTE SO I WILL HAVE TO SAVE IT FOR LATER (*´∀`*)えへへ.

He ends up making her food by borrowing the cafeteria kitchen and then they head up to the rooftop garden to eat together. He helps her get there, because she’s weak from hunger. REALLY? SHE JUST MISSED ONE MEAL (-д-). While eating happily she ends up getting rice on her face which Suzuya removes and eats. Of course Tsukiko turns red and when she points out what he did, he becomes awkward too. He starts muttering to himself wondering what he was doing. Tsukiko laughs and says that apparently he can get flustered as well, to which Suzuya responds with “I’m always flustered.” THIS MOMENT IS TOO ADORABLE. I WANT SUZUYA (≧∀≦).

Tsukiko asks him what made him decide to become so skilled in cooking and Suzuya tells her that it’s because she and Kanata always look so happy when eating his food. Tsukiko tells him that because he always cooked for them, her own skills in cooking are now lacking and Suzuya responds with “That’s alright. Whenever you get hungry, I’ll cook for you.” KANATA? WHO IS KANATA? ALL I SEE IS SUZUYA.

4/11. Tonight, because the moon is bright and clear the four of them decide to go moon-viewing. Kanata makes fun of Suzuya for reciting a famous haiku and calls him an old man and surprisingly Suzuya becomes annoyed and asks if Kanata knows any. Kanata starts telling the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter which involves Kaguya a princess from the moon, but just as he starts to tell it everyone ends up ignoring him.

Suzuya asks Tsukiko what her favourite planet is and she tells him that it’s Jupiter. Kanata ends up looking really pleased at that, because it’s his constellation’s planet. Yoh points out that he probably thinks because Tsukiko chose Jupiter that two of them are compatible. Suzuya says that he would have thought Tsukiko would choose the moon, because she was the one who wanted to go moon-viewing.

Then they start explaining how the places on the moon are named after oceans. Yoh starts talking about how foods are prepared differently when made during moon-viewing times and everyone ends up becoming hungry so they decide to sneak into the kitchens and let Suzuya make them some food.

4/13. Kanata participated in their gym class which made him get really weak because of his disease and Tsukiko goes to the nurse’s office to check up on him. Unfortunately, he hates it when people worry over his health and so he’s in a bad mood as he talks to her. He does tell her that she’s the one he wants to worry the least, but when Suzuya and Yoh come to check up on him he leaves the office.

Suzuya and Tsukiko explain the whole situation to Yoh, who wasn’t aware that Kanata has a disease that could take his life one day. It also makes him have anemia and deterioriates his health. Apparently the reason that Kanata likes to get into fights is because he feels like he’s fighting against his disease like that.

4/14. The four of them decide to get their homework out of the way which involves viewing Venus. So they go to view it tonight, while making sure they don’t stay out too late because it’ll get cold and the three of them are trying to subtly watch out for Kanata’s health. While looking at Venus and telling some facts about it Yoh mentions that it’s a lot like Tsukiko, always cute and bright. Suzuya and Kanata actually start laughing at that and Kanata for once doesn’t get angry, but instead grudgingly mentions that he’s impressed Yoh can just say those kinds of things.

They talk about more Venus facts and how in order to shine, Venus depends on the sun. Suddenly Yoh asks Tsukiko that out of the three of them, which one of them is her sun? DOES HE REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER? SOMEHOW I FEEL BAD FOR BOTH HIM AND SUZUYA SINCE I’M STUCK ON KANATA’S ROUTE (^∀^;).

Everyone is shocked at her immediate answer of “Kanata!”. Suzuya even tells her to immediately reconsider her answer. Kanata is surprised at her answer, but then gets annoyed at everyone else’s bad reaction to the fact that he’s her sun. But when Yoh asks why she answered Kanata, Tsukiko replies that because without someone to be wrong there’d be no one to correct. OUCH, I FEEL SORRY FOR KANATA. A ROMANTIC ANSWER TURNED OUT TO BE A BACKHANDED INSULT.

4/16. Tsukiko gets a love letter from a senior and unfortunately Kanata, Suzuya, and Yoh all find out. Kanata is angry about it and wants her to return it while trying not to give away his feelings. Yoh wants her to return it after declaring that she’s his. Only Suzuya is calm and points out that if Tsukiko wants to choose a person then it’s her decision. Tsukiko finally tells everyone that she doesn’t even know the guy and so she’s not going to accept it which relieves Yoh and Kanata.

Tsukiko ends up asking Kanata to accompany her as she turns down this senior because she doesn’t know him. Unfortunately as she tries to turn down the senior he transforms into a rapist-type character (´-ω-`). He tells her that being around Kanata has been a bad influence on her and that she shouldn’t reject him without knowing more about him and tries to force her away from Kanata. Needless to say Kanata gets pissed and starts threatening the guy.

The guy ends up running away and Kanata is disappointed that he couldn’t get into a fight which makes Tsukiko angry as she tells him that he’s banned from fighting. It doesn’t ruin his mood to have his health brought up though and the conversation turns to how Tsukiko has no appeal and she tells him that if she doesn’t get married it’s his fault. He tells her that if that time comes then he’ll take her as his bride, because it’ll be his fault.

4/18. Tsukiko forgets to do her constellation homework and so has to do it tonight. She forgets her photobook, but bumps into Kanata who just so happens to not have finished his homework either so he offers to share his book. They both work on the homework together until they finish it, then Kanata mentions that she’s careless to wander around alone at night because she’s a girl. He tells her that if she’s going to be wandering around then she should take Suzuya, him, or even Yoh.

He also tells her that she has way too many protectors and needs to pick one, which of course confuses our heroine. She asks if he wants to be her knight, to which he embarrassingly replies that it’s okay for now but that someday he might need to be protected. Tsukiko tells him that if that time comes then she’ll protect him.

As Kanata looks at the night sky he ended up saying things about how as a child he was fascinated by the stars because he believed he could be cured by them and that he forgot about his disease when he looked up at the night sky. It was also why he started taking up photography to preserve the beautiful moments. Suddenly he comes back to his senses and tells Tsukiko to forget everything he said because he was sounding like a romanticist. THAT’S NOT A BAD THING KANATA, YOU’RE TOO PRICKLY (*´ω`*).

4/22. While during lunch break Suzuya asks Yoh why he transferred mid-semester into their school. This ends up with Yoh explaining that he came all this way to see Tsukiko who is his first love. He could have skipped a grade and gone to college, but instead came here to see her. Kanata and Suzuya are both impressed by Yoh’s words.

Bothered by Yoh’s words about how he wanted to spend everyday with her and have fun, nothing more and nothing less, Tsukiko goes to the courtyard where she sees Kanata fighting with a senior and she scolds him. She also ends up asking him whether Yoh’s feelings are real or not to which Kanata, surprisingly, tells her to believe in his feelings and to not treat it lightly or ignore it. He then leaves her abruptly.

4/24. Yoh forgot to eat breakfast so when they go to the cafeteria he gets a huge pile of food. Kanata was skipping so he gets to the cafeteria late and barely gets any lunch. Suzuya tells Yoh to give Kanata some or he won’t make any delicious food and this gets Yoh to share a little bit. Tsukiko asks for Yoh to share some too and Yoh agrees but only on the condition that she feeds him like in a manga.

Kanata gets all flustered and says that if she’s going to do it to Yoh then she should do it to him instead, and when Tsukiko looks toward Suzuya for help he says that if everyone else is requesting it then he will too. HOW DID IT BECOME LIKE THIS? Tsukiko decides to choose the person that has the best reaction and while acting as if she were going to feed Yoh she turns and shoves the spoon into Kanata’s mouth.

Everyone is surprised before Suzuya relaxes while Yoh turns pale and Kanata gets flustered, but then Suzuya breaks the mood by asking if it’s now his turn to feed everyone and tries to feed Kanata. Kanata gets embarrassed and tells him to quit it because everyone is staring at them, but Suzuya is all like “There’s no need to be so reserved.”

4/27. Tsukiko forgets her homework and goes back to get it but sees Kanata fighting in the garden with the senior who gave her the love letter. She finds out that Kanata worries about her a lot because she’s the only girl in the school and when she asks if it’s alright for her to worry about him he brushes her off and tells her he’s going to take a nap and ends up missing the class. When Tsukiko tells Suzuya this, Yoh tells Tsukiko that he gets jealous she’s always worrying about Kanata and Suzuya is also jealous though he tries not to show it. He tells her that he has “complicated feelings”. LOVE-SQUARES ARE NEVER MEANT TO LAST!

4/28. Tsukiko is bothered by the melancholic feeling that is surrounding everyone and so on a lunch break that they all decide to spend on their own, she goes to the library by walking through the courtyard and meets Kanata who is taking pictures. She ends up asking him to show him the pictures he takes and is surprised at how many he took of Suzuya, Yoh, and her and how pretty she appears in some.

Kanata explains that he likes to take pictures of people and things that are important to him and that he likes to take them while the people are acting natural to capture the spontaneous feeling. He also likes to take pictures that make people surprised or happy when they view them, because they get to see themselves differently.

She tells him that if he takes any new pictures she wants to look at them, because she loves his pictures. Kanata tells her that he loves taking pictures of her, then gets all flustered and tells her to forget what he said. I LIKED KANATA’S THOUGHTS HERE BECAUSE THEY SOUND SO ROMANTIC, BUT I HATE CAMERAS SO I WASN’T TOO MOVED. Tsukiko is starting to realize that, because she’s a girl, her relationship with the others is changing.

4/30. Suzuya comes to ask Tsukiko where Kanata is because he looked sick and disappeared after class. So all three of them split up to look for him. Tsukiko ends up looking for him at the rooftop garden where she meets the person who she rejected with a group of his friends. Just as she’s grabbed by the wrist and about to be surrounded, Kanata appears looking really angry and tells them to screw off. He grabs Tsukiko and pushes her behind his back and tells her to go get Suzuya or Yoh and not to remain here.

She ends up staying because she can’t just leave him behind when she’s worried about his health. Kanata starts fighting them off, but because of his disease he starts to lose the fight. Yoh and Suzuya show up in time to rescue the two of them and then it’s revealed that the rejected senior had been searching for a way to get back at Tsukiko whenever she was alone. Kanata noticed it first and struck first by warning the guy off whenever he was found. Yoh decided to keep watch over Tsukiko, and Suzuya watched over everything else. In the end, Kanata collapses from all the stress and is carried by Yoh to the nurse’s office where he falls asleep.

5/1. The next day everyone is worried for Kanata who is late, but when he finally comes to class he’s back to normal. Suzuya starts pointing out how bad his condition is and tells him he should go to the hospital. Because of this, the two of them get into a fight and Kanata leaves after saying how annoying it is to have Suzuya act like his guardian. Suzuya leaves to think.

Tsukiko decides to talk to Kanata to try and resolve the tension between Suzuya and him. She finds out that Kanata regrets what he said to Suzuya and that he understands that Suzuya is just worried about him, but Kanata doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that his condition is worsening or it’ll make him feel like a sick person. He tells Tsukiko that he’ll apologize properly, but for now he wants some time alone.

5/6. Tsukiko has a dream about a moment in her past where she and Kanata, as children, get split off from their parents and are trying to find their way back together. Even though she was crying and he was extremely scared, he held onto her hand and put a strong face on until they found Suzuya. After finding Suzuya, Kanata burst out crying which made Suzuya call him a crybaby. But apparently he didn’t cry while he was alone with Tsukiko because that would have made her more scared.

5/7. Orientation camp begins. The event is a school wide event that helps students in the same year intermingle with each other as it’s a three day trip. Kanata and Suzuya are still acting awkwardly around one another and want to meet at the camp grounds individually, but finally Yoh gets fed up enough to reprimand them both. He tells Kanata to understand and accept Suzuya’s worry, because it feels good to be worried about once in a while. Then he tells Suzuya to understand Kanata’s feelings about being suffocated under all his nagging. All of them make up with one another and become good friends again.

5/8. The four of them are joking around one night and Yoh and Kanata get into their usual argument. Suzuya asks them not to drag him into it and Tsukiko mentions that he’s like the dad. Suzuya tells her that if he’s the dad then she’s the mother. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE SUZUYA. For the camp event everyone has to do a test of courage which involves doing a lap around the mountain.

Pairs are drawn by lots and Tsukiko gets paired up with Kanata. Turns out Kanata is more scared than Tsukiko and asks to hold her hand under the pretense of keeping her calm. A teacher dressed as a monster jumps out and scares him, which makes Tsukiko laugh. Kanata tells her to forget that it happened, but she refuses because his reaction was cute.

5/9. Orientation camp is going to end, but Kanata and Yoh are oversleeping so Tsukiko decides to go wake them up since Suzuya failed. When she gets there she finds Yoh already awake and pinching Kanata’s cheeks to wake him up which ends with Kanata waking up but having red cheeks for the rest of the day.

5/11. Yoh was late to class because he went to the staff room for something, but won’t tell anyone why he was there. He abruptly asks at lunch if the three of them have someone they like. Kanata, Suzuya, and Tsukiko end up not being able to answer while Yoh, prompted by Kanata, tells everyone that they don’t even need ask since he’s made it obvious that he likes Tsukiko.

5/12. Turns out Yoh is going to return to France to prepare to go to America to study astronomy with his parents who are moving there. Everyone is dumbfounded by the sudden decision and Kanata starts to get angry at the depth of Yoh’s feelings, saying that after all this time that Yoh has been saying how much he liked Tsukiko he is just going to leave her and go to America. Yoh counteracts that by saying that it was a hard decision. Kanata ends up leaving in anger. Suzuya, though sad, tells Yoh that he’ll cheer him on.

5/14. Kanata sulks for a while before finally apologizing to Yoh.

5/15. Tsukiko is conflicted with the feelings she has about Yoh and so stays in the classroom until Yoh comes to get something. He ends up telling her that he likes her not as a friend but as a woman, but that these are his feelings and not hers and that she needed to discover her own feelings for herself.

5/16. The three of them plan to have a last stargazing farewell party for Yoh before he returns to France.

5/18. Tsukiko happens upon Yoh and Kanata who are talking about something in the hallway. Yoh tells Kanata that he has to tell her so that he can fight him as a true rival. Yoh returns to the dorms first and Kanata asks Tsukiko if she wants to go outside. While outside, he protects her from a stray ball that other students were playing with and tells her that he became strong to protect her. He finally confesses to her that he likes her as a man and not as her childhood friend. キタ━━\(゚∀゚)/━━!!


5/19. Kanata comes early to class to greet Tsukiko and says to her that he’s not going to tell her to forget about what happened yesterday. He wants her to know his feelings but he’s not going to rush her into an answer. He explains that the fact that she’s a precious person to him will never change. A STARTINGLY MATURE KANATA.

5/20. Tsukiko explains in her monologue that it isn’t because she hates Kanata, but that she liked how familiar their relationship was before and is afraid of it changing. She starts to unintentionally avoid him and overreacts to anything he says, despite the fact that he’s approaching her normally.

5/22. Finally Kanata calls her out again at night to tell her to forget about his feelings so that they can return to fooling around like childhood friends because he doesn’t want to trouble her. HIS WAVERING VOICE HERE IS SO SAD. ANSWER HIM TSUKIKO! She tells him that she can’t just forget and act as if she didn’t hear his feelings. Kanata asks hesitantly if it’s alright to ask for her reply, but then realizes that that’s impossible. So then he asks for a selfish request and hugs her tightly, saying how this one moment will be enough for him, and then leaves.

5/23. Kanata greets her in the morning like usual, teasing her and bullying her playfully. She responds as normally as she can as well, but she can see how hard it is for Kanata.

5/24. Kanata collapses from his sickness and leaves the nurse’s office leading to a frantic search from Tsukiko, Suzuya, and Yoh. Tsukiko guesses where Kanata will be and ends up at the rooftop gardens where Kanata talks about how confronting his illness has made him worn out and how he hates his illness because it makes him unable to protect Tsukiko. When she steps towards him he yells at her not to come any closer and that he’s begging her to stay away, but she hugs him anyway from behind and confesses that she’s finally realized that she likes him.

Kanata is shocked and then confesses that he’s always been jealous of Suzuya and Yoh for having the power to make her happy. He’s worried that his illness will take his life, but then swears that he will never leave her behind. He then asks her to become his girlfriend. FOR ONCE HE USED POLITE JAPANESE TOO. I’M SURPRISED AND PROUD OF HIM キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!!

5/26. The two of them are keeping their relationship a secret for now, but because Kanata sucks at keeping a secret everyone is suspicious and aware that he’s hiding something. Suzuya and Yoh trick Kanata by saying “LOOK, A UFO” and kidnap Tsukiko to ask her what’s going on. She ends up telling them that they’re going out, and surprisingly both Yoh and Suzuya are fine with it. Suzuya congratulates the two of them while Yoh jokes about the fact that he still thinks that he’s the better choice.

One day while the two of them are having a romantic moment in the rooftop gardens, Kanata mentions how the whole thing seems like a dream to him. He can barely believe that Tsukiko is by his side and returns his feelings.

*** HAPPY END ***

Tsukiko asks a little bitterly if he’s doubting her intention to stay by his side forever to which he backtracks and says that he didn’t mean it that way, about not being able to tell if their relationship is real or not, but it’s just that since they’ve always been together as childhood friends it’s not that much different from how they are now. So then he asks if he can kiss her to make it more real.

As they stare into each other’s eyes… Kanata suddenly breaks away laughing about how he can’t do it because it’s too serious and he’s too nervous. Tsukiko starts laughing too because she’s also nervous and then Kanata mentions that they can’t force it and that he’ll only be able to love her his own way. KANATA YOU’RE SO ADORABLE HERE. THESE TWO HAVE SUCH A CUTE RELATIONSHIP. He finally kisses her after telling her to close her eyes and says that he’ll treasure her.

5/27. Tsukiko goes to class early because she was embarrassed by yesterday’s kiss which surprises Yoh who thought she’d come in with Kanata together. Tsukiko and Suzuya both think that changes will only come slowly through time, but Yoh thinks that Kanata is the type to do those kinds of things. Kanata comes into the classroom kind of annoyed and goes straight to Tsukiko asking where she went because he tried his hardest to wake up early to meet her and come in with her. Yoh whispers to Suzuya that he was completely correct.

5/29. They have the farewell party to Yoh and again Kanata and Yoh bicker about the food leading Suzuya to tease them by mentioning that he shouldn’t make food anymore if it’s going to lead to the two fo them fighting. This immediately stops them from fighting. Tsukiko mentions how sad she’ll be that they won’t be able to stargaze like this anymore and Kanata says that they can still look up and see the same sky. Suzuya teases him about his words being romantic and Yoh mentions that Kanata didn’t take into account the time difference.

5/30. This is the day that Yoh is going to return to France. Suzuya gives him a recipe book filled with the Japanese dishes that he liked. While Kanata gives him a handshake and says some tough lines on how this isn’t going to be a goodbye, even though he’s getting teary-eyed. Yoh thanks them for how much they changed his view on people and promises that he’ll be back one day.

It’s been five years since they graduated from the school. Kanata has been cured from his disease and fulfilled his dream and now travels the world. Unfortunately, he’s late to his own wedding. WHO WAS THE DESIGNER WHO THOUGHT TO DRESS KANATA IN WHITE? WITH HIS PALE HAIR HE SHOULD BE IN ANY COLOR OTHER THAN WHITE.

*** GOOD END ***

She teases him about it being the first time she’s seen him so shy and he pats her roughly on the head before it commences into the kiss scene in the happy end. Everything else follows the happy end except for the wedding epilogue.

It’s one month to graduation and she’s spending time with Kanata on the rooftop garden. He tells her that his disease is completely stable and he might be able to make a full recovery, which makes his dream of being an astrophotographer within grasp. He tells her that he wants to study abroad, but at the same time he doesn’t want to leave her. He won’t ask her to come with him though, because he knows that she has her own dreams.

He mentions that he would probably be a good boyfriend if he told her to find her happiness with someone else, but then admits that he won’t be able to live without her and that it should be possible for them to still be together while walking different paths. Then he proposes.

He ends up crying a bit because he was so afraid that she was going to reject him and Tsukiko teases him for still being a crybaby. But then he kisses her and tells her that he’s going to love her in his own way like he promised.

4 thoughts on “Starry Sky In Spring ~ Nanami Kanata ~

    Alexandra said:
    October 18, 2012 at 05:27

    I am totally in love with Kanata!!!!!!
    He’s so sweet and not ready to accept it!
    Love the story!
    Thanks for writing this! =D

      Ilinox responded:
      October 18, 2012 at 19:39

      He’s a precious tsundere baby! Even though my patience is usually short for these guys, you could really see how sweet he was!

      You’re welcome~! This game actually has an english patch for it, created by fans, so you might want to take a look into it if you’re interested! It’s always much more fun to here the seiyuu voices :3

    Usagi said:
    October 21, 2011 at 20:59

    Uwaa, thanks for the review! xD I totally didn’t get the story at all because I must have fallen asleep just 15 minutes into his route lmao. And he looks kind of funny in white when his hair is jiji white. LOL.

    D’aww, I seem to like the Good End more than the True End. ♥ I love Kanata so much. (> w <)

      Ilinox responded:
      October 24, 2011 at 01:07

      Haha, the Starry Sky series seems to put a lot of people to sleep x3 I’m surprised you fell asleep in his route when you love him though! でしょう?!I thought that whoever dressed him needed to reconsider their job! They’ve never heard of contrast before Orz.

      Thanks for commenting~ and I like his good end more too. It’s more realistic I find.. I usually end up liking the realistic ones more than the “happily-ever-after” endings.

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