Starry Sky In Spring ~ Tomoe Yoh ~

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Tomoe Yoh (土萌 羊)
CV: Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光)

Yoh is the kind of character who has a rough past, but finds a haven in Tsukiko who offers him friendship. Because of her acceptance of him in childhood she becomes his whole world. In his route, Tsukiko is still a dense heroine who has no clue about her own feelings, but it’s even worse because Yoh is making it really obvious that he likes her.

3/9. He has the same start as Kanata where Tsukiko is looking up at the stars with her childhood friends. Once again she wakes up late and runs to the classroom after meeting Kanata. There she meets Suzuya and then learns that they have a transfer student, Yoh. Yoh tells her to call him “Hitsuji” like she always did in the past. I JUST REALIZED THAT HITSUJI MEANS SHEEP WHICH IS IRONIC BECAUSE HE’S A CAPRICORN.

3/10. Tsukiko goes to class and is showered by Yoh’s compliments, flattery, and flirtations. He talks about how just seeing her makes his day wonderful and that seeing her smiling face makes him a happy and fortunate person. He tells her to call him Yoh without any honorifics, but Tsukiko can’t do it because it’s embarrassing. UGH, I JUST REMEMBERED HOW HEAVILY HE FLIRTS WITH HER AND HOW I DISLIKE IT.

Kanata interrupts as usual and he has an argument with Yoh. Tsukiko talks to Yoh to try and solve their situation only for Yoh to force his confessions onto her once again with words like “I don’t need anyone else but you.” He even asks if she wants to take a walk with him alone after class to get away from Kanata who keeps interrupting. I JUST CAN’T LIKE HIM BECAUSE OF HIS OVER THE TOP FLIRT LINES AT THE VERY START.

3/12. This is the scene where Tsukiko is late to class and sees Kanata skipping class and decides to skip as well.

3/17. Yoh tries to get Tsukiko to have lunch with him but Kanata interrupts as usual and the two of them have their rooftop fight. Tsukiko tells Yoh that she’s surprised he can fight so well, because he doesn’t look like a fighter. Yoh explains that he was bullied often when he was young so he became stronger in order to stop that. They end the day with the onigiri scene.

3/18. This is the scene where Tsukiko is studying late at night with Suzuya and goes to the rooftop garden to talk about how Kanata is like a cat, Yoh’s past, and Kanata’s missed birthday.

3/19. It’s Spring break and Suzuya and Tsukiko have to accompany Kanata to his supplementary classes. Tsukiko spends the day cleaning and then goes to the library to study where she meets Yoh. Turns out that Yoh is studying Japanese grammar in order to speak it better and to understand Tsukiko better. She also asks him to help her with her homework. Their stomachs start growing and so they end the day by getting something to eat.

3/21. This is the scene where they go to the supplementary classes, Tsukiko goes to the boy’s dorm to find Yoh and gets lectured by Kanata, and then the three of them talk about their parents. She returns back to the classroom to get something she forgot and sees Yoh there and they have the scene where they talk about him joining the four of them and then Suzuya and Kanata come back to find Tsukiko.

3/23. This is the scene where Yoh drops his Japanese grammar book and Kanata picks it up before making fun of Yoh’s feelings. Yoh gets in a fight with Kanata, but this time Tsukiko defends Yoh while also making him promise not to start anymore fights, and then Kanata leaves as usual.

3/26. Suzuya and Tsukiko try to think of a way to reconcile the two, but they can’t think of anything and so Tsukiko takes a midnight walk up to the rooftop gardens where she finds Yoh. He gets worried about her walking alone at night and tells her to call him next time. He also explains that he can’t hate Kanata because he can understand where Kanata is coming from and his feelings, but when Tsukiko gets confused he tells her that he can’t say since it’s not his place. Suddenly he changes the topic to her being cold and tells her to stand closer to him and walks her back to the dorm. Just before she falls asleep Tsukiko gets the idea to have Kanata’s birthday party with the flower viewing party.

3/29. This is the scene of the flower viewing party and Kanata’s birthday. Kanata and Yoh make up with Yoh giving Kanata sweets as a present and then the two of them fight over Suzuya’s lunch. The day ends with everyone being able to call each other by their first name. Once again Tsukiko is unable to sleep at night and so she goes to the rooftop garden.

Yoh ends up coming there too and tells her that he had a really fun time today and experienced a lot of emotions. He tells her that he wasn’t sure friends were a good thing at the beginning, but now he realizes that having them isn’t as bad as he thought it was. UGH, THE TYPICAL EMOTIONLESS/FRIENDLESS CHARACTER. I DON’T HAVE MANY COMMENTS ON YOH’S ROUTE BECAUSE I DISLIKE HIM.

4/1. This is the April Fool’s day scene where Yoh and Kanata decide to trick Suzuya and he ends up being really worried and then scolds them.

4/6. The four of them decide to look at the stars tonight, but this time Tsukiko wants to talk about the Ursa Major constellation. She sees Yoh standing a little ways apart from them and asks him what he’s looking for and he tells her that he was trying to find the Big Dipper. She ends up asking if he was okay, because she noticed him being in a bad mood earlier and he explains that he just isn’t used to having friends yet. Then Yoh asks her if she’s cold and wraps a blanket around her.

4/7. This is the scene where Suzuya cooks dinner for her and they go to the rooftop gardens to eat. They talk about their past and how Suzuya mastered his cooking.

4/11. The moon is really bright tonight and so they decide to go moon-viewing. Suzuya asks Tsukiko what her favourite planet is and she answers that it’s Saturn, because she thinks the rings are cute. Yoh gets ecstatic at that and tells her that it’s Capricorn’s ruling planet which means that she likes him. Tsukiko is a little surprised, Kanata sulks, and Suzuya rationalizes that a lot of girls like Saturn because of it’s design and rings. Yoh tells them not to be jealous.

They exchange some facts about Saturn, like how it’s very large but the density is small. Yoh is trying to tell Tsukiko that not only is Saturn cute but also reliable, while Suzuya is pointing out that Saturn has no density at all. Tsukiko quickly changes the topic by bringing up how mysterious the moon is and then they start talking about the names of the places on the moon and food. YOH’S EAGERNESS AT HAVING TSUKIKO’S FAVOUR IS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF.

4/13. This is the scene where Kanata is resting in the health office, but  then leaves in annoyance at how worried everyone is becoming over his health. Yoh learns about Kanata’s health, while Tsukiko learns about why Kanata fights.

4/14. The four of them go to view Venus at night and finish their homework and have that scene with Yoh comparing Tsukiko to Venus. Yoh asks who, out of the three of them, is her sun and she answers that it’s him. Suzuya and Kanata are just confused this time around and asks her why, while Yoh is ecstatic in the background (´-ω-`). Tsukiko explains that she wants to shine for Yoh and it seems more like she’s the sun while Yoh is Venus, because he’s so pretty. She wants to dress him up in girl’s clothing. I DEFINITELY DON’T UNDERSTAND HER ANSWER HERE…

4/16. Tsukiko gets a love letter and Kanata and Yoh start freaking out, while Suzuya is the calm one who tells her to just reject the guy if she doesn’t like him. Tsukiko decides to take Yoh with her. He decides to go find the guy in front of the cafeteria and Suzuya laughs kind of awkwardly saying that Yoh is pretty devious to do it in front of a crowd, but Tsukiko tells him that she doesn’t want to stand out. They end up finding the guy in the cafeteria but calling him out into the hall to talk.

Tsukiko stammers over her words and so Yoh decides to answer for her and gives this long speech about how she’s his most precious person and that he would normally cheer on the senior for being able to confess his feelings, but because it’s directed to Tsukiko he won’t allow it because he’s jealous. He manages to argue calmly and because Tsukiko and the senior are both stunned at how blunt and declarative he is, Yoh ends the conversation and then pulls Tsukiko away.

She apologizes for pushing the whole situation onto him, but Yoh explains that it was probably better if he did it because she needed to be forceful in order to end any feelings that could have still been there. He actuallys says that “It’s not good to let consideration for others’ feelings get in the way of them moving forward.” He then tells her that he’ll be her boyfriend whenever she wants, though he’d rather be a real one than a fake one and Tsukiko still doesn’t understand what he means and just laughs thinking it’s a joke. OH GOD HER CLUELESSNESS IN HERE IS EVEN WORSE THAN IN KANATA’S ROUTE щ(゚Д゚щ).

4/18. Tsukiko forgets to do her homework and decides to finish it tonight. She quickly goes back to her room to get her forgotten binoculars and when she gets to the rooftop garden she sees Yoh there. Yoh berates her for being so careless as to go to the rooftop at night and tells her to come ask him if she needs to go anywhere. Then in exchange for him keeping her company and helping her do her homework he wants her to stay and talk to him for a while.

They end up talking about how Yoh is feeling about becoming friends with Kanata and Suzuya. Yoh tells her that he’s honestly surprised that he was able to make friends and that he’s glad because he was only able to with her help. He explains that he’s not afraid of making friends, but that he’s afraid of becoming too close and finding out that they were using him. Tsukiko encourages him to believe in them and become better friends with Kanata and Suzuya, to which Yoh replies that “Of course I believe in you, because I like you.”

Tsukiko tells him that because he can say embarrassing things like that so easily, it’s hard for her to tell what his true feelings are. Yoh pouts and says that everything he’s been saying has been the truth and tells her to just think that French people are always open and honest with their feelings.

4/22. This is the scene where everyone learns how far Yoh was willing to go to see Tsukiko. She’s troubled by his words and goes to the rooftop garden where she finds Yoh. She asks him what he’s doing up there and he tells her that he’s looking for the first star. He also ends up explaining that he really likes the stars because of her, since when she was small she always looked up at the stars and he copied her. Then he picks up on her troubles and tells her not to think too hard about his words, because he didn’t mean to put her on the spot. He says that it’s enough for her to know his feelings.

4/24. This is the scene in the cafeteria where Yoh is so hungry that he has a lot of food while Kanata got there late and has no food. Tsukiko chooses to feed Yoh and he helps her by grabbing her hand and lifting the spoon to his mouth. Everyone is surprised and Kanata starts having an aneurysm in the background, while Yoh begs her to give him one more bite. TSUKIKO’S THOUGHT ABOUT HOW SEXY HE WAS EATING OFF OF THE SPOON NEARLY MADE ME DIE LAUGHING.

4/27. This is the scene where Tsukiko finds Kanata fighting with a senior and he gets bothered at her worrying about him before he leaves and doesn’t show up to class. Suzuya is slightly worried, but is confused by his own feelings while Yoh is jealous that she keeps worrying about Kanata. He also muses outloud that no one is honest about their feelings except for him.

4/28. Everyone has troubled feelings and so they decide to spend the lunch break on their own. Tsukiko decides to take a stroll and sees Yoh napping on the grass outside. He asks her to join him and explains that he’s tired because he was on the phone with his parents for a long time, then asks if he can lay his head on her lap while he sleeps. She does so and she mentions how he like a kid, but Yoh gets kind of annoyed at that and sleepily tells her that he grew up, became stronger, and did things to become a man for her. He falls asleep just as he asks “What do I have to do to make you see me as a man?” saving Tsukiko from answering.

Yoh wakes up feeling embarrassed that he slept so long and that he was talking in his sleep, but strives to look at the positive side of him being able to sleep in Tsukiko’s lap. They end the day by returning to the dorms and Tsukiko starts to realize that her relationships with everyone is changing.

4/30. The scene happens where Kanata is away from class and so the three of them split up to search and Tsukiko encounters the rejected senior with his group of friends. This time she leaves Kanata to find Yoh and manages to find him. They both return back to save Kanata and Yoh tells her not to run over to Kanata to check up on him, because it’ll hurt his pride. Suzuya appears then at the end after everyone is beat up and everything is revealed.

5/1. This is the scene where Suzuya and Kanata get into an argument with one another. Tsukiko is bothered by how everyone is and decides to find Yoh to talk to him. He advises her not to butt in and to let the two of them figure it out themselves since they’re the only ones who understand their own feelings. He also mutters under his breath that he’s envious of their tight bonds to each other and that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be part of that.

5/6. Tsukiko has a dream about a scene from her past where Yoh was bullied by other kids and they hid his telescope away. She found it and returned it to him while mentioning how pretty his hair and eyes were and the two of them became friends. She made a pinky promise with him to be his friend, while he promised that he’d grow up stronger and be the one to protect her next time.

5/7. This scene is when they go to the camp and Yoh forces Suzuya and Kanata to make up with one another and become good friends again.

5/8. This is the day with the test of courage. Tsukiko gets paired up with Yoh and as they’re walking she mentions how scary it is while Yoh is bored with how nothing is appearing and how hungry he is. Suddenly they hear a monster behind them and Tsukiko is getting scared, but Yoh just walks calmly forward before abruptly turning around and saying “Boo!”. The monster ends up running away scared instead.

Yoh tells her not to be afraid of the monsters and that he’ll protect her, before saying that he knows what she’s feeling just from her face. He also says that if he didn’t have that ability he wouldn’t be able to say that he liked her. While they’re talking another monster comes up to them, but Yoh says with annoyance “Excuse me, we’re in the middle of a conversation” and the teacher who is dressed as a monster apologizes. Yoh ends up lecturing him off. OH MAN THE REACTIONS OF THE TEACHER AS HE APOLOGIZES IS TOO FUNNY.

He tells her that she’s cute and pats her head, which surprises her and makes her pout at being treated like a kid. Yoh laughs and tells her that she doesn’t have to pretend to be strong in front of him and that he became strong to protect her. Then he tells her that when you hold hands it makes things less scary. SMOOTH CRIMINAL~.

5/9. This is the scene where Kanata gets his cheek pinched by Tsukiko and Yoh as they try to wake him up for the end of the orientation camp.

5/11. This is the scene where Yoh is talking to the teachers in the staff room and then asks the three of them if they have someone they like.

5/12. This is the scene where Yoh reveals that he’s going to be returning to France in order to go study in America with his parents.

5/14. Kanata apologizes.

5/15. Tsukiko is conflicted with the feelings she has about Yoh and so stays in the classroom until Yoh comes to get something. He ends up telling her that he likes her not as a friend but as a woman, but that these are his feelings and not hers and that she needed to discover her own feelings for herself.

5/16. Suzuya, Kanata, and Tsukiko decide to plan a surprise farewell party for Yoh.

5/18. While thinking about how she is going to surprise Yoh, Tsukiko decides to head up to the rooftop garden. She thinks about what Yoh said to her about finding out where her feelings lay, but is suddenly interrupted by Yoh who finds her. He explains that he’s been looking for her because he just wanted to see her face and she tells him that she’ll be lonely when he leaves for France.

Yoh’s time in Japan had always been limited, since the condition for his transfer was that it was to be temporary before he returned to study astronomy with his parents. He had always thought that he’d be alright with leaving behind a normal school life and help his parent’s research, but now he regrets it a little. His wish to see Tsukiko was the first and last wish he asked of his parents. WOW, YOH’S DETERMINATION SUDDENLY MAKES ME EMBARRASSED TO HAVE DISLIKED HIM SO MUCH.

Tsukiko asks if he’ll be lonely and Yoh turns the question on back to her, asking her if she’ll be lonely if he leaves. Her answer is “当たり前でしょ? (Isn’t it obvious?)” and it makes Yoh happy. They both watch the sunset as he tells her that he wants to spend the time he has left creating more memories.

5/22. Tsukiko gets a phone call from Yoh who tells her to meet him in the classroom because he has something to say. They talk a bit about how preparations are going for his return to France and Yoh confesses that he’s starting to feel lonely and so he has to fight against that feeling, because he needs to be strong enough to resist it in order to become independent and make the person precious to him happy. Tsukiko wonders outloud if that person is in France. CUE ME FACEPALMING (´-ω-`).

Yoh suddenly hugs her and tells her “Isn’t it obvious? That person is you.” He then explains to her that she changed him and taught him how to make friends as well as made him want to become strong enough to support her. He laughs derisively at himself and says that she’s probably wondering why he’s telling her all of this when he’s going to be going back to France soon.

However, he explains that he was afraid of troubling her with his feelings, but couldn’t not say it so he planned on saying it and then leaving but his feelings were overwhelming and he ended up saying all of this. He tells her that he loves her and wants her to be his girlfriend, but he won’t make her answer straight away. He wants her answer tomorrow.

Tsukiko tells him that she understands and that she’ll consider his feelings seriously. This makes Yoh tell her that she’s amazing and that it’s “… hard not to find something to love about you.”

5/24. After the star viewing session with the class, Tsukiko goes to meet Yoh on the rooftop garden to give him her answer. Yoh apologizes a bit more about dumping his feelings on her, but then talks about how he didn’t want to have any regrets and wanted to convey all his feelings for her.

Tsukiko starts her answer by telling him that long distance relationships will be difficult to maintain and that she’ll probably have periods of time where she’s going to be frustrated and discouraged. By now Yoh is looking kind of nervous and pained, but then Tsukiko says that if it’s them though she thinks they can do it and that she also likes him. FINALLY AND TSUKIKO SUDDENLY BECAME SO MATURE ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ!

Yoh is shocked at her answer, but then instantly becomes ecstatic and steps closer to her. Tsukiko gets kind of embarrassed and nervous and tells him that he’s too close to her, but he answers that he’s going to be even closer and asks if it’s alright to kiss her. She tells him that she’s not prepared for it and that it’s embarrassing, but Yoh tells her that he’ll wait until she’s prepared but he’s going to keep holding her and staring into her eyes like this. He keeps teasing her by asking if now is alright and whenever she’s ready to just tell him. He even says “Too late, you’re time is up.” WHY IS THIS KISS SCENE MAKING ME HOWL WITH LAUGHTER?

So they finally kiss and afterward Yoh confidently says that they’ll make this work and that he’ll give her happy memories so that she won’t think of anyone else. Then he asks her once again to tell him who she likes.

5/25. Throughout class Yoh kept on staring at Tsukiko making her blush. After the class ends, Tsukiko tells him that he should probably look forward more because it’s embarrassing for him to stare at her. He asks her why and she tells him that he never used to do that before. He tells her that “You weren’t my lover before.” Then he calls her his treasure.

Suzuya and Kanata suddenly come up to the two and bring up lunch. Yoh has to go talk to the teachers some more though, so the three of them go on ahead. While the three of them are at the cafeteria Suzuya asks if Tsukiko is going out with Yoh, because he feels that the atmosphere has changed between the two.

*** HAPPY END ***

Tsukiko nods with a smile and so Suzuya and Kanata end up congratulating her and supporting her. They tell her that it’s alright to go to them when she’s feeling lonely because she’s separated from Yoh and that they’ll do their best to cheer her up. She starts getting teary-eyed because of their support and Suzuya teasingly blames Kanata. HER CHILDHOOD FRIENDS ARE SO NICE ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!!!

Suddenly, Yoh’s voice is heard behind them saying “Who made you cry? Kanata?” Kanata is pouting because he’s being blamed, but turns out that Yoh has been listening in and was just joking around as well. Suzuya and Kanata both tell Yoh though that if they make her cry they’re never going to forgive him, but of course Yoh is prepared for that and agrees to their condition.

5/29. They have Yoh’s farewell party.

5/30. This scene is where the three of them are waiting at the gates to say goodbye to Yoh. Suzuya gives him the recipe book and Kanata says some tough things, but nearly ends up crying. Yoh hugs Tsukiko when it’s her turn even though she says it’s embarrassing. His reasoning is that he’s showing Suzuya and Kanata their relationship and then he teasingly tells them that they’re not allowed use the excuse of comforting her to take advantage of the situation. He forbids anyone from stealing Tsukiko away from him and then promises her that he’ll definitely return to her when he’s become independent and is able to support her.

Five years have passed since they graduated and now Tsukiko is getting married to Yoh who came back for her. He picks her up bridal style and tells her that even though there will probably be tough times ahead of them and it won’t always be sunshines and daisies he’ll be holding her hand through everything. He even says that his feelings will only be for her. HE ACTUALLY LOOKS SEXY IN HIS WEDDING PICTURE, HUH.

*** GOOD END ***

Tsukiko vaguely nods which makes Kanata teasingly ask her “So which is it?” and she says that it’s embarrassing to admit it out loud. Suzuya then congratulates her and the rest of the scene follows the happy end except for the wedding end.

It’s been two years and Suzuya, Kanata, and Tsukiko have just graduated. As the three of them are joking around at the gates of the school, Yoh suddenly appears behind them. Suzuya welcomes him back warmly, Kanata does too but mentions that it wasn’t like he was waiting, and just as Tsukiko is about to cry from happiness Yoh goes up to her and tells her that he has something to say. He also wants Suzuya and Kanata to witness this. Yoh ends up taking out a box with a ring inside and asks Tsukiko if she will make him miso soup for the rest of his life. (゚Д゚ )ハァ?

Everyone bursts out laughing except for Yoh who is confused, but then it turns out that he had been tricked by his father to say those words. Of course Tsukiko accepts him and the scene ends with Suzuya and Kanata making Yoh promise to take care of Tsukiko and acting like her fathers.

3 thoughts on “Starry Sky In Spring ~ Tomoe Yoh ~

    Haruna said:
    February 22, 2012 at 11:44

    I did absolutely loved Hikaru Midorikawa’s voice here and Yoh did say some really sweet things. But sometimes he went a bit overboard. ^^ I cannot handle so much sweetness. :)

    Even so, he was quite adorable… Best end: the miso soup! :D I laughed so hard when I read that…

      Ilinox responded:
      February 22, 2012 at 14:05

      I’m afraid I hated Midorikawa’s Yoh voice ww and I still do. It’s a bit too high and nasally compared to how well he sounds when he pulls off a lower register, especially doing Do-S characters ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. You should take a look at Ayato’s drama CD~.

      I don’t think I have the patience anymore for slice-of-life high school settings after playing weird things like Gekka Ryouran ww because the drama just feels forced and idiotic. It didn’t help that Tsukiko was just.. incomparable to any of the other heroines I’ve played so far (/ω\).

      But there were some pretty cute parts in Starry Sky and the way her friends always supported her was nice. Unlike SOMEBODY.. coughWabisukecough

        Haruna said:
        February 23, 2012 at 01:53

        Haha, I can see your point, after Gekka Ryouran any other non-mystery crazy game, wouldn’t satisfy one. Maybe it was a good thing for trolling over Starry Sky first.
        Still, there are some very lovely romance parts in Starry Sky, that just make you go “awwww” x3, just like you said. But I somehow like cheeky teasing characteres more and Tsukiko is way too “stupid”. It’s just unbelievable… ^^

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