Starry Sky In Spring ~ Tohzuki Suzuya ~

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Tohzuki Suzuya (東月 錫也)
CV: Ono Daisuke (小野 大輔)

Suzuya is the mature one out of all three men and cares a lot about Tsukiko. He knows how to cook and rarely shows his true feelings, instead he likes to mask them with his gentle smiles. In his route, Tsukiko is a really dense and oblivious girl who keeps dropping the dreaded “friend” word.

Quick summary of the beginning.

3/9. He has the same start as both men where Tsukiko is looking up at the stars with her childhood friends. Once again she wakes up late and runs to the classroom after meeting Kanata. There she meets Suzuya and then learns that they have a transfer student, Yoh.

3/10. Tsukiko goes to class and is showered by Yoh’s compliments, flattery, and flirtations. Kanata interrupts as usual and has an argument with Yoh. Tsukiko decides to talk to Suzuya because she realizes that he probably has it the hardest being stuck inbetween both and sensitive to other people’s emotions.

So she wonders out loud if the reason why the two don’t get along is because they’re so similar to each other, which prompts Suzuya to ask “You really don’t know why they don’t get along? You’re surprisingly dense… oh, sorry.” In the end Suzuya apologizes for not being able to do anything, because he doesn’t like seeing her troubled face.

3/12. Tsukiko is late to class and sees Kanata skipping class and decides to skip as well.

3/17. Yoh tries to get Tsukiko to have lunch with him but Kanata interrupts again and the two of them have their rooftop fight. Suzuya has a strange expression as he watches two of them fight, but interrupts them when Kanata nearly collapses from his disease. Tsukiko is worried about what to do, but then sees Suzuya laying out lunch and gets distracted by food.

Suzuya asks her to watch over Kanata discreetly since his health is worsening, to which Tsukiko agrees but then she asks why Suzuya doesn’t do it.Suzuya points out that Kanata doesn’t listen to him, he only listens to Tsukiko. Then he starts laughing about how he wants to see Tsukiko lecture Kanata cutely, which will definitely make Kanata blush. The day ends with the two boys being led over by food.

3/18. Tsukiko is studying late at night with Suzuya and goes to the rooftop garden to talk about how Kanata is like a cat, Yoh’s past, and Kanata’s missed birthday.

3/19. It’s Spring break and Suzuya and Tsukiko have to accompany Kanata to his supplementary classes. Tsukiko spends the day cleaning and then goes to the cafeteria because she’s hungry. She bumps into Suzuya who asks her if she wants to eat with him and then because she can’t decide what to eat Suzuya asks if she wants him to cook for her. He’s on good terms with the cafeteria ladies and so they let him borrow their kitchen and ingredients. I LOVE A MAN WHO CAN COOK (*´∀`*)えへへ.

The cafeteria ladies mention that he seems more skilled today and Suzuya says that it’s because Tsukiko is watching. So then the ladies ask if Tsukiko is his girlfriend, which makes both Tsukiko and Suzuya blush while denying it by saying that they’re childhood friends and like siblings. The ladies point out that if he’s not careful other guys will snatch her away. Suzuya muses on how he’s a bit worried about that, but trusts Tsukiko’s own judgement and that he’ll accept anyone she chooses.

This makes the ladies wish they were ten years younger so that they could nominate themselves as a potential girlfriend. They even tell Tsukiko all of Suzuya’s good points like how polite he is and kind. As they finish eating the food, Suzuya apologizes for putting Tsukiko in an awkward position like that but then says that “It might not be a bad thing if it became a rumour… just kidding.” I SEE WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO DO THERE.

3/21. Tsukiko, Suzuya, and Kanata go to the supplementary classes, but Tsukiko thinks she sees Yoh and tries to find him and then gets lectured by Kanata for going into the dorms alone. The three of them then talk about their parents. She returns back to the classroom to get something she forgot and sees Yoh there and the two of them talk about him joining the three of them. Suzuya and Kanata come back to find Tsukiko and the four of them end the day by eating Suzuya’s food.

3/23. Yoh drops his Japanese grammar book and Kanata picks it up before making fun of Yoh’s feelings. Yoh gets into an argument with Kanata and just as Tsukiko is about to push herself between the two Suzuya grabs her and tells her to leave it to him. Suzuya tells Yoh that if he has confidence in his feelings then he shouldn’t be easily shaken by others’ words, then he tells Kanata not to take his insecurities out on other people’s feelings. But Kanata leaves as usual.

3/26. Suzuya and Tsukiko try to think of a way to reconcile the two, but they can’t think of anything and so they return to their dorms to do their homework. Tsukiko then wonders where she should go, but her phone rings and it’s Suzuya asking if she’s sleeping. She tells him she’s going to take a walk and he offers to go with her. HE LOOKS SO ADORABLE IN HIS CASUAL OUTFIT (≧∀≦).

They go to the rooftop garden to look at the stars, but the subject of their conversation turns to Kanata and Yoh. Tsukiko apologizes for being a trouble to Suzuya, but he tells her that “I want you always to be smiling. In order for that to happen, I will do anything.” Suzuya thinks he sees a shooting star but it just turns out to be an airplane.

Then he asks her what she would have wished for and she replies that she would wish for Kanata and Yoh to become friends, when she asks him what he would have wished for he tells her he would wish to be more selfish. When she asks him why he mutters “I want to stay by your side for a little longer…” but she doesn’t hear him clearly and when she asks him what he said he tells her “It was nothing.” NOOO SUZUYA DON’T RESTRAIN YOURSELF. I’LL DEFINITELY WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS (*´∀`*)えへへ. They go back to the dorms and Tsukiko has her flower viewing idea.

3/29. This is the scene of the flower viewing party and Kanata’s birthday. Kanata and Yoh make up with Yoh giving Kanata sweets as a present and then the two of them fight over Suzuya’s lunch. The day ends with everyone being able to call each other by their first name. Once again Tsukiko is unable to sleep at night and so she goes to the front of the dorms to feel the night air. She sees Suzuya standing outside and they talk about how they’re happy that Kanata and Yoh are getting along.

Surprisingly, Suzuya starts to mention that it’s a good thing Yoh is getting included but also a lonely feeling because it’s not just the three of them anymore. He mutters to himself that he needs to becomes stronger before apologizing for complaining and they both head back to sleep. ME THINKS SUZUYA IS GETTING WORRIED THAT TSUKIKO MIGHT BE SNATCHED AWAY.

4/1. This is the April Fool’s day scene where Yoh and Kanata decide to trick Suzuya and he ends up being worried out of his mind about Tsukiko before finding out that it was a prank. Then he lectures the two boys severely.

4/6. The four of them decide to look at the stars tonight, but this time Tsukiko wants to talk about the Leo constellation. As she’s about to talk about it Suzuya asks her if she’s found the constellation and they talk about that for a bit before he pats her on the head and tells her that it was because of her that Kanata and Yoh are getting along. The night ends.

4/7. Tsukiko misses dinner and so Suzuya cooks for her and they go to the rooftop gardens to eat. They talk about their past and how Suzuya mastered his cooking. He tells her not to worry about her own cooking skills, because he’ll always be by her side to cook for her.

4/11. The moon is really bright tonight and so they decide to go moon-viewing. Suzuya asks Tsukiko what her favourite planet is and she answers that it’s probably the moon, because for some reason she feels calm when she looks at it. Suzuya is smiling beside her and tells her that the moon is Cancer’s planet and so maybe she feels that he’s watching over her. He even says that he’s the moon and she’s the earth and that he’ll be by her side. On the sidelines Kanata mentions that what Suzuya said was sneaky and Yoh grudgingly admits that he’s at a loss for words. Then the four of them talk about the places on the moon and food. The night ends with them getting a snack.

4/13. Kanata is resting in the health office because he pushed himself in gym class, but  then leaves in annoyance at how worried everyone is becoming over his health. Yoh learns about Kanata’s health, while Tsukiko learns about why Kanata fights.

4/14. The four of them go to view Venus at night and finish their homework and have that scene with Yoh comparing Tsukiko to Venus. Yoh asks who, out of the three of them, is her sun and she answers that it’s Suzuya because he makes her food when she’s hungry. This prompts Kanata to say that it’s just Suzuya being their mom, but Tsukiko argues that he’d probably admit that his sun was Suzuya too and they bicker before they get interrupted by Suzuya laughing and telling her that whenever she feels hungry he’ll cook her food so that she can shine again.

4/16. Tsukiko gets a love letter and Kanata and Yoh start freaking out, while Suzuya is the calm one who tells her to just reject the guy if she doesn’t like him. Tsukiko decides to go alone. She meets the senior after school and politely turns him down and returns to the classroom to see that Suzuya was waiting for her because he was worried. She feels a bit insecure of how she turned him down but Suzuya tells her that the senior should understand that “If the person you love doesn’t return those feelings, you need to hold back your own feelings.”

She asks him what he would do if she started dating someone and he replies that he wouldn’t like it, but that he’d cheer her on still because he wants her to be happy. But until she finds a guy, he’ll protect her. She thanks him for being her reliable childhood friend and a mixture of feelings comes across his face before he smiles and tells her to rely on him as her childhood friend. DOES TSUKIKO NOT KNOW HOW HARD SHE BITCH-SLAPPED HIM THERE WITH HER FRIEND COMMENT щ(゚Д゚щ)?!

4/18. Tsukiko forgets to do her homework and decides to finish it tonight. She quickly goes back to her room to get her forgotten planisphere and bumps into Suzuya as she’s leaving to go to the rooftop garden. He offers to go along with her to help her do her homework and keep her company. Then they decide to stargaze for a while and Tsukiko asks him to tell her stories about the stars. He tells one about the Corvus constellation and how all crows were white, but because they did something bad they were punished to be all black. Tsukiko falls asleep though.

As she’s in the state between sleep and wakefulness, she hears Suzuya’s voice as he talks about how he can see what will happen with Yoh and Kanata and yet why is he still trying so hard to be by her side. He tells her that he’s frightened and confused, but as he touches her hair she reacts by waking up and so he quickly wipes away all traces of his pained expression. He berates her gently about sleeping like that and becoming defenseless, but she tells him that it’s probably because she feels so comfortable with him.

Suzuya then asks if it’s because “You don’t see me as a man?” and Tsukiko hastily backtracks before saying that it’s because they’ve been together for a long time since they were children so she can let down her guard around him. OH GOD BITCH-SLAP NUMBER TWO TO SUZUYA WITH THE FRIEND COMMENT Σ(゚×゚;).

4/22. Everyone learns how far Yoh was willing to go to see Tsukiko. She’s troubled by his words and goes to the classroom because she can’t decide where to go. She meets Suzuya in there who asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that she doesn’t know how to act around Yoh anymore and he advises her to just act normally because that would be what Yoh came here for.

Then he talks about how he’s envious of Yoh who can freely say his emotions like that and how, if it were him, he would be too scared to say anything for fear of losing his place by the person’s side. Tsukiko realizes that everyone relies on Suzuya, but Suzuya doesn’t seem to rely on anyone and locks up a lot of his emotions and so she tells him that. He doesn’t let her worry about him though.

4/24. The four of them are in the cafeteria. Yoh is so hungry that he has a lot of food while Kanata got there late and has no food. Suzuya gets Yoh to share some of his food, but when Tsukiko tries to help too Yoh asks her to feed him and then Kanata and Suzuya end up requesting her to feed them too. Tsukiko decides to choose Suzuya since she wants to repay him for taking care of her and he accepts it gracefully.

This makes Yoh kind of depressed and Kanata annoyed at how lovey-dovey they’re acting and so he launches a tickle attack at Suzuya which Yoh joins in on too. Then they return back to their normal lunch after Suzuya jokes around about it being his turn to feed everyone.

4/27. Tsukiko finds Kanata fighting with a senior and he gets bothered at her worrying about him before he leaves and doesn’t show up to class. Suzuya is slightly worried but is confused by his own feelings, while Yoh is jealous that she keeps worrying about Kanata. He also muses out loud that no one is honest about their feelings except for him.

4/28. Everyone has troubled feelings and so they decide to spend the lunch break on their own. Tsukiko can’t decide what to do, because she apparently has a fever and the next thing she knows she’s in the health office dreaming about Suzuya holding her hand. She hears him telling her not to worry and that he’ll always be by her side holding her hand. Then she wakes up to see him beside her sleeping while holding her hand.

Turns out she passed out and he carried her to the health office. He tells her not to push herself if she’s not feeling well and then when she thanks him he tells her that it was natural since he’s her childhood friend. For once, Tsukiko is the one who feels a little unhappy since he said that, but then when he offers to carry her to the dorms she gets embarrassed. When she asks how he carried her to the health office he merely smiles and replies “How I wonder? That’s a secret.” In the end he just holds her hand and walks her back to her room.

4/30. Kanata is absent from class and so the three of them split up to search and Tsukiko encounters the rejected senior with his group of friends. This time she leaves Kanata to find Suzuya and manages to find him after a really long time of searching. He comforts her for a bit before hurrying off to find Kanata and help him, and when he passes by Yoh he tells Yoh to stay with Tsukiko. Yoh and Tsukiko don’t want to sit around though and go back to the rooftop garden.

They get there just in time to see the senior fall to the ground having been punched by Suzuya who is adjusting his collar. Tsukiko is surprised that Suzuya can fight as well and he just tells her that it would be troubling if he wasn’t able to protect a person precious to him. The senior even fainted because of Suzuya’s scary face before being woken up by Kanata. He runs away and then everything is revealed. Kanata collapses from the strain and they take him to the health office.

5/1. Suzuya and Kanata get into an argument with one another. Tsukiko is bothered by how everyone is and decides to find Suzuya. She finds him in the classroom and he talks about how he should never have said what he said, because he knew that Kanata hated being worried about. Tsukiko reassures him that Kanata understood that and they just needed some time before they could come back together.

5/6. Tsukiko has a dream about a scene from her past when she was sick and Suzuya came to her and started the habit of holding her hand until she got better.

5/7. Yoh forces Suzuya and Kanata to make up with one another and become good friends again.

5/8. This is the day with the Test of Courage. Tsukiko gets paired up with Suzuya who mentions that they haven’t done this since they were children. He’s not scared at all and when they encounter a ghost, Tsukiko runs away really scared but Suzuya stops her and grabs her hand telling her that it won’t be as scary like this.

He tells her that if she ever needs anyone she can rely on him and she tells him that he’s really kind. He replies “Only to you. You’re the only person I want to be kind to” and tells her that the kindness he shows to her is different from the kindness he shows to others.

5/9. Kanata gets his cheek pinched by Tsukiko and Yoh as they try to wake him up for the end of the orientation camp. The day ends with them returning home and Kanata having red cheeks.

5/11. Yoh is late to class because he had to talk to the teachers in the staff room. When the four of them go for lunch he brings up the question of if they have someone they like and says that if you don’t give words to your feelings then they won’t have any significance. This seems to hit Suzuya hard.

5/12. This is the scene where Yoh reveals that he’s going to be returning to France in order to go study in America with his parents.

5/14. Kanata apologizes.

5/15. Tsukiko is conflicted with the feelings she has and so stays in the classroom until Yoh comes to get something. He ends up telling her that he likes her not as a friend but as a woman, but that these are his feelings and not hers and that she needed to discover her own feelings for herself.

5/16. Suzuya, Kanata, and Tsukiko decide to plan a surprise farewell party for Yoh.

5/18. While walking around thinking about what to do for Yoh’s party, Tsukiko meets Suzuya. She tells him she’s trying to think of what to do and so he offers to help, to which she replies “Ah, just like a mom! Thanks!” and he gets a sorrowful expression on his face. TSUKIKO CAN YOU STOP BITCH-SLAPPING SUZUYA WITH YOUR FRIEND COMMENTS?!

While they’re in the classroom planning, Suzuya gets this serious expression and asks Tsukiko if she’ll be lonely when Yoh is gone to which she replies with a yes. Then asks her “Do you… like Yoh?” and she replies “Of course! But in what way?” Then he asks her “Can’t I… replace Yoh?” Tsukiko is completely confused and says that they can’t replace each other because Suzuya is Suzuya and Yoh is Yoh. CUE MORE FACE PALMING (´-ω-`).

Finally, Suzuya asks her if she can’t look at him as a man and then says that he doesn’t want her to look at any other guy. Tsukiko is still confused and then Suzuya starts explaining that he’s never said his feelings because he was afraid of breaking what they had, but when Yoh came he started reaching his limit when he noticed her always thinking about Yoh. He wonders if it was because of Yoh or he was influenced by Yoh, but he doesn’t want to lie about his feelings anymore and so he tells her “I.. like you.” キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!!

Tsukiko tells him that she’s happy that he said that he like her, but she’s not sure what she feels about him. Suzuya becomes pained, but tries to summon a gentle smile for her and apologizes for troubling her. However, he doesn’t regret telling her his feelings and then leaves the classroom when he hears Kanata calling for him. NO WHY? WHAT THE HELL TSUKIKO щ(゚Д゚щ)!

5/19. Tsukiko is acting awkwardly because of Suzuya’s confession and he’s acting strange as well. Kanata and Yoh were bickering as usual, but when Suzuya didn’t lecture them they realized how strange it was. The day passes with Tsukiko being unable to look Suzuya in the eyes although Suzuya is trying his hardest to be normal and Yoh is running interference with Kanata to prevent him from prying into their situation.

5/20. They start avoiding each other and not really talking to one another. Yoh and Kanata are feeling strained by the awkward atmosphere and try to bicker with one another to lighten it up. Just as Tsukiko is about to excuse herself though, thinking that it’s better if she separated from Suzuya for a bit he says that he has something to do and leaves before her, showing that he’s still painfully aware of her.

5/23. While walking by herself in the courtyard, trying to understand her own feelings, Tsukiko trips and falls and sprains her leg or something. She thinks that maybe this is retribution for the way she always acted toward Suzuya and then while on the verge of tears, Suzuya comes running up to her. He ends up carrying her and while they’re walking he apologizes again for troubling her and tells her that he’ll always be her precious childhood friend. Finally, Tsukiko says that she actually realizes that she likes him and doesn’t want him to just be her childhood friend.

He’s really shocked but then becomes happy and asks if he can stay by her side not as a childhood friend but as a lover. He also wants to be the only one to take care of her, to which she replies that he’s the only who would be able to. Then he confirms her feelings again before starting to tell her that he’ll treasure her, make her smile, and will get jealous easily. FINALLY THEY UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER (*´ω`*)!

5/24. After the star viewing class, Suzuya tells her to meet him in the classroom because he has something he wants to tell her. He starts saying romantic things and making Tsukiko react awkwardly and with surprise until finally he laughs and apologizes for teasing her too much. He tells her that he’s just so happy he can finally say things like that to her without any reservation, which embarrasses her. He tells her to come closer and then hugs her.

Then he tells her that he’s actually nervous and that he’s using all of his courage right now. He kisses her which makes Tsukiko shocked and embarrassed and she asks him why he was doing that all suddenly, to which he wonders if he should ask next time. Tsukiko finds that when he asks for permission to do things it’s really embarrassing.

5/25. Yoh tries to joke with Tsukiko about catching him if he collapses from hunger, but Suzuya butts in and tells Yoh to stop those weird jokes. Then when Kanata comes in and teases Tsukiko and is about to poke her, Suzuya grabs Kanata’s arm and  tells him to be more gentle with girls. D’AWWWW PROTECTIVE!SUZUYA IS TOO CUTE.

Kanata and Yoh start to realize what’s going on and then Suzuya declares calmly that they’re going out. Kanata starts freaking out and then asks if it’s true to Tsukiko, making Suzuya remark on the sidelines that Kanata makes it sound like he’s lying.

*** HAPPY END ***

She looks to Suzuya and starts blushing which confirms it. So then Suzuya goes straight to threatening the two of them by telling Yoh not to cling all over her or touch her anymore and when Kanata tries to grab her shoulder to push her to the cafeteria, Suzuya grabs her back and tells him not to touch another’s girlfriend so freely. He’s saying all of this with a creepy smile on his face and so the two of them are getting scared, although it’s all in good fun.

Yoh turns serious and tells Suzuya that he’s happy for them. Kanata also tells them that he’s glad for them and then teases Tsukiko gently about it being the first time he’s seen her smile so femininely. So then they decide to head to the cafeteria, but Kanata tells Suzuya that he has to treat them because he’s the first to get a girlfriend. This makes Tsukiko tease Kanata by telling him that he’s just lonely she’s gone, but that she still likes him. Suzuya suddenly becomes all worried and asks “Which one of us do you like more?”

After classes end, Tsukiko and Suzuya are talking in the classroom. He confesses to her that he wants to keep this relationship where their hearts pound nervously whenever they’re with each other. She mentions that he’s startingly honest and then he tells her to try it to and starts asking her questions like “Is your heart pounding?” and then ends with “Do you want to kiss me?” which makes Tsukiko really embarrassed. But then he tells her “It’s alright if you don’t answer… because I’m going to kiss you anyway.” HNNNNNNNG I WANT SUZUYA (*´∀`*)えへへ.

5/26. Yoh wakes Kanata up so that the four of them can all go to school together for the first time, because usually Kanata sleeps in. They’re all reminded that the time Yoh has here is limited.

5/27. Tsukiko is alone in the classroom thinking that she’s sad that Yoh will be leaving. Suzuya finds her and comforts her by telling her that she should say all that she wanted to say to Yoh so that she won’t regret it when he leaves. Tsukiko feels better at this but then wonders if Suzuya will get jealous if she talks to Yoh. Suzuya replies “Of course I’ll be jealous. I’ll be very jealous. But Yoh is a precious friend therefore… I’ll allow it” then he jokingly adds “Ah, but don’t make me too jealous.”

5/28. Kanata is begging Yoh and Tsukiko to show him their homework for the next class because he forgot to do it. Yoh refuses because of the way Kanata asked for it, Tsukiko refuses too because Kanata implies that “She’ll do”, and when Suzuya comes in and Kanata asks for Suzuya’s he replies that he’ll show him only if he gets treated to cafeteria food for a week. Tsukiko is appreciative of Suzuya’s help, because she can now talk to Yoh with a smile on her face.

5/29. They have Yoh’s farewell party.

5/30. Suzuya, Kanata, and Tsukiko are waiting at the gates to say goodbye to Yoh. Suzuya gives him the recipe book and Kanata says some tough things, but nearly ends up crying. Yoh tells Tsukiko that he’s glad he got to see her smiling face and that he’ll be able to trust her with Suzuya. Then he tells Suzuya that if he hurts her, not only will Yoh not be able to forgive him but that he’ll be the one to make her happy. Suzuya says that will never happen because he swears to Kanata and Yoh that he’ll forever protect her smile and always make her happy.

Five years have passed since they graduated. Suzuya and Tsukiko followed their dreams together and are now getting married. He tells her that he thought he couldn’t be any happier than when they were together as lovers, but now that they’re getting married the happiness has gone on to a whole new level. IT’S OVER 9000 (^∀^;).

*** GOOD END ***

She looks toward Suzuya and tells him that he said too much and she wasn’t prepared for it yet. Then the scene progresses as if it were the happy end.

It’s been about two years and before the graduation ceremony Suzuya tells Tsukiko that he needs to talk to her. He tells her that he wants to support and protect her using his own strength and so wants to hurry up and become and adult, but Tsukiko tells him to go at his own pace and that she’ll be beside him as they become adults together.

Suzuya smiles and says that he’ll always love her smile as it makes him relieved and lightens his burdens. Then he proposes to her and kisses her with the excuse that it’s a kiss of vows. He also vows to only let her cry tears of happiness.

9 thoughts on “Starry Sky In Spring ~ Tohzuki Suzuya ~

    Esther said:
    August 27, 2013 at 11:33

    I was wondering if you could do Starry Sky Summer, Autumn, and Winter. I love reading your blog because you have more detail and I can imagine what it coming on.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 30, 2013 at 23:34

      Thank you for your kind words but I’m afraid that I don’t have any plans of doing Summer, Autumn, or Winter ;;; I just can’t summon the interest for them like I do for other games in my backlog.

    Brooke said:
    May 19, 2013 at 22:16

    I watched the anime, Yoh’s dad looks like a manly mom. Oh my god Suzuya was just plainly one of my favorites.

    You’re a Capricorn too? When’s your birthday? January 17th very close to the end, also.

    Aries and Cancer. Win my favorite men represent them.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 21, 2013 at 21:42

      I think I recall seeing a picture of him.. he had long hair, yes? Suzuya is such a gentle character but with yandere potential /o\ he’s my favorite out of the childhood 3 as well.

      Yep, I’m a Capricorn or as I affectionately call them, the goat-fish. My birthday is January 15th.

        Brooke said:
        May 23, 2013 at 22:40

        I call them mermaid goats, and yes. It’d be nice if you played the other games since I am always here on your blogs stalking you.

        Funny how close are birthdays are, and I have to say the anime was nice. Except for two episodes with each guy. Suzuya could have Almost all episodes, hehe.

        No Yandere Suzuya will now be in my dreams. Why do you do this to me? He doesn’t lock our heroine in cages, he beats the crap out of people who are mean to her. (Toma Y U NO do that?) Winter and Spring are my favorite games, Summer in second l, and, Fall in last.

        Ilinox responded:
        May 29, 2013 at 03:14

        I don’t think I’ll be picking up the other Starry Sky games because they don’t really interest me ;;; compared to the other games that is and at the speed I play I really need to prioritize what interests me first *sobs*. I’m kind of interested in Winter (mainly because I’m a winter baby) but… time… where. I never watched the anime though since I heard that it was pretty awful.

        Toma sort of… beats the crap out of the fangirls! I mean in Ukyo’s bad end he… *coughs* kills them.

    dellz85 said:
    November 3, 2011 at 02:10

    Ah, I played this game in English with patch, the story is sweet but main heroine is so dense and kinda annoy me a little he he, and also I hate it when she doesn’t have a face lol

    And I like the man who can cook too xD

      Ilinox responded:
      November 3, 2011 at 03:09

      Ahaha ^^;; I have to guiltily admit to playing with a patch too. When I played this game, my Japanese was still kind of low-level, and so it takes a lot of effort for me to read and I have to love the story to have the motivation to dictionary the kanji. But Starry Sky was just putting me to sleep, so thankfully I could just power read the English.

      I think the other games like Amnesia has spoiled me.. I won’t be able to handle another heroine like Tsukiko ever again Orz. I was going to play After Spring.. but in the end.. I can’t bring myself to do it. I fall asleep 10 minutes in..

      Good thing Ikki can cook (well he gives you bread) and the heroine has a face 8D! /bricked for continuing to be obsessed with Amnesia.

        dellz85 said:
        November 3, 2011 at 06:38

        Ha2 you are not alone, I admit even if I’m using a PC (not laptop), I feel asleep lol and forced myself to finish it xD

        True.. Amnesia is really good (thankfully with your summary I can understand what the story is about xD since my Japanese is limited).

        I’ll look forward for your next review ^^

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