Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Hinase Mitsuru ~

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Hinase Mitsuru (日生 光)
CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa (鈴木 達央)

Hinase is a complicated character. He is an extraordinary liar and charmer and it’s hard for others to know what he’s truly thinking, but he always has a smile for everyone and never really gets angry. He likes to flirt gently with Sayo but his soft and caring voice hides a darker side of his personality; a more devilish, teasing, and seductive side.

Game starts with a monologue about this girl who met a shinigami and told him that she wasn’t afraid of him and that she was searching for the most beautiful word in the world. She also says that it isn’t love, peace, hope, justice, or words like that.

The game then starts with the heroine, Toono Sayo, listening to her brother, Toono Tooya, tell a story about a caged bird who wished to see the world. The bird meets another of its kind that is free and hears about the stories and sights the other bird has seen around the world. In the end, the caged bird dies while still wishing to see the world.

Sayo’s brother is a novelist and he is currently thinking of another story to write which involves a shinigami and a girl. He tells her that a shinigami is death personified, but that the image of them is completely wrong. He wants to change people’s views of shinigami, but wryly thinks that his writing probably won’t change many views. His book will involve a shinigami who meets a girl who isn’t afraid of him and who is searching for the world’s most beautiful word.

Sayo goes to school and along the way meets her childhood friend, Miyazawa Kaho. While at school, Sayo hears from her teacher that there’s been this suspicious person sighted around a broken clock tower and that he’s called “Shinigami”. After school Kaho goes home first, because Sayo heads off to the library to return a pile of books she has read.

While at the library, she picks up a book to start reading but is interrupted by a senior called Hinase Mitsuru. He teases her by saying he came to the library to see her beautiful face, because he’s in love with her. She teases him back and when he acts all shocked she tells him it was just a joke.

He never seems to call her by name and instead calls her 「お嬢」(young lady) which came from the fact that the first time he saw her he thought she was a princess, but then realized that she wasn’t. The two of them seem to have a comfortable teasing relationship with one another, with Hinase flirting with her and her taking it calmly with no reaction.

Hinase leaves and Sayo returns to reading her book. She thinks about how she loves books, because they allow her to live in worlds different from her own. She ends up forgetting about the time and so by the time she leaves it’s really late and she has to hurry home, but she is stopped by a voice that calls out to her. She asks the nearest person, Kirishima Nanaki, if he called out to her but he didn’t. Sayo heads back home confused about the voice.

Sayo stops along the path to her home by the clock tower and looks up at it as she’s oddly fixated by it. Suddenly, a white-robed man calls to her from behind and asks her questions about the tower, such as why it stopped and why she’s looking at it. She tells him that the clock tower stopped 10 years ago and no one knows why and she’s curious as to why it stopped which is why she always looks up at it as she passes by.

A wind comes and blows down the man’s hood and when she sees his appearance, Sayo involuntarily says “Shinigami” and this makes him ask her if she knows him. Turns out he’s a shinigami who lost all his memories and she decides to give him the name “Ao” for the blue of his eyes.

While they’re talking and Sayo is trying to decide what to do about Ao, she hears a young girl collapse from anemia and asks Fushimachi Harou, an elderly man she knows walking by, to call an ambulance or drive them to the hospital. There she leaves Ao and the girl in the care of the nurses and once she is certain of their safety, she returns home to tell the day to her brother. Sayo also talks about how she’s glad to be living with Tooya and they both admit that they dislike their father.

She goes to school the next day and is called out with Natsume Yuuki, who doesn’t get along with Kaho at all, by their teacher who wants them to help him carry things. Natsume ends up telling her about how Nanaki is the captain of the kendo team. After school, while walking back home, Sayo stops at the clock tower and wonders if yesterday had been a dream.

She meets Ao again and it turns out that he left the hospital because he didn’t like it and didn’t care much for returning his memories anyway. The reason why he keeps returning to the clock tower is because that’s where he woke up with no memories and so it’s the only place he knows.

While the two of them are talking, Hinase comes upon them and asks if Ao is Sayo’s lover or friend. Ao walks off as they talk which makes Sayo chase after him into a bookstore run by Fushimachi, the elderly man who called an ambulance to help the girl with anemia. Hinase and Sayo both go into the shop and have a conversation with Fushimachi about Ao lacking memories and only having the knowledge that he is a Shinigami.

While talking about this, the girl who collapsed yesterday comes into the shop to thank Sayo as well as informing everyone that she also has amnesia, but as she’s admiring Sayo’s hair she mutters to herself that if she were as beautiful as Sayo then maybe she could get “that person” to look at her. SHE ALSO HAS A WEIRD FETISH WITH PEOPLE’S HAIR…

The woman leaves without introducing herself and then Sayo realizes that it’s getting late and she should get home, same with Hinase, but Ao refuses to return to the hospital and so the owner of the shop reassures Sayo that he’ll make sure Ao gets to the hospital safely. Hinase offers to walk Sayo home and as they’re walking back, Sayo realizes that this is the first time she’s met and talked with Hinase outside of their school setting. While walking home, Hinase once again teases Sayo by saying 「お嬢が望むのなら、毎日でも送りするけど?」(If it is the lady’s wish, I can escort you home everyday) with this adorable smile on his face.

Sayo responds with her own teasing, saying things like “Are you sure you can wake up early enough to meet me at my house?”. In the end she tells him that she made a promise with her friend Kahou to walk with her to school and so she can’t make another promise with Hinase. When she gets home her brother notices that she seems to be really happy.

The next day, Sayo wants to return to the shop to make sure Ao went back to the hospital and invites Kaho along with her. On their way to Fushimachi’s shop they meet the anemic girl at the broken clock tower. She introduces herself as Dazai Tomoe and tells them that she’s at the clock tower because she feels as if she can almost remember something when she’s there. Sayo and Kaho, after conversing with her for a bit, continue on to the shop where they meet Ao who had become a shop helper. Both Kaho and Ao don’t seem to get along with each other.

After ascertaining that Ao was doing fine, Sayo leaves the shop and splits up with Kaho to walk home. On her way home she stops by the broken clock tower again and looks up at it pondering on why she met Ao and Tomoe here. Suddenly she is surprised by Ao’s voice and it turns out he came here to give her the book that she dropped when she was helping Tomoe.

As they talk to each other, Ao remarks on her eyes being the color of the night while Sayo tells him that she thinks his eyes are beautiful because they’re the color of the sky and just as she reaches out to touch him she’s interrupted by her brother. Her brother, Tooya, is strangely angry and both him and Ao have a glaring contest before Tooya convinces Sayo that it’s time to head home together.

He ends up telling her that he’s worried about her meeting with Ao, because not only is he suspicious but he could have been a criminal before he had amnesia and that Sayo has no way of knowing what kind of person he was. She ends up convincing him that she doesn’t think Ao is a bad person and he ends up reluctantly being appeased. NOT THE APPEARANCE OF A YANDERE!BROTHER…

The next day at school, Sayo is waiting for Kaho to come back with drinks and as she’s waiting she starts reading the book “The Caged Bird” which is the story that her brother wrote. She gets interrupted by a strange boy who talks to her about her book, before realizing that he’s late in meeting his friend and he runs off. When Kahou gets back she makes a comment on how she can’t seem to leave Sayo alone because she always meets strange guys. Nanaki comes by soon to ask whether or not they saw someone pass through and then leaves them to find that person.

After school, Sayo decides to stay at school for a bit and walk around the halls. As she’s doing this she meets Hinase and when he asks her what she’s doing she tells hims that she was just taking a walk, but is now taking a break. When she asks him what he was doing he tells her that he was trying to find her to invite her out somewhere. She tells him that it must have been fate for him to find her so coincidentally. Mischievously, he tells her that this is the perfect time for him to ask her out on a date because she won’t be able to refuse.

When she asks why he tells her that she said it herself that she was just “resting” and had nothing else to do. Sayo jokingly asks him what if she just refuses on the basis of not liking him? To which Hinase teasingly responds that she won’t, because it was it was fated that they would meet today. I LOVE HOW THEY GENTLY FLIRT WITH EACH OTHER LIKE THIS. SO ADORABLE (*´∀`*)えへへ.

However, just as she’s about to agree to a day out with him, one of Hinase’s classmates comes running up talking about how he finally found Hinase-taichou and that he needs to go back to his duties and not skip them as much as he’s doing. Hinase and Sayo say goodbye and then she decides to return home.

On her way home she sees Fushimachi and Tomoe arguing about something, but she decides to call out to them to inform them of her presence. They brush off their argument with each other before Fushimachi asks Sayo for a favour. He wants her to show Ao around the village because he’s been spending too much time inside and reading books and he’s not familiar with the land. Sayo agrees to it even though she is being teased by everyone about it being a date.

When she gets home that night she has to tell her brother which leads to his yandere side making another appearance because he doesn’t like Ao and doesn’t want his sister to be out with other men. However, he finally tells her that he can’t say that she’s not allowed to go, but he isn’t able to say anything nice either. He also tells her that if she ever gets into dangerous situations to call his name and he’ll come. The next day Sayo shows Ao around the sites of the town. She takes him to her school, the harbour to look at the sea, the park, and the mansion that she lives in.

A few scenes happen like Ao burning his mouth eating something that he didn’t realize was hot, him admitting that he doesn’t like her brother for reasons that he isn’t sure of himself, him telling her that he doesn’t like the park because of all the people, and him realizing that the ocean is quite large. Sayo tells him that she loves the sea because it wraps around the world and that it’s hard to believe that it’s the same sea everywhere, she tells him that it probably passes by his country too. Ao tells her that Shinigami don’t have a country and that they’re different from hmuans, but Sayo argues that it’s just semantics and that they’re really not at all different.

The two of them finish their tour by going to this hill that overlooks the town and is filled with flowers. It is here that Sayo asks him if he wants to search with her for the most beautiful word in the world. She doesn’t know why she asked him herself or why she even said it, but Ao tells her that he’ll search with her because it’ll be interesting. When they get back it’s about evening and the two of them are just about to call it a day when the mysterious guy that Sayo met earlier tells that that a girl fell down and that there’s a problem. Sayo rushes after him to find Nanaki holding up a hyperventilating Tomoe who freaks out at Sayo when she tries to help. An ambulance is called.

The next day at school, Sayo is called out by Nanaki who warns her not to get close to Tomoe. This confused her because Nanaki doesn’t even know Tomoe at all, so it seems odd that he’s giving her a warning. On her way home she stops at the clock tower and meets Chiyo who talks with her a bit about whether or not Nanaki warned her and that he really thinks she’s amazing and wants to get to know her more. CHIYO SCARES ME WITH HIS STALKER VIBES Σ(゚×゚;).

Fushimachi interrupts the two of them and when Sayo turns to look at him, Chiyo disappears from behind her. Turns out Fushimachi is looking for Ao who disappeared when he heard that he had to return to the hospital for a checkup. Sayo asks if she can also go to the hospital with them tomorrow and she manages to trick Ao into going.

At the hospital they see Tomoe having a breakdown about needing to go to the clock tower because she almost remembers something and when she sees Sayo she gets this crazed smile and talks about how Sayo understands her need to go to the clock tower. This almost causes Sayo to have a blackout or breakdown but Ao calls her back and she stares into his eyes to ground herself.

The two of them meet Tomoe’s older sister who tells them that Tomoe tried to commit suicide five years ago at the clock tower because the man that she liked cheated on her. Her suicide failed but she forgot a year’s worth of memories which involved the guy that she liked and so the family wants to keep her away from the clock tower in fear of her regaining her memories. The sister argues that without her memories Tomoe is happier.

Ao has to walk Sayo home at night because he was pestered into it by Fushimachi. While on their way home Sayo talks about Tomoe’s circumstances and Ao wonders why Sayo cares so much about a woman she barely knows and who hurt her. He also wonders if this has any relation to their search for the most beautiful word. Sayo then learns that Ao doesn’t really care much about whether or not he gains his memories, unlike Tomoe, and he tells her that sooner or later, because Tomoe wants to remember so much, she will remember what happened.

Sayo has a nightmare about someone killing themselves from a high place and when she sees her brother in the morning she hugs him tightly. She’s late at meeting Kaho for lunch and as she’s running she crashes into Nanaki and ruins his lunch. Hinase comes upon the two of them and manages to somehow make it so that all four of them are eating lunch together. Sayo searches for a topic that all four of them can talk about and asks what their hobbies are. Kaho’s is shopping, Nanaki’s is fishing, Sayo’s is reading books, and Hinase can make real roses appear magically.

After lunch Sayo spends her time at the library and she manages to get a pass for Ao to see the library, because he wanted to go into it during the time she was showing him around town but the school was locked. Just as she gets the pass, Nanaki comes in to look for newspapers in the school library and she meets Chiyo who says some odd things. He tells her that he wants to get to know her better and that she should find something to say to Tomoe to save her.

Sayo is confused about that as she goes to see Ao and tell him the good news. They decide to meet together on Saturday to go to the school library and as they’re talking Sayo finds out that Ao hasn’t eaten anything at all today and so she brings him back home with her. It’s an awkward dinner between her brother and Ao since they don’t get along.

They manage to reach an accord though when Tooya shows Ao his work room which is filled with all kinds of books. When Ao is about to leave to go home, Tooya tries to get Ao to promise to take care and protect Sayo although Ao responds with “If your sister is that important then protect her yourself”, but he accepts the responsibility in the end when Tooya blackmails him with food and books.

That night Sayo decides to investigate Tomoe’s story and find out all the facts and so she goes to the school library and hears the story from the librarian. Then she walks by the clock tower and sees Tomoe and Ao there and finds out that Tomoe has remembered everything. It turns out that Tomoe fell in love with her homeroom teacher who had a fianceé and wanted to seduce him or get him to love her.

In the end though he didn’t come to the promised meeting place and so she tried to commit suicide at the tower. Because of this knowledge, Sayo can’t sympathize with Tomoe who she had thought was the victim. Instead she thinks Tomoe is the one at fault and that the victim was the teacher’s fianceé.

As the two of them start to walk back to Sayo’s home they talk about how Tomoe’s story resembles the story of “The Caged Bird”. Sayo thinks the the caged bird betrayed the promise it made with the other bird, but Ao thinks that it wasn’t the bird who betrayed the promise but the bird’s attitude. When she gets home, Sayo immediately hugs her brother and asks him if he loves her.

This shocks Tooya at first before he answers her with 「好きだよ。 この世界で、誰よりも、何よりも、言葉なき海よりも、遠く輝く天空よりも、美しい夢を歌う詩よりも、愛しくも明 暗あらたかな、つかのまの日々よりも、無窮がさらされる夜よりも・・・何にも代え難いお前を愛しているよ」(I love you. In this world, more than anyone else, more than anything else, more than the heavens, more than beautiful dreams and songs, more than the fleeting days, more than the eternally lasting night.. Nothing would be able to replace you, I love you). I THINK TOOYA WINS THE CONTEST OF MOST ROMANTIC GUY AND THE FIRST TO CONFESS!

She also asks him that if he happened to lose his memories, would his love for her be the memory that would be lost? Tooya tells her he can’t answer that because his love for her would never change and would never be lost. He would never forget his love for her no matter what, is what he tells her. He also explains the difference between the the words 「終わり」(end) and 「続く」(continuation).

The next day, Sayo goes to the clock tower to meet Ao like they decided to do before they head off to Sayo’s school’s library. While she’s there she meets Chiyo who talks to her for a bit before they both get interrupted by Tomoe. Tomoe starts breaking down and has a hallucination of seeing Sayo as her teacher’s fianceé and tries to stab Sayo, but is stopped by Ao. This only makes Tomoe go more crazy because she sees Ao as the teacher who is fulfilling his promise to another girl. Sayo tells her that she wasn’t the one who was betrayed, but that she was the betrayer. Suddenly, Nanaki appears and explains the real story to everyone.

It turns out that the teacher was coming to her, but died in a car accident along the way. Tomoe doesn’t want to believe this because she wants her story to continue, to which Ao butts in with “Your story is not going to continue. It’s over. It didn’t end because the man died. It was over the moment you decided not to believe in him.” IT’S LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET (´・_・`).

Tomoe doesn’t want to believe in any of them though and so Nanaki goes into some kind of trance and accesses the ghost or last wish of Tomoe’s teacher. The voice that comes out of Nanaki isn’t his own voice and the teacher tells Tomoe the things that he never had the courage to say, like how he loves her hair and loved her heart and how he loves her more than anyone else. Tomoe has a final breakdown where she realizes that she was the one who betrayed him and she just collapses and becomes unresponsive. Her sister comes and picks her up to take her back home.

Nanaki, Chiyo, Sayo, and Ao all go to the coffee shop where they talk about what just happened. It is revealed here that Chiyo is actually a spirit and no one else can see him but the three people here. Strange things happen when he picks things up like a cup, because the three of them can see the cup in his hands but normal people just see the cup on the table. Nanaki also explains that he was accessing the memory of the teacher to convey his feelings toward Tomoe. Ao knows all of this because he’s a shinigami.

They split up when they get out of the coffee shop and Sayo fulfills her promise to Ao by bringing him to the library. While they’re at the library she thanks him for appearing in time to save her life, while laughing at the fact that it’s funny that a shinigami saved her life, to which Ao responds that he wasn’t exactly doing it to save her life but to protect his promise.

He asks where what she would do if he didn’t show up on time, to which Sayo responds that she would believe in him and continue waiting. They muse on the fact that if Tomoe had no doubt in her love and believed in her teacher then all of this might not have happened.

Both of them are interrupted by the librarian who comes to return the graduation album that Sayo took out to investigate about Tomoe. The librarian also tells Sayo that Tomoe is an only child and doesn’t have a sister. SO MANY MYSTERIES IN THIS GAME エッ(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)マジ?

The book, Shinigami to Shoujo, is updated at the start of a new chapter. The story continues with the two going into a giant forest that is surrounded by a cage. The two of them get lost, but suddenly see flying fish in the sky. The Shoujo asks the fish for directions and they direct the two of them to the exit. The Shinigami asks why the fish don’t just leave the cage if they know the exit and the Shoujo thinks that maybe it’s because they want to be able to continue swimming in the sky. The Shinigami asks if the word “continue” is the most beautiful word, but the girl denies it.

It’s been a few days or almost a week since the Tomoe incident. Sayo has been spending most of her time taking Ao to her school library and on the way there one day they meet Kaho who decides to come along with them. After spending some time in the library and listening to Kaho complain about them reading books, Sayo accompanies Kaho on a shopping trip while Ao follows along questioning the point of it. They end up seeing Hinase at a flower shop, but he walks away without hearing them call his name. At the end of the day, Kaho goes home and Ao escorts her home since he has to return the books he borrowed.

The moment they get home Sayo is hugged by her brother and trapped in his arms as he regards Ao coldly. He tells him curtly to put the books on the table and see himself out. Turns out that Tooya is jealous that Sayo has been spending all her time lately with Ao. They spend some time together eating and then he returns to his work room to work on his story.

When Sayo brings him tea, he grabs her by the arm and kisses her on the forehead like he usually does but for some reason Sayo is more affected by it today. She acts like nothing is wrong, but when she’s in the safety of her room she can’t help but think of how her brother’s touch made her feel warm. CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT? BUT WAIT… I THOUGHT I WAS ON HINASE’S ROUTE (^∀^;).

The next day Sayo waits for Ao at the clock tower, but he’s really late. As she’s waiting she meets Hinase who seems to be going somewhere but he ends up deciding to go with her to the shop to find Ao. At Fushimachi’s shop, Ao is arguing with this other blond about there not being a certain book in store.

The blond mistakes her for a person called Rose and grabs her hand while expressing his joy in meeting her. It turns out though that the other blond is called Louis and he’s the protagonist of a book that Sayo’s brother wrote. He needs to find her brother, because he wants the ending of the book changed and so the four of them head off to search for it.

Because Hinase and Louis don’t know what Tooya looks like, Sayo is going to take one of them with her while the other one stays in front of the house and Ao is going to search by himself. She decides to take Hinase and while they’re walking she asks Hinase if he really didn’t have anything to do, because he’s spending all his time with her today. He tells her that he had nothing better to do, but she can tell that he’s lying and so he finally admits that if she wants to know then she’ll have to admit that they’re friends.

Once she does, he takes her to this field of flowers where his parents graves are and somehow Sayo gets the idea to ask about why he likes to be with her. Cue in Hinase’s dark side… His voice drops in pitch and he speaks in a more dark and serious tone as he tells her that he decided he wanted to be with her and thought that it’d be nice. Then he asks if he’s a bother, but Sayo awkwardly says no and his personality returns back to normal. WH-WHAT WAS THAT? THERE’S MORE TO HINASE THAN IT SEEMS (°Α°).

In the end, Hinase crushes the rose and sprinkles its petals as an offering to his parents. When Sayo asks if his hand is okay he replies with his usual mischievous flirting [お嬢が舐めてくれるの?」(Will the lady lick it better?) and Sayo tries to brush it off by telling him to stop flirting and that her licking it wouldn’t act as a good disinfectant. He tells her not to worry though and so they continue to search for her brother, but after two hours and not finding Tooya they go to meet Ao at the clock tower.

They meet Nanaki and Chiyo there and Nanaki gets teased by Hinase for wearing glasses. Apparently Nanaki wears contacts most of the time, but he can also wear his glasses. Sayo compliments him on them until he gets suspicious and tells her that the way she said it made it sound as if the glasses were cool and beautiful and Hinase is laughing on the side asking her if she has a fetish for people who wear glasses. After some trouble, Nanaki and Chiyo join the team to find Tooya and so the six of them travel around the two trying to find Tooya. Along the way, Louis keeps on remarking about how beautiful and amazing this world is and how it sort of resembles his own.

In the end, it turns out that Louis isn’t actually Louis and is just some guy who wants to be Louis. He wanted to be the hero of a story where the world revolved around him and when Sayo tried to argue that he is his own story’s hero he countered with “If I’m not there, my boss will find someone else. If I’m not there, my friends will feel sad but still live on. If I die, the world doesn’t end.”

He thanks them for coming along with him on his journey and apologizes for making it a trouble. He also mentions that when he saw Sayo she was just like how he imagined Rose to be, but then remarked that it’d be impossible since there is no girl because Rose is a shinigami. With that remark, he departs from them.

As the rest of the group start to walk back home they talk about the not-Louis and why he wanted to be the hero of a story. Hinase explains that it’s natural that everyone wants to feel more important than other people. He then tells Sayo that he has to leave now to get back home before his grandma becomes angry and asks her if she’s alright with him leaving. She tells him that there’s no problem which leads to him pouting and saying 「寂しいな。お嬢が「寂しいです」なんて言ってくれたら、僕は君を攫ってそのまま逃避行するのに」(How sad. If the young lady had said “I’ll be lonely” then I would have kidnapped you and eloped with you).

While walking back to Sayo’s house they finally find Tooya who just returned from a business meeting for his book. Ao questions as to whether or not it’d be possible to rewrite the ending of a book to Tooya who responds that if it hasn’t been released yet then he can, but now that it’s out of his hands he can’t.

Then they start talking about things like how worlds are just a person’s perspective and that everyone is the hero of their own story. Tooya even questions who the person is who is dreaming of the world in his story. He says that Louis is the protagonist and that there is no doubt of it, but he makes everyone else question as to who is dreaming about the dream. Basically, a lot of existentialist debate is thrown around here.

As they think about the things they learned, Sayo sees Natsume walking by and greets him but he walks by without acknowledging her. Tooya asks if she knows him and when she explains that Natsume is in the same class as her, her brother asks  「苛められてるのかい?」(Is he bullying you?) and Sayo is surprised enough to not respond and so he asks again more forcefully.

After Sayo manages to reassure him that she’s not being bullied Tooya asks Nanaki if he can help watch over his sister. Chiyo and Nanaki are both kind of scared of her brother’s reaction to people he thinks are bullying her sister, so Nanaki agrees quickly. The day ends with Sayo asking her brother to read her the story of Louis in which parts of it had been told throughout the whole chapter.

The story that her brother wrote was about this boy Louis who always read books. One day a girl in a black dress came out of his book and he fell in love with her, but then she disappeared back to her strange country. He followed after her and encountered a lot of people and made new friends and found out that he had to defeat the evil queen in order to find the girl. However, at the end he realizes that the evil queen is the girl he was trying to find and then ends up walking into the water to be with her with a smile on his face.

At the start of Chapter 3 the book, Shinigami to Shoujo, is again updated. This time the two of them are sinking underwater to visit an underwater city and the Shoujo was slowly dying from a lack of air but when the Shinigami touched her and told her that it wasn’t her time yet, he saved her. Down in the underwater city they meet the queen of the city who wants to know about the world up above.

She asks them whether or not it’s as beautiful as she dreamt it would be, to which the Shinigami replies that there is no such thing like the world that she dreamt. This causes the queen to be angry and tell them to go away and the Shinigami asks what the difference between a sleeping dream and a dream, as in a goal, is? The Shoujo answers that the two are the same. The Shinigami states that the word “world” isn’t the most beautiful word and the Shoujo agrees.

The next day, Sayo picks up a stuffed cat doll on the ground and takes it home. When she goes to school, Hinase comes to her classroom to ask if she and Kaho have bentos. Lunchtime comes around and Nanaki is there as well and he asks 「何故、俺がここにいる?」(Why am I here?) and Hinase asks 「哲学?」(Philosophy?). HINASE’S TEASING NATURE IS SO ADORABLE AND I LOVE THE WAY HE INTERACTS WITH NANAKI (*´∀`*)えへへ.

Somehow Hinase manages to drag Sayo into a bento contest between Kaho and Nanaki and so now all four of them are going to prepare a bento and then compete. Sayo doesn’t know how to cook anything and so while outside trying to decide what to buy she bumps into Chiyo who suggests going to Fushimachi’s shop to ask Ao for a cooking book.

While there, they decide to look at a complicated cooking book but the problem is that Sayo has no idea how to prepare anything or any idea of the ingredients, Ao has no interest in cooking and so doesn’t know much about it, and Chiyo can’t eat anything and so he has no idea what tastes good. The three of them are stuck until Fushimachi comes back and he gives Sayo the idea of making something easy like teriyaki and Ao comes back with another book that Sayo’s brother wrote which involves a white cat making teriyaki for a black cat.

Sayo ends up deciding to make teriyaki sandwiches and goes shopping for groceries with Chiyo, who wants to help her, and Ao, who was ordered to carry a woman’s groceries by Fushimachi. When she gets home Tooya is surprised that she has groceries, but when he finds out that it’s not dinner and that she’s going to be making a lunch box that isn’t for him he gets jealous. He pouts and says that it’s unfair that he’s not going to get to taste his sister’s cooking.

The next day is the contest and the first one up is Hinase. His bento consisted of french toast, weiners, and hamburgers. Being his usual self, Hinase says to Sayo 「はい。お箸。それとも僕が食べさせてあげようか?」(Here are the chopsticks. Or… would you like me to feed you?) and Sayo allows him to put the food in her mouth much to the shock of Nanaki and irritation of Kaho who wants Hinase to stop flirting. His bento ends up tasting delicious. HINASE IS SO AGGRESSIVE (≧∀≦)!

The next is Kaho’s bento which consisted of salad, potato, and sandwiches. Hers was also delicious. Nanaki’s bento was next and was also delicious as well. Sayo’s bento is last and although the teriyaki is good the vegetables were apparently unedible. Hinase asks everyone to vote and so Kaho and Nanaki vote for themselves while Hinase votes for Sayo which makes Sayo vote for Hinase. In the end that means everyone is tied with one vote and there is no winner. Natsume walks by them though and is blackmailed by Hinase into eating all four bentos to decide a winner, but when Natsume sees the first one he points out that the bento came from a convenience store.

It turns out that Hinase cheated by not preparing his own because he can’t cook. He cutely responds with 「あ、ばれた?」(Ah, I got found out?) while Kaho and Nanaki get angry at him. Natsume chooses Sayo’s bento in the end because he likes teriyaki which makes Kaho and Nanaki a bit sad, but no one really has problems with Sayo winning.

Instead, the two of them start to berate Hinase for cheating but Hinase reveals that this whole thing was a ploy for him to get to taste Sayo’s cooking and that he didn’t really care about the other bentos. This makes Nanaki yell out “How dare you use us like that!” and then tells Sayo never to make this guy a bento. Kaho also agrees and tells Sayo not to let him taste her cooking ever again.

While walking home from school Kaho tries to get Sayo to let her make lunch for the two of them but Sayo gently refuses, because she thinks that as a girl she should know how to make lunch by herself. Kaho leaves to go home and Sayo reminisces on how she met Kaho, because Kaho was always alone and the other girls picked on her because of her blunt attitude. However, Sayo stuck up for Kaho and now Kaho considers Sayo to be really important to her and her only friend. Sayo decides to visit Ao to thank him for yesterday and ends up tagging along with him and Fushimachi as they go to the hospital for a checkup.

At the hospital Sayo has a moment where she spaces out and remembers that she hates hospitals a lot. They also see Natsume there visiting his sister and his sister and at first he doesn’t notice them so Ao makes a wager with Sayo. The wager was that if Natsume didn’t notice them without them doing anything then that meant that it wasn’t fate to meet him here, but if he did notice them then that meant that Natsume had a purpose in meeting them here.

He ends up noticing him through his sister, who he was visiting at the hospital, because she sees Ao and thinks his looks are gorgeous. Natsume’s sister drags him over to the two of them to introduce them and when she sees Sayo she inadvertently calls her Toono Tsubaki, her mother’s name.

Sayo has a break down though and yells about not looking like that woman and being completely different. Natsume coldly hits her with harsh words and explains that he hates her because of what her mother and her father did to his family. Even when Sayo is denying wanting to do anything with her mother, Natsume tells her 「どうやら、自分が売女と人でなしの娘だってことは分かってるみたいだな!」(It appears that you understand now the whore that you’re the daughter of!). NATSUME SHOULD REALIZE THAT YOU CAN’T JUDGE A PERSON BY THEIR PARENTS Σ(゚×゚;).

She starts blacking out and calls for her brother, but she’s brought back to reality with Ao grabbing her arm. He excuses the two of them curtly to Natsume and his sister and then leaves with Sayo. Ao brings her back to her house and as she tries to walk him out she collapses against him again and he takes her back to her room and forces her to rest. She doesn’t want him to leave though and grabs his sleeve while he’s standing beside her bed. He searches for something to say and asks what something in her room is.

It turns out to be a stuffed toy that she brought back home one day and he says 「元気がないように見える。理由は分からないが、折角の美しい顔がそれでは台無しだ」(I can see that you’re not feeling well. I don’t know the reason why, but you’re going to ruin that beautiful face). Of course Sayo is completely shocked and asks him why he said that, to which Ao responds that that’s what the plushed toy is saying.

This makes Sayo laugh as she mentions that he’s a really kind person. He denies it, but she points out that he took her away from the hospital and brought her here and also made her lie down in her bed. He tells her that it’s just to keep her efficient and that he’s not being kind because he’s a kind person. UH HUH, YOU JUST KEEP YOURSELF IN DENIAL BUDDY (^∀^;).

As Sayo stares up at him she thinks that for some strange reason she’s able to calm down with him at her side, even though her brother isn’t here. She opens her mouth and starts to confess something, but then her brother interrupts. Sayo latches onto her brother and confesses that she hates her face and things like how she wished she was never born to that person. This makes Ao curious and he wonders why the name Toono Tsubaki distresses Sayo and why she denies it, but the more he pries the more Tooya tells him to stop and Sayo flinches.

Ao tells her that no matter how much she lies about it, denies it, or even loses her memory about it, it won’t change the fact that Toono Tsubaki is still her mother. Tooya tells Ao about how words can mislead people, how words can hurt, and how words like “I love you” that have no meaning can also hurt and says to him that he overstepped his lines. For the first time Ao apologizes.

The next day at school, Sayo tries to apologize to Natsume who gets angry and tells her that even though she’s apologizing she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. He mocks her about how she’s thinking that it wasn’t her fault she was born to that mother, that her mother’s actions aren’t her fault, and that her playing the victim disgusts him. He gets slapped by Kaho because of his words and everyone is staring at the three of them before Sayo yells at them both to stop.

Afterwards when class ends and Sayo is outside, Hinase and Nanaki show up because they heard from the rumour mill that Kaho got into a fight with Nanaki about Sayo. When Sayo asks why they’re here, Hinase responds that they heard that their princess was in trouble and so as knights they had to be by her side. Nanaki grumbles at Hinase and tells him not to put words in his mouth and explains that he found “someone” was being annoying and so when he heard that Hinase was heading over he just tagged along. The annoying person turns out to be Chiyo.

The next day at school, the gossip mill is running and all the girls in the class think that Kaho is a bad person. When Sayo tries to interfere, she gets blamed instead and she tries to take it all despite Kaho protesting. Suddenly, Natsume interferes and apologizes to Kaho, who apologizes back because of Sayo forcing her to. He also stops all the gossiping and tells the rest of their classmates to mind their own business.

Sayo has her lunch with Kaho, Nanaki, and Hinase and they find out that Ao and Wilhelm, a mascot cat, wandered into the school and so Nanaki and Sayo leave to help Ao out. They try to get him out of the school but they’re spotted by teacher and just as they’re about to get in trouble Hinase shows up and lies their way out of it. They find out that Wilhelm came to the school because he’s friends with Natsume and wanted to see how Natsume was doing ever since he bumped into Sayo in the marketplace and found out that she knew Natsume.

The week passes with Wilhem appearing at the school every so often to look at Natsume and the rest of them continue to do their own things. Sayo and Ao went to see Nanaki practice his kendo and while they were there the rest of the kendo members couldn’t help but keep staring at Sayo. Most of them were thinking of how beautiful she is and when she acknowledges them, one of them nearly faints from happiness. Nanaki is completely unimpressed and forces them to practice, since he’s the 鬼部長(demon captain).

While walking home after watching kendo practice, Chiyo explains how all the people in Nanaki’s house are people who excel at martial arts and things like kendo. Sayo keeps mentioning on how amazing it is and finally Nanaki points out that her family is pretty amazing too, because they are the directors of a corporation. Sayo denies it forcefully though, which surprises Nanaki. Ao and Sayo end up splitting up from Nanaki and Chiyo and while walking, they meet Wilhelm who defends himself as Natsume’s friend and then as he leaves he asks if Ao doesn’t have a friend because he’s always with Sayo.

Ao asks if he’s friends with Sayo but she doesn’t have an answer and says that they’re relationship is difficult, to which he agrees to and says he doesn’t understand but what he does understand is that right now he’s with her and searching for a word. As he says this he touches her hair. The next day Natsume nearly collapses from exhaustion and so Kaho and Sayo bring him to the health office for him to rest on the beds there. Chiyo encounters Sayo in the halls and then runs off to tell Nanaki and so Sayo goes to tell Hinase.

She first goes to his classroom and asks for him, but is told that he’s off on another floor doing some business and so when she goes there she sees an open door, but just as she’s about to go in she hears another girl in there saying that she loves Hinase, to which he responds with 「どうも」(Why thank you). The other girl notices Sayo and states in an annoyed voice that they were interrupted, but that she’ll see him later.

Hinase noticed Sayo too and asks her to come into the classroom in his usual cheery voice and asks her if she had any business for him since she came finding him. She tells him about Natsume and he deduces that she wants him to come along with her to visit Natsume and find Wilhelm.

Sayo ends up asking him about whether or not the girl from before is Hinase’s lover and he turns into dark!Hinase and says 「まさか、僕のこと気にしてくれるの?嬉しいなぁ」(Could it be that you’re concerned about me?) and when Sayo responds that that’s not what she meant he cuts her off with 「じゃあ、どういうわけ?」(Then what did you mean?) in this low drawling tone. Sayo doesn’t have anything to say and he walks closer to her before telling her that 「ねえ、お嬢。僕はお嬢が僕のことを気にしてくれてる方が嬉しいな」(Ne, young lady. Your concern about my activities makes me really happy).

He muses that she must be really aware of him or sensitive to what he does. He questions her about whether she can’t help but notice where he goes or what he does and Sayo tries to play the fool by denying it. Dark!Hinase isn’t fooled at all though and says to her lightly 「・・・ はっ。まだ気付がないふりをし続けるつもりなら、それでも良いよ。僕は君に付き合ってあげよう」(Ha. If you’re going to continue acting as if you don’t care about what I do, that’s alright. I’ll play along). Then he tells her that because she witness the scene between him and the other girl that she needs to be punished and her punishment is to promise him something.

Sayo asks what it is and he asks to go out with her on a date and she agrees and this snaps him out of his dark!Hinase and back into the usual Hinase who is all cheery and happy. He takes her arm, which makes Sayo blush, and then states that they should probably go to the health office now and that he’ll accompany her.

Everyone meets up at the health office and Wilhelm shows up by climbing through the window. Ao is there because he got told by Chiyo who also brought Nanaki. Kaho was standing guard waiting for everyone and Hinase came with Sayo. While at the health office they find out that Natsume is exhausted because his family is really poor and his family was ruined when a man cheated their father and took his father’s license and money. The man who ruined their father turns out to be Sayo, who brings it up by apologizing to Wilhelm.

This makes Wilhelm start to freak out and yell at her for being the daughter of the man who ruined Natsume’s life and Kaho starts yelling back at Wilhelm saying that even though she found Natsume’s story sad she can’t support the two of them because they both hate Sayo when she hasn’t done anything.

Wilhelm thinks that Sayo just being the daughter of the man is enough to hate her. He also hates rich people, because he thinks that they have everything good in life and don’t have anything to feel sorrowful about. This is something that Kaho scoffs at and she angrily says that people who think like that are idiotic and that it’s not as simple as saying that poor people are unhappy while rich people are happy.

She even brings up the fact that Wilhelm might just be lying about Natsume’s unhappiness but Wilhelm says that he’s seen Natsume crying at night, to which Kaho screams back that he doesn’t understand anything because she’s seen Sayo crying too about all the hateful things people say to her. Wilhelm ends up running out of the office, everyone else is quiet and surprised at the things they learned and the fight that broke out, and Sayo is clenching her fists tightly while looking away.

Finally, Hinase walks up to Sayo and takes her hand before unclenching them and says 「君 はよく分からないところで我慢するよね。でも、その白い肌に傷を作るのは嫌だな」(I don’t really know what you do to keep yourself calm. But, I don’t want you to wound that pale skin of yours) which makes Kaho stare at him with a flat expression while telling him to stop his sexual harassment.

Natsume finally tells everyone that he heard everything because they were being so loud and the group finds out that he’s exhausted because he was trying to find a stuffed cat doll. Sayo realizes that it’s the same doll that they pick up and so they go to her house to get it only to find out that Wilhelm came by and took off with it. Everyone ends up running around trying to find Wilhelm and finally find him at the clock tower.

At the clock tower, Wilhelm asks why Natsume cares about his doll so much because it can’t do anything at all. Nastume explains that the doll just being by his side is enough and that he won’t stand for anyone who makes fun of it. Wilhelm listens to it and then seems to be appeased by that answer, before he tries to run for it again but Natsume wants to see who is under the suit and so recruits the help of Nanaki. Everything is lively for a bit as Nanaki and Natsume are chasing after Wilhelm while everyone else is just watching suddenly Sayo laughs.

This makes Hinase point out that her smiling face makes him happy, which makes Nanaki tell him that he might not even be the cause of her laughing. Hinase responds with 「別にその過程に僕がいるかいないかは大した問題じゃないんだよ、桐嶋君。大事なのは、結果さ」(The point isn’t whether or not I’m the cause of her smile, Kurashima-kun. The point is the appearance of that precious thing).

This makes Ao wonder why Hinase is so happy to see her smile, to which Hinase responds bluntly and cheerfully with no hesitation 「彼女が好きだから」(That’s because I like her) and he also adds 「好きだがら笑顔でいて欲しい。幸せでいて欲しい」(It’s because I like her that seeing her being happy and smiling is good).

The story then switches to the perspective of Natsume’s doll cat and it is explained that the doll cat has a spirit or presence and knows all about Natsume’s life. It wishes really hard to be able to move and talk so that it can help Natsume and suddenly it’s granted a life. In the end though when it is at the clock tower, it realizes that it doesn’t have to be able to move and talk to support Natsume and so when it runs away it decides to return back to its doll form. This also explains why Ao can understand the doll cat when he was in Sayo’s room.

The book, Shinigami to Shoujo, is updated again with the Shinigami and Shoujo travelling to a country filled with cats that act like humans. The cats have their own cities, markets, and walk upright as well. The Shinigami asks if they want to become humans, but the cats say that they’re fine just being by themselves. As they leave the place, the Shinigami asks the Shoujo if the most beautiful word is “freedom”, but while she admits that it’s a beautiful word it’s not the one that she’s looking for.

Chapter 4 starts with the date that Sayo promised Hinase. They just finished watching a movie and he asks her how she felt about it and she tells him her opinion. Afterwards, she asks if it’s really okay that he is paying for everything and he tells her that 「勿論さ。今日は君をエスコートするつもりでいるんだから」(Of course. Today I’m your escort) which makes her repeat the word escort.

Hinase then says 「そう。ようやく念願叶ったデートだし?」(Yes. Today, as your date, I’m going to fulfill your heart’s desires) which makes her repeat the word date. Sayo is apparently still in shock at being in a date with Hinase. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW SHE CAN BE IN SHOCK UNLESS SHE’S IN SHOCK OUT OF PURE JOY BECAUSE HINASE IS TOO DAMN SEXY (*´∀`*)えへへ.

Hinase responds to her parroting with 「酷 いな、その反応。僕は勇気を出してお嬢を誘ったってのに」(So mean, that kind of reaction. Especially after I had to gather so much courage to ask the lady out). When Sayo apologizes for her reaction and says that it’s because he’s acting as he always does, Hinase gets a pout on his face and says 「い つもと変わらないねぇ・・・。僕はお嬢と二人っきりでこんなにもドキドキしてるんだけどなぁ」(You saw I’m acting the same as always… but my heart is pounding right now with just the two of us). I CAN’T TELL IF HE’S BEING SERIOUS OR JOKING, BECAUSE HE’S SO UNFAZED BY ANYTHING EMBARRASSING HE SAYS (≧∀≦).

As they decide where to go for lunch, Hinase spots something and tells Sayo to wait for him while he goes to get something. He comes back to her with glasses on his face and asks her how he looks. When Sayo asks why he’s wearing glasses when his eyes aren’t bad, he tells her that he remembered how she was charmed by Nanaki when he was wearing glasses.

Sayo compliments him on his memory, which gives him the opening to say that he remembers anything she does. This turns out to be a lie that Sayo picks out though, because in truth he just remembered it by chance. After talking a bit more, Sayo brings up the topic that Hinase is just taking her to all the places she likes and that he must have asked someone for information about her, but he denies it and explains that she doesn’t have anyone close to her with the exception of her brother and strangely enough, Ao.

This is the first appearance of a jealous Hinase as he tells her 「今 日は蒼さんのこととか、お兄さんのこととか桐嶋君のこととか全て忘れて、僕だけを見て、僕だけのことを考えてくれません?」(Today, I want you to forget about anything that has to do with Ao, your brother, and Kirishima-kun. I want you to look only at me and think only of me, can you do that?) to which Sayo agrees.

They go to have lunch at a restaurant and while there, Hinase asks Sayo some questions about herself like what kind of things she loves because he wants to get to know her better. Sayo ends up answering it with a lot of things like her brother, books, the color of the sky, friends, etc. This makes Hinase say 「へえ。ちなみに、僕はその中に入れてるのかな?」(Hmm. In other words, there’s room for me in there too?). OHMYGOD HE IS SO SMOOTH O(≧∇≦)O!!

For the last place, Hinase takes her to the clock tower to which he had somehow managed to procure the keys for. So the two of them climb up the tower and after a while Sayo is really out of breath and asks if he’s alright. Hinase teasingly tells her that he’s a man and how she can’t compare herself to his endurance before saying that 「本当はここでお嬢を抱え て上がれたら格好がつくんだろうけど?」(Plus, if I could carry the lady right now in my arms then that would be really suave wouldn’t it?) which makes Sayo blush.

He also teases her about being so out of breath and when she calls him out on it for being so mean he tells her that 「拗ねた君も素敵だよ」(You’re beautiful when you sulk) while also telling her that he’s just teasing her gently because he’s being an 意地悪(playful bully). After they get to the top they look at the scenery and talk about the clock tower for a bit. Hinase also doesn’t know the reasons why it stopped.

When the sun starts setting they return back to the ground and Sayo asks him if it’s really alright that he doesn’t get any compensastion for having treated her out to everything. He tells her that just her feeling of gratitude is enough for him, but Sayo won’t allow that and so tells him to wait. She comes back after buying him a rose and giving it to him, which makes him jokingly point out that the situation is usually the reverse and that her giving him a rose seems almost like a love confession. Then he gets really serious and tells her that he likes and that he doesn’t require an answer right away, instead he’ll give her three days. He says he had a lot of fun and then walks off.

When Sayo gets back to her house she encounters her father’s butler who tells her that her father wants her to go back home to him. Of course Sayo refuses, but the butler keeps insisting and finally she tells him that she’ll see him later and give him an answer on the same day that she has to give an answer to Hinase, because her father wants her to go back on that day.

She meets her father in a restaurant and has to listen to him bitch about meeting her in such a place. Then he basically tells her that he arranged a marriage for her and that he wants her to follow through or else he’ll kick her out of the house. Sayo still refuses though and tells him that she’ll live with her own power and she has her brother, and of course this pisses her father off who doesn’t want to hear her brother’s name either.

He leaves the shop after telling her that she has no choice. As Sayo is sitting there, though, she hears someone chuckling and it turns out to be Hinase who overheard the whole thing while he was eating a cake in the store. He realizes that she hates her family and tells her that he also hates his own family, before he asks her if she wants to run away and go to place were there’s no one.

Dark!Hinase grabs her hand and starts walking through the town with her, but then the two of them bump into Ao and Fushimachi and Ao is alarmed and asking about what happened to her before he touches her cheek, because it turns out that she was crying silently without realizing it.

The four of them go to Fushimachi’s shop to comfort Sayo. There Hinase tells Sayo that he ran away from his house once, because his grandma is really strict and his parents died. He ended up returning though and didn’t explain what happened afterwards, calling it a secret. Ao talks with Fushimachi about different words for calling tears and he ends up smiling for the first time at the beauty of a word, which wows Sayo and makes Fushimachi think that today is a strange day because he saw Sayo crying and now Ao is smiling.

Hinase escorts her home and on her way home he says 「今日は失敗したな」(I guess today was a failure) in a annoyed voice. When Sayo questions him as to why he tells her bluntly that 「折角、君を攫ってしまおうと思ったのに。色々邪魔された」(In the end, I thought that I could kidnap you, but a whole bunch of things got in the way).

She thanks him for being worried about her, but he tells her that he wasn’t worried about her but that he was granting her wish to take her away from everything. Sayo calls him a nice person, even though he denies it, because he’s still walking with her despite the fact that he passed the place he was supposed to turn to to go home.

Hinase praises her awareness, but then tells her that she’s actually wrong though because 「君のいる場所が僕の帰る場所かもしれないよ」(The place I consider home might be the place where you are) which makes Sayo kind of stutter as she repeats what he says with a question. Hinase cuts her off though by saying 「そ う。まあ、とにかく考えておいてよ。僕はいつでも君を連れ去るうと思えば連れ去れるんだからさ」(Yes, but anyway think about it. If you ever want to, I can steal you away from everything) and then leaves.

The night ends with Tooya brushing Sayo’s hair for her and she tells him what their father did and how she wants to run away. She knows better than to tell him about Hinase though, especially the confession. Tooya ends up telling her that she’s like a princess and that as a princess it’s hard to live off of your own power. He tells her a story about a sleeping princess that had to wait and believe in her prince to save her.

The next day at lunch time, it’s lively because Natsume is there for some reason that he doesn’t even know himself. Kaho, Nanaki, Hinase, and Natsume are all arguing and talking to one another while Sayo is quietly thinking things to herself. Nanaki criticizes Hinase’s diet and Hinase responds that he does eat other things and that Sayo knows, which makes Kaho ask why Sayo would know, and Hinase responds that it’s a secret. RIIIGHT, NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL THERE.

After lunch, Sayo talks with Kaho about not knowing what Hinase is really thinking and Kaho tries to help Sayo by telling her what she knows about Hinase. She notices that he’s really smart, popular, but doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend. The two of them walk home together and split at the clock tower where Sayo thinks about her answer to Hinase’s confession. She only has one more day. The next day, she calls Hinase out to an empty classroom to give him her answer. She tells him that she can’t say that she loves him, but that she doesn’t hate him either and that she’s always thinking of him.

Hinase cuts her rambling off and asks if that means that she’ll go out with him and become his girlfriend, to which Sayo answers yes. Hinase smiles at that and walks closer to her before touching her hair, then he says in a low voice 「付き合ったらどこまで許される?」(Now that we’re going out, how far will you let me go?), and then he caresses her cheek and her shoulders and Sayo closes her eyes at the sensations. KYAAAAAAAAA~ (๑→‿←๑) HINASE~!

The scene skips to Sayo waking up to Hinase calling her name in his room. She is surprised that he’s finally using her name and he explains that now that they’re like lovers it would be weird for him to keep calling her お嬢(lady). He hands her a mug of tea and they chat for a bit, before he leans in and puts his hand on her hand, the one that is holding the cup of tea.

She tells him that it’s dangerous and his response is to smirk with a devilish grin and ask 「どっちが?」(Which one?). He was referring to himself or the cup of tea. Sayo teases him back by changing the subject and asking for some sugar because the tea isn’t sweet at all and tells Hinase that he should know that girls really like sweet things. This makes Hinase laugh and ask if she’s really 17 before pushing her down on the bed.

軋む音。(Creaking noise).
触れた唇。(Touching lips).
本当にただ触れただけ。(Really, it was only touching).

Hinase gets up from the bed and tells her that he’ll go fulfill her wish now, and leaves to go get sugar from downstairs. After a while, Sayo gets up thinking that Hinase is taking his time before she hears his grandmother talking to him. Turns out she came home early and she’s questioning as to what he’s doing with the sugar in his hands. She asks if anyone is here, to which Hinase lies and says no, and so Sayo quickly hides in the closet. The grandmother comes into the room, but doesn’t see anyone, and then leaves after warning Hinase to remember that he has a duty to uphold the family fortune.

Sayo is found by Hinase after his grandmother leaves and she wonders if she’s being a trouble by being in his room. Hinase tries to reassure that she’s not and wants to continue where they left off, but Sayo tells him that she’s going to go home. She thinks about how she’s going to get down from his room, because it’s on the second floor and this leads to her recalling the story of Rapunzel. After hearing it, Hinase and Sayo are both sharing grins and then Hinase asks her 「君は王子様?」(Are you the prince?) to which Sayo returns with her own question, 「貴方はお姫様?」(Are you the princess?).

Somehow Sayo gets back home and the next day when she leaves her house, Hinase is there waiting to walk her to school. Time skip to lunch time where Kaho is stunned into silence and completely unresponsive to Sayo until she’s prodded to accept Sayo’s apologies by Natsume. Kaho tells everyone 「まさか、紗夜ちゃんに男が出来るなんて思ってなかったんだもん!!しかも!日生先輩なんかと!!」(I didn’t expect Sayo-chan would ever go out with a guy! And for it to be Hinase-senpai too!). Of course Hinase pouts at their mean words and asks why they’re so surprised, since he thinks that he and Sayo are compatible and match.

He asks everyone’s opinions and Natsume agrees that they’re suited, because they both are hard to read. When Hinase asks Nanaki, Nanaki answers that they match each other’s looks, wealth, and family status, but then he accidently spills tea on himself and leaves. Kaho notes that 「すごい形相だったけど、何だったんだろ~・・・・」(He has a really angry face.. I wonder why~). Hinase muses out loud 「案外、君のことが好きだったりして。それでショックで思わず・・・」(Unexpectedly, it seems that he might like you. Or he might just be in shock..) and this makes Sayo disagree with him and ask him if he wants to make a bet to see who’s right or wrong.

Dark!Hinase appears with a smirk on his face and says 「へえ。何を賭けてくれるの?君自身?」(Heh~. What are you going to bet? Your body?) which makes Natsume leave the awkward situation. Kaho tries to stick it out with sheer determination, but Hinase purposefully tries to make some moves on Sayo and scares her off.

Then he kind of pouts and says 「・・・皆、いなくなっちゃったなぁ。二人きりなのは嬉しいけど、悪いことしたな」(… Looks like everyone ran off. Just the two of us makes me happy, but at the same time it’s kind of bad). Sayo is just unimpressed and tells him 「誰のせいですか」(And whose fault was that?) which makes Hinase chuckle before saying that it was his fault. HINASE IS SUCH A PLAYFUL LOVER (*´ω`*).

Hinase’s mischievous smirk let’s you know that he’s up to no good.

Sayo notices what Hinase is eating and then asks if he wants her to prepare him a bento. This surprises him before he tells her that he’ll happily accept it, though he wants to know why. Sayo gets embarrassed and gives off a list of reasons, but then adds that it seems like something lovers would do.

Hinase smirks and says 「「恋人らしいこと」ね・・・・それなら、昨日いっぱいしたよね?」(Like lovers… then does that mean you want me to repeat everything from yesterday?) and by this time he has his hand on her shoulder and is whispering into her ear. Sayo coolly pushes him away from her a little before standing up and telling him that she needs to find Kaho to ask for advice on preparing a bento.

When Sayo finds Kaho and talks to her Kaho reveals that she finds Hinase really annoying, but that if Sayo likes him then she’ll put up with it. Sayo tells her that she’ll always be her precious best friend. Kaho also helps Sayo realize her own feelings, because if she doesn’t hate Hinase then that means she should like him in some way to be going out with him.

After school, Hinase asks if Sayo is doing anything to which she responds that she has business and so he just walks her home. Turns out Kaho is coming over with ingredients to help Sayo create a bento for Hinase. Kaho helps Sayo prepare her bento and then asks if Hinase likes anything, to which Sayo remembers that he said that he liked sweet things, so they end up making cookies. However, Kaho has a suspicious face on while cooking.

Then next day Kaho presents the bento that Sayo made to Hinase, who eats it and enjoys the taste. Of course he can’t let this opportunity pass and says to Sayo 「どうせなら、紗夜の手で食べさせてくれれば、もっと美味しくなると思うんだけどなぁ」(Of course, I think that if Sayo fed me by hand it would make this even more delicious). He grabs her hand as he says this and Kaho puts herself between them saying that they’re being too close. Hinase laughs and says 「近いって、これくらい当たり前でしょう。恋人同人なんだし?」(Being this close is a given isn’t it? After all, we’re lovers). HE’S SO SHAMELESS (*´∀`*)えへへ.

After lunch is eaten, Sayo brings out the cookies that she and Kaho made. She gives one to Hinase who eats it without a change in expression and when she asks him how it is, he tells her that it’s delicious. Kaho gives some to Nanaki and Natsume. Natsume, however, starts coughing and says that the cookies are super salty. It turns out that Kaho made half of them with salt and the other half with sugar, to trick the people she didn’t like.

Hinase calls Sayo’s name and when she turns to look at him he puts a cookie in her mouth. Sayo chokes on the saltiness and Kaho is angrily shocked in the background asking him what he thinks he’s doing to Sayo. Hinase figures out that the blue ribbon cookies are salty and the red ribbon cookies are normal.

Kaho says that he’s a bad person to be tricking Sayo and Hinase says 「確かに。騙された方が悪い」(Certainly, the person who deceived another is bad) and then kisses Sayo. Everyone is super shocked in the background, even the BGM stops, and Kaho lets out a horrified gasp. Then Hinase releases her lips and says to her in a breathy voice 「口直し」(Your mouth is fixed). Everyone is still silent from shock while Hinase acts as if nothing is wrong and points out the school bell and saying that they should get to class.

In their class, Sayo is trying to comfort Kaho who is crying at her desk because she thinks that she made Sayo get defiled by Hinase. Natsume tries to cheer her up in his usual insulting way and then thinks out loud that it was surprising to see Hinase angry for once. Sayo doesn’t understand and Natsume explains that the joke with the salty cookies was really bad and so that’s why Hinase was angry. Sayo points out that he didn’t seem to have a problem eating them at the beginning, and Natsume has to explain to her that it’s because Hinase thought she cooked it and so he would definitely not show his feelings on his face and say that it was delicious.

After school Sayo goes to Hinase’s house. She asks him why he was angry and he apologizes for letting her see that side of him and making Kaho cry. He says that it probably wasn’t very adult-like of him to get angry at that joke, though he still thinks the joke was bad. After they chat a bit more, Hinase tells her that he really likes home-made food and Sayo remarks that he’s a very honest person. Hinase agrees whole-heartedly before asking her in a serious voice 「だから、君を食べさせて下さい」(That’s why… will you let me eat you?).

Sayo thinks in her head 貴方はオオカミさん?(Are you a wolf?), but the words are stuck in her throat and then she wonders if the inside of a wolf’s stomach is dark. The screen fades out and when she wakes up in his bed it’s dark and Hinase is sleeping beside her. CA-CAN I TAKE THIS AS IMPLIED SMEXING Σ(゚∀゚;)?

Sayo hums a song and accidently wakes Hinase who asks her what it is, but she forgot. Then after seeing that it’s late at night Sayo tells him 「・・・・お姫様。私はそろそろ帰らないと」(Princess. It’s time for me to be heading home). This makes Hinase laugh in amusement while mentioning 「あはっ。僕は姫にオオカミと大忙しだね」(Ahaha. First I’m a wolf and then a princess, I sure am busy). I LOVE HOW THESE TWO HAVE THEIR OWN INSIDE JOKES NOW (≧∀≦).

Sayo decides that they should tell his grandmother about their relationship so that they don’t have to sneak around anymore. Hinase advises against it, but allows her to do as she wishes. She asks him if he hates his family to which he denies it vaguely by saying something like “Did I say that?”. Sayo notes that he doesn’t seem like a person who would like to be chained down and bound to something. This makes Hinase enter DARK mode and while placing a hand on her shoulder he smirks at her as he says 「・・・・そうでもないよ?君だったら縛られても構わない」(That might not be true? I wouldn’t mind being bound to you). DOES THIS COUNT AS A PROPOSAL (*´∀`*)えへへ?!

Hinase convinces her to have dinner at his place, because his grandmother isn’t going to be coming home until very late. While eating, Sayo is asked by the servants if she is the young master’s lover to which Sayo answers yes. This makes the servants ecstatic that Hinase found someone and that she’s very beautiful. Sayo asks if the servant knows any of Hinase’s secrets, because the servant has been taking care of Hinase since he was nine. Hinase interrupts them though and pouts at having his secrets talked about. Sayo finds out that Hinase rarely eats dinner at his home, but he tells her that he’ll always eat her cooking.

His grandmother comes home and when she finds out who Sayo is she starts insulting her. She calls Sayo’s mother a harlot and it turns out that Sayo was born as a bastard child and out of wedlock. Her father is a commoner whose ambition carried him out of that filth. Hinase interrupts his grandmother sharply and says that no matter who her parents are, Sayo is still the heir to the corporation and his grandmother should do well to remember it. This makes her grandmother silent, before she tells Sayo to go home because she has no more business here. Hinase tells his grandmother that he’s going to escort Sayo home.

On the way home they stop at a park to calm down. Hinase embraces her and tells her about how his parents ran away from home as well. His mother was an exchange student and his dad fell in love with her. His grandmother didn’t approve, of course, and so his parents ran away and had him and they were happy. However, a car accident killed them and he was taken back in by his grandmother.

Sayo decides to return the favour by telling him about her parents, but then realizes that he probably already knows everything. Hinase does know everything but says that it doesn’t matter whose child she is and that she is herself, 「紗夜は紗夜だ。僕の綺麗な綺麗なお姫さま。」(Sayo is Sayo. My beautiful princess). This makes Sayo start crying while saying his first name over and over again.

The next day when Sayo leaves the house she sees him waiting for her like usual. She can’t meet his eyes though because she’s embarrassed that she cried like a child in front of him. Instead, she thanks him for yesterday and calls him by his last name again and he pouts at that and tells her that he thought she’d finally call him by his first name.

She asks if that’s okay and he said he would gladly welcome it and so she calls him by his first name and he hugs her and kisses her forehead. They go to school and Sayo can’t help but act more intimately with Hinase, because of yesterday which makes the Natsume think them annoying, Nanaki doesn’t have an opinion, and Kaho tries to stifle her tears.

After school, Hinase asks if she wants to go out on a date with him today if she doesn’t have anything to do. She doesn’t have any business and so she agrees to go on a date with him. He asks if she has anywhere she wants to go and she tells him that she wants to go to a place that he loves. This makes Hinase grin teasingly and say 「了解しました。けど、連れて行く場所が安全とは限らないですよ?」(Roger. However, the place I will take you to might not be safe?). This makes Sayo tease him back with 「あら、それは怖いですね」(Oh? That sounds scary).

Hinase’s response is 「そうだねー。怖いですよー。それでも良いんだよね?」(That’s true~. It’s scary~. Even so, are you okay with it?). Sayo’s fine with it because she believes in him and when she tells him that, Hinase pouts and tells her that when she says words like that he won’t be able to take her to strange places.

The two of them are walking home together and pass by the clock tower where Kaho is waiting for them for some reason. When Sayo asks why, Kaho mumbles a bit before apologizing to them and running away. Hinase bursts out laughing at the fact that Kaho apologized and then ran away and then says that she’s cute. This makes Sayo jealous although she tries to hide it.

She tells Hinase that she thought of somewhere she wants to go for their date the next day and he allows her to prepare everything although he asks her 「・・・・それにしても、急にどうしたの?素直になって」(…At any rate, what is this all of a sudden? You’re so honest). Sayo tries to pass it off, but is easily seen through by Hinase who smirks and puts his hand on her shoulder as he tells her 「あははっ。紗夜が一番可愛いよ」(Ahaha. Of course Sayo is the cutest).

On the day of the date, Sayo brings him to a museum. Then they go to eat lunch, rest in the park, and end up at a batting centre. Sayo apparently has the whole day planned out since she researched places that people on dates go to and she jokingly tells him that she’s his escort for today. At the batting centre, Hinase is amazing and can hit home runs one after another.

Sayo completely sucks at it and missing balls left and right. Finally she hits one, but it goes out of bounds. Her arms are really sore, but she’s really excited and tells Hinase 「ですが、見ましたか!?打てましたよ!」(But did you see that!? I hit it!) and Hinase responds 「うんうん、凄い凄い」(Yeah, it was amazing~!).

While they’re walking around the town after having had their fun at the batting centre, Sayo sees an ice cream shop and Hinase buys one for her. She asks if he wants one, but he says that he’s fine and as he watches her eat he asks if she thinks it’s delicious. Sayo answers that it’s delicious which makes Hinase say 「じゃぁ、僕も一口」(Then, I’ll have a taste) and nimbly he kisses her. After kissing her he cheerfully says 「・・・・うん。甘いね」(Yep. It’s very sweet) and he ends up having to support her hand which is holding the ice cream, because she nearly drops it.

Near the end of their date, they’re at a flower field and Hinase is laying on the ground with his head in her lap. Sayo mentions that the wind is kind of cold and Hinase offers his jacket, but she declines. She runs her hand through his hair and tells him that when he’s by her side she feels at peace and wishes that it was just the two of them.

After thinking for a bit, she decides that she wants to try and talk to Hinase’s grandmother again. He advises against it again, but then decides to give her a piece of advice. It turns out that the arranged marriage her father made for her was with Hinase. When she asks why he never said anything, he says that it’s because he liked her that he wanted to meet her without it being a formal marriage meeting. Sayo says that it’s unfair of him to say that, because now she can’t get angry at him. He asks her if she hates him, but she tells him that she doesn’t.

Then she tells him 「今度こそ、魔女から貴方を救い出して差し上げましょう」(Now, I’ll be able to lend a hand to free you from the witch) to which Hinase responds 「楽しみにしてるよ、王子様」(I look forward to to it, my prince). INSIDE JOKE AND EVERYTHING IS REVEALED O(≧∇≦)O. I’LL ADMIT THOUGH THAT WHEN I FIRST FOUND OUT ABOUT THE ARRANGED MARRIAGE, I WAS HOPING THAT IT WOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS WITH HINASE ENDING UP AS THE GUY (´・_・`).

Next day, Kaho asks if Sayo is going to wait for Hinase again and then pouts and complains a little before saying that she’ll head home. Sayo feels bad for walking home with Hinase, but Kaho waves her off and says that it’s okay to spend time with Hinase. She also notes that Sayo looks more lively and happier. Hinase is late though and Sayo goes to find him only to brush past the same girl who was with Hinase in the empty classroom last time. She goes into the room and he greets her. When she asks what he was doing, he says that he was just talking to the girl and when Sayo replies with a “I see” he asks if she’s doubting him.

She tells him 「いいえ。私は貴方を信じています。けれど・・・・・・・」(No. I believe in you, however…) and then walks up to him and puts her arms around his neck and stares into his eyes. Then she says that she doesn’t want to hand him over to anyone else, to which Hinase laughs and says that those are some passionate lines.

Sayo continues by saying that she has a strong desire to monopolize his time so that he only looks at her and that she’s deeply jealous. This makes Hinase reply with “I know” in a smirking voice. Sayo realizes that by coming this far there is no more going back and confesses that she likes him.. madly. キタ━━\(゚∀゚)/━━!!

Today is the day that Sayo tries to convince Hinase’s grandmother to allow the two of them to be together. His grandmother decides to allow them together, since they are engaged after all but tells them to keep in mind that they’re minors still. Outside, Sayo rejoices with Hinase and he tells her that 「僕も君とならもっと罰を受けても良いな」(If I’m with you then I’ll gladly receive any divine punishment) since they have such a happy ending that it seems odd there is no other troubles.

The next day at school, Nanaki asks Sayo if she has seen Ao around but she hasn’t because she’s been with Hinase a lot for the past few days. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with Ao, but just that Nanaki is curious. He pats her on the head and tells her he’s glad that she’s happy with Hinase and that he makes her happy.

Hinase interrupts the two of them though by cheekily saying 「こらこら、人の彼女に勝手に触らないでくれます?」(Hey, you shouldn’t touch other people’s girlfriends so freely). Nanaki bids them farewell after they chat for a bit and just as Hinase and Sayo are about to walk home together, the girl from last time who confessed to liking Hinase wants to talk to him again. Hinase asks Sayo to wait for him, but she quickly says that she has other things to do so she’ll walk home first.

While walking home alone, Sayo realizes that she really loves Hinase. It’s been a long time since she walked home alone and she realizes how lonely it is when he isn’t by her side. She yearns for Hinase’s presence, but then suddenly sees his grandmother at the flower shop. She follows his grandmother to the hill where Hinase took her to see his parents’ graves.

Hinase’s grandmother reveals that she was in an arranged marriage that had no love and so she doesn’t understand Hinase’s and Sayo’s feelings. Sayo tells her that Hinase doesn’t hate her and that even if she, the grandmother, doesn’t understand the love between lovers she still knows the love of loving a child like Hinase.

Sayo also reveals how while she had the love between lovers in her family. There was no love for children in her family. The grandmother and Sayo realize how similar the two of them are and that they’re both connected in their love for Hinase and finally the grandmother allows Sayo to call her by her name, Hinase Yukari.

It’s night now and Sayo is in her bed wondering if Hinase is angry at her for her flimsy excuse and how she walked off. She wants to phone him, hear his voice, and see him, but she’s too afraid of him being angry. As she gets up from her bed though, unable to sleep, she hears the sound of a window opening and Hinase appears before he pushes her down on the bed and caresses her face and hair. He tells her that he seems to have everything he could possibly want in the world, like a lover, money, and status.

He tells her that 「他に奪われるくらいなら、この手でいっそ全部壊してやりたいよ」(If someone else stole you away, I would destroy everything with these hands). Then he switches topics to the story they always compare with themselves and asks her 「ね え、紗夜。塔の上にやって来たのが王子様なんかじゃなくて犯罪者だったら君はどうする?」(Hey, Sayo. What would you do if the person who came into the tower wasn’t a prince, but a criminal?). She tells him that the prince will always be a prince, even when he asks her what she would do if he wanted to kill her.

Suddenly, he bursts out laughing and tells her that it was all a joke. He flops down beside her and tells her a story about a boy who always lies and got everything he wanted by lying. The boy can’t stop lying, because he can only become happy if he lies. But now no one believes the boy and because they caught him lying he has to return everything. The fate of the boy is unknown and Sayo cries at that sad story, which makes Hinase embrace her and run his hands through her hair.

The next day when Sayo wakes up Hinase is gone. She goes to the clock tower to wait for him, but he doesn’t show up so she walks with Kaho. Hinase doesn’t show up for the whole school day and it is only when Sayo leaves the school that Hinase’s servant comes asking for Sayo to accompany her back to the house. At Hinase’s house she finds Hinase and his grandmother there. Everything is confusing at first because Hinase is referring to her as 「お嬢」(lady) which he dropped a long time ago. Turns out that the Hinase in front of her is the real Hinase and that there’s a fake one going around that no one could tell the difference.

The real Hinase ran away two years ago and just now came back home, only to realize that he was replaced with a fake. He couldn’t show himself because the fake was so perfect and he had to find discriminating evidence first. He’s pissed at how everyone was able to be deceived though. The grandmother was just so happy that “Hinase” came back when he ran away that she was too scared to ask him or doubt him before he ran away again. Sayo only met the real Hinase once and it was the day when her father first showed her the arranged marriage and she the real Hinase was the one who offered to steal her away.

Real Hinase tells her that he likes her though and asks her what she would say if he wanted to continue to marry her. Sayo tests him by asking what he would say if she asked him to take her away, to which he replies that he’ll do what she wants and take her away. This causes Sayo to break down and tell him that he’s not Mitsuru-san, because her Hinase wouldn’t do that.

This makes the real Hinase go into an angry rage and he pushes trays over and breaks the tea cups while screaming that he’s the real one. OHMYGOD THE EMOTION IN TATTSUN’S VOICE JUST MADE ME DIE FROM THE PROFESSIONALISM OF IT (°Α°). Sayo breaks from all of this and starts laughing maniacally and saying how it looks like they’re all idiots for being tricked. She can’t stop herself from laughing.

It’s night now and Sayo is wandering the streets alone. Her heart hurts and her head hurts, because she doesn’t know what to think anymore. Was everything that the fake Hinase said to her a lie? As she’s wandering around and tearing up a rose she bumps into the girl that confessed to Hinase. The girl tells Sayo that she saw Hinase alone at the harbour and so Sayo runs there to find the fake Hinase standing there. He explains to her that when he came here two years ago it seemed like God was giving him an opportunity, because he looked exactly like the grandson of this rich old lady. So he took the place of the real Hinase, but now everything is ending and so he’s going to run away.

Sayo asks if his love for her was a lie too and he questions it himself. He walks closer to her and tells her that when he was captivated when he looked into her eyes and that he wanted to enter into her heart. He says sweet words about wanting her body, her heart, her name, and then 「君の全てが欲しい」(I want everything of you). He touches her face and runs his fingertips down her cheeks, to her mouth, to her throat, and finally rests it at her heart. Sayo realizes that how dangerously sweet his words are and tells him that if he wants her then he can have her, but that he needs to grant her one request.

He asks her what it is and she tells him that he can lie to her all he wants so long as those lies are sweet lies. She then touches his face and says to him that they’re going to play a game of make-believe. And then she modifies their fairytale for them. There was a tall tower with a princess trapped inside by a witch.

A thief came along wanting the witch’s treasure but found the princess instead and fell in love with her. He told her that he was her prince and so they kept on meeting. One day, the real prince came and pitied the princess for being tricked but offered to take her away. The princess refused and leapt out of the tower one day to kill herself, but was caught by the thief. The thief apologizes for lying about being a prince, but the princess apologizes for lying too because she’s actually a witch and not a princess.

The princess, who is really a witch, chose the prince, who is really a thief. Sayo then thinks in her head that it’s okay if this Hinase lies all the time, because she’ll lie too. She also thinks that ‘嘘吐きな二人が紡いだ嘘なら、それは本物と変わらないのだから'(If two liars spin their lies, there will be no difference between a truth and a lie).

The epilogue. The Prince and the Princess have travelled to a far away land in a fisherman’s boat. The fisherman asks them where they came from and they tell him where they’re from and that the Prince stole the Princess away from her country and so now they’re on the run. The fisherman doesn’t seem to believe them, but wishes them luck on their journey of love.

The Prince asks the Princess if she’s really alright with following him and if she regrets anything, but the Princess doesn’t regret anything. The Prince tells her that their money will run out one day, to which she tells him that they can work for it. The Prince warns her that the jobs they will do won’t be pretty and that her soft hands will get callused. It doesn’t matter to the Princess though, because she’ll love him forever.

The Prince tells her that they can’t live on love alone and that even if she says that now, one day she might sober up and her love will dry up. Sayo tells Hinase that 「醒めてません。貴方の愛が醒めても私は永遠に貴方を愛しています」(I will not sober up. Even if your love disappears, I will still love you for eternity).

Then she tells him that 「貴方が本当の王子様じゃなくても良いのです。だって、私が愛したのは偽物の王子様なのですから」(It’s good that you aren’t a real prince, because you’re my beloved fake prince). She tells him that he’s her prince, to which Hinase responds with a tender voice that 「じゃあ、君は僕だけのお姫様だ」(Then, you’re my one and only princess).

The epilogue ends with Sayo starting their famous exchange, 「王子様。貴方は私をどこに連れて行ってくれますか?」(Prince, where will you be taking me?). Hinase responds in his most loving tone, 「お姫様。君が望む所まで、どこまでも」(Princess, if it is your wish, anywhere).

*** OTHER ENDING 1 ***

Starts from when the fake Hinase is asking what Sayo wishes from him after she tells him that she’ll give herself to him so long as he does one thing. She tells him not to lie anymore and when he asks why, she tells him that lies hurt other people including himself. He tells her that lies saved him and she remembers that story that he told her about the lying boy. Sayo starts crying and asks him one more question, she asks him if he loves her. He tells her 「愛してるよ」 and Sayo calls him a liar, before saying goodbye to him.

The two of them never meet again, but the arranged marriage goes through as planned and now she’s married to the real Hinase. He tells her that she looks really beautiful and when Sayo asks if he hates kimonos, because he’s not wearing one himself, he says that he doesn’t when she’s wearing them just that he doesn’t like them himself.

This Hinase has a wound on his hand from gripping a rose and he asks her if she wants to run away. Sayo asks him why they should and Hinase tells her that they can’t do anything in that place anyway and that the place that he wants to return to isn’t there. He’s referencing that time when he said that home might be the place where Sayo is. He also tells her that he said it once, that he would take her away if she wanted him to.

Hinase then asks if she loves him and she says that she loves him, Hinase Mitsuru. He’s reassured by that and tells her that he loves her too. The story ends with the princess in the tower ending up with the real prince, but then no one knows what happens to them after. No one also knows what happened to the witch in the tower.

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    February 6, 2012 at 22:30

    I finally sat around and read (most of) your post … イリちゃん 君はマジっすごいよw *salutes* I really love how some scenes you go into detail and you describe their emotions, how they say it and fangirl over it. Then I realize that I glossed over that scene and you reminded me of how juicy it was XDDD 明細は最高です!

    You’re also so kind for loving real!Hinase too. I love it when the same seiyuu voices one character but with different types of voice. Hinase has 3 (fake!Hinase, real!Hinase, fake!Hinase’s real voice when he’s not faking as Hinase) hmm 4? if you count real!Hinase breaking down his voice is completely different.. You can probably guess who I’ll talk about next.. Takato has around 4 voices in CZ.. You don’t know how similar they (Hinase and Takato) are. But of’corse they’re completely different. Where’s CZ in your schedule now? You must love Takato for his infinitely deep love wwwwww *WAHAHA psyches you* Takato’s all the same person but different but in Hinase’s case, real and fake are completely different people so I admit I wasn’t so fond of real!Hinase at first. (I’m like WHO ARE YOU あなたは私が知っている日生じゃない!←I’m mean lol) But then I feel bad for him (his identity case is very interesting too) in Ch.5, real!Hinase is likable too XDD *confused*

    Hinaseeeee I love himmmmmm ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・ ← あはは this is so not the time to be losing control /bricked for commenting randomly それに今更 /runs away to read your Nanaki post for insight .. I’m really quite lost on their story ahhh orz

      Ilinox responded:
      February 6, 2012 at 23:42

      (*´∀`*)えへへ、ありがちゅ~! I justify my long posts by saying that I can always come back to this if I want to refresh my memory of Hinase’s route if I can’t play it. So, all I have to do is skim it to remind me of why I love Hinase (人´∀`*)! I love how clean yours is though and how everything is so organized with colors 読みやすくして.

      Un un! I really love it when one seiyuu goes through many different voice ranges. Hinase’s soft voice, angry voice, ijiwaru dark voice.. (*´д`*)ハァハァ they’re all so good! ;A; I’m trying really hard to place CZ somewhere! I swear! I was just so hyped up for BtF that I started it and didn’t realize it’d take me into February ww and then Amnesia will come out.. and then BWS.. ಥ_ಥ.

      Although, honestly I’m thinking of just letting everyone else play Amnesia Later first while I go do CZ finally wwww I always feel a weird stupid stress when I’m playing at the same time as other people because I want to get my posts out the same time they do, but it takes me foreveeeer (/ω\). Since you picked up StS, I think I’ll pick up CZ after BtF no matter what.┗( ̄▽ ̄;)┓=3=3 ここに来ないでAmnesia, BWS, Hakuouki!!

      I was still sort of confused when I finished Hinase’s past ww my Japanese wasn’t as good as it is now? So I kept thinking he had split-personality or something and I refused to believe that there were two separate people (/ω\)! They even said that real Hinase had a scar on his palm from a flower and I was like “But fake!Hinase crushed the rose and got hurt!?” so I was confused until Ch.5. I think the confusion comes from the fact that fake!Hinase always acted like ideal!Hinase that real!Hinase tried to act as well? So in a sense.. while real!Hinase isn’t fake!Hinase.. fake!Hinase has been acting like real!Hinase all this time, so you sort of get a deja-vu feeling whenever you see real!Hinase which is why I feel torn between both (´;ω;`).

      But やっぱり、偽物日生が好きです because we’ve known him for wayy longer. And he proves the depth of his love for Sayo. The lines 「稀代の詐欺師を狂わせた美しい貴方に敬意を表して」 from Hinase’s friend made me go ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!!!! HINASE-SEMPAI!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

      いいえ、大丈夫ww気にしないで。I think I also just went off on a tangent. I don’t think my Nanaki/Chiyo post will be very helpful because I just complained mostly in them ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ.

    Anonymous said:
    August 13, 2011 at 17:41

    If you have perverted mind ,then I have one too lol.
    How could he say so much shameless(in a good way) lines and made our imagination explode!!! >////<
    – Lin

      Ilinox responded:
      August 16, 2011 at 13:49

      Un un /o\ he knows just what to say to charm you completely. I feel like I should rewrite this entire post to better capture all his lines and all the intricacies of this story.

    twentyninenight said:
    August 13, 2011 at 05:30

    Finally we can finish his route, right? Took long enough to ended it, but it’s not fruitless. To be the first chara to get, Hinase’s route is awesome (I thought he didn’t have a special side for his story, but he had it great. And because in another VN, usually the first to finish is the one without much impression, or his story doesn’t belong to anything).

      snarky_skeptic said:
      August 13, 2011 at 08:06

      Un un! I was surprised that I enjoyed his route so much even though he has the least importance to the plot. Makes me kind of sad that his route ended so early though Orz… the more I meet Ao the less interest I have in his emotionless character D:! I’ll probably faint from shock when he starts saying rabu-rabu things.

      twentyninenight said:
      August 13, 2011 at 09:12

      You’re right. I can’t imagine Ao will saying that. Maybe he won’t use words like that considering this is full of tragedies (my, Nanaki isn’t too lovey-dovey,but his epilogue CG!)

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