Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Toono Tooya ~

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Toono Tooya (遠野 十夜)
CV: Kawashima Tokuyoshi (川島 得愛)

(The opening menu changed after I finished Tooya’s route and I was just going to put it here, until I realized that it might count as a spoiler. Instead I decided to use this picture instead of using Tooya’s “Dear You” message because he looks hideous there, haha).

Tooya is a very devoted man. He always creates time to listen to Sayo and read her books as well as making her food. He gets jealous easily, but also is mature and rational enough to let her make her own choices and make her own friends even though he doesn’t get along with Ao at all. Tooya is very affectionate towards Sayo and it is easy to see that Sayo is his everything. He is a man of mystery though and when everything is revealed, the true depths of his love for Sayo is also revealed.

Tooya’s route starts off with the rejection of Hinase again. I FEEL SO BAD FOR HINASE BECAUSE HE’S GOING TO BE REJECTED 4+ TIMES BY THE TIME I’M DONE EVERYONE’S ROUTES ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!! Hinase isn’t there at lunch and Sayo spends most of her time in the library. When Nanaki asks her how that person is doing, she answers that she didn’t see Ao in the library. Nanaki and Chiyo walk Sayo home and this time Sayo tells them that she doesn’t like men with quick tempers.

Hinase shows up to pin her to the wall again, but this time the person that Sayo thinks about yelling for is her brother. Nanaki comes and saves her and then they have a conversation with Hinase about himself and his fake self. Sayo gets escorted the rest of the way home and Tooya talks about how Nanaki seems to have a good heart even though he gets angry quickly. He then tells her the story about the two boys and the traveller.

The next day at school, Nanaki and Sayo talk to the fake!Hinase who tells them that he was home all day and invites them to his house. Sayo rejects Chiyo’s offer to accompany her to class and then goes to visit Ao after school. Ao tells her that she’s not alone and that he’ll be with her when she goes to visit Hinase and Sayo points out that his words could almost be taken differently, but Ao doesn’t notice it or give it much thought. Sayo muses out loud that words are difficult and then asks if he’ll go with her. Ao tells her that they’re searching for the most beautiful word and so the fact that he’ll be with her doesn’t need to be questioned. Nanaki and Chiyo come in to the shop to find Sayo.

They all decide to go to Hinase’s house and there Ao gets insulted by Hinase’s grandmother again. Sayo defends him this time. Hinase takes them to his room and talks about his past with his photo album. When the rest of them escort Sayo home they meet the real!Hinase and promise to help him and meet him at Fushimachi’s shop at night.

Ao goes with Sayo into her house to return the books he borrowed and to have dinner with them. Sayo notices that Ao isn’t holding his chopsticks right and so moves over to his side of the table to take his hand and position it right, but then her brother suddenly grabs her and pulls her back into his chest while saying 「俺の目の前で他の男とイチャイチャしてるのは気に入らないな」(I don’t like seeing you flirt with other men in front of me).

Sayo tries to defend herself by saying that she was just teaching Ao how to use his chopsticks, but Tooya tells her that he’ll be the one to teach Ao then and that Sayo doesn’t need to be the one to do that. After dinner, Ao returns his books and borrows new ones and Sayo finds out that he enjoys reading her brother’s books.

Kaho asks if she can come over to help Sayo cook. They meet the real Hinase at Fushimachi’s shop at night, but there is no progress made. Sayo gets her brother’s new book and then she talks about it with Ao the next day. She declines his offer to be with her when she asks Hinase to come to lunch with them and so Ao declines her lunch offer and returns to the rooftops. Hinase joins them for lunch and then after school everyone meets up with the real!Hinase again who reveals more about his past. At home, Sayo tells her brother that Kaho will be coming over to cook and when he asks if he should leave the house she tells him that he can stay.

Next day at school, Chiyo tells Nanaki that he lost the real!Hinase. They have the conversation about things fated to happen, because of all these coincidences and that Chiyo was probably going to lose the real Hinase no matter what. Sayo gives Ao his bento and then they talk about fake!Hinase before she has to return to classes. Kaho goes over to her house after school, but it turns out that her brother left anyway and wrote her a note saying that he still felt like he would get in the way.

Sayo brings the cookies she made to Fushimachi’s shop. Nanaki tells her to give him her phone number and that he’ll give her his so that she can tell him if she’s running late. Hinase eats the cookies and kisses her on the cheek, leading to Chiyo calling Nanaki an idiot and then running out of the room when he gets angry at Sayo being too flippant regarding her body. She gives her brother the cookies and then realizes that some of them are salty.

The next day she meets with the fake!Hinase after giving him cookies and arranges to meet him at his house. She tells the real!Hinase to show up at the house as well, because she now has proof to determine which is the real one and which is the fake one. On the day of truth, Sayo grabs Ao’s sleeve to calm herself down which leads to Ao being confused and Nanaki saying that for all the books Ao has read he doesn’t understand human emotions. Ao tells him that if no one says anything then of course he won’t understand. Chiyo explains that holding his sleeve is relaxing to Sayo which embarrasses her.

The fake!Hinase is revealed as a fake and then they chase him to the harbour where he departs from them with his mysterious words to Sayo. His friend comes along and gives Sayo the clock tower key and just as they’re about to leave Ao tells Sayo to grab onto his clothes, because it relaxes her and soothes her. Sayo grabs onto them and they leave to go to the tower together. At the clock tower they find the real!Hinase and the book that the fake!Hinase gave to Sayo. There’s a scene with the real!Hinase explaining everything about his life and ending with saying that he’s now the real Hinase.

Sayo is at the harbour again looking out to the sea with Ao. She can’t stop crying now that the fake!Hinase is gone and when Ao asks about whether or not she’s going to open the book, she tells him that she can’t because she’s afraid. She wants to throw it into the sea, but knows that she can’t. Ao tells her that she should keep the book and when she has the courage she can open it, or if she doesn’t want to open it then she doesn’t have to. In the end, it’s her choice.

Sayo starts to cry some more and when her brother shows up she hugs him tightly and cries about how the fake!Hinase isn’t there anymore and that he’ll never return. GOD, THIS IS JUST AS SAD AS IT WAS THE FIRST TIME ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!! I LOVE HOW DEPRESSED SAYO IS OVER THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE FAKE!HINASE BECAUSE I FEEL THE SAME WAY… AGAIN.

The chapter ends with fake!Hinase’s friend recalling the two times that she saw him and how enamoured he was with Sayo and then the scene where the fake!Hinase first saw Sayo and thought of her as a princess and escorted her to the library.

*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Today, Sayo is spending the day at the park with her brother. She asks him if he’ll stay by her side, because she likes him and her brother says that he’ll always be there but that the person who will leave might be Sayo. He explains that he will always be Sayo’s, but that Sayo isn’t his. He brushes off Sayo’s confusion when she wants to know what he’s talking about and then they meet Ao at the park who came to read.

For some reason, he also met two children who consider him to be the hero of a story and want him to transform. He corrects them and tells them that he’s a shinigami and that he can’t transform nor is he a hero. The boy manages to convince Ao to play with him and the girl goes up to Sayo and asks if she’s a princess who got stolen by a bad man. The bad man turns out to be Tooya. He encourages Sayo to go play and remains on the bench to watch her.

On a library day, Sayo is helping Kaho study while Nanaki tries to teach Hinase. Nanaki drags Hinase to his house to teach him, which leads to Hinase running away and one day while at the park Sayo encounters Nanaki who is searching for Hinase and when he asks if she has time she replies that she doesn’t. However, she stops him from leaving and then they talk about fake!Hinase. Afterwards, when Chiyo comes back to tell Nanaki where Hinase is and Sayo asks to go along Nanaki asks her what happened to her business. Sayo forgot though and so he smacks her on the head lightly before telling her to come along, leaving Chiyo to yell at Nanaki for being mean to a girl.

When they find Hinase he jokes about how Sayo won’t like such a strict man and she says “Yes… is what you want me to say isn’t it?”. Hinase muses on how she is not only a beautiful flower but also has thorns and that he likes her like that, which makes Sayo think that she doesn’t want him to say that because it reminds her of fake!Hinase. Hinase asks Nanaki for his type of girl again and Nanaki goes on to talking about how Sayo isn’t traditional at all and then he drags Hinase back to his house for more studying.

Chiyo asks if he can accompany her, but Sayo gently refuses him saying that she should go back home because her brother is waiting. At home her brother laughs at how true Nanaki’s words are, to which Sayo laughs as well. Her brother accidently breaks her cup again after Sayo is reminded of her father and then they spend the night reading together. Tomorrow morning when her brother asks what she’s going to do, Sayo responds that she’ll stay at home and read her books.

Tooya gets a frown on his face and tells her that she can’t always remain in the house and then asks if she wants to go outside with him. He asks if she wants to watch a movie and Sayo gets really excited since it’s been a while since the two of them went out together. Sayo talks about how the first “date” that she had with her brother was when she was really small and how it was also the first time that she got to see the outside world. She’s forever thankful to her brother because of that and then she asks if she can ask her brother for one thing and it turns out to be holding his hand. Of course Tooya agrees to that and so they walk around the town together.

They end up in the hill with the flowers overlooking the town and Tooya asks if Sayo is happy and what makes her the happiest. Sayo responds that she’s happiest when she’s beside the pesron that she likes and then Tooya hugs her before talking about how worried he was when she wasn’t feeling well and that time when couldn’t stop crying after fake!Hinase disappeared.

He can’t stop worrying about how pretty she is and how many men she attracts around her because of that. When Sayo tells him that she doesn’t love anyone other than her brother, he tells her strongly that 「紗夜。俺はお前の物だ。俺の体も心も全てお前が好きにしていい。けれど、お前は違う」(Sayo. I am yours. I love you with my body, my heart, and everything that I am, but you’re different) and then says 「お前は俺という存在に縛られてはいけないんだ」(It’s not good to bind yourself to me).

Sayo replies that she thinks of herself as her brother’s though and that she also likes him with her body, her heart, and everything. Then she asks if her feelings are a bother to him, which makes Tooya shout out that that’s not it but he doesn’t know where his feeling of uneasiness is coming from. He ends up saying in a strained voice 「紗夜。俺はお前を失いたくない・・・・」(Sayo. I don’t want to lose you…) and then steps away from her and apologizes for saying weird things. Their walk home is silent and Sayo is confused as to what is going on in her brother’s mind.

They meet Ao at the clock tower and he asks if he can go to their house to return books and borrow more. He ends up having dinner at their place too, requesting sushi and even telling Sayo what his favourite is. Tooya remarks that Ao changed from the first time he saw him and that it’s all thanks to Sayo that he changed, but he doesn’t elaborate on why it’s all thanks to her.

In Sayo’s room she looks at the book that the fake!Hinase left her and is still too scared to open it. Ao comes into her room and asks if she’s not going to open it and why she is scared to. Sayo explains that she feels that if she opens it something is going to end and that she’s scared of that ending. She asks him if he knows why endings exist and calls him “Shinigami-san”. He tells her that anything that is born out of nothing must return to their state of nothingness. Sayo asks him if “nothing” even exists and then changes her question to if an “ending” is the same as “nothing” or a state of non-existence.

Ao doesn’t answer though and so Sayo asks him if he has any business with her because she’s preparing to go to sleep. He tells her that he came to her room to look for books and so she lets him and then her brother comes in. Her brother suggests a book he wrote for Ao and when Sayo pipes up by saying that she wants to read it too, her brother switches instantly from giving the book to Ao to her sister making Ao narrow his eyes and point out that she can read this story anytime. Tooya tease Ao by saying his sister is cute and that’s why he handed it to her. Sayo soothes the two males by telling them that they can all read it together.

The book is about someone who doesn’t know who they are or why they have a certain appearance, but then they get distracted by a barren sakura tree and talk about how much they want to see it. It doesn’t matter if they disappear after they see it, but they just want to see it once. Sayo then wakes up thinking that she had a weird dream and it must have been the book she read. SO CHIYO’S STORY WAS WRITTEN BY TOOYA? OR TOOYA’S STORY IS SOMEHOW INFLUENCING CHIYO…

Ao slept over because it was really late by the time they finished the story. Tooya suggests that they all go out to Fushimachi’s shop and so that he can also spend time with Sayo today as well. He also slightly jokes about how it’s not proper that Ao spent the night over, but he drops the subject because the event has already passed. Just before they leave her brother says 「おっと、その前に。・・・・・・お姫様、どうかお手を」(Oh, before that… Princess, may I have your hand?). When Sayo gives him it, he takes her hand and drops a kiss on it which makes Ao comment in the background if these are the things that siblings do. OMGHAHA AO YOU’RE RUINING THE MOMENT (^∀^;).

He says that they act more like lovers than siblings, but then they continue on their way to the shop. Sayo muses that it’s quite an honor walking between the two of them, because the people of town can’t stop looking at the three of them. Her brother tells her that it’s an honor being by her side, instead of the other way around. They go to Fushimachi’s shop and tell him where Ao was yesterday, to which Sayo gets the same lecture about it not being proper for her to be alone with Ao. Her brother greets Fushimachi and they chat for a bit before deciding to go to a place that Sayo likes and Ao decides to come along with them for their walk.

Along the way, Sayo sees Chiyo and finds out that he’s just looking at the sakura trees and so she invites him along with them to walk. Tooya can’t see Chiyo though and so when he asks why she ran away and why she called the name “Chiyo”, Ao has to interrupt to help her and explains that Chiyo is Chiyo. The two of them get into an argument and end up deciding to take a walk around by themselves when they finally get to the hill of flowers. Sayo chats with Chiyo and they both talk about how they love this place. To Sayo this place feels like time has stopped and she thinks the flowers are beautiful. Chiyo thanks her for this making them both laugh because it seemed weird that he was thanking her. SO I GUESS THIS IS OBVIOUS CONFIRMATION THAT CHIYO IS THE SPIRIT OF THE FLOWERS OF THIS PLACE?

Chiyo reveals that he met Nanaki here and tells Sayo the story at her request. He woke up in the field of flowers and always stayed there just thinking by himself because he couldn’t be seen or heard by anyone else, until one day Nanaki came and called out to him. Chiyo tells Sayo that Nanaki was adorable as a kid, but his personality remained the same with him being all tsun-like. Chiyo and Sayo lay back in the flowers and she falls asleep and has a strange dream about the sakura tree again and the person wanting to see the spring sakura.

Sayo wakes up to her brother saying her name and they prepare to go home after Chiyo apologizes for not waking her up and saying that he feels bad for looking at her sleeping face. Sayo apologizes to everyone for falling asleep, but just as they’re about to leave Ao asks Tooya the question of why the sky changes and why there is morning skies, afternoon skies, and night skies. Tooya explains that morning skies are the start, afternoon skies are the middle, and night skies are the end. Ao thinks out loud that they resemble the path of a story.

On the walk home Chiyo pulls Sayo away to meet Nanaki who was out searching for Chiyo. Sayo asks for permission to explain everything to her brother and he believes her because he doesn’t doubt Sayo’s words and believes in things existing that normal people cannot see. At home, Tooya warns Sayo not to be too close to Chiyo because he’s not human and therefore can’t bring her happiness. He doesn’t want to see Sayo become sad. The sakura tree story happens again with the person wanting to see the spring sakura, but knowing that they cannot because when fall ends they will fall into an endless sleep.

The next day at school, Kaho gives her a bracelet that she made for Sayo. At lunch though when everyone is looking at it and complimenting it, the flower is revealed to be a tsubaki and so Sayo immediately takes it off after experiencing extreme vertigo. Natsume also points out that Hinase seems to be a bit different than how he usually is, but then he flirts with Sayo again and so Natsume takes his words back. Sayo tells Kaho to study hard and Nanaki pointedly looks at Hinase. WOW, SHE HAS SERIOUS MOTHER ISSUES IF JUST THE NAME OF HER MOTHER OR THE SIGHT OF THE FLOWER RELATED TO HER MOTHER’S NAME MAKES HER DO THIS.

After school, Sayo feels a bit depressed and decides to go to the library. She meets Chiyo along the way and he asks if he can come with her. At the library they see Ao and Sayo chides him on his manners because he greets them without looking at them and suddenly the librarian pops around saying that the two of them act like they’re in love. This prompts a discussion on the word 『ラブラブ』(love love) and why love is used twice in there.

Sayo explains that it’s a way of describing two people who are really close to one another. The librarian adds that as the generations pass new words are constantly being created by the youth and Ao asks Sayo to teach him some words. Sayo doesn’t know any though, because she doesn’t spend much time with her other classmates and so Ao decides to go ask the other people in the library which makes Sayo, Chiyo, and the librarian try to stop him. They manage to stop him.

Some time later, Sayo and Chiyo are reading from the same book and Chiyo tells her that she looks beautiful. He notices that she’s uncomfortable with that and asks her if she can tell him the reason why. Sayo explains that she hates her face, because it looks like someone and Chiyo realizes that it’s because she resembles her mother. He then asks her if he can call her a sakura and this makes Sayo so happy that she gets teary-eyed and thanks him again.

While the three of them walk home, they get into a discussion about how Chiyo can understand Sayo’s feelings and how he does it. Chiyo reveals that it’s because he watches Sayo all the time and then he gets embarrassed when he realizes what he just said. Ao asks if Sayo can do it, but she thinks that the reason is simple in that Chiyo is a kind person and thinks of others while she isn’t as kind and so while she tries to think of others it’s harder for her. Chiyo disagrees and tells her that she’s a kind person too.

Ao asks why Chiyo always watches Sayo and he can’t think of anything to say other than that it’s a secret. He excuses himself early and requests that Ao walk Sayo home. On their walk home, Ao expresses that he wants to understand Sayo more because he doesn’t understand her and Sayo replies that she doesn’t understand him at all either. Somehow the discussion gets turned into asking why Sayo is angry and if she got into a fight with her brother and if she shouldn’t say what she wants to say to him. Ao tells her that her brother is hers and that everything of his is hers, to which Sayo thanks Ao for saying that.

At home, Tooya hugs Sayo tightly and apologizes a lot because he thought that he made Sayo hate him. Afterwards, he retreats to his study claiming that he has work to do and the next morning he is the same as he always is. During lunch time, everyone except Sayo tries to treat Hinase as a garbage can and wants to give him their vegetables after mama!Nanaki makes an appearance and tells Hinase to eat his vegetables.

After school Sayo, Kaho, and Natsume are all together working on creating accessories and the topic turns to what kind of part-time job Natsume has. He won’t tell them and so Sayo and Kaho think about going to see him while he’s working. Sayo guesses that he works as a newspaper delivery boy, but is wrong. Next is a convenience store worker, but this is also wrong. Finally, she guesses that he’s a waiter, to which he lies about it being right. Kaho mentions that his personality doesn’t seem suited to being a waiter at all, which makes Natsume talk super politely before insulting her at the end.

Sayo asks him if he won’t tell them and with Kaho and Sayo both staring at him, Natsume finally gives in and tells them that he works as Wilhelm. He leaves early to go to his job and finds Ao outside of the classroom. Ao joins Kaho and Sayo in the classroom and is curious about the accessories that they are making and wants to join in and so Kaho teaches him. At home, Sayo delivers a cup of tea to her brother and hesitates to ask him a question because she doesn’t want to trouble him.

In the morning, Kaho and Sayo try to sneak up on Nanaki but fail. During lunch, everyone is lively while eating and Nanaki mentions that Sayo is now finally smiling at everyone’s liveliness which reminds them both of the fake!Hinase and how strange it is that they’re getting used to him not being there. Nanaki pats her on the head which leads to Kaho hilariously telling Nanaki not to touch people like that. Nanaki asks Sayo a question about Chiyo and Sayo curiously asks where Chiyo is because she doesn’t see him, this shocks Nanaki because Chiyo is right there.

After classes in the library, it is revealed that for some reason Sayo is unable to see Chiyo anymore. Nanaki and Sayo get into a fight about it, because Nanaki tells her that what he can see isn’t exactly right. Ao, who is also in the library, talks to Sayo about how people’s words can be honest after Nanaki leaves and Sayo goes home confused, angry, and depressed. She doesn’t know what to believe in and wonders if what she sees, hears, and touches is all a lie. She yells out that it’s not like that and her brother comes in worried, before hugging her and telling her not to cry when he finds out that she can’t see Chiyo anymore.

The next day at school, Sayo is depressed and quietly listening to Kaho when Nanaki passes by her and tells her that Chiyo isn’t here. Sayo breaks down and collapses onto the ground and all her classmates surround her asking her if she’s alright. She tries to pull herself together, but finds out that Kaho made new friends with the girls in her classroom because they want to make accessories too and thought they were cute looking. Sayo starts to have these depressing thoughts about how she doesn’t want her friend to be taken away and that everyone is disappearing in front of her.

She is frozen there in her spiralling thoughts when suddenly a glass window breaks beside her and Nanaki grabs her to protect her from it. Sayo is having her freak out in his arms again, but this time a mysterious room with a shattered window appears in Sayo’s memories and as she’s yelling in Nanaki’s arms she remembers these words.

『ごめんなさい』 (I’m sorry)
『私を愛して下さい』 (Please love me)
『ごめんなさい』 (I’m sorry)
『愛されなくても構わない』 (It doesn’t matter if you love me or not)

And then Sayo ends up yelling in Nanaki’s arms 「だから、私の前から消えないで!!お母様ぁ・・・・っ!!」(That’s why please don’t leave me!! Mama…!!). Then next place she wakes up is the health office and can now see Chiyo again and she’s ecstatic until she realizes that he’s fading out. Chiyo explains to her that he finally remembered what he was and so now he’s going to disappear. Sayo freaks out and says that she doesn’t want to hear anymore and that if she holds his hand like this then he won’t disappear, right?

She tells him that she doesn’t want him to disappear at all, but when Chiyo continues to look away and stay silent she finally prepares a smile and asks him to walk with her. Nanaki gives them permission to go and so they’re walking around the town at night and she asks Chiyo where his favourite place is, he doesn’t respond though and so Sayo decides to head to the flower fields.

As she passes the clock tower she can’t help but slow down and finally the words she are searching for come out. She keeps asking why and finishes the sentence in her head of why Chiyo has to disappear. Someone answers her in the darkness and says that 「終わってしまったからだ」(It’s because the end has come).

Sayo sees Ao standing before the clock tower and she asks him what the end is. He tells her that the end is nothing. When she hears that she looks at her hand and realizes that she has nothing in her hand, Chiyo had already disappeared. She looks back at Ao and continues their exchange and asks him how he knows these things.


The chapter ends with the sakura tree and the person yearning to see the spring sakura. They wonder why they can’t see the sakura which is the same thing as them, but just in a different season. It is said that if the spring and fall sakura meet each other then the person will have to disappear, but even so they want to see it.

*** CHAPTER 6 ***

Shinigami to Shoujo has not been updated for some reason. At school Hinase, Kaho, Natsume, and Nanaki are all gathered around and they’re talking about Sayo’s absence from school. Kaho went to the house but no one was at home and no one picked up the phone when she tried to call too. Natsume asked the principal, but he just said that Sayo was taking a rest. Kaho describes how worried she is after she saw a dream where Sayo disappeared into the night.

Hinase asks if Nanaki knows anything but he doesn’t respond and just continues staring out the window. Hinase leaves after muttering that he hates the rain. Kaho tells Natsume that she hates the rain too because it messes up her hair, she can’t go outside, carrying an umbrella is troublesome, and because she hates the feeling of sadness that it brings.

After school, Nanaki leaves and goes to Fushimachi’s shop to ask Ao if he knows anything. Ao tells him that he knows only as much as Nanaki knows which is that the last time he saw Sayo she was in the health office and then she went out and he never saw her again. Ao asks Nanaki why he doesn’t just ask Tooya, but Nanaki replies that he dislikes her brother. Nanaki brings up the question of why Sayo is so afraid of things disappearing on her, but Ao corrects him and says that she’s afraid of the “end”.

Nanaki asks if they aren’t the same thing. Ao explains that if something disappears like a protagonist in a story then he can be replaced and the story can still continue, but if the story ends then there is no more continuing. Ao then tells Nanaki that he is a shinigami and that shinigami are the end. Nanaki points out that the disappearance of Chiyo wasn’t Ao’s fault and Ao agrees to that, but then says that shinigami are still connected to things ending.

He tells Nanaki that 「私は終焉だ。私は終局だ、私は終幕だ、私は終章だ、私は結末だ。私は終わりだ」(I am the demise of everything. I am the finale, I am the end, I am the end of a chapter, I am the conclusion. I am the end of everything). Nanaki asks if his memory has returned with shock, but Ao doesn’t know. All Ao knows is that he knows these things very well about a shinigami. AO’S WORDS HERE ARE REALLY INTENSE… AND THAT’S A LOT OF DIFFERENT WANTS TO TALK ABOUT BEING THE END OF SOMETHING.

Nanaki decides to go visit her brother and asks if Ao wants to come along. Ao tells him that Sayo will refuse him because he’s a shinigami, but Nanaki tells him to cut it out and that he’s asking Ao and he can decide. The scene switches to the inside of Sayo’s room where the doorbell of the house is ringing but Tooya doesn’t bother to go and open the door.

He calls Sayo’s name out a few times, but Sayo remains still on her bed sleeping as if she’s dead. Tooya leans over and kisses her. HOLY CRAP THAT CG NEARLY MADE ME CHOKE ON MY OWN SPIT. I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING TOOYA TO MOLEST HER IN HER SLEEP… DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T LIKE IT THOUGH (*´∀`*)えへへ.

A story is now being told about someone who is named Shirayuki and whenever people first meet her, they always say that she looked like a princess. She had everything that she wanted like loving parentes, food, friends, etc. One day she asks her mirror if she’s happy and the mirror responds that she’s happy. Then her parents disappeared and she remained in the house while her friendly neighbours checked in on her. She asked the mirror what she should do to make people happy and the mirror answered that she should smile.

One day a friend of hers got married and Shirayuki asks her mirror if she’ll become happy like that one day. Her mirror answers that she’ll become happy like that one day. Then one day while she is outside in her rose garden she meets a man who asks her if these flowers are tsubakis, but she corrects him and tells them that they are roses. The two fell in love and when the man asked her to marry him she answered that she would and so they get married. Shirayuki asks her mirror who the is the most happiest in the world and the mirror answers that she is the most happiest person in the world.

However, after they became married the man constantly went to work and came back very late. He rarely ever talked to her or looked at her. Shirayuki asks her mirror what she should do to get him to look at her again, and the mirror answers that she should just continue waiting and he’ll definitely look at her one day. But that day never came and instead a day of betrayal came. Shirayuki’s husband slept with another woman whose name was Tsubaki and had a beautiful child. Shirayuki decides to take the child in as hers, but when she sees the child’s smiling face she thinks that the child is a witch.

But she treats the child, who turns out to be Sayo, with love and cares for her despite the fact that her husband still doesn’t return home and claims to be too busy at work. She loves the child even when her friends gossip behind her back about how the child doesn’t look like her. As time passes, Shirayuki becomes more and more obsessed with her appearance until even a friend comments that she shouldn’t worry about it so much and that she’s fine just the way that she is. Sayo is happily oblivious to everything.

Shirayuki finally asks the mirror the most important question which is 「鏡よ鏡、鏡さん。この世界で一番美しいのはだぁれ?」(Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most fairest one of them all?). The mirror replies that it’s her daughter. As time passes, Shirayuki even starts being delusional and thinking that her friends are insulting her when they’re not and so she runs away and locks herself in her room.

Sayo tries to speak to her through the door and Shirayuki yells at her that she’s not Sayo’s mother. She finally goes to the mirror and asks who the monster is reflected back. The mirror replies that it’s her. She breaks the mirror and kills herself and as she lays there dying the door is broken down by people who call for an ambulance. Sayo goes to her step-mother’s side and yells at her not to leave her while coughing due to her having asthma.

Shirayuki reflects on the fact that the witch she had always thought to be Sayo was herself in the end. Sayo’s eyes were a mirror which reflected who she, Shirayuki, was and she was afraid to acknowledge that. With her dying breath, Shirayuki wishes for someone to help Sayo and take care of her and asks for anyone to grant her dying wish.

The next scene is a crying kid!Sayo in the darkness who hears Tooya’s voice telling her not to cry, because if she’s sad he’s sad. When she asks why he tells her that 「君が俺の全てだからだよ」(You’re my everything). He tells her that he came to save her and when asks if he’s a prince, he tells her that she isn’t. Sayo also reveals that she doesn’t want to be a princess and thinks that she’s a witch, because the witch killed the princess and Shirayuki is a princess and whenever she looks into Sayo’s face she becomes sad.

Kid!Sayo transforms into her current adult self and she asks what he is doing here. Tooya vows to her that he’ll be beside her through painful times and sad times and that he’ll love her forever and that his feelings will never change. Sayo tells him that she wants only him by her side.

Sayo finally wakes up and thinks about how her step-mother died and left her and how lonely she was. Her brother is everything to her in this whole world and that is why she is going to put a spell on him. She tells her brother that 「兄さん、私は貴方を愛しています」(Brother, I love you). He responds that he also loves her and calls her his “Beloved Sayo”.


Shinigami to Shoujo updated. The Shinigami and Shoujo travelled to a world that was entirely black and white and when the Shoujo passed by a mirror it reflected herself but with opposite colors, such as a white dress. The girl in the mirror asks the Shoujo for how long she will continue on and where she will go. It asks if she won’t return back to the place she came where she was treated like a princess and could have whatever she wanted. The Shoujo tells the girl in the mirror that she will never return to the place. The girl in the mirror tells her that she will not always be able to continue, because she has a shinigami by her side but the Shoujo ignores the girl’s words and watches as she disappears before she takes the hand of the Shinigami and the two of them continue on their travel with nothing changed.

Sayo returns back to school where Kaho is relieved to the point of tears and hugs her. She apologizes to Sayo, but doesn’t say why. Natsume is relieved too, though he expresses it by calling the two of them idiots. Nanaki and Hinase come by to check up on her too and Hinase reveals that Kaho has been making two bentos every day for the day that Sayo would come back to school to share with her. Throughout it all, Sayo coughs every once in a while and it seems as if her sickly body is coming back.

After school, Sayo parts with Kaho at the clock tower and looks up at it as normal. Ao is suddenly there and asks her the same thing he asked her when they first met, which is “Why do you think the clock tower stopped?”. Sayo tells him that she doesn’t know and then is surprised when Ao says that they’re repeating their exchange the first time they met, because she was thinking the same thing. He then changes the next question to why does she think the clock tower stopped at this particular time, but she also doesn’t know. Ao walks closer to her and then extends his hand and tells her to come to him.

Sayo is frozen there until someone takes her hand and pulls her back to his side. It turns out to be Tooya who coldly greets Ao. Ao asks how long Tooya is going to keep up the pretence of not noticing something, but Tooya brushes him off by telling him that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about before taking Sayo back home. At home, Sayo is resting on her brother and he runs his hand through her hair while asking her about her day. He warns her away from Ao again, but doesn’t say why.

She suddenly sits up though and tells him that though school was fun in that she got to meet Kaho and her worried friends her brother wasn’t there. Sayo tells him that like a fish which can’t survive without water, she can’t survive without her brother. I’M SORRY SAYO BUT COULDN’T YOU THINK OF ANOTHER ANALOGY OTHER THAN A FISH ONE? I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING (^∀^;).

There’s another scene from Sayo’s past about how after her mother died all she needed was her brother. She spent every day with her brother in her room reading books together, but for some reason whenever she talked to people about her brother they had strange faces. Everyone dislikes her brother for some reason.

The next day at lunch, Sayo is eating Kaho’s lunch but then ends up coughing and has to leave for a bit. Natsume wonders out loud that he always thought the Toono family only had a daughter and so he doesn’t know who this brother is. Hinase doesn’t know, because he never had an interest in other houses. Kaho tells Natsume that Tooya is a writer and Hinase says that that’s probably how Sayo got her love for books. Nanaki is the only whose seen Sayo’s brother before and just says that he looks remarkably similar to Sayo which makes Hinase point out that he must be handsome then.

Sayo comes back and then they go to class where she waits impatiently for the time to pass so she can hear her brother’s voice. She wonders why she can’t always remain by his side. Another scene from her past is remembered about how much she hates her real mother when she finally sees her because her real mother doesn’t treat her well and Sayo just doesn’t want to believe that Shirayuki isn’t her mother. She tells her brother that she wants him to always love her and to always be nice to her.

Fushimachi’s voice brings Sayo back to the present and it turns out she’s been standing in front of the clock tower spacing out. They both wonder why the clock tower stopped and Fushimachi muses that it might just be broken and it could be fixed, though no one has ever tried. However, he does know why it stopped at a certain time and tells her that 11:45 is the time of the shinigami. The time between 11:00pm and 12:00am is going to signal a new day and the kanji for 45 writes out 『死期』(death). Sayo finds out that Ao never returned back to Fushimachi’s shop and that he’s not worried, because Ao is a shinigami.

At home, Sayo talks to her brother about how she’s been thinking about shinigamis and that she doesn’t remember the answer she gave him years ago, but now she knows that she isn’t afraid of them. Tooya tells her that it was the same thing she said 10 years ago and when she asks him how he can remember it he tells her that 「紗夜の言葉、一挙一動全てこの目にこの耳に記憶している」(Sayo’s words, every single action of hers that I hear or see I commit to my memory). She asks him if he won’t tell her then and he takes her hand before kissing her fingertips. WHAT KIND OF BROTHER IS THIS? MORE LIKE A EROTIC HUSBAND (๑→‿←๑)!!

Sayo has a dream about travelling with a shinigami and that she is in love with him and so they will travel forever. She wonders if she would be able to hold his hand, but then thinks that it would be a bother to the shinigami and so just continues to walk behind him as they go from country to country.

The next day Sayo wakes up she is somehow seeing… flying goldfish. They float across her world and disappear whenever someone makes contact with them and no one seems to see them except for her. She goes to school and finds Nanaki, who turns out to also be able to see them. He muses out loud about how she seems to have the ability to see illusions too and then just as he says her last name Sayo is sucked into another memory when she hears a bell ring.

In this memory, kid!Sayo hears that it’s lunchtime and invites and invites Tooya to come with her to eat but he refuses gently saying that everyone dislikes him and so he doesn’t want to intrude. Sayo tells him that if he’s not going then she won’t go too and he asks her what happens if she becomes hungry, to which she responds she’ll bear it. He asks her what happens when she can’t bear it anymore, to which she responds that she’ll bear it still. Then he asks her what happens if she doesn’t have enough energy to move? Kid!Sayo gets the idea to sneak into the kitchen and take some bread and the cook is nice enough to give her juice to take up to her room too.

In her room she shares her food with Tooya, but he tells her that she can eat it all. Sayo wants to read a story now, but they’ve read all the stories in her room and so Tooya takes out a book that he wrote and Sayo realizes that it’s the same color as it has always been. She’s too caught up in the excitement of a new story though and tells him that she loves his books and books in general, because it’s as if a brand new world is opened to her and that she feels as if she’s travelling through worlds and meeting people she never knew and seeing things she’s never seen.

Sayo wakes up again in Tooya’s lap and tells him that she had a dream within a dream. In the first dream she woke up and saw the flying fish and went to talk to Nanaki about it, but then fell into the dream about her past where she was spending time with Tooya and reading his books. When she tells him that she’s been dreaming a lot and dreaming about him a lot and that it makes her happy, she asks him if he dreams too. He tells her that he has and when she asks, he tells her that he’s been dreaming of her. In his dreams she talks about anything and everything that she wants to.

She has a dream again about going to school and meeting Kaho at the clock tower, except this time the whole world is submerged underwater. During lunch time she is zoning out to everyone else’s conversation and then suddenly starts choking on the water, but somehow she is returned back to the normal world without the water and flying fish after Nanaki yells her name. He takes her to the health office while Natsume, Hinase, and Kaho look on in worry.

Sayo wants to return home though and after spending some time in the health office she tells the teacher there that she’s going to go home. The teacher tells her that she’ll phone her parents, but Sayo explains that her mother left the house and never came back and her father doesn’t care for her. The teacher expresses her worry about Sayo having a lack of friends and being alone but Sayo says that she’s not alone, because she has her brother.

On her way home she hears these two people talking and looks behind her to see two cats. One of the cats, a white one, can’t stop insulting Sayo about how she is skipping school while the other cat, a black one, tries to make excuses for her. In the end, they answer her question about what they are and tell her that she knows them and they know her.


Back at home, she is telling Tooya about all the weird things she’s been seeing while he helps her take off her blazer and is unbuttoning her blouse. She asks if he believes her and he tells her that he believes anything she says. She recalls that he believed her when she talked about Chiyo and Tooya frowns at that before telling her that 「それはそうさ。お前の言葉が俺の全てなんだから」(Of course. Your words are my everything). I’M STARTING TO QUESTION WHAT THE HECK TOOYA IS. HE DOESN’T SEEM TO NEED FOOD, APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE, EVERYONE HATES HIM, AND HE ACTS THE WAY THAT SAYO WANTS HIM TO ACT. IS HE A FIGMENT OF HER IMAGINATION?

Another scene from her memory is shown with kid!Sayo requesting that Tooya should laugh and smile some more as well as call her by her name. When he asks her why, she tells him that when he laughs she becomes really happy and also laughs. They get ready to read a story and Sayo explains that she loves this story about flowers even though she doesn’t understand it very well, however she does understand the feeling of wanting to meet something but not being able to like the cosmos flower that loves the sakura flower.

She thinks of a place that she wants to show Tooya and brings him to the gardens where the roses are blooming. As she looks at them though she is reminded of her step-mother and starts crying for her and strangely enough Tooya is crying as well and he sinks down to his knees. Sayo touches his cheek and then hugs him after saying that she’s happy that he’s crying for her sake. She asks him if he’ll protect her and he vows to protect her and then she asks if he’ll be her supporter and he tells her that he’ll always be her supporter.

Sayo continues on with her dream world and is in the courtyard where she is looking at these roses. As she touches them though Nanaki appears and tells her not to touch them because they’re not roses. When she asks why, he tells her that it’s an intuition he has. Nanaki asks her if he can come by her house because he has something to ask her brother and then arranges to meet her after school.

Sayo is asked by a classmate to run an errand though and as she passes by the roses she can’t help but reach out to touch them. Just before she touches them she hears Nanaki yelling at her not to touch them, but it’s too late and the moment she touches them she’s grabbed by their thorns and dragged down.

Just as she feels like she can’t be dragged down anymore she muses on how it’s weird that she doesn’t feel any fear. Somehow she is brought back to the surface by Nanaki who is annoyed at how she doesn’t listen to him. When Nanaki and Sayo walk home together, he asks if she wasn’t afraid and she tells him that she wasn’t afraid and instead felt like it was calm and quiet and almost familiar. When Nanaki and Sayo get to the mansion there are people moving things out of it and so Sayo runs in worried.

It turns out that her father got a phone call from her school and is calling her back home. Sayo refuses to go, but her father’s butler tells her that the mansion has already been sold and she has nowhere to go but home. Sayo finally sees Tooya and runs to his side and then she has to answer the butler as to what she will do.

She tells the butler that she will never return home and breaks a window before grabbing a shard of glass and holding it over her wrist. When the butler takes a step closer she cuts into her skin a little and threatens to kill herself unless he returns everything and so he does. Tooya asks Nanaki to come back another time and takes Sayo back to their room. Sayo tells her brother that she can’t bear to live in a world without him and Tooya responds in kind as well as adding that he doesn’t want her to get hurt and that she should never do what she did before.

The next morning her brother goes to make breakfast and Sayo finds the book that the fake!Hinase gave her. She opens it and it turns out that the book is the Shinigami to Shoujo book and she hides it when her brother comes back to call her for lunch. When he asks her what’s wrong, for the first time she lies to her brother and says nothing. Aftewards, as she’s taking a shower she recalls the words that Hinase said to her about her being a trapped princess and knowing the words that would release her from a magic spell. He doesn’t know if the words will break her and then warns her not to trust words because a liar would soon be by her side.

She comes out of the shower with just a towel on and Tooya becomes worried when he realizes that her wound re-opened in the water. He binds her injury and apologizes for hurting her as he does it, but she tells him that it doesn’t hurt when he touches her. Sayo falls into a coughing fit and when he leans over her worried, she kisses him. Afterwards she apologizes for making him sad which makes Tooya angry at himself for not being able to protect her even though he vowed to do so. Sayo reassures him by saying that just being by his side makes her feel safe, protected, and like she could do anything.

Another memory of Sayo’s appears. She is crying uncontrollably because her mother threw away one of her dolls and Sayo hates her because of that. She wants her mother to just disappear. Tooya is shocked at this before he says her name gently and shows her the doll that was thrown away. When she continues looking surprised, he tells her that he promised to protect her.

Back in the real world, Tooya suggests that they leave the house. Sayo agrees and tells him that she wants to leave now before anyone can get in the way. When she gets back into her room she picks up the Shinigami to Shoujo book and thanks Hinase for teaching her something. She now knows what his words meant and is going to make her choice.

Sayo dreams about travelling with a shinigami again and falling in love with him. She doesn’t want their travels to end and doesn’t want to find the most beautiful word in the world, because she knows that her life will be taken by the shinigami and that they won’t be able to travel anymore. She’s not afraid of her life being taken, but she’s afraid of her story ending. While walking beside the shinigami she has an irresistible urge to remove his hood and she does and stares into his blue eyes.

She wakes up in the clock tower room crying and Tooya becomes concerned until she tells him that those are tears of happiness. Apparently the fake!Hinase left them a bag full of food and things that can allow them to live in the clock tower for a while. Sayo wonders why he did such a thing which makes Tooya jealous, until Sayo tells him that she just wants to thank Hinase but that she’s glad there will be no one to interrupt them or disturb their world.


They hear some noise and go up to the clock tower balcony and Sayo sees falling sakura blossoms. They turn out to be an illusion as well, but Tooya can see them for some reason. Night falls and the clock tower is shrouded in darkness until lights start appearing and floating to the top of the clock tower. Tooya lights a lamp for them and then she closes her eyes and falls asleep after the lights slowly disappear.

The next day Sayo returns to school to say goodbye to Kaho in the library. She tells her that she’ll be travelling with her brother which makes Kaho breakdown in tears and she says that she doesn’t want to be parted from Sayo. That Sayo is her best and only friend, but when Sayo starts crying and starts apologizing Kaho tells her that she doesn’t want Sayo to leave but she hates it even more if Sayo is sad.

Sayo thinks that their friendship is special. She realizes that she shouldn’t have thought of Kaho as her friend like the dolls that she had when she was a child, but instead now realizes how precious of a friend she was. She asks for a last favour from Kaho and meets Nanaki in the library as well. He calls her an idiot and if she knows what she’s doing, because it’ll be dangerous from here on out but Sayo tells him that it’s fine and that she knows what she’s doing.

Tooya comes in and tells Sayo that it’s time to leave. He expresses his regrets at not being able to talk to Nanaki more and shakes hands with him before giving him a small hug. The two of them then walk to the hill that overlooks the town and stand there until night falls. Tooya talks about how the night doesn’t seem that dark and isn’t actually black. Sayo is reminded of the conversation that Ao had with Tooya about the color of the skies and how they resembled the plot of a story with the night being the end.

Sayo asks if the color blue is the end, to which Sayo agrees. Tooya talks about how he might like the color of black, because the color of black isn’t the end. She tells him that she loves the color black because it’s the color of his hair and eyes. They exchange a kiss and then Tooya decides that it’s time for them to leave. As they walk through the town Sayo points out that her father must be angry at not being able to find them. Tooya asks if she won’t forgive her father and Sayo asks what for? Is it for not loving her step-mother?

He corrects her and asks her if she won’t forgive their father for not believing in her words and then he tells her that her father really loves her. Sayo tells him that it’s not true love if her father doesn’t believe in her words. Tooya stares at her quietly before thanking her for choosing him and Sayo says that it’s obvious, because she loves him the most out of this world. Suddenly, she starts coughing and sees an illusion where the world is reversed and she sees herself reflected in the window with different colors.

They head to a train station and when they hear the train pull in Sayo asks him if they should go before the time runs out. Instead of going into the train station though, the place they want to go to is back to the clock tower. For some reason they’re running up the steps and Tooya suddenly carries Sayo up to the top. At the top Sayo can’t stop laughing about how their actions seem like something from a romance movie. And then they commit their final act of romance. OHMY… TOOYA~ I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THE DEED. THE ONLY MAN SO FAR WITH DEFINITELY IMPLIED SEXYTIMES WITH SAYO? THOUGH HINASE DID HAVE THAT TIME WHERE HE ASKED IF HE COULD EAT HER Σ(^∀^;).

While Sayo is sleeping, Tooya is looking at her and is thinking about how Sayo is his everything. His monologue consists of 彼女が俺の名前を呼ぶたびに俺に『存在』を与えた(Whenever she calls my name I am granted an existence) and 彼女は『遠野十夜』の全てだ(She is Toono Tooya’s everything).

Then he talks to her quietly and tells her that 「紗夜。俺の全てはお前の物だ。お前の為なら俺は何でもしよう」(Sayo. Everything of me is yours. For you, I will do anything), 「お前の望みを全て叶えよう」(I will grant all of your wishes), and 「お前が望むなら俺は兄になろう、友になろう、恋人になろう」(If it is your wish I will be your brother, your friend, or even your lover). He even thinks that 遠野紗夜が望むのなら、俺は消えたって良い。(If it is Toono Sayo’s wish, then I will even disappear).

Suddenly, Tooya notices someone watching them and says 「死神か」(Shinigami) and sees Ao standing there. He thinks that Ao’s presence is 自分とまるで正反対の存在(The complete opposite of my existence). Tooya asks what business a shinigami has with him and Ao tells him that he already knows.

Sayo’s life is about to end and 「お前のかけた幻想が解けかかっている」(Your illusions are falling apart). Tooya asks him coldly how much he knows and Ao replies that he knows everything. Tooya doesn’t think it’s weird, because if Ao is a shinigami then he would know everything.

Tooya tells Ao that if he has come to take Sayo’s life then he will kill Ao himself. Ao tells him that if he’s a shinigami then Tooya should know better than anyone that no one can hurt a shinigami. Tooya thinks about how painful it was that he couldn’t protect Sayo when she threatened to kill herself and that she was protecting him at that time when he couldn’t do anything.

He suddenly pulls himself together though and tells Ao that he shouldn’t forget that he has a special skill. Tooya thinks to himself that the man in front of him certainly is a shinigami, but that he hasn’t become one officially yet. Ao scoffs and says that the end is coming and when he raises his hand the clock tower does one tick. Ao then says that 「死神が死ねば私は本当の死神になれる」(If a shinigami dies then I will become a real shinigami) except the audio replaces the first shinigami with Toono Sayo.

Tooya asks why Ao wants to become a shinigami, but Ao refuses to explain. In the end, Ao just says that shinigami are the end and he wants to become the end. Tooya snaps at Ao saying that he wants to take Sayo’s life only for that reason? Ao replies that he’s not the one who stole Sayo’s life and Tooya quiets as he mutters to himself that it’s true. He was the one who stole Sayo, but then he rallies back by saying that he’s Sayo’s everything and that his existence was born for Sayo.

Ao tells him that Sayo isn’t confined to him though. Tooya agrees that if Sayo decides to choose someone else then his existence will disappear, but he’s okay with that because then Sayo would be happy. He tells Ao that his existence is solely for Sayo and that his existence is a reflection born from her heart. HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING IS COMING TOGETHER IN AN AMAZING ANGSTY CONGLOMERATION OF ANGST ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!! TOOOOOOOOOYA. He says 「実際には存在しない。幻想だ」(My existence is not reality. It is an illusion).

Now we’re taken back to the past to hear a story full of beautiful illusions. After Sayo’s step-mother died her father brought Tsubaki into the house to introduce her as Sayo’s real mother. Tsubaki wants nothing to do with the child though and Sayo refuses to acknowledge her as her mother anyway. Sayo tries to spend most of her time alone and her body gets sicker and sicker, because Tsubaki ordered the servants to ignore the child. Sayo stays in her room and continues to read from her favourite book that her step-mother used to read to her called Shinigami to Shoujo.

As she reads she suffers from another coughing attack and wonders if she’s going to die. Suddenly, she sees a strange sight of a man covered in robes in her room. He introduces himself as a shinigami and she asks if he is going to take her life because he is a shinigami and because she was a bad child. He tells her that he didn’t come to punish her and then says 「私の腕の中で永遠と穏やかに眠れが良い」(It will be pleasant if you fall asleep quietly for eternity in my arms). TOOOOYA?! HOLY SHIT HE’S A SHINIGAMI? I AM SO SURPRISED エッ(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)マジ?

She asks him if she will be able to see her mother if she takes his hand, but he doesn’t know either. Kid!Sayo suddenly starts quoting from her favourite book and tells him that it’ll be troublesome if he takes her life because she is travelling to find the most beautiful word in the world. The Shinigami asks her what it is and lists a few things, but Sayo denies them all and says that she’s searching for a more beautiful word that will last for eternity and tells him that she doesn’t want him to take her life until she is done her journey.

The Shinigami tells her that he doesn’t know when her journey will end and that she might run away from him. Sayo invites him to come along with her on her journey so that she can’t run away and that when her journey ends she will give her life to him. The Shinigami asks if the play is over and when she nods, he takes her hand. Just as he’s about to touch her cheek though Sayo asks him what the most beautiful word is, because she doesn’t understand the end of the book. The Shinigami asks if she really wants to know and when she nods, he tells her that he’ll stop time for her then.

Sayo asks if he won’t join her on her journey, because he doesn’t know if she’ll run away or not. The Shinigami agrees to join her for her journey and then she gives him the name of Tooya, because his hair and eyes remind her of the tenth country that the Shinigami and Shoujo travelled to.

Sayo wakes up back in the clock tower with Tooya where he realizes that she now remembers everything. Actually, Sayo remembered everything the moment she picked up the Shinigami to Shoujo book that Hinase gave her and read the beginning of it. Tooya can’t stop apologizing for hurting her and now needing to take her life, but Sayo reassures him by telling him that her fate was to die anyway at that moment. However, she was able to live and enjoy life thanks to him and spend time together by searching for the world’s most beautiful word.

Tooya explains to her that shinigami are illusions and that normal people can’t see them and so while he took the disguise of her brother when he was with her, no one else could see him. To everyone else Sayo was just talking to herself. He then explains that shinigami are just the end of things and that they have no emotions nor do they feel anything, but that when he was with her 「次第に、少女と二人でいるうちに、何もなかった俺は少女の心を映し出すようになっていた」(As soon as the two of us were together, the me who didn’t know anything became a reflection of the girl’s heart). He tells her that 「少女が笑えば俺も笑い、少女が泣けば俺も涙しだ」(When the girl laughed, I laughed. When the girl cried, I cried).

He becomes pained and his voice is strained when he says 「紗夜・・・・俺はもう自分が何なのか分からないんだ・・・・・」(Sayo… I don’t even know what I am anymore…) and then he says that 「死神ならば何もない。けれど、今の俺は違う。だから、俺はもう死神ですらない」(shinigamis are nothing, but I am different. Therefore, I am no longer a shinigami) and then he says 「だが、俺は人間にもなれない」(But, I am not a human either). His voice is agonized when he asks her 「紗夜・・・・俺は一体何者なんだろう・・・・・・?」(Sayo… what have I become…?).

Sayo easily tells him 「貴方は『遠野十夜』。私の世界で一番大切な存在。私の世界で一番愛している人よ」(You are Toono Tooya. You are my most important person in the world. You are the person I love the most in this world). He asks her why she didn’t run in a tortured voice and tells her that he wouldn’t have chased after her and she could have forgotten about him and chose someone else. She wouldn’t have died to her sickness, because he already stopped time for her. She teases him by saying “Don’t you know?” and when he asks she tells him that she loves him and that’s why.

She asks him why he saved her life, because there has to be many other people who try to make deals with shinigamis. He tells her that only god knows. They talk a bit more before he tells her that he doesn’t want to take her life, but she tells him that she already knows the world’s most beautiful word and so now their deal must be concluded. He angrily declares that 「それでも俺は永遠を望む。俺はまだお前と旅をしていたいんだ」(Even still that is my eternal wish. I want to continue travelling with you).

Tooya tells her 「確かに俺は・・・・遠野十夜は幻想かもしれない。この想いも言葉もお前の心を映したものかもしれない。けれど、それでも信じて欲しい」(It’s true that I don’t know if I’m Toono Tooya or not. I don’t know if the words and the feelings I feel are just reflections of your heart. However, even still I want you to believe) and then he finishes in a whisper 「この愛は真実だ」(The reality/truth of my love). Sayo replies that she loves him and he cries over her as he tells her 「俺もお前を愛しているよ。永遠に・・・・・紗夜」(I also love you. Eternally… Sayo). And then Sayo closes her eyes.

The perspective switches to Nanaki who is rushing to the clock tower with the Shinigami to Shoujo book in his hands. He knew from the start that Tooya was abnormal and when Tooya hugged Nanaki in the library he passed a message onto Nanaki to save Sayo. He runs up the stairs, but when he gets to the clock tower he is already too late and Sayo is dead. Nanaki realizes that Ao isn’t Ao anymore and is now an official shinigami, but some strange reason Ao is crying when he takes Sayo’s hand. The game ends with Ao saying a mysterious last line to Nanaki about whether or not he knows the ending to the book Shinigami to Shoujo, then he tells Nanaki that the conclusion to the story is…

Sayo wakes up in some strange country or land of the dead. She walks around and mourns about how that person’s presence isn’t here anymore, but then she sees something and runs towards it. Turns out to be Tooya who is waiting for her on a hill and together they meet up again. They will no longer have an end and will be together forever.


The butler takes Sayo back to her father and she tricks them by acting as if she lost her memories. She can still be together with her brother forever though, telling him to only appear when there is no one in her room.

8 thoughts on “Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Toono Tooya ~

    lenaleemelodee said:
    September 8, 2011 at 11:35

    His route (and Ao’s) left me wondering: was Tooya a real shinigami or he was a complete illusion (aka Sayo was shizophrenic)? Or did he exist as a shinigami? (I hope you get my question) But then, how did he disappear when Sayo denied his existence? But then again, if he was just an illusion, how did he manage to erase Ao’s memories? Which leads to another question – why could Ao see supernatural?
    (I hope you don’t mind if I comment on all your StS posts here in one comment not to lose my own comments^^)

    I agree with Tooya, Ao’s reason for killing Sayo is so….. ridiculous, it’s… SO insignificant. That’s probably why I didn’t like Ao’s route that much (more like, Ao’s true character), because basically he’s just a kid that was bullied and got traumatized ever since. He IS smart, thanks to al lthe books he read, but he’s completely oblivious to human psychology, he doesn’t even know how to explain his own feelings.

    As for Hinase’s route, the ending in which she ended up with the real Hinase. When he asked if she loved him and she said she loved “Hinase Mitsuru” I guess we can take it as she loved the fake one, right?

    And Chiyo’s ending also left me wondering. Those two voices definitely belonged to Chiyo and Sayo. Does that mean it was some other time/life they met?

    I absolutely love this game. I love it SO much, it’s my ultimate favourite now, on par with Hakuouki and AyA?. I’m thinking of translating Chiyo’s tale for my blog :3 I wonder if those tales would make any sense for those that haven’t played the game…

    Sorry for so many questions, but I’d just like to hear your opinion^^

      Ilinox responded:
      September 8, 2011 at 13:07

      I’d like to believe that Tooya was a real shinigami, because if he was just a figment of Sayo’s imagination then he wouldn’t be able to be seen by Fushimachi, Ao, Nanaki, or Chiyo. My thoughts on why he disappeared is that it sounds like he tied his existence and life to Sayo when he made the deal with her and decided to journey with her to find the most beautiful word in the world. Throughout his route he keeps repeating that Sayo is his everything and that if she wants him to disappear then he will ;A;.

      I’m not sure why Ao could see the supernatural. That’s my question for why Sayo and Nanaki can see it too, since it’s not explained. But my best guess is that Fushimachi is some super magician (since he’s called a 魔法 in Ao’s route) and because he wrote the story “Shinigami to Shoujo” for Sayo the roles they fulfill by being part of the story gave them powers? Like, Ao was so intent on being a Shinigami that he took on the role of the “Shinigami” in the story so I think that gave him the power to see the supernatural other “Shinigami” who is sort of his rival for the “Shoujo” who is Sayo (and that’s why she can see supernatural things too).

      I still don’t know why Nanaki can see the supernatural though other then just accepting what the atogaki said about him not being of this world and human.

      EXACTLY! I really enjoyed Ao’s route, but not him as a character ( -д-). I will forever have a grudge against him for forcing me to go through the scene where Sayo has to deny Tooya’s existence too. I don’t want to say that being ignored and looked at in fear isn’t bullying, because it completely is and can have a large impact on a person growing up, but I guess I just couldn’t see how that lead to a crazy Shinigami obsession. It wasn’t like he was totally friendless since he had Fushimachi and Sayo.. so what if you don’t have many emotions like other people =_=; that’s not a sign of being a Shinigami.

      Hinase’s route felt open-ended as if it were up to the readers. If you really wanted to, you could believe that she grew to love the real Hinase and he grew to love her too despite their arranged marriage, or you can imagine that kind of bittersweet ending of her still loving the fake Hinase ^^;;.

      I think it’d be fun to give it a shot at translating Chiyo’s tale 8D! I didn’t fully understand the poetry or beauty of it since I didn’t have any patience in his route xDD;; so I’d take a look at your translation if you do one.

      Shinigami to Shoujo is one of my favourites too now! It’s such a good long story and I was so sad when I finished it ;w;. What does AyA stand for?

      No problem! I love talking about the games I play with people 8)! Sorry, for this huge long essay too Orz.

        lenaleemelodee said:
        September 8, 2011 at 14:14

        Ah! About Fushimachi, I also was wondering why he could see Tooya. They even greeted each other. I also tend to believe that Fushimachi’s a magician or something. I personally think that Fushimachi created this world, and created many other by writing books. Like he told Nanaki – that Nanaki could make it disappear if he wanted to (something like that). But I don’t think Fushimachi’s able to fully assign roles to everyone. I think he only “started” it… uhhh, it’s seriously so complicated! But that’s exactly why I love this game.

        But then… if I’m not mistaken, Shinigami to Shoujo was written BEFORE Sayo met Tooya… right? Since Sayo got this adventure idea when she met Tooya.
        I have several ideas for this, so…

        OH! Btw, do you remember that scene at the end of Yumemiru Sekai’s chapter? I don’t remember it clearly anymore, but what was its purpose? Could it be that the person those men were searching for was Nanaki?

        As for Tooya, I also want to thin kthe same. And besides, if he was just an illusion… that would be just too bitter for me to handle T^T It’s like… imagine liviing for ten years with a person and then you realize he’s fruit of your imagination and he never existed :S
        Plus, Tooya would always go search for Sayo if it got too late, and I suppose he WOULD be able to do something if something happened if he did that… right? And another thing that confuses me is that Tooya says he’s an illusion, therefore he can’t kill. Yet he is able to touch everyone who sees him. And it’s also weird that he’s unable to see Chiyo. The same goes for Fushimachi.

        That scene of Sayo rejecting Tooya was probably the saddest one…. (but honestly speaking, since I’m one of the few that enjoyed Chiyo’s route, I still think his disappearance was the saddest, even though he’s generally not my type of character).

        Hinase’s route was very sad. Even though I hate liars, for someone like him lying was the only way to have a life, and I can’t help but marvel at his character and personality. It’s a HUGE pity we never learned more about the fake one.

        On a random note, the route I was very patient about while playing was Tooya’s xD I started playing at…. 12am or so (with all the skipping) and finished around 6.30am! I even lost track of time xD

        As for Ao, I can’t really accept him as the main character. I still think Tooya’s more important, or probably even Nanaki, since he turned out to be more mysterious than Ao in the atogaki.

        And about smexing, I’m pretty sure Sayo and Hinase went for it right after she confessed really. It’s just that they never showed a CG of it, compared to Tooya.

        AyA stands for Are You Alice? It also has a good plot, well for those who have the basic knowledge of the drama cds, but it barely allows you to do anything, all yo ucan do is choose the location on the map. But it really impressed me back in April.

        But back to StS, I seriously hope they’ll release a fandisk for it or something…. but for now they haven’t even released its OST separately… They said they do have that in plans though… And there are also different version of limited editions, one of them has a small B6 book, I’d so love this one :3 But I guess all the limited editions are sold out… Btw, if you haven’t yet, you should definitely listen to 蒼さんで遊ぼう drama cd! It was funny^^

        And also, read StS staff blog yesterday, they released two products for Animate fair, one of them is a keychain (or what was that, I forgot), and the other one is the READING of Shinigami to Shoujo picture book story! They also announced the seiyuu that are in it. I forgot who else is there, but Tooya’s seiyuu is there! I’d sooo love to get it T_T

        Did I get it right, the most beautiful word in the world is the name of your loved one?

        I’ll try to translate the story, but StS was a bit difficult for me in terms of language, since I’m very intermediate for now :S Btw, the last thing I wanted to ask (I promise, lol): have you written out any interesting ideas/phrases from StS? Like that line about stories that Fushimachi said. I regret not having done that, and I’m not sure if I’ll have time for it in near future T^T
        Oh dear, it became a novel, sorry as well^^;

        lenaleemelodee said:
        September 8, 2011 at 14:30

        Oh yeah, Ao’s real name is actually Russian! I know since I’m Russian myself xD

        Ilinox responded:
        September 8, 2011 at 14:46

        Yes, “Shinigami to Shoujo” was written before Sayo met Tooya which is why she met him. Fushimachi explains that he wrote the book to “save” Sayo because she loved stories and was dying because of her sick body. I’m not sure if he intended on her becoming obsessed with the book, but she did, and so she was searching for her “Shinigami” instinctively and that’s why Tooya appeared to her… or that’s the feeling I got from reading the atogaki.

        It’s also why Ao and Tooya had to fight it out, because in the story there can only be one “Shinigami” and both of them fulfilled the requirements. Tooya is an actual shinigami it seems and Ao resembles the “Shinigami” in the story.

        Oh, hmm. I don’t remember much from the Yumemiru Sekai chapter but I took the end of that chapter as a story about Louis and how he disappeared into the book or something.

        That’s true @_@. Tooya is so confusing and there are still so many mysteries left over. Did we just manage to miss something or did they not explain it properly? Hahaha.

        I like to think that Hinase and Sayo had a smexing scene |D. Especially when he asked if he could eat her~ <3! He's my favourite character in the story along with Tooya.

        I'll definitely check out that drama CD! I can't believe I forgot all about it, haha, was too preoccupied with playing Amnesia I guess ^^;;. OMG, I'd so love a reading of the Shinigami to Shoujo book because I was dying trying to read that super long text with no voices.

        Un, at least that's what everyone else thinks too about the most beautiful word in the world. I wrote a few lines from the atogaki in Ao's route and I'm pretty sure the line that you want about stories is in there, because I loved that line too X)!

    twentyninenights said:
    August 22, 2011 at 02:18

    At last, you finish it! Good work!

    I felt the same way about rejecting Hinase a few times already (Looking at him, saying the surrender word more than a time, poor him..). But, I think it’s really different, huh? Other games wouldn’t want to make even 1 of their chara got rejected many times, they would made it not saying their feelings, but Hinase did.

    Tooya! I can feel his story is really interest me, and after finishing it, I get really satisfied. Except of, what kind of ending Sayo get? She is die, isn’t it? I think so because Ao is a complete shinigami now (maybe you’ll get it after Ao’s route)..

      Ilinox responded:
      August 22, 2011 at 09:44

      That’s so true about this game having Hinase confess his feelings to Sayo no matter what. It’s realistic in that people will still fall in love with someone even if that someone doesn’t choose them, like Hinase loving Sayo in every other path except his.

      Me too! I just love how it wrapped up everything and the twists were just so fun :3. I’m pretty sure Sayo is dead, because in the epilogue she was wondering where she was and said that she must be in the land of the dead or something and then she thought about wanting to meet Tooya.

      Ao is making me angry at how much he wants to be a shinigami (`Д´)! He better have a good reason in his route.

        twentyninenights said:
        August 22, 2011 at 10:45

        Ao has a reason, but it’s stereotypical. But, leave it aside, whatever it is, same as the other, his story is saddening too.

        Will wait and look forward until you can finish all of it! And we can talk spoiler then! (* ̄∇ ̄*)

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