Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Ao ~

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Ao (蒼)
CV: Nobutoshi Canna (神奈 延年)

Ao’s character is complicated. He is very emotionless and tends not to show any of his thoughts or feelings, because of this he can be painfully blunt in both his actions and words. Like most other characters, he has his reasons for wanting to do things even if I disagree with most of them. He can become quite obsessed with certain things. He enjoys sushi, hates spicy things, has an interest in Japanese culture, and loves to read books to learn about everything and anything.

(This route also includes the rest of the Shinigami to Shoujo picture book and the Atogaki).

Ao’s route starts off from when everyone is chasing after Wilhelm and he asks if Sayo won’t join in on the fun. She tells him she won’t because he’s not. Chapter 3 continues on and ends with Wilhelm running and the story about Natsume’s cat doll.

*** CHAPTER 4 ***

The date happens with Hinase and Sayo tells him she’ll pass on holding his hand. At the restaurant when they’re eating lunch and he asks her if she hates spicy things, Sayo is reminded of the time she came here with Ao and when she talks about Hinase says her name exasperatedly which makes her apologize, because she promised not to think or talk about anyone other than Hinase for today.

When Hinase asks what she likes she tells him books and her brother. He tells her that her brother isn’t everything in the world. Then he laughs and says that her brother is probably just that charming, to which Sayo agrees and Hinase tells her he’s jealous. At home Sayo thinks about her father and what his business is with her. She remembers that in the past he was always busy and never looked at her.

Sayo watches Kaho leave at the clock tower and then thinks about everything. Ao appears beside her and tells her that she’s the same as always looking up at the clock tower. When she asks him why he always comes here, he says that it has nothing to do with the clock tower but that he came here because he knew she’d be here and he wanted to see what she sees. Sayo tells him that she is thinking about some troubles that she has and that she sometimes wishes that time would stop. He asks her what she would do if her time stopped and she tells him that she would do nothing except think.

She asks him if he has any troubles, but he tells her that he doesn’t and that troubles are unnecessary. She thinks him for his presence because it helped solve her troubles. On the day she promised Hinase an answer Sayo automatically rejects him. I DON’T EVEN GET A CHOICE? I CAN’T TELL IF THAT’S A GOOD THING OR BAD THING, BECAUSE THEN I WON’T BE TEMPTED Σ(゚∀゚;).

When Sayo is pinned against the wall by the real Hinase she thinks about calling for Ao, but doesn’t say anything and is saved by Nanaki. The story progresses as usual and when Sayo decides to ask the fake!Hinase to eat lunch with them again she tells Ao that she’d like to have him by her side, but she shouldn’t get used to always having him support her and so she’ll try to do her best by herself. Ao is surprised because as she says this she’s holding on to his hand and standing close to him, but then returns to his emotionless expression quickly.

This time she asks Ao again if her bento is delicious. He explains that it’s not really delicious but it’s not inedible either, but Sayo tells him to pick the two choices she gave him. Either it’s delicious or terrible. Ao tells her that it’s delicious which makes her really happy and then they continue on with the observation of the fake!Hinase.

The rest of the chapter is the same with Sayo getting the idea of how to identify the real Hinase from the fake Hinase after baking cookies with Kaho. They reveal the fake Hinase and he gives Sayo the clock tower key and book.

*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Sayo asks Tooya if he will stay by her side, because she doesn’t want the person who has always been by her side to disappear. Tooya tells her that he’s happy she thinks of him as being that important to her, but then explains that he’s not the one who will disappear but that she’s the one who will because he’s hers but she’s not his. NOW THAT I KNOW THE TRUE STORY BEHIND TOOYA THIS SCENE IS SO SAD 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。!

After seeing Nanaki take Hinase away to do more studying Sayo returns home. The next day she tells Tooya that she’s going to go to Fushimachi’s shop to meet Ao which makes him frown, but he doesn’t stop her in the end. She takes Ao out on a date and wants to bring him to the flower field, but first they go to eat sushi and on the way Sayo tells him that since they’re on a date they should be holding hands and so they do. Ao asks about why they had to eat sushi in the shop and Sayo explains that listening to people’s conversastions gives you an idea of who they are.

Ao asks if she doesn’t find people’s conversations annoying. She tells him that she does sometimes, but that she doesn’t find his talking annoying and asks him if he finds her annoying. He tells her that he doesn’t find her annoying and that he listens to everything she says and tries to commit it to memory. It starts raining though and they return back to Fushimachi’s shop where Ao changes back into his regular clothes. He had given Sayo his jacket to keep her safe from the rain.

Sayo decides to read a book in the shop and goes to buy a book. Ao tells her that she can just sit here and read it, but Sayo says that it isn’t proper to do that in a store and that he’s an odd employee if he says that. Ao tells her that if that’s the case then Fushimachi is the odd one for employing him. Then he tells her that he doesn’t really like the book that she is picking out, but Sayo tells him that what he doesn’t like she might like and so she doesn’t change the book.

Later on she tells him that next time she’ll ask him for a recommendation. However, she ends up falling asleep against his shoulders and when she wakes she apologizes a lot for troubling him and making him angry. Ao tells her that he wasn’t angry and that her head was light, which confuses Sayo because she takes it as meaning that she has nothing in her head but then she realizes that he meant it literally. They both agree again on how words are difficult, but interesting because of their meanings. The rain has stopped.

Ao accompanies Sayo home for dinner because Fushimachi is busy and they end up eating cup ramen. Sayo is super excited and takes over explaining the intricacies of cup ramen to Ao. Tooya calls Sayo 『先生』(teacher) and says that she’s cute acting like that. When the cup ramen is done, Sayo is eating happily but for some reason Ao isn’t touching his food at all and so she decides to feed him a bite from hers. Tooya intervenes though and steals her chopsticks, because he doesn’t want Sayo to feed Ao and so will do it himself. Ao ends up liking the taste of her ramen and so they switch ramen.

At night they end up having the conversation about the end being nothing and then Ao goes to choose a book from her room. Sayo stares at Ao and thinks that if he’s a shinigami then he won’t always be by her side, yet if he’s not human then he will be able to stay by her side. She grabs his sleeve and then the next thing she knows Ao pulls her into him and asks why she’s unhappy. She lies which he notices because he points out that she only grabs his sleeve to soothe her.

Sayo continues staring up into his eyes and then kisses him. She asks him if he’s going to save her and then tells him that she’s scared. Ao stares at her in silence as she talks and when he finally opens his mouth to say something, Tooya interrupts them and coldly asks Ao if this is how he repays their kindness when Tooya isn’t watching him. He tells Ao that he doesn’t want him to make a pass at his sister, to which Ao tells him that he doesn’t remember doing that.

She tries to interrupt the two of them, but Tooya tells her to be quiet and glares at Ao and asks him why he is trying to steal his sister away. Ao tells him that he never had that intention. Tooya asks if that’s the truth to which Ao replies that it is and then they glare at each other some more, before Tooya apologizes for reacting so badly. Everything returns back to normal and Ao picks up one of Tooya’s books and asks if he can borrow it. Sayo agrees, but then realizes that she can’t remember what the book was about. She apologizes to Tooya for forgetting, though she doesn’t know how she did, and then asks if she can read it with Ao.

The next day they go to Fushimachi’s shop where Fushimachi asks if Ao caused any trouble being at Sayo’s place. Ao says he didn’t but Tooya disagrees and so then Sayo takes the blame onto herself, but when Fushimachi asks what she did Sayo replies that it’s a secret. So then he asks Ao and Sayo quickly covers Ao’s mouth with her hand and tells him not to say anything, to which he agrees to keep her secret. Fushimachi watches this and then mentions that now he’s extremely curious but that he’ll keep it a secret. The three of them go out on a walk and Tooya and Sayo have the conversation with Ao expressing their surprise about him choosing them over books.

They meet Chiyo along the way and go to the field of flowers. Ao wanders around the place and Tooya decides to do the same as well, leaving Sayo alone with Chiyo and so she talks to him. He tells her about his past with Nanaki and then Sayo falls asleep. She gets woken up by Ao calling her name. Ao asks Tooya about the different colors of the sky again and then they all go home together. Everything continues as normal.

At the library, Sayo is surprised to see Ao in his casual clothes and when she asks him why he is wearing them he tells her that he just decided to and then asks her why she asked him that. She tells him that she just wanted to know if he might have done it for her sake, because if he did then she would feel happy.

The librarian pops around and says that the two of them are acting all 『ラブラブ』(love love). The discussion about why love is repeated twice happens again and everything continues as normal. AO’S ROUTE IS ANNOYING IN THAT I’VE SEEN ALL OF THIS AND YET I CAN’T SKIP IT WITH THE SKIP BUTTON BECAUSE THE GAME TREATS EVERYTHING HERE AS NEW SINCE AO IS IN NEW CLOTHES щ(゚Д゚щ).

Everything continues as normal with Sayo finding out that she can’t see Chiyo. Then after the window breaks and Sayo remembers a scene from her past she wakes up in the hospital being able to see Chiyo only to realize that he’s going to disappear soon. She walks with him until the clock tower where he disappears and has that conversation about the end with Ao there.

*** CHAPTER 6 ***

Shinigami to Shoujo is updated after the black chapter is finished in Tooya’s route. The Shinigami and Shoujo are in a country that is all black and they’re walking up an endless staircase. Everything below and around them has disappeared into black and the Shinigami tells her that everything was an illusion. He thinks to himself that his feelings of fun may have also been an illusion and that even though he wants to continue to be happy by travelling, he knows that the end is coming. The Shoujo tells him that they aren’t an illusion and squeezes his hand.

When Nanaki goes to Fushimachi’s shop to ask if Ao is going to accompany him to Sayo’s house, Ao walks outside of the shop and looks up into the sky which is raining while saying 「時雨が私を呼ぶ」(The rain calls to me).

Sayo’s past is shown again and then after Shirayuki dies and kid!Sayo is crying in the darkness she hears someone’s voice calling out her name. Ao appears in the darkness in his shinigami robes and tells her to come to him and though Sayo has no memory of who he is and thinks that he doesn’t have a smiling face or kind voice she goes to him. In the real world, Sayo wakes up to Ao standing over her.

When she asks him what he is doing here, he tells her that he came to wake her up and that he came to save her just like she asked. She takes his hand as he says this which makes Tooya cough really loudly in the background. Turns out Nanaki, Ao, and Tooya are all around her in her room and waiting for her to wake up. Nanaki tells her that everyone is worried at school and then Ao and him get dragged out by Tooya so that Sayo can change.

Sayo comes out and finds Nanaki and Ao cooking food for her and after she finishes eating the two of them decide to go home. Sayo and Tooya see them off and before he leaves Ao touches her cheek and throat and asks if her tears have stopped, to which Sayo replies that it seems that way. Ao smiles and says to her that it is good then and then leaves.


Tooya prevents Sayo from going to school, because she starts coughing a lot and is too weak. The two of them end up staying in her room and he reads her one of his books.

A dream is happening in the perspective of the Shinigami who travels with the Shoujo. He doesn’t understand the Shoujo but takes care of her by holding her hand when she falls behind him and then he thinks about how he doesn’t understand why she smiles and whatnot.

The perspective switches over to Ao who is in Fushimachi’s shop reading books. He wonders to himself about what Fushimachi does in the back of the shop, because he never asked. He also thinks about what he should do next because he still has a lot of time. Ao decides to leave the shop now that he has finished reading his book.

Back to Sayo, she wakes up and sees that Tooya isn’t there and so runs out of the room all worried and slightly depressed. Tooya turns out to be sitting on the sofa outside and when hears that Sayo was looking for him he asks if she becomes depressed when he isn’t there. Sayo answers 「いいえ?」(No?) and then hugs him without saying anything more. GAH, SAYO WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT. AS IF TOOYA DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH TO BE DEPRESSED ABOUT… ( ゚д゚).

He asks if she’s hungry and then asks if she wants to go out to eat. In the end however, Sayo goes out by herself to find something to buy while Tooya remains at home. After walking a short while she has to take a rest, because she had been in bed for a week and Ao comes upon her while she’s resting. He takes her back to Fushimachi’s shop and then asks if she isn’t afraid of him because he’s a shinigami and shinigami are the end of everything, yet she easily took his hand.

Sayo agrees that it’s strange that she, who fears the end so much, should take a shinigami’s hand so easily. However, she says that he’s a contradiction because if he’s a shinigami then he shouldn’t be saving her. Then she tells him the story of her past about how Shirayuki died and how her fake mother was her real mother and how her real mother was a fake to her. Ao asks if that’s the reason she fears the end, but Sayo isn’t sure because she can’t remember anything past the death of her step-mother.

Ao leaves to go make some tea for them and then he and Sayo just relax until the sun is setting. While being escorted home, Sayo tries to come up with excuses for Ao to remain with her such as asking him if he wants to borrow anymore books. However, Ao leaves after delivering her to her house.

At home Sayo finds Tooya staring off into space on the sofa. He’s been worried the whole time and asks if she met Ao, which surprises Sayo but Tooya tells her that he knows everything she does. Tooya then says to her that he’s jealous and pleads for her not to meet Ao anymore. Sayo asks if her brother is asking that of her for his sake, but he tells her that he’s saying it for her sake.

She dreams about the Shinigami again. He is holding hands with the Shoujo and doesn’t understand why she smiles at that. He does understand that he doesn’t want their journey for the world’s most beautiful word to end though. He thinks it odd that he’s a shinigami who is the end of everything and yet he doesn’t want their journey to end and wants to continue to stay by the Shoujo’s side. As the Shinigami looks at the Shoujo he realizes that he wants the Shoujo to look at him and smile beautifully at him with eyes the color of the sky.

The next day Sayo goes to school and is reunited with Kaho who cries a bit before telling Sayo to look forward to lunch, because she prepared for her a bento. As they go into class Sayo reminisces about her past when she first got a doll and guarded it jealously from everyone else, because it was her first and precious friend. She thinks about how the first time she saw Kaho, she thought of her as a doll just like her first friend.

At lunch Nanaki talks about how worried everyone was including Hinase, Natsume, and himself. Sayo starts coughing again though and excuses herself to go to the bathroom where she remembers that she had a sickly body as a child. She wonders how she forgot that fact and why she is starting to get more and more sickly now.

After school, Kaho tries to walk home with Sayo but she refuses Kaho by telling her that she’s going to the library to return all her books and that Kaho should help make accessories with her new friends. Kaho tries to insist, but Sayo refuses her sharply which hurts Kaho and makes Sayo regret her words but it’s too late. She goes to Fushimachi’s shop and talks to Ao about how she can’t seem to find her words anymore and how she wonders if Kaho cried because of her. Ao doesn’t respond at all, but Sayo is fine with that.

Sayo tries to think of a topic to talk about and ends up asking if Ao’s memory has returned. He tells her that it hasn’t, but somehow he has the feeling of being cheated or caught in something. Sayo realizes that if all of Ao’s memories comes back then the time they spend together will end and this scares her enough to grab onto his sleeve. Fushimachi interrupts the two of them though and Sayo decides to head home. She asks why there is no clock in the shop, to which Fushimachi responds that there’s no need of one but he’s able to tell her the time.

It’s late and so Ao walks with Sayo, but instead of going the way her home is he walks off in another direction. Sayo is torn between returning home to Tooya or following Ao, but ends up following Ao into the forest and to the field where all the cosmos flowers have died and disappeared. Along the way she falls behind, because she’s tired but doesn’t want to trouble him by holding his hand. Ao appears beside her though knowing that she’s tired and takes her hand, which makes her speak out about how this reminds her of a dream she keeps having about the Shinigami and Shoujo travelling.

On the field of flowers Sayo talks about how she thought of Kaho as her first friend, like her doll. She thinks about how she doesn’t want anyone to touch her, take her, or be able to play with her. She wants to have her safe in her room. Ao tells her that Kaho isn’t a doll, to which Sayo agrees and talks about how Kaho is a human and so as a human her life won’t end so easily. She becomes a bit emotional about how people continue to disappear in front of her and then realizes that Ao brought her here to gain a resolution about Chiyo.

She talks about how strange it is for the cosmos flowers to gain a human appearance and personality. Then she asks if Chiyo was an illusion, because all the flowers are gone. However, Nanaki and Ao were able to see him too and so it wasn’t just her. Ao tells her that whether it was Chiyo’s disappearance that caused the flowers to disappear or the flowers death that caused Chiyo’s the end result is the same. She tells him that she’s afraid of the end and he tells her not to be afraid of the end.

Ao explains to her that it’s not her fault for her mother’s death, Hinase’s disappearance, Chiyo’s disappearance, and the return of his memories. Then he talks about how they’re completely different. He’s a shinigami who wants the end to come, but she is afraid of it. They have different hair color and eye color. Sayo starts coughing and then blacks out.

She has a memory about her past where she is terrified at being left alone and no one is in the house. She tries to go to Shirayuki’s room, but her step-mother has locked herself in her room and won’t open the door. Sayo continues to talk to the door and ask for her mother until Shirayuki yells that she isn’t her mother. Then kid!Sayo starts coughing and transforms into adult!Sayo who keeps calling for her mother.

Sayo wakes up in her room and she wonders how she got there and where Ao is. She starts calling for her brother, becoming more hysterical when he doesn’t appear until he finally runs into her room. He hugs her and she remarks on how he always saves her, to which he says that he’ll always be her supporter and be there for her.

The perspective switches to Ao who is back at Fushimachi’s shop and he doesn’t understand why he can’t stop thinking of Sayo. He remembers back to the time when he was on the field and Sayo collapsed against him coughing. He thought that she had died until he touched her lips and felt her breathing, so then he lifted her up into his arms and was going to take her home when Tooya appeared. Tooya is pissed at why Ao is there and Ao tells him that Sayo came looking for him.

Then Ao thinks about how the two of them are contradictions. A girl who fears the end, yet isn’t afraid of a shinigami who embodies the end of everything. And him, a shinigami who embodies the end of everything and yet continues to save a girl. Ao tells Tooya that he took Sayo here to talk about the end and Tooya interrupts sharply telling him not to say her name. Ao coldly explains that he has no say in what Sayo allows, but Tooya tells him that he’s her brother. Ao sneers and answers 「だから、その権利があると?笑わせるな」(And that gives you the right? Don’t make me laugh).

Ao hands Sayo over to Tooya though who calms down after he has her in his hands. Then he pleads for Ao not to get close to her and steal her life away. Ao tells him that it’s a contradiction if Sayo continues to come to him and Tooya agrees, but says that it’s okay if she continues to try to go to Ao so long as Ao doesn’t get close to her.

The scene switches back to Ao in Fushimachi’s shop when Fushimachi comes in and points out how unusual it is to see Ao without a book. Ao explains that he’s been thinking of Sayo and doesn’t understand why he continues to be curious of her. Fushimachi tells Ao that he’s changed from beginning and asks him why he is wearing his new clothes that make him look human. Ao realizes that it’s because Sayo said that she liked him. щ(゚Д゚щ) THERE’S A REASON I HATE EMOTIONLESS CHARACTERS AND THIS IS ONE OF THEM. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AND IT TAKES A MONUMENTAL EFFORT AND PAGES AND PAGES OF TEXT TO REALIZE ANY OF THEIR FEELINGS.

Then he asks if it’s better if he doesn’t go close to her, but Fushimachi tells him that he doesn’t want to take Sayo’s life does he? And that he always saves Sayo. They talk about the clock tower and Sayo’s fear of the end and Fushimachi mentions that she’s afraid of the end, because her time has been stopped by a shinigami. Ao is confused but then thinks that even though they’re so different, they still have similarities like having their time stopped since he still hasn’t regained his memories. Ao thinks about wanting to know the time, but then remembers that the shop has no clock.

Sayo wakes up in her room and talks to her brother about how if the reason he doesn’t want her to be close to Ao is because Ao is a shinigami. Then she asks him what shinigami are and he responds that they are the end of everything. She decides to go to school and her brother doesn’t stop her because it is her wish and she is his everything. As she heads off to school she sees Ao staring at the clock tower and they talk about how even though time has stopped its existence isn’t over yet. She tells him that she has something she didn’t say to him last night, but that she will tell him later when her heart is calmer.

At school Sayo repairs her friendship with Kaho and they promise to make accessories together with Kaho’s new friends. Kaho walks Sayo back home and when she goes into the house there is no one there. In her room she ends up opening Hinase’s book only to read Shinigami to Shoujo and then she wonders why it was written 10 years ago. She remembers back to her past that 10 years ago was the first time she met her brother.

In her memory she is remembering the reactions of everyone around her whenever they heard her talking about her brother. She finally realizes that her brother never really existed in front of other people and that everyone called her a liar, because they couldn’t see him. This is where Sayo started hating her father, her real mother, and being called a liar because of all this trauma. She snaps out of her memory hysterically calling for her brother who appears and then she asks him to tell her that he’s her real brother.

Tooya doesn’t say anything however and ends up telling her that she must have realized by now that he isn’t human. Sayo has a small mental breakdown which involves yelling at Tooya to not say anything more and to tell her that he’s her brother. She asks that since he said she was his everything if she forgot him would he disappear? Tooya doesn’t respond and instead exhales shakily.

The perspective switches back to Ao in Fushimachi’s shop. A customer comes in and wants to look for a mystery book where no one dies and everyone is happy in the end. Ao finds the book for the man while he talks about how even though Ao doesn’t say much he’s always listening. After the customer leaves Ao thinks about how he didn’t return to the clock tower and instead went to the library to find Sayo. He wonders about what Sayo wanted to say to him the next time they met and then he thinks about how he wants to hear her words. He closes his book and looks up at the sky, being unable to read with his thoughts swirling around.

The next day Sayo heads off to school on a different route. She doesn’t want to pass by the clock tower, the library, or Fushimachi’s shop because she doesn’t want to meet Ao. It’s all for her brother’s sake, because now she knows that the closer she gets to Ao the greater the chance her brother will disappear. At school, she calls Nanaki to a secluded place and confirms that Chiyo was the spirit of the cosmos flowers and then asks him why Chiyo formed. She finds out that Nanaki doesn’t know why Chiyo appeared nor does he know why they can see things other people can see. He does know however that if you deny that person’s existence then they will disappear.

Walking home with Kaho, Sayo asks her if she can believe any of Sayo’s words. Kaho responds that she would believe Sayo’s words, even against the whole world because she doesn’t know people in the whole world but she does know Sayo. Sayo thanks Kaho for her words, because they reassured her. Sayo decides that other people’s words don’t matter so long as she believes in her own world.

At home she notices that her brother doesn’t need to eat at all. Lately Sayo doesn’t have much of an appetite either though and leaves a lot of food unfinished. Tooya feeds her the food until she’s done and then she returns to her room to sleep. She glares at the book that Hinase gave her and decides that it would have been better if she didn’t open it.

During lunch at school, Sayo continues to stare at Mitsuru as she thinks about the fake Hinase and wonders how he knew everything. She remembers his words about her being a princess trapped in a witch’s spell and him knowing the release words and giving her the book. Mitsuru, the real Hinase, sees her staring at him and realizes that she’s thinking about Hinase and asks if she’s bitter at the fake one. He talks about his own feelings of resentment. She tells him she isn’t bitter though, just wondering what he thought.

Mitsuru talks about how Hinase, the perfect liar, fell in love with Sayo. He also compares her to a rose which looks beautiful but hurts everyone who touches it and so no one dares to touch a rose, leaving the rose super lonely. Sayo muses on how Hinase must be a fool to have loved her then, but the fact that someone loved her like that makes her extremely happy.

After school she bumps into the librarian in the hallways who tells her that Ao has been searching for her. They make small talk about Sayo still liking books and just having been too busy to visit the library. She returns home and continues to read her books and then her brother goes into her room and hugs her. They talk about how they want to remain like this forever and then her brother pushes her to eat some more.

The next day Sayo thinks about shinigami and being the end and how she doesn’t want to meet Ao. However, the moment she steps outside she bumps into Ao who has been waiting for her because he wanted to see her face but couldn’t find her anywhere. She turns away from him and denies avoiding him as well as crying when he asks those questions. He steps closer to her and takes her hand, but she pushes him away with fright. Ao becomes silent and then asks if she’s afraid of him and when she nods and tells him that she is, he responds quietly 「そうか。それは、すまなかったな」(I see. In that case, I apologize). He leaves after that.

Sayo turns to see Tooya standing behind her and she collapses into him crying, asking that if she does this then he’ll be safe right? He quietly says that what she did will keep him from disappearing, but even though Sayo doesn’t want her brother to disappear she can’t stop crying after having rejected Ao.

The perspective switches to Ao who is reading a book in Fushimachi’s shop. He thinks he hears something and when he looks up Tooya comes in to the shop and hands him the book that Hinase gave Sayo. Ao is suspicious and doesn’t take it, but Tooya tells him that it will return his memories to him and that he’s giving it to Ao for Sayo’s sake. When Ao asks why, Tooya explains that Sayo is everything to him but that isn’t the case for him.

He knows that what Sayo is searching for isn’t him and is instead Ao and he doesn’t care if he disappears, but he doesn’t want Sayo to get hurt. He tells Ao to read the book and then he can decide to do whatever he wants, but just before he leaves he rams Ao against the wall and tells him quietly in a dangerous voice that if he hurts Sayo then the two of them will be having a confrontation.

A scene appears about a small boy with gold hair and blue eyes who doesn’t laugh or smile like the other children. He never cried when his parents died either and so everyone else in the town was afraid of him and called him a shinigami. His mother’s friend who was a great magician came by and gave the boy a book called Shinigami to Shoujo. The boy became obsessed with the book, especially the shinigami who resembled him so much with the same hair color and eye color and is always alone except for the Shoujo who travelled with him.

He is also curious about the most beautiful word in the world and ends up wanting to become a shinigami. The magician tells the boy though that there is a condition. In this world there can only be one shinigami and so if the boy wants to become a shinigami then he has to kill the real shinigami first.

The next day at lunch Sayo is asked by Nanaki to speak with him after school. She wants to keep her promise to walk home with Kaho though, but Kaho tells her that for today she’ll let Nanaki have her to see what business he has. Kaho is curious to see if Nanaki will confess because Hinase, Kaho, and Natsume all think that Nanaki has been staring at Sayo a lot and is in love with her.

Before they leave the school Sayo requests that they don’t pass by the clock tower or Fushimachi’s shop and so they end up walking to the harbour to talk. Nanaki asks her if she has a brother, because he became curious after hearing Nanaki think out loud that the Toono family only has one daughter. Sayo yells at him not to deny her brother’s existence because she has one and Nanaki tries to calm her down.

Suddenly, Ao appears in his white robes and tells Sayo that he remembers everything. He tries to get her to come to him, but she refuses and so he grabs her forcefully into him and starts to choke her. Nanaki manages to remove him and place Sayo behind his back. He asks sharply what the hell Ao was trying to do and if he knew what he was doing. Ao tells them flatly that he’s here to kill Sayo. Nanaki refuses to move and so the two glare at each other until a third voice comes in.

Tooya is behind Sayo and says slowly and in a low, dangerous voice 「よくも紗夜を傷つけてくれたな」(In the end you ended up hurting Sayo). Then he continues on 「紗夜に何かしたら俺がお前を殺すと言ったはずだが」(I told you that if you did anything to Sayo I would kill you). Ao tells him that he’s too late and that the clock has started moving. He raises his hand and Sayo starts to fall into a coughing fit and actually starts coughing blood. She faints into darkness.

Somehow she’s in a white nothingness and Ao’s voice echoes around her as he tells her that he is nothing. She tells him that she doesn’t think that, which makes him silent for a few minutes before he tells her that even so he is still nothing.

She wakes up in her room and feels someone’s hand on hers and so she calls out Ao’s name only to realize that it’s her brother. She apologizes a lot to him and tries to take back her words, but he just hugs her and tells her that it’s okay. I FEEL SO BAD FOR TOOYA.. HE HAS TO PROTECT SAYO FROM AO AND YET SHE IS STILL DRAWN TO AO DESPITE EVERYTHING WHICH MAKES IT SO THAT HE IS GOING TO DISAPPEAR 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。. She asks him what happened to Nanaki and he went home and then bursts into tears wondering why Ao tried to kill her. Tooya embraces her tightly and tells her that he’ll protect her.

The white nothingness scene is back, except this time from Ao’s perspective. He thinks her strange for refusing to think that he is nothingness and then he wakes up in the clock tower. He is waiting there for the clock tower to start moving and and for Sayo’s life to ends. He remembers back to when Tooya handed him the book in Fushimachi’s shop and how he read it and remembered everything, including the time when the magician told him that if he wanted to become a shinigami then he had to kill the real shinigami. Ao came to this country and finally found the real shinigami and now he just has to kill it.

Back in Sayo’s room she can’t leave it to go anywhere, because her body is becoming super weak and she can barely stop coughing. It’s been a while since that time when Ao tried to kill her and Nanaki has been delivering her things from everyone. He gives her a bento from Kaho and a rose from Mitsuru and mutters under his breath about how embarrassing it was to carry it all the way here, but there is affection in his voice. She asks about Ao and Nanaki tells her that no one knows where he went and Nanaki hasn’t bothered looking for him.

The perspective switches to Ao who is continuing to wait in the clock tower and re-reads the Shinigami to Shoujo book over and over again. He wonders what the Shoujo thought as she travelled with the shinigami knowing that her life was going to be taken away.

Sayo is eating the lunch that Kaho made her and Tooya tries to keep conversation going about how nice everyone is and how everyone cherishes Sayo. He tells her that she has to hurry up and become healthy so she can meet everyone again, but Sayo asks him if she’s going to die soon. This is the first time she sees Tooya angry and he slams his hand on the table and yells at her not to say such things. He shakily exclaims that 「紗夜は死なない!!俺が守ると言っただろう!!」(Sayo won’t die!! I said I was going to protect you!!).

Back to Ao in the clock tower. He thinks about the first time they met and how Sayo guided him around town and introduced him to Fushimachi. Then he remembers how they both agreed to search for the most beautiful word in the world, and when he asked her what would change when they found it, Sayo replied that she didn’t know but maybe a story would be born. He looks out of the clock tower to the sky and thinks that it’s the same color as the first time that they met.

Sayo looks out the window from her room and remembers about the first time she met Ao as well. Then she decides to re-read the Shinigami to Shoujo book, but can’t find it and then stresses her body into a coughing fit when her brother reveals that he gave it to Ao. She collapses into a faint and the next time she wakes up, Tooya tells her that he’ll explain everything to her only if she promises to go to the hospital because at this rate she’ll die. Then he reveals to her that he’s the shinigami.

The scene switches to Ao’s memory of when he first met Sayo. He remembers how he travelled far and wide and finally came to this small town in search of the shinigami and then found him beside Sayo. After Tooya sends Sayo home first, he stays behind to talk to Ao and finds out that Ao came here to kill him because he wants to be a shinigami. Ao doesn’t reveal the reason why to Tooya though. Instead, he questions if Tooya is even a real shinigami because he has emotions when shinigami are nothing.

Tooya sneers at him and his wish to kill him, telling him that nothing can harm a shinigami. Ao makes the connection that Tooya’s existence is bound to Sayo though and tells Tooya that he’ll kill Sayo and that will end Tooya’s existence. Tooya reveals his shinigami form at that and emotionlessly stops all attempts of Ao to end his life, even stopping a blade with his hand which doesn’t get cut. He tells Ao that shinigami can’t die.

However, Tooya also reveals that he can’t kill Ao because he’s just an illusion and illusions can’t harm real people. But he does have a special skill and then he takes away Ao’s memories. The scene switches back to Tooya telling Sayo the whole story and then apologizing for lying to her, but she calmly hugs him and pets his hair because she realizes that the one who has been lying has been her. She knew he was a shinigami, but just didn’t want to acknowledge it.

She talks about her past out loud. About how she loved her mother dearly and when her mother died, the shock was too great for her already weak body and she was at death’s door when she met him. She made a deal with Tooya to have her time stopped while she searched for the world’s most beautiful word, but the moment she found it she would die. Tooya then tells her that he didn’t think Ao would continue to be interested in her even after he took away his memories and underestimated him.

Then he says tiredly in a strained voice 「どうして、お前が好きになる相手が彼だったのか・・・」(Why… I didn’t expect the person you would fall in love with would be him). His voice becomes more shaky as he talks about how it would have been better for her to choose another man, or better yet not to remember anything that had to do with shinigamis and just lived out her life. Sayo responds with a question of if Tooya would then just quietly disappear from her life and Tooya doesn’t respond.

In the end however, Sayo has chosen Ao and so Tooya decided to return Ao’s memories in hopes that he gave up on killing Sayo. He was proved wrong though, but Sayo counters with the belief that Ao doesn’t really want to kill Sayo. If he really wanted to kill her then she would probably be dead, but that time at the beach he didn’t seem like he wanted to kill her. Tooya believes her and then says that he doesn’t know why Ao wants to be a shinigami so badly, but that it might have something to do with the book.

Then they talk about how Hinase seemed to have known everything and Tooya draws comparisons between the book Shinigami to Shoujo and Sayo and Ao. He realizes that it isn’t strange for them to be attracted to one another, because they’re so similar.

Back to Ao’s perspective as he stands in front of the clock tower. Fushimachi comes by and expresses his worry for Ao living in the clock tower with no food or blankets, but Ao reveals that he found a bag that Hinase left there with everything. Fushimachi is unsurprised that Ao has his memories back and seems to know everything that is going on. He tells Ao that he will always be welcome in his shop, but Ao says that this is the last time they will see each other. WHO THE HELL OR WHAT IS FUSHIMACHI!?

Sayo and Ao have their shared dream again and it continues on with Ao telling her that he is nothing, she not thinking so, him thinking so, she not thinking so. OMG I ALMOST WANT TO START PLAYING THE “YUH HUH” “NU UH” “YUH HUH” “NU UH” “YUH HUH” “NU UH” FROM EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE HERE. Ao then asks her what is he then and Sayo tries to reply but their dream ends.

Nanaki comes by at night and listens to Sayo’s whole story. He doesn’t judge her nor does he try to tell her what to do. Instead, he talks about how the world they see is much like a world reflected in a mirror and that it’s all an illusion but seems so real. Finally, she comes to a decision and he leaves to go home. Sayo goes into Tooya’s study and tells him that she loves Ao and that she wants to save him even at the cost of her own life. Tears start falling down her face as she tells him that she still loves him as her brother though and can’t believe she has to betray him like this.

Tooya tells her though that 「紗夜、それは裏切りとは違う」(Sayo, this isn’t betrayal) and 「俺達は兄弟だ。いつか、離れなければいけない。可愛い妹を他の男に渡すのは忍びないけど、それでもお前の幸せの為だ」(We’re siblings. Some day we had to let each other go. I almost cannot bring myself to give my precious sister to another man, but for the sake of her happiness I will). Sayo embraces him even as he takes the appearance of his shinigami form and she thinks about how 兄はもう私の頭を撫でてはくれなかった(My brother will no longer pat my head) and 私を抱きしめて、優しい言葉をかけてはくれなかった(I will no longer be hugged, nor will I hear his kind words).

In order to get him to disappear, Sayo has to deny his existence and so she starts by saying that she never had a brother and that his presence was never there. Her voice gets shakier and weaker as she continues on with 「『遠野十夜』という人物は・・・・最初から・・・存在しない・・・」(The person called Toono Tooya… from the start… never existed…) and then even has to say 「・・・・私は・・・・嘘を吐いていた・・・。あの日・・・・私は死神など見なかった・・・」(I.. was lying this whole time… that day… I never saw a shinigami…).

She almost falters but Tooya gently tells her that she loves Ao and wants to save him right? If so, she has to continue. She finally says goodbye to her illusion and the next thing she knows, Tooya has disappeared. OH MY GOD.. I HATE YOU AO. WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE!? THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE MOST SADDEST SCENES I HAVE EVER SEEN IN THE GAME.. EVEN WORSE THAN TOOYA’S ROUTE WITH HIM HAVING TO TAKE HER LIFE, BECAUSE I KNOW THAT TOOYA WON’T GET A HAPPY ENDING AFTER THIS. INSTEAD IT’LL ALL GO TO THAT USELESS AO… ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!!!! I DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO CRY OR RAGE.

Ao realizes something has changed in the clock tower. There are no noises yet, but he can almost hear small gears clanking and he looks at his hand. The hand of nothing. Nothing has changed and yet he feels as if there is and soon the time has come when he shall become a shinigami.

Sayo runs all the way to the clock tower. When she’s there she finds Ao already at the bottom of the clock tower looking at her and he asks her what she is doing here. She tells him that she came here to let him kill her and so then he takes the blade she gives him and pushes her down to the ground with a hand around her throat.

When she asks why he wants to be a shinigami he tells her that 「私には何もないからだ」(I am nothing), 「人らしい感情も周りにも誰も」(I have no human-like emotions), 「私は一人だった」(I am always alone), 「人々は私を畏れていた。私は他と違っていたからだ」(People are scared of me, because I am different from them), 「薄い金の髪、薄い眸の色、泣くこともしない、笑いもしない。そんな私を人は『死神』と呼んだ」(Pale gold hair, pale eyes, never crying, never smiling. Because of that people called me a shinigami), and then 「ああ。死神は『終わり』だ。私は『終わり』になりたかった。ただ、それだけのことだ」(Aah, shinigamis are the end of everything. I want to be the end of everything. That is all). YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. THAT’S YOUR REASON AO? THAT’S THE MOST SHITTIEST REASON I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF HEARING (屮゚Д゚)屮.

Sayo tells him that they’re very similar and when he asks why she tells him that he was saved by the word “shinigami” while she was saved by the word “story”. She tells him that 「私は物語を読む時、いつもこの物語がずっと読けば良いのにと思っていました」(Whenever I read a story, I always think that it would be best if it could continue on forever), 「物語はいつでもとて美しく、楽しく、私の心を響かせた」(Stories are always beautiful, fun, and resound my heart).

She says to him 「だからこそ、物語を読み終えるたびに、私の心には淋しさが残りました」(That’s why whenever a story ended, there was only sadness left in my heart) and then 「そして、私は淋しいを埋める様に次から次へと物語を求め続けた・・・・私はいつしか物語に囚われていたのです」(And so to fill up that sadness I continued to read the next story and next story… I became a person trapped in stories). I LOVE SAYO’S DESCRIPTION AND LOVE OF STORIES IN THIS GAME, BECAUSE THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. I’M GOING FROM OTOME GAME TO OTOME GAME AND DEVOURING BOOKS LEFT AND RIGHT JUST LIKE HER.

Then she tells him that he saved her and so now she’ll save him. They’re taken back to the white world of nothingness where Ao tells her that she’s nothing, but she tells him that she doesn’t think so. When he asks her what he is, she tells him that she’s not sure and he’s smug until a small hand takes his. He asks her who she is and she asks him if he doesn’t remember. As he tries to remember, he suddenly becomes a kid and realizes that he had always wanted to ask her name. Kid!Sayo asks kid!Ao his name as well and as he tries to recall they’re both teleported back to the real world.

Sayo requests for him plunge the blade down and when he asks her why she isn’t afraid of him, she tells him that it’s because she loves him. And then she kisses him. He ends up dropping the blade and is surprised to find tears coming falling from his eyes. When he asks why, Sayo gently says to him that he knows the reason why he’s crying and why he can’t kill her.

He has a midlife crisis just like Tooya about what he is if he can’t kill her and can’t become a shinigami. Sayo talks about how she knows the things he likes, the things he hates, the things he’s interested in and then talks about how there are probably more things that she doesn’t know but wants to know and that 「貴方は貴方です」(You are you).

Ao realizes that 「そうか。私は私だったのか」(I see. I am me) and Sayo laughs weakly and quietly says to him 「ええ・・・。そんな当たり前なことに気が付かないあなたはお馬鹿さんですね」(Yes. That kind obvious thing that you didn’t notice, you’re an idiot aren’t you). Ao responds in a shaky voice 「ああ。私は愚かだ・・・・」(Yes, I’m a fool…).

Sayo’s vision starts blacking out and he becomes alarmed and tells her not to die on him, but she explains to him that she can’t do that because 「それに、私はもう見つけてしまいました。この世界で一番美しい言葉」(I have already found the most beautiful word in the world) and 「だから、この旅はもう終わるのです・・・」(Therefore, this journey is already over…). Ao asks her desperately 「教えてくれ。その言葉は一体何なのだ?」(Please tell me. What is the word?), but she closes her eyes and dies. DAMN YOU GAME! TELL ME WHAT THE WORD IS BEFORE I DIE FROM CURIOSITY!

Ao is frozen above Sayo and hears Nanaki yelling his name, but his voice seems to come from a very far away place. Ao picks up Sayo and cradles her in his lap and thinks about the journey that the Shinigami and Shoujo went on and how at the end of the journey the Shoujo died and the Shinigami cried for the first time and found the most beautiful word. Then Ao thinks about how he fell in love with Sayo without even realizing it. GODDAMNIT. TELL ME THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORD (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I HAVE A BET GOING ON AND MY MONEY IS ON 『物語』(story).

He kisses her while he’s cradling her and then thinks about how it’s the fourth time they’ve kissed. The first, Sayo initiated in her room. The second, he kissed her when she was in her coma. The third, Sayo did it just recently. And the fourth and last, the one he did just now. He looks up at the sky and thinks about how it’s the color of the end rather than a threshold.

Then the scene switches to the story of the Shinigami and Shoujo’s first meeting and the story of their beautiful illusion. The magician who was Shirayuki’s good friend brought Ao over to Sayo’s country and house and told Ao to go off and play while he talked to Shirayuki. Ao bumps into Sayo who drops her book and so he picks it up to give it to her and is surprised when she isn’t scared of him at all and thanks him with a smiling face when she takes it. He is even more surprised when she takes his hand and tells him that his hair and eyes are beautiful and that if he is lost she’ll guide him around.

He doesn’t want to go anywhere though and so kid!Sayo takes kid!Ao to a bench and they sit there reading the book, or more like Sayo reads it out to him but kid!Ao doesn’t understand a word because he doesn’t understand their language. He has the feeling that the book is beautiful though and just as Sayo reaches the last part about the beautiful word a bell rings and she leaves to go find her mother for lunch, leaving the book with Ao.

The magician comes back again and calls Ao 『イリヤ』(Iriya) and tells him to treasure that book that she left him. The two of them return back to their country. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. AGAIN?! ANOTHER CLIFF HANGER WITH THE BEAUTIFUL WORD?!

The story talks about how these two people who forgot the book that brought them together, somehow managed to meet again. The first time they met is replayed in the perspective of Ao and then the story ends with how the two of them wandered around each other, circling until they finally met again. The credits roll and then the epilogue plays.

In the epilogue, everyone in the town is thanking Ao for recommending them books that they love and ask him to find them more books. They call him by name and everyone greets him warmly. He answers them back as flatly as ever, but no one is surprised and then he walks up to the hill of flowers thinking about how he doesn’t want a world without Sayo’s smiling face. As he thinks this, he hears someone call his real name and it turns out to be Sayo who didn’t actually die and was brought to the hospital. Or more like she was dead, but came back alive.

Ao talks about how he’ll remain in this country, because Fushimachi actually asked him to take over his shop which would give Ao a job here. This relieves Sayo who tells him that if he was to actually leave she would follow him despite the fact that she has to stay at the hospital for more treatments. The two of them then talk about how they met a lot of people and seen a lot of stories and learned a lot of beautiful words. Sayo wonders why the word “illusion” makes her heart hurt and tears come, but also at the same time fills her with a happy and warm feeling. TOOYA… AT LEAST AO HAS THE DECENY TO LOOK HOT IN THAT TRENCH COAT FOR THE END.

Ao wipes away her tears and tells her that he’ll always be there to wipe away her tears. Ao and Sayo share a kiss and tell each other that they love the other. Ao requests that she continue to call him Ao and then they promise to be together forever to travel around searching for the world’s most beautiful word and that they will both learn more about each other.

*** BAD ENDING ***

Sayo tells Ao that she’s not afraid of him because she loves him when he goes to find her at her house. He doesn’t understand the word “love” though and asks if it has anything to do with her tears. Suddenly, Sayo realizes that by saying this she has rejected her brother’s existence and runs back into the house to find him. But it’s too late and he’s already disappeared.

Sayo doesn’t want to be alone though and doesn’t want the story to end. The book is closed and the story ends, though.


Shinigami to Shoujo book has a new page in between the illusion roses and the black and white land with the mirror. They journey to a land that is full of nothingness and is pure white. The Shoujo muses on the fact that this country is really lonely feeling and the Shinigami says that it resembles him a lot, because it is nothing and a shinigami is nothing. The Shoujo hugs the Shinigami’s back and cries on him and when he asks why, she tells him it’s because he seemed very sad. They continue on.

In the first country they met.
In the second country they both looked at the sky.
In the third country they touched for the first time.
In the fourth country they had a fight.
In the fifth country they held hands.
In the sixth country they laughed.

After the endless spiralling staircase they travel to a country that has no time and is an endless night. The Shinigami recalls their journey through the countries, the people they met, all the things they learned, and all the words that they discovered.

Their first country was filled with blue skies.
Their second country was filled with flying caged fish.
Their third country was the underwater dream world.
Their fourth country was filled with human-like cats.
Their fifth country was filled with lying roses.
Their sixth country was filled with flowers.
Their seventh country was filled with white nothingness.
Their eigth country was filled with mirrors.
Their ninth country was filled with darkness and full of illusions.
Their tenth country has no time and is an endless night.

The Shoujo collapses into the Shinigami’s arms and is dying. He becomes hysterical at the thought of her dying and tells her that it’s all his fault for taking her on this journey, but the Shoujo reassures him that by being on this journey she had the chance to live and learn new things and see new things. The Shinigami tells her that he won’t take her life away, but the Shoujo tells him that it’s too late because she found the world’s most beautiful word and so now her journey has ended.

He asks her to tell him what the most beautiful word is, but she tells him that he already knows it and that it’s close beside him. She dies and he cries over her body and thinks about her words and remembers how everyone now called his name and treated him warmly and realizes that the word that is the most beautiful and everlasting is… he looks behind him and 『愛する者の名を呼んだ』(says his loved one’s name).

Suddenly the world is changed and the Shinigami is no longer a shinigami but a human. The Shoujo who was a princess is no longer a princess but a girl. Together, they will continue to journey to learn things they never knew and finds more beautiful words. They will share their happiness, pain, and triumps together. HUH… TOTALLY WASN’T EXPECTING THAT FOR AN ANSWER. IT SOMEHOW FITS YET I WAS EXPECTING SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I GUESS I LOSE THE BET.

*** ATOGAKI ***

Fushimachi is talking to himself about how now the two of them will be happy starting from now. Someone enters the shop and it turns out to be Nanaki who asks Fushimachi to explain the truth of everything and reveals that he knows that Toono Tooya never existed. Fushimachi agrees with everything Nanaki says and tells him that him, Sayo, and Ao are the only three people who possess the ability to see things different from the world.

Nanaki wonders if had he noticed things a bit earlier, he would have been able to save Sayo. Fushimachi tells him that she would never have listened to his words, because her whole being was filled with Toono Tooya. Nanaki still has one question though, because even though Toono Tooya didn’t exist the books that he wrote did. Nanaki accuses Fushimachi of being the real Toono Tooya who wrote the books and asks why he did that.

Fushimachi explains that he did it for Sayo’s sake, to continue her illusion and keep her from shattering apart. He talks about Sayo’s past and how her beloved step-mother, Shirayuki, took her own life and the shock destroyed Sayo’s weak body and sent her spiralling to death. He tells Nanaki that Sayo really loved his book, Shinigami to Shoujo, and saw herself in the Shoujo and therefore started looking for her own Shinigami to save her.

Then he tells the story of how Sayo saw a shinigami appear in front of her and they made a promise about finding the beautiful word and then the Shoujo had to die since her journey is over. Nanaki asks if people can die just like that, and Fushimachi explains that Sayo’s body was returning to her weak state. He also reveals that the fake!Hinase knew everything and Nanaki is surprised.

The fake Hinase probably learned from when he investigated Sayo’s circumstance and found that she never had a brother called Toono Tooya, but that the name was being used by another human. They talk about how he would have stayed by her side and slowly broke her free from her spell, but then he ran out of time when the real Hinase came back.

He could have killed the real Hinase and taken his place, but he didn’t because he decided to take a gamble. He wanted to see who Sayo would choose with her own choice. GOD, HINASE YOU HAVE TO STOP BEING SO AWESOME BEFORE I BECOME EVEN MORE OBSESSED WITH YOU!

Fake!Hinase knew she wouldn’t choose him though and so set up the circumstances for her to free herself. He left her the clock tower key and the book, so that when she went to get them she would see/hear the two keywords of “stopped time” and “Shinigami to Shoujo”. Fushimachi applauds the fake Hinase for being such a skilled thief.

Anyway, returning back to the story, Fushimachi talks about how the book Shinigami to Shoujo is something he wrote for Sayo and based it off of her. He talks about how at the same time he was telling the story to Sayo, he also met a boy in another country who thought of himself as the Shinigami and how the two lives became intertwined in the story. It was inevitable that the “Shinigami” and “Shoujo” would meet, but there was a problem. Two shinigami’s appeared.

Fushimachi knew both Ao’s mother and Sayo’s mother and the three of them were good friends. They loved to listen to his stories and so he wrote that Shinigami to Shoujo story for Sayo’s sake so that someone could save her and make her happy. He looks at Sayo as if she were his own daughter. He tells Nanaki that Sayo’s saviours are definitely Ao and Toono Tooya, but Nanaki and fake!Hinase could have also done it.

Fushimachi then talks about how every story needs a writer and that he was the writer for this one. If he could do it, he would write a story that could give aid to people. Nanaki realizes that his existence was never written in the story and that was why he could see everything that was happening. He doesn’t know what he is, just that he isn’t human nor of the Kirishima family. Even Fushimachi doesn’t know how he came into the story. EH? EVEN NANAKI ISN’T A HUMAN? SO MANY SUPERNATURAL BEINGS.

Then Fushimachi goes on a talk about what stories are. He says 「物語は始まり、物語は続く、物語は世界だ、物語は自由だ、物語は嘘だ、物語は憧れだ、物語は過去だ、物語は幻想だ」(Stories are the beginning, stories occur again and again, stories are the world, stories are freedom, stories are lies, stories are yearned for, stories are the past, stories are illusions) and then 「そして、物語は終わり」(And stories are the end). Nanaki tells him that that’s not true though and that stories never end so long as there are people reading them. I LOVE ALL THE STORY DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS STORY (*´ω`*).

Fushimachi asks what he will do now that he knows the truth. Nanaki tells him that he won’t do anything even when Fushimachi tells him that he may be able to end this world. Nanaki says that he grew to have feelings for this world and that he doesn’t remember if anything exists outside of this and he wants Sayo to be happy. Fushimachi asks if Nanaki liked her to which he responds with “No comment”. They both agree that they wish for the Shoujo in Fushimachi’s story to be able to grasp her happiness.

Nanaki muses on how 「これは悲劇の物語でも喜劇の物語でもない。美しい幻想物語」(This is neither a tragic story nor is it a comedic story. This is a story of beautiful illusions) and then says 「孤独な死神と孤独な少女が出会い、そして最後には幸せな終わりを迎える」(The meeting of a lonely Shinigami and lonely Shoujo and how at the conclusion they approach their happy ending) and ends with 「死神と少女の物語だ」(The story of the Shinigami and Shoujo). ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF READING WITH EVERYTHING  HAVING A PLACE IN THE PLOT AND BELIEVABLE CHARACTERS. NO ONE WAS BRUSHED OFF TO THE SIDE AND I’M CONSTANTLY AMAZED AT HOW FAKE!HINASE CONTINUES TO APPEAR THROUGHOUT EVERYONE ELSE’S ROUTES.

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    lenaleemelodee said:
    January 31, 2016 at 07:32

    This is very random but I’ve started playing Taishou x Alice which has the same script writer as Shinigami to Shoujo and Love Solfege for the OST part. And I can totally recommend it. It has a similar (in a way) pattern as StS storyline . I guess it’s a bit more mild and not as fairy-tale as StS but it’s still a 童話 and I loved every bit of it. It has hints thrown here and there and I guess that you won’t understand what exactly is going on until you play all the CDs. It’s a shame it’s PC though, since I don’t have much time when I’m at home.
    But please give it a try! I’m in the middle of post-game bliss right now as my expectations were 90% met^^

      Ilinox responded:
      February 11, 2016 at 00:42

      I’ve heard so many good things about Taishou x Alice so it’s definitely on my list. I hear that it’s connected segments too kind of like Hana Awase, which is totally up my alley.

      Did you hear about how it’s getting ported to the PS Vita all-in-one? Kind of a shame for the PC users since the 4th one just came out I thought but I might just wait for that to come out ;;; Aw, it’s great to hear that you liked it so much though.

    Brooke said:
    May 18, 2013 at 10:57

    The beautiful word takes time to realize, it’s different in each route I believe. The beautiful word is Iryia. It is your lovers name, (Toonya, Nanaki, etc.) it just takes time I realize how beautiful that word is.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 19, 2013 at 20:22

      Yep, congratulations on finding it! It was a bit hard when I was first playing this game because my Japanese wasn’t as great as it is now and they wrote it in so smoothly that it looked like they left it out again, haha. This game was just unbelievably well-written though and no one can argue against your loved one’s name not being the most beautiful word.

    twentyninenights said:
    August 25, 2011 at 11:36

    Finally completed Ao’s route, full of surprises! Can’t get enough surprise in every chapter of this game…

    Uhm, how Sayo can recover is really surprising me. Well, she is near death that time, and she can fully recovered (But I thought she was really dead that time, when Ao was really sad. He even asked her what kind of stop is that.). And yes, I’m curious ’til now, what the most beautiful word is. That never get explained. For me, I would think she reffered it to “Ao” itself because of the connection it had from the shinigami Ao. And the word is mentioned throughout this game’s story, about the night sky color, etc. But I don’t know too…

      Ilinox responded:
      August 25, 2011 at 12:08

      Haha, yep! Finally completed~. I was surprised too at Sayo recovering.. like what the heck? She died in Tooya’s route.. why couldn’t she die in Ao’s route too Orz?

      From what it seems, it looks like the most beautiful word is 「愛する者の名前」. The name of the person you love. It makes sense I suppose since that thing is eternal, unique, everlasting, blah blah. I was expecting something different though like 幻想、終わり、物語 Orz. I suppose if you think about it really hard.. those things aren’t really beautiful words except for 物語 maybe, because stories can become anything. Isn’t that beautiful? xDDDDD

        twentyninenights said:
        August 25, 2011 at 13:30

        Many speculations about the word. I think it’ll be up to Sayo, then? I think she doesn’t say that she has know the word in other route except Ao (that makes me think the word is ‘ao’, or it makes me think that TAKUYO wants it, that the hero has to be Ao)… But in the end, TAKUYO didn’t reveal it. I wonder why. To make this looks like a mysterious game? Or to make it like what we wanted the word will be (being the heroine in our story and searching it for ourselves)?

        Ilinox responded:
        August 25, 2011 at 13:46

        She does tell Tooya that she knows what the most beautiful word is though and that’s why she has to die by his hands. Too bad Tooya tells her not to tell him and that he doesn’t want to know, because he wants to try and keep her alive Orz.

        TAKUYO didn’t explicitedly reveal it so you might be right about them wanting the readers to find their own beautiful word or come to their own conclusions. Darn.. I’m not sure I really like ambiguous endings like that xDD. I guess I’ll keep with my speculations~.

        twentyninenights said:
        August 25, 2011 at 15:00

        Right. Here goes my unbelievable quick speed to remember and quick speed to forget things…(again)!

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