Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Chiyo ~

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Chiyo (千代)
CV: Nojima Kenji (野島 健児)

Chiyo’s personality can be likened to a puppy. He doesn’t hide any of his feelings and is enthusiastic in everything that he does. He clearly has affection for Sayo, but there’s a mystery with who and what he is because he doesn’t remember who he is. He’s also a childhood friend of Nanaki’s.

(Chiyo’s route unfolds exactly the same way Nanaki’s route plays out, therefore I’m only writing out the bare minimum of details and the differences once they start happening).

His route starts off with another rejection to Hinase. Nanaki and Chiyo walk Sayo home and then she gets accosted by the real Hinase who pushes her against the wall. Nanaki and Chiyo come back and save her and then they decide to confront the fake Hinase at school. Tooya tells Sayo the story about the traveller and the two boys, one who always speaks the truth and the other always speaks a lie.

They confront the fake Hinase at school who invites them over to his house. Nanaki, Chiyo, and Sayo discuss this with Ao who comes along because he wants to know how the story is going to play out. Hinase’s grandmother insults Ao, but Sayo doesn’t defend him this time. The fake Hinase takes them up to his room and answers questions about his past as well as showing them his photo album.

The real Hinase arranges for a daily meeting at Fushimachi’s shop during the night and Sayo agrees to help him expose the fake Hinase. Kaho asks if she can go over to Sayo’s house to teach her to cook and they make cookies. While Sayo shares them with the real Hinase and then the fake Hinase in the next day, she gets the idea of how to tell the two apart and asks to meet them at Hinase’s house.

She exposes the fake Hinase and he applauds her for being so sharp. Then he runs away to the harbour and leaves her the clock tower key and the book in the tower. The real Hinase is also up at the clock tower. The chapter ends with the fake Hinase’s devotion and love for Sayo being explained.

*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Nanaki asks Sayo for help in locating the real Hinase who ran away from all the studying that Nanaki is forcing on him. They spend time together in the park and then head to the flower field where Hinase asks Nanaki about his type of girl. Sayo becomes embarrassed when Chiyo compliments her about being a sakura-like person and that he loves sakura.

At home, Sayo becomes a little mad when her brother says that she isn’t a traditional kind of girl but ends up laughing with him because it’s true. The next few days Sayo recruits Natsume to help Kaho study and the two girls find out that Natsume is now working as the mascot Wilhelm. The three of them then go out to lunch together and Sayo finds Chiyo and asks him to accompany them. She holds hands with him.

One day at school, Nanaki gives her a bracelet for thanks when she lent him her handkerchief. Sayo dreams about the sakura tree story and the person wanting to see the spring sakura. Chiyo has a fight with Nanaki and doesn’t come to school anymore and seems to be avoiding Nanaki. Sayo finds Chiyo staring at the barren sakura trees and gives him the bracelet that she made. He receives it with a lot of enthusiasm and this makes her embarrassed.

Sayo continues dreaming about the sakura tree and some scenes from Nanaki’s and Chiyo’s past is shown. The window breaking scene and hospital scene where Nanaki pats Sayo’s head is shown and then the two of them set off to go and find Chiyo to patch up their relationship. Unfortunately, they find out that Nanaki has lost the ability to see Chiyo for some reason.

She yells out Chiyo’s name and grabs him by the arm to let Nanaki know where Chiyo is. Chiyo thinks that this is all a bad joke though and runs off. Sayo tries to chase after him, but she loses him really fast and apologizes a lot to Nanaki. Nanaki keeps an emotionless face on though and Sayo angrily asks if he isn’t going to bother searching for his precious friend, but then realizes that there is nothing both of them can do with Nanaki not being able to see Chiyo and so they both apologize to one another.

Sayo comes up with the idea to ask Ao about this and so they head off to Fushimachi’s shop. Ao isn’t there though and so they decide to leave the search for Chiyo until the next day. They wander around the town until it’s night when they stop at the clock tower. Chiyo appears and talks about how he doesn’t want to be alone and this prompts Sayo to tell him that she’s there for him and that she knows she can’t replace Nanaki, but at least she can keep him company.

Nanaki is surprised and asks angrily if she knows what she’s saying. Sayo yells back that what does it matter when Chiyo is clearly hurting and feeling alone. Nanaki tells her that Chiyo isn’t a human, but Sayo isn’t dissuaded and grabs on to Chiyo’s hand and tells Nanaki that she will never let go of that hand no matter what he says. Nanaki ends up crossing his arms and hissing at her to do what she wants.

Sayo takes Chiyo’s hand and they walk off together, leaving Nanaki to yell at them before he gives up and curses. Chiyo apologizes to Sayo because he knows that Nanaki is right and that he’s wrong, because he really isn’t human. Sayo tells him that she doesn’t think so and that if she ends up being wrong then she doesn’t want what everyone deems as “right”. Chiyo quietly says that she’s a very kind person.

Then he tries to dissuade her from being together with him, because he doesn’t want other people to call her insane or think of her as being touched in the head for talking to herself or the air. Sayo tells him not to worry about that, because she doesn’t care about things like that. Chiyo confesses to her though and says that he likes her and so can’t stand for people to talk bad about her. Suddenly, he realizes that he just confessed to her and becomes super embarrassed and apologizes before running off.

Sayo is too slow to stop him and then Nanaki comes upon her asking her what she’s doing standing around at night in an angry voice. Then he realizes that she must have been talking to Chiyo and then tiredly explains to her that Chiyo likes Sayo and probably from the first time he saw her. I HOPE WE DON’T GO INTO THE PAST AND SEE THE EXTENT OF CHIYO’S STALKER-LIKE TENDENCIES. GOING THROUGH IT THE FIRST TIME IN NANAKI’S PATH WAS ENOUGH FOR ME (´-ω-`).

Nanaki escorts Sayo the rest of the way home and then she thinks about Chiyo’s words in her room by herself. The next day, she’s out at the park thinking about what it means to see things that other people can’t see. She also thinks about the meaning of loneliness and compares her loneliness to other people only to realize how foolish that is. Nanaki finds her and tells her that he’s been searching for her and then takes a seat beside her on the bench.

He apologizes to her for losing his temper yesterday. Sayo wonders out loud why Nanaki lost the ability to see things that other people can’t see and Nanaki hypothesizes that it’s because he doesn’t need the ability anymore. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t need the ability anymore though. Then she asks him if he’s sad and he answers that of course he’s sad, because Chiyo is his childhood friend and his best friend.

Then Nanaki slowly talks about the first time he and Chiyo met and how his family told him not to talk about the things he could see. He talks about how he saw Chiyo in the flower field always alone and finally called out to him one day. They quickly became friends and spent years with one another, but Nanaki has realized that Chiyo isn’t a person and will outlast their lives. He warns Sayo against accepting Chiyo’s feelings, because Chiyo will either disappear or outlive them and they will just hurt Chiyo by leaving him all alone.

Nanaki also reveals that the person who Chiyo’s existence is now bound to is Sayo’s. He tells Sayo not to meet Chiyo anymore, but she refuses and says that she promised not to let go of his hand and yet she did. Then strangely, Nanaki smiles and urges her to go to Chiyo to apologize. She accuses him of lying and tells him that she thought he hated lying, to which Nanaki says that he does but there are moments where lies are needed.

They head off to the flower field and find Chiyo there. He apologizes for running off and leaving Sayo alone in the night, but she apologizes back to him for breaking her promise and releasing his hand. He tells her that he was the one who did it first and then tells her that finally knows what his real name is and that he can’t be with her. Sayo yells at him not to say it and begs for them to remain like they are, but Chiyo continues on gently talking about how he finally understands the meaning of putting the person you love first.

He tells her that he can’t make her happy and that he was glad to meet her, the spring sakura. Sayo interrupts him and tells him that she didn’t answer his words from yesterday and so Chiyo softly asks her what her feelings are. She tells him that she wants to spend the spring watching the sakura with him, she wants to go to the sea during the summer, she wants to spend all the days of the year with him. She wants to have a fight with him, be sad with him, and then become happy with him.

Sayo tells him that she wants the chance to be with him like this and to be together for a long time. Chiyo looks away with a pained face and talks about how the person he likes is crying and yet he can’t do anything like hug her or wipe her tears away because he isn’t human.

The two of them are both standing there in silence until Nanaki interrupts with a rebuke toward Chiyo. He angrily says to the air “Chiyo! Are you just going to stand there and let the woman you like cry?!” and this causes Chiyo to realize that he should do something. GOD CHIYO.. USELESS EVEN IN THIS. NANAKI MADE ME LAUGH THOUGH WITH HIS COMMAND FOR CHIYO TO DO SOMETHING.

He wipes away her tears and goes to hold her hands, but his own hands are fading out of existence. This causes Sayo to cry some more and she lowers her head, but Chiyo raises it again and calls her “Sayo-san” for the first time and kisses her on the cheek. He tells her that he really loves her and that unfortunately this is a goodbye kiss. He tells the two of them not to be too sad though, because he’s returning to his original form and that he’ll watch over them.

Then he exclaims in a strong voice 「俺の真の名は秋桜。秋の桜」(My real name is Cosmos. The sakura of the fall). He talks about how he will be everywhere in this country in the form of this flower and he will watch over everyone especially 「愛した人達が存在するこの世界を永遠に」(My loved one’s existences in this world… eternally). He disappears after a strong wind comes.

In the epilogue, the story about the sakura tree is told again and it speaks of how the fall sakura really wants to meet the spring sakura. Its heartfelt wish is granted and he has another human form. He searches the world for the girl that he wants to meet, the spring sakura, and finally finds her and travels to her. The next scene shows someone who looks like Chiyo talking about how the flowers look very pretty at this time of year and a girl answers back in a kind voice that she thinks so too.

4 thoughts on “Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Chiyo ~

    twentyninenights said:
    August 27, 2011 at 05:19

    What do you think of Chiyo? I think, he’s the one I most can’t like in this game since he’s unreliable, loud and noisy, also.. he still disappear in the end (it seems useless?). But I can’t hate him, so I don’t dislike him either.

    Even if he is like that, Chiyo have the same tragic story as the other.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 27, 2011 at 11:14

      I think he’s really boring, haha. Half of his route was just Nanaki’s over again and then in the end he disappears so easily without even doing anything. I don’t know.. through most of his route I was sleepy, impatient, and bored. I agree with the unreliable part (doesn’t even know what to do when Sayo is crying and only does something when Nanaki yells at him) and loud (always so genki.. I don’t like genki characters) part.

      I liked his story concept and it was sort of sad, but at the same time I was so distanced from his character that I couldn’t really sympathize xDDD;; It was just like “Oh, that’s sad” and that was it.

      What was with the end by the way? Is that Chiyo’s new form when his flowers are alive again and is that Sayo’s reincarnation? I was a bit confused there.

        twentyninenights said:
        August 27, 2011 at 15:36

        Haaa… Too bad yeah, his story doesn’t leave much impression since it’s similar to Kirishima Nanaki and just a short one without telling any new secret. I, myself, doesn’t really like that genki chara too.

        The end is like, ‘leave to our own imagination’? That again, that’s why he still can’t give me excitement. Rather than lover, I will think of it as another close friend for Sayo..

        Ilinox responded:
        August 27, 2011 at 15:49

        Un un. I totally friend-zoned Nanaki and Chiyo xDDD. They’re not good romantic characters at all..

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