Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Miyazawa Kaho ~

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Miyazawa Kaho (宮沢 夏帆)
CV: Nonaka Ai (野中 藍)

Kaho is Sayo’s precious friend and she doesn’t hide her own affection for Sayo. She is very talented at cooking as well as being talented at making accessories like corsages. She loves to make food for Sayo and just take care of Sayo in general. Kaho is a girl who enjoys cute things and knows that she’s adorable as well.

(This post contains Kaho’s route as well as all the missing scenes after having gone through everyone else’s route. These missing scenes involve using the Kotonoha words that become unlocked as the game progresses).

Starts from Chapter 3. Sayo is drawn into the cooking contest proposed by Hinase without a choice even though she refuses clearly and bluntly. Kaho reassures her by telling her to make what she wants and that if anyone insults her cooking she’ll hit them. Sayo laughs at that and tells her that she’ll be relying on Kaho then.

Sayo is going to make a teriyaki sandwhich bento. On the day of the bento contest, Sayo refuses to let Hinase feed her but allows Kaho to do so. In the end, Sayo wins because Natsume loves teriyaki and so just chose hers for the heck of it. Kaho convinces Sayo to allow her to prepare bentos for the two of them from now on.

When Hinase asks if Sayo hates Natsume, she responds that she just dislikes him. Kaho interrupts though and asks if Sayo likes her bento, to which Sayo replies that she really does and it’s as tasty as always. This makes Hinase sigh in envy and ask if Kaho can make his too, but Kaho refuses. Nanaki chides Sayo for not making her own bento and this makes Kaho annoyed because she wants to make bentos for Sayo.

While they’re running around looking for Wilhelm who stole Natsume’s doll, Kaho grabs on to Sayo’s arm and tells her not to push herself too hard and so they walk together to the clock tower. The usual scene happens with Natsume’s story being told and Nanaki and Natsume chasing after Wilhelm to see who is underneath the suit.

Sayo asks Ao what the doll is saying and he tells her that the doll is saying that it is happy. This prompts Sayo to hug Kaho and tell her that when Kaho is around she becomes happy. Kaho returns the sentiment.

The epilogue consists of Kaho’s memories and how the first time she saw Sayo she was surprised at how princess-like she was. At first, she thought that everyone was being excited for nothing because rich kids weren’t anything special at a school for rich people, but Sayo was very beautiful. Kaho notices though that Sayo doesn’t have many friends and likens her to a rose being beautiful but having thorns.

Kaho didn’t have many friends because she was so cute that other girls grew jealous of her, especially when the boys continued to praise Kaho. They felt like their boyfriends were being stolen and so Kaho was always alone. Then one day the fight with the other girl happened over Kaho’s parents and she fought back, because she can’t forgive anyone who insults her parents. Sayo steps in and this made Kaho extremely happy to have her first friend and supporter.

The true epilogue shows Kaho and Sayo wearing each other’s hairstyles for one day. Kaho thinks about how Sayo convinces everyone of how mature she is, but in reality she’s the same age as Kaho and so Kaho will wait for the day when Sayo expresses her true feelings and worries to Kaho and cries in front of Kaho. She thinks about how she’ll wipe Sayo’s tears away and make her delicious foods.

Then Kaho starts thinking about how every lunchtime has become a fun time, despite the fact that she has to share Sayo. But, in her mind, so long as Sayo is happy then she is happy because she really loves Sayo.

*** PROLOGUE ***

Sayo is late getting home because she spent too much time in the library reading books and then was distracted looking up at the clock tower. Tooya comes to find her at the clock tower and talks about how worried he was when she didn’t come back home promptly. She thanks him for his worry and apologizes for not noticing the time. He says to her that she’s his most precious person in the world and this makes Sayo happy.

She mentions that she loves the color of the night and how it isn’t just the color black. Tooya agrees and tells her that he also loves the night and then he has a shocked face when he sees something behind her. He tells Sayo to head home first because he just remembered that he had some business. This is where Tooya met Ao and took his memories. The rest of the game continues on as usual.

*** CHAPTER 1 (ENDING 2) ***

The story of Tomoe and her lover is told from the perspective of the fianceé. She talks about how while out walking one day with him she noticed a girl that was the opposite of her looking at him with love and realized that the two loved each other. She knew that her soon-to-be-husband would never love her the same way he did the other girl and that because of that, she would never be able to love him the same way either.

She talks about how she felt extreme jealousy and then one day her fiance told her that he loved the other girl and apologized because he was going to leave with her. But then he was killed in the car accident and so she decided to visit Tomoe only to realize that Tomoe’s story was over, because she forgot everything about the teacher and the fact that he was dead. She decided to take the place of Tomoe’s sister and cut her hair, because even though Tomoe’s story was over hers was not and she would make sure it continued.

*** CHAPTER 4 (37-2) ***

Kaho asks Sayo after school what she should prepare in the bento. Sayo tells her that anything she makes will definitely be delicious, which makes Kaho happy but doesn’t help her decide what to make. She tries to decide between puddings and some other sweet foods before asking Sayo if she likes Japanese-style dishes. Sayo tells her that she does and so Kaho decides to make that.

In class though Kaho asks if it’s alright if she makes it with the help of Sayo, because she thinks it’ll be more fun if they prepare it together. Sayo agrees which makes Kaho really happy.

At lunch the next day, Sayo asks Natsume if he hates her. Everyone is shocked at her bluntness and then even more shocked at Natsume’s blunt answer of “I do”. Kaho doesn’t forgive Natsume for calling Sayo annoying though and not liking her and so she thumps him on the back and the two start squabbling, making Nanaki sigh and Chiyo muse on how they seem like good friends.

*** HINASE (25-2) ***

The girl that was in the classroom with Hinase turns out to be his partner-in-crime. She disguised herself as a student in order to pass information on to the fake!Hinase easier. The two of them talk about how the real Hinase has appeared, which fake!Hinase already knows because he was confronted by the real one. She asks why he doesn’t just reveal himself and demand a DNA test, but fake!Hinase answers that those take time and the real Hinase is afraid that no one will believe him to the be the real one.

Fake!Hinase knows most of Hinase’s life and can answer any questions about things that happened through his life. He also resembles the ideal!Hinase more than the real one does and he knows that the real one is afraid to show himself because of that. And the real!Hinase’s confidence is shaken by the fact that no one, not even his own grandmother, doubts the fake!Hinase. The girl asks why they don’t just kill the real Hinase, but the fake!Hinase replies that he doesn’t kill people. He just deceives them.

They both notice someone is coming, though Hinase knows that it’s Sayo. The girl is impressed that he doesn’t even need to see her face and knows her presence, but tells him that she’ll leave then. Hinase stops her though and tells her that they should make a cover and play it out. The girl calls him evil for doing that and Hinase just smirks. The rest of the classroom scene plays out with Hinase getting Sayo to promise to go out on a date with him.

The other missing scene is Hinase talking to his partner again after going out with Sayo and becoming her boyfriend. She tells him that all the preparations are made and then asks him why he is going out with Sayo. Fake!Hinase doesn’t respond, but loses the smile on his face and he stares at her silently.

She asks him why he doesn’t just rob the Hinase family blind and leave, since he has had plenty of opportunities and time to do so but instead he’s wasting time with Sayo. He tells her that she asked two questions instead of one and she apologizes, but he answers her anyway. He tells her that it’s a game. He’s betting on whether Sayo will come to like him or if she will choose someone else. He doesn’t answer her second question about why he doesn’t steal the money and leave.

Another scene happens the day before the real!Hinase returns to his house. The girl talks about how Hinase has deceived Sayo to the very end and now he is going to betray her. She wonders out loud how Sayo will react and fake!Hinase says quietly that she’ll probably cry. The girl asks how Hinase managed to get Sayo to love him and he simply says that he was reciting the words of a magician.

The girl then informs Hinase that he can’t return back to the house, because the real!Hinase is going to be there. Fake!Hinase doesn’t mind since he has moved everything of his to another safe place and all the plans are set. She asks about what he will do with Sayo and fake!Hinase mentions in a low voice that she seems to be quite curious about Sayo. In the end, he says that he plans to release her even though it’d be a waste for such a beautiful person.

Then he requests a service from her. He wants her to give the clock tower key to Sayo after he is gone. The girl asks why he doesn’t just do it himself, but Hinase just shrugs and says that Sayo will probably think it’s a lie if he gives it to her himself. She asks what he will do if Sayo doesn’t come, but Hinase tells her that Sayo will. He doesn’t believe in god, but he thinks that there is a fate that is moving them.

*** CHAPTER 6 (3-1) ***

While Sayo is in her coma, Ao and Nanaki come to her house to try and wake her up. Ao looks at her sleeping form and mentions out loud about how it resembles a sleeping princess and then he tells her sleeping form that she is beautiful, even when sleeping, but the lively her that he knows is even more beautiful. Tooya’s voice is shocked in the background as he wonders if Ao is developing feelings for Sayo and then he grimaces.

Ao ignores Tooya and tells Sayo that she had asked for him to save her and so now he will give her his response. He leans over her and pets her hair before kissing her. Nanaki makes a shocked exclamation in the background while Tooya grits his teeth and exhales shakily. Ao doesn’t really understand why he kissed her, but remembered from a story he read about the way to release a sleeping princess from a witch’s spell. Sayo wakes up after he releases her lips.

*** BLUE CHAPTER (39-2) ***

Takes place in the perspective of Nanaki and is just after Ao raises his arm and forces Sayo into a coughing fit strong enough for her to cough blood. She collapses into Nanaki and he gives her to Tooya before he looks for Ao, but Ao has disappeared. He shakily thinks out loud if Ao is really a shinigami, but Tooya tells him that Ao is only human and emphasizes the word human in a disgusted tone. Nanaki tells him that Ao may not be a shinigami, but he certainly isn’t a human either.

Then Tooya tells Nanaki that he has always wanted to talk to him, to which Nanaki says that he wanted to talk to Tooya too. Nanaki asks if they should bring Sayo to the hospital, but Tooya confidently informs Nanaki that the time hasn’t come yet and so Sayo will be fine for now. They return back to Sayo’s house and Tooya explains everything to him.

And then Tooya gives Nanaki a responsibility. He wants Nanaki to continue reading the Shinigami to Shoujo book until the very end and so basically wants him to overlook the whole story.

5 thoughts on “Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Miyazawa Kaho ~

    twentyninenights said:
    August 27, 2011 at 05:06

    You’ve finished it already? Congratulations! This is a hard work, isn’t it?

    I thought Kaho’s route was so much into yuri since at the end, Sayo would said she always love her (Urm, I’m fine with girl’s relationships as long as they don’t say love to each other). But in here, they seems to always be together (sadly). Plus, there’s no guy for Sayo…

    For kotonoha system, the real thing for me are just at Ao, who kisses Sayo in sleep, Tooya at prologue, and for ‘fake’ Hinase with the woman he knows. The other are just added dialogue. Oh by the way, did you had all the scene for it? ’cause I lost ONE box…!!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 27, 2011 at 11:19

      どもありがとう! It was a lot of hard work going through Ao’s missing scene with the one where he kisses Sayo in her sleep. Playing through the whole game again from the prologue was exhausting @_@.. thankfully I was just skipping to the next choice through all the chapters.

      Really? I just found Kaho’s route as an “extreme friendship” route and that the two of them were just really good friends xDD;. But yeah, normally I’m not interested in girl routes >_<. I'm playing otome games for a reason!

      I collected all of the scenes :). Which one are you missing? I know there was an annoying one in Chapter 4 and Hinase's I think? Hinase's continues until when Sayo meets him at the harbour I think.. and the Kaho one in Chapter 4 you need to play until Chapter 4 ends.

        twentyninenights said:
        August 27, 2011 at 15:32

        No. It’s not in chp 4. But I guess, it’s already not needed since I’m too lazy to complete it anymore. And yeah, playing through it again for depth really made me tired…

        And next is Amnesia? Maybe I’ll play that one too since Nise fd bored me.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 27, 2011 at 15:51

        Oh, in that case I’m not sure where your missing scene is. It probably isn’t too important if you’ve already seen the important ones like Ao’s, Hinase’s, and Tooya’s prologue. The rest of the missing scenes are just boring Kaho ones Orz.

        Yep! Next is Amnesia~ I’ve been looking forward to it :D. I’ve wanted to play Nise no Chigiri, but the fact that there’s an ojii-san route makes me.. D:!

        twentyninenights said:
        August 27, 2011 at 22:53

        It’s the reason why I choose to play it after Amnesia then (and goes to my waiting list again because I prefer Amnesia)… I can’t stand too much older character than me! Argh, why, they love to make chara that’s too old>? It’s not my preference, as if the heroine will be his slave or what… And the first game, I just skip reading the ojiisan just to get the CG. That makes me think twice to play the fd route for him again.

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