Amnesia ~ Ikki ~

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Ikki (イッキ)
CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山 紀章)

Ikki is a very devoted and affectionate man. Although he seems like a playboy at first glance, there is much more to his character than is first revealed. His route focuses a lot on his story and his eyes and not much is revealed about why the heroine lost her memories. However,  the fact that the story is focused on Ikki doesn’t make his route any less enjoyable. He genuinely adores and loves the heroine and the depths of his affection can be clearly seen in his bad and normal routes.

The game starts with a trippy blue tyedyed screen. A mysterious voice worriedly mutters that this is bad if he killed a human, because he’ll be punished. The heroine opens her eyes to see a young boy with horns standing in front of her asking her if she’s alright and that he was worried he might have accidently killed her. He tells her that he’s a ghost, asks if she can see him, and then talks about how she’s surprisingly calm.

The ghost boy introduces himself as Orion and talks about how he came to the real world for some business and somehow managed to accidently make the heroine lose her memories. He’s really apologetic and will travel with her and do anything to help her regain them, although he informs her that he can’t touch anything and nothing can touch him. Other people won’t be able to see him, either.

The heroine doesn’t remember her name at all and so has to make one up. From now on, she will call herself Lin. Orion explains that right now they’re in a parallel world and so they need to return to her world, but he also gives her instructions not to let anyone know of her memory loss because she might be cheated or lied to. He tells her to close her eyes and pick a world that she wishes to return to, because he can’t remember where she came from. Lin chooses the world of spades.

8月1日. Orion decides to start the search for Lin’s memories by asking her family members, except it turns out that she’s living alone. He was wandering around Lin’s house while she slept and found out that it was the start of August and that it doesn’t seem like she has any relatives. He suggests looking through her things for clues. They look through her bag and find out that she’s a first year university student and that her name really is Lin.

They score by finding her cellphone and they start looking at it to find out who is on her address list and whether anyone mailed her. Suddenly, the phone starts ringing and it’s a call from someone called Ikki. Orion warns her to be careful for anyone who might be tricking her, but thinks that they should pick up the phone for more clues. Lin answers the phone and Ikki immediately tells her that she doesn’t have to work today and that they should go out to some place together.

Orion is instantly alarmed and tells her not to say anything, which leads to Ikki mentioning that 「時間はたくさんあるから。ワガママ言ってくれていいよ」(I have a lot of time. Feel free to say something selfish). Lin asks where he wants to go and Ikki responds that he’s fine with wherever she wants to go and then adds 「あ、僕の家に上がるんなら、それなりの覚悟をしてもらうけどね」(Ah, but if you want to come up to my house, then I’ll have to prepare it). Orion exclaims loudly in a frightened voice 「覚悟って何の覚悟」(Preparations?! What preparations!?). I’M REALLY ENJOYING ORION’S PERSONALITY AND THE WAY HE REACTS TO THINGS. SO ADORABLE (≧∀≦)!

Ikki tells her that it’s a joke though and not to be so silent. However, he soon becomes serious and tells Lin that anywhere is fine for their date and that he just wants to see her. Orion muses on how this Ikki could become a supporter if he’s really her boyfriend, but they don’t know for sure and so it seems like they’ll have to gamble. Lin decides to go and Ikki answers 「ん、よかった。黙り込んでるから、どきどきした」(Un, that’s relieving. You were silent for so long that I was getting nervous). I’M GETTING HINASE FLASHBACKS WITH IKKI’S JOKING VOICE SO I CAN’T HELP BUT BE BIASED TO HIS CHARACTER ALREADY. I HOPE IKKI IS JUST AS AWESOME AS HINASE~ O(≧∇≦)O!

Lin and Orion decide to check the phone for any other mails or addresses, since they were interrupted by Ikki’s phone call. It turns out that the phone is empty of everything but the lateset call. Orion hypothesizes that when she was in the accident that lost her memories her phone was wiped of all its data too. They wait at the house for 30 minutes, because that was the time Ikki told them.

At the appointed time nothing happens and so they wait 10 minutes more. Orion mentions that he’s getting kind of nervous and filled with suspense. 20 minutes after that nothing happens. 30 more minutes and he’s filled with anger at how Ikki is holding Lin up, but then wonders if they had a meeting place that they usually meet at.

They leave the house and see someone surrounded by women. One of the girls tells Ikki to ditch the heroine and play with them, but he tells them that he made a promise. They ask if he go out with them later and he tells them that he will if he has time, making them all scream like fangirls. Orion is completely unimpressed and ask what is up with that shady man and if he is cosplaying. SASUGA ORION, HAHAHAHAHA, BUT I ACTUALLY LIKE IKKI’S CLOTHES.

Ikki tells his group of fangirls that he has to leave now to meet Lin and the girls all complain about that some more, before making him promise that he’ll play with them later. Orion stares at the whole spectacle flatly before telling Lin 「アレは違うよね。うん、多分違う。きっと違う。関係ないから部屋に戻ろうか」(We must be wrong. Un, probably wrong. Definitely wrong. This has nothing to do with us so let’s head back to your room). SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG IF I AM STARTING TO LOVE ORION AND LIKE HIM MORE THAN ANY OF THE ROMANCEABLE GUYS (^∀^;).

Back at the room Orion wonders about what would happen if that outrageous guy outside was Ikki and he happened to be her boyfriend. He also muses out loud that he only thought those kinds of people could be found in shoujo mangas and otome games. He thinks that Lin should separate herself from him in that case, but Lin thinks it’d be better to maintain their relationship. Ikki rings the doorbell at that time and so Lin and Orion head out to meet him. He apologizes for making her wait and then asks them to head off.

Orion gnashes his teeth behind Ikki and talks about how if he could touch other people he’d kick Ikki. He also realizes that there’s no doubt that this man is her boyfriend, but he wonders how the two of them ever got together. Lin tells Ikki to refuse other girls and Ikki mentions that her becoming jealous is an unusual thing, but then tells her that 「・・・じゃあ、こうしようか。待たせたお詫びに、君のお願いを何でも聞くよ」(… Then, here’s what we’ll do. As an apology for making you wait, I’ll grant any of your wishes).

He goes on to say 「何でもいいよ。欲しい物があれば、もちろんそれでもいいし・・・・」(Anything is fine. Of course I’ll grant your wish if it’s something nice that you want…) but then he adds 「・・・・僕としては、もっと色っぽいお願いだと嬉しいんだけどね」(As for me, I wouldn’t mind you asking for something carnal). SASUGA PLAYBOY (๑→‿←๑) MY FACE IS TURNING RED. He comes closer to her and tells her to look into his eyes and repeats again that he’ll grant her anything she wishes and asks what she thinks about when he’s standing this close to her.

Lin replies that she only thinks that he’s standing a little too close. Ikki laughs and tells her that she really is too innocent. He steps a little aways from her and then mentions that they should head off to the movies now.

Orion takes this time to tell her to try and talk to Ikki without making him suspicious. He also mentions that if Ikki tries anything then he’ll already have 100 escape routes plotted out and they can run for their lives, but that if she also really wants to be with him then Orion can prevent himself from seeing and hearing anything so that he doesn’t get in their way. He also adds that if she ever needs him she can call for him loudly in her heart and he’ll be able to hear and come to her.

As they’re walking Ikki mentions the strange weather of how it’s freezing cold even though it is only August. Then he mentions that she’s been silent this whole time which is strange. Orion quickly tells Lin to smile at him and make something up and smirks smugly at how easily they tricked Ikki, before he drops the act and laughs nervously while talking about how his heart was pounding.

In the darkness of the theatre, Ikki apologizes for his condition always troubling the heroine and says that in the darkness of the theatre where no one is looking at him he can finally see her face clearly. Orion is confused and wonders what kind of condition Ikki has that makes him need to wear sunglasses and have girls surrounding him. He wonders if Ikki is some sort of celebrity or famous person.

After the movie, Ikki talks about how the time is already this late and that they both should go home because of their part-time job tomorrow. Orion is worried because Lin has no idea where she works and they can’t ask Ikki any strange questions like what his condition is or where she works. Thankfully Ikki asks Lin if she knows her wish for him to grant and she tells him to escort her to work tomorrow. He tells her that it’s an odd request, but he’ll grant it and that it’s no problem because they work at the same place and have the same shift. Ikki tells the heroine that she should rest well tonight, since she’s been acting a little strange all day.

At home, Orion summarizes everything that they’ve learned. He realizes that Ikki is just another normal guy who works part-time and so isn’t an idol, but he still wonders about the condition. Lin gets a mail from Ikki apologizing for this morning again and then she gets another from unknown address asking about the report that was due yesterday. Orion tells her not to worry about it and that she can finish it when she finds out what she does at her part-time job.

8月2日. Ikki wakes Lin up with a phone call and then says that he didn’t know that she wasn’t a morning person. He asks her if she wants him to call her to wake her up from now on and she agrees to it. Orion helps Lin prepare and they go out to meet Ikki only to run into the trouble of what to call him. In the end, she decides to call him “Ikki-san” and he doesn’t seem to think anything odd of it and so Orion is relieved.

Another problem occurs with what Lin eats in the morning before going to work. She manages to avoid suspicion by mentioning that the usual bread will do. They encounter a train crossing and Ikki mentions how he usually passes this, but because he’s escorting her today it seems they were a bit slow. He tells her to stand back a little, because it’s dangerous.

When they get to the place that they work, Ikki greets a younger man. He calls him Shin and they both talk about how odd it is for Ikki to be in Lin’s company in the morning. Shin teases Ikki about him having a strange face and being in a cheerful mood today. Shin tells Lin to hurry up and change too and Orion grumbles about his superior attitude even though he’s so young.

After changing, Orion and Lin are surprised at how good-looking Ikki is in work clothes. Orion says that he now understands why girls flock around Ikki. Ikki notices her looking at him and mentions how it makes him happy, but she should pay attention since the manager is coming. The manager’s pep talk resembles a general’s speech more than anything else and he drives in the point that customers are not gods, instead they’re the enemy! He wants everyone to repeat after him too. HAHAHA, OHMYGOD, I AM DYING HERE LAUGHING AT WAKA-SAN THE MANAGER. HE CALLS EVERYONE KISAMA AND TREATS THE CAFE LIKE A BATTLEGROUND.

Lin somehow manages to remember the greeting for customers and takes their orders. She goes to the back to deliver the orders for drinks to Ikki who manages those. Shin manages the tea sets or something and then asks for 2 parfaits. The two men stand there in silence before Ikki gently reminds her that she’s in charge of parfaits. Uh oh… Lin doesn’t remember how to make it at all and Ikki jokes about if she lost all her memories on that day when they had no work. He gets behind her and teachers her how to make it.

A flashback happens where she remembers Ikki being in the same position and teaching her. Memory!Ikki asks if she has it remembered now or if she wants him to show her one more time. Lin snaps back to the present when Ikki asks if she’s alright and she stumbles before collapsing on the ground. Shin and Ikki are surprised and the latter tries to help her up, but she tells him that she can stand on her own.

Shin tells her to go home if she’s not feeling well or else she’ll be a hindrance. Ikki tells him to be more delicate to females and Shin snaps at him about how he always says that, but he’s just using those words to seduce them. Ikki muses on how that might be true, but women like to be seduced. Shin wonders exasperatedly if he should say those things in front of Lin. Ikki tells Shin that she knows his personality, but Shin mutters that if he were her then he’d be pissed. Ikki points out that Shin isn’t a girl though and this makes Shin grit his teeth.

Ikki realizes that this isn’t the place to hold the conversation though, because Waka, the manager, is yelling at them to stop talking and do their job. After the job ends, Lin is rebuked by the manager for causing trouble and forcing her friend to shoulder most of her work. Orion reassures her that she’ll do better when she remembers how to do their job and that it was natural for her to feel faint when a memory rushed back.

As they prepare to get changed, Ikki comes by to say that he’ll walk her home and that they’ll meet at the usual place. Orion yells at Ikki’s retreating back about where that place is and why he won’t just wait for Lin to get changed and instead walks off even though he said that he’ll walk her home. They hurriedly get changed and head outside to see Ikki surrounded by girls again, except this time he has his sunglasses on. The girls ask if he’s going to walk home with Lin, but he responds that he isn’t really and then tells them that he’ll walk with them halfway.

Orion is angry that Ikki went back on his words, but then wonders about what Ikki said from before about waiting at the usual place. He realizes that Ikki and Lin must meet somewhere after he ditches his fangirls, but then becomes irritated at how Ikki doesn’t refuse them outright and instead does this. The problem now is that they don’t know where the usual place is and so they wander around until Ikki phones Lin and tells her that he was waiting at the usual place, but she didn’t show.

It can’t be helped and so Lin answers that she isn’t feeling so well. Ikki apologizes for making her have to go to the usual place and tells her not to move from her place and tell him the landmarks so that he can get to her. Orion realizes that the problem will continue to persist if they still don’t know where the usual spot is, but comes up with the plan to tail Ikki after work tomorrow.

They manage to get home and Orion exhales loudly at how they managed to get through the day. He wonders why Ikki is so nice to Lin and why he prefers her over other women, even though he said at the cafe that he’s fond of girls. He wonders if the her from before she had amnesia had the mindset of 「浮気性でもいいの、私が本命なら」(It’s okay if you cheat, as long as I’m your favourite!). He grumbles about how he doesn’t understand anything and then wonders about the mail she got from yesterday asking about the report, because no one at work mentioned it.

8月3日. Lin manages to get to work without forgetting the way that was shown to her. She gets yelled at by the manager again though and Shin tells her not to make the manager angry, because it affects him too. However, after work ends, Waka grudgingly tells her that she did much better than yesterday and expects the same from her tomorrow. As they head out they bump into Ikki who tells her that he’ll walk her home and he came because he was worried about whether or not she collapsed again.

She thanks him for going out of his way, but apparently he had other business. He then becomes serious and asks her if she’s hiding anything from him, because she’s been acting strange ever since that first day. He tells her that she doesn’t have to bear things alone and that she should rely on him since he’s her boyfriend. UH OH.. SUSPICION ALERT! AND SO IKKI REALLY IS HER BOYFRIEND, I WAS GETTING KIND OF CONFUSED WITH THE WAY HE ACTED AROUND OTHER GIRLS (´・_・`). SASUGA PLAYBOY.

Lin doesn’t say anything though and Ikki muses out loud about how she’s always like this; the type of person to try and do everything herself. As they walk he talks about how he thinks that she might like him, but then asks her if she thinks that’s conceited of him to think that way. He tells her that he isn’t expecting an answer though. When they finally get to the front of her house, Ikki asks her slowly 「鞄、返してほしい?」(Should I return your bag?) which makes Orion exclaim his surprise and then Ikki adds 「返してほしいよね。ちょっとこっち来て」(Ah, it’d probably be best to return it. Come closer), before he suddenly pins her against the wall. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS CG O(≧∇≦)O!

As he looks into her eyes he whispers 「・・・目、閉じてくれないんだ」(Your eyes.. haven’t closed) and then tells her 「キスしにくいんだけどな。それって、抵抗なの・・・?」(It’s hard to kiss you like this. Unless.. this is your resistance..?). He talks about how it seems like he was conceited to think that she liked him that way. Ikki tries again and whispers for Lin to close her eyes and then huskily tells her 「・・・・怖いこと、しないから・・・」(… I won’t do.. anything scary..).

Lin still doesn’t close her eyes though and so he exhales really loudly before stepping away and saying that it seems like she still won’t let him. He talks about how he thought she’s be defeated by this kind of thing this time and that it’s taken a month to get to this point. He wonders out loud if it’ll take another month to repair his reputation with her and that this is the first time he’s had such a hard time with a girl.

Then he talks about how this is also the first time a girl hasn’t fallen for him from the beginning and he wonders if she also counts as his girl who is a friend and thinks about how that wouldn’t be so bad. However, Ikki then smirks and says that he was lying. In a month he wants to be able to make her fall for him. He ends with 「負けを認めるなんて、そんなこと絶対にしない」(Admitting defeat is something that I won’t do). OH HO, BRING IT BOY. IT LOOKS LIKE THE BET IS ON.

Orion is confused with what is happening. He thought that Ikki went out with the heroine because he liked her, but now it doesn’t seem to be the case? It seems almost like a game to him. And then Orion wonders if the Lin from before even liked Ikki before deciding to go out with him.

8月4日. The two of them head off to work again and meet Ikki there. Waka calls another meeting and then talks about the topic of co-worker relationships and how they aren’t allowed to get in the way of work. It turns out that Shin saw Ikki pin her against the wall yesterday and tattled on them. Ikki isn’t bothered at all, though he tells Shin to remember what he did, and then he apologizes to Lin for making her embarrassed.

Ikki informs Lin that he has some business after work and so he won’t be able to walk her home. Work continues on as usual, although this time a group of girls come in asking for Ikki and wanting him to teach them how to be maids. He tells them that he can’t give them his address, though if they find him walking home they can ask any questions that they want.

Shin comes by and asks if Lin isn’t jealous with the way that Ikki is acting, but she tells him that she’s used to it although it’d be nice if he didn’t do it.Shin tells her that if he was going out with someone and saw her talking to guys like that he wouldn’t just stand by and watch quietly. Then he tells her that he has no business with their relationship, though he thinks that their relationship is weird and then leaves.

At home, Ikki sends a message to Lin’s cellphone apologizing for not being able to walk her home. Orion talks about how Ikki’s character is complex and confusing and he wonders if talking to other girls and letting them hang around has anything to do with Ikki’s “condition”.

8月5日. At work the next day, Ikki asks Waka about what Shin told him. Waka tells them that Shin said he saw the heroine run away crying when Ikki forced himself on her. Ikki nonchalantly says that those words are cruel because he didn’t even kiss her. Waka already realized that the situation was probably like that, but tells them to keep their relationship separate from work.

Ikki asks Lin if she has been acting strangely because of how close he is to her, but then mentions that it probably isn’t that reason even though he’d be happy if it was. He asks her if she’ll tell him what is going on in her life now, but Lin tells him that it’s a secret. Ikki sighs gently but abides by her wishes and tells her that he’ll wait for her to come to him even though he thought she’d have enough confidence in him to rely on him. Orion mentions in the background that Ikki is the one with the problem here, because they don’t know if they can trust his character.

Work finally ends and it was busy because there was only Ikki and Lin on shift today. Orion notes that all of her work days are timed with Ikki’s work days and that both of them have a three day break on the 19th to 21st. He wonders why Ikki and Lin have so many work days and if they need the money to go on some sort of trip. Orion also finds out that there is another worker at the cafe called Mine.

Ikki tells Lin to meet at the same place they always do and then walks out. Outside, he is surrounded by girls as usual and they ask him if he can walk home with them but he uses the excuse that he’s busy writing a paper for University. Lin and Orion stalk him as he’s walking to find out where the place is that they need to meet and successfully find it without arousing suspicion. Unfortunately, they forget to ask Ikki about whether or not they have a trip planned.

8月6日. The next day at work, Lin meets a girl friend of hers who talks about a lot of things like how good Lin looks in a maid outfit, if she gets a lot of loyal customers, and whether or not she gets jealous when Ikki is surrounded by fan girls. Ikki comes by during this time to ask if there is anything wrong and something odd happens to Sawa, Lin’s friend.

Her personality changes and she acts like a fangirl to Ikki, even saying things like “Do you believe in love at first sight?!”, to which he says that he does but then he asks her if her feelings change when he walks behind her. He explains that people act strangely when they look into his eyes and that it’s his “condition”. Sawa is surprised that it isn’t a rumour. OHMYGOD HAHAHA, I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT THIS. SOMEHOW THIS MAKES ME LOVE IKKI MORE NOW THAT I KNOW HIS “CONDITION” IS THE ABILITY TO CHARM ANY FEMALE WITH HIS EYES (≧∀≦)!!

Ikki leaves the two of them after telling Lin that she can continue talking to her friend, because Waka is busy. Sawa apologizes for flirting with her boyfriend and then says that it felt like a magic spell was cast over her. She talks about how she came here to see Ikki as well as Lin in her maid costume, because she wanted to see if there was any truth in the rumours about him.

The rumours about him are that he’s very nice to women he dates, but that he considers it a game and leaves them when he’s done. And then there’s the rumour about his eyes being able to make women fall in love with him at first sight. *SNORTGIGGLE* IKKI YOU PLAYBOY~. Sawa talks about how it might be that whenever a girl falls in love with him then the game ends, but then she apologizes for saying something that Lin probably understands already.

Work continues and ends as usual. Orion talks about how as a spirit he’s never seen humans possess this kind of power and that if the power is real then it’s the first time he’s seen it. He talks about how he understands Ikki a little better, especially why he wears sunglasses everywhere.

8月7日. Lin goes to work and Ikki talks about how she should be careful with her body, because it wouldn’t be good if she caught a cold. After work, the two of them meet at their usual place after Ikki ditches his fangirls. Orion is wondering why there are still girls following Ikki even though he has his sunglasses on.

At the square, Ikki talks about a trip to the mountains and Orion pieces together that the two of them are going to go on a trip to that place during the 3 day break from work. Sawa is coming too for some reason and Ikki talks about how curious it is that she’s asking questions about it all of a sudden, unless she’s looking forward to spending time alone with him. His voice lowers about how if she wants to he’ll share a room with her and that they could go look at the stars together.

But then his voice returns to normal as he muses out loud about how she’ll have to have fallen in love with him before then for that to happen. He calculates that he has just two weeks left and that normally he’d say that it’d be an easy victory, but he isn’t sure with her.

At home, Lin gets an email from Ikki talking about how he’ll also be bringing a friend to the camping trip. Orion is surprised when it turns out that Lin and Ikki go to different universities. Lin asks if Ikki will introduce her to his friend later on, to which he agrees with confusion and says that his friend isn’t exactly a nice person and that she shouldn’t believe anything he says.

Before they go to sleep, Orion thinks about how he’s been in Lin’s heart for a week now and that the only memories they’ve managed to collect are her memories of work. Unfortunately, they can’t really be exposed to different stimuli to jog her memory when she has to work every day.

8月8日. At work the next day, Mine has come back from a trip and everyone welcomes her back into the shop. She greets Ikki in a sickeningly sweet voice and then does a 180 personality change when she greets Lin. She seems to have feelings for Ikki and, when she is alone with Lin, she talks about how surprising it is that Ikki hasn’t left her after a month and that if the relationship hasn’t progressed and no one has been refused then something must be wrong with Lin. WHY DID I HAVE THE FEELING THAT SHE’D BE A BIG BITCH? ( -д-).

After work, Mine asks to talk to Ikki for 10 minutes. Ikki tries to excuse himself out of it by talking about how busy he is and how he promised to walk Lin home, but ultimately concedes and tells Lin to wait for him. In the end, it takes 30 minutes and he runs to the meeting spot and apologizes for making her wait. He notices that her hands are freezing and offers to hold hands with her, because his body has been warmed by his running but then he talks about how she’ll probably say no.

He’s surprised when Lin agrees and so the both of them hold hands as he walks her to her house. Lin asks about what Mine talked to him about and he tells her that she said the usual things like why he hasn’t dumped Lin yet and if he wouldn’t rather go out with her instead and that she’d be more fun. Of course he says he refused and then he starts muttering to himself about how there are many women that say that to him and not just Mine.

Ikki even admits that sometimes he might just hate women. Lin asks if he hates her, but he replies that he doesn’t because she doesn’t love him. When Lin gets home she gets a message from Ikki asking her about a hypothetical situation involving a man that she liked and a girl who was trying to get that man to go out with her instead of Lin.

He asks if Lin would confess in that situation, to which Lin said that she wouldn’t. He replies promptly with that he didn’t think she would and that he wouldn’t confess in that situation either. He thanks her and says that he’s feeling relieved for some reason. OH HMM IT LOOKS AS IF IKKI HAS A SENSITIVE AND INSECURE SIDE. SORT OF STEREOTYPICAL THAT THE PLAYBOY WOULD BE AFRAID OF LOVE… YOUR ROUTE BETTER NOT LET ME DOWN IKKI щ(゚Д゚щ)! Orion wonders if Ikki’s mail had anything to do with today’s situation with Mine.

8月9日. Work starts off roughly with Shin coming in and getting angry at Ikki for not rejecting Mine softly enough, because apparently Mine phoned him and said that she was heartbroken from Ikki and was going to boycott work today. Shin even told the manager again. SHIN.. WHAT ARE YOU? 5? STOP TATTLING.

After work Lin goes to the usual place to wait for Ikki, but sees someone strange standing there. When Ikki arrives he recognizes the man as Kent, his friend, and the two of them start a hilarious fight which involves Kent challenging Ikki because they’re academic rivals. Ikki invites Kent over to his house and also invites Lin if she has nothing to do. She definitely wants to come along.

She curiously looks around Ikki’s room and Kent wonders why she’s doing that, because she should be familiar with this place. Orion is worried that they’re being suspicious, but Ikki answers that 「初めてだよ。このお姫様はキスもさせてくれないんでね、部屋になんか連れ込めないよ」(It’s her first time. This princess hasn’t given me the priviledge of a kiss yet and so I couldn’t have shown her my room yet). Then he leaves to get them drinks and tells them to sit down and make themselves comfortable.

Lin takes this time to ask Kent about how they became friends. Kent explains that they met on their first day of university and some trouble happened with Ikki and a girl who claimed that she fell in love with him. Kent wants to find out about the origin and truth of Ikki’s “condition” and continues to be his friend for that reason, but Ikki refuses to tell him the truth and just laughs off any questions about it.

She asks about if math is Ikki’s strongest subject, because that was what they were fighting about on the street. Kent answers that Ikki seems to be good at everything and math is supposed to be his strongest subject and so he wants to trump Ikki in that.

Finally, Lin asks if Kent has met any other women and he replies that he has but that she’s different from all of them. He has an interest in her because she seems to be resistant to Ikki’s charms, but now that he has seen her he finds her really commonplace. Orion hisses angrily at this and thinks that Kent’s words are rude. Ikki comes back with tea and comments on how they seem be getting along very well with each other which makes Orion and Kent reply “No, we’re not at all!”

Night falls and Ikki offers to escort Lin back home and so Kent replies that he’ll excuse himself as well then. While he goes to get his stuff, Ikki stands up and steps closer to Lin and says that with Kent’s departure so will her courage depart and so she’ll probably want to go home, but then he adds 「・・・それとも、泊まってく?いいよ、着替えくらい貸すよ?」(…Unless, you want to sleep over? I don’t mind and I can give you a change of clothes?).

He smirks at her silence and tells her 「大丈夫だよ、それほど女に飢えて狼ってわけでもないから。我慢しろって言われればするよ?」(It’ll be fine. I don’t mean that in a I’ll-pounce-on-you-like-a-wolf way, but that I’ll be exercising my restraint). Then he adds 「何なら僕は床で寝てもいいし、何もするなって言うなら何もしない」(Or I can always sleep on the floor. If you don’t want anything to happen then nothing will happen), but his voice drops when he says 「その言葉を信じるかどうかは君次第だけどね」(Whether or not you want to believe those words is up to you).

Lin completely stutters as she tries to say something which makes Ikki ask her in a teasing lilting voice 「ん?どうしたの、真っ赤だけど」(Hm? What’s wrong your face is all flushed) and then he whispers 「ねえ、ほんとに泊まってく・・・・?」(Ne, will you really not sleep over?). There’s a long awkward silence until Ikki suddenly starts snickering before laughing out loud and apologizing to her for laughing, but that her frantic face was too funny. HNNNNNNNG I LOVE IKKI’S LAUGH ESPECIALLY WHEN HE DOES IT AFTER THAT IJIWARU JOKE. SO SEXY (*´д`*).

Then he adds while chuckling 「送ってく、送ってく。何にもしないって・・・・あははっ」(I’ll escort you, I’ll escort you. And I won’t do anything either… ahahaha). He tries to pull himself together and tells her that it’s cold outside and so he’ll lend her his jacket which she can return at work tomorrow, but then starts laughing again and gasping out 「・・・・くくっ・・・いや、ごめん。でも今の顔・・・・・・あははっ」(…Haha.. No, sorry. But it’s just.. your face.. ahaha).

Orion is frothing at the mouth and yelling at Ikki not to say those kind of things and that he was thinking of 100 ways to escape the situation. Ikki then becomes more serious and says that she’s welcome to his house whenever she wants to. Not only to sleep over, but also to live in if she wants. He mentions lightly that today was just a preview and then tells her to think about it with a smirk. Lin is escorted home.

In her room Orion exhales loudly with relief at being able to make it home safely. Then he complains about how he thought they were safe when, because his friend was there but then Ikki pulls a stunt like that. He wonders about what Ikki met with the “living with him” comment and Lin thinks that the her from before might have talked with him about sharing a room to lower their expenses.

8月10日. The moment Lin steps into the cafe, Mine talks about how Lin is going to go see the fireworks with Ikki, isn’t she? Somehow she manages to weasel her way into going with them so that it’ll become the three of them rather than the two of them and she even got permission from the boss and Shin doesn’t care. HOW THE HELL DID SHE PULL THAT OFF?! BORROWING A LINE FROM ORION ムカツク!! (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻!!

When work ends, Ikki confirms Orion’s suspicions that the two of them had made a promise to go view the fireworks together with just the two of them. Ikki talks about how he’s looking forward to seeing Lin in a yukata and knowing that because she needs time to change he tells her to head home first and that he’ll be at her house around 6:30. Ten minutes before the time that he is supposed to arrive, Orion compliments Lin’s clothing.

At 6:30 Orion is nervous. Twenty minutes after that he wonders if Ikki isn’t going to come. Thirty minutes after that he is pissed enough to tell Lin to head on down, because no doubt Ikki will be down there. Orion is right and when they get down they see Ikki surrounded by his fangirls. He doesn’t sound pleased, but still tries to remain polite as he tries to detach himself from them because he has a promise to keep to Lin. He’s also not wearing his sunglasses because it’s night.

The girls finally decide that they’ll release him if he gives them all a kiss on the cheek. This enrages Orion, even more so when Ikki tells them that he doesn’t mind. Thankfully, the whole group is interrupted by some woman who Ikki calls “Rika” and she calls him “Ikki-sama” and breaks up the fanclub as well as pointing out Lin who is standing there waiting. Ikki gets a little annoyed and tells her that he thought he told her to wait in her room until he went to get her.

Lin apologizes and the girls in the fanclub finally leave when they realize they won’t get any farther with Ikki. The mysterious woman named Rika also leaves and then it’s just Ikki and Lin. He compliments her on her yukata and then talks about how it’s a shame that they’re going to miss most of the festival. He wanted to try and catch goldfish with her and do other couple-like things. The fireworks are even starting, but he gets the idea to go to the tallest building that they can find and stand on the roof to watch the fireworks. I’M NOT SURE I LIKE IKKI’S PLAYBOYNESS.. HE’S SORT OF BECOMING STEREOTYPICAL ( ´・_・`).

They sit down and Lin mentions that they’re sitting kind of close. Ikki is surprised that she is reserved even in this situation and then asks her what she will permit him to do in a place like this. He points out that no one can see them on the building, especially because people will be looking up at the fireworks. He laughs and asks her what she is suddenly on guard for and then tells her that she’s too slow since she’s already here with him in the dark.

Ikki then tells her 「・・・でも、もし嫌なら」(… But if you really hate this then..), 「手を繋ぐのも嫌なら、くっついて座るのも嫌なら、今すぐ振り解いて逃げて」(If  you don’t like me holding your hand, if you don’t like me sitting close to you, then you should drop the pretense and run away right now), and then he adds 「こう見えても理性と戦ってるんだ。何もしないつもりだけど、絶対と約束できないから」(When I look at you like this I have to fight my reason. I’m not going to do anything, but I can’t absolutely promise that).

He notices that she can’t do it and  then his voice falls into a murmur as he talks about how oddly enough he feels content with just this much. Being able to smell her and feel her shoulders brush against his own. GYAHH! IKKI! I LOVE IT WHEN HE SAYS THINGS LIKE THIS ABOUT HOW HE IS HAVING TO RESTRAIN HIMSELF (*´∀`*)えへへ.

He talks about how he’d be lying if he said that he was content enough to remain in this stage forever. Then he asks her in a whisper 「この先は?キスはまだ許してくれない・・・?」(About before, will you still not permit me to kiss you..?). His voice lowers when he points out 「あ、緊張してるの?手、震えてるよ」(Ah, are you nervous? Your hand is trembling). He prompts her to say something and she manages to say that the fireworks look beautiful. He hums and accepts her change of subject by agreeing that the fireworks are pretty, but pale in comparison to her. He laughs at himself for saying those kinds of things, but says that he wouldn’t be able to not say them.

The fireworks end and he walks her back to her home only for the two of them to see that Rika is still around. Ikki offers to walk Rika back since her house is in the same direction his is in, but when Rika says that she doesn’t want to trouble Lin and Lin agrees that she doesn’t want him to, Ikki apologizes but says that Rika is his friend and so he can’t let her walk home alone at this hour.

At home, Orion appears and tells Lin that he didn’t want to get in the way and so was waiting at home. They get a phone call from Rika who tells Lin not to consider Ikki as hers and that if she forgets then… this prompts Lin to remember a similar speech in her past. Orion suggests that they go to sleep after they mark Rika’s phone number so they can avoid her next time.

8月11日. The game opens up with a scene involving Orion and Lin meeting Ukyo in the cafe. He greets them with “Pleasure to meet you” and the adds “Or should I say that it’s been a long time?”. Orion is completely confused as to who this guy is and Ukyo continues on talking about how they met in another place and that he wanted to see and talk to her. He asks her who she is currently going out with and lists four names starting from Shin, to Ikki, to Toma, and to Kent.

Orion is alarmed but allows Lin to answer Ukyo. When Ukyo finds out who she is going out with he frowns and tells her to becareful of her surroundings and then says that that’s all he came here to say to her, although it was nice to see her again. He leaves after his mysterious words and Ikki comes by asking her if that customer said anything weird to her. She tells him that he warned her about people and Ikki gets a frown on his face before he goes to talk to Ukyo himself.

Orion is pleased with Ikki’s protectiveness when he thinks his girlfriend is in danger. Ikki comes back and tells Lin that he talked to Ukyo and found out that the man just seemed concerned about her. Ikki tells her that she should be more careful walking alone at night now and that she should call him whenever she wants. He also adds 「少なくとも、あいつを頼るのはやめてよね。あいつが先に警告したとは言っても彼氏は僕なんだから」(At the very least, you shouldn’t depend on that guy. Even though he gave you that warning, I’m the one who is your boyfriend).

After work, Lin waits for Ikki at the usual place. He comes and 「・・・・お待たせ。ハイ、手繋いで帰ろ」(Sorry for making you wait. Here, let’s hold hands and go home). He frowns slightly and chides her with 「何逃げようとしてんの。こないだだって手繋いで帰ったじゃない」(What are you shifting away for? We won’t make it home at this rate if you don’t hold my hand) and then encourages her with 「ほら、今さらこのくらいで照れないで。手出して」(By now there’s no reason to be embarrassed. Give me your hand). He tells her that if anything happens tomorrow then she can call him.

Turns out that even though they both have the day off tomorrow they won’t be together. Instead Sawa phones to remind Lin of the plans they made before she lost her memories. The two of them are going to buy things in preparation for the trip to the mountains like a swimsuit.

8月12日. Lin meets up with Sawa and they head off to buy things for the trip as well as just hang out. Sawa explains that there are only 3 people coming from their school, but maybe 15 from Ikki’s school and his fan club will probably be there. This leads Sawa to ask Lin for the real reason she decided to date Ikki, because apparently the her from before hated Ikki but then joined his fan club one day and then started dating him.

Sawa wants to know if she really fell for Ikki or stared into his eyes or if there is another reason, because she was never told. Lin answers vaguely and Sawa reveals that there is only one month left, because 3 months has always been the longest time or the set time that Ikki dates someone. This triggers a cascade of memories in Lin’s head and she remembers that Ikki himself asked her to go out with him for 3 months just to see what would happen even though the Lin at that time had no attraction to him. On his part, he just said that he had interest in her.

Lin collapses from the return of her memories about Ikki which freaks Sawa out and she calls for someone to help her while trying to wake her friend up.

8月13日. She wakes up in her room with some stranger tending to her. He tells her to take it easy and that she has a fever and then leaves to go get her some water. Orion appears and explains to her that she collapsed from the shock of having some of her memories return and Sawa called someone on her phone to help take care of Lin who managed to mutter that she didn’t want to go to the hospital.

Orion urges her to rest, but she can’t help but think about the memories that are returning about Ikki. She remembers that the first time she saw Ikki, she had the same reaction as everyone else. He was helping her make a parfait and apologized for not wearing his sunglasses and then told her not to look into his eyes. Lin tells him that she’s not affected, but he smirks and says that she keeps zoning out whenever she looks into his eyes and he tells her to try and tell him not to be so conceited while looking into his eyes, which she couldn’t do.

There was also a time when she was heading home and saw Ikki talking to a girl and he asked her if she wanted to go out with him, to which the girl eagerly answered that she did. He sighs really loudly as if exasperated, but doesn’t take her phone number and instead tells her to input his number into hers. Then he tells her that he’ll go out with her for 3 months. The girl leaves ecstatic talking about this is like a dream to her. Ikki turns to Lin after that and asks what she is looking at him for and if she wants to date him too. He tells her that he’ll date her after he’s done with this girl.

8月14日. The next time Lin wakes she hears someone ringing the doorbell and the stranger who was taking care of her invites the person in while thanking them for going out of the way to come and see her. Some scuffle appears to happen outside though and Ikki’s voice is heard dangerously asking who the person is and what he’s doing in his girlfriend’s house. Orion realizes that the whole situation looks bad with a strange young man in her house and tries to get Lin to get up.

Ikki and Kent come into her room and tell her not to bother getting up. Oddly enough he’s wearing a mask over his face which Kent tells him to take off before he scares her. It turns out that Ikki came by to check on her and needed to wear the mask so that he wouldn’t be mobbed by his fangirls. Then he asks for an explanation as to who the man is.

The stranger introduces himself as Toma and explains that he is her brother but not by blood. It turns out that his mother married Lin’s father and so they’re step-siblings. Ikki doesn’t understand Toma’s explanation and Kent steps in to explain everything out in a better way. Ikki manages to use this conclusion to get his way and he first starts off by saying that after they’re done talking Toma can go home, because even though he thinks of her as a sister they’re not actually blood-related and so can be considered to be strangers.

He then goes on to say 「彼女の家に他の男が泊まってるって正直いい気分じゃないんだよね」(Honestly, another man sleeping over in my girlfriend’s house doesn’t give me pleasant feelings) and then adds 「んー・・・・えっとね、これはただのやきもちだと思ってくれていいよ」(Hm… Basically, you can just think of this as jealousy).

So then he argues that her depending on someone other than him, especially when that person can be considered a stranger on the same level as him, makes him extremely jealous and so he’ll take over from here. IKKI’S SPEECH STYLE AND TONE OF VOICE IS SO ODD. IT’S LIKE HE’S SAYING THESE LINES LIKE A JEALOUS BOYFRIEND WOULD, BUT THERE’S NO FEELING INVOLVED IN THEM.

Kent and Toma are completely silent and so the decision seems to be up to Lin who allows it. Ikki smiles at that and then apologizes for his rude words to Toma, but Toma awkwardly says that he can understand his feelings. So the two of them leave with Orion begging them not to, but it’s too late. In the following silence Orion hesitantly asks 「コイツと部屋で2人きりって・・・・キミ、ほんとに大丈夫?心の準備、できてる?」(Being together alone with this guy… Will you really be alright? In your heart, have you prepared yourself?). GOD ORION LOLOLOL STOP CRACKING ME UP IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE.

Orion tries to reassure himself and Lin by saying 「まあ、この様子ならコイツも無体なここはしないだろうけどさ」(Maa, in this kind of state he wouldn’t be able to do anything outrageous) in a peppy voice. Of course the moment he says that Ikki comes closer to her and whispers to her in a low voice 「さてと・・・・・どんなイタズラから始めようかな」(Well then… how shall I tease you first..). Orion freaks out, but Ikki then laughs and says that he was just joking.

Ikki leans over to check on Lin’s fever and then while staring at her softly says that he was worried about her. He talks about how worried he became when she didn’t respond to her phone or any of his messages and that he was really impatient at work, enough to cause Waka to become angry, because he wanted to see her. He tells her 「あー・・・トーマ君を見た時は本気で焦ったけどね。おかげて恥の上塗りをしたよ」(Ah.. that time when I saw Toma I became really impatient. That was really embarrassing for me), but then he asks her 「でも、トーマ君とは何でもないんだよね。気にする必要ないよね」(But Toma is nothing, right? I don’t have to worry about him, right?).

He sighs quietly and then says 「・・・・・信じられないな、自分がこんなみっともないことするなんて」(I almost can’t believe it. I’ve never seen myself act like this before). His voice falls really low as he confesses 「君といるとおかしくなる」(When you’re around I become strange), 「でも、君といると嬉しくなる・・・」(But I also become happy), 「君の声を聞いてるだけで、君が息をしてるのを聞いてるだけで、気持ちが落ち着いてきて・・・・」(Listening to your voice and hearing your breaths calms me down…), 「君の傍にいるのが幸せになる」(Being by your side makes me content).

Finally he says 「ーーだから、君に会いたくてバカなことむしちゃうんだ」(… That’s why in order to see you, I did these stupid things). He sighs and then adds self-deprecatingly 「・・・格好悪いな、僕」(… I’m not very cool, am I). Lin asks if he likes her and he’s silent for a while before replying 「・・・好きだよ。そう言ったじゃない」(… I like you. Haven’t I said it already?). Then he asks if she doesn’t believe him even though he’s treating her so preciously and then he wonders out loud if she’s been wanting to hear it.

He tells her that if she doubts him he’ll say it again and then mentions out loud that even though he’s going to say it, it doesn’t make it any less embarrassing for him to just say it out loud like this. He takes a minute to compose himself and then huskily whispers 「リン・・・・君が、好きだよ。これが好きってことなんだと思う」(Lin… I like you. I think that these feelings are love) along with 「他の女の子たちに囲まれてても、君のことしか考えてない。君にしか触れたいと思ってないよ」(When I’m surrounded by other girls, I can only think of you. I can think of nothing but touching you). He falls silent before exhaling and saying 「・・・・・ハイ、告白終わり」(Alright, confession time is over).

Ikki steps away from her then and asks if he can sleep over, because he’s worried about her fever going up during the night. Lin gives him permission to do so and he promises that he won’t do anything. Then he changes the topic to asking about what she wants for dinner.

8月15日. Lin wakes up to Ikki calling her name. When she finally gets up he jokes about how regrettable it is that he can’t kiss her awake. Turns out he has to head in to work and wants her to lock the door behind him and he tells her to phone him if anything happens, rather than Toma. Unfortunately he can’t return to her house after work because he has some business.

After he leaves, Orion appears and tells Lin that Ikki was actually respectable during the whole night and barely slept while he was watching over her. He asks her if she wants to tell him her memories, because he couldn’t see her personal ones about Ikki when her memories returned. He can only see normal memories. So she tells him about all the memories that returned.

Orion tries to understand Ikki some more and realizes that he treats Lin differently than the other girls like the one that he decided to date in her memories. He asks Lin what she thinks Ikki thinks about her and she tells him that she thinks Ikki is developing feelings of love for her. Orion agrees and then talks about how they’ve learned more but they also have more questions now.

Then he talks about how if she noticed him being gone for a while after the shock of her memories returning. Apparently the more her memories return the farther he will disappear until finally he will be gone from her side. He can’t always remain with her, because he has his own duties to return to but he wants to help her find most of her memories or a person to depend upon before he leaves. He’s afraid of leaving her alone with no one to support her if she still has missing memories. ORION 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 I DON’T WANT HIM TO LEAVE MEEE~ HE’S MY COMEDIC RELIEF AND MY SUPPORTER!

8月16日. Lin returns back to work and has to go through a training session with Waka who believes that her skills have become rusty after missing three work days. She has to do things like smile a 100 times and yell out “Customers are the enemy!” a few hundred times as well, while Waka yells at her to be louder and more fierce and to smile harder.

While walking home with Ikki he talks about how he could hear her in the kitchen and how he couldn’t stop laughing and so made Shin mad. Then he confesses that it’s strange to him, but hearing her voice calms him down and makes him happy. He talks about the trip that is coming up in 3 days and then asks her apologizingly to have to prepare herself to bear the burden of his fans since they’ll probably be there. He tells her to just stay around Sawa and Mine though.

At home Orion mentions that he’s a spirit and so he doesn’t experience feelings of exhaustion, but just thinking about having to deal with Ikki’s fan club is tiring. The phone suddenly rings and it’s Ikki which is unusual. He tells her that he’s currently on his way home and has actually entered and is taking his shoes off. He asks about her health and if she’s going to go to sleep yet and that if she hasn’t then she should to keep up her strength.

He orders her to change and climb into her bed, but doesn’t want to end their phone call at all. Orion wonders if Ikki wants to talk to her while she’s lying in her bed and if he’s worried about her. Orion is a bit embarrassed but leaves the answer up to Lin. She asks Ikki to wait and he tells her to take her time. When she’s done and calls out to him he sounds a little distracted.

Ikki ends up saying 「・・・・参ったな。本当に、ただ君かちゃんと休むように監視しょうと思っただけなんだけど・・・」(I guess I lost. Honestly, I only called to make sure you were properly going to sleep but…) and then 「電話越しに君が動いてる物音聞いて、君が今何してるのかって妄想してた。 変態みたいだよね」(The sounds of you moving could be heard through the phone and I started having ideas of what you could possibly be doing. I sound like a pervert, don’t I?). His voice raises into a slight laugh at the end.

Orion starts blushing and yells in the background 「おおおい!何を妄想したんだよー!やめてよっ!変態っ!」(Heyyy! What are you fantasizing about!? Stop it! Pervert!). It turns out Ikki was just talking about how it felt like Lin was right beside him in the house when he talks to her through the phone. He adds that it’d be better if it weren’t just a fantasy though. Silence reigns for a few minutes before Ikki confesses that he wants to continue to talk to her, but then adds that his request is probably troublesome.

In the end he cuts the phone call himself after telling her that he reached a catch on his boots and so he wishes her a good night before hanging up. Orion is confused at the sudden end of their phone call, especially when Ikki mentioned talking some more. He wonders if Ikki is troubled by something or if anything happened.

8月17日. After work ends Ikki apologizes for saying strange things yesterday and tells Lin not to worry about it. He also informs her that he won’t be able to phone her tonight or walk her home because he has some business. She asks him if anything happened, but he doesn’t say anything except that it isn’t to serious and thanks her for worrying about him.

At home, Orion wonders if anything happened to Ikki because he’s been acting weird these two days. The phone suddenly rings and it’s Ikki who sounds extremely exhausted as he says 「あー起きてた?悪いねーこんな時間に。声聞きたくて。とにかく聞きたくて」(Ah, are you still awake? Sorry for phoning at this time. I want to hear your voice. At any rate, I just wanted to hear your voice).

Orion hesitantly asks if Ikki is drunk. Ikki continues on with 「えーとね、なんかしゃべって。何でもいいから。昔話でいいよ。30分くらいしゃべってて」(Umm, can you just talk? Anything will be fine. A story would be good. Can you talk for 30 minutes?). OH WOW PROFESSIONAL VOICE ACTING RIGHT HERE. YOU CAN REALLY HEAR THE EXHAUSTION AND DESPERATION IN HIS VOICE.

His voices sounds even more strained and tired as he says 「君の声聞いてないともう死ぬかも。本気で。だから酸素補給して。適当でいいからさー」(If I don’t hear your voice I might die, honestly. That’s why I need you to replenish my oxygen. Anything will be fine..). He adds in a drunken sounding voice 「ほんとは会いたいけどー。今は僕、襲わずにいる自信ないし。だからしゃべって。ほんと、適当に」(I really want to meet you~. Right now though, I have no confidence in making a sudden visit. That’s why please talk. About anything really).

Orion wonders what they should talk about and Lin ends up asking if Ikki wants her to come over to his house. Orion is a little worried, but understands her feelings since he’s been acting so weird. Ikki is silent at hearing that before saying 「・・・え、来るって、うちに?危ないよ?夜道より僕があぶないよ?」(… Eh, you’ll come.. to my house? It’s dangerous you know? I’m more dangerous than the night streets you know?). HAHA, STILL A PLAYBOY EVEN WHEN DRUNK. Lin still insists though and so Ikki tells her that he’ll come to get her.

In his room he notes that the night walk managed to sober him up a bit and then apologizes for making her walk in that cold. While sitting there in silence, he suddenly says to her 「・・・・ねえ、今晩泊まってって」(..Ne, can you sleep over tonight?) and then tells her 「君がいなくなったら、今晩このまま息が止まって死ぬ」(If you’re not here, my breath might stop tonight and I’ll die). He pushes her onto the bed and cradles her while whispering 「絶対、何もしないから」(I absolutely won’t do anything).

Lin remains silent and Ikki adds 「んー・・・えーっとね。疑うなら何持ってくる。僕の手縛っていいよ。何なら足も」(Hmm.. if you still doubt me I’ll let you tie my hands. Even my feet) and then desperately says 「動けなくていい。さわれなくていい。お願いだからここにいて」(I don’t care if I can’t move. I don’t care if I can’t touch you. Just please stay here). He quietly whispers 「お願いだから離れないで。苦しい。死にそう」(So please don’t let go. It’ll be painful. I might die) and asks her to remain by his side some more. THIS IS SO OMFGADORABLE  BECAUSE OF THE GENUINE SINCERITY YOU CAN HEAR IN HIS VOICE AND WORDS.

She asks him if anything happened and he tries to say that nothing happened, but realizes how obvious of a lie it is. He ends up telling her about how a girl confessed to him and he refused her with a laugh and that even though she was crying as if she’d die he couldn’t think about anything but seeing Lin. He rhetorically asks her if he’s a bad person for that and then explains his philosophy.

He knows that he can’t run away from the burden of having these eyes that can charm any women and so he decided that he’d amuse himself with them. For three months he’d date a girl and treat her like a princess and make sure that she has fun, but after the three months he’s break up with her. He asks her what is so wrong about that when both parties are happy and understand the conditions. But then he adds that there are some girls who just don’t understand when they’re rejected and continue to try and be together with him and he talks about how their feelings are a heavy weight.

Ikki’s voice becomes strained as he says 「まだ重い。・・・重い、重い、重い」(Even now it’s heavy. It’s heavy… heavy… heavy) and then he adds 「息苦しくて・・・どうしていいかわからないんだ」(It hurts to breathe… I don’t understand why). Lin asks if he becomes happy when he’s with her and he answers affirmatively that he becomes extremely happy. He says that hearing her voice makes him feel lighter and relaxes him. Then he wonders why his eyes have these affects and says that no one has been able to explain it.

He apologizes for talking about these heavy serious topics, but that he was happy she lsitened to him, and then tells her to talk to him instead. He confesses that hearing her voice makes him feel relaxed enough to sleep. GOD THE DESPERATION AND VULNERABILITY IN IKKI’S VOICE THROUGH THIS WHOLE SCENE HAS JUST CONVINCED ME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE WITH PLAYBOYS. SCREW IT. I’M AN UNREPENTANT IKKI FANGIRL NOW (*´∀`*)えへへ.

8月18日. Lin wakes up to Orion and Ikki greeting her in the morning. Right away, he kind of laughs embarrassingly and apologizes for being a trouble yesterday for her because he drank too much. He continues on by saying that they still have time before going to work and recalls that she enjoys bread in the morning and so he’ll prepare some for her.

He falls silent for a second before smiling genuinely and saying with a cheer to his voice 「あー・・・・ダメだ、嬉しいや。顔が笑う。格好わる」(Ahh.. It’s not good, I’m too happy. I can’t stop smiling. I’m so uncool). But then he adds 「でもやっぱ、嬉しい。・・・これが毎日だったらいいのにな。・・・ほんと、楽しいのにな」(But in the end, I’m really happy. It would be wonderful if this happened everyday. Really.. I’m having fun). SUPERCONTENT!IKKI IS JUST ADORABLENESS X1000.

At work Ukyo appears again and talks to Lin about how she was away from work resting for a few days and if she is alright. He also warns her to be careful during the trip that will happen tomorrow, because there are people out to get her and they might even go as far as harming her. This causes Lin to remember Rika’s words from her memories about not considering Ikki to be hers or else she might die.

Lin sways on the spot from the return of her memories and Ikki appears beside her with worry. Ukyo is also worried and apologizes for causing her distress and then says that he probably won’t show himself to her anymore and wishes her to stay healthy before leaving. After work, Orion tries to talk to Lin but she can’t hear him until a set amount of time passes by because the more memories return the farther he gets away from her.

Ikki informs Lin about Rika being the coordinator for their trip and that she should depend on him as her boyfriend. This makes Orion wonder quietly if he can leave Lin in Ikki’s care if he should disappear since he feels like he can depend on Ikki now.

8月19日. The eighteen people going on the trip meet up at their appointed meeting spot and Rika talks about the trip. There Lin meets up with Sawa and Mine and the two girls introduce themselves to each other and become friends instantly because they’re  both thinking about the guys they can meet on this trip. Hilariously enough, there is only one guy apart from Ikki on the trip and the rest are girls. Fifteen people are from Ikki’s school and only three are from Lin and Sawa’s school.

They reach the mountain and cabins where they are going to be staying and the owner introduces himself and explains the recreational activities that they have here along with things like hot springs. Sawa and Mine instantly pay attention to the owner and scheme about ways to meet him since he’s the only male apart from Ikki and the other mysterious guy who isn’t here yet. Sawa and Lin get paired together for their rooms.

The next scene shows Ikki playing pool with someone else and girls squealing around him about how cool he looks. One girl even asks for him to teach her how to play later on, which makes another girl sneer and tell the first one that Ikki’s girlfriend is watching too. The first girl waves that off and asks if Ikki would feel reluctant to teach her, because his girlfriend is watching but Ikki asks why he should worry about what his girlfriend thinks if he’s teaching her. IKKI.. I’LL FORGIVE YOU THIS TIME BUT YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO LEARN TO TELL THEM TO SCREW OFF ( -д-). I’M STILL NOT SURE WHY HE HAS TO GENTLY TREAT THESE GIRLS UNLESS HE STILL FEELS AS IF HE’S GOING TO BREAK UP WITH THE HEROINE AFTER 3 MONTHS IS OVER.

Orion notes that Ikki is moving his mouth though and glancing at Lin as if he’s trying to say something. He spells out 「見・て・て」(Watch) and then exasperatedly yells about the nerve of Ikki to ask for her to watch him while he’s surrounded by girls like this. Funnily, he even rants about 「自分が格好いいと思ってるのか!くそう!確かに格好いいよ!」(Do you think yourself cool!? Damnit! Because you do look cool!). HAHAH, OH GOD ORION, STOP MAKING ME LAUGH MYSELF TO TEARS.

Night falls and Sawa and Lin are both in their room trying to decide what to do while Sawa complains about how this trip didn’t turn out like how she expected it too. Instead of being a fun trip with everyone meeting each other it turned out more to be a Ikki-watching expedition. Mine knocks on the door and enters to tell them about a card tournament downstairs and asks if they want to go. She tells Sawa that the owner is there and so Sawa definitely is going to go.

Lin decides to stay behind though and Orion asks about what they should do. Someone knocks on the door though and then enters without waiting for a reply. It turns out to be Ikki who explains that he thought she had gone down and apologizes for opening the door without waiting for an answer, but then says that he had no ill intentions. Although, he does smirk and say that it would have been interesting if he walked in while she was changing.

Orion growls and tells him not to wish for those kinds of situations. Ikki reveals that he came to her room to hide from his fan girls though and asks if she will allow him, but that if she’s afraid of remaining in the same room alone with him he can find another one. Of course Lin allows him and so then he asks for permission to sit on her bed. In the quiet of her room he starts confessing about how he might seem like a popular person but that he isn’t and that he’s a person who gets in other people’s ways.

Lin asks if he’s lonely that he can’t particpate in things and Ikki is surprised that she managed to see through him like that. His face softens and he admits that 「普通に・・・ただ、普通にみんなと遊びたい。普通に話しがしたい。喧嘩でもいい」(Normal… I just want to play with everyone normally. I want to have normal conversations. Even arguments would be preferred). He talks about how it’s a miracle that Kent and Lin can talk to him without feeling like they need to please him. He tells her that she can’t imagine the kind of world he lives in.

After a period of silence he tells her 「いつも僕と話してくれる君には、すごくありがたいと思ってるよ」(All the times I can talk to you, I’m extremely grateful for them). Then he asks her softly if he can stay here some more and he wants to hear her talk about anything, so long as he can hear her voice.

8月20日. The next day starts with Lin, Sawa, and Mine standing around the lounge talking about how Ikki is always surrounded by his fangirls and how Lin can bear it. Sawa still doesn’t understand how they started dating which surprises Mine, because she doesn’t know either and so they both ask Lin if she fell to the power of his eyes because she acted like she hated him in the beginning.

Orion is confused too, because he doesn’t know if the pre-amnesic Lin was immune to the powers or not. If she hated him then it seemed like she was immune, but the parfait-making memory proved that she wasn’t immune to his charms. He thinks that her current immunity might come from him being a part of her heart and protecting her from outside influences. Lin tells the two girls that she was affected only in the beginning. Mine eagerly asks about the secret to becoming resistant to the eye powers so that she can get closer to Ikki.

Suddenly, behind them Ikki says that he wants to know too. It’s the first time he’s heard about this, but he does recall that Lin seemed to be affected by him at the beginning. He wants to know how she became resistant and all three of them start eyeing Lin. Orion is grasping at answers because he doesn’t know how either, but thankfully they are prevented from answering by the owner coming in and asking if they want any drinks.

Night falls and Rika takes them all outside to tell them about a ghost story of this woman who killed herself in the forest. It’s a test of courage and they have to go through the forest with random partners. Lin gets paired up with random Ikki fan girl number 1 who hates her already. YEAH WELL I AIN’T TOO HAPPY WITH YOU EITHER, BITCH ( -д-).

Ikki is looking at Lin covertly though and so she heads over to talk to him before she goes into the forest and he expresses his regret at not being paired together. He also asks if she wants to ditch her partner in the forest so that they can be together, but Lin decides not to. So off into the forest she goes with the fan girl who can’t stop bitching about being paired with Lin. Orion is scared to pieces by her side and says that even though he’s a spirit he’s deadly afraid of monsters.

As they walk Orion talks about how they should make sure they’re on the path only to slowly realize that the path they’re on doesn’t look like the path they WERE on. He freaks out wondering if a spirit made them get lost and then searches for Lin’s partner only to realize that her partner disappeared too. He laughs nervously and asks if she wants to return.. like right now. THE CREEPY BGM AND ORION’S FEAR IS MAKING ME SCARED TOO (゚×゚;).

All of a sudden a voice says 「・・・見つけた」(Found you~). Lin flinches but quickly realizes that it’s Ikki who laughs and says 「・・・はっ。何その情けない顔。もしかして怖かったの?」(…Haha! What is with that miserable face? Could it be that you were scared?). He notes that it seems that her parnter slipped away and then he tells Lin that his partner seems to be missing too. He tries to reassure her by saying that it’s okay now before chuckling 「・・・・もう、そんなにすがるような目で見ないでよ。抱き締めたくなるでしょ」(… Please don’t look at me with those clinging eyes. You’ll make me want to hug you). YESPLZHUGMEIKKI I WAS SO SCARED (^∀^;).

He tells Lin 「ほら、腕に掴まりな。もう怖いことは何にも起こらないよ。何があっても守ってあげるからね」(Here, hold onto my arm. Nothing scary will happen anymore, but if something does happen I’ll protect you). While they’re walking side-by-side he suddenly exhales and there’s some strain in his voice when he says 「・・・・・・ヤバイな。ほんとに抱き締めたい」(… This is bad. I really want to embrace you). DON’T RESTRAIN YOURSELF ON MY ACCOUNT! YOU HAVE TO STOP ASSUMING YOU’RE UNWELCOME IKKI. The strain becomes really apparent when he says 「あー・・・・ダメダメ。嫌われないようにしなきゃ」(Ahh… I can’t, I can’t. I don’t want to do anything to make you hate me).

Ikki closes his eyes and tries to regain control of himself. Finally he mutters under his breath 「・・・・・ん。何もしない。もう怯えられたくない。うん」(….. Un. I won’t do anything. I won’t do anything scary. Un.). OMGHAHAH IKKI’S PEPTALK IS MAKING ME JUST WANT TO GLOMP HIM. He ends up asking if she wants to skip the rest of the test of courage and to just go see the stars together. He points out that she probably doesn’t want to continue on in the dark forest anyway. But then he tells her that now that they’re alone he has something he wants to ask.

He asks her if what she said at lunch to Mine and Sawa was true and that his eyes had an affect on her. He says that it was the first time he heard her say that and he asks her why she never spoke of it before and then adds 「まさかとは思うけど・・・・『落とした子とは別れる』って噂まだ信じてるわけじゃないよね?」(I don’t really think so but… You don’t believe in those rumours about “He breaks up with women who fall in love with him” right?). Lin replies that she doesn’t believe them now and he thanks her for that. OH PHEW SO IKKI ISN’T THE TYPE OF PLAYBOY THAT I HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION. I WAS A BIT AFRAID HE WAS THE USE-THEM-AND-DUMP-THEM-TYPE ESPECIALLY AFTER THEY CONFESS.

Finally the two of them reach the place where they can view the stars and Ikki comments on how beautiful they are. He suddenly starts talking about a time when he was small and wished upon a star to be popular with girls. He laughs at himself and tells her that he was an odd child and that his wish was definitely different from others. But then he adds that the personality of the girls around him started changing. He sighs and mutters 「・・・でも、僕はもう嬉しくなかった」(… But, I’m no longer happy).

Ikki explains that 「僕は、たくさんお女の子から愛されるようになった代わりに、友達を全員なくしてたんだ」(I have a lot of women who love me, but they can’t substitute for friends). He also tells her 「・・・こんな力、いらなかった。僕はあの時、間違ったものを望んでしまった」(… This power, I don’t want it. If I could go back to that time I would make another wish), 「やり直せるなら、もう1度あの時の願いをやり直したい」(In order to fix it, I would want to go back to that time and make another wish), 「今度はあんなこと願わない。好きな子から愛してもらえますようにって願うよ」(This time I wouldn’t wish for that power. I would wish instead for the woman I liked to love me). I.. I.. I L-LOVE THESE KINDS OF STORIES 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。.

Suddenly the two of them see a shooting star and Ikki turns and kisses Lin. He leans back a little and whispers against her lips 「君に、愛してもらえますように」(I wish for your love), 「・・・勝手にキスしたことを、君が怒らないでいてくれますように」(… I wish that you won’t get angry for my selfish kiss), 「できれば、もう1度させてくれますように・・・」(If it could be done, I wish to be able to kiss you one more time…).

He falls silent and then asks her 「・・・これは君へのお願い事だよ?」(… This is my wish for you to grant) and then 「・・・ダメかな?」(… Or will you not let me?). Lin doesn’t say anything and so he leans in to kiss her again and breathes out 「・・・・・・・好きだよ」(… I love you).

8月21日. Mine runs into the room that Lin and Sawa are sharing and divulges everything that she managed to uncover. It turns out that the whole test of courage was a ploy devised by the fan club members. Sawa and Mine would be paired up so that they would be out of the way, Ikki would be paired with fan girl who would fake sickness and so would need to be escorted back, and then Lin would be paired with a member that would ditch her as soon as possible.

In the end, Lin would be left all alone in the forest while everyone else returned to the cabin. Fortunately Ikki realized that Lin was missing and went into the forest to search for her. Orion’s reaction at finding this out was to say 「・・・・イッキぃぃぃ・・・・ありがたいね、助かったね。後でお礼言っておこうね」(… Ikkiiiii~… Thank you so much, you really saved us. Later I’ll definitely thank you). Sawa is disturbed by these revelations and warns Lin to be really careful around these fan girls.

Today is the end of the trip and Orion notices that Ikki is glancing in her direction. He wonders if they should thank him now, but then realizes that it’d probably be dangerous in front of all these fan girls. The two of them note to themselves to do it at some other time and they get home safely. Orion is completely relieved to be back home after that trip from hell.

Orion does mention that it’s thank to the trip that they got closer to Ikki though. He muses on the information of Ikki having wished upon a shooting star as a child for his eye powers and confirms that it’s something a god could grant. Lin asks about them and Orion explains that in different dimensions there are different gods ruling over them and that it isn’t far-fetched to think that a strong one could grant a human’s wish.

He also explains that he himself isn’t a god, but an existence that a god granted. He wonders about if someone called Neru-sama is missing his presence and wondering where he is. Orion once again tells Lin that he has his own duties to return to after he helps her regain most of his memories and so he wants to find someone he can trust to take care of her. He thinks that Ikki might be the one that they can depend on.

Just as he thinks this though, Lin gets an email from Ikki apologizing about needing some time to think alone. This makes Orion annoyed and he takes back everything he said about Ikki being dependable, since they didn’t even get any explanation about what he needed to think about it. Lin asks Ikki if he can tell her a reason, but he apologizes again and says that he’ll see her tomorrow at their job.

8月22日. At work Lin, Mine, and Ikki have to go through some minor training again like repeating 10 times that the customers are enemies. Waka starts off at first sounding pleasant and kind as he asks them about their trip, but then starts yelling at them to practice their greetings and smiles again because they would have no doubt gotten rusty on their trip.

After work Ikki congratulates them on their hard work, but then tells Lin not to wait for him today which surprises Orion. Instead, Ikki asks if he can talk to Mine alone for a bit which surprises her too. She then smirks in Lin’s direction and wonders out loud if the two of them got into a fight. This makes Orion wonder whose side she is truly on and he realizes that she’s on her own side, but just that she hates the fan club.

Back at home, Lin gets an email from Ikki to which Orion asks with annoyance whether they should even read the mail. It turns out Ikki wants to talk to Lin after work at her house and Orion starts imagining all the possible reasons and situations that would make him say that. The two of them end their day with eating delicious food and preparing for tomorrow’s work.

8月23日. Mine greets Lin coldly at work while Ikki greets her nicely and this freaks out Orion who wonders what exactly happened yesterday. After work Ikki tells Lin that she doesn’t have to wait for him and that he made a promise with some other girls to play with them. Outside of the cafe, Orion and Lin overhear that Ikki made a promise with Rika and the other fan club members that he’d go to a karaoke with them.

Orion is pissed at the weird attitude from Ikki, but then wonders if maybe Ikki is angry at Lin for some reason. He also asks her if she isn’t jealous with how Ikki is acting and that if she is then she should talk to Ikki to get explanations and to explain herself too, since nothing will get solved if both parties don’t talk. Orion decides that they should wait in front of Ikki’s house for him to get back and so they do.

It’s really late at night by the time Ikki gets back and he’s really surprised to see Lin standing there and hurries her into his house while asking what the heck she was standing there for and if anyone saw her. Orion is a little annoyed at this and wondering why Ikki doesn’t want Lin to be seen by anyone else. While they’re in his room, Ikki goes to make coffee for them and then asks them why she was standing outside of his house and if she didn’t think that it was dangerous.

He asks her in a rising voice of anger 「あの子たちが一緒に帰ってきたらどうするつもりだったの。また合宿の時みたいな目に遭いたいの!?」(If I had come home with those girls what would you have done? Do you WANT to be glared at like that time at the trip!?) and then he talks about how he said from the beginning that they might do dangerous things and treat her coldly. He asks her shakily if 「僕の言うことはそんなに信じられない?」(Do you not believe in my words?) and 「君も僕を疑うの?僕がただ楽しくて遊んでるように見えるの!?」(Do you also doubt me? Do you think that I’m having fun with these girls?).

Lin asks for an explanation and he says that he thought he had explained everything when they started to date. He asks her 「・・・それだけでわかってって思う僕が贅沢なの?僕の言葉が足りてないの?」(… Or is it that you think I’m living in luxury? Are my words not sufficient?) in a pained voice and then he asks if she has been questioning all of his actions up to now. He explains to her that during their trip someone showed him their phone which had captured all the cold looks and treatment directed to Lin.

Ikki found out about the plot that was devised against her and so started investigating himself. The reason why he had to talk to Mine alone the other day was to find out if she had any part in it, but he realized that she was as worried about Lin as he was and so he stopped suspecting her. He only went out with his fan club members today to curry their favour. Then he asks coldly if she has anything else she wants to know. HOLY CRAP I FEEL SO BAD. I STARTED THIS DAY GETTING ANNOYED AT IKKI AND HOPING IT WASN’T SOME SORT OF CLICHE DRAMA THING ONLY TO FIND THIS.

She asks him why he’s so angry and his voice is clearly shocked and angry as he tells her 「・・・どうして?好きな子に疑われて嬉しいはずないでしょ?」(… Why? Being doubted by the girl you love isn’t a welcoming feeling!). Then he tells her 「僕の注意が足りなかったせいで好きな子を危ない目に遭わせて、それだけで自分が許せないのに・・・!」(Because my warnings weren’t sufficent enough, the girl I love was exposed to danger. I can’t forgive myself for that…!).

He talks about how she was standing in outside in the cold and a potentially dangerous situation waiting for him just because she doubted his personality. GOD HIS VULNERABILITY AND HURT FROM ALL THE DOUBT AND SUSPICION THAT WE’VE BEEN CASTING ON HIM MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I DID SOMETHING HORRIBLE (゚×゚;).

He muses out loud in a low voice what she could possibly be doing all that for and tells her out right that he’s bearing ten times of whatever she thinks she’s bearing. He asks her if she was waiting for him because she was jealous and then asks what she has to be jealous of. He confesses 「そりゃあ少しは嬉しいけど・・・・まだ僕のことが好きだって言えないくせに、どうして妬くわけ?」(That makes me feel a bit happy… but you haven’t even said that you liked me, so why are you jealous?) and then he snaps out 「はっきり言えないんでしょ?覚悟決めきれてないんでしょ?」(You can’t say it plainly can you? You haven’t even prepared an answer, have you?) in a strained voice. I-I’M SO SORRY IKKI. FORGIVE ME!? IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE GAME MECHANICS I’D CONFESS INSTANTLY RIGHT HERE 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。!

Ikki suddenly yells out 「・・・でも僕は違うんだよ!」(… BUT I’M DIFFERENT!) and then whispers painfully 「いい加減わかってるよね?君が好きなんだよ。本気で好きなんだ」(Can you understand even a little? I love you. This love is real). His voice wavers as he tells her 「できるものなら1日中一緒にいて、抱き締めて、キスして、飽きるほど抱きたいんだよ!」(If it could be done I’d want to be together with you throughout the day, holding you, kissing you, holding you to the point of being tired of it!). GRAAWRR JUST CONFESS YOU STUPID HEROINE CONFESS CONFESS CONFESS ウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!!!!

But then he looks away and mutters 「でもそういうわけにはいかないんだよ」(But what I’ve said can’t be done) and 「君の気持ちはまだ僕の気持ちに全然追いついてないと思うし・・・」(Your feelings haven’t caught up to my feelings at all…). Then he says that 「それに、僕が本気だってバレたら間違いなく君が嫌からせに遭う」(In addition, if my real feelings were to be found out then no doubt you’d encounter something bad). His voice is agonized as he says 「・・・僕がどれだけ我慢してると思ってんの・・・」(… I wonder how much longer I can bear this…). OKAY THAT’S IT. IKKI WINS EVERYTHING AT LIFE. I DON’T THINK ANY OF THE OTHER GUYS WILL BE ABLE TO MATCH UP TO THIS.

He pulls himself together as he talks about his past some more and how when he started dating girls they never lasted past 3 months. It wasn’t said, but it was probably that after 3 months the girl that he was dating started facing a lot of cold treatment from other girls and so that was when he developed his 3 month rule. He would date a girl for 3 months and then after 3 months were over and he parted from her it was unspoken that she wouldn’t be targeted anymore by anyone.

His plan is to date Lin for 3 months and then separate from her in order to protect her from the constant bad treatment she is getting from everyone else. He’ll release her for her own happiness and safety. At this point, Ikki looks away from Lin and whispers to himself 「早くもっと僕のこと好きになって・・・」(Hurry up and grow to like me…) and then adds 「・・・あと1週間しかないんだ・・・」(… I only have one more week…).

8月24日. Ikki tells Lin not to bother waiting for him after work and so Lin walks home with Orion only to find Kent waiting at the usual place that Ikki turns up at. She tells Kent that Ikki won’t appear today and Kent is surprised to see that she is walking home, although he did hear rumours of how Ikki was starting to entertain the other girls. Kent offers to talk Lin home instead and act as a bodyguard so that Ikki doesn’t become worried and Orion realizes that Ikki might have sent Kent.

Along the way home, Kent discusses his interest in Ikki and how he was wasn’t lying when he said he was interested in those eye powers, but that it wasn’t everything either. He also finds Ikki’s character interesting not to mention this is the first time that he’s seen Ikki truly serious and in love with a girl. He explains about how Ikki is trapped in a never-ending loop of despair by going out with a girl that he might manage to get to like, but then having to part with her and then pick up another one.

When Lin asks what she can do to help Lin, Kent is surprised that she’s asking him but tells her that if she can grow to love Ikki in return then she might be able to save him from this cycle. However, if she can’t end up liking Ikki then it can’t be helped. Kent smirks at this and says that it’ll be just as interesting to see Ikki cry for the first time. UWAH… SCARY FRIEND.

8月25日. Lin’s father makes a visit to the shop and tries to talk her into going home with him to meet her step-mother that she has only seen 3 times. The pre-amnesic Lin seems to have hated her mother and left the house to try and make a living on her own by working at the cafe and trying to save up money to continue her education instead of being married off by her father. Her father tells her that she won’t be able to earn enough money to support herself in a house and go to school at the same time.

Ikki appears while the two are talking and introduces himself to her father for the first time. Her father appears shocked and then angry that her boyfriend is just another university student as well and he explains the situation of his daughter being unable to live by herself and so that he was trying to get her to come home. Ikki explains the solution they had come up with in sharing an apartment together, but her father laughs cruelly at that and thinks that it’s a bad joke for his daughter to be living with another man. He also doesn’t think Ikki will be able to support them either.

Smoothly, Ikki explains that he already has his future planned out and he is in his 4th year of University. He has a job already waiting for him in a company that his parents own or something. This shuts up Lin’s father and he finally just asks rudely for coffee. Orion talks about how the day was just one big trouble and then Ikki appears noticing that Lin’s face looks ill.

He realizes that it must have been from meeting with her father and he tells her that he understands it’s a big decision for her and that she probably doesn’t want to be with a guy like him. However, if she is prepared to live with him then it’d be best if she gave him her answer as soon as possible so that he can protect her. This triggers a memory in her mind and she is launched into the past where she remembers telling Ikki that she’ll have to move out of her home soon and then she won’t have anywhere to go.

Even at that time he offered to share his apartment with her so that she could continue going to school and they’d share everything. The pre-amnesic Lin from there wasn’t sure if she could do that, but told him that she’d consider it. Back to the present Lin collapses again Ikki and she is taken back home. At her house Orion is told what she just saw, because once again he couldn’t see it.

He notes that Ikki’s feelings are really really real towards her and he asks her what her feelings are toward Ikki. Orion isn’t sure if he can manage to stay with her until that long or if he’ll disappear the moment she gives Ikki her answer and so he wants to know it know. She tells him that she thinks she loves Ikki and Orion is relieved and happy. He tells her that he can leave her in Ikki’s care then when the time comes.

8月26日. The next day at work when Ikki asks about her health, Lin’s heart starts pounding and she blushes bright red. Orion teases her by saying that he can hear her heart pounding and that if she isn’t careful then her feelings will easily be found out by Ikki. As it is he looks confused before smirking and asking if she’s now noticing his powers.

Shin interrupts them by telling them to move so that he can change and then mutters in annoyance at why they even need exchange these looks when they’ve been going out for three months now. Orion snaps at Shin saying that it can’t be helped since Lin wasn’t sure if she was just being played around with. Then he nudges at her to get changed for work, but as she tries to leave Ikki tells her to wait and asks her why she’s running away without saying anything.

He asks her in a teasing voice 「赤い顔してぼうっと人の顔を見ておきながら、何も言わないっていうのはナシじゃないの?」(You can’t just not say anything after blushing bright red and staring into someone’s face) and then adds that he’s wondering what is happening with this 『お嬢さん』(young lady) since her attitude has changed. He starts smirking as he asks her if she has anything to say to him or if she wants him to ask her instead.

Ikki wonders out loud if he’s just being conceited again and then asks if she is finding herself affected by his eyes. His voice drops as he says 「ちょっと、試してみようか・・・・?」(Let’s test it out, shall we…?) and then he steps in front of her and whispers breathily 「ほら、こっち見て・・・。真っ直ぐ、逸らさないで・・・」(Here, look this way… Straight ahead, don’t avert your eyes…). OHGOD MY FACE IS BURNING FROM THE PURE SEXINESS OF THIS LINE AND THE WAY HE DELIVERED IT. GAH, THIS SCENE IS INTIMATE (*´д`*)ハァハァ.

He notes that it seems like she’s being affected by his power, but then wonders if that’s just his imagination. He tells her to say to him not to be so conceited, but she doesn’t say anything and so he loses his smile and asks her why she isn’t saying it. Then he smirks slowly and tells her 「10数える間だけ待ってあげようか。その間に言わないと、キスするから。いい?」(I will give you 10 seconds. In that time, if you don’t say it, I’ll kiss you. Okay?).

He starts his countdown 「10・・・9・・・8・・・7・・・」 with his voice getting progressively lower and at 「6・・・5・・・4・・・3・・・」 starts falling into a husky whisper. Of course the door just has to slam at that and Shin comes by saying 「あの、職場でそういうことされるとほんっと困るんですけど」(Excuse me, but it’s problematic to say those things at work). щ(゚Д゚щ) SHIN YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. YOU’RE GOING ON MY SHIT LIST. Ikki is annoyed as he asks 「・・・シン。あと5秒くらい待ってくれてもいいんじゃないの?」(… Shin. Couldn’t you have waited just 5 more seconds?). Shin tells them to do their own things after work is over.

Ikki sighs at that but then says 「・・・ま、いっか。今の話は後でゆっくり聞くよ」(… Oh well. We’ll continue this conversation later with leisure). Lin is thrown into another memory of the first time she met Ikki and he was teaching her how to make a parfait and taunting her with his eye powers.

He wanted her to say the exact same thing, but she was having a hard time because of his eye powers and he smugly assumed she couldn’t. This reminded her of her father and his ways with women and so she decided then that she really hated Ikki and managed to dredge up enough will to break free and tell him not to be conceited. This completely shocks Ikki who tries to ask her how she broke free.

Lin realizes that she isn’t special and it was just her sheer willpower that allowed her to break free of his eye powers. She wonders what would happen if Ikki met another person that had the will to throw off his charms. After work ends, Ikki tells her that he’ll wait for her in the room and they’ll walk home together which surprises Orion as this is the first time he’s ever suggested such a thing. He asks her to give him her bag and he takes her hand and walks out of the cafe.

Orion is a little worried about the reactions to the fan girls and for the first time Ikki apologizes to them, but tells them to move out of the way because he’s walking Lin home today. The fan girls are completely surprised and ask for a reason and he tells them that her health is kind of bad today. The fan girls however tell him that he can’t and that they won’t permit it. WHAT THE FUCK. DIE BITCHES. WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO ORDER AROUND IKKI?!

Ikki narrows his eyes and softly says 「・・・あのね、もし通してくれないなら」(… You know, if you’re really not going to move out of the way then…), but at this point Shin interrupts by telling the group of girls to move out of the way. They become insulted by the rude way he’s speaking to them and asks if he knows who they are, to which he replies that he does and they’re the nuisances that are always in front of the store. Ikki takes this time to pull Lin into an alley while everyone is distracted.

The fan girls are angered and they tell Shin that they’ll call out his boss on him. Shin tells them to try and do so and that he doesn’t care either way. He also points out that Ikki and Lin have disappeared and this makes the fan girls ask out loud if they’ve been tricked. Shin replies to that by saying that it’s not a trick if they were that stupid to begin with. AHAHA, I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT SHIN. I LOVE HIM NOW. I REALLY DO (^∀^;).

All of the fan girls almost break down in tears from knowing that Ikki ditched them and they ask out loud to each other why he left them and that they need to find them. Shin replies that it should be obvious why Ikki left them since they’re all so annoying. Ikki is laughing in the alley saying that it seems everyone is gone and then apologizes for rushing her while she’s still feeling bad. He also apologizes to her for dragging her into this mess.

However, he asks her in a soft voice 「・・・風当たり、強くなると思う。でも僕が守るから。本気で守るから。ついてきてくれる・・・?」(I’m sure that the opposition and criticism will be strong, but I’ll protect you. I really will. Will you stand with me…?). He falls silent before wondering if he can ask her about this morning.

He asks her why she seemed to be affected by his eyes all of a sudden, but then says haltingly 「そうじゃないなら、その、君はもしかして僕のこと・・・」(If that isn’t the case… um.. Could it be that you might…). He falls silent again before exhaling shakily and saying 「・・・あー・・・・。何緊張してるんだ僕。格好悪いな」(… Ahh… What am I being so nervous about? I’m not being very cool).

He falls silent again before trying to say 「だから・・・えーと、つまりね」(That’s why… Um, in other words) and then interrupts himself with 「--僕がこんなバカな姿をさらすのは君だけだよ。君の前でだけおかしくなる」(I only show this stupid side of myself to you. I become strange in front of you).

He pulls himself together and tells her 「君は、僕にとって本当に特別な存在なんだ。・・・信じてくれる?」(You are a very special person to me… Will you believe that?). Lin tells him that he is also special to her and this surprises him and makes him laugh nervously why saying that those words make him really happy and grateful.

His voice is giddily happy as he says 「・・・どうしよう、嬉しいな」(… What should I do, I’m so happy). Then he debates with himself over saying the next line before finally deciding 「んー・・・言ってもいいのかな。今ね、キスしたい衝動と戦ってる。もうそれこそ全力でね」(Hmm.. it should be fine if I say it. Right now, I’m fighting the impulse to kiss you. It’s taking my whole power).

He tells her 「・・・君だからだよ。君だけだよ。こんな風になったことないんだ。どうしたらいいかわからない」(… It’s because of you. It’s only you. This kind of state that I fall in. I don’t really understand why). He tries to breath but then ends up saying 「あー・・・・・ごめん。理性崩壊させてもいいかな」(Ah… sorry. My reasoning is crumbling).

Ikki’s voice is a flat whisper as he tells her 「--我慢できない」(I can’t endure it anymore). He leans in and kisses her and then says 「・・・唇、甘いね。何か食べた?」(… Your lips.. are sweet. What did you eat?). GODHAHA I CAN’T STOP BLUSHING YET LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS AWKWARD KISS TALK. MAYBE JUST AWKWARD TO ME? AWKWARDLY SWEET WE’LL SAY (*´∀`*)えへへ. He talks about how her lips taste of this cream from something that she ate and that the taste is sweet. Then he asks in a breathy whisper 「もう少し食べていい・・・?」(Can I eat a little more…?). YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER YOU LIKE~. Then he says she tastes delicious.

He talks about the 5 days until he gets his answer of whether or not she’s going to live with him and he talks about how he’s really excited and impatient for that day. He also talks about how when he wasn’t sure if she liked him and so he said he’d leave her in peace after 3 months, in truth he wasn’t sure if he could continue on living. He laughingly tells her that no doubt he would have become an invalid.

There’s a smile in his voice as he says 「・・・ほんとに好きだよ。ほんとに・・・ぴっくりするくらい・・・」(… I really love you. Really.. to the point of surprising myself…). The day ends with her being escorted home and Orion talking about how the day was really surprising. Suddenly, they both realize that Lin can’t see Orion anymore and he realizes that the time of his disappearance must be coming soon.

8月27日. Now that her heart has opened up to Ikki, Lin keeps on getting bombarded by her memories as she does everyday things. She remembers Ikki greeting her on the road with a girl named Miki and explaining to her that she doesn’t need to be jealous because Lin is his co-worker. Then there was another time at the cafe where he treated another one of his girlfriends to a free drink while he was working.

Lin thinks about how happy everyone was and wonders why Ikki broke up with them after 3 months. Orion is by her side even though she can’t see him and he mentions that he can tell she’s unhappy even though he no longer resides in her heart and knows what she is thinking. When she goes home she sees Toma who came to check up on her, because Ikki told Sawa about Lin’s bad health.

Toma brought some food that his mother cooked and brings it up into her room. He asks her about her decision and whether or not she wants to return home to her father, but she tells him that she doesn’t. Toma respects her decision and then tells her that she has Ikki to depend on now anyway. Orion agrees with this and tells her that he’s been thinking that she should reveal everything to Ikki including his existence and her lost memories.

Lin emails Ikki and he wonders if she wants to talk about living with him, but tells her that he’ll be there at her house the next day since they both don’t have to work.

8月28日. She explains everything from the very first day of August to Ikki and although he is surprised and doesn’t know if he believes in spirits he realizes that she was acting weird. He also adds that he can’t say anything about the existence of spirits since he does have these weird eye powers. He kind of laughs nervously and asks if she has anything she wants to ask him that she can feel free to talk to ask him about now.

But then he says that this is situation is really troubling to him and then adds 「ねえ、どうしてほしい?僕は、何をしてあげたらいい・・・?」(Ne, what will be good? Is there anything I can do for you?). Lin asks him to hug her and he becomes shocked before quickly granting her request and then he realizes that she’s been unhappy this whole time and didn’t have anyone to talk to. He apologizes for not having said more normal things like why he liked her and how much he liked her, but then explains that he was impatient.

He knew that they only had one month left together and wanted to get her to like him. In fact the time that he pushed her against the wall and was going to kiss her, he thought that he’d be allowed to because he saw that she was slowly growing to like him. He didn’t expect for her to have lost all her memories the day before. He apologizes again and says 「・・・すごく焦ってたんだよ。ごめん・・・。1番不安にさせてたのは僕だね・・・」(… I just felt really impatient. Sorry… In the end the person who caused you the most distress was me).

He falls silent before telling her in the softest voice possible 「・・・あのね、僕は君が好きだよ」(… Did you know that I love you?). He explains that any of the times he acted cold towards her was because he was trying to prevent her from getting into any dangerous situations with his fans.

But he tells her that 「でも、もうそういうのはやめる。あ、また記憶を失ってもいいように毎日好きだって言っておこうか」(But, it won’t be like that anymore. Ah, if you lose your memories again I’ll tell you everyday that I love you). Then he adds 「これからは、どんなものからも僕が守るからね」(From here on out, no matter what happens I’ll protect you). GOD THAT WAS SO SWEET. SUCH A DEPENDABLE BOYFRIEND WHO DOESN’T FREAK OUT AT YOU FOR THESE THINGS.

Ikki wonders what they should talk about now and decides to tell her about the first time they met and things that she’s forgotten about like all the little moments and times they spent together. He laughingly jokes about how she might be suspicious of him putting himself in a better light and so he tells her to take his words lightly.

After Ikki leaves for the night, Orion appears in front of Lin once again by using all of his powers. He tells her that she seems to be fine now and that he feels like he can leave her in the hands of Ikki. He also agrees that Ikki is a fine man and then tells her that he’s happy to see her smiling face. He thanks her for the fun that they had in this month even if it was full of troubles and tells her that even if all of her memories don’t come back, she can depend on Ikki and that she’ll probably slowly regain them.

He disappears and Lin looks up into the night sky and thanks him for everything he’s done. A shooting star appears.

8月29日. The next day at work Ikki once again requests to walk home with Lin from the cafe. Waka comes by and notes that Ikki has finally settled down with a girl, to which Ikki replies 「覚悟ならとっくに決めてますよ」(I already decided a long time ago). Waka smirks at that and then gives Ikki a lecture about love being war and how if he’s serious about Lin then he needs to be blunt with his fan girls.

Ikki thanks Waka and even tells him that he’ll take a look at the paper that Waka wrote about love being war. Waka tells him to go out there and tell his fan girls off now and Ikki smirks at that and replies with a laugh 「イエス、サー!」(Yes, sir!). And the two of them head out to meet the bitch squad. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR SO LONG, YESSSSSSSS. They squeal as usual and then treat Lin coldly when they realize Ikki is walking home with her again.

He tells them 「悪いけど、僕の彼女はこの子だから。一緒に帰るのくらい自由にさせてくれないかな」(Sorry, but this girl is my girlfriend. I shouldn’t need a reason to walk home with her). This makes them whine to him about if they did anything wrong and he tells them flatly 「別に、いつもと変わらないよ。でも僕はこの子と帰りたいだけ」(Not particularly. You’re the same as always. But I want to walk home with her). As they’re talking Lin realizes that all three of them look familiar.

She suddenly realizes that all three of them are girls that Ikki has previously gone out with. Miki, Maya, and Taiko. When they get home Lin asks if his fan club is made up of girls who he has already dated, but Ikki isn’t fully clear on the details. He’s also wanted to ask her why she joined the fan club and Lin remembers that Sawa wanted to ask that too. She still doesn’t know the reason herself, but then she suddenly remembers.

I believe that she joined the fan club out of interest in what they were doing and why they were so obsessed with Ikki. While in the fan club she had to read a guidelines of how she was supposed to act and the ranking in the club with girls that had confessed to Ikki being up at the top while those who haven’t dated him yet being at the bottom.

Apparently, they also had actions to get in the way and scare off any of the girls that Ikki was currently dating, because they’re obsessive scary bitches. Ikki realizes that Lin finally remembered and asks her what she remembered, but she’s hesitant to tell him for fear of hurting him because she knows that Rika is his friend from middle school. He never dated Rika and just knew her as a classmate. He ends up begging her to tell him though, because he doesn’t want any secrets between them so she ends up telling him.

8月30日. Ikki and Lin are confronting his fan girls today and they’re completely shocked at first and try to play dumb. He slams his fist against the wall though and his voice is coldly emotionless as he tells them that he doesn’t care what they do now except that they don’t get in the way of him and Lin. Tomorrow is going to be the third month and it will be none of their business.

His voice is frigid when he tells them 「この子を傷付けるようなことがあったら、それが誰であっても絶対に許さない」(If any harm should befall her… then I will never forgive that person) and to emphasis it he repeats 「絶対に、だ」(Never). Finally he tells them flatly that 「--言いたいのはそれだけだよ」(That is all I have to say). The bitch squad realizes how badly they messed up and ask him hesitantly if that means he won’t see them ever again. He doesn’t answer which makes them even more hysterical. OOOOOHH PISSED!IKKI. HIS COLD RAGE VOICE IS SEXY.

Rika tries to beg forgiveness from Ikki saying that they did it only because they loved him. She tells him that she’ll break up the club and won’t get in his way anymore so long as he tries to sympathize with them. He tells her flatly 「リカ。もういい」(Rika. That’s enough) and she falls silent.

He falls silent himself before he starts talking again and listing these rules like 「・・・・今度誰かと会う時は、彼女に許可を取る。彼女がダメって言ったらダメ」(… Next time anyone is going to meet with her, they’ll need her permission. If Lin says no then it means no), 「彼女との約束は最優先。邪魔したら許さない」(Any promise I make with Lin takes top priority. Intereference will not be forgiven), and then says 「・・・その条件でなら、会うよ。僕を好きになってくれたことはありがたいと思ってる」(… If you can meet those conditions, then I’ll still meet with you. I think I should also thank you for liking me).

The fan girls rejoice at this, but Ikki shuts them down by saying that if Lin tells him not to meet them though then he won’t. And that if anything pops up or an occasion happens then he’s going to be dropping everything for her. The fan girls tell him that those conditions are already enough for them and Rika thanks him gratefully which makes Ikki reply in a dangerously soft voice 「・・・・・・・許したわけじゃないよ」(…. I haven’t forgiven you). Rika understands, but thanks him for thinking of them even if it’s as little as this and then heads home with everyone.

Ikki apologizes for dragging Lin into this and for saying that he’d meet with them. He asks her 「・・・ごめん。絶対会わないって言ってほしかった?」(… Sorry. Maybe it would have been better if I said I would never meet with them?), but then he explains that he was just practicing what Waka lectured to him about in the shop the other day. He also felt like those girls may have been victims to the power of his eyes.

He also laughs a little at himself and thanks the fact that Waka wasn’t here to see him lose his temper like this, but Waka appears saying that he did. In the end however, Waka approves of how Ikki handled it and Ikki thanks him with a smile. He’ll be taking money from Ikki’s paycheck to repair the wall that Ikki dented though.

8月31日. Ikki meets Lin at the usual square after work and notes that it’s the end of August, but then he tells Lin that the date shouldn’t matter. If it did matter then they’d have a problem, he mentions with a chuckle. He tells her 「君がいないと僕は生きてくのが辛いし、離すつもりなんか全くない。嫌だって言っても連れてく」(When you aren’t here, I find living to be painful. I will never let you go. Even if you say no I’ll take you with me). He smirks at her and adds 「いいよね?僕のこと好きでしょう?・・・違うとは言わせないよ」(That isn’t a problem, right? You love me don’t you?… I won’t accept any different answer).

Lin can’t say anything against that and Ikki laughs gently before telling her not to think too hard on that and then he says 「人の命令なんかしたの初めてだよ。昨日なんか初めて女の子を脅したし。初めてなことばっかりだ」(That’s the first time I ordered someone around. Yesterday was the first time I threatened a woman too. Seems like it’s been the first for a lot of things). He then realizes something and adds 「それから・・・今度は初めて女の子と一緒に暮らしてみようと思うけど、いいよね?」(And after that… Later on will be the first time I will be living together with a women. Isn’t that a welcoming thought?).

His smirk is devilish when he says 「だからね、嫌って言っても連れてくから。ムダに照れて見せてもダメ」(That’s why even if you say no I’ll bring you with me. It’s too late to be embarrassed). He lightly adds 「あ、でもね、一緒に住むとは言ってもいきなりすごいこと強制したるはしないから安心して」(Ah, but even though I’m saying that we’ll be living together like this, don’t worry about me forcing you). He tells her that he can sleep elsewhere and that they should go search for some futons. He apologizes a few seconds later though and tells her that he’ll be trying to seduce her from now on.

Ikki’s voice is a promise as he tells her lowly 「強制はしないけどね、すぐにその気にさせてみせるから」(I won’t force you, but I’ll be tempting you to accept it). He hums thoughtfully before saying 「そうだな・・・・今度はお試し同棲しようか。えっとね、1々月くらいでどう?」(That’s right… how about we test living together. Let’s say… for a month?). He tells her that in that time he’ll try to convince her to say that she wants to live with him. Lin tells him that she’ll never say that and Ikki grins and says 「あ、そう?自信あるよ、悪いけど。1々月も必要ないと思う」(Ah, really? You have confidence. However, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll even need a month).

His next words are a husky whisper 「・・・毎晩、寝る前に耳元で囁くから。君が好きだよ、こっちおいで、って」(… Every night while you’re lying down I’ll murmur into your ears “I love you”, “Come closer”, and things like that). His voice is a purr 「さぁ、どのくらい我慢できるかな?」(Well? How much do you think you can bear?). Lin is blushing hard at this point and she tries to change her mind and so Ikki lightly notes that she doesn’t have anymore confidence in her resistance. His voice is a drawl as he asks if she loses so easily to his seductions.

Lin pouts at that and Ikki laughs at her affectionately before suddenly saying 「ねえ、もう1つ初めてしてみたいことがあるんだ。今やろう。一緒に来て!」(Ne, there’s something else that I want to do for the first time. Let’s do it right now. Come with me!) and takes her by the hand to the middle of a station and busy sidewalk.

He tells her that he’s always wanted to try this and then he suddenly kisses her in the middle of everything and people start staring at them. Lin is completely embarrassed, but Ikki just quietly says 「・・・目立ってるね」(… We stand out, don’t we?) and then tells her softly 「・・・・・もう目の力なんかに負けない。誰の目も気にしない。君を傷付けるようなこともさせない」(… I won’t lose to the power of these eyes anymore. We don’t need to notice anyone else’s eyes. I won’t let anyone hurt you).

He tells her with force in his words 「覚悟、決めたよ」(I’ve decided on a resolution). And then tells her with a laugh in his voice 「・・・君も、覚悟決めてね。絶対に離さないから」(… You should also prepare your resolution, because I’ll never let you go). Lin loses her power to speak for a second before she finally answers him by calling him unfair.

This is the 「覚悟、決めたよ」(I’ve decided… my resolution) GOOD END.

*** NORMAL END 「今度の土日はヒマ?」(Are you free next weekend?) ***

Lin can’t decide between living with Ikki or returning back to her parents, even though she likes Ikki. Orion managed to convince her that her dad might have changed from what she first thought because he’s a bad womanizer. He has already gone through 4 wives and so that’s why Lin decided to try and live alone, because she didn’t want to meet the 4th wife.

Her father phones though and apologizes for losing his temper and tells her to consider his words carefully and this triggers a memory of the time that she met the 4th wife. Lin realizes that maybe her father did change because the feeling she got from his new wife was different. Unfortunately Orion has disappeared because of this.

She tries to decide what to do because of her bad health from her returning memories she wonders if she should return home. However, she doesn’t want to part from Ikki but wonders if he likes her only because she is resistant to his eye powers and if he might fall in love with another girl who shows resistance as well. In the end she decides to return home but keeps in her relationship with Ikki.

The next scene is them meeting 2 weeks later and she can’t stop crying. Ikki laughs gently at that and tells her that maybe they shouldn’t meet anymore because she keeps on crying like that, but then tells her to phone him anytime. He also tells her that because they work at different places now, go to different schools, and because she lives so far that if she wants to break up with him then he’ll respect her wishes and even tells her that it might be better if she forgets him.

Lin tells him that she can’t and won’t forget about him. He tells her that he might forget in about 10 years, but she just repeats that she won’t forget about him. He finally accepts her words and tells her 「電話しておいで。気が向いた時にね」(Come and phone me, when your feelings are clear). He then says goodbye to her 「じゃあね、元気で。また、会えたら会おうね」(See you then. Stay healthy. We’ll meet each other when we meet next time) and then adds bluntly 「--好きだったよ」(I love you).

One month later, Lin sends an email asking how he is doing and if he is well. She talks about how she’s well on her side, though a bit cold, and that the stars she can see are very pretty. She tells him that next time he should come with her and they can look at the stars together.

The next scene is her email being replied to by Ikki and it contains only two sentences. That he wants to come and see it with her and if she’s free the next weekend. THAT WAS A KIND OF SWEET ENDING AND MORE REALISTIC I WOULD THINK THEN HER LIVING WITH HER BOYFRIEND OF 3 MONTHS, THOUGH I SUPPOSE TECHNICALLY THEIR RELATIONSHIP HAS GONE ON LONGER THAN THAT.

*** BAD END 「やるじゃない、神さま」(Don’t do this God!) ***

Starts from the beginning again and basically Lin is too trusting of other people and is acting really suspicious since she doesn’t know what to say to act like her pre-amnesic self. Every other line that Lin says is making everyone reply with a “Eh?” since she’s so wrong it’s not even funny.

One event that stood out is that she goes home rather than waiting for Ikki after he talks to Mine, so the hand-holding scene is skipped. She also tells Ikki that she hates him when he gets held up in front of her house on the day of the fireworks and so they end up not getting to go to see it. However, because of this missed date Ikki ends up asking her out after work to make up for that day.

They go to watch a movie and Lin chooses a horror film which surprises him, because he thought that she hated it. He smirks at that though and tells her that he’ll hold her if she gets scared and so they go in to watch the movie where he also notes that there’s few people around. Ikki teases her asking her what he should do since there’s no one to see them, but then just ends up holding her hand after telling her to relax. He also notes that it’s the first time that they’ve done these things like an actual couple.

Hilariously, the scene with Toma leads to Lin calling him her childhood friend which surprises him. He asks Lin when they were ever childhood friends because he considers her his little sister. The scene with Ikki taking care of Lin is also skipped, since she chooses to be looked after by Toma instead.

One day, Ikki is completely silent and tells Lin to come with him to his house. At his house he explains his suspicions about her and how he has come to the conclusion that she’s forgotten everything. His demeanour completely changes and he tells her that he’ll teach her all the things that she’s forgotten and pins her on the bed. At this, Lin freaks out and yells at him to stop and surprisingly he does. His voice is low as he tells her to go home straight away and that if she remains then he can’t guarantee that he won’t continue what he started.

Lin runs off and there is a scene with Ikki monologuing in an agonized voice at why she didn’t depend on him and if she had that little confidence in him. He yells up at the sky at how he doesn’t want his powers anymore and if this is how he is being repaid by god. In the meanwhile, Lin is crying on the streets and Orion apologizes for not being able to help her, give back her memories, or do anything at all.

*** BAD END 「君を壊した子たちを壊してくるよ」(I’ll break the girls who broke you) ***

During the mountain trip, Lin agrees to pair up with Ikki but Rika stops them from doing so and Ikki apologizes. He whispers behind his hand that it looks like they were stopped and so the test of courage continues as normal except this time when her partner disappears, Rika appears with a crazed smile on her face and talking about how because Lin is considering Ikki to be hers she’s better off dead.

There’s a chase scene through the forest and Orion tries to help Lin by guiding her as well as yelling for Ikki, but suddenly Lin’s memories of her time dating Ikki come back and Orion disappears in shock. She also remembers all of the threats that she kept on getting and wonders if she should even bother running away from Rika anymore. Rika catches up again and with a crazed face talks about how Ikki is theirs and then pushes Lin off a cliff.

The next scene is Ikki standing over Lin’s hospital bed and calling her name before asking if she can hear him. He explains that the doctor doesn’t know if she can talk anymore or if she can even see anything anymore and has diagnosed her as broken. He falls silent again before whispering 「ねえ・・・どんな目に遭わされたの?どんな思いをさせられたの?」(Hey… what did you go through? What did you feel?) and says softly 「怖かったよね・・・。助けてって叫んだ?僕のことを、呼んだ・・・?」(It was scary wasn’t it…? Did you shout for help? Did you… call for me?).

His voice is agonized as he says 「・・・守ってきたのに・・・」(… Even though I tried to protect you…) and then tells himself in a shaky angry voice 「我慢して・・・我慢して・・・大事に守ってきたのに・・・!!」(Even though I endured it… I endured it… to protect my precious person…). His voice is dangerously low as he asks out loud 「どうして・・・たったひとつだけ望んだものを壊されなきゃいけないんだ・・・!!」(Why… is it that the only one thing I ever wished had to be broken…!?).

Ikki’s voice becomes light and thoughtful as he tells her 「あのね。こうして毎日君の顔を見ながら色々考えてたんだけど・・・」(Did you know? Coming here everyday and seeing your face has made me think about some things…) and then adds softly 「ごめん、しばらくの間留守にするね」(Sorry, but in a short while I’ll be away for a little bit).

He’s almost insane as he says 「ちょっとだけ待てって」(Just wait a little) in a sweet voice and then adds 「--これから、君を壊した子たちを壊してくるよ」(After this, the girls who broke you will be broken). AM I A BAD PERSON TO LIKE THIS END A LITTLE? IKKI DRIVEN INSANE BY HIS LOVE AND NEED TO PROTECT IS SOMEWHAT SEXY (*´Д`)ハァハァ…

*** BAD END 「2人で住みたかったな」(It doesn’t look like the two of us will be living together) ***

Lin doesn’t love Ikki enough to live with him and he seems to already know her answer and so the days pass quickly. At the end, he wishes her to be in good health and separates from her as well. Orion feels bad for turning down Ikki, but he realizes that Lin can’t help her feelings. He tries to cheer her up by saying that her life will continue and that they’ll continue searching for her memories.

Back at Ikki’s house he’s drinking himself drunk with Kent and talking about how this was the first time in 10 years that he fell in love with someone. He talks about how he wants to quit his job, because he can’t bear to see her anymore but then realizes that Waka would probably get angry at the abrupt leave. Kent laughs and tells him that he might feel better if he’s called an idiot all the time by the manage and Ikki tells him that he’s not that drunk to not realize when he’s being insulted.

He decides spontaneously to go to the sea to get away from his apartment. He also plans on sleeping in a hotel by the sea for a few days with Kent and just as he leaves the room he says his farewell to the place where the two of them weren’t able to live together.

48 thoughts on “Amnesia ~ Ikki ~

    CatMuto said:
    January 16, 2019 at 17:10

    This just reminds me how awesome Ikki is~ Though I kinda wish he had told his fanclub what pier to take a hike off of earlier. Ah, just one of his flaws. He just can’t turn women down… not unless he has a really good reason to. (Sabotaging his relationships? And hurting his beloved heroine? Over the line!) Down with the FC!

    I dunno when Ikki first really convinced me… guess it was on a second playthrough of his route because I recall being annoyed with his vague attitude the first time around. Look, pal. Do you like her? Or not? If yes, show it! I despised how the fireworks went down, but I do like when he’s drunk and just needs the heroine by his side. Would’ve liked a bit more romance, though… ~.~

    May sound a bit strange bringing this up here, but I’m planning on doing a dojin of Ikki’s route (Technically, two, but I’m working on only one for now), but with some character changes. (For example, the heroine’s strained relationship with her father, and the type of romantic-relationships he has been showing her as a model from childhood onwards, has a much bigger impact on her personality) I could really use some help in showing the planned events (especially how they end up diverting from the route, so to speak) to another person and getting some feedback… um, would you maybe be interested in reading the notes and saying what may or may not work? Only if you want to, and have the time, of course! ó//ò

      Ilinox responded:
      January 17, 2019 at 11:39

      I always remember Ikki’s line, when he confronts them and punches the wall, about how he feels at fault and responsible for their crazy obsession because of his eyes whenever I get frustrated at his fanclub. I still personally think people should own up for their own actions, supernatural influence be damned, but it does make me love him all the more for that sense of responsibility and kindness :’)).

      Haha, I loved the suspense when we were trying to regain the heroine’s memories with her too because it really makes you wonder like “Why is she with this playboy? We should just dump him because he’s so mean. But what are these extenuating circumstances he seems to have?”. I still remember being impressed how even though I knew there was a good end I still couldn’t help but feel cautious and wary.

      Ooh, that’s a big undertaking but also sounds like a lot of fun! If you really want to share them, I don’t mind taking a look but I feel like I should also point out that I haven’t been in the Amnesia fandom for a long time |D;; and that Ikki got bumped out of my character bias list, oops. I might not remember enough details about the games or have as much of an impression anymore to give helpful feedback /o\.

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