Amnesia ~ Shin ~

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Shin (シン)
CV: Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原 徹也)

(I’m keeping to the tradition of having pinning scenes up at the top, haha).

Shin has a really rough character. He’s blunt to the point of being rude and can be very strict. His favourite word is “idiot” which he calls the heroine a lot, but his affection for her can be easily seen. He doesn’t hide the fact that he thinks about her a lot and he takes his job as her boyfriend very seriously. He doesn’t have any friends apart from the heroine and Toma and he comes from a poor family. His bad ends are just bad and don’t reveal much of his character, but his normal end is just as good if not better than the good end.

Same deal with Ikki’s route. Lin meets Orion in the blue world and learns that she has lost all of her memories, but that he’ll tag along inside her heart and help her gain them back. This time, she chooses to return to the world of Hearts.

It is now the first day of August. Orion wakes Lin up with an extremely worried voice and she opens her eyes to find herself in a hospital bed. They’re both completely confused and Orion is worried because there’s almost nothing around them for them to investigate to help her regain her memories. He does notice a nameplate though and is relieved to find out that her name is what she remembered it to be.

He searches the room and finds a bag underneath the bed and asks if she wants to take a look at it. When she tries to move though they find themselves in extreme pain and realize that she’s wrapped in bandages. Orion wonders if they were in some kind of accident, but then someone comes in and asks if they haven’t slept enough. Orion snaps at the young man telling him that it’s natural for them to be sleeping when they can barely move! Then he wonders who this man is since he doesn’t look to be part of the staff and seems to know Lin.

Said man then tells her 「--ったく。何ーっとしてんだ。目、覚ましてやるよ」(Geez. What are you zoning out for. I guess I’ll have to wake you up) and then he kisses her which makes Orion squeal in surprise. Orion quickly tells Lin that he’ll get this man off of her, but then after a period of silence mentions with nervous laughter that he can’t do anything. SH-SHIN WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I.. SOMEHOW DIDN’T EXPECT HIM TO BE SO AGGRESSIVE.

He falls silent and then pipes up with 「・・・あの・・・キミ、大丈夫!?ごめんね、何もできなくて・・・!嫌なら抵抗した方がいいよ!?」(… Um… Are you alright!? I’m sorry I can’t do anything…! If you don’t want this you should show some resistance!). The silence continues on and Orion finally says exasperatedly 「っていうか、いつまでキスしてるつもり!?」(On another note haven’t you two kissed for long enough!?). HAHA I MISSED ORION’S JOKES AND COMMENTARY AFTER HE DISAPPEARED. IT’S GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ!

The man leans back and is already suspicious asking her if it’s because she’s embarrassed that she’s not making a big deal out of him kissing her. He also tells her that if she doesn’t tell him no, then he won’t know when to stop. He says to her that if she keeps on remaining silent then he just might return back to kissing her. Orion yells at him to give them some time, especially Lin who doesn’t even know who this guy is.

Orion and Lin watch as the man notes that she is still woozy, but tells her to get changed since they’re going to be leaving the hospital now. He leaves the room and Orion awkwardly points out that he must be Lin’s boyfriend and then angrily states 「てゆーか、もし彼氏じゃなかったら入ってくるなりキスなんて大問題だよ!!」(I mean, if that person wasn’t your boyfriend and just randomly entered and kissed you that would be a huge problem!!).

Lin gets dressed while Orion talks about how it seems like the boyfriend is going to sign her release forms, although he wonders why it’s her boyfriend that is doing that instead of her family or father. However, Orion is just happy to get out of the hospital. Lin’s boyfriend comes back in the room without knocking and it makes Orion laugh nervously at how they barely managed to avoid the danger of him walking in on them changing. Then he gets angry at how her boyfriend doesn’t even knock, even though he did say that he wasn’t going to.

Orion nudges Lin to say a complaint and she asks her boyfriend to knock next time, but he just replies that if she had problems with him not doing so then she should have said it when he told her that he wasn’t going to knock. Then the mystery boyfriend notices that she hasn’t taken her medication and tells her not to be an idiot and take it to get rid of the pain and that he’ll carry her luggage.

Her boyfriend decides to call a taxi and tells her that he doesn’t know the road to her house very well so she’ll have to give the directions. Of course Orion is alarmed at this and they make a nice save by saying that they’re bad at directions and so Shin guides them. They make a mistake by walking by their apartment when they’re at the apartment complex and then by trying to search for the keys in her bag when she apparently gave it to her boyfriend.

In her room, Orion notes that she seems to live alone. Lin’s boyfriend then tells her to make some tea to familiarize herself with doing things by herself. She asks him what he wants to drink and he asks for melon soda, which Orion angrily grumbles about how that’s not a tea. She gives him one in her fridge, but it’s 2 weeks expired because that’s the time that she’s been in the hospital for and her boyfriend tells her not to worry about getting him one but that he just wanted to say it. GEEZ SHIN YOU’RE SUCH A RUDE BASTARD. GO BURN IN SOME DARK HOLE ( -д-).

While she makes the tea he puts away most of her luggage, but tells her that didn’t touch her clothes. He also bought her some sandwiches because he knew that she didn’t eat anything in the morning. Orion grudgingly says that her boyfriend is rude and coarse, but attentive and sort of nice in his own way. The time comes for her boyfriend to leave and Orion cheers out 「やっと帰ってくれる!この緊張から解放される!」(Finally you’re going home! We can finally release all our nervousness!). ORION’S ECSTATIC VOICE IS HERE IS SO FUNNY. I’M GLAD THAT SHIN IS LEAVING TOO.

8月2日. Lin’s boyfriend comes by really early in the morning at 9 to wake her up and when she opens the door he berates her for sleeping in even though he told her not to. He apparently tried to keep her waking up at this time so that she wouldn’t fall into bad habits while she was injured and Orion wonders out loud if that isn’t too strict of a regimen.

Then her boyfriend reveals that today is the day of their one year anniversary of dating each other. He asks if she wants anything and she replies with a cake, but then he tells her that she shouldn’t since she’ll get fat and that her face is already really round. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS GUY WHAT THE HELL KIND OF GIRL WOULD DATE HIM?! (╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ DOES HE COUNT AS SOME SORT OF TSUNDERE WHO WILL MELT LATER ON?! ALL I’M GETTING IS PISSED. I GIVE UP, SHIN, ALL I WANT FOR THIS ANNIVERSARY IS TO BREAK UP WITH YOU AND GET WITH IKKI.

However, then he reveals that he has a question for her. He asks her why she hasn’t called his name yet and points out that she’s been acting strange since yesterday. He asks if she even remembers his name. Orion wonders worriedly if they’ve been found out and it turns out they have since her boyfriend also lied about their anniversary. In reality, they’ve only been dating for 3 months instead of a year. He soon understands that she’s lost all her memories including her own name. エッ(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)マジ? TH-THAT WAS FAST.. SO NOW WHAT IS THE GAME GOING TO BE ABOUT? SO DIFFERENT FROM IKKI’S ROUTE.

Introductions and explanations are soon given. Lin’s boyfriend’s name is Shin and he knew her as a child and was a childhood friend. He tells her that her parents left him her house key and money to help take care of her and Orion notes that they seem to trust Shin a lot. Lin remembers a piece of her past from when Shin was apologizing to her parents for being the cause of her accident, but they don’t think so and still like him.

Shin is relieved that Lin hasn’t lost all her memories and seems to still have a chance at regaining them. He only tells her that he was the cause of her accident and the reason of her amnesia, though Orion protests and says that it was actually him, but Shin adds that he has to sort his own feelings out before he can fully tell her. Instead, he decides to take her to the town to see if she can remember anything more.

On the way to the cafe where they work, Shin also reveals that his house is really close to hers which meant that the taxi from the hospital was also a test. They make it to the cafe and Lin is completely out of breath and so they take a break inside and meet Toma. Unfortunately, Lin doesn’t remember anything more and Shin berates her for pushing herself.

He tells her that he wanted to take her to town so that she could pick a cellphone, since her’s was destroyed in the accident, but that he would have taken her back home if she was too tired. However, because she didn’t complain he didn’t say anything until now when he realizes that she’s been doung unnecessary things. He tells her 「不満は口に出せよ。言わなきゃわかんないから」(If you’re unhappy then say so. I won’t understand if you don’t say anything). SHIN’S PERSONALITY IS KIND OF COMPLICATED, BUT I’M GROWING TO LIKE IT. HE’S A VERY DIRECT AND CARING FELLOW EVEN IF HE SORT OF INSULTS YOU EVERY OTHER SENTENCE.

Shin once again tells her that her accident was his fault and that he feels responsible for everything. He confesses that he was scared at the time of the accident, because he thought that she had died. The day ends with them getting the phone and her being escorted back home where Orion talks about how the future looks good with them having a promise not to return to the hospital and being able to depend on Shin.

8月3日. The next day starts with Shin apologizing for lying to Lin. He had told her that her parents were busy and couldn’t come see her because they were working, but in truth they’re overseas. He was lying because he thought her memories would return soon, but it turns out that he was being too optimistic. Orion gets a little annoyed at all the lying and even Shin tells Lin that it’s okay for her to get mad at him and that she usually does when he lies.

They head off to her university to see if she can remember anything. He talks about how she practices in a band in her university and takes her to the band room and talks about how he always came after she was done practicing and they would talk to each other in this room. His voice softens as he informs her that 「オレがおまえに告白したのも、初めてキスしたのも、この部屋」(My confession to you.. our first kiss.. it all happened in this room). Then he leans over and kisses her before asking 「・・・覚えてないか?」(… You can’t remember?).

He asks her 「その時のことは覚えてなくても、キスの感触は?」(If you don’t remember that moment, do you remember the feeling of this kiss?). Then he leans away and tells her that that these feelings are incalculable and so he wonders if she can remember the sensation of them, but then realizes that she can’t. He apologizes after that and tells her that he won’t do it again, but that he was being optimistic in thinking that a kiss in their usual place would jog her memories.

Shin sort of sighs as he muses on how 「・・・困るよな。今のおまえにとっては知らない男だもんな」(… It’s troubling, isn’t it? Right now you’re basically in the presence of an unfamiliar man). Lin tells him that she doesn’t hate him though, and that makes him respond with 「あ、そう?じゃあこれからも遠慮なく」(Ah, really? Then from here on out I won’t hold back). He ends up telling her that he wants to say that, but realizes that without her memories it’d be like he was forcing himself on her.

They head out to a park-like area and he talks about how there are only a few more places left that she might regain her memories from. Lin is struck by a memory as they past this place about practicing for a live show, crying about it, and then being scolded by Shin about it. In the present, Shin is worried when she sways from the shock of her returning memories and when she asks about him scolding her he’s a bit embarrassed that she keeps on remembering the bad things.

He explains that him and Toma were congratulating and trying to praise her though. It’s just that his way of praising her was to tell her to ignore other people’s thoughts, because there will always be people out there who will criticize her. And so then he called her an idiot for caring about those people’s opinions and Toma interrupts to try and explain in gentler terms what Shin meant.

8月4日. Today is the day for Lin’s training to make her remember how to do her job at the cafe. Shin starts with some basic rules and guidelines and is a strict and mean teacher since he adds 『バカ』(idiot) to the end of every sentence. Even Orion is starting to feel bad. Finally, Shin decides that they’ve gone through enough training and now is the time for the quiz and so he tells her to imagine him as a customer coming into the shop.

She greets him with 「お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様」(Welcome home, Master) and this makes Shin blush and he needs to take a few moments to compose himself before continuing on by telling her that she’ll need to bring the menu and a glass of water to the customer. Then she needs to go tend to her other customers before coming back to take his order with 「お決まりでしょうか、ご主人様」(Have you made your decision, Master?) and once again Shin is greatly affected by her words.

He even looks away and mutters 「・・・何の拷問だこれ・・・」(… What kind of torture is this…). The explanation continues on with how then she takes his order and goes to the kitchen with it, to which Lin replies with “Yes, Master” and this makes Shin blush again. Finally he mutters 「・・・あのさ。襲ってもいい?」(… Hey. Can I kiss/assault you?). Orion yells out in shock and anger at what Shin is suddenly saying, but then Shin takes back his words himself and says 「ダメだよな。あーなんだこれ。辛すぎるだろ。早く来いよトーマ・・・」(I probably shouldn’t, huh. Ahh, what is this. It’s too painful. Hurry up and come Toma…). SOMEONE HAS AN EXTREME MAID FETISH (^∀^;).

The doorbell rings immediately after he says this and Shin exhales in relief. It’s Toma and Shin has already explained the whole situation to him about Lin having lost her memories. So Toma introduces himself to her as another one of her childhood friends and as her brother figure and congratulates her on her hard work up to now with her lost memories. Shin tells him not to treat her so nicely, which leads Toma to tell him that he treats her too strictly.

Shin also tells her about a friend that she has called Sawa from her university. He tells her that she can trust her friend, but maybe not with the secret of her lost memories since her friend likes to gossip. At any rate, Lin now has two more people she can depend upon if Shin isn’t around and Toma helps her input his and Sawa’s phone number into her new phone.

She also finds out that Shin’s family isn’t that wealthy and that he needs to be studying to get good grades for a scholarship for his education. So she thanks him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to be with her like this, but he waves her off saying that her thanking him is a weird feeling. He also tells her not to worry about it and that he’ll study some other day. Then he orders Toma to join them in their roleplay for Lin’s job before he mutters 「・・・オレ1人じゃ理性が切れる」(… If it’s just me my reason/control will snap).

So she starts from the beginning again at the behest of Shin and greets the two of them like customers. Shin blushes again and looks away while Toma looks at her with wide eyes and also blushes. Shin finally says 「な、微妙な気持ちになるだろ」(Hey, you’re getting complicated feelings too aren’t you?).

8月5日. Lin goes to work today and meets Waka, her manager, and a co-worker of hers called Mine. She finds out that Mine saw the whole accident happen and Orion wants her to ask Mine about it to see if they can remember something, but they have to start working and so they don’t get any time to ask her about anything. WAKA IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN THIS ROUTE (°Д°). HE’S ACTUALLY SUPER NICE, TALKS IN A SOFT VOICE, AND COMPLIMENTS HIS EMPLOYEES. I-I WANT MY OLD WAKA BACK.. THE ONE WHO SCREAMS THAT THE CUSTOMERS ARE ENEMIES…

During lunch, Waka decides to let Lin go home early today since she’s still recovering from her injuries and Orion realizes that they’ll have to ask Mine about the accident some other day since she and Toma are still working and Lin can’t wait for them to finish. As Orion and her leave the shop they see Shin standing outside waiting for them and he congratulates them on their hard work.

She asks Shin if he came to pick someone up and he talks about how he regrets her lack of memories, because it prevents him from being able to tease her when she looks at him with those puppy-like eyes. He tells her he has some business with Waka though and she follows him in to see him apologize for her injuries and the fact that she can’t work like she used to. Waka doesn’t accept his apology though, because he thinks that it’s a treat to see Lin in the maid outfit.

The two of them head home after this together with Lin being escorted home before Shin returns back to his studying. Orion notes that Shin is really mature and doesn’t seem to act like her junior at all. He’s relieved that they have someone like this to depend upon.

8月6日. Orion wonders what they should do since they’re taking a break from work again and Shin is studying. The doorbell rings though and it’s Toma and a girl who introduces herself as Sawa, one of Lin’s university friends. Sawa was worried about her and explained that she didn’t see her for the 2 weeks that she stayed at a far away hospital, although Toma informs her that Lin was transferred to the nearby hospital for her last 2 days.

The topic turns to her accident and Toma creates a lie about how the accident has caused her memories for that day to disappear. Sawa is surprised but then tells Lin that she’ll tell her everything she knows about that day. Apparently Lin, Sawa, Mine, and Shin all went to a mountain for a trip and it was there that she somehow fell off a cliff and that was her accident. Shin ran back to the cabin with a pale face and told everyone that she fell and everyone set out to find her. Even people who were just guests there.

Sawa reveals that the people who found her were Ikki and Kent, but Lin remembers another piece of her past and it was a scene after she had fallen from the cliff. She remembers Shin standing above her and calling her name and asking if she could stand, but when she says that it was Shin who found her Sawa corrects her. After Lin was found and taken to a hospital all she could continue saying was that it wasn’t Shin’s fault. Apparently, people suspected that he was guilty of pushing her off the cliff or something.

Shin obviously isn’t helping the suspicion by continuing to claim that everything was his fault. Orion is confused at the memory that they regained and how it differs from what everyone else is saying. In the end, though he doesn’t believe that Shin did it either since Shin seems to treat Lin as something precious.

8月7日. Today is work will once again be cut short for Lin. She performs her work as perfect as always and Toma compliments her and remarks on how Shin’s super strict teaching seems to be paying off. When she retires into the break room, everyone is standing there and Waka talks thanks her for her hard work before explaining how worried he was when he received news of her accident.

Orion thanks the manager for worrying about them, but then Waka talks about how he wouldn’t know what he would do if she scarred her pretty face. At this Orion falls into shocked silence. Continuing on, Mine talks about how scared she was and how worried Toma was too. Sawa couldn’t stop crying, but for some reason Shin was completely cool and composed through the whole thing. She tells Lin that even when everyone went out to search for her, he didn’t even move.

Toma chides her gently for her words and explains that Shin was probably in shock from seeing his girlfriend tumble off a cliff. Mine reveals that she has heard scary rumours of Shin’s father being a murderer, but Toma corrects her by calling it accidental homicide. Mine talks about how she heard that the accidental homicide came from having a fight while drunk and then wonders out loud about how it’s possible that those personality traits are passed down.

「・・・それ以上言ったら怒るよ?」(If you say anymore… I’ll get angry) is said in a low and dangerous voice by Toma. He explains that it’s the truth that Shin’s father killed someone while drunk and in a fight, but that it has nothing to do with Shin. Mine looks  scolded and then apologizes to Lin, especially when she tells Mine that Shin isn’t bad, and then she says that’s what Lin has been saying from the beginning.

Waka breaks it all up by saying that while Shin is strict he doesn’t believe that Shin is the type of guy to hurt his girlfriend. Then he tells them to commence their lunch break.

8月8日. Shin comes back her house and asks her if she has free time to go out. Orion is annoyed at how he doesn’t even ask his girlfriend how her day went or phone ahead to see if she has free time and instead just assumes it. It turns out that they’re going on another trip around town to see if her memories can be jogged and along the way Lin takes the time to ask Shin about the accident.

It turns out that the reason why he didn’t go to search for her was because he was telling the police all the details that he knew and phoning the ambulance and all that. He apologizes for not telling her sooner and causing her unhappiness to have to find out from other people and that’s not to mention the rumours she heard about him trying to kill her on purpose. The reason he did is that he didn’t want to remember that night, such as the fear he had when watching her blood pour from her body as they waited for an ambulance and how lifeless she was.

He has also heard rumours and tells her about all of them like how he made her run away and so then she fell off. There’s also one about how he pushed her off the cliff purposefully. Shin asks if she believes in his words when he tells her what really happened, to which she says that she does and believes that he saved her. Shin smiles at that and says that she said the exact same thing before she lost her memories.

Orion believes that the Lin from before really loved Shin and believed in him. He also doesn’t think that Shin would harm her.

8月9日. The owner from the mountain cabin is also the owner of the maid cafe that she works at and he came down to see how she was recovering from her injuries. Toma interrupts the two of them to provide an unsuspicious explanation for Lin and Orion thanks him gratefully. At any rate, the owner expresses his surprise and regret at having doubted that Shin was her boyfriend at the time of the accident and then jokes with Toma at how his progess with her is going.

Apparently, when Lin was small, she proposed to Toma. Hearing those words causes Lin to remember the time when she did propose to him when she was small. Waka comes by and drags Toma away to open the shop and this leaves Lin alone with the owner to talk about the accident some more. He brought a list of all the people that were there during her accident to see if she is suspicious of them and to help her figure out what happened. He’s excited to be a part of a real mystery, while Orion is wondering what the heck is up with this guy.

The owner asks her about her version of events and then adds that he understands that she is protecting Shin and doesn’t suspect him at all. THE DAYS IN SHIN’S ROUTE JUST SHOOT PAST LIKE A DETECTIVE GAME..

8月10日. It’s one of Lin’s free days and Orion thinks that they should just take a rest since her body is still healing. Yesterday they had a full shift and they were held up talking to the owner about the accident for a long time as well. Orion wonders if Shin will come and just as he thinks that it the doorbell rings. It turns out to be Toma who also asks her bluntly if she has free time and Orion wonders if this is just the way they greet each other as childhood friends.

Shin appears too, though, and this causes some confusion for Lin and Orion because Toma says that he should go home if her boyfriend is here. Shin, however, asks if he has any business and since they both don’t and Toma got here first then he can go home. Lin apologizes to Toma because she chooses to have Shin with her and the two of them go out to search for her memories some more. Orion doesn’t want to refuse, but makes a joke about how her body is refusing. Before they leave, Shin tells her to tell him when she’s tired because he doesn’t want her to push herself and Orion is pleased at his concern.

When they return, Shin notices that Lin has an unhappy face when he tells her that he is leaving to go home. He informs her that she should be more self-conscious of the fact that he’s her boyfriend and then that leads to him asking how she sees him. He doesn’t want to return back to a friend relationship or a family relationship, but if she can’t remember the fact that they’re going out then he’ll abide by her wishes.

She tells him that she doesn’t really see him as a man, to which he tells her that lowly 「別に、問題ない。すぐ男だと思わせる」(That’s not a big problem. I can quickly make you think of me as a man), but then he laughs and says that those words were the same thing she said to him when he confessed to her. This causes her to remember the time that he confessed to her.

In the memory, Shin admits that he can’t see her as anything but a woman and that he wants to date her. Lin tells him that she’s older than him, but Shin doesn’t think that being older by half a year makes much difference. He also tells her that there is no going back for him, because he won’t be able to return to being her childhood friend from this. Lin tells him that his words sound like a threat, but that she doesn’t want to parted from him since they’ve always been together since childhood.

Back at the present Shin asks what she is spacing out for, but then realizes that she must have remembered something. He asks 「それで?オレの申し込みの返事は?」(And so? Can I have an answer to my request?) regarding what kind of relationship she wants to have with him and Lin replies hesitantly that she doesn’t want him to be pushy or forceful. He notes that 「それ、了承ってことだよな。わかった、じゃあとりあえず」(That’s acceptance, isn’t it? I understand, but first of all…) and then he pulls her to him and into her room before kissing her. OHWOW SHIN WHY DO YOU GET SO MANY GOOD KISS CGS?! AND SO AGGRESSIVE TOO (*´д`*)ハァハァハァハァ.

Shin inhales shakily 「・・・ずっとこうしたかった」(… I’ve wanted to do this for a long time) and adds 「冗談じゃねえよ。好きな女が目の前にいて手出しできないって、苦痛すぎるだろ」(It’s not a joke. Seeing the woman you love in front of you and being unable to hold her hand, it’s beyond painful). He says to her 「記憶が戻るまで待ってやろうかと思ってたけど、やめた」(I thought I would wait for the return of your memories, but I can’t) and 「そんないつ戻るかわからないもの待てない」(I can’t wait for something that might not return).

He tells her that he wasn’t sure what he would do if she wanted to return to seeing him as a family member and talks about how painful it would be for their 3 months of dating to just disappear like water. He mutters out loud that he would rather become nervous again like he is now and be nervous as to when he could kiss her than return to being just a friend. He releases her and lets her know that he’s going home and he’ll see her the next day they have a break before he leaves.

Orion appears shakily saying that he was surprised. He tells Lin that he finally understands what Shin meant that time at the hospital when he was surprised that she wasn’t fighting back or being embarrassed, because apparently he kisses her a lot out of impatience and inability to restrain himself. Orion wonders if they should have given Shin their acceptance. HAHA TOO LATE TO TAKE IT BACK NOW ORION AND I’M KIND OF GLAD FOR THE CHANGE~! I HAVEN’T BEEN CALLED AN IDIOT FOR A LONG TIME NOW.

8月11日. Today Sawa is at work too and she suggests that they all go together to view the fireworks to prevent Lin from feeling mobbed by all the strangers. She phones Shin and then hands the phone over to Lin so that when she invites him he’ll definitely come. Mine and Toma are also coming with them. It turns out that Sawa decided to take them to an abandoned shrine to play with fireworks like kids and Toma is a little confused as to why Waka is with them.

Shin suggests that Lin rest on the well, though she has to be careful not to fall, and sits with her after mentioning how a kid-like activity like this is just like her. She asks him if he hates being around noisy people, but he tells her that he doesn’t which surprises Orion since he doesn’t seem to be the type. Then Shin asks if she’s heard about his father yet and explains that his father was a drunk and accidently killed someone, but he didn’t know the reason when he was small and so fought a lot.

Toma and Lin, when they were small, stood up for Shin and often took him to places away from people or protected him whenever they were with people. Shin talks about how if it weren’t for them then he probably wouldn’t want to be around people, but he’s grateful that they extended their friendship to him. Lin tells him that he worked hard too, but he just laughs and says that he didn’t then but now he is.

He wants to differentiate himself from his father. He wants to get into a good school, get a good job, and have a good reputation so that people will stop judging him for what his father did. That’s why he’s studying so hard and working so hard. He doesn’t care about what other people think, only her, and he doesn’t care for anything much outside of his goals, other than her.

Orion thinks over the things that Shin just revealed to them and then talks about how she should work hard like Shin too to remember her memories for his sake.

8月12日. It’s another free day and Orion is looking forward to Shin coming to Lin’s house. However, when the doorbell rings it is Toma and Sawa and they explain that Shin was taken in by the police to be investigated again. Toma leaves Lin with Sawa and tells the two of them to keep each other company while he heads down to the station and to see if he can find out what is going on.

Sawa tries to comfort Lin, but can only end up talking worriedly and accidently breaks a cup. Orion is thankful for Sawa’s words but he realizes that if it wasn’t as important or as big of a problem as it was then Toma wouldn’t have gone out of his way to leave Sawa with Lin. Toma comes back and explains the situation to them. Apparently, someone who doesn’t like Shin’s father is saying things about how the son is just as suspicious as the father and so the police have to suspect him and investigate him again.

Orion is shocked that the case about Lin’s accident hasn’t closed yet and is worried for Shin, because they haven’t gotten a phone call even though it’s late at night. He suggests that they go to sleep since they have to work tomorrow, though he isn’t sure how well she’ll be able to work.

8月13日. Lin breaks a lot of plates and glasses at work and is getting all the orders wrong and so Waka sends her home. At home, Orion talks about how worried he is for Shin and then the doorbell rings. It turns out to be a policeman who wants to question her about the events of her accident again which freaks Orion out since they’re missing a good portion of their memories.

She ends up repeating mostly things that Shin has told her like the fact that she was playing around and slipped off the cliff, the reason that she was running away from Shin was because she was embarrassed about something, and etc. The policeman asks her questions about who found her and here she hurt the most when she woke up, but she tells him that she doesn’t know and then the police leaves after telling her that Shin is okay but just being questioned.

Orion heaves a sigh of relief when they get back into her room and then becomes worried about Shin. That night they get an email from Shin berating them for sticking up for him so much, but thanking them all the same. He tells them not to worry and that he is finally home and is alright.

8月14日. At work Toma informs Waka about the situation of Shin being allowed to go home, but the investigation still not being over. Lin performs her job adequately and when they get home Orion prompts a discussion about everything they know and suggests that they go out tomorrow on their free day to investigate about the accident themselves if Shin doesn’t call.

Everyone says that Ikki and Kent found her after she fell, but the police talked as if no one found her when she fell, and her own memories tell her that Shin was there when she fell. Lin suggests that maybe her memories are wrong or something and Orion considers that possibility, but thinks that it is best if they use the list that the owner gave them to talk to these people and see what they can find out.

8月15日. Shin doesn’t phone them and so Orion decides to commence the investigation! During the time of her accident there were 9 people staying at the cabin. There was Shin, Toma, Lin, Mine, and Sawa which makes 5. Kent and Ikki are 2 men who accompanied them. The other two are travellers and and there names are Ukyo and Rika. I’M TOTALLY SUSPECTING THE LAST 2 SINCE I KNOW THAT RIKA IS A BITCH IN IKKI’S ROUTE AND DOES PUSH YOU OFF A CLIFF AND UKYO IS SOME CRAZY PSYCHOTIC.

They phone Rika with the help of the list and arrange a meeting with her. Orion is a little worried that they might not recognize her if she meets them, but the moment that they do Orion yells out at what kind of dazzling person this is and Lin’s memory of their introduction comes back. Rika greets her and tells her that she didn’t think Lin would have survived her injuries at that time, but she seems to be doing just fine now.

Rika tells them that she doesn’t remember much from that day and asks why Lin is bringing it up again now after everything since she thought that the investigation was closed. However, she does tell Lin to go and ask Kent, who she insults with a dangerous face for daring to be with Ikki-sama, since he was there in the middle of everything and to come when he’s free on Lin’s next leisure day. AHA..HA..HA.. SASUGA RIKA THE CRAZY IKKI FAN. THAT DOESN’T CHANGE IN ANY WORLD..

Orion thinks that it’s best if they get closer to the truth for their own sake and in the case that they’re questioned again by anyone.

8月16日. At work Orion works alongside with Lin such as saying the greetings even though no one can hear him, but he quickly becomes exasperated. He wants to hurry up and question Kent and he’s worried as to why Shin hasn’t contacted them at all. After work Sawa invites Lin to go out and get drinks with her but Toma wanted to invite her too. She chooses to go with Sawa though, which Orion agrees to since he thinks that it would have been weird to go out with Toma while Shin was gone.

Back at Lin’s place she tells Sawa about her worry for Shin since he hasn’t phoned her, but Sawa reassures her by saying that Shin isn’t the kind of person to not realize when his girlfriend is worrying and so the reason why he hasn’t called is probably because he’s super busy. She also asks Lin about her relationship with him and how it is progressing since the Lin from before had complained about Shin’s kisses and want to hold hands with her made her want to run away in embarrassment.

Orion notes that Lin’s and Shin’s relationship seemed to be like that. Lin tells Sawa that she’s trying to depend more on Shin now and Sawa sighs in envy and says that she wishes she had a boyfriend as passionate as that. Sawa leaves an hour later and Orion sighs with exhaustion. The phone suddenly rings though and it is Shin who is phoning for the first time.

When she picks up he asks her if she’s doing well. He apologizes for not phoning her but that he was busy and so all he could do was mail her. He sighs and mutters 「おまえに会いたいよ。でも・・・そんなこと言っちゃダメだよな」(I want to meet you, but… I shouldn’t say that kind of thing). He apologizes for causing her so much trouble what with his father’s reputation, the suspicion on him, and now the investigation about him.

He adds 「オレを好きだったこと、覚えてないんだろ?いいよ、無理に思い出さなくても」(You don’t remember your love for me, right? That’s fine, you don’t need to remember such an unreasonable thing) and then explains that 「むしろ都合いいかもしんない。そのまま他の奴を好きになってもいいからさ・・・」(Instead that might be a good thing. As it is now it might better if you fell in love with another person…). GUWAH.. SHIN YOU’RE ACTUALLY PULL MY HEART STRINGS HERE 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。.

Lin tells him that those words don’t sound like him at all and even Orion chimes in with agreement in the background. Shin is silent before he laughs at himself and mutters that he isn’t being very cool right now and apologizes for his shameful and pitiable words. However he still tells her 「でも、別れてもいいってのは本当だから。辛くなったら離れていいからな」(But, the fact that it might be better if we broke up is still real. If it becomes painful, it might be better to separate).

Shin then tells her that he has something he wants to talk about when they meet again and then asks her not to let Toma and Sawa be worried about him so much. He cuts the call after that and Orion ponders on his words and how tired he sounded.

8月17日. Today is the day that Lin is going to meet Kent and Ikki and Orion briefs her on her mission. These two were apparently the people who found her and so the two of them head off to the room and find Kent and Ikki standing there. Immediately, Ikki is surprised at how she’s such a cute girl and Kent tells him to cut it with his eye powers and stop joking around when he notices Lin slowly backing away.

Ikki spreads his hands out and mentions 「あーごめんね、本気にした?あんまり気にしないで、了解も取らずに襲ったりしなから」(Ah, sorry, we’re being serious here? Don’t worry too much about me, I won’t make any advances on you unless you ask for it) with a smirk. KYAHH~ IKKI! YOU CAN MAKE ADVANCES ON ME ANYTIME YOU WANT, FUFUFU. They get down to business though and Lin asks them if they were the ones who found her.

It turns out that the people on the trip all split into pairs to find her with the owner being with Rika, Mine going with Ukyo, Sawa and Toma, and then Ikki and Kent. The next thing that Lin asks is if she was conscious when they found her and strangely enough they point out that Shin asked the same thing yesterday. Ikki and Kent find her question suspicious, but simply tell her that if she comes up with anytihng interesting or has anymore questions then she should ask them without any hesitation.

Kent is looking forward to seeing what she can find and Ikki agrees too, but flirts with her by calling her 『お嬢さん』(young lady). Orion summarizes their findings and notes that no one has contradicted each other. Lin tumbled off of a cliff, Shin informed everyone that she fell and relied on them to find her, and Kent and Ikki were the ones who found her. It seems to be only her memory that is contradicting everything.

8月18日. After work Orion notes that there is only one more person left. Ukyo who works as a photographer but place of residence is unknown. He exasperatedly yells at the owner not to let strange and suspicious people like that stay at the cabin. They decide to ask the owner about Ukyo instead, but Waka finds them still in the room and scolds Lin about leaving the investigating to the police. It turns out that Shin also asked for the owner’s information.

Orion is curious as to what Shin is doing and if it could be that he’s investigating just like she is. They send a mail off to Shin, but he doesn’t respond and so they decide to head home by accepting Sawa’s invitation over Toma’s. I DON’T KNOW IF I SHOULD BE FEELING BAD OR DISTURBED THAT IT’S A CONSTANT FIGHT OVER WHO GETS TO WALK AND DO THINGS WITH YOU WHEN SHIN ISN’T AROUND. IT’S ALWAYS “CHOOSE BETWEEN TOMA AND SAWA NOW!” (^∀^;).

At home Sawa asks about if Shin called Lin at all and Orion starts wondering if Sawa didn’t want to walk home and be with Lin just to find out more about her relationship and progress with Shin. Sawa chatters on about how it was normal to see Shin by her side at all times, but now it’s kind of lonely without him around. She backtracks and states strongly that it’s not as if she likes him or wants to like him or anything though.

8月19日. It’s been one week since the last time Lin and Orion have seen Shin and also one week since the police took Shin into custody. They’ve been wandering around on the streets hoping to regain more of her memories since it seems like it’s only her who remembers something different from the events that played out during her accident. They head home though since none of her memories have returned and they have no more new leads.

Lin finds Shin standing outside her door waiting for her and Orion lets out a shocked exclamation at seeing him. Shin asks where she was and Orion snaps that those are Lin’s lines. He tells her that the police no longer have an interest in him and so he’s finally free again and asks if she wants to go out together, but before that he tells her 「・・・てか、おまえ。ちょっとこっち来いよ」(… At any rate. You. Come closer) and then Shin embraces her tightly while muttering that he’s tired.

He whispers 「少しだけ、このままでいさせてくれよ。癒して」(Let’s remain like this… just for a little while. It’s soothing) and then adds 「おまえあったかいな。子犬抱いてるみたい。ふかふかして、気持ちいーや」(You’re warm. It’s almost like embracing a puppy.. all soft and fluffy. The feeling is nice). ಠ_ಠ I LET IT GO THE FIRST FEW TIMES BUT THIS IS JUST WRONG. NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL TO CALL THE HEROINE A PUPPY AT THIS KIND OF TIME AND SCENE. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU SHIN.

Shin goes on to talking more about how she’s soft and then asks if she’s really here and if he’s really embracing her. He tells her that this is the first time that he’s been parted from her for so long and he feels unstable. Lin tells him that she wanted to meet with him too and he chuckles quietly at her cute words asking what has come over her to say such things. At any rate, he releases her after thanking her but saying that he has enough.

They go into her room where Shin asks what she has found in her investigations since he heard that she was asking around too. He is shocked at how little she found out which makes Orion angry, but then Shin continues on by telling her that he found evidence about the accident but it’s a secret for now. First, he has to lay out some facts. She has to believe that he wasn’t the one who pushed her off and both Orion and Lin already believe that. Secondly, there is actually a criminal or person who wanted to do her harm and they’re trying to find that person.

Shin is a bit excited to go investigating and thinks that it’ll be a challenge to avoid the police. Their first move is to get into contact with the owner again. He also promises to protect her and vows that he won’t let her be hurt a second time.

8月20日. At work the next day the owner invites everyone back to his mountain cabin. He figures that if they’re all gathered there again they might be able to remember something or find something to help the police stop suspecting that Shin had anything to do with it. Shin is smirking in the background and Orion wonders if this was Shin’s plans, but Shin is going to be searching for evidence that the criminal left behind.

Sawa is a bit hesitant at first but then agrees. Mine is worried about if there is a real criminal, but thinks that so long as they’re just searching for the truth then it won’t be so bad. Waka finally decides to allow them since it’s all for Shin’s sake and so they prepare to leave the day after tomorrow.

8月22日. It’s the day of the trip to the mountains! Orion thinks that they might be able to return some of Lin’s memories on this trip so long as they don’t encounter any dangerous situations. Shin notices her looking worried and reassures by saying that there isn’t anything to be scared of, but that she shouldn’t leave his side. Sawa is a bit late to the meeting but they finally get going.

In the mountains it’s freezing cold like always and so they hurry in only for Sawa and Mine to be surprised to see Ikki, Kent, and Rika in there. Shin isn’t surprised because he planned it all, but Rika is shocked that everyone else is here since she thought that she was special to have this trip paid for her. Shin calls her an idiot for believing in that and starts a fight with her about him being suspicious. She insults him and his father and he returns her barbs emotionlessly while mentioning how she’s just as suspicious as him. Toma interrupts the two of them.

Shin ends up revealing to everyone that he wants to return to the scene of crime to find the truth and Rika is shocked and demands to return home immediately. Hilariously enough she calls for Ikki to return with her, but he just shrugs his hands and says that he came here to find the truth. Kent mirrors his words and then asks her why she called for Ikki to return home with her since it wasn’t like they came here together anyway. This shuts Rika up and then the owner comes in.

The owner introduces the last guess and Ukyo greets everyone saying that he didn’t think they’d all meet again. For some reason Shin is a little annoyed at this and then everyone goes to find their rooms and unpack. Everything is the same as the first time they came here including Lin’s roommate, who is Sawa, and their room. Sawa talks about how she didn’t think she’d come back here either, but then determinedly states that they’ll find the evidence to clear Shin.

Shin knocks on the door at this point and comes in before berating Lin’s slowness at unpacking. Sawa tells him to be kinder or his girlfriend might start hating him, but he replies that she and Toma are too kind. Then he tells Lin that he’ll unpack for her and Sawa mutters under her breath “Who is the kind of one now?” and Shin glares at her and asks if she can’t leave since she’s done unpacking. Hilariously, Sawa just rolls her eyes and says 「はいはい、邪魔者は消えますよ。ごゆっくり」(Yes yes, the intruder will now disappear. Take your time) before leaving.

When Sawa disappears Shin becomes serious and tells Lin where his room is and asks if she has any questions. She asks him who the culprit is but he won’t tell her and so then she asks what she should do. He informs her that she should act as normal as possible and search for what everyone else is searching for, which is evidence to clear him, and that if she needs to speak to him about anything then they need to be alone.

He also tells her to stick close to him, but if he isn’t there then she needs to be in places where there are a lot of people and if that doesn’t work then to be with Toma. She can’t depend on Sawa to protect her. Dinner time is coming up so the two of them head back down since there are no plans for today other than resting. Orion looks forward to the games that they can play together.

After dinner, however, an intense rivalry kicks up between Toma and Shin versus Kent and Ikki over an air hockey game. Mine and Rika are cheering for the two seniors while Sawa and Lin are cheering for Toma and Shin. Ukyo is the judge. Shin is on the defense while Toma takes charge of the offence and on the other side Kent and Ikki just play how they wish since they’re good friends. Unfortunately, Shin and Toma lose to Ikki and Kent’s teamwork especially when Kent can calculate things like Shin leaving an opening on his right side and Ikki can follow up perfectly.

Shin is annoyed at losing and suggests playing poker since Toma and him are apparently poker experts. At this Ikki asks if he can switch teams because Kent sucks at it. No one knows how to play poker though apart from these four and so they try to decide on something else they can do. Kent suggests have a random assortment of games to compete against and then they start thinking of who to have on their teams.

Lin feels thirsty for and so asks if Shin can accompany her, to which he does without complaint. While getting something to drink Ukyo appears and talks about how they seem like good friends. Shin is confused and suspicious as he answers that it’s obvious since they’re dating, but Ukyo was actually talking about everyone in the group including Ikki, Kent, Mine, and Rika. He muses out loud at how they seem to be drawn together and that they would be able to become friends in any situation.

The two of them are confused as they listen to Ukyo talk and so then he apologizes for saying such weird and troubling things and excuses himself. Shin frowns and stares after Ukyo mentioning how odd it was that he excused himself the moment that Lin excused herself.

8月23日. Today Shin thanks everyone for coming and requests their help. He tells them that he has become suspected again by the police and so he gathered them all here to help him discover the evidence that they have and to find a way to counter it, since he states that he didn’t do it. His plan is to have everyone pair up like they did on that day and then search the same place that they did. Now that it’s morning it should be easier to find clues.

Rika snidely asks if that means Shin is just going to remain in the cabin and wait for everyone, but he tells her that he’s going to return to the cliff with Lin. This shocks her since she thinks that it’ll be dangerous for Lin as she has no faith in Shin, but he tells her that Mine and Ukyo will be with them too since those two searched the cliffs. He also tells Ukyo that if he starts acting strangely then they should restrain him as a joke to Rika’s comments.

However, Ukyo responds with the same thing which makes Shin exclaim his surprise. Ukyo just smiles gently and says that he was only saying that just in case. UHOH.. I HOPE HE DOESN’T GO ALL PSYCHOTIC ON US ON THE CLIFF. At any rate the two of them leave to go search around the cliffs although they both realize how close they came to danger themselves since the forest is already really dark in the afternoon and the cliff edge is concealed.

When they leave Shin pins Lin against the wall and starts saying the things that he said on that night. He asks her why she is rooming with Sawa and tells her that she should switch with Mine. He also adds that he also slipped away from his room at night. He calls her an idiot for thinking that they were walking in this forest as friends and asks if she is that unprepared. Lin asks if he is repeating his words from that night and he confirms it.

She manages to remember what happened that night. Shin was teasing her against the tree like that with his words and she told him to stop it and that she was returning home. He called at her to come over to his side since she was going the wrong way, but by then she accidently slipped off the edge. Lin and Orion, who is faint and almost about to disappear, are glad that Shin isn’t the one who pushed them off.

Lin tells him that she’s glad that she remembers and he responds that he is too. He is really grateful for her to continue to protect him with her words, especially when he feels that it is his fault for teasing her like that. The two of them are interrupted by Ukyo and Mine who managed to find something and so Shin and Lin hurry over there.

An hour later everyone returns to the cabin and Shin asks for their findings. Kent and Ikki go first and Kent notes that her blood is in two places proving that she was moved from the site of her fall to someplace else. I believe he said something about the culprit having made it so that she would hit her head to lose her memories or try and kill her or something of that sort. Kent notes that Shin must have been questioned by the police about that and Shin plays dumb.

Mine and Ukyo didn’t find anything other than where Lin fell off. Rika and the owner didn’t find anything either. However, Toma and Sawa found a bloody handprint and bloody footprints. Rika freaks out at this and realizes that Shin lied about them finding evidence to clear him and that this evidence proves that someone was out to kill Lin and that there is a criminal among them.

She obviously think that it’s still Shin, but Kent muses on how if that were so then he’d have had plenty of chances to kill her and pushing her off a cliff would be a bad choice of trying to end someone’s life. Mine thinks out loud that the only suspicious person here is Shin then, but once again Kent points out that Toma and Sawa also spent time alone with Lin and would have had enough time to try and kill her.

Kent also gets the idea to ask Lin what she can remember from the accident since there might have been the possibility of her remembering the criminal. She just tells him that she can only remember someone coming to save her.

Shin is smirking throughout the whole thing and thanks Kent for his opinions and hard work. He tells everyone that they’ll all head home tomorrow and leave the rest to the police since they won’t be able to find the criminal with their own power. He also tells them that he’ll make copies of these pictures and distribute it between himself, Kent, and Ukyo so that the killer has a harder time destroying the evidence.

During the night Orion yells at Lin to wake up because he hears Sawa scream. He panics at what they should do and tells Lin to lock the door, but then realizes that Sawa took the key of course when she left because she isn’t in the room. They decide to leave the room to find everyone else because remaining alone with a criminal in the cabin is dangerous and they find Shin and Toma in the lounge trying to calm Sawa down.

She tells them that she was going to the toilet and someone pushed her down. Shin and Toma manage to calm her down and the next thing they know everyone else has assembled in the room. Kent once again notes the chance of the three people who are suspects being the only ones up and awake in the room, which makes Sawa freak out because she says that she isn’t one. Kent just calmly tells her that he’s not suspecting her but just listing a possibility.

At any rate, Shin realizes that the criminal might now be targeting people close to Lin in order to get a chance to finish what he started. He wants the owner to lock the cabin down and then switches everyone’s sleeping places. He wants Sawa to room with Mine, Toma to be alone, and he’ll be with Lin while everyone else remains as is. Ikki points out that these room arrangements leaves him with Lin alone and Shin coldly asks if he’s being accused of being the criminal.

Ikki just spreads his hands and tells him that it’s unavoidable for them to come to that conclusion. Shin flatly states that he can’t trust anyone else and Ikki smirks and says that Shin’s true colors have been revealed. Shin even says that he can’t trust Toma or Sawa. This makes Toma tell Shin that he doesn’t trust him either but in a suspecting that he is the criminal way, but that he doesn’t trust Shin as a boyfriend to be alone with Lin.

Kent interrupts them all and says that the solution is simple. Lin, who is definitely not the criminal, can choose who she wants to sleep with. This will also prove the person that she has the most confidence in that is NOT the criminal.

(If you choose Ikki here the reactions of everyone else is hilarious. Shin has wide eyes and is like “HA?!” and Ikki is surprised too, before he smirks and says to you gently that he’ll treat you nicely compared to Shin and that he’s happy you chose him. Then Kent interrupts to ask Ikki to cut out his seduction techniques and promises everyone that he’ll keep Ikki in check, while Ikki complains in the background about how he wasn’t trying to seduce her).

Of course Lin chooses Shin and he isn’t shocked at all by her answer. Kent hums thoughtfully at how she has such confidence in Shin. Then Shin asks about the batting centre that is here and requests a wooden bat for defense. Kent points out that if it’s for defense then there are better weapons than a bat, but Shin replies that any other weapon can potentially become dangerous to himself. That and he doesn’t want to kill anyone even if they are the criminal. Everyone is dead silent at his words and Orion wonders if Shin didn’t say a little too much. The owner ends up giving Shin a bat though.

In the room Shin tells her to sleep and at her questioning look explains that he’s not going to go to sleep because he needs to keep a watch out. He’s already feeling bad at himself for thinking that the criminal wouldn’t make a move and the close call is making him antsy. He won’t forgive himself if she gets hurt again. Lin asks if she can sleep beside him, but he tells her to stay away from him because he doesn’t know if he’ll need to be able to move freely and it might be dangerous to be close to him.

This triggers a memory from her childhood. Lin, Toma, and Shin were lost and Toma tried to comfort Lin by holding her hand and saying that their parents would definitely come and find them. On the other hand, Shin was standing far away and when Toma called for him to come over he refused by saying that he wouldn’t be able to fight if he was holding her hand and he needs to be able to protect them from dangerous people. Toma accuses him of lying and being scared.

Back in the present, Lin presses herself against Shin’s back and when he asks what she’s doing she wonders out loud if he’s scared. He calls her an idiot, but after a while of silence admits that he’s scared. He’s scared of her becoming hurt or being assaulted by the criminal. He tells her forcefully 「おまえだけは絶対守る。2度とおまえを傷付けさせないって決めたんだから」(I will definitely protect you. I’ve decided not to let you get hurt a second time).

He talks about how the current situation isn’t anything to be happy about, but he can’t help but feel a little happy. Before it always seemed to be that his words were the only things that hurt her, but now the situation has made her believe in him and depend on him and that makes him feel like it isn’t such a bad thing.

8月24日. The next day Shin causes a commotion that makes it so breakfast is a little late and that he has to help the owner prepare breakfast. He also trips and spills the breakfast on the floor which gives Lin the opportunity to take everyone’s shoes outside and photograph them or something. YEAH I WAS A BIT CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT SHIN WAS TALKING HERE.

At any rate, all of them make it back to town safely and Orion is crying tears of joy at seeing these familiar sights. Shin thanks everyone again and tells them all to go home. Ukyo mentions how it’s kind of sad to separate from everyone here, but when Shin asks where he lives he just replies that it’s a secret and same with his phone number. Rika angrily tells them not to ask for her again. Kent and Ikki head off after mentioning that it wouldn’t be bad to meet again. Mine and Sawa head off too.

Just as Toma wants to head off, Shin asks him and Lin to come to his house. He wants Lin to sleep over in his room for the night before she returns home and wants Toma with them so that his mother won’t argue about it. While in Shin’s room Lin asks about if Shin is thinking about forming his own band. Toma reveals that Shin picked up practicing an instrument after watching Lin’s live show and that he wants to try and join her band and this makes Shin angrily embarrassed.

When night falls Orion is grinning at finding all these famous songs that Shin must be practicing and tells Lin that they should look for these same songs in her room to see if they’re the same. Shin knocks on the door at this point and comes in asking if she’s awake. He tells her that he knows who the criminal is but never told her for fear of hurting her. He’ll tell her now only if she can bring herself to ask and say who she suspects the criminal is.

Lin asks if it’s Toma, but Shin doesn’t reply and only hums thoughtfully. Orion is shocked at Shin’s answer and talks about how he doesn’t even want to think of that possibility.

8月25日. The next day is a work day and Shin tells Toma to take care of Lin and so the two of them head off to work. At work they find Mine standing outside the shop, but luckily Toma has a key to open it. Inside the shop there’s a note by Waka saying that the three days where it was just him working made him tired and so he’s leaving the three of them to open up the cafe.

After work Toma offers to walk Lin home, but Shin is standing outside. Shin invites Toma to come with them if he has free time and they go to a park where he tries to get Lin to remember the games and things they used to do here. Him and Toma nostalgically recall how angry their parents got because of all the time they spent here and all the names that they gave to these places.

Then they decide to play a game that involves something sort of like rock, paper, and scissors but the loser is smacked on the head with a branch. Shin and Toma hit each other with a lot of force and Orion becomes worried at the game they’re playing. When Lin loses, Orion prepares himself for pain, but feels relieved at the light tap that Toma gives to her. However they lose again and this time it’s Shin who smacks them in the head hard enough for Orion to yell out in pain, though Shin tells them that he was going easy on them with just one hand.

The two of them get carried away playing against each other and keep on hitting each other. Their conversation also degenerates to yelling insults at one another with Shin saying that he hates Toma and Toma replying that he hates Shin too. They finally stop and while the two of them are panting Shin tells them that he’ll go to buy them drinks but then realizes that he forgot to bring his money. He asks to borrow Toma’s wallet and then as he walks by Lin he tells her to keep Toma occupied. EHH.. I’LL BE SO SURPRISED IF TOMA TURNS OUT TO BE THE CULPRIT. SASUGA CRAZY YANDERE CHARACTER?!

Orion is confused and wondering why they have to do that. They end up asking Toma what Shin was like as a kid and Toma goes on to talk about how Shin cried a lot as a kid and looked really cute, but definitely wasn’t a cute child. He ends up talking for 30 minutes before Shin finally comes back with the excuse that the nearby convenience store didn’t have melon soda and so he went all the way to a supermarket.

He returns Toma’s wallet with a thanks and tells him that he’ll repay him, which Toma replies that he doesn’t have to and then muses on how much Shin loves melon soda. Shin then asks them about what they talked about and Toma tells him that they were talking about how cute Shin was as a child. This makes Shin tell Toma not to impersonate a creepy old man like that and Toma rolls his eyes before replying that he was telling Lin the stories to help her memory return.

In answer to that Shin thanks him sarcastically and tells Lin to thank Toma as well. Toma asks with annoyance when Shin became a sarcastic person.

8月26日. The next day Shin comes by the house and asks if Lin has free time to come with him. He wants to go to Toma’s house and invite him out so that the three of them can hang out together again. Along the way Shin explains that he’d ask for Toma by himself, but that’d be suspicious and so that’s why he needs Lin beside him.

They go to Toma’s house, which is really close to both their houses, and find out from Toma’s mother that he took the car and went somewhere. Shin frowns and reveals that someone bad is going to happen tomorrow and so he wants today to be fun for her. He asks her if there is any place that she wants to go to and that he’ll go anywhere she wants without any complaints. Lin offers to study with him which surprises him, because he knows it won’t be fun but thanks her for saving him like that.

At his house he ends up teaching her a lot of things and becomes frustrated when she doesn’t remember anything or improve. He calms down though and starts talking about how she loves books and was good at studying and managed her studies well. Then he admits that because he found that out he started enjoying his studies as well and learning new things. Shin looks uncomfortable as he admits quietly 「だから、おまえはオレにとって・・・憧れっつーか」(That’s why… I was attracted to you), but quickly tells her that he said nothing and to continue on with studying.

When it is evening, Shin asks if Lin could sleep over again. Orion wants to refuse and think, but Shin explains that everything is going to be revealed and will fall apart tomorrow. He wants her to be his supporter for tonight by staying by his side since he doesn’t know how she’ll react or what her answer will be tomorrow. He keeps referring to the criminal as “that person” and he says how that person hasn’t given up and has taken the car to erase the evidence. GAAAAHHH TOMA WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO CREEPY. I DON’T KNOW IF I WANT TO GO DOWN YOUR ROUTE..

Lin asks Shin to promise her that he won’t do anything and he promises her. Orion figures that it can’t be helped and then asks if Lin is afraid of what will come tomorrow and if she’s afraid of remembering the rest of her memories or if she wants to remember them. Shin suddenly asks if he can sit by her side and then leans against her. He confesses once again that when the police came and brought him to their station for the second time he wondered if they should separate from each other.

He hated the fact that he was bringing trouble to her and making her worry. Shin even thought that, since she couldn’t remember her love for him and the things they did as a child, it might have been better if she fell in love with another person. However he adds in a low voice 「・・・でも、やっぱダメだ」(… But, in the end it’s useless) and tells her 「手放せない。悪い」(I can’t let you go. I’m sorry).

Then he talks about how he thought they’d all remain together even after Shin confessed to Lin. He wanted to change his reputation and himself for her sake, but then when she lost her memories he became really scared that she leave him. His voice is slightly awed as he says 「それでもおまえはオレの傍にいてくれた。オレを信じてくれた」(Even still though, you stayed by my side. You believed in me). He recalls the first time he thought of her as a woman and not a childhood friend was after her live and he realized how beautiful she was.

It was why he couldn’t hold back from being a bit harsh with her that day. Then after that, he couldn’t help but think that she was beautiful in everything she did including the stupid times and miserable times. He tells her that after her live was after and she looked at him with a radiant face and asked how she did, he couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Especially when he said his usual strict things and she merely thanked him. He tells her 「--負けたって思った」(I knew I lost then).

He tells her that it was the first time he was consumed with the thought of someone else and for it to be her too. He confesses how much he loves the different faces of her like the serious face, the idiotic face, and her hard working face. Shin tells her that he’s fine with whatever she wants to be and tells her that he’ll always protect everything of her. He strongly states 「おまえに恥じない男になるから」(I want to become a man you won’t be embarrassed to be with).

Shin’s eyes open and he asks her to sing for him. Lin tells him that she isn’t sure if she can sing in front of other people, but he tells her gently that she’ll have to practice then. And no matter how many tries or practices she needs, he knows that she can do it.

8月27日. Lin wakes up to Shin’s voice promising someone to meet after work so that they can talk. Orion tells her that it is no doubt Toma and asks quietly if she’s prepared. Shin leaves the room to let her get changed and tells her to meet with him after work with Toma and that she should be careful.

At work Toma greets Lin in a subdued voice and mentions that he heard her voice through the phone when he was talking to Shin in the morning. He mutters out loud that even after losing her memories she still chose Shin, but she tells him that last night wasn’t like that. Toma hums thoughtfully but points out that the two still have a lot of trust in another to sleep over like that with just the two of them.

After work, Toma and Lin meet up with Shin at the appointed meeting place. Toma tries to make small talk about whether or not Shin’s studies are doing well and if they aren’t suffering from Shin’s neglect. Shin tells him that he’ll return to them after everything is over and his curiosity is sated and then directly accuses Toma of being the one to move Lin after she fell.

Toma is silent and then asks why Shin would think so and so Shin starts explaining everything. His first sign of suspicion was when they first met Toma and he asked about her head wound. At that time she only had her arm in bandages and her head wound wasn’t visible at all. In fact, no one would have known that she had a head wound unless it was the criminal who bashed Lin’s head. Toma tries to shrug it off by saying he just guessed.

Shin continues on by pointing out more evidence which Toma tries to refute. It turns out that Toma was the one who pushed Sawa down, but that was truly an accident because he was trying to destroy the evidence. Shin had told Sawa to stay up and to call out to whoever left their room, because he knew that Toma would try to leave the moment he fell asleep. He also explains that there’s a contradiction in Lin’s memories because he definitely wasn’t the person who found her below the cliff and carried her away but that she mistook someone for him. Then he asks why Toma assaulted Lin, to which Toma denies but Shin calls him a liar.

Realizing that he’s losing the argument Toma changes tactics and says that her head wound resulted from an accident when he was carrying her, but Shin coldly points out that it was no accident. Toma tells Shin that he doesn’t have a reason to hurt Lin, but Shin believes that he does and turns to her and tells her to remember.

Finally, Lin remembers what really happened that night. She kept on talking to the person as if he were Shin and saying things like “You finally came for me” and “You’re kind… Shin”. Toma asks if she can see him and she tells him that she can’t see very well because she hurts everywhere, but she keeps on calling him Shin. Toma breaks at this point and yells at her asking her why she keeps on saying that Shin is kind, because he isn’t, and why she keeps on calling for him. He angrily yells out 「どうして俺じゃダメなんだよ!!」(WHY AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!) and then thrusted her away which made her hit her head.

In Lin’s memories she realizes that at that point she was shocked as to why Toma was attacking her and didn’t wish to believe it. She wanted to forget it all. Suddenly, she’s imagining some kind of white space and Orion is there with her. He tells her that with this he can return back to his work and he’ll be leaving her side since she doesn’t need him anymore. All of her memories haven’t returned, but they slowly will at this point and she has someone to depend upon.

Orion tells her that he’ll wish for her happiness and even if she forgets him, he won’t forget her. Lin replies that she’ll be wishing for his happiness too. She is thrown back into the present where Toma angrily yells at Shin for making her remember something that she didn’t need to. Shin reveals more things such as the evidence and photographs in Toma’s room, but they both know that Shin can’t enter those as evidence for the police since he illegally entered Toma’s room with his key from that time he took his wallet to buy drinks.

Shin explains that Toma has always liked Lin and couldn’t bear the fact that he had been mistaken for Shin. Toma looks away at this point and when Lin asks him, he tells her that both things are true. That he thrust her away and that he loves her, but it doesn’t change the fact that she chose Shin.

Toma and Shin talk about how they wanted to outdo each other and when they first fell in love with Lin. Toma then talks about the time when she proposed to him as a child and asks if they remember what happened afterwards. Lin thought she and Toma had simply proposed to each other, but the full memory included her wanting to be married to the both of them. Kid!Shin is fine with this but Kid!Toma tells her that she can only choose 1 person who she loves best to marry and that all 3 of them can’t always remain together.

Kid!Lin starts crying at this and Shin tells her that he’ll marry her to stop her crying. He tells her that he loves her the best in this world and she replies that she does as well. They promise to remain together forever and Toma is forgotten. Lin starts apologizing to Toma back at the present for the things she said as a child and Toma looks away and tells her that she doesn’t need to apologize. I-I FEEL SO BAD FOR TOMA.. SHIN’S ROUTE JUST TOTALLY KICKS HIM AWAY INTO A FORGOTTEN CORNER.

He knows that it isn’t Shin’s fault and that it’s not her fault. He jokes about how the only wrong thing she did might have been being so obtuse, because he didn’t understand how she could not notice that he was in love with her. She apologizes some more and finally he tells her that he should be the one apologizing for hurting her and causing Shin all this trouble.

Everyone falls silent at this point before Shin says to him slowly 「・・・おまえがどんだけ我慢してたのかなんて知らない」(… I don’t know what you had to bear), 「オレと間違えられたおまえのショックなんてオレは知らない」(I don’t know the shock you felt at being mistaken for me), and ends with 「どんな理由があろうと、おまえはこいつを傷つけたんだ。それは絶対に許さない」(Whatever your reason, you ended up hurting her. I will never forgive you for that).

Toma tells him that it’s fine if he doesn’t become forgiven. In fact he would rather have his actions not be forgiven. Shin punches him in the face and Toma thanks him for that sincerely, to which Shin replies that he’s not the only one hurting. Toma tells him that he won’t forget that and then says that he’ll head off to the police station to clear everything up. Lin tries to stop him but he just thanks her and leaves.

Shin takes Lin to the park and he can’t look at her as he apologizes for making her remember things that she didn’t want to remember. He also tells her the reason why he kept on saying that everything was his fault, because he realized it from the start that Toma loved Lin and that he stole her away. He calls Toma an idiot for bearing everything alone and then confesses to Lin that he’s always wanted to be more like Toma who was always kind to her while he couldn’t help but hurt her.

He repeats again why he thinks everything is his fault and wonders if anything would have changed had he not confessed to Lin. He thinks that because he stole her away from Toma that it caused Toma to do something like this, but then he tells her 「オレのこと責めてもいいよ。でも、絶対放さない」(You can blame me. However, I’ll never let you go). Then he says that Toma might call him an idiot and laugh at him for saying that, but he wants to make Lin happy no matter what.

8月31日. Shin tells Lin that Toma wasn’t prosecuted and she’s relieved at that and wishes that he would come back home soon. Shin also informs her that he talked to Kent and Ikki about everything, same with Sawa, but couldn’t find Ukyo and get into contact with him. Lin wonders out loud on whether Sawa likes Shin or not which surprises him and he finally just says that she thinks strange things and that Sawa is probably worried about him because he’s her boyfriend.

He notes that she really likes Toma since she wants him to come back and Lin explains that she looks at him as her brother and wants the three of them to be together again. Shin doesn’t say anything against that other than mentioning that he gets jealous when she’s always smiling around him and asks if it’s because Toma is nice while he isn’t.

Lin just smiles and tells him that she’s happier if he’s nice to her than she is when Toma is nice. Then she asks if she can hold hands with him, to which Shin refuses since he says that it’ll be embarrassing. She laughs at that and tells him that he’s not being very nice which makes Shin hold out his hand for her and so she takes it.

They walk for a little bit before he blushes and says 「・・・ダメだ。恥ずかしい」(… It’s no good. This is embarrassing). When she asks why he explains that it’s as if they were children walking along the street like this and holding hands. She tells him that it’s completely different though and he asks her where the difference is. She talks about how he’s kind to her and acting like her boyfriend such as by kissing her and learning the bass to join her band.

Shin is embarrassed about how she wants to hear him play, but grudgingly agrees to let her listen to him and then he confesses that he loves her. Line teases him by telling him to say it again and he clams up angrily saying that he already said it. They both fall silent and finally he whispers again 「・・・好きだよ。すごく好きだ。大好きだ」(… I like you. I really like you. I love you) and then says with embarrassment 「これでいいだろ!」(This is good enough right?!).


This is the 「すごく好きだ。大好きだ」(I really like you. I love you) GOOD END.

*** NORMAL END 「絶対奪いに行く」(I’ll definitely steal you away) ***

Lin chooses to room with Toma. She asks Orion for his opinion on who he suspects to be the criminal and he doesn’t know other than telling her to depend on her memory. Shin tells her not to think too hard on it since her suspicion isn’t going to determine anything, but he just wanted to ask. She tells him that she suspects him then.

When Shin promises to go anywhere she wants without complaint she asks him out to see the movies. He’s a bit surprised but it was something they used to do a lot together and so they head off to the town. He tells her about his likes and dislikes for movies since she doesn’t remember and explains that he doesn’t like blood and death in movies. Orion is a bit surprised especially since Shin is trying to find a criminal in real life, but then realizes that he might not want bad memories to surface from seeing her covered in blood.

He isn’t impressed with the selections that they have since there are a lot of games and movies with blood and death. He doesn’t want to see gore movies, but doesn’t think comedy or anything that might involve thinking would be interesting to her. However, he isn’t interested much in romance movies but he lets Lin choose anyway since he promised her.

The scene where Shin confronts Toma continues as normal. However, when Shin tells Lin to remember she refuses to remember the truth of that moment and so Toma doesn’t reveal everything. Shin is shocked and asked why she won’t remember it, but Toma simply tells him that he never harmed Lin. Shin calls him a liar and Toma replies that Shin is one as well. In the end Toma notes that they probably won’t ever meet again, the two of the, and he walks off while Shin frowns off to the side and angrily asks her why she doesn’t want to remember and if she is the same as Toma.

2 weeks later or so, Lin is at Shin’s house studying and Shin informs her that Toma has been released. She already knows and Shin spitefully says that she must have been told by Toma himself, but she tells him that she heard it at work. She tries to return back to studying before Shin hugs her from behind and tells her that it might be better if they broke up. Lin is completely surprised and tells him that she doesn’t love Toma.

However, Shin tells her that she doesn’t exactly love him either. He asks her about whether or not she compares Toma and him together and that since her feelings are muddled it might be better if they separated. If they separated it would also make the rift between Toma and Shin disappear since they won’t be fighting over Lin anymore and instead could compete for her again. Shin confidently says 「別に問題ない。おまえ、絶対またオレを好きになるから」(It’s not really a problem. I will definitely make you love me again).

She asks him quietly if he has that much confidence in himself, but Shin replies that he doesn’t have any confidence at all. Then he tells her 「でも絶対譲らない。絶対奪いに行く。・・・だから待ってる」(But I’ll never hand you over. I’ll definitely steal you away… That’s why.. wait for me). She tells him that she already agrees now, but Shin tells her that it’s too fast and that she might change her mind.

Lin just smiles then and tells him 「・・・じゃあ、待ってる。奪いに来て」(… Then I’ll wait. For the time when you’ll steal me away). Shin has a smirk in his voice as he answers her with 「ああ。すぐ奪ってやる」(Aa. I won’t waste any time stealing you). Lin tells him that she loves him and he tells her that she’s saying those words too fast and ends with an affectionate 『バカ』(idiot). FOR SOME REASON I LIKE THIS ENDING BETTER THAN THE GOOD ONE. IT JUST SEEMS KIND OF LAME FOR SHIN TO HAVE HIS LAST CG BE A HAND-HOLDING ONE. I GUESS THE WRITERS DECIDED THAT HE HAD TOO MANY KISS CGS.

*** BAD END 「永遠に覚めない夢を」(A neverending dream I can’t wake up from)  ***

Through this route Lin continues investigating, but she doesn’t believe in Shin like she did in the good end. She even asks the owner about how she and Shin were behaving which leads him to slowly tell her that she looked as if she had gotten into a fight and they didn’t act a lot like lovers.

Lin also spends more time with Toma such as wanting three of them to be hang out together. Shin tells her that he doesn’t want that though and walks off leaving Toma and Lin together. Orion is completely in love with Toma from hearing that he brought them a bento and also coffee. He tells them to sit and rest while he takes care of everything as if she were a guest.

Toma explains that the reason why Shin left wasn’t because he hated Toma, but that he hated how Toma sort of intrudes on them. They can’t hang out like they usually did when they were children because she now has a boyfriend.

The next day Lin doesn’t invite Shin to the fireworks party that Sawa organized. She rests against the well and Waka comes to talk to her about Shin’s past, like his drunk father, and how he doesn’t have any friends other than her and Toma. He tells her that he was surprised she didn’t invite Shin since she usually takes him everywhere with her and Orion starts feeling bad for not inviting Shin.

When the police questions Lin she ends up accidently contradicting some of Shin’s words and answering wrongly about some of the events. Orion is a little worried and annoyed at how people expect her to remember things when she has amnesia. Lin meets with Rika and carelessly tells her that the police suspect Shin again and asks about his reaction that night.

She walks home with Toma and he buys her something to eat. He talks about how it’s a bit weird to talk to her without her memories and he wants her memories to come back. He ends up asking about what she remembers and if she remembers her love for Shin and then falls silent. When he notices her looking at him he laughs it off and tells her to eat her dinner.

The questions that Lin asks Kent and Ikki revolve around how and why they decided to help search for her. Kent answers that they were split into pairs and the reason why they did so was because there was only a few people there and they couldn’t just stand around and not do anything. Ikki wanted to because she was a girl and Kent just had interest.

Then she asks about whether or not it was possible for Shin to have left the cabin while everyone else was out searching and Ikki muses on how it is possible, but Kent says that there is only one mountain path and the time between them leaving and coming back would have made it hard for Shin to slip out.

Lin asks for the owner’s phone number, but Waka doesn’t give it to her. She decides to walk home with Toma. Toma asks if she remembers how they all became friends, but she doesn’t and so she asks if he can tell her and he tells her that she was the one who brought them all together. Toma explains that even though they both want to protect her their personalities clash and so they don’t get along very well without her being around.

Shin explains his plan to return to the cabin and tells Lin to believe that he wasn’t the one who pushed her off, but she can only answer shakily. She also disapproves of how he is continuing the investigation and didn’t come home straight away.

During the competitive gaming between the guys and Lin becomes thirsty, she decides to go out and get a drink by herself. She meets Ukyo alone and he tells her that he came to get a drink too before his personality switches and he grins crazily at her asking her if Shin didn’t tell her not to wander around alone and that it’s dangerous. He calls her an idiot for not listening to his warnings, but then Shin comes and saves her by asking what she was doing wandering around alone and asking what Ukyo is doing.

At night when the criminal pushes Sawa to the floor, Lin chooses to room with Toma. Orion agrees with this since he thinks that it’d be the safest with “Brother” which is what he calls Toma. Shin grimaces at that and changes the sleeping plans to include himself in their room too and he’ll sleep in the same bed as Toma while Lin gets her own. In their room Toma comforts Lin and tells her that he didn’t want her to come, but he shared the same thoughts as Shin in thinking that it wouldn’t be dangerous.

He tells her to sleep in peace since he’ll be by her side and then moves to sit on the bed. Shin speaks up for the first time and tells Toma that if he tries to do anything or put the moves on her then he’ll kill him. Toma rolls his eyes and tells Shin that he won’t before returning to his job of trying to reassure Lin.

When Shin asks who she suspects she tells him that she suspects him. His face is emotionless as he tells her that if he wanted to kill her then he’d have picked a better method such as strangling her. At any rate he ends their conversation and goes to sleep. Orion is bewildered because he doesn’t think that it’s Shin, but that they don’t have any suspects other than Shin either.

During the scene at the park where Shin takes Toma’s wallet to go and “buy drinks” Toma starts complaining about how Shin is like a elementary student. Especially when he hit Lin almost as hard as he was hitting Toma. Orion complains about Shin’s attitude toward his girlfriend too. At any rate, Toma then talks about how he didn’t think they’d be able to return to this kind of state and that he’s kind of happy.

Lin isn’t able to distract Toma long enough and he phones Shin to ask him where he is and to come back as soon as possible. Shin comes back and the only drinks he has are tea for Toma and Lin which they both hate and he complains about how he could only get orange cider for himself. Orion rolls his eyes at Shin’s childishness until he realizes that Shin might be annoyed at not being able to do what he wanted to do before being called back.

When Shin promises to go out to anywhere that Lin wants she chooses to go look at fancy stores to bother him. Orion grins at her devious plan and talks about how they should go to places with a lot of children so that Shin wouldn’t be able to randomly kiss them again. Shin is definitely not overjoyed at having to go, but he tells her that he won’t go back on his words. She ends up sleeping over at Shin’s place.

The next day at work Toma asks her about sleeping over at Shin’s place but she doesn’t answer and so he doesn’t say anything either. When they finish work, Toma gives her an iced coffee and tells her that he’ll walk with her to the place where Shin wants to meet them. Instead, however, he takes her to another place and talks about how this is where they got lost as children.

Toma starts talking out loud at how he didn’t expect her to lose her memories and depend on him again as if they were children and that he can’t help but feel that this is a pleasant dream. Toma then tells Lin that he wants to protect her and he doesn’t want to break the dream. Instead, he’ll give her a dream where she won’t feel any pain or any sadness.

At this point Lin starts feeling strange and dizzy and Orion is instantly alarmed and suspects the iced coffee that they drank. He also notes that they’re really far away from the place that Shin had told them to meet at. He tries to yell at Toma to stop, but Toma simply comes closer and tells Lin that he’ll give her a neverending dream that she won’t be able to wake up from and the screen darkens before turning red. GE-GEH!? TOMA?! AT LEAST HE DIDN’T HAVE THE SCARY FACE ON LIKE RIKA AND UKYO DO WHEN THEY’RE GOING ALL PSYCHOTIC.

*** BAD END 「犯人は俺じゃねえよ」(The criminal isn’t me!) ***


Lin chooses to room with Ukyo which generates hilarious reactions. Toma is shocked that she would choose someone who nobody knows over the two of them and even Shin is not impressed and agrees for once with Toma. Even Ukyo is shocked and worried and he even tells Lin that this room is full of people she can trust and safely be with over him.

For some reason these two are still allowed to go sleep in the same room together and while they’re in there Ukyo worriedly tells her that she shouldn’t have chosen him because he’s dangerous especially since he has feelings for her. Orion wonders why he keeps on calling himself dangerous and then gets alarmed at how Ukyo almost confesses to her. He wonders when Ukyo had any time to fall in love with her.

In the end they decide to leave and go to Shin’s room, but Ukyo’s voice changes from behind them asking them why they’re running. He’s holding a knife in his hand and stabs her with a crazy grin on his face. When she asks if he’s the criminal he replies that he isn’t the one that they’re searching for and that Shin suspects, but it’s ironic that there is an actual killer in this cabin (him). Then he says goodbye and kills her.

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    Hello said:
    December 17, 2015 at 18:27

    Why does Ukyo always kill the Heroine in every route!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 24, 2015 at 15:03

      Haha, take a look at Ukyo’s route because that’s where all the explanations about the game are! If you want to know the short version, basically Ukyo believes that they are both anomalies in any world and that only one of them can be alive at any time. Unfortunately, he’s mistaken because in the worlds that he does kill her he ends up dying as well. Also, the heroine actually does belong in the world that you choose because she regains the memories of the her that was in that world.

        Sorry said:
        August 10, 2018 at 18:52

        I know this is very late but I just found this game recently and found this post so I’m sorry to bother you but where does it say that Ukyo dies regardless of whether or not he kills her? I thought his split personality was born out of the desire to live, which is why Ura Ukyo always wants to kill you. If she lived and the world wasn’t out to get him after August 25th, his split personality wouldn’t have surfaced?

        Ilinox responded:
        August 10, 2018 at 20:08

        No worries! It was mentioned in Ukyo’s Amnesia Later story (the FD) that he’s basically an anomaly in every world. From how I understand it, because of the wish Ukyo made he doesn’t belong in any world (since he essentially cast aside his own world to find one where the heroine is alive; even in the world he originally shares with the heroine they went back into the past so they’re both abnormal).

        So, if the heroine lives in the world because she’s the Spade, Diamond, Club, or Heart heroine the world will be out to get him because he doesn’t belong. And same goes for if Ura Ukyo killed her, he’s still something that shouldn’t exist in that world and so gets killed.

        His split personality surfaced because he kept dying in a groundhog loop trying to save her and basically went crazy |D;;

        Sorry said:
        August 10, 2018 at 22:12

        Omg, thank you for such a fast reply! That makes me even more sad to hear that no matter how hard Ukyo tried, it never succeeded for him and he ended up going insane ;w;. I finished his route a few days ago and I honestly cried hard, I still tear up thinking about it. He’s my favorite character from this game so it makes me sad how self-sacrificing he is for you. I feel so guilty playing the other routes now cause I love him way too much haha. Thanks for clearing that up, Ukyo’s story is so tragic that it breaks my heart and now it’s even sadder than I thought now that I know it would have never worked out for him either way ;c.

    Alice said:
    April 25, 2014 at 08:48

    Could you please post a video of the creepy bad end where she’s locked up forever? :S I’m curious as to Hino’s creepy voice being creepy…

      Ilinox responded:
      April 29, 2014 at 22:14

      I’m afraid I don’t have any videos of my playthroughs ;;; you could try looking around YouTube for some; there used to be an entire playthrough of the first game but I think that was taken down. I’ve seen some Amnesia Crowd clips though and you might be able to find Hino’s crazy voice in one of the bad ends… although if you really want to hear Hino’s creepy voice being creepy I would suggest Wabisuke from Gekka Ryouran Romance |D;;

    writelazy said:
    March 11, 2014 at 22:14

    Thank you very much for your detailed summary of Shin’s route that allowed me to finally get his good end. Due to my limited Japanese skills and being stubborn to beat it myself, I was stuck with him for almost a year (giving up countless of times) but now I can finally move on to Ukyo. Thank you.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 17, 2014 at 21:55

      You’re welcome <3! I'm glad you were able to reach Shin's good end through my summary since I know I didn't highlight which choices you should take to get to any of the ends ;;; I kind of hid them inside my writing. I hope you enjoy Ukyo's route~ it's really sad.

        writelazy said:
        March 18, 2014 at 05:08

        Your summary really helped me a lot and it was a very fun read! Thank you, I finished Ukyo’s route yesterday and all I could think was “Poor Ukyoooooooo”. I’m glad he gets his happy ending in the good one.

    Thais said:
    March 9, 2014 at 06:34

    So I have been replaying the first Amnesia game lately and have a burning question regarding one of Shin’s bad ends :P In the ending 「永遠に覚めない夢を」, did Toma actually kill the heroine after drugging her?!? Did he want all three of them (Shin, Toma and heroine) to die together or something(because they couldn’t go back to the days when they were osananajimi so it’s better off if they all die together)? What exactly does he mean by giving her a never-ending dream that she won’t be able to wake up from? Please tell me your interpretation of this bad end… Arrgh Toma’s yandere voice is killing me all over again…Sometimes I’m so dense when playing VNs because I don’t get all these metaphors, esp. if they are in Japanese.

    Also, in Shin’s route, iirc Toma is the culprit who threw the heroine against a piece of sharp rock (thus hitting her head) in a fit of rage when trying to carry her back to the cabin. But did Toma push the heroine off the cliff or was it purely an accident that she fell off the cliff (she ran off in the wrong direction and her feet slipped)?

    Because I’m doing Toma’s route in Crowd so I have to be really biased towards him. I’d be really grateful if you can clarify about those things for me ^_^

      Ilinox responded:
      March 11, 2014 at 00:18

      It’s been a while since I played this game so I’m afraid I can’t exactly recall the words there (I would probably translate it a bit differently too with my new and improved Japanese, haha, it’s been like two years since I played Amnesia).

      I’m pretty sure Toma drugged the heroine through the iced coffee that he made her though ;;; and then with the screen turning red it does seem like he killed her. I don’t believe he said anything about killing Shin or himself so he might just have wanted to steal the heroine away. By “never-ending dream” he literally means “death” |D;; you won’t wake up from that.

      Nope, the heroine ran away from Shin who was teasing her too much in the forest that time about sleeping together in the same room or sneaking into her room or something (because he was getting frustrated at how much she wouldn’t see him as a man iirc) and then she slipped off of the cliff because it was too dark. Toma was the one who found her but the heroine kept mistaking him for Shin because she was all woozy from the fall and everything, but this just made Toma freak out because he was in love with her yet she kept calling out Shin’s name. He pushed her away from him in anger and she hit her head.

    nightbloomingrose said:
    April 25, 2013 at 11:42

    At the beginning (after the kiss) I am just sitting here blinking. Really WHAT GIRL IN HER RIGHT MIND WOULD DATE HIM!? I don’t know how he got a girlfriend at all!


    ^ Agreed! That was what I was wanting to. I understand tsundere and all, but those comments he made was just too far. ಠ_ಠ


    Yeah, later I was growing to like him too (and he did make it to 3rd fave of the romance-able guys). Just at first. O.o Really, he is the most romantic when he keeps his mouth close. Opens it and he tends to ruin the mood (can’t hear him by reading this ofcourse, but those comments… and he did in the anime…). ಠ_ಠ

    But Shin, I can’t dislike him for any of that. He really does care a lot for her, he just needs to learn how to better express himself and not to say insults. XD He seems to mellow out and not say all that stuff like he did at first, so that’s good. ^_^

      Ilinox responded:
      April 27, 2013 at 00:35

      LMAO when I look back on this post I feel kind of bad for him because Shin gets the short end of the stick a lot… for example his Amnesia Later route was so awful (through no fault of his own). But yeah dshjgjk his prickly attitude is a bit too prickly for me. I get really annoyed if I’m called an idiot every other sentence.

      “he is the most romantic when he keeps his mouth close” <– omg I nearly choked on my water at this. Haha, I also feel kind of bad for Kakihara when he gets these monotone roles because it doesn't really help Shin's appeal |D;; although some people like his voice.

      But yeah, it's kind of interesting to see how responsible he is despite the fact that he's the junior in the relationship. He really tries his best to be a dependable man that the heroine will fall in love with and I think that kind of pressure sort of causes him to act really seriously, at least compared with the other guys.

        nightbloomingrose said:
        April 28, 2013 at 08:14

        Shin does seem to… He gets kiss scenes at the beginning and then the romance seems to dies. Hand holding is more embarrassing for him? Okay. LOL Oh, I’ve seen rants of that. Oh, boy, I about don’t want to know what happens there for him. Yeah, it’s a bit too prickly, if it was just toned down some I wouldn’t mind. Yeah, me too. That’s just too much.

        I like his voice all right, but my voice recognition stinks (the only VA I can tell from series to series is Kazama’s (Hakuouki) XD). And really I can’t remember the sound of Shin’s voice no matter how much I hear him (though I can remember Ikki’s and Kent’s).

        Yeah, you’re probably right on that is the reason. He seems really worried of her not seeing him as a man, from what I recall.

    eminarukiax said:
    April 25, 2013 at 02:47

    This post really helped me a lot in understanding the game, I just recently finished Shin’s Arc and sadly I can’t read japanese but I can understand some of what they are saying so I kinda know the main plot of the story… But reading your post cleared of what I didn’t understand. SO I would like to say my thanks to you, a job well done xD Keep up the good work :3 Now time to go with Ikki’s Arc :3

      Ilinox responded:
      April 27, 2013 at 00:22

      Aww, you’re welcome! I’m glad that this post was able to help you understand Shin’s route! I find playing games with a summary / walkthrough on the side to be really helpful if you’re just starting to learn Japanese (≧ω≦)b and as a bonus games like these are fun to play too.

    MikeXStrike said:
    January 29, 2013 at 10:41

    You Guys do know that this was made into an Anime Right?

      Ilinox responded:
      January 29, 2013 at 12:01

      Of course! This post was written like a year ago when the game first came out, haha.

    Lavender Lace N. Panandigan said:
    November 23, 2012 at 00:47

    i want a movie about this story ..pls

      Ilinox responded:
      December 4, 2012 at 20:07

      Unfortunately, there’s no movie about this. But there is an anime coming out in the spring of 2013, I believe. I think it’s scheduled for January actually, but I’m not too sure.

    Lavender Lace N. Panandigan said:
    November 23, 2012 at 00:45

    is there a movie about this ?? i want to watch it..

    mauia88 said:
    February 13, 2012 at 20:06

    I really love your description of the game! I just happened to stumble upon this blog and I am glad to read how the Amnesia game’s story went along with each character. I just learned of it and of otome games and it’s all quite interesting. x]

    The first one I read here though was Ukyo’s so reading the other character’s storyline is so odd when I know of the first set one. haha
    Thank you for taking the time to write it all out! And it’s orderly and easy to comprehend as well which is awesome! :]

      Ilinox responded:
      February 13, 2012 at 20:26

      Thank you for your compliment and for reading it (人´∀`*)! Amnesia is a really nice story to ease your way into otome games www I hope you decide to stick around the genre and look at some more games, since they’re so diverse. They’re like romance novels with voices and visuals (/ω\).

      Ooh, haha, Ukyo’s tends to spoil the rest of them so I can imagine how you must feel a bit odd reading the rest of the routes when his seems “canon”. I’m really happy that you think it’s easy to comprehend, especially when I know I tend to ramble and write huge text walls ( 。>艸<). Thank you again~!

        mauia88 said:
        February 21, 2012 at 21:18

        I love romance things. >u<
        I find it interesting because I knew of such games before (although the games I knew of were more towards males) but I never gave any thought to it until now. Japan never ceases to amaze me with everything that it has to entertain the masses. :3
        And your texts are entertaining comments! ^^ You write what I think at the moment. haha
        You're right, I do feel Amnesia is a good starter. It makes me wonder of the game itself and others of its genre! I literally looked for a whole bunch of other games that are of the same type right after I had read about this one. ^^

    tsubaki13 said:
    February 6, 2012 at 07:46

    Hi~ just found your blog and immediately take a liking for it~
    Very detailed!!

    I can’t help but to think that Shin resembles Setsuna from Gundam 00, not to mention their preference in older women 8D

      Ilinox responded:
      February 6, 2012 at 08:22

      Hi there and thank you for your words (*´ω`*)! This place certainly gives people reading material for a rainy day www OH! No wonder he looked familiar.. now I won’t be able to stop seeing him as Setsuna and I won’t be able to stop here “Setsuna F. Seiei” or “ORE WA GUNDAAAM!”

    twentyninenights said:
    September 4, 2011 at 05:14

    His route is filled with investigation and rather feels somewhat boring because of it. But really, while his story being like that, his personality always makes the heroine ドキドキ always for his sudden actions.

    And when Toma is in his bad ending, it’s not that scary as for his real bad end (the one who make it is Toma himself in his route, so better prepared for some psychologycal disorder story).

      Ilinox responded:
      September 4, 2011 at 07:12

      I was pretty embarrassed at his sudden kisses too and his beautiful CGs, but when he starts talking in them he breaks the mood with his flat voice ಠ_ಠ. It’s so emotionless and sounds almost exactly the same as when he normally talks. I liked his voice in the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but this was just bad…

      I agree xDD! Even though my comment is complete surprise at Toma’s action I actually thought his actions were kind of gentle. When he whispers that he’ll put her into an eternal dream I was like *A* SPEAK TO ME MORE IN THAT SEXY VOICE.
      (why u have to be so scary Toma.. now I’m scared to do his bad ends)

        twentyninenights said:
        September 4, 2011 at 07:52

        Uh-huh. Kakihara here doesn’t do good. You’re right, his voice is flat, boring, too quick, and I don’t know the end of the phrase or coma in his words.

        No, no, the scary thing about Toma is not just in his bad end. You’ll know right at the middle of his route that he is crazy! But also thinking much about heroine

        yukiruchan said:
        September 5, 2011 at 18:51

        Eh? Shin’s voice was my favorite voice out of the three.. it sounds really cool. I guess I like him because he’s smart and calm even in serious situations. He’s strict and sounds cold most of the time but there’s some burning love for the heroine in there. *likes* I never doubted his love.

        I didn’t think Toma would be the culprit (I thought it would be that crazy Ukyou).. but after I disliked Toma from his route, I was totally on Shin’s side. *likes Shin more and is not sorry for Toma*

        Ilinox responded:
        September 5, 2011 at 18:58

        I loved his voice in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as Simon.. but for some reason I just felt like it was REALLY flat in this game.

        I loved his CGs though and thought his character wasn’t bad like you said with him being mature and serious. Something about the fact that he’s younger than the heroine but was the one to confess to her makes me squee 8D. That and his line of “I’ll make you see me as a man”.. heehee.

        I thought it was Ukyo too.. or even Rika after doing Ikki’s bad end (she already shoved you off a cliff once -_-), but when I found out about Toma I felt bad for him. Now after doing his route.. nope.. I’m on Shin’s side too especially because he had the confidence to confess and therefore NOT HAVE A MISUNDERSTANDING.

        twentyninenights said:
        September 5, 2011 at 23:09

        Actually, I like Kishou’s voice in Amnesia, similar to Ookami in Akazukin. Very hot, yeah! And, when I come to Toma’s bad end for his, being an evil guy there (not releasing Heroine), I’m scary of him now. I guess, I prefer Kent because he is a funny guy here (clumsy, blushing too much, doesn’t know how to love).

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