Amnesia ~ Toma ~

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Toma (トーマ)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

(Does this count as a pinning scene? Haha, actually I had another one in mind but I figured it was too much of a spoiler. It’ll be featured later on in this post. People who have played Toma’s route will know which one I’m talking about).

Toma has an older brother type of personality and he enjoys taking care of the heroine and Shin, since he considers them to be his younger siblings. However, his feelings toward the heroine are more than brotherly and he clearly seems to protect her with an intensity that borders on being scary. He’s almost the opposite of Shin in that he always has warm and kind things to say to the heroine.

Lin chooses the world of Diamonds. It is once again the first of August but something goes wrong in trying to get to that world and instead they are drawn into another one. The two of them are thrown onto the ground in front of her house and some man runs up to her yelling her name and asking if she’s alright.

This causes her to be drawn into a memory of her walking alongside a child who asks if she had been afraid the whole time she was lost. He tells her that it’ll be okay because he’s beside her and then he makes a promise to protect her forever.

Back at the present, Orion realizes that the man must be Toma from her memories. He also realizes that Lin can’t see him anymore and it must have been because of the shock of her returning memories that forcefully ejected him out of her. Toma takes her to the hospital despite her insistence on being fine since when she fell she hit her head too. Orion tries to yell for Toma to stop because they’re not supposed to go to the hospital.

One hour later Toma is talking to the doctor and answering the required questions. He tells the doctor that Lin was healthy yesterday and was working without any problems, but that when he came to meet her for lunch today she just collapsed at the meeting spot. The doctor hums and notes that it might be just anemia. He asks a few more questions which Toma answers such as her being a university student in her first year and that her parents had a job transfer and so she lives alone.

A nurse comes by to take her height and weight which Toma helps answer again. She makes a comment on how lucky Lin is to have a nice boyfriend like Toma, but he replies that they actually don’t have that kind of relationship. Orion is surprised at that and figures the two must just be friends. Toma gives Lin his cellphone number and then leaves her in the care of the hospital.

Orion decides that the best thing to do is cooperate and hope that they can leave with no problems. He also informs Lin about their connection and how he can feel everything that she can feel unless she wants a scene or moment to be private in which case their connection will instantly be severed.

8月2日. Today was an MRI test and Orion is freaking out over everything that they have to do since they might find something wrong with her and then keep her here. He’s also bored to death and when Toma comes he’s super excited to have something interesting, but Toma just tells her that he’s relieved to see that she doesn’t seem to be injured seriously and that she’s looking more healthy. He leaves soon after making Orion cry from the boredom, but then he soon cheers up thinking that when the MRI test results come back they can leave.

8月3日. This day is just as bad as the last day. The MRI results are actually going to be coming in tomorrow and so Lin has to remain in the hospital for this day too. Orion is impatient and complains about having to stay here and how Toma once again just talked about how she needed to stay and then left as soon as he came, taking with him any stimulation. Orion is annoyed at the fact that Toma doesn’t even talk about anything that might help her regain her memories.

8月4日. Orion’s body can be seen again and he sighs in pleasure at being able to talk face-to-face. Toma comes to pick them up and release them from the hospital and Orion mutters on how they should be thankful to Toma, but he can’t help but be irritated that Toma was the one who made them go to the hospital and always left without talking to them.

Toma explains the instructions that the nurses left with him such as Lin needing to be observed for a week. While the MRI showed nothing wrong with her brain there are a lot of cases about people who fell, hit their head, and then lost some of their memories. Orion tells Lin that it seems like they need to act as normally as possible and regain their memories or else they’ll be sent back to the hospital! But it’s good that they have an excuse now for if they forget something.

One hour later they finally make it back home. Toma tells them to wait for a second as he goes and checks the mail for her which makes Orion confused since he wonders why Toma didn’t just bring them along. He passes it off as Toma’s personality even though they don’t know anything about him other than the fact that he’s a friend. When they get into her room Toma also gives her a cellphone that he bought for her since her old one broken when she collapsed.

She thanks him and he brushes it off saying that it wasn’t a big deal. He also tells her that she’s been very quiet lately and that usually she talks a lot which makes Orion become alarmed at the fact that they’re being suspicious. Toma starts thinking out loud about the possibilities and asks if she might have lost some of her memories since she stared at him as if he were a stranger. Lin straight up tells him that she lost all her memories and Toma is shocked.

Toma wonders if he should tell her parents the situation so that they can come back and take care of her. He further explains that they’re actually overseas working and she was left here. He decides to phone Shin instead and brief him about the situation and then tells Lin that Shin is their childhood friend and that all three of them played together a lot.

Shin comes over soon to see the situation and Toma scolds him for skipping his studies, but Shin tells him that it’s his fault for not phoning him sooner. After observing Lin for a bit, Shin suddenly mentions that it might be better if he sleeps over to watch over her. Toma is instantly alarmed and yells that it isn’t proper for a man to sleep in her one-room house and what about his studies? Shin tells Toma that he can just study in her room and then asks Lin what she wants.

Lin tells them that she’d rather have Toma by her side which makes him pleased. Shin rolls his eyes and tells Toma not to be a hypocrite and that he’s a dangerous person to be sleeping in her room. Toma tries to defend himself by calling Shin the only dangerous one in this room, but in the end the two decide to go home and leave her to sleep by herself.

Toma tells her that if anything happens she can phone him and he’ll take care of everything. Shin rolls his eyes again and mutters something about Toma acting the brother again and then tells her to call Toma if she needs anything because he’s busy. Back in the room Orion worriedly tells her about their problem since they only have 3 days to get their memories back or else they’ll be sent back to the hospital.

8月5日. Orion is happy that they can investigate her room today and so he starts off by looking through her phonebook. There a lot of people’s names in there including Shin, Toma, Mine, Ikki, Kent, Rika, Waka, and Sawa. There are also places like pizza shops and stuff. Next up is her bookshelves and he finds a weird notebook and inside is a lot of Ikki names and places beside it. He wonders if Ikki is Lin’s boyfriend and these are places that they meet at.

The doorbell rings and it turns out to be Toma. He came to check up on her and when he asks her how she is doing, she tells him that she’s a little depressed. He frowns worriedly at that and says that she should have called him and that he would never hate a call from her. Back to business though he tells her that he’ll take her shopping for groceries and Orion thanks him gratefully, before remembering that they should go to the place that was written in her notebook beside Ikki’s name.

Lin asks Toma if he can take her there and he notes that her way of addressing people is still off, which makes Orion chuckle nervously, but he agrees to take her. He’ll wait downstairs for her for however long it takes her to do her hair and then they set off on their stroll to town. Along the way he comments on how she’s still as quiet as ever and that it’s kind of creepy, because even though she looks cute she resembles a doll.

He takes her to the alleyway that she told him to take her to and both her and Orion are confused as to what the heck she would possibly want to do here. Even Toma asks her what she’s going to do now that they’re here. Orion tries to get her to remember anything from this place and Lin is thrown into a memory of her talking to someone saying that the person that she likes doesn’t look at her as a woman.

She talks about how even though he doesn’t look at her like that she loves him anyway. She can’t count the times that she’s cried over the fact though. Lin is thrown back into the present and she collapses again, but Toma tries to support her and hovers over her worriedly. He tells her that he’ll take her back to the hospital, but she tells him to wait and then asks for him to tell her if the person that she loved was Toma.

He tells her that the situation isn’t like that, but she pleads for him to tell her. His face softens before he finally says quietly 「・・・ああ、そうだよ。俺とまえは、恋人同士だった」(… Aa, it’s true. You and I are a couple) and adds 「混乱させると思って言わなかった。ごめんな」(I thought it would bring you more confusion and so I didn’t say. Sorry). She tells him that she’s glad and then passes out with Orion yelling worriedly above her. WHY DO YOU SOUND SO SUSPICIOUS TOMA?!

8月6日. Orion wakes Lin up and she sees Toma watching over her. He asks if she remembers anything from yesterday but he takes her silence for a negative and so he explains everything that happened yesterday starting from when she fainted in the alleyway. He had to call a taxi and carry her to it and then they went home where he watched over her as she slept the rest of the day away.

His grows softer and more tired as he apologizes but he just wants to nap for 10 minutes and then he collapses beside her bed. Orion tells Lin that Toma worriedly watched over her for the entirety of yesterday and then talks about how she remembered that Toma was her lover yesterday.

She puts her hand on top of his and he wakes up a bit to chuckle softly 「・・・はは、ありがと。おまえと手を繋ぐなんて、何年ぶりかな・・・」(… Haha, thank you. It’s been years since I’ve held your hand), 「・・・懐かしいけど・・・なんだか恥ずかしいな・・・」(… It’s nostalgic… but somewhat embarrassing too…), and then adds 「・・・あのさ・・・10分で起きるから・・・それまで・・・俺が起きるまでこうしててくれると嬉しい」(… Um… I’ll wake up in 10 minutes… but before that.. I’ll be happy if you can continue holding my hand like this). Then he falls back to sleep. AHEM.. “BEEN YEARS” TOMA? A BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND WOULD HOLD HANDS MORE OFTEN THAN THAT DON’T YOU THINK? YOU’RE SO SUSPICIOUS.. SASUGA CRAZY YANDERE.

Shin mails Lin while she’s still in bed and so her and Orion look at what he wrote. He asks them how she is doing and that his test today is over. She answers that she’s fine since she has Toma by her side, but then she gets a reply from Shin asking her how she feels towards Toma since she had said that she didn’t want to meet him anymore. Orion is confused as to why Lin would say that unless the two of them got into a fight. SUSPICION METER RISING!

Toma wakes up from the noise of the cellphone and asks if anything happened while he slept. She tells him that Shin was mailing her and he says that he’ll mail Shin too later on then, but for now since they didn’t manage to get groceries the day before he’ll just go to the convenience store and buy food for the both of them.

When he leaves Orion tells her to commence the search of her room again. They try to look for a diary but find her computer instead, however there are no batteries or cords and so her computer won’t work. Toma comes back with her favourite food which turns out to be tea-flavoured onigiri. He yawns suddenly and mentions that he’s still really sleepy which prompts Lin to ask if he watched her while she slept the entire time.

Toma laughs at that and says that he’s told her before but he views her like a sister. Orion is completely confused at this and asks that he thought the two of them were lovers though. Of course Toma doesn’t hear Orion and continues on about how when Shin was brought to them as a baby by his mother, since their parents are good friends, Toma was asked to be Shin’s older brother to which he agreed to because he was already Lin’s older brother. I DON’T GET IT. IS HE TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER? BUT HE JUST CONTRADICTED HIMSELF.. SO IS HE TRYING TO PROTECT HER FROM THE PERSON SHE LIKED BEFORE SHE LOST HER MEMORIES (°Д°)ハァ?

At any rate they talk the time away and now Toma has to go home. He tells her that he bought dinner for her too and so she doesn’t need to leave the house and shouldn’t actually. He even threatens her by saying that if she collapses again then he’ll be taking her to the hospital.

8月7日. Orion is troubled because today is a work day but they have no idea where the workplace is. They can’t even take a day off or else they’d seem to strange and Toma might escort her to the hospital again. Thankfully Toma comes by to escort them to work, except now they have the trouble of not even knowing what they do at work.

While they’re walking Toma chatters along about how the weather is surprisingly cold despite it being the summer. He also asks if she went anywhere last night, but Lin tells him that she spent the whole night searching for batteries for her computer. He doesn’t know where her batteries went, but if she needs a computer then he’ll lend her his to do whatever she needs until she finds her batteries again.

They make it to her workplace and Toma tells Waka to give Lin another day off because he’s afraid of her collapsing again. Waka has a calm composure and asks what Lin wants to do, since he notices that Toma is speaking for her. She agrees though and asks for a day off and so Waka gives it to her while also telling her that he’ll schedule less days for her so that she can get used to working again.

Orion is a bit conflicted since he didn’t want her to go to work when she didn’t know what to do. However, they need to regain her memories and talking to her co-workers is a good place to start. At any rate Toma tells them to go outside and wait for him while he talks to Mine and Sawa who are working today.

Outside they meet Ukyo who asks them if they are going out with Toma this time. Orion is confused but allows Lin to answer him and Ukyo nods thoughtfully before his alter ego comes out grinning psychotically and saying that it’s because of Toma’s wish that she has to die.

The next scene is Toma walking her home when suddenly something falls from the sky. He pushes her out of the way and it turns out to be a potted plant thrown from a window above them. If Toma hadn’t pushed her out of the way it would have smashed on Lin’s head. Orion is freaked out and Toma runs off to find who did it while telling her to keep her eyes on the windows.

He comes back though without finding the culprit and then escorts her into her house. He tells her that he’ll phone someone to come and clean up the mess and also points out that he doesn’t think it was an accident because while they were walking all the windows were closed. Orion praises Toma’s awareness but tries to reassure himself and Lin by calling it an accident.

They also take this time to ask Toma who Ikki is and he tells them that he’s a senior who works at the cafe with Lin. Anyway, Toma leaves after telling her not to walk around by herself outside and that he’s done all that he could today. Orion feels cheerful about the fact that they didn’t hear Toma asking them if they remembered or understood anything, which meant that they were acting more normally.

Orion also tries to determine what kind of relationship the people in Lin’s life have to her. He’s still unsure if Toma is her boyfriend, but Lin seems positive of that and so then he wonders if it’s a possibility that she has a second lover in Ikki since she meets with him a lot. He decides that they should go to the cafe the next day and ask for Ikki to see if they can remember anything.

8月8日. The next day Orion is cheerful at the pleasant weather and warm temperatures and they head out after changing and eating breakfast to go to the cafe to see if Ikki is there. The moment they head out though Orion freaks out and tells Lin to run back into her room. They both saw her mailbox covered in insect corpses and Orion is completely freaked out.

While they’re hiding in their room, Lin gets an email from Sawa asking her if she’s alright since she heard from the manager that Lin isn’t going to work today. She also tells Lin that Ikki is worried as well. This makes Orion realize that Ikki is actually at the cafe this time and they should go there to talk to him, but then he remembers that they would have to walk by the mailbox again.

They take 30 minutes to compose themselves before they walk outside their room only to bump into Toma who came to see them. He asks what Lin is doing and she tells him that she is going to go talk to Ikki. He’s a bit confused and says to her that Ikki is usually busy being surrounded by girls, but that he’ll walk with her there. Orion is a bit confused that Toma isn’t tense at all, but when they walk by the mailbox he realizes that what they saw is now gone.

Toma and Lin stop to wait for a train to pass and Toma comments on their bad luck to come right when a train is passing. Someone shoves Lin from behind though and she nearly stumbles onto the train tracks, but Toma grabs her and steadies her. Orion is freaked out while Toma is pissed as he wonders who shoved her and they quickly hurry back to Lin’s house. Toma starts listing the incidences that have occurred and doesn’t like the feeling he gets from them. He asks Lin if anything changed recently.

Orion lists the things that have changed recently starting with himself, but he doesn’t think that his presence has anything to do with these events. Instead they both focus on meeting Ukyo from the other day and so they tell Toma that and he instantly berates them for keeping that to themselves. He mutters to himself about talking to the police, but realizes that the police won’t be able to do much without any evidence other than increase the patrols.

In the end he decides that Lin should come with him to sleep at his house, at least for the night, to protect her. At his house he apologizes for taking her here without really listening to her words, but tells her that he’s too worried to let her sleep alone with the events happening around her. He also lets her know that this is the first time she’s been in his room and that he’ll let her play some games on his computer.

Orion and Lin look around while Toma leaves the room to get something and see a photo album. They look inside and Orion squeals at the cuteness of Toma and Lin, while laughing a bit at Shin’s crying face. Looking at these pictures triggers a memory of when she was small and crying because she broke her favourite toy. Shin tries to fix it for her while Toma continues to pat her on the head and gently asks her to stop crying.

Lin remembers that it was a bittersweet memory, because Toma’s hands were warm and she didn’t want to stop crying because she wanted him to continue to comfort her. She falls asleep after remembering this.

8月9日. Lin wakes up to Toma’s voice telling her to wake up and that doing this is fine with him, but if she slept like this in some other man’s house then she might be unaware of the things he might do to her. When she wakes up properly Toma greets her cheerfully and tells her that he’ll get her something to drink like mineral water. When he leaves Orion pops up and greets her too before telling her what happened yesterday.

Because of the shock from her returning memories she fell asleep for 13 hours. Toma was going to wake her but saw her happily sleeping face and so simply carried her to his bed and slept on the floor himself. Orion is glad that Toma seems like such a trustworthy guy although he does mention that Toma touched her a bit. He simply patted her head.

When Toma comes back and hands her the water he also tells her where the bathroom is and points out a change of clothes for her. He wonders out loud about what they should eat for breakfast before noticing her looking at him. Lin asks him if he touched her head yesterday night and he smiles nervously saying 「あ、バレてたか。おまえの寝顔見てたら、子供の頃思い出して、ついね」(Ah, I got found out. When I saw your sleeping face I was reminded of the time when we were children, that’s all).

Then he asks her 「妹扱いすんなってまた怒る?」(Are you angry that I’m treating you like a younger sister again?). Orion realizes that the past Lin must have gotten angry a lot at being treaten like a younger sister since they’re a couple. He tells her that if she has anything she wants to say to him she can say it later since he wants to get some breakfast for her now. He intends to go out and so he lets her know that she can do anything and get anything to drink and then leaves.

Orion cackles evilly at this point and tells her to search Toma’s house for anything that might trigger more memories, although they’ll be leaving the private things alone. Unfortunately they can’t find anymore albums other than the one they looked at before and so they decide to play some games instead. They play Destiny Kingdom until it becomes evening and Orion is shocked at how much time passes before getting annoyed at how late Toma is.

Toma finally comes back apologizing a lot for being so late. He tells her that he had some business to take care of, but to make up for it he’ll prepare the dishes that she loves. Orion notes that he didn’t say anything about returning Lin to her home and so figures that they’re staying over here again.

At any rate, he doesn’t mind since they’re in this kind of situation and being alone would be depressing. He also knows that they have a high chance of regaining more memories if they stay here. Because of these reasons, Lin asks for a duplicate key so that she can go out without having to wait for Toma to be around to lock the door and Toma tells her that he’ll get one made the next day since his father has the other key.

After she finishes taking her bath at night, Toma tells her to take the bed again while he’ll sleep on the floor after he has his shower. Lin tells him that it’s okay for them to share the same bed though. This prompts Toma to ask slowly 「一緒に?俺と?おまえか?同じベッドで?・・・何言ってんの?」(Together? Me? With you? The same bed?… What are you saying?) but he adds hastily 「別に嫌じゃないよ。そりゃ全然嫌じゃないけど」(It’s not that I don’t want to. That’s completely untrue).

His face turns serious though as he tells her 「・・・それ、他のヤツに言うんじゃないよ。誘われたって思うから」(… It’s just.. don’t say that around other people. They might think of it as an invitation). He tells her that if she really was inviting him to her bed he wouldn’t do anything to her, but he actually declines her offer in the end and leaves to take his shower. GOD TOMA DO SOMETHING. YOU’RE SO BORING. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO GET THE SLEEPING CG HERE BUT I DIDN’T EVEN GET IT.

Orion is confused as to why if they’re going out Toma would say things like how he doesn’t have that kind of interest in her. But then remembers Shin’s mail about how he thought Lin wasn’t going to meet with Toma anymore. He wonders if Toma’s recent attitude is because of this “fight” between the two of them in the past.

8月10日. By the time Lin wakes up Toma has already gone outside to do something. Orion tells Lin that he pet her head again before he left and he looked like looked at her as if she were his beloved. He smiles at the thought of Toma being such a good guy before suggesting that they head out to the street outside of Toma’s house to see if they can remember something.

He suggests this because he remembers that Lin’s memory from when she was lost as a child was on this street and she was walking with Toma. Orion is a bit worried at leaving without Toma’s permission but he figures that it’s just a for a short while. While they’re standing outside on the streets they hear Ukyo’s voice calling to them.

Ukyo apologizes for the strange things he said last time they met and asks them if he can talk to them. He looks really apologetic and his voice is hesitant and soft as he asks, but Orion yells at Lin to run away. They try to turn and walk away but suddenly Ukyo’s voice changes to his psychotic one and he asks if they won’t stay and talk to him for a little bit. He laughs and tells her that the man beside her isn’t her lover. Evil!Ukyo doesn’t care if she believes him or not because he’s going to kill the two of them either way. TO-TOMA.. YOU SNEAKY BASTARD. STOP BEING SUCH A BORING OSANANAJIMI ROUTE AND HURRY UP AND TURN INTO A CRAZY YANDERE.

They run away with Ukyo laughing maniacally behind them and when they get back into the room they find Toma there. He doesn’t notice anything weird about them and continues to talk normally about how he thought he’d get back before she woke, but apparently that wasn’t the case. He hands her the duplicate key that he got made and tells her not to lose it before inviting her to play Destiny Kingdom 2 for the rest of the day. Orion is overjoyed at that.

8月11日. Orion greets her in the morning again and tells her that they’ve been living with Toma for three days now. They look over at Toma and find him still sleeping on the ground. Orion notes that the ground must be cold because they see him shifting around a lot and so Lin leans over to tuck the blanket around him.

As she does this though he sort of wakes up and asks her sleepily 「何・・・?1人で寝られない・・・?」(What is it…? You can’t sleep alone…?) and pulls her down beside him while muttering 「・・・これでいい・・・?」(… Is this okay now…?). He tells her that she doesn’t seem to be able to sleep alone and this triggers a flashback for Lin. キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!!

In her memory she was at a kindergarten school and it was nap time for all the children, but she couldn’t stop crying. The teacher tried to calm her down asking if she wasn’t enough for Lin, but it was no use until Toma comes from his class because he heard that Lin was crying. He asks the teacher for permission to sleep beside Lin and it is given and so he tells Lin that he’ll hold her hand and be beside her so that she can sleep safely and happily.

Back in the present Toma awakens slowly before becoming really surprised at seeing her in his arms. He talks a bit about how she should tell him if she doesn’t like something or she should have hit him when he grabbed her like this. He releases her and apologizes for it saying that he had a dream about their past which is probably why he grabbed her.

He recalls how warm and small she was before noticing that he notices that he sounds like an old man, however he tells her that the fact that she’s cute hasn’t changed. Finally he says to her 「・・・終わり。離れて」(… Alright, it’s over. I’ll release you) and when he gets up he says that he should amend his words from before about not getting the urge to touch her.

He tells her that she’s a bit careless and should notice that she’s a woman before he looks away with a blush and then tells her that he’s going to leave the room. He wants her to change before he comes back because her pajamas are dangerous. When he leaves Orion is kind of annoyed that Toma didn’t tell them earlier about how he lied with his words and wonders if they’re unsafe to sleep here any longer.

When he asks Lin about her thoughts she just thinks that Toma is as nice as always and Orion agrees. He thinks that the fact that they’ve gotten closer to Toma is nice too. However, he finds it odd that the longer that they’re around Toma the more childhood memories they get but no memories about them becoming lovers. THAT’S BECAUSE HE’S LYING ORION. I’M SO BORED RIGHT NOW AND THIS IS TOTALLY GIVING ME STARRY SKY SUZUYA FLASHBACKS.

Two hours later, Toma comes back in and apologizes for leaving her alone. He asks if she’s eaten and tells her that she didn’t have to wait for him. They’re running out of food though and so he decides that they’ll go shopping together tomorrow. He also went by her house and nothing has changed.

Night falls and it’s time to sleep. Toma tells Lin to sleep first because he has something to do, but she decides to stay up and wait for him by playing Destiny Kingdom 2. Toma comes back and gets a little angry telling them that they shouldn’t have waited for him because he came back so late and that they don’t have to go to sleep at the same time. But then he smiles and says 「・・・とはいえ。俺を待ってるっていうおまえの気持ちは嬉しいけどね」(… Nonetheless, it makes me kind of happy that you waited for me).

He also tells her that she’s played the game enough for today and that it’ll be here waiting for her tomorrow since she’ll still be here. Orion is a bit shocked at the assumption, but then thinks that it’s kind of true. They’ve been spending a lot of time at Toma’s house.

8月12日. The next day, Orion tells Lin to be quiet when she wakes up because Toma finally went to sleep after writing his report all night for his university. She changes in the bathroom and tries to decide what to do since they can’t play games in his room while he’s sleeping. Orion decides that they should head home to her house and that it should be safe in the morning and she’s heading to her own house.

They head home and check the mailbox. The dead things and eggs are gone but the rotten smell is still there. Orion decides that it’ll probably fade after some time, but he wonders who would do such a cruel joke. At any rate they head inside her room and he cheers at seeing this familiar place since it’s been so long.

Surprisingly when they look around they see a battery sitting around for her computer. Orion is curious as to how they missed it if it had always been there when they searched for it days ago, but dismisses the thought and tells her to turn the computer on to check her mail for clues. However, the moment they open her email they are completely surprised. She has pages of emails filled with words like “DIE DIE DIE DIE” and “STUPID WOMAN STUPID WOMAN” and “BREAK UP BREAK UP BREAK UP”. I’M TOTALLY CALLING IKKI AS HER CURRENT BOYFRIEND AND THESE PEOPLE ARE HIS CRAZY FANS AGAIN..

Orion is completely freaked out and tells her to check this other mail that looks normal, but it turns out to be people who think she’s advertising herself as a whore and asking to meet her. One even tells her that he’ll pay money for her. These people who are out to get her also managed to get a photo of her from somewhere and uploaded it onto the internet.

They both realize that someone is out for her and has very malicious intentions toward her. The email that has the word “BREAK UP” is of particular interest to Orion who wonders if that person meant Toma. Lin doesn’t think that Toma had an ex-girlfriend though and Orion hums thoughtfully.

Then it occurs to him that this email was sent at 11:00 yesterday. Toma came back to his house at 11:20 or so and Orion wonders if the reason Toma comes to her house everyday is to get rid of all these spam mails. The reason why he wasn’t tense at all when her mailbox was filled with dead and rotten eggs was because he got rid of it for her. Orion is in awe of the things that Toma has done to protect her. TH-THANK YOU TOMA FOR PROTECTING ME FROM THESE CREEPY FANGIRLS. ALTHOUGH, TO BE HONEST, I’D RATHER HAVE IKKI PROTECT ME.

Orion realizes that they can’t dally anymore before Toma wakes up and comes to her house only to find her here. They search for more albums and end up finding Lin’s diary, which is fantastic, and so then they hurry back to Toma’s house. They almost end up crashing into him when they open the door and Lin has to fake her anger at him being in her way even though he tells her that he should be the one angry at her leaving without telling him.

Toma apologizes soon after though saying that he didn’t realize awkward it might be for her to wake up and be alone in someone else’s house. From here on he’ll tell her before he leaves and the day continues normally. Orion wants to read the diary, but knows that they can’t with Toma here and so they have to wait for him to leave.

Two hours later and Toma is still sitting in front of his computer. Lin asks what he is doing and he tells her about the report he is writing and how he needs to finish it so that he can go back to the cafe and work just like her. Then he recalls the first time he and Shin went to the store to see her and nearly died from surprise at her greeting them with “Welcome home, Masters”.

Soon Toma tells her that he needs to leave and Orion realizes with alarm that they forgot to turn the computer off. If Toma goes to her house and opens up the computer then he’ll immediately know that they went on and checked their email and everything. They have to stop him somehow and so Lin tells him that she doesn’t want to be alone since she’ll feel lonely.

Toma’s face is completely shocked and he says 「・・・驚いたな。そんな風に素直に甘えてくるなんて何年ぶり?」(… I’m surprised. It’s been how many years since the last time you said such honest and sweet words?). Orion exasperatedly says that he thought Lin and Toma were going out. THAT’S BECAUSE HE’S LYING~. Toma gives in and tells her that he’ll stay though because if she says it like that then he can’t say no.

His face softens as he asks if it’s because scary things have been happening lately. He tells her that they made a promise from when they were small that, no matter what scary things happened, he would protect her. His words are forceful as he says 「・・・必ず守ってみせるから」(… I’ll protect you without fail).

8月13日. They are really running out of food because they didn’t go grocery shopping yesterday and so Toma decides that today will be the day that they go out together to buy things. He finishes up his train of thought for his report and talks about how his parents just left him money to buy his food and that even though he is living alone he doesn’t really prepare any food for himself. Orion notes that Toma’s situation is similar to Lin’s.

While they’re out in town, Toma talks about how she should probably be able to go back home soon but he’s still a bit worried for her and so tells her to bear living with him some more. Since they don’t know how long she’ll stay with him they decide to buy some things anyway to make her life easier. Their first stop is the drugstore where they get things like shampoo.

At this Toma asks if his shampoo isn’t good enough, but then realizes that she probably wants something different since she’s a woman. He laughingly talks about how when she was small she used a shampoo called something like a witch’s spell. But then he tells her that anything normal would be fine and that he likes the smell of her hair.

The bookstore is next and there they buy books about self-defense which makes Toma look at her in exasperation. Orion laughs awkwardly and says that they can’t really explain the situation to Toma. A clothing store is their next stop but they end up not buying anything which makes Toma gently laugh at her and tell her that it reminds him of when they were small. Kid!Lin was just content enough to walk around and look at the clothes without buying anything.

The last place is a lingerie shop which Toma understands and he has no change in his expression when he tells her that he’ll wait outside for her. However when they get there he’s forced into the shop by a saleswoman who assumes that he’s Lin’s boyfriend. She rambles on about the different kind of lingerie sets that they have and the sizes. Toma tries to interrupt to say that he isn’t Lin’s boyfriend, but keeps on being overrun by the saleswoman’s words.

She even gives these lingerie sets to Lin and holds it up to her and asks Toma for his opinion. Then she even mentions things like how nice the material would feel and asks Toma if he wants to touch it. The poor man is blushing really hard and gritting his teeth since he realizes that he can’t even get a word in with this girl. When they finally leave Toma has nothing to say other than making groaning noises before he finally asks Lin in a strained voice if she was testing him. HAHA THE NOISES HE MADE WERE SO SEXY. I LOVE HINO SATOSHI’S VOICE.. JUST NOT TOMA’S CHARACTER.

He tells her that if they were living apart then he wouldn’t care what she had picked, but because they’re sleeping together he didn’t want to know what she would be wearing. He exasperatedly chides her for taking his hand to stop him from running away and then laughing about it.

They’re finally done buying their things though and as they’re about to go home some woman from behind Lin takes some scissors out of her back and cuts her hair. She runs off cackling and Toma yells at her to come back. He starts to chase her, but then remembers that he can’t leave Lin in such a dangerous situation and so he escorts her back to his house worriedly. Orion apologizes for not noticing the woman sooner. WHAT THE HELL.. CRAZY BITCHES ( -д-).

Toma tells Lin to turn around and he tells her how much of her hair is cut off. His mouth is turned down in an angry snarl as he mutters about how he’ll never forgive that woman and when he finds her he’ll pay her back. His voice is quiet as he says 「・・・俺は今日失敗した。けど、次はさせない。必ず、何があってもリンを守るよ」(… I failed today, but there won’t be a next time. If anything else happens, I’ll definitely protect you).

Unfortunately nothing can be done today and so they decide to go to sleep. While lying down with the lights turned off, Toma asks if she is sleeping well in his bed and if she has gotten used to his presence. He talks to himself about how that probably won’t happen despite the fact that they spent a lot of time together as children. They met less when they both became university students.

He mutters about how he has no confidence in himself and then adds quietly 「・・・俺は・・・おまえを・・・」(I… you…) and then changes the subject by saying that he’ll never hurt her. He also adds 「そして他の何者にも、おまえを傷つけさせない」(And I’ll never let anything else hurt you) and 「今までも。そしてこれからも」(Up to now and from here on).

8月14日. Toma is working on his report in the morning but he greets Lin when he sees her awake. He tells Lin that he has to go to this university to talk about his report and fix some things and that he’ll be back in the afternoon. Orion greets her when Toma leaves and asks if her if she wants to head to her house. He understands that the situation is dangerous, but they need to find out the reason as to why she is under attack by all these people.

They come up with a plan of action. Orion has the ability to separate himself from her for a short while and around 10 meters and so he’ll go first to check out her house and then come back and tell her the situation. At her house Orion comes back after 20 minutes and tells her that she probably doesn’t want to see the damage. Once again her house has been pelted with rotten eggs and dead things.

Her door has also been covered in graffiti and writings that repeat the words in her mail. Things like “BREAK UP” and “DIE DIE” and “STUPID GIRL”. Orion agrees with Toma that she shouldn’t return home at this rate and so the two of them head back to Toma’s house before he gets back. Unfortunately they’re caught being outside by Toma and he yells at them for the first time in an angry voice.

The last bar is known as Toma’s craziness bar. It’s almost full.

He says to them 「大人しくしてるって言ってただろ!こんなとこで何してるんだ!」(I thought I told you to stay in the room! What are you doing in a place like this!). His voice is low when he tells her 「おまえは・・・!もういい、とにかく来い!」(You…! Nevermind, come with me!) and then he grips her hand with enough strength to bruise as he drags her back to his house. Orion yells at Toma to release them because it hurts.

Toma angrily snaps at her as to why she was walking around carelessly and risking her safety. He tells her that yesterday her hair was cut, the next thing might be her getting stabbed. Orion interrupts saying that it wouldn’t have happened because this time he was on his guard, but he dejectedly realizes that Toma can’t hear him. Toma continues on with his lecture also telling her that they had decided to let each other know when the other person was going to leave the house, but she didn’t say anything to him at all.

His voice becomes cold and low as he asks her 「・・・それとも何。俺に黙って、刺されるリスクを冒してでも行きたい場所があった?」(… Or was it something else. You didn’t want to tell me and risked getting stabbed because you had a place you wanted to go to?). Lin tells him that she does and his voice gets creepily light as he answers 「・・・あぁ、そう。そうなんだ」(… Aa, is that so. I see) and then adds 「・・・結局、俺がどれだけ止めてもおまえはここを出て行くんだな」(… In the end, no matter what I do it seems like you’ll still leave this place). TOMA’S YANDERE DANGEROUS VOICE IS SO GOOD.. MY POOR IMAGINATION (*´д`*)ハァハァ.

His voice becomes really low and rough when he says 「・・・俺が何を言っても、おまえは俺より・・・」(… No matter what I say… you… over me..). Finally, he tells her that he needs an hour to calm down and that he can’t talk to her right now and then he leaves the room.

Orion apologizes to Lin and thinks that they should have probably listened to Toma about not going back to her house. He thinks that it’s his fault that Toma is angry at Lin, but she tells him that it’ll be alright. This was the first time that she said his name and he blushes before becoming really happy at that. Orion tells her that he’ll work hard to give her a happy future.

At night, Toma tells her gently that she should go to sleep. But before that.. and then he grabs her and pulls her down beside him. He apologizes for losing his temper like that and then asks softly 「・・・あのさ、ひとつ教えて。おまえ、俺のこと好き?」(… Hey, can I ask you a question? Do you.. love me?). Lin tells him that she loves him and he simply says 「・・・そう。うん、ありがとう。すげー嬉しい」(… I see. Un, thank you. That makes me really happy).

He adds 「本気で、泣けるくらい嬉しいよ。でも・・・」(Really, it makes me so happy I could cry… but…). Toma continues on after a pause 「でも、おまえのその気持ちは、本当はきっと俺じゃなくて・・・」(But those feelings of yours are not actually for me…) and then he tells her 「俺はさ・・・おまえの泣き顔、見たくないよ」(I… don’t want to see your crying face) and adds 「悲しんでる顔も、苦しんでる顔もイヤだ」(I don’t want to see your sad face or your painful face either).

Toma’s voice grows softer as he says 「おまえには笑っていて欲しいし、笑わせてやりたい」(It’s good if you just smile, I want to make you smile) and tells her 「だから・・・そのためなら、俺はたとえおまえに憎まれてもいい。・・・そう決めた」(That’s why… for that reason.. I’m fine if I become the thing you hate. That’s what I’ve decided).

He exhales shakily and adds 「・・・ああ、けど、辛いな。本当は誰より優しくしてやりたいのに、それができない」(.. Ahh, but it’s painful. In reality, I want to be the person who is the kindest to you, but I can’t). His voice is strained as he ends with 「どうしても・・・俺には・・・」(No matter what.. I…). IT MUST BE HARD TRYING TO KEEP THE HEROINE SAFE FROM IKKI’S CRAZY FANGIRLS. I UNDERSTAND TOMA.. I EVEN UNDERSTAND YOU LYING TO HER ABOUT BEING HER BOYFRIEND TOO. BUT HURRY UP AND FREAKING CONFESS!

8月15日. Lin wakes up to Toma greeting her cheerfully and the two of them eat breakfast. While eating Orion talks to Lin about yesterday night and how Toma’s attitude bothered him, because even though Toma was embracing Lin he had a sad face on and he seemed really depressed. After she finishes eating she accidently falls asleep.

Orion wakes her up in the evening and says in surprise that she fell asleep for the whole day. Toma greets her when she wakes up again and laughs at how he didn’t expect her to sleep all day and if she didn’t get any sleep at night. He shrugs and says with a grin that 「まぁ、おまえが寝ててくれたおかげで俺もレポートがはかどったし、眠り姫も悪くないけどね」(Maa, thanks to you being asleep I managed to finish a lot of my report. A sleeping princess isn’t so bad). Then he tells her to stay away for at least dinner though, while Orion wonders if they’ll be able to sleep at night since they slept the afternoon away.

He’s a bit sad that they didn’t get to do anything today, but decides that they can work hard tomorrow. Although, he’s a little reluctant to make Toma angry again.

8月16日. Once again Lin wakes up after having slept for a really long time the moment she finished eating dinner. Toma is a bit surprised at her having slept for so long before laughingly telling her to clean herself up in the mirror and Orion agrees too while also telling her that he was surprised she fell asleep immediately after dinner. UM.. WHY DO I HAVE A REALLY BAD SUSPICION THAT TOMA IS DRUGGING HER? I SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISED SINCE THIS WAS THE PERSON WHO PUT POISON IN HER ICED COFFEE IN SHIN’S ROUTE ಠ_ಠ.

Toma gives her breakfast and coffee and the moment she finishes those she falls asleep again. Orion is becoming alarmed at the amount she is sleeping and asks her if she’s sleepy again and that she slept for 5 hours after eating breakfast. Toma greets her with a smile again and tells her that she slept again and then asks her with a laugh if she has the habit of napping after lunch. However, he tells her that if she’s sleepy then it’s fine since he feels relieved when he can keep an eye on her.

He even says 「いっそのこと、ずっと眠ってて欲しいくらいだよ」(In fact, it wouldn’t be bad if you slept forever) and adds 「起きてると無茶ばかりするからな、このお姫様は」(This princess here does nothing but unreasonable things when she’s awake) in a teasing voice. Orion tells Lin with alarm that they can’t do anything if she keeps on sleeping like this and asks her what is wrong with her. YEAH.. NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL THERE YOU CREEPER.

8月17日. She falls asleep again and the next time she wakes it’s night. Toma sees her awake and tells her that he’ll prepare dinner again, but Orion freaks out and tells Lin not to eat anything that Toma gives her. He finally saw it from before that whenever Toma prepares her food he pours some medicine into her tea. It must be sleeping medication! THE TRUTH IS REVEALED!

He tells Lin that they need to get out of here, but that she can’t seem to move very well after being drugged all this time. Orion starts panicking, but thankfully someone comes and it turns out to be Shin who was curious as to what was going on. He went to Lin’s house but she wasn’t there and Toma wasn’t answering the phone and so he came to Toma’s house. His voice is low and annoyed when he asks what is going on and why Lin is at Toma’s house. SAVE ME SHIN FROM THESE CREEPY DRUGGER! GA-GAH.. TOMA’S YANDERE LEVELS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD. THIS ISN’T ROMANTIC IT’S JUST FRIGHTENING!

Shin starts asking what the hell Lin is doing here and what Toma has been doing. Toma reveals that he can’t trust anyone with Lin’s safety other than himself and that he is keeping her here for her own protection. Shin glares at Toma and tells him that he can’t trust Toma with Lin’s protection either and tries to get her out of here, but Toma asks him to go outside and they’ll talk it out.

In the brief time that they’re alone Orion instantly tells Lin that they need to do something. He wants to eavesdrop but knows that if they’re caught then it’ll be bad. On the other hand, they can’t just stay around doing nothing. He asks her if she believes in Toma and wants to stay here or if she wants to run away. Orion tells her that he used to believe in Toma but now he doesn’t at all.

Toma and Shin come back after having talked it out and Toma asks for Shin to leave now that he can’t do anything. He tells Shin that 「俺はね、リンを守ることだけを最優先に考えてる」(You know.. I am only thinking about Lin’s safety over everything else) and then adds in a low and dangerous voice 「他のことはどうでもいいんだよ。おまえも、それ以外の人間もね」(Whatever other people do is not my concern. That includes you and other humans). Shin grits his teeth but ends up telling Lin to phone him if anything happens and that he’ll go home for today.

Before he leaves Shin tells Lin that Toma isn’t her lover at all which surprises Orion. When they ask Toma what he meant by that, Toma reveals that he knows Lin’s memories haven’t returned and so he tricked her into thinking that he was her boyfriend. He also knew about her house being pranked with those cruel jokes and that is why he confined her in his room and then he asks her in a lighthearted voice 「・・・ねぇ、俺が怖い?」(… Ne, am I scary?). YES. YES YOU ARE YOU CREEPER.

Lin idiotically tells him that she’s not scared of him at all which makes him drawl 「へぇ、意外だな。でも怖がったほうがいいよ。俺みたいな男は危険だからね」(Heh, that’s surprising. But it’d be better if you were scared, because men like me are dangerous) and then he adds in a low voice 「それに、怖がられて憎まれてた方が、まだ気が楽だ」(In addition, it’s really easy to be afraid and hate them). His voice returns to a normal level as he says 「おまえに嫌われたくないって思う俺自身が、俺にとっては最大の敵だから」(The thought of you coming to hate me.. is my greatest enemy).

Then he curses 「・・・ったく、思いがけず邪魔が入ったなぁ」(… Keh, I didn’t think this interruption would happen). He starts talking to himself about how his wish to keep her quietly here doesn’t seem to be granted, but then he turns to her and says in a dark voice 「なんにせよ、俺はおまえここから出す気はない。抵抗しても無駄だよ」(At any rate, I don’t have any intentions of letting you leave this place. Resistance is futile). The next thing he does is push her against the wall and kiss her forcefully.

He slips something from his mouth into hers and Orion is alarmed. Toma then apologizes in a soft voice 「・・・ごめんな、リン」(… Sorry, Lin) and he adds 「・・・俺はさ、何もかも遅かったのかな」(… It seems like I’m always late at just about everything). He whispers against her lips that he doesn’t want to see her cry, but he knows that his wish for that can’t be granted. His voice is filled with tension as he growls 「俺は、どうしてーー」(Why can’t I–). Lin passes out thinking Toma’s name.

8月18日. The next scene is a memory of Shin talking to Lin about the person that she likes. He complains about the fan club being annoying and if Lin can bear it. He also asked her what she would do and that it might be better if she stopped dating the person that she was and that maybe the fan club would stop what they were doing if she did. Orion appears before her in a white space and tells her if she noticed her memory about Shin. He also tells her to wake up slowly because she hit her head and that there isn’t any danger around.

They wake up in a cage and Toma greets them from outside. He tells them that this cage will keep them safe and tells her not to do anything foolish inside. He asks with concern if she’s cold and that if she is he’ll pass a blanket through to her. He also adds that she shouldn’t worry, because he’ll let her use the toilet and shower when she wishes to. He closes his eyes and then apologizes to her for this, but knows that if he were to let her out then she’d leave his room which he can’t allow.

He laughs at how he doesn’t seem to be doing anything but apologizing to her. He tells her that he doesn’t know if she’ll forgive him if he keeps on apologizing, but that he didn’t put her in a cage to harm her. He also lets her know that because she’s in the cage he won’t be able to touch her and that she should feel happy because 「好きでもない男に襲われるのも嫌だろ?」(You don’t want the man you don’t love to come on to you, right?). Toma remembers that he needs to tell something to Shin so that he doesn’t come back again and so leaves.

Orion apologizes instantly for not being able to help her or do anything. He talks about how even though he said he would help her become happy, nothing went the way that he wanted it to and that she’s definitely not happy right now in this cage. Lin tells him not to worry though and that she isn’t miserable and he angrily asks her why. He doesn’t know what he thinks about Toma right now, but he definitely thinks that Toma is taking it too far.

However, Lin tells him of the memory that she had about Toma as a kid promising to protect her and Orion realizes that she still has faith in Toma. She believes that he’s just trying to do everything he can to protect her. They remain in the cage until night falls and Toma comes back to them with food. He’ll let them out to eat it if they don’t try to think about running and he’ll also let them use the bathroom, but before that he ties her hands up.

Toma grins happily when he hears that she’ll eat her food like a good girl and tells her not to worry, because there’s no need for him to drug her anymore. He says lightly that he wouldn’t have known what to do if she didn’t want to eat. Orion is completely shocked at how thorough Toma is because he doesn’t let them out of his sight until they go to the bathroom, but even then they can’t do anything. In the end they’re taken back to their cage before Toma tells them that he has to go out for a second.

Orion wonders what he needs to do at 11 at night, but then they’re left alone in the dark. He knows that it’ll be really bad if Toma went to her house and saw that she checked her mail, although he doesn’t think anything could get worse than this. He tells Lin that he’ll wander out and investigate the things in the room since he’s not affected by the metal bars.

The computer lid is closed and so he can’t see anything there. He notices her bag and keys though, so Toma isn’t going to her house. The keys for the cage are gone, probably taken by Toma. There’s nothing else to look at and he can’t touch anything anyway.

8月19日. They spend the day in the cage like normal again. Toma makes them coffee and then starts working on his report with Orion reading over his shoulder. However, Orion can’t make any sense of the report and so they stay in the cage until the afternoon passes and Toma decides to let them take a shower.

Once again Orion tries to seize the chance to find some way to break free and run away, but Toma ties up her hands again and whatnot. He even gives her clothes and talks about how he doesn’t know if they’re her style, but that she’ll just have to bear with what he picked out. Then they’re escorted back to their cage with Toma threatening them gently by saying that he’ll know if they’re trying to dally.

Back in the cage Orion yells at Toma about how Lin isn’t his doll for him to dress up and do as he pleases with. He calms down quickly though and apologizes again for being unable to do anything because he’s just a ghost. He can’t protect her from people or their glaring eyes. Lin tells him that they just have to bear it a little longer and he sighs but agrees.

When night falls, Toma presses his hands against the cage and hums thoughtfully before saying 「囚われのお姫様って感じだな」(You almost seem like a trapped princess). Then he adds that in this case he’d be the dark lord and Shin would be the hero. He tells her that some day the hero will come, defeat the dark lord, and free the princess, but that today is not that day. His voice grows soft as he says 「あぁ・・・おまえ、綺麗になったな・・・」(Aa.. you’ve.. become so beautiful). IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE ROMANTIC ಠ_ಠ?

He says to her lowly 「その髪も、目も、指も、子供の時とは比べ物にならないくらい綺麗になった」(Your hair, your eyes, and your fingers. Your beauty now can’t be compared with the time that you were a child). He amends it and says that she was adorably cute when she was a child, but now she’s grown. He sighs 「・・・不思議だな。ずっと一緒にいたのに、今初めてそのことに気づいたよ」(… It’s such a strange thing. We’ve been together for a while, and yet now is the first time that I’ve noticed this) as he talks about her beauty. He apologizes to her again and tells her to bear it a little longer. After that, he’ll definitely release her.

8月20日. Lin is remembering something again. It’s Ikki’s voice talking to her about how someone won’t look at her as a girl. He muses on how first they’d need to get that person to look at her as a girl so that then he could fall in love with her. He laughs at something she says and tells her not to be embarrassed, before turning back to the problem and trying to figure out a way to make it so that the person would start looking at her as a girl.

She must have apologized for troubling him, because Ikki tells her that it’s no trouble at all and that he finds her story interesting. He’s never had anyone run to talk to him about relationship problems before. IKKI キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!! I THINK I CAN SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. SHE ACTUALLY HONESTLY LOVES TOMA BUT HE DOESN’T LOOK AT HER AS A GIRL AND SO SHE STARTED DATING IKKI TO MAKE TOMA JEALOUS.. THOUGH I BET BOTH OF THEM DIDN’T THINK THAT HIS FAN CLUB WOULD BE SO CRAZY.

Orion is holding his head and saying that they’re dizzy again from one of her memories returning. He’s surprised that they are still getting memories even when trapped in a cage and notes that the voice in the memory was from someone they don’t remember. He also tells her that if she can still see him then her most important memory hasn’t returned yet.

Toma notices they’re awake and greets them before giving them a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces so that they have something to do in their spare time. Orion gets pissed at this. At any rate, Toma tells them that he’s going to take their keys and leave to go to their house which makes Orion extremely worried, but Toma seems to see them looking at them and then reveals that he already knew they went back home.

Lin and Orion are both shocked and Toma tells them that he has an expert poker face. He reassures them by saying that he doesn’t have a GPS attached to Lin, because he wouldn’t destroy her privacy like that, but that he’s just sensitive to these things. They didn’t take the batteries out of the computer and so Toma knew. At any rate, he heads out and comes back to complain about the things he had to clean. He jokes about how the people who are doing it need to find some variation since it was ketchup and mustard again.

He notices her looking at him and asks her if she has something to say or wants anything, but tells her that he reserves the right to refuse. She thanks him quietly instead and he’s shocked enough to lose his words. Finally he looks away and says that it was nothing, but that she’s kind of stupid to thank the person who is confining her. He muses out loud on the fact that he didn’t think she’d thank him ever again.

As they sleep, Lin has another piece of her memory returned to her. It’s when she told Toma that she had a person that she liked and he seemed sort of surprised before telling her that he hopes it’s a good man from her university. She asks if he isn’t shocked and he tells her that he isn’t really and he’ll be happy for her if her boyfriend is a decent guy. TOMA CAN’T YOU SEE SHE’S TRYING TO MAKE YOU JELLY? YOU’RE OSANANAJIMI DENSENESS IS PROBABLY WHAT IS GETTING YOU INTO THIS SITUATION WITH HAVING TO CAGE HER AND CLEAN UP THE LEFTOVER MESS FROM CRAZY FANGIRLS.

8月21日. Lin wakes up and Orion once again talks about how she can still see him and so her most important memory hasn’t come back yet. Orion muses on how it makes sense now why they weren’t getting any memories of her love when they were with Toma, because they were never dating him. But he wonders why they haven’t regained any other memories about the person that they do love and instead they seem to be getting memories about discussions of love.

They both turn to look at Toma who is sleeping on the ground and Orion tells her that all this time that she has been in the cage, Toma has been sleeping on the ground. Just as he says this Toma stirs and starts to wake up muttering about how he had a strange dream. He becomes shocked when he wakes up and asks her why she is in a cage, before his personality changes and he let’s out a quiet “Oh” as he remembers that he was the one who did it. Orion rolls his eyes and yells about how Toma is slow to remember.

Toma notices her looking at him and asks what she wants and that her stare makes him uncomfortable in this situation. She asks him why he was sleeping on the floor and he tells her that it’s because she is sleeping on the floor and he can’t take his own bed in good conscious. He tells her that he went out searching for a bed that would fit in the cage, but there weren’t any in that size. Orion is silent before he mutters about how he can’t decide if that makes Toma nice or not.

While she’s sleeping, Lin has another memory of the past. She hears herself talking about how she wants to meet that person that she loves. She really wants to meet that person, but she can’t yet. Just a bit more longer before she can tell that person that she loves him.

She wakes up to Toma once again pressed up against her bars. He apologizes quietly 「・・・ごめんな。起こしちゃったか」(… Sorry. Did I wake you?) and then asks 「寝てるとこ、見てた。・・・怒る?」(I watched you while you slept.. are you angry?). He sighs then and almost seems to start talking to himself 「・・・俺はさ・・・もう、諦めたけど、引き返さないって覚悟したけど」(.. You know.. I sometimes want to give up, but I’ve already prepared myself and I know I can’t go back) before adding 「・・・やっぱり、おまえやシンに憎まれるのは、堪えるよ」(… In the end, I’ll just have to bear your hate and Shin’s).

His voice is soft as he says 「・・・幸せにしてやりたかったんだ。おまえも、シンも、2人とも俺の大切な兄妹だから」(… I just wanted to make you two happy. You.. Shin.. the two of you are my precious siblings) and then adds 「・・・なのに・・・ほんと、ダメだな俺は」(.. And yet… Ah, it really is no good.. me…). He ends up talking about what he’s going to do, especially if Shin comes around and finds Lin, and then he explains that he doesn’t think he’ll see them ever again and that he’ll go off to a far away land.

8月22日. Toma leaves once again to go to Lin’s house and Orion asks her what they should do since they’re so bored. She decides to open the jigsaw puzzle and shifts around to make room when suddenly the side that they’re leaning on creaks. Orion instantly becomes interested and asks her to shake it some more because it seems loose and they manage to break the side down.

Orion thinks quickly on their next plan of action. They can’t return home because the criminal committing all these acts hasn’t been apprehended yet and Toma will come back at any second. He decides that they should get her cellphone and hide it in a cage so that they can phone someone when there’s time. Lin takes the cellphone and crawls back into the cage and fixes the bars just in time for Toma to come back.

When he comes back and goes to replace her keys in her bag, he instantly notices that her cellphone is gone. He’s suspicious and wonders if he accidently dropped it somewhere and decides to phone it. Orion quickly tells Lin to turn off her phone and Toma mutters out loud at how he can’t seem to get a signal. He realizes then that he must have lost her phone and apologizes to her.

He also thinks out loud about how she couldn’t have gotten out of her cage and then even asks her, but she responds with a question on whether or not she can leave. He gently laughs and tells her not to ask him that. Afterwards, he tells her to move back from her cage and dumps in a whole bunch of dolls. Orion is wondering what the heck Toma meant with this.

Toma tells them that he was afraid of her getting bored and her cage was looking bare, so he bought them kid toys since he wasn’t sure what she liked. He bought her things like chocolate, dolls, and stuffed animals. Orion hesitantly asks if this is Toma’s way of showing his affection but then sighs with annoyance. Toma apologizes again as he stares down at her and then tells her that just a little bit more and it’ll all be over.

8月23日. Lin wakes up to Orion whispering about what time it currently is and he tells her that Toma isn’t in the house. He actually starts narrating their every action and talks about how they are now going to check her phone’s mail. She asks him what he’s doing and he becomes surprised before telling her that he’s imitating reality TV show announcers and she hums thoughtfully. Orion laughs awkwardly at her lack of a reaction.

At any rate they check her phone’s mail before Toma comes back. Because they don’t have much time they scan the subject line and see that Shin sent ones asking where she was. Lin got a few from Sawa asking if she’s doing well and if she has free time. They see one from Ikki and quickly check it only to find out that he asked about her health and apologized for not being able to check up on her, but that he is being interrupted by Rika and other woman who keep getting in his way.

He asks how her project is going with the man that she likes and then tells her that he wishes for her to succeed. Orion realizes that Ikki must know who Lin really likes and then tells her to mail one of them while they still have time and that she should ask them who she really likes. Lin hesitantly notes that the person she likes must not be Toma and Orion agrees. He tells her that it looks like Toma really likes her, but he’s not able to trust Toma especially when he does things like this.

Orion is worried that if she finds out who she really loves, he might disappear from her side. He doesn’t want to leave her side when he has no one to leave her in the care with and he doesn’t trust anyone here, especially Toma. Anyway, they should really mail someone. However, her phone runs out of batteries and Orion yells out in frustration before looking at her with tears in his eyes asking why these things always seem to happen. Toma comes back at this time and they quickly hide the phone again.

When night falls, Lin comes out of the bathroom after having taken a shower. Toma frowns at the state of her hair and tells her to go back in and dry it, but she doesn’t move from her spot. He raises an eyebrow and asks if she doesn’t want to go to the bathroom and run away from someone like him. However, she doesn’t move and asks him if he likes her. Toma’s eyes widen before he asks her why she is asking that and what she would do with the answer.

Lin touches his cheek with her hand and he asks her in a shaky voice 「・・・なに、やってんの」(… What do you think you’re doing?) before adding 「・・・やめるよ。何、媚びてんの?・・・それとも、哀れんでる?」(… Stop it. What is this.. flirtation?.. Or is it pity?). His voice hardens as he says 「・・・そういうの、好きな男にやってやれよ。俺にはやめといて」(… If that’s the case then do it to the man you like. Stop touching me) and then he talks about how it doesn’t feel like she’s giving him her forgiveness either.

His eyes narrow before he tells her roughly 「・・・俺は・・・おまえに触れる資格も、自分の気持ちを告げる資格も・・・幸せな夢を見る資格も、もう、ないんだ・・・」(I… don’t qualify anymore to touch you.. to confess to you my feelings.. or to give you happy dreams..). TOMA.. I FEEL A BIT BAD FOR YOU. BUT YOU’RE SO CRAZY I CAN’T SAY I FEEL THAT BAD FOR YOU.

8月24日. Orion greets Lin in the morning by saying that they ended up not being able to figure out who the person she liked was. He tells her that they should break out and get to the cafe where Ikki will most likely be and he can tell her who the person that she likes is. Lin asks worriedly about what will happen if Toma finds out.

Orion knows that it’s risky, but he thinks that they should depend on someone else other than Toma anyway. He also tries to reassure her by saying the situation can’t get any worse than it is now and they can’t remain in this cage forever. If Toma goes to the cafe to get them then they can just confess everything about Toma to someone and get them to help her. Lin seems reluctant to tell on Toma like that, but realizes that they need to find her memories back.

Toma interrupts them at this point asking why she’s looking out into nowhere, but then he tells her that he’s going to go to her house again and for her to stay in there like a good kid. Lin tells him 「・・・バイバイ」(.. Bye bye) and Toma asks her what is up with her farewell all of a sudden and that it sounds like they’ll never meet again. He sighs and then apologizes again and says that she really wants to get out and he really wants to free her, but he can’t.

He apologizes again saying 「・・・ほんとに、ごめん。おまえの兄貴分がこんな男で、ごめんな・・・」(… I’m really sorry. For your brother to turn out to be this kind of man.. I’m really sorry). He tells her that when everything is over she can do what she wants to him and that everything she says will be the truth. He once again says to her that just a little bit more and everything will be over and then also informs her that he’ll be back in 2 hours and he’ll buy something for her.

The moment he leaves Lin breaks out from her cage and runs to the cafe. However, they immediately run into a problem which is that they have no idea how to get to the cafe from Toma’s house. He asks if they want to head to her house and then go to the cafe from there as they get closer to roads that they know, but he doesn’t want Lin to meet Toma along the way because that’d be bad.

As they stand there thinking though they hear Ukyo’s voice asking them what they’re doing here in a creepy way. He chuckles darkly and asks them if they weren’t being locked up by Toma and Orion is creeped out as to how Ukyo knows everything. Ukyo continues talking about how he told her that the man beside her wasn’t her lover and then seems to wonder if he even told her such a thing. He shrugs his shoulders then and talks about how the her, who isn’t her, must have been told.

Then, surprisingly, he asks them to come with them. He’ll show them where to go from here since he knows the streets and Orion is really freaked out at this point. Ukyo points out that they don’t want to be caught by Toma, right? Orion hesitantly says that he’d like to thank this guy, but he isn’t sure if they can trust him.

Lin decides to run for her life and Ukyo growls at her angrily asking if she won’t go with him. But then he shrugs it off and tells her that tomorrow is his time limit and they won’t meet again. He also tells them that they’ll end up in the same place anyway in the end.

They stop at an intersection because they’re completely out of breath and Orion notes that Lin is weak from all the time she wasn’t able to move. He looks behind her and exhales in relief at not being chased by Ukyo before asking who the heck he is. He talks about how Ukyo seemed to know her and if he was a friend from a long time ago, but then tells her that they’ll talk about that later. As of right now they don’t have a lot of time and have to keep moving.

However, they’re still lost and so they have to return back to her house from here or close to it so that they remember the road to the cafe. They manage to get to the train crossing and Orion is relieved that they haven’t encountered anyone yet. From here they can easily get to the cafe, but then someone on a bike nearly runs Lin over and she has to dive out of the way.

She injures herself and it’s hard to walk. Orion tries to decide what they should do and asks if they should go to the hospital for her injuries. Lin doesn’t want to head to the hospital though and so the only place to go is back to Toma’s house. They return to the cage and lock themselves in with Orion pointing out how ironic it is to call this place home.

Toma comes back and Orion sighs in relief at having made it, only for Toma to ask them lowly and dangerously if they went out. He points out that her clothes are dirty and that there are shoe prints and Orion laughs nervously while trying to convince Toma that it’s just his imagination. AHA..HA..HA.. I WAS HOPING THAT TOMA DIDN’T HAVE THE PSYCHO FACE, BUT I GUESS I WAS BEING TOO OPTIMISTIC (^∀^;). I’M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES FROM THIS GUY’S ROUTE.

He mutters about how he doesn’t think they left and yet she’s now wounded and her clothes are ripped. His voice is frighteningly low as he tells them to get out of the cage and that he’ll open it. He looks at her wounds and asks her if she has anymore before saying flatly 「ああ、いいやもう。どうぜ聞いても隠すだろうし、脱いで」(Aa, don’t bother actually. If I ask you might just hide something.. Strip). He adds that she can keep her underwear on, but everything else goes off.

Her injuries are inspected and then Toma continues talking in his dangerously quiet voice about how she couldn’t have obtained those wounds inside the cage. He says out loud 「・・・そっか。出たんだ。どうやって?おかしいなぁ。出られないと思ってたのに」(… I see.. You left. How did you do it? It’s strange.. I didn’t think you’d be able to leave). Toma talks about how she knows that the outside is dangerous and yet she still went out and so then he asks her why.

His voice becomes cold as he continues on his train of thought with 「--そんなに、俺から逃げたかった・・・?」(… Do you want to run away from me that badly?). His voice is a dangerous whisper 「ねぇ、どうしようか。どうすればリンは俺の言うことを聞いてくれるのかな?」(Ne, what should I do. What can I do so that you’ll listen to what I say?). Orion yells at Toma to stop or he’ll hurt Lin.

Toma continues on softly and menacingly 「ああ、手が震えてるね。痛い?痛いよな、そんだけ肩腫れてれば」(Aa, your hand is trembling. Does it hurt? It looks like it hurts.. with the way your shoulder is swollen) and then he adds 「でもさ、ごめん。もうこの手を離すつもりはないんだ」(But I should say I’m sorry. I’m not going to let this hand go from now on). He tells her that she has no clue about the pain that he is in and so he won’t give consideration to hers, especially since she ran away from him.

Once again he repeats that he didn’t think she would be able to run away from this cage and then he muses on what he should do to her. He asks her if he should do something horrible, or maybe it would count as something sweet and basically wonders about if she will only look at him after he makes her his.

His next words are still in a soft whisper 「それとも・・・おまえが壊れるのかな?」(Or.. would you break?) and then he says 「・・・いっそ壊れて良いよ。俺はそれでも、おまえを愛す自信があるからーー」(… It might even be good if you broke. I have belief in the fact that I would still love you even then..) HOLY SHIT TOMA IS SO DAMN SCARY AND HINO’S YANDERE VOICE IS AOGKAOTPHKKHOAPGKDH (´;ω;`).

Lin thinks about how Toma’s eyes are cold and that he’s scary like this, but even so, she still believes in him because he saved her. She remembers him as a child and how he always protected her and saved her. Back in the present she yells out 「助けて、トーマ・・・!」(Save me.. Toma!). He exhales sharply in shock and lets go of her and she stumbles back into the wall which causes her bag to drop from where Toma put it.

Toma saves her from the danger of her falling bag by pulling her away, but something tumbles out of her bag. Orion remembers that it’s her diary and then tells her that they both completely forgot about it. Toma haltingly asks 「・・・日記・・・?おまえの・・・?」(… Your… diary?) and Orion realizes that when it landed the diary opened up to a random page. WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING TO GO, DON’T WE?

The page dates February 16. It talks about how the next day is her first day at university and she’s going to the same one as Toma, so she can’t calm down. The next page dates February 17 and talks about how she made it into the university and Toma was waiting to congratulate her on getting in. He patted her head and took her to a shop to buy her a cake. Lin writes that she was super happy, but because it felt like she was being treated as a child she felt a bit sad.

The next entry is February 20. It talks about how she wanted to meet him, but couldn’t because he had to go to work. She talks about how he was really goodlooking in his waitering clothes and she wants to hurry up and get into his university so she can meet him more. Toma shakily says 「・・・これは・・・」(… This is..) and turns the page some more.

The next entry is July 31st. She talks about how she’s decided and prepared herself now with Ikki’s advice and help. She hasn’t met Toma and has rejected him for 3 months and in the space of those 3 months she knows that she’s become prettier. Lin wonders if Toma was sad during these 3 months of not being able to see her and then writes that tomorrow she’ll definitely confess to him and make him see her as a woman instead of a sister.

Lin is thrown back into a memory. She remembers calling out to him and kid!Toma exasperatedly tells her not to run around yelling like that. When she gets close to him he asks what she wanted and she tells him that she just wanted to see him. Once again kid!Toma rolls his eyes and tells her that yelling his name so loudly and then running just to meet him is troublesome.

When Lin asks why he merely says “Why indeed?” and then kid!Lin confesses to Toma by saying that she loves him. He thanks her with annoyance. She tells him that she’s serious and that when she grows up she wants to become beautiful. Toma asks about what will happen to Shin and Lin tells him that Shin can be their child.

The next memory is her meeting Toma at the gates of his school and talking about how she’s decided to go to the same university as him. She asks if he can take care of her and he laughingly tells her that she’ll need to study hard and that he already takes care of her and Shin. Lin tells him to stop it with the younger sister treatment. He asks her if she gets unhappy and she tells him that she does, because she’s not his younger sister. He tells her that he knows, but she certainly seems like one.

Toma tells her that if she isn’t his younger sister then it would seem weird for them to constantly meet like this. He also mentions that she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet and so it seems doubly weird and then apologizes but tells her that he has to go to work. Ever since he started living alone he’s become really busy.

The next memory is at the cafe where she is talking to Sawa and Mine. Mine wants to join Ikki’s fan club, but needs someone to go with her to the university where Rika is because Rika won’t let her enter unless she has another university student to vouch for her. Lin tells her that she’ll help Mine, but she has someone else that she likes and Mine tells her that it’s no problem.

The next memory is meeting Ikki in an alleyway and explaining that she loves Toma. He hums thoughtfully and then says that this is the first time he’s ever felt jealous of another man, because Lin explains about how precious Toma is to her. Ikki then offers to listen to her love woes and discuss about it together, but she tells him that she’ll have to meet him in places where people can’t see them or they’ll get the wrong idea like Ikki’s fan girls. Ikki wonders thoughtfully if they can’t use jealousy to get Toma to decide on an action, but Lin doesn’t want to hurt Toma like that.

Lin thinks about how she’s always loved Toma even from when she was a child. However, it turned from childish love into an adult love. That day was July 31st and the next day she was going to confess to Toma. Orion finally understands why they were tricked into thinking that Toma was they’re boyfriend, because her love was so great for Toma that it carried over to her when she lost her memories on that confession day.

Orion congratulates her because all of her memories have returned and so it is now time for them to part. Lin calls for him to wait, but he tells her that she won’t be sad when he disappears because she’ll forget about him. In addition, she’ll have that idiot who did all those dumb things to her. When Lin is confused, Orion tells her that she’ll have Toma by her side and that she should forgive him. He also thinks that Toma is the only one who can make her happy. She thanks him tearfully and he tells her to be happy and that he understands her feelings before finally disappearing.

Back at the present Toma is shocked speechless and only snaps out of it when she calls his name. He apologizes and says that he was wrong and that all this time he thought she loved Ikki. He explains that on the day she collapsed and he saw all those hate mails he became frightened for her. He also couldn’t release her to Ikki and so he could only think about caging her. That’s also why he tricked her into thinking he was her boyfriend and prepared his heart for her hatred.

He can’t stop apologizing to her and knows that she might not forgive him, so he’ll continue to apologize and say the words that may be too late. He confesses that he loves her and that he never thought of her like a younger sister because he loved her from childhood as well. In fact it killed him to try and treat her like a younger sister and to stop himself from touching her and hugging her.

Toma talks about how Shin won’t forgive him for any of this, but he can’t leave her to another man. He tells Lin 「俺は、ずっとおまえに恋してた」(I’ve always loved you) and she tells him the same about how she loves him a lot and that she wants him to hug her and touch her. He tearfully laughs and asks her what she’s saying before giving her his jacket and then he finally kisses and embraces her while saying 「ああ・・・やっと、おまえを抱きしめられた・・・」(Aa.. I’m finally holding you..).

The next scene is Toma and Ikki confronting Rika with the data that Toma had been collecting through all these days of Lin being harassed by the fan club. FINALLY THE BITCHES GET WHATS COMING TO THEM AGAIN. HORRY SHIT I AM SO ANGRY AT IKKI’S FAN CLUB IT’S NOT FUNNY. THEY SERIOUSLY NEED TO DIE.. IN EVERY ROUTE. I CAN’T STAND THEM (╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻!

Ikki asks about the potted plant attempt on Lin’s life and the person who cut her hair and when Rika tries to interrupt saying that it wasn’t what it seemed like, Ikki coldly asks 「それは、何?」(Then.. what was it?). Rika quickly changes her words and apologizes again while trying to grovel towards him. She tells them that she really wanted to stop, but for some reason she couldn’t. It was as if a demon took hold of her thoughts and granted her deepest and darkest wishes. UKYO.. I’M TOTALLY BLAMING YOU WITH THESE BITCHES.

The bitch squad once again tries to apologize to Lin and said they went too far, but then one of them pipes up by saying that Ikki spent so much time with her and seemed only to think of her and be concerned for her. Ikki narrows his eyes at that girl and asks 「構うから、何?」(And what if I was concerned about her?) in a low voice.

He coldly asks if they tried to sabotage everyone who got close to him and if they’re blind enough to mistake love and friendship. He covers his face with a hand and mutters 「・・・嫌になるよ。まったく。正直人間不信気味だな」(… I feel sick. Good grief. Honestly, I’m starting to mistrust humans). I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL SOMETIMES IKKI.

Toma asks about the person on the bike who tried to hit Lin, but they don’t know anything about it. Especially since everyone in the fan club are girls, but there is a chance that one of them might have asked a guy friend to do it. Toma also reveals about all the things done on the internet to Lin like having her information spread out everywhere and now she keeps on getting spam and death threats. Ikki is completely shocked at this and shouts at Rika for the first time, who can only continue to apologize and grovel.

Finally, Toma tells them the conditions to make up for it. Things like how they have to deal with all of Lin’s re-directed spam mail and whatnot. To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to this part, because it was full off a lot of words and monologuing. At any rate, the bitch squad gets paid back and Ikki also apologizes to Lin while telling the two of them that he’ll make sure they do what Toma wants them to do to repent for their actions.

Lin and Toma stand outside the shop and he tells her about her original phone still being around and that he lied when he said it broke. It’s just that her phone was also getting death threats and so he hid it from her. He talks about how conflicted he was over whether or not to hand her over to Ikki and Lin teases him by asking about whether he wants to right now. Toma gently laughs at her before talking about how he can’t believe that she was free all this time.

She calls him an idiot for not noticing that she loved him sooner, especially when she did things like hint at him. Toma asks her when she ever gave him hints and she tells him things like his Valentine’s present, which he thought looked the same as Shin’s, and then the trip they went on to spend time alone, Shin came along but it was place that he hated. Toma finally tells her that if she was trying to approach him like that then her approach needs to be worked on.

Toma finally asks her 「おまえ、ほんとにオレでいいの?俺はおまえに酷いことしたよ」(Are you really fine with me? I did horrible things to you). Lin is silent before telling him to walk with her because there’s a place that she wants to go to. They end up on the street outside his house and she asks him if he remembers the promise they made as children on this street. He smiles at her and says 「・・・忘れるわけないだろ」(… It’s not possible to forget).

He tells her that he found her crying here and then promised to protect her from all the scary things. She thanks him for protecting his promise, but he nervously rubs the back of his neck and asks her if he really protected it because he ended up doing some terrible things. She doesn’t care and tells them that if he’s by her side then she’s happy.

Toma tells her straight up that he’s not a really nice person and that he’s selfish and possessive and other awful things. And then asks her where she thinks he’s any good at all. She hesitantly says that he has an older brother aura and this makes him laugh while mentioning that he thought she didn’t want to be treated like a sister and that this is a contradiction.

Lin tells him that it might be a contradiction, but it doesn’t change the fact that she feels safe by his side. Toma asks her if she’s really fine with him even if he’s the worst kind of person. She’s fine with it thought because so long as he’s beside her she’s happy. Finally Toma sighs and says 「・・・おまえ、ほんっと男の趣味悪いね」(… You really have bad preferences in men). Lin laughingly tells him that Ikki said the same thing about him having a bad personality. HOLY CRAP THIS IS GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME. I GET IT THAT WE HAVE TO MAKE UP TIME FOR THE WHOLE ROUTE WHERE TOMA WAS GOING CRAZY.. BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH. I JUST WANT THIS ROUTE TO END.

They talk a bit more about things like Lin still being around him after all this time and she confesses that the place that she wants to return to is Toma and so she doesn’t need to go back to her apartment anymore. He talks a bit more about how he can’t believe that she choice him but 「でも・・・それでも。俺はもう、おまえを離したくない」(But.. Even still.. I can’t let you go anymore) and adds 「・・・もう他の誰にも譲りたくないんだ。・・・ごめんな、リン」(… It’s too late for me to hand you over to someone else.. sorry).

Lin points out that he doesn’t seem to be able to do anything but apologize and he tells her that it’s because he did a lot of horrible things to her and so he needs to apologize. She tells him that he didn’t do anything that bad and that she was fine because she had someone with her, but then she realizes that she can’t remember who was with her and that it seems like a dream. Toma is alarmed that she became delusional in the cage, but she tells him that it wasn’t painful and her memories are warm.

The conversation turns to how she got out of the cage but Lin won’t tell him no matter how much he begs her. Finally she asks him if he’ll embrace her and that if he does then she’ll tell him. He says exasperatedly 「・・・あのな」(.. You know..) and Lin asks him if he doesn’t want to. He calls her an idiot before embracing her and kissing her. His next words are 「今更、抱きしめてそれだけで終わると思ってるのが甘い」(At this point, if you thought I was just going to let you go after embracing you then you’re too naive).

He tells her that she’ll have to bear this kind of thing in the future and that she needs to prepare herself in a teasing voice. Lin agrees with his terms and he says to her sweetly 「・・・おまえが好きだよ。今までも、これからもーー」(.. I love you. Up to now and from here on..).

This is the 「おまえ、ほんっと男の趣味悪いね」(You really have bad taste in men) GOOD END.

*** NORMAL END 「あの野郎…!!」(That bastard..!!) ***

Minor things change in this route such as her being unable to say romantic things to Toma like not wanting him to leave to go to her house becaue she’ll be lonely. Instead she just keeps repeating that he can’t leave her and this makes Toma joke about how it’s not like ghosts will come when he’s gone.

When Toma pushes her down in the cage and threatens to make her his and break her so that he can love her forever, she breaks free from him and runs outside only to crash into Shin. Shin is shocked at what she’s wearing but then he notices her wounds and comes to the conclusion that it’s all Toma’s fault and curses him.

The next scene is Lin monologuing how everything went down. In her room were DVDs and evidence of the people who were threatening her and smearing her house with rotten eggs and ketchup and stuff. Shin and Ikki took care of Ikki’s fan club and got the bitches to stop what they were doing. Today is also her first day at work.

I am running out of pictures to use in Toma’s route that aren’t creepy.

Orion talks about how it seems like her memories are slowly returning and the day is getting close when he’ll have to leave her because she can’t see his presence. She’ll forget him though so she won’t be sad and he’ll watch over her and wish her happiness. Lin passes by Toma’s house to check up on him, but there’s no one and nothing in the room. She doesn’t know what Shin talked to Toma about because he won’t tell her, but all she knows is that Toma left to go somewhere far away and even left his university.

She wonders if he’s looking up at the same sky that she is and what he’s thinking and doing right now. In the end she thinks that, in this world without a Toma, there will come a day when she can become happy. WAIT.. HOW IS THIS A NORMAL END? TOMA BASICALLY JUST RAN AWAY AND DISAPPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE WORLD (^∀^;). IS THIS SOME KIND OF SIGN SAYING THAT HE’S TOO CRAZY TO HAVE A NORMAL END? YOU’RE EITHER OBSESSED WITH HIM AS MUCH AS HE IS OBSESSED WITH YOU OR YOU RUN AWAY LIKE A RATIONAL PERSON.

*** BAD END 「ずっと一緒だよ」(We’ll be together forever) ***

In this route Lin doesn’t trust Toma and is afraid of how extreme he is. She can only think of ways to escape the cage and how she doesn’t want to remain in there. She doesn’t want to eat his food or even talk to him. She tells Orion that right now he’s her salvation in this cage and this makes him extremely happy. He tells her that he’ll be by her side even if she forgets him and that he’ll watch over her to make sure that she’s happy. Then he laughs a bit and says that he sort of understands Toma’s feelings.

When Toma dumps all the stuffed animals into her cage she asks if she’s his doll. He denies it though and says that she is herself and that she isn’t his and he knows that fact even if it hurts him.

Lin asks Toma if he hates her after she finishes showering and he seems shocked before telling her that he would never hate her and that he can’t. But it can’t be helped if she thinks that he hates her because of the things that he’s doing to her.

Instead of returning back to Toma’s place, Lin tries to continue hobbling towards the cafe but gets caught by Toma while outside. He’s shocked at seeing her outside and asks her why she’s here before his face darkens and he mutters that it seems like no matter what he does she’ll always try to run away from him. He tells her lowly that he’s not going to bother restraining himself anymore and that he won’t apologize either if she’s going to always run away from him. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE HE RAPED HER?

Toma tells her that he’s going to grant his own wishes from here on out and the screen darkens. The next time she wakes she’s back in the cage and Toma greets her cheerfully before telling her that his name is Toma and asks her to say his name. She repeats it dutifully and he smiles happily before telling her that she’ll probably forget the next day, but he’ll teach her over and over again.

He tells her that it’s winter outside but it doesn’t matter because there is no time in a place like this. Inside the cage Orion tells Lin that she seems to have lost her memories and that they probably won’t come back ever again. Toma starts talking again about how the outside world is full of dangerous things and that he’ll protect her from all of it and that from now on they’ll be together forever. HOLYSHITOMGARHJTIAOH CREEPY YET SUPER SEXY YANDERE VOICE.. AT LEAST I KNOW WHICH SAVE TO LOAD NOW IF I WANT TO HEAR HIM BE A DARK YANDERE.. AHA.. HA.. (*´д`*)ハァハァハァハァ.

*** BAD END 「連れてってやるから」(I’ll escort you) ***

Lin decides to trust Ukyo and follows him. He takes her to a shrine and then talks about how odd this place is and tells her about how he fell in the well over here. He starts listing things like how long it takes someone to drown and how it felt being in the cold well water and being unable to climb the walls. He talks about how he shouted for people to help but no one came either.

Then he turns to her and talks about how he’ll save her again in a place different from here and pushes her in the well. As she starts drowning Ukyo tells her that they’ll meet again in a different place and then walks away. Orion tries to keep Lin up and telling her not to give up, but no matter how much they shout for help and try to climb the walls they can’t get out. Then she dies.

74 thoughts on “Amnesia ~ Toma ~

    Laila said:
    July 22, 2016 at 05:58

    While I was playing, I was mostly thinking, gahh, why don’t you just read the diary already while Toma’s gone instead of going outside?! Instead, the heroine and Orion forgot about it for so many days. It would have solved so many misunderstandings earlier on! I mean, I guess you can’t read the diary too early or else there’s no excuse for the yandere to kick in, but then that just sounds like poorly written plot to me.

    That being said, I like my male yanderes, so I didn’t mind too much, but the heroine stupidity was difficult to bear sometimes. At least let him get mad for a -good- reason.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 23, 2016 at 17:04

      Even years later I still dislike how they handled that part of Toma’s route because it just felt like such a deus ex machina. Like you said, we were introduced to the diary SO early but everyone just forgot about it until it reappeared at the most opportune moment. I mean, granted, crazy things were happening and it might have just slipped their mind but you’d think people would realize diaries would be the BEST way to offer hints to your memories.

      Very true. Yandere characters, when given a good plot, make you sympathize with them as you watch their slow descent but this one was like “BUT IT WAS A MISUNDERSTANDINGGG”. On a side note, I felt like they followed up very well in Amnesia Later for Toma’s route. The game doesn’t glorify his actions and, well, the heroine is just as obsessed with him as he is with her.

    Jigoku Shoujo Sakuno said:
    November 12, 2014 at 17:49

    I really, really like your descriptions of the routes, so vividly detailed! I really enjoy your occasionally comments here and there, it makes me chuckle. By the way, is there a Ukyo route for Amnesia Later? I really wanna read about it…… Also, I know there’s videos on Amnesia Crowd on youtube, but I don’t really understand Japanese although I can pick up a word or two.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 16, 2014 at 00:56

      Aww, thank you so very much! I’m glad you found my comments amusing |D I like to think it helps people feel like they’re playing along with me since I comment as I play.

      Yes, there is an Ukyo route! I just… haven’t had much time lately to blog which is why everything is so slow (as always) but you can see me working through his days in my sidebar :3!

      Otomate likes to milk the Amnesia series ;;; so there’s even an Amnesia World after Amnesia Crowd. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be blogging about those because of my lack of time and other games that I have lined up to blog about. I promise I will be finishing Amnesia Later though!

    Fawn said:
    July 21, 2014 at 21:04

    I don’t know why but I love yandere guys,especially the controlling obsessive and jealus type,wouldn’t want one in real life but in a anime character,toma is so handsome too.his looks and personality meets all my expectation of a anime character.really enjoyed his route since its so rare.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 23, 2014 at 22:44

      I almost want to say that Toma was the start of the whole yandere trend. He was certainly a surprising character in the otome scene before Rejet started getting more popular and we started seeing things like Gekka Ryouran Romance (which I wholeheartedly recommend if you love this kind of yandere).

      But I definitely know what you mean |D;; characters like these who are willing to go to whatever lengths to protect the person they obsess over are very interesting. I especially love Toma because of how self-aware he is about his actions. I’m really glad you enjoyed him <3!

    Brooke said:
    May 15, 2013 at 21:27

    Hi what do al the bars say? Also this is a spoiler, but in Amnesia Crowd a bad ending in suspense if you choose the right option Toma can kill the bitches.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 17, 2013 at 00:04

      The first bar is how much the people like the heroine, basically the classical choice in most otome games of whether or not your answers please the guy or not. The second bar is how much people trust you or how reliable you sound. The third is whether or not they suspect that you have amnesia. The last one, specific only to Toma, is how jealous he is; aka: the crazy bar LOL.

      One of the bad endings in Ukyo’s route also has Toma killing the fangirls |D;; though he passes off the “red puddle” in his room as spilled juice or something.

        Brooke said:
        May 17, 2013 at 00:50

        Lol the third bar is full.

        I think you may enjoy Amnesia Crowd it is shorter then both other games . Dumb puzzles happen a lot, freaking si—–, fan-club bitches, and etc.
        not to forget chinos of work characters, and fun events who wouldn’t want to see Toma, Ikki, Kent, and Shin dressed as girls?

    Brooke said:
    May 7, 2013 at 19:54

    I think fans should re-write the route. To make it more Ikki, like what you thought. I don’t care how crazy, how damn awesome Hino’s voice is (maybe I do), but I would still tap that.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2013 at 21:19

      My feelings are a bit outdated now that I’ve had more time to reflect on his route and after seeing him in Amnesia Later. I still dislike the whole “misunderstanding” plot they had going in here but it led to an interesting characterization of Toma. He’s not exactly a true “yandere” because of how much he blames himself and hates what he did, and this wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t the whole “misunderstanding” plotline. But it’s true that I wouldn’t ever turn down more Ikki screen time |D!

    nightbloomingrose said:
    May 4, 2013 at 20:38

    I have to admit I scanned this post as I don’t care much for Toma. No, it’s not the cage, in fact the cage is the only thing I find interesting about him. I just find him bland when he’s not in yandere mode (I must admit though I hate him in his bad end). And I don’t like how his route is one entire misunderstanding, I really hate stories like that. Toma’s worse enemy is literally himself. XD And I do agree with Ikki (and Toma himself XD) here that she really does have bad taste in men (in this route anyways). XD

      Ilinox responded:
      May 5, 2013 at 04:09

      You actually share the same opinion as a friend of mine! She only likes Toma when he acts yandere and starts talking dangerously /o\ I’ve slowly grown to appreciate him more because I find him quite interesting ;; when you see how much he blames himself in his Later route it’s sad.

      Ahh, I have to agree though adgfdfg when I was doing his route and realized that it was just a misunderstanding I was rolling my eyes. I usually don’t like misunderstandings in any stories I read unless they’re written very well, but they’re usually thrown in there only for “jealousy” scenes or something and the only reason a misunderstanding occurs is because of some cliche scene like the protagonist overhearing a lie or the second to last sentence and UGH.

      Overall, I think Toma is still a nice guy though if a bit dangerously possessive. He just blames himself too much that he always views himself as a bad guy :C when in truth he’s just a little… too much in love with the heroine maybe.

        nightbloomingrose said:
        May 5, 2013 at 10:11

        That’s great! I’m not alone! XD That is one thing I do like about him, that he blames himself.

        Yeah, there are some exceptions, but usually, yeah, they’re like that. Tell me about it…

        And most of the time I don’t like nice guys (A friend of mine was so surprised at me liking Ikki as much as I do XD). XD I guess he’s just not the type I like, as I don’t dislike him, just I don’t like him a whole lot either.

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