Amnesia ~ Kent ~

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Kent (ケント)
CV: Ishida Akira (石田 彰)

(Kent, how could you!? You forced me to break my tradition of pinning pictures at the top! Unless this counts as one…).

Kent is a serious and logical character. He doesn’t understand feelings at all and tends to go on long explanations about all the possibilities that are available. He also tends to take things in the worst way possible. However, underneath all that, he really is a nice person and can be quite passionate but he just doesn’t know how to express it. He has a hobby of creating math puzzles for people to solve.

Starts off exactly like Ikki’s route in that Lin wakes up in her room and Orion greets her and tells her that she lives alone in a one-room apartment. Her family doesn’t seem to be around and so she can’t tell them of her amnesia and they have to be careful not to let anyone know. They check her bag and find out that she is a first year university student and are lucky enough to also find her phone.

Orion tells her to check her addresses in there and to find a family member of hers that she could phone to talk to them without being suspicious. He is shocked to find that she has 1250 addresses, but when they look at her mail she only has 5 mail. Orion mentions that she seems like a lonely child, before laughing awkwardly and apologizing for that.

He realizes that she must have bought a new phone 3 days ago which is when the mail is dated and so that’s why she has a small proportion of mail compared to her address list. They check the mail only to find short and simple messages from someone called Kent like “Good morning” and “Good night”. The rest of the mail are those two sentences and they always get sent at the same time.

Orion exasperatedly complains at how simple these messages are and what kind of person this is who just writes one word. Lin suggests that he might be the kind of person who hates mailing people? Orion thinks about it and concludes that this person must be her boyfriend.

Suddenly they get a mail from Kent and Orion rolls his eyes saying that it must be “Good morning” again, but it turns out to be a mail telling them to meet him at the maid and butler cafe and that they have something to talk about. Orion worriedly points out how the atmosphere feels like the two of them sound like they’re going to breakup. He thinks they’re lucky to get this chance to talk to someone she knows, and her boyfriend too, and so they quickly use the internet to search up what this maid and butler cafe place is and where it is.

Orion finds out that it’s a cafe with the concept of maids and butlers and then wonders what the heck kind of man her boyfriend is if he wants to meet her there. One hour later they finally make it there and Orion tells her to prepare herself at the entrance. They don’t know if this man is truly her boyfriend or if he’s just a stalker, since she didn’t reply to any of his mails.

When they get into the shop they have no idea who the heck Kent is and so stand there awkwardly. Lin gets greeted by Toma and Waka and Orion is wondering if any of those two are Kent, but they walk away as soon as they greet her. They end up randomly sitting down somewhere else and suddenly Kent comes up in front of them and asks why they didn’t sit in front of him.

Orion winces at this while mentioning how tall Kent is and how scary he is, but they have to come up with a response that doesn’t sound strange. Lin asks him to take a seat and he does with no response other than asking Toma to bring them drinks and then he stares at her. Orion whimpers again at how scary Kent is, before finally Kent asks her with annoyance why she doesn’t say anything and that if she has a problem or is unhappy she should tell him or else he won’t understand.

Then he comments on how it’s admirable if she’s staying silent to try and with the argument, but that it’d be more admirable if she just apologized. Orion is wondering what the heck is going on and Lin decides to apologize to get this conversation over with. Kent becomes completely surprised, because the world would have to end for the past Lin to apologize like the way she did. He stares at her suspiciously before telling her that they’re going to go out on walk and gives her a math question to test her about the price of their drinks.

They walk silently for a while and head near her house and so Orion wonders if Kent is escorting them home. The whole walk is silent until he reaches their house before he asks them if they’re content or should they walk some more. Lin asks in confusion why they were walking and Kent explains that they were on a date. Orion’s jaw drops in surprise and he asks heatedly if walking in silence is Kent’s idea of a date.

Kent explains that he doesn’t understand what couples do and that one of his friends said that they simply walk around. He mutters about how he doesn’t understand the meaning of walking around aimlessly. Since Lin didn’t say anything he tells her that he’ll return back to his university then and leaves. Orion watches him leave with a blank look before the two of them return back into her room.

Orion summarizes their current situation. It seems that Lin has a boyfriend who is serious and has no idea about dating and if they tell him that she has amnesia, no doubt he’d send her straight to the hospital. Lin gets a mail from Kent asking if his mails of “Good morning” and “Good night” are sufficient and that if they weren’t then she should tell him what to write.

She replies that those two words are good enough and his next mail consists of confusion, since yesterday she complained about his mail and that was what their fight was about. However, if she is content with just those two words then he’ll continue writing them like that and he thanks her for letting him type out one word things because he hates mailing.

Orion is cheerful at their prospects and tells her not to worry because he’s with her and her memories will surely return some day. They’ve done enough for today and they can search her room tomorrow for more clues.

8月2日. Lin wakes up to Orion telling her that he was looking at her calendar and noticed a lot of red circles. He wonders if she has a part-time job and then becomes worried because they have no idea where it is or what she does there. Kent phones at this time and asks them if they aren’t going to go to his house and Orion becomes even more worried about how suspicious they’re being since it seems that on days where she doesn’t work she heads off to Kent’s place.

They ends up making an excuse about wanting to walk by her workplace and Kent calls her an idiot before telling her that they had already spent time there yesterday. Orion realizes that she works at the maid cafe and that is why Toma and Waka knew her name. Lin comes up with more excuses about wanting to see the cafe and getting a manual, because they need to study what she does before she has to work.

At the cafe, Waka hands her the manual after calmly asking if she forgot what teaspoons to give to the customers. He stares at her in silence after she takes it before walking off just as silently. ALL OF THESE DIFFERENT WAKA VERSIONS ARE KIND OF HILARIOUS. DIAMOND!WAKA WAS NORMAL AND CONSIDERATE. HEART!WAKA WAS FLAMBOYANTLY GAY. SPADE!WAKA WAS A WAR GENERAL. CLUB!WAKA IS AN EMOTIONLESS ROBOT JUST LIKE KENT.

Because they don’t know where Kent is, they start heading home only to find Kent walking to their house. Orion notes that he seems deep in thought before watching in shock as Kent walks into a telephone pole. Kent snaps out of his thoughts and notices Lin there and so asks her to come with him back to his house since he was heading over to her house to walk with her anyway.

Lin doesn’t say anything and so Kent takes her silence as a refusal and he becomes annoyed again saying that if she has a complaint or is unhappy then she needs to say it. Finally, Lin tells him that being alone with a man in his room is a little… Kent is shocked before becoming angry at being thought of like that. He goes on a lecture about how there are steps to a relationship and they haven’t even gotten past the first step of holding hands so they can’t move on to the second step of kissing.

Orion exasperatedly talks about how that kind of thinking is well and all but… At any rate, they head off with Kent leading the way and at his house they find plants that he’s growing. Orion muses on how it seems like underneath that serious exterior there is a kind person inside, but he does think Kent needs a better naming sense because they have odd names. Kent tells them to do whatever they want, because he has some work to do on the computer.

This annoys Orion who thought that Kent invited them over to study, but then he ends up ignoring Lin who is her girlfriend when she’s finally at his house. Sadly, it can’t be helped and so Orion tells Lin to study the manual that they borrowed from the cafe so that they can be prepared for work.

When evening comes they read themselves to go home and Kent finally pays attention to them again. He’s surprised that Lin isn’t angry, but Orion doesn’t understand why she would be. Once again Kent mutters about how strange she is starting from yesterday and that he doesn’t understand why. On the other hand Orion is wondering what kind of relationship Lin has with Kent and if she really loves him.

8月3日. Kent mails Lin in the morning asking her over to his research lab at his university. Orion rolls his eyes not understanding why a boyfriend would do that especially since they’ll probably just be ignored again, but they have the manual still and so will have something to do. They make it to Kent’s university by googling the name of it, but when they get to the gates they’re not sure where his lab is.

Orion doesn’t believe that they can just ask even if Lin has only been dating Kent for a week. She decides to phone Kent anyway and just tell him that she’s lost, to which he suspected that she would be and so heads down to find her.

He’s surprised that she tells him that she’s lost when she’s at his university enetrance and that she could have just asked anyone around her to find it. He chides her lack of reasoning, but then gets embarrassed as he says that somehow being the one she depended on and chose over everyone else makes him… He doesn’t finish his sentence and instead just escorts her to the lab.

In the lab, Kent explains that he’s a researcher and then tells her to relax and do whatever she likes because only his good friends come in here. Orion has his exasperated face on again as he tells Lin that they seem to be ignored once again. Lin decides to talk to Kent though and ask him if he wouldn’t talk to her for a little bit and this surprises Kent. He muses on all the possibilities she has for asking him to make conversation with her before telling her that he isn’t skilled at small talk.

He starts talking about his research instead. In the end, they spend the day reading from their manual after having listened to Kent talk and Orion yawns tiredly. They try to decide what to do then but Kent stands up suddenly, which shocks Orion who tells him not to do that because he’s so big, and then asks why she doesn’t get angry or have any complaints.

He mutters to himself about the possibilities again and then comes to the conclusion that after their fight her personality changed and could it be that she was taking his feelings into account? This seems to make him a bit embarrassed and he tries to think of something to say before he is surprised by Ikki grabbing him from behind and saying 「動くな。動くと死ぬぞ」(Don’t move. If you move he dies).

Kent rolls his eyes and says Ikki’s name before telling him that he didn’t notice. Ikki asks if he has any last words to say to his family before he dies. Kent tells him to tell his family that he fought until his last breath and Ikki tells him that he’ll pass that message on and then he releases Kent and shows him the math puzzle that Kent gave him, asking him if he’s right. Kent checks it and tells Ikki that he is as skilled as ever, to which Ikki replies that it’s all because of Kent.

He finally notices Lin in the room and asks Kent who the cute lady is. Kent is silent which makes Ikki ask him 「・・・何で黙るわけ?」(… Why are you silent?) and finally Kent replies that her name is Lin and she is an acquaintance or associated with him. Ikki is confused and asks what that means and if she is helping him research. Kent tells him he’s wrong and they both remain completely silent.

Suddenly Ikki takes off his sunglasses and introduces himself to Lin with 「初めました、僕はイッキ。イッキュウなんて味気ない名前で呼ばないでね、お嬢さん」(Pleasure to meet you, my name is Ikki. Ikkyu is a terrible name and shouldn’t be said. Don’t you agree, m’lady?). Kent asks Ikki in a flat voice what he thinks he’s doing, but Ikki simply smiles and asks him if he can’t see what he’s trying to do.

Ikki explains that he wants to see if it is possible to get Kent to become jealous and say some possessive words. Then his voice lowers as he directs his full attention on Lin and says 「ねえ、君・・・僕の目を見て・・・そう、じっと・・・」(Ne, you… Look into my eyes.. Yes, just like that..). IKKI’S VOICE IS SO DAMN SEXY. I CAN’T HELP BUT BLUSH WHENEVER HE SAYS THESE THINGS (๑→‿←๑)!!

Kent narrows his eyes in the background and says 「イッキュウ・・・それだけは許さないぞ」(Ikkyu.. if you do that I won’t forgive you). Ikki simply drawls out 「へえ、怖いな」(He~ scary) before adding slowly 「ケン、僕の力は信じないんじゃなかったの?やっぱりいつも見てるだけあって心配なんだ?」(Ken, I thought you didn’t believe in my power? As I thought you’re actually worried about it). Kent can only stay silent and grit his teeth.

Ikki turns back to Lin and asks her 「ねえ、君の彼氏はあんなに妬いてるみたいだけど、君はどう思う?僕の方がいいと思わない?」(Ne, it seems your boyfriend’s jealousy only goes to that extent. What do you think? Don’t you think I might be better?). Orion is completely flabbergasted and asks 「え・・・ええええ?何、このナルシー君」(Eh.. eeeehhh? What is up with this narcissist?). YES YES YES A BAJILLION TIMES TO YOUR QUESTION IKKI. ORION ONCE AGAIN IS MAKING ME LAUGH SO HARD.

Lin flatly tells him that Kent is, as of yet, still better. Orion chides her on her frank honesty and Kent remains silent. However, Ikki’s eyes widen and he exclaims 「・・・え、ちょっと待って。何それ。効いてないの??」(… Eh, wait a second. What is this. It wasn’t effective??). Kent suddenly realizes it too and says in a curious voice 「・・・そういえばそうだな」(… Now that you say that it does seem like it).

Ikki’s voice is still shocked as and almost sad as he says 「嘘でしょ、ほんとに?」(This has to be a lie, it really didn’t work?). His voice suddenly becomes low as he says 「へえ、ぴっくりだな・・・効かない子いるんだ・・・」(He~.. surprising.. There are girls resistant to it..).

Kent finally introduces Ikki properly to Lin as his bad friend who believes that his eyes have powers. Ikki interrupts to say that his eyes really do have powers and that she’s the first girl who hasn’t been affected, and then he says he understands the reason. Could it be because she’s just so in love with Kent that his eyes simply don’t work on her? Kent sighs and says that it isn’t possible and says that Lin doesn’t like him or might even hate him.

His words throw Lin into a memory of Kent saying the same thing about how she doesn’t like him and he can understand that. Then he adds that he thinks she might even hate him. Back in the present she stumbles and has to be supported by Kent who asks her if she has anemia and then tells her not to push herself. He even apologizes for bringing up bad memories which makes Ikki interested as he comments on how it seems complicated.

Ikki asks if Kent will tell him the story over a round of drinks and Orion complains about how they want to hear it too. Lin says to Kent that she wants to go, but that it’ll probably be impossible won’t it? He answers that of course it is because she’s underage and might collapse from anemia. He tells her to go home for today and so they have no choice but to do that.

At home Orion talks about how memories that return will give her a shock or sense of vertigo like they had just experienced. Then he thinks about what they just saw and thinks that although Kent is weird he doesn’t have any traits that makes them hate him. It does seem like the past Lin and Kent argued a lot though. Anyway, he tells her to rest because tomorrow is a work day!

8月4日. Lin goes to work today and meets Mine at the entrance only to be greeted coldly. Orion is a bit taken aback, especially when they go into the cafe and hear Mine greet Toma cheerfully. Mine somehow deduces that Lin isn’t going to work well today and is smug at the fact that she’ll make the manager angry, although she doesn’t want the manager angry at her too. Toma tells Lin to ask him if she doesn’t remember anything so long as the manager doesn’t see.

Waka appears silently behind them all and stares at them in silence. Surprisingly, Mine understands his silent order to get changed and Toma understands his silent order to prepare the shop. Orion is shocked at how Waka can trasmit his thoughts like that, but is worried that they won’t be able to do it.

At any rate they go to work, but end up messing up a few times because they didn’t study enough. Mine is laughing snidely behind her back and tells her that the manager is angry. When work is finally over Waka stares at them silently before he asks them what the reason is that made them become so bad at working and then repeats his question 「・・・なぜだ」(.. Why) with no inflection.

Orion is terrified and tells Lin to hurry home today and study more because he doesn’t want to die before she gets any of her memories back. They hear Mine snickering in the back and Orion tells Lin to work hard. They’ll do it so they won’t be killed by Waka’s stare and so they won’t be laughed at by Mine.

At home, Orion tries to cheer Lin up by saying that it was impossible for them to be perfect with no memories. They suddenly get a mail from Kent congratulating them on their hard work and Orion becomes so thankful and happy at reading something other than “Good morning” and “Good night”. He asks excitedly 「どうしちゃったのケント!突然乙女心わかっちゃったの?」(What happened Kent! All of a sudden you’re understanding a woman’s heart?). ORION IS SO ADORABLE~!

Lin replies by congratulating him on his hard work too. His reply email is confusion asking what she meant by that but he thanks her for it and that her reply makes him happy.

8月5日. The next day they meet Sawa at work and she points out how unusual it is for Lin to be spacing out like this. Toma overhears this and also tells Sawa the mistakes that she made yesterday. They’re both a bit suspicious and Sawa ends up asking if Lin has gotten into another fight with Kent. This makes Toma tell them that if she wants, he can go and threaten Kent. Hilariously, Sawa tells him that threatening Kent is her responsibility and that if he did it then he’d seem like he was jealous. Toma awkwardly says that he’ll leave it to Sawa then.

At any rate, Lin manages to work hard and not make enough mistakes to make Waka angry although he looks at her with narrowed eyes. They also get to talk to Sawa after work, because she seems like she knows a lot about Lin and Kent and was probably Lin’s confidante. Lin finds out that Kent will be going on exchange to London at the end of August and that they won’t see each other for a year and so he’s been busy and will be busy for the next 25 days in preparation for his trip.

At any rate, Lin tells Sawa that it’s not like that at all regarding her being sad at Kent leaving. Sawa’s advice to Lin is to treasure the time that she has left with Kent though before he leaves for his exchange and then walks off with Orion yelling at her not to go, because he still has a lot of questions.

When they get back home, Lin gets a text from Kent asking if she wants to meet him the day after tomorrow. Orion sighs in annoyance at how unromantic Kent’s invitation to a date is and then becomes exasperated at Lin’s unemotional agreement.

8月6日. Lin goes to work prepared to outshine Mine today and she manages to do so. Orion is cackling the whole time and is proud that they get praised by Waka and he even tells Mine to follow Lin’s example. Mine coldly brushes Lin off and exits the cafe, leaving Toma to tell her not to worry about Mine. Orion wonders if they hurt her pride.

Outside of the cafe, Mine confronts them and sarcastically says that she didn’t congratulate Lin yet on her relationship. However, she soon reveals the source of her disliked toward Lin and asks her why she doesn’t date other people who are much better. Toma who is always kind, Shin who is kind of rude but cool looking, and even Ukyo who is handsome but sort of flighty. Mine tells Lin that she thought no one else liked this person, but her.

She asks Lin what she loves about that person and tells Lin that she owes her at least that much. Lin tells her that she likes his way of living and looking at life and Mine is shocked, but then agrees with it. However, she tells Lin that she won’t give up and that she’ll definitely steal him away from her because she’s good at cooking, her sense of style is beautiful, she’s really cute, and she has a sweet personality.

8月7日. Today is the date with Kent and they meet up with him exactly at the time that he specified. He tells them that they are going on a stroll to places that she knows, except he sets off at a brisk pace again leaving Orion to complain behind him. They have no time to leisurely look around because it takes all their energy to keep up with Kent. Orion grumbles about how Ikki, who seems to date a lot of women, should give Kent some hints.

Lin starts lagging behind and Kent asks her why she isn’t following him closely. She finally asks him if he won’t talk to her and he tells her flatly that he has nothing he wants to talk about, but that if she wants to talk about something then she can go ahead. Orion grumbles at that but asks her to say something so that they don’t return to this brisk walking pace.

She decides to talk about Mine’s declaration of being her rival. Kent doesn’t understand why she is talking about this though because he has no interest in other people, in fact being interested in Lin is already enough for Kent. Then he comes to the conclusion that the only reason she must be talking about this is because she wants to break up with him.

Orion is completely confused and irritated at Kent’s attitude and reasoning. He thinks that it’s no wonder the past Lin disliked Kent when his words are so blunt and unfeeling about the concept of love and whatnot. Lin is thrown back into a memory where she and Kent are in the same place and talking about a similar conversation. The conversation ends with her slapping him and he calmly asks why she did that since his words are reasonable.

The shock of the memory gives her vertigo and she has to be supported by Kent again. He’s worried and asks her when her body became so weak. In the end she’s escorted back to her home where Orion talks about how their fight wasn’t that major and so it should be alright. GOD KENT’S MONOLOGUES ARE SO LONG AND BORING THAT I HAVE NO INTEREST IN USING THE DICTIONARY TO UNDERSTAND THE KANJI THAT I DON’T KNOW. SO THESE TRANSLATIONS OF KENT’S MONOLOGUES ARE PROBABLY BAD AND VERY WRONG.

He notes that it seems like the past Lin and Kent had a bad relationship from the start and get into fights a lot, but he also thinks that it’s a good idea to continue dating Kent since he featured a lot in Lin’s memories and so is important. Her memories will also return sooner like this.

8月8日. Orion guesses that they’ll receive a mail from Kent asking to talk to them, since they sort of had a fight from yesterday. But while he is right in that they receive a mail asking them to meet Kent at the same street as yesterday, he doesn’t sound angry at all. They meet him there and he asks them to walk with him again. He stops as soon as he starts though and asks her what she is thinking and why she’s so silent.

Lin returns the question and Kent sighs before answering that he thinks about a lot of things. He points out that there are a lot of couples on this street and that he wonders why they’re all holding hands. He also says 「私もなぜか君と手を繋ぎたいと思う。だが、どれほど考えてもその必要性が見当たらない。」(I also think about why I want to hold your hand. However, no matter how much I think about it I cannot find the necessity of it).

Then he goes onto a long explanation about the possible reasons that couples want to hold hands and he compares it to their situation. He doesn’t think that Lin holds any love for him and they haven’t really done much and so taking her hand might seem too fast. He also doesn’t have a reason to hold her hands, yet he wants to. Finally, he haltingly comes to the conclusion of 「私は君が好きで・・・君に、その・・・ただ触れたいんだということをだ」(I.. like you.. I guess.. It’s just that I want to touch you). キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!! IS SOMETHING FINALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!? I BETTER GET A REWARD FOR HAVING TO BEAR WITH HIS MONOLOGUING!

Kent also explains that because he’s always thinking these things he ends up walking fast to get away from her before he grabs her hand. He apologizes for walking too fast and then tells her that when they started dating his attitude changed and he kind of enjoys it. He wants to continue going out with her, but then tells her that he still doesn’t understand why her own attitude changed.

He asks if she has any other questions, but Lin just asks if they can hold hands. Kent is surprised, but then blushes and says that if she’s alright with it then he will. So they hold hands and Kent mutters about how Ikki would find the current situation hilarious. Then Kent asks if she wants to ask about what he’s thinking of and she does so he tells her that he’ll talk about yesterday’s conversation.

Kent points out that he came to the wrong conclusion that she wanted to break up with him because she was talking about her friend wanting to get close to Kent. In the end he tells her that Ikki told him to say these words to convey his feelings and so he quotes Ikki by telling Lin 「誰が思いを寄せてくれようと、私には関係ない。私は君が好きで、その気持ちは揺らがない」(Whoever has thoughts of getting closer has no relation to me. I like you and those feelings can’t be swayed) and then he ends with 「君はそう思ってはくれないのか?」(Wouldn’t you agree?).

Lin thanks him for that and tells him that she understands better now. Kent looks away with embarrassment and adds a little haltingly that if that’s the case then it’s good. After their conversation ends he tells her that they should head back to her house because it’s getting cold. In front of her house he also adds that Ikki had one more thing to say to him and was that boyfriends should give their girlfriends things, but the only thing Kent can do is make math puzzles and so he offers to teach Lin to help her study.

Orion is cheerful at how close they’re getting to Kent which means they’re probably getting closer to returning her memories. He also talks about how surprised he was at Kent confessing that he likes her.

8月9日. The day starts with Lin going to Kent’s house with her math problems. However, before he starts Kent actually asks her if she has anything she wants to talk about. He explains that he thought about her complaints and the things she said from yesterday and decided that he could change his personality a little bit to accommodate her. Orion is completely shocked at the fact that Kent is starting up a conversation, but tells Lin to seize the chance and ask him questions nicely.

Lin starts by asking him what he is always working on and Kent explains that it’s a presentation so that he’ll be accepted into the university that he’s going on exchange to.

The next question is how he feels about being accepted into the other university and he tells her that of course he’s happy. He also knows that this will give him a good future and that she shouldn’t mind it either because of the fact that he’ll gave a good reputation and be able to provide for her. Orion is a little bewildered at the fact that Kent is thinking long-term when he talked about breaking up the other day.

She finishes by asking him if he’s really busy right now and he tells her that he is because he has all these preparations to do before he leaves. He even admits that she’s a bit of a hindrance, which makes Lin ask if he only calls her out due to a sense of duty then. This surprises Kent before he looks away while blushing and admits 「・・・私がただ会いたいからだと言えば、君は来ないだろう。警戒もするだろう」(… If I just said that I wanted to meet you then you wouldn’t come. You would be cautious/alarmed).

He adds in a sharp voice 「本当は今すぐ手を握りたいんだと言ったら君はもう来るのをやめるか?今すぐ帰るか?」(In truth I really want to hold your hand right now but if I said that you’d stop coming, right? Would you leave to go home?). Kent reassures her by telling her that she doesn’t have to worry about him taking her hand, because since it’s just the two of them it’ll be too aggressive and too fast in their relationship. NO PLEASE BE MORE AGGRESSIVE. IT MIGHT MAKE YOU A BIT MORE INTERESTING.

Kent simply confesses that he just wants her here with him. In the end he also tells her that while she gets in the way he likes her with him because it makes him happy. He also tells her that if she has problems she shouldn’t hesitate to call him because even though he might be busy, he still wants to talk to her.

Orion asks what they should do in the silence now that they understand Kent a little bit more, even if his confession was awkward and clumsy. Lin decides to do the math questions that Kent prepared for her and when he notices her reaching for them he tells her that he’ll watch her complete them. I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THESE MATH TESTS.. IN JAPANESE TOO ( -д-).

They finish the math questions and Kent congratulates them before saying that they won’t seem to have any problems with math. After that he returns to his work and Lin passes the time reading a random book. Before she knows it night has fallen and they need to head home. Kent simply tells them to take care before he returns to what he’s doing.

Outside while they’re walking back Orion talks about how it seems like Kent is becoming more like a lover and it’s all thanks to Lin who is changing him. Along the way they meet Ukyo who is alarmed at seeing her. He lectures her about how walking alone in the dark at this time is dangerous and then says 「送ってあげたいところだけど・・・俺が何をするかわからないからそれも厳しいな」(I want to escort you back but.. I’m not sure what I might do. It’s a bit sad/solemn).

Orion is completely confused as to who the heck this person is and how suspicious he is. Ukyo even apologizes for being so suspicious but tells her that she needs to hurry home. His alter ego pops up at this point though and muses on how she must be going out with Kent this time and that he supposes he needs to kill her. Ukyo returns back to normal with a gasp though and tells her to forget about what just happened. Orion is freaking out though and saying that they can’t forget that sort of thing.

Ukyo once again warns them about being out alone at night and tells Lin not to do it anymore before saying he’ll head off first. Orion tells her to hurry up and return home before they meet Ukyo again. He also talks about how scary Ukyo was and how he seemed like a shinigami.

8月10日. The day starts with Lin talking to Kent about her meeting with Ukyo and he muses on how the man could have just been a figment of her imagination and there’s low possibility of him being an actual killer. He notices her scared face though and asks her if there is anyone who is out to get her. Lin replies that there isn’t and so then he tells her that she doesn’t need to be so scared then.

Suddenly, he moves closer to her and then apologizes for it. Lin and Orion are confused until Kent explains that he suddenly had the urge to take her hand and that was why he moved closer, but then he tells her that he won’t and so she doesn’t need to be vigilant around him. He also tells her that from now on he’ll escor her home so she doesn’t have to meet Ukyo again.

All of a sudden he looks at the door and tells someone to go home, because they’re noticed. It turns out to be Ikki who came to Kent to receive another math puzzle so that he can defeat him again and they have their usual exchange of words as if they’re actually enemies and going to kill one another. Kent apologizes for Ikki’s intrusion and this draws Ikki’s attention to Lin again.

Ikki tells Kent to prepare his resolution, but Kent tells Ikki that he already confessed to Lin. This surprises Ikki because they’ve only been dating for half a month and then he sighs and tells Kent that he’ll have to give him more advice. Kent asks Ikki in surprise if he can, because Ikki normally dates girls around his age and Lin is younger than him.

This causes Ikki to ignore him and move closer to Lin before patting her on the head and saying 「変な奴で迷惑をかけるね。悪い奴じゃないから気長に付き合ってあげて」(This weird guy is troubling sometimes, isn’t he? He’s not a bad person though so give be patient with your relationship). Kent narrows his eyes and asks lowly what Ikki is doing, to which he responds flippantly 「何って・・・彼女が気の毒だからよしよしって頭を撫でてあげただけだけど?」(What do you mean what am I doing? She looks troubled by something and so all I am doing is patting her on the head?). IKKI I MISSED  YOUR AGGRESSIVE FLIRTING AND AFFECTIONATE WAYS~!

Kent crosses his arms and angrily tells Ikki not to touch a girl who has no association with him and that his morals are dropping if he does that. Ikki is confused and tells him that his morals certainly are low, but all he’s doing is just patting her head. A smirk comes on his face though as he says 「・・・あ、わかった。ケン、君ってまだこの子の頭撫でたことないんだ?」(.. Ah, I understand. Could it be that you haven’t patted her on the head yet?).

Ikki takes Kent’s silence as confirmation and he turns back to Lin with a comforting voice saying 「よしよし、堅物の彼氏で大変だね。僕でよければいつでも慰めてあげるからね。ぎゅってしてあげようか」(There there, your stubborn boyfriend is a huge problem, ne? If it is fine you can always come to me for comfort. I’ll give you hugs). YES PLEASE IKKI. I LOVED THE WAY HE SAID HOW HE WOULD HUG HER.. SO CUTE (*´∀`*)えへへ!

Kent’s voice raises angrily in the back telling Ikki to cut it out, but Ikki talks over him telling Lin that her boyfriend is troubling with how similar he is to a little boy who is afraid to touch girls. Then he remembers that he doesn’t have Lin’s phone number and so asks for it and her address so that he can text her. He excuses himself afterwards.

The moment Ikki is gone, Kent grinds his teeth in the empty room before rubbing her head saying that it’s not like he’s doing this because he was jealous of seeing another man do it. He rants on about how he also isn’t afraid of patting her head and that if she wants him to then he won’t hold back from doing that. Lin hesitantly tells him that she doesn’t mind him doing it, but that it hurts.

Kent stops rubbing her head so hard and apologizes before telling her that Ikki’s actions just pissed him off. Especially since she also just received it in silence. Kent explains that Ikki is a fast moving man and that he might pat her head now, but the next time would be her shoulders or something and then he tells her that he’s afraid her feelings for him, if she has anything, will be swayed by Ikki. I KNOW I’M SWAYED BY HIM, AHAHA.

He apologizes again for showing her this side of him and escorts her home, saying that she should return early. Orion is surprised at seeing this jealous side of Kent and tells Lin that he seems to really like her.

8月11日. The next day at work Mine reveals that there is a fireworks festival tomorrow and that she already knows Lin made a promise with Kent about it. She coldly wishes Lin to have fun before heading off to work and Orion is a bit bemused before realizing that the note on the calendar about 7:00pm must be about Kent and the fireworks. But they should worry about work first.

While working Waka comes by to tell them to head to table 9. Orion is a bit surprised and then wonders worriedly if they made a mistake or something. They head to table 9 to find Kent there and he tells them he merely came to see how she was doing since he remembered seeing her spacing out, but he’s relieved to find her working happily. Then he blushes before muttering 「ここの制服も、まあ・・・君に良く似合っている」(These clothes.. really suit you). The compliment was Ikki’s suggestion to Kent.

He ends up explaining that he came here to apologize for his actions yesterday and to celebrate the fact that they’ve been dating for half a month already. He apologizes for taking her away from work and then tells her he’ll wait for her to finish before walking her home. Orion is completely surprised.

Lin takes it to the back and Waka smiles at her, sending Orion into complete shock, before congratulating her on a good job. In the backroom, Mine happens to be there and opens the box up to see the words written on it. Her personality immediately becomes cold and sarcastic as she congratulates Lin on her anniversary. They manage to finish work normally after Mine leaves.

At home, Orion talks about how he’s surprised again and that Kent’s personality really changed after they had their most recent fight. It’s as if he’s a different person from 10 days ago. He notes that they must have started dating on July 28 for today to be their half month anniversary and then mentions that it looks as if Lin changed her phone for Kent and that proves that the past her must have liked him too.

8月12日. Today is the fireworks festival and Lin changes after she finishes work into her kimono. Mine sends her off coldly and they get to the station to wait for Kent. He’s 20 minutes late though and as they think about calling him, he phones them instead asking them where they are because he wanted to escort them home. Lin tells him that she’s waiting for him to see the fireworks which startles him because he completely forgot since he had no interest in it.

It’ll take him an hour to reach her and so they won’t have enough time to go to the festival. Lin tells him that she wanted to go with him and this makes him fall completely silent. Orion asks tiredly if anyone is on the other line, but all they get is Kent suddenly saying that he’ll meet them there and to wait for him. He ends up running the whole way to meet them and gets there in 10 minutes.

They head off to the fireworks festival to catch the end of it. It starts raining and so Kent goes off to buy an umbrella for them and then asks her if she’s alright with him standing this close to her. Lin tells him that she doesn’t mind if he’s closer and this makes Kent blush and ask her if she says these things on purpose to see his reaction. They chat a bit and he asks her what her favourite booth is since he doesn’t know a lot about festivals like these as he never had interest in them.

She tells him that she loves the goldfish and he asks if she wants to play. If they win anything he’ll take care of them at his home since he’s interested in observing them much like he observes humans. He confesses that he forgot about this because he had no interest in it, but he ended up having a lot of fun. It’s the same as when he went out with her, he thought that it’d be impossible, but he’s having fun.

At home Orion muses on how Kent really loves Lin and the question now is whether she loves him back.

8月13日. Mine is cold at work again but reveals that she tried to make it so that Lin wouldn’t be able to go to the fireworks festival. She cackles as she wonders out loud what she should do next which makes Orion exasperatedly ask if she should be saying that in front of the person in question. Waka comes by and Mine immediately changes her attitude telling him that she was apologizing to Lin for taking up all of his time yesterday.

Waka asks her why she would need to apologize to Lin for and Mine asks confusedly if she wasn’t getting in the way of something. Suddenly Orion realizes what this is all about and that everything was a huge misunderstanding. Mine is completely shocked when Lin tells her that Kent is her boyfriend and not Waka. WHA-WHAT?! LMAO WHAT THE HELL? OH GOD THE WORLD IS BREAKING BECAUSE OF THIS.

She apologizes to Lin because of this and then asks if Waka has a girlfriend. For the first time he blushes and Mine whines about why things like this always happen to her and asks what she should do. Waka tells her to change, Lin too, and so they head back to work. Orion is confused as to why Mine would fall in love with this kind of guy, but it seems like their preference for men are the same since Kent does resemble the manager.

8月14日. Lin tells Kent that the rivalry was all a misunderstanding. He asks her why she is telling him this because he has no interest in this business and it has no relation to him. He asks her if she would be curious if she heard of some other man who liked her and she admits that she would. Kent hums thoughtfully and ponders about it. Then he changes the subject by telling that he has a question and wants to ask about why her personality changed, but he is interrupted by a phone call from Sawa.

Sawa wants to invite Lin out with Mine after work today and they can hang out together. She wants to hear the details of the misunderstanding because she finds it really funny while Mine complains in the background. Lin hesitates though because she’s with Kent and he tells her not to worry on his behalf and that she should hang out with her friends because he’s not a man to seclude her from everyone. He does thank her for her concern though.

Kent reveals that he knows Sawa and Mine from a while ago and that he first thought of them as annoying, but hearing their voices now is nostalgic. He almost wants to say something else, but changes his mind. Orion is worried that Kent will find out about their lost memories and will take them to the hospital. However, at the same time he feels like they can trust Kent since he honestly loves Lin.

Tonight is a girls night where they talk about Mine’s misunderstanding and love for men. Mine complains about how Sawa needs to find someone so that they can make fun of her, but Sawa talks about how no one has her interest. Ikki is too suspicious, Kent is too strict, Waka and Shin have that terrible personality, and she can’t see Toma’s true feelings. HAHA, I LOVE HOW SHE JUST DESCRIBES EVERYONE WITH ONE WORD. SO TRUE WITH TOMA THOUGH.. YOU WOULDN’T WANT HIM SAWA.

Mine exasperatedly tells Sawa that her standards are too high. Then Sawa talks about why Mine doesn’t go after Kent since he resembles Waka a lot, but it turns out that Mine already tried and was rejected because Kent wanted her to past a small math test before he went on a date with her. This triggers the memory in question for Lin and how she overheard Mine and Kent talking and angrily slammed something on her desk.

Sawa and Mine ask her how she ended up dating Kent and if she passed his test. Orion panics a little because they don’t know themselves, but Lin hesitantly says that it must have been Kent who confessed first. This leads the topic into talking about the half month anniversary cake that he got her and sends Sawa into laughter at the thought of someone thinking that half a month deserves a celebration. She thinks it’s good, but funny because this is the first time she’s heard of a half month anniversary.

She sighs again at her own lack of love, which prompts Mine to tell her to lower her standards and search for the good in people. Sawa thinks that having a lot of girl friends is alright and natural, but that if she wants to date a guy then she needs to have have trust and faith in him. Mine tells her that those thinsg don’t come from the start and need to be worked for. UWAOW.. THOSE ARE SOME WISE WORDS COMING FROM AN OTOME GAME, HAHA. Orion finds their girl talk fun.

8月15日. Lin wakes up to Mine and Sawa cheering at the success of their plain. It turns out Mine asked Waka if he could book a reservation at a pool for them or something and that they can have it as an event and he agreed. This will also help Sawa find someone for her to like.

Mine suggests that they go buy some swimming suits and Sawa mentions how she doesn’t have anything and so it’s a good idea, which makes Mine sigh hopelessly and tell Sawa that she’ll never get a guy at this rate. Sawa tells her to shut up affectionately and that now is the time for to change the way she looks at men.

Back at home after their shopping trip Orion is amazed at how much girls can talk and then asks if wearing those swimming clothes would be alright since it’s already the middle of August. He freaks out when he realizes that it’s the middle of August and they haven’t made much progress in returning her memories. Kent will be leaving to go on exchange in 10 more days too and so they don’t have a lot of time. Orion promises to work harder for her and tells her that she needs to spend more time with Kent.

8月16日. Today is the trip to the pool and everyone gathers in front of the station. Shin appears and asks who will be attending the trip and it turns out that Kent, Waka, and him are the only guys. When he asks where Toma is, Sawa tells him that Toma was left behind to watch the shop because he’s the most trustworthy. He appears to be a bit annoyed at this and then asks who Kent is.

Sawa tells him that Kent is Lin’s boyfriend and Kent introduces himself as a researcher at his university. Shin tells him that he already knows that because he heard from his brother, Toma. He also heard that Lin hated Kent and this doesn’t surprise Kent. Orion is a bit surprised that everyone seems to know that Lin didn’t like Kent though.

At the pool, Mine and Sawa are excited at how beautiful it is. It’s like an indoor outdoor pool where it is housed inside a greenhouse and so protected from the outside weather, but the greenhouse is made out of glass and so they can see the sky. Kent finally notices what Lin is wearing and becomes super shocked and a bit angry. He tells her that she should be more careful around men and shouldn’t expose so much skin, although he’s not suggesting that he’d do anything to her. YEAH YEAH KENT.. WE GET THE PICTURE.

He ends up grabbing her by the shoulders and takes her into the pool where he submerges her. Kent tells Lin that if she should stay in the water like this so that no one else can see her, not even him, and then apologizes for the surprise in grabbing her. Then he asks if she’s fine staying in the pool with him or if she wants someone else, but Lin tells him that having him by her side is good. He also comments on how small her body is and how he’ll have to be more careful in the future when handling her.

Kent also starts talking about how he didn’t think they would work when they started dating since all they did was get into fights, but to think that they’d have this kind of relationship now makes him happy. He asks if she won’t tell him the reason her personality changed though, but Lin asks if the her from before is better. He tells her that both are her and her core self hasn’t changed. He confesses that he’s fallen in love with her, but she doesn’t need to answer him.

The day ends with everyone returning home. Sawa and Mine tell Lin that they expect to hear about what Kent said to her when they were both in the pool for the whole day. Waka turns out to be happy too and Shin is constantly surprised at how Sawa and Mine can interpret his silence correctly. As they head home Orion talks about how fun it is before becoming irritated at himself because he needs to work harder to return her memories.

8月17日. Orion and Lin are talking about what they should do about her memories and what she wants to do. She is thinking about telling Kent everything and even Orion feels confident that Kent will become her supporter, but he’s afraid that Kent will take her to the hospital. As they think about it, Kent suddenly asks her why she keeps on staring at him and tells her that her stare is distracting.

He misunderstands her stare to be one of attraction, but then he blushes and asks if he is misunderstanding and she was just looking in his direction. Lin tells him that she doesn’t mind if he misunderstands and he blushes extremely hard before muttering 「ならば・・・もし、君が嫌でなければだが・・・」(Then.. if you really don’t mind..) and asks her for a kiss.

Lin doesn’t say anything and Orion worriedly asks if it’s okay that she didn’t say anything, before suddenly realizing that he’s in the way. He leaves after hurriedly saying 「うわ、ちょっと、ゴメン!ボク逃げてまーす!」(Uwah, wait, sorry! I’m leaving now!). ORION IS SO DARN CUTE! I WANT AN ORION COMPANION (≧∀≦)!

Kent leans in to kiss her, but because he’s so nervous he bumps his head against hers instead. The two of them laugh about it and then he talks about how he really likes her and that if she thought the same to him and could confess her feelings he’d be really happy. However, he knows that might not feel the same as him and so tells her not to worry.

Instead he thanks her, but tells her that they might be moving too fast, and then returns back to his work after asking if she can read a book instead of looking at him so that he can finally concentrate on preparing for his exchange. HAHA.. KENT IS SO DORKY (^∀^;). Orion feels a bit bummed out that they didn’t manage to get to do anything today either about her memories. He understands that Kent is busy, but wonders if they should look for another person to depend upon when Kent leaves.

Kent notices that the day is late and tells Lin that he’ll escort her home now. Orion cheers at this because that means they’ll have time to talk and maybe trigger some more memories. Along the way to her home they meet Ukyo who notices that she’s being escorted by her boyfriend and tells her that he’s glad for that. Orion is freaking out in the background while Kent asks Lin if this is the shinigami man that she was talking about.

Ukyo laughs at this and tells them that shinigami might not be too far off and then introduces himself. Kent asks if he knows anything about them since he talks like he does and Ukyo sort of mentions that he knows everything about them, but isn’t sure if Lin remembers him and he asks her. Kent is confused in the background while Lin mentions she only remembers their first meeting. Ukyo answers her by realizing that they didn’t meet or more like she doesn’t remember him.

At any rate, Kent tells Ukyo that he doesn’t want to see him around Lin and Ukyo agrees with that and reassures them by saying that there won’t be a second meeting. He’ll stop going to the cafe too and then he gives one last parting remark to Lin saying 「・・・どうか、幸せに」(… Somehow or other.. be happy). I FEEL SO SAD FOR UKYO FOR SOME REASON. I JUST EXPECT HIS STORY TO BE REALLY TRAGIC.

Kent becomes suspicious because of Ukyo’s words and thinks out loud about how she acted as if it was the first time she saw Shin. He thinks about the day that her personality changed too and Orion frantically yells at Kent to stop his train of thought. Lin interrupts him by saying that they should hurry home and so Kent stops, but tells her that he’ll walk her home after her job tomorrow. Orion is worried that they’re being suspected by him.

8月18日. While they’re working Mine comes back to tell them that Kent is here and asking about Ukyo. She asks if Lin was cheating on Kent with Ukyo. It seems like Ukyo was a regular customer and now Kent will think that she’s strange for having forgotten him. Then Toma comes by asking if Ukyo made any trouble because Kent asked him. Waka tells her that Kent asked him too.

Orion is completely frazzled and worried about what they should do. He asks Lin if she wants to run away, but she thinks that they need to confront Kent and walk home with him. They leave the cafe to find him waiting for them outside and he escorts them in complete silence which makes Orion nervous as heck.

Finally they make it to Lin’s house and Kent asks if he can come up to her room because he wants to talk. The moment he’s inside her house he tells her that he’s been thinking of why her personality changed and tells her the possibilities he came up with. He thought she might have started feeling something for him, but that was too absurd. Then he thought that she might have fallen in love with another man, but that’s absurd too. This leaves only one conclusion which is that she lost her memories.

Lin apologizes for hiding it from him and when he asks her why she tells him that she didn’t want to be locked up in the hospital. Kent can’t understand her feelings, but he manages to put together everything that happened since the day she lost her memories and why she acted the way she did to everything. Including how confused she probably was when he asked her to meet him on the day that she lost her memories.

Suddenly he hugs her and tells her that from the moment they met, he had this suspicion but just didn’t want to believe it. He wanted to believe that Lin was Lin, because he’s afraid that one day she’ll remember her memories and how much she hated him. He wonders out loud if she’ll remember if he tells her the truth of how she feels toward him and what happened between them.

Kent confesses that he doesn’t want to tell her because he’s scared. He says to her 「このまま仲のいい恋人同士を演じ続けていてほしい」(It would be good if we could continue this play of being a couple with a good relationship), but then he tells her that he knows that would just be his ego talking and he should tell her the truth. He releases her before preparing himself to tell the story.

He tells her that Sawa and Mine and Ikki all know each other and were in a study group gathering. Kent was interested in figuring out the reason behind Ikki’s eyes and so was introduced to them like that. His investigation behind Ikki’s eyes also led him to Lin and they met that way, but for some reason he couldn’t seem to forget her face. Then they met again while he was on a walk to celebrate his research lab opening while she was walking her dog.

Lin was the one who greeted him first, because although Kent realized he knew her he didn’t say anything. Kent explains that he was a person who became angry really easily, but Lin never gave up in trying to engage him with conversations. After the study group thing ended they continued to meet each other for morning strolls until one day he asked her out, because he was curious about love.

He laughs gently as he recalls how surprised she was and then talks about how they ended up dating like that. But then she realized that all they ever did was fight and so just disliked him more and more, or something like that. He asks if she can remember anything and this triggers her memory.

Kent from past has no idea why people love and wants to investigate it himself. He enlists the help of Lin who always tried to argue about the benefits of love and whatnot and so he asks that if she isn’t currently going out with anyone then she go out with him. Although, if she really doesn’t want to then he doesn’t care either.

Lin remembers that she said she hated Kent, but she realizes herself that she doesn’t really hate him because she still went out with him and met him like that. She notices that he’s calm as he always is even when telling her this story to help her regain her memories and that it’s a story that might make her hate him. She also realizes that it’s because of her amnesia that she was able to better understand Kent.

8月19日. Orion’s appearance can barely be seen because she has almost regained her memories. He talks about how she wasn’t responding to him at all since yesterday so he thought she couldn’t see him, but thankfully she can. It seems that all her memories haven’t returned yet and he still wants to stick around to make sure that she’s in good hands.

At any rate, today is a work day and he wonders if she can do it since she is still in some shock from her memories. At work, Sawa asks Lin about Ukyo’s disappearance and then sighs in envy with how Lin seems to have handsome men around her. After work, they find Kent outside the store and he walks them back like normal.

Except while they’re walking back Lin remembers about how she used to hate walking with Kent because he moves so fast and never seemed to care about her. Lin thinks that she doesn’t want to remember any more of her memories about how much she hated Kent.

She collapses and Kent freaks out above her saying 「しっかりしろ、死ぬな・・・!」(Get a hold of yourself, don’t die..!). DUDE CALM DOWN SHE JUST FAINTED. NO NEED TO BE SO DRAMATIC. She wakes up in her room with Kent hovering worriedly above her and he apologizes for carrying her to her house. Lin tells him that she’s fine and not to worry.

However, Kent believes that it’s his fault for making her remember the things that she doesn’t want to remember and might be better off not remembering. He corrects himself though and says that she can’t go on not remembering and she probably wants to. Orion agrees to with the fact that she can’t live her life fully with her memories like this and that she needs to regain them all too, no matter how painful they are.

8月20日. Lin doesn’t have any work today and so Orion tells her to rest. Someone rings the doorbell though and it turns out to be Kent who came to check up on them since her family isn’t here. He brought her food too and when she finishes eating Orion tells her to rest a bit more and that he’ll keep an eye on Kent for her.

As she closes her eyes though Kent freaks out on her again and asks if she’s alright and tells her not to die on him. Both Lin and Orion are completely surprised, before Orion gets annoyed at how Kent told them that he was there to help Lin get better and yet he can’t even tell the difference between someone dying and someone sleeping. Kent apologizes when he realizes that she was just trying to sleep.

He confesses that he doesn’t want to lose her and that at first he just had interest in the concept of love and thought that they could breakup whenever, but now he can’t stand to lose her. Orion is touched by how much Kent cares for her and wonders what they should tell him. Lin decides to ask if he’ll believe in her words and Orion realizes that she’s going to reveal his presence to Kent.

Kent promises her that she can say anything to him and that if it’s in his power he’ll do anything. So she tells him everything that happened, including Orion’s presence. Kent is silent for a while before he asks her if she’s testing him because 「確かに私は何でもすると言った。その返答が『この話を信じる』ということなら、信じなければ嘘になる」(It’s true that I said I would do anything. Your reply was for me to believe in your words and so if I don’t believe in your words then I will become a liar), but he adds that he does believe her.

A long monologue occurs where Kent lists all the possibilities of her believing in a spirit that is in her and how it could just be a figment of her imagination, before he comes around in a giant circle and ends up saying again that he believes her because there are times when she looks as if she’s talking or looking at something that no one else can see. ( -д-) WHY YOU GOTTA MONOLOGUE TO ME LIKE THIS KENT? YOUR EXPLANATIONS ARE SO LONG AND BORING WHEN YOU JUST GET TO THE POINT AT THE END ANYWAY.

Surprisingly, Kent then starts talking to Orion and introduces himself to him. He tells Lin to write down Orion’s responses for him and Kent muses on how Orion’s responses are very human-like. He asks if Orion doesn’t want to hurry up and leave Lin, to which Orion responds that he does but he needs to find someone he can count on to take care of her or he’ll worry. Kent asks if he doesn’t count as a reliable person.

Orion tells him that he does believe in Kent, but he’ll be leaving to go on exchange soon. Kent knows that, but he promises that when he returns from his exchange he’ll definitely help Lin regain the rest of her memories. He already starts planning ways and methods of achieving it like asking Sawa and Toma to talk about nostalgic things. Orion tells Kent that he’s glad that Lin has a boyfriend like him and Kent thanks him before saying that he’s glad Orion is such a kind ghost.

8月21日. Lin heads over to Kent’s house today, but when she rings the doorbell it’s his mother who opens the door. Kent appears to introduce the two of them to each other and then his mother tries to get Lin to stay over for dinner and to chat with her, while Kent tries to get his mother back into bed because she’s sick.

Orion chuckles at their interaction because it’s clear as to where Kent got his calculating and scientific view of life from. He’s exactly like his mother in that they argue using logical points. They finally get to head up into his room and Kent apologizes for his mother before talking about how they’re trying to spend more time with him before he goes on exchange.

He confesses that it’ll be hard to see Lin after he graduates, but that she shouldn’t have to worry about that since he just wants to meet her. Lin tells him that she’ll be lonely too though, which makes him blush. Kent says to her that he’ll make an effort to phone her and talk to her while he’s on exchange and this makes him finally understand the reason why lovers talk on the phone.

Kent also tells Lin not to walk alone at night when he’s not there to escort her anymore, because he’s still worried about Ukyo being around. He wants her to be around Mine and Sawa more so that they can take care of her.

Dinner time is lively with Kent’s mother and father talking to him about making Lin his wife and how they must be serious about each other. Kent interrupts them to tell them that whatever is between him and Lin is between him and her and he doesn’t need his parents intruding. He also implies that Lin hasn’t confessed her feelings yet and so may change her mind.

When night falls, Kent walks Lin home and along the way she and Orion talk about how similar Kent is to his parents. He also talks about how he had planned his future out in meeting a woman and marrying her, but who could have foreseen that he would love a woman that might not love him back. He talks about the unpredictability of love or something and Lin mentions that isn’t a bad thing and Kent smiles at that.

8月22日. The next day Lin has a lot of free time, but they can’t go and visit Kent since he’s busy preparing for his exchange. Orion asks if Lin wants to text Ikki to ask if he’ll take them to Kent’s presentation on the 25th he tells her that he will meet her at her house to take her there, which makes Orion awed at how nice he is. Of course, Ikki also asks if she wants him to make Kent jealous and they can prank him like that, but Lin tells him that she won’t do that kind of thing to Kent. Orion agrees because it’s already clear how much he loves her.

While thinking about if they should call Mine or Sawa to ask them for help after Kent leaves, the phone suddenly rings and Sawa is excited to hear from Kent that Lin is participating in an autobiography movie thing. Orion is happy for Kent’s quick thinking because now they have a way of talking about the past to regain her memories without looking suspicious. Sawa tells Lin about their study group session and this triggers a memory.

Lin remembers that Sawa and Mine and her were good friends. Mine was from a different school, but she met her through work. At any rate, Mine talked a lot about the cool guys in her school and so while on a study group session they went to her school and Lin met Kent. She thought he was interesting and so wanted to talk to them and then before she knew it they were taking morning walks with one another and talking.

Orion is a bit put out that they didn’t regain any memories, but Lin tells him that she did and he becomes surprised. He soon realizes that they aren’t connected anymore because she has most of her memories back and he becomes a little sad at that, but then cheers up and tells her that she has a happy face from her memory and to tell him about it.

8月23日. Toma and Shin come by because they heard about the movie and want to check up on her health. Shin asks if she needs anything and if she wants to go out they can walk with her, but Toma calls him an idiot and tells her to take care and rest since they both heard that she took 3 days off work. Shin responds by saying that Toma is the idiot for worrying so much.

Orion tells the two of them that Lin is already fine, but they’re just worried about Ukyo. He gets the idea to tell the two of them about Ukyo and so they take a walk while she explains it to the two men. Shin is immediately suspicious of Ukyo especially since he never saw the man, which meant that he entered the cafe only when Lin was working. Toma slowly says that Ukyo didn’t look like a terrible person to him, though he did notice him always watching Lin.

Shin rolls his eyes and says that he doesn’t believe Toma is able to think badly of someone. Toma grumbles about how Shin is too suspicious of everyone. There’s also a rumour going around about how a man suddenly went missing for 3 weeks or something and they wonder if it’s connected. Toma also thinks out loud that Ukyo might have fallen in love with Lin since he’s always looking at her with a happy yet pained face. This only makes Shin think Ukyo is even more suspicious and tells her to be careful.

While walking, Shin points out that it’s good to see she’s being treasured by her boyfriend. Then he asks her why she ever hated him from the start, since from what he can see Kent is a nice person. Lin asks if it’s odd to fall in love with someone you hated at first, but Toma and Shin reassure her that it’s normal. Toma uses him and Shin as an example, because Shin hates him, and at this point Shin butts in by saying that it’s because Toma is annoying.

They spend the rest of the day talking about how they first met her to help her with her autobiography movie. Orion laughs nervously at how mad people might be when she finally tells him that she’s decided not to do it, since it’s all a lie. He’s also glad that she has so many kind people helping her though.

8月24日. Lin gets another guest in the morning and it turns out to be Kent, which surprises Orion because he has to prepare his presentation tomorrow for his exchange program. Kent apologizes for intruding but then enters her room and starts asking her with worry about what exactly she remembers and if he should be letting her go.

Sawa told him about Lin’s many friends who’ll support her like Toma and Shin and so now Kent is afraid that they’ll steal her away from him. He’s conflicted in that he doesn’t want to lose her, but thinks that it might be better if he let her go before she remembers the memory that made her hate him. He asks her desperately what she remembers and she tells him that anything she remembers won’t change her feelings.

His voice is shaky as he says 「本当に、何を思い出しても変わらないと言ってくれるのか?」(Really? Nothing you might remember will make you change?) and 「私を嫌っていたことを思い出してもこうして穏やかに話してくれるのか?」(Will we still be be able to talk peacefully like this when you remember why you hated me?). He tells her that he’s afraid of her remembering things that will make her cry. Orion interrupts at this point and asks if she’ll write down what he wants to say to Kent and if he can say everything that he wants. Lin agrees to write to the very end.

And so Orion tells him that he doesn’t think Lin’s feelings for him will change when she remembers everything, because she’s seen the kindness in him now. Before she might have only knew him as a cold and harsh person, but now she knows how much he loves her. Orion also tells Kent that he thinks Lin is close to feeling love for him, because he’s been with her all this time and so has insight into what she feels. Kent thanks Orion, but ultimately tells him that if he doesn’t hear the words from Lin then he won’t believe them.

Orion tries to prod Kent into telling her the worst memories so that she can remember then and they can get it out of the way, but Kent doesn’t have enough courage to do so. He asks Lin if she can forgive him for not being able to have the courage to tell her and he also hopes she can forgive him for whatever he did in the memory.

8月25日. Lin phones Ikki to ask when Kent’s presentation is and if she can head over, but he tells her that unfortunately he’s busy helping Kent who is extremely nervous for some reason. He’s forgetting things and whatnot and so Ikki tells Lin that should wait a bit more. Orion is worried that Kent is bothered by what they talked to him yesterday about and that’s why he’s nervous.

They decide to head out to help him even though they’re not supposed to leave the house alone, because of Ukyo rampaging around, however it’s an emergency. Orion tells Lin to head over to Kent’s house first to find whatever it is he is forgetting and if no one is at home then they’ll go to the university. Orion tells Lin not to run since she’s been in the house all this time after she collapsed and so it might be dangerous.

While they’re walking down a street a car comes, but someone pushes her back and she stumbles out onto the road and gets hit by the car. She is in a lot of pain, but then she regains one of her memories. Lin remembers Kuro, her dog, being hit by a car and as she is fretting over his wounded body Kent is talking to the driver and gets him to drive them to the hospital. However it was too late and he died. Lin wonders if she’s going to place her dog went.

The next scene after Lin passes out is Ikki phoning her to apologize for being late. However, someone else picks up her phone and explains to Ikki that she got into a car accident. He quickly runs to Kent’s room and tells him about the accident and that she seems to be okay and the doctors said it was a minor wound. Kent is conflicted though because her parents are overseas and so he asks Ikki what he would do in this situation.

Ikki looks at him and tells him softly that he can’t answer that question for him and that Kent will have to decide himself. Kent is silent before he curses because he knows that if he goes to the hospital he won’t be able to do anything, but even still he’s going to go. He apologizes to Ikki for having Ikki help him like this only for him to run off to the hospital. In response, Ikki smirks and says that when Lin gets better he’ll viciously tease Kent about his reactions this day. Kent smiles back and says that he’ll count on him to do that.

Back to Lin, she wakes up in the hospital and remembers the reason why she said she hated Kent. She was mourning over her dog in the hospital and he came by and asked her how long she was going to be foolish. He tells her that dead things won’t come back and talks about how it was just an accident and a dog and she can get another one. Lin starts crying, which makes Kent uncomfortable, and she tells him to leave her alone to mourn and that she hates him.

Her memory ends with her thinking that it might have been better if she didn’t remember. Anyway, she hears Kent yelling in the background for her not to die and then passes out again. The next time she wakes is to Kent hovering over her and he asks her if she’s alright and if he needs to call a doctor. He notices her looking at him strangely and tells her that he skipped his presentation because he was too worried for her.

Kent also talked to the people managing his exchange program, but he doesn’t know if they’ll still let him in. He tells her not to blame herself though because he treasures her more than anything else in his life. Kent confesses that it was worth it to see her eyes opening and that he doesn’t want to let go of her hand anymore even if she hates him. He tells her 「君が、何よりも大切なんだ・・・」(You’re more precious than anything else…).

Lin tries to say something, but Kent interrupts her to tell her that she doesn’t have to answer him right now and that she must be tired. He tells her to rest and that she has nothing to worry and nothing to be scared of, because 「今日はずっとここにいさせてくれ。・・・君を、見守っていたいんだ」(I’ll be staying here all day.. watching over you).

When evening falls, she hears Orion trying to catch her attention. He uses the rest of his powers to appear to her again saying that it looks like she can’t see him anymore with the return of most of her important memories and that their time of parting is soon. He grins as he says to her that he had fun through everything they did together and that 「むしろ恋のキューピッドになれたかなぁ、なんて。自惚れかな?」(I was sort of like cupid, ehehe. Oops, was that arrogant of me?).

Orion tells her that Kent is a bit serious, but ultimately a good man. He advises her to remember the good times she’s had with Kent whenever they have any more fights and that she’ll be happy with him. Orion says his goodbyes and tells her that so long as she is happy he can return to his work without worrying after her. She probably won’t remember him after he leaves, but he tells her that he’ll pray for her happiness before disappearing. Lin thanks him for everything he’s done and tells him that she had fun too.

8月26日. Lin and Kent have a conversation about what she remembered and he apologizes for everything he said that day. He now knows what she was feeling that day when something precious to her died, because if she had died and someone said to him the same things he said to her then he wouldn’t be able to stand it. He apologizes again for his heartless words. He also has something else to apologize for.

That time when her leash broke and her dog ran off, Kent was thinking the whole time that the dog was a bother. He wanted to be alone with her but she was always walking her dog. Kent realizes that it was a coincidence that the leash broke and her dog ran off, but he feels like a demon granted his dark wish. FOR A SECOND I MIS-READ IT AS KENT BREAKING THE LEASH ON PURPOSE AND I WAS ALL LIKE YOU BASTARD ヽ(`Д´)ノ! UNTIL I REALIZED I READ IT WRONG.. AHAHA.. HA..

She thanks him for apologizing and he thanks her for accepting his apology and tells her that it feels like a burden has been lifted. He also never thought that the day would come when they could still talk like this even after she remembered that memory. He leans forward and intertwines his hands with hers before telling her 「ずっと君が好きだった。ずっとこんな風に話がしたいと思っていた。」(I want to love you for forever. I always want to be able to talk to you like this).

He confesses that he wanted to meet her and be with her after her dog died, but that he was afraid she wouldn’t want to meet him anymore and would even look at him with hate. Even still, he would have done anything to meet her again and that’s why he called her out that day and asked her to date him. He tells her that on that day she had asked him that if he liked her how could he have said those horrible words.

Kent tells her that he’ll answer her question now and talks about how he didn’t want to lose her and treasured her. He wants to be together with her for a long time and Lin responds with the same sentiment which makes him smile at her gently. He tells her that if she has any complaints to him in the future she can just say it and that he won’t care if they get into fights or become happy so long as they can talk it out like this.

He also confesses that he thinks she’s cute, even like this, and wonders if she’ll get mad at him. Instead, she becomes embarrassed and he tells her that he also loves her embarrassed face.

8月27日. Sawa and Mine come by to see Lin in the hospital and are surprised to see Kent there because they thought he’d have left. Sawa is concerning herself over Lin and talking about how surprising it was to hear her get into a car accident. Mine, on the other hand, asks Lin when she’ll be released and Kent answers. She gets a smirk on her face as she asks why Kent is answering.

Kent explains that Lin’s parents are overseas and so he replaced them as her caretaker and this makes Mine comment on how it’s as if they were a married couple. Kent’s eyes widen and he blushes before stuttering about how it isn’t like that at all and he’s just taking care of Lin in her parents’ absence. Mine simply grins some more and says that it doesn’t change the fact that they’re acting like a family.

I ran out of pictures to put here.

He closes his eyes and says tiredly 「・・・君たち、もう帰ったらどうだ」(.. How about you two head home now). Mine teases him some more and he tells them that if they aren’t going to head home then he will and so Sawa drags Mine out of the room despite her complaints. Before they leave, Kent asks them about Ukyo and if he showed up at the cafe anymore.

Sawa tells him that she hasn’t seen him, but Mine heard some scary rumours about a man who jumped off a building and died and he resembled Ukyo. What is scary is that the building he leapt or fell off of allowed him to look at the window where Lin is staying in the hospital. Kent doesn’t show much reaction to the news and says that until it is completely proven that the man who died was Ukyo he forbids Lin from walking out alone at night.

This makes Kent wonder why she was out walking alone in the first place and Sawa and Mine tell him that Lin was trying to find what Kent had misplaced, because his presentation was really important. He is of course shocked and Lin apologizes for making him miss his presentation. Sawa and Mine are grinning in the background talking about how it’s lovely to see the serious Kent dropping his presentation for Lin, although they feel a bit bad for it too.

Finally the two leave and it is evening now. Lin apologizes again, but Kent tells her not to apologize for his exchange program or her accident because everything that he did was made of his own choice. To take her mind off of that he asks her a question of how many days it would be until they met if he went on exchange.

She answers 379 days. He tells her that it’s correct and 「・・・つまり、そういうことだ」(… In other words that’s what it means). Lin is confused until he tells her in exasperation 「寂しい、と言っているんだ!」(It means that I’ll be lonely!). She tells him that she’ll feel the same way.

8月28日. Lin is back at her house and as she looks into it she feels somewhat lonely and that it is quiet. She doesn’t understand why she feels as if someone should be in there and like she’s forgetting something. OHMYGOD THIS IS SUCH A SAD SCENE. COMPELTELY SILENT EXCEPT FOR HER MONOLOGUE MOURNING THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ORION 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。.

8月29日. Kent takes Lin to a park to rehabilitate her and asks her if she remembers this park. It turns out to be the one that they used to walk together in while her dog was still alive, but she doesn’t remember. At any rate, Kent tells her to sit on a bench so that she doesn’t strain herself too hard and hands her a math puzzle that he created for her to have fun with. It’s not at the level that Ikki is at, but he hopes that she’ll have fun with it.

Lin tells him she’ll do it and he smiles happily at that. As he watches her try to complete it, he becomes thoughtful and asks if she won’t be his wife. Lin is completely surprised and he backtracks before saying that he doesn’t mean right now, not to mention the fact that she doesn’t look like she has superior genes for childbearing. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF COMMENT IS THAT KENT!? I-I’M AFRAID TO SAY I’M BIASED NOW ON HIS ROUTE, BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE IT WHEN GUYS BRING UP MARRIAGE.. ESPECIALLY AFTER JUST ONE MONTH OF DATING.

He confesses that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that, whenever she’s around, every second is full of fun and laughter. He never thought he’d be able to experience that but he did. Then he gets down on his knees and kisses her hand while asking her to think about it, but that she doesn’t have to give him an answer.

When he stands back up, he asks with a small smile if that was too fast. Lin doesn’t have an answer for him and monologues about how hard her heart is pounding and if she can really be a wife. The day ends.

8月31日. Someone rings her doorbell and it turns out to be Kent who got a message from his exchange program, but before he tells her anything he asks if she wants to walk with him because he has somewhere he wants to take her. They end up going to her school, which she doesn’t remember, and he shows her around before taking her to a special classroom.

Lin remembers meeting Kent in here when they had that study group session thing with Sawa and Mine and he was acting as the teacher. In the memory, Mine tells Kent that she has a question and asks if he has a girlfriend. Kent replies that he came here to teach them and not to play around and that if she can’t close her mouth and be quiet then she can head home. This makes Lin smile in real life and she accuses him of being a really strict teacher.

Kent replies that he wasn’t being strict, but that they were fooling around too much. This causes Lin to remember the scene with Mine trying to get Kent to go out with her again and her reaction to that and how embarrassing it was. Kent sees her blushing and asks her in alarm if she remembered about a man that she used to like, to which she quickly tells him that she wasn’t. They argue about it for a bit, before he finally understands that the comment she made at that time was meant for him.

The two start laughing and Kent points out affectionately that they’re both such an idiot couple, since they liked each other from the start but couldn’t express it and just went around each other. Once again he marvels at how far they came from the start and how he feel like he’ll die without her.

He talks about how it seems like he can’t put into order and classify his feelings, but then amends his sentence by saying that life can’t be as easily classified and put into order like that. Then he kisses her in the classroom and asks her to be with him and help him put order into their lives or something like that.

The next scene is Kent coming up to her while they’re out on a street and apologizing for making her wait. He hands her some papers and when she looks at them, she is shocked. Kent asks her how she would like to go on exchange to London with him. He points out that she doesn’t remember her old school so it wouldn’t be much of a difference to study elsewhere, not to mention if she’s with him then he can teach her anything she has troubles with. He’ll also teach her English.

Lin asks him if this is because he doesn’t want to let her go and Kent tells her that of course he doesn’t. He never wants to let her hand go and he loves her and once again he tells her that she doesn’t have to answer until she feels those feelings for herself. However, he does need an answer as to whether or not she’ll go with him.

After the credits roll there is an extra scene. Kent is speaking in English and apologizes for keeping her waiting. Lin replies in English as well before Kent laughingly tells her that it’s just him. She pouts and tells him not to speak in English when around her because she was really surprised and Kent asks her how she thinks she’s going to live in London without knowing English.

They talk a bit before Lin notices that he’s not behaving as he normally does and Kent confesses that meeting her here is like a dream for him and he’s afraid of breaking it. Lin apologizes to him for keeping him waiting, but he tells her gently 「いや。来てくれて、ありがとう」(No. Thank you for coming) and 「--もう離さない」(.. I won’t let you go anymore).


This is the 「I’m sorry for waiting」 GOOD END.

*** NORMAL END 「会いたい」(I want to meet you) ***

Kent decides to finish his presentation, but he’ll go to see her at the hospital immediately afterwards. He tells Ikki to help him take care of everything after the presentation and Ikki smirks and reminds him that he’s talented at talking, especially to women.

Lin wakes up after remembering about her dog to Kent beside her. He tells her that he’ll deal with his exchange program after and that he wanted to make sure she was well. He’s relieved that she’s healthy though and thinks out loud about how Ukyo was right to warn Lin not to walk around alone. However, Lin wonders if Ukyo wasn’t the one who pushed her.

They talk about what she remembered and Kent apologizes greatly again before asking her what he should do to make her forgive him. She tells him that apologizing is good enough for her and he asks her if she is really fine with him having hurt her with his cruel words and making her cry. He asks if she really will forgive him and she tells him that she will. Kent vows that he won’t make her cry a second time and that he’ll treasure her.

When Sawa and Mine come visit the topic turns to the exchange program and Lin is reminded that Kent and her will soon be separated. On the 31st when Kent gets the papers confirming his exchange program he asks Lin to walk with him and he talks to her about how he doesn’t want to leave her and that not being with her for 3 days was already painful, he can’t imagine what a year would be like.

Kent confesses about things like how he doesn’t want to leave, but needs to leave to guarantee a future for her. He wonders out loud if he’ll be able to come back to her smiling face and speak to her like this again. He even thinks that he should give her to another, but knows that he can’t do that because he loves her too much. In the end, he hesitantly asks her if she will wait for him and Lin replies that she will wait for him and so he needs to come back home as soon as he can.

3 weeks later they are hugging at an airport. Kent is going to depart soon and Lin tells him that if he doesn’t leave soon he’ll miss his plane. He telsl her 「言われなくてもわかっている」(You don’t have to say something I already know) and then he apologizes for his words. Then next thing he says is 「寂しいと言ってくれないか。もう1度会いたいと」(Can you say that you’ll be lonely. Say that you want to see me again) and adds 「嘘でもいい。そう言ってくれれば、それを信じて手を放す」(It’s fine if it’s a lie. It’s just that if you say that, I will be able to believe it and release your hand).

Lin tells him that she’ll be lonely and that she wants to meet him again and that those words aren’t a lie. She’ll be waiting for him to come home. They remain hugging for a long time and she tells him that the plane might leave if he remains here. Kent also says that he’ll send her mail although he can’t guarantee that they won’t just be one word. Lin tells him that “Good morning” and “Good night” are fine with her.

He asks for her to reply to his mails too and she tells him that of course she will. Kent’s words are filled with happy tears as he says that he’ll wait for those and that he’ll be seeing her laughing smile in his dreams. Finally, he tells her 「--行ってくる」(I’m going now) and she sends him off with a soft 「いってらっしゃい・・・」(Have a safe trip…). WHAT KIND OF WEIRD PERSON AM I TO LOVE THE NORMAL ENDS MORE THAN THE GOOD ENDS?! IT’S JUST MORE REALISTIC FEELING AND MAYBE I’M JUST A SUCKER FOR SLIGHTLY BITTERSWEET ENDINGS (^∀^;).

There’s one more scene after this where Lin wakes up in the morning. Her phone chimes with mail and she thinks that it’s probably Kent saying “Good morning” to her. However, when she opens the mail there are only these words… 「会いたい」(I want to see you).

*** BAD END 「私は君を忘れない」(I won’t forget you) ***

When Ikki appears for the first time, Lin asks him what he wants her to say and Kent smugly says that she doesn’t have to say anything but look into Ikki’s eyes. Ikki is shocked at finding out that she’s resistant to his eyes before he tells Kent 「・・・ごめんケン、僕、本気で口説いてもいい?」(… I’m sorry Ken. Can I court her?). Kent tells him he may not. KYAA~ YOU CAN SERIOUSLY TRY TO WOO ME IKKI! I DON’T MIND. IGNORE KENT!

Ikki asks if Kent can tell him the story of their relationship over a drink and Lin asks if she can go. Kent refuses her by saying that she just collapsed from anemia and she’s a minor. Ikki apologizes and says that this is a conversation between guys.

In this route the only thing that happens between Lin and Kent are fights and arguments. She doesn’t trust him with anything either. On Day 18 she tries to sneak out of the shop, but Kent catches her and escorts her to her home before talking about the possibilities of her personality change. He comes to the conclusion that she’s lost all her memories, but even still she tries to deny his claim.

Kent grits his teeth and decides that he can’t do anything and so he’ll take her to the hospital instead. He talks about how he thought she was acting strangely at first, but he didn’t want to believe it. He sneers at himself as he says that it seems he was only seeing a dream. Lin ends up being locked in the hospital and Kent visits her from time to time whenever he can. He tells her that even if she forgets him he won’t forget her. THAT’S IT? I HAD TO START FROM DAY 2 AND COME ALL THIS WAY JUST FOR THIS SHITTY END?.. GEEZ HIS BAD ENDS ARE REALLY BAD.

*** BAD END 「綺麗な夜景だろう?」(It’s a beautiful night view, don’t you agree?) ***

Kent doesn’t take her to the hospital and Lin starts warming up to him, but she doesn’t seem to love him like he loves her. Lin also accepts Ikki’s offer to play a prank on Kent and make him jealous because Ikki is escorting her to Kent’s presentation.

When Lin gets hit by the car Kent decides not to go to the hospital and to continue preparing for his presentation. She remembers the memory of her dog being hit and then passes out by herself. The next time she wakes up she notices someone looking at her, someone who isn’t a nurse, and then that person hugs her with warm arms. She calls out Kent’s name, but the person doesn’t answer and then starts to take her somewhere.

He takes her up to the roof and she looks up at the night sky while shivering in the cold air. The man beside her finally speaks and it is Ukyo’s voice asking her if she agrees with him that the night sky is beautiful. He tells her that he’s glad her last view is of this beautiful night sky. Ukyo asks her if she thought that she was safe in the hospital, because it’s ridiculously easy for anyone to enter and then calls her an idiot for being alone even after he gave her a warning.

However, he adds in a creepy gentle voice 「だけど、愛してたよ。オマエのこと」(But I love it. Your person) before pushing her off. As she falls she sees Ukyo grinning down at her and then she hits the ground and dies. OHGOD THAT WAS CREEPY.. ESPECIALLY THE SOUND OF HER HITTING THE GROUND AND SPLATTING.

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      Aww, you’re very welcome! (*ノ∀ノ) Thank you so much for your kind words. It does take a bit of time to translate, especially when I have to pause and look up all the words they use *eyes Kent*.

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    Just finished playing Kent’s route and also reading this post~! Again, I would like to thank you for this, THANKS A LOT! I REALLY MEAN IT XD I also laughed at the good ending where I think they typed a wrong grammar in the end, maybe they put it as a pun? because Lin(heroine) is not yet good at speaking english right? (correct me if i’m wrong, it was the heroine who said the wrong grammar right? xD) and also at the bad end (It’s a beautiful night view, don’t you agree?)… the sound! the freaking sound when she fell was just so… ugh… T____T so… so… creepy…

    and now imma go to Toma’s Route, actually I’m excited playing his route cuz he’s kinda my fave char in Amnesia xD I’m weird for kinda liking a yandere x.x

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      (*´ω`*) You’re very welcome! Sometimes I think they really need to find someone who is proficient in English to double-check the English phrases they want to use in the game… I VOLUNTEER!! //bricked. It reminds me of this one site called Seventh Heaven by Rejet and they had “Battlers” and “dammy head mic” for the longest time before they corrected it to “Butlers” lmao. Also, nope, it was Kent who was saying it.

      It’s even worse when you realize they used that bad end in the anime (◡ω⊙✿) and all I could hear was that noise… although thankfully in the anime she shifted to the new world before then. Ooh, and good luck! You’ll be in good hands with Toma |ω・).

      Aw, thank you again. I’m never too sure if people want me to just do the english translations or quote the original japanese line + translations dfsghg I personally like to keep both in case some people want the originals and because imo sometimes things are lost in translation (especially when you’re not great at it like me //sobs).

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        April 30, 2013 at 04:02

        Yes go volunteer! I’ll support you~!! xD
        Well, if you ask me… I like the way you quote the original japanese line + translations… But it would be awesome if you translate the game haha! But then again… It will be difficult and it may take your precious time… x.x

        Ilinox responded:
        April 30, 2013 at 11:57

        Mm, I basically do translate the game but I just switch everything into third person exposition ;;; the only times I do literal line translations is when I’m quoting the interesting or romantic parts (that’s when I keep the original Japanese). But yeah, it’d be much too time-consuming if I try to translate an entire game word-for-word ;;;; I’ve been working on and off with the Diabolik Lovers wiki and the slow progress there really shows you how long it takes to translate every single line into English.

    nightbloomingrose said:
    April 25, 2013 at 11:20

    I find Kent to be sweet. He’s my 2nd fave of the romance-able guys in this game. ^_^ Though, even saying that I definitely can’t fangirl like I can for Ikki. XD (And I admit I was the most interested whenever Ikki was in it. ^_^”)

    “he tells her that he’s afraid her feelings for him, if she has anything, will be swayed by Ikki. I KNOW I’M SWAYED BY HIM, AHAHA.”

    ^Haha, I felt exactly the same. Whenever Ikki showed up I wanted the route to switch to Ikki. XD

    Orion is indeed adorable! He is the only shota I like I must say. He’s just too cute! <3

    Is it just me or was the heroine hardly endanger in this route when compared to the others. There didn't seem to be anyone really out to kill her it seems…

      Ilinox responded:
      April 27, 2013 at 22:20

      I feel a little guilty in being excited to do Kent’s route only for the chance to get glimpses of Ikki ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ Kent is a sweet guy by himself but he’s not the type of character I usually fall for. The way he talks is a killer to someone who is average in Japanese too since he talks all scientifically, thank god I can understand him easier now.

      Hm, now that you mention it.. the only danger really is from Ura!Ukyo and staying in the hospital. No one really cares enough to antagonize Kent I guess? //bricked that sounds so mean

      EDIT: I also saw your blog and omg /)ω(\ you made me really embarrassed by saying “And here is the BEST reviews I have found on Amnesia” kjhfsh I-I’m glad you think so! It makes me really happy, ahaha. //stalksyourblog

        nightbloomingrose said:
        April 28, 2013 at 07:58

        Well, I can understand that, as part of the reason I wanted to read his is to see Ikki. XD Oh, I can see how he would be for a translator. That has to be very rough with all of his monologues. XD

        Yeah, and if I remember correctly Ura!Ukyo only goes after her one time really? Scares her a couple of other times? Guess so? Haha, well, it probably is because he’s so scary, he did chase off Ikki’s fangirls at one time right?

        I’m just telling the truth. ^_^ Nothing to stalk really as I’m probably just going to be crazy on it. XD

    Legolassss said:
    March 5, 2013 at 10:44

    Hello! I just want to say one big ‘THANK YOU!’ for these reviews. I enjoy reading them so much. I also love your side notes. Some of them really made me laugh :D I got hooked on Amnesia through the anime, but since I can’t play any of the games, your reviews are really life-saving. I can’t get enough of these guys.
    Many many cheers and keep up the great job! Oh, and looking forward to Kent’s road in Amnesia later. I really hope that you will post that review at some point.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 5, 2013 at 21:18

      ‘Allo!! Aww, you’re very welcome for these reviews (人´∀`*)! I’m glad you didn’t find my little side commentaries annoying sdsfgfdh I don’t have as much humor as Orion, but I tried my best >w< I've noticed that I tend to get a lot of people through the anime and it's nice to see the fandom expand!

      Yep, I'll definitely finish Amnesia Later… later //bricked. No, seriously, I'll definitely do it since once I start something I need to finish it. Until then, I'll try to keep on working at it and defeat my evil schoolwork (ง •̀_•́)ง.

        Legolassss said:
        March 5, 2013 at 22:15

        Ah, schoolwork. I know how you feel. ^_^”” Well… If I remember correctly, in this case it is appropriate to say… Ganbare! ^_^

    Karen said:
    December 18, 2012 at 14:50

    How did u get the bad ending with ukyo. What choices did u make. i really want that bad ending for some reason

      Ilinox responded:
      December 18, 2012 at 16:32

      It’s been over a year since I played this game, so I’m afraid I don’t really remember all the details. Hmm, I’m pretty sure all you have to do is choose things that increase his suspicion in you.

      If you ever need a guide for a route googling the character name (preferably with their kanji, katakana, or hiragana) and add “攻略” at the end will usually give you guides. Try this guide to get the bad end.

        Karen said:
        December 19, 2012 at 09:36

        Thank you so much, i will definitly try this. Also i notice you’ve also been playing amnesia after. Do you like it so far?

        Karen said:
        December 19, 2012 at 09:37

        i mean amnesia later. opps my bad

        Ilinox responded:
        December 20, 2012 at 14:45

        It’s not a bad game, especially if you liked the original Amnesia game here. It continues on the story from their good ends and so you get to spend more time with your favorite guy! Unfortunately, since it’s a slice-of-life game I’ve been kind of… slacking in it. I’ll be returning back to it to finish up with Kent though!

    Arekusandora said:
    March 10, 2012 at 03:28

    Yaaay, I finally finished reading this review! In a way I can call it a small success because of my bad English. As I finish reading all the reviews on the blog I’ll spread the order of the sunflower on my chest. :P I can’t believe I liked the bad endings too, but I liked much more good ending. Maybe at last I began to behave normally. ಠ_ಠ

    I love characters who treat their loved ones as the ultimate way in life. Fondly, seriously, with loving… That’s why I just can’t stand characters like Hijikata – annoys me when I see a character who looks down on everyone and slooooowly starts treat l.o. like a lady.

    So Kent could be a little boring but I loved him anyway though Toma’s still on the podium. \(*ω*)/

    Time to start reading the other reviews in search of a good reason for nosebleeds.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 10, 2012 at 21:28

      Really? I couldn’t tell that your English is bad ww it’s very good when you comment! I’m sorry if these text walls are humungous blocks of English gibberish to you sometimes though (/ω\). But thank you so much and congratulations for reading through it all despite that (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚♥. You must really like otome games www.

      I can’t believe you still like the bad endings too xD;; they’re so scary! Especially when half of them are Ukyo going crazy and murdering her! I tend to like the good endings more than anything else though, so don’t worry I’m not normal either 8D;;

      Hmm, I think both have their good points. It really feels like an accomplishment when they finally acknowledge and love you like Hijikata. But yes, people who start off deeply in love are very good too, like Ikki~~ (人´∀`*). Ikki is forever my favorite for Amnesia.

      Kent’s scientific monologues and logic always made my brain hurt whenever I had to translate it all ww he was also my 4th character, so I think I was getting tired by that point, ahaha. ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ I would recommend reading Gekka Ryouran for nosebleeds and creepy craziness since you like Toma ww. Especially the review with the Kano brothers like Atsumori, his route was good!

        Arekusandora said:
        March 11, 2012 at 00:55

        I love how you write these reviews; you have a very pleasant style and I’m happy because a lot of things are explained to the unfamiliar reader (who hasn’t played the game…I still cry over it T_T).
        And you add fantastic pictures which make my blood pressure go up. :D

        So! I’m done with Shin (how strange it sounds) and now I must read Ikki’s route so I can clearly understand your point and your other reviews of AMNESIA as well. Maybe I’m going to fall in love too?
        *(°∀ ° )

    twentyninenights said:
    September 8, 2011 at 20:00

    Good job! Finally, you can do it and end his long route. I think Kent’s route have so much fun, if compared to Shin, which he always thoughts to find the culprit, At least, Kent have swimming pool story and the festival one.

    Orion looks adorable too when he always tells Heroine to hide himself if she wants to be with Kent. But as the story goes on, I must admit I really am boring for his comments here and there (just adding some words and make my work so long for it).

      Ilinox responded:
      September 8, 2011 at 20:04

      Yeah! I enjoyed how Kent’s route had more time with everyone else. I actually felt like Sawa and Mine were my best friends, instead of just being random co-workers.

      But like you said.. it felt so long. At least Shin’s was short and those detective days flew by. It was just never-ending talking in Kent’s route Orz. I’ll be commenting on your post after I finish Ukyo :)!

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