Amnesia ~ Ukyo ~

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Ukyo (ウキョウ)
CV: Miyata Kouki (宮田 幸季)

Ukyo is an interesting character. From everyone else’s route it is clear that he seems to have two personalities. One is a psychotic killer and the other is gentle, kind, and loving toward the heroine; sort of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, he clearly holds great affection and love for the heroine and is the type of character who would do literally anything for her. He appears to be the official pairing for the heroine.

His route starts off exactly like Ikki’s route as well. The heroine wakes up in her room and Orion re-introduces himself and explains to her that she lives alone. They search her room for clues and find out that her name is Lin, she’s a first year university student, and she has a cellphone. The first thing they will do is look at the addresses in her phone to see who her friends are and to see if she can phone her family.

Orion looks at her cellphone and finds a huge list of friends like Ikki, Kent, Rika, Sawa, Mine, Shin, Toma, and even her father. He’s a bit overwhelmed and it’s a bit problematic because now they don’t know who they can believe in. He does warn her not to phone her parents though, and Lin understands, because her family would definitely worry about her amnesia and send her to the hospital.

They look around the room some more and find a paper that she wrote on talking about how she’s a university student and that it’s the summer holidays. Lin decides to go to her university at Orion’s suggestion to see if she can remember anything. Orion’s reasoning is that she might have had a love scene at the gates or some dramatic thing that would shock her memories into returning, but nothing happens and so he asks if she wants to head in.

Suddenly they hear Ukyo from behind saying to them “It’s been a while” and Lin is thrown into a quick memory of the school gates colored in orange. Her heart starts pounding and she misses half of Orion’s words as he asks who the person is in front of her and if she knows him. He’s confused by her silence and asks if she remembers anything, but then doesn’t think that she did because he would have felt something but he didn’t.

Ukyo asks her why she is blankly looking at him before he realizes that she might not know him, remember him, or just forgot him. He mentions something about 「俺が君に会ったのは、確か・・・」(It’s true that the time I met you…) and then trails off before he apologizes and says that he’s a bit disordered, but being able to meet her again makes him happy. His voice is really teary as he repeats that he’s so happy to meet her. EVEN THOUGH I’M IN THE JOKER WORLD IT LOOKS LIKE HE ISN’T HER BOYFRIEND? UKYO IS SO MYSTERIOUS.

He notes that she must have come to her university to go into it, but he tells her that she can’t today and that she definitely shouldn’t on the 25th. He even says that if it’s possible she shouldn’t go to her school for the rest of the month. He knows that he sounds suspicious and strange, but asks if she can’t believe in him. Lin tells him that she understands and he nods in relief before leaving.

Orion is a bit confused and annoyed that Ukyo didn’t say anything useful like what his relationship is to Lin. Suddenly Kent appears and tells her not to block the gates if she’s just going to stand there and walks by after telling her that if she wants to go into the school then she should hurry up and go since construction is going to start soon. Sawa comes running up after him and greets Lin, before telling her that she thought Lin would be at work, and then she chases after Kent to ask him to explain and help her report.

Kent tells her that he already explained it to her and that he doesn’t have any more time to tell her. Orion stares after them and then asks Lin what she wants to do and if she’ll listen to Ukyo’s warning.

*** BAD END 「ああ、駄目だった…」(Ahh.. it’s no use..) ***

Lin chooses to go into the school and Orion nods in agreement. He’s curious as to what Ukyo meant, but figures that they’ll understand when they’re in the school. Orion wonders where she normally goes and if she is remembering anything while wandering the halls. Suddenly, an explosion is heard and a fire starts spreading.

She is caught in the fire and as she chokes from the smoke she sees Ukyo appear in front of her. He mutters about how it’s no use and no matter what he does he can’t seem to grasp a future with her. Then she dies.


Lin decides not to go to school and Orion nods in agreement. It’s not as if they are never going to go into her school, but just not right now. They head home and Orion summarizes their situation up about how they now know who Sawa and Kent are and it seems like those two are Lin’s friends, although Orion doesn’t know how close they are to Lin.

He talks about Ukyo and how strange his words are, but that they might have met when small or a long time ago. In that case, it wouldn’t be dangerous to talk to Ukyo since he wouldn’t know if they were acting strangely because of their amnesia. At any rate, they should search her house for letters, a diary, or anything that might help them understand her relationship to him.

But they don’t find anything and so Orion asks if they should believe in Ukyo’s words. Lin believes that they should and Orion hums thoughtfully. At any rate, it’s late now and so he decides that they did enough for today.

8月2日. Orion wakes Lin up and tells her that someone called her in the morning. It turns out to be Sawa who wants to walk with Lin and Mine to go to work together and Orion is relieved that they don’t have to find out where her job is themselves.

They can’t not go, or it would look suspicious, and so they head out to meet Sawa and Mine. The two girls greet Lin and then Mine teases Sawa about wanting to walk with them because she’s scared of Waka. Apparently she made a mistake yesterday and he knows and so she doesn’t want to go to work.

At work, Orion wonders at what kind of job she does and that it looks as if she’s some kind of waitress, but then he notices Kent, Ikki, Shin, and Toma who greets the three girls and becomes anxious at the fact that they don’t know half of their names. His plan of action involves staying quiet and listening to everyone talk around them so they won’t do anything strange.

However, Shin points out that Lin has been quiet and asks her why she is. Toma nods in agreement and asks her if anything troubling happened. Kent muses on how Lin doesn’t look like the type to be quiet, and Ikki shrugs while saying that she might just be nervous about the meeting. She vaguely agrees to that and Shin smiles and says that there’s no need to be anxious if she didn’t make a mistake and Sawa whimpers in the background.

Waka comes to start the meeting and is greeted and greets Toma. Then the meeting starts and he talks to Kent and Shin about continuing to make their delicious food. He tells Ikki about how the women in the cafe become loud and noisy when they see Ikki’s eyes and so Ikki apologizes for troubling the store. However, Waka says that the loudness makes the place seem lively and so he shouldn’t change what he’s doing. Meanwhile, Orion is taking notes about everyone’s name.

Next, he compliments Toma on being quick in responding to a spill with a towel and also Mine for changing the boy’s clothes. She has a little brother who gets dirty often and so she keeps a change of clothes in her bag. He tells her that the mother was really thankful, because it was cold outside, and she will return the clothing today.

Orion feels relieved that Waka is such a nice person, but then he casually tells them that there was a mistake yesterday. The coffee that Sawa brought out was missing 6.9 grams of its powder, to which Orion asks how he could have noticed such a thing, and then Waka points out that the taste of coffee lies in the amount of powder in it and so if she messes up again he’ll kill her. All of this is said in a calm voice. Then he concludes the meeting and leaves.

Sawa is whimpering about how scary he is and Toma sighs before saying that she’s going to make a mistake again now that she’s so scared. Kent ponders about how the customers weren’t really angry at her, even though they should be, and Ikki tells him that people are kind to women and treat them nicely. This prompts Kent to tell him flatly that Ikki treats them overly kindly and nicely. Then Ikki comments on how Sawa doesn’t have to be too worried, since she just has to look cute like Lin and customers will come.

Lin and Sawa head out to the front of the shop to work and Sawa talks to Lin about how everyone is too perfect and needs to make some mistakes. She mentions the manual and Orion prods Lin into asking where it is so that they can learn about her work. Sawa tells Lin that she’ll make a copy for her and then Waka comes back to interrupt their conversation.

He tells Lin about how she was praised by their male guests for her serious and hardworking image, but that there have been some incidents of stalking. If she has any troubles she should bring it to him or any of the men inside and they’ll help her. Then he apologizes to Sawa for his extreme words and just tells her to work harder before leaving. Sawa is surprised and grateful and then confides to Lin that she heard from Shin that Waka was from an assassination unit in the past and so it’s hard to say if he would really kill someone for their mistakes in the cafe. AHAHAHA WAKA JUST GETS MORE AND MORE EXTREME IN THE WORLDS.

Work ends without any more trouble and at home Orion points out that they now know everyone’s name in her cellphone except for Rika. He also talks about how they didn’t see Ukyo in the store and they still don’t know his name either. It’s still too early to decide in who to trust and tell about her amnesia, but tomorrow is another work day for them to observe the others.

8月3日. Lin wakes up early and Orion talks about how none of her memories came back at all and he apologizes for that, because it was his fault. Then he wonders out loud as to how it even happened since he felt like he was drawn into a collision with her when normally things like this never happen as he passes through worlds.

At work, Waka greets Lin and then Ikki who came late. Today is just the two of them who will be taking the floor and Orion grumbles about how it looks as if they won’t get their chance to eavesdrop and others’ conversations. Ikki starts staring at them suddenly though and has a look of confusion on his face which Orion returns, before he finally says that she’s staring him directly in the eyes when she usually doesn’t.

He tells her 「前から効くにくい方だとは思ってたけど、真正面から見つめ返されたのは初めてだな」(It was hard to affect you before, but this is the first time you’ve directly returned my stare). He thinks out loud about how something seems to have changed with her and that Shin was right in being curious about her. But then he simply says 「まあ、逃げないでくれるなら僕にはありがたいことだけどね」(Maa, I’m thankful that you’re not running away) and adds 「・・・そうだ。いっそ、僕と付き合ってみる?」(.. Ah, that’s right. How would you like to try dating me?). HERE COMES THE PROPOSAL キタ━━ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ━━!!

However, he amends his words with 「んー・・・いや。珍しいから付き合おうっていうのも君に失礼か」(Hm.. nevermind. Asking you out so unusually is rude) and so he tells her to forget what he just said before asking her to work hard with him. Orion is confused but forgets about it since they have to start working. There are an unusually large amount of customers and so even Waka helps and then Ukyo comes in the store.

At the back Waka muses on how Ukyo seems familiar and then picks up a magazine and flips to an interview page. Ukyo is a photographer for the magazine and Lin and Orion finally learn his name, but they’re still confused as to what Ukyo’s relationship to Lin is. Orion wonders if she wants to become a photographer and that’s how they knew each other.

When work ends, Orion talks about how they didn’t get to talk to Ukyo at all, but that it doesn’t matter since they should find someone they can trust in her co-workers. No one so far seems to hold any malice against her, which is a good thing. At any rate, they should head back home before it becomes dark.

Unfortunately they get lost and as they stand there thinking about what they should do a car doesn’t notice them and almost hits them. Ukyo suddenly appears and saves her though and then checks her for injuries while telling her that the person driving the car was on his cellphone. Lin asks him why he saved her and he responds with 「理由を聞かれてもな・・・。誰かを助けるのに理由がいる?」(To think you’re asking for a reason.. Do you need a reason to save someone?) and 「それに」(Besides..) but then trails off and tells her it’s nothing.

He tells her that’s he glad she’s not hurt and notes that she doesn’t have any wounds now, but if she feels any pain later on or her condition changes in the night she should phone her friends since she lives alone. Orion is surprised that Ukyo knows that much about her. His reasoning is that they can take her to the hospital and he asks if she has any friends that would immediately come to her help, but she tells him that she doesn’t.

His face becomes conflicted and he says slowly 「・・・それは困ったな。うーん・・・あまり、お勧めはしないんだけど・・・君の携帯をちょっと貸して」(… That’s troubling. Uhm.. this isn’t a very good idea but.. let me borrow your cellphone for a bit). He inputs his phone number and tells her to call him if she has a problem and that any time is fine. Orion thinks that Ukyo is a really kind and good kind of person. AHA.. HA.. HA.. IF ONLY YOU KNEW THE TRUTH ORION. I CAN’T COUNT HOW MANY TIMES I DIED TO THIS GUY.

Then Ukyo tells her that the first time they met was also because he saved her. He asks her if she remembers that time, but she apologizes and says that she doesn’t. His voice is filled with sadness as he says 「それは残念だけど、でも仕方ないな。気にしないでいいよ」(That’s disappointing, but it can’t be helped. Don’t worry about it) before he mutters something about she should remember it, but he doesn’t know if some influence would be able to cause it. Orion is puzzled because he didn’t catch the last bit of it.

But then Ukyo turns around and smiles over his shoulder at her as he tells her that he’ll be leaving now and that she should be careful walking home since he doesn’t want to meet her like this again (saving her from an accident). As he leaves Orion grumbles lightly about how if Ukyo is so concerned then he should walk her home, but then mentions how that would be a bit of a trouble.

Orion remembers that they’re lost though and then suddenly yells out for Ukyo to wait and escort them home. They finally manage to make it back by themselves and Orion talks again about how lucky it was that Ukyo was there to prevent that accident. He wonders if Ukyo lives on that street and points out that it’s close to her house. ORION IS AS CUTE AS ALWAYS~!

8月4日. In the morning Orion talks about how he is bad at sleeping early and waking up early and that his master gave him a lot of freedom. He tells her that his master is the person who created him, in other words a god. Then he mutters to himself about where someone called Niiru-sama went. Orion apologizes for talking about things that she doesn’t understand and tells her that they should head to work.

At work Waka comes in with a dark face and tells them that the cafe is closed for today, because a water pipe broke and there has been a leak. They head back out and Orion wonders what they should do and asks if they should wander around aimlessly. Ukyo appears and greets them though, making Orion surprised at the coincidence until he realizes that Ukyo was probably coming to the cafe.

Ukyo notices the sign talking about renovations being done and then accurately guesses that the water pipe must have broke. Orion is a bit alarmed at how right Ukyo is. Then Ukyo asks if she’s alright from yesterday’s events and she answers his question by asking him if he’s alright. This makes Ukyo smile and he thanks her for her concern before saying that he’s fine and that he has no injuries.

Then he adds 「・・・嬉しいな。誰かに心配してもらうのは随分久しぶりだ」(.. I’m happy. It’s been a surprisingly long time since someone worried about me). Then he says to her that he just came here to check up on her and is going to leave now to buy his lunch before heading home. Orion asks Lin what they should do and if they should call out to Ukyo. In the end, she asks if he wants to walk home with her and he turns back to her a bit surprised before telling her that he’s happy she invited him.

However, he soon looks away with narrowed eyes and says 「でも、俺は・・・」(But I..) and trails off. He notices her curious look and tells her it’s nothing before smiling nervously and saying 「ダメだな、やっぱり。君を前にすると、つい余計なことを言いそうになる」(As I thought, it’s no good. When I’m in front of you I start to say unnecessary things) and he adds that he’s weak to her and can’t seem to keep his guard up. He does accept her offer though and tells her that he’ll walk her to a certain street.

While they’re walking, Ukyo starts talking about how this street resembles the place that they first met, but he realizes that she seems to have forgotten it. He tells her that he was photographing things and she had just graduated highschool and was on a trip during March. She kept on getting lost on the streets and so he became her guide.

Their next meeting was just 4 days ago when he came to this town for work and coincidentally saw her at the gates of her university. He says that it was also coincidence that he met her at her workplace, since he just entered the first cafe that he saw. All of their meetings have been by chance, is what he tells her. HAH! LIKE I’M GOING TO BELIEVE THAT! Then he starts muttering about how if it is the influence of rewinding that is making her forget everything about him or if it’s something else.

Orion is confused at what Ukyo is muttering about, but suddenly the sound of something being thrown is heard. Ukyo rescues Lin again, this time from a potted plant. He asks if she’s alright and she replies that she is before she asks him if he’s alright. Ukyo tells her that he wouldn’t die from such a thing before he notes that if the potted plant had hit her on the head she would have been seriously injured. He’s glad that she isn’t, but then says quietly 「・・・けど、これは・・・」(.. But this is..). WHO THE HELL IS TRYING TO KILL HER CONSTANTLY. ANOTHER PSYCHOTIC FAN CLUB? OR UKYO’S EVIL DOPPELGANGER?!

Suddenly, he turns to her and tells her 「・・・悪いんだけど、明日はバイトを休んでもらえるかな」(… I’m sorry, but you don’t have to work tomorrow, right?) and 「少し俺に付き合って欲しいんだ。いい?」(I need you to accompany me for a little while. Is that alright?). Orion angrily asks what Ukyo is saying all of a sudden, but he calms down since it’s true that Lin doesn’t have work tomorrow. Orion asks her what she wants to do.

*** BAD END 「明日はバイトを休んでもらえるかな?」(You don’t have to work tomorrow, right?) ***

She refuses him and Ukyo smiles sadly before apologizing for suddenly saying such strange things. He tells her that he wanted to confirm something, but he’s probably just worrying too much. He tells her that he’s going to head home from here and that he hopes they’ll meet at her workplace again. Orion is puzzled but hesitantly says that it was probably for the best that they refused him.

They head home and get a text from Sawa talking about how it looks like they don’t have work tomorrow and that she heard from Waka about the renovations. The next day, Orion talks about how cold it is and whatnot and they decide to take a walk since they have nothing else to do. While walking around he asks if she can remember anything when suddenly an extreme shaking occurs and Orion tells Lin to run.

A huge slab of concrete falls on her though and the next scene is Ukyo’s voice asking her if she could stay in since she has no work. He adds that if she doesn’t do that then she might die.


She tells him that she will and he thanks her before apologizing for asking her out like this all of a sudden. He explains that he wants to confirm something. Ukyo then tells her that this is where they’ll separate since he has to head home, that he’ll come by her house around 1, and that she should be careful when walking home.

Orion sighs at how odd Ukyo is and the weird things that he seems to say, but it can’t be helped. At least they can ask him questions tomorrow and so then they head home where they get the mail from Sawa talking about how they have no work tomorrow.

8月5日. The next day Orion notes that it’s surprisingly cold for the summer and that they slept until twelve. Lin quickly prepares herself for Ukyo. Orion abruptly realizes that Ukyo knows where she lives and wonders if he walked her home once, while also wondering what it was that he had to confirm. Orion suddenly looks shocked before he shakily says that he hopes Ukyo isn’t going to try and confirm Lin’s amnesia. But he thinks that Ukyo is a pretty gentle man and so Lin should be at ease for today.

They head out to the front of her apartment to wait for Ukyo and he arrives while apologizing for making her wait even though he arrived a bit early too. Then he asks her where she wants to go before gently laughing and apologizing at causing her trouble for asking that suddenly, since he’s the one who invited her out. He decides to talk a walk with her so that he can also take photos.

The come to a stop at the train crossing and Ukyo asks her if she knows of any accidents involving people getting hit by the train. She tells him that there hasn’t been any and he quietly says something about how it seems to be safe for now but she should be careful around here. They pass a street and Ukyo talks about how they can see the fireworks from here, before realizing that the fireworks festival hasn’t passed.

Next stop is Kent and Ikki’s university, which Ukyo tells Lin about. He thinks out loud about how Kent is a researcher again and asks her if she had Kent as a special lecturer, but she doesn’t know. MAN IT’S LIKE HE KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN THE PARALLEL WORLDS. I’M NOT TOO SURPRISED SINCE I FIGURED SOMETHING LIKE THIS WAS HAPPENING. They got to a hospital next and Ukyo mumbles about if he mistook something and then he asks Lin if she came to the hospital recently or often, but she tells him that she hasn’t. Relieved, he tells her that they have no more business here then and takes her around the town.

They end up at a shrine and Ukyo apologizes for making her walk for so long. He tells her that he’s going to buy her some canned juice and then warns her about not approaching the well nearby, because it’s dangerous. Orion is curious about it though and tells Lin that he can’t see the bottom of the well and it’s completely dark. She goes to throw it in but the ground underneath her feet crumbles and she would have fallen in if Ukyo didn’t save her again.

Finally Ukyo starts explaining some things. He tells her that, in the time that she’s known him, there have been 3 attempts on her life; the potted plant, the car accident, and now the well. Two accidents may have been coincidence, but three is too much and so he says to her 「この世界は君を殺そうとしている」(This world is trying to kill you). Ukyo tells Lin that he’ll teach her how to break this fate if she listens to what he says.

He tells her that her life will be in danger through all of August. Orion interrupts by asking frantically what the heck Ukyo is talking about and if he can see the future, because that’s not possible. Even gods don’t have that power and so he wonders if Ukyo is playing a joke on Lin and wants to see her reaction. But he does admit that Ukyo has saved them three times.

Lin asks Ukyo if he can see the future, but he tells her that he doesn’t know the future he just knows the things that will happen here because he’s already experienced it. Ukyo only wants her to heed his warnings, but she can forget everything else about him. It’s almost evening now, though, and so they start to head back home and as they walk he muses out loud about how the evening sky is beautiful.

He talks about how, as a child, he played a lot with his father’s camera and took pictures of a lot of things. It was only when he looked up into a blue sky with no clouds though that he realized how beautiful the world is and so he took a picture of that and decided to become a photographer.

In the present, Ukyo tells Lin that whenever he looks at the sky he becomes at ease. Then he takes her hand and tells her that he’ll walk her home since it’s getting cold, but then he looks shocked and apologizes for taking her hand like that. Apparently it’s a habit from the past. Lin asks if they used to hold hands and Ukyo is silent as he stares at her with no expression. Finally, he tells her softly that they did or rather used to.

Lin is thrown into a memory of a past!Ukyo smiling happily as he holds hands with her, but she can still hear the present!Ukyo talking about how they used to walk down this street a lot holding hands. He goes on about how he didn’t think he’d get to meet her again, but that he’s really glad that they did.

Orion interrupts and brings Lin out of her memories by asking her why she suddenly stopped walking and asks if she remembered anything, but then says that she probably didn’t since he would have known. I WONDER WHY ORION IS COMPLETELY BLOCKED OFF FROM EVERYTHING THAT LIN IS REMEMBERING RIGHT NOW. At any rate, Ukyo tells her that they should start moving again and then laughs gently at himself about how he’s always careless around her and he can’t remain cautious.

At home, Orion talks about Ukyo and how strange he seems. He addresses the possibility of Ukyo knowing about parallel worlds and even coming from one, since that would give him the ability to sort of predict what would happen in this world. However, Orion then talks about how that should only be possible for spirits. As a mid-level spirit Orion can’t affect much and he can only know a few worlds, but a high-level spirt can do those things that he can’t. So he wonders if Ukyo is a spirit, but no matter how they look at it Ukyo just appears human.

In the end, Orion decides that Ukyo is simply a crazy person or someone who speaks nonsense. He tries to leave but Lin grabs him back which surprises him since he’s a spirit. She wants to hear more though and so he talks more on the topics of spirits and how parallel worlds are created everytime a person makes a choice, so even if a person knew what would happen the world would be changing minutely.

He also explains that spirits like him have the power to shift and go to worlds and that they can choose whatever time they want to appear. In a sense they can see the possibilities of that world, but once they’re in it then they can’t see the future of that world. RIGHT.. THIS EXPLANATION WAS CONFUSING AS HELL SO READ WHAT I WROTE WITH SKEPTICAL EYES. Orion doesn’t see what this has to do with Ukyo though since he seems like a normal human and so they call it a day.

8月6日. They go to work and meet Mine who asks Lin if she heard about the accident. Some sort of concrete building thing fell near her house and it was lucky that no one got hurt. Waka comes by and talks about that and how he was a bit worried for Mine and Lin who live close to it and then he also talks about the shop and how it is now renovated, but that it was depressing when the shop was filling up with water.

Mine asks who fixed the shop up in one day and if they hired a new co-worker. Waka just smiles and says that he did it by himself which shocks Mine and Orion and they both mutter about how he must be joking. Work is starting though and so they get ready. Their first customer is Ukyo who greets Lin cheerfully and tells her that he came to eat breakfast.

While Lin is working, Orion notes that Waka and Ukyo have gotten into a conversation about digital cameras and how Ukyo’s views on cameras and the way he takes pictures are different from other photographers. Toma and Shin come in at this time and greet Lin with Shin asking her if she’s working seriously and Toma asking if she’s working hard.

Lin greets them with the trademark phrase and this makes Shin look away while blushing and Toma mutters about how he hears and sees it often, but when he feels strange when it’s directed towards him. Mine comes by and greets them while pointing out that they really seem to like coming here for breakfast.

Waka asks Lin if she has a free hand and tells her to service Ukyo who is ready to pay his bill. Ukyo gives her the exact amount of money before telling her softly to keep her distance from Shin and Toma. He doesn’t want her to rely on any of the two for support. AWW, UKYO, I DON’T MIND SHIN THAT MUCH. I DEFINITELY AGREE WITH YOU ON TOMA THOUGH.. THAT CRAZY YANDERE..

Orion and Lin turn their attention to the two men in question and overhear them arguing with one another. Shin is so annoyed at Toma that he starts accidently pouring salt into his coffee instead of sugar and Toma laughingly tells Shin that he shouldn’t have invited him out if Shin thought that he was annoying. Shin growls out that he doesn’t find him just annoying, but that he gets the urge to kill him sometimes. Toma smiles at that and thanks him for the praise.

All of a sudden though, Shin turns to Lin and asks her if she’s free tomorrow because he wants to invite her out to watch a live concert. Orion is shocked at how sudden this is and then Toma interrupts by sighing and saying that it’s a shame that Shin asked first since he wanted to invite Lin out to watch the movies. However, he tells her 「けど、シンが先ならそっちに譲るよ。俺は遠慮しとく」(But, Shin asked you first so I can hand you over to him. You can refuse me).

Shin is annoyed at what Toma is saying and asks him if it won’t be a problem if she refuses him. At any rate, he tells Lin to decide between the two of them and choose one over the other. Orion panics in the background but Lin just tells him that she can’t choose between the two of them. Shin sighs, but realizes that she’s just that kind of person and it can’t be helped. Toma apologizes for the two of them asking her out on the same day.

At home Orion talks about how Ukyo seemed to have known that Toma and Shin would ask her out, because he warned her not to get close to them minutes before they asked. He wonders if it was just coincidence, but then grumbles about how there are far too many coincidences around Ukyo. He still stands by his belief of Ukyo not being able to tell the future.

8月7日. There is a commotion at work and it turns out that Rika came to the cafe to see Lin and berate Lin for not texting her, since she heard about the accident that was close to Lin’s house and was really worried. Waka comes by to tell her to lower her voice and Rika apologizes for making a scene, before saying that she just came to check up on Lin and will leave now.

Lin asks Sawa about Rika and finds out from Sawa that she and Rika are really close friends, which shocks Orion as he tries to imagine that. They also learn about Rika being the director of a fan club and Orion wonders what kind of fan club. Their conversation is interrupted by a customer who turns out to be Ukyo with a frown on his face. He is silent and unresponsive to Sawa as she tries to serve him.

Suddenly he walks up to Lin and mutters about how it looks as if Rika is a good friend to Lin this time around instead of being an enemy. He tells her that, if she can, it would be wise to become good friends with Rika so that if anything happened there would be no grudges. He ignores Sawa again and takes his usual seat and work continues on as normal.

Waka and Ukyo start talking about his pictures again and Waka is impressed with the pictures he took of the town. Ukyo shows him a picture of a sleeping sparrow that he took in the park. Waka flips through more of his pictures before noticing something that Ukyo tries to stop him from seeing, but it’s too late. Waka smirks and talks about how it’s an honor for a picture to have been taken in his shop and if the person in question has seen it.

Ukyo’s voice is quiet and embarrassed as he says 「・・・伏せといてください。それは、その」(.. Please turn that over. That is.. Uhm..). Waka notes that it’s a picture that was taken secretly and Ukyo tells him that he wasn’t trying to be a pervert or had malicious intentions, but that the moment was just too beautiful. Waka simply smiles and says that he understands and that it’s something professional photographers often say. He also tells Ukyo that he won’t say anything or do anything and Ukyo thanks him gratefully. BLUSHING!UKYO IS SO ADORABLE HERE! HIS STUTTERING VOICE~ HEEHEE!

They continue talking about photographing and Orion thoughtfully says that he doesn’t know what they’re talking about at all. He couldn’t see the picture that they were looking at and so he doesn’t know the topic of the conversation. Since it can’t be helped and they have nothing else to do they head to the kitchen to check her cellphone for the text that Rika sent. From the mail they figure that Rika really is a good friend of Lin’s and that they might have met in the fan club.

Waka comes back to the kitchen to tell Lin to take a parfait and tea out to the guests. She delivers the parfait and then takes the tea to Ukyo who tells her to set it on the side. Orion notes that the picture that the two were talking about and looking at seems to have been put away and that it’s a shame. Ukyo uses this time to warn her not to go to the station, because there will be a person who randomly attacks people there.

After work they return home safely and Orion is still suspicious of Ukyo’s warnings and asks if Lin believes in them. She tells him that she does but Orion is skeptical. At least they didn’t have any business at the station and so didn’t have to go there. He finds it odd that Ukyo didn’t walk her home if he was so worried about her though.

Suddenly they get a text from Toma asking them to look at the news and telling her to stay at home if she’s there. When they turn on the news they hear about a man who randomly tried to stab a young female, but luckily there were no serious injuries and the man was subdued. After that they get a phone call from Ukyo, who is using a payphone, asking if she’s alright and if she is safe at home. Orion is curious as to how Ukyo knows her phone number.

Lin asks if Ukyo is alright and he tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about him, but should save all her concern for herself. He does thank her for her worry though and then tells her that he’s near his house using the payphone because his cellphone died. Before he hangs up though, Lin asks him for the reason why he is warning her about all of these. He once again rhetorically asks if he needs a reason to save someone before sighing and telling her 「・・・別に、特別な理由はないよ。ただ俺は、君を・・・」(.. It’s not a particularly special reason. It’s just that I… for you..).

Ukyo is silent for a long time before he tells her 「・・・君に、生きていて欲しいだけなんだ」(.. It’s just that I want you to live) and 「君はそのままでいて欲しい。できることなら、何も知らないままでーー」(I want you to stay the way you are, if it’s possible, without knowing anything..).

8月8日. Orion informs Lin that he’s been thinking all night about what if Ukyo was behind everything. She looks at him with a skeptical look and asks him what the motive would be behind that and he flounders for one before saying that it might be to get to her. Except it doesn’t explain the random person attacker from yesterday unless Ukyo hired him, but then Orion realizes that Ukyo doesn’t need to go through such a roundabout way of getting close to Lin. He can just brainwash her personally since it’s not like they suspect him.

It’s a contradiction and Orion finally gives up by saying that Ukyo is scary. He understands that Ukyo seems to be really worried for Lin and doesn’t seem to have any ill intent but, because he knows everything and they don’t know what he’s trying to do, it makes Orion nervous. At any rate, today there is no work for her so they try to figure out what to do and decide to reply to Toma’s mail to let him know that she’s alright. Orion comments on how she has a lot of people who worry about her.

Suddenly she gets a mail from someone whose name isn’t written. It turns out to be Ukyo who asks her if she can meet him at this alleyway that he marked for her in 30 minutes. Orion is a bit hesitant, since he’s scared, but he thinks that talking to Ukyo would be a good idea; however they get another mail immediately after the first one and it’s Ukyo, but this time he tells them to disregard the first mail and not to leave the house with multiple exclamation points.

Orion is annoyed at Ukyo for asking them to go out somewhere and then telling them not to leave. He grumbles about how Ukyo should make up his mind and then asks Lin what she wants to do.

*** BAD END 「このくらいは苦しんでもらわないと」(If it’s like this you won’t feel any pain) ***

Lin decides to go and Orion agrees optimistically while saying that if anything happens they can just return home. They reach the alleyway and Orion looks around curiously wondering why Ukyo would schedule a meeting in a place like this when suddenly a loud noise is heard and a steel frame from above comes crashing down on Lin pinning her in place and stabbing her.

She sees Ukyo standing close to her and she tries to ask him why he would do such a thing, but ends up coughing up blood. His face changes from sad to psychotic and he drawls out 「・・・なんだ、まだ息があったのか。かわいそうにね」(… Why it seems like you’re still breathing. How pitiful). Then he tells her to look on the bright side because dying this way is definitely going to be less painful than being with him.


Lin decides not to go and Orion agrees since the Ukyo himself said for them not to go. They stay at home and watch some television, but 15 minutes later someone knocks on the door. It turns out to be Ukyo who is panting and gasps out that he’s glad she’s at home and safe and that he wouldn’t know what he would do if she had left to go to that place. He tells her that used all his power to run over here and needs a few minutes to rest and then he chuckles sat how he didn’t just call a taxi.

After he regains his breath he tells her that he’s going to return home now and she should just stay inside the whole day. Orion yells at him to wait because he doesn’t understand anything at all and Lin asks if he wants to come in and drink some tea before he leaves. Ukyo turns back to her and says flatly that he can’t be alone with her if no one is around, because he has no confidence in himself not to do anything strange. He quickly leaves after that and Orion watches him with a small smile.

He appreciates how worried Ukyo seems to be for Lin and admires how the man ran all the way over to check up on her. The problem though is that they still don’t know why he was so worried. If only they could have asked him some questions and another problem is that she still hasn’t regained any of her memories.

8月9日. Lin goes to work and finds Kent and Mine squabbling playfully with each other after Kent makes a remark about how surprising it is to find them coming in early. Waka comes by to tell Lin that Ikki came by to see her, but once he learned that she had a late shift, he left to go home. Mine sighs in envy at how Ikki seems to think only about Lin, while Kent scoffs and replies that Ikki wants to get close to every girl’s heart and that it reminds him of someone. Mine glares at him and tells him not to say unnecessary things.

While they work, Waka comes by to ask Mine and Lin for some help and hands them a book to take to a customer. Mine teases him by saying that he’s just following the new fad and Waka looks down silently before saying that since they didn’t know then it might seem that way, but the book was his grandfather’s book about photography and he really loved it. Mine instantly apologizes and looks very guilty, before Waka tells her that it was all a joke. Everyone is instantly silent and shocked.

Turns out that Waka also told the same story to Ukyo and showed him the book. Apparently, Ukyo cried at the story. Orion is surprised that Ukyo came by but didn’t say anything to them and so he figures that nothing bad will happen. Then he scolds Waka by saying that he shouldn’t be making his customers cry. They get home from work safely and Orion sighs in pleasure at how no attempts at her life happened.

He talks about how it would be nice if every day could pass as peacefully as this, before looking shocked and then yelling that he completely forgot about his job of trying to return her memories. Orion apologizes greatly for losing sight of his purpose as her support and tells her that tomorrow they’ll work hard at returning her memories.

8月10日. Work proceeds normally without problems except for one. Apparently, a couple came in and when Sawa tried to serve them the girlfriend grew angry at how cute the maids were and left. Toma overhears this and wonders if he should have gone to serve them instead, but Sawa tells her that in that case the boyfriend would have gotten angry and that some situations just can’t be helped.

After work Lin and Orion stroll around the town trying to find something that looks familiar or will trigger her memories. They end up at the park and Orion talks about how his world doesn’t have a lot of trees so he really likes this place and is glad that she likes it too. Unfortunately though this place doesn’t seem to be triggering any memories and Orion wonders if they should head to some place that has more people and activity.

Suddenly, they find Ukyo sleeping on the ground and both of them are completely shocked. Orion even gets angry at why he’s just randomly sleeping in a place like this and then says 「まさか・・・具合悪くて倒れたとか?顔色あんまり良くないし・・・ああ、それはいつもか」(Could it be.. that he collapsed from bad health? The color of his face doesn’t look to good.. Oh wait, that’s how it always is). ORION’S FLAT VOICE AT THE END OF THIS SENTENCE MADE ME SNORT OUT LOUD.

Ukyo wakes up slowly with a frown on his face and his eyes are slits as he speaks in a low voice full of rage 「・・・ここは・・・あぁ・・・くそ、オレはまだ・・・生きているのか・・・」(.. This place.. Aah.. Damnit.. it seems like I’m still living..). Then he adds 「・・・また・・・オレは・・・」(.. Again.. I..) and talks about not being able to leave this world. Orion shakily asks Lin if she thinks that Ukyo’s personality is strange and then says that he’s scared. As they back away though Lin’s clothing gets caught on a bush and Ukyo instantly notices them.

He growls out “You!” before lunging at her and lifting her up by her collar. He starts strangling her while yelling 「おまえのせいで・・・おまえのために、オレは・・・」(It’s all your fault… It’s because of you that I…) and 「おまえさえいなければ・・・そうすれば、オレは・・・!!」(If you were no longer here.. In that case I..!!). HURRY UP AND TELL ME WHAT YOU REALLY WANT UKYO! FINISH YOUR DAMN SENTENCES BECAUSE THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.

Lin manages to kick herself free and they stand up to try and run, but Ukyo grips his chest and comes back to himself confused and wondering what she’s doing here. He abruptly realizes the situation and apologizes greatly for her while telling her not to approach him if he’s sleeping because he doesn’t know how he will react when he wakes up. Lin asks him if she can approach him when he’s awake and he says sharply that he’s even more dangerous awake and that she should always keep 2 meters away from him.

He also gives her a list of places to leave him alone if he’s sleeping like this park and a few streets. Orion wonders if Ukyo is homeless and Lin ends up asking that. Ukyo laughs at that and tells her that he does have a house but he doesn’t like sleeping in a place where there will be no one to stop him when he wakes up since he lives alone. His reasoning for sleeping during the afternoon or in places where there are people is so that he won’t do something strange.

Orion doesn’t understand him at all. Then Ukyo asks if she thinks of him as a strange person and tells her that it can’t be helped since he always predicts these terrible events befalling her. He tries to explain to her that he sees these in a dream and then rhetorically asks her if she would believe him if he said that. In the end, he tells her that she wouldn’t believe the truth even more and that it’s easier for her to just think of him as some strange person who sees things in dreams.

Ukyo looks around him and notes that there aren’t a lot of people in the park today and that they should head to a place with more people. He cheers up and says that they can go to a shop that she liked from before, because it’d probably still be open at this time. However, as soon as he says this he immediately takes back his words and tells her to ignore what he said while berating himself for inviting her out. He tells her that he’s still confused from waking her up and in the end says that he’ll walk her home.

Along the way home Ukyo promises that he’ll find a place farther away from her house to sleep. Orion exasperatedly points out that Ukyo shouldn’t even be sleeping outside in the first place. Then Ukyo tells her slowly that he probably shouldn’t say it, since it’s not right, but he was really glad that he could meet her today. He knows he shouldn’t continue meeting her, but he just can’t seem to stop himself.

This triggers a memory in Lin of hearing him say those words often. She remembers seeing him in front of her university gates asking if that really happened and if she’s real. He tells her that this must be a lie, the way that they’re meeting, because he didn’t think that they’d meet each other again. He confesses that he regretted it when they parted without him asking for her cellphone number because he wanted to talk to her more. He tells her that he’s really happy they met today.

The next memory is of Ukyo standing at the train crossing asking her if he is really alright. He quickly amends his words saying that he’s not doubting her, but that he didn’t expect such a fast answer from her. He tells her that it’s no use and he can’t seem to find hid words, because his mind is completely blank. He says haltingly 「こういう時ってなんて言ったらいいのかな」(What should I say in times like these..), 「今の俺の気持ち、どうすれば君に伝えわるんだろう」(What can I do.. to convey my feelings right now to you), and 「俺は今、すごくーー」(Right now.. I’m very–).

Lin returns back to the present in time to hear Ukyo tell him that this is far enough and that he’ll see her at the cafe tomorrow. She steps closer to him though and his voice is a little puzzled and teasing as he says 「・・・ん?何?駄目だよ。さっき俺に近づかないようにって言ったばかりだろう?」(… Hn? What? You shouldn’t do this. Didn’t I tell you not to come close to me just a while ago?). Orion asks her what she’s doing and Lin asks Ukyo what and how he thinks of her. This shocks Orion who tells her not to ask that so suddenly.

Ukyo falls completely silent and averts his eyes, while Orion points out in the background how her sudden question made Ukyo fall silent, but then Ukyo looks at her and tells her softly 「好きだよ・・・君を誰より・・・そう、俺自身よりも大切に思ってる」(I love you.. more than anyone else. Yes, I think of you as being more important than myself) and then he confesses 「君は知らないし覚えていないだろうけど、俺はずっと君を求めてきたんだよ」(You don’t know and you don’t remember, but I’ve been continuously looking for you).

He tells her that it’s already been an extremely long time that he’s continued to find her. Then he tells her that’s why she shouldn’t get close to him because his feelings are extremely strong and heavy and nothing good will come out of her accepting it.

Back at home, Orion is shocked to learn that she regained some of her memories. He doesn’t believe her though because he tells her that he should be able to feel her regaining her memories, not to mention that if she actually regained most of her memories then he should be disappearing or fading but that’s clearly not the case. The night ends with Orion asking her what exactly she is seeing.

8月11日. In the morning Orion greets her and then brings up the question of why she is working so hard during the summer and if she needs the money for something. They look at the calendar and find out that she wrote the name of the city that she met Ukyo in for the first time. Orion wonders if the Lin from before was earning money so that she could take another trip there and meet Ukyo.

At work Lin is greeted by Waka and Mine who start talking about the fireworks festival that is coming up. Ukyo enters the shop early and then realizes that they haven’t officially opened yet and so he apologizes by saying that he’ll go outside. Waka tells him that 5 minutes doesn’t make much of a difference and Mine leaves to change the sign, while Waka informs Ukyo that they were just talking about the fireworks festival. He asks if Ukyo if he’s going to take pictures and also take a girl with him like Lin.

Ukyo simply smiles though and says that she probably wouldn’t want to go out with a strange man that she doesn’t know. He also adds that his relationship with her is strictly business and softly adds 「・・・今までも、これからもね」(… Now and from now on). Orion is shocked and exclaims that he thought Ukyo loved her and considered her more precious than anything else and yet now he doesn’t even seem to care.

Ikki slips himself in the conversation saying 「へぇ、それなら僕が誘っちゃっても問題はないですね」(Heeh, in that case there’s no problem if I invite her then). Waka chides him for almost being late with 30 seconds left and Ikki smirks while saying that he’s being very careful not to break that. At any rate, he repeats his invitation to Lin and Waka remembers that Ikki came by the cafe to see her for this reason. Ikki nods and says that he was going to invite her by text, but figured that seeing her in person was better.

Ukyo is standing by the side silent and when everyone looks at him, he tells Lin to go. He can’t go, but if she is being escorted by someone like Ikki then he won’t mind. After he says this he asks Waka if he can take a seat and Waka leads him off while Ikki and Lin watch them leave. Ikki thinks out loud that he thought Ukyo had an interest in her, but it doesn’t seem to be like that.

At any rate, he’s going to text Lin the details and they start working. Mine glares silently at Lin and tells her that she wanted to be Ikki’s date and that Lin is unfair, before running off yelling that Lin is an idiot. Orion growls in annoyance at Ikki because he thinks it’s Ikki’s fault that Mine is now angry at them and calls Ikki an idiot.

At home, Lin gets an email from Ikki talking about how Rika wants to come along and if she’s free tomorrow to hang out with them. Orion is a little worried that they might slip and make a mistake, but he knows that they need to talk to people to have more chances to regain her memories and so Lin agrees to go. Then Orion switches the topic to Ukyo about how he wants to know what the man is thinking and if his feelings for Lin are real or not.

8月12日. Lin meets up with Rika in front of the station and she tells Lin that she heard from Ikki about how he invited Lin to the fireworks festival. She asks slowly if Lin thinks that she’s angry and jealous at that, but then breaks out in laughter and says that she isn’t at all because she got invited to the beach by Ikki and this makes her ranking higher than Lin’s.

Orion finally pieces it together and realizes that Rika and Lin became friends because they’re in the same fan club. Then he realizes with shock that Ikki has a fan club already even though he’s just a university student. He says dazedly that he did think Ikki was a cool person, but to think that he has a fan club.. Ikki arrives by this time and notes how Rika and Lin are such good friends.

Ikki apologizes for coming late, because even though he left early he still got held up by his fan club. Rika apologizes for that and tells him that she’ll talk to them later, but he tells her not to worry about that. Instead he asks if they’re alright because he’s always with the two of them and Rika nearly swoons from happiness at having Ikki’s concern. She tells him that he doesn’t need to worry though because Lin is her close friend and the rest of the girls in the fan club are just young girls that can’t match up.

Orion repeats Rika’s words in shock while Ikki hums thoughtfully. He decides to leave it in Rika’s hands but tells them that if anything happens to tell him and he’ll think of something to do. He confesses that it would probably be better if he kept his distance from them but then that would be lonely. They’re the only two girls who act like regular friends around him. Once again Rika nearly swoons from happiness.

Ikki tells them that he’s going to take them to a yukata shop that he found and starts walking, but Rika takes Lin to the side and tells her a few things. She warns Lin not to stand out a lot because there has been a new fangirl that considers Ikki to be hers. She also tells Lin that she knows Lin doesn’t have any feelings toward Ikki and that Ikki has no romantic feelings towards Lin and that is why he often talks to her and invites her out, but other people don’t and won’t see it that way. Rika tells Lin to try and keep it quiet that she’s going to the fireworks festival with Ikki.

The day ends with no trouble and Orion is relieved that they didn’t do anything suspicious. He also recalls with amusement at how many stares they got for walking between Rika and Ikki and thanks Rika for glaring the strangers into submission. However he’s worried about Rika’s warning and asks Lin if she should maybe refuse Ikki. Lin decides to text Ukyo for advice and Orion agrees because Ukyo seems to know things that they don’t know and is concerned about her safety.

Ukyo answers her 5 minutes later telling her to go, because either way the fangirls will be angry. If she goes and accepts Ikki’s invitation then they’ll be angry, but if she refuses him then they’ll be angry. He also tells her that nothing is going to happen tomorrow and so she should go and have fun. Orion is surprised and a bit depressed that Ukyo didn’t sound jealous or try to stop her at all.

8月13日. The next day Lin wakes up at 3 and Orion is shocked that they slept so late. Thankfully the fireworks festival doesn’t start until evening, but he once again thinks about Ukyo and wonders if it’s really alright for them to go and have fun at the festival even though he said that they could. Lin decides in the end not to go to the festival and sends a text to Ikki apologizing for cancelling, but that she’s not feeling too well.

Ikki replies with a warm text telling her that he understands and that she should rest. He tells her not to worry about his side and that he wants her to get better. Orion smiles at how kind Ikki’s words are and muses on how he really is a nice person. Now they send a text to Ukyo explaining the situation so that his side will be fine as well, that is if he was even feeling jealous. Orion decides that they should stay in the house for the rest of the night, because it’d be bad if they went outside and bumped into Ikki.

Orion wonders out loud about whether or not Ukyo will go to see the fireworks, because everyone else probably will. Or maybe Ukyo locked himself in his house to stop himself from seeing Lin like he said. Or maybe he’s sleeping outside again. Orion mentions how Ukyo is extremely worried for Lin, but doesn’t seem to take care of himself. Lin tells Orion that she’s worried and curious about Ukyo and wants to meet him and this makes Orion blush at how bluntly she said it.

He’s proud that, even without her memories, she can confront and understand her own feelings though and tells her that they’ll go searching for Ukyo then. They call him and send him a text asking to meet up, but he doesn’t respond, and so they go searching the town for him. Night falls and the fireworks start. They still haven’t found Ukyo and so they head to the park to watch the fireworks and Orion is competely amazed at them.

As a spirit he can’t do anything and so he’s in awe of how humans can create beautiful things like fireworks. He confesses that if he was a human, or became one, he would want to create beautiful things. Suddenly they hear a noise and it’s Ukyo who asks them what they’re doing here and if she got lost from Ikki’s side. Lin tells him that she wanted to meet him which shocks Ukyo and he looks away from her while muttering about how even though she doesn’t remember him or the time they spent together, she still searched for him?

He softly calls her an idiot before saying 「俺に近づいてら良くないって警告しただろう」(Didn’t I warn you that it wasn’t wise to get close to me?) and 「会いたいなんて、そんなこと言ったら、駄目だ」(You shouldn’t say those words about wanting to meet me). He hugs her and his voice becomes shaky as he quietly murmurs 「・・・俺も、君に会いたかったよ。けど駄目だ。俺は君に会ったら駄目なんだよ」(… I also want to meet you. But I can’t. Meeting you is something I shouldn’t do).

His voice almost cracks as he confesses that touching her like this with his hands is something he shouldn’t do either. He tells her 「君を好きだなんて、・・・愛してるなんて、そんな言葉も俺には言う資格がない」(Liking you… loving you.. I have no right to say words like those). Ukyo chokes out 「だって俺は・・・俺は君を、何度もこの手でーー」(Because I.. to you, many times with these hands, I’ve–). Lin gently falls into a memory of her being in a hospital and hearing Ukyo confess his love for her before he asks her tearily to wake up and say something and that he wants to embrace her ten times, no a hundred times, and confess his love to her.

Memory!Ukyo’s voice is desperate as he tells her even he’d even be content with her just opening her eyes one more time. He adds 「他には何も望まない、俺のことなんか忘れてもいい、だから、どうか・・・!」(I don’t have any other wish. I’d even be fine with being forgotten.. so that’s why.. please..!) and he begs 「彼女を助けてくれーー・・・!」(Save this girl..!). THE PLOT THICKENS.. DID UKYO MAKE SOME KIND OF DEVIL DEAL WITH SOMEONE?! GOD HE’S SO TRAGIC THAT THIS WHOLE STORY IS DELICIOUS. I’M LOVING UKYO.

8月14日. Today is a work day and Orion is looking forward to hearing her co-workers talk about the fireworks festival. He also wonders if Ukyo is going to come into the cafe because Orion wants to talk to him some more. He finds it odd that even though Ukyo has such strong feelings for Lin, they’re not getting a lot of memories. As they walk to work Orion mentions about how they’ve finally gotten used to these streets and that they were lucky that on their first day of work Sawa invited Lin to walk with her and Mine.

Abruptly something his Lin’s back and Orion tells her in alarm that it’s all red. He wonders if it’s blood and then from behind they hear the bitch squad rear their ugly heads as they insult Lin about how the color doesn’t suit her and how she shouldn’t do unnecessary things. They quickly run away after and Orion yells after them and tries to chase them, but quickly returns back to Lin and asks her if she’s alright.

It turns out that she was hit by red ink that won’t be able to be washed off. Lin decides to continue on to the cafe and change into her work clothes there, since her house is too far. They meet Mine who explains that Sawa couldn’t make it to work, probably because she didn’t meet her report deadline, and so Toma is covering for her. Then she notices Lin’s back and is shocked before she reveals that the fangirls came in yesterday and were noisily chatting about what Ikki is going to do during the fireworks festival.

To shut them up Mine accidently told them that Ikki had invited Lin out and so now they’re after her for revenge. Orion yells at Mine for that, but Lin tells her not to worry. Mine feels extremely guilty and tells her that Lin should be angry at her and if she’s nice like this then Mine won’t be able to be her love rival and hate Lin for taking Ikki away from her since she’s a fan. At any rate, she tells Lin that her house is close and so she’ll head over there before work starts to bring a change of clothes for Lin as an apology.

Orion is pleased with how nice Mine is and, as they stand there waiting, he wonders about why even though she has no memories she seems to be regaining her personality. It’s a good thing that is happening, but he doesn’t know why it is. They’re suddenly interrupted by Toma who looks shocked and forcefully asks her what happened to her since her back is covered in red ink. Orion remembers that Toma is Lin’s co-worker and figures that they should tell him what happened, but then he remembers the warning from Ukyo about not getting close to Shin and Toma.

*** BAD END 「ずっと、一緒だよ」(Let’s be together forever) ***

Lin tells Toma that Ikki’s fan club did it and he instantly falls into his dark face as he talks about how she can leave everything to him. From here on out, he won’t let her get hurt anymore. Orion hesitantly thanks Toma for that and then they continue to work as normal.

In the back of the kitchen, Waka tells Lin that he heard the situation from Mine. He tells her that if any trouble occurs then she can tell him and he’ll help her and for these 24 hours he’ll destroy anyone who bothers her. Orion is a little frightened and shocked and says slowly that he’d like to thank Waka for his kind words, but they weren’t exactly words that a person should be grateful for.

Soon they get a phone call from a payphone and it turns out to be Ukyo. He apologizes for not being able to go to the cafe, but that his health is bad. Orion urges Lin to tell him about the incident with the fangirls and Ukyo listens to her in silence before advising her that the fangirls may try to invite her to the mountains and that she should refuse no matter what. He tells her that if she goes then she’ll die in the woods and someone will kill her.

However, his voice changes and it is clearly psychotic!Ukyo who is talking to her. He asks her teasingly if she would even believe in his words and so she should go to the mountains because it would be fun and he’d get to see her. He grapples a bit with himself in the conversation, telling her not to go and that he didn’t mean that, before switching back to crazy mode and telling her to go and then cutting the phone call. Orion is a bit confused as to what they should do.

Then he asks Lin what she thinks about Ukyo and that he finds Ukyo to be strange. He thinks that they should keep their distance from him, just like Ukyo told them to. But for some reason, and this makes him afraid, he doesn’t want to stop seeing Ukyo especially since Ukyo is so concerned for Lin. He asks her what she thinks toward Ukyo and his feelings for her and Lin replies that she wants to know more about him. Orion agrees and says that they’ll think about the mountain invitation when it happens, but for now they have to return back to work.

The next day they wake up and Orion comments on how cold it is, despite it being the middle of August. Her doorbell rings though and it turns out to be Toma who apologizes for coming to her house, but that he took care of the problem with the fangirls and wants her to come with him. Lin follows him and he explains that he talked to Rika and found out about the girls who threw the ink at Lin. He takes her to his house and there’s a red stain on his floor which he tells her is ink. HAHA.. YEAH.. RIGHT.

Toma smirks slowly and darkly as he explains that she must be surprised since it looks a lot like blood, but he wouldn’t kill the fangirls. If they’re still out there then he has a reason to keep her from going outside. He apologizes to her, but tells her that he has to keep his promise and 「おまえは、誰にも傷つけさせない。必ずーー俺が守るから」(I won’t let anyone hurt you. Without a doubt–I’ll protect you). He tells her that she’ll remain here until she dies and that they’ll be together forever. GODDAMNIT TOMA WHY THE CAGE AGAIN!? WHY DOES YOUR YANDERE VOICE HAVE TO BE SO SEXY TOO.. I’M HAVING INAPPROPRIATE FEELINGS FOR THIS SCENE.


Lin tells Toma that it’s only a little bullying and he realizes that she won’t confess in him so he sighs before letting her get away with it. However, he tells her forcefully that if it happens again he’s going to make her answer all of his questions properly. Orion winces and mutters under his breath about how scary Toma is. The scene with Waka and the phone call from Ukyo happens as written above.

8月15日. The next day also happens as normal with Orion commenting on the weather, but this time he asks Lin if she wants to go anywhere since there is no work today. Lin tells him that she wants to go out and Orion tells her to pick a place that she wants to go and so she decides to find Ukyo. They travel around the town looking for him and end up at the shrine without finding him. He hasn’t replied to their calls or texts either.

Orion wonders if Ukyo went to the cafe and as they try to decide if they want to head there, they find Ukyo sleeping on the ground. As they look at him, and Orion complains about how they were searching for him all this time while he was just sleeping here, they see him crying. Lin is brought into a memory of Ukyo explaining that his grandfather died and left him this house and that he loves this house because he has a lot of memories in it.

However, because he was just an elementary student when his grandfather died the house had to be left behind and sold since he couldn’t keep it. His parents took him with them out of the country too and so the house was left behind. Now 15 years later he’s come back for it and expected to see it destroyed, but it’s still there. Lin remembers that she read about the house and came to see it and that was when she met Ukyo there.

He explains that he feels like he’s meeting his grandfather again and it makes him extremely happy. Tears start flowing down his face, but his voice is strong as he apologizes for crying in front of her and how silly it must seem for a man to be crying in front of a woman. Lin tells him that anyone would cry at seeing their precious place again and he thanks her for her consideration of his feelings. Finally, he introduces himself as Ukyo and asks her name.

Lin is brought back to the present and Ukyo wakes up from his sleep. Orion is shocked and feeling vertigo at having experienced that memory with Lin, which means that it was a real one, and is now worried about what they should do and if they should hide somewhere before Ukyo notices them. He remembers that Ukyo wakes up in a bad mood. They don’t make it in time though and Ukyo sees her. Thankfully, his expression remains soft and he says to her 「ああ・・・なんだ。そこにいたんだ。良かった・・・」(Aa.. what.. so that’s where you are. I’m glad..).

He embraces her before confessing 「ずっと嫌な夢を見てたんだ・・・。ひどい夢で・・・君がいなくなってしまうんだ」(I kept on seeing a bad dream.. A cruel dream.. one where you weren’t there) and he adds 「悲しくて、苦しくて・・・君をずっと探し続けて、・・・そのせいで・・・壊れて・・・」(It was sad, painful.. I continued to search for you endlessly,.. because of that.. I broke..) before trailing off in a dark voice 「挙句、俺は・・・」(In the end I…). But then his voice becomes tearful as he says 「・・・けど、良かった。あれは全部夢なんだ」(… But, I’m glad. Everything was just a dream).

Ukyo says to her 「君は、ちゃんとここにいる。ちゃんと・・・」(You’re really here.. really..), but then he suddenly realizes where he really is with 「・・・え、あれ・・・?」(… Eh, what…?). He blushes bright red when he notices that he’s hugging Lin tightly and starts stuttering out his apologies while releasing her. He exclaims that he must have fell asleep again and then says that he must have touched her and that he’s really sorry for his shameless right hand. LMAO UKYO NO NEED TO BE SUCH A PRUDE. IN FACT I LOVED THAT CG WITH HIM CARESSING HER HEAD LIKE THAT. EVEN ORION AGREES!

Orion pipes in from the background saying that his right hand isn’t the problem here. Lin teases him by asking him if he would do that do anyone and Ukyo forcefully tells her that it’s not like that and it’s only her. This makes Orion say in exasperation 「いや、君だけにセクハラしますって宣言されても困るんだけど」(Umm, declaring that you only sexually harass her is also a problem). Ukyo tells her again that he said it before not to come close to him when he’s sleeping. WHY DO YOU MAKE ME LAUGH SO MUCH ORION?!

He talks about how he’s dangerous when he just wakes up and he doesn’t know what mood he’ll wake up him. Lin tells him that she understands and Ukyo smiles at her while nodding at her good answer. He also tells her that if he does wake up then she should hide herself from him, because if he can’t see her then she’ll be safe. Orion mumbles in the background about what kind of person says that kind of thing about themselves. Ukyo’s face then softens and he tells her 「・・・あのさ、俺は、リン・・・」(.. You see.. I.. Lin..) and then his face darkens into his crazy form.

Ukyo grips his chest though and forcefully pushes his darker self away choking out 「・・・駄目だ、また・・・!」(.. I can’t, again..!). He starts breathing heavily and apologizes in between his breaths saying that today is enough and that she should head home while he leaves. Orion is worried and asks if it’s okay to leave Ukyo while he’s in pain like this. Ukyo apologizes again for the suddenness of it all and tells her to be careful on her way home and not to come close to the shrine.

Orion watches him disappear and then wonders if Ukyo has some sort of illness. At any rate, he’s glad that they managed to regain one of her memories although he wonders what time the memory happened at because it felt like that wasn’t the first time that Lin and Ukyo met. ALL THIS FORESHADOWING AT UKYO HAVING MET HER MULTIPLE TIMES.. PARALLEL WORLD JUMPER?! ORION’S MASTER? MASTER OF EVERYTHING?

8月16日. In the morning, Orion once again talks about how glad he is that her memories are returning and promises to work hard to regain the rest of them. They go to work and Lin is told by Shin to bring some tea to table eight, which turns out to be Ukyo talking to Waka again. They overhear that Ukyo actually studied abroad and just recently returned to Japan and met Lin while she was on a trip to his town.

Waka asks if Ukyo came here to see Lin and if they remained in contact, but Ukyo tells him that it was pure coincidence that he met her here. In fact, bumping into her on the 4th of July at her school was a surprise to him. Orion is confused because he thought that they met on the first of August, but Ukyo quickly corrects himself while apologizing for his bad memory.

8月17日. The moment Lin is at work, Mine asks her if she wants to go to the beach. Shin complains about it being too cold, but Mine goes off to ask Waka anyway because she wants to spend time with the staff since they’re all hot men. Waka ends up agreeing with Mine to have an event but also thinks that the beach is too cold and so instead decides to plan an event around a summer evening festival.

Lin is sent by Shin again to deliver a drink to table 8 where Ukyo is sitting at again. Waka is there telling him about the festival which makes Ukyo really worried and he quickly tells Lin about all the dangerous things that could happen to her. They range from tripping and falling to her death somehow, to choking on an apple, and even to drowning in the water from goldfish scooping. HAHA OH MAN AND I THOUGHT I WAS PARANOID AND MORBID IN THINKING OF UNCONVENTIONAL WAYS TO KILL PEOPLE.. UKYO BEATS ME HANDS DOWN THOUGH. THE WATER IN THAT GAME IS ONLY 20 CM?

Waka laughs at Ukyo’s concern before telling him that nothing that dangerous will happen to Lin, but if Ukyo is so worried then he can come along with them. Ukyo immediately accepts it, before taking back his words and hesitatingly saying that he shouldn’t and can’t be left alone with Lin. Orion exasperatedly sighs at everything Ukyo is saying.

8月18日. Lin meets with everyone at the front of the cafe in the evening and Orion tells her to prepare herself for whoever is coming. It turns out that everyone is coming along, though Sawa is late. Even Rika is coming along since she got invited by Ikki. Ukyo is here too and looking troubled since there’s a lot of people who are potentially dangeorus to Lin and so he tells her 「あのね、リン。今日はできれば俺から離れないで」(Excuse me, Lin. Just for today, if you can, don’t leave my side).

Immediately after he says this he takes back his words with 「あーいや違う!それじゃダメだ!」(Aa-wait, I’m wrong! That’s also no good!). He tells her that she should stay by his side, but be wary of being alone with him and that he’ll try his best to avoid those situations with her. Orion just sighs in the background. They hear Sawa running up and she finally joins them while gasping for breath and apologizing.

Shin is a little annoyed, but Ikki tells her that since it’s not work there isn’t much problem in waiting a little. Kent snorts and tells him not to be so kind to her, but surprisingly Shin doesn’t mind either since it was just 5 minutes. This makes Sawa happy and she thanks him while calling him “Shin-chan” and this makes him repeat that nickname in a strangled voice. Now that everyone is assembled they can head off to the festival.

There Kent asks if Ikki is going to the shooting range and Toma tells him that Shin is talented at it too and so the two of them head off to compete against each other. Rika is excited at that and glad that she brought her digital camera with her. Mine tags along while asking for Rika to share her data later on. Toma asks if Waka isn’t going to compete, but Waka tells him that he doesn’t want to because of the memories and stress. Sawa invites him to go goldfish scooping instead and so they head off. Toma invites Kent to go check out some lottery.

Ukyo talks out loud about how he feels a little relieved that everyone left, because no it won’t be as dangerous for her but then again he’s the only one left with her. At any rate he asks her if she has anywhere that she wants to go and he’ll escort her, which leads Orion to teasingly ask about what happened to him not wanting to be alone with Lin. She ends up asking Ukyo if they can just stand around and talk and this surprises him greatly.

He says 「え、俺と?・・・それは、構わないけど・・・」(Eh, me?.. I don’t mind but..) and adds 「・・・いいの?俺、危険だよ。君に何かするかもしれない」(… Is it really alright? I’m dangerous. I don’t know what I might do to you). Lin teases him by saying that so long as they don’t stand too close to each other then they’ll be fine and he hesitantly agrees to stand around and talk to her then but he warns her again to be careful since it wouldn’t be strange for an accident to occur here.

They end up talking about how the whole staff from the cafe came together and Ukyo mentions how he feels envious of their bonds and how close everyone is. He tells Lin that all the people he’s known are gone now. He’s always been alone wherever he goes and even though it’s his wish to be alone it doesn’t change the fact that he feels pained at having no one to talk to.

Lin asks him if talking to her isn’t good enough and Ukyo blushes at this while looking away and saying 「え・・・?あ・・・うん、嬉しいよ。嬉しいけど・・・」(Eh..? Ah.. No, it makes me happy. It makes me really happy, but…) and he adds in an embarrassed voice 「・・・そんなこと言ったら駄目だ。もっと君を好きになっちゃうよ」(.. You musn’t say those kinds of words. Or else I’ll fall more in love with you). HNNNNNG THE WAY HE SAID THIS WAS SO ADORABLE O(≧∇≦)O 萌えぇぇぇぇ!

He tells her that she doesn’t have to be so kind to him and then changes the subject about how he’s thankful to be able to talk to everyone and have breakfast at the cafe. And that, depending on the situation, he’d like to continue to be able to do this. Some time passes and after everyone meets back up again Waka suggests that they have a competition to eat shaved ice even though it’s cold. Ukyo and Kent have to be convinced before they reluctantly agree to do it.

Last place was Kent who complained about dropping his spoon in the beginning, but Mine teases him by telling him that he’s only saying that because he lost. 4th place was Toma who chose lemon and underestimated how sour it was and Sawa explains that it had no syrup which shocks him. 3rd was Ikki who ate some blueberry thingy but the taste and smell was completely odd and Rika agrees while wondering if it was made out of crayon or something. Shin was second with the right choice of melon and Ukyo was first with strawberry.

Waka congratulates Ukyo for winning, while Shin mumbles about how he doesn’t want to talk right now because his head hurts from the brain freeze. He asks how Ukyo managed to do it and Ukyo replies that his head hurts and he feels cold, but that it’s nothing he would die from. Waka praises him on his strength of will and tells him that since he won he can choose who he wants to escort home alone. Ukyo ends up choosing Lin, of course.

While they’re walking back Ukyo tells her worriedly that even though he chose her he’s going to be on his best behaviour and will make sure that he doesn’t do anything dangerous. Ukyo also confesses that he couldn’t leave her in the care of another man, which is why he chose her. Lin coyly asks him if that was the only reason he chose her and he stutters for a second before honestly telling her that he wants to be around her some more. But he also says to her that he can’t and won’t let himself move on his feelings.

He softly says 「・・・できれば、ずっと君を傍にいたいよ。・・・でも、それは無理だから」(… If I could, I’d want to be by your side forever… but that’s impossible). He confesses that he’s trying to familiarize himself for the time when she won’t be by his side anymore, but that lately he’s in the process of not being able to do it. He tells her that no matter how much time passes, his feelings of wanting to meet her don’t disappear at all. Ukyo escorts her home and thanks her for the fun day.

8月19日. Lin doesn’t have any more work days starting from today and Orion wonders what she planned all these free days for. Unfortunately they still haven’t gotten back her memories about what she wanted to do here and so they decide to go out for a stroll and to find their memories. They bump into Ukyo in the town and he tells them that he’s searching for an outdoors shop to buy a sleeping bag since it’s getting too cold to sleep outside without anything. Orion exasperatedly tells him to just sleep inside.

She invites Ukyo to take a nap in her house and both Orion and Ukyo are completely shocked at her words. Ukyo blushes before telling her that he already said for her not to be so nice to him. He confesses that he already loves her and that if he falls in love with her even more then later it will be more painful, since he’s going to disappear from her soon. Ukyo tells Lin to just act normally around him and that will be enough for him before excusing himself.

Orion watches him leave before asking Lin if they even have an outdoor shop here. This triggers a memory of her talking to Ukyo in front of the station and he tries to guess where something is, but is getting it all wrong.

8月20日. It’s a warm day and Lin decides to head to the park for a walk which Orion agrees to because he loves the park. They happen to come upon Ukyo there and he greets them cheerfully while noting that they’re taking a walk. He tells them that it’s his naptime and so he tells her “Good night” before laying down in the grass. Orion is surprised that he is really just going to fall asleep and he wonders if Ukyo doesn’t feel cold at all sleeping like that. They watch him for a bit before he opens his eyes and looks at them.

Ukyo hesitantly says 「・・・あのさ、悪いんだけど。じっと見てるのやめてくれないかな・・・」(.. You know, I’m not sure if I can say this but.. could you stop staring at me..?) before telling her that having her attention on him makes him unable to sleep. Orion grumbles about how Ukyo shouldn’t sleep in a place crowded with people if he doesn’t like feeling eyes on him. Lin teases him by asking if she can’t watch him and Ukyo answers her strongly 「君は駄目です。・・・っていうか、君が駄目です」(You can’t.. or more like, because it’s you, you can’t).

He tells her that he can ignore other people’s looks, but when it’s her staring at him he can’t sleep. Ukyo also mumbles about how he wanted to keep his distance from her, but sleeping in front of her isn’t helping that. And then he confesses 「君に見られてると意識してしまうというか・・・恥ずかしいんだよね」(When you’re looking at me I become conscious of that… it’s embarrassing). He rolls himself over and away from her to sleep and Orion notes that he’s on the edge of the pond. Just as he wonders about whether or not they should tell Ukyo, he falls into the pond.

Orion hesitantly tells Lin that if they go to save Ukyo she’ll probably damage his pride and so the best thing for them to do is to continue on their walk and not look at him. The day ends without any further incidences.

8月21日. Lin wakes up to a text from Sawa talking about her report and how much of a demon that Kent is. Orion suggests that they take a walk to her university, though they’re only going to the gates since they remember Ukyo’s warning about not entering. At the gates Orion talks about how big her school is and how full it’ll be with students once she starts going everyday, although it’ll be a problem if she doesn’t regain her memories.

Suddenly Ukyo appears and yells at them to stop and that they can’t go in. He asks her why Lin is there at the gates and why she came. He also confesses that when he saw her he thought his heart was going to stop because he was so worried and that he doesn’t want to die like that. Lin informs him that she was just curious about the school and he tells her that he understands her curiosity, but wishes she wouldn’t approach or go into the school for the rest of August since it’s dangerous. He grumbles under his breath about her tendency to approach dangerous situations.

This triggers a memory for Lin about talking to Ukyo in front of the train crossing about how she wants to go the country he came from. He tells her how it might be dangerous, but thanks her for her feelings of wanting to go because it makes him happy. Then he asks teasingly if she has interest in him.

Back in the present, Ukyo is complaining about how her stubborn and curious attitude is nostalgic, but it’s not wanted in these kind of situations where her life is in danger. Once again he warns her about himself and tells her that she absolutely cannot go into the university before excusing himself. Orion watches him go with a small smile and mentions that even though Ukyo’s words might be harsh, his reaction was really interesting and caring.

The day ends with them back at Lin’s house and Orion is shocked to hear that she regained another memoy, because he didn’t see it at all. He wonders if he’s going to disappear from her soon before saying that he thought they first met Ukyo on the first of August and so was what she saw even a memory? Orion entertains the thought that Lin might be developing an ability to see the memories from parallel worlds because he’s attached to her, but that’s absurd and so he forgets it.

While she’s sleeping Lin dreams about how it’s really warm and she can’t breathe. She sees her school on fire and thinks that this is all a lie and wonders at why she is still living.

8月22日. Orion greets her in the morning and notices with worry that her face is completely pale. He asks if she saw a bad dream and tries to reassure by saying that she’ll forget about it soon now that she’s awake. Lin checks her cellphone and finds a text from Ukyo that is completely blank and so Orion urges her to text Ukyo back about it, while laughing at how absentminded Ukyo seems to be.

While waiting for a reply from Ukyo, they decide to head down and check her mailbox and Orion is relieved when they don’t get anything important or any bills, because without Lin’s memories they wouldn’t have been able to tell what was real or a scam. Suddenly they both see Ukyo standing close to her house with his eyes closed and he’s walking around aimlessly.

He breathes out slowly and steps closer to her before suddenly snapping out of whatever he was in and exclaiming in surprise 「え?うわぁっ!なななんでキミがここにいるの!?ていうか近い!近すぎです!」(Eh? Uwah! Wh-wh-what are you doing here!? I mean you’re close! Too close!). He adds in a shocked voice 「言ったじゃないか!俺に近寄ると危ないって・・・」(Didn’t I say it before?! Being too close to me is dangerous..) before suddenly realizing where he is and he asks her dazedly how he got here.

Orion exasperatedly tells Ukyo that those were questions and he asks if Ukyo is a sleepwalker, but then he remembers about the text they got and so tells Lin to ask Ukyo about it. When she asks him Ukyo is surprised and tells her that he didn’t send her anything, but then his eyes narrow and he looks off to the side and mumbles out loud. He talks about how “that person” might have gotten impatient and wanted to meet her and that was how he also ended up in front of her house. He talks to himself about how because he was tired he became weak and that opening was taken advantage of.

Ukyo notices Lin staring at him and so he apologizes and tells her not to worry about the text and that there was no meaning in it. His voice becomes more exhausted as he tells her that he has no energy and so is going to head home now, because if she remains around him for longer he’ll become dangerous. But then he halts and says slowly 「でも、できれば・・・ああ、いや・・・」(But, if it’s possible.. Aa, nevermind..). He trails off and is silent before suddenly asking if he can meet her tomorrow and to meet him at the station at 1 tomorrow.

He tells her that if she doesn’t want to go then she doesn’t have to and he won’t mind, but he just wants to see her because this will probably be the last time they meet. Orion is surprised because it’s unusual for Ukyo to invite her out somewhere. Ukyo then tells her that if he disappears, she’ll be safe and so she should feel relieved. He whispers the next words 「ほんとに・・・あと少しだから」(Really.. just a little bit more..).

8月23日. Orion talks to her about Ukyo’s invitation from yesterday and says that he thinks it’s best if they go. They haven’t regained all her memories and the memories that are returning don’t seem to be normal, but everything seems to be connected to Ukyo so they should meet with him to learn more. He’s also curious about the words Ukyo spoke yesterday about not meeting her again after this.

At the station Ukyo sees her and exclaims in happiness about how she really came and that he didn’t think she would, since he’s been so suspicious. He confesses that seeing her makes him happy and that he almost feels like crying from that happiness. Then he asks her if she can walk with him to a place that he wants to go to today. As they take a stroll down the streets Ukyo talks about how the second time he met her was at her workplace.

Lin gets a flash of that memory and Ukyo continues on talking about how surprised he was to see her in her maid outfit. He talks about how even now she’s so cute that it’s almost like instant death and that he wants to take her home with him. Orion intrudes with a dry voice saying 「それは拉致です」(That’s kidnapping). He ordered a lot of drinks that day to get to see her from all types of tea, to coffee, to orange juice. He was even praised by Waka for being able to drink it all.

Then Ukyo mumbles out loud about how Waka is always different whenever he sees him, but then realizes that he’s saying things Lin probably doesn’t understand and so he apologizes. They continue on and walk by the road on a hill near Toma’s house and Ukyo nostalgically recalls how he saved her here from the accident. He also heard that she walked these streets often with Shin and Toma.

The next place is a road that they often walked on together and Ukyo recalls how he wanted to hold her hand, but didn’t have a good reason. Ukyo recalls fondly that Lin was fine with holding hands though and so let him and he talks about about how it was embarrassing since they got looks for that. He asks if she remembers, but then tells her that she probably doesn’t and shouldn’t force herself to hurt her head trying to.

Ukyo looks away and closes his eyes while saying softly 「・・・いつか、また。君に恋人としてここを歩きたいって俺はずっと願ってた・・・」(.. Some day.. again. I wish that I could take a stroll here as your lover). They head back to the station and Ukyo notes that the day is darkening soon. He talks a bit more about how he’s envious of her large amount of friends, but that when she picked him out of all of them he was really happy.

They walk by the train crossing and Ukyo points out that he confessed to her here. He had no courage and so was stuttering a lot and trying to find the words to express himself. It was only when they were waiting for the train to finish passing by that he worked up the courage to ask her out.

He confessed some time around July and Orion notes that the times are really odd, because he thought Ukyo said that their second meeting was on the first of August. Since it’s becoming dark Ukyo is ready to finish their day and he thanks her again for coming with him to all the places that he wanted to go. Lin invites him to her house and Ukyo is surprised, but he caves in and agrees to go. Suddenly though he hands her a lot of items and tells her that it’s dangerous to be alone with him and so she needs these.

The things that he gave her include pepper spray, stun guns, and other related things to subdue him if he did anything. Orion is shocked and asks where Ukyo managed to get these and where he brought it out from. He wonders if they made the right choice in inviting Ukyo over and Lin wonders too. At any rate, they keep the stun gun close and they set off in the direction of her house.

At her house, Ukyo curiously looks around and mutters about how in the end he’s still nervous being here alone with her. Orion asks him flatly if it might be because of the stun gun on the table. Suddenly Ukyo’s attention is caught by the mirror in her room and he’s surprised that it isn’t broken, but then he corrects himself saying that his recollection is wrong because it isn’t broken in this world. Orion jumps on that and says in surprise that he was right and Ukyo knows about other worlds.

Ukyo continues talking about how it happened on that day. The day of her accident at school on the 31st of July. This brings Lin into a memory and Orion comes along with her. In the memory Ukyo is at her house and is surprised to learn that she lives alone before he berates her for taking him inside, since she doesn’t know if he’ll do anything. He warns her not to trust men so easily and asks if she invites any other men. I think she tells him that she hasn’t and he nods in relief before telling her to be careful since men might take her invitation as more than it is.

She asks something to him and Ukyo replies that he didn’t know she lived alone and adds that he also doesn’t know how far or how much she’ll permit him do. She says something and Ukyo responds 「・・・そうでしょ?」(… is that so?) and laughs softly saying that it’s a problem for her to say those things because it’s cute and then he gently kisses her adding that those words are his salvation. UM YEAH THE GRAMMAR HERE WAS JUST SO CONFUSING THAT I MAY JUST BE MAKING HALF THIS SHIT UP.

He tells her 「もっと俺のこと、ちゃんと男として意識しないと駄目だよ」(You should be more wary of me, it’s not good to have no awareness about men) and he adds 「今だって俺は、このあとどこまでなら許してくれるかなってそんなこと考えてるんだから」(Because right now, I’m thinking of how far you’ll let me go after this). His voice is a whisper as he asks 「・・・ごめんね、怖い?」(.. Sorry, am I scaring you?). Ukyo confesses 「だけどこれが俺の本音だよ。だからね、気をつけて」(But this is the real me. That’s why you need to be careful).

Still in the memory, Ukyo steps away from her and tells her with a smile that they should stop here for now, because it’ll be a problem if she continues to let him do these things. He asks her if she’s embarrassed because her face is red and she asks him if he wants tea. Ukyo teases her gently by asking if she’s running away, but then tells her that he was just joking and lets her know that his favourite drink is coffee though he’s fine with everything else. However, as he gets up to help her he slips on her phone and cracks her mirror.

Ukyo apologizes for that and tells her that he’ll buy her a new one as an apology and a present for inviting him to her house. She is finally convinced by him and he tells her that tomorrow is the first of August and they’ll meet up before heading to buy a mirror. Lin tells him that she needs to return a book to her school and he tells her that he’ll wait for her at the gates then. Lin remembers that the next day the school was burning though.

Back in the present, Ukyo calls out her name and notes that her face is completely pale. Orion is feeling a vertigo from the shock of the memory and also notes that the next memory after that is scary feeling and it’s like a huge darkness that is approaching her. Ukyo tells her that she should rest and that he’ll head home, but he has something to talk to her about tomorrow and so will come back tomorrow. Lin tells him not to go though and to stay here.

Ukyo is conflicted, but then finally agrees to stay at her house. However, before that, he handcuffs himself to the table and tells her to put the key far away so he won’t be able to get free or move. Orion exclaims in shock 「そこまでする!?」(You’re going to go that far!?) and Ukyo says in a light voice 「あぁ、最初からこうすれば良かったな。これなら安心だ」(Aa, it would have been better to do this from the start. If it’s like this, I can be relieved). WHY IS THIS SCENE SO ADORABLE FOR SOME REASON!? THE FACT THAT HE LOCKED HIMSELF UP JUST MAKES ME FLAIL MY ARMS (≧∀≦)!

At any rate he urges her to go to sleep since her color looks pale. He tells her that if she appears to get worse he’ll call the ambulance. Orion is a bit bemused at the situation but also urges Lin to sleep. The lights are turned off and she lies there and looks at Ukyo who notices her looking at him. He asks if she can’t sleep and that maybe it would have been better if he went home, but he wanted to stay by her side for a while longer.

He tells her that time is running out and he’ll only have two days to be with her after this. He doesn’t tell her what will happen after the 2 days run out and then apologizes for talking about strange things again. He’ll explain tomorrow if she wants him to, but for tonight she should sleep.

It is silent again before Lin suddenly reaches over and unlocks Ukyo from the table. He’s shocked and before telling her that he’s probably the most dangerous person in her life right now, and yet she still freed him. Orion asks if she is sure of what she’s doing, but then realizes that Lin believes in Ukyo. And so Orion nods and agrees with her too saying that if she believes in Ukyo then he’ll believe in Ukyo as well.

Ukyo looks at her in silence before finally saying 「怯えないんだね」(You’re not afraid) and 「俺が君に何するかわからないってそう言ってるのに。・・・強いな、君は」(Even though I’ve said that I’m not sure what I might do to you.. you’re strong). He falls silent again before he suddenly smiles and tells her he understands and will do his best. He adds 「君との最後の時間をあんな奴に邪魔されたくない」(I don’t want “him” to get in the way of my last moments with you). He says to her 「あと少しだから、俺と俺のままで君の傍にいたいんだ」(Just a little bit more, I want to remain by your side as myself).

Then he asks if he can come closer to her before he embraces her. He breathes in her scent before apologizing for suddenly touching her like this. His next words are 「俺はね、酷い人間なんだよ。・・・いや、もう、人間と呼ぶのもおこがましいのかもしれないな」(You know.. I’m a cruel human.. No, by now, I think it might be ridiculous to call me a human) and adds 「俺は、とっくに狂ってるんだ」(I’ve long ago became crazy). I’M SO CURIOUS AS TO WHAT UKYO IS. IS HE A HUMAN WHO MADE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL? OR ORION’S MASTER AND A GOD?

He adds 「・・・今も自分が正気なのか、そうでもないのかわからない」(.. Right now I don’t even know if I can return to sanity), 「ただ・・・それでも」(It’s just.. and yet), and 「君を抱きしめたいと思うこの気持ちだけは・・・それだけは、きっとーー」(I think that just this feeling of wanting to hold you.. that alone, surely–). WHY YOU GOTTA HAVE CLIFFHANGERS LIKE THIS? DON’T TELL ME THE POWER OF LOVE WILL RESTORE UKYO’S SANITY TO HIM?

8月24日. Lin wakes up to Ukyo’s voice softly telling her to wake up. He tells her that if she doesn’t wake up soon then he’s going to chain himself to the table again and so she finally opens her eyes to see him with a smile on his face. He repeats that he’s glad she finally woke up because 「あともう少しで俺は君に何かイタズラしちゃおうかなーって欲求に負けるとこだったよ」(Just a little more and I would have lost to my desires and done some kind of teasing). OHMAN UKYO’S TEASING VOICE HERE IS SEXY (*´Д`)ハァハァ. BE MORE AGGRESSIVE UKYO~!

Except immediately after he says this he elaborates by saying things like how he would have drawn on her face. Orion apologizes to Lin because he thought he was in the way and so disappeared for a bit. Ukyo notes that her pallor is better and that it would probably be alright to talk now and so he requests that she stay silent for the whole explanation and then he dives right in. Ukyo tells her that everything he’s going to tell her is the truth as he knows it, though she can think of it as fate.

When they met for the first time he told her that the world was out to kill her. Ukyo explains that she was supposed to die on the first of August when she went into the school, however because he interfered and prevented her death. Her fate of death has now changed to the 25th or something like that and so the world is out to kill her before the 25th of August can pass. Ukyo has been trying to run interference and save her ever since he knew about her fate of death, though he’s not sure how she’s still save right now and wonders if it has something to do with her lost memories.

He doesn’t know why she lost her memories though. At this point Orion asks Lin if she believes in what Ukyo is saying because he can’t believe that someone has a fate of death, though he realizes that his existence is a kind of anomaly too. Then he asks her if she wants to reveal the truth about her memory loss and Orion’s existence to Ukyo. IT’S DEATH TIME AGAIN ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ HAVEN’T GOTTEN THIS IN A WHILE.

*** BAD END 「間に合って良かったぜ」(I’m glad I made it on time) ***

Lin tells Ukyo all about Orion and he’s relieved to find out the truth and summarizes that she lost her memory because Orion entered her. Then he smiles and tells her that she can just remain safe with Orion in her until tomorrow, but suddenly he interrupts himself and a crazed grin appears. The evil!Ukyo laughs at her and tells her that he’ll help her get Orion out of her then and starts strangling her.

As Orion tries to get Lin to fight back and reach for the stun gun, Ukyo muses on how he should kill her. Would she like to die from a knife? From a rope? Or maybe from the top of a building. In the end, he decides to just break her neck and right before she dies he tells her that he was glad he made it on time.


Lin doesn’t tell Ukyo about Orion and he notices that she seems to be hiding something from him, however he’s fine with that and even tells her that it’s better if she doesn’t say anything to him. He tells her that if he finds out the origin of her problems then “that man” might come out and murder her and that origin. He informs her that her fate of death goes until the 25th and then after that she’ll be free and then he also says that he’s her most likely cause of death.

Ukyo tells her 「俺はきっと、自分が生き残るために君を殺すうとするだろう」(I’m certain that my survival depends on killing you) and so he adds 「どうか俺を信じないで欲しい。どうか・・・死なないで欲しい」(Please, it would be better if you didn’t believe in me. Somehow or other.. don’t die). He tells her that whatever comes tomorrow he wants her to live in the future peacefully. He says shakily 「・・・それが、俺の願いだよ」(.. That’s my wish). Ukyo adds that he’s not sure if this is the last time they can exchange words like this and so he’ll tell her these words.

「俺は何度君と出会って、何度君を失ったかもう数え切れないけど」(I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve met you and lost you, but) and then says forcefully 「俺は今も、今でも、君を愛してるよ」(Right now and all of the time up to now, I’ve loved you). Lin is thrown back into her memories of the burning school and the hospital bed.

She hears Ukyo’s voice saying brokenly that he understands and that he doesn’t care if the person he’s talking to is a demon; he would sell his life and soul for Lin to live. OH MY GOD I LOVE THESE PLOT LINES. GAH UKYO.. SELLING YOUR SOUL TO A DEMON 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。. He tells the person that he’s making a deal with 「俺にはもう・・・失うものは何もないんだーー!」(I already.. have nothing to lose–!).

Lin wakes up in the evening to Orion hovering over her and he greets her with as much cheer as he can muster, telling her that she must be hungry and that it’s evening. She’s been sleeping this whole time because she looked sick and then he talks about not knowing what to believe in Ukyo’s words. He also asks her if she saw any more of those memories that aren’t truly memories, because he can’t see them.

Orion hears her explanation and then wonders about who the person Ukyo was talking to. His hypothesis is that Ukyo might have come from another world where he was Lin’s lover and he lost her in an accident. So then he travelled to another world to find Lin and warn her about her death so that she wouldn’t die. Orion has a hard time believing this though since Ukyo just appears to be a regular human and then he focuses on the words that Ukyo said about how his own survival depends on killing Lin.

He suddenly seems to realize something about those words and mutters “Could it be..?” but when Lin questions him he brushes it aside and tells her not to worry about it and that it probably has nothing to do with this. FAMOUS LAST WORDS.. IT ALWAYS HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT. DAMN YOU ORION TELL ME!! At any rate, Orion advises Lin to go to sleep today and not to go out tomorrow since if they are to believe Ukyo’s words then the 25th of August is her most dangerous day.

Orion also tells her cheerfully that after the 25th passes they can meet Ukyo in peace and don’t have to be afraid of him being dangerous, since her fate of death will have passed already.

8月25日. Lin is dreaming about the burning school. Her thoughts are revolving around how hot it is, how she can’t breathe, and how she’ll die at this rate. But she’s glad that she got to meet that person again, although she wishes that if it were possible she’d want to see his face one last time. She doesn’t think it’s possible though and she closes her eyes, but suddenly someone lifts her up. Lin thinks that the person is safe and nice and thinks that she’ll just sleep for a bit.

The sound of a text incoming to her cellphone wakes Lin up. Orion greets her cheerfully and asks her if she’s alright since she seems kind of dazed, but then urges her to look at the phone. It turns out to be Ikki who invites her to go to the mountains with everyone. Orion thinks that they should refuse it though, since Ukyo warned them about going there and today is the most dangerous day for her.

Orion’s plan for today is to remain quietly at home until the day passes, since her fate of death sounds scary. Lin tells him that she’s worried about Ukyo though and Orion frowns at this since he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to meet Ukyo today. He’s afraid that if she meets Ukyo again she’ll regain her memories and this is bad because from what Ukyo talked about yesterday it sounds like Orion’s presence in Lin is weakening the world’s power to kill her.

He’s afraid that if she regains her memory and he is thrown out of her then the world will be able to kill her. Their conversation is interrupted by a text from Waka. The text involves him telling her that he sent her a photo he thinks she should look at and that it came from Ukyo. Lin and Orion look at it and it turns out to be a photo of her. Looking at it makes her remember some more memories.

The first memory is of Lin and Ukyo competing over something. He grins and tells her that he’s fine with it, though he thinks that he’ll win. If she wins she can call him by his name and if he wins then he’ll drop the honorific on her name. He laughs and tells her that he wants to be able to talk normally with just their names and asks if that’s alright.

The second memory is Ukyo seeing her working at the cafe and saying, with embarrassment, that her uniform really suits her and makes her look cute. He quickly backtracks on his words and tells her 「あっ、いや、別に今まで可愛いと思ってなかったわけじゃなくて!」(Ah, no, it’s not like I didn’t think you were cute up until now). He tells her that she’s just super cute today and it surprised him.

The third memory is them taking a walk on a street and Ukyo noting how even though it’s 5 in the evening it’s not really cold and that’s a shame. Lin asks him if he likes the cold and he tells her that it’s not that he likes it, but that if it was cold he would have a reason to hold her hands. THAT’S SO SMOOTH OF HIM (*´∀`*)えへへ.

The fourth memory is in front of the station and Ukyo is asking her who that person she just talked to was and if it was a co-worker. She asks if he’s angry and he tells her that it’s not that he’s angry, but that he gets jealous of men talking to her who have no business with her.

Lin recalls that it was that day in the summer when she was standing underneath a sakura tree that he took the picture of her. Ukyo apologizes for taking a picture of her suddenly like that, but that he couldn’t stop himself since she looked so beautiful in that moment. Orion shakily asks her if that was all of her memories about Ukyo and Lin nods and questions herself as to why she forgot about it or managed to forget about it.

She remembers that she met Ukyo on that day in the summer and they continued to meet each other in her town later. And then she fell in love with him. She doesn’t think that it’s Orion’s fault that she lost her memories, but probably because of the fact that in this world those memories/moments haven’t occurred and so that’s why it was so hard to remember them.

Orion worriedly asks her if she can hear his voice, since she can’t see him anymore. He thinks that he’s going to disappear from her soon since she’s gained most of her memories and he asks her to tell him about them since he couldn’t see any at all. He only knew that she was regaining them. Lin tells him that she met Ukyo in March and then again on the 4th of July at her school gates. Then at the end of the month they became a couple.

But then Orion realizes that there’s an inconsistency because when they met Ukyo at the gates on the 1st of August, he greeted them by saying “It’s been a long time” which makes no sense if they became a couple just a day ago. Orion thinks it’d be strange if Ukyo knew that she had lost her memories. He wonders if Ukyo was lying about meeting her in July, but he doesn’t understand what the reason for that would be.

Suddenly Lin tells Orion that she wants to meet Ukyo and talk to him and then runs out of the house with Orion yelling at her to wait and not to move so fast. Her reasoning is that if her memories are true, and if she might die today, then she wants to meet him one last time. Orion tells her that she musn’t meet Ukyo and that Ukyo said it himself that he’ll kill her. Lin tells Orion that she doesn’t think Ukyo would do such a thing.

Orion knows that they both love each other and are lovers, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ukyo might actually have a reason for wishing for her death. Lin is shocked and Orion quickly hurries onwards with his explanation while begging for her to listen to him. He explains that Ukyo said his survival depends on killing Lin and so it might be that their fates conflict with each other. Orion states that Ukyo probably already knows this, because he’s been going from world to world searching for her.

He returns back to his explanation though and says that today is the day where Ukyo is her most dangerous enemy and so she needs to lock herself up in her house and not let anyone close to her until the day passes. Lin realizes what Orion isn’t telling her though and asks him that if she lives, does that mean Ukyo will die? Orion hesitates before finally reluctantly saying that it seems to be that way. This sends Lin into a panic and she quickly runs off to find Ukyo.

As she runs, Orion tries to keep up with her and tells her to wait because today is dangerous for her. He tries to convince her that Ukyo wants her to live, because he gave her all those warnings. He also asks her what she thinks she can even do in this situation. Orion tells her that if this is fate then she, and he, can’t change it. It is inevitable that on the 25th of August one of them will die. He tells her that the only thing they can do is choose who dies. OMGOMGOMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE STORIES LIKE THIS.

Orion says that the power to change fate is impossible for them, since they’re not gods. They can do nothing but pray for a miracle. Orion explains that when she didn’t have her memories it was as if she wasn’t living and so she wasn’t afraid fo death, but now that she has her memories the thought of dying would be scary and so he tells her to allow Ukyo to choose his fate of death. Lin angrily disagrees with that, but their conversation is interrupted by some unknown force pushing Lin onto the train tracks.

They just barely manage to avoid the oncoming train and Lin grits her teeth before getting up and sprinting away again to find Ukyo. Orion tries to get her to stop and return, but Lin continues on. A car almost hits them as they try to cross the street. Orion is panicking because of all these near misses and he knows that it’s only because he’s with her. Lin suddenly gets a text from Sawa saying that on her way home from work she saw Ukyo at the shrine and he looked terrible and asked if Lin knew what was wrong.

This sends Lin running off to the shrine and Orion curses Sawa for being an idiot before chasing after Lin. They reach the shrine and he complains about her stubbornness. He finally gives in though and tells her that they’ll find Ukyo, talk to him for a little bit, and then immediately return home. Lin thanks him and they look around for Ukyo but then the three fangirls of Ikki appear and tell her that they’ve been waiting for a long time. They also mention that it seems like “that person” was right and that she would come.

They surround her and push her around and then even cut her hair. Orion is shocked and worried that these girls will be crazy enough to try and cut Lin up. She doesn’t want to leave because Ukyo might be here, but Orion snaps at her to run and then they can come back later. So Lin tries to run, but she can’t get free from them. Instead, she tries to reason with them and tells them that Ikki wouldn’t want them to do things like this and that their actions would make him sad.

She tells them that he wanted everyone to get along and this slightly weakens the fangirls’ resolve, before they become even angrier and shove her into the shrine and lock it from the outside. They don’t want to hear anything she says and even start lighting fireworks to toss inside. The ground inside suddenly catches on fire and finally the three girls outside hesitantly ask if what they’re doing isn’t bad.

One of them says that she has nothing to do with this, but the third is worried that Lin will die if she’s trapped inside. The second one is conflicted, but then angrily states that Lin is the one who is at fault and that they have nothing to do with this. All three of them run away and Orion yells angrily at them to come back and open the door. Lin starts coughing as the fire consumes the old wood.

Lin remembers this painful feeling of burning and then realizes that this is her true fate. She should have died in a fire at school. Orion is coughing with her and talks about how hot it is and suddenly Lin tells him to cut their connection. She wants him to leave her so that he won’t have to experience this pain. She admits that she doesn’t want to die and doesn’t want to give up, but it seems to be impossible in this case so she’d rather take all the pain and die while he escapes.

Orion is silent before berating her and telling her that if she’s in pain then he’s already in pain, no matter their connection. He tells her that they’ve been together from the start and so he’ll stay with her until the end. Lin tearfully thanks Orion and apologizes to him, but he tells her to save those words for later. For now they’re going to try and find a way out of this situation.

First, they use her phone to call the emergency services and tell them that there’s a fire at the shrine. She’s told to wait calmly though while they send out firefighters and Orion yells at them in anger about how they don’t have the time to wait. The next thing they try is to jar the lock open, but she can’t. Lin is starting to lose consciousness and she thinks that it’s the same as that day when the school was on fire. In the end, she couldn’t seem to meet Ukyo again.

Suddenly something slams the door open and Ukyo appears. He quickly grabs Lin and they run far away until they finally reach a dark alley. Ukyo berates her for coming out when he told her that it was dangerous and he tells her to go home. She tells him “But..!”, but doesn’t continue her sentence and Orion cheers Ukyo on in the background telling him that he tried to stop Lin but she wouldn’t listen to him. Lin changes topic and tells Ukyo that she wanted to find him to ask him something.

She asks him if she was his lover, because she remembers that she loved him and that he loved her. Ukyo is shocked but then looks away and softly calls her an idiot for leaving her house just to ask him that. All of a sudden it starts raining and even hailing and so their conversation is interrupted and they need to seek shelter. They’re soaked to the skin in seconds and Ukyo guides Lin into the subway station. The world is completely out to get them though because the subway station’s air conditioning turns on and water from outside starts pouring in.

Ukyo knows that they can’t remain in there because there’s no signal on their phones from being underground and they’re freezing. If they stay any longer they might catch a cold or fever and die, and so he guides Lin back outside to find some other shelter. They’re getting farther away from her house, though he doesn’t think her house would be safe at this point, and then she nearly falls into a manhole that was covered by the rain but Ukyo manages to grab her in time. LOLOL I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT THIS SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. EVERYTHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO KILL SOMEONE IS HAPPENING.

He informs her that today is the day that she is supposed to die so every accident that could possibly happen is happening. He tells her that they need to get away from this place before a telephone pole falls on them. Lin asks him how he knows everything that is going to happen and that it seems like he can see the future, but the him that she knows in the past couldn’t do that. Ukyo looks away and tells her that he knows everything the other party will try to do because the world is trying to erase an irregular existence. And he says that no one knows that better than him. I THINK IMPLYING THAT HE’S DIED A BAJILLION TIMES TO THESE KINDS OF ACCIDENTS.

Suddenly, the sound of thunder interrupts their conversation and Ukyo tells her to run before they get struck by lightning. They reach her school but Lin can’t run anymore because she inhaled the smoke from the fire and so running is painful. Ukyo decides to head into the school and they find shelter in a classroom. Ukyo mutters about how he didn’t think he would ever come back to this school and explains that she was caught in an accident at the school on the first of August and then died 24 days later in the hospital.

Ukyo then vows that he won’t let her fate of death come to pass. They both fall silent before Lin tells him that she has one more question to ask him and Ukyo tells her to go ahead and ask since they don’t know what will happen next. Lin asks him if it’s true that for her to live he’ll have to die. Ukyo doesn’t answer her for a while before finally admitting that it’s true. He tells her that if she lives past the 25th of August then he will take on her death sentence and die.

He says 「俺たちは、2人同時にはこの世界にいられないんだ」(The two of us cannot exist at the same time in this world) and then he adds with a soft smile 「・・・いいんだよ。リン。どうか嘆かないで」(.. It’s alright, Lin. Please don’t grieve). He confesses that he lost her once in another world, but he couldn’t accept that and so he travelled from world to world 「・・・君が生きている世界を探して」(… I searched for a world where you were alive). He talks about how he finally came to this world and how he failed in all the worlds before this one.

An explosion is heard and Orion wonders what the heck is happening now. The university catches on fire and Orion realizes that this whole situation is replicating what happened on the 1st of August. He tells Lin to run away with Ukyo, but when they turn to him he’s smirking psychotically and casually mentions that the time is 11:30. There is just 30 more minutes left until the next day and she has to die within that time. He lightly says 「--ったく、馬鹿だよなァ。オマエを助けるために俺は何度も死んだんだぜ?」(.. Tch, what an idiot. Do you know how many times I’ve died for the sake of saving you?).

Evil!Ukyo mentions that he’s been searching for her in other worlds. He doesn’t exist in worlds where she’s lived past the 25th. Whenever he went to those worlds, the world would eliminate Ukyo because he was an anomaly in that world. That is what is called the fate of death. That’s why he’s been searching for her to kill her. He would travel to worlds where she’s living and kill her so that in exchange he can live. He tells her 「オマエに会って、死んで、またオマエを探してあらゆる世界を移動して、惨く死に続けた!」(I meet you, kill you, and then move to another world to search for you to continue killing you!).

This is why Ukyo’s wish of wanting her to live has never been granted, because his other half kills her for him to live. Evil!Ukyo angrily talks about how he can’t break out of this loop of needless deaths and pain. He suddenly snaps out and starts strangling her with his right hand telling her casually that he warned her before not to trust in him. Suddenly his left hand grabs onto his right and Ukyo warns Lin to run away and then there’s a conflict between his good self and his evil self.

Evil!Ukyo snarls at the interruption and asks why Ukyo is trying to stop him. Ukyo tells himself that he won’t let Lin die because he wants to safely see her into tomorrow. Evil!Ukyo calls the other an idiot and says in a crazed voice 「その女のせいで今まで何度死の苦痛を味わったと思ってんだ!痛かったよな。苦しかったよな!?」(How many times do you think we’ve tasted the agony of death for the sake of this woman! It hurt, didn’t it. It was painful, wasn’t it!?). That type of pain that people should only experience once, Ukyo has been experiencing countless times.

That is why the other Ukyo’s existence was born. He was formed out of this endless cycle of pain that Ukyo was experiencing with all his deaths. He angrily asks if Ukyo is still going to protect Lin even after all the pain, but then says that it doesn’t matter since if this world is only going to allow one to live then he’s going to kill Lin first. Ukyo tells the other half to shut it and rips himself away from her.

Lin gets back up from the ground with Orion hovering around her concerned and she tries to approach Ukyo, but he yells at her not to come close to him. He tells her that everything the other half said was true and that he can’t count the times he’s killed her with his own hands. To avoid dying himself, he’s killed her countless times in other worlds. Evil!Ukyo takes over again and talks about how he’s going to kill her and find her in another world and commit it again, but Ukyo interrupts and says that it won’t be possible after this.

Niiru-sama, Orion’s master, is weakening and has no more power to allow Ukyo to cross over to another world. He’s failed in every world and so Niiru used his last power to rewind the time in this one world and so this is Ukyo’s last and only chance to see that Lin lives. Orion finally understands that it wasn’t a coincidence he crashed into Lin and wiped her memories and calls for his master. He can feel Niiru, but Niiru is weak and at this rate will lose his godly powers.

Lin calls out to Orion and evil!Ukyo raises an eyebrow and asks if there’s something else out there, before telling her to forget about it. He doesn’t care about the reasons or what will happen so long as she dies before he dies. Ukyo quickly yells at Lin to run and so she dashes out of the classroom and away. Orion tells her that the heat is growing and that she’s running out of time, but he wants her to listen to him. He had said that only a god could change time and that god is Niiru. There is one way to escape the fate that Ukyo and Lin are trapped in though, so long as she can make it to the next day which occurs in 30 minutes.

He tells her that she has to live until then so that Ukyo’s wish.. but then is suddenly cut off. Lin calls out for Orion and tries to look for him but it seems like he’s disappeared. Suddenly evil!Ukyo comes upon her and tells her in a low sing-song voice “Found you~”. He starts choking her again and muses on how he’s going to kill her this time, but he gets interrupted by Ukyo again.

She runs outside and tries to catch her breath while wondering if running away is her best choice since that leaves Ukyo to die to the world’s power. A murder of crows appears and starts heading towards her and so she runs back into the school. LOL REALLY? DEATH BY CROWS? THIS WORLD REALLY HATES ANOMALIES. It’s still painful running because of the smoke she inhaled from way back and so she frantically tries to think of a place to go.

Lin stops in a hallway to think, but a light shatters and drops in front of her. She can’t remain still or else bad things will happen and then she hears footsteps and so she runs back into the classroom since she has nowhere else to go. Evil!Ukyo’s voice is heard as he drawls out “Welcome home~” and grins psychotically when she sees him. He asks her if she’s surprised to see him here and tells her that the reason is simple as to why he knows where she’s going to go.

The place of her very first death and accident was here in this classroom and so it was fated that she would return to it. He takes out a knife and casually tells her that the time is 11:58 and he laughs maniacally at how it’s a shame she couldn’t stay alive for 2 more minutes. He is surprised when he starts crying but then he scoffs at how this is Ukyo’s last attempt at resistance. However, Lin sees Ukyo crying and remembers that the first time she met him he was also crying. It was that time when he was looking at his old house and she remembered that what she did was…

Lin tells him that it’s alright and that if she needs to die to save him then she’s fine with that. She says that Ukyo has died countless times for her sake and so she’ll return the favour for once. The reason why she came out today was because she wanted to meet him and tell him that she loved him, since she’s finally regained all her memories. And so she’s fine now with dying and won’t run anymore. Ukyo is completely silent through all of this with a shocked look on his face.

She closes her eyes and tells him goodbye and that she’s happy she met him. The sound of a knife swinging through the air is heard, but nothing happens and so she opens her eyes and is terrified to see that Ukyo stabbed himself in the heart. She tearfully asks him why after screaming that this isn’t happening and that she doesn’t want this. Ukyo gasps out for her to run since the fire is spreading fast. Lin tells him that she won’t leave his side though and that he can’t die.

Ukyo tells her that it’s fine and adds 「俺は、何度も君にひどいことをした・・・」(I.. done countless horrible things to you..). He confesses that he knows he should have gave up, but he wanted to meet her and see her smile again. His breath is laboured as he says 「・・・その願いのせいで、何度も君をこの手にかけた・・・」(.. For the sake of that wish.. countless times these hands of mine have..). He tells her again that it’s fine and that he should be punished with not living after having done those things to her. Lin frantically tells him that it’s not a punishment and that she forgives him for everything.

His breathing sounds painful as he thanks her 「・・・ありがとう。やっぱり、リンは優しいね」(.. Thank you. You really are.. a kind person, ne?) but he adds 「でも、だけどさ・・・本当に、もういいんだ。俺はもう満足なんだよ・・・」(But, that’s why.. really, it’s fine. I’m already satisfied..). Lin calls out to him worriedly and he tells her softly 「君が好きだよ、リン」(I love you). He confesses that it’s fine because she’s going to live from now on and he was able to see it with his own eyes. With his dying breath he says 「ありがとう、リン。・・・それから、ごめん・・・」(Thank you, Lin.. and I’m sorry..).

Lin yells at him not to die and tries to get him to wake up or open his eyes, but he doesn’t respond. She checks the time and it’s alright past midnight and so she realizes that Ukyo must have taken her fate since she’s alive. A female voice is suddenly heard sighing in pleasure at Ukyo’s wish having finally been granted because Lin lived past the 26th. Lin is teleported into the blue tiedyed world where Orion explains everything to her.

A being that can grant wishes is a god and Niiru is that being. On the start of August, she died in that fire at her school and Ukyo wished for her to be alive again. Niiru met Ukyo by accident because she was drawn by his fervent wish, however she can’t bring the dead back to life and Lin already died in that world. That’s why she helped Ukyo move to other worlds where Lin was alive. However, every time they moved to another world one of the two would die. Before the 25th of August had passed, the two of them have died countless times That’s when Niiru realized that the world had the power to erase anomalies.

But it was too late to do anything and so they contined on this endless cycle of moving to other worlds and Ukyo dying countless times, and so he broke and started killing Lin instead. His evil half would kill her and then his good half would be devastated and travel to another world to find her and so the cycle continued. Niiru, in order to grant Ukyo’s wish, finally brought him back to their original world and rewound the time. The time was reversed back to the start of July, but this time Ukyo didn’t approach Lin because he was too afraid.

It was only on the 1st of August and the day of her accident that he appeared before her to warn her, because he knew that this was the last chance they would both get. Orion shows Lin Ukyo’s spirit and tells her that he’s holding onto Ukyo and asks if she can forgive him. He knows that Ukyo has done countless of terrible things to her and they can’t be forgiven so easily, but Ukyo has also been in pain this entire time. He lost his friends and family and died over and over again.

Orion tells her that Ukyo endured it all to meet her, because he wanted to be by her side. He’s not going to decide on Ukyo’s punishment and instead will leave that up to Lin, so he asks her what she decides. Lin decides to forgive Ukyo and Orion laughs gently while saying that he thought she would say that. He’s been with her from the start and in her heart and so he knows her really well. Orion tells her that since she’s forgiven Ukyo she can return home with him together.

Suddenly Ukyo interrupts and says that he can’t return and when Orion asks why, he explains that he’s killed Lin over and over again. To save himself he’s killed her a number of times. The knowledge of having done those won’t disappear and he can’t live with them. Orion asks if that’s the case even when Lin has forgiven him and Ukyo confirms it. Orion’s next question is if he’s just going to give up after experiencing all those painful things in his search for her.

Ukyo explains that he’s lived a long time and died many different ways and so the thought of living is frightening. Every world that he’s travelled to, Lin never remembered him and in the time before he died he watched her. He saw her smiling face and laughing voice and even though the person who made her happy wasn’t him, he was content. The fact that he got to meet her again is enough for him. He’s convinced that if he were to live again then some terrible and more painful thing would happen.

He can’t forget everything he’s done and so he can’t return. He also says that he’s a sinner and so he won’t be able to acquire peace. Lin tells him that he’s not allowed to say that and says something about how even though she went through a lot of painful things she also had some happy moments. Ukyo is confused and she apologizes for not noticing him beside her. She also apologizes for all the times that he’s died because of her. However, from here on she’ll protect him from all the painful things if he’s by her side.

Lin is certain that the wounds in his heart won’t disappear and that being together with her, who has been the cause of many of his terrible memories, won’t be easy. Living won’t be easy, however 「・・・私は、絶対にあなたの手を離さない」(.. I.. definitely won’t let go of your hand). No matter what happens she’s going to be by his side that’s why they should return together and live together. His face is blushing and he tries to come up with a refusal, but Lin hugs him to her chest and tells her that he’s not alone anymore because she’s there.

Ukyo starts crying and apologizes before thanking her. Orion laughs happily and says that the conclusion has been reached and asks playfully if Ukyo has any more complaints to bring up, but that if he does Orion isn’t going to listen to him because he’s been bad. He becomes serious though and tells Ukyo to protect her from now on and now he’s going to take his leave with Niiru since they shouldn’t be in the human world. However, Niiru has one more thing to say.

She apologizes to both of them, because she wanted to learn more about humans and so she came to their world to grant their wishes. However, she only seemed to have caused pain and unhappiness to everyone and she apologizes for being unable to make Ukyo happy. Lin interrupts though and says that Niiru is wrong because she and Ukyo are finally together and so she’s managed to make at least 2 people happy. Niiro laughs gently at Lin’s thanks and says to Ukyo “So this is the woman that you love?” and Ukyo replies softly 「・・・そうだよ、ニール。俺の最愛の恋人だ」(.. That’s right, Niiru. She’s my most beloved person).

Niiru notes that it’s time and tells them that she’ll grant both of their wishes. Orion apologizes to Lin for everything that he brought her throug but then thanks her for the journey. He’s going to return with Niiru, but maybe one day they’ll see each other again.

An unknown amount of days later, Lin notes that Ukyo is late in meeting her and she wonders if he overslept. She suddenly hears Ukyo tell her that he isn’t late and that he made it on time and Lin is surprised to find him behind her. She asks him how long he was standing there and why he didn’t call out to her. Ukyo simply smiles and says that he was taking a picture of her standing there. Lin asks him “Again?” and he tells her cheerfully “Again, because I’m a photographer”.

She tells him that it’s a crime because she doesn’t know if she has a strange face on. Ukyo tells her that she doesn’t make strange faces and that he’ll take pictures of her when she looks good so she be relieved. She hums thoughtfully and his face falls as he asks 「・・・ダメ?」(.. I can’t?). Lin tells him that next time she’s going to take a picture of Ukyo with her phone then, but he tells her that camera phones are bad quality and she should use his digital camera.

She laughingly says that she’ll hold it then and he asks her if she’s going to take a picture while they’re walking. Lin tells him that she wants to take a picture of the two of them together so that they can albums full of good memories. Their conversation is interrupted though by a kid telling Lin that she dropped her handkerchief and he holds it out for her. OHMYGOD IT’S NIIRU AND ORION!!

Ukyo looks back and says 「ーー君は・・・」(You are..) and Niiru tells the two of them 「大切なもの、今度は落とさないでね。はい」(Your precious thing.. be sure not to drop it next time, ne. Here you go) and hands it back to Lin. Orion calls Ukyo and Lin his “brother” and “sister” and then says his and Niiru’s goodbyes and the two of them leave. Lin watches them and notes that they look familiar, but she can’t remember who they are. Ukyo is silent before he says out loud 「そうか、それが、君たちへの『罰』かーー」(I see.. so that’s what your “punishment” is–).

He muses to himself about how he knew that a punishment had to happen, but he wasn’t sure what it was or who it was. It looks like they made it so that only one person would know the truth of everything though and Lin asks Ukyo what he was just talking about. He smiles at her and tells her that it was nothing and then sighs. Lin asks him what’s wrong and he simply says to her 「いや、幸せだなって思ってさ」(Nah, I just was just thinking of how happy I am).

Lin replies that she is too and Ukyo says that they should go and buy a mirror for her room now. She tells him that he doesn’t have to, but Ukyo says that it was a promise. He looks up at the sky and says 「--いい天気だ。まるで今も夢の中にいるみたいだよ」(–such a great weather. It’s almost as if we’re in the middle of a dream). Lin tells him that this isn’t a dream and that they’re in reality, because he can feel her hand. Ukyo nods at that and talks about how this feeling of feeling of warmth around him lets him know that he’s alive. His next words are 「・・・愛してるよ、リン」(.. I love you, Lin) and 「この世の終わりまで、君だけをーー」(Until the end of this world, only you–).


*** NORMAL END 「ウキョウさんを知りませんか?」(Do you know what Ukyo is doing?) ***

Lin can’t forgive Ukyo and Orion understands. He tells her that he’ll leave now and then Niiru interrupts by saying that ending Ukyo’s existence is her duty and that she needs to apologize to Lin for all the pain she’s caused her. Then she returns Lin back to her world.

She wakes up in the hospital and is released 3 days later. At the cafe her co-workers celebrate her return and good health, but Shin asks her curiously as to why she just randomly collapsed at the school. Ikki smirks and asks her why she went to the school at night and if she was meeting someone. Kent interrupts him and tells him not to lump Lin in with him because it’s a bother, but Lin says that she doesn’t remember anything. She felt as if she were with someone.

Waka comes by and asks her if she knows anything about Ukyo, since he hasn’t been to the cafe lately. Lin is completely confused and Waka realizes that she must not know about anything that came up for Ukyo and shrugs it off as Ukyo being busy doing his work. In her mind, Lin wonders who Ukyo is. A memory flashes of him standing in front of his grandfather’s house and for reasons unknown to her she starts crying, because she can’t remember him.

Shin is shocked and asks her why she’s suddenly crying. Toma berates Shin for doing something to her, but Lin tells them that he didn’t do anything. She doesn’t even know why she’s crying and Sawa tries to cheer her up with Waka’s cake. Lin looks up at the sky later and thinks about how she only has these impressions of feelings like holding someone’s hand and seeing someone’s appearance. She says goodbye even though she has no idea who she’s parting with. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ENDING IS THIS. I DEFINITELY DON’T LIKE THIS ENDING..

*** BADEND「心の底からおまえを愛してたぜ」(Because I love you from the bottom of my heart) ***

Basically through this route Lin has no trust in Ukyo and doesn’t answer most of his questions while regarding him with extreme suspicion. He notices it but tells her that her suspicion of him is for the best and he also apologizes for talking about strange things.

Funnily at the scene Shin and Toma both ask her out she decides to go to the live and then the concert. Shin is a bit annoyed that she wants to do both and Toma apologizes for the both of them asking her out on the same day. Shin tells her that he’ll ask her out another day then.

When Ukyo was walking her home after she found him sleeping outside for the first time, she asks him if she likes him instead of asking him what he thought of her. Ukyo only smiles and says sadly that he doesn’t know himself and so he can’t answer it. He can only tell her 「ただ・・・俺は、君が好きだよ。世界中の誰よりも、君を大切に思ってる」(Only.. I love you. More than anyone in the world, I consider you as a precious person) and 「だからこそ・・・俺は君に近づいてはいけないんだよ」(That’s why.. I can’t be close to you).

On the day of the fireworks festival, Lin decides to go with Ikki but she gets a mail from him apologizing about how he got caught by his fangirls and it wouldn’t be safe for her to come out with him. He apologizes a lot and so Lin and Orion end up staying in the house. When the fireworks start though they go out to look at them and Orion is amazed at how pretty they are. He wonders why it’s so beautiful when it disappears so fast, or maybe it’s beautiful because its existence is short. He compares the fireworks to humans.

He thanks her for coming out with him like this and watching the fireworks and the talks about how even though she has no memories he’s sure that she was a nice person, because she has a lot of friends who treat her so nicely. Orion promises to work hard to return her memories and then suggests that they return home and take a hot bath because it was cold out at night.

During the scene where Ukyo wakes up and hugs her and then freaks out and apologizes for touching her, Lin tells him that it’s alright and it wasn’t as if she hated it. Ukyo and Orion are shocked and Ukyo hesitantly mentions that he thought she wouldn’t like an unknown man touching her like that, unless she remembered something?

She tells him that he cried a lot and he blushes bright red while exclaiming that she remembered that moment? He’s thankful and glad that she remembered something, but why did it have to be that memory? He tells her that he’s so embarrassed he feels like he could die. His voice starts becoming shaky and tearful as he says that he’s so happy she remembered the time they met that he doesn’t know if he might start crying and that it was that day during the summer that he fell in love with her.

During the summer festival, Lin takes a stroll around instead of talking to Ukyo and she finds all the pairs of people that went off. Ikki lost to Shin in the dart game and Rika mentions that she normally would get angry at that, but Ikki’s pained face is too precious. Mine is squealing beside Rika and Shin glares at the two of them saying he can hear their voice. Sawa is with Waka watching him scoop goldfish and he manages to scoop them all out and made the shop owner cry. Kent and Toma were playing the lottery and for some reason Kent’s math failed, while Toma was winning everything.

One day Lin decides not to go out and Shin comes by her house to borrow a book from her. This triggers a memory of her and Shin and Toma talking outside her house about how Shin is going to get into Toma and her university. Toma offers to help Shin study, but he doesn’t want Toma’s help. Orion is glad that she remembered something from her childhood about these two men and she is brought back to the present. She goes into her house and gives him the book that he wants while wishing him good luck in studying.

The next day Lin goes to the maid and butler cafe and see Toma and Shin chatting with one another. Apparently Toma got a love letter from a girl and Shin is teasing him. He also saw a girl’s name in Toma’s phone and Toma asks Shin not to look at his phone with annoyance. He suddenly changes the topic by telling Shin and Lin to tell him if they manage to find themselves a lover, because he wants to be able to be protective of them. Shin rolls his eyes and tells Toma that he isn’t Lin’s father.

Another memory is triggered of when she was a child with Toma and Shin. Her dress got wet somehow and they take her back to Shin’s mother. Both of them hold her hands to make it so that she’s not as scared. Orion muses on how cute their voices were as a kid except they turned out like that.

The next day, Lin gets a text from Sawa and decides to head over to her school. There she meets Sawa who is running away from Kent and talks about how evil and mean Kent is. She also asks if Lin is done her report and then runs away before Kent can catch up. Kent passes by and talks to Lin a bit before telling her that she already handed in her report and so she’s fine. Orion is relieved because it’s not like they could do the report without any memories. Kent also talks about how he learned more about talking to people and social interactions after having worked at the cafe for 3 months.

Ikki runs up to them at this point and interrupts their conversation with an apology. Waka phoned him and wants Kent to go to the cafe. Kent agrees to go and Ikki tells him that he’ll go with him. Orion muses on how they’re such good friends and Lin remembers about the first time Kent started working at the cafe and Ikki introduced him.

Everything continues as normal until the night that Ukyo is in her room and Lin tells him to stay with her while she goes to sleep after remembering about the fire and nearly dying. Ukyo’s face transforms into his evil version, but he maintains his soft voice as he tells her that he’ll stay and sit on her bed then as she sleeps. Orion urges Lin to go to sleep since he doesn’t hear anything wrong with Ukyo and Lin is experiencing vertigo from her memories.

She wakes up in the middle of the night to Ukyo laughing and calling her an idiot for not heeding all of his warnings. He shocks her with a stun gun and tells her that she’s lucky to die peacefully this time, because she doesn’t remember or know anything. He casually asks her how she wants to die and then says that it probably doesn’t matter since she’ll be gone in the end anyway. He wishes her to have a good dream. His last words to her are that both sides of him love her from the bottom of their hearts.

***BAD END 「また別の世界で殺しあおうぜ」(Let’s meet again in another world so I can kill you) ***

Instead of inviting Ukyo back to her house, she asks him if he’s going to head home and he tells her that he is. So then they have the conversation about her fate of death outside and he also tells her not to believe in him or trust him and not to tell him about why she might have lost her memories.

Lin asks him about the fate of death and he explains about how the world is probably trying to erase her existence because she didn’t die on the day that she was supposed to. However, because he’s inside of her she’s different from how she was at the beginning and that is probably why the world’s power to erase her is weakened. Therefore, she shouldn’t regain any more of her memories because he’s worried about leaving her at this time.

Everything continues as normal with Lin running off to find Ukyo to prevent him from dying because of her. She runs away from him in the classroom and Orion disappears in the hallway, but then Ukyo catches up to her and strangles her to death. His last words to her are to meet her in another world.

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    I wish to be unnamed said:
    January 8, 2013 at 18:28

    … Honestlt speaking, I find the death-on-August-25th quite disturbing, since one of my close friend’s birthday’s on that day. That said, I really hope the anime will follow Ukyo’s route (and avoid the Yandere-ness, hopefully). I wonder if Ukyo’s birthday is on 25/8. I could write a fic for that…

    All this parallel-world exchanges also reminds me of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, too. :P

      Ilinox responded:
      January 9, 2013 at 11:22

      I think all of Ukyo’s deaths are pretty disturbing and sad ;ww; I can’t even imagine being stuck in an endless loop of trying to save her and dying or seeing her go to someone else. I hope the anime will follow Ukyo’s route too though, since his seems the most “canon” or official, even if Shin is the poster boy.

      THAT WOULD JUST BE PURE DEPRESSION!! I think it was just the heroine’s death that was on the 25th.. so the anniversary of her death basically. I haven’t watched or read Katekyo Hitman so I wouldn’t know /o\ but the time-traveling trope does seem to be used pretty often~.

    Michelle Dilan said:
    August 29, 2012 at 00:36

    hi ! have u heard that there’s gonna be an anime adaptation for this game ? i saw this link:

    i hope that it will turn out good though cuz this game is freaking awesome so i hope they won’t ruin the characters’s stories …

      Ilinox responded:
      September 13, 2012 at 10:53

      Yep, I heard about the anime announcement. I’m a bit worried about how they’ll carry out all the alternate worlds unless they make the story NEW WORLD style or something.. but I do hope they settle on Ukyo being the lead guy (even if I love Ikki so much)!

        Michelle Dilan said:
        September 13, 2012 at 18:24

        yeah ~ it’s kinda worrying … but i think they will settle with ukyo since he’s the real love interest of Lin … haha *hoping*

        now all we need is to wait for it and watch how well they make it :]

    Carl Brock said:
    July 5, 2012 at 20:40

    haha…haha…uh… I never thought I say this toma scaries me a little more than Ukyou bad side. I mean the red liquid on the is defiantly the blood of one the members of Ikki fan club i’m sure of it “it’s just ink” HELL TO THAT ONE!!!!

      Alica said:
      August 23, 2012 at 19:45

      Okay what heck did MC do to get the world mad enough to want to kill her I understand Ukyou wanting to kill her but the world come on seriously?!?! geez… But MC has good Ukyou on her side so she’s fine when the evil Ukyou isn’t out that is. ‘-_-

        Ilinox responded:
        August 24, 2012 at 09:29

        Toma is… special. Let’s just leave it at that /o\.

        The world is trying to get rid of the heroine because she’s an anomaly. She was supposed to die on the first day of August, but Ukyo interfered and stopped that and so now the world is trying to correct her being alive by killing her.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 5, 2012 at 19:44

    Ukyou and Ikki are my favorite characters in this game. I love to death but it may be because Ukyou evil half will probably grant that because Ukyou has the most bad endings out all the characters in the game so yeah… Ikki fans kind annoy me sometimes I mean they want him all to themselves and only caring about their happiness and not his. If really love him they should care about what he wants and wanting him to be happy but they only love him for his eyes. Rika loves him for him but i’m not that’s just a guess she is the one who created the fan club in the first place but… hmm same goes her on him being happy not force the girl to break up with it’s his choice not the fans so yeah.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 5, 2012 at 20:12

      Yay! Another Ikki lover 8D! Yeah, even though Ukyou had the most endings, I don’t know if they count for anything since at least Ikki’s bad endings revealed so much about his character. Ukyou’s bad endings were kind of just like “Oh, you didn’t listen to me so you die”.

      BITCH BRIGADE! That’s what I call them in my mind. What you say is so true, but unfortunately fans (and fandoms) can get kind of crazy.. just look at the poor celebrities nowadays. I’m thinking of people like Tom Hiddleston..

      Rika’s a pretty sad character. She’s just obsessed about Ikki to the point where she either wants him just for herself or no one else can have him, ‘hence the 3 month rule.

    Alice said:
    June 25, 2012 at 17:17

    I really like how all the other routes are connected in this one we finally find out why this romantic psycopath keeps killing us off and it also adds that we do survive and end up with the other guys;3
    But I cant seem to hate ukyoXD


      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2012 at 19:22

      It explains all the alternate worlds we’re going into and why Ukyo seems to know everything about her, but essentially the routes where she ends up with the other guys are alternate universes that have no relation to what happened in this world.

      I could never hate Ukyo too, but that’s just because he’s so silly and derpy. The REAL him I mean and not the psychotic one that wants to kill everything, but he’s such a klutz and crybaby that it’s hilarious xD;; his devotion is cute though.

    Michelle Dilan said:
    June 18, 2012 at 11:21

    ah ~ okay i get it … now, i need to play Ukyo’s routine … lol

    well, i like this kind of genre you know suspense, thrill, love, romance & a little bit of action … but oh well, as long as the story is good i’m gonna play it ! hehe
    ok, i’ll check your other friends blog maybe i can get some of them ~
    and yea ~ high-five for Ikki ! damn ! he’s so handsome and i can’t take his awesome CG’s and those sweet words of him ~~~, he makes me want to sleep with him !!! haha

    Michelle Dilan said:
    June 14, 2012 at 10:56

    hi ~ i have a question … it’s my first time to play an otome game
    and i want to ask if i should play again the same character after i finished their good endings to get their normal and bad endings ? cuz i really want to get all the endings …. thanks :]

    by the way, i love your review so detailed and it becomes a spoiler to me now ~ hehe

      Ilinox responded:
      June 14, 2012 at 17:57

      It depends on if you’re a completionist and how much you love that character I suppose. It’s really all up to you for how you want to play your otome game. There are some really good guides out there that tell you what choices you should make to make it easier to get all the endings in just one run.

      Excluding my OCPD and blogging hobby which compels me to get all the endings, I like to see the normal/bad endings because I feel like they reveal another side to the character. Especially in Ikki’s route where his bad endings show how much he loves the heroine.

      Thank you /o\ I like writing like this so that people who don’t know Japanese or don’t know much can still try to play and follow along.

        Michelle Dilan said:
        June 14, 2012 at 20:02

        ooh ~ thanks for the explanation … actually i want to get all the endings just like you, to see if the one chars has other sides… i’m in Ikki’s route now and i’m kind of confuse to his route becuz i have to save in a certain part where i can/should change my answer to get the other endings (y’know to not repeating again from the the top … hehe)

        and I freaking love Ukyo even though he’s kinda creep you out sometimes & then backs from being kind … gawd ~!!! he’s totally my type, and as i read your review of him, i am totally pity and sad for his char. cuz first, he can only see/look the heroine from afar & that he have to hurt her in someways but he totally loves her … especially the scene where he died ~ T.T really fighting the fate for your love … kya ~~~~ (ok enough, i’m so fangirling over him now)
        i’m so excited to play his route now but i can see that he has a lot more endings rather than ikki (my 2nd fav) but oh well, gotta get myself patience even if i have to replay his route for five/six times … just for his other endings haha

        anyway, i can only understand Japanese language but i can’t read kanji at all, that’s why i’m guessing my answer in every scene cuz the heroine doesn’t have a voice dub … and thank god, i found your blog & now i can understand what she was saying … lol

        btw, can u recommend to me some awesome otome games that i can play ? cuz i’m starting to love the otome & i want to play good otome games after i’m done with amnesia & amnesia later :]

        Ilinox responded:
        June 14, 2012 at 20:19

        Most of Ukyo’s bad endings can be done in one run, because the bad endings just come from a one choice difference. I think I only used 2 saves for him, including the one you use automatically to save your progress. I totally agree though ;ww; he’s definitely the canon guy of the story and has such an amazing storyline.

        Personality-wise though… IKKI ALL THE WAY xDD;; KYAA IKKI~ /shot for acting like his bitch brigade. Give me a high-five for having Ikki as your second favorite 8DD! No one can resist his beautiful eyes, haha.

        You’ll have to tell me what kind of genres you like or what kind of settings spark your interest, or maybe even what kind of characters because there are a really wide variety of otome games out there. You can check out my friends on my blogroll to see what games they’ve completed for a general idea of what to play next.

        I’m afraid I don’t have much of a review list under my belt because of how slow I play Orz. I’ve been keeping up with the news though and so I have a back log to infinity /o\.

    heilll said:
    February 15, 2012 at 05:51

    This is so detail!! Love Ukyo route >..<
    Thanks for this post! <3

      Ilinox responded:
      February 15, 2012 at 08:29

      No problem~! Thank you for reading it (*´ω`*). Ukyo is a darling, but I’m still biased towards Ikki www.

        heilll said:
        February 16, 2012 at 06:22

        anyway, I guess I had asked how to get Ukyo’s route? (@_@)

        Ilinox responded:
        February 16, 2012 at 06:28

        Oh, if WP ate up your post that might be because you did >…< faces since WP uses html and so it just assumes you're doing a code with that.

        To get to Ukyo's route you need to beat everyone else xD;; So Kent, Toma, Shin, and Ikki's route need to be done.

    Kay-C said:
    January 3, 2012 at 14:39

    OMG now everything totally makes sense!!! thats why she had an accident on the 25th in kents route, that’s why ukyo died in kents good end

      Ilinox responded:
      January 3, 2012 at 15:10

      Yep! After Ukyo’s route everything everywhere is revealed, especially as to why you’re always meeting him everywhere and how he’s like “Who’s your boyfriend now? ENJOY A NICE DEATH BWAHAHA” and runs off.

    Momo said:
    January 3, 2012 at 08:06

    Aww, thank you so much for all these posts! It’s just too epic, I’m so speechless right now. And I’m very, very thankful for the detailed descriptions! Your post is a great help, now I’m sure that I’ll understand the game much better when I get it. <3<3 And somehow… even though I liked Shin's design and Ikki's character at the beginning, I guess that Ukyo is just the best of them all :"D *cries*

      Ilinox responded:
      January 3, 2012 at 09:54

      No problem (*´ω`*). It makes me happy whenever other people find it useful or nice. Anything to spread the love for otome games~ ww. Ukyo’s design and character grow on you after going through his route xD! But I my eternal bias will still be Ikki <3.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    dellz85 said:
    October 19, 2011 at 00:28

    OMG thank you so much for this summary, now I can understand what he is saying. Totally love his route :D My first impression for him was meh, such a strange hairs etc but now who cares, totally in love with him.

    Thank you again ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      October 19, 2011 at 00:39

      No problem, thank you for reading it :3! Haha, I had the same thought about his hair too, but I heard that his design was based off of the heroine’s. They both have braids and hats which makes it kind of cute since they match!

      I love his route too! Defying fate is such an intense way to show your love for someone.

    HolyLeonheart said:
    September 19, 2011 at 08:56

    OMG, Ukyo’s route is so EPIC. IT IS SO EPIC I CAN’T EVEN—-
    I thought Ikki’s route was like.. true ending since it was so good. But when I saw Ukyo’s route, OH GOD. The longing he held for the heroine and how deep his love is for her, I just totally melt. He’s OTP of the heroine, hands down!
    I just love the idea of fate and how love and belief can change anything, even fate and destiny itself. It is just perfect! I also love how Ukyo’s route sort of tied up all others’ route and explain all the bad endings as well. It was such a great way to wrap up the game!

    And you.are.awesome! Thank you so so so so much for doing all these reviews! I don’t know japanese, so I can only grasp the storyline by reading people’s reviews. And OMG, I was amazed at how detailed your reviews are!
    It took me hours just to read them all, and I can’t imagine how much time and effort you’ve put in order to write these wonderful reviews for us.
    SO AGAIN, YOU ARE AWESOME!! I can’t express my gratitude enough! THANK YOU X3333
    *gives you a big big big *breathes* BIG BIG HUG!*

    P.S. I’m sorry about my spamming comment xD

      Ilinox responded:
      September 19, 2011 at 09:24

      No problem ^^! I’m glad you like my reviews and it makes me really happy and embarrassed to have people read my rambling comments, hahaha. I started these reviews for my friends who were interested, but don’t understand Japanese so I’m glad they were useful 8D!

      I consider Ukyo’s route to be the true ending too, but I still love Ikki’s character the most x3! *clings onto Ikki*

    Airi said:
    September 18, 2011 at 06:47

    Ukyoooo ㅠㅂㅠ poor guy.Had to go through so much..
    I remember when I first saw his design before they even had voice samples in the official site,I thought…meh,weird.get a haircut LOL but aww he’s my fav now! I love his story with the heroine(´∇`)
    Thank you for the detailed post <3 dang must've took forever to write xD

      Ilinox responded:
      September 19, 2011 at 09:25

      lolol That was exactly my first thought seeing his design too! Like “Eh? He looks kind of girly… and his voice sounds weird” but then after hearing him whisper soft loving things to the heroine and his crazy psychotic voice.. HE’S SO ADORABLE X)!

      Thank you for taking the time to read this super long post~ :3.

    Yukiru said:
    September 17, 2011 at 16:02

    FULL COMP OMEDETOU!!・:*:・\(*^∀^*)/・:*:・

    I feel the same way about the ending! IT’S SO TAKATO!! *Takato I love youuuu* /bricked I loved Orion and Niil parts because it was a final, warm beautiful touch to the true end and Ukyou’s part for being so destructive to himself all for the sake of just saving the heroine. I still couldn’t like Ukyou as a character much though.. even though he was a good person and did all that, he’s still very not my type. But his route was interesting, and I liked it the most for story.^-^

    What a long post! Otsukare-sama^_^! Steals Ikki from you and gives you Ukyou

      Ilinox responded:
      September 17, 2011 at 18:36


      I know ;_; fighting against Time and Fate for their love. とてもロマンチックwww。 That was my favorite part too with Orion and Niiru going to check up on them, though I’m sad that the heroine forgot everything. When Ukyo didn’t want to return back with her and wanted to die for all the times he’s killed her.. I felt SO bad, but at the same time wanted to shake him and be like THIS IS YOUR CHANCE FOOL!

      He’s still.. a little too gentle, maybe, for my liking too. I like more ijiwawru characters (*´ω`*). The ones that tease you and say sexy things, but Ukyo was just mostly kind and affectionate. Nuu *clings onto Ikki’s legs* you’re still my favourite~!

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