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(These are extras once the whole game is complete. They feature side stories for all the characters, but they’re unvoiced and long monologues so my head starts hurting just 5 minutes in. That’s why most of the summaries under neath this cut will be short rather than my usual descriptive style).

The setting is from the man’s perspective and before they started dating the heroine. Most of them address their growing feelings or hidden love for the heroine. In Ukyo’s route it is more of a side-story that accompanies his real route very well though.

*** SHIN ***

It starts off with him in his room working or studying on his homework. Lin comes in and asks him if he wants to go with her to see movies with her, since she has two tickets. He gets kind of annoyed and asks her what movie it is and why she’s asking him instead of her girl friends. She tells him that since it’s Christmas everyone is spending time with their boyfriends.

Shin doesn’t want to go see the movies with her, because he’s afraid of being mistaken or coming off as a couple when they’re really not. She picks up on his reluctance and tells him sadly that she didn’t have any ulterior motives for picking up the tickets and instead was just happy that she managed to get tickets for a movie that she thought he would like. Shin finally gives in and tells her that he’ll go with her after they do some band practice or something.

The day turns to evening in his room and they head out to do some business before heading towards the movies. A guy comes up to Lin and tries to compliment her and confess his love to her, but Shin interrupts him and scares him off. Before the guy leaves though he points out that they look a lot like a couple since they’re going to watch the movies together. Lin denies it and doesn’t notice how much it hurts Shin, but he tries to hide it as best as he can.

Instead, he just takes her hand and pulls her away from the guy while telling him to mind his own business. Lin thanks him and somehow the topic of conversation turns to how he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Shin asks her what she would do if he wanted to date someone and she asks him if he has anyone in mind, but he tells her that it’s nothing. In his mind he monologues about how he’s too afraid of breaking what he already has and so he doesn’t want to change anything, even though he wishes their relationship was different from that of childhood friends that do everything together.

*** IKKI ***

It starts with him in the cafe talking to his most current girlfriend who he has to break up with since it’s been 3 months. She’s crying but understands and he thinks about how it hurts him to do this all the time. Every time he dates a girl he sort of grows to like them and he doesn’t want to hurt them like this, but he has his rule of 3 months and everyone else expects of him too.

After parting with his latest girlfriend the next girl immediately confesses to him. Her name is Taiko and he tells her that he’ll date her so long as she understands that he will only go out with her for 3 months and that he’ll only do the things that he can do. Lin stumbles upon them and then apologizes for interrupting them before leaving again.

Ikki concludes his business with Taiko and as she leaves, Lin comes back and berates Ikki. She tells him that he’s the worst person for saying those things to Taiko. She doesn’t know if he loves her, or if Taiko loves him, but to answer the confessions of a woman with the words of doing only what he can do. She thinks he’s the worst person.

Abruptly, Ikki starts laughing and says 「あははは、本当に最低だ。そうだね、君の言う通りだ」(Ahahaha, I really am the worst. Yes, you’re right). Lin realizes what she just said and apologizes for her rude words, but Ikki waves it off and tells her that she said the same thing to him at the start too. She tells him that if he understands then it’s all good and excuses herself.

At any rate, he’s so affected by Lin’s words that he quickly catches up to Taiko and apologizes before he says that he wants to take back his words. He tells her that he’s not saying he’s not going to date her, but that he wants to take back the words about how he will only do the things that he can do. Ikki tells her that he doesn’t know how successful he is, but he’s going to try and treat her like something precious.

He gives Taiko his cellphone to input her number on and after she leaves he looks up in the sky. He’s going to be as proper of a boyfriend as he can be. Then he muses on the possibility of the future and how he might fall in love with her or he might get hurt because he knows that he has to separate with her after 3 months.

*** KENT ***

It starts off with Kent in his research lab thinking about returning an umbrella to Lin. He thinks about the rain and whether or not she’s taking a walk and then realizes that he wants to meet her, because he knows that she’ll be walking her dog even in the rain. When he goes to the park he finds her walking her dog and notices that her dog has a raincoat on. He can’t help but criticize her dog’s raincoat and go on a monologue about how dogs don’t need raincoats.

Lin explains that her dog might not need it, but it helps her so that she doesn’t have to dry him off as much. Then Kent talks asks her about why she doesn’t have an umbrella and calls her child-like for forgetting it but she just glares at him and tells him that she needs her hands free to hold onto her dog’s leash. He tries to make more conversation with her, but everything he seems to say just makes her glare at him and he wonders what he could do to make her laugh. Nothing he says seems to come out right.

A kid trips with his mother and their umbrella is broken. Lin goes to take her poncho off to give to the kid and the mother but Kent intervenes to give them his umbrella. They try to refuse it but Kent stubbornly lists reasons and convinces them to take it and so they do and leave, while looking uncomfortable at taking something from a man they don’t know. Lin sees him do that and puts her poncho back on but then takes out an umbrella that she kept in her bag and forces him to take it.

She tells him that they can meet tomorrow to talk and he can return it then. Then she informs him that she didn’t think he would do such a thing and that what he did was kind. Kent doesn’t understand why he came here to talk to her or how his actions were kind.

Kent returns back to the laboratory and muses on why he wants to meet her so much and why he is excited to get the chance of talking to her tomorrow when he returns her umbrella. He wonders if he is growing to love her or has love for her. Suddenly, Ikki comes into his room and finds a place to hide seconds before his fangirls burst in. Kent flatly tells them to get out because he’s busy and Ikki thanks him gratefully when they leave. Kent realizes that Ikki is talented with girls and so asks him how he knows if he likes a woman.

Ikki is confused but answers something along the lines of becoming happier when she’s around. He asks Kent why he’s asking something like that and if he has someone he loves, but then takes back his words while saying out loud that it’s impossible for Kent to fall in love. Kent ignores Ikki’s words since his thoughts are consumed with the umbrella and phoning Lin but then he realizes that he’s getting nowhere with his thoughts and so he forces himself not to think of them anymore. He returns back to his work and whatever happens tomorrow will happen tomorrow.

*** TOMA ***

It starts off with Toma recalling a memory from his past to Mine at the cafe about Lin and Shin when they were children. They were playing in the park and the two of them always ran up to him calling out his name and having really happy faces whenever they ran to where he was standing. Mine can’t believe that Shin was cute as a child and then realizes that they always called Toma “brother”. He explains that he’s not their real brother but always acts like one and she asks if they still call him that even now and then glances at Lin who is talking to Waka.

Toma tells her that Lin still does. They talk a bit more and Mine talks about how she probably won’t get along with Lin because Lin isn’t the type of girl she likes as a friend, but Toma disagrees because Lin is the type of person who’ll work hard to make friends. Mine pouts at that and tells Toma not to be a playful bully to her and then notes that he is always such a smooth talker and is skilled at hiding what he’s feeling behind his eyes. Toma thanks her for that.

Their conversation is interrupted by Waka who brings Lin over and tells them that he decided to hire her. From now on she’ll be working at the cafe with Mine and Toma and so he tells them to teach her. Mine and Lin exchange introductions and seem to get along well. When it is evening Toma and Lin walk back home together and he congratulates her on getting the job. They chat about various things before Toma brings up the question of why they don’t call him “brother” anymore.

Lin explains that when they were children they did, but now that they’re growing up they all stopped. Toma is silent at this before changing the topic and asking her why she decided to work at the same place he was and she tells him that it’s because he was there. He tells her that he understands getting a first job is nervous and that his presence is soothing, since Shin joined the same cafe for that reason too, but he doesn’t want her to constantly depend on him. Some day she’ll have to depend on herself.

Even though he’s saying these things, Toma feels lonely inside. He also notes that he had always been able to tell what she was thinking about when she was a kid, but now he’s lost that power. She’s silent and so he takes this chance to ask her if she wants a cake as congrulations for getting a job and she becomes angry. He doesn’t understand why she’s angry but apologizes anyway and Lin sighs before agreeing to the cake and asking him to come over to her house. This makes Toma have an inner conflict about wanting to hear those words with a different meaning, but he knows that he can’t act on his feelings and so he’ll crush them inside of him.

Toma has only been to her house 3 times. The first was to help her move in and the second had something to do with helping her study or something. This is the first time he’s been at her house as a guest and Lin leaves to get some cups for them to drink tea while they eat cake. He notices that the whole place smells of her, because she lives alone. Lin tries to make conversation about how it’s been a long time since she had a guest over, but then the atmosphere quickly falls into awkward silence. Toma can’t help but be hypersensitive of her in this small room and he thinks that it’s probably just him, but he notices that for some reason Lin is quiet too and looks nervous.

Lin suddenly asks Toma about a girl he dated in his second year of university and what happened. Toma tells her that he broke up with her and when she asks why he’s afraid of answering. His thoughts keep on going to where he doesn’t want them to go because he doesn’t want his hopes to be raised like that. He tells her that he has another person he likes and so that’s why he broke up with her and isn’t dating any other girls who confessed to him. Lin angrily asks him if he dated a girl he didn’t even like then. Toma realizes he’s treading on dangerous grounds as he starts wanting to confess to her.

He tells her that the girl he likes will definitely refuse him. He can’t give up and yet he knows he should give up and so instead he dated another girl to try and forget the one he loved. He notices that Lin has a troubled look on her face and when he asks her what’s wrong, she mentions that relationships with guys are complicated and that she’ll have to try her best. He asks her if she wants a boyfriend and she tells him that she has someone she likes.

Toma is scared and reluctant to hand her over to anyone else, but hides these feelings from her. Instead he changes the subject by suggesting that they eat the cake that he bought for her.

*** UKYO ***

It starts off with him saying that he’s seeing a dream and that the familiar streets and day almost makes him want to weep with joy. He’s seeing a dream as he walks through the town and sees Lin talking to someone. Her brown hair, laughing eyes, and smiling face are like a dream to him. Ukyo sees a bus pass by and is reminded of the first time he met her and she needed help getting around his town. He chided her on how travelling alone is dangerous, but she simply laughed gently at him and believed that someone would save her.

Ukyo remembers how amazed he was at her belief in humans. As he’s reminiscing about the past he sees Lin get on the bus and even though he knows he shouldn’t and that she probably wouldn’t hear him he calls out for her anyway. However, the bus leaves and only he remains.

He looks up at the sky and notes that today is the 22nd of August and that there are only 3 more days before he dies in this world. He’s fine with that though because he got to see her smiling face a lot and exchanged words with her at her workplace. But he thinks 「もっと声を聞きたい。君に触れたい。一度でもいい、俺の名を呼んで欲しい。」(I want to hear your voice more. I want to touch you. Even once would be fine, I want to hear you say my name). However, that’s a wish that he needs to give up on. He can’t approach her or else it’ll be dangerous.

Ukyo decides that he should die today since he just saw her and the weather is beautiful. He’d like to die underneath the blue sky and so he gets himself hit by a bus and feels slightly bad for bleeding all over the world. Dying is as painful as always and in the darkness he hears Niiru tell him that because his wish hasn’t been granted yet she’s not going to let him go and brings him into the world of spirits.

However she tells him that they can’t continue on forever like this because her powers are running out. Ukyo is alarmed because he’s afraid of actually dying, and yet he doesn’t want these painful deaths to continue either. Niiru continues to tell him that she’s decided to send him back to his first world where Lin was dead, but she will use her last remaining powers to rewind the time. This will be his last chance and he won’t be able to leave to another world after this one.

He’s fine with that though and Niiru realizes that Ukyo has given up. He only wants to be able to see Lin one more time and then whatever else happens he’s fine with that. He decides that he can’t be happy anymore and so the last thing he wants to do is see her happy appearance. Niiru tells him that even though he’s given up, she won’t though and she’ll make sure that his wish is granted. He thanks her for her kind words and Niiru sends him off by saying that they’re last journey has started.

Ukyo wakes up in the park with Lin asking him what he’s doing spacing out there. Something happens that is dangerous and he trips and hurts his right side or something. Lin is bewildered and worried about him while Ukyo regains his awareness of what is around him and apologizes. He tells her not to worry about his injury because he won’t die from it before taking her hand. He can’t help himself from touching her hair and kissing her hand and tells her that he’s happy and that he’ll get up in a second.

Lin agrees to wait for him to regain his bearings and they sit there together. Suddenly Ukyo tries to ask her something, but then changes his mind and simply says that he’s happy right now. He had thought about taking her to a hospital but then decided that spending their last days remaining together is enough for him. He wonders if he’s still dreaming. WOW THE STORY FROM UKYO’S PERSPECTIVE IS REALLY DEPRESSING FEELING..

Poor Kent.. he got cut off from this picture, because he was too far.

12 thoughts on “Amnesia ~ Extras ~

    Ichi Goku said:
    May 12, 2013 at 01:19

    Thank you for the translation!

    Thanks to you….I….
    > was always shocked at SHIN’s route
    > always screaming, rolling off the sofa in IKKI’s route
    > always wondering when KENT could get tired of all his monolouge
    > for some ungodly reason, loving how TOMA can so obsessive and possessive yet so stupid to the point of wanting to slap into some sense into him. Including his extra story.
    > and cried for the ever first time due to UKYOU’s route. WHY. WHY UKYOU.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH *bows down until I buried my head underground*

      Ichi Goku said:
      May 12, 2013 at 01:23

      sorry, I meant squealing (more like screaming) then rolling off the sofa due to the major fluff, hot, seductive he could be….after that I regretted saying (before I played the game) “I don’t like this blue theme silver haired guy”

      but thanks to your translation(since I can’t basically read japanese)….I’m one of Ikki’s fan the type that wants push his fangirls down a ravine with piranhas in it.

        Ilinox responded:
        May 13, 2013 at 03:15

        (・ω\) You’re very welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed all their routes so much! Shin’s was definitely very suspense-ridden. Kent’s was a bit of a trial with all his monologues… Toma was a sexy and interesting route but the misunderstanding also made me want to smack him on the head. Ukyo’s… ouch.

        AND YES. MORE VICTIMS PEOPLE FOR THE IKKI FAN CLUB; the sane version that is. I can’t wait until you read his Amnesia Later route if you thought he was seductive and hot in this one ( ゚∀゚) because he gets better and better and better. I actually had the same thought when I first went into the game “Oh, another playboy character. Meh, I’ll just get him over with”… who knew I would fall so hard and so fast.

    eminarukiax said:
    May 1, 2013 at 05:13

    Ukyo and Toma’s Story here are a bit longer than the others… The psychopath duo! O.O aaaaaannnnddddddd I guess that ends Amnesia xD Now I’ll go to another game~!!! DIABOLIK LOVERS HERE I COME!


      Ilinox responded:
      May 4, 2013 at 11:11

      I think those two are more introspective or require more introspection because of their actions. It helps you get into their minds more and realize just exactly why they did the things they did.

      A-Are you sure you want to go into Diabolik Lovers? (・ω\) It’s not exactly a fluffy game to play and I’m not sure if I’d recommend it to anyone except people who are really interested in dysfunctional characters.

      Aww, thank you again! (*ノ∀ノ) I’m not tired of it at all! I think it’s very sweet and it always makes me happy to see that kjgfkhjf. Thank you for reading through all of my text walls though!

    Lynnie said:
    January 12, 2012 at 22:22

    ;____; Ugh… Ukyou. I never really cry at otome games, but oh god. My eyes got teary from Ukyou’s route and this extra story!


      Ilinox responded:
      January 12, 2012 at 22:28

      SAME HERE! When he’s like “Oh, I’m bleeding all over the floor” I just bawled. I’m such a sucker for defying-time/fate stories and he fits perfectly inside.

      *sigh* Toma.. I don’t even want to see what his route will be like in the fandisk. Will he go even more yandere? But there are no more misunderstandings between them.. unless some contrived thing will pop up to send him into a rage again..

    Hinano said:
    January 3, 2012 at 08:48

    oh my god I Only read Ukyo’s story after I finished his route and when I saw the “im gonna get hit by a bus…oops im bleeding” part im like AHsfljahfljsf DAFUQ and then I didn’t bother to go back and read the others stories (;ಥ;ω;ಥ;)

      Ilinox responded:
      January 3, 2012 at 09:51

      His devotion to the heroine is too extreme ;w; the rest weren’t as sad I don’t think. Although it felt like the common theme in their short stories was melancholy since they’re all emo-ing in their stories lol.

    twentyninenights said:
    September 19, 2011 at 01:43

    Thanks for doing the extra stories. After reading it all, I think the best story still goes to Ukyou. The second is Shin. The other are, just their perspective of the story I’ve known.

    I bet you’re angry at Kent, when he questioning about the dog raincoat, etc. His mind must be filled with many theories, bla bla bla..

      Ilinox responded:
      September 19, 2011 at 01:50

      lolol You’re completely right about Kent. I was all like “=_= not again..” through his extra story. It was made even worse because the whole thing wasn’t voiced and was just text and text and text and text.

      I wasn’t paying much attention to Shin and Ikki’s route (they were so boring and I already knew most of it like Ikki’s) so it probably isn’t the best review ^^;;.

        twentyninenights said:
        September 19, 2011 at 04:12

        That’s why, I like Ukyou where his story is the one in another world. His feelings is really interesting. As for Shin, I like when his heart is hurted by heroine’s words. It’s different from the main story and that’s why I choose it all.

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