Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Kaneda Wabisuke ~

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Kaneda Wabisuke (兼田 侘助)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

Our envy always lasts much longer than the happiness of those we envy.

(Oh look! It’s another crazy brotherly character (^∀^;)! I apologize for the huge wall of text too, but at least half of it is the common route so the posts after this will be considerably shorter. Keywords are “dessert” and “blackout” to find them).

Wabisuke is Nazuna’s older brother and a cheerful type of person. He’s popular with everyone because of his fresh personality and how kind he is. It’s obvious that he holds great affection for his sister and would do anything for her. He tends to be rather overprotective though, especially when it concerns Nazuna and people like Aoi who flirt with her.

Tsumori Nazuna (津森 なずな) is the heroine of the game. The game opens with a prologue about Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. It asks about the flavor of the fruit and if it was sweet? Or if it was only sweet because it was forbidden. It talks about how if the fruit wasn’t forbidden then Adam and Eve wouldn’t have thought of it as being sweet and wouldn’t have been tempted. It links these things to the acts of children and how if they are forbidden from doing something; the more they want to commit those acts.

The prologue ends and opens with a scene of Nazuna in her school’s library reading the book from the prologue about forbidden temptations. She muses on how it’s human nature to be drawn to the forbidden. Nazuna suddenly remembers that she came to the library to borrow a book and goes to find it, while laughing at how this is the danger of the library since she became distracted by reading another book.

She notes that the library is big enough to get lost in and then finds a book that she wants, but it is too high on the shelf. She stretches to reach for it and just as she’s about to grab it she’s startled by someone standing behind her who reaches out and takes it. Her first impressions of the boy has something to do with how she feels like Eve touching the forbidden fruit and she almost mistook him for a doll with how pale and beautiful he is. FLOWERY DESCRIPTIONS.. I FORGOT ABOUT THESE DESCRIPTION TEXTS FROM PLAYING AMNESIA WHICH WAS ALMOST PURE DIALOGUE.

The boy, who is clearly Aoi, notes that she was surprised and Nazuna apologizes for not seeing him because of the bright light shining in through the windows. He points out that she dropped her book and Nazuna tells him that it’s fine and she’ll pick it up, but he simply chuckles and tells her he’ll pick it up. Their hands touch and she withdraws in shock at how cold his hands are.. like a corpse.

Aoi gives her the book and asks if she wasn’t going to borrow it. She tells him that she was, but then asks if he wanted it too since he grabbed it. Aoi just smirks and tells her that he wasn’t taking it for that reason. Nazuna is confused and Aoi orders to just take it and so she does while thanking him quietly. Then he asks her if she comes to the library often, which she says she does with a smile on her face, and he notes that she must really love books then.

She asks if he likes books and he replies in a drawl if she can see it in him. Nazuna is confused with his cryptic remarks and says that she doesn’t really know and then notices that he has the same school uniform as the one that her brother goes to. The school that her brother goes to is a school for the elite and rich kids and so there aren’t a lot of them and it’s rare to see them around in town.

Aoi notices her staring at him and asks if there’s something on his face, but she tells him that she was looking at his uniform. He asks her if it’s unusual to see people like him around and she tells him that it is, while thinking that it would be weird to talk to a stranger about her brother. Another voice interrupts them telling Aoi that they should leave soon and it turns out to be Atsumori. He tells Aoi that they need to go before Suou gets angry and Aoi tsks while complaining about how annoying it is.

Nazuna is startled to see that there was another person there and Atsumori sees her looking at him before asking Aoi if he’s doing his usual thing to women again. Nazuna voices her confusion but Atsumori just ignores her and so she thinks that he gives off a bad and rude vibe. Aoi excuses himself from her saying that he has to leave now and she thanks him for the book. He tells her not to worry about it and then adds that reading books is fine, but that she should also be interested in the opposite sex. His voice drops as he talks about how there might be a boy out there who’ll make her melt like chocolate. GEH! THE WAY AOI SPEAKS IS KIND OF SLOPPY SO I PROBABLY MIS-READ SOME WORDS.

She is as confused as always at Aoi’s words but the two boys leave soon after. She thinks about how it’s true that she has no interest in men, but doesn’t find a problem with that. She wonders what the two of them were doing here and thinks that they’re strange for coming to a library without showing any interest in the books.

The scene switches to Aoi walking through the library talking out loud and he hums thoughtfully while saying “So that was Tsumori Nazuna”. He thinks that she’s weak and then complains about Seri while talking about how he’ll punish Seri. Then he asks what Atsumori thinks while calling him 『クソ眼鏡』(Damn glasses). THAT TITLE IS HARD TO TRANSLATE.. BASICALLY AOI IS CALLING ATSUMORI BY AN INSULTING NICKNAME ALONG THE LINES OF BEING A STUPID GLASSES-WEARING PERSON.

Atsumori, of course, bitingly tells Aoi 「クソ眼鏡って言うな!どっちがクソだ。」(Don’t call me that! And which one of us is the idiot) which makes Aoi respond with 「んじゃ、おに~さま~?」(Then how about elder brother-sama~?). Atsumori tells Aoi never to call him that, especially since it makes him feel sick, and then points out that Aoi is the older one.

Aoi asks him in boredom what he should call him then and Atsumori tells him to just call him by his name like a normal person. Aoi rolls his eyes and complains about Atsumori acting too self-important, but then shrugs and agrees to call Atsumori by his name while saying that they’re being awfully close to each other today. Atsumori just snorts at that before changing the subject and saying that their reconnaissance is finished and tells Aoi that he did a good job.

The scene switches back to Nazuna who is heading home along the streets before it becomes dark. She bumps into someone called Izumi who tells Nazuna that she was just heading home after her club activities and then asks what Nazuna is doing out so late, unless she went to the library again. Nazuna nods at that and Izumi grins before saying that it’s just like her as an honors student to be at the library all day and that soon she’ll be at the top of her school.

Nazuna modestly tells her that she’s just steadily doing what she can and Izumi tells her not to say that, because studying untiringly must be difficult. Then she remembers something she heard from a 3rd year senior and asks if Nazuna heard this story about the girl who was at the top. The story goes something like the girl falling in love with a boy and then something terrible happened and she lost everything and her marks fell.

Izumi explains that it almost sounds as if there is a date club doing these things. Nazuna is a bit impressed that a boy from another school had that kind of power and skill to make the top girl fall in love and then asks Izumi if the date club thing is like a host thing. Izumi doesn’t know herself but then she suddenly realizes the time and apologizes to Nazuna before hurrying home.

They tell each other to be careful heading home and then Nazuna shivers a bit at how scary the date club sounds, but then reassures herself by saying that it has no relation to her. OHOHOHO IF ONLY YOU KNEW GIRL. I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU GO DOWN EVERYONE’S ROUTE IN THERE Ψ(`∀´)Ψケケケ. When she returns home it’s quiet and lonely since both her parents are busy and her brother is busy with his soccer practice.

She finishes eating the leftovers on the table that her mother left for her and then decides to practice studying, but then gets a phone call. It’s her brother who turns out to be Kaneda Wabisuke. (°Д°)ハァ? I-I THOUGHT.. HE’D JUST BE A BROTHER-LIKE HOST.. BUT INSTEAD HE ALREADY KNOWS HER AND ACTS LIKE HER BROTHER. I HOPE HE HAS A DARKER SIDE OR ELSE I’M GOING TO FALL ASLEEP WITH HIS NICE GUY PERSONALITY. IS THIS GOING TO BE TOMA ALL OVER AGAIN? NOOOOOOO.

He asks if she’s doing fine and she replies happily that she is and returns the question. Wabisuke talks about how tiring soccer practice is, but that it can’t be helped and she congratulates him on his hard work. Then he asks if she’s heard the news from her parents and she tells him that she hasn’t since they aren’t home yet. He’s quiet for a second before telling her to prepare herself because he’s going to tell her something.

Time skip and Nazuna is now wearing the school uniform of the elite school and walking through the school’s forest. She thinks about how her parents have gone overseas because of their new job. She doesn’t mind living alone since her parents have always been away and Wabisuke takes care of her, but she still feels a bit lonely. Her parents also decided to transfer her to the elite school before they left for their new workplace.

Nazuna gives herself a pep talk about checking the curriculum and schedule and setting up a study plan. She needs to study hard to catch up to everyone in the school, but she also continues sighing at her current state of affairs. Suddenly, someone pops out of the bush, it’s Seri, and he apologizes for startling her. Nazuna apologizes to him as well for spacing out and then notes that he’s wearing the school uniform but he really looks like an elementary school student.

She also feels as if he appeared before her on purpose, but then brushes it off as just her imagination. Seri asks her if there’s something the matter, since she’s staring at him, and Nazuna quickly snaps back to the present and apologizes while explaining that she’s a transfer student and so she’s still getting used to everything. Seri looks surprised since she’s transferring at this time and Nazuna nervously asks if it’s strange.

He tells her that it’s not that strange and Nazuna explains that it was her parents who transferred her. She quickly apologizes for randomly talking about things like this on their first meeting and Seri shrugs it off saying that it was no problem. Then he gives her directions to the school while telling her that it’s close. She thanks him and he excuses himself before she remembers to get his name.

The scene switches to Seri’s perspective as he looks back on the path he just came from and muses on how that was Wabisuke’s little sister. His voice trails off as he thinks about his first meeting with her and then he chuckles darkly to himself. GOD WHAT IS WITH THIS SUSPICIOUS LIGHT BEING CAST ON EVERYONE? IT’S LIKE THEY’RE ALL TARGETTING NAZUNA FOR UNKNOWN REASONS.. MORE MYSTERY!

Nazuna reaches the school and gasps in surprise at the enormous size of the school and how elegant it is. There are a lot of other students walking around and she feels nervous, but she quickly lays out a list of things she needs to do for today such as talking to the principal and her teacher. She also wonders if she’ll meet Aoi and Atsumori here. A commotion off to the side distracts her though, since there’s a horde of girls around someone called Daria and they talk about how beautiful she is. Nazuna briefly wonders if there’s a celebrity here, but then remembers that she needs to go.

There’s a flash of light as she heads to the school and Nazuna looks around in confusion while wondering if it was just her imagination. Suddenly, a voice yells at her to watch out and she realizes that there’s a horse charging in her direction. She’s completely frozen to the spot even though she knows she needs to get out of the way and so someone saves her. ಠ_ಠ SERIOUSLY? THE CHARGING-OBJECT-AND-NEED-TO-BE-SAVED CLICHE PLOT IS USED ALREADY? MY RESPECT IS DROPPING FOR THE HEROINE.

The person who saves her turns out to be Daria, of course. She asks Nazuna if she’s alright and helps her up while apologizing for getting her uniform dirty. Nazuna thanks her, but Daria waves it off saying that she was just lucky to have seen the horse and stopped it in time. Nazuna is a bit embarrassed to give her hand to Daria, but then thinks 「でも、お手をどうぞ、なんて・・・。本から出てきた王子様みたい。」(But the phrase “Your hand, please”.. It’s like a prince from the books). (°Α°) GIRL, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I CAN’T SAY I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO DARIA’S ROUTE..

Nazuna asks if the horse is Daria’s, but she replies that it comes from the riding club. Nazuna isn’t surprised since the school is exploding with money and then she becomes a bit depressed since she clearly isn’t as rich as any of these students. The fangirls from before come over asking if Daria is alright and whatnot and this makes Nazuna admire Daria’s courage and how she is more prince-like than some boys. Suddenly, Wabisuke’s voice is heard calling Nazuna’s name.

The fangirls squeal at the approaching soccer captain and talk about how he’s so cool and fresh. Nazuna calls him her brother as he approaches and everyone is surprised, including Daria. The fangirls have never heard of him having a little sister. At any rate, Wabisuke comes to her side and asks her worriedly if she’s alright because he saw some commotion. She tells him that she’s fine and that it was only a rampaging horse, but she got saved by Daria. Wabisuke exasperatedly tells her that horses are dangerous things.

Daria has been completely silent as she watches the two interact and Nazuna introduces Wabisuke to Daria as her brother and then asks if there’s something the matter. Daria just smiles and replies 「いや。ヤツの企みがようやくわかってきたなと思って」(No. It’s just that I think I finally understand his plan). Nazuna is confused, but then Daria tells her its nothing and orders Wabisuke to escort Nazuna to the school infirmary because she wounded her foot.

Nazuna didn’t even notice that her foot was bleeding. Wabisuke is instantly worried and berates her for not noticing before taking her by the arm trying to drag her off. They bicker a bit more before Daria interrupts with a chuckle saying that they’re really close to each other. Nazuna apologizes for forgetting about her, but then she’s pulled away by Wabisuke to the infirmary. Daria’s expression falls as she watches them leave and she muses quietly on how that was Wabisuke’s little sister. A fangirl asks if she has any business with them and Daria smiles before saying that she doesn’t. MORE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY.

In the school hallways Wabisuke is impatiently pulling her along and Nazuna complains in her head about how overly worried her brother gets. She thinks that he has a siscon. They finally reach the infirmary and the teacher, Fuji Reitor, is in there but on the phone. Wabisuke is instantly alarmed and hesitant to go in especially when he hears Fuji say something about how the moon is beautiful and that it’ll be a quiet evening tonight. Nazuna doesn’t think they should enter either and tells her brother that it’s fine.

Suddenly the door is slammed open and Fuji appears asking them why they haven’t came in yet. The two students are surprised and Wabisuke tells him that they didn’t want to enter because of his phone conversation and then Wabisuke asks him if he’s even allowed to have private conversations while he’s working. Fuji hums thoughtfully before saying that he probably isn’t and then asks them to overlook it. Wabisuke smirks and says that he’ll only keep it a secret if Fuji helps his sister and gets him some kind of drink.

Fuji blinks in surprise and then looks intensely at Nazuna which makes her look uncomfortable. He drawls out that she doesn’t look like Wabisuke at all and then asks if she’s a lost child. This makes her smile and think that he’s an interesting teacher. Then he asks her what her name is and she tells him that it’s Tsumori Nazuna. He’s surprised she doesn’t have the last name Kaneda and she tells him that she has a different surname. Their parents, even though they’re married, kept different last names. EHHHH? SO HE’S ACTUALLY RELATED TO HER THEN?

Wabisuke explains that he tooks his father’s last name and Nazuna took their mother’s last name. Fuji comments on how it must be annoying having to explain that every time. Wabisuke shrugs and says 「というわけで、こいつは正真正銘のおれの妹、なので・・・」(At any rate, this person here is genuinely my little sister..). SO THEY ARE RELATED (°Α°).. WELP.. THIS /IS/ A GAME WITH A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE THEME. Nazuna then tells the teacher that she’s a transfer student and comprehension dawns on him before he steps forward and takes her hand while saying that he didn’t think such a cute child would be lost.

Nazuna is a bit surprised and embarrassed at the way Fuji is smiling at her and Wabisuke starts growling angrily in the background. Fuji steps away and laughingly says that it was just a joke and that Wabisuke doesn’t need to make such a scary face. Wabisuke tells him to stop fooling around and help Nazuna already and Fuji answers 「了解了解。んじゃ、ぱぱっとやっちゃおうかな。」(Roger, roger. Then, I’ll do it quickly and efficiently). I EMBARRASSINGLY THOUGHT HE ASKED THE HEROINE TO CALL HIM “PAPA” HERE, BUT I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. THANKS TO SURI FOR CORRECTING ME~!

Her foot is bandaged up in the infirmary and then they talk about how the accident was dangerous. Wabisuke wonders if the horse startled because he was playing soccer nearby, and then Nazuna recalls seeing the flash of light on the rooftop but she thinks it’s just her imagination and doesn’t bring it up. Wabisuke abruptly notices the time and has to get back to his club and so he asks if Nazuna is alright getting to the head office by herself, to which she says she’s fine, and then he tells Fuji that he’ll be waiting for his drink. Fuji makes an annoyed noise at the fact that Wabisuke remembered it.

After he’s gone, Fuji notes that they both seem to want to keep their relationship like that. Nazuna is confused and Fuji just shakes his head before saying that he’s just talking to himself. He changes the subject and asks if she’s going to start school, but Nazuna tells him that she just transferred today and came to look around. She’ll properly start tomorrow. He tells her that if she has any trouble she can go to him, because he also acts as the security around the place and then he suggests that she head off to the office now.

Nazuna thanks him and then excuses herself and Fuji stares after her with narrowed eyes. He muses on how that was Wabisuke’s little sister and then he lights up a cigarette. His phone starts ringing and Fuji mutters about how the god with the bad habits is phoning him and answers it. The following conversation is one-sided as Fuji notes that it’s “him” and that Nazuna came by and has an innocent and good personality.

He repeats the other person’s question about what he’s going to do and then says that it’s up to this other person. Fuji then talks about how isn’t it “his” wish and that something interesting definitely came along. He tells the other person on the phone that it might be good if he met her too. Back to Nazuna, she’s walking through the school and a chime rings signalling something. Then the scene switches to Fuji who tells the person on the phone that the chime rang and so he’s going to cut the call. He also mentions that this is Cinderella’s time.

At night, Nazuna is exploring her room that she was assigned at the school. It’s like a one-room apartment, luxurious, and has no hints of being a school dormitory. She’s really tired from today’s events and so she decides to sleep. While lying in bed and staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling though, she can’t help but think about the chime and how surprised she was to hear it. Then she falls asleep.

*** CHAPTER 1 ***

The next day starts with Nazuna introducing herself to her class. Immediately, all the girls ask if it’s true that she’s Wabisuke’s little sister and she confirms it. Then she has to explain why their last names are different and as she does this, she thinks about how it’d be nice to make some close friends and that this is her chance. Another girl asks her if the rumors are true that he has a girlfriend and this surprises Nazuna who hasn’t heard of such a thing.

She tells them that she doesn’t know anything and that if he does have a girlfriend, she’d like to meet her. Nazuna doesn’t know everything that her brother does because they don’t live together. As she answers the girls’ questions she thinks about how she feels a bit lonely and sad that her brother might have a girlfriend, but it can’t be helped. She also thinks about things like how even though she thinks he has a siscon, she probably has a brocon and there’s some thoughts about how which one of them would be more surprised if they said their feelings.

Her thoughts are interrupted by her new friends asking her if she’s going to join a club. Nazuna was never part of a club at her old school though and so she asks the other girl for her thoughts. The other girl starts listing things like the tennis club or the riding club. Nazuna brightens up at that and asks if Daria isn’t in that and the other girl becomes excited and asks if Nazuna is Daria’s fan too and that’s how she knows her. Nazuna is surprised and says that she’s not a fan.

The other girl calms down and then reveals that Daria isn’t part of the horse club, which surprises Nazuna since Daria handled the rogue horse really well yesterday. The other girl is about to tell her what club Daria is really in when the intercom activates and asks for the transfer student in year 2 to come down to the principal’s office. Everyone is surprised and asks what Nazuna has done, but she says that she doesn’t know and hasn’t done anything.

At any rate she heads off and nearly bumps into someone in the hallway. It turns out to be a teacher named Kazuya and he orders her not to run in the halls and what business she has. Nazuna informs him that she was called down by the intercom and he looks at her curiously while asking for her name since he doesn’t recognize her face. When he hears her name he gets a frown on his face and then mutters about how “that person” is doing it again and then tells Nazuna to return back to her class.

Nazuna is confused and stops him as he tries to walk away by asking him what he meant by those words. He explains to her impatiently that there’s no hidden meanings in his words and that when he told her to return he really just meant for her to return to her classroom. Nazuna is torn between obeying this scary looking person and listening to the intercom. Suddenly, another person appears and he asks Kazuya what he’s doing here and then notices Nazuna.

A smirk appears on his face as he asks Kazuya if he’s having a clandestine meeting with his lover in the hallways. Kazuya just sighs and tells him that he’s not the kind of person to have clandestine meetings and then tells Kakeru not to stand behind him. Kakeru just grins and says that he’s not standing behind him, but clinging to him. Kazuya just sighs some more and Nazuna looks at the two of them in confusion.

At any rate Kakeru returns his attention to Nazuna and asks her what she’s doing here since the place beyond here is forbidden to students. Nazuna apologizes for that and explains that she’s a transfer student, which makes both teachers nod their heads in realization. Then she explains that she was called by the principal on the intercom and Kakeru’s eyes widen before he asks if it could have been that person and Kazuya confirms it while sighing.

Kakeru grins and talks about how things are getting interesting again, while Kazuya just complains about how it’s stupid and trivial. Kakeru tries to placate Kazuya and says that it can’t be helped since “that person” is still a child. BLOODY HELL WHO IS THIS PERSON WHO IS PHONING EVERYONE AND WHATNOT. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS GAME HAS SO MUCH MYSTERY FOR A HOST CLUB, HAHA. I’M REALLY INTERESTED.

Nazuna hesitantly interrupts them and Kakeru instantly apologizes for ignoring such a cute girl and then he asks for her name in embarrassment. Kazuya sighs again before telling him and Kakeru grins again and introduces himself as Yukiyanagi Kakeru, the world history teacher. He also introduces Renge Kazuya who is the gym teacher. Then he tells her that the broadcasting on the intercom was just an accident.

She’s unconvinced and opens her mouth to say something but Kazuya cuts her off by telling her not to say anything. Kakeru continues on grinning and asks her 「と、いうわけで、妖精ちゃんはー、森にお帰り?」(At any rate, is the fairy returning back to the forest?). I WISH I WAS AT THIS SCHOOL.. ALL THE TEACHERS ARE SEXY AND FLIRTATIOUS (*´д`*)ハァハァ. Nazuna agrees slowly while wondering at why she was called a fairy, but there’s suddenly a loud crashing noise and she flinches.

Kazuya is staring at her and asks her if she still has any other business and so Nazuna quickly denies it, because she still thinks him scary, and tries to head off but suddenly a muffled voice is heard. The person talks about how he told the other to stay there and remain quiet, but apparently that person still hasn’t learn their lesson. He asks if the other person is trying to tease and harass him and then dangerously says that it’s fine if that’s the case. He’ll just have to give him plenty of punishment.

The voice is Suou’s and he’s the mathematics teacher. Then he asks the other person what he’s going to do and what his wish is, because he’ll punish him wherever he wants. Another voice is heard replying to Suou’s asking him to let him go and insulting him by calling him a brute of a teacher. Kakeru starts grinning at the noises and mentions that it seems like “that person” was caught again. Kazuya points out that he looks scarily happy at that.

Nazuna asks them worriedly if everything is alright and Kakeru smiles at her while telling her not to worry and then tries to shoo her off. His smile turns devilish as he tells her that if she untactfully tries to help then she might get punished as well, unless that’s her plan because she wants to be punished. At this the door to the room slams open and Suou asks Kakeru in a flat voice if he’s saying unnecessary things again.

Kakeru asks if Suou heard that, to which he replies with a smirk 「私を誰だと思っている。」(Who do you think I am?). Kakeru just chuckles at that and then mentions how the title of being a sadist really suits Suou Yamato. Suou just smirks quietly before noticing Nazuna and then he asks her what she’s doing standing there and orders her to hurry up and return back to her class. She quickly runs away from there and when she gets back to class she wonders about what the whole thing down there was about.

She’s worried about the person in the classroom, but then realizes that the person might be getting punished for playing a trick on her with the intercom. She becomes a bit depressed at the thought of someone playing a prank on her because she’s the transfer student. Nazuna suddenly remembers that a moving truck was going to come by with her luggage today and she was supposed to meet it in front of her dormitory, but she forgot with the intercom business. She runs to the dormitory just in time to see the truck pull away.

Nazuna is worried that all her luggage is being taken back home and whips out her cellphone to phone somebody, but no one picks up. She looks around and finally sees a male student around and asks him if saw anything here. He tells her that some new person went in and was carrying some luggage and so Nazuna quickly thanks her and then heads into the dormitories. She goes to her room but nothing is there and so she decides to ask Fuji about her missing luggage. She thinks that the movers might have brought her luggage to him, since they couldn’t find her.

She knocks on his door but no one is inside, however when she tries the doorknob it opens the door. Nazuna goes in and looks around, but Fuji isn’t there and so she goes to leave but she’s suddenly grabbed by someone. She screams and fights back while yelling for help. The person turns out to be Aoi who curses in pain before telling her to calm down. She finally recognizes him and asks him what he’s doing in the room and if he’s a robber, to which he replies that he’s not a robber and if he was he wouldn’t come to this room which has nothing.

Aoi tells her that he came to substitute for the perverted teacher, which is his nickname for Fuji. Nazuna calms down at that and asks him to let her since he’s still holding her arm. Aoi stares at her silently for a second before a smirk appears and he asks her 「ヤダ、って言ったらぁ?」(And if I said no?). Nazuna appears puzzled and asks him what the meaning of that is and then tells him that she came because she had business with Fuji, but apparently he’s not here and if Aoi is substituting for Fuji then he can help her.

This makes Aoi laugh for some reason and he remarks on how interesting she is and how there aren’t many girls like her. Then he cheerfully says 「ま、でも勝つのは俺、だけどなぁ。」(Ma, but the one who will win.. will be me). I’M GUESSING THAT THE CLUB HAS ALREADY DECIDED TO GO FOR NAZUNA AND THEY’RE ALL TRYING TO SEDUCE HER? Nazuna asks him what he means by “win”, but he just ignores her and tells her that he knows she’s looking for her luggage and  he’ll personally lead her there if she follows him.

Nazuna wonders at why everyone is acting weird at this school, or maybe they’re only acting weird when they see her face. Aoi yells at her to hurry up and follow him before her luggage disappears and she quickly runs after him while asking for his name. He tells her that he’s Kano Aoi and when she tries to introduce herself, he interrupts her by saying that he already knows who she is. He also gives her the nickname of 『子ブタちゃん』(Piglet-chan). She repeats his nickname in horror, but he just grins and tells her to follow faster or else he’ll steal her luggage.

They reenter the school and Nazuna questions him about why her luggage would be here. He grumbles under his breath about how annoying she is asking that question. She narrows her eyes and asks him if he’s lying to her which makes him smirk and ask her if she’s the type to be suspicious of people. She tells him that she’s suspicious of him more than everyone else and then asks him to stop calling her piglet-chan. He smirks at that and asks her if it bothers her.

She tells him that it’s not that it bothers her or anything, but she just wants him to stop. He says lightly that it’s actually a good thing and tells her to be more honest with herself. Nazuna groans in her head and realizes that it’s impossible talking to Aoi and she feels like Alice, who fell down the hole, and is now following the white rabbit. They finally reach the place and Aoi complains at how large the school is before he looks around and mutters about where the sadist went off to.

Nazuna tries to ask again about her luggage and if it’s here, which makes Aoi tsk sharply under his breath. He tells her that he just said it was and asks her if she’s an idiot. Nazuna is shocked and a bit angry at his words, but she decides that it isn’t wise to make an enemy on her first day. She looks at the door and there’s a sign on it that says 『帰タク部』(Returning home club). Aoi tells her to go in and Nazuna hesitates at the door wondering if it’s alright for her to go in.

She notes out loud that a wise man keeps away from danger and Aoi asks her what she means by that proverb and if it’s cool. She explains about how it means that one shouldn’t approach dangerous situations.  Aoi complains loudly about how he thought she said something super cool, but it turns out to be boring. Nazuna decides that it can’t be helped and she should just enter the room.

Inside the room, she meets the other boy from the library. He introduces himself as Kano Atsumori and Aoi’s little brother before mentioning that he’s impressed with her memory, since he thought she looked stupid. He makes a jab about Aoi being forgetful and slow compared to her and this makes Aoi snipe back about how he’s the elder brother and calls Atsumori by his nickname. The two bicker, but they’re soon interrupted by the little boy from the forest.

He tells the two of them to shut up because they’re annoying and loud and then calmly introduces himself to Nazuna. Aoi quickly realizes that they already know each other and he grumbles at that, while calling Seri a “little brat”. Seri tells Aoi in a light voice not to call him a little brat, because his name is Saionji Seri, and that if he’s called that again he’ll kill Aoi. ( ゚д゚) TH-THAT’S KIND OF SCARY.. AND AOI COMPLAINS SO MUCH, HAHA.

Of course Aoi isn’t fazed at all and says to him with a flat face 「うっせーチビガキ。黙れ。」(Shut up annoying little brat) and then adds that it doesn’t matter if he skipped grades because he’s still a little kid. Nazuna is impressed at the fact that Seri skipped grades. Daria intrudes and tells Seri not to bother with Aoi since they don’t have much time and Seri sighs but backs off. Nazuna is surprised to see her here and thanks her again for yesterday.

Daria smiles at her and introduces herself as Yaehara Daria, before telling her about how Nazuna is meeting her here but she’s also part of the drama club. Then she directs her attention to Aoi and calls out to him, to which he responds by asking her what she wants and calling her a “woman-who-dresses-as-a-man”. She asks him if something from yesterday was his doing and Aoi tries to play innocent with a smirk. She tells him to quit his act and asks if he enjoys doing things like that.

Aoi just laughs and tells her to continue insulting him, because he doesn’t care at all and is used to it. Nazuna is wondering what they’re talking about from yesterday, but Atsumori interrupts and says that they should probably get started. Nazuna asks if they’re finally going to get her luggage and Seri tells her that they’ll help, but Nazuna is suspicious since Atsumori is trying to get them to go somewhere and she tells them that she won’t be tricked.

Seri just sighs and asks her when they ever tried to trick her, to which she has no answer. It appears that she has no choice but to follow them to find her luggage. She doesn’t trust these suspicious people and all she wants to do is curl up in bed and read a book. They head to the rose gardens and the bell rings just as Nazuna tries to ask Daria something. At this point, Aoi and Atsumori note that it is time. When Nazuna voices her confusion, Daria explains that it’s the time for them to play with the forbidden.

Nazuna parrots her words because she doesn’t understand and Atsumori interrupts and tells Daria not to bother explaining since Nazuna is like an innocent baby about things like this. Nazuna becomes irritated and tells him that she just doesn’t understand what they’re saying and asks what this forbidden thing is that they’re doing. Suddenly, Daria steps really close to Nazuna and embraces her while asking her if she knows the reason for why flowers are beautiful.

There is no reason as to why flowers are beautiful. They’re beautiful simply because they’re flowers, is what Nazuna answers. Then she tries to ask Daria as to where her luggage is, but Daria continues on and asks sweetly what Nazuna would do if she said that Nazuna was a flower. Nazuna flatly asks Daria what she means by that and then notes that everyone else has disappeared and asks Daria where they went.

Daria looks at her gently and tells Nazuna to only think about her. Nazuna is a bit bewildered and becomes quickly alarmed as Daria’s face comes closer to hers and then Daria asks if she’s the type that keeps their eyes open. Nazuna freaks out at the approaching kiss and shoves Daria away from her. She mutters an apology before running away, though Daria yells for her to wait. HAHAHA, GOOD GOOD. I HAD A HORRIFIED FACE ON FOR THIS SECTION BECAUSE I WANTED WABISUKE DAMNIT, BUT PHEW.. GOOD THING THE HEROINE KNEW WHAT TO DO.

As she runs through the rose gardens, Nazuna realizes that she’s been tricked. It’s impossible for her luggage to be here and she wonders what the heck was going on with Daria. She almost got kissed, but they’re both girls! Seri appears before her and asks her what’s wrong and notes that her face is bright red, so then he asks her if she ran away. Nazuna asks what is happening and Seri decides to tell her honestly since he thinks her reaction will be amusing.

He tells her that there’s a situation currently and then asks her if she wants to give him her heart or body. Any will be fine to him. Nazuna is alarmed and then embarrassed, but she tells him that those can only be given away once and so she’s not going to fool around. Seri smirks at this and tries to convince her that she’s free to do what she wants. He comes closer and whispers that 「きっと、神様も許してくれます。」(I’m sure God will forgive you).

Seri tries to kiss her as well, but is shoved away. Nazuna apologizes again and then runs away. She really feels like she’s Alice now and wonders what the hell is happening to everyone. The next person she meets is Atsumori who asks her where she’s going. Nazuna snaps at him and asks if he’s having fun teasing her like this and this surprises him. He tells her that they’re not teasing her and explains that this is a rite of some sort.

He tells her to become more honest and open her heart up more, because morals aren’t necessary here. He tells her that they all want to learn her body and then asks what she thinks about that. She bites back by telling him to stop saying these lies and that she won’t be tricked. Atsumori sighs at this and notes how she seems to be unable to believe in people. He quickly steps close and grabs her and then whispers about how he’ll make her feel relaxed. Nazuna notices the repeating pattern and manages to shove him away.

Nazuna is tired from running away from everyone and she doesn’t understand what any of them are trying to do. The only thing she knows is that their common sense is completely different from hers. She can’t find the entrance at all and seems to be lost. Aoi appears before her and he tells her that she’s late. Nazuna asks if he’s here to make fun of her as well and he confirms yet denies it with beeping noises. She tells him to stop fooling around and he tells her that he’s always like this. He also adds that she’s too serious.

She tells him that she wants no part in this and wants to get out, which leads to Aoi asking her about how she’s not having any fun even when she’s gotten a taste of everything. Nazuna voices her confusion and then Aoi continues on talking about how people can just say yes or no, except they don’t and they continue to do things. He grumbles about how it’s all so boring and then he directs his attention to Nazuna again and tells her that he doesn’t say anything bad. UGH, AOI WAS A BIT CONFUSING HERE SO I DON’T THINK I UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AT ALL.

Then he says 「ま、なんでもいいや。とりあえず、キスしようぜ。」(Ma, it doesn’t matter. At any rate, let’s kiss). Nazuna exclaims her shock and surprise at that and he asks her curiously if she doesn’t want to do it. Nazuna is stuttering by this point and Aoi tells her in a teasing voice 「減るもんじゃねえし、いいじゃん。」(It’s not the end of the world, it’ll be fine). She tells him that she can’t play around like that, which surprises Aoi into asking her if people kiss outside of playing around.

Nazuna is confused at his words and tells him slowly that there is and Aoi mutters about how he had no idea. He asks her if kissing and anything else isn’t just playing around. Then he asks her if there’s something else out there other than playing around and Nazuna tries to tell him that there is, but he steps closer to her and says 「だから、さ。ほら、お前の好きなようにしてやるぜぇ?」(That’s why.. Here, I’ll do something that you’ll like). He also tells her 「この時間だけは、お前の思うようにしていいんだ。」(It’s only at this time that you can have whatever thoughts you want) and adds 「だって、遊びなんだからよ。」(Because.. it’s time to play).

She comes to the conclusion that if they consider this playing around then they’re definitely trying to make fun of her and tease her. Aoi asks her 「どういうのが好き?」(What do you like?) and Nazuna asks him what he means by that since she doesn’t understand. This makes Aoi laugh and say that the piglet really is just a piglet. He explains himself with 「どういうキスが好きか、聞いてんだよ。なぁ・・・。」(I’m asking you what kind of kiss you like. Hey…). (*´д`*)ハァハァ HOMTHAGIH AOI’S VOICE HERE IS SO SEXY. HIS VOICE DROPS INTO THE MOST DELICIOUS WHISPER WHEN HE’S SAYING THAT LAST WORD.

Nazuna wonders again if he thinks kissing is fine because they’re playing. She believes that it should be done between people who like each other though and then she remembers something from her past. She liked a senior at her school and he confessed to her one day which made her really happy, because she thought her love was unrequited. It turned out that he was only playing with her though. Back at the present she shoves Aoi away from her.

He stumbles away and complains about how he hasn’t even done anything so she didn’t need to be so forceful. Nazuna angrily tells him to find someone else to play around with, because she’s different from them. She wonders about what they think of other people’s feelings. Suddenly, Wabisuke appears and Nazuna asks him what he’s doing here with surprise. He’s a bit confused himself and tells her that Aoi called him here. Aoi examines Wabisuke and muses on how this is what her older brother looks like.

Nazuna asks him with alarm if the group called her brother here and everyone appears with Atsumori telling her that she’s correct. Seri sighs at this point and talks about how in the end it was no use, just like he thought from the start. Daria tells him to direct his blame to the person who started it all and Aoi grumpily tells them that they agreed to go along with it too. At this point Seri points out how he thought it was a rule of the club not to go for girls who were unattainable.

Daria agrees with this but then adds that she can’t forgive Nazuna, because her pride was destroyed when she lost. Atsumori snorts and mentions how stubborn she turned out to be, since he thought she’d yield easily. Seri tells them that he already said that at the start, because he saw it in her at first glance. Aoi just tsks under his breath and mutters about how annoying this is. Wabisuke is completely confused and asks them what’s going on, which is what Nazuna is wondering too.

Atsumori explains that they’re just having fun with his little sister and this surprises Wabisuke, before he quickly makes the connection of them being part of the date club. Nazuna asks him about it and he tells her that there are rumors floating around about how there’s this club full of rich and bored students and that whenever there is free time the date club comes out. Nazuna asks if the rich kids are them and Seri confirms it.

Aoi tells him not to continue talking or else the manager will get angry at him, instead of Seri. This makes Seri say with annoyance that he shouldn’t bring the manager into it, since this is all Aoi’s fault for choosing such an impossible target. Atsumori laughs at this and asks if Seri is losing his touch and so wants to give up. Seri gets angry at this and snaps at Atsumori about how he doesn’t want to hear those words from him since his technique was perfect. Daria interrupts and says that a failure is still a failure though. Seri pouts at this and asks if she’s supporting the two of them.

Nazuna interrupts them and asks them to slow down and explain properly. Wabisuke agrees with her, because he wants to know if his sister got caught up in something bad. Aoi explains that it isn’t exactly bad and he’ll explain everything but only after the money is settled. Nazuna is alarmed and asks about what money. Aoi explains that anything she takes or receives from them has to be paid in money and she argues that she was tricked by them.

Atsumori interrupts at this point and points out that she still accepted it since she came out here with them. Nazuna continues to argue about how she didn’t know and they tricked her, but Wabisuke tells her quietly that they should just hand over the money and go home. When she tries to ask him to defend her, he explains that she’s new here so she might not know but it’s dangerous to be caught up with these people.

She’s conflicted as she looks at them all. If she was by herself then she would never hand over the money but she doesn’t want to trouble her brother and so she asks them how much. Aoi is stumped at this and Seri has to calculate it for him and then Aoi praises Seri on his good head, to which Seri replies flatly that Aoi is just an idiot. The total comes to 120,000 yen because it’s 30,000 per person. ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) BU-BUT THEY JUST THREW THEMSELVES ON HER. SHE DIDN’T EVEN GET A KISS.

Wabisuke and Nazuna exclaim their shock and ask if it’s a joke, but it isn’t. Then Nazuna accuses them of bullying her, but Seri says that those are their regular prices. Both Wabisuke and Nazuna don’t have that kind of money though, but once again Nazuna doesn’t want to trouble her brother and so she tells them that she’ll gather the money somehow. However, she begs for them to grant her some time and Atsumori gives her until the next day.

It is now nighttime and Nazuna is at her dormitory. She is devastated at these events and knows that she shouldn’t tell her parents anything of what happened. Then she wonders why her brother was called there too and realizes that it was probably to prevent her from running. Suddenly she hears her brother yelling at her to wait and he runs up to her asking her what she meant by her words in the rose garden and what she’s going to do. He doesn’t think she can do anything and neither does Nazuna.

However, she knows that she has to think of something. Nazuna confesses to her brother about how she didn’t know what was going on and was tricked and he understands her pain, but at the same time knows that there are these people who treat others like toys. He explains that the two of them are different from these bored rich kids and then he tells her not to do anything rash. Nazuna promises that she’ll try not to make any enemies. Then he asks her softly 「お兄ちゃんに誓うか?」(Will you vow it to your brother?) and she swears. Then he tells her that it’s getting late and so she should take a bath and go to sleep and he also adds that she should call him if she’s going to go and talk to the date club members.

When she returns to her room Nazuna is surprised to see her luggage there. She has no idea where it’s been, but has the suspicion that it was stolen from her by the date club members in order for them to trick her. She once again thinks that they’re the worst kinds of people, but stops herself from crying because she needs to think of a way to get out of this. She feels a bit bad, but disregards her brother’s warning, and goes to talk to Fuji in his room.

She doesn’t want to tell the situation to a teacher, but she doesn’t know what else to do. Fuji lets her in after she knocks on his door as he sees her troubled face and then asks her if she’s had the chance to eat dinner. OHGOD WHY DO I GET THE FEELING THAT HE MIGHT BE PART OF THE DATE CLUB? AND IF HE OFFERS HER FOOD AND SHE TAKES IT, IT’S JUST GOING TO ADD TO HER BILL? Σ(゚×゚;) DON’T DO IT!

He chides her for not eating dinner, especially if it’s because of a diet. Then he tells her that she’s a growing child and adds that he likes girls who are well fed. LMAO IS HE TRYING TO FLIRT WITH HER TOO?! Nazuna is a bit thrown off and says 「そ、そうですか・・・って、先生。それところじゃないですよ!」(I-I see.. wait, that’s not what I came here to talk about!). She tells him the whole situation and he thinks about it quietly.

Nazuna asks if he can do anything since he’s the security of the place. He tells her that it’s true, but shouldn’t she have brought the situation up to her homeroom teacher? She tells him that she doesn’t know where her homeroom teacher is at this time. She’ll try and tell her homeroom teacher tomorrow, but she felt like she needed to tell another teacher first. Fuji nods thoughtfully, before telling her to calm down first.

She thinks about how she should explain her situation to the other teachers that she met today, but all of them gave her scary feelings and intimidated her. In the end, she could only turn to Fuji. Abruptly, she realizes that he’s preparing coffee and asks him what he’s doing. He tells her that he’s making her coffee to calm her down and this makes Nazuna angrily state that she’s fine. He calmly asks if that’s really true and then goes on a talk about how it’ll soothe her heart.

Nazuna accepts the coffee after he adds milk and sugar into it and finds it delicious. He asks if she’s calm now and she thanks him gratefully for going out of his way to make the coffee, while apologizing for her attitude a few seconds ago. He waves off her apology saying that he doesn’t mind making it since it’s like a hobby of his. Then he asks 「で、君は俺にどうして欲しいのかな?」(So? What do you want me to do?) and as she stays silent he adds 「助けてほしい?」(Do you want to be saved?).

She does want to be helped and then tells him her thoughts about how an immoral club like that shouldn’t even exist. She also asks if the school knows that there is such a thing going on. Fuji answers her with 「どうだろう?」(Who knows?) and she tells him not to avoid her question. He apologizes for that and tells her that he’s just trying to think of way to tell her that he can’t help her. Nazuna flinches at that and Fuji sighs while saying that things are getting troubling. She asks him if there’s nothing he could do.

He asks her what she expects to happen after telling a teacher all of this and Nazuna has nothing to say. In the end, he decides to give her a warning. The two Kano brothers, Aoi and Atsumori, are from a really rich and influential family. That’s probably why the school ignores the two of them and it’s not wise to get involved with them. They enjoy creating problems for people too. Fuji tells Nazuna to use all her power to run away and not to do anything unnecessary.

Nazuna confesses that she’d love to run away, but her voice trails off as she tries to form the reasons why she can’t. Fuji tells her that she’s a smart kid and will find some way out of it. He also says to her that the butterfly who is caught and waits in the spider’s web has a fate of death, but then he asks her in a thoughtful voice if she’s actually a butterfly that will kill the spider now that she’s caught in its web.

The scene switches back to Nazuna’s room and she’s preparing for bed while thinking over the things that Fuji just told her. She is confused as to why he doesn’t seem to be able to help her, since she thinks that it’s the right thing to do. She becomes depressed again as she thinks about the mess that she’s in and wonders at what she should do.

The next day at school she decides to confront them alone without her brother. In the end she couldn’t think of another way to collect the money. When she heads to the clubroom though, she finds her brother there waiting. He is a bit exasperated at the fact that she came here by herself, though he knew she’d overthink everything and then try to do things by herself.

Nazuna is embarrassed to have broken her promise to him and Wabisuke tells her with a smile that he knows her better than anyone else since he’s been by her side since she was little. Nazuna tearfully says 「お兄ちゃん・・・!」(Brother…!). Aoi interrupts their bonding moment by coming out of the room and complaining about how annoying and loud they are. He tells them not to stand around talking and to just come into the room. (^∀^;) WHY THE HECK DO I FIND AOI’S REACTION TO THEM SO ADORABLE?

Atsumori also shows up and tells them to get into the room and so they do. There he asks Nazuna for her answer since he heard from her brother that he’s going to take her punishment and asked them to overlook her. Nazuna is shocked at this and yells at her brother asking him why he said such a thing, to which he replies in an equally loud voice that it couldn’t have been helped. She angrily tells him that this was her problem and that it had nothing to do with him.

Wabisuke flinches at this and Aoi says with a drawl that her words were terribly cruel. He tells her that her brother said those words for her sake and she snaps at him telling him not to lecture her since he knows nothing about them. Aoi frowns sharply at this and Wabisuke tries to stop her from saying anything more, but she tells him to be quiet. Atsumori interrupts them all by saying that he doesn’t want to hear their drama, instead all he wants to know is what they’re going to do about the money.

Unfortunately, Nazuna still has no idea how to get the money and doesn’t have it on her and she tells them this. However, she adds that in place of the money she’ll.. Seri prompts her and Nazuna thinks about how she really doesn’t want to say this, but it’s inevitable and so she tells them that she’ll give them her body. That was the only other thing she could think of to give them. Everyone is silent and then Aoi has a really shocked look on his face while Atsumori bursts out laughing saying that this situation is a masterpiece.

Suddenly, Aoi starts laughing as well asking what the heck she was saying and that this was the best joke he’s heard. Wabisuke is stunned before asking her hysterically what she just said and if she was serious. Nazuna angrily asks why everyone is laughing and tells her brother that she was serious, because she wouldn’t say these kinds of things as a joke. The two brothers can’t stop laughing and Atsumori gasps out that her joke was mean.

Daria and Seri are also laughing from behind them. They had planned to watch silently, but the joke was too funny. Nazuna is annoyed that everyone isn’t taking her seriously and thinks that it’s a bit mean and so she tells them take her seriously. Aoi tells her that they did but it was just too funny, and then he adds that they don’t really need or want her body. Nazuna is stumped and asks them what she should do then and Atsumori becomes serious and asks everyone else for ideas about what she could do to make up for the money.

Seri comes up with this idea of a bet involving Wabisuke. They want him to join their date club, because they’re missing a brother-type host and Nazuna will have to defeat them in order to get them to release her brother. She has to go on dates with all of them and if she falls in love with one of them then she loses, but if she manages to refuse them all then they’ll let her brother go. Nazuna asks them about the money and Atsumori tells her that if she accepts this bet then they’ll forget about it.

She’s surprised and wants to accept it, but then remembers that accepting the bet would force her brother into the club. Of course Wabisuke says stonily that he’ll do it and Nazuna calls his name out in shock. He simply looks at her though and says to her 「おれは・・・なずなのことを信じてるから。」(I.. believe in you, Nazuna). (´;ω;`) WABISUKEEE~ I WON’T LET YOU DOWN. I’LL DEFEAT THEM ALL FOR YOU! He also says that he knows really well that she’s not the kind of person to be defeated by temptations.

Nazuna is still hesistant and so Wabisuke adds that he won’t lose to temptation either and so she doesn’t need to worry about him. Aoi comments on how they’re both really confident and asks them if they’re serious. Nazuna strongly says that they’re going to be fine and she’ll accept the bet. Seri chuckles and tells her that he thought she’d say that. In her head, she monologues about how she definitely won’t lose to them and how she has to free her brother quickly.

Suddenly, Fuji enters the room and Aoi tells him that he’s late, while calling him a perverted teacher. Fuji tells him Aoi not to call him 「エロ」(Perverted) because he’s actually 「エロス](Eros). Eros is the Greek god of sexual love and beauty and Daria sighs and points out that those two are basically the same things. Fuji laughingly tells her that there’s a huge difference between the two.

Nazuna is confused as to why Fuji is here at this timing and he looks at her before softly asking why she didn’t listen to his warnings. He notes that it looks like they’ve forcibly become on opposite sides of one another. Nazuna is still confused until Seri tells her that Fuji is a member of the date club, to which Wabisuke says 「まじで・・・?」(Is this for real..?). Fuji tells her quietly that this is the reason why he couldn’t do anything for her.

She becomes pissed at this and calls him disgusting. Fuji just laughs and asks if she hates him now and then he tells her that he’s a graduate of this school. Nazuna is shocked to learn that the club existed in the past as well and then they explain about the point of the club to her. Fuji talks about how the goal of the club is to play with people and simulate love and do forbidden things, and Seri adds that the club sells love.

Nazuna, of course, interrupts at this point and tries to impress the point that love can’t be sold or else it would be a lie. She also doesn’t remember wanting to buy love from them. Then she tells them that she won’t forgive them for doing things like this and playing with people’s feelings. Daria chuckles at this and then asks her what she thinks love is then. As Nazuna tries to think of an answer, Daria continues on.

She explains that the concept of love as an indefinite feeling can’t be sold. Seri takes over and says that they think of love as an act and something that can be expressed in words. Aoi interrupts them at this point and tells her that there’s no point really in discussing in love since she has her bet going. Nazuna asks them about the time limit and Aoi blinks in surprise since he didn’t think of that. Atsumori tells her that they’ll continue on until they lose interest in her. Wabisuke and Nazuna are annoyed but they can’t do anything about it.

Anyway, so Seri tells her that her brother will remain in the club with them to work off her debt. If she wins they’ll release her brother, but if she loses then they’ll get to keep him and make him work off her debt. The chime rings at this point and the members of the club note that it is time. Nazuna asks them time for what and Seri explains that everyday they hear this chime which signals the start of afterschool activities. She’s shocked that they do this everyday.

Fuji tells her at this point that she can choose her opponent since they’ll be dating her to see if they can beat her. Wabisuke interrupts and asks if he can leave when they’re dating his sister, but Atsumori tells him that he can’t since he has to work off his debt. Aoi smirks at that and teasingly tells him to work hard. Wabisuke angrily asks about what will happen to his soccer club, but Daria tells him to just participate in both since she’s also in the drama club.

The explanations are now over and so Fuji prompts her to choose her date since they all need to get started. Nazuna is shocked to learn that he’s going to participate too, and he tells her that of course he would. Aoi adds in that her brother has to as well, which makes both of the siblings exclaim their surprise. Atsumori snickers and says that this is the only way to have any meaning to their bet. Aoi agrees but then smugly tells her that of course the one who will make her fall will be him.

Atsumori tells his brother not to be so smug, because he’ll be the one who will win. Aoi snaps at how he doesn’t want to hear from him and Seri interrupts the two by telling them that they need to give Nazuna some time to think now and adds that any unnatural touching outside of this time will be violating a rule. The club members move outside into the halls to talk, except for Wabisuke, and Seri mutters about how it might have been better if he had handled everything from the start. Atsumori says to him that it wouldn’t have been interesting then.

Aoi tells him that they’re supposed to cooperate together. Daria just sighs and mutters about how this leaves a bad taste in her mouth and then she asks Seri where he found that girl. Seri just laughs innocently and tells them that it’s a secret. Atsumori narrows his eyes and asks if he had anything to do with her transferring schools and Aoi is impressed and says that it was too much of a coincidence for her to change schools. Seri whispers about how interesting it is that Nazuna managed to catch all of their eyes at the same time.

Fuji hums thoughtfully off to the side and Daria asks him if he knows anything. He tells her that he doesn’t and then Seri whispers to himself about how he needs to make arrangements for Wabisuke. Aoi asks if he said anything, but Seri tells him that he didn’t and that Wabisuke already left earlier. They need to head to the dating site now.

Nazuna chooses to date her brother and they’re outside now at some place. Wabisuke sighs with relief at having been chosen by her and Nazuna agrees, but she thinks it’s a bit strange and odd. She’s not exactly sure what to do because she has no romantic feelings for her brother and it seems impossible to treat this as a date, to which Wabisuke agrees hesitantly. However, he thinks that if she can continue dating him because the Kano brothers find it interesting, then that would be for the best.

He tells her not to think too hard and that if the worst happens he’ll just have to work hard to pay back the money and Nazuna tells him that she’d never let him do that, meaning she won’t lose. He laughs and thanks her before telling her that they should talk about happy things since they’re on a date. Nazuna thinks quietly for a bit before telling him that even though she chose him as her opponent, wouldn’t it be better if they didn’t treat this as a date?

Surprisingly, Wabisuke tells her 「うーん、それはダメ。」(Hmm, that’s not possible) and then adds 「選ばれたからにはきちんとエスコートするよ。」(Since I was chosen I’m going to be a proper escort). When he sees her shocked face he asks her if she’s unhappy with him and as she tries to find something to say he asks 「お兄ちゃんとデートするっていうのも、たまにはいいと思わない?」(Don’t you think it’s fine once in a while to go out on a date with your brother?). LOLOL I SEE WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO DO THAR.. UNLESS HE MEANT THAT INNOCENTLY (^∀^;).

Nazuna tells him that she does feel her heart pounding and Wabisuke smirks at this before he comes closer to her and mentions how that calling this a date will make even his sister become aware of herself as a woman. Nazuna freezes in place and Wabisuke asks her if she isn’t thinking the same thing as him, and she hesitantly agrees. He steps away from her and she cheers up at the thought of how she doesn’t need to consider him as an enemy.

Anyway, Wabisuke fondly tells her that he’s reminded of the times they spent together when they’re younger and he wants the two of them to have a lot of fun today. Nazuna agrees with this and Wabisuke happily tells her to buy whatever she likes since he’ll treat her. She’s ecstatic at this and tells him that this nearby cafe has delicious desserts. Their parfaits are delicious and so Wabisuke orders one for her while saying that seeing her so happy makes him happy too.

Nazuna thinks about how much fun she’s having on this date with her brother and then the parfait comes. She goes to eat it, which makes Wabisuke laugh and talk about how she really is going to eat it, but then he steals her spoon. Nazuna is a bit wary since her brother has this cat-like grin on his face and he chuckles lowly before leaning forward to feed her it. She’s a bit alarmed and hesitates for a long time.

She knows that they’re on a date, but she thinks that what he’s doing is a bit too much. In the end she decides to refuse him since not saying anything would be worse, but as she tries to he interrupts her and tells her that she used to love for him to feed her when she was small. When she hears this she finds it hard to refuse him. Since she’s still remaining silent he asks her with a frown 「なずな、おれのパフェは食べられない?」(Nazuna, you don’t want to eat my parfait?).

Nazuna tells him that it makes her really happy and this makes Wabisuke smirk and he leans even closer to say 「お前が食べさせられてるときの顔を見てると、可愛くてたまらない気分になる・・・。」(Seeing your face when you’re eating at this moment.. I find you irresistibly cute). She finds it embarrassing, but ends up accepting it from him. Suddenly a girl squeals in the background and Nazuna hears people around them whispering about how that was adorable, but then asking if they aren’t siblings. O(≧∇≦)O 萌えぇぇぇぇ IT’S LIKE WABISUKE IS RELEASED FROM ALL HIS RESTRAINTS.

She remembers abruptly that they’re being observed by the date club fangirls and then tries to say something to her brother. He is oblivious to the stares though and is just smiling happily. She finally tells him that everyone is staring and he looks around before asking her if she’s embarrassed. Then he apologizes to her for making her the center of attention, but then says that it’s fine since their siblings anyway. Nazuna disagrees with this and explains how it was fine for him to feed her when she was small, but not anymore.

Wabisuke hums thoughtfully before stating 「ふーん・・・じゃあ、おれたちは特別な兄弟なんだね。」(Humm.. then I guess that makes us special siblings). She parrots the word special and he explains that they’re special because they do things that other siblings don’t do. FUFUFUFU.. SPECIAL INDEED.. Ψ(`∀´)Ψケケケ. Nazuna is a bit stunned at his words and then changes the subject by telling him that she’ll feed herself from now on.

He allows her to do that and then strikes up a conversation about what she did in her previous school. She talks about how she liked to teach people at her school since people came to her with questions after classes. She taught boys and girls, but mostly girls, and then afterwards would go to the library to study. Wabisuke listens to her talk attentively, making noises here and there and asking questions.

Nazuna becomes troubled though and asks him if he isn’t bored listening to her talk about ordinary things like this. He confesses that he finds simple things like that fun and he wants to know anything and everything about her. She’s troubled by how seriously he said that and then tells him that he cares too much, to which he agrees with completely. He tells her that sometimes he thinks it might be better if she stays locked up in the house. She tells him that if he’s there with her then she doesn’t mind. ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) TO-TOMA IS THAT YOU!?

Wabisuke smirks at this and then softly says that he’ll always be beside her. Nazuna thanks him for that before thinking about how self-conscious she is in knowing that her brother thinks about her all the time. She reaffirms her determination to free her brother from the date club and then their date ends.

Back in her room at night, she summarizes the situation again about her brother and the date club bet. She chose her brother to go on a date with because she knows that she won’t fall in love with him and then wonders about what Aoi and Atsumori think about that. They let her choose her brother, but she can’t help but feel as if they will plan something else to make her lose. Her head hurts from all this thinking and so she goes to sleep.

The next weekend, she goes to the place that calms her down the most and it’s the library that she first met Aoi and Atsumori at. She tries to stop her deep thinking by reading a book, but ends up becoming frustrated at how the date club members talk about selling love to people. She thinks that it would be better if they didn’t call it love, since it’s clearly not love. Nazuna realizes that she just lost to her thoughts.

She stares at the book that she is currently holding and thinks about the most important thing right now, which is finding a way to release her brother. Nazuna returns back to her school and decides to find another teacher to explain her situation to. She knows that the date club has a lot of influence and power and so she can’t just tell a regular teacher, but she has to tell one that also has influence and power. She decides to go to the principal of the school.

Kakeru is the one who answers her knocks though and informs her that the principal is a really busy person, so he often isn’t in here. He asks her if she wants to tell him her problems instead and if it’s serious then he’ll help her find the principal and so Nazuna decides that it can’t be helped and tells him everything. Kakeru thinks about it quietly before sighing at how she seems to have become a victim and pranked on because she’s a transfer student. This is no doubt the work of Atsumori.

Nazuna notes that he, as a teacher, seems to know about the date club’s existence. Kakeru explains that he does because they leave a lot of trouble behind them, but they have a lot of power and money and even though they’re dangerous they still have a lot of students who go to them. Nazuna can’t believe it, but unfortunately it’s true. Kazuya bursts into the room at this point and asks for Kakeru, but he instantly stops and becomes annoyed when he sees Nazuna in the room.

He tries to say something, but changes his mind when Kakeru greets him cheerfully. Kakeru also tells Kazuya that he wants to drink some royal milk tea and surprisingly Kazuya tells him to wait for it and also asks Nazuna what she wants. She’ll drink the same thing as Kakeru and so then Kazuya leaves to get them their tea.

While they’re waiting, she asks Kakeru if it’s alright for them to be in the principal’s office like this and Kakeru tells her that it’s fine because the room has actually been turned into a staff room. Then he tells her that they also use it to have secret parties and Nazuna gasps in shock, but he tells her that it’s a joke and that she really doesn’t have to be nervous here. She thanks him and Kazuya comes back with the tea. He even put chocolate marshmallows in them. THIS IS TOTALLY A CASE OF NOT ACTING HOW HE LOOKS. HE LOOKS SO BADASS, BUT HE’S SO NICE. KAKERU LOOKS LIKE A FOOL, BUT HE SEEMS KIND OF DEVILISH.

Nazuna realizes that Kazuya isn’t as scary as he looks too and thanks him gratefully for the food. When she takes a bit she praises how delicious it is and for the first time Kazuya smiles. Anyway some time passes as they eat the food and Kakeru explains the situation to Kazuya. The two teachers frown as they think about what the date club is doing and then Kakeru mentions how he and Kazuya have the power to help, but he can’t act against the Kano brothers.

She becomes depressed at this, but realizes that the Kano brothers family must be really close to the school and influential. Kakeru confirms it and says that the money donated to the school allows the Kano brothers to do whatever they wish. He asks her what she thinks and she agrees with him and then he asks Kazuya. Kazuya just sighs and says that he doesn’t think anything. In the end, Nazuna asks them again if they can’t do anything.

Kakeru just frowns and says that it seems like that right now, but if she helps that situation might change. He explains to her that she’s in a unique position since she’s caught up in the club, but trying to escape. If she can find their weakness and tell it to the teachers then they might be able to do something. He frowns uncertainly though at the thought of leaving it in her hands because it isn’t going to be easy.

Nazuna determinedly says that she’ll do it and in her thoughts she thinks about her brother. Kakeru looks surprised and then grins at her before telling her that if anything happens she should contact them. When they’re not doing anything else they usually relax in the staff room. His face becomes troubled as he tells her that it hurts his heart to have the school’s reputation tarnished like this. Then he asks for Kazuya’s opinion to which he just grunts an affirmative.

She thinks it’s odd that all Kazuya does is make monosyllabic sounds and it’s even odder that Kakeru keeps going out of his way to ask for Kazuya’s opinion. The bell suddenly chimes and Nazuna tells them that she’s going to head back to her class now. Before she leaves though, Kakeru gives her a charm from a shrine and tells her to keep it close as it’ll protect her. If she’s in trouble then she should just hold it and yell for help and a thankful god will most likely help her.

Nazuna thanks him for it and then goes to wash the cup, but Kazuya stops her and tells her that she doesn’t have to do it. She tries anyway, but he grabs her arm and angrily snaps at her to listen to other people when they talk. This surprises her and there’s an awkward moment where they stare at her before she apologizes and then Kazuya apologizes as well for losing his temper. Nazuna also notes that when he grabbed her there was something on his arm that looked like a tattoo.

At any rate, she leaves the cups and thanks Kakeru again for everything. Kakeru waves her off while telling her that he’ll expect a good report from her. Nazuna steps out and prepares to leave while thinking that she’s glad it’s not just her who thinks the date club is strange and dangerous. Suddenly, Kazuya appears from the room behind her and he gives her a final warning. He tells her not to get in too deep with them since she’ll be surrounded by danger and she might get her feet stuck.

Their karma and sins are deep and just when she thinks she can return, there’s the possibility of her path being severed. She thanks him for his advice and he adds that it would be best if she was constantly suspicious of them all. She needs to secure a path of retreat too. Nazuna returns to her classroom after this and thinks about how the date club appears to drive everyone mad.

Once again her thoughts turn to how they sell this thing called love that is not really love. Love can’t be bought and their selling of it demeans the feelings that other people have in their hearts. I DON’T KNOW WHY SHE KEEPS ON THINKING THESE THINGS OVER AGAIN AND I’M NOT EVEN SURE IF I’M TRANSLATING THIS PART RIGHT..

A classmate breaks her out of her thoughts by asking her if she’s dating the Kano brothers. Nazuna is extremely surprised and tells her that she’s completely wrong about that. The classmate exhales in relief and tells her that it was a rumor she heard. Nazuna asks her if she likes them and her classmate tells her that she doesn’t, but there’s someone else. She also warns Nazuna that there are a lot of girls who might say bad things about her if they feel like the rumors are true.

Nazuna thanks her for the warning and tells her that she’ll be careful and then wonders where the rumor started from. The teacher comes in at this point and tells them that the class will start, but suddenly Aoi and Atsumori walk into her classroom which makes everyone start talking. Atsumori tells them all to be quiet and that his business will be over soon. He singles out Nazuna from her class and orders her to come with them. Nazuna is shocked and tells them that she’s in the middle of class.

The teacher doesn’t try to help her though. In fact, he’s not even looking in her direction and Aoi smirks as he tells her not to say those things and to come play with them. She tries to resist them and tells them that they can’t do whatever they feel like. This makes Atsumori burst out laughing before he tells her to do it more, since it amuses him so much. He even tosses her a chocolate as a reward and tells her that it’ll take away her stress.

In the end she has no choice but to go with them into the clubroom. She’s really wary and asks them what they brought her here for and even starts listing things like, having a conversation to this being a trap to playing table tennis. Aoi calls her an idiot and Atsumori tells her that they already said they wanted to play with her. He grabs her and Nazuna stiffens before telling him that she hasn’t lost yet.

He says her softly that they said that the winners would be them. She yells at him to let her go and Atsumori tells her not to make that kind of face, or he’ll become more direct. Then he asks if she’d prefer to drink a magic medicine that would make her forget everything. Nazuna stutters in her answering and then finally tells him not to touch her, but he whispers to her 「首、感じるのか?」(Do you feel that on your neck?).

She panics and tries to say to him that he’s breaking the rule, but he just ignores her and tells Aoi to retrieve that thing. Aoi just chuckles and asks him if he’s serious before noting that Atsumori really enjoys that thing. Nazuna asks what it is and Atsumori tells her that it’s something to shut women up. She becomes really alarmed at it and tries to refuse again, but Atsumori just tells her to taste it a little.

Nazuna presses her lips together and tries to avoid them as long as possible because she knows that she needs to tell Kakeru this, but she needs to come up with a way to escape. Atsumori becomes annoyed at her constant evasion and calls her a stubborn one, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Aoi agrees and talks about how most women lower their guard too easily and that makes it boring. She ends up swallowing some and he asks lowly if it’s sweet.

She hesitantly agrees that it is sweet before realizing what it is. Atsumori tells her smugly that it’s his trademark chocolate and she raises her head really fast at that and smacks into Atsumori who winces and calls her an idiot while stepping away. Aoi is laughing at the two of them and starts calling Atsumori by his nickname, which of course only irritates Atsumori more. Seri appears and calls them both idiots and asks them why they skipped since everyone is having class now.

Aoi complains about how boring the classes are and Atsumori agrees with him. Seri just rolls his eyes and mutters about how the two are like elementary students, before he turns his attention on Nazuna and tells her to be more cautious. He tells her how she would have lost if he hadn’t appeared in time and this makes the two brothers ask Seri why he’s here, since he has special classes. Seri vaguely answers them before lifting up a camera and telling them that he took a picture.

Apparently, he has a lot of blackmail material in that camera and the Kano brothers are alarmed. Aoi asks him if he caught “that” on it and Atsumori is alarmed at if he also caught another scene. He asks Seri forcefully to answer them, but the boy just laughs and tells them that how much he knows is a secret.

Nazuna is curious, but she decides that it’s better not to ask. Even when Seri asks her if she wants to know, she tells him that she doesn’t really which makes him feel a bit disappointed. At any rate, she feels relieved that she was saved because she didn’t know what the two would continue to do if no one came. Suddenly the door slams open and Wabisuke runs in asking Nazuna if she’s safe. Daria, who sighs at how flustered Wabisuke was, and Fuji, who asks about what’s going on here, walk in after him.

I forgot to take a picture here.

It turns out that Seri called them all here, because he knew that Atsumori and Aoi were breaking the rules and so everyone is here to decide their punishment. Atsumori quickly looks at Nazuna and asks her why she’s silent and orders her to tell them that she was having fun. Nazuna just looks at him and tells him not to say any lies. Aoi is a bit worried and tells everyone that he and his brother are the victims here.

Seri rolls his eyes and calls the two of them simple idiots and Atsumori tries to clarify who the simple one is and who the idiot is. Daria sighs again and tells Seri that she’s impressed with how he can stand these two. Wabisuke angrily interrupts their playful bickering and tells them that they need to decide on a punishment for Aoi and Atsumori. They need to be penalized or it won’t be fair.

Fuji comments mildly on how frantic Wabisuke is, to which he responds 「妹のことなんだ!必死になるのが普通だろ!?」(It’s about my sister! Isn’t it normal to become so upset!?). Seri tells her that this situation is her responsibility, to which she apologizes for. Then Fuji asks her what she wants to do since she’s the queen of hearts in this moment and he tells her that she can say anything.

Everyone is looking at her and so she blurts out that the punishment should be hard and mean. Daria laughs at that and becomes excited while asking Nazuna for her wish and if she wants help then Daria will give it to her. Nazuna finds both Seri and Daria scary and then Atsumori and Aoi whisper to her from the side, asking if she can drop their punishment. In the end, she tells them to give her some time to think about it.

The scene switches to Nazuna on the soccer field pondering her situation. She tried to go back to class, but it already ended after this. Everyone has been giving her the evil eye too and she understands that having a transfer student at this time is probably unusual, but ever since she got caught up with the date club members everything has been weird. She realizes that the first time she met Aoi and Atsumori at the library was when things started becoming unusual. But she wasn’t even a transfer student at that time.

Wabisuke calls out to her and asks her why she had a troubled look on her face, but then realizes that there can only be one reason really. She asks him if he’s going to practice soccer now and he nods at that while mentioning how the date club has been cutting into his time, but he’ll work hard to keep up with both of them. This makes Nazuna apologize and he tells her that it’s fine since he’s doing it for her sake. He also asks her to wait for him so that they can walk home together.

While they’re walking home, Nazuna apologizes again and asks him if he really is alright with getting caught up in this. Especially since if the rumors are to be believed then he even has a girlfriend. He admits that it is strange and bothersome, but he believes in her and expects that she’ll be able to resist their seductions. Nazuna determinedly tells him that she’ll never give in and Wabisuke smiles at that and says to her that he has nothing to worry about then. He also tells her to go at her own pace.

Suddenly his phone starts ringing and he tells her to go on ahead without him. Nazuna nods at this and says to him that she’ll see him tomorrow. She’s a bit curious about the phone call and thinks that if he doesn’t want her to hear him then it’s probably his girlfriend. When she’s gone, Wabisuke answers the phone in a dark voice and asks the other person why he called him. Then he says 「・・・分かってるさ。これは・・・俺とお前の、取引なんだからさ・・・。」(… I understand. This is.. my business dealings with you).

In her room Nazuna is extremely tired, but is going to take her brother’s words to heart. She’ll take things at her own pace and for now she’s going to study properly. She thinks about the date club and how she doesn’t understand their feelings and why they toy with love, and so she’ll only try to do the things that she can do. She strengthens her determination by telling herself that these people, who play with the feelings other since they think it’s fun and take their money, won’t change. She starts to study.

At the end of every chapter is a dessert time where it switches to the guy’s perspective. Wabisuke thinks about how their relationship is that of a brother and sister and how he doesn’t want her to get into dangerous situations. He thinks about how happy and how much fun he has spending time with her like they did when she was small and how much she’s changed since then. But then his thoughts take a darker turn and he wonders about their brother and sister relationship and how far he’s allowed to go.

He hates these thoughts of his because they’re making him feel painful even now. Wabisuke notes that she doesn’t seem to know anything and that he’s going to shut these feelings deep inside of him. But sometimes he gets thoughts of wanting her to hurry up and figure out his feelings so that he can feel at peace. It’d be even better if she returned this unforgivable love of his.  His thoughts revolve around how Nazuna changed, but she still calls him her brother even though he’s not sure if her brother even exists inside him anymore.

Blackout involves having really suggestive noises, but things turn out to be innocent at the end. It starts with Wabisuke laughing lowly and telling her that they can’t. He moans quietly and says that he’s all wet now, but it can’t be helped. His breathing is a bit rough and then he asks if she knows that it’s all her fault he’s wet. He groans again and says that it’s a bit troubling, but he feels really good and his breath becomes even more ragged here. He softly says that it’s been a long time since he felt like this, and moans again, before confessing that he wants to be like this forever. He pants a bit before asking what he should do since he’s become like this.


*** CHAPTER 2 ***

Nazuna wakes up in her bed feeling really lazy even though she should be getting up. She remembers what her brother said yesterday and feels calm at knowing that she can take things at her own pace. She feels like she dreamed about something last night, but doesn’t remember. At any rate, now that she’s awake she should head to school.

At school she is greeted by Seri and then he excuses himself since he has to take the garbage out, but before he leaves he tells her to think of some punishment for Aoi and Atsumori. Nazuna had forgotten about that and even though she doesn’t really want to decide on a punishment, she realizes that she can’t leave them as they are.

She manages to get through her classes without anyone coming to interrupt her like last time. During their break, a classmate asks Nazuna what she’s going to do about the Halloween party and if she’s going to aim for the Kano brothers. Nazuna is confused and so the classmate explains that Halloween is a day where boys give girls candy. The classmate muses on whether the two Kano brothers will give her candy since they’re dating her.

Nazuna tells her that she has just one thing to say. She’s not going out with them. The classmate is confused though and asks what this is about then. It turns out that her desk has the words “Aoi and Atsumori are Tsumori Nazuna’s” carved into it. She wonders flatly if they’re elementary kids before telling her classmate that she this means nothing and she didn’t write it. Her classmate breathes a sigh of relief and nods while saying that she didn’t think Nazuna would try to provoke people like this.

On the other hand, Nazuna is so angry that she tells her classmate she has somewhere to go and stomps her way to the clubroom. She slams the door open and yells for Aoi and Atsumori. No one answers her, but she finds Aoi sleeping and Atsumori is nowhere to be found. She seizes this chance to get revenge on Aoi and starts drawing on his face. She giggles as she looks at her finished work.

Suddenly, Atsumori says from behind her that she looks like she’s having fun and Nazuna jumps in surprise while asking him how long he’s been standing there. He tells her that she has bad eyes before asking for the magic marker. He snickers maliciously as he hovers over Aoi, trying to decide what to write, and Nazuna thinks that the two brothers have an odd relationship. Sometimes they get along and sometimes they don’t.

Atsumori doodles on a moustache and then as he thinks about what to do next he’s grabbed by Aoi who laughs as he says that he won’t allow it and that Atsumori left an opening. Nazuna is shocked when Aoi pulls Atsumori down and the two of them end up kissing. However, the two quickly separate and start spitting and coughing and Aoi asks what the hell that was, because he thought that it was Nazuna that was drawing on his face.

Daria comes in at this point and tells them that she thought the clubroom was noisy, but it’s just those two acting up again. She asks Nazuna if the two boys tried to do anything to her again and Aoi tells her that he’s the victim here since she tried to do something to him. Nazuna tells him that he has it all wrong and Daria just smirks at the Kano brothers while reassuring Nazuna that she believes her.

The two Kano brothers grumble at Daria and Nazuna wonders, as she watches the three of them, why Daria is in the dating club. Especially since she’s a girl. They’re interrupted by Fuji who comes in to tell them to head back to classes since the break is over. Aoi pouts and asks if he can skip, but Fuji forces him to go to class.

Time skip with Nazuna being in the library after classes. She’s trying to decide on a punishment still and is looking at the books for inspiration, but she can’t seem to find any. Seri appears and she asks him for book recommendations and so he gives her one about this story of medicine being poison, or something. It has something to do with how even if the drug has poison in it, people still drink it. He also talks about how they select people with that kind of objective for the club.

He muses on how it’s a shame but the people in the club aren’t medicine. Nazuna asks if he wants to say that they’re people who do bad things and Seri just shrugs while vaguely telling her that no one knows. Then he points out that the chime is going to sound soon and asks if she’ll come with him to the clubroom. She follows him quietly and reflects over his words about how he thinks the club members are people who take drugs that are hidden poisons and how even if there is no medicine they still continue to drink the poison. YEAHH.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING HERE.

Suddenly Seri stops and grabs her hand forcefully to pull her to the side of the hall. He explains that an unpleasant person is heading over to them and so she needs to remain quiet. Nazuna is surprised at his actions and then wonders who this unpleasant person is. Soon, Suou appears before them with a dark smirk and says slowly that this unpleasant person that Seri is referring to, heard them. Nazuna recognizes Suou as the mathematics teacher and then wonders why Seri called him an unpleasant person.

Seri flinches at his words, but Suou continues on and tells Seri that he has business with Nazuna and so Seri should leave them. Before he leaves though, Suou also adds that it’s a shame but he thought he’d have a warmer reception from Seri. Seri replies to that by saying that he’s only welcoming to other welcoming people and terrible to terrible people. Suou chuckles at that and tells him that he expected those words from Seri and that they aren’t words he dislikes.

This makes Seri tell Suou that a praise from him is an honor, but his voice is flat with tension. At any rate, he quickly leaves after that and so now it’s just Suou and Nazuna. She tries to ask him what he needs from her, but he interrupts her to say that she seems close to the Kano brothers. He asks her what her intention is and if it’s money or social status. She tells him that she’s not close to them at all and has no interest in money or social status.

If she could she’d want to live without having any more business with them. Suou stares at her intently, but believes her and so he’ll give her a warning. He tells her that he doesn’t want to say anything bad, but that even if she has a goal to accomplish being with them is a death wish. He informs her that beyond what she can think of there are complex and bizarre things out in the world and that there are people who understand her.

Finally, he leaves after saying that the people in the club are chained by their karma and sins. Nazuna watches him go with a confused face. When she enters the clubroom, Aoi immediately asks her what Suou said to her and if he asked about “that”. Atsumori echoes his brother in asking if Suou asked her about it. She tells him that he didn’t say much of anything, but notices that Seri is staring at her intensely.

Fuji says to the two brothers that Nazuna won’t understand what they’re talking about if they never refer to it and Daria tells them to calm down before calling them idiots. them idiots before telling them to calm down. Atsumori tells her not to call him a 『アホ』(simpleton) and instead she should use the word 『馬鹿』(idiot). Daria sighs and Wabisuke says to Nazuna that so long as she’s safe then it’s fine.

She tells him that he’s worrying too much again and he tells that she can only say that because she doesn’t know the scary things that Suou can do. This makes her curious as to what Suou could have possibly done, but she’s not sure if she really wants to know. Anyway, Seri redirects the conversation to ask her about her punishment for the Kano brothers. She decides to make them clean the whole school and Fuji says out loud that it’d probably make them work hard and honestly for once.

Aoi complains and tells him that he always works hard and honestly, but before he can finish his sentence he gets cuffed by Fuji who calls him an idiot. As Aoi is groaning in pain, Seri tells her to think of another idea since that punishment gives them the chance to run away and skip it. Nazuna comes up with the idea of forcing them to participate in the halloween party and Daria mentions how she kind of wants to participate as well, and so Nazuna invites her to do it as well. Fuji comments on how it actually sounds kind of fun and so somehow the rest of the club is drawn into doing it too.

In fact it turns into a competition where the person who gives the most sweets to people wins a bet. Atsumori asks what the prize is for winning and Nazuna tells them that they’ll make them breakfast, which excites Wabisuke since he hasn’t eaten her food in a long time. Aoi suggests that the winner gets a kiss from her instead and Seri mutters about how that idea actually has merit, but because it came from Aoi he finds it distasteful. Atsumori tries to back Aoi up, but Seri mentions that he hates the idea even more now.

He also tells them not to forget that they’re supposed to be punished here. Finally the bet transforms into the winner getting a date from Nazuna and maybe a kiss. She complains about how no one is asking her for her opinion and Atsumori tells her that she doesn’t get an opinion because she has no position here. If she doesn’t like it then she should hand over the money. I’M NOT SURE HOW THIS IS PUNISHMENT TO AOI AND ATSUMORI IF EVERYONE ELSE IS JOINING IN.. AND THE FACT THAT THEY GET A REWARD IF THEY WIN.

Wabisuke has been silent this whole time and Aoi asks him why he’s spacing out. His nickname for Wabisuke is 『ボケナス』(halfwit). He tries to say that it’s nothing but Aoi smirks and asks if he’s worried about his sister’s virtue. However, he said the word wrong and so Seri has to correct him. LOL I DON’T KNOW WHY THIS IS SO FUNNY, BUT IT ALWAYS HAPPENS. AOI SAYS SOMETHING AND SERI HAS TO CORRECT HIM WITH THE RIGHT WORD IN AN EXASPERATED VOICE.

Aoi tells Seri to stop being so annoying and then the chime sounds, indicating that it’s time for a date. Seri tells them to go on ahead because he needs to set something up on the computer and Atsumori deduces that he wants to backup his camera. Seri praises him as being the second-in-command and then they head out. Nazuna chooses to date Wabisuke again.

Her brother takes her to a place where she won’t be bothered by people’s attentions and asks her how she likes it. It looks like a dungeon and she asks if it’s alright for them to be here and he tells her that there’s no problem since it was open. Nazuna thinks that it would have been better if they just went to one of their dorms and thinks this place is depressing. She sees something and asks her brother what it is, only to get the explanation of it being a torture device. WHA.. WABISUKE.. WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS FOR A DATE?! Σ(゚Д゚;)

Wabisuke’s voice drops into a teasing tone and he tells her that if a couple comes down here they’ll awaken the curse and a ghost will come out. Nazuna is shocked and a bit scared and Wabisuke’s smile drops as he sees how frightened she is. He reassures her with a smile by saying that she doesn’t need to worry if she’s with him because he’ll beat the curse. She doesn’t believe them though and tells him that it won’t happen, to which he laughs and calls her a realist.

He recalls that she never liked these kinds of stories when she was a child either. Nazuna thinks that it’s scary, but seeing her brother unafraid makes her not want to lose to him. She ends up blurting out that this school is weird for having dungeons underneath it and Wabisuke starts laughing. She asks him why he’s laughing and he tells her that she’s really understand and that her fear is written all over her face. Wabisuke says to her lightly 「怖いなら、こうしてあげる。」(If you’re scared, let me give you this) and then he embraces her.

She stutters out his name and he tells her 「これなら、怖くない。な?」(If it’s like this, you won’t be scared. Right?). She continues to stutter and ends up saying that the spirit will appear at this rate and tells him not to leave her. Wabisuke is shocked and then starts laughing, much to her dismay, and then he apologizes before telling her to calm down and that it’ll be okay. He asks her 「こうして頭をなでられるの、好きだろ?」(You like it when I pet your head like this, don’t you?).

Nazuna blushes and says forcefully that it was only when she was small. Wabisuke isn’t hurt at all and just says in a teasing voice 「照れた?ごめんな。」(Are you embarrassed? My bad). Then he adds that he knows she feels calmer when he does this to her and all she can do is fall silent. She thinks about how it’s been a long time since he pet her like this and that if other people saw this she’d feel embarrassed, but in reality she’s happy when he does it.

He asks her if she’s calm now and she nods quietly, making him laugh softly. She can’t help but feel his warmth seeping into her from behind and hear his heartbeat. He notes that she’s as small as she always is and she tells him that he’s just big. He asks her if it’s true and she tells him that it is. Then she remembers that they used to sleep together a lot as children. Wabisuke breathes out 「懐かしぃ・・・」(This is nostalgic…) and confesses 「やっぱり、抱きしめるならなずなが一番いいな。」(In the end, holding you is the best thing in the world).

Nazuna pauses at that and then pulls away from her brother before asking him who he’s comparing her to. Wabisuke looks confused and she tells him that he was comparing her to someone, and then she wonders with alarm if the rumors were true and he has a girlfriend. He finally understands what she’s asking and tells her that he gets a lot of requests like that in the date club. She asks him if they aren’t asking too much of him and he tilts his head in confusion, since he just treated them as normal requests.

She says his name with exasperation and he tells her that he doesn’t feel comfortable refusing them. Seeing him smiling at her like that, she sighs in her head and thinks about how her brother is too nice to people. Unfortunately she’s curious now about what her brother does in the date club and asks him if he can tell her about his customers. He has no problems with that and tells her that they tend to bring him to amusement parks, shopping malls, and movies. He also goes to karaoke and plays table games with them.

As she hears his growing list her face starts dropping and she wonders hesitantly about how many dates her brother goes on. Then he adds that he goes to a lot of places in the school too, especially places where there is no one. His voice drops into a teasing whisper as he say 「そういうところで、何してたか知りたい?」(Speaking of those places, do you want to know what happens there?). She asks if they just chat there and he laughingly calls her a realist again. I WISH I COULD CHOOSE THE FORBIDDEN LOVE CHOICE HERE WHICH IS “I DON’T WANT TO KNOW LA-LA-LA” (≧∀≦) IT WOULD PROBABLY RESULT IN SOME DELICIOUS TEASING.

He tells her that she’s right and he talks to them in those places and then at the end they always ask him for a kiss. Nazuna lets out a horrified and shocked gasp which makes Wabisuke chuckle before he tells her that he refused them of course for asking such an impossible thing, so she should calm down. She asks him if his words are true and then confesses that she’s worried about him. He smiles and softly tells her not to worry about him and adds that when he’s thinking of her he can do things skillfully.

Nazuna can’t help but feel as if she’s looking at another person when she hears him talk about these things with a smile on his face. He sees her troubled face and asks her what’s wrong, but she just tells him that it’s time to leave and they should head up. He agrees with her and then mutters under his breath that he had thought the ghost would think that they were a couple and appear, but it didn’t. Nazuna asks if he said something and Wabisuke just smiles and tells her that it’s nothing and they should hurry back.

Back at her room she sighs in relief at getting back safely. She thinks about how she didn’t realize that there were so many girls who used the services of the date club and that she was too naive in thinking that. She believes in herself and doesn’t think that there’s a problem, but when she thinks of her brother’s situation she becomes depressed. Nazuna feels like she needs to figure out the loophole in Kazuya’s words.

His words seem to be about how once a person enters the date club they’re tainted or caught and there’s no way to return back to the person they once were. Nazuna worries about that, becasue she’s also caught up in the date club and that means she’s tainted too. She shakes her head forcefully and tells her not to think of things like that, because it’ll make her weak. I MIGHT JUST BE MAKING THIS UP.. ONCE AGAIN THE WALL OF TEXT IN THE MONOLOGUE KILLS ME.

She determinedly tells herself that she’s not going to lose and will fight for her brother. She also reminds herself to be careful of the things in the halloween party, because she’s sure that the Kano brothers will spike it. In her sleep she has a wonderful dream of the past with her brother. They were holding hands and walking in the night, but she gets separated from her brother or something? And it’s scary since the night has strange adults in it, but her brother kept waiting for her or something, to the point that other people grew worried. He finally found her and and she was so happy that she started crying.

Nazuna wakes up calling for her brother, but realizes that it was just a dream. It wasn’t a bad dream, nor was it a good dream. It was more like a nostalgic dream. However, she abruptly realizes that someone is hovering over her and it turns out to be Aoi who is staring at her silently. Nazuna freezes in shock before asking what he’s doing here. Atsumori is also in her room and says to her that they were always here and asks her if she’s still sleeping.

She freaks out even more when she realizes that Atsumori is also in the room and frantically tries to remember what happened yesterday. She’s pretty sure that she came back from her date with Wabisuke and then thought a bit before going to sleep. She angrily asks them what they’re doing here and reminds them that they’re supposed to be doing their punishment. Aoi smirks at this and tells her 「そりゃ決まってんだろぉ?ベッドでやることはただひとつ・・・。」(Isn’t it decided? There’s only one thing you can do on a bed…).

Atsumori interrupts at this point and tells Aoi that he thought there were two things one could do on a bed. Aoi pauses in thought at this and says 「えッ!?そうだっけ?・・・あ、そうだよな。うんうん。」(Eh!? There is?… Ah, there is. Un un). But then Atsumori adds 「いや、もう少しあるかもしれん・・・。」(No, there might be a few more…) and so Aoi starts listing 「ヤル、ネル、クウ、アソブ・・・?」(You can do it, sleep, eat, play..?). Atsumori mutters thoughtfully about how he thought there were other things, but Aoi can’t remember anymore. OHGOD THESE TWO ARE SUCH ADORABLE IDIOTS. I CAN’T TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY (≧∀≦)! IT’S HARD TO SEE THESE TWO AS BEING THE SADIST PRINCE AND YANDERE PRINCE WHEN THEY ACT LIKE THIS.

Nazuna interrupts them by telling them to have their conversation elsewhere and to leave her room. At this point Seri appears sighing in exasperation before insulting the two brothers about how they’re such idiots and that there’s no help for them. Fuji, Daria, and even her brother are also in her room except her brother only has a pair of boxers on. She startles at that and asks him why he isn’t wearing anything.

It turns out that he was taking a shower, but then heard people running outside and saw Aoi and Atsumori heading to her room. He became flustered and chased after them to make sure they didn’t do anything to her. The rest just followed because of all the commotion. So now he’s sneezing in her room, because of how cold it is, but when she and Daria try to tell him to go and get changed he refuses because he would rather choose to have a cold than to have her out of his sight where something might happen to her.

Aoi grumbles at them and asks how they all knew to come here and Atsumori talks about how he thought no one would notice. His face suddenly becomes surprised and he asks if they installed a camera in her room, which makes Nazuna alarmed. Seri just sighs and informs him that there can only be one person who has this and he shows them Atsumori’s chocolates. Apparently they dropped when he was walking and Fuji makes an analogy to Hansel and Gretel. Atsumori is a bit annoyed at the fact that such a thing happened, but since it can’t be helped he just starts eating them calmly.

He notices Nazuna looking at him and so he asks her 「・・・お前も食うか?特別にくれてやるが。」(.. Do you want some too? I’ll give it to you in a special way), to which she loudly refuses and then she kicks Aoi off the bed since he’s still on top of her. However, he suddenly starts choking and making pained noises which makes Atsumori ask him if he’s alright in worry. Nazuna starts panicking and asks what she should do, only for Aoi to return back to normal with a teasing smirk since he was just acting.

Nazuna is completely unimpressed and tells him not to play pranks on her like that. Atsumori is silent off on the side and then Seri takes over again telling everyone that today is the Halloween party and so they need to go out and get ready to compete. Finally everyone leaves her room to allow her to get changed in peace.

While she’s walking down the halls she notes that she’s having a bad time. Her classmate friend comes up to her and greets her cheerfully before asking her who she’s going to give candy to and if she’ll give them to the Kano brothers. Nazuna says forcefully that she’d never give them anything. She also decides in her thoughts not to give anyone candy. Her classmate just hums thoughtfully before realizing that it’s almost time for the party to start at the auditorium and so they need to get there.

Her friend tells her to come with her quickly to the party or else she’ll miss everyone’s cosplays. Nazuna is surprised that the school has cosplays and then decides that it’s a really strange school. She tells her friend to go on ahead and that she’ll catch up later though. Suddenly she sees her brother hiding in a corner and he whispers to her telling her to come with him. She follows him up to the rooftop in confusion and asks if he isn’t going to go to the party. He tells her that he has something else he wants to talk to her about.

She asks if he wants to talk about the bet and Wabisuke asks her if she’s fine with being kissed. His voice is in a quiet whisper this whole time. She frowns and says that she’s not exactly looking forward to it since she wants her first time to be with someone she likes. Wabisuke stares at her intently before saying 「・・・逃げよう。」(.. Let’s run away) and then he adds 「どこか遠くに逃げよう。おれも一緒に行くから。」(Let’s run away to a far away place. I’ll go with you). キタ━━ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ━━!! DOES THIS COUNT AS A PROPOSAL?

Nazuna asks if they’re just going to skip school and he tells her that they will. Then she tells him that they can’t and that while she might be fine, he has his soccer club to worry about. He hesitantly replies that it’s true and Nazuna continues on by saying that his feelings make her happy, but she hates running away. She’s fine with the bet because there’s a way out of it. When Wabisuke asks her what it is, she informs him with a big smile that if he wins then she won’t have to kiss him. Wabisuke grits his teeth and a pained expression appears on his face.

At any rate, she repeats that she definitely doesn’t want to kiss anyone, but Wabisuke asks her if there’s anyone in the club that she’s interested in. Nazuna’s face falls and she says slowly that it isn’t anything like that and then she wonders in her head why her voice was hesitant. She asks him if doesn’t have any confidence in her and he laughs nervously while calling himself an idiot, because he does have confidence in her.

Wabisuke smiles at her and his voice returns to normal as he notes that she doesn’t seem to need him worrying about her. He apologizes for having said those things all of a sudden. She waves off his apology by also apologizing for having made him worry, but she’s thankful for that. She returns the topic of conversation back to how if he wins then she won’t have any problems. Nazuna wishes him luck and tells him to work hard and he nods with a grin.

He turns to head back to the party since he has business there, but then remembers to give her a warning. He tells her not to come to the auditorium. When she asks why he tells her that there’s going to be a lot of girls there and if she appears, there’ll be no doubt that the Kano brothers will give her candy, and then rumors will be spread. She takes his warning to heart and sends him off with a smile while thinking in her head that she seems to have ended up giving her brother trouble.

Nazuna actually wants to go to the auditorium, but she knows that it can’t be helped. In truth, she’s scared of making the other girls jealous. She decides to retreat into the library. The halloween party has started and she can hear people’s voices outside and to avoid creating a fight she came to the library. She knows that the date club members are all in the auditorium competing to see who can get the most candy to win the bet, including her brother.

She’s a bit curious and wants to go, but it’s not because she hates the quiet. And then she wonders why she’s starting to feel like this, because she doesn’t like going out with people. She’s actually a bit scared of meeting new people and so she’s confused as to why she has these feelings of wanting to go there. Suddenly her phone starts ringing and she’s surprised since it’s showing an unknown number. She hesitates to pick it up and so it continues ringing and she wonders if it’s her brother, except she knows his number.

The librarian tells her that phones are forbidden in the library and so she apologizes before hurrying out to answer it. It’s Kakeru’s voice and he tells her that a god is fighting a demon and that their battlefield is the human heart. The quote is from “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevesky. He cheerfully asks her if she’s doing well and if she’s having fun at the halloween party. Nazuna hesitantly replies that she isn’t, before saying that she is. THE BOOK IS A PHILOSOPHICAL NOVEL ABOUT MORAL STRUGGLES CONCERNING FAITH, DOUBT, REASON, GOD, FREE WILL, AND MORALITY.

He laughingly asks her which one is the truth and she tells him that she’s actually at the library all alone. He’s shocked to hear that and asks her why and she tells him that she can’t exactly say it through the phone. He asks to meet her in the rose gardens then and so that he can get her report too. She’s a bit confused as to why he wants to meet her at the rose gardens but goes there and notes that there’s a chapel here too. Kakeru’s voice suddenly calls her over and she heads to them only to find all three teachers dressed up.

She asks them what they’re doing in shock and Kazuya calmly tells her that she can understand just from looking at them; they’re drinking tea. She tells him that she can see that, it’s the clothes she wants to ask about. Suou says to her that if she still doesn’t understand then her brain is slow, to which she apologizes quietly for. Kakeru explains that they were in the auditorium, but it was getting crazy, and so they ran away.

Kazuya asks if she isn’t going to sit down and she asks if it’s okay, to which Suou tells her that she’s an eyesore standing there and so she should hurry up and sit down. In her head she notes that Suou is as scary as usual, only for him to suddenly say in a low voice 「今、相変わらず怖いとかなんとか思っただろう?」(Right now, you just thought that I was as scary as usual, didn’t you?). She quickly apologizes for that but he tells her that he doesn’t care since that’s the image he cultivates.

In fact, he finds it interesting to see people being afraid of him which makes it so that he finds Seri completely uncute. Kazuya tells Suou to stop being a bully, to which he just chuckles darkly, and then invites Nazuna to sit down. She thanks him gratefully and thinks in her head of how kind he is. Then Kakeru asks her if she has anything to report or evidence to bring to them, but she doesn’t and so she apologizes. He’s not overly worried though and realizes that she might need more time.

Suou asks them what they’re talking about and Kakeru explains the situation. Suou chuckles with interest and realizes that this is the reason as to why Nazuna is close to them, but he tells her to give up on a futile thing. But then he adds that if she has the resolution to drink the poison then that’s another matter. This prompts a memory of Seri talking about how they’re poison in the library.

Back in the present, Suou tells her that it is said that one can build up a resistance against poison by ingesting a little bit of it over time. However, he adds that there’s a problem with the doses. If the person gets it wrong then they’ll end up dying, and then he chuckles at the end. Nazuna asks him if he knows anything about the date club members and he answers her vaguely saying that if she requests it from him then he’ll tell her, but he does want to her to do something for him before he tells her anything.

When she asks what it is, he asks her what she would do if he told her to drink this tea. She wonders if he put anything into it and he accurately guesses that she’s thinking about that. Kazuya tells Suou to cut it out and then tells Nazuna not to be so worried since if Suou wanted to kill her then she’d already be dead. Suou smirks at that, but then points out that Kazuya is being absurdly nice to her and asks if he’s fallen in love with her.

Kazuya just replies calmly that he looks at her only as a teacher. Suou chuckles at that, but Kakeru interrupts and tells everyone to drink Kazuya’s tea. Suou agrees with that and asks Nazuna if she won’t drink it before it gets cold. Nazuna hesitates and he calls her an idiot before saying that he didn’t prepare any poison. He also thinks that Kazuya’s tea is the sweetest and best tea in the world, especially if it’s hot.

At any rate, Kakeru tells Nazuna to just continue moving along at her own pace. She nods at that and Suou comments on how Kakeru is being really nice to her. Kakeru’s voice lowers and he asks Suou what of it, but the two of them are interrupted by Kazuya who tells Nazuna that the halloween party is going to end soon. For some reason, she completely forgets the fact that she isn’t supposed to go there, since she thanks them for tea before excusing herself to go to the auditorium.

Before she leaves though, Kakeru tells her that he has something unrelated to ask of her, and it turns out that a vase or pot from the principal’s office is missing and he’s wondering if she knows anything about it. She doesn’t and he just hums thoughtfully while saying that it’s a bad thing for it to be missing, but that it can’t be helped. He sends her off and she thinks nervously about how it can’t be poison.

Nazuna stops in front of the doors to the auditorium and notes that even though Kazuya’s tea was delicious, for some reason she’s really tired. She also doesn’t know how Kakeru phoned her, since she can’t recall if she ever wrote it down. Two girls start talking to each other about giving away their candy.

Girl B gave it to Daria and she sighs in pleasure at how beautiful Daria is. Girl A complains about how they’re only allowed to give one candy to one guy, because she couldn’t decide between Seri and Aoi. Girl B agrees because even though she gave it do Daria, she also wanted to give it to Wabisuke.

For some reason Nazuna starts wondering if she should give someone candy too and enters the room. WHAT THE HELL GIRL!? SO MUCH FOR TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION WABISUKE’S WARNING щ(゚Д゚щ)! The moment she enters she is taken aback by everyone’s costumes and thinks that everyone looks amazingly good. Aoi complains about how slow she was, because he expected her to be here earlier. She looks over at her brother and sees him dressed as a mummy.

He cheerfully asks her how he looks and if it suits him, but she doesn’t have any comment on the bandages which makes him depressed. Aoi laughs at their interaction before asking Nazuna excitedly how he looks and if he looks cool. She slowly nods in agreement and he’s offended by the lack of strength and enthusiasm in her words. Atsumori sneers and calls Aoi a kid, but Nazuna points out that his mouth is covered in chocolate. He tells her not to look at him, but she thinks that it’s not exactly easy to miss, and Aoi asks who the kid is now while laughing.

Fuji asks Atsumori if the candy he’s eating isn’t the candy that he got and Seri rolls his eyes while calling him an idiot, since if he eats his candy then he’s going to be missing some for the competition. Atsumori tells them that it’s not his and Fuji asks in surprise if Atsumori took it from his pockets. Atsumori hesitantly says that it’s just his imagination. Fuji just shrugs though because he has confidence in himself, despite losing a few candies to Atsumori’s sweet tooth.

Nazuna looks at Seri and starts mentioning his costume, but Seri tells her flatly that if she calls him cute he’ll punish her. She shuts her mouth at that and turns her attention to Daria who is dressed as some sort of witch. Daria says some flowery prose to Nazuna about loving her, the angel, forever. Aoi just rolls his eyes and complains about Daria’s words before asking where Nazuna is an angel, because he can only see her as a piglet. Nazuna gets angry at that and tells him that she’s not one and it’s not the case that he’s the wolf, who is the counterpart to her.

At any rate she asks if Aoi and Atsumori have done their punishment and Seri asks her if she can’t see it just from looking. She quietly tells him that she was just asking, but Fuji interrupts them before anything else is said and points out that they should start counting their candies. Apparently, the candies have names written on them so that they won’t get repeating candies from girls and so they also know which candy is whose because some people, like Aoi, stole some from others.

Aoi avoids the topic by saying that it doesn’t matter if he stole some, because he has one thing that no one else does. He takes out a candy with Nazuna’s name on it and Daria slowly asks if Nazuna likes this kind of guy. Of course she quickly denies it and tells everyone that she didn’t give him candy at all. Aoi’s voice drops into a teasing tone as he says 「えー?照れんなよ。こっそり渡してくれたじゃん?」(Eh-? Don’t be embarrassed. You secretly passed it to me, didn’t you?). Nazuna tells him that she did no such thing.

Seri believes her though, because he points out the fact that there’s a typo in the name. Aoi is surprised and reveals 「えっ!?嘘!?でもオレ、ちゃんと見ながら書いた・・・!」(Eh!? No way!? But I was sure I wrote it carefully..!). Seri emphasizes each syllable in his words as he calls Aoi a gigantic idiot. Aoi grits his teeth since he realizes he got found out. Suddenly, Fuji makes a surprised noise and gets everyone’s attention.

It turns out that everyone has the same amount of candy and so it’s a six-way tie. Atsumori is quick to realize that Nazuna still hasn’t given anyone her candy though. Daria realizes that the winner lies in her hands then and Aoi asks her 「まさか、他の男に渡したりしてねえよなぁ?」(Surely you didn’t give it away to another man, right?). Nazuna realizes what a bad position she’s in and how dangerous it’d be to say that she didn’t give her candy away. THE CHOICES HERE ARE FUNNY WITH 1) SAYING THAT YOU GAVE IT TO ANOTHER MAN, 2) DIDN’T GIVE, AND 3) GAVE IT TO A CAT.

Nazuna realizes that it’d be even worse if she was found out to be a liar and so she reveals that she hasn’t given away her candy yet. She quickly thinks that if she gives it to her brother then it’ll be fine but Aoi informs her lightly that whoever she gives the candy to she’ll have to kiss him, including her brother. This shocks the siblings and Nazuna realizes how much trouble she really is in now.

Another random picture.

Fuji asks her what she’s going to do and she starts panicking inside. Atsumori tells her to hurry up, Aoi orders her to pick him, Daria says to her that she believes in the fact that those lips are hers and Seri tells her to think it carefully who her greatest partner is. Wabisuke is silent. Her mind frantically searches for a way out and she stumbles upon one. Quickly, Nazuna takes her candy and eats it herself. Aoi is shocked and asks her what she’s doing.

She explains to them that she loves this candy the best and so can’t bear to give it away to anyone. Seri isn’t fazed at all and tells her that they’ll have to play a prank on her then. Daria quickly catches on since halloween is about the saying trick-or-treat. Aoi asks what that means and Atsumori sneers at him and calls him an idiot, but before he can explain he’s cuffed by Fuji who explains that because Nazuna has no treat she needs to be tricked. Wabisuke quickly yells at her to run, but as she tries to she’s grabbed by Aoi and Atsumori. Even Daria and Seri latch onto her.

The day ends with Nazuna being in her room and sighing with exhaustion since it feels like she went through hell, but at least she managed to get through the day without being kissed. Then her mind turns to Suou’s words about how she needs to be prepared to drink poison if she wants to get close to the club members. She can’t bring herself to make a decision about her resolution though, especially since she can’t kiss someone she doesn’t like.

Once again she thinks about how what they’re doing doesn’t capture the feeling of love at all, and realizes that in order to stand and face them she might have to drink the poison. The next scene switches to Suou who is on the school rooftop in the dark of the night. He tells someone that today ended safely and nothing happened and that the target hasn’t changed at all, but there’s some dissension. He says that he needs a little more time before he’ll know everything.

Suou sighs and looks to the side to see Fuji who calmly asks what kind of business he has in a place like this and at a time like this. Suou tells him that he wasn’t exactly in the middle of anything and then asks for a cigarette. Fuji notes that it’s unusual to see him smoking and asks if he had a premonition. Suou answers him vaguely saying things like who knows and then asks Fuji what he thinks. Fuji responds just as vaguely with a shrug.

This makes Suou smirk before saying that there’s no point in asking someone like Fuji, who has a dislike for people. Then Suou says that either way it seems like the prince is waiting eagerly for the arrival of the storm. Fuji comments lightly on how the prince has a nice hobby. Suou replies that it can’t be helped since he treats the school as his chessboard and that this is all just a game. He adds 「クイーンを射止めるまでが遊戯だろ?」(It’s a game until the queen is made his own). THE OTHER TRANSLATION FOR THIS WORD IS SHOOT DEAD.. WHO IS THIS PRINCE THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.. AOI?

Fuji notes that there’s no mistake about the queen, but Suou mentions that 「ただ厄介なのは・・・今回のクイーンが、少しばかり純粋すぎるところだろう。」(However, the problem is that the queen for this time is a little too innocent/pure). Fuji just answers that her purity might be the reason why the prince choose her and that at any rate there’s only one place for the knight to be. He tells Suou that he has nothing to worry about. Suou’s last words are about how nice that would be.

Dessert time! Wabisuke is glad that Nazuna didn’t choose to kiss anyone and then he thinks that if she had actually chosen someone and they had to kiss in front of him then he would.. he would.. at any rate he’s glad that it didn’t have to happen. He knows that he’s her brother, but for some reason whenever he thinks about her having to kiss someone he feels irritated. Wabisuke doesn’t understand his own feelings and then talks he says Nazuna’s name in his mind.

He wants her to remain pure and doesn’t want her to get caught up in strange bets. Then he starts thinking about how he can’t be too close to her and how she isn’t anyone’s girlfriend yet. He notes that it’s dangerous, but he’s trying to keep his heart in balance and not reveal his feelings. He’s sure that it’ll be alright and then he asks Nazuna in his mind about how she hasn’t noticed anything, right? He thinks about how much he believes in her.

Blackout time! There are just noises of him hitting something and grunting as he smacks it, except the sounds are clearly not erotic and just sound like he’s beating something up. It turns out that he’s making soup for Nazuna and talks about how she’ll most likely love it and feel grateful towards him.

*** CHAPTER 3 ***

This chapter starts with a monologue about people who are on endless journeys to search for something. Of course the thing that they are searching for is the thing that they desire or lust for. Greed and Desire snatches people away and these people who are snatched away by it forget what they were searching for. OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.. YEP MORE DIFFICULT MONOLOGUES.

Nazuna has been studying all day and nothing interesting happened. She knows that her brother is in his own room studying, since he’s been busy lately with everything. Surprisingly, the whole thing with the date club is becoming normal to her and she decides to take a warm bath before going to sleep. It’s almost been a month since she got caught up in the date club and she feels like she’s gotten to knwo the members a bit more. In fact her feelings are mellowing towards them, which makes her confused since it almost feels like she’s forgiven them. She tells herself to be more careful.

When she returns to her room she finds her door unlocked, which is suspicious since she locked it when she left. She wonders if it’s a burglar and decides to go get Fuji and explain the situation to him. He finds it as suspicious as she does and so he enters her room first to look around. The room is pitch dark and the moment he goes in his mouth is covered and Aoi’s voice starts whispering 「声を上げるな。恥ずかしい目に遭いたくなかったら、大人しくそのまま中に入れ。」(Don’t raise your voice. If you don’t want an embarrassing scene to happen then be quiet and enter).

His voice raises a bit in confusion as he says 「っていうか、お前、結構ごつくね?」(Wait, aren’t you a bit rough/hard?) but then he adds 「まあ、胸は・・・見た目通り、だけどさぁ・・・」(Ma, you’re breasts.. are probably about like this anyway..). Atsumori speaks up at this rate asking Aoi where the heck he’s touching in the confusion of the darkness and Aoi tells him to shut up. Nazuna realizes that it’s the Kano brothers in her room and they planned to molest her, but it’s actually Fuji in there.

She quickly turns on the light and Aoi is horrified to find himself molesting Fuji and exclaims 「あ。ってぇええええ!?な、なんでエロ教師!?」(Ah. EHHHHHH!? Wh-why is it the perverted teacher!?) and Fuji snaps back 「誰が、エロ教師だっ!」(Who’s the perverted teacher here!) and cuffs Aoi. HAHAHA OMG HAHA I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING.. THE KANO BROTHERS, ESPECIALLY AOI, ARE SUCH IDIOTS. LOVEABLE IDIOTS, BUT IDIOTS NONETHELESS (≧∀≦)!!

Aoi winces at that and angrily asks him why he’s being hit and that it’s prohibited. Fuji just tells him that a teacher who doesn’t smack him at this point should get an award and then orders Aoi to release him. Aoi quickly tells him that he doesn’t need to be told to let go of Fuji and then he shudders in disgust. Atsumori just scoffs on the side and berates Aoi for not being able to tell the difference between a man and a woman, even if Nazuna has the body of a child.

She becomes angry at being described like that, but even Fuji agrees with them. Aoi starts pouting and explains about how he came here in her pajamas and was going to make her flustered, but then Fuji had to come along and mess up his plans. A thought suddenly strikes him in the head and he asks in a horrified voice if it could be that.. and even Atsumori looks at them with shock and stutters out that the two of them.. were they going to do it here?

Fuji just chuckles slyly and tells them that it’s too bad for them, implying that he got to Nazuna first. Aoi is stunned and asks if it’s a lie. Luckily Nazuna catches on quickly and yells at Fuji not to tease them like that and then she yells at the Kano brothers for being so gullible, because that kind of thing wouldn’t happen. Fuji just laughs lowly again and says 「ふふふ、どうだろうね?」(Fufufu, who knows?). Then he becomes serious and asks the two brothers what they were planning to do to make her flustered.

Nazuna notices that Aoi is hiding something behind his back and Fuji tells them to let him see it. Aoi nervously laughs and tries to say that he isn’t hiding anything and asks Atsumori for his opinion. Atsumori agrees just as nervously, but Fuji tells them to hand it over now or else he’ll tell Suou. At this, the two brothers hand over what they have behind their back and it turns out to be some kind of bottle with some unknown liquid in it. It’s not alcohol and the two brothers don’t remember where they got it.

They tell Fuji that if he drinks it he should know what it is and Fuji looks at them in surprise before sighing and telling them to think more with their heads. Nazuna remembers that there was something familiar about this and then recalls Kakeru’s words about how a bottle was stolen from the principal’s office. Before she can say anything Daria comes in though, complaining about how noisy it is, but now she understands why since it’s the two brothers. She tells them that it’s not proper for them to be in a girl’s room, but Aoi just brushes her off saying that Fuji is supervising.

Fuji tells the two brothers that he doesn’t remember forgiving them yet. At this point, Seri comes in rolling his eyes and mentions how the two don’t seem to learn from experience. Wabisuke comes in too yawning and wondering what everyone is doing at this time of night. Atsumori is shocked at how everyone came again and says that he doesn’t remember dropping any chocolates this time. Wabisuke explains that he got a text telling him about the situation and when Nazuna looks at him in confusion, he quickly backtracks saying that he was just worried about her.

She wonders if he got a text from a girl or something. Atsumori just scoffs at how it can’t be helped, but now that everyone is here they can try and figure out what is in the bottle. Nazuna quickly says that it might be better if they leave it alone, and when Aoi asks why, she doesn’t have a good reason. She realizes that she can’t say that Kakeru told her about it, since she doesn’t want to let them know that she’s keeping in contact with the teachers.

Daria finds it suspicious and Seri notes that it looks unique. Fuji also finds it suspicious since the insides of the bottle are completely obscured. Wabisuke thinks that it’d have a terrible flavor. Daria pops it open, notes that it smells sweet, and then takes a drink. Nazuna and Fuji are both surprised and he quickly asks her if she’s alright since it could have been poison. Daria just laughingly tells him that she can’t die to poison.

Aoi asks her what it is, but Daria still doesn’t know. It just tastes and smells sweet. It might be honey, but at least it’s not poison. Seri says that even though Daria said she wouldn’t die to poison, he has no trust in her words. Daria simply tells him that it doesn’t matter if he believes in her or not, since he can do whatever he wishes, and then she heads back to her room. They talk a bit about Daria’s hobbies and how she’s in the theatre club and so she can be dramatic.

At any rate, Aoi figures that since it’s not poison everyone might as well take a drink from it. Atsumori agrees with that, but Seri rolls his eyes again and calls them idiots for wanting to do that. Atsumori just smirks and asks if Seri is scared and that’s why he doesn’t want to drink it. Seri angrily takes up the challenge after telling them not to say rude things and takes a gulp from the bottle. Nazuna thinks it’s weird that Seri gave in so easily to their teasing when he’s normally really cold towards them.

Seri coughs after he finishes his bit of it and says that the flavor is certainly questionable. Fuji is next and just hums thoughtfully while agreeing with Seri’s description of it being delicate. Atsumori finds it sweet and Aoi nearly pukes at how sweet it is. He quickly looks for something to get rid of the taste, but Seri snaps at him and tells him not to destroy the flavor of sweet things like that.

Even Wabisuke takes a drink from it and he finds the taste familiar from somewhere. Then Fuji asks if Nazuna wants to drink from it. She thinks about it and notes how everyone seems to be fine after having sipped it, but she ends up tossing it away. This makes Atsumori, Aoi, and Fuji surprised and they tell her that if she didn’t want to drink it then she didn’t need to throw it like that.

The next scene is Kazuya and Kakeru in the staff room relaxing. Kazuya makes some tea for Kakeru, who sighs in pleasure at the delicious tea, and informs him that there’s some jam for him here too. He frowns though and wonders out loud as to where his special bottle of syrup went to. Kakeru hums thoughtfully and wonders about it too, since it’s strange for someone to steal that.

Kazuya is bothered by the theft of the syrup since that means there’ll be nothing to pour onto the shaved ice. He mutters about how he won’t be merciful to the person who stole it and that he’ll kill them. There’s a sound of a knife being drawn and Kakeru just laughs at that.

The next day, Nazuna is in the library thinking about the crazy events from yesterday. She notices Daria off to the side practicing lines for her drama club and then Nazuna goes to find a book for herself to read. Some girls start talking about Daria and how lately she’s been busy with the date club. They also reveal that Daria’s mother is an actress. Nazuna ends up leaving the library and heading to class early because of the two girls who were slandering Daria and the club.

In front of her classroom she hears her male classmates talk about how envious they are of the Kano brothers because of something that has to do with Nazuna. They think it’s quite magnificent too and when Nazuna takes a look at what is in the classroom she becomes really angry and storms into the clubroom yelling for the Kano brothers and about how she won’t forgive them this time. It seems like they put a montage of photographs on the bulletin board.

No one is in the clubroom though and she notices that there’s an open PC in there. It’s the one that Seri is always managing and she has a flashback about what Seri said before, using the PC to store data and whatnot. She can’t help but be curious and so she investigates it and sees an open mail that talks about how the plan will commence but he’ll double-check everything. It also mentions how she hasn’t noticed anything yet. Nazuna wonders about what plan she hasn’t noticed.

Suddenly Daria enters the room and notices that Nazuna is touching Seri’s computer and asks if that’s okay. Nazuna tells her that it wasn’t shut down and so she thought she’d shut it down for him. Daria just nods at that, but her face looks really pale and so Nazuna asks if she’s alright in concern only for Daria to yell at Nazuna not to touch her. She hisses out that she hates it when people are over-familiar.

Nazuna tries to tell her that she didn’t it mean like that but falls silent and wonders if Daria is irritated at the girls in the library who were talking about her behind her back. She wonders if she should try to comfort Daria, but ends up deciding to change the subject and so she talks about how it’ll soon be time for them to prepare for the start of the date club since the sun is setting. However, Daria just makes small acknowledging words with no energy.

Seri comes in at this point and asks what the two of them look so depressed for. Nazuna apologizes for closing his computer for him since he was gone and he just shrugs at that while telling her that it isn’t a problem, although he had just stepped out to receive some package that was delivered to their clubroom. Daria becomes interested in this and asks what it is, since it’s unusual for them to get packages but even Seri doesn’t know. Nazuna wonders who was doing some internet shopping and if it was Fuji or one of the brothers.

Aoi suddenly comes in, yawning because he’s sleepy, and is surprised to see everyone here. He gets asked about the package since Seri is wondering who was ordering things from the internet, but he doesn’t know about it either. He smirks and tells them that it might be Fuji’s since he heard rumors about how Fuji is gullible enough to buy strange things advertised on the TV. He figures it doesn’t matter what it really is though and opens it without hesitation.

It turns out to be full of the chocolates that Atsumori usually eats. Seri notes in exasperation that Atsumori really seems to love his chocolates, which prompts Daria to point out that Atsumori isn’t the only one. They’re a bit curious as to why it got delivered here instead of to Atsumori, but Aoi figures that since it’s here it’s his chance to eat it. He doesn’t know why Atsumori is so fixated on his chocolate anyway. Seri asks in surprise if it’s really alright for him to eat Atsumori’s chocolate, but Aoi doesn’t care. However, before he can Fuji bursts into the room and tells him to drop it and that he absolutely cannot eat it.

Aoi is confused as to why Fuji is acting like that, because his voice is filled with tension, but Fuji ignores him and asks Atsumori, who is behind him, if this is his chocolate. Atsumori takes a look at it before throwing it away. It is the chocolate that he ordered, but it’s garbage. Nazuna is shocked that he threw it away since he usually loves his chocolate. Fuji changes the topic and asks Daria if she’s alright, because it turns out that she lost the leading role.

This also surprises Nazuna and even Aoi is surprised. Nazuna is surprised because she saw Daria practicing relentlessly in the library and Aoi is surprised since she’s usually so talented. He smirks and thinks that the person who beat her must be amazing. Seri just sighs and tells Aoi to just be quiet for a while. Aoi frowns at that and asks what Seri’s problem is, since he’s just saying the truth. He’s punched by Daria though who is pissed at his impudent talk.

Aoi becomes angry himself and yells at her saying that he’s just saying the truth. She tells him to shut up and Atsumori has to get in-between them to stop them from fighting. Aoi snaps at Atsumori to shut up and says harshly to Daria that it’s inevitable for a person who got their position due to their mother’s influence to become a sacrifice for their mother. He coldly states that if she’s going to feel bitter and curse someone then she should curse her mother.

Atsumori gasps at Aoi’s words and tries to interrupt again, but Daria just says lowly that whatever he says about her is fine. Howver, she won’t forgive anyone who talks badly about her mother. Aoi scoffs sharply and asks why she’s giving her mother such a respectful title. The room becomes full of silent tension, but then all of a sudden the door opens and Wabisuke comes in obliviously and says 「あれ?もうみんな揃ってるのか。早いな。」(What’s this? Everyone is already gathered. That was fast).

Nazuna says her brother’s name gratefully, while Daria grits her teeth and Aoi sighs. Her brother finally notices that he might have walked into the middle of something and asks about it. Fuji tells him 「いや、いいタイミングだったよ、オニイチャン。」(No, I’d say that it was good timing, brother~), but Wabisuke shudders and says 「・・・藤先生に言われると、気持ち悪いんですが・・・。」(… When you say that.. it feels revolting..). YOU ONLY LIKE IT IF IT’S YOUR SISTER DON’T YOU~ (^∀^;). At any rate, Fuji tells the three of them to break it up and the chime starts ringing signalling that it’s time to work.

Before anyone leaves though Aoi says lowly to Daria 「この借り、ちゃんと返せよ。」(This debt, you better pay it back properly). Daria remains silent and Nazuna decides that she has a lot of things that she wants to ask about, but that there doesn’t seem to be any time for. She wants to ask about Seri’s mail and the chocolates. She realizes that she is really caught up in all of this date club business and its members.

The third date with Wabisuke starts at the chapel and he confesses that he’s always wanted to take her here. They go in and Nazuna is floored by the beauty of the stained glass. He purposefully brought her here at this time when the setting sun casts its light perfectly through the stained glass. She can’t help but keep on saying how beautiful it is and Wabisuke smiles while saying that he’s glad she’s so emotionally moved. She tells him that she is and that she wants to stay here and look at them for forever.

He gazes at her silently before suddenly mentioning that some students have come here to hold mock marriage ceremonies. Nazuna hums curiously at that, but thinks that the idea of having a marriage ceremony here does seem wonderful since it’s so pretty. Wabisuke starts talking again, but his voice is hesitant as he tells her that before this there was a girl who badgered and pestered him in the date club until he finally came here to have a mock marriage ceremony with her. Nazuna is shocked and asks him if he’s lying, but he remains silent.

She notices that his face is in even more pain than hers. Then he confesses to her that, as one would expect, performing a mock marriage ceremony with a girl that he didn’t like was painful. She looks at him with a sad face and thinks that it’s because he’s too nice that he probably felt like he couldn’t refuse the girl. I DON’T REALLY THESE CHARACTERS.. SO NICE THAT THEY CAN’T REFUSE OUTRAGEOUS REQUESTS LIKE THIS? I DON’T KNOW WHO I’M MORE ANGRY AT HERE.. WABISUKE OR THE GIRL ( -д-).

Nazuna cheerfully tells him that it’s fine, which surprises him, because the marriage ceremony was fake and so it wasn’t anything special. Even though Wabisuke nods his face still looks pained, but then suddenly he asks her if she will perform a mock marriage ceremony with him. Nazuna replies accordingly with extreme shock, so much that Wabisuke stares at her with a small frown and tells her that she doesn’t have to be so surprised. His reasoning is that, like she said, if a mock marriage ceremony isn’t anything special then she can do it too.

She has nothing to say against that, since he’s using her own words against her and so then he softly says to her 「じゃあ、いいよね?」(Then, it’s okay?) and proposes with 「おれと、結婚しようよ。」(Let’s get married). Finally Nazuna manages to respond by telling him not to say such weird things. Wabisuke just laughs a bit and asks if she’s embarrassed before apologizing, but he still wants to get married and have proof of it even if it isn’t anything special.

For some reason Nazuna caves in and agrees to it. Her reasoning is that if it’s a fake marriage ceremony then it’s alright, because they’re siblings. And so she tells him that she’s fine with it and that they can do it, since it isn’t anything special. TH-THIS IS ACTUALLY KIND OF SAD SINCE THEY KEEP ON SAYING THAT IT ISN’T ANYTHING SPECIAL 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。. Wabisuke nods quietly at that before asking to stand at the altar beside him and Nazuna wonders why she’s becoming nervous. She’s also wondering how it came to be like this.

Before they start Wabisuke tells her 「俺が誓いの言葉を言うから返事をしてくれよ?」(When I say the vows, please reply). Nazuna agrees quietly and notes that he looks really relaxed and calm and wonders if it’s because he already did it once before. His face becomes really serious and he tells her 「貴女は、健やかなるときも、病めるときも、喜びのときも悲しみのときも。兼田侘助の妻として、命ある限り、彼に永遠の愛を尽くすことを誓いますか?」(Do you, in health and in sickness, in joy and in sorrow, vow to be Kaneda Wabisuke’s wife and to love him forever until death?). She replies that she does and he smiles at that. She also smiles since he seems so happy.

He repeats the vows but directs it at himself saying that he vows to love her eternally in health, sickness, joy, and sorrow until death parts them. Then at the end he says 「・・・それじゃあ、誓いのキスを。」(.. And now, the kiss). Nazuna pauses and then exclaims her shock, but Wabisuke’s face is serious as he tells her 「キスしようよ?これが契約の証なんだから。」(We need to kiss. After all, it’s the proof of our contract). LOLOL WABISUKE THAT WAS PRETTY SMOOTH! I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THE WEDDING KISS AT THE END Σ(^∀^;).

Nazuna declares that it’s not necessary for them to go that far. Wabisuke simply smiles at that and says 「かたくなだな、いつも。」(As obstinate as always). He tells her he’s joking though since he knows she wouldn’t allow it with how fastidious she is. She pouts at that and tells him not to tease her. He apologizes and then talks about how since their ceremony was a fake the kiss isn’t needed. Nazuna nods at that, but then thinks in her head about how much her heart was pounding even though she knew it was a mock ceremony.

At any rate, she tries to regain her composure by mentioning again that it wasn’t anything special and so this is enough proof. Wabisuke smiles softly and thanks her for going along with it. Suddenly, he asks if she believes in god but she tells him she doesn’t. The only thing she believes in is diligence and one’s own hard work. There might be a god out there, but since she doesn’t really know she can’t bring herself to believe in one. Wabisuke laughs at that and says that it’s just like her to say those things, but then he adds that he has a lot of things to be grateful for to god.

Nazuna repeats his words in a questioning tone and he tells her 「そう。本当に、あのときは深く感謝した・・・。」(Yes. Really, at that moment I was deeply grateful..). She’s confused and asks him at what moment and what was he grateful for. Wabisuke only laughs though and tells her that it’s a secret. Nazuna pouts and asks him to tell her because now she’s curious and so he tells her to guess. She doesn’t even know where to start, but she decides that it can’t be anything simple since he said it with such emotion.

She gives up soon though and calls him stingy, to which he laughs at and she angrily asks him why he has such a happy face on when she just insulted him. He confesses that he’s happy she’s so affected by his words and that he finds her adorable when she’s flustered, because she’s usually so level-headed. His voice drops to a pondering note as he adds 「もっと困った顔、見てみたいな・・・。」(Ah.. I want to see a more embarrassed face).

Nazuna tells him to stop teasing her and he smirks at her while telling her not to make those kinds of faces. He notes that she’s easily angered when someone teases her and she tells him that of course she’d be angry if someone teased her. Wabisuke just smiles and tells her that he likes how she’s so level-headed and this just makes Nazuna sigh in exasperation. In the end, he tells her that thanks to her his feelings are clearer and that it’s time to head back. Outside of the chapel she finds it weird that her heart is still pounding from the mock marriage ceremony and it won’t stop, even though she’s out with her brother.

It’s monologue time and Nazuna slips into bed since tomorrow is a busy day, but she starts thinking about the date club again and how even though she feels out of place she can’t help but be curious about them. She knows that if she learns more about them misfortunes will begin to happen, but even still she wants to know.

The next day Nazuna thinks about how she had a weird dream which probably stemmed from the fact that she has so many questions. There’s still the mystery about Seri’s PC, Atsumori’s chocolates, and Daria’s problem. Seri pops up and greets her before asking her to head to the clubroom for an emergency summons. Nazuna tries to tell him that she isn’t a club member though, but he just interrupts her and asks if she thinks she’s a bystander then and how that title is halfway for her.

Nazuna realizes that she doesn’t have many options here and reluctantly agrees to go. Seri smirks at this and tells her that he thought she would agree, since she she’s the type to go mad if left alone. Nazuna asks him about what he just said, since she didn’t catch it, and he tells her that it’s nothing and that he was just mentioning how everyone is going mad. When she looks even more confused he tells her not to worry about it, but she feels as if there’s a hidden meaning in his words.

She feels the urge to ask him about yesterday’s mail, but realizes how bad of an idea that is since she’d be admitting to having snooped around in his computer. In the end they just go to the clubroom. Fuji is complaining about why they all had to gather here so early in the morning. Wabisuke wants it to hurry up and be over with since his soccer practice is going to start soon. Aoi tells them to listen up since it’s going to be important.

Daria is silent and Nazuna is worried about how she’s been acting ever since she was passed up as the lead role. She remembers about how Daria’s mother is an actor and the girls in the library were saying some rude things. Because Nazuna is staring at Daria so hard, she almost doesn’t notice Aoi who approaches her and calls for her attention. When she snaps back to attention she steps back exclaiming in shock why his face is so close and to keep his distance. Aoi just rolls his eyes and says that he’ll kiss her, before telling her to be serious and listen to him.

Atsumori tells Aoi that he’s listening seriously and so he should hurry up and explain the situation. Aoi goes ahead and tells them that he thinks the returning home club, that’s them, should upstage the drama club. Seri blinks in surprise and Atsumori asks him what he thinks he’s talking about. Daria asks Aoi what his intentions are and warns him not to be fooling around or she won’t give him any mercy. Aoi wants to create some trouble with the club, because he’s annoyed at how they look at him as if he’s dirty.

Daria explains that the girls in the club don’t like the fact that she’s in this club as well as theirs. Seri just rolls his eyes and exasperatedly asks Aoi if he understands the ramifications of what he wants to do and that they can’t do things halfway. Aoi calls him annoying and tells him to be quiet, before saying that he understands everything. Fuji is alright with it if Seri gives the okay and Wabisuke will agree to this if everyone else agrees to it.

Atsumori just flatly looks at Wabisuke and mentions how he doesn’t have a strong character. Wabisuke looks surprised at that and then tells Atsumori in a pouting voice that he just doesn’t have any objections to this. Daria tries to say something, but Aoi smirks at her and tells her 「あんおクソ女共に、一泡吹かせようぜ。」(Those damn women, let’s scare the hell out of them). Daria just remains silent and Atsumori tells her not to worry since they just want to kill some time. Aoi yells at him not to say that and then his voice drops back to normal as he asks Nazuna what she’s going to do.

She doesn’t think any of this will end up going well though and so she tells him that she’s not going to do it. Wabisuke is surprised and asks her if that’s alright, and she asks him if she can’t refuse. He slowly tells her that it’s not that she can’t, but then Atsumori interrupts and smirkingly tells her that if she doesn’t do it then he’s going to double her debt. Nazuna is shocked at how mean he is and then feels annoyed at how she got forced into it. Anyway, it’s decided then that they’ll be doing a play as well.

Seri tells them all that he’ll write the screenplay since he doesn’t want to lose to the drama club members. Atsumori is going to supervise and give instructions to Wabisuke to make the stage setting. Wabisuke is surprised and is like 「え?お、おれ!?」(Eh? M-me!?) which makes Atsumori flatly ask him if there’s anyone else around who is called Wabisuke. Wabisuke is annoyed that Atsumori decided to use his name like that without consulting him. Anyway, Aoi asks if the rest of the members are going to be the cast then.

It is explained, by Seri, that the story he’s writing involves a leading female whose love is fought for by two leading males. The story is based off of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Seri wants to turn the play into a comedy though instead of a tragedy and Nazuna is impressed as well as interested. Aoi interrupts and realizes that in this situation the heroine must be Nazuna? His voice sounds surprised and hesitant and Atsumori instantly jumps in saying that they definitely can’t cast her as that.

Even Wabisuke has no confidence in her acting skills. Seri isn’t worried though, even though Aoi asks if the leading female isn’t going to be Daria. Everyone looks at Daria since it’s true that her acting skills are far more superior than Nazuna’s, but she just smiles and says that Nazuna might be better than her. However, Aoi thinks she should definitely take a supporting role. Atsumori asks Aoi what they’re going to do about the leading males then because there’s no more males left.

Fuji suddenly makes a thoughtful noise and tells everyone that he just had a good idea and that Aoi should be the heroine. Aoi exclaims in shock that he can’t be serious and that he absolutely isn’t going to do that. Seri explains calmly that if Nazuna is in a supporting role then there’s no other way. Aoi tries to ask why Fuji doesn’t become the heroine, but Daria laughingly asks him what he thinks about a heroine having a bigger and better physique than her. Then she adds that while it’s painful, it hasn’t gotten to the point of being unbearable.

Aoi won’t stand for any of this though and so Nazuna smiles and says that in the end it looks like she’ll have to be the heroine. He instantly tells her that he doesn’t want that either and this makes her roll her eyes inwardly and think about how he’s like a little kid. Fuji just calmly asks him that it can’t be helped and he’ll have to choose between Nazuna being the heroine and him being the heroine. Aoi grits his teeth and Atsumori laughingly says that it’ll be him, won’t it? Aoi curses at this while blushing.

Daria tells Aoi, while smiling, that she hopes they’ll get along. Everything is now decided and so Seri wants them to prepare themselves to act out the scenarios and scenes at lunch and after school, which surprises Wabisuke since it’s so fast. Seri just smirks and asks him who Wabisuke thinks he’s talking to.

In the monologue, Nazuna talks about how the days passed and they worked hard at memorizing all their lines. She watched Daria as she practiced for this play too and was in awe of how hard she worked. The scene switches to Nazuna out on the soccer field at night and she thinks about how everyone has been working hard lately and that Seri is a slave driver. She suddenly gets a text and when she looks at the phone the message tells her to head to the principal’s office/staff room.

When she reaches the room there’s no one there, but then suddenly someone covers her eyes and asks her to guess who it is. It turns out to be Kakeru and he pouts at her guessing him so easily, but then he brings up the point of the date club trying to upstage the drama club. Nazuna apologizes, but he waves it off as he’s not overly bothered by what they’re doing. He heard that Daria wasn’t chosen for the lead and notes that she must be in some trouble. Nazuna asks if he knows something about Daria.

He tells her that Daria’s mother was an actress who committed adultery with this actor. The weekly publication got a hold of it and published the scoop, but then he laughs and says that it’s not too surprising since it happens a lot. Nazuna asks what this has to do with Daria and he frowns at her before asking her to think about it. Everyone knows Daria as the daughter to the mother who keeps sleeping around.

She asks him if he thinks and looks at Daria like that and he tells her that he would never, because he’s a teacher. He does say that at their sensitive ages, those kinds of things happen a lot. Especially since Daria is aspiring to be an actor as well. Nazuna is shocked and thinks it’s sad that Daria was passed for the lead because of that. She remembers the girls in the library again and realizes that there was some truth to their words.

At any rate, Kakeru changes the subject again and asks how her project is doing with trying to find the date club’s weaknesses. She hesitantly tells him that she doesn’t have anything at all and that it’s been difficult, but he’s not bothered since he knows that it isn’t easy. And lately she feels as if she’s losing her bearings and becoming confused. Kakeru is surprised and asks her why and she explains that she knows she has to enter deeply into their midst to find out about their weakness. But the more she enters and finds out more about them the more curious she becomes and the more she wants to learn about them.

Nazuna is worried and doesn’t feel that her curiosity is a good thing. Kakeru smiles secretly at that and tells her that the weakness of wanting to know more about something isn’t anything special and that other people experience that all the time. He tells her 「ある豪い人が言いました。我々は、己に興味が抱く他人に興味を抱く、と。」(A famous person once said: We are interested in those who are interested in us). In other words, because she’s entered the date club and is involved in a bet with them she can’t escape.

She asks him if he’s telling her that it isn’t strange for her to embrace her curiosity then and he tells her that’s exactly what he’s saying. It’s also probable that someone is walking along the same path that she is on. He tells her with a laughing smile that 「好奇心と欲望の前では人は無力なんだから。」(It’s because people are helpless against their desires and curiosity). Nazuna is silent and feels that his words are a bit hurtful.

Kakeru continues smiling and changes the subject again, telling her to work hard to upstage the drama club. She nods at that and then he remembers to ask her if she’s properly holding onto her charm. She tells him that she is and shows it to him and he nods cheerfully, praising her for being such a good child.

Nazuna leaves the office and wanders around in the dark. As she passes by the chapel she sees Daria and greets her. Daria asks if she’s out here alone at this time and then warns her about how dangerous it is for a girl. Nazuna tells her that she had business at the school. Daria hums thoughtfully before telling Nazuna that she’s heading home and asks if she wants to walk home together.

As they walk through the dark forest, Nazuna thinks about how this is the first time she’s walked home with Daria. Daria mentions about how the darkness of the forest is scary, which Nazuna agrees with and mentions about how it’s almost suffocating. Then suddenly Daria says that in this darkness if she takes Nazuna into it, she won’t be able to run away. Her voice is lilting as she asks Nazuna that she can’t help but think that and asks if her desire could be granted. Nazuna is kind of alarmed and calls Daria’s name out.

But Daria just continues on and says that if Nazuna is with her then she isn’t afraid of her ignorance about what the darkness holds. Instead, the thing she fears the most might be what is inside the cage of her heart, which is the fear of becoming alone. Nazuna wonders if Daria is practicing her character’s role, but as Daria steps closer to her she hesitantly speaks out. Daria interrupts her though and tells her 「震えないで、私の愛しい君。」(Do not tremble, my beloved) and then mentions how her lips are like figs.

Nazuna stutteringly says Daria’s name, but Daria just responds by asking who Daria is and tells Nazuna that she shouldn’t call out another person’s name in front of her. Nazuna doesn’t know what to do because Daria keeps on approaching her and is getting closer, but all of a sudden Wabisuke appears yelling at them to stop. Daria angrily asks him what he’s doing and he tells her 「そこから先は、保護者代理として禁じる!」(What you were about to there, as a proxy guardian I forbid it!). FINALLY WASABISUKI-NIICHAN SHOWED UP~ (*´∀`*)!

Daria still doesn’t drop the act though and asks if Wabisuke has come to kidnap Nazuna and then she attacks him telling him that she won’t permit him. Even Wabisuke is shocked at her act and Nazuna realizes that the situation is becoming worse and that Daria is serious and so she intervenes between the two of them and begs Daria to stop what she’s doing. Daria looks at Nazuna in shock and asks her if she’s defending this man.

Since Daria is still in the role Nazuna finally decides to get into a role too and tells her that it’s because Daria’s not listening to her words. Daria is shocked at that and then the night ends. The next scene is Nazuna up on the school rooftop musing about how yesterday was hellish, but she found Daria’s acting to be amazing since Daria was in character the whole time. It turns out that she’s actually talking to her brother who is also up on the rooftop.

He didn’t think that she was acting the whole time though, or was actually using the acting to trick Nazuna and so that she could get close to her. Nazuna blinks in surprise at that because she didn’t see that at all. She apologizes for making her brother worry, but he just smiles and tells her that it’s okay so long as she remains safe. He accidently drops a book and she notes how unusual it is for him to read one. Wabisuke seems kind of embarrassed as he tries to answer her and pick it up though and so she starts smiling slyly and asks him if he borrowed it from a girl.

Wabisuke is blushing as he denies it with a stutter, but she points out the fact that his face is bright red. He finally confesses that it’s a book Seri gave him because he had an interest in it. Nazuna tilts her head and thinks that it’s really unusual for him to be interested. Surprisingly, Wabisuke asks her if she wants to borrow it too and she agrees happily since she finished reading all her other books.

At the end of the day, Nazuna is back at her room and she thinks about how her brother was acting really weird today, but she decides not to worry about him too much since there are probably days where he has a lot on his mind. Instead, she decides to read the book that she borrowed. She’s also a bit surprised that her brother has that kind of relationship with Seri, one where he borrows things. She opens the book and is shocked at what’s inside and something about the paper. Nazuna finally understands about the matter of this book and paper. ERM.. IT JUST ENDS HERE WEIRDLY? THE DIALOGUE THAT IS.

In the monologue she talks about how everyone is continuing to practice and that the day has finally come for them to perform. Everyone is as serious as they were when they were practicing, but somehow the air feels a bit different and is scary in its intensity. Anyway, Nazuna is behind the stage and feels that after they get this over with she can finally relax and study peacefully, although she remembers that she’s still caught up in the date club.

Seri asks if everyone is prepared and Nazuna nods enthusiastically. Aoi is standing off to the side grumbling under his breath about how this is the worst. Then Fuji appears and asks where Aoi’s costume is, to which Aoi responds by calling Fuji an idiot for thinking that he’d wear that costume. Seri tells him that he can’t say those things and Atsumori comes by to agree with Seri and tells Aoi that the costume was custom-made. Aoi just shrugs and says that even if everyone is saying this, the costume is no longer here.

Wabisuke blinks in shock and asks Aoi about what he meant. Aoi explains that he couldn’t bear the costume at all and so he disposed of it all. Seri is in shock and Nazuna repeats Aoi’s words. His reasoning is that he didn’t like it because of all its dangling fibres and he didn’t want to risk the chance of decreasing the club’s customers. Nazuna just sighs because she had been thinking of something happening only for something to actually happen.

Everyone is troubled and Seri sighs while mentioning how Aoi is a really troublesome person. Finally, Nazuna just tells everyone to forget about their costumes and that they don’t need them anyway. They’ll just go up there in their normal clothes and do their acting. Fuji hums thoughtfully at that, but agrees that it’s the best course of action. Seri hisses angrily under his breath but realizes that they can’t do anything.

Before he leaves he vows darkly to Aoi that 「葵さん、いつか絶対あなたに女装をさせる!見てなさい!」(Aoi-san, some day I’ll definitely get you in girl clothes! Just you watch!). Aoi shudders at that and says 「こ、こえぇ・・・なんだよその執念深いの!」(Sc-scary.. what’s with that vindictiveness!). Seri just huffs and Nazuna wonders if anything else will happen, but then tells herself not to think like that before she jinxes it. In fact, her heart is already pounding. Then Fuji notes that the drama club members are finally here.

They immediately start by insultingly noting that Daria is here with the date club members. They ask if the date club is going to do some musical production and then one of the girls tells Nazuna that she’s in the way and asks if she can move, but they just shove her out of the way. Nazuna takes it quietly, but Aoi actually steps up and yells 「っ・・・おい、お前ら!」(… Hey, you assholes!). She tells him not to make enemies though and he looks at her with a troubled face while saying 「でもよぉ・・・。」(But..).

Drama girl B informs the date club members haughtily that they’re different from them, because they’re serious about acting. She tells them in a light voice that people who play around all day just get in the way and asks them to get out. They even have the gall to tell Daria that if she played less she might be able to shine on the stage. Daria is completely silent through all their taunts and the drama club girls finally leave.

Seri is the first to note how annoying those girls were. Aoi agrees and insults them by asking what those damned womens’ problems were. Atsumori just mutters about how rude they were. Even Wabisuke is irritated and talks about how they can’t even see other people’s efforts and just threw around their criticisms as if they were high and mighty when they weren’t. Fuji agrees completely with Wabisuke’s words. Nazuna is cheered up by everyone banding together like this.

Finally Daria smiles but tells them that the drama club members take their club seriously and so she asks the date club members to forgive them for being disagreeable like this. Nazuna notes how all of the date club members are acting differently from how they normally are, and then she realizes that she’s looking at them in a favourable light. She quickly stomps on those feelings and warns herself about the danger.

Nazuna heads out to the front of the stage to watch everyone and Daria nods her head at Nazuna, while telling her that she hopes they’ll get along. Aoi appears at this and asks her in a flat voice if she isn’t supposed to say that to him, to which Daria replies to him with a mischievous smile 「ああ。じゃあ・・・よろしく、姫君。」(Aa, then.. Let’s get along well, princess) and kisses him on the hand. THE LAST WORD IS ACTUALLY “HIMEGIMI” WHICH MEANS A DAUGHTER OF A PERSON OF HIGH RANK AND AOI’S REACTION HERE IS HILARIOUS~! GUESS HE DOESN’T LIKE WOMEN COMING ONTO HIM?

Aoi leaps back and yells in shock. Daria just chuckles and tells him that he doesn’t have to be so surprised and he angrily tells her that he isn’t, but his voice is shaky and frightened. At any rate the drama club members are the first to go and Nazuna watches them impressedly. There’s no doubt that they’re good and on a different level than the date club, but she isn’t worried since they have Daria on their side. At any rate, it’s soon the date club’s turn and Nazuna watches them continue through the story.

Soon it’s time for her to step out and do her minor role after Daria speaks one more line. It’s also the part where Aoi steps out as the heroine and meets Daria and then has a kiss scene with her. Nazuna is amused since she knows that he hates that scene with a passion, but then suddenly Aoi appears beside her and calls for her attention. When she turns to look at him with a question, he suddenly grabs her by the arm and brings her out with him onto the stage. Nazuna is shocked and so is Daria.

Aoi looks at Nazuna and says in a low voice 「・・・なずな、愛してる。」(… Nazuna, I love you) and Daria chokes on her words. His next words are an apology to Romeo, who is played by Daria, and a confession that he is actually a boy and in love with the girl in front of him. Daria quickly adapts and tells him that she also has a confession to make then and tells Juliet, who is Aoi, that in truth she also loves Nazuna. Nazuna’s reaction to all of this is exclaiming her surprise in her mind.

Seri is pissed in the background and whispers furiously asking the three of them what they think they’re doing, especially since they’re deviating from the script and ignoring their gender roles. Aoi is taken aback by Daria’s response and growls a bit at her words before quickly asking Nazuna if she likes him. Daria interrupts him and says that Nazuna’s heart and love belongs to her. Aoi’s voice has fallen back into his normal style of speech as he tells Daria that she’s misunderstanding and that such a thing isn’t true.

Nazuna tries to tell the both of them to calm down and Aoi grits his teeth, but steps away from her and tells Romeo that in this case it can’t be helped. Daria finishes his sentence by yelling out that they’ll have to duel. Aoi tells her that if that’s what she wishes, but Daria whips out a rapier and he has to leap back in surprise. Daria compliments him on his block, but then tells him that he’ll never steal Nazuna away and attacks him ferociously. Aoi is clearly losing.

Backstage Seri is face palms and mutters about how irritating this all is. Wabisuke hesitantly tells him that people might find it more interesting. Even Fuji is taken aback by the recent developments and he slowly agrees before telling Wabisuke with a smile that he seems to be a optimist no matter what happens. Wabisuke laughs embarrassedly and asks if that’s true.

In the end, they were saved only by Daria’s amazing acting abilities. Nazuna sighs in relief and mentions how well it all turned out, to which Aoi disagrees with since he lost the fight to Daria. Fuji tells him that it was impossible for him to win from the start and tells him to stay still so he can apply disinfectant onto Aoi’s wounds. Aoi winces at that and yells at him to be more gentle, but Fuji responds that he’s only gentle to cute girls.

Wabisuke just sighs and talks about how tired he is and how he wants his energy drink. Atsumori smirks at this and says that he expected it and so has a drink for Wabisuke, but Wabisuke complains about it since it’s not his energy drink. Atsumori tells him not to have any complaints since his energy sucks anyway and if a person wanted to be healthy they should drink what he just gave him. Seri and Daria examine it with curiosity and find out that it’s a chocolate drink. Atsumori looks proud of it and asks Nazuna if she wants some too.

She wants to refuse, but thinks that just this once it’ll be alright for her to accept something from them and takes a drink. It’s extremely disgusting but she doesn’t know what to do since Atsumori is looking at her in expectation. The day ends with her monologuing about how on that day, during the night after they tried to upstage the drama club, she realized that she was hopelessly entangled with the date club members. It was no longer possible for her to detach herself emotionlessly and effortlessly from them.

Seri asks her what’s wrong and she looks at him asking if he’s awake. It turns out everyone just crashed and started sleeping in the clubroom since they were so tired from the play. Seri just rolls his eyes at them and calls them fools for not saving their energy, this makes Nazuna laugh a little at how typical it is of him to say that. Then she brings up the topic of the montage of photographs and asks if he did it. Seri looks at her silently before saying with a smirk that it seems like he was found out.

Nazuna asks him why he did that and then Wabisuke wakes up and tells her that since it’s bound to come out sooner or later, he was the one who requested Seri. Nazuna is appropriately shocked and finds out something that involved a bet between them and Seri found out about her situation through her brother. Her brother didn’t think Seri would be dangerous, but he knew that the Kano brothers were. I.. DIDN’T REALLY UNDERSTAND THIS PART AT ALL ┐(゚~゚)┌. At any rate, Seri asks Wabisuke why he gave Nazuna the book, since in the book there was a memo that had their schedule and plans written on it.

The scene switches to the school rooftop at night and Seri comments on how Wabisuke seems to be thinking a lot lately. Wabisuke looks surprised and asks Seri what he means with that comment all of a suddent, but Seri just ignores it and states that Wabisuke slipped the memo into the book on purpose. Wabisuke smirks and asks Seri why he would possibly do that. Seri chuckles at that and shrugs before commenting innocently that it’s because Wabisuke and her are siblings, isn’t it. Wabisuke grits his teeth at this.

Now back to Nazuna in her room at night. She’s reading the book her brother gave her and it’s called Goethe’s Faust. The part that she’s reading is about how in order to be blessed human beings the two of them strove to the noble ideal of love, but for the sake of being granted something godly pleasurable the act of love is committed between the three of them. She thinks that it’s profound. I THINK THAT IT WAS FUCKING HARD TO TRANSLATE (╬ ಠ益ಠ) MY FAVOURITE.. PHILOSOPHY IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. So they commit it and their obscene deeds make them turn their back to happiness.

At any rate, she feels tired and she’s going to keep today’s events as part of today. She’ll think about tomorrow’s events tomorrow. She’s just going to go to sleep quietly now and calm her heart.

It’s dessert time! Wabisuke thinks about how cute Nazuna is and how he loves her stubborness. He remembers the look on her face when he told her about performing a mock marriage ceremony with another girl and how glad he felt seeing her shocked reaction. He thought she was jealous and so couldn’t help but become unbearably happy. When he heard her say her vows, he felt that it was a shame for it to be fake because and that he wanted her vows to be real. He’s sure that she doesn’t know, but 「あれは俺にとって、一生の思い出だーー。」(That is the greatest memory of my life).

Up until now through his whole life, that memory of performing the marriage ceremony with her is his most happiest. He could have died happy in that moment. But when that happy moment ended and when their date ended and he became alone, he was sad and afraid of what would happen to the two of them. He thought about it and wondered if he could be satisfied with just this, because one of his wishes was already granted and so now he’s greedy for more.

He thinks that humans are beings of avarice and then thinks 「そうだよ、やっぱり。おれはなずながおれのモノにならない限り、決して満足できないんだ・・・・。」(That’s right, it’s just as I thought. Until Nazuna is mine, I can never be satisfied). Then he addresses Nazuna in his head and tells her that all of his thoughts are no use.

Blackout! So it starts off immediately with Wabisuke breathing raggedly and gasping out that it’s too hot and it’s bad. He’s letting out little gasps and moans as he says that it’s just a little more and then he can release himself. He whimpers and then mentions about how it’s painful trying to endure it, but after this he knows he’ll feel really good. He moans quietly again and pants really hard before whispering that he just needs a little more and it’s really soon, like in 10 seconds.

His voice starts doing a countdown from 10, becoming shakier as it gets down to 5 and punctuated with harsh breathing and moans as it gets down to 1 and finally 0. Wabisuke cheers loudly at the end and his voice is normal as he explains that now he can go into the pool, since apparently he had to use the sauna first before he could go in. M-MY EARS.. I THINK I NEED TO GO AND DIE ON MY BED (๑→‿←๑)! THIS WAS EVEN BETTER (OR WORSE FOR MY HEART) THAN THE FIRST.

*** CHAPTER 4 ***

The chapter starts with Nazuna in the library reading books as usual, but she’s thinking about the date club and how she needs to hurry up and work harder to release her brother. Then she wonders if she should try dating other people since she’s been dating Wabisuke all this time, but just the thought of it turns her off and so she decides that in the end it’s best to continue dating her brother. She looks outside her window and thinks that the sky looks nice and she wants to be closer to it.

She checks out a book by Friedrich Nietzsche and takes it out to the school rooftop so that she can read it while being close to the sky. She doesn’t really like his book, but she’s curious about it. She quotes from the book that a man’s happiness is his selfishness. A woman’s happiness is his desires. No matter what book it is, it seems that a woman lives and looks forward to love. Nazuna frowns at this because she doesn’t want to love again and that’s why she’s only dating her brother.

As she’s thinking about these things she hears a girl’s voice telling someone not to do it anymore because she’s embarrassed. Aoi tells her not to worry since there’s no one here. Nazuna becomes angry at what he’s doing and coughs loudly, which makes the girl freak out since someone is there. Aoi is completely unfazed though and notes that it’s just the piglet. The girl, however, tells him in an embarrassed voice that she’s going to leave first, but she’s stopped by Aoi who tells her to stay for a while longer.

He kisses her neck while staring straight at Nazuna and even slides his hand underneath her skirt. Nazuna can’t believe it and quickly regains her mind to walk up to him and grab his arm, which allows the girl who was being molested by him to run off with a red face. Immediately after the girl leaves, Nazuna throws his arm away from her since she feels disgusted at touching him, but Aoi just looks at her with a cat-like and dangerous smirk.

He chuckles at Nazuna and asks her 「まぁ待てよ。クク・・・コーフンした?」(Ma, wait a second. Kuku.. did you get excited?). Nazuna retorts by saying that those words of his are sexual harassment. Aoi barks out a laugh and asks if she’s already blushing just from seeing that small degree of action. He says to her 「純情だねぇ・・・ククッ。」(You’re so pure… hehe). OMG THE SUGGESTIVE THINGS ARE COMING OUT NOW.. I WAS WAITING FOR THE MOMENT WHERE THE GAME PROVED ITS 15+ RATING (*´∀`*)えへへ.

Suddenly he grabs her and she yelps in pain as she’s pulled toward him. Aoi tells her in a light voice 「お前のせいで女が逃げちまったじゃん。責任取れよ。」(It’s your fault that the girl ran away. Take responsibility). She tells him that she doesn’t want to and warns him to not to come close to her. Aoi smirks at this and tells her that it shouldn’t matter since her brother is always doing things like this, isn’t he? Then he adds that she should change her partner once in a while to keep things fresh too.

Nazuna stutters and asks him what he’s talking about, before furiously denying that she does anything like this with her brother. Aoi doesn’t believe her though and then asks her 「んなことより、気持ちいーことしようぜぇ?」(More than that, how about we do something to make you feel good?). Nazuna is alarmed and wondering in her head if he’s serious, but then running footsteps are heard and the door to the rooftop is slammed open. Wabisuke appears and roughly grabs Aoi’s shoulder asking him what he’s doing and then ordering him to let go of Nazuna.

Aoi sharply asks him what he thinks he’s doing since it hurts, but Wabisuke just grits his teeth and spits out 「・・・っ、お前っ!ふざけんなよ!?」(… you! Are you fucking kidding me!?). Then he asks Nazuna worriedly if she’s alright. She nods and tells him she is, but he curses and points out that she’s crying. Wabisuke returns his attention to Aoi and asks him harshly what he planned to do and Aoi just says angrily that he’s annoying before muttering under his breath that he didn’t even do anything serious.

He finally lets go of Nazuna and she’s relieved since she was really scared. Wabisuke asks her if she’s alright again, but all she can say is that she was saved and then she thanks him. He’s still looking at her worriedly though and asks her again if she’s alright and if she was touched anywhere. Nazuna manages to smile and tells him that she’s fine and that because her brother came so fast, nothing happened. DA-DAMN.. I KIND OF WANTED SOMETHING TO HAPPEN (^∀^;)! I’M SO BAD.. I WANT TO GO ONTO AOI’S ROUTE.

Wabisuke finally relaxes and then embraces her to pet her head. Nazuna smiles at this because she realizes that her brother hasn’t changed since he was small either, since petting her head is a habit of his. He notices the smile on her face and asks her what that smile is for, but she tells him that it’s nothing. Finally, he steps away from her and directs his attention back to Aoi. His voice is really low as he addresses Aoi and tells him that the next time Aoi touches his sister, he’s not going to leave it like this.

Aoi smirks at this before asking scornfully if Wabisuke has anything specific in mind for what he’ll try to do to him. Wabisuke’s answer is a low 「殺す。」(I’ll kill you). Aoi and Nazuna both blink in surprise and they’re stunned at the intensity in Wabisuke’s voice. He continues on saying 「今度、なずなにこんなことをしたら殺してやる。」(Next time.. if you try to do this to Nazuna.. I will kill you). Aoi is stunned, but quickly tries to regain his composure and says 「な・・・っ、バカじゃねぇの?うわ、すっげぇシラけたぜぇ・・・!」(Wha-.. are you an idiot? Uwa, this has become really boring..!) and then he walks off and leaves the rooftop.

Wabisuke just scoffs and glares at the place where Aoi was while Nazuna eyes him warily since he’s like a different person. She hesitantly asks him if it wouldn’t have been better for him not to go so far with his words. He looks up in surprise at that and she tells him softly that he shouldn’t be saying dangerous things like killing someone. She also tells him that Aoi is always acting like that. Wabisuke takes this badly though and asks her lowly 「・・・なんで葵を庇うんだ?」(.. Why are you defending Aoi?).

Nazuna blinks in surprise but before she can say anything Wabisuke continues on and asks 「もしかして、葵と陰でデートをしたりしてるの?」(Could it be that you’re dating Aoi behind my back?). She’s still surprised but tells him that she’s not and then asks him why he wants to know. Wabisuke ignores her question and then asks her that if she’s not dating Aoi then why is she defending that disgusting person? UHM.. WABISUKE IS TURNING A LITTLE CRAZY. THIS REMINDS ME OF TOMA AND SHIN SO MUCH.. AHA.. HA.. PLEASE DON’T LOCK ME UP IN A CAGE (°Α°).

She tells him that it’s not like there’s a deep meaning behind her actions. His response is to only whisper 「・・・そうか。」(.. I see) and Nazuna thinks that her brother is acting really weird and that it’s the date club’s fault. Which means that in the end it’s all her fault he’s changing. Wabisuke becomes worried again and asks her what’s wrong with her since she just became really depressed. Then he jumps to conclusions and says that as he thought Aoi must have done something.

This means that Nazuna has to tell him that he’s wrong. She adds that it’s nothing and so he doesn’t have to worry about her. He drops it and tells her that he understands, but he’s counting on her to stay away from Aoi. She agrees to that and he finally smiles saying that he’s glad. Nazuna is relieved that her brother is back with his smiling face.

The next scene is Nazuna back in her classes. The periods fly by but then a classmate tells her that a senior is here looking for her. She thinks that it’s her brother, but it’s just some stranger with a cat-like smile on his face. He greets her by asking her if she’s Wabisuke’s little sister. He explains that he’s the soccer club’s vice-captain, Sotomura, and he wants to discuss something about Wabisuke with her. He doesn’t want to talk about it while other people are around and so asks her if they can talk elsewhere.

They walk out to the courtyard and he tells her that lately Wabisuke’s appearance has been weird. He can’t seem to calm down and his playing has gotten terrible. And so Sotomura is wondering if maybe her brother is interested in a girl and the girl that he’s interested in is probably Aizaki, who is the manager of the soccer club. She also likes Wabisuke. Nazuna is completely surprised by all of this and then gets depressed at realizing that the inevitable is happening and that her brother is going to get a girlfriend.

Sotomura continues talking without noticing her feelings. A tournament is coming up soon and it’s going to be a problem if Wabisuke continues to play badly and be distracted like this and so that’s why Sotomura wants Nazuna to help and become the cupid of love for the two of them. He’d do it himself, but he thinks that as a girl she’d be better at it. Nazuna tells him flatly that this doesn’t involve her though, so wouldn’t it be better if she left it alone? He’s surprised at her cold answer.

Her reasoning is that her brother’s business should be taken care of by himself. She doesn’t think that anything she says will change anything and something inside her chest is noisy. Sotomura informs her that her brother got into the school due to a soccer scholarship and so if he continues to play this badly then nothing good will come out of it. She realizes that she can’t allow her brother to get kicked out of this school or else it’ll reflect negatively on his image and so she accepts the task. Sotomura thanks her gratefully.

Nazuna is only doing this for her brother’s sake. She goes to the soccer field and watches them practice, before deciding that her first step should be to find someone who knows Aizaki, the manager. She learns that Aizaki is also her brother’s classmate. Nazuna gets distracted by how serious her brother is training though and watches him until he notices her. She’s a bit embarrassed when their eyes meet and then she becomes confused when she notices him start to screw up.

Sotomura yells at him to watch out, but Wabisuke trips and twists his foot. Nazuna is shocked and goes to help her brother, but Sotomura orders Aizaki to take Wabisuke to the infirmary. Wabisuke apologizes for causing everyone trouble and Nazuna quickly takes in the situation and realizes that if Aizaki is taking her brother then she needs to get out of the way, despite the fact that she’s worried.

She even waits until they leave the infirmary before she goes in to ask Fuji how her brother is. He looks at her in mild surprise before asking her if it wouldn’t be better to ask her brother, but she replies that she doesn’t want to get in the way of Aizaki. Fuji huffs quietly in laughter, but when she looks at him in confusion he just tells her that Wabisuke sprained his foot. It’s not serious though and so if he takes it easy then it’ll heal quickly.

Fuji stares at her intensely before suddenly asking her what she thinks of her brother. She blinks in surprise and answers hesitantly that she thinks of him as a good brother, because she doesn’t know what other answer she should give. Fuji’s response to that is 「・・・そうか。兼田も可哀想にな。」(.. I see. Poor Kaneda). When Nazuna looks at him in confusion he tells her not to worry about it. She agrees in confusion and then wonders why he asked that random question, before leaving to return to the courtyard.

She knows that her brother’s injury isn’t serious and so she convinces herself to leave him alone. She starts to head toward the clubroom for the date club, but stops herself when she hears some suspicious noises. It sounds like a girl panting and she wonders if it’s Aoi doing his thing again. Nazuna becomes annoyed and prepares to interrupt him only to find that it isn’t Aoi but Aizaki and Wabisuke. Aizaki asks to kiss Wabisuke and he tells her that it’s fine, while Nazuna is completely shocked to see this happening in front of her.

Nazuna runs off thinking that this can’t be happening and so she misses Wabisuke telling Aizaki with a glare for her to release him, because he’s annoyed with how she’s always hanging onto him. Aizaki lets out a gasp of surprise as she’s pushed off and Wabisuke excuses himself coldly. She tries to tell him to wait, but he just walks off silently.

The clubroom door is slammed open by Nazuna, who is surprised by her own violent reactions. Everyone turns to look at her and Daria asks her if something happened because her pallor is bad. Seri suggests for her to eat some food to calm down. Nazuna remains silent and when Daria prompts her again she tells her that it’s nothing. Aoi smirks and asks her if she’s accepted the fact that she’s going to lose the bet.

Atsumori just says that if that were the case then he wants her to have a more anguished face, because he finds people’s despairing faces to be amusing. Aoi just laughs at that and mentions how that sort of thing can be found in his arms, because he finds it even more fun to make people fall into despair. (°Α°) I-I GUESS I SHOULD EXPECT THIS KIND OF THING FROM THE YANDERE PRINCE AND THE SADIST PRINCE.

Nazuna just ignores the two of them because the image of Aizaki asking for a kiss and Wabisuke agreeing is stuck in her head. Aoi blinks and tries to catch her attention by calling her piglet. Even Atsumori is surprised and mentions that her lack of reaction is making it boring. Fuji just sighs off to the side when he sees Nazuna sighing. Then Wabisuke comes in and greets them all cheerfully. Daria greets him back and then asks about his foot in concern. He tells them that he sprained it, but it isn’t anything serious.

Fuji informs him that he shouldn’t do unnecessary things or it’ll get worse and Wabisuke nods exasperatedly at that. Meanwhile, Nazuna is just staring at her brother silently and wondering why he did that sort of thing with Aizaki and then is now acting all normal about it. She feels like he’s become a different person, but in the end she still chooses to go on a date with him. IN FACT I DON’T EVEN GET A CHOICE, HAHA.

Wabisuke apologizes for his foot being in this condition since it means they can’t go anywhere far. Nazuna is fine with it though and tells him not to push himself and that they don’t have to do anything interesting, but he frowns at that since he doesn’t want to be boring. She tells him forcefully that if it starts hurting then they’re going to go home. Wabisuke becomes serious though and asks her 「お前と一緒にいるために、おれが痛いのを我慢してたとしたらどうする?」(If I endured this pain for the sake of being able to be with you, what would you do?).

She tells him that she’d be a little happy and he smirks while informing her that he really likes her honesty and then he adds that no matter what the pain is, he wants to be with her. Nazuna interrupts and tells him that while it makes her happy he’s not allowed to do that, because she doesn’t want him to do unnecessary things. Wabisuke just tells her that he understands and that right now it doesn’t hurt much at all. She tells him she’s glad then and he smiles as he notes that she thinks of him as something important.

Nazuna tells him that it’s natural that she does and finishes the sentence in her head by thinking that he’s her precious brother. Suddenly Wabisuke tells her that even though they’re on a simplified date they should make it more date-like and so he takes her hand. He smiles and tells her that if it’s like this then he won’t need to worry about falling over. She’s a bit taken aback by his actions but figures that if he means it like that then it’s not that strange.

Wabisuke tells her happily that holding hands is like the foundation of a date and that’s why she should return his grip. Nazuna can’t do anything but cave in to his request and so she nods quietly and he thanks her in a soft voice. Then he adds that this really makes him feel like he’s on a real date and that the feeling is nice. She agrees hesitantly and he continues on to say that people who hold hands and take a walk like this give off an air of being really close to one another.

She tells him that she does think it’s a wonderful thing, but that isn’t it strange for them to hold hands since their siblings? She’s also getting strange feelings. Wabisuke blinks and then tells her that she’s thinking too much, because if that were the case then it’s already strange for them to be dating each other. He tries to reassure her by pointing out that everyone acknowledges the date club anyway, and that no one is watching them right now. Then he points out that the fact they can have this time to be alone together and have fun is nice.

Nazuna agrees hesitantly again while realizing that her brother isn’t worried about this at all, but she feels completely uncomfortable holding hands with him. Finally, she gathers enough courage to tell him that they should just walk normally and that they shouldn’t hold hands. He just sighs greatly, but she feels strange inside regarding their hand holding. Wabisuke’s voice is a pout as he asks her if she’s really that bothered by it and she tells him that she is, because it’s strange.

He echoes her words saying 「変、か・・・。」(Strange, huh..) and starts to look depressed and so she calls his name in concern and wonders if he’s feeling upset. However, Wabisuke suddenly looks up and says with a small smile 「じゃあこうすれば、手をつないでるなんて些細なことになるんじゃない?」(Then if I do this, hand holding will become a trvial thing, won’t it?). Nazuna blinks in surprise and then the next thing she knows Wabisuke pushes her against a wall.

She lets out a gasp of surprise as he stares at her silently and then stutters out a what. He says her name softly and lowers his head towards her. Her voice is strangled as she tries to stop him by calling out his name and realizes that at this rate they’ll kiss! He stops though and then says quietly 「・・・どう?こんなことされたら、もっと妙な気分になるだろ?」(.. Well? If it’s like this, isn’t it the mood more strange?). She nods her head quickly.

Wabisuke continues on in a soft voice and informs her that he’s been thinking a lot lately about how he doesn’t want to trouble her. Nazuna is just quietly nodding along, but she thinks in her head that she’s already troubled enough in this situation. Wabisuke asks her again saying that holding hands isn’t anything important compared to a situation like this and Nazuna hurriedly nods her head and tells him that she understands already and that this situation is really making her feel uncomfortable.

He’s surprised at how loud her voice is before he starts laughing, which makes Nazuna think angrily in her head about how he could be laughing at a time like this. She wants him to release her because his face is way too close. He finally says 「ははは・・・うん、まあ、それなら良かった。」(Hahaha.. Yes, well, if that’s the case then it’s all good) and then he finally releases her and grabs her hand again. They return back to their date and he tells her 「ほら、もう変じゃないでしょ?」(See, it’s no longer weird right?). YOU SNEAKY SNEAKY PERSON (≧∀≦)!

She just stares at him but has to grudgingly admit that after that scene she no longer feels embarrassed about holding hands with him. Nazuna finally gives in and says that it can’t be helped since they’re on a “date” and it’s special. Wabisuke grins at that and notes that she’s such a diligent person. She sighs in exasperation and says that it’s because he’s too careless. He laughs at that and asks if it’s true, to which she forcefully says that it is. He chuckles again and tells her not to get angry.

Nazuna just sighs, but Wabisuke tells her that he wants to make this date important. She tells him she understands and he chuckles at that. In her thoughts she remembers how much her heart was beating and how she really thought he was going to kiss her in that moment since he had a serious face. She wonders if he was just fooling around.

After the date Wabisuke escorts her back to the dormitories, but as she goes to thank him she’s gripped by an uneasy feeling and looks at her brother strangely. She’s thankful that he doesn’t ask anything about it but at the same time she feels a bit lonely. Wabisuke waves goodbye and turns to leave but she calls for him to wait and then tells him that their make-believe dates can’t be good. He looks shocked at her words and she continues on before he can interrupt her by noting that his heart has already decided on a person.

She apologizes for him having to date her for her sake when he already has a person that he likes, because she thinks that he’s involved with Aizaki. Wabisuke’s face drops, but then he plasters a smile on his face and tells her that it’s fine since they’re siblings and so she doesn’t have to worry. She nods sadly and this makes him come close to her to pet her on the head. She notes that his hand is as kind as always.

Wabisuke informs her that he did say that he was going to go out on dates with her since there’s no way that he would fall in love with his sister. Nazuna flinches at that for some reason, but he continues on and says that the same applies for other people and so it’ll be fine. She doesn’t need to worry about him, though he does think that it’ll be difficult to escape the club. But if they continue on like this then she definitely won’t lose the bet. Nazuna nods shakily.

Her monologue talks about how she tried to desperately smile at his words, but she doesn’t think that she pulled it off well. For some reason her brother’s words continue to spin in her head, his words about how he wouldn’t fall in love with his sister. She thinks that it’s something that’s obvious yet her chest hurts at his words.

At any rate, Wabisuke tells her that he’s going to leave now but as he turns his leg acts up and he grits his teeth in pain. Nazuna hurries over to his side and tells him to support himself on her, since it’d be a problem if he injures his leg even more. Nazuna’s thoughts revolve around 「身体が・・・密着してる・・・って、私、何考えてるの!」(Our bodies.. are glued together.. Wait, what am I thinking about!). Wabisuke apologizes for the sudden pain in his foot, but then he suddenly hugs her tightly. His eyes are staring into hers intensely as he thanks her.

Nazuna is surprised and a bit embarrassed as she tells him that it’s fine. She wonders what’s wrong with her brother. The scene ends and Nazuna is in her room thinking about her brother’s sudden action. Her thoughts are spinning around and she decides to hurry up and go to sleep to get rid of these feelings. Her last thoughts are calling her brother an idiot. By calling him an idiot her feelings seem to lessen and so she keeps repeating that phrase in her head.

Dessert time! Wabisuke thinks about how he’s alone right now, but his memories are making his heart pound. He’s remembering how he was just holding the hand of the person he liked. He doesn’t know why it won’t leave his head, but then he thinks about how that moment made him extremely happy. He’s held hands with his date club customers but he never felt anything, unlike how surprised he was at that time they held hands. He thinks he would have been happy if time stopped then. It would have been better if her heart was pounding as much as his was, but he does think that her reaction was cute when they were so close against the wall.

He laughs affectionately in his head about how easy Nazuna is to fluster and realizes that it must be the reason why Aoi and Atsumori love teasing her. He confesses that her reaction makes him want to tease her too. He’s even been thinking about how he wants to stop being kind and to be more teasing. But when he thinks about it, he’s not sure if Nazuna will forgive him since he’s always been her kind brother. He doesn’t want to destroy her image of him and that’s why he thinks that she shouldn’t allow anyone else, other than him, into her heart.

Blackout! It starts with Wabisuke laughing darkly and he asks her if she’s scared. He calls her cute and reassures her that it’s all fine. There’s a pause before he asks if she doesn’t believe in him and then tells her that there’s no need for that. He chuckles lowly before his voice raises into a creepy light-hearted voice and tells her that it’ll be fine and it’ll only hurt a little. Next he calls her a good kid and then asks her how is it, before saying that her expression is beautiful. His voice drops to a dangerous whisper as he tells her that he’s here and will be here beside her.

That’s why she should close her eyes, because the next time she awakens he thinks that she’ll feel extremely happy. He laughs maniacally and adds that it’s because she won’t be able to think of anything other than him. He thinks that’s a good thin, but he notices that she has an unhappy face again. He laughs lowly and then tells her that when she says that he doesn’t exactly hate it. Wabisuke notes the time and tells her that he should start and that she doesn’t need to worry about anything, because he’s doing this for the sake of their future together. His last words are 「大丈夫・・うん・・・それじゃ、おやすみ」(It’ll be alright.. yes.. good night).


*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Nazuna wakes up and stumbles to school because she didn’t get much sleep over the night thinking about her brother. She’s greeted by a classmate who informs her about an upcoming test and is surprised to learn that Nazuna forgot to prepare for it. Nazuna blames her brother for that, but then sighs and lets it go since she realizes it’s not his fault. Then her classmate informs her that Christmas is coming and asks her what she’s going to do about it this year. Nazuna completely forgot about it because of the date club and so she doesn’t have any plans.

When she asks her classmate about her plans she just grins and tells Nazuna that it’s a secret. Nazuna smirks because she knows that her friend is going out on a date with her boyfriend. Her thoughts become tinged in sadness though as she looks at her excited and happy friend, because Christmas is something celebrated with family members but she has no plans and her parents aren’t even here. And she thinks that her brother will spend his Christmas with Aizaki, the manager of the soccer club. IF ONLY YOU KNEW NAZUNA.. IF ONLY YOU KNEW.

She thinks about how she might not get presents this year, but then tries to cheer herself up by wondering if she should prepare a present for her brother like how she did in the past. However when she tries to remember what she prepared for him in the past she can’t seem to recall it. The only thing she remembers is her brother feeling extremely happy and grateful. She’s not too worried since she was small then and so her memory wasn’t good, but then she wonders if her brother remembers.

In her classroom she decides to read the book that she borrowed about Friedrich Nietzsche because she hasn’t finished it. She thinks of a place to calm down and decides that in the end the library is the best place. When she heads there she bumps into her brother in the hall and he asks her what she’s doing since class is going to start. Her next period is a self-study period though so she’s fine. When she asks him the same question he tells her that he has a really important thing to take care of.

Nazuna asks what it is, but Wabisuke just ignores her question and tells her that he might even be late for the next class due to how important and precious this business of his is. She nods at that and then asks him what it is again, only for him to ask her in a teasing voice is she’s curious. By this time, she’s exasperated and tells him that she is just a little. Wabisuke smiles at that and invites her along with him, to which she agrees with readily and enthusiastically.

He’s a bit taken aback by her zeal and tells her that she doesn’t have to say it like that, because he would have taken her. However, he asks if it’s alright since she’s carrying and book and wanted to go to the library. Nazuna remembers that and hesitates in her reponse which makes him smirk as he asks her 「何?おれの用事のほうが興味ある?」(What is it? Do you have an interest in my errand?). Nazuna nods at that, because she’s curious as to what kind of business her brother considers really important and precious.

Wabisuke laughs at that and tells her that in other words he managed to win against her love for reading. Nazuna smiles in confusion because he seems to be really happy about that. At any rate they head outside of the school and end up at the cafeteria where they went to for their first date. It turns out that Wabisuke’s important business consisted of buying some kind of food from the cafeteria lady. Nazuna asks him if this is his important business and he agrees heartily that it is. Then she asks him if it’s alright to be reserving it and the lady explains that Wabisuke’s her favourite customer because of the grateful faces he makes when he eats the food. That and he’s a good child, young, and handsome.

Then the old lady really notices Nazuna and mistakes her for being Wabisuke’s girlfriend which makes Nazuna stutter in embarrassment. She even jokes around about how fresh people like Wabisuke can seem to get such a cute girlfriend. Wabisuke clears up the misunderstanding by explaining that Nazuna is his sister and so then the old lady greets her and pats her on the back while saying that she must be happy to have a wonderful brother like Wabisuke.

In her monologue, Nazuna earnestly agrees while thinking that a lot of people tend to say that to her. Her brother is really a nice person and the kind of person who will cheer everyone one. Then her face becomes depressed as she thinks that those reasons are probably why Aizaki likes him, yet he’s still dating her because he’s worried about her. Wabisuke instantly notices this and asks her what’s wrong, but she just shakes her head and says that it’s nothing. He hums thoughtfully before asking the store lady for a melon bread and then he gives it to Nazuna.

When she asks if it’s alright he nods happily and recalls that she loved melon bread when she was small. Then suddenly she gasps in surprise when Wabisuke steps closer and ruffles her hair. Nazuna gets angry and tells him not to mess up her hair because it’ll be a problem later on but he tells her not to worry about it. This makes her tell him exasperatedly that she’s not a child anymore and he muses thoughtfully on that saying that she’s always been a child to him and still is.

Nazuna pouts and tells him not to treat her like a child and he laughs again before telling her that she still is one and then pokes her in the forehead. She grumbles under her breath saying that he’s in for a big problem if he thinks that nothing he says will make her angry. The old lady laughs on the sidelines and comments on how they’re really close to one another. Wabisuke smiles at that and tells her that they hear that often.

They end up sitting down in the cafeteria to eat their food and they also buy some drinks. Nazuna drinks some milk tea and comments on how delicious it is and so Wabisuke asks for a taste and agrees about how sweet it is. The conversation then turns to the giginero drink that he always drinks and she asks him why he doesn’t drink anything normal. He thinks that it’s the drink of the gods though and will make him healthy and asks if she wants to try some. Nazuna flatly tells him that she will never drink it. He laughs and tells her that she hasn’t even tried it, but she just repeats that she never wants to try it.

In the end, Wabisuke gives up and says that he won’t make her do anything that she doesn’t want to. The two of them then start eating their respective breads and he offers a bite of his, but she declines since she has her melon pan. As they eat Nazuna asks him if it’s alright that’s he missing class and he tells her that he finds it more fun to talk to her than listening to a lecture. Nazuna blinks in surprise and finds that her heart is pounding for some reason.

Wabisuke brings up the topic of Christmas and asks her if she knows that there are illuminations at night. She didn’t know and he explains that he went out to town once to see them and they were beautiful. She nods attentively but her thoughts are spiralling around the question of who he went out with to see the illumination, and she decides that it was probably Aizaki. Wabisuke catches sight of her depressed face and asks her what’s wrong, but once again Nazuna tells him that it’s nothing.

He continues to stare at her intensely though and Nazuna starts to become embarrassed. She thinks that if he keeps on staring at her like this and making her heart pound, she’ll be found out. Finally, he asks her what she’s going to do for Christmas and though she wants to ask him about his plans she tells him that she’s going to spend it alone. This surprises Wabisuke and he asks if her friends aren’t going to throw a party, which they are but Nazuna would prefer to study over that. He looks at her with a frown and tells her that she should be outgoing once in a while.

She would still prefer to study alone though and he gives in while adding that if she did that he’d feel relieved, since he doesn’t want strange men to try and talk to her at parties. Nazuna doesn’t think that would happen, but Wabisuke continues on and says that he also wouldn’t have known what to do if she said that she was going to spend it with someone that she liked. She tells him that there’s no one that she likes. Her thoughts become tinged in sadness as she thinks that it would have been nice to spend Christmas with people, especially her brother but she doesn’t want to get in Aizaki’s way.

Wabisuke then gets a bright idea and tells her that he’ll buy her a present. It won’t be anything expensive, but he hopes that she looks forward to it. Nazuna thanks him with a blush and then tells him that if that’s the case they should exchange presents, since if she receives a present without giving anything back it seems kind of rude. He tells her that it isn’t necessary since they’re siblings, but she’s not happy with that since she’s already troubling him with the whole date club then. He’s surprised that she’s still worrying about it and tells her not to.

Then another idea occurs and he decides that they should both go into the town to buy presents for each other and when night comes they can watch the illuminations. Nazuna cheers up instantly at this and he smiles as he asks her if next sunday would work. Then he suddenly notices Aizaki who is struggling with documents for their world history class, because Kakeru always forgets them and tells the day shift students to collect them for him. So Wabisuke apologizes to Nazuna and leaves to help her. Nazuna watches them and notices that there’s a strained air between the two of them, but ends up deciding that it’s just her imagination. For some reason she feels really lonely and she wonders if she might have a brocon.

She’s back in class now,  but she soon gets a visitor. It’s Sotomura who thanks her gratefully because Wabisuke and Aizaki look like they’re going out now. Nazuna is completely shocked at this and barely hears him as he thanks her since he thinks that it’s all her doing. She didn’t hear anything about that from her brother and though she knows that he doesn’t need to tell her what he’s doing, she doesn’t like the fact that she had to hear it from someone else.

Sotomura continues on talking about how with this Wabisuke’s playing will return back to normal and then he adds that he heard from Aizaki’s friends that next sunday the two of them are going out on a date. Nazuna freezes in shock, but he continues on and says that Aizaki must be really happy since she’s going out with Wabisuke. She notes that the date the two of them are going on a date is the same day that her brother promised to take her out to buy presents.

At the end of the day Nazuna thinks that her brother must have been asked out by Aizaki and couldn’t refuse her since she’s the person he likes, but he also couldn’t refuse his sister’s promise. She knows that it would probably be best if she mailed him to change the day that they’re going to buy presents, but for some reason she can’t bring herself to do it. She decides that leaving it until tomorrow will be fine.

The next day Nazuna brings out her cellphone during recess and decides to mail her brother to change their day, but just as she’s about to do so she feels someone’s eyes on her. It turns out to be Aizaki who asks her if she has time to talk. Aizaki confirms with Nazuna that she’s Wabisuke’s little sister and then hums thoughtfully. Nazuna notes that the air around Aizaki is completely different from the one around her when she’s with Nazuna’s brother. Finally, Aizaki cruelly asks Nazuna what people would think about Nazuna clinging all over her brother.

Nazuna flinches from surprise and Aizaki continues on to ask if she could stop it. She doesn’t think that she’s clinging onto her brother, but realizes that Aizaki might see it that way. Aizaki rudely asks if Nazuna is listening to her and Nazuna quickly agrees and answers that she understands. Aizaki smiles at that and her voice turns sickeningly sweet as she tells Nazuna that it was nice to meet her, before walking off. Immediately after Aizaki leaves, Nazuna mails her brother and instead of writing about changing the day she writes about cancelling it.

She also thinks that it might be better if they don’t exchange Christmas presents and is nervous as to how her brother will reply. The rest of her break is spent waiting for her brother’s reply, but it doesn’t come. After classes are over she sulks in her bedroom a bit and feels lonely at the thought of Wabisuke having fun with Aizaki. She decides to head to the library and find a book to get rid of her feeling of loneliness. She finds Seri there studying and when she asks him if he can sit beside her, he tells her to do whatever she wants.

Nazuna thanks him and confesses that she doesn’t want to be alone today. Then she asks him if they can talk a little which makes Seri sigh and tell her that he’s busy studying. She looks at him some more and he grumbles exasperatedly before saying slowly that she better have something important to talk about if she’s going to interrupt his studies. Nazuna is a bit worried at how irritated he looks and searches for a topic, because for some reason she wants to talk to another human rather than read a book.

She has something that she wants to talk to him about, but doesn’t think that it’s a good idea to talk to him about it. And so she searches for a topic but finally ends up blurting out that she was supposed to go out with her brother today, but her brother is dating someone and they also made a promise on this day. Therefore she cancelled her date with her brother and now she’s alone. Seri blinks at that and then asks her why she cancelled.

When he sees her surprised face he continues on and asks her why she feels like she needs to give up her time for his girlfriend. He also adds that she was asked first. She hesitantly tells him that his words are true, but then thinks about how isn’t it normal for her to cancel in a situation like this? Seri chuckles and tells her that this situation makes her seem troubled by love. Nazuna blinks in surprise and he asks her teasingly if she’s sure that she doesn’t really like Wabisuke in a romantic way.

Nazuna stutters out a denial and Seri notes that her agitation is a contradiction to her words. She fall silent and he tells her that it would be better if she became honest. Nazuna tells him that it’s obvious that she loves her brother, but Seri interrupts her and asks if she really thinks that her love is a love between family members or if it is a love between lovers. He tells her that if she wants to check then she should go to where Wabisuke is on a date with Aizaki.

She falls for it and thanks Seri for helping her and tells him that she’ll do that. In her mind she thinks that if she goes to check up on her brother then her feelings of gloom will disappear. Seri watches her leave and then exhales tiredly saying that he’s glad the noisy person has left.

At the town she notices that there’s a lot of couples walking around since it’s Christmas and she starts to search for her brother alone. But there’s too many people around and because she doesn’t know their meeting place she can’t find them. Nazuna gets the idea to call him on her phone, but then immediately calls herself an idiot and sighs because she knows she can’t do that. She wanders around a bit more sighing and then bumps into Aoi.

He greets her and asks her what she’s doing alone and lonely here. She greets him with no energy and he’s shocked at how gloomy her face is and quickly says that at this rate he can’t call her a piglet but instead he’ll have to call her an ugly kid. She flatly tells him to call her whatever he likes and he starts to become annoyed as well and asks her what is up with her angry tone. Finally, he sighs and tells her to wait before running off into a cafe. He comes back with a hot chocolate and gives it to her while telling her to drink it.

When she asks him why he tells her that a depressed woman is an annoying thing and she thanks him quietly and drinks it. Her face brightens instantly at how sweet it is and Aoi smiles at that, but then she winces and as he looks at her in concern she tells him that she accidently burnt her tongue. Aoi tells her 「火傷ぉ?おいおい、大丈夫かよ?どれ、舌見せてみ。」(Burnt? Oi oi, are you alright? Let me see your tongue). FUFU PLEASE DO.. ALTHOUGH THIS IS BAD BECAUSE IF WASABI-NIICHAN COMES..

She tries to tell him that she’s fine, but he exasperatedly tells her to do it and so she obeys him hesitantly and tells him where she burnt it. And then suddenly Aoi kisses her which surprises Nazuna, but she can barely get any words out. He sucks her tongue for a bit before finally releasing her with a smirk. She asks him with a stutter what that was and he tells her with a drawl 「ココア代だよ。こちそーサマ。」(The price of the cocoa. Thank you for the meal). O(≧∇≦)O 萌えぇぇぇぇ I DON’T CARE IF THIS ISN’T AOI’S ROUTE. SCREW WASABISUKI.

Nazuna asks him flatly if he’s a technician, because he’s skilled, and he chuckles at that before telling her that it’s not like he goes around eating every woman, because there are a lot of women who can’t leave him after they’ve been kissed. Nazuna embarrassingly admits in her head that she can understand that feeling, because his kisses are dangerous. She comments on how he really doesn’t have a time where he’s unprepared. Aoi thanks her with a smirk and she tells him flatly that it wasn’t a compliment.

However, she’s thankful for him bringing her out of her depressed mood. She was a bit shocked at being kissed, and losing her first kiss, but realizes that she can’t blame anyone. Although if it were possible, she’d rather not have it done. Aoi suddenly asks her if she’s still going to remain in town, because he’s going to be heading back. Nazuna decides to head back too, but before that she asks if she can head into a shop back there.

When Aoi asks why she explains that she wants to buy a present for her brother. Even though she mailed him saying that they don’t have to exchange presents she figures it’s just in case. Aoi hums thoughtfully at that but shrugs and tells her that it’s fine. She thanks him and so they head off together. However, unbeknownst to them Wabisuke saw the whole thing and is gritting his teeth. His voice is low and tense 「俺との約束を断ったのは葵とデートをするためってわけか。」(So the reason you broke our promise was to have a date with Aoi..). He angrily calls Aoi a hyena and tells him not to prowl around her.

It’s time for her usual date with one of the club members and Nazuna is asking her brother if something happened. His response completely lacks energy as he says that it’s nothing. She tells him that it certainly doesn’t seem like nothing and then wonders if he got into a fight with his girlfriend. Wabisuke just stays silent before finally pointing out flatly that it’s almost time for dating. His mood is contagious and so now Nazuna is depressed as well.

They return back to the dungeons and Nazuna notes on how it’s the same as always and just as dark and Wabisuke nods quietly at that. She searches for something else to say and tells him that it’s a bit cold, but then says that she’s fine. However, she’s wondering why they came to this place because there are other places to go to where people can’t see them. Suddenly, he smiles and asks her if she feels like this place is containing the two of them in a rotten world. When she looks at him in surprise he adds 「退廃的な感じ、ぞくぞくしない?」(This decadent feeling.. doesn’t it make you shiver?). YEAH.. YOU’RE CRAZY.. SO CRAZY Σ(゚Д゚;)!

Nazuna tells him that it gives her a sad feeling and he asks her, with a grin, if she’s lonely with just the two of them. She tells him that she thinks so, but he cuts her off and says 「でもさ、ここって現実逃避をするにはもってこいじゃないか。」(But, this place is ideal for escaping from reality, don’t you think?). A dangerous smirk appears as he says 「ここなら、誰にも邪魔されることはないしね。・・・はは。」(If we’re here, no one will be able to get in the way… haha). Nazuna is just deadly silent and thinks that even though her brother is laughing, the laugh isn’t normal at all.

She tries to answer him though and says that it does seem that way and that might be why people don’t come here. She thinks that she doesn’t want to be here either. Wabisuke just tells her that she’s right that other people won’t come here and then adds in a deceptively light voice if she doesn’t think about wanting to stay here forever. Nazuna is shocked and tells him loudly that she’s never thought of that and his face falls as he answers “I see”. She’s starting to become alarmed at how strange her brother is and how he doesn’t seem to be her brother at all. In fact, she thinks that she needs to get out of here fast.

Before she can do anything though Wabisuke asks her slowly why she doesn’t seem to have the same feelings as him. She hesitantly calls out his name, but he continues on without hearing her and says that other people are just annoyances that get in the way. Nazuna is shocked because her brother isn’t the type of person to say those things. She quickly asks him what’s wrong because it’s true that she finds the date club members strange, but to say that everyone is bad isn’t like him. He isn’t the type to badmouth people.

He asks her lowly 「おれ以外のやつのこと庇うんだ?」(You would defend people other than me?). She tells him that he’s wrong and that it’s not like that, but he continues to ignore her and continues on saying 「お前は、他のやつの言うことだったら、聞きそうだもんな。・・・そうだろ?」(You would listen to what other people say.. wouldn’t you?). She hurriedly tells him that she only listens to what he says, but Wabisuke smiles at her dangerously and says 「でも、おれ以外のやつらと案外仲良くしてるだろ。」(But unexpectedly there’s someone other than me who you’re close to, right?).

Nazuna angrily tells him that there’s a reason for that and when he asks for her reason she says that it’s for the sake of freeing her brother. She thinks about how she wants her kind brother back and tells him that she’s had enough before running off. She knows that she’s become strange and realizes that she doesn’t want to remain like this. Wabisuke catches up to her and yells at her to wait before grabbing her. She struggles and tells him to release her, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to and embraces her tightly.

Wabisuke apologizes for his actions and tells her not to leave. She’s confused, but his voice is shaky as he begs her 「お願いだから・・・。」(That’s why.. please..). It’s the first time that she’s heard him speak with a trembling voice. He tells her that he just wants it to be the two of them and then asks her 「おれから、逃げるなよ。」(Don’t run away from me). She tells him that she won’t and he thanks her shakily. Then he says to her 「お前は、おれを裏切らないよな。」(You.. won’t betray me, right?) and she nods at that though she’s wondering what he meant by betray.

His voice is teary as he says 「信じたいんだ・・・お前のこと。」(I want to believe.. in you). She quietly calls out his name and wonders what’s wrong with her for thinking about wanting to run away from him. She knows that she can’t leave her brother alone in this state. Nazuna tells him that it’s alright and adds that she won’t go anywhere. She notes that it feels like he’s embracing her like a lover, but thinks that it just might be the effect of being in the date club. At any rate, she tells him to calm down but he just continues to hold onto her silently.

She wonders if it would be better for them to go outside but Wabisuke isn’t moving. Her thoughts turn to how he seems like a child in this situation and finds it strangely amusing since she can’t tell who the older person in their relationship is now. Finally, he says her name and she asks if he’s better now to which he replies that he is and then he apologizes and releases her. There’s an awkward silence and Nazuna notes that for some reason she feels lonely and then wonders in embarrassment if it’s because she doesn’t mind being hugged by her brother.

Nazuna tries to find something to say and tells him that now that he’s returned back to how he always is, she also feels relieved. He still has a pained face on but he answers with a nod, and she so she asks him if they can head back to the top now. He tells her that it seems so, but she notices how pained he looks and realizes that in the end he’s still strange. She wonders if it has something to do with his girlfriend but she doesn’t want to ask. Wabisuke is just completely silent.

They return back to the dormitories, but the whole time Wabisuke has been silent with a gloomy look on his face. Finally he tells her in an emotionless voice that this far should be good enough and that he’s heading home. She calls for him to wait but is startled by seeing him look irritated. She hesitantly tells him that he’s been strange all day and so she’s worried. He tells her darkly that it’s nothing and then excuses himself. Nazuna watches him go and wonders if he might have promised a date with his girlfriend.

When she gets into her room she feels like her chest hurts. She decides that in the end playing around over and over again isn’t good. She needs to stop fooling around and stop what she’s doing, since their make-believe game of siblings dating each other shouldn’t be done. Nazuna thinks that she’s doing Aizaki a disservice too and so tomorrow she’s going to tell her brother that they should stop it, for the sake of not troubling him.

Dessert time! He thinks that he needs to find a place soon to lock Nazuna up so that he can feel at peace. If she’s locked up then he won’t need to worry about people dirtying her. His next thought is about Aoi and how he’s like a hyena and he angrily wonders why Nazuna let him get close to her and asks her why she doesn’t feel stained or worried. Wabisuke finds the world around her to be dangerous and evil.

He doesn’t want anyone to look at her and to touch her and he doesn’t want her to fall in love with anyone. He wants her to remain as beautiful and pure as she is right now, and so that’s why he wants to lock her up. In his thoughts he asks her if she understands how he really wants to do that. The only thing stopping him is the fear of not seeing her smile at him anymore after he steals away her freedom. He just wants to see her smiling with no troubles. Wabisuke is confused at what the best course of action is and whenever he thinks about her he just doesn’t know what to do.

*** CHAPTER 6 ***

Nazuna has her resolution prepared and notes that her brother is out on the soccer field. She thinks that it’s the perfect time now to talk and quickly runs back to the clubroom. When she enters, Aoi comments on how early she is and she asks if it’s just him. He tells her dryly that if she looks around then she has her answer, but she ignores his attitude. She thought that she would have needed to say it infront of everyone, but saying it to the head of the club should be enough.

Aoi asks her what she’s doing looking around like that and then smirks while asking if she finally fell in love with him. She tells him that she needs to talk and he exclaims 「って、うおい!スルーかよ!」(He-hey! You’re ignoring me!) but she tells him to listen to her seriously and so he quickly becomes serious asking her what she wants. She admits that she’s lost and tells him that she’ll pay for all the dates up to now. It’s impossible right now, but she’ll definitely pay them.

She comes to her final point which is begging Aoi to release her brother, because she’s admitted her defeat. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE SINCE THAT MEANS THEY KEEP HER BROTHER. Aoi just looks at her silently before asking if she came here to lower her head and admit defeat for the sake of her half-wit brother. She nods at that and Aoi looks away with an unknown expression muttering 「・・・アニキのため、か。」(… for the sake of your brother.. huh..). She looks at him in confusion and then he asks if she wants to make a deal with him.

Nazuna parrots his words and Aoi smirks and says 「お前、オレの女になれよ。」(Be my girlfriend). She’s shocked, but he tells her that if she becomes his woman then he’ll release her brother. UNF YES PLEASE. I DON’T CARE ABOUT WABISUKE~ AND THIS WAY EVERYONE IS HAPPY.. WAIT.. EXCEPT FOR WABISUKE Σ(^∀^;). He asks her what she thinks about his offer and she realizes that to release her brother she’ll need to date Aoi.


She tells him that she understands and that she’ll go out with him. Aoi raises an eyebrow at how easily she gave in before chuckling asking if it was as he thought and she really did fall in love with him. Nazuna frowns at him and tells him that this is all for the sake of her brother, and for that she would do anything. Aoi becomes serious again and asks if went so far as to dating a man that she doesn’t even like. Nazuna tells him that he’s correct and so that’s why they’re going to date each other.

Aoi chuckles darkly and tells her that this concludes their transaction then. Immediately after his words, he grabs her and lowers his face towards her with a smirk, but she tries to stop him by pushing at him and telling him to wait a second. Aoi’s reaction is to say 「おっと、逃げんなよ?」(Uh oh, you’re not running away are you?) and then he adds that she should understand that since they’re going out he can do anything he wants to her. His voice is soft and low as he says 「こんなもん序の口だぜぇ?もっと恥ずかしいことしなきゃなんだけど?」(This is just the beginning.. I’ll have to do more embarrassing things).

Nazuna doesn’t have a comeback to that and so Aoi smirks dangerously and whispers 「これでなずなはもうオレのものだ。・・・なぁ?」(With this you’re mine now.. naa?). She tries to reassure herself by reminding herself that it’s for her brother and so it can’t be helped. She gathers her courage and haltingly tells him that she understands. Aoi chuckles lowly at this and then kisses her. I AM GOING TO DIE AT THIS RATE IF NO ONE STOPS TERASHIMA’S SEXY KISSING NOISES.. BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE INTERRUPTED AT THE SAME TIME (๑→‿←๑)! I AM SO CONFLICTED!!

She allows him to kiss her and Aoi mutters against her lips 「・・・ほら、口開けるよ。」(.. Here, open your mouth). Nazuna succumbs to his advances and in her monologue she thinks about how after exchanging a long kiss with Aoi, her head is cleared of everything and feels strange. She thinks on how she doesn’t hate him, but she doesn’t love him or want to go out with him either. Even when they’re kissing her heart isn’t beating very fast. GDOGKHAFGD HIS VOICE IS GODLY HERE. IT TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE HE’S SAYING IT AGAINST HER LIPS AND IT’S SO SEXILY LOW.. (*´Д`)ハァハァ.

But she’s doing all of this for her brother’s freedom and because it’s for her brother’s sake, like Aoi said, she can convince herself that what she’s doing isn’t anything repulsive. The next scene is Nazuna in the classroom and she overhears date club fangirls whispering about her, because ever since Aoi has won he happily touches her in all sorts of places. Unfortunately, this means she’s getting glared at by a lot of jealous girls and it makes her frightened. In fact, sometimes she even thinks someone is going to shove her from behind.

Nazuna laughs nervously in her head and then flatly tells herself that she can’t laugh at that kind of joke. The best thing to do is to not think about it. Suddenly, Wabisuke comes into her classroom and asks politely if the fangirls could move out of his way but they just squeal in his face and one of them tells him to work hard at soccer and that she’s always watching. He thanks them emotionlessly and then walks straight up to Nazuna who greets him with surprise.

Wabisuke says her name and she asks him what’s wrong while plastering a smile on her face. He tells her flatly to come with him since he has something to say and then grabs her forcefully to pull her along with him, but she shoves his hand off. She doesn’t want to be alone with her brother, because she’s thinking about how badly Aizaki will take that kind of situation. She tells him that if he has something to say then he can say it here in the class. Wabisuke tells her that he wants to talk to her alone with just the two of them.

When she asks him why, his face becomes pained and he asks her softly why she has to go so far with her questions. His voice trembles slightly as he tells her that the two of them talking isn’t a big deal. Nazuna looks at him silently with a troubled face, but he adds 「頼むよ、なずな。・・・一緒に来てほしい。」(I beg you, Nazuna.. I want you to come with me). She tells him that she doesn’t want to go with him and have it be just the two of them. Wabisuke grits his teeth at this and asks her angrily why.

Nazuna tries to say something other than the fact that Aizaki would become bothered with it. Because if Aizaki does become bothered then her relationship with Nazuna’s brother would grow worse and that’d be troubling. Wabisuke suddenly snaps out and asks her if anyone told her not to be alone with him and he takes her look of shock as confirmation. Nazuna tries to tell him that he’s wrong and that no one said anything, but he ignores her and mutters about how it must be that hyena’s fault. LOLOL WHY IS AOI THE HYENA? HE LAUGHS TOO MUCH? She looks at him in confusion since she didn’t catch his muttered words.

At any rate, Wabisuke exhales shakily and he’s clearly full of rage when he grabs Nazuna again. He’s not asking nice anymore as he just whispers harshly 「来て」(Come) and starts to pull her even though she asks him not to grip her like that and calls out his name sharply. Thankfully, Suou comes in and asks flatly where the two of them think they’re going which makes Wabisuke release her in surprise. However, Suou isn’t very nice either and points out that Nazuna knows his class is next and yet she was trying to skip it.

Then he directs his attention and applies the same words to Wabisuke. Wabisuke mutters about how this is bad under his breath, but Suou continues and chuckles darkly at how courageous Wabisuke is for trying to skip out of his class right in front of his eyes. His voice becomes musing as he informs them that he can see that they’ve missed his cane. When Nazuna tries to interrupt and plead her case he tells her to be quiet and then orders the two of them to face the rear of the classroom where he’ll give their backs a plentiful taste of his cane.

Nazuna is frightened at how serious Suou is, but Wabisuke tells her that it’s fine and that she doesn’t have to be punished. She blinks in surprise and Suou interrupts asking slowly what Wabisuke means by that since he doesn’t remember giving Wabisuke the power of deciding who receives punishment. Wabisuke responds by saying that his sister didn’t do anything wrong and that he’ll take both of their punishment.

Since the punishment will interrupt class, Wabisuke promises to come back later for punishment and Suou laughs in amusement before agreeing and orders him to come to the staffroom where he’ll be punished for his and Nazuna’s share. Wabisuke just agrees quietly before excusing himself from the class. Nazuna watches him go with worry, but Suou tells her to sit down since class is going to start now. She does as he says and then thinks about sending a text later to her brother thanking him for taking her punishment. Suou’s punishments are famous for being the most scary thing ever.

However, before she can send off a text she gets one from her brother telling her to meet him on the school’s rooftop during lunchtime. She’s smiling as she reads it and almost agrees, but then she remembers the heavy weight of having to consider Aizaki. However, she doesn’t want to continue fighting with her brother like this, not to mention he’s taking her punishment, and she doesn’t want there to be a bad atmosphere between them. Since it can’t be helped she decides to go.

On the rooftop it’s cold and windy and she easily finds her brother’s form since no one else is up here, but she doesn’t approach him because for some reason she feels like he’s surrounded by coldness. Wabisuke notices her and asks her what’s wrong but she tells him that it’s nothing. She wants their talk to finish quickly so that she can return back to the school before anyone can come up here and see them, since if they’re seen then Aizaki might find Nazuna to have a chat with her.

Wabisuke starts their conversation by asking if she’s that curious about Aoi, and when she looks confused, he explains about the rumor of her dating Aoi and asks if it’s true. She tells him that it is and his face instantly becomes pained as he asks her why, but then he raises his voice in anger and asks her why she’s dating Aoi. Nazuna is silent before telling him that she loves Aoi and so that’s why. He grits his teeth at that and she notices that his face looks really pained.

She wonders if he’s angry, but then Wabisuke tells her that if she likes Aoi then it can’t be helped and he’ll support her. Nazuna flinches at that but then nods and thanks him for that. Her monologue consists of how her chest hurts even though all she did was say a simple lie and then some thanks. She doesn’t understand why her chest hurts this much. Nazuna has to reassure herself by saying that this is good and it’s fine, since it’s all for the sake of her brother. But no matter how many times she repeats it to herself, the pain in her chest doesn’t disappear.

The next monologue consists of how throughout the rest of the day Aoi came to her classroom. He’d talk to her, hold her hand, and even embrace her. But as the days pass the things he does escalates and Nazuna has lost count of how many times she’s told herself that it’s for the sake of her brother. Then one day, in class, Aoi tells her that they should do it. The class bursts into excited chatter while she exclaims his name in surprise. He tells her that he’s in the mood for it, but Nazuna tells him that it’s unreasonable.

Aoi stare at her flatly and says 「あぁ?お前、オレのもんだろ。」(Aa? You’re mine, aren’t you?) and Nazuna has no choice but to admit that, which makes Aoi immediately respond with 「なら、何逆らってんだよ?」(Then why are you disobeying me?). The class explodes in chatter again after this and she tells him that it’s because it’s unreasonable to do it in the classroom. She thinks furiously on whether or not he knows how many people are watching them right now. Aoi’s next words are drawled as he tells her to come to the rooftop during lunchbreak then so that they can do some fun things.

Nazuna has no choice but to accept, which makes the class break out in chatter again, and then she tells him that she’s going to buy lunch first though and so he should head up first. Aoi responds lightly 「はいよ。・・・ククッ、逃げんなよ?」(Yessum.. hehe.. don’t run away) but then it drops into a low command at the end. Nazuna angrily tells him that she won’t run away and after he leaves her classmate comments on how amazing Nazuna is. Another girl tells Nazuna that to have Aoi claim Nazuna as his property makes her extremely envious.

Complete disinterest describes Nazuna’s feelings towards her classmates’ enthusiasm as she listens to them squeal in excitement over Aoi’s actions. One girl mentions how she didn’t think Aoi would ever take a girlfriend, while another girl talks about how she wants to experience Aoi pressuring her for a kiss in front of everyone and that even once would be fine for her. Nazuna realizes that everyone is envious of her position, but she doesn’t even know what she should do anymore. She doesn’t like Aoi yet she’s going out with him and even kissing him like this.

She thinks that what she’s doing is inexcusable to Aoi and also to the girls that actually like him. She though that she was dating Aoi for the sake of her brother, but she forgot to take into account Aoi’s feelings as well as the feelings of others. Nazuna decides to explain this to Aoi but he just laughs at her and asks if she’s troubled over insignificant things like that. When she asks if he isn’t bothered, he tells her that it’s not necessary to be bothered since it has nothing to do with him. Then he grabs her and tells her that they’re going to do some fun things now.

In her monologue she talks about how she thought he was just going to grab her arm, but the next thing she knows is that her field of vision has been rolled over and she’s staring up at the sky and Aoi is above her with a smile on his beautiful face. Nazuna gasps his name in shock and he tells her not to try and come up with a reason of confusion and then adds in a smirking voice that it’s fine so long as he has fun. However she angrily tells him to stop and move, but he just ignores her and tells her 「だからほら、お前もさ。・・・まぁ、楽しみな?」(That’s why, here, you should too. Maa.. just look forward to it). Σ(^∀^;) WELL SOMEONE’S CONFIDENT IN THEMSELVES..

There’s the sound of Aoi moving his hands over her clothes, but then suddenly footsteps are heard and the door to the rooftop is slammed open. It’s Wabisuke and he angrily asks Aoi what he thinks he’s doing with Nazuna and then he punches Aoi. Nazuna is surprised at seeing her brother and then confused as to why she feels grateful for his appearance. Aoi calls out Nazuna’s name sharply and then grabs her, but then Wabisuke yells at him to let her go. However, Aoi just asks her lowly 「なずな、お前は誰のものだ?」(Nazuna, who do you belong to?) which makes her flinch.


Wabisuke angrily asks him what he’s saying and tells him that Nazuna doesn’t belong to anyone. Aoi’s response to that is that the answer should come from the person being asked. She tells them shakily that she belongs to her brother which makes her brother gasp in surprise, while Aoi lets out a shocked 「はぁっ!?」(Ha?!). Nazuna realizes that she said the wrong thing and so she tries to correct herself by hurriedly saying that she mistook their question and thought that it was a hypothetical question asking whose she would want to be.

The two boys are shocked silent until Wabisuke laughs awkwardly. Nazuna apologizes for letting her mouth say such strange things, but her brother tells her that even so he’s happy which surprises Nazuna. However, suddenly Aoi grips her roughly and she yelps in pain and tells him that it hurts but Aoi just scoffs and tells her to bear it since she’s his girlfriend. Nazuna flinches at that and Wabisuke grits his teeth before asking her if she’s fine with that. She quietly answers that she is, but Wabisuke presses the question and asks if that’s her true feelings.

Nazuna stutters as she tries to come up with an answer and Aoi tells her that those are her true feelings, aren’t they? Wabisuke butts in and tells her that Aoi is wrong, isn’t he? She stutters out that she doesn’t know and Aoi asks her coldly why she doesn’t know and Wabisuke echoes his question. She grits her teeth at that and shoves Aoi away from her before running away from them both, leaving her brother to yell after her. As she runs she wonders why her heart is pounding and why her thoughts are revolving around her brother. She thinks about how he always comes to rescue her whenever she’s in a pinch, just like a hero.

But the person she’s dating and the person she’s been kissing is Aoi, so why can she only think about her brother? Nazuna directs her thoughts to her brother and mentions that her chest hurts. Wabisuke catches up to her in the school hallway and grabs her telling her to wait. She flinches and tells him to let go of her, but he interrupts her and tells her that he doesn’t want to and that he won’t let go of her. He embraces her and tells her that he’s been enduring it all this time, but now it’s impossible because he’s reached his limits and then he kisses her.

Nazuna’s thoughts are scrambling around what is happening because he’s her brother. They’re siblings bound by blood, so why are they kissing! Someone screams in the background and Wabisuke releases her in surprise. It turns out to be Aizaki who drops something and then runs off. Wabisuke picks it up and it seems to be a key holder that has an apple made out of felt on it, but the apple has been cut into shreds. Wabisuke asks her quietly if she remembers this because it was the present she made for him when she was small.

She tells him that she does, but she just managed to remember it right now. She’s surprised that he’s still carrying her Christmas present from so long ago, but he tells her softly that it’s because it’s a treasured item. His voice descends into an angry growl as he talks about how it was mistake to have told Aizaki that story and then he asks why she did this. In her monologue, Nazuna talks about how she should be angry since he’s her brother and he kissed her and about how she didn’t notice the key holder that he carried.

Suddenly Wabisuke tells her that he loves her. Nazuna looks at him shock and he confesses 「なずなのこと、ずっと前から好きだった」(For a long time I’ve loved you). She echoes his word and he confirms it again saying 「そうだよ。ずっと、ずーっと前から。」(That’s right. For a long time, for a really long time). He adds 「なずなのことが好きで好きで、・・・本当に好きでたまらないんだ。」(I love love you.. I really love you so much it’s unbearable). He exceedingly loves her in some way or other. Nazuna is blushing by now and shakily says his name, but he interrupts her and says that it’s real.

Wabisuke’s voice is shakily quiet as he confesses again 「好きだ。・・・愛してる。なずな、好きだ・・・。」(I like you… I love you. Nazuna, I love you…). His voice is teary as he tells her he loves her again. Nazuna can’t help but blush at how he keeps repeating those words over and over again. In her monologue she describes how his words are like a sweet curse and it makes her heart skip.

The next scene is Nazuna on the school rooftop reflecting on the events. She feels like she can’t return back to the classroom or the clubroom before she sees her brother, since she’s not sure what kind of face she should put on. Suddenly she gets a mail from her brother asking to take her out on a date where he’ll explain everything. She wonders what she should do and knows that she shouldn’t run away. For some strange reason, she’s feeling calm about everything as if this is her fate.

They meet at the front of the school where Wabisuke stares at her silently. Nazuna tells him that he wanted to talk and so he should hurry up and talk. He startles a bit at that and nods, but then he asks her if they can at least try to have fun since he doesn’t know if this is the last date. She wants to know why her brother is being so honest now and so she agrees, but she wants to be the one to choose the last place. She chooses to go into the forest so that no one can see them, because she’s scared of people’s reactions to them being alone and she doesn’t want to meet Aizaki.

Nazuna notes that the quiet evening forest would be a wonderful place for a normal date and Wabisuke comments on how beautiful the evening sky is. She agrees to it quietly, but can’t seem to bring herself to look at his face. Suddenly Wabisuke tells her to look over there and points out the first star of the night. Her face instantly brightens and she grabs his hand, which shocks him, and starts talking about how it’s so beautiful and sparkly and that it was a good thing they came to the forest.

Abruptly, she notices that she accidently grabbed his hand and she remembers that she wasn’t supposed to get close to him. Nazuna quickly apologizes but Wabisuke grits his teeth at that and grabs her, while asking her to tell him if she hated his kiss. She’s shocked at his question but can only bring herself to tell him that she doesn’t know, to which Wabisuke angrily asks her how she doesn’t know. She tries to come up with a reason as to why she doesn’t know, but he interrupts her and tells her that she’s kissed Aoi and so he wants to know what kind of feelings she gets from that.

Wabisuke asks her with a pained face if she likes Aoi’s kiss more than his and so she tells him that she likes his better. Wabisuke smiles at that and tells her 「そう言ってもらえるの、待ってたよ・・・。」(If you say that.. just wait..) and adds 「おれは、ずっとああしたかったから。」(I’ll always do it). Nazuna is silent and so then Wabisuke says that he doesn’t want to think that she hates it. She tries to say something in response to that, but he interrupts her and talks about how in the end kisses are the same between everyone. Therefore, she should be fine kissing him too.

Nazuna startles at that and wonders if Wabisuke is treating her like a date club customer and angrily tells him that he’s wrong, because kisses are for precious people. She doesn’t want him to say such simplified things. Of course, Wabisuke instantly asks her if that means Aoi is her most important person then. Nazuna wonders about her most precious person, but she can’t seem to say a lie and so she confesses that Aoi isn’t. Her most precious person is actually.. Wabisuke sighs in relief and says that he’s glad, before telling her that if that’s the case he’s going to do something important.

When she asks him what he means he tells her that if she thinks a person should only kiss their most precious person, then he won’t kiss anyone else other than her. She’s shocked and says his name, but he continues on and says 「お前となら、何度でもキスしたい・・・。」(If it’s you I want to kiss you countless of times..). She tells him that she’ll be troubled by that and he asks her quietly if that’s her true feelings and then asks if she doesn’t share his feelings then. Nazuna thinks in her head that she didn’t mean that, but Wabisuke tells her softly that he’s not going to hesitate anymore.

She says his name softly and he says that it’s because he loves her and that there’s no one else that is precious to him, other than her. Nazuna doesn’t know how to answer and finds his promise to be troubling. Abruptly he changes the subject and asks if she wants to talk a walk with him, because their time on a date is precious to him. She wonders if he’s always thought of it like that. Wabisuke tells her that he wants to make beautiful memories like seeing the stars together, walking together, and holding their hands. He wants to do a lot of lover-like things.

Nazuna notices how holding his hands doesn’t feel like it did when they were children, and instead it’s like holding hands with a man. He tells her seriously that he has this feeling of not wanting to release her hand at all for the rest of his life. She says that she’s alright with that and he tells her that he’s happy and then asks her if she can be his for just this moment. She nods quietly and then a sad expression appears in his face as he tells her that there’s a lot of things they need to talk about.

However since it’s becoming dark he tells her that they should continue the rest at the school. She agrees quietly while thinking that it’s strange but the brother, Kaneda Wabisuke, that she knew is no longer here. They return to the school courtyard and he asks her what she wants to talk about, to which she answers everything. First he tells her that they’re not actually siblings and they don’t share the same blood. He’s not her father and mother’s child. He’s actually adopted.

When their mother went into the hospital for infertility treatment she adopted Wabisuke. Nazuna can only repeat the word 「嘘」(You’re lying) through his whole explanation. Then he tells her that the child born out of the infertility treatment was her. That’s why they don’t share any blood at all and he was told during middle school. At first he was really shocked but then something within him was relieved, because now he didn’t have to be troubled over loving her. However, even he didn’t know if that was a love between siblings or a love between lovers.

Wabisuke confesses that to be honest he’s not sure which one it is either, but when he sees Nazuna dating Aoi he thinks that it has to be love. He didn’t want to come to this school because then his days of meeting her would decrease, but because he’s an adopted child he didn’t want to trouble their parents. Some business associate of their parents kept an eye on Wabisuke and gave him a sports scholarship to this school, and so when she transferred he became really happy.

Nazuna asks him why he didn’t tell her that they weren’t related by blood and that they weren’t real siblings. Then she yells at him about why he remained silent on such an important thing. He looks away and confesses that he was scared of how their relationship would change. He was sure she’d experience a huge shock and so that’s why he never said anything. Then he tells her that he wants her to think about accepting his feelings. He asks her quietly if she’s really never thought of him like that.

She knows that it isn’t true since whenever they go out on a date her heart is pounding, and after she was rescued from Aoi by him she couldn’t stop thinking about Wabisuke. She wonders if this is love and then feels her chest hurt, but she apologizes to him and says that she still doesn’t know. She wants more time to think about it. Wabisuke smiles softly at that though and tells her he understands before petting her head. She notes how he’s still kind even now. He tells her in a feigned cheerful voice that he’s glad he wasn’t rejected straight away.

Wabisuke releases her and tells her that he’ll head back first then, unless she wants him to escort her to the dormitories. She tells him to head back first though since she’s going to stay here a bit more, and he lets her while warning her not to catch a cold. After he leaves she looks up at the Christmas tree and exhales loudly, wondering about what she should do. None of the books she has read has any advice for her and she almost wants someone to just tell her what to do. In her monologue she directs her thoughts, for the first time, to a god that might not be there and asks it why it gave her such a hard decision.

Dessert time! Wabisuke’s thoughts are on how he has been silent up to now and they talked about a lot of things, but he actually went out of his way to lie to her to make her feel more relieved. He points out that she didn’t notice how he didn’t reveal his true feelings. This is going to be a secret that he will take to his grave. He tells her, in his thoughts, that he didn’t notice his own feelings after she started dating Aoi. There’s no such way that he was that stupid. He’s always held these feelings in him, but thought that since she was never affected by him there it couldn’t be helped.

He thought that when she started dating someone else, he’d be a good brother and allow her to do as she wanted. However, it’s impossible because he really considers her precious and really loves her. He tells her that her kind brother no longer exists and he doesn’t want to be that anymore either. He can’t stop his feelings and so he’s going to continue this until the very end. His last thoughts are on how he can’t stop and he apologizes to Nazuna, because he loves her.

The next day, Nazuna is monologuing about how she learnt that she and her brother are not blood-related. She’s been troubled this whole time too about whether or not she could accept her brother’s feelings. She needs to hurry up and discover how she feels toward Wabisuke. As she’s standing in front of the school thinking about it, she starts to hear whispers and murmers about her from other people who are staring at her. They avoid her when she looks at them though and Nazuna is confused as to what’s going on.

When she gets to class, everyone greets her hesitantly and so she tries to talk to her friend. Her friend immediately mutters that she has something else to do though and walks off, which makes Nazuna wonder what the heck is going on. Aoi appears in her classroom and tells her to come with him and then he takes her to the clubroom by her arm. When they get there he tells her that no one can hear them talk here. She asks him what it is since the first class is about to start now, and he tells her that this situation needs her to be out of her classroom.

He asks her lowly if she understands what kind of position she is in right now and she hesitantly says that she’s Aoi’s girlfriend. He impatiently tells her that he didn’t mean that and that he’s talking about the gossip mill. She parrots his word and he exasperatedly asks her if she didn’t notice their school’s gossip forums on the internet, to which she says that she didn’t since she has no interest in that. Aoi smirks at that and comments on how she’s the person who has no luck with that community.

Nazuna asks what he means, but he just chuckles and says that she can take it however she wants and anyway they should return to the topic at hand. The problem is that a rumor started about her yesterday on how she went out alone with her brother in the dead of night. Her mouth drops open in shock and Aoi continues on saying that these kinds of things get distorted through word of mouth. Nazuna is still in shock when he asks her if these stories are true.

She angrily tells him that they aren’t, but then remembers that even though her brother and her have no relationship they did kiss and Aizaki saw that. Aoi narrows his eyes on her commenting that it seems like she remembered something, but Nazuna doesn’t answer as she thinks about how it was Aizaki who sowed those rumors since she saw the person that she liked kissing his own sister.

Suddenly Nazuna apologizes to Aoi and tells him that they should break up. When he asks her why she explains that she doesn’t hold any love for him and so she can’t bring herself to go out with him anymore, and she doesn’t want to cause problems for him. Aoi’s response is simply calm acceptance, which surprises Nazuna who thought he wouldn’t let her go so easily. He explains that he doesn’t love her or anything and so he doesn’t care whether she breaks up with him or not.

Then a smirk appears as he tells her that she’ll have to work herself to the bone to return the debt then. She nods quietly and says that she’ll work hard for the rest of her life. He has a nonchalant face on as he accepts her answer and tells her that he’s fine with whatever choice she makes, between dating him or working the debt off, and then he excuses himself. She calls for him to wait though and asks if he can give her the url. He’s shocked that she doesn’t even know that much, but gives it to her.

After Aoi leaves she has no desire to return to the classroom and so she holds her breath and looks at the forums. It’s basically filled with insults and slander and terrible rumors on how she’s whoring herself to her brother. There are a lot of people angry and sad on Aizaki’s behalf. Nazuna wonders if her brother is okay, though she didn’t read anything bad about him since everything is directed towards her.

She goes to the library and has to suffer through fangirls whispering about her talking about her nerve to date both Wabisuke and Aoi and how disgusting she is. Nazuna notices how they’re talking loudly on purpose and then thinks about how she loves the library, yet now it’s become a place that she can’t go to either. Her next refuge is the cafeteria and one of her friends tries to ask her to eat together, but the girl’s other friend quickly pulls her away whispering that they don’t want to be stared at weirdly either.

Nazuna sighs at how it seems like she’s become completely alone, but then Kakeru and Kazuya show up with troubled faces. Kakeru points out that her face looks really depressed and asks if she’s alright, to which she plasters a smile on her face and answers that she’s fine. Kazuya tells her that she doesn’t look like it at all. She tries to tell them that she is but Kakeru points out that she’s been alone this whole time and he’s worried. She feigns her cheer and tells them that there’s nothing to be worried about.

Kazuya stares at her flatly and tells her that if she says that then he’ll accept it, but if something happens to her that she can’t overcome then she needs to seek consultation with them. He tells her to remember that and she wonders if they’ve heard the rumors. They walk off and leave Nazuna alone at the cafeteria.

When the two teachers are alone, Kakeru starts whispering to Kazuya about how interesting everything is and that it was worth it to give Wabisuke a sports scholarship to this school. Kazuya tells him that people will hear him and Kakeru notes how that won’t do, before he grins and confesses that he’s trembling in excitement at what the two of them will do next. Kazuya just exhales with a troubled face and then they really leave.

Back to Nazuna, she thinks about how she wants to meet her brother and how her head is filled with thoughts of him. She hasn’t seen him around for a while now though. After school, she calls Daria out to the forest to talk to her about her brother. She becomes a bit depressed waiting to see what kind of reaction Daria will have since the whole school is shunning her, but Daria appears before her with no change in her attitude.

Daria asks her what she wants to talk about and why she was called out to this place. Nazuna apologizes for making her come to such a remote place, but she didn’t want to create problems for Daria by being seen with her. Daria realizes that she wants to talk about her brother and she smiles when she tells Nazuna that Wabisuke asked her the same thing, he wanted to know how Nazuna was doing.

This surprises Nazuna and then in her monologue she talks about how they didn’t phone or text each other because she isn’t sure of what they could talk about. Undoubtedly, the conversation would turn to whether or not she could accept his feelings and she’s still unsure of how she feels toward her brother and what she thinks towards him.

Daria tells her that if she wants to know how the other person is doing then it would be best if she ignored her fear and met him personally. In fact, Wabisuke has been wondering if she wanted to meet him and Nazuna ends up confessing that he doesn’t need to be troubled over that since she’s been thinking this whole time on wanting to meet him. Daria tells her that if that’s the case then she’ll lend them a hand. Everything after will depend on them and they’ll need to discover their own feelings.

Nazuna tearfully says Daria’s name and Daria just smiles and wishes her luck. When she thinks about meeting her brother she finally figures out that her feelings are actually love. She’s in love with her brother. After the day ends and she’s in her room, she takes out her phone and finds that her brother had sent her a text which said that he talked to Daria and that he can’t endure it anymore and he wants to meet her. Nazuna replies that she wants to meet him too and a response immediately comes back.

Wabisuke tells her that they should meet then, if they both feel this way, and he’ll wait for her at the chapel. She immediately runs out at that and heads toward the chapel through the strong winds where she meets her brother. He greets her by saying that it’s been a long time and she agrees earnestly. He smiles and says that they’ve finally met and then admits that this week where he didn’t get to see her was unbearably painful. She confesses that she felt the same way, but now that they’re together she’s happy. He is too and then he embraces her tightly.

She blushes at that and he notices that she’s cold and tells her that she’ll catch a cold since she’s lightly dressed, but her response is that he’s here though. He looks taken aback at that before smiling and saying that’s true and then he takes her into the chapel since it’s cold outside. The chapel is so quiet that it hurts and since no candles are lit it’s just as cold as it is outside, but her body is burning with embarrassment because her brother’s arms are surrounding her.

Nazuna tells him not to look at her with those kind of eyes because it’s embarrassing, but Wabisuke just tells her that he’s always looked at her with these eyes. He confesses that he loves her and Nazuna tells him that she knows. Then he asks her 「お前は?」(You?) and she replies that she doesn’t need to say anything, because he already knows. His voice is soft as he says 「わからない。言って?」(I don’t know. Will you say it?) but Nazuna continues to stall and asks him if he still doesn’t know even though she’s embracing him like this.

Wabisuke tells her 「だって、これは夢かもしれないし。」(That’s because, this might be a dream) and so Nazuna says to him that it’s not a dream and that this is reality. But Wabisuke confesses that he’s had countless of dreams about her like this and she’s always never said that she liked him in his dreams. That’s why, since it’s always like that in her dreams, he wants her to say it. Nazuna has no choice now but to tell him that she loves him. He inhales sharply at that and she confesses to him that she loves him just like he loves her.

They exchange a long kiss and then he tells her 「・・・愛してる。」(I love you) and the tells her that he’s always thought about being in this situation with her. She blushes at that and then a monologue happens where Nazuna talks about how words aren’t required anymore because they can understand each other by just looking at each other. They kiss many times in the chapel and then it’s implied that they had sex.

The next scene is Nazuna waking up to some voices and she raises herself up, but then holds Wabisuke’s hand since he’s sleeping beside her and she doesn’t want him to be cold. The door to the chapel slams open and Aizaki yells about how they’re caught now. Wabisuke wakes up at that and notices Aizaki in shock, but there are other people around who mutter scandalously on how the rumors were true and that even though they’re siblings they did it.

Nazuna calls out Wabisuke’s name and he tells her that he’ll protect her, which makes her nod at him with faith. Aizaki hisses at that and asks him what he means by protecting her and then calls him cruel. Aizaki confesses that she’s liked Wabisuke all this time and then he goes and does this with his own sibling. She tells him that she’ll never forgive him and that they’ve dirtied the reputation of the school. She asks for everyone else to back her up and they do, yelling out that Nazuna and Wabisuke need to be punished.

One of the guys even says that they need to be imprisoned and he grabs Nazuna, to which Wabisuke angrily asks him what he thinks he’s doing. He tries to fight them off but there are too many and then Nazuna loses consciousness. She wakes up to Wabisuke’s voice calling for her to wake up and it appears as if they’ve been locked up in the dungeons. She asks him where they are and Wabisuke explains that he doesn’t know, but it’s probably the dungeons underneath the school. He’s tried yelling but there are no responses and there’s only a small light, so he’s not sure where they are in the dungeons.

Nazuna becomes depressed and points out that it looks like they really are in prison and then asks what’s going to become of them. Wabisuke tells her that he doesn’t know, but he’s with her and so she doesn’t need to be afraid. YEAH LIKE YOU WERE OF MUCH USE IDIOT. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST REVEAL TO EVERYONE THAT YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY BLOOD-RELATED AND THEN POOF! THERE GOES ALL THE FORBIDDEN INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP THAT EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT ABOUT ( -д-).

Suddenly the sound of a door opening is heard above them and Fuji appears. He tells them that he overheard Sotomura and Aizaki by coincidence and then opens their door with a key. His next words are for them to run away from here and when Wabisuke looks at him with a startled face and asks if that’s alright, Fuji rolls his eyes and tells him that it’s not very good since his neck is in danger if someone finds out about what he did. Nazuna asks him why he’s doing this then and Fuji tells her that he can’t just leave this situation alone.

At any rate, he tells them to hurry up and get out of here since if they dally they might get caught. He also advises them to run away from the school. Wabisuke tells him that he understands and urges Nazuna to hurry, but she takes the time to thank Fuji gratefully. He wishes them good luck. They run away to the town where Nazuna points out how pretty it is and how they managed to see the illumination together when she thought they wouldn’t. He agrees quietly and then she asks him what they’re going to do from now on. He returns the question and asks her what she wants to do.

Nazuna tells him that she wants to hold his hand if it’s the last thing she does. Wabisuke laughs at that and then asks her what she means by that, which makes her a bit angry, but then he confesses that he wants to be with her for a long time. He wants to make her happy. Then he gets the idea to return home since Aizaki and the rest of the group probably won’t find them there and their parents haven’t returned either.

In her monologue though she mentions how they were too optimistic in their thoughts and when they went out to buy groceries on Sunday they were seen. The school’s forums posted things about them and so almost everyone knows what the two of them look like and so they’re basically harassed. Nazuna tells him that they can’t remain in their house anymore and Wabisuke agrees with that but he tells her 「でも、おれはなずなとふたりでいられれば、それで幸せだよ。」(But if it’s just the two of us then I’m happy).

And so on a morning in Spring the two of them write a note to their parents and leave the house. They have no destination, but it’ll be alright since it’s just the two of them. Their long journey has started to find a place where no one will talk about them. UHH.. FORBIDDEN HARD ENDING WASN’T THAT GREAT. I HOPE THE PURE LOVE ONE WILL BE BETTER.


She tells the Aoi and Wabisuke on the rooftop that she’s Aoi’s property, to which Aoi just chuckles darkly and says that she’s right. Wabisuke grits his teeth at that and then Aoi rubs salt in the wound by saying 「邪魔者はお前だよ、侘助。---・・。」(The nuisance here is you, Wabisuke) while pressing a kiss to Nazuna. She’s blushing bright red at having to do this in front of her brother, but Aoi doesn’t give her a choice. Finally, he leans back and softly says 「クク・・・甘いな、お前の唇は・・・。」(Kuku.. your lips are sweet..).

Wabisuke just remains silent before asking her if she’s alright with this, and when says that she is, he presses the question and asks if those are her true feelings. The rest of the scene continues as normal with her running away and Wabisuke kissing her. Aizaki sees the two and runs off and Nazuna reflects on everything that happened. Then Nazuna and Wabisuke have their last date.

Everything happens the same as in the FORBIDDEN HARD end up until she runs to the chapel and meets her brother there. She notes that his pallor is bad and he explains that he hasn’t been eating at all these past few days, which shocks Nazuna. He confesses that he didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t meet her again or if he met her but she didn’t return his feelings and that’s all he’s been thinking about lately.

Nazuna tells him not to say that he didn’t sleep either, but Wabisuke laughs awkwardly and says that she’s correct. He’s been so depressed that he couldn’t sleep. He’s surprised at how weak he’s become but then he asks for her answer. She tells him that she’ll give her answer in the chapel and so they head in. The chapel is as cold as the outside and they head in not as friends, but not as lovers with a secret, and maybe not as siblings either. As they stand there, she suddenly asks if she can stand closer to him.

When he asks her why she confesses that she doesn’t want to let go of him anymore, which makes him inhale in surprise, and then she apologizes for taking so long to realize her feelings. She confesses that she loves him as well and that in the time they were parted she couldn’t think of anyone else but him. Whenever she thought of Aizaki, her feelings became troubled and noisy and she’s sure that it was jealousy.

Wabisuke tells her that he’s not dating Aizaki and that it’s only Aizaki who thinks so. He confesses that 「おれが好きなのはなずなひとりだけだ。」(The person that I love is you alone) and this makes Nazuna blush before she asks if that’s really true. He tells her that he swears it to god here and then he asks her about Aoi, because she said that she liked Aoi. Nazuna tells him that she doesn’t like Aoi and that they’ve broken up. Then she also confesses that the only person she loves is him, her brother.

His eyes widen in surprise and he asks her if that’s really true, to which she steals his lines and cheerfully says that she swears it in this chapel before god. He laughs at that and she’s glad that he’s finally laughing. Finally, Wabisuke tells her to come closer to him and then he embraces her tightly. In her monologue, Nazuna talks about how they don’t need any words between them to be happy and content. She wraps her arms around him as well and wonders if this is what it feels like to be in the arms of someone she loves.

He asks if she’s happy and she tells him that she is. Then he comments on how this seems like a dream and she tells him that it isn’t. Once again he mentions how happy he is now that she’s in his arms and she laughingly tells him that he already said it. Wabisuke smiles gently at her and says that no matter how many times he says those words they aren’t enough to express how happy he is. He doesn’t know if people will curse their relationship, but they’re together.

Then he notes how it feels like it’s just the two of them in the world, here in this chapel. Nazuna agrees and confesses that she wants to remain like this together with him forever. His voice becomes hesitant as he notes that it’d be impossible to be together in school and they’ll be glared at. He’d like to explain that they aren’t real siblings, but up until now they’ve acted like siblings. It’s certain that they would face criticism.

Nazuna frowns at that and tells him that they didn’t do anything wrong though, but Wabisuke tells her that even if she says that he doesn’t think people will accept it. Then he reveals that he’s been thinking about what he should do if he was ever chosen and when she asks him what it is, he tells her to run away with him. He wants to run away to a place where no one knows that they’re siblings. She says his name softly and thinks about what to do, since it’s not certain that they can be happy if they run away.

But she thinks that because they haven’t done anything wrong, they shouldn’t need to run away and so she tells him that she doesn’t want to. She wants to stand beside her brother and face everyone and in fact she’ll also stop calling him brother and from now on she’ll use his name. This way they’ll seem like a normal couple. Wabisuke blushes at that and agrees and so she tells him that they’ll face their obstacles together and live, therefore they can’t run away. If she’s with Wabisuke then she’ll be fine even in painful times.

Wabisuke tells her that she’s strong and accepts her words. For the rest of their school life, they’ll work hard. The scene skips to them trying to do their best in school, but Nazuna can overhear girls muttering about her relationship with Wabisuke. He asks her if she’s alright and she tells him that she is, but then she notices his bad pallor and asks if anything happened. He tells her that he’s doing okay so far, but he was kicked out of the soccer club because Sotomura doesn’t want him to play like this.

He doesn’t have anything apart from soccer that he does well though. They both look troubled and then Wabisuke brings up going to the date club and quitting it too, because he doesn’t want to cause troubles for them. He’ll help Nazuna pay them back and she agrees quietly. And so they head off to the date club where everyone looks shocked to see the two of them, since they didn’t think that the two of them would return to the club, but they’re still greeted warmly.

Fuji asks the two of them to sit down, but Nazuna declines before saying that they have something to talk about. Wabisuke tells them that they want to leave the club so as not to cause trouble and Atsumori mentions about how it unfolded just as Seri thought it would. When Wabisuke asks them what they’re talking about, Fuji affectionately calls both him and Nazuna an idiot. He asks them who, in the school, would trouble them and people in their group.

Nazuna blinks in shock and Aoi tells her smugly 「俺様に迷惑をかけられるヤツが、白桜学園にいると思ってんのかよ?」(Do you think anyone would try to create problems for me at Hakuou?). Wabisuke answers that when he says it like that, it doesn’t seem like anyone would. Seri teasingly tells them that to be so concerned for the club members like that makes the two of them idiots. Daria tells them that everyone in club thinks that they should find this as a place to rest.

Wabisuke asks hesitantly if that means they don’t need to quit the club and can remain here. Atsumori sighs and asks him if he’s a fool for not understanding what they mean even after all these explanations. Wabisuke just tells them that it might be true, because he can’t seem to bring himself to believe this. Aoi scoffs in annoyance before raising his voice to loudly say that he’s already said that it was okay. Wabisuke thanks them gratefully.

In Nazuna’s monologue she notices that at sometime she, and Wabisuke, had started smiling. It’s been a long time since had this feeling. She had always though the date club was an annoying thing, but who would have thought that the club would became a place of salvation for them.


Nazuna declines Aoi’s offer to free her brother only if she dates him by saying that she would never do it. She tells him that she can’t date someone who she doesn’t like, but Aoi just tells her that he’ll only talk about other things if she can hand over the money right now. She tells him that what he’s asking for isn’t possible and so he tells her that if she doesn’t go out with him then Wabisuke won’t be released.

She bites her lip at that, but finally agrees after telling herself that it’s for her brother’s sake. She’ll just have to endure it. The rest of the scene continues as usual with Aoi kissing her and telling her to open her mouth. KYAHHHHH~ I JUST HAD TO LISTEN TO THIS OVER AGAIN (*´∀`*)えへへ. I DON’T MIND REPEATING THIS DATING PERIOD WITH AOI AT ALL.. I FEEL LIKE I’M IN THE WRONG ROUTE.

When her brother comes to take her out of the classroom because he wants to talk, she decides to go with him. Wabisuke thanks her with a smile and then pets her head while telling her that he didn’t know what he would do if she refused. She just tells him with a smile that if they couldn’t talk now then they could find some other time to talk. His face becomes serious though as he says that he wants to talk to her alone with just the two of them, and right now.

Then he apologizes for worrying endlessly this whole day, which makes her look at him in confusion but he just tells her to come with him. Nazuna agrees but before they can leave Suou appears again and the rest of the scene happens as usual. Everything continues the same in the forbidden route until the rooftop scene.


Nazuna tells the two of them that she’s no one’s property and Wabisuke says 「・・・そうだよ。なずなは誰のものでもない。」(.. That’s right. Nazuna isn’t anyone’s property). WHY IS MY YANDERE RADAR FREAKING OUT? Aoi stares at her flatly and then asks if she didn’t say the wrong thing. His voice is almost dangerously soft as he tells her 「お前はオレのものになったんだ。・・・そういう条件だったよなぁ?」(You became mine.. we have that kind of condition, don’t we?). Nazuna has to hesitantly agree with this and Wabisuke starts to look at them suspiciously.

Aoi continues on though and says quietly 「アニキのためならなんでもできるんじゃなかったのかぁ?」(For the sake of your brother, weren’t you going to do anything you can?). Nazuna tells him that he’s right and she would do anything and so then he asks the question again of who she belongs to. She has no choice but to say that she belongs to Aoi, but Wabisuke interrupts her before she can finish and tells them to wait. He asks her if she’s alright with this, and when she agrees, he asks her if those are her true feelings. The rest of the scene continues as normal.

During their last date when Wabisuke asks her whose kisses she prefers, she tells him that her answer has no relation to their conversation about whether or not she hates his kisses. He asks her if that means she thinks both of their kisses are the same thing then, but she doesn’t respond. He shakily laughs then and comments on how he’s become lumped together with the likes of Aoi. Everything continues as in the forbidden route with the conversation about how kisses should be for precious people.

Wabisuke tells her that he won’t kiss anyone other than her then and Nazuna tells him to stop it. His voice is shaky as he tells her not to get angry at that, but she doesn’t respond. He explains that these are his true feelings and that he can’t hide them any longer. Everything continues as normal with him wanting to hold her hands and do lover-like things with her.

Nazuna tells him that they can’t and he asks her if he mistook her feelings and asks if they can’t fulfill any of his many wishes. She doesn’t respond and so he comments on how he seems to be troubling her. Then the rest of the scene continues as normal and they return back to the school to talk about how they’re not real siblings.

Pure love dessert time! Wabisuke thinks about how he knew that one day it would become like this. His feelings would be laid bare for her to see. He had thought about how he wanted to continue remaining as her kind brother, but he was an idiot for thinking that. When he saw Aoi and her together he couldn’t bear it and he won’t ever forgive Aoi. Then he thinks about how the time is still premature and then somehow about how he can’t return back to normal. He knows that his feelings for Nazuna aren’t going to be simply accepted.

He thinks that it’s certain Nazuna only regards him as a good brother and then he wonders if it would have been better if he approached her differently or told her earlier that they weren’t siblings by blood. Then she wouldn’t be in such confusion. He apologizes for giving her these things to think about, but now that it’s become like this he wants her to somehow be able to accept him into her heart. He starts thinking 「頼むから。・・・お願いだから。」(I’m begging you.. please). Wabisuke has also been thinking of what he would decide to do if she rejected him. He’s so unbearably frightened. He’s not even sure of himself anymore and of what he’ll do. AHA.. HA.. HA.. I’M SCARED (°Α°).

The scene switches back to Nazuna who can’t believe that they’re not related by blood and that she has to decide whether or not to accept her brother’s feelings. She ends up taking out photo album because her feelings are in a mess. Before she had left to come to this school, she had taken the album because she knew she wouldn’t be seeing her parents for a while. Nazuna flips through the pages pointing out things like pictures of her parents and her brother in elementary and middle school.

Then she remembers that Wabisuke had said that he loved her since a long time ago and as she looks at the pictures, she wonders if at this age he had already stopped thinking of her as his sister. But as she flips through pages and pages of photographs, tears start welling up in her eyes because she can only see them as being really close siblings. She can only see him as her brother and even if they don’t share any blood her brother is her brother. She doesn’t think that these feelings of hers that she has always had toward her brother can change.

Even up to now, her feelings haven’t changed. She knows that her heart was pounding when they were on dates, but in the end she can only think of him as a family member. She can’t bring herself to accept her brother’s feelings and so the next day she calls him out to the dormitories in the early morning. He comes running up and apologizes for making her wait, but she shakes her head and thanks him for coming before apologizing for calling him out so early.

When he asks her what she wanted to talk about, she tells him that she finally has an answer for yesterday and thought that it would be better to just say it quickly. Wabisuke slowly asks if it’s good news for him, but she shakes her head and he flinches at that. Nazuna apologizes and tells him that in the end she can’t receive his feelings. However, he asks her if it isn’t better to have more time to think about her answer, but Nazuna tells him that no matter how much or how long she thinks about it her answer won’t change. OUCH HARSH.. HE’S GOING TO GO YANDERE!!

She also adds that she doesn’t want it to change and she just wants their relationship to remain as it is right now. She begs him to keep it this way, but he snarls out 「・・・このままっていうのは、おれに我慢を続けろってこと?」(.. When you say to remain like this, you mean I have to continue to endure it?). Nazuna tries to tell him that she didn’t mean that, but then he interrupts and asks if she meant that she was abandoning it then. She can only apologize and they’re both silent for a while.

Finally Wabisuke apologizes and tells her that he needs to leave to think about composing himself. He runs off with her silently staring after him and then she walks to school in deep thought. She knows that she hurt her brother deeply, but it’s impossible for her to say a lie and accept her brother’s feelings. As she’s thinking she meets Aoi at the front of the school and he greets her by calling her a piglet and then tells her not to stand in front of the gates because she’s blocking it.

Nazuna moves to the side and apologizes but he stares at her intensely before asking her what is up with her face. She looks at him questioningly and he tells her that she looks like she’s going to die. She tells him that it’s nothing, but Aoi just sighs and then tells her to come with him before grabbing her and taking her to the clubroom. In the clubroom he asks her to tell him what happened because from her expression it looks like it’s something interesting, and so now he has a lot of interest in it.

She’s reluctant to talk about Wabisuke to him, but Aoi manages to guess it. She’s surprised by how he knows, but he tells her that Wabisuke chased after her yesterday and he noticed that she looked like she was brooding over something. His next guess is that something forbidden happened, which makes her step back in surprise and tell him hastily that nothing like that happened and she was only confessed to and kissed. Aoi instantly latches onto that and laughingly says that it was as he thought and something interesting happened.

Nazuna realizes that she let it slip, but then she remembers something and tells Aoi that Aizaki saw the two of them as well. Aoi asks who that is and she explains that Aizaki was her brother’s girlfriend, or she thought Aizaki was. Aoi grins at that and asks if anything else happened like another kiss between Nazuna and Wabisuke, but she tells him that they just talked about important things. This makes Aoi sigh in irritation and mutter about how even though it was that kind of situation they ended up talking and then comments on how the halfwit, Wabisuke, has no self-confidence.

This causes Nazuna to snap at him angrily and say that they had some really important things to discuss. When Aoi prompts her she reveals that her and Wabisuke aren’t actually related. Aoi doesn’t understand her troubles though and asks her lightly what the problem is and how that information relates to the two siblings. Nazuna confesses that the problem is no matter how she looks at him, she just sees Wabisuke as a family member. So she called him out in the morning to tell him that, and Aoi finishes her sentence by realizing that Wabisuke couldn’t accept that.

He smirks after she nods her head and comments on how Wabisuke seems to have fallen considerably in love with her. She blushes and asks him how he knows, to which he explains with a chuckle that when it was revealed that the two of them were dating, he was glared at by Wabisuke with killing intent. She’s a little stunned that her brother did that kind of thing, but Aoi is completely unfazed. An idea occurs to him though and he asks her with a grin that he’s her boyfriend and now that a rival has appeared, doesn’t that mean he gets the right to beat the crap out of Wabisuke?

Nazuna yells at him not to do that and he laughs before saying that it was a joke. She is completely unimpressed with his joke and he just sighs before saying that it can’t be helped and he’ll help her take care of this. She blinks in surprise, but before she can say anything he leaves. Since no one returns back to the room she heads to her classroom and notices that her burden feels lighter after talking to Aoi. She’s unsure if it would be good to talk to her brother again, since she has a bad feeling.

During their recess Aoi shows up in her classroom and she asks him with annoyance what he meant by pitching in to help her. He tells her with a smirk that he went to shut up Aizaki. When she looks confused he explains that if she wants to keep her relationship with her brother as a brother then it would be bad if a rumor was spread about their kiss. That’s why he went to Aizaki and stopped her by telling her to forget about everything that happened yesterday. With this the woman won’t prowl around Wabisuke either.

When she asks him in amazement how he managed to do that, he just winks and says 「企業秘密」(A business secret) and then he leaves while waving over his shoulder. She’s grateful to be saved by Aoi, but realizes that she can’t rely on him after this because even though they’re girlfriend and boyfriend they’re dating each other without any feelings. She tells herself that it’s bad for Aoi and herself to continue this and so she’ll break up with him. She’s also going to repay her own debt so that her brother doesn’t need to be involved anymore.

She goes searching for her brother, though it’s hard to find him. She wants to repair their sibling bond because she doesn’t want there to be this bad atmosphere between them. And then she finds him in the hallway, but it’s hard to start up a conversation with him and their whole talk is stilted as she asks where he’s going. He replies curtly that he’s going to buy something. When she asks if it’s the special food from the cafeteria he tells her that she’s wrong and then excuses himself.

Sighing at the hopelessness of the situation she enters the clubroom and finds Daria alone in there. They chat with one another and Daria is surprised to see that Wabisuke isn’t with her. She asks if Nazuna and him are in a fight, but Nazuna tells her that it isn’t like that that at all. Of course at this time Wabisuke has to come in to cheerfully greet everyone only to have his voice instantly drop at seeing Nazuna. Daria greets him cheerfully and tells him that it’s only Nazuna and her here today.

Wabisuke asks her if she can pass a message to Aoi then. Apparently the soccer club is increasing their training time and so he won’t be able to appear as frequently in the date club as he used to, though he’ll still try to show his face. Nazuna is alarmed at this because that means it’ll be harder to repair their relationship. He apologizes for making Daria his messenger but she doesn’t mind and then he tells them both that he has to return back to the soccer club now. When Nazuna tries to stop him, he tells her that he’s going to be late and then runs off.

Daria eyes the two of them and then says that she might not have the right to say this, but it seems like Wabisuke is avoiding Nazuna. Daria suggests that Nazuna should call him out to talk to him again, but Nazuna isn’t sure if he would show up. Daria reassures by saying that Wabisuke isn’t the type of person to do that. He might refuse, but if Nazuna doesn’t try then she’ll never know. Nazuna becomes excited at Daria’s words and thinks that she has a point. If she doesn’t try then nothing will happen.

In her room at night, she prepares a text to send to her brother asking him to talk to her. She also plans on buying a Christmas present for him and feels hopeful at being able to fix their relationship like this. Her text tells him to please meet her in front of the chapel at 9:00 on the night of Christmas and that she wants to repair their relationship. She’ll be waiting for him whether or not he decides to come. Thinking about her brother’s reaction makes her nervous.

On the night that they are supposed to meet Nazuna has been waiting 30 minutes past the meeting time. Her brother still hasn’t shown and she’s worried that he’s not going to come and that he’ll ignore her forever. She tries to come up with reasons as to why he’s not there like a soccer club meeting, or something. She also bought a Christmas present for him and it’s a sports towel, which she thinks that he might have a lot of, but she didn’t want to get him anything that would be a nuisance.

The wind is really strong though and so she decides to go into the chapel to hide from the cold and the wind. It’s just as cold inside, of course, but at least the wind isn’t blowing. Then she texts her brother about where she is and waits some more. It’s 10:00pm and she accidently falls asleep. Nazuna is woken up by Wabisuke’s voice calling for her to wake up before she misses Christmas. She wakes up and asks in alarm at what time it is now. It’s 11:50pm and Christmas is almost over, but he managed to make it in time.

He wishes her a Merry Christmas and she replies in kind and then he comments on how she actually waited for him this whole time and how happy he is. Nazuna explains that it’s because she didn’t want him to continue avoiding her and she wants their relationship to return back to the way it was before, with them being close siblings. Wabisuke tells her softly that it’s impossible and he explains that it’s because he likes her. When he thinks about her becoming another man’s property he realizes that he loves her.

Nazuna tries to tell him that she knows that already, but for some reason it takes a lot of effort to get her words out and then she asks him what he meant by saying something soon was going to happen. A shaky smile appears on Wabisuke’s face as he avoids her question. She notices that the atmosphere around her brother is odd, but she tries to ignore it and thanks him for coming. She confesses that she thought he wasn’t going to come. He tells her that if she invited him out then there’s no way he could refuse.

So then she asks why he was so late. Wabisuke explains that he thought it would be better that way, because the uncertainty of whether or not he would come would make it so that when they finally met she would be overjoyed. He confesses that he wanted to respond to her mail, but decided on doing this instead. Nazuna listens to his confession with growing shock. He continues on saying that when he says that honestly he becomes a bit depressed himself, but he really just wanted to see how long she would wait.

His voice becomes creepily soft as he says 「でも、なずなが嘘をつくはずないよな。疑ってごめん。」(But, Nazuna wouldn’t say a lie, would she? I’m sorry for doubting you). Nazuna is wondering what is wrong with her brother because his words are scaring her. She tells him that it’s not nice to keep people waiting like that and he tells her that it’s already a habit, unfortunately. When she looks at him questioning, he explains that he has this habit of taking his time to appear at the right moment.

Wabisuke comments lightly on how she’s not the kind of person to suspect people of that kind of thing and so she didn’t notice. She echoes his words and tells him that she doesn’t remember him doing anything of the sort. Wabisuke jogs her memory by telling her that he did it during the time they were talking to the hyena. When she asks who the hyena is, he tells her that it’s Aoi, and she realizes that he’s talking about the moment when he came and saved her from Aoi’s advances on the rooftop. She asks him if he took his time in getting there.

He confirms her suspicions and tells her that he already said it was a habit. A habit in response to her. She’s becoming really frightened of him and then he changes the topic and asks her with a scary smile what she planned on doing to fix their relationship. Nazuna hands him the present that she bought, which surprises him because he thought he told her not to get anything for him. She tells him him that in the end she wanted to give him something. He smiles at that and thanks her before asking her if he can open it in a strange voice.

Nazuna, however, tells him that he can’t and that she’s heading home now, so he can open it when he gets back too. Wabisuke stares at her in confusion and asks 「帰る?・・・何言ってるの?」(Go home?.. What are you saying?) and then adds that her objective of calling him out was to repair their relationship, but their relationship hasn’t been fixed yet. Nazuna tells him shakily that she’ll try to do that some other time. Wabisuke’s voice is deceptively light as he says 「今度?どうして?ここで、今すぐに仲直りをすればいいじゃないか。」(Some other time? Why? Don’t you think it’d be best to fix our relationship right here and now?).

She tries to say his name but he interrupts her telling her that it’s very simple. All she has to do is accept his feelings and their relationship will be repaired. Nazuna angrily snaps at him and tells him that she said it was impossible and this makes Wabisuke smile dangerously at her and say slowly 「無理なものか。・・・俺がこんなに愛してるんだからな。」(Impossible, huh.. even though I love you like this so much). His voice raises in anger as he talks about how she still doesn’t accept his feelings and wants to return back to being just siblings.

The rage disappears from his voice and he says simply 「・・・絶対に許さない。」(.. I’ll never allow that) with a smile on his face. She stutters out her brother’s name and he tells her flatly to come to him, but then he grabs her. She tells him to let her go and he mockingly says that he can’t do that. She gasps in pain and tells him that it hurts. Wabisuke’s voice is low with tension as he tells her that he won’t ever let her go and he wants her to spend the rest of her life caged in his arms.

Time skip! Nazuna’s monologue talks about how it’s dark in this room that she’s in and then she hears footsteps along with the jangling of keys. The door opens to her prison and she wishes desperately for it not to be the person that usually comes and for it to be a person that will save her. But as always that wish of hers isn’t granted. It’s Wabisuke and he tells Nazuna that he’s come home to her. He asks her in concern if her stomach is empty and that he brought her the melon bread that she loves.

All Nazuna can do is stutter out that her brother isn’t here, but Wabisuke doesn’t understand her broken words or is just ignoring it. His voice is light and musing as he comments on how he came here a bit late and so he asks if she’s sulking. She tells him that he’s wrong. However, he ignores her and says 「ひとりにしてごめんな。寂しかったよな・・・。」(I’m sorry for leaving you alone. You must have been lonely..). Then he confesses that at school he could only think about her. His voice becomes kind again as he tells her to fix her mood.

Finally Nazuna yells at him not to come close to her, but Wabisuke just laughs maniacally at that. He lightly tells her that it would be best if she didn’t try to bother him. She falls silent at that and then he asks her 「なあ、なずなは俺がいなくなったら困るだろ?」(Na, when I’m not here you become worried, don’t you?). He tells her that no one knows that she’s here and he’s the only one who knows, so that’s why she should rely only on him. Nazuna gathers enough courage to yell out that she wants to leave and that she doesn’t want this.

Wabisuke’s voice drops to a dangerous note as he notes that she’s saying those words again, but then he tells her to listen. He explains that like this she can feel safe. No one will be able to touch her. Nothing dangerous will happen to her. If she remains in here, like he said for her to do, then she’ll be happy. Nazuna tells him that she doesn’t want that, but he just ignores her and says that like this with just the two of them she won’t fall in love with anyone else. He’ll be the only one she can look at forever, and then he sighs in pleasure and confesses to her that he’s extremely happy.

His voice is creepily light as he tells her that he wants to remain like this a while longer. And then he apologizes for being so late in making her happy before there’s the sound of him grabbing her clothes. He mutters in a deranged voice 「ああ・・・愛してるよ。・・・愛してる・・・。」(Aa.. I love you.. I love you..) and starts kissing her and molesting her. In her monologue, Nazuna loses count of how many times he kisses her. She has no strength left in her body and she can only wonder at who the person is in front of her, because if the person in front of her is really her brother then she wonders when their relationship was driven mad and broken.

She thinks about how because she had nothing to think about in her prison other than him and his feelings for her, and so she might have gotten caught up in this thing that he calls love for her. I’M SORRY IF I GOT THIS PART TERRIBLY WRONG BUT I WAS FEELING TERRIFIED IN THIS ENDING OF HIS AND WANTED TO GET OUT OF IT (´;ω;`). I’M GOING TO GET NIGHTMARES ABOUT THIS.. THIS IS MORE TERRIFYING THAN TOMA.


She tells the two men that she belongs to Aoi and everything continues just like in the PURE LOVE HARD route, with Wabisuke ignoring her and Aoi helping her quell the rumors. Daria gives her the idea of inviting Wabisuke out to try and repair their relationship and so Nazuna ends up at the chapel again, on Christmas night, waiting for her brother.

It’s 15 minutes to 9:00 and she decides that since it’s cold she’ll go into the chapel to wait for him and text him about that, but she finds him already there. When she greets him and tells him that she’s surprised to see him here, he tells her that he couldn’t let her wait out here in the cold. Nazuna is happy to see that her brother came to meet her and is actually talking to her, instead of ignoring her.

Wabisuke asks her about how she wanted to repair their relationship and she nods her head at that, but he asks if they can talk about that later. He wants to create some last memories before he puts his heart into order and so he asks her out for one last date. He wants to take her into the town to see the illumination. Nazuna agrees hesitantly and he thanks her gratefully. When they get there Nazuna is amazed at how pretty everything is and is smiling happily, which makes Wabisuke comment on how he’s glad that she got to see it.

He tells her that when they were small they went out as a family to look at the illumination too, because she couldn’t stop talking about it as a child and so the whole family went out. She laughs with embarrassment at how she made her family go out of their way for her and then Wabisuke smirks as he tells her that when she finally got to see the illumination she started crying because it wasn’t a white christmas. Nazuna blushes at that and tells him that it can’t be helped since she was a kid and wanted to see the snow.

Then Wabisuke admits that something or other about that made him realize she was a girl. She pouts and gets a little angry at that which makes him burst out laughing and he apologizes as she just sulks some more. In reality though, Nazuna is glad that he’s laughing and that he’s returned to being her brother. She remembers that she has a Christmas present to give to him and so she does, which makes him surprised since he thought he told her not to get him one but she wanted to.

He confesses that he also got her one too and she tells him that she sent him a text telling him not to get her one. He teases her by saying that he never agreed to that and because their parents aren’t here, he wants to do these things for her. She thanks him gratefully for thinking about her like that and he tells her 「・・・なずなは、おれの大切な妹なんだから。当たり前だろ。」(… You’re my precious sister, of course I’d think about you). Tears come to her eyes at this and he tells her not to cry and that he’ll give her present to her now.

Nazuna laughs at that and then thanks him before asking him if she can open it now, to which he says she can. He asks if he can open his too and she tells him he can. Apparently he bought her a mug and she tries to say that it’s cute, but it really isn’t. Wabisuke is shocked at that because he thought it was cute and Nazuna asks him where it’s supposed to be cute. He tries to come up with a list of reasons as to why it’s cute and she ends up laughing and making fun of his commonsense. She tells him that she’ll make use of it though.

When he opens her he’s extremely happy to have received a sports towel and tells her that he’ll use it tomorrow at soccer practice. He comments on how it feels like their relationship has been repaired now and Nazuna agrees earnestly with a happy smile. Then he suggests that they eat out together since it’s Christmas. In Nazuna’s monologue she talks about how the time passed extremely quickly since they were having fun. They watched the illumination, ate dinner, and walked around looking at shops.

They didn’t go around like a couple, nor did they go around like friends, but in the end they went around like siblings. It was that kind of strange date. They spent a lot of time laughing in the town and finally returned back to the school with nothing to say, because they both knew that their time together was ending. At the courtyard, Wabisuke suggests for them to talk some more and then he asks her if he can confirm something again. She looks at him in curiosity and then he asks her if she can’t accept his feelings.

Nazuna loses the smile on her face and apologizes quietly and so Wabisuke sighs and looks depressed. He tells her that it can’t be helped and then confesses again that he’s been thinking a lot since the last time that he left her here after telling her about how they weren’t actually related. In the end, he still loves her and he’s not sure if these feelings will disappear even if he tries to be her brother, however he really wants to be her brother somehow.

She tells him strongly that she has the same feelings as him too. She wants to remain as his younger sister, because she considers him a really important family member. Wabisuke asks her sadly if she still accepts him even though he’s a brother who confessed to her. She tells him that it was a shock, but it’s not the sort of thing that’ll make her hate him. He thanks her and then takes her hand while asking if they can fix their relationship then. She nods and says that their relationship is fixed now.

Then Wabisuke tells her that he won’t be able to bring himself to forget her. She tells him to do that for Aizaki too, but Wabisuke tells her that he can’t do that. When she asks him why, he tells her that it’s because she doesn’t like Aizaki and this shocks Nazuna who asks him how he knows that. He laughingly tells her that he knows almost everything about her. And so from now on he won’t date any girls that Nazuna dislikes, because Nazuna will be noisy and irritating if she becomes a sister-in-law.

Nazuna sputters at that and asks him what he means, but Wabisuke just laughs. Then he adds quietly 「・・・それじゃ、これからも仲のいい兄妹として・・・改めて、よろしく。」(.. Then, from now on let’s be close siblings.. once again, I hope we get along). Nazuna agrees with this wholeheartedly.

They continue their schooling and then her brother gets another sports scholarship to a university this time. She’s sad to see him go, but wants to wish him well. In front of their gates she gives him another key holder thing that she made for him and he’s shocked as he receives it. Then he casually points out that it looks kind of roughly made, which makes her embarrassed and she snaps out that she didn’t have much time to make it. Wabisuke laughs at that, but then thanks her gratefully. He tells her that he’ll protect it and cherish it.

Before he leaves though she confesses that until he finds someone more important than her she wants to be the number one person who will support him. He thanks her softly and pats her head, which makes her blush since it’s been a while since he did that. Then he gives his farewells and she tells him to take care. He waves over his shoulder and she watches him until she can’t see his appearance anymore, but even still she continues to look in that direction. The distance between them will grow from here, but their bond as siblings will never weaken.


18 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Kaneda Wabisuke ~

    Brooke said:
    July 11, 2013 at 23:21

    I have three Kano’ s with big emotions in my heart.

    3. Kano Atsumori – Sadness

    2. Kano Aoi – Giggles

    1. Kano Shuuya – Hatred Pure Damn Hatred.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 15, 2013 at 03:12

      And all of them are pathological liars who try to conceal what they feel |D;; You’re following Kagerou Project as well?

        Brooke said:
        July 16, 2013 at 06:47

        Yes I am one of the people who actually draw things of each character for their birthday.

        Kano shares the same birthday as my cousin, Kido shares the same birthday as my big buddy from second grade. Lol

        Kano deserves no shipping! I must fly off to SetoMary HibiMomo and ShiniAyano.

        Brooke ran away with Konoha carrying her like he did when he met Shinitaro.

    Brooke said:
    April 27, 2013 at 20:38

    I hate you so much for suggesting this game. I want to cry, you are evil. I look like a younger Nazuna with some differences. I am scared, onii-yandere characters are my favorite though.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 29, 2013 at 13:01

      ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽ aren’t you having so much fun!? All the crazy shenanigans that happens and the absolute yandere goodness that is Hino Satoshi. As long as you don’t have an adoptive older brother who is scarily possessive over you then I think you’re fine!

        Brooke said:
        April 30, 2013 at 10:37

        I.. Am… So… Screwed. I’m going to Google “Any underground prisons in the area?” To make sure I am safe.

    Ceres said:
    October 4, 2012 at 15:37

    I loved this route and your description made it so much easier to play ヽ(;▽;)ノ (Kanji and I… we don’t really get along). I changed some things here and there and got a different ending that I couldn’t find up there. When they go to the chapel, Wabisuke leaves, telling her something like that he couldn’t stop seeing her as his sister after all, and then at the very end he’s ignoring her and telling her to leave him alone. When she leaves he starts laughing and says that he told her he loved her just to see the look on her face (I think?) and the game ends. WUT (Did I somehow manage… to lose in an otome game?)

      Ilinox responded:
      October 4, 2012 at 18:56

      Ooh, I know exactly what you mean! Especially with Gekka Ryouran’s font too.. I don’t know what possessed them to choose the fanciest yet hardest-to-read font ever.. wow some kanji were just indecipherable black boxes and squiggles to me /o\.

      If you didn’t get one of the four endings that I did, then I think you got one of the bad endings. Yep, it is possible to lose in an otome game by not having enough relationship points with the guy you’re going after.

      I normally don’t do the bad ends unless they mark them down for completion or something, because if I tried to unlock every single ending ever in a game.. I would spend years on it with how slow I played (๑→‿←๑).

        Ceres said:
        October 4, 2012 at 19:35

        Still not as bad as Pure Love Hard ; へ; Onii-chan, why?!

        I didn’t really know there were other endings besides the ones you mentioned (it’s my first time playing an otome game~)

        And thanks for your guides! I mean, I would be half lost without them (´∀`)♡ *playing Reito’s route now*

    carl brock said:
    August 22, 2012 at 17:10

    Wait at the end of PURE LOVE NORMAL route MC and Aoi aren’t dating anymore right? because the game never said they broke up so I was wonder that.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 22, 2012 at 18:29

      I think there’s like a single sentence in the Pure Love route that talks about how Nazuna went to go break up with Aoi and he’s like “Oh, okay” and that’s it.

      Haha, yeah, that’s why I love the Kano brothers. They’re hilarious in everyone’s route but their own usually.. for some reason they’re really depressing in their own route.

        Alice said:
        August 23, 2012 at 15:16

        Yeah your right and Seri kind of scares me a little but MC bro scare a whole lot more and He’s like Toma. Did you know Toma favorite animal is a human ._. That would explain why he caged MC I think.

    carl brock said:
    August 22, 2012 at 15:00

    Bahahaaha! PFT! That was classic Aoi mostling Fuji and Aoi reaction priceless >_< AHAHA! The Kona brothers are idiots but loveable idiots. I laugh so hard I nearly fell off my chair.

      Alice said:
      August 23, 2012 at 15:11

      I even thought of something more funny like Aoi molesting Souo the guy with blue and I think can picture Aoi reaction since he scared him and Souo would be to happy about it but I wish Souo had a route Fuji and his not in school anymore *sigh* oh will Still like thanks for all the walkthorughs that you’ve done so far good luck on future ones. ;)

    Haruna said:
    February 23, 2012 at 03:25

    I guess everyone first thought: “Oh, it’s onii-tan… He will be a sweet and caring brother…” SORRY, YOU’RE WRONG…

    He was a really nice character, if you let the yandere part aside. I really liked him for his caring and concerned nature, until he showed his unnatural siscon side… It creeped me out so much.. (°Д°) And the pure love hard ending was uhm… not pure, I suppose? xD Really, making her his love slave is not very romantic… But yeah, he is crazy…

    Aoi’s interference was great! He was so damn seductive, I almost got a nosebleed from it… ^^ How dare he!


    Did you ever try 1)? What did happen after that? :)

      Ilinox responded:
      February 23, 2012 at 09:07

      It seemed kind of obvious he’d be a siscon, but what wasn’t obvious would be the CRAZY lengths he’d go to. Even intruding on Reito’s and Atsumori’s routes.. that’s insane craziness www Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(-`д´- )ノ GET BACK TO YOUR OWN ROUTE!

      This game loves to troll you with the pure love and forbidden ends. Some of them are awesome, but some are disturbingly weird like this one.. I wished Aoi remained as seductive and a playful pervert in his route like he was in this one ;w;. The hot chocolate scene and the “kiss me” scenes are sooo good ( 。>艸<).

      Yep, I believe (1) happened in Seri's route. She stutters out that she already gave it to some other man and Aoi totally falls for it and complains loudly. But Seri just stares at her ಠ_ಠ and then asks what she has in her pocket. She gets caught lying and then it goes back to normal with her having to choose someone to give it, but then she eats it.

    Rin said:
    October 3, 2011 at 05:13

    Glad you didn’t end Wasa– er,Wabisuke’s route with the worst ending possible lol. Actually, I liked him until the end of his route. I’m fine with him being Nazuna’s lover as long as he’s not being creepy, but that pure hard just went across my toleration line. The way he laughs + the way his voice raises from creepy-calm to a loud rage.. Hino’s yandere voice traumatized my brain. ヽ(;´д`)ノヤメテー

    At least Toma is willing to let go when it’s already safe outside, but Wasabi just wants to keep her to himself.. and this escalates 1000% in Reito’s route. I won’t spoil anything, but if you’re scared of his pure hard ending, you’ll probably get even more terrified there. Like me lol.

    Maybe it’s a good thing we did him first. Imagine going after him after seeing his creepy side. *shivers* xD

      Ilinox responded:
      October 3, 2011 at 09:21

      Yeah~ I didn’t mind him being Nazuna’s lover either.. though I was completely unimpressed with how he handled everything. I still don’t understand why he doesn’t tell everyone that they’re not really siblings in his Forbidden route ww unless that would make it not Forbidden.

      Orz THIS Hino’s yandere voice terrified me.. I loved his Toma one because his voice was really low and dangerous, but this one was light and deranged! Knowing that there are even worse and more terrifying people than Toma is giving me a healthy appreciation for him wwww. I don’t want to see a Wabisuke #1 popularity picture.. NOT MORE CAGES PLEASE.

      (´;ω;`) YOU DON’T KNOW HOW THANKFUL I AM THAT HE’S DONE AND OVER WITH. I’m so glad we did him first ww.. I might have been more reluctant to do his route than I am toward Seri and Daria.

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