Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Yaehara Daria ~

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Yaehara Daria (八重原 ダリア)
CV: Saiga Mitsuki (斎賀 みつき)

It is obviously quite difficult to be no longer loved when we are still in love, but it is incomparably more painful to be loved when we ourselves no longer love.

Daria is the only woman in the date club and she’s also part of the drama club at the same time. She is extremely talented in acting and is also an excellent fencer. She’s popular among girls because of her prince-like personality. But what is her true personality?

Once again everything in the beginning is the same as it was in Wabisuke’s route. Nazuna is transferred to the school and meets Wabisuke, Fuji, Daria, and Seri. She finds that her luggage is missing and makes the terrible choice of accepting Aoi’s help. He takes her to the door where the Forbidden Dates Club resides and this is where Nazuna’s journey into the land of forbidden, or pure, love starts.

Like in Wabisuke’s route, Nazuna is suspicious about the clubroom and mutters a saying about how one shouldn’t wake a sleeping lion but she doesn’t have a choice if she wants to find her luggage and so she goes in and meets the rest of the date club members. When Atsumori orders the club to move out, Nazuna asks them what kind of club the returning home club is.

Seri is the one who answers her and he tells her that he’s not the one who made this club. He also asks her why she even needs to know since there’s no benefit in her knowing. Nazuna tells him that she wasn’t thinking about the advantages and disadvantages, but that she just wanted to know what kind of club it is. He chuckles and comments on how interesting she is and Nazuna realizes that he dodged her question. At any rate, everyone heads off to the rose garden where they try to seduce Nazuna.

Everything proceeds like in Wabisuke’s route with Nazuna being caught up in debt with the club and the bet being created. When Fuji shows up, Nazuna tells them all that what they’re doing is cruel and that she’s going to report them. Daria just calmly asks her who she’s going to report them to and Nazuna hesitantly says the teachers and principal, but Daria tells her that they’re not going to believe her and so she should stop trying. Nazuna becomes depressed as she realizes that Daria is right.

Nazuna’s opponent is Daria and Nazuna immediately thinks that though she chose Daria as her date, there’s no feeling of it being a date since they’re both girls. Daria tells Nazuna that she’s happy she was chosen and then asks Nazuna where she wants to go. Nazuna is a little stumped at this since she just transferred, but Daria just tells her to pick a place she likes. In the end, Nazuna tells her that she doesn’t know of a place that she likes and Daria laughs at that.

She tells Nazuna that it must be hard for a girl to decide and Nazuna blushes at how much Daria resembles a boy in her attitude. Daria decides to show Nazuna around the school and the first place they go to is the rooftop where Nazuna comments on how nice the wind feels. Daria informs her that the rooftop is a nice place to go to because no one can see them, however she should be careful because there are people like Aoi who do naughty things up here.

Nazuna is appropriately shocked and then Daria teases her by commenting out loud on how Nazuna might be the kind of person who likes those kinds of intimate dates. Nazuna tells her that she would be lying if she said that she wasn’t that kind of type and Daria smiles slowly and tells Nazuna that if she wants that kind of date then she doesn’t need to be afraid to ask. Nazuna gasps in shock and Daria explains that the date club grants any kind of wish a person could have for a date.

As they leave Daria notes that the stairs are a bit dangerous and so she takes Nazuna’s hand which makes her blush, and then they head to the cafeteria. She explains the different kind of foods that are available here and Nazuna agrees with how the dessert looks delicious. Daria chuckles and asks if she wants to eat together next time, but Nazuna tells her that she’ll do that as friends but not on a date and this makes Daria laugh before commenting on how high her guard is.

Suddenly there are girls around who start squealing at Daria’s presence and one even calls Daria a prince and asks her who she’s with this time. Nazuna becomes embarrassed at all the attention and realizes that all these girls like Daria because of how cool-looking she is. Daria asks Nazuna if she feels embarrassed from all the attention, but Nazuna lies and says that she isn’t. Daria hums thoughtfully and then comments on how she stands out ever since she joined the date club and the drama club, but Nazuna thinks in her mind that it’s just because of Daria’s personality.

Then Daria apologizes for their date being like this, but Nazuna brushes the apology aside since she was the one who asked for a tour. She also thinks about how being out with Daria like this as friends is a lot of fun. The next place they head off to is the courtyard and Daria explains that it’s a resting place for everyone. Nazuna gets distracted from all the sights in the courtyard and starts to become left behind by Daria. When she realizes that she can’t see Daria, she looks around restlessly.

She finds Daria again and Daria starts laughing softly while telling Nazuna that she looked really lost and as if she were a baby bird looking for it’s mother. Then she offers her hand to Nazuna so that she can be relieved at knowing that Daria won’t leave her behind and Nazuna thinks that since they’re both girls it’s not as big of a deal, but the moment she takes Daria’s hand the fan girls explode into chatter. Daria asks Nazuna if she feels like she’s a princess.

Nazuna tells Daria that she just gets a feeling of superiority and Daria laughs at that before saying that she’s bold and then she tells Nazuna that at this moment Nazuna is her princess. Nazuna nods in embarrassment at that and wonders how it’s possible for Daria to be so cool and princely. Daria tells Nazuna that she won’t let her hand go and that she’ll protect her from anything. Nazuna thanks her quietly and then wonders if she’s weird for feeling her heart pound because of another girl and then she thinks about how this must be the power of the date club, but she mustn’t lose.

The date ends and the day passes with her meeting Kakeru and acquiring the bugged charm from him. Then the Kano brothers come to steal her from her class and she realizes that they won’t listen to anything she tries to honestly tell them, so her face falls into depression which makes both Aoi and Atsumori ask her in annoyance what’s wrong and if she has a bad sense of humour. She snaps at them about how she doesn’t, but that she’s just not in the mood and this makes Aoi purr out that he’ll help her get into the mood then and Atsumori also tells her that he’ll help.

They grab her jacket and try to strip her out of it which makes her call them idiots and point out that everyone’s watching. Hilariously, Atsumori glares at everyone and tells them to get out because they’re not some kind of attraction for everyone to stare at. Nazuna tells him that he’s wrong and that they should be the ones to get out and so in the end she’s taken to the clubroom to be harassed by them again. When the Kano brothers are being blackmailed by Seri, Nazuna isn’t interested in any of their secrets. Instead, she decides to think up an extremely tough job for them.

Dessert time! Daria ponders on whether or not she has an interest in Nazuna and she admits that she finds her cute. She’s not sure though and even as many girls are pleased with their dates with her she finds that her heart is completely even and level. She grants all of their wishes, but she doesn’t know if she’s having fun doing that and in the end she doesn’t know herself at all.

At any rate, Daria considers Nazuna different from all the other girls up to now. She’s interested to see how she plans to get away from the date club. Then she thinks about why Nazuna chose her and wonders if it’s because Nazuna thought that she would be safe since Daria is a girl, but Daria just laughs in her head and says that it’s a shame because since it’s a date Daria is going to act exactly like a lover. Daria doesn’t think that there’s a distinction by gender and laughs in her head.

Blackout! Daria starts off by telling something to come closer to her and then she chuckles before ocmmenting on how cute it is. She tells the thing not to run away and to just be quiet. Then she says how she won’t let the thing go since it’s hers. In the end, it turns out that she’s climbed a tree and is trying to retrieve her handkerchief.

*** CHAPTER 2 ***

Nazuna wakes up feeling cheered up by her brother’s words to take things at her own pace and then she finds Aoi sleeping in the clubroom. This time she decides to stuff a piece of chocolate in his mouth and he wakes up instantly gagging and then he gasps out about how spicy it is which surprises Nazuna since she thought it was chocolate. Atsumori comments from behind Nazuna that it was his rigged chocolate in case anyone would steal it and so it’s super spicy.

She quickly asks if Aoi is alright and tells him that she’ll get him water, but he snaps at her to bring him sugar instead. Atsumori laughs at Aoi’s situation while Nazuna thinks about how weird the two of them are. Daria comes in as normal to break the three of them up. Anyway, then Nazuna meets Seri and Suou and then decides to punish the Kano brothers by making them cosplay. The Kano brothers refuse to agree though and so a halloween party competition is decided instead.

Nazuna tells them that the reward for the winner will be a pat on the head by her, but the Kano brothers decide on it being a kiss instead. Then the second date with Daria happens and Daria decides to take Nazuna horseback riding. She explains that she learned horseback riding since one doesn’t know when they will ever need to do it and she also found out that she enjoys it. Nazuna agrees since she’s not afraid of horses despite the incidence when she first came to the school.

Daria introduces her horse as Blanc and shows Nazuna how to ride her horse before asking her if she wants to try. Nazuna is excited though a bit afraid that she won’t be able to do it as skillfully as Daria, but Daria reassures her by saying that no one can be skillful on their first try of an activity. Anyway, Daria will be riding behind Nazuna and this relieves Nazuna. She climbs onto the horse and comments on how wonderful this is and how tall the horse is.

Then Nazuna reveals that although it feels wonderful she’s a bit scared and Daria responds with 「平気だよ。私がこうして後ろから支えているから・・・。」(It’ll be fine, because I’ll be supporting you like this from behind). Nazuna blushes when she feels Daria embrace her from behind, but Daria tells her to relax because horses can feel it when their rider is nervous. Daria tries to explain to her the mechanics of controlling the horse, but Nazuna can’t stop trembling and feeling her heart pound.

Finally, Daria laughs and comments on how cute Nazuna is before asking her if she’s trembling because of being in Daria’s arms. Nazuna tells her that she is and her heart is pounding, but Daria whispers for her not to be embarrassed. Then she tells Nazuna to calm down and to try breathing deeply and she laughs when Nazuna actually does it, before noting how Nazuna doesn’t seem to be able to do anything if she’s not holding the reins. So then she flirts with Nazuna and asks her if she wants to be embraced tighter.

Nazuna tells her that it’s not a problem and Daria comments on what a shame it is. Then Nazuna notices the whip in Daria’s hands and asks what it’s for and Daria explains that when she wants her horse to go faster she’d use it. Nazuna realizes that it’s necessary but explains that she thinks it’s a little sad for the horse to have to be whipped. Daria is silent before she asks Nazuna if she’s heard of the love’s whip, which means that although the whip is painful it can also bring pleasure.

The whip is something that is needed to help communicate with her horse and then she asks with a slow smirk whether Nazuna wants to be marked by her whip. Whenever Nazuna sees the marks on her skin she’ll remember about Daria and so she asks Nazuna if she wants it, but Nazuna yells out that she doesn’t want such a thing. Daria ends up laughing and tells her that it was a joke and then asks if she’s surprised. Nazuna is relieved when she sees the familiar smile on her face and then she’s impressed with Daria’s acting skills since she thought that Daria was serious.

Daria returns back to the horseback riding lessons and they start off at a slow walk. The date ends like this and Nazuna is back in her room thinking about how she managed to return safely. The next day she wakes up to the Kano brothers in her room and she kicks Aoi off the bed as usual. She panics and wonders what she should do like in Wabisuke’s route and the rest continues on as normal. When she gets the phone call from Kakeru she thinks that it’s Daria. Anyway, she meets the teachers and then goes into the clubroom where she refuses to give the candy to anyone and eats it instead.

Dessert time! In her thoughts Daria is wondering what kind of person Nazuna likes or what she wants Daria to be. Does she want Daria to be a friend? A boy? Does she want her to be kind? Sweet? She wonders if Nazuna wants her to decide or if she wants Daria to treat her like a princess or sweetly because Nazuna is younger than her. Or maybe Nazuna wants Daria to treat her coldly. Daria chuckles and thinks about how whatever Nazuna wishes she will grant and then muses on how it’s been a while since she felt excited by a date.

She also thinks about how Nazuna seemed conflicted over the lover’s whip thing and how maybe Daria should have pressed her harder on that. She chuckles sinisterly in her mind and then comments on how it was just as she thought and Nazuna really is a cute girl.

Blackout! There’s noises of Daria drinking something and she talks about how delicious it is and how she wants more of it. She tells Nazuna not to be embarrassed and not to worry about anything. There’s more slurping noises and Daria comments on how sweet it is before asking Daria if she wants to try some of hers next time. In the end, the scene is revealed to be Daria drinking out of Nazuna’s drink.

*** CHAPTER 3 ***

Nazuna thinks that it’s a thief who broke into her room and Fuji goes in to check only to get molested by Aoi as usual. The rest of the scene plays out like in Wabisuke’s route and she throws out the syrup, much to the annoyance of Atsumori and Aoi. Anyway, when Nazuna finds Daria in her depression in the club room she decides not to say anything for fear of saying something wrong. Daria apologizes a few seconds later and then the rest of the club members appear and an argument breaks out between Aoi and Daria.

The third date with Daria starts off with them taking a walk through the woods, but randomly the wind kicks up and it starts raining strongly and so Daria leads Nazuna to the closest shelter which turns out to be the dungeons. They laugh a bit at how they’re drenched and then Daria comments on how Nazuna’s wet uniform makes her look sexy. Nazuna just responds by telling Daria that they have to dry their clothes. Daria sighs and tells her that she really does look cute being wet, but then goes along with Nazuna’s words and suggests that they take off their wet clothes before they catch a cold.

Daria strips in front of Nazuna and Nazuna is embarrassed by how fascinated she is with Daria’s body. She’s also too shy to take off her clothes, but does in the end since Daria convinces her that it isn’t strange as they’re both girls. They stand around silently in their undergarments until Daria notices Nazuna staring at her and Nazuna confesses that she’s comparing their bodies since she feels lacking beside Daria.

This makes Daria smirk and she asks if Nazuna wants to see everything of hers. Nazuna asks if it’s alright and Daria tells her that it’s fine since she’s been a model before and so she isn’t embarrassed at being nude in front of others. But then she says slowly that stripping in front of a person that she likes is completely different though and this alarms Nazuna especially when she sees Daria being serious about stripping and so she tells her to stop.

Then Daria asks Nazuna if she really is that concerned with her body. She tells Nazuna not to be, because she also thinks that her body is wonderful and touches Nazuna which embarrasses her and she tries to take a step back but trips. Daria lunges out to catch her, but she also falls over and lands on top of Nazuna which makes her blush bright red at their current position. Daria chuckles before commenting on how bold Nazuna is, but she freaks out and says that this is a mistake and not what she meant.

Daria tells her not to be embarrassed and then notes that the floor is cold, so then she asks Nazuna if they want to do something that’ll warm them up. Nazuna refuses and tries to act by saying how their current position isn’t a problem since they’re both girls and then she points out that they should get changed and head outside. Daria just laughs at Nazuna’s actions but follows her lead. Then their date ends and the date club decide to put on a play.

Nazuna decides to put all her strength and seriousness into practicing her role, even if it’s just a minor part. Daria tells her not to push herself too hard but Nazuna wants to participate since she realizes that the club is trying to help her. This makes Daria pat her Nazuna’s head and then preparations for the play start. The rest of the chapter follows Wabisuke’s route except when the fight breaks out between Wabisuke and Daria, Nazuna decides to stop Daria by also getting into role and so she reminds Daria of what her family would think. Wabisuke mutters in relief that he’s saved.

The date club’s play happens as usual with Aoi dragging Nazuna out onto the stage and Daria deciding to fight Aoi for Nazuna’s love. Afterwards, Nazuna confronts Seri and Wabisuke about the photos that are being spread around and then the day ends.

Dessert time! Daria is wondering why she feels so detached and spaced out and then wonders if it’s because she’s still in her acting mindset. Then she comments on how Nazuna was the real heroine and then she wonders if it was because of Nazuna that she was able to act so well. She chuckles at her own thoughts and thinks about how interesting that would be if what she thought was true.

Then she thinks to the time when they were on top of each other in the dungeons and Daria wonders if she should have embraced Nazuna at that time and if it would have allowed her to look at Nazuna’s cute face more. She confesses in her mind about how she wasn’t lying when she complimented Nazuna’s body.

Blackout! Daria talks about how she can’t hold back and makes some moaning noises and then asks if it’s because of her that the situation is now like this. There’s some more talking about how it shouldn’t be embarrassing and then Daria gasps out that she can’t take it anymore and it’s unbearable. The scene is revealed to show that she’s looking at a dress that she wants.

*** CHAPTER 4 ***

The chapter starts off with Nazuna in class hearing her classmates talk about the tickets for a play called “Juan” that Daria is participating in, and that’s why everyone wants the tickets and it’s so popular. Even Nazuna has one though she tries to convince herself that it’s just because she’s a fan of Daria’s acting and that’s it, however her mind keeps returning to how cool Daria is and that Nazuna is dating her.

Anyway, Nazuna reacts in shock when her classmates point out that she must be one of Daria’s fans and that she must have become one because everyone’s seen her around with Daria. She’s the only girl in the school that is closest to Daria so far and so her classmates beg Nazuna to ask Daria to sign their things. Nazuna ends up accepting their request and goes to the clubroom only to bug into a girl who doesn’t meet her eyes and runs off when Nazuna asks if she’s alright.

In the clubroom, she finds Daria alone and suddenly becomes nervous. Daria picks up on her nervousness and asks about it, and Nazuna blurts out that this is the first time they’ve been alone in the clubroom. This makes Daria laugh and she points out that they’ve been alone during dates too, but Nazuna feels that the clubroom is lonely when it’s just the two of them. Anyway, then Daria asks if Nazuna has some business with her and Nazuna hesitates to ask since she’s not sure if it’s alright.

Daria tells her to sit beside her on the sofa and so Nazuna does, only for Daria’s arms to go around the back of the sofa in an attempt to relax her but Nazuna tells her that she’s already relaxed. Daria laughs and removes her arm and then finally Nazuna requests for Daria’s signature. She explains that her classmates wanted it, but Daria looks away and mutters something about how even Nazuna is.. but she agrees and signs some things for Nazuna’s classmates.

Then Daria informs Nazuna that today the club is on a break and Fuji was supposed to tell everyone but he apparently didn’t tell Nazuna, which makes sense since she’s not in the club. Daria teases Nazuna and asks her if she’s lonely because they won’t be able to have a date, but Nazuna tells her that she’ll be fine. Then Daria changes the conversation and tells her not to date anyone but her, before informing her that she has something to do and so she has to leave now. Nazuna watches her leave and then wonders about what Daria had been muttering under her breath.

Since there’s no date today and because she wants to calm her heart so that she doesn’t lose the bet, Nazuna heads off to the library. It’s night by the time she walks back to the dormitories and she encounters a man that she’s never seen before. It turns out that he’s a newspaper journalist and he wants to know about Daria through Nazuna. He wants to know private things about Daria like what she does at night and if she has a boyfriend. Nazuna tries to run away but he grabs her and she can’t break free.

However, Atsumori appears and tells the journalist to get lost because one word from Atsumori can ruin his life. The journalist sneers and insults the school for having these rich kids and then he leaves. When Nazuna tries to thank Atsumori he tells her that he doesn’t want her gratitude and then comments on how if she’s always going to get herself in trouble like this then he’s going to hold her hand.

He tells her 「四六時中、傍を離れられないようにしてやる。嬉しいだろう?」(Around the clock, I won’t let you go from my side. Doesn’t that make you happy?). (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン YES PLEASE! I DON’T CARE ABOUT DARIA TAKE ME AWAY ATSUMORI~! Anyway, then he asks her what the journalist grabbed her for and she tells him about how the guy wanted to know about Daria. Nazuna is also surprised that Atsumori came and saved her when he didn’t even know what was going on and only saw her panicking face.

Nazuna makes a comment on how amazing it is that journalists are trying to talk to Daria, but Atsumori explains that Daria is only popular because of her mother who is famous. He’s surprised when he finds out that Nazuna doesn’t follow the media and so she knows nothing about Daria’s mother. Atsumori suggests that she look up Daria’s mother and then tells Nazuna that she should return back to her room, but then he looks at her intensely. She asks him if he wants anything and he comments on how she looks scared and then asks with a smirk 「添い寝してやる。」(Let’s sleep together).

She forcefully tells him that she doesn’t need that and then returns back to her room to read some more Friedrich Nietzsche. She also makes a list of things she wants to know like Daria’s mother, the fight between Daria and Aoi about her mother, and other such stuff. The next day she goes out and finds Kakeru standing outside the dormitories asking out loud what he should do. When she asks him what he’s doing here he makes a joke about how he came here to deliver a punishment to her, but then explains that he’s actually trying to decide about a situation in front of the dormitory.

It turns out that the newspaper journalist from last night is back again and this time he’s hounding Daria for information about her mother. Daria keeps her silence. Kakeru can’t decide if he should interrupt or not, but Nazuna does and yells at the journalist to go away. Kakeru smirks when he sees Nazuna leave and talks about how she’s going to be touching a dangerous situation. Anyway, the reporter sees Nazuna and makes a snide comment about how she’s the girl from yesterday.

Nazuna tells him to leave this place since it’s the school, but he shoves her and tells her to go away since he’s asking Daria questions. Nazuna trips but as she falls to the ground she’s caught by Daria and then Daria whips out her rapier and tells the journalist to stop bothering Nazuna especially when she’s with Daria. If he doesn’t listen to her words then the next time they meet her rapier will pierce his body. The journalist sneers at them but leaves.

Daria steps closer to Nazuna and asks if she was scared, but Nazuna replies that she didn’t think that Daria would do such a thing. In her mind she thinks about how there must have been another way to get the journalist to leave like asking Kakeru for help. Anyway, Daria apologizes for getting Nazuna caught up in this but thanks Nazuna for coming to her aid. She also teases Nazuna and says that she brought out her rapier in Nazuna’s defense. Nazuna blushes and thinks about how her heart is pounding at Daria’s words and actions.

Then Daria suggests that they should head to school and so she asks Nazuna for her hand, but Nazuna refuses and tells her that they’re not on a date. Daria laughs quietly and asks her if she’s embarrassed and that she doesn’t have to be and then apologizes for getting Nazuna caught up in her troubles. Nazuna brushes it aside and comments on how it must be hard to have a famous mother, but when Daria hears this she gets angry and snaps at Nazuna not to talk as if she knows everything.

She storms away leaving Nazuna to stare after her and then Nazuna realizes that she must have said something that she shouldn’t have. She thinks about how she wants to help Daria and how her current situation relates to something that Friedrich Nietzsche wrote. Anyway, the the time skips and Daria takes Nazuna to a planetarium for their fourth date. It’s completely empty because Daria booked the place so that no one would be able to interrupt the time that they have together.

Daria whispers about how like this she will only have eyes for Nazuna and Nazuna will have no one else to look at but her. Nazuna’s response to this is to tell Daria to properly look at the stars and this makes Daria sigh. Anyway, they look up at the stars and talk about the constellations like the story about Castor and Pollux and how when Castor died, Pollux wished for the two of them to become stars so that they could be together.

This makes Daria ask Nazuna if she would throw away everything for love and Nazuna hesitantly answers that she would if she loved the person. Daria confesses that she thinks that’s amazing and then asks Nazuna quietly if Nazuna would allow her to throw away everything for her, or if she would be troubled. Nazuna stutters at this and then Daria chuckles before pointing out that Nazuna is cute when she’s flustered.

Nazuna tells Daria not to tease her, but Daria tells her that she’s not teasing her at all and then grabs her hand tightly. Their time is about to end though and so Daria mentions how it’s regretful that they have to part now, but Nazuna thinks in her head about how much she wants it to end because her heart won’t calm down. Then Daria asks if Nazuna had fun today and she replies that she did. Nazuna also wants to apologize to Daria, but since Daria doesn’t look mad she can’t bring herself to say it.

They walk home together through the woods and finally Nazuna gathers her courage and apologizes to Daria for what she said this morning about her mother. However, Daria acts as if she doesn’t remember and asks if Nazuna had a bad dream and then she tells Nazuna that she should forget it since she doesn’t know what Nazuna is talking about. Nazuna is shocked since she’s confident that it wasn’t a dream, but before she can say anything else Daria apologizes for being unable to walk Nazuna to the dormitory but she has something that she needs to do and so then she walks off.

Nazuna walks back to the dormitory alone and thinks about how Daria really looked like she didn’t know what Nazuna was talking about, but Nazuna knows that she didn’t dream it up since her chest still hurts from Daria’s angry words about how she shouldn’t talk about things that she doesn’t understand. When Nazuna reaches the dormitories she finds Kazuya and Kakeru outside. She greets them but Kakeru seems distracted and asks her if she’s met any strange people lately, since they’ve heard that reporters are trying to get onto the school grounds.

She reassures them though and then Kakeru changes the subject to how her bet is doing. He warns her to be careful of the club members while also telling her that if she doesn’t find a way out soon Wabisuke is going to get caught up. Anyway, they soon leave and Nazuna returns to her room to think about everything and she realizes that at some point she started to think that the date club was fun. Nazuna chides herself and reminds herself that she has to win the bet.

Daria won’t seem to leave her mind though no matter how Nazuna tries not to think about her. She rolls around on her bed and looks at the hand that Daria had taken when they were in the planetarium and then she thinks about how cool Daria is. She tries to reassure herself by reminding herself that Daria is a girl like her and so she won’t fall in love with her and then she goes to sleep.

Dessert! Daria thinks about how much fun she has with Nazuna and how happy she is. However, she’s confused as to why her heart becomes troubled and pained when she thinks about Nazuna dating another person and talking to them happily and smiling at them. She asks herself if she’s jealous but she thinks that it’s absurd since she’s Nazuna’s opponent for the date club, however if she isn’t feeling jealous then she doesn’t know what her feelings could possibly be. The only thing she can think about is how much she wants to be alone with Nazuna without anyone to interrupt them.

Blackout! Daria says things about how Nazuna should join her and that it’ll make her feel good. She invites Nazuna to touch and feel it for herself and then tells her to relax and that it’ll be fine since they’re both women. In the end, she giggles and confesses that she loves baths, especially rose baths.

*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Nazuna leaves the dormitories in the morning and notes that the temperature is freezing since it’s November. She bumps into Wabisuke in front of the dormitories and he invites her to walk with him to school. Nazuna agrees and then yawns widely which makes him ask her how she is. She tells him that she didn’t get any sleep and this makes her brother ask her worriedly if she’s troubled by anything. Nazuna quickly lies to him and tells him that she’s just tired from reading a book.

Wabisuke is unconvinced but he just tells her to take good care of her body. Anyway, then her brother asks her what her feelings are toward Daria and the date club since she’s been dating Daria lately. Nazuna tells him that she just considers Daria to be another girl and that their dates aren’t real. Wabisuke points out that Daria acts like a guy though and the other students call her a prince. Nazuna tells him that Daria is just acting like that.

At this point Daria appears and asks Nazuna if what she said was true and then grabs her and kisses her. Everyone in front of the dorms is shocked and Wabisuke makes some strangled noises. Nazuna pushes Daria away and asks her what she thinks she’s doing, but Daria just sadly asks Nazuna why Nazuna doesn’t understand her feelings. She confesses that her feelings will not change for Nazuna no matter what and then she walks off.

Nazuna quickly grabs her brother and runs off too, because there’s a growing crowd of people who start gossiping about her and Daria. At lunch, she retreats to the rooftop to get away from all the whispers about the incident this morning and she wonders why Daria kissed her. Nazuna decides that it must be because Daria is part of the date club and that’s the kind of things she does to people she’s dating, but Nazuna realizes that she’s never seen Daria kiss another girl.

She considers the possibility of Daria actually liking her, but then Nazuna becomes conflicted about that possibility because they’re both girls. Then she notices another girl on the rooftop, it was the one that she bumped into in the hallway, and then she notices that the girl is glaring at her. Suddenly, the girl tells Nazuna to return Daria to her because Daria is going out with her. Nazuna is shocked and asks if that’s true, but learns that it’s just one-sided on the girl’s part.

Then Nazuna points out that they’re both girls, but the fangirl asks her angrily why that matters because she really loves Daria. In the end, Nazuna reassures her by saying that she just considers Daria a friend and so the girl calms down, stops crying, and leaves. Nazuna is left on the rooftop thinking about how people in the date club think that they’re having fun when in reality they’re just hurting others.

Anyway, she leaves the rooftop and sees a crowd in the courtyard and so she goes out there to find Daria acting. She admires Daria for a second and thinks about how she can understand how the other girl might love Daria, since she’s always so cool. Seri appears by her side and teases her by pointing out that she’s looking at Daria pretty intensely and that he heard about this morning’s incident and how Nazuna doesn’t seem to be angry at that.

Nazuna confesses that she can’t seem to bring herself to be angry and he tells her that she’ll become confused if she doesn’t try to understand her feelings. Nazuna abruptly notices that Daria is looking her way and when their eyes meet she can’t seem to look away from Daria. Nazuna realizes this situation is bad and tries to run away to the library, but Daria grabs her by the sleeve and asks her why she’s running away. Nazuna can only apologize though before running off. Daria is left behind to stare after her sadly and she doesn’t hear a word Seri says from beside her.

At the library Nazuna tells herself to calm down and she’s wondering why her heart is pounding, especially when their eyes met. There’s a bit of a time skip and Christmas is going to be happening soon so Nazuna hasn’t seen Daria for a while. Nazuna is confused as to why she’s so depressed because of this and why she can’t seem to think of anything but Daria and so she walks down the hallway with her head down when she suddenly hears Daria calling out to her.

Daria notes that it’s unlike Nazuna to walk with her head down and that she should raise it. Nazuna whips her head up and greets Daria enthusiastically, which makes Daria laugh before she asks Nazuna if she missed her. Nazuna blushes but doesn’t say anything because she has the bet to worry about and she doesn’t understand her own complicated feelings. Anyway, Daria tells her about the upcoming Christmas party where people ask the person they like to be their date.

She asks Nazuna who she’s going to ask out and the first person that Nazuna thinks of is Daria, but she knows that she can’t say that. She also has to consider the other girl who likes Daria. However, Daria changes the topic and tells Nazuna that she’s free today after school to take Nazuna out on a date and that she’s looking forward to it.

Time skip again and Nazuna is in the clubroom reading Hamlet by William Shakespeare while Aoi and Atsumori and bickering over who received more invitations. Aoi was asked by four people while Atsumori was asked by six and so he wins. Then Aoi turns his attention to Nazuna and asks if she’s fallen in love with Daria since she’s here waiting for her and Nazuna denies it heatedly by pointing out that they’re both girls. WILL YOU SHUT UP WITH THAT NAZUNA? I’M TIRED OF HEARING YOU WANGST ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO LOVE DARIA BECAUSE YOU’RE A GIRL ( -д-).

Aoi asks her in confusion what that has to do with anything, because love knows no boundaries and points out that her face is bright red. Even Fuji pipes in by pointing out that there’s a possibility she’s hiding her true feelings because she doesn’t want to lose the bet. Nazuna angrily tells them that she doesn’t like Daria and that these are her true feelings. At this point the door is opened and Daria comes in saying that they’re all really loud. Nazuna freaks out thinking that Daria might have heard her words and accidently cuts herself on the book.

Daria becomes worried and she asks the club members what they’ve been saying to Nazuna to make her become so flustered that she hurt herself. Nazuna is relieved when she finds out that Daria could only hear their voices, but not what they were saying. Anyway, Daria asks Nazuna to see her finger and when Nazuna thanks her and shows her, Daria takes Nazuna’s finger into her mouth and sucks on the wound. Nazuna is frozen in shock and her face is bright red. Even though she knows that everyone is looking at her, she can’t bring herself to stand up or take her hand back.

For their fifth date, Daria takes Nazuna to the lake and Daria laughs affectionately when she sees Nazuna looking around in delight. They decide to go on a boat ride, but when Nazuna offers to row the boat Daria tells her that she’s not allowed because she’s wounded. Nazuna blushes as she remembers her wound being licked again and her heart starts pounding. Anyway, they row out into the lake and Nazuna asks Daria about her boat skills.

It turns out that Daria has rowed the boat for other girls as well and Nazuna falls into thought about this. She wonders if Daria has licked the wounds of other girls and then realizes in alarm that it wasn’t the time for their date when Daria sucked her finger. Daria interrupts her thoughts asking her why she’s thinking about other things on their date, but then her voice becomes teasing when she asks if Nazuna is jealous thinking about Daria being on a date with other girls. Nazuna denies that and Daria sighs while mentioning how that’s a shame.

She confesses that she wants to see Nazuna being jealous. Nazuna changes the conversation and asks if this lake is the only one that Daria has seen, but Daria recalls a happy memory that she has of seeing a beautiful lake with her mother. It might have been overseas or during one of her mother’s acting jobs, but she remembers how beautiful and quiet it is and how she wants to see it again. Daria tells Nazuna that she’d bring Nazuna with her there.

Then Daria suggests that when the summer comes they should swim in this lake. Nazuna asks if it’s alright and Daria says that if the water looks this beautiful then it should feel just as good. She also decides that they should find matching swimsuits and is pleased when Nazuna shyly agrees to it. They return back to the shore when the wind picks up and Nazuna tells her that next time they come to the lake she wants to row the boat, but Daria tells her that she’ll only let Nazuna row if her hands are uninjured.

Nazuna blushes again because she’s reminded of the incident in the clubroom. Anyway, night falls and Daria asks if Nazuna will come with her to the rose gardens to view the roses. She’ll escort Nazuna back to the dormitory afterward. Nazuna is amazed at how beautiful the roses are at night and Daria warns her not to touch them before she injures her hand again, although if she does injure her hand then Daria will just do the same thing that she did last time to treat it.

This makes Nazuna blush again and then Daria softly tells her that she’ll be taking her reward for escorting Nazuna to this wonderful place, and then she embraces her. Nazuna’s heart is pounding but her thoughts revolve around how she wants to stay like this forever and the night ends with her being escorted back to the dormitory. Nazuna realizes that she’s growing to like Daria, even though they’re both girls. Their date was also amazing because of the romantic mood and how it felt like it came out of a drama.

Her romantic fantasies are broken when she sees the girl who loves Daria staring at her hatefully. The girl tells her in a light crazy voice that this is the time for good girls to be sleeping. She repeats the word good girls and then walks off, leaving Nazuna to stare at her with fear and confusion. Nazuna notes that the girl is completely different from last time. SHE SOUNDS LIKE SHE’S BEEN TAKING LESSONS FROM WABISUKE Σ(^∀^;).

Dessert time! Daria is wondering why Nazuna ran away from her during that time in the courtyard, despite the fact that they were staring at each other. Then she recalls how Nazuna acted as normally as possible and she wonders if Nazuna has no interest in her or if she was embarrassed. She feels sad and wants to ask Nazuna why she doesn’t accept her feelings and if Nazuna is just playing around with Daria. She wants to confess to Nazuna that she feels miserable.

*** CHAPTER 6 ***

In the morning in front of the dormitories, Nazuna decides to return the book Hamlet to the library but she can’t find it. She realizes that she must have forgotten it somewhere since she was so nervous yesterday. Daria appears then and greets Nazuna before noticing that her eyes are red from a lack of sleep. She tells Nazuna to be careful about her health before asking Nazuna if she wants to walk to school together.

Nazuna agrees but points out that it’s unusual for Daria to walk to school with her. Daria just smiles happily and says that it’s a special morning, especially since she’s with Nazuna. Their moment together is interrupted when the girl from yesterday attacks Daria with a hug and then asks Daria to escort her to school. Daria refuses gently because she doesn’t know the girl and this makes the girl angrily blame Nazuna about how she must have made Daria say that.

She runs off before the two of them can respond and Nazuna asks Daria if she really doesn’t remember the girl, since the girl said that she dated Daria. Daria tells her that she doesn’t and then she apologizes. Anyway, they head off to school and to their classes. After her class, Nazuna decides to return to the clubroom to search for her book, Hamlet, but when she gets there she finds Daria acting out the scenes from the book by saying the lines.

Daria acts out the roles of both Hamlet and Ophelia and their conversation has to do with Hamlet loving Ophelia, but Ophelia not knowing if she should believe it or not. It sort of resembles the conversation from the morning about Daria not remembering the girl and Nazuna wonders if that was really Daria or if she was just acting. She doesn’t want to believe that though and shakes it off just as Daria notices her. She apologizes for getting caught up in the scene and for borrowing Nazuna’s book like that.

But then she asks if she can borrow it for one more day since she’s practicing for a drama that she’s in. Nazuna is impressed and excited for it and Daria is so pleased by her reaction that she invites Nazuna to come with her to the set. Daria also teases Nazuna by asking Nazuna if she should be introduced as Daria’s lover. Nazuna blushes and thinks about how Daria resembled a boy then, but Daria quickly tells her that she’s just joking.

Anyway, Nazuna accepts the offer and they decide to meet after school at the gates of the school. She’s nervous about going to the set but Daria reassures her because she knows the people who are overseeing the drama. Daria isn’t nervous at all because her mother used to take her to a lot of her shooting sets too. So they go there and Daria does a confession scene. However, Nazuna quickly realizes that Daria’s lines are the exact same ones that she said after she kissed Nazuna.

It’s not just those lines either. When Nazuna searches her memory she feels as if there were a lot of moments when Daria didn’t seem like she was truly there or it was truly her. The scene finishes quickly and Daria asks Nazuna how she feels about her first time on a drama set. Nazuna vaguely replies about how she feels like she understands Daria a bit more. Then she asks Daria what kind of books that she likes and what her favourite story is.

Daria tells Nazuna her favourite book and when she asks Nazuna why she wants to know, Nazuna tells her that she wants to read them. The scene skips to Nazuna in her room and she drops a pile of books down. She ended up taking out all the books that Daria had said that she liked and she reads them all through the night and into the morning to confirm her suspicions. In the end, she finds out that most of the things Daria has said to her were lines from these books.

Nazuna is saddened by this and realizes that she must actually like Daria, despite the fact that they’re both girls and that she has a bet to win, because she’s hurt by this. Time skip to the next day and it’s evening. It’s Nazuna’s last date with Daria and when Daria meets her at the gates of the school she notes that Nazuna looks depressed. However, she teases Nazuna and points out that they’re going to go on a date to change her mood.

Daria has decided to take Nazuna to a theme park and she asks Nazuna if she wants to go to the house of mirrors. In the end, Nazuna is prepared to enjoy her last date with Daria even if she doesn’t know who the real Daria is. They go to the house of mirrors and Nazuna is amazed at how it looks like another world and there’s a lot of reflections of them. Daria laughs affectionately at Nazuna and then she points out that Nazuna has been staring at her a lot.

Nazuna apologizes, but Daria tells her that she doesn’t have to because it makes her happy. She confesses that knowing Nazuna is looking at her makes her heart pound. Nazuna confesses that she is also feeling her heart pound and Daria tells her that Nazuna is the cutest when she’s saying things honestly. Then she whispers that she wants to do something that’ll make her heart pound more. Nazuna whispers Daria’s name, but then Daria steps away and asks for Nazuna’s hand.

Her excuse is that she doesn’t want to be separated from Nazuna and for Nazuna to get lost in here. As they walk along Daria asks Nazuna what she thinks when she sees their reflections in the mirror. Do they look like friends, sisters, or lovers? Nazuna confesses that she can see them looking like lovers and Daria softly agrees and says that anyone who looks at their reflection would think that they were lovers.

Then she abruptly drops Nazuna’s hand and tells her that this is where they part and that Nazuna has to use her own power to find her loved one, like in stories. Daria runs off and Nazuna chases after her and she hears Daria commenting on how Nazuna is like Alice who chased after the white rabbit. Nazuna sees Daria and yells out that she found her, but it turns out that it’s just a reflection. The real Daria suddenly embraces Nazuna from behind.

Daria asks Nazuna if she was lonely and then confesses that she was lonely, waiting for Nazuna to find her. Nazuna blushes and frantically tells Daria not to whisper in her ear like that, but Daria ignores her and asks Nazuna if they can remain like this forever because if they’re like this then they won’t be lonely anymore. Then she tells Nazuna that she’ll lead her out of the maze and so they need to hold hands again, but this time Daria won’t let go of Nazuna’s hands because she’s finally found her.

As they leave though Nazuna thinks about how her heart is still searching for the real Daria amongst the mirrors. When they return to the dormitories at night, Nazuna asks Daria where she really is. Daria is confused but Nazuna explains that she doesn’t have memories of dating the girl who is in love with Daria. Nazuna also brings up moments that they were together, like the time that she was kissed, and asks Daria if she remembers that but Daria doesn’t.

In fact, Daria tries to distract Nazuna by flirting with her but Nazuna slaps her and tells her to stop it. She points out that the lines that Daria is using are from her favourite books and that whenever she acts she seems to become someone other than herself and that she loses her memories. Nazuna tells Daria that she doesn’t have to do that around her and then Nazuna confesses that she just wants the real Daria. Daria is shocked into silence and whispers that no one has ever said that to her before.

Then she asks Nazuna to listen to her, because she might know the reason why she does this. Her mother is a famous actress but she’s famous because of her adultery. One day, she became a single mother and gave birth to Daria. Everyone pitied Daria, but she’s actually proud of her mother and bears no hard feelings towards her. However, her mother never looks at her and is always working hard at studying her lines for acting and going out on dates with her lovers. Daria was lonely as a kid and so she decided to pick up acting so that she could draw the attention of her mother.

No matter how much she acted though, her mother never looked at her and never praised her. It didn’t matter to Daria though and she continued to practice her acting. Even when she noticed that she sometimes got so absorbed in a role that she forgot herself, she can’t stop acting because she believes that she’ll draw the attention of her mother one day. Her voice becomes teary as she apologizes to Nazuna and points out that it seems like she’s a cruel person who lives by deceiving others.

Nazuna tells her that it’s going to be alright and quotes something for Daria. She also tells Daria that she can be herself in front of Nazuna, because that’s what she wants. Daria smiles in happiness and mentions how this must be the first time that she’s holding Nazuna’s hands and when Nazuna tries to protest, Daria tells her that she’s not acting and that her heart is really thankful towards Nazuna.

Daria thanks Nazuna a few more times before deciding to try and be herself from now on, though she doesn’t know if she can do it, but Nazuna tells her that she’ll be there to help Daria. She wants to be able to see Daria smiling honestly from her heart and she wants to know the real Daria’s feelings. She tells Daria that she’ll do anything she can to help her and Daria tells Nazuna that she’s a kind person.


Dessert! Daria doesn’t understand her self. All she knows is that she’s not being her true self when she’s in the date club. There are feelings, however, that she does understand and she knows that she likes Nazuna and doesn’t want to lose her. She’ll do anything for Nazuna and she wants to search for her true self with Nazuna. But she wonders what Nazuna thinks about her and if she can accept her feelings.

In the morning, Daria walks to school with Nazuna and she thanks her again for yesterday. Nazuna tells her that she had been thanked enough yesterday, but Daria feels as if she can’t say it enough times. It was because of Nazuna that she realized her memory problem and how she must have been hurting others. Daria confesses that she did a lot of thinking last night to understand herself better.

Daria forced herself to become or act in a way that other people wished and in doing so she lost herself. However, Nazuna never had any expectations for Daria and so dating Nazuna made Daria feel like she was herself. She also understands her feelings for Nazuna now, but when Nazuna asks her what that is Daria tells her that she won’t tell Nazuna until she understands her self better. Right now, Daria has no confidence to confess her feelings and so she asks Nazuna for more time.

Nazuna agrees and then points out that this is the first time she’s heard Daria show a weaker side to her. Daria laughs and remarks on how she probably isn’t cool right now, but Nazuna shakes her head and says that she doesn’t think so. In her mind, she thinks about how she’s happy that Daria feels comfortable enough to reveal this side to her.

The scene changes to Nazuna in the library reading books and Daria appears. She finds out that Nazuna is reading all of the books that she likes to read and that Nazuna is reading it because she thinks it’s fun to imagine Daria as characters in the book. Daria is a bit embarrassed, but then she changes the topic and asks if Nazuna has thought about what she wants to do for Christmas. Nazuna tells her that she hasn’t asked anyone out to the party yet and so Daria hesitantly invites Nazuna to meet her mother with her.

Daria wants to go out somewhere with Nazuna on Christmas, but they don’t need to go to the party. Nazuna agrees enthusiastically, though she’s nervous about meeting Daria’s mother, and tells Daria that she thinks this year’s Christmas will be a wonderful one. Suddenly, a bookshelf tips over and injures Nazuna. Before she faints she catches site of Daria’s fangirl beside the shelf. The next scene is her being patched up in the infirmary by Fuji and Daria apologizes for having been unable to save her.

Nazuna tells her that she’s fine and it’s alright and so then Daria decides to return back to the library to pick up the books that Nazuna left behind. Before she leaves though, Nazuna thanks her for worrying about her. Daria remains silent and with a pained face as she leaves. Anyway, then Fuji muses thoughtfully on how it seemed like Daria has changed and that Nazuna has changed too. In fact, Nazuna can’t seem to stop looking at Daria.

This makes Nazuna confess to him that her feelings for Daria can’t be stopped and that she doesn’t care if she has to give up and lose the bet. She’s not able to go back to the way that she was before. However, Fuji doesn’t make a mention of the bet and tells her to stay with Daria. When Nazuna asks him about that, he just shrugs and asks her what bet she’s talking about and fakes ignorance. Nazuna thanks him gratefully and leaves.

The next day is the Christmas party and Nazuna is conflicted over what she should wear. She’s in her room trying to decide and it turns out that Daria is sleeping over, because she feels like she won’t be able to sleep if she’s alone. Both of them are nervous about meeting Daria’s mother, though Daria reassures Nazuna that it’ll be fine and she should just wear her normal clothes since she’s cute in them.

Daria also uses the shower in Nazuna’s room and walks out in her undergarments which makes Nazuna freak out and tell her to get dressed before she catches a cold. That and she feels embarrassed in a strange way from seeing Daria. Daria just tilts her head in confusion and tells Nazuna that she doesn’t mind if Nazuna looks at her, but she ends up listening to Nazuna and switching into her pajammas.

There’s a bit of a dilemma when Nazuna realizes that she has to sleep in the same bed as Daria, but Daria just tells Nazuna to look at her and then kisses her on the forehead. She also confesses that if Nazuna is looking at her then she can be herself and if she remains true to herself through her meeting with her mother then there’s something that she wants to say to Nazuna. She tells Nazuna that when the time comes she doesn’t want Nazuna to look away from her and that though she doesn’t know if it’ll scare Nazuna or make her angry, she just wants Nazuna to listen to her words.

Nazuna agrees and then Daria falls asleep. Nazuna remains awake a little longer because her heart is pounding from feeling Daria’s breath on her neck and then she thinks about how she might be a sinner already for Daria. I.. WHAT? WHAT IS THIS DUMB CONTRIVED POETIC DRAMA? A SINNER BECAUSE YOU’RE BOTH GIRLS? SPARE ME THIS DRAMA..


The two of them head off into the town to meet Daria’s mother and Nazuna is extremely nervous. Daria wraps an arm around Nazuna’s shoulders though and tells her not to be nervous and that it’ll be fine. As they’re about to enter the place where her mother is though, Daria’s crazy fangirl appears again and screams at Nazuna to return Daria to her and then she drops a bunch of pictures that she took of Nazuna and Daria sleeping together last night.

A journalist appears, the one that harassed Daria before, and he asks the fangirl if she knows any juicy news about Daria and the fangirl confesses everything in her deluded mind. Nazuna and Daria are forced to run away and cancel their plans since everyone in the town is starting to gossip about them. Nazuna’s monologue explains that in the passing days, Daria and Nazuna were unable to meet since everyone was talking about them. There was always news about Daria on the TV and in the newspapers.

One day, Daria secretly calls Nazuna out to the chapel and apologizes for getting her caught up in all of this. Nazuna just shakes her head and replies that she’s glad they can still meet. Finally, Daria confesses her love for Nazuna and asks if she can return her feelings. If she can’t then she’ll also be fine with Nazuna rejecting her. Nazuna tells her that she feels the same way.

Daria tells her to think it over carefully because if she continues down this path then she’s going to fall into the forbidden land. Nazuna tells her that she can’t change her feelings or turn back now and that she doesn’t want to. Daria affectionately calls her an idiot and tells her that she should have lied and ran away, because now Daria won’t ever let her go. They have their real first kiss again, because Daria doesn’t remember the first one she gave to Nazuna, and then the screen darkens as they have implied sex.

It’s monologue time again and finally the press has gotten tired of writing about Daria. They still don’t meet each other much at school, until the bell chimes. That’s when they start to act like lovers. A year has passed now and Daria and Nazuna are gone from Japan and overseas in some place with a beautiful sky and lake. Daria talks about no one will look at them here and they’re free to love one another.

She tells Nazuna that she loves her and Nazuna replies with the same words. Then Daria thinks about how happy she is and leans against Nazuna and closes her eyes. Nazuna wonders if Daria fell asleep and notes how happy Daria looks and so she closes her eyes too. Nazuna’s last thoughts are about on of Byron’s quotes about how the only thing he’ll regret when he dies is leaving the things he loves behind. She thinks that Daria has the same thoughts as her.


In the first morning when Daria asks Nazuna if they can walk to school together, Nazuna wonders out loud if she doesn’t want to ask anyone else. Daria says that there’s no one else she wants to ask and then the fangirl interrupts. Everything else is the same as the FORBIDDEN HARD.

As they exit the dormitories in the morning, they draw the attention of the students since Daria is in her fabulous clothes and they’re together. Daria points out that this is going to be their first date since the ones in the date club don’t count. Then Daria asks Nazuna where she went in the morning since she woke up early. Nazuna doesn’t tell her, but she actually went to find the crazy fangirl and tell her that she actually likes Daria. The fangirl is pissed but doesn’t do anything because she knows that Daria only has eyes for Nazuna.

Anyway, the two go to see Daria’s mother’s show and Nazuna is amazed by her mother’s talent. When they get to the restaurant, Nazuna comments on how she should have expected Daria’s mother to be amazing at acting since Daria is just as good. Daria’s mother appears to join them and she asks for their opinions on her show. Nazuna expresses her amazement at the talented acting and Daria agrees. This sends her mother into tears because it’s the first time she’s heard her daughter express her true opinion and so now her daughter has returned.

She thought that it was her fault that her daughter was caught up in acting. She thanks Nazuna gratefully because she knows that Nazuna was the one to change Daria. Daria agrees wholeheartedly, even though Nazuna tries to protest, and they have a happy reunion. Daria’s mother has to leave the moment they’re done dinner though because she’s a busy person, but Daria is fine with that because now she has Nazuna.

They walk the streets at night and Daria gives Nazuna her coat. She also notes that Nazuna’s eyes are a bit red and that she must have been concealing her crying during the time at the restaurant. Nazuna confesses to her that she was touched by the scene between mother and daughter and Daria thanks her again for helping her repair her relationship with her mother.

Then Daria confesses her love to Nazuna because she thinks that she’ll be alright now. She repeats her words from before about how she doesn’t want Nazuna to look away from her and to listen to her words. She also asks for Nazuna’s answer, and Nazuna tells her that she already decided a long time ago that she likes Daria. Daria smiles happily and then kisses her saying that they’ll be together from now on.

Time skip and Daria ended up leaving the date club to become an actress. Then she paid off Nazuna’s debt to free Nazuna and Wabisuke. The next scene is them walking down the hallway in the school and Daria asks Nazuna when their next appointment is because Nazuna is Daria’s manager, though a fail one because she keeps forgetting the appointments as Daria is super busy. Daria laughs affectionately and Nazuna decides that they need to run to the next shooting set.

She stops when she hears the chime though and recalls the time she spent in the date club. Daria asks if she wants to return to that place to be surrounded by handsome men, but Nazuna tells her that she doesn’t want to because she has someone cooler than handsome men. Daria smiles and takes Nazuna’s hand at that. Nazuna is afraid that someone will see them, but Daria reassures her that there’s no one here.

She also thinks that people will just mistake them as being on good terms with one another. It’s also a bit of a thrill to have their relationship concealed like this. This secret is one that Nazuna and Daria will keep in their hearts. OHMYGOD 2 MORE AND I’LL BE DONE. DARIA’S ROUTES AREN’T BAD I GUESS BUT I JUST HAVE NO INTEREST. NONE OF THE ROMANTIC LINES MOVE ME.. THOUGH THE SCENE BETWEEN DARIA AND HER MOTHER WAS TOUCHING.


Basically, through Chapter 6, Nazuna just acted as if Daria and her were friends and denied the possibility of even liking Daria in a romantic way. In the mirror house, Nazuna says things like it’s just Daria’s imagination, they look like friends, and they need to return back to the dormitory.

Dessert time! Daria was never aware that she had been acting as a different person and Nazuna is the first one who ever noticed that about her. She doesn’t want to let go of Nazuna, but she’s afraid to find out how Nazuna feels about her. She wonders if Nazuna is just being nice to her or.. All she knows is that her feelings towards Nazuna won’t change and she doesn’t want them to change.

The next morning in class Nazuna is happy that she is going to eat lunch with Daria. As she prepares to leave the class, Daria appears and confesses to Nazuna that she couldn’t wait and wanted to walk her there. While they’re eating lunch Nazuna decides that she should tell Daria’s fangirl about how she feels towards Daria, but she can’t bring herself to do this. Anyway, as the day goes on Daria appears everywhere to do things like walk to school with Nazuna.

She skips her classes to be with Nazuna and walks her to her classes. She also skips her club activities, because she’s afraid of being detained by someone else and then she might start acting by accident and forget her memories. Daria confesses that she only feels safe if she’s around Nazuna. However, on a day that Nazuna is finally alone and in the library, Suou shows up and comments on how everyone is talking about Daria and her and how Daria seems to have become afraid of everyone but Nazuna.

Nazuna tries to evade his words by telling him that Daria is around her because she likes Nazuna. He hums thoughtfully and then asks her what she thinks the press will write about Daria if she continues to hover around Nazuna like this. Suou actually chuckles darkly and compliments her on how she seems to be doing this, because if the press does end up writing things about Daria then she won’t be able to be an actress with this scandal around her and she’ll belong to Nazuna.

As Suou walks off, Nazuna realizes that Suou must have noticed her love for Daria which is why he’s saying these things. She also realizes that there’s a risk to her love for Daria. Anyway, then Daria appears in the library and calls out to tell Nazuna that the library is closing now. She chides Nazuna for not inviting her and then notes that her pallor looks bad, but when she tries to check Nazuna’s temperature, Nazuna pushes her away.

Daria is shocked before she breaks down and says in a frightened and quiet voice that she doesn’t want this. She begs Nazuna not to push her away because she doesn’t want another person, who is important to her, to leave and go somewhere else. Nazuna’s defenses crumble at this and she apologizes to Daria and even allows Daria to sleep in her room tonight when Daria asks if she could.

The days pass like this and finally Nazuna escapes into the chapel in the middle of the night to think. She knows that the situation is getting worse, but whenever she tries to push Daria away Daria gets this broken look on her face and so Nazuna can’t bring herself to continuously push her away. Nazuna whispers out loud that she just wants to find the real Daria and then Kazuya and Kakeru greet her from behind. They overheard her accidently while they were patrolling.

Kakeru tells her that they found the reporter skulking around with Daria’s crazy fangirl. They managed to drive the reporter off and they also found out about the fangirl’s hatred towards Nazuna and so they made her write a letter to Nazuna. Kazuya hands her the letter while Kakeru changes the subject back to what Nazuna said about wanting to find the real Daria. He spouts off something about how he doesn’t think the real Daria exists because humans are beings that deceive others and live as lies.

Anyway, they leave after telling her to stop coming out to places like this late at night. Outside of the chapel, Kazuya asks if it’s alright for them not to have asked Nazuna about the dating club’s weakness. Kakeru just smirks and says that they’ll monitor the situation but he doesn’t think that it’s necessary anymore. Back to Nazuna, she thinks about how she doesn’t know what she should do about Daria’s situation and then she decides to read the letter. It has only one line and it’s “I won’t forgive you.”

Nazuna returns back to her room and Daria asks her worriedly where she went, because when she came out of the bath Nazuna was gone. Nazuna tells her that she was called out by Kakeru so that he could tell her about the Christmas party. Daria’s face falls and she asks Nazuna to take her with her next time. Then she hugs Nazuna and Nazuna notices that Daria smells the same as her. Daria happily tells her that she wants to smell like Nazuna and that she wants to them to do everything together. CREEPY.. ಠ_ಠ.


The two of them wake up and Daria notices that Nazuna doesn’t seem groggy at all and asks if she even slept. Nazuna reassures her by saying that she has, but that she just woke up instantly alert. It’s because she’s been thinking about what to do and she’s finally decided. The two of them decide to spend Christmas together and they go to the chapel where Nazuna prays to God and asks if their current situation isn’t fine the way it is.

She thinks that this situation is something Daria and her both want and so it should be fine. Daria asks her what she prayed for, since she was praying for a long time, and Nazuna tells her that she wished for a good night. Daria laughs affectionately and reveals that she wished for Nazuna never to leave her. She wished this because Nazuna hasn’t told her yet that she won’t leave her.

And so Nazuna tells her that she won’t leave and Daria confesses her love, not as a friend but as a lover. Nazuna tells her that she feels the same way though and Daria blushes in happiness. Their moment is interrupted by the crazy fangirl who bursts in and asks Daria how she could say that in a betrayed voice. She also calls Nazuna a liar for saying that they were merely friends and then charges at Nazuna with a knife.

Daria intervenes and wrestles with the fangirl until the knife drops. At this point, Nazuna is relieved but then she gasps in horror when Daria picks up the knife and stabs the fangirl. The fangirl painfully asks Daria why she did that and cries out that it hurts before she collapses. Nazuna asks Daria why she did that in shock and Daria quotes Lord Byron about how for her sake, she doesn’t care if the world is lost. She doesn’t need anything but Nazuna and everyone else are hindrances.

Nazuna realizes painfully that this is all her fault that Daria became like this. She’ll have to bear the responsibility and punishment. The two of them set the chapel on fire and Daria orders Nazuna not to tell anyone anything. They also can’t run away or people will suspect them and so they have to play it cool. Nazuna obeys Daria because she wants to stay with Daria. Then she notices Daria praying to God and again and it turns out that she’s thanking God because her wish was granted.

The next day Nazuna wakes up wondering if it was all a dream, but she hears people outside the dormitory talking about how the chapel was burned down. She also wakes up to find Daria beside her and they’re both in their undergarments and she blushes as she realizes that it isn’t a dream and that her body still remembers what Daria did it. Anyway, from now on they’ll be together forever without anyone bothering them. THERE WAS A SURPRISING LACK OF GUILT AND REMORSE ON NAZUNA’S PART (°Α°). SHE’S ALL LIKE “OH NO SOMEONE DIED. OH WELL NOW I CAN BE WITH DARIA!”


It’s Christmas day and the date club is mingling in the courtyard. A girl gives Aoi a present and he asks, while smirking, if he can thank her with a kiss. The girl swoons and Nazuna chuckles at how busy the date club is. Another girl tries to give Daria a present, but Daria rejects it and says that she isn’t accepting presents this year because there’s only one person she wants to receive a present for. The girl runs off in tears and Nazuna asks if that’s alright.

Daria believes that so long as she has Nazuna by her side, she’ll be content though. Then she gives Nazuna a present and it’s a hair accessory with a Dahlia flower on it. Nazuna notes that the flower Dahlia symbolizes magnificence and instability and then she gives Daria a book about acting and confesses that she likes Daria when she’s acting and she knows that Daria wants to act too. Whenever they read books she sees Daria moving her lips to silently say the lines.

Nazuna knows that she’s just holding Daria back, but when Daria tries to protest and confess that she just needs Nazuna because she loves her Nazuna says her name sharply and cuts her off. She kisses Daria and then tells her that this is the last time that they will kiss and that she can say her words the next time they meet. Nazuna thinks that they won’t meet again after this though.

In her monologue, some time has passed and Nazuna returned back to her parent’s house and her previous school. Because she kissed Daria in front of everyone, she lost the bet to the date club. Wabisuke merely laughed and said that it couldn’t be helped and so now she goes to her school and works part-time to pay off her debt. Nazuna is sure that the fangirl who is obsessed with Daria can feel relieved now. In truth, Nazuna wants to see Daria again and she still loves her but she has to believe that what she’s doing is the right choice.

One day in Spring, Wabisuke bursts into the house and asks Nazuna what she wants him to get for groceries. They bicker a bit over what she wants to buy and he teases her by saying that she’ll get fat if she doesn’t move around, but she tells him that she gets her exercise while working. He also asks why she closed the television when he came in but she tells him innocently that she didn’t. Anyway, he finally leaves after saying mysteriously 「・・・ああ、それと。今回だけだからな。」(.. Ah, by the way, just this time).

Nazuna is confused by her brother’s words, but forgets about it when he leaves. She turns on the television again and returns to watching one of the movies that Daria starred in. As the scene plays out the last line that had made her cry the first time she heard it is suddenly said from behind her. Nazuna whips around in shock and finds Daria standing there. She had been let in by Wabisuke.

Daria confesses that she thought a lot when Nazuna disappeared and finally found herself. It’s the real her who is standing in front of Nazuna and she can finally walk down the path of being an actress without losing herself. They both still like each other and so they decide to start their relationship over. Daria kisses Nazuna’s hand and then teases her by asking her if she wants to hear her confession. Nazuna stutters out that she doesn’t need and doesn’t want to hear it.

This just makes Daria pout as she points out that Nazuna had said that the next time they meet is when she would be allowed to say her confession. It doesn’t matter though, because they have a lot of time together now that they’re starting over. She’ll make sure that she seduces Nazuna.

21 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Yaehara Daria ~

    Mangotaku said:
    June 5, 2014 at 13:51

    Awkward.. at first I thought that Diara was a guy.. well, at least there is a yuri-route for the fans. But I still think that Rejet should’ve just made Diara look like a really girly girl, to make it more ‘Forbidden” .

      Ilinox responded:
      June 15, 2014 at 15:33

      I actually thought she looked pretty feminine already, but yeah I felt like Rejet was still testing the waters here with the “forbidden” aspect of things since Wabisuke isn’t even blood-related to her. It’s also funny because no one else in the school seems to care about Daria liking Nazuna and most of the “forbidden” aspect of this route just comes from Nazuna making a big fuss out of nothing.

      Overall though, while I was bored with this route, I really enjoyed the fact that they included this in as well. But you’re right in how Daria shouldn’t have looked or acted like a guy _(:3/ <)_.

    Brooke said:
    July 12, 2013 at 05:30

    Dariah’ s routes reactions:

    Shane: Finally a female route! *insert his happiness here*

    William: Eh. Whatever.

    Brooke: Nice character design, and plot. Wabisuke is the one I am fangirling over though boys!

    William is my friend who played BWS. Yeah, oh God do play Hatoful Boyfriend (So you can translate the drama CDs) huh did something get slipped in there? Please do, you need to see these birdies with ICPSS mode on.

    Hehe, I think this game would be a nice one for the fact… they’re birds. Plus the heroine has a personality! For once. Adieuuuuu~!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 15, 2013 at 03:18

      It’s interesting to hear how your friends play otome games. Do they not like eroge games or…? Mm, now that it’s been two years or so since I played Gekka I feel completely different towards Daria. She still isn’t one of my favorite characters (Atsumori and Aoi are the kings of my heart) but she is an interesting route. I’m not sure how I feel about the game constantly trying to promote her as being “princely” and “like a boy” though if they were going to make Daria the only girl route.

      Haha, one day I will play Hatoful Boyfriend. There’s just too many games releasing this year including non-otome games that I’ve been derping around on, oops.

        Brooke said:
        July 16, 2013 at 07:17

        The game that you need to reread eery sentence to make sure you understand it, I did like the second game because, this game really does break the fourth wall.

        I am to fly off into tears, goodbye everybirdie!

    carl brock said:
    August 20, 2012 at 11:11

    Will that suck I thought she was a guy *sigh* oh will she is pretty I’ll give her that.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 20, 2012 at 11:22

      Haha, well this game was all about forbidden romance and so a girl’s route shouldn’t be too surprising. I like how Rejet, the company, was ballsy enough to do this.

        carl brock said:
        August 20, 2012 at 21:10

        Yeah will I thoguht she was a guy so but when I saw bath scene I was like holy…..?!?! So yeah it surprised me a little.

    MAri said:
    March 16, 2012 at 20:25

    I don´t really play Otome games because i lack japanese knowledge, but I like reading reviews (and never commenting)
    I AM commenting here because, this is the first yuri route I´ve read, and I´m very dissapointed.
    I mean, if its to be a girls romance, then be a girls romance….If she looks, like a boy, acts like a boy, sounds like a boy…The only difference is that she can´t really rape the heroine.Not really.
    Anyways, very datailed review for something you didnt have an interest in. Thanks.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 17, 2012 at 12:07

      ;ww; I think you definitely hit the problem on the head. There’s no point in having her be a girl if she’s going to act like a boy.. except for the fact that they wanted to deal with the whole forbidden same-sex relationship I guess. BUT NO ONE HAD A PROBLEM WITH IT EXCEPT THE HEROINE (屮゚Д゚)屮 so drama!fail.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment~! My thoughts are that even if I don’t like it or am not interested, someone else might be and so I feel like I need to do my best to review it for those people (≧ω≦).

    Haruna said:
    February 22, 2012 at 10:44

    Haha, Atsumori’s appearance in Daria’s route was hilarious. How can Nazuna read Nietzsche after Atsumori offered her to sleep with him. :D Really… stupid Nazuna, that was the chance for the missing naughty scene in his route… (´・ω・`)

    But I still wonder, how you can loose your memory, when your acting… Meh… I don’t really care… since I don’t have interest in yuri or yaoi anyway.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 22, 2012 at 14:19

      She was too drunk on love for Daria (ノ´∀`*)ノ /bricked despite her constant and repeated whining about how they’re both girls when NO ONE CARED. *still irritated by that*

      I’m still not sure if she was literally losing her memories or if it was metaphorical. Like, she was so absorbed by a role or by putting on her mask, that she was starting to forget who she was or how she normally acts? ┐(゚~゚)┌

      PS. You’re on a roll wwww commenting on all my Gekka Ryouran posts (人´∀`*). Thank you for that by the way, it’s always fun to hear what other people think about games. No love for Aoi or Wabisuke? xD;;

        Haruna said:
        February 23, 2012 at 01:37

        Makes sense… Maybe she was too caught up in her roles…

        Oh yeah, I somehow got caught in this blog, since every review is really detailed and fun to read. :) I love looooooong stories. (ノ´∀`*)ノ

        Haha, if you say so, I should considering to give comments on Aoi and Wasabi as well.. But somehow they managed to be forever ruined, since they disturbed Atsumori so much. ಠ_ಠ

        Ah, thanks for always replying my comments. I really love to talk about stuff like that, but can’t seem to find anyone to talk to… ^^

    Usagi said:
    November 17, 2011 at 17:11

    I think there’s solely nothing wrong with Daria’s route in this game. xD But I have to agree omfg a dateable girl in an otome game is just…um, even though I don’t mind yuri at all I think I’d rather date men LOL. Ahhhh, Rejet and Otomate really meant it with their forbidden theme!!! (/・・)ノ

    Thank you for the VERY detailed summary. xDD I think I’m gonna play Daria first to get her out of the way… (´・ω・`)

      Ilinox responded:
      November 17, 2011 at 17:22

      I’m doing my last route right now with the shouta and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m starting to find Daria better than the shouta ಠ_ಠ. He’s just.. UGH. I WANT THIS GAME TO BE OVER WITH, haha.

      I’m much like you. I wasn’t squicked or anything, but it was pretty much flat disinterest through the whole thing. The only thing that made me get fed up was with Nazuna’s constant “But we’re both girls!”.

      No problem :3 thank you for reading it (or skimming it since you’ll be playing it too xD). I wish you luck if you’re going to do her first! It might be extreme boredom because you can’t skip the daily stuff ^^;;.

    Hinano said:
    October 24, 2011 at 10:38

    wow I still can’t believe you sat through this. i didn’t see it before, but now that I saw the pic of daria & nazuna in their underwear….lol I woulda thrown my psp against the wall (ok no I wouldn’t but then again this is also why I refuse to play her route ww.)

    i don’t think there’s any other otome game where you literally date a chick. i mean there were like female friend ends in ZMG and DRP but nothing to this level blah. funny thing is, if the main hero was a dude in an eroge, I don’t care that much. so i guess its not really about gettin with chicks but the fact that I don’t like yuri lol. like how I don’t like yaoi, they always make these things so stupid and overblown :roll:

      Ilinox responded:
      October 24, 2011 at 15:00

      I was tempted to chuck my PSP somewhere too every time I saw Nazuna create some unnecessary drama about her love for another girl lolol, but it’s my own fault for torturing myself like this.

      Hm, yeah, they either turn out to be a trap or just best friends. I think half of my enjoyment for otome games comes from the voices but Daria’s voice, while nice and not high-pitch squealing, doesn’t do it for me x3.

    Rin said:
    October 24, 2011 at 04:00

    Congrats for finishing Daria! I know it was painful, you did a good job. 8D

    Did you like her story overall? It’s less dramatic than any of the guys’, but it didn’t move me at all because I’m not into yuri. (´・ω・`A;) Aside from Aoi’s, I think this is the only route where Wabisuke is actually rooting for Nazuna’s relationship. He went “” ・・・Σ(゚д゚ ) upon seeing their kiss, so I wonder what he’s actually thinking of lol.

    ..and yes Nazuna’s personality completely changes in Pure Hard ending. She was like “why did you kill her!?” at first, but then she’s like “oh well as long as I can stay with Daria” so I was like ( ಠ_ಠ ) during the whole scene. xD

      Ilinox responded:
      October 24, 2011 at 08:49

      I feel like I’ve levelled up in terms of forcing myself to do things that I don’t want to do.

      Her story wasn’t bad at all and it was actually kind of interesting. There was a lot of potential tragedy about Daria habitually acting and losing her memories whenever she did, but like you said.. I’m not into yuri either so I had no commentary/reaction whatsoever x3.

      Her Pure dependence turned me off too. She just popped up everywhere and clung to Nazuna so badly, haha. For once I only liked the Forbidden endings. (This game trolls you so bad in making you guess where the crazy versions are).

      Normally things like in the Pure Hard would make me ドキドキ, but because it was Daria I couldn’t get into it LOL. I was pretty much like (°ロ°) the whole way through that one. For a second I thought their punishment was going to be burning alive and I was like “WHAT KIND OF GOOD END IS THIS” lolol.

    Yukiru said:
    October 24, 2011 at 03:13

    Iri-chan sugoi! Congratulations for finishing this post!! It took you so long yet you wrote a super long post about it XDb

      Ilinox responded:
      October 24, 2011 at 08:43

      *huggles* Thank you~! I just can’t seem to stop myself when I’m writing (/ω\).

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