Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Fuji Reito ~

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Fuji Reito (藤 隷人)
CV: Hirata Hiroaki (平田 広明)

We can’t carry these sins on our back. Don’t wanna carry any more.

Reito is the infirmary doctor of the school and he seems to be on good terms with Suou. His whole personality is shrouded in mystery though, and it’s hard to know what he’s thinking. His calm and friendly personality makes him popular with females. He admits that he’s a romanticist and he’s quite talented at seducing women.

The drill should be familiar by now. Nazuna is transferred to the school and meets Wabisuke, Fuji, Daria, and Seri. She finds that her luggage is missing and makes the terrible choice of accepting Aoi’s help. He takes her to the door where the Forbidden Dates Club resides and this is where Nazuna’s journey into the land of forbidden, or pure, love starts.

Nazuna decides to walk away though, because she doesn’t believe Aoi when he says that her luggage is in the clubroom. Aoi asks her where she thinks she’s going and then holds up her swimsuit. He notes that it’s a one-piece swimsuit which is the kind that the perverted teacher, Reito, would probably like. Nazuna angrily asks him to return it and Aoi shrugs before he tells her with a smirk that there are other things in her luggage. Defeated, Nazuna heads into the classroom.

She quietly goes along with the date club when they head out into the rose gardens. The date club tries to seduce her and then they inform her that she’s in debt now since she has to pay them back. The bet is created and when Reito shows up, Nazuna just mutters out loud that she shouldn’t be surprised or bothered for strange things to be happening at this strange school.

Reito tells her that he likes serene girls and Nazuna thanks him slowly, before chiding herself in her mind for saying such a thing in this situation. Anyway, explanations follow and then her first date is with Reito who wonders if he should thank her for choosing him. He decides to take her to the forest for a walk and Nazuna follows in confusion since she wonders what difference their date is from a normal day. However, she doesn’t mind and thinks of herself as lucky since she’ll have less of a chance to fall in love.

As they walk through the forest Reito explains that there are a lot of students who walk through these forests for dates because it’s hard to see other people. Nazuna just nods calmly which makes Reito point out that they’re on a date too. At this, Nazuna tells him with embarrassment that if he says that then she’ll get nervous. He laughs and notes that her face is red and then he asks her if this is her first date with a man. She tells him that it isn’t, but her words are shaky.

Anyway, as they continue walking they come across a rough path with trees everywhere and so Reito tells her to give him her hand. Nazuna tells him that she’s fine, but then he comments on how there are a lot of people who come to the infirmary after being injured in the woods. When she lets him take her hand, he notes that her hand is small and delicate, and this makes Nazuna trip and release his hand in surprise.

Reito grabs her hand again and stops her from falling while chiding her that releasing his hand suddenly like that is dangerous. She tells him that it’s because he said something weird, but Reito just blinks in surprise and asks if he did. Nazuna sighs when she realizes that he has no idea and then Reito just chuckles under his breath before telling her that the path from here on will be rough. Nazuna realizes that he’s implying that they’ll have to hold hands the rest of the way too. HAHA HE’S SO SNEAKY (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

Then he points out the chapel to her but she can’t see where he’s pointing, and so he guides her head with his hand and shows her. Nazuna blushes at that but obeys him and tells him that she sees it. Reito explains that there are a lot of weddings held there, not only for teachers but also for students. Their school is a school for the rich and so there are a lot of students who are already engaged and get married here when they’re allowed to.

The chapel also marries forbidden lovers and he asks Nazuna if she doesn’t find it romantic. Nazuna tells him that she doesn’t think it is if it’s within a school like this and Reito hums thoughtfully before asking her if it’s because she has no interest in that. Anyway, they decide to return back to the school before it gets dark but Nazuna sneezes from the wind. Reito takes off his jacket and drapes it over her and she thanks him but worries about him catching a cold.

Reito informs her that he’s a doctor and so he can take care of himself, plus it’s bad for a woman to catch a cold and so orders her to quietly accept his actions. Nazuna feels her heart pounding from being treated like a woman, instead of a student, and unconsciously stares at Reito. He notices her looking at him and asks about it, but she hurriedly shakes her head in embarrassment. Their date ends when they return to the school.

The day passes with her meeting Kakeru and acquiring the bugged charm from him. When the Kano brothers come to collect her from her class she accidently blurts out that she’s not in the mood. What she meant was that she didn’t want to go along with them, but of course the two of them take her words in a naughty way and try to strip her in front of the class. She calls them idiots and quickly takes them out of the classroom.

The same incident happens and when Seri threatens the brothers with knowledge of their secrets, Nazuna just stays quiet and decides that she has nothing to do with it. She decides not to punish the two brothers and is complimented by Reito for being a forgiving person, since this world is filled with a lot of unforgiving people. He also tells her that he likes girls like that, but Nazuna winces at the thought of being praised like that.

Dessert! Reito is amused as it’s been a long time since he’s had so much fun. He likens Nazuna to a small bird that will die if a little force is applied, because he feels that he can easily defile her if he wants to. Women are guided by this knowledge, that they’re weaker, and act in ways dainty and gentle ways. That kind of attitude makes him disgusted and he thinks women are hideous and contaminated things who lust for things.

He knows that Nazuna is still a little girl, but she’ll transform into a woman one day and he’s curious as to what kind of woman she will turn into. Reito enjoyed their date, but unfortunately Nazuna was born a girl and so this is her fate. (゚Д゚ )ハァ? THAT’S SOME HATRED THERE.. AND SOME SCARY TALK ABOUT HOW HE COULD POTENTIALLY CRUSH NAZUNA.

Blackout! Reito is telling someone to wait and that they need to listen to what he’s saying. He chuckles lowly and tells someone that he understands but they need to listen to him so that he’ll give them a nice treat. After a while he gives the treat to the thing and says that it’s a reward. He chuckles some more and tells the person that they’re cute and good.

The scene is soon revealed and shows Reito feeding a cat that keeps meowing for more. However when he approaches the cat, it scratches at him and runs off, leaving him to call after it in a mildly annoyed voice.

*** CHAPTER 2 ***

Nazuna wakes up and feels determined and uplifted by her brother’s words to take things at her own pace. She gets her revenge on Aoi by stuffing his mouth full of Atsumori’s chocolate, but they turn out to be trick candy and are actually spicy. Anyway, she meets Seri, who says some cryptic things, and then bumps into Suou in the hallway, who warns her about getting involved with the date club, and then she ends up in the clubroom to decide on the Kano brother’s punishment.

She decides to make them clean up the whole school, but the other club members don’t agree since the boys will just ditch that punishment. So then the halloween candy competition is designed instead and the reward is Nazuna’s kiss. Anyway, the second date with Reito happens at the dungeons underneath the school.

Nazuna is curious as to why the school has this place and Reito explained that it used to be part of the school dormitory and then as time passed it just sort of became like this. Now it’s a place used for by students as places friendly outings, sad things, or even for forbidden lovers. He muses out loud about how they seem to look like a forbidden couple. Nazuna tells him slowly that they could be and he quietly says that he thought the same.

But anyway, that’s the kind of talk that the building encourages and Reito confesses that he likes these things. Nazuna asks him if he’s a romanticist and he doesn’t deny it. He just chuckles and says that she shouldn’t say unnecessary things. Then he asks if she wants to take a closer look and walks off, but drops something.

It turns out that his lighter fell and Nazuna picks it up for him, but then she becomes curious as to where the fire comes out since it’s shape is unusual. He allows her to look it over, but then he suddenly tells her that it’s dangerous for her to fiddle with it like that and so he takes her hands to help her light it. Nazuna is startled and blushes, but he orders her not to move since if she got burnt it would be bad.

He also says 「どこがに怪我したらお嫁に行けなくなるだろ?」(If you suffered burns then you wouldn’t be able to be a bride, right?) but then he smirks and adds 「・・・それとも、そのときは俺が責任取って、君をお嫁にもらおうかな?」(… Or, when the time comes, I should take responsibility and make you my wife?). Nazuna’s reaction is to yell out that he must be joking and Reito comments on how forceful her tone was, which makes Nazuna backtrack and she tells him that it’s not that she hates him but that she was just surprised. Reito tells her that she doesn’t have to change her words like that so hastily, since he understood the first time.

Anyway, he finally lights the lighter and Nazuna finds the flames beautiful. Reito agrees and says that he also finds it’s beautiful, but then he reveals that he’s actually looking at the flames reflected in her eyes. Nazuna is embarrassed and tries to look away but he chides her for looking away and advises her not to look away from a lit fire since it’s dangerous. YOU JUST WANT TO STARE INTO HER EYES MORE ADMIT IT (〃゚艸゚):;*. Nazuna apologizes and he compliments her on her good answer.

Then he decides to light up a cigarette since the lighter is on and tells her to hold still. Nazuna realizes that this means her hand will be close to Reito’s mouth and she starts to become flustered. He notices and says 「手、震えてるね。・・・怖い?」(Your hand.. it’s trembling. Are you scared?). Nazuna confesses that she is and that she’s scared of him. Reito tells her that he’s also scared, and when she looks at him in surprise, he calmly points out that she might light his hair on fire. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Nazuna apologizes greatly and then he guides her with his voice by telling her to bring it closer to him slowly. He lights his cigarette and then muses out loud about how a cigarette lit by another person makes it sweeter. He also compliments her on a job well done and so Nazuna asks him if he can release her hand then, but Reito tells her that he won’t. When she gasps in surprise he points out that she’s really nervous and then he asks her why.

He asks if it’s because he held her hand to light the fire, or is it because her hand is close to a man’s mouth? Nazuna is startled when he lifts her hand up to his mouth and calls out his name in surprise. He chuckles at her reaction and then calls her cute before kissing her hand. Then he tells her 「はい、意地悪はこれでおしまい。」(Alright, the teasing will stop with this). He asks her if he made her heart pound and she tells him not to tease her.

So then he asks her if she wants him to be more serious and Nazuna tells him that she didn’t mean that either, but she cuts herself off and forces herself to calm down before he can tease her some more. Reito looks at her curiously and hums thoughtfully. Silence falls between them but he continues to stare at her and she starts to become flustered again. Finally, he wonders out loud about what people would say if a fire trapped them and they were found together as forbidden lovers, since he’s a teacher and she’s a student.

He asks her what she thinks and confesses that he thinks it’d be wonderful. Nazuna wants to yell out that she doesn’t think it is, but her voice doesn’t seem to be working and her face feels hot. Her heart is also pounding and Nazuna concludes that she must be strange for feeling like this. Reito doesn’t say anything more and just chuckles at her silence and then their date ends.

The next day she wakes up to the Kano brothers in her room and she kicks Aoi off the bed. This time she asks Reito to help and save Aoi and he quickly heads over and asks Aoi if he can say anything. Aoi makes some more pained noises before he returns back to normal and tells them that he was just acting. When she gets the phone call from Kakeru she thinks that it’s her brother.

Then she meets the teachers and they tell her to go participate in the party and so she ends up in the clubroom where she refuses to give the candy to anyone and eats it instead. When Nazuna goes to sleep, relieved that she didn’t have to kiss anyone, there is a secret meeting being held up on the rooftop with Suou and a mysterious caller. Reito appears too and questions Suou about it. This was covered in Wabisuke’s route.

Dessert! Reito is starting to feel something towards Nazuna and he thinks about how interesting it might be if Nazuna drifted off from the path of everything that was good and right and wanted him despite the dark future awaiting her. If she wanted him despite the despair that would follow, then he would find that interesting and actually radiant. He chuckles in his mind and thinks that it might be too late for him to change, since he’s already drunk the poison from the date club.

Blackout! Reito tells the person to continue to look at him and that they can’t look away. There’s the sound of clothing being stripped and then he once again directs the person to look at him. He asks the person if they’re scared and then tells them that they don’t have to be. He also laughs and asks if this is the first time the person has seen this.

Then he chuckles and says that if it’s the person then he doesn’t mind showing everything and the person should take their time to carefully look everything over. The scene is revealed to be Reito using a dummy and explaining the negative effects of smoking.

*** CHAPTER 3 ***

Nazuna thinks that it’s a thief who broke into her room and Fuji goes in to check her room but gets molested by Aoi. The rest of the scene plays out like in Wabisuke’s route but she decides to drink the syrup and collapses since her head starts spinning. Anyway, when Nazuna finds Daria being depressed in the club room she tries to cheer her up. Daria snaps at her and asks if Nazuna is being sarcastic or if she’s mocking her. The rest of the club members come in at this point and Daria and Aoi get into a fight.

The third date with Reito starts with Nazuna going into the infirmary to find him. He surprises her by walking out from behind a curtain and he teases her by asking if she was lonely when he wasn’t there. Nazuna tells him that she wasn’t and he mentions that he doesn’t like dishonest girls. She tells him that she is being honest and he comments on how her face is red, which makes her search for a mirror.

It turns out that her face isn’t red and she angrily tells him that it isn’t. Reito apologizes while laughing and tells her that she is certainly honest. Today, he has some paperwork to finish and so he asks her to wait quietly off to the side. Nazuna nods at that and spends the time looking at the medicine cabinet and trying to figure out what each medicine does. When Reito suddenly asks her what she’s doing, she flinches in surprise and knocks some medicine over and since it spilled over the ground it can’t be used anymore.

She apologizes a lot but Reito smirks and muses out loud if her actions require a punishment. He wonders out loud about how he should punish her and she gulps while asking him what he’s going to do. Finally, he decides to push her down onto a bed and then he draws the curtains around them. She asks him what he’s doing with the curtains and Reito asks her 「んー?津森は見られるほうが好みなのかな?」(Hm? Are you the type that likes it when people are watching?). TH-THIS LECHER! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Footsteps are heard and then two students enter. Nazuna wants Reito to let her go, but he asks her if she wants to be seen in bed with him and so she subsides and becomes quiet again. The two students wonder where Reito has gone and then exasperatedly ask if he skipped again. The other student mentions that Reito might be with the date club and then they think about how lucky he is. Anyway, since it can’t be helped it looks like they’ll have to take care of their own wounds.

Meanwhile, Nazuna’s heart is pounding loudly at the fact that the two students are so close to them and the fact that Reito is pressed up against her. Suddenly she hears Reito chuckle quietly and becomes embarrassed when she realizes that he can also hear her heart. The two students finally leave and Reito lets her up and asks if she can stand on her own. She tells him that she can and she sighs in relief in her head because she almost feels like she would have died from her heart beating so fast if she remained there.

She angrily asks him what he thought he was doing and Reito looks confused and asks her what she means, until he finally realizes that she’s talking about the bed incident. He tells her that it was her punishment and then he realizes that this is still their date. Nazuna tells him that she’s tired though and so she’ll head home. He tells her to be careful and that’s the end of this date.

Nazuna refuses to participate in the play that the date club is going to put on, but Atsumori threatens her into it by doubling her debt. When Wabisuke and Daria get into a fight in the woods, Nazuna stops her by acting as Romeo’s father. The play happens as usual with all its craziness and Nazuna tells everyone that the costumes don’t matter.

Dessert! Reito thinks that the situation with the play was dangerous because when Aoi dragged her out, he wanted to jump in too. But the only thing that stopped him was the fact that he didn’t want to see Seri’s demonic face. However, he knows that he’s different from the rest of the club members because he’s an adult and so he shouldn’t be doing those things.

He wanted to see the expressions that she’d make though, especially since she gave Aoi a good expression when he pulled her onto the stage. Reito is sure that she would blush if he came onto the stage too. Anyway, he realizes that it’s starting to get dangerous because he’s approaching the line between playing and being serious.

Blackout! Reito is making panting and gasping sounds. He rolls around on the bed and kicks the sheets while muttering about how hot he is. The scene is revealed to be him having caught a fever and the thermometer in his mouth beeps to tell him the temperature. His flu is serious enough that he needs to head to the hospital.

*** CHAPTER 4 ***

It’s december now and nothing has changed between her and the date club. She hasn’t found their weakness, but she hasn’t lost the bet either. However, she has noticed that her marks are dropping since she got into the school. It’s not by a lot, but she’s unhappy with it, and so she wants the bet to end quickly so that she can return back to her normal life. Her air conditioner is broken, but it starts moving when she fiddles with it some more.

But she can’t wait for her room to warm up or else she’ll be late for class and so she heads to the library because her room is too cold. In the library, she decides to get a book that’s high up but the chair that she’s standing on breaks and she falls. Reito saves her in time though and they’re standing really close to one another, which makes Nazuna blush as she asks him if he can let her go with a stutter.

Reito replies 「顔、真っ赤だね?俺は君を助けてあげただけなんだけど?」(Your face, it’s bright red? Even though all I did was save you). Nazuna thinks that what he said was true, but her heart is beating wildly at the strength in his hands. But then he shrugs and mentions off handedly that there was a side benefit and so he’s not too bothered. When she asks him about it, he replies with one word “pink”. It’s the color of Nazuna’s panties and she gets angry and embarrassed and makes Reito promise that it’s their secret.

Anyway, then he asks her what book she wanted to read because he’ll get it to her. Nazuna tells him that she’ll find a way to manage somehow, which makes Reito smirk as he points out 「どうやらこのお嬢さんはまた俺にスカートの中身を覗かれたいらしい。」(It seems like this lady wants me to sneak another look at the contents underneath her skirt). YOU PERVERTED TEACHER (〃゚艸゚):;*! Nazuna forcefully tells him that’s not it at all and Reito just calmly tells her that women should rely on men from time to time.

He brings down the book for her and it’s title is about the glorification of lies. He quotes something out of the book and then they have a conversation about books and writers. He asks her if she’s read one by Mishima Yukio and she replies that she has. She tells him that she loves the words in it and then he tells her that those stories aren’t the only things that Mishima Yukio writes. He won’t tell her until she’s older though.

Nazuna asks him what books he enjoys reading and he recommends one to her when he finds out that she hasn’t read it yet. However, it’s not in the library and they’re both pretty bummed out at that. She tells him that the next time she goes into town, she’ll look for it in the bookstore. Then Nazuna notices that his coat’s collar is a little off and so she fixes it for him. THAT’S PRETTY BOLD TO JUST RANDOMLY FIX SOMEONE’S COLLAR FUFU.

While fixing his collar she notices something red on his neck and it’s not an injury. Their moment is interrupted by a phone call though and he ends up leaving the library to answer it and Nazuna starts to become curious, though she tells herself not to be. But then she remembers that the first time she met Reito, he was talking to someone over the phone about how the night was quiet and there was a beautiful moon. She wonders if he has a girlfriend and then tells herself that she shouldn’t be bothered by it.

Even though she tells herself that she has no relation to Reito, she can’t help but be bothered by it. She even tries to convince herself that it wasn’t what she thought it was and that it might have been an injury or something made by a bug. However, injuries are uncommon on the neck and there are no bugs in this cold weather. In the end, she has to conclude that it’s a hickey but then she yells at herself in her head about how she needs to stop thinking about this.

Her mind keeps returning to it though and she realizes that she’s feeling jealous. She doesn’t like to think that he has a girlfriend. Because she can’t stop thinking about it, she doesn’t pay attention in class and her friend gets annoyed before deciding that she must be thinking about someone. She starts urging Nazuna to confess what she thinks about Reito to her, but suddenly Suou appears behind them and asks if they really think it’s alright to do that.

Apparently the chime rang but because the friend was talking, she didn’t hear it. She stutters in surprise when she sees Suou and he says to her lowly that she must have prepared herself for a punishment. The girl hurriedly yells out that she’ll be quiet and then she apologizes. The lesson continues on as usual but some of the date club fangirls are muttering in their seats.

After school they start gossiping about Nazuna and how annoying she is and how she’s acting all high and mighty just because she’s caught up in the date club. Wabisuke is listening to all of this and he sighs heavily. Anyway, Nazuna comes out of her class and wonders why her friend had to start talking about the date club. She finds Wabisuke outside of her classroom and he asks if she wants to walk home with him since the date club is resting today.

Nazuna thinks she’s weird for thinking that it’s a shame that the date club isn’t open today. She agrees to walk home with Wabisuke though to try and forget about the hickey. On their way home Wabisuke mentions that she went to the school early, and when she asks how he knows this, he tells her that he thought they should go to school together and so he waited for her, but she never came. She apologizes and tells him her air conditioner broke down and then he guesses right that she went to the library.

He asks her if she borrowed another hard book and she shows him the one that she has, while mentioning that it doesn’t look hard, but he tells her that from one glance he finds it difficult. Then Nazuna remembers that she met Reito there and she tells Wabisuke this, as well as bringing up the fact that she wanted to read a book he suggested to her but that it wasn’t there in the library. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIRL!? HE’S GOING TO GO CRAZY ヾ( ゚д゚)ノ゛ハァァ!

Wabisuke gets a pained look on his face and he tells her to stop it with the date club already. He doesn’t believe that they really want money, since they’re all rich, and so he thinks that if she apologizes properly then they’ll stop it all. He’s worried about her because she’s been spending a lot of time with Reito and this means she’s also alone with a male who might do things to her. He embraces her and begs her not to make him worry.

She argues that there’s a chance the date club will think up another unusual punishment and so she’ll stick with this bet. She’s confident that she won’t fall in love either and so it’ll be fine. Wabisuke asks her if he can believe in her and she tells him that he can and so he can release her. He inhales sharply, but doesn’t release her and instead asks if he can really believe in her. Nazuna starts to get angry and tells him that she already said he could and then she shoves him away from her.

Nazuna apologizes immediately when she realizes how strongly she pushed him away, but Wabisuke just grits his teeth. She apologizes again and points out that he’s being weird though since he doesn’t believe in her. And if he doesn’t believe in her then she won’t be able to do things properly. After she says this she runs off, leaving Wabisuke to call after her, and then she runs to the dormitories where she meets Reito.

He’s surprised to see that she’s back already and then notices that her pallor looks bad. She grips her skirt tightly and then tries to say 「あの・・・私。」(Um.. I..) and he calmly points out 「その思わせぶりな態度・・・もしかして、俺を誘ってる?」(That suggestive attitude.. could you be asking me out?). Nazuna blinks in shock before hurriedly denying that. Reito just smirks and comments on how that’s a shame. PERVERTED TEACHER IS JUST WHAT I NEED TO FIX ME FROM MY WABISUKE FRIGHT BACK UP THERE (*´∀`*).

Reito tells her that she doesn’t have to bring herself to say anything, and that if she ever needs to talk then she can come by his room in the dormitory. He also adds that a depressed look on a woman is never a good thing. She thanks him and tells him that if she has anything to say then she’ll impose on him. Nazuna realizes that she can’t say anything about her brother to him, the date club, or the hickey. Anyway, then Reito hands her the book that he recommended.

He gives her the book from his own collection and actually tells her to keep it. After he tells her to stay safe she returns to her room and reads the book in one sitting since it’s too good, but her air conditioner is still broken and the room is too cold for her to sleep. She ends up having to tell Reito this, despite the fact that she doesn’t want to since she’s still bothered by the hickey. When Nazuna knocks on his door, Reito answers it in his casual clothes.

Nazuna thanks him for the book, but Reito looks troubled and a bit impatient. He asks her if she only came here to say that and Nazuna is taken aback by his brusqueness. Then she starts to tell him that her room is cold and Reito actually cuts in and tells her to skip to the point. At this point, Nazuna smells perfume coming from him and accidently blurts out a question about it, which makes Reito narrow his eyes at her. He asks her flatly if she has something she wants to say.

She tries to appeal to his sense of responsibility and points out that he’s a teacher and so he shouldn’t be doing these things. He tells her that teachers are humans too and what he decides to do on his private time is his own decision. Then he asks if she isn’t jealous and if she wants to be his secret lover. Nazuna tells him that she isn’t jealous and that such a thing would never happen. She even calls him dirty, but he responds by pointing out that she is too since she’s dating a guy who isn’t her boyfriend.

In the end, Nazuna runs away into her room and tells herself that what he does is no business of hers. She bears with the broken AC and goes to sleep, but when she wakes up her throat hurts. When she leaves the next morning, she decides that she should apologize to Reito, because she thinks he’s mad, but she ends up meeting Wabisuke outside the dorms. He tries to say something to her but ends up running off to the school with an excuse.

It’s the day of her date and she enters the clubroom only to find Wabisuke and Reito in a bad mood. Aoi asks them why the three of them are so grumpy, but Wabisuke just tells him butt out because this has nothing to do with him. So then Aoi slyly muses out loud that it has something to do with the three of them then. He asks if Reito is has actually become a perverted teacher or if he’s fallen in love with Nazuna, but Atsumori believes that there’s no way that would happen.

Reito just tells the two idiotic brothers to shut up and then the fourth date commences. He brings her to the rose garden, but she wonders if she should have chosen someone else since the atmosphere is still bad but suddenly Reito tells her to look around. Nazuna is cheered up by the sight of beautiful flowers and Reito explains that the school is famous for its rose gardens. There aren’t a lot of students around, but that’s because they’re all busy with exams.

Then he smirks and points out that the roses seem like they are blooming for the two of them only. Nazuna asks him if he’s joking and Reito just laughs while saying that she’s the same as usual. She apologizes, but he just shrugs since those words are typical of her. At this she points out that he seems to like teasing her and Reito agrees before saying that he likes to see her expressions. She blushes at this and changes the subject to his plans for Christmas.

He tells her if she’s inviting him then he doesn’t matter where he is. Nazuna forcefully tells him that she’s doing no such thing, and so Reito shurgs and says that it’s a shame before adding that he was going to show her what an adult’s Christmas was like. Nazuna refuses, but it turns out that he just wanted to have dinner with her at a hotel. He chuckles and then tells her that he’ll also accept presents and asks if he should tell her what he likes.

For presents he’d rather receive an expensive lighter, but since that would be impossible for a student acquire he tells her that he’ll settle for a handmade muffler. Nazuna sighs in relief at that, because she can do that, but then she asks him stubbornly why she has to even give him something. Reito sighs and remarks on her tenacity once again. Anyway, he changes the topic and asks if she knows about the language of flowers and she tells him that she does.

White roses mean purity. Pink roses mean elegance. Yellow roses means jealousy. She sees a red one and tells him that she wants to offer it to him since the date club sells love to people. Reito starts chuckling and he tells her that these aren’t red, but they’re actually crimson and they have a different meaning. The crimson roses mean “Make me yours” and so he muses out loud if these are Nazuna’s true feelings since she’s offering him the flower. Nazuna stutters out that she didn’t mean that at all.

He just laughs gently and asks if she really means that before he intertwines his fingers with hers. Nazuna blushes and panicks inwardly when he lowers his face and says to her lowly 「お望みどおり・・・射止めてみせようか?」(As you wish.. shall I make you mine?). Nazuna is freaking out badly, but Reito just starts chuckling and tells her that her face right now was amazing. She becomes so embarrassed from his teasing that she stomps off and tells him that she’ll look at the flowers by herself. SEDUCE HER (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン!

However, she ends up injuring herself when she tries to touch one and Reito arrives too late to warn her from touching them. He asks if she’s alright and she tells him that she is, but he can see the blood welling up and so he asks to see it. Reito kisses her wound and then he notices Nazuna’s expression and so he asks her if she’s excited from that. She tells him that she is a little and he blinks in surprise and asks her if she’s really saying that, but Nazuna giggles and tells him that she’s joking.

He always teases her and so she wanted to tease him back for once. Reito notes that she’s a strong girl, but Nazuna thinks that even though she said that her heart is pounding really fast. Anyway, when they return back to the school he’ll bandage her finger properly. Nazuna thanks him and the rest of their date passes without incident.

They return home to the dormitories in the night and Nazuna thinks about how Reito is acting as kind as he always is, even after what she said yesterday. She finally apologizes to him, but he’s confused since he doesn’t know what she’s apologizing for. When she tells him that she’s apologizing for yesterday night’s mean words, he laughs gently and tells her that he was neither bothered by it nor mad.

Instead, if his words wounded her then he should be the one apologizing. Nazuna tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize and so he tells her that her apologies aren’t necessary either. She asks if she’s forgiven and Reito says to her that there’s nothing to forgive. He also tells her not to think so hard about needless things and she stutters out that she wasn’t doing such a thing.

He agrees lightly and pats her on the head which makes her pout and she tells him not to treat her like a kid. Reito tells her 「してないよ。・・・津森は立派なレディだと思うけど。」(I’m doing no such thing.. since I think you’re a fine lady). She asks if he’s telling the truth, and he responds 「ああ。・・・今のは、急に俺が君をなでたくなっただけだから。」(Of course.. It’s just that right now, I felt like patting you). Nazuna blushes at this, but then tries to apologize again and he tells her that the words she said before were enough.

Anyway, he wants her to be smiling. If she continues on with a sad face like this then he might.. Nazuna blinks at him in confusion and he smiles and tells her that it’s nothing. Nazuna wonders if he was making a joke, but anyway they return to the dormitory and he wishes her a good night and sweet dreams. In her room, Nazuna is glad that their relationship has returned to normal and then she thinks about how happy she was when her head was being stroked.

She convinces herself that the emotion she’s feeling isn’t love and that it’s the same thing she feels when her brother compliments her. Nazuna also decides to give him a present and since Reito doesn’t eat lunch and only seems to drink coffee, she’ll make him a bento. Once again she forgot to tell him about the broken AC, but she’s too tired and sleepy and so she’ll just go to sleep for now. I HAVE A FEELING SHE’LL COLLAPSE INTO REITO’S ARMS FROM SICKNESS OR THERE’LL BE A DOCTOR/PATIENT SCENE (*´∀`*).

Dessert! Reito is thinking about the time that Nazuna called him filthy and then ran off. Her remark wasn’t too far off, but she was such an innocent child that she apologizes to him. He was sure that his face became pale when she did. He wonders what will happen to her if she continues to become stained by him, because the color white is so easily stained by other colors. Nazuna resembles the women that he used to go out with and he remembers telling her that he wouldn’t do anything.

It’s the truth, but he can’t help but laugh. His thoughts turn towards the color black and he remembers that the black rose wasn’t described when they were having their conversation about the language of roses. Black roses mean “You are mine”. He thinks that black roses carry a horrible meaning. It used to describe him in the past, but now he wonders what flower would describe him now.

Blackout! The sound of a whip cracking is heard and Reito notes that the person is trembling. He tells them that they’re not allowed to keep quiet and that they should spill everything. That and they should show him everything of theirs. There is no real scene that is shown, because the scene shows Reito in a military outfit. He looks like he’s taking over Suou’s job. (*´Д`)ハァハァ I HAVE A MAJOR MILITARY UNIFORM FETISH.

*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Nazuna wakes up with a small cold and she wonders if she should skip school, but there’s a test today and she wants to make Reito a bento and so she forces herself to prepare one and to go to school. She meets Wabisuke in front of the dormitories again and she asks if he’s been waiting here all this time. He has and he’s not embarrassed to be waiting in front of the girl’s dormitory because he’s been worried about her.

So then she apologizes to him, which makes him apologize to her too, and they fix their sibling relationship. He ends up giving her a rabbit plushie because he knows she likes plushies and he thought of her when he saw it in town. He tells her to keep it close to her because rabbits die from loneliness and she thanks him cheerfully. Nazuna feels like today is going to be a good day since all her relationships are fixed and she was able to chat with her brother like they used to before the whole date club bet.

However when she goes to her locker and opens it she notices that a bad joke was played on her. There are scribbles all over everything from a magic marker and she hides it behind her when she hears her brother call out to her. They had separated at the gates since he had soccer practice, but he came back because he forgot something in the classroom. Wabisuke notices that she’s hiding something behind her back and asks to look at it.

He winces at what was done to her locker and they both wonder out loud who did it. Suddenly, two girls are heard muttering about Nazuna but they run away when Wabisuke asks who’s there. He suspects that the date club fangirls are jealous of Nazuna because all of the date club members seem to be around her. He asks her if something happened between her and Reito, but she tells him not to worry and hides the fact that she prepared a bento for him. Even Nazuna doesn’t know why.

Anyway, Wabisuke leaves to go to his soccer practice but tells Nazuna that if anything happens she can tell him. He’ll do something about it since he’s her brother. She thanks him gratefully and then heads to the infirmary to deliver the bento to Reito. He’s not there though and so she leaves it on the desk and writes a memo, though she wanted to give it to him personally.

During her classes, she can’t concentrate on her lessons because she’s wondering about if he received the bento and if he’d eat it. Kakeru calls out to her while she’s walking and points out that she seems to wobbling and her face is red. He tells her to take a rest in the infirmary if her health is bad, but Nazuna insists that she’s fine since she came to school. He laughs and notes that she really is a serious student and then he takes his leave.

Kazuya was standing beside him though and he also asks Nazuna if she’s alright. He also informs her that he saw her walking with her brother to school today and that their relationship is surprisingly close. Most siblings aren’t as close to each other as the two of them are. Nazuna happily tells him that her brother is a hard worker, nice to everyone, and takes care of his little sister. Kazuya smiles and notes that she’s an honest kid.

But then he warns her not to be too honest and to think things over. He tells her that she should be careful not to get in too deep. Their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Reito who coldly tells Kazuya not to say unnecessary things. Nazuna is a bit confused by the tension between the two and tries to change the subject by asking Reito if there were any dishes that he liked, because since she didn’t know she just made the ones that she liked.

He looks confused though and then he asks her what she’s talking about in a cold fashion. She gets the feeling that he didn’t want to hear her speak and when Kazuya echoes the word lunchbox, Nazuna hurriedly tells Reito that she wanted him to look at her AC since it’s broken. Kazuya tells Reito to listen to Nazuna since it regards the dormitory, and Reito snaps at him not to say things that he already knows.

Reito tells Nazuna that he’ll take a look at it and then asks if that’s all the business that she had. Since it is, he tells her that she should head to her classroom before homeroom starts. Unbeknownst to all of them, Wabisuke has been standing around listening to their conversation silently and with a dark expression. Nazuna goes to her class confused as to why Reito is being cold when just the other day he had kindly stroked her head.

She can’t concentrate in class because she’s distracted by thoughts of whether or not Reito received the bento and why he’s being so cold. One of the date club fangirls confronts her and tells her that nothing she does will make Reito like her. The fangirl also tells Nazuna that she saw her going into the infirmary. Anyway, when the class ends Nazuna’s friend notes that her pallor is bad and she looks sick.

Her friend suggests that she head to the infirmary to rest, but then the fangirl sneers and talks really loudly about how an honors student shouldn’t miss any classes or skip to go the infirmary. Her friend is confused at all the hostility directed towards Nazuna and tries to ignore it by telling Nazuna to rest, since she’ll tell the next period’s teacher where Nazuna went.

In the end, Nazuna returns back to her room. In her mind she thinks about how she didn’t do anything wrong and yet she ran back to her room to hide as if she did commit something wrong. The AC is still broken and she decides to just go to sleep since she doesn’t want to meet Reito either. She hugs the bunny plushie to her since she feels lonely and then tries to sleep, but she feels as if someone is watching her and it stops her from sleeping.

After a few more attempts, Nazuna decides to go and take a warm shower since she’s cold. She comes out in her undergarments and retreats back to her room since it’s almost time for school to be out. Because she was so cold she forgot to bring a change of clothes and towel, but when she returns to her room she hears the noise of something hitting the ground. It could be a thief or the Kano brothers and so she goes in. DID SHE FORGET THAT SHE’S WEARING ON HER UNDERWEAR? WHOEVER IS IN THERE IS GOING TO GET AN EYEFUL..

The person turns out to be Reito who is shocked to see her, especially in just her undergarments, and he quickly blushes and calls her an idiot and asks her why she’s just wearing that. He tells her to put some clothes on, but he’s standing in front of her closet and so she can’t reach it. Then she sways and collapses from her fever and so he has to catch her, which is embarrassing to both people. Reito ends up carrying her to bed after chiding her for taking a shower when she has a fever.

Nazuna asks if he saw anything and Reito smirks, but he answers her that he didn’t see anything that much and then he tells her to put some clothes on. She asks him to just pick out anything from her closet and so he does and gives it to her. She sits up to put them on, forgetting that she’s still wearing her undergarments, and he asks her in shock what she’s doing before looking away with a blush. Nazuna blushes too when she realizes what an idiot she is for forgetting her current state of dress.

Reito remarks on how defenseless she is and then turns to fix the AC while she’s dressing. She finishes dressing herself when he finishes fixing the AC and then Nazuna brings up the courage to ask him about the bento. He looks confused though and tells her that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, which makes her depressed enough to start crying. She asks if it was a bother to him, and he’s surprised to hear her say that and to see her tears because he still doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

He can put together the clues though and pieces together that Nazuna made him a bento and is crying because she thinks he’s bothered by it. He asks her slowly if she’s fallen in love with him. Nazuna looks shocked and then tries to deny it, but Reito mutters out loud that he doesn’t like her reaction and answer. He tells her seriously that she’s a serious and hard working student and so she probably idolizes her teachers.

However, he’s not the nice teacher that she probably thinks he is. Reito confesses that she was right about him being a dirty man and he tells her 「女と平気で寝て、平気で捨てる。そんな不潔な男だよ。」(I easily sleep with women, and then easily throw them away. I’m that kind of filthy man). Nazuna doesn’t believe him and tells him that she already said that she didn’t think of him as that kind of person. He asks her if she’ll still say that even after he does this.

He pushes her down onto the bed and rips her sweater off. Nazuna tries to tell at him to stop it, but he covers her mouth with his hand and then sucks on her neck. The heat from his mouth is hot, but whenever he breathes out it’s cool against her neck. Nazuna knows that she should be scared and that she should want to run away, but for some reason her body won’t move and her head is swimming but it’s not due to the fever. She begs for him to stop again and he finally releases her.

Reito asks her darkly if she’s scared of him now and then warns her not to get too close to him, because he’s dangerous. She might think that it’s fun playing with a little fire now, but sooner or later she’ll fall into a huge fire. Nazuna tries to ask him what he’s trying to tell her, but Reito just looks off to the side silently and then tells her to rest before he leaves the room.

Nazuna tries to fall asleep but she has a strange dream involving all the club members. She’s sitting there crying and her brother hovers around her worriedly while Seri just sighs. Daria tries to give her a flower and the two Kano brothers are laughing. Then Reito appears and asks if she had fun. She tells him that she did and he tells her that it’s good that she had fun, but now the game is going to end and so she shouldn’t approach him.

She wakes up in surprise when she hears someone knocking on her door. It’s Wabisuke, who heard about her health and came to check on her. He asks if she’s alright and tells her that he brought some ice cream and sports drink to share with her. Nazuna tells him that she’s fine though and his face falls, but then he notices something on her neck. His face darkens menacingly and he hisses out 「・・・あいつ。」(.. that man!) under his breath.

When Nazuna looks at him curiously though, he plasters a smile on his face and telsl her that it’s nothing. Nazuna asks him what the reason is that someone who used to be nice would change. Wabisuke looks confused and then tells her that it’s probably because the other person hated the person. Nazuna winces at that and asks if he truly thinks that and Wabisuke asks her if there can be any other reason. HE SOUNDS SUSPICIOUS HERE.

At any rate, since she seems to be fine he’ll return to his room now. They wish each other a good night and then Nazuna contemplates the whole situation with Reito. It should be a good thing if Reito keeps his distance from her since she’ll win the bet and release her brother and debt, but her chest hurts for some reason. Nazuna realizes that she likes him and has always been curious about him and so even if it’s painful she can’t stop thinking about him.

The next day she meets Kakeru at the school gates. He tells her that he can see the kiss mark on her neck and Nazuna finally realizes that Fuji left something on her and that her brother must have seen it yesterday, which explains his surprised face. Anyway, Kakeru smirks and tells her that the hickey is a symbol of distrust. Lovers who trust in each other would never do such a thing, because only insecure people would want to have a sign of possession on their partner.

Then he changes the topic and asks her if she found the weakness to the date club yet. Nazuna tells him with a pained face that she hasn’t and that lately she’s been feeling weird. Even though she knows that they’re all liars, she can’t help but be caught up in them. Kakeru hums thoughtfully and asks if she fell in love with Reito. When she tells him that she hasn’t and won’t, Kakeru asks her why not since Reito is cool. Nazuna thinks in her head about how she doesn’t want ot fall in love with Reito, because he wouldn’t love her back.

Kakeru points out that she’s crying and Nazuna is surprised, before she tries to wipe away her tears. He asks her, with a smirk, if she heard something that she didn’t like but before Nazuna can answer him Wabisuke comes running up and angrily asks Kakeru what he did to his sister. Kakeru laughs a bit in surprise and then comments on how Nazuna’s knight has appeared and so he should leave. He walks off and leaves Nazuna to deal with Wabisuke.

Wabisuke asks her if she’s alright and she lies to him by saying that Kakeru was just talking to her about school things. The reason why she’s crying is that something got into her eye. Nazuna apologizes to her brother in her mind and resolves herself not to continue letting her heart be played with. For her brother’s sake she’ll win the bet.

Surprisingly, she still goes out on a date with Reito and he brings her to the dungeons again even though she asked for him to bring her to an interesting place. She asks about the prison again, but Reito isn’t sure of why it is here. He suspects that it was used in the past to confine insane people or students who were criminals since their school is in the mountains and far from everything.

Then he mentions that there are a lot of customers that enjoy coming here because they’re excited by the instruments used in the prison. He takes a look at her and asks if she understands his meaning and that if she doesn’t then he can teach her. Nazuna forcefully tells him that she doesn’t want to know and that she already understands. He asks her if she has no interest in this and she tells him flatly that she doesn’t. Reito smirks and comments on how he wants to see more of her stubbornness.

Reito asks Nazuna to take a closer look into one of the cells and orders her to describe what she sees. She tries to tell him that she sees nothing, but he tells her to look closer and so she tells him that she sees a bed with handcuffs. He asks her questions about what she thinks it’s for and she answers that it must have been used to restrain people from hurting themselves. He hums thoughtfully but then points out that there are only handcuffs and that they’re positioned weirdly.

He continues to ask her questions about it and Nazuna finally tells him in an exasperated voice that she doesn’t know. So then he asks her lowly what feelings she would get if she were tied up. Nazuna stutters in shock and Reito tells her that if she makes that face then he’ll really feel like tying her up. When she stares at him in silence he tells her that he’s joking. Nazuna sighs in relief, but then Reito adds 「・・・今のところは、ね。」(.. At least for now).

Nazuna asks him if he likes to restrain people with handcuffs and he tells her that he can’t answer that, since she probably won’t believe him. She tells him that she will though and so he tells her that he has no interest in that. But then he adds that there are girls out there who enjoy that kind of thing and if Nazuna allowed herself to be restrained she might understand them. She tells him that she doesn’t want to do that at all and he laughs gently before telling her that her response is just like her and that’s why he…

When she looks at him in confusion he shakes his head and tells her that it’s nothing. She asks him if that’s all there is to see there and if they can go somewhere else. This makes him ask her if she dislikes places like these and then he asks if she’s come to hate him. Finally, Nazuna realizes that Reito must have brought her here and said these provocative things to her in an attempt to make her hate him. She doesn’t know why though since that means he’ll lose the bet.

Reito sighs and tells her that they should cut their date short and return back now, since there’s nothing more to do here. When they return to the school, he congratulates her on lasting through the date especially when it was probably annoying of her. Nazuna tries to reply that it wasn’t and so he tries to make another move on her but she tells him to stop it. He laughs at that, which makes her ask him why he’s acting so strange.

He tells her that he isn’t acting strange and instead he’s relieved by her reaction. When she asks him why, he informs her that love is an illusion and that anyone who gets caught in it is an idiot. He’ll resist any attempts for his heart to be stolen away. That’s the best way to live. Nazuna thinks that his words are terribly lonely, but she can’t bring herself to respond to it since she is doing the same thing. She doesn’t want to fall in love again and she doesn’t want to lose the bet.

Then Reito’s phone rings and he apologizes for not being able to escort her to the dormitories but she’s fine by herself. As he leaves, Nazuna wonders why he doesn’t have a happy face whenever he receives a phone call. He always seems to wear a poker face and so she can’t tell what he’s truly thinking. When she returns to her room, she concludes that she really does like Reito but that means she’ll lose the bet and cause trouble for her brother.

Her head hurts from thinking about it too much and so she decides to read a book to calm herself down. Nazuna remembers that she hasn’t finished reading the book that Reito gave her, but she knows that if she reads it she’ll just think about him more. However, when she tries to search for it she can’t find it. She must have forgotten it somewhere and it might be for the best if she can’t find it.

Dessert! Reito’s heart and body is throbbing with thoughts of Nazuna. He can’t stop recalling the experience of having pushed her down onto her bed and running his lips all over her skin. He’s also fantasizing about things like the face she’d make if he restrained her in the dungeons with those handcuffs. He thinks that the time in the dungeons was dangerous and not just that time but his memories too.

Then he wonders about what kind of person he’s become.No matter what he has to try and endure it. He also ate her bento and found it delicious. It’s been a long time since anyone made a bento for him, but he couldn’t tell her that. She’s a really dangerous girl.

*** CHAPTER 6 ***

Everyone in class is talking about their Christmas plans and Nazuna reminisces on how she spends her Christmas. Her mother makes roast chicken and lasagna and Nazuna makes a cake with her father. Wabisuke returns home for the holidays and they all exchange presents. When her classmates ask her what she plans to do though, she tells them that she doesn’t have any plans. Nazuna thinks that it would be fun to spend Christmas with Reito though.

During an art class, Nazuna is outside trying to find something to draw and she wanders by the soccer field. The captain is telling everyone to be careful when walking in the woods since it would be a problem if anyone injured themselves and had to be taken to the infirmary. He also mentions that a lot of girls do that purposefully and Nazuna is depressed when she realizes that Reito really is popular.

To get away from everyone she goes to the chapel and tries to find some inspiration. She suddenly sees Reito’s form and decides to follow him, just for a little bit, and she soon finds him in an empty classroom doing naughty things to a female teacher. Nazuna is shocked and then her eyes meet his, but he just continues doing his own thing and when the female teacher asks him what he’s looking at he just tells her that it’s nothing.

Nazuna runs away in shock and Reito mumbles under his breath about what a troublesome child she is. He soon stops what he’s doing and walks off though, leaving the female teacher to call after him. Nazuna is taking refuge in the empty library and she wonders if he was letting her see him on purpose. She calls him an idiot and suddenly Reito appears asking her who she thinks she’s calling an idiot. He comments on how it isn’t proper to call a teacher an idiot.

She responds by pointing out that it isn’t proper for a teacher to be doing those kinds of things. Reito raises an eyebrow and asks her what she means, but she can’t bring herself to say it. He notes that she’s too embarrassed to talk and so then he comments on how he’s relieved since he’s saved by an innocent schoolgirl. He only came here to make sure that she wouldn’t tell anyone else.

When Nazuna hears this reason she tries to shove him, but he captures her hand and flatly tells her that it’s not like her to raise her hand to a teacher. She hisses at him to release her hand, but he says 「嫌だと言ったらどうする?」(If I said no, what would you do?). She tells him she’ll shake him off, but he smirks and points out that she wouldn’t be able to overpower a man. Nazuna isn’t even using any force though because she knows that in her heart she doesn’t want to hurt Reito.

He tells her that she doesn’t need to get angry since he was just playing around. She repeats his words and he confirms it saying that he was just having some adult fun. He asks her if she wants him to teach her and then steps closer to steal her first kiss. Nazuna slaps him for that and he chuckles a bit and notes out loud that he accidently let go of her hand. Nazuna tearfully asks if he enjoys hurting her like that and if he doesn’t know her feelings.

Reito becomes serious and tells her that he does know her feelings and so he wins the bet. Nazuna tells him that she doesn’t care about the bet anymore and so she’ll tell Aoi tomorrow that she lost and she’ll pay her debt. However, surprisingly, Reito tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about that since he’ll talk to Aoi and Atsumori to remove her debt. It’s his job as an adult to teach them lessons and they’ll get over it quickly.

She asks him why he’s doing that for her and he tells her that if she wants a reason then she can consider it a payment for the kiss. He tells her that he’s going to leave now, but that she’s free to go to the infirmary if she ever gets an injury. He corrects himself though and says that it’s better if women don’t become injured in the first place and that she shouldn’t go to the infirmary too often or it’ll be a bother.

However, she begs him to stay and then confesses that she likes him. Reito looks troubled and he’s silent for a long time before he exhales tiredly and congratulates her on managing to make him feel troubled. Then he tells her that there are rules to playing around and that if she doesn’t protect those rules then she can’t be by his side. Then he leaves and Nazuna returns back to her art class to draw, but her head is filled with thoughts of Reito.

She returns to the school and bumps into Wabisuke who is concerned since she looks like she’s about to cry. He asks her if it’s because someone said something to her and that if there is someone then he’ll take care of them for her. Nazuna plasters a smile on her face and tells him that she’s fine before she apologizes and runs off. Wabisuke calls after her and then grits his teeth before cursing.

Some time passes and Nazuna enters the infirmary to tell Reito that even though she returned to her room to think, she still came back here. He lightly calls her an idiot and Nazuna grimly replies that she thinks so too. He says 「わかってるなら、ここでUターンするかい?」(If you understand, are you going to U-turn here?). She tells him determinedly that she doesn’t want to do such a thing. He repeats her words with a dark chuckle and then he tells her 「・・・まぁいいか。ここにいたいなら、すぎに扉を閉めて。」(.. That’s fine. If you want to be here then close that door quickly).

Nazuna gasps in surprise, but Reito continues to calmly tell her 「それから鍵をかける。嫌なら、すぐに出て行ってもいいんだよ。」(And then lock the door. If you don’t want this, then it’s fine if you leave right now). Nazuna grimaces but tells him that she understands and she locks the door. Then he asks her 「さて、自分で鍵をかけた意味はわかっているね。」(Now then, you locked the door yourself. You understand the meaning in that, don’t you?). Nazuna nods quietly and he compliments her on her resolution.

However, he asks her if she really knows what she’s getting into. She tells him that she does.. probably. Reito hums thoughtfully and then says 「まぁいい。その覚悟、じっくり試させてもらうよ。」(Oh well. That resolution, I’ll carefully test it out) and then he asks for her hand. She gives it to him and notices that his hands are freezing, while he points out that her hands are shaking and a little sweaty. Her temperature is high too and her breathing is coming out fast.

Reito smirks and asks if she’s coming down with a fever again, but Nazuna confesses that she ran to the infirmary. He tells her to rest on a bed in the infirmary then, and when she looks surprised, he explains that it’s a given for a student with bad health to rest in the infirmary. Nazuna is blushing now and tells him that she understands and he compliments her obedience.

Nazuna is getting nervous and she feels like the way he is looking at her is different from the other times, but it might just be her imagination. Suddenly he pushes her down on the bed and asks her lowly if she’s prepared to do things that she doesn’t know about. Nazuna is still determined though and tells him that she is. He coldly asks her if she’s hoping for something and that she must understand what happens when a man and woman are kissing on a bed.

She confesses that she might and that she’s been thinking lately about how Reito seems to have two different attitudes. She understands that he’s trying to let her pass the rest of her school days in peace, but even so she can’t bring herself to forget about Reito because she’s interested in him. He chuckles and thanks her for her passionate confession. She stutters in embarrassment, but he tells her calmly that he’s also interested in her.

And so that’s why he’s going to leave a hickey on her chest. Nazuna remembers what Kakeru said about hickeys, but she can’t help but feel extremely happy. Reito tells her that from now on he’s going to be touching her and her peaceful school days will be far away. Nazuna tells him that she’s fine with that and he hums in thought before commenting on how she’s changed from the beginning of school.

When Nazuna looks at him in confusion he talks about how the she wouldn’t have done such a thing in the beginning. He finds it interesting to see her innocence tarnished and it’s like the fall of Adam and his children. But then he asks her if she isn’t scared of becoming dirty and she tells him that if it’s him then she doesn’t mind. She doesn’t want to become dirty by anyone else’s hands. Reito says her name and is about to confess something, but the chime rings.

At this, he steps away from her and comments on how their date seems to be over. She looks at him in shock and he explains flatly that their game needs to have rules or else it won’t be a game anymore. Nazuna is hurt inside because she doesn’t care about the rules or the game anymore, but she hides it and allows him to escort her back. Along the way she wants to say something but the words are stuck in her throat.

Finally she asks him to tell her why he keeps on treating her like this and why he doesn’t believe that she likes him. She wants to know everything about him. Reito tries to scare her off by telling her that his past is a dark one and it’ll hurt her. Nazuna doesn’t care though and tells him that she can’t live without him. This actually breaks his emotionless mask and he gasps in surprise before he starts to take her seriously.

He starts off by asking her who her first was and then he cruelly points out that her face is red and asks if she wants to stop. She tells him to continue though and so he confesses that his first was his mother. Then he asks her if she wants to continue again and she tells him that she does, because she’s finally learning more about him. Reito inhales sharply and then sighs before commenting on how she only has an interest in him because he’s unusual. She should experience the world more.

Nazuna tells him that he’s probably right, but right now she’s caught up in him. He’s quiet for a few seconds before he continues on his sordid past and tells her that for his mother, who continued to wait for his father, he picked up smoking so that he smelt like his father. So then Nazuna asks him if the phone calls he receives are from his mother and Reito laughs at how much she paid attention to him.

The phone calls are from his mother’s twin though who looks exactly the same and sounds the same. It’s as if his mother is alive again and she calls him because, after her husband died, she became lonely. At first, she treated him like her child but then she started to use him to replace her husband as well. In the end, people are just beings living for their desires and consumed by lust. That’s why he doesn’t believe in love or anything that Nazuna confesses.

Reito tells her that it’s over now and she probably doesn’t want to be caught up with a man like him now, so she should return to her room. Nazuna tells him quietly but strongly that she won’t. He looks at her in shock and asks her why. She tells him that she still wants to be with him and he sighs before musing on how it seems that he lost. He expected her to give up after she heard his story.

He calls her a troublesome child before telling her sharply 「いいかい、君は俺とは違う世界にいる。」(Listen well, you and I are from different worlds). He says 「俺は君のように綺麗な人間の世界に行くことはできない。」(I can’t go to a world filled with beautiful people like you), but then adds 「だけど、君を俺の世界に引きずりおろすのは簡単なんだ。」(However, it’s simple for you to be pulled into my world). His voice rings with finality as he tells her 「俺と一緒に堕ちれば、もう元の世界のは戻れないんだよ。」(If you fall with me, you won’t be able to return to your original world).

Nazuna tells him that she wants to fall with him. He looks mildly surprised before he smirks and calls her troublesome again and comments on how if she says things like that then she’ll quickly be dirtied. Nazuna changes the topic and asks him if he knows what the meaning of the Fuji flower is. He doesn’t and so she tells him that it means “Drunk on love”. That’s how she feels towards him and she doesn’t want to let him go from now on.

Reito chuckles quietly and confesses that he thought that she was an honors student, but it turns out that she’s a wicked student instead. He asks if she really won’t regret it and he stells him that she won’t since it’s her own wish. At this, he takes her hand and in Nazuna’s mind she realizes that he’ll never embrace her lovingly with these hands nor will he ever say that he loves her. He’ll treat her with a cold kindness, but that’s the person who she fell in love with.


Dessert! Reito wonders if he can say words of love to Nazuna because he doesn’t believe in love. Love is something that has hurt him and causes him pain and so he’ll continue to keep himself away from it. He finds his feelings toward her a little strange. It resembles love, but it’s slightly different. It’s sort of like dependence because she’s the first person who has accepted his dark past.

It’s obvious that he would want to keep her close for that. Like a precious flower that a person would water, he will keep her close with kind and sweet words. He will continue to treat her as if he loves her, so he doesn’t hurt her. Reito doesn’t see anything wrong with that because if the two of them are happy then all is well. And there might come a day where these feelings become real.

Nazuna wakes up to the smell of brewed coffee. It’s not the instant kind and the scent is wonderful. Then she feels someone kiss her softly on her head and she recognizes the feel of Reito’s lips. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン YOU’RE THAT INTIMATE ALREADY? THAT’S PRETTY TALENTED. She opens her eyes to see Reito in his boxers and he greets her with 「おはよう、お姫さま。ようやくお目覚めかい?」(Good morning, princess. Have you finally awakened?).

She remembers with a blush that after they confessed to each other, she spent the night in Reito’s room and he taught her things. He offers her a cup of coffee and offers her sugar and milk to go with it, but she asks him how he drinks it. He answers that he just drinks it black and so she tells him that she also wants to drink it like that. He tells her that she doesn’t need to do unnecessary things, but she confesses that she wants to drink the same flavor as him.

He chuckles and comments on how her words are so provocative in the morning and when Nazuna blinks in confusion, he mutters that her lack of self-awareness is frightening. Anyway he hands her the coffee and tells her to be careful since it’s hot. As they drink the coffee they get into a conversation about how he made it since it doesn’t taste bitter at all. Then she asks him if he has any christmas plans and he tells her that he does.

She looks depressed until he tells her that he’s going to spend it with her. Nazuna tells him not to tease her like that but Reito just smiles and says 「・・・ただちょっと君の反応が見たかっただけさ。」(.. I just wanted to see your reaction). She pouts at this and points out that it’s the same as teasing her and so he laughs gently and apologizes 「ふふ、悪かったよ。」(Fufu, my apologies). Then he comments on how strange it is that he’s feeling so happy at this moment, even though he considered it a game.

Nazuna blushes and tells him that she doesn’t think it’s strange, because a person doesn’t need a reason to be happy around their loved one. Then she hears some nightingales outside chirping and she’s reminded of a scene from Romeo and Juliet and how Juliet didn’t tell Romeo what she was going to do, but Nazuna can now understand her feelings because she doesn’t want to ever let go of Reito. Anyway, it’s time for school and so she readies herself to leave though Reito looks depressed at that.

Before she leaves though he tells her that she forgot something and he kisses her. It’s so amazing that her head is spinning and she asks him what that was for in a stutter. He tells her simply that he’s sending her off with a kiss. She blushes and quickly leaves for school muttering about how he’s bullying her, but it makes her happy to receive kisses from him. He might not believe in love, but his eyes are soft when he looks at her and so she’ll stay by his side until he does believe in it.

She quickly returns back to her room without being seen by anyone and sighs in relief, but suddenly she hears someone’s voice coldly say 「やっと戻ってきたか・・・。」(You’re finally back..). When she asks who it is, Wabisuke reveals himself with a creepy smile. Nazuna blinks in surprise and says his name, but he just asks 「どこに行ってたんだ?」(Where did you go?) in a deceptively light voice. Nazuna bites her lip at that and tells him that she didn’t really go anywhere, and then she asks him what he’s doing in her room.

Wabisuke ignores her words though and his voice raises as he snaps out 「どこに行ってたのか聞いてるんだ!」(I asked.. where did YOU GO!). Nazuna flinches at that and quickly tells him that she went to sleep early so that she could wake up early to study at the library. He yells at her not to lie and then his voice returns to its creepily soft tone as he points out that she couldn’t have studied without her school books. HGAHGFHA HIS YANDERE VOICE IS SO FRIGHTENING Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚)!

Nazuna remains silent and so he continues on to say softly 「それにおれは・・・お前が昨日の夜、一度も部屋に戻ってないって知ってる。」(And also I.. know that you never once returned to your room yesterday night). Her eyes widen at this and she asks him how he knows that about her, but his voice raises in rage as he tells her that it doesn’t matter. His voice is strained with anger as he informs her 「俺は朝までお前を心配してたんだぞ。・・・わかってるのか!?」(I was worried for you all the way until the morning.. did you know that!?). I’M DYING TO HINO SATOSHI’S SKILL.

He lashes out and grabs onto her tightly. Nazuna winces and tells him to let her go since it hurts, but Wabisuke ignores her and continues on to tell her in the same rough voice that even though he was so worried she’s fine with lying to him. Nazuna calls for her brother to stop but Wabisuke inhales shakily and snarls out 「俺がっ!一体どんな気持ちでいたと思って・・・・っ!!」(Do you have ANY idea about my feelings..!!?). Nazuna shoves him away and runs to lock herself in the bathroom because he’s frightening her.

Wabisuke’s voice is heard on the other side asking her softly 「なずな・・・何してるんだ?」(Nazuna.. what do you think you’re doing?) and then he adds 「鍵を開けろ。ほら・・・」(Unlock the door.. Come on..). When she doesn’t respond he screams out brokenly 「開けろって言ってるだろ!」(I TOLD YOU TO OPEN IT!). Nazuna finally answers him by telling him that she won’t, because he’s being scary. Wabisuke laughs haltingly and asks her what she’s saying but then curses loudly and leaves. OMGOMGOMG HE’S SO GOOD GOING FROM CALM TO SCREAMING.

Nazuna apologizes in her mind for worrying her brother but she can’t stop herself from loving Reito now. Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be any noise from behind the door and so she returns to her room to see that he’s gone. She wonders about how his strange behaviour but she decides to ignore it and go to class. Her next class is being taught by Reito and they secretly exchange glances.

Her friends notice how happy she is and is glad that she’ll be able to spend Christmas with a smile on her face. Lately, she had a depressed look on but not anymore. Reito interrupts their conversation by telling them to be quiet since they’re in the middle of class and the day continues normally. Nazuna decides that she wants to make a muffler for Reito for Christmas which means she has to go to the town to buy a book and materials.

As she passes through the courtyard though she sees Kazuya and Suou talking to one another. Kazuya sees her and calls her over to ask her if she knows where her brother is. He hasn’t come to school and missed all of his lessons. Nazuna stutters as she wonders if this is related to the incident this morning, but she can’t tell them that since that’ll lead to questions that might reveal her relationship with Reito.

Suou immediately notices that she’s lying and drawls out that she’s bold to try and lie to him. Kazuya tries to stop him but Suou tells him not to interrupt. However, Nazuna runs away from her teachers though and stops at the gates of the school to check her cellphone. It turns out that Wabisuke sent her an email telling her not to worry since he has some business to take care of.

Nazuna sighs in relief and then walks to the town to buy a book and materials to make a muffler. She forgets about the things that happened this morning and loses herself in thinking about what kind of expression he’ll have when he receives her gift. Will he be smiling? Or will he be surprised? It makes her heart pound just to think about it.


Even though she was supposed to hurry back to the school before it’s dark, she ended up being distracted and so now it has become dark. As she walks through the forest at night she notices Reito and Wabisuke talking to each other. They disappear into the forest and so she curiously follows after them since she can’t leave them alone like this.

Reito asks Wabisuke what he wanted to talk about, but Wabisuke is silent for a long time and so Reito tells him that he’s going to return home if there’s no more business. Wabisuke finally calls out for him to wait and then tells him to stop involving himself with his sister. He wants Reito to disappear and to stop hurting his sister. He also tries to point out how weird it is since she’s a child and he’s a teacher.

Wabisuke also lies and tells Reito that he heard everything from Nazuna. Reito’s eyes widen, but then he smiles slowly and informs Wabisuke that he finally understands him. Wabisuke looks nervous but then laughs nervously and asks Reito what he’s talking about. Reito points out that Wabisuke loves his sister and this makes Wabisuke sneer as he says that he does since she’s his precious sister.

Reito continues on though and reveals that Wabisuke doesn’t love her as a sister but as a woman. Wabisuke reminds Reito of his mother and he doesn’t want Wabisuke to turn those eyes, consumed with lust, towards him. Wabisuke snarls out that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Reito calmly tells him that he understands the point though. Nazuna is frozen in shock since she didn’t know about her brother’s feelings.

Suddenly, Wabisuke bursts out laughing insanely before he admits with a dark smirk that he does love his sister. His voice lowers into a growl as he admits that Reito speaks the truth. Reito flatly says that he thought so. Then Wabisuke asks again why Reito is involved with his sister and Reito tells him that he doesn’t know if he loves her, which makes Wabisuke interrupt angrily asking if he’s just playing with his sister then.

Reito confesses that he doesn’t associate pleasant thoughts with the word “love” and so he doesn’t know what he feels towards Nazuna. All he knows is that he depends on her and that it would be unbearable if she wasn’t by his side. He needs her and so that’s why he’s not going to release her. Wabisuke asks lowly if his sister knows that, and Reito tells him that she does and she still accepted him. That’s why Wabisuke’s words will never reach them or change their mind, because he has no business with them.

Wabisuke grits his teeth angrily and then yells out at Reito not to be so cool and stabs him in the stomach with a knife. Nazuna is stunned into silence and wonders why Reito’s stomach is turning red and why her brother is cackling with a delighted smile on his face. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR WHAT I’M FEELING RIGHT NOW (°Α°). WABISUKE’S HYENA-LIKE CACKLING IS NOT HELPING EITHER.

He’s relishing in the sound of the spilling blood and then he laughs some more before informing Reito that this is what happens since he became involved with his sister. Then his voice drops and he snarls out 「お前、邪魔なんだよ!」(You’re.. an intrusion!). He stabs Reito again and yells 「消えろ!今すぐ俺となずなの前から消えうせろ!」(Disappear! Disappear right now from my sister and I!). He stabs Reito again.

Nazuna finally runs out at this point and yells at her brother to stop. He flinches in shock and asks her what she’s doing here in a weak voice. Reito, however, yells at her not to come close to him and then the ground starts shaking. The ground that he’s standing on crumbles and he falls down a hill which makes Wabisuke laugh in glee as he finally got rid of the intrusion in his life. He eagerly tells Nazuna that he did it all for her.

She just stares at him coldly and tells him that if Reito dies then she’ll never forgive him and then she runs off to climb down to Reito, while calling the ambulance. Wabisuke is left behind pleading for Nazuna not to look at him in hatred. When Nazuna reaches Reito, he asks her tiredly why she’s here but he has to gasp for air every few seconds and grit his teeth against the spasms of pain. She tells him that help is on its way and so he can’t die.

He tells her that he won’t, but she doesn’t believe him since all he’s done is lie so far. Reito chuckles gently and then tells her that she should return home now since she overheard his conversation with Wabisuke. He doesn’t know if he loves her and so she can still leave him here now. Nazuna tearfully tells him that she can’t do such a thing since she loves him and that is that.

Time passes and her brother is sent to prison. There is evidence in his room such as data from he listening device he implanted in the stuffed bunny and a spare key to open her room. He also stole the book that Reito gave to her. He was also the one who messed up her locker, but even though he did all that she can’t bring herself to hate him. In fact, she still hopes that one day he will be back to laugh beside her.

Reito asks her what she’s thinking about and Nazuna tells him that she’s thinking about that delicious cake in the window. It turns out that Reito is still alive after the wounds in his stomach, but he has lost his ability to walk. He also can’t teach anymore and so Nazuna also withdrew from the school. She’s going to enroll herself in another school, though she has no interest in schooling anymore since she wants to be by Reito’s side.

He laughs at her gently and points out that her words are not like a honors student’s. He also admonishes her for continuing to call him Fuji. He wants her to call him by his first name and he’s not going to answer her if she slips and calls him by his last. Nazuna blushes at hearing him say her first name, but she tells him that she’ll try her best. Reito asks her if she’s really okay with this and she tells him that she had decided ever since she heard him tell Wabisuke that he couldn’t let her go.

She wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Reito smiles and tells her 「・・・わかった。君がそう言うなら、もう遠慮はしないよ。君は俺のものだ。もう、絶対に・・・君を離さない。」(.. I understand. If you say so, then I’m not going to hold back. You’re mine. I will never.. let you go now). Nazuna smiles and tells him that she’s happy, before she asks if that means he’s hers too then. Reito agrees and tells her that he is also hers. No matter what happens and when it happens, he’ll always be by her side.


It’s dark when Nazuna returns back to school and she walks through the forest carefully, but suddenly she hears someone call out 「見つけた・・・。」(I found you..). She jumps in fright and asks who it is. Wabisuke reveals himself with a large sigh and then he mentions out loud that she didn’t return home today and so he wondered where she was and it turns out that she’s here. Nazuna is confused at her brother’s changing personality.

He asks her lowly 「こんな遅い時間まで、お前は一体何をしていたんだ?」(At this late of a time, what are you exactly trying to do?). Nazuna stutters out that she was just in the town, but Wabisuke interrupts her and says with a scary smile 「答えられないなら、俺が代わりに答えてあげようか?」(If you won’t answer, then shall I answer for you?). Nazuna tries to ask him what he’s trying to say, but he doesn’t listen to her and continues on talking.

Wabisuke reveals that he knows that she’s with Reito. He asks her cruelly if she thought that he wouldn’t be hurt and then he tells her in an insane voice that he’s always been hurt by her. Especially by her actions with Reito and he asks her if she thought that she wasn’t going to trouble him with that. Nazuna tries to apologize, but he tells her 「・・・悪い子には、お仕置きしないといけないな。」(.. Bad children need to be punished, don’t they?). He draws closer to her and knocks her out.

When she wakes up, she finds herself locked in the dungeons underneath the school. Some time has passed since then and she hasn’t heard or seen anyone apart from her brother. Nazuna feels like she needs to somehow make her brother understand, but she knows that the possibility of tha happening is low. She calls out Reito’s name quietly and whispers about how much she wants to see him again.

Time passes and Wabisuke appears, asking if she’s hungry because he brought food. His voice is deceivingly soft and apologetic for leaving her alone in such a scary place. Nazuna asks him to release her then, but he tells her that he can’t do that since she’ll just start to do naughty things with Reito again. Wabisuke tells her that he can’t be tricked any more and then he tells her thats he must be tired. A crazy grin appears on his face as he tells her to sleep until the fall semester passes and then they can return home.

He is planning on withdrawing from school and attending a school near their house. Nazuna asks what is going to happen to her and he tells her 「決まってるじゃないか。お前はずっと家にいればいいんだよ。」(It’s obvious, isn’t it? You’ll be in the house forever). He adds 「そうして・・・ずっとずっと死ぬまで一緒に俺と暮らすんだ。」(And then.. we’ll live toegther forever and ever until we die). SORRY WABISUKE. THAT’S NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL ಠ_ಠ.

Nazuna snaps at him that what he’s deciding is impossible, but he doesn’t listen to her and tells her that he will never give her to Reito. She asks him what happened to him and tells him to return to the kind brother that he always was. Wabisuke laughs sharply and tells her that he hasn’t changed. He’s the same as he was in the past and he still considers her his most precious person. She tells him that if that’s the case then he should let her out.

Wabisuke’s voice starts to become angry as he comments on how she seems to be hard of hearing. He’ll let her out in 10 days when they can leave this place and return home. After he says this he leaves again, while telling her to be a good child and to wait for him. Nazuna calls out for him to wait, but he ignores her and disappears. She slumps to the ground and wonders if this is her punishment for betraying Wabisuke and loving Reito.

She falls asleep and then wakes up to Reito’s voice as he calls out to her. It turns out that he was searching for her all this time when he realized that she was missing. By luck he found a piece of her clothing and then encountered Wabisuke leaving. They got into a fight, which is where he acquired his wound, and then he knocked Wabisuke unconscious and stole the keys. He holds out his hand for her but she just sits there and stares at him with a pained face.

Nazuna feels like it’s her fault for her brother becoming insane and attacking Reito, but he tells her not to think like that. The wound isn’t even serious. However, Nazuna tells him that she can’t and won’t leave because it’s her fault that Wabisuke is broken. If she betrays him again here then he will become super insane. Reito is silent and then he tells her that she reminds him of how he was in the past.

He couldn’t bring himself to leave his mother because he was afraid of causing her more pain. He was her only son and the only thing she had left, and more then that, he was afraid of making her hate him. But if he had left or if she had fallen in love with some other man, he thinks the future would have been completely different. Nazuna asks him if he thinks that she wouldn’t have died, but he’s not sure since she was still sickly. All he knows is that she might not have been pained as much.

Nazuna asks if she will cause pain to someone if she doesn’t leave this place and he tells her that she would. She and Wabisuke will cause pain to her parents, her friends, and him. Nazuna says his name softly and Reito tells her to take his hand, but she’s still conflicted. Finally, he tells her 「俺は君を救いたい。本音を言えば、今すぐここから引っ張り出して、連れていってしまいたいくらいなんだ。」(I want to save you. In truth, right now I just want to drag you out and take you away).

She asks him why he isn’t doing that then and he says softly 「・・・それは、兼田と変わらない行動だからだ。」(… Because, then I wouldn’t be any different from Kaneda). He tells her that if he takes her body away against her will then that means he won’t be able to steal her heart. Nazuna gasps and then he informs her 「だから決めるのは君だ。」(That’s why the one who has to make the decision is you). He adds 「俺のためとか、兼田のためとか、そんな理由で決めないでくれ。」(Don’t make your decision for my sake or for Kaneda’s sake).

He tells her 「君自身のために、俺の手を取るか・・・それとも、この場に残るか。」(Decide for your own sake, whether you’ll take my hand.. or whether you’ll remain). Then he asks her to choose between him and Wabisuke. She chooses him and they quickly leave the dungeons. When Nazuna steps out she relishes in the sunlight, wind, and bird noises. These were things that she took for granted.

She can’t walk well, since she’s been locked up all this time, and so Reito offers his arm and they start walking away. He doesn’t tell her where they’re going and she doesn’t ask. It doesn’t matter to Nazuna since she chose him. She’ll just hold his hand and walk toward their future.


Basically, throughout Chapter 6, Nazuna is undecided as to whether or not she wants to commit to a relationship with Reito. In his dessert, Reito wonders what he should do since he has accidently acquired something precious. After learning about his sordid past, she still accepted him. He thinks that kind of girl is lovely, but he won’t be able to bring her happiness because of how stained he is.

He’s fighting against his conscience which asks him if he thinks that Nazuna will look good being stained. It asks him if she won’t become unhappy. He wonders about his punishment and how he has to bear it alone, but he’s losing his path since after the death of his mother and his father he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore. He’s trying to think of one good reason as to why Nazuna and he should be together.

After she confesses to him and accepts him despite his past, Nazuna closes her eyes and to receive a kiss from Reito. She thinks about how her first kiss was lost in the library and a hated thing since he stole it, but this time it’ll be something they will both participate in. However, he just kisses her on the cheek and thanks her for her feelings before telling her to return to her room as it’s late and she might catch a cold.

In her room, Nazuna thinks about how she was prepared to let Reito have his wicked way with her but he ended up not doing anything at all. The next day, she can’t concentrate on her studies and when her friends invite her to a christmas party she declines apologetically. Then she decides to visit the infirmary to see what Reito’s plans are but he’s not there and so she goes to the clubroom to find him.

No one is there except for Seri who tells her that it’s the day before Christmas and so everyone is busy preparing for things. He just came back to retrieve something that he forgot. Anyway, Nazuna goes to Reito’s room in the dormitories but he’s not there either. The next day, she tries to find him again but he’s nowhere to be found. Nazuna wonders what she should do about the muffler but decides to make one anyway, even though she’s not sure if he’ll accept it.

In fact, as more and more time passes, she starts to wonder if he doesn’t like her or if she isn’t good enough for him. The last time she saw him, he said something strange when he thanked her. He told her that those feelings were more than enough for him. Anyway, the class that was supposed to be taught by Reito is taken over by Suou who tells them to use it as a time to study whatever they want.

They’re not allowed to talk though. If anyone dares to talk while he’s here then he’ll give the whole class a punishment. His dangerous smirk makes Nazuna gulp in fear and she quickly starts studying, but she wonders if Reito is sick. After classes, she returns to the dormitories to see if he’s there but there doesn’t seem to be anyone in his room. Daria appears and asks Nazuna what she’s doing.

Nazuna ends up learning from Daria that Reito left early in the morning to talk to the director of the school since he has business with him. But then she warns Nazuna not to come to the dormitories so often, since it’ll be a problem if the Kano brothers catch sight of her. She doesn’t care about the bet but she thinks that it should be fair. Nazuna is glad that he’s not in the hospital, but she wonders if she’ll meet him tomorrow at school. She finally finishes the muffler.

The next day in class she overhears some date club fangirls whispering about how Reito has disappeared. After leaving a letter of resignation, he hasn’t returned to the clubroom or the dormitories. No one can contact him through his cellphone either. It seems he just disappeared. Nazuna runs to the clubroom to ask them where he’s gone but none of the club members know, nor are they surprised. Seri thought that a day like this would come.

She walks out onto the school’s field and Kazuya finds her looking depressed. He asks if she’s heard of Reito’s resignation, but she has and then she apologizes for being unable to find the date club’s weakness because she’s become interested in Reito and so she can’t do it. Kazuya tells her not to bother because now that Reito is gone they can disband the club. Nazuna isn’t happy at that though and so he asks her if she’s that interested in Reito.

Nazuna answers that she is and so Kazuya tells her to follow after Reito then. She asks him if he knows where Reito is and Kazuya tells her that he wasn’t told, but his guess is that Reito is visiting his family’s graves. Then he hands her a map and tells her to go there if she’s interested in Reito. Nazuna asks him why he gave this to her now but Kazuya shrugs and tells her that there’s no hidden meaning in it. He just thinks that she might be able to stop Reito.

Kazuya asks her if she knows about Reito’s past and she tells him that she does, because Reito told her himself. Nazuna asks if he heard about Reito’s past from Reito as well, but Kazuya shakes his head and reveals that he’s Reito’s childhood friend. He wonders out loud if 20 years ago, had he gone after Reito, would he have changed the future? Anyway, he comments on how it’s surprising to hear that Reito revealed his past on his own accord. Kazuya thinks that it’s because Nazuna’s presence is changing Reito.

Anyway, he warns her about getting caught up in Reito’s darkness and Nazuna confesses that Reito said the same thing. Kazuya tells her that this might be the reason as to why Reito left then, because Reito is scared of tainting Nazuna. But that’s all he has to say to her and she needs to be the one to decide what she is going to do next. Nazuna isn’t sure if she should go after Reito since he may just push her away again.


Nazuna decides not to go after Reito. When Kazuya notices that she stayed he asks for her reasoning and she tells him that she wasn’t sure if Reito would have welcomed her at that point. She’s going to just stay and believe in him to come back. Kazuya smiles at her and tells her that it’s a good answer since he also thinks that Reito needs time away from everything to confront himself and his heart.

So the seasons pass and the years pass until it’s time for Nazuna’s graduation. A lot of things has happened and she continues to keep the muffler in her room. One day while she’s in a classroom, Daria appears and tells her that she has a visitor waiting for her at the chapel. Nazuna leaves in confusion and Daria giggles suspiciously when Nazuna is out of sight.

As she walks through the hallway, she wonders if it’s her brother who came to see her. After he graduated he became the coach of their school’s soccer club. Nazuna bumps into Seri in the hall, who is heading to the library to read an interesting book he heard about, and he reveals that he knows who the guest is but he’s not going to tell her. She accuses him of bullying her and he smugly tells her that he should be allowed to since it’s her fault that their club got disbanded.

They’ve both become friends though and Seri congratulates her on graduating at the top of her class. She also compliments him for doing the same in his classes and then he informs her that she should get going since it’s not nice to keep someone waiting. Nazuna thanks him and runs off at that, but she stops at the gates and thinks about how she’ll be leaving this place soon to go to another university. It’s a bit sad since this was place that connected her and Reito and so her love will end when she leaves.

Anyway, she heads through the forest toward the chapel but as she gets closer she realizes that the person who is waiting for her isn’t her brother. Instead, Reito greets her with 「・・・久しぶりだな。」(.. It’s been a long time). Nazuna is shocked into silence and he asks her teasingly if she’s forgotten his face already. She asks if that’s really him and he replies that he isn’t a ghost since he can touch things and he’s standing on the ground.

At this point Nazuna runs to hug him and she cries joyfully into his chest. He softly points out that she’s all grown up now and that she’s become a wonderful lady. Nazuna tells him that she wanted to meet him and that all this time she kept thinking about how she wanted to meet him. When she asks him where he’s been, Reito reveals that he travelled to a lot of places in an attempt to forget about the school and his job as a teacher.

However, there were just some things that he could never forget and so he wrote a book about his life as a type of cartharsis. He gives her the book before explaining that when she confessed to him he couldn’t bear to be with her because at that point he didn’t think that he could ever be happy. So he left and tried to write about her in his book to get rid of his feelings, but he couldn’t manage it. Instead, it just made him think more and more about her.

Whenever he saw snow, he wondered if she was dressing warm enough and he grew worried about her catching a cold. When he saw roses, he remembered the time that they walked through the rose gardens. Whenever he thought of her, his feelings of sadness disappeared until she was all that he could think about until finally he realized something. He realized that he loves her. He still doesn’t know if he can let himself become happy but he tells her 「それでも俺は、君のそばにいたい。・・・この手で、君を幸せにしたい。」(Even so I want to be by your side… With these hands, I want to make you happy).

Reito doesn’t believe that he can become happy for himself, but if he searches for happiness by her side and for her sake then he thinks he can manage to do it. Once he came to this conclusion, he couldn’t bear it any more and he had to meet her and so today he came to meet her. Nazuna tells him that she’s really happy and she’ll treasure his book for the rest of her life.

He embraces her tightly and apologizes in a low voice for taking so long to find such a simple answer. Nazuna doesn’t mind though since she thinks that they both needed the time. Reito chuckles softly and then tells her that 「これからはずっと一緒だ。・・・もう、離さない。」(From now on we’ll be together.. I won’t let you go any more). She tells him that she won’t let him go either and then he whispers 「・・・愛してるよ。」(.. I love you).


Nazuna decides to go after Reito even though she might cause her brother to worry excessively and be a trouble to Reito, but she can’t just stay here without seeing him. She takes a bus and soon comes to a cliff overlooking the ocean and Fuji is there talking, but she can’t hear his voice because of the wind. When he’s done though and their eyes meet, he’s shocked to find her here. Nazuna tells him that she came to talk to him but he immediately tells her that he can’t be with her.

When she tries to take a step closer to him, he yells at her to stay back and begs her not to look a him any more because being with her is painful. She sadly asks if he hates her that much but he tells her that it’s the opposite. He considers her to be more precious than anything else and that’s why he can’t be with her. He confesses that the night when he explained everything to her, he wanted to embrace her so much that it was unbearable.

However, he couldn’t bring himself to do it because he’s surrounded by taint and so he can’t make her happy. He tells her it’s not possible for a person, who has never thought about becoming happy, to grant happiness to another person. His voice falls to a pained whisper as he points out that it applies especially to a person as pure as her. Nazuna tells him that she isn’t as pure as he thinks she is and so he needs to stop calling himself dirty.

Reito tells her that he wasn’t just stained by his parents’ actions but also from all the women that he’s slept with. He cruelly asks her if she didn’t see him when he was with that teacher in the classroom. He played with women before he met Nazuna and even when he knew her. He asks her if she can forgive him of those actions. Nazuna flinches at that and he tells her softly 「・・・無理しなくてもいい。許せないんだろう?」(.. You don’t have to force yourself. You can’t forgive me, can you?).

Nazuna tries to salvage the situation but he ignores her and tells her that it’s fine. Once again he asks her to stop looking at him and she asks him where he’s going. He tells her not to come and she panicks as he’s stepping closer to the cliff and so she grabs onto him. He struggles and angrily tells her to let him go before asking if she wants to die with him. Nazuna doesn’t understand why he thinks that he needs to do this though.

Reito asks her why she’s going so far to stop him and Nazuna confesses that it’s obvious because she’s decided that it’s a good thing if he lives. She wants him to live. Reito is quiet and then tells her softly that her hearing her words are more than enough for him. He pushes her away and says goodbye to her before falling off the cliff. OMG WHAT?!! ISN’T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE IN PURE HARD RATHER THAN PURE NORMAL? ಠ_ಠ Nazuna screams in fright.

Time passes and Nazuna is in Reito’s room back at the school watching over him. Kazuya comes in and asks if he’s woken up yet, but he hasn’t. It turns out that he survived his fall but fell into a coma. The doctors said that his life wasn’t in danger and so it would be better if he was in a familiar place to aid in his recovery. Nazuna sighs and tells him that even though the doctors said that, Reito hasn’t opened his eyes at all.

Kazuya tells that he understands her feelings but that she shouldn’t get impatient. He’ll come and visit again, but in the meantime she shouldn’t strain herself. Nazuna continues to talk to Reito when Kazuya leaves and she tells him about how Kazuya came to see him and it’s Christmas Eve, so she brought her present to him. She tells him that she made a muffler like he said he wanted and then her voice falls and she becomes teary as she asks why he won’t open his eyes.

Nazuna asks him if there are a lot of things he doesn’t want to return to and that’s why he won’t wake. Or is it that he finds her presence a bother to him and so he won’t open his eyes? She begs him to open them and calls out his name, and suddenly Reito opens his eyes slowly. The first thing he talks about awakening is how he can’t even seem to kill himself. Nazuna is fed up with his depressing talk though and tells him that he did die in the ocean but now he’s born anew.

And so she wants him to be kind to her again and to want to live. All he seems to have done is cause her sadness. Reito winces at that and tries to tell her that he was doing this all for her, but Nazuna tells him that if he wants to do something for her sake then he should try his best at living and being with her. Finally, he laughs softly and says out loud that he seems to have lost.

He sits up and explains that his mother was alone on the cliff for 10 years. Because of her sins, his father’s family didn’t allow her to be buried in their grave. It was only until his father was about to die that his father wished to be buried beside her. Reito finds his ironic that his father wanted to be with his mother in death when he never looked at her in life. An action of love like that has no meaning if a person’s love is never confessed in life.

He doesn’t think that his father ever forgave him and his mother. But even though he doesn’t think he can forgive his father, he doesn’t want to be like his father. And so he’ll forgive his parents and himself for wanting to love Nazuna. Because he already died once and has been born anew, he’ll try his best to become happy. He’s breathing for her sake. Nazuna smiles at that and asks him what he wants to do now that he has a second chance at life.

Reito thinks about it and tells her that first he wants to return home and make some coffee. They can drink it together and spend time thinking about it, because 「俺たちの時間は、これからたくさんあるんだからな。」(Because we have a lot of time from now on). I DON’T HAVE MUCH THOUGHTS ON REITO. I THINK I DISLIKE HIM ONLY BECAUSE HE’S THE 4TH CHARACTER AND I’M TIRED AS HELL. I HATED HIS EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER THOUGH AND I FELT LIKE NAZUNA WHINED A LOT MORE IN HIS ROUTE.

13 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Fuji Reito ~

    Haruna said:
    February 22, 2012 at 10:32

    It’s quite unbelievable how seductive those guy are, but I love the way Reito constantly teases her. Really… Why isn’t there a guy who would be so daring?? I’d fall in love with him instantly. (*ノ∀ノ)

    And in this route she is really “drunk on love”.. ^^ Reito totally suceeded in capturing her. :D Well, I guess it’s hard to not fall in love with him…

      Ilinox responded:
      February 22, 2012 at 14:07

      It definitely helps that he doesn’t look his age 8D;; if he actually looked 34ish~ I’d be a bit disturbed. Reito was a pretty fun character, because he’s so mature ww he knew what he wanted and just immediately went for it.

      I think she gets really really drunk on love in all routes ww but I see your point in how this one was pretty extreme since his route was an extreme roller coaster of drama.

        Haruna said:
        February 23, 2012 at 02:09

        I’m still wondering, why there isn’t a route of NOT falling in love with anyone…
        But I guess this would only lead to a bad end, since I’m sure, that the date club members would definitely not be satisfied if Nazuna is about to win the bet… I can imagine them using really dirty tricks… *shiver* Besides there are enough routes, so I shouldn’t complain, huh!? ^^

        Ilinox responded:
        February 23, 2012 at 08:41

        I think you’re right and it’s a bad end if you don’t have anyone’s affection levels high enough.. or maybe some kind of general harem ending? The guide I was using didn’t include any bad ends and the ending list in the game only recorded the 2 forbiddens and 2 pure ends, so I decided that was all I’m going to do to satisfy my OCD www.

        If I had to go through every single bad end like Amnesia then I would probably still be playing this game and crying over how long it took (/ω\).

    twentyninenights said:
    November 4, 2011 at 13:11

    Okay, Reito is actually the second chara in this title that I’ve found interesting. The first maybe is Atsumori (look, he’s typical clever guy that make me fall in love-and let’s put glasses aside because many clever chara wears that and makes me looks like megane fetish). So far, his pure love normal is best from what I’ve read..
    That “Because he already died once and has been born anew, he’ll try his best to become happy. He’s breathing for her sake.” story just touch my heart.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 4, 2011 at 15:28

      He was okay. I normally like older men, but I felt like his route was too dramatic. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much drama around the forbidden relationship between a teacher and a student. It was more like he didn’t want to stain her and that was what the route focused on, compared to Wabisuke’s route which was all about “BUT WE’RE SIBLINGS~!”.

      Haha, Atsumori is the next guy so look forward to his post~ ;3!

    dellz85 said:
    November 3, 2011 at 20:09

    Wah new post from you, again it is so detail xD Dunno why but I like him the most lol, and this game is really not like a normal otome he3, very dark and a lot of forbidden thing lol

      Ilinox responded:
      November 3, 2011 at 20:23

      I’m going to break wordpress one day! That’s my goal *shot* ww. I can’t say I liked him that much, I’m not sure if it’s because I was just tired from all the other routes or what though. It felt like there was excessive drama over nothing.

      Yep, this game has some twisted endings and it loves to troll me. I thought the “normal” endings were supposed to be less extreme versions, but they completely mixed it up for Reito. His Forbidden endings didn’t even involve running away either.. instead they had an extremely crazy yandere brother. He’s forever ruined.. Orz.

        dellz85 said:
        November 3, 2011 at 20:44

        Ha2 I’m really shocked with her brother possessiveness, oh I mean I like him the most in this game, but if I am comparing with Ikki or Ukyo or others, well I like him the least xD

        Yeah I dunno if I can play this game or not since the story is not for my taste, I heard you can pursue a female character in this game o.O isn’t it will be yuri?

        Btw I am wondering after you finish this game what other game will you pick?

        PS: Sorry for my bad English xD

        Ilinox responded:
        November 3, 2011 at 20:47

        Nothing can compare to Ikki >w<! Well, nothing yet..

        Yep, if you look at the post below this one. I finished a character called Yaehara Daria. She's the only girl in the route and it did end up being yuri.. I was so bored through that route ww. It was probably the shortest post I've ever done.

        After this will probably be Arcana or Clock Zero~! Your English is just fine ( ゚ー゚). Was there a particular game that you were interested in?

        dellz85 said:
        November 3, 2011 at 20:59

        Oh my it is the first time I saw the yuri route in otome lol xD

        Hmm I think these games take my interest: Clock Zero and Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ( I heard many good review for this game lol).

        I’m glad you are considering Clock Zero for your next game ^^ (Can’t wait xD)


    Yukiru said:
    November 3, 2011 at 17:51


      Ilinox responded:
      November 3, 2011 at 19:51

      Maybe long posts will become my trademark 8D! And nope, there’s still two more routes left. Atsumori’s and Seri’s ;w;.

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