Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Kano Atsumori ~

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Kano Atsumori (鹿野 敦盛)
CV: Takahashi Naozumi (高橋 直純)

Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Atsumori is the younger of the two Kano brothers and perhaps more vicious. He’s known as the glasses-wearing prince of sadism and he can never be found too far from his precious pile of chocolate. He enjoys teasing his older brother, Aoi, and the two often bicker with one another but Atsumori genuinely cares for him. He is also the heir to the Kano family and believes that money can buy everything and anything.  He’s definitely aggressive in his love but there’s a soft side hiding underneath all that.

The beginning is the same as usual with Nazuna meeting the Kano brothers at her library and then she finds out that her parents’ company transferred them overseas. Nazuna has to attend the elite school that her brother is currently at as a soccer scholarship student and there she gets herself in trouble with the forbidden date club.

When Aoi decides to help her find her luggage, Nazuna enters the room realizing that there is nothing she can do. Nothing ventured is nothing gained after all. The rest of the club members try to lead her out into the rose garden but she refuses to be tricked by them. In the end, she has no choice though and so she goes only for them to try and seduce her. Because of the exorbitant debt that she has to repay, the date club comes up with a bet.

She has to date one of them and not fall in love until they get bored and then if she wins they’ll release her brother and cancel her debt. Until then, her brother is also going to be in the date club to work off her debt for her. When Nazuna finds out that Reito is also part of the club she calls him the worst but he just laughs and then she has to choose her opponent for her first date.

On their first date, Atsumori takes her to the chapel but Nazuna keeps thinking about how she doesn’t know why she chose him, because his attitude is terrible and he never listens to anyone. As if to prove her thoughts, Atsumori tells her flatly that he doesn’t have endless amounts of time and tells her to hurry up. He even calls her a dull-brained woman but he does acknowledge her taste for choosing him. HIS SUPER ARROGANCE IS HILARIOUS プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Then he even compares her to a cat seeking attention from her master and he smirks as he tells her that if she was more honest about her feelings towards him then he might consider paying attention to her. Nazuna angrily asks who he is comparing to a cat and steals his chocolate because of that. She tells him that if he doesn’t release Wabisuke then she’ll eat it all. Atsumori tries to call her bluff but she eats half of it and taunts him some more.

Suddenly though, he smirks slowly and then walks up to her before grabbing her arm and telling her 「フッ・・・チョコを食ったことを後悔するんだな。」(Hn.. I’ll make you regret eating that chocolate). His voice falls into a low whisper 「今のお前の口は、さぞ甘いだろうなぁ?」(Right now I’m sure your mouth is sweet). Nazuna asks him what he thinks he’s trying to do but he just smirks and tells her that a naughty cat needs to be punished.

Atsumori informs her 「その口の中にあるチョコを食ってやるんだよ。」(I am going to eat the chocolate that’s in your mouth). Nazuna hurriedly tells him that it’s all gone, but he instantly responds with dark humor 「味は残ってるだろうが。その舌とかにな。」(The taste will still be left. On your tongue). She tries to tell him to wait and resists him and she wonders in shock if he actually likes sweets that much. The two of them struggle for a bit.

Finally he asks her if she hates the thought of her lips being touched. Nazuna responds that of course she does and so he sighs loudly but tells her that he’ll stop trying to kiss her then and steps back. She’s surprised to have won that so easily and starts to feel relieved only for Atsumori to raise her arm and lick the chocolate off her fingers.

She asks him in alarm why he’s licking her fingers and he tells her calmly 「言っただろう。味がすれば俺はなんでもいいってな。」(Didn’t I already say? Anything is fine with me so long as the flavor is there). YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS NAZUNA. SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE~! I’D LIKE TO SEE HIM LICK IT OFF A POLE IN WINTER ( ゚∀゚). Then he tells her to be grateful to him since she didn’t want him to kiss her and so he decided to do this instead.

Nazuna is shocked at his arrogance, but he continues and calls her an idiot for not returning his chocolates earlier. Atsumori chuckles and asks her lowly if she wants him to lick her fingers all the way. Nazuna tells him to stop and accidently drops his box of chocolates. He laughs and asks her if she’s returning it to him already and then he tells her that they hadn’t even gotten to the sweetest part yet.

Anyway, their date ends and Nazuna returns safely back to the dormitories. She meets Kakeru a few days later and he gives her a bugged charm as well as assigning her the mission to find out the date club’s weakness. The two Kano brothers come to harass her in her classroom and she tries to resist, but this just amuses Atsumori more and he tosses her a chocolate as a reward and to lower her stress.

She gets taken into the clubroom and attacked by the two of them, but then Seri shows up to stop them. When Seri tries to blackmail them though, Nazuna steps in to defend them but she does decide to give them a tough punishment. Aoi calls her a sadist in disguise and Atsumori tries to put on a tough face. Anyway, she asks for a few days to think about it and the rest of the day continues on.

Dessert! Atsumori is thinking about the time that she stole his chocolate and how angry he was, but for some reason he didn’t punish her harshly or severely. It was the first time that he decided to do something like lick a woman’s fingers. It is also the first time that he met a woman like Nazuna who fought back against him. All the girls that he’s met so far just listen to what he says.

He finds dealing with Nazuna like playing with a cat and it’s fun and interesting to him. He wants to see what she, as a studious honors student, will do. Atsumori tells her that he’s looking forward to it.

Blackout! Atsumori is moaning and he says that something is sweet.. really sweet. He sighs and groans some more before telling it not to run away and that he’s not done yet. He wants more.. a lot more.. and then says that his fingers are getting stained. There’s some slurping noises now and he moans again before saying the taste is on his fingers now. He calls for someone to look at it and then he mentions that since it can’t be helped he’ll have to lick it clean. There’s more slurping noises and then he lowly tells it that it understands what will happen next right?

More moaning and slurping and then he asks if it’s trying to run away again and tells it to give up and to just stay and play with him. He groans some more and then the scene is revealed to be Atsumori eating some honey, it looks like. He mentions that it’s nice to have something other than chocolate for once. MY FACE IS SUPER RED FROM THE NOISES HE WAS MAKING. IT’S AS BAD AS WABISUKE’S AND I MEAN THAT IN A GOOD WAY BECAUSE OF THE SEXY NOISES THEY WERE MAKING (〃゚艸゚):;*!

*** CHAPTER 2 ***

Nazuna decides to get her revenge on Aoi by drawing on his face. Atsumori shows up and takes the pen from her to draw on Aoi’s face as well, but Aoi springs up and kisses him accidently because Aoi thought it was Nazuna. Aoi immediately legs go and starts retching off to the side while Atsumori is shocked into silence. The three of them are interrupted by Daria and Reito though who tells them all to head to class.

For their real punishment, Nazuna wants them to write a letter of apology but Seri doesn’t think that they’ll do it. If they do write one then there will be no feelings in it and so he wants her to think of something else. The whole date club decides to participate in the halloween party and have a contest on who can get the most candy. Nazuna tells them that the winner can get a pat on the head from her, but the Kano brothers want a kiss.

For their second date, Atsumori brings her to a restaurant. Nazuna is looking around in amazement at how rich this school is to have a restaurant like this and Atsumori tells her to calm down since she’s embarrassing him. The food comes and it’s amazingly delicious which makes Nazuna extremely happy. Atsumori explains the ingredients to her and she realizes that he’s quite knowledgeable about things and that she is actually enjoying their date.

He notices the look on her face and asks her if she’s thinking about anything difficult and she confesses that if he remains like this then it’d be nice. He smiles haughtily and tells her that he knew she would change the way she looked at him. However, he starts to complain about how noisy she is with her knife and fork since she’s not very skilled with it. He continues to complain about more things and Nazuna starts to wonder how he’s popular with an attitude like that.

They return back to talking about food though and Nazuna ends up enjoying the rest of their conversation. She is also amazed that they managed to have a rather peaceful conversation and decides that this must be how Atsumori is popular with the ladies. Atsumori notices the time and tells her that they should move onto the next activity that he has planned. They’re going to dance next.

It turns out that he took her here because he wanted to give her, who has no money, a full course date. Nazuna is a little alarmed because she doesn’t know how to dance, but Atsumori exasperatedly tells her that is why he’s here as her escort. He tells her to give him her hand and so she does and then he draws her up to his chest which shocks her. Atsumori remains calm though and explains that this is how they’re going to dance.

He hums thoughtfully when he looks at her face and he asks her if she’s feeling sensitized. Nazuna is blushing but she just tells him not to touch her in strange places. Atsumori smirks and asks her slowly 「変なところか・・・たとえばどこだ?言ってみろ。」(A strange place.. like what? Tell me). Nazuna tells him not to touch her lower back. He tells her not to be so noisy since he’s already being reserved with her.

And then they start dancing after he tells her to just follow his moves, but as they dance she draws farther back from him and so he lowers his hand to her lower back to push her closer to him. Nazuna is embarrassed but Atsumori just tells her that he’s just correcting her form. Then he arrogantly tells her that even though she doesn’t know the steps, she is managing to dance and it’s all because of him. If it was someone else then they wouldn’t be able to dance and move her as skillfully as he would.

Nazuna has to admit this and then she looks away which makes him lick her nose to keep her attention focused on him. When she exlaims her surprise and asks him why he did that, Atsumori just smirks and tells her not to be so noisy since they’re dancing. She’ll need to do this when she graduates too and Nazuna is alarmed and asks if he’s lying. He shrugs with a smirk and she starts to realize that this kind of date must be the reason why he’s popular.

She returns from her date safely and falls asleep but she wakes up to find the Kano brothers in her room. She boots Aoi off the bed as usual and asks him if he’s alright when he starts choking, but it turns out to be a joke. The day continues on like normal and Wabisuke tells her to run away, but she refuses, and so he tells her to stay away from the clubroom. She receives a call in the library and wonders if it’s from her brother but it turns out to be Kakeru.

The teachers are in the rose gardens and they have a chat with her and then send her off to the clubroom. In there, it turns out that everyone is tied for the highest amount of candies despite there being cheaters like Atsumori eating Reito’s candy and Aoi stealing some. Nazuna tells them that she gave her candy to a cat though. Atsumori hums thoughtfully and tells her that if she gave it to a cat then it can’t be helped, which makes Aoi ask smugly if Atsumori loves cats.

This leads to a hilarious denial by Atsumori as he stutters out that he hates the fluffy creatures because of their claws and their rough tongue. No one is convinced though and a cat enters the clubroom beside Reito who pets it. Reito makes comments about how soft the cat is and how the cat shouldn’t approach Atsumori since he hates cats. Atsumori is gritting his teeth on the side and swears under his breath.

Dessert! Atsumori finds himself tired and knows that it’s probably because of his long date with Nazuna and how he taught her to dance. There was one good thing that came out of the date though and that was how she listened to him when he talked. It was because she looked completely interested in his conversation that he accidently talked for so long.

He thinks that he could bear to take her to another dinner and dance date just for the chance to talk to her again. He wants to continue to go out with her and it might be the first time that he’s had this kind of feeling. He likes people who listen to him talk since he’s been surrounded by people who don’t listen to him, like Aoi.

Blackout! Atsumori is grunting and he asks what the hell this is. He hisses in what sounds to be pain and tells someone to stop it and then grunts. He exhales shakily and groans out that he’s in pain and then he pants for a while before swearing. He snaps at someone not to touch him and then asks when and how it became like this. He pants some more and then groans and then asks someone for help.

Atsumori angrily snaps at someone not to touch him and he tells them that he already said that. Finally, the scene is revealed to show Atsumori on the subway, presumably with Nazuna, and he tells her that he was only doing this for her. However, he won’t subject himself to this a second time. HOW DOES HE MAKE SUCH AWFULLY SUGGESTIVE NOISES? I THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS DOING SOMETHING TERRIBLE TO HIM (〃゚艸゚):;*!

*** CHAPTER 3 ***

Nazuna goes to take a shower and returns to find her door open. She thinks that it might be the Kano brothers and Reito goes into her room to check it out for her only to get molested by Aoi. Then all the members of the club come into her room and drink from the bottle of syrup. Even Nazuna drinks from it but she ends up collapsing after she drinks it since her head is spinning too much.

When Daria has her temper tantrum in the clubroom, Nazuna tries to cheer her up by encouraging her but this just makes Daria snap at her and ask Nazuna if she’s mocking her. Then Aoi and Daria start to argue about her mother and Aoi tells her that it’s natural for her to become a victim of her mother’s fame and that if she wants to hate someone then she should hate her mother.

Atsumori tries to stop the two of them from fighting but they just yell over him. It takes Wabisuke entering the room cluelessly to stop everyone from fighting and so Nazuna and Atsumori go onto their third date with him in a bad mood. They’re both in a classroom and he sighs heavily before Nazuna finally asks him if he’s alright. Atsumori complains about Aoi being an idiot for saying those things to Daria.

And then he tells Nazuna to entertain him since he’s in a bad mood. She blinks in shock and then tells him not to say such impossible things, but he just smirks and informs her that the purpose of a date is to distract and please people. He tells her 「ほら、早くしろよ。男が喜ぶことなんてひとつしかないだろう?」(Come on, hurry and do it. After all, there is only one thing that can please a man).

Nazuna splutters and tells him not to say such strange things, but Atsumori just smirks and points out lowly 「フッ・・・顔が赤いぞ?何を想像したんだ、言ってみろよ?」(Heh.. Your face is red. What are you imagining? Say it). She stutters out that she isn’t thinking about anything really and he bursts out laughing before admitting that teasing her is one of the best ways to pass the time. She narrows her eyes at him and thinks that he really is the worst in her head.

Then they both hear teachers walking around patrolling and Nazuna falls quiet because she’s a bit nervous at being caught alone in a room with Atsumori. He is silent too but then he suddenly embraces her and when she asks what he is doing, he tells her to remain silent and then remarks on how quiet she is being today. He asks her if she isn’t worried about her reputation as a honors student if she’s seen with him like this.

She tells him that if he understands then he should release her and so she shoves him, but he tells her not to do such things or else he might have to quiet her another way. Then she tries to complain but he bites her sharply on the ear and she yelps in pain. He asks her says to her darkly 「痛いか?嫌なら声を出してもいいんだぞ?」(Does it hurt? If you don’t want this then raise your voice). His voice drops into a quiet whisper as he says 「声を出したら・・・あいつらも気付くだろうがな。」(If you raise your voice.. those guys will notice).

Nazuna remains silent in pain and he chuckles softly 「フッ、お前って本当に強情だよな。だったら・・・これならどうだ?」(Heh, you really are stubborn. Then.. how about this?). She exclaims in surprise and tells him to stop, but then the teachers hear her and come into the classroom. Surprisingly, they’re more surprised and scared then Nazuna is. Atsumori calmly ignores them and tells Nazuna 「あーあ・・・見つかった。お前が声を出すからだぞ?罰としてもう一度だな。」(Aa-h.. busted. It’s because you raised your voice, right? Your punishment is this again) and he bites her ear.

The teachers, who are watching this, quickly apologize for getting in Atsumori’s way and leave. Nazuna is stunned by how they just left and then Atsumori asks her 「・・・抵抗は終わりか?なら次は唇を噛むぞ?」(.. Are you done resisting? If so then I’ll bite your lips next?). Nazuna shoves him away from her but he just calmly asks 「なんだよ。気持ち良かったろ?」(What. Didn’t you feel good?). She angrily tells him that it only hurt and she can’t believe that he did it in front of the teachers.

Atsumori chuckles at this and asks if she saw the faces they made. She tells him that it was embarrassing but he just chuckles and tells her that it was a fun way to pass the time. Plus, he was curious about how long she would remain quiet. She complains about how her ear hurts again but he calls her a liar and that she won’t let him do it a second time. Nazuna thinks that her ear must be bleeding since it feels burning hot.

He looks at her and then asks her huskily if it hurts and if she wants him to lick it better. Nazuna asks him flatly if he’s just going to bite her again and he laughs at that before commenting on how guessed right and it must be because she’s looking forward to it. He tells her 「そうなら早く言えよ。その耳、もっと熱くさせてやるのに。」(If that’s so you should have said it earlier. That ear.. I’ll make it feel even more hot). She forcefully tells him that she doesn’t want him to do anything.

Atsumori just smirks and talks about how he should have used more force when he was biting her. Next time he’ll do that right from the start and Nazuna wonders in alarm if he actually intends to make her bleed. She really can’t understand this guy and then their date ends.

When the club decides to host a play to show up Daria’s drama club, Nazuna decides to join in. She ends up having a midnight chat with Kakeru and bumps into Daria in the forest. Daria tries to kiss Nazuna but Wabisuke interferes at the right moment and the two of them get into a fight. This time Nazuna yells out for someone to come and save her, but Wabisuke tells her exasperatedly that there is no one here but them.

However, Atsumori shows up and comments on how Nazuna’s voice sounds cute when she’s calling out for help. Daria angrily asks if Atsumori is here to steal Nazuna away from her too. Atsumori tells her that Nazuna is his and then he quickly takes Nazuna’s hand and tells her to run away with him. The two of the quickly leave and Wabisuke yells at them not to leave him behind, but Atsumori tells him to shut up and that he’s going to be Daria’s opponent.

During the play, Nazuna asks if they can change the script when they find out that Aoi burnt all the costumes. Atsumori tells her that Daria might be able to handle it but it would be impossible for Nazuna to. They have no choice but to continue on with the same script. The rest of the play and day continues like in Wabisuke’s route.

Dessert! Atsumori is thinking about how much fun he had on the third date with Nazuna. The reason he bit her was because he wanted to see if she looked better with her pale white skin or if she looked better blushing and having red marks. He’s glad that her ear didn’t turn red when the teachers opened the door and saw them, because he was right that she looked better with red skin than with her pale skin. He wants to bite her in other places, not just her ear.

He wants to leave marks where they stand out and he wants to leave marks in places that he hasn’t seen yet. He chuckles a bit at how much he wants to do things to Nazuna. When he sees her troubled face he wants to make her even more troubled. When he sees her skin marked with red, he wants to mark her even more. It’s the first time he’s felt this way towards a woman. Atsumori chuckles and thinks about how she should feel honored that he’s become so interested in her.

Blackout! Atsumori is talking to someone and telling them to come with him. He huffs in amusement when he realizes they aren’t moving and tells them that if they’re going to be stubborn like that then he can wait them out too. They remain there standing and then he starts to become annoyed and tells them to come with them. The scene is revealed to show that Atsumori lost his glasses and so he’s talking to a statue because he thinks it’s actually a person.

*** CHAPTER 4 ***

Nazuna is in the library thinking about how a few months has passed and she has started to feel like she’s having fun with the date club. However, she reminds herself that her purpose that she is dating the club members is because she’s trying to free her brother and find their weakness. Then she suddenly hears an announcement calling Atsumori down to the principal’s office.

Atsumori appears in the library and grabs her by the arm to take her along with him to the office. Nazuna yells at him to let her go and he tells her to be quiet since she’s in library and there’s a sign that says that and so she does fall silent, which makes him comment on how he should have pointed that out at first. Anyway, when she asks him why she’s coming along with him to the office since the announcement only asked for him. He tells her that these are the sorts of times to bring a woman along.

Nazuna decides to follow him since it might be her chance to find his weakness and she’ll be able to meet the elusive principal. When they get there though, it’s just Kazuya who tells them that the principal only wanted to thank Atsumori and then he leaves. Nazuna asks Atsumori about it and he explains that the Kano family is rich and donates a lot to the school to cover things up like the fact that he and Aoi aren’t brothers.

He also asks if she wants anything since he’ll buy it for her with all his money, but she tells him that she doesn’t want anything. Not even the book that she brought out from the library accidently and she reminds herself to return the book after she leaves. Anyway, she tries to convince Atsumori that not everything can be bought and then asks him why Aoi wasn’t called here either if the principal wanted to thank the Kano family.

Atsumori just tells her that it would be troublesome if they were both called and then he steps closer to her and changes the mood by mentioning that nothing can interrupt them here. She tries to push him away but that just makes him chuckle and he tells her that no one will care if they hear her here. Then he asks if she’s the type who likes to be loud and noisy. At this, Nazuna finally shoves him away and leaves him laughing in the room. She bumps into Aoi outside and he notes her strange face.

Aoi asks if she heard anything interesting and she tells him that she heard that he wasn’t Atsumori’s brother. Aoi’s face becomes serious and he confesses that he’s similar to trash to the Kano household and like trash he can be thrown away at any time. He tosses his garbage out of the window to emphasize his point and walks away even though Nazuna is chiding him for littering. She goes out to pick up the thing he threw away and then meets someone who has something to give to Atsumori, but he can’t find him.

Nazuna reveals that she knows Atsumori and so the delivery person asks her to deliver the package for him since he’s behind his schedule. She agrees to and even though she’s curious about it, she doesn’t open it and instead she tries to find Atsumori. But she couldn’t find him before her class started and so she decides to leave it in the clubroom and tell him later. However, halfway through her class an explosion occurs in a part of the school.

It turns out that there was an explosion in the clubroom and it was from the package. Nazuna was seen carrying that package into the clubroom and so the police are investigating her and they want to bring her to the station, but Atsumori comes and tells them to leave since he knows that she isn’t the culprit. When they do leave, Atsumori scoffs at how much free time the police has and tells Nazuna that he knows who did it.

He suspects that the package came from one of his cousins or someone in the house because everyone is fighting for the position at the head of the Kano household. Atsumori reminds her of that time when a box of chocolates was delivered  to the clubroom and Aoi nearly ate it. It was a trap just like that package and so he threw it away. Nazuna is frightened and shocked at how his family members could do this.

Luckily, the explosion wasn’t that big and nobody was hurt. Only a few things were destroyed in the clubroom and Atsumori laughed at that. Nazuna goes to check it out herself and she meets Wabisuke who is worried about her health and angry at how abnormal Atsumori is. He tells her that she shouldn’t try to get close to Atsumori anymore since he’ll put her in dangerous situations. She tells her brother that she understands and he sighs in relief.

Nazuna informs him that she needs to go to the library to return a book and so she leaves with Wabisuke staring after her. In the library she thinks about her brother’s words and how he’s correct in saying that the situation wasn’t normal. There was a chance that the bomb could have gone off in her hands, but there was also a chance that it could have done so in Atsumori’s and it must be normal for him to live in such a dangerous world.

She overhears some girls gossiping about the Kano household and how there are rumors that all the sons to the Kano household are born to different mothers. There are 3 sons but who knows if they’re legitimate and there are illegitimate cousins in the background too. Nazuna leaves the library at this point and wonders why girls like to talk about those kinds of things. She notices Atsumori sighing heavily and entering the chapel and so she follows him.

For once he has a serious expression on his face and he’s glaring at the cross muttering 「・・・生きてやる。何がなんでも・・・俺は最後まで生きてやる。絶対にだ。」(.. I will love. No matter what happens.. I will live until the end. Definitely). Nazuna is pained because she doesn’t understand the world that Atsumori and Aoi are living in since they’re rich and she isn’t. She thinks that his words are heartrending and she wishes she could say something to him, but there are no words.

She wonders if her brother is right and that she should leave the Kano brothers alone but she shakes her head at that. Anyway, she leaves Atsumori to his thoughts but the next day there is a commotion in the courtyard. Two guys are threatening to beat up Aoi and Atsumori and they even shove Aoi down to the ground. Aoi doesn’t resist and they laugh at how easy it was and then turn their sights on Atsumori. One of them sneers at Atsumori and asks if he can’t move because his older brother was taken down so easily.

Nazuna yells out a warning when she sees one of them about to punch Atsumori but Atsumori easily stops it. His voice is tinged with sadistic glee as he talks about how today is such a nice day since he gets to play with these people in the morning. One of the guys grits his teeth and tells Atsumori to release him, since Atsumori is crushing his fist. Atsumori asks in a drawling voice 「放せ?それが人様にものを頼む態度か?」(Release you? Is that the kind of attitude you have when you’re begging for something?).

Atsumori boots him in the gut and then mockingly asks 「まさかもう終わりだなんて言わないよな?」(It can’t be that you want to end this right now, right?). He tells them lightly that they were the ones who asked for this and so they should stay until the very end. The other guy calls Atsumori a bastard, but Atsumori just tells them with a smirk 「もっと俺を楽しませろ。そうでなきゃお前らがいる価値なんてない。」(Make this more fun for me. If you don’t then you two have no worth). WHY IS HIS MASTERFUL DOMINEERING ATTITUDE OF THESE GUYS SO SEXY (*´Д`)ハァハァ??

The other guy snarls out that Atsumori shouldn’t be so cocky for a first year, but when he rushes at Atsumori he gets knocked down by one punch. Atsumori calmly tells the delinquent to get up again or else it would be boring. Nazuna is shocked to find Atsumori laughing while he’s kicking the person on the ground. He tells the person to stand up because that’s what his legs are for. Finally Reito comes to stop Atsumori and take the two beaten boys to the infirmary.

Nazuna retreats to the soccer field where she thinks about how frightening Atsumori was. His face when he was beating up the delinquents was as if he was delighting in other people’s pain and found it interesting. Then Atsumori appears before and tells her to come with him to the clubroom and grabs her arm, however she’s still trembling from her memory of the morning and so she pushes him away. He responds by pushing her down though and snarls at her asking 「お前もかッ!?」(You too!?).

She tells him that he’s hurting her but he tells her to shut up and says 「どうせお前も・・・!俺を化け物みたに思ってるんだろ!?」(After all you too..! You think I’m a monster, don’t you!?). Nazuna is confused by why he is suddenly asking her if she thinks of him as a monster but Atsumori takes her silence as a yes and yells at her angrily to say it out loud. Nazuna refuses to answer and pushes him off before running to the chapel where she thinks about how scary he was in his anger. This might be why the school is afraid of him.

When classes end, Nazuna heads to the clubroom and wonders if Atsumori is going to be there. She meets Seri in the room though and he grumbles out loud about idiots who leave their books in the clubroom. When Nazuna asks him about it, he shows her the book that Atsumori dropped off and she realizes in shock that it was the book she had been reading yesterday and that Atsumori wanted to give it to her when he told her to come with him.

Her heart is clenching painfully when she realizes what she did. The book is rare and very expensive. It was something she would never have. Suddenly, Atsumori enters the clubroom and tells her to come with him since it’s time for their date. Nazuna isn’t sure how to respond to him and Atsumori is also quiet as he escorts her to the rose garden. She thinks that he’s probably still angry for what she did yesterday.

However, Nazuna doesn’t want to apologize right now or else it seems like she’s forgiving him because of the book. The silence drags on and then their eyes meet but Nazuna refuses to look away which makes Atsumori smirk and ask her if she’s looking to pick a fight with him and if so he’ll give her one then. She thinks about how she doesn’t want that, but she didn’t want to look away and feel like she lost. Then Atsumori orders her with a low voice 「・・・動くなよ。」(Don’t move).

He approaches her and Nazuna tries her best to remain still but she ends up turning her head away since his face is too close to hers. Atsumori asks her if she doesn’t like him that much, but then he tells her lightly that it’s fine since he’ll just have to endure it. He takes her hand gently and tells 「・・・怯えるな。」(Don’t be scared). He tells her that he’s just touching her fingers and that she should be fine in that case, right? Nazuna is blushing really hard though.

Atsumori smirks when he realizes how flustered she is and he asks 「どうした?俺はただ指を触ってるだけだぞ?」(What’s wrong? I’m only touching your fingers). Nazuna thinks in her head about how that’s true, but it’s the way he’s touching them.. Atsumori points out that her face is red. He asks her if she doesn’t like it and she confesses that she’s not sure if she doesn’t like it or not. This makes him comment on how she’s startingly honest today. Then he tells her 「じゃあ望み通り、やめないでいてやるよ。」(Then as you wish, I won’t stop).

His face becomes a little puzzled as he asks her if she’s pretending. When Nazuna looks at him in question, he explains that she was scared of him this morning after the fight and that the person who is touching her now is the one who also pushed her to the ground. He asks her if she’s scared of him and she returns the question by asking him if he wants to be thought of as scary. A smirk appears as he tells her that he does since it would be boring otherwise.

Atsumori likes it when teachers are trembling in fear because of him. Nazuna asks him if that’s why he pushed her to the ground when she refused his hand. The memory of it makes her scared but right now Atsumori is like a different person. Atsumori tells her that she pissed him off with her rebellion at that moment, but he confesses 「まあいいだろう。俺はそういう挑戦的な目も嫌いじゃない。」(That’s fine anyway. It’s not that I dislike those challenging eyes).

Then he tells her in a low voice 「このケンカ、負けたくないなら目を逸らすなよ。・・・俺が何をしても。」(If you don’t want to lose this fight then you can’t look away.. no matter what I do). He adds 「お前はただ・・・俺だけをみていればいんだ。」(All you have to do.. is look only at me). Nazuna steels her resolve and looks into his eyes and they’re both silent until he suddenly brings her fingers to his lips and sucks on them. When she shuts her eyes in surprise, she hears him laughingly tell her that she lost.

He tells her that she looked away, but she argues that she closed her eyes. To him, it’s the same thing though because she ran away from his gaze. Nazuna complains that she was surprised by him licking her fingers, but he tells her that it’s her fault. When she tells him that he told her he would just touch her fingers, Atsumori tells her that he never promised that. She’s an idiot for believing in other people. Now she should be more careful to trust people, because if she doesn’t she might get hurt.

Anyway, he tells her to come with him and as they enter the chapel Nazuna asks him why he gave her the book since it was expensive. He tells her that he didn’t buy it for her sake, but that he wanted to see if he could get it. There is nothing in this world that he can’t obtain with his money, including her. He comments on how she must be feeling a little grateful to him for getting her the book and then he pushes her against the wall and kisses her.

His hands are pinning her arms to the wall and he murmurs against her lips 「・・・口、開けよ。そのままじゃ息苦しいだろ?」(.. open your mouth. It must be hard to breath like that). DEJA VU WITH AOI SAYING SIMILAR LINES (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. In response, Nazuna bites him hard enough to make him bleed since she can’t move her arms to slap him. He releases her in surprise and then Nazuna angrily tells him that money can’t buy everything, especially people’s hearts.

Atsumori is taken aback and then he averts his eyes with a pained face. Nazuna pauses her tirade in surprise, but then he just starts laughing hysterically. He calms himself enough to tell her that he wants her to show him the truth of her words then. Nazuna firmly tells him that she will never be tempted by money. Atsumori smirks and tells her that he’ll look foward to it and then he leaves the chapel.

She is pissed and resolved enough to never fall for his money, but she remembers the pained face he had on when she told him that money can’t buy everything. Dessert time! Atsumori is thinking about how stubborn she is and how this is the first woman that he’s met that makes him want to taunt and tease her. His lip still hurts from where she bit it and he remembers about the feeling of pushing her against the wall and kissing her.

He didn’t think she would bite him. He’s going to look forward to the next time they get into that kind of situation, because he’ll return her actions. THE REST OF HIS DESSERT MONOLOGUE IS A BIT CONFUSING (/ω\) I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF IT’S THE FORBIDDEN OR PURE ONE. THE BLACKOUT ENDED UP BEING BORING TOO.

Blackout! Atsumori asks if the person is satisfied now and then laughingly comments on how they can’t seem to look away. He asks if they aren’t going to release him and then laughs when he realizes that they won’t. That’s fine with him though because they’re trapped here by his eyes. His voice lowers as he asks the person to look straight at him and not to look away. He smirks as he notes that the person can’t run away from him.

He voice raises in a question as he asks what the defiance in their eyes is for since he’s the one trapped in the  prison. Then he smirks as he points out that the person is trembling and her eyes reflect her fear. The scene is revealed to show Atsumori in prison, but he’s seducing his captor by making it so that she can’t leave just like he can’t leave.

*** CHAPTER 5 ***

Nazuna didn’t sleep very well because Atsumori’s words kept on turning around in her head about how money can buy everything and he wants to see her try to prove to him that it can’t. When she finally goes to school, she meets Aoi at the gates who comments on how Atsumori has a really dark look on his face and that it must be Nazuna’s fault. When she asks why he thinks it is her fault, he simply tells her that there is no one else but her who would piss Atsumori off.

Aoi tries to get Nazuna to tell him by teasing her about how he’ll assault her right here if she doesn’t tell him. Nazuna lashes out at this and asks them why they think they can just do whatever they want and this makes Aoi laugh as he asks her if she said the same thing to Atsumori. Aoi reveals that Atsumori is the kind of pervert who loves to control women and then he tells her not to tell Atsumori that.

She asks if it’s okay for him to withhold that from his younger brother, but Aoi just shrugs and tells her that an enemy is an enemy. The one who is going to win the bet, doesn’t just have to be Atsumori. He is participating too and so she should be more careful with herself. Then Aoi looks away with a pained face and mutters that he and Atsumori no longer have anything to lose. Nazuna is struck by his unusual voice and then she sees Atsumori.

Nazuna glares at him and Atsumori asks her if she wants a fight and grabs her wrist, but she tells him that she is showing him her resistance. He smirks and tells her that she should understand what will happen if she loses. Nazuna asks him if he considers the whole thing a game and then Aoi interrupts and tells Atsumori not to forget about him. Atsumori tells Aoi that he has no part in this though since it’s his and Nazuna’s fight.

Aoi scoffs and looks away, but then he smirks and tells Atsumori that there is one more participant. All three of them turn to see Wabisuke angrily ask them what they’re trying to do. Aoi comments on how her protector has came and then Wabisuke tries to ask them to stop playing around with his sister. Atsumori coldly tells him that if he wants them to stop then he needs to give them the money, but since he can’t they’re going to continue playing with his sister.

Nazuna stops her brother and tells him that it’s enough since she’ll be alright and this makes Aoi comment on how sickeningly romantic their sibling love is. Atsumori tells him that witnessing their so-called love makes him want to puke and then he leaves. Aoi pouts and grumbles about how boring Atsumori is for leaving already, but he follows his younger brother.

Wabisuke asks if her hand is alright and she replies that it is. Then he tells her that she should run away since it’s getting too dangerous for her and she shouldn’t worry about him. He’ll come up with the money somehow. Nazuna remains quiet through this and apologizes to him in her head for getting him caught up in all of this. Anyway, he has to leave now since he has to prepare something.

She thinks about her brother’s words through the morning assembly about how it might be better if she ran, but she doesn’t want to trouble her brother or her parents. As she tries to think about what to do, her brother goes up onto the stage to talk about how the soccer club is going to participate in an event and that they will do their best. Abruptly, Nazuna she feels the sensation of someone looking at her and it turns out to be Atsumori who is smirking.

The look on his freezes her in place which nearly causes her to be knocked down. Daria saves her though and chides her for standing still while everyone is moving. She notices Nazuna’s pale face though and asks if anything happened, but Nazuna just shakes her head and tells her that she is fine. She’s relieved to regain the feeling in her legs again, though she is wondering about why Atsumori was looking at her. She tries to convince herself that she was just seeing things.

During lunch break, Nazuna goes to the soccer club to congratulate her brother. She’s a bit nervous about entering the soccer’s clubroom but just as she places her hand on the doorknob, she hears her brother talking to his vice-captain. They’re not allowed to participate in the competition anymore and someone in the soccer club told Wabisuke to just give it up without explaining any reasons. His vice-captain curses and asks what the hell is going on.

Nazuna is confused too and shocked at how quickly things changed from this morning. Atsumori appears by her side though and remarks on how problematic this must be. She quickly realizes that he’s the one who terminated the soccer club’s right to participate and she angrily asks him why he did that. He just tells her that he was bored and was looking for things to pass his time with and it just so happened that this appeared.

She pleads for him to stop it and he smirks at her attitude before reaching out to grip her chin. Atsumori tells her that he isn’t a demon and he can be convinced to change his target. He’ll stop his machinations with the soccer club if she begs to be his and prostrates herself before him. She angrily asks him why she would do such a thing but this just makes Atsumori shrug lightly. He doesn’t care what she does since he’ll just pass the time by ruining people’s lives.

He asks her slyly 「さあ、どうする?兄貴を捨てるか?それとも自分のプライドを捨てるか?」(So, what will you do? Will you throw away your brother? Or will you throw away your pride?). Nazuna shoves him back and tells him that she will do none of those and then she runs away. Atsumori stares after her in contemplative silence. Nazuna ends up running to the chapel with tears running down her face and she sees her brother leave the soccer clubroom with a calm face.

However, when Wabisuke approaches the chapel he curses loudly and Nazuna realizes that she can’t let him see her crying face or else it’ll worry him. She enters the chapel and decides to stay there until her brother leaves, but while she’s there she thinks about how she should just throw away her pride or else more people will get caught up in this. Suddenly, Suou’s voice is heard asking her if she is confessing for her brother.

Nazuna flinches in surprise and stutters out Suou’s name in surprise when she sees him. For a second she thought she was hearing the voice of a god. YOU’RE NOT ENTIRELY WRONG NAZUNA.. SUOU’S VOICE IS THE VOICE OF A GOD (〃゚艸゚):;*. Suou asks if he can sit beside her and she tells him to go ahead hastily, while wondering if he has something to say. He ends up asking her if she did anything to Atsumori because he knows about the soccer club.

In fact, he was the one who cancelled their right to participation and it’s because Atsumori asked him. Nazuna yells at him for that and asks him why he didn’t stop it since he’s a teacher and he shouldn’t listen to selfish requests like that. Suou just looks away though with a pained face and then tells her flatly that he has no right to say anything against them. Then he asks if she now understands the power the Kano household has over this school and everyone in it. Even the teachers are scared.

But Nazuna knows that Suou isn’t like the other teachers because he’s the only one who the Kano brothers are afraid of. Suou admits it but reveals that he’s also part of the Kano family. He was ordered by their father to guard the two Kano brothers but he isn’t allowed to stop them from doing whatever they want. That is what he meant when he said that he had no right. The reason Aoi and Atsumori were sent to this school was also to give them a playground and keep them out of trouble.

He also reveals that Atsumori is the next and ideal candidate for inheriting the family and so Suou might be treating him a little nicer. Nazuna listens to all of this but she still can’t bring herself to forgive the Kano brothers for playing around with people’s feelings like that and involving people who are unrelated to them. Suou doesn’t care what she does but he is going to warn her not to offend the brothers too much.

Suou tells her that he doesn’t like to be caught up in trouble and then he leaves her to her thoughts. Nazuna thinks about how it isn’t the case that she wants to get close to the brothers, but that she has no choice. If she could she would run away and leave this unnatural world. As she sighs heavily at her thoughts, Wabisuke enters the chapel and is surprised to find her here.

Wabisuke asks her if she’s alright since she doesn’t look cheerful and he saw Suou exiting the chapel. He invites her to come with him to the cafe so that they can eat sweet things and this sends Nazuna into tears. She apologizes and he realizes that she heard about the cancelled tournament but he tells her not to worry and then apologizes for worrying her. There’s still time for him to try and change their decision and so she shouldn’t be so bothered.

As long as she’s happy then he is too. He’ll do anything to make her happy. Suddenly, they both hear Sotamura, the vice-captain, calling out for Wabisuke and so she tells her brother that he’s fine and he can leave. He apologizes for that and tells her to rely on him whenever she has problems because she’s his precious sister. Nazuna nods her head at that but the moment he is gone she thinks about how he told her that he would do anything for her.

Those words are resounding in her head and she thinks about how her brother has always protected her. This time, she is going to protect him and she will do anything to do that. No matter what it is. The chime rings and she heads off to her fifth date with Atsumori and it starts off in the dungeons. He leads her through the dungeons and when she asks him where he is taking her, he tells her that if she wants she can run away.

Atsumori knows that she won’t though and she does follow him stubbornly until they finally reach a cell. He asks her if she’s scared and she confesses that she is a little, which makes him laugh and he comments on how she should have ran away if she was scared. But now it’s too late and he won’t listen to any complaints that she has. He informs her that he has the keys and so no one can come and interrupt them now and she can’t leave either.

Nazuna flinches in surprised and he asks her slyly if she is going to resist him, but he notes that she can’t since she has something that she wants from him. Because they both understand that he pushes her down onto the ground and tells her that they’re going to play a game since they are on a date. There is only one rule: she is not allowed to make any noises no matter what he does.

If she can manage that until the end he will listen to what she has to say. Nazuna agrees because she will do anything for her brother. Atsumori chuckles at this and then tells her mockingly that if they reach a part that she doesn’t like, she can tell him to stop. Of course this would mean that she loses and so Nazuna tells him coldly that no matter what he says she won’t say anything.

Atsumori laughs at that and compliments her attitude as well as commenting on how it would be boring if their play ended that quickly. But then he asks if she would say the same thing if he takes something out. He reveals a pair of scissors and Nazuna’s blood drains from her face. She asks him why he has that and he tells her simply that he picked it up since he knew they were going to play today. She shakily asks him what he’s going to do.

He tells her to relax because he’s not going to injure her. Injuries heal over time and that’s just boring. B-BUT SCARS DON’T Σ(^∀^;)! WAIT.. I SHOULDN’T ENCOURAGE THIS GUY. However, he knows that injuries of the heart don’t heal as easily and they can’t be seen by other people. So he asks her calmly what she wants him to cut. Her clothes or hair? Nazuna tells him to do whatever he likes and he notes how she is looking at him with her usual challenging eyes.

Atsumori asks if she doesn’t want to close her eyes to whatever he’s going to do to her, but then he comments on how he doesn’t hate the fact that she’s looking up at him with fear in her eyes though. Nazuna tells him as calmly as she can that he can do anything to her because she’s already decided that she won’t make a noise.  He asks her if she thinks that he won’t really do it.

Nazuna tells him to just do it then if he thinks that she thinks that he’s bluffing. She tells him that she doesn’t care if he starts on her hair or her clothes. Atsumori inhales sharply at that and surprisingly he releases her while calling her a stubborn woman. When she asks why he stopped, he tells her that he’s lost interest. Plus, he’s had enough fun from her now. She’s surprised at that and then wonders if he planned on doing nothing to her from the very beginning.

Then she points out that this means she won and Atsumori just laughs and tells her that he’ll give her it. She thinks that he’s abnorma for carrying around a pair of scissors, but anyway the two of them leave the dungeons and head back to the dormitories in the night. Atsumori asks her what she wants to talk about since he doesn’t have all night. Nazuna tells him to change the ban on the soccer club.

Atsumori tells her that if she knows he will refuse her if that’s the only thing she wanted to say. Nazuna tells him that she will even beg and lower her head for him. He smirks slowly at that and informs her that this also means she will become his. She understands that and she’s still willing to go through with it. He notes the defiance in her eyes and tells her that she might say it, but he wants proof before he’ll accept her words.

When she asks him what he wants for proof he hums thoughtfully and then orders her to 「お前が自分から俺にキスをしてみせろ。そしたら認めてやるよ。」(Kiss me of your own volition. Then I’ll accept it). SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH ME IF I FIND THIS SEXY (*´Д`)ハァハァ. ORDER ME AROUND SOME MORE ATSUMORI.. PLEASE. Nazuna tries to be cautious and tells him to promise her that he won’t get involved with the soccer club any more after this.

However, Atsumori tells her that it depends on her. If she satisfies him enough then he’ll say it. She accepts his terms though because she promised herself that she would do anything to help her brother and so she kisses him with shaky lips. Tears slide down her cheeks as she does this and then as she steps away she begs him to grant her request since she’ll do anything.

Atsumori just smirks and says 「・・・・・。その言葉、忘れるなよ。」(… Those words, don’t forget them). And then he tugs her closer to him to initiate another kiss and then he murmurs 「口を開けろ。」(Open your mouth). DEJA VU DEJA VU (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. DID ATSUMORI LEARN THIS FROM HIS BROTHER? OR IS THIS SOMETHING BOTH KANO BROTHERS SHARE. This kiss is rough as he bites her and holds her tightly, but she doesn’t say anything since she has to obey anything he says.

The two of them are interrupted by Reito who runs up calling for Atsumori. He halts in surprise when he finds the two of them together and he asks slowly if he was interrupting them. Atsumori just smirks and says that he wasn’t really and if there was any business. Reito explains that someone contacted him and Suou is coming to escort him back to the Kano family. Atsumori pales and looks shocked but then Suou appears and tells him to hurry up and climb into the helicopter that appeared.

Atsumori nods, but he hesitates and looks over at Nazuna with a lonely face before he is pulled onto the helicopter. Reito pulls Nazuna away from the helicopter because it’s dangerous as it lifts off and the two of them watch it disappear. Aoi appears by her side and quietly notes that Atsumori left and he wonders if Atsumori will even come back. Reito orders the two of them to return to the dormitories though because it’s late.

Nazuna can’t stop thinking about what Aoi said about wondering if Atsumori will come back. She also can’t stop thinking about how different Atsumori looked when he had that lonely expression on his face. It was as if she was searching for someone to save him.

Dessert! Atsumori feels pissed when he thinks about Wabisuke and Nazuna’s sibling bonds. He doesn’t understand why people find it fun to sacrifice themselves for another like that. He also doesn’t understand why his feelings are so conflicted now towards Nazuna. He’s thinking about the time they kissed and how he always kisses other women like that, but he had to order Nazuna to open her mouth.

The fact that he had to order her makes him feel terrible but he doesn’t understand his own feelings. He convinces himself that he just has to break her even more and it’ll make these feelings of his disappear. He’ll drive her crazy for him and do even worse things to her the next time they meet.

*** CHAPTER 6 ***

It is now December and Christmas is around the corner. Nazuna hasn’t seen Atsumori at all during this time and he hasn’t returned to the dormitory either. At first, there were a lot of people talking about him but now she’s the only one who is still thinking about him because everyone else is preoccupied with Christmas. She decides to find Aoi to ask him about Atsumori and if something happened to the Kano house.

She bumps into Wabisuke in the halls and he tells her excitedly that the soccer club is allowed to participate in the competition again. Nazuna smiles happily and congratulates him, but she’s also pleased that Atsumori protected his promise. Wabisuke notices that she appears to be searching for something and asks her if she dropped something. She carelessly tells him that she’s looking for Aoi to ask about Atsumori.

Wabisuke’s smile instantly drops off his face and he tells her in a low voice that he wanted her to stay away from the two brothers. He thinks it’s a good thing that Atsumori is finally gone yet she’s going out of her way to search for him. He asks her if she likes Atsumori and Nazuna tells him that he’s wrong, but her voice is raised in a question. She chides him for saying weird things and then runs off to hide in the library.

He watches her go with a frown and wonders what is up with her. Meanwhile, Nazuna can’t get rid of her brother’s words and she tries to convince herself that she doesn’t like Atsumori. She is only interested in where he’s been and why he had that expression when he left on the helicopter that night. Suddenly an announcement comes on asking for Aoi to report to the principal’s office. She blinks curiously and wonderes if Aoi did something.

Then she thinks about how typical it is for Aoi to get in trouble just like his brother, but she remembers that they aren’t real brothers. Which brings up the question of who Suou is the uncle to. Then she realizes that she can find Aoi by heading towards the principal’s office since she has questions to ask him. When she gets there she overhears Aoi and Kakeru talking in the room. Kakeru asks if Aoi isn’t going to return back to the Kano household since it’s dangerous for Atsumori.

Nazuna doesn’t want to interrupt the conversation and so she is waiting outside, but she doesn’t want to eavesdrop either. However, the conversation catches her interest and she finds out that their father is in a precarious condition. Atsumori’s mother and Aoi’s mother, who is their father’s mistress, are both there. However, nobody wished for Atsumori to be born and so everyone dislikes him especially his own mother.

Aoi comments on how Atsumori resembles him a lot and then it is also revealed that Atsumori’s mother hates Atsumori to the point of trying to kill him. At this point Nazuna runs away and the scene switches to Kakeru and Aoi. They both knew all along that Nazuna was there and Kakeru was the one who changed the conversation to talk about Atsumori, but Aoi played along.

Kakeru is looking forward to seeing what Nazuna will do with this information while Aoi doesn’t reveal his reasons for why he played along. The first thing Nazuna does is return back to her room to calm down with a shower. The images the conversation evoked are playing through her mind like a bad movie. She can’t comprehend the idea of a mother hating her child enough to want to kill that child.

Suddenly someone knocks on her door and Suou enters to order Nazuna to come with him. When she asks him for a reason, he tells her that she doesn’t need to know. But Nazuna refuses to go with him until she gets her reason and so Suou stares out her window to the sight of her brother practicing soccer with his club. She immediately realizes that he knows about the deal she made with Atsumori and so she agrees to go when he asks her again.

The two of them leave in a helicopter and when she asks him where they are heading, he simply tells her that Atsumori wished for her presence. The moment they reach the Kano household she is reminded of Atsumori’s sad face, but this time he just grabs her hand with a cold expression and drags her away without a word. He pulls her into a room and closes the door before ordering her to strip.

Nazuna asks him if he’s serious in a shocked voice but he just tells her that he is and then repeats his order. He tells her dangerously that she became his for her precious brother and so if she doesn’t listen to what he says then her might just cry again. Nazuna bites her lower lip and starts to take off her jacket with shaky fingers and tears in her eyes, but then Atsumori pushes her down on the bed. He asks her if she’s scared and she tells him that she won’t run away this time.

He chuckles and then tells her lowly 「目は閉じるなよ。最後まで俺の顔を見続けていろ。」(Don’t close your eyes. You’ll continue to look at my face until the very end). He informs her that he also won’t look away from her eyes because if he does that then.. but his words are interrupted by a scream. Immediately, Atsumori’s face becomes pained and he releases Nazuna to curl up into a ball and cover his ears like a child. She’s shocked to find him trembling.

However, when she tries to comfort him by rubbing his back he snarls at her not to touch him and to leave the room. She tries to protest but he yells at her again and so she obeys and leaves. Outside, she wonders about the voice and how it wasn’t a normal scream. Suou comes up to her and asks her to follow him and he takes her into another room and explains that the voice she heard was Atsumori’s mother. A weak person who can’t control her emotions.

Nazuna realizes that Suou must not know about how Atsumori is terrified of that noise. Then Suou asks her if she feels sympathy for Atsumori after finding out that he was born to this cursed family. She tells him that she doesn’t know, but she does know that she would by lying if she said no, but she can’t understand Atsumori’s feelings since she wasn’t born in this house. Suou is silent as he hears her answer and then he excuses himself.

She hears some servants walk by and overhears them gossiping about Atsumori and how troublesome he is to deal with because of his selfish requests. None of the servants like him but they have to endure it since he might become the head of the family. When night falls, Nazuna is still at the Kano household and she even has dinner there with Atsumori but he is still in a bad mood and says nothing.

When she asks him why he called her here and if he has any business, he tells her coldly that he just wanted to pass the time. She frowns at that since she was so worried about him and then wonders about the food that he is eating and where his usual chocolates are. Suddenly, Atsumori collapses onto the floor and knocks his food over as he chokes. Nazuna is instantly worried when his face turns pale and he starts coughing blood.

Nazuna calls out for help but none of the servants move and no one comes to her. She can’t believe this and tries to support Atsumori until Suou finally comes running to save him. He immediately tells her to stand back since he’s called the paramedics. Atsumori’s life is saved and it’s revealed that the food he was eating had been poisoned by someone and it was a close call. After everything calms down, Nazuna sits beside Atsumori’s bed and watches over him.

Suou enters the room and asks if she doesn’t want to return to the school, but she wants to remain by his side even if that means she might encounter another assassination attempt. She tells him that she wants to remain by Atsumori’s side. It’s not to defend against another attempt, but it’s just that he has no one who cares for him in this house and so she wants to do this for him. She also tells Suou with a smile that she’s Atsumori’s. He laughs softly at this and tells her to call him if anything happens.

She ends up falling asleep though and when she wakes up the next morning, Atsumori is looking at her and greets her by saying that she fell asleep on his arm and now it’s numb. Nazuna apologizes and then she asks him why he poked her on the cheek. He tells her that he just felt like it and this makes her blush at the casual skinship. Atsumori laughs at the look on her face and she’s shocked at how normal it is.

He comments on how weird her face looks and then tells her that he thought that it was at first glance anyway. She frowns at his unnecessary words and then asks him how his health is. Atsumori looks confused and then tells her that it was nothing but Nazuna is skeptical since the poison was so strong that he couldn’t move. She changes the topic though by poking him in the cheek as well. He asks her what she thinks she’s doing with a stutter since he’s so shocked.

Nazuna just grins and tells him that she’s passing the time. He grumbles half-heartedly at how she’s his property yet she’s backtalking to him. Then he warns her that he might make her cry later on, but she responds that she’ll do the same. And then she grabs both of his cheeks and pulls on them and then she tells him that she thinks his face is weird looking, but she thought so at the beginning anyway. For the first time, he blushes and curses as he looks away. TOO ADORABLE (〃゚艸゚):;*!

Their moment together is interrupted by a terrifying woman who slams the door open. She immediately starts strangling Atsumori and asks him why he’s still living and why he’s laughing. She wants him to disappear and die. Suou quickly enters the room though and pulls Atsumori’s mother off of him before dragging her out of the room kicking and screaming.

It’s quiet in the room and Nazuna tries to say something but Atsumori shouts at her not to say a word and to be quiet. They’re going to return to the school at lunch and so she should prepare her things. Nazuna flinches at his tone but obeys him and the scene skips to them being in the school courtyard. Aoi tsks and comments flatly at how Atsumori seems to be alive still.

Atsumori tells him calmly that it’s an honor for Aoi to have gone out of his way to tell him that. Aoi responds snarkily about how he thought it was just Nazuna coming back, but it seems like Atsumori was kicked out again too. Atsumori just scoffs and tells Aoi that he doesn’t want to hear those lines from someone like him. Aoi just chuckles at that and Nazuna smiles at their banter since it seems that Aoi was worried too.

This reminds her that she needs to apologize to her brother for worrying him, but she suddenly sees him standing off to the side. Apparently, Aoi told him where she was since Wabisuke kept on asking him and was being annoying. Wabisuke comes closer and throws a sucker punch at Atsumori but Nazuna yells at him to stop. This makes him angrily ask her why she is defending Atsumori when he kidnapped her.

She’s confused about that but she wants to explain, however Atsumori tells her to be quiet and then mocks Wabisuke by apologizing for stealing his precious sister. Wabisuke asks if he did anything to her but Atsumori just shrugs slyly and tells him that if he’s curious then he’ll have to find out himself. Wabisuke sees red at this point but Atsumori just tells him to stand down like the dog that he is and then leaves. Aoi is amused by all of this but he also walks away with Atsumori.

Wabisuke insults the two brothers under his breath and then his voice instantly switches to being soft as he asks Nazuna if she’s alright. She quietly tells him that she’s fine. Wabisuke notes that she must be tired and so he tells her to rest in the dormitories and he’ll escort her there. In her room she thinks about everything that happened and how weird it was to see Atsumori stop himself from fighting with her brother.

It was as if he was thinking about her and she searches herself for her own feelings regarding Atsumori, especially when she remembers the time that he collapsed and how she didn’t want to leave his side. She wanted to be by him and was glad to have been. However, she doesn’t find an answer no matter how much she searches and the week passes before she knows it. It’s time for her sixth date with Atsumori.

He greets her by telling her that she’s late and that she has guts to make him wait. She remains silent and keeps on looking at him though which makes him ask her if she has something to say and if she does then she should say it. Nazuna shakes her head though since she thinks that it’s just her imagination that he looks a bit different. Anyway, he tells her to come with him but doesn’t tell her where he’s taking her. They end up at the planetarium and she is amazed at the beauty of the stars.

Atsumori confesses that he doesn’t come here often but that he took her here because she seems to be the type that likes these things. The type of person who will wish upon a shooting star frantically. Nazuna pouts and asks him if that’s a bad thing but he surprisingly he shakes his head and tells her that he’s envious of how she can find simple pleasure and happiness in these things.

He also understands her more now and is lowering himself to think on her level. Nazuna rolls her eyes at this and blurts out that she thought they would more date-like things on their date. Atsumori thinks about that quietly and then tells her that they can hold hands then. Nazuna asks if they’re just going to do that, and this makes him laugh as he asks her with a smirk if there was something else she wanted to do. Nazuna stutters out that he’s wrong and that she didn’t mean that.

Atsumori just smirks and tells her that if she ever decides to change what she wishes for then she can tell him since he’ll grant it. Nazuna blushes and tells him that she’s fine which makes him chuckle. They both return to looking at the stars, but this time they’re holding hands. Nazuna remarks on the beauty of the stars again and then she tries to pick out Cassiopeia. Atsumori asks if she likes it and she confesses that she did ever since she read about it in a book.

However, she can’t seem to find it in the sky. He tells her that he’ll buy it for her that way she’ll never forget where it is. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Nazuna giggles at that and when he looks at her in confusion, she tells him that she doesn’t think the stars can be bought. People can only decide on the names and so that’s why she’ll just be thankful for his feelings. Atsumori hums thoughtfully and tells her that whenever she feels like she wants a star though, he’ll buy it for her.

Nazuna is smiling at this because she finds his words to be a joke, but it looks like he’s taking it seriously. This might be how Atsumori shows his kindness. Suddenly, Atsumori tells her that he doesn’t understand her at all. He says 「これもいらない、あれもいらない。何をやっても喜ばない。」(You don’t want this, you don’t want that. Nothing I do seems to please you). He muses on how this is the first time he’s met a woman like her and so he feels troubled.

She tells him that there are many things that pleases people and so he asks her what makes her happy. Nazuna thinks about it for a while and tells him that just standing here looking at the stars makes her happy. Atsumori blinks in surprise and then comments on how she’s pleased by small things. Nazuna tells him that she’s a romanticist. Atsumori falls into thought and then he suddenly asks her if she doesn’t know where Cassiopeia is.

Nazuna doesn’t and so Atsumori informs her that the smallest star that he’s point up to is Cassiopeia. She asks him if he’s just deciding it on his own and he tells her that she doesn’t know where it truly is anyway, so it’s fine. She asks him why he chose that star and he says that it resembles her. Nazuna asks him if he wants to say that she’s a small girl and he laughs at her before telling her that she was the one who said it, not him.

She rolls her eyes at that but then she notices that the star he pointed too is also the brightest. When he asks her what she’s looking at since she’s staring at him silently, she shakes her head with a small smile and notes that they should head back soon since it’s getting cold. Atsumori looks surprised but then he nods. However, he asks with a smirk if they should end the date as if it were a date and so they should kiss.

Nazuna is embarrassed at how suddenly he said that and he asks her if she would let him if he didn’t say it so suddenly. She tries to stutter out an answer, but Atsumori just says out loud that it doesn’t matter if she really doesn’t want one. When he feels like it he’ll just do it to her and so she should prepare herself. Nazuna reminds herself to be careful and then Atsumori escorts her back to the dormitories.

It’s the first time she’s had such a normal date with him and she didn’t think that it was possible. He must have changed on that day she went to the Kano house. The scene switches to Nazuna waiting for Atsumori in the forest and he appears with a warm drink in his hand for her since she said she was cold. She blushes at his consideration but asks him how much it was since she wants to pay him back. This makes him laugh genuinely at how she is still reserved about money even now.

She pouts at that and tells him that no matter how much he has of it, money is money and it’s precious. He comments on her practical view and she asks him if he has a problem with it, but he shakes his head and confesses that it’s just like her to say that. Nazuna is so surprised by his warm smile that she drops her cup accidently and some of it burns her thigh.

Atsumori is worried and asks if she was burnt anywhere but Nazuna tries to wave him off and she tells him that her skirt blocked most of it. He notices her skin turning red though and so he quickly kneels and tells her not to move as he licks her thigh. She tries to flinch away from him though because it’s so embarrassing but he prevents her and he smirkingly asks her if it isn’t best to cool a burn down. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Nazuna agrees with him but she doesn’t know if his tongue is the best cure for a burn, is what she wants to say but her voice won’t come out. Atsumori is still smirking up at her as he asks her 「冷たくて気持ちいいだろ?」(The cold feels nice, doesn’t it?). He talks about how it was a good thing he was drinking iced chocolate at the time. But then he shivers at the cold and suggests that they head to the chapel to warm up. She berates him for picking something cold to drink and he blushes but tells her to be quiet.

Then he points out that she also wants to rest in a warm place too, doesn’t she? Nazuna realizes that he might be suggesting it because she spilled her drink. Anyway, the two of them head into the chapel and Atsumori reveals that he knew she was there watching him on the day of the explosion. When she asks why he didn’t call out to her, he tells her that would have been boring.

She asks him what he meant when he said that he wanted to live at the time. Was it that he wanted to succeed the Kano household? Atsumori explains that he said it as a revenge against his mother who wants to kill him. He wants to live until his father dies so that he can succeed the house and have the last laugh. That’s his simple and easy reason for wanting to live no matter what happens. Nazuna apologizes but he tells her not to.

He’ll forgive her since she asked an interesting question. Atsumori comments on how it can’t be helped that everyone hates him since no one wanted him to be born. The moment he was born his mother went hysterical and his real father hated him and loved his younger brother more. When Nazuna questions him about that, he reveals that his real father is the head of the house. His mother went insane the moment he was born because of that.

They love his younger brother more because his younger brother is a child born from Atsumori’s mother and her husband. Aoi’s mother also hates him because Aoi has an older brother that was supposed to succeed the house, however because Atsumori is the son of the current head that makes him the heir to the house. That’s why when he was born everything started falling apart.

Anyway, everyone is wishing for his death because then Aoi’s brother can become the heir as planned. But this might not be good for Aoi since he’s just spare body parts for his sickly older brother. Atsumori sighs and muses out loud about how Aoi and him are both cursed to have been born into the Kano family. Nazuna starts crying which surprises him and he tells her that what she heard was a story about strangers.

She knows that but she can see the sadness in him and his pain and so she’s crying because of that. He shuffles awkwardly and then huffs in anger before poking her in the cheek with force. Nazuna tells him that it hurt and asks him why he did that, and he tells her that she’s the one at fault for crying. She apologizes but he just says 「・・・早く泣き止め。俺は泣いている奴を見ていると噛みつきたくなるんだ。」(.. Hurry up and stop crying. When I see crying people I want to bite them).

Nazuna blinks in surprise and Atsumori explains that if she doesn’t want to get bitten then she should stop crying. She starts laughing in surprise and asks him why he said that and if she looked like chocolate. He blushes again and tells her 「うるさい。深く考えるな。」(Shut up. Don’t think about it too deeply). She can’t stop laughing at how strange it was though and Atsumori grumbles at how he should have just bitten her.

Finally her tears stop and she asks if he won’t bite her then. He smirks and tells her that the only reason he won’t is because she stopped crying and started laughing. She giggles at that and then he tells her seriously that since she’s his he has an order to give her. When she looks at him in apprehension he tells her with a smile 「お前はそうやって、いつでも笑ってろ。」(I want you to keep on smiling, just like that).

If she doesn’t then next time he really will bite her. She asks if he’s really ordering her and he tells her that he is since she’s his. Nazuna nods at that and tells him that she understands. Since she’s going to obey his order Atsumori smiles. However, unbeknownst to them is that there is some person outside the chapel who hears everything. They walk away silently.


Dessert! Atsumori was surprised when he woke up and found Nazuna beside him especially after she found out about his family’s dirty past and how he was poisoned. She was eating the same food as he was too and yet she still didn’t run away and remained by his side until he woke up. She’s never looked at him with hatred in her eyes too unlike his family who is related to him by blood. She also cried for him when she heard his story.

He wants to watch over her like she did for him when he was in bed. He thought he was trapped in darkness forever, but she was there for him and so he wonders if they could fall together. If he asked her to fall with him, would she follow him?

It’s been a while and Nazuna is reading a book in her room but she gets interrupted when she finally hears Atsumori trying to catch her attention. It turns out that he’s been calling her for a while and he complains at her slow reaction. She apologizes and asks him to repeat it again since she didn’t hear and he sighs before complaining about how he came all this way to see her yet she doesn’t even pay attention to him.

Nazuna tells him that she told him she was going to read a book, but he was the one who said it was no problem. He tells her that it’s common sense for her to amuse him when he comes to her room. When she asks who made it common knowledge, he tells her that he did. She rolls her eyes and then he tells her that he wouldn’t be complaining if her room was more interesting. There’s nothing in her room but books.

She asks him why he came here since there has to be more interesting rooms elsewhere and she admits it herself that her room is pretty boring. Atsumori confesses that it’s because she’s here that he’s here. He’s also here to tease her and Nazuna rolls her eyes at that. He notices the look on her face and asks her if she was expecting something else, but she just shakes her head. Ever since that day in the chapel, their relationship has changed. Atsumori spends most of his time in her room and he never gives her a reason as to why.

Nazuna doesn’t mind though because she feels as if Atsumori needs her presence beside him and she wants to be beside him too. She’s content to spend her days like this, but when she thinks about her brother.. Atsumori asks her what she’s thinking about but she just shakes her head and changes the topic to the book that she’s reading again. This makes Atsumori sigh and then he pulls her closer to him.

He tells her that there are plenty of other things to do in a room and then he pushes her down onto the bed. Nazuna’s heart is pounding but her body feels warm and she doesn’t mind that her arm are being pinned. However, when he touches her cheek she trembles and this makes him laugh softly and tell her that he was just joking. He still likes to tease her but recently he stops whenever she shows the slightest hint of uneasiness.

Anyway, he rolls off of her and notices a fashion magazine in her room. He flips through it and comments on how unusual it is for her to read this. She tells him that it isn’t hers and a friend left it when they came over to play. This makes him immediately ask her in a dangerous voice 「・・・男じゃないだろうな。」(… It wasn’t a boy right?). Nazuna raises an eyebrow and tells him that of course it wasn’t since this is a fashion magazine for girls.

Atsumori sniffs and tells her that he just wanted to ask and then returns to flipping through the magazine. However, he sees something that he hates and he tosses it away from him angrily. Nazuna chides him for treating the magazine so roughly but she opens it up to look at it when he tells her that he saw something disgusting. It turns out that Atsumori hates Christmas because he always has to go to formal parties and those things were never fun.

In fact, he would like to congratulate the person who does find those things fun. Also, since everyone hates him in the house he has never made any happy memories about Christmas. When Nazuna hears this she decides that they should spend Christmas together and do something fun, but when he asks her what she has planned she can’t think of anything. It makes her depressed until he asks her what she does for Christmas.

She tells him that she eats cake and then goes to see the illuminations. Then the best part is exchanging presents. Atsumori smiles at that and tells her that they’ll do that then and when she asks if it’s alright, he tells her that since he decided it’s alright then it is. Nazuna nods with a bright smile and tells him that she’ll make it the best Christmas he ever had.

Atsumori chuckles at her enthusiasm and tells her that he’ll leave it to her then. He’ll look forward to her hard work. And so she heads to town, without telling him, to find a present since she thinks that he’ll be surprised at that. However, she’s not sure what to get and as she tries to decide she hears Aoi telling her that Atsumori hates that color. When she looks at him in surprise and asks him why he’s here, he explains that he had some free time.

He’ll help her look for a present for Atsumori since they’re brothers. When she continues to look at him suspiciously, he tells her not to be so skeptical since he’s in a good mood. Nazuna decides to follow him but as they walk through the town he suddenly asks her what she thinks about Atsumori. Could it be that she fell in love with him? Nazuna tells Aoi that she won’t answer him if he’s teasing her like that.

Aoi snickers at this and tells her that he’s asking her seriously then. In truth, she doesn’t know herself. She’s no longer afraid of his touch but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t afraid of him. However, she doesn’t hate him either. Aoi tilts his head at her noncommittal answer and tells her that she thinks too much. It’s really simple and he asks her if she wants to be with Atsumori. Nazuna nods her head at this.

So then he tells her 「だったらそれでいいだろ。一緒にいたいから一緒にいる。」(Then that’s all that you need. If you want to be together then be together). RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM AOI?! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO! He adds 「それだけで十分だって・・・少なくともオレは思う。」(That’s good enough.. at least that’s what I think). Nazuna blushes at his heartfelt words but Aoi continues on and talks about how she really must like Atsumori not to have ran away from that dark house the moment she got the chance.

Either that or she’s really a masochist. Nazuna rolls her eyes at how he destroyed his speech with that, but she thanks him anyway since that’s his style and she can sense his feelings behind it. She realizes that he’s right and she wants to be with Atsumori and so she’ll treasure that feeling. Nazuna notices a wallet and asks Aoi what he thinks about that, however he’s silent. She asks him why he’s suddenly so silent.

He just says 「・・・なあ、なずな。お前なら・・・。」(.. Hey, Nazuna.. If it’s you..) and his voice is really soft. She tilts her head in confusion but he returns back to being his happy-go-lucky self and tells her to go in and take a look at that wallet. She finds his attitude strange but she forgets about it. Time passes and soon it’s dark. Nazuna feels bad for having taken up so much of Aoi’s time and she thanks him gratefully.

Aoi asks her if she’s going to reward him with a kiss then, but she tells him that she won’t and she points out that he was doing so good too until he said that. He sighs in exasperation but then asks her to come with him to a nearby place then if she won’t kiss him. It turns out that he lost his cellphone in the mansion nearby and needs her help to find it. She decides to help him since he helped her, but before that she asks him to promise her that he won’t do anything to her.

He tells her that he won’t since she’s his younger brother’s now. Anyway, they head to the mansion and search around in the room but they can’t find his cellphone anywhere. Aoi asks to borrow her phone so that he can make his cellphone ring and then he tells her to head to another room while he covers another one. Nazuna follows his directions and ends up in a cold room that she looks around in but there’s nothing there.

She also realizes that there’s no sound coming from anywhere and suddenly the door closes behind her and locks. Aoi apologizes quietly to her even though she’s yelling at him to open the door and then he walks off, leaving her in a freezing cold room with no phone.


Atsumori angrily asks Wabisuke where Nazuna is since he thinks that Wabisuke should know as Wabisuke is her sibling. Wabisuke tells him coolly that he wouldn’t answer him even if he knew. Atsumori grits his teeth and notes that Wabisuke has given away the fact that he does know where she is. Then Aoi appears and tells Atsumori that Nazuna ran away because she doesn’t want to be with Atsumori anymore.

This shocks Atsumori and he asks Aoi hesitantly if she really said that. Aoi nods his head but Atsumori snarls out that she would never say-.. Aoi interrupts Atsumori and asks him if he can really finish the rest of that sentence since she did see what the Kano family truly was like. Atsumori averts his eyes and grits his teeth before punching the wall in frustration as he leaves the two of them. Aoi calls out to tell him that Reito will be angry at the damage.

Wabisuke coldly tells Aoi that he’s a good liar and Aoi snickers before returning the compliment, but Wabisuke doesn’t want to hear that from him. He asks Aoi if Nazuna is truly safe and Aoi tells him to calm down because she is. There’s enough food in there to last her and no harm was done to her, however he can’t guarantee if her mind will be safe since she is being locked up. Aoi doesn’t tell Wabisuke where he’s keeping her either.

Back to Nazuna. She’s already lost track of the days even though she has a window to look out of. The only thing that is keeping her going is the thought of leaving this room so that she can protect her promise to spend Christmas with Atsumori. Although the door is locked, the windows aren’t and so she decides to exits that way even though she hurts her fingers and feet. She’s not afraid of dying because she can’t die until she returns to Atsumori.

By the time Aoi slams the door open he realizes that she’s gone. He talks to himself about how she loves Atsumori so much that she’d even climb out of the window for that, but he won’t accept that. Nazuna makes it back into the school and she immediately heads for Atsumori’s room, however when she asks to talk to him he immediately rips into her. He calls himself an idiot for believing in her since he believes that she ran away from him.

He shuts the door in her face and refuses to listen to her as she pleads for him to open the door since she has something to say. Aoi appears at this point and tells her that Atsumori can’t hear her since he plugs his ears whenever he doesn’t want to hear something. He tosses something at her and applauds her courage for escaping through the window. Nazuna is pissed that he broke his promise not to do anything to her.

Aoi’s voice is deadly soft as he calls her naive for believing in him. Did she really think that he would support their relationship? He won’t allow Atsumori to be happy by himself. He tells her that the people born in the Kano family are cursed and they have no right to be happy. None of them can live normally. Nazuna snaps out angrily that he’s wrong and that blood has nothing to do with their life or how they want to live and they can change it.

Atsumori was changing his life and his family’s blood had no relation to him. Aoi laughs sharply at her textbook answer and then tells her to place herself in his position. When she looks at him in confusion he calls Wabisuke over and tells him to explain the truth to Nazuna. Wabisuke just silently grits his teeth though and so Aoi explains that her brother isn’t really her brother.

Nazuna believes that Aoi is lying but her brother admits the truth and the tells her that there’s also something he needs to say. He confesses that he loves her not as a sister but as a woman. Aoi mockingly asks if she can still say that a person’s family has nothing to do with them. He asks her if she can live with a normal smile on her face after hearing her brother’s confession. WOW.. I AM IMPRESSED BY HIS ASSHOLENESS.

The next day she gets called to the principal’s office and Kazuya tells her that she is expelled. There are no reasons but she knows that it’s Atsumori’s doing and so she obeys quietly. Kazuya is surprised at her acceptance but she tells him that she just has one wish before she leaves and if he grants her that then she’ll quietly leave. She wishes to talk to Atsumori. And so they meet at the chapel where he coldly tells her to hurry up and talk.

She explains everything to him from Aoi and Wabisuke to her own feelings. In the end, she tells him that she’s not sure if he’ll believe her words but that’s alright. She wishes that he could believe in people but after what he thinks that she did, she’s not sure. She wants him to believe in people though. Atsumori is silent but then he suddenly embraces her tightly and calls her an idiot. When she asks if he believes her he tells her that he can’t doubt her when she’s crying like that.

Atsumori noticed that Aoi was acting strangely but more than that he should have believed in her over everyone else. Anyway, she closes her eyes in bliss at the fact that they both trust in each other now and there’s nothing that can stand in her way. Suddenly, there’s the sound of a knife sinking into someone’s flesh and Atsumori has suddenly become really heavy. She opens her eyes to see Aoi carrying a bloody knife.

Aoi mockingly tells Atsumori that he’s being unfair by trying to escape their cursed family to heal his wounds. He doesn’t want to be left alone without happiness and he is definitely not going to allow Atsumori to be happy without him. Atsumori is rushed to the hospital where his life is saved but he loses the use of one of his arms. Aoi calmly lies about what happens but Nazuna can’t bring herself to feel angry. He’s just a really sad person. UH.. WHATEVER YOU SAY NAZUNA.. (°Α°)

Atsumori also tells her that he forgives Aoi. When he wakes up in the hospital he comments on how in the end Aoi and him can’t escape their cursed fate. He asks her what she is going to do and 「このまま・・・俺たちのいる闇に落ちてくれるか?」(At this rate.. will you fall with us into darkness?). Nazuna firmly tells him that she will because her feelings of wanting to be by his side haven’t changed.

She’ll stay with the two of them together. If they can’t run away then she will let herself be cursed as well. Atsumori breathes out her name with a shaky smile and apologizes solemnly. The scene skips to Nazuna waking up in her bed and the alarm clock is ringing noisily. Atsumori tiredly tells her to shut it up and she sleepily tells him to wait a little and then Aoi yawns from beside her. Atsumori mutters that he doesn’t want to wake up.

Nazuna rolls her eyes since that’s all the two ever feel like doing. Then Aoi asks her if they can remain like this for the rest of the day. She asks him if that isn’t what they always do. Then Aoi drags her closer to him and plays with her hair which makes Atsumori ask him why he’s doing that in growing alarm. Aoi confesses that he loves Nazuna’s hair so that’s why. Atsumori possessively growls at Aoi and tells him not to touch her.

Aoi smirks and asks Nazuna if she likes it when he touches her like this. When she voices her confusion he tells her that last night she had a fantastic expression on when he was touched her hair like this. Although it wasn’t just when he was touching her hair. Nazuna asks him what kind of face she made and Aoi chuckles before telling her lowly that he’ll show her with a mirror next time. KINKY (/ω\).

Nazuna tells him that she’ll pass on that and then Atsumori tells Aoi coldly that he doesn’t want Aoi to touch Nazuna for a whole day. That’s an order. For the next 12 hours the only person who can touch her is Atsumori. When Nazuna says his name in confusion, Atsumori asks her if that doesn’t make her happy. Then he tells her to look only at him and feel only him. Atsumori also bickers with Aoi about touching her at night when he went to sleep.

He’s possessive over Nazuna and doesn’t want Aoi to touch her unnecessarily. In fact, he even makes Aoi use one of his arms since he’s lost the use of his arm. Aoi obeys this with an exasperated sigh. Anyway, Nazuna doesn’t know if this path that she walks on is right with the two cursed children of the Kano family. However, she does know that they’re bonded together.

She’s staring out of the window at the sakura trees as she thinks about this and Aoi tells her to close the window and come back to bed since it’s cold. Nazuna wants them to change into their uniforms though, but Atsumori huskily tells her to come back to bed because it’s cold without her and he’ll warm her up. She’s dragged back to bed by the two of them.


It’s been a week since she’s disappeared and Daria is worried about Nazuna. Seri asks if she hasn’t contacted anyone but she hasn’t. Wabisuke hasn’t shown up lately either and it must be because he doesn’t think that there’s any point to coming when Nazuna isn’t here. Reito asks Atsumori if he’s alright with that since the debt hasn’t been settled yet but Atsumori just tells them that it’s none of his business anymore.

Daria points out that Aoi hasn’t been around lately either, but Atsumori tells them that Aoi was called back home by his parents. In truth, he’s visiting Nazuna and bringing her food though she only eats one bite of it. Aoi tells her to eat more but Nazuna thinks his words are strange since he locked her up here yet he’s worried about her body. Aoi shrugs and tells her that if she dies it’ll be troublesome.

He doesn’t answer her when she asks him what his objective is though. More days pass and she continues to try the door but it is always locked. Whenever Aoi appears she tries to run away but he easily restrains her and brings her back to the room. She’s also losing her strength since all she does is sleep and wake up. She tries to keep her mind busy by wondering what Atsumori is doing right now and if he’s healthy.

She doesn’t even know what month it is and even her brother visits her. When she asks him why he’s doing this he tells her that he doesn’t want to, but he’s trying to protect her. He’s going to keep her in here until she wakes up. He weakly mutters about how she must think that he betrayed her. This makes Nazuna wonder if Atsumori thinks that about her since she had promised and yet she broke it.

It is now Spring. She spends her time saying Atsumori’s name over and over again like a kid who doesn’t know any other word. Until one day she is freed from her prison. She hears Aoi and Wabisuke bickering outside with Wabisuke angrily asking Aoi what he thinks he’s doing. Aoi tells Wabisuke that he’s given up but Wabisuke tells him to leave since he’ll continue to keep her locked up. Aoi just starts laughing which makes Wabisuke yell at him to stop.

Aoi points out that Wabisuke needs to stop fooling around and realize what’s happening. There’s no chance of Nazuna being his anymore because if he continues to keep her locked up then there will be nothing in her but thoughts of Atsumori. Wabisuke yells at him to shut up but Aoi just tells Wabisuke that he doesn’t care about anything anymore. Nazuna wonders if they’re fighting and she tries the door only to find it unlocked.

The two of them are arguing with one another and Nazuna sneaks out from behind her brother’s back. Her eyes meet with Aoi’s though, but all he does is continue laughing. She hurries back to the school to try and find Atsumori. She keeps muttering Atsumori’s name as she searches for him but Suou appears to tell her that Atsumori isn’t here anymore. He quit school when he thought that Nazuna would never come back.

She’s heartbroken at this but realizes that Atsumori must have stopped believing in her. She has a minor breakdown but Suou tells her to calm down and that if she still wants to meet Atsumori then he’ll help her. He gets into contact with Atsumori and Atsumori returns back to the school at night. The moment they were reunited, Nazuna couldn’t stop trembling at the sight of him and so he simply hugged her tightly.

The scene skips to them in her room and she asks him sadly why he didn’t believe in her. Atsumori apologizes quietly. She asks him if he thought that she ran away from him. He apologizes again since it was his fault. Then she giggles and tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize anymore since they’re reunited and so she’s happy. In the time that she was separated from him all she thought about was him.

Nazuna asks him in a timid voice if he will never release her again. Atsumori nods his head with a smile. She tells him that the next time she’s separated from him she’ll definitely die. In her monologue, she talks about how she followed Atsumori’s example and quit school. Her brother is still at school and she doesn’t want to meet him but it’s alright because Suou is there. She also sees Aoi one last time too.

They don’t exchange any words and he leaves with his usual smirk on his face. Ever since then he disappears from them and the world and it was as if he never existed. But back to Atsumori and Nazuna, she asks him if they’re going to be together forever from now on. Atsumori tells her 「・・・ああ。ずっと・・・一緒だ。」(… Aa. We’ll be together.. forever). Nazuna giggles and tells him that she’s happy before she asks him to hug her tighter.

Atsumori asks her in a low voice 「・・・こうか?」(.. Like this?). Nazuna nods and tells him that she wants him to hold her so that it hurts. He chuckles and says 「ふ・・・知ってるよ。お前が望むなら、いつでもこうして抱きしめてやる。」(Heh.. I know. If you wish, I’ll always hug you like this). Nazuna confesses that she’s really happy and that she feels painful if she is separated from him for even a second. It’s so painful that she can’t breathe.

She’s sure that if Atsumori isn’t there then she’ll die. Atsumori tells her that he’s never going to let her go and that they’ll be together. They’ll be together until they die. So long as he has her then that is enough for him. He asks her 「何回言えばお前はわかってくれるんだ?」(How many times do I have to say it before you understand?). She laughs at that and tells him that no matter how many times he says it she won’t understand.

That’s why she wants him to say it many times, always, forever, and for eternity. She’ll only be content if he continues to say it. Atsumori tells her 「お前が望むなら、そうしてやろう。」(If it is your wish, then I’ll do that). She thanks him. In her monologue, she explains that Atsumori only sees her and she only sees him. They don’t care about anyone else. So long as she has Atsumori then she’s happy. They don’t need the world. THIS ENDING MAKES ME FEEL DISTURBED. FOR SOME REASON IT ALSO SOUNDS AS IF ATSUMORI HAS BITTERSWEET FEELINGS ABOUT NAZUNA. HE LOVES HER BUT SHE’S SO BROKEN.


Dessert! Atsumori is thinking about the day that Nazuna cried in the chapel for him. For the first time he was troubled about getting her involved with his family’s affairs and he wonders if it would be better if he ran away. She was the first person to cry for him, the child that no one wished for and wanted to die.

He finally realized the thing that he was searching for. He wanted to feel someone’s presence beside him. That’s why he doesn’t care if he’s hurt. Just the fact that he’s able to believe in someone and have someone look at him makes him feel happy. He’s content enough to experience this happiness for once.

It’s December and half the month has passed. Everyone is caught up in the Christmas mood, but lately Nazuna has been spending time with Atsumori in the library reading books. He’s reading a book about Hemingway but he keeps getting the quotes wrong and whenever Nazuna corrects him, he tells her that it’s just like her to choose books with meanings he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t see the point in reading so many books.

Nazuna explains to him that they’re useful for studying things, like romantic lines. He’ll never know when he might need them one day to woo a girl. Atsumori hums thoughtfully and then asks her bluntly what romantic words she likes to hear and Nazuna flips through the book until she finds one. He says it out loud but he doesn’t understand the meaning and he points out the inconsistencies in it.

She tries to explain that it means that even though the other person isn’t there, they are still there in the person’s heart. Atsumori blinks in confusion and asks her if people can live in other people’s hearts. This makes her grumble about him and she tells him that he doesn’t need to read anymore. He flips through the book in amusement and asks her if she’d like to be called a cute rabbit. Nazuna blushes and asks him why he chose that line, but he tells her that it was coincidence.

Then he teases her and asks her if that was making her imagine strange things. She growls at him and snatches the book away while telling him to leave her alone, but he just chuckles. Suddenly, she overhears a conversation between a couple in the library. The girl asks the guy what he’s planning to do on Christmas and he tells her that he doesn’t care as long as they go to a place that she likes. They chat about going to see the illumination and exchange presents.

Nazuna can’t help but look over wistfully at them because she knows that Atsumori dislikes Christmas, but Atsumori is staring at her in silence and then he suddenly asks if she has any plans for the 25th. Nazuna isn’t going home though because her parents are overseas and so he invites her to go out with him on that day. When she looks at him in shock, he asks with a frown if she doesn’t want to. Nazuna shakes her head and blushes as she asks him why her.

He explains that it’s not that he doesn’t hate Christmas, it’s just that he doesn’t have any fond memories of it at all except for one. When he was small his mother gave him a present. All she gave him was a chocolate bar, but because he didn’t know any better he was ecstatic as a kid. Nazuna realizes that this is why he loves his chocolates so much and then Atsumori tells her that he might not have good memories, but she’s here with him this year.

Nazuna decides that they should spend it together watching the illuminations then. Atsumori adds that they need to eat chocolate cake afterwards. She giggles at this and then asks him what he would like for a present, but he doesn’t want or need anything. If she really wants to get something she can get him a chocolate bar. Atsumori whispers that as long as it comes from her, he doesn’t care. Nazuna looks at him in confusion but he shakes his head and says that it was nothing.

Anyway, so she makes a promise and he tells her not to forget it. There’s a week until Christmas and Nazuna heads to the town to find a present for Atsumori since she doesn’t want to just get him a random chocolate bar. It’s hard to find something for him though and so she enters many shops until she bumps into Wabisuke in the streets. He doesn’t have any expression on until she asks him what he’s doing her.

Then he grabs her tightly and angrily tells her that is what he wants to ask her. He wants to know why she’s choosing Atsumori despite all the things that he did to them and how he made her cry. Wabisuke yells at Nazuna to open her eyes and wake up. Nazuna feels guilty for her brother’s feelings but she tries to explain that even though he did those things, Atsumori is different now. He’s kind and considerate about her.

Wabisuke flatly comments on how she’s defending Atsumori even in this kind of situation. He tells her that if she is going to say that then he has no choice any more. A dark smirk appears as he reminds her that he told her he would do anything for her sake. Nazuna looks shocked and then she’s dragged away. Back at the dormitories, Daria tells Atsumori that Nazuna has disappeared. Reito is looking around in her room but he hasn’t found anything.

Her cellphone doesn’t seem to be working either. Here, Aoi appears and slyly mentions that Nazuna could have ran away. It’s just like a woman to utter sweet things and then disappear. He mockingly tells Atsumori that it’s a shame since he was just about to escape the curse of their family too. Atsumori averts his eyes with a grimace and then it’s back to Nazuna who is trapped in the white room. There’s nothing in her pockets but garbage from her lunch.

When she asks him why he’s doing this he informs her that she’s not going to let her out until she wakes up. When she returns back to the way she was in the past then they can go home together. He doesn’t care if she hates him, so long as he can continue protecting her like this then she can hate him as much as she wants. Nazuna is in shock at her brother’s change in personality but she can understand his feelings. He had to comfort her when she was crying because of Atsumori and so he can’t understand why she’s with him now.

Nazuna feels like it’s her fault that her brother is doing this and she was too mean towards him. That’s why she’s not trying harder to free herself. She apologizes to Atsumori in her mind for not protecting her promise with him. The days pass with her watching the television although every channel is talking about Christmas. She flops onto her bed and dreams about Atsumori’s face, but he’s looking at her in sadness and it makes her chest hurt. He must think that she betrayed him.

Suddenly she hears the television talk about how it’s Christmas today and then she hears the Kano name. It turns out that the Kano head is dead and Atsumori succeeded the family. The reporters ask if he has anything he wants to say and Atsumori tells them that he wants to say something the person who was his and yet still disappeared silently. Nazuna’s eyes widen in shock and then Atsumori says 「なずな、お前のことだ。」(Nazuna, I’m talking about you).

He continues on and tells her that if she returns to him then he’ll call her a rabbit, sheep, or whatever she wants to be called. He tells her 「だから早く戻ってこい。お前が俺から逃げるなんて百年早いんだ。」(That’s why you need to hurry up and return. You’re 100 years too early to run away from me). He adds 「今ならまだ・・・、お前を信じてやる。」(Even now I still.. believe in you). He doesn’t want her to disappear silently without saying anything to him. Nazuna is shocked that he still believes in her and doesn’t think that she betrayed him.

Her resolve hardens and she decides that she needs to leave right now to make it in time to meet Atsumori. Wabisuke slams the door open at this point and asks her coldly where she thinks she’s going. He asks her to tell him one thing, is she going that far to escape because she’s Atsumori’s? Or is it because she loves Atsumori? Nazuna tells him that she might have been Atsumori’s property at the beginning but now it’s different.

She’s doing this on her own terms and she doesn’t know if she loves him, but she doesn’t know that she wants to meet him. Wabisuke trembles with rage and tells her lowly that hearing this will make him stop her even more. He restrains her forcefully and growls out that he’ll never let her go to Atsumori. She’s his precious sister and he’ll never give her to anyone. Nazuna kicks him in the crotch and runs away after apologizing.

Wabisuke curses and screams out 「クソッ、なんでだよ・・・!なんで俺じゃないんだっ!!」(Fuck, why..! WHY ISN’T IT ME!!). HMM I DON’T KNOW..ಠ_ಠ MAYBE IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOU BEING AN INSANE PSYCHOPATHIC YANDERE? Nazuna runs as fast as she can out onto the streets, which look as if they came out of a dream, and she apologizes to her brother many times. Her chest hurts but she leaves him.


Nazuna immediately returns to the dormitories to search for Atsumori but he’s nowhere to be found. Someone grabs her and it turns out to be Aoi who starts touching her, but she knocks his hand away and asks him what he’s doing. He laughs and comments on how she finally came back and then tells her that he was going to tell her where Atsumori was too. He knows that she’s searching for him and so Aoi tells her that Atsumori is in the chapel and she leaves after thanking him.

Atsumori is surprised to see her but covers it up with a smirk as he informs her that she’s late. Nazuna apologizes quietly and he asks her tersely what she’s apologizing for. For breaking her promise? Or for disappearing on him? She tells him that she doesn’t know but that it must be everything. She’s been thinking a lot in her confinement and she hates herself for not being able to do something as simple as protecting a promise.

He huffs and then tells her to stop thinking so much and then he embraces her. He tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything since it’s enough for him if she just stays by his side. Even though she did something like this to him, he couldn’t forget about her. He adds 「だから、そばにいてほしい。」(That’s why, I want you by my side). She asks him with a blush if that’s really enough.

Atsumori tells her that he already said it was. He’s not going to say it again. Nazuna thanks him and then asks him teasingly if he’s going to call her “bunny” like he said he would. Atsumori’s eyes widen and then he glares at her before smacking her lightly. Nazuna winces and then pouts and asks why he did that. He tells her that she’s 10 years too early to tease him and so she complains about how he said that he would on TV.

However, Atsumori just grumbles out 「死んでも言うか。あんな恥ずかしい台詞。」(I’ll die before saying it. That kind of embarrassing line). Nazuna sighs and tells him that she was looking forward to it too and this makes Atsumori ask her lowly 「お前・・・まさかしれに釣られて戻ってきたんじゃないだろうな?」(You.. didn’t come back just for that, right?). She smiles and shrugs her shoulders teasingly as she tells him that she might have.

He smirks at this and tells her 「・・・気が変わった。いいだろう、呼んでやろ。」(.. I’ve changed my mind. Fine, I’ll call you it). When Nazuna looks at him in surprise he tells her that there’s a condition though. She has a bad feeling about this. Then he says 「お前から俺にキスしたら、兎でもなんでも好きなように呼んでやるよ。」(If you kiss me, then I’ll call you bunny or whatever you want). He tells her that he’s fine with whatever she chooses and so she realizes that he doesn’t think she’ll do it.

So she does. Atsumori is so surprised that he’s silent for a long time and he starts blushing slowly. Nazuna is giggling at this point and she tells him to protect his promise and call her it, but then he tells her that he refuses. Her kiss couldn’t even be called a kiss because he wants her to kiss him like he kisses her. Nazuna blushes at that and tells him that it’s impossible. The way he kisses is aggressive, dominant, and includes biting. He laughingly tells her that it’s a shame then and Nazuna pouts because she lost.

They keep their promise and head to the town during the night to look at the illumination. She asks him if he’s having fun and he tells her that he is a little, but she can tell that he’s lying. Atsumori tells her to hurry up and come with him because he wants to look at something over at another place and he complains when she walks too slow. Nazuna giggles and thinks about how he resembles a child. Atsumori will surely grow to like Christmas at this rate.

As they return to the dormitories, Nazuna tries to tell Atsumori to be quiet, because they’re out after curfew but he’s not bothered by it all. When they finally enter, Suou greets them and hands a letter over to Atsumori. Atsumori reads it and his face turns pale before he runs out of the place which makes Nazuna start after him in surprise and worry but Suou stops her.

It turns out that Atsumori’s mother died just this morning and he asks her what she thinks she can do for him right now. Nazuna just shakes his hand off though and rushes after Atsumori. Aoi appears at this point and chuckles at the two’s actions but Suou asks him with a smirk if he’s fine with that since it means he lost the bet. Aoi shrugs and tells him that he has no interest in the bet now. Suou asks if he has an interest in a person then.

Aoi averts his eyes and scoffs before telling him that Nazuna is an important woman and that’s it. Suou muses out loud on how Aoi and Atsumori really do act like brothers and how Aoi’s real brother would be glad. Aoi tells Suou to shut up. Back to Nazuna, she runs to the chapel because Suou told her that is where Atsumori will probably be. She finds him there and he’s mutter about how his mother just had to die on Christmas. Now he has another painful memory to add onto the pile of others.

In the end, she still managed to make it painful for him. He sobs out that he hates her and Nazuna hugs him gently from behind as tears slide down his cheeks. Atsumori confesses that all he wanted was his mother’s love. He wasn’t living to get revenge on her, but so that he might see the day when she decided to love him. That was all. Nazuna tells him quietly that she’s here for him and that she can’t replace his mother but she’ll always be with him.

Atsumori sobs out her name and starts crying. Nazuna apologizes in her head to her brother, because in the end she just wants to stay by Atsumori’s side. While he’s crying he gasps out that she’s warm. Nazuna nods and tells him that it’s because she’s this close to him. Then he asks her if she can make him one more promise. Next Christmas, the other Christmases too, and from now on he wants her to be by his side.

He asks her 「俺はお前にそばにいてほしい。・・・だめか?」(I want to be by your side.. is it possible?). HOLYSHIT I’M FEELING SO TEARY FROM THE WAY HE WAS CRYING. AND YOU KNOW ATSUMORI IS SHAKEN UP WHEN HE ASKS IF HE CAN DO SOMETHING. HIS USUAL ARROGANCE IS COMPLETELY GONE. Nazuna tells him that he doesn’t need to ask because she’ll be with him 10 years and 20 years from now. Atsumori smiles tearfully and confesses that he’s glad she’s here with him.

In her monologue she talks about how at the touch of her cold fingers, Atsumori stopped trembling slowly and then returned her embrace. So that he will never be sad again, she will always be by his side. They promise each other that and then clasp their hands together.


After she kicks Wabisuke in the balls and escapes she returns back to the dormitories. She meets Suou who tells her that Atsumori returned back to the Kano house but she asks him if he’ll take her to Atsumori then. Suou asks her what she is going to do and she tells him that she has a lot of things she wants to talk about and tell Atsumori. Suou brings up the possibility of Atsumori not wanting to talk to her, but she’s fine with that.

He sighs heavily but tells her to wait and he’ll call a helicopter. When she is reunited with Atsumori, he’s shocked to see her. She turns pale at the sight of him too and tries to stutter out that she has something to talk to him about. Atsumori looks away though and apologizes but he doesn’t want to talk to her right now because he needs to time to sort through his confusion. He retreats to his room and shuts the door. Night falls and she still hasn’t gotten to talk to him yet.

Nazuna leaves her room because she can’t calm down and stares at the night sky. She hopes that it doesn’t stay like this forever. Suddenly, she hears a noise in the night and sees the silhouette of a woman. Because she’s curious, she follows her into the woods only to see that the woman has a knife and is about to cut herself. Nazuna calls out sharply to stop her and then realizes that the woman resembles Atsumori and must be his mother.

Atsumori’s mother cries out at Nazuna to leave her alone because she wants to die, but then she points the knife at Nazuna and charges at her. Nazuna closes her eyes to brace herself but nothing happens and she finds that Atsumori’s mother collapsed. Nazuna throws the knife away and then carries her back to her room and bed. Suou appears to help her and explains that Atsumori’s mother collapsed because she wasn’t taking her medicine.

She’s still hysterical and Atsumori is putting himself in unecessary pain at being here. Nazuna stays by his mother’s side until she wakes up to which Nazuna greets her cheerfully and asks her if she feels alright from the medicine. Atsumori’s mother quietly tells Nazuna that she’s a good child for helping someone who tried to harm her and who is trying to kill Atsumori. Nazuna believes that anyone would help someone who is about to die though.

His mother smiles at that and confesses that she can see why Atsumori has an interest in her now. She heard the news and what he said about Nazuna. Then she muses out loud about how Atsumori is using his money like “that person” did and the person that she is referring to is the head of the house. When he died, she thought the curse might be lifted. Nazuna asks if that is why she won’t love Atsumori but his mother confesses that actually does love him.

It’s just that Atsumori looks like that man with his blood flowing through his veins, even if he has her face and so she can’t stand it. Without meaning to and because she’s weak, she found herself lashing out at him. That’s why she wants to repent by dying since the Kano family’s curse if finally lifting. However, Nazuna tells her that if she wants to repent for her sins then she can’t die. There is still a lot of time for her to slowly love her son. Atsumori’s mother starts crying at this.

Time passes and then Atsumori enters his mother’s room only to stop in shock at the sight of Nazuna. She greets him cheerfully and when he asks her what she’s doing here, she tells him that his mother is sleeping. Atsumori looks away and then tells her that he has business back at the school so she needs to come with him. Nazuna tries to tell him that his mother has something to say to him, but he ignores her and orders her to hurry up and come.

When they get to the school, Atsumori tries to get her to stay with the helicopter while he finishes his business but she tries to get him to stop because she has something to say. He tells her that he’ll hear her out later though and tries to leave, but she grabs onto him and tells him that she won’t let him run away. He angrily tells her to release him but she doesn’t and so he finally hears her out. She tells him that she believes that one day he and his mother will understand one another.

Atsumori sullenly asks her not to talk about things she doesn’t know, but she just smiles and tells him that she had a long conversation with his mother. There are still things she doesn’t know but she has faith that one day he and his mother will be able to connect and grow closer to one another. Atsumori’s voice softens as he asks if she’ll take responsibility and stay by his side until that happens then. She nods happily.

But then he forcefully tells her that if she tries to run away from him again then he won’t forgive her. She has to properly be by his side. Nazuna agrees happily and then notes that she lost the bet, but she doesn’t care. She apologizes to her brother again and realizes that he might not forgive her, but it’s too late since she has already chosen this path.

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    His methods of teasing were so hilarious and he seems to really like biting. ;) But the forbidden hard end was way to much for me… I was just sitting in front of the screen and Wtf-ing, all the time. Really, why u do dis, Otomate?? ^^ And he should have ordered Nazuna around much more…

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      The Forbidden Hard is my guilty pleasure (*ノ∀ノ) because I’m sadly biased towards Aoi just because he’s voiced by Terashima. The way she acted in it though was pretty “wtf ಠ_ಠ” though.. she was like their slave.

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        Haruna said:
        February 22, 2012 at 10:12

        I can’t wait to play it myself someday, when my Japanese improves… But I guess just hearing their voices make me melt into pudding. ( ゚∀゚) Fufuu.

        But still… while Atsumori is kindly helping Aoi out in his route, Aoi sides with Wabisuke… (Maybe both of them realized, that they are sharing the yandere trait or something like that… ಠ_ಠ)

        I can imagine Wabisuke answering your question like: “Because I’m your BROTHER!! And a total siscon.”

        Ilinox responded:
        February 22, 2012 at 13:50

        You can always play it while reading reviews (*´ω`*), that’s how I started learning and improving. The voices are the best part of otome games 8D.

        It’s weird how they call Aoi a “yandere prince” when he’s not yandere at all in his own route. I think Wabisuke should have held that title wwww, but I see what you mean. Atsumori definitely seems more level-headed while Aoi is just a bit crazy. I can kind of sympathize though since he believes he’ll die soon or be thrown away, so he probably doesn’t care much about what he does.

        Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ *sobs* There are good brothers with siscons and terrible brothers with siscons.. and Wabisuke is definitely the latter.

        Haruna said:
        February 23, 2012 at 03:39

        Hmm… I wonder what my boyfriend would say, if I’m really starting to play otome games… ^^ Maybe he’s like: “You don’t have to play it, come play with me…” (*ノ∀ノ) slweskfj Nah, sorry, I keep imagine things. lol

        Yeah, Aoi would be better of with the title: “bed intruder” or “king of pervs” something like that.

        Still I love Atsumori the most. :) His voice is soooo smoooth. And his arogant attitude and boldness is the best!

        Ilinox responded:
        February 23, 2012 at 12:44

        That would be adorable if he did ww but yeah it must be a bit weird, although I know people who are married or engaged and they’re still playing. It just proves how awesome your man is if he doesn’t mind? (^∀^;).

    Michiyo said:
    December 30, 2011 at 21:56

    Awesome summary, I love how it was so detailed! *O* While playing the game, I’m reading along here cause my japanese is pretty bad, ^^”

    Anyway, this might be a stupid question, but… How can you get the Blackout events? :3 I’m already in chapter 5 of Atsumori’s route but not a single event unlocked. (_ _)”

      Ilinox responded:
      December 30, 2011 at 21:58

      Thank you for taking the time to read it (*´ω`*)!

      The blackout events should occur at the end of chapters 1-4 after you get past their dessert monologue. It’s a mini-game that involves you needing to rotate your analog stick in circles and clear away the rose petals/design. I hope this helps? ^^

        Michiyo said:
        January 2, 2012 at 20:29

        Actually, now that I think about it, I only came across a dessert monologue once… I think I messed up a whole lot. O_O Thanks for answering, it really helped a lot! :D

    Stella said:
    December 2, 2011 at 15:36

    Thank you for the summaries! Not just this one but all of them <3 I really want to play the game but my Japanese is still pretty awful. I still don't know which route I'm gonna choose, all of them look amazing :Q_

      Ilinox responded:
      December 2, 2011 at 16:05

      Thank you for reading them (*´∀`*)! You can always try playing them while reading a summary to get the gist of it~ that’s how I played my games in the beginning until I grew more confident in my Japanese. There’s still a lot that confused me though >w<!

      You should play them all 8D, except maybe Daria unless you like her route. Although, playing them all back-to-back makes you exhausted. There's just so much drama Orz.

    Usagi said:
    November 17, 2011 at 17:15

    ATSUMORI!! 8D I have high expectations for him since I really like his character design. ♥ ♥ I’m a weirdo but I would have loved to see more sadism coming out from him LOL. And wtf at the Forbidden Hard, I can’t help to to feel like the ending made Nazuna sound like some sort of slave. orz

      Ilinox responded:
      November 17, 2011 at 17:24

      I love these Kano brothers 8D! Though Aoi in the Forbidden Hard was.. um.. pretty weird. He’s extreme in this route, but he’s such a sweet ball of angst in his own route >///<.

      I think I'd have loved to see more taunting too! I wanted a continuation of him ordering Nazuna to do things with him since she was basically blackmailed into being his. It was like Aoi in Wabisuke's route all over again (Aoi's voice was so sexy there).

      LOL. The 3P ending is my guilty pleasure… Orz

    dellz85 said:
    November 13, 2011 at 17:20

    Hmm this game is seriously not like any other otome games, that forbidden ending kinda shocked me (esp the hard one). I have this game on PSP but I don’t think I can play this type of game he2

    Thank you for summary ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      November 14, 2011 at 01:37

      I know >///< I was a bit surprised too. It's my guilty pleasure though.. or I wouldn't mind it as much if Aoi wasn't so crazy. I couldn't sympathize with him at all in that route.. my thoughts were like "If only you just asked politely I would have been like "OF COURSE YOU CAN JOIN US!"", hahaha.

      Hmm, it's been an interesting experience. I don't think I'd recommend it much for anyone either though. This is really only a game for people who are "tired of regular romance".

      Un~ and thank you for reading :3.

        rubenz said:
        November 14, 2011 at 03:56

        Your welcome, I’ll look forward for your next post ^^ Although it’s not my thing but I like reading your summary :D

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