Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Kirite Asturias ~

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Kirite Asturias (キリテ アストリアス)
CV: Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝宏)

First Impressions. He seems to have a protecting-people thing going on and it probably has something to do with his past. It’s never revealed as to what happened but it seems like he was alone or by himself at some point and he couldn’t protect someone or a group of people. He’s a typical serious character who doesn’t show much emotion at all and is easily embarrassed when people point out that he’s smiling or compliments him. He used to be part of the military guard but seems to now be working as a mercenary. He’s very talented with his sword and so he has the nickname of “Kirite of the Flash”.

The scene starts by showing a guildhall and Kirite enters it after having just finished a job. One of his guildmates greets him and he notices that something happened that is bothering Kirite. Kirite won’t say what it is though and just asks for information about what has been happening. BEING THROWN ABRUPTLY INTO STORY IS KIND OF JARRING BECAUSE OF A LACK OF CONTEXT. The guildmate talks about various things and notes that Kirite is tired and so he should rest before taking on another job.

*** EPISODE 0 ***

Memory time! Kirite has been called out to a town to deal with some monsters. The streets are quiet before an explosion suddenly rocks the place and a monster howls. It’s a dire wolf and Kirite quickly runs to confront it and to protect the civilians. It’s in the middle of everyone and Kirite isn’t sure if he can take care of it by himself but none of the civilians look like they know how to fight.

In fact, they’re not running away or fighting. It’s as if they’ve given up. Kirite comes to the conclusion that he’s the only one who can do something and he’ll have to do it by himself. He decides to fight it by himself and he kills it swiftly. But there’s supposed to be a nest of monsters and so he starts exploring the outskirts of the town and meets a guard and her young partner. It turns out that she knows Kirite and they exchange some conversation.

She introduces Kirite to her partner, who is new because he hasn’t heard of Kirite. Apparently, Kirite is also part of the military and is renowned amongst the guards for his skill with the sword. He’s known as 「閃光のキリテ」(Kirite of the Flash). LOL REMINDS ME OF CLAYMORE. She remarks on how even now he’s probably called that by other people. Kirite thinks she’s just making it up though because he doesn’t recall being called that.

Anyway, Kirite joins up with their patrol. As they walk, the woman guard talks about how the recent troubles have been caused by monsters that are being led by something that’s not just a monster. After the day’s hard work they return back to the town to have dinner. Kirite has gained a fan, the young man who is with his friend, and the three of them are having dinner. He can’t stop talking about how amazing Kirite is and how fast he moved.

The woman rolls her eyes and berates him for not concentrating on his own job because he kept on watching Kirite. The young guard apologizes profusely but the woman tells Kirite to say some words to him too. Kirite is a bit surprised and panics about what to say before he tells the soldier to be more aware on the job. A day will come when he will have to be by himself and so he’ll need to be able to rely on himself. Kirite’s face darkens as he remembers about something that happened.

He is reminded by his own words that he only has himself to rely on and it’s because he was by himself that.. something happened. The guard calls out to Kirite and snaps him out of his memories and then Kirite continues on with his advice. The woman finishes Kirite’s lecture by telling the guard not to forget that he’s a soldier for the country. Injuries are fine but just one mistake can cost him his life and everything ends when one loses their life.

Then the woman asks Kirite if he’s happy to be giving advice and the fan points out happily that Kirite just smiled right now. This makes Kirite blush and he tells them that nothing like that happened. He order them to drop the conversation and finish their food quickly so that they can get back to their work. The woman brings up a rumour though about the boss of the monsters and how it has wings.

Kirite’s eyes widen and the guard notes that he didn’t seem to know that. But suddenly he grabs her and asks her fiercely what kind of wings they were, what it looked like, and how it sounded. The woman tells him to calm down because she only heard the rumours and so she didn’t see it for herself. Kirite asks for the person who saw it but since they’re just rumours they don’t know if anyone even saw it. She points out that it’s unusual for Kirite to become so upset at rumours.

He mutters that he knows but he doesn’t elaborate. All he asks is for them to update him on the situation if they learn anything new and she nods at that. The next day the guards go into battle against monsters and there are dire wolves, chimeras, and salamanders. Kirite is with them and fighting the monsters too, but he’s also searching for the one with wings. Suddenly, the woman guard comes up to tell him that the winged one has been spotted in the south.

However, just as Kirite decides to go the young guard comes running up with a terrified face to report that the division in the east is having troubles holding up against the monsters and they need Kirite’s help. Kirite has to decide between going for the winged one in the south or helping the guards in the east. Kirite needs to go find the winged one though and the guard is shocked at Kirite’s choice because he thinks that the east division is being abandoned.

Kirite curtly tells him that he’s not abandoning the east division and he’ll head over there as soon as he’s done checking out if the winged one is in the south. If the winged one is in the south and he’s the boss then he’s going to cause more troubles. Anyway, it turns out that there was no winged one in the south and so Kirite and the woman guard clear up the monsters in the east. Her young partner praises Kirite for saving everyone and being so awesome.

He blushes at the praise and the woman remarks on how he hasn’t changed from the past at being unable to handle praise. The young guard tells Kirite that he’s decided to become an awesome guard like Kirite. Suddenly a lightning strike comes down and explodes the ground. The sky darkens and when they look up a dragon, Bahamut, appears and everyone freaks out. The woman and Kirite know that this is a battle that they can’t win and so Kirite orders everyone to retreat. He’s going to draw Bahamut’s attention.

Just as he prepares himself, he sees the winged one behind the dragon but when he looks again the person is gone and so he thinks that it’s just his imagination. He attacks the dragon and the young guard joins him but he nearly gets sliced by Bahamut and has to be pushed out of the way by Kirite. None of Kirite’s strikes are doing serious damage to the dragon and so in the end he takes advantage of one of his strikes to grab the guard and run away.

The two of them get away safely and they notice that the rest of the guards had retreated with the woman guard as well. Kirite is relieved that everyone is safe and that he managed to protect everyone this time. There were no injuries acquired either unlike.. that time.

Kirite snaps out of his memory to find himself back in the guildhall with his guildmate calling out to him in exasperation. He advises Kirite to take a break and rest, but he knows that Kirite won’t listen to him and so instead he tosses a package at him. It’s a job request for Kirite from some king or leader of a country called Ingrid 「イングリド」(Ingurido). ENGLAND LOL? When he asks what Kirite will do, Kirite tells him that he’ll take it.

6 thoughts on “Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Kirite Asturias ~

    Rita said:
    December 1, 2011 at 01:02

    Fuuu, I don’t want to make another account just to access the jp psn but I really want this demo. Hmmm >__<

      Ilinox responded:
      December 1, 2011 at 01:13

      It’s nice that it’s free and it offers a bit of an interesting back story to tide you over until the game releases, but if they don’t make it so that people who’ve played the prequel get bonus things then I don’t think you’ll be missing out on too much :). I do wish they just linked it on their site or something though instead of having to go through the hassle of PSN orz.

    rubenz said:
    November 26, 2011 at 22:49

    Ah, really want to play this demo, but I can’t access PSN store through my PC :(( This game looks interesting, and I heard this game is RPG?

      rubenz said:
      November 26, 2011 at 22:51

      Btw it’s me dellz85, I forgot to log in xD

      Ilinox responded:
      November 26, 2011 at 22:53

      You’ll need the program “Media Go” if you want to access PSN through the PC ^^. Yep, it’s supposed to be an RPG fantasy otome game. I’m really interested in it too and hopefully it’ll be much more interesting than Gekka.

        dellz85 said:
        November 27, 2011 at 03:28

        Yupz, I did use Media Go but for some reason always got an error connection :)) But it’s ok, I think I’ll wait for the game ^^

        And so happy for the RPG theme, it kinda reminds me of Real Rode :P

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