Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Nayuta Roen ~

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Nayuta Roen (ナユタ ローエン)
CV: Fujiwara Yuuki (藤原 祐規)

First Impressions. He’s an absolute gentleman because he’s respectful to everyone he meets despite being in a high position as the leader of a group of holy knights. He even helps the villagers with their daily work. He has a serious personality and he’s only marginally better than Kirite at receiving compliments.

The scene starts with Nayuta on a horse. He’s just left the country of Ingrid because he’s received orders from his leader, their country is ruled by a religious leader, to go to the country of Dodona 「ドードーナ」(Dodona / Doodoona). I’M SERIOUSLY NOT MAKING THESE COUNTRY NAMES UP.. I’M TRANSLATING THEM AS BEST AS I CAN (^∀^;). The country of Dodona is big but has a small population. Anyway, he’s here to find a girl that his highness talked about.

*** EPISODE 0 ***

He’s heading for a sacred temple in this country to start his search and then he wonders if Kirite has already made his way here. He needs to find the girl before Kirite. Anyway, he enters a town and notes how calm and quiet it is. In fact, it reminds him of the towns back in Ingrid. Nayuta decides to ask the townspeople to help him on his search but there aren’t a lot of people around.

He finally finds someone and introduces himself as a knight of the holy church, a religious faction in Ingrid, and his name is Nayuta. The man is impressed since their little town doesn’t get a lot of visitors from Ingrid, much less a knight that wants to ask him questions, but he’s happy to answer anything that he can. And so Nayuta describes the girl that he’s searching for.

Surprisingly, the townsperson knows a girl who fits that description and asks Nayuta if he’s searching for Lilith 「リリス」(Ririsu). Nayuta is surprise too because he doesn’t even know the name of the girl that he’s searching for, but the townsperson tells him that there’s only one girl in this village that fits his description since the village is just filled with elderly people. Nayuta doesn’t want to jump to conclusions though and he wonders if he should ask more questions or secure an inn.

Nayuta decides to secure an inn first and asks if the villager can guide him there. The villager is glad to be helping a knight of the order and as they head to the inn, Nayuta asks more questions about Lilith and the shrine to Yufisu 「ユフィス」(Yufisu) that is built here. He books his room and then notes that there is still a lot of time and so he heads over to the shrine since there might be a chance that he’ll meet Lilith there.

The area surrounding the shrine is covered in nature and a gentle peaceful feeling suffuses the place. Nayuta notes out loud about how he’s been to a lot of places, but this is the only place that makes him feel like he doesn’t want to leave. An elderly man thanks him for praising this place even though there was no work involved and this surprises Nayuta who quickly asks him who he is. The elderly man introduces himself as the caretaker or head priest of the shrine.

Once again, Nayuta introduces himself as the leader of the group of knights that protect the holy shrine or order in Ingrid. The elderly man is impressed that someone so important came here and then asks him if he has any business. The moment Nayuta tells him that he’s looking for Lilith though, the elderly man’s demeanor changes and the smile disappears from his face. The elderly man asks with a stutter what business Nayuta has with Lilith.

Nayuta’s eyes narrow at the other man’s appearance and he wonders what the heck is going on. He explains calmly though that the head priestess of his country, Remuna 「レムナ」(Remuna), has been searching for Lilith. The elderly man is still stuttering as he asks what business Nayuta’s leader could possibly have with Lilith. Nayuta isn’t sure himself since he simply received his orders and he reveals everything that he knows to the old man.

He tries to tell him what his orders were but the old man interrupts him and asks him in a frightened voice if Lilith is being brought to Ingrid because of her actions and conduct. Nayuta is confused as to what the old man is talking about. The old man continues on and talks about how Lilith often comes late to the prayers but she doesn’t mean anything bad about it. Nayuta orders the elderly man to calm down.

Nayuta reassures him by telling him that the only person who knows that the high priestess of Ingrid is searching for Lilith is him, since the orders were only given to him. Then he asks about what kind of girl Lilith is. The elderly man tells him slowly that Lilith is a good girl but she tends to oversleep and so she is often late to the morning prayers. She also tends to forget things and then the old man starts listing all her faults プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

This makes Nayuta wonder why the elderly man called her a good child then, because there doesn’t seem to be anything praisable about her. The elderly man complains about how it’s the fault of the previous head priest. Apparently, the predecessor was always late as well and forgetful and a klutz and Lilith took after him. The elderly man starts crying and Nayuta is alarmed and calls out hesitantly to him but the old man just continues and talks about how he knew he should have taken over Lilith’s education.

If he did then she would probably have turned out to be a serious and hardworking lady. The old man comes back to his senses and apologizes for his rambling and then his face softens as he informs Nayuta that even though she has these faults she’s very kind. Whenever the town has a trouble, she doesn’t hesitate to help it. Nayuta can see that Lilith is loved by this head priest and the rest of the villagers. She’s also very faithful and devoted to her god.

Nayuta is starting to feel bad for having to take her away from this town but he reminds himself of his orders. He asks the elderly man where Lilith is because he has a message for her from his highness. The man doesn’t know where she is though. She was here during the afternoon but now she’s gone. She couldn’t have gone very far but the elderly man suggests that Nayuta rest for the day and if he meets Lilith then he’ll tell her that Nayuta wants to speak to her.

And so Nayuta heads back to the inn and rests there. The next day he sets out to eat breakfast since there’s still time before he heads back to the shrine but he nearly steps on a potato on the ground. He picks it up to return it to an elderly lady and notices that she’s plucking some and so he decides to help her. She thanks him gratefully and calls him “Mr. Knight” which surprises him, but everyone has heard about him now. Not to mention he’s the only young man around here in a town full of old people.

It’s a small village and yesterday the man that he talked to went around saying that he got to talk to a knight from Ingrid. Nayuta is a bit embarrassed at how fast gossip travels. Anyway, as thanks for helping pick up her potatoes she invites him to eat breakfast with her and her husband. Nayuta feels guilty for taking the free food and so he’ll help her and her husband pick the rest of the potatoes and vegetables. While they’re working, the elderly couple chat about how nice he is.

There aren’t any young people in this village apart from Lilith and harvesting vegetables with Nayuta reminds them of Lilith. She always goes around and helps them like this as well. The elderly woman comments on how it’s almost been 17 years since the time they found Lilith left at the doorstep of the shrine. Nayuta realizes that they’re talking about Lilith and that she’s just 17 years old as well as being an orphan.

Anyway, he finally finishes helping them and starts to head to the shrine but he thinks he sees someone outside the town. THE SILLOHUETTE IS TOTALLY NICO! When he looks around though there’s no one there and so he shrugs it off as his imagination and heads to the shrine, but there’s something wrong. The feeling of peace and love that he experienced yesterday is all but gone and he can only feel like something bad is going to happen. Suddenly an explosion occurs and a monsters roars. The sound is coming from the shrine.

Nayuta is surprised because a monster shouldn’t be able to get into the shrine. He runs over there to find a few of the villagers dead but the head priest seems to be mostly alright. He quickly asks where Lilith is and learns that she’s still in the shrine. Nayuta is going to go and find her and in the meantime the head priest needs to evacuate the citizens. The elderly man argues with Nayuta and tells him that he can’t possibly leave Lilith, but Nayuta tells him that the villagers will listen to the head priest more than they will him.

He’s going to leave the rest of the villagers in the head priest’s care. The head priest agrees and then Nayuta runs into the shrine but it’s filled with smoke and so it’s hard to see anything. He calls out Lilith’s name and for her to answer him if she’s there but there is no response and Nayuta is starting to become worried. Suddenly a bright light shines on him and he has to close his eyes in pain.


6 thoughts on “Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Nayuta Roen ~

    Yumii said:
    December 1, 2011 at 09:47

    Glad to see someone else enjoying the demo! (*^▽^)/
    After reading all of them Nayuta and Nate are my top favorites. Nayuta especially hits all my right buttons and is just the type of character I love in otome games.

    I didn’t even realize the release day got pushed forward a week until I saw your post ;_;

      Ilinox responded:
      December 1, 2011 at 10:41

      It’s a good thing I played it closer to the actual game’s release date, or all these cliffhangers would have drove me crazy knowing there was still 20+ more days until it released xD; There’s just something about the “N”s that makes them attractive www Nayuta, Nate, and Nico.

      Nayuta is such a gentleman, but he’s not emotionless either. I was afraid of how similar he was to Kirite, but they’re quite different even though they’re both serious. Are you going to play the demo too? :D

        Yumii said:
        December 1, 2011 at 11:18

        Nico is…not my type ^^; Those hotpants and I just don’t work together very well.

        My impression Nayuta was that he is one of those “I got my pride”-megane types who tries to appear to have the upper hand but honestly have no clue about girls, is easily embarrassed and a softie on the inside ( ̄ー ̄)

        Kirite on the other hand seems cool and calm. I’m looking forward seeing how he acts around Lilith, cus looking at the sample CGs I think he could be a big brother type of guy.

        I played the demo on the release date (17th last month) and I even sat up waiting all night for it to pop up on the playstation network. So yeah, I’ve been in that “ISN’T IT OUT YET!?”-position for a month soon OTL

        Ilinox responded:
        December 1, 2011 at 11:27

        LOL. Okay I have to admit that those hotpants turn me off too but his personality is deliciously arrogant / smug / self-satisfied (/ω\).

        That’s what I’m expecting and hoping for >w<. He sounds like he'd use his knightly srs business face for everything, but inside he's just bumbling at what to do. And once you break that down he'll just start stuttering and be awkward (*´ω`*). But then again he has that awesome hand-kissing CG (seems pretty smooth there).

        I.. don't know what I expect from Kirite. He seems like one of those guys who tries not to get close to people, but still remains polite and cool. But he blushes so easily at compliments, so it's not like he's cold..

        Hahaha *pat pat* there there, just 6 more days 8D. PS, something about Nate only being like 5 cm taller than the heroine makes me giggle so bad.

    dellz85 said:
    November 27, 2011 at 17:07

    I think I might like him since he is a gentleman and knightly type lol. Oh my I can’t wait to play this game, so far so good ^^ And also I am curious with the guy with the purple cloth and hat xD

      Ilinox responded:
      November 27, 2011 at 17:09

      His voice is so good too when he’s flustered and stuff >///<! So far I'm enjoying how polite everyone is, haha. I think the purple hat guy, Nico, is next after this one. Sorry for my slow speed (/ω\). These prequels are actually pretty short, but I'm just finishing up a report for school.

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