Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Soo Majiku ~

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Soo Majiku (ソー 真軸)
CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki (吉野 裕行)

First Impressions. He seems to be a bit of a bum since he doesn’t have a purpose in life or a goal. He also owes a lot of money to a lot of people and spends most of his time running away from them. However, he makes these hilarious comments because he’s really witty and sarcastic. Overall, he’s a nice guy despite his smart mouth.

The scene starts with Soo running away somewhere but he has to stop because he’s tired and he has nowhere to run anymore. He tries to hide against the wall and stifles his panting as a group of men run past him asking where he went. Apparently, they want him to return the money that he owes them but since he just ran away they’re going to beat him up when they catch him.

*** EPISODE 0 ***

Soo tries to inch away from these guys, but one of them stops and looks around suspiciously. He tells the other guys that he has a feeling that Soo is around since he’s been staring at Soo’s picture for a long time and would recognize him anywhere. In his head, Soo is getting worried and prays for them not to recognize him but they find him and so he dashes away with a curse under his breath asking why it ended up like this. The men give chase telling him that he won’t get away.

Flashback! Soo is in a casino and on an amazing winning streak. He hasn’t lost at all no matter what he plays such as slots, cards, or roulette. Right now he’s on the roulette and he’s betting everything he has on numbers like 15 black and 21 red. When the dealer asks him if the numbers he chooses has any significance, Soo just laughingly tells him that he doesn’t think that deeply. If he did then he wouldn’t win. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE HE’S CHEATING?

The dealer comments on how he seems to be blessed by a goddess as he wins again. Soo is just ecstatic and offers to treat everyone in the casino to any drinks and foods that they want. He doesn’t even mind buying chips for people. Everyone cheers in happiness and then in his mind Soo sighs heavily and thinks about how he’s betting all this time but he just keeps on winning.

He wonders what he’s doing here and how it’s not like him, but then he questions himself as to what he is usually like. The dealer calls out to him and asks if he’s alright because his face turned pale. Soo just shakes his head and tells the dealer that he’s fine. Then the dealer asks if he wants to continue betting but Soo has decided to stop for now since it must be painful on the part of the dealer to continue losing. Surprisingly, the dealer informs him that as long as the customers are having fun then he’s happy.

Soo decides to play one more time then and bets everything on 7 red. He loses though and is completely surprised so he asks to play again. Since he bet all his chips, he needs to borrow some from the casino but he’s confident that he’ll win it back. But then he loses and he wonders out loud if it was just a coincidence and so he plays again. And loses. And he loses some more. He decides to switch to playing cards, poker to be exact, since he hasn’t lost there yet.

But his terrible luck follows him and he only gets things like one pair or no pairs. Soo is blinking in shock and comments dazedly on if he was dreaming about winning. But if he was dreaming about winning then it must mean that he’s now dreaming about losing. The dealer smiles at him coldly though and tells him that it’s not a dream and then asks Soo if he’s going to repay the debt now. There are two men standing menacingly behind him.

Soo just laughs nervously and then tells the dealer bluntly that he doesn’t have the money. The dealer asks again slowly for confirmation that Soo doesn’t have the money and then requests with false politeness if Soo would care to follow him to the back to have a conversation. The two men in the back step closer and Soo replies 「わーかった、行くよ。行くって。だからそんなおっかなそうな人たち下げてくれねー?」(I get it, I’ll go. I’ll go. So, can you tell those scary men to move away?).

Then he adds 「オレ怖くってこの場から動けなくなりそーなんだけど」(If I’m scared I won’t be able to move from this place) in a sarcastic tone. The dealer nods his head and motions the two men back before he gestures Soo to follow them outside. And so they head out into the back alleyway and Soo asks them what they wanted to talk about. The dealer confirms again that Soo won’t pay back his debt and Soo tells him lightly that it’s true because it’s impossible for him.

The dealer tells Soo he understands and then his voice lowers as he commands his two thugs to do it, before he heads back into the casino. The thugs crack their knuckles and approach Soo. He asks for them to wait and they pause curiously and one of them asks if he has prepared himself while the other asks if he has any last words. Soo tells them calmly that he just wanted to thank them for getting him out of there.

Soo explains that he knows that they’re cheating everyone. First, they let everyone win big time and then after that it’s a streak of losses. The thugs angrily tell him to shut up but Soo just smirks and tells them that he was just spending his time playing for fun. Anyway, he’s not going to pay his debt and so he’ll be seeing them later. The thugs rush at him and attack him with a pipe but to Soo it’s like seeing them move in slow motion and he easily steps aside and dodges it.

He innocently says 「おっと!いきなり危ないじゃねーか」(Woah! It’s a little dangerous to do that all of a sudden). THE THINGS THIS GUY SAYS IS SO FUNNY. HE NEEDS TO BE CAREFUL BEFORE HIS MOUTH GETS HIM IN TROUBLE. One of the thugs angrily tells him that he’ll soon be unable to talk and then attacks him again, but misses and knocks over a garbage can. Soo scoffs and chides the thug for being too slow before calling him an old man.

Then he tells them that normally he’d be fine with beating up old men but he’s not in that kind of mood right now. After he finishes this he bows himself out and tells them goodbye before running away. They chase after him and yell at him to stop because he won’t get away, but he just yells back and asks them who would ever stop for them. Soo has lived all his life in this town called Dinus 「ダイナス」(Dainasu). So he easily weaves his way through the alleys and streets.

As he runs down the street, a man calls out to him and asks him what he did now. Soo stops for a minute to tell the man to look behind him and when the man does he just laughs and comments on how it’s just like Soo to get in trouble. Soo grins and thanks him, which leads to the man telling him that he wasn’t complimenting Soo. Anyway, he won’t hold Soo up anymore but he does tell him to be careful. Soo thanks him and then runs off before pushing over a bin to make his chasers trip over themselves.

Ducking into an alleyway he wonders if he’s lost them, but he doesn’t think they’ll give up so easily and so he decides to head to a larger street where there’s more people so that he can lose them amongst everyone. When he gets there he starts walking calmly and mentions out loud about how he wants to say that he’s safe here but for some reason he can’t feel relieved. It was kind of scary to have people chasing him and he looks behind him, but it’s hard to find anyone in this crowd.

Suddenly, he sees someone he knows and he heads over to an elderly lady and greets her cheerfully. She greets him back in a friendly tone and then asks if he wasn’t running away from people and Soo tells her not to be so suspicious of him in a mock hurt tone. She just laughs and tells him to drink this cup of juice that she has since it’ll give him strength but Soo just waves her off. It’s a ritual between them because the elderly lady pouts and tells him that she’s not lying and it’s the real deal this time.

Anyway, she unlocks her small shop for him and tells him to head on inside so that he can hide there. He thanks her gratefully because he’s spent a lot of time as a child here. Soo does apologize though for causing trouble like this, but the elderly lady just laughs and asks him how many times she’s heard that from him as a child. He cheekily tells her tens of times, but she asks him if the number isn’t in the hundreds. He laughs and tells her to give him a break and then muses on the nostalgic air of this place.

He hasn’t been here for a while and what was once a tall counter has now become short and small. Nothing in the shop has changed from how it was in the past, but for some reason he has the feeling that something changed. Soo wonders if it’s himself and he notes that it isn’t his eyes that have changed but that it’s him.. his heart has.. his thoughts get interrupted when she places a glass of milk in front of him.

Soo asks why it’s milk and she reminds him that she does run a milk stand and when he was a kid he used to love drinking milk. Soo recalls that he was happy to come here every night and looked foward to it. But now.. him of now is.. the elderly lady intrudes on his thoughts again and asks him how his step mother is doing or the madam who replaced his mother. Soo blinks in surprise and then tells her that the madam can’t replace his mother.

The elderly lady laughs at that and tells him that the madam is just as worried for him as she gets sometimes which is why she allowed him to hide out here. Soo smiles at her and then decides that he’s going to head out now since he doesn’t know when the guys will come back and he doesn’t want to trouble her. She tells him not to worry but she won’t stop him from leaving. Soo fondly recalls that this is how she always is. She always sends him off with a smile and warm eyes. Anyway, the old lady reassures him that he can always come back here and find some milk waiting for him.

Just as Soo is about to leave, the two thugs from before enter the shop asking if she’s seen a red-haired man and then they see Soo. They grin sinisterly as they realize that he has nowhere to run and Soo willingly goes with him since he doesn’t want to fight in the shop. The elderly lady is frightened and calls out his name, but Soo just pats her hands and thanks her for the milk since it was delicious.

When they step out into the alleyway, Soo tells them that he was just taking a small break. One of the thugs sneers and tells him that they’re going to give him a sweet time. Soo just replies with a statement about how he’s not interested in having a sweet time with another guy. Thug A angrily tells Soo that his smart mouth ends here and unravels a long chain that he starts to swing.

Soo is a bit surprised at this new weapon but once again he dodges it easily and comments on how it seems like he doesn’t have to worry about it. It should be his turn by now to act and so he easily ducks into their space and knocks both of them to the ground. He sighs a bit and comments on how these guys were all bark but no bite and then he leaves them. The world feels boring since there’s nothing to do and nothing that he feels like doing.

However, just as he walks off he encounters another group of guys that he ows money to. They minute they see him they angrily yell at him to stop and return the money that he owes them. If he doesn’t then they’ll beat him up. Soo groans at his bad luck and runs away from them as well.

This leads back to the present where he’s hiding from the latest group of guys who he owes money to. He managed to lose them again and is now walking through the alleyway and wondering what he should do. He decides to head to the elderly lady’s milk shop but then he thinks he hears the sound of a woman crying out and falling to the ground. Just as he thinks it’s his imagination he hears a group of guys talking too.

As he gets closer to the confrontation he can see someone’s silhouette. He can’t make out who it is or any details, but he does know that it’s a girl. When he gets closer though, she turns around to look at him and he’s surprised when their eyes meet because he can see a bright light shine around her. It’s a warm light.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Soo Majiku ~

    dellz85 said:
    November 29, 2011 at 20:21

    Hmm so far I think I like him the least but I hope the actual game will change my mind lol

      Ilinox responded:
      November 29, 2011 at 20:28

      Ugh, me too. I’m trying to decide on my playthrough list for these guys and Soo just gets kicked down to the very bottom, haha. He seems to be the least involved in the story.. so kind of boring.

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