Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Camus Tetra Porte ~

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Camus Tetra Porte (カミュ テトラ ポルテ)
CV: Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木 裕斗)

First Impressions. He’s surprisingly not as annoying as one would think. He can take care of himself and he treats Lilith very kindly though he likes to tease her. He has a lighthearted attitude and it seems like it’d take something big happening in order to make him become serious.

The scene starts with the heroine, Lilith, cursing because she overslept again. Camus follows her with his wings as she runs through the village and laughs at her. She pouts and tells him not to laugh when he could have woken her, but he just shrugs and tells her that he tried to wake her but she kept on asking for 5 more minutes until she overslept. He crosses his arms and informs her that’s why it’s not his fault.

*** EPISODE 0 ***

Lilith looks away in embarrassment and confesses that it just felt so nice to lie in her bed. Camus nods in agreement and says to her that he definitely understands that feeling. Lilith replies with 「だ、だよね!?」(R-right?!) but then Camus crosses his arms again and reminds her that the head priest probably wouldn’t think that way. The reason why she’s running through the village is because she’s late for the morning prayers.

Anyway, Camus reminds her to pick up her pace if she doesn’t want to be late and Lilith tells him that he’s only able to say that because he’s sitting on her head. He shrugs unrepentantly and informs her that if she didn’t oversleep then they wouldn’t have this kind of problem. As they’re walking through the village, Lilith is greeted kindly by the elderly people there and she returns their greetings just as warmly.

When one of them asks why she’s looking so tired and sweaty, Camus tells them that Lilith overslept again. She pouts and asks Camus not to say that, but he just grins and tells her that he’s only speaking the truth. The elderly man chuckles and comments on how the two of them are so lively in the morning that it makes him feel lively too. Camus teases Lilith with this by telling her that she should be happy since her oversleeping has its good side.

Lilith just frowns and says that his words are definitely not a compliment. Camus replies with 「そんなことないって!ぼくも君の元気な姿を見るの大好きだよ」(That’s not it at all! I love seeing you when you’re lively). The elderly man agrees to this with a laugh and tells her to work hard to keep up that lively spirit. Lilith nods with a smile and says her farewells to him before dashing off.

While she’s running, Camus spies a wild strawberry and realizes how much he wants to eat that. But he doesn’t want to stop her from running since it’ll make her late, but he can’t look away from it. He decides in his mind 「やっぱり野いちごのことを言うのはやめよう。リリスの邪魔をするのはよくないよね。ここは我慢だ、我慢」(As I thought, I won’t talk about the wild strawberry. It’s not good if I bother Lilith. I’ll have to endure it, endure). SO CU-CUTE (〃゚艸゚):;*.

Plus, he can just get one on their way home. But Lilith stops running and he looks down on her, from her head, in confusion. It turns out that she saw the wild strawberries too and thinks that they should stop to pick some. Camus blinks in surprise and asks her what she’s going to do with them and Lilith tells him that she’ll pick a whole bunch to share it with everyone at the shrine.

But this just makes him ask her 「とかいって、本当は自分が食べたいだけなんじゃないの~?」(That’s what you say, but the truth is that you want to eat it right~?). Lilith splutters out that he’s wrong, but Camus just shrugs and tells her that he’s fine with stopping here to eat some now. Lilith reminds him that they’re not eating it here because they’re taking it to the shrine, but he argues that eating it now and eating it later are the same things. He leaps off from her head and flies to the nearest strawberry and starts eating it.

It’s super delicious and he quickly calls for Lilith to come over and eat some too. She smiles happily and agrees with him about how sweet it is and she even lets him feed her some. The two of them forget about the morning prayers as they pick the strawberries and in Camus’ mind he thinks 「ずっと、こんな毎日が続くといいな・・・ぼくとリリス、ずっと一緒に・・・」(It’d be nice if days like these continued on.. Lilith and I, together forever..). YANDERE YANDERE ALERT ヾ( ゚д゚)ノ゛!

The two of them get interrupted from their eating session when an elderly lady comes up and asks them what they’re doing. Camus grins and tells her that they’re eating wild strawberries and this makes the elderly lady laugh because she can see that from the red stains all around Lilith’s mouth. Camus takes a look and laughs at Lilith as well while pointing it out to her. Lilith blushes from their words and the elderly lady comments on how Lilith hasn’t changed at all from when she was a child.

Then she asks if the morning prayers are over and Lilith remembers about how late she is. Camus wonders out loud if they’ll be forgiven if they bring the strawberries to the head priest, but Lilith refuses to do that because she doesn’t want to use them as a bribe. Plus, she thinks the head priest will just get angrier. The elderly lady tells them that they should forget about the strawberries for now since they have some place to be and Lilith quickly says her goodbyes before dashing off.

The elderly lady advises Lilith not to turn around so fast or she might trip over her feet and the next thing that happens is that Lilith trips over her feet. Camus sighs and asks if she’s alright and then pokes fun at her for tripping even after the warning. Lilith tells him not to say it like that and he holds up his hands before telling her with a smile that he’ll stop teasing her now. Next time he’ll keep a careful watch on her and so she can just leave it to him.

Time skip and Camus is trying to get Lilith’s attention in front of a cave, but she’s not hearing him at all. He gives up soon though because when she’s in this state she can’t hear anything. Right now they’re in Lilith’s secret place in the forest. She always goes there whenever she’s feeling troubled, down, or if something happened. It turns out that they made it to the shrine just as the morning prayers ended and when Lilith tried to give the strawberries to the head priest he just became more angry.

Camus asks Lilith if she’s alright, but she just continues to stay silent and he sighs quietly before telling her to cheer up. She tells him that she can’t be cheerful because it’s already the 4th time that she was late and missed out on the morning prayers. Camus thinks thoughtfully on that and then congratulates her for making a new record. Lilith mutters about how that’s not something to be glad for. He apologizes and then she despairs out loud about what she’ll do from now on.

He tells her to calm down and not to be so depressed because even though she oversleeps a lot, is careless, and is forgetful.. she has a lot of other good points. Lilith is still looking sad as she asks him where she’s good. Camus looks surprised for a second and then he crosses his arm thoughtfully as he says 「え?そうだなあ・・・・・・・・・・・・・全部!」(Eh? That’s right…. Hm…. Everything!). Lilith asks him suspiciously what that long pause was for and then tells him that everything is a bit too much.

Camus tells her that he’s not complimenting her too far at all, it’s just that there are so many good points about her he can’t say just one. She asks him if he’s telling her the truth and he tells her that he is and then he reassures her by saying that they can work hard tomorrow. So they should forget about today’s failure. Tomorrow, if she tries to sleep in he’ll wake her up. He grins when he sees her smiling and points out that she seems to be happier now.

Lilith tells him that it’s because he’s always so cheerful and he won’t let her be anything else other than cheerful. He nods at this. Their moment together is interrupted by a low grumbling voice though and the two of them freeze. It’s a scary and low voice and they have no idea where it came from. They search around for it though and finally find that the source came from a small cave. Camus tells Lilith that he thinks it came from here and so he’s going to check it out but she won’t let him go alone.

However, the hole is too small for anyone but Camus’ size to enter. Lilith is afraid that something dangerous might be in there though, but when Camus asks her like what, Lilith can’t answer. He thanks her with a grin for her worry, but he’ll be alright. The voice might just be someone calling out for help and in that case he has to go and check it out. Camus orders Lilith not to leave from her spot and that he’ll be back soon and then he flies off into the cave.

It turns out to be a dark corridor that extends forever into some place and as he goes down it Camus wonders where it’ll take him. The voice yells out again and he starts to become a bit afraid himself. But he’s curious about the voice and so he continues on. If he returns to Lilith then they’ll never know what made that noise and they won’t be able to return to this place because they’ll be afraid. It’s his and Lilith’s secret spot and so he wants to protect it.

Plus, if it’s something dangerous then he has to warn the villagers in Dodona since it’s really close to the town. As he flies deeper something drops onto him and he gets hit to the floor. Camus yelps in pain and then flies back into the air to look around. It turns out to be a white salamander that fell to the ground somehow. Camus doesn’t know where it came from and he finds it weird that it’s not moving, but it finally moves towards some water.

When Camus looks at the water as well, he notices that it’s really pretty and he never knew that there was water in this cave. Anyway, he continues on and thinks about how he’s felt the presence of spirits around Dodona but they’ve never been very strong and so he wonders if there’ll be a stronger one the deeper he goes. It’s been a while now and he’s lost track of time and it’s really dark.

His surroundings haven’t changed at all and so he needs to be careful to remember the way back. It’ll be a big problem if he can’t remember how to get back to Lilith. The voice yells out again and it sounds louder and closer and so Camus continues on. The path suddenly splits into a large corridor and a small corridor though and he has to pick one. He decides to choose the small one and decides that if it leads nowhere he can just return and take the other one.

He’s a bit afraid of getting lost or ending up in another place though that will make him unable to return to Lilith. But he needs to find the source of the noise! He continues on through the small route and it quickly becomes pitch dark, but he can hear the sound of running water and he wonders if it’s the same water as the one he saw before. He ends up in an underground cavern and there’s a lake of sparkling magical water. It’s beautiful and Camus feels regret at being unable to show it to Lilith.

Anyway, he looks around for the noise again and drinks some of the water. It’s as delicious as it looks and it seems to have been created or blessed by a powerful spirit. Suddenly, he hears a roar and finds out that the noise is coming from a monster that he’s never seen before. It’s chasing a smaller rabbit-like thing and Camus decides that he needs to save it. The only problem is that he’s not sure what he can do, but he quickly gets the idea of borrowing the lake spirit’s power.

Camus requests to borrow the lake’s power and sends a spiralling blast of water at the monster. It’s super effective and knocks the monster into a wall and it doesn’t move from the place that it fell to. He returns the water back to the lake and checks up on the smaller creature and its wound, but luckily the wound isn’t serious. Camus happily tells the creature that it’s safe and it responds with a “Kyuu~”.

It’s time for him to head back to Lilith who was probably worried about him. He didn’t mean to spend as much time as he did in the cave, but at least he managed to get rid of the scary noise and protect Lilith’s secret spot. Camus quickly flies back the way he came and he finally sees the entrance and a person waiting for him there. It’s Lilith!

7 thoughts on “Beyond the Future: Prequel ~ Camus Tetra Porte ~

    roiya said:
    February 1, 2012 at 15:31

    wahh….i dont will it work? will the heroine turn small? does he turn big? lol i actually dont mind his character though. it seems interesting for a pairing.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 1, 2012 at 16:40

      This is sort of a minor spoiler, but he turns big ^^;;. I’ll leave out the reasons as to why and how though, so you’ll have to read/play to find out, hehe.

      Yep, he’s surprisingly not as annoying as I thought he’d be for the childhood friend character.

        Roiya said:
        February 1, 2012 at 22:12

        Ah then ill have to wait till you review his route since I cant play=)

    dellz85 said:
    December 1, 2011 at 17:14

    Oh I think he is ok, kinda glad he is not annoying :P So he is the last route in this demo right?

    Ah really want to play this game :)

    Btw thank you for the summary ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      December 1, 2011 at 17:19

      Phew, he can take care of himself haha. Yep, he’s the last route in this demo! The game will soon be out in 6 more days 8D!

      Thank YOU for reading them all <3!

    Rita said:
    December 1, 2011 at 02:03

    I….just can’t get over how tiny he is XDDD; That being said, you’re right. He doesn’t seem annoying (is having flashbacks to Navi’s ‘hey listen’ all throughout Ocarina of Time @_@).

    And then I caved and created a japanese PSN account just to downlaod this demo. I blame you. XD

      Ilinox responded:
      December 1, 2011 at 09:24

      On the site it tells you that he’s only 20cm xD;; PHEW, I was so glad he didn’t end up being like Navi lolol. I was afraid he’d just be some annoying sprite that’d scream for help, but he can actually fight as well ^^.

      I’m always here to corrupt people >w<.

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