Beyond the Future ~ Nate Su-ru-ya ~

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Nate Su-ru-ya (ネイト スールーヤ)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

He’s a werewolf assassin, but despite his scary sounding job he’s a quite a relaxed and collected character. He enjoys teasing the other characters and doesn’t have a problem in protecting the heroine. However, because he’s a werewolf he has some problems with understanding and dealing with humans. He’s completely inexperienced with love too and so he blushes and stammers a lot. Overall, while I loved him for his tail and ears his story wasn’t as romantic as I was expecting. But this game has amazing character development and it was completely heartwarming seeing how he developed. Personally, I like his good ending better than his best one.

The game starts with someone talking about the state of the world and how it is powered with love and how love is something that everyone feels. Love comes from this world’s god, but suddenly pain and sadness and bitterness appeared and the person wonders which god those feelings came from. The person hears a voice calling out to them and they try to remember who they were. She remembers that her name is Lilith 「リリス」(Ririsu) and she heads towards the light to escape her dreams.

*** EPISODE 「福音」(Good news) ***

Scene skip. In Ingrid, Nayuta is praying to Adonis 「アドニス」(Adonisu), the god of the heavens, and to Yufisu 「ユフィス」(Yufisu), the goddess of the earth. He prays for them to protect those who are poor and without love and to guide those who are foolish and without love. His prayers are interrupted by a guard who tells him that the high priestess urgently wishes to speak with him. As Nayuta goes to see her he catches a glimpse of Kirite in the halls of the shrine, but he loses sight of him.

Remuna, the high priestess, greets him by asking him if she interrupted his important prayers. Nayuta shakes his head and informs her that his existence, as a holy knight, is to serve the high priestess and so whenever she calls he will answer her summons promptly and without hesitation. Remuna chuckles and compliments his admirable devotion, as expected of the captain of the holy knights, and he thanks her for her words.

Anyway, she quickly dispenses with the small talk and gets down to business. She was granted a vision by the god of Ingrid and she saw a power that could destroy the world. She wasn’t granted any details but she does know that the power dwells in a girl. Remuna orders Nayuta to travel to the country of Dodona to find and seize the girl who has the power to destroy the world. Nayuta is shocked to find that the girl is in the territory of Dodona because Dodona is devoted to the goddess of the earth, Yufisu. For such a power to awaken there is terrible.

Before he leaves Nayuta has one more question. Just a moment ago, he saw a samurai from the country of Savila and he’s wondering if she ordered the samurai to do something as well. Remuna coldly tells him that he doesn’t need to know anything about that and orders him to leave. Nayuta obeys with an unsettled air. As he exits the shrine he sees Kirite again and this time he catches up to him and asks him if he isn’t Kirite of Savila.

Kirite looks at him calmly and informs Nayuta that his name is Kirite but he’s not who Nayuta thinks he is. He’s only Kirite and nothing else and then he asks if that’s the only business Nayuta has with him, but Nayuta has something he wants to ask. Nayuta tries to ask Kirite what the high priestess ordered him to do, but Kirite interrupts him and asks him to introduce himself first.

Nayuta apologizes for his rudeness and introduces himself as the captain of the holy knights of Ingrid. Then he asks what business Kirite has here, but Kirite tells him coldly that he doesn’t need to know that far. Nayuta grits his teeth and Kirite they stare each other down before Kirite mutters under his breath that the knights of Ingrid are stubborn. He reveals that he was ordered by the high priestess to look for the girl who has the power to destroy the world.

This shocks Nayuta since that’s what he was ordered to do the same as well. Kirite shakes his head though and says that there is one small difference in their orders. He was ordered to bring the girl back alive or dead and if she resisted then he has orders to kill her on the spot. HAHA, SO THIS IS HOW THE HEROINE MEETS EVERYONE? IT SOUNDS LIKE EVERYONE IS OUT FOR HER BLOOD/CAPTURE EXCEPT SOO AND CAMUS Σ(^∀^;). Nayuta recoils in surprise and asks him heatedly if Kirite just accepted it like that.

Kirite nods and tells him that it’s his job. Nayuta asks him where his pride went to accept this kind of job. Kirite simply informs him coldly that he’s no longer a samurai and then he adds that the orders that Nayuta is looking down on came from his high priestess. Nayuta inhales sharply at that, but before he can say anything Kirite curtly says to him that he answered his question and so he’s leaving now. Nayuta is left alone wondering to himself why Remuna ordered that.

Scene skip. In Dodona, Nico notes that the shrine of Yufisu must be around here along with the girl. He compliments the splendid architecture but when he tries to enter he’s repelled by a barrier. Nico hisses in surprise and then sighs in irritation at having to break it. He cracks a joke about how if this is one of Yufisu’s hobbies then she really needs to get a better one. Anyway, he’s going to find a way to enter and then stalk the girl to acquire information.

Scene skip. Lilith is woken up by Camus, her childhood friend, who is yelling at her to wake up and prepare for the morning. Lilith mutters out 「・・・なんだ、カミュか」(.. Oh, it’s just you, Camus). He pouts and asks her what is with her reaction and that it hurt. She wakes up some more and apologizes before telling him that she had a dream and it felt like someone was calling her. She can’t remember it very well but it was a peaceful and happy dream, although near the end it became sad.

Camus asks her if it isn’t just that she felt warm in her bed and so she was happy, but she knew that she had to wake up in the morning and so she became sad. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ THAT CERTAINLY FITS. Anyway, he tells her not to space out so much and to properly wake up. Lilith points out that he’s trying to get her to properly get up but he’s just sitting on her head. Camus giggles and says that he was found out, but he likes sitting on her head since it feels good and her hair smells nice.

Lilith forbids him from ruffling her hair and Camus pouts and tells her that he already knows that. Anyway, he asks if she’s alright because it’s almost time for the morning prayers. If she’s late again it’ll be the 5th day in a row and she’ll make a new record, but he wonders what kind of punishment the head priest will give her. Lilith leaps out of bed in horror and asks if it’s that time already. Camus is thrown off her head and he has to hover in front of her before he tells her not to move so abruptly.

She apologizes but tells him that she can’t be late again or the head priest will get angry. When she asks him if her hair is fine and not sleep-mussed, he tells her that 「大丈夫、大丈夫。寝癖がついてても、リリスはいつだって可愛いよ」(It’s fine, it’s fine. Even if you have bed hair, you’re still as cute as always). Lilith responds with 「それ大丈夫じゃないよっ」(That’s not alright!). THE HEROINE IS SO CUTE (〃゚艸゚):;* I HOPE SHE DOESN’T BECOME A DOORMAT. She changes in record time and sprints out the door.

As they’re walking to the shrine, she wonders if it’s alright to have skipped breakfast because it’d be bad if her stomach growled during the morning prayers. Camus talks about how the head priest would probably be angry if that happened and he’d say something about how she can’t be a priestess if her stomach is growling. Lilith starts to look depressed and tells him not to say mean things like that. Camus shrugs lightly and tells him that he’s not bullying her, because she’s thinking the same things.

Caught up in the conversation, she walks right into Kirite and apologizes profusely for not looking at where she was going. He waves off her apologies and tells her that it was just a gentle bump and so there’s no problem. She ends up staring at him when she notices his clothes and how he isn’t one of the villagers. He catches her staring at him and asks if there’s a problem. She asks him if he’s a traveler and visiting the town.

Kirite nods and explains that he arrived during the night. Lilith tells him that their town doesn’t have much but she hopes he has a nice time here. He smiles at that and thanks her. Camus floats up beside them and tells her that if she doesn’t hurry she’s going to be more late. Then he smirks slyly and says that he can already see the head priest looking angry. Lilith tells him not to say such scary things.

Hearing their conversation, Kirite tells her that if she’s late then she should go without concerning herself with him. Lilith tries to protest but he asks if she isn’t late. She replies that she’s sort of late, because she’s still a trainee priestess. Camus tells her that the morning prayers have started now and Lilith flinches, but she still takes the time to introduce herself to Kirite. Camus introduces himself as her protector but she points out that he’s not the size to be her protector.

Camus pouts and tells her that a protector isn’t decided by size. Kirite remains silent and Lilith apologizes for Camus making them go off-topic. Camus interrupts and says that it isn’t his fault. Lilith apologizes again and then tells Kirite that she’s always at the shrine and so he’s welcome to come and see her whenever if he has troubles in the town. Kirite nods and then she apologizes again for bumping into him before excusing herself. Camus smirks and apologizes for Lilith’s clumsiness.

She blushes and tells him to shut up, but Camus just sticks out his tongue and says that it’s true. Just as they leave, Kirite says his name. Lilith looks back in surprise and he explains that it’s his name and it’s courtesy to return an introduction. She giggles at that and thanks him while using his name before she dashes off again. They reach the shrine and Lilith tries to sneak in, but before they do Camus talks about how Kirite had a dark aura around him and that he should smile more.

Lilith looks at Camus in surprise and comments on how it’s true that Kirite didn’t smile much or at all but she thinks that he was cool. Meanwhile, Kirite muses on how Lilith seems like a lively girl. Anyway, they sneak in just in time to hear the morning prayers start. The head priest talks about the goddess Yufisu and the god Adonis and how humans owe their devotion and faith to these gods. Lilith notes that there aren’t many people praying and she’s saddened at that.

Camus tries to cheer her up by saying that she can pray for them as well. She nods at that and states that she’ll work hard. Unfortunately, she said that loud enough to be heard by the head priest and he sighs in irritation before telling Lilith that even if she overslept she could at least enter quietly. Lilith winces at that and apologizes while Camus sighs and talks about how he thought they could have snuck in for once. Suddenly the ground starts shaking though and a monster appears after breaking the ceiling.

They try to look around for survivors and the head priest but there’s too much dust in the air and Lilith coughs. Camus tells her to remain silent and to run away from the monster, but the moment she takes a step the lion monster sees her and pins her down with its eyes. She can’t seem to bring herself to move even though she’s screaming in her mind to run away. Camus is off to the side yelling at her to move too. Lilith, in her fear, resorts to praying to Yufisu and suddenly, in a flash of white light, a staff appears.

The staff repels the lion monster and throws it to the ground. Camus quickly tells Lilith to run away before the lion gets back up, but as they try to leave a mysterious voice says 「・・・そうか。そういうことか・・・」(.. I see. So that’s how it is..). Lilith freezes and looks around for the voice but Camus urges her to run before more bad things happen. Black feathers start falling down though and a winged man appears in front of Lilith. Immediately, Lilith can feel that this man doesn’t mean anything good.

His aura is different from the staff and the bright light that she saw. The man, Rognar 「ログなー」(Roguna) greets her with 「・・・貴様が、ユフィスの選んだ娘か」(.. So you’re Yufisu’s chosen girl..). Lilith looks at him in confusion and he laughs at how she doesn’t know anything, and then says that he doesn’t have to explain anything then. He’ll just kill her while she doesn’t know anything. Lilith flinches at this and he tells her softly not to be afraid because her death will be quick and then she’ll be at Yufisu’s side.

Lilith takes a step back and he coldly asks her if she’s trying to run, but unfortunately for her she won’t be able to run away from him. Suddenly, Kirite yells out that he also can’t run away. The winged man’s eyes widen in surprise but he manages to block Kirite’s attack. Camus tells Lilith to take this chance to run because Rognar’s target is her since he wants to kill her. Lilith wonders why and then Camus reveals that Kirite’s opponent isn’t someone a human can handle.

This just makes her worried for Kirite and Camus tells her that she isn’t in a position to worry about others. She glances back at the two people fighting and Kirite growls out 「その黒い翼・・・ッ!ようやくみつけたぞ・・・!!」(Those black feathers..! I’ve finally found you..!!). Rognar isn’t impressed with Kirite’s attitude and he parries Kirite’s attack before throwing him into a wall. Once again, Rognar appears in front of Lilith and Camus tells her to run away but she tells Camus to run away because Rognar is just after her.

Kirite drags himself back up though and readies his sword again, which impresses Rognar with how stubborn he is but he also insults Kirite’s intelligence for trying to face him. Lilith is relieved that Kirite is still alive. Anyway, Kirite admits that he’s stubborn and then tells Rognar that he won’t stop until he’s dead. This just makes Rognar laugh before a dangerous grin lights up his face. He says to Kirite 「お望み通り、貴様から母の御許に送ってやるとしよう・・・!!」(As you wish, I will send you to your mother’s side!!).

Camus begs Lilith to run away but she’s reluctant to leave Kirite fighting alone even though she knows that she can’t do anything. But she can’t just leave him when he came to save her. Suddenly, everything falls quiet in Lilith’s mind and she can hear her heart beating before a voice tells her that she Yufisu’s chosen and to extend her hand. Then it tells her to use that hand to cut through her fate. The staff reappears in front of her.

She hesitantly asks if she should take it and Camus desperately asks her what she’s talking about and to hurry up and run. Lilith realizes that he can’t hear the voice and she looks back to the staff because she can feel the power radiating from it. She asks in her mind if she’s Yufisu’s chosen one and the voice replies that she is before it tells her to take the staff. Her wish to defeat this crisis will be granted if she does. She looks back to the fighting.

Kirite is losing fast but growls out that he won’t lose. Rognar laughs crazily and tells Kirite that he can only dream to defeat him, who is like a god to humans. Lilith asks the voice if she’ll be able to save Kirite with this. The voice replies that she will be able to save, not just Kirite, but countless others. Lilith examines the staff again and recognizes the aura that it is giving off. It’s Yufisu’s love that she feels and she recognizes it from the feeling she gets when she’s praying.

The voice tells her that she was chosen out of everyone else to be Yufisu’s chosen one and to bear her fate. She grabs the staff because she wants to save Kirite. WHEN SHE DOES ORCHESTRAL MUSIC ACCOMPANIED BY A CHORUS STARTS PLAYING. When she does, she sees the goddess Yufisu with a enigmatic sad smile. The power in the staff starts flowing through her and it’s strong but also gentle and kind. Lilith promises to work hard and she feels Yufisu’s approval.

Back to the present, Rognar notices the white light and immediately knows that it’s due to Yufisu. A snarl twists his lips at the goddess’ interruption. But it doesn’t matter since Lilith still doesn’t know anything and so he’ll end her life right now. A black sphere forms between his hands, but the voice tells Lilith to have faith and pray. That’s how one accesses the powers of the i-scepter. Lilith nods and starts praying by saying her prayers out loud.

A white light is shot out and it slams Rognar back. He grits his teeth and angrily rhetorically asks if he is actually being defeated by a human and a little girl at that. Meanwhile, Camus is asking what the heck is going on and what that power is. Kirite is shocked at the power dwelling in Lilith. Rognar fires out another dark ball and it hits Lilith painfully as well as shaking her faith in her power, because his is stronger. She starts to lose her will to fight and Rognar smirks.

But the door to the shrine is slammed open and Nayuta appears. This makes Rognar scoff at all these interruptions, but he leaves because he doesn’t want to fight them all. He tells Lilith that she should be glad to live another day and then flies away. Kirite yells at Rognar to come back because his business with him isn’t finished, but he collapses to the ground because of his wounds. Camus chides him for trying to move while Nayuta tries to ask what happened and how Kirite got those wounds.

Lilith runs to Kirite’s side to try and cast some healing magic, but he slaps her hand away and tells her that it’s not necessary. When she protests, he yells out that it’s not necessary and she flinches. His face twists in sadness and pain and he looks away from her. Camus crosses his arms and angrily tells Kirite not to treat Lilith like that when she’s just trying to cure his wounds, but Lilith tells Camus that it’s alright. Kirite continues to look at the ground but there are no tears.

Insightfully, Lilith knows that Kirite is angry at himself for not being able to do anything to Rognar. She notices that he’s also sad and she wonders what Rognar did to him in the past. He’s still looking away from them and so she tries to comfort him with her voice. She tells him that it’ll be alright. Kirite scoffs at this, but she repeats it and continues to repeat it. He tries to ask her what she thinks she knows, but she just takes his hand and tells him that it’ll be alright.

In truth, she doesn’t know what she is saying will be alright. She doesn’t know if she’s trying to comfort him or comfort herself, but she does know that she doesn’t want him to continue to look so pained. His hands are cold from his loss of blood and so she murmurs a healing spell. But something weird happens and it’s like something is calling out to her in Kirite. A ball of light starts shining in him and he grunts in pain that his chest feels hot.

The world starts wavering and everyone is shocked. Something is interfering with her spell. Nayuta asks what is going on and Camus murmurs that whoever is casting an interrupting spell is an idiot to do it in a shrine. Then he gets annoyed and asks Nayuta who he is anyway. Nayuta introduces himself as the captain of the holy knights of Ingrid and asks him what happened and what is happening.

Camus explains that someone is casting a spell on Kirite and Lilith to teleport them. This surprises Nayuta because they’re in a shrine and so a person shouldn’t be able to cast a spell like that so easily. Camus tells him that’s why he wants Nayuta to shut up because he’s trying to think. Nayuta asks if there’s even time to be thinking. Camus realizes that there isn’t because Lilith’s form is wavering and so Nayuta firmly tells him that they have to decide right now then. Camus asks him what they have to decide.

Nayuta replies that they need to decide to go or not to go. They don’t know where they’ll end up but it’s better than not knowing where Kirite and Lilith are. Nayuta and Camus jump into the spell just in time to be teleported away. The scene switches to Nico who is skulking around the walls of Dodona and he exhales tiredly after completing the spell. He’s amused at how Camus and Nayuta jumped in even though they don’t know where they’ll end up.

Unfortunately, the addition of two new people threw off his spell a bit and he realizes that he has no idea where they ended up. It’ll be troublesome to find them but he has to since he wants to see if Lilith is a saint, as she’s the one chosen by Yufisu. He chuckles lowly and tells her to work hard.

*** EPISODE 「聖女か魔女か」(A saint or a witch?) ***

Lilith wakes up remembering that she was enveloped in a strange light with Kirite. Before that she heard a voice telling her that she’ll save a lot of people with the power that she is granted with. However, she doesn’t know why she has to save people. She also doesn’t know what just happened a few moments ago. It seems like everything is just one big unknown to her. But even so, if it’s to save someone she’ll try her best and work hard one step at a time. Even if she doesn’t know anything.

Then she notices that her back hurts as if she were sleeping on the ground, but she’s sure that last night she was sleeping on a bed. Memories of what happened in the shrine assault her and she springs up only to see Nayuta and Camus. She blinks and then abruptly remembers about Kirite and frantically asks Camus where Kirite is. He points Kirite out and tells her that Kirite is fine and then he sighs before telling her that she’s not in the place to worry about other people.

He confesses in a wavering voice that he was really worried she wouldn’t wake up. Nayuta tells Camus that he already said she was just sleeping. Camus replies that Nayuta isn’t a doctor and so he can’t believe in his words. Lilith frowns and tells Camus that he’s being rude right now. He just pouts and says that he was really worried though. She reassures him that she’s fine now and then she asks Nayuta who he is.

Nayuta introduces himself as a knight of Ingrid. He smiles and points out that she should know about the group since she’s a priestess and then he adds that he’s the captain of it. Lilith gasps in surprise and Camus asks her what it is. Lilith explains about how all boys want to grow up to be a knight of Ingrid, because they’re the force of Ingrid. The selection process to become a knight is difficult too because one needs to be utterly devoted and faithful to their god.

Camus blinks in surprise and comments on how he didn’t know that Nayuta was such an amazing person. Lilith chides Camus for his manners again and then apologizes to Nayuta, but he waves it off since he doesn’t mind. Anyway, Lilith asks him why he’s here because she doesn’t remember much of what hapepned. Just black feathers, a fight in the shrine, and then she remembers about the villagers and asks him if they’re alright. Nayuta reassures her that they are.

He passed them on his way into the shrine because he heard from the head priest that there was a girl in there. Lilith exhales in relief but Camus tells her that she should have ran like he said. She apologizes to him but she couldn’t just leave Kirite. Camus tells her to think more selfishly and she nods. Nayuta asks her if he can continue talking and Lilith apologizes when she realizes they were off-topic. After Rognar disappeared she and Kirite were caught up in a spell.

Camus jumps in at this point and tells her that he didn’t know where she was going to end up and so he followed her because she can’t be without him. But he doesn’t know why Nayuta came along. Nayuta sighs at Camus’ words and then confesses that he came to find her along with Kirite. Lilith blinks in surprise and then notices that the two men are silent and their expressions are conflicted. Nayuta tells her that he came to escort her to Ingrid.

Lilith asks if she can know the reason, but Nayuta doesn’t answer and so she wonders if it’s something he can’t talk about. Camus doesn’t think she should go because they didn’t even give her a reason. Nayuta informs her that it was an order from the high priestess of Ingrid. Lilith gasps in surprise and asks him why the high priestess would order them to find her. Finally Kirite reveals that she’s the girl who will destroy the world.

Camus stutters in surprise while Nayuta says Kirite’s name harshly. Kirite tells Nayuta that there’s no use in hiding it and then he tells Lilith that the high priestess of Ingrid suspects Lilith of being a witch. Camus asks them what proof they have and Nayuta tells them that the high priestess received a vision from her god about a girl who had the power to destroy the world and that she was in Dodona. There are no girls other than Lilith in Dodona.

Lilith is quiet as Camus asks what will happen if she refuses. Nayuta falls silent and Kirite tells her that he was also ordered to bring her back and she should know what that means. It means that he’s there to do a job that a holy knight cannot. Lilith remains silent for a while before she finally decides to go. Camus asks if that’s alright and Lilith reassures him by saying that she believes in Yufisu and that Yufisu will protect her. Also, if she runs then it’ll just make her more suspicious.

Nayuta compliments her thought process and then they proceed to find out where they are and to travel to Ingrid. Nayuta knows recognizes their surroundings though and knows that Dinus is close by. From there they can head to Ingrid. Lilith is amazed at how knowledgeable he is and so the four of them set out. When it becomes dark, Nayuta suggests that they should start setting up camp and Kirite points out that they need to find a campsite.

Camus asks how Lilith is doing and she tells him that her feet hurt because she’s not used to walking for so long. Nayuta hears this and asks if she can endure it just a bit longer, to which Lilith tells him that she’ll be fine. Kirite tells her that he’d like to say that she can rest here, but they don’t know if anything will happen. Nayuta suggests that Lilith should pick someone to go with so she won’t be alone while they split up to find a campsite.

She picks Kirite. Anyway, they finally end up finding a place where both Nayuta and Kirite agreed upon and it’s a cave. Lilith talks to Camus about how her back will probably hurt from sleeping here. Camus smugly tells her that he can sleep on her head and so he has no problems. She pouts and asks him why the two men chose this place. Kirite overhears her and explains that this is a strategic location. The cave will block the wind and prevent their fire from being seen.

Lilith nods thoughtfully at that and then the two fall into silence. Nayuta is out hunting for food for them. The two of them stare at each other and Lilith starts to feel awkward until Kirite tells her to drop the honorifics to his name. He explains that Nayuta might be an important person to her but he’s not that important. Just plain Kirite will do. It’s hard for her to say his name like that though because she doesn’t want to be rude.

Camus, who is hovering off to the side, tells her that if Kirite said she could use his name then she should just use it to get used to it. Lilith notes that Camus isn’t timid at all. He tells her that it’s because he’s an elf fairy. Lilith asks him slowly if that means that all the other fairies speak as rudely as he does. Kirite muffles his laughter at this, but Lilith hears it and her eyes widen.

Kirite adds that she doesn’t have to be polite and formal with him either and that she should just act normal. Lilith nods but she doesn’t say anything else and so Camus comments on how it seems difficult for her. Kirite doesn’t mind if she takes it slowly though. Anyway, Nayuta returns with the food and apologizes for being late. Lilith welcomes him back before apologizing for leaving everything to him. He doesn’t mind though because it’s natural for a man to do these things.

He feels that she doesn’t have to concern herself with things like this. Kirite suggests that they start preparing dinner then and Lilith says 「そうだね、・・・キ、キリテ」(You’re right.. Ki-Kirite) with a blush. SHE’S SO ADORABLE (〃゚艸゚):;*! Camus giggles at this and she snaps at him not to laugh because it’s not like it’s embarrassing or anything. Kirite chuckles lowly at the two of them and Lilith blushes again.

Anyway, she ends up falling asleep after dinner and wakes up to find Camus sleeping on her head. Kirite notices that she’s awake and asks if he woke her up, but she shakes her head. The two of them fall silent before he laughs quietly and she looks at him in confusion. He tells her that he thought if she dropped the honorifics she would feel more comfortable with him. Lilith looks down on the ground and remembers the scene that happened at dinner.

Flashback! Camus compliments the soup on how delicious it is and Lilith agrees before complimenting Kirite on how skilled he is, but her speech is all weird and Camus has to stifle his giggles. Nayuta just sighs and Kirite reveals that Nayuta also helped prepare the soup. This surprises Lilith because he doesn’t seem like that kind of person but Nayuta explains that he was sent by the high priestess because he’s skilled in a lot of things.

Lilith finds the two of them amazing and she apologizes for how she can’t seem to do anything. Kirite tells her not to worry about that and to just do things that she can do. Lilith nods and tells them that she’ll work hard but she stumbles over her words and Camus bursts out laughing before asking her what is with her way of speaking. She snaps at him not to laugh because she can’t help it, but he tells her that he can’t help but laugh when she’s acting so weird. She calls him an idiot.

Back to the present. Kirite points out that Camus is really interesting, but Lilith just replies that Camus is a bully. The two of them fall silent again and then he asks if she isn’t going to go to sleep. She returns the question and he tells her that he’s not going to right now since he’s tending the fire. Lilith realizes that he’s been doing that all this time, and then she asks about Nayuta. He’s taking his turn in sleeping.

Lilith apologizes for how she’s not doing anything and then tells him that she can watch the fire. Kirite just shakes his head though and explains that he and Nayuta are used to this, but this is her first time leaving the town. Lilith nods but then confesses that because it’s her first time leaving Dodona she’s kind of having fun, even though painful things also happened. Kirite repeats her words about having fun and Lilith explains that she’s excited to see these different sights and scenery.

The two fall silent again and he looks into the fire and she notices that Kirite’s face has become pensive. She wonders if it’s something she said, but Kirite finally tells her that he hasn’t thanked and apologized to her yet. She blinks in confusion and he explains that time when she saved him he wants to thank her and he’s apologizing for his attitude when he slapped her hand away.

She thanks him for his apology but she doesn’t think that he needs to say those things to her because she’s just been a burden on him. So the one who should be apologizing is her. Kirite doesn’t think so though and he’s grateful to her, because if it weren’t for her then he would be here right now. Then he mutters in a low and dangerous voice that he can still pursue that man. She heard him though and she looks down in distress wondering why Kirite looks so sad and pained.

Kirite sighs and then turns to her to tell her to sleep since they’ll be walking a lot again tomorrow. He explains that it’ll be troublesome if she falls ill or doesn’t get her rest and so it’s something important that she can do. Lilith obeys him and wishes him good night, but she wonders why Kirite is searching for Rognar and also why she’s being targeted by him. Once again it seems like she’s surrounded by things she doesn’t know.

Suddenly, she hears a voice sighing and commenting on how this is really annoying. It’s Nico and he’s complaining about how, because of Nayuta and Camus doing an unnecessary things like jumping into the spell, he had to go through a lot of trouble to find Lilith’s coordinates. Lilith asks in her mind if someone is there. Nico is surprised and notes that she seems to be able to hear him. She yelps in surprise, but he just chuckles and tells her that this is a dream.

Lilith repeats his words and he explains that he’s using dreams to look for her. He goes into some technical details that she doesn’t understand and when she asks him what he means, he softly tells 「キミは気にしなくて大丈夫ですよ。ほら、明日も早いんでしょう?ゆっくり休んでくださいな」(You don’t have to worry about that. Anyway, you have to wake up early tomorrow right? Please have a restful sleep). Because he’ll be coming along with her and he’ll be by her side like a shadow. He chuckles lowly at this.

She still finds herself curious but for some reason she feels really sleepy. The last thing she hears is 「おやすみなさい、聖女」(Good night, saint). Anyway, they finally make it to Dinus and Lilith is amazed at all the people and how big the town is. Nayuta chides her for stopping in the middle of the street because it’s dangerous and she’s in the way of everyone. Lilith apologizes but explains that this is the first time she’s seen so many people.

Camus complains about how tired he is and how he wants to rest, but Nayuta points out that all he’s been doing is sitting on Lilith’s head. Camus crosses his arms and replies that he’s tired of doing that. Nayuta mutters under his breath about how he thought elves were hard workers but it seems he was wrong. Camus angrily asks him what he means by that and Nayuta covers a smile before saying that he meant what he just said. Lilith notes that everyone has become a bit closer after having traveled together.

Lilith looks at Kirite at this and amends her statement because he’s still a bit distant from everyone. Kirite catches her looking at him and asks if she wants anything, but she quickly shakes her head and says it’s nothing. Then he asks Nayuta if they’re going to rest in the town or if they’re going to continue traveling. Camus wants to rest in town though because he’s tired of sleeping outside. Nayuta says to him in exasperation that he knows because he feels the same way.

Then Camus goes on to say that he and Lilith are different from Kirite and Nayuta. The two of them aren’t as strong as the two men because they’re dainty. Nayuta scoffs and asks Camus if a dainty person would eat as much as he does. Camus pouts and tells Nayuta that he thought Nayuta wasn’t going to eat it and so that’s why he ate it. Nayuta shouts out that the situation wasn’t that he didn’t want to eat it, but that it was the last. Lilith wonders if this is a sign of how close they are.

The argument stems from the morning breakfast where Camus took the last of Nayuta’s food because he thought Nayuta wasn’t going to eat it. Anyway, she decides to break up the fight but Kirite beats her to it and says that he thinks they should rest in the town. It’s Lilith and Camus’ first time in traveling and so they should rest in a town whenever they can. Nayuta agrees with Kirite’s logic since if they continue to sleep outside then their bodies will get tired.

Camus pouts and says that he already said that. Nayuta ignores him and decides that they’ll rest here for the day. Kirite thinks they should find an inn. As they walk through the streets, Lilith asks Camus if there is a festival going on. He asks her why she thinks so and if it’s because she saw something interesting. She explains that it’s much different from Dodona and that there are a lot of people and shops. Camus tells her that there are a lot of people but he doesn’t think that it’s a festival. It’s normal for this town. Lilith is amazed at the amount of people.

Nayuta overhears them and tells her that there are even more people around when there’s a festival. This shocks Lilith because she didn’t think it was possible to be even more crowded. Kirite warns her to be careful because if she gets separated then it’ll be hard to find her. Nayuta adds that there are other things to be worried about than just being lost. She has to worry about other people too. She tries to ask him about that but she bumps into a man and apologizes. The man apologizes as well.

She apologizes to Nayuta when he looks at her, because she bumped into a man. He tells her to be look in front of her when she walks and she nods at that before asking him what he was going to say about being careful about other people. Nayuta tells her that in a place like these there are people who pickpocket. He immediately trails off and stares at her while exhaling slowly. Kirite blinks and looks at her and Camus just groans. Lilith is confused as to why the three of them stopped.

Kirite asks her where her bag is. Lilith blinks and tells him that her bag is on her back, but when she goes to grab it she finds out that it’s gone. It was stolen by the guy that she just bumped into. Camus asks what they’re going to do and Nayuta replies that they’re going to chase after the guy. He orders Lilith to go with someone so she’s not alone. She chooses to go with Nayuta. They chase after him into an alleyway but Nayuta loses sight of the thief. Lilith is panting behind him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ DYING FROM LAUGHTER AT THIS SCENE.

Then he asks her if there was anything important inside and she tells him that she kept the staff from the shrine in there. He recoils in surprise and then berates her for keeping such an important thing in a place like that. She flinches and apologizes but he continues on to say that even after they warned her why did she.. he cuts himself off. But Lilith understands what he was going to say and she knows that he’s right. It’s her fault for not paying attention.

She tells him that she’s going to go look for it and tries to leave but he lunges forward and grabs her arm before calling her a fool. She blinks in surprise and says his name but he slowly enunciates that she’s an idiot. He tells her that it’s dangerous if she’s by herself and she was just about to go wandering around in a place that she’s unfamiliar with. He orders her not to leave his side. Anyway, he escorts her back out to the main street and says that they should be safe here.

Lilith repeats his words about being safe and he explains that the alley that she was going into would have led her to the slums. When she asks what that is he explains that Dinus is in the middle of the country and so it’s a hubbub of activity and people. And where there are lots of people there are people who take advantage of that like gangsters who live in the slums. A girl like Lilith would be easy prey for criminals if she entered that place.

She apologizes to him for losing the staff and becoming a trouble for him. He finally smiles at her and tells her not to apologize because she hasn’t become a priestess yet. If humans didn’t make mistakes then they wouldn’t grow. So long as she learns from her failures then he’ll help her. Then he changes the topic and tells her that they don’t have time to relax yet, they need to find the staff. When she asks him where they’re going to go he takes her to a bar.

Nayuta explains that bars are hubbubs of information and he’s going to ask if anyone has seen their thief around as well as the local routes that people like that take. Lilith is frightened of everyone’s glances though but Nayuta reassures her and tells her that he’s by her side and so there’s nothing to worry about. He goes to the bartender and asks him for information. The bartender greets Nayuta respectfully but says that he doesn’t think he has any information that Nayuta would want. Nayuta disagrees though.

He coldly tells the bartender that he wants to know about the routes commonly used by thieves. The bartender tells him that this is only a place to drink sake. No one here would know about the information that Nayuta wants. Nayuta’s smile is dangerous as he informs the bartender that hiding things is useless and that he should just tell him the truth or else.. well he should know what Nayuta can do. Lilith hesitantly calls out Nayuta’s name because she feels that at this rate a fight will break out.

And she’s right because the bartender repeats Nayuta’s words and then all the people in the bar stand up. The bartender smugly asks if they should test Nayuta’s strength then. Nayuta just calmly asks the bartender if he doesn’t think that he can beat everyone up here and then he draws out his weapon. The bartender tells Nayuta that they might do something to Lilith if he continues on this road. Nayuta just scoffs and tells them that they won’t lay a finger on her.

He orders Lilith to hide in the corner and not to leave until he gives her permission to. And then proceeds to beat everyone up because they can’t keep up with him. Lilith is impressed and realizes that she doesn’t need to worry at all and if she isn’t mistaken, it looks like Nayuta is enjoying it because his eyes are sparkling. Suddenly, she sees the thief who stole her staff and she tries to get Nayuta’s attention but he’s busy fighting. She’s torn between following the thief or obeying Nayuta’s orders.

On one hand, she knows that he’ll be angry if she disobeys but she can’t just let the thief disappear because they might lose the chance to find him. She decides to just find out where he’s going and so she chases after him. Meanwhile, Nayuta finally pummels everyone to the ground and the bartender surrenders and asks Nayuta what he wants to know. Nayuta explains that a thief stole the luggage of the girl behind him and so he wants to know the routes that thieves use.

The bartender just blinks in surprise and tells him that the girl isn’t there. Nayuta looks behind him and gasps in surprise. Back to Lilith, she’s lost sight of the thief and she’s also lost her way. She decides to return to the main street and call out for her companions and then they can come back to this section of the slums to find their thief. However, when she turns around she finds herself facing a group of men. One of them asks her if she’s looking for something.

Another tells her in a sleazy voice that it’s dangerous for a person to be alone here. The last one agrees and tells her that if she’s wandering around here she’ll meet really scary people. Even though their words are polite, she can definitely tell that they’re not nice people with their grins. Guy #1 asks her if she’s a traveler because he hasn’t seen her face before. Guy #2 gently says that it’s really sad for her to be caught up in this troubling situation.

Guy #3 agrees with #2 and mockingly asks if they should leave her alone since she’s so pitiful. Guy #1 nods and says that they’re good people. Guy #2 bursts into hysterical laughter and agrees with how they’re nice people. They all take a step towards her and Lilith tells them that she’ll yell for help if they come any closer. Guy #1 tells her to try it and Guy #2 informs her that there isn’t a idiot here who will come to the aid of a screaming girl. Guy #3 laughs and tells her that he’ll make her yell in distress. He grabs her arm tightly and Lilith winces in pain.

She pleads for them to let her go and leave her alone, but this just makes Guy #1 laugh and call her cute before mocking her plea. Guy #2 mockingly sighs and calls her pitiful before telling Guy #1 that he should let her go before she cries. Guy #3 laughs and asks what Guy #2 is saying when he isn’t even running away. Guy #2 snickers and admits that he was lying. Then the three start talking about how didn’t an old man in the bar talk about how he stole something from a girl?

They recall that the person talked about running into a cute priest and wonder if that’s her. Lilith realizes that they’re talking about her thief and she tells them to let her go again before saying that she’s a priestess of Dodona. Guy #1 leers at her and says that he didn’t realize shrines had such cute priestesses. Guy #2 wonders what god resides in Dodona before he shrugs. He doesn’t care because gods aren’t real. One of them gropes her and she tells them to stop.

Guy #3 is getting excited at her resistance. Guy #2 notes that they’re really standing out and so they should take her somewhere else. Lilith struggles against them but she can’t break free. Suddenly though, someone bumps into them and apologizes. The rest of the guys glare at him and ask him what the hell he’s doing here. Soo just blinks in and tells them that he just bumped into them lightly and so they don’t need to make such scary faces.

Then he tells them that in this situation they’re the ones at fault for being in the middle of the alley. The guys don’t like his way of talking and threaten to beat him up too, but Soo just laughs cockily and asks them if they know who he is. One of them notices his tattoo and freaks out and the rest catch on to who he is. Lilith notices that he must be famous around here. Anyway, the guys start stuttering about how they were just escorting her back to the street because she seemed lost and they’re nice people.

Lilith angrily snaps in her mind that they’re lying because they were talking about selling her. Soo hums thoughtfully and then tells them that if that’s the case then he’ll let them go. They blink and ask him if he’s just going to leave it at that. Soo grins at him and asks him if he has a problem and they yelp in fear before shaking their heads and running off. He watches them go before sighing at how they were just all talk and then he turns to Lilith and asks her if she’s alright.

She nods and then confesses that she was really scared. He reassures her by saying that the guys are gone now and they won’t come back. Then Soo grumbles a bit about how he can’t believe the nerve of the guy and how they tried to make a cute girl cry. She asks him for his name and he introduces himself before asking for her name. She returns the introduction and then thanks him for saving her. He laughs bashfully and confesses that he’s happy to be thanked but he wants her to drop the honorifics on his name.

Everyone just calls him Soo and he’s just going to call her Lilith anyway. Anyway, he asks her what she’s doing here since it’s dangerous for a girl to be alone in a place like this. Lilith explains that she was looking for someone and then she got separated by her companions. He decides to escort her to her friends then since it’s dangerous and then asks her where they decided to meet. Lilith realizes that they didn’t decide on a place though and Soo bursts into laughter.

He can’t believe that she became lost by searching for someone. But he’ll help her find her companions after he gets her out of here. She surprised that he’ll go so far, but Soo just shrugs and tells her that they already met like this and so he might as well go all the way. Other people would do the same, but Lilith remains silent because she has proof on her arm that people aren’t nice. Soo grins when she doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t care.

Lilith finally giggles and tells him that he’s an interesting person. Soo is proud that he finally made her smile since before she just had a terribly depressed face. She tells him that it’s because she was really scared and she chuckles at this before admitting that her words are true, but it’ll be alright because he’s with her now. She thanks him again and they’re just about to leave when she hears footsteps.

Camus appears and tells Nayuta and Kirite that he found Lilith and she’s over here. The rest of the group appears and Kirite instantly asks her if she’s uninjured. Nayuta angrily snaps out that he had just looked away for an instant and then she was gone. Camus tells her in a shaky voice that he’s glad they found her because they didn’t know what could have happened. Lilith apologizes but explains that she found the thief and thought that it would have been bad if they lost sight of him again.

Kirite notes that it doesn’t seem like anything happened though. Nayuta continues on his rant about how she should understand her position. If anything happened it would have been too late for them to save her. He can’t believe that she, as a girl, came to this kind of place alone. Lilith apologizes but Nayuta ignores her and tells her that it’s important for them to find the thief. However, the safety of her body is even more important than that.

Lilith can’t look him in the eyes as she nods quietly and Nayuta finally sighs tiredly before admitting that they found her in time. So long as she’s more careful in the future then everything will be fine. Lilith nods and then apologizes again for worrying them. Camus tells her not to do this kind of thing ever again. Kirite tells her that he’s glad she’s safe before he asks her who Soo is. Camus finally notices him too. Soo just looks at them all and asks if they’re talking about him.

Nayuta narrows his eyes and tells him that there isn’t anyone else but him. Lilith hurriedly introduces Soo to the group and explains that he saved her from a group of men. Instantly, Nayuta and Kirite and Camus are shocked and worried and Camus asks her if she’s alright. Lilith reassures him that she’s safe and it’s all thanks to Soo. Nayuta thanks Soo and apologizes for how he got caught up in trouble. Kirite also thanks Soo along with Camus who adds that he’s really glad Lilith is safe because of him.

Soo tells them that he didn’t do anything to deserve that much gratitude. It was just a situation that he couldn’t leave be. Lilith protests that he really did save her from a bad situation. Soo just bashfully rubs the back of his head before changing the subject to how glad she must be to meet her companions. She thanks him again but Kirite suddenly informs them that someone is coming.

The group remains quiet and watches as another group of men start to come around. They overhear that the group of men are searching for Soo and that they’ll beat him up to make him return everything he lost. Lilith and co. look at Soo at this point but he just laughs nervously and then tells them that as thanks for saving Lilith they can hold the men off. He dashes off before they can say anything else and then the group of men notice Lilith and co.

They immediately ask if she’s seen a man with red hair and a tattoo on his stomach. She stutters out that she hasn’t seen anything and Camus sighs before whispering to her that her voice is stuttering. The men look at her suspiciously and ask her if she’s telling them the truth. Lilith stutters out that they’re the only ones here and Camus groans at how bad of a liar she is. Surprisingly, the men fall for that and decide to go look elsewhere. Nayuta wonders what Soo did to have people chase after him.

Camus comments on how fast Soo ran but Kirite informs them all that Soo isn’t just good at running. He was watching Soo and he was holding himself perfectly balanced. There were no chinks in his defense. Camus blinks in surprise but changes the topic to how he’s glad that Lilith is safe, but Nayuta says that they still have a problem. Kirite realizes that Nayuta is talking about the thief, but the day is getting late and so they should rest at the inn for today.

Since they’ve already lost the thief, there’s no point in searching for him in the night. They should have a meal first. And so the group ends up in the inn for a meal and Lilith is excited to see what they have on the menu since this is her first time eating in a place like this. Nayuta has a smile on his face as he watches her but he warns her not to eat unnecessary things and to only eat things that she needs. Camus replies that indulging once in a while should be fine, especially since priest food only contains the bare essentials.

Kirite points out an empty table, but as they head towards it Lilith freezes in surprise. Camus asks her what’s wrong and she tells them that the man sitting nearby looks like the thief. Kirite admits that he didn’t get a good look at the man, but the back does seem familiar. Nayuta thinks that the hair is the same. Kirite decides to try calling out to him and so he walks over to the man before asking him politely if he can ask him something. The man flinches in surprise and breaks his glass.

Camus just smirks and says that the reaction is his answer and both Nayuta and Lilith agree. Kirite informs the man that by acting surprised when seeing them, he should already know what they want to ask. The thief stutters out that he doesn’t know anything at all. Kirite smiles sharply and tells him that he has a lot of time to help the thief remember. The thief tries to run but he’s quickly surrounded by the group. Lilith notices that the rest of the patrons are staring at them.

The bartender tells them that it’ll be troublesome if a fight breaks out in his bar. Lilith apologizes but Nayuta asks the bartender if there is a free room because they have something to discuss with the thief. The thief shivers in fright as the bartender hums thoughtfully. He ends up telling them that they can use his basement and both Nayuta and Kirite thank him before they drag the thief down there. Kirite doesn’t waste time in ordering the thief to return what he stole.

Camus adds that if he doesn’t then he might experience something unpleasant. But the thief tells them that he already sold it to someone called Madam and so he doesn’t have it anymore. He asks if they can let him go because they don’t have any business with him anymore, but Kirite coldly tells him to give them all the money that he received for selling the staff and then they’ll let him go. When he protests, Nayuta hisses out angrily 「売った金を出せと言っているのだ」(He told you to take out the money that you received).

When the thief asks why, Camus tells him lightly that it’s obvious they’re going to exchange that for the staff. The thief cries out that he understands and throws them a heavy bag full of coins. Camus is surprised at the amount and the weight of it and then the thief sobs at how there goes all his money. Nayuta snaps out that it was never his to begin with. Kirite asks if he isn’t hiding anything and the thief tells him that he’s not, but Kirite searches him anyway.

He ends up finding something and so he asks the thief slowly what this is then. It’s the thief’s purse and he tries to tell them that it’s his but Camus seems suspicious. Lilith thinks that they should return the purse to the man though since it might be his. Kirite doesn’t care either way and Nayuta agrees with Lilith since he doesn’t want to become a thief like this man, but he threateningly orders the thief to never steal from Lilith again and the thief nods his head hurriedly.

However, Camus disagrees with everyone because he thinks that it’s poetic justice for the thief to lose all his money. Lilith tells him that as long as she gets her staff returned though, they won’t have business with the thief ever again. Camus just sighs and tells her that she’s too nice. Anyway, Kirite turns back to the thief and orders him to tell them where Madam is and the thief reveals that she’s the boss of a casino. Finally, after his interrogation Kirite informs the thief that they have no more business with him and so he can leave.

But Nayuta adds that if they see him again then he’s in for a world of pain. Lilith watches the thief run away as fast as he can and notes that he must have been really scared. Kirite thinks that it’s best if they go to Madam right now and Nayuta agrees since they can’t waste any time before someone else buys the staff. Camus just sighs since they’re skipping dinner, but Lilith tells him that they can enjoy their dinner after they get the staff back.

The group finally finds the casino. Nayuta takes a look at it and mutters that he doesn’t enjoy places like these. Lilith is excited because this is her first time and Camus laughs at her expression before wondering if she can play around for a bit here. They’re greeted at the doors by a man in black who apologizes and then explains that he can’t let Lilith in because she’s underage. Kirite informs him that they don’t want to enter the casino, but that they have business with Madam.

Lilith explains that they’re searching for something she lost, though Camus adds that it was hers to begin with. The man in black remembers the thief that came by and asks them to wait as he goes to talk to Madam. The man returns soon to tell them that Madam will see them and Lilith sighs in relief before saying happily that they’ll finally get the i-scepter back. Kirite mutters his breath that he’ll be glad if it was that simple, but when he finds Lilith looking at him in confusion he shakes his head and tells her that it’s nothing.

The party finally meets Madam in her office and Lilith explains that they’re looking for a scepter that was sold here. Madam asks if this is what they’re looking for and she reveals the scepter. It’s what they’re looking for and Lilith pleads for her to return it, but Madam shakes her head and tells them with a smirk that she doesn’t remember taking it from them. Kirite steps up at this point and talks about how she must have bought it from a thief, unless she’s also claiming amnesia about that as well.

Madam is impressed with Kirite’s skilled words and she admits that she bought it from the thief, which makes the scepter hers. Nayuta informs her that they have the money that the thief received and they’ll trade that for the scepter, but Madam just laughs and tells them that if they want to buy the scepter then they’ll have to pay triple the amount. BITCH I’LL CUT YOU. I JUST WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE AND FIND NATE щ(゚Д゚щ)! When Camus protests and asks why she’s doing it.

She explains that it’s natural for a dealer to sell the items they bought at a higher price to make a profit. The party isn’t carrying that much money with them though and so they’re uncertain as to what they’re going to do. Nayuta tries to threaten her but Kirite stops him. Madam watches them and then mockingly says to them that they can’t be giving up now. There’s nothing that Nayuta of the captain of the holy knights and Kirite of the Flash can’t do. The two men widen their eyes in surprise and Kirite angrily asks her how she knows about them.

Madam shrugs and tells her that this place sees a lot of people and so she overhears things here and there. Then she proposes that if they can give her a hand then she’ll return the staff to them. I SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED THAT SHE, AS AN NPC, WOULD GIVE ME A QUEST. She tells Lilith to step outside, but Lilith protests and says that it’s her staff. Madam smiles slowly and asks if Lilith will trade her body for it then, because such a young and cute thing like her would definitely have customers.

Kirite and Nayuta narrow their eyes at Madam before Kirite tells Lilith to step outside. Nayuta orders Camus to keep an eye on her before he gently tells Lilith that it’ll be alright and she should just wait quietly. Kirite also reassures her and tells her that they’ll be out soon. Madam orders one of her guards to escort Lilith to the casino and as she walks there with Camus, she wonders if the two men are fine. Camus reassures her and says that Madam wouldn’t try anything with both Kirite and Nayuta there. They’re probably just talking about the details of the job.

Anyway, Lilith quickly becomes excited at seeing a casino for the first time and she’s shocked at the amount of people. Camus wonders excitedly if there’s a game that they can play and they might even win the amount of money needed to buy back the staff. Lilith is frightened of losing even more money though and Camus chuckles at that before saying that she’s so careful she could never be a gambler. Lilith frowns and reminds him that she’s a priestess and so she wouldn’t do anything like gamble.

Suddenly they hear a large crowd cheering and yelling in excitement. Both Camus and Lilith are curious and so they decide to head over there, since it’ll be safe if they just watch. Camus wonders if someone is winning a lot but they hear the person swear and ask loudly why they lost. The crowd laughs at that and Camus shakes his head. Lilith finds the voice familiar though and she finds out that the person gambling and losing at the roulette table is Soo. He blames the dealer for cheating him but it’s all in jest.

Then he decides that he’s going to bet everything on black 13. Lilith winces in surprise and shock at that since she has the feeling that he’s going to lose. Camus agrees, but then Lilith wonders out loud if they should help Soo because he saved her before. Camus blinks in surprise but grins and agrees to help and so he calls for the dealer’s attention and tell him that they want to place a bet. They’re going to use the money they received from the thief. Camus asks Lilith where she’s going to bet it on and she chooses the opposite of Soo and so they’re betting everything on red 14.

The roulette starts spinning and miraculously it lands on red 14. They earn 36 times their original amount and Lilith is shocked. Camus just smirks and tells her that they wouldn’t have lost with him around. The dealer asks her to wait while he brings Madam over because of the large amount of money that is one. Meanwhile Soo praises her for winning and compliments her. He even asks if she’s a prodigy at gambling and then he finally recognizes her as Lilith.

When Madam arrives she’s amused to find that the big winner is Lilith. Meanwhile, Kirite and Nayuta who came along with her are shocked to find Lilith there. Kirite asks slowly if she used the money that they received from the thief while Nayuta puts his face in his hand and asks her what she would have done if she lost. Camus just smiles smugly and informs them that she wouldn’t have lost with him around. Anyway, Lilith tells Madam that she’ll buy back the scepter with this money.

Madam just laughs and tells her that as promised she’ll give them the scepter for the amount that she asked for before. Then she asks Lilith what she’ll do with the rest of the money and if they want to take it home then she’ll get them a case. Lilith looks at Soo and tells Madam that she wants to give the rest of the money to Soo. His jaw drops in shock while Kirite gasps in surprise. Nayuta asks her what she’s doing in a heated voice. Even Madam is shocked.

Soo hurriedly tells her to wait and explains that he’s thankful but the money that she won is hers. When he asks her why she’s giving it to him Lilith tells him that she was saved by him and so she wants to repay the debt. Soo chokes on his words for a second before he tells her slowly that he didn’t save her for money and anyway, she already thanked him and so she doesn’t owe him anything. He tells her not to concern herself with that.

Lilith’s face falls and she mumbles that she wants to help him though. Madam watches them interact and then informs them cruelly that she’s changed her mind. She’s not going to sell the scepter to them. Instead, if they want it then they have to participate in a famous battle tournament that is going to be hosted in Dinus, because she’ll make the scepter the prize. Soo gasps at hearing this and he interrupts them.

He calls Madam an old lady and tells her to hold on because the event has nothing to do with Lilith. Madam narrows her eyes and tells him that she wasn’t talking to him. All she wants to do is see Kirite and Nayuta fight. Soo curses and then Madam tells Kirite and Nayuta that if they want the staff then they’re going to have to participate. But she warns them not to think that it’ll be easiy because this tournament will attract fights from everywhere. Kirite and Nayuta grit their teeth in anger.

Then Madam tells them that she’s being kind and if they want they can even hire Soo. At this, Soo laughs and tells her that there’s no point in holding a competition if he’s entering because he’ll just win and so she might as well give him the money now. Madam sneers at his confidence and tells him that he shouldn’t be so confident when he hasn’t won anything here. The two of them glare at each other and Lilith wonders about their past together.

Anyway, Madam asks Lilith what she is going to do and if she’ll hire Soo and Lilith decides to hire Soo. Nayuta chokes in surprise and asks her what she’s doing, but Camus shrugs his shoulders and supports Lilith’s decision. He understands that Lilith wants to give the money to Soo as thanks for saving her. Kirite tells her that she was the one who earned the money and so she can spend it however she likes. Nayuta is silent for a while before he sighs heavily and says that it won’t change anything if he’s the only one complaining.

Lilith thanks them all for their opinions and then tells Soo that she’ll hire him. He looks pensive but a grin stretches across his face as he tells her that it can’t be helped so he’s fine with it. The next day Soo takes them to the coliseum and shows them around the outside of it. Unfortunately they won’t be able to see the inside until the tournament starts. Lilith and Camus are awed at the size of this thing and Soo is grinning at their excitement.

He offers to give them a tour inside when the tournament starts but Nayuta protests and asks Soo if he isn’t going to prepare himself. Soo looks at him in confusion and tells him that there’s no way he’s going to lose. This just makes Nayuta pinch the bridge of his nose as he mutters that he has a headache. Kirite sympathizes with Nayuta and confesses that he knows how Nayuta feels but it’s too late now because Soo is the one who was entered into the tournament. Camus just snickers and tells Soo that if he loses now then it’ll look really bad.

Soo just pouts and complains about everyone’s cold reactions. He boasts that he’s the world’s best fighter and whatnot. The party is interrupted by a group of men who swagger up to Soo and tell him that he shouldn’t boast around like that and that his words will make them want to teach him something. Soo raises an eyebrow and coolly asks what they want to teach him. The men grin and tell him that they’ll make it so that he won’t be able to participate in the tournament.

Lilith is worried that a fight will break out and so she tries to call for someone to help but one of the guys calls her a bitch and shoves her. She would have fallen if it weren’t for Kirite who catches her and asks her if she’s alright. She nods and thanks him and then Nayuta steps up and glares angrily at the men before saying that he won’t forgive them for raising a hand to a woman. Camus nods and crosses his arms while telling them that Lilith didn’t even do anything.

Soo cracks his knuckles and wonders out loud if they should teach these guys a lesson. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. YOU DON’T MESS WITH A GIRL AND 4 OF HER PROTECTORS (*´ω`*). The guards stationed at the coliseum overhear them though and yell out that fighting here is forbidden. Soo taunts the group of men some more and when they take a step toward him he calls out to the guards that he’s being attacked. Hilariously enough, the men have to run off and they yell out that they’ll remember him.

Nayuta asks Soo what he did to the men for them to have grudges and if he is in debt with them too. Soo just shrugs because there are a lot of people who want to either pick a fight with him or try to get him to pay his debt. Camus snickers and suggests that Soo is famous for being a bad gambler and Soo pouts at how mean Camus is. Nayuta points out that he has so many people after him because of how he treats life like a game. Then he grumbles about how this is the type of person that is going to fight the tournament for them?

Anyway, Soo suggests that they go sightseeing to cheer Lilith up but Nayuta asks him in surprise if he has time to do that since he’s going to be fighting at tournament. Soo doesn’t see a problem though and Nayuta clenches his fist angrily before muttering about how he wants to beat some sense into him. Lilith hesitantly tells Nayuta that they can all hear him. Anyway, the party is led on a tour by Soo around Dinus and Lilith looks around in excitement.

Kirite asks her if she sees a shop that she wants to look at and she hesitantly says that there is.Soo tells her not to be so reserved since they have lots of time to sightsee. Nayuta growls out that if that’s so then that means he also has time to beat some sense into Soo. Soo just sighs and tells Nayuta to quit it because he won’t attract any girls like that and Nayuta is taken aback before he snaps out that he’s not trying to attract girls.

Anyway, the shop that she was interested in was an accessory shop but Soo offers to take her to another one with even more cute accessories. The day is spent going around sightseeing and eating delicious food. In the end, even Kirite and Nayuta can’t complain about the food they ate while Camus and Lilith were having the time of their life. Soo is pleased that they’re happy and he returns them to their inn, but as they try to enter from the alleyway the group of men that they met at the coliseum come back for them.

They whip out a knife and one of them tells Soo that he managed run away but now there’s nowhere to run. Soo just calmly tells them that he doesn’t remember running away. Kirite and Nayuta prepare themselves but Soo puts a hand in front of them and tells them that these guys are his to deal with since they have a problem with him.

Kirite and Nayuta stay silent but they lower their weapon and watch Soo as he steps in front. They exchange some talk and Soo drawls out that they’re idiots to think that they can defeat him with a knife, and then before Lilith can even see it he punches one of them and knocks him out in one hit.

Nayuta hums thoughtfully while Kirite carefully analyzes Soo’s posture, it’s only by listening to the two of them talk that Lilith knows something happened. Because all she saw was Soo taking a step forward and then the next thing she saw was the man collapsing. Camus confesses that he didn’t think Soo would be so strong and Lilith agrees. Soo comes back and tells them not to say such mean things, but Camus explains that he just didn’t think Soo would be that strong.

But then they hear someone coming and Soo tells them to run because if they’re caught fighting before the arena starts then they’ll be disqualified. As he drags the party away, Lilith can’t help but laugh. She feels confident in leaving everything to Soo. Anyway, there’s still one more day before the arena and so everyone decides to split up and spend some time alone although Lilith has to go with someone. She decides to explore the bar with Camus.

Anyway, time passes and the party ends up being in a bar for dinner together. Soo invites everyone to drink some sake and relax with him but everyone just stares at him silently and Soo pouts and tells them to be more fun. Nayuta pinches the bridge of his nose and informs Soo that he says that a lot but he should try to be more serious. Soo tries to argue that he needs to eat a lot of food to keep up his stamina for the fight.

The two bicker for a bit before Nayuta asks the rest of the group if they’re fine with this person fighting for them. Camus just shrugs and tells him that it’s too late to change anything, while Lilith thinks that since they’ve come so far she can only believe in Soo. Soo nods at this and then tells them that eating is a time to relax and have fun and so they shouldn’t be so serious. He asks Kirite for his opinion but Kirite remains silent before finally confessing that he can’t think of a time when he ate for fun.

Soo gasps in horror and asks him if he’s serious before telling Kirite that his life has been really sad. Nayuta slowly asks Soo if he’s ever thought of a different way of eating and Soo shakes his head cheerfully. Nayuta just sighs and Soo calls over the server to deliver their food. Dinner is lively with Soo ordering a massive amount of food for himself which makes Kirite sick just looking at it. Camus is surprised at the amount he’s eating while Nayuta yells at Soo to restrain himself.

He even asks if Soo has the money to pay for this but Soo just grins and tells them that he was hired by Lilith so she should be footing the expenses. This makes Nayuta growl out angrily before flying into a rant about how Soo should be taking care of his body and if he didn’t see it then he wouldn’t have thought of Soo as being capable of fighting. After a while, Soo notices that Camus’ body is red and Lilith asks him if he’s alright.

Camus’ replies that he just took a sip of beer to try it out but he feels a little drunk and so he’ll go and get some air. Lilith asks if she should come with him but he waves her off and tells her that she should stay and have fun, but she ends up going outside anyway. The two of them think about how lively things have become now that Soo joined their party. Camus’ laughs at the thought of Soo being in Dodona and how he’d be such a troublemaker.

Then the two reminiscence about Dodona and how different it is from Dinus. It’s warmer in Dinus than Dodona, but it becomes darker sooner in Dodona. Camus sighs in pleasure at the feeling of the cool winds and the two fall into a comfortable silence. They end up talking about the beautiful sunrises in Dodona and Lilith confesses that she wants to see it again and so Camus promises her that they’ll see it again one day. But it might be hard for her to wake up in time since she always sleeps in.

Lilith pouts and tells him not to say such mean things because she’ll try her best to wake up. Camus just laughs and holds up his hand while saying that he’s sure she’ll try hard. Lilith tells him not to tease her and then she wonders how the people in Dodona are doing, which makes Camus wonder too though Nayuta did say that everyone was safe. Lilith nods quietly and then Camus asks her if she wants to return to Dodona. Lilith shakes her head and tells him that she’s fine.

He gently asks her if she’s sure and Lilith tells him that she doesn’t know why but she has the strange feeling that Yufisu is guiding them as they travel. Camus tells her not to grow up too fast or he’ll be lonely and this makes Lilith glare at him suspiciously and ask him if he’s teasing her. But then she reveals that she really is a bit sad and worried at what the future will bring. Camus reassures her and tells her that he’s by her side and so it’ll be alright.

Then he suggests that they return back to the bar before everyone becomes worried about them. The next day they still have time before the tournament starts and so Camus asks her where she wants to go and she decides to visit the casino. At the casino, Soo asks her where she wants to start playing and she hesitantly asks him if he’s alright. He just laughs and tells her that since they came here they have no choice but to do some gambling.

Plus, he wants to prove Nayuta wrong when Nayuta said something about Lilith being a bad gambler. Nayuta corrects him and tells him that he just doesn’t want Lilith to become someone like Soo. Soo just pouts and explains that there’s still a lot of time before the arena and so they might as well have fun. Camus just smirks and tells him not to lose any more money and Soo tells him with a huff that he can win as well. Nayuta just looks at him skeptically.

Soo ignores them and turns to Lilith to ask her where she wants to go but she confesses that she doesn’t know how to play many of these games. And so Soo offers to teach her but Nayuta snickers and asks him what he is going to teach Lilith and Kirite adds with a smirk if he’s going to teach her to lose. Soo just gasps in mock hurt and accuses them of being mean. Camus just smirks and tells Lilith to ignore Soo and choose whatever she wants. They start to walk off and Soo yells out that they’re all cruel.

Anyway, Nayuta looks around and is amazed at all the games. There are slot machines, roulettes, and card games. Lilith decides that she wants to play blackjack though. Soo explains the rules about how the player has to get as close to 21 as possible and she flips over the cards she gets and Kirite and Nayuta peer over her shoulders. She has a queen and a jack and Soo explains that all the face cards in this game count as 10 and so she has 20 right now.

Kirite tells her that she can pass right now or if she thinks that she can get even closer to 21 she can ask for another card. Soo nods but advises Lilith to stay at this number, however Camus protests that they haven’t reached 21 yet and so he asks the dealer for another card. Soo freaks out and tries to get Camus to wait because they’re already close enough to 21 and they might pass it if they get another card.

He explains to Lilith that if they pass 21 then they automatically lose before he remembers that this isn’t the time to be explaining. He groans at the thought of losing when they were so close to winning, but Lilith points out that the new card that they have is an ace. He exclaims in surprise at the timing of this ace as this makes her have a blackjack which means she’s right on 21. Soo asks the dealer what he has and it turns out that the dealer had 20.

Which means that if they didn’t ask for another card they would have lost anyway because of the tie. Camus claps in excitement and compliments Lilith for being so good. Meanwhile, Soo is almost speechless with shock and he asks himself if this is real because in the few seconds that Lilith sat down to play blackjack she’s already won. Soo decides to drag Lilith to other games to play and he really does become shocked speechless. She never loses at slots. She always gets 21 at black jack. Even in poker games she gets 3 royal flushes in a row.

Camus is smiling smugly and informs them all that Lilith won’t lose if he’s around. Soo asks him if he said something but Camus just shakes his head. In the end, the party is requested to leave by the dealers because if they continue to keep winning then the casino will go out of business. Soo enviously mutters that he’d like to experience being kicked out because of winning too much just once. Nayuta just smirks and tells him that he’s experiencing it now, but Soo complains that the feeling is different.

Finally the day of the tournament arrives. Everyone is waiting in the inn for Soo. Lilith confesses that she couldn’t sleep at night because of how nervous she was while Camus slept like a log. Kirite is silent while Nayuta can’t help but doubt Soo. It’s too late to change anything though. They continue to wait for Soo before Lilith starts to get worried and Kirite reveals that Soo went somewhere last night to play. Nayuta hisses in anger and insults Soo for deciding on that even though he knew tomorrow was important.

Just as Camus is about to fly outside to look around for Soo, he enters yawning and talking about how sleepy he is. Nayuta clenches his fist and asks Soo why he didn’t get a good night’s rest when he knew the tournament was going to happen tomorrow. Kirite notes that Soo doesn’t look nervous at all but he’s unsure if Soo can fight like this. Soo waves at them tiredly and explains that it’s been a long time since he had to wake up this early before he yawns again.

Everyone is just staring at Soo silently because they’re starting to lose confidence in him. Suddenly, he yelps in surprise when he realizes that he hasn’t had breakfast yet but Nayuta snaps out that they don’t have enough time. Lilith tries to placate the two of them and suggests to Soo that they head to the arena first. He just shrugs and decides to obey since there is food there too and it might be delicious. Nayuta angrily asks him if there is nothing in his head but food.

Soo defends himself by saying that if he doesn’t have food then he won’t have the power to fight. Nayuta just sighs heavily before saying that he understands and they should just go. When they reach the arena Soo splits off from them to enter the contestant’s area and the group wonders if he’ll be able to do it. Kirite notes that Soo is at least more awake than he was in the morning. Nayuta reveals that his head hurts just thinking about that.

Lilith laughs nervously and tries to reassure them by saying that Soo is strong. Camus, however, replies that while he knows Soo is strong he also knows that Soo has a lot of bad luck. Nayuta shudders at this and grunts out that his head really hurts now. Lilith frantically tells Nayuta to get a hold of himself. Anyway, they finally get up into the stands to overlook the battles but Lilith is being jostled around. Kirite has to support her before she falls and he asks her if she’s alright. I’M FINE BECAUSE I GOT UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH THOSE GODLY PECS (*´ω`*).

He notes that it’s difficult to walk normally with this large amount of people. Nayuta advises her not to let go of them. Anyway, the three of them sit down and wait for the tournament to start. Camus is sitting on Lilith’s head. Before the fighting starts they give her an explanation about how the arena works and how it’s sponsored by rich and powerful people like Madam and whatnot. It brings a lot of tourists and people into Dinus which improves the city’s business.

Anyway, they watch Soo fight and realize that they have nothing to worry about. He always knocks out his opponents in one hit before they can even move and everyone starts to feel relieved. Camus is in awe and has become a fan of Soo while Lilith is just amazed. The first day of the tournament ends without a hitch and as they’re waiting for Soo they overhear people talking aobut how this year’s winner will probably be Soo again. They can’t wait for tomorrow to come so they can watch him fight because he’s really cool when he’s fighting. It’s too bad that his personality is bad.

When Soo appears cheerfully waving at them Camus immediately compliments Soo while Lilith congratulates him on his hard work. He just laughs cockily and asks them if they’ve changed how they look at him. Anyway, Soo is hungry again and so he suggests that they return to the inn to eat dinner. Nayuta quickly takes back what he said while Kirite just sighs in the background. In the inn, they chat about how at this rate they won’t have to worry about tomorrow’s matches either.

Kirite has no problems with Soo so long as he continues to fight like he does while Nayuta still has problems with his attitude. He knows that Soo is really talented at fighting but he has issues with Soo’s carefree attitude. Since everyone is in a good mood Soo asks everyone if they can go to the casino to celebrate, but Camus refuses and tells him that he’s absolutely not going. Soo frowns at Camus’s strong refusal but then suggests that they go drinking then.

Scene skip. Lilith is outside of the inn and breathing in the fresh air by herself but she’s soon joined outside by Soo. She asks him if he’s running away from Nayuta after making him mad again and he just chuckles bashfully and admits that he did get Nayuta angry again. He wonders out loud if he should just head home to sleep. Lilith just smiles and tells him that tomorrow is an important day, but she’s sure that he’ll win. Soo nods and reassures her that he’ll definitely win.

She compliments his self-confidence and he just grins and says that it’s because he’s himself. She giggles and admits that it’s because he’s Soo. The two fall silent and he watches her quietly for a few seconds before he asks her if he can ask her something. When she asks him what it is, he stutters and hesitates over his words to the point where she tells him that it’s not like him to have troubles speaking. Soo looks at her in surprise before laughing softly and then admits that he just had a strange thought.

He wants to know why she hired him. Lilith blinks in surprise and confesses that if he asks her suddenly like that she’s at a loss for words, but if he won’t get angry then the truth is that she just felt like it. Soo is taken aback but Lilith tries to explain that when she saw him talking with Madam she felt like she had to do what she did. He laughs shortly averts his eyes before asking her if she noticed.

It’s his fault that Madam changed her mind and forced them to participate in the tournament. Lilith nods and says that she did think that. It felt like Madam wanted her to do something. Soo finally looks at her and calls her strange. At first, he thought she was just a cute girl but she has a weird strength. Then he laughs at himself and calls himself an idiot because he doesn’t even know what he’s saying now. Lilith encourages him to talk to her though because she’ll try her best to understand.

Soo looks at her and murmurs that she really is strange because it’s weird how he wants to talk about this to her. He confesses that he used to have a really good teacher. His teacher was strong and free and really cool, but that teacher died in a really normal and stupid way. He died from drinking too much alcohol. He tells her that he doesn’t understand anything anymore because how could a strong person die to something that simple.

Before his teacher died his last words were that if one is always clenching their fists tightly then they will never be able to grab hold of something. Lilith repeats those words and he nods before telling her that he’s been thinking about it all this time but he doesn’t understand it at all because he’s an idiot. He sighs and looks away again and Lilith watches him sad eyes. She feels like Madam forced her to make Soo participate in these matches because Soo has been bothered by his teacher’s death all this time.

Finally she tells him that she doesn’t understand the meaning of his teacher’s words either but she’s sure that his teacher was trying to tell him something. It’s definitely not a message that he’ll never understand so that’s why she thinks that it’ll be alright, because one day he’ll understand. Soo looks at her with wide eyes before he thanks her gently and then cheers up to say that he’ll work hard tomorrow too.

Lilith smiles and tells him that she’ll cheer him on and remember him after she gets her staff too. This makes Soo remember that they’re in the middle of a journey and after they recover the staff they’re going to be leaving Dinus to head to Ingrid. When she calls his name in confusion, he laughs awkwardly and shakes his head before telling her that he knew that from the start. It’s just that a lot of things have happened but after the arena ends tomorrow, that’ll be the end of them being together.

Soo laughingly says that he’s being strange and he must be drunk. He changes the subject by telling her that he’s going to sleep now and she should get some rest too. She wishes him good night and he replies the same before telling her that he’ll be more cheerful tomorrow. The next day she wonders if Soo will be alright since he was acting strange last night, but they head toward the arena just like they did yesterday. Once again, Camus asks if he’ll be alright.

Even Kirite asks him how his health is doing while Nayuta lectures him to pay attention. Soo just flaps his hand dismissively and tells them all that he’ll do fine and that they’ve already seen him fight yesterday. He’ll win this contest easily and return the staff to her. The announcer starts calling for the contestants and Lilith tells Soo that they’ll find a good place to watch him. He grins and says to her that if he sees them he’ll wave. Nayuta snaps at him not to do that and calls him an idiot.

Soo just pouts and tells Nayuta that he’s being as noisy as always. Anyway, he soon leaves and the rest of them go up into the stands to watch as the final match starts. Lilith is nervous for some reason and as the match starts Soo starts doing what he always does. Instantly though, Kirite and Nayuta can see that he’s missing his hits. Camus and Lilith ask them for an explanation and after Nayuta hisses angrily under his breath he tells them that even though Soo is a carefree guy he’s serious in a fight.

However, for some reason his will to fight is wavering and he’s missing. It’s completely different from yesterday. Nayuta is angrily wondering what Soo is thinking about to mess up his fighting. Lilith overhears this and remembers the conversation she had last night about Soo talking about them leaving. She wonders if he’s trying to lose on purpose. She shakes her head and tries to reassure herself by saying that Soo wouldn’t do that, but Camus notices and asks her if something is wrong.

Kirite asks if she’s feeling bad and Nayuta looks back at her distractedly before commenting on how there is a lot of people so it might feel suffocating. Her chest is constricting in nervousness and it makes it so that she can’t speak. She can only shake her head and then when she looks up she meets eyes with Soo. She’s taken aback by how his eyes are like the color of flames and they’re staring straight at her. Meanwhile, Kirite wonders what’s happening to Soo.

Nayuta is shocked to see that Soo has stopped moving and Camus calls out a warning. Soo receives a punch to the face and everyone in the crowd erupts into chatter, while Nayuta and Kirite grit their teeth. If Soo continues on like this then they’re not sure if he can win. Camus yells out at Soo to get a hold of himself and even Lilith calls out to encourage him. Even though she knows he can’t hear her she’s surprised when their eyes meet again.

He laughs and Nayuta wonders if Soo was hit too hard in the head because he’s acting strange. However, Lilith and Soo are still staring at each other and Lilith tries to convey that she believe in him. Soo smiles crookedly at her before turning his attention back to his opponent and she realizes that he must have reached an answer. He starts to hop back and forth like a boxer and Kirite notes that Soo is back to normal.

Nayuta is smiling but his voice is exasperated as he grumbles about Soo making them worry unnecessarily, while Camus crosses his arms and mutters that he’ll be angry after this. Anyway, Soo knocks his opponent out in one hit and Kirite admits that he has no complaints since Soo won in the end. Nayuta grumbles about how Soo should have been serious from the beginning, but Camus cheers happily. Lilith just remains silent and when she looks back down into the ring she sees Soo looking at her again.

She feels like something is exchanged in their gaze. Anyway, they go down into the arena since she’s the one who hired Soo and so she’s down there to receive the prize. As promised, Madam hands over the staff to Soo and she remarks on how it’s been a long time since she’s seen his eyes light up like that. Soo remains silent and she smirks before pointing out that it’s not like him to be so quiet and stand there spaced out. Soo gathers himself together and returns to where Lilith is.

He manages to smile at her and tells her softly that he protected his promise. Lilith nods with a smile and tells him that she saw it, but then he asks her if he can ask her one more thing. He averts his eyes and asks her hesitantly what she would have done if he lost. She tells him that she would think up another way if that time came, but ever since she met him she had the feeling that he wouldn’t let her down. But if he did lose then she’d find another way.

Soo is a bit disappointed at her answer but covers it up and then Lilith tells him that either way it’s thanks to him that her staff was finally returned. His face falls but he hands her the staff and confesses that thanks to her he sort of feels like he’s just woken up. It feels like he’s a bit closer to finding out what his teacher meant. Soo explains that he’s an idiot so he’s not sure how long it’ll take for him to find the answer.

But he adds 「でも・・・。なんか、よ。おまえの傍なら、見つけられるような気がしたんだ」(But.. for some reason, if I’m by your side, I feel like I’ll find it). He’s trying to say that up to know he’s been wandering around not knowing what he’s living for, he laughs at how weird he’s being and tries to give her the staff again. But then he asks her if he can come along with them, because if he’s with her then he’s sure that he’ll find the answer. However, when she reaches out and touches the staff a white light shines.

Nayuta gasps in surprise and Kirite recognizes the light as being the same one in Dodona. The light is warm and gentle and Lilith recognizes it as belonging to Yufisu. Just like how it was with Kirite, she feels like there’s something in Soo that is calling out to her and trying to respond to her. Soo gasps in surprise and asks her what just happened, but Lilith isn’t sure either. But then she notices that a tattoo has appeared on Soo’s shoulder.

Kirite moves closer to examine it and then he hums thoughtfully because it’s the same thing that he has. When Lilith blinks in surprise, Kirite shifts his clothing to show her his chest where the same tattoo lies. Kirite explains that he didn’t know if it was from Rognar, the black winged man, but now he realizes that the origin of these tattoos might be from the staff. Camus recalls that the same light appeared around Kirite as well.

Soo interrupts them though and tells them that he doesn’t understand all this difficult talk, but it’s not like he’ll die from it right? Kirite shrugs and Soo takes that as a negative and so he thinks that they shouldn’t be too worried about it. At any rate, he wants an answer from Lilith about his question but she just answers him with 「え?」(Eh?). Soo blinks back before telling her frantically not to just respond like that, he asked her if he could travel with her.

He tells her that if she answers like that it makes him feel like she doesn’t want him. Lilith apologizes hurriedly and tells him that she doesn’t feel that way at all and will be happy if he travels. She asks Nayuta and Kirite, but Nayuta just murmurs 「・・・さて、どうだろうな」(.. Who knows) while Kirite remains silent. Soo winces at how cold the reactions of the two men are. Camus just starts laughing but Soo yells at him not to laugh, but this just makes Lilith laugh.

Even Nayuta and Kirite start chuckling and Lilith is reassured by this, because that means everyone will get along just fine. And so another person joins their party. The next day everyone prepares to leave, but before they do Madam comes by to give them a present. It’s some kind of lost technology that can carry them and their luggage like a car. It’s a gift from her to them and when Lilith asks if it’s really alright, Madam confesses that Soo locked himself in his own cage. It’s nice to see him becoming more free.

When Lilith asks Madam why she’s doing this for Soo, she just shrugs and tells Lilith that she doesn’t have a special reason, it’s just that he’s such an idiot and so she wants him to remain as an idiot. Madam reveals that she knew Soo when he was kid and they grew up together and he was always such an idiot, but a good one. That’s why she didn’t want to see him wander around aimlessly and feeling troubled. She also adds that the lost technology is something that she has a lot of because of all the customers that pass through her casino.

So it’s not like it’s anything special. Anyway, Soo manages to get it working with a good kick and everyone climbs in to leave. Madam tells them to come to her if they’re in trouble and Lilith thanks her for everything and then the party sets off. As they’re travelling, Soo yells cheerfully at how nice the wind feels and how fast they’re moving. Camus agrees with everything Soo is saying because this beats running any day. Soo yells out Madam’s name and Camus thanks her loudly.

Lilith eyes the two of them and tells them slowly that they’re already really far away from Dinus and so she doesn’t think Madam can hear them. Then she starts wondering in her head if it’s a good idea to have Soo and Camus in the same place. Anyway, along the way Soo asks them why they’re traveling to Ingrid and Kirite and Nayuta fall silent. But Camus tells him that the high priestess wants to see Lilith. Nayuta hisses out Camus’ name, but Camus thinks that it would be better to reveal everything.

Kirite ends up agreeing since it would be bad to conceal things to the end and Nayuta gives in. They explain that the high priestess had a vision about a girl in Dodona who has the power to destroy the world. Soo can’t see Lilith doing that and neither does anyone else, but they have no choice. When he asks them how they ended up in Dinus, they reveal that they were fighting a black winged man and then were teleported away. It sounds like a fantasy story but it’s real.

Anyway, Soo tells Lilith not to worry because if she gets caught in a pinch then he’ll save her. Soon the party reaches Ingrid due to the speed of their car and they enter. Lilith and Camus are shocked at the different atmosphere and Kirite explains that Ingrid is a place of worship and so the feeling is different from Dinus. Nayuta informs them that he’s going to visit the knights and contact the high priestess.

When Soo asks why they can’t just meet her now, Nayuta calls him an idiot for thinking that anyone can just saunter in and meet the high priestess. They have to go through the appropriate channels. Anyway, since he’s going to be leaving them he tells them to look around Ingrid and rest at an inn but he doesn’t want them causing trouble. Soo flaps his hand dismissively and tells Nayuta that he’ll behave, but he calls him “NayuNayu-chan”. I WONDER IF LILITH WILL GET TO CALL HIM THAT プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

Nayuta grinds his teeth angrily before whipping out his spear, and Soo has to raise his hands yelping out that it was a joke. Lilith chides Soo for antagonizing Nayuta and he pouts at that. Camus wonders how Nayuta will be able to find them though if they choose an inn since there are a lot, but Nayuta just smirks and asks Camus who he thinks Nayuta is. He’s the captain of the holy knights, he can easily find out where they are. Before Nayuta leaves, Kirite tells him that he wants to pass a message to the high priestess.

He wants to tell her that he doesn’t want or need the money for his job. Nayuta eyes him silently but nods his head before briskly walking away. When Lilith tries to ask Kirite what he was talking about he tells her that it’s nothing and suggests that they find an inn. They end up settling at an inn that Nayuta recommended just so that he can find them easier after he sets everything up. Soo asks Lilith what she’s going to do while they’re waiting for Nayuta to come back and she tells him that she’ll just wait here.

Soo frowns at that and tells her that she’ll die of boredom that way and a meeting won’t be set up with the high priestess that quickly. They should look around the town. Camus agrees and even Lilith is tempted. Kirite reassures her that they still have a lot of time before Nayuta returns and so they should walk around the town. As they leave, Lilith gets into a conversation about the gods with Kirite and Soo reveals that he doesn’t know a lot about the other gods.

He only knows the god at Dinus because the god there is a god of war and so it fits him. Lilith gives him a quick lesson about them. Adonis, the lord of gods, created the world. The goddess of love, Yufisu, created the earth and continent Anelheid, which is where they are. Then the goddess gave birth to humans and 6 other gods. Kirite names them all and they turn out to be the names of cities. There’s Ingrid, Dinus, Midvan, Amafi, Melrond, and Savila.

Lilith notices that Kirite’s face looks really sad after he named the last of the gods. Anyway, they head off to look around the town and Lilith comments on how the people in the town are completely different from Dinus. They’re more calm instead of being lively. When they return back to the inn, Nayuta is already waiting for them and he tells them that they’re late. Lilith apologizes but she didn’t think that he would return so fast.

Then Soo asks when the meeting will take place and Nayuta tells them that it’s tomorrow morning. Kirite is surprised at how fast it is and Nayuta nods hesitantly before revealing that the high priestess wanted to meet her as soon as possible. The two men fall silent and then Kirite asks if Nayuta is really going to escort her there. Nayuta quietly says that he has to because that’s his duty. Kirite asks him how the security will be. Soo is confused and tells them that they’re just going to meet the high priestess, aren’t they?

Kirite asks them with serious eyes what they will do if something else happens. Camus doesn’t believe that’s possible though because it should be obvious that Lilith won’t destroy the world. Soo agrees to and he thinks that if the high priestess is such an amazing person then they should be able to tell that Lilith won’t do such a thing. Kirite just remains silent though and Lilith starts to realize that something is wrong. He reminds her about the time when he said that his job was to escort her to Ingrid.

Nayuta tries to interrupt him but Kirite explains that he wants to reveal everything so that Lilith can make an informed decision. Camus realizes that Kirite has been hiding something from them. Kirite reveals that he was ordered to find the girl who will destroy the world, but his orders also included that he could bring her back alive or dead. Nayuta looks away while Lilith is shocked speechless. Kirite tells her that, in other words, if she resisted he was ordered to kill her.

Camus and Soo gasp in surprise and Lilith is shocked, but then Soo glares at Kirite and asks him slowly if he still has thoughts of killing Lilith. Kirite looks away and tells them that if he did then he wouldn’t have revealed this and Lilith remembers how Kirite told Nayuta to tell the high priestess that he didn’t want the money. In other words, he was refusing the job. Camus doesn’t want to believe it but Nayuta confirms that the high priestess is serious.

She really believes in the vision and that a girl with the power to destroy the world exists. For the sake of the world, she has no qualms with killing a young girl. Soo asks harshly if Kirite meant for Lilith to prepare herself to the thought of death and then he asks Lilith what she’ll do. If she wants to run then he’ll support her and beat up everyone to give her a chance to run. Kirite also asks her what she’ll do.

Lilith remains firm though and tells them that she’ll be fine. She’s a devoted priestess and so another priestess should be able to recognize that. She needs to have faith in her god. Nayuta smiles at her words and tries to reassure himself by agreeing that the high priestess will definitely see that. Plus, he’ll be the one escorting her to the priestess and so he’ll definitely protect her. While they were traveling together he received no evil vibes from her, she’s just a normal if clumsy girl.

The next day, just like he said, Nayuta comes to escort her to the shrine. As they enter the shrine, he takes her to a receiving room and asks for her to wait while he tells the high priestess that she’s arrived. Lilith remains quiet though and he asks her if something is wrong, but she shakes her head. He’s not convinced though and he tells her that if she wants to say something then she should just say it. Lilith confesses that she feels a bit hopeless.

They both fall silent before Nayuta sighs and Lilith hurriedly apologizes for saying something idiotic. He shakes his head though and tells her that it’s his fault for making her feel hopeless like this, not to mention it’s unusual for her to be in a situation where Camus isn’t with her. Lilith nods because ever since she was born Camus has been by her side. In this type of situation, if she’s left alone to think she’ll frighten herself.

Nayuta sighs softly and Lilith apologizes again before lying to him about how she’s fine now. But he remains asks her in a low and hesitant voice 「どうすれば、いい」(What.. can I do?). When she looks up at him in surprise he explains to her 「貴女は、今、怖いんだろう?その恐怖を取り除いてやるために、私には何が出来る?」(You’re.. scared right now, right? What can I do to take away that fear?). I HAVE NO IDEA WHY NAYUTA IS BEING SO AFFECTIONATE BUT I LIKE IT (〃゚艸゚):;*.

She tells him that just hearing that somehow makes her feel better. He asks her 「・・・本当か?」(.. Really?). She nods and tells him to inform the high priestess now. Nayuta smiles gently at her and then tells her that he’ll return to her soon before he excuses himself. Left alone, Lilith feels nervous and scared. She hopes that nothing bad will happen. After a while, when Nayuta still hasn’t returned, she suddenly hears a voice. It greets her as Yufisu’s chosen one.

Lilith looks around and wonders who is calling her. The voice speaks to her again and tells her to come over here. Lilith tries to recall if this voice is similar to the one that she heard in Dodona and she notices that the voice is different from normal voices. It resounds in the heart. Anyway, it asks her to come over and that it won’t do anything scary. YEAH SURE.. LET’S JUST HEAD OVER TO THE MYSTERIOUS VOICE Σ(^∀^;).

It’s a gentle voice and she wonders what she should do because Nayuta ordered her to remain here. The voice remarks on how if she can hear it then she should come over. Lilith apologizes to Nayuta and follows the voice while wondering where it’s taking her. As she follows the voice she notices that the shrine is odd in that there are no worshippers or knights around. She finally comes up to a door and she asks out loud if she’s supposed to enter this.

The voice tells her that there’s nothing to be afraid of and then orders her to come. She’s surprised at how strong and loud the voice is in her head and then she enters into the room to find herself at a shrine. She asks it what she’s supposed to do, but the voice just tells her that she has nothing to be afraid of because she’s a daughter of love. When Lilith repeats those words the voice explains that she’s the chosen one of the goddess of love, Yufisu, and so that makes her the daughter of love.

Then the voice tells her that the destruction of the world is quietly approaching and she was chosen to save the world. Then it gently calls her a poor child because her heart is in disorder and so she’s confused. Lilith asks who the voice is and why it’s talking to her. It’s about to answer her but Nayuta finally finds her. He angrily asks her why she’s here because he told her to wait quietly in the room. She apologizes but explains that she heard a strange voice.

Nayuta blinks in surprise and then asks her how she even came to this place. Lilith is confused at his surprise and explains that she just followed the voice. He’s really surprised now and asks her if she didn’t meet any of the guards. Lilith tells him that she met no one and Nayuta murmurs under his breath that it should be impossible for that ho happen. He cuts himself off and changes the subject to inform her that the high priestess will see her now.

He asks her if she’s prepared her heart. Lilith thinks about how there have been a lot of things that have happened and so she’s unsure about her heart, but she nods and tells him to take her there. They reach the throne room where the high priestess is and Lilith takes in the scenery. The god of Ingrid is the god of ice and snow. When she sees the high priestess, Lilith thinks that she’s scary looking but very pretty.

Nayuta kneels and introduces himself before informing her that he has brought the girl from Dodona back. Remuna, the high priestess, congratulates him on his job and then tells him to leave. Nayuta climbs back to his feet but hesistates which makes her ask him coldly if he didn’t hear her. At this, Nayuta asks her if she can see it in her heart to allow him to stay. But she tells him that his request is denied and tells him to leave.

Lilith looks at Nayuta in sadness as he apologizes stiffly and then excuses himself. Then Remuna turns her cold eyes on Lilith and informs her that Nayuta is the captain of her knights because of his excellence. And then she accuses Lilith of trying to corrupt him in some way. Lilith repeats her words in surprise and with a stutter. She looks down on the ground and thinks about how she doesn’t think anyone could corrupt Nayuta.

But Remuna isn’t satisfied with her answer and cruelly asks if Lilith is trying to play innocent, but she’s fine with that. Then she informs Lilith that Nayuta tried to defend her and so she must not be that evil. Lilith hurriedly nods and explains that she’s a priestess from Dodona and so she’s not evil. But Remuna counters her by asking her what the vision she received was about then since she saw a girl who would destroy the world.

Lilith asks if she could be mistaken but Remuna remains firm in that her god would only act to protect the world. She ends up declaring Lilith to be a witch that will destroy the world and so for the sake of saving the world she will execute Lilith. Remuna shakes her head and murmurs that she can’t believe the person who will end the world is a small girl from Dodona. She orders her guards to take away Lilith’s bags since they don’t know what she brought in and then Lilith is thrown in the dungeons.

She hugs herself in the corner of the cell and cries quietly. She knows that her companions must be worried but it’s already too late and the execution will be happening soon. Also, just when she managed to get her staff back it was taken away once again. She doesn’t want to believe that she would destroy the world, especially when the voice called her the daughter of love and Yufisu’s chosen one.

Suddenly she hears footsteps and hears Nayuta ask her if she’s there. His voice is a whisper and she calls out his name in surprise but he shushes her because it would be bad if someone saw him. She asks him if he’s her executioner and he sighs before telling her that if he was then he wouldn’t be sneaking around like this. Nayuta unlocks her door and then hands her a bag of things. It contains her staff and the clothes of the priests in the shrine.

It’s almost time for the priests to leave the shrine and so she can slip out with them and then run away from this place. Lilith is shocked speechless and can only stare at him. Finally Nayuta narrows his eyes and asks her why she’s staring at him so stupidly. She asks him if this is alright for him because he’s a knight of Ingrid and the captain to boot. He agrees with her that he’s a knight of Ingrid and sworn into the service of the high priestess.

However, he doesn’t think that she is a demon who would destroy the world. He can’t bring himself to believe in the high priestess’ vision and that’s why he can’t accept her reasoning for killing a girl just in case the vision is right. Nayuta urges her to run. When she asks him what he will do, he tells her that he’s going to take responsibility for it and then he reassures her by saying that he’s not doing it for her sake, but for his own conscience.

He tells her to go again and leave him but she can’t bring herself to do it. Nayuta loses patience and asks her harshly if she’s going to wait here for tomorrow’s execution then. She flinches and his voice softens as he tells her that Kirite and Soo seem to have a connection to that staff and he feels like she has a greater fate. He’s sure that she can become a good priestess and his gut tells him that she’s not supposed to die here.

And so Nayuta instructs her to take a certain path out of the dungeons. The high priestess was keeping her execution and presence a secret and so if she encounters any knights in the shrine she should just tell them that she’s a lost child and they’ll escort her to the entrance. When she does, she should meet up with Kirite and Soo and escape with them. Lilith lowers her heads and nods but just before she leaves, he calls out to her.

When she looks back he tells her softly 「・・・リリス、元気でな」(.. Lilith, be well). Tears well up in her eyes but she listens to his orders and escapes through the route that he described to her. And just like he said when she bumped into a guard she was escorted back out into the town. She reaches her companions and they lay low in the inn with Kirite going out to scout. He comes back with the information that the knights are searching for someone and chances are that it’s Lilith.

Most likely they don’t know the true reasons. Lilith asks for information about Nayuta but Kirite averts his eyes. The captain of the knights hasn’t appeared and there’s been talk about a change in positions. He explains to her that the high priestess thinks of her as a witch and if she found out that Nayuta helped her escape, which she probably knows already since Nayuta is taking responsibility, then she’ll think that he’s a servant of the witch. Which means that he’ll be executed.

Camus tells Kirite not to talk as if the blame rests on Lilith and that it’s the high priestess’ fault. Lilith flinches at this and even Soo looks troubled though he complains half-heartedly about how Nayuta is acting too cool now. Kirite informs Lilith that if they’re going to escape then they need to do it now before the security tightens, but Lilith refuses to respect Nayuta’s will.

She yells out that she won’t and can’t leave him behind. Lilith closes her eyes and apologizes but Kirite is smiling and he immediately orders Soo and Camus to prepare themselves. Camus giggles at the look on her face and tells her not to dawdle.

When she asks them if it’s really alright Soo tells her that NayuNayu is their companion. She tells them that they’ll draw the anger of the high priestess though, but Camus simply tells her that she wants to help Nayuta and so he’ll definitely lend all of his power to her. Soo confesses that he’s always wanted to fight against the knights of Ingrid and his blood is heating up.

Kirite thinks of the high priestess as human and he’s already prepared himself for this eventuality. Anyway, the time to free Nayuta is now because, as Kirite said, the security hasn’t tightened up yet. Kirite starts planning how they can get to Nayuta because he’s most likely locked up in the dungeon under the knight barracks. But there are a lot of guards there and if they try to break in it’d be like asking them to capture them. Camus grips his head in frustration and asks why Nayuta didn’t just run away with Lilith.

She looks at the ground and reminds him that Nayuta is a knight of Ingrid and he believes in the high priestess. Kirite suddenly tells them that if the building hasn’t changed from the past then there should be a subterranean tunnel that’ll lead into the dungeons. Camus is surprised that there is such a thing and Kirite reveals that he lived in Ingrid for a short while and worked here, which is when he saw it. Lilith notices that he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it though. However, Soo contributes another plan.

He suggests that they just saunter through the front entrance. Lilith agrees with Soo and thinks that they should enter from the front. Camus is worried that it’ll be dangerous but Lilith argues that everyone will expect her to run and so the least expected thing to do is to enter through the front entrance. Soo reminds them that if they take the subterranean tunnels they’re not sure where they’ll end up.

They might even have to fight through more soldiers or whatnot and so they might as well have fun by going through the entrance. Kirite closes his eyes and smirks before telling Soo that he can have all the guards then. Camus grins and agrees by telling Soo that he and Kirite will relax. Lilith giggles at their light banter but then Kirite becomes serious and decides that they should leave now.

The party heads through the front entrance and Lilith feels herself becoming tense. Kirite sympathizes since she’s accused of being a witch and Nayuta is accused as her helper. Camus tells her not to worry about it because all of this is the high priestess’ fault. He thinks that she just mistook something strangely. But Lilith asks under her breath what if the high priestess is right? When Camus looks at her in confusion she shakes her head and tells him it’s nothing.

She’s wondering whose voice the high priestess heard and whose voice she’s hearing. Suddenly Kirite says her name lowly and she notices a knight approaching her. The knight notices her as well and asks if there is something the matter. She stutters out that it’s nothing but he narrows his eyes and asks her why she is trembling and if she’s hiding something. Lilith quickly thinks up a lie about how she heard that the god of Ingrid is more strict than all the other gods.

And so she’s afraid of what she will do if she gets punished. The knight sighs loudly and admits that Ingrid’s god is more strict but then he asks her suspiciously what she could have done that would warrant such fear for a punishment. Lilith panics in her mind and so Soo jumps in at this point and tells Lilith that he’s happy she’s so worried about him. The knight asks him who he is.

Soo spins up a lie about how he came from Dinus and he loves to drink a lot and so Lilith has been worrying about what punishment he might receive from Ingrid’s god, but that’s why she’s so cute. The guard looks at him flatly and Soo pouts before telling him not to look at him with such cold eyes. People should have some more fun in their lives. The guard sighs loudly and tells Lilith that he understands her fear now because even he feels like punishing Soo.

Lilith laughs awkwardly at that but the guard wishes them a good journey before he continues on his patrol. Soo exhales in relief when they pass the guard because he thought they were going to be busted for a second. Lilith thanks him because if it weren’t for him she would have been caught. Kirite reappears with an apology and explains that he hid himself because he recognized the guard. Lilith shakes her head and tells him that it was thanks to him that she was able to come up with a lie.

Camus compliments them on their nice deception and slyly points out that Soo must be a good liar because of all the money that he owes. Soo growls at Camus to shut up and then asks him where he was. Camus replies that he’s the one who will stand out the most, because there is only one girl with a fairy friend. Kirite’s eyes widen as he remembers that and Lilith thanks Camus as well. He just grins and reminds them that they should get going.

They manage to find the dungeons and they quickly enter it to find that Nayuta is locked up in a cell. Kirite immediately takes up post near the doors to check for guards and orders Soo to break down the cell door. However, Nayuta hisses at them to stop because he has no intentions of leaving this place. Soo stops and asks him in disbelief if he understands what he’s saying.

Nayuta tells them in a strained voice that he understands perfectly well that he’ll be executed if he remains here. Lilith gasps in surprise at how far the high priestess is willing to go to protect the world. Nayuta orders them to leave this place before they’re caught because he’s fine with staying here. Lilith refuses to leave because it’s her fault that Nayuta is going to be executed. But he tells her slowly that she’s mistaken. He’s not dying to defend her; he’s dying to defend his beliefs.

Camus bursts out that he doesn’t understand that meaning at all. Nayuta tells them that he doesn’t know if they see his way of living as idiotic but he doesn’t know how to do anything else. He’s lived his whole life in service of the god of Ingrid and has always believed that the god was just. But he can’t accept the orders of the high priestess to kill Lilith and he doesn’t see how that can be right. He doesn’t see how Lilith can be seen as evil enough to deserve being punished with death.

Because his faith in his god has been shaken, Nayuta no longer knows what to believe in or what he should do. Lilith can see that he’s lost. The party soon hears footsteps and Kirite warns them that if they don’t do something quickly then they’ll be caught. Soo asks Nayuta what he wants them to do but Nayuta just orders them to leave. Lilith yells out that she won’t, but Nayuta softly tells her not to say selfish things because he won’t understand.

He can’t kill her because he doesn’t think that is just, but he can’t deny his god either. Nayuta confesses lowly that it might even be the case that he’s been corrupted by a witch. Camus angrily asks if he’s accusing Lilith of being the witch in this case, but if that were the cause then they wouldn’t be here saving him. Nayuta yells out in a broken voice that he understands that. Lilith can hear the pain in his voice.

Nayuta finally tells them that he became a knight and swore his life to the service of the god of Ingrid. Until the last moment, he wants to remain as a knight of Ingrid. And then he apologizes quietly to them. SO MANY TEARS FOR HIS DEVOTION 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。. Then everyone suddenly hears a magnificent voice say 「・・・よく言った。忠実なる我が僕よ」(.. Well said, my loyal servant). Everyone gasps in surprise. Nayuta asks with a stutter if this is the god of Ingrid’s voice.

The voice confirms it and demonstrates its powers by making the cell door disappear and conjuring a sword for Nayuta. Then it orders Nayuta to slay the witch who will destroy the world. Everyone flinches in surprise but Nayuta picks up the blade and takes a step toward Lilith. Their eyes meet and she can see that his eyes, which had always been sure and steady in their faith, are now lost.

Soo tells him that he better not raise that sword towards Lilith. Kirite just grits his teeth but raises his own sword. Camus asks Nayuta in a horrified voice what he’s doing. Nayuta’s grip on the sword tightens but he throws it away in the end. This doesn’t please the god and he asks Nayuta in a commanding voice what he is doing. He orders him to kill the witch again and Lilith can see that Nayuta is conflicted and his face is twisted into pain.

Nayuta asks the voice in a shaking voice what Lilith did and that he can’t see how she would do such a thing. The voice asks him lowly if Nayuta is accusing him of lying and Nayuta quickly denies it, but he gasps out brokenly that he can’t carry out his god’s wish either. Lilith finally intrudes and yells out that the god is being cruel. The god asks lowly if killing the witch who will destroy the world is a cruel thing, but Lilith shakes her head.

She explains that she doesn’t find it cruel if her death is being ordered. What she finds cruel is Nayuta’s god forcing him to make such a difficult decision and she asks the god for proof that she’s the witch who will destroy the world, because if he can present proof then Nayuta should have no problem in carrying out his orders. She grips her staff tightly and once again yells out that he’s being cruel. Suddenly, her staff emits a bright light and it reveals a dark sphere in the corner.

Soo cracks his knuckles and notes that it seems they have something hidden here. He gives it a good punch and the sphere collapses to reveal a black winged boy who gasps in surprise at finding his barrier broken. The boy hisses in anger when he sees the light being emitted from Lilith and he curses her for being a saint before he flings out three blades of darkness. Kirite blocks one, Soo blocks one for Camus, and the last flies towards Lilith who closes her eyes.

Nayuta pushes her away though and asks her worriedly if she’s hurt. She shakes her head though and tells him that she’s fine. The winged boy asks Nayuta imperiously if he’s defying him. Nayuta just glares at him though and asks him who he is to defile the name of the god of Ingrid. The boy just raises an eyebrow and asks Nayuta if he doesn’t think that he’s the god of Ingrid. Nayuta tells him not to fuck around because the god of Ingrid wouldn’t choose an evil form like that.

The winged boy sneers and tells Nayuta not to make him laugh by saying that these black wings are evil. He spits out that the people who are evil in this world are them and that the black wings that he bears are something to be proud of. He finally calls for Nayuta to die along with the saint, who is Lilith, and flings out more blades of darkness. Soo and Kirite can block them with their gear but Nayuta is lacking his sword and so he just covers Lilith with his body.

Camus and Soo call out their names with horror, but Nayuta just grits his teeth and bears the attacks. He tells Lilith that he’ll be alright because he’s wearing armor but Lilith doesn’t believe him. At this rate he’ll die. But he just looks down at her and tells her in a pained voice 「心配、ない。お前は、私が守る。・・・お前はやはり、魔女などではなかったのだな」(Don’t.. worry. I will.. protect you.. As I thought, you weren’t a witch at all). 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 NAYUTA YOU’RE SO SWEET. Even with all the pain that he’s bearing, he manages to smile at her.

Lilith can see that he’s finally at peace with himself compared to the last few minutes, because he finally knows what to believe in. Suddenly, she hears a heartbeat and a bright light envelops her and Nayuta. Once again she can hear something in Nayuta calling out to her. The black winged boy snarls out that he won’t let them do whatever they’re doing though and attacks them again, but Nayuta twists around and shouts out that he won’t let him do it and forms a barrier.

The barrier repels the attack and Nayuta is left blinking in shock at his newfound powers. The winged boy gasps in surprise and mutters about how he didn’t expect Ingrid’s Vakista 「ヴァキスタ」(Vakisuta) to awaken. Nayuta fiercely asks him what he’s talking about, but Soo interrupts and tells him who cares when they should be beating this guy up. Kirite agrees and the two of them step beside Nayuta and Lilith. The winged boy finally calls out to Lilith and tells her that he thought he could kill Yufisu’s chosen saint right here.

But since he’s retreating she should remember that the next time they meet he’ll kill her. He disappears into a black portal. Camus asks if he’s gone and Kirite tells them that it appears so. Soo complains about how he wanted to punch that brat and he punches his fist into his hand in frustration. Meanwhile, Lilith asks Nayuta how his wounds are because it’s her fault that he’s wounded since he was defending her. Nayuta tells her softly not to worry though.

She calls out his name in confusion because his voice sounds distant and thoughtful and then she notices him looking at her with warmth in his eyes. Abruptly, Nayuta kneels and takes her hand while asking her 「・・・リリス、私の誓いを受けてはくれないか」(.. Lilith, will you not accept my oath?). Lilith splutters in surprise and panics in her head about what he means by oath. DYING DYING DYING HERE. NAYUTA IS TOO HNNNNGHNGHNGHN (〃゚艸゚):;*. I HAVE A FETISH FOR KNIGHTS SWEARING THEIR LOYALTY AND DEVOTION TO SOMEONE.

He explains to her that the power that he felt inside of him was, undoubtedly, the power of Ingrid’s god. And the one who gave that power to him was her. He’s sure that she is chosen by Ingrid therefore he’ll devote his sword to her. To protect her, to protect she who carries out his god’s will, he wishes for her to accept this oath. Lilith is still stuttering but Kirite tells her that it’s a good thing. Soo also thinks that she should accept it since it’s more protection. Of course he’ll protect her too.

Camus thinks it’s a good choice too because they’re not sure if something strange might happen again. The more people to protect her the better. Lilith’s reactions is 「えええええ」(Ehhhh!?) because she doesn’t think that it’s as simple as that. She can’t bring herself to make a knight like Nayuta swear himself to her like that, but as she continues to remain silent he pleads 「貴女を護り剣になりたいのだ。どうか、許してほしい」(I want to become the sword that protects you. Please allow me).

In her head Lilith cries out 「そんな風に言われたら、断れないよ~っ!」(If you say it like that then I can’t refuse!) and so she finally nods her head. Immediately, Nayuta lifts up her hand and kisses the back of it. Lilith blushes but Nayuta continues on to declare 「これより私は貴女の剣となろう。貴女の敵を屠り、貴女を護る」(From now on I am your sword. I will defeat your enemies and protect you). He stands back up and Camus slyly points out that her face is bright red. TOO KNIGHTLY (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

She just splutters out that anyone would turn red with what Nayuta did, but she can’t bring herself to say what he did. In her head she thinks 「反則だよナユタさま・・・!」(That was unfair, Nayuta-sama..!). Nayuta finally notices her blushing but he just asks her briskly what she’s doing staring off into space because they need to get going. AH, THERE GOES THE MOOD Σ(^∀^;). When Lilith looks at him in confusion, Nayuta explains that they’re wanted criminals right now and they’re still in the dungeons.

If they’re found by guards then they’ll be arrested. Soo is confused though since they found out the person who was deceiving everyone. Nayuta points out that they have no proof though and so, while it pains him, the best course of action is to run away. Kirite agrees because they need to come up with a course of action and because there’s a lot of things that they need to think about. Soo tells them that he’ll have to leave that to them because he’s terrible at thinking.

Camus smirks and tells Soo that if he doesn’t use his head he’ll become an idiot. Soo just snaps at Camus to shut up. Anyway, Nayuta decides that they should leave now and Lilith verbally agrees but when she says Nayuta’s name he looks at her with a troubled face before telling her 「ナユタ、で構わない。私は貴女に剣を捧げたわけだからな」(I don’t mind just Nayuta. After all, I’m your sword now). She gapes in surprise but just he orders them to leave.

*** EPISODE 「その愛をもっと世界を救う」(This love will save the world) ***

Lilith recaps the things that have happened. She went to Ingrid to convince the high priestess that she isn’t a witch who will destroy the world. But she ended up running out of there with Nayuta and they are now branded as criminals. She’s wondering what’s going on because she’s been hearing voices. There was one in Dodona and one in Ingrid’s shrine and a black winged boy who was deceiving Nayuta and the high priestess. A lot of things are happening that she doesn’t understand.

The voice in Ingrid called her the daughter of love and told her that she would save the world. She doesn’t know what she can do, but if she can do something then she wants to save the world. For that sake she wants to find out what is happening around her. But in truth, she doesn’t even know where she should start. Back to the present, they’re still trying to escape Ingrid but thanks to Nayuta they left the dungeons and are now traversing the alleys with ease.

However, it’s still really hard to escape and they have to hide often from the knights. Camus asks everyone what they’re going to do because they can’t just keep on hiding. Soo thinks they should beat them all up but Nayuta quietly calls him an idiot because there are too many knights in Ingrid. They try to decide on a plan of action but Nayuta is sure that all the knights have blocked the gate and roads, because that would be what he would do.

Kirite points out that the knights are probably in disorder though from losing their captain. Camus suggests that they scout around for a gate that is the least guarded and then they can break out from there. Nayuta doesn’t want to harm his fellow guards but it can’t be helped. Lilith nods her head and tells Nayuta that shy understands since they’re his friends, but this makes him tell her to call him Nayuta without the honorifics because she’s still doing it.

This leads to a hilarious conversation where she tells him that she can’t do that because he just seems like a Nayuta-sama. He argues that he’s her knight now though and it’s strange for a master to address their knight with that honorific. She bites her lip and they start staring each other down before she tries to say it 「・・・うう・・・えっと・・・、それじゃあ、ナ、ナナナナナ、ナ、ナユタ・・・さま」(.. Uuu… Um.. then.. Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Nayuta… sama). He narrows his eyes at her and they stare at each other some more.

Finally she cracks and says 「わ、わっかたよ!ナユタって呼べばいいんでしょ!」(I-I understand! Fine, I’ll call you Nayuta!). Nayuta smiles at that and nods. Camus floats by to interrupt their moment and asks them what they’re doing having an interesting conversation by themselves, because they’re still in the middle of a problem. They return to planning their escape but Lilith suddenly hears a voice asking if Lilith can hear her. The voice is fading in and out.

When Lilith asks if anyone heard that voice, Soo looks at her in confusion and tells her that they were just planning. But the voice calls out again to her and Lilith tells her that she can hear her. Kirite, Nayuta, and Soo ready their weapons though and Kirite asks dangerously if it’s that guy again. But this is the first time she’s heard this voice and it’s different from the one in Dodona and Ingrid.

Lilith tells them that she thinks it’ll be alright because it’s a woman’s voice and it seems like she’s been searching for them. Camus muses on how that fits the description of the other guy too though. Kirite asks Lilith if she believes in this voice while Nayuta just looks conflicted. They’re afraid to be tricked again. But Lilith feels like this voice is different from the one in the dungeons. It’s more divine.

The voice tells Lilith to follow her and Lilith can’t help but take a step towards it because she feels like she can’t disobey it. Nayuta asks if the voice is leading them somewhere but figures that it can’t be helped. He’ll follow Lilith and protect her. Soo reassures them that he’ll beat up any knights that appear with Kirite feels that there’s going to be danger either way they go. Of course they’re going to be careful though.

Anyway, they follow the voice through the streets and they end up meeting no one. When they finally come to the gates everyone is shocked to find the guards sleeping. Camus hesitantly asks if this is a miracle and everyone is a bit disturbed, but the voice tells Lilith not to be scared because she’s their daughter of love. Then it calls for her to follow her and so Lilith leads the party past the guards and out of Ingrid.

They manage to get out with alerting anyone and then Soo sighs at the thought of walking because they didn’t leave their car at this gate. Kirite informs them that it’ll be too dangerous to return to get it. Lilith looks depressed because it was something that Madam gave them too. However, miraculously, they hear the sounds of an engine and soon their car arrives with three white winged figures sitting in it.

Kirite immediately narrows his eyes and asks who they are. Nayuta adds that if they don’t answer then he’ll consider them an enemy. Soo tells them that if they move then he’ll attack them. Camus orders Lilith to stand behind them. Lilith doesn’t think that they’re dangerous but she’s worried about being tricked again since all they’ve done is fight these winged beings. The winged beings just look at them in surprise and one of them points out that their vigilance will be a trouble to overcome.

Lilith recognizes the man’s voice though and tells the four of them to stop because these people are enemies, she thinks. The winged girl pouts and tells Lilith to be more confident in her speech because “I think” doesn’t sound very confident. She also calls Lilith “Bambi-chan”. The man in middle calls the winged girl, Luverchi 「ルヴェルチ」(Ruveruchi), and tells her that Lilith looks more like a baby bird than a baby deer.

But Luverchi pouts and points out that one just has to look at Lilith’s dainty feet and hands to see that she looks like a Bambi-chan. The black-haired man tells the two that Lilith isn’t a baby bird or a baby deer and that she’s Yufisu’s daughter of love. Luverchi just pouts at how the black-haired man, Horo 「ホロ」(Horo), is being all self-important again. Horo tells her that he’s not doing that at all.

Then he addresses the middle man as Clear 「クリエル」(Kurieru) and reminds him that he has something to say to Lilith and her companions. Nayuta gasps out Luverchi’s name, while Kirite does the same to Horo’s, and Camus repeats Clear’s name. Soo asks them if they know these guys. Lilith blurts out that not knowing them is strange because these three are gods. The three gods exchange grins at the group’s reaction.

Clear introduces himself formally as one of the three gods. He values law and order and he governs the land. Luverchi introduces herself as the goddess of the love for freedom and she governs the air. Horo introduces himself as a symbol of endurance and he governs the sea. Lilith is amazed at seeing three real gods and everyone, apart from Soo, is also shocked at seeing them. She can clearly feel that they’re giving off a different vibe from the black winged people.

But then Soo asks them what they’re talking about and Nayuta calls him and idiot and to shut up before he says anything rude. But Soo just scratches his head and defends himself by saying that he’s not a religious person like them. Camus just sighs and tells Soo that even he, as a fairy, knows these gods. Kirite doesn’t even want to say anything. Soo turns to Lilith and asks her to explain and Lilith freezes since she’s put on the spot.

When she turns to look at the gods, they’re just smiling and watching her patiently, and she realizes that they want her to explain. She feels like there’s a lot of pressure to give an explanation about them with them just standing there. But she does it anyway and so she reminds Soo that there are 6 gods that protect each city on this continent and they were born from Adonis and Yufisu. But Yufisu sacrificed her body to create the continent.

Adonis created more children with a goddess called Renai 「レナイ」(Renai) to protect the continent and so Luverchi, Horo, and Clear are the guardians of the continent. Soo is awed when he finally realizes that these three are gods, but then he blinks in confusion and points out that these three aren’t very famous. Lilith gasps in horror are chides him for being rude, but Clear reassures them that they don’t mind because it’s true. And compared to the other gods they’re weaker.

Luverchi also explains that while they’re weaker they can understands humans better because of their human forms. The other gods do not have forms at all and so while they’re strong they cannot understand the wishes of humans. Soo is the one summarizing their explanation and Nayuta smacks him when he’s done for saying such rude things and when Soo complains by saying Nayuta’s nickname, Nayuta orders him not to call him NayuNayu.

Anyway, they get back on track and the gods reveal that they’re also the protectors of humans because while the other gods would like to protect humans, they’re unable to do that with their lack of a body. And so they can be considered as support. Luverchi then reveals that she knows that Lilith and co. are in the dark about a lot of things. She explains that Lilith was given the staff of Yufisu and her companions will receive the power of the 6 gods in order to carry out their duty.

Clear takes over the explanation and reveals that the world is approaching destruction. He points out that Lilith and Nayuta should have seen the lack fo people worshipping at their shrines and Camus and Soo should have seen the unrest in people. Soo recalls that there are more fights happening in Dinus. Luverchi also explains that people are also falling to a disease called love lost, which is a bad thing as no children are being born and fights are just erupting everywhere.

Then Luverchi explains about Rognar and how he was a god but as punishment he was cast away from them and his existence was erased from human memory. He was punished to never be loved and to never be known when before he was tasked to the protection of human. Corrupted, he now seeks to remind everyone of his existence through fear in an attempt to take back his seat as a god. Luverchi sighs sadly and calls Rognar an idiot child because there’s no meaning in being a god that is feared.

Kirite grinds his teeth angrily when he hears about Rognar and the rest of the group look at him in concern, but he continues to stay silent. When Camus asks about the black winged boy in the dungeons and if he’s a god as well, Clear explains that the black winged boy is a cursed existence created from Rognar, who used to be called Sacred Nebulim 「サイクリッドネビリム」(Saikurido Nebirumu). Horo tells them that they wish for Lilith and her party to stop Rognar and that’s why they were gifted with the powers of the gods.

Luverchi reveals that the i-scepter is one of Yufisu’s relics and it conveys her will. Horo reminds Lilith that she is Yufisu’s chosen daughter of love and her companions are her protectors called Vakista 「ヴァキスタ」(Vakisuta). Kirite asks them if this Vakista thing is related to their tattoos and Horo confirms their suspicions. That tattoo is proof that they’re a Vakista and it allows them to use their gifted powers. Nayuta has Ingrid’s power. Soo has Dinus’ power. Kirite has Savila’s power.

Camus pouts at how normal he is compared to his companions but Lilith smiles and reassures him that Camus being Camus is interesting enough. Kirite asks them fiercely if he can defeat Rognar with this power and the three gods nod their heads. The possibility is higher with their powers and Horo pleads for them to stop Rognar. Lilith nods her head with determination and promises that she’ll stop Rognar because she wants to save the world.

She’s not doing it just because she was chosen by Yufisu but because she loves this world. She loves the people in it and so she doesn’t want the world to end. She’ll try her best to do whatever she can. Luverchi smiles in amazement and compliments Lilith for being a good child, but it’s as expected of Yufisu’s chosen one. Clear warns her that she might encounter many burdens and pains along her journey but she must remember that there is a reason she was chosen.

Horo bows his head and informs her that they’re entrusting Rognar to her. Lilith asks the gods what they should do next in order to save the world and Luverchi advises them to seek out the three other Vakistas since they are still missing Midvan’s, Amafi’s, and Melrond’s Vakistas. Nayuta thinks the easiest would be Midvan first since it’s not that easy to access Amafi or Melrond as they’re closed to travelers for some reason. But first they need to return to Dinus and Madam to gather information.

Kirite wants to know what Ingrid is planning to do to Lilith and Nayuta since they’re wanted criminals now. Camus asks the gods if they can’t just go and talk to the high priestess and Lilith looks at them pleadingly as well, but the gods just shake their heads sadly. Luverchi reminds Lilith that it was hard for her to hear their voice when they were inside Ingrid and this is because Rognar set up a barrier around the town to ward them out. The three gods apologize but Lilith shakes her head.

She thanks them for escorting her and her party out safely and Soo thanks them for returning their car to them. Kirite agrees with a smirk and Nayuta decides that they should set off to Dinus now since it’ll be dangerous to continue to stay close to Ingrid. Lilith nods and then bids farewell to the gods happily. Clear tells her to be careful and that they’ll contact Lilith if they learn anything new. Luverchi also tells her to be careful and then commands the Vakistas to protect her. Horo informs them that he’ll pray for their safety.

They return to Dinus in three days thanks to the car and Lilith is glad to that Dinus has remained the same and that everyone is safe. Camus floats up beside her and reminds her with a smirk not to lose the i-scepter again. Lilith pouts and tells him not to say those kinds of things, but Nayuta joins in and lectures her to be more aware of her surroundings especially since she’s the chosen one. This reminds Lilith to ask him about why he’s addressing her more informally and she recalls that it started around their trip back to Dinus.

Nayuta averts his eyes and informs her that he’s had a change in his mind and then he asks her roughly if there’s a problem. Lilith shakes her head quickly but then Soo sidles up to Nayuta and asks him what his change of mind entails. Camus slyly tells Nayuta that he also wants to know. This just makes Nayuta ask them lowly if they wish to be pummeled. To Lilith, this makes her feel as if she’s gotten closer to Nayuta now. But then she wonders why Nayuta continues to add a respectful honorific to Kirite’s name.

Speaking of Kirite, Lilith walks into his back because he stopped suddenly and she apologizes profusely. He doesn’t notice though because he’s looking elsewhere and when Nayuta asks him if something is wrong, he answers that he felt like he was being stared at. NATE NATE NATE NATE ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ!! Soo looks around but doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary and so Kirite just shakes his head and tells them that it’s nothing. Nayuta doesn’t look convinced but Kirite just urges them to head to Madam’s place.

Meanwhile, a mysterious person sighs in relief before murmuring about how interesting it is that someone felt his presence. NATE NATE NATE NATE (*´∀`*)! It’s going to be troublesome but he’s also excited to have such challenging prey. The party quickly meets with Madam and she asks them if their business was finished that fast, but Lilith gets the feeling that she knows everything. She tries to explain that a bit of trouble popped up but Madam just laughs and asks them if it’s really just a bit.

She shows them a paper that lists a bounty for Lilith and the terms are alive or dead. Kirite realizes that the glance he felt might have belonged to a bounty hunter and the group realizes that they’ll be chased by people who want to claim the bounty or just want to kill people. However, Kirite points out that there’s one silver lining here. Since they’re branded as criminals they can now do whatever they like. They also reassure Lilith that they won’t allow anyone to harm her.

At this point Madam asks them if they won’t explain the situation to her because she might even lend them help. Lilith doesn’t want to get her caught up in their troubles though. However, Soo tells her that it’s fine because Madam wouldn’t have asked if she wasn’t prepared for that and she’s also human.. sort of. Madam smacks Soo in the head for that comment and he yelps in pain. Anyway, they get down to the explanations.

Lilith summarizes the attack on Dodona, being accused of being a witch by the high priestess, meeting Rognar and Sacred Nebulim, the search for the Vakistas, and saving the world by stopping the loss of love. Madam listens to this with a stony face and then comments on how it sounds like the delusions of an idiot about saving the world, but she can’t not believe it. She calls out to Soo and asks him if he’s noticed how strange Dinus has been becoming.

Fights have been springing up with no discernible cause and also people are basically losing their reason. They’re ignoring the rules of the slums and whatnot. Anyway, Madam isn’t sure of what she can do but she does have some information for them. A person who called himself a sage came by asking for information about how much unrest Dinus was in and when she asked him why he explained that it was to save the world. She just thought that he was suspicious and touched in the head though and so she tossed him out.

Nayuta thinks that they should find this person to see what they know about the love lost disease though and so they ask Madam if she knows where that person went. She doesn’t but she’ll send out her men to investigate. Nayuta thanks her and then asks if she knows of a safe place they can stay and Madam offers her own place since it’ll be the safer than trying to find an inn that no one knows about. Camus is surprised that a casino has rooms to sleep in.

Madam explains that there are rooms for VIPs and anyway her guards will keep any strange people out. Lilith thanks her gratefully for all her help and Soo muses out loud about how unusual it is for Madam to be so nice. Madam glares at him and asks him if he wants to sleep somewhere else and he quickly takes back his words before complimenting her for being such a splendid person. STOP STICKING YOUR FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH SOO プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

Anyway, the party decides to split up and rest in the town while they wait for Madam to find the sage man. Lilith chooses Soo to be her protector while they’re in town since it’s definitely not safe for Lilith with the bounty and love lost disease. She ends up returning to Madam to ask about the information gathering expedition but they’re still searching for signs of the sage and so Madam asks Lilith if she wants to help her. Lilith eagerly agrees since she wants to thank Madam for all she’s done.

It’s not a dangerous job and it turns out that she has to be a dealer for the casino. One of the guards escorts her to a table and allows her to be the dealer for a blackjack game. She sighs in relief when the last customer is gone and relaxes when she realizes that it isn’t as hard as she thought it was. When she hears the footsteps of another customer she looks up to greet them only to see Nayuta, Camus, Kirite, and Soo there. Nayuta just sighs loudly.

Lilith stutters out a question asking them why they’re here and Kirite explains that when they didn’t see her return after going to talk to Madam, they decided to find out where she went. And so they heard about the situation and Nayuta reassures her that he’s not angry. Camus is impressed at how good of a dealer Lilith is and then Soo asks if he can play against her since she’s dealing. Camus joins in too and then Nayuta decides to play as well along with Kirite.

She happily deals out the cards and immediately Nayuta loses by going over 21 and gets teased by Camus and Soo so much that he starts grinding his teeth. Kirite asks for another along with Soo. Camus stays with what he has. Then the cards are revealed and Kirite has 19, but Lilith has 20. Camus has 21 and so he wins and then everyone turns to see Soo trying to cover up his cards though he tells them that he lost. It turns out that he just had 11 and thought he could win. THE ONLY REASON YOU SUCK AT GAMBLING SOO IS BECAUSE YOU’RE RETARDED プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

Kirite gives a loud and long sigh at that and Soo whines at Kirite not to sigh like that or else he’ll become sad. Camus shakes his head pitifully at Soo’s confidence in winning with that low amount. Even Nayuta rolls his eyes. Anyway, when Lilith’s job is finally over she meets with Madam again and Madam gives her the money that she earned which surprises Lilith because she was just helping Madam out as thanks. Madam forces her to take it though and tells her that if she has anything else for Lilith to do she’ll tell her.

They still have time to spend since Madam is still searching for the sage and so Lilith decides to stroll around the streets with Soo. As they’re walking around someone greets Soo and talks about how he hasn’t been around and so the guy was sad, but now that Soo is back he’s feeling happy. Soo laughs at that and asks if the man missed him that much, but the man just grins and tells Soo that whenever he loses at the casino he makes himself feel better by seeing how much Soo is losing.

Soo growls at the man to shut up but the man just laughs and tells Soo to pop by the casino whenever he’s free. Regaining his smile, Soo just waves the man away. Lilith asks if that man was Soo’s friend but Soo shakes his head and tells her that he’s known around town because he wins the tournaments and because he gambles a lot. She smiles and points out that he’s famous but Soo laughingly tells her that she is too since she has a bounty.

Lilith frowns and tells him slowly that she thinks that’s a bit different from being famous. Soo rubs the back of his head and apologizes for his words and then he asks her if she’s mad, but she shakes her head and tells him that he’s very colorful and bright. He tilts his head curiously at her words and she explains that even though they’re wanted criminals and they were told that they had to save the world by gods, he’s still able to joke around.

Soo asks her if she looks at him the same way Nayuta does and thinks of him as someone who’s too carefree. Lilith confesses that she hasn’t known him for a long time, but from what she’s seen he’s someone who can get things done. After all, he won her i-scepter back. Soo blushes and tells her that when she says it like that it makes him feel embarrassed. Lilith giggles and points out that he’s turning red and Soo looks away before yelling at her not to tease him.

He quickly changes the subject by pointing out a food stand and then tells her that he’ll buy some for her. It’s some kind of bread with meat in it and he tells Lilith to try some. When she does it tastes delicious and so Soo tells her that he wants to try some too and takes a giant bite out of hers. This makes her pout and yell at him angrily about how he ate too much of it. Soo panics when he sees her pouting and quickly offers her a taste of his.

This makes Lilith blush though when she realizes that if she bites his then it’s like an indirect kiss. When he asks if she’s not going to eat it, she decides to take a plunge and so she bites a large piece off which makes him complain about how she ate too much. They bicker playfully over who ate more and how she left him more of his than he left her’s. Then she confesses that she feels a little worried about eating this because of her training as a priestess.

Soo reassures her that Nayuta isn’t around and then he comments on how painful it must be to have such a strict god like the god of Dodona and the god of Ingrid. He’s glad that Dinus doesn’t have an rules about what a person should or should not eat. This makes Lilith giggle when she tries to imagine Soo being a worshipper of Ingrid and he shudders himself when he tries to imagine it. Anyway, he tells her that she’s in Dinus now and so she should be allowed to relax a little.

Madam finally has information for them and when they meet with her she jokes about how impatient they are. Anyway, she’s found out that the sage is no longer in Dinus and here Lilith looks down. Madam tells her not to be depressed so quickly since she’s a woman who knows how to get things done. What she found out was that he’s headed towards Midvan. If they follow after him then they might be able to catch him in there and if he returns to Dinus then Madam will keep him here for them.

Camus asks why they can’t just stay in Dinus then but Nayuta explains that they don’t know when the sage will return to Dinus. Kirite also adds that they’re searching for the Vakistas and so they have to enter Midvan at one point. Soo points out that if they use the car then they’ll be able to get to Midvan really quickly, but Madam tells them not to use it because Midvan is a desert and the car won’t be able to traverse it. Madam would offer them horses but Lilith, Soo, and Camus can’t ride one.

They’ll have to walk to Midvan. Nayuta asks Madam if he can ask her to gather some preparations for them and she tells them that of course she will. There’s nothing in this town that she won’t be able to get. Before they leave, she’ll give them one more warning too. The moment they leave the town is when they have the most chance of running into bounty hunters and so they have to prepare and be careful for that.

The party starts to prepare for their journey and Soo asks Lilith if they should head to the casino first. Nayuta angrily asks him why they would possibly do that and Soo explains that they can win money for their trip there. Kirite points out that it’s only if they win and Nayuta adds that if they lose all their money then they can’t buy any preparations at all. Soo pouts and tells them that they might just win a big one, but Nayuta just scoffs and says that’s impossible.

Anyway they start buying the supplies that they need. Kirite explains to a curious Lilith that water is the most important supply for them because they’ll be going into a desert which has none. They can’t bring fresh meat or fish either or else it’ll go bad on the journey. Meanwhile, Soo and Camus are drooling over fresh meat and fish, which Soo wants to make sashimi out of, and Nayuta exhales angrily before he finally cuffs the two over the head for being so idiotic.

While they’re on the road Lilith worries about how they’ll do in the desert since they haven’t reached it yet. Even Soo is curious since he hasn’t been there and he’s only heard about it. Camus orderes Lilith to tell them the moment she feels ill when they’re in the desert and Lilith nods since she doesn’t want to trouble anyone, but Soo is more worried about Camus since he heard that small animals like rats die fast there. Camus angrily tells Soo not to compare him to a rat.

Soo just laughs at him and then calls out to Kirite and Nayuta and asks them why the two are walking around with scary faces and remaining silent. However, Kirite and Nayuta just whisper lowly to one another and Kirite asks Nayuta if he feels it. Nayuta nods and then asks Kirite if it’s the same one from Dinus and Kirite confirms it. Soo and Camus fall beside Kirite and Nayuta to listen to their conversation and the party decides how they want to deal with their pursuer.

Kirite and Nayuta are thinking of losing their pursuer by taking another road and Nayuta recalls that there’s a forest nearby with a bridge that will lead them to Midvan. He blinks in confusion though and asks why people don’t use that bridge more often, but Soo tells them to read the name of the forest. It’s called Wolf’s Chanze, which means Wolf’s Lair, and he’s heard stories as a kid about how bad children will get thrown away to be eaten by them.

And so they have to choose between trying to lose their pursuer on the straight road or going into the forest. Kirite asks Lilith for her opinion and she confesses that she wants to take the safer route. However, Kirite thinks the forest would be better and if any wolves appear they can take care of them. Nayuta and Soo agree. The forest is dark despite the fact that it’s only noon. Camus slowly says that he usually likes forests like these but for some reason it feels like something is here.

Kirite freezes and warns everyone that their pursuer has caught up to them and he’s shocked at how fast that was. Lilith can’t believe it either and Nayuta quickly asks if he has companions. Kirite shakes his head though because he only felt the presence of one person. Camus quickly tells them that the forest is rustling and something is coming and then he yells at Lilith to be careful. Arrows fly out of their surroundings and Kirite chops one down. Soo breaks another one and Nayuta blocks it with his armor.

Soo quickly asks Kirite if he’s realized it by now and Kirite nods. Their pursuer isn’t normal because he’s firing arrows from different positions too fast to be human and he caught up to them too quickly. But since there’s just one Soo and Kirite decide to engage him and Kirite orders Nayuta to protect Lilith. She’s worried about the two of them but Nayuta stands beside her and orders her not to leave his side. The reason why they left Lilith in Nayuta’s protection is because he’s wearing armor.

If they get attacked then she’s supposed to hide behind him so that he can deflect any attacks with his body. They wait for what seems like a long time before the undergrowth starts rustling but it’s just Soo and Kirite. Their pursuer managed to escape and all they saw was a shadow of someone carrying a quiver. Anyway, they think that it’s best if they get out of the forest. Camus asks Lilith if she was scared and then he curses the bounty hunters. Lilith admits that she is but with everyone protecting her she feels safer.

Finally they manage to escape the forest without any further encounters with their pursuer. The desert is hard to walk in though and Lilith is quickly tired, but she grits her teeth and bears on because she doesn’t want to bother anyone. When Camus asks if she’s alright though she confesses that she’s not too sure but she doesn’t want to bother anyone since it’s not like they can stop. The rest of the group overhears this though and comforts her.

Nayuta tells her that if she doesn’t feel alright then he can check her health for her. Kirite compliments her on how far she’s traveled without complaining even once and so she shouldn’t feel bad if she has to ask for a break. Soo grins and tells her that he’ll carry her if she’s too tired to walk and so she doesn’t need to worry. Lilith splutters at that and then she suddenly senses something and it’s as if ice was trickling down her spine. She immediately freezes and Nayuta asks her if she’s alright.

Soo just smugly tells her that she should just give up and let him carry her, but Lilith glares at him and tells him that something is coming and everyone needs to be careful. The ground is rumbling ominously and Soo realizes that it must be a sand worm. Kirite has heard about them eating caravans and travelers but he’s surprised at it’s size until Soo comments on how that’s not normal at all. Lilith warns them that it isn’t normal because she’s getting the same feeling that she did from the black winged boy, Sacred Nebulim.

Everyone immediately tenses and just like they did in the forest they keep Lilith in the middle of them. However Soo becomes worried about getting Lilith caught up in the fight and so he tells her to run. Nayuta and Kirite support his decision and tell her to take Camus with her so that he can fly up and find them when they’re done and so she’ll still have someone with her. Lilith doesn’t want to leave them but she realizes that she can’t do anything and so she nods.

But before she leaves she tells them that they definitely have to come find her after. Nayuta just smirks and asks her if she thinks that he would lie. Kirite tells her seriously that he would never break his promise. Soo just grins and tells her that there’s no way he would lose to a monster. Kirite plans to attack it head on to allow Soo to get behind the monster while Nayuta supports Kirite. As the men engage the worm, Lilith runs away into the desert.

However the ground is rumbling again and Camus tells her to hurry because the worm is chasing her. It’s hard to run in the desert though and she starts to tire quickly but suddenly she hears a bark. Lilith is confused as to why there’s a dog here and it starts growling but she doesn’t know if it’s at her or at the worm, however she can’t just run by it and let it be eaten by the worm and so she turns around to save it but trips. Camus urges her to get up and run but it’s too late.

When she looks up the worm is charging at her with its mouth open and behind it is Nayuta, Kirite and Soo but they’ll be too late. Suddenly arrows come flying out of nowhere and pierce the worm. Lilith immediately looks behind her but she can only see someone’s silhouette. They draw their bow back and release more arrows at a rapid rate and all of them are hitting the sand worm. The worm finally retreats back into the ground and the rest of the group finally reach Lilith.

Nayuta asks her if she’s alright worriedly while Kirite asks her what happened. Soo tells everyone to calm down before he coaches Lilith to breathe slowly and then he asks her if she’s alright. Lilith nods shakily and then tells them that a person with a bow saved her. Everyone is immediately troubled at that because while people using bows aren’t unusual, it is when they were just attacked by someone with a bow. And if that person was trying to kill Lilith why did he save her now?

Lilith remember to ask if any of them saw a puppy but Camus didn’t recall seeing one since he was too busy looking at the sand worm. Kirite didn’t see one and Soo asks if it wasn’t an illusion brought on by the heat and exhaustion. She frowns but shrugs and the group decide to find a place to rest for the night. They soon find a cave and after they prepare dinner they all go to sleep and Lilith follows Kirite. When Lilith wakes up in the night though she doesn’t see Kirite anywhere and so she goes to find him.

He’s sitting on a rock and when she asks him what he’s doing, he looks surprised before telling her that he wasn’t doing anything. Then he asks her what she’s doing leaving the fire by herself since it’s dangerous. But Lilith confesses that she was worried about him since a lot of things happened today and he looks surprised before apologizing for making her worry but he’s fine. She nods and then asks if she can sit beside him and so he moves over to create space.

Then Kirite asks her if she isn’t cold since the desert is freezing compared to how hot it is in the afternoon but Lilith informs him about the chilly nights in Dodona and so the desert isn’t that much different. He tells her not to push herself and she reassures him that she’s fine but then she sneezes. Kirite raises an eyebrow and Lilith laughs awkwardly before reassuring him that she’s really alright and that was just by chance, but then she sneezes again.

He asks her with amusment 「今のもたまたま・・・か?」(Was now also by chance?). Lilith blushes and tells him that she might be a little cold. He sighs lightly and then shifts closer to her so that he can drape an arm around her shoulders. Then he asks 「・・・寒くないか?」(You’re not cold are you?). He adds that it’s a bit tight for them both to be sitting on the rock but it should be fine. Meanwhile, Lilith is blushing and in her mind she’s yelling out about how it’s not fine because he’s way too close. She tries to protest that she’s fine.

She even points out that he’ll be cold like this and he might catch a cold. But he explains that he’s used to traveling and so there’s no problem. She asks him stutteringly if it’s really alright and Kirite looks away with a troubled face before informing her to be more worried about herself than others. Even in a place like this there are dangers. She blinks in confusion and he explains that there are scorpions here and then he points one out to her.

He tells her that if one is stung by that kind of scorpion then they’ll feel like their whole body is on fire and in pain. Lilith agrees to be careful about things like that. Kirite smiles at that before he becomes serious and reminds her that while he, Nayuta, Soo, and Camus will protect her with all that they have there will be situations where she can’t rely on them. And it’s important that when she’s in that situation that she doesn’t approach dangerous things.

Lilith promises to be careful and then points out that Kirite seems to know a lot. He blinks in surprise and then admits that he traveled around a lot as a mercenary. She asks him if he’s been to Midvan then and he admits that he’s been there once while on a job, but he didn’t stay too long. She expresses her awe at being able to travel the world and see different things. Kirite asks her if she really thinks so and she nods and tells him that she was excited to hear about the scorpion.

He hums in thought and then asks her if she wanted to poke it with a stick or see if it had poison in it. Lilith splutters out with wide eyes that she didn’t want to do that at all and the things he said makes her sound like a strange person. Kirite replies with a smile that confessing she was excited at the talk of scorpions makes her strange already. Lilith just shakes her head with a smile and explains that she’s lived at a shrine for her whole life and so she learning new things makes her excited.

Kirite confesses that he never thought of it like that and then he talks about how he traveled with just the thought of learning things to help him survive. He wonders if he was ever like her and was excited at learning things. Lilith tries to comfort him by saying that if she weren’t with him, Nayuta, Soo, and Camus then she probably wouldn’t be so excited to learn these things. She doesn’t think that she’s strong at all but he thinks that she is for continuing to walk along her path.

But Lilith shakes her head and confesses that even now she has thoughts of wanting to return home to Dodona. Kirite confesses that he understands her feelings because he also wants to return home. At this he averts his eyes to the ground and she can see that he’s in pain, but she doesn’t dare to ask because she doesn’t want to open any wounds. He tries to give her a gentle smile and then informs her that she should go to sleep since they have to walk through the desert tomorrow.

Lilith nods quietly and bids him good night which he returns. The next day they reach the outskirts of Midvan and it’s just a bunch of tents. Kirite explains that Midvan is special in that some of its citizens are nomads and they move around a lot to feed their cattle. Soo is impressed with Kirite’s knowledge while Lilith confesses that she likes the feeling of this place since it reminds her of Dodona. It’s really peaceful and then two children run up to give her a present since she came from the desert.

The party watches the children run back to their tents and Nayuta comments on how innocent and carefree they are. Soo grins and points out that it makes them resemble him in a sense, but Nayuta just glares at Soo and tells him that he just acts stupid and careless instead of free and innocent. Soo pouts at this and tells Nayuta not to be so mean, but this just angers Nayuta who yells at him not to call him by that infernal nickname NayuNayu. Soo points out that it’s cute though and then he asks for Lilith’s opinion but she doesn’t want to get involved and so she doesn’t answer.

Anyway, Soo asks if there are any inns around and Nayuta explains that there are if they head deeper in to find the main city. Lilith is conflicted though because she wants to try sleeping in a tent. Nayuta asks her worriedly if that’s the best idea since after walking through the desert he’s sure that she wants to take a bath and rest on a bed. But if it’s her wish then he’s sure that they can ask the nomads for a spare tent to sleep in. Soo just grins and suggests to Lilith that they can share a bath, but before he finishes Kirite just scoffs and delivers a hard punch to Soo.

Soo gasps out in pain and confesses in a strained voice that he thought it would be Nayuta who would hit him. Anyway, they head to the town of Midvan and find themselves an inn. Nayuta sets the rooms up so that Camus sleeps with Lilith, Nayuta with Soo, and Kirite has a room by himself. Kirite thanks Nayuta and tells him that he’s saved, meanwhile Soo complains as to why he’s in a room with Nayuta. Nayuta explains with a cold smirk that they’re going to have a nice long talk about this and that and about life.

This makes Soo cry out for Lilith to save him because Nayuta is bullying him. Nayuta reminds Soo in a dangerous voice that he already told him not to call him NayuNayu and tonight he’ll make sure to convey that to him. Lilith wonders if she should intervene but Kirite tells her not to because Soo is having fun. Camus adds that Soo knows what he’s getting into by teasing Nayuta. Suddenly someone knocks on the door and Nayuta asks Lilith to open it since it might be the owner.

Lilith nods and then goes to open the door but it’s not the owner of the inn standing there but a man. Nayuta whips out his spear and tells Lilith to step back while Kirite asks him lowly what he is. Soo warns him that if he does anything to her then he’ll punch him. The tension in the room raises but the man, Nate, continues to smirk toothily and tells them that he doesn’t want to fight. Then he asks if he can enter the room because he’s standing out.

Nayuta informs him dangerously that he has no intentions of letting a suspicious man enter their room and then he asks Nate what his business is. Nate simply tells them that he just wants to talk and if they don’t want to listen then that’s fine with him. Then he tells Kirite and Soo that they should know what he is. Nayuta asks Soo tensely if he knows this guy but Soo tells him that he doesn’t, however he recognizes Nate. He’s the guy from the forest who attacked them.

Kirite admits that he only saw the person’s shadow but it resembles the man in front of them. Nate tells them with a smirk that he’s the real thing and then he asks them if they’re interested in listening to him now. Nayuta remains silent but Soo muses out loud that if Nate wanted to attack them then he wouldn’t show his face like this. Nate narrows his eyes and corrects them by informing them that he could have killed Lilith multiple times while they were talking.

Nayuta spits out an insult and the two parties stare each other down until Nate finally tells them that if they don’t want to listen to him then he can go home. Kirite and Nayuta exchange glances and Nayuta reluctantly allows Nate to come in, but only if he releases Lilith. Nate agrees with those terms and the moment he lets go of Lilith, Soo grabs her and pushes her behind him. Camus asks if she’s alright and she replies that she is and that Nate did nothing to her.

Anyway, Nate steps into the room and tells them that it’s not fair for him to know their names but for them not to know his and so he introduces himself as Nate and then adds that he’s Lilith’s assassin. Kirite asks him who hired him but Nate just shrugs and tells them that they should know the answer since he’s just doing his job. Kirite deduces that Nate is part of a guild and Nate compliments him on his knowledge before asking him if he’s the same as him.

Kirite replies that he’s a mercenary and Nate nods in acceptance since that explains everything and then he addresses Lilith. She jumps in fright and he laughs at her stutter before telling her that she doesn’t need to be so scared because he’s given up on the job. Nayuta repeats his words and Nate nods before saying that he’d like to think of it as a tie but it’s a fact that his brat was saved by Lilith. Nate frowns and grumbles about how he ordered him not to leave the forest too.

Camus asks Lilith if she saved a child but Lilith shakes her head in confusion. There were those kids at the tents but she doesn’t remember saving them. Nate looks at her in horror and asks her if she’s already forgotten it. It dawns on her what he could be talking about and she asks him if he’s talking about the puppy. Nate freaks out and tells her that he’s not a dog but a wolf and that they’re completely different. Lilith blinks in surprise and Nate asks her if she hasn’t heard of a werewolf.

And then Lilith finally realizes what she’s seeing when he gives her a fanged grin. What she thought was his hair were two wolf ears that are of the same color and she notices his tail start to swing. Kirite explains that werewolves are wolves who have human forms and they’re known to be stronger and faster than humans. Nate compliments them for being humans and yet still being able to hold out against his attacks. Soo slowly points out that it doesn’t sound like a compliment.

Nate just chuckles and informs him that it’s a compliment and so he should just accept it. Anyway, Nate returns back to the subject at hand and tells them that this is all that he had to say and he won’t chase them anymore. And so he tells them that they can relax, but Nayuta points out that even if he isn’t chasing after them there are other people that are. Even if Nate is giving up on the job there are other people who will take it. Nate chuckles again at Nayuta’s words and tells him that that’s another conversation.

Kirite gasps in recognition but Nate just waves his hand and turns to leave the room. But before he leaves he asks Lilith why she saved that wolf pup and if it was because she mistook it for a dog. Lilith tells him that it had nothing to do with the pup being a dog or a wolf and that even if she knew that it was a wolf pup she would have done the same thing. Nate scoffs and asks her bitterly 「あんた、本気か?狼が人の間でなんて呼ばれてるか知らねェのか?害獣だぞ、害獣」(Are you for real? Do you know what humans call wolves? They call them dangerous beasts).

Lilith notices the cold look in his eyes and blurts out that she’s amazed at the things that people will say to protect their children from things like burglars. Nate just stares at her and she quickly averts her eyes before apologizing for saying such a weird thing. He sighs but then smirks and admits that she’s a strange girl and that it might have been a good thing that he didn’t kill her. And then he leaves. Camus wonders what that was all about and if Nate sought them out just to talk to them.

Soo wonders out loud if Nate has a death wish and when Camus asks what he meant, Soo reminds them that Nate implied that there were no further assassins coming. That sounds as if Nate did something to those assassins. Kirite agrees and then deduces that the person who is sending these assassins after Lilith is most likely the high priestess, though he didn’t think she would go that far, and the guild that she contacted wouldn’t forgive failure.

Kirite explains that he was probably contacted whether or not he wished to, but one doesn’t just quit the guild like that. When Lilith asks him what the guild is he explains that on the surface they’re just like mercenaries who are hired to take care of things. But underneath the surface.. he trails off and lets her imagination take care of things. Lilith is reminded about the conversation they had in Dinus about the undergound and how it has rules and then she asks if Nate will be hunted because of her.

Camus tells her fiercely that it’s not her fault and that it’s Nate’s fault for choosing to be an assassin. And so if he decided to give up on the job then that’s his own problem and she shouldn’t concern herself. Soo sighs a bit sadly and confesses that Nate reminds him of himself when he was all burnt out. Lilith repeats his words and Soo scratches his head in confusion before telling that it’s difficult to find the words for it but basically Nate has given up on life.

Nayuta snaps out that Soo isn’t living all that well either and Soo pouts and calls Nayuta mean, but this just makes Nayuta snarl at Soo to stop calling him NayuNayu. Kirite takes back control of the conversation and admits that he can understand the meaning of Soo’s words. When he looked into Nate’s eyes he could see that Nate knew the truth and didn’t care if he was to die. Lilith looks down in pain and recalls the blue of Nate’s eyes and how beautiful that color was.

Then she raises her head and tells them that when they say it like that, it might just be her, but she wants to save Nate. Everyone looks at her in silence and so she tries to explain that Nate gave up his job because she saved his wolf pup, but she also wants to save the person. If it weren’t for him she would have been eaten by the sand worm. Lilith would like to say that she wants to do something to save him but she realizes that she can’t do anything and that the people who can fight are her protectors.

Nayuta sighs heavily and she looks down at the ground again but he finally tells her with a small smile 「私は、構わない。私はお前の剣になると誓ったからな。お前が望むのならば、叶えよう」(I don’t mind. I swore to be your sword. If it is your wish then I will grant it). Plus it’s part of his knightly code not to let this kind of thing go. Kirite adds that he also doesn’t mind and then asks Soo for his opinion. Soo grins and tells them that as long as he gets to beat things up then he doesn’t mind and in fact he welcomes the chance to fight.

Lilith thanks them happily but Camus asks her in annoyance if she isn’t forgetting someone. She looks at him in embarrassment and asks him what he thinks and he tells her that he thinks it’s can’t be helped but it’s exactly like Lilith to want to save people. So the plan is to find the whereabouts of the sage before finding out where Zanas Valley is. Soo asks Kirite how he knows about the guild there and Kirite reveals that he used to work for them.

Soo shivers and reminds himself not to make Kirite mad. Nayuta just sighs and wishes out loud that Soo was that afraid of him as well. Anyway, before they leave to investigate around town Kirite suggests Lilith to follow someone because they don’t know if she’ll be attacked by someone else. She decides to follow Kirite. When she asks him what they should investigate first he suggests the whereabouts of the sage, because it might be difficult to return to Midvan after they go to Zanas Valley.

Lilith confesses that she can’t even imagine what a scary thing like that would look like. Kirite tells her that it’s something he thinks she should never need to know about. Anyway, they find a person to talk to and Lilith asks him for information about a sage. Kirite adds that this is a town surrounded by the desert and so he asks if the person can’t think of anything strange that they saw. The person recalls that he saw some weirdly dressed person go to talk to the king, but he doesn’t know if that person is a sage.

Kirite asks the person what the man wanted with the king and the person just shrugs and tells them that the man sounded like he wanted to ask the king if he wanted the world to end. Lilith sweatdrops and looks at Kirite before they both decide that it’s probably their man, though Kirite tells her not to laugh if it turns out to be some crazy or drunk person. Before they leave Lilith also asks the person if they know where Zanas Valley is but the man freaks out. He warns them not to go there because there’s a wolf called Fenrir who will kill everyone.

Lilith and Kirite exchange glances as they realize that the wolf is probably Nate. They try to explain that they’re going to save someone there but the man just continues to shake his head and tell them to give it up. It’s also a place where a woman shouldn’t go, but they finally drag it out of him after he tells them that he tried to stop them but they wouldn’t listen. He gives them directions and they thank him gratefully before returning to the inn.

They prepare themselves for the journey to Zanas Valley because they’re on a time limit with Nate, although Lilith wonders why she wants to save him so badly. There’s an unknown feeling in her chest that makes her want to save him despite the fact that she just met him. Anyway, Camus suggests that she walks beside someone since they don’t know what will happen when they get to Zanas Valley and the person she’s walking beside can protect her easier. She chooses Soo.

As they travel up a long and winding mountain road, Nayuta wonders if they should have talked to more people to find an easier route. Kirite agrees because while everyone else is used to it Lilith is having a hard time. Soo offers her his hand but Lilith refuses it and explains that she’s the one who wanted to save Nate and so she feels like she has to bear through the hike. Soo just chuckles and tells her that there are things that she isn’t good at and things that he isn’t good at. People aren’t perfect and it’s not a fault to request some help every now and then.

She gives in after hearing his words and puts her hand in his. Compared to walking alone and losing her balance on the rocks she finds it easy to walk now that she’s supported by Soo. When she trip Soo immediately grabs her arm and keeps her up. Camus whispers to her, since he’s sitting on her shoulder, that he’s glad she’s surrounded by nice men since he was afraid of her meeting terrible people. He points out that Soo is like a brother and Lilith realizes that she agrees.

Soo tells her that they just have to walk a bit more and she smiles brightly at him and nods. When he sees her smile he tells her that seeing her cute smiling face gives him strength. Lilith just laughs and says to him that he’s exaggerating but Soo replies 「おおげさなもんか。なんだったら、オレがお姫様だっこして連れてってやろうか?」(Exaggerating, huh? If you think so then how about I carry you princess style?). HE’S GROWING UP INTO A SEDUCER (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. Lilith quickly tells him that she’s fine and then she blushes at the thought of such an embarrassing thing.

He tells that she doesn’t have to be shy, but Lilith just tells him that the feeling behind his words makes her happy enough. Soo gives up but he reminds her to tell him when she’s getting tired so that he can help her. Lilith nods and then tells him to tell her if there’s anything that she can do too. He’s taken aback by her words before he blushes and tells her that he’ll rely on her. They finally reach Zanas Valley and Lilith is shocked at how it looks.

Kirite explains that this place used to be a mining village for precious metals but when the metals were exhausted the place transformed into a guild for assassins and other unsavory people. They find the building that they’re supposed to enter but before they do Camus notices Lilith looking conflicted. She reveals that she’s afraid of Nate not being here which means that she would expose the party to danger for no reason, but everyone reassures her that they’re sure that Nate is here.

She is reminded, by Kirite, that everyone they talked to warned them to stay away from Zanas Valley because intruders would be killed yet they managed to enter the valley without meeting anyone. He also doesn’t sense anyone around. When Camus floats near the door he wrinkles his nose and informs everyone that he can smell blood and fire. Kirite murmurs that Nate must have started already and then he asks Lilith what she wants to do. Everyone will follow her lead and so Lilith decides to save Nate.

Nayuta tells her to choose someone to stay beside when they enter that way she can be protected. She chooses Nayuta and then they enter the building to find Nate. They clear out the first room without any difficulties and Lilith is amazed at Nayuta’s fighting prowess. Kirite reminds them that there will be more the deeper they go and they should be careful, but Soo makes a joke about how if he’s wounded he’ll get Lilith to treat him. Nayuta just smirks evilly and reminds him that he’s a priest as well.

Soo looks at him in confusion and Lilith has to explain that although it’s true she learned healing magic as a priestess; holy knights like Nayuta are also taught how to heal. Nayuta informs Soo that if he gets injured then Nayuta will make sure to treat him slowly and painfully. Soo shudders in fear and Camus sighs at how these are bickering even in enemy territory and how they aren’t nervous at all. Soo thinks that a person fights best when they’re acting normal though.

They find a lot of slain assassins but none of the people on the ground is Nate until Camus points him out. In the distance Lilith can see him panting heavily and covered in wounds. Soo is disappointed because he didn’t even get to fight anyone since everyone is dead. But Kirite suspects that the last person is the guild master and Nayuta worries about if Nate can win with his wounds since the guild master is uninjured. Camus realizes that they can’t just interfere though and even Lilith acknowledges that.

Kirite reassures her by telling her that they’ll interfere if it becomes deadly and Nate starts losing. The fight commences between Nate and the guild master and Kirite confirms that the person in the forest was definitely Nate. Soo is in awe of Nate’s speed as he watches the two fighters exchange arrows and knives and he wonders if he can be taught that. Nayuta is still worried though because of all the wounds that Nate is suffering.

Nate is hit by a knife though and he stops moving which makes Kirite immediately ready his blade as he realizes that Nate must be reaching his limits. The assassin tells him that this is the end but Nate just chuckles and reminds the guild master not to forget his own subordinate’s second name. Nate snarls out that he’s Fenrir the wolf of death. The guild master yells out that he’ll kill him before he can transform. Nate just growls loudly and a flash of light envelops him.

When it disappears there is a giant wolf standing in his place and Lilith can see that it’s standing on two legs just like a human would, but there is no mistaking that creature for a human. The guild master flings out another knife but Nate moves so fast that, in the time it takes for Lilith to blink, he appears in front of the guild master and rips him apart. This is the end of the assassin’s guild. Soo complains about how he wanted it to last a little longer, but then Camus calls out Lilith’s name in warning.

She looks at him in confusion and then she notices that Nate is staring at her and though his form has changed the color of his eyes remain the same. He asks her roughly why she came and she confesses that she thought she would come and save him. He scoffs and comments on what a worthless reason that is and then he asks when he ever relied on her to save him. Lilith doesn’t have anything to say to this and then he starts to walk towards her which makes the rest of the team nervous.

Except for Kirite who asks her if she can patch up Nate’s wounds. Soo tells Kirite to wait though and then points out that it’s dangerous for her to be alone with Nate when he’s in that state. Camus agrees too but Kirite just remains silent and stares at Lilith. She looks back and nods before thanking him out loud and then thanking the others for their worry in her mind. But since she was the one who wanted to save Nate she realizes that she has to do this part by herself.

Nayuta grits his teeth but in the end he concedes and tells her that he’ll look around. Soo drags Camus away to investigate other things and Lilith approaches Nate who asks her roughly if she’s an idiot to have her companions stand so far away. Then he asks if she didn’t think that he might kill her and eat her. She just shrugs and then changes the topic to if he’ll allow her to heal him. He doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t move; he just continues to stare at her.

Lilith explains to him that they’re serious wounds and she’s a priestess and so she can cast healing magic on him. She slowly reaches for his hand but he slaps her hand away before she can touch him. His lips raise into a snarl as he orders her not to touch him. But she notices the knife in his foot and so she apologizes to him and tells him that she’ll listen to his complaints afterwards. But he yells at her to let him go because he doesn’t want to be chained by a human.

She begs for him to stay still or else he’ll open his wounds but as she tries to get closer to him he just scoffs and then sneers at her and reminds her that he’s a wolf and a werewolf. Therefore his death should be something that she, as a human, should be glad for. But then he adds with a bitter laugh and a choked cry 「それとも・・・まだ俺を使うつもりか?誰を殺したい。誰を殺してほしいンだ」(Or is it.. that I will be used once again? Who do you want to kill? Whose death do you wish for?). HE SOUNDS SO BROKEN HERE AND ON THE VERGE OF TEARS 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。.

He growls out that humans only use his kind for their own convenience and nothing else. If they’re hindrances then they’re killed and if they’re useful then they get to live and that’s it. Nate spits out that he’s declining that. Hearing all this, she can only cry out his name and embrace him which makes him gasp in surprise. She apologizes to him and explains that she knows her apology won’t mean anything since she’s a human but she still apologizes for the things he’s been through because of humans.

Nate can only whisper quietly for her to stop touching him, but even though he’s saying that he doesn’t push her away. It might have been because he didn’t have any more strength. Lilith returns to the reason she was here and she confesses that all she wanted to do was save him like he saved her. He responds by telling her that he didn’t save her; he just stopped trying to kill her. But Lilith asks if that isn’t doing the same thing as saving her, because if he was serious then she would probably be dead already.

He wonders out loud in a pained voice why he lost his way when he saw her and why he can’t help but want to stay in her embrace. He starts to lean his weight on her and she continues to embrace him even though she wants to heal his wounds. Lilith tells him that he probably wanted to change himself and was searching for a way to cut loose. Nate confesses that he thought he had already given up and then he calls himself an idiot, but Lilith shakes her head and tells him that he’s not.

Suddenly she starts to hear Nate’s heartbeat and a familiar feeling starts to well up inside of her. A bright light shines around them and Nate rears back in surprise before murmuring softly that it’s warm like her. Lilith explains that it’s Yufisu’s love and reminds him that she’s a priestess and then she tells him that she was wishing for Yufisu to give him love. Nate blinks in surprise and asks her flatly if she isn’t embarrassed to say it like that.

Lilith blushes and tells him not to say it like that. When the light disappears Nate returns back to his human form and all of his wounds have been healed. Nate expresses his awe at the power of priests but their moment is interrupted by the rest of the party who run up to them. Nayuta asks Lilith if the light was what he thought it was. Kirite confirms it by pointing out the tattoo and Soo welcomes Nate to their ranks. Nate just looks at them in confusion and asks them what they’re talking about.

When Lilith tries to explain though Camus interrupts her and tells her that this isn’t the time for explanations. The party looks up to see Sacred Nebulim laughing darkly and asking them if they thought they could run away. The ground starts shaking and then the sand worm from before springs up angrily screeching at them. Nayuta and Nate yell at the same time for Lilith to stand back, but Nate quickly leaps in front of her and fires off arrows at the sand worm at the same moment. She takes a second to admire his speed.

The arrows strike true and hit the worm but for some reason they aren’t hurting it, despite the fact that they’re hitting it. Lilith points out that it’s not normal which makes Soo grin and ask them if that isn’t a good thing. Kirite nods and realizes that they have to use their Vakista powers to defeat it and so they power up. The sand worm shakes the ground though and Lilith nearly falls but Soo dashes over to lift her up and carry her to safety.

Lilith thanks him and Soo grins in response but then becomes serious as he tries to decide how they should defeat the monster. They can’t run away and so they’ll have to defeat it somehow. Nate tells them that he’ll shoot it from here but Kirite reminds him that it’s not normal, however Nayuta points out that Nate has a tattoo. Camus smugly points out that they found Midvan’s Vakista and so Kirite tells Nate that they’ll distract it. Nayuta orders Nate to just think about shooting it dead.

Nate just smirks in the background and comments on how having protection makes him feel weird. He pulls back its arrow and wind starts swirling around it and when he unleashes his arrows they tear through the sand worm. When it’s defeated the party explains to Nate about Vakistas and what they are for and why they’re journeying. After the explanation he just crosses his arms and asks them if they want him to lend them his powers. Lilith stutters because while she does want his powers she remembers what he said about not wanting to be a tool for humans.

At first she really did just want to save him but now that he has the tattoo it looks like she saved him just for his powers. Suddenly Soo bursts out into snickers and when Lilith looks at him he tries to explain something but he can’t stop laughing. Lilith huffs in frustration but she follows his glance to see that he was looking at Nate. She notices Nate sneaking glances at them.. and then she notices his tail wagging. OH GOD DYING TO THE CUTENESS OF THIS プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

Lilith wonders if this means what she thinks it means and she hesitantly calls out Nate’s name. He asks her 「・・・なんだよ」(.. What?) in a deceptively normal voice. Lilith asks him with a stutter if he actually wants to join their group. Nate chokes in surprise and his face becomes bright red with embarrassment. Camus wonders out loud if that’s a unexpected dog-like attribute. Nate snaps out that he’s a wolf and they shouldn’t lump him in with dogs.

While Camus and Nate were talking Soo has a cheshire grin on his face and he whispers something to Lilith. The next thing that comes out her mouth is 「お・・・お座り」(.. Si-sit) but she’s blushing really hard and could only say it in a really quiet whisper. HAHAHA WHAT ARE YOU DOING OMG HAHAHA (/ω\). She’s not even sure if Nate heard her but surprisingly he immediately sits down. WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT NOT BEING A DOG? (〃゚艸゚):;* ALTHOUGH I’M JOKING AND I TAKE THOSE WORDS BACK. YOU’RE AN ADORABLE WOLF!

Lilith can only scream about how cute he is in her mind and even though her cheeks are on fire with how red they are she wants to hug him tightly. Due to his shock, Nate can only remain in that position and tremble. Soo laughingly calls out that he’s next and he tries to get Nate to give him his hand. Nate just snaps at him and tells him not to be an idiot.

*** EPISODE 「祝福と呪いと」(A blessing or a curse?) ***

There’s another recap about how they destroyed the assassin’s guild and the sand worm. While they were fighting the sand worm she remembers hearing Sacred Nebulim’s voice. Anyway they managed to find the whereabouts of the sage and they found Midvan’s Vakista, a werewolf called Nate who joined their party. Lilith prays to the goddess Yufisu to continue supporting them along their journey and their search for the sage. Anyway, the party exits the assassin’s guild and they start to discuss what they’re going to do next.

Soo asks if they’re going to find the sage but Camus isn’t sure if he’s still talking to the king of Midvan. Nate asks them who this sage is and then comments on how suspicious he sounds. Lilith explains that this sage person seems to be asking about the love lost disease and about saving the world and so they want to find him. Anyway, they heard that he went to talk to the king of Midvan and so they want to ask the king of Midvan what the sage talked about and to see if they can found out where to go from there.

If they have no leads then they can return to Dinus to see if Madam has any information for them. Kirite reveals to the group that if they use his name then they can probably get a meeting with the king. Nayuta asks him if that’s alright and Kirite nods stiffly before confessing that his only goal is to defeat Rognar and to achieve that he’ll do anything. Nate adds that he can also meet with the king, but his methods include sneaking in and interrogating the king.

Lilith hurriedly tells him that he can’t do that and that they’ll just get another bounty like what happened in Ingrid. Nate hums thoughtfully and tells her that he can get rid of her bounty for her. When she asks him how he just repeats the word assassination and her jaw drops in shock. Nayuta denies him immediately and Lilith laughs awkwardly. Their group has a lot of variation in it ranging from a holy knight to an assassin to a battle master to a fairy and to a samurai.

Anyway, the first thing they need to do is to return to Midvan. Soo and Nate both complain about being hungry. Before they leave though Nate calls out to Lilith and tells her to stop it. When she looks at him in confusion he explains that he doesn’t want her to add an honorific to his name and since he just calls her by name she should do the same. Lilith wonders why everyone is so bothered by that but she obeys him and stutters out his name with a blush. Nate closes his eyes and nods with a smile.

Lilith nods to herself and reasons out loud that Nate is close to her age and so she’ll try her best to call him by his name. Nate looks at her in confusion and she returns the look before he smirks and lets her know that he’s older than she thinks he is. Soo blinks in surprise and confesses that he thought Nate was the same as Camus meaning they age slower than humans and so they look younger. Camus appeared around the same time that Lilith was born and so he’s around her age but he looks really small.

Camus pouts and tells Soo that size isn’t everything but Soo just laughs before returning back to the subject at hand. He asks Nate what his age is and if it’s closer to him, but Nate just smirks and tells them that he’s 34 years old which makes Soo and Camus choke in surprise. Even Nayuta and Kirite start spluttering while Lilith just gasps. She quickly blurts out that Nate definitely has to have an honorific attached to his name.

But Nate frowns and asks her with a drawl what she’s saying because she promised to throw away the honorifics. He informs her that honorifics are now forbidden. Lilith argues that she didn’t make a promise but Nate just smirks and asks her if priestesses are liars because she told him that she understood. Lilith reluctantly admits that she did say that but as she tries to protest he appears in front of her and says with a smile 「・・・な?」(Right?).

Lilith tries to look away but he repeats 「な?」(Right?) in a cheery voice. She can feel herself cracking under the pressure until she finally bows her head and nods. Anyway, they return to Midvan and rest at the inn and the next day they head towards the palace where Nate explains that this is where the chosen king resides. The group walks up to the gates and Kirite reveals himself to be Savila’s first born prince. Lilith stares at him in surprise and Kirite looks troubled when he catches her looking at him.

The guard splutters in shock but asks for identification and so Kirite takes out a relic that symbolizes his heritage, but before he hands it to the guard Soo comes up and asks him if they can trust the guard with it. The guard looks at him in confusion and Soo reveals that he’s the son of the king of Dinus which makes the whole group choke in surprise. The guard freaks out even more at being in the presence of two royal men.

Soo asks him to bring them to his king because a lowly soldier shouldn’t be detaining them like this. The soldier bows hurriedly and retreats while the party continues to stare at Soo in surprise. Soo frowns and tells them that he’s still himself and whoever his father is doesn’t change that. Nate snickers and tells him that they’re not gaping in surprise because of that, but because they can’t imagine Soo as a prince at all. Camus agrees while choking with laughter.

Even Lilith giggles and Soo is left fuming and complaining about how this is why he didn’t want to reveal it. Anyway, they’re quickly taken to see the king of Midvan, Kadash 「カダッシュ」(Kadashu). The minute he sees Kirite and Soo he believes they are who they are since they resemble their fathers and then he gets straight to business and asks them why they’re here. He asks them if it has something to do with the bounty on them and then asks why the prince of Savila and Dinus are working together with the witch who will destroy the world.

Kirite explains that they’re saving the world and Kadash raises an eyebrow at him and asks why he should believe him. Kirite responds by telling him that he might want to know that the high priestess was going to kill Lilith in order to save the world. Kadash compliments Kirite on his words and how he’s pitting two unbelievable things together to make it so that Kadash won’t know what to believe in. He asks for the whole explanation and so Kirite gives it.

Kadash asks Kirite if he expects him to believe them now but Kirite just shakes his head and tells him that he would never decide what the king of Midvan should believe in. He’s only giving him all the information that he needs. Lilith is watching the two of them tensely but she can also see Soo and Nate roaming around looking for exits in case they need to make a quick getaway. After they’re done talking Kadash addresses Lilith for the first time and she nervously looks up at him.

He asks her if she believes herself to be a saint or a witch and Lilith tells him with a trembling voice that she believes herself to be a saint. She was given the staff of Yufisu after all and the three gods also believed her to be special. Then Lilith corrects herself and confesses that she wishes to be a saint. Kadash asks her about that and she explains that the three gods informed them that this world is approaching destruction but she loves this world.

She doesn’t want this world to be destroyed and she doesn’t have thoughts about dying either. That’s why she wants to become a saint so that she can have the power to do something for the world. Kadash inhales deeply and then falls silent and closes his eyes. Lilith wonders who he’ll believe but as the silence stretches she look down at the ground and thinks that he’ll believe in Ingrid’s high priestess. Soo whispers that he’ll knock out the king if he doesn’t believe them. Nate adds that he’ll blow open an exit.

Finally Kadash informs them that he can’t just believe in this story about saving the world. Soo yells out that it’s time to run now and Nate calls out an agreement, but the king tells them to wait in exasperation. Kadash huffs in laughter and tells Soo that he resembles his father a lot because they both don’t like to listen to people when they talk. Soo just informs him that his father is his father and he’s himself. Kadash explains that he can’t believe their story about saving the world, but he does believe in the other things.

Kirite asks what those things are and Kadash tells them that he believes the world is approaching destruction and that there is a disease called love lost. People have been losing faith in the god of Midvan and the desert has been getting larger. He’s also heard of an assassin’s guild setting up in Zanas Valley. At this, Nate tells the king that the assassin’s guild no longer exists. Kadash blinks in surprise and asks him what he means.

Nate explains that it was all due to the saint that the assassin’s guild was exterminated and so the king can erase that thing from his list of worries. Nayuta chides Nate for talking to the king in that manner and with that tone, but Nate just shrugs and informs him that he doesn’t consider the king of Midvan to be his king. When Kadash asks him what he means Nate snarls out about how his people hunt the animals inside of the forest and cut down the trees and so he can’t expect Nate to consider himself one of Midvan’s people.

The king apologizes quietly for that on behalf of Midvan’s people which stuns Nate speechless and then Kadash explains that his people just wanted to find an oasis, because they live in an encroaching desert. Anyway, back to business, the king confesses that he doesn’t believe the high priestess or Lilith. However, since both the high priestess and Lilith believe that they’re saving the world he will let their party continue on their journey. Kirite asks him if he talked to a sage.

Kadash tells them that a suspicious man calling himself the great sage Nico came by to talk to him about saving the world and the love lost disease. He ended up being kicked out and that was it. The sage probably isn’t in Midvan anymore but it sounded like he was heading towards Savila. Lilith thanks him for the information and his help but Kadash confesses that it troubles him to know that the burden of saving the world is resting on her. She reassures him that it’ll be fine since she has strong allies.

The party returns to their inn to prepare for the journey back and they decide to head to Savila to find the sage, though they’re not sure if he’s the real thing or an imposter. However, if he does know something about the love lost disease then they need to talk to him. Not to mention he’s their only lead. Soo suggests that they head back to Dinus to take the train from there to Savila. Meanwhile, Nayuta muses out loud about how they won’t find a Vakista in Savila since Kirite is Savila’s Vakista. They’re still missing Vakistas from Amafi and Melrond but those countries are closed to outsiders.

Camus reminds them that he’s a fairy and there might be a Vakista in the country of fairies. At any rate though they’re still heading to Savila first to chase down the sage, but Lilith notices that Kirite looks troubled at the thought of returning to his country. When he sees her looking at him though he tells her that he’s fine and they have no choice but to go to Savila. As they start to journey back, Soo makes a comment about how they’re returning to Dinus and Nayuta instantly chides him by reminding him that they’re going back for the train and not the casino.

Nate perks up at hearing this and he asks Soo if he’s a gambling man to which Soo returns the question. Nate admits that he hasn’t gambled much but he does find it enjoyable. The two start making plans to go to the casino when they return to the casino which makes Kirite groan out loud and call for Nayuta. Nayuta just reassures him and tells him to leave these two idiots to him. Camus sighs at how they’re supposed to be saving the world yet they’re getting distracted.

Anyway since they might encounter danger on the journey back, Kirite wants her to stick close to someone and so Lilith chooses Nate. The day ends with the party setting up a camp, eating dinner, and going to sleep. In the middle of the night though, Lilith is woken up by a strange noise and she opens her eyes to see Nate standing close to her. She asks him if he wanted something from her but he just shakes his head before asking her if she isn’t afraid to have woken up to a werewolf in front of her.

When she asks him why she would be, he reminds her that wolves eat people. Lilith asks him if he’s going to eat her and Nate looks taken aback before telling her that he wouldn’t eat her. And so she points out that if that’s the case then she doesn’t need to be afraid of anything. Nate just sighs at her logic and then she asks him if he had business with her. Nate replies that he didn’t and that he was just tending the fire, which is why he’s awake. She wonders if he wants her to take over the tending.

She usually doesn’t since the other members do it and it’s not because she’s a girl but because they want her to conserve her strength. But he shakes his head again and so she asks him in an exasperated voice what he was doing. Finally, Nate sighs and tells her that she kicked off her blanket, probably because the fire was too warm, and he thought that she would get cold. Lilith blushes and asks him if he was pulling up her blanket for her.

Nate asks her roughly if that was wrong of him to do so, but Lilith quickly shakes her head and tells him that it wasn’t wrong at all. He blushes and mutters quietly 「・・・そっか」(I see). Lilith suddenly remembers to ask him about the wolf pup that she met and she asks him if it’s his child. Nate chokes in surprises and hurriedly denies it before explaining that the wolf pup is just a wolf and if he had a child it would be a werewolf like him. He explains that it belongs to the wolves in Wolf’s Chanze and he just takes care of it from time to time.

Lilith asks him worriedly if the wolf pup will be fine by itself and Nate reassures her that the pup has its mother and so it’ll be fine. Lilith sighs in relief and Nate smiles at her before he apologizes for waking her up again. But then he tells her to go to sleep since they have to wake up early tomorrow. However, Lilith wants to request something from him before she goes to sleep. When he asks her what it is, she starts blushing and explaining that it’s not anything important but she was just curious.

Nate continues to look at her curiously before he finally tells her to just say it since he doesn’t understand her. Due to his eyes, she ends up blurting out that she wants to touch his tail and ears. ME TOO ME TOO (〃゚艸゚):;*!! His only response is to widen his eyes and gape 「・・・・・・は?」(…. Ha?). Lilith tries to explain that as they were walking his tail kept swishing and his ears kept twitching and they made her curious. Nate just mutters out 「・・・なんだそりゃ」(.. What the hell?).

Then he adds that he was surprised because she had such a serious face that he thought she was going to ask something else, but it turned out to be just that. Lilith is a little hurt at his words because it took a lot of courage for her to say her request. However, Nate asks her 「で?俺の耳としっぽ触ったら、ちゃんと寝るか?」(And? You’ll be able to sleep after you touch my ears and tail?). Lilith smiles brightly and promises him that she’ll sleep. He responds with 「くっ・・・喜びすぎ。いーよ、触っても」(Guh.. you’re way too pleased. Alright, you can touch them).

Lilith thanks him gratefully and then comes closer to him so that she can touch his ears. She murmurs in awe at how soft they are and then she starts petting it, which makes Nate complain that she’s tickling him and his ears flick away from her fingers. Lilith calls him cute and Nate blushes but orders her not to call him cute. She blushes in embarrassment as well and apologizes but it just slipped out of her mouth. Nate tells her that knowing it slipped out of her mouth doesn’t make him happy either.

Then he asks her if she’s done. She really wants to touch them more and as she reaches for his tail, he smacks her in the head with it. It doesn’t hurt her since it’s soft but she asks him what he’s trying to do. Nate just smirks and reminds her that she wanted to touch his tail and so she did. He orders her to go to sleep now, but Lilith complains that she was hit by it and she didn’t get to touch it. Plus she already touched his ears. SO CUTE HOW HE CAN FLICK HIS TAIL AND EARS (*´∀`*).

As she tries to protest Nate finally says 「はいはい。いいから、今日はもう寝とけって。また今度触らせてやるから」(Yes yes. That’s enough already, just go to sleep for today. I’ll let you touch them some other time). Lilith beams at that and asks him if he promises and Nate replies 「するする」(I’ll do it, I’ll do it). Lilith tells him that she understands and he’s definitely promised. Nate comments on how she’s surprisingly stubborn before he orders her to go to sleep again. He pulls her blanket up and covers her with it.

Then he asks if she’s cold to which she shakes her head. Then he asks if she’s too warm and she shakes her head again. Nate nods his head and then quietly wishes her good night. She also wishes him good night and then she falls asleep. The next day the party resumes their traveling and they manage to get through the desert without meeting any more sand worms. Lilith feels nostalgic when they finally return to Dinus. Soo splits off from the group to meet with the king to borrow a train to Savila while the rest of the group returns to meet with Madam.

When they tell her everything that happened in Midvan, including how they met Nate, she mutters about how strange that is. If Nico was traveling to Savila then he should have passed through Dinus but she didn’t hear a word about that. Camus asks her if he could have snuck in but Madam informs them that she has informants in all the shops around the town. Not a single person can buy something without her knowing it. Then she asks them where the idiot, Soo, went and Nayuta tells her that he went to see the king.

Her eyes narrow and she comments on how interesting that is. When Lilith asks her why it’s interesting, Madam reveals that Soo is the king’s illegitimate son. When his mother died, Soo ran away to live in the slums and refused to live with his father. He’s never relied on his father for anything until now and that’s why it’s interesting to see that Soo went to his father for help because of them. Madam confesses that she’s glad they came since Soo is actually living now.

Then Madam informs them that although Soo is an idiot he’s a really special person. Nayuta and Kirite agree since they could see that from the start, but they also agree that he’s still a huge idiot. Lilith just laughs awkwardly in her mind since she’s sure if Soo heard this he’d be pissed. Anyway, she recommends that they rest in their rooms until Soo comes back but Nate asks her dangerously if she doesn’t care if he sleeps here as well since he’s a werewolf.

She stares at him in silence before asking him if he’ll pee in the house at night. Nate splutters in surprise and asks her who would do that before he tells her that he’s not a dog. Madam shrugs lightly at his answer and tells him that she doesn’t see a problem then and she’ll get him a room with his party. Nate is shocked at her blase attitude towards his species. Anyway, Soo finally comes back to Madam’s place but he’s covered in wounds although they aren’t bleeding.

Everyone is worried and Nayuta asks if he even managed to get past the gates, but Soo tells them that he did and he talked to the king or more like they exchanged fists. Kirite asks him if his relationship with his father is bad but Soo tells them that it’s always like this. Lilith heals him up and then Soo informs him that the king wants to see them tomorrow and everyone blinks in surprise. Kirite even asks him if he’s lying but Soo just asks them what he would get for lying. Nate comments on how fast that is and Lilith becomes nervous since she’s just a priestess.

She also wonders why she seems to be meeting the kings in every country. Anyway, the next day comes and they enter the castle. Nayuta and Kirite and Camus are nervous at walking through because they still can’t believe that Soo is a prince, while he pouts at their disbelief. He punches the door open into the throne room, which makes Nayuta and Kirite choke on their surprise, and then the king stands up and yells at Soo for being an idiotic son and to knock like he told him a million times.

Lilith can understand why Kadash, the king of Midvan, believed Soo to be the prince of Dinus because he and his father look alike. She can see that in a few years Soo would probably look like his father, although his father has a more strict face. Anyway, Soo yells back that he’s being the annoying one for calling everyone here for no reason. The king angrily asks him to repeat that and Soo asks him if he wants to fight. Meanwhile, everyone is silent and groaning except for Nate who is howling with laughter at the two fighters.

Finally, Lilith hesitantly calls out Soo’s name and he apologizes before introducing everyone to his father, Banstine 「バーンスタイン」(Bansutain). Nayuta opens his mouth to scold Soo but he bites his tongue when he remembers that he’s in the presence of the son’s father, who happens to be the king. Banstine introduces himself to them as this idiot’s father which makes the two start to bicker again. Kirite interrupts to ask Soo about the train and Soo asks his father.

Banstine tells Soo that he has it all ready and organized and Soo explains that his father just wanted to see their faces. Lilith thanks Banstine gratefully but then he walks straight up to her and stares at her. He asks her if she’s the saint that his son was talking about and she nods her head. Then he makes a comment about how he can see why his son is following her since she’s the type of girl that he would go for. When Lilith looks at him in confusion, he shakes his head and then asks her if she’s going to save the world.

She nods again and then he asks her what she’s going to do in Savila. She tells them that they’re going to search for a sage who knows about the love lost disease. When he asks her what she will do if they don’t find the sage, she tells him that they’ll walk to Amafi. Banstine continues to stare straight into her eyes and she returns his stare as strongly as she can. Then he asks her how she feels about the bounty that the high priestess sent out.

Lilith confesses that she doesn’t bear a grudge because if it weren’t for the high priestess then she wouldn’t have found out about the state of the world and she wouldn’t have found her allies. Banstine laughs happily and tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about the bounty in Dinus because he’ll support them. Nayuta informs him worriedly that he might instigate a war with Ingrid like this, but Banstine doesn’t care. He explains that his people wouldn’t want to kill a young girl and they can’t respect a country that would permit that.

Tears start to fall from Lilith’s eyes as she thanks him gratefully for believing in her. Kadash didn’t call her a witch but he didn’t think that she was a saint either. Banstine wipes her tears away and calls his son an idiot for not taking care of Lilith and then he sends them off on their journey. It’s Nayuta’s, Camus’, and Lilith’s first time riding on the train and they’re enjoying it although Nayuta makes a comment about how the train is supposed to be used in a time of emergency.

Nate looks at him curiously and Nayuta explains that if the country of Anelheid is invaded by other countries then this train would become crucial in transporting supplies and soldiers. In fact, this train was the deciding factor that won them a war in the past. He almost can’t believe that they’re using the train for the sake of saving the world. Then Soo adds that this beats the beaker and walking, although his butt is starting to go numb.

After a long time of silence, Kirite opens his mouth and asks everyone quietly if they’re awake. Ever since they started riding on the train, he hasn’t spoken a single word. Kirite apologizes for worrying everyone but Camus waves it off and Nate shakes his head either. Soo tells him that if he has something to say then everyone will listen. Nayuta adds that he’ll help Kirite in any way and Kirite thanks everyone gladly. Then he explains that everyone knows about the destruction of Savila that occurred 10 years ago.

No one knows the reason why and the reason for that is because the country and all of its people disappeared. This caused the people in the other countries to panic. Soo asks Kirite slowly if he knows the reason for the destruction of his homeland and Kirite nods before informing them that they were there. Camus gasps in horror and then confesses that he’s glad that Kirite was safe. Kirite explains that his mother protected him and that a black winged man, Rognar, appeared and he was the cause of the destruction of the country.

Up to know he had always thought that his mother was the one who protected him, but now he realizes that it might have been the power of Savila’s god. Anyway, after the loss of his country he journeyed to Ingrid to seek refuge. That’s where he met Nayuta who had just joined the holy knights. However, Kirite’s only goal in life is to find Rognar and kill him and so he became a mercenary to improve his swordsmanship. That’s his life up to the point where he was contacted by the high priestess for a job.

Kirite confesses that he didn’t think it would end up like this and then he gives them a small smile. After his story, everyone falls silent and Lilith wonders why Rognar destroyed Savila. According to the three gods, he wants to be recognized as a god again even if it means making everyone fear, but death means there are no survivors to fear him. Anyway. the train finally stops and Kirite informs them that they’ll need to take a boat to Savila because it’s an island.

Lilith is amazed to see the see since Dodona was surrounded by mountains. Soo comments on the fresh air and Nate agrees happily because it contains the smell of life. When Lilith asks about it he puzzles about how to explain it and tells her that it’s like sensing presences. Camus tells him that he understands since when he was trapped on the train it just felt like cold metal. Out here he can sense the life in everything and Nate is impressed by how much Camus understands.

Camus just smirks and reminds them that he’s a fairy. Nayuta orders everyone to stop playing around and to get on the boat and so they do. Soon they’re on their way to Savila and Kirite becomes more and more nervous as time passes. He also doesn’t say a single thing. Finally they reach Savila and Kirite tells them that this is where it is. Everyone flinches in shock at the sight of the destruction and the fact that there’s nothing here.

Nate murmurs that everything is dead including the ground and the trees. In fact, there is no life anywhere here. Soo chokes out that he doesn’t understand how anyone can do this. Lilith starts crying at Rognar’s cruel actions and Camus tells her tearily not to cry or else he’ll start. Nayuta wonders out loud in shock how this could count as saving people. Soo shouts at him not to say such a thing and that there is nothing to gain by murdering a country of people.

As a creature of the forest Nate vows that he won’t allow the person who did this to get away. Kirite takes in everyone’s expressions and then he vows lowly that this is his country. Everything was stolen from him but he still lives and as long as he lives the country of Savila still stands. Then he tells everyone that they should move out and they bring themselves out of their shock. Lilith says Kirite’s name and he reminds her that they have something that they need to do.

They need to stop the love lost and Rognar and they need to find the sage, Nico. Camus wonders where they should even start though and then he wonders why Nico would come to this place. Kirite suggests that they head towards the palace because it might have clues or treasures of lost technology that Nico might be looking for. Plus, Nico has been visiting the palaces of every country. Kirite guides them to the beach and they follow a road towards the palace.

Along the way Camus points out a road that makes it look as if people are still living here but Kirite reminds them that everyone is dead. However, it turns out that there are people living there and Kirite is shocked to find himself staring at someone else who comes from Savila. It turns out that the young man was living outside the country with his parents and that’s why they were spared. However, even though his parents encouraged him to forget about Savila he couldn’t.

It’s his roots after all and if he doesn’t remember Savila then who would? Nate tells him that he understands the feeling. Even when he worked for the assassin’s guild, he still remembered and protected his roots as a person of Wolf’s Chanze. Anyway, the man gathered his friends and they live here on the island. He asks Kirite if they came because of the rumours and if they want to live here too but Kirite shakes his head reluctantly and explains that they’re here on another business.

The man frowns in disappointment but then he extends an invitation to them if they want to come and talk to him and the others. Kirite thanks him with a shaky voice and adds that he’s really happy. The party resumes their journey to the palace.

As they’re walking Kirite murmurs that those people are strong. He chose to chase after revenge, but they returned to Savila to bring the country back to life. Lilith tells him gently that she thinks both of them are strong and then she asks him if he’s still chasing after Rognar for revenge. Kirite tells her that he still wants revenge but he admits that his reason for fighting might change. Lilith confesses that she won’t get in his way for revenge, but she doesn’t think that he should just look at revenge as the end.

She wants him to look around before that and find another reason than just revenge. Camus interrupts them and points out that the palace is close and she runs ahead to see it and leaves Kirite to his thoughts. They reach the palace but it’s in ruins much like the rest of the country. Soo grimaces since he hoped that it would be different. Lilith feels her heart constrict at the thought of what Kirite must be feeling to see the building that he was born in destroyed like this.

Kirite tries to distract himself from the ruins by pointing out that the sage doesn’t seem to be here. Lilith frowns in disappointment since they don’t have another lead after this and Camus huffs in frustration and asks why the sage couldn’t just have left them a letter. However, Nate tells them that someone is here. He can’t sense their presence but he can smell them. Camus sniffs around too but he can’t smell anything, meanwhile Soo snickers and points out that Nate is just like a dog. Nate narrows his eyes and complains that he’s a wolf and not a dog.

Soo tells him that dogs and wolves are the same thing which makes Nate smirk dangerously and ask him if he wants to be eaten by a wolf. Nate adds lightly that he’ll look forward to it and Soo shudders at the fanged grin. Nayuta just sighs and call the three of them idiots before Kirite returns them to the subject at hand by asking about the smell. It seems like Nico is inside and so they decide to go in with the help of Kirite’s memory about the building layout.

Lilith is warned about the fragility of the wooden boards that they are walking on and she’s told, by Kirite, that if she steps on one she’ll just fall straight through. As a child he had been afraid of that happening. Nayuta talks about the wood that Savila used to use to build their buildings but then Nate interrupts them and asks Kirite if he can feel that. There’s someone in the next room over and they enter it to find themselves in the receiving room of the palace.

A man addresses Lilith as the saint and then he introduces himself with a flourishing bow as the great sage, Nico. She greets him with an honorific and he laughs a little at that before telling her to just call him Nico then he sighs out in pleasure about how they’ve finally met. He confesses that he wanted to meet her in Dodona but he was rejected by the shrine’s barrier. EVERYTIME HE TALKS IT SOUNDS LIKE HE’S USING HIS BEDROOM VOICE AND IT’S SO DISTRACTING (/ω\).

Lilith is surprised that he came to Dodona and Nico explains that he wanted to meet her when she awakened. He’s not too disappointed at not having met her in Dodona since he hates shrines and Rognar appeared. Nayuta jerks in surprise at the knowledge that Nico was there when they fought Rognar. Nico informs Nayuta that he wasn’t exactly there since he was outside the barrier. Then he complains about how tiring it was to cast a spell from there. Camus and Kirite realize that he was the one who teleported them.

When they ask him why, he explains that he couldn’t just let the newly awakened saint get killed off by the high priestess of Ingrid. Nayuta angrily tells him not to speak ill of the high priestess. Lilith realizes that Nico has a point though and that if she had been brought straight to the high priestess then Nayuta wouldn’t have freed her. It’s because they spent so much time traveling together that he did that. Anyway, Nico reminds them that they must have other things to ask him about.

Lilith asks him about the love lost disease and she pleads for him to tell them how to stop it. Nico frowns and tells her that he can’t which makes Nayuta angrily ask him why he can’t when he’s been going around talking about saving the world. Nico sighs and asks him if he’s the type of person who won’t let people finish their talking. Soo nods vigorously from behind Nayuta and Nayuta hisses at him to step away from him. Anyway, Nico explains that he doesn’t know how to stop the love lost actually.

Kirite asks him why he came to Savila to investigate when there’s nothing here and Nico reveals that Savila is the origin of the love lost. Because why else are the other countries only infected with love lost while Savila was destroyed? Lilith asks Nico not to state the facts so coldly as Kirite’s face is filled with pain and Nico makes a comment on how he seems to have drawn the saint’s anger. He apologizes to her and then admits that his scientific way of speaking might be hard for others to hear.

Nico plans to raise the spirit of the king of Savila to ask him about what occurred here, but this raises an argument from Nayuta who yells out that it’s forbidden to cast the god of Melrond’s magic. Apparently, Melrond is the god of death and the country is closed because it has become a country of death. Nayuta is against disturbing a spirit’s rest, but Nico just informs him that his disgust is due to his god’s rules but for Nico anything goes as long as it brings him closer to his goal. He asks Lilith if she’ll try to stop him as well.

But she confesses that she wants to know why such a cruel thing was done to Savila, however it’s not her decision to make. She looks towards Kirite and he tells her quietly that he doesn’t care. If Savila really is the origin of the love lost then he’s sure his father’s spirit isn’t getting any rest at all. He tells Nico to call his father’s spirit and Nico smirks at that before telling them that he will now prepare his spell.

Once again Lilith asks Kirite if he’s really alright with it but he tells her that he is and that if Savila really is the origin of the destruction of the world then he needs to take responsibility. Nico compliments him on his words and tells him that he would have become a fine king. Anyway, the spell is cast and a gate to the underworld opens up and someone walks out. Kirite chokes out his father’s name, Kaien 「カイエン」(Kaien).

Lilith realizes that 10 years ago Kirite would have still been a child. It must be painful for him to see his father again. Nayuta is shocked at how easily the gate was opened while Camus, Soo, and Nate are disturbed by it. Nico quietly asks the spirit if it can hear his voice but just as the spirit opens its mouth it disappears. The candles are blown out by the sound of flapping wings and everyone turns around to see Sacred Nebulim.

The winged boy calls out that he finally found her again and in a place where there are no witnesses he can finally kill her easily. Nate snarls out that he won’t let him and Soo agrees before telling Lilith to step back. Camus guides her to a safe spot but Lilith notices Kirite shaking and she realizes that he must feel like he’s in a nightmare. They’re in the place that his parents died due to Rognar and just as he saw his father’s spirit it disappeared due to Sacred Nebulim.

Kirite draws his sword and instantly attacks Sacred Nebulim, much to the distress of Nayuta and Lilith. None of his attacks are effective since he’s not using Vakista powers and when Camus asks why, Nico explains that it’s not that he won’t but that he can’t. Their powers are granted by the goddess of love, Yufisu, and so a person can’t access it when they’re full of mindless rage. Soo clenches his fists and tells them that he’ll use his then but Kirite snaps at them to stand back and that Sacred Nebulim is his to kill.

Sacred Nebulim sneers at him and asks him if he thinks a human could wound a god. He lashes out with his blades of darkness and they slice into Kirite. Nate grinds out that he can’t stand here and watch Kirite get wounded. Nayuta explains in a strained voice that Kirite must feel like he lost his father a second time. As the fight goes on Lilith tries to call out to Kirite or pray but he doesn’t hear her at all. Finally, Sacred Nebulim grabs Kirite by the neck and lifts him into the air.

Lilith prays for someone to save Kirite and suddenly a flash of white light envelops the room and then there’s the sound of a sword cutting through the air. It severs the hand that was holding Kirite and he’s freed. Everyone is shocked to see Kaien standing with a blade in hand. Nico just sighs and informs Lilith that she shouldn’t perform such outrageous things. Apparently, she used the powers of Yufisu to call out Kirite’s father’s spirit.

His father scolds him for attacking with no form and reminds him that he didn’t teach him to fight like that. Kirite is instantly ashamed and apologizes. But his father continues on to remind him about how a person needs to fight with their head and then he asks if Kirite can do it. Kirite nods his head and so Kaien tells him to do it then while he’s watching. Lilith smiles at the sight of Kaien’s gentle smile because it looks just like Kirite’s.

They resemble one another but Kaien’s eyes are more world-weary. Kirite drops into a position and then apologizes to everyone behind him. Nayuta just smiles and tells him that he didn’t mind. Camus berates him for worrying everyone. Soo reminds him to leave a bit of the winged man for him to beat on. Nate just tells him not to get himself hurt. Kirite breathes out slowly and then his sword starts to glow with the power of Savila. Every hit bites deep into Sacred Nebulim and he starts screaming out insults. EPIC CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT HERE.. I HAVE TOO MANY FEELINGS TO EXPRESS THEM (´;ω;`).

But in the end he’s defeated by Kirite and his body disappears in a flash of light. Everyone congratulates Kirite but as Lilith approaches him to heal him, the arm that was cut off flies through the air and Sacred Nebulim’s voice is heard yelling about how he’ll kill the saint with his last breath. Nate instantly reacts to pin the arm with three of his arrows though and it finally disappears in a flash of light. Lilith thanks him with a smile.

He asks her if she was harmed but she wasn’t and he smiles and tells her that he’s glad. Nico reminds everyone that they should return to what they were here for before they were interrupted. They all turn to Kaien’s spirit and then Nico tells them that they can ask questions now because he’s done. Nayuta blinks in surprise and asks him if he isn’t going to talk to the spirit, but Nico tells him that he already has the answers to what he seeks just from a glance. That’s how prodigious he is.

Nate asks Nico to explain and so Nico explains that he thought Savila was the origin of love lost because they cursed the world. But just by looking at the soul of Kirite’s father he can tell that they didn’t curse the world. Kirite exhales loudly in relief and Lilith asks him if he’s glad, to which he nods and then he thanks her for saving him again. But she just shakes her head and tells him that the person who saved him was his father. Kaien quietly tells Kirite that he grew up to be a fine man.

Kirite is taken aback but then he blushes and thanks his father with a weak voice. Kaien asks him if he has any questions because while he would love to talk with Kirite they don’t have a lot of time left. And so Kirite asks him why Savila was destroyed. Kaien explains that Rognar wanted a sacred sword they were protecting and so he destroyed the country to get it. Lilith is stricken with horror at that and Nico comments on how cute her innocence is.

He informs her that history is full of incidences like these where countries were destroyed due to the greed of people or due to fear. Kirite blurts out that he’ll carry on his father’s will and reclaim the sword to protect it. Kaien smile sadly and asks Kirite to forgive him for his failures. Kirite flinches in surprise though and confesses that he’s the one who needs to be forgiven, because up to now all he thought about was getting revenge on Rognar. He didn’t choose a righteous path like his father.

Kaien just chuckles softly and then informs Kirite that he wishes to give his blade to him. Kirite is taken aback and protests about how he’s unworthy to wield it, but his father points out that if he’s not worthy then who is? Kirite whispers that his father is being unfair and Kaien laughs before telling him that he’s just passing things down onto his son. If he doesn’t want it, if he doesn’t care about Savila, then he can throw the blade away.

Of course Kirite accepts it when he hears these words and he vows on his new sword that he’ll reclaim the sacred sword that his father guarded. His father starts to fade away and he notes that it’s almost time for him to go. Before he leaves he calls out to Lilith and thanks her for allowing him to be able to protect his son, unlike 10 years ago when he couldn’t. Kirite calls out his father’s name with a broken voice. But Kaien just adds that he’s also thankful for being able to see what a fine man his son is.

Then Kaien confesses that he still sees Kirite as a child though. Lilith is curious as to what kind of kid Kirite was and Nate pipes in to ask about that. Kaien chuckles and informs everyone that Kirite used to be a crybaby. Everyone in the party is shocked speechless when they try to imagine Kirite as a crybaby. Kaien adds that Kirite always followed him everywhere too. Soo hums thoughtfully and Kirite roughly asks him what he’s snickering about.

Soo tells him that he just thought that it was cute how different Kirite turned out to be. Nayuta tells Soo to stop it since everyone used to be a child at one point. Nate points out that Nayuta is smirking and Nayuta splutters out a denial. Camus tells him that he was and he asks Lilith if she doesn’t think so as well, but she just tells him not to involve her. Finally Kirite shouts at everyone to quit joking around, but he’s blushing. Soo can’t help but point out how unusual it is to see Kirite angry.

Kaien just laughs at their interactions and he tells Kirite that he has good friends. Kirite denies it heatedly and tries to tell his father that Soo isn’t his friend, but Soo interrupts and nods vigorously while stating that they’re very close. He also covers Kirite’s mouth with his hand. Anyway, Nate grins and tells Kaien that he can leave his son to them. Camus nods and tells Kaien that Kirite will be fine since they’ll be with him.

He smiles gently at their words and thanks them before telling them that he’ll leave Kirite to them. Lilith nods and confesses that she’s sure Kirite will save her a lot. And then a wind blows in and his body disappears. Kirite calls out his father’s name tearfully but he’s already gone. However, the wind brings it with a sense of peace and it feels good. Everyone remains silent until Nico breaks it.

Nico tells everyone that they should decide on what to do next and Nayuta nods in agreement before he suddenly asks Nico angrily why he’s talking as if he were certain of everything. Nico blinks in surprise and reminds them that he’s a sage. Soo asks him why he wants to know what they’re doing next, before he asks Nico with surprise if Nico wants to come along. Nico tells them that it’s obvious he’s going to join their party.

Lilith gasps in surprise at that which makes Nico widen his eyes in surprise too. They stare at each other in silence before Nico sighs and informs her that her reaction hurts him. It’s obvious that a journey like theirs needs a sage and so he’s necessary to them. Lilith agrees in her head that there are a lot of things they don’t know about and that a sage like Nico would help them understand many things, but she didn’t think that he would want to come along with them.

She ends up sighing before she welcomes him into the group exasperatedly. Nico just pouts at her cold attitude and then he reminds her to call him Nico without the honorific. Lilith gapes in surprise and then she tries to protest to that by pointing out that he’s older than her and he’s a sage. Nico huffs and tells her that if she’s going to say it like that then as a person who is older than her and a sage.. he orders her to drop the honorific. Nico smiles as he says this.

Lilith realizes that she can’t with this argument and so she concedes defeat and bows her head. Anyway, to return back to the main topic Nico suggests that they head toward Amafi. When everyone asks why, Nico explains that he wants to talk to the king there and he has a lot that he wants to talk about. Nayuta points out that its a closed country and that people who try to travel there are trapped in the forest around it. Nate adds that he heard the forest was inhabited by fairies.

Everyone blinks at this and repeats the word fairies before they all turn as one to stare at Camus. Camus looks back at them and asks them with a stutter why they’re all looking at him with such scary eyes. Nico grins and informs everyone that they’ve found themselves a guide.

*** EPISODE 「敵の姿」(The enemy’s appearance) ***

Another recap about what has happened. Lilith is pained and saddened by the destruction of Savila. She doesn’t understand the reason why Rognar did such a thing because the three gods informed them that Rognar wanted to be remembered as a god. If he wanted to be remembered then he should have left people alive in Savila, but he didn’t. She wants to know what his objective is. Also, they still haven’t figured out what the love lost’s origin is nor do they know how to stop it.

She also doesn’t know what Nico’s motives are. To try and answer some of their questions they’re heading towards Amafi on the boat from Savila. Along the way Soo speaks up and asks everyone a question. He confirms that Rognar is an evil god, but then he asks why the other gods didn’t interfere. Everyone is troubled at the thought of this and Kirite thinks out loud about how none of the gods stopped Rognar from destroying Savila.

If Savila was the start of Rognar’s wicked actions then why did the gods wait 10 years before deciding to move? Even Nayuta doesn’t have an answer for them. Suddenly, a flickering white light glimmers on the boat and then Luverchi appears in it. Everyone gasps in surprise and Lilith is reminded of the beauty of the white wings on her back compared to the black wings that Sacred Nebulim had. Luverchi giggles and notes that Lilith is feeling troubled.

Meanwhile, Nico comments on how he thought that he would see interesting things if he was traveling with the saint, but he didn’t expect to see one of the three gods. He chuckles with amusement but Lilith is a little apprehensive when she hears how creepy it is. Luverchi acknowledges Lilith’s new companions and compliments her on her strong heart. Lilith thanks her and then asks her hesitantly why she’s here. Luverchi blinks in surprise and informs her that she called out to her.

Kirite tells her that they have questions they want to ask and then he looks at Lilith. And so Lilith confirms with her about how they need to find a way to stop the love lost, but then she asks if the gods know the origins and how to stop it. Unfortunately, Luverchi shakes her head and replies that they don’t. Then they ask her why the three gods haven’t punished Rognar or defeated him. Soo points out that there are three of them and only one Rognar.

Nayuta chides him for his rude words but confesses that he has the same question. Luverchi sighs tiredly as mutters to herself about how she should have expected them to think about that. Unfortunately, this conversation isn’t going to be a nice one but if they still want to know then she’ll tell them. It turns out that Rognar is one of her brothers and that gods can’t defeat other gods. They’re also prevented from harming one another and they’re still bound to rules that force them to protect humans.

Kirite angrily asks how Rognar is saving humans when he destroyed Savila. Nico explains that because the gods have no idea how to stop the love lost disease, Rognar is choosing to give people salvation by killing them. Luverchi apologizes for her idiotic brother but that’s why Lilith was chosen by Yufisu to stop him and the love lost. Lilith nods determinedly and promises to defeat Rognar and stop the love lost. The goddess smiles at that and then she asks them if they want to know anything else.

Lilith asks about Horo and Clear. It turns out that Clear couldn’t be contacted but she’s sure that he’s investigating about the love lost disease. Meanwhile Horo went ahead to Amafi to wake up someone called Heathcliff 「ヒースクリフ」(Hisukurifu) for them. Camus nods thoughtfully and comments on how Heathcliff sleeps a lot. Anyway, Luverchi tells Lilith that she has confidence in her and her companions to enter Amafi successfully. She wishes them good luck and to work hard before she disappears.

They finally reach the forest that surrounds Amafi and it’s called the Forested Marjune. Lilith is amazed at the beauty of it and it’s very different from Wolf’s Chanze because it’s brightly lit. Soo comments on how he thought it’d be darker from Nayuta’s stories. Nayuta tells him not to be deceived because there are rumours about how if a person gets lost here then they will never be able to find their way out again.

Kirite asks Camus if he can guide them through the forest and Camus hums thoughtfully before asking them how much they know about Amafi. The party knows that Amafi closed itself off from the other countries and that’s about it. Camus explains that Amafi is a country full of spirits and fairies and because Heathcliff didn’t want to deal with the fights and evilness of humans he sealed the country off with the help of spirits. And that’s why people who go into the forest get lost.

However, because fairies can borrow power from spirits he can do things he normally couldn’t in another place. Camus demonstrates this by transforming into a young man which shocks almost everyone. Nayuta and Kirite choke in surprise. Soo can’t believe the brat turned into a man. Nico is interested in how fairy magic works and deduces that Camus borrowed power from the spirits to fuel his transformation. Nate just grins and tells Camus that it’s interesting how he turned from small to large.

Lilith confesses that she doesn’t know what to say since he was always so small. Camus just chuckles and then tells her that he can protect her better like this and he’ll stay like this while they’re in Amafi and so she should get used to it. Lilith reminds herself that Camus is Camus although it feels like she’s looking at a different person and for some reason her heart is pounding. ALTHOUGH I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT CAMUS IS CUTE PLEASE TURN YOUR EYES TO NATE.

Returning back to the topic at hand, Nayuta asks Camus if they’re able to enter Amafi. Camus replies that he can since he’s a citizen of Amafi and he’s sure that Lilith can because she’s Yufisu’s chosen one. However, the problem is with the others. Nayuta angrily asks him why since Vakistas are the chosen ones of the 6 gods. Camus explains that Heathcliff hates quarrels and so that’s why he closed the barrier.

Also, someone as wicked as Nico wouldn’t be able to get in. Nico pouts at that and tells Camus that he’s being rude and points out that he’s a sage. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s a god or something else, he won’t let anything stop him from getting what he wants. Nate nods strongly and calls Nico a wicked person. Soo smirks and suggests that they should leave Nico waiting here then. Nico just chuckles darkly and promises them that if they leave him here he’ll obstruct their way.

Kirite and Nayuta both agree that Nico can’t be anything but wicked. Anyway, since this is the case they’ll need to cover it up. Camus informs Lilith that she has to pick one person to stick close to and act as if she were close to that person so that Amafi will approve of them. Also, there are entrances to Amafi everywhere and so they should begin by looking around and searching for it. Nayuta doesn’t exactly like the situation of only having one person around Lilith, but it can’t be helped.

Lilith asks for a hint to where the entrance of Amafi is and Camus thinks for a second before telling her to look in beautiful places. She asks him for a list of places like that and he describes them for her and then she asks everyone where they want to look first. Kirite tells her that he’ll look around the lake and waterfall. Nayuta is going to look around the waterfall and world tree. Soo wants to look at the waterfalls too and then the limestone caves.

Nate is going to look at the waterfalls and limestone caves as well. Nico tells her with a smirk that a wicked being like him wants to look at the world tree and the limestone caves. She decides to go with Nate to look at the limestone caves, but Soo and Nico are also investigating it. It’s a deep hole that looks like it just continues to go down but Nate can’t smell any enemies. Lilith thinks that there might be a chance for the entrance to be here. Nico suggests that they head in then.

Nate tells Soo that he’ll be counting on him to use his Vakista powers to light up the way and Soo tells him angrily that he’s not a lamp. Although he wonders if he could do that. Nayuta appears and calls him an idiot before chiding him for using his god’s power like that. Anyway, the four of them head down and when they reach the lake Lilith gasps in awe before whispering that it’s beautiful. Nico comments on how he didn’t know that there was such a cave beneath Amafi.

Then he informs Lilith that a limestone cave is created through the passage of time and that this cave was probably here from the very beginning. What makes it beautiful is that neither the gods nor humans had a hand in this. All of it was done by the passage of time. And then he compliments her for having this sense too. Lilith blushes but thanks him and then she starts looking around the rest of the cave. Nate warns her to be careful though because it’s dark.

She asks him if he dislikes dark places but he shakes his head and explains that he dislikes places with stagnated air. Then he warns her to watch where she’s stepping since the limestone will break. She points out that he’s walking without even looking at where he’s going though and so Nate reveals that werewolves have an extraordinary sense of sight. Lilith comments on how convenient it is to be able to see in the dark. She admits that when she gets up in the night to use the toilet she crashes into a lot of things.

Nate smirks and asks her if that isn’t just because she’s a klutz. Lilith pouts and tells him that Camus often says the same thing before she goes back to the subject. She confesses that she’s envious of his sight since he can’t be afraid of the dark as he can just see into it. Nate averts his eyes and blushes as he tells her 「・・・・・暗いところが怖いと思ったら、俺を呼べばいい」(… If you’re afraid of a dark place, call for me). Lilith blushes as well and asks him what he means.

He explains that he’ll show her there’s nothing to be afraid of and if there is something there then he’ll beat it up. Some time passes before Nate calls out and asks her if she’s going to try and go deeper inside because the road disappeared a while back. Lilith looks back and tells him that she’ll stop then. He shrugs though and tells her that if she wants to continue on then he’ll go with her, because if he’s with her then she definitely won’t get injured.

She thanks him and then admits that she wants to continue on a little deeper then. She trips but Nate manages to keep her up and he asks her if she’s alright before lecturing her on how he told her to be careful. However, keeping her from falling causes him to fall instead. He hisses in pain before chuckling and telling her that he was unprepared to stop her. She apologizes but he tells her not to concern herself since it was his own fault.

Nate also adds that if she was injured on a day that he was escorting her then Camus would hurt him. Lilith giggles and agrees since Camus calls himself her protector. Nate confesses that he understands the feeling well since she looks like she can’t be left alone before she gets into all sorts of accident. Then he adds in a quiet voice 「だからこそ、放っておけねェンだろ。カミュも・・・俺も」(That’s why we can’t leave you alone. Camus… and me). She says his name softly and then a bright light shines.

They look up in surprise and Nate asks if that’s the entrance to Amafi and so Lilith goes to gather everyone up. They enter through and are surprised by the beauty and peace of the place, although Nico is interested in the flow of magic around. Camus explains that the spirits help maintain the barrier and then Kirite asks what they should do. He would suggest that they find an inn to stay at but he’s not even sure if there are inns here. Camus tells them to leave it to him and he’ll take care of everything.

There are inns here since sometimes travelers still come through. Lilith asks him why the other fairies in Amafi aren’t surprised to see them and Camus explains that everyone believes in the barrier that protects them. People who wish harm on Amafi would never make it into this place and so for them to make it here is already proof that they’re not bad. Nayuta asks him if they can meet Heathcliff but Camus tells them that it’ll have to depend on whether or not Heathcliff is awake.

Lilith asks for an explanation since she doesn’t know about Heathcliff and Camus informs her that he’s a very old dragon. He’s the only king of Amafi, which already shows how long he’s been alive, and so normally he sleeps the days away until he’s needed. Nate nods in thought and tells him that wolves also sleep a lot if there’s nothing to do. Soo asks in a cautious voice if the dragon wouldn’t be angry if it’s woken up and eat the nearest person.

Camus chuckles and tells him that Heathcliff wouldn’t do such a thing. Unfortunately, since they don’t know if Heathcliff is waking up they might need to wait a while. Nayuta recalls that Luverchi told them Horo was waking Heathcliff up. Just as Lilith remembers it she hears tinkling bells and a white light appears. When it disappears they see Horo flapping his wings and floating down to them before he greets them with a smile. He confesses that he’s relieved to find that they reached Amafi safely.

Then he informs them that Heathcliff has heard his voice and will wake up during the weekend. Lilith thanks him gratefully but he just shakes his head and tells her that they can’t support her much other than doing things like this. He frowns and admits that it hurts his heart to have to leave such a big crisis for them to deal with. Lilith tells him that they heard the story from Luverchi about Rognar.

Horo just frowns and murmurs that he doesn’t know how Rognar fell off his path, especially when Rognar is his brother. Roguna and him were the last gods born from Adonis and Renai. Kirite asks out loud if Horo means that he and Rognar are twins. Horo nods and sadly confesses that Rognar is half of him and it was already too late by the time he noticed Rognar’s descent into madness. His voice becomes shaky as he wonders out loud if he had noticed it earlier, he might have been able to stop many things.

Once again, he apologizes for troubling everyone. Nayuta stays silent while Kirite asks Horo if he doesn’t care that they’re going to defeat his twin. Horo quietly tells him that it’s fine because Rognar is no longer the Rognar that he knew. He became a god that didn’t love people. It’s because Rognar is his twin that he’s pleading for them to stop him. Lilith promises him that they will defeat him and find the cause of the love lost with the help of Nico.

Horo compliments her strong heart and then he tells them that it’s time for him to be leaving. He disappears in a flash of light and leaves Lilith thinking about how it must hurt for him to have to consider his twin an enemy. The silence that befalls the group is broken by Camus’ cheery voice as he tells them that he’ll find an inn and guide them around Amafi. Soo asks him about what there is to eat in Amafi because he’s starving. Everyone else agrees too.

When they finally reach the inn Lilith thinks about how she doesn’t want to move from her room at all. It’s been a long journey from Dinus to Savila and from Savila to Marjune. Someone knocks on her door though and it turns out to be Nate who came by to tell her about how they’re meeting Heathcliff tomorrow morning. She thanks him for the information and informs him that she’ll make the necessary preparations. They both fall silent but Nate is still standing in her room.

Lilith finally asks him if there was something else he wanted and he starts blushing before he asks her hesitantly if she wants to walk around the town with him, but if she doesn’t want to then he’s fine with that. She repeats his words in surprise and he asks her if she doesn’t want to. Lilith hurriedly shakes her head and tells him to wait. Nate tells her not to rush since the town will still be waiting for them. And so the two of them head out to walk around the town.

They have no destination and but they’re having fun by looking at the multitude of shops around. They reach the entrance to Amafi again and Nate comments on how this place is amazing. They end up talking about how there are many different people living in Amafi, not just fairies, and how it’s nice to see everyone getting along. Lilith giggles and tells him that they’ll have to work hard too. Suddenly, Nate wonders out loud how they managed to get into Amafi and Lilith points out that it’s because of their bond.

He snorts a bit at that and comments on the oddness of the bond between them. Lilith asks him if he doesn’t want to be her companion, but he shakes his head and explains that he’s talking about how he’s an assassin and she’s a priestess and a saint. This brings her to ask him about why he became an assassin. Nate averts his eyes and sighs loudly which makes her tell him that he doesn’t have to tell her it if she doesn’t want to. He ends up telling her that he was just doing it for money. He was going to leave the job after he collected enough.

Nate used to live in Wolf’s Chanze with a lot of wolves. Most of the inhabitants of Wolf’s Chanze were regular wolves but there used to be some werewolves. Lilith recalls the wolf pup that he takes care of and Nate nods before informing her that the pup is the pup to the last pack of wolves in the forest. The reason for that is because of Midvan’s soldiers who entered the forest, cut down their trees, and killed them for being dangerous beasts.

The forest used to be called a den of wolves but now there are only a few of them left. At first, the wolves used to fight back and kill the humans but there just too many of them. And so Nate figured that he’d chase and hunt down humans the human way by becoming an assassin. With the money that he earns he’s going to buy the forest and then no one will ever be able to intrude on his territory again. But then he saved her and ended up destroying the assassin’s guild.

Lilith asks him if he regrets it but he shakes his head and tells her that he might need to thank her, because the enemy of the world is also his enemy. And so he needs to defeat that person as well. Nate gives her a fanged smirk and then points out in a self-mocking voice that it’s just like a wolf to use a human. She is reminded of the first time she saw Nate and how full of sadness that he was. Lilith informs him that she isn’t knowledgeable about wolves, but she does think he’s being very wolflike right now.

Nate is taken aback by her words and starts blushing. He grumbles about how he’s not wolflike because he IS a wolf. Anyway, the next day comes and the party sets out to meet Heathcliff. Lilith can’t even begin to imagine what the king of a closed country like Amafi is like and so she can only believe in Camus’ words about how Heathcliff is a nice old dragon. It turns out that to reach Heathcliff they have to enter a cave and descend deep into the ground. Camus explains that it’s easier to sleep far below the ground.

Meanwhile, Nate is yawning at how boring the walk is and Lilith has to warn him not to fall asleep while walking because it’s dangerous. They finally meet Heathcliff who asks them why they’re here and Camus tells him that they’re here to listen to Heathcliff’s wisdom. Nayuta informs him that they wish to stop the love lost disease but they don’t know the origins. Nico adds that they don’t know why it appeared to destroy the world either.

Heathcliff hums thoughtfully but it appears that he does know about it. Camus explains to them that Heathcliff has been alive since the time of the gods and Lilith gasps in surprise. Heathcliff tells her not to be though because there are other things that have lived just as long, it’s just that they can’t talk. Anyway, he asks her if she understands the phenomenon of love lost and Lilith tells him that it’s people losing their love. Heathcliff nods at her response.

It’s a disease that makes people unable to feel compassion or pity for others. Heathcliff looks at her and informs her that he should understand what he’s talking about now and she does. Lilith’s face grows pale and everyone becomes worried. Heathcliff explains that Lilith and the Vakistas were given powers not just to save the world but to save the goddess of love, Yufisu. Everyone is shocked at that because she’s one of the most powerful gods.

The party doesn’t understand how one would be able to weaken Yufisu enough to kill her, but Nico does and he explains it with an analogy. People need food to survive. For gods, their food is people’s prayer. Then he calls out to Nate and asks him if he’s an assassin. Nate nods and asks him what of it. Nico asks him what the most common method of killing someone is and Nate answers promptly with poison, though he doesn’t bother with that. Nico smiles slowly and nods.

Realization starts to dawn on the party and Kirite asks if someone is doing the same thing to Yufisu. Nayuta points out that if prayers are food and life for a god then the opposite of that would be a curse. Nico compliments her on her insight. Soo curses Rognar angrily for going that far but Lilith tells him that it’s not Rognar who is causing the love lost. Kirite agrees with her painfully because while Rognar is crazy he’s still trying to save people from the love lost.

Unfortunately, this means that even if they defeat Rognar it wouldn’t stop the love lost and the world still wouldn’t be saved. Lilith asks Heathcliff if he knows of a way to stop the love lost but Heathcliff apologizes and tells her he doesn’t. But he does inform them that while he doesn’t think this is natural, there will come a time when the age of humans will end. Lilith is shocked by Heathcliff’s words and Heathcliff explains that for a being who has lived as long as him, he’s seen many species become extinct.

Anyway, he thinks that they’ve talked for long enough today and he falls back to sleep despite the fact that everyone is yelling at him to answer more of their questions. They end up returning to the inn with grave and disappointed faces. Nayuta still can’t believe that someone cursed Yufisu and Lilith can’t either. Camus tells them that Heathcliff wouldn’t lie though, he just won’t talk about things he doesn’t know. She doesn’t doubt Heathcliff, but she just doesn’t want to believe it.

They thought their powers were to be used to save the world and so it’s shocking to find out that they’re also supposed to use it to save the goddess. Kirite reminds them that saving the world and saving Yufisu are connected and so their objectives haven’t changed. Nico wonders out loud what they should do now and then everyone returns to their room. Lilith knows that she should go to sleep but she doesn’t feel sleepy at all. Suddenly, she hears the sound of a wolf howling.

It’s beautiful but sad at the same time and so she walks out to find the source. It turns out to be Nate who is howling toward the heavens and she feels as if he’s calling out to any other wolf out there. Lilith finally whispers Nate’s name and he looks over at her before calling her to come closer since he can’t see very far. She’s impressed that he knew it was her even though it’s so dark. Nate just softly explains that it was her scent and the sound of her footsteps.

Then he asks if he was being too noisy but she shakes her head and confesses that it was beautiful. He blinks in surprise and asks her what she means and she tries to explain that she thought it was a real wolf and so her heart skipped a beat. Nate calls her strange for thinking of wolves as beautiful creatures before thinking of them as scary things, but there’s no heat in his words.

Lilith admits that wolves can be scary but then she points out that there are many things that are both beautiful and scary. Nate looks at her in confusion and she explains that fire and lightning are beautiful but also dangerous and it’s that kind of feeling that she gets. Nate admits that he thought wolves were supposed to be the objects of hatred and fear but there are still people like her who seem to think differently.

Nate informs her that normal people would run away if they saw him like this and Lilith confesses that she probably would if she met another werewolf, but because it’s Nate she’s not afraid. Nate laughs softly and admits 「・・・やっぱり、リリスは変だ」(.. As I thought, you’re weird). She just giggles and tells him that being strange might be a good thing. Then she realizes that she might be getting in his way, but he shakes his head and explains that he was just blowing off stress by howling.

Lilith wonders out loud if she should try it too and howl to release her own stress. Nate snorts out a laugh and tells her that all of Marjune’s creatures would die of laughter if they heard her. She pouts and tells him that he didn’t have to say it like that. Nate just continues to chuckle before he tells her that she doesn’t have to howl to de-stress and that she should think of another way. She hums thoughtfully and suggests cooking which surprises him.

Then he grins toothily and tells her to cook for him one day. It sounds like a good deal if it de-stresses her and fills his stomach. Lilith giggles but promises him that when they’re in a calmer place she’ll make something for him. When he asks her, out of curiosity, what she would make she tells him that to de-stress she’d probably make bread because she could knead the bread with all her strength. He grimaces and tells her that it sounds like it’ll break his stomach.

Lilith pouts and calls him rude before she informs him that her bread is very delicious. Nate relents and tells her that he believes her. Then he changes the topic and informs her that he’ll escort her to her rooms since the wind is getting colder. She nods and then admits that talking to him has made her sleepier. He replies with 「そりゃよかった。ついでに添い寝もしてやろうか?」(That’s good. While we’re at it, how about we sleep together?). (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

She blushes with embarrassment and tells him that she’ll have to refuse, although she admits that she’s fascinated with his fur. He just grins and tells her 「それじゃあ今度俺の昼寝に付き合えよ。枕になってやろ」(Then next time I’ll be your pillow for an afternoon nap). Lilith smiles and tells him that she’ll look forward to it. Anyway, he escorts her back to her room and she tries to fall asleep though her thoughts are spinning around. She’s not sure if they can fight against an enemy that managed to curse a god like Yufisu.

Suddenly she’s woken up by a weak voice calling out to her. It’s Luverchi and she sounds weakened and is fading fast. Luverchi explains as fast as possible that Clear is already gone and that’s why she couldn’t contact him. She is also going to die and disappear and so she came to see Bambi-chan one last time and to tell her to run away. Luverchi screams out in pain and something sounds like it’s eating her alive. Soon silence falls in the room again and Lilith is horrified at what she just heard.

She calls out to Horo to come and save her with tears in her eyes but he doesn’t answer. Instead, another shadowed figure notices her and she calls out to it in relief because she thinks it’s Luverchi. It turns out to be another Sacred Nebulim though and he laughs at how he’s finally found her. Now he’s going to end her life right here because she’s getting in the way of the planet’s rebirth. Lilith is shocked that a wicked being like Sacred Nebulim managed to slip past Heathcliff’s barrier.

Help comes in the form of the party though and they burst into the room. Camus heard her crying out with a sad voice and Kirite asks her what’s wrong, but everyone quickly notices Sacred Nebulim and freeze. Soo is shocked because he thought Kirite killed him back in Savila. Meanwhile, Nico confesses that he’s jealous at how the enemy is in the saint’s room at night. Nate snarls out that now isn’t the time for those kind of words.

Anyway, the two immediately leap into action and draw their weapons. Nate orders Soo, Kirite, and Nayuta to provide cover and engage him while he and Nico shoot at him. Sacred Nebulim just scoffs and informs them that he’s different from the one they beat and he lashes out with blades of ice. The party finally notices that his eye color is different from the other one, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still going to defeat him.

Camus joins in the fight by calling on the spirits that lurk around Amafi and he summons a barrier of wind to repel the blades of ice. Anyway, even though this Sacred Nebulim might have been stronger than the past one, he falls easily due to the combined efforts of all 6 people. His body disappears in a flash of light much like the other one. Camus and Nayuta ask her worriedly if she’s alright but she can only sit down and explain to them in a shaky voice what happened to Clear and Luverchi.

The next day everyone gathers in her room again, but their faces all show signs of not having slept a lot. Lilith informs them that she wants to return back to Dodona. Camus and Nayuta understand that there might be a clue there. Kirite agrees since that’s where the shrine to Yufisu is, but Nate and Soo are worried about how Rognar might appear and attack her in her home town.

Nico points out that the danger of Rognar attacking is the same wherever they go. She doesn’t know if they’ll find anything there but they won’t know if they don’t go. Plus, she wants to find out what Luverchi was trying to tell her before she died.

*** EPISODE 「聖女として」(As a saint) ***

Recap time. Heathcliff told them about how someone cursed Yufisu and Lilith was chosen to save, not only the world, but also Yufisu. But because Yufisu is cursed the world has become corrupted with love lost. Luverchi and Clear died in their attempts to find the origin and reason for the curse of the love lost. There’s a lot of things that she doesn’t understand but for the sake of the world they need to stand up against the love lost.

Anyway, the group makes their preparations to head to Dodona and then Camus tells them that they’ll be able to teleport really quickly there. Amafi has gates that lead to other places in the world and if he isn’t wrong about the location then they can get to Dodona instantly. Nate grimaces at Camus’ wording and asks him if there’s a chance that they’ll end up elsewhere. Camus laughs awkwardly and admits that he met Lilith by chance when he ended up in Dodona by going through the wrong gate.

It would have been hard for him to travel back to Amafi in his small fairy form and when he investigated around the town he met Lilith as a baby. Camus tells everyone how cute she is with how she smiled at him and grabbed him with her small hand. When he tried to leave she wouldn’t stop crying and it was the first time he had felt so needed by someone and so he remained with her all this time.

Soo asks Camus if he’ll transform back to a small fairy when they leave this place though and Camus stiffens before biting his lip. He turns to Lilith and murmurs that he wants to stay like this so that he can protect her. He was thinking that when they fought Sacred Nebulim and even though he knows that as a fairy he’s just borrowing the spirits’ powers he still wants to protect her like that. He wants to stay big so that he has the power to protect her.

Camus clasps Lilith’s hands and she realizes how strange it is to feel his hands covering hers since he’s bigger than her now. But he’s still the same Camus and a person that she loves and trusts. Suddenly, the i-scepter glows with light and a very familiar feeling envelops her. She finally recognizes that it’s the awakening Vakista’s powers that are calling out to her and a tattoo appears on Camus’ back.

He gasps in surprise since he can’t believe that he was chosen to be a Vakista. Nayuta thinks that it should make sense for Amafi’s Vakista to be Camus, but Kirite is confused as to why it remained hidden up to now. Camus muses out loud that it probably had to do with his resolution, because as a fairy he uses the power of spirits. Nate nods in thought and explains that spirits don’t fight worthless battles and so a person needs to have a good reason to use it.

Camus agrees and then admits that if he was chosen as Amafi’s Vakista then it must mean that Amafi’s god is permitting him to fight. Kirite tells them that he thinks there’s a meaning for them to be chosen by the 6 gods. Nayuta thinks that they’re given their Vakista powers because the gods approve of them. Camus smiles and then tells Lilith that from now on he’ll protect her as well. She thanks him for always being there for her and then welcomes him into their group.

And now it’s off to Dodona! Except, Nico asks Lilith if they can head to Midvan first so that he can talk to the king. Everyone in the party has protests though because Midvan to Dodona is a far walk and Nate confesses that just the thought of it makes him tired. He doesn’t even want to think about how much pain Lilith would be in. When Nico continues to look at Lilith though she admits that she wants to head to Dodona first and then after that they can return to Amafi to teleport to Midvan.

However, Nico has another solution. If they go to Midvan first so that he can finish his business with Kadash then he can teleport them all to Dodona. Nayuta is reminded of the fact that Nico was the one who teleported them away from Dodona. No one minds the side trip and leaves it to Lilith to decide. She doesn’t mind either and so they teleport to Midvan using Amafi’s gates. Nayuta and Kirite are shocked at the convenience of it and even though Camus explained how it worked they’re still surprised.

Soo just wants to head to town before he burns alive from the heat. The moment they make it there though they immediately feel as if something is strange and wrong. Nothing has changed with how it looks but Nate and Kirite dislike the feel of the atmosphere. Nico hums thoughtfully and Lilith asks him if he knows what it is. He warns them that it’s just a guess, but Nayuta doesn’t care, and so Nico tells them that it’s love lost.

This confuses Soo though because he thought the love lost was some terrible disease that was going to slowly consume the world. How the heck did it reach Midvan so fast. Nico points out that two of the three gods that protect the world have fallen. Lilith realizes that he’s trying to say that without the three gods’ protection love lost is able to spread quicker in the world. Nico compliments them on their intuition and how it makes explaining things easier.

Nayuta snaps out that he doesn’t want compliments at a time like this. He just wants more explanations. Nico sighs but then continues on to explain that humans, more than any other creature, treasure themselves. Now if a person were to lose that love for themselves then they would have no reason for living. This is what they’re feeling in the town. Everyone has lost the will to live and so the atmosphere is dark. Nate scoffs and mutters about how interesting it is.

Even though he should hate Midvan’s people for destroying Wolf’s Chanze and killing his brethren, he isn’t pleased to see their city in this state. Anyway, Nico suggests that they head towards the palace to see what Kadash knows about this situation. The inside of the palace is as silent as a crypt and everyone is tense at the feeling. Soo wonders if the other towns are like this too and Lilith frowns with worry. They finally reach Kadash’s throne room and they enter to meet him.

Kadash greets them and notes that they managed to find Nico safely. Lilith tells him that it was thanks to his information that they were able to travel to Savila safely and find Nico. Anyway, a conversation occurs between Nico and Kadash where Nico talks about how he wants something and he had told the king that he’d be back for it. The king replies exasperatedly that he would never hand it over to him. Nico just smirks and tells the king that he’ll use Lilith to deal with him then.

He spins his words to guilt trip the king about how he’s not helping the saint save the world from the love lost and whatnot. Then Nico whispers for Lilith to say her part too because they just need to push a little more for the king to relent. Lilith tenses at how the attention falls abruptly onto her but she tries to do as Nico says. However, she only tells Kadash the truth about how she doesn’t know if she’s the sage and how she doesn’t know the origin or the way to defeat the love lost.

However, she would still wish for Kadash’s aid in this. Kadash sighs and then he asks her why she didn’t lie. He points out that if she had done what Nico told her to do then he might have given in and at these words Kadash glares at Nico, who only smirks back. Lilith explains that she didn’t lie because she didn’t want to be like the love lost. If she lied, it means that she can’t do it, and if it was found out then he’d lack faith in her. Kadash is silent before he smiles and asks for her name.

Afterwards, he and Nico start talking again while Lilith steps back and sighs in relief. Camus thinks that she did great though because the king asked for her name. Nate also admits that it was well played of her because by not lying she proves that she’s an innocent girl and magnificent priest. Finally, Kadash gives in to Nico and tells him that his head hurts from all the talking and how stubborn Nico is. Nico just replies with a smirk that those words are rude when he’s just trying to convince him to see things his way.

Kadash turns back to Lilith and asks her what she thinks about Midvan. Lilith confesses that she feels extremely sad when she looks at the town and then he asks her if she’ll save it. Lilith can see that he’s tired, not from talking to Nico, but because of the burden of protecting the town that he has been carrying. She promises him fiercely that she’ll save Midvan, because if she can’t even save Midvan then she can’t think about saving the world.

He’s silent for a long time before he finally smiles and tells her that he believes in her. Not as a saint but as a person. Lilith thanks him gratefully because it makes her fell happy to be believed in and then Nico compliments her for being such a wonderful person. Nayuta mutters that it’s because Nico is too shady and Kirite agrees in the background. When Nico asks them what they mean.

Kirite points out that it’s because Nico was so suspicious and shady, that compared to him, Lilith is like a shining example of humanity and so Kadash could believe in her. Soo just snickers and says that it’s because Nico talks for too long. Nate agrees and points out that Kadash must have just grown tired of arguing against Nico. Anyway, since Kadash will finally give Nico what he wants, Nico invites them to come to the courtyard with him so that he can show them what Kadash is giving them.

Before they leave Kadash asks Nico if he’ll really use it. Nico replies that he will because there is nothing a sage like him can’t use. When the party reaches the courtyard, Camus notes that the thing must be huge and he asks if it’s dangerous. Nico hums thoughtfully and admits that if it needs to be dangerous then it will be, although it’s also dangerous if it falls. Nate blinks and asks him what he means. Nico explains that if it falls it’s dangerous. AIRSHIP TIME!

No one understands what it is still and so Nico tells them to just wait and see. It finally appears after being brought by a bunch of soldiers but Nayuta still doesn’t know what it is. Kirite can only recognize that it’s a machine. Nate points out that it has strange wings. Camus remarks on the weird smell that is coming out of it. Lilith is still gaping in surprise before she finally asks Nico what it is. It’s a huge airship although no one believes him when he says it.

It’s a lost technology from Melrond. Nayuta can’t believe it and he asks Nico if he can move it and Nico just smirks and tells them of course. He invites them into the airship and starts to activate it. Lilith yelps in surprise because she still can’t believe that this thing flies before she asks him if they can get to Dodona with this. Nico nods and then tells her that it’s not just Dodona they can go to, but with this they can go anywhere they want quickly.

When she asks him if it’s really alright and if they won’t fall, Nico reassures her that it won’t fall because he’s controlling it. Camus pipes in and tells her that if they fall then he’ll catch her and fly to safety. Lilith thanks him and tells him that she feels relieved. Nate crosses his arms and asks Camus who will save the rest of them then. Camus hums thoughtfully and then admits that he can’t save more than one person and so the rest will just have to figure it out themselves.

Nayuta asks him with a grimace that they wouldn’t even be able to do anything if they’re falling. Just before they lift off, Lilith confirms with Nico that this isn’t his first time flying an airship is it? Soo tells her that there’s no way it’s his first time flying one or else he wouldn’t have told them to get on. Nico interrupts though and admits sheepishly that it is his first time. Everyone stops to look at him in shock, but he just chuckles and tells them to hold on.

The airship takes off with everyone screaming but once it reaches a height that it can fly at, they’re amazed at how much they can see and that they’re actually flying. Nico asks them where they want to go and Camus tells them that he thought they were heading to Dodona. Nico informs them that he doesn’t mind going to Dodona but they might as well stop at other places now that they’re in an airship since they can travel around the world quickly.

Nayuta suggests that they head to Dinus so that they can gather more information about what’s going on from Madam. Lilith wants to go to Wolf’s Chanze but Nate remains silent. When she asks him if he isn’t curious, he confesses that he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t want to see Wolf’s Chanze but there’s no one in Wolf’s Chanze and so it’s not a place to investigate about the love lost. Kirite disagrees though and points out that love lost affects more than just people.

Nayuta recalls Kadash talking about how the desert was becoming larger and so he thinks they should check out the appearance of the forest. Nate thanks them quietly. Anyway, they land nearby and walk into the forest on foot but Nate sighs quietly. When she asks him what’s wrong he asks her roughly why she came here. Lilith confesses that she was worried about how close the sand worm attacked to this place, but it’s also Nate’s birthplace.

Nate blinks in surprise and then admits that he does live here but it’s not the place that he was born. Plus, he doesn’t consider it his home because he just lives here. To him a home is a place with warm, happy, and precious memories. Lilith listens to his words and then asks him if he doesn’t want a home. Nate replies with 「いや、俺は・・・ようやく故郷を見つけた。あんたと出会ってな」(No. I’ve.. finally found a home. It was when I met you). Lilith repeats his words with surprise.

He nod and continues on to say 「そう。俺にとっての故郷と呼べる場所。大切な場所。喪いたくない場所。それはーー」(Yes. I’ve finally found a place to call home. It’s a precious place. A place that I don’t want to part with. It is…). He starts blushing as he forcefully says 「リリスのそばだ。それ以外は考えられない」(It’s by your side. There’s no place else). NATE IS GROWING UP AND HIS BLUSH IS SO PRECIOUS (ノ´∀`*)ノ. Lilith confesses that hearing that makes her feel happy. He looks at her in surprise.

And she explains that it’s a precious thing. Nate smiles slowly and admits 「そうだな。なにより大切だ。俺はそれを求めて、ずっとさまよっていた気さえする」(You’re right. It’s more precious than anything else. I feel like I’ve been wandering around searching for it). He adds 「それをようやくあんたのそばに見つけられた。・・・だけど、どうしてあんたがそれをうれしいと思うんだ?」(And I finally found it by your side.. but why does that make you happy?). Lilith scrabbles for an answer and wonders if it’s too early to think of him as someone precious to her.

Nate returns to the subject at the beginning and informs her that this place isn’t his home. Anyway, he also adds that he doesn’t smell anything out of place around here. Lilith nods and decides that since nothing appears to be wrong with Wolf’s Chanze they should look at another place. He agrees with her and then admits that he’s looking forward to going to Dodona. Lilith blinks in surprise and asks him why he is since Dodona is just a regular small village.

He gives her a fanged grin and tells her 「あんたの故郷だからな」(Because it’s your home). Then he adds with a laugh 「あんたの特別な思いがある場所が一体どんな場所なのか興味がある。こんな気持ち初めてだ」(The place where you have your precious memories. I’m interested in seeing exactly what kind of place it is. It’s my first time feeling like this). The next place she chooses to go is the Forested Marjune.

Camus asks if she wants to meet Heathcliff again or if she just wants to take a rest in Marjune. Kirite brings up the point of how it feels like they’ve been standing for a long time in the airship and so they should stretch their legs. Even Nayuta agrees to stop for a breather and so they decide to take a break at Marjune. While everyone walks around to places that they remember she and Nate head towards the lake.

He takes a deep breath and relaxes while commenting on how the atmosphere feels great here. He asks her if she wants to take a nap, but Lilith asks him worriedly if he isn’t being too careless. Nate looks at her curiously and then points out that they’re not fighting and so they should rest whenever they can. Lilith admits that’s true but she asks him if he isn’t anxious. When he asks her why, she confesses that they might die or lose when they fight.

Nate narrows his eyes and asks her roughly if she’s just thinking about them losing. She shakes her head before admitting that she’s jealous of his relaxed attitude. He tells her that it’s a special skill of his before he advises her to take in deep breaths to relax herself. She finally manages to feel more at ease only for him to blurt out that he also thought it would be nice to spend this time with her. He’s blushing as she repeats his words in shock.

His voice is nervous as he asks her 「嫌か?」(You don’t want to?) which Lilith hurriedly denies. She’s just curious as to why. Nate informs her 「あんたは、俺が狼だろうがワーウルフだろうが、気にしない変人だからな。一緒にいて気が楽なんだ」(It’s because you’re an oddball who doesn’t care if I’m a wolf or werewolf. When we’re together I feel at peace). Lilith stutters out that she doesn’t think it’s because she’s an oddball, but then she tells him that it makes her happy to hear that he feels at peace when they’re together.

Nate is still blushing though and when she asks him if there’s something else he tells haltingly that since they’re already here he thought it would be fine if she groomed him. She splutters in surprise and he nods before explaining that it’s hard for a wolf to groom itself and he knows from personal experience. Lilith tells him that she doesn’t mind and then she points out that he’s really being spoiled, isn’t he. He averts his eyes and tells her that he doesn’t think of it like that.

Lilith giggles and then tells him that she’ll help groom him until their break ends. She suddenly gasps in shock and he flinches at the abrupt noise before he asks her with annoyance if something happened. Lilith points at his tail and reminds him that he promised to let her touch his tail back at Midvan. Nate recalls that as well and tells her that he doesn’t mind since if she’s helping him groom she’d get to his tail eventually.

She smiles in happiness and then approaches him to pet his ears and smooth the fur down. She can’t stop smiling because it’s really soft and it feels nice. She wants to keep on petting it and Nate notices her happiness because he points out that her face is really happy. Lilith explains that it’s because she’s happy. Nate replies with 「へェ・・・?ちなみにどのくらい嬉しいわけ?」(He~..? Out of curiousity how happy are you?).

HER MONOLOGUE HERE IS SO EMBARRASSING (/ω\). Lilith notes that Nate’s voice suddenly became lower and huskier but she doesn’t know why and so she just answers his question honestly. She confesses that she’s happy enough to hug him tightly and she thinks that it would feel nice. He hums thoughtfully and she calls his name apprehensively, especially when she notices his fanged grin. He just tells her with a whisper 「だったらー・・・」(In that case–) before he pushes her down onto the ground. HIS WICKED SMIRK (๑→‿←๑)!

Nate asks her huskily 「俺に抱きついてみる?」(Are you going to hug me?). Lilith just blinks in surprise because she had been petting his ears and the next thing she knows is that she’s staring up at Nate’s face and that she can see the sky behind him. Lilith starts blushing as she wonders why he pushed her down but he just asks her 「どうなんだよ、俺に抱きつきたいんだろ?」(What’s wrong? Didn’t you want to hug me?). She remembers that she did say that but..

When she continues to remain silent he asks her 「それとも、オレがリリスに抱きついてやろうか?」(Or is it that you want me to hug you?). Her eyes widen and she blurts out that just receiving his feelings is enough her. He smirks and tells her not to be so reserved since it’ll feel good. She blushes when he uses her own words against her and tells him that she’ll have to decline. Just petting his fur is enough for her. Nate reminds her about how she told him that she wanted to experience more.

She squeaks out that she’s experienced more than enough now. He reminds her that she had said he was spoiled and wouldn’t hugging him make her happier? She reminds him that he denied being spoiled, but Nate just smirks and tells her that he doesn’t remember that. She pouts and wonders why he’s so happy. Anyway, their break ends and they return to the airship to fly towards Dodona. Camus is excited to return and confesses that he feels extremely nostalgic.

Lilith wonders how everyone in the town is doing and what they’ll say when they finally see her again since she left without a word, due to Nico’s teleportation magic. However, when they reach the ground and walk to Dodona, Nico can immediately tell that something is wrong. The barrier that used to be around Dodona is gone. If it were still here then it would have repelled him but instead he easily walked into Dodona. Nate grins and asks if it isn’t because Nico has become more pure by walking beside Lilith.

Nico chides Nate for being rude. When Soo asks him why he can’t enter Dodona, Nico just tells him that he hates shrines. Soo gives up on questioning Nico and Kirite informs them that he can’t sense anyone. Nate adds that he can’t feel the presence of an enemy either. Anyway, the party enters Dodona to find that everyone is missing yet everything remains the same. It’s as if all the people just disappeared without taking anything and there’s no smell either.

Nayuta asks if it was the work of a spell and Nico admits that there is a possibility for it. Nate realizes that an enemy must have come here to find Lilith, but when they didn’t find her they took the villagers instead. She cries out about how the villagers are innocent of everything. Kirite reminds her gently that an enemy wouldn’t think that while Nayuta grimaces and informs everyone that it’s probably the action of Ingrid.

Lilith flinches and murmurs that it’s all her fault, but Nate reassures her and tells her not to worry because he can’t smell blood or conflict. He’s confident that they’re safe. She tries to protest but he tells her not to make that kind of face. Finally she nods in determination. The rest of the party asks her what she wants to do and she tells them that she wants to go to the shrine, since that was why they came here.

Nico nods thoughtfully since it’s the place where everything started. Lilith confesses that she doesn’t know if she’ll feel anything in there but she wants to try. Nico tells her 「・・・いいでしょう。聖女様の、お望み通りに」(… It’s fine. As the saint wishes). When they reach the shrine, it’s as silent and as empty as the town. Nate also can’t smell anyone here. And then Nayuta is reminded of the fact that Nico had watched the battle with Rognar. Nico tells Nayuta that he’s happy that his words were remembered.

Nayuta just sighs and then asks him why he didn’t help them in their battle and just stayed away to cast his spell. Nico replies that the barrier was keeping him out. When Soo asks if he doesn’t feel the barrier right now, Nico shakes his head and tells them that he doesn’t feel any lingering power from the gods or the barrier. The shrine has just become an empty and powerless building. Lilith winces and Camus asks her if she’s alright. She nods shakily.

After all there have been more cruel things done to other places. This place is calm in comparison, but even as she says this she can’t help but feel sad. The altar in the shrine was fixed from the state it had been in when Rognar attacked, but Nayuta comments on how there’s nothing here and it almost feel as if they came here in vain. Kirite reprimands Nayuta by hissing out his name and Nayuta winces before apologizing to Lilith for his rude words because this was her home.

Lilith nods but then tells him not to worry about it since she was thinking the same thing, but then she promises herself never to forget what happened here. Kirite smirks and tells her that they couldn’t forget it even if they tried. Camus recalls that this is the place where Kirite became the first Vakista. Kirite admits that his life changed in that moment and Nayuta admits it too. Camus muses out loud about how they couldn’t have imagined that they would come to this point one day.

Anyway, Nayuta asks her if she can feel anything and Lilith nods. She explains that coming to this place has made her realize that Yufisu really is cursed. She can feel that there is a lack of love and that Yufisu is hurting because of that. Everyone looks at her with sadness, but Lilith adds in a strong voice that she can also feel that she really is a priestess of Yufisu and so Yufisu still exists in her heart. The moment she says this a white light shines.

Everyone gasps in shock at the feeling and Nayuta asks if it’s the three gods and if they’re safe. But Lilith notices that the feeling is different and more vast and encompassing. It’s Yufisu’s love that she feels and she catches a glimpse of the goddess. When she returns to the present she notices that she’s crying silently and Kirite asks her if she’s alright. Nico manages to deduce that it’s Yufisu’s presence which shocks Nayuta and Soo, since he thought she lost her powers due to the curse.

Nate points out that even though she’s cursed she’s still a goddess and her shrine is the most likely place for her to appear with her powers. Lilith informs everyone that Yufisu is watching over them and that she’s really close right now. It’s a warm feeling like that of a mother’s. Lilith strengthens her decision to save the world here and asks them to lend her their powers so that they can save the world together.

Camus giggles and tells her that she doesn’t have to ask him such an obvious thing and when it’s so late in their journey. He’ll work hard though. Kirite smirks and tells her that she doesn’t even need to ask him to do that and so she doesn’t need to worry. Nayuta chuckles and also comments on how late it is. Soo thinks that it’s alright though since that means they can all yell out in agreement here. Nate laughs loudly and tells her that he’s looking forward to it.

Nico comments on how she seems to have finally decided to act and now the saint has truly awakened. Lilith nods and tells them that in order to save the world they need to do the things that they can. She wants to convey Yufisu’s love to everyone even though they don’t know how to stop the love lost yet, at least they’ll be able to slow it down. She reminds them that people aren’t defeated that easily.

Back to the airship, Kirite asks her where she wants to go and she answers with Dinus. She has a lot of things to ask Madam and it’ll give them a chance to check up on its state too. Kirite agrees with that plan since he wants to see if any of the other countries are infected by love lost. Nate agrees and then adds that Amafi and Melrond don’t need to be checked. Nico chuckles and points out that it’s because humans don’t live in those countries.

Lilith comments about how this makes her want to go to those places even more and Camus just sighs at her. Anyway, Nayuta directs them toward Dinus and when they reach the town they immediately head for Madam. Soo greets her cheerfully and asks her if she’s well but she just ignores him and asks them what they want. Lilith wants to know the state of the world, but this question makes Madam laugh since they’ve been traveling around the world and so they should know the answer themselves.

Kirite informs her that they would like to know about the situation behind the scenes and so Madam should know the things happening underground. Madam informs them that Dinus has started to become infected by the love lost. It’s nothing serious but people are starting to become more listless. Soo asks her fiercely if his father is doing anything, but she asks him what his father could even do. Banstine doesn’t know anything about the love lost and neither does she.

Lilith asks her about the other countries starting with Ingrid. Apparently the people of Ingrid have started to lose their faith surprisingly, since they’re known for being very religious. Love lost is clearly starting to affect that city but the high priestess blames it all on the witch, Lilith. She’s trying to spread propaganda about how if they kill the witch then everyone will be saved. Nayuta grits his teeth and asks her how many people in the country believe that. It’s about half and half.

The next country Lilith asks about is Midvan, but Madam doesn’t want to talk about it. Nate suspects that the situation is too grave to talk about and he’s right. Midvan has been hit the hardest with the love lost and since it’s surrounded by a desert that is growing larger by the day. Soldiers who still have the will to live are trying to escape the city and gather those who want to leave. Those who have lost the will to live have just locked themselves up in their houses to wait for death.

Madam warns them that if they don’t do something soon and if the love lost isn’t stopped then the country of Midvan will be destroyed. The last place Lilith asks about is Savila. Madam has heard of a group of people there who are trying to live in Savila and so far it seems like they’re okay. If the love lost is affecting them then it’s only affecting them in small amounts, and surprisingly the other countries are giving aid to them.

Kirite is shocked to find out that, even in this time of despair, other countries are still able to give aid to Savila’s people. Camus asks Madam about Amafi but he’s pretty sure she won’t know about it. It turns out that she doesn’t know about it because she doesn’t even know where it is. Soo is surprised to find out that there are things even Madam doesn’t know about and she rolls her eyes at his idiocy before telling them that she has no interest in a country closed off to others.

Nico reassures Lilith by telling her that as long as Heathcliff’s barrier still stands then he doubts that the love lost can enter into that country. Anyway, that’s all that Madam knows and she asks if she’s helped them. Lilith thanks her gratefully but Camus wonders out loud about what they should do next. Lilith realizes that even though they know what the situation is in the other countries they still don’t know anything about Rognar or the origin of the love lost.

Their objective of saving the world encompasses too much for them to even know where to begin. They need to find a smaller goal to concentrate on, but the problem is that they have no leads. Nico suggests that they should go their individual ways for now since everyone must be curious about their home after hearing about how the different countries are doing. He’ll give them all a ride in his airship to the place that they want to go. Nayuta admits reluctantly that he’s curious.

Nico convinces them that it’s better to get everything out of the way so that they can concentrate on what needs to be done when the time comes. Soo is worried about how dangerous it’ll be for Lilith if her protectors leave her. Kirite agrees with him, but Nico just chuckles darkly and asks them who they think they’re talking to. He’s the great sage Nico and so he has a solution to this problem. Nate growls in annoyance and tells him to cut to the chase. Nico pouts at being interrupted, but everyone glares at him until he gives in.

He presents to them beads filled with water. Lilith thinks they’re beautiful but she can also see a strange light glowing inside of them. Nico admits that he didn’t want to show them this and so they should be grateful and in fact they should all bow to him. Lilith interrupts him and asks him what exactly it is. Nico tells her in a breathy and aroused voice that the way she dives straight to the point to ask him about his knowledge makes him shiver. HOLY SHIT CAN HE SOUND MORE SEXY THAN THIS?? (/ω\)

Nate just sighs while Nayuta angrily tells Nico to stop saying worthless things and tell them what the beads of water do. Nico explains that these beads act like a magical item that focuses a spell and makes it easier for him to cast it. Lilith realizes that this is how Nico moved from Midvan to Savila. Nico compliments her intelligence while Nayuta and Soo comment on how this must also be how Nico bypassed Dinus without Madam’s knowledge.

Nico blinks in surprise and tells them that he didn’t realize they went that far to stalk him. Soo denies it furiously and tells him that they weren’t stalking him. Kirite sighs loudly before asking Nico what he wanted to do with these magic items. Nico confesses that he’ll cry since he’s going to lend it to them. Everyone takes one and Nate and Nayuta comment on how it’s their first time touching a magical item. Nayuta asks if it’s dangerous and Nico explains that it would be if he wanted it to be.

Anyway, the purpose of these beads is to teleport everyone to a set destination if they’re attacked by an enemy. He decides to set their meeting point at Marjune since it’s in a remote place where they won’t trouble anyone if they fight. Lilith is curious though because she thought they just needed to stay away from Ingrid, but Nayuta gently calls her an idiot before reminding her about the bounty that’s on her. Also, to activate the item they’ll need to say an incantation.

When everyone looks at Nico he tells them that it’s 「大賢者ニコ様素敵」(The fantastic great sage Nico). Kirite and Nayuta snort in an attempt to muffle their laughter, but Nate just starts howling with laughter as he gasps out about how stupid and tasteless the incantation is. Soo and Camus also laugh out loud. Anyway, Kirite plans on heading to Savila while Soo plans to meet with his father in Dinus to talk about the current situation. Camus wants to talk to Heathcliff again.

Nayuta wants to attempt to see if he can meet with the high priestess. Nico asks Lilith what she wants to do and if she wants to soar the skies with him for a while. Before she can decide Nate asks her if she wants to go to Midvan with him. When Lilith blinks in surprise Nate tells her that he wants to investigate the area around Midvan and since it’s a large area he could use some help. She smiles and then informs everyone that she’ll go with Nate to Midvan since she’s worried about the people there.

Camus sulks in disappointment and Soo has to tell him 「ほらほらカミュ、不満そうな顔してんなって。いいじゃねーか、ネイトなら」(Come on Camus, don’t make such an unhappy face. It’s fine if it’s Nate, isn’t it?). Camus just pouts and says 「そうだけどー・・・」(That’s true but-..) but then he gets interrupted by Nate telling everyone that they should move out. Anyway, Nico takes them to Wolf’s Chanze and leaves them there before heading off himself. As Lilith and Nate walk through the forest it looks the same as it always does.

But she’s stopped by Nate’s voice telling her to wait. She looks back at him and asks him what’s wrong, but he shushes her impatiently and tells her not to move. Lilith tries to protest again but Nate tells her to leave it to him and that he won’t let anything lay even a finger on her. She asks him hesitantly what’s going on and then she finally hears some rustling in the undergrowth. He informs her that there’s 3 of them.

Lilith wonders in surprise when Nate noticed them because up until now she didn’t notice anything. He draws his bow at lightning speed and something rustles again which makes Lilith squeak in fear. Nate just quietly tells her that it’ll be fine and to leave everything to him. The enemy turns out to be mini sand worms that are still dangerous to humans but Nate dispatches them easily. Lilith remains tense and frozen though until Nate returns his bow to his back and exhales.

Then she breathes out a huge sigh of relief which makes him chuckle at her and ask her if she was that scared. She tells him that of course she would be with monsters showing up like that. Nate slyly asks her if she’s still scared even though he’s with her. Lilith looks down at the ground and confesses that the monsters would still be scary, but she’d also worry for Nate. He’s taken aback by her confession and he searches for words before finally telling her that she’s worrying unnecessarily.

He wouldn’t lose to such small fry monsters, but then he blushes and tells her 「・・・でもまあ、あんたが心配したり、怖い思いをするなら・・・もっと気を付けるよ」(.. But well, if you’re that worried to the point of being scared.. I’ll be more careful). He promises that he’ll take care of things in such a way that she doesn’t need to worry about him. Lilith nods and tells him that if he does that then she can feel relieved. Anyway, Lilith brings up the question of what monsters are doing in the forest although she did feel that it was different.

Nate doesn’t know either because in all his time in the forest he never encountered monsters that would just charge out at people recklessly like that. Plus, sand worms are desert creatures so there’s no point for them to be in the forest. Lilith reminds him of the talk about how the desert is growing and this might be a reason. They both come to the conclusion that it’s because of the love lost although they can’t be sure. Nate wishes that they could do something to stop it.

Anyway, he suggests that they walk around the forest some more but as they’re walking he suddenly freezes. Lilith blinks at his back in surprise and asks him what’s wrong but Nate can only gasp out that he feels strange and it’s as if something is calling to him. He grabs her hand and drags her to a broken monument in the forest. He thinks that it was something left by Midvan’s people and the two stand in front of it in silence although he doesn’t let go of her hand.

Suddenly a bright light shines out of the monument and it starts moving which startles the two of them. However, it only moves enough to reveal a bow which Nate picks up in a trance. He mutters about how light it is and how it feels as if it were made for him. That’s not it either because when he draws it back he can feel the power of the wind coalescing. Lilith tells him that she thinks the god of Midvan left that for him, because she can feel the god’s power. ALL PARTY MEMBERS NEED LEGENDARY ITEMS BEFORE THEY FIGHT THE BIG BAD (^∀^;).

Nate doesn’t understand why the god of Midvan is giving him it and she explains that Nate is protecting her as her Vakista and his powers come from Midvan. He mutters about how he’s not even human but Lilith informs him that it doesn’t matter if he’s a human or a werewolf so long as he has the resolution to save the world. Nate finally nods at that and tells her that he’ll believe in that and they exchange glances and smiles.

Then they use the magical items that Nico gave them to appear in Marjune but no one else is there. While they’re waiting, Lilith hears a howl split the silence. It sounds like a singing voice but it’s filled with so much sadness. A sad singing voice that disappears into the sky without a care for who listens to it. When Lilith climbs up a cliff to see who it is, it turns out to be Nate. He turns to her and asks her how much she heard and she answers him quietly that she only heard a little bit of it.

He sighs tiredly and she asks him if he’s done already. He nods curtly but she confesses that she wanted to listen to it a bit more. Nate crosses his arms and points out that she has no choice but to hear him, implying that she’s just trying to be polite. Lilith shakes her head though and tells him that his howls sound like a song, but then she frowns and admits that it’s a very sad song. Nate averts his eyes and says 「そうか。リリスにはそう聞こえたのか・・・」(I see. You can hear that much, huh..).

Lilith gathers her courage and asks him why his howls are so sad, but he admits quietly that even he doesn’t know why. She asks him if it’s because he’s with them, but he shouts out that it’s definitely not that. He quietly repeats that it’s not because of that and then confesses 「俺はリリスと出会って、一緒にいられることで、初めて幸福感を味わったんだ」(It’s because I met you, because I’m with you, that I was able to taste happiness for the first time). Then he tells her with an intense stare that such a thing can’t be a sad thing.

She points out that the way he says it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself not to be sad and not to be lonely. Nate flinches in surprise and then she tells him that there seems to be something there. But he just mutters out 「・・・わからない。幸せなはずなんだ。満ち足りているはずなんだ」(.. I don’t know. I should be happy. I should be content). Even so, he doesn’t understand why he continues to howl like this. Lilith finally tells him that she’ll give him a hug. He gasps in surprise as she embraces him.

Lilith confesses that in the past, when she was small, the head priest used to do this to her. Strangely enough, she always stopped crying and feeling unhappy when he did it. Nate blushes before he quietly admits that 「・・・あ、ああ・・・なんだかこうしてると本当に落ち着く気がする」(.. Ah, aa.. for some reason.. I really do feel calmer like this). She smiles gently and tells him not to feel sad or lonely anymore. He stays in her embrace for a second before he backs away and apologizes for their strange conversation but he’s fine now.

She asks him if he’s telling her the truth, because she’s not going to let him push himself. Nate says to her that he understands and he won’t become unhappy anymore, but she feels as if he’s just saying that to reassure her. His sadness can’t disappear that easily and she thinks that it has its roots in a deeper place in Nate’s heart. And so she’ll give him more time no matter how long it takes.

Abruptly Nate comes closer to her to tell her 「言っておきたいことがあるんだ。俺にはちゃんと居場所があるから、さ。そんなに気を遣わなくていいから・・・」(I have something I want to tell you. You see, I have a place where I belong. So, you don’t have to worry so much about me..). Lilith blinks in surprise and asks him what he means by place. He simply confesses with a blush 「ああ・・・リリスのすぐ傍ーーここにな」(Aa… it’s by your side — right here).

They finally meet with the rest of their companions at the world tree in Marjune. They confirm with the rest of their companions that the people in Midvan, who live in the desert, have lost their will to live. Ingrid has also been affected by the love lost and the high priestess still believes that killing the witch will cure it. Dinus and Savila haven’t been hit by the disease yet, but no one is sure how long the situation will stay like that. Heathcliff still doesn’t know anything that could help them.

However, there’s some good news too. Soo has a new outfit and even Nayuta and Kirite admit that it suits him. Nate received a legendary bow from Midvan’s god. Unfortunately though they still have no leads on where to go and so they’ll need to wait for the enemy to move first. Just when Nico says this though the clear sky darkens and lightning flashes out. Rognar can be heard speaking to the entire world about how the world is approaching destruction by the love lost.

He tells them not to fear though because a god has appeared in front of them to love and fear. If they listen to him and love him then they won’t have to fear the love lost. He’ll remind them why gods are considered to be great and should be feared. Rognar instructs them that there is only one escape from love lost. They must look at what happened to Savila and fear him. Kadash is wondering what this is while the high priestess is gasping in horror. Banstine just scoffs.

Rognar reminds them to revere, love, and fear their god and people should live by that path. Back to the group, Camus asks Lilith if she’s alright because she’s trembling. But she yells out angrily that Rognar is wrong because the love lost’s origin is something else and yet he still did that to Savila. Camus is surprised when he realizes that she’s angry. Lilith promises to stop Rognar especailly since she’s angry at how he’s hurting people with his words when he’s supposed to be protecting them.

Nate gives her a fanged grin and admits that things will never be boring with her around. When she asks him what he means by that, he tells her not to worry about the details and what he means is that he’s happy fighting by her side. Nico suggests that they head back to Madam to find out what she knows about the situation and everyone agrees. Madam greets them and informs them that she also heard the voice of a god, though Nayuta denies that Rognar is a god.

Kirite asks her what the situation in Dinus is and she tells them that the town has fallen into a panic and unrest. People, who believe that a god will save them, have locked themselves in the shrines. People have given up on their jobs and are just running around and this is happening in all the towns. Madam reminds Lilith that she had said she was going to save the world, but what does she plan to do. Lilith confesses that she doesn’t know what to do, but she’s definitely going to save the world.

Rognar is wrong and the love lost won’t be stopped if people are consumed by fear. The origin for love lost is something else. The only thing for them to do is to fight him. Camus agrees and Kirite reassures her that they’re with her. Soo and Nate want to find Rognar to beat the crap out of him. Madam comments on how she has good companions and Lilith can finally see that she’s worried and scared as well. Soo points out that she’ll get grey hairs if Madam worries too much but Madam just tells him to shut up.

Kirite tells her that there’s no point in worrying and Nayuta adds that they’ll stop Rognar for sure. Nate informs her that Lilith will stop him and Lilith will be protected by them. Madam finally smiles and tells them that she’ll leave everything to them then because she believes in them. Then a messenger interrupts them to tell them that the king of Dinus wishes to see them. Everyone is shocked but Madam explains that Banstine wouldn’t just stand around if the world is ending. Anyway, the party goes to see him.

Banstine speaks about how Rognar has gone mad. Kirite grits his teeth and informs everyone that they need to stop Rognar before what happened to Savila happens to another country. Lilith asks where Rognar is though and Camus agrees because if they don’t know where he is then they can’t find him. Finally, Nico speaks up and tells them that Rognar is in Melrond; a country that has been separated by the gods from the continent. Banstine asks Nico how he knows this.

Nico knows this because there is no other way for Rognar to transmit his voice to all the other countries unless he’s using the ruins of Melrond. Soo asks if there are technologies there that are more impressive than the airship and Nico nods, which makes Soo tell his father excitedly that they’re going to go to Melrond right now. Lilith tells him exasperatedly that they’re not going there to play. But Nico informs them that they can’t go to Melrond right now.

Like he said before, Melrond is a country separated from the others by gods and so their airship won’t be able to enter. Lilith asks him in distress what they’re going to do then and he tells her that they’ll have to remodel it. He managed to collect most of the parts but he’ll need some space and a part in Dinus. Banstine tells him that he’ll gather those for them while they find the last part. It happens to be in Midvan and so they travel there in the airship and talk to Kadash.

The king of Midvan asks them if they also heard Rognar’s voice and Lilith thinks that everyone in the world heard it. He wants to know about her thoughts about the whole situation and when Kirite tries to interrupt and tell the king that those questions are hard for the saint to answer, Kadash tells him to be quiet and that he’s talking to Lilith. Lilith answers honestly that she thinks that if they abandon hope then they’ll have no chance of success.

She and her party have been granted powers by the gods for the sake of saving the world and so she won’t run away and will stand up against their enemies. Kadash smiles at that and then tells her that she has good companions. He also confesses that he might have been affected by the love lost because he was becoming anxious at the thought of such a burden being placed on a little girl. But until the day they save the world he won’t lose hope and he’ll continue to believe in them. He sends them off with these words.

Back in the ship, Lilith reminds Nico that they should hurry and return to Dinus. Nayuta agrees since Banstine is probably waiting for them with their parts. Nico informs them that he doesn’t care if he makes the king wait, but he supposes that the destruction of the world won’t wait for them and so they should go. Soo tells Nico hesitantly that he really is a rude person and then he asks if all sages are like that. Nico just chuckles mysteriously.

Anyway, when they return to Dinus, Nico kicks them all out because he doesn’t want them getting in the way when he’s remodeling the airship. He orders them not to come back until he’s done and so Nate and Lilith take a walk around the streets of Dinus. Nate asks her if she doesn’t want to return though because it’s a bit boring walking the streets. Lilith has to agree because the once lively streets are now rather empty and it’s probably because of the love lost.

Lilith points out a food stand and informs him that there used to be many more like these and that the food there is delicious. Nate just hums in thought and she asks him if she’s boring him with her talk. He grins and confesses that if she wants to talk then he doesn’t mind. She has a feeling that this isn’t his first time in Dinus and he confirms it but admits that he never had much interest in food stands. She gasps in surprise and points out that it’s fun though, but Nate explains that it had nothing to do with his job.

To be an assassin one had to care only about the things that would help one live. Lilith flinches and apologizes for reminding him about his time with the assassin’s guild. He looks at her curiously and asks her why she’s apologizing and Lilith tells him that she thought he wanted to forget it. Nate confesses that he’s always wondered about why she cares so much about other people. Lilith looks at him in confusion and asks him if it’s strange to worry about one’s precious person.

Nate repeats her words quietly and then restates that no matter how long he’s been with her, he still thinks she’s a strange one. She splutters at that but she has to admit that people say that quite a bit to her, but then she asks him why he’s with her right now. A blush blooms on his cheeks as he tells her roughly 「それは・・・リリスのことが心配だったからだ。一人では危ないだろう?」(That’s because… I was worried for you. It’s dangerous to be alone, right?). Her response is to tell him 「ほら、それ」(Look, it’s that). Nate blinks in confusion.

She points out that he’s being worried for someone right now. Nate blinks again and then says 「そうか。・・・変だな」(Really?… strange). Lilith asks him what’s strange and Nate explains that in all the time that he’s been living in their human society, he hasn’t once experienced this worry for another person nor has he received it. He always felt out of place because he couldn’t understand why humans thought that way or cared about other people.

Lilith asks him if he’s able to understand now and Nate ponders on it for a while before he confesses that he’s not sure if he understands yet, but he wants to. He wants to understand why she wants to save the world, why she cries for other people, and why she’s unable to hurt others. Lilith smiles gently at him and tells him that she thinks he’s already taking a step towards that for being able to empathize with others. Nate asks her if she really thinks so and then tells her that he should thank her then.

When she asks him why he points out that thanks should be given when he receives something. He learned from her how to worry about others and to understand how they think. Lilith tells him awkwardly that she thinks he’s exaggerating it a little, but Nate shakes his head. He tells her 「俺はあんたからたくさんのものをもらった。自由、居場所、仲間・・・そしてい今の感情だ。だから・・・ありがとう」(I received a lot of things from you. Freedom, a place to belong, friends… and this feeling right now. So.. thank you). AS THANKS CAN I PET YOUR TAIL? (*´ω`*)

And then he tells her with strength in his voice that he wants to give her the same things she gave him. Lilith blushes and tells him that he doesn’t have to give her the same things and that it makes her feel embarrassed. Nate just arches an eyebrow in confusion before saying to her 「照れる?やはり、わからないな」(Embarrassed? As I thought, I still don’t understand). She just giggles before telling him that she’s sure he’ll understand one day. Until that time comes everyone will be with him.

Nate teases her with a grin about how if that’s the case then he might also remain like this, forever not understanding. Anyway, the two return back to the airship to find that Nico has finished his remodeling. Kirite asks if they’ll be able to head into Melrond like this and Nico answers that they probably will. Nate points out that it’s unusual to hear him lack confidence. Nico informs them that Melrond is surrounded by a barrier created by the gods.

The airship has had its parts replaced and he’s cast magic on the airship, but he’s still going up against a godly barrier. But he thinks that in the end they’ll get through since he’s the great sage Nico after all. Nate just rolls his eyes and tells him that he should have said that from the beginning. Anyway, the party takes off and flies into the heart of Melrond which is covered by storms and lightning. Nico informs them that they’re heading into the dangerous areas right now and everyone freaks out.

They didn’t realize that they would have to fly into the middle of a thunderstorm and Soo asks him if they won’t get electrocuted. Kirite just turns pale while Nayuta calls Nico crazy. Nico just chuckles and informs them that he was remodeling the airship for this purpose. Soo quickly orders Camus to appeal to the storms but Camus panics and tells them that he doesn’t even know what to say. Lilith suggests that they all pray to a god.

When Soo asks what they should say Nayuta informs everyone to hope for a safe passage for the saint and her Vakistas. Nate just shrugs and tells them that it wouldn’t hurt to do it since they can’t do anything else. Nico tells them that now isn’t the time for chatter because they’ve reached the storms. Lightning rumbles around them and even strikes the ship which makes Lilith scream in fright, but Nate grabs her and asks her if she’s alright. She nods shakily and thanks him.

Surprisingly, he just laughs and comments on how the storm really is strong. Then he tells her that she should rely on others at times like these. She thanks him again and the ship continues to fly towards Melrond. Soo and Nayuta are still tense at the lightning but Nico reassures them that his remodeling will keep the ship safe. Nate narrows his eyes and murmurs that they’ll be safe if it’s only the storm and lightning. Then he tells them that something’s here.

Soo blinks in confusion and asks him what he’s talking about but Camus hurriedly points out that there’s something in the clouds. A dragon comes roaring out and Nayuta splutters out the dragon’s name, Bahamut. Kirite can’t believe that it’s attacking them here and Nico calmly informs them that it seems like he’s lost. Soo curses and asks if this ship has any weapons but Nico shakes his head. Nate is also calm as he tells them that the dragon is facing them now.

Nayuta asks Nico if they can run away and Nico tells him that they can try, but he doubts it. And so they fly away as fast as they can but Bahamut follows after them and no matter how desperately or how fast Nico pushes the ship Bahamut continues to dog after them. Lilith asks what they should do while Camus asks if they can reach Melrond at this rate. Nico informs them that they won’t be able to land safely with Bahamut chasing after them. Soo snaps out that they can’t just sit here and panic. Nayuta wonders if they need to retaliate in some way.

Finally Nate speaks up and tells them that if Bahamut is stopped then it should be fine, right? Kirite tells him that it’s easy to say it like that, but then his eyes widen and he ask Nate if he’s serious. Nate just gives them a fanged grin and informs them that he’ll make Bahamut fall before they fall and if it’s him then they have that possibility. Kirite reluctantly agrees since Nate’s bow is legendary. Lilith asks him if it’ll be safe because it’s dangerous outside.

Nate informs her confidently that hunting is his speciality and so she doesn’t need to worry like that. The dragon rams the ship and it makes Lilith scream in surprise when the ship shakes. Nate tells her that if they don’t hurry then this ship will fall before the dragon. She finally nods and tells him that she’ll believe in him and so she’ll leave it to him. Nate smirks slowly and tells her that he thought she’d say that. Anyway, he tells them to wait a little and he’ll have quickly defeated it.

Lilith reminds him to return to them if it gets dangerous and he nods, before telling her that if she says it like that then he’ll have to protect his promise. Nate tells them to take care of things down here and then he leaves. Soo wonders if he’ll be alright if he’s on top of the ship, but Kirite reassures him and tells him that Nate’s balance is superb. Lilith orders Nico to keep the ship as steady for Nate as he can. Nico grumbles at how she gave him such a difficult order but he’ll try his best.

Nate draws his arrow back and holds his position on top of the airship. Soo asks the party what he’s doing by not shooting, but Nayuta explains that Nate is waiting for Bahamut to get closer. They only have one shot at this and so Nate is waiting for the right moment. Soo asks what will happen if Nate misses but Nayuta just grimaces and tells him that he doesn’t even want to say it and so he’s impressed with how Nate is holding his ground. Meanwhile, Nate is calmly waiting for Bahamut to approach them.

When the chance finally arrives and the arrow is released, the wind surrounding the arrow becomes a small dragon. However, it’s repelled by Bahamut’s tough skin and Nate bites his lip in frustration. He draws another arrow but he has to quickly dodge a claw swipe from the dragon. It crashes into the ship and Soo yelps before complaining about how it’s easy for Nate to dodge it but Nate should also think about them. Camus asks Nico how many more hits the ship can take, but Nico answers that it can only take one more hit.

Nate narrows his eyes at the dragon and whispers that up until now there hasn’t been a prey which managed to escape his arrows. He knows that there’s only one more shot at this. Meanwhile, Lilith can see that his eyes have changed from his usual eyes to a wolf looking at prey. She clasps her i-scepter and focuses her thoughts towards him and his arrow and suddenly a white light flashes and the tip of Nate’s arrow lights up with a small flame.

He notices it and acknowledges that he’s received Lilith’s thought and so he’ll put everything into this one shot with her. He releases the arrow with a command for it to fly and it blasts through Bahamut. The dragon lets out one last roar before it drops down into the darkness. Lilith cheers and tells him that he did it, which makes him laugh but then he murmurs that he’s a little tired and he has no strength left to stand. Nate collapses and starts to slide off the ship, but Lilith runs out to the roof and grabs his arm.

Nate gasps out in surprise and tells her slowly with exhaustion 「・・・リリス?そんな細い腕で・・・無理すんな・・・よ」(.. Lilith? Such a slender arm.. don’t push yourself..). Lilith angrily tells him that she’ll push herself because they finally won and for him to die like this is idiotic. She informs him that even if her arm tires and hurts, she won’t let go of his hand. Kirite and Nayuta finally arrive to pull Nate up to safety.

He’s blushing but he still asks her which one of them is the idiot, because she could have fallen with him. It would have been better if she let go of his hand. She calls him an idiot in her head since he’s their companion and a precious person to her and so there was no way she would have let go of his hand. But because she can see how embarrassed he is, her anger disappears and becomes a jumbled mess. Remaining silent, she just presses herself to his chest. NOTHING LIKE LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS (人´∀`*).

Back to the airship, Lilith asks Nico if the airship is alright but he shakes his head and confesses that the airship took a lot of damage from Bahamut. Nayuta asks if they can return but it’s too late for that. Soo asks what they should do and Camus shivers at the thought of falling from here. Nate points out that the airship might be destroyed by lightning before that. Kirite curses at how far they’ve come only to be stopped, but Nico tells them not to give up so fast.

They can always just continue to head to Melrond because the area with the storms is about to end and Nico might be able to activate some of the lost technology there. Unfortunately, there’s no time for him to activate his magical beads and so they’ll have to bear through the storm. Lilith gasps in surprise and asks if the airship will hold up until they get to Melrond, but even Nico doesn’t know. However, if they don’t do anything then they’ll fall for sure and so they should prepare themselves.

Lilith wants to find another way but Nico tells her cheerfully that it’s too late. They head straight through the last of the storms. The thunder booms around them and the winds shake their airship which makes Lilith close her eyes and scream. But Nate tells her softly 「怖いなら・・・俺があっためてやるぜ」(If you’re scared.. I’ll warm you up) and then he embraces her gently. She can feel his body heat through their clothes and his beating heart. She can also smell him and this makes her relax.

Anyway, Nico tells them that it’s almost time and he orders Camus to lend him a hand. Camus nods shakily and asks what he needs to do. Nico informs him that he’s going to convert all the magic in the airship to protect its walls and so Camus needs to control the wind to keep the airship from falling. Nayuta tells Nico that he’ll lend a hand in forming a barrier around the ship and Nico accepts his help. The airship plunges into a storm and then everything turns dark.

*** EPISODE 「愛のすべて」(All of love) ***

Lilith hears a kind and strong voice and she wonders who it is. In the background is the noise of dripping water. There’s darkness all around her but she can see a bright light. The light is approaching her and even if she tries to run she won’t get away. She can’t move her body, but then she realizes that she can. Is she awake or is she asleep? Everything becomes white and there’s a presence surrounding her and it feels like a god’s presence. It’s strong, kind, gentle, peaceful, and calm. It’s the god Adonis.

Adonis’ presence is felt around the whole world. She realizes that the pain that Adonis feels is caused bby humans. Humans are destroying the world and so they must receive a punishment from Adonis because he’s angry. When he becomes sad humans continue to attack him. She wonders why humans continue to do the same thing over and over again. The white light disappears into a starry background and she wonders if this is the world. She can see Melrond in the distance.

The country of Melrond wounded the gods. It was human hands that wounded Adonis and, as punishment, Adonis retreated to another world. She can hear someone breathing and speaking in a kind voice. A voice tells the land to embrace darkness and sleep in darkness. Because there is comfort in darkness. Lilith realizes that the gods are embracing Melrond and that it’s receiving comfort after slumbering in darkness for an eternity. She also realizes that this is a dream.

A dream that a god is showing her. A god’s dream. But she understands that they’re loved. The gods love the world and they love the humans in the world. Lilith wakes up feeling confused and disoriented and that she’s on the ground in Melrond. She wonders why she was sleeping in a place like this but she soon hears the growling of a wolf. There’s some rustling in the undergrowth before Nate appears in his werewolf form.

He greets her and asks her if she’s finally awake, but she can only say his name in confusion. Nate nods and confirms that it’s him before he asks her if she was scared. Lilith admits that she was a little and he apologizes before telling her that he was checking their surroundings. Lilith asks him why he’s in that form and he informs her that his wolf sense are amplified like this. His smell, hearing, and movement are faster. He suggests that they meet up with everyone.

At Nate’s words, Lilith finally starts to understand their situation. She asks him where they are and where everyone else is. Nate frowns and asks her what she remembers, but she only remembers Bahamut and the magical barrier. Nate is relieved that she remembers that much and then informs her that the airship fell after that and everyone fell out. Lilith asks him worriedly if everyone else is safe, but he doesn’t know. He was too busy trying to save her with all his might.

She looks down with distress but he reassures her and tells her that he doesn’t think she needs to worry. Both of them are safe and uninjured, plus when everyone started to fall they were already close to the ground. So the possibility of everyone being safe is high. Lilith sighs in relief and Nate grins at her wolfishly before telling her that since she’s awake they should search for everyone. She asks him what he managed to find out so far and if there are any clues.

Unfortunately Nate didn’t find anything but he couldn’t to stray too far from her because she was still unconscious. They start to explore and they soon find themselves in the ruins of Melrond. Nate feels uneasy around it while Lilith just feels sad as she walks around. He asks her if that’s the saint’s power, but she doesn’t know. All she knows is that the lack of life makes the place feel desolate. Nate ponders this for a second before he tells her that he understands a little now.

He feels the same thing when he lived in Wolf’s Chanze. Because it was close to the desert when fall came it turns really cold and everything dies. There’s a chill in the air and a lack of life can be felt, but when spring comes around everything prepares to live again. Lilith gasps because she’s reminded of the dream that she had. Nate asks her what’s wrong and she tells him that she had a dream about humans wounding Melrond and so the god embraced the darkness to rest and heal.

But she doesn’t know how the town became destroyed. They both fall silent in thought before Nate grumbles at how the gods are troublesome. It’s hard to think of reasons as to how this happened and what is going on with the gods. Then Lilith blinks in surprise and informs Nate that she can hear the others calling out. Nate averts his eyes and comments softly on how he can hear it too. She looks at him in confusion and asks him what’s wrong, but he just shakes his head and grins at her before telling her that nothing is wrong and they should meet up with the others.

Nico compliments everyone for picking the town to meet up but Nayuta just rolls his eyes and tells him that the only place that stands out is this. Anyway, Kirite asks about the ship and if they can fix it but Nico frowns and tells them that if he can find the parts to it then he can. Unfortunately, this means that until they find the parts and fix the airship they’re stranded. Thankfully, Melrond is full of lost technology that they can use and it’s also where Rognar is.

The party starts to walk through the town but they soon hear Rognar calling them idiots for coming here. Then he angrily asks them why they continue to oppose him when salvation is right in front of them. Nayuta tells Rognar that he’s mistaken and that he won’t stop the love lost like this. Rognar asks them what they’re talking about because the love lost was born from the darkness of human hearts.

He thinks that if everyone remembers to fear him and the gods then they will be saved from the love lost. Rognar straightens up from his snarling position and tells them calmly that if they insist on getting in his way then he’ll make them disappear. Kirite tells coldly that they won’t die if Rognar is killed first. Rognar sneers and addresses Kirite as a survivor of Savila and asks if he’ll kill him. Nico tells Kirite to sheathe his blade though because Rognar isn’t here in the flesh and it’s just an image.

Rognar confirms it by nodding and then he informs them that he’s in the center of Melrond. If they wish to kill him then they’ll have to go there, although they should be prepared to die. Lilith tells him calmly that they’ll go because they need to stop him since he’s mistaken. Rognar laughs hysterically and then invites them to come and since he’s the god of salvation he’ll save them. Nate sneers and tells him that a god wouldn’t have such a disgusting smell.

Then he informs Rognar dangerously that he won’t forget his smell and Nate will hunt him wherever he goes until he’s dead. Rognar just sniffs in derision and tells them that if they can’t accept his goals then they should just die. In this country of death he has arranged for a way to bring forth the planet’s rebirth. Rognar disappears after these words and Nico informs them that Rognar must be nearby and probably in the palace of Melrond.

The party heads in that direction and soon Nico warns them that monsters might be lurking nearby and so they should be careful. Soo just scoffs and complains about how he doesn’t want to waste time with monsters when they can be fighting Rognar. Nate just sneers and talks about how Rognar should know by now that they can’t be defeated by simple monsters. Camus notes that the place is quiet while Nayuta talks about how they have no choice but to continue forward if they want to stop Rognar.

Lilith notes how the country of Melrond is completely different from all the other places they’ve been and then they finally reach the palace. She’s surprised by the appearance but Nico explains that Melrond has no king. The place that they have come to is called a government office and it’s situated in the center of town. Lilith stumbles over the unfamiliar words and confesses that it sounds like a strange place and it’s odd to think that there’s no king here.

Nico closes his eyes and nods before quietly telling ther that people ruled by what they wanted to do. Melrond became a place of arrogance and hubris. Anyway, none of that matters now and he invites them to enter but the party is confused as to how since there’s no door. Nico tells them to move aside and he hits a few control panels and suddenly the door slides open and everyone in the party is flinches in shock at the strange technology.

When they enter the room, Nayuta is amazed by the beauty of the glowing lines and technology. Kirite shivers at how cold it feels while Camus mutters that he doesn’t like how he can’t feel anything living in here. He also can’t feel any spirits. Nate is awed at how amazing Melrond must have been. Nico smirks at their expressions and informs them that he would like to give them a tour but they don’t have time. It seems like Rognar is in the control center and so all they have to do is follow the glowing lines.

Lilith stumbles over the word control center and Nico has to explain to her that it’s a room that oversees everything. It’s also the most likely place to find Rognar. Soo nods excitedly and tells them that they should move out then, but Nico calls for him to wait and asks him what he thinks he’s doing by going first. Soo thinks that it’s natural he should lead in this situation, but Nico reminds Soo that he’s the one who knows this place the best.

This prompts Nate to ask Nico how he’s so knowledgeable about Melrond and then he asks the party if no one else thought that. Nayuta admits that he was curious but it seemed useless to ask Nico. Nico blinks in surprise and then informs them that they didn’t need to be so reserved and they could have asked him, because he would have answered with.. the whole party finishes his sentence with the words 「大賢者だから」(Because you’re the great sage). ROUTINE BY NOW プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

Nico notes out loud that everyone is starting to understand his personality now. Camus just shrugs and confesses that they haven’t been companions for a very long time but they’ve grasped this much. Nico asks if they aren’t uneasy and when Lilith blinks in confusion, Nico points out that he has a lot of secrets. Doesn’t it make them uneasy to have that kind of a man as a companion? Kirite tells him that he believes in his companions. Nayuta informs him that he’s annoying but he’s never lied to them yet.

Soo believes that Nico’s desire to save the world is the real thing, because if he didn’t want to then he would be coming along with them. Nate smirks and tells Nico that he’s shady, but he’s not a bad guy just weird. Camus nods and agrees with Nate’s words about how he’s weird but not bad. Nico inhales sharply and then thinks out loud that he should probably be pleased right about now, but he asks what Lilith thinks. She giggles and tells him to be pleased since she believes in him too.

Nico thanks them and then tells them that he’ll be their guide then until they reach the control room. They manage to make it there without meeting any monsters and they can’t sense anything else either apart from Rognar in the control room up ahead. Everyone in the party exchanges glances when they realize how far they’ve come and then they head in to confront him.

The control room is bathed in a strange white light and there are many panels that Lilith doesn’t even try to understand. Only Nico would be able to. And then standing in the center of the room is the black winged man, Rognar. He congratulates them for making it this far but unfortunately this is the end. Soo tells him that for the sake of saving the world they’ll beat him up. Rognar scoffs and mocks Soo’s words about saving the world, before he tells them angrily that he’s the one who will save the world.

Nayuta addresses him as the black winged god and then informs him that he’s mistaken. He won’t be able to stop the love lost with what he’s doing and so he won’t be able to save the people. Rognar asks him roughly what he’s talking about because there are no other roads, other than the one that he’s on, to avert the destruction that people are heading towards. His voice becomes soft as he informs them that it seems to be something humans can’t grasp.

But he won’t blame them. He will just continue quietly follow his road and force the world into a rebirth. Kirite angrily asks him if he’s talking about what he did to Savila when he talks about rebirth. Rognar quietly tells him that he’s correct and he wanted to test out the sacred sword’s power. He explains to them that his wings turned black as a consequence of committing the sin of harming humans. But the bigger picture is that he’s trying to save humans and so he’s sure his father will forgive him.

Soo just laughs and tells him that wouldn’t happen before calling Rognar an idiot son. Then he tells Rognar that amongst his companions he’s an idiot but Rognar is an even bigger idiot than he is. BUT WAIT.. FOR THIS TO BE AN EFFECTIVE INSULT THEN YOU HAVE TO ADMIT THAT YOU’RE A PRETTY LARGE IDIOT.. SOO… (・_・`). Camus sighs and comments on how Soo just said something extremely rude, but Soo grins and tells him that he’s not wrong though and Camus has to agree.

Nayuta sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose as he forces himself in between the two. He finally faces Rognar again and informs him that if he won’t stop what he’s doing then he leaves them no choice but to fight him to stop him. Rognar invites them to try and then he tells them that they’ll quickly find out who is more right, him or the goddess Yufisu. Lilith informs him that they won’t lose because they come all this way bearing everyone’s hopes. They’ll stop him even if he’s a god!

But Rognar ignores her and addresses Nate and asks him why he’s getting in his way. Then he wonders out loud if it’s because Nate is just a wild animal and so he can’t grasp the sublimity of his goal. Nate just shrugs and tells him that it’s probably that. Lilith calls out Nate’s name in anger but Rognar continues on to inform him that he’s acting to give salvation to humans and so Nate, as a werewolf, shouldn’t get in his way. Unless he’s actually wishing for the destruction of humanity?

Nate calls him an idiot and tells Rognar that he says he’s doing it to protect people, well, he used to live in a forest and protected those who he led. Nate informs him that there’s no one in the world who would kill their own companions to protect them. Rognar sneers and comments on how it seems even a dog can understand. Then he tells Nate that he’s going down this road because he wants to save people from destruction.

For that sake it doesn’t amtter how many people he needs to kill or how many countries he needs to destroy. He’ll do it until people remember to love their god and return him to their hearts. Lilith flinches and finally understands that Rognar has gone crazy. It was probably before he even gained his black wings and destroyed Savila. All that’s left of Rognar is just this sad existence. This sad existence of believing that he can save people by killing them.

Nate snarls out that Rognar is just a huge idiot. Rognar asks him angrily what he means, but Nate just scoffs at how troublesome this is before he informs Rognar that he talks too much. He’s their enemy and for Nate that’s more than enough. Rognar notes out loud that it seems he was wrong and a beast would never understand him. In that case, he’ll destroy him along with the saint. Rognar attacks them it causes things to fall down, but Nate carries Lilith to safety.

He snarls out angrily that what happened was dangerous and that if Rognar dares to harm Lilith then he’ll kill him. Even if he doesn’t hurt her Nate is going to kill him anyway. Rognar tries to lift up his blade but by then Nate has already drawn an arrow and released it. It strikes into Rognar and his face twists into rage as he insults them for being able to wound him, but they shouldn’t think that they can do anymore than that. He forms a dark sphere and shoots it at them.

Rognar tells them that he didn’t think that he would need to become serious to defeat a wolf, but he’s changed his mind and so he’ll let them experience destruction. Lilith calls out Nate’s name and he quickly draws another bow before he calls for her to give her hopes and wishes to him. Like last time, the arrow lights up and glows with an inner light and Nate informs Rognar that his and Lilith’s hopes and wishes are in this arrow. Nate releases the arrow and yells at Rognar to taste it.

Lilith is sure that they’ll be able to win if they power up the arrow like that, but Rognar snarls out that such an arrow wouldn’t be able to defeat him. The arrow strikes him though and he gasps out at the pain before slowly collapsing. His speech falters as he talks about how it’s impossible for him to be defeated like this by an arrow. He doesn’t understand how he got defeated here when he’s come so far. Rognar gasps out that he was granted the duty of protecting the people by his father.

Even though he’s bleeding out and dying, Rognar still drags himself up and continues to talk about how he has to save the world and protect the people. Lilith averts her eyes because she can’t bear to continue to watch him, but Nate angrily asks Rognar how he still can’t understand that he’s mistaken if he thinks that he’s protecting people with his actions. Nate’s words cut into Rognar and he loses whatever power he regained.

His form is wavering but Nico calmly informs him that before he disappears they have a lot of questions to ask. Nico wants to know about the curse on Yufisu and what happened to the three gods. Rognar gasps in confusion at hearing the word curse. Nico nods and informs him that the origin of the love lost is a curse placed on the goddess of love Yufisu. The person who is casting it consumed the three gods and used their powers to speed up the love lost.

The love lost is affecting people by taking away their will to live. Nico asks him coldly if he knows anything, but Rognar sobs out that such a thing can’t be possible. Then he quietly asks Kirite if he won’t kill him, but Kirite averts his eyes and murmurs that Rognar is already defeated. Upon hearing these words, something warm wells up in Lilith. All this time she’s wanted to embrace Kirite to erase his sadness but now he’s at peace. Suddenly the i-scepter that Lilith is holding starts to glow.

The light swirls around Rognar and he quietly whispers that it’s warm. Lilith smiles as she realizes that Yufisu is comforting Rognar before he disappears and Rognar smiles as he realizes that it’s the goddess of love. It’s the first time Lilith has seen him smile and it’s a soft smile, but then a strange gust of wind erases his faint form. Lilith has to close her eyes because of the wind and when she opens it Rognar is gone. There’s nothing where he was except for one thing.

A single pure white feather, but soon a wind picks it up and it floats up into the sky. Nico sighs since in the end they still haven’t figured out who is cursing Yufisu and spreading the love lost, and Rognar managed to get what he wanted. Lilith tilts her head in confusion and so Nico points out that Rognar wanted to be returned to people’s hearts as a god. Soo is confused as well and points out that Rognar failed because they defeated him. Nico sighs and calls Soo an idiot.

He asks Soo what they are and Soo blinks in surprise before telling him that they’re Lilith’s.. but Nayuta interrupts him because he realizes what Nico is getting at. Soo still doesn’t understand though and Kirite reminds Soo that Rognar was the name of the evil god that they defeated, because he lost his real name. Kirite asks Soo who lent them their powers to defeat Roguna. Soo finally puts it together and realizes that Yufisu and her children gave them their powers.

And so if they defeated Roguna then everyone will think that all the gods are amazing and this includes Roguna’s real name. Lilith nods and then muses out loud no how that might have been Rognar’s true goal. Kirite shrugs and then tells them that in the end even though they defeated Rognar, they still don’t know who is cursing Yufisu. Lilith realizes that even though they won one fight they still haven’t fought the real one.

Anyway, Nico starts poking around the control room while everyone stands far away. He manages to find the piece of technology that Rognar was using to broadcast his voice to every country. Soo whistles in appreciation and then Lilith asks him if they can use it to talk to the whole world. Nate has to ask again if it can really do that but Nico smirks and tells him that it can. Kirite asks what Lilith is going to do but Nayuta’s eyes widen because he realizes that she wants to send a message to the whole world.

Camus asks her what she wants to say and Lilith tells him that she wants to tell everyone that Rognar is defeated and so they can relax. Then she wants to tell the world that she, and her companions, will definitely do something about the love lost. Kirite supports her since they need give the other countries hope. Nate approves as well since everyone will believe that she can do something about the love lost after hearing how she defeated Rognar.

Soo thinks that it’s a good idea. Nico remarks on how she’s a really kind person because she even granted Rognar’s wish. She approaches Nico and he helps her transmit her words to everyone in the world. When she finally finishes Kirite tells her that she spoke well. Nayuta smiles and asks her if she feels better. Soo snickers and points out that Lilith is really cool. Nate congratulates her on her hard work. Nico points out that he’s not a Vakista and so he’s not sure who he’s working for.

Camus beams a smile at her and tells her that she did really good. Lilith smiles in relief at her companion’s support and just as she relaxes and laughs she hears a voice utter 「死ね」(Die). It repeats the word before adding 「愛の女神ユフィス・・・腐り落ちて死ね。己の存在を悔いながら死ね」(Goddess of love Yufisu… fall into corruption and die. Die with regrets of your existence). It calls for her to die with her traitors, to die swiftly, and to die now!

Lilith flinches and her face turns pale which instantly worries her companions and they ask her what’s wrong. But the voice continues talking about how the goddess should die right now. Humanity and gods should all die together. The malice in its words is suffocating her and corrupting her purity and she feels like she’s being surrounded by darkness. She wants to run but she can’t run away. Her body won’t move and her heart hurts.

The voice shouts out again and tells her 「堕ちろ。堕ちろ。堕ちろ」(Fall. Fall. Fall). She feels like there’s no way to stop the voice and the choking darkness and it’s unlike anything she’s felt before. She can’t even bring herself to reject the words. It’s a low sound that clutches at her and she starts to wonder where it’s coming from. It’s coming from somewhere far away. Deep and cold; it’s a place where a person won’t return from.

This despair and pain is assaulting her and crushing her heart. Meanwhile, Nayuta continues to call out Lilith’s name with growing worry. Kirite angrily asks what’s happening. Nate’s voice is shaky as he asks if they can’t do anything. Soo curses loudly as he asks what’s happening because he doesn’t understand it at all. Nico is frozen as he seems realize something, while Camus tells her to get a hold of herself.

She can barely hear the voices calling out to her though, because wherever she looks it’s a deep pitch black darkness. Soon everything will be gone; and then from here on there will only be pain and sadness and despair. Lilith starts to lose hope at being able to defeat this thing. It’s as if she’s just continuing to fall. The voice calls out again and tells her to “Die dIE DiE DIE diE DIe DIE!” In the next moment she slowly closes her eyes and follows the voice.

Inside the darkness there is only a deep darkness where nothing exists. It feels like one can swallow the darkness. At this rate.. Lilith speaks out and asks where this place is and what happened to her. She asks why there’s no one here and then asks who she is. She doesn’t know anything anymore and why isn’t anyone here? A voice responds and it addresses her as an infant before it tells her to sleep. There is nothing to be afraid of here. This is a place to rest and the cradle of life.

The voice tells her that the darkness will heal everything and while this star continues to sleep it will slowly head towards rebirth. It orders her to relinquish her heart and let the darkness embrace her kindly. One day she will be healed. Lilith asks slowly whose voice is talking to her, but she thinks it’s gentle. It might be best if she continues to sleep.. forever.. and forever.. she finds herself a little tired.

But then she hears a wolf howling. It’s sublime but full of sadness and she feels as if it’s calling out to her. It’s lonely and she realizes that she is too. Lilith asks if it’s calling out to her and then she asks it why. Nate’s voice replies 「どうして?そんなの決まっている。俺にはリリスが必要だからだ」(Why? It’s obvious. It’s because I need you). Lilith asks 「私を・・・?」(Me?) and Nate tells her 「ああ。早く戻って来いよ。・・・待ってるンだぜ?」(Aa. Hurry up and return… I’m waiting). A bright light takes her away to another place. THIS PART WAS SO EMOTIONAL FOR ME WITH NATE HOWLING 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。. I WONDER HOW THE OTHER GUYS WOULD DO IT? CALLING HER NAME?

Lilith sees Nate looking at her with a pained face and so she whispers his name before telling him not to make that face anymore. She informs him that he’s lonely and strong, but his heart holds a lot of anger and coldness towards humans. It’s frozen over. But Nate informs her that she’s melted it, only a little bit, but it’s definitely being melted. Lilith asks if that’s true and he tells her 「そうだ。だから俺は変わり始めた。なのにもしあんたがいなくなったら・・・」(That’s right. That’s why I began to change. And yet if you disappeared..).

His voice chokes at the end and he falls silent which makes her tell him not to make that face. Then she asks him why he has that expression and he tells her heatedly that it’s because she’s leaving him behind. Even now she’s leaving him. Lilith weakly tells him that she’s not and so he tells her 「なら、帰ってこい。俺の元へ」(Then come back.. to my side). Lilith nods slowly and says out loud that he’s right and she has to return because he’s waiting for her.

The voice asks her if it’s true that she’s going to return back to the light. Then it tells her that it’ll escort her back to the light with the blessings of the darkness. When she wakes she finds Nate hovering over her and he greets her tearfully with 「リリス!良かった・・・良かった・・・意識が戻ったんだな・・・」(Lilith! I’m glad.. so glad.. you’ve returned to consciousness). She calls out his name weakly and he asks her worriedly 「ああ、俺だ!大丈夫か?どこが痛いところは?」(Aa, it’s me! Are you alright? Does it hurt anywhere?).

She shakes her head and tells him that she’s fine before she apologizes to him. He looks at her in confusion and she tells him that she must have made him worry a lot. He laughs shakily and calls her an idiot because it’s fine and it’s not that important anyway, because 「あんたがなら、それでいい。・・・本当、目が覚めてくれてよかった」(If you’re safe then that’s good.. really, I’m glad you woke up). He confesses that he can’t even bear to think of what he would do if she didn’t wake up.

Then he tells her that he wants to correct his words and she repeats his words in confusion. Nate tells her that he chose to be worried about her and then he tells her not to be so nervous or else his heart might stop. She nods quietly and then he tells her that they should inform the rest of the group how she’s doing. She gets back to her feet to find herself in a strange building. She asks the group where they are and Kirite informs her that they’re still in Melrond.

After she collapsed they took her to this place to rest. Nayuta asks her what happened and Soo informs her that after she gave a message to the world she just collapsed. Camus tells her that he thought she whispered something but then she just fell over after looking spaced out. Lilith tells them that she heard a voice and Nate looks surprised before asking her if it was a god’s voice. She shakes her head though and tells them that it was a sinister voice and it gave her bad feelings.

Nico deduces that the reason she collapsed was because she heard the sinister voice. Lilith tells them that she felt like her heart was torn up or more like she thought it was torn up. Nayuta repeats her words with shock and Nico admits that she was in a bad state when she collapsed. The probability of her returning to consciousness was low. Camus admits that he was frightened she wouldn’t wake up again and it scared him. It was as if her heart died. Nico repeats those words thoughtfully.

Kirite asks him if he remembered something and Nico asks them if they haven’t felt like they heard those words before. Nayuta realizes that it’s the same symptoms as love lost. Nico nods and tells them that the saint was probably cursed with it. Soo is shocked but then he wonder how Lilith was saved because none of them did anything. Camus wonders if it’s because Lilith saved everyone else. She tells them that she felt like she was in a dream world and someone talked to her there.

It was a dark world but someone’s voice was heard and she’s sure that it was Melrond’s god. Nico murmurs Melrond’s name and Lilith nods before she also recalls that in the dark world someone grabbed her hand and told her to come back. Kirite asks if it was another god that lent her their hand. Lilith shakes her head and tells them that the person who saved her at that time was.. she looks towards Nate. It was her bond towards Nate. He catches her looking at him and asks if there’s something the matter.

She hurriedly shakes her head and Nico returns the subject to how they should be glad that the saint is safe. Of course he also thinks that they need to be careful of the enemy who is cursing the world. Soo curses and promises them that when he sees the enemy he’ll beat him up. Nate scoffs and informs him that his arrows are faster. Lilith tells everyone that she wants to go to Ingrid because she has something to ask of the high priestess. Kirite reminds her that even though they defeated Rognar they still have to be careful.

Soo thinks that they should leave Melrond to see how the rest of the world is doing. Nate is surprised that Soo actually had a good idea for once. Nayuta asks about the airship but it’ll need to have more parts replaced and it needs to be powered by magic if it’s going to pierce the barrier surrounding Melrond. All in all, that means it’ll take a lot of time that they don’t have. Unfortunately they have no choice and so they should prepare.

Nate asks Lilith if she’s alright to move around and Lilith nods telling him that she can’t worry about her body right now when they need to save the world. Suddenly, her i-scepter starts glowing and everyone stares at in surprise. Nico wonders out loud if she can use it to destroy the barrier because Melrond has those powers. Lilith tells him that she’ll try and Kirite asks if she thinks she can do it. She nods in determination.

She’ll make a request for the god to lend her his powers to save the world. After all, she’s a sage for this reason. She informs Melrond that they have places they need to go and that’s why she’s requesting his power. The world around them darkens but it’s a gentle darkness and there’s a calm wind that swirls around them. She can feel a touch against her heart and it tells her to go. There’s a loud noise of something breaking and then all is silent.

Nayuta blinks in surprise and Nico points out that it’s disappeared. Soo asks worriedly what happened and Camus explains that the magical barrier around Melrond has disappeared. Nate chuckles and congratulates Lilith for doing it. Kirite nods and urges everyone to move out and Lilith agrees before telling them that they’re going to save the world. Nico manages to make the airship fly and Lilith is relieved.

He just chuckles though and tells her that while she slept he was replacing enough parts for it to fly. Their talk from before was about how the airship lacked the power to pierce through the barrier. Other than that problem the airship is in good condition. Camus changes the subject and asks where they’re going. Lilith reminds him that she wants to go to Ingrid to talk to the high priestess, but Soo asks her if she isn’t curious about what’s going on in the world after they defeated Rognar.

Lilith admits that she is a little and so Soo suggests that they head towards Dinus to talk to Madam. Nate suggests that finding things out firsthand might be better and so they can head to Amafi or Midvan. Nico informs Lilith that he’ll leave the destination to her. Lilith decides to return to Dinus first then. Madam breathes a sigh of relief when she sees them in her room and welcomes them back warmly. She was afraid they wouldn’t come back alive after leaving for Melrond.

Nayuta confesses that everyone would think that after hearing the rumours but Melrond wasn’t that bad of a place. Kirite nods and informs her that the place is just ruins now and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Nayuta asks if anything changed in the time that they were gone but Madam scowls and tells him that nothing changed. The world is still in the same terrible condition. Lilith looks away in distress since Rognar really had nothing to do with the love lost.

She already knew that he was unrelated to it but she hoped something would have changed once he was defeated. The only thing she can feel pleased about is that nothing like Savila happened to the other countries. Madam tells them that Ingrid is now like Midvan and love lost is infecting everything now. Dinus is still holding out against it because there are a lot of people in Dinus who are hot-blooded. She reassures them that Banstine is trying his best too.

Unfortunately there’s no denying that the love lost is strengthening though. Lilith bites her lips when she realizes that her voice didn’t reach people’s hearts. Nate murmurs her name but Nayuta tells her that if one way doesn’t work then they just need to find another way. He reminds her that she wanted to head to Ingrid and Lilith nods with determination. She tells everyone that they can’t become troubled now and they need to try to do whatever they can.

Madam shrugs and confesses that there’s no place that isn’t overcome by this terrible situation and so even if they fail it’s fine since it can’t make anything worse. They might as well do whatever they can. Lilith starts to become depressed again at the thought of being unable to do anything despite being called a saint. Camus sighs sadly but Nayuta tells her forcefully that they don’t have time to be depressed and they need to get going. Kirite nods and tells her that there’s still things to do. They’ll definitely save the world.

Lilith nods quietly and Soo tells Madam to contact them if anything happens before he gives her their farewells. Madam nods but then confesses before they leave that she’ll believe in them. She had thought that humanity was caught up in something they couldn’t get out of but when she heard Lilith’s voice she started to think that she should believe and hope. Lilith starts to smile brightly and Madam tells her that if she heard then she’s sure that there are others out there who heard her voice as well.

Madam sends them off with the words 「行っといで。アンタの助けをまってる連中がきっとどこかにいるよ。・・・聖女様」(Go now. I’m sure there are people who are waiting for you to save them… Saint). The party heads off to Amafi and Heathcliff welcomes them back. Nate notes that it feels like nothing has changed since they last came here and Kirite agrees with how easy it is to forget that the world is heading towards destruction here. But Nico disagrees and tells them that the Forested Marjune is slowly dying and at one point Amafi will also be destroyed.

Nate’s eyes widen in alarm and he yells at Heathcliff to do something about the forest, but Heathcliff tells them calmly that nothing lasts forever and it’s futile to resist against destruction. He’ll continue to sleep like normal and who knows what the world will look like next when he wakes up. In fact, it could be that he won’t wake up at all. Kirite informs Heathcliff that he’s right if the world was dying by natural causes but the love lost is caused by a curse and so they have no choice but to fight against it.

Heathcliff chuckles and comments on how human they are. Lilith looks at him in confusion and he explains that the trees, insects, and animals of the forest accept their fate calmly. The only people who fight against their own destruction are humans. Lilith tells him angrily that it’s weird not to resist and asks him if he’s just going to wait for destruction. Heathcliff laughs and compliments her will, but then he confesses that he doesn’t think destruction is a bad thing.

If it is the fate of the world to be destroyed then he’ll accept it, but he’s not sure about humans. He informs them that he’s not telling humans to walk along the same path as Amafi and if they wish to change their fate then that is something that only humans can do. Denying fate and fighting against it is something that humans can do while Heathcliff can’t and he doesn’t think that’s a bad thing. It might just be the nature of humans but even he doesn’t know.

Heathcliff tells them that there is nothing in this world that can decide what is right or wrong. There is no correct answer. Even if the future is determined they still don’t know anything right now. Nate asks him angrily what that’s supposed to mean because if they can do anything then they’ll do it. And it’s because he thinks that it’s impossible for Lilith to be mistaken. Then he smirks and tells them that in a situation like this there’s only one thing to do. Heathcliff chuckles and nods before telling them to go and save the world.

The next place the party goes to is Dodona where Lilith looks around at her old shrine in nostalgia but everything is different because no one is there. She wonders out loud why her voice couldn’t reach people’s hearts and why her words couldn’t win against the love lost. No matter what town they visit people have succumbed to despair. Distress fills her face as she murmurs that she’s the saint and yet she can’t do anything. She asks for Yufisu to hear her prayers and then she starts praying.

She directs her prayers to Adonis who supports the heavens and the six gods to protect the poor without love. To guide the foolish without love. Then she prays for the mother, Yufisu, to grant people salvation and to give them love. Then she tells Yufisu with determination that she’ll work harder and so she wants the goddess to continue to watch over her. Nate appears at the end and asks her in a soft voice what she’s troubled about. Lilith jumps in surprise and asks him if he was watching her all this time.

Nate hums thoughtfully and then admits that he wondered how people prayed and so he thought the best person to watch would be her. Lilith confesses quietly that she’s worried and anxious about whether or not she can save the world. He invites her to talk to him about it, but she thanks him and tells him that she’s fine now. Nate frowns and tells her that she isn’t alright and so she should just talk. He reminds her that 「リリスは俺のこと、家族だって言ったよな。家族に隠し事はなしだろ?」(You said that we were like family. Family doesn’t hide anything from each other).

Lilith gives in and tells him everything and he sums it up by asking her if she’s lost confidence in herself. She frowns and tells him that it’s not as simple as summing it up in one line and that she’s really troubled. Nate asks her if she wants to stop saving the world but she angrily tells him that they can’t. Nate coldly points out that she has no self-confidence though. Lilith tells him forcefully that she can’t bring herself to run away though.

Nate averts his eyes and confesses 「そうか・・・。俺なんか世界を救うなんて、どうでもいいと思うけど、リリスは強いんだな」(I see.. for some reason I don’t really care if we save the world or not, but you’re strong). He looks back at her and grins as he adds 「落ち込んでいながらも、最後のとこで踏ん張ってる」(Even when you’re depressed, in the end you still stand firm). Lilith blushes and tells him that when he says it like that it makes her embarrassed, but she disagrees with him. She’s not strong because she’s lost and depressed, but it’s just that there’s something that she has to do.

Nate points out that this is why he said she stands firm until the end. Lilith admits that after talking like this she’s realized that she can’t run away from herself. Nate nods and then steps closer to her which makes her gasp in surprise. He informs her with a blush 「動くなって、人間は頭をこうやって撫でられると落ち着くんだろ?」(Don’t move. When humans have their head pet like this, it calms them down right?). Lilith blushes before nodding quietly. And then Nate reminds her not to drive herself too hard. She nods again and thanks him.

He smiles softly and asks her if she’s still anxious and she confesses that she still is because she doesn’t know what she should do as a saint or how she should save the world, but with all these people supporting her she feels like she can continue walking forward. Nate grins and tells her that he’s glad for that. And then she confesses 「なにより・・・ネイトが・・・大好きな人がこうして支えてくれている。それってすごい力になると思わない?」(Above all.. having Nate.. having the person you like supporting you. Don’t you think that it gives you a lot of strength?).

Nate stutters with a blush 「・・・そうか」(.. I-I see) and she asks him with a grin if he’s embarrassed right now. He hurriedly tells her 「べ、べつに照れてないけどな、ただ・・・俺がリリスの支えになれてンなら、それは俺も・・・嬉しい」(I-It’s not like I’m embarrassed or anything! It’s just that.. being your support also makes me… happy). Lilith giggles and then thanks him again which makes him mumble 「べつに礼を言われるようなことじゃないだろ」(It’s not something that needs to be thanked). She giggles again before nodding.

But then he tells her shyly 「けど・・・また落ち込んだりしたときは、言ってくれれば・・・ずっと側にいるからさ、あんまり一人で考え込むな」(But.. if you feel depressed again tell me.. I’ll always be by your side you see. It’s not good to worry alone). Lilith nods gratefully and then they leave Dodona. The party travels to Ingrid now and Lilith asks hesitantly when Ingrid became so dark. Camus tells her that it hasn’t just become dark but it’s become wild as well. Soo tells them that there are no guards around so they don’t need to hide.

Kirite tells them that the people in the streets have lifeless eyes. Lilith sees a groaning man on a bench and she asks him what’s wrong and if he’s alright, but he starts to scream wildly and then tries to attack her. Soo punches him away and Nate warns her not to talk to the people around them because they’ve all become mindless creatures. Lilith asks how it became this way even when they defeated Rognar and Nico asks her if she’s forgetting something important.

Rognar was trying to stop the love lost and some people believed that and so, for her to have defeated Rognar, it threw some people into complete and utter despair. Nayuta murmurs that even though he knew this was going to happen it’s still painful to see it. Lilith looks at him in confusion and Nico explains that Ingrid is one of the most religious countries and so it’s a shock for them to realize that the world is heading towards destruction and that their god isn’t doing anything.

Lilith winces at this and then asks about how the high priestess is doing but Nayuta doesn’t have any answers. The only way to find out what’s happening is to head towards the shrine. Soo is still disturbed to find that there are no soldiers as they enter the shrine. As they walk through the hallway Lilith comments on how quiet it is and Nate agrees, but he informs them that there are smells and so there are still people around. Camus gasps in surprise and points out a knight ahead of them.

Nayuta gasps because he recognizes the knight and he runs up to ask him what’s going around. The knight weakly greets him and then tells him that the knights are over now and that Ingrid is over. Nayuta growls at him to get a hold of himself because he’s still a knight. The knight laughs hysterically and tells him that he’s no longer a knight and that there isn’t a single person who is one.

He asks what the point of a knight is when their god has abandoned them. Nayuta grits his teeth when he realizes that his words aren’t reaching the knight. Lilith quietly suggests that they head towards the room where the high priestess is and so they move on. When they find her, the high priestess asks if Nayuta has come to gloat and he tells her that they haven’t. Remuna tells them that Ingrid is already over and that the world is going to end. Nayuta tells that if she gives up then that is the end, but there’s still hope.

Remuna scoffs and calls him a foolish man before she informs them that when Rognar had appeared to tell the world that he was saving it from destruction, she prayed to the god of Ingrid but he didn’t answer. And so she just gave up. Lilith tells her forcefully not to say those things but Remuna commands Lilith to be quiet and calls her a witch. Lilith asks her if she saw the form of the god who gave her the warning and Remuna nods regally. Lilith asks if the god had white wings and Remuna asks her why she’s asking these questions and of course the god had white wings.

Lilith flinches and Nayuta asks her worriedly what’s wrong because her face is turning pale. She just tells him that she wishes to go to the place where Remuna received her vision and he acknowledges her wish quietly. Remuna shouts at them to stop and reminds Nayuta that it’s forbidden, but he coldly tells her that 「全てを諦めた貴女に、私たちを止まられる術はない」(You, who has given up on everything, no longer has the means to stop us). Then he informs her that because she gave up there no longer exists a group of holy knights. GOD WHEN DID NAYUTA GROW UP TO BE THIS AMAZING MAN?!

The party walks out and leaves Remuna sobbing behind them. They reach the holy altar and everyone is amazed at how beautiful it is. Nayuta informs them that this is a reproduction of a god’s world and Kirite asks him if he’s trying to say that this is a god’s world. Lilith disagrees though and tells them that this place is different because she doesn’t feel the presence of a god. Nico explains to everyone that this is just a man-made room.

Nate reminds them that Remuna said she received her visions here, but they’re saying there’s no god here? Lilith tells everyone that Ingrid’s god isn’t here. Nayuta asks her worriedly what is here then because he doesn’t feel anything. Lilith quietly reminds them that she asked Remuna the appearance of the god who gave her the vision and the answer was that he had white wings. Kirite asks what’s wrong with that because gods have white wings.

Lilith nods and then reminds them that the only gods that can appear to them in human form are the three gods. Before Rognar was defeated there were four; Rognar, Horo, Luverchi, and Clear. They’re the only gods that have human forms. She’s seen the appearance of Yufisu but that’s only a vision granted to her by the i-scepter and she hasn’t seen the real Yufisu. Nayuta gasps in horror and Nico realizes what she’s getting at and chuckles at the thought of something being able to surprise him.

Camus realizes it in dawning horror too while Soo asks her what she’s trying to get at. Nate asks her in horror if she’s trying to say that a black winged god exists in the three gods. Lilith nods grimly and asks Horo if she’s right. The i-scepter flashes and the sound of breaking glass is heard in the room before Horo appears. He chuckles darkly and notes out loud that it seems like he was found out. He had hoped that he could trick them a while longer.

Nayuta gasps out Horo’s name in shock and Horo nods before greeting them with a deranged smile and telling them that he’s one of the three gods and also the one who is spreading the love lost. Nico calmly asks him if he took the place of the god of Ingrid and gave Remuna a fake vision. Lilith angrily asks him if he also told Remuna that she was a witch and to kill her. Horo confirms it and reveals that he manipulated everything. Kirite is horrified as well and asks him if by everything he also means Rognar.

Horo snickers and informs them that Rognar was a really innocent god who was troubled by the plight of humans. It didn’t take much for him to tell Rognar what he should do. He told Rognar to seal Savila and to use the technology in Melrond to show the world the power of the gods. He didn’t think that his lovely twin would destroy Savila. After destroying Savila the only road Rognar could walk towards was destruction. Then he remembers that he should thank them for saving Rognar.

He was surprised to see Yufisu purifying his twin at the end, because he didn’t think that would happen. Lilith flinches at his words and Soo calls him a cruel person. Nate snarls out that he’s their true enemy. Horo snickers and tells them that he really had a lot of fun. While they were taking care of Rognar he consumed Clear and Luverchi. Lilith gasps in confusion and Horo explains that he’s all of the three gods in one body. Nayuta tells Horo that he thought gods weren’t allowed to harm other gods.

Horo informs them that they are correct and then he compliments them for their memory. How he did it was by borrowing the power of humans and using their weapons. He throws a blade down in front of them and even though there’s no blood on it Lilith can feel a terrible aura oozing from it. She asks him why he would do such a horrible thing and so Horo asks her if she has heard of the myth about Adonis taking a wife and creating his children. Lilith tells him that she does but asks him what this has to do with anything.

He asks her what she knows about the goddess Renai. Nayuta tells him that Renai was the goddess that Adonis took as his wife after Yufisu died. Kirite adds that she’s the mother of the three gods. Horo glares at them angrily before he calms down and tells them that he’ll ask them a different question. He asks them what the god of Dinus rules over. Soo answers that he rules over flames and he’s the god of war. Next is Ingrid and Nayuta answers ice, snow, and order.

Savila? Kirite answers the sea, sunshine, and light. Amafi? Camus answers soil, trees, and it’s the god of nature. Melrond? Nico answers darkness, moon, and healing. Midvan? Nate answers wind and freedom in a bored voice. Horo compliments everyone for being knowledgeable and then asks them the last question. What does Yufisu rule over? Lilith answers love. And then Soo asks him what the point of all these questions are because even kids would know the answer.

Nate tells him not to say those because Soo doesn’t know about any other gods apart from Dinus. Soo laughs awkwardly at that. But back to Horo, he nods and tells them that even children would know this. His voice turns dangerous though as he asks them why no one seems to know what Renai rules over then. Lilith’s eyes widen and Nico admits that he’s surprised because that’s something that even he, as a sage, doesn’t know. Horo decides to ask them another question again and the question is if Renai has a shrine.

Lilith realizes that she doesn’t. Yufisu’s shrine is in Dodona and the 6 gods have their own shrines. Adonis’ shrine is considered to be part of every shrine. Horo asks them if they’ve noticed it by now that his mother is a forgotten goddess. He asks them if they know why, after Yufisu gave birth to the continent, the 6 gods gifted the land with divine protection. Lilith states hesitantly that it was for humans, but Horo shouts out that she’s wrong.

He calms down and tells them that it was because they were trying to shut out Renai. Adonis created the world, Yufisu created the continent, and the 6 gods created 6 cities. After this the world was complete. There was nothing left for Renai to give. Nayuta asks him slowly if this his reason as to why he cursed Yufisu. Horo nods and tells them that he’s getting rid of Yufisu and her children for his poor mother. Kirite protests at his reason and Horo snarls out that Kirite should understand his feelings if someone ignored and slighted his mother.

Horo’s eyes narrow as he hisses out that even his own brother and sister, Clear and Luverchi, called Yufisu their mother. Yufisu is only the mother of the continent and they have no mother other than Renai. And so he came up with the idea of stripping this world and destroying it. Then his mother could create a new one and then no one will ever forget his mother or ignore her. Lilith is frightened at hearing Horo’s soft voice and how it sounded as if he was going to deliver a present to his mother.

For the sake of his mother he drove his brother Rognar and Savila to destruction and cursed humanity to destroy itself. He even killed his brother and sister, Clear and Luverchi. Lilith shouts out that he’s gone mad. Horo just ignores her and tells her that his last job is to kill her, who is gifted by Yufisu, and her companions, who are gifted with the powers of a Vakista by the 6 gods. On the other hand, if they kill him then they’ll have proof that their gods exceed him and his mother.

Kirite grits his teeth while Soo points out that Horo’s head is really fucked up. Nate growls out that he’s destroying the world for such an idiotic reason. Horo mockingly says to them 「何を言っているんです。愛は尊いものなのでしょう?ユフィスが言っているじゃないですか」(What are you saying? Love is a priceless thing, you know. Isn’t that what Yufisu says?). He points out that his love for his mother is the same priceless thing. It is because of his love for his mother that he is giving her the world.

He’s going to reset the world and those that manage to live will become his and his mother’s people. First he needs to destroy their belief in Yufisu and the other gods though and make them despair. Lilith is horrified at how he’s turning such a beautiful thing like love into a terrifying thing like this. The destruction that he wishes to cause is even greater than that of Rognar and what he did to Savila. The ground starts shaking and Nayuta asks him what he just did.

Horo informs them that he’s preparing for the end of the world. If they wish to stop him then they should hurry. If they don’t hurry then he’ll break everything they’re trying to protect. It doesn’t matter though since whatever they do is useless. He starts laughing hysterically and then disappears in a flurry of white feathers. The party quickly runs out of the shrine only to find the town under attack by monsters. There are Bahamuts in the sky, sand worms on the ground along with fenrirs, which are winged lions.

Not only is the town besieged by monsters but it’s also affected by the love lost. Nayuta is horrified and asks for help from his companions to protect Ingrid. Kirite narrows his eyes as he looks at the monsters and tells Nayuta that it’s obvious they would. They easily defeat the monsters but Lilith notices that they’re the only ones fighting. The people in the town don’t even try to run. Nico notices the same thing and muses out loud on how it seems like this is the end for Ingrid.

Nayuta asks him what he means and Nico points out that none of the people in the town are doing anything, but they can’t remain in Ingrid forever. Camus is horrified and tells them that the monsters are strong but not invincible. Nate points out that the people have no will to fight and in fact they don’t have the will to do anything. Lilith winces because they need to chase after Horo to stop him, but this would mean leaving Ingrid to be destroyed by monsters.

Everyone is quiet until Nayuta informs them that he’s going to talk to the high priestess. If he can manage to convince her to fight then there will be knights who will follow her lead. They go to meet with Remuna but she tells them to leave because this is the end for Ingrid. Lilith informs her that they have a request though and Nayuta tells her to lend her power to the knights of Ingrid so that the town can defend itself from Horo’s monsters. She tells them that it’s useless though because Ingrid is lost.

Nate just sighs and points out that it seems useless. Kirite observes that her hopelessness runs deep and so Nico suggests that he can use his magic to control her. Lilith forbids him from doing that since there’s no meaning if Remuna doesn’t stand up for herself. Nayuta grits his teeth and then finally tells Remuna lowly to stand down from her position if she won’t protect Ingrid. He’ll find someone who can to take her place and so she can rest by Ingrid’s side.

Lilith gasps in horror when she hears his low voice and realizes that he intends to kill Remuna. She yells at him to stop but he shouts back that he won’t stop. Nayuta charges at Remuna but she suddenly stands up and deflects his attack with a barrier. Everyone freezes in shock except for Nayuta who points out that just now she used her power to defend herself. He asks her if she can’t do the same thing for Ingrid because this country is her body and the people of the country are her soul.

Nayuta pleads with her to use her powers to protect the country and finally Remuna laughs tiredly and admits that Nayuta is a passionate man. She used to think that he didn’t fit this country which is enclosed by ice and even now she still thinks the same. Lilith smiles in relief at how the situation is playing out. Nico chuckles before pointing out that it’s probably a good thing for Nayuta to be the flame in a country surrounded by ice. She yells out for someone to call for the captain of the holy knights. SO MANY TEARS OF ADORATION FOR YOU NAYUTA. YOU’RE SO GROWN UP NOW (´;ω;`).

And then she tells Nayuta that it’s unfortunate but she isn’t stepping down from her place as high priestess of Ingrid just yet. Nayuta smirks and tells her that it’s a shame, but there’s warmth and relief in his voice. Lilith notes that with this Ingrid will be alright because if something happens then Remuna will stand up and fight against it. The next thing to do is to return to the airship and Kirite asks her what she’s going to do now. Nico doesn’t like the look on her face.

It turns out that Lilith wants everyone to split up and move independently again which shocks Camus and he asks if they aren’t going to defeat Horo as soon as possible. She points out that they don’t know where Horo is and so everyone can search for him while defeating the monsters plaguing the cities like in Ingrid. Kirite realizes that she’s trying to give hope back to the people who have given up, because right now they won’t fight back against the monsters like what happened in Ingrid.

Nayuta agrees with her idea but there’s just one problem. Everyone turns to look at Nico and he pouts and grumbles before explaining to them about how long it takes to create his magical items. Lilith bites her lip and asks him if it’s useless to borrow any more of his powers and Nico breaks down at her look and hands them over to everyone. He sulks and tells them that this is the last time he’s giving them these magical items. Everyone thanks him gratefully and Camus and Soo even compliment him for being an amazing sage.

Lilith decides that they should make Marjune their meeting point again and Nico agrees since they’ll be able to move more freely there. The magical incantation is the same as well. The whole party splits off and Nico drops Nate and Lilith near the town of Midvan. The town is still standing but they can see some of the destruction caused by the monsters. Lilith suggests that they head towards the palace to talk to Kadash and Nate nods in agreement.

He also confesses that even though he doesn’t like this town very much, for some reason his heart hurts at the sight of it in this kind of condition. They’re instantly escorted to Kadash when they reach the palace and he informs them of the situation. Midvan was hit the hardest by the love lost and so they’re having a difficult time fighting back the monsters. He’s also feeling a strange presence whenever he sleeps. At these words Nate joins in on the conversation.

Nate thinks that there’s something out there that is hunting the king of Midvan down, because it knows that without the king the country will immediately fall. Kadash grimaces but asks them what he should do since all of his soldiers have been deployed to protect his people with all their strength. Nate gives him a fanged grin and tells Kadash to leave it to him since it can’t be helped. Lilith calls Nate’s name in surprise but he just smirks at her.

And so they spend the night patrolling around the palace. The silence is suddenly broken by a howling wolf and Lilith gasps in surprise before looking at Nate. He informs her that he asked his friend, a wolf, to sleep underneath the king’s bed and to warn him if anything came. And it seems like something has come. The two of them dash towards the king’s chambers to find Kadash coming out. Lilith asks him if he’s safe and he informs them that he is thanks to the wolf’s howl. It scared away the intruder.

Nate pets his friend and thanks him before telling the king and Lilith that he’s going to investigate the room to see if the intruder left anything behind. As he enters, Lilith remains outside with the king and she watches as Kadash kneels to pet the wolf who saved his life. It makes her happy because it shows that Midvan’s people and the animals of Wolf’s Chanze can get along. She’s also sure that the person trying to kill Kadash is working with Horo.

At her thoughts, Nate comes out and tells her that he found a clue and it turns out to be a single black feather. There’s no doubt that the person who was after the king is a Sacred Nebulim. Nate tracks the smell all the way to Zanas Valley and into the assassin’s guildhall. He warns her not to be unprepared since this place is perfect for ambushing them. Sacred Nebulim appears in a flurry of black feathers and he greets them before telling them that he’s going to kill them as his master ordered.

Nate tells Sacred Nebulim to shut up and that they’ll defeat him because he’s harassing the people of Midvan. Lilith blinks in surprise and even though it’s not the time for it, she can’t help but feel a little happy at how far Nate has come. He used to only consider himself a person of Wolf’s Chanze but now he’s acting in the interest of the country of Midvan. Nate insults Horo for trying to assassinate Kadash and Sacred Nebulim tells them lowly that he won’t forgive them for insulting him and his master.

He informs them that they won’t have the power to defeat him by themselves and Nate calls out for him to just try it, because he won’t let Sacred Nebulim touch Lilith. Sacred Nebulim flings a curse at them, much like the love lost, but they dodge it and Nate draws an arrow before telling Lilith that she saved him once and now it’s his turn. Three arrows pin Sacred Nebulim in place and then her i-scepter encases him in a white light. Sacred Nebulim painfully gasps and asks what this light is.

Nate laughs smugly at how he can’t do anything and then informs him that it’s the power of love. He gives his farewells to the pseudo-assassin and tells him that this conclusion was already set from the moment Sacred Nebulim tried to go up against a real assassin. His next arrows kill the black winged boy and then Nate grins at Lilith before suggesting that they head back. After defeating the monsters and Sacred Nebulim, Midvan should have an easier time.

Kadash thanks them after they inform him of what happened and tells them that he thinks Midvan will be fine for now. He thanks her by bowing deeply and then the two of them use Nico’s magical item to teleport to Marjune. The rest of the party hasn’t arrived and so they stroll through the forest. Lilith notes how the atmosphere feels great here and it’s easy to forget that the world is heading towards destruction here. Nate agrees quietly and then Lilith confesses that she doesn’t want to stay here for too long.

When he asks her why, she explains that she’ll start to think that they should just stay here even though they need to save the world. These words aren’t very saint-like of her. Nate tilts his head and points out that it should be fine since he doesn’t know of any saints other than her. Nate tells her not to compare herself to others and to save the world in her own way and how she likes it. Lilith blinks in confusion and asks what her way is.

Nate grins and tells her that it’s how she pushes herself unreasonably yet still manages great things. Lilith tells him that he’s amazing since he’s able to keep himself grounded. He raises an eyebrow and points out that she’s the same too since she’s so stubborn. She pouts and tells him that she wasn’t trying to say he was stubborn. What she was trying to say was that it’s amazing how he told her to do things her own way and not to compare herself to others.

He agrees with her slowly and then shrugs before telling her that it might be because he doesn’t live the same way as humans do. But he understands her impatience of wanting to save the world, because right now he wants to save the world for his own sake. When she looks at him in confusion he explains to her that when he was still an assassin for Midvan he didn’t care about what happened to the world, or more like he didn’t care about what happened to himself.

Lilith tells him not to say those kinds of things, but he reminds her with a grin that it’s okay because he thinks differently now. For some reason he didn’t have any hopes for the future since humans and Wolf’s Chanze were being destroyed. But the moment he started traveling with her he started to have hopes of being able to coexist. He blushes as he tells her 「・・・だから、世界を終わらせたくねェ。やっと見たい未来が定まったンだからな」(.. That’s why I don’t want the world to end. Because I finally see a definite future).

She confesses that she’s happy he can see a future for himself now, but then he admits that he feels a little regret. When he didn’t have any hopes for the future he was able to become an assassin who didn’t fear death. He informs her 「今はもう駄目だ。いろいろ失うのが怖ェモンが増えすぎた」(Now I can’t anymore. There are a lot of things I’m afraid of losing). Lilith says his name gently and then embraces him which surprises him before he says her name softly. She confesses that she’s afraid too, but they have strong companions with them.

He replies quietly with 「・・・そうだな。きっと大丈夫だ。俺がなんとかしてやるよ」(.. You’re right. It’ll be alright. I’ll do whatever I can). Lilith nods against his chest and tells him that she’ll be relying on him. He nods quietly and then they go and meet with the rest of the party at the world tree in Marjune. Lilith immediately notices Nayuta’s change of clothes and he explains that he’s no longer a knight of Ingrid and instead he’s a priest of Ingrid, which is why these clothes were made for him.

She grins cheerfully and tells him that he became a really amazing person. Nayuta nods with a small smile and tells her that he’ll use his powers to save the world and help everyone. The other person who changed was Nico and he informs them that he became a Vakista. Everyone in the group is silent and only Soo screams out in surprise. He was in Melrond and looking through lost technology while wondering why he couldn’t just leave the group. He came to the conclusion that it was because of the saint’s love.

The moment he came to this conclusion he became a Vakista! Soo blinks in confusion and admits that he doesn’t understand anything of what just happened but he welcomes Nico into the group. Kirite informs him that they’ll fight by each other’s side until the very end. Camus and Nate tell him that they’ll be counting on him. Nayuta welcomes him in as well and Lilith just giggles before she also welcomes him into their group. This means that all of the Vakistas have been awakened and found.

Kirite brings up the subject of how none of them seems to have found out where Horo is. Nate asked around but didn’t find anything. Soo asked his father but he didn’t know. Nayuta asked the high prietess but she couldn’t feel Horo’s presence. Camus asked Heathcliff but he didn’t know anything either. Nico couldn’t feel his presence in Melrond. Lilith is frustrated because no one knows where Horo is and they need to find him soon since the world is heading towards destruction.

Just as she thinks this, a familiar presence is felt and she looks towards the tree. Nate asks her what’s wrong with concern but she just tells them that she can hear a voice. Luverchi and Clear appear faintly in a white light and they ask if Lilith can hear them. Luverchi explains that Lilith and her companions managed to defeat all of the Sacred Nebulim and this freed their powers enough so that they could talk to her. And then Clear requests that they stop Horo.

Luverchi adds that she knows this must be a selfish request, especially when they didn’t notice what Horo was becoming. Clear informs Lilith that Horo is in the underworld, the realm of the dead, where he was born. Luverchi tells her that the realm of the dead lies in Horo’s domain, in other words the entrance is in the sea. Clear instructs them to head to the northern sea, the sea of oblivion, because that is where the gate lies. Before they disappear they plead for her to save their world.

They disappear before they can finish their sentence though and Lilith gasps in surprise before hurriedly telling the party that she just saw Luverchi and Clear. Nate asks her if she’s alright and she nods shakily before telling him that she’s fine. Nico reminds her in confusion that Horo consumed the two gods. Lilith nods, because that’s true, but she explains that the power Horo stole from the two gods allowed him to create monsters. By defeating the monsters they returned some of the two gods’ powers.

Lilith isn’t sure if she really saw the two gods or if the two gods were the real ones, but she just knows that they wish for her and her companions to stop Horo. And she noticed that the two gods were pained at the fact that Horo is using their powers to hurt humans. Lilith informs them that Horo is in the realm of the dead and in the northern sea and so they need to head to Dodona.

The last battle is approaching. Horo is trying to destroy the humans with his power but he’s finding out that he can’t kill them that easily. On the other hand, humans who have been affected by the love lost can’t kill Horo either. The only way to beat Horo is to use the powers of the gods, in other words the Vakistas. Clear and Luverchi told the group where Horo is and so they’re heading towards him to fight him.

On the airship, Nate tells her that it’s almost time. If they defeat Horo then they’ll have saved the world. All their fighting and having to deal with the gods is coming to an end. Lilith nods with determination and tells him that it’s because of Nate and the others. He chuckles and confesses that those words make him happy but it’s not just because of their power. Everyone in the world is standing up to fight against Horo. Lilith agrees because they only came this far due to everyone’s wish to save the world.

Nate nods but then reminds her that their role is to defeat Horo because they’re the only ones who can do it. Lilith smiles grimly and orders for everyone to move out towards the realm of the dead!

*** EPISODE 「ビヨンド・ザ・フューチャー」(Beyond the Future) ***

Recap. Horo is in the realm of the dead and Clear and Luverchi were the ones who told them this, due to being freed from the Sacred Nebulim. Using the powers of the saint and Vakistas they head toward the underworld to defeat Horo. That way the curse on Yufisu will be lifted and the love lost will disappear. Hope will return back to the people.

They are going to go into the underworld. The world of death and gods. But before then she wants to make sure about the last power that will return hope to the people. Yes, it’s love. PLEASE GO AHEAD AND MAKE SURE ABOUT YOUR LOVE ALL YOU WANT プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. I’M WAITING FOR SOME JUICY SCENES. The group stops in Dodona and Nate and Lilith find some time to spend alone together. Lilith talks about how a lot of things have happened but this will be the last fight and with this everything will finally end.

Nate just smirks and tells her not to get herself so worked up. Her eyes widen and she asks him if she was really worked up and he nods before telling her with exasperation that she’s been fiddling with her hands and bouncing her legs. Lilith winces at that but then he grins and informs her that he was joking. She splutters before confessing that she thought it was true since she really does feel nervous. He tells her that he can see that and even though he’s telling her not to get worked up he can see that it’s useless.

And so instead he tells her not to shoulder all of the burden by herself. Lilith thanks him and then asks if he isn’t nervous. He hums in thought and then tells her that he isn’t nervous at all. It’s his speciality to feel relaxed before a big job. Lilith expresses her amazement at that and he chuckles before reminding her that he’s a hunter. If he’s giving off a nervous air then he would have been discovered. Lilith tells him that she’ll rely on him then since he’s always cool and collected.

He asks her if she really thinks that and she points out that he’s being very calm right now. Nate averts his eyes and confesses that it might just be because he doesn’t fully understand what it means to protect the world yet. She asks him if he thinks what they’re doing is useless and he’s just accompanying them. He replies with 「そうじゃねェよ。俺にとって、居心地のいい場所を守りたいっていうのがあるんだ」(That’s not it at all. I have a comfortable place that I want to protect).

Nate adds that his feeling is probably close to what her and the others mean when they say they want to save the world. But saving the world is probably too much for him to comprehend. Lilith smiles gently and tells him that she thinks his thoughts are enough. He asks her if she really thinks so and Lilith explains that she thinks wanting to protect one’s precious place is more than enough of a reason to fight. Then she tells him that she thinks they should go since everyone is probably waiting. He nods and tells her that he’ll leave soon.

So then Lilith tells him that she’ll head out first, but as she tries to leave the room her hand is grabbed by Nate and he pulls her down onto the bed. GOOD JOB WOLF (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン! DON’T LET HER GO! YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN YOUR KISS CG YET! They end up sitting beside one another and Nate asks her hesitantly 「ちょっとだけ・・・こうしてていいか?変なことを言ってると思うかもしれねェけど・・・」(Can we stay like this.. for a little bit? I don’t know if I’m saying something weird..). There isn’t any difference from how they were sitting when they were talking before, except for the fact that now Nate’s hand is on top of hers.

His hand feels warm and she shakes her head as she tells them that they can stay like this. Then he tells her 「・・・あったかいな。なんだか落ち着いてく・・・。リリスは俺が冷静だって言ったけど・・・」(.. It’s warm and somehow I feel calmer.. You said I was calm but..). Lilith encourages him with a nod and he continues on to confess 「本当は俺だって恐いんだ。今あるこの温かさがなくなってしまうんじゃないかって・・・」(To be honest, I’m scared that this warmth will be gone).

Lilith tells him that won’t happen because she’ll always be by his side and so he’ll always be able to feel this warmth. Nate thanks her quietly and then their moment together ends. The party flies the airship into the Sea of Oblivion where Horo is waiting in the realm of the dead. They quickly find themselves in a storm with thunder booming around them and lightning flashing around. Kirite confirms with Lilith if they’re there and she nods tensely.

She can feel a sinister presence. More sinister than the monsters and the Sacred Nebulim that they’ve fought put together. Soo shivers and asks the party if they’re heading into hell and if no one thinks it’s strange. Camus rolls his eyes and corrects him by telling him that they’re heading into the realm of the dead and not hell. Nayuta admits that he feels uneasy about this place too and they don’t know what will come out of the gate and so everyone should be on guard.

Nate nods and also confirms that he feels a disgusting presence. He warns Lilith to be careful. Kirite asks them what the gate will look like and even Nico doesn’t know, but he does think that it won’t be easily found. Camus repeats that he feels something bad and it would be nice if something didn’t appear. Right after he says this a sea monster bursts out roaring at them. Soo screams in surprise while Nayuta asks with horror what it is. Camus wonders worriedly if they need to defeat the monster to open the gate.

Meanwhile Kirite asks if this is even a monster and Nate hurriedly tells him that it seems different and it’s definitely not a normal one. Soo wonders weakly if they can even fight such a large monster. It roars at them again and Lilith flinches but stares straight into its mouth and she starts to notice that it looks as if the hole in its mouth just continues on and on. Nico sighs and talks about how Horo really doesn’t want them to find him.

Soo asks what he means and Nico points out that the monster isn’t the guardian of the gate, but the gate itself. Nate splutters at this and asks what they should do. Kirite tells everyone tersely that they’ll need to be eaten if they want to continue on. Nayuta stutters out that this is too dangerous and then suggests that they should defeat it first then, but Nico interrupts and reveals their dilemma. If the monster is a living gate then if they kill it the gate will be lost. Soo weakly says to Nico that he must be lying.

Then he wonders out loud who the hell would create a gate like this. Nate snarls at how they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, but it looks like the only option left for them is.. Kirite finishes his sentence and informs everyone that they’re going to dive straight into its mouth. Lilith realizes that they have no choice but to do this because they can’t turn back now. Nico stops the party before they do anything and tells them that someone needs to remain behind.

If they defeat Horo and the monster disappears then everyone will be thrown out into the sea. They need someone to take care of the airship and avoid the monster while waiting for the rest of the party members to come back. Everyone is silent until Soo volunteers for the job. Nate thinks that it’s too dangerous for Soo to be alone and even Nayuta and Kirite are worried, but there’s no other choice. Soo reassures them that a monster will never be able to defeat him. He’ll protect the ship and wait for them to come home.

And so the plan is for the rest of the party to leap out of the airship and straight down into the monster’s mouth. They’ll need to avoid its tentacles, teeth, and find the gate before they get eaten. Before they leap, Nate gives a fanged grin and tells Lilith 「・・・リリス、行こうぜ。ほら、手を貸せよ。握っててやる」(.. Lilith, let’s go. Give me your hand. I’ll grip it tightly). Lilith nods shakily because she’s not sure if she has the courage to jump into its mouth by herself.

With this they won’t get separated either. She squeezes Nate’s hand in return and then the whole party leaps one after another straight into the mouth of the monster. As they fall Kirite, Nayuta, and Camus slice through as many tentacles as they can while Nico prepares his magic to allow them to land safely. Meanwhile, Soo tells the monster 「へっ、二人きりになっちまったなぁ・・・」(Heh, it looks like it’s just the two of us now..).

He adds 「ホントはリリスと二人っきりってのがよかったけどさ。オレの役目じゃなかったらしい」(Really it would have been nice if I was alone with Lilith. But it looks like that’s not my job). Then he confesses 「ためにはナイト役ってのもやってみたかったんだけど・・・仕方ねえよな」(I just wanted to try being the knight for once.. guess it can’t be helped). The monster roars at him and he tells it with a grin 「そんなツレない顔すんなよ。せっかくオレが相手してやるっつってんだからさ。さて、何して遊ぼっか?」(Don’t make such an unfriendly face! After all I’m your opponent. Now, what shall we play?). SO-SOO… I NEVER KNEW 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 SO GROWN UP!

The rest of the party makes it safely into the underworld and Nico informs them that they’re in Horo’s world that he created within the monster. Kirite asks if they just need to continue on to find him then and Nico nods, but advises them to be careful when advancing because they have no idea what might appear. Lilith takes a step forward only for Nate to command for her to stop and not to move a muscle. He draws an arrow and immediately fires it into the distance.

She flinches in surprise and asks him what he’s doing, but he doesn’t look at her as he informs her that something is there. Suddenly, a swirling black hole appears and spits out a sand worm. Nayuta asks what it is in shock and Nico hums thoughtfully before telling them that it’s a magical hole. He also adds that he’s interested in where it’s connected to, but Camus reminds him that this isn’t the place to say that. Kirite immediately kills it and tells everyone to run.

But before they can the black hole spits out three more monsters. At this rate they won’t be able to continue. Nico instructs everyone to leave this hole to him since he’s best suited for dealing with magic. Lilith says his name in worry but he smirks and tells her that it’ll be alright. After all, they should know his power by now. Nate grits his teeth and asks him if he’ll really be alright, but Nico just tells them that if he couldn’t handle this then he wouldn’t tell them to go.

Lilith promises Nico that they’ll definitely be waiting for him. After they leave he says 「・・・行きましたね・・・しかし・・・残念ですよ、聖女。本当は、最後までキミと一緒に行きたかったのですが・・・」(.. They finally left.. but.. it’s such a shame, saint. I really wanted to be together with you until the very end). But he adds with a faint smile 「ま、仕方ありませんね。惚れた者が負けというのは、こういうことを言うんでしょう」(Ma, it can’t be helped. This is what one who has fallen in love and lost says, isn’t it?). DON’T DO THIS GAME 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 DON’T MAKE ALL THE GUYS SAY THESE LINES.

The remaining party continues on and Nayuta murmurs under his breath about how in the end there will only be two. Lilith looks at him in confusion and asks him if he said something, but Nayuta shakes his head and tells her not to worry. He’s just wondering what will appear next. As he says this a loud roar is heard and a wild fenrir appears but it’s bigger and stronger than all the other ones they’ve fought. Camus informs everyone of this fact and Kirite glares as he realizes that they won’t be able to pass through.

Another one appears and lunges at Lilith, but Nayuta steps in front of her and repels them with a barrier. She calls his name in surprise and he tells her to relax because he’ll protect her. And then a cage of ice appears around the fenrirs which surprises everyone. Camus congratulates Nayuta on his magical abilities but Nayuta reminds them of what they came here to do. He orders them to continue while he remains behind to deal with the monsters.

Lilith tries to protest but Nayuta tells Nate to continue on and Nate agrees after a second of silence. Camus reassures her that Nayuta is strong and so he’ll definitely be alright. Nate tells Nayuta that he’ll leave these guys to Nayuta and from here on he’ll also do Nayuta’s part in protecting Lilith. Nayuta scoffs and warns Nate that he’ll hold him to his words to protect Lilith no matter what. Nate smirks and tells him that he didn’t even need to say it. They leave Nayuta with a farewell.

After they’re gone Nayuta tells the monsters not to look down on his magic. He repels them with his barrier over and over again and then realizes that it’ll be a fight of endurance to see how long his barrier can last against their attacks. He yells out that he won’t let them break through the barrier and chase after the others though. And then he murmurs 「リリス。できれば、最後までお前の横に立っていたかった・・・」(Lilith. If I could, I would have stood by your side until the very end..).

Kirite notes that there are only 4 of them left. Lilith is worried about the others and Kirite admits that they can’t stop themselves from worrying, but they need to concentrate on the present. Camus admits that he’d like to make it to the very end, but it looks like they’re being whittled down. As they continue on a door in front of them suddenly starts to close. They dash towards it but they won’t make it in time until Camus calls on a spirit’s power to keep the door open.

The door is prevented from shutting due to Camus’ power and he tells them to hurry on through. Kirite asks him worriedly what he’s going to do and Camus tells them that he’ll keep the door open until they come back, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to return. Nate asks him roughly if he’ll be alright and Camus admits that he doesn’t know but he’ll try his best. Lilith says his name with worry but he tells them not to concern themselves with him and to hurry through. He’s relying on them to protect Lilith.

Nate accepts the responsiblity and tells Camus gruffly that he’ll protect Lilith until the very end and so that’s why Camus needs to stand firm here. Camus smiles and tells him that he didn’t need to say that. Lilith pleads for him to stay safe and he tells her to be careful. The rest of the party runs through and when they leave Camus mutters 「あーあ、ぼく、格好つけすぎちゃったかな。今までだったら、リリスを誰かに任せるなんて絶対に嫌だったのに・・・」(Aah, I might have been a bit too cool. Up ’till now, I absolutely didn’t want to entrust Lilith to someone).

But then he grins and says 「何だろう、この感じ。・・・まあ、ネイトになら任せられるよね」(What is this feeling.. Oh well, if it’s Nate then I can entrust her to him). The remaining party find themselves staring at a gate that oozes a sinister presence. Lilith feels as if Horo is behind it waiting for them. Kirite agrees before he asks if he isn’t right in a low and dangerous voice. It turns out that he was addressing his words to a Sacred Nebulim that Nate and Lilith didn’t see. CA-CAMUS!! NAYUTA!

The Sacred Nebulim confirms that Horo is behind this gate but he won’t let them through. He flings a few blades of darkness at them but Kirite slices through them all. Nate growls out that this must be the last guardian and Sacred Nebulim confirms it before bragging about how he’s the strongest out of them all. He tells them that two Vakistas would never be able to win against him and Nate scoffs before asking him if he would like to test that out.

However, Kirite sternly tells Nate to leave Sacred Nebulim to him. Lilith and Nate both gasp in surprise. Kirite just remains firm and tells them that he’ll kill this guy and that Nate needs to go through the last gate. Lilith tries to protest but Kirite just gives her a small smile and tells her to relax because he doesn’t have any intention of dying. He tells them that Soo, Nico, Nayuta, and Camus are definitely going to live and they’ll be waiting for the two of them.

Kirite tells them to go and to defeat Horo at all costs. Lilith nods with determination and tells him that they’ll definitely defeat Horo and come back for him. After they leave, Sacred Nebulim calls Kirite a fool before asking him if he thinks that he could win and if thinks that the two can defeat Horo. Sacred Nebulim sneers and informs him that it’s impossible and he, and the two of them, will be killed here. Kirite just smiles and tells him 「無駄口の多いヤツだな。言っておくが、俺は負けない」(You’re a talkative one. I already told you, I won’t lose).

Then he adds 「そして、これも断言してやる。あの2人が・・・ホロに負けるわけはない!」(And I’ll also declare that those two.. will never lose to Horo!). Sacred Nebulim sneers and tells him to try and defeat him first before saying that. Just as he starts to attack Kirite whispers 「・・・最後まで、共にありたかった。と、思わなくもないが・・・これも、悪くはない・・・!」(.. I wanted to be together until the very end. Is what I thought.. but this isn’t bad either..!). MY SECOND LOVE (´;ω;`)!

Nate and Lilith have finally arrived at the end. The last enemy that they have to defeat. Their journey here was filled with painful things, heavy burdens, and sad things. And all of it led up to this one moment. But here is where it is the most important. Up until now the road that she has walked on and the people that she has met and all the memories and enemies that she has fought as led up to this one person. And so she’ll definitely save the world!!

Together with the person that she has laughed with, felt sadness with, smiled with, and cried with.. With the person she’s vowed never to let go of no matter what happens.. Together they will head towards their fate! They walk through the door and find themselves in a strange world that even she doesn’t know about. It feels like a place that monsters wouldn’t appear in and there are stars shining in the sky. And the person in the middle of all of this is Horo.

The god who is destroying the world for his mother Renai. The god who, for that goal, drove his twin brother, Rognar, insane. The god who consumed his siblings, Clear and Luverchi. Lilith tells herself that they need to stop him because he’s even more crazy than his brother. She yells out Horo’s name and he greets them cordially while congratulating them on making it this far. He also makes a joke about how her journey has the air of a person walking their dog.

Nate snarls and asks him what he said. Horo snickers and asks Nate if he hurt his feelings and if he isn’t pleased at being called a dog. Nate tells him 「ああ、そうだな。お気に召さねェな。俺は犬じゃねェ、狼だ」(Aa, that’s right. I’m not pleased. I’m not a dog, I’m a wolf). Horo points out that a wolf without fangs is even more inferior than a dog. Then he hits Nate the hardest by telling him that those who are like Nate would grieve at seeing him use a human form. Nate grits his teeth in anger.

Horo frowns and asks him if the animals in Wolf’s Chanze wouldn’t be better off if all the humans were destroyed. He points out that Nate has no reason to fight for humans and then asks him if Nate would like his pride as a wolf to be returned. Nate growls out that Horo’s words aren’t something to be proud of. Horo raises an eyebrow and asks if that’s true. He reminds Nate that he considers humans to be his enemy and so he should wish for their destruction.

Nate averts his eyes and his face becomes conflicted. Lilith quickly realizes that Horo’s words are like poison and they’re seeping into Nate’s heart. Because she knows that Nate is feeling lost she grips his hand tightly and believes in him. Nate looks up and smiles at her as he returns her squeeze and says 「・・・そう、だよな」(.. That’s.. right). Then he tells Horo 「アンタの言うとおり、俺は人間が好きじゃねェ」(You’re right. I don’t like humans).

He admits that their territory was destroyed to their carelessness and he hates humans who call them dangerous beasts, but when he started traveling with Lilith he noticed something. He noticed that there were people who accepted him as a werewolf. Accepted a being like him who is neither human nor wolf. And so wouldn’t he do something to help them? Wouldn’t he search for a road where both could coexist? He finally noticed that there was such a possibility. Therefore he can’t let it be destroyed!

Nate reminds Horo that he’s a werewolf and that pride can’t be thrown away. And so for himself, he’s going to defeat Horo and create a new future. Horo just calmly asks if that’s what he’s decided on. Then Horo smiles coldly and informs Nate that the fight to decide whose future, his or theirs, will be chosen. Horo doesn’t even move and an extremely cold and sinister killing intent pours over them which makes it hard for them to breathe.

Lilith cries out that they won’t lose here though and Nate grins painfully but tells her 「・・・ああ。新しい未来、造ってやろうぜ!」(.. Aa. Let’s create a new future!). The battle begins and Nate is dodging Horo’s blades of darkness while firing arrows created by his Vakista powers. Horo is getting hit by a lot of arrows but he still manages to retaliate with his spheres of darkness which Nate repels by shooting through them with his arrows. Lilith watches the battle concernedly.

She notices that he’s not as powerful as many of the other gods though and wonders if this is what’ll let them win. Unlike Rognar who destroyed Savila with the sacred blade and the monsters and Sacred Nebulim that appeared in their way, Horo is much weaker. Horo’s face is becoming desperate and pained and he tries to retreat but Nate snarls out that he won’t let him and he strikes Horo with another arrow. Horo grunts in pain but then he starts laughing with dark amusement.

He insults them by calling them incompassionate people since they’re trying to kill him for their own selfish reasons. It looks like he’ll have to try something different and so Horo summons monsters out of the darkness that he wields. Lilith screams out that he can’t because she knows that it’ll be too painful for Nate to fight both the monsters and Horo at the same time. Nate tries to stop him but he’s hit by a blade of darkness.

However, just as it seems like Horo is going to call out a horde of monsters none of them answer his call and he’s baffled. Lilith and Nate are also surprised into silence. Suddenly, Nate smirks and laughs after he sees that nothing is coming out of the darkness which makes her look at him in confusion. Nate reminds her that they’re not alone and that everyone is fighting. Nayuta, Soo, Camus, Nico, and Kirite are all fighting along with them.

It’s not just them either. Everything that lives in the world is fighting against the destruction. Lilith realizes that he’s right and that everyone in the world is fighting against the monsters. Even if they’re not right beside them their companions are still supporting them. Right now there’s only Nate and her here, but it isn’t just them who are fighting. Lilith tells Horo that it’s not just their power that he has to fight against. He may be laugh because they’re only two of them but that’s not true.

Nate nods with a fanged grin and says 「ああ。俺達・・・皆と一緒に戦っている」(Aa. We.. Everyone is fighting together with us!). Horo’s face twists into rage and he shouts 「・・・ッ!ふざけるな・・・!!ならば僕が自分でやるまでだ・・・!!」(.. tch! How dare you mock me..!! Then I’ll have to do this myself..!!). He lashes out at them with a dark sphere but Nate just shouts back 「俺が闇なんて怖がると思うのかよ!」(Do you think I’m afraid of the darkness!?). Nate releases an arrow into the sphere and it pierces through it and clears it.

Horo gasps in shock but Nate just informs him 「俺はもう闇を恐れない。あんたを恐れたりはしない。俺は・・・一人じゃない」(I’m not afraid of the darkness any more. I’m not afraid of you either. I’m.. no longer alone). Horo snarls out that he’ll end this realm of the dead then. It won’t matter if they’re a saint and a Vakista because in the end they’re still humans. The ground starts shaking and a swirling pool of darkness starts consuming the edges of the world that they’re in.

Lilith is horrified and reminds him that if he does this then he’ll be going down with them too, but Horo just giggles insanely and tells them that he’s fine with this world being destroyed so long as he ends up killing them. Lilith realizes that words and prayers won’t save her here and she wonders in despair at what they should do. Nate just smiles and tells her that it’ll be fine because there’s another way.

Nate asks her to lend him her powers and she nods before telling him that she’ll always be by his side and so they’ll fight together. She grips her i-scepter and stands behind him as they both face Horo and the oncoming destruction. As if it were a lie, her uneasiness disappears in the face of her belief in Nate. A bright light surrounds Nate and he gives her a large grin as he confesses 「あんたって、本当にあったかいよな。・・・大好きだぜ」(You’re really warm… I really like you).

Horo angrily insults her as Yufisu’s saint but Lilith denies it and informs him that this power doesn’t come from being a saint. It’s because she believes in Nate and he believes in her. Then she yells that a person like him, who is alone, will never be able to understand their love. His face twists in rage as he shouts 「愛だと!?人間が神に愛を語るとは・・・ならば絶望を与えてやりましょう!」(Love!? A human telling a god about love.. then let me grant you despair!). Then he yells out that a human’s love is powerless compared to his love for his mother.

The ground starts shaking even harder and the sky trembles. The darkness that is approaching them is full of despair and Lilith realizes that the next action will decide everything. Horo intends for them to be swallowed by the darkness. He shouts at them to die, both the saint and Vakista, and that they should die in the middle of fear and despair. He summons an enormous sphere of darkness and Lilith realizes that this is the origin of the love lost.

She tightens her grip on her i-scepter and returns his glare while shouting out that she won’t give in to despair. It’ll be fine because she has Nate by her side. Horo is taken aback by her words and then Nate declares 「俺達の絆は、こんなヤツには負けねェよ!」(Our bonds won’t lose to someone like you!). Her hopes and desires mesh with Nate’s hopes and desires to form a pure white light and it surrounds his entire bow. Nate draws an arrow back and growls out 「俺達は・・・ッ、負けねェ!!」(We… won’t lose!).

Horo is already gasping in pain at the light that is being emitted from Nate’s bow but he refuses to lose and the ground shakes some more. However, the darkness cannot even dim the light of Nate’s arrow. Horo screams as he’s pierced by it and he asks painfully how he could lose to the love of humans. He doesn’t understand why his power had no effect. Nate asks him quietly if he was lonely and thought that no one could understand him.

If that was how he thought of the world then that was the reason as to why he lost to them. Because he could only believe in his own love. Horo spits out that they’re wrong and it’s impossible to believe in other people’s love. Nate grins and asks him if he’d like to experience it once again then. His and Lilith’s hopes and dreams. They’ll destroy the curse on the world with it. Lilith is reminded of how they’re not finished yet because they haven’t defeated Horo completely.

She tells Yufisu in her head that these are her feelings. And that these are the feelings of Nate and her. Her i-scepter flashes again and his bow starts to glow once again. She tells him to strike the curse and then confesses that she can feel his feelings and they’re warm. Nate grins back and softly tells her 「あんたは、やわらかいよな。やわらかくて、あったかくて・・・愛してるぜ」(You’re soft. Soft.. and warm.. I love you). Lilith confesses that she also loves him.

Nate replies by saying that with their mutual feelings and hopes, with love, they will.. and Lilith finishes his sentence by saying that they will change the world. Horo flinches in fear and calls out for his mother to save him but he screams in pain as he’s pierced by the arrow. He finally disappears in a flash of white. Nate asks her softly 「な。これで全部終わりにしようぜ・・・もういいだろ?」(Hey, with this everything is over.. It’s enough right?).

The two of them almost can’t believe that Horo has finally been defeated. With this the curse will end and hope will come back to the people. Lilith calls out his name gently when she sees him looking troubled and he confesses 「ホロを見ててさ、まるで昔の俺を見ているようだった」(When I look at Horo, it’s as if I’m looking at the past me). He adds that he wanted to come to an understanding with Horo if it was possible.

Nate tells her 「俺は大切な場所を守りたいと思った。そのために、人を傷つけたこともある。あいつも、同じだ」(I wanted to protect my precious place. For that reason, I hurt people. He was the same). He wonders if something could have changed if Horo thought like her. Lilith nods and tells him that it really is amazing when a person has someone supporting them. Then she thanks him with a large smile for being by her side and supporting her. He grins and tells her that he should be saying the same thing.

He suddenly starts blushing and coughs out that for some reason he feels really embarrassed saying that. Lilith giggles and then she remembers that they should return back to the others because everyone must be worried. He smiles happily and says 「ああ、そうだな。帰ろう・・・俺たちの大切な場所へーー」(Aa, you’re right. Let’s go home… to our precious place–). They leave the strange world only to find Kirite standing with crossed arms and a smirk on his face as he greets them by pointing out how they seemed to have killed Horo.

Nate grins and points out that it also defeated Kirite’s enemy and he asks if he’s alright. Kirite tells them not to concern themselves with him since he overcame his enemy already. From here on he can walk forward. Nate chuckles and asks him if he was in a problematic situation, but Kirite asks Nate if he’s in the position to worry about others because. He asks Nate if he protected Lilith while he was by her side and Nate nods before confessing seriously 「ああ・・・俺の大切な人だからな」(Aa.. because she’s my precious person).

Kirite chuckles softly at how Nate finally said it and then he tells him to do his best. They find Camus next and he asks Lilith if she’s safe, but she greets him back with tears in her eyes and tells him that she’s so happy he’s safe. Camus pouts and tells her that she saved the world and so she shouldn’t be making such a teary face. Lilith nods happily and then Nate congratulates Camus for working hard and then thanks him.

Camus just laughs and tells him that he pushed himself because it was for Lilith’s companions. Nate blushes and confesses 「仲間・・・いい響きだよな」(Companions.. it has a nice ring to it). Camus tells him not to be so solemn because they saved the world. They should be celebrating! Nate laughs at that and gives a cheer. The next person they go to find is Nayuta and Nate is shocked at the destruction of everything around them. He wonders worriedly if Nayuta is safe.

Lilith yells Nayuta’s name and then he appears with a smirk as he tells them that he killed all these creatures. Nate responds with his own smirk and tells him that he didn’t think Nayuta would fall so easily to these guys. Nayuta asks them if they finished it and Nate nods before telling him that they did. Then Nayuta informs them that he’ll return back to Ingrid to tell his god that and he blesses the two of them.

The next person they find is Nico who is pondering over how he can research these creatures. Lilith asks him if he’s alright and he tells her that he’s a little tired but there was no way he could have lost against these creatures since he’s a great sage. Nate smirks and informs Nico that hearing his usual pompous talk makes him relieved. Nico’s eyes widen and he asks them if they were that worried about him before confessing that he was worried a lot for them too.

Nate apologizes for that with a grin but reassures him that they managed to win. Nico tells them that he could feel it the moment they won because the love lost disappeared. Nate replies teasingly with 「さすが賢者様だ。すべてお見通しってわけだ」(As expected of the sage. You can see everything). Nico laughingly agrees and then congratulates them for winning. Lilith and Nate’s eyes widen in surprise which makes Nico frown and ask them why they’re making such strange faces.

The response he gets is from Nate 「まさか、ニコからおめでとうなんて言葉が出てくるとは思わなかったから・・・」(I didn’t think I would ever hear the words “Congratulations” from Nico). Nico just smirks and informs them that he has his whims then he informs them that once again the world is heading towards a new future and so he’ll wish for their happiness and future. Wherever he is he’ll watch over their future. Their journey out of the realm of the dead is much different than how they entered it.

Every step takes them towards the light and the next moment they’re back on the airship. Soo greets them by complaining that they’re late and he was really worried. Nate apologizes with a grin for making him worry. Soo tells him that he wasn’t worried about him, but that he was worried 101% about Lilith. She giggles and calls him a liar which makes Soo pout before he confirms with them that everything is over. Lilith nods and tells him that the love lost is gone and now the world can head towards a new future.

Soo sighs in relief at that and then confesses that he can’t feel the new future yet but he’s sure it’ll approach bit by bit. Then he yells out 「ネイトっ!いいか、リリスのことこれから先、大事にしなかったら・・・オレの拳が駄っちゃいねーからな?」(Nate! Listen, if you don’t treasure Lilith from here on out then… my fist will silence you!). Nate gives a bark of laughter and tells him that he understands. Lilith just ignores the two and talks about how the wind feels wonderful and it’s as if it were washing away all the sadness.

Then she informs them that it’s their duty to convey the winds of hope to everyone. Camus suggests that they return then and Nico asks if they should head towards Dinus first. Lilith nods because she wants to tell everyone the good news. They land the airship outside of Dinus so that they can walk into it and Lilith points out how such an ordinary thing like walking on the road feels amazing. Nayuta agrees because if they didn’t save the world then such a simple thing like this couldn’t have been granted.

Kirite also agrees and then reminds everyone that they protected the world. Camus points out that when he thinks about that, the air suddenly feels wonderful. For once Soo understands that feeling of how sweet the air is. Before now he never experienced that kind of feeling. Nate notes how these are such every day things but it makes him feel thankful for them. And so Lilith and her companions make their triumphal return to the world that they protected.

After they defeated Horo the days continued on and Lilith decides to go and meet Madam. Madam greets her happily and tells her that she heard Lilith was returning and so she has a message to pass on from an obstinate messenger. Banstine wants to meet her. Madam asks if she won’t go and see him because she’s tired of being troubled by these messengers. Lilith nods and walks towards the palace in confusion because she’s no longer calling herself a saint. But she wonders if there’s still something that they want her to do.

When she reaches the palace she meets Banstine, Remuna, and Kadash. Banstine happily welcomes her while Remuna informs her that they were waiting. Kadashi greets her by telling her that it’s been a long time. Banstine informs her that they heard she was coming back to Dinus and so the leaders of the other countries decided to drop by. He hopes that he’s not troubling her by calling her here. Lilith quickly shakes her head since these three are the rulers of their country.

Remuna informs her that she came here to thank Lilith although she doesn’t know how many times she would have to thank her for it to be enough. She also apologizes for suspecting her as a witch because it was thanks to her that the world was saved. Kadash tells Lilith that he also wants to thank her and then he informs her that his country is now in a state of revival. There is not enough thanks that he can give her.

Lilith is shocked and quickly tells them that they should be thanking the Vakistas instead of her. Remuna tells her that they will of course thank the Vakistas but they also wanted to thank her. Kadash admits that he also wanted to thank her. Lilith realizes how hard it must be for them to bow their heads to her like this and so she accepts their heartfelt gratitude. Then she asks about the state of the world’s countries and Banstine reassures her.

Although their wounds are great, the countries and the people of the countries have returned to living their lives normally. Lilith sighs in relief but Kadash warns her that it’ll take a lot of time for everything to be fixed. However, that’s a conversation better left for another day far in the future. Other than Melrond, because it no longer has any people, every other country is in a state of revival. Ingrid’s people are returning to their worship and Dinus is returning to normal as well.

Remuna informs her that they came all the way here just to tell her these things. Banstine also realized that this conversation would make Lilith feel relieved. And so he concludes their talk and the two other rulers nod their heads. Banstine apologizes again for calling her out here and then dismisses her. It seems like the love lost has disappeared from the world and every country is returning back to life. This makes her feel unbelievably happy.

Madam welcomes her back and asks her what it was about and so Lilith explains about the current state of the world. Madam nods thoughtfully and then asks Lilith where her companions are. After they fought against the love lost and their long journey came to an end. The people she fought with and travelled with..

Kirite is in Savila and his countrymen greet him by calling him their king, even though he keeps on telling them to stop. The man apologizes sheepishly but points out that Kirite is their king. Kirite sighs but realizes that he should get used to it and then he asks the man what happened. Lilith explains that Kirite returned to Savila to revive it and he seems very busy. She’s sure that Savila’s future will be bright under Kirite’s rule.

Nayuta is in Ingrid and he notes how the amount of pilgrims seems to have increased. A knight answers him with a smile that they haven’t reached the gates yet, but there’s certainly a lot. Nayuta smirks and informs him that people, more than anything else, seek out things to believe in and it’s their job to support those people. Then he tells the guard to return back to duty because they need to return love and hope to the people.

Lilith explains that Nayuta returned to Ingrid. He became the high prietess’ right-hand man and is working hard every day. He retired from being a knight and became a priest to pass on the teachings. And just from some rumors she might have heard that he likes to scold people who are noisy.

Soo is in Dinus and the casino. He yells out that next time he’ll win a big one. Madam comes by and berates him by asking him if it’s alright for him to be like this after saving the world. He waves her off and tells her that he’s a man that gets things done if they need to be done. If a time came for him to save the world again then he’d just do it. And so right now he’s trying to have fun.

Lilith explains that Soo is in Dinus and doing whatever he wants it seems. Apparently he finally approved of Banstine but she’s not sure if that’s true. But it’s Soo and so if anything happens to him she’ll just have to believe that he can take care of it.

Nico is chuckling in the control room of Melrond about how the world managed to escape its destruction, but to be honest he wanted to see it. He frowns though and admits that they saved the world through a lot of trouble and so it might be better to allow it to have a long time of peace. Lilith explains that Nico is traveling across the world. She’s sure that he’s searching for something interesting. She’s looking forward to the next time they meet and talk.

Camus is talking to Heathcliff and he points out that this place hasn’t changed at all. He thinks that it would be better if it changed just a little. Heathcliff informs him that there is value in things that don’t change and a day will come when he understands that. Camus hums thoughtfully and then tells Heathcliff that he’ll look around this place again.

Lilith explains that Camus returned back to Amafi to help Heathcliff. She’s a little sad that she parted with Camus who has always been by her side, but if Camus is working hard then she’ll cheer him on from far away.

And lastly her. No, not just her.. After they finished saving the world she and Nate traveled around to unknown lands. In truth, she’d have liked to return to Dodona to continue being a priestess, but she wanted to continue to watch over Nate. And so the two of them went on a pilgrimage. Not to mention, Nate suddenly told her that he wanted to explore the world. Although she’d have liked to take it more slowly, she understands Nate’s nature of moving and so they went from place to place.

She found their journey fun though. Nate asks her quietly 「本当に良かったのか・・・?俺についてきたりして」(Are you really happy..? Coming along with me). Lilith nods and tells him that she’s happy because she’s with him. Nate grins widely at that and then she asks him where they’re heading to next. He hums in thought and after traveling around the world he takes her to Wolf’s Chanze. The place that Nate lived the longest though he doesn’t consider it his home. When they make it there Nate notes that in the end they returned to this place.

Lilith points out that this place is his home after all. Nate murmurs 「故郷、か・・・そうだな、俺にとっては大事な場所だ。だが今は・・・」(Home, huh.. I guess so, this is an important place to me. But now..) and then he turns to give her an intense stare. He tells her 「今の俺はリリスがいるンなら、どこでもいいと思っている」(The current me thinks that as long as you’re there, anywhere is good). Lilith blinks in surprise and says his name, which makes him look away and blush as he stutters out that he’s trying to make a distinction for the next time they return.

She remains silent and starts to feel awkward when she sees Nate’s nervous appearance. Finally he tells her quickly that by coming here they’ve traveled across the world and it might be a little late but he wants to say it again. Nate stares directly at her before blurting out 「俺は、リリスが好きだ。リリスの、全部がほしい」(I love you! I need all of you). Lilith is struck speechless and she just stares at him.

Which makes Nate’s eyes widen as he asks her hurriedly 「だ、駄目か・・・?もしもあんたが気にくわねェところがあるなら直す」(N-no good..? If you don’t feel the same then I take back what I said) and then he stutters out 「だから・・・っ、その・・・!俺と・・・ッ!」(That’s why… uh..! I…!). NOW YOU’RE MAKING ME FEEL ANXIOUS AND EMBARRASSED NATE (〃゚艸゚):;*! He blushes bright red and bites his tongue. It looks like he held back what he wanted to say with all of his might. But then he abruptly yells out 「結婚してくれ!!」(Marry me!!). KYAHHHH ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ YOU’VE COME SO FAR NATE!

Lilith just smiles and tells him that she’ll be pleased to. Nate’s only response is to gape at her in surprise. She realizes that he probably didn’t expect her to reply so quickly and easily. She’s not surprised because if she didn’t consider him important to her then they wouldn’t have been traveling together like this. Lilith explains to him that she loves him and so she has no reason to refuse. Nate replies with 「そ、そうか・・・!ありがとうな、リリス!」(I-I see…! Thank you, Lilith!).

She gasps in surprise when he embraces her suddenly and then she realizes that he really was nervous because she can feel a tremor in his hands. He tells her with a large smile 「・・・好きだぜ、リリス。俺、絶対あんたを幸せにするから」(.. I love you, Lilith. I’ll definitely make you happy). She nods and tells him that she’ll make him happy too. Nate tells her with a smirk 「・・・馬ァ鹿。俺はもう、世界で一番幸せだ」(.. Idiot. I’m already the happiest person in the world).

The next scene is the whole party in a bar and Soo is asking where the main people, Nate and Lilith, are. Nayuta informs him that the rumors are that they’re traveling across the world. Nico calls them eccentric people but it’s might be like them. He’ll look forward to hearing their stories. Kirite crosses his arms and wonders why they called them here after so many months of not seeing each other. Soo points out that it’s thanks to them though that they’ve all gathered together again like this to renew their old friendships.

Nayuta recalls that it’s been several years since the fight ended. Finally the door opens and Lilith apologizes profusely. Camus frowns and tells her that she hasn’t grown at all since she’s late again. Lilith tells him that it couldn’t be helped since there was a big problem. Camus asks what she means by big problem and Lilith calls out 「ね、パパ」(Right, papa?). Everyone’s eyes widen at the word and Camus repeats it in shock. Nayuta also repeats the word weakly.

Nate apologizes for being late. Camus gasps out loud about how there are many mini Nate’s. Nate’s eyes widen as he tells the kid in his arms to be quiet and Lilith sternly tells it not to give papa too much trouble. Nate tells her with a whine that if she’s going to say that then she should take care of it, because the kid doesn’t listen to what he says. She giggles but tells him to work hard. Normally, she’s the one watching over them but she gets tired and so every now and then she makes him do it.

Plus it makes the children happy too. Nate averts his eyes and tells her softly 「・・・それなら、俺が頑張れるようにリリスが俺を労わってくれ」(.. Then, if I’m working hard you should care for me). Lilith blushes and tells him that he’s the best at sweet-talking. While he’s holding the children he embraces her closer to him and pecks her on the lips. Meanwhile, Soo hurriedly stammers at them to wait and not to forget their existence.

Nate replies with a smirk 「ああン?別に忘れてねェよ。ちょっと見せつけてやろうと思っただけで」(Aah? It’s not that I forgot you. I just thought I’d show you guys a little bit). Nayuta mutters that he has a headache now while Kirite tiredly points out that as long as they’re happy then that’s more important than anything else. Nico informs them that he has no comment. Camus is unperturbed and tells everyone that so long as those two are happy then everything is well.

Lilith has to order her kids to sit down. Suddenly, the sound of glass breaking is heard and Nate is panicking as he says 「あ、こら・・・!危ねェだろうが!」(Ah, come here..! It’s dangerous!). Camus giggles as he points out that it really is a big problem. Even though it’s loud and noisy, she’s surrounded by her cute kids and her cute husband. This is her reality after saving the world and she’s surrounded by happiness. ( ´・_・`) I DON’T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS ENDING. HE NEVER STRUCK ME AS A FAMILY MAN BECAUSE HE’S A WEREWOLF AND AN ASSASSIN, BUT I GUESS YOU COULD ARGUE THAT BEING THE LAST OF HIS KIND AND KILLING PEOPLE MAKES HIM APPRECIATE LIFE.


*** GOOD END ***

Everything is the same except for the fact that the heroine and Nate aren’t as loving as they could be. In the Bahamut fight, she tells him not to push himself rather than believing in him. And then they head directly to Amafi after defeating Rognar in Melrond rather than seeing how the rest of the world was doing. In the Forested Marjune, instead of saying he’s amazing, Lilith confesses how if she doesn’t try her best she’ll feel uneasy.

Nate tells her that only she can decide for herself whether she wants to advance forward or to stop. But if that ever happens then she can ask him and he’ll tell her that everything will be fine. And he’ll say that no matter how many times she asks. In her room in Dodona, she points out how calm he is and he tells her that he just tries not to think about how large of a thing saving the world is. Lilith asks in sadness if he doesn’t care how the world will be.

He instantly tells her not to make that kind of sad face and then he admits that it’s a difficult thing to decide how he feels about the world. Then he tells her 「俺はただ、リリスやあいつらと一緒にいて、居心地のいいこの場所を守りたい」(I just.. when I’m with you guys.. I want to protect the place where I belong). And if that includes the whole world then that’s fine with him. Lilith smiles at that and confesses that she also thinks it’s good to want to protect the place that one belongs to.

In the fight with Horo, after he’s defeated by Nate’s arrow combined with Lilith’s hopes and powers, Nate confesses about how he understood Horo. But when he killed Horo, his eyes were cold as if he were an assassin again. They can feel that they won and the love lost disappeared but Nate remains standing in the world and sighing heavily. When Lilith calls out his name hesitantly, he tells her that Horo is just like him. She doesn’t know what to say and so she asks him if he wants to return home.

When he looks shocked, she reminds him that everyone is waiting for him, and then the cheer returns back to his face as he remembers that she’s right. That everyone is waiting for them and they should return to their precious place. When they meet with Kirite he only advises Nate to walk on his own path because that’s what he’ll be doing. Camus tells her not to cry because they don’t have time to and Lilith nods tearfully while telling everyone that they need to return to their wounded world.

They have important things to do. When they find Nayuta, Nate asks if it was good to have defeated Horo because of all the wounds left in the world. Nayuta replies that they’ll have to have faith in their gods and Nate scoffs at how easily Nayuta and Lilith can accept that. Nayuta tells him that he’s not just accepting it but that there’s no where to go but forward. Lilith agrees that they can’t stop moving here. Nate just sighs and confesses that in the end he doesn’t understand humans.

The conversation with Nico just has him agreeing that as a sage he can see everything. Lilith asks for his help in reviving the world then. And so he doesn’t talk about wishing them happiness. Soo doesn’t talk about beating up Nate if he doesn’t treasure Lilith either. He just comments on how the new future sounds troublesome and Lilith giggles but tells him that they can’t just stand still. He tells her that she’s become strong and Nate agrees softly.

Then Soo blinks in surprise and comments on how for once they agree on the same thing. Lilith reminds them about how they should return to the rest of the world and spread the good news. Nico brings them to Dinus and they do their whole epic walk back on the road. The epilogue remains most of the same with Lilith being informed by the rulers how the world is doing. Banstine tells her that the world has been wounded deeply but everyone is in the middle of revival.

Remuna adds that they can’t not return to normal. Lilith realizes in sadness that the after effects of love lost are still felt and Kadash agrees that people are still confused as to what they should live for. All in all, the world will return to normal but it won’t be happening any time soon. But Banstine thanks her for giving them the ability to be troubled by thoughts of revival by saving the world, because if she didn’t then they would be looking at the destruction of the world instead.

Lilith smiles strongly at them because even though they’re wounded they’re still living. She returns to Madam who asks her about the rest of the party. Kirite is returned back to Savila to see to its revival and he’s running around being busy. But he wounds Rognar left are deep. Nayuta returned to Ingrid to be a priest, but unfortunately there aren’t as many pilgrims as he would have liked. He’ll wait impatiently but he won’t give up until people start to search for something to believe in.

Then he’ll teach them about love and hope. He’s also the high priestess’ right hand man and so he’s busy helping her rule the country. With time Ingrid will return to what it used to be. Soo is in Dinus and troubling the Madam at the casinos, however he helps his father out whenever there’s a job that needs to be done. Nico is investigating Melrond and chuckling at how the world managed to avoid destruction, but he still doesn’t understand the meaning of being human.

He wonders how he should deal with a saved world. But he’ll see with his own eyes how this will play out and how humans will deal with it. Nico is traveling around the world finding interesting things. She looks forward to their next meeting. Camus is with Heathcliff still and remarks on how nothing has changed. This time Heathcliff tells him that nothing in the world stands still and even here there are wounds in the world that can be felt. One day Camus will understand this.

Camus frowns and confesses that it seems like he doesn’t understand, and so Heathcliff orders him to go out back into the forest and look around. Camus returned back to his birthplace, Amafi, because the country seems to be in an unrest. She’s a little sad at being parted from him since they’ve been together since the moment she was born. And last but not least, Nate and Lilith. On the day they defeated Horo, what was supposed to be a day of happiness, Nate remembered something.

He told her that the true nature of him and Horo hasn’t changed. The only thing that is different between him and Horo is that he was with Lilith and so Horo died. She thinks that they’re different, but Nate sees that he’s hurt people in order to protect what he considers important. She tells him that she thinks he shouldn’t compare himself to Horo. Nate admits that she might be right and he doesn’t know why, but he understands Horo’s feelings. Lilith tries to remind him that he doesn’t need to continue doing what he’s doing any more.

And Nate admits quietly that she’s right because he doesn’t need to continue to be an assassin. And that should be good. And then without any further words Nate disappeared on a windy day. It’s as if Nate became the wind. She knows that he’s traveling around the world and trying to come to terms with what’s in his heart. Lilith promises silently to herself that she’ll wait for him and believe in these words. She returned back to Dodona to become a priestess while waiting for Nate.

Then one year, on a day with strong winds, she heard that her traveling companions were coming to visit and so she goes to greet them. Camus frowns as he asks her if Nate hasn’t contacted her even once. Lilith nods quietly and confesses that she doesn’t know what he’s doing. Soo points out that Nate is a wild being and so he’s probably decided to settle somewhere in the wilderness. Lilith tries to say that it would be good if he did that, but.. Nayuta adds in annoyance that he should have at least sent them a word.

Kirite asks if Nate will never appear again but Lilith doesn’t have the answer to that because he didn’t say anything before he disappeared. Camus smirks and points out that even a wanderer like Nico showed up. Nico informs them that he’s a wanderer with a sense of duty. Camus frowns and tells him that he should have a place he belongs to then. Nico just smiles mysteriously and tells them that a secret or two doesn’t hurt. Lilith points out that he has too many secrets. Anyway, apart from the lack of Nate, she’s glad to see everyone again.

They have a lot to talk about and she’d invite them into her room but it’s too small to fit everyone. So she takes everyone to the shrine but the moment she opens the door she sees that there’s only one person inside. A face that she can never forget. It was Nate. Lilith gasps in surprise and stutters out a question asking him why he’s here before she asks everyone if they knew. Nayuta’s eyes are wide as he denies that he knew and then he asks everyone else.

Kirite didn’t know either and neither did Soo. Camus didn’t know. Nico informs them that he didn’t know either and so he’s a failure as a sage. Nate starts blushing and tells them 「・・・久しぶり。えっと・・・久しぶりすぎて、何から話したらいいかわからねェな」(.. It’s been a long time. Um.. It’s been a very long time and.. I have no idea what to talk about). Lilith finds it nostalgic to see him getting embarrassed and pulling his hat down. Then she loudly calls him an idiot which makes him startle in surprise.

Then she angrily asks him why he’s here. He averts his eyes and asks if he shouldn’t be here, which she denies hurriedly but then she also looks away and tells him that she didn’t know where he went and he didn’t even say a single word to her. Nate stutters out 「て、手紙残したじゃねェかッ」(I-I didn’t leave a letter!?). She yells out that she didn’t get a single letter and then her vision becomes blurry because of her tears. She’s really happy that he returned home, but she was really sad when he left.

Camus slyly points out that Nate made her cry. Soo adds that it’s bad form to make a woman cry. Nate whines out 「ど、どうしたらいいんだよッ。なあ、リリス・・・もう泣くのやめてくれよ」(Wh-what should I do?! Hey, Lilith.. please stop crying). Kirite laughingly mentions that a man needs to take responsibility for this. Nico nods and then informs them that a man who makes a woman cry is the worst kind of person. Nate gapes at everyone and then Lilith pulls him out of the shrine so that they can have a long talk.

In her room, Nate asks her quietly if she’s calmer now and she nods. But as she tries to return to their original conversation he interrupts and admits 「わかってるよ。黙って旅に出た俺が悪かった。けどさ・・・」(I know. I was wrong to leave on a journey without a word. But..!). He tells her that as he walked here and there he became refreshed. He kept on thinking about where he and Horo differed. For the sake of protecting the place he belonged with other animals, he became an assassin and hurt people.

Horo wanted to create a place for his mother and so he wanted to reset the world. He wondered what made him and Horo different. Why did Horo die while he lived? Thinking about this made him feel gloomy. She asks him if he came to a conclusion and Nate admits that he hasn’t come to a perfect conclusion but as he traveled he visited every country again. Of course he went to Midvan and he saw how everyone was working hard to revive their city. And then he thought that it was a good thing he saved the world.

And so when he thought that in his heart, he returned. Lilith nods with tears in her eyes and then Nate confesses 「俺が世界を救ったのは、リリスのためだ。リリスと一緒にいたかったからだ。だから、ここに戻ってきた」(I saved the world.. for you. It’s because I wanted to be together with you. That’s why.. I came back here). Lilith welcomes him home quietly and he replies with 「・・・ン。ただいま、リリス」(… Un. I’m home, Lilith).

Then he confesses 「・・・で。思い立ったら早くリリスに会いたくて、だな。ここしばらくあんまり寝てねェンだ」(.. Well. After I made up my mind to hurry up and meet with you, I didn’t sleep much). He asks her softly 「・・・膝、貸してくれねェ?」(.. Will you lend me your lap?). Lilith blushes and she tries tells him that it can’t be helped, but she’s still mad. He asks her with puppy eyes 「・・・駄目か?」(.. I can’t?). She points out that she can’t refuse if he asks her like that and then she tells him to come beside her.

Nate thanks her with a tired smile. The moment he lays his head on her lap, she can see his face relax. She whispers to him that she won’t tell him not to go anywhere anymore, but she wants him to leave a proper letter next time. Or better yet he should tell her. Nate tells her 「・・・ああ。でもきっと・・・、もう次はねェんじゃないかな。俺は、こうしてリリスの傍にいるのがいい」(.. Aa. But I’m sure.. that there will be no next time. I think that it’s nice to be by your side like this).

She asks him if he’s trying to say what she thinks he is and he says 「ああ・・・もうこれからはずっと一緒だ。絶対にリリスを置いて、どこかに行ったりはしないーー」(Aa.. from now on we’ll always be together. I’ll definitely be with you, and I won’t go anywhere–), but he trails off into sleep near the end of his words. Hearing the sound of his quiet breathing she also falls into a doze. AHJIAH OH GOD OVERWHELMING FEELINGS 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 I FELT LIKE THIS WAS THE  PERFECT ENDING. CONSTANTLY BEING WITH SOMEONE IN LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS CAN EASILY CREATE BONDS, BUT PEOPLE MAY JUST BE MISTAKING ADRENALINE AND AROUSAL FOR ATTRACTION.


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      February 2, 2012 at 10:55

      Yes, I wish he and Nico joined earlier too. Just imagining all the sorts of things they’d get up to makes me laugh~ and I totally agree with him needing more romantic moments! They were all so short and he spent half of them complaining about his lack of home, etc. Orz.

      It was some important character development for him, but he sort of tosses that away in the good end anyway /rolls eyes. They never fulfilled the promise of using him as a pillow for an afternoon nap!! *clearly knows priorities* ww

    Yumii said:
    December 27, 2011 at 04:05

    Just thought I should post this (in case you missed it)

    It’s from 5pb’s website *w*

      Ilinox responded:
      December 27, 2011 at 21:06

      THANK YOU! I totally missed it www I wonder why they chose Nate out of all the guys, but I’m not complaining <3!

    kisscoma said:
    December 26, 2011 at 07:48

    I can finally read your entry! dance dance da dance /o/ \o\

    I think you make an extremely good point about the suspension bridge effect. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the writers themselves thought that far. ww I personally didn’t like Nate’s good ending because it felt like his character went backwards; I think his leaving Lilith was intended to show he didn’t have enough faith in her effect on him. To explain, Nate thinks Trollo is the exact same as him, and also that him having Lilith was the factor setting them apart. What, then, would he achieve by leaving her? He already knows he’s different from Trollo because of Lilith. The only reason he’d willingly separate himself would be to confirm that difference himself, thus, he doesn’t truly believe that he is different from Trollo. I hate this because it undoes all that build up between them about their bond and my place of belonging is by your side /o/~ shit leading up to the final battle.

    I don’t think his journey solved anything except it made him drag his guilt around for a whole year. He himself admits he just “felt better” because his travels made him feel good that he saved this world, not that it answered the fundamental question of what made him and Trollo different. The trip doesn’t really solve the issue either way, so I think the best ending is fine in terms of solving Nate’s lingering problems.

    gdi I’m so sorry I’m think I’m still reeling from the fact that BtF pulled a babies ending on me. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻

      Ilinox responded:
      December 26, 2011 at 11:51

      And now I can read your Nate one! ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ

      I was thinking about that too, that his leaving seems to undo the whole effort and all the time the readers spent watching him “mature” through the game. But then I always think journeys of self-discovery are better in general than believing in someone’s belief about you being different? idk what I’m trying to get at or if I’m making excuses for him www but through the whole game it was mostly Nate confessing that his place was by her side and with Lilith reassuring him that it’s alright.

      He seemed to have to struggle with the idea of saving the world, because all he felt was a sense of possession (obsession?) of wanting to be by her side. And that resembles Trollo’s (lmao great name) obsession with his mother? Maybe his journey around the world that made him feel good about saving the world is the difference between him and Trollo. He was able to release his hatred towards humans.

      While normally I like (and I think everyone does) how the heroine can influence characters, aka. Kirite’s revenge talk, I also like characters that aren’t influenced. ww idek but it must be some pressure to be human-hating and join a group with this saint that wants to save everyone because of her all-encompassing love. And then going back to the suspension bridge effect (hurrah for psych courses? www) and maybe his obsessional love over someone accepts him, it seems to put pressure on him to spout off anything he can to remain by her side? So by leaving her side he’s trying to escape her influence to think for himself? idk I think I’m trying too much to see things to justify to myself why I should like Nate or else I’ll feel like I ruined my first playthrough (/ω\). And now I realize my writing about him makes him sound like some needy co-dependent guy LMAO. Naaaaate why did you have to be the family man щ(゚Д゚щ)?

      wwwwww I’m also reeling from the best ending and so I think that’s why I automatically have to say the good ending is better orz;; so that I don’t just hate the first dude I went for. From your reaction I’m guessing that Kirite’s doesn’t have it wwww THANK EVERYTHING!

        suri said:
        December 26, 2011 at 15:39

        Oh hmmm I didn’t get a sense that Nate was possessive over or obsessed with his staying by Lilith? I thought the similarity between him and Horo ended at them having hurt humans to create a place for wolves and Renai to belong, respectively. Very possible I missed details in the script however. /o/

        I’m so sorry for getting catty on you LOL gdi I hate this ending gdi gdi Nate did nothing wrong. (; v ; )

        Kirite doesn’t have a babies ending but there is some melooodrama in the best ending. I think you’ll like it though, there’s a part where Kirite says the same lines he does in the good ending but the tone of the scene is completely different, it’s actually pretty artful.

        Ilinox responded:
        December 27, 2011 at 00:01

        I might be trying to see more similarities between him and Horo so that it feels like his leaving may have been better justified ww.

        Oh don’t apologize! I never got the sense of you being catty at me at all :3 I like talking back and forth about the different details and ways we viewed the scene and how we understood the character. But yeah ;A; NATE WAS A GOOD CHARACTER until the baby ending popped up.

        I like melodrama in my endings 8D! So looking forward to it and reading your Kirite post~!

    Yume said:
    December 25, 2011 at 08:00

    You finished Wolfie! 8D It seems that some games like to have a family ending as the good ending for at least one character. Who are you playing for now, the knight?

    Oh, and Merry Christmas~

      Ilinox responded:
      December 25, 2011 at 10:17

      Puppy puppy puppy 8D! I hope not all the characters have a family ending though, because some of them just don’t seem like family men at all.. *coughNicocough*. I couldn’t resist godly pecs (Kirite) after hearing Suri-chan talk about him (ノ´∀`*)ノ.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you <3!

        Yume said:
        December 25, 2011 at 20:14

        Yeah I can’t imagine that guy as a father. ;; Pffft godly pecs, hope you enjoy his route. XD

        Thank you! <3

    dellz85 said:
    December 24, 2011 at 23:02

    Hi, just wanna say Merry X’Mas, and Happy New Year., hope you will have a great years ahead ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      December 25, 2011 at 10:16

      Aww, thank you (人´∀`*) I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too~! I hope a great year of otome blogging awaits me next year ;).

    Yumii said:
    December 22, 2011 at 12:44

    Wow! So long! How many hours did you spend writing this? It’s like you re-wrote the game into a novel and posted it here Σ(゜ロ゜;)

    Ah, I’ll never have the patience to finish such a long game ;A; Grown-up Camus looks very cute though. I’ll be looking forward to your review of his route :3

      Ilinox responded:
      December 22, 2011 at 15:49

      I write as I play which is probably why I play slow and all my posts become gigantic (^∀^;). It just bothers me a lot if I forget something and I always feel like I need to capture the context / character interactions to give readers a better sense of the characters. Next thing you know.. wall of text *sobs*.

      If you play around Rin or Hinano’s speed then you’ll probably finish it quicker than I did. I took around 4-5 days, but I think it can be done in 2-3 depending on your comprehension. I’ll try to get his route up soon, but I’m definitely going after godly pecs next 8D;;!

    dellz85 said:
    December 21, 2011 at 23:58

    Thank you for the detailed summary :)) OMG I can say now that I love this game. The party interaction is amusing and I love all the guys here, including Soo and Camus, they are so supportive toward Lilith and the man she choose :)) And the characters development are great here.

    Btw am I the only one who like Rognar? I feel pity for him, his twin deceive him but at least he died in peace :)

    Nate…. he is so cute and that tail.. may I pet him xD I love baby and marriage ending so well true ending is ok for me but for some reason just like you said, I like his good ending too. It feels like their bond is deeper in this ending, Lilith waiting him to come back and eventually he comes back to her even it took a long time ^^

    I can’t wait to read your next summaries :)

      Ilinox responded:
      December 22, 2011 at 01:31

      No no no, thank YOU so much for reading it all! I have to say that the character interactions are the best part of this game, along with the epic journey, and the character development.. pretty much this whole game was amazing. I think it’ll probably be one of my top favourites (*´ω`*). I was all teary-eyed when Soo and Camus supported her relationship and even Nayuta, Kirite, and Nico did as well but just less apparent.

      Nope, you’re not the only one who likes Rognar. I may be biased though because his seiyuu is Kazama from Hakuoki so he just sounds drop dead sexy every time he talks. Am I the only one who liked Horo’s craziness? Like Nate said, I could sympathize with him, and that’s also one other thing that I like about Nate; he has his dark assassin side. Having a hero say that they could see themselves in the big bad is much different then “JUSTICE SHALL PREVAIL” and “I SMITE THEE FOUL BEING” ww so I was super happy at the way the game went. Love is really the theme and they manage to avoid making it corny.

      I'm a sucker for wind symbolizing freedom and wolves being wild creatures, so the ending with him "becoming the wind" and traveling and then coming back to stay with her, but her knowing that she can't tell him to stay was AMAZING (人´∀`*).

      All my buttons pressed right there! I also love slightly bittersweet starts like the fact that she had to wait several years for him but tried to continue her life and he traveled to find himself. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

      I promise you the next summaries will be shorter since I can pretty much skip the common route/adventure part and just focus on the individual character scenes and reactions of characters to this new guy (though the journey was so epic I want to re-read sections of it).

        dellz85 said:
        December 22, 2011 at 05:15

        Nya.. then I can’t wait for the next guy, ow… no no no actually I kinda like Horo’s craziness (so you are not the only one xixi) but if I can choose I’ll pick Rognar, o.O he has the same voice with Kazama? Nice now my love for him is increasing haha. Yeah I am kinda surprise since Camus is not annoying as I thought, turned out I kinda like him hehe.

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