Beyond the Future ~ Nico Velvetnine ~

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Nico Velvetnine (ニコ ヴェルヴェットナイン)
CV: Kishio Daisuke (岸尾 だいすけ)

(Ahh, I’m really really sorry for how long this took to get out. My school semester is terrifying in its work load. For once my post is almost a reasonable length too, haha).

His favorite words are “.. because I’m a great sage” and it’s used to excuse him from anything he does and to explain everything that he does. His true nature and motives for joining the party remain a mystery to everyone, but he still manages to get close to the party in his own way. Everyone makes fun of him for being the suspicious, shady, evil-looking guy though. It doesn’t help his image when he always laughs sinisterly and tries his best to tease Lilith. Nico acts like.. one big troll.

(Nico shares the same choices and route as Nate up to the point where Nate asks Lilith why she saved the wolf pup in the desert. And so I’m just going to start Nico’s route from there. If curious about the details leading up to the diverge then readers can look at Nate’s post.)

Anyway, when Nate asks Lilith if she saved the wolf pup because she mistook it for a dog she answers that she doesn’t know why she saved it, but she couldn’t leave it to die. Nate leaves after smirking and admitting that it might have been a good thing when he didn’t kill her. Lilith finds out that Nate is going to his death by destroying the assassin’s guild and she decides that she wants to save him. The rest of the party support her and so she goes out with Kirite to ask the villagers of Midvan questions.

She finds out that Nico visited the king of Midvan and that Zanas Valley, the assassin’s guild, is northwest of Midvan. And so the party heads to Zanas Valley with Lilith walking beside Soo. He offers his hand to help her climb the mountain and she accepts his help. Just before they enter the assassin’s guildhall she chooses to stick close to Nayuta and he quickly dispatches the assassins that leap out at them. As they continue deeper into the guildhall they find a lot of dead bodies.

In the last room they find Nate fighting with the guild master. He almost loses but then he transforms into his werewolf form and slaughters the guild master. When Lilith tries to heal him he slaps her hand away and expresses his pain at not wanting to be used again. Lilith embraces him and tells him that she won’t use him. He awakens his Vakista powers in this fight and after defeating Sacred Nebulim he joins their team. The party returns back to Midvan to meet with Kadash and it is revealed that both Kirite and Soo are princes of their country.

*** EPISODE 「祝福と呪いと」(A blessing or a curse?) ***

Anyway, in the palace Kadash asks Lilith what she considers herself as, a witch or a Saint, and Lilith answers that she wants to be seen as a Saint. He informs them that he won’t stop their journey but he doesn’t believe them either. He also tells them that Nico is in Savila and so the party decide to return back to Dinus for information and to ride the train to the coast where they will take a boat to Savila. During their trip back Lilith chooses to stay beside Nate and after they set up camp, eat their dinner, and go to sleep, she wakes up to see Nate very close to her.

When he apologizes for waking her up she shakes her head and tells him it’s fine before asking him what he’s doing. Then she wonders out loud if he can’t sleep because he’s nocturnal. Nate scowls at this and informs her that he’s a werewolf which does mean that he’s half-human, but he doesn’t have those wolfish traits. Lilith just smiles slyly and asks if that’s true because she also thought that he would howl on nights with a full moon. Nate averts his eyes and grumbles about how she believes too much in weird things.

Anyway, he reveals that he was just picking up her blanket and then they talk about how the wolf pup he takes care of lives in Wolf’s Chanze with his parents. Lilith asks if she can touch his ears and tail and he lets her only if she promises to go to sleep afterwards. The party returns to Dinus and Soo goes to request the use of the train from his father, but this leads to his father asking to meet with his friends. And so the party goes to see Banstine, the king of Dinus.

He interrogates Lilith and asks her if she feels bitter towards the high priestess of Ingrid, but Lilith shakes her head. Banstine is impressed with her purity and compliments his son’s taste in women before also telling Lilith that he’ll believe in her and prevent Dinus from spreading her bounty around. Lilith becomes misty-eyed and she thanks him gratefully. And then the party heads off to Savila. Along the journey Kirite reveals the truth of how Savila disappeared off the face of the world. It was destroyed by Rognar and he was the only survivor.

Except when they reach the island they find a small group of people claiming descent from Savila and they’re working to restore the island to its former glory. Kirite is moved by their dedication and hope in the restoration of their country. Lilith admits that she wants Kirite to find another goal in life apart from just revenge. The party continues to the ruined palace of Savila and they find Nico there. He reveals that he was at the shrine and saw their fight with Rognar.

Nico informs them that he wanted to greet the awakening Saint but he hates shrines and their barriers hate him. And so he decided to perform a little trick on them. Lilith realizes out loud that he must have been the one to teleport them away from Dodona. Nico chuckles and compliments her 「ふふふ。聖女は察しがいいですね。賢い子は好きですよ」(Fufufu. The Saint’s conjecture is correct. I like smart girls). Then he continues on to talk about how taxing it was to cast a spell from outside the barrier, but he had to do it because he couldn’t let the Saint be so easily killed by Ingrid’s high priestess.

Nayuta and Lilith are reluctantly exposed to the truth in his words. If they hadn’t spent so much time together then Nayuta wouldn’t have saved her in the dungeons of Ingrid. Anyway, Nico doesn’t know how to stop the love lost either but he’s here in Savila to find out because he thinks that the country might be the origin for it. He intends to find out the truth by summoning the spirit of Kaien, Kirite’s father and the king of Savila. Most of the party is against this but Lilith wants to find out what happened.

However, the choice isn’t hers to make and so she looks at Kirite. Kirite agrees for Nico to summon his father because he wants to know the reason as to why Savila was destroyed. And if Savila was the origin of the love lost then his father wouldn’t be resting in peace. Just as Nico summons his father, a Sacred Nebulim interrupts, and Kirite is blinded by his rage because his father’s spirit disappeared. He forbids the rest of the party from interfering and everyone watches him in horror as he starts to lose.

Lilith prays for something and someone to save Kirite and in a flash of light his father reappears and severs the arm of the Sacred Nebulim that was strangling Kirite. He admonishes his son and Kirite regains his calm composure and accesses his Vakista powers to destroy the Sacred Nebulim. However, the severed arm of the Sacred Nebulim tries to attack Lilith when everyone starts to relax and she closes her eyes in horror. But she’s saved by Nico who burns it to a crisp with his guns.

She thanks him gratefully but he tells her that thanks aren’t needed since he got to see interesting things because of her. Anyway, Kaien reveals that Savila was guarding a sacred sword that Rognar stole and used to destroy the country. He bequeathes his sword to Kirite and Nico informs everyone that Savila is not the origin of the love lost. After Kaien disappears, Nico decides to join their party which shocks everyone but Lilith can see how useful it would be to have a sage with them. He also tells her to drop the honorifics with him.

Nico suggests that the next place they should go to is Amafi since he has things that he wants to ask Heathcliff, the king of Amafi, about. Fortunately they have Camus the Fairy who can guide them to Amafi since it’s a country of fairies and sealed against outsiders.

*** EPISODE 「敵の姿」(The enemy’s appearance) ***

On the boat to Amafi, Luverchi appears before them to answer some of their questions after Soo raises the question of why the three gods can’t defeat Rognar by themselves. As gods they are bound by rules to not harm another god with their powers and unfortunately Rognar still counts as one. Also, in a twisted way, he is still completing his duties of guiding and protecting humans by offering them salvation through death from the love lost.

Nico chuckles and remarks on how he had a hunch that he would see interesting things by Lilith’s side. He didn’t think that he would meet one of the three gods though. Lilith exasperatedly notes how sinister his smile is. Anyway, Luverchi informs them that Horo is waking up Heathcliff for them in Amafi while Clear is investigating the origin of love lost. Lilith promises Luverchi to stop her fallen brother, Rognar. When the party reaches the Forested Marjune, Camus is able to transform into an adult.

Anyway, he informs the party that Lilith needs to prove that she has a strong bond with one of the party members. This way her purity as a Saint will cover up any deficients in their characters and grant them access. The party decides to look at the world tree first and both Lilith and Soo express their awe at how tall and huge it is. Soo makes a comment about how he feels as if the tree might hit something in the heavens and cause it to come falling down.

Nico tells everyone that one theory says that the world of gods still exists. Nayuta agrees and informs everyone about how he heard that the god of Amafi turned himself into this tree. Camus nods vigorously and tells everyone that the world tree is Amafi’s shrine. It’s also the god of Amafi who hates conflicts and loves peace and nature. Nico summarizes that the god turned his flesh into wood and his appearance changed, but his soul still resides in the tree and he watches over his country’s people with kind eyes.

Camus tells them that everyone in his country believes in that legend and so that’s why they think that peace is the best. Nayuta realizes out loud that basically this tree is a god and they’re in front of one right now. Lilith expresses her awe at how amazing Amafi is and she confesses that by standing in front of the tree she feels more energetic and relaxed. Camus grins and tells her that it might be because Amafi is fond of her. She asks him with wide eyes if that can happen. Camus shrugs but points out that if she feels better than the world tree must be giving her some of its powers.

Kirite thinks out loud about how the gate to Amafi might be around here then. And so the party splits off to investigate the area around the world tree. Lilith ends up with Nico and she tells him that when she stands up close to the world tree it looks even more amazing. Nico comments on how ugly it looks which causes Lilith to splutter because she thinks it’s beautiful. Nico admits that he can also see its beautiful, but above all the world tree is the dead body of the god. Beautiful yet unsightly, a holy coffin.

Lilith asks him what he means and so he asks her if she knows the legend of the six gods. She nods and reminds him that she’s a priestess. Anyway, the six gods are children born from Adonis and Yufisu. The six gods gifted the land with their powers. Nico tells her that she’s correct and then goes on to explain that after Amafi gifted the land with his powers, he turned into this world tree in order to watch over the country forever. Lilith comments on how the gods are really amazing, but this makes Nico narrow his eyes as he asks her if she really thinks that.

When she looks at him in confusion Nico explains that it’s true that the world tree is living. However, it no longer has any godly powers and whether or not Amafi has consciousness is debatable. Amafi’s wish was certainly granted but Nico wonders out loud if Amafi can continue to protect his country in the form of a tree. Lilith tells him that she thinks Amafi sacrificed himself for humans. Nico hums thoughtfully at that and then Lilith admits that she’s had this stupid thought for a while.

But what if the origin of love lost came from a god who decided that he didn’t want to sacrifice himself for humans anymore? Nico’s eyes widen and he gasps out loud which makes Lilith stare at him in surprise. Then he tells her excitedly 「さすがは聖女ですね!すばらしい閃きです!」(As expected of the Saint! What a magnificent insight!). He tells her that he’ll write that down immediately in his notes about the love lost. LMAO HE’S SO UNPERTURBED BY ANYTHING. GODS ABANDONING HUMANS TO LOVE LOST? WHAT A GREAT INSIGHT!!

It’s basically a diary where he writes down his speculations, as a great sage, about the origin of the love lost. Nico chuckles at her when he hears her sigh in exasperation. And then he muses out loud on how they’ll be able to decide if Amafi lost his powers when they find the Vakista of Amafi, because the Vakista of Amafi would have powers granted to him by Amafi. Lilith is excited at the thought of that because if there is a Vakista of Amafi then that proves that Amafi still exists. Nico chuckles again and comments on how her answer was very Saint-like.

And so the two of them will be keeping an eye out for the Vakista of Amafi. Anyway, finally Nico informs Lilith that it’s about time. When she looks at him in confusion he starts to cast a spell that shatters the barrier around Amafi’s gate and reveals it to their eyes. Nico points out innocently that the gate opened with makes Lilith gasp in surprise before she tells him worriedly that Amafi hasn’t approved of their bond yet. But Nico tries to convince her that the gate opened because of their bond. And then he comments on how this is something to be very pleased about.

Lilith is still suspicious though and she wonders why their bond activated now. She quickly accuses him of doing something, but Nico replies with 「いえいえ、わたしはなんにも。聖女と私の絆の力です」(No no, I didn’t do anything. It was the power of the bond between you and I). I’M STARTING TO WONDER HOW THIS RELATIONSHIP WILL WORK OUT. PURE, SWEET, AND INNOCENT LILITH AND THIS INCORRIGIBLE, SUSPICIOUS, AND EVIL-LOOKING NICO プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. She still doesn’t believe it but since it’s open she decides to gather the whole party.

The party enters Amafi and they’re greeted by Horo who tells them that he woke up Heathcliff. However, they won’t be able to meet Heathcliff until the next day. Horo also reveals that Rognar is his twin and he begs for them to stop him. Camus guides them around Amafi and soon Lilith is resting in her room at the inn. Someone knocks on her door and when she asks who it is she hears 「こんにちは、聖女。わたしですよ、大賢者様です」(Hello, Saint. It is I, the fantastic great sage). She tells him to enter and the first thing he does is apologize for disturbing her rest.

Then he tells her that he wanted to talk to her though. Lilith nods and asks him what he wants to ask, but Nico suggests that they take a walk outside since they haven’t seen all of what Amafi has to offer. Lilith nods and thanks him for the offer, because she would have just spent the rest of the day in her room if she had been alone. She’s happy that he invited her out. Nico’s response is to chuckle lowly and say 「ふふ、キミは素直ですね。では行きましょうか」(Fufu, you’re honest. Well then, let us be off).

Outside Lilith asks him what he wanted to talk about and Nico tells her that the day of their audience with the senile and infirm lizard king has been decided. He wanted to let her know when they were going to see him. Lilith winces as she points out that his words are rather mean, but she’s glad that they’re able to meet with Heathcliff early. She thought that they would have to wait longer. Nico points out that the old lizard who is close to death wouldn’t have been able to go back to sleep after being woken up by one of the three gods.

Lilith just stares at him in complete silence before hesitantly asking him if Heathcliff wouldn’t be angry by how Nico is addressing him. He informs her that he’s just saying the truth. Plus, if he got angry at this then Nico would like to know how the dragon king received the title of being wise. Lilith asks him if that’s really the case and he tells her that it is. Plus, he’s also the man whose bond with the Saint had been approved of by a god and so there is no need for Heathcliff to be afraid.

She asks him if that’s really true and Nico asks her with wide eyes if she is doubting their bond. Lilith averts her eyes and tells him that she still doesn’t know him very well. Nico smirks slowly and asks her 「おや、それはわたしのことが知りたいという可愛らしいおねだりですか、聖女?」(Oya, is this your adorable way of saying that you want to know more about me, Saint?). He pins her against the wall before she can say anything else. Nico chuckles lowly and informs her 「ふふふ、いいんですよ?聖女様が知りたいとおっしゃるのなら、この大賢者ニコ、ひと肌でもふた肌でも脱いでみせます」(Fufufu, that’s fine. If you want to know about me, the great sage Nico, then I’ll bare everything for you). THIS IS ALSO AN IDIOM FOR “LENDING A HELPING HAND”.

Lilith turns bright red at this and shouts out that he doesn’t need to strip and she really doesn’t want him to strip. In her mind she yells out that the skin he’s showing is already too much. LMFAO THE COMMENT ABOUT HIS CLOTHES.. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Nico steps away from her and frowns sadly before saying 「そこまで拒絶されると、しょんぼりしてしまいますね。つれない聖女様です」(Going that far to reject me, I’m crushed. What a cold Saint). Lilith sighs and grumbles about how she can’t tell when he’s being serious or when he’s joking.

Then she tells him, while looking at the ground sadly, that she just wants to get to know him since they’ll be traveling together. Nico chuckles lowly at that and tells her 「ふふふ、そんなことを言われると、わたしのすべてを教えてさしあげたくなりますね」(Fufufu, when you say it like that, it makes me want to offer up everything of myself to you). VERY DOUBLE-ENTENDRE. IT ALSO MEANS “I WANT TO TEACH YOU EVERYTHING OF MYSELF”. Lilith repeats the word everything in confusion.

But Nico just nods and says 「ええ、すべてです。嫌がるキミに、それでも無理矢理にわたしの全てをさらけ出す」(Yes, everything. Even if you hate it, even then I will forcibly expose everything of myself to you). (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン THIS CAN ALSO BE TAKEN AS “I WILL DISCLOSE EVERYTHING OF MYSELF TO YOU EVEN IF YOU HATE IT”. BUT THE WAY HE SAYS IT MAKES IT SOUND LIKE HE’LL STRIP WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT LOL. Then he says in a pleasured voice 「ふふふ、考えるだけでゾクゾクしてきますね。果たして、キミは耐えられるでしょうか・・・?」(Fufufu, just thinking about it makes me excited. I wonder if you can endure it…?).

Lilith hurriedly tells him that he’s being scary right now and then she blurts out for him to tell her about himself a little bit at a time. Slowly and bit by bit. Nico is surprised into silence and then he asks her seriously 「・・・・・・・知りたくない、とは言わないんですね?」(.. You’re not going to say that you don’t want to know, will you?). She points out that he’s one of their companions and the barrier around Amafi approved of him. Nico replies with a chuckle and 「・・・ふふふふふ。聖女は、本当に素晴らしいですね。それでは、少しずつ」(.. Fufufu. The Saint is very magnificent. Well then, I’ll do it little by little).

Then he continues on to say that the best way to develop a resistance to poison is to take small doses of it little by little. He’ll let her get used to him little by little. Lilith just sighs at his innuendo and thinks about how far the day is when she’ll finally understand Nico. The next day the party meets with Heathcliff and he reveals that the origin of love lost is a curse cast upon Yufisu. Not only are they supposed to defeat Rognar but they also need to break the curse upon the world.

The group loses their morale but Kirite reminds them that their objective of saving the world hasn’t changed. And so then everyone leaves to return to their own rooms, but Nico remains behind and asks Lilith if she’s shocked at the knowledge of Yufisu being cursed. He tells her that she might feel better if she talked about something else to take her mind off of the subject for now. He offers to answer any question that she has for him since he knows about a lot of things.

Lilith admits that she wants to ask him some things, but is it really alright? Nico smiles and tells her that if it wasn’t then he wouldn’t have offered in the first place. He’s giving her this special service for tonight. And so she asks him why he joined their party. Nico tells her that he’s going to help save the world, although he doesn’t care if it gets destroyed either. Lilith stares at him in shock and he murmurs quietly that there’s a chance the world might be destroyed no matter what they do.

She asks him why he and Heathcliff say these things, and Nico averts his eyes before admitting that if she wants to know the explanation then she first needs to know about his home. He was born in Melrond, the lost country, which was destroyed by their reckless hubris. Lilith admits that she’s heard about how the god of Melrond sealed the country off from the rest of the continent, but that was a very long time ago. She asks him curiously how old he is.

Nico chuckles though and tells her that there are some things that are better left unknown. Lilith frowns and confesses that somehow she’s becoming a little scared of him. He laughs at that and tells her teasingly that it’s too late. Then he notes the time and informs her that they’ve talked for a while now and so he thinks it’s about time for them to sleep. He tells her 「どうぞ、わたしの夢を見てくださいね。わたしはもちろん聖女の夢を見ます。あんなことやこんなことをします」(Please dream of me. Of course, I’ll be dreaming of you and doing things like this and that).

Lilith splutters and repeats his words in surprise and horror, but he just adds 「ええ、あんなことやこんなこと、あまつやそんなことまで」(Yes.. this and that, and even /that/). Her cheeks turn red with a blush but she orders him sternly to stop it. Nico just chuckles and then wishes her a good night. She wonders faintly if he was bluffing but he’s gone already and so she tries to go to sleep. However, Lilith is woken up by Luverchi’s weak voice and she finds out that something killed Clear and is killing Luverchi.

A Sacred Nebulim soon attacks her in in her room and the party manages to defeat it, but not before Nico makes a joke about how jealous he is of the Sacred Nebulim being a midnight visitor to Lilith’s room. Anyway, Lilith decides to return to Dodona because it’s the place where everything began and because they don’t have any other leads to chase.

*** EPISODE 「聖女として」(As a Saint) ***

Camus awakens his Vakista powers when he confesses that he wants to remain big to continue to protect Lilith. Before they leave to go to Dodona, Nico informs everyone that he wants to stop by Midvan to collect something from the king. Nate asks him if he’s going to steal something from Kadash and Nico pouts before telling him not to say bad things about him like that. He is, of course, going to ask Kadash if he can borrow it. At any rate, Lilith agrees to head to Midvan first.

She just wants to return to Dodona to reassure herself and so if Nico has a goal to accomplish in Midvan then they can do that first. The rest of the party has no problem since she’s the one who decided and Nico thanks her and the party. When they reach Midvan they find out that it’s been affected by the love lost and so they hurry to the palace to talk to Kadash. Nico tries to wheedle Kadash into giving him the airship. He even whispers for her to help him out and lie to the king, but she isn’t able to do that.

Lilith honestly tells Kadash about how she’ll try to save the world. This makes him finally believe in her as a Saint and he gives the airship to Nico. After everyone finishes panicking at the knowledge that this is Nico’s first time flying, he offers to take them anywhere they wish to go before they head to Dodona since the airship is so fast. Lilith decides to return to the Forested Marjune and the rest of the party agree to take a small break there. When they get there everyone splits off to find their favourite place.

She and Nico head to the waterfall together and he comments on how magnificent it is and how it’s called the Tears of Amafi. Lilith asks him about the story and he admits that he doesn’t know it very well, but it is said that the country of Amafi is the god of Amafi’s body. And the tears that the god shed became this waterfall. She hums thoughtfully and then confesses that it sounds romantic. Nico purses his lips and admits that he can see how she can think that.

Because of his response, she asks him how he thinks of it then. He tells her that he starts to wonder about the nature and cause of the tears. Are these tears from the god’s pain of changing his body into this country? Or are these tears from the god’s joy. Lilith comments on how philosophical his questions are and he replies with his trademark phrase 「大賢者ですからね」(Because I’m a fantastic great sage). She asks him dryly if that is even a reason.

Nico replies 「なりますとも。同じ理由で、わたしはキミにも興味がありますよ」(Of course it is. That same reason is why I’m interested in you). He approaches her and cups her cheek with a hand while telling her 「キミの心の動きに、ね」(As in.. what will move your heart?). Lilith blurts out that it’s embarrassing for him to have that kind of an interest. He asks her why curiously and she admits quietly that thinking about him seeing through her is embarrassing. He says in a thoughtful voice 「恥ずかしい、ですか。なるほど、可愛いですねぇ」(Embarrassing, huh? I see.. that’s cute).

She splutters out that she’s becoming even more embarrassed because of that and so he shouldn’t say those things. But he protests and says 「いえいえ、本当でしょ。たぶん」(No no, it’s the truth.. probably). Lilith asks him flatly which one it is and he searches for something to say before admitting that it’s troubling. When she asks him what is, Nico explains that he was analyzing her and so it’s a problem if she refuses to let him analyze her because she’s embarrassed. Lilith is confused and asks him what he means.

And so Nico accurately points out that she’s straining herself. Lilith tries to deny it, but Nico interrupts her and asks her if she can really say that. She falls silent at that before asking him what she should do then, but he just shrugs and says 「さあ?」(Who knows?) before adding 「わたしは、ただわたしのしたいことをしているだけですよ」(I only do the things that I want to do). Which is also why he’s journeying with them since he feels like saving the world. He informs her that no one will criticise her for saving the world.

Therefore it’s fine if she saves the world in her own way. Lilith averts her eyes and confesses that it’s difficult. She thinks that it would be nice if she could do what he said, but she can’t bring herself to think like that. Nico sighs but admits that he knew she would say that just from looking at her. Lilith smiles at that and thanks him anyway, because she understands what he’s trying to say. Nico smiles back and tells her that she doesn’t have to thank him because she was clever enough to understand herself.

But then he adds 「もちろん、わたしには負けますが」(But of course, it’s inferior to mine) referring to her cleverness. Lilith just rolls her eyes in exasperation which makes him chuckle. But then he remarks on how she seems to have relaxed a little and she nods before telling him that he’s surprisingly kind. Nico’s response is simply 「優しい・・・?そうですか。わたしは、優しいですか。ふふふ」(Kind…? I see. I’m kind. Fufufu). RIIIGHT.. NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL. Any way, they return to the airship and the party sets off to Dodona.

There they find all the villagers missing and Nico comforts Lilith by telling her that there doesn’t seem to be any struggles and they have no evidence to confirm that it was her fault. Therefore they should continue to search for clues to the truth. Lilith brings everyone to the shrine and remembers about the fight with Rognar. Then she sees a vision from Yufisu and the fire of her determination to save the world is kindled. Lilith promises everyone that she won’t forget ever forget this memory.

They return to Madam in Dinus for information about the other cities. Ingrid is losing faith and is affected by the love lost. Midvan’s desert is expanding and all the people there have lost hope. Savila’s people are still working on the revival project and they haven’t been affected yet. Madam doesn’t have information about Amafi, but Nico thinks that it should be fine so long as Heathcliff’s barrier continues to remain.

Since they have no leads on where Rognar is Nico suggests that the everyone splits up to conclude their individual business and examine their homes. He gives them a magical item that will teleport them to the Forested Marjune and its password is 「大賢者ニコ様素敵」(The fantastic great sage Nico). The whole party has to muffle their laughter. Anyway, Kirite is heading to Savila. Soo is going to talk to his father in Dinus. Camus will return to Heathcliff. Nayuta is going to try and meet with the high priestess.

Nate is going to check out Midvan and then he asks what Lilith is going to do. Nico asks her if she wants to baby-sit the airship with him and Lilith agrees. Camus pouts at this which makes Soo tell him not to make such an unhappy face since it should be fine if it’s Nico. Camus reluctantly admits it and then Nate interrupts him by telling everyone that they should head out immediately then. Lilith asks Nico to take her back to Dodona though, because she feels like she needs to do something while they’re waiting for the rest of the party.

Nico asks her what business she has here and she tells him that she doesn’t have any business, but she just wanted to come back. He hums thoughtfully and then points out that there’s nothing here. Lilith tells him that she knows that the only thing left here are her memories. Everything else has disappeared. She recalls out loud that she always used to pray here even though she wasn’t an official priestess. She confesses that she overslept a lot and made the head priest angry.

She wonders quietly if she’ll ever meet them again after that day when the shrine was attacked. Nico shrugs and so then she asks him if she should come back here after they save the world. He asks her why and points out that she can go anywhere that she wants. Lilith tells him that the others might return and she asks him what he thinks. Nico says to her 「キミは実に健気ですよ、聖女」(You’re really brave, Saint). He explains that they need to save the world, but they still don’t even know if they can do it.

He exclaims in a melodramatic voice 「そう!キミが、このドードーナに戻って来られる保証など、どこにもない!」(Yes! There is no guarantee that you will be able to return to Dodona!), but then he adds 「けれど、それだからこそ・・・キミは、戻ってきたいと口にしているのです」(But, no because of that.. you’re able to say that you want to return). He rapidly asks what word other than brave could apply to her and then tells her that he’s excited now. Lilith’s eyes are wide as she says his name hesitantly.

Nico just says 「いいでしょう。聖女が、そこまでの覚悟をされているなら、このわたしも一肌二肌脱いでしまいましょう」(It’s good. If the Saint’s resolve is that far then I shall also lend a helping hand). HERE COMES THE DOUBLE ENTENDRE AGAIN ABOUT HOW HE’LL STRIP AND BARE HIS SKIN. He also adds in a dramatic voice 「可愛い聖女のためにも、今までにも増して、真剣になって世界を救うために力を貸して差し上げます!」(For the sake of the cute Saint, I will grow more, become serious, and offer up all of my power for the sake of saving the world). YESS THE “TO GROW” IS INTENDED FOR MORE DOUBLE ENTENDRE GOODNESS (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

Lilith doesn’t even know what to say but she finally ends up telling him with a blush that he doesn’t need to strip. Nico’s response is to widen his eyes and ask 「なんですって?なぜ脱がなくていいんです?」(What did you say? Why can’t I strip?). Her blush disappears as she glares at him and points out that he’d be a pervert if he stripped here. Nico frowns and tells her that he wasn’t going to strip here, which makes her blink in surprise and so then she asks him where he would strip then. Nico smirks slowly and tells her that he would obviously strip at the climax of saving the world.

She blushes and stutters out the word climax before telling him not to say unnecessary and embarrassing things. Nico just blinks in confusion and asks her what he said, but then he immediately says 「いや・・・待ってください。もしかしたら・・・これは、新しい発見?」(No.. please wait. Could this be.. a new finding?). She asks him worriedly what he’s talking about and so Nico tells her that right now he doesn’t understand the meaning of her words at all. LMFAO FOR ONCE THE PERVERT IS LILITH! Then he goes on to remind her that he’s the great sage Nico.

For him to not understand something.. it must be an amazing finding. She asks him what he’s trying to get at and Nico points out excitedly that it means she knows things that he doesn’t know. Lilith asks him 「そ、そうなの?」(Re-really?) but Nico tells her that there’s no mistake. He murmurs in pleasure that he’s shivering with thrill now. Then he tells her loudly that they can’t waste any more time and so they should go now and save the world. Lilith is completely confused as to what he’s trying to say but agrees determinedly about saving the world.

The next place that they visit is Amafi because Lilith wanted to talk to Heathcliff about something. There she asks him why she was chosen as Yufisu’s Saint, but Heathcliff just vaguely answers that she resembles the other Saints and yet she’s still her own person. Anyway, she asks Heathcliff for his help and requests that he tells her about the gods and why they disappeared from the world. This leads them into a conversation about how Heathcliff thinks she should choose her own path and beliefs and leave him to his own.

He’s been alive since the time of the gods and so he’s seen the change and death of many things. If it is the world’s fate to head toward destruction then it is its fate. Lilith argues about how the love lost is unnatural and a curse though, but Heathcliff thinks that the result is the same. It doesn’t matter if the world’s destruction comes fast or slow if its fate is still death. Lilith informs him with steel in her voice that she will never give up at saving the world.

Heathcliff just responds that it’s her choice to choose what to do just like how he chooses to let the world follow its fate. Nico interrupts the two of them and comments on how he can understand Heathcliff’s point of view, but in the end he is going to side with Lilith and help save the world. And so since they’re walking on they’re going to walk on their own path, Nico asks if Heathcliff will give them something for their journey. Lilith asks him in a whisper what he’s trying to do.

But Nico just tells her to leave it to him. Heathcliff is intrigued but decides to tell Nico that he’ll aid them however he can. So then Nico asks for “that”. Heathcliff splutters in surprise and tries to ask Nico how he knows about that thing, but Nico just chuckles sinisterly. Lilith asks him hesitantly what he is, to which he replies 「大賢者です」(I’m a great sage). Lilith thanks him in exasperation for his usual answer and Nico just snickers and informs her that the truth is unchangeable.

Anyway, Heathcliff tries to tell Nico that he can’t part with “that” but Nico points out that Heathcliff can’t use it anyway. Not to mention the thing belongs to Nico. Technically, it belongs to his companions. Heathcliff’s eyes widen as he realizes that Nico came from Melrond and so then Nico asks again if Heathcliff will give him the item that he seeks. Heathcliff stutters out that their current subject is unrelated to that, but Nico just repeats himself slowly and points out that Heathcliff will hand it over, won’t he?

Heathcliff crumbles and gives in and so Nico thanks him with this smug smirk which makes Heathcliff order them to take what they want and leave, because he doesn’t want to see Nico’s face. Nico excuses the two of them cheerfully and when Lilith asks him hesitantly if it’s alright to have made Heathcliff mad, he reassures her by saying that Heathcliff will soon forget it since he’s a dragon. She doesn’t look convinced but she follows Nico as he leaves and says goodbye to Heathcliff. Heathcliff just turns his head with a huff.

The two of them return to the Forested Marjune but the rest of the party hasn’t made it there yet and so the two of them wait at the world tree. Lilith becomes curious as to what Nico is doing though and it turns out that he’s collecting materials to improve the airship. He’s snapped off one of the branches from Amafi’s world tree and Lilith asks him if the god won’t be mad at him, but Nico points out that he’s using it to help them save the world and so he’s sure the god will approve.

Lilith eyes the branch and comments at how it looks just like an ordinary branch to her, but Nico just chuckles and reminds her that he’s a great sage. He can see the power in items with just a glance. She tells him that he’s amazing and he just smiles and tells her that of course he is and he’s glad she finally understands. The two of them become silent for a while before she asks him why he’s journey with her. Nico hums thoughtfully and then asks her with a smirk what she thinks.

She thinks that he’s with them because he wants to save the world and Nico tells her that she’s right. Saving the world is his life’s goal. Lilith is surprised by the way he thinks, but then he explains that great sages can’t settle for small goals. They need to have an ambitious and large one. Then Nico points out that his goal isn’t any different from hers. She didn’t choose to be a sage, yet she’s facing her fate to save the world head on. Not a lot of people can do that, according to Nico.

Normal people would have ran away. People run away from painful and problematic things, but she hasn’t yet. Nico compliments her which makes her thank him happily. Nico chuckles but then admits that he also thinks she’s arrogant. When she asks him in shock why he thinks so, he points out that her goal of saving the world is very ambitious. Lilith frowns and points out that he has the same goal as she does, but Nico reminds her that he’s a great sage. It’s obvious that he would have a goal like this.

Lilith huffs with exasperation and tells him that he’s the arrogant one, but she thinks that it’s very typical of him to be like that. Nico chuckles and thanks her before adding quietly 「・・・なぜでしょうね。キミに、そう言ってもらえることが、とても嬉しいですよ」(.. I wonder why. When you say those things, I feel very happy). Then he says 「だから、もっと言ってくれませんか?」(That’s why, will you not say it more?). Lilith teases him by telling him that she won’t because then it’d lose its meaning and also she finds it embarrassing.

Nico just replies 「恥ずかしい、ですか。・・・ま、いいでしょう。最後の仕草はきゅんきゅんしましたし」(Embarrassing, huh?.. Ma, that’s fine. Your last words already made my heart skip a beat). Lilith splutters and tells him not to say things like that, but he just chuckles unrepetantly. Anyway, the rest of the party soon appears and Soo displays the new clothes that he received from his father. Meanwhile, Nate has a legendary bow from Midvan. Then they’re interrupted by Rognar’s announcement about how the end of the world is coming but he will grant them salvation and remind them of a god’s power.

Lilith trembles with rage and vows that she’ll definitely stop Rognar and she won’t forgive him for the way he’s using his words to wound people and destroy their hopes. Nico compliments her determination but warns her not to strain herself. Lilith nods glumly at that reminder which makes him tell her to straighten her back and lift her shoulders. Lilith yelps in surprise and asks him where he’s touching her, but Nico just smirks and points out that it helped her straighten her back.

Anyway, the party heads to Dinus to find out where Rognar’s voice came from. Madam reports on the situation of the world and how it’s taking a turn for the worse. Lilith tells her that the only course of action left for them is to fight. Then the party receives a message to see Banstine and so they head there. Nico informs everyone that Rognar is in Melrond, but to get into that country they need to make modifications to the airship. Banstine agrees to help since he believes Lilith is the Saint.

And so they head off to Midvan since Nico already picked up the item that he needed from Heathcliff. Camus winces and comments on how he feels sorry for Heathcliff for having to deal with Nico and Lilith cringes in sympathy since she was there. Anyway, in Midvan she immediately helps Nico to convince Kadash that they need the magical item in his vault. She informs him that if they throw away hope then they will have no chance of winning. The party returns to Dinus and Nico kicks all of them out so that he can modify the airship.

Lilith enters the airship though and comments on how much fun he looks like he’s having, since he’s humming. Nico is surprised to see her and then he informs her that modifying the airship will require some more time. Lilith tells him that she wanted to see if she could help him. He promptly replies with 「もちろん、ないですねぇ」(Of course you won’t be able to). Lilith tells him that he didn’t have to say it so bluntly, but Nico shrugs and points out that whether he said it slow or fast the result would have been the same.

There’s nothing that she could do to help him. She refuses to believe that though and tells him determinedly that there has to be something she can help with. Nico raises an eyebrow but he relents and asks for her to close the closure wave valve of the fertilization sorcery tray. Lilith freezes and asks him with a stutter if he can repeat himself. He repeats himself with 「ですから、受胎魔導盤の波動閉塞弁です」(Like I said, the fertilization sorcery tray’s closure wave valve). Lilith stutters out the word fertilization.

Nico defines it calmly 「妊娠することですよ」(It means pregnancy/conception). Lilith repeats the word pregnancy with a splutter and Nico’s eyes widen in surprise as he asks 「何をそんなに慌ててるんです?ああ。してみたいんですね、受胎」(What are you so flustered about? Ohh. You want to try it out?.. Fertilization). Lilith’s cheeks turn bright red and she orders him not to say it so bluntly. But he finds endless amusement in her embarrassment and repeats the word again but even more slowly. Lilith yells out that she can’t hear him and then calls him an idiot. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

He pouts at how she’s calling him, a great sage, an idiot. Then he comments on how conception is a wonder granted by the gods and it’s not romantic at all. But he thinks it’s amusing how she seems touched by it. Lilith just pouts and accuses him of bullying her. Nico just snickers and then reminds her that she was going to help him, but she apologizes as she realizes that she can’t. He just nods at that and tells her that she should have known that from the start.

But then he points out that there are things that only she can do as a Saint and so she should feel happy at that. Lilith asks him what the things she can do are. Nico hums thoughtfully and then comments on how this isn’t like her and she must be feeling unhappy since she’s so impatient. She tries to deny that but realizes that she can’t hide anything from him. Nico tells her arrogantly that of course she can’t, since he’s a great sage. So then he asks her why she’s unhappy. But before she can say anything he already knows why.

Nico states that she’s worried about Rognar and if they can win and stop him in time. She’s also worried about how far the love lost will spread while they’re taking care of Rognar. Because these fears are gripping her heart she’s become unhappy and impatient. Lilith is surprised and impressed by how he can see everything, but Nico just says that one wouldn’t need to be a great sage to know what she’s feeling. Anyone could tell from her face.. except for Soo.

Lilith tells him that he’s being mean, but then admits that she can’t deny his words. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ POOR SOO HE’S ALWAYS BEING INSULTED WHEN HE’S NOT EVEN THERE. Then he tells her that it’ll be alright because he’s with her. She should believe in him over herself and everything else. After that, she can place some of her belief in the other Vakistas. Lilith points out slowly that he makes the others sound pitiful and so Nico amends his statement and calls them Vakistas who barely help.

She notices that his description of the others didn’t really change. But she realizes that he’s right. It’s not just her. Everyone else is trying to protect the world too. Nico tells her that it was arrogant of her to try and shoulder all of the burden. She should try to depend on others more. Lilith giggles and points out that his words sound strange. When he asks why, she reminds him that he’s a great sage and he always talks about doing everything himself.

Nico is silent for a while before he admits that it’s true. And then he wonders quietly to himself why that is. He never used to lend his power or help to other people before. He chuckles quietly and says 「ふふ。これも、聖女と一緒に旅をしていたせいでしょうか。この変化は、イヤではありませんね」(Fufu. I wonder if this is because of my journey with you. This change.. isn’t bad). Lilith tilts her head curiously and asks him what he means. He just tells her that if she doesn’t understand then that’s fine. It’s enough for her to know that he’s content.

Anyway, the rest of the party returns to the ship and they set off to Melrond. As they fly through the lightning storm, Lilith decides that they should pray to the gods for their safety. She shrieks at the loud thunder and Nico grabs onto her to steady her. She thanks him when he asks her if she’s alright and tells him that she was just surprised. Before he releases her, he says 「いいですね。キミの悲鳴は、いつ聞いても素敵ですよ」(It’s nice, isn’t it? No matter how many times I hear your screams, they’re beautiful). (°Α°)

Lilith tells him not to say such weird things at a time like this and he just laughs before commenting on how wonderful their risky adventure is. A Bahamut soon appears and starts to chase them. Nico starts complaining about how troublesome everything is and how he thought he could return to his home easily, but instead this happened. Nayuta asks him worriedly if the ship will be alright as they take another blow from the Bahamut and Nico just sighs and adds that there are a lot of noisy people too.

He grumbles some more at all the annoyances but when Lilith asks him if they’ll really be alright he just sighs and realizes that it can’t be helped. He orders Nayuta to fly the ship, but Nayuta splutters out that he’s never flown one before. Nico shrugs and tells him to try and do something while he goes to the top of the ship to do something about the Bahamut. Before he leaves though Lilith calls out his name sharply and he asks her calmly what she wants. She tells him to try his best and this puts a smile on his face.

Nico tells her not to worry and to leave this to him. Lilith nods and informs him that she’ll believe in him. Nico hits the Bahamut with his guns enhanced by his elemental spells and though the Bahamut becomes wounded it still fights back by spitting out a ball of darkness. Nico negates it and tries to shoot it again but the airship drops abruptly. He yells at Nayuta and asks him what he’s trying to do. Nayuta’s response is that he thought the dragon was going to hit them.

This makes Nico snap out that he’s a knight and he should be used to battles and so he shouldn’t be trembling. Nayuta grinds his teeth in annoyance, but Nico continues on and adds that if he continues to fly this poorly then Nico will blast him with his magic. Lilith shouts out that now isn’t the time to be fighting. However, while they’re talking the Bahamut claws the ship and Nico is angry at how his airship is taking this damage. He yells at Nayuta again and asks him what he’s trying to do by not dodging and if he wants this airship to fall.

Nayuta complains about how Nico wants him to stay still but now he wants him to move. He snaps at Nico to make up his mind. Nico frowns angrily and decides to end this in the next shot. The next spell he casts is some kind of darkness that eats up the Bahamut instantly. Nico drops back into the airship and says loudly that because of Nayuta he had to use an unnecessary spell. Nayuta splutters at that and then Nico commands him to hand back the controls because if Nayuta continues to fly the airship then they’ll all fall.

Nico is given the controls by an offended Nayuta. Anyway, Lilith quietly congratulates him for what he did. He thanks her and then grumbles at how tired he is now. She apologizes for not doing anything to help, but he tells her 「・・・いえいえ。ちゃんと手伝ってもらいましたよ」(.. No no. You did help). She blinks in confusion and points out that she didn’t do anything. But Nico says 「ふふ、キミが、そこにいるだけで、私の力になりましたからね」(Fufu, it was because you were there that I had any power). He adds that this is what her duty is as a Saint and he’s thankful for that.

Anyway, the battle with the Bahamut has damaged the ship too much and so there’s no time for them to break the barrier to Melrond. Nico is just going to try and ram through and so Lilith tells him that she’ll believe in him and trust him. He chuckles at that and tells her that those words make him happy. Then he warns everyone to hold on to something. Lilith screams at another crack of thunder and so Nico embraces her and tells her not to be scared, because he’s here. He also grips her hand.

*** EPISODE 「愛のすべて」(All of love) ***

Lilith has the dream about how the gods still love humans and how Melrond is in a healing sleep after it was nearly destroyed by the arrogance of humans. She wakes up panting and then screams when she sees Nico right beside her. He innocently asks her what’s wrong and why she’s so surprised, to which she furiously splutters out that it’s because he’s sleeping right beside her. Nico explains that it was because he was looking after her since she was unconscious.

But he adds 「衣服が濡れていたなら、裸で暖め合うところでしたが・・・残念です」(If your clothes had been wet, I would have warmed you up naked… what a shame). HAVE YOU NO SHAME NICO ( *´艸`)クスッ♪? PREYING ON SUCH A CLASSIC CLICHE. Then he says 「そのかわりに、スヤスヤと眠る聖女の寝顔をたっぷりと鑑賞できましたからね。」(In exchange, I was able to appreciate the Saint’s face as you slept soundly). He adds 「もっとも、もう少し寝ていてくれると嬉しかったのですが。少々、鑑賞時間が短かったですねぇ」(Although, I’d be happier if you had remained sleeping. My appreciation time was quite short).

Lilith stares at him in silence before she flatly says that she’s going back to sleep. Nico looks at her in confusion and asks her if something happened, but she just mumbles that she’s going to fall asleep again. She shuts her eyes and the next time she wakes up she greets him with a bright smile. Nico confesses that he’s surprised she was able to fall asleep again, but she points out that he wanted her to. Plus, she was also a bit tired but now she’s feeling really energetic after that nap.

Nico says slowly 「・・・キミは、わたしが思っていたより大物なのかもしれませんねぇ」(.. You are.. a harder opponent than I thought you’d be). Lilith asks him what he means by that but he just smiles and replies 「気にしないでください。ちょっと、初めての敗北感を楽しんでいるんです」(Don’t worry about it. For the first time, I’m looking forward a bit to losing). She calls him weird and he tells her with a frown that he doesn’t want to hear that from someone like her. Then he asks if he can inform her about their current situation.

To be honest, he doesn’t know much. All he knows is that they reached Melrond, but everyone fell out of the airship and became separated. He doesn’t know if the others are safe, but he thinks they’re still alive since they’re Vakistas. She points out abruptly that the two of them didn’t get separated. Nico smirks and informs her that it’s because he protected her and it was cute, the way she clung onto him. Lilith blushes because she’s embarrassed but she thanks him for his warm and gentle hand.

Anyway, the two of them decide to search for the others and they walk into the ruins of Melrond. Lilith is shocked at the destruction of Melrond since it looks even more devastated than Savira. She asks if it was caused by a Rognar or a god, but Nico explains that it was the hubris of men which led to the downfall of Melrond. It used to be a huge city, but the humans in the country became too greedy with the power that they had and so they paved the path to their own destruction.

Lilith is reminded of the dream that she had when she lost consciousness. She tells him about how even though humans left deep scars in this country, Melrond hasn’t given up and is trying to heal it slowly. Nico thinks the god is rather arrogant to think that it can get rid of the hubris of humans and he muses on how it might even be fate for humans and gods to clash. Lilith snaps out that she doesn’t believe in such a thing and that she doesn’t want anyone to just give up because of their fate.

Nico is surprised into silence and she asks him hesitantly if she said something weird, but he soon smiles and informs her that she’s interesting. He thinks they make a good combo with him being the weird arrogant sage and her being the interesting Saint. Then he changes the topic abruptly to how this place should be good enough. Nico is going to launch a flare into the sky with his magic so that the rest of their party can find them. Lilith asks if she can help, but he tells her to just wait quietly on the side.

In fact, she can even sleep if she wants to. Nico tells her that he’s just concerned for her health, not to mention he’ll get the added bonus of being able to stare at her sleeping face for as long as he wants. Lilith hesitantly tells him that she thinks she’d rather stay awake. Anyway, some time passes and the rest of the team manage to find them and Nico compliments them on being intelligent enough to move toward the flare. Rognar appears to give them a talk about how he’s giving salvation to the human race.

He won’t listen to a thing they say when they try to tell him that what he’s doing won’t stop the love lost. When Lilith vows to him that they’ll stop him, Rognar bursts out laughing and tells them to find him since he’ll give them salvation in the form of death. Nico calmly responds that this round might result in Rognar being the one to receive salvation at their hands. Rognar just sniffs derisively and tells them to come after him and die if they can’t comprehend his goal.

Nico leads them to the centre of Melrond and the control room. Along the way he asks the party if they don’t care that he has a lot of secrets and won’t tell them anything at all. The rest of the party tells him that he’s part of the group and even though he’s weird and suspicious, he’s not a bad guy. They find Rognar in the control room and Lilith yells out that they’ll stop him even if he’s a god because they’ve come so far bearing the hopes of everyone else in the world. Rognar is amused and tells her that she has some guts trying to take him on alone.

At this point, Nico interrupts and asks Rognar what idiotic thing he’s trying to say. Nico alone is enough to defeat someone with Rognar’s attitude. Rognar asks him dangerously to repeat what he said. Nico tells him with a smirk that he understands the reason for why Rognar is such an idiot. He says he’s trying to save humans, but that’s arrogant of him. Nico asks if Rognar understands what he means, because he’s implying that Rognar is just trying to feel self-important.

He also asks Rognar if he really thinks that he can do it all by himself and save humanity, because that isn’t possible. Rognar is pissed at Nico’s apparent contempt and so he screams at them to shut up and that he’ll save humanity and humans no matter how many people he has to kill or how many countries he has to destroy. Lilith realizes that he’s gone crazy even before he destroyed Savira. Nico also comments on what a sad foolish creature Rognar is, which just serves to piss Rognar off even more.

Rognar immediately lunges at him with a dark spell in his hands, but it’s repelled by Nico’s shield. The two negate each other and the two spells disappear as fast as they had been cast. Rognar asks him furiously what he’s trying to do and Nico calmly replies that he already said that he alone was enough for someone like Rognar. Or is Rognar so idiotic that he can’t understand his words? Rognar snarls at Nico’s insult, but Nico continues on to add that Rognar is also wrong. Rognar asks him what he’s talking about in an angry voice.

And so Nico comments on how he should really adjust his attitude, because the way Rognar’s perspective on life is far too self-righteous. Nico points out that if humans want to be destroyed then he should let them be destroyed. Humanity should have the freedom of choice to decide whether or not they want to be destroyed. Rognar is shocked at his words, while Lilith is amazed at Nico’s words. Nayuta thinks his attitude is shocking. Camus can’t stop smirking at how pale Rognar’s face became.

Soo is also impressed at Nico’s attitude. Nate thinks it can’t be helped if one’s opponent is someone suspicious like Nico. Nico rolls his eyes at the party’s antics and informs them that he’s just saying it’s arrogant and self-righteous of Rognar to just decide to save humans without finding out whether or not they want to be saved. Rognar freaks out at how relaxed everyone is and tries to attack Nico again, but Nico defends himself and severely injures Rognar with his guns.

He manages to immoblize Rognar and the next shots strike him directly in the chest. Rognar gasps out that it’s impossible for him to lose and then he asks Nico if he’s really a human. Nico’s reply is to say 「・・・失礼な。人間に決まってますよ」(.. How rude. Of course I’m a human), but he adds 「ただし、世界でもっとも特別な人間。すなわち大賢者ですけどね」(However, I am a rather special human, namely, a great sage). Rognar grits his teeth in impotent fury while Nico tells him that he’s going to end it since it’s Rognar’s fault that his airship broke.

Nico’s voice drops as he says lowly that even though he looks like this, he’s actually quite pissed. Nico shoots Rognar another time and then comments on how he’s just a god gone mad. He doesn’t care if Rognar is a god or something else, because compared to him he’s just an idiot. In fact, he’s the most idiotic person Nico has ever met. Rognar gasps in pain and crumbles without saying anything else, because he doesn’t know the origin of the love lost.

Anyway, Lilith makes a broadcast to the rest of the world about how they defeated Rognar and then the whole party celebrates quietly at their victory. But she soon feels a crushing pressure on her and someone’s voice hissing at her to die with all the rest of the traitors. Lilith loses consciousness and is dragged into a healing darkness by Melrond. Lilith wonders out loud where she is since it’s dark, but she can feel it radiating kindness and warmth.

Melrond greets her and tells her that there’s nothing to be scared of because this darkness is safe. Here she can heal in peace. Nico’s voice is heard next and he says 「ああ、ここにいたんですね。安心してください。そこは、安全ですよ。世界中で一番、ね・・・」(Ah, so that’s where you are. Please relax. It’s safe here. The safest place in the world..). Lilith asks whose voice that is, but Melrond continues on to tell her that the darkness will heal everything and she can sleep here forever.

Nico adds that there’s no need to fear the darkness. She should only fear the things she can see, because if she can’t see anything then there’s nothing scary. Once again, Lilith asks whose voice that is but she feels like it’s familiar. Melrond tells her to let the darkness embrace her heart and heal her slowly. Meanwhile, Nico tells her that the darkness is the origin of everything and when the world ends everything will once again return to darkness. He asks her if she wants to peek into the darkness.

Lilith finally realizes that she’s hearing Melrond and the other person is Nico. Nico’s form appears in front of her and he comments on how troubling this is because he didn’t think she’s recognize him. He points out that there are some things in the world that she’s better off not knowing, but it’s very much like her to act like this. Lilith asks him what he’s talking about, but Nico gently tells her that if she doesn’t understand then it is for the best. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE HE’S MELROND IN HUMAN FORM?

He informs her that this is an immortal world. A world where things are born and where things die. He should be the only one to know about this. Lilith realizes that this must be why Nico is.. Nico asks her what she thinks he is. She realizes that this is why Nico knows everything and can do anything. It also explains why he sometimes feels scary, sometimes unhappy, yet he also feels safe. Nico tells her that he doesn’t understand a single thing she’s trying to say.

Lilith notes in surprise that there are things that even Nico doesn’t know about. Nico smiles at that and says 「・・・どうやら、そうみたいですね。それを教えてくれたのは、キミですか」(.. It appears so. And the person who taught me that, was you). Lilith giggles at the thought of becoming Nico’s teacher. Then she comments on how he’s so strange and she still wonders why he’s with her. Nico asks her if she wants to know and she admits that she does, but she doesn’t just want to know his reasons. She wants to know everything and anything about him.

He tells her softly 「・・・いいですよ。聖女になら、わたしの全てを教えてもいい。でも、そこでは何も教えてあげられません」(.. That’s fine. If it’s you, I’ll tell you everything about myself. But, I can’t tell you anything if you’re there). He adds 「仕方ないですね。わたしが手伝ってあげますから・・・帰ってきてください」(It can’t be helped. I’ll help you so.. come home please). Lilith nods and the next thing she knows she’s being drawn into a bright light. She opens her eyes to find Nico hovering above her and he calmly notes that she’s regained consciousness.

She yelps in surprise and splutters out his name since he’s so close to her, but he just comments on how it seems like she hasn’t lost her memories or anything. Although, he can’t be too sure since she hasn’t said anything apart from his name. Lilith is confused as she asks him what he’s talking about because he was just with her. Nico asks her what she’s talking about, because she had been lying here all this time. Lilith apologizes in confusion and tells him that she must have been mistaken.

Nico tells her that it’s natural to be confused since she just woke up. Lilith thinks in her head about how the person in front of her is Nico, yet it wasn’t the Nico she saw in the darkness. But she feels a strange feeling welling up inside her. Anyway, she gets back to her feet and the rest of the party relaxes at the sight of her being safe and sound. They find out that she had been attacked by the love lost and that Melrond saved her. But Lilith admits that someone else also helped her and she realizes that it was her bond with Nico.

He catches her staring at him and asks her if there was something that caught her attention. Lilith shakes her head and the rest of the party return back to business. Lilith wants to talk to the high priestess in Ingrid, but the rest of the party think they should check out the state of the world. And so Lilith shatters the barrier around Melrond with the help of Melrond’s power and Nico reveals that he’s fixed the ship while she was unconscious.

The party returns to Dinus to learn about the state of the world from Madam. Love lost is still destroying the world and so Rognar really was unconnected. However, there are still plenty of things to do and Madam finally believes in Lilith and addresses her as the saint. She tells Lilith that her voice did bring hope to her and so she should go out and save more people. The party heads to Amafi and everyone becomes frustrated at Heathcliff’s lack of care to the destruction of the world.

Lilith protests and points out that tells him that it’s weird not to resist and fight against the destruction of their world. Heathcliff gives them a speech about how there is no right and wrong and the future is undetermined. Nico agrees with that, since everything in the world is uncertain, but he’s decided to walk forward with Lilith and so they’ve decided what they want to do. Heathcliff huffs with amusement but tells them to go and save the world then.

The next stop is at Dodona where Lilith prays to Yufisu because Lilith is starting to lose her morale. Nico overhears though and calls out her name, which surprises Lilith and she asks him how long he’s been standing there. He tells her that he was there the whole time, but when she asks him if he really was he tells her that he lied. But he’s been watching her from the very beginning. He confesses that watching her lose her cheer and pray to her god excited him. (/ω\) SOMETIMES I DON’T KNOW IF I WANT TO SMACK HIM OR NOT.

Lilith sighs and informs him that he’s acting like a pervert again. Nico asks her if she hates it, to which she tells him that she hates that kind of pervertedness from him. Nico comments on how that’s a problem and that he should give her an apology gift then. Lilith tells him that it’s fine, because she doesn’t wish for such a thing. Nico starts smirking though and tells her not to say that and to try and wish for something, because he’ll grant whatever she wishes.

She asks him if he’ll really grant anything and he tells her that he will. But in the end she decides that she doesn’t have a wish. However, Nico says 「なるほど、抱きしめて欲しいんですね。わかりました」(I see, you wish to be hugged. I understand). LMAO THAT’S NICE BUT WEREN’T YOU LISTENING!? I SAID I’M FINE. LISTEN TO ME MAN!! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Lilith splutters in surprise and asks him why he’s saying that all of a sudden. Nico replies with 「どうしてって、キミの考えていることなんて、すぐにわかりますから。さあ、抱きしめてあげましょう」(Why? It’s because I know what you’re thinking about. Come now, I’ll give you a hug).

Lilith tries to protest, but Nico just embraces her tightly with a chuckle and says 「ふふ。聖女は、柔らかいですね」(Fufu. You’re soft). She starts blushing and making incoherent noises. But then he also says 「それに、いい匂いがしますよ」(Also, you smell very nice). This just makes her panic in his arms and he comments lightly 「しかし、これでは少し物足りませんね。聖女もわたしを抱きしめてください」(But, this is a little unsatisfactory. Saint, please embrace me as well). She exclaims in shock that she can’t do such a thing.

Nico sighs but says 「・・・仕方ありませんね。それでは、そのかわりにもっと強く抱きしめてあげましょう」(.. It can’t be helped. Then, in exchange I’ll just embrace you more tightly). Lilith’s face is completely red still as she squeals in surprise and finally Nico makes a noise of pleasure 「はあ~、満足しますねぇ」(Ha~, I’m satisfied now). Lilith gasps out an apology and tells him to give her a break since she apologized. But he replies in a cheeky voice 「いやです。離してませんよ」(I don’t want to. I won’t let you go).

She pouts in his embrace and calls him an idiot. He averts his eyes at that and whispers that she might be correct. When she looks at him in confusion, he just shakes his head with a chuckle before informing her that he’s serious. She says his name questioningly, but he changes the subject to how time passed quickly while they were embracing. They should set off on their journey to save the world now. Lilith is thrown at the abrupt change but she agrees.

Which makes Nico chuckle and say 「ふふ。約束ですよ。約束しましたからね」(Fufu. That’s a promise. Don’t forget you promised). She gapes at that and tells him hurriedly that her words right now didn’t count, but he just teases her saying 「ダメです。約束ですからねー」(Nope. You promised~) and he runs off. Lilith glares at him angrily and yells out that he’s really an idiot. But then she blushes again and whispers to herself that her heart had been pounding and for some reason she feels really happy.

They go to Ingrid and find the city in the midst of an epidemic of love lost. Everyone is either crazy or has lost their will to live. The party continues on to find that the knights of Ingrid have been disbanded and that Remuna has also given up hope. Nayuta gives her a piece of his mind and then they go into the shrine because Lilith knows who is behind the love lost. She breaks the concealment on Horo and he reveals everything about how he wants to destroy the world and create it anew for his forgotten mother.

He disappears after taunting them to come and find him if they want to stop him. The party runs back outside and defeats the monsters that have spawned in the city and then Nayuta charges to find Remuna and he talks some sense into her. The high priestess finally believes Lilith to be a saint who will save the world and she finds the will to fight back against the crushing tide of darkness. The party decides to split up to save the rest of the towns in the world from the monsters. Once again Nico gives them his magical items that will teleport them back to Marjune.

Lilith and Nico end up going back to Melrond and they both return to the control room. She doesn’t see anything important in here though and so she asks him why he came back and if he came back because it’s his homeland. Nico denies it though and reminds her that he doesn’t do things for the sake of his feelings. He came back here because there are dangerous things in here. Melrond was destroyed because humans had technology that rivalled the gods and when it was destroyed it was sealed. But the seal has been broken by Lilith when they left.

He reminds Lilith that the guns he’s using, their airship, the technology she used to speak to the whole world, and the sword that Rognar destroyed Savira for all came from Melrond. He asks her if she knows what he is most worried about and she correctly guesses that it’s about Horo. Nico nods and tells her that if Horo thought the same way as Rognar, which he highly suspects since Horo revealed that he drove Rognar mad, then he would send his minions into Melrond to see if they can use Melrond’s technology.

So he knows that there is no other choice but to seal them away, but he’s feeling a bit lost. Lilith tells him that she understands because she actually thinks it’s quite sad for the artificats to be sealed away. He’s surprised at her thoughts and reminds her that they caused the destruction of Savira and Melrond, but she tells him that they weren’t created for destruction. Nico admits that the technology was created to enrich and benefit Melrond.

Lilith draws an analogy of how it’s like the powers of the Vakista. They can be used for good or evil, but they aren’t. Nico stares at her with wide eyes in silence and she asks him if something’s wrong, but he suddenly starts muttering about how wonderful she is and how he just knew that she was wonderful. Nico had been thinking about sealing himself away with the artifacts because he still possesses the knowledge and secrets of Melrond. However, her words have made him happier than he thought he could be.

For the first time Nico addresses Lilith by her name and tells her that he’s decided to finally accept his duty. She looks at him in confusion and he adds that he’s also going to make a fresh start in life. Then he confesses that he’s always known that he’s Melrond’s Vakista. Lilith’s eyes widen in surprise, but she realizes that she and the rest of the party had their suspicions because there’s no one else from Melrond but Nico. His stomach starts glowing and she feels a sleeping power within him call to her.

The mark appears in a flash of light and Nico expresses his awe at the feeling of power from being a Vakista. He actually feels deeply moved and admits that he doesn’t mind this symbol of their bond. Then he admits that he has scars in his heart from the fall of Melrond. And he’s scared of it occurring again, in fact he’s still scared even now. But he was wrong to conceal his origins and travel around the world. It’s thanks to her that he’s able to accept himself like this. Once again he says 「素晴らしい。キミは本当に素晴らしい人です」(It’s wonderful. You’re a really magnificent person).

Lilith is a little confused as to what she should say. Nico just replies 「いいのですよ。キミは、頭ではわかっていなくとも、心でわかっている!」(It’s fine. Even if your mind doesn’t understand it, your heart does!). Then he adds 「そして、わたしは理解している。わたしの手に入れたものを。それは、すなわち・・・愛ですよ、リリス。キミへの、愛なんです」(And I also understand, that in my heads I have.. that is.. love, Lilith. Love for you). Lilith gapes in surprise and she finds herself in a panic. She doesn’t know what she should, should she congratulate him? Tell him that she’s happy for him?

It’s true that the bonds of a Vakista are important, but for him to call it love is embarrassing. Nico chuckles and tells her 「ふふ、赤くなったキミも愛らしくていいですね」(Fufu, your red face is charming). She hurriedly tries to think of something else to say but he goes on to say 「これからのわたしは、まさしく無敵ですよ」(From now on, I will surely be invincible!). He adds 「愛を手に入れた、超賢者。聖女とともに、世界に愛を降り注ぐ、闇のヴァキスタの誕生なのです!」(The super sage who has obtained love. Together with you, we will rain love on the world. This is the birth of the Vakista of darkness!).

Lilith nods her head shakily in agreement because she’s embarrassed at his words. Anyway, Nico then tells her that they need to head deep into the core of the building they’re in. He’s going to seal everything from Melrond there. They reach it but a Sacred Nebulim appears under orders from Horo to stop them. Nico insults him for thinking he could trail after them unnoticed, because Nico was aware of him. Then he tells Lilith to step aside and reassures her that he won’t lose to the Sacred Nebulim.

The Sacred Nebulim calls him a fool and that he shall be destroyed, but when his ball of darkness is ineffective against Nico. Lilith isn’t sure if it’s because he’s immune to it, his magic is protecting him, or his newly awakened Vakista powers are protecting him. Either way, Nico kills the Sacred Nebulim in one shot and tells him that the only fool here is him. Anyway, Nico shuts everything down and even though Lilith doesn’t understand what he’s doing she can hear the machines powering down.

Soon the whole room is quiet and Nico informs her that even if Horo comes here, he won’t be able to activate or use any of these machines. Until the age of peace Melrond shall lie sleeping. They return to the Forested Marjune but the rest haven’t returned yet and so they decide to head to the waterfall to rest. Nico points out that Lilith looks tired and she admits to it and so he suggests that they take a break and rest while they wait for the others to appear.

She asks him if he isn’t tired, but he just shrugs and admits that the thought hasn’t entered his mind. He doesn’t feel tired or in pain. At his answer, her eyes widen and she tells him that he’s not human. Nico responds with 「失礼なことを言わないでください。わたしは、れっきとした人間ですよ」(Please don’t say such rude things. I’ll have you know that I am a fully-fledged human). Then he adds 「ただ、究極の人間、と言えるかも知れませんが」(However, you may say that I’m the ultimate human). Lilith doesn’t have anything to say to that except to repeat his words.

Nico nods and reminds her with an arrogant smile that he is a great sage after all. And because this ultimate great sage is with her, she has nothing to fear or worry about. They’ll be able to save the world. Lilith draws strength from his calm composure and agrees that she can’t let this beautiful world disappear. He agrees and comments on how if there won’t be any problems when a Saint and sage work together. Then he changes the subject to how he found something amazing in Amafi.

Since they’re resting anyway, he invites her to come along with him. She agrees and so he takes her to a hot spring. Lilith has to admit that it’s wonderful but she starts to protest with a stutter. Nico doesn’t understand why she’s disturbed though and points out heatedly that it’s a hot spring and that it has recuperative effects. He goes on to list them such as how hot springs give people beautiful skin. He even goes so far as to say that it soothes the stomachs of women who..

Lilith cuts him off with a loud yell and tells him not to say such weird things. If a guy says something like that then she’ll feel like running away. Nico pouts and says that if she says it like that then he’ll refrain from saying those things. Lilith blushes and adds that he should also stop stripping. Nico looks at her with a raised eyebrow and tells her not to say such weird things. If one doesn’t strip then one can’t enter the hot spring. He orders her to strip too and in fact forces her to.

In the end, they both end up in the hot spring and Nico moans in pleasure at the feeling. Lilith admits that it feels nice but she asks him if he doesn’t feel embarrassed. He asks her what he should be embarrassed about and she points out their situation with a stutter. He makes a noise of realization as he finally understands that she’s embarrassed at the feeling of a man’s eyes on her. Lilith tells him that having him say it like that makes her even more embarrassed.

Nico tries to reassure her by saying 「恥ずかしがることはありませんよ。キミの体は十分鑑賞に堪える造作をしています」(There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s difficult enduring the aesthetic art of your body). DON’T SAY THAT WITH SUCH A FLAT VOICE プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. She freaks out and tells him not to admire her body like that because it’s embarrassing to be looked at. Nico adds in a thoughtful voice 「そうですか?わたしは綺麗なものを愛でるのはすきですよ」(Is that so? I love to admire beautiful things, you know).

Lilith is speechless for a second before she asks again if he isn’t embarrassed about his own body. He tells her that he isn’t at all because he has no reason to hide his body. She admits in her head that he does have a beautiful body. Then Nico says 「むしろ、キミには見てほしいぐらいです。何かポーズとりましょうか」(Rather, I wouldn’t mind if you stared at me. Should I strike a pose?). She hurriedly tells him that it’s fine and she’ll refrain. He comments on what a shame that is. Even though he said that though the two of them manage to spend the rest of their time peacefully.

Although they didn’t say anything to one another, they relaxed in each other’s company. They meet up with everyone at the world tree again and Nayuta shows off his new clothes. Then Lilith informs everyone that Nico became a Vakista which shocks everyone. Nico explains to them that while he was in Melrond he realized that he holds love for Lilith and so he became a Vakista. And so they officially welcome him into their ranks. Then Lilith gets a vision from Luverchi and Clear about where Horo is.

Nico asks her if something is the matter, but she tells him distractedly that she hears a voice. Anyway, Luverchi and Clear beg her to stop Horo and when she comes out of the vision Nico worriedly asks her if she’s alright. The party returns to the airship and Nico notes that their last battle is approaching. After they defeat Horo then they’ll have saved the world and there will be no more fighting between the gods and humans. She thanks him for his help along with the other Vakistas.

He replies that it’s obvious it’s thanks to him, although he reluctantly admits that the rest of the people in the world had worked hard. Lilith agrees since it’s the people’s wishes to save the world that has brought them so far. Nico admits that he’s changing his outlook on humans, but they still have the duty of defeating Horo.

*** EPISODE 「ビヨンド・ザ・フューチャー」(Beyond the Future) ***

Before they go to the underworld to find Horo though, Lilith decides to return to Dodona with Nico. Lilith comments on how a lot of things have happened up to this point. Nico agrees and then tells her that they’re finally going to reach an answer of whether the world is going to be destroyed or saved. He says in a breathy voice that for some reason his heart is beating and he’s really excited. Lilith tells him exasperatedly to calm down.

He replies 「落ち着けですって?さすが聖女は落ち着いていますが、しかしわたしには無理な相談です」(Calm down?! As expected of the Saint to be calm, but it’s an impossible thing for me). There’s no state for him to be in other than excited now that he has almost reached the answer to his question. Nico decides that he can’t throw away the world when it gives him such interesting things. Lilith says his name in exasperated amusement and then tells him that he’s making it sound like somebody else’s problem.

You look.. a little sinister here Nico.

Nico hums thoughtfully and then informs her that he isn’t saving the world for other people. She asks him if he’s saving it for himself then. He replies promptly 「そうです。そうですが・・・今は、もう一つありますね」(Yes. Yes, but.. now there’s also one more). She asks him what that is and he tells her in an obvious voice 「キミのため、ですよ」(For you). But then he confesses 「いえ、でもこれも自分のためと言うべきですが。キミのかわいい姿を見たいが為に、世界を救おうとしているんです、わたしは」(But, you could say that it’s still for myself. I’m saving the world so I can see your cute body).

Lilith blushes and calls him an idiot. He chuckles and says 「ふふふ。キミに、喜んでもらえるように世界を救えるといいですねぇ」(Fufufu. To make you pleased, I’ll save the world). Lilith smiles and tells him that she believes in him and he chuckles lowly again before thanking her. At any rate, he knows that he’s not able to observe both a destroyed world and a world that is saved. And so he’s decided that a saved world is more interesting to him. Lilith tells him that she also wants to know more about a saved world with him.

Nico grins and tells her that after they save the world they can travel around and observe the whole world. He’ll do anything for that. They return to the airship and the party sets off towards the underworld. They find the gate monster and Soo is left behind to take care of the airship. Right before they jump off Nico whispers to Lilith 「行きましょうか、リリス。どうかわたしの手を握っていてくれませんか?」(Shall we go, Lilith? Also, will you accept my hand?). Lilith nods with a tight smile and grips his hand tightly. He returns her squeeze.

The party, minus Soo, leap down into the monster’s mouth. Nate is left behind to deal with the black hole that is spitting out monsters. Nico drags Lilith away since Nate volunteered and Nayuta agrees that they can’t waste time since they don’t know what Horo is doing. Nate orders them to advance and not look back and Nico gives his thanks. Nayuta is left to fend off the Fenrirs and he orders Nico to take everyone else and leave. Camus is left to hold the door open.

Nico promises Camus that he’ll protect Lilith and so Camus needs to stay safe and endure the strain of holding the door. They meet the Sacred Nebulim at the last door and as he boasts about being the strongest of the Sacred Nebulims, Nico calls him a fool and that he can take him on. However Kirite volunteers to fight the Sacred Nebulim guarding the gate and instructs Nico and Lilith to find Horo and defeat him. The rest of the party will definitely live and wait for them to return.

Lilith and Nico meet Horo pass the door and he greets them with a cold smile while noting that it seems like it’s just her and the sage from Melrond. Horo tries to sow the seeds of doubt in Lilith by telling her that Nico is someone who only looks for interesting things. If he thought it’d be interesting to see the world destroyed then he’d do it. Lilith flinches at Horo’s words because there are grains of truth in his words.

However, she remembers that Nico only said that at the beginning. Through their travels Nico confessed that he thinks it’d be more interesting to see the world saved than destroyed and so she tells Horo that she believes in Nico. Nico smiles when he hears her words and tells her 「・・・ふふ。リリス、キミは本当に可愛いらしい人ですね。そんな風に言われると、張り切ってしまいます」(.. Fufu. Lilith, you’re a really lovely person. When you say it like that, it puts me in high spirits). He grabs her hand and squeezes it warmly.

Nico admits that he is the type of person to hate boring things and he has thought about watching the world become destroyed. However, now he’s changed his mind. His interest lies in walking beside Lilith and seeing the future that she wants to bring. If he ever entertains the thought of seeing the world end, then he’d do it himself. Lilith splutters at this, but Nico just chukles and tells her to leave everything to him because he’ll defeat Horo for her. Horo narrows his eyes and begins the battle since he realizes he can’t convince them to step down.

The battle covers the whole arena but it’s clear that Horo is weaker. Lilith realizes that Horo isn’t built for battle and usually uses his minions to do everything for him. Nico is easily deflecting the spells from Horo and his shots manage to graze Horo. Horo realizes he’s losing and so he tries to summon his monsters, but Nico tells him that he won’t let him do that. Horo manages to delay Nico with a bolt of darkness though and completes his summoning. However, no one appears to answer his call.

Lilith and Nico realize that they aren’t fighting alone and they have their friends and the whole world supporting them. When Horo snarls at that and throws a ball of darkness towards them, Nico coldly informs him that he’s not afraid of the darkness. Nico shoots the ball and dispels it and then tells Horo that he’s not afraid of the dark because he commands it, and he’s also not alone. Horo ends up deciding to destroy the whole place then because if he goes down then he’s bringing Lilith down with him.

She’s frightened at that but Nico tells her not to worry. He tells her that he’ll end this quickly and then asks her if she’ll lend him her powers. Lilith smiles and tells him that she’s always going to be by his side, so they’ll fight together. Her i-scepter starts to glow and Nico tells her 「ああ・・・キミを感じますよ、リリス。わたしの中に、キミの想いが流れ込んでくる」(Aa… I can feel you, Lilith. Your feelings are pouring into me). Horo snaps out that their love can’t defeat his love for his mother, but Lilith yells back that they won’t give in to despair.

Nico embraces her and borrowing her powers he sends his spell towards Horo. Their spell overcomes Horo’s magic and Horo is blasted back and he weakly asks them how could this be. Nico explains that his views on love weren’t correct. He believed that he loved his mother, but the destruction that he was causing for his mother wasn’t love at all. Horo’s love was a selfish love for himself only. Horo stutters out that it can’t be and that you can’t believe in love for other people. But Nico just instructs him to look at him and Lilith.

Lilith prays to Yufisu to experience her feelings and the feelings she has towards Nico. Her i-scepter starts to glow again and she tells Nico that she can feel him through their bond. Nico asks her softly if she can feel his feelings and she nods before asking him if he can feel hers. He can and together with their feelings they’re going to change the course of their world. The two of them look back to Horo, who is calling for his mother to save him, and they finally defeat him and end the curse on the world.

Horo disappears in a flash of light, but Lilith can still feel his presence in the darkness. He’s weakened and sleeping inside of it for eternity. Their fight is finally over and the love lost has been lifted from the world. Lilith comments on how it’s finally over and Nico agrees before informing her that this was an obvious conclusion since he’s here. Lilith asks if they shouldn’t return, but Nico is wondering what they should do since he just wants to leave with Lilith but there are obstacles in the way back.

Lilith doesn’t understand what he’s troubled by and so she suggests that they head out. Nico agrees with a sigh and remarks on how they need to pick up their luggage anyway, referring to the other Vakistas. When they come out, Lilith immediately asks for Kirite but he’s safe and sound. He notes that they’re unharmed too and Nico tells him that of course they’re unharmed since he was there and so Kirite didn’t need to worry. Kirite averts his eyes and comments on how there’s still something to worry about, but it’ll be Lilith’s choice.

She looks at him in confusion and he tells hre that if something troubling happens then she can always rely on him. Lilith agrees with confusion while Nico tells Kirite that he’s being irritating and they should pick up the next person. Lilith is glad to find Camus unharmed and he grins as he tells her that he wouldn’t die here. He asks about Horo and congratulates her for defeating him, which makes Nico ask him with a grumble if Camus forgot about him. Camus replies 「もちろん忘れてるよー」(Of course I forgot you~).

Then Camus tells Lilith in a serious voice that if she has a problem then she can always come to him. Lilith responds with 「う、うん?」(Uhm.. okay?) because she still doesn’t get it, while Nico glares and tells Camus that he’s being annoying. They find Nayuta next and he’s safe too. He asks if they defeated Horo, to which Nico answers that of course they did because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have been able to return to him. Nayuta realizes that they’ve really saved the world and he breathes a sigh of relief.

But then he says 「そうか・・・。ならば、あとの問題はコイツだけだな」(I see.. Then the next problem is this guy here). Nico informs Nayuta that he’s being rude and tells him to stop pointing at him. Nayuta asks Lilith if she’s really alright with this, but she asks him what she’s supposed to be alright about? Nayuta shakes his head slowly and Nico interrupts with 「あー、もう!本当にうるさい人たちばかりですね!さあ、さっさと次に行きますよ!」(Aah, enough! This place is really just full of annoying people! Let’s hurry up and find the next person!).

The next person they find is Nate and he greets them cheerfully while noting that they’re unharmed. Lilith finds out that he’s unharmed too and then starts crying out of relief. He laughs at her and tells her not to cry. Lilith points out that it should be fine since she’s crying out of relief for everyone. Nate just chuckles again and agrees with her, but then he comes up to her and licks the tears off of her face.

Nico instantly jumps to attention and shouts out 「やめなさい、このバカ犬!」(Stop it, you idiot dog!). Nate leaps away and laughs loudly before noting that even Nico can make a jealous face and that it’s interesting. Nico grumbles under his breath about how everyone is a nuisance, but when Lilith tries to ask him what he means he tells her not to worry and that they should pick up their final luggage. They appear on the airship when they step out of the underworld and Lilith is relieved to find Soo unharmed.

He boasts that a monster like that couldn’t have defeated a person like him. Lilith thanks him gratefully for working hard and securing a safe place for them to return to. Soo is a bit embarrassed but reminds her that he promised that she didn’t need to worry. Nico adds in the background that if Soo hadn’t been able to do it, Nico would have managed somehow. Soo pouts at Nico’s harsh words and Lilith orders Nico to apologize to Soo. Soo snickers at that and taunts Nico about how Lilith is asking Nico for an apology.

Nico just grumbles about how Soo really is bothersome and then says that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Lilith blushes and pouts at Nico’s behaviour but doesn’t say anything more. This makes Soo tell Lilith that she’s too sweet on Nico. Lilith looks surprised and tries to point out that this is how Nico is normally though, but Soo interrupts and says that he doesn’t want to hear it. Nico just snickers and comments on how he’s feeling like he wants to “do it”.

Lilith tilts her head and asks if she implied something without realizing it. This makes Nico sigh and mutter under his breath about how her obliviousness is really frightening. In fact, he’s not even sure if he can compete with it. Lilith just looks at him in confusion and tries to ask him what he means, but he shakes his head and tells her that it’s nothing. Kirite appears and suggests that they head back. And so Nico takes them back to Dinus, but everyone decides to walk on the road up to the city.

Time skip and Lilith meets with the three leaders of the country. Banstine, Remuna, and Kadash tell her about the state of the world. The wounds are deep but the world is recovering nicely. Lilith informs Madam about how the rest of the party is doing. Kirite has taken the throne in Savila and he’s working hard to restore his country. Nayuta is a priest and he’s teaching the pilgrims about love. Soo is still gambling like a bum, but he helps his father out on odd jobs. Nate is in the outskirts of Midvan investigating the things that haven’t changed.

But the person he’s talking to points out that the desert changes every day. Anyway, Nate leaves because he wants to travel the world and see how everyone is living. Lilith wonders what he’s searching for or what he’s thinking and so she decides to ask him next time. Camus is back with Heathcliff in Amafi and trying to understand the merit in things that don’t change. Meanwhile, Nico is talking to Banstine about how Melrond is once again connected to the rest of the continent.

He’s decided to distribute Melrond’s artifacts around the world so that one person can’t hold a monopoly on all of them and Banstine is amused at Nico’s actions, but agrees to allow him to do it. Nico informs Banstine that he’s decided to believe in humans. Anyway, he returns back to the airship where Lilith is waiting for him and when she asks him how it went, he tells her that their talk is over. They, as humans, defeated a god and so the possibilities that humans can achieve is limitless.

However, even still, Nico has decided that he’ll believe in them, like how she believes in them. Lilith smiles at that and they return to Melrond. They return to the control room and Lilith comments on how it’s been a long time. This is the place that they fought Rognar and Nico muses on how things would have been different if Rognar suspected his twin. She tells him that he’s talking about difficult things again and Nico informs her that it’s his job to think about things like that.

Anyway, Lilith asks him what he’s going to do now. He tells her that he’s going to use the announcing system that she used when they defeated Rognar to inform everyone that the relics of Melrond will be released into the world. But he’s also going to make it so that whenever they feel like it they can find the relics. She asks him if it’s as simple as that and he admits that it isn’t, but he’s a great sage. Then Nico eyes her and decides that she should try it too and login to Melrond’s system and core with him. She’s surprised by that but he tells her that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

He has a frightening smirk on his face though. She tells him that the fact that he had to say that to her is making her scared. Nico just reassures her again and tells her that there’s nothing scary at all, in fact it’ll probably feel good to become one with him in the system. WH-WHAT? Σ(゚Д゚;). Lilith asks what he means by that because she doesn’t understand. But Nico just says calmly 「はいはい、いいですからわたしの手を握ってください。はい、握りましたね。いきますよー」(Yes yes, it’ll be fine so just take my hand please. Alright, are you ready? We’re going now).

Lilith immediately blushes and starts spluttering as she tells him that she feels something. Nico just chuckles lowly and whispers 「ふふふ。気持ちいいでしょう?」(Fufufu. It feels good, doesn’t it?). Then he adds 「ああ、リリス。キミが、わかりますよ。身体で触れるのではなく、心で触れています。ふふふふふふふふ」(Aa, Lilith. I.. can understand you. Our bodies may not be touching, but our hearts are. Fufufufufufufu). PLE-PLEASE DON’T LAUGH LIKE THAT WITH THAT LOOK ON YOUR FACE (/ω\). Lilith responds with 「ああああ~~~!な、なんかイヤ~~~~!」(Aaahh~~! I-I don’t like this~~!).

Nico informs her 「口では、そんなこと言っていますが、心は喜んでいませんか?わたしには、手に取るようにわかってしまいます」(Even though you’re saying that, your heart is secretly pleased, isn’t it? I can feel that through our connection). Then he adds in a pleasured voice 「さあ、キミを感じさせてください。隅々まで、存分に!ふふふふふふ」(Now, please feel it! All the nooks and corners and as much as you want! Fufufufufu). NICO YOU ARE CREEPY AS HELL (^∀^;). Lilith loudly calls him an idiot and reminds him that they didn’t come here to do this. Nico recalls this and then confesses that when he touched her heart he forgot about everything.

He returns his attentions to the broadcast and after a few seconds he informs Lilith that everything is good now. She blinks in surprise and asks him if that’s it. He nods and tells her 「ええ。簡単でしょう?では、先ほどの続きを・・・」(Yes. Simple, right? Now.. let us continue where we left off..). Lilith yelps in surprise and then the screen darkens. In the next moment, Nico comments in a pleased voice 「いやぁ、楽しかったですねぇ」(Ahh, wasn’t that fun?). I.. WHA? DID.. DID THEY ACTUALLY DO IT? (〃゚艸゚):;* WHY IS NICO’S THE ONLY EXPLICIT ONE?

Lilith almost has a permanent blush by now as she pouts and calls him a pervert. But he responds with 「そんなこと言って、キミだって喜んでいたじゃないですか」(Even though you say that, you’re actually pleased aren’t you?). She glares at him and orders him not to say that. He asks her if she’s come to hate him since her responses sound like she’s refusing him. She blushes again and mutters softly that she doesn’t hate him. Nico chuckles and tells her that he’s glad, because 「もし、キミに嫌われてしまったら、わたしはもう生きてはいけませんからねぇ」(If you actually hated me, I would no longer be able to live).

She calls him a liar but he tells her that he’s not lying. He really would lose one of the meanings for him to live. Then he whispers 「だから、わたしを嫌いにならないでくださいね?」(That’s why, please don’t come to hate me, ne?). She’s surprised by his words, but quickly nods and reassures him that she won’t. He chuckles and calls her a lovely person. Then he says 「リリス。愛していますよ」(Lilith. I love you) but then adds 「わたしと同じぐらいに、愛しています」(As much as I love myself). I’M HONORED プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Lilith stares at him flatly.

So then he asks if she’s unhappy by that? But then she giggles and shakes her head before telling him that she’s happy, it’s just that his response was very much like him. Nico asks her what that’s supposed to mean and she tells him that she thinks he’s a weird person. He thinks that’s fine since everyone is weird, but every human has one thing in common. Love. This love that she gave him is his truth. Then he tells her 「さあ、リリス。わたしの真理。わたしの愛を、受け入れてください!」(Now, Lilith. My truth, my love, accept it all!). Then he kisses her.

*** GOOD END ***

In the talk about how it might be fate for humans to fight with gods, Lilith tells Nico that she’ll change that fate. Nico chuckles at her determination and asks her if she won’t just be turning around in the wheels of fate still? Her becoming a saint, him being beside her, all of this might be due to fate. She admits that it might be so, but even still she won’t avert her eyes from the road she’s chosen. That’s what it means to live. She asks him if she’s wrong, but even he doesn’t know.

Instead, Nico tells her that he’s lived for a very long time and he might have forgotten what it’s like to live. Lilith’s eyes widen and she asks him how long he’s been alive, but he just smirks and tells her that it’s a secret. She pouts because she’s curious, but he just changes the subject to how he should release a flare now to gather everyone. They defeat Rognar and return back to the continent to head to Ingrid, where they immediately go to see Remuna. They find out that Horo is behind everything.

When Lilith splits off with Nico to find out where Horo is, she accurately guesses that he’s worried about Horo. Then he realizes his love for her and this unlocks his Vakista powers. When they return to the Forested Marjune, Lilith thanks him for telling her to take a break but he tells her not to thank him because she deserves it. He thinks she’ll be able to save the world. Anyway, fast forward to the eve before the final battle. She’s amused at how excited he is to save the world to observe it because it’s become interesting.

And then she tells him that she only has one thing to say. They’re definitely going to save the world! Nico agrees because he doesn’t want the world to be destroyed. Above everything else, he wants to save the world so that he can see her smiling face. But then he mutters under his breath that he’s also quite interested in what her face looks like if she’s depressed. She glares at him and tells him that if he continues to think like that, she’ll really get angry.

But Nico replies that her angry face also intrigues him and he wouldn’t mind. Lilith frowns and wonders out loud about what she should do now, but he finally chuckles and tells her that he’s joking. He’ll properly save the world and so she doesn’t need to worry. She nods and confesses that she trusts him and he thanks her. They head to Horo’s underworld and defeat him, but Nico doesn’t enjoy his victory. He directs his question to where Horo used to be and asks him if he’s at peace now that he has left everything behind.

He can see the destruction of himself and his homeland in Horo’s destruction. Lilith tries to cheer him up and he reassures her that he’s fine. It’s just that the fate of everything and everyone ends in destruction. Nico sighs and then admits that this isn’t like him. When they pick everyone up, they pretty much express their relief at having saved the world but they don’t make a comment about Lilith’s relationship with Nico. The wounds in the world are great but it’ll recover.

Kirite is sure that the world will fix itself just like how he’ll restore Savila. Nico thinks it’s a trouble, but he’ll lend a hand too. Nate travels the world looking at the destruction of the world and Lilith thinks that it’d be nice to meet with him again. Camus is in Amafi while Soo gambles in Dinus. And Nayuta acts as a priest in Ingrid, teaching the small amount of pilgrims about love. The three leaders know that the world has been grievously wounded but they’re all working together to restore it.

Lilith and Nico end up in Melrond where she notes that it’s full of people searching for the lost technology of Melrond. Nico thinks that it can’t be helped since it’s human nature to search for artifacts of power. She asks him if it’s really alright to let everyone roam around and take these things from Melrond. Nico reassures her that the really dangerous ones are still sealed away. Lilith is still worried because she doesn’t want the other countries to use the technology and destroy themselves like what happened to Melrond.

Nico informs her that this is why they’re here, but Lilith points out that they won’t live for forever. Nico shrugs and tells her that this might be the fate of humans and how they destroy themselves. They shall live like humans and die like humans. Lilith doesn’t want to think the way he does, but he tells her that it’s obvious she won’t because she’s herself. Anyway, he takes her back to the control room in Melrond. He wants to borrow her powers to activate the controls as it’ll make it easier on him.

She understands that but she still doesn’t want to do it. Nico asks her with an innocent smirk if she doesn’t want to experience a moment of supreme bliss with him. This makes her blush bright red and she finally gives in with a huff and tells him to hurry it up. He just chuckles and then grabs her hands and tells her that he’s starting. The next scene is Lilith blushing bright red and gasping in surprise. Nico just chuckles some more and whispers 「ふふふ。もっと素直になればいいんですよ」(Fufufu. You should be more honest). She asks him if there’s a problem.

And so he goes onto a technical explanation of how the system joins their hearts into one and it needs to access her completely, so she needs to let down all her defenses and reveal the truth. Then he says 「さあ、わたしを受け入れてください」(Now, accept me!). Lilith stutters out that she’s already doing it. And he comments lightly 「まあ、そんなものですかね。一応聞いておきますが、苦しくはないですね?」(Maa, I guess you are. I just want to ask you anyway, you’re not in pain right?). Lilith manages to stutter out that she’s fine and she nearly admits that it feels good.

But she manages to stop herself and she quickly tells him that she didn’t say anything. But asks with a smirk 「わかっていますよ。気持ちいいんですね?」(I understand. It feels good, doesn’t it?). She complains about how she told him not to say those things. He just chuckles and tells her that he’ll let it go for today, at any rate there doesn’t seem to be any problems with accessing the control system. Finally, when they end, Lilith sighs loudly and comments on how tired she is. Nico just chuckles and thanks her for her hard work.

She shakes her head though, because they both agreed to do this and unseal the minor artifacts and so she has to see it through. Nico wonders if these artifacts will really lead to a good world. Lilith looks depressed at the thought, but she rallies herself together and tells him that she thinks it’ll be fine. One day, humans won’t depend on these things and a wonderful world will be created. Nico admits that he’ll wish for that. Lilith smiles and tells him to believe in the future and in humans.


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Future ~ Nico Velvetnine ~

    dellz85 said:
    February 5, 2012 at 18:07

    Ah Nico, why you are such an arrogant and pervert lol. Its whether you like or hate him. But I totally like him xD The ending made me laugh so hard…. only him can do it lol. Btw I feel that his romance a bit rushed too… But so far I am very pleased though it is lacking rabu-rabu moment hehe

      Ilinox responded:
      February 5, 2012 at 19:22

      I don’t hate him, but I don’t think I’d consider him romance material either ww he can be my usankusai BFF (≧ω≦). All the endings basically made my jaw drop and I was like “wait, am I in the right game?!” Un, I think it’d have been funner if he and Nate joined the party earlier. Next person is NayuNayu~ 8D!

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