Beyond the Future ~ Nayuta Roen ~

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Nayuta Roen (ナユタ ローエン)
CV: Fujiwara Yuuki (藤原 祐規)

Nayuta is the captain of the Holy Knights of Ingrid which makes him quite strict and harsh to everyone, including himself, as well as being very religious. However, underneath his seemingly cold exterior is a very passionate and kind man inside. He can be a bit of a bully towards Lilith, but he respects her as the Saint. The two of them find common ground in the fact that they’re both faithful to their gods.

(An even more speedier summary of the whole game is coming up, since if people have been following my posts on this game up to now I’m betting they’re really tired of reading the same scenes again and again (/ω\). Here’s to saving the world for the fourth time!)

The prologue shows Nayuta being ordered by Remuna, the high priestess of Ingrid, to find the witch who will destroy the world in Dodona. He is to capture her and take her back to Ingrid. But Nayuta finds out that Kirite has also been ordered to find her and bring her back dead or alive.

*** EPISODE 「福音」(Good news) ***

Lilith wakes up late and runs to the shrine, but she bumps into Kirite. She asks if he’s a traveler and then they introduce themselves to each other. When Lilith reaches the shrine, it falls under attack to monsters and Rognar appears to try and kill her. Kirite stops him though and the two of them start battling while a magical staff appears in front of Lilith. She takes the staff and it fends off Rognar who decides to retreat when Nayuta and Camus appear.

Kirite is angry at himself for failing to defeat Rognar and so Lilith tries to comfort him by telling him that it’ll be alright. When she tries to heal him it awakens the Vakista powers in him. And then Nico interrupts by casting a spell to teleport the party away from Dodona.

*** EPISODE 「聖女か魔女か」(A saint or a witch?) ***

Lilith wakes up on a road and finds herself with Kirite, Nayuta, and Camus. The two men explain the situation to her about how they’ve come to take her back to Ingrid because she’s suspected of being a witch with powers who will destroy the world. She agrees to go along with them to clear herself from the accusation and Camus tags along. While they’re traveling Lilith decides to stay beside Nayuta for protection. The party quickly finds a cave and they decide set up camp there for the night.

She wakes up abruptly since it turns out she fell asleep after eating dinner. When she looks around she realizes that Camus is gone, but Nayuta reassures her that the fairy went with Kirite to look around. Lilith startles at his voice and when he asks her if something surprising happened, she admits that she didn’t think he’s answer her. Nayuta stares at her silently with a troubled face and so she quickly changes the topic to ask if something happened to make Kirite and Camus take a look around.

Nayuta tells her that nothing happened, but they’re just being careful. He suggests for her to go back to sleep. However, when she asks him what he’s going to do and he tells her that he’s going to tend to the fire, she stands up quickly to protest because she doesn’t want to be useless. But her legs still hurt from traveling and so she stumbles and nearly falls into the fire but Nayuta jumps up to steady her. He calls her an idiot and berates her for standing up so quickly.

And then he tells her that people should concentrate on their own responsibilities. As a knight of Ingrid he’s supposed to bring her back safely and her job is to reach Ingrid safely. Nayuta tells her to put her own welfare first before anyone else. Anyway, he asks if she can sit down and then asks if her feet still hurt after they’ve sat down. Lilith tries to tell him that she’s just tired but he stares at her silently until she gives in and admits that they hurt a little. She realizes that she can’t hide anything from him.

Nayuta tells her to show him her leg and he decides to heal it for her since it’s her first time traveling outside and because it won’t take a lot of energy. She tries to protest and tell him that he doesn’t have to go that far, but he just stares at her sternly and asks her if she’s really fine. Once again, she finds that she can’t conceal anything from him and so she lets him heal her. She tries to tell him something before he heals her but he tells her to save it for later. Afterwards, he asks if she still has something she wants to tell him.

When she takes her time trying to find the words for it, he just sighs and tells her that he won’t get angry and so she should just say it. Lilith ends up telling him that as a priestess she can also cast healing magic. His eyes widen and he becomes embarrassed as he asks her why she didn’t say so in the first place. He realizes that he was the one who told her to tell him later and so it’s his fault for using his magic needlessly. Lilith giggles quietly when she sees that he’s blushing and she realizes that he’s not as scary as she thought he was.

He says in embarrassment 「何をぼうっとしているのだ。明日も早いと言っただろう。貴女はもう寝たほうがいい」(What are you staring off into space for? I said that tomorrow is an early day as well, so it’s best if you go to sleep already). Lilith replies with a 「は~い」(Ye~s) but this just makes him snaps out 「返事は短く!」(Answer briefly!). She has to stifle her giggles since he reminds her of the head priest in her village. Finally, she wishes him good night and he also tells her good night. As she falls asleep she has a dream about meeting Nico who tells her that he will be watching her.

The party finally reaches Dodona and Lilith and Camus are awed at the amount of people and the liveliness of the town. Nayuta tries to warn Lilith about being careful of thieves but just as he says it her pack gets stolen, which had her staff in it. Everyone splits up to try and catch the thief and Lilith decides to go with Nayuta. They lose the thief in the alleyways though and so he starts to berate Lilith. She becomes distraught enough to want to run off and find the staff herself, but this just makes him even angrier.

He takes her by the arm and escorts her back to the main streets before giving her a lecture about the dangers of a big city and how Dinus has a section called the slums where criminals are. It’s a dangerous place for a woman like her and so she needs to be careful not to enter there. Lilith thanks him abruptly which makes him ask her why since he’s confused. This surprises Lilith as she points out that he just saved her and he’s taking the the time to teach her about these things.

Nayuta’s eyes widen and then he tells her with a smile 「・・・貴女は、私が思っていたよりも、根性があるな。よい神官になる」(You.. have more spirit than I thought. You’ll be a good priestess). When she looks at him in confusion, he explains that he’s usually really strict and he’s made people cry before. Lilith gives an awkward laugh as she admits that she can understand those people. Nayuta makes a grumbling noise, but then she tells him that she thinks a situation like this needs to be taught in a strict way. And so, in the end, she’s still thankful and glad.

He gives a small smile at that and then changes the subject by telling her that they should continue on. The two of them head to a nearby bar to find information about the thief or the routes that thieves use and the places they frequent. The bartender doesn’t want to give any information to Nayuta though and so Nayuta threatens him by using his knightly status. And when the other patrons stand up and crack their knuckles, Nayuta draws out his weapon coolly. He tells Lilith to stand in the corner and not to move until he says so.

And so Lilith hides in the corner and watches with wide eyes as Nayuta systematically beats down every thug that tries to attack him. However, Lilith sees their thief getting away in the conflict and so even though she knows she shouldn’t she still runs off to try and apprehend him. Meanwhile, Nayuta finally beats up everyone in the bar and grills the bartender for information. But he chokes in surprise when he realizes Lilith isn’t there.

In the alleyway Lilith loses sight of the thief and has become lost. She tries to return the way she came, but she gets trapped by another group of thugs who decide to sell her off for money. She warns them that she’ll yell for help, but they just laugh at that and grab her. Soo interrupts though and saves her and as he checks her over to see if she’s alright, she blurts out that she was really scared. Soo reassures her and then the rest of the party manage to find her.

As a favor for saving her, Soo runs off and leaves the party to deal with his debt collectors. Anyway, Lilith gets gently reprimanded for running off by herself and then the party decide to have dinner before continuing their search for the thief. By chance, they find the thief in the same restaurant that they’re in and so they drag him down into the basement that the owner lends them so that they won’t cause a scene.

Kirite and Nayuta play the good cop and bad cop respectively until the thief breaks down and tells them that he already sold the staff to a person called Madam. He tells them where they can find her, but Kirite still pats him down and takes out his wallet. Lilith manages to convince them to return it to the thief though, because she doesn’t want to be like him and so Kirite tosses it back and tells the thief to be thankful. Nayuta glares at him dangerously and threatens him not to try and steal from them again.

The thief runs away and then the party immediately heads to see Madam to regain the staff. When they meet with Madam though, she wants to sell the staff at three times its price. Lilith is escorted to the casino while Madam explains the details of a job that she wants done by Nayuta and Kirite before she even thinks about giving them the staff. By chance, Lilith and Camus see Soo betting at the roulette table and Camus manages to convince her to play as well. She bets the opposite of what Soo is betting and she ends up winning 36 times her original money.

The dealer has to bring Madam down to give them the money and Nayuta and Kirite are exasperated to see that Lilith was gambling. Anyway, Lilith decides to use the money to buy her staff back and then she wants to give the rest away to Soo so that he can clear his debts, as thanks for saving her. Madam changes her mind though and tells them that she’s going to make the staff the prize for winning Dinus’ battle tournament. Lilith hires Soo to help them out.

While he shows them around, a group of men take offense to Soo’s boasting and so they threaten to beat him up right there. Lilith warns them that she’ll call out for the guards and so they shove her, but this just enrages her protectors. The guards manage to come before a fight breaks out though and so then everyone leaves. Soo explains that anyone can be disqualified if they’re caught fighting outside of the tournament, but the party is interrupted by the same people. Soo shows off his skill by single-handedly defeating them.

Anyway, there’s still a lot of time until the tournament starts and so the party has no choice but to wander around Dinus. Soo offers to give them a tour and Lilith decides to stay close to Nayuta for protection. They return to the arena but it’s closed until the tournament starts. Then they head to a restaurant to have dinner and to get to know each other better. After a while, Lilith heads outside for some fresh air. She notes to herself that she’s actually having fun even though her things were stolen.

Then she hears footsteps and it turns out to be Nayuta. When she asks him if he’s out here for some air too, he shakes his head and says 「いや、店のすぐ近くとはいえ、貴女一人では危ないからな」(No, even though the shop is close, it’s dangerous for you to be alone). Lilith apologizes but tells him that she thinks it’s safe since she’s this close to the shop. Nayuta just sighs and points out that even though they were walking together she still managed to get her pack stolen. She apologizes again but he tells her not to worry since as long as Soo works hard her staff will be returned.

But he does want her to be more careful next time. Then he asks her with a troubled face if she won’t return inside since everyone else is still having fun. Lilith shakes her head and tells him that she wants to stay out and enjoy the air for a while longer. She asks him if she can’t and he tells her with a smile that he didn’t say she couldn’t, but he’ll give her some company by staying. Lilith thanks him and the two become silent, until Nayuta breaks it by saying 「・・・あの、リリス」(.. Um, Lilith).

She looks at him questioningly and he continues on hesitantly 「その・・・。つまり、大丈夫か?」(Uh… In short, are you alright?). Lilith looks at him in confusion as she asks him what she should be alright about. He hurriedly tells her 「いや・・・、なんでもない。ちょっと、気になっただけだ」(Nevermind.. it’s nothing. I was just a little curious). She asks him if anything is strange, but he responds sharply with 「何でもない。そう言っているだろう」(I already said it’s nothing).

She smiles slyly as she tells him that it’s fine then, but she wonders if he can say in front of his god that he’s not hiding anything from her. Nayuta grits his teeth in irritation but he relents and tells her that he was worried about whether or not she was homesick for Dodona since he took her away. She’s never been outside of Dodona before and yet here she is in Dinus. Lilith confesses that she does think about Dodona nostalgically from time to time. But she’s having a lot of fun.

Lilith points out that she wouldn’t have ever seen Dinus if it weren’t for this trip. Nayuta tells her that he’s glad for that then and this makes her thank him for worrying. And then she comments out loud on how he really is a nice person, but this just makes him blush and say 「・・・ッ。私はただ・・・、そうだな。同じ神官として、気にかけているだけだ」(…! I just.. that’s right, it’s because we’re both priests that I was worried). YOU’RE SUCH A BIG TSUNDERE NAYUNAYU (*´∀`*). She points out that that is the same thing as being kind, to which Nayuta has nothing to say.

Then the wind picks up and so they both return back into the restaurant. The next day, Lilith is called to meet with Madam who has a job for her to do. Nayuta comes along with Lilith because he thinks that it’ll be dangerous for her to be alone and when Madam presents the job, he refuses at the same time that Lilith accepts. Nayutao doesn’t wish to help Madam because she basically runs a criminal organization, but Madam just coolly tells him to leave then since the person she asked for was Lilith and Lilith already said she’d help.

Lilith winces at her hasty words but she can’t take them back now and so Nayuta sighs loudly and agrees to help too, since he can’t leave Lilith by herself. Their job is to collect the rent from a person that is using one of Madam’s shops. While they’re walking out on the streets, Nayuta grumbles about the situation that he is currently in and so Lilith apologizes because she didn’t think Madam would send her out on a job. Nayuta berates her for being too naive about the world.

However, he softens his words as he admits that it’s nice to believe in people but she still needs to think everything through before just agreeing blindly on things. When Lilith responds with 「は~い」(Ye~s), once again Nayuta snaps out 「返事は短く」(Answer briefly) and so she corrects herself with 「はいっ」(Yes!). The two of them manage to find the shop and it turns out to be an accessory store that Lilith gushes over. Nayuta reminds her that as a priestess she’s not supposed to covet things like these. (´・_・`) I.. DON’T REALLY LIKE RELIGIOUS CHARACTERS.

He notices that the shop owner is a woman and he mutters under his breath about how he’s starting to feel reluctant. The owner greets the two of them warmly and then compliments Lilith on how cute she is before trying to sell her the accessories. Lilith tries to interrupt multiple of the times before she finally blurts out that they’re not customers. The owner’s warm personality disappears as she asks them what they’re here for then and when Nayuta informs her that they’re here to collect rent, her personality turns frigid.

The owner tells them that she has no intentions of paying money to Madam and that they can return home. When Lilith tries to tell the owner that Madam is counting on them, the owner tries to convince Lilith that Madam is a terrible woman who does nothing everyday but hoard up money greedily. Lilith doesn’t have a response to that and as she wonders what she should do, Nayuta interrupts and confirms with the owner that she signed a contract with Madam. He asks her why she signed it if she was unhappy with the conditions.

If she doesn’t wish to uphold her obligations then she has no right to run a shop here. The shop owner chokes in surprise while Lilith realizes that Nayuta is absolutely right. But then the owner starts to insult Nayuta by asking him if it isn’t embarrassing for him to be the minion of a person like Madam? Lilith tries to defend Nayuta by calling him a splendid knight, but the owner just sneers and points out that if he were such a splendid knight then why is he working for Madam?

She recognizes his armor as a symbol that he’s a knight of Ingrid. And so points out how shameful it is for him to be wagging his tail for Madam when he’s supposed to be devoted to his god. Lilith is angry at the owner’s words, while Nayuta just continues to remain quiet through the woman’s tirade. Finally though he whips out his spear, which makes her ask him if he’s going to cut her and she insults him again by asking him what kind of a knight he is to do that, but he just shuts her up by stabbing the ground in front of her with it.

Nayuta tells her coldly that he doesn’t remember becoming a minion for Madam. However, he reminds her that the truth is before the gods about whether or not she signed the contract. He asks her if she can declare confidently that she didn’t sign a contract. If she can swear before his god that what she is doing is rightful then he will lend her his power. However if by any chance she is lying to his god then she will become his enemy. Lilith is awed by his devout faith.

The owner grits her teeth and once again asks why a knight is working for Madam, and then she tries to beg Nayuta to let her off but he becomes coldly enraged at her attempts to sway him. Realizing that they won’t leave until she pays, she tosses a sack of money at them and grumbles about how this is why she hates men like him. As they return to Madam, Lilith gives a long sigh which makes Nayuta ask her what that was for and then he tells her sharply to stand up straight and firm.

Lilith informs him that she’s a bit surprised and when he narrows his eyes and asks her what she was surprised about, she tells him that she was surprised when he suddenly whipped out his spear. Nayuta blinks in surprise and then realizes she’s talking about his weapon. She points out that Kirite’s sword is on his back and so she can see it, but she doesn’t know where Nayuta’s spear comes from. And so when it suddenly appeared she was startled. He explains that parts of it are foldable so that it doesn’t take up as much space.

Then he remarks on how bold she is to just be surprised in that kind of situation. Lilith looks at him in confusion and he explains that people would become scared of him in that kind of situation. She admits that she can understand their feelings, which makes Nayuta ask lowly 「何か言ったか」(Do you have something to say?). Lilith shakes her head quickly and he huffs in satisfaction, but then she confesses that she now knows that he’s not just a scary person. Nayuta is taken aback by her words and a small blush appears.

When she calls out his name questioningly he tells her that it’s nothing and that they should return to report back to Madam. Lilith agrees because she’s a bit nervous carrying around this much money. This makes Nayuta say 「言わなくても分かっていると思うが・・・・。落とすなよ」(I’m sure I don’t have to say this for you to understand, but… don’t drop it). Lilith tells him she’ll try to do her best, which makes him frown and tell her that she shouldn’t just try her best. Instead, she should promise not to drop it.

He grumbles lightly about how much of a klutz she is. They stare at each other in silence and then Nayuta abruptly states 「不安になってきた。私が預かろう」(.. I’m uneasy now. I’ll hold on to it). She passes it over without a fight because even she’s become scared of it herself. Then he asks her how she finds Dinus since it’s completely different from Dodona. She tells him that it’s completely different and interesting. There are a lot of people and a lot of weird things. Nayuta adds that there are good and bad things in this town.

It’s a little too noisy and lively for him compared to Ingrid, but that’s just how Dinus is. It’s a town where everyone lives passionately. Lilith agrees and then makes a comment about how she still feels like looking around. Nayuta suggests that they wander around for a bit longer then before they return. The day of the tournament comes and Lilith stops Soo from having his breakfast in the inn then they head to the arena to watch Soo decimate his competition.

At night, Soo tells Lilith about his old master and how he wants to find the answer to his master’s last words. When he asks Lilith why she hired him, she shrugs and tells him that it was a decision made on the spur of the moment. The next day at the tournament Soo starts losing but then he regains his balance and beats his opponent. He asks Lilith what she would have done if he had lost then, but she just tells him that she would only think about it if it happened. Anyway, Soo decides to join their group after he receives his Vakista mark.

The party resumes their journey to Ingrid with Madam’s vehicle. When they reach it Nayuta splits off from them to inform Remuna of their arrival, but before he leaves Kirite informs him that he’s resigning from his mission. The rest of the party leave to rest at an inn and when Nayuta comes back to tell them that Remuna wants to see Lilith tomorrow, Kirite informs them of his suspicions about how the high priestess might sacrifice Lilith for the good of the world. Lilith thinks that she’ll be fine as a fellow priestess.

Nayuta takes her to the receiving room in the shrine, but before he leaves he notices that Lilith is pale and quiet. When he asks her what’s wrong she ends up confessing that she feels scared and helpless. Nayuta stares at her in silence but when she apologizes for saying something idiotic he replies quietly 「・・・いや。貴女の心細さを理解出来なかった私の落ち度だ」(.. No. It’s my fault for not realizing that you were feeling helpless). He realizes that it must be strange for her to be in a situation without Camus being beside her.

Lilith admits that Camus has been by her side since she was little and so when she thinks about facing such a situation alone she becomes scared. He falls quiet and she apologizes again, but then he murmurs hesitantly 「どうすれば、いい」(What can I.. do?). I FIGURED SINCE THIS IS NAYUTA’S ROUTE I MIGHT AS WELL INCLUDE HIS KNIGHTLY ARC AGAIN ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. When she looks at him in confusion he elaborates 「貴女は、今、怖いんだろう?その恐怖を取り除いてやるために、私には何が出来る?」(Right now, you’re scared right? What can I do to take away that fear?).

She says his name quietly before smiling softly and confessing that somehow she feels fine after hearing those words. He returns her smile but asks her 「・・・本当か?」(Really?). She tells him that she feels fine now and so he should inform Remuna. He tells her that he’s going to leave now then but that he’ll return for her very soon. This is where Lilith hears a voice and is led to the inner sanctum of the shrine. Nayuta finds her though and takes her to Remuna who then kicks Nayuta out.

Remuna believes that Lilith is the witch who will destroy the world and that she has corrupted Nayuta. And so Lilith is thrown in jail and her belongings are taken. Nayuta comes to free her because he can’t believe that she will destroy the world, however he also can’t abandon his vows and so he wants to accept his punishment by staying behind. Lilith quietly tells him that she understands even though in her mind she doesn’t want to. But there’s no fear in Nayuta’s eyes, only serenity. She knows that he’s already decided.

He smiles gently at her and says 「・・・いい子だ」(Good girl) and then he ruffles her hair. Then he tells her how to get out of the shrine by blending in with the rest of the pilgrims before he orders her to go. Just before she leaves though he calls out her name and says 「元気でな」(Be well). Lilith manages to make it out safely and she regroups with the rest of the party. They discuss plans on how to escape Ingrid but Lilith confesses that she can’t leave Nayuta behind in his cell.

Kirite knew that she would say that and so he already prepared a rescue mission. Lilith decides to go through the underground tunnels and they manage to make it through with no problems until Soo gets his foot caught in a trap. Kirite and Camus both joke around about leaving him and how it was nice knowing him. Lilith chides the two men though and asks Kirite to help Soo out, which Kirite does only because Lilith requested it. They make it through the rest of the tunnel and find Nayuta in a cell but he wants them to leave him.

The Sacred Nebulim tries to trick them by making them believe that he is Ingrid and orders Nayuta to kill Lilith. Nayuta is torn while Kirite, Soo, and Camus watch him warily. Lilith asks the Sacred Nebulim for proof though because if he is Ingrid then he is being a cruel god by forcing Nayuta into this tough decision without proof. Her i-scepter flashes and reveals an orb of darkness that Kirite cuts through to expose the Sacred Nebulim. Nayuta’s Vakista mark is awakened in the resulting fight.

Lilith worries over Nayuta’s wounds because he had been shielding her from the blades of darkness that the Sacred Nebulim was launching, but he only stares at her in awe before he kneels and takes her hand. He says 「私の誓いを受けてはくれないか」(Will you not accept my oath?). Lilith is shocked but he explains that the powers that awoke inside of him are from Ingrid and she was the one who gave him that. He says 「貴女はきっと・・・、イングリド神にも選ばれた者なのだ。ならば私の剣は、貴女に捧げよう」(You are definitely one of Ingrid’s chosen. That is why I will devote my sword to you).

He vows to protect her because she carries his god’s will. Lilith is still uncertain even though the rest of her party is all for it. Nayuta pleads 「貴女を護り剣になりたいのだ。どうか、許してほしい」(I want to become the sword that protects you. Please allow me). She accepts reluctantly and Nayuta immmediately lifts up her hand and kisses the back of it. Lilith blushes but Nayuta continues on to declare 「これより私は貴女の剣となろう。貴女の敵を屠り、貴女を護る」(From now on I am your sword. I will defeat your enemies and protect you).

The party ready themselves to leave the dungeons and escape Ingrid, but before they do Nayuta tells Lilith 「ナユタ、で構わない。私は貴女に剣を捧げたわけだからな」(Just Nayuta is fine. After all, I’m your sword now). They escape Ingrid through the help of a mysterious voice that puts the guards at the gates to sleep and when they’re finally outside their vehicle is driven up to them by three winged beings. They introduce themselves as Luverchi, Clear, and Horo the three gods tasked with protecting humans.

*** EPISODE 「その愛をもっと世界を救う」(This love will save the world) ***

Everything is explained about how the world is infected by a disease called love lost and is heading towards destruction. Rognar is a god that has gone crazy and believes that he’s giving salvation to humans by killing them. Lilith promises to stop Rognar and so then they advise Lilith to collect the rest of her Vakistas. The party returns to Dinus for information and they find out that there is a bounty out for Lilith. Lilith doesn’t want to involve Madam but Madam insists on it.

After everything is explained again, Madam also informs them about a suspicious man who called himself the great sage. He spoke about wanting to save the world and so the party decides to search for him, but while Madam is sending out her people to find him she invites them to rest in her home since it’ll be safer than at an inn. One day Lilith decides to ask Madam if she can help around and so she’s given the job of being a dealer for black jack. The rest of the party find her and decide to play a game and Soo ends up proving how idiotic he is.

The next day, Lilith decides to take a walk with Nayuta to gather information about the love lost or the great sage. The streets are lively and packed with people though and so Lilith notes about how easy it’ll be to lose someone in these. They don’t have much of a description to go on either other than the fact that he was suspicious and shady looking. Lilith gets distracted by a watch shop though and starts commenting on how this one looks cute but that one would look good on Nayuta.

Nayuta even agrees and comments on how it looks nice, but if he were to choose one then it’d be.. he suddenly cuts himself off and yells 「・・って、違う!・・・リリス。私達は時計ではなく、大賢者を探しているのだが?」(-Wait, NO!.. Lilith, we’re supposed to be looking for a great sage not watches). She quickly apologizes and tries to explain that they were so cute she couldn’t help herself. She reminds herself to look for a great sage and Nayuta says 「わかってくれたのならいいーー・・・」(It’s fine so long as you understand–..).

He gets cut off by Lilith who points out a nearby bakery and how the bread there is delicious. She wants to try the out the ones that have cream in them and then she asks which one Nayuta wants to try out. He looks them over and then comments on how he’d like to try the bed on the left side, but he cuts himself off abruptly and growls out Lilith’s name. She already realized that she became distracted and she looks at the ground in shame. Nayuta asks her slowly if she even seriously wants to find the great sage.

Lilith frowns and says stiffly that she really does. He points out how he can’t see that in her at all. She flinches and tries to defend herself by pointing out that Dinus has a lot of shops that weren’t in Dodona and so she’s curious. Plus, he also answered her. Nayuta asks her in a low voice 「何か言ったか?」(Did you say something?) which makes her hurriedly shake her head. She promises him that next time she’ll definitely search for the great sage.

Nayuta sighs and says 「わかればいい。まあ・・・捜すついでに少しだけ見て回るくらいならいいだろう」(As long as you understand. Well.. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to look around while we’re searching). Lilith’s eyes widen before she asks him with a bright grin if they can really do that. Nayuta can’t stop himself from smiling at her but he reminds her that they’re only going to look around for a little bit before they return to their search. Unfortunately, they didn’t find any suspicious men at all.

Lilith finally comments on how it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to easily find this great sage. Nayuta agrees but he doesn’t think they should just give up like that and so he suggests for them to take another look around. While they’re walking, Nayuta ends up telling her that she’s not really like a priestess. When she looks at him in confusion he explains that priests look to the difficulties in life as trials to overcome, but she doesn’t have that kind of attitude.

She apologizes with a wince and asks if it’s because she’s not serious enough. He shakes his head with a small chuckle and reassures her that he’s not trying to imply that. He used to think that priests and knights, like him, are supposed to face their trials gravely but Lilith isn’t like that at all and so it’s starting to make him think if her way of accepting everything as it comes isn’t just another strength. Lilith replies that she doesn’t think that what she does is as amazing as he makes it sound.

In fact, she thinks he’s the amazing one for choosing his path and sticking to it no matter how painful it might become. He blinks in surprise and then she compliments him by saying that he’s a really amazing person. Nayuta blushes greatly at this, but when she calls his name he hurriedly tells her that it’s nothing and that they should move on. Madam finally has the information that the great sage left Dinus already and headed towards Midvan. While they’re journeying they feel a pursuer on them and so they detour into Wolf’s Chanze.

The party is attacked by someone shooting arrows at them while they’re in the forest, but Nayuta protects Lilith while Soo and Kirite try to chase down their assassin. He gets away though and the party manages to leave the forest and enter the desert but then they’re attacked by a sand worm. Nayuta grabs Lilith and pulls her away from the danger and then he orders her to run while the rest of them take care of it. Lilith tries to run away but she turns around to save a wolf pup.

This nearly costs her her life since the sand worm catches up, but then her assassin saves her by shooting the sand worm until it retreats. The party is confused as why her assassin would help her, but since they have no answers they continue on. Soon they set up camp and she falls asleep after dinner, but she wakes up and notices that Nayuta isn’t around. She finally finds him outside in the desert holding his right shoulder and she can’t stop herself from asking him worriedly what happened.

Nayuta turns the question on her and asks her what she thinks she’s doing since it’s dangerous to leave the fire. But she stubbornly refuses to answer him and continues to ask him about his shoulder. He relents and tells her that it was scratched during the fight with the sand worm. She asks him if he’s alright, but he tells her that he can still move it and it’ll heal on its own. Lilith frowns and tells him that it’s not alright and that she’ll heal him with her maagic.

He doesn’t think that she needs to go that far though and he can cast healing magic on himself. She yells out that she wants to and then explains that she’s always being protected by everyone else and that she hasn’t even done anything to help yet. She pleads for him to let her use her magic and so he finally sighs and mutters 「・・・わかった。わっかたからこんなことでムキになるな。お前に頼む」(.. Fine. I realize that it’s impossible to make you change your mind. I’m counting on you then). She thanks him with a bright smile.

Nayuta just laughs and replies 「ふっ・・・礼を言うのは私の方だと思うのだがな」(Heh.. I think I’m the one who is supposed to say their thanks). Anyway, he strips off his pauldrons and Lilith casts her magic. She giggles as she’s healing him though and when he asks her why she explains that she’s returning the favor from the time he healed her. His voice becomes annoyed as he asks her what she’s talking about, because at that time he didn’t realize that she could heal too. But right now she knows that he can heal himself yet she’s still wasting her magic like this.

Lilith frowns as she repeats the word wasting and so Nayuta quietly says 「だが、感謝はしている。・・・ありがとう」(But, you have my gratitude.. Thank you). She blinks in confusion and he explains that he’s always been the one to heal his own wounds and so having it healed by someone else feels different. She hums thoughtfully and then admits that when she was healed by him she felt really happy. He asks her in surprise if that’s true and she nods emphatically. Nayuta falls quiet before he informs her that he feels healed now and he thanks her again.

Then, as he stands, he asks her why she came out here. She tells him that she didn’t see him and so she was wondering where he went. Nayuta asks her if she has business with him, since she was searching for him. Lilith shakes her head at that, which makes him look at her in confusion, and then she tells him that she really was just wondering what happened to him and so she went searching. He finally realizes that he must have worried her, but then Lilith changes the subject and asks if he was training.

He nods his head and then asks if there’s something about that. She just looks at him silently and he starts to frown as he asks her what that face is supposed to mean. She ends up saying that she’s just realizing how amazingly serious he is. Nayuta frowns even harder though and tells her that her face right now was more shock than admiration and he asks her what she was thinking. Lilith tries to resist but he stares her down and asks her if she’s hiding something from him.

Lilith ends up honestly confessing that she was a bit surprised because after such a hard day in the desert he’s training instead of resting. Nayuta asks her with irritation if she’s trying to say that he’s an idiot who just loves to train. She hurriedly shakes her head and explains that she just thought he was really serious and so she’s half amazed and half shocked about how much he must like training. He stares silently at her until she apologizes and looks at the ground.

But then he ends up laughing softly and then he informs her that he doesn’t like training. The only reason he’s training is to reach an objective. When she asks him what his objective is he explains that he doesn’t want to see her being chased by a monster like today’s sand worm. Lilith’s eyes widen in surprise but she tries to reassure him that it couldn’t be helped since it was another worm. However, Nayuta confesses that when he saw her being chased his blood ran cold.

He became a knight to protect the people and yet he can’t even protect the master he swore himself to as a sword. That’s why he’s training. Lilith’s face softens as she says his name and she apologizes for being shocked before thanking him again. He smiles though and tells her that she doesn’t need to thank or apologize to him. He’s training for his own sake. Lilith sees right through it though and points out that his goal is to protect her though, and so that’s why she’s thanking him.

Nayuta blushes again but he manages to scoff gently before he tells her to go to sleep since they have to walk through the desert tomorrow. When she asks him what he’ll do, he replies that he’s going to continue training a little bit more. She nods and then reminds him not to overdo it. He acknowledges her words and then wishes her good night. They make it into Midvan without any more problems but then they meet their assassin in the inn. Nate informs them that he’s giving up on the bounty because she saved his wolf pup.

After he leaves, Lilith finds out from the rest of the party that Nate no longer wishes to live and is going to wipe out the assassin’s guild by himself. She wants to help him and the rest of the party agree to help, but first they need to collect information about how to get to the assassin’s guild and they want to find the great sage. Lilith heads out with Nayuta and he suggests that they ask about the great sage first, because asking about Zanas Valley will scare everyone away.

Lilith wonders out loud if it’s really that scary and then she comments on how it might be too much for a priestess like her. She asks if Nayuta thinks so too, but he informs her that he’s faced a lot of assassins who have tried to kill Remuna since she’s the leader of Ingrid. Lilith finds herself glad to be a priestess from the countryside. Nayuta frowns and asks her if she had forgotten that Remuna had just sent an assassin after her, a countryside priestess. She blinks in surprise and he sighs at her.

Anyway, they find a civilian and ask him about the great sage. He hasn’t seen a great sage, but he has seen a suspicious looking man who talked about saving the world. Everyone thought he was drunk and he even went to the palace, but he got kicked out. Nayuta and Lilith exchange glances and then she asks about Zanas Valley, but this makes the civilian freak out and he refuses to tell them where it is even when Nayuta tells him that there’s someone’s life at stake there. The man finally gives in when Lilith begs him.

The party sets out to Zanas Valley with their information but along the mountain path Nayuta warns Lilith to be careful since the footing is unstable. The path is severely steep as well. Nayuta comments on how he’d like to tell her there’s an easier path, but he doubts there is one since they’re heading to an assassin’s guild. Lilith makes a joke about how they don’t seem the type to welcome people. Soo joins in and makes a sarcastic remark about how they seem to be really welcoming.

Lilith blinks in surprise because she didn’t notice Soo, Kirite, and Camus waiting for them at the top. But then she realizes that the path ends into a broken and rotten bridge. Everyone in the party is wary at how high the drop is, except for Kirite who hums thoughtfully and then points out that the bridge’s appearance is just for show. It actually looks strong enough to hold people up and it is probably intended to keep people away. Soo decides to test it out by jumping up and down on it.

This just freaks Lilith out and she shuts her eyes because she doesn’t want to see him fall. But then she realizes it’s even scarier if she opens her eyes to find him gone. Camus asks if she’s alright because she’s frozen stiff. Kirite tells her that Soo will be alright even if she doesn’t stare at him like that. Nayuta worriedly asks her if she’s alright since her face is pale. Soo returns back and confirms with everyone that the bridge is as strong as Kirite suspected and then he notices Lilith’s pale face.

She blames it all on him for doing such a reckless thing but he just grins at the fact that she worried about him and tells her that he was holding onto the rope, so if he did fall he could climb back up. She asks him angrily if he isn’t scared of that and then exasperatedly mutters about how he doesn’t fear anything. Soo shivers and tells her that there are things that scare him too.. like Nayuta’s lectures. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Nayuta glares at asks him if he wants one right now.

He goes on to ask why Soo can’t grasp the concept of how he doesn’t want to be called NayuNayu. He sighs in frustration and then turns to ask if Lilith is alright. She stutters out that she’s fine, but he can see through her and he just sighs heavily. Even Kirite and Camus sighs while Soo just looks around in confusion. Nayuta finally mutters out that it seems impossible for her, to which Lilith hurriedly stutters out that she can do it and she’ll try her best. But by now even Soo can see that her face is completely pale.

Nayuta kneels in front of her and tells her to climb onto his back. When she gasps in surprise he explains patiently that they need to cross this bridge and he’ll feel uneasy if she’s trying to do it by herself. So it’d be safer if he just carried her across. Once again he tells her to climb onto his back, hold on tightly, and close her eyes. Kirite agrees that this way is better. Soo tells Nayuta to take care of Lilith. Even Camus notes out loud that he can’t do anything with his size and so he’ll count on Nayuta.

Lilith is a little embarrassed but she realizes that she can’t cross the bridge under her own power and they need to get to Zanas Valley. So she climbs on with a blush and then looks around curiously because the world looks different when she’s at Nayuta’s height. She happens to look past the bridge though and she pales again at how the fall looks even longer and so she shuts her eyes and lets Nayuta take her across. She can hear the bridge creaking, but as long as she keeps her eyes closed she feels safe.

In fact she even feels like she wants to stay like this forever. She’s torn between feeling scared and yet not scared. She wants to hurry up and cross over, yet she doesn’t. With her eyes closed she doesn’t know how much time has passed. It feels short yet long. Finally they reach the other side and Nayuta informs her that they made it and then asks if she’s alright. Lilith just continues to stare off into space with a blush on her face until he calls calls her name questioningly.

She hurriedly stutters out that she’s fine and thanks him. Nayuta smiles and tells her that this was an easy thing to do and then they continue on. Before they enter the guild hall Lilith decides to stay close to Nayuta for protection and when they go in they’re instantly attacked. Nayuta deflects their blades and kills them in quick succession. They finally find Nate fighting the guild leader and just as it looks like Nate is going to lose he transforms into a werewolf and slaughters the leader.

Lilith manages to heal Nate after getting past his harsh words and a Vakista mark appears on his arm. But then the party is attacked by a Sacred Nebulim with his pet sand worm. With Nate’s newfound powers they manage to destroy it and then they head back to Midvan to get an audience with the king by using Kirite’s and Soo’s name. Kirite and Soo reveal themselves to be the princes of their kingdom and so the party enters to talk to to Kadash, the king of Midvan.

*** EPISODE 「祝福と呪いと」(A blessing or a curse?) ***

Kadash asks them a few questions like what Lilith thinks she is and she tells him that she wants to become a saint that will save the world. He doesn’t believe her yet but he won’t stop her since she cleared out the assassins for him. And so he tells the party that the great sage went to Savila and they decide to return to Dinus to catch the military train to the edge of Anelheid so that they can ride a boat to Savila.

The party sets up camp in the same cave that they did when they were traveling through the desert. After they finish dinner, Lilith finds herself straying from the fire to look out at the desert night. Nayuta comes up to her and comments on how cold it is before saying 「お前が火から離れるのを見たのでな。この寒さだ。風邪をひくぞ。これでもの羽織っている」(I saw you leaving the fire. You’ll catch a cold in this chill. Here, put this on). He drapes something over her and she thanks him but reassures him that she won’t catch a cold.

He frowns and reminds her of how she caught a cold earlier in their trip and Lilith splutters before arguing that it was at the beginning, but now she’s used to traveling. He stands firm though and orders her to take it. She asks him worriedly if he isn’t cold though since he’s giving the only blanket to her, but Nayuta is used to rough conditions. Lilith still seems a bit worried though and so she offers to share the blanket together. This makes Nayuta instantly reply angrily with 「な・・・!そんなことするわけがないだろう!」(Wha-..! I can’t possibly do such a thing!).

Lilith apologizes with wide eyes because she had been joking and she didn’t expect him to get so angry, but then she notices that Nayuta’s face is a bit red. He looks a bit troubled but then his expression smooths over as he says 「・・・そうだな。いざとなったら、私もその毛布を一緒に使わせてもらおう」(.. You’re right. Since it’s cold now, I’ll share the blanket with you). Lilith draws a breath in surprise, which makes Nayuta smirk evilly as he asks 「何を動揺することがある?リリスの方から提案してきたではないか」(What are you so disturbed about? Weren’t you the one who proposed it?).

She starts to stutter as she confesses that she did, but she didn’t think he’d accept it. Nayuta continues to tease her by asking 「なんだ?使わせる気もないのにそんなことを言ったのか?」(What? You said it even though you had no intentions of letting me use it?). He makes a comment about how priests aren’t supposed to say lies like that. Lilith finally realizes that even though his words are serious his face is laughing. She hesitantly asks him if he’s teasing her and he responds with 「・・・はじめにからかったのはお前の方だろう?」(.. The first one to start teasing was you).

Lilith pouts and calls him a bully, to which he replies 「お前もな」(You’re one as well). They mock glare at one another before they both start snickering. His voice softens as he tells her that it really is fine and she should just accept someone’s offer. She thanks him and then comments on how strange it is for the desert to be so hot during the day, yet so cold during the night. He points out that there’s nothing to shade the ground during the day. And so the sand heats up fast and releases all its heat just as fast.

The desert is a harsh country. Lilith agrees and so she thinks that the people of Midvan are strong for living here. Nayuta replies that the Midvan people must think the Dodona people are just as strong for living in the cold. Lilith wonders out loud if she’s strong and Nayuta replies firmly 「ああ。リリス、お前は強い」(Aa. Lilith, you’re strong). She blushes at how quickly he said it and he even continues on to point out how adaptable she is and how she accepts all the situations that come to her.

According to him that’s her strength. Lilith starts to blush again, which makes Nayuta furrow his brows in confusion as he points out that her face is red. She quickly tells him it’s nothing and then wonders in her mind if he even realizes how much praise he’s giving her. Nayuta goes on to talk about how people are strong for just choosing to live their lives and continuing to live. Lilith agrees and she’s sure that they’ll get stronger just like how Kirite and Nate are overcoming their sad past. And like how Camus and Soo live their lives freely.

And lastly like Nayuta who continues to move forward in seriousness no matter what. Lilith realizes how everyone is amazing for continuing to live. She confides in Nayuta that she doesn’t want the world to be destroyed and he agrees with her emphatically on how they can’t let the world be destroyed. They share a smile at their shared beliefs and then retire for the night. Soon the party makes it back to Dinus and Soo goes to talk to his father, Banstine, to request use of the train. They end up being requested to meet with the king though.

Banstine asks Lilith if she holds a grudge against Remuna, but Lilith doesn’t since she can understand how desperately Remuna wants to save the world. Banstine approves of Lilith’s attitude and allows her party to use the train and so they head towards Savila. They learn from Kirite that he’s the only survivor and it was destroyed by Rognar, which is why Kirite is chasing him down for revenge. When they reach Savila they actually find a small group of people who survived Savila’s destruction and are working to restore Savila.

As they continue on to the palace, since that is where they think Nico is, Lilith has a talk with Kirite and she advises him to find something other than revenge to live for. He thinks the men are strong for wanting to rebuild their country while he ran away to chase after revenge, but Lilith thinks that both choices reveal their strength. Anyway, they find Nico in the ruins of the palace and she realizes that he’s the one who cast the magic trick to teleport them away because he wanted to keep her safe.

He also wants to raise the spirit of Kaien, the king of Savila and Kirite’s father, to understand what happened here since he thinks Savila might have been the origin of the love lost. Lilith wants to find out what happened here as well, but it’s not her choice to make. Kirite allows it though and so his father’s spirit is summoned, but before they can talk to him a Sacred Nebulim interrupts. Kirite falls into a blind rage and he starts to lose, but Lilith manages to summon Kaien again through sheer desperation.

Kaien reprimands Kirite and this allows Kirite to regain his focus and annihilate the Sacred Nebulim. As the body of the Sacred Nebulim begins to disappear, everyone relaxes their guard, but the cut-off arm makes one last shot at trying to strangle Lilith to death. It gets speared by Nayuta who instantly asks Lilith if she’s alright. She thanks him gratefully and he replies shakily that he’s glad she’s unharmed. Anyway, the party finds out from Kaien that Rognar destroyed Savila for the sacred sword that it protected.

Luckily Savila isn’t the origin of the love lost and so the party decides to head to Amafi to find the next Vakista and because Nico has business there. Before Kaien disappears he reveals some embarrassing childhood stories about Kirite and how much of a shy crybaby he was. But he’s proud of his son and soon he fades away.

*** EPISODE 「敵の姿」(The enemy’s appearance) ***

The party heads towards Amafi and Luverchi appears on their boat to answer a few of their questions. Horo is off to wake up Heathcliff, the sleeping dragon king of Amafi. Clear went to investigate the source of the love lost. Luverchi explains how they can’t touch Rognar because gods cannot act against other gods and in a twisted way Rognar is still carrying out his godly duties by giving people salvation through death. She begs them to stop him though and Lilith promises her that she will.

In the Forested Marjune, which borders Amafi, Camus reveals that there is a barrier that prevents people from passing through. He’s sure that Lilith can do it since she’s Yufisu’s chosen one, but she needs to hide the rest of the party in her aura since someone like Nico won’t be allowed through. And so Lilith decides to explore the waterfall with Nayuta. At the waterfall, Soo exclaims how amazing it is and Lilith agrees since it’s beautiful. Even Nayuta is touched by the serenity in Amafi.

Kirite thinks it’s expected of the country of Amafi, whose god loves nature. Then Soo comments on how staring at the waterfall really makes him want to do “that”. When Lilith asks him what he means, he excitedly tells them about how he wants to jump off from the top of the waterfall. Nayuta’s response is 「・・・正気か?30メートルはあるぞ」(.. Are you serious? It’s 30 meters). Nate pipes in with 「普通なら死ぬな」(Normally, you’d die). Soo asks if that’s true and Kirite replies in a deadpan voice 「死ぬな」(You’ll die). Nate goes on to explain in gory details how he’ll hit the water and swallow it and then he won’t be able to surface.

Soo realizes that his first thought was a bad one, but he still feels the urge to do it. Lilith asks him if he can swim since Dinus seems removed from oceans and rivers. Soo tells her that they had small ones and so he never learned how to swim. She is dumbfounded into silence before saying that it’s even more impossible for a person who doesn’t know how to swim to do this. Nayuta interjects with 「というか無謀だな」(In other words, it’s reckless). Kirite adds 「死ぬぞ」(You’ll die) and even Nate says 「死ぬな」(Yep, you’ll die).

This leaves Soo staring at them with wide eyes as he asks 「・・・え、マジで?」(.. Eh, really?). Then even Camus joins in by telling him not to drink the water since it’ll weaken him and cause great pain. Soo ends up saying quietly 「・・・やめとくわ」 which allows Lilith to finally say that if he does that she’ll be able to relax and feel at ease. Now that Soo has given up on leaping to his death from the waterfall, Lilith can explore in peace. I.. JUST HAVE NO WORDS FOR YOUR IDIOCY SOO ಠ_ಠ. REALLY? LEAPING OFF A WATERFALL WHEN YOU CAN’T SWIM? HOW DID YOU SURVIVE PAST CHILDHOOD!?

Anyway, Lilith and Nayuta are enjoying the scenery together. It’s Lilith’s first time seeing a waterfall and she’s awed by it. Nayuta comments on how living here would make anyone happy. She stares at him in silence which makes him ask her awkwardly if he said something strange. Lilith just shakes her head though and agrees softly that she also thinks a person could spend their days here happy and carefree. Nayuta falls into a troubled silence and then he apologizes for his words since they were out of character.

When she looks at him in confusion he explains that he chose to serve his god above everything else, but his previous statements sounded as if he wanted to run away from fighting. Lilith reassures him because she thinks it’s fine for him to be lost and troubled from time to time. Even though he chose to serve god as a knight, in the end he’s still a human. It’s just like how she’s a saint, yet she’s still troubled. Nayuta’s response is 「・・・ありがとう。だがお前はもうちょっと聖女らしくしたほうがいいぞ」(.. Thank you. But I think it’d be better if you were more saint-like). プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ THANKS JERK.

Lilith pouts at his words and then the gate to Amafi opens in a flash of white light. They’re both surprised and confused but then Nayuta suggests that they ask Camus to examine it for them, and so Lilith leaves to call everyone over. The party soon enters Amafi and they meet Horo who tells them that Heathcliff is waking up. So they decide to rest at an inn, but Lilith receives a visitor. It’s Nayuta and he lets her know that Heathcliff will see them tomorrow morning.

She’s surprised at how fast they can meet him, but Nayuta thinks it’s due to the fact that Horo was the one who woke Heathcliff up. Anyway, he tells her to get ready for tomorrow and she thanks him for going out of his way to tell her. They fall into a silence before Nayuta awkwardly clears his throat. Lilith asks him if there was something else and he loses his usual poise as he says 「・・・いや、その。もし、お前さえよければ、だが。少し外を歩かないか?」(.. No, uhh.. If you’d like to.. that is.. would you like to walk outside for a while?).

Lilith is so surprised that she can only repeat the word outside. This makes Nayuta even more flustered as he hurriedly says 「い、いやっ。お前が疲れているならば断わってくれて構わないぞ!」(N-No! I don’t mind if you refuse because you’re tired). He stutters out that he just thought she might have wanted to walk to the world tree and spend some time there, which is why he’s inviting her out. Lilith giggles in her mind because Nayuta’s face is completely red. Outwardly, she tells him that she’d be happy to and then asks for him to wait while she finishes her preparations.

The relief in Nayuta’s voice is obvious when he says 「・・・そ、そうか。では待っている」(.. I-I see. I’ll wait then). (〃゚艸゚):;*. The two of them head to the world tree where Lilith comments on how nice the wind feels. Nayuta agrees since it brings with it the smell of the forest. Then she confesses that she’s glad they made it to Amafi safely. Nayuta agrees again since it would have been embarrassing if they made Horo wait by not being able to enter. But he was never worried, because 「私とお前の間には、絆がある。それは確かなことだ」(In the space between you and I, there’s a bond. That’s a certainty).

Lilith definitely thinks so too, but Nayuta chides her for using the word “most definitely” because the god of Amafi approves of it as a fact. Lilith corrects herself and calls their bond wonderful, except she finds it strange that she can say it now when in the beginning she was scared of him. His eyes widen and then he asks her with irritation where he’s scary. She points out that he’s always strict and mad. Nayuta replies with 「・・・・・。・・・私が少々口煩いのは認める」(… I admit.. I might be a little bit of a nag).

She stares at him and asks 「・・・少々?」(.. A little bit?). He frowns and says 「・・・少々、だ」(.. A little bit). Lilith changes the subject and tells him that she now understands that even though he’s strict, he’s also kind. No matter how many times she fails, he might scold her but he’d never abandon her. Nayuta tells her 「・・・当たり前だ」(.. That’s obvious). Lilith respects him for always helping her even though their journey isn’t easy. Nayuta confesses that he respects her too, but for her kindness. He brings up the incident with the Sacred Nebulim in Ingrid’s dungeons.

When she was angry, she wasn’t doing it for herself, she was angry on Nayuta’s behalf. He asks her if she remembers what she said then. She only remembers that it was something extreme. He still does though and he reminds her of her words by quoting them. At that time, she said that if she was a witch then she would gladly die if there was proof. Lilith laughs nervously when she recalls those words and admits that she should have thought it over more. Nayuta agrees with an exasperated look.

But then he admits that it was at that moment he realized that she wasn’t a witch and that he wanted to follow her. Then he smiles and says 「そのお前との絆が、アマフィー神に認められたことを私は誇らしく思う」(A bond with a person like you.. I’m proud that Amafi approved of it). Lilith’s face instantly turns red even though she knows that Nayuta didn’t mean it that way. When she peeks up at him she notices that his face is also red. Then he says nervously 「・・・それだけだ。お前に、伝えておきたかった」(.. That’s all. I just wanted to tell you that).

Then he suggests that they return to their rooms to rest since they have to meet Heathcliff tomorrow. He regains his composure as he turns around to leave, but Lilith finally gathers up enough courage to say to his back that she’s also really happy their bond got approved of. And then she thanks him. As she says this, she has the strange feeling of wanting to smile and laugh, and she’s sure that tonight she’ll have a good dream.

Anyway, the party meets Heathcliff the next day and find out that they need to take care of, not only Rognar, but also the curse of the love lost. Lilith can’t seem to sleep and then Luverchi appears in her room to try and warn her but she soon gets consumed by something. A Sacred Nebulim then appears to try and kill her but the rest of the party breaks in and saves her. Camus awakens his Vakista powers here when he realizes that he wants to continue to be able to protect Lilith. Then Nico suggests that they head to Midvan first to pick something up, despite the fact that Lilith wants to go to Dodona first.

*** EPISODE 「聖女として」(As a saint) ***

They go to Midvan only to find it in the throes of the love lost curse. Lilith helps Nico in trying to soften Kadash, the king of Midvan, up and he finally ends up believing in her to be a saint who will save the world. Nico picks up the airship from Midvan and they decide to head to Ingrid. Nayuta looks troubled and Lilith realizes that he’s probably curious about his country after having seen Midvan’s poor state. Soo asks about Lilith’s troubled face and so she confesses that she’s a bit curious about Ingrid. But Kirite points out that they have a bounty on them.

It’ll be dangerous if they go down there. Lilith realizes that they can’t get caught and Nate realizes out loud that the high priestess is the one who set the bounty. Nayuta nods with a conflicted look since the leaders of the other countries all believe in them, except for Heathcliff who is remaining neutral. Yet, Remuna is still firm in her belief of Lilith being a witch. However, Camus thinks that it wouldn’t hurt if they just popped in for a quick look. They have an airship and so it won’t be that easy to catch them.

Soo agrees and thinks that they can just return if they find themselves in danger. Nayuta admits reluctantly that he thinks it should be fine too and that’s when Lilith realizes that he’s really worried, since normally he wouldn’t approach a dangerous situation like this. And so they all decide to check in on Ingrid. As they enter, Lilith feels her heart pounding but nothing happens which makes them all confused. She wonders out loud if Remuna removed the bounty, but Nate shakes his head and points at the walls that are covered with her bounty.

She asks them how they were able to get in so easily and Soo answers that it’s as if the knights of Ingrid have no desire to catch them anymore. Or more like they don’t even want to do their jobs. Kirite points out that the guards at the gates are just wandering around much like the people in the streets. Nate asks if this is due to the love lost and Nico confirms it. Camus finds it cruel that people are just losing their will to live. Lilith asks if they can’t do anything, but Nico just shakes his head sadly.

Meanwhile Nayuta is just looking around and when Lilith tries to say something reassuring, he interrupts her and comments out loud on how he already knew that coming here would result in this. They had prepared for this when they decided to enter the town. Abruptly, he recognizes someone and he splits off from the party to try and talk to the person and so Lilith follows him. It turns out to be one of the knights who greets Nayuta in a slow and lethargic tone. Nayuta asks him what he’s doing ignoring his duties.

He even asks if the knight shouldn’t try and apprehend them, since it’s the high priestess’ orders. The knight just replies that it’s obviously impossible for him to stop Nayuta, who used to be the captain of the knights. Nayuta angrily asks him if he’s just going to ignore his duties then and let them get away. The knight laughs awkwardly and realizes that his captain will get angry and so he tells Nayuta that he’ll just act like he didn’t see them. He doesn’t want to hear about these troublesome things.

Upon hearing these words, Nayuta curses at him angrily and in a fit of rage goes to strike the knight. Lilith grabs onto his arm and tries to stop him though, despite Nayuta snarling out at her not to stop him from striking this coward. She points out that if he causes a commotion then they might really get caught. Despite the fact that Nayuta was about to strike at him, the knight just wanders off without even doing anything. He really is acting like he didn’t see them. Upon seeing this, Nayuta drops his arms and his power escapes him.

He even mutters in a strained voice 「何故だ・・・何故、私のイングリドが・・・こんな風になってしまったのだ・・・!」(Why.. Why did my Ingrid.. become like this..!?). Lilith says his name in sympathy and then asks him to endure it since they’re going to find the origin of the love lost. He admits quietly that he knew that the moment he chose to follow her and disobey the high priestess he would lose his home and a place to return. But he didn’t think that coming back to see it like this would be so painful. This is the first time Lilith has seen him in so much pain.

She realizes that he must have been carrying this pain inside of him, but he just blocked it off when he joined their group. And so she embraces him tightly, which surprises him as he stutters out Lilith’s name. But she just continues to hold him and tell him that it’ll be alright. They’re going to do something about it. He has all these friends who are willing to help him and so she deosn’t want him to think that he’s alone. Nayuta’s face softens as he thanks her quietly and then tells her that he’s alright now.

He even apologizes for showing her such a shameful side of him. She quickly shakes her head because she doesn’t believe that at all. Normally, Nayuta is always the one who has control of himself and is always working hard. She thinks it’s good for him to rely on others from time to time. He blushes at that and thanks her again. She nods and then admits that he might not think that she’s reliable but.. Nayuta interrupts though and says 「そんなことは、ない。お前はお前が思う以上に、強い」(I never.. did. You’re stronger than you think you are).

Lilith blushes at that and asks if that’s true. Their moment is interrupted by Soo, and this makes the two of them separate immediately. Soo is surprised by how surprised they are and he asks them if anything happened. Nayuta stutters out that nothing did, with a small blush, and then hurriedly asks if they found anything. Kirite reports that they took a look around the town but the whole place is the same. Camus wonders out loud if the people will return to normal if they stop the love lost and Nico confirms it.

Love lost causes people to lose their will to live, but humans in general are creatures who are always finding reasons to live. And so once the love lost is stopped then they’ll surely return to normal. Nayuta is relieved at this and Lilith giggles at his face before promising him that they’ll stop the love lost and save, not only Ingrid but everyone. Anyway, they return to the airship and decide to take a small break in the Forested Marjune. She invites Nayuta to go look at the lake with her and when they get there she exclaims about how beautiful it is.

But Nayuta just answers 「・・・ああ、そうだな」(.. Aah, it is). She winces at his response and then tries even harder to cheer him up by pointing out how the surface of the lake sparkles. But he just answers 「・・・そうだな」(.. that’s true). Lilith starts to get angry, but she tries again by talking about how it’d probably look different if they were on a boat. This time Nayuta is silent and so Lilith sighs and then asks if he heard her. He looks at her in surprise and then apologizes, because he didn’t hear a word she said.

She sighs again and then confesses that since they’re all taking a rare break, she thought they could relax together. Nayuta apologizes but then he tells her that if she wants to have fun then she should invite someone else because he doesn’t feel like having fun. She falls silent and then he continues on to explain that he understands she needs to relax, but he doesn’t have that kind of time. Lilith frowns and tells him that she thinks relaxing is necessary. Nayuta agrees and then tells her to go and have fun.

Finally, she gets so frustrated that she blurts out that he doesn’t understand. Nayuta blinks in surprise and then asks hesitantly what he supposedly doesn’t understand. Lilith stutters out that he doesn’t understand her feelings. Nayuta is taken aback and he murmurs 「な、何を言っているのだ。お前の気持ちが分かっていない・・・?どういうことだ」(Wh-What are you saying? I don’t.. understand your feelings? What do you mean by that). She angrily spits out that the person who needs to relax is Nayuta and she’s worried about him.

Nayuta is so surprised he can only say 「な・・・・に・・・?」(Wh… at..?). She asks if he didn’t notice that he’s acting weird. He splutters out that he’s being normal and she calls him a liar, before correcting herself. He’s not lying that he’s being normal, but he always pushes himself so hard that it’s troubling. He doesn’t notice when he pushes himself over the limit. But she can see that in him and so she asks him again if he won’t relax quietly with her. As he stares at her depressed face he finally sighs and comments on how he can’t win against her.

Lilith apologizes because she realizes the gravity of the situation, but she still thinks it’d be nice for him to rest. He replies 「いや・・・。・・隣、いいか?」(No I understand.. can I sit beside you?). She looks surprised before nodding her head quickly. But then she starts to get embarrassed because it’s unusual for him to sit so close to her and it makes her nervous. She notices him glancing at her and then he says 「・・・たしかに、綺麗だな」(.. It really is beautiful). This makes her look at him in confusion.

He just sighs and calls her an idiot before reminding her that that’s what she said about the lake. Lilith laughs nervously and admits that she thought he had meant something else since their eyes met. He just huffs and then the two spend some time in silence looking out at the lake and hearing the wind. Finally he says her name and then blushes as he admits 「・・・今日のことは、ありがとう。おかげで、少し心が楽になった気がする」(.. Thank you for today. Thanks to you, I feel myself relaxing a little). She smiles and tells him that she’s glad for that.

Then he tells her that he actually wanted to ask her something. He wants to know how she knows what he’s thinking. She slowly confesses that it’s probably because she’s always been watching him. Nayuta is taken aback and he stutters out 「・・・そ、そうなのか?」(..I-Is.. that so?). Lilith suddenly realizes how that can be interpreted and she hurriedly tells him that she doesn’t mean she was looking at him the way Nico would. Nayuta snaps out 「そ、そんなことは分かっている!」(Th-That kind of thing, I understand that much!).

But then he blushes again as he confesses 「だが・・・そうだな。お前が私を見ているというのなら・・・。私もお前を見ていることにしよう」(But.. that’s right. If you’re watching over me then.. I’ll also watch over you). She blinks in surprise and so he elaborates 「今日、お前が私を気遣ったくれたように。私も、お前を守れるように」(Like how you were concerned about me today. I’ll also protect you like that). Lilith blushes at that although she doesn’t know why she’s so embarrassed since it sounds like he’s just promising, as a knight, to protect her, the sage.

Nayuta frowns and asks 「どうした?顔が赤いが。・・・日に当たりすぎたのか?」(What’s wrong? Your face is red.. did you spend too much time out?). Lilith just shakes her head and tells him that she’s fine. And so he smiles but says 「なら、構わないが。・・・無理はするなよ」(Then, I won’t concern myself.. But don’t push yourself). She nods but reassures him that she’s fine and then she wonders out loud if they should return to the others. Nayuta remains silent though, until she says his name, then he confesses 「いや、もう少しだけ。もう少しだけ、こうしていたい」(No, it’s just that.. for a while longer. I want to remain like this.. for a while longer).

Lilith looks at him in surprise but he just explains 「また、こうしていられる時間があるか、分からないからな・・・。もう少し、こうしていたい」(We won’t know when we’ll have time like this.. I want to stay like this for a while longer). And then he adds uncertainly 「・・・嫌か?」(.. You don’t want to?). Lilith hurriedly tells him that she’d never think that and then she agrees to stay like this for a while longer.. together. The party returns to Dodona only to find all the villagers gone. Lilith blames herself for everything.

But Nayuta reassures her that the high priestess would never harm these villagers unnecessarily. Remuna knows that these people are Yufisu worshippers. Once again he reassures her that they’ll be safe until she finally nods her head and believes them. The party heads to the shrine where they reminisce about the past and how they fought Rognar here. Lilith promises to never forget it and she strengthens her determination to save the world. They return to Dinus to ask Madam about the state of the world.

Ingrid’s people have lost their faith. Midvan is struck down and the desert is expanding. Savila’s revival project is still going on strong. Madam doesn’t know about Amafi, but Nico thinks it’ll be safe so long as Heathcliff’s barrier stands. Then, since they don’t know where Rognar is, he suggests that everyone splits up to finish their individual business. Nayuta invites her to return to Ingrid with him because he wants to meet with the high priestess, but he doesn’t feel like he’ll have the strength to do that unless she’s by his side.

And thanks to Nico’s magical item, they can run away instantly if they’re in trouble. They return to Ingrid and manage to enter easily, but it looks like the knights who are guarding the shrine are not as affected by the love lost. Lilith and Nayuta find it cruel for the city of Ingrid to be reduced to a quiet place like this where the people have lost their will to live. But Nayuta finds it even crueler to know that the knights have abandoned the people. He angrily wonders how Remuna could let it come to this.

It makes him feel irritated and impatient. He wants to do something to help Ingrid, but he knows that he doesn’t have the power. He, who was the captain of the holy knights and who acts to save people, can’t find the power to save Ingrid. Lilith asks him why he insists on saying that he has no power, because he always saves her and right now he’s trying to save Ingrid. Nayuta gasps her name in surprise and she tells him not to put himself down like that. He stares at her in silence for a while before finally agreeing with her.

He couldn’t do anything as the captain of the holy knights, but if he’s with her then.. Lilith finishes his sentence by saying that by saving the world they will surely save Ingrid as well. He thanks her softly. When she looks at him in confusion, he admits that he was feeling a bit lost seeing the state of the knights in Ingrid. But he realizes that he’s not a knight anymore and he’s her Vakista. Lilith smiles and tells him that she thinks, by being a Vakista, he can do the things he couldn’t do as a knight of Ingrid.

The two of them head to the shrine and Nayuta asks her if she really doesn’t mind, because they’re about to approach the guards. She reassures him that if she minded then she wouldn’t have come with him, plus if anything happens then they can just use Nico’s item. If she didn’t have Nico’s magical item then she doesn’t think she could have built up the courage to meet with the high priestess. Anyway, Nayuta asks her to remain hidden here while he tries to go and talk to the guards. If she encounters danger then he wants her to use the item.

Lilith tells him to do the same and then she watches him as he leaves to talk to the guards. A lot of them come rushing out to surround him, but then the new captain comes out and they exchange words. Soon Nayuta turns around to smile at Lilith and waves for her to come over. He introduces her to the new captain of the holy knights, Hardy. She greets him with a stutter and Nayuta asks her why she’s so stiff. She explains that Hardy must be a respected person to become the captain of the holy knights.

Hardy tells her that he’s only the knight captain because Nayuta left and so he doesn’t deserve that much praise, but she points out that he must be amazing since he was the one everyone turned to rely on after Nayuta left. Anyway, they request for an audience with Remuna through Hardy because they need to tell her about love lost, Rognar, and the Sacred Nebulim. Even if Remuna doesn’t believe them at least they would have told her about these things. Hardy asks them not to hold a grudge against him if something happens since he can’t guarantee their safety.

Nayuta is fine with that though since they’re the ones who want to meet with Remuna. Hardy leaves to ask the high priestess for an audience and Lilith and Nayuta remain silent as they wait. She checks to make sure Nico’s magical item is in her pocket and reviews their escape plan just in case. Then Hardy comes back to lead them to the high priestess and as they walk through the shrine, Lilith comments on how nostalgic it is. Nayuta agrees quietly and then she makes a joke about how at that time they were in a really problematic situation.

He smiles at that and agrees before admitting to her that, at that time, he thought he was fine with whatever happened to him. Lilith chides him and tells him not to think like that anymore because if he did.. He curiously asks her what she’ll do if he did. She grins and tells him that she’ll do the same thing she did last time. She’ll get angry, shout at him, and then try to drag him away. Nayuta chuckles softly. She pouts at him for laughing at her, but he tells her that he was being thankful. He’s thankful for having companions who would do that.

Nayuta notices the look on her face and so he reassures her further by saying 「・・・安心しろ。今の私には、お前がいる。だから、あの時のように・・・自分を捨てたりはしない」(.. Relax. I have you right now. That’s why, like that time.. I won’t throw myself away). Lilith stares at him seriously and tells him that she feels safer now. They meet with Remuna, but she immediately greets Lilith as the witch and when Lilith tries to defend herself, the high priestess tells her to shut up. Nayuta pleads for her to listen to them and Remuna agrees.

But even after he explains the state of the world to her, she just sneers and asks if that’s how Nayuta was tricked by the witch. Remuna still believes in her vision from Ingrid telling her to execute Lilith so that Ingrid can return to a peaceful and prosperous state. Nayuta angrily asks her if she won’t do anything about the pain of her citizens then, but Remuna just laughs and tells him that she is doing something. She’s trying to kill Lilith. Remuna calls in Hardy and the rest of the guards.

Hardy asks Nayuta not to resist because he doesn’t want to hurt him, but Nayuta just smirks and asks if he wants to try that. When Lilith takes out Nico’s magical item, Nayuta takes her hand and tells her to wait and follow his lead for a bit. And so they try to run out of the shrine, but they end up getting surrounded by the knights who, surprisingly, don’t lift up their weapons yet. Instead, Hardy begs for Nayuta to return to them because he’s realized that Nayuta hasn’t changed at all.

Nayuta refuses though because he is going to save the world. This just angers Hardy who asks him if it’s because of the witch and if he’s throwing Ingrid away. Nayuta snarls at him and tells him that he’d never throw away Ingrid, but he can’t be the captain of the holy knights if he’s the saint’s Vakista and by saving the world he’ll save Ingrid too. Hardy doesn’t believe him though and yells out that if he won’t return to them peacefully then he’ll kill Lilith, because she’s corrupting Nayuta.

Anyway, all of the knights lift up their weapons and charge at Lilith who closes her eyes. But Nayuta pulls her to his chest and draws his spear with his other hand as he calls them fools. His breath brushes over her ear as he asks her if she has any wounds, but she just shakes her head mutely. Even though she knows he’s just doing it to protect her, she can feel his body’s warmth and the vibrations from his voice and it makes her face red and her body tremble. Nayuta mistakes this and says 「そんなに、怖がらなくてもいい」(You don’t have to be so afraid).

He vows to her 「お前は私が必ず守る。誰にも、傷付けさせはしない」(I will definitely protect you. I won’t let anyone hurt you) and pulls her even closer, which makes her panic since she’s turning red even though she knows she shouldn’t be in this kind of a situation. But she’s completely aware of the feeling of his arm around her waist and how his low his voice sounds by her ear. Then Nayuta yells at the knights again 「この愚かものどもが!お前達はいつからそこまで腑抜けになった!」(You utter fools! Since when did you become such cowards!). I LIKE THIS ALPHA MALE ATTITUDE NAYUTA (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

Nayuta restates that he’s the one who chose to follow the saint on her quest. It was his own choice. And then he asks if they’re trying to change the choice he made and slander it. Hardy stutters out Nayuta’s name, but Nayuta just angrily yells if they’re going to continue to say such shameful since like how they can’t do anything without him. He growls out that if they’re going to say such things then they might as well quit being knights. If they can’t hold their swords because it’s their choice, then they can’t be knights.

Hardy is moved by Nayuta’s lecture and he shakily tells them to leave and that the rest of the knights will defend this place. Nayuta tells Hardy that he’s leaving with the sage to fight and save the world from the love lost, but the reason for doing so is because of Ingrid. While his position might be different, he’s still a knight of Ingrid. As a knight to a fellow knight, he’s going to leave Ingrid to Hardy. Hardy accepts this tearfully.

The two of them manage to leave Ingrid safely after that and they end up outside of the gates. Nayuta comments on how they should be safe now that they’ve made it this far, but Lilith just remains silent with a blush on her face. When he glances at her he asks her worriedly 「リリス、どうした?まさか、怪我を?」(What’s wrong, Lilith? Could it be that you were wounded?). IT’S ANOTHER DONKAN FACE ヾ(*´∀`*)/. Lilith is startled but then she quickly shakes her head and tells him that she’s fine. He asks her if that’s true.

Then he realizes that she must have been scared when they lifted their weapons against her, but Lilith tells him hesitantly that she wasn’t scared of that either. He completely misunderstands though and tells her that she doesn’t have to force herself to say that. He apologizes for taking her along with him but he wanted to get through to Hardy. Lilith reassures him that it’s fine since she also thinks that it was a good idea to get through to him. Nayuta starts to get irritated as he asks 「では何故、そうも呆けた顔をしているのだ」(Then why do you have such a spaced out look on your face?).

She splutters at that and tries to say that it’s because of Nayuta. He just blinks in confusion and asks 「私が、どうかしたか?」(Did I do something?). She tries to explain it, but she trips over her words until she finally just yells out that it was nothing. She starts to blush as she hurriedly tells him that they’re returning to the Forested Marjune. The rest of the party hasn’t made it to Marjune yet and so they decide to relax, but Lilith soon finds herself alone at the world tree.

Nayuta finds her though and comments on how, as he thought, she was here. He tells her that if she wants to be alone then he can leave, but she shakes her head and murmurs that she’s happy he found her. The two of them blush as they look at each other and then they fall into silence. Then she confesses that she thought he was going to lecture her again, but he shakes his head and reminds her that it’s good for them to relax from time to time. Lilith smiles and reminds him that he didn’t think that a while ago.

He admits 「まあ・・・私も、少し余裕ができてきたのかもしれんな」(Well.. I might have become a little more flexible). She asks him what he means and he answers 「お前には、色々と教えられている。そういうことだ」(It means that you taught me a few things). Lilith looks at him in confusion and admits that she doesn’t understand. He just sighs and calls her dense. She pouts and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear such a thing from him. Nayuta blinks and asks her what she means by that, but Lilith just points out that if he really doesn’t know then he’s proving that he’s dense.

Nayuta ends up reluctantly admitting that he might be a little dense. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ THESE TWO JUST SNARK AT EACH OTHER. Lilith giggles when he finally admits it, but then he confesses 「・・・お前のいいところは、そういう前向きのところだな」(.. Your charm is your optimism) and adds 「助けられていると、感じている」(I feel like I was saved by it). Lilith blushes and asks him with a stutter if he really thinks so. He starts to blush as well and spits out 「そ、そこで口ごもるな。恥ずかしい告白をしている気分になる」(D-Don’t mumble like that! You make me feel like I just made an embarrassing confession).

She becomes even more flustered at hearing the word confession, but when he asks her what she’s getting flustered about in irritation, she just shakes her head since she realizes that he really is dense. He asks her what she means, but she tells him that it’s nothing and then tells him to look at the world tree. He’s a bit taken aback by her change in subject, but he looks over at it. Lilith asks him if he doesn’t feel relaxed when he looks at it. He agrees since it makes him think about the gods.

They both fall into silence, but then he asks her hesitantly if they’ll be able to come back to this place like this. Lilith states with determination that they’ll definitely be able to return. Nayuta’s face softens as he thinks it’d be nice if they could come back to look at this tree. Lilith nods her head and then comments on how the two of them should come back here one day. Nayuta agrees and then Lilith asks if he promises. He smiles and promises, which makes her giggle. She feels relieved if he promises her, since it’s the promise of a knight.

Nayuta tells her 「ふっ。任せておけ。約束は必ず果たす」(Heh. Leave it to me. I’ll definitely carry out this promise). They meet up with the rest of the party and find out that Nate has received a bow from Midvan and Soo has changed his clothes. When they hear Rognar’s announcement and Lilith starts to shake in rage, Nayuta can sympathize with her. Lilith thanks him and Nayuta adds that as a knight, no as a human and to protect the hope of the people, they will never lose their will to fight. Lilith agrees that they won’t lose. For the sake of the world, no, for the sake of the people who haven’t thrown away their hope.

The party returns back to Dinus to gather information on how the announcement affected the world. Lilith tells Madam that they have no choice but to fight and Madam starts to believe in Lilith. Nico informs them that Rognar is in Melrond and so he needs to collect some parts to modify the airship so that they can enter through the barrier. Banstine agrees to help and so then they travel to Midvan to pick up another piece. Lilith tells Kadash that they can’t throw away their hope and he starts to believe in her as well.

When they return to Dinus, Nico kicks them out so that he can modify the airship in silence. Lilith finds Nayuta punching the wall in an alleyway in anger. He’s swearing and yelling about how Rognar can still call himself a god who will grant them their wishes. When she calls out his name worriedly, he asks her slowly if she heard everything. Lilith nods and he apologizes again quietly for showing her such a shameful side of himself. She tries to deny that, but she decides to change the subject instead.

Instead, she tells him that she wants to give him strength when he’s feeling pain. She asks him if he’s feeling lost because they’re going to fight Rognar and he nods his head reluctantly. He’s confused because Rognar used to be a white-winged god who loved humans. It’s only because he loves them and wishes to save them that he’s spilling their blood. And so, Rognar is still a god and he loves humans.. it’s just that his methods are wrong. Lilith agrees with Nayuta since she thinks Rognar loves humans a lot as well.

Nayuta is troubled by his doubt and how his will is shaken to defeat Rognar. He’s especially angry at himself because he knows that Rognar is the cause of Kirite’s suffering. Lilith tries to reassure him that everyone is troubled and so it’s not shameful for him to be like that. Even the three gods are troubled since Rognar is their brother. They’re troubled by how far Rognar is going to save humans and so that’s why they wish for Lilith and her companions to stop him. But Nayuta points out that the high priestess isn’t troubled.

She believes in her vision with all her strength. That kind of appearance is his ideal. But right now when the world is on the brink of destruction due to Rognar, she’s just.. Lilith tells him that they can visit her again. This shocks him, but Lilith thinks it’s a simple solution. The airship is almost modified and after they return from Melrond they can head back to Ingrid. Nayuta asks if she would mind, but Lilith tells him that everyone will understand and so he should cheer up. Nayuta thanks her gratefully.

They return to the airship and Nico flies them to Melrond. Along the way, the vicious storm shakes their ship and Lilith screams in fright. Nayuta grabs her though and asks her worriedly if she’s alright. She tries to nod and thanks him, but he just says 「手を貸せ」(Give me your hand). When she looks at him in confusion he explains 「・・・ほら。こうしていれば、怖くないだろう」(.. Here. If we’re like this, then you won’t be afraid right?). She nods more firmly and thanks him again. Then a Bahamut appears to attack their ship.

Nayuta yells out a warning and grabs Lilith just as the Bahamut crashes into the ship. It throws everyone around, but Lilith is safe in his arms. She thanks him and then asks him if he’s alright, but he just shakes off her worry. If the Bahamut continues attacking them then the ship will fall. When Lilith asks what they should do, he tells her not to worry since he’ll think of something. She’s a bit worried by what he means he says “something” but she’ll believe in him. Nayuta smirks at that and tells her to relax.

He even adds 「昔から、悪しきドラゴンを倒すのは騎士の役目と決まっている」(In the olden days, it was a knight’s duty to slay the evil dragon). PFF.. SO CORNY. Kirite asks if Nayuta can do it, while Soo cheers him on. Nate reassures Lilith that if Nayuta can’t do it then he’ll use his bow. Meanwhile, Nico will have satisfaction in watching Nayuta fight. And so he climbs on to the top of the airship to deal with the Bahamut. The wind is cold and the way it blows his cape out makes him look like he’s walking to his death.

Lilith yells out Nayuta’s name but the wind blows her words away. However, he looks back towards her and smiles. The Bahamut uses this opportunity to launch icicles but Nayuta repels it with a magic shield and then attacks back. His stab is deflected by the dragon’s scales though and then he disappears from Lilith’s view. Her breath is frozen as she searches for him and it feels as if an eternity passed in that one second before Nayuta reappears on the ship. The two exchange a few more blows with the Bahamut taking minimal damage while Nayuta is injured.

She can’t bear to watch and Soo wonders worriedly if Nayuta is alright. Camus wonders if they shouldn’t go out and help, but Kirite tells them not to do anything yet because Nayuta hasn’t given up. Nayuta is patiently waiting on the airship even as the Bahamut charges him and then suddenly he leaps forward into the open mouth of the Bahamut. Soo splutters while Nate asks worriedly what Nayuta is trying to do. Nico just hums thoughtfully. Next thing they know, Nayuta and the Bahamut disappear into the clouds.

Lilith grips her i-scepter though and prays for Nayuta to receive Yufisu’s power of love, because they have a bond between the two of them and she can feel that he still lives. The Bahamut reappears with Nayuta on his head and then Nayuta strikes it down in a glowing white strike. As the Bahamut dies with a painful cry, Nayuta leaps back onto the airship. Lilith instantly welcomes him back and tells him how relieved she is. He blushes and replies 「あ、ああ。今戻った・・・」(A-Aa. I just returned).

She smiles and says 「うん。おかえりなさい、ナユタ」(Un. Welcome home, Nayuta). UMM.. CUTE I GUESS? BUT THE FIGHT WAS SO ANTI-CLIMACTIC THAT I CAN’T BRING MYSELF TO BE MOVED (・ω・´). Anyway, the airship sustained too much damage and so Nico is just going to ram the airship through the barrier and hope they can land safely. Lilith asks if there can’t be another way, but Nico cheerfully tells her that there isn’t. Nayuta reassures her 「・・・安心しろ、リリス。私が必ずお前を守ってみせる」(.. Don’t worry, Lilith. I’ll definitely protect you).

He embraces her as he says that. And she can feel his heat through their clothes and the sound of his heartbeat. This makes her feel safe and relaxed. And the next thing they know everything turns dark. Lilith has a strange dream about Melrond and then she wakes up to Nayuta’s voice calling her name with worry.

*** EPISODE 「愛のすべて」(All of love) ***

When she opens her eyes, she finds Nayuta watching over her and he instantly says 「リリス・・・はぁ、目を覚ましたか。大丈夫か?どこか、痛むところはないか?」(Lilith.. you’re awake. Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?). She’s a bit taken aback by his worry, but she shakes her head and tells him that she’s fine. He replies shakily 「そ、そうか・・・。それならよかった」(I-I see.. That’s a relief). She still looks confused and so he asks her if she remembers anything before reminding her about how they were attacked by the Bahamut.

Nico crashed the ship, but ever since they landed in Melrond he couldn’t leave her since she was unconscious. She apologizes which makes him ask her 「な、何を謝る・・・」(Wh-Why are you apologizing..). Lilith points out that she caused him trouble, but he hurriedly says 「迷惑だなどとは思っていない」(I don’t think you’re a trouble). But she continues to point out that it’s her fault he couldn’t go around and explore. Nayuta stutters over his words as he says 「あれは・・・その。あれは、その・・・言葉のアヤだ」(That was.. um.. That was.. um.. those were just words). ( *´艸`)クスッ♪.

Then he says 「と、とにかく心配だったからな。早く目を覚ましてくれと、ただ、そういう想いで・・・」(A-Anyway, I was worried. I just wanted you to wake up quickly.. that’s all..). She thanks him which shocks him and so she thanks him again for worrying about her. He blushes as he states 「当たり前だろう。私は、お前を守る騎士なのだから」(That’s obvious. I’m your knightly protector after all). He adds 「だから、当然のことをしたまでだ。礼を言われるようなことじゃない」(That’s why I just did it naturally. It’s not something that needs to be thanked). Lilith tells him that it still makes her happy.

Nayuta continues to blush as he says 「そ、そうか・・・。まあ、とにかく・・・お前が無事でよかった」(I-I see.. Well, anyway.. I’m glad that you’re safe). She tells him that she’s also glad he’s safe and he nods. Then they decide what they should do next since they were separated from everyone else. With Nico and Camus’ magic they managed to get to Melrond safely, but he doesn’t know if everyone else is safe because he concentrated on saving her. The next thing he knew, they were all separated. Lilith is worried, but Nayuta reassures her that they’re most likely safe.

She nods reluctantly and then abruptly remembers something with a gasp. Nayuta’s eyes widen as he asks her what’s wrong, but she just tells him that she remembered the moment he saved her. He blushes as he says 「そ、そうか・・・」(I-I see..) and she blushes too as she apologizes for clinging onto him tightly because she was scared. Nayuta stutters out 「い、いや・・・。そ、それは、全然気にしてないぞ」(N-No.. I-I didn’t mind that at all). And then Lilith stutters out a thank you for how he protected her as they fell.

Nayuta continues to blush, especially when she confesses that his arms were warm and they made her feel safe. He stutters out 「そ、そうか・・・」(I-I see..) again before he hurriedly tells her 「あの時は、私も夢中だったからな・・・。その・・・イヤだったら、すまなかった」(At that time, I was acting without a thought.. um.. if you didn’t like it, sorry). Lilith quickly shakes her head and shyly tells him that it made her happy. His response is 「そ、そうか・・・」(I-I see..). HOW ELOQUENT OF YOU NAYUTA.. (゚∀゚;). Then he tries to change the subject with 「あ、あ~・・・ところで、大丈夫か?」(Ah, umm.. anyway, are you alright?).

When she looks at him in confusion he mutters 「に、にぶい奴だな。つ、つまり、歩けるか、ということだ」(De-Dense.. I-In other words, I’m asking if you’re able to walk). Lilith finally understands and she nods with embarrassment. He blushes again as he tells her that he’s glad and then he asks if they should get going then. While they’re searching for the rest of their party they encounter the ruins of Melrond. Nayuta is shocked at the destruction and he wonders if the land was also cursed by the gods like what happened to Savila.

This reminds Lilith of her dream and she tells him that Melrond was wounded by the arrogance of humans. Nayuta recalls that Melrond was home to the lost technologies which had amazing power. He realizes that the power Rognar used to destroy Savila could have come from Melrond. And then he wonders if Melrond deserves this fate because of what its people did. Lilith angrily tells him that she definitely doesn’t believe that. She remembers from her dream that Melrond is slowly healing this country.

Nayuta realizes that there’s hope for a cursed country like this as well. Then he admits that he’s envious of Lilith’s firm beliefs compared to his own shaky ones. If he could hear the voice of the gods then he wouldn’t be as troubled. But then he laughs and corrects himself to say that he’s troubled because his faith is weak and that is also why he can’t hear the voice of the gods. He feels bitter at himself for blaming the gods for his own failing. Lilith tries to reassure him by telling him that she doesn’t find him weak.

She knows that no matter how troubled or how shaken his beliefs are, he’ll always return to what is just and right. He blushes and then chuckles at how she’s able to cheer him up like this. As she tells that it’ll be alright and to relax, he thanks her. Their moment is interrupted by Nico’s flare and they rejoin the rest of the party. But before they leave, he tells her to follow behind him just in case. Anyway, they meet up with the group and Rognar greets them with a holographic image of himself.

Nico leads them to the control room in Melrond where they encounter Rognar, who gives them his monologue about saving the world. Nayuta tells Rognar that he’ll defeat him and stop him. Rognar asks Nayuta why he needs to be stopped because Nayuta should understand his goals as a worshipper of the gods. He asks why Nayuta is lifting his blade against a god who has come to deliver salvation to humans. Nayuta just snarls out that Rognar destroyed Savila and he’s going to destroy more people.

He doesn’t need any other reason to stop Rognar. Rognar asks how destruction is wrong. If it can save humans then he’ll destroy any number of humans and any number of countries, until people remember to love their gods. Nayuta and Lilith both realize that Rognar has become insane and so then Nayuta tells Rognar that he’ll send him back to his father. Rognar flings his darkness at Nayuta who blocks it with a magic shield, but in the next moment Rognar punches Nayuta in the stomach.

Rognar sneers and compliments Nayuta for blocking his magic, but he points out that Nayuta won’t be able to win with just that. They exchange some more talk about how Rognar is granting humans savlation, but Nayuta doesn’t approve of his methods. Nayuta takes a few more hits from Rognar which causes Lilith to cry out his name, but he yells at her not to come close. And then he says 「確かに・・・今、私は神に逆らっている!だが、私に迷いはない!」(Certainly.. right now, I’m disobeying a god! However, I haven’t lost my way!).

Nayuta’s magic flares up and Rognar grunts in pain as he tries to ask what this power is. Nayuta tells him that he’s being supported by Lilith right now and her heart is providing light for his weak beliefs. He exclaims that he’s fighting for Lilith and if a god is wrong then he’ll correct that god. That’s his faith. Lilith is shocked by his words, but then she nods firmly and yells out that they will never lose. Rognar snarls at their words and summons a giant ball of darkness that nearly consumes Nayuta.

However, Nayuta starts glowing with white light and the ball of darkness is ineffective. In the next moment, Rognar is fatally wounded by Nayuta’s spear and then he becomes purified by Yufisu. Lilith gives an announcement to the rest of the world, but then she gets cursed by the love lost and falls unconscious. She’s falling into the cold and black darkness with Melrond telling her to sleep and heal. But she keeps on asking for light until her staff appears in front of her and flashes white.

Lilith realizes that’s the staff Yufisu gave her and then she hears Nayuta saying 「・・・そうだ。それこそが、お前の信仰。お前の全てだ」(.. That’s right. That’s your faith. That’s your everything). He asks her angrily if she’s going to let go of that and abandon everything to hide in the darkness where it’s safe. He asks if she’s saying that she wants to forget everything. Lilith realizes that she recognizes this voice. Nayuta comments coldly on how this place is relaxing, but it’s a place where one throws away their responsibility.

He asks her 「私が認めたお前は、その程度の女だったのか?」(Is this the attitude of the girl who I approve of?). Lilith asks him hurtfully why he’s saying such things and then he appears in front of her to point out that she’s not like that and she realizes that he’s always like this as well. Cold, a bully, and he’s made her cry countless of times. However, she knows that he’s lonely because of his coldness and he’s more troubled than anyone else. He thinks of himself as weak, but he’s always trying to become stronger.

She tries to confess that she likes even those parts of him, but he starts to fade away which makes her cry out for him to wait because she still has something to tell him. Melrond realizes she wants to return and so he escorts her back. She wakes up calling out his name and finds herself in his arms. Nayuta says her name worriedly and then breathes out 「・・・よかった。きがついたか。だが・・・よくよく心配させてくれるな、お前は」(.. I’m glad.. You’ve regained consciousness. But.. you really made us worry).

Lilith apologizes quietly and then she rejoins the rest of the party. They find out that she was saved by Melrond and her bond with Nayuta. Then she asks Melrond to break the barrier and the party returns to Dinus for information. The world is still heading towards destruction though and so they visit the rest of the world. First stop is Dodona, where Lilith prays to Yufisu and confides her uncertainty into her. Nayuta calls out her name and she startles before asking him how long he had been there.

Nayuta ignores her question though and asks if she’s alright. She asks him what he’s talking about because she’s fine, but he just glares and tells her not to lie. When she looks confused he asks her if she’s taking him for an idiot and how, exactly, she thinks he sees her. Lilith asks him slowly if he’s always been looking at her and he confesses bluntly 「ああ。お前と会ってから、お前ばかりを見ていた」(Aa. From the moment I met you, I looked at nothing but you). She calls him a liar and points out that he’s always been thinking about the gods.

He smirks and admits that’s true, but at the same time he also continued to watch her. He finds her similar to a god and so when he’s looking towards the gods, he’s also looking towards her. UHH.. THAT SEEMS KIND OF UNHEALTHY PUTTING THE OTHER PARTNER ON A PEDESTAL LIKE THAT. Lilith tells him that she doesn’t feel happy when he says it like that, because she’s just an acolyte of Yufisu and that doesn’t make her similar to a god. She firmly tells him that she might be a saint, but she’s also just a normal human girl.

Nayuta looks surprised as he tries to say 「リリス・・・。そうじゃない、そういうことじゃないんだ。私は・・・」(Lilith.. That’s not it, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. I..) and then he tries again 「私は・・・」(I…). Finally he growls out 「私は・・・ええい、くそっ!こんなときに、何を言えばいいのか、わからんとはな!」(I.. argh, dammit! I don’t know what I should say at a time like this!). Lilith asks him if he’ll hug her then and his eyes widen at her request. Lilith explains that she doesn’t want any words, she just wants to be embraced. He asks hesitantly 「い、いいのか・・・?」(I-Is that alright..?).

She nods in embarrassment and he says 「わ、わかった・・・。その・・・いくぞ」(I-I understand.. Then.. I’ll be doing it now..). WHAT THE HECK? LMAO THOSE WORDS “IKUZO” IS SO WEIRD IN THIS CONTEXT Σ(^∀^;). He suddenly embraces her with surprises her into letting out a gasp and he quickly asks her if she’s alright. She goes to say that she’s alright, before she suddenly tells him not to ask for approval like that because it’s embarrassing.

Nayuta apologizes with a stutter but explains that he doesn’t have experience in these types of situations. She giggles at that and he tells her with irritation not to laugh because it’ll make him embarrassed. Lilith grins and tells him that since it can’t be helped, she’ll be the one to hug him then. He startles at that but she just tells him that it’ll be fine and that he shouldn’t move. Nayuta turns completely red as she hugs him and giggles at how warm he is. HOW IS HUGGING HIM IN FULL ARMOR.. NICE? LOOKS UNCOMFORTABLE.

His voice can barely be heard as he says 「お、お前もだ、リリス・・・」(Yo-You too.. Lilith..). Then Lilith tells him that she feels like she can hear the voice of his heart like this. Nayuta asks her softly in confusion if she means his heartbeat, but she shakes her head and tells him it’s his heart’s voice. He’s still blushing as he asks her what it says. She says with a sly smile 「・・・教えてあげないよーだ」(.. I won’t tell you~.. is what it’s saying). Nayuta is taken aback but before he can do anything, Lilith asks if they can remain like this for a while longer.

He murmurs 「あ、ああ。わかった。好きなだけ・・・そうしていていいぞ」(A-Aa. I understand. As long as you want it..). Then they head to Amafi where they meet Heathcliff and Lilith tells him that it’d be strange if they didn’t fight back. Nayuta adds that if there isn’t any good or evil then there’s nothing they can’t do. He’s going to protect Lilith and follow her until the end. They’re going to find and grab their own justice. Then they head to Ingrid to find that Remuna has given hope on everything.

Lilith asks Nayuta to lead them to the shrine because she realizes who has been cursing Yufisu. Horo reveals himself and explains how he’s destroying the world for his mother, who has been forgotten by the humans in the world. He taunts them to come and find him if they wish to stop him and then he disappears while leaving monsters behind for them to deal with. Nayuta yells some sense back into Remuna and then the party decides to split up again to help defend the other capitals.

Nayuta and Lilith return to Ingrid because Nayuta wanted to check something out in the shrine. While they’re there, Lilith can’t stop saying how cold it is. He points out that she should be used to it since she lived in Dodona, but she tells him that it was chilly but not as cold as this shrine of ice. He finally asks her what she wants him to do then and she asks him hesitantly if he’ll hug her then. His response is prompt 「いいぞ。こっちへ来い」(Sure. Come here). Her eyes widen as she gapes in surprise since she had been joking.

He asks her with irritation what she’s stalling for. Lilith asks with a stutter if it’s really alright to do that in this place. Nayuta smirks as he says 「ふっ、おかしなやつだな。自分で言ったのだろうが。それにここには・・・誰もいないぞ」(Heh, you’re such a strange person. You’re the one who suggested it. Plus.. there’s no one around). Lilith splutters as she tries to find something to say, but he just continues on 「・・・震えているではないか。ほら、こっちへ来い。風邪をひかれても困る」(.. You’re trembling. Come on, just come over here. It’ll be a problem if you catch a cold).

Lilith hurriedly tells him to wait because she was just joking. And he replies in a deadpan voice 「私も冗談だ」(I was joking too). She just stares at him and he smirks again before pointing out that she’s making a funny face right now. Lilith pouts and tells him that she didn’t think he would joke like that. Nayuta grins as he tells her 「たまには、な。おかげで面白いものが見れた」(From time to time. Thanks to you, I saw something interesting). She continues to pout and calls him a bully. He gently tells her not to pout.

Anyway, they continue to the shrine because Nayuta has been feeling something strange. Lilith asks if it’s Horo, but Nayuta doesn’t think so. He wanted to confirm it though and so that’s why he took Lilith with him. She doesn’t see anything strange, but then abruptly she realizes that it looks as if there’s someone there. Nayuta is shocked since normal people shouldn’t be allowed to come here. The person turns out to be an old woman who introduces herself as the person who manages this shrine.

Lilith is confused since no one but the high priestess should be allowed in here, but she doesn’t sense any lies or harmful intent. The old woman tells them that Ingrid chose this place to sacrifice his body for the world and when Lilith asks why he didn’t choose a warmer place, she tells them that he found something here. She asks Nayuta a few questions about his faith like how he feels about the cold. He tells her that he chose to be a knight of Ingrid and it’s a path that he will continue to follow and so he associates the ice with his god.

She asks him how he feels about Ingrid’s strict rules. Once again, he tells her that he associates that with his god. And then she asks him what he’s seeking for in Ingrid. And then Nayuta has a religious epiphany about how he’s been mistaken all this time and that the thing he was searching for is right in front of him. The old lady asks him if he’s realized that all his answers point at his Ingrid’s laws and faith are obvious and right in front of him. Nayuta realizes that all this time he’s had his faith inside of him.

Lilith also feels like she understands what he means and then the old lady tells Nayuta that from this moment on he has been reborn. Nayuta gasps in surprise as he realizes that the old lady is actually..! A bright light envelops Nayuta and his armor is changed into robes as Ingrid addresses Nayuta and tells him to protect that which is right in front of him. That is his responsibility. Ingrid tells him that he is not only a strong sword, but also a sturdy shield. He wants Nayuta to have affection and love for everything.

Ingrid informs Nayuta that he is no longer a holy knight because now he is a priest. He is Ingrid’s priest, Nayuta. He is tasked with protecting the world along with the saint. The white light disappears and Nayuta and Lilith find themselves at the entrance of the shrine. Ingrid must have teleported them out. Nayuta is still in a daze as he asks Lilith what just happened, because it felt like he heard the voice of a god. Lilith nods and reassures him that she also heard it and then she congratulates him.

He’s confused as to why she’s congratulating him, but she just points out that he’s finally obtained his faith. Nayuta starts to smile as he realizes that he has. He feels like he can see everything now and he’s not lost at all. Then he corrects himself to say that he was never lost to begin with, but he just didn’t realize that. It had been in front of him this whole time. Then he asks her to come with him and when she asks where he tells her that they’re going to meet with the high priestess.

The instant they meet Remuna, she already knows what happened. From Nayuta’s appearance, and from the fact that she could feel the presence of Ingrid, she knew that they met the god. Remuna asks Nayuta to teach them and then she asks if they must have lost their faith. However, Nayuta tells her that faith isn’t something that can be lost. The people themselves are the ones who determine whether or not they can see it. He informs her that her faith is right in front of her and all she has to do is open her eyes.

Remuna confesses to him that the truth is painful and it’s easier to close one’s eyes to it. Nayuta informs her that she can touch it then. If she’s too scared to open her eyes, then she can gently feel around it and pull it closer to her heart. If she does that then she’ll be able to touch it and that’s what is called her faith. Remuna starts to smile as she admits quietly that she can feel it now. If she closes her eyes and reaches deep into her heart, then she can feel something in there.

Nayuta repeats that faith is something that is just there. It already exists in everyone’s hearts. Remuna finally admits that she can believe that now, just like how she believes in Lilith now. She apologizes for being tricked by Horo, but now she recognizes Lilith as being the saint. Lilith thanks her but Remuna shakes her head because it’s she who should thank the two of them for opening her eyes to her faith. Between the two of them, Ingrid will be able to stand on the path that they have opened.

Their moment is interrupted by a loud explosion and a guard comes rushing in to tell them that monsters are invading them. They run out to find that the town is under attack and Remuna and Nayuta are both horrified since Ingrid was just starting to pick itself up. Remuna orders the guards to protect the people and Nayuta joins the fight with Lilith. When a Sacred Nebulim appears, Nayuta casts a wide barrier that envelops the whole town which shocks Lilith and Remuna, since the power that it requires is immense.

However, Lilith is worried at how Nayuta will be able to fight the Sacred Nebulim since his spear disappeared when his clothes changed. All he has is a staff, but he tells her not to worry and he entraps the Sacred Nebulim in a cage of ice. As he struggles to crush the Sacred Nebulim Lilith cheers him on and he responds with 「あ、当たり前だ・・・。私は・・・守る!世界を!イングリドを!そしてお前を!」(O-Of course.. I will.. protect.. the world! Ingrid! And you!). Lilith nods determinedly and tells him that together they’ll protect the world and Ingrid.

She also vows to protect him as well. The Sacred Nebulim is crushed between the combined power of Nayuta and Lilith’s i-scepter. After the fight, they talk to Remuna again and she acknowledges that with this power it seems like they’ll be able to save the world. Ingrid will stand with them. And then she reassures Nayuta by telling him not to worry because Ingrid is fine now. He needs to return to his own fight.

Nayuta thanks her for her words gratefully and then asks forgiveness for being away from her side. Remuna just smiles and asks Lilith to take care of Nayuta because he’s the type to push himself ever since he was a child. The two of them return to the Forested Marjune. They decide to relax in front of the world tree while they wait for the rest of the party to return. Nayuta comments on how Amafi is always peaceful. Ingrid is also wonderful but Amafi has a different presence.

He feels like this place is a reason enough to protect the world. She giggles at how his words remind her of him, which confuses him since he’s just pointing out the obvious. But she thinks that no matter what land it is, there are people who find it beautiful and that’s why they want to protect the world. Nayuta agrees with her that the world is beautiful and that’s why they have to save it. Then he asks her where she wants to go next. Lilith replies that they’ll go to the place that needs them the most.

Nayuta agrees and comments on how they need to find a way to save the world, but he points out that they don’t have the power to save everything. So they need to set priorities. Lilith nods and then remarks on how it’d be nice if there were 100 people like Nayuta. Nayuta frowns and tells her not to say such weird things. He tries to tell her that if there were 100 knights like him then.. but he falls silent. Lilith calls out his name questioningly and then asks him if he’s actually thinking that it’d be nice.

He splutters and tells her unconvincingly that he wasn’t thinking such a thing. They fall silent for a while before he suddenly says her name gently and tells her that he’d like to thank her. He doesn’t think his words are enough, but in front of this world tree he’s going to say it anyway. He conveys his gratitude for her teaching him how to find his faith and giving him the power to believe in his god. It’s thanks to her that he’s become like this. Lilith tries to tell him that she didn’t do anything, but he doesn’t think so.

If he had remained lost, he’s sure that right now he’d be in the same place the citizens of Ingrid were in. He’d be hopeless and in endless despair. Lilith shakes her head and tells him that she thinks he would have been able to stand by himself. He starts to blush as she continues on to say that she knows him well and believes in him. He admits that he should start to believe in himself more as well. He should believe in his heart which, in the days when he was lost, already knew that she was the saint.

He should believe in himself who followed her because he believed that she was the saint. Lilith says his name softly but he just kneels and kisses her hand again while saying 「リリス。今一度、お前に誓おう」(Lilith. Once again, I would like to swear an oath). キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!! HIS BEST CG IN MY OPINION AND ANOTHER LOVELY KNIGHTLY SCENE OF SWEARING DEVOTION. I LOVE THESE SCENES. He tells her 「今度は、騎士としてではなく。一人の人間として。一人の男として」(This time, not as a knight. As a human. As a man).

Nayuta vows 「私は、お前を支え続ける。永遠に、お前を想い続ける」(I will continue to support you. For eternity, I will continue to feel for you). He adds 「・・・これは、聖なる誓いだ。その誓いを私が破ることは、決してない。信じてくれるか?」(.. This is my sacred oath. I will never break this oath. Will you believe me?). Lilith replies strongly that she definitely believes in him. When they meet with the rest of the party, Soo comments on how the atmosphere around Nayuta feels a little different. Nayuta explains that he met his god and he became a priest now instead of a knight.

Ingrid gave him new clothes and a new weapon. Lilith grins and comments on how Nayuta has powered up. Then they realize that none of them has seen Horo, who they need to find. But then Lilith hears Luverchi and Clear’s voice and they tell her where to find Horo. Nayuta asks her worriedly if she’s alright since he noticed her looking distracted. Anyway, Lilith explains that Horo is in a world he created and the entrance is in the Sea of Oblivion. The party returns to the airship to prepare for their final fight.

Nayuta asks her again if she’s alright and he notes that if they defeat Horo then they’ll be able to save the world. All the fighting that they’ve done is about to end. She nods and tells him that it’s because of him, but he disagrees since the rest of the world is supporting them. Lilith realizes that he’s right because everyone is fighting with them. But Nayuta reminds her that confronting Horo is their duty.

*** EPISODE 「ビヨンド・ザ・フューチャー」(Beyond the Future) ***

The two of them decide to spend one last day together in Dodona before they head off to the final fight. Lilith remarks on how a lot of things have happened and Nayuta agrees before saying that they just need to defeat Horo to end the fighting. Once love lost is stopped the smiles will return to people’s faces. Then she asks him what he’ll do after the fight is over, but he hasn’t thought about it. She looks away with a troubled expression and notes that they will all probably split up.

Nayuta tells her that it’s sad, but that’s what will most likely happen. Even to them.. He trails off and Lilith has to call out his name questioningly. He hurriedly tells her that it’s nothing and she doesn’t need to worry about it, which makes her confess that she’ll be sad to part with him. He looks troubled as he says 「・・・そ、そうか」(.. I-I see). GODDAMNIT SAY SOMETHING OTHER THAN THAT カモ-ンщ(゚ロ゚щ). But then he tells her not to slack off too much. While thinking about what they’re going to do in the future is important.

It’s even more important that they think about winning right now. Lilith nods firmly since they can’t lose. Nayuta promises that they’ll save the world with their powers. Lilith thinks that if it’s them then they’ll be able to do it. Nayuta tells her that it’s her duty to save the world, but it’s his duty to protect and save her. He will never be ashamed of his oath and so he will always continue to want to protect her. Lilith confesses that she wants to protect him as well.

And so he thanks her quietly, but then he adds 「だが・・・知らなかったのか?お前は、いつも私を守ってくれているよ。リリス・・・」(But.. didn’t you know? You’ve always been protecting me.. Lilith..). The party prepares themselves to head to the Sea of Oblivion and when they look for the entrance to the underworld, a giant monster appears. They realize that they have to jump down into it to reach Horo, but someone needs to remain behind to guard the ship and fight off the monster until the others return. Soo volunteers to be left behind.

Before they jump, Nayuta tells her 「・・・そんな不安そうな顔をするな。ほら、手を貸せ」(.. Don’t make such an uneasy face. Here, give me your hand). She nods shakily and squeezes his hand tightly as they look down and then they jump. The remaining party soon finds themselves in the underworld. Nate remains behind to deal with the black hole that continues to spit out sandworms. Nico remains behind to deal with the Fenrirs and he reassures her that it’ll be alright since he won’t lose to these things.

Plus, they’re enhanced by magic and so they interest him greatly as a great sage. Before they leave he adds that 「それより・・・ナユタくん。聖女を傷つけたりしたら、あとでただじゃおきませんからね」(Also.. Nayuta-kun. If the Saint is hurt, I won’t JUST be angry..). Nayuta flatly asks him who he’s saying that to, because the only reason he’s here is to protect Lilith. Then he tells Nico that they’re leaving this place to him. Nico sighs and comments on how Nayuta isn’t honest even at the very end, because he didn’t say that he’d make sure Lilith would be unharmed.

Camus remains behind to deal with the door and he tells Nayuta that he’ll be counting on him to take care of Lilith. Nayuta informs him that he’ll never abandon the responsibility of protecting Lilith and so Camus must also stand firm here. They continue on to meet the last Sacred Nebulim, who scoffs at the thought of two Vakistas trying to defeat him. Nayuta tells him that he doesn’t even have a chance against them and they’ll defeat him before heading to Horo. Kirite tells them to go ahead though while he remains behind to fight.

Lilith and Nayuta enter the final chamber where Horo is waiting for them. He wastes no time in asking where the rest of their party is, before mocking them by asking if Nayuta abandoned them for his own goal. He thought he was the one who saw humans as weak and pitiful creatures and so he’s surprised by how Nayuta exceeds him in this. Horo sneers and points out how Nayuta will do anything to accomplish what he thinks is just and right to himself. It makes him a fanatic.

Nayuta grits his teeth and denies it. Horo asks him slowly if he really thinks that, because he used to act as the sword of the high priestess but now he’s the sword of Yufisu’s saint. Horo asks if Nayuta can maintain his belief in the saint until the very end, when up until now he’s been changing his loyalty. Nayuta can only grit his teeth in silence, but Lilith knows Horo’s words are a poison and so she squeezes Nayuta’s hand tightly.

She knows he has his weak times, but she believes in the strength of his convictions. Nayuta smiles back at her and thanks her, before glaring at Horo and declaring that he’ll never be tricked again. He admits that up until now he has been chasing a false ideal of what he assumed was faith and he was wrong. But even though he may have switched loyalties, he still believes in the gods and their love. That’s the reality of the faith that he is defending. He’s decided not to fight for the gods, but for himself. He’s fighting for his own future.

Horo realizes that he can’t convince Nayuta any longer and so the fight starts. The battle rages across the arena, but Lilith quickly realizes that Horo is physically weak. As Horo starts losing he decides to call for help, but no one answers his calls and Lilith and Nayuta remember that they aren’t fighting alone. Nayuta reminds her that they’re standing here because everyone is supporting them. They’re fighting with everyone. Horo snarls in rage and sends a ball of darkness towards them.

But Nayuta snaps out that he’s no longer afraid of him because he’s not alone. He cuts through the darkness and wounds Horo, which makes Horo decide to destroy the whole underworld. If he is going to die then he’ll bring them down with him. Lilith is worried but Nayuta reassures her and asks if he can borrow her powers. She nods firmly as she remembers that they’re fighting together and her i-scepter starts to glow.

Nayuta tells her 「リリス、お前は・・・。こんなにもあたたかいものなのだな。お前の気持ちが、私を満たしていく」(Lilith, you’re.. just as warm in this as well. Your feelings complete me). Horo throws everything that he has at them but Lilith yells out that they’ll never give in to despair. Nayuta adds 「当たり前だ。私にはお前がついているし、お前には私がついているのだからな!」(Obviously, because I’m with you and you’re with me). They defeat Horo with their combined powers and before he dies Nayuta comments on how they might be the same.

Both humans and gods can be mistaken. Horo gasps out a question on how he could have lost and so Nayuta explains 「私は、リリスの愛を信じたからこそ、今ここに立っているのだ」(I believe in Lilith’s love and that is how I am standing here). The reason why Horo lost was because he couldn’t believe in any love but his own. Horo can’t believe them and so Nayuta orders him to look at the proof of their love’s power. They will rid the curse of the love lost from this world. Horo finally disappears after another combined attack.

When they both realize that they just saved the world, Nayuta finally smiles and Lilith is surprised by the beauty in it. To her it’s like a spring flower that finally appeared after a cold winter. It’s the first time she’s seen Nayuta, who was always strict and severe, smile like that and it makes her want to look at it forever. She returns to the present when Nayuta calls out her name in irritation and he asks her if she was listening to him. She blinks in confusion and he reprimands her for dropping her guard so much.

He tells her that he just said everything was over. She apologizes which makes him sigh as he realizes that the danger is already over and so it should be fine. Then he blushes and asks if she heard it. Lilith asks him what she was supposed to hear. Nayuta looks troubled as he realizes that she didn’t hear it. Lilith apologizes again and promises that she’ll properly listen to it now, but this just makes Nayuta stutter 「そ、それは・・・つまり・・・」(W-Well.. it’s..).

Nayuta finally snaps out 「ええいっ!気にするな!何度も言えるか、そんなこと!」(Eeh! Forget about it! I can’t say such a thing again!). Lilith pouts and complains about how she wants to hear it though. But he just replies 「うるさい。聞いてなかったお前が悪い」(You’re noisy. You’re at fault for not listening). She looks at the ground in depression which makes him tell her not to pout and then he adds quietly 「・・・そのうち、また言ってやる」(.. I’ll say it again another time). She asks him if he really will and he replies 「・・・たぶんな」(.. Probably).

Lilith pouts and calls herself an idiot for not listening properly, which makes him smirk and then he tells her that they should go and find the others. They collect Kirite who is unharmed and he tells Nayuta to work hard, but Nayuta just blinks in confusion and asks what he should be working hard on. Kirite just smirks. Camus is next and he pouts at how he’ll be lonely in the future, because she’ll.. Lilith asks him what he’s trying to say, but he just shakes his head. As long as she’s happy then he is too, although he still doesn’t like it.

Nico is next and he congratulates the saint and the priest for defeating Horo. He thanks her for allowing him to see something good and then he chuckles creepily as he wishes them honest blessings. Nate is picked up next and he reports that he’s unharmed before he changes the subject and asks Lilith with a pout if she’s really happy with that guy. She blinks in confusion while Nayuta looks troubled, but Nate just sighs at how blind she is and then urges them to head back to Soo.

Soo calls them slow since they took a while before they returned, but Lilith thanks him with a bright smile for working hard and he chuckles in embarrassment. He reminds her that a monster like that wouldn’t be able to defeat him, but when Nayuta compliments him Soo admits that it’s a little creepy to be praised by NayuNayu. Nayuta tells Soo that he’s being rude in a dangerously low voice. Lilith giggles at how the two are such good friends with one another.

Anyway, the party returns to Dinus and they all separate to live out their lives. Lilith meets with the leaders of the country who thank her and inform her about how the world is recovering. Then she tells Madam how the rest of the party is doing. Kirite is in Savila restoring his country. Nate is traveling around the world to look at the world he saved. Nico is doing strange things in Melrond. Camus is helping Heathcliff out. And Soo is gambling all his money away in Dinus as usual, though he helps his father out on odd occasions.

Meanwhile Lilith and Nayuta end up in Ingrid. Remuna asks if Nayuta is going to rest, but he politely declines since he still has work to do. He tells Remuna that she can rest if she needs to though. Remuna chuckles at how he’s the same as always, even when he was the captain of the holy knights. Because he didn’t rest none of his subordinates could either. She asks what Lilith thinks and Lilith giggles before admitting that might be true, but it’s very much like Nayuta to do that.

Remuna laughs before pointing out that the saint seems to believe in the bottom of the priest’s heart. Lilith agrees strongly and asks if Remuna is any different, which makes Remuna shake her head and tell her that she also believes in Nayuta. If it weren’t for him then they wouldn’t have this peace right now. The same goes for Lilith. Before Lilith can say anything to that, Nayuta calls out and tells Lilith not to interrupt their work and then he asks Remuna to help look at some papers. SLAVE DRIVER. WE’RE IN YOUR BEST END.. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE ROMANTIC!

This makes Remuna sigh as she realizes that Nayuta really is strict but she also continues to work just as hard. Lilith giggles at their interaction before she tells Nayuta to work hard and then she excuses herself. Nayuta just nods his head distractedly. As she walks through the halls of the shrine, she pauses by a window to appreciate the good weather. She’s been training in Ingrid’s shrine to become a priestess, although she still worships Yufisu. Lilith decides to take a small break until Nayuta is finished his work.

But suddenly he calls out to her and tells her that his work just finished. She’s shocked to see him and he admits that there are still a lot of things to do, but it’s not a problem for him to take a small break. She asks if that’s true which makes him remind her that there is still a mountain of things that she needs to do. She looks troubled at that and he continues on to explain that there are a lot of people seeking her help since she’s the saint that saved the world.

He reprimands her for being unable to do the basic things that a priest can do, but Lilith reminds him that she’s still training and so it’s impossible for her. Nayuta points out that she can’t escape from the fact that she’s the saint and priestess who saved the world though. She realizes that but she still wishes that she was just an acolyte. Nayuta agrees that it would be nice if that happened and then he tells her that he received complaints from the holy knights.

They respect her, but they apparently want to change their commander. Lilith awkwardly answers that she doesn’t know what she should do. Nayuta chuckles at how confused the knights become when she’s trying her best. Lilith blushes and tells him that’s enough bullying from him. Nayuta looks a little shocked and he asks worriedly if she’s angry. Lilith tells him that she isn’t, but she still turns away from him. This makes him point out that she’s angry. However, she just tells him that this isn’t her being angry.

She yelps in surprise when he abruptly grabs her arm and pulls her closer to him. And then he whispers in her ears 「リリス。愛している」(Lilith. I love you). DON’T TREAT HER LIKE A RAG DOLL ಠ_ಠ. Lilith is surprised by his sudden confession and she stutters out his name questioningly, but he just repeats himself 「愛しているんだ」(I love you). Lilith just gapes in surprise and she notices that he doesn’t look like he’s teasing her at all.

Nayuta just continues on to say 「怒っているお前も。笑っているお前も。泣いているお前も。私は、全てのお前を愛している」(When you’re angry. When you’re laughing. When you’re crying. I love everything about you). Lilith can do nothing but turn red at his serious words, which only makes Nayuta say 「そうして顔を赤らめているのも・・・。可愛らしい」(Even that red face of yours.. You’re adorable). Lilith stutters out his name in embarrassment and he asks her 「なんだ?」(What?) in a distracted voice.

Lilith admits that she’s overjoyed to hear those words from him, but this is a hallway in the shrine. Nayuta frowns and asks her if there’s a problem. Lilith stares at him in shock before pointing out that it’s embarrassing. He replies with a blush 「問題ないだろう?その、なんというか・・・。拗ねるお前を見ていたら、愛しさがこみ上げた」(That’s not a problem, is it? Um, how should I say this.. You look lovely when you’re sulking). She tells him not to say it so bluntly, because while she’s happy it still makes her embarrassed.

Then Nayuta adds that the two of them are saints who are tasked with spreading love. So, they shouldn’t be bothered by the attention of other people when they’re confirming their love. She’s completely shocked by his words and then he asks her 「それで?お前のほうからは言ってくれないのか?」(And? Will you not say it as well?). She turns completely red and silent as she realizes what he means. The two of them stare at each other silently until Lilith finds herself opening her mouth, because she’s mesmerized by his eyes.

She finally stutters out that she also loves him. He just smiles softly before thanking her. Lilith is burning from embarrassment, but she thinks it might be worth it since it lets her see his smiling face. Then Nayuta tells her 「そうと決まれば・・・。後やるべきことは一つだな」(Now that we’ve settled that.. there’s just one thing left to do). The screen fades black and Lilith finds herself being woken by Camus who tells her that it’s morning and she should get up. Lilith murmurs that she’s still sleepy.

Camus just rolls his eyes at how she can still sleep in even on this day and then he comments on how he thinks it’d be cruel. But he tells her with a smirk that it might kind funny for Nayuta to experience that. Lilith wakes up when she hears Nayuta’s name and then finds herself surprised to see Camus in her room. Camus sighs and reminds her that she’s the one who called him here. She hasn’t changed at all from saying weird things due to being sleepy. Lilith is alarmed as she realizes that today is..

He confirms that it’s “that” day and if she doesn’t get prepared then Nayuta might become angry. Lilith panics and orders Camus to tell Nayuta that she’s preparing herself right now. Camus just grins at how she doesn’t change at all and then the scene changes to the shrine in Dodona. Nayuta notes that she finally came. Lilith apologizes and tries to tell him that she was delayed by the preparations. Nayuta just chuckles though and tells her that she didn’t wipe all her drool off.

She gives a cry of surprise at that, but then he laughingly tells her that he was joking. He also comments on how she’s still the same even on this day. Lilith apologizes but he tells her that it’s nothing something to apologize for. Then he addresses her and says 「・・・リリス。ここは、私がお前と初めて会った場所だ。私とお前の、全てが始まった場所だ」(.. Lilith. This place is where we first met. Everything began right here). She nods and then he continues on 「そして私たちは、今日ここから新たに始まる。2人で1つの存在として」(And from today onwards, we will start anew. Two people who have become one). THEY COMPLETELY MATCH (≧▽≦). WHITE CLOTHES AND PURPLE HAIR!

Lilith agrees and Nayuta says 「リリス。愛している。お前の全てを愛している」(Lilith. I love you. I love everything about you). She replies that she loves him as well from the bottom of her heart. Then he says 「では、神の前で誓おう。--私は、永遠にお前を愛し続ける」(Then, let us swear before god. I will continue to love you for eternity). She also swears to continue to love him eternally.

The bells in the shrine ring a blessing for him. And trapped in his arms, with her heart stolen by his sweet kiss, she hears the sound of the bells. Her new life with him starts today. And she believes it’s the world’s most wonderful love.

*** GOOD END ***

In Melrond, she remains silent instead of apologizing when Nayuta comments on how he couldn’t explore because she was unconscious. She’s depressed at how he wasn’t worried about her. Nayuta asks her why she became silent all of a sudden, but she tries to tell him it’s nothing. He points out that it’s not just nothing and then he asks if she’s hurt anywhere and that it won’t do her any good to hide it. She realizes that he’s actually worried about her by how he examines her carefully.

She murmurs under her breath about how he should just honestly admit that he was worried. Nayuta asks her if she said anything but she just angrily tells him that it’s nothing. He falls into an annoyed silence. Everything is the same except they decide to go directly to Ingrid after beating Rognar. When Nayuta asks Lilith to come with him into the shrine of Ingrid, Lilith asks if there isn’t a magic spell that can keep her warm. Nayuta informs her that he’s bad at fire magic.

Then he asks if they should bring Soo here, but Lilith doesn’t think that’s a good idea because he’ll probably burn the place to the ground. Nayuta tells her to endure it then. He urges her to continue moving if she’s shivering then. The next divergence is at the world tree where Lilith admits that just protecting this place is a good enough reason to save the world. Nayuta agrees that they’re here to protect the world and they will definitely do so.

When Nayuta thanks her for allowing him to find his faith, she tells him that he’s welcome. Nayuta points out that it makes him kind of sick to hear her accept his thanks like that. Lilith is surprised by that and when she asks why, he points out that it makes her seem arrogant. Lilith tells him that she doesn’t want to hear him saying that. He asks her why, but she just sighs when she realizes that he doesn’t remember.

In Dodona, Lilith suggests that she and Nayuta can travel around the world visiting shrines when they’re done fighting and all of this is over. Nayuta agrees that it sounds like a good idea which surprises Lilith. He asks her what she’s so surprised about since they’ll need to investigate the state of the world after they win. After Horo is defeated, Nayuta realizes that they made it to the end but now the gods have left this world and he’s become a god-killer.

Lilith begs him not to say that, but if he continues to think that way then she will also share his burden. Nayuta agrees with that and then muses on how even though they’re carrying sins they will continue to live on, because that’s what it means to be human. Once again, Kirite tells Nayuta to work hard but he wonders if it’ll be enough. Camus is glad the two of them took down Horo, though he knew they had it in them. Nico talks about how the love lost is gone thanks to the saint and the priest.

Nayuta comments on how it sounds creepy coming from Nico’s mouth and Nico just pouts before telling Nayuta that he’s being rude, but he’ll forgive him. He warns them that they will have obstacles ahead of them that they need to overcome. Nayuta assures him that they will definitely overcome them. Nate greets them cheerfully by noting that they’re safe. Nayuta asks him with irritation if he knows what would have happened if they weren’t safe. Nate just snickers and tells him not to get so worked up.

Lilith notices that Nate is injured and so she offers to heal him. He’s surprised by that and tells her that it’s just a scratch and he can lick it to heal it. She insists though and so he stays still for her, but then Nayuta interrupts and informs her that he’ll do it. Nate becomes alarmed at this and tells Nayuta that he’s decided to lick it instead, but Nayuta just smirks evilly and tells him to remain quiet. Nate curses in pain. They exit the underworld and find Soo waiting for them.

Nayuta thanks Soo for remaining here since if he didn’t keep the ship safe then they wouldn’t have been able to exit the underworld. Soo just chuckles in embarrassment and then asks if they were able to save the world. Nayuta confirms that they did, but then he points out that they still have a big problem. Love lost might have disappeared and they might have saved people’s lives, but it won’t return the ones already lost and it won’t fix the homes and countries that were destroyed.

Kirite reassures everyone that they can fix it, just like how Savila is undergoing revival. Nayuta realizes that Kirite has a point, but then Camus pipes in and complains about how the current topic will just make everyone depressed. Nate points out that it’s just like Nayuta to think that far ahead though. Soo agrees since he doesn’t want to see what a cheerful and happy Nayuta is like. Lilith bursts out laughing at this while Nayuta angrily tells Soo to repeat what he just said.

Then he tells Lilith not to laugh at him. She apologizes while still giggling and points out that it’d be strange. Nico also chuckles and points out that they should be happy that they’re still able to laugh. Even Nayuta has to honestly admit that he’s glad to be able to do so. Anyway, the party returns back to Dinus and then they separate. The three leaders inform her that the wounds and scars in the world is deep, but they’ll slowly recover.

Kirite is in Savila helping to restore it. Camus is with Heathcliff. Soo is in Dinus. Nico and Nate are traveling around the world. Meanwhile, Lilith and Nayuta return to Ingrid to find it partially destroyed. Lilith decides to stay and help around in Ingrid, which surprises Nayuta and he asks if she doesn’t want to return. She thinks that she will but if she returns right now when people need her help, she doesn’t think Yufisu would be happy. She blushes as she also thinks about how she wants to stay with him longer.

Nayuta thanks her because when she’s by his side then he feels stronger. She tells him that if he needs anything then he can tell her. He promises to do that but for today she can just walk around the town, because he needs to head back to the shrine to discuss things with the high priestess. Lilith remarks on how it’d be nice if he regained his old position and he agrees, but he also doesn’t have much interest in returning to it. Since his faith doesn’t rest on what he is. Lilith agrees since she thinks he can find his faith no matter where he is.

He thanks her for her words and then excuses himself. After a while, Lilith heads to the shrine to meet with Nayuta and when she does she finds out that Remuna didn’t reinstate him. She tries to cheer him up by saying that she still likes him even if he’s not a knight, because Nayuta is Nayuta. Nayuta thanks her but then tells her that although he wasn’t reinstated, he was given another job. It’s something that he thinks she’ll be happy about, he’s going to be the lord of Dodona.

Dodona is part of Ingrid’s territory, but because Remuna is busy with Ingrid she is handing Dodona over to Nayuta. Lilith realizes that this means Nayuta will return with her to Dodona. She turns her back to him to hide her overjoyed face and just asks him what he wants for dinner. But then suddenly he embraces her from behind and traps her in his arms and against his chest. He whispers against her ears 「・・・お前は、喜んでくれるか?」(.. Are you.. happy?).

When she makes a questioning noise, he explains hesitantly that he was happy when he found out that they could pray together in the same place. And then he asks her uncertainly 「お前も、同じように思ってくれるか?」(Do you.. also think the same?). Lilith turns bright red as she admits that it’s obvious she does and then she confesses that she was just so happy she was a bit embarrassed. Her face is so red right now that even her ears have turned red.

Nayuta informs her that they’ll have to wait until things are more or less settled in Ingrid before they can leave, but he doesn’t know when that is. But he asks 「それでも、お前は私を待っていてくれるか?」(Even still, will you wait for me?). Lilith tells him that she’ll wait for him and they can work hard together to help revive Ingrid. Then she asks if they’ll return to Dodona together after that. His reply is 「・・・ああ。これから先も・・・、お前と共に」(.. Aa. From now on.. we’ll be together). I’M WRITING THIS WHILE TERRIBLY SICK.. SO I DON’T HAVE MUCH THOUGHTS ABOUT NAYUTA. HE’S NOT REALLY MY TYPE OF CHARACTER.

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        carl brock said:
        August 9, 2012 at 12:37

        oh I’ve never actually played wand of fortune and it’s in Japanse ithink so…gaa… Japan keeps to many otome games in there langeage and don’t give US neither *sigh* . But it’s black wolf Bloody Nightmare saga (it took about a three to four days to read all of Mejeo route) and Beyond the Future is pretty long games to and the Ameasia and Ameaica after story are long to I think (the games with ikki in it and thanks for doing the after story one I was wondering when your going to do it.) But that just what think anyway thanks for the walkthoughs. On starry sky or whatever it’s an English version game right. If it is what system do you play it on. Because I might play it.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 9, 2012 at 17:19

        Yes, almost all otome games are in Japanese. The only official translation of an otome game has been Hakuouki: Demon of the Cherry Blossoms because it was licensed by a North American company called Aksys. However, there are a lot of unofficial fan translations out around the internet.

        Starry Sky is one of those Japanese otome games that received a fan translation. The translated version is for the PC, although Honeybee (the company) has ported it over to the PSP. I believe Love Revo also has a fan translation but it’s for the DS. If you want English otome games you should try googling for some, I know there’s quite a few games out there made by people.

      carl brock said:
      August 10, 2012 at 15:18

      Have heard of a otome game called ludere deorum or something like that I not sure what it’s about but it looked inserting

        Ilinox responded:
        August 11, 2012 at 14:10

        Yes, I’ve heard about it. The full name is Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere Deorum and it hasn’t come out yet. It’s a game about various gods from mythology at a school I believe and supposedly its a sad story.

        I would recommend getting a twitter account if you want to chat about all the otome games that I know /o\ I’d like to keep these comment sections on topic and about the character, thanks!

    dellz85 said:
    February 23, 2012 at 18:03

    o.O you are sick? Hope you will get better soon, take a lot of rest ^^

    I really like a knightly type so I kinda likes him lol and he is so adorable and very shy about his feeling he2.

    Hmm while I like wedding ending but I dunno why but I like his good ending more xD

      Ilinox responded:
      February 23, 2012 at 18:27

      Thank you ;w; I was sick, but it’s getting better now. I still get easily tired but at least I’m not coughing out my lungs www.

      I don’t really have much to say about him. I usually like knightly-types too, but his route was pretty normal-ish? He’s a bit of a nag though ww and every time he talked about his religion I wanted to fall asleep ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ.

      I think I like his good ending better too, because they get to go live in Dodona together (人´∀`*)! But the wedding CG is gorgeous~ Lilith is pretty and Nayuta has a cape! I have an extreme cape fetish (I nearly wrote cake) so I’m just terribly biased ww. I’m working on Soo right now, but it’s slow progress.

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