Beyond the Future ~ Camus Tetra Porte ~

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Camus Tetra Porte (カミュ テトラ ポルテ)
CV: Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木 裕斗)

Camus is Lilith’s childhood friend and the two of them have a very strong bond, because Camus has been with her since the time she was a small baby in Dodona. For Camus, Lilith is the first person to treat him as if he were someone important and needed since as a baby she wouldn’t let go of him and cried whenever he tried to leave. Optimistic and mischievous, he’s very protective of Lilith.

(Finally the last route! This long and painful journey has finally ended ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ!! Although I will still need to summarize the bad ends, but they should be faster than the routes at the very least.)

The High Priestess of Ingrid, Remuna, experiences a vision about a girl who has the power to destroy the world and so she sends Nayuta and Kirite to find and bring back this girl to Ingrid. While this is happening, Lilith wakes up in her bed after having a strange dream about the gods. Then she rushes out of her house and into the streets of Dodona when Camus informs her that she overslept again.

*** EPISODE 「福音」(Good news) ***

In the streets, Lilith bumps into Kirite and she asks him if he’s a traveler. They introduce themselves to each other but then she excuses herself and runs off to the shrine. It gets attacked by monsters and Rognar appears to try and kill her. Kirite engages Rognar but he starts to lose terribly until Lilith accepts the i-scepter. She manages to fend off Rognar until Nayuta and Camus arrive to scare him off. Then Lilith comforts Kirite with her voice and his Vakista powers are awakened. Afterwards the party is teleported away.

*** EPISODE 「聖女か魔女か」(A saint or a witch?) ***

The situation is explained to Lilith and Camus by Nayuta and Kirite. They were given the task of bringing Lilith back to Ingrid by Remuna. Lilith agrees to travel with them to clear her name and Camus follows her to protect her. While they travel, Lilith decides to stay beside Camus for protection. They soon set up camp in a cave and after eating dinner Lilith falls asleep, but then she wakes up to see that Camus is still awake. He asks her if she can’t sleep and she admits that she’s wide awake even though her body is tired.

He advises her to sleep though or else the trip tomorrow will be even more tiring, but she confesses that she’s thinking about things. For example, how the villagers are in Dodona but Camus reassures her that Nayuta told him the monsters were only chasing Lilith. If only she listened to him and ran first, but then he smirks and adds that it can’t be helped since she’s slow in the head. Lilith pouts and calls him mean before she tries to explain that she isn’t like that.

Camus interrupts and tells her that he knows because he’s seen her thinking like that before, but he doesn’t want her to worry too much. He also doesn’t want her to do dangerous things like what she did in the shrine again. Lilith wonders if she’ll see the people in Dodona again, to which Camus tells her that she definitely will because they’ll clear up the situation in Ingrid. She smiles briefly at that before sighing again, which makes Camus tell her that an uneasy face doesn’t suit her.

Lilith apologizes but she can’t help but think about these things during the night. Camus suggests that she try to think of something fun like what interesting things they’ll see on their journey. He points out that she hasn’t left Dodona before and so there are a lot of things that she doesn’t know. He wants her to take in the sights and to do the things she can’t do in Dodona. Everything will be all right and nothing will happen because she has a fairy of fortune with her.

Once again he tells her to relax and go to sleep, but he also adds with a grin that he’ll wake her up if she oversleeps. Lilith asks him seriously if he’ll do that because she doesn’t want Kirite and Nayuta to dislike her. Camus just grins and tells her to believe in him to which she reminds him that she does and then she goes to sleep. The party reaches Dinus the next day and Lilith has her pack stolen by a thief. Lilith calls Camus to her side and they run after the thief, but they lose him in the alleyways.

Camus is angry at how mean some people are to steal something from Lilith. When he finds out from her that her staff, given to her by Yufisu, was stolen he hopes they get divine punishment. Then Camus stops her from going down into the darker parts of the alleyway since it looks dangerous and he decides that they should return to the streets to find their thief since that was where her pack was stolen. Lilith reluctantly agrees to let Kirite and Nayuta investigate the alleyways and so they return to the streets.

They spot some children and Camus urges her to ask them if they’ve seen a suspicious man around. Lilith tries to ask the children if they saw a thief, but they become distracted and awed at the sight of Camus who they mistake for a bug. Camus is shocked into silence at being mistaken for a bug and so Lilith corrects them and tells them that he’s a fairy. This makes Camus happy that she’s standing up for him, but he can see her smiling as she explains. Lilith laughingly tells him to take it as a compliment that he’s the prettiest bug the children have seen.

The children are overjoyed at meeting their first fairy which surprises Lilith who didn’t know that fairies were so unusual. Camus points out that he’s always been with her, but fairies are actually unusual to see away from Amafi. When she asks why Nayuta and Kirite weren’t surprised Camus suspects that the two men have traveled a lot. Anyway, Lilith tries to ask the children again if they’ve seen a thief but they start to try and catch Camus with a net. One of them wants to show Camus to their parents while another one wants to take him to school.

Camus ends up needing to fly away to escape the children and he tells Lilith to stay where she is. She’s worried for him as she watches the children run after him, but then she sees the thief and decides to chase after him on her own. When she becomes lost and encounters a group of shady men she threatens to yell for someone. Soo saves her before anything terrible happens though and Lilith confesses that she was scared. She is soon reunited with the rest of the party and then they manage to stumble upon their thief, but Lilith makes Kirite return the thief’s wallet.

They track down Madam but she refuses to sell the staff and instead wants to talk business with Kirite and Nayuta. Lilith, under Camus’ insistence, decides to play roulette and she manages to win a lot of money. Madam changes her mind and makes the staff the prize of a battle tournament and so Lilith has no choice but to hire Soo. When he shows them around Dinus and they encounter a group of men in front of the arena, Lilith threatens to call the guards on them. The men react violently though and the party is relieved to see Soo’s talent at brawling.

Anyway, since the party has to wait for the arena to open they spend their time sightseeing in Dodona. Lilith sticks close to Camus and they go to the arena, but it’s closed. Then the party has dinner in a restaurant, but Lilith and Camus slip out to catch some fresh air. The two of them start to talk about how interesting the journey is but then Camus asks Lilith seriously if she wants to return home to Dodona. She admits that she does since it’s her birthplace and so she’s feeling a bit lonely. Camus looks depressed at this and he asks her quietly if she’s lonely even when he’s beside her.

He wonders out loud if his power isn’t enough. Lilith reassures him that she didn’t say that at all and it’s because he’s with her that she knows she will be able to return. If he wasn’t with her then she would have immediately whined at Nayuta to return her home. Camus giggles and mentions how he wants to see Nayuta’s face if that happens, but Lilith just tells him sternly not to say such scary things. The two laugh at the thought of Nayuta’s angry face, but then she becomes serious and wonders about what the future will hold.

Camus maintains his optimism and tells her that they’ll resolve everything in Ingrid and then return home. The next day the party visits the casino and Soo invites Lilith to play some games. She decides to try something simple like the slot machines but when Soo tries to take her to one, Camus stops him since he knows Soo has terrible luck. Nayuta and Kirite agree flatly which just makes Soo pout. Anyway, Camus takes Lilith to one of the machines and tells her to play this one since he has a good feeling. Soo shows her how to place the coins in and pull the lever.

Lilith is relieved by how easy it is, but Soo points out that while it might be simple it’s quite difficult to get three symbols in a row. Of course as he tries to explain the rarity of three sevens, Kirite slowly tells Soo to look at the slot machine. It’s three sevens and Lilith wins a huge pile of coins. Camus just grins and compliments her for being amazing while Soo is yelling about how this is the first time he’s seen such an amazing beginner’s luck. He asks Lilith how she’s so lucky, which makes Nayuta remark on how anyone’s luck is better than Soo’s but he does admit that Lilith’s luck is quite remarkable.

Since they have so much coins, Camus wants to try another game and Soo agrees. Lilith continues to win at everything though such as black jack and poker, and so the casino finally has to kick them out before it goes bankrupt. Soo is completely depressed because it had always been his goal to get kicked out because of that, but it’s never happened to him. In fact he’s only been kicked out because of his debts. Kirite points out that he’s experiencing it right now with them. Anyway, the next day is the battle tournament and Lilith urges the party to head to the arena before they’re disqualified.

The preliminary rounds end without a hitch and then at night Soo asks Lilith why she hired him. Her reply is just a shrug and then he tells her the story of how his teacher died. The next day is the arena’s final round but Soo is losing until he regains his focus. When he asks Lilith what she would have done if he lost, she tells him that she’d would only think about it if the time came. Anyway, they retrieve the staff and awaken Soo’s Vakista powers before heading to Ingrid. Lilith reassures the party that she’ll be fine while meeting Remuna.

She also tells Nayuta that it’s nothing and she’s fine when she’s in the receiving chambers. Remuna throws Lilith into prison though, but Nayuta breaks her out. She tries to tell him that she can’t abandon him but he orders her to go and so she returns to the party. But she can’t leave Nayuta behind and so the party decides to break him out by going through the underground tunnels that Kirite is familiar with. She orders Kirite to free Soo when he accidently steps on a trap. They free Nayuta, awaken his Vakista powers, fend off the Sacred Nebulim, and escape out of Ingrid.

*** EPISODE 「その愛をもっと世界を救う」(This love will save the world) ***

Luverchi, Clear, and Horo greet the party and explain how the love lost and Rognar are threats to the world. Lilith promises to stop Rognar and so they advise her to find the rest of her Vakistas. Lilith is reluctant to involve Madam when they return to Dinus, but Madam forces her to and then she decides to help the party by allowing them to sleep in her casino’s VIP rooms. She also informs them about a suspicious man who calls himself a great sage and how he wishes to save the world. Since it’ll take some time for Madam to track down the shady man, the party relaxes in Dinus.

Lilith chooses to stay close to Camus again. One day Madam asks for Lilith to be the dealer for a black jack table and then the rest of the party decide to play a game against her. Soo proves how much of an idiot he is by thinking he can win with 11. The next day, Lilith decides to walk the streets with Camus to ask about the great sage and the love lost. There’s too many people for them to spot a great sage and so they ask around, but they only find out that there are a lot of suspicious men in Dinus.

Finally Camus decides that they should take a break and have some fun by finding a souvenir to bring back to the head priest in Dodona. The two of them look around and Camus suggests that she sends a back massager. Lilith thinks it’s a good idea since the head priest is always complaining about his back, but then she asks Camus how to use it since she doesn’t know. He bluntly replies that he doesn’t either, which irritates Lilith since she doesn’t think a souvenir should be something they don’t know how to use. Camus doesn’t think it’s that hard to learn how, but Lilith disagrees and then points at an ornament and suggests that.

She thinks it looks like Camus, to which Camus vigorously disagrees. Then he asks what the head priest would do with a fairy ornament anyway. Lilith isn’t sure but she thinks it’s kind of cute. Camus doesn’t think so and he doesn’t think she should just send a useless souvenir either. Anyway, Camus suggests that they continue to look around and have fun since she won’t be able to see these things again when they return to Dodona. After some time Camus starts to tire and so Lilith offers to return to Madam’s place, but he refuses since he knows Lilith still wants to look around.

Lilith tells him not to push himself. Camus agrees with a smile and then points out that Dinus is very lively compared to Dodona and he’s still not used to it. There’s so much people that it’ll be hard to find the great sage. Lilith tells him to believe in Madam and leave everything up to her, to which Camus remarks on how positive she is because something could happen to them on the streets right now. She doesn’t think anything would happen to them on the main streets, but if he wants to return then they should.

Camus frowns and averts his eyes before apologizing for his outburst of anger, and then he admits that he’s scared. He’s afraid that he won’t be able to save her if something happened. Lilith tells him that she’s glad he’s with her, but he asks her if she really thinks that because he won’t be able to do anything. Lilith reassures him that the only reason she can try her best is because he’s beside her. Camus shyly asks if he’s helping her and when she nods, he smiles happily and thanks her. Then he comments on how it still feels like they’re back in Dodona sometimes, even though a lot has happened.

Lilith points out that when they finally return to Dodona they’ll probably think the same about being out on their journey. Camus jokes around about how they’ll remember the time when she had her i-scepter stolen. She pouts and tells him not to recall those parts. Anyway, the two of them make a promise to work hard and head towards a future where they can reminisce on their journey. The next day Madam informs them that the great sage went to Midvan and so the party sets out for the city. They cross through Wolf’s Chanze to try and lose their bounty hunter but they’re attacked.

The party manages to escape into the desert but then they’re attacked by a huge sand worm. Camus yells for her to watch out and then the two of them run away while the rest of the party engages the worm. However, as she’s running she decides to save a wolf pup, but this nearly gets her eaten if it weren’t for the bounty hunter who saves her life by shooting the sand worm. The party is surprised by this stroke of luck, but since the bounty hunter disappeared again they decide to continue on.

Lilith stays close to Camus as they prepare camp for the night in a desert cave. Camus complains about how cold it is but Soo snaps out that he shouldn’t be the one to talk when he’s the warmest. Nayuta agrees in exasperation, but Camus points out that it’s because he’s cold that he’s bundling himself up like this. Then he asks with a sly smirk if they aren’t cold, to which Soo yells loudly that of course he’s cold. Kirite calmly asks Camus to say those same words outside of Lilith’s warm jacket. He grins and refuses bluntly 「ヤダ。寒いもん」(Nope. I’m cold).

She sighs at Camus’ actions but she’s used to him doing this in Dodona too, however she doesn’t like how he’s picking a fight with Soo. Then Camus says teasingly 「ははーん。さてはぼくのことが羨ましいんでしょ?だったら皆も入ればいーじゃん」(Haha~. Let’s see, everyone is jealous of me right? In that case, why don’t you guys join me in here?). Nayuta’s eyes widen as he splutters 「な・・・っ!」(Wha–!!), meanwhile Soo asks 「え?おれも入っていーの?」(Eh? Can I really join?). But this just causes Nayuta to say angrily 「いいわけがないだろう!馬鹿か貴様は!!」(There is no way that is happening! You’re an idiot!!).

Kirite interrupts and says flatly 「落ち着け、ナユタ。相手にしても疲れるだけだ」(Calm down, Nayuta. You’ll only tire yourself arguing with him). Nayuta’s response is a huge sigh 「はあ・・・キリテ殿の言うとおりだ・・・」(Ha.. you’re right Kirite). After dinner Camus invites her to catch some fresh air with him and she agrees, since his invitation wiped all thoughts of sleep out of her mind. They decide to stay close enough to the fire to be seen so that the rest of the party doesn’t worry and then Camus exclaims his awe at how they can seen nothing but sand.

He thinks that the best part about the desert is all its sand and Lilith agrees since it’s something they wouldn’t be able to see in Dodona. But their journey has also shown them dangerous things. Camus recalls the sand worm and then Lilith admits that when she met everyone she thought they’d be able to have a fun journey. But somehow it turned into saving the world. Camus softly comments on how surprising it was that she was chosen too. They both fall silent for a while before he asks her quietly if she’s afraid.

Lilith admits that she is because she doesn’t know why she’s chosen or what she should and can do. Camus understands how she feels since he and her lived peacefully in Dodona. Now all of a sudden they have a bounty on them and assassins after them. Lilith laughs since she doesn’t think it’s nice to say that, but she secretly agrees. Camus’ face turns serious as he tells her 「ぼくの前では、我慢しなくていいんだからね。嫌なことは嫌って言っていいし、泣き言だって言っていいんだよ」(You don’t have to endure things in front of me. If you hate something, say it. If you want to complain, then complain).

She thanks him and then confesses everything. She’s really scared since Remuna is after her, Rognar wants to kill her, she had arrows shot at her, and the sand worm attacked her. Camus nods seriously and compliments her for bearing through it all. She asks him shyly if she’s really working hard and he tells her with a grin 「ぼくが保障するよ。リリスは世界で一番頑張ってる女の子だよ」(You have my guarantee. Lilith is the world’s hardest working girl). She thinks he’s over exaggerating and so he asks her where she would rank herself then.

Lilith hums thoughtfully and then ranks herself as the 3rd best in the world, which makes Camus laugh at how modest she is. Then he teasingly wonders who is more hard working than the girl who is going to save the world. She promptly replies that the person who doesn’t have him by their side, since it’s because of him that she’s able to relax. Camus is embarrassed by how much she compliments him. Then he floats closer to her and presses his forehead to hers while telling her that he’d like her to remember just one thing.

No matter what happens he will support her and he doesn’t want her to forget that. He’ll support her like he is right now and from here on, that’s why everything will be fine. She thanks him and promises him that she won’t forget it and then he suggests for her to go to sleep since they still have to cover a lot of the desert tomorrow. They make it to Midvan and then meet Nate in the inn. He leaves after reassuring them that he won’t hunt them any longer, but when Lilith finds out that Nate is going to return to his death at the assassin’s guild she wishes to save him.

Camus and Lilith decide to ask around for information about Zanas Valley and the great sage. Camus suggests that they should ask about the great sage first since people might run away when they hear about Zanas Valley which sounds like a dangerous place. Lilith can’t imagine it and neither can Camus since they both lived in a peaceful countryside. Anyway, Camus spots a townsperson but when he asks him a question the man is shocked into awe at seeing a fairy for the first time. He asks eagerly if he can touch him.

This makes Camus’ eyes widen 「え、えええ~?男に触られるのなんて、嫌なんだけどな~」(Eh, ehh?! I don’t really want to be touched by a guy~). Lilith tells him that being touched a little should be fine and the man might answer their questions more fully. Camus glares at her and asks her why she’s sexually harassing him, because it’s mean to use his body to get information. But he sighs and lets the man touch him and this makes the man excitedly yell about how he’s blessed with good fortune now. But when Lilith asks about the great sage, he doesn’t recall seeing a man like that.

Camus mutters about how irritated he is at letting himself be touched when they didn’t even get any information. But then he gets the idea to ask about a suspicious man and they find out about a strange man who talked about meeting the king to save the world. Camus thinks that it sounds like their sage, but then the townsperson informs them that the man was barred from entering the palace. Camus sighs and remarks on how the great sage seems more like a suspicious man. Anyway, they ask about Zanas Valley next but the townperson becomes frightened.

He refuses to tell them even though Camus thanks him for his worry but informs him that they know someone there and they need to save him. Finally Lilith forces the man to tell them and Camus thanks him again before telling him that he’ll surely have good fortune for helping out a fairy. They regroup with the party and head toward Zanas Valley with Lilith walking beside Camus. The walk is endless and there’s a strong wind blowing against them and so Kirite warns the party to watch their step. Soo comments on how it’d be lucky just to get wounded from a fall, since it’s more likely that a person will fall to their death.

Nayuta tells Camus and Lilith to be the most careful, which makes Camus ask them why he was included in that warning. Soo snickers and points out that he’s the one who’ll be the most easiest to blow away. Nayuta and even Kirite agrees, which makes Camus pout and he tells Kirite not to agree with them. Anyway, he floats back to Lilith and asks if the wind is really that problematic. Lilith informs him that the wind can be helpful by making the walk easier if it was blowing against their backs. Camus hums thoughtfully at that and then asks if walking against the wind is hard then.

Lilith nods and points out that the wind is also blowing small pebbles around and they hurt when they hit her. Camus winces at that, but then Lilith asks out loud if Camus shouldn’t be more affected by the wind. Camus perks up at this and tells the party that while they’re right to say that he’s small, they forget that he’s a fairy. Fairies are the closer to spirits than humans are. Soo asks him what that has to do with the wind’s effect on him. This makes Camus mention out loud about how he shouldn’t be doing this, but it shouldn’t hurt to show them a little bit of his powers.

Camus uses his powers to calm the wind and everyone in the party is shocked, with Lilith telling him that she didn’t know he could do that. Camus explains that presence of spirits on this mountain is great and that’s how he was able to exchange words with them. Kirite asks Camus if that means he can’t use his powers in other places, to which Camus has no answer to since he’s never traveled so far before. Soo complains about how Camus’ powers won’t be very helpful then, but Camus just glares and tells Soo that he only did it for Lilith anyway. Then he asks her shyly if he was helpful and she tells him that he definitely saved her.

But she’s even happier to receive the feeling behind his gesture. Camus grins brightly and accepts her thanks before telling her that he’d like to lend her his power more often from now on. They finally make it to Zanas Valley and Kirite leads the party into the assassin’s guild and kills the assassins that appear. Then they find Nate who transforms into a werewolf to kill the guild leader. Lilith tells Nate that she won’t use him because she just wanted to save him, and she heals him despite his protests. This awakens Nate’s Vakista powers just in time for him to take down the Sacred Nebulim’s sand worm that reappears with the party.

*** EPISODE 「祝福と呪いと」(A blessing or a curse?) ***

The party manages to get an audience with Kadash, the king of Midvan, by using Kirite’s and Soo’s name since they’re both princes. Lilith tells him that she’s a saint, but Kadash wishes to remain neutral and so all he does is inform them that the great sage went to Savila. And so the party has to return to Dinus and Lilith decides to stay beside Camus. They end up setting camp in the same cave that they did last time. After they finish dinner, Lilith walks away from the fire which prompts Camus to ask her if something is wrong.

She shakes her head and reassures him that she just felt a bit hot and so she wanted to catch some air. He warns her to be careful since the desert is cold at night and then he excitedly points out how bright the stars are in the sky. She looks up in confusion only to gasp in surprise at how clear the sky is. Camus giggles beside her and tells her that she looks stupid looking up at the sky with her mouth open like that. She calls him mean, but Camus continues to smile and reassures her that her idiotic face is cute as well.

Lilith blushes and asks quietly if that’s supposed to be a compliment. Camus smirks and tells her that it’s a compliment, but she just pouts and replies that she doesn’t want a compliment like that. But then he changes the subject and admits that he understands why she was looking at the stars like that, because he also finds them extremely beautiful. The two of them then talk about how the stars are also pretty in Dodona during the autumn, but it’s so cold that it’s hard to appreciate their beauty.

Then she laughingly admits that the stars in the desert almost seem like they’ll fall down. Camus grins and points out that if a star fell then it’d be a huge catastrophe. She rolls her eyes and tells him that he knows what she means. Then Lilith gasps and points out a shooting star, but Camus misses it. She also loses sight of it before she can make a wish, which makes her a bit sad. Camus is also depressed and he confesses that he’d like to see another falling star because he has a wish that he wants to make.

This is the first time she’s seen him so serious and she wonders what he wants to wish for. She jokingly thinks to herself that he might wish for her to remain a child forever. Camus notices her looking at him intently and so he asks her what’s wrong, to which she admits that she’s wondering about what he would wish for since he’s searching for a shooting star so seriously. Camus smiles and tells her 「そりゃ決まってるよ・・・リリスが怪我しませんように・・・リリスが怖い思いをしませんように・・・リリスが幸せになりますように」(It’s obvious!.. I wish for you not to get hurt.. I wish for you not to be frightened.. I wish for you to be happy).

Lilith blushes at how all his wishes involve her and then she informs him that she’ll also help search for a shooting star too then. He’s surprised by how sudden it is and asks her if she wants to wish for something as well. She nods which causes him to eagerly ask her what it is. Lilith tells him that she wishes for the same things he wished for her to happen to him. He giggles at how it’s the same wish and she smiles back. And then he thanks her, which causes her to blush as she thanks him too.

Then he suddenly tells her that he has another wish now. When she asks him what it is, he tells her to guess, but she has no idea. Camus smiles widely and tells her that he wishes for them to continue to be together forever. She blushes at his words, but he continues on to tell her that no matter how sad or painful it gets he’ll be by her side. No matter what happens he’ll support her. Lilith smiles happily at that and thinks about how she’s never lonely when he’s with her. She’s really thankful to him for that.

The two spend some more time looking at the stars, but there are no more shooting stars and so Camus suggests for them to head back to the fire. He points out that she must be cold now, but she shakes her head. Camus calls her a liar though and urges her to head back and so the two of them return to the fire. But Lilith wasn’t lying about not being cold, because thanks to Camus’ wishes her heart is filled with warmth. The party returns to Dinus and Soo asks his father for permission to use the train to get to Savila. Before they can go to Savila though they have to meet with Banstine.

Lilith informs Banstine that she doesn’t hold a grudge against Remuna and this impresses him enough to support her and her quest. They reach Savila and find Nico in the palace and Lilith asks him what he means when he said he performed a small trick on them. Nico reveals that he teleported them away from Dodona to save her and he also explains about how he wants to revive Kaien, the king of Savila, to figure out the origin of the love lost. Lilith admits that she wants to know what happened here, but it isn’t her decision to make. Kirite gives Nico his permission.

A Sacred Nebulim disturbs Nico’s spell though and Kirite flies into a rage and attacks the Sacred Nebulim blindly. He starts to lose until Lilith’s prayers summon Kaien and after he is lectured Kirite defeats the Sacred Nebulim. The arm that tries to kill Lilith is shot down by Nico. The party finds out that Rognar destroyed Savila for its sacred sword and that it wasn’t the origin of the love lost. And so then Nico suggests that they head to Amafi since they can use Camus as their guide. During the boat ride to Amafi Luverchi appears to answer their questions.

*** EPISODE 「敵の姿」(The enemy’s appearance) ***

The party finds out that Rognar is the brother of the three gods, but he’s become insane. They aren’t allowed to harm their fellow gods which is why they wish to request the help of Lilith and her Vakistas. Lilith promises again that she’ll stop Rognar. Then they reach Amafi and Camus demonstrates the power of the spirits in the forest by transforming into a young man. Anyway, he tells them that Lilith needs have one of her bonds with her Vakistas approved by Amafi before its gate will open. She decides to explore the lake.

Camus informs them that there’s a legend about how the lake reflects the heart of the person looking into it. The party jokes around about what each of them would see. Camus thinks he’d see pure innocence. Nayuta thinks he’d see the god of Ingrid. Soo snorts at their confidence and asks them to try it out, but Kirite calmly tells him to test it out first before saying that. This makes Soo shudder and he decides to pass on that. Nate just snickers and tells everyone that Soo’s reflection would reflect his impurities and dishonesty.

Lilith separates herself from the party to look around the lake by herself, but then she’s surprised by Camus running up to her. When he asks her why she startled, she tells him that it’s nothing. But inside her mind she thinks about how she isn’t used to footsteps preceding Camus’ appearance, since she’s used to hearing his wings. Camus is suspicious at her reaction but he lets her drop it and instead pulls on her hand to bring her closer to the lake as he points out how beautiful and mirror-like it is.

Meanwhile Lilith can’t stop herself from feeling nervous even though it’s Camus. He notices how tense she is and asks her what’s wrong, but when she tries to tell him it’s nothing he slyly asks if she saw her reflection in the lake. He teases her by saying that he might read her heart from her reflection and then tells her that he knows she’s hiding something from him. He asks her teasingly if she can still say that it’s nothing after he looks at her reflection. Lilith winces and asks him not to bully her.

Camus starts to look depressed as he asks her if she doesn’t like him now that he’s big. Lilith hurriedly reassures him that it’s not that she doesn’t like him, but she’s just surprised. He always used to sit on her shoulder, but now he’s big enough to grab her hand and so she’s nervous. Camus is relieved that she doesn’t dislike him and then laughingly calls her strange, because he’s always going to be himself no matter if he is big or small. She asks him why he thought she disliked him and so he points out that after he turned big she started to act strange around him.

Lilith reassures him again that she was just surprised and after staring intently at her in silence, Camus believes her and grins happily. He admits that he was worried about what he was going to do if she started to dislike him. Lilith tells him that she would never dislike him, but he starts to tease her by saying that he wouldn’t know that. To her he might have been cute when he was small and so now she doesn’t want a big version. She tells him that she would never think that way. She likes him, not because he was small, but because he was Camus.

He thanks her with a grin and then replies that he also likes her. But then his face becomes serious as he repeats again that he really likes her. Even though his body might have changed, the feelings inside haven’t. Lilith blushes but just as she mumbles his name a bright light flashes and the gates to Amafi open. Lilith is excited as she asks Camus if this means that Amafi approves of them. He nods and then grins happily at how the bond between them has been approved by Amafi. Lilith blushes and admits that she’s a bit embarrassed, but they should find and inform the rest of the party.

The party enters Amafi and Horo greets them and informs them that he woke Heathcliff up. Lilith is resting in her room when Camus comes by to tell her when they’re meeting Heathcliff. After he’s done telling her he remains in her room with a frown on his face, which prompts Lilith to ask him if there was something else. He tells her that he doesn’t have anything else to say, but he’s unhappy about how they have to sleep in different rooms now. Lilith tells him sternly that it can’t be helped since he’s big now. Camus doesn’t see what that has to do with anything because he’s still himself and Lilith is Lilith.

Lilith tells him that he’s not allowed because she’ll be troubled. Camus asks her if she doesn’t want him to be in the same room and she admits that it’s not that, but it’s because he’s a male. Camus blinks in confusion and points out that he was always a male, even when he was small, and plus he’s a fairy instead of a man. She tries to argue that he looks too much like a normal boy and then she blushes as she finally confesses that she’d feel embarrassed. Camus snickers and informs her that he understands. Then he pouts and comments on how he thought only good things would happen now that he’s big.

She tells him with a smile that there are good things, after all they can now hold hands. She grabs his hand as she says this and notices how it’s larger than hers. Camus smiles happily and admits that he’s always longed to hold her hand like this. Lilith asks him if he really thought that and he nods before recalling that in the past she used to cry because she had no friends. Lilith blushes in embarrassment at that and points out that it’s because there were no children around her age in Dodona. Camus agrees with how there were only older people there.

Anyway, at that time he was troubled because she was crying even though he was there. She apologizes but he shakes her head and reassures her that she was just a child then. But he wanted to be big then so that he could be her friend, wipe away her tears, and hold her hand. Lilith blushes as she thanks him and then she is struck by an idea. She tells him that though they might not be able to sleep in the same room, at least they can now play together. She asks him to give her a tour around Amafi since it’s his home. Camus tells her that he’s fine with that, but then he warns her that he hasn’t been home in a long time.

He asks her if she still wants a tour from him, to which she replies that of course she does. They both grin at each other and then he takes her out on a tour around Amafi. Lilith thinks about how the young man who used to sit on her shoulder is now able to stand in front of her and hold her hand. It fills her with a strange feeling as they tour Amafi. The next day the party meets Heathcliff who informs them about how the love lost is a curse. The party realizes that they have to save the world not only from Rognar but also the love lost.

At night Lilith is woken up by Luverchi trying to contact her, but Luverchi dies before she can warn Lilith. Then a Sacred Nebulim appears to try and murder her but the party comes in and defeats him. As they’re about to leave Amafi Camus’ Vakista powers are awakened because he wishes to remain big so that he can protect Lilith. Lilith wants to return to Dodona, but Nico manages to convince her to head to Midvan first.

*** EPISODE 「聖女として」(As a saint) ***

When the party reaches Midvan they notice that the town has been heavily afflicted by the love lost. Lilith helps Nico to convince the king of Midvan and finally Kadash decides to put his faith in her as the saint. They use the airship to return to Amafi and they decide to talk to Heathcliff again. They’re surprised to see him awake, but Heathcliff reveals that he felt the Sacred Nebulim breaking through the barrier and so he couldn’t fall asleep after that. But Lilith is troubled by the fact that he did nothing to help.

Anyway, Heathcliff asks them why they have returned and Lilith reminds him that he told them the love lost is connected to the curse on Yufisu. Heathcliff looks puzzled until Camus tells him with irritation that he said that. Then Lilith informs the dragon that she’s decided to save the world by stopping the person who is casting the curse. Heathcliff tells her that there might not be a way to stop the love lost. This troubles Lilith but she tells him determinedly that she can’t just give up and watch the world be destroyed in silence.

Heathcliff hums at that and tells her that might be the right thing to do for humans. But he continues to stand firm on his decision to remain a spectator of the events in the world. Camus asks in horror if he doesn’t care about what happens to the world, but Heathcliff just reminds him about the talk they had about the nature of life. He doesn’t believe that the gods have disappeared from the world, but he does think that they have transformed and changed their existence. Life is supposed to end one day and so he doesn’t feel that it is his place to intervene.

Camus growls angrily and tells Heathcliff not to say such difficult things and to just help Lilith, but Heathcliff informs Camus that he won’t change his mind. They can live how they want to live and he’ll live how he wants to live. Kirite asks if that means he won’t aid them. Heathcliff nods at that and then Nayuta angrily asks him if he’s saying that he won’t care if humans meet their destruction because he doesn’t want to be involved. Heathcliff calmly tells them that they can say whatever they want but he won’t change his mind.

Nico confirms with Heathcliff if he’s saying the extinction of mankind and the world is just a natural cycle. Heathcliff confesses that he doesn’t know. It might be that or it might not, but only time will tell. Lilith informs Heathcliff that she understands and apologizes for intruding on him, but if he ever changes his mind then she wishes that he’ll help them. Heathcliff apologizes quietly and then Kirite suggests to the party that they should leave and that they can’t give up. Nayuta nods and Soo shrugs in compliance, but Camus stays silent with a troubled face.

They decide to head to the next place, but they first take a small break in the Forested Marjune before returning to the airship. But Lilith realizes that she can’t see Camus and so she splits off from everyone to search for him. She’s scared to become lost from wandering too far, but luckily she finds him at the world tree rather quickly. Lilith is surprised to see him looking depressed since this is the first time she’s seen Camus have that expression. He’s always been bright and lively around her and so she can’t help but wonder if that was just a mask.

Lilith understands that he must be troubled by Heathcliff’s words and inaction, but she’s hesitant to call out and intrude on his thoughts. Just as she thinks this though she accidently steps on a branch and Camus notices her. He immediately plasters on his usual smile and he asks her what she’s doing here since it’s dangerous to be alone. She tells him that she could say the same to him, since she was worried when she couldn’t find him. He laughs nervously and then suggests that they return to everyone again then.

She notices that he doesn’t say anything to her, which worries her, but she agrees and inwardly hopes that one day he’ll talk to her. Anyway, they return to the airship but then they decide to fly to the Forested Marjune to take a break… ಠ_ಠ WHAT THE.. I DON’T EVEN.. *SIGHS* THEY WERE JUST THERE! IT COULDN’T HURT THE DEVELOPERS TO PUT IN A DIFFERENT SCENE HERE COULD IT? While everyone else goes off to their own place, Camus and Lilith take a stroll through the forest. Lilith is amazed by how no matter where they stroll the forest just doesn’t end.

Camus chuckles at that and informs her that it is said if a person gets lost in this forest then they will never be able to come out again. Then teasingly tells her that if he wasn’t here then she’d probably get lost. Lilith easily admits that would probably happen since this forest is so vast, but she feels safe since he’s with her. He asks her if she really thinks that, to which Lilith asks if he’ll ever leave her. Camus smiles and tells her that would never happen and he would never abandon her.

Anyway, then she comments on how it’s amazing that he doesn’t get lost in here since every tree looks the same to her. Camus explains that he knows all the places, like the fruits and trees in the forest, and he can hear the voices of the spirits in the trees so he’ll never be lost. Lilith giggles and calls him amazing as is expected of a fairy from Amafi. Camus smirks and asks her if she’s filled with awe, to which she replies with a grin that she is. Then Lilith mentions that she’s noticed he doesn’t look nostalgic even though they’ve returned to his home.

Camus admits that he isn’t very nostalgic and then explains that fairies were brought up to be calm. Although disputes broke out, they were very rare since they were discouraged to live life in excitement. And so even though he might have spent a long time in Amafi he doesn’t remember much since all of his days were calm and quiet. In comparison, he remembers with clarity the time he spent with Lilith because a lot of things happened around her. Like how she was always late and being yelled at and how she fell asleep during prayers. Lilith pouts at how he only remembers those embarrassing times.

He snickers at this and then points out that these were enjoyable memories and then he asks her what she thinks. Lilith reluctantly agrees with a smile. Although it was scary to be scolded, she’s able to look back fondly at that memory. All the embarrassing memories from before have turned into nostalgic ones. She can now see that even though the head priest was scary, he was also kind. Camus laughs at that and agrees with her, but then he murmurs gently that being able to do this is nice. When she looks at him in confusion he explains that it’s wonderful to be able to reminisce together.

Lilith giggles and tells him that he may be right. It’s nice to remember the fun and happy things they did together and in all her memories Camus had always been with her. Surprisingly Camus frowns sternly and asks her what she’s talking about. When she looks surprised he tells her not to talk in past tense because even from here on he’ll continue to be with her forever. Even if she says that she doesn’t want him to, she won’t be able to get rid of him that easily. He wants to make more and more memories together with her from here on. Lilith nods shyly at that.

He continues on to say that he wants to be with her not just through all the fun times and the happy times, but also through the lonely times and the sad times. He wants to be together with her. Camus asks her if she’ll let him and Lilith tells him that when he asks her like that then she definitely can’t say no. She smiles and tells him that they’ll try their best together. Anyway, they return to the airship and Nico takes them to Dodona where they find out that all the villagers have disappeared. Lilith blames herself but Camus angrily tells her that it’s not her fault.

She tries to protest but he tells her that he understands her worry, however she has something that she needs to do. He’s sure that they’re safe and then he quietly tells her to believe in that. Lilith nods determinedly and then they head to the shrine where Camus, Nayuta, Kirite, and her reminisce about how they all met here. She vows never to forget how they met and her determination to save the world strengthens. The party returns to Dinus and Lilith asks Madam about the state of the other countries.

Ingrid has been hit hard and all its citizens are losing faith. Midvan’s desert is encroaching and all its citizens have lost their will to live. Savila’s restoration project is still moving along and it seems like they’re not as affected. Madam doesn’t know about Amafi, but Nico is sure that Heathcliff’s barrier is keeping Amafi safe. Anyway, after hearing about the state of their homes Nico suggests that they split up to conclude their individual business and to search for Rognar. He gives them his magical balls to teleport them back to the Forested Marjune.

Kirite heads to Savila, Nayuta wishes to try and talk to Remuna, Nate will handle Midvan and then he asks what Lilith will do. Nico asks if she wants to babysit the airship with him but Camus invites her to return to Amafi with him to talk to Heathcliff. Unfortunately, it turns out that Heathcliff went back to sleep and so they couldn’t meet with him. Instead they decide to take a stroll around the Forested Marjune and once again Lilith comments on how the forest doesn’t end. AND UHH.. THE SCENE FROM BEFORE BASICALLY REPEATS.. THERE ARE SOME MINOR CHANGES IN THE DIALOGUE BUT NOTHING REALLY IMPORTANT.

When she asks him how it feels to return to his home, he tells her that he’s surprised by how big the trees have grown and how wide the branches are. But he doesn’t feel nostalgic. MORE REPETITION OF THE NOSTALGIA SCENE. When he asks her about if she feels the same nostalgia as he does when they recall the things that happened to her in Dodona she admits that she feels the same way. Anyway, they meet the rest of the party at the world tree and Soo shows off his new clothes while Nate displays his new bow. Then Rognar makes an announcement to the world.

They return to Dinus to ask Madam about the state of the world after the announcement is made and Lilith tells her firmly that they have no choice but to fight him. Nico informs them that Rognar is hiding in Melrond and so he needs to upgrade their airship. They fly to Midvan to collect the last part and Lilith tells Kadash that they musn’t give up hope. Then they return to Dinus where Nico kicks them all out so that he can modify the airship in peace. Camus complains about how Nico always acts so high and mighty and he wonders why they have to be kicked out while he’s working.

Lilith just nods along absentmindedly while he talks, until he finally asks her if she’s listening. She tries to recall what he said, but then she apologizes because she can’t. Camus asks her sadly if he’s being boring. She shakes her head at that and admits that she’s just thinking about things. He looks worried as he hears that and so he tries to reassure her about how since they don’t have anything to do until Nico modifies the airship they should use this chance to relax.

She sighs at that because even if she knows that she can’t help but worry about the state of the world. She worries about if it’s alright to wait in Dinus and she wonders if there’s anything she can do. Lilith decides to return to the airship to check up on Nico, but Camus stops her and reminds her that Nico told them not to return until he was done. She blinks in surprise and Camus frowns before telling her that he already said that. She apologizes for her lack of attention, but then decides that maybe she’ll just take a peek.

Camus shouts her name to catch her attention and then orders her not to worry so much by herself. He understands that she can’t help but feel anxious, but if she doesn’t calm down then she won’t be able to do anything. Then he tells her gently not to stress herself in front of him. Lilith thanks him for his support and then admits that she might have panicked after thinking too much. Camus smiles and tells her not to take on all the burden from now on. She’s surprised by how well he knows her and asks him how he does it. Camus chuckles and then admits that he can understand her very easily.

When she’s happy, he’s also smiling. When she’s sad then he feels like crying. When she’s lonely, then he feels like something is crushing his chest. He can read her the moment he looks at her face. Lilith asks him if that’s how it is, to which he replies that is how it is since he loves her a lot. Lilith blinks in confusion and so Camus explains that he’s always thinking about her and wanting to know and understand her better. He jokes about how it’s very convenient for him to know what’s in her heart.

But then he becomes serious and tells her that is why he doesn’t want her to give him a fake smile, because he knows how she’s really feeling. She’ll just be making him more sad with her fake smiles. Then he asks her if she’s really that unhappy and she nods, because she can’t help but wonder if she’s even a real saint and if she can save the world. Camus hums thoughtfully and then reassures her that she’s really a saint, because he guarantees it. He laughs at the expression she makes and then asks if that made her want to laugh. He doesn’t think that a serious face suits her.

Then Camus tells her that he thinks it’s best if she does the things she wants to do in her own way. When she asks if that’s really okay, he asks if her feelings towards saving the world are genuine. If they are then it doesn’t matter how she gets there and he’ll support her no matter what she does. But if she can’t do something then he doesn’t want her to strain herself. If it’s impossible then it’s impossible. Lilith thanks him again but he just tells her that it’s natural for him to help her, because they’re one in mind and soul. As long as she’s laughing then he’ll be the happiest man in the world.

Lilith smiles softly at that and then he invites her to stroll around Dinus with him before they find something to eat to put them in a good mood. After their stroll they return to the airship to find that Nico has finished the modifications and so they head to Melrond. Lilith states out loud that as long as they have Camus here they should be fine in the storm. Camus grins and says that hearing those words makes him want to try his best. Nate snorts and points out that Lilith said just his presence is needed so what does he need to work hard at?

Camus thinks on it for a second before suggesting that he’ll try hard not to be blown away. Nayuta rolls his eyes and tells Camus that he’ll tie him to a pillar on the airship then. Camus glares at him and warns Nayuta that he’ll cast a curse on him if he does that. Lilith asks the two to stop fighting and then Nico tells everyone to stop chatting because he’s going to enter the storm now. The airship shakes and Lilith yelps in fright, but Camus supports her and asks her if she’s alright. She nods and asks him how he’s doing, to which he replies that he’s doing his best.

The Bahamut starts to chase after them and their chances of escaping him quickly become limited. It’s dangerous if they try to turn around and head back because they may get lost in the storm and the Bahamut will be able to attack them as they retreat. But if they continue onwards the Bahamut will wreck the airship anyway. Camus asks Nico if the ship can withstand being coated with the power of the wind. Nico asks him what he’s thinking of doing and so Camus explains that he’s going to convince the wind to support them.

Lilith tells Camus that she’ll leave it to him and he smiles as he reassures her that he’ll do his best. Then he smirks and adds that the thunder is close to them too, which makes Lilith look at him in confusion. He just grins and tells her to watch and then he orders Nico to fly the ship straight at the Bahamut while calling for Lilith to lend him her powers. She grabs her i-scepter and enhances Camus’ abilities and then he covers the ship with a blade of lightning and wind. They tear right through the Bahamut and everyone is shocked and awed by how much control Camus has.

He gives a tired smile and apologizes to Nico for scorching the ship a little. But Lilith is glad that everyone is safe and then so she thanks Camus. Anyway, they still took too much damage from the Bahamut and so Nico is just going to plunge the ship into Melrond’s barrier. Lilith panics at that and asks if there is any other option, but there isn’t. Right before they crash, Camus embraces her and tells her that he’s with her and he’ll definitely make sure they’re alright.

*** EPISODE 「愛のすべて」(All of love) ***

Lilith wakes up, after dreaming about Melrond, to Camus’ voice calling her name. His voice is shaky with restrained tears as he asks her if she can hear him, and so she mumbles his name. Camus instantly asks her to open her eyes after expressing his relief. Lilith sits straight up when she realizes that this isn’t the place to be sleeping and she sees Camus hovering near her. He tells her that he’s glad she’s conscious and then asks her if she can see properly and if she hurts anywhere.

She reassures him that she can see and she seems fine. Camus confesses that he was worried she died. She apologizes for worrying him and then asks him where they are. He explains that they ended up in Melrond, but everyone fell out of the airship. He was able to call on the power of spirits to land them safely though, which is why Lilith isn’t harmed. Lilith also recalls that Camus held onto her the whole time they were in the ship and so she asks if he protected her all this time. For the first time Camus blushes and nods shyly.

Lilith thanks him for always saving her, but he just grins in embarrassment and reminds her that he decided to protect her and so this was nothing. Lilith thanks him gratefully and teases him about how surprised she is to find out that he isn’t just cute, but he holds great powers too. Camus chuckles and asks her if she’s changed her opinion of him. She nods and thanks him again for making sure she was unharmed. Then Camus wonders out loud if the rest of the party is unharmed, which prompts Lilith to suggest that they should search for the others.

Camus asks if she can walk, to which she nods because he kept her uninjured. She tells him that she feels safe beside him before teasingly asking him if he’ll protect her if anything scary shows up. He grins and tells her that it’s obvious he would. No matter what happens he’ll protect her and stay by her side. They reach the ruins of Melrond and Lilith asks quietly what this place is. Camus thinks it’s Melrond, but he’s disturbed at how he can’t sense any life. Lilith asks him what he means by that.

And so he explains that he’s an elementalist and every living being gives off an energy that lingers in the air. Even if he can’t see anyone, he can still feel their presence. But that’s not the case at all in Melrond. He can’t feel or sense anything. They both agree on how horrible it is and how they couldn’t have imagined Melrond like this. Lilith wonders if it’s been like this all this time, but even Camus doesn’t know. However, he can feel a healing darkness around this place. Lilith looks at him in confusion again and so he asks her what she thinks about the darkness.

She finds the darkness scary because she can’t see anything in it. Camus nods and agrees that that’s normal, but the darkness also heals wounds and he can feel that darkness in these ruins. It has embraced the country of Melrond and is slowly healing it. This reminds Lilith of her dream which mirrors what Camus said and he blinks in surprise and asks her if that’s good news. She dreamed that the land was sleeping after being injured and it’s slowly healing itself. Camus teasingly asks her if he should have let her continue dreaming. Lilith tries to reassure him that he saved her when he woke her up.

Camus just laughs and tells her he’s joking before asking her if she heard anything else, but unfortunately she can’t remember. He sighs lightheartedly at how it can’t be helped since she always overslept. Lilith pouts and calls him mean for bringing that up. But anyway, he thinks that she’ll hear the voice again if there’s something important, since she’s the saint. Then he admits that he wants this place to return to the way it used to be, because he can’t stand its current state. Camus doesn’t understand why humans have to destroy their surroundings like this.

He’s reminded of what Heathcliff said about how it might be because of the actions of humans that the world is heading towards destruction. Camus hurriedly tells Lilith that he’s not blaming her, but he can understand why Heathcliff concealed Amafi from the world. Lilith tells him that she won’t do that. No matter what Heathcliff thinks, she wants to save the world and so she can’t abandon it. She wants to believe that no matter what crimes humanity commits or what horrible end they face, they will still have the chance to fix it.

Camus smiles and reaffirms that he’s chosen to follow her wherever she goes. No matter what happens he’ll help her. And so he won’t give up as long as she won’t give up. Lilith thanks him and then reminds him that they need to hurry up and find the others. They suddenly see a signal and Camus starts to feel the presence of people. The two of them regroup with the rest of the party and then Rognar’s holographic image greets them. After his monologue about granting salvation to the world, Camus informs him that he’s mistaken and he’ll stop him.

Nico leads them to Melrond’s control room and they find Rognar waiting for them. Before they fight, Camus asks Rognar why he did what he did to Savila. He wants to hear Rognar’s reason for destroying all life, because he saw with his own eyes how all the plants and trees were dead there. Rognar explains that he did it to save humans, because if they don’t remember to fear their gods then the love lost will not be stopped and humanity will be destroyed. Camus sighs and then asks Rognar why the destruction of humanity has to be avoided.

He recalls Heathcliff’s words about how humanity will one day face its own end and that is inevitable. So, what Rognar is currently doing might just be futile. And then Camus tells Rognar that the principles he’s basing his actions on are wrong and so what he did was the worst. Rognar angrily snarls at him to shut up and that he was chosen to protect humanity and so he will no matter what he needs to do to achieve that. No matter how many people and countries he has to destroy. Lilith and Camus realize that Rognar has become insane.

And so the fight starts with Camus calling Rognar a sad and pitiful creature. Rognar angrily tells Camus that he doesn’t want to hear that from a fairy and he’ll trap him in an eternal darkness. Camus taunts him to try it, because the darkness is his ally. Lilith worriedly tells Camus not to strain himself, but he reassures her that he’s not afraid of anything when she’s with him. But he’ll need to borrow some of her power. Rognar grits his teeth angrily and asks Camus if he’s trying to make him look like a fool.

Camus tells him calmly that if he wants to think that way then he can, but his feelings towards Lilith are real. He tells Rognar to test their bond out if he thinks it’s a lie. Rognar decides to end it in one blow and his wave of darkness swallows Camus. But Camus yells out that all he wants to do is protect Lilith and a spiral of wind, enhanced by Lilith’s i-scepter, answers his call and blows away the darkness. Rognar is shocked that his powers are uneffective and Camus points out that it’s because Lilith is with him. Camus tells Lilith that if she’s with him, and for her sake, he can do anything.

The wind surrounding him is joined by darkness and he attacks Rognar with it, causing Rognar to scream out in pain before he asks where all this power is coming from. Camus reminds him that he already said the wind and the darkness are his allies and Melrond still has enough power for this. With these there’s no way he can lose to him and with Lilith by his side he’s not afraid to do anything. Rognar collapses after gasping out that he can’t believe he was defeated by a spirit.

Rognar disappears and then Lilith makes an announcement to the world, but then she collapses after being cursed by darkness. Melrond tells her to sleep, but then she hears Camus’ voice also telling her to rest and that it’s okay because he’ll be beside her. Then he chides her for pushing herself too hard, before chuckling and admitting that he likes that side of her. Once again he chides her for pushing herself and tells her that she should rest when she needs to. Then he asks her if there’s something she wants and that he’ll try to give it to her.

He asks her if she’s hungry, or thirsty, or if she’s lonely then he can sing a lullaby for her. Lilith remembers that this voice is the voice of someone who has been with her since the moment she was born. He’s been with her for so long that it’s as if he’s half of her. Camus’ voice asks her if she’s laughing right now at him, then he reminds her that he knows everything about her. He asks her if she’s amazed at his ability and then he explains that it’s because she’s always been with him.

Lilith recalls that he’s always been with her. During sad times they both cried and during happy times they both laughed. Camus frowns and asks her why she’s talking about the past, because they’ll continue to be together from now and they’ll do a lot more things. If they don’t then he’ll get angry. Lilith giggles as she remembers how Camus is always encouraging her like this. Camus tells her not to worry, because no matter what happens he’ll protect her. He boasts that even though he looks like a frail spirit he has a lot of power. He’s more reliable than she thinks he is.

She takes strength from his words and tells herself that she can’t give up here. Because Camus is with her she’ll try her best for just a little bit more. Camus informs her that she should wake up then and then asks her when she’s going to stop sleeping. He teases her by saying that if she doesn’t return then he’ll leave first. Lilith tells him that she understands and asks him to wait for her, because she’s going to wake up now. Melrond escorts her back to the light with the blessings of darkness. She wakes up to Camus staring at her with eyes.

He’s relieved that she woke up because he was worried that she would never wake up. Then he hurriedly tells everyone that she woke up and is safe. Lilith informs everyone that she was saved by Melrond and something else. She looks towards Camus, but he catches her looking at him and asks what’s wrong. Lilith shakes her head and tells him it’s nothing. Anyway, Nico repaired the airship while she was unconscious and so Lilith requests Melrond to lower the country’s barrier. The party returns to Madam to find out that the world is still plagued by the love lost.

They fly to Amafi next but Heathcliff still decides to remain neutral while Lilith informs him that it’s strange not to resist. When Heathcliff explains to the party that there is no good or evil, Camus thinks on that but tells Heathcliff that it doesn’t matter to him because he’s content as long as he’s with Lilith. But because she wants to do this then there’s only one thing for him to do and that is to save the world with her. The party flies to Dodona next and Lilith prays at the shrine to Yufisu to aid her in her quest.

Camus finds her and tells her that he’s been looking for her. She quietly says his name and he notes out loud that she must have been praying to the gods, because even after they defeated Rognar none of the cities improved. Lilith admits that he’s correct as always. He murmurs sadly that he isn’t as dependable as the gods, but Lilith reassures him that none of this is his fault and so he doesn’t need to worry about anything. But then he remarks on how lonely she must be. When she looks at him in confusion, he points out that she’s carrying a heavy burden and she’s not allowed to run away.

And so all this time she’s been enduring it. In exchange, he became big to help her but in the end he can’t do anything. He’s disappointed in himself becasue he promised to be her strength. She tells him not to say that because he’s always saved her and Camus smiles sardonically at how they resemble each other. They’re both lamenting over their lack of power and how they can’t seem to do the things that they need to do. He wonders out loud what the two of them can do. Lilith smiles and tells him that they can both work hard together.

Up to this point Camus has always been encouraging her. Camus grins bashfully at that and tells her not to say such happy things, because it’s natural that he would do that. He knows her best virtue because he’s the person who is closest to her. And so he promises to continue trying his best from here on to make her happy. He confesses 「リリスの弱いところも強いところも、カワイイところもちょっとドジなところも・・・寂しがり屋のところもぜーんぶ大好きだからさ!」(When you’re weak and when you’re strong.. when you’re cute and when you’re slightly clumsy.. when you’re sad.. I love every~thing about you!). Lilith thanks him for cheering her up.

The party heads to Ingrid on Lilith’s hunch and they pass by Remuna who has fallen into the curse of the love lost. Horo reveals himself and his sinister plans to recreate the world for his mother. Then he flies away and unleashes his monster horde against the world. Nayuta forcefully brings Remuna out of her depression and then the party decides to split up to help defend the countries against Horo’s army. Camus and Lilith return to Amafi where Camus asks Heathcliff heatedly if he’s really going to sit back and watch the world be destroyed.

Heathcliff tells Camus not to yell because he can hear him just fine and then informs him that humans have their way of living and he has his. He reminds Camus that he has decided to entrust it all to fate. Camus struggles to say what he wants, but he doesn’t know how to say it. He asks for Lilith’s opinion and so Lilith tells him that she understands Heathcliff’s position but she can’t accept it either. She points out that if he doesn’t do anything then the world really will fall into destruction.

The dragon informs her that they don’t really know if the world will be destroyed, but he will see through whatever conclusion is reached. Lilith confirms with him that he really won’t do anything and looks troubled as he replies that he won’t. Then he tells them to leave since they’re just wasting time here trying to convince him. Lilith nods and then calls out to Camus, but he remains silent for a long time before stating flatly that he has something he wants to say to Heathcliff.

Heathcliff asks him what he’s trying to do, since he notices Camus’ expression, and then he tries to tell Camus that the conversation is already over. But Camus blurts out that he really doesn’t understand. Heathcliff always seems like he understands everything, but Camus can’t understand. Heathcliff asks him what he doesn’t understand. And so Camus explains that he remembered Heathcliff saying how he didn’t want to interfere with the flow of nature, but he noticed something when they were in Melrond. By protecting themselves behind a barrier, are they not trapping themselves?

At Heathcliff’s questioning look, Camus points out that Amafi is always peaceful and calm and safe. They block themselves off from the problems of the other countries. And so that’s why he’s thinking that it can’t be right for them to continue to remain like this. Heathcliff asks him what he means and points out that peace isn’t a bad thing. Camus agrees but he wants to say that even though this country is calm and peaceful it will still be heading slowly towards destruction. They’re just waiting quietly for the end of the world and he doesn’t want that.

Heathcliff informs Camus that his thoughts are a change and that if he really thinks and feels the way that he does, then he should do what seems right to him. In all of Heathcliff’s long life he has seen many changes and many things in history and so he gives permission for Camus to do whatever he feels. He even thinks that this period of humanity fighting against the gods is just a transition. And so because all of these actions in life are just a transition of life, he won’t hold a grudge against Camus for whatever he does.

Camus stares at him intently before he informs him quietly that he’s going to Marjune then because there’s something he needs to do there. Heathcliff’s eyes widen and he asks Camus what he’s going to do, but Camus just flatly replies that he’s going to the world tree. Lilith and Camus head towards the world tree and there Camus explains that in the past Heathcliff requested the world tree to hide Amafi and so Camus is going to see if his wish will be heard too. Lilith’s eyes widen as she wonders what he’s going to wish for.

And so Camus turns away from her to address the world tree and he thanks it for protecting the country. Thanks to Amafi’s protection the citizens in the forest and country were protected from outsiders who couldn’t get in. But the world is heading towards destruction and the gods entrusted the world to them and so he thinks Amafi should be released. He doesn’t want Amafi to be the only safe country because he thinks it’s sad for no one in this country to realize that the world is becoming dangerous.

They’re all still a part of this world and so they should realize when the world is in danger and they should help fight together. Camus recalls out loud that Amafi changed himself into a tree in order to change something. Camus thinks that was brave of the god, but now he believes that they should find their own bravery. They should properly protect the country with their own hands. He doesn’t want to see his country slowly sink into destruction. He pleads with Amafi to let them defend this country and to lower the barrier around Amafi. Lilith’s eyes widen in shock and she asks him if he knows exactly what that will do to the country.

Right now none of Horo’s monsters can enter into the forests of Amafi because of the barrier, but if it’s lowered then the monsters will destroy the forest. Camus nods and then tells her that he thinks if Amafi lends its power to everyone in the country then they might be able to stop Horo. Right now if they do nothing, then after everyone dies, Amafi will still slowly sink into destruction. And so before that happens, he wants everyone to fight together. He wants everyone to resist the destruction. Lilith thinks that his wish might trouble the god of Amafi, but since it’s Camus’ wish then she’ll wish with him.

The moment she does the world tree starts to glow and then all of the light coalesces onto Camus and she can’t help but think that he looks like a prince of fairies. Camus is smiling softly and thanks Amafi before telling the god that he can feel its kindness, strength, and feelings. Camus shoots the light up into the air and it shatters the barrier surrounding Amafi. Pieces of the barrier fall down like snow before disappearing and then Camus sighs tiredly at how he must have done something outrageous. But he’ll work hard with everyone else because he doesn’t want to see the world fall into destruction.

Lilith reassures him that everyone will probably understand. LOL SO HE JUST SELFISHLY THROWS EVERYONE INTO A WAR WITHOUT ASKING THEM? I FEEL SORRY FOR THE CHILDREN AND INNOCENTS WHO CAN’T FIGHT YET. YOU DON’T JUST DO THESE THINGS WILLY-NILLY. Camus hopes that everyone does. Suddenly, the sound of flapping wings is heard and so Camus tells her to step back since it’s most likely a monster who has come after the barrier fell. Lilith worriedly asks him what he’s going to do, but Camus just smiles tightly and tells her that he’s going to defeat it. If she’s standing beside him then he’ll be able to do anything.

She nods and tells him that she’ll support him. A Sacred Nebulim shows up, scoffing at how they were hiding here, and then tells them that he’s going to snuff out their lives. Camus tells him calmly that it’ll be impossible, because he’s going to be defeated. The Sacred Nebulim sneers and informs him that his attitude will be erased, because after the fall of Amafi’s barrier there is nothing to protect them and there is nowhere to run. Camus informs him that he has no intentions of running, because it is for the sake of protecting things that he destroyed the barrier.

Lilith is surprised by Camus’ words and then she realizes that he’s grown. Compared to everyone else, he did turn from little to small. But he’s also grown in character and she can see that. The Sacred Nebulim scoffs with amusement at their untactful action and then tells Camus that he’ll thank him for taking down the barrier.. by killing him. Camus smirks and tells him that he won’t die that easily and he can just try. He’s decided to protect Lilith and this country and he won’t let the Sacred Nebulim lay one finger on it. He has no intentions of losing.

Camus glows white and then he unleashes a torrent of elements at the Sacred Nebulim. Fire, wind, water, and lightning all combine to destroy the Sacred Nebulim who is shocked at how a fairy can command all four elements. Camus tells him that he may be a fairy, but he has a lot of things he wants to protect and so he will never lose. The Sacred Nebulim disappears with a scream and then Lilith runs up to Camus with a smile, telling him that he protected Amafi. He nods but then gravely tells her that Amafi will surely encounter more dangers now that the barrier has fallen.

He did what he thought was right, but there’s bound to be people who will be troubled by this. Lilith reassures him that it’ll be alright. She believes that Amafi will continue to be protected, because the people of this country aren’t weak. She also points out that if it really wasn’t fine then surely Heathcliff would have intervened. They return to report everything Heathcliff who comments on how he heard that things were getting noisy up there. Camus nods hesitantly and apologizes for how things will probably get more noisy around here.

But he still thinks it’s worth it if Horo can be stopped because of this. Heathcliff chuckles and tells him that it’s fine, because he already guessed what Camus would do by going to the world tree. It’s because he understood that he didn’t stop Camus. When Camus asks why, Heathcliff points out that he’s a Vakista and so whatever changes Camus implements are probably because they’re needed. In fact he believed that Camus would do something. He can do nothing but silently watch over the flow of nature. Lilith points out that he doesn’t have to do that, but Heathcliff just laughs gently at her.

He explains that he’s lived for far too long and has seen many things pass away. He’s lived so long that it’s hard to change and he has no intentions of changing anyway. But Camus is able to change and it is these people who should go to create their world and what they should create is up to them. No matter what changes the planet goes through it will continue living and so no one has a say to what it should be, not even the gods. The planet has a long life and will continue living on for a long time.

Lilith and Camus use Nico’s magical items to teleport themselves to Marjune. REALLY? REALLY!? YOU’RE RIGHT BESIDE IT.. Lilith comments on how this forest is always beautiful and Camus agrees with how it doesn’t change no matter what the world is facing. He doesn’t know how long the forest will continue to be like this, but it really is calm. She asks him if this is his home and he hums thoughtfully before shrugging. Then he tells her with a smile that he considers the time he spent with her in Dodona as his home.

She thanks him with a grin and then he asks her seriously if they’ll be able to return. She asks him if he wants to, but he shrugs again and admits that he’s content with anything as long as he’s with her. Her face falls though as she remembers how they’re currently in a tight spot. He also looks troubled as he realizes that she’s the one who is the most troubled. Lilith tries to tell him that she doesn’t think she’s the most troubled, but he interrupts and reminds her that she should tell him if she’s feeling strained. She thanks him and tells him that she will.

But Camus looks at her suspiciously and asks her if she really will do that. He tells her to make a promise with him that she will, since he’s worried about how she’s always pushing herself. She nods and makes a promise with him, which makes him grin and promise her that he’ll never leave her side. Then Lilith remarks on how she wants to protect the world and Camus agrees. He wants to protect this beautiful forest from being destroyed. Lilith tells him that she’ll be relying on him, which shocks him, but she just points out that he has the power now to protect the world.

He smiles brightly at her and tells her to leave it to him. Then he asks her excitedly if she wants to climb the world tree since it’ll give them a wide view of the world. She thinks it’s impossible since it’s so tall, but he just grins and tells her to leave it to him and that it’ll be fine. He asks for her hand and when she gives it to him he calls the spirits to aid them in lifting them up off the ground. Lilith is amazed by the view and Camus tells her that he wants to protect everything they can see here of the world.

Whatever she wishes for, he’ll try to grant it with all his power. She thanks him quietly and then they regroup with the rest of the party at the world tree. Nayuta shows off his new clothes while Nico shows off his Vakista mark and then Lilith hears Luverchi and Clear’s voice. They inform her of where Horo is hiding and then beg her to defeat him. Camus worriedly asks her if she’s alright, to which she tells him that she is and then she informs the party that they need to head to the Sea of Oblivion and the underworld where Horo is waiting for them.

In the airship, Camus comments on how after they defeat Horo they will save the world and the battle against the gods will end. She nods and thanks him for his help, but he tells her that it wasn’t just him. Everyone is helping them and she realizes that’s true. They came this far with the help of everyone’s wish to save the world. Camus smiles but reminds her that defeating Horo is their responsibility though.

*** EPISODE 「ビヨンド・ザ・フューチャー」(Beyond the Future) ***

Before they head off to the Sea of Oblivion, Lilith and Camus spend some time together alone in Dodona. Lilith comments on how a lot of things have happened and how they couldn’t have predicted that they would end up like this. Camus agrees softly and then talks about how he never left her side from the time when she was a little baby. He never would have thought that that small baby would grow up and be put in this position. They two of them reminisce on how they met Kirite and Nayuta and fought Rognar only to travel to Ingrid.

Lilith giggles at how things just kept on happening and happening and then Camus comments on how before she knew it she became the saint who had to save the world. He was really surprised. Lilith admits that being in this room makes everything that happened to them seem like a dream. It’s as if she just got up after Camus woke her. His face becomes serious as he asks her if she wants it to be a dream. She admits quietly that half of her does want it to be a dream. She’s happy to have met Kirite, Nayuta, Soo, Nate, and Nico, but she’d rather not have the burden of saving the world.

Camus tells her that she’s really working hard. She blinks in surprise and says his name, but he just silently touches her hair and asks her if she’s scared. She tells him that she isn’t but he stares at her silently before sighing. After a few seconds she gives in and confesses that she’s really scared. She’s scared of losing and she’s scared of getting everyone hurt. Camus tries to reassure her that everything will be fine, because they’ve all come this far. Lilith tells him that she wants to think that, but it’s difficult. She can’t help but think about all the things that could go wrong.

He understands how she feels since that’s just her personality, but he wonders what he can do to make her feel calmer. He confesses 「ぼくは長生きの妖精のはずなのに・・・。大好きな女の子が怖がってるときに、どうしてあげたらいいのかすらわかんないんだ」(Even though I’m a fairy who’s lived such a long time.. I don’t know what to do at all when the woman I love is scared). Lilith says his name softly and she feels his words settling warmly in her. The way his hand is petting her head is kind and warm and she wants to feel more of that. And so she asks him with a blush if he’ll hug her. She’s embarrassed, but this might be their last time together.

And so that’s why she’s not going to restrain herself. She doesn’t want them to have any regrets. Camus softly says her name before teasingly smirking and calling her a pampered child. She asks him with a blush if she’s not allowed, but he reassures her that it’s fine. There is no way that he would refuse her and so he gently takes her into his arms and embraces her to his body. And although he’s a young man now, somehow the feeling of his presence is the same as when he was a small fairy by her side. She returns his embrace and this is how they spend the rest of their time together.

The next day the party flies into the Sea of Oblivion and they find the gatekeeper. Soo offers to remain behind to watch over the airship while they leap into the monster’s mouth. Before they jump Camus grabs onto her hand and squeezes it to give her courage. Inside the underworld, Nate remains behind to deal with the black hole that keeps on summoning sand worms. When the Fenrirs appear, Nayuta stops them from attacking Lilith and remains behind to take care of them. Nico stops the door from closing and remains behind to keep it open. Kirite apologizes for leaving him while Nico tells Camus to take care of Lilith.

Camus promises Nico that he’ll definitely protect Lilith while she thanks Nico for staying behind. The rest of the party continues forward and they meet the last Sacred Nebulim who is defending the door. He sneers at how the two of them won’t be enough to defeat him, but Camus tells him that they’ll show him their true powers. Kirite orders them to leave him to deal with the Sacred Nebulim though while they handle Horo. The moment they meet Horo he greets them with 「意外ですね。こんなにも可愛らしいお客様がいらっしゃるとは僕も予想外です」(This is surprising. I didn’t expect to have such cute guests).

When Lilith looks at him in confusion, Horo explains that she had a samurai, a knight, a brawler, a former assassin, and a sage, and yet she decided to have the useless fairy accompany her to the end. Camus frowns and angrily asks Horo if he wants to test his power. Horo informs Camus that he doesn’t need to test his powers out to know anything, because fairies are the very definition of useless. OH MY GOD, I SHOULDN’T BE LAUGHING SO MUCH BUT HAHAHA プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Horo asks what Camus can do when all he’s been doing is living in safety.

The people of Amafi ran away from the human world because they didn’t want to involve themselves and all they do is hide under Heathcliff’s barrier. It’s just an excuse for them to run away. Camus tries to tell him that’s not true, but Horo presses the question and asks him if he can really say that from the bottom of his heart. He asks Camus right now if he isn’t feeling the urge to run away now that they’re in a very dangerous place. Camus flinches at that but Lilith knows that Horo’s words are a poison.

She squeezes Camus hands because even though he may be weak in some areas, she knows that he has the strength to stand back up. She believes in him. Camus thanks her and then reassures her that he’s fine by returning her squeeze. Then he turns to Horo and admits that he thinks and feels differently from humans because he’s a fairy. But he’s decided to stop Horo not for anyone else, but for himself. He thinks there are some good points to being a fairy and he won’t give up the future that he and Lilith are walking towards.

Heathcliff taught him that change can be good and so Camus is going to accept these changes. Horo realizes that they won’t be convinced to stand down and so the final battle starts. Horo is inexperienced with fighting though and so he starts to lose against Camus’ elemental abilities. He decides to summon monsters to give him an advantage, but none of them answer his call. Camus starts to laugh as he realizes that they’re not fighting alone. Horo snarls angrily at them and tries to bring the whole underworld down with him to end their lives as well.

Lilith is worried but Camus tells her not to worry because he’s beside her and then he asks to borrow some of her powers. And so she enhances him with her i-scepter and he smiles softly as he tells her that he can feel her emotions. They’re warm, pretty, and kind. Then he tells Horo that he’s no longer afraid of him or the darkness because he’s no longer alone. Lilith shouts out that they won’t give into despair and Camus agrees loudly with her because a bright future is waiting for them and he won’t let Horo get in the way of that.

Horo can’t believe that he’s being beaten by a human’s love and so Camus confesses quietly that if it wasn’t for Lilith then he wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Lilith taught him, who had been living isolated from humans, many things. It’s because he believes in Lilith’s love that he managed to come this far. The reason why Horo lost is because he didn’t think or believe in anyone else’s love except his own. Horo still can’t believe that it’s possible and so Camus tells him to see the power of his and Lilith’s love.

They defeat Horo in the next blow after their feelings combine and both Lilith and Camus can feel each other’s love. Anyway, Horo disappears with a scream of agony and the love lost curse is lifted. Lilith is surprised to see petals falling down from the sky and Camus smiles as he realizes that the spirits are happy that Horo’s curse has been lifted. They both share in the joy of saving the world, but then Camus starts to blush as he tells her that he has something to say to her now that all of this is over.

When she looks at him he confesses 「リリスが好きだよ。大好き。ずっと一緒にいたい」(I love you Lilith. I love you a lot. I want to be continue being together). Her eyes widen because even though she heard those words a lot from him she can tell that they now hold a different meaning. She can’t bring herself to say anything as she blushes bright red from pure happiness. Camus just grins awkwardly and tells her quickly that since he’s done telling her his feelings they should find everyone else. She nods shyly and peeks at him out of the corner of her eye.

The Camus who had always been with her had been small, but some time along the way she started to associate Camus with this young man version of him. And he saved her countless of times along their journey while always being by her side. She can’t help but return his glances and smiles as she finally realizes that she also loves him. The cute and talkative Camus who shows a surprising strength.. she treasures him over everyone else. They pick up Kirite, who is relieved that they’re unharmed, and then he praises them for a job well down.

Camus is embarrassed but proud. Then they pick up Nico who chides them for being so slow. Camus teases him by saying that he was going to ask how Nico was doing, but now he’s sure that Nico is just fine. Nico calls him a rude fairy before they head off to pick up Nayuta. Camus apologizes for taking a long time and Nayuta informs them that he was worried something happened to Lilith. Camus pouts and tells Nayuta that he worries too much because he would protected her. The find Nate who also asks about Lilith, to which Camus points out that he wouldn’t have let her get hurt.

Nate eyes Camus and then admits that Camus did a good job. Camus smiles smugly at that and points out that he’s become strong. Nate teases him by saying that he can’t see it, to which Camus asks worriedly if that’s really true. Nate barks with laughter and then tells Camus that he was just lying and Camus has become strong. They return to the airship where Soo has been waiting for them and he’s relieved to see that everyone is safe, while they’re relieved to see that he’s unharmed. And then they return to Dinus. After some time, Lilith goes to see the three leaders in Dinus who tell her that the world is recovering nicely.

Then Lilith returns to Madam to tell her about how the party split up to do their own things. Kirite is restoring Savila, Nayuta is teaching pilgrims, Nate and Nico are traveling around the world together, and Soo is gambling as usual but he also helps Banstine. Meanwhile she and Camus return back to Amafi since they can rest here and Camus wants to tell the good news to Heathcliff. The old dragon welcomes them back warmly and asks them if they’re tired from their long journey and that if they are then they should rest here.

Heathcliff also gives them his thanks for saving the world which makes Camus troubled since he broke Amafi’s barrier. He’s a little worried about what will happen to his country. Heathcliff chuckles and tells them not to worry, because thanks to them saving the world Amafi wasn’t damaged at all. He thought there would be a little chaos, but nothing like that happened. Nothing changed in Amafi even after Camus and Lilith left to fight Horo. In fact, he’s also surprised at how there are hardly any outsiders visiting them.

Camus tells Heathcliff that the meaning between not coming and can’t come is different. Now they have the freedom to choose. Heathcliff chuckles at that and points out that Camus has changed, but that’s fine since this place is changing slowly too. They have the freedom to choose wether or not they’ll change. Camus agrees with a grin and then Heathcliff once again urges them to rest here. They walk back out into the Marjune and Lilith agrees with how nothing has changed here. They head towards the world tree and nap underneath its branches.

Lilith has a nostalgic dream about their friends, but just as she tells Camus this his eyes widen because he had the same dream. In that dream Nayuta was preaching. Lilith wonders what happened to everyone and so Camus gets the idea to see how they’re doing. They visit Savila where Kirite is surprised to see them but he welcomes them warmly. He explains that although Savila was wounded greatly, it has help from a lot of people and it’s healing slowly. The visit Nayuta next who informs them that he’s helping the people in the city.

They hear the voice of a villager asking for him and Lilith is surprised because she didn’t think that Nayuta had the personality for that. She cuts herself off though when he stares at her. Camus smiles teasingly and whispers to Lilith that Nayuta must have fixed his lecturing, but Nayuta just smirks and tells Camus that he can hear him which makes Camus yelp in surprise. They visit Soo next and Lilith and Camus are both shocked to see him working for once. But when she asks Soo if he’s still gambling he laughs nervously and admits that he does.

Camus is relieved to see that Soo is still mostly the same even if he’s working right now, and then he teasingly tells Soo not to come crying to Lilith after he loses all his money. Soo pouts before his eyes widen in realization and then he eagerly asks Camus to come with him the next time he goes gambling, but Camus refuses him flatly. They find Nate and Nico in the desert where Nate is arguing with Nico to stop trying to leave him behind. Nico just sighs and tells him that he’s not trying to leave him behind, but then he asks how long Nate is going to follow him.

Nate just shrugs and smirks before pointing out that Nico never said no. Nico rolls his eyes and then tells Nate to hurry along then before he walks off. Nate follows after. Lilith comments on how the two of them make a good combo, to which Camus just hums thoughtfully. Then Camus asks Lilith what she wants to do now. If they call out to the two of them then it’ll bound to get confusing and so he suggests that they return back to Dodona, their home. Camus remarks on how in the end Lilith’s room is the calmest place.

Lilith agrees that after traveling around the world she likes this place the best. Camus notes that although the town has changed a little, the greenery and wind hasn’t changed at all. Even though she’s grown bigger, she hasn’t changed either. Lilith frowns at him in irritation and points out that she thinks she’s changed a little. Camus laughs lightly at that and then tells her not to make that face before agreeing that he thinks she’s become more of an adult. But then he confesses with a blush that to him she’ll always be a cute girl he wants to protect.

She blushes and looks at him in surprise, but he just comes closer to her and tells her that no matter how much time passes, or how much the town changes, his feelings for her will never change. She asks him if he’s going to remain her with her then while she returns to being an acolyte and he tells her that it’s obvious he will since his feelings for her are the same as always. But then he corrects himself and admits that it might have changed. He loves her, but his love for her in the past is a bit different from the love he has for her now.

He explains that he finally understood during their journey. He loves her and it’s the type of love that makes him unable to give her to anyone else. He asks her with a grin if she understands the difference now. She smiles and tells him that she feels like she does. And so he tells her 「ふふ、良かった。だからね、リリス。ぼくはずーっとずーっと、リリスの傍にいるよ」(Haha, I’m glad. And that’s why, Lilith, I’ll be by your side for~ever and for~ever). Then he kisses her.

*** GOOD END ***

They skip straight to Ingrid from Amafi, to go and see Remuna and to check Lilith’s hunch, without visiting Dodona to let Lilith pray to Yufisu. Lilith still can’t accept Heathcliff’s inaction. When Camus is worried about breaking the barrier she asks him what he will do if he’s troubled. He did what he believed in and so although she understand that he can’t help but feel lost, she thinks that this might have been the change Heathcliff was talking about. And so she wants him to look at what he’s done positively.

The return to talk to Heathcliff and Lilith points out that he can change, but the old dragon thinks that he’s lived for too long. When they return to the Marjune to rest Lilith just agrees with Camus about how this place is a good place to relax. He agrees and thinks that she should rest right now since she strains herself too often. During times of rest she should rest. When he tells her to tell him when she’s hurting, she tells him to do the same. Camus doesn’t think that he’ll ever approach that level, but he’s thankful for her worry.

Camus confesses that he loves her concern. When Camus tells her that he wants to protect this place and the world, she smiles and tells him to work hard. This makes him pout and he asks her if she doesn’t believe in him. She tells him that she does believe in him, but he looks at her suspiciously since he can see the laughter in her eyes. She tries to tell him that she’s not, but he points out that she’s doing it again and then he asks her if she’s serious. She reassures him that she is. He teasingly asks her if she’s serious about her seriousness.

Lilith reassures him that she does believe in him and that she’ll be relying on him to help her. In Dodona, Lilith straight up confesses that she’s scared. Then the next day they leave to defeat Horo. After Horo is defeated, Camus and Lilith both realize that even though they saved the world it will take a long time to heal from its scars. But Camus reassures her that he thinks it’ll be alright and he’ll continue to be with her and lend her his power. They collect everyone on their way back with comments about how glad they are that everyone is safe.

After they head back to Dinus and split up, Lilith finds out from the three leaders that the world is irreparably scarred and it will take a long time for it to heal. Kirite has his work cut out for him in Savila, Nayuta doesn’t have many pilgrims to teach. Nico and Nate are still traveling around the world and Soo is still gambling while helping Banstine out. Meanwhile Lilith and Camus are back in Dodona. They both talk about how their journey is finally over, but then Lilith wonders if it truly is.

The world is wounded and people are still waiting to be healed. Camus asks with wide eyes if their journey hasn’t ended yet then and Lilith nods before telling him that their journey won’t end until the world returns to how it was and people start smiling again. Camus sighs at how much she pushes herself but then he smiles and suggests that they take a look around the world then. Lilith is surprised with how easily he accepts their new journey since they have to walk everywhere. Anyway, she receives permission to leave from the head priest.

Kirite is the first person they go to see and he tells them that Savila will need a long time to heal. Nayuta is the right hand of Remuna and he’s helping her repair the city. Soo is helping his father repair the city, although he still sneaks out to gamble from time to time. They couldn’t find Nico or Nate, but Lilith is sure that both of them are doing fine because they make a good combo. They end up returning to Amafi and Lilith comments on how this place is still the most peaceful.

Camus agrees since compared to the other places in the world, Amafi is like heaven. It never changes. Lilith thinks it’s wonderful that Amafi doesn’t change, to which Camus agrees but he also thinks that there are other good things that don’t change. When she looks at him in confusion he says 「たとえば、ぼくとリリス」(For example, you and me). Then he adds 「たとえば、ぼくたちがずっと一緒にいるってこと。それに・・・・ぼくがリリスを大事だって気持ち」(For example, the fact that I’ll always be with you. And also.. my feelings about how precious you are).

Lilith blushes at his confession, but he continues on to tell her that those feelings will never change no matter what happens. Then he asks with a grin if she feels like she can continue to live in happiness after knowing that. She nods shyly and then he admits that even though the world is still full of many problems he thinks that it brought good things too. The world won’t stay scarred forever and he’s happy whenever he’s with her. It’s more than enough if she’s by his side and she thinks that they’ll be happy together too.

Camus talks about how he thinks happiness is a small thing. It’s hard to get because it’s so small. That’s why no matter what happens he wants to be together with her. For that sake he’ll do anything and if they’re together then he thinks that they can overcome any obstacle. After all they took down a god and so there’s nothing else in this world that can scare them. Lilith laughs at that and agrees. And then he suggests that they take a nap together. Before they fall asleep he hopes that they’ll meet each other in their dreams.

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Future ~ Camus Tetra Porte ~

    kayuune said:
    March 16, 2012 at 18:44

    Congrats on finishing \o/ Like you, I’m also a full time university student so I can relate to your time restraints ;v;

    I see you’re playing Amnesia Later. I will be too, once my copy arrives. I have no idea when I’ll get around to blogging about it though orz I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on it :>

      Ilinox responded:
      March 16, 2012 at 19:34

      Stupid university and stupid professors! Why can’t they understand that we need to collect and expand our harems?! /shot

      I look forward to reading your thoughts about it too ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ! I’ll probably just blog Ikki’s route and then I’ll finish up the rest after I finish the bulk of my assignments and start studying for Finals wwww

    Dellz said:
    March 16, 2012 at 01:43

    Yay congratz for finishing the game ^^ Actually Camus becomes one of my fave right now ^_^ He is such a loyal friend to Lilith and I can see he loves her a lot (≧∇≦).

    Ah are you playing amnesia later, actually me too. I needs more Ikki and Ukyo (≧∇≦) lol

      Ilinox responded:
      March 16, 2012 at 19:33

      It’s been such a long journey! Both in the game and outside of the game wwww Camus was a very sweet kid, but he never made me go ドキドキ unlike Kirite and Nate Orz;; I don’t know if it’s because he was the last and I was tired.. or I just don’t like shoutas..

      Yep! I’m definitely going to power through Ikki’s route and then I’ll be concentrating on my uni since I’m near the end of my semester which means Finals ;www;

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