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This will feature all of Beyond the Future’s bad ends. I’m making a post for it because I’m a completionist and Beyond the Future has a completion percentage as well as CGs for its bad ends щ(ಥДಥщ).

Not that it really matters since apparently the completion percentage counts every single line you’ve seen, even the ones that aren’t listed down as a “scene”. So I’ve completed all the scenes, yet I’m not technically completed because of these missing lines. But I give up since it’ll just piss me off to try and collect them. I can’t believe I’m at 91.17%.

Also, my bb Suri-chan was lovely enough to summarize the official short stories that can be found on Beyond the Future’s website. You can find her translations HERE.

At least some of the CGs are wonderful.. My favorite might have to be Nate’s CG and Horo’s CG. Am I the only one who feels sad at the fact that Horo and Rognar don’t have a route? (*ノ∀ノ) VIVA LA VILLAINS~!

*** BAD END 1 ***

Lilith doesn’t take the staff in the temple, because she doesn’t know why Yufisu chose her. She doesn’t believe that a klutzy and useless person like her can save anyone. Rognar appears in front of her and tells her to quietly accept her death and she might even be lucky enough to be reborn in the new world that he’ll create. As he lifts up his sword, Kirite staggers to his feet and calls out for Rognar to wait since he is Rognar’s opponent. Rognar is coldly amused at how foolish Kirite is to try and defeat a god.

She yells at Kirite to run since Rognar came to kill her, but Kirite just smiles brokenly at her and explains that while he might have a place to return to, it’s not home. His family, country, and home is completely lost because it was destroyed by a black winged-man. Kirite raises his blade and rushes at Rognar but Rognar just lifts his sword and destroys the whole temple. Lilith and Kirite both die.

*** BAD END 2 ***

Lilith chooses not to hire Soo because she doesn’t want to get him involved and she asks if Kirite or Nayuta will enter instead. They both tell her that they don’t mind, but Madam mutters disappointedly that she thought they were different. She returns the staff back to Lilith and coldly tells them to get out, much to the confusion of the party. When Lilith tries to pay Madam back with money Madam tells them that it belonged to them in the first place. Nayuta and Kirite don’t see a point in hanging around any longer and so they suggest leaving.

Camus is happy that they made an extremely large profit and so they can have a great big dinner tonight. Lilith is uneasy as to whether or not they made the right choice since she feels curious and drawn towards Soo ever since they first met, but when she looks at him he’s just smiling brightly at her and she can’t tell what he’s thinking. Soo just continues to grin and tells her to be more careful and not to get involved with the old grandma. The party ends up leaving on their journey and Soo falls into depression. Some time in the future he gets kicked out of the bar again.

When he asks the bouncer with a pout if that’s how they treat their customers, the man tells Soo that he’s not a customer because he’s always fooling around. Then he sighs heavily and tells Soo that if he continues on doing nothing like this then he won’t amount to anything. Soo angrily tells him that he’ll live his life the way he wants to. The man huffs and tells him to do as he likes before leaving. Soo desperately tries to convince himself that the way he’s living his life is great. He’s having tons of fun drinking himself drunk every day and gambling until he’s in mountains of debt.

He recalls the day he met Lilith before he shakes his head and scoffs at how feeling regret isn’t like him. He tells himself that he’s having fun everyday, but then suddenly a man runs up to him and stabs him with a knife. Apparently he has some sort of grudge against Soo and then he leaves and Soo collapses onto the ground. Before he dies, Soo recalls his teacher’s words about how he clenched his fists to fight but a clenched fist can’t grab onto anything. And in the end he grabbed nothing before dying like how his teacher died.

*** BAD END 3 ***

Lilith decides to listen to Nayuta’s last wish, because if he has prepared his resolve then she doesn’t want to get in the way of that. Camus sympathizes with her hard choice while Kirite hides his emotions and asks her if she’s fine with that decision. Soo decides they should hurry up and escape the town then and so they do. Meanwhile, Nayuta can hear the clamor above his dungeon and so he assumes with relief that Lilith and co. escaped safely. He realizes that the high priestess will not listen to his words.

But he doesn’t understand why she’s so deluded because he honestly believes that Lilith is an acolyte who has received Yufisu’s love. She’s still an acolyte but he believes that she can become a great priestess one day. He asks the god of Ingrid what the truth is, but he receives no answer. And so then he wonders worriedly if he might have been mistaken. If he had been mistaken then he will accept his punishment by remaining in this dungeon.

*** BAD END 4 ***

Lilith decides to continue to run away from the sand worm and while she feels bad for the puppy she doesn’t want to die. She hopes that it decides to follow her to safety too. But anyway, the sand worm manages to catch up to her and then eats her. Later on, Nate scolds his wolf pup for running out of the forest when he told it not to. Lately the desert has been filled with unknown monsters and so he doesn’t want the pup to enter such dangerous situations. He also has mixed feelings about the death of Lilith.

On one hand it sort of leaves a bad taste in his mouth that he had no hand in it, but he also finds it tasteless for her to die from being eaten. It’s also difficult for him to prove that he did the job since there’s no proof left. He doesn’t understand why he’s feeling so unsettled and even the wolf pup notices that he’s acting strange. Nate convinces himself that nothing has changed and every day is still the same. He gets assigned a job, finishes it, and returns to his forest.

Anyway, the pup barks and Nate chuckles quietly before agreeing that he shouldn’t be thinking about troubling stuff like this. He decides that he should find dinner since the wolf pup is getting hungry again.

*** BAD END 5 ***

Lilith doesn’t think that they should disturb the souls of the people in Savila, because it would just hurt them to bring them back to their destroyed country and she can’t do that to Kirite. In response Nico expresses his disappointment in her and then excuses himself emotionlessly since as a great sage he’s busy observing the destruction of the world. After some time, Nico thinks about how the saint ended up being boring when he thought he’d see something interesting. Even though she said that she wanted to save the world, she isn’t resolved to do it.

Even if they manage to somehow defeat Rognar the world will still be set on a path to destruction since they don’t have him. He’s fine with either choice though since he’ll be able to observe the destruction of the world and he’s quite content to continue performing experiences until the end of the world.

*** BAD END 6 ***

The party enters Amafi and Lilith explores the lake with Kirite. She thinks the legend about the lake reflecting a person’s heart may teach them something, but Kirite thinks it’s better to explore and express their own feelings. Lilith promises Kirite that she’ll listen to him whenever he feels like talking to her because she’s interested in hearing whatever he has to say. The gate to Amafi still doesn’t open and so she goes to the waterfall and finds Kirite about to stand beneath it. He informs her that the samurai of Savila used to do this for training and his father did it in autumn and winter.

He jokingly asks if she wants to enter with him so that they can train together, but Lilith hurriedly shakes her head since it’s freezing. She tells him that she’ll leave it up to him and so he explains that he was joking. He’s also surprised to find that he’s able to speak about Savila in a nostalgic way and it’s all thanks to her. The gate still doesn’t open and so Camus encourages her to look around again. She ends up with Nayuta this time and looks around the waterfall.

When he comments on the peacefulness of the area, she confesses that she’s surprised. He asks bitingly if she’s surprised that even he can appreciate beauty, which makes her hurriedly amend her words to say that she’s surprised that he’s been to places other than Ingrid. He shrugs at that and admits that he’s taken the time to look at things. Lilith giggles and suggests that he should think about relaxing some more like spending a day just eating, sleeping, and eating some more. Nayuta comments on how wasteful of a day that is, but his tone is light.

There’s a sparkle of something in the corner of their vision, but it disappears as fast as it came. Nayuta suggests that they go somewhere else since the gate to Amafi isn’t opening here. They head to the world tree and Nayuta tells her the story of how Amafi changed himself into the tree to watch over his country. Then Lilith comments on how strange it is for an acolyte from Dodona and a knight from Ingrid to be traveling together. Nayuta thinks it’s fate, but the thought that Adonis is watching them frightens her a little.

Nayuta slightly agrees since that means Adonis is trying to guide them to a future, but they’re not gods and they’re just weak humans. And this is why they need to give their prayers to the gods and do their very best. Nayuta asks Lilith if she’s going to return to Dodona after the fight and she nods. He starts to look troubled as he confesses that he wants to return to Ingrid, but he’s not sure if he can. Lilith doesn’t think that there’s a problem if he explains, but Nayuta points out that he didn’t believe in the high priestess and that makes him unfit to be the captain of the holy knights.

And so he thinks it might be fine for him to travel around the world too as a traveling priest. Anyway, since they still can’t find the gate to Amafi they switch partners again. Lilith goes with Soo to the waterfall and she tells him that she thinks he’s fine the way he is. She thinks that Kirite and Nayuta also approve of Soo in their own way. Soo is worried that he doesn’t think enough, but Lilith points out that he treasures them as companions and that means that he’s thinking about them deeply. Still no gate and so they go off to the limestone caves.

Lilith and Soo both appreciate the beauty in the limestone caves and then he notices that Lilith is silent for a long time. When he asks her about this she explains that she never really had time, during their journey, to take in the scenery and so she’s doing that now. Soo falls quiet before telling her that she shouldn’t shoulder all of the burden by herself. The rest of the party thinks about her, even him, since she’s their saint. The gate doesn’t appear and so Lilith pairs up with Nate and they explore the lake.

Nate is a bit regretful that he didn’t pay more attention to beautiful places, because now he doesn’t have anything to talk to Lilith about. She asks him if Wolf’s Chanze doesn’t have a lake like this but he shakes his head and points out that it’s a very dark forest. Lilith agrees and admits that she was a little scared at the atmosphere, but she thinks it’s beautiful in its own way. Nate is amused and he teases her by pointing out that she must have been terrified of wolves coming out or his arrows.

She reluctantly admits that he’s right, but she also found the forest amazing since it reminded her that the world doesn’t just belong to humans. And it’s nice that there are other creatures sharing the world. Nate’s eyes widen and then he quietly calls her amazing. Then they decide to call the rest of the party over so that they can all enjoy the beauty of the lake. They decide to go to the limestone caves next where Lilith finds out that Nate can see in the dark because he’s a werewolf. She asks him if his nose and ears are good as well.

Nate informs her that he can find anyone in a town and he’s never lost a target before. Then he adds 「ああ、だから安心して迷子になっていいぜ。俺が絶対に見つけだしてやるからさ」(Aa, that’s why you don’t have to worry if you become lost. I will definitely go and find you). The gate is still not opening and so Lilith pairs up with Nico and they head to the world tree. Nico talks about the story of how the god of Amafi transformed into a tree and he wonders what the reasons are. Lilith thinks that Amafi transformed to protect its country. This bores Nico who wanted something more interesting.

He wanted to think that the god of Amafi lost his powers in trying to protect his country. But he thinks that Lilith’s innocence is her strength and it might make her stronger than him. Anyway, they head to the limestone caves to try and find the gate. There Lilith is groped in the darkness by Nico who then confesses that he enjoys watching all her reactions and expressions. He likes to observe her to understand her better. Lilith blushes at that since she’s embarrassed to be stared at like that.

Nico chuckles since he finds her embarrassment about being touched and stared at cute. She accuses him of being mean to her, but he tells her that he’s being kind with the way that he’s observing her. The gate to Amafi still doesn’t open and so Lilith finally pairs up with Camus and heads to the lake. She asks him why he didn’t tell her that he would become big when he reached Amafi, that way she could have prepared herself. Camus looks troubled and asks her if she doesn’t like him now that he’s big, but she reassures him that she’s just embarrassed and nervous for some reason.

Then they head to the world tree. Lilith is constantly awed by how tall the world tree is and Camus admits that he and his friends used to have contests as to who could climb to the tallest point. Lilith admits that she can’t see that since he’s always small in her mind, which makes him tell her that he remembers when she was small too and kept on crying. She pouts and calls him a bully for saying that out loud, to which he just grins unrepentantly and tells her that it’s her fault. He doesn’t explain why though since he doesn’t think she’ll understand.

However he does admit that the reason he teases her is because he’s a bit lonely. It used to be just the two of them but ever since their journey started she gained more friends which he thinks is a good thing but he can’t help but feel lonely. Lilith realizes that she didn’t help when she acted so surprised in seeing his form and so she just smiles and accuses him of thinking that she deserves to be teased. They share a smile and she thinks about how they’re all changing slowly on their journey. Unfortunately, no matter where they walk the gates to Amafi don’t open.

Soo is bummed out by how the gates haven’t opened. Kirite wonders if this means that their bonds aren’t enough. Nayuta is ashamed as a holy knight by how Amafi is denying them entrance. Camus apologizes quietly, but Lilith tells him not to apologize and that they’ll just try harder. Nate grins and agrees that it’s too early to give up. Nico just chuckles sinisterly and tells them that they might want to think about how they’re lost in a forest that is known for trapping people inside. Lilith’s eyes widen and she prays really hard for Amafi to accept them, but they just end up continuing to walk around endlessly.

*** BAD END 7 ***

During the final fight against Horo, he proceeds to summon his monsters and they all answer his call. Every monster that they’ve fought, like the Bahamut, Fenrirs, sand worms, and even the Sacred Nebulim, reappears in front of Lilith and Nate. Horo smirks and comments on how they seem to have brought along unnecessary baggage with them and both Nate and Lilith gasp at seeing their party members. Soo apologizes for how he’s run out of strength before he collapses. Camus apologizes and faints too. Then Nico gasps out about how he didn’t expect this to happen before he falls.

Nayuta apologizes for not having the energy to move his feet and then he collapses. Kirite just apologizes haltingly before he collapses. Nate calls out in worry and shock if they’re alright but there is no answer. He grips his bow with a snarl and tries to fight against the monster horde, but there’s no way that one person can defeat them all and he falls quickly. Lilith quickly stands before the monsters to defend her fallen party and she shouts at him to stop it. She knows that she can’t stop the monsters just by holding onto her i-scepter, but there’s nothing else that she can do.

Horo starts laughing maniacally at how this seems to be the power of the Vakistas and it shows that he is greater than all of them combined. With a deranged smirk on his face he starts to walk towards Lilith and she flinches in fear, but even though her legs are trembling she refuses to run because her comrades are behind her. The injured comrades who journeyed with her to save the world. Finally, Horo reaches her and he stretches out an arm to grab her neck. Lilith closes her eyes tightly as she realizes just how easily she can be killed.

She can feel the strength in that hand and then he slowly starts to squeeze the air out of her. Nate struggles to his feet and shouts at Horo not to touch her. In response, Horo just chuckles and lets go of her. She starts coughing while he contemplates out loud 「そうですね。ただ、殺してしまっても・・・面白くないですよね」(That’s right. It won’t be interesting if I just kill you). When she looks at him in confusion he asks her 「ねえ、僕と取引しませんか?」(Ne, will you not make a deal with me?). The deal is 「君が僕のものになるのならーー、彼らの命は助けてやっても構いません」(If you become mine–, I won’t mind sparing their lives).

Lilith’s eyes widen in shock and she asks him hesitantly what he means, and so he explains 「言葉のまま、ですよ。君が僕のものに・・・僕の妻になるというのなら、そのヴァキスタどもは助けてやりましょう」(Exactly what the words imply. If you become mine.. if you become my wife, then I’ll save those Vakistas). She repeats his word in shock and he just chuckles 「ええ、妻です。ふふ、素敵でしょう?」(Yes, my wife. Isn’t that wonderful?). LMFAO I DESERVE TO GO TO HELL WITH HOW MUCH I’M ENJOYING THIS GUY’S ROUTE. I’M SERIOUSLY NOT MAKING UP ANY OF THESE SENTENCES.. THEY’RE ALMOST LINE FOR LINE TRANSLATIONS.

Horo is staring at her with enraptured eyes, but those eyes are only seeing a reflection of Renai, his mother, in Lilith. He doesn’t actually have any feelings for her. Horo explains to her that as the son of his mother who was forgotten by the world, he is going to steal the Vakistas’ saint. He thinks it’s fitting for Renai’s son to steal Yufisu’s daughter. Lilith realizes that she’s just a trophy. She knows that he just wants to cause pain to the Vakistas and thereby the six gods.

But even though she knows all this she will do it to save their lives. Just as she’s about to say that she understands and that she will, Nate gasps out 「駄目だ・・・!リリス、絶対にそれは言っちゃ駄目だ・・・!俺は、まだ戦える・・・ッ!」(Don’t…! Lilith, you must never say that…! I.. can still fight..!!). Horo narrows his eyes and coldly tells Nate that he wasn’t speaking to him before he starts torturing Nate. Lilith screams at him to stop and that she understands and she’ll do it, and so he needs to stop. When he hears her, Horo instantly stops but then he chuckles 「・・・ふふ。それで、何がわかったんですか?」(.. Fufu. And.. what is it that you will do?).

Lilith reluctantly tells him that she will become his. But Horo isn’t satisfied and he asks her lowly 「僕の何になるんですか?」(What will you become to me?). She tries to say that she will become his wife, but the word wife dies in her throat. She knows that she must say it but no sound is coming out because memories are swirling around in her mind. Words exchanged. Feelings. Their bond. The future they were looking at together. She confesses to Nate in her heart and tells him silently that she loves him.

She knows that she won’t be able to say those words anymore and so for the very last time she tries to transmit that feeling with all her power. Then she turns and stares straight at Horo before telling him in a strong voice that she will become his wife and so he needs to stop hurting Nate and the others. Nate inhales sharply and when he breathes out it sounds as if he’s repressing tears. Horo just starts laughing while exclaiming that the daughter of Yufisu is now his. He tells everyone to remember this moment before laughing some more.

Some time later, he’s chuckling as he comments on how beautiful she is.. as is expected of his bride. Then he tells her to come with him deeper into a swirling pool of darkness. She asks him if there’s something inside, to which he just chuckles and says 「ふふ・・・。ここには、僕たちふたりだけの永遠がある。二度と離れることがないように・・・」(Fufu.. This is our eternity. We will never be parted here..). She asks him what they’re going to do in this eternity and he replies 「わからないのか?もちろんひとつになるのさ」(You don’t have an idea? Of course we’re going to become one). A-AM I SUPPOSED TO ACCEPT THIS LINE ON ITS SURFACE? Σ(゚Д゚;).

Lilith just stares at in him silent surprise and so Horo reminds her 「君は僕の妻になったんだ。ならばためらうことはない。さあ、この腕にすべてを委ねるがいい」(You became my wife and so there is nothing to hesitate about. Now, entrust everything of yourself into these arms). (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン WHAT A PERVERT.. RAPIST.. MAN.. ANGEL.. GOD.. DEMON THING LMAO. He adds 「・・・身も心も・・・そして・・・」(.. your body and heart.. and also..).

BUT THEN THESE LAST LINES ARE CREEPY AS FUCK.. PARDON MY SWEARING. Then he talks about how he finally defeated Yufisu and that Lilith is now inside of him and her love will continue to live on forever. Everything has become one with him. All of humanity will continue to live on within him.

12 thoughts on “Beyond the Future ~ Bad Ends ~

    Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
    August 23, 2015 at 21:19

    OMG finally someone who knows of this game!!!! This was my first otoge purchase and I had no idea what the heck was going on!!! I cannot even begin to thank you enough for reviewing this game. I hope it gets more attention since I desperately want to see more reviews of this. Thanks so much!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 23, 2015 at 23:39

      Is this game that uncommon? Aha, it’s true that this game isn’t mainstream but I thought quite a bit of people knew about it since it was one of the first to have a PS3 version as well (ignoring Hakuouki and its millions of ports everywhere).

      Aw, that’s great that it was your first purchase though because it’s still a good game! Even now I have fond memories of it (I absolutely ADORE Kirite and Nate although they’re not talked a lot or on my bias list, oops). Are you going to replay it again now that you know more Japanese?

      There’s actually someone on YouTube by the name of VerdelishJP who is translating the entire game from the beginning. She’s currently going through Nayuta’s route I believe and she’s doing a fantastic job, so you could check that out too if you want :3.

        Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
        August 23, 2015 at 23:42

        Well, I can’t find many talking about this game at all so I assumed it was not known. And that’s great to know! Yes, I really want to try it again:D And thank you SOOOOO much! That’s amazing:D Sorry if I’ve asked this before, but do you know Japanese, and if so, did you teach yourself? It’s difficult studying it haha

        Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
        August 23, 2015 at 23:43

        OOOps sorry haha I read your FAQ. Sorry I should have read that first before asking :P

        Ilinox responded:
        August 24, 2015 at 00:01

        No worries, I’ll never mind talking about my experience in learning Japanese (and still learning) if you want more details that I didn’t cover. I’ve answered the question a few times and always remember something new to say, so feel free to ask me any questions you have, aha. (Pretty funny question to ask if I know Japanese when I’m writing these posts though ;D did you think I just made them up?).

        It definitely takes a while to become fluent in it but it’s all about persistence and having a goal that can keep you going. I read your post about wanting to learn Japanese and I agree with most of it (although I think anime or otome games can be a motivating factor because it’s what motivated me until I learned more about the culture in general and grew to be interested in that).

        Overall, just keep trucking is what I like to tell most people and to be patient and forgiving to yourself because you’re not in a race with anyone :3 there are tons of resources and other like-minded people on the internet to share the journey with too!

        If you compare my very first blog post to the ones I do now, you can see a massive jump in skill level, which isn’t surprising since it’s been 4-5 years. Or an easier way is looking at my first Diabolik Lover drama CD translation (Ayato) and then the last one (Carla vs Shin). I went from having to summarize some parts that I didn’t understand to line-by-line translations, haha.

    Arekusandora said:
    March 20, 2012 at 01:12

    I liked only Kirite because of (cough) his attitude, errr, experience despite his young age… OHMIGOSH I LOVE TANNED MUSCULAR BOYS (cough) Yeah, what I wanted to say is… I think those bad endings are good, but not as good as Amnesia has. Maybe because Amnesia includes more psychological themes or my psyche is really distorted. o.o’ But Horo! That was amazing! I mean, doesn’t each of us girls need a little bit of such a “kidnapping” and that line ” You’ll be my waifu, you like it or not” from a handsome boy? :D

      Ilinox responded:
      March 20, 2012 at 15:04

      VIVA LA GODLY PECS ヾ(*´∀`*)/! Kirite and Nate are the only things that prevented me from throwing BtF into a wall after I realized I couldn’t reach 100% completion Orz.

      It’s too bad Suri hasn’t gotten to summarizing the Valentines day short stories, but the one for Kirite is nose-bleeding inducing!! Lilith gets to see him with his shirt off while he trains and the description was just gaijohhg talked about how his chest was glistening with sweat and his hair was damp (〃▽〃)キャー♪.

      I understand what you mean! For example I really liked Ikki’s endings because it felt like they gave more of an insight into his character and showed the depth of his love. Some of the other bad ends were just.. mindless deaths though much like BtF’s endings.

      It’s so wrong and I’d definitely run away screaming in real life, but Horo was just devilishly sexy here wwww. I like the contrast between his black clothes and white wings.

        Arekusandora said:
        March 22, 2012 at 10:13

        [focuses on one sentence] Kirite’s wet torso?! I wish there could be CG. ToT God, after the Cecil and Bilal I can’t get tanned boys out of my head. Well, I’m not complaining either. >(≧∇≦)/
        About the wings: there was time when I draw my OC with the wings and white hair and when I saw Horo for the first time I was like “wuuut, wait, deja vu effect? haven’t I seen you before?” and thought I was original. Ok, I maybe I didn’t think that way, but still…(.____. |||| ) So Horo’s awesome but now I feel like I stole something.

        Oh, whatever. Maybe Horo’ll take me out of the jail on his wings.

        PS I can’t wait for Ikki’s “later” review! :)

    roiyachan said:
    March 18, 2012 at 21:53

    oh my, how creepy…the Horo route…but i admit a part of me likes it lmao! so bad! i do feel lil heartbroken at the thought of Nate crying on the inside on the bad end though…. = ( poor hunny!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 19, 2012 at 09:27

      I’m glad I didn’t do it with Kirite, because I would have probably started sobbing so hard that I wouldn’t be able to see what I was reading (/ω\). I could handle Nate because even though he’s one of my favorite guys, it’s only because he looks cool wwww the romance in Kirite’s would have broken me.

      I know right?! Horo is one sexy evil villain (≧ω≦)!

    Dellz said:
    March 18, 2012 at 18:19

    o.o Ithis game has so many bad ending lol. Ha2 Horo sure is creepy in the ending but am I crazy? Cose I kinda like him lol

      Ilinox responded:
      March 19, 2012 at 09:28

      7 isn’t too bad. I think I went through more bad ends in total in Amnesia, ahaha. But the bad ends in Amnesia were pretty short compared to these ones. You’re not crazy because I liked it too ww as you can tell from my comments. I wanted one with Rognar too Orz;; /bricked.

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