BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Mejojo von Garibaldi ~

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Mejojo von Garibaldi (メヨーヨ フォン ガバルディ)
CV: Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝宏)

Mejojo is freakishly possessive and carries a lot of psychological trauma. I could write essays on why this guy probably acts the way he does, but let’s just say he’s not an average guy. He’s the prince and heir to the throne of the kingdom. He’s known as the serious one of the twins, but he has his crazy moments and a burning burning hatred towards wolves.

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The prologue shows a dark forest with Rath and Arles traveling towards a village. Rath notes that the rain is falling, to which Arles asks if he’s scared. Rath shakes his head and says that the rain is amazing. Arles corrects him and tells him that the rain is this country’s tears. It’s pitying the humans that live here.

Rath murmurs that he hates humans. Arles tells him to kill all humans then and to throw away his heart, because it is useless to a wolf. Before they know it, they’re in the middle of the town. Wolves appear beside them like dark shadows with eyes glinting with bloodlust. Arles orders them to attack and soon the village is in flames. The villagers try to run, but they’re overwhelmed by the wolves.

Soon all the screams die down and now there’s only the sound of things being dragged away and being feasted upon. Arles chuckles and comments on how the screams of humans are beautiful and comforting. He wants to hear more. One of the villagers lifts up a pleading hand, but Arles just ends his life. Another villager tries to escape on a horse to reach the next village to ask for help, but Arles orders Guillan to stop him.

Guillan kills him happily and starts laughing maniacally while stepping on the dying man. The man dies and Arles orders Guillan to be quiet, but Guillan just pouts and points out that he did what he was ordered to do and if wolves aren’t praised then they’ll cry. Arles rolls his eyes but praises Guillan. This makes Guillan grin before he starts searching for more prey while he spins his weapons, chakrams, around his finger.

They’re dangerous weapons that can harm their owner if he’s not careful, but Guillan wields them perfectly. He’s able to kill people from a distance by throwing them and soon he complains to Arles about how this village is too small and that they should target a bigger one next time. Arles agrees before murmuring under his breath about how he needs to make humans suffer more and how he needs to annihilate them.

Suddenly Arles looks around and asks Guillan where Rath went. Guillan doesn’t know and points out that Rath doesn’t seem to be a fan of hunting. He also says that if he didn’t know the truth then he wouldn’t have thought that Rath was Arles’ younger brother. Arles frowns and tells him that Rath is still young and that he’ll become accustomed to hunting. Guillan huffs at how Rath seems to be filling his head with troubling and confusing thoughts. He should just relax and think about fun things only.

Anyway, Arles orders Guillan to kill everything here except for wolves. Leave nothing. When Guillan disappears, Arles calls out to Rath who appears from the darkness. He asks him what he was doing, to which Rath responds that he was killing people like Arles ordered. Arles is unconvinced and reminds Rath not to feel troubled. He also orders him to set a fire after the rain stops to erase all life, fields, and buildings.

They’re doing this to remind this country, Weblin, how foolish they are, to show them what happened here, and to reveal the existence of wolves to them. Rath tells him that he understands, but Arles orders him not to think about it and that he should just listen to his instincts. The instincts that tell him to kill all humans. Rath growls out that he understands, but Arles coldly tells him to say the words and that it’s an order from him, the leader.

Rath starts to mutter 「殺す・・・殺す、殺す、殺す」(Kill.. kill, kill, kill) over and over again. Arles tells him not to hesitate and not to forget what humans did to them. Rath snarls out that he’ll kill them all and finally Arles is satisfied enough to let Rath go and he orders him to burn this village to the ground. Rath disappears and Arles chuckles as he stares at the destruction.

He wants to destroy everything here to show Weblin that the wolves’ revenge is just starting. If they’re a cursed race then let them be cursed more. He starts to laugh in the center of the village and his appearance makes him look like a king of wolves.

Exposition time. In this country there lived cats, humans, wolves, rats, lions, dogs, and rabbits. The humans and wolves lived together in a beautiful and small country called Weblin which they allowed the cats to govern over. However, friction and conflict soon occurred between the cats and the wolves. And then 10 years ago a rebellion happened. The imperial guard, made of wolves, turned their blades upon the royal family.

The royal family consisted of the Garibaldi cats who rule Weblin and the country. The price of the wolves’ crimes was heavy and the house of the imperial guards was crushed while the knights were chased out. But the riot didn’t end there and it started to involve the other races, not just the cats and wolves. And then at the same time an epidemic swept across the land. It was a fatal disease that people called Zodiva.

The first sign is the appearance of black speckles on a person’s skin. Then it travels into a person’s brain and consumes it. And the last symptom of the disease is madness. Then a rumor was started that spread across the whole kingdom about how wolves were the source of the disease. The disease started to spread in cities and villages which had been attacked by the wolves, and soon people started to believe that wolves were cursed.

And so Zodiva was renamed as the Mad Wolf Disease. To erase the fear of the people, the sixth generation of the Garibaldi family put forth a law; a genocide of the wolves. The wolves who were thought to be the source of the epidemic which destroyed the kingdom were to be exterminated. The balance and peace that had been kept between all the races for hundreds of years collapsed here.

The law was justified by stating that one day wolves might go hunting again, and so the people of the kingdom needed to defend themselves. The wolves were exterminated with zeal by the people of the kingdom who feared Zodiva. And so 10 years passed like this. Now in the present, the population of wolves has decreased dramatically and the kingdom has mostly recovered from the damage that Zodiva caused.

But the law, placed by the sixth generation of the Garibaldi family, still hasn’t been retracted and so now the wolves are becoming endangered. While the power of the wolves has decreased, the power of the cats has increased to become absolute. The cats now reside in the quiet castle of Weblin, which had remained untouched by the epidemic. The kingdom is now ruled by an absolute monarch.

Back to the present. Auger is walking through the hallway, but he hears some maids gossiping. Apparently there are rumors about a witch who lives in Scharlmessen who will curse Weblin with disaster. The maids think that there is credence to this rumor because a nearby village had been attacked by wolves. The maids shake their heads at the senseless violence, especially since no one was spared like the old men and women and children.

They heard all this from the knights who went out to investigate and then they start praising them for how brave they were to look at the disastrous scene. The rumors are that the wolves are being controlled by the witch. One of the maids asks what the witch would gain from attacking the villages. Another one answers that she heard that the witch wants immortality and so the witch needs a lot of sacrifices.

It doesn’t help that the health of the current king, the sixth generation of Garibaldi, is weakening. Probably because he has to deal with the raids from wolves, Zodiva, and the rumors about the witch. One of the maids think that the current king should just pass the crown to Mejojo. Another one hushes her and tells her not to say such reckless things, even though it’s pretty much guaranteed that Mejojo will succeed the throne. Because it sounds treasonous to hope for the current king’s death.

Auger is grinning slyly to himself at how much people seem to love gossip, although he doesn’t hate it either. Especially when the gossip is relevant and useful to him. One of the maids has also heard that Mejojo has a younger twin brother. They’ve also heard the story about Elenora and Rayleigh. One of the maids ask who those people are, and so the other two explain that Elenora and Rayleigh were the current king’s wives. They died years ago though.

This prompts the first maid to comment on how sad that must be for the current king and how he must be wanting to join his wives. The other two gasp and then hurriedly explain to the first maid that it’s taboo to mention the names of the wives and that the punishment is decapitation. Because Elenora and Rayleigh are the reason why the king and the princes don’t get along. The first maid asks them what they mean by that, but Auger decides that it’s time to interrupt them.

He walks out slowly from his corner and smiles brightly at them before asking them what they’re talking about and if he can be included, because he loves these kinds of talks. The maids apologize hurriedly and try to excuse themselves, but Auger tells them to continue talking. Even though he heard everything he’d like to hear what comes next after decapitation. They try to tell him that it was a misunderstanding, but when that doesn’t work they try to beg forgiveness.

Auger just smirks and tells 「やだ。許すわけないじゃん。今ここで死ぬんだよきみは。」(Nah. I don’t want to forgive you. You’re all dead women now). Just as they gasp, he adds 「って、いったらどうする?っていう、つもりだったのになあ。」(If I said that, what would you do? Is what I meant). The maids start begging for their lives, but Auger frowns and tells them to lower their voices because they’re annoying. He informs them that he’s the court musician and his ears are very sensitive.

They should know from the sight of his ears, but apparently they don’t since they’re humans. He twitches his ears and warns them that he can hear everything, and so the next time he catches them talking about this.. he’ll kill them. Then he asks 「人間種ヒューマの女の子ちゃん、返事はぁ?」(So human girls~ what’s your answer?). They apologize greatly before running away and Auger watches them go with a smirk. FGKFGH HIS EARS MOVE!!ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛.

He loves rumors and he heard a lot today; such as the decline of Zodiva, wolf raids, the witch, and the death of his father. He decides to tell his brother, Mejojo, about this since Mejojo is too serious and if it weren’t for Auger then he wouldn’t get any fun.

Scene skip. Fiona is sitting in a sofa that is placed against a window and looking outside at the heavy rain. She sighs heavily which is copied by Pearl and Richie who are resting beside her feet. Richie and Pearl want the rain to stop so that they can go out to play and Richie asks Fiona if she won’t play a new game with them. Fiona chides them for being too self-indulgent, which just makes them sigh heavily again.

Richie asks Fiona if she hates the rain as well. Fiona tells them that she normally doesn’t mind, but for some reason she dislikes today’s rain. Richie also grumbles about how the rain makes his fur stick up, which Fiona can sympathize with since she has long hair. But they look cuter with their hair sticking out and so Fiona ends up hugging them, and burying her face in their fur. They’re warm, soft, and they smell like the sun.

These two dogs were orphans which her father picked up for her, since she couldn’t leave the tower that she’s lived her whole life in because of her weak body. She also prefers dogs over humans as companions, but Richie and Pearl are still puppies which is why she can hug them in her arms. She finally sets them down which makes Pearl ask if the hugging is over. Richie giggles and tells Pearl that he’s acting like a baby. The two start to argue, but Fiona stops them sternly and they immediately obey.

They lie down and complain again about the rain and how it should stop. Fiona frowns and murmurs again about how she doesn’t normally hate it. To her, who cannot leave this tower, any change in the weather is welcomed as a change of scenery and so she can’t hate the rain. It’s just that today.. suddenly Zara comes in and notes how the three of them look unhappy and he asks if they hate the rain that much.

Zara Skeens was a war orphan that her father picked up and soon he became her butler. He’s looked after her since she was a child, but before that he used to be her brother’s companion. Fiona and her brother are part of the Galland family. Anyway, Zara tells Fiona that she shouldn’t make such an expression, but she points out that tomorrow is her 16th birthday and they were going to have a party. Zara hums in thought, but this just annoys Richie and Pearl who think it’s a big deal.

They don’t want the rain to ruin the party and tomorrow is special because Fiona is going to be one year older. Fiona narrows her eyes and asks them what they mean by that, but Zara interrupts and asks them if that’s the way they’re supposed to talk to their superior and master. If so, then they need to be disciplined again. Pearl frowns and argues that he’s a good dog and then asks Fiona. She giggles and tells him to do a few tricks like shaking a paw, rolling over, and jumping up. SO. CUTE. OMG. ( 。>艸<)!

Pearl completes them all perfectly and gets complimented for being a good dog as well as getting a treat. Zara just laughs at how he’s lost to them and then reminds them that tomorrow the weather might clear. Richie growls at him to fix it and call out the sun tomorrow since he can cure anything. Fiona tries to shush him from saying impossible things, but Zara just sighs and explains that he can only cure Fiona’s illnesses and her mood. Although lately her mood has been..

Fiona asks him what he means by that, but he just laughs and tells her that he was joking. Anyway, it would be nice if the weather was clear for the party tomorrow. Fiona realizes that he must be busy, and Zara starts to frown as he admits that he is. She’s taken aback when he starts to rant about how because she asked to go out for her party, her father ordered Zara to organize a dinner party. There are a lot of people to invite to Galland’s only daughter’s birthday party.

Usually they just celebrate her birthday with a small family gathering. She winces at how selfish she must have sound, but she can’t take her words back because her 16th birthday is very important to her. Richie and Pearl leap to her defense and remind Zara how important it is. Finally, he just sighs and admits that he also knows how special it is which is why he’s happy to do all these preparations. She gives a small smile at how soft and warm his voice is, which makes him point out that she’s finally smiling.

Exposition time. Her 16th birthday is the first time that she’s been allowed to leave the tower that she was born in. Before then she’s been living in this tower with Zara and other employees, without ever setting foot outside. That’s why Pearl and Richie were given to her as companions. Whatever she wanted and needed was given to her and there was a lot of space so she didn’t feel uncomfortable. However, she’s always yearned for the world outside of her window.

Back in the present, Fiona looks outside the window and Zara copies her. He tells her that her father, Edgar Galland, isn’t confining her here because he hates her. Fiona tells him that she knows her father considers her precious, even if it hurts. Zara reminds her that she’s one of the rare Lobeira among humans and so her father can’t help but worry about her. This is why everyone is worried about her, including Richie and Pearl.

Fiona argues that if she catches a cold she can just rest and it’ll disappear. But Zara argues back that she catches colds too easily and they might develop into something serious. Fiona points out that Zodiva is a fairytale now, but Zara doesn’t budge. It’s a conversation that they’ve repeated over 100 times. She wants to go out, but he won’t let her because of how dangerous it is to her health.

Because she wants to overcome this illness she’s eaten things she hated and tried different medication. She’s even trained her strength and now she’s stronger than her maids. Zara rolls his eyes and admits that he was surprised to hear her racing around the tower. Richie and Pearl even joined in and they found it fun since they love running. Fiona grins at how she won this argument, but Zara just sighs and asks her if she wants to be scolded by him.

She winces at that and falls quiet, but in her mind she thinks about how although it wasn’t ladylike of her to run around like that she wasn’t seen by anyone. After all, the only people in this tower are her, Zara, Richie, Pearl, and her maids. Zara just sighs and reminds her again about how she has Lobeira, which just makes Fiona angrily ask why she was born with it. He shrugs his shoulders with a sad frown.

Lobeira is a genetic disease that can appear in all species, but it’s most common in humans, and it causes the bearer to have a weak and sickly body. This is all that Fiona knows about it. She doesn’t even get any special powers, just a weakly body. That is why most die before they become adults. What Zara said before was correct, about how she gets ill very easily and how it becomes dangerous. The reason why she’s still alive is because of her father.

He used his position as an earl to get everything that she needed with all his money. Zara was chosen to be her butler, not only because he was her childhood friend, but because he had knowledge about medicine. And so while she still understands her father’s worry and reasons.. she can’t help but feel confined in this tower. Pearl tries to cheer her up by telling her to think about happy things like tomorrow. Richie points out that a person can’t just think about good things.

The two start to argue again when Pearl calls Richie impertinent, but Fiona just sighs and ignores them. In order to protect her, her father decided that she must be isolated from the world. She’ll probably live the rest of her live in Scharlmessen’s tower, with only visits from her family and half-blooded brother as company. And Richie, Pearl, and Zara will remain by her side. That’s why going outside may seem like a luxury, but even still she yearns to go outside no matter what.

Zara tries to cheer her up by pointing out that after this she might be allowed to go out little by little. Fiona smiles a little when she realizes that her birthday party is a small victory against her father who used to just ignore her requests to go outside. But if it continues to rain then the garden party might be cancelled and she might have to spend her birthday in the Galland halls, like usual. Suddenly the door opens, which startles Fiona, Richie, and Pearl, but it just turns out to be Nesso Galland.

He’s her older half-blooded brother and he wishes her happy birthday with a bouquet of flowers. She accepts them with a bright smile, but asks if he wasn’t troubled by the heavy rain. Nesso laughs awkwardly and tells her that he did it for her, who is too cute, and so he’d love it if she accepted it. He bought it from a flower shop on the way back, but of course he also got her a birthday present and so he wants her to look forward to that. Fiona thanks him gratefully and tells him that she’s happy enough with these flowers.

She loves the smell of them, but she’ll also look forward to the present that he’ll give her. Richie and Pearl ask him if he brought them things too, since they protected Fiona in his place. Nesso laughs and tells them that he brought them sweets, but then he tells them sternly 「でも、悪さはしてないだろうな?フィオナは俺だけのお姫様だからな?」(But you didn’t do anything bad right? Remember that Fiona is my only princess). LOL YOU AREN’T EVEN HIDING YOUR SISCON LEVELS. Zara just rolls his eyes and asks Fiona if she’d like to put the flowers in a vase.

Fiona suddenly remembers to properly welcome Nesso back, which startles him but then he smiles warmly at her and replies softly 「ただいま、俺のお姫様。こっちにおいで。いつものように、抱きしめてくれるだろう?」(I’m home, my princess. Come here. Will you give me a hug, like usual?). Fiona grins and obliges him by hugging him with all her force, but it doesn’t even faze him. He returns her embrace tightly and she notices that he smells like the flowers that he was carrying. It’s a sweet scent and it makes her feel at home.

Anyway, she asks him what he did today at work and if it was dangerous. Nesso tells her that it wasn’t dangerous, but he doesn’t want to give her all the details. He frowns as he tells her about a small village that was attacked by wolves. The site was a disaster when they got there. Everything was either destroyed or stolen. Fiona is more scared for her brother than the thought of more wolf attacks, because she’s afraid that next time he’ll find himself in the midst of their raid.

Nesso serves Weblin as the leader of a division of knights called the Gefreiter. Their crest is a wing. Because she hasn’t left the tower, she isn’t that knowledgeable about the world outside, but she’s heard from others that it’s sad for Nesso to be a knight at his young age. He trains a lot to prepare for when he needs to fight for his country or if he’s sent out in an emergency. But even though she knows that, she still pleads for him not to do dangerous things.

He agrees not to do things that would make her sad. And then Zara returns to join in lecturing Nesso not to make them worry. Nesso just grins and reminds them that he’s the country’s best knight. His name is on the list of famous knights. She nods glumly and so Nesso ruffles her hair and kisses her on the forehead. Zara frowns and orders Nesso not to touch Fiona too much, because he’s still wet from the rain. Nesso winces at that and apologizes before he accepts the towel from Zara and starts to dry himself off.

Fiona reassures him that she’s fine and then asks him if the rain was heavy. Nesso nods and describes how he was soaked and how his horse had trouble running. Zara sighs and tells Nesso that he should have waited for the rain to stop before returning home. But Nesso frowns and points out that he might not have been able to make it in time to her birthday if he did that. Zara points out that if he was injured it’d be a problem. Nesso tells them that it was fine and he’s a knight, so he’d know his horse’s limit.

Zara tells him that anything could have happened and they wouldn’t have known and so he should be more careful. Pearl agrees and tells him that making people worry is bad. Richie agrees too before adding that Pearl is more than enough trouble. The two start to get into a fight which just makes Nesso laugh while Zara sighs in the background. Zara and Nesso have known each other for a long time, because Zara calls Nesso by his first name while he calls Fiona by the title of “my lady”.

In the past, she tried to get him to call her by her first name like he did with Nesso since she was jealous. But she had to give up, since he was too stubborn and even now she has to resign herself to the title. Anyway, Zara informs them that it’s almost dinner time and asks what Nesso will do. Nesso decides to eat with Fiona, which makes her ask Zara to invite her father as well so that it’ll be a family dinner. Her father lives in a nearby castle, but it’s not because he dislikes her.

Edgar doesn’t want Fiona to catch an illness from the many people who walk in and out to see him, which is why he built this tower just for her. He often came over here to play with her, much like Nesso did. Anyway, Zara agrees to propose it to their father but Nesso just laughs and points out that if Fiona is inviting him then their father will definitely come. Her father accepts her invitation with pleasure like they expected. And so they start having dinner together and Edgar comments on how she’s going to be 16.

Fiona nods and tells him that she’s now a splendid lady, but he just laughs and tells her that she’ll always be his little princess. Nesso agrees, but says that she’s his only princess. Fiona pouts at how they continue to regard her as a child though, much like how she looks at Richie and Pearl. But 16 is an age where it isn’t unusual for daughters of aristocrats to be married off. Pearl and Richie have transformed into their human forms in order to sit at the table and they quickly argue that Fiona is their princess.

This causes Nesso to state that even if they’re humans, Fiona is still his princess. Zara rolls his eyes and tells Nesso not to be such a selfish brat. SISCON LEVELS ARE OVER 9000! Anyway, Richie makes a comment about how since Fiona is almost 16 she’ll be able to kiss. Zara asks Richie in alarm why he remembered that, meanwhile Nesso is freaking out. Fiona sighs at how everyone seems to be acting with exaggeration, although this is how their family is. When she was born, the doctors proclaimed that she wouldn’t have long to live.

She slept a lot when she was young, such as when it was raining, windy, hot, or even cold. But because Zara, Nesso, and her father treasured and protected her so much she managed to live up to now. She’s very grateful to them, but sometimes she feels like a cruel daughter for being such a heavy burden. Still though, she yearns to go outside to walk in the wind and feel the ground beneath her feet. Because of her small victory in getting her father to host her birthday party outside, she asks him if she can start living with him.

He misunderstands and tells her immediately that he’ll move into the tower then, but she corrects him which causes him to frown. He explains that he lost both of his wives to sickness and so he’s afraid of what she might catch if she left the pure air of her tower and came down to the ground. Nesso points out that Zodiva hasn’t disappeared yet either and the outside world is still a harsh place. Both her mother and Nesso’s mother died after giving birth.

Fiona knows that she resembles her mother a lot and so her father wouldn’t be able to bear losing her. However, all his overprotection has made the other aristocrats give her a nickname. She’s known as the “Beautiful Princess of the Bird Cage”, because of how she’s confined to a high tower. There are rumors floating around about her because no one is allowed to go near the tower except for employees and family. Suddenly, Fiona realizes that Mejojo and Auger haven’t been around lately.

The faces of her father and Nesso become clouded when she asks them if Mejojo and Auger will be at her birthday party. When she looks towards Zara, he explains that Mejojo still hasn’t given up on her. No matter how many times her father and Nesso refuse him, he still wants her. Fiona is shocked to hear this.

Exposition time. Mejojo and Auger’s full name is Mejojo von Garibaldi and Auger von Garibaldi. They are the heirs to the King who rules this country, the sixth generation of the Garibaldi family. They’re also twins. One day, her father was called out to the palace and the King told him that it was a shame his daughter had Lobeira and was confined to the tower. But his sons have an interest in her and so they should get to know one another. Even though it was framed as a suggestion, it was really an order.

And so, after many preparations were made and the tower was cleaned, Mejojo and Auger came to visit her. Every month they visit her once and Mejojo always proposes to her, despite how he keeps getting refused. Normal families would rejoice at the chance to join their bloodline with the royal family, but she isn’t from a normal family. Nesso and Edgar worry about what will happen to her weak body if she was moved to the royal palace. As an aristocrat’s daughter, she has received many proposals.

Because of this she’s always known that she’ll have an arranged marriage, and so she doesn’t dislike Mejojo or mind his proposal. Anyway, she asks her father if Mejojo is really that persistent, to which he answers that Mejojo is. Nesso complains about how he doesn’t know when to give up, which causes Edgar to scold him for saying such things. Nesso reassures him that he doesn’t say these things outside, but he should be able to speak his mind at home. Edgar points out that as a knight he swore loyalty to the royal family.

Nesso counters by saying that he’ll fulfill his knightly duties, but Fiona is another story. Lately Mejojo has become more and more arrogant and he’s even starting to look down on the other races, which is why Nesso is unhappy with the match. Then he adds with a grin 「そもそも、フィオナは俺のお嫁さんになるんだからな。な、フィオナ?」(In the first place, Fiona is going to become my bride. Right, Fiona?). LMAO WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO. Zara just rolls his eyes at Nesso, while her father scolds Nesso with a tired expression.

Fiona ends up telling them that she’s prepared to be married off for the sake of the family. The moment she says this though, Nesso snaps at her and tells her that she doesn’t know anything. Her father nods in the background, which makes her flinch in hurt. She accuses them of being too overprotective, but Nesso points out that she’s still a child and so she can’t be a wife. And when she’s ready to be one, then he’s there for her. Fiona’s eyes widen, but the moment is broken when Richie and Pearl jump in and argue that she’s going to be their wife.

Richie wants to marry her so that they can be together forever, to which Pearl argues that that’s the reason he wants to marry her. Fiona giggles at how cute they are but realizes that they still don’t understand love and marriage. They think that marriage is a way to be together with the person they love, which isn’t the wrong idea, but it’s rare among aristocrats. Zara once again complains about how they aren’t addressing Fiona properly, but she defends them by saying that she allowed them to while they were in the tower.

They promise to call her correctly when they’re outside and then Nesso asks if the dogs can be let outside from time to time. Edgar just sighs and tells Zara and Nesso to decide. Zara frowns at how Edgar and Nesso are too sweet on them and that dogs need discipline when they’re young. Fiona is amused at the relationship between Zara and Nesso, since Nesso is Zara’s superior but Zara calls him by his first name because of their long acquaintance. Anyway, Nesso brings the conversation back to how Richie and Pearl can’t marry Fiona.

The only one who can marry Fiona is someone who is stronger than him. Zara asks dully if there is anyone who can beat Nesso in swordplay, to which Nesso cheerfully replies that there isn’t yet. Fiona pouts and tells him that she’ll never be a bride at this rate, but Nesso just tells her that he’ll protect her forever. This makes her blush again. While marriages between family isn’t unusual it isn’t practiced a lot either, but she feels idiotic for feeling her heart jump at her half-blooded brother’s words.

Anyway, the wind picks up and Zara asks if they should reschedule the party since it sounds like a storm is coming. Fiona agrees as long as the party isn’t cancelled. Her father expresses his regret, but until the storm dies down.. Suddenly Nesso shushes them. The sound of horses can be heard and the family quickly looks out the window. Fiona’s eyes widen at how the tower is surrounded by Mejojo and Auger’s bodyguards. Zara notes calmly that the atmosphere doesn’t feel very welcoming.

Nesso orders Edgar and Fiona to stand back while he goes to check out the situation, but before he can the sound of knights can be heard in the hallway. The maids of the house try to warn Edgar but they’re detained and then suddenly two knights enter the room. Richie and Pearl transform back into their dog forms to try to bite and bark at the knights, but they’re kicked away. Fiona screams out their name in worry, because they were watchdogs but only for simple things like robbers and not elite knights.

The knights order everyone not to move if they don’t want this situation to turn ugly, but Nesso accuses them of being too cruel. One of the knights drawls out that it was self-defense. Anyway, Auger enters the room when the knights signal that it is safe and everyone is shocked to see him. He greets Fiona with happy smile that sends shivers up her spine at how disturbing it is in this situation. Meanwhile, Nesso tells Auger coldly that he needs to remove his knights since they’re intruding on his sister’s room.

A knight shouldn’t step foot into a lady’s room without invitation. Auger points out that he’s not a knight, he’s a prince and a court musician. Nesso tries to argue that this is a breach in conduct even for a prince, but Zara shushes him. Nesso bites back his words before asking tersely for an explanation. Auger explains that Zodiva has become more prevalent in this area, which Edgar confirms, and rumors say that the reason for this is because of the witch at the top of this tower. Fiona freezes because there is only one woman in this room and Auger is staring straight at her.

Zara yells out that those are lies, but Auger coldly reminds him that he’s the one speaking right now. Anyway, he’s merely acting on the will of the people who live in this region. He can’t not do his job and so he came to arrest her. At the same time, Nesso and Auger yell out 「ふざけるな!」(Don’t joke around!), and then Auger bursts out laughing at how easy it is to understand Nesso. Nesso snarls out 「……っ、きさっ……。」(… you bas-…) but cuts himself off. However, Auger teasingly says 「き?さ?ま?」(Ba-sta-rd?). Zara reminds Nesso not to do anything and so Nesso just grits his teeth in frustration.

Several days ago. Auger is at the royal palace and complaining about being bored to death. The palace is boring because it’s too peaceful. Many people think that he and Mejojo are not related because they don’t have fights over the throne and he spends all day in his brother’s room. To Auger it’s simple though. In this world there are only things that interest him and things that don’t, and the throne doesn’t interest him. The reason why he loves Mejojo is because Mejojo doesn’t bore him.

Anyway, he enters the his brother’s room without knocking because they both don’t see a need to knock. Only someone who did something wrong would worry about whether or not they should knock in a place like this where people come and go. He’s surprised to see Mejojo in a bad mood, but what is really unusual is the thoughtful look on his face. Auger wonders what kind of problem it is that the heir to the throne can’t handle. Mejojo finally slams his hand down on a piece of paper and snarls out that he received Edgar’s reply.

Auger grins and asks if he was refused once again and how many times that makes it. He tells Mejojo to just give up on marriage so that they can play together forever, but Mejojo tells him to shut up. However, Auger continues and comments on how he doesn’t know what Mejojo sees in that girl. Mejojo coldly reminds Auger that he already told him to shut up and this makes Auger’s mouth slam shut. He doesn’t want to make his brother really angry, or else his brother won’t play with him for a long time.

And so he resists the temptation to prod further, although if he were honest he does anger Mejojo often. Auger doesn’t understand his brother’s fixation because Fiona isn’t beautiful. In fact, she’s frank. He wonders if it’s because of the name, since 10 years ago Mejojo had a fiancée by the name of Elvira Galland, the same family that Fiona is from. But that woman fell in love with another man. However, Mejojo still pursued her despite that. Auger cheerfully thinks about how it sounds like a tragic love story.

Of course, Mejojo didn’t love the woman. He just didn’t want something that was considered to be his to be stolen away by some knight. His pride was wounded by how Elvira chose another man. If he likens it being unable to obtain a toy then Auger can understand why his brother went to such lengths to get her back. But even though he understands Mejojo feelings, it’s not interesting to see his brother’s devotion to Fiona.

Anyway, Auger tells Mejojo that if he wants her so badly then he can just forcibly take her. Or if he just wants to hold her then Auger can kill her and stuff her for him. Mejojo reminds him that their father likes the Galland family. The Galland family is one of the oldest noble families and can be traced back to the founding of country of Weblin. The Galland family has a deep friendship with the Garibaldi family, which is why a marriage between the two is approved.

Nesso and Edgar were promoted to a high position by their father, which makes it hard to do anything. Auger pouts and wishes that the Galland family had more weaknesses to exploit. But then suddenly he gets a good idea, to which Mejojo comments on how surprising that is. Auger pouts again at his brother’s teasing words before telling him that he just wants to be of help to his beloved brother. Mejojo orders him to talk then, to which Auger teases him by saying that he isn’t very welcoming to his advice.

Mejojo smirks and points out that Auger wouldn’t be hurt by his words anyway. He also points out how Auger doesn’t have much to contribute anyway. Auger winces at how harsh his brother’s words are, and then Mejojo orders him to speak again. Auger teases him by saying that he’s too hasty, but that’s what he loves about his brother and so he tells him. Lately there have been rumors about a witch. And so the plan to capture Fiona is born.

Back to the present. Fiona is brought in chains back to the royal palace and she wonders at how things became like this. Just a few hours ago she had been having a family dinner and although they were talking about postponing her birthday party, she still felt the love. Nesso had yelled at them not to touch or chain her. Meanwhile, Edgar tried to plead with Auger about how this is just a misunderstanding and that Fiona can’t resist a strong knight anyway, and so there is no need to put her in chains or use force.

Anyway, the whole family has been taken to the royal palace to meet the King. Fiona is in chains in front of the whole court, which had been assembled, and she finds it ironic that her first view of the outside world is in this way. She had accepted these chains to prevent Nesso from doing anything foolish, and because she knew she was innocent. But the heavy weight of chains makes it hard to feel optimistic and only put more emphasis on how she’s been accused of a crime that she didn’t commit. The King finally shows and asks Edgar, his close friend, if his daughter is really a witch.

Edgar pleads with the King to spare his daughter, while Nesso snaps out that the accusations are baseless and false. Mejojo appears and comments coolly on how while he understands Nesso’s anger at the accusations of his relative, he needs to know his place. They should feel grateful about how they are even allowed to defend themselves. He reminds them that they’re in the presence of the king and they should kneel and bow their heads! Fiona realizes that Mejojo is the one who is directing this court meeting.

Meanwhile, Auger is nodding along from behind Mejojo with a smug grin. Anyway, Mejojo explains that brought along some villagers who live near Scharlmessen and Fiona is shocked to see them looking at her with hate and fear. They honestly believe that she’s the witch and one of them accuses her of becoming a black crow who cursed his grandfather with an illness that killed him. A woman accuses her of ordering wolves to kill her precious sheep and claims that she saw a girl walking with the wolves.

Another claims that the witch has dug graves open for ingredients for her poisons. Fiona notices that all of the accusations have no proof, yet the court sounds believed. Mejojo asks Fiona what she would like to say to defend herself and so Fiona reminds everyone that she hasn’t left her tower at all and so she can’t have ordered wolves to attack things or make medicine. She’s also just a human and so she can’t turn into a crow. The villagers fall silent when they realize that they have no proof.

But Mejojo notices that they look hesitant and so he orders them to speak up and not to worry about any punishment, because no harm can come to them here. And so then the villagers ask her how she’s still alive for so long if she has Lobeira. Most people afflicted with this disease would die before they became adults, yet she’s still living. She must be sacrificing their lives to Zodiva to live longer. And if she’s always living in the tower then how do they know that she isn’t a witch there?

They’ve also seen Zara buying strange medicines on orders of Earl Edgar. Zara snaps out that the medicine is to cure Fiona’s illnesses, while Nesso just glares at them viciously. Fiona tries to protest as well, but Auger tells everyone to calm down. Mejojo asks his father what he thinks, but the King just hums in thought. Edgar informs the King that Fiona has lived for so long because of his overprotection, not because she’s a witch. But the villagers start shouting about how they want to see the proof that she’s not a witch.

Fiona realizes that this is impossible, unless she were to catch an illness and die. Everyone is at a stalemate, since the villagers have no proof that she is a witch but Edgar can’t provide proof that she’s not a witch. But suddenly Mejojo asks his father for permission to speak and he points out that the disasters are happening in the villages near the tower, which is how these accusations are born. All they have to do is move Fiona to the castle and if a disaster happens in the castle, then they’ll have proof that she’s a witch.

Edgar protests to this because Fiona has a weak body and she might die if she’s moved. Mejojo calmly tells him that he can sympathize with Edgar’s love for his daughter, but he needs to consider his family’s reputation as well. Then Mejojo addresses his father and tells him that he understands how his father wants to protect his old friend, but he needs to think about the country as well. The threat of wolf raids and Zodiva needs to be ended. HOLY FUCK. THAT PLAN WAS CARRIED OUT SO WELL BY MEJOJO WITH THE HELP OF AUGER I’M ASSUMING. THAT IS.. SO SEXY (*ノ∀ノ).

And so the King declares that Fiona is to be moved into the castle. Mejojo adds that for now Fiona is to be charged for being a witch until proven otherwise. Nesso tries to fight against the order and asks the King to reconsider but Mejojo just calls for the guards to restrain him. Edgar, Zara, and Nesso are left behind in the court while Mejojo takes Fiona away. He orders her to quietly obey him, especially if she wants nothing to happen to Nesso.

As she walks through the castle between Auger and Mejojo she wonders where she’ll be put. She stops herself from showing her tears at this turn of events, even though she thinks that she’ll be put in a cell. It’s funny how she was so excited for her birthday party tomorrow, but now she’s afraid of what tomorrow will bring. Suddenly, she starts to smell flowers which just alarms her into thinking that she’ll be put into a cell underground or placed in another tower.

Mejojo asks her why she keeps looking around and so she admits that she’s wondering where they’re taking her. He just smirks and tells her that she’ll see. The three of them finally end up in the private gardens of the royal palace. Fiona is taken aback by the beauty and then asks Mejojo what they’re doing here. He informs her that she’s going to be living here in that small house. She immediately likes how small and cute it looks, but she’s confused as to why she’s not being kept under watch for being a witch.

He informs her that she will be since she’s in the castle and she will have his Chu-Chu Knights, the CCK, around her. They’re a group of knights whose members are all rats. Mejojo orders them to introduce themselves and so the leader introduces himself as Leonidas and tells her that he’ll be the one around her the most, if she can remember his face. Fiona feels a bit anxious at that since they all look nearly the same with their little helmets. Then there’s Vincent, David, Rad, and Knack.

They all chime in and ask her to treat them favorably. Mejojo rewards them with nuts. HOLIJTHIAGF ALL THE CCK ARE SO CUTE AND THE MENTAL IMAGE OF MEJOJO FEEDING THEM NUTS.. (〃゚艸゚):;*. Then he tells Fiona that he’ll give her this bag that holds their favorite nuts and she can reward them whenever she feels like it, or if they do a good job. Meanwhile, the rest of the rats are whispering about how unfair it is that only Leonidas received the nuts. Fiona can’t stop thinking about how cute they are, like toy soldiers.

She also has to try and restrain herself from giving them more. Meanwhile, Mejojo just calmly continues on with his explanation. The CCK are hers to command and if she needs anything then she can order them to get it. But she mustn’t forget that their job is to watch over her as well and the minute she tries to run they’ll report to him. He also reminds her that she’s considered to be a witch and so if she runs then he’ll kill her. Fiona flinches when he pulls out his rapier.

But then he smirks and tells her that nothing bad will happen so long as she remains obedient. Then he walks off, leaving her staring at his back in confusion since she didn’t expect to be imprisoned like this. Suddenly Auger chuckles at how dishonest, but sweet his brother is. He also unlocks her chains and tsks at how careless his brother was to forget about these, unless he enjoys bondage. Leonidas interrupts and tells him that they wouldn’t know, but Auger glares at them and orders them to leave since he wasn’t talking to them.

They disappear swiftly and Auger smiles again before he tells her not to think badly about his brother, since he’s doing this for her. Mejojo and Auger know that she’s not a witch and they don’t believe it, but there is unrest in Edgar’s lands and if the villagers aren’t appeased then their unhappiness could take the form of a riot. For example, they might storm the castle and the tower to try and kill her as self-defense. Fiona is horrified but she can imagine it happening when she recalls the hate and fear in their eyes.

Auger thinks that the villagers were being really stupid and then he tells her that Mejojo was just acting in the court to protect her and her family. He didn’t want to patronize her by telling her, not to mention she’s frank. Fiona flinches at his mean words, but then Auger tells her that he’s joking. Fiona realizes that Mejojo must have prepared this place for her to live, because he planned it all and Auger confirms it. She thanks him gratefully for the relief his explanation gave her, since she had been frightened of what Mejojo and Auger.

Then she asks if Nesso and Edgar know about this situation, to which Auger shrugs. But he reassures her that if he sees them then he’ll explain everything properly and so she doesn’t need to worry about anything. She should just relax and have fun here until things calm down. But 「もしそれに心配になったら、モフモフしてもいいんだよ?ほら、この耳と尻尾触りたいでしょ?あの二匹の犬代わりにおれが慰めてあげるよ。」(If you do end up worrying, I’ll let you pet me, alright? Look, you want to touch these ears and tail, right? I’ll comfort you in the place of those two dogs).

Fiona gapes at him, but then he says that he was just joking. However, he does tell her that he’s the court musician and so when she’s sad he’ll play a song for her. Anyway, Auger wishes her good night before leaving. She takes one last look around, especially when she feels that someone is watching her (it’s Julian), but she assumes that it’s the CCK. Plus, it’s not strange for someone in her situation to be unsettled. She tries to convince herself that nothing bad will happen to her since Mejojo prepared this beautiful place for her.

Meanwhile, when Auger returns back to the royal palace, he bursts out laughing and asks himself why everyone is such an idiot. It looks like things are going to be fun and he hopes Fiona doesn’t break easily. He walks off thinking about how he’s in the mood to play a song now.

The next day. Fiona is now 16 but she feels troubled knowing that all the preparation they made back at Scharlmessen has gone to waste now that she’s in the royal palace. Especially since after yesterday’s storm passed, today is a fine day. She hopes that Auger explained everything to Nesso, Zara, and Edgar, because those three are surely worrying about her. Richie and Pearl probably think something terrible happened to her. This is the first time in her life that she’s been alone without anyone with her and she hates it.

Fiona stops herself from crying though, since it would be silly now that she’s an adult. She comforts herself by thinking that on the bright side, she’s not imprisoned in a cell as a witch. Suddenly she hears the sound of running footsteps and it turns out to be Leonidas who greets her again before telling her that he’s brought her a present from Mejojo. The CCK start to bring in boxes of all sizes and Fiona thanks them once they finish.

She asks Leonidas if he would like nuts and he responds 「な、ナッツ……っ。い、いえ、それほどの働きをしたわけではございませんから……!」(Nu-Nuts..! N-No, I haven’t worked hard enough for them..!). GOD I WOULD MARRY MEJOJO JUST FOR THE CCK IF HE WASN’T SUCH A SEXY BASTARD. The rest of the CCK though start to become restless for the nuts until Leonidas controls them. Anyway, Fiona opens the boxes and is surprised to find things like a dress, shoes, necklace, etc.

Her mood instantly becomes better, especially when she hears from Leonidas that Mejojo organized a dance party for her birthday. She doesn’t think the party will be a secret and so there’s a chance that she’ll meet Nesso, Zara, and her father there. Fiona asks Leonidas for a favor and he agrees to listen to her but he tells her that he swore his sword to Mejojo and so he cannot do anything that will disobey or harm Mejojo. She just wants him to convey her thanks to Mejojo though.

This seems to make the CCK like her more. Anyway, she quickly realizes that she can’t put this dress on by herself and so she asks them hesitantly if they can help. But this just makes the CCK gasp in shock and Leonidas hurriedly tells her that they can’t do such a thing. Vincent gasps out that it’s shameful. Rad states that he wouldn’t be able to do it even for nuts, though Knack believes that if it’s for nuts.. Leonidas hits Knack on the head before getting them in order.

He tells her that they can’t help her, which she already suspected since it’s improper and because they’re too small, but a servant will come by and help because Mejojo informed all the servants to serve Fiona. The CCK take their leave when they hear the servant coming. The servant turns out to be Julian who tells her calmly that she must take a bath first. Fiona is completely stunned at the fact that Julian is going to be her personal servant and quickly protests that she can do things by herself.

In the circle of aristocrats, it’s not unusual to have maids of a different sex because employees are not seen as people. Therefore it wouldn’t be improper if Julian helped her, but Fiona isn’t used to that kind of thing. Julian frowns in hurt and asks if he did anything to irritate her, to which she quickly shakes her head. Everything is fine, except for her heart which is pounding at the thought of Julian helping her dress. Although Zara was her male servant, he gave her a lot of freedom and independence.

Julian asks her hurtfully if he can’t help her and if she doesn’t need him, to which she quickly reassures him that he isn’t the problem it’s her. She’s not used to having someone help her wash. When she lived in the tower, her father made her have the bare minimum of servants because he feared that too many would make her sick. This was why she also got used to doing things by herself. Julian is comforted by her words and so he informs her that he’ll call in some female maids.

The maids take all afternoon to wash, dress, and put make-up on her. Fiona had to get used to the maids touching her bare body and it made her nervous. Anyway, Auger comes by to escort her to the dance hall and he compliments how she looks in the dress. Though he mutters under his breath that it was the clothes who transformed her. When she asks him what he just said, he tells her that she looks beautiful. Fiona thanks him and then asks where Mejojo is since she wants to thank him too.

Auger tells her that his brother is in the dance hall and he’ll be pleased to hear her thanks. Then he extends his hand as if he were a prince from a fairytale, although he really is a prince. And she gives him her hand as if were a princess. Auger smirks at her as he says 「魔女様ありがたき、幸せ。」(You honor me, witch). She giggles at his joke and then they to head toward the dance hall. SOMEHOW I DON’T THINK HE WAS JOKING..

As they walk through the hallway, Fiona asks Auger about the crests on the wall since there are variations of it. He laughs at how inexperienced she is, but apologizes when he notices her looking hurt. He wasn’t making fun of her since she can’t help the fact that she lived in a tower her whole life and that her father didn’t teach her this. Auger explains that the world isn’t as peaceful or beautiful as she thinks it is. The red crests on the wall are the crest of the red cats.

Fiona can’t stop herself from looking up at Auger’s ears. He notices her gaze and tells her that he and Mejojo are white cats, just like their father. She apologizes for her lack of knowledge on cats since she’s human, but she wants to know if the color of their ears and tail changes depending on their parents. Kind of like humans and secretly she’s curious as to what will happen if she and Mejojo were to get married. Would the child be a human or a cat?

Auger’s hand trace the red and white crests that they pass as they walk and then he asks her what she thinks the reason for these are. She takes too long to answer though and so he teasingly lets her know that he’ll have to share the secret. His grin is wicked though as he reveals that the founder of the white cats murdered the red cats in order to steal the throne. He was no one special because he had no claim to the throne, but he wanted to be king.

And so he made sure that no one but him could claim the throne, by murdering them all. He smirks as he notes that it’s a terrible story. The founder of the white cats must have murdered hundreds of people for the throne. It’s the biggest massacre in the history of Weblin. Fiona thinks it’s a scary story, since the founder of the white cats killed so many people. Auger thinks it’s amazing though that he was able to kill so many without getting stopped, because if one tried to do that today then they would be prevented.

Leonidas shivers beside their feet when he hears Auger’s words and Fiona also realizes how different Auger is. She wonders if all of the royal family think this way and as if he read her thought Auger tells her that this is the way of the royal life. WHEN YOU PLAY A GAME OF THRONES YOU WIN OR YOU DIE. Then he smirks and reminds Leonidas that rats are considered a snack to a cat. Fiona asks him if he’s serious and he tells her that cats will eat anything, including humans.

She frowns and tells him not to treat her like an idiot just because she lived in a tower all her life. He chuckles and gives up on his joke before asking her if she learnt that from her rabbit butler. Speaking of rabbits, he decides to point out a crest that has a rabbit motif. The 5th generation of the Garibaldi family had an alliance with rabbits, which is why their crest includes a rabbit. But after the 5th Garibaldi died, a power struggle occurred over who would be the next King.

The rabbits trusted the wrong group and they ended up being destroyed in the conflict. Fiona’s face pales as she recalls that Zara was a war orphan who was hired by her father. She wonders if he was caught in the conflict. Auger notices her composure and asks her concernedly if there’s something wrong, but she just shakes her head. Accepting her answer he opens his mouth to talk about what happened 10 years ago, but suddenly Mejojo interrupts them and tells Auger to stop talking about unnecessary things.

Auger is surprised to see his brother in the hallway and asks him what he’s doing. Mejojo points out that it’s not strange to see him standing at the entrance to the dance hall and Auger realizes that he must have gotten caught up in talking, since he didn’t notice that they were there. Anyway, Mejojo tells Fiona not to mind Auger since he’s long-winded, Auger calls his brother mean, and then extends his hand to her. Auger releases Fiona and she thanks him for escorting her here.

Even though his talk troubled her it doesn’t change the fact that he was her escort. Auger gives her a sweeping bow and tells her that she’s welcome, before her hand is grabbed by Mejojo who has a dark expression. But it clears as she enters the dance hall and is captivated by its beauty. Attendants come and go to serve the guests and Mejojo informs her that this is a celebration of the day she came to the palace as well as her birthday. He would have liked to make her the most important guest in this party, but because of yesterday’s events that’ll be difficult.

Fiona smiles and thanks him for the dress, accessories, and dance party, because those are more than enough for her. Mejojo smirks and asks 「これぐらいで満足していてどうする?お前は私の妻となるのだぞ?」(What will you do if you’re satisfied with just this much? Will you become my wife?). YES YES YES X1000. I JUST LOVE YOUR CHU CHU KNIGHTS.. AND MAYBE YOUR SMIRK (*ノ∀ノ). Fiona’s eyes widen before she reminds him that he was refused. He nods at that but points out that the grounds for the refusal was because she wouldn’t be able to live in the castle.

And yet here she is living in the castle. Her father and Nesso have no more reason to refuse him and so all he needs to do is wait until she is cleared from the accusation of being a witch. There is a smug and arrogant smirk on his face and Fiona realizes that she needs to prepare herself for this outcome. Anyway, Mejojo must excuse himself because he needs to be by his father’s side and while he would like to have her beside him he has no official reason to do that.

Fiona tells him that she’ll be fine by herself and that he needs to support his father. The party soon starts and she mingles with the guests, but after a while they start dancing and she is left to stand against the wall. It’s a shame since, even though she lived in the tower, she also took etiquette lessons for a lady and so she knows how to dance. But because she doesn’t have a proper escort there is no one to dance with her. She’s saddened by how beautiful all the ladies look twirling around while she’s relegated to being a wallflower.

She imagines who she’d like to dance with and her mind provides her with an image of Mejojo. This embarrasses her since it could never happen. If Mejojo started dancing with someone, she’s sure that everyone else would stop what they were doing to watch him and his partner. The scrutiny that she would be under makes her nervous and it would cause trouble for Mejojo since she’s considered to be a witch. She shakes her head to clear herself of her fancies, but then she hears the sound of someone walking towards her.

It turns out to be Mejojo who tells her to dance with him. Fiona stares at him with wide eyes but he just pulls her to the dance floor and places his hand around her waist. She has no choice but to place her hand on his shoulder for a waltz, although she does ask him if it’s alright since she’s accused as a witch. Mejojo just shrugs and points out that even if she might be a witch, there’s no mistake in her being an earl’s daughter and so it isn’t strange for him, the prince, to dance with her.

They start dancing and Mejojo comments on how she’s surprisingly good. She pouts and calls him mean for saying that, but he defends himself by pointing out that she had never been to a dance party before. Fiona explains that she learned how to dance in the tower. Mejojo’s voice drops as he says 「ネッソを相手にか?」(Was Nesso your partner?). Fiona innocently nods her head at that, but this just makes Mejojo’s expression darken and he clenches his teeth as he pulls her closer to him. Fiona asks him with a stutter if they aren’t too close.

But he just responds 「別に問題ないだろう。いずれお前は私のものだ。……見せ付けてやればいい。」(It’s not as if there’s a problem. At any rate you’re mine… Let everyone see). Her mouth opens in surprise, but before she can say anything Mejojo continues on to say 「うまそうな耳だな。人間種ヒューマの耳は噛みたくなる。」(What an appetizing ear. I’ve always wanted to bite a human ear). Fiona tries to protest but he nibbles on her ear and murmurs huskily 「……柔らかいじゃないか。柔肌だな、お前は。」(.. Soft isn’t it? You have such soft fair skin).

She gasps quietly but he just asks 「どうした、これぐらいで。妻となった暁にはもっと深く噛んでやる。」(What is with that reaction. When you become my wife.. I’ll bite you deeper). She makes a face at that, which he scolds her for by telling her not to make such careless expressions, and then he whispers 「……ようやく手に入れられる。」(.. I finally have you in my hands). Fiona wants to know why he has this smirk on his face, but she finally gives up her resistance when he continues to escort her.

It’s only when the party ends that she finds out that the Galland family attended, which means Nesso, Zara, and her father were there. Now she knows what Mejojo meant when he told her that he wanted to show everyone that she was his. Fiona winces in her mind at the thought of what they could have seen if they saw her and Mejojo.

Later. The King is coughing in his bed and Mejojo tells him not to overexert himself. It must have been the party and the lively atmosphere. The King waves their worry away and reassures them that he’s feeling better now that he’s lying down. Mejojo asks him if he wants anything, to which he replies that he doesn’t. But this just makes Auger smile slyly as he asks where the father who was uncommonly shrewd in his youth went. Mejojo agrees calmly and asks where the father who destroyed the rabbits in order to seize the throne went.

The King is silent and so Mejojo continues on to say that it’s because of their father that they were born, so he’s grateful for that. He tells his father that he hopes he continues to live for their sake, since they are inexperienced and unknowledgeable. WHY DOES HE SOUND SO SARCASTIC HERE. The King agrees tiredly that he can’t die until the threat of wolves and Zodiva has been eliminated. Auger cheerfully tells their father that he and Mejojo rely on him a lot.

But he doesn’t want him to push himself. Mejojo will work hard and protect the country while he rests. Mejojo states 「その通りです。ゾディバがどれだけ蔓延し、民がどれほど死のうと、狼種ヴォルフがどれだけ民を虐殺してまわろうと、この私が、父上に習い、ウェブリンを守って見せますとも。お約束します。」(That’s right. No matter how much Zodiva spreads, or how many people die, or how many people the wolves kill, I, with the teachings of my father, will protect Weblin. This I promise). DUDE, THAT’S NOT HELPING YOUR FATHER REST EASY. YOU’RE DOING THIS ON PURPOSE AREN’T YOU? Σ(゚ー゚;*).

The King gasps in shock and asks Mejojo weakly if things are really turning that bad, with Zodiva and the wolves. Then he asks with worry how Fiona is doing and if she’s alright. Mejojo frowns gently and tells his father that she’s depressed and uneasy after being ripped away from her family. Not to mention she has Lobeira and so she might catch an illness, but he’ll make sure a doctor is present. The King apologizes out loud to Edgar, who was his right-hand man when they fought the rabbits for the throne.

They were comrade-in-arms and best friends. The King tells Mejojo and Auger that he’ll depend on them to return Fiona back to her family. Mejojo agrees to that but comments on how hard it’ll be to find evidence to prove that she’s not a witch. Auger points out that the villagers think her life is proof that she’s a witch and so they’ll need to kill her to deny the accusation. The King gets worked up at that and starts coughing, which makes Mejojo scold his brother.

Auger just snickers and apologizes before claiming that he’s an honest person. Mejojo asks his father if he’s alright, but his father just waves him off and tells him that he’s leaving Weblin, Fiona, and Julian in Mejojo’s hands. He wants Mejojo to protect them. Mejojo bows his head gravely and agrees to take the responsibility. His father sighs in relief and tells them that he can rest easy now, before ordering them to leave so that he can sleep. The two of them step out and Auger notes how it seems like their father will die soon.

Mejojo agrees but he’d like their father to live a while longer since he still has a use. At this point a soldier calls out their name hesitantly and at Mejojo’s look he reports that wolves have been spotted near the castle. Auger thanks him and then asks for a request. When the guard looks at him, Auger stabs him through the throat. Mejojo compliments him on the strength of his sword arm, but Auger just modestly points out that it’s not as good as Mejojo.

Anyway, Mejojo warns Auger to be more careful of where he speaks, since the walls have ears. He’ll also order the CCK to throw the body into the river later. Auger whistles and calls Mejojo a bad person, but Mejojo just smirks and points out that Auger is one too. Then Mejojo reveals that it’ll be a problem if his father dies before he can shoulder the black history of the wolf slaughter. Auger finds it amusing how Mejojo is pushing everything onto his father. Mejojo wants his father to receive all the mud and the shame.

The sixth head of the Garibaldi family will go down in history as the one who wiped out the rabbits and wolves. Auger snickers at what an unpleasant name that is. Mejojo wants the greatness of the royal family to start at his name. When all the wolves are exterminated the country will fall into his hands. He’ll make sure of it. Auger agrees that no one is more suited to the throne than Mejojo. Mejojo simply replies 「……勿論だ。」(.. Of course). Then he starts laughing maniacally.

Later. Someone is having a dream. A bad dream. It’s a nightmare that resembles reality. Or more like a nightmare that resembles the past. Auger, as a child, is asking for someone to save his brother because he has a terrible fever. If a doctor isn’t called soon then Mejojo might die. Leonidas apologizes greatly but all of the doctors in the royal palace are in Rayleigh’s room because Julian has a cold. Auger snaps out that he’s lying because Julian had been playing outside a few minutes ago.

Leonidas tells Auger hesitantly that Rayleigh said Julian had a fever. Auger, with teary eyes, tells Leonidas to tell Rayleigh that her brother suddenly had a fever after he ate a meal. He’s only asking for one doctor. Leonidas runs off to deliver the message but comes back to tearfully say that Rayleigh refused. Auger’s eyes widen but then their mother, Elenora, starts apologizing. Auger doesn’t understand why his mother is apologizing, until she reminds him of what Rayleigh said.

Rayleigh told them that there are no doctors to spare for a concubine’s children. It’s her fault that they have to experience so much pain because she isn’t the lawful wife of the king. She apologizes for being a mother who has no power. If only she had been loved more by the king, or if only she had been the wife. Mejojo struggles to push himself up and he’s panting heavily as he tells his mother not to cry. She smiles tearfully at what a kind child Mejojo is and she tells them both that she loves them.

Auger grits his teeth and states that he’ll ask Rayleigh directly. He runs to her room and begs for a doctor, but Rayleigh apologizes with fake sweetness and points out that Julian also has a fever. Auger argues that Julian is playing happily right now with the doctors around him. Rayleigh becomes angry and snaps out that while Julian might look healthy, he has a fever. Will Auger take responsibility if Julian’s health suddenly takes a turn for the worse? Why doesn’t he ask his mother for help?

Oh wait, she can’t do anything. Rayleigh laughs sharply and then reminds Auger cruelly that while he, Mejojo, and Julian are both children their standing is different. Plus, this might just be a ploy for Mejojo to get the attention of their father. Auger shakes his head and tells her that Mejojo is really in pain and he’s begging her for help. Rayleigh orders Auger to go away since Mejojo probably just ate something weird, as expected of a concubine’s child since they have no standing.

Auger tries to protest but Rayleigh tells him that if he continues to persist then she’ll call the guards. Rayleigh walks away and ignores Auger’s tears. Meanwhile, Julian asks his mother what Auger wanted but Rayleigh just smiles and tells him that it was nothing and he doesn’t need to worry. But Julian points out that he doesn’t hurt anywhere at all and so he doesn’t understand why he needs all these doctors beside him. Then he complains about how he wants to play together with Auger and Mejojo.

Rayleigh tells Julian that he can’t though because he’s unwell and he has a fever. Julian denies that he has a fever and persists in asking why he can’t play with them. Auger wonders at Rayleigh’s timing and then he realizes in horror that she only ordered all the doctors away after Mejojo ate his food and became sick.

Aristocrats start whispering about how an attempt has been made on Mejojo’s life. There was poison in the food that he ate. One of them asks if an attempt had been made to find the assassin, but another points out that there’s no lead. The maids gossip about how sad Mejojo and Auger’s life is and how the only guards they are given is the CCK. There are also some aristocrats who believe that Mejojo and Auger have the disposition to be king. One of the maids shushes the other for saying that.

If Rayleigh hears this then who knows what will happen, since the other day a second assassination attempt was made. A thief snuck into Mejojo’s bedroom while he was sleeping. The only reason he’s alive is because he was smart enough to hide the CCK under his bed. It was only after this that Mejojo was poisoned.

Back in Mejojo’s bedroom, Auger is holding his hand. Mejojo tells Auger that they must protect their mother and that the rest of the castle is an enemy. Auger nods because they are their mother’s only ally. Mejojo vows to Auger that the three of them will live through this. Elenora tells the two of them that she loves them so very much. They’re her only allies and they’re the only ones who love her. The King doesn’t look at her and he loves only Rayleigh.

Elenora nearly has a breakdown, but she recovers by telling herself that she’s fine as long as she has these two. She tells them not to go anywhere and not to leave her. She also tells them to remember her, their pitiful mother. Then she asks them for a kiss.

Time skip. Elenora asks a teenage Mejojo and Auger if they would like to play a game. Auger is surprised that she’s asking and asks if her condition is better now. Elenora reassures him that she feels fine today, which is why she wants to play a game. Mejojo tells her that he doesn’t mind and asks what game she wants to play. Elenora tells them that she wants to play a strength game, but Auger and Mejojo point out that they’re older than her now and so there’s no way they can lose.

She just giggles and points out that if they’re that confident then they should play. Anyway, it turns out that, by game, she meant that she needed their help in moving a bookshelf since the room was remodeled. Mejojo asks why she doesn’t just request help from the servants, but Elenora gently reminds him that none of the servants will help a woman like her because she is an unloved concubine of the king. Mejojo grits his teeth, but Auger diffuses the tension by telling her that it would be his and Mejojo’s pleasure to help her.

Mejojo’s eyes widen as he defends himself by saying that he didn’t mean to bully their mother. Auger asks if that was true, which makes Mejojo smirk and ask him if he wants to experience his bullying. Auger backtracks and tells him that he was joking, before he pouts at how serious his brother is. Mejojo huffs at that, which makes Elenora giggle at how well they get along. She admits that it makes her happy to see them get along since they’re brothers. Mejojo sighs about how hard it is to have a brother like Auger.

Auger pouts and tells Mejojo that he made him this way. The two start bickering playfully. Anyway, the game is going to test who’s stronger. Her or them, because she couldn’t move the bookshelf by herself and so she wants to see if they can. Elenora has already wrapped the bookshelf up so that books won’t fall out if they move it and so Mejojo tells her to stand on the other side to make sure no books fall out while they move it. He also reminds her not to strain herself and she nods while smiling gently.

Just before they start pushing, she murmurs that having these two reliable sons makes her really happy. Anyway, Mejojo and Auger go over to the other side and pull on the rope to help move the bookshelf. They’re surprised by how heavy it is and after struggling with it for a bit they finally ask their mother if they moved it enough. Silence answers them. The two men exchange looks and walk over to the other side while calling out their mother’s name. What they see is…

Their mother is dangling from a rope that is tied around her neck. Her neck is broken because of how hard the rope must have pulled into her neck. She committed suicide using the help of her sons’ strength and the rope that was tied around the bookshelf. Auger stutters out that it must be a lie, while Mejojo is just staring in silent shock. And then the two of them scream. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR SONS. IF YOU’RE GOING TO SUICIDE, OKAY, BUT  WHY MAKE THEM TAKE PART IN IT LIKE THAT? NOW THEY’RE TRAUMATIZED.

Back in the present. Mejojo jolts awake with a harsh gasp and Auger notes that it’s unusual for him to doze at his desk, and even more so for him to have a nightmare. Auger asks him quietly if he saw that dream, but Mejojo tells him that it was nothing. His dreams just turned bad. Auger responds with 「悪い夢を見るなんて、可哀そうな兄さん。おれが慰めてあげるよ。おれ達はたった二人の同盟なんだからね。」(My poor brother.. having a bad dream. I’ll comfort you. After all, we’re an alliance of two).

He adds 「この城の中に味方は互いだけ。おれには兄さんしかいないし、兄さんにはおれしかいない。」(In this castle, we’re each other’s only allies. I have no one but you. You have no one but me). Mejojo finishes with 「……生き抜こう、オージェ。」(.. We’ll live on, Auger). Auger agrees to live on. They will definitely survive, but then he suddenly starts grinning and tells his brother to play and have fun. After all, didn’t their mother invite them to sing, dance, and play? Mejojo quietly says 「……ああ、そうだな。お母様は力比べに負けたんだ……。」(.. Aa, you’re right. Mother lost the game of strength..).

Auger adds that he and Mejojo need to win for their mother now. Auger snickers again and asks to play a fun game. Mejojo agrees to play a fun game. A game of strength. They must never lose, because the loser will get hanged. He laughs brokenly and rhetorically asks if this isn’t a pleasant game. Then he vows to destroy the wolves and obtain Fiona. He won’t let anyone get in his way and the person who will win.. is him! ヽ(;▽;)ノ I DON’T REALLY FAULT THEM FOR THINKING LIKE THIS… DOESN’T EXCUSE THEIR ACTIONS BUT STILL..

Scene skip. The villagers around Scharlmessen are surrounding the castle and protesting. They’re still unhappy about the situation with Fiona. The reason why they blame her for being a witch is because they need something to direct their fear and hate on. The wolves are too cunning to be caught in their attacks and Zodiva is something that can’t be seen, and so they created the idea of a witch to take the blame for everything that happens. Nesso sneers at them as he considers them all idiots, before he slips into the castle.

Edgar greets him worriedly and asks him to report on the situation outside. They can hear the shouting of the people from inside the castle though and Nesso just presses his lips together tightly. The people demand for Edgar to burn the witch’s tower to the ground, because her curse still remains even if she’s gone. Pearl wonders if Fiona is lonely in the castle and he starts tearing up as he sobs out that he’s worried for her. Richie comforts Pearl uselessly.

Nesso has already tried to resolve the situation by reminding the people that the only reason Fiona is still living is because Nesso and Edgar have brought her up carefully. The villagers know this, but they still can’t help but feel uneasy since outlying villages are being annihilated by wolves. It’s as if their unhappiness is a sick disease that keeps making them return to the issue of Fiona. The more Nesso tries to defend Fiona the more the villagers believe that the witch has deceived them all.

They admit that they don’t want to think of Fiona as a witch, but they’re all frightened. If she is really a witch then they might be able to save her. Nesso had snapped at them for that. At any rate, Edgar asks Nesso if they’ll be appeased if the tower is burnt down. Nesso asks permission to speak his mind though, and when given it, he tells his father that he doesn’t think it will. If the disasters still continue even after the tower is torn down, then they’ll just shift the blame to Fiona directly.

Instead of blaming it on the witch’s leftover curse, they’ll blame the witch herself. Edgar sighs tiredly because he already knew this and Nesso is alarmed to see how stressed he is. The villagers’ unrest must be getting to him. Right now the castle is surrounded by angry villagers and so Nesso has his guardsmen stationed in shifts to keep watch. Edgar asks if his guardsmen includes the boy from the Clifford family. Elza overheard the situation and came to help Nesso. Everyone wishes to do something to help the Galland family.

Nesso is appreciative of the help. Anyway, Edgar decides that they have no choice but to wait and watch the situation. The two of them sigh heavily. Meanwhile, Richie begs Nesso to do something to allow them to return to how they were living. Nesso’s eyes soften as he realizes how affected they are. Richie, who is normally strong, has become scared and it’s obvious that they’re reacting to the unease outside. Nesso tries to reassure them that he’ll do something, but they’re just hollow words.

Even he doesn’t know what he can do. They can only feel more and more confined. Anyway, Nesso informs them that he’ll return to the guard to keep watch over the situation. Edgar nods and retires early with Pearl and Richie. On his way down the hall Nesso sees a man. It’s Elza Clifford, the vice-captain of the Gefreiter and a lion. In private they’re very close friends and he’s basically Nesso’s partner. Nesso informs him they’re ordered to simply keep watch on the situation for now.

Elza sighs because even though he expected that, he wants to do something. But he knows that if something does happen, it’ll be a big trouble. Nesso admits to the same feelings. The standoff can’t help but mentally exhaust people. They, as guards, don’t want to harm the villagers and the villagers are afraid of clashing with the guards as well. And so the standoff continues. Nesso sighs and Elza lectures him on how his happiness will run away if he continues to do that.

Nesso merely replies that it feels like his happiness already ran off with all its power. Elza tells him to chase after it with all his power then and that he’s not acting like himself. He points out that the look on Nesso’s face isn’t fitting of the knight who is feared as a fierce god on the battlefield. He jokingly says that Mejojo’s rat knights could kill Nesso in this state. Nesso shrugs and admits that they probably could. Elza hurriedly tells him that it was a joke and he shouldn’t just take it like that.

But Nesso just reminds Elza that he already told him before, that Fiona is an irreplaceable person to him. Elza just sighs and tells him that he heard it many, many times. Then he asks what Nesso is supposed to do if he falls so hard for a woman, especially his own sister. Nesso grins and notes that it certainly seems that way from the outside. Elza just shrugs though and admits that if the captain is going to fall for her, then he’ll support him. Even if Nesso ends up marrying his sister.

Nesso starts chuckling and asks if that’s wrong. Elza replies with a smirk that he’ll forgive him. This lighthearted joking is probably the reason why Elza is his partner. Anyway, Nesso remembers that Elza went to check on the situation outside and he asks for a report. Elza shrugs and replies that it still isn’t good. The villagers are still calling to burn down the tower. Nothing has changed much either, except for the fact that there are more torch bearers at night.

Elza admits that it’ll be troublesome if they threw them. Nesso orders him to confirm that they have water nearby and on-site, so that they can extinguish any fires quickly in an emergency. Then he asks Nesso if the servants have been briefed about the situation and Nesso nods. All of the servants are to report to Zara and if Elza needs anything then he can talk to Zara. Elza recalls that Zara is Nesso’s amazing rabbit butler. Anyway, Nesso gives permission for Zara and Elza to make decisions without him.

He wants to be the only one who reports to the family though. Elza inclines his head and tells him that he’d like to make decisions in front of Nesso, but if a crisis happens then decisions will need to be made quickly. Nesso agrees with that and then informs Elza that he’ll send Zara over to him soon so that they can get acquainted. Elza thanks him and then comments on how he’d like to offer his thanks to the cook as well. Some servants had brought out food for the guards and he was surprised by how tasty it was.

Nesso chuckles at that and informs him that the cook will be pleased to hear, although he apologizes for getting them all caught up in this. Once it’s all over then he’ll make sure they get a great meal. Elza scolds Nesso and tells him that if the other guards heard this they would all sulk. Everyone is helping him because they want to, not because they want money or rewards. Nesso is really grateful for that and he already knew that, which is why he wanted to thank them all somehow.

Elza tells him that his feelings are more than enough, but then he gets a great idea. If Nesso really wants to thank them, then once everything calms down he can train them all. Nesso asks if that counts as thanks, to which Elza replies that it’d be an honor to be trained by Weblin’s greatest knight. He thinks that would be more effective than money. Nesso smiles and agrees to train them all when this matter is settled. Anyway, before Elza meets with Zara he’s going to take one more look outside.

They both wince at how they’re using battlefield terminology already, but anyway Nesso informs Elza that he’ll tell Zara to come here. Before he can leave though, the glass behind him shatters and only Nesso’s quick thinking, by grabbing his cape and covering himself with it, prevents him from getting harmed. Elza worriedly asks if he’s okay and Nesso nods grimly. They both notice that the glass was broken by a stone, but it’s too far for someone to throw. They would have needed to use a sling or some kind of weapon.

Nesso immediately orders Elza to tell the guards to be careful outside. Meanwhile, he’s going to warn the servants to stay away from the windows. Nesso realizes how bad things can get if the villagers are acquiring weapons now or using their tools as weapons. The servants must have heard the glass breaking, because soon Zara appears and asks Nesso worriedly if he’s alright. Nesso informs him that he’s uninjured and that Zara should call someone to clean up the glass. Also, all servants are to avoid the windows.

Zara nods grimly and rushes off to inform everyone. Nesso has to report to his father again. He walks off after muttering the name of his small, younger sister who is being seen as an enemy of the villagers. He remembers having been invited to party to confirm Fiona’s safety. She hadn’t been crying. She wasn’t in pain. And she wasn’t suffering. But Nesso believes that she’s only safe for as long as Mejojo fancies it. He doesn’t understand why Mejojo wants his sister so much, unless he’s replacing Elvira Galland.

Elvira Galland is the daughter of Edgar’s older brother, a marquis. She was the fiancée of Mejojo. But 10 years ago, when she was taken to the royal palace she fell in love with another man and the marriage was cancelled. Then the rebellions happened and she was caught up in it and died. It was after this that Mejojo started to propose to Fiona. Because she’s a relative, Fiona greatly resembles Elvira. Nesso thinks angrily that Fiona is Fiona. Above being a replacement for Elvira, Fiona is his only precious sister.

He vows 「メヨーヨに渡すわけにはいかない」(I can’t hand her over to Mejojo). The person who came up with the idea of keeping Fiona in a tower had been Nesso. In the past, when he hadn’t been a knight, he couldn’t bear the idea of Fiona being in the castle. If she was crying in the castle, he wouldn’t be able to run to her. If Fiona was in trouble in the castle, he wouldn’t be able to help her. Fiona needs him by her side. He couldn’t allow Fiona to be parted from him and taken to the castle.

And so he proposed the idea of separating Fiona from the world to his father. Even though he’s feared as a fierce god on the battlefield, he can’t use his sword in this situation. And so he wanted Fiona to be able to run to a place where Mejojo couldn’t reach her. Above all, he doesn’t want anyone to have her. He thinks 「フィオナ。可愛い、俺の妹。」(Fiona. My cute sister). They made a promise, when she was small, that when she grew up they would marry. He’s sure that she doesn’t remember that promise now though.

But he remembers. And it’s something that he’ll never forget. He vowed to protect his cute, weak, little sister with these hands of his. He swears again 「絶対に、守ってやるからな……」(I will definitely.. protect you..). He strengthens his decision in the light flickering in from the broken window. Then he mutters 「フィオナ……。フィオナ……、フィオナ……、俺の……。」(Fiona.. Fiona.. Fiona.. my..). He starts to laugh to himself. WOAH GOING A LITTLE CRAZY THERE? Σ(゚Д゚ノ)ノ!

Scene skip. Someone is trying to shake her awake, but Fiona is exhausted from her first dance party. She mumbles at Zara to let her sleep in some more, but is confused when her blanket isn’t pulled. It’s not like Zara to just mutter her name in frustation and when she wakes up, she’s greeted by the leader of the CCK, Leonidas. She can’t help but reach out to hug him gently with a hand, which shocks him and he stutteringly asks her what she’s trying to do. Fiona is reminded of Richie and Pearl by how soft and warm he is.

But Leonidas just scolds her for being rude and asks if she’s still sleepy. He gives her gentle smack on the face, but because he’s so small it feels more like a tap. Leonidas sighs and asks her if she’s awake now and while she’s blinking he takes the time to run out from under her arm. She pouts as she wanted to hug him more. She understands that he’s different from Pearl and Richie because he’s an adult, maybe, and also under Mejojo’s command as the leader of the rat knights.

He’s too small and cute though! Anyway, Leonidas scolds her for hugging another man even if she was sleepy, because she’s going to be Mejojo’s wife. She blinks in surprise at finding out that the CCK are men. Although she had her suspicions, she couldn’t really tell. At any rate, she apologizes to him and promises to be more careful in the future. He accepts her word and informs her that breakfast has been served and so she should get up. Fiona thanks him gratefully and watches him run off.

It’s only when she’s sure that he’s gone that she gives a great big yawn. If Leonidas had been around then she’s sure that he’d look at her disapprovingly. Anyway, after changing and washing her face she looks at the table with food and wonders who made it and brought it. The CCK couldn’t possibly have since they wouldn’t be able to reach the table.. just as she thinks this, Julian knocks on the door and enters. He brought her milk to drink and helps seat her at the table before standing by her left side, like a butler.

His actions remind her of Zara and she can’t help but stare at him. When he asks her worriedly if something is wrong, she hesitantly asks why he’s here and so Julian reintroduces himself with a gentle smile. He’s in charge of the gardens around here, like a gardener. Fiona asks him why a gardener would be assigned to be her personal servant then, to which he replies with a mischievous smile that it might be because he’s a gardener. He laughs at the look on her face before explaining.

He takes care of the maintenance and management of the garden and she’s one of the garden’s residents. Fiona giggles at his words and agrees that since she’s living in the garden she must fall under the care of the gardener. Anyway, he admits that he was ordered by Mejojo and Auger to be her personal servant and someone she can talk to, so he hopes they’ll get along. Fiona’s eyes widen before she apologizes to him, which surprises him. She points out that he must be very busy as a gardener, but now he also has to take care of her.

Julian smiles softly at that and tells her that he’s not busy at all, because like her he cannot step outside of this garden. Fiona is confused and surprised at that, but before she can say anything he adds that she’s also as beautiful as a flower and so he thinks it’ll be enjoyable to take care of her. Fiona blushes brightly at that and tries to think of something to change the topic, but her curiosity returns to why he can’t leave the gardens.

She can’t leave because she’s under suspicion of being a witch, and so she wonders if he has some special circumstances as well. He notices her looking at him, but he just gives a small smile before encouraging her to eat. Fiona tells him that she has a question before that, but he interrupts and tells her that they can talk more after breakfast. He doesn’t want her food to get cold, but then his eyes widen as he asks her if she’s not eating because she wants him to test the food first. Or is it that the chopsticks are too heavy?

Fiona narrows her eyes and asks him if he’s treating her like a child. He just chuckles and tells her that he was joking before once again encouraging her to eat. She finally obeys him and eats the food. When she finishes, she compliments the meal and Julian agrees to pass her compliments to the chef. Then he asks if she’d like some tea and he orders a maid to acquire some when she agrees. Fiona eyes him thoughtfully, because he sounded as if he was ordering the tea rather than requesting for it.

His calm and gentle air reminds her of Zara and he might be used to ordering the lower employees like Zara does, but she finds it strange since he’s just a gardener. Plus, his manners remind her more of an aristocrat than a high-ranking employee. He interacts with her as if he was a man escorting a woman, rather than a servant serving his master. When the maid returns with the tea, Julian thanks her and asks Fiona how she likes her tea. Fiona replies that she’d like two cubes of sugar and one spoon of cream.

Julian recites this under his breath as he prepares her tea and she notices how refined his actions are. This only strengthens her belief about how he’s not an ordinary employee. Julian finally asks if she’s that curious about him since she’s been staring at him for all this time, to which she blushes but doesn’t deny it. She opens her mouth to ask him, but he interrupts her again to pass over her tea. He calmly tells her that they can talk while they drink their tea and finally he informs her that his name is Julian von Garibaldi.

He’s the half-blooded older brother of Mejojo and Auger. Fiona immediately panics and apologizes for her rudeness, because being an important earl’s daughter doesn’t excuse her for being rude to the royal family. Not to mention it’s terrible that she didn’t recognize his face and that she was calling him without attaching any titles to his name. The only reason she calls Mejojo and Auger by their names is because they allow her to. It doesn’t matter that Julian was acting like a servant.

Julian’s eyes widen when she stands up from her chair to bow. He hurriedly stands up as well and tells her not to be so flustered because that had been his name, but he’s been disinherited. Fiona can’t comprehend that word and she looks at him in question, and so he explains that he has no rights to the throne any longer. Fiona realizes that if he did have the rights then he would be the heir since he’s older than Mejojo, but it is said that Mejojo would be the next king.

Anyway, Julian tells her not to stand on ceremony with him because of that and because he wouldn’t know what to do. Fiona replies formally, but then corrects herself to nod uncertainly. He laughs at her reaction and tells her to treat him normally. Even though he’s older than her, she can’t help but think of his response as cute. Julian explains in more detail that he couldn’t handle being a prince and that Mejojo and Auger were more suited. Fiona is troubled by how she should respond.

Obviously she can’t agree that he wouldn’t have made a good prince, but neither can she say that Mejojo and Auger aren’t good princes either. Julian doesn’t seem to take notice of her troubles and instead urges her to sit down since it’s uncomfortable to stand and talk. Fiona remembers hearing about how aristocrats use their words like weapons. Because she’s lived in a tower all her life she has no experience with this, but she can see that Mejojo and Auger are very good at guiding and misdirecting conversation.

When she compares the way Julian talks with the way that Mejojo and Auger talk, then she can understand why he isn’t suited to be a prince. Julian worriedly asks her if something is wrong, but she just shakes her head and admits that she was thinking. He realizes that it must be surprising to hear of a disinherited prince being a gardener, but he really is just a gardener now and he’s happy with that. He’s able to talk to her like this because he was disinherited.

He really is happy to spend his time with her drinking tea. While his life in the gardens is peaceful and full of beautiful scenery, it’s also very monotonous. Fiona realizes that they’re the same, since she used to be trapped in a tower. Julian chuckles and admits that somehow makes him feel happy and then Fiona asks if he would tell her his story, only if he wants to though. Julian is surprised that she wants to hear before he smiles shyly at her. It’s been a long time since he talked to anyone other than Mejojo and Auger.

Fiona stops herself from blushing at his gentle smile and it makes her wonder how he can smile like that when he was disinherited. Or maybe, he was disinherited because he smiled like that. She reminds herself that he’s no longer the royal family and then asks him if he decided by himself to give up on the throne. She doesn’t wish to hear that he had it stolen from him, but Julian smiles sadly at her and comments on how it might have been better if he had.

He really liked Mejojo and Auger and considered them to be his cute younger brothers. If he could have he would have played with them more, but his mother, Rayleigh, was different. She wanted him to be the heir by all means. And so when she started hearing that Mejojo was more suited to the throne than Julian she started viewing them as threats. He believes that she did cruel things. Fiona is shocked to hear about these fights for the throne, but then she remembers the history lesson that Auger gave her in the hall.

She wonders if he was recalling things from his past when he told her those stories. Julian continues on to explain that his mother didn’t just do cruel things to Mejojo and Auger, but also to their mother Elenora. And on that day, Elenora hanged herself and died. Julian sadly admits that it’s a terrible story and that his mother was a horrible person. Fiona is shocked to hear these things, but at the same time she notices a discrepancy between Julian’s tone and his words.

Anyway, Julian even admits that his mother tried to get him to kill Mejojo and Auger. But everything was exposed on the day that he was sparring with Mejojo, because his rapier was discovered to have been coated in enough poison to kill Mejojo. Julian smiles as he confesses that he’s really glad his skill was worse than Mejojo and so Mejojo only suffered a small scratch. But even so, one drop of the poison put Mejojo at risk. He nearly killed Mejojo.

That event exposed how his mother was behind everything. And so, because he and his mother were caught in a conspiracy they were punished by being disinherited. Fiona asks about his mother, because she doesn’t believe that Rayleigh would have given up so easily if she went so far as to work behind the scenes for him to succeed the throne. His mother continued to proclaim her innocence, but after being confined in her room she decided to commit suicide by taking a poison.

And then in the end, Julian was no longer a prince and he lost the support of his mother. He became alone in this castle and he didn’t know what to do. He was helpless, but at that time Mejojo and Auger gave him a hand. They gave this garden to him to manage, but in return he couldn’t leave it. He’s basically under house arrest, but he’s grateful to them for giving him a place to belong. Especially when he had tried to kill Mejojo. Fiona realizes that Julian is really thankful to them.

But she can’t help but wonder if Mejojo and Auger placed Julian here to keep themselves safe. Even she, who isn’t politically savvy, can arrive at that idea. Disregarding the fact that he’s disinherited, he tried to kill one of the royal family. By keeping him alive, Mejojo and Auger have managed to make themselves appear merciful while they confine Julian into the garden and deny him any social interaction. But when she looks at Julian’s gentle smile, she can see that he holds no doubts towards Mejojo and Auger.

Julian admits that he felt lonely when he lost his mother. Fiona asks him if he wanted to be prince, but he confesses that he wanted the throne as proof that he was his father’s son more than he wanted the throne itself. And so he was greatly hurt by being disinherited. Fiona strengthens her belief in how Julian is unsuited for the throne because of how gentle he is and how he just wanted a bond with his father. He wouldn’t survive in the game of thrones that Auger talked about.

Anyway, Julian looks on the bright side and points out that though he might have lost his father he gained brothers. Fiona asks him if he’s content with that and he nods, before admitting that Mejojo should succeed the throne. Julian confesses that he living peacefully in the gardens suits him. He felt a bit lonely with only Mejojo and Auger to talk to, but now she’s here. Julian asks her if she’d like to talk to him more in the future and Fiona agrees. They shake hands and she’s ecstatic at making her first friend.

Interlude. It’s been several days since Fiona has been taken to the castle, but the doubts about her being a witch haven’t disappeared. The standoff between the villagers and Scharlmessen continues. And Nesso is starting to believe that Fiona wasn’t put in the castle to dismiss doubts. No matter how many times he requests to see Fiona, he is refused by the princes. They simply tell him that she’s doing fine and he doesn’t need to worry.

But he’s convinced that instead of telling him that he can’t meet her, they actually mean that they’re not going to let him meet her. He’s starting to go crazy imagining the worst case scenarios. He feels that it’ll be easier just entering a fight and he can’t bear it any longer. And so, Nesso has stormed into the royal palace and demands Mejojo to explain what he means by not letting him see Fiona. Mejojo calmly replies that it means nothing more than what is said.

Until the accusations about her being a witch are dismissed, no one can see her. After all, he can’t let a curse be cast. Nesso shouts that Mejojo should know best that Fiona isn’t a witch, which is why he took her out to the dance party. Auger tells him to calm down since everyone outside will be able to hear his loud voice. He suggests for Zara to calm his master down, but Zara just eyes him silently because he’s also worried about Fiona and wants her back.

Auger informs them that the only reason Nesso was invited to the dinner party was to show him that Fiona was well. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still accused of being a witch. And he should know that the accusations aren’t just on her anymore. Nesso grits his teeth as he knows that, because of how he and his father defend Fiona, the villagers are starting to accuse the whole Galland family as being evil. They think Zara, Richie, Pearl, Edgar, Nesso, and all the staff have been seduced by the witch.

It’s an idiotic delusion but it’s spread like an epidemic across the land and people. Auger is amused at Nesso’s expression and how Weblin’s most distinguished house of knights, the Galland family, have turned from being earls into demons. Mejojo points out that he can’t possibly let the man, accused of being seduced by the witch, meet the witch herself. Then he orders Auger to escort Nesso out, but as Nesso is about to be taken out the door he closes his eyes and prepares himself to use his last resort.

He stops Auger and informs him that he still has something to say to Mejojo. Auger narrows his eyes at how persistent Nesso is being, especially when his brother ended the talk. But Nesso ignores and returns to Mejojo to drop a dagger onto the desk. Mejojo’s eyes widen in surprise as Nesso explains that this dagger was given to the Galland family by the sixth head of the Garibaldi family for their loyalty and services. Nesso had already discussed this with his father and everyone in the family is consented to this course.

Scharlmessen is doomed because the demands of the villagers cannot be satisfied and because their fear of Zodiva and wolf raids cannot be quelled. Nesso and Edgar are willing to throw away the titles of the Galland family to get Fiona back. Nesso is using this dagger to request a meeting with the King. But instead of Mejojo answering, it is Auger who answers by bursting into laughter. He asks if Nesso actually that thought he could meet their father with this boring dagger.

Auger brushes the dagger from the desk as if it were trash. Nesso’s mouth drops open in shock before he snaps out that the dagger was the honor of the Galland family. Even if Auger is from the royal family, he won’t allow this insult to his family. The dagger is proof of the bonds of friendship that were forged between the Galland and Garibaldi family when they shed blood together for the same cause. THIS IS WHY YOU AREN’T PRINCE AUGER. YOU’D BE SHITE AT NEGOTIATIONS.

Above all that, Nesso is furious at how lightly Auger is treating it had taken his father a lot to give it up. Zara quietly tells Nesso to calm down, especially when Nesso’s hand had flew to his sword. Auger raises an eyebrow and asks slowly if he isn’t going to pull that out. He sighs at how boring things are when Nesso calms himself down and asks Auger tightly what he means. Auger points out that if Nesso had drawn his sword here then they could have thrown him into jail for treason.

Nesso repeats the word in shock, but before that he demands for Auger to explain his reasons for treating the King’s authority like that. Auger’s expression darkens as he says 「陛下のご威光?なにそれ。くだらないよね~、ほんっとうに。」(His Majesty’s authority? What’s that? How stupid~, really). And then he stamps on the dagger with his foot. Both Nesso and Zara gasp in shock at his actions, but Auger just asks them with a sneer what they think the dying old man could do.

He asks Nesso mockingly if he’s smart enough to understand what he’s saying, or if being a knight had turned all his brains into muscle. Auger thinks they’re idiotic for thinking Mejojo would accept this trash. He starts cackling and stomping on the dagger some more, while Nesso can only stare in silence. He’s not stunned at Auger’s abrupt change, because he knew Auger’s true nature from their first meeting. He’s shocked at the words Auger spoke about his dying father.

The meaning is clear. Soon the King will lose his power and die. He will be nothing more than a name and the ones who will be in power will be Mejojo and Auger. Nesso stiffens at that realization and Auger notices it only to laugh some more. Auger compliments Nesso for not being all brawn and no brains, and he even drawls out 「賢い子は嫌いじゃないよ、オレ。」(I don’t dislike clever people). Mejojo smirks and reminds Nesso to remember his place. Now he should go home. He’ll be summoned by them if he’s needed.

Nesso angrily asks Mejojo if he’s going to go that far to obtain his sister. Mejojo narrows his eyes, but Nesso continues on to point out that he’s given Fiona the title of a witch, he’s kept her family away, and he’s applying his power like this. Does he want her that badly? Mejojo snarls in anger and Auger’s eyes widen in horror as he stutters out his brother’s name in a childlike tone. HOLY CRAP IF AUGER IS SCARED YOU KNOW SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE ROOF.

The reason why is because Mejojo sprang up from his seat and stabbed Nesso in the shoulder with his rapier. It was too sudden for Nesso to react, but he shouts at Zara to stay back because they don’t know how Mejojo will react. Anyway, while pain is shooting through Nesso’s body, Mejojo is glaring down at him with frightening eyes. His voice is rough with rage as he asks 「いいか、ネッソ!貴様ら騎士は、どうしてそう付け上がる?」(Listen, Nesso! What makes you bastard knights grow so impudent?!).

Nesso is confused by Mejojo’s use of the word knights, since it implies that he’s known another impudent knight. I’M GUESSING THIS HAS TO DO WITH ELVIRA GALLAND AND 10 YEARS AGO? Mejojo shouts out that all of them are just tools to the royal family and him. They should know their place. He growls out that Weblin is under the rule of cats, and currently the Garibaldi family. Then he snarls out 「わかったな……!?」(Do. you. understand..!?). GOD I’M SHIVERING WITH HOW DANGEROUS HIS VOICE SOUNDS.

Mejojo twists the rapier deeper into Nesso, which makes him grunt in pain. Zara yells at Mejojo to stop and tries to interfere, but Auger steps in the way and informs Zara that he’ll be playing with him. He repeats his plea for Mejojo to stop, but Auger’s hand snaps out to grip Zara’s ears. Auger cheerfully replies that disobedient rabbits need to be trained. Someone like Nesso wouldn’t understand the pain of having one’s ears gripped like that, but he knows that there are a lot of sensitive nerves there.

Nesso grits his teeth and yells at them to release Zara. Mejojo just snarls out that he’s Nesso’s opponent. The rapier is twisted again which makes Nesso cry out in pain, but he knows that Fiona won’t be regained if he retreats here. Through his pain-filled eyes he sees Zara looking at him and so Nesso apologizes in his mind for getting Zara involved in this. But still he can’t give up. Mejojo orders Nesso to answer that he understands and will obey them, but Nesso remains silent.

Mejojo coldly notes that Nesso is obstinate and so he reminds the knight that he has the power to wipe out his whole house. Nesso wonders in shock if his uncle, the marquis, will be targeted. Because even if Auger and Mejojo have the power of a king, they cannot do whatever they wish and ignore the opinions of the other aristocrats. Power doesn’t work that way and so they’d need a reason to crush the Galland family. As if he knew what Nesso was thinking, Mejojo smirks and asks if he doesn’t think he can do it.

But Nesso can’t answer, because he realizes that it’s possible Mejojo and Auger will simply disregard the other aristocrats. Mejojo starts laughing crazily and he yells out that Nesso knows nothing, which is brilliant. He starts laughing even louder at Nesso’s confusion, but then he cuts himself off and calms down. Although he looks serious, there is a mad glint in his eyes. He quietly asks Nesso what he knows about what happened 10 years ago with the wolves who held as much power as the cats.

Nesso tenses at those keywords; wolf and 10 years ago. The event that happened then was the rebellion of the imperial guards, who were made of wolves. The whole country of Weblin was caught up in a civil war and then Zodiva started spreading. In the end, the wolves are detested by all the other races and they’re an endangered species. Nesso thinks that it can’t be that.. but when he looks at Mejojo, and the corners of Mejojo’s lips turn up, he feels a chill run down his spine.

Mejojo softly tells Nesso not to defy him or else he can make the Galland family traitors to the throne and kill them all. Like what he did 10 years ago. Nesso can hardly believe that the event 10 years ago was due to Mejojo and that 16 year old Mejojo had that much power. He can’t believe that the event which caused wolves to be persecuted was a false charge. Mejojo asks Nesso what he’s going to do, because Mejojo can start the slaughter if he wants. Of course the first one who will die is Fiona.

Although, he can already do that right now. Nesso grits his teeth, but once again Mejojo snarls at him to answer. The only thing Nesso can do is bow his head and submit. Mejojo and Auger have more power than he assumed. Mejojo sneers 「ふん。手間を取らせるな、人間種ヒューマ風情が。」(Hn. Do not waste my time, human trash). He pulls out his rapier and Nesso drops to his knee in pain. Zara calls his name worriedly, but Nesso reassures him that he’s fine. The bone wasn’t crushed and he can still move his arm, which means the nerves are fine.

The thing that isn’t fine is the current situation. Fiona is still confined in the castle, but the king is going to lose his power. And the two princes, who are going to seize that power, are insane. If the wolves rebellion was something that they instigated then the levels of their madness is incomprehensible. IT’S OVER 9000!! As Nesso tries to frantically think of a loophole to save Fiona, Mejojo informs Nesso that he has a special task for him.

Nesso looks at him warily, but Mejojo simply smirks and informs him that he should be happy to receive a special command based on his abilities. Mejojo grins crazily as he orders Nesso to travel to the frontier and exterminate the last of the wolves. Nesso gasps in shock and Mejojo instantly asks him if he’s disobeying his order. Nesso grits his teeth and accepts it stiffly. But then Mejojo adds that the rabbit over there is to be sent along as well. Nesso protests by saying that Zara is the Galland’s butler.

He’s not something the royal family can use. Mejojo sneers arrogantly and reminds Nesso that he’s the royal family’s tool and tools don’t have property rights. Mejojo orders Zara to give him his name, but Zara remains silent. Auger raises an eyebrow in surprise and then, while he points out that his brother asked him for his name, he digs his fingers into Zara’s ears. Zara refuses to answer despite letting out a whine at the pain. Auger prompts him to answer again, but Zara remains silent.

Instead Zara simply looks at Nesso, who is touched by how even in this kind of situation Zara is waiting for his master’s orders. But to spare his friend the pain, Nesso orders Zara in a raw voice to answer. After Zara gives his name to them, Auger laughingly asks his brother if he should discipline the rabbit some more for being uncute. Or maybe they should cook and eat him. Mejojo is in thought as he tells Auger to do it later.

At his words, Zara’s ears are finally released and Nesso is alarmed at how pale Zara looks. Anyway, Mejojo ends up ordering Zara to remain in the castle to research a cure for Zodiva. Zara asks him why, since there has to be better doctors in the castle than him. Mejojo tells him not to feign ignorance, because Zara is a rabbit and he wants Zara’s knowledge. Plus, he knows that Zara was investigating something with Edgar and he asks Zara if he expose what they were doing by force.

Zara grits his teeth, but Mejojo continues on to point out that the castle has no rabbit doctors. Ever since 10 years ago when his father slaughtered them all. Zara’s eyes widen while Nesso interrupts and asks Mejojo roughly if, even after knowing that, he wants Zara to move into the castle. Zara was a war orphan who lost his house in the power struggle for the throne.

The 5th head of the Garibaldi family had an alliance with the rabbits who were geniuses in medicine, and so to erase that power the 6th head of the Garibaldi family purged them all. And now the royal family wants to use the knowledge of the rabbits again. Mejojo coldly informs him that he’ll use what can be used. He should rejoice at becoming Mejojo’s property. Nesso tries to protest again, but after Zara takes a deep breath he quietly tells Nesso that it’s fine.

Then he formally presents himself to Mejojo and accepts to work at the castle. Mejojo just laughs and compliments the good hearing of rabbits, before he orders the two to leave now since they have no further business. He waves his hand to dismiss them as if they were pets. Nesso winces at how wretched this situation is, but Zara just smiles softly at him and encourages him to go. Nesso apologizes under his breath and thinks about how this country is dying.

He thought that as long as the king was still alive, Mejojo and Auger would be restrained. But it appears that the King can no longer stop them. Not only is this country plagued by Zodiva, but also madness. The people, the king, and the princes are all afflicted. He feels like he’s caught in a nightmare. As he leaves the room, he catches sight of the glittering dagger that was left on the floor.

Scene skip. A large fire has been set in a small village stationed in the midst of a beautiful forest. The wolves are out hunting tonight and there is no one left in the village. Only bodies of meat which will turn to ashes. Anyway, Guillan is torturing a knight by slowly strangling him with a rope and asking him what the situation is at the castle. The knight just begs for death while coughing, but Guillan gives him a fanged smile and informs him that he loves to watch people in pain.

He also calls the knight an idiot and tells him that he’s not going to kill him until he talks. Arles comes by and asks if he learned anything interesting, to which Guillan informs him that he’s learned a lot. Then he turns back to the knight and asks if he’ll tell Arles. He tightens the rope until the knight starts convulsing. The vessels in his eyes have burst already, staining them red, but now he starts to drool.

Arles orders Guillan not to waste time making such unsightly things because time is precious. He wants Guillan to report. Rath comments on how cruel that was, but Guillain argues that this was normal business. Arles interrupts the two and once again orders him to talk. Guillan reports that there’s a rumor about how the king is going to die. Arles asks if that’s the 6th head of the Garibaldi family, but Guillan shrugs because he has no interest in kings.

He asks Arles if he knew the King, to which Arles replies that he used to serve him.. a long time ago. Guillan recalls that Arles used to be a knight of Weblin. Anyway, Arles asks if Guillan learned anything else, like if the twin cats will seize the throne after the death of the current King. Guillan reports that scary things are happening apparently and that Mejojo and Auger are doing whatever they want. Arles isn’t surprised and instead comments on how it’s very much like them to do that.

Guillan is confused at the next piece of information; something about a witch in a tower who is controlling the wolves. Next is something about the leader of the knights of Weblin’s Gefreiter, but Guillan stumbles over the name. Arles recognizes the wing knights that Guillan is talking about though. Then Guillan asks Arles if they’re being controlled by that witch in the tower. Arles rolls his eyes and tells him not to say such idiotic things. Guillan thought so anyway, since he didn’t know who the witch was.

Then he gets a good idea. Arles gives him permission to speak and so Guillan proposes that they seize the royal palace when the King dies. Then they’ll kill everyone else until Weblin is just full of wolves. Arles sighs tiredly, which just makes Guillan pout. Then Arles asks what Rath thinks about that, to which Rath responds that he has no interest. Guillan is annoyed at how the newcomer barely speaks and asks him if he’ll be like that even when the Zodiva has reached his head?

Rath responds that it’s not that he can’t talk, but that he doesn’t see a need for it in this situation. Guillan snarls at how irritating he is and snaps out that he’ll put him in his place even if he’s Arles’ younger brother. The two get into a fight, but Guillan manages to steal Rath’s eyepatch. Rath yells at him to give it back and that he’ll kill if he needs to. This makes Guillan furious and the two start exchanging blows. Rath snarls out that he’ll kill Guillan or he’ll die and it doesn’t matter since he’s already dead.

Guillan is amused at how angry Rath is getting and then replies that he won’t bother giving Rath his eyepatch back, since Rath is doomed anyway. Once a person is infected with Zodiva, it’s over. He asks Rath if he wants mercy, to which Rath snarls at Guillan to return his eyepatch. Guillan laughs loudly and goads Rath into showing more of his instincts and true nature. Then he snarls about how Rath is always being protected by Arles by being a good kid.

Suddenly Guillan asks Rath if he should gouge out Rath’s left eyeball, since he can’t see out of it anyway. He cackles as he says this and Rath angrily yells out that he’ll kill him. Finally Arles interrupts the two and orders them both to stop. Guillan growls at how kind Arles is to Rath and then points out that he’ll pout if he doesn’t get praised. And so Arles praises Guillan for getting information and this makes Guillan’s tail wag. Anyway, Arles notices Rath looking distracted and so he asks him about it.

Rath recalls out loud that there is a tower in the forest, which makes Guillan remember that the knight told him that she was taken to the royal palace. Suddenly they hear the sounds of horses and Guillan asks if they’re going to kill them too, but Arles decides to retreat before they’re caught. Guillan pouts at how boring that is but he agrees. Then he tosses Rath’s eyepatch back to him and lets him know that he’s returning it because of Arles.

He breaks the neck of the unconscious knight he was torturing and then yells at the rest of the wolves to retreat. They howl in agreement and swiftly return into the forest. Soon it’s just Rath who stares in the direction of the tower before he also disappears.

Scene skip. One day, Fiona is visited by Mejojo and Auger to have lunch together. Fiona is worried since they came to see her so suddenly without any notifications. Anyway, delicious food is prepared instantly and they even have a live band playing outside of Fiona’s house for them while they dine. Fiona thought she had lived in luxury as an aristocrat’s daughter, but now she realizes that it isn’t even at the level of the royal family. Julian notices her distant look and asks if she’s alright.

She reassures him that it’s nothing and then wonders if he doesn’t feel complicated serving his half-blooded brothers like this. They’re all princes, but then she remembers that he was disinherited and so their relation has fallen into a master and servant one. This makes her wonder what would happen if their stations were reversed and so she watches their interaction. Auger is pleased by this combination of food and wine and asks Mejojo what he thinks. Mejojo also enjoys it and he asks Julian if he chose the wine.

Julian answers that he did and asks if it pleases them. Auger orders him to send some to his room later on, which Julian agrees to do before he asks what Mejojo would like. Mejojo replies that he’s fine, but he would like this combination of food to be remembered so that he can eat it again. Julian acknowledges this and Fiona realizes that the air between them is completely like that of a servant and his masters. They also seem to get along and there’s no awkward atmosphere.

If she didn’t hear the story from Julian then she wouldn’t have thought that three of them were related. Suddenly, Auger glances over at her and chuckles but he quickly looks away when she looks over at him, making it seem like it was her imagination. Mejojo asks her if she’s accustomed to living her now, and she replies that Julian and the CCK have been good to her. He nods at that and reminds her that if she’s unhappy then she should tell him immediately.

This makes her look out the window in thought, which Mejojo instantly notices and he asks her what’s wrong. She confesses that she wishes to go outside, since she still doesn’t know the world. She’s lived her entire life in the tower and now she’s living in the gardens. She knows that they’re wonderful places but the more forbidden the outside world becomes the more curious she is about it. Mejojo calls her wish worthless and informs her that the outside world isn’t a nice place.

Auger reminds her that she saw what the villagers decided to do. Fiona nods glumly, remembering how they refused to listen to reason and accused her of being a witch, but even though she knows that there are malicious villagers like that she wants to know if the country of Weblin is like that. She also knows that there is a lot of strife outside, like the wolf raids and Zodiva. The world outside is overflowing with frightening things. But she still wants to go outside and see it.

She wants the freedom to walk around. She wants to experience freedom. Fiona tells them that she knows she’s living in luxury, where all her needs are met, but.. Mejojo tells her that he can’t comprehend why she isn’t satisfied with the world that he has prepared for her. He points out that there are no problems here in this beautiful, calm, and peaceful garden. She knows that what he says is truth, since she can pass her days doing whatever she wants and eating whatever she wants.

Everyone here has respect for her and the scenery is beautiful. So she doesn’t know what she’s unhappy about. She doesn’t understand why.. but she yearns for the outside world. When the wind blows, she wants to know where it came from. Suddenly, Leonidas runs up to Mejojo who testily informs him that he’s in the middle of lunch and if the business is trivial then he’ll deal with it later. But as Leonidas whispers into his ear, Mejojo’s demeanour changes.

Fiona wonders if something happened and then Mejojo rewards Leonidas with nuts, which makes the knight extremely happy. For a second, Fiona glares at Mejojo in envy since the CCK still refuses to accept nuts from her, but then she smiles to herself since she understands that the CCK are loyal to Mejojo. If she’s given a bit more time then she thinks they’ll welcome her. Abruptly, Mejojo informs her that they’re going out after lunch and so she should prepare.

This makes her a bit scared since when she talked about going out before, his expression was unpleasant and there was furrow between his eyes. But now he looks amused as if he thought of something interesting. Anyway, they soon head out on horses and Fiona can’t believe that the country has been ravaged by Zodiva when it still has such beautiful forests. But soon they come to a destroyed village and Fiona gasps in shock at the sight. She stutteringly asks what this is, to which Mejojo replies calmly that it’s a village.

Auger snickers beside them and tells his brother that she wouldn’t be able to see it, because it used to be a village. Fiona is horrified to see that the place is still in smoke and flames. The houses where people used to live yesterday, have been reduced to rubble today. She hesitantly asks what happened to the people, so Mejojo informs her that they were killed by wolves. He points out a black lump to her, which makes her ask what that is.

Mejojo chuckles and tells her that she should know the answer. Auger cheerfully responds that it used to be a human, now it’s just a lump of flesh. For a second Fiona is overwhelmed by nausea and she closes her eyes, because she doesn’t want to think about it. Auger complains at how it’s just leftovers and that the wolves should have been nice enough to eat everything. It makes it troublesome to form another settlement with those lying around.

Fiona doesn’t understand how Auger can have such a cool composure to such horrible things. But then she suddenly understands that the only person who is shocked is her, who didn’t know anything about the outside world. A spectacle like this must not be unusual to Mejojo, Auger, and the knights. Mejojo brought her out here to show her the reality of the world. This is what Nesso, Zara, and her father tried to protect her from. Suddenly, Leonidas comes running up and reports to Mejojo that wolves have been sighted nearby.

Mejojo instantly orders everyone to prepare, which makes Fiona ask him nervously what he plans to do. Auger answers with a smirk that they’re going wolf hunting and that this will be a new experience for her. Fiona has heard from Nesso and Zara about aristocrats participating in hunts, even women can participate, but this is the first time she’s seen what must be the genocide of the wolves. They prepare for it as if it were a show and release the hawks and hounds.

When she nods at Auger’s words, he cheerfully replies that this will be exciting for her, although they’re not hunting things like foxes but wolves. Mejojo orders for all the knights to participate in the hunt except for his guards. A chill runs down her spine at seeing this and she whimpers out Mejojo’s name, but he just smirks coldly and points out that this is the reality she wanted to see and he wants her to remember this.

They start galloping after the dogs and Fiona has to cling to Mejojo’s back in order not to fall off. She doesn’t know if she’s clinging onto him to be saved, or to stop him. The forest is filled with the sounds of dogs barking, men yelling, spears being thrown, arrows being shot, and the yelping of dying wolves. She hears the men yelling about how no filthy wolves can be left behind. Fiona pities the deaths that are happening, but while she wants to yell at them to stop she can’t help remembering the destroyed village.

In her mind she can still see the black lump that used to be a person. If that had been caused by wolves then the wolves can’t be left alone. Mejojo controls the horse to run down a wolf and crush it, to which Auger laughingly points out how it looks like rubbish now. Mejojo laughs gleefully as well and tells Auger that they were originally rubbish. Then he asks Fiona if she’s having fun, but she can’t respond. She doesn’t know who’s the strange one; her for not liking this or them for having so much fun.

It’s as if they were participating in a sport. She doesn’t know what is right or wrong, but she does know that she’s scared. She feels sick and as if her values were being stained by Mejojo and Auger. When he notices her remaining silent, he just chuckles. Anyway, Mejojo orders her to hold onto him tighter because he’s going to urge the horse to run faster. The climax of the hunt is almost here. They head deeper into the forest and then end up coming out onto a cliff where a young man is.

Fiona’s eyes widen and she instantly yells at Mejojo to stop, but Mejojo snaps at her to shut up because the boy in front of her is a wolf. Even though he’s surrounded by knights, all she can see is a young man. Rath is glaring powerfully at them, but Fiona can only wonder why he’s the only one who is in a human form. If a human form is taken than the guilt becomes deeper, and now she can’t help but wonder if the wolves in the forest also had human forms. When she thinks about, her chest becomes unbearably tight.

Suddenly, their eyes meet and Fiona is stunned by the look in his eyes. She probably looks like another assailant to him, and yet his eyes hold no hatred or anger towards her.. just a deep sadness. She can’t avert her eyes and the moment between them feels like an eternity. Rath must be feeling the same because he freezes the moment he sees her. But then Mejojo asks everyone what they’re doing and then orders them to kill Rath.


She wants to yell at them to stop, but if Rath had caused the destruction of that village then she has no right to stop the knights. She, who has been brought up protected from the scary and cruel things in the world, has no right to stop them. Auger snickers and asks if she doesn’t want to look at the outside world that she wished for. Behind her Rath screams in pain as he’s shot by arrows, but even though he’s injured and covered by blood he manages to call out for his brother.

Auger is amused at how the first thing the wolf has said in the common language is to call out for his brother. Rath snarls out that he has to kill, but Auger informs him lightly that the one who is going to die is him. He kicks Rath and then comments on how it won’t be long now for him to die, and he should hurry up and die before he spreads Zodiva. Rath asks them to kill him quickly, but this just makes Mejojo change his mind and order Auger to take Rath with them back to the castle.

Then he turns to Fiona and tells her 「いいか、フィオナ。これが『現実』だ。お前が見たいと望んだ『現実』だ。」(Listen well, Fiona. This is “reality”. The “reality” that you wished to see). This was to be a learning experience for her, and now he doesn’t want her to wish to see the outside anymore. He won’t allow her to leave the world that he created for her. Then he tells her with a smirk 「お前は、私のものだ。」(You are mine). She faints a few seconds later after these words and from the sight of Rath’s bloody body.

She wakes up back in her room in the gardens and starts to sob. She’s not sobbing because of how scary the world outside is, or because of the deaths of the wolves. She’s sobbing because of how relieved she is to be back. She’s frustrated because she always knew the outside world had scary things. But she still wanted to try and go out, because she yearned for freedom and the world outside. And yet, now she’s relieved at having returned to her house in the garden and relieved to be protected by Mejojo.

Fiona starts crying into her pillow, but then Julian appears and asks her quietly if she’s alright. He brushes her hair away from her face with a finger, and she can’t help but throw herself into his chest at his kind voice. He embraces her and rubs her back as if she were a small child. She asks him why he’s here, because they left him in the morning and now it’s night, but Julian merely replies that he thought she might be crying and he wanted to be able to comfort her.

He tells her that she’s a beautiful person. She’s kind because she’s a beautiful person inside, but because she’s kind she’s hurt. She’s like a flower and although he can’t do anything for her, he’ll stay beside her. She sobs out his name, but he just smiles softly and asks her not to cry anymore. The way he rubs her back reminds her of Nesso and Zara when they comforted her after a bad dream. Julian continues to reassure her that everything will be fine, she’ll be fine. The night is spent with Julian comforting her.

Meanwhile. In the bowels of the royal castle, there is a room where the hot air doesn’t reach. It’s dark and dim and cold. It’s a place where those who have disobeyed the royal family are tortured. At some point in time, someone started to call it the Hall of Demons. Mejojo thinks it was Auger, who likes poetic stuff like that, as they both walk down the concealed stairs. When they reach the torture room, his mood is lifted at the sound of Rath groaning in pain.

Mejojo asks Zara if the wolf is still alive, to which Zara replies that he is even though he has horrible wounds. But wolves have amazing vitality and if he is treated then he’ll recover well. Mejojo is grudgingly impressed at how well of a worker Zara is and the knowledge of medicine that he has. He wonders how much Zara knows about Zodiva. Anyway, Mejojo chuckles and tells Zara that treatment isn’t necessary. Then he picks up a whip from the wall, which Auger whistles at, and then he starts to whip Rath.

He kicks Rath who is chained to the floor and coldly informs him that the reason he is alive is to help the search for a cure to Zodiva. Their existence in this world is a necessary evil, even though it makes him furious that they, who are lower than maggots, are still breathing. Rath tries to crawl away from Mejojo, but when that fails he curls up into a ball. Auger agrees at how annoying wolves are, but Zara yells at them to stop because Rath will die if Mejojo keeps whipping him.

Mejojo tells him that it’s fine if Rath dies, because they’ll just capture a new wolf. Auger agrees that he’ll catch a new one, especially for his brother. Zara tries to protest again, but Auger just asks him if he wants to get his ears squeezed again and if he likes pain. As Mejojo is about to kick Rath again, Zara tries to stop him but is kicked instead. Mejojo emotionlessly tells Zara not to interfere. He grows bored of kicking Rath though and so he stops, but the sound of Rath gasping for air irritates him.

Anyway, he asks Zara to report on how his research is progressing. Zara grits his teeth and shows them what he has so far. Auger asks if he learned anything new, but Zara finally snaps out that what they’re doing right now isn’t any research or human experimentation. They’re just torturing Rath! Auger raises an eyebrow and asks if that’s true, since they learned a lot of things. They’re learning about the physical strength of wolves and how long it takes for them to die of hunger.

Or how much pain they can take before they die. Mejojo laughs and agrees at how wonderful of an experiment this is. And even though it might not be able to talk about Zodiva, at least it’s screams are beautiful. Zara asks them angrily how any of this counts as research for Zodiva. Mejojo explains that they need to understand wolves in order to research them. He’s just fulfilling his curiosity. Zara gasps in horror and asks them if they have a grudge against wolves or something.

Mejojo’s eyes dilate in rage and Auger quietly sighs at how his brother was angered. Mejojo snarls at Zara to know his place. Does Zara really think that he has a grudge towards wolves? That these inferior beings can be his opponents? He just wants nothing more than to erase this disgusting race to establish a better country as a king of Weblin should. He snaps the whip down on Rath as he yells out that this wolf’s life is only useful for finding a cure to Zodiva.

Rath starts gasping and Zara once again yells at Mejojo to stop before he dies, but Mejojo just snarls out that they should all die. No wolf should be left. Zara continues to ask why Mejojo hates them that much, because they’re also living citizens of Weblin. Mejojo shouts out that he’s wrong and that they’re just a harmful insect gnawing on the country of Weblin. Rath painfully tells them to kill him.

But Mejojo is thinking about how he can’t have a grudge against wolves and that it’s just a rude misunderstanding. He doesn’t know why it’s necessary for him to have a grudge against wolves. After all, they’re all inconsequential! WOW, PROPS TO SAKURAI’S VOICE ACTING. MEJOJO’S SHAKY VOICE IS FULL OF DENIAL.

Flashback! Elvira tells Mejojo that she has a confession to make. She loves Arles. Mejojo’s eyes widen in show and so she apologizes deeply for not being able to turn her feelings to him, but she can’t live like this anymore. She’s also sure that he only thinks of her as a little sister. She already told her father this and so she wanted to tell him too. The young face looking at him is flushed with determination. A face that believed her feelings and wishes could be granted.

Elvira Galland was his fiancée. A young woman afflicted by Lobeira. When their engagement was decided she was taken to live in the castle with him. She was an inexperienced, sickly, and delicate woman. If people had asked him if he loved her as a fiancée, he probably would have refused. But there is a particular beauty in the delicacy of those afflicted by Lobeira. And so it’s difficult for him to accept the fact that his future wife fell in love with Arles Vogart, a wolf in the imperial guards.

INTERESTING NAME CHANGE SINCE HE’S NOW KNOWN AS ARLES V. FELNOIR. He doesn’t understand how something that was to become his could still say such a thing. The aristocrats in the castle talk about how Arles’ strength is unmatched and he is also very magnanimous. He doesn’t change his attitude for anyone, but while he’s clumsy in political maneuvering he’s a pleasant person to be around. Even the King treats him as if he were a cherished son.

In the previous great war he was awarded the title of the “Silver Wolf of Salvation”. The King would like his son, Julian, to become like that. One of the aristocrats comments on how Julian and Arles resemble each other slightly, even though one is a wolf and the other a cat. It’s a shame that Arles is still young, because if he wasn’t.. the aristocrats fall quiet. I THINK THEY WERE ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT HOW HE COULD TAKE THE THRONE.

Young Mejojo doesn’t understand how he must be compared to Arles, when he’s finally surpassed Julian. Arles Vogart is his father’s favorite, even though he’s a wolf. Their father speaks to him and his brother with minimum words, but sings praises about the “Silver Wolf of Salvation” and how talented of a swordsman he is. Even his fiancée, who is supposed to be his, was stolen away by Arles. In Mejojo’s mind he wishes for Arles’ death. He curses him, hates him, and holds a grudge against him.

But, to be honest, he doesn’t care for his father or Elvira. He just hates losing. He never loved Elvira from the beginning, it was just a marriage of convenience and probably because she knew this she fell in love with Arles and told him. He thinks she’s an idiot for not understanding a marriage between houses. It’s an alliance between different people and they have no freedom. From the start they had no freedom. And even though he didn’t love Elvira, she should have loved him since she was his.

However, in the end he decided to cooperate with Elvira. But it’s unbearable for him to have everyone know that his fiancée had been stolen from him by Arles and so he decides to tell his father that he’s the one who wishes to cancel the engagement. When his father asked him why, he responded that it was obvious. The person a royal family member marries should devote themselves to the royal family. He explained to his father that Elvira Galland had fallen in love with Arles Vogart.

Elvira and him had no special feelings for each other. He thought his father would refuse, but his father agrees to cancel the engagement between them. Elvira thanks them both greatly and points out that this is also for Mejojo’s sake. She hopes that the two of them will find their own happiness. Mejojo’s eyes widen at her words, while the King remarks on how her father might not be happy but he knows Arles is a good man and so he’ll help persuade her father. Mejojo grits his teeth in the background.

His plan was to have his father oppose it, but his father allowed Elvira to escape from his hands. Mejojo believes that his father hated him. Hated him and Auger who were born from a concubine. Hated them who performed better than Julian. And so Mejojo decided to seek revenge on the father who threw away his mother and didn’t know how much pain she was in. It’s because he’s that kind of son, that his father is getting in his way. Mejojo doesn’t believe that anyone is on his side now.

From the bottom of his heart a small light flickers, dims, and disappears. But from the beginning, he didn’t need light. All he can hear is the sound of a twisting rope. The one people who supported him were his mother and Auger. Anyway, several months passed after that until one day Mejojo received a report that Arles’ health was odd. It turns out that he caught an illness, special only to wolves. None of the doctors in Weblin had seen it before, and one even commented on how it might be the start of an epidemic.

Mejojo hopes Arles dies like that. From the subordinate that he had watching Arles, he learned that Arles lost to the disease and attacked Elvira. The disease made him insane. A wound hurts. Arles attacked Elvira. Why? Mejojo doesn’t remember and he doesn’t want to admit it. The next instant, he took out his rapier and aimed for Arles’ throat. But the target that his rapier hit.. was Elvira. Elvira gasps out that she’s sorry.

Mejojo tries to justify to himself that she got in his way. Arles is back to normal and painfully asks what Mejojo is saying. Mejojo shouts at him to shut up and that everything is his fault. The fact that his rapier killed was according to plan, but the target was mistaken. And so Elvira died. But he has a hard time remembering that cruel memory. He can only hear the sound of a twisting rope. Mejojo yells at Arles to just die, but Arles snarls out in rage and swipes at Mejojo.

Blood splatters across Mejojo’s face as a lacerated cut appears between his eyes. The world turns red before him and all he can see is Arles staring at him with utter hatred. But Mejojo also hates him and a feeling that he can’t comprehend melts in his body. All he can do is scream. In the red world, he hears Arles smashing a window and escaping the castle. He doesn’t remember it very well, but his wound hurts whenever he recalls it.

Ah, he can hear the sound again. The sound of a twisting rope. Even though he’s gripping a rapier, why does he feel the pain of a rope digging into his hand? Nausea rises in him. Elvira isn’t anyone’s now, because she died. But it can be said that she is his for eternity now and the scar on his face is proof of that.

Back in the present, Zara is yelling at Mejojo to stop before Rath really dies while Mejojo is laughing crazily. Then he tells Zara that if he wants to die then he’ll kill him too, because he can easily exchange the wolf with Zara. Mejojo kicks Rath again and snarls out 「薄汚い狼種ヴォルフ……!!よくも……!! よくも!!!お前らなど、この私が必ず滅ぼしてくれる!!」(Filthy wolves..! I will..!! I will..!! Without fail, I will destroy you all!!). MAN.. I JUST CAN’T HATE THIS GUY. HIS PAST DOESN’T EXCUSE HIS PRESENT ACTIONS BUT.. I CAN SEE WHY HE BECAME LIKE THIS.

Zara yells out again, but Rath manages to accuse Mejojo of being a crazy cat. Surprisingly this stops Mejojo who asks him dangerously what he just said. Auger is surprised by how well Rath is, because he thought he died already. But then Mejojo snarls out that he’ll give him a beating for that impudent mouth. Rath coughs out blood and collapses, which just makes Mejojo think about how he should die quicker, before he can steal or deprive something.

Auger starts laughing and comments on how fun it is to go mad to a pleasant feeling. He urges his brother to play more. Then he informs Zara that some music would be wonderful and he’ll play some for everyone. He takes out his violin and starts playing a song while laughing before he asks his brother if he’s having fun. Mejojo agrees that he’s having fun and then swears that he’ll definitely destroy all wolves. He starts to laugh maniacally.

In this basement, the only sounds that can be heard is an insane laughter and a mad tune being played out on a violin. This is the Hall of Demons. Filled with a history of madness, where demons live, the Hall of Demons resides in the bowels of Weblin’s royal palace.

A little ways away from the royal palace, two shadows appear on a hill. Arles asks if Rath is over there, to which Guillan responds that it appears so. He asks the knight he’s dragging along if that’s true. The knight can only moan out pitifully, but it’s enough of a confirmation for Guillan. Arles merely glances at the man and exhales, but then he draws his sword and points it at the knight pale from bloodloss. He demands a more detailed explanation of what is happening in the castle.

Guillan steps on the knight’s hand and crushes it, but the knight just begs for mercy and death. Soon, Arles sighs and tells Guillan to hurry it up because time is precious. Guillan is furious that the knight’s refusal to cooperate got Arles mad at him and so he kicks the knight hard enough to send him rolling a few yards away. Finally the knight gasps out that Rath is deep in the palace and that he’s still alive. Guillan ends his life by stomping on his head hard enough to explode it.

Meanwhile, Arles returns to staring at the palace. He murmurs Rath’s name and then Guillan asks if they’re going to retrieve his little brother. He thinks they should so that they can save Rath as well as cause a great outburst. Guillan is almost panting at the thought of killing the palace’s guards. Arles admits that it’s not a bad idea, but he reminds Guillan not to forget their objective. Guillan just pouts and tells Arles that he loves killing though. Anyway, Arles orders his troops to move in.

At his words, the shadows tremble. But it just turns out to be hundreds of wolves who begin to move. Arles addresses the castle and informs the cats that he’s come to retrieve his family. The storm of death will bring ruin and destruction to them. Then Arles tells his wolves to steal, burn, and kill everything. They will use their anger and rage to burn the royal palace and show them the pride and strength of wolves. The wolves howl in agreement and head towards the castle.

Back in the castle, as if it was a nightmare, Mejojo continues to kick Rath while Auger plays the violin. Laughing, groans, and helpless sighs can be heard. Zara is shocked to see how insane they are. Back in the tower, he had also done some research on Zodiva because there was still a probability that Fiona could have caught it, even if she lived in the tower. He used all his knowledge of the rabbit species to research Zodiva, because he wanted to do everything that he could for Fiona.

The reason he decided to work for Mejojo and Auger was because he thought this would give him a chance. After the power struggle, the 6th head of the Garibaldi family forbid any rabbits from entering the palace. Zara thought he could access more Zodiva research if he worked at the castle. He was too optimistic though, because research isn’t being carried out here. Only torture. If Mejojo and Auger hadn’t been here, it would have been the perfect chance to talk to a wolf who had been infected by Zodiva.

Up until now he didn’t realize that wolves could be infected as well. After all, the stories said that the wolves created Zodiva in order to kill people. But Rath is obviously infected, and up to now all the wolves that have been brought into the castle haven’t been able to assume a human form. All the wolves that have been brought in were just beasts who couldn’t move. But Zara realizes that the wolves must have been a race just like them.

It just isn’t talked about anymore. Zara’s eyes narrows as he thinks about what it means for wolves to be able to be infected as well. Zodiva appeared 10 years ago, matching the time that the law to hunt wolves was passed. He realizes that something must have happened then. A hidden truth. But he reminds himself that he came here to find out discover a cure to Zodiva. He needs to focus on one goal at a time. He didn’t come here because of rumors about Mejojo and Auger’s frenzies but to save Weblin’s people.

HOLY SHIT BRAIN BROKEN. MEJOJO AND AUGER’S FRENZIES. MAD WOLF DISEASE. ARLES BEING INFECTED AND SLASHING MEJOJO. AUGER AND MEJOJO BEING IN CLOSE QUARTERS. COULD THEY BE INFECTED?! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. Suddenly, Zara hears the noise of the CCK and he wonders if something happened. As a rabbit, the sensitivity of his hearing is greater than all the other races. Anyway, Leonidas comes running up and calls Mejojo’s name. Mejojo glares at him and asks impatiently what is it.

Meanwhile, Auger pouts at how they were having such fun too. He informs Leonidas that he has no manners in interrupting them like this. Leonidas flinches at Auger’s words but reports that there’s a big problem. An army of wolves are approaching the castle. Mejojo’s eyes widen in shock, while Auger smirks in interest. Zara gasps and then strains his ears to catch what is happening above, and he can hear someone ringing the emergency bell.

The reason why wolves are feared is because of the strength of their bodies. Their combat abilities completely surpass all the other races, and so they used to be Weblin’s soldiers, knights, and mercenaries. And so if the wolves are attacking the castle then the damage will be extensive because each wolf can take down many men. But Mejojo just laughs madly and says that the wolves must have gone mad to come here and get themselves killed. He orders Auger to come with him to kill them all.

To which Auger agrees cheerfully about how they’ll have fun. Zara realizes that they don’t care about the damage to the soldiers at all. It’s as if they’re only pleased to have the chance to kill wolves. Once again, Zara wonders at what happened for them to hate one race so much. Mejojo and Auger appear to be more excited at the wolves attacking the castle, than the one at their feet, because they quickly leave the torture room.

Zara listens to them walk away until he can’t hear them anymore and then he looks down at Rath. When he thinks about how if they have a reason to hate wolves, he thinks his reason would be greater. Because 10 years ago, when the 6th head of the Garibaldi family decided to wipe out the rabbits to erase his predecessor’s source of power, he used the wolves to do it. Wolves are the reason why Zara became a war orphan and when he remembers that, he’s touched by a deep emotion.

Once again, Rath begs for death and even though he’s severely wounded there is strength in his eyes as he looks up at Zara. Zara informs Rath that he won’t kill him. When Rath asks why, Zara just sighs and shrugs before he starts to treat Rath’s wounds.

At the palace gates. A knight reports that the wolves have split into two groups. One is attacking the nearby village, while the other heads straight for the palace. Mejojo asks him where most of the knights went, but apparently they were sent to the town since there only seemed to be one group of wolves at first. Auger realizes that they must have attacked at different times, and mockingly notes that the beasts can use their head.

The knight also reports that Nesso Galland’s Gefreiter’s are far away from the castle too. Mejojo sneers and tells him not to rely on things that aren’t here. Then he orders for all of the castle’s knights to defend the gates. They will close and lock the castle gates since most of the knights are defending the town. Mejojo grits his teeth and notes that the wolves have better eyesight in the night and combat prowess.

Auger reassures him that they can overcome the difference with sheer numbers. Right now their knights are just frightened by the raid, but soon they’ll be able to launch a counterattack. This comforts Mejojo and he states that he won’t let the wolves do what they like.

Scene skip! Fiona is having dinner and tea with Julian when the emergency bell is rung. They both look startled and then Fiona wonders worriedly if something happened. Julian informs her that it was the emergency bell, but in all his years at the castle this is his first time hearing it. She notices how uneasy he looks and they both stand up to look around. Suddenly, Leonidas comes running up and informs them that there’s an attack. The wolves are attacking the palace.

He tells them that Mejojo and Auger are commanding the guards to defend the castle, and the CCK was sent here to protect her. Then the CCK surround her and Julian and draw out their rapiers. Fiona thanks him gratefully and tries to reassure herself that the possibility of the wolves coming this far is low. But then she scolds herself for thinking bad of the CCK, because if they were ineffective then Mejojo and Auger wouldn’t have sent them here.

The gardens are located in the middle of the castle, so it should be impossible for the wolves to come this far if Mejojo and Auger are defending the gates. Of course the moment she thinks that, the sound of glass shattering can be heard and then a massive wolf appears. HOLY BEJEESUS ARLES IS HUGE.. I WANT TO PET HIS FLUFFINESS (*ノ∀ノ). Its silvery-white fur shines in the moonlight. If she weren’t in her current situation, then she would have admired its beauty.

Leonidas grits his teeth and yells at the CCK to protect their lady, but Fiona shouts at them to stop because there’s no way they can win against this large creature. And for this wolf to be here means Mejojo’s defenses have been breached. They leap at him anyway and all of them are kicked or batted away. Arles growls savagely at them and Fiona calls out Leonidas’ name in worry, since he’s dragging himself back up.

And although they aren’t mortally wounded the rest of the CCK aren’t moving. Fiona wonders if he’s going easy on them. After he makes sure they aren’t moving, Arles takes a step towards them and asks them where his captured family member is. Even though she’s used to Richie and Pearl talking in their beast form, she’s surprised at hearing Arles speak. She can’t believe that the large wolf in front of her is a man, not to mention it’s so beautiful it looks like an illusion.

But the groaning CCK proves that the wolf isn’t an illusion. Arles demands them to answer his question. Fiona tells him quietly that she doesn’t know and he eyes her silently before believing her. Then he asks Julian where the captured wolf is, but Julian gasps out that he doesn’t know. This causes Arles to howl in rage and both Fiona and Julian cower at the killing intent that washes over them. Arles snaps out that there is no way Julian von Garibaldi wouldn’t know where his little brother is.

He will only ask him once more. Fiona is surprised to hear that Julian knows this person. Meanwhile, Julian stutters out that there are rumors of a torture room deep underground. Arles replies with 「……そうか。邪魔したな。」(.. I see. I interrupted). LOL WHAT IS WITH THAT ALMOST APOLOGETIC RESPONSE. I LOVE ARLES’ SWAG. He turns around now that he has what he needs but then, as if he was startled, he turns back to look at Fiona.

Ice blue eyes stare intently at her. I LOVE HOW THE DESCRIPTIONS ARE MAKING ME LOVE HIM MORE. ICE BLUE EYES. SILVERY FUR. GKAIHJT ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛. The color is filled with a deep sorrow and then she suddenly remembers the time Mejojo brought her outside. While they were wolf hunting they met a young man with the same colored eyes. She realizes that the boy must be this wolf’s young brother and she’s relieved that he isn’t dead yet.

She understands how strange her feelings are, since these wolves are dangerous and they attacked and destroyed villages. Suddenly, Arles inhales deeply and Fiona asks him with a stutter what he’s doing. He asks her what her name is and she replies that she’s Fiona Galland, Edgar Galland’s only daughter. Arles stiffens and then mutters that he thought so. Fiona is curious as to why his nose scrunched up when he heard her name and why the sorrow in his eyes deepened.

Then he asks in a growling voice why the earl of Galland’s daughter is here. Fiona frowns at that and wonders if she should start at the accusations of her being a witch. But then she realizes that there’s an easier explanation and so she tells him that she’s apparently Mejojo’s fiancée. OH FUCK, IT WASN’T A GOOD IDEA TO SAY THAT. In her mind though she acknowledges that she isn’t his wife yet, but it’s difficult to explain the witch situation.

Anyway, Arles becomes rigid at her words and Fiona is startled by how large he becomes when his hackles rise. Arles asks to confirm if she’s Mejojo’s fiancée and Fiona can hear the suppressed rage in his words. But she nods shakily, only to realize that she did something stupid. Mejojo and Auger are enemies of the wolves, and if they found out that Mejojo had a fiancée then they would attack her. If only she could lie better. But all he does is order her to sit down.

Fiona blinks in surprise and so Arles repeats himself impatiently. Julian interjects and asks Arles what he intends to do, but Arles just snarls out that this has nothing to do with him and bats Julian away. Once again he commands her to sit, and Fiona lowers herself to the ground. But the reason she sat down was more because of her shaky legs than because he said so. Because she believes that she’ll be killed she closes her eyes, and soon she can feel him breathing near her neck.

Then Arles tells her not to move, since he doesn’t have any intentions of hurting her more than necessary. As Fiona’s eyes widen at his words, he sinks his teeth into her shoulder. The pain makes her cry out and for a second she fears that he’s going to eat her alive, but all he does is release her shoulder and lap at her blood. Then Arles comments on how, as he thought, she has Lobeira. Fiona is surprised by how he knew just from the taste of her blood.

Anyway, he continues to lick at her wound until she stops bleeding and she can feel that he’s doing it more to heal her wound than suck her blood. She finds it weird to think that when he bit her. Arles quietly huffs in amusement and then informs her that he’s going to leave now. Before he leaves, he licks her tears away and then trots off into the darkness. Julian apologizes frantically for not being strong enough to protect her. Fiona comforts him by telling him that it’s not his fault and that Arles didn’t do anything cruel.

Julian points out the wound on her shoulder though, which Fiona admits in her mind but she also realizes that Arles made an allowance for them. He didn’t bite her to eat her, and instead it seemed like he had a reason for biting but she doesn’t know what it is. Then Mejojo runs into the garden and asks Fiona if she’s safe. Auger cheerfully notes that the two of them are still alive and then explains that some soldiers reported that a particularly large wolf got over the walls by himself.

Then Mejojo asks Fiona if a large silvery-white wolf came here only to freeze when he takes in her appearance. His face pales as he notices that the wound is still seeping. Mejojo asks her in a horrified voice 「まさか……、お前……っ、噛まれたのか……!?」(Could it be… you were.. bitten..!?). OH HEY HE ACTUALLY SOUNDS WORRIED.. WAIT… Suddenly, he grabs Fiona by the shoulders and shakes her violently. She screams, because even though he’s not touching her wound, the shaking is making the wound hurt.

His voice is wavering as he says 「噛まれたんだな!?狼に、アルルに噛まれたんだな!?お前も……っ、お前もアルルに……!!」(You were bitten, weren’t you!? A wolf.. Arles bit you, didn’t he!? You too.. You were also.. by Arles..!!). Even with the pain hammering at her head she can’t help but notice Mejojo’s words. His voice starts to rise as he yells 「お前も……!!お前も自分からアルルに体を差し出したのか……!!お前もアルルのほうがいいと言うのか……!!」(You too..!! Did you also give your body to Arles..!!? DO YOU ALSO THINK THAT ARLES IS BETTER..!!?).

Fiona tries to calm him down and ask what he’s talking about, but she realizes that his eyes aren’t seeing her. Fiona is scared while Auger is worriedly trying to get his brother to calm down. But Mejojo just snarls out 「うるさい、オージェ……!!お前もわかっているはずだ……!!また、繰り返すんだ……!!」(SHUT UP, AUGER..!! You should know as well..!! It’s repeating again..!!). Mejojo’s voice starts to waver as he gasps out 「また……!!まただ……!! またなんだ……!!私はこいつを殺せばいいのか……!?」(Again..!! Again..!! Why again..!! Should I also kill her..!?).

Then he yells out in anguish 「どうしてみんなおとなしく私のものにならない!?私のものにならないから、死ぬハメになる!!わかっているはずだ!!」(WHY WON’T PEOPLE OBEDIENTLY BECOME MINE!? BECAUSE THEY WON’T BECOME MINE, THEY DIE!! YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND!!). Then he yells out about how she might have been afflicted by Zodiva. Fiona tries to ask him what he’s talking about, but Mejojo’s hands fly to her neck. As he chokes her he snarls out 「殺す……!!殺してやるぞ、アルル……!!アルルゥウウウウウウウウウウウウ!!!」(I’LL KILL YOU..!! I’LL KILL YOU, ARLES…!! ARRRLLEESS!!!).

Even as she’s being choked, Fiona wonders who he’s yelling and raging at. Even though Mejojo von Garibaldi is in front of her, he’s like another person. And finally she understands that the silvery-white wolf didn’t bite her to do something to her. He was using her to injure Mejojo. And he succeeded, because Mejojo is acting deranged. Fiona wonders what happened between the two of them.

Meanwhile, Auger is yelling out to his brother that everything is alright because he’s here and he’ll do something. He’ll kill the wolves for him. Auger’s voice becomes more childlike as he says 「だから、兄さん、お願いだから落ち着いてよ……!兄さん、兄さん!おれたち二人なら大丈夫だよ!」(That’s why, brother, please calm down..! Brother.. Brother! It’ll be alright if it’s just the two of us!). He reminds Mejojo that they can do anything when they’re together. Even if it’s just the two of them, they can do anything.

Once again he tells Mejojo that he’s here and so it’ll be alright. He tells him that they’ll kill the wolves together. He’ll kill everything that gets in his brother’s way. They’ll create a world just for them. Auger’s words get through to Mejojo, who murmurs his brother’s name and releases Fiona. She collapses onto the ground and Julian springs to her side in worry. Leonidas orders Julian to take Fiona to her room while they guide Mejojo and Auger to their room.

Auger acknowledges the order tiredly and then he smiles weakly as he urges his brother to return to his room to drink some hot wine. He tells his brother softly that he’ll calm down like that and that he can leave the wolf hunting to the others. Mejojo sounds dazed as he agrees to return to his room and drink some red wine.. red like blood. Auger agrees eagerly that red wine is the best and that after they calm down they can discuss how they’ll kill the wolves.

Mejojo agrees before muttering weakly about how they need to kill the wolves. If they don’t kill the wolves then they won’t have any peaceful days. They have to kill the wolves before they’re killed themselves. Auger notes that victory goes to the ones who make the first move. Fiona distantly hears how weak Mejojo sounds and how tired Auger is. She can also hear Julian’s tearful voice asking if she’s alright. Fiona apologizes in her mind because though she’d like to reassure him she falls unconscious.

She opens her eyes to find herself floating in some bright light and she quickly realizes that she must be dreaming. The light starts to fade away and so she thinks she starts to see the castle. Fiona ends up back in her room, but there is a dreamlike quality to everything. A strong wind picks up but if she strains her ears she thinks she can hear someone calling out her name. It sounds like Mejojo’s voice, but the moment she calls out his name the wind picks up and threatens to blow her away.

Mejojo suddenly shouts out at her to wait and when she opens her eyes, having closed them in the strong wind, Mejojo is in front of her and holding onto her hand tightly. He asks her in a shaky voice 「お前まで……、お前まで、私を置いていくのか。」(Will you.. Will you also be leaving me?). Fiona’s eyes widen at his words and the expression on his face that she’s never seen before. It’s full of hurt and pain and fear of her leaving and it reminds her of a child. The arrogance and confidence he usually carries around has all but disappeared.

When she asks him why he’s making that expression, he tells her that it’s because she’s also betrayed him. She tries to protest, but he asks her angrily what the puncture wound in her shoulder means then and then he claims that she’s given her body to the wolves. Fiona feels her face flushing at his words since it sounds like Mejojo is accusing her of letting the wolf do more than just bite her. She yells out that she didn’t wish for this wound, but Mejojo points out that she didn’t resist.

If she didn’t want it then she should have resisted and died. Fiona is shocked speechless at how Mejojo thought her dying was better than letting the wolf bite her. She calls him cruel, but he snaps back 「ひどいのはお前だ、フィオナ。お前は私の物なのに、どうして……、どうしてお前まで……っ。」(The cruel one is you, Fiona. You’re mine and yet why.. why did you…). Suddenly, he wraps his arms around her and pulls her fiercely into his chest. Fiona realizes in surprise that the wound in her shoulder doesn’t hurt.

But this just makes her realize that this is a dream, which is why it doesn’t hurt and why Mejojo is saying these things. The real Mejojo wouldn’t talk to her in such a tearful way. But then she remembers the source of why she’s unconscious and having this dream, which is when Mejojo was hallucinating. She remembers that he was comparing her to someone and so she asks him about this in the dream. He doesn’t answer though, which makes her wonder if he’s not answering because she’s dreaming or if he doesn’t want to answer.

Is Mejojo not answering because she herself doesn’t know the answer? Or is it.. At any rate, either is fine to her because she’s realized that this is a dream. Because it’s a dream she returns his embrace and rubs his back soothingly. Mejojo whispers out in a desperate voice 「フィオナ……。私を、裏切るな。お前は私の物だ、誰にも渡さない。」(Fiona.. don’t betray me. You’re mine. I won’t give you to anyone). Just as she tries to say his name, he silences her with a forceful kiss.

When she tries to struggle or push him away, he just pulls her tight against him. It’s her first kiss and, as if he were stealing away everything, he starts to use his tongue as well. It’s her first time having such a hot kiss and her head is going fuzzy and it’s hard to breathe. As if he noticed that she couldn’t breathe, he releases her lips just a little and the only sound that can be heard is her panting.

Fiona is confused as to why, even though it was painful not being able to breathe, her lips feel lonely. She panics in her mind and tries to reassure herself that this is just a dream. She feels herself blushing as if it were real though. His voice is rough as he says 「まだ……、足りない。もっとお前の唇を堪能させろ。私に……すべて差し出せ……。」(It’s not.. enough. Satisfy me more with your lips. Submit everything to me). He kisses her some more before whispering 「お前のその顔、なかなかそそるぞ……。」(That face of yours.. is quite attractive).

Her heart throbs to the heat of his voice and the awareness of how this is just a dream fades in her mind. It feels so good that it hurts. But then he pleads shakily 「どこにも行くな、どこにも行くな。お前は私のものなんだ。離れるな、側にいるんだ。」(Don’t go anyway, don’t go anywhere. You’re mine. I won’t let you go, so stay by my side). It’s as if he were a child. He whispers these words tenderly against her lips 「忘れるな……。お前は私のものだ。」(Don’t forget.. you’re mine) like a curse. The dream fades and she wakes up in her bed in the gardens.

She feels like she dreamt of meeting someone but it’s vague. Suddenly, she recalls Mejojo begging her not to betray him and then kissing her. She flushes but then her eyes widen when she remembers reading about how dreams are a person’s wishes. She tries to leap out of bed when she realizes that she must have wished for that at some level, but then she regrets her decision when her wounds flare in pain.

And then Nesso calls out her name in worry, while Zara just sighs and reminds her not to push herself because her wounds are still healing. Fiona murmurs their name in confusion when she sees them, which makes Zara ask her if she can see anyone else here. Nesso asks if she’s still sleeping before reassuring her that everything is fine and all the scary things are gone. A hot lump clogs her throat and her eyes tear at the sight of them. Nesso places a heavy hand on her head and praises her for enduring everything.

Fiona scolds herself for crying when she hasn’t for so long and reminds herself to find out why these two are here. They just sigh though and this makes her tear up more, which irritates her. She wanted to become strong and grown up. Nesso ends up telling her that Zara is researching Zodiva in the castle and the reason why is because he was unskilled at bargaining. Zara reassures him that they couldn’t have realized that Mejojo and Auger would go that far.

She asks the two if Mejojo and Auger did anything to them, and the reason why she’s asking this is because she’s seen their glee at hunting wolves and experienced Mejojo’s frenzied fits. She realizes that the twins have an unknown darkness in them. Anyway, Nesso explains to her that they tried to bargain for her freedom with their father’s permission. Everyone is safe in Scharlmessen and so she doesn’t need to worry, but it’s quite noisy over there since people believe that she’s a witch.

Nesso laughs it off like it’s nothing, but even Fiona realizes that it isn’t nothing. If they don’t handle it well, they’ll have a riot on their hands. She asks them if they’re alright, but Nesso just states that the people want to live free of Zodiva and wolf raids and she’s just their scapegoat. Although she doesn’t need to worry, they’ll have a difficult time continuing to live in Scharlmessen. And so that’s why, even if it took returning their title, they wanted to regain her and move far away.

Zara adds that they’d even have moved out of Weblin. She’s shocked that they would go so far as to throw away their rank, to which Nesso replies that after talking to their father they’ve decided that family is more important than their house. Then he adds quietly 「お前の方が……、大事だ。」(You’re.. far more precious). No matter their feelings, her chest hurts thinking about how they would throw away everything they’ve built and earned just for her. Then Nesso quickly summarizes how they came to the palace to meet the King.

But they ended up not being able to meet the King and then Zara was summoned to research Zodiva. And then Nesso was sent to an outpost to hunt wolves. He’s trying not to hurt her by keeping his voice light, but his kindness makes it more painful. She apologizes for how they did that without her knowing anything. Nesso waves off her apologizes and tells her that they came to the decision themselves and decided to act on it.

She wants to ask them what they sacrificed because she knows that Nesso and Zara would still act even if the situation was terrible just to reach her. However, she can’t overlook what they lose in doing that. But Fiona realizes that even if she drags the truth out of them, she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Their feelings and sacrifices would just be in vain if she scolded them about trying to save her. Plus, there are far more important things to talk about.

Once again, she asks why they are currently here since Nesso was sent to an outpost to hunt wolves. Nesso just grins and calls her an idiot before explaining that even a king’s order couldn’t make him leave her. He’s always been in the kingdom and he’s been using subordinates to relay his orders. And after the wolf attack, Zara used this chance to call for Nesso. Then Julian called for Zara because he’s a doctor and he was worried about Fiona who lost consciousness.

Fiona touches her neck and shoulder to find that they’re bandaged. When she looks confused at the one around her neck, Zara informs her quietly that there were bruises. When she lowers her eyes, Nesso proposes to her quietly that they should run away together. They don’t have a place in Weblin anymore and the princes have gone mad with power. She can’t deny his words. Then he telsl her that the palace is still in an uproar over the attack and they can easily slip away now.

Julian will cooperate and he even wants to go with them because he also wants to see the outside world. She knows what will happen to her if she runs away, but she doesn’t know what Mejojo will do to Julian. She wonders if running away is really the right thing to do though. But then, suddenly she thinks about Mejojo’s feelings and wonders if it’s a good idea to leave Mejojo when he’s in that state. It was the first time she’s ever seen him so out of control.

Once again she recalls the way he yelled and asked her if she gave her body to Arles and if she believed that Arles was better. She wonders what happened in the past and who she’s being compared to. When Nesso calls her name, she admits that she’s unsure if she wants to leave Mejojo when he’s like this. To which Nesso repeats her name in a low, warning tone. He only uses it when she’s being unreasonable. UNREASONABLE?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO HER IF SHE’S CAPTURED?!?!

Fiona apologizes because she understands his view and that she can’t do anything to help Mejojo, but she’s still.. concerned. But Nesso just tells her that if she understands then she shouldn’t talk about staying. He doesn’t want to see her in any more danger. Fiona lowers her eyes and agrees to run away, although she’s still uncertain about it being the right choice. But they’ll waste time if they talk any more when they should be acting. Suddenly she remembers to ask if the wolves escaped safely.

Nesso replies that they did after they achieved their objective. She wonders if they rescued their family safely, to which Zara answers that they did. He was tending to the newly captured wolf and when he left the dungeon, he encountered the large silvery-white one. Obviously he let the two go and Fiona thanks him, which makes Zara huff in amusement and call her strange before he asks her what she’s thanking him for.

He asks if she knew them, to which she replies that she doesn’t but she was there when Mejojo took her wolf hunting. Zara sighs at how hard it is to understand what the princes are trying to do. Anyway, Fiona had been worried about him when she saw how wounded he was. Zara admits that he can’t say the wolf is uninjured, but with their vitality he should recover. Fiona is glad, but also confused as to why she is so worried about him when all they did was look at each other.

Maybe it’s because of the sad color of his eyes. Fiona asks Zara why he helped the wolves, especially when they’re known to be feared monsters who destroyed villages and spread disease. Zara should know that better than her, who had been living in a tower for her whole life. Zara confesses that he couldn’t overlook Mejojo’s torture in the name of research, because it isn’t research. He thinks Mejojo and Auger know something, which is what allows them to hunt wolves without fear of Zodiva.

Nesso agrees with how suspicious it is, which reassures Fiona that both Nesso and Zara feel the same as her. She thought that Mejojo and Auger’s actions towards the wolves were cruel. Even after seeing the destruction of the village she felt that. She feels as if the country of Weblin betrayed the wolves somehow. But maybe she doesn’t know anything, since 10 years ago she had been living in a tower unaware of the outside world.

She thought that, because she doesn’t understand the country’s pain, she just felt an outsider’s pity towards the wolves. But Zara and Nesso feel the same as her and Zara even vows to uncover the truth. Of course, she’s not saying that the wolves are victims, since they’ve done cruel things to Weblin as well. But she thinks that if both sides continue on killing each other, then nothing will change. Now that she knows her feelings weren’t mistaken, she feels her determination strengthening.

Fiona suggests that they should go now. Everyone nods and returns her gaze, but then Zara asks how they’re going to get out. Nesso replies that he found a small entrance that is used by servants. They should be overlooked by the guards in this uproar, but if there is one then Nesso can defeat him. Fiona wonders if it’ll really be alright, which makes Nesso grin and call her mean for not believing in his swordsmanship. She asks him if that’s how he got into the palace, to which he replies that he just strolled through the front door.

In this uproar there are a lot of knights running around, and all he had to do was wear a helmet and saunter past them. Anyway, Fiona is still uncertain since this is the palace and if someone calls for help they’ll be surrounded. Zara agrees with her concerns, but points out that this danger will follow them wherever they go. They’ll also be chased by the royal guards. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think that there’s a secret entrance that is unknown to the employees of the castle.

Julian hesitantly informs them that there is. In this garden there is an underground water tunnel that acts as a drainage system. No one is allowed in here except for Mejojo, Auger, Fiona, and him, and so the chances are low that another employee would know of this place. Zara asks if he’s certain that Mejojo doesn’t know about this, to which Julian asks sarcastically if they think that Mejojo has an interest in the drainage system of the gardens. Anyway, the tunnel connects to a lake outside in the middle of a forest.

He had explored it one day. Anyway, he doesn’t think anyone but him should know about this exit. For a second Fiona is suspicious as to why he didn’t use this passage to escape, since she knows that he’s been living trapped here longer than her but then she remembers that he doesn’t hate Mejojo and Auger. After losing the throne he gained siblings. Nesso and Zara exchange glances before agreeing to escape through the tunnel since it’s safest. Julian will lead, Nesso will follow, then Fiona, and Zara will bring up the end.

Before they leave, Zara takes out some herbs and starts spreading them around to delay anyone who will chase them. He warns them all to cover their noses with a handkerchief and reassures Fiona that the herbs will just make the CCK drunk on pleasure. They won’t be able to move. Fiona is relieved since she’s talked a lot with Leonidas and likes him, but it can’t be helped that he works for Mejojo. Anyway, they soon make their escape.

Meanwhile. Mejojo and Auger are going to report to their father about the wolf attack. Auger asks Mejojo if he’s alright, to which he replies curtly that he’s fine. Auger is relieved, but he does suggest that he can report to their father if Mejojo isn’t feeling well. Mejojo curses his brother for being persistent before snarling out that he’s fine. Yelling like that though just shows his lack of control. Auger apologizes quietly to his brother, since he doesn’t want to provoke him.

Mejojo breathes deeply and slowly to gather control before he knocks on the door and informs his father that he’s here to report. The two princes enter and Mejojo reports that they know who the leader of the wolves is. When his father asks, Mejojo quietly tells him that he should know the person very well. It used to be his favorite person. His father starts wheezing in surprise and so Mejojo informs him that the leader calls himself Arles V. Felnoir now.

But it’s undoubtedly the knight his father used to favor, Arles Vogart. His father is surprised that he’s still alive, to which Mejojo replies flatly that he doesn’t think this situation warrants pleasure. His father asks if he’s come to report Arles death, but Mejojo shakes his head and replies that Arles still lives. His father wonders out loud what would make Arles throw away the country, to which Mejojo replies that he doesn’t know.

But what he does know is that currently Arles is the leader of the filthy wolves and an enemy to the country. The King cries out and asks where they all went wrong. He allowed the engagement between Arles and Elvira, and so what would make Arles unhappy enough to betray the country. Mejojo sneers which makes his father ask him if he’s mistaken. Even Mejojo should know how long Arles served the royal palace faithfully. For him to kill and attack the people of his country…

Auger asks his father innocently if he’s forgotten that Arles wants to kill him to take over the country. That’s why he approached Elvira and when his motives were discovered, he killed her. And then he even scarred Mejojo. Auger also reminds their father that the wolves are the source of Zodiva. He asks if his father will still defend Arles and if he likes Arles that much. Their father just gasps and cries out that no matter what, he can’t seem to believe that.

The King can’t believe that the young man who served him so faithfully would try and kill him. Mejojo sighs while their father continues to cry out and ask why Arles would do such a thing. It’s the insignificant complaint of of an elderly person. They continue to ask things that they don’t wish to have answers to. Mejojo finally asks his father lowly if he wants to know the truth that badly. His father calls out his name in confusion. At the very end, he’ll be dutiful to his father and give him the truth that he wishes for.

Mejojo gently kneels on the bed, ignoring his father’s questions, and takes his father’s pillow before placing it on his face. It doesn’t take a lot of power to kill an elderly person, just a pillow. While he slowly suffocates his father, he informs him that the one who killed Elvira was him. Arles was stricken with Zodiva, fell mad, and bit Elvira. For that reason, Mejojo tried to kill Arles. His father flails underneath him and tries to yell out for help, while Mejojo notes lightly that it must be painful.

Meanwhile, Auger informs their father that no one will come although it’ll be troublesome if his voice is heard. Mejojo tells his father to rest, because he’s just an elderly person. He has no more power and his life is meaningless. Auger comments on how he should play a song to send their father off and then he sighs in pleasure at what a dutiful son he’s being. He starts playing a sad tune on his violin, but then it slowly picks up and becomes mad. Mejojo adds that he’ll send him a present to take to his grave.

Then he continues off on his story. Elvira died trying to defend Arles from Mejojo and then Arles ran off because of that. The King struggles some more, but Mejojo’s eyes start to glint crazily as he adds that he has another nice thing to tell him. The fact that the wolves are the source of Zodiva is a big lie. They’re also victims. And the one who put the wolves in hell with the wolf hunting law was the king himself, because he didn’t know this fact. He also adds that wolves who are infected with Zodiva become brutal.

Of course they still die to the disease, but it takes a longer time because of the vitality of wolves. The wolves who become mad from the disease start wanting blood, most likely from the other races and perhaps the blood of a Lobeira. This is the result that the rabbit doctors of the palace had discovered. Auger adds that of course they killed the doctors when they were done, since if this information was leaked it’d be a problem. They probably killed around 50 of them.

Auger points out that what they did can’t compare with the founder of the white cats or the 5th head of the Garibaldi family. Only the blood of a Lobeira can suppress Zodiva. It was by chance that Elvira was a Lobeira which is why Arles was saved. Anyway, the sacrifice of a Lobeira is needed in order to suppress the madness of Zodiva. Mejojo gleefully asks his father if he understands now. Arles saw his love die, he was labelled as a rebel, and his race was cursed and hunted by the country.

Snickering, Auger praises their father for his actions for the past 10 years. Mejojo asks their father if it isn’t interesting before he starts laughing. Auger compliments his brother for being so good at explaining. While Mejojo once again states that it’s best if only he and Auger know the truth, which is why they need to kill the remaining rabbit doctors. Then Mejojo once again addresses their father and blames him for everything. It’s because he didn’t love their mother, Elenora.

Because he fooled around with other women. Then Mejojo says lowly that ever since he was small, he’d wanted to kill him. Their father should think of it as 10 years of love. Their father’s struggles slowly become weaker and weaker. Mejojo’s expression becomes neutral as he wonders what would have happened if their father didn’t exist. Would their mother still have died? Would they have ended up distorted like this? Then he thinks about how all he wanted was his father’s approval.

He just wanted his father to approve of their mother, him, and Auger. But their father never saw them as family. That’s why their father needed to die. To Mejojo this was an easy conclusion. Finally, he wishes his father goodbye. Finally, their father’s body doesn’t move anymore. And all Mejojo can hear is the sound of a twisting rope. He has the feeling that the woman who is hanging there laughed quietly. Auger finally asks Mejojo if it’s over and Mejojo quietly admits that it is.

This just makes Auger grin as he congratulates his brother. With this, he’s the king of the country and now the country is his. Mejojo looks distracted as he agrees before noting that he should call people to organize his father’s funeral. Auger tells him that he’ll do it. All his brother needs to do is order him, since he’s the king now.

Mejojo agrees faintly and then Auger excuses himself and starts to leave, but his brother calls for him to wait. When Auger comes back and asks what it is, Mejojo says 「顔。」(Your face). When Auger repeats the word questioningly, Mejojo just replies 「顔が、笑っている。」(Your face.. is laughing).

Scene skip. In the underground tunnel, Fiona is having a hard time walking through it since she’s injured. She refuses to complain and be a nuisance though, and so no matter how many times Zara or Nesso ask if she’s alright, she just smiles and tells them that she’s fine. It’s very humid and wet in the tunnel, but also chilly. When she looks over at Julian and asks if he’s alright, he startles before reassuring her that he is. She’s a bit doubtful though with the way he seems distracted.

Anyway, they finally start to see a light at the end and Zara can even feel wind. Just before they leave though they hear the sound of many footsteps and then Auger appears to greet them before commenting on how unexpected it is to meet them here. It’s almost as if it were.. fate. He smirks at them as he steps forward. Behind him are small lights that Fiona recognizes as the CCK, which confuses her since she thought that Zara had knocked them out. Nesso immediately asks how he knew they were in here.

Auger informs them that they’re better off not knowing, but his tone is practically begging them to ask. And so Nesso asks what he means, to which Auger smiles and orders Julian to come over to him. At Auger’s voice, Julian sways before walking over to Auger as if he were sleepwalking. Auger informs them that they had planned this from the beginning. If Fiona were to escape then Julian would take her through these tunnels. Nesso and Zara were a surprise though.

They managed to catch up to them by using the CCK, although some were knocked out by the herbs that Zara left behind. Fiona once again calls out Julian’s name, but he just stands beside Auger with a vacant look on his face. She wonders if he was dosed with some kind of drug, because she doesn’t want to believe that he had intended to betray them from the start. He was her kind friend and she doesn’t want to believe that he approached her to under orders. She doesn’t want his kindness to be a lie.

Fiona starts to yell out his name. At first he doesn’t respond, but as she continues to say his name, he finally glances over at her with blank eyes. She seizes this chance to try and ask him to come over and run away with them, but then he starts to laugh crazily. For a second she doesn’t realize who it is that is laughing, because it’s a laugh with no feelings. There is only insanity in there and she can’t coincide that with Julian’s gentle nature. She hesitantly calls out his name again which makes him stop his laughter.

He looks at her with endlessly dark eyes and comments softly on how she’s the very picture of a princess. Then he softly asks with sardonic amusement if she actually thought he was just a disinherited prince. He explains that he had been ordered by Auger to keep an eye on her. He starts to laugh crazily again and then he asks Auger 「ねえ、オージェ、褒めてください。俺、うまくやりましたよね?上手に騙せましたよね?」(Hey, Auger, please praise me. I did well right?! I deceived them well right?!).

Julian repeats 「褒めてください。褒めてください。俺を褒めてください。上手に出来たって、よくやったって褒めてください。」(Please praise me! Please praise me! Please praise me! Say I did it well, say I did a good job!). Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚) I’M SO FREAKED OUT RIGHT NOW. IS HE MENTALLY RETARDED? HOLY SHIT JULIAN’S BETRAYAL WAS LEFT FIELD. I THOUGHT HE’D BE LIKE.. AN ANGRY PRINCE WHO WANTS TO MURDER AUGER AND MEJOJO. NOT A BROKEN ONE SEEKING THEIR PRAISE. NOW I’M EVEN MORE SCARED OF JOJO AND AUGER. Fiona can only stare in horror as she realizes that Julian is broken.

Auger simply smiles and praises how a broken toy like him managed to do his job. Later, he’ll praise him a lot. Julian smiles twistedly and starts shouting 「……っ、嬉しいです。嬉しいです。嬉しいです。嬉しいです。褒めてもらえるなんて、嬉しいです。」(.. I’m so happy! I’m so happy! Happy! Happy! Being praised makes me so happy!). He starts rambling about how he, who is a total idiot and dullard and can’t even compare to Mejojo and Auger because he has no living value, is able to be praised makes him overjoyed.

He starts yelling out 「ありがとうございますオージェ。ありがとう。ありがとう。ありがとう。」(Thank you very much Auger. Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!). Fiona can’t help but say his name again in horror since he sounds like a broken record. Auger admits with a hum that they “educated” Julian a lot and he ended up breaking. Sometimes Julian is normal, but the core of him is broken. Auger winks at them and informs them that Julian’s mind is crazy. Because he found Julian interesting and sort of cute, he didn’t throw him away.

Auger didn’t actually think that he’d be this useful though. In the background, Julian is still shouting about how thankful he is to Auger and how happy he is. Fiona can’t even bring herself to speak because of how angry she is. She knows that it was Auger who broke Julian. Mejojo and Auger have made Julian into this person. She yells out that they’re cruel and the anger in her chest turns to sadness. Nesso just exhales sharply before informing Auger that the talking ends now.

He draws out his broadsword, which just makes Auger smirk in amusement before he asks Nesso if he understands what it means to point a sword at him. Nesso replies that he knows, and he’s doing this because he knows. They won’t follow Mejojo and Auger anymore and above that, he doesn’t want his family to be involved in the princes’ nightmares. Nesso leaps towards Auger and slashes at him, which Auger barely repels with his rapier and then the two start fighting.

Fiona is shocked to see Nesso’s skill as a knight. Although she heard the rumors about how he’s like a fierce god on the battlefield, it’s different to see him in action. Nesso ends up disarming Auger, which surprises Auger but then he calls the CCK in to help them. Nesso’s voice is dangerously low as he informs them that he won’t harm them if they don’t draw their swords. But even though the CCK are trembling they still lunge with their tiny rapiers to stab at his feet.

Nesso slices their swords in half with his own though and slowly makes his way to Auger, defeating all the CCK on the way. He asks Auger what he’s going to do and if he’s going to get in their way. Auger just laughs and informs him that while it’d be interesting to die here, he doesn’t have any intentions of doing that yet. He throws a smoke bomb on the ground and a cloud of white smoke covers everyone’s vision. When Fiona feels someone grab her around the waist she tries to fit, but Nesso informs her that it’s just him.

Zara informs them that the smoke doesn’t seem to contain any drugs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and so he warns them not to breathe it in. Nesso and Zara take up positions beside Fiona with handkerchiefs over their faces while they wait for the smoke to settle. It turns out that Auger and the CCK retreated and all that is left behind is Julian who is sitting on the ground. Fiona quietly says Nesso’s name and he just sighs before telling her that he understands. He orders Julian to come with them.

Julian stares at them before tearfully saying 「ごめんなさい。ごめんなさい。ごめんなさい。俺なんかが生きていてごめんなさい。俺みたいな愚図が生きていてごめんなさい。」(I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for living. I’m sorry that an idiot like me is living). There’s no response from Julian even when Nesso pulls on his arm. He just continues to look around vacantly and apologize over and over again. Finally, Fiona slaps him in the face to interrupt his muttering. She knows that it’s a cruel thing to do to someone who is broken, but she needed to stop him.

With a gasp, the light returns back to his eyes and he opens his mouth to say something. Only to be interrupted by Zara who suggests that they should go. Fiona knows that if Julian has the memory of what he did when he was broken, then he has a lot to say. She has a lot to ask him, but now isn’t the time since they don’t know when Auger will come back with more soldiers. And so all she does is repeat Zara’s words.

Julian asks them hesitantly if it’s fine for him to go with them too, to which Nesso just rolls his eyes and urges everyone to hurry. He walks by Julian and grabs him by the collar to pull him along. Zara and Fiona follow after them. Their goal is to reach the ground above and to find a place without any nightmares.

Back at the palace. Auger sighs and wonders if his brother will be angry. He managed to escape back to the palace safely, and it was lucky that he brought the smoke bomb since he couldn’t win against Nesso. There was no way the CCK could win against Nesso, who is known as Weblin’s strongest knight and who has never lost to anyone. Although Auger isn’t bad at the sword, he isn’t at Nesso’s level. He hopes his brother realizes this and knows that Auger is just a clown. After a second of silence he sighs at the impossibility.

Mejojo’s orders are absolute and a person either completes them or fails them. There is no saying that it’s impossible. But then he starts chuckling when he remembers the look on Fiona’s face when she saw how broken Julian was. It was a face as if she wanted to wake up from a bad dream. It was interesting to be able to see that expression. Just for that he ordered Julian to get close to her. It was really cute to see them bonding over their past. It was because she believed in their friendship.

Auger wonders what kind of face she would have made if she hadn’t lived in a tower for her whole life. Up until now she hasn’t been betrayed before. He feels pleasure at being able to injure the heart of the girl who has been brought up so carefully and protected from everything. Then he wonders what happened to Julian, because he was thinking of throwing him away since he’s breaking more often now. It’d also be interesting if they kept him with them, but it’d be even more interesting if Nesso killed him.

He would have liked to see the knight’s face when he kills one of the royal family, especially since he swore on his blade to defend the country. Plus, Julian is just a broken victim and not one of the evil princes. What kind of face would Nesso make if he killed in order to protect his sister? But then Auger realizes that Nesso doesn’t know that Julian is a disinherited prince. Unless Fiona will tell him. Or will she keep silent because she sympathizes with Julian’s plight?

Auger pouts and wishes they were back in the garden, where they were confined forever, so that he could continue observing them. He enjoys seeing people struggle foolishly against the bad things that happen to them. But he realizes that they would have escaped one day. First, he should report everything to his brother though. He knocks on the door and enters without waiting for an answer. Mejojo informs him that he’s slow and asks if Fiona and Julian were captured.

This just makes Auger wince before he apologizes quietly. Mejojo’s expression becomes severe as he angrily asks if they ran away even after he gave command of the CCK to Auger. Auger winces again and replies that if it were just Julian and Fiona he would have been able to, but they had the rabbit and Nesso with them. Before he can tell his brother that he and the CCK lost, Mejojo slams his fist down on the desk and asks why Nesso was here.

Mejojo points out that Nesso was supposed to be at the frontier, and he received a report saying that he was. Auger slowly tells his brother that he doesn’t know the answer either. He states that the report could have deceived them, since Nesso is popular. Even more popular than they are. His subordinates in the Gefreiter look up to their leader more than they enjoy serving the country. It wouldn’t have been hard for him to get a subordinate to cover for him.

Anyway, his brother asks him dangerously if he just ran away from Fiona then. Auger apologizes again and explains that he lost in a sword fight to Nesso. This is something that Mejojo should know, but Auger realizes that even though Mejojo knows it he won’t accept it. Mejojo angrily asks why Fiona would run away and with Julian too. Auger winces since his plan had been to use Julian to give her hope to run away and then crush it with despair when he breaks. If only Fiona had run away then Auger would have been enough to retrieve her.

Instead, there was Zara and Nesso and both Julian and Fiona escaped. Auger reassures his brother that Julian would still be trash and of no use. But Mejojo just snarls out lowly that he gave Auger an order to retrieve them. Auger winces at how furious his brother is, which can’t be helped when he’s still angry over Fiona being bitten by a wolf and then told that she escaped.

Mejojo starts to shout 「お前の方こそ、わかっているのか……!?フィオナが逃げた……!フィオナに逃げられたんだぞ!?」(Don’t you understand what you’ve done..!? Fiona ran away..! Fiona was able to run away!!). Auger tries to calm his brother down, but Mejojo just snaps at him to shut up and not to talk back. And then he slaps Auger, who flinches in surprise and hurt. He doesn’t understand why his brother values her so much, especially when he’s the king now. Now that their father is dead, they don’t have to worry about anyone.

There are more beautiful women out there. There are more obedient ones. But that may be the reason why Mejojo is so interested in her. Not to mention because she’s the symbol of his disgrace. If his brother isn’t able to obtain Fiona then his metaphorical wound won’t heal. And so Auger apologizes again for failing. Mejojo agrees lowly that it’s Auger’s fault she ran away. Auger agrees quietly and apologizes for being a nuisance to his perfect brother.

Mejojo also adds that if Auger wasn’t such a nuisance then everything would be well. Auger accepts the blame and asks his brother to punish him, because he wants redemption for his failure. Mejojo states that mistakes need to be punished and then he draws out he rapier at his side. The blade gleams in the light and Auger feels his whole body trembling, down to the tip of his tail, at the thought that his brother might kill him. Not from fear though, but from enjoyment.

Being killed by his brother’s hand is the ultimate pleasure for him. Auger pants in joy as he asks his brother if he’ll kill him. But Mejojo just calmly replies that he isn’t going to die yet, but he needs to receive his punishment. Auger’s eyes widen in confusion, but no matter what his brother does to him he’ll be happy. His brother is better than anyone at pleasing him, which might be because they’re twins. Mejojo lifts the rapier and Auger wonders if he’ll get an eye stabbed out.

But it lowers unexpectedly and then cuts into the flesh between his eyes. Auger grits his teeth in pain as Mejojo brings the rapier down in a diagonal cut. As the blade digs deeper into his face, Auger is feeling an intense pleasure that is better than anything he’s ever felt before. Finally Mejojo stops and looks as if he’s confirming something on Auger’s face. Then he tells Auger not to be pleased and asks if he’s an idiot. Auger just gasps out that he’s happy though.

Mejojo just sneers and comments about how Auger went crazy in a disgusting way. But a promise is absolute and the two of them must live on, which is why he’s letting Auger stay alive. For a second, Auger wishes that the blade would pierce him deeper so that he’ll have his peace, but then he corrects himself and thinks that there is no way he’d want to have peace. And so, he calls out his brother’s name in ecstasy to which Mejojo replies 「……気持ち悪いんだよお前は。」(.. You disgust me).

As Mejojo chuckles Auger affectionately thinks of his brother as an idiot, because without looking at mirror he knows that the wound on his face is carved to look like Mejojo’s scar. Auger thinks of it as a reward rather than a punishment. He asks Mejojo if he’s forgiven now and Mejojo replies curtly that he is. Auger praises him for being a generous king before admitting that he’s really happy to feel Mejojo’s pain.

Then he talks about how with together, with their power, he’s going to make Weblin and interesting place for his brother. His voice rises in excitement as he asks Mejojo to play with him. He wants to play the same game they did before his brother was king and then he asks his brother what he wants to do. First they have the coronation, but then what? Mejojo orders Auger to find Fiona and capture her. Auger agrees happily if it’s what his brother wishes.

Once again Mejojo says 「フィオナは、私のものだ。誰にも渡したりはしない……!絶対に……、逃がすものか。」(Fiona is mine. I won’t hand her over to anyone else..! Definitely.. Does she really think she can run?). Anyway, Auger walks out of the room to fulfill his brother’s wishes, but he wonders if he should treat the wound on his face first. He wipes at it with a finger and sees that it’s stained red. He starts chuckling at that even through the pain.

Auger mumbles out 「おれ達は二人きりの兄弟……。二人しかいない味方……。お揃いの可愛い双子ちゃん……。」(It’s just us two brothers.. We are each other’s only supporters.. cute matching twins..). He walks down the hall snickering. He’s going to have fun in this unending dream.

Scene skip. Fiona and her companions manage to escape the underground tunnel and they come out into a forest. She would have liked to rest and ask Julian questions but they don’t know if Auger is going to chase after them and so they have to keep moving. Everytime she peeks at Julian though, he’s merely walking forward single-mindedly and with a melancholic face. It isn’t the expression of a broken doll. It’s the face of the Julian that she knew. She’s not the only one curious either since Zara and Nesso glance at him too.

Then she wonders where they’re even heading to and so she calls out to Nesso, which makes him drop back to her side from his position at the front. At the same time, Zara leaves his place by Fiona’s side to move to the front and she’s amused at how they can communicate without words. It makes them a formidable combo. Anyway, Nesso informs her that they have no concrete destination yet since they just want to be far away from the castle. He plans on going deeper into the forest to throw off any pursuers.

Fiona suddenly remembers to ask about her father, Pearl, and Richie but once again Nesso reassures her that they’re safe. Her father is taking shelter in another place with Pearl and Richie and they’re all being guarded by Elza. When Fiona looks at him in confusion, Nesso explains that Elza Clifford is the vice-captain of the Gefreiter. She recalls that he talked about Elza before and then frowns as she realizes that Scharlmessen must not be livable any more and cruel things must have happened there with the riot.

Anyway, they plan on meeting up with her father at some later time. Nesso places his hand on her head to ruffle it but he freezes. Nesso quickly calls Zara to come and check to see if Fiona has a fever and so she’s urged by Zara to sit down on a log so that he can examine her. She tries to protest that she’s fine and that she’s just hot from all the walking they did, but Zara has a frown on his face as he checks her temperature. She really does have a fever and so Zara orders Nesso to find a place to rest.

She tries to argue that she can still walk, but Nesso points out that if she forces herself now and becomes bedridden later it’ll be the same thing. As he leaves he orders Julian to come with him, which surprises Julian as he asks with a stutter if it’s alright. Nesso rolls his eyes and tells him that everything can be talked about later. Julian smiles tentatively and then agrees and they both head off.

Fiona wonders out loud quietly if Julian will be alright and Zara replies that he thinks Julian will be normal as long as Mejojo and Auger aren’t around. And if he becomes a threat later on, there’s no way he can win against Nesso. Anyway, Fiona’s fever is high and she’s ashamed at how she didn’t notice it herself when it’s her own body. And now that she’s sitting down the whole world is spinning and she has no energy.

She feels like she’s dragging Zara and Nesso down, especially when she’s the reason they have to leave the country. Zara shakes his head and blames himself for not paying enough attention since it’s his responsibility to care for her health. He keeps a hand on her shoulder to stop her from toppling over and then pats her head in comfort when her vision starts to blur from tears of frustration. The lower temperature of his hand feels good on her face and at his suggestion she closes her eyes to rest.

Zara reassures her that he’ll wake her up if something happens, but the next time she hears his voice she opens her eyes to find herself in a cabin. He gives her some water to drink and when she’s worried about drinking it all, he informs her that Nesso found a river nearby. Although her fever has lowered he would like her to replenish her body’s fluids by drinking a lot of water and slowly. He also gives her some medicine to drink, which Fiona is reluctantly does. Zara is amused by how she didn’t complain this time.

But Fiona knows that they haven’t traveled very far from the castle and so she needs to drink the medicine to get better. Anyway, it’s extremely bitter and so she drinks another cup of water. Meanwhile, Zara turns to Nesso and Julian who are watching nearby and urges them to drink the medicine too. When Nesso and Julian look confused Zara explains that it’s the cure for Zodiva. Everyone gasps in surprise except for Zara. Nesso immediately asks if Fiona is infected, but Zara is unsure.

Her fever may be a symptom of Zodiva, or it may just be a fever, or it may be a product from her wounds. He hasn’t found any black spots on her body, but it may be too early to tell. Nesso wonders out loud how she could have contracted Zodiva but then his gaze falls to the wound on her shoulder and he frowns in anger. This is why he didn’t want Fiona brought to the castle. He clenches his hands into fists, but Fiona touches his hand in comfort because she doesn’t want him to blame himself.

Anyway, Fiona points out that she’s never heard of Zodiva having a cure before and so Zara explains that he had been researching back at Scharlmessen since there was still a chance she could catch it in the tower. When he went to the castle, he was immediately taken underground and told to drink the medicine that he’s giving everyone else right now. It’s an incomplete version of the cure for Zodiva and then he was ordered to complete the cure. Nesso asks why this incomplete cure wasn’t made known to the public.

But Zara and Julian just look at one another while Fiona gasps in horror as she realizes that Mejojo and Auger purposefully kept it a secret. Zara thought it had been strange how they weren’t afraid of wolves and even brought them into the castle when there was a chance they’d catch Zodiva, but that’s because they drank the medicine. Anyway, the version that Zara is encouraging everyone to drink is still incomplete but it can act as a preventative. Nesso asks what it can do for someone who might be infected.

Zara shrugs though because the notes end there. It is probable that Mejojo and Auger disposed of the doctors. Once again Nesso asks why they wouldn’t release the information to the public that they’ve found a cure, but Zara hypothesizes that they want to keep the country in fear. Julian agrees that there is nothing in Mejojo and Auger’s minds but killing wolves. It could be said that the curse of the Garibaldi family is madness. Then Zara informs everyone that he might be able to complete the medicine but it’s a hypothesis.

He discovered, in the dungeons of the castle, many wolves which were infected with Zodiva. He knows they have Zodiva because Rath had black spots on his arm and he lost the use of one eye. Everyone knows that wolves have the strongest body among all the races and so they thought that the wolves couldn’t get Zodiva because the symptoms were different. But Zara explains that they don’t have a quick death in 1 week like all the other races. Once they’re infected by Zodiva they slowly lose their mind and the power to change forms.

So contrary to popular belief, wolves are not the source of Zodiva because they’re victims as well. Nesso asks if they’re attacking villages just because of revenge then because he can’t believe that they’re attacking it because they’re mad. He knows this because when he goes to villages that have been attacked by wolves, the wolves retreat as if they’re commanded. If they have a leader who is sane then the leader should just teach the wolves to hunt something else other than humans.

Unless he’s attacking the people of Zodiva for being accused of something they didn’t do. Zara shakes his head and tells them that he discovered another point. The blood of wolves who have been infected by Zodiva are deficient of minerals. Nesso asks for a simpler explanation. Basically, wolves who have Zodiva develop a desire for improper food. It develops when the body is lacking a necessary nutrient and the brain fixates itself on something strange like soil, stone, chalk, or even glass.

And of course they hunger for it beyond reason. And so the wolves are attacking villages to eat people. But that’s not all. Zara also adds that they might be instinctively searching to heal themselves. Nesso thinks this is outrageous but Zara asks for him to remember. There have been sighting of a man among wolves. The only one who can hold his human form and the reason for that may be because he overcame Zodiva. Nesso recalls that all the knights thought that person is the wolf leader.

If that is so then why doesn’t the leader cure the other wolves. Fiona thinks it’s strange too since they’re willing to risk attacking the castle to recover their companion which means they aren’t diposing of their allies. Suddenly, she recalls the moment when Arles realizes that she’s also a Lobeira. He talked as if he had tasted the blood of a Lobeira before. Fiona notices Zara staring at her and Nesso looks at them both in confusion before he asks for an explanation.

And so Fiona explains that the cure for wolves is to drink the blood of a Lobeira. But no matter how many villages they attack, they will have a hard time finding one since most Lobeira die before they can reach adulthood. And the occurrence of it in human females is already extremely rare. Nesso can hardly believe this and he asks if that is why the wolf bit her in the castle, but Fiona is doubtful since Arles was rational and sounded as if he had tasted the blood of a Lobeira before.

Then Nesso asks what happens if another race will be cured if they drink the blood of a Lobeira. Zara thinks the possibility is low since none of the other races develop a hunger for strange things. Anyway, the hypothesis for Lobeira being the cure to Zodiva is supported. Nesso asks if that means that other than wolves, the rest of the people are doomed to Zodiva? Zara shakes his head and informs them that he’s sure an antibody to Zodiva can be found in a wolf’s blood and with that he can make a cure to Zodiva.

Nesso doesn’t even know what to think about this situation. Even though they’re in the middle of running away and abandoning this country, they might have found a method to save it. The four of them look at each other in disbelief and then Nesso asks Zara what the possibility of this working is. Zara reports that it’s extremely high, especially if it’s him. But in order to test this they’ll need the cooperation of the wolves, which they have been in conflict with for 10 years.

Then Fiona can’t help but think of Mejojo and his zeal for destroying all wolves. She doesn’t understand how his first instinct isn’t to protect the country and how he prevented the incomplete cure from being known just so that he could direct the people’s fears onto the wolves. If she, Nesso, Zara, and Julian leave this country then who will stop Mejojo? It might be the end of this country if they’re not here. She feels like she’s carrying a heavy burden now.

But she still tells them that she wants to talk to the wolves before she leaves this country. She understands that it might be difficult and that they should really leave but she can’t throw the people of this country away. If they leave after discovering a possibility of curing Zodiva then she’ll regret it forever. The other three exhale loudly and then Nesso tells her that he feels the opposite. The wolves are dangerous and while they may have their circumstances it’s still the truth that they attacked the villages.

He thinks that it’s too dangerous to meet them. Fiona thinks Nesso’s worries are justified because they’ve been fighting against the wolves while she lived in the tower and so they’ve seen the results of their raids. But Zara and Nesso weren’t there when Arles looked at her with his sad eyes and he didn’t bite her to cause pain, but to send a message to Mejojo. And so she still wants to try talking to them. Fiona and Nesso have a stare down. But Zara breaks it by agreeing with Fiona which surprises Nesso and Fiona.

Zara is just as, if not more, protective of Fiona than Nesso and yet he’s suggesting that they should find the wolves. Nesso sighs and mutters that Zara must have an incontestable reason. Zara admits that Fiona is probably infected with Zodiva and the reason why he didn’t say it earlier is because he didn’t want to worry them. But if they’re going to leave the country then he has to take this into account because the potential cure will be inaccessible if they leave.

He asks Nesso what he is going to do if Fiona comes down with Zodiva. Nesso tries to point out that Zara has his medicine, but Zara reminds him that it’s just a preventative drug. It doesn’t actually cure anything. Nesso grits his teeth but ends up sighing loudly. It’s clear that he can’t think of any other options and so even though he’s unhappy, they’ll have to find the wolves. But they still plan to escape if things go wrong.

Back at the castle. It’s been several days after Fiona escaped the castle and although they sent soldiers out to capture her they haven’t caught her yet. Auger wonders if the whole force will be sent out soon, but he realizes that it can’t be helped. Then Leonidas knocks on the door and informs the two that the preparations are complete. Today is the day of Mejojo’s coronation. They would have liked to follow after the soldiers to capture Fiona themselves, but they need to get this out of the way first.

WOW, I’M SURPRISED THAT THEY DREW IN AUGER’S SCAR. NOW HE LOOKS LIKE JOJO. Anyway, Mejojo states that this country is finally his. Now that he has the throne no one can threaten them and no one can stop them. Auger agrees gleefully and tells Mejojo that he’ll bury anyone who gets in his brother’s way. In this castle he is his brother’s only ally. No one came to help them when they were in pain and when their mother was treated unjustly. The only one who saved him was Auger, and he saved Auger.

Now he won’t let anyone get in their way. Auger is eager to see Mejojo steal the throne from their foolish father. All of the aristocrats have gathered to pledge their loyalty and kneel before their new king. All of the men of power have gathered here. He’s sure that there are some who do not approve of them and some who didn’t save them. It makes him euphoric to see those people have to kneel. The situation is much different from when they were princes, because now Mejojo is the king.

Everything in this country is his brother’s and now his brother is this country. With a whirl of his cape, Mejojo heads to the throne room. When they enter the throne room, it is already filled with aristocrats who all turn to look at Mejojo and Auger is proud to see his brother become the king. But first he looks at the empty throne and sees a faint image of a man who had been their father and looked down on them no matter what they did to get his approval.

No matter how excellent his brother did, the King looked down on them for being half-blooded. He let their mother die without helping. He let them die without helping. That’s why they sought power for themselves. Auger wonders what the King would think now seeing Mejojo ascend the throne instead of the son he wanted, because not only is Julian disinherited but he is no longer in the castle. Just remembering the man’s dying breath sends shivers of pleasure down Auger’s spine.

Under his breath Auger tells the illusion of his father that he is nothing anymore. From now on, no one but his brother shall be allowed to sit on the throne. Mejojo raises his voice and informs everyone that his father, with his bad health, died after the wolf raid. It is a sad and painful affair. The wolves are an indirect reason for why his father died, but before they do anything he wants everyone to offer up a silent prayer to Valdes von Garibaldi, his father.

Auger feels like laughing crazily in the silence but he reminds himself that he can’t just yet. He’s in the mood for music now though. Then Mejojo thanks them for feeling sorrow over his father’s death. He gives a speech about how although he hasn’t reached the greatness of his father yet. The country is currently in a crisis with the fatal disease Zodiva and the rebel wolves ravaging their country, but he shares the same desire to protect this country like his father did.

He asks if anyone has any objections and if they do they should speak them now or forever hold their peace. No one says anything and so then Mejojo informs everyone that he will now ask his brother, who has the same rights to the throne as he does, if he objects to him being the king. Auger is silent as he walks towards his brother, but then he smirks as he kneels and states proudly that he accepts Mejojo as the one and only king. He swears his loyalty to his brother and then all the aristocrats around them drop to a knee.

As they swear their loyalty, Mejojo’s eyes catch Auger’s and the two share a small smirk. Then Mejojo asks Auger if he would give him a blessing as the new king. Auger merely nods and stands and then a CCK comes running up with a crown on a pillow. Mejojo kneels in front of his brother and as Auger lifts up the crown to put on Mejojo’s head, he thinks to his brother about how many things happened before they got to this point.

Their concubine of a mother who wasn’t loved by their father. How they were more excellent than the true heir to the throne. How the wife of the King tried to assassinate them over and over again. Auger thinks about the past when he had been poisoned one day.

Back in the past. He apologizes to his brother for dropping his guard and while Mejojo reminds his brother harshly that they can trust no one but themselves here, he looked worried. Auger is sorry for making his brother worry, but Mejojo reassures him that he doesn’t mind. The two of them will live on and he’ll definitely become the king. Auger nods weakly and Mejojo adds that when he’s king no one can harm them again and everyone will become theirs.

Back in the present Auger thinks that he must have tasted all the poisons that one would use to assassinate someone. No one can be believed. No one can be trusted. Until they took this motto to heart, they had been betrayed many times and their lives had been in danger countless of times. This is how Mejojo and Auger lived, by adjusting their life around that one vow.

But their mother was too gentle for it. Used only as a marriage of convenience and then unloved by the man she loved. Targetted by assassins. This kind of situation created an illness in their mother’s heart. Mejojo and Auger had been her world.

Back in the past. Elenora asks her lovely twins not to abandon her, their mother, and talks about how she loves them so very much. Mejojo asks his mother what she’s talking about because there is no way that they would abandon her. Auger is confused as he asks her why she said that all of a sudden, but Elenora snaps at them and calls them liars. Auger and Mejojo threw her away as well.

Mejojo tries to protest and ask his mother what’s wrong, but she screams out that they’re all liars. They threw her away because they share the same blood as the King. The King who doesn’t love her. She starts screaming for the king. Auger’s eyes widen in fright as he tries to get his mother to calm down and he asks her frantically if something happened. If Rayleigh did something. Elenora just starts sobbing and apologizing about how a woman like her dared to give birth to the king’s sons.

She keeps apologizing and begs for someone not to kill and take away her children. Mejojo hurriedly reassures his mother that it’s alright and that he and Auger and right in front of her. Mejojo tells her that that woman isn’t here and Auger joins in on comforting their mother. He tells her that that woman won’t do anything to her because he and Mejojo will absolutely protect her. Elenora calms down and asks them if they really will protect her. But then she starts giggling and saying how happy she is.

She reminds herself that she has them and that even if the King doesn’t love her, she still has them. She tells Mejojo and Auger to give their pitiful mother a kiss and love her.

Back in the present, Auger thinks about their pitiful but beautiful mother. Although she was trapped in this mad castle, she continued to pour her love into them like an innocent girl. The love that she couldn’t receive from the King she continued to receive from them. He’s sure that love became distorted. After all, she made them kill her with their own hands. He has the feeling that he and Mejojo lost something precious but he doesn’t know what it is.

Then he wonders with a smile if his mother is satisfied. After their mother died, he and Mejojo launched a counterattack and deprived the Rayleigh who bullied their mother of her son. They made Julian get disinherited. Auger snickers at how fun that had been. Their father sincerely loved Julian and it hurt him beyond all belief to disinherit Julian. Immediately after Julian was disinherited they killed Rayleigh. He thought it would have been tough but it was surprisingly easy.

Then they made sure to break Julian and destroy any values he had that made him independent from Mejojo and Auger. Anything that got in his and Mejojo’s way was erased one after another. There is no one in this world except for him and his brother. All the other people are just supporting actors. If they’re interesting they’re left alone and if they’re boring then they are gotten rid of. And now they have reached this point.

Mejojo looks up at Auger, who had finished placing the crown on his head, and the eye contact sends a thrill down Auger’s spine. He addresses Mejojo as the 7th head of the Garibaldi family and proclaims his sincere loyalty to King Mejojo. The rest of the aristocrats follow Auger’s example and proclaim their loyalty. Mejojo accepts them with a nod. From today the country belongs to his brother. His brother is this country’s king. Weblin has been newly reborn. Anyway, Auger reminds Mejojo that everyone is waiting for his words.

As they get closer to the balcony where he will address the people, they can hear the noisy crowd. The people of Weblin wish to hear what he has to say since they are going to entrust this new king with the future of their country which is being attacked by wolves and afflicted with Zodiva. The moment he opens the door, Mejojo is greeted by shouts of joy. He informs them that he is now Mejojo von Garibaldi, the 7th head of Garibaldi and the new king.

He promises to protect this country with all of his power along with his brother Auger von Garibaldi. His earnest wish is to erase Zodiva and return Weblin to its beautiful and calm state. He’s sure that is what they wish for as well. All the of the people roar with approval and Mejojo thanks them. To commemorate this day of his ascension he wishes to give everyone one order. In order to return Weblin to its beautiful state and to make a way that will last through eternity, he is reinforcing the law on wolf hunting.

He yells out that it is necessary not to hesitate to defend one’s family and one’s lover by killing the wolves. Only then can Weblin be at peace. The crowd roars in agreement and they are infused with frenzy. All of their fear is being directed to what they perceive as their enemy. Once again Auger wants to laugh crazily as he thinks about how everyone is an idiot. The medicine to prevent Zodiva is already in their hands. The power of ignorance is frightening.

If the mystery of the Lobeira can be solved then they would have a cure. They just need to find another rabbit doctor. The idiocy of the people allowed their stupid father to rule for so long and now that they’ve become his brother’s they will carry out all his orders like his horse. For eternity. It starts slowly but the crowd is soon chanting Mejojo’s name. Mejojo directs them to cheer for the country of Weblin. For the royal house of the Garibaldi family. And for the rule of cats. Here, the new king of Weblin is born.

Back to Fiona. They’re still walking through a dark forest and Julian asks her worriedly if she’s alright and she reassures him with a smile that she’s fine. Her fever has gone down thanks to Zara’s medicine and the night they spent at the cabin, but she can’t let down her guard. They still don’t know if her fever was caused by Zodiva or the wound in her shoulder. There’s an incubation period for Zodiva though and so Zara still gives her a thorough examination every night.

The prognosis of Zodiva is a couple days of incubation, then sudden sickness, and then death. Fiona isn’t too worried about the onset of a sudden illness though, because as a Lobeira it isn’t strange to die to sickness. She couldn’t help but overhear what the doctors said about her whenever they came over. She wonders if she should be glad to be able to think of this without panicking because death had been a constant aspect in her life. If it weren’t, she surely would be more frantic about being infected with Zodiva.

Thankfully if she is infected with Zodiva, Nesso and Julian and Zara are safe thanks to Zara’s preventative medicine. That is the most likely reason as to why she’s calm. Anyway, she wonders if they can even talk to the wolves. A few days has passed since they decided to find the wolves. Nesso is using his information network as a knight to find the base of the wolves, since the knights have triangulated the most probable place for the wolf base. It is supposed to be north of this forest that they’re in.

Fiona frowns in sorrow at how she didn’t know any of this at all. She, who lived in a tower all of her life, had no idea about the conflict between the people and the wolves. Anyway, Zara and Nesso are muttering to each other about how they don’t have much time. They stopped briefly in a village before they entered the forest for information and so they know that the 6th king is dead and Mejojo has succeeded the throne. A large scale pursuit must not have been sent after them because of the preparations for his coronation.

It has been unexpectedly peaceful so far though. They haven’t seen any sign of the wolves or their pursuers. Anyway, Fiona wonders if Mejojo reinforced the law on wolf hunting now that he is king, and she realizes that he must have. He and Auger’s hatred towards wolves borders on abnormal, since they’re willing to let the people of their country die to Zodiva just to destroy the wolves.

She’s afraid that, if the wolves are destroyed, the research on developing a cure to Zodiva will just be ignored. She wonders how they became so twisted. Did it happen before they met her? Or did it happen little by little? Even though they came to see her many times in the tower, she never noticed anything about them.

Back in the past. Mejojo reminds Fiona to call him by just his name. She tries to protest which makes Auger tell her that she can’t do that since she should listen to what his brother says. Before she can say anything Mejojo also adds that she shouldn’t speak so formally, which just makes her try to protest even more. Finally Auger calls her insensitive and tells her bluntly that his brother wants to become more intimate with her. Mejojo’s eyes widen as he tells his brother to shut up and not to be idiotic.

Fiona is surprised to see Mejojo embarrassed for once. Auger just winks at her and whispers 「……兄さんは、もっと親しくなりたいんだよ?きみとね。」(.. My brother wants to become more intimate.. with you). Then he asks her if it isn’t cute to see Mejojo’s ears twitching in embarrassment. Fiona’s eyes widen when she sees Mejojo looking away with his ears twitching. She finally giggles and agrees to call him by his name. Mejojo tells her that he’s pleased in a calm voice, but his ears are still twitching.

Back in the present. She had thought Mejojo and Auger were a different kind of prince because of how they disliked formality. And she also thought they should be praised for going out of their way to see her. Suddenly, everyone hears a bush rustle and Nesso orders everyone to freeze. They don’t know if it’s their pursuers or if it’s a wolf, but there have been rumors about wolves in this forest. Guillan appears out of the bush though and asks Nesso what he’s doing by bringing along a woman to hunt wolves.

Fiona tells him that they’re here to talk. Guillan asks if they want to tell the wolves to die. Her eyes widen in shock and she denies that. So then he asks if she came to talk about how she’ll die. She tries to deny that as well, but he just laughs mockingly and tells them that whatever they say he won’t listen to anyway. He’ll teach them not to step foot into wolf territory. Nesso realizes that they’ve been surrounded, which means that Guillan only showed himself when he was sure that they were caught.

Anyway he starts to twirl his chakrams around and then launches them at Fiona, but they’re blocked by Nesso. Nesso orders Julian to defend Fiona and then he launches himself at Guillan. Meanwhile Zara takes out his cane and fights back the wolves that are surrounding them. He was trained by Nesso when they used to live in Scharlmessen and so his swordsmanship is also very strong, although he didn’t withdraw the sword from his cane. He’s just knocking out the wolves and even Fiona can see Nesso holding back from severely injuring Guillan.

Fiona realizes that she can do something though and so she starts yelling out to Guillan that they’re really just here to talk. Everyone thinks that the fatal disease of Zodiva came from wolves, but they realized that it didn’t. And so now they want to talk to wolves in order to develop a cure for it. Even though he’s not looking at her, she notices his ears are swiveled towards her. Suddenly, he sighs and stops which makes her relieved to see that he’s listening to her.

But then Guillan snarls and asks her if her words will bring back the dead wolves or knights. He has no use for her pretty words and all he wants to see is her brains on the floor. He lunges towards her and knocks Julian away with his knife. She realizes that he’s not only a long-range fighter but that he can use close range knives as well. Anyway, just as he brings down the knife down, Nesso pulls Fiona back and blocks the blade with his sword.

And then a killing intent fills the air as Nesso’s voice lowers and he tells Guillan that if he tries to harm Fiona again then he’ll kill him. Even though she was pushed behind him, she can feel a cold air wrapping around her. Guillan just sneers and accepts the challenge and leaps toward Fiona again, but Nesso splits his knife and forces Guillan to retreat. Guillan is angry that Nesso was holding back, but he’s soon disarmed and neutralized by Nesso’s sword at his neck.

Zara yells at Nesso to stop, but he doesn’t listen to Zara and the blade starts to draws a line of blood on Guillan’s neck until they are all interrupted by a deep voice asking Guillan what the commotion is. When Nesso’s eyes flicker to the speaker, Guillan uses this chance to escape. Fiona is shocked to see Rath, but then she’s relieved to see that his wounds have healed and that he seems fine. She’s surprised to see a man with the ice-blue eyes that look familiar though.

Guillan shouts out that he was attacked by them, but Zara argues that they came here to talk. Arles asks if this is true, but Guillan tells him that they’re lying since they have a cat with them. Meanwhile, Fiona starts to see a faint image of a large silvery-white wolf on Arles. Then Arles informs them that if they want to talk then they should follow them.. if they dare. When Guillan complains about bringing them back to base, Arles points out that they can kill their guests any time they want.

If a living thing is killed then it can never be brought back. So there’s no difference in killing them after they’ve heard their story. Guillan is appeased by that while Rath quietly calls out his brother’s name. Fiona can’t help but smile at how Arles and Guillan’s interactions are like a parent and a child. Especially when Arles’ deep voice is filled with displeasure. Anyway, he introduces himself as Arles V. Felnoir. Nesso gasps at that, which just makes Arles chuckle quietly as he walks off to lead the way.

Fiona asks Nesso if he knows that man and so Nesso explains that Arles is the same name as the wolf of the imperial guard who started the rebellion 10 years ago and attacked Mejojo. Nesso is surprised by how Arles is still alive, while Fiona gasps because she’s heard the fairytale of what happened 10 years ago. The villainous wolf knight. The beautiful princess who was sacrificed. And the prince who defeated his wicked knight though he received a wound. But she knows now that the prince is a liar.

The prince lied a lot in order to try and expel the wolves from the country and so it wouldn’t be strange if the tragedy 10 years ago included lies. Arles mockingly asks them if something is wrong and then he repeats his order for them to follow him. Rath also asks them to come because he has learned through experience about the horror of senseless deaths. But this doesn’t change the fact that they’re on the side of humans and cats which have killed wolves for countless years.

He warns them that with one word Arles can have them all killed no matter how strong Nesso is. But Rath wants to talk to them since he’s interested. Anyway, Arles leads them to a deserted castle deep in the forest called Zanan. While they’re walking through the halls Fiona wonders out loud where everyone went. When Zara asks her if something is wrong, she ends up asking him where all the wolves are if this is their base. She’s a little scared that they might have walked into a trap.

Zara just sighs sadly and asks if she didn’t notice the dim lights floating in the darkness. When she realizes that there are lights, he informs her that those are the eyes of wolves. They’re all crouching against the wall and they most likely have Zodiva. Fiona’s chest hurts at the sight of them. Then suddenly Arles stops and he turns to tell them that this a good place to talk. She can’t help but liken him to the king of wolves when Rath and Guillan take their places by his side. Rath is looking at them emotionlessly.

As she opens her mouth to speak though, Nesso interrupts her and introduces himself as Nesso Galland, the eldest son in the family. He’s Weblin’s most famous knight and the leader of the Gefreiter. Fiona harshly whispers Nesso’s name in warning at how he’s throwing his titles around, but Nesso tells Fiona to leave it to him. Arles picks up on the past tense and asks him about it. Nesso admits that he’s a wanted person now. Arles asks how Weblin’s finest knight can become a wanted person.

Nesso cheekily replies that he might have escaped with his sister. This makes Arles huff in amusement as he points out that Mejojo won’t be happy. Nesso agrees that Mejojo has an unhealthy obsession with his sister. But even though the two of them are smirking at each other, there’s a thick tension in the air. Finally, Arles asks what business they have with wolves. Nesso replies that they need the help of wolves to research Zodiva. A silence falls over everyone before Arles asks if it’s to cure it.

They nod but then Arles asks them if it’ll be like the research in the castle. Rath’s eyes widen at this and his ears start twitching, as if in memory. Zara replies sharply that what happened in the castle couldn’t be called research. Arles calmly asks what they want to do then, and so Zara explains that they want to cure the wolves and the people of Weblin. Arles asks for specifics and so Zara explains that they’ve realized the symptoms of Zodiva are different between wolves and the other species.

He thinks the solution is in that difference. He wants to know why it is only wolves who hunger for another race’s blood. His assumption is that wolves are instinctively trying to cure themselves and the key to that is the blood of a Lobeira. Arles remains silent and then Nesso points out that if a cure to Zodiva is developed it won’t be a disadvantage to the wolves. He asks if they’ll cooperate since he thinks it’s a good chance to clear the prejudice and misunderstanding of the wolves.

Suddenly Arles chuckles and asks them what makes them think wolves are misunderstood and are prejudiced against. Julian and Fiona exchange wide-eyed looks at each other. Nesso tells him that the people of Weblin misunderstand wolves and are prejudiced against them. But this just makes Arles laugh loudly until even Zara and Nesso look confused. Finally, Arles tells them with a wide grin that there is no misunderstanding.

It’s the truth that wolves hunger for another race’s blood. That they suffer under Zodiva for a long time before death because of their superior vitality. Fiona and Zara are shocked by how Arles already knows this, but then Fiona realizes that it makes sense. The people of the country, who knew nothing about wolves, were fed biased information by Mejojo. But the wolves, who knew everything from the start, would have realized it sooner. She can’t help but think that Mejojo and Auger were skilled to direct such hate on wolves.

But because of that the disease of Zodiva is continuing to run rampant through the country. If people realized sooner that wolves were also victims then they could have stopped Zodiva earlier. Anyway, Zara frantically explains that if they can prove that the brutality of wolves comes from Zodiva then they might be able to stop the foolish wolf hunts. Arles asks him if that’s possible, to which Zara replies that it must be if they can create a cure. Then the fear of wolves and prejudice should be able to be overcome.

That’s why they need the cooperation of the wolves. Zara asks for a sample of Arles’ blood since he believes that Arles has antibodies in his blood for Zodiva. But Arles just starts to laugh again and says that their words are beautiful but will Weblin’s people actually cooperate with them? And why should the wolves even cooperate? It makes no difference if they’re going to be hunted for medicine. Plus, the people of Weblin no longer concern him. He doesn’t care if they live or die or fall into ruin.

Fiona tries to protest but Arles snarls and asks them where, in these 10 years, the corpses and souls of dead wolves will go. And the curse that they received. They had been one-sidedly hunted and killed. That’s why he didn’t make it a taboo to attack the people of Weblin, because it’s unbearable to be hunted one-sidedly. Then he asks them lowly 「その我々に、またウェブリンの民のために犠牲になれというのか?……ふざけるな。」(Are you asking us to once again be the sacrifices for the people of Weblin?.. Do not kid yourself).

Then Arles points out that even if they don’t have a cure for Zodiva, there are wolves who still survive Zodiva like him, Rath, and Guillan. Fiona’s chest is painfully tight as she wants to argue against his words but she can’t think of anything to say. Then he orders Rath to show them and Rath steps forward to take off his eyepatch. The group gasps in surprise at the gray filmy quality of his eye. Arles informs them that this is a wolf who has been afflicted with Zodiva and has lost sight in one eye already.

Arles snaps out that they have been infected with this disease, made to shoulder the blame, and chased out of their country. Why should they let this hatred and conflict end here? His voice grows louder on the last words and the wolves around him start to howl as if they were answering him. The sound echoes high and low. Then Guillan tells them that, although he doesn’t understand these difficult things, he and the others aren’t thinking about anything else other than destroying the people of Weblin.

He asks the wolves around him if it won’t be nice to crush them all and howls go up in answer. Rath indifferently asks his brother if it’s alright and Arles replies quietly that he doesn’t care, and so Rath replaces his eyepatch. Fiona’s heart hurts at how hopeless Rath seems. He doesn’t even say anything about forgiving the people of Weblin or not. And before she knows it she takes a step toward him, ignoring the looks of everyone else, and takes his hand. She admits to him that she might have Zodiva as well.

And if she has Zodiva as a Lobeira she’ll die instantly. Rath asks if that’s why she wants the medicine for Zodiva. Fiona denies it hesitantly, which makes Rath stare quietly but intently at her as if he was searching for a lie. Instead, she tells him that as a Lobeira she was sick often and she felt like a nuisance to Nesso and Zara who had to take care of her. She used to think that it would have been better if she hadn’t been a Lobeira. But now that her blood might be the counter to Zodiva she’s a little happy.

She feels as if there is a meaning to her life. Which is why she wants him to lend her his help. Fiona’s eyes become teary as she tells him that she wants him to live for himself and to find a meaning for himself. She wants him to grow to like himself like she was able to do when she realized that she had a purpose in this world. Rath, Arles, and Guillan are silent but a small change in the atmosphere is felt. And Rath actually returns her squeeze while he wipes away her tears with his other hand.

Finally, Arles informs them that they can rest here for the night. He’ll tell the other wolves not to attack them. Guillan complains at this and asks why he can’t kill them right now, but Arles asks him sharply if he’s disobeying him. Guillan pouts and starts to tell him that wolves, if they’re not praised, become unhappy, but Arles cuts him off and tells him that he’s a good kid. Guillan instantly settles down at this and Fiona can’t help but compare him to a child. Anyway, Nesso accepts the invitation.

They’ll be protected from the wind and rain at least. When Julian offers to go search for a place to set up camp, Nesso tells him that he shouldn’t go off alone since he’s a cat in wolf territory. Zara decides to stay with Fiona while Nesso and Julian go off to find a place to rest. Anyway, some time later Fiona is standing by the entrance of Zanan in the night and looking out at the dark forest. She doesn’t know what she should be thinking about or what she should do. She wonders if Nesso and Zara have decided on what to do next.

Suddenly, she hears a noise from behind her and she whirls around in caution even though she knows that the wolves aren’t supposed to harm them. It turns out to be Arles who remarks on the beautiful moon and night. Then he asks if she can’t sleep and so she admits that she’s thinking about a lot of things, such as how she doesn’t know what to think. Arles chuckles and tells her that she doesn’t know what not to think, she just doesn’t want to make a decision and so she’s turning her back to the ideas.

Fiona denies that weakly because she doesn’t want to think that she’s running away. He looks at her with a raised eyebrow but doesn’t press the issue and she starts to think about how strange he is. Earlier, when he talked about his indifference to Weblin his voice was cold but now it is gentle and kind. Arles invites Fiona to take a walk through the woods with him and although she should be afraid of this wolf who destroyed the villages of Weblin she is persuaded by his soft voice.

YOU CANNOT RESIST THIS SEXY SEXY MAN. He requests her hand and she thanks him as she takes it, all the while noting his gentlemanly and knightly conduct. As they start walking she notices that he’s looking down in thought, but since she doesn’t know what to say she just looks at the scenery. The only sound is their footsteps and she starts to think about how mysterious everything looks. She’s never had a moonlit walk before, since she lived in the tower and then was taken to the gardens in the castle.

Suddenly, Arles tells her that she looks a lot like Elvira. Fiona knows the stories that Mejojo spread about what happened 10 years ago, but since she doesn’t believe them she doesn’t ask about it. Instead she tells Arles that they were cousins, but they weren’t close. When he asks why, she replies that she was just a baby when Elvira died. Arles eyes lower in sadness which makes her try to think of something to say. She thinks she should call out his name but she doesn’t know what term of respect to add onto his name.

Not only is he older than her but he’s also the king of wolves, so even though she feels as if calling him by his name is right, she doesn’t dare. Arles notices her conflict and calls her out on it. When he hears about her problem he tells her to just call him by his name, Arles. Fiona repeats his name with a smile and nods in agreement, but Arles’ eyes widen and he stares at her when he hears it. She flinches in surprise and thinks that she did something wrong, but then he confesses that she says his name like Elvira does too.

He admits that she resembles Elvira a lot. Everything about her reminds him of Elvira and it’s strange since even though he and the wolves have hidden here in Zanan for a very long time, he remembers things about Elvira as if they happened yesterday. Fiona finally gets the courage to ask about his and Elvira’s relationship. The story spread in Weblin is that the wolves tried to usurp the cats and Elvira was killed when she tried to stop the conflict.

Then Zodiva was blamed on them too. She wants to know what happened 10 years ago. Arles stares intently at her before telling her that he did not kill Elvira. And then he tells her his version of the events of what happened 10 years ago. SERIOUSLY ALL THESE DESCRIPTIONS OF ARLES IS (〃▽〃)キャー♪. TALL, LOW MANLY VOICE, GENTLEMAN, KIND, ICE-BLUE EYES, SILVERY-WHITE HAIR.

Flashback! Elvira sees Arles in the castle and asks him what he’s here for, only for him to tell her that he’s reporting to the king. She comments on how serious he is about his job, to which he replies with a laugh that he’s a knight of the country. Elvira starts to pout and when he asks her why, she admits that she thinks it’d be nice if she was the reason he kept coming to the castle. Arles blushes. Her feelings make him happy, but he can’t accept them because she’s Mejojo’s bride.

A marriage between aristocrats is more about the position than personal preference and even if Mejojo dissolves the engagement, he doesn’t think the Marquis of the Galland family will consent to his only daughter marrying a knight compared to a royal prince. He knows he shouldn’t respond, but he’s fallen in love with her himself. As Arles reminds her that she’s Mejojo’s bride, and so she shouldn’t talk to him like that, she interrupts and tells him that she’ll talk to Mejojo about how she’s fallen in love.

She knows that Mejojo doesn’t love her. Since she was raised in this castle while she was small, they are more like siblings. She looks at him like a brother and he looks at her as a sister. All he wants to do is possess her and so she’ll talk to him. It’s not love. She isn’t sure if she can convince her father, but if Mejojo helps her then she thinks it’ll be fine. Arles can only stare at her in shock and he reprimands himself for not being able to find something to say.

Elvira ends up asking him hesitantly if he’s unhappy and he berates himself for making her sad. So he quickly apologizes and admits that he doesn’t know what to say because he’s overwhelmed with happiness. Elvira beams with joy and hugs him abruptly which causes him to blush and stutter out that they’re in a hallway and anyone can just walk by. She tells him that it’ll be fine and she just wants to be held for a little bit. His eyes soften as he returns the embrace of the girl who he restrained himself from touching up to now.

Then he murmurs 「もしも。もしも……、メヨーヨ様が許して下さらなかったら。君を、攫ってもいいだろうか。」(If.. If Mejojo doesn’t permit it.. can I kidnap you?). Elvira gasps in surprise, but then she nods shyly and tells him that it’s a promise. It is a promise of youthful passion even though they both knew that it was unlikely they could fulfill it. Later on, in Elvira’s room, Mejojo permits them to be engaged and Arles is stunned into silence. He feels like he’s in a dream as he listens to Mejojo explain that he can’t deny Elvira’s request.

It is as she said. While he treasures her, he doesn’t love her. Then he teasingly pouts at how he thought that she, at the very least, loved him. Elvira tells him to stop being a tease and reassures him that she does love him dearly, but as a brother. They must have spent too much time together in the castle when they were small. Mejojo agrees with that and then comments lightly on how he lost count of how many times she wet the bed. Elvira gasps in embarrassment and asks him why he said that.

Meanwhile Arles starts to laugh at their interaction. Elvira pouts and calls him mean for laughing, which makes him hurriedly apologize and then he tries to tell her that he still loves her even if she used to wet the bed. Elvira growls out his name while Mejojo snickers at Arles’ pick up line. Arles winces and tries to tell them that he didn’t mean to make Elvira angry or Mejojo laugh. This just makes Mejojo sigh before he asks Elvira if she’s really fine with such a boring man whose only value is honesty.

Arles cringes at those words. Wolves, who are known for their physical prowess, have never been good at politics. Although, history has said that the throne used to be fought over by wolves and cats. Arles has no desire to take the throne though. Anyway, Elvira tells Mejojo that she’s sure of her choice and that she likes honest, quiet, and unsociable people. Arles blushes bright red at that while Mejojo sighs and shakes his head. He understands their feelings though and so he promises to talk to his father for them.

OH GOD THIS BUMBLING ARLES TAKES ALL MY FEELINGS. Elvira thanks him gratefully and then tells him that she loves him. Mejojo replies that he loves her as well, but his lips are curled into a snarl for a split second. Arles eyes widen in surprise, but then Mejojo smiles at them gently and excuses himself to talk to his father since he’s in their way. After he leaves, Arles asks Elvira if she’s sure that Mejojo only likes her as a sister. Elvira giggles and reminds him that Mejojo said so himself.

Plus Mejojo is a person with enormous pride and selfish desires. If he considers something his then he’ll never give it away. Arles nods hesitantly, but he can’t help but wonder if Mejojo is hiding his true feelings. Anyway, the days passed as if they were a dream. Mejojo, the King, and the Marquis of Galland approve of their engagement. But then the nightmare started. First he started to feel shaky on his feet and his knights noticed that he looked tired and so they recommended that he rest.

The marriage to Elvira is coming up soon and he needs his strength. But Arles fever continues to rise and even though medicine suppresses it for a second, it quickly rises the next day. Finally he returns back to his job even though his stomach starts to hunger for something. He feels like he’s starving and nothing he eats seems to satiate his hunger. Until one day, in the castle, he hears the sound of something shattering. When he runs over to check it out, it turns out that a maid accidentally broke a vase.

She was trying to change the flower. When he tells her to leave it to him, she tries to pick up the pieces frantically while apologizing. Suddenly, a sweet delicious scent fills the air and Arles eyes fall on the maid’s finger. There’s a drop of blood on it since she just cut herself. Horror overcomes him when he starts to realize that he hungers for the blood of other races. He wants to kill the people he used to protect and eat them. He asks, with gritted teeth, if the maid is a human.

The maid replies in confusion that she is and then asks if he couldn’t tell. She worriedly suggests for him to rest since she heard that lately Arles’ health was declining. But Arles runs off. He gasps out Elvira’s name like a prayer and wonders if he can control himself. This time he was able to, but what about next time? The hungrier he gets the more willpower it takes to restrain himself. Just the thought of seeing Elvira sends a pang of hunger through him.

But he tries to focus on embracing her gently instead of ripping her apart. Of lips instead of fangs. Of whispering words of love instead of tearing her flesh. He groans in defeat as he realizes that he can’t though. Meanwhile, the shadow of a CCK runs off. Finally, Arles goes to see Elvira after a few days. She greets him cheerfully and asks him where he’s been since they haven’t seen each other for a while. But Arles just gasps out that he’s here to say goodbye and that they can’t be together.

She’s shocked and tries to approach but he snarls at her to stay back because it’s dangerous to be near him. Elvira quickly asks if he’s ill since she heard his health was bad. Arles doesn’t deny it and so she reassures him that she’ll ask her father to bring in the country’s best doctors. But Arles just shakes his head and calls himself a fool for thinking to see her one last time before he left the country. He collapses onto a knee and yells at her to run, but she angrily tells him that she can’t just leave him alone and in pain.

Elvira asks him why he has to be alone in his pain and why he won’t tell her anything. But Arles thinks about how he can’t tell her that he’s becoming a beast in mind and body. That he’s no longer the knight Arles Vogart, but a mindless beast hungering for flesh. He’s shaking and coughing in pain but he forces himself to stagger towards a window to prevent himself from turning around and biting the woman he loves. He’s going to run into a deep forest and die alone.

Before he can though Elvira runs up to him and embraces his back. She begs him not to leave her behind and to take her along with him. He promised to abduct her. Arles remains frozen as he thinks about how he wants to turn around and embrace her. How he wants to kiss her tears away and gently tease her lips. He wants to tell her not to cry and that he won’t go anywhere. But instead, he gasps out an apology and tells her to release him because he needs to leave. Before he hurts her. Before he hurts anyone.

Elvira still refuses since if she lets him go then she knows that he’ll leave. HELP. MY HEART IS TEARING APART RIGHT NOW AT ARLES MONOLOGUE. GOD HE’S SO ROMANTIC 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。. He finally asks for her to listen to him. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But Elvira just screams out that she won’t let him keep her at a distance because of that. She’ll let him harm her. As long as it’s him, she doesn’t care what he does to her. She just doesn’t want him to make her alone.

Those words of love should have given strength to any man, but for him it’s impossible. He turns around and throws her onto the floor. He meant to do it gently, as if she were something that would break, but he’s losing too much control. In his mind, he keeps chanting her name, but his sight is starting to be dyed in crimson. His breathing has turned rough and he feels his starvation eating away at him. As he pins her down he manages to control himself enough to say roughly 「……、叫んでも、逃げても構わない。」(.. I won’t mind.. if you scream or run).

But he wonders worriedly if he’ll be able to let her run. However, Elvira just bites her lip to show him that she won’t scream or look for someone to help her. Arles feels flushed with heat and he starts panting. He wonders in horror if he’s getting aroused by this. Arles finally tears into the dress with his teeth and even though he hears her whimper quietly, he can’t stop himself. After some time, the heat passes and all that is left is a miserable reality. When he looks down he sees a pitiful sight.

Elvira’s dress is in tatters and she has bite marks all over her. The deepest one is at her shoulder. If he had been just a bit more wild, he might have eaten her. But he’s deeply ashamed by what he’s already done. And so he apologizes over and over again. Elvira tells him that she was scared and it hurt. Arles just tearfully apologizes again. But she interrupts him and tells him to listen to her. What she was scared of and hurt by was the thought of him leaving her behind.

And so she’s actually unconcerned by this. Then she pleads with him to tell her what happened to him and why he was in so much pain. Arles is shocked by how even though she’s hurt, scared, and pale, she still manages to smile encouragingly at him. He feels like he’s forgiven by that smile and so he tells her everything that happened to him. Elvira asks him if he’s still hungry, but he admits with wide eyes that he feels strangely filled. He wonders if he was cured by Elvira’s love.

The hunger is gone from him as if it were a lie. Elvira giggles and confesses tiredly that she’s happy, which shocks him. She’s happy that she was able to satisfy him. Even though the wounds hurt, she’s glad she filled him. She teasingly tells him that they can’t live apart from each other now. Whenever he’s hungry he can take a nibble of her. Arles is tempted by that offer since he won’t be hungry if she’s around. He won’t hurt anyone else and he could continue to live in the country.

But before he can answer Mejojo interrupts and tells them that can never happen. Elvira and Arles are startled at his presence but Mejojo just informs Arles that he’s gone mad. Arles realizes that Mejojo was spying on him since he had felt people’s eyes on him. Elvira tries to defend Arles by saying he did nothing wrong, but Mejojo snaps out that he can’t believe that with her appearance. Arles doesn’t say anything in defence since Mejojo is speaking the truth and Elvira looks like she was ravaged.

And so he tells Mejojo that he submits himself to being chained and taken to jail. That might be better since he won’t be able to hurt anyone and his sickness can be examined. But Mejojo sneers and tells Arles that he won’t be taken to jail and instead he’ll die here like the rabid wolf that he is. Arles and Elvira are shocked to hear these words, but Mejojo continues on to say that everyone knows that Arles had been acting strange. With the evidence of these wounds on Elvira, Arles won’t be able to escape.

Mejojo mocks Arles nickname as the Silver Wolf of Salvation. Right now he’s more like a demon and this must be the true form of wolves. Elvira protests and tells him that she asked Arles to do this to her. Mejojo asks lightly if she wanted to be eaten alive, since Arles would have killed her. Once again Arles doesn’t defend himself at all, although Elvira tries to. Finally, Arles tells Elvira that it’s understandable as to why Mejojo is so angry since the woman he treasures as a sister was treated so violently.

Anyone would be angry. Mejojo just laughs and informs them that it would be best if they believed that. Arles is confused but when he looks at Mejojo’s face he suddenly understands that Mejojo isn’t angry at all. He just has a pleased expression as if he finally found a reason to kill Arles. Elvira realizes it too and asks Mejojo angrily why he would do such a thing, to which Mejojo replies that Arles is an eyesore.

Mejojo tells Arles that he’s too popular as a knight and asks why he always has to be compared to him. Arles doesn’t understand what he’s talking about and so Mejojo explains that all the aristocrats are always watching them and comparing who’s stronger. No one says it out loud, but there are rumors about how Arles should be the next king. Arles is shocked by these and hurriedly tells Mejojo that he’s a wolf and he has no desire to be king.

But Mejojo continues to tell him that there are foolish aristocrats who wish to start a revolution in Arles’ name. There is dissatisfaction in Weblin. And now he tells Arles lowly that he damaged his pride as a prince and stole his fiancée. Elvira is stunned and asks him why he helped her then. Mejojo points out that she fell in love with Arles and so she wasn’t his anymore, which means she has no meaning to him anymore. Arles remembers Elvira’s words about Mejojo’s personality and how correct she is.

However, she’s wrong on one part. His pride is higher than she thought it was and though Mejojo doesn’t hand the things he wants over to anyone, people’s hearts can’t be treated as objects. And so the moment Elvira fell in love with Arles, Mejojo wished to kill him. But Mejojo’s pride wouldn’t let him admit that Elvira was stolen away from him by Arles which is why he helped them, so he wouldn’t have to face his defeat. Finally Mejojo snarls out that Arles will die here as a rabid wolf who attacked a person.

It is fact that Arles won’t lose to Mejojo in a sword fight, but he doesn’t have his sword right now. He’s accepted and prepared for his death though, especially after exchanging his feelings with Elvira. He’s always been prepared for this outcome after stealing the first prince’s fiancée away. The fact that this day was postponed until today is due to Mejojo’s pride and so in a way he’s thankful to him. Just as he accepts his fate, Elvira screams at Mejojo to stop.

Hot red blood splatters onto Arles and he can smell something sweet. It’s not his blood since he doesn’t feel any pain or impact. In fact, this sweet scent was something that he had smelled a few minutes ago. He yells our Elvira’s name but she just gasps out that she’s happy. And then her body collapses onto the floor and her dress becomes stained in red. Arles asks her faintly why she protected him. Meanwhile, Mejojo steps back in horror. Arles gathers her up in his arms and tells her to stay with him.

He repeats her name over and over again even though her body is starting to lose its heat. He already knows that she can’t be saved and that she is going to die. As he starts gasping at the emotional pain, Elvira says one thing with her eyes closed. She tells him that she’s sorry. Finally, Mejojo tries to justify to himself that she got in his way. Arles asks him slowly what he means by that.

But Mejojo just screams out 「どうして私の邪魔をする。どうしてどうしてどうして……。どうしてなんだよぉおおおおおおおおおおお!!!」(WHY DID YOU GET IN MY WAY. WHY WHY WHY.. WHYYYYYYYY!!). Mejojo’s angry scream echoes through the room, but Arles just keeps wondering about what Mejojo is saying because Elvira just died. She was killed. To Arles it’s as if Mejojo is throwing a temper tantrum like a child who couldn’t have the toy it wanted and so he broke it in desperation. He lost Elvira to this childish temper tantrum.

Mejojo yells at Arles to also die. The blood on his rapier drips and Arles knows that he has no weapon. But as if it were instinct, he transforms into a large wolf and howls with rage. Mejojo laughingly yells at how the demon has shown its true form. Although Arles has no sword, he doesn’t need one. Mejojo screams in pain as his face is sliced open and falls to his knees to clutch at his face. Arles approaches him with the intention of ending his life but then he hears the CCK yelling for Mejojo and many footsteps.

Arles can’t let himself be caught here and he can’t let himself be killed. His life is Elvira’s because she saved him. Mejojo continues to scream loudly as Arles vows to live and leaps out the window. Weblin’s knight, Arles Vogart, died on that day.

Back to the present. Fiona is horrified that Mejojo was the one who killed Elvira, but Arles asks her if it’s a good idea to believe in his story so easily. She admits that she doesn’t know which one the truth is, but she can comprehend his story better. It explains why Mejojo is so obsessed with her and why he hates wolves so much. Then she reminds him that he bit her when he came into the castle to retrieve Rath. Arles chuckles and admits that he did. She narrows his eyes and tells him that it hurt.

But he just grins and points out that she should be glad he didn’t bite her arm off. Fiona huffs in exasperation and tells him that if he did then she would have died. She can barely reconcile the image of the man that he used to be with the man that he is now. The death of his love, being chased out of the country, and the long years have changed him into the man that he is now. Arles asks her if something interesting happened to her after he bit her and so she tells him about how Mejojo became delusional and tried to strangle her.

He smirks and remarks on how interesting that must have been and how he wanted to have seen that. She is taken aback by how he talks as if it were another person’s problem. But Arles sees the look on her face and apologizes for indirectly harming her. This diffuses her anger and then she explains to him how she finally understands everything now. She had always been told that Mejojo annulled his engagement happily, but she couldn’t understand why he was so passionate about having her until now.

Mejojo just wants to soothe his wounded pride. Bringing her to the castle after she was accused of being a witch had nothing to do with her feelings. She sighs and doesn’t know if she should feel relieved, sad, or disappointed. Arles asks her if she’s shocked that Mejojo didn’t love her. She smiles and shrugs before telling him that it feels more like a burden is lessened. When Arles looks at her in confusion she explains that Mejojo places a frightening level of importance on her, if it was love then it would have pained her more.

She points out that it would be hard to hate Mejojo if he loved her. Arles sighs and calls her foolish which makes her flinch in hurt. He tells her that she’s foolish for extending her hand out to the wolves. Fiona tries to protest, but she can’t bring herself to speak when he looks at her with soft eyes. Arles informs her that she’s foolish because there is no way to fix everything and she needs to learn to give up. One needs to give up on something in order to save and protect another thing.

When she looks at him questioningly, Arles tells her quietly and with determination that he chose to give up on the country to save the wolves. She realizes that Arles used to be a knight sworn to protect the people of Weblin because he loved them. If he didn’t love them then he wouldn’t have rose to such a high position. But between protecting the people or the persecuted wolves.. he chose the wolves. Then Arles comments on how he heard that the Earl of Galland’s only daughter was brought up in a tower.

He thought it was a foolish idea to isolate her from the world, but now he thinks that it might give her the ability to make a hard decision. Fiona contemplates his words and how he seems to know her better than she knows herself. Finally, Arles suggests for them to return before her guardians decide to hurt him. She giggles before agreeing that she’s feeling a little sleepy now after their talk. Once again Arles presents his hand to her and they walk back to Zanan together.

The moonlight is sparse through the dense forest and the undulating shadows look like scary monsters in the dark. But the warm hand that is holding onto hers is reassuring and she doesn’t feel scared of anything. The next morning, just after breakfast, Nesso once again suggests for them to leave the country and Weblin. They might have been able to save the people of Weblin with the help of wolves, but with Arles position it seems impossible.

Zara knows that even though Nesso’s subordinates will help them, they can’t win in a fight against Mejojo and Auger and so he agrees to leave. By now, Fiona’s father must have escaped and so they just need to follow. Fiona pleads for one more day though and Nesso grants it reluctantly, since he realizes that she needs to prepare her mind and heart. He would have liked it if they left earlier and even Fiona knows that the more time they spend here the harder it’ll be to leave. But once they leave they won’t ever come back.

Fiona prepares herself to spend the whole day thinking on what she should do, because she knows that if she doesn’t decide now then she’ll surely be full of regrets. She remembers back to Arles words about how she needs to give up on something in order to save and protect something else. She needs to decide on what she’ll do. Night falls and once again Arles appears beside her and asks if she can’t sleep. She giggles at how he seems worried, which makes him smile and comment on how she doesn’t seem troubled anymore.

She admits that she spent the whole day thinking and trying to make a choice. He asks her if she’s come to one, to which she responds that she sort of has but she thinks she’s being greedy. Because even though she knows that it isn’t possible she still wants to save everything and solve everything. She doesn’t want to give up on anything. Arles is silent before he comments on how her freedom is beautiful. She was locked in a tower and isolated from the circle of conflict between the wolves and the cats.

He thinks out loud that Rath forgives her in his heart because of this. Then he admits that a person like her might be the one to end this cursed Black Wolves Saga. HOLY SHIT THEY USED THE TITLE HJIAGJH. When Fiona looks at him with wide eyes, he asks her in amusement if she didn’t know that the people of Weblin, who are so frightened of the wolves, have started calling this age by that name. She can see that he finds it ridiculous though. Black Wolves Saga started 10 years ago with the rebellion of the wolves.

Fiona wonders uncertainly if she can really end it, but she realizes that there is a path open only to her who has been isolated from the world in her tower for her whole life. She’s seen a lot of things on her journey and now is the time for her to take into account everyone’s wishes. She wants to save Weblin. She wants to end the persecution of wolves. And she wants to live peacefully with her family. She can’t rank these three wishes of hers and she can only choose one.

Arles addresses her as a person of the country and an aristocrat’s daughter and asks if she can choose what is right for the country. Or will she decide to live with the wolves? Or will she choose to live with her family and abandon the country. He asks for her decision. Fiona chooses to protect the country of Weblin because she can’t throw it away. Arles remarks on how that means she won’t be walking a road beside him. She thinks they might, since she believes that the country needs to make peace with the wolves.

He asks her if she can stop Mejojo and Auger, but she doesn’t know since their madness runs deep. Whatever happens though, she won’t give up on this country. She smiles as she tells him that this country is a beautiful one, but right now it is suffering under the rule of one man. Arles asks her if she can cure this sickness plaguing the country, but she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know, but she thinks that there is a possibility and she will bet on that. Arles warns her that Mejojo and Auger might break her.

Will she still try to do something about them? Fiona admits that she might not be able to do anything, but she might be able to influence them a bit in the castle. They might listen to her words. Arles points out that they could kill her, but she’s prepared herself for that. He asks if she still wants to return to the castle and she answers that she wishes to do something about the country that everyone she loves is living in. Arles points out that Nesso and Zara won’t agree with her decision.

Fiona realizes this since this strategy of hers cannot even be called a strategy. Arles realizes that she’ll go alone if she has to though, and Fiona nods. She plans to find the nearest village and contact the castle from there to return. Arles sighs as he states that this is the path she’s chosen. Fiona tells him that she can’t give up and throw away the country that she was born in. Arles warns her that he might attack the castle again to cure Zodiva, since he has Elvira and her blood.

By now he must have the antibodies to Zodiva in him and so there’s a possibility that a cure can be made. Fiona points out that Mejojo won’t permit that. Arles knows this, but he also has a hatred towards Mejojo that won’t disappear, while Mejojo will never stop trying to kill the wolves. Fiona vows that she’ll stand firm on her position in the castle. Arles is silent before he informs her that just this once he’ll believe in her and wait. Up until now, Mejojo hasn’t extended the wolf hunting this far.

And so he’ll wait to see if she can change anything. If Mejojo does send out a band of soldiers this far then Arles will retaliate since he is the wolf king and this country will be thrown into war. Fiona thanks him with a grim smile and then he asks if she’s going to leave now. She nods because if she waits until morning then Nesso and Zara will try to stop her. Arles offers to escort her to the nearest village then, but before they can leave they hear someone move. It turns out to be Julian.

Fiona begs him not to tell Nesso and Zara until the morning, but Arles just asks her if he should silence Julian right here forever. Julian shakes his head though and tells them that he wants to go back to the castle with her. Fiona is shocked since he finally managed to escape and she can’t help but remember how broken he was. Right now, he’s managed to put himself back together but a touch might shatter him. Terrible things will be done to him if he returns since their escape has surely made Mejojo and Auger furious.

But Julian points out that the same thing will happen to her if she returns. Fiona understands perfectly well that frightening things are awaiting her back at the castle, but even still she can’t throw her country away. Julian argues that if she’s going to go back to fight for her country then how can he, as the first prince, run away? He feels the same as her and pleads with her to take him along because he doesn’t want to give up on this country either. He doesn’t know what he can do, but he’ll fight beside her.

They stare at each other until Fiona gives in and agrees to take him along. In truth, she’s a bit scared at going back by herself. Julian thanks her gratefully and tells her that they’ll fight to lead this country into a better direction. Arles calls for Guillan and then the two carry Julian and Fiona to the nearest village. Julian is riding Arles, while Fiona is riding Guillan because he’s smaller. Guillan is complaining as to why he has to carry Fiona though and why couldn’t Arles just ask his brother.

Arles points out that Rath is still healing which makes Guillan pout and complain that Arles treats his brother too nicely. It would be nice if he could have half the kindness that Arles shows his brother. Instead, he’s woken up in the night and told to run with a human girl on his back. Arles points out that he’s nocturnal, but Guillan denies that. He sleeps when he wants and wakes when he wants and tonight he was going to sleep. Arles just grunts and increases his pace.

Fiona can’t help but giggle at the light-hearted conversation between them, which she didn’t know wolves could do. But then she realizes how silly her thoughts are since there are a lot of things she doesn’t know about wolves. And they’re a race like her, so they must have families and friends. Then Guillan asks if they’re going to drop them off near the village and then attack it. Arles replies flatly that Fiona needs the villagers to contact the castle and so they’ll have to overlook them this time.

Guillan whines at how they’re just going to deposit their luggage and then return home. Meanwhile, Fiona is glad that they’re not going to attack but then she can’t help but remember Richie and Pearl who used to whine just like that. It feels like it’s been a long time since she last saw them. She wonders if they’re safe, but then realizes that they and her father must be safer than she will be. They’re probably praying for her safety and waiting for her outside of the country.

She winces when she realizes that she’s chosen to refuse the efforts of Nesso and Zara in getting her out of the country. When she sighs, Arles asks her if she’s lost which makes Guillan snarl out that if she is and if she tells him she wants to go back then he’ll bite her to death. But the two wolves slow down and Fiona is touched by their kindness in giving her more time to think it over. She looks over at Julian who is pale and shaky and realizes that she must look the same as well.

But there’s a strong light in his eyes that tells her that he believes in her. He believes that the path she chose is a good one. She thanks him in her mind and strengthens her determination. She’s going to stop Mejojo and Auger. She chose, over her own happiness and those around her, the happiness of the country. No that’s wrong. She chose the path that would make the most people happy, instead of just the people around her. And she chose the hardest and steepest path to do it.

Fiona realizes that she isn’t going back to the castle to die. She’s going to the castle to try and give Nesso, Zara, Rath, Arles, Guillan, and everyone else a happy future. She reassures herself quietly that it’ll be fine. Arles sighs tiredly as he runs but he doesn’t say anything else and Fiona understands that this is her last chance to turn back. But she ignores it. There is no more turning back. She is going to remain in Weblin, in the castle, and with Mejojo and Auger.

They finally reach the edge of the forest and the wolves sit down to allow Julian and Fiona to get off. Once they do, Arles points them to the nearest village. Fiona thanks the two of them for the ride, but Guillan spits out that he didn’t do it for her but because Arles ordered him to. She points out that he still did it though which is what she’s thanking him for. Guillan looks away with a blush and then Julian thanks Arles. Arles doesn’t say anything though and merely looks at Julian with furrowed eyes.

She realizes he must be feel complicated since he hates the cats, and he had to let this person related to Mejojo and Auger ride him, but he’s also being thanked. Anyway, Guillan warns Arles that the soldiers might invade them at night and so they turn to leave. But Arles pauses and looks back at Fiona. He doesn’t ask her if she’s fine with this and so she doesn’t say anything and just stares back into his eyes. Finally, he asks her if she wants him to take a message to Nesso and Zara.

Fiona doesn’t know what to say for them to understand since an explanation of her decision will take too long and it probably won’t convince them. Finally, she tells Arles to tell them that she’s sorry and that she’ll pray for their happiness. She can only believe that the two of them will leave to find her father. Then she apologizes to Arles, which confuses him, but she tells him that she’s leaving the hard part to him because Nesso and Zara will probably make a fuss in the morning.

Arles just huffs in amusement and tells her that he’ll just kick them out of Zanan in the morning. They stare at each other in silence for a bit more before he addresses her as the princess of humans and tells her that he’ll be watching her battle from afar. She nods and tells him to watch. At last, he laughs softly before transforming into a wolf and bounding into the forest. Guillan transforms as well and follows with a howl. Julian and Fiona stare at the forest even though they can’t see the two wolves anymore.

Finally, Julian extends his hand and suggests that they should go. Fiona nods tightly and grabs his hand which is cold and pale with nervousness. When they arrive at the town they are taken in with a lot of commotion and kept there until the CCK arrive. Then they’re put in chains and a cart with no windows like they’re real criminals. It reminds her of the time she was taken out of her tower, but now she really is a criminal. Everytime the horse moves, her seat jolts and her hips are starting to hurt.

Julian asks if she’s hungry, but she shakes her head. She’s more hungry then thirsty but they barely get any water and their food comes at random intervals. They’re merely tossed a small hard piece of bread. And so the two of them just close their eyes and wait for the time to pass. Finally, after several more days, they arrive at the castle. They’re led through the castle by the CCK and all the maids they see hurry pass them, barely glancing at them and when they do their eyes are filled with disgust.

They are taken to the throne room where they see Mejojo sitting on the throne with crossed legs. Fiona isn’t surprised since she heard that the 6th King had died and Mejojo had taken his place. Anyway, Mejojo greets them with a cold glare and comments on how they finally came back. He asks them what their intentions are of returning since they escaped out of their own free will. Auger asks them if they realized that life in the castle was much better, but then he tells them with a smirk that it’s too late to realize that now.

Fiona is confused when she looks up at Auger and sees that he has a scar on his face, because he didn’t have one when they escaped. And the wolves had withdrawn by that time, so who gave him that scar? Auger snickers when he sees her looking at him and asks her if she sees something that she likes. She averts her eyes in embarrassment but she can’t help but admit that the two princes are very handsome. Especially now that they have matching scars, because their mirror image balances each other out.

Before that Mejojo’s face was considered disfigured. She feels ashamed to be in their presence while she’s wearing her tattered clothes. Anyway, Mejojo reclines in his throne and tells them that he doesn’t mind praising them for returning on their own free will but he still wants to know why they did. Fiona and Julian remain silent until Auger reminds them lightly that his brother ordered them to speak and the sooner they speak the sooner they can leave, since they smell like garbage to him.

Fiona flushes in embarrassment but bites her lip to remain silent. She realizes that the last person she touched had been a wolf. Finally, she tells them that she came back to tell them something. Mejojo asks if she knows the base of the wolves, but she shakes her head and tells them that she knows how to cure Zodiva. Auger comments on how he thought Zodiva was incurable and that anyone who is infected by it dies instantly. Fiona argues that some people are immune to it, but Mejojo and Auger just scoff at her.

She knows that they know the truth about Zodiva and that some wolves are immune, but they aren’t saying anything. She finally yells out that the wolves are more resistant to Zodiva and that they’ll need the help of wolves to cure Zodiva. Mejojo laughs loudly at that and then snarls out that they can’t extend their hand to the wolves, because they’re the ones who are dirtying and destroying the country.

Julian speaks up to help Fiona and tells them the wolves who are attacking the villages are doing that just to heal themselves. Auger points out that even if they’re doing it to heal themselves they are still being pesky beasts and harming the villagers. Fiona is horrified by how Auger is still talking about hunting wolves even after hearing that they’re only attacking the village because of their illness. He calls Julian an idiot, which makes Julian flinch in hurt.

Fiona tries to convey to Julian without words that she’s beside him and that he’s not alone. She can’t even imagine how much courage it’s taking for him to speak to Mejojo and Auger who must have done unspeakable things to him. And even now he’s shaking like a leaf. Anyway, she shouts out to Mejojo that if he destroys the wolves then Zodiva will never be cured. Mejojo yells back that the country will be saved if all the wolves are destroyed. GREAT IDEA TO HAVE A SHOUTING MATCH AGAINST THE KING. OMG. IDIOT!

WHAT KIND OF STUPID-ASS PLAN IS THIS ANYWAY? I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO LIKE WHISPER IN MEJOJO’S EAR AFTER SHE SECURES HER POSITION AS HIS WIFE. NOT JUST TRY TO YELL THE POINT TO HIM. She knew their hatred towards wolves was deep, but she can’t believe how they would just ignore the threat of Zodiva just to continue hunting and destroying them. Finally, she tells Mejojo that she spoke to the wolves. UHH.. WOW. NO WORDS. SHIT IS BAD. Auger is amused at how she’s become a real witch meeting in secret with the wolves.

Fiona denies that and tells them that she just wanted to find a cure to Zodiva and so she talked to the king of wolves, Arles V. Felnoir. OH SHIT EVEN WORSE. Mejojo gasps and flinches when he hears that name. It’s the name of someone who he can’t forget even if he wanted to. Anyway, she explains that the cure to Zodiva requires the blood of a Lobeira, since the wolves are attacking the villages to find the blood of a Lobeira but since Lobeira are rare they aren’t finding any. Auger and Mejojo immediately spot that she’s uncertain.

But Julian tries to aid her and explains that although they aren’t certain, the possibility is high that wolves are attacking the towns because of this. Mejojo just sits back in his throne though and asks them what they really want to say. His voice and words sound as if he’s a cruel adult adult who has no interest in what a child is saying. Fiona grits her teeth, because she and Julian aren’t children and their conversation isn’t trivial, and then shouts out that this country needs to reconcile with the wolves.

Both Mejojo and Auger’s eyes widen in shock and they’re stunned into silence. But then after a second Auger bursts into laughter. He asks them if they slipped out of the castle just to come back to deliver this joke to them. He’s laughing so hard that his stomach hurts and beside him Mejojo is also laughing and clutching at his stomach. Fiona’s eyes are hot as she struggles not to cry at how they think it’s all a joke. It’s as Arles said, he can’t throw away his hatred for the cats and they won’t stop destroying the wolves.

Of course she didn’t think she’d be able to reach them at the very beginning, but she also didn’t think they’d just completely ignore her or Zodiva just to fulfill their own agenda. Julian suddenly snarls out that they’re serious and that if Zodiva isn’t stopped then this country will end. They need to reconcile with the wolves and develop a cure. Fiona notices Auger reaching into his jacket and although she doesn’t know what he’s taking out she has a bad feeling.

She thinks it’s just her imagination though and there’s no need to stop what Auger is trying to pull out. But in the next instant, Auger drives something into Julian’s chest. She hears Julian gasp and then a wet sound, but Fiona flinches away and doesn’t dare look. She’s scared to see and scared to know what happened. But she has to look and when she does she sees that Julian has something dark sticking out his chest. His shirt starts to become stained in red, but her mind is completely blank.

Fiona doesn’t want to accept what is happening in front of her. She asks herself why Julian has something in his chest and why his shirt is red. Julian gasps out about how he finally remembered something. Then he tells Fiona to run away, which she doesn’t understand why. And then Auger sighs and apologizes lightly for doing this, but Julian was getting boring. He would have lived if he said something more interesting. Auger finds it disgusting to see Julian trying to be normal.

Julian sinks to his knees like a doll whose strings have been cut. Auger tells him that he just returned him to his broken form. He finds Julian unsightly and then mockingly asks him if Fiona healed him. Auger reminds him cruelly that he’s just a broken toy and that he shouldn’t be thinking of trying to save the country since he’s no longer a prince. HOLY SHIT AUGER WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?!? (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚). Then he rips out the thing in Julian’s chest and finally Fiona can see that it is a black laquered dagger.

With pale lips Julian tries to say something but he collapses to the ground. Fiona rushes over to try and support him and she calls out his name frantically. Julian manages to gasp out that just when he finally returned to himself. She nods supportively but with tears in her eyes, because she realizes the strength he had in deciding to go against Mejojo and Auger who had suppressed and broken him for so long. He decided to come back on his own free will to oppose them.

Julian tells her weakly that he doesn’t want to die, because thanks to Fiona he managed to.. He doesn’t finish his sentence and then Mejojo comments boredly on how dirty Julian is and how in the past he used to beg them to kill him. Auger agrees with how Julian is so selfish since he used to want to die quickly, but now he doesn’t want to die. The heat from his blood is seeping into her lap but she still continues to call out his name. Tears are flowing from her eyes with how mortifying it is to come so far just to end like this.

He came here to follow a path that he believed in but now his life ended just like that. Once again, Julian gasps out that he doesn’t want to die. But Auger just mutters about how annoying and noisy he’s being and then stabs him with the rapier. She cries for Auger to stop it, but Julian coughs out more blood and falls silent and the heat starts to disappear from his body. Auger asks mockingly if Julian thought he could be free from being his toy. Unneeded toys are just thrown away.

Mejojo adds that a toy without value is disposed of.. like this. Mejojo stands up from his throne and starts to walk towards her, which makes her freeze in fear. With Julian’s death she is facing these two all alone, but she feels guilty for bringing Julian here since it’s her fault he died. If she had refused him and came here all alone then he wouldn’t have died. But even if she came here alone she would still be feeling afraid. Fiona can’t help but wonder if the two in front of her are actually Mejojo and Auger.

In the past they used to be two beautiful twin princes who visited her. Although they were arrogant sometimes, they were also kind and brought her beautiful souvenirs. But the two people in front of her easily killed their half-blooded brother and her precious friend. And so she yells at them not to come towards her and starts to tremble. But this just makes Auger laugh as he asks what she’s afraid of since she must have prepared herself before returning.

Mejojo informs her that because she disobeyed his order and ran away from him she needs to be punished. He asks if she understands but she just shuts her eyes in fear because she doesn’t want to understand or think about what might happen to her. Will she also be killed by a rapier? But Mejojo just orders her to wash her body first, to cleanse herself of Julian’s dirty blood and the smell of wolves. After her body is purified he wants to know where the base of the wolves are.

Anyway, Auger grabs her by the wrist and starts to drag her through the halls with Mejojo following. She doesn’t know where they’re taking her or what they’re going to do to her, but she doesn’t want to know. Instead she pleads for them to let her go and calls for Julian to help her. Auger just sighs and tells her that Julian can’t save her anymore since he’s dead. If he is alive then he isn’t in any shape to save her. Mejojo thinks that Julian is already dead and he’s ordered his CCK to dispose of the body.

Auger eagerly asks his brother how the body will be disposed. Mejojo was thinking of throwing his body out into the woods to be eaten by animals. Auger praises his brother for being so kind as to provide the animals outside with a meal. Then Mejojo suggests letting his body decompose in the gardens, but he doesn’t want to deal with the smell. Auger agrees, though he thinks it’d be interesting to see Julian’s body rot. But then Mejojo suggests that maybe Fiona would like to be in the same room with Julian.

Fiona’s eyes widen at that, because if they had asked her a few minutes ago then she would have been pleased at being in the same room with him though a bit nervous since he’s a guy, but now he’s dead and she realizes that she’d be sharing a room with a rotting corpse. She shakes her head, but Mejojo and Auger cruelly press the point. Mejojo tells her in a gentle voice that since he’s so kind he’ll listen to what she wants. And since Julian liked her so much, he’s sure that Julian will be pleased to share a room with her.

She doesn’t want to share a room with a corpse, but she knows that terrible things will happen to Julian’s body if she says no. So all she does is yell at them to stop. But Auger tells her that she needs to say properly that she doesn’t want to share a room with that dirty black cat. Mejojo adds that if she doesn’t tell them clearly what she wants then Julian might sneak into her room. Fiona is horrified at the thought of waking up to see Julian’s vacant and rotting body beside her and she starts to sob.

Auger blinks in mock innocence and asks if she is sobbing out of joy or if she hates the idea of sharing a room with Julian that much. Mejojo shakes his head and comments on how hurt Julian will be if he knows how much Fiona doesn’t want to share a room with him. Fiona finally sobs out that she doesn’t want to share a room with Julian. She knows that he’s dead already and that the fear and disgust she feels towards a corpse is different from the love she held for Julian, but Mejojo and Auger’s words are misleading her feelings.

And so she feels a crushing guilt. Mejojo just smirks at her words and remarks on how devastated Julian will be. Auger comments on how scary women are to be so close to someone, but the moment the person isn’t there they can express such dislike. Fiona shuts her eyes and tries to ignore their poisonous words because she liked Julian and he was her precious friend, but his corpse is different. But now she’s starting to feel doubt and wondering if she should accept his body if he was really her friend.

Julian’s death is the first time she’s had someone close to her die. Her mother and Nesso’s mother died of sickness before she could know them and so she doesn’t know the correct way of accepting someone’s death. Perhaps she really is cruel and cold-hearted like Mejojo and Auger are saying. Anyway, Mejojo talks about how he painstakingly created a garden home for her but she ran away. Maybe it was because she didn’t have a hobby. He apologizes with a smirk and then tells her that he hopes she’ll like her new room.

Suddenly, she realizes that they aren’t in the hallway that will lead to the gardens. Mejojo informs her that he and Auger love this room and that it was Julian’s favorite too. Fiona realizes instantly that they must be talking about the room they broke Julian in and she starts to scream and fight to free herself, which just makes Auger laugh at what a selfish crybaby she is. But it can’t be helped since she apparently doesn’t like to be treated kindly. Mejojo adds that if she wishes to be treated cruelly then he’ll grant her wish.

In contrast to Mejojo’s gentle voice, Auger violently pulls her arm and ignores her screaming. Instead, he scolds her like a child for being selfish. Anyway, they drag her underground and even though Fiona can’t see anything clearly, she can smell the faint scent of dried blood. Auger proudly introduces this place as his and his brother’s secret laboratory. Fiona’s eyes adjust to the dim lighting and she can see a tiny cage with a bloodstained floor. It’s so small it can barely fit Richie or Pearl.

Auger informs her that he and his brother deal out their punishment here. Then he grabs her chain and goes to connect it to another that is hanging from the ceiling. Fiona panics and loses her balance, but Auger supports her gently which just frightens her even more. He tells her with a creepy smile that there are a lot of tools here and if she isn’t careful she could get really hurt. He asks Mejojo how high he should place the chains and Mejojo tells him to put her in the most painful position.

And so Fiona is raised by the chains on her wrists until her toes can just barely touch the floor. She feels a twinge of pain when her shoulders start to pull uncomfortably. Then Mejojo steps closer to her and asks if she’s scared when he sees her shut her eyes and tremble. Fiona just asks him to let her go which makes Auger comment on how she still seems to think of herself as a princess. He reminds her that her father and brother abandoned this country which means that they threw away all her titles.

This means that she is nothing. She has no standing. Her family chose family over their standing. She starts to cry as she realizes how foolish she was in coming back to try and stop them. Now she doesn’t want to do anything but escape. Mejojo raises an eyebrow and asks why she’s crying, but Auger answers that it must be because she realizes how foolish she was in disobeying Mejojo. Then he proposes that they give Fiona a chance to be forgiven. If she accepts her punishment she can be forgiven.

Mejojo agrees to this but Fiona feels hope and despair whirling around inside of her. Do they mean that they’ll stop doing cruel things to her if she just accepts this one punishment? Or do they mean that they’ll punish her until she dies and then she won’t be able to feel anything. She is frightened of how beautiful they look in the dim lighting. Then Auger wonders out loud who should punish her. He knows that she’s his brother’s object, but if his brother doesn’t want to touch such a dirty woman then he can do it.

Fiona flinches at the insult and finds it strange that her mind and feelings can still be hurt in this kind of situation. Mejojo orders Fiona to choose who she prefers to be punished by. His smile is scarily gentle, as if he were asking her who she wanted to dance with. She realizes that the twins are treating this as if it were a game, but it’s not a game because Julian died. She decides to choose Mejojo since Auger was the one who killed Julian and he’s too scary to choose.

Mejojo is pleased to have been chosen, while Auger slumps his shoulders in disappointment and comments on how it can’t be helped since his brother is more popular. Fiona is struck by how much they resemble the people who used to visit her in the tower. They used to act just like this, but their actions don’t fit the current situation with her in chains and waiting for punishment. Anyway, Mejojo walks off to the side and takes something. He cracks it in the air and Fiona is horrified to see a whip in his hand.

He smirks as he points out that a bad child needs to be whipped by an adult. Then he promises her that she’ll like it. Auger suggests that Mejojo should start at full power. Fiona almost wants to start apologizing, but she restrains herself since she doesn’t want to admit that she disobeyed Mejojo and Auger because they’re wrong. If she apologizes then that’s the same as submitting to them and agreeing that she did something wrong. But she’s terrified because she’s never been physically punished before.

Mejojo slowly circles around until he’s behind her, but she tries to twist to keep him in sight since it’s scary not knowing what he’s doing. Auger chuckles at how cute she is trying to continue to look at his brother. But then he points out that feeling the whip on her face would hurt more, but he doesn’t mind if she really loves pain that much. Auger adds that her face might become scarred and she might even lose her sight if the whip hits her in the wrong spot.

She stops trying to keep Mejojo in her sight at Auger’s words and freezes in place, and when she hears something from behind her she tenses up. But this just makes Auger laugh as he informs her that his brother just shifted his weight. Fiona starts to wonder if they only grabbed the whip to scare her like this, but just as she relaxes she feels a sharp impact on her back. She feels the heat of the mark more than pain and her scream gets caught in her throat due to how surprising it was.

Mejojo misunderstands her silence as a strength of character in not making a sound. Even Auger is impressed since Julian screamed from the very start. Mejojo informs Fiona that it’s fine to raise her voice and in fact it’s attractive. The heat starts to transform into pain and she finally expels her breath loudly, but Mejojo reminds her that it’s too early to be relieved since they still have many more to go. He sees her horrified expression and laughs before pointing out that they’re not going to stop at 1 hit.

He tauntingly asks how many times she wants to be whipped and hit, but she refuses to say anything. He cracks the whip against her back again and she starts to spin slowly. Pain is consuming her mind and she sees Mejojo and Auger whirling around in her vision. When she sees Mejojo raising his arm again she starts to beg him to stop or wait, because she remembers Auger’s warnings about how painful it’ll be to be hit on the face. She panics as she tries to turn her body and this just makes her spin faster.

The whip strikes her stomach and she screams in pain, which just makes Auger sigh as he reminds her that he had advised her to keep still. Mejojo even orders her to turn her back to him since he doesn’t think that she wants to be hurt any more than necessary. She starts to cry and plead for them to stop. Any obstinacy that she had is all gone and all she wants to do is escape this frightening pain. Auger is disappointed by how she only lasted three hits.

Mejojo informs her that if she wants to be forgiven then she needs to apologize from the bottom of her heart. If he hears that she’s sincere then he’ll forgive her. She starts to apologize and beg for forgiveness, but Mejojo just tells her loudly that he can’t hear her small voice. He wants her to reflect on what she’s done. Meanwhile, Auger reminds her about her position as the property of the king. Finally, Fiona begs for forgiveness and calls him Mejojo-sama.

The pain stops at this point and Mejojo laughingly comments on how she seems to have learned her place. Auger agrees with how cute she’s become, which makes Mejojo remind him sharply that she’s his. Auger nods hastily and puts up his hands in innocence. The two of them move to stand in front of her and when Auger notices her looking confused, he informs her that she finally learned her place by calling Mejojo by his correct title. Fiona’s heart clenches at the realization of how she could have blurted out anything.

Her will was weaker than the whip and she asked Mejojo for forgiveness even though he allowed Julian to die. Shame consumes her and her lips start to tremble. Mejojo informs her lowly that it’s useless to disobey him and 「もう二度とは言わない。私から離れるな。私の傍にいろ。」(I won’t say this again. You cannot leave me. You belong by my side). Fiona doesn’t say anything, which makes Mejojo snarl at her to answer. He cracks the whip against the floor and she yelps in fear. Her body has already learnt what the sound means.

She realizes depressingly that by calling him Mejojo-sama she has already submitted to him. Before then she had always talked to him as if they were equals. She sobs out that she understands. Mejojo smiles slowly and with pleasure as if he had finally obtained something he had wanted for a long time. Then he asks her 「フィオナ、私のものになると誓うか?」(Fiona, will you vow to become mine?). Fiona slumps her shoulders and nods because she doesn’t want any more scary, hurtful, and painful things to happen to her.

Her mind has been broken by these two in such a short time. Auger snickers at how obedient she’s become and tells her that if she continues to be like this then he’ll treat her kindly. Her heart trembles at his words, because she wants to be treated kindly. In this short time she’s learned that if she obeys then they’ll cherish her, but if she disobeys then frightening things will happen. Mejojo smirks and tells her that in order for her not to forget that she’s his, he’ll give her his crest.

Auger informs his brother that everything is ready and pulls out a red-hot brand. She freaks out and tries to crawl away, but Auger scolds her for moving and tells her that if she continues to move they’ll have to punish her. They’ve released her from the hanging chains. Anyway, at the thought of more punishment her body freezes, which makes him praise her. If she’s quiet then he won’t harm her more than necessary, but she needs this brand as a mark that she’s his brother’s.

He asks Mejojo where they should put it and Mejojo hums in thought. Her skin is so white that it’ll show up anywhere. The public thinks of her as his wife though and so they can’t place it anywhere prominent. He orders Fiona to hold up her hair, but Auger does it for her. Her nape becomes exposed and Mejojo murmurs that it’ll look beautiful there. Auger just starts to grin as Mejojo warns her not to move or else it’ll just hurt more. Mejojo places the brand against her neck and she screams in pain.

It burns, it hurts, it burns. After what feels like an eternity they remove it and all that is left is a symbol of their rule. WOW, IS THIS BECAUSE I’M GOING DOWN THE CATS ROUTE? GOD I’M SOBBING FOR ARLES RIGHT NOW. I LOVE THE STORIES OF THESE CATS BUT I DESPISE THEIR CHARACTERS. GIVE ME ARLES RIGHT NOW!

Scene skip! Guillan knocks on the door and enters the room where Arles is writing on his desk. Arles realizes, from just a look, that it was a useless attempt and they should prepare for war. He sighs but Guillan points out that he never had any hope in Fiona anyway, right? Arles doesn’t answer, but he wanted to bet on the possibility that she might be able to change something. It looks like the hatred between the cats and wolves will never disappear though.

Rath grits his teeth and averts his eyes, which makes Guillan tease him for looking so depressed. He does admit that Fiona was pretty though. Arles warns Rath not to think about a rescue attempt, because Fiona made her choice and now there is nothing they can do. Arles asks about the situation back at the castle, since he had ordered Guillan to spy on the situation, but Guillan reports that the wolf hunts are still ongoing and becoming more severe.

Arles’ gaze falls down to the paper that he had been writing on and he huffs in amusement at what he’s written. It’s the treatment methods for Zodiva. When Guillan asks him if something is wrong, he shakes his head. To be honest though, he no longer has any hope for the future. If he dies then all the wolves, who have gone mad with Zodiva, will run rampant. The history and truth of the wolves has already been lost.

They have been betrayed by the people of Weblin, who believe only in the words of the cats and continue to hunt the wolves. In the time while Fiona was traveling towards the castle, he had thought about what he should leave for the people of Weblin. If he’s gone then the end of the wolves may come, especially if the wolf hunting continues. However, even if it is not possible to use it right now, his knowledge about Zodiva could one day save the wolves. One day.. it’s been a long time since he felt this kind of hope.

And it’s all because of Fiona. He thinks it’s amusing that he, who thought that the future was gone, can still be shaken by the thought of a possibility. Anyway, Arles looks up from his desk and asks Nesso and Zara what they’re going to do. Nesso snaps out that it’s obvious he’s going to head to the castle to save his sister. Zara agrees tightly. After Fiona had left, the two continued to remain in Zanan.

Flashback! Nesso and Zara are asking each other why Fiona would possibly head back to the castle and return to such a dangerous situation. Nesso decides that they need to find a horse to catch up to the carriage that will be taking Fiona back to the castle. They can still make it in time if they rush, but Arles orders them to stop. Fiona is relying on him to help her reach the castle and this includes stopping Nesso and Zara. Zara asks him why Fiona would choose to do such a dangerous thing.

And so he answers them that Fiona has chosen her path. Above her troubles and worries and the thought of running away from the country, she wishes to fight in the castle. Nesso snarls out angrily that Arles must know that the twins can’t be stopped. Arles inclines his head gravely, which makes Nesso ask him why he would let her go then. Arles explains that it was still Fiona’s decision. She knew she had the possibility of failing or being killed, but even still she decided.

Arles thought that her decision was honorable and so he promised her that unless Mejojo attacks Zanan then he won’t retaliate. Nesso and Zara grit their teeth. Arles tells them that they must realize the worth of such a promise. It’s a promise to hope that Weblin can still be saved. And then he asks them if they’ll make the wolves their enemy to try and chase after Fiona. Zara closes his eyes and murmurs Fiona’s name while Nesso punches the wall in anger. And so they decided to wait here.

Nesso and Zara gave up on chasing after her when they understood how resolved she was to return to the castle. Or more like it was that they shared the same belief that Arles had in Fiona. And that’s why they won’t leave this country without her. If Fiona fails then Mejojo will try to destroy the wolves and they’ll resist, so everything will become an all out war. In that time, Nesso wishes to save his sister. Arles snorts and reminds Nesso that he was left behind by Fiona.

She chose the future of the country over living peacefully with them. She chose a path where she was resolved to lose even her life. Is there a meaning to them risking their own life to save her? Nesso replies sharply that there is. He wants to save her, because she is prepared to risk her life for the sake of the country. Zara wants to protect her because of that. Arles narrows his eyes but allows them to do what they wish and to remain in Zanan. Nesso thanks him gratefully.

But Zara asks for permission to try and treat the wolves and suppress Zodiva. Arles asks him if his underlying motive is to research Zodiva as well and Zara can’t deny it. But he promises not to treat them like they were treated in the castle. Arles gives him his permission but warns him that he is responsible for himself if he’s bitten or eaten alive. Zara accepts this gravely.

Back in the present! And so Nesso and Zara remained behind with Zara reporting his research on Zodiva to Arles. Anyway, Nesso asks them if they’ll continue to wait even though Fiona failed. Guillan reports that the village they took Fiona too has been combing the mountains, which means they still don’t know where the base of the wolves are. Arles is surprised by how Fiona hasn’t given away their base yet. Rath is of the opinion that there is no meaning in waiting because Fiona failed, even if she hasn’t given them away.

Arles asks Zara for an estimation on his research progress. Zara reports that he’s 90 percent done. The 10 percent left is just to put it in practice, because the effects of the cure on the wolves who have Zodiva is slow. It has incubated for so long that they need time to see any dramatic effect. Arles asks him how successful he thinks he is and Zara bites his lip before he tells everyone firmly that he’s 100 percent sure it’ll work. He’s taken samples of blood from all the wolves who have beaten Zodiva.

He’s certain that the cure he created from that will have an effect. But he needs time to be certain. Rath, who has been testing the serums, is nearly cured but Zara needs time to see the cure will affect everyone else in the same way. Arles sighs heavily, but when Guillan asks him what he’ll do he states that they’ll attack the castle. Rath’s eyes widen while Nesso asks if he’s buying time. Arles explains that if they’re attacked in Zanan then his men who suffer from Zodiva and cannot fight will be in danger.

It would be best if they struck first, that way if the wolves can recover from Zodiva in the base then they will be able to see the future. Nesso approves of his decision and he’s coming along though his purpose is different. Arles is intending to kill Mejojo and Auger, but Nesso wants to save his sister. Arles doesn’t care since he knows that Mejojo will defend Fiona to the death, which means their end goal will be the same. Nesso huffs in amusement at what a hardship it is for his sister to have drawn the eye of a strange man.

Arles and Nesso chuckle at their choke. Meanwhile, Guillan pouts when he realizes that the human and the rabbit will be their allies. Rath reminds him that it doesn’t have any relation to their goal. Arles agrees that they’re allies but only because they have a common enemy. Guillan reluctantly acknowledges his boss’ orders. He’s still confused at the idea of them being allies but he understands that they’re not enemies. Anyway, they plan to move out before the enemy can prepare. So the sooner the better.

Everyone leaves the room to prepare except for Arles who sighs heavily in the silence. Last time he attacked the castle it was to rescue Rath, but now their goal is different. They plan to kill Mejojo and Auger and so this will be a fight where both parties won’t stop until they’re dead. This will be a battle that will be carved into the history of Weblin. Arles murmurs these words like a curse 「……待っていろ、メヨーヨ。今度こそ、決着をつけてやる。」(.. Wait for me, Mejojo. This time we will conclude it).

Scene skip. Fiona has been chained around the neck and to the floor in the dungeon still. She’s lost track of how long she’s been down here and she can’t even keep track of time by the food that is brought to her since they come at random intervals. Mejojo and Auger also pay her plenty of visits to bully and torture her. Suddenly she hears footsteps coming towards her and so she tries to crawl into a corner and curls up to make herself as small as possible. She even shuts her eyes because she doesn’t want to see who it is.

It turns out to be Auger though who greets her cheerfully and asks her if she was a good child. When she doesn’t reply he snarls at her to answer and pulls her head up by her hair. Fiona cries out that she was a good child and instantly he smiles and pats her on the head like a pet. Then he tells her that he brought something he thinks she’d be happy to see. Fiona is filled with dread since she knows that whatever he finds fun won’t be fun for her. Mejojo and Auger love to make her deny her own feelings though.

Flashback! It’s a torture scene where Auger asks Fiona if she’s happy to be visited and cared for by them in the dungeons. Mejojo and Auger force her to say that she’s happy and even try to make her smile. She doesn’t smile convincingly enough for their satisfaction though and so Mejojo sighs before informing her that today she’ll be forgiven through the whip. Auger orders her to smile and tell them that she’s happy to be whipped, but instead she cries out for them to stop because she doesn’t want the whip.

Mejojo sighs in disappoint at how she dares to voice a complaint, while Auger shakes his head at what a bad pet she is. Just when they show her a little kindness she becomes impudent. It looks like she’ll need her discipline. Mejojo tells her lowly to prepare herself and then they raise her by the chains to be whipped.

Back to the present! Fiona wonders if she’d feel better if she lost herself and had neither feelings nor will. That poisonous idea gnaws at her little by little. She forcibly reminds herself that she is Fiona Galland and that she came back to the castle for the sake of the country. She mustn’t break herself and she mustn’t give up. Anyway, Auger unlocks her chain from the floor and pulls her up. When she slowly gets up, since she’s been sitting on the ground for so long, he berates her for not being energetic enough.

Auger takes her to the throne room where Mejojo is lounging, but the moment he sees her a delighted smile overtakes his face and he starts chuckling. Fiona’s breath catches in her throat in fear, but she quickly kneels and lowers her head when Auger brings her up to Mejojo. It’s ironic how natural it is for her to assume this position now when she didn’t have to bother with it before. But Auger taught her differently. Anyway, Mejojo informs her that he has information she might like to hear.

He sent out soldiers to the mountain to find out where the wolf base is, which she never divulged since she would defend that information to her death. Luckily, half of it is because she didn’t know where Nesso took her and because when Arles took her to the village it was in the middle of the night and so dark that she can’t remember anything. Anyway, Mejojo received information that the wolves are striking at them first and coming to attack the castle.

Fiona is horrified because she thought Arles promised to wait, but then she realizes that she failed anyway in convincing Mejojo. However, she still doesn’t want it to break into an all out war. And so she tries again to yell out that they need to reconcile with the wolves, or else Zodiva will destroy the country. Mejojo hums thoughtfully before telling her coldly that they’ll capture plenty of wolves then to do research on.

Ice crawls down her spine as she realizes that she might just have given Mejojo a reason to torture more wolves. Then Mejojo informs her slowly that he more information that she’ll be delighted to hear. He’s watching her intently, as if he wanted to see every expression she made. Mejojo tells Fiona that there has been information about a human and a rabbit making their way to the castle with the wolves. Fiona freaks out about this, because she thought Nesso and Zara would have left the country.

She knows she betrayed them but she didn’t want them to throw themselves into this dangerous situation for her. Her suffering is hers to bear because she made the decision to come back. Anyway, she begs and pleads for Mejojo to overlook them but this just makes him sneer at her. Auger adds that she should remember who she belongs to, but he knows that she’ll wag her metaphorical tail the moment she sees Nesso and Zara. Fiona tells them hysterically that she’ll stay in the castle forever so long as those two are left alone.

Auger laughs at how ungraceful she is, but he thinks her begging is cute. Mejojo remarks lightly on how since his cute wife is entreating him so passionately, he’ll think about it. Fiona’s eyes widen and she asks him breathlessly if he’ll truly do that. He nods and Fiona thanks him gratefully and happily, but then he crushes her hope by telling her that he’s only going to think about it. And he already has.

Auger laughs at her instantly pale expression and Mejojo reminds her harshly that he’s the king and those who defy the king die. She tries to protest but Auger points out that it isn’t unusual for those who defy the king to die. It’s the same in all the other countries. Mejojo informs her that it’s useless no matter how cutely she begs.

Anyway, Mejojo declares the fun hunting to begin and he orders Fiona to be taken to the highest room possible so that she can see everything. Auger takes her to a room that overlooks the gardens. It is a room designed for her since there are chains on the window and then he takes off the chain from around her neck. Fiona continues to beg him to save Nesso and Zara, but Auger replies blandly that he can’t since his brother ordered them to be killed and he’s a faithful vassal unlike her.

He doesn’t understand why she’s crying anyway, since there might be a chance for her to escape again. They rescued her once and in the confusion of the battle against the wolves they might be able to sneak her out again. Fiona doesn’t hold any hope for the future anymore, not since after Julian was killed. And she’s also learned not to be optimistic through her time in the dungeons. When Auger invites her to look at the view that she has and she sees the gardens, she starts to cry silently again at the memory of Julian.

Who will take care of the beautiful gardens now that he’s gone? Auger shakes his head at how strange she is and then walks out and shuts and locks the door. Soon night falls and she can start to hear men yelling and running around through the castle. The gardens are still quiet though and she wonders if the fight has already begun. Fiona starts to pray for her brother and Zara to run away.

Scene skip! Nesso freezes and when Zara asks if he’s alright he nods his head slowly and replies that he thought he heard Fiona’s voice for a second. He thinks it’s just nerves before the fight begins though and he ducks his head in embarrassment. Zara is amused that even Nesso feels nervous, which makes Nesso ask sharply what that’s supposed to mean. Zara just grins and points out that he thought Nesso would be accustomed to this as a knight. Nesso chuckles and agrees that he’s used to fights against bandits and wolves.

But this battle is special because it’s a fight for the future of the kingdom and to save Fiona. This time he doesn’t have the aid of his subordinates either and he might actually have to fight them. But he’s been the leader of the Gefreiters longer than he’s been a knight of the castle. The two fall into a tense silence before Zara asks Nesso if he thinks he can rescue Fiona. Nesso replies truthfully that it’ll be difficult. They already stole her once and so Mejojo will be protecting her seriously now.

It’s going to be an unreasonable and rash battle. The two of them sigh but then Nesso tells Zara softly that he doesn’t have to join them. If Zara is following him out of duty then he has the choice to leave. Zara stares at him for a long time before he sighs heavily and remarks on how idiotic Nesso is right now. He’s grateful to the Galland family for taking him in, caring for him, and giving him employment, but that’s not all that he feels. He asks Nesso how he can be so mistaken after having known each other for so long.

Zara asks Nesso if he really thought he could be dragged here if he didn’t wish to. He is here out of his own free will because he wants to save Fiona as well. If he runs away now then he’ll regret it for his whole life. Even if he lived through running away, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. His heart and mind are the same as Nesso’s. Nesso thanks him in a shaky and heartfelt voice, before laughing at how Fiona will hold a grudge against Zara. Zara laughs as he thinks about how Fiona will cry at him for not stopping Nesso.

The two of them share this last smile because the time of attack is near and once they rush into the castle they’ll have no time to talk. In fact this might be their last conversation together. Guillan’s voice is heard calling for them and the two of them head back to the group. All the wolves are gathered in a circle and in the center is Arles with Rath and Guillan beside him. They are going to confirm their strategy. Arles informs everyone that he and Guillan will jump over the walls like they did last time.

Nesso is shocked at the physical prowess of wolves since he heard they were extraordinary, but not this extraordinary. Guillan smirks and explains that wolves aren’t amazing, it is Arles and he who are amazing. Arles admits that only he and Guillan can jump over the walls. Anyway, he and Guillan will open the gates for the rest to rush in. Rath is ordered to guard their rear and maintain a path of retreat. When Arles asks if anyone has questions, Nesso informs him that his and Zara’s goal will be to recover Fiona.

So when they get into the castle they’ll split off. Arles doesn’t care what they do once they’re in and he won’t bother with them either. Nesso inclines his head. Arles asks if anyone else has questions, but when there isn’t he proclaims that this is the last fight then. The fight to determine the fate of wolves. He orders everyone to move out and to not think that they can return alive. They will carve their fangs, boasts, and proof of their existence into Weblin’s castle. Arles yells for the wolves to rage without reserve.

All the wolves around them howl their agreement and it sounds as if a proclamation of war. In her room, Fiona shivers at the sound of howls and realizes with despair that the wolves came. She prays for Nesso and Zara not to come to her. Anyway, Guillan and Arles leap into the castle and take down the guards around the gate, but Arles has a bad feeling about this because there are too few guards around the gate. It’s as if they are being expected but it’s too late for him to turn back now.

He recalls Fiona’s face for a split second before shaking his head. He came here specifically to kill Mejojo and Auger. Nesso and Zara are the ones who will be rescuing Fiona. And yet.. he can’t get the image of Fiona’s face out of his mind. He also can’t stop thinking about how this will provide Fiona a second chance to be rescued. In the throne room, Mejojo sneers at how foolish and lacking in wit the wolves are to think that they can do the same thing twice. He orders Leonidas to send soldiers to keep an eye on the gates.

If Leonidas can prevent the wolves from entering the palace deeper then he’ll reward them with as much nuts as they want. Leonidas jolts in pleasure at that and vows that he’ll carry out Mejojo’s wishes. As he runs off, Mejojo starts to snicker as if he were a young boy carrying out a mischievous prank. He’s excited at the holocaust of the wolves. Back at the front of the castle, the gates are opened and Nesso and Zara rush in with the rest of the wolves. The CCK are watching the gates though.

They have been ordered to shut them when all of the wolves have entered and the moment they see that, Leonidas orders the gates to be closed. Rath freezes at the sound and he notices that the gates are going to close their path of retreat. He yells at all the wolves to return and retreat, because Guillan and Arles can just jump the wall again but the rest of the wolves, if they’re trapped, will die in the castle. Unfortunately, through all the noise, his voice doesn’t reach anyone.

Zara, who is beside Nesso at the front of the group, pauses and informs Nesso that he heard Rath calling for them to retreat. Nesso wonders if something happened and then they notice that the gates have closed behind them. They have no path to retreat on now, but Nesso quickly assumes command and informs Zara that they need to find a way to reopen that gate. If they don’t, then there’ll be no way out of this death trap. But then they suddenly get surrounded by knights who had been hiding in the walls.

Nesso grits his teeth as he realizes that in their careless rush they were caught in a trap with their path of retreat cut off. They were defeated by the rats and this sort of cunning plan is just like the princes. Nesso orders Zara not to leave his side and Zara affirms that he’ll cover Nesso’s back. Nesso warns him that he might die here, but Zara replies that he doesn’t mind because he’s prepared for that. Above all though, he doesn’t plan on dying until he saves Fiona.

This makes Nesso laugh because he was thinking the same thing. Back in Fiona’s room, she can see the fight happening from her vantage point. She is confused as to why the wolves are running around in confusion until she notices that the gates have been dropped again, but this time there are two iron bars. Mejojo must have prepared that gate for the battle that he knew was coming. At this rate, the wolves won’t be able to retreat and will be annihilated. Countless of them will also be captured.

In fact, right now they’re being herded into the gardens. And even though wolves are physically stronger than the other races, for every one wolf there are three soldiers. She can see the swords of the knights gleaming with red blood as wolves are cut down. But she can also see knights being dragged down to their feet by the wolves. Fiona shuts her eyes at this horrible spectacle because this wasn’t what she wished for. She wished for peace; peace between the wolves and the cats.

Then she gasps and presses herself closer to the window because she notices that as they’re fighting in the gardens, all the flowers are becoming trampled and stained with blood. A lantern has been dropped somewhere and the garden is lit on fire. Even though she knows the garden is the last thing that anyone is worrying about, she can’t help but cry out at them to stop because this was Julian’s garden. The garden is the last thing left of Julian and something that he had protected.

This beautiful garden has now been destroyed due to war. The one thing that Julian left behind has been destroyed. She can’t stop crying due to the horrible tragedy that is occurring in front of her. This is the cursed history of Weblin. A sorrowful and abhorrent thing. The tragic conflict between the cats and wolves. The life of a brother is risked to save a foolish younger sister. Even the lands have been destroyed. A lot of tragedies are concentrated and unfolding in front of her.

The only people who can stop this is Mejojo and Auger. Fiona wonders in worry where they are, because normally the king would be hidden in the castle and protected by a group of guards. But she knows that if it’s Mejojo and Auger then they would be in the middle of the conflict, because they love to kill wolves. They wouldn’t miss out on this and so she decides to search for Mejojo from her room in the tower. She looks for the largest gathering of people, since he would probably be surrounded by his guards.

And finally she sees him standing in the middle of the garden. His eyes glitter in the fire and his slender body is highlighted by the flames. She can’t help but think of how beautiful he looks as a prince, which is strange since he’s a king now. Standing opposite to him is Arles, the king of wolves, who is clothed in dark and forbidding clothing. Mejojo comments on how long it’s been since he’s seen Arles. Arles returns the greeting and apologizes for not visiting the last time he was here.

He asks with a smirk if Mejojo had been trembling in his room with fear. Mejojo’s face twists into a snarl. Arles asks him tauntingly if he wants to kill him. He who gave Mejojo that hideous scar on his face. Mejojo grins madly as he informs Arles that he will kill him here. Arles returns the sentiment. The two of them are surrounded by their knights and wolves who are watching for the slightest movement on either side. But none of them dare to interrupt the fight between the two kings.

Mejojo starts the fight and they start to exchange blows. This is the first time Fiona has seen Mejojo fight seriously, since before he had always had the advantage. Arles taunts Mejojo’s skill, but Mejojo returns the taunt and tells him that the knights of the imperial guard are crying. Arles just sneers and informs him that it’d be boring if he died early. He wants to see Mejojo in despair, like the one he tasted 10 years ago. Mejojo snarls out that those are his words since he’s dreamt of this moment many times.

The two are even in their swordsmanship, but then Fiona realizes that as a wolf Arles will have the physical advantage and endurance. And as the battle goes on longer she starts to see Arles have the upper hand. Arles does too since he taunts Mejojo and asks him if he thinks he can kill him with that kind of skill. Mejojo snarls and throws all his weight into an attack, but that is a mistake since Arles parries it and then retaliates with a slice at Mejojo.

Instead of bringing his sword up though, Mejojo uses his other hand and makes a motion as if he were signaling something. Fiona’s scream is caught in her throat when she sees the arrows that impact into Arles’ back. Arles gasps, while Mejojo starts to laugh maniacally and he asks Arles if he thought he would be killed just by Mejojo’s hand. For himself, Mejojo doesn’t care if he has to borrow the strength of his rats. Fiona realizes too late that she hadn’t seen the CCK around Mejojo.

She thought they had been hiding in the castle, but now she realizes that they were hiding in the gardens. Their small size prevents them from being seen and with their bows they waited for Mejojo’s signal. Arles just chuckles and comments on how Mejojo is being as unfair as usual. Mejojo replies that he’s just using his head and that the winner is the one who survives. Arles’ sword which had nearly slit Mejojo’s neck has now been lowered to the ground to support his weight.

Mejojo admits that Arles is an irritating man, and if he could have, then he would have killed him with his own hand. But he’ll settle with using the help of his subordinates. Arles manages to defend himself against Mejojo’s attacks, but he can’t last very long with all those arrows sticking out his back and he starts to take hits from Mejojo. Finally, he collapses onto a knee in front of Mejojo, which makes Mejojo start cackling at how he finally made Arles kneel in front of him.

Arles asks him in pain if he’s satisfied now, to which Mejojo replies that he’s completely satisfied to have been able to defeat Arles. He spits out that in the past Arles had always looked down on him. Now he wants to hear how Arles feels kneeling in front of Mejojo. Arles just stands back up and starts laughing. Mejojo angrily asks him what’s so funny. Arles just chuckles and asks if Mejojo still doesn’t understand. When he was a knight he had never looked down on Mejojo.

Mejojo calls him a liar. He thinks that Arles had always looked down on him and thought himself to be better. Arles chuckles at how Mejojo has always lived in fear of his own malice. He tells Mejojo to listen well and that he had never looked down on him. In fact, he had respected him for a long time. Arles even attaches the title of King to Mejojo’s name. Mejojo is taken aback by the curse of a gentle and sincere voice. He had always had complex feelings towards Arles.

Could it have started when Elvira, his own fiancée, had chosen Arles over him? Or maybe it started when Arles became an excellent knight. But the truth is that Mejojo’s abhorrence to Arles grew and grew. It became the source of the wolf hunts and Zodiva and everything that is plaguing this country. That is why Arles is saying that it is Mejojo’s fault, because he never did anything to Mejojo. Everything is because of Mejojo’s self-destruction.

Arles remarks on how Mejojo hasn’t changed at all and so even if he dies and all the wolves are destroyed, Mejojo will never find peace. Mejojo starts to shout out 「うるさい……!!うるさいうるさいうるさいうるさいうるさい、黙れェエエエエエエエエ!!!」(Shut up..!! Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up, SHUT UPPPPP!!). He stabs Arles over and over again, but Arles doesn’t stop laughing 「は、ははははははは……!哀れだな、メヨーヨ・フォン・ガバルディ!」(Hahaha..! How pitiful you are, Mejojo von Garibaldi!). Arles is stabbed repeatedly while Mejojo yells at him to die.

But he just keeps laughing and laughing. Fiona is terrified at how horrible the conflict is and how Arles laugh is like a curse that will continue to wound Mejojo even after his death. But finally Arles falls to his knees and stops laughing while Mejojo is panting and covered in blood. Fiona wonders if Arles is dead now and Mejojo asks the same question. He goes to kick Arles body over, but it is at that moment that Arles rears up and strikes with a ferocious roar.

No one knows where that last remaining strength came from. He doesn’t have a sword either and is just slashing out with his claws. Mejojo panics and tries to bring the guard of his rapier up, but he doesn’t make it in time. Arles doesn’t miss and his claw tears through Mejojo’s left eye. Mejojo screams out in pain and curses Arles name 「目が……ッ、目がァアアアアアア!!!アルル、貴様ッ、貴様ァアアアアアアア!!」(My eye..MY EYEEEEE!! ARLES, YOU BASTARD.. YOU BASTAAARRRDDD!!). Arles last action is to laugh weakly at Mejojo. And there the king of wolves died; taking the left eye of Mejojo, his hateful enemy, along with him.

Fiona realizes that he must have did that on purpose. With his last strength, he could have torn out Mejojo’s throat but he chose not to. At the brink of death, he chose not to do something that the king of wolves would do, but the act of a man who wanted Mejojo to suffer the most torment. Whenever Mejojo sees himself he will see the wound on his face and the lack of an eye and remember Arles. He will hate and have abhorrence but there will be nothing to direct it towards.

Mejojo will continue to live with this indignation and abhorrence that will never disappear. That’s why Arles laughed in satisfaction and glee. But in the end, the spiral of hate deepens and doesn’t end. A knight asks Mejojo in panic if he’s alright, but Mejojo just snarls at him to shut up. Then he orders everyone to kill all the wolves. He doesn’t want a single one to live. He orders his subordinates even as the blood drips from his left eye and stains his white clothes bloody red.

The only noise in the garden is Mejojo screaming out 「狼を殺せ……殺せ殺せ殺せ殺せ殺せ殺せ!殺せ殺せ殺せ殺せ殺せ殺せ殺せェエエエ!狼は皆殺せえええええええええええええ!」(Kill the wolves.. kill kill kill KILL KILL KILL KILL KILLL!! KILL THEM ALLLLL!!). The subordinate flinches in fear but runs off to carry his orders. WOW, ARLES IS A BAMF. SERIOUSLY EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME JUST TO HEAR HIM AND THE OST. I AM LOVING HOW THIS ROUTE TURNED OUT THOUGH CRYING AT ARLES DEATH.

Meanwhile, back at the gates, Rath is pounding on them and trying to get them to open up. He’s the only one who was locked outside. He can smell blood from the castle but he can’t tell if it’s the knights or the wolves. Rath yells for his brother and asks Arles to reply, but there’s no answer. He tries to comfort himself about how Arles won’t lose and he won’t die. He tries to believe that even though he can hear a scream from inside the castle. He punches the gates, uncaring how his fists become bloody.

He even tries to bite at the gates. If he wasn’t injured then he could have leapt over the wall like Guillan and Arles, but he’s still injured and so the wall is too high for him. But then he hears footsteps and Guillan’s injured form appears on the other side of the gates. He greets Rath with false cheer and comments on how Rath seems to have been shown mercy. He drags himself closer to the gates and Rath can see how his foot has been torn to shreds, which is why Guillan can’t escape from inside the castle.

Rath asks him frantically what’s happening inside and where his brother is. Guillan replies that Arles died after taking Mejojo’s left eye. He knows that he also doesn’t have very long and neither do the wolves inside. That’s why he wants Rath to run away. He wants Rath to retreat to Zanan and run away with the wolves in there. Rath notices a knight coming up from behind Guillan warns him, but Guillan ignores the knight and tells Rath to listen carefully. He needs to run away and not let the wolves become eradicated.

Guillan is stabbed through the stomach, but he still clings onto the gates and tells Rath to run away. Rath just screams out that he doesn’t want to go and he wants Guillan to be with him. Guillan just huffs and tells Rath to live, which makes Rath gasp in shock because this is the first time Guillan has said his name. Before Guillan used to call him a newcomer. Rath ends up listening to Guillan’s last words and runs away without looking back. It is only after Rath disappears that Guillan finally allows himself to collapse.

As he lies there staring up at the sky he manages to gasp out 「アルルゥ……。あんたの弟は、逃がしてやった、ぜェ……?褒めて、くれっか……?」(Arles.. I got your brother to run away.. will you praise me..?). OH MY FUCKING GOD. ALL MY FEELS. He can see the faint image of Arles in the sky and finally he closes his eyes with a satisfied smile.

The beautiful castle of Weblin touched by the moonlight. Inside is a hell that is dyed with bright red blood. Bloody Nightmare. A blood-stained nightmare, is what the historians will end up calling this age. A gruesome war between the cats and wolves which involved the other races. But the threat of wolves in Weblin is no longer. It has been reported that there are no more wolves. They have been exterminated in Weblin. All the wolf corpses in the castle were burned without graves.

After that, the 7th head of the Garibaldi family, Mejojo von Garibaldi, announced that a medicine for Zodiva had been completed. Everyone in Weblin rejoiced. They no longer had to suffer the curse of the wolves. They no longer had to suffer from an epidemic. Because of this, great trust was given to Mejojo and under his rule Weblin once again became a rich and beautiful country.

Meanwhile, after that night of despair, Fiona becomes treasured by Mejojo. She is once again living in the house in the gardens and the CCK listen to her every request. The highest quality meals and clothes are prepared for her and anything she wants is granted. She is treated like a state guest. She wonders if he even really wants her. It’s strange how he could treat her so terribly and then value her as much as he does now. It feels like he wanted her so badly, and when he couldn’t he became desperate and violent.

Now that he has finally obtained her he treasures her. On that fateful night, the frenzy and instability that had haunted Mejojo disappeared as if it were a lie. It disappeared along with his left eye. One could say that it was as if a demon’s spirit finally left. As if he was finally liberated from his long years of abhorrence towards the wolves. She sure that some wolves still survive and that they haven’t all been wiped out. But to Mejojo the wolves have been destroyed.

Because he was finally able to defeat Arles, the wolf king, who he had held a grudge towards for a long time. And so Mejojo ended his wolf hunting though there are still some people who do. But even though he ordered his knights to search for the base of the wolves, there is no motivation in his voice. The only strange one isn’t Mejojo though. She also finds herself strange. During the invasion of the castle, Nesso and Zara were killed. Her precious people and family which can’t be replaced.

And yet, even though they were stolen from her, she accepts her current state. She had been taken out of the dungeons, out of the room she was confined in during the fight, and now she’s living in the gardens again. Fiona von Garibaldi. She is now the lawful wife of the Mejojo, the 7th king. Although he only comes to her when he wishes to, since he continues to live in the castle. When he’s tired after a long day of work, or it suddenly occurs to him in the afternoon, he’ll come and visit her.

Without love he embraces her while he sleeps. At first she was obstinate, because he was the enemy who stole her family from her. But she knew that she could resist through strength of the body. Instead, she just shows her dissatisfaction. When he talks to her, she doesn’t reply. When he orders her to reply, she replies indifferently. She only looks at him when she’s ordered to. She doesn’t even care if she’s returned to the dungeons. In fact, she thinks that she would rather be killed.

She’d like to follow the people who are already gone. But, surprisingly, she was never taken down to the dungeons and Mejojo waited patiently. He never became irritated at her stubbornness. He just behaved as he did a long time ago, before she learned his true nature. He returned to the gentle prince that she thought he was when he visited her at her tower. But she knows the truth of how frightening he is. How he can focus all his energy into destroying one race, trapped her family, and gets his way in the end.

To the people on the other side of his frenzy, there is nothing to feel but pure fear. He is distorted beyond repair. But.. now he is kind. She doesn’t know the reason why, because she can’t comprehend his feelings. Even a lifetime won’t help her in understanding the life Mejojo and Auger led in the castle that broke them. But right now he’s kind and to her who had experienced the tragedy of that fateful night it is enough. Fiona looks out the window and thinks about how the flowers will bloom soon.

The garden had regained its former appearance after the fateful night, though it is no longer being taken care of by the young man she used to know. Someone knocks on her door though and she almost calls out before she stops herself, because there is only one man who would visit her at this time. Mejojo asks if he can come in. Like a gentleman, he only enters when she gives her permission. Once again she thinks of how strange it is. His gentle attitude scares her.

Mejojo informs her that all his work has finally been settled and he wished to see her face. She asks him if it went well and he replies that the revival of villages is advancing well. They will see a lot of progress next spring. She praises him for working hard and he thanks her. It’s a calm conversation where they avoid trying to hurt each other. The current Mejojo is not afflicted by his frenzy any more and is more interested in the revival of Weblin than hunting down the remains of the wolves.

Fiona admits that he’s a good king and Auger is devotedly supporting him. Of course his reputation from the people has improved as well. He erased the wolves, cured Zodiva, and saved the country. The name Mejojo is known throughout the whole land as everyone settles down to rebuild. She can’t help but wonder if this is the real Mejojo von Garibaldi. A person who laughs calmly, behaves like a gentleman, and rules generously. But that’s why she’s scared that such a person could do such horrible things.

She can’t even say that he did it all for her, because of the story she heard from Arles. The woman Mejojo couldn’t obtain looks a lot like her and was stolen by a wolf. He calmed down only because he obtained her. She’s scared of the attachment he has towards her, which caused him to destroy a race and her family. He is only gentle to her because she isn’t running away from him. But she’s sure that if she tried, he would change and become filled with frenzy until he regained her through whatever means possible.

Fiona wonders if that level of devotion can be called love. Anyway, Mejojo invites her to drink some wine that Auger sent to them from the provinces. Apparently, Auger is out recording the damage done by the wolves with his own eyes. Fiona is impressed that a brother to a king would journey out like that, but Mejojo points out that Auger hates being cooped up in the castle. This reminds her of the fights she’s seen them get into, such as Mejojo complaining about Auger not finishing his paperwork.

And Auger replying that he hates paperwork which is why he left the throne to his brother. He enjoys gathering information and working behind the scenes like an assassin. She’s surprised by how they don’t conceal anything to her, but it’s probably because there’s no one left to rescue her and they have no more enemies. So there’s no reason for them to hide themselves. Anyway, Mejojo offers her a glass of red wine and she notes how beautiful it is, yet how poisonous it looks like blood.

Actually, she wouldn’t be surprised if it were actually poisoned. But she takes a sip of it anyway and compliments the taste, which she thought would be stronger since it’s such a dark color. Mejojo is glad that she likes it and he drains his glass in one gulp, sets it off to the side, and pulls her into him with an arm around her waist. Then with the other he raises her chin and slants his mouth over hers. He slides his tongue into her mouth and she can feel liquid dribbling in and taste grapes.

She starts to tremble and wonders why, since the glass she drank shouldn’t have gotten her drunk. But she feels drunk and the smell of the wine is strong. She’s feeling dizzy as Mejojo pulls her tighter into him, preventing her from running away. He releases her lips to whisper 「もっと飲ませてやろう……。もっと……。」(Let me drink more.. more..) before he resumes kissing her. The wine overflows from her mouth and slides down her neck to trace the scar on her shoulder. Mejojo follows the path it makes with his tongue.

His tongue runs along her sensitive neck many many times. Tracing the path the wine took even though it’s all gone. Fiona tries to protest weakly, but he just asks 「なんだ、感じてるのか?お前は本当に感じやすいな……。」(What, can you feel this? You really are sensitive..). She bites her lip, but he tells her 「抵抗しなくていいんだ。身を任ればいい……、私のものなのだから……。」(It’s fine if you don’t resist. Leave yourself to me.. after all, you’re mine..). She can see a glimmer of his hidden frenzy and so all she says is that it tickles.

And so he returns his mouth to hers. At last, when it becomes painful due to their lack of air, he releases her lips to look at her. Then he asks cheekily if it was delicious. Fiona is exasperated since she can’t taste the wine with this way of drinking. Then she tries to twist her way out of his arms, but he grabs her and throws her onto the nearby bed. She calls out his name quietly and questioningly, but he just replies 「フィオナ、お前は私のものだ。……私だけの。」(Fiona, you’re mine.. Mine only).

He sets the wine glasses and bottle on the bedside table before he pins her down to persuade her. Fiona opens her mouth to speak, but she hesitates. Not because she has any reservations about becoming his, but because she fears what might happen to her if she’s rejected. This is the frightening man who destroyed the wolves from this country. And she’s sure that it’ll be terrifyingly sweet to be his.

Mejojo asks her to bear his child and create a beautiful new Weblin together with him. Her eyes widen as he whispers them in her ear sweetly.. tenderly. These sweet words deprive her of any resistance. She starts to tremble from fear and sweet temptation and once again he murmurs 「フィオナ……。お前は、私だけのものだ。私だけの……。」(Fiona.. You’re mine and mine only. Mine..). She doesn’t know what to call this devotion. Maybe it’s love? She knows that this devotion and attachment can turn into pain.

He mutters hoarsely 「………私だけのものだ。私だけの……。」(.. Mine.. Mine only..). She can do nothing but accept him as he covers her with his heat. He has never said any words of love to her. Not even once. She wonders in her mind where his devotion is coming from, but he doesn’t answer her. And she’s sure that he won’t. Mejojo just whispers 「……やっと、手に入れたんだ。」(.. I’ve finally.. obtained you).

The pupil in his eye constricts into a slit and she can see her reflection in it. He whispers 「これで永遠に……。」(From now to eternity..). His voice is low and filled with satisfaction. And she can see her reflection in his eyes smiling in satisfaction as well. It ends with 「永遠に……私のものだ。」(You are.. mine eternally). In that pupil, she can see something pure and beautiful. And then it went mad. NO SERIOUSLY. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE LAST WORDS EITHER.


*** BAD END ***

Everything is the same up to the monologue about how Weblin became a rich and beautiful country under Mejojo’s rule. The scene starts in Mejojo’s study where he’s panting harshly with Fiona silently beside him. After that fateful night, all of Mejojo’s enemies were defeated in one fell swoop. Arles has finally been killed by his own hand. Nesso and Zara are also dead. Just thinking about it makes Fiona’s heart hurt. Her mind if full of nothing but what ifs. If she hadn’t returned to the castle..

She, who had lost everyone important to her and became empty and full of sadness and hatred, was unexpectedly saved by Mejojo. She wraps a bandage over and over again around Mejojo’s head while he pants in bed. After that night when Arles gave Mejojo a deep scar in his left eye, Mejojo’s health rapidly deteriorated. According to the doctors there was some kind of toxin or infection that spread rapidly from that wound.

Fiona murmurs his name quietly. He’s the person who stole away everyone from her. She hates him. She hates him enough to kill him. He has to know that and yet he wants no one beside him but her. As the king he can have anyone he wants to be beside him, but he asked for no one else but her. Fiona can’t help but realize the significance in how he doesn’t want anyone to see him in such a weakened state and yet he’s showing her. Her eyes drop to her hand which he’s gripping onto tightly.

It’s as if he were a child with a fever. When did it happen that they could rely on no one but each other? She can no longer think about killing him. Mejojo gasps out her name as if he were in the throes of a nightmare and she quickly comforts him and reassures him that she’s here. Mejojo tries to search for her warmth because his eyesight deteriorated after he lost his eye. As he grips her hand she squeezes back. She doesn’t even understand herself and why she’s being so nice to someone who deprived her of her family.

Mejojo pants out 「私には……、おまえ、だけだ……。フィオナ……、おまえは、私の……、そばに……。」(You’re.. the only one.. for me. Fiona.. stay.. by my.. side..). Fiona reassures him that she’s here, all the while wondering why she’s being so kind. But Mejojo’s state worsens day by day. At the beginning, he used to issue instructions from his bed but now everything is left to Auger. As she listens to him breathe weakly she finally understands. She has no one left but Mejojo.

Up until now she was protected by her family and needed. But now that her family is no longer here, the only person who needs her is Mejojo. Only he requests for her presence greedily. She realizes that everything that happened is because Mejojo wanted her. Mejojo deprived her of everything just to have her beside him. She wonders what he thinks now that he’s obtained what he’s always longed for.

He murmurs weakly 「フィオナ……。お前は、私の、もの、だ……。」(Fiona.. you’re.. mine..). He keeps repeating that until his voice grows hoarse. It’s a declaration that doesn’t want an answer. He doesn’t think about why he wants her. He just wants her. What she wants isn’t asked and she wonders why she finds that sad. It’s a one-sided request. A one-sided request that doesn’t want an answer. Such a one-sided request is painful, which is why she answers.

Fiona reassures him that she’s his and his eye widens in surprise. Somehow she’s satisfied to see how surprised he is. She repeats that she’s his and then wonders why a tear is falling down her face. And so, she became Mejojo’s wife until death. The wife of the 7th head of the Garibaldi.

And then, before the wedding can occur, Mejojo dies. Her care for him was ineffective because his health suddenly changed for the worse and deteriorated abruptly. Once again she’s become alone. What did he need? There is no one in the world for her anymore. Nothing is left. She has really become empty. She doesn’t even have any standing as the queen of Weblin, because Auger has all the power as king. The only truth she has is that in the past she was Mejojo’s wife.

She hears the sound of footsteps as she stands in Mejojo’s empty room and then Auger appears. Since he’s a twin he looks a lot like Mejojo when he doesn’t speak, but Fiona realizes that he isn’t Mejojo. Auger asks her curiously what she’s doing here since she’s free now that his brother is gone. She doesn’t want him to say that word; that word that she had yearned for for so long in the past. Somehow that empty word is scarier than anything.

Auger informs her that the only person who wanted her was his brother. He reassures her that he has no interest in her. Something in her mind breaks at those words and she shuts her eyes. But he continues to tell her that she’s free and he doesn’t care what she does, because she’s unrelated to him. Her mind shatters some more because if he doesn’t care what she does and if she’s unrelated to him then why did Nesso and Zara have to die. Why did they have to go to such lengths to obtain her?

Suddenly, she starts to smile which makes Auger look at her strangely but she just walks out. She’s the queen of Weblin and Mejojo von Garibaldi’s wife. A rich life is promised to her in the castle. Yet there is no one here. No one needs her. No one will look at her. No one wants her by their side. She mutters out loud and asks where Mejojo is. She reminds him that she’s his so why was he so cruel as to leave her alone? It’s cruel that he took everything away from her and then disappeared himself.

She wanders the castle aimlessly and ends up in a room. Looking up at the blue sky she’s reminded of a nickname that she used to have. The Beautiful Princess of the Bird Cage. If she was a bird. If she had wings. If she was free. Fiona giggles childishly and opens the window. There she can see the green expanse of Weblin waiting for her. Somewhere far away she can hear someone calling her. Is it her father? Nesso? Zara? Pearl? Richie? No, it’s the prince who needs her the most.

Fiona hears Mejojo tell her that she’s his and she smiles as she replies that she’s going to him right now. She climbs up onto the window and then steps out. Her last words are 「ーーさあ、行こう。私は自由なのだから。」(Now, let’s go. Because I am free). UMM, OKAY THAT WAS A CREEPILY WEIRD ENDING. KIND OF INTERESTING. ALSO, IF YOU CLICK ON MEJOJO’S CG HE ACTUALLY TELLS FIONA THAT HE LOVES HER.

83 thoughts on “BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Mejojo von Garibaldi ~

    Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
    April 3, 2017 at 22:57

    Seriously, thank you. Thank you so much for this. Japanese is difficult enough and this game in particular is hard to comprehend. Enjoyed Mejojo despite his cray cray.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 9, 2017 at 00:43

      OH GOSH, congratulations on wading through this enormous post LMAO. Putting the BtF ones aside, I think this might be my second longest post because BWS had so many exposition parts (I’m never going to get over hearing about Zodiva for the nth time) but <33 I'm glad you were able to play this game. It's still one of my favorites even to this day 5 years later.

      Mejojo is a "I love you but I hate you but I love you but I hate you" kinda guy. You can see where everything just fell apart for him sOBS but he has such cute and sweet moments too. If you're going to keep playing I can't wait for your reaction to Auger, haha.

        Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
        April 9, 2017 at 08:38

        Haha no way! And agreed. It’s a long game. But I cannot express how grateful I am.

    Chono Yagami (@ChonoYagami) said:
    May 24, 2016 at 11:11

    Dear llinox, can i have your permission to translate your work into Vietnamese? I will of course credit your links, thank you so much ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      May 25, 2016 at 13:50

      Yes, of course! Thank you for dropping by and asking :)! Good luck on your translation and if you have any questions about anything that I wrote then please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Yellow Apple said:
    August 11, 2014 at 15:36

    Hi,there!My mind is a mess right now so…I don’t know where to start from.Oh,I know!How is it possible that you found such an incredible otome game?I’ve been looking for one like this for ages.I mean,there is blood,violence,HOT GUYS,sadism and a bit of twisted romance.Less romance and more sadism~

    This game is actually better than Dialovers according to my opinion.
    I’ll probably play this too but I haven’t finished Drammatical Murder yet. (I just hate leaving things unfinished v.v)
    Otome games break me and that’s what makes me want them more.It’s a weird feeling…seeking the pain and the trauma that it causes to me.And this game broke me already.

    The plot is veeeeeeery good with that conflict and game of thrones shit.It’s something new to me.Then,all of that thing about humans,wolves and cats *mindblown*

    But the best thing are the characters,their sad memories and their mental disorders.I can’t help but love to dig deeper to find the reasons that brought them here.This an obsession of mine that bothers a lot of people around me LMAO x’)

    Sadism all the way~ My feelings towards Mejocchi (That’s how I call Mejojo in my mind T.T) and Auger are very complex.No matter how weird it sounds I fancy their sadism and pity their past.Leaving aside everything, their relationship is very special.
    Then,we’ve got Julian.Damn him…he completely deceived me.When he showed himself,I was glad that there was a person that had been able to preserve his sanity.Just why,WHY did he have to disappoint me?It makes me want to curl up and die.
    Nesso seems weird to me as well and it’s not because he loves his own sister.I have my own suspicions about him.He gives off the same aura as Toma does; sugar-coating his words & acting so nice and overprotective.Hopefully,my assumptions turn out wrong.
    Since I mentioned all this characters,I might as well say a few words about the others.The wolves are so cute but yet I wouldn’t like to get involved with them unless it was Arles ^_^’.And I don’t dislike the heroine but I’ve got to say that I didn’t expect her to break so easily.I would have liked it better if she had put up a decent fight.The only ones left are the playboy bunny butler and the cute doggies.All I can say about them is: CUTENESS OVERLOAD XD

    God,I just love your writing style and your comments always make me feel better after some wicked scenarios going on.Keep up the good work!I always enjoy not only reading your reviews but also commenting on them so I get the chance to talk to you. :)
    I hope you finish Shuu’s route soon.There are more feelings in his route and he totally shattered my heart.Anyway,it’s only the opinion of an overly sensitive person.

    Sadly,I’m putting an end to this although I would like to write down some more. Good luck with your current review and best wishes. :)) <3

      Ilinox responded:
      August 14, 2014 at 01:31

      Hello there! I think it was somewhat luck that Rejet was creating such a fantastic game that hit all of my biases and attracted my attention. Civil war? Check. Men with animal traits? Check. Superb art? Check. Fantastic seiyuu? Check. I had a good feeling about this game when it was being promoted, especially from the trailer, and I’m glad I wasn’t let down.

      I think I may prefer this game over Diabolik Lovers too, mainly because the world feels more explored and we get to see character interactions. Seriously, the relationship between Mejojo and Arles… ugh… lay me down in a bed of roses.

      WE DON’T TALK ABOUT MEJOJO HERE. I think I will always experience this hole in my chest when I think about that cat prince. He is such a tragic character and there are so many issues surrounding him that you just want to hug him but at the same time stay very far away.

      Fiona does come off a bit naive at times. I will never understand that choice of returning to the castle and then having her just stand up in front of Mejojo and try to tell him that he’s wrong ;;; that was certainly not how I imagined that choice playing out. I thought she would have become his wife and tried to influence him from the shadows or something…

      Aww, thank you so much for your words and comment! I’m always happy to respond to comments whenever and wherever on my blog so feel free to take your time in reading any of my summaries or playing through these games.

      Haha! I’m slowly making my way through Shu’s route, don’t you worry. Thank you again for your comment!

    cealhq said:
    June 11, 2013 at 08:53

    One more lil question, when you get the twin ends (good and bad) can you still go to either of the twins good or bad end?

    Cause I can’t seem to get that after I unlocked the twin end

      Ilinox responded:
      June 12, 2013 at 17:05

      Hmm, I think you should be able to so long as you still have the original requirements of filling in their affection bars and choosing the right options to get Mejojo or Auger’s Good/Bad End? I’ve never tried after I got the twin end since I just went onto the other characters so ;;;

        cealhq said:
        June 13, 2013 at 13:39

        I tried that but it keeps on giving me the twin good end….
        For Auger you can go to his bad and good end after unlocking the twin end, but for Mejojo I just can’t seem to get it…

    cealhq said:
    June 7, 2013 at 06:59

    How did you got the bad end? Also I saw a CG somewhere on the net where Fiona is laying in bed with Mejojo, only Mejojo is sleeping (like after they did it, kind of CG)

      Ilinox responded:
      June 8, 2013 at 01:46

      BWS is weird in that not filling up Mejojo’s affection to the max and then looking for Auger makes you go to Auger’s bad end… so to get Mejojo’s bad end you have to fill in Auger but then look at Mejojo at the end I believe. Either that or just try not to fill in Mejojo’s affection to the max ;;;;

      Ah, the CG you’re referring to is the one that’s in the Twin Ends. I made a separate post for that.

        cealhq said:
        June 10, 2013 at 04:25


    Carl Brock said:
    July 5, 2012 at 07:31

    The twins cats mom must have been pretty messed in the head I mean it’s one thing to committed suicide but ask your sons to take part…*sigh* oh I see why some of twin cat crazy come if killed my mom and didn’t now I would have broke right then and there but the rope around the bookcase was kind of a give that something was going to I thought Mejojo would think it something was off but no he want with the flow and thought as a game and he a teenager to at that wouldn’t they be little tried of games at games at that age…but i guess thought helping mom was more important but end up getting her killed though…but that was in the past nothing you can do to change what happened so yeah.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 5, 2012 at 19:09

      My guilty confession: I absolutely loved that scene! Mejojo and Auger jumping at the thought of helping their mother and playing with her shows how much they utterly adore her. I’d say that at that point they were still largely redeemable and innocent.

      I felt like his descent started from the death of his mother and then losing Elvira and accidentally killing her. There was this whole metaphorical and symbolical description about the flickering light in his chest extinguishing when his father didn’t prove that he was on Mejojo’s side.

      That was definitely when his mind just totally broke and the game does a brilliant job of showing the amount of trauma that Mejojo has from his mother’s death by bringing up the sound of rope around his mother’s neck in moments like when he’s torturing Rath or killing his father.

      I think it’d be a hard thing psychologically for anyone to think about their mother committing suicide, so I don’t think it was that suspicious ;; I actually thought she wanted them to move the bookshelf too.. it was only when she didn’t answer them that I was like “OH SHIT”.

    harunafuu said:
    July 4, 2012 at 04:27

    Mejojo a cruel and hatred-driven king, but very nice and caring husband and a good and devoted ruler, when his hatred is gone… He sure was possessive, but at least he harboured feelings like hate and perhaps love? (Yeah, I’m looking at you, AUGER!!!)

    In the good end he was like another person, when his enemies were wiped out, but Fiono couldn’t trust him. The only feelings she had for him were fear. Fear of his previously violent behaviour, so she decided to not oppose and resist him. I can’t really see why this should be a good end… He’s nice and not violent, but Fiona is merely acting as a doll to satisfy him…

    I liked the bad ending better for various reasons. Fiona was broken and clinging to Mejojo, the only person who needed her, but he died due to his wound. When he died, Fiona lost her purpose in life and decided to end her cruel life and maybe hoped to meet Mejojo in after life again… It was sad, but not depressing and in my opinion the best ending of all endings I’ve read before…
    This ending let Mejojo appear more human-like. He was weak and yearned for Fiona’s attention/love, it made me feel sympathy for him.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 4, 2012 at 17:08

      I’m probably endlessly biased towards Sakurai Takahiro’s voice, but I definitely see Mejojo as a tragic character. His past doesn’t excuse his current actions since he could have chosen to be the better person and not go on a genocide, but I can definitely see how he felt like he was pushed to that point.

      I swear he’s a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of persecution, since we don’t know if people were really going to revolt under Arles’ name… It kind of makes me interested in whether Mejojo can be trusted as a narrator or not, since we saw his version of the past with Elvira but Arles tells a slightly different story.

      I can actually see how this is considered a good ending, because I don’t think Fiona is acting as a doll. The keywords in her monologue is that she finds him acting kind to her more than enough after experiencing this endless loop of rage and destruction that comes with war. I think I mentioned this sort of in my previous comments here, but I think it’s sort of a lesser version of Stockholm Syndrome. She knows exactly how cruel and vicious he can be, but he’s settled now and is treating her as nicely as he did in the past and for her that’s more than enough. I guess she doesn’t want to die and is content to be with this kind Mejojo.

      The bad ending is one of my favorites too actually since if we’re going for depressing endings then we might as well go full out xDD;; I just find it so sad though that only in this ending he tells her he loves her and that’s while he’s delusional or half out of his mind from the injury. You stole the words right out of my mouth ww human-like Mejojo makes me feel so sad.

        harunafuu said:
        July 4, 2012 at 23:32

        Hahaha… I see, so I met another victim of Sakurai Takahiro’s voice. :D
        But yeah, Mejojo is definetely a tragic character. As you said, his past doesn’t excuse his actions, but one can understand why he was walking a wrong path…

        Well, I think that Mejojo IS schizophrenic, since he can be a violent and cruel but also a gentle and kind person… When he snapped the dark side of him would come out, while the good side is sleeping inside. At least it would be a reason why his temper changed 180° in the good ending.

        I think that Mejojo at first only saw Elvira or a replacement for her in Fiona, but I guess that changed over the time… and he really came to love her, even though he couldn’t express his feelings… I don’t think that it’s JUST obsession about “obtaining” someone… Or at least I hope so.

        What I hope is, that Fiona will someday come to genuinely love Mejojo in the good ending otherwise it’s like she’s forcing to be happy and content with what she was left alive… But I wonder if she can ever forgive Mejojo for killing her important family….

        Ilinox responded:
        July 5, 2012 at 18:30

        I think you’re mistaking multiple personality disorder with schizophrenia which is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of mental and emotional thought processes (Wow, the wikipedia definition fits Mejojo to a tee xD!). Sorry, it’s just that I’m a Psychology major and so I’ve had this distinction grinded into my head (・ω\).

        Strangely enough, what I love best about Mejojo is how undefined his love or obsession is for Fiona. I like that we, as the readers, don’t ever know what’s in his mind. I don’t think we can take Auger and Arles’ words as the truth since they wouldn’t know what is going on in Mejojo’s mind.

        Auger thought Mejojo’s obsession with Elvira and then later on with Fiona was his pride. He was pissed at having his fiancee stolen away from him and was using Fiona as a replacement. Arles seemed to think that Mejojo actually felt something for Elvira, either possessiveness or something. I don’t think we can trust even Mejojo himself since he doesn’t seem to understand his own feelings, which is exemplified in his bad ending where he doesn’t even know why he wants Fiona. He just does.

        TLDR; I agree that he must have come to feel something for her other than as a replacement. Whether that’s love or not is another story..

        You know? I’m kind of okay with Fiona just ending up feeling “content” with this kind version of Mejojo. Who says a marriage needs to end in love? Well, okay, this is an otome game but I find it more plausible that while she can’t forgive him for killing her precious family she also still wants to live and can just sort of attribute those acts of his to the violent version of him and just accept this kinder version.

        I’m almost tempted to find all the games Sakurai has been in and play them, but I like stories better than the guys and sometimes you can have too much of a good thing ww I like hearing new guys!

        harunafuu said:
        July 19, 2012 at 01:21

        Hmm…, you’re right, I totally mistook multiple personality disorder with schizophrenia… Well, I’m no psychologist so, thanks for your explanation. :)

        Things you don’t know, are the most interesting things? Dunno, I think it’s curiosity, that draws us fangirls into Mejojo’s fanclub?! xD

        Yeah, I guess I can live with an ending, where Fiona doesn’t falls for Mejojo, I mean, he did to many horrible things to her beloved family… There’s no way, that she could ever forgive him. At least I think she is not able to forgive him…

        Oh, Sakurai Takahiro is featured in “Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable”, where he voices the hot prince of “the little Mermaid” with dummyhead mic!! But I can’t deny, that some new CV’s can be very refreshing and sound unexpectingly good. :D

    Carl Brock said:
    July 1, 2012 at 16:34

    *wines* not the answer I wanted to hear… but if that’s the case then I’m skipping the parts where the wolfs get tortured or killed because seeing that once was bad enough but not twice i will cry if i see that them treated like that that again. I’m saying this because a good nature person and when i see the characters i like tortured like Rath was i was in tries begging Mejojo to stop and when Ales and Guillan were killed i’m going have to nightmares about that for a while because of that and happy that Rath got away safe but… don’t even want to think what Auger will do to the poor wolfs. The wolfs better have good endings after going through all that crap. When you get to the wolf endings do Ales first but maybe it’s better to do Guillan first because he likes killing people he’ll never hurt Fiona he’s a hell lot than the twin cats i say that much give any of the wolfs over the twin cats. Good luck on Auger I’ll be bracing for worst when you finish his route. I like otome games and all but…hehe…will I guess that why they call it bloody nightmare right… will at least Mejojo ending wasn’t so bad so maybe Auger ending will be okay to right… aha hum will good luck on Auger route. He’ll crazier than Mejojo is then your going to need all the luck you can get. So yeah looking forward Auger route aha… will bye.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 1, 2012 at 15:49

    GAAH! DAMMIT! Don’t make sense sorry like I it’s a habit i’m trying to break but as you see not going so will. *sigh* oh will good luck on Auger route your going to need it. I feel Fiona being tortured before being loved by the twin brothers is kind of sad.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 1, 2012 at 15:42

    Gaah…*sigh* if some of my words don’t make sorry it’s a habit i’m trying to so far no luck but like said good luck on Auger’s route sense he’ll just as crazy as his brother maybe even more your going to need all the luck you can get.

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