Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Shu ~

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Sakamaki Shu (逆巻 シュウ)
CV: Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海 浩輔)

(So.. it’s been a really long journey. Can you believe that it’s been 6 months since I’ve worked on these translations since only one came out every month? When I write it down like this it makes me feel kind of amazed at how quickly the time passed. Sorry for how long it took to get this one out. Life can be blamed as usual.

Anyway, Shu is an interesting character by himself. However in this CD, because of his apathetic nature, Rejet made Yui a super creepy heroine. HOLY CRAP. All of my sympathy for her is gone because of how much she harassed Shu here. At any rate, I felt like I did a good job on this translation and there isn’t much to note since Shu talks normally. Also, I have no idea if I’m going to translate the Versus series, but I have a long time to think about it (・ω\).)

You’re walking home but it soon starts to rain and then you see Shu leisurely walking home.

[00:14]Shu: Hm?.. Ah.. I thought that girl looked familiar, but it turns out to be just you… See you.

*you grab him*

[00:27]S: *grumbles* What?.. Right now the music is at a good part. Listen. *lets you listen to it* Understand now? Don’t get in my way. Later.

*you grab him again*

[00:45]S: *annoyed* What?! I don’t have any business with you and if you have business with me I won’t listen to it anyway. You’re annoying, so hurry up and disappear. *sighs* You won’t listen even when it’s spelled out for you? How tiresome.. What do you want? Even if you have business with me it won’t be anything important, am I right?

[01:14]S: My umbrella?.. *sighs* Can’t you tell just by looking? If I had one then I would already be using it. Are you an idiot? And? If I said I had one, were you intending on walking home together? *scoffs* You haven’t noticed it yet how that would never happen? If you want to bring out an umbrella to walk home together, I would rather walk home wet.

[01:41]S: In other words, if I had an umbrella, which would be nice, it wouldn’t change the fact that you’d be walking home wet.. *annoyed* If you understand then let go of my arm.. *sighs* In the end Brahms was spoiled and I missed my favorite musical measure.

[02:00]S: Eh? Let’s take shelter from the rain? *annoyed* Who cares about that.. since we’re already soaked. And instead of idling around outside, returning home to sleep would be much better. Moreover, I don’t want to spend any more time having a useless conversation with you. There’s nothing more to be said.

[02:27]Goes on to complain about how the level of your topics (how interesting they are) is too low for him. It’d be as boring as talking to an elementary school student.

[02:40]S: Ugh, enough already. Hurry up and let go of me.. you’re persistent! *throws you off* Ahh.. throwing you off like that has gotten me needlessly drenched. Ugh, whatever. Later. You can find yourself a useless shelter before returning home, bye-bye. Don’t bother me anymore.

*starts to rain louder/harder*

[03:06]S: Uwah, cold. What’s with this rain.. making it bothersome to walk in. Hm? Hah? Did it break? *annoyed* Ah! Can you hear this in the earphone? *broken music plays*

[03:40]S: Hm? You can’t hear it? Hmm.. then it isn’t because it’s too far away from my ears. This is the worst. I liked these too.. what are you going to do about it? My earphones broke because you stopped me in the rain to talk about worthless things. That’s why it’s your fault. This is really irritating.

[04:11]S: What? Are you actually going to cry? *sighs* Honestly, you.. I hate tiresome people. I said this before, but women who don’t let go and cry are the most bothersome. “Let’s find a shelter together”? You’re still saying that? You and I are already dripping wet. Why can’t you understand that there is no meaning in finding a shelter from the rain at this point?

[04:48]S: Hah? “Then we should run home”? Heh.. then you should just run home by yourself. Don’t involve me. Running wouldn’t change the fact that I’m soaked already, therefore I’d rather take it easy. If you want to run, then run alone. Leave me alone.

[05:14]S: You’re really annoying.

*he tries to walk off but you grab him*

S: You heard me didn’t you? Let me go. I told you I don’t want to run! Oi! *struggling* *annoyed* You’re.. REALLY annoying. I’m starting to hate YOU..

*shoves you to the ground*

[05:42]Mutters about how irritating you are. You even made him go out of his way to push you into a water puddle. Asks if your underwear is soaked. Then he tells you not to bother standing. It suits you to be lying on the ground like that. Tells you to look at yourself.

[06:06]S: Hm? What is it? Oh, my foot? It’s stepping on your hand, but what about it? Heh.. Do you want me to step harder? Like this? *presses down with his foot*

[06:26]S: Ahaha.. does it hurt? Ah, I see. But it’s your fault my earphones broke, so you should be able to bear this. Besides, you irritated me with your pestering.

[06:40]S: Ahh~.. it would have been better if I had Ayato’s spiked shoes. As I thought, leather shoes aren’t that great at stepping on someone. Heh, but if it’s you, you’d cry at this level of pain anyway, right?! *grinds your hand*

[07:00]S: Ah.. it’s raining harder now. Ah, that’s right, this isn’t the place or time to be doing this. It’ll be bothersome if my earphones and player broke further.

Contemplates out loud how that might be better in dealing with you, since then you would have to accept punishment and apologize for your pestering.

[07:28]S: Well.. since it’s troublesome, I won’t do anything. Ah, but that’s right.. my little brothers did say that they like to torment you to death whenever they want. Maybe I’ll try that, when I’m in the mood. They’re quite attached to you, but I would just fall asleep.

[07:52]S: *yawns* Just talking about sleeping makes me sleepy. Maybe it’s time to go home. Well then, this time it’s bye-bye. When you return home, make sure you properly wipe off the corridor. I’m sure you don’t want to hear Reiji’s long lectures, right? I’m not going to wipe it, so you do it.

[08:25]He sighs and grumbles under his breath about how he thought his cardigan would shed water, because he’s too lazy to change when he gets home. In fact he’s so sleepy he wants to find an appropriate place to sleep. Contemplates the park bench but decides it’s too far. So then he thinks about sleeping on the side of the road.

*you get up and run after him* *grab him and pull him into a run*

[08:55]S: Ah!? What’s wrong with you?! I told you to let me go, so why are you pulling me and running?! Don’t you ever learn!? *tries to struggle* Dammit!

*rain gets really loud*

*door opens/closes*

[09:33]S: I absolutely don’t understand you. Why did we have to run with all our power? Didn’t you hear that I was feeling lazy? Ah? If I fall asleep on the side of the road I’ll catch a cold and that’d be the worst situation?

[09:51]S: Heh.. it’s not worth worrying about.. you care too much about unnecessary things. What’s with you? What are you pretending to be?

It’s none of your business if he decides to sleep beside a road. You don’t have any investment or history with him and so your nagging and pestering is an eyesore and he wants you to disappear.

[10:18]S: Ugh, I’m so tired. I really hate running. Tired.. Ahh.. geez.. What? Why do you look like you’re going to cry? Stop it, it’s tedious.

[10:42]S: *sighs* Whatever, I’m done. You’re so troublesome. You’re in my way, move. I’m going to my room. *yawns* I’m really sleepy.. I guess I’ll take a nap.

*you follow after and grab him*

[11:01]S: What? Why are you still following me? I just want you to be reasonable and leave me alone.

You tell him that you’re going to make sure he changes. He expresses his surprise and amusement at you being that type of woman. Then he asks if Laito did the same to you before. Remarks on how Laito could teach you how to do it.

[11:27]S: Hm? I’m wrong? *annoyed* Then what is it? You’re worried about me falling asleep in these clothes.. Ah, I see. Your deductions are good, since I did plan on sleeping like this. Because it’s bothersome to change. So, what about it?

*he opens his door, walks in, and closes it*

[11:56]S: *yawns* I think I’m at my limit. Sleepy.. *collapses on bed* Ahh~.. this bed is the best. I don’t want to do anything. How long do you plan on staying by my side? I’m sleeping now so hurry up and leave. Why are you being so silent? You’re annoying when you talk, but you’re also annoying when you’re silent like that. You’re distracting just by being there.

[12:35]You tell him to change, but he tells you that he’s fine and you’re being bothersome. Tells you that it’s relaxing to just sleep in your clothes like this. He thinks you should try sleeping in your clothes because you might find it surprisingly nice. Tells you to try it out.

[12:52]S: It wouldn’t be so bad if my body became too cold like this and I died. *sleepily* After all it’ll be a peaceful death.

*you jump onto the bed* *he grunts at your weight*

[13:06]S: What? I’d like it if you didn’t just jump on me whenever you wanted. It’s annoying to feel my wet clothes shift… Heh.. It’s not like I want to die or anything. It was just a saying about how if things happen then they happen. What’s with that? Trying to use your teary eyes.. you’re REALLY annoying.

[13:35]S: Do you want to die that badly?.. If you want something to cry about then I can give you one. How about we find out how much strength is required to break this white neck in front of me. Do you have an answer?

*starts to strangle you*

[14:02]S: *chuckles* Your neck is really thin, isn’t it? It’s easy to be strangled.. ahaha.. Is it painful? Can you still breathe? How is it? Looks like you aren’t going to die yet? Hmm? It looks like it’s painful. I wonder what you’re feeling. Is it pain or something else? Hmm..

[14:34]S: I can’t understand since I’ve never been strangled. *struggling noises* *annoyed* Why are you struggling so much? Do you want to leave? Are you thinking that I should let you live? You’re resisting this situation after all.. you’re only going to get tired by resisting.

[15:06]S: *sighs* I’m tired too.. It’s really tiring trying to strangle someone’s neck.. Hm? Change? I already told you I won’t die.. If you’re that concerned then you can change me. I’m going to sleep.. so goodnight.

*he yawns* *you walk away to open his closet*

[15:58]S: *annoyed* What is it?! You’re noisy, can’t you be quiet? What are you trying to do and why are you grabbing my clothes as if you had a right to? Could it be that you’re actually serious about changing me?

[16:18]S: Hmm.. you’re serious, hehe.. You’re such a meddlesome person. Well, do whatever you want. You want to strip me right? First you’re going to take off my cardigan.. and then? You have to unbutton my shirt too, don’t you?

*you start unbuttoning it*

[16:45]S: Heh. What’s wrong? Your hands are trembling.. It can’t be that you’re embarrassed, right? You can’t be so naïve if you’re going after what you want like this and stripping a man of his shirt, wouldn’t you agree?

[17:05]S: You’re acting as if it’s natural for you to do this. I don’t care, but a woman who doesn’t mind unbuckling a man’s belt.. gives off a sluttish feeling.. What’s wrong? Your hands stopped. You were going to change me, weren’t you? Now I’m cold for no reason.

[17:33]S: Heh, could it be.. that you’re actually embarrassed? *you try to leave but he grabs you* Where do you think you’re going? Are you going to run away after stripping a person’s clothes? My body will get cold immediately now that I’m half-naked.. How am I supposed to sleep like this? You should take responsibility.

[17:57]S: “How should I”? Heh.. you don’t even know that much? Body heat is the best way to warm up someone who’s cold. Strip yourself and come over here. After stripping someone, you can’t say you won’t strip yourself, right? Come on, hurry up. I told you to strip, didn’t I?

[18:24]S: Hm? Why is your face completely red after taking off just your ribbon? I don’t need that kind of performance. A woman who becomes embarrased or shy is annoying and really disinterests me.

[18:40]He doesn’t want you to approach him if this isn’t a performance and you really are someone who gets embarrassed at things like this. His disposition makes him dislike people who are all talk but no action.

*you start to strip*

[18:54]S: Heh.. are you starting to strip to indicate how you wish to stay by my side?.. Hmm.. well, whatever. Let’s see how far you are willing to go. Come on, warm me up. Come embrace me of your own accord. I’m cold so hurry up.

[19:23]Talks about how you’re not that warm. And, even though you’ve stripped most of your clothes off, your hair is wet and cold. You’re hugging him too weakly too. He asks if this is because you aren’t used to this situation. Then he tells you that he already mentioned how he finds it annoying (embarrassed and inexperienced women).

[19:44]S: Also, since you have no breasts the balance isn’t that bad. SINCE you have no breasts. What I like the best is your.. legs and the line of your lower back. Half of your body is unattractive to men.

[20:08]S: What are you hiding your legs for? We’re wrapped around each other anyway, so you might as well let everything show. *sighs* At any rate, take off your skirt. It’s cold because it’s soaked and it’s in the way.

[20:26]S: Wah, why did you pull up the blanket? I didn’t tell you to hide, I told you to show everything. Oi!.. *sighs* How tiresome. You’re a stubborn one, but if you want the blanket that much then fine.. but.. while you’re wrapped up in the blanket you won’t be able to do anything with your feet or hands.

*he lies on you*

[21:02]S: Heh, I bet you didn’t think that I would just lie on top of you? I was going to do anything.. but it seems interesting to do something you don’t want. It’s nothing but interesting to be lying on top of a woman who has no sex appeal and is all wrapped up.

[21:25]S: Anyway, it’s cold. Now that you’ve taken my clothes and my blanket, I might actually get sick. My fingers feel like ice. It’s so cold it hurts. It’s your fault, don’t you think so? Hurry up and treat it, come on.

[21:48]S: What should you do? Are you asking a brainless question again? If you can’t use your hands or feet, you still have a mouth. Use your mouth to lick and warm up my fingers. Come on and open your mouth.

[22:07]S: How many fingers can fit in there? Just one? Heh.. unlikely.. we’ll just have to find out how many you can take.

*shoves fingers into your mouth*

[22:22]S: Why are you blushing just from having fingers in your mouth? Don’t just freeze. Lick my fingers properly.. all of them. *you start licking* Heh, yes, just like that. Isn’t the mood nice? Hmm.. they’re a little warm now.

[22:46]S: Even though the outside of your body is this cold, the inside is so warm. A much higher temperature than mine. Heh.. what’s with that reaction? Do you think I’m lying? Hehe.. alright, would you prefer to test my fingers or my tongue?

[23:17]S: Hmm.. you’re staying silent. Well, I don’t have any complaints with doing what I want. *kisses you*

[23:36]S: Why are you still frozen? If you don’t use your tongue properly then you can’t tell how cold my mouth is. Here, let’s try this again. *kisses you with tongue*

[24:00]S: Haha.. I can hear your pulse speeding up. I don’t know if it’s because you’re embarrassed or aroused, but it’s really noisy. What’s the cause?

[24:14]S: Is it because I’m on top of you? Or is it because you sucked on my fingers? Or is it because of how cold my tongue and mouth were? Which one? Don’t avert your eyes. Look at me and answer.

[24:35]S: I can’t hear you. What? How many times do I have to ask you? Ugh, dull.. All of them? Heh.. as I expected, thank you for that boring answer. Thanks to you, I’m freezing today. Give me back my blanket and then hurry up and leave my room. Since I just did some unnecessary things, my fingers are frozen again.

[25:12]S: *sighs* The bedsheets are wet and they might be soaked through. Maybe I should replace it? But replacing it would be troublesome, so I’ll pass on that.

[25:26]S: Huh? Heat up a bath? Ah.. to warm up my body? Tch.. how many times have I told you that I’m too tired to do anything?!

Apparently starting up a bath will require too much work for him. If he enters a bath right now, he might just skip straight to the action of falling asleep in it.

[25:54]S: Anyway, why are you so annoyingly noisy? I just want to be left alone. Do you want to be choked again? Haha.. are you a pervert? Or what is it? Could it be that your reason is that you love me and so you want to be involved with me? Heh.. it couldn’t be.. I’m wrong, right?

[26:26]S: Hey, did you know? You’re silent whenever someone hits the mark. You’re silent when you feel awkward. You’re silent when you want to be with someone only when its convenient for you. This is just how you are, huh? Any of these reasons could be why you’re like this with me, right? I don’t understand but..

[26:52]S: So what is it? My face? My money? My mind? Usually women fall for those features of mine.. but there’s one more possibility for someone in your position, huh? The possibility of an impulse for security. It might be the reason why I think you’re a pervert.

[27:22]S: You like having your blood sucked, don’t you? It feels good to you to have your blood sucked. Is it because it makes you feel needed? There are a lot of women like you; the type that feels maternal love towards men. They can’t love men who don’t need them. They need to be the only one for that man. And so even if they were caught up in that man’s violence, they wouldn’t care.

[27:54]S: You’re that type, aren’t you? If you weren’t then there wouldn’t be a reason for you to continue to stay beside a vampire who strangled you painfully. But it’s such a shame since you’re inconsequential to me. You are completely unnecessary to me. And it’ll continue to be like that after this too. I do think your blood is sweet, but I wouldn’t be troubled if your blood ran out.

[28:24]S: That’s why you won’t find the interdependence that you’re searching for between us. If you understand then won’t you hurry up and leave? Any other hopes you have are just troublesome.. I’m sleepy so I’m going to sleep. You’re so annoying.

[28:50]S: *sighs* Did you hear what I just said? Or are you unable to comprehend what I said? Why are you just lying there unmoving? What?.. Heh.. Even still you want to be by my side?.. This isn’t a boring joke is it?

[29:20]S: *sighs* I see.. you’re serious. Hmm.. troublesome. Then are you trying to say that you want to be mine? Heh. Ah, wait that’s wrong. You’re just worried about me? Heh.. don’t you think that’s hypocritical? Don’t ever say that again, since it pisses me off.

[29:54]S: Well whatever.. if you want to continue doing that then I’ll just use you as I see fit. At the most, you’ll be giving me some interesting reactions. Anyway, here take this and give me your blood yourself.

*throws a knife down*

[30:15]S: “What is this?”..? Can’t you tell just by looking? It’s a knife. Can you not understand that you’re supposed to use it to give me your blood? After all, you’re worried about what will happen to my health if I fall asleep right now, aren’t you? That’s why you were being so annoying about changing my clothes or entering a bath.

[30:39]S: But.. there’s another way and you know it.. Yes.. you just have to let me suck your blood. If you do that then I’ll become full of energy. *loudly* That’s why you should give me your own blood. I still don’t mind falling asleep right now, but you want to make me healthy no matter what.. and so you should be tempting me with the smell of your blood.

[31:17]S: You couldn’t even think of such a simple thing..? *angry* Stop being depressed and annoying. Just hurry up and cut yourself with that knife. Hurry up.

[31:36]S: Hm.. where are you going to cut yourself? Your neck? Hmm. Isn’t that a nice place? Then come closer. I honestly want to see this. The spectacle of you cutting your own neck with a knife is a little interesting.

[31:57]S: I’ve thought about how you could make a mistake and commit suicide, but don’t worry because I won’t let your blood go to waste. Plus, if it’s a pervert like you, you’d probably be aroused at that.

[32:13]S: You won’t die? What’s with that? How boring.. Well? You still haven’t done it. Your face is pale but it can’t be that you’re frozen because you’re scared, right? You can’t be scared of a knife if you’re fine with fangs. Heh.. I would think both options would risk your life in the same way. Come on, hurry up. Waiting is dull..

[32:46]S: *sighs* Any time now would be great.. or else there are 5 other people who will grant you the pleasure of getting your blood sucked. Don’t you think they’ll be kinder than I am in sucking your blood?

[33:08]S: Heh.. you’re scared? How interesting. I want to see more of that expression. But I’m honestly tired of waiting so hurry up. If you don’t hurry up then just leave this room..

*you cut yourself*

[33:28]S: Heh.. you really cut yourself.. Well? The pain from being bitten and the pain from being cut is different, isn’t it? And halfway injuries hurt the most, don’t they? Heh.. your eyes are red. It’s alright to cry.

[33:53]S: I want to see your pained face. Even though you’re really annoying, but the pained face your making is very tempting. But there’s not enough pain.. such a shallow wound is unsatisfactory. Cut yourself more. Don’t just cut yourself with the knife, but gouge yourself with it. If you think of my fangs you should be able to do it.

[34:23]S: Heh.. scary? Hmm.. then how about you dig your fingers into it and widen it? Simple, no? You won’t say that you can’t, right? Since you want me to suck your blood.. there’s no other meaning here than fueling me on. Come on, hurry up.

[34:48]S: You don’t want me to lose interest, right? *you widen the wound* Yes, yes.. Heh.. What a nice smell.. the smell of your sweet blood.. rapidly dripping.. Does it hurt?

[35:09]S: Hehe.. I see.. As I thought, there’s no defying the smell of your blood. Fills me with excitement.. to think that just a few minutes ago I was indifferent.. Hehe.. It’s inevitable that I changed my mind. I just want to violate you greatly by thrusting my fangs into that wound.

[35:38]S: Here.. lie on the bed again. Don’t talk at all since it’s tiresome.. Hurry up and lie on the bed. I’ll do the moving.. be grateful.

*you lie down*


[35:58]S: Looks like I can’t endure it any longer.. Now it’s time for a reward.


[36:12]S: Your blood is lovingly sweet.. it makes the insides of my body buzz. *kisses* Hehe.. it’s such a severe wound after you widened it with your fingers.. It’s burningly tempting. I wonder if an ugly scar will be left behind?

[36:42]S: *kissing* Your blood is hotter than your mouth. *kisses* I wonder how hot I will become while doing this and discarding everything else.

[37:05]S: I’ll make your wound even larger again..! *bites* Hehe.. does it hurt? That’s great.. I want to grant you more agony. It’s really arousing.. *kisses*

[37:28]S: Pain only happens when you’re alive, right? That’s why I think I love seeing you in pain.. Whenever I see your pained face.. it feels like there’s a life in this trivial world.

[37:50]S: Someone said that in the human world, didn’t they? Life is pain. The first time I heard that I was impressed. To think that among humans there are ones that have an understanding about life.

[38:11]S: Well.. I don’t expect such a thing from you. You should just grant me your screams and cries.. if you do then I.. might be able to laugh at this unsightly life of mine.

[38:32]S: *you’re pounding on him* Ahahah.. why are you hitting my body? Are you wanting to get up?.. Ah, you’ve fallen silent again. Did I hit the mark?.. Heheh.. Why are you angry? You’ll do anything for me, right? That’s why you should scream and scream in pain like an idiot.. Come on.. just like this..


[39:10]S: Hehehe.. such a loud voice.. I didn’t think my surprise attack hurt that much but.. what a nice response… *kisses* I wonder why.. when you’re in pain your blood tastes sweeter. My tongue is tingling.. I want more of your flavor.

[39:46]S: Come on, lie down on your stomach. It’s not enough yet, give me more blood. Give me more pained screams! *bites* Hehehahaha.. yes, yes.. yell out your pain. Throw everything away and let your voice shriek!

*bites more* *sucks*

[40:21]S: Hah.. hey, does it feel good? Although your tears are overflowing. Will you tell me which one is winning? The pain or the pleasant feelings?..

[40:36]S: It’s pleasure.. right? You’re pleased to be needed by me, pleased to be noticed by me, pleased to be subjugated by me.. *right ear whispers* Because you’re a genuine masochist, you feel pleasure from whatever I do to you.

[40:55]S: You’re such a disgusting person. Aren’t you the type who’ll be overjoyed at being ordered to die? What’s wrong with you.. Hm? I’m wrong? Ahaha.. I can’t be wrong. You just don’t understand anything about your own true feelings.

[41:20]S: As I thought, seeing your face would be better. Come on, face this way *turns you over*. For example, if I choke you and drink your blood.. you’ll allow that won’t you? Just like this…

*strangles you* *sucking and moaning*

[41:52]S: Look, it’s become sweeter.. the pain and hurt feels good, right? The spectacle of me sucking your blood is lovely, isn’t it? You’re thinking that it wouldn’t be bad to die after seeing a scene like this, am I right?

[42:16]S: Heh.. per-vert.. Ahh.. the pressure is causing too much of your blood to come out. It’s rapidly spilling out.

[42:32]S: Do you want me to drink more? It’s fine if you want to say anything. If you yell out from your heart that you want me to drink more of your blood then I’ll do just that.. What will you do?

[42:52]You deny it but he says out loud that he thinks you’re wrong. He thinks your feelings are confused. Then he asks if you thought you could trick him with your seemingly “true” words.

[43:05]S: If you showed me even a little bit of an unhappy attitude, I wouldn’t do anything.. but I’m saying you should think about how you’re seeking out pain to feel it.

[43:26]S: Being silent again? You don’t want to say any words? Don’t you think you stubbornly and forcibly made me get all fired up? Where did that person go, who, just a few minutes ago, was being terribly noisy in getting me to change?

[43:47]S: Hey.. which one is the real you? The annoying one in the rain who forced me to run? Or the perverted one who’s letting me hold her down and do all sorts of things to her?

[44:04]S: I… that’s right.. I prefer your blood when its sweeter *kisses*. And.. are you not going to have an entreating attitude to the bitter end?

[44:23]S: Heh.. is that so? Then I don’t need you. You can be alone around here. I’m going to sleep in your room, see you.

[44:38]S: Did you just tell me to wait?.. Heh, why? You’re no longer the object of my interest. If you’re going to lie there like that, and luck is with you, then someone else might notice you and suck your blood perhaps.

[44:58]S: Hehe.. Why are you detaining me? Will you do anything for me to suck your blood? Then say it out loud with your voice; that everyone else but me is useless. *lowly* Come on.. say it.

[45:18]S: Hehe.. seems like you can do it. Do you comprehend now? You might be dependent on me.. but I can cut you off whenever I feel like it. If you don’t want that to happen.. then you can do nothing but persevere.

[45:42]S: Well then.. I suppose I’ll drink your blood. Aah.. a lot of blood has gone to waste *kissing*. It’s not sweet enough.. it needs to be more painful.. *bites*

[46:08]S: Heh.. that’s right. Scream and show me your pain. Let me feel how alive you are in this moment. I don’t know when I’m alive.. if you’ll let me feel that.. *sucking* some of my boredom will be diverted.

[46:42]S: Where do you want me to drink from after your neck? *amused* Say it yourself. Beg for it. You’re the one who wants your blood to be drank, right? That’s why it’s strange if you don’t say you want it.

[47:02]S: Hmm? Your collarbone? What a standard place.. but the bone of the collarbone is prominent.. and so if I bite it won’t you feel nothing but pain? Well.. you did say collarbone without thinking..

[47:25]S: *left ear* You’re such an idiot.. *bites* See, it hurts, doesn’t it? Since I’m biting the bone.. but the blood here is sweet.

*bites again*

[47:48]S: Also.. seeing your pained face is pleasing. Oh, I know.. I’ll drink the blood from the other side too.. You begged for this place after all. Although it’s troublesome I’ll suck your blood from this place, since changing to a larger place is even more troublesome.


[48:22]S: Why did you resist a little bit? Ah, geez, stop that already. How bothersome. You should just stay silent and get your blood sucked.


[48:42]S: Look, your blood is becoming more and more thick. *kisses* It pleases me to see you in pain. *whispers* That makes you happy doesn’t it? That’s why.. you should show me more of that face.

[49:14]S: But, as I thought, the wound on your neck also hurts, doesn’t it? I’ll drink from your neck again.. *sucking* *groaning*

[49:31]S: I can’t seem to stop.. I’m like a fool.. with how I’m acting in regards to your bare skin.. and sucking your blood so frantically.. hehe.

[49:50]S: It’s your fault and because you wished for this. You also understand that, don’t you?

[50:04]S: You want me to live right? That’s why you should willingly give your body in front of me to pain.. if you do that then, just for a little bit, I’ll treat you lovingly.

[50:21]S: That’s why.. cry and shout out more of your pain and despair.

*bites* *struggling*

77 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Shu ~

    juriyunsaeng1995 said:
    September 11, 2012 at 02:15

    Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to translate all these CDs! I’m able to enjoy Diabolik Lovers even more thanks to your translations :D Without them, I don’t think I would have really understood what Raito was saying (yes, he was given the honour to welcome me to the series – in other words, his CD was the first I had listened to *shudders*) Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading more translations from you! :D

      Ilinox responded:
      September 12, 2012 at 12:50

      Hi! You’re welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment and say these nice things (*´∀`*)! It’s a great feeling to be able to share things with others~ and convert them into depravity with these bloodthirsty vampires *ahem*.

      You are so brave for listening to Raito as your first.. I had the pleasure of starting from Ayato and watching as the brothers got worse and worse in terms of their sadism, but you started off with what must be the most sadist of them all /)_(\.

      Thank you again~! I hope you enjoy any further translations or summaries that I do.

        juriakina2609 said:
        September 20, 2012 at 02:18

        Haha lol! I’m glad to say that you indeed um…successfully converted me (=ω=)

        Hmm…actually I didn’t read up about Raito’s or any of the other brothers’ personalities before I decided to start on this series, so I didn’t know the jerk’s a super ドS. I was merely attracted to Raito’s appearance (I have a fetish for guys whose appearances are similar to his, you see…) and in the end he tortured me into insanity and died in the asylum and reborn as a ドM vampire- ack… *cough* Scratch that…*cough* I mean, I was wishing I had started from Ayato… xD But I must admit…Raito’s my second favourite after Subaru♥…gosh am I weird?? I think I really became a ドM! Σ(◎Д◎;) Or maybe it’s cos of Hirarin… (>3<)

        And you're welcome! I shall work hard to get better in my Japanese. As a form of appreciation, I may consider lending you a hand in translating when that day finally arrives (though it will probably take ages (;´Д`) )! (^_-)-☆

    otomeneko said:
    August 28, 2012 at 13:14

    I BOW DOWN TO YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. I love listening to these series. I am fully dried of blood. Argh. Just the voices. I think my favourites were Ayato, Subaru, Reiji and Shuu. The art is great too.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 29, 2012 at 01:25

      Aww, thank you!! You should eat some broccoli to give you more blood (・ω\) or as Kanato would suggest: liver, hijiki, and parsley. ANOTHER SUBARU LOVER, YAY 8D! I see you made the wise choice and avoided the two crazies.

      I love the artist which is why I’m not completely averse to playing Diabolik Lovers liar liar I just want the dummy mic vampires. She’s also drawing for another otome game called OZMAFIA for the PC :3

    carl brock said:
    August 21, 2012 at 14:02

    Diabolik Lovers versus how are they going to do that I know it’s bro vs bro but there vampires so I guess they just bite MC until she say who #1 or something and like before I hope Subaru or Ayato or hey Suu wouldn’t bad either.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 21, 2012 at 17:08

      They haven’t written any scenario blurbs about it so I don’t have any idea how they’ll be doing it. But my guess is that it’ll be something like the radio specials that they had going on with Ayato being paired with everyone.

      So you’re not too far off. They’ll probably both try to seduce the heroine and suck her blood and see who can drive her crazy first. The first CD coming out on the 29th of August will be Ayato vs. Shuu.

        carl brock said:
        August 22, 2012 at 19:16

        Uh just Ayato being paired with everyone and the others appears once that a little lame. But Subaru will not be happy about because he told not to give her blood to bros but she did away so Subaru will not be a happy camper but Rejito the one who the b word then chan that the end of it but yuck I hope loses and with that wiping little brat to.

    Erin said:
    August 16, 2012 at 00:59

    Yui. Masochist since vol.3 [Kanato].

      Ilinox responded:
      August 16, 2012 at 18:12

      She wasn’t THIS extreme of a masochist though! I mean, at least she tried to sort of resist Kanato and Raito and stuff but she’s just looking for trouble if she’s bothering Reiji and Shuu..

        Erin said:
        August 17, 2012 at 13:27

        Well, she just didn’t realize how much of a masochist she was, LOL. But when Kanato was asking where she wanted him to bite, she did answer & asdfjklasgja that kinda shocked me, but they did kinda give clues about her being a masochist.
        I mean, the whole staying-in-a-household-of-6-sadistic-vampire-brothers is questionable, too.
        But yeah, it got a bit annoying & I guess she started to accept her masochistic inclinations or something. I mean, most people listening to this stuff are prolly somewhat masochistic. Or turned masochistic. I always say that I’m not masochistic because I really hate pain, but damn this is arousing LOL. Unlike my friend who was really really scared when I forced her to listen to Ayato’s.
        And resisting Kanato & Raito would be natural, they’re really scary..

    Fish and Chips said:
    July 4, 2012 at 11:35

    Reblogged this on Fish and Chips Makes a Blog and commented:
    Ilinox has allowed me to reblog her translation of Shuu’s Drama CD from the otome game, Diabolik Lovers!!!!! :)

    Fish and Chips said:
    July 4, 2012 at 01:24

    Hi! OMGG I was so happy to see this excellent translation. I’d been looking forward for this Drama CD to come out as I am a HUUUUGE fan of Diabolik Lovers and Shuu was favourite but this drama CD has me going totally WTFFF! O___O @___@ X___X I think I like Subaru and Ayato’s CD better ehehehe… May I reblog your post to my blog?? :)

      Ilinox responded:
      July 4, 2012 at 01:57

      Howdy~! Aww, thanks for liking this translation (*ノ∀ノ). Haha, I think this CD surprised everyone with how masochistic Yui acted, but I don’t think Shuu did anything weird? In fact he’s pretty interesting with how correct his assessment is of Yui and he describes the situation a bit more.

      ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ仲間!I like Ayato and Subaru the best too, but Reiji and Shuu are pretty cool. Thankfully Subaru is supposed to be the most otome-ish and romantic of all the vampires. I bet Raito’s will be the most dangerous and crazy Orz.

      Err, sure! I never realized you could reblog posts on WordPress (/ω\).

        Fish and Chips said:
        July 4, 2012 at 11:34

        lol no worries. Thank you for responding :) Shuu really did surprise me actually. So did Yui. In the other CDs shes at their mercy but here she pounced at Shuu quite a bit. I think the hand-stepping part was really…TT_TT”” @__@ >o< though. I need to check Reiji's out. Yeah you can reblog posts! I didn't know that either :DDD

    Alice said:
    June 28, 2012 at 23:58

    I have a question y are shuu’s brothers scared of him he seems like the type who doesnt give a damn about what they do? Oh I loved how shuu hits the mark when discribing yui. Hes spot on discriptions make hes brothers(by comparsin)looks like they are delusional about what the heroine wants….(probebly are) but then again…….

      Ilinox responded:
      June 29, 2012 at 00:01

      Are they scared of him? I don’t recall anyone saying anything about being scared of Shuu..?

      I think you have that the other way around xD;; his descriptions about what the heroine actually wants makes the delusional sounding things that the brothers said to be true.. which is kind of disturbing especially in Raito’s one Orz.

        Alice said:
        June 29, 2012 at 10:30

        oh ive mst of miss read an earlier postXI its just a lot of people were commenting on how they would like to hide behind shu…and after reading this well your right she does seem completly M here. Her cutting and then opening her wound gave me goosebumps-_- Raito completly scares the hell out of me! When I first heard him call her Bitch-chan I had to rewind just to check if my hearing wasnt off. At first I didnt like it but now when ever I go back it seems natural…. there must be something wrong with me becase now I think of Ayato and subaru’s action as not that big of a deal in fact I find the m endearing… Ps. sorry for the paragraph long reply

    meliona said:
    June 17, 2012 at 08:48

    awww and i liked her getting deflowered Y^Y now i find out she liked getting hurt.
    damn gurl you got 5 other hotties if i were you i be like you aint gettin none of this ! and leave that room lol
    but anywho i liked shuus character and how it was portrayed still yui characters was interesting even though she became a creeper. but i like how she was 100 percent different from all the shoujo mangas ive been reading with all the same heroines that have charateristics ive seen 1000 times (plus they werent blond and cute! lol)
    im probably the only girl that finds smaller boobs to be more attractive but whatever.

      meliona said:
      June 17, 2012 at 08:51


      Ilinox responded:
      June 19, 2012 at 18:14

      Haha, well, shoujo mangas are split into many different genres as well and this one is just do-m and do-s genre. Are you talking about the classical / cliche shoujo heroines like the doormats who wait for the guy to do everything? Because if so, I know a few that don’t act like that.

      LOL, I’m sure most guys would find overly large breasts to be kind of gross too. Shuu is really.. philosophical compared to his other brothers, except for maybe Reiji and I like him for that too!

      PS. You’re welcome :3!

    Aikarin Sakamaki said:
    June 12, 2012 at 08:00

    Thank you for your translation !! お疲れ様でした!
    The last one !! The ultimate Do’S !!
    Shuu made me resurrect from death !!
    a lot of kisses ! I like him more than Reiji right now !!

    I think the heroine is “too” pushy to Shuu (she maybe regret from Reiji’s situation ///kidding) and she cannot control herself to stop her bothersome actions to him also

    Anyway she is so creepy and she dare cutting her wounds to make Shuu’s attentions and she worth from it a lot because she finally got Shuu’s kisses and bites !!

    Is I completely become to Do’M ? (><")

      Ilinox responded:
      June 12, 2012 at 19:48


      I like both Reiji and Shuu actually, because of how uninterested they seem in the heroine. Or more like they are just a bit interested in her, but they’re not interested to the point of attacking and harassing her like all the other brothers Orz. *cough* Mr. I’ll drug you in my iron maiden, Mr. I’ll drown you in the bathtub, Mr. I’ll break your church, and Mr. I’ll force you to eat gross things to make your blood tasty *cough*

      I found the part where she cut her wounds to be horrifying ;ww; to think that she’s go that far.. Especially when she had the option to just walk out. Yui is terribly masochistic in this one (>A<;).

    itty-bitty said:
    June 10, 2012 at 18:22

    It’s over Q^Q, thank you translating them all! You’re the bestest~!

    Bwahahaha! This was do hilarious, Shuu; the epitome of laziness! xD I’m still dying at how he was contemplating sleeping on the streets and how he preferred to sleep all wet (teehee) cause he ‘couldn’t be bothered’ xD [but ’twas nice, since ‘we’ got to strip him~ haha]

    It was nice how he was pretty much the only one that didn’t seem obsessed with the heroine and she had her true colours shine and was literally begging for him. ‘Sadistic in a way the heroine enjoys it’? More like she’s just finally admitting she’s so damn M xD

    Ignore his really mean comments (and his biting~) and you’ve got yourself a lovey-dovey couple :3 both practically naked throughout pretty much the whole thing~ haha

    Saved the best till last? – Shuu, I think is one of the more interesting charas, plus the heroine can’t seem to let him go (then again I probably wouldn’t either xD) AND we got a bit of a BL scene too~ as soon as his fingers were in her mouth, I thought wait wait- o//////O Yui is….not a boy…..right? (maybe I’m just sick in that way xD)

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for translating this series~ It’s been so much fun and without you, I would have totally missed out, thank you thank you thank you xxx

      Ilinox responded:
      June 12, 2012 at 19:42

      You’re welcome (*◕‿◕*)! They improved my listening comprehension by a lot too, haha, it’s kind of interesting to see the difference between Ayato and Shuu’s translation.

      LOL. That was actually my favorite part! When I heard that I was like “.. really? You’d rather sleep on the side of the road than a bench like 2ft away?!” I guess that was what they were getting at by how he’s sadistic in a pleasing way, because the heroine has to all but admit that she wants it.

      I also find Shuu to be really interesting, but it looks like it’s hard for the writers to make him express that side of him unless he’s either 1) weirdly fascinated with the heroine or 2) the heroine becomes a creepy masochistic stalker /o\.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! It makes me cackle in my room when I corrupt more people like this /bricked

    Velsi said:
    June 10, 2012 at 00:02

    Can I just say that I love you for translating these CDs. Thank you so much for this.

    Like you said, Yui turns out incredibly creepy in this one. Between Shuu being apathetic and Yui forcing his hand, I completely feel for Shuu here. However, I have to admit that it’s kind of amusing when he’s irritated and I love how he completely nailed her personality. Talk about brutal honesty. This CD was one of my favorites even though Yui was… pretty much a stalker and throwing herself at him. Guess that couldn’t exactly be helped though, given Shuu’s personality.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 10, 2012 at 14:43

      Aww, thank you~ (*ノ∀ノ)! You’re very welcome!

      I liked how Shuu, after he nailed her personality, basically told her to accept herself especially if she wants him to do something to her. I guess, in a way, it made Yui have to accept the fact that she really is a masochist and likes what they’re doing?

      But yeah, I can’t help but wonder if they could have handled this in a better way. Yui’s personality being revealed like this kind of came from the left side. We had no hints to this in the other 5 CDs until this one came out. What happened to the girl who tried to stab Subaru and ran away from Raito and Ayato? ;ww;

        Velsi said:
        June 11, 2012 at 00:26

        Yes. He was just like, “I can dump your sorry little butt right here unless you admit to this.” If she wasn’t a masochist though, I’d have absolutely no idea why she would still be in that house.

        Yeah, it was a shocker. When this CD came out, every time Shuu went “じゃね”, I ended up going, “Holy crap Yui is so persistent what is going on.” Hahaha, the girl that was running away from the brothers? Apparently that girl was pretending to resist. A lot. Her trying to stab Subaru was a bit of a funny moment though, and I think that anybody would have run away from Raito… |−・;)Then again, Yui seems to truly be a full-blown masochist so it would all have been an act…? I just don’t know anymore. u_u”

    Roiya said:
    June 9, 2012 at 23:58

    Ugh I really don’t like how they made Yui out to be a masochistic stalked here…..but Shuu himself is interesting. I just wish they didn’t go this way with the heroine.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 10, 2012 at 14:31

      A lot of people don’t seem to www but the writers probably had no choice since getting Shuu to do anything seems like a really hard task if you want to keep him in character. I also wish they took another route or something though.. like forcing the two of them to be trapped somewhere?

    Rin said:
    June 9, 2012 at 23:22

    You’re finally done translating all six CDs!
    ペコリ((。´・ω・)。´_ _))お疲れ様です

    ..so will you do the versus CDs when they come out? ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

    As much as I like Shuu as a character, I’m not sure about how to feel towards Yui in this CD. Since Shuu won’t do anything, they have to make her move instead.. and she ends up being a massive ドM who sounds desperate for attention. That jarring difference between the girl who cuts her own neck and the one who tried to stab Subaru. 8D;; I love how Shuu captures her character perfectly, but another part of me kept on questioning why she would go that far. xD;

      Ilinox responded:
      June 10, 2012 at 14:00


      What’s that? I didn’t quite catch that? La la la *plugs ears* I don’t know anything about this versus CDs you’re talking about. They don’t exist~! (・ω\)

      I know right? It made me shiver when she was willing to go as far as cutting herself and even digging her fingers into it to make it larger. I always think of CDs as alternate universes though, and so like you said about how Shuu being apathetic makes Yui have to be the one to move on him, I guess in this CD Yui is just.. fascinated with Shuu?

      Maybe he’s just really correct about her personality though. Left to her own devices she’d seek out someone like Shuu to feel needed and harass him until he feeds off of her. But with the other brothers, because they were aggressive enough, she could comfort herself by putting on a show of resistance? Instead of admitting to herself that she’s a ドM of epic proportions?

        Rin said:
        June 10, 2012 at 16:55

        You sure your OCD will let you get away with it? A__A
        (says the person who suffers from the same thing)

        If Shuu is right about Yui’s personality (and I think he is), then it’s either she’s fascinated with him or just desperate for attention. You’re right, we never got to see this trait before since everyone else was so aggressive. But the thought of her pretending to resist to hide her inner ドM is just so.. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Then does that mean she waved the knife at Subaru while thinking “here I’m resisting, now assault me please”? xD

        I wanted to connect her “resistance show” to Raito, but his CD creeped me out so much so let’s not go there.. www

        Ilinox responded:
        June 12, 2012 at 00:57

        L M A O It’d be disturbing if she was thinking about that while putting up a show of resistance. The minute I said that I was thinking about Raito’s CD to be honest and that just freaks me out ;www;

        But if Shuu is right about Yui’s personality, which we both think he is, then does that personality apply to all the other CDs? Which means she’d be desperate for attention in all CDs.. including Raito’s Orz.

    :D said:
    June 9, 2012 at 12:07

    Man, Yui you supersupersupersuper masochist.( ;´Д`)”Hmm.. then how about you dig your fingers into it and widen it?” …I-I don’t even want to imagine that. orz

    Thank you so much for translating all 6 volumes~ ♡

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2012 at 21:01

      Only in this one I think ;ww; she actually sounded appropriately horrified by Raito and Kanato. I just.. don’t understand why she’s so desperate to be by Shuu’s side that she’d do that to the cut in her neck. AHHH I shudder just thinking about it.

      On the other hand it kind of proves Shuu’s words. Maybe Yui is really masochistic in that she needs to be needed by someone and so that’s why she can’t seem to escape this house of vampires, because it makes her special to have them so dependent on her blood. (I think Reiji made a remark about this).

      You’re welcome~!

    Sakuya huang said:
    June 9, 2012 at 11:23

    OMG!!!! Ilinox!!! I love you!!! This translation made my day…. Annoying heroine but sadistic Shuu is just perfect
    He is too lazy to do things so… If we dont bother him, we can’t get a story hahaha *love him so much*
    It will be like
    Shuu : you’re annoying, i’m going to sleep!
    Normal heroine : ok, oyasumi.
    The end. Hahahahaha
    The changing clothes part is the best!!!!! You dont need knife to bleed me out… *I had nose bleed*
    Hahaha XD

    Thanks for thia Illinox~
    P.S: I will make the video again with this~ thank you~~ (^_−)−☆

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2012 at 20:59

      I’m glad it made your day 8D! It always makes me smile to hear about how something I’ve done might have made someone’s day or cheered them up.

      Haha, I know, and so I felt so bad for Shuu and Yui for making the writers have to push them together like this. I take this CD as a warning to not create an apathetic character unless there are circumstances that force them and the protagonist together.

      Like, if Shuu and Yui were trapped in an elevator or something and had to deal with each other in an enclosed space then I could understand why she’d continue to bother him so much. But when she could have just walked out… multiple times?! She really is a masochist in this one.

      Ganbare~ at making the videos (≧ω≦)b!

        Sakuya Huang said:
        June 14, 2012 at 09:24

        hahaha XD
        he is so passive~ but I like this kind of guy~ I will disturb him until he got angry but Shuu…. He will suck your blood! *here I give you*

        that’s true, this CD is like… Y U NO RUN AWAY YUI? hahaha
        my friends are in love in Shuu because of this CD… doM friends are everywhere

        And now I understand how hard to translate this…. TT—TT
        first 10 minutes, subbing the video I almost gave up… Shuu, please stop talking a whole sentence in one breath! I’m having hard times to sub this one… must decide the right time to cut the subtitles
        hahaha XD

    daisukiminna said:
    June 9, 2012 at 11:06

    Hiii thanks for all the translate. You really awesome. Thnk you so much for your hard work! I really curious bout what’s going on in the game. I think Yui have interest with Shuu. Because She always draw attention to him and want to beside him. And she really have different attitude when with him, didn’t like being with others. That’s what I thought.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2012 at 20:56

      You’re welcome and thank you for the kind words (*´∀`*)! You mean the drama CDs right? Since the game isn’t out yet, haha, but I’m kind of curious to see how close the game will keep to the drama CDs since Rejet did the CDs but Otomate is handling the game.

      I didn’t think this at all actually, because I take each drama CD as an alternate universe where the guy in the drama CD is the one that Yui is most interested in. So whatever happens in Ayato’s CD hasn’t happened in Raito’s or Shuu’s CD. In Ayato’s CD she’s interested only in Ayato and so in Shuu’s CD she’ll definitely be interested in him.

      I just don’t like how they wrote it though since it felt so out of character from what we knew of her in the other routes. She seemed eager to get away from the aggressive and harassing vampires in all the other CDs EXCEPT for Shuu’s.. but I blame this on Shuu being apathetic. There wouldn’t be a story if Yui just left him alone.

    Kurimson said:
    June 9, 2012 at 10:50


    A-ah….How should I put this, Ms. Heroine…You gave Stockholm Syndrome a whole new meaning….(゜▽゜;)

    First of all, I would like to thank you for all your hard work (シ_ _)シ. You have no idea how many poor, unfortunate souls you help by doing all this~ ;u;. Rest assured, I’ll keep checking for further updates on this site, ’tis a habit I’ve formed during these months~
    So expect to see me spamming your blog often! (ノ゚0゚)ノ~

    Ah~ These CDs were goood my inner masochist~ I’m sure I’ll be listening to them again; Surprisingly, they help me sleep <3.

    Well, except Kanato. He helps me to stay awake. (゜▽゜;)

    Please keep up the good work~ <3

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2012 at 20:52

      I KNOW RIGHT? (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚) This is why I don’t like apathetic characters as much. I used to write stories when I was younger and, like a typical young girl, I liked the idea of a apathetic, cold, and cool man who only becomes passionate with the protagonist. Don’t judge me~! I liked this type when I was like 15 (・ω\).

      BUT anyway.. it was always impossibly hard to write why such a person would talk to the protagonist in the first place without making him OOC or making the protagonist an insanely scary stalker.

      And so the moment I found out Shuu was apathetic and didn’t care much.. I wondered how they’d make the story, other than making him interested in Yui just for her blood or something. INSTEAD THEY DID WHAT THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE, which is was making Yui into some sort of obsessive and pushy stalker.

      Your words make me so happy (*ノ∀ノ). I hope my blog continues to be interesting to you so that you can keep visiting it.

      rikku2735 said:
      September 17, 2012 at 03:09

      “A-ah….How should I put this, Ms. Heroine…You gave Stockholm Syndrome a whole new meaning….(゜▽゜;)”

      MUCH agreed!!

    daichuki316 said:
    June 9, 2012 at 04:53

    … I’m like at loss for words huh. I could say you’re fabulous wonderful marvelous awesome but reeeeally, those aren’t enough! You did it, you translated all six! *clap clap clap*

    SO UHM thank you? Yes, thank you~~ for every brother you’ve translated so far. And for the time stamps (so helpful, srsly) and for the summaries and everything… Awesome translations are awesome (^_^)v

    I feel the same way you feel about Shuu. Very interesting.
    He’s got so much class and he’s so spot on, and I like how he tells her off, “I can discard you whenever I can” hahaha

    God that must’ve hurt poor little Yui’s masochist heart. (;__;)

    Oh anyway thank you again! Take your time to think about versus. But in the end I’d really like it if you could review the actual game, which hopefully will make more sense than the violence and the blood-sucking and whatnot ^^;

    ps. Really you can’t escape it, in the end you’ll probably become the “DiaLov Girl” whether u like it or not hohoho~ (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ )

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2012 at 10:30

      Aww, thank you for those really kind words. I don’t think I’m that wonderful though ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛ just sharing and giving back to the community!

      Shuu definitely seems like a sharp one. I sort of liked how he was right on the mark about Yui's personality and basically forced her to acknowledge and accept that part of herself, basically by doing nothing and making her ask for everything to be done to her. But on the other hand, that just makes it really hard for me to relate to Yui because it's like "… WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT GIRL!?"

      I still don't see how he's sadistic in a pleasing way unless because Yui had to ask for everything she is basically "liking" everything that is done to her?

      The first Versus series is released almost near the end of August, so by that time I'll probably forget how long and tiring it was to translate these 6 series and then I'll do it again wwww I never learn. I also hope it isn’t too long.. like if it was just around 50 minutes again I’ll probably consider it. It might be fun too since they’ll be two people talking instead of just one.

      I’m still unsure about the game though /)_(\ they don’t have a release date yet do they?

      I HAVE NOW TRANSLATED ALL 6! THE TITLE OF “THAT VAMP GIRL” OR “THE DIALOV GIRL” GOES TO ME NOW MUAHAHA Ψ(`∀´)Ψケケケ //bricked. What an embarrassing thing to be known by wwwww.

    Psychemenace said:
    June 9, 2012 at 03:34

    I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you so much! More power to you Ilinox-san :D

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2012 at 10:22

      You’re welcome ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ! I feel a little bad for how long it took even though it was so short. It almost felt like it took longer than Kanato’s.

    Lalani said:
    June 9, 2012 at 03:21

    OH MY SHUU~ Thanks for translating!!!
    I began to like Shuu, he’s quite amusing and different from his 5 brothers and what’s with her anyway…??
    She’s really persistent in here, she’s actually quite enjoying being sucked by him… what a stalker ><

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2012 at 10:21

      What makes him interesting for me is his boredom with life xDD;; I want to find out why he thinks like that~! All the other brothers were really aggressive and harassed Yui a bunch, but this guy was harassed instead wwww and so he actually seems to reveal a bit of Yui’s personality, compared to the brothers who just seemed to be insulting her.

      YEAH. Because he’s so apathetic it made Yui have to be the one to push herself onto him which.. I’m not sure I like Orz. All the other CDs I felt sympathy for her since it was like “Oh yeah, crazy aggressively strong vampires. I can see why you don’t want to get on their bad side” but this one is like ??? WHY GURL. I doubt Shuu would even protect her from his brothers.

        Lalani said:
        June 9, 2012 at 23:14

        LOL, that makes a total 180 degrees turn for Yui here….XD
        Shuu got a point there, he hits right mark in her face, he’s not an ero-type like his brothers.(Well maybe Reiji is not too)
        After listening to all, I say Yui willing to offer herself to Subaru and Shuu without any complaints.
        I wonder Versus drama cd would be like in Special Radio?? Looking forward to new drama cd~

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