BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Auger von Garibaldi ~

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Auger von Garibaldi (オージェ フォン ガバルディ)
CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki (吉野 裕行)

Auger can be considered to be more insane than his twin brother, Mejojo. DON’T TRUST HIM HE’S A LIAR. He’s also a prince and heir to the throne, but he has no interest in ruling. DON’T TRUST HIM HE’S A LIAR. He’s a textbook definition of a psychopath; always looking for amusement and entertainment regardless of how it affects others. DON’T TRUST HIM HE’S A LIAR. The only one he seems to care about is his brother and he’s not even interested in Fiona. DON’T TRUST HIM HE’S A LIAR.

(The details about the plot and storyline of Black Wolves Saga can be found in Mejojo’s post. So, if curious, please refer to that post. I’ll only be doing a quick summary about the main plot in Auger’s route and focusing more on his scenes.)

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The wolves invade the village and burn it to the ground. Fiona celebrates her 16th birthday with her family. Auger interrupts the family dinner, accuses Fiona of being a witch, and takes her back to the castle. He and Mejojo know that Fiona isn’t a witch, but they’re taking advantage of the rumors to imprison her in the royal garden of the castle since Mejojo wants her.

The Galland family tries to get her back, because the Lobeira disease makes her susceptible to illnesses, but the King orders them to quell the uprising in Scharlmessen first. Anyway, Mejojo hosts a dinner party to celebrate her 16th birthday for her and so Fiona gets all dressed up, with the help of her maids and Julian who is assigned to be her servant, and is escorted to the dance hall by Auger, who also gives her an impromptu history lesson.

Anyway, Fiona thinks about how she would like to dance with Auger since if Mejojo had to be beside his father then Auger would probably be free. He had escorted her to the dance hall and so he couldn’t be escorting another lady. Although if he wasn’t in the dance hall then he probably slipped out, since he’s the type to do what he wants and even Fiona can see that. He can’t be any more different from his twin brother Mejojo who takes things seriously, but she can see how much Auger adores him.

But if Auger did slip out then Fiona would be relegated to being a wallflower, which means a woman who has no partner for a dance. Anyway, Fiona is feeling lonely at being an extra but suddenly she hears footsteps. It turns out be Auger who asks why she has such a depressed look on her face and if she’s pouting because Mejojo can’t escort her. He tells her to be careful lest her unattractive face becomes even more unattractive. Fiona expresses her surprise at seeing him here still.

This makes Auger pout as he reminds her that he’s a prince and so he has to be here. She shouldn’t say such mean things. When Fiona explains that she couldn’t see him and so she thought he slipped away, Auger admits that he finds greetings troublesome. Until the dancing started, he stayed in the shadows and let Mejojo deal with it all. Anyway, he asks if anything happened and so Fiona explains that she feels like it’s a wasteful for her to stand by and watch everyone else dance.

Auger tells her that it’s boring to just watch and then, smirking mischievously, asks her if she can dance. Fiona pouts at his teasing and points out that it’s usually the man who invites the girl to dance. Auger responds by saying that he’s a prince and so she has to ask him. She frowns but ends up asking him if he’ll dance with her. Auger immediately replies that he won’t, which makes her mouth drop open before she calls him cruel for refusing an invitation that came from a woman.

He just starts snickering at how fun it is to tease weak people. It might become a habit for him. She snaps out that, not only is he cruel, but he also has a bad personality. Auger just shrugs it off and replies that he’ll dance one song for her as a reward for providing him with entertainment. He grabs her hand and pulls her to the dance floor, but Fiona asks him with wide eyes if it’s alright. He replies that it is, since he wants to dance with her.

Auger whirls Fiona out onto the dance floor and they immediately start dancing the foxtrot to a quick and fast song. Fiona struggles to keep up and a yelp is caught in her throat, because this dance involves the woman having to keep her balance and step backwards. Auger is holding onto her right hand and waist tightly and guiding her powerfully. She flinches when he whispers into her ear quietly that a dance should be intense and passionate.

She’s a bit embarrassed at the lack of space between them, because she was never that close to Zara and Nesso when they practiced dancing. Anyway, she sees the challenge in his eyes and she accepts it by keeping up with whatever he tries to do. They exchange grins and he asks her if she’s having fun, to which she responds with a nod and smile. But then he blows into her ear which nearly causes her to misstep. He asks her innocently if she’s alright but Fiona tries to accuse him of sabotaging her.

However Auger interrupts and reminds her not to make that expression or her unattractive face will become even more unattractive. She pouts but they continue dancing and when the song finally ends they’re greeted by an applause. Fiona wonders if she and Auger danced magnificently, however she can’t help but feel a sense of rivalry. Auger is impressed by how she kept up and she thanks him breathlessly, before responding that he’s also a good dancer though he bullies people on the dance floor as well.

He snickers but compliments her for catching that. Then he admits that he likes dancing, but what he likes best is making people dance. Fiona is reminded by how she needs to keep her guard up around him, since he managed to drag her onto the dance floor when she wasn’t expecting it. She covers up her sigh by acting as if she’s still trying to get her breath back.

After the dance party, the King’s health has turned even worse. Mejojo and Auger are conspiring to pin everything bad that happened in history onto their father since they hate him, such as the extermination of the wolves and rabbits. Then Mejojo dreams about his childhood such as the assassination attempts on him, his mother’s deteriorating sanity, and finally her suicide which she made Auger and Mejojo take part in.

Mejojo wakes up with a jerk and then he and Auger reaffirm their vow to live on and destroy anyone who is against them. Things are getting heated back at Scharlmessen when the rioting villagers start hurling rocks into the castle with slingshots. They hate how Earl and Weblin’s finest knight, Nesso, are defending Fiona who they’re accusing as a witch to take the blame for all their misfortunes. Back in the garden, Fiona talks to Julian properly and finds out about his relationship to Mejojo and Auger and their past.

Several days later Nesso enters the castle to ask Mejojo to let him see Fiona and the King. He tries to use his family’s social position, but Auger and Mejojo reveal how power-crazed they are. Meanwhile the wolves burn down another village and acquire information about Weblin’s state of affairs. Back at the castle, Fiona begs Mejojo to let her see the outside world while they’re having lunch. He agrees with a cruel smirk and brings her to a destroyed village before taking her on a wolf hunt.

Fiona meets Rath on the cliff, but she looks away as he’s shot and captured. She faints after Mejojo reminds her that she’s his and that she shouldn’t wish for the outside world and should be content to stay in the perfect world he’s created for her. She wakes up and is comforted by Julian in her prison. Meanwhile, Rath is being tortured in the dungeons under the pretense of finding a cure for Zodiva. Zara has been ordered by Mejojo to help research.

While torturing Rath, Mejojo’s scar hurts and reminds him of the past about how Elvira was stolen away from him by Arles, who became sick and crazed. Mejojo tried to kill Arles but accidentally killed Elvira, which made Arles claw his face before running away. Back in the present, Zara tries to stop Mejojo ineffectually but luckily Mejojo and Auger are called away to defend the castle, because Arles and Guillan are storming it to rescue Rath. Arles meets Fiona and Julian in the garden though.

He bites her in the shoulder after finding out she’s Mejojo’s fiancée before leaving and then Mejojo tries to strangle Fiona when he sees the wound. In her unconscious state of mind she dreams about the castle and Auger. The wind picks up the moment she thinks she hears his voice and she closes her eyes thinking that she’ll be blown away. But then she hears Auger tell her goodbye and her eyes open in shock. AUGER IS SO NOT SUITED FOR AN OTOME GAME.. (-_-;).

Normally, this is the part where she’d be saved but instead Auger is cheerfully sending her off. Because she’s so angry she reaches out to grab at him, which makes him tell her to stop and not to involve him. He tells her to become a scrap of seaweed and be blown away alone. Fiona angrily states that seaweeds are found only in the sea, but he just shrugs and says that the sea and the air are pretty much the same thing. Anyway, he just wants her to hurry up and become a seaweed.

Fiona exasperatedly asks him why he keeps on wanting her to become a seaweed, but he just shrugs with a smile on his face. Then he asks her how long she’s going to hold onto his hand and she blushes when she realizes that the wind has died down, and it’s just her and him with a displeased look. She’s a bit shocked at how cold-hearted he is when he’s always smiling. But then she remembers that whenever he hurts her with his words, he soothes it with a smile.

She tries to ask him something, but he cuts her off and tells her that he’s busy and if she doesn’t have business with him then she should let him go. She flinches at how curt he is and remembers that he has no interest in her whatsoever. Auger smirks and asks her lightly if she’s not just satisfied with having his brother and wants him as well. He tells her that, unfortunately, she’s not devilish enough. When she looks at him in confusion he points out that her breasts are small and she’s unattractive.

If she was a witch then she’d have more style. Her face flushes in embarrassment, but before she can say anything Auger places his hand on her waist and his finger traces hipbone slowly. Fiona doesn’t like this at all and she feels like she needs to avert her eyes or slap his hand away. But before she can he traces up her side, past her breasts, and he follows the top of the dress before pushing his finger down in the middle of her dress, between her breasts.

Fiona splutters at him to stop, but Auger just wonders out loud what his brother sees in her because her breasts are so small. He doesn’t understand at all and he doesn’t want to. He wonders if they can grow bigger and she tries to protest again as his poisonous hands continue to trace the contours of her body while he sneers. A finger slides from her waist to her chest and then from her chest to her neck. Even though she finds it unpleasant, her body can’t stop trembling.

THIS IS KIND OF DISTURBING. Auger notices this and asks her why she’s trembling and if it’s because she can feel this. He calls her dirty. She tries to say something, but he cuts her off again and talks out loud about how it’s her fault for making his brother lose his mind since she got bit by a wolf. Fiona finally realizes that her wound doesn’t hurt even though it’s being touched and so she understands that this is a dream. This Auger isn’t the real Auger and it’s based off of her subconscious.

Which means that her mind must know how Auger has a hidden side to him, or that the real Auger is also cold-hearted and cruel. The thought scares her a little bit. She doesn’t know if he’s being cruel on purpose or if he’s oblivious of his actions on others though and she decides to ask in her dream. Auger informs her that if she wants to ask him something she has to prostrate herself on the ground first. Fiona sharply tells him she’s not going to do that and then asks if he hates her.

But Auger asks her if he didn’t just say that he’ll answer one question for her if she prostrates herself in front of him. She admits that he said that and so then Auger asks her to prostrate. But once again she replies that she has no intentions of doing so. Auger immediately tells her that he won’t answer then. She calls him a bully. He sniggers but then points out that he doesn’t need to answer since she should know the answer herself. She stares at him in silence.

And so he finally tells her that 「おれはきみが大っ嫌いだよ。殺してやりたいぐらい、大ッ嫌いだ。」(I really hate you. I hate you to the point of wanting to kill you). She points out that he has a cheery smile on his face and Auger replies that he hates cheery things. It’s only when he feels disgust that he can act nice. Fiona is shocked at how he can smile yet say such poisonous words. She asks him why he hates her that much, but he just asks her if she’s going to prostrate herself. Fiona replies that she’s not going to.

He tsks under his breath but he decides to answer her question, since he’s so nice. He doesn’t like her because he thinks his brother places too much importance on her. His brother is Mejojo von Garibaldi, the heir to the throne, and yet he’s being manipulated by a kid like her. Auger thinks that he’s the only one who should have the privilege to manipulate his brother. Fiona is silent before she points out that he’s being very cruel right now, but Auger just shrugs in reply.

Auger wonders out loud what kind of expression his brother would make if he stole her. Suddenly he grabs her arm and pulls her into his chest. Their lips are barely touching and Auger laughs quietly and with an amused face before he asks in a whisper 「きみを奪ったら、兄さんはおれを殺してくれるかな。それはちょっと面白いかもしれない。キスしちゃおうかな?」(If I steal you away, I wonder if my brother will kill me? That might be a little interesting. Shall I kiss you?).

Fiona tries to protest but he silences her with a long kiss. They break apart and he points out with a laugh that it’s cute how her legs are trembling. He’s going to kiss her until her brain melts. He talks about how her face is impertinent and it annoys him, so he’s going to be more passionate. He slips his tongue into her mouth and steals her breath away. She’s mortified but she can’t stop her trembling. In between his kisses he laughs at how affected she is.

She’s breathless as she calls him an idiot, but this just makes him laugh loudly. Auger is satisfied at being able to see her mortified expression and there’s a cruel smile on his face. Anyway, Fiona wakes up from her dream but she recalls Auger’s words and it makes her flush. She can still feel the touch of his finger on her body. She remembers reading in a book that dreams are the subconscious desires of the dreamer and she wonders if she wants to be treated like that by Auger.

Anyway, Fiona shakes her head and tries to leap out of bed but falls back injured. Zara chides her for moving while she’s injured and then she finds out about how Nesso snuck into the castle. They quickly decide to escape the castle and leave the country, but for some reason Fiona can’t help but think about Auger’s feelings. Her chest is tight as she thinks about how him. Unlike Mejojo, he’s never done anything to her.

But he’s remained beside Mejojo and acts as his devoted support. He moves into action only when Mejojo orders him to. And so if Mejojo isn’t stopped then Auger won’t either. The most scariest person must be Mejojo, which is why she doesn’t understand why she’s so scared of Auger. DON’T BE FOOLED GIRL! HE’S 1249134 TIMES MORE FRIGHTENING. She can’t help but be reluctant and scared to make him an enemy compared to Mejojo.

Nesso asks her what’s wrong and she replies that she can’t help but be scared. He reassures her that he’ll be with her. In the past, Nesso’s kind voice always wiped away her fears, but this time it doesn’t. She can see Auger smiling coldly in her mind. Nesso promises her that he’ll always protect her.

Anyway, Fiona agrees to run away. Meanwhile, Auger and Mejojo kill their father. Julian leads the group through the drainage system of the garden, but it turns out that he’s been working for Auger and Mejojo. Fiona learns about how broken Julian is, but Nesso manages to make Auger retreat and so the group escapes the castle. Auger returns to report his failure to Mejojo and receives his punishment in the form of a similar scar on his face. Meanwhile, Fiona collapses from a fever and Zara is afraid that she might have Zodiva.

The group finds shelter in an abandoned cabin and Zara reveals the truth about Zodiva. In order to cure it, they need the cooperation of the wolves who, after drinking the blood of someone with Lobeira, will have developed antibodies for it.

Fiona can’t help but think about Auger and wonder why he obeys everything Mejojo says such as his orders to exterminate the wolves. Surely, he notices how strange it is? And yet he doesn’t stop Mejojo and continues to listen to him docilely. But Fiona realizes that he must enjoy it. He’s not listening to Mejojo because he has to, but because it gives him entertainment. This means that if she can persuade Auger then Weblin might be able to be saved. Auger will be able to stop Mejojo.

Anyway, Fiona informs them that she can’t abandon Weblin when there’s still a chance to save it and so she wants to talk to the wolves. Meanwhile, Mejojo is finally crowned as the King of the country. Back with Fiona and the group, they start searching for the base of the wolves and she wonders if Mejojo and Auger had been hiding their insanity in the past whenever they went to see her. Then they’re found by Guillan who attacks them but Arles interrupts and brings them to Zanan.

At Zanan, Zara tries to convince the wolves to help them save Weblin by giving him a sample of their blood but Arles just laughs mockingly and asks why he should help a country that forsook him. But Fiona notices that Rath has given up hope and so she inspires him and, after seeing this, Arles allows them to stay in Zanan while they think about their next plan of action. Fiona thinks about her choices in the night and meets Arles who tells her his version of what happened 10 years ago.

He was afflicted with Zodiva and drank the blood of Elvira which cured it, but then Mejojo tried to kill him and ended up killing Elvira. Arles ran away after delivering a blow to Mejojo and then chose to abandon Weblin in order to protect the wolves when they were blamed for everything. In the end, Fiona chooses to try and protect Weblin. Julian overheard them but wants to help and so Arles and Guillan take the two of them to a nearby town.

The two of them are soon brought back to the castle. Fiona tries to convince Mejojo and Auger to give up on exterminating the wolves and to work together with them to save the country, but they just laugh at her and refuse. When Julian tries to help her Auger kills him and then Fiona is thrown into their torture room.

Fiona chooses Auger to torture her because, even though he killed Julian, he only acts according to Mejojo’s wishes. And so if he gave her punishment, it might be softer than if it came directly from Mejojo. Auger is surprised by her choice and hunches his shoulders when Mejojo sighs and frowns from beside him. But Auger asks him what they should do because even if he’s chosen, he’ll allow Mejojo to do it if he wants. Fiona’s eyes widen as she protests about how they gave her a choice!

Auger just snickers and points out how ardent she is about having him. Then he teasingly asks if she likes him that much, which she quickly denies. It’s just that she doesn’t know what Mejojo will do. He strangled her just because Arles bit her in the shoulder. If one isn’t careful, they could kill someone like that. UHH.. NO SHIT? UNLESS YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT ASPHYXIATION PLAY. Taking punishment from someone like that scares her. Although Auger is just as dangerous as Mejojo, he seems calmer.

She’s feels like he won’t be blinded by feelings and carelessly kill her. Mejojo sneers and informs her that she’ll regret her choice. She looks at him in confusion but he just steps back in answer to Auger’s question. Auger grins and promises to work hard since his brother is leaving it all up to him. Fiona can’t help but be reminded of when they used to come to her tower to play with her, because this scene is familiar.

Auger would always be the one to introduce new games to play with her, while Mejojo would stand in the back and watch over them like he is now. But this nostalgic feeling doesn’t fit with her current situation at all since she’s chained to the ceiling and they’re discussing how to punish her. Auger decides to clean her first since he likes things to be beautiful. It’s unbearable for such a dirty woman to stand beside his brother as well. She flinches at those cruel words and then yelps in pain when Auger releases her from the ceiling.

Her arms tremble from pinpricks of pain as the blood rushes back into them and then Auger pulls her to a bathtub in the corner. When she asks what he’s trying to do, he tells her impatiently that she should be able to tell just from looking. It’s a bathtub and he’s going to wash her. Her face turns red from shame at the thought of being washed by Auger in front of Mejojo. It’s true that she’d like to wash the dirt off, but not in this situation.

Auger asks her why her face is turning red then warns her not to have any weird thoughts, because he sees her as a pet. She flinches as he pulls on her chains as if she were a pet. But Fiona finds strength in the fact that no matter what they do to her, her mind will be free. Even if they treat her like a pet, she’s still a person. Auger comments on how her eyes look like they’re trying to convey something and he doesn’t dislike those eyes. Anyway, her chain is connected into the bathtub and then he orders her to get in.

She hesitates, which makes Auger ask if he has to force her, before she steps in and cries out at the coldness of it. She’s glad he didn’t tell her to strip first though. But then suddenly Auger cranks something and the chains around her arm shorten dramatically which forces her to kneel down in the tub as if she were grovelling. Fiona tries to protest but then he starts to pour ice water onto her and it instantly soaks into her clothes. It’s so cold it hurts and she tries to yell at him to stop, but her teeth are chattering.

Meanwhile Auger points out lightly about how she should understand her position in this world. She was the Galland’s only daughter and considered a princess. Even if she wasn’t royalty, she was considered to be one of the three important families in Weblin. And yet she threw it all away by dallying with men here and there despite being Mejojo’s fiancée. He accuses her of having loose morals and wonders out loud if she was so spoiled in her tower that she lost common sense.

Fiona tries to deny it, but she can barely get her words out through her chattering teeth. Auger mocks her by asking her to speak clearer since he can’t understand her. He points out that she was very talkative just a few minutes ago when she talked about reconciling with the wolves and curing Zodiva. He sniggers at how she’s barely talking now and then pours more and more water until she starts choking. She tries to hide her face, but with the chains holding her down she can’t run away.

He laughs and asks her what she’s trying to hide and if it’s because she considers her face to be precious? He tells her not to run before pouring more water and laughing at her pain. Then he remarks on how she’s become a little prettier although her body is still dirty and so she shouldn’t cherish her face that much. As he says this, his gaze slides lewdly down her body and all the heat in her body rushes to her cheeks. The wet clothes are plastered to her skin and turning see-through.

She pleads with them not to look at her which makes Auger sneer and remind her about her position. She’s just a pet to them and a pet can’t hide anything from its masters. Fiona tries to throw a helpless glance at Mejojo, but he just coldly tells her that she chose Auger. Auger tsks at how terrible she is to look at his brother for help when he’s in the middle of disciplining her. She’s a dirty woman who thinks she can seduce his brother. Fiona flinches at that and denies it fiercely in her head.

Auger comments on how she must be denying it in her heart about how she’s not like that. But he tells her that it’s true. She’s always looking for someone to seduce to save her. Her brother saved her and took her out of the castle, but she returned with the help of Julian. And Julian died because of that; because of how she said that she was going to return, since Julian wouldn’t have returned to the castle himself. He accuses her of seducing Julian into helping her.

He thinks Julian was an idiot for being so happy to be relied on that he returned to the castle and was killed. Her lips tremble with the urge to deny it, but Auger continues on and asks her poisonously if she didn’t think about what would happen to Julian if he returned. It was obvious that he’d be killed by Auger. He asks if she really didn’t think that would happen and then calls her an idiot. He tells her that it was because she was fool who acted like she was smart that everything became like this.

SHE was the one who killed Julian. Fiona stutters as she tries to deny this but her body trembles violently. All the strength has been sapped out by the cold and she can barely think. She didn’t kill Julian because she didn’t think such a cruel thing would happen! But doubts creep into her mind.. hadn’t Mejojo nearly killed her just from being bitten by a wolf? She had seen how Auger treated Julian like a broken toy when they tried to run from the castle.

Julian was caught up in her selfish actions. Although she had thought about failure, she didn’t think about the risks of her action. Maybe, unconsciously, she didn’t want to think about it. She might have hid herself from the horrible truth out of convenience and for hope. And as a result, Julian lost his life. Fiona chokes out that she killed Julian. Her lack of foresight counts as killing him. Her whole mind blanks at this while Auger just nods gravely and calls her a cruel woman.

Fiona repeats brokenly that she’s a cruel woman and Auger softly praises her for understanding her crime. She can’t comprehend what she’s done and so all she can do is sob out her apologies like a child. All the while, water is being poured on her. She killed Julian. She invited death to him. She knows that she won’t be forgiven even if she apologizes because Julian is already dead. She trembles uncontrollably as she wonders what she should do. Auger sighs and stops pouring water on her.

But even though the water has stopped, she can’t bring herself to raise her head. Finally, he asks if she understands how much of an idiot she is. She can only nod silently. Julian was killed by her foolishness. Auger tells her that she’s an unsalvageable idiot, but even still his brother approves of her. He tells her gently not to think anymore and to just listen to Mejojo’s words. His brother will order her and if she obeys then she’ll be cherished and protected.

Fiona can only repeat his words like a broken doll, but Auger patiently nods and tells her that his brother will forgive her, an idiot who wants to be saved and who killed Julian. Only his brother will accept her. He places a hand on her shoulder and it feels burning hot compared to her ice-cold skin. HOLY.. SHIT. AUGER IS LIKE A MASTER OF BREAKING PEOPLE Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ. Auger asks her if she doesn’t prefer that and then starts to stroke her back kindly. Fiona can’t help but enjoy the feelings of his large and warm hand.

But then Auger remarks on how she can’t call his brother by his name, because he’s a king now. He smirks as he asks her to call Mejojo by his title. Her mind is numb, her body is frozen and heavy, and it isn’t possible to think about anything. Fiona slowly says 「メヨーヨさま・・・」(Mejojo-sama..) and then wonders why a hot tear slipped down her cheek as she said this. Something in her chest tightens and she feels like she just lost something important.

Anyway, the torture scene ends with them branding the back of her neck. Arles realizes that Fiona has failed and prepares to siege the castle. He also leaves behind a journal about the truth and the cure to Zodiva. Nesso and Zara have been allowed to stay in Zanan and they wish to join the attack on the castle in order to save Fiona. Arles allows them and they start to prepare. Meanwhile, Fiona is dragged into the throne room and told about the impending attack.

She tries to beg for Nesso and Zara’s life but Mejojo refuses her and orders Auger to lock her in a tower above the royal garden so that she can see the battle when it commences. Back with the wolves, Nesso and Zara reaffirm their bond to each other and then the wolves initiate their plan. It all turns out to be a trap though and the gates are locked behind the wolves as they enter, leaving Rath trapped on the outside and everyone else in the inside. Nesso and Zara fight to find Fiona.

Meanwhile, Fiona is sobbing at the destruction of the beautiful gardens that Julian worked so hard on. She realizes the devastation and futility of war and this loop of hatred. The only people who can stop it are Mejojo and Auger and so she decides to look for Auger. Even though she knows her voice won’t reach anyone, she might still be able to do something. Plus, with his fervor for killing wolves, Auger would definitely be participating. When she looks around though, she finds Nesso and Zara surrounded by knights and fighting.

Fiona grips the bars and screams at them to run away because she’s fine, but no matter how loud she yells they can’t hear her. She can only watch as they continue to fight. Meanwhile, Nesso and Zara talk about how their situation is turning bad. Zara jokes about how he thought he could do a bit more, but he’s getting tired. Nesso jokes back about how he’s a butler and they’re known for pushing themselves and enduring. Zara chuckles and agrees that he used to be Nesso’s sparring partner.

They stand back-to-back and repel their attackers over and over. Zara wonders where Julian and Fiona are and the two of them start yelling for them. But no matter how hard they strain their ears, they can only hear the sounds of battle. Nesso decides that she’s probably in a hidden place which allows Zara to feel relieved that she’s not here. Anyway, Nesso feels like they had been deliberately led into the garden to be cornered. For every knight he cuts down, two more take its place.

But even though it’s obvious that Nesso is tired, his sword arm doesn’t fail and he relentlessly cuts them down. He even snarls at them to move and asks if they all want to die here since there’s no way they can win against him. This actually causes the knights around him to hesitate and look at each other. Nesso grimly hopes that he can continue to bluff like this, but at that moment Auger appears and remarks on how shameful it is to be trapped here. He’s surprised they aren’t dead yet though.

The knights apologize to him, but Auger just ignores them and comments on how Weblin’s finest knight might rip their hands off like a wolf. It can be said that this situation couldn’t helped. He shrugs his shoulders lightly and his clothes are completely untouched by the filth of the battle. Nesso gasps out Auger’s name and title, which makes Auger smirk 「あれ?まだおれのこと殿下って呼ぶんだ?真面目だね、ネッソ。」(Oh? You’re still calling me “Your Highness”? You’re so serious, Nesso).

Nesso’s smile is all teeth as he replies that it’s become a bad habit, but then he asks where Fiona is and demands that Auger return her. Auger points out that the words “return” are strange since Fiona came back of her own free will. Nesso spits out that even if she did, she must not want to remain here. Auger’s smile is cruel as he asks why Nesso would think that since Fiona chose him and Mejojo over them. She chose to stand at the top of this country as Mejojo’s wife over running away to an unknown country without anything.

He sniggers and remarks on how calculating and wicked Fiona is. Nesso yells at him to shut up because Fiona isn’t like that. Auger tells them that they should ask her themselves, but it’s a shame he has no intentions of letting them do that. Auger draws out his sword and Nesso immediately tenses. It is true that Auger’s sword arm is strong, but even still he wouldn’t be able to win against Nesso in a normal fight. However, the situation is completely different now.

Nesso has been fighting countless soldiers for countless hours and is exhausted. Auger lunges at Nesso and Nesso struggles to defend himself. Auger starts to mock Nesso and ask if he isn’t moving slower and if it’s because he’s tired? The sword arm of Weblin’s finest knight doesn’t seem to be dependable. Zara calls out in alarm when Nesso hisses in pain, but Nesso reassures him that it’s just a scratch. Auger is smirking as he asks if that’s true, because there’s a lot of blood for it being just a scratch.

Auger recalls that Nesso did something cruel to him back when they were escaping the castle through the drainage tunnel. He wants to return the favor. Nesso grits his teeth and tells Auger to do it, if he can. Auger just smiles and says 「うん、出来るよ。ほら。」(Un, I can. Look). Suddenly, Nesso lets out a grunt of pain as all the knights around him spear him through his body when Auger snaps his fingers. Zara’s face twists in astonishment, despair, and anger as he looks over his shoulder at the scene.

He glares fiercely at everyone around him and calls Auger a coward. Auger’s smile disappears as he asks Zara what he just said. Then he asks him if his brain is broken, because he never said he’d fight Nesso one on one. Zara’s face is full of horror while Auger just sneers at their chivalry. There’s no meaning in that if one is dead and he finds them pitiable for adhering to it. He asks them if they joined only because they thought the idea of saving Fiona was romantic.

Then he asks how Nesso feels dying here without even being able to see her face. In front of Zara, Auger stabs his rapier into Nesso’s stomach and Nesso collapses to his knees. Zara shouts at Auger to stop while Nesso is coughing out blood, but Auger just tells Zara not to interfere because he’s still playing with Nesso. Zara yells out that he won’t retreat, because if Nesso is going to die then Zara should die first.

Auger just snarls out that Zara is a hindrance right now and snaps his hand out to grab Zara’s ears. The ears of an animal are very sensitive and Auger, who should know this, is pulling Zara’s ears with what seems like enough strength to tear them off. Auger coldly states that Zara is still useful and so he won’t kill him. Zara asks him what he could possibly want and so Auger reveals that it’ll be troublesome if the medicine for Zodiva isn’t developed.

Zara instantly asks for a deal then. If Nesso is saved then he’ll listen to whatever Auger says. He even starts begging Auger to save Nesso. He believes that if his knowledge is something of value to the other person then his request should be heard. But Auger’s response is only a soft 「おばかさぁん。」(Oh, you idiot) as he blithely sends them despair. He asks them if they’ve forgotten that he and Mejojo have Fiona and she’s surely infected with Zodiva.

He shakes his head and adds that she doesn’t even have to be infected, because they can infect her. щ(゚Д゚щ) I’M WONDERING IF ANYONE CAN BEAT THIS UTTER BASTARD AT BEING A BASTARD. HOW DOES HE HAVE A ROUTE AGAIN? If that happens then Zara has no choice but to make a medicine for Zodiva. Zara’s lips tremble as he sobs in despair. No matter how much he struggles to defend his master and precious friend, Nesso, he can’t save him. A deal can’t be made if there are two or more hostages.

Then Auger adds that it’s about time for Nesso to die. Zara begs for him to stop, while Nesso just whispers Zara’s name. But Auger just says 「ばいばい、ネッソくん。来世ではもうちょっとまともな人生歩めるといいね。」(Bye-bye, Nesso-kun. Hopefully you’ll have a better life in the next world) and then he slices through Nesso’s throat. The red blood sprays onto Zara’s cheeks, but Nesso’s last words are his beloved younger sister’s name. Meanwhile, in her room Fiona is screaming out Nesso’s name.

She tries to stretch herself as far out the window as she can, ignoring the bars, just to sob out his name. If the bars and chains weren’t there, she would have thrown herself out of the tower. But all she could do was stare at his body. Nesso, who came into this dangerous situation to save her. He was always saving her when she was in pain. He was always kind to her. But now he was dead. Her body is wracked by sobs, although no sound comes out of her, and tears run down her face.

They will no longer be a Nesso to wipe them away gently. Below her, Zara is dragged away by Auger’s grip on his ears and his face is filled with blank shock. Fiona mutters to herself that this is a lie and a bad dream. She does this over and over again.

Anyway, back at the gates, Guillan tells Rath that Arles died and that he has to run away and live to lead the rest of the wolves out of the country. Rath doesn’t want to but is eventually forced to and Guillan dies with a smile on his face. A blood-stained nightmare is what the historian will end up calling this age. A gruesome war between the cats and wolves which involved all the other races, but the threat of wolves in Weblin has been ended. They have been exterminated in Weblin.

After that, the 7th head of the Garibaldi family, Mejojo von Garibaldi, announced that a medicine for Zodiva had been completed. Everyone in Weblin rejoiced. They no longer had to suffer the curse of the wolves. They no longer had to suffer from an epidemic. Because of this, great trust was given to Mejojo and under his rule Weblin once again became a rich and beautiful country.

Meanwhile, after that night, Fiona was returned to the dungeons. Mejojo hasn’t changed and she is still persecuted, whipped, and beaten. In fact, Mejojo is whipping her as he snarls out that she chose the dirty wolves over him and that crime won’t disappear no matter how many times he whips her. Fiona is sobbing for mercy and surprisingly it’s Auger who suggests for his brother to stop, but Mejojo just yells at him to shut up.

He shoves Auger out of the way and pants with rage. His violence has been escalating day by day. Auger, who always laughed at whatever Mejojo did up to now, is the only one who tries to stop it. Mejojo glares at Fiona who is crouching and trembling in fear. She thinks he’s lost his purpose because even though he won the fight and killed Arles, Arles stole his left eye. Seeing the wound on his face probably fills him with murderous rage, but now that Arles is dead, he doesn’t know who to direct it on.

That’s why he blames her and tries to dispel the resentment by torturing her, because she chose the wolves. Mejojo finally snarls silently and throws the whip on the ground, garnering a yelp from Fiona, before he spins on his heel and leaves. Now there’s just her, who endured unjust violence, and Auger, who was watching over her. He starts to move towards her and she flinches in fear at the thought of him doing something. In fact, she even begs for forgiveness in her mind.

They’ve deprived her of her dignity. They’ve deprived her of her family. What are they going to deprive her of next? What will they torture her with next? She just wants to die. Fiona suddenly begs Auger to kill her and his eyes widen in surprise. She points out that they don’t have a reason to keep her alive anymore. The wolves have been destroyed. The medicine for Zodiva has been completed. Nesso and Zara have been killed. And so there’s no point in keeping her alive anymore.

She yells at him to kill her again because she doesn’t want to be in pain or hurt anymore. Thinking about the people who have been killed because of her makes her heart collapse. The wounds on her back start to pulse in pain because she’s crouching. What meaning is there in living in this situation? Why should she continue to live? She has no meaning or hope to live for anymore. What Auger does is surprising though, because she expected him to refuse her with a laugh.

Fiona expected him to call her an idiot for thinking she’d die so easily. But instead he just sighs and embraces her gently, mindful of the wounds on her back. He also says 「……ごめん。ごめんね。」(Sorry.. Sorry). Fiona is shocked into silence because she doesn’t understand this at all. Auger, who had done all these horrible things up to now and killed Zara and Nesso, is apologizing to her?

Auger confesses to her that he wanted to do anything that would please his brother, because he has no one but Mejojo. The two of them promised each other to live on in the castle and he has no ally but his brother. Fiona remembers the things Auger said about living in a royal family and how assassinations and a struggle for the throne was commonplace. She can’t help but understand what he means when he says that Mejojo was his only ally.

She understands that they had no one to trust but each other. They didn’t have such expectations for their subordinates either, because they believed that their subordinates weren’t sincere. They always ordered them with cold eyes. Once again Auger admits that’s why he always listened to Mejojo’s orders, because he wanted to please him. His voice trembles minutely as he tells her that his brother changed. After that night, where everything ended, his brother changed. I DON’T BELIEVE THIS..

Fiona agrees in her mind that Mejojo has becomed crazed. Even though he’s king, like he wished, and he succeeded in exterminating all the nuisances of the country. His brokenness will turn him into a tyrant. Auger asks her in a pained voice 「フィオナ……。おれは、どこで間違えちゃったんだろう。どうして、兄さんは喜んでくれなくなったんだろう。」(Fiona… where did I go wrong? Why isn’t my brother pleased?). She doesn’t say anything and she doesn’t want to say anything. After all she and Nesso and Zara and Julian had tried to yell out that they were wrong.

But Auger and Mejojo disregarded them and destroyed everything they thought was a nuisance, so that even if they realized their mistake it is far too late. Once he understood that she wasn’t going to say anything, he releases her silently and steps away. Once again he apologizes to her. He turns to leave, but tells her that he’ll send someone down with medicine. Fiona still remains silent, but she does look up at him. Auger sighs shakily, while she thinks about how his face is without reliance.

However, she can see that there’s a tearfully perplexed look on his face as if he were a stray child waiting for someone to come. But Fiona knows that it isn’t her because she can’t save Auger. She knows that if she says something, she might have the chance of giving him relief. But it’s because of that she simply stays silent and watches him walk away. Anyway, Mejojo’s situation doesn’t end up improving. He’s angry at the scar on his face and angry at Weblin’s revival and continues to take out his rage on her.

And Auger continues to care for her after every session. Before she’s aware of it, it’s become natural for Auger to appear after Mejojo leaves to doctor her wounds. Before she’s aware of it, she forgives Auger slightly. One day he’s trying to care for her wounds and apologizes for the pain. He self-deprecatingly remarks on how he’s not very good at stuff like this. In the time when Mejojo is gone, Auger rubs ointment into her back. His warm and large hand gently pats her back.

Tears start to fill her eyes as she remembers how Nesso and Zara used to pat her back like this whenever she fell asleep due to a cold. She like to be touched like this. Auger apologizes in a panic at the sight of her tears and asks if it hurts that much, but she tells him that she just remembered Nesso and Zara. Auger’s eyes lower as he apologizes quietly. Auger was the one who deprived her of the two of them, but now he’s the one who protects her. She isn’t able to forgive him in this lifetime.

But even still.. she can’t help but feel happy to be treated so gently. She’s able to remember that she’s still a person when she’s treated like this. If Auger had treated her the same as Mejojo did then she would have quickly lost her mind. He murmurs that he’d like to be able to save her and finally Fiona whispers his name. She didn’t expect him to have lived, up to now, for the sake of pleasing Mejojo; that all of his antics up until now were to please his brother.

However, even seeing the broken and pained result that Mejojo has become, Auger shouldn’t be able to betray him. Fiona tells him that it’s fine. This is enough for her. She’ll be able to continue living off of Auger’s kindness. But will she still be herself until the very end? Suddenly a noise makes the two of them separate with a flinch. After the medicine for Zodiva was completed, the only people who come down here are Mejojo and Auger. Auger’s voice wavers as he asks if it’s his brother.

If it does turn out to be the broken and angry Mejojo, then there is no doubt that if he found out Auger was treating Fiona’s wounds he’d fly into a rage. It does turn out to be Mejojo who steps forward. There’s a frenzied rage in his remaining eye. Mejojo asks dangerously quiet if Fiona is betraying him again. Fiona stutters out his words in confusion.

But Mejojo snarls out 「私よりも、オージェを選ぶのか……!どうしてお前は私を選ばない!誰を殺せば、お前は私を選ぶのだ……!!」(You would choose Auger over me..!? WHY WON’T YOU CHOOSE ME?! WHO DO I HAVE TO KILL UNTIL YOU CHOOSE ME…!?). I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT THIS IS PRETTY SAD FOR MEJOJO. IT’S SO TRAGIC HOW HE DOESN’T KNOW THE PROPER WAY TO EXPRESS ANY EMOTIONS OR DEAL WITH HIS. She cowers under his shouting because it’s a conditioned reflex. Her body has learned that she’s always stricken by the whip when he shouts.

Auger’s eyes are wide as he hurriedly asks his brother to calm down. He tries to tell him that he doesn’t think of Fiona like he does him but Mejojo cuts him off. Mejojo says his name quietly and Auger responds waveringly 「……な、なに……?」(.. ye-yes..?). Mejojo tells him that he didn’t think he had any enemies left.. Auger smiles shakily and nods his head vigorously while telling him that he doesn’t have any enemies. The wolves, Nesso, and everyone are all gone.

Mejojo’s smile is twisted and crazy as he says 「だが、お前が残っていたんだな。」(But you’re still left). Auger’s mouth drops open in surprise. He, who has given everything to support and serve his brother, has been labelled an enemy. Fiona sadly realizes that he’s in shock. Mejojo continues on to say 「ああ、そうだ。お前がいたんだ、オージェ。お前が、私からフィオナを奪っていく。」(Aa, yes. You happened, Auger. You stole Fiona from me). Mejojo is swaying from side to side and he draws out his rapier with a crazed movement.

Auger yells at his brother to stop and wait and to calm down, because he hasn’t stolen anything from his brother. Mejojo just snarls at him to die; to die here for him. Auger throws himself to the floor to avoid Mejojo’s thrust and the rapier hits nothing. Once again he tries to ask Mejojo to calm down, but Mejojo replies coldly that he is calm. He asks Auger if he planned this from the start, to give him everything and then steal it away. Auger tells him that he had no such intentions.

He’s his brother’s faithful vassal and he’s fine with his brother being the greatest. But Mejojo continues on his delusions and remarks on how if the killing of wolves and spread of Zodiva was blamed on his rule then Auger, who would rule next, wouldn’t be criticized. Auger just calls out his brother’s name, but Mejojo continues to slash at him. Finally, after running around, he realizes that Mejojo isn’t going to stop and so he draws out his own rapier.

Mejojo just sneers and comments on how he’s finally drawn his rapier and if he intended to kill him after all. Auger gasps out that he never had that intention, but Mejojo snarls at him to shut up. They exchange blows in the dark room and Fiona can’t help but feel that they’re both beautiful even at a time like this. If a painter had been here then his hand would surely be moving with excitement. They exchange more blows, faster than the eye can see, before finally someone gets stabbed.

The point of Auger’s sword is in Mejojo’s chest. Auger sobs out his brother’s name in disbelief while Mejojo’s body collapses to the floor. He quickly embraces his brother’s body while he panics, but even Fiona can see that it’s a mortal wound. Auger’s sword went through Mejojo’s heart in a beautiful and conventional way. There is no surviving that. Auger eyes are wide in shock as he yells out his brother’s name over and over again. Then he finally asks Fiona shakily what he should do.

He’s sobbing now as he says 「おれ、たった一人の兄さんを、殺して……っ!おれが、兄さんを……!兄さん、兄さん、兄さん……!!」(I.. killed my only brother…! I.. my brother..! Brother, brother, brother…!!). OH GEEZ.. HOW CAN I HATE AUGER NOW?! He starts to wail and Fiona staggers to her feet, her chains jingling, and approaches him. She had decided that she wouldn’t forgive Auger in her lifetime. But.. even if she never forgave him in this life, she could still be by his side. Fiona tells him with a sad smile that she’s here and she’ll be beside him.

She remained in this country to stop these two people. She remained for the sake of improving Weblin even just a little bit. Then let’s accomplish her long-cherished desire. She’ll support Auger. Several days after Mejojo died, she was freed from the dungeons and transferred to the nostalgic house in the garden. Although the influences from that night are still left, the garden is slowly regaining its former beauty. Officially, Mejojo died from a sickness caused by the wound he received on that night.

Auger, who took care of Mejojo’s death, is the new king of Weblin now and works hard at creating a good government. Suddenly Fiona, who had been thinking about these past few days, says Auger’s name. He appears with a grin and asks if he’d been caught. She replies with a smile that he’s been caught and that no one but him comes here anyway. He agrees with an easy smile that he did order for no one else to be allowed here except for them. The smile disappears off her face as she asks if it’s because he wants to confine her?

Even though she said she’d be by his side, perhaps she’s not trusted? It can’t be helped if she’s not trusted though since she had escaped once. But Auger quickly shakes his head at her question. He tells her that she’s wrong and when she asks why he explains 「おれがきみを、他の誰にも見せたくないの。あとほら、おれがきみにデレデレしてるところも、王様としては見られたくないし。」(I don’t want anyone else to see you. Also, um, I don’t want anyone to see me, their king, fawning over you). As Fiona’s eyes widen in surprise, Auger embraces her tightly.

Trapped in his arms, even though it’s a sweet embrace, there is a painful feeling which clings to her. It’ll be fine. She’s here. Fiona tries to convey this by wrapping her arms around his back gently. He’s made a lot of mistakes. A lot of irreparable mistakes. No matter how much he tries to compensate for his past crimes, they can’t be erased. Wolves have disappeared from Weblin and her family cannot be returned. But if she’s here, then there might not be any more of these mistakes.

This is her wishful thinking. A hope for the future. Auger leans into her embrace, drawn in by her warmth, and Fiona combs his hair with her hand. He tells her lowly 「フィオナ、大好きだよ。」(Fiona, I love you a lot). She replies that she does too and then their lips touch. As they kiss, Auger whispers 「もっと……舐めていい?奥まで……。」(Can I taste.. more of you? Even the inside..). She grants him permission in a breathy voice and they kiss deeply.

As they do so Auger murmurs between breaths 「はぁ……、ん、ん……。昔から、ずっと……こうしたかった……。」(Ha.. Nnn.. I’ve wanted.. to do this.. for such a long.. time..). Her eyes open in surprise since she can’t believe that, but there’s no more room to think of that as her body trembles from Auger’s intense kiss. Auger murmurs 「……ごめんね、痛かったよね……。いっぱいキスしてあげる……」(.. I’m sorry.. it hurt, didn’t it?.. I’ll give you a lot of kisses..). He adds 「気持ちよくなって……。」(I’ll make you feel good…).

Fiona confesses that she’s happy between kisses and he just chuckles quietly and calls her cute and beautiful. Mimicking her, he sinks his hand into her hair gently. But his tongue is skillfully conveying his love. Their intense and long kiss finally ends and she stares at him with dazed eyes. Then the hand in her hair comes around to cup her cheek and Auger’s long white tail curls around her neck. PLEASE DON’T DO WHAT I FUCKING THINK YOU’RE DOING.. …=͟͟͞͞( •̀д•́))).

She says his name questioningly and looks up at him, but he’s just smiling very gently. Fiona thinks he’s about to kiss her again and so she closes her eyes.. WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. THIS. ENDING.. FADE TO BLACK?! THEN AFTER THE ENDING SONG.. Auger’s voice is heard saying 「……バァアアアカ。」(… Idiooooot). WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF.

*** BAD END ***

Everything is the same up to the monologue about Weblin becoming a beautiful country under Mejojo’s rule. The epilogue starts with Fiona back in the cottage in the garden and looking outside the window dimly. The garden which should have been trampled and destroyed in the fight has almost been restored to its former beauty. She can still see influences of the fight, but it’s almost been erased. It’s almost been a year since that frightening night.

The garden which used to smell of blood now smells of fragrant flowers. How was she spending this one year from that night? Well.. A baby’s babbling voice draws her attention and she moves to the source of the noise with a smile. Inside a lovely pure-white crib is a baby that looks up at her. Yes, she conceived and gave birth to this child in that one year. On the soft silvery head of the baby are white cat ears. This child really took after its father’s characteristics.

Fiona asks it gently what’s wrong and if it’s hungry. She asks this even though she knows she isn’t going to get an answer and she gently pats its chubby cheeks with a finger. The baby squeals joyfully and kicks out its hands and feet. I HATE BABIES. NOOO.. WHY BABY ENDING!? Fiona smiles at how cute it is and can’t help but feel love overflowing for it at its gestures. It’s a really lovely angel-like boy. NOW THAT I FINALLY KNOW ITS GENDER I CAN STOP CALLING IT A “IT” LMAO.

When the boy grows up, not only will he be cute, but he will also look beautiful like his father. And he will not only be beautiful, but he will also rule over Weblin as the heir to the throne. Fiona murmurs that he’s really like his father. Even she understands the strange feelings that surface in her as she smiles at her words. She thinks about their father and wonders who it is. Is it Mejojo? Or Auger? L O L YOU GO GIRL. GET THEM BOTH. She feels a wave of vertigo.

After giving birth to a child the physicians told her that she might experience anemia. She feels dizzy and sees a flashback of Mejojo murmuring about how he finally has her. She feels like she just heard someone’s voice in her mind; someone who isn’t there anymore. Her breathing picks up and she staggers back to her bed. Fiona exhales slowly as she sits down. After that night Mejojo, who finally accomplished his revenge, burnt out. It isn’t a stretch to think about that.

Mejojo has been living with his hatred towards wolves for ten long years. It was his reason for living; to kill all wolves. For that sake, he even had a strategy that he slowly twined around the country. In his life there was always an enemy. But after all the enemies have been defeated, he didn’t know what to do anymore. After Nesso and Zara died, Mejojo didn’t have an enemy in the castle. Everyone bows their head down with fear toward him. There’s no one to act against him.

In such a life Mejojo seemed to have lost his purpose. Although he should have been devoted to her, his interested weakened too. Even when Auger started to make advance on her, Mejojo didn’t say anything. During that time, she was just passed along from brother to brother like a thing. Anything she did would have been useless. Her eyes are drawn back to the lovely crib. Delicate ruffles decorated the crib which should symbolize happiness. But it’s a detestable symbol to her.

Her father was deceived and she became the wife of the man who killed her brother and important family. The baby who was born is a symbol of that. She murmurs out loud to the child that it hasn’t done anything bad. This new life hasn’t done anything guilty. If this life is really unbearable then she just had to die. However, she did not choose to die and instead sometime while she was living this new life appeared. Maybe, like Mejojo, an emptiness had opened up inside of her on that night.

But now it’s settled. Whatever she does is useless. There is nothing more that she can do. The wolves have been destroyed. The medicine for Zodiva had been completed, announced, and spread through the country by Mejojo. And above all, even if she were to run away from here, there is no family for her to run to. And so that’s why she’s just continued to exist here. Without the aggressiveness of a death wish, she just exists in inertia.

Just like Mejojo. After he fulfilled his desires he just emptily fulfills the role requested by his people. The motive of revenge that filled him for 10 years has been lost and now the zeal that moved him is gone. They’re an empty couple who moves only by inertia like a broken toy. It was Auger who ended it.

Flashback. Auger says 「さよなら、兄さん。おれを一番楽しませてくれる兄さんが、大好きだったよ。」(Goodbye, brother. I really loved you who gave me the most fun). As he said this he thrusts a dagger into Mejojo’s stomach. Mejojo can only gasp in surprise and disbelief. But Auger just stabs the dagger into his stomach over and over and over again. And the life of his only brother is ended. Auger tells him softly yet angrily that he really loved him.

He didn’t want to continue seeing his brother act like a fool and coward. Auger pities his poor, poor brother. He asks him rhetorically if it isn’t better for him to be killed than to continue living in such an ungraceful state. Mejojo gurgles and then tries to stagger away from Auger, but his white clothes are dyed red with surprising swiftness. Auger just grins crazily and wishes his brother goodbye again before ending his life with the blade.

Back to Fiona. She exhales harshly at the memory and the scent of all that blood can still be recalled. Auger killed Mejojo and all she did was stand there and stare. And Auger, who ended Mejojo’s life, kissed her while they stood wrapped in the choking scent of blood. In that moment she became Auger’s possession. She found out that she was with a child after that moment. She was told by Auger and he also doesn’t know who the father is.

She thinks about how the child is both of the twins. Although Mejojo and Auger looked the same, the atmosphere around them differed greatly. It is impossible to judge who the child’s father is from his features. But after she talked with Auger they decided to think of the child as Mejojo’s. But she thinks that the child resembles Auger a lot. Suddenly, Auger appears and asks how the child is doing. She tells him quietly that he’s being a good child.

He replies 「そっか。さすが兄さんの子だよね。お母さんに迷惑をかけないなんてさすがだよ。」(I see. As expected of my brother’s kid. Of course he wouldn’t trouble his mother). Auger, who came to the bedroom, is smiling as radiantly as he always is. There is no one who knows what he’s thinking about with that smile. There’s surely no one who can understand what he keeps in the darkness of his heart. Auger asks her what’s wrong since her expression is dark. She asks him if that’s true and he nods before pointing out that she seems depressed.

Auger asks her if she’s alright, but Fiona doesn’t answer. She doesn’t think she’s depressed because she feels like she’s left that feeling behind somewhere. She manages to muster up a smile and tell him that she’s not depressed at all, but she might have been just a bit unhappy. Auger asks her what she’s unhappy about. Fiona replies quietly that she’s wondering about the future. Auger laughs when he hears that.

He reassures her that she has nothing to worry about and that everything is fine. Auger whispers that sweetly into her ear as he approaches her, gently wraps an arm around her waist, and pulls her into his body. The way he’s touching her is sweet and kind. She murmurs his name, but he just tells her that everything is fine. He lowers his mouth as he says this and gives her a sweet, bewitching kiss.

Fiona closes her eyes and winds her arm around his neck as she receives his kiss. But something tugs at her mind. Maybe it’s because she remembered Mejojo, but she can smell the scent of iron rust. It’s the smell of blood. They’re both silent before Auger finally sighs softly. At close-range while they were exchanging heated looks.. the arm around Auger’s neck flies to her abdomen. Hot liquid is pouring out.

Auger quietly whispers 「……あんまり痛くはないでしょ?このナイフ、業物わざものでさ。」(.. It didn’t really hurt, right? This knife is very sharp after all). YOU MOTHERUFCKIANG KIFSDJGSOIDNTHSG (ノಠ益ಠ)╯彡/(.□ . \) WHY DO I BOTHER?! He remarks on how it’s a problem that didn’t even notice being stabbed, but it seems like she’s finally caught on. Fiona doesn’t say a word. Certainly, it was wonderful that the knife was very sharp. She only noticed because of the smell and then she found out that she was stabbed when she felt the wound.

He tells her 「もう大丈夫だよ。きみは兄さんの代わりになってくれる、素敵な男の子を生んでくれたからね。」(Everything is fine now. You gave birth to a wonderful boy to take the place of my brother). Then he adds 「もう、死んでもいいんだよ。」(Now it’s time for you to die). She sinks down onto the bed and looks up dazedly, but Auger is just smiling at her gently and affectionately. As her awareness weakens, she can hear Auger’s last words.


24 thoughts on “BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Auger von Garibaldi ~

    Kirma said:
    February 16, 2013 at 13:53

    ”DON’T TRUST HIM HE’S A LIAR.” thats quiet funny

      Ilinox responded:
      February 17, 2013 at 19:02

      Auger’s entire route can be summed up with a wall of LIAR LIAR LIAR TROLL LIAR LIAR TROLL TROLL LIAR LIAR TROLL LIAR TROLL LIAR.

    roiya said:
    July 10, 2012 at 20:01

    yes his character is undeniably fascinating but part of me wonders why they gave this lying bastard a route……just to troll us? or give us a route that only makes us depressed?I suppose he makes the story even more deep but i want to punch him in the face every time he trolls us. i cant believe they dont give julian and guilian a route in the psp version too but let Auger be a route even though the psp version is supposed to be more love-filled, An otome Auger?? inconceivable!!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 12, 2012 at 11:37

      That’s what it means to be one of the main guys or core characters apparently.. a guaranteed route which they somehow have to make believable. That’s actually why I don’t mind that he has a route, despite all my crazy feelings and horrified shock at his endings xDD;;

      The game makers pretty much decided to add in a route that was purely character exploration without any romance in an otome game! That takes balls and is kind of interesting, although I suppose you could argue that this defeats the purpose of an otome game.

      Anyway I think everyone is dying to know what Auger in Last Hope is going to be like wwwww.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 4, 2012 at 18:59

    haha… i’ll try to do that from now but I can’t make any promises and sorry about that. So Nesso’s sidekick mouse knight it’s one of the people Fiona falls in love with. They’ll release last hope around Christmas or close to the end of the year so yeah and twins cats ending was surpisely good the good ending I mean the bad ending will… it made me speechless which is a first. I might go for it but I looked at Starry Sky and it doesn’t have any guys that i’m instructed in maybe one or two but i’m what serious they show in and I i’m not sure what system there for but thanks for advice i’ll keep that in mind.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 4, 2012 at 12:46

    JULIAN DOESN’T WANT TO WANT KILL HER! aha ignore that part of Julian wanting to kill her he wont do that i think.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 4, 2012 at 12:42

    When you get the secret route out of the way could then could do Julian next because I think is suppose to be a little bit more romantic than the twins at least he want kill her. I can sympathies twin cats a little Mejojo with being betrayed by everyone so yeah can he but and same thing goes for Auger to I come on your own brother you trusted for years just out of the blue says your my enemy now so i’m going to kill and then and up killing him wouldn’t go a little insane to in the good ending I mean. In the bad ending I had NO fucking sympathy for him. I do like babies and all but that was definitively uncalled for I mean gaaaah! I think you get my point will last hope coming out this year or next year man I wish could play this game but sense I can’t read Japanese it’s going to be hard for me I’m learning but so far no luck so yeah but thank for reviews they really help out a lot and do pick which character your going for pick in the beginning of the game during or is like one mutiulpe choice game and sorry about the bad spelling.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 4, 2012 at 17:16

      I was just teasing about the secret route which was basically the twin endings for Mejojo and Auger. I’m sorry but next is Nesso and then it’ll be Julian!

      It’s left up to interpretation whether or not he kills her, but the last line described Auger’s tail curling around her neck. Then after the ED song plays, he calls you an idiot. So who knows Orz. The popular opinion is that he kills her.

      There’s no release date for Last Hope yet, but so far they seem to want it to come out this year. All they have on their website is “2012” so who knows. I’m thinking it might come out sometime with Diabolik Lovers and so around September or so?

      Otome games are a really good way of improving Japanese and it has the added bonus of being fun. It might be hard at first, but it definitely gets easier after a while. You should think about playing games that have been translated already, like the Starry Sky series!

      There are multiple choices throughout the game and every time you choose one it gives points to certain characters or a group. In the end it sort of totals up your points to see who you’ve been going for and whether you get the good end or bad end.

      PS. You don’t have to make a new comment every time you want to say something or add something xDD. You can just reply to yourself to keep it all in one section. When you write like this I get confused as to which one I should reply to to answer you Orz.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 4, 2012 at 12:13

    Please in Last Hope let the twin cat brothers be less insane than they already are this game and I know they call it a Bloody Nightmare but they didn’t have to go that far. I never thought I say this but give Mejojo over him any day. If he really did strangle her with his tail but i’m to all that good and kind in this that he didn’t he wan’t to but his tail in her mouth that’s all…aha… right…RIGHT?! The twin cats better be less insane and they said last hope is suppose to be more romantic or something but Auger I don’t know. Mejojo I can him being more romantic yes but they better not put him seeing Fiona as an object again because it’ll get old if they do it twice.And Auger please make him less of a liar and a crazy if they don’t then *sigh* oh forget it but they better make them better in last hope. When is last hope suppose to come out anyway just out of curiousness sake that is.

    Carl Brock said:
    July 4, 2012 at 11:01

    That the good ending did he kill her or what because tail curling around her and calling her an idiot doesn’t give me much to go on here. I just thought I ask go ahead call me an idiot because i’m not sure if he’d kill her or not.

      harunafuu said:
      July 4, 2012 at 11:23

      Well, it’s not sure if he really killed her, but I would say it’s heavy implied that he did, since he called her an “idiot” for trusting a person like him…
      But you’re free to interprete something else in that, since it’s not shown that she was strangled…

    harunafuu said:
    July 4, 2012 at 03:54

    This route is such a troll route… I somehow sensed that Auger is much crueler than Mejojo but WHAT IS THIS????!!
    Auger is surely the worst guy in this game… He is scheming cruel plans in dark corners just to please himself while let other people suffering. Even his oh so “beloved” brother is merely a toy to him. What a malicious character! o.O

    The good ending with strangling Fiona fits him, since he’s cruel to no end. I would NEVER believe, that he really loved Fiona or anybody… And that 3P Ending… WHY??!!

    Auger is just so damn messed up, that no one could ever save him… Really…

      Ilinox responded:
      July 4, 2012 at 16:20

      I couldn’t resist placing that in his description because I can’t find anything redeemable in Auger’s character. He’s fascinating, but it’s basically the same fascination I share for Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes wwww They’re insane, but it’s amazing to see the lengths they’ll go to to find something to stimulate them.

      I have mixed feelings towards Auger. While a majority of me is like “GAAAAAH RUN AWAAAAAAY” another part of me actually feels a bit of pity. Maybe I just enjoy sympathizing with villains too much, but I can just imagine the amount of boredom he must be feeling to drive him to do these things. He doesn’t even have any concerns about his own life I would argue, since he just sees that as another game (the time when he was ecstatic at the thought of being killed by his brother).

      On another note, I feel like he actually did love Mejojo or at least as much as he could “love” him. I’d argue that both these cats wouldn’t know how to “love” at all. Anyway, it’s only when his brother becomes boring and ordinary though that he loses his love, but at that point I don’t think he’d consider Mejojo his brother anymore.

      The only way I can think of for them to do a romantic route in Last Hope is to make Auger unnaturally fascinated or amused by Fiona. Maybe he finds her reactions entertaining or something and he never gets bored of her? /o\

        harunafuu said:
        July 4, 2012 at 23:47

        Maybe the killing act was out of sympathy… As you said, Auger can care about his brother, let’s not look at the bad ending, so I think when Mejojo lost his purpose in life, Auger felt pity for him and ended his beloved brothers life before it getting worser. So it’s maybe a way to show his love? Dunno, Auger is just really irritating, since I don’t know what I should believe and what not…

        Last Hope: Maybe Fiona will become a unpredictable stalker like DiaLovers Yui in Shuu’s CD. orz That would be entertaining enough to never let Auger’s amusement go downhill…
        Oh, how about the theory that Auger will be healed after she poured her love to him?? OMG NO, so cheesy that it’s not gonna happen… >_<

    huyutfsakura said:
    July 3, 2012 at 15:11

    GRAHHHH, YOU TWINS. Y-You’re scaring me D: I’m still waiting for last hope to be released -________- ! I hope it doesn’t have any scary people in it :D Through out the twins path (both of them) I kept screaming “NO GET AWAY, RUN BITCH RUN!” :’D

      Ilinox responded:
      July 3, 2012 at 16:57

      I still want to hear some more information about the story of Last Hope /o\ how the heck will they make it a purer and more romantic story if THESE two are in it. I also hope we get some PSP exclusive people… ELZA THE LION!? 8DDD!

      I don’t know if it’s because I like the tragedy of his character or I’m just hopelessly biased for Sakurai’s voice but I only wanted Auger to get away (≧ω≦) MEJOJO CAN STAY.

    Dellz said:
    July 3, 2012 at 01:50

    :P I’m playing this game right now and gud, this game give me a mixed feeling. I love the dark and gore theme in this game but Mejojo and Auger…. I lost words for both of them. I still can tolerate Mejojo but Auger, sorry he irritates me a lot. And I think in the good ending, he strangles her with his tail :(

    The only guy who interest me is Arles lol

      Ilinox responded:
      July 3, 2012 at 16:55

      I think Auger terrifies everyone. I haven’t met a single person who likes Auger as a person, although I’ve met a lot who like him as a character and I do too xDD;; The relationship between the two brothers and the way they act is fascinating though! ;ww; I’m of the opinion that he strangles her too, which just makes him even more cruel in my eyes since he went so far to put on an act.

      LOL you don’t even like his little brother? I like all the wolves~ except maybe Guillan. I’m kind of neutral towards him, but Arles is definitely gshnghjtsjadgdgg.

    Juudai said:
    July 2, 2012 at 14:51

    Hehe, thank you so much for the review!
    The twins’ routes were definitely…something. What I’m curious about is how their routes will be in Last Hope! I mean, I honestly believe it’s possible for Mejojo to actually fall in love with Fiona and have sincere feelings towards her, but Auger? I pray he doesn’t become OOC..!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 2, 2012 at 15:09


      You’re very welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed them, although they still have a few more routes left 8D. I just decided to put it in another post so that I wouldn’t be showing any of the twins bias.. oh who am I kidding since I prefer Mejojo FAR more than I prefer Auger..

      ;ww; I really want some knowledge as to what story Last Hope will be.. I’m thinking of how they incorporated the title “Bloody Nightmare” in the game to represent the slaughter between the cats and wolves. Maybe “Last Hope” will be presented in the game.. and so Fiona being the “Last Hope” to cure everything? I have no idea lmao.. LOVE SHALL CURE EVERYTHING.

      The only way I can see them pulling off a romantic Auger route is to make Auger really interested in Fiona.. but it’d feel kind of cheap if he spouted off corny lines like “I love how interesting your reactions are~!”. I can definitely see Mejojo being sort of redeemed since in his good end he’s sort of okay?

      Although now that I’ve seen Auger’s trolling routes.. I can’t help but remember Mejojo’s last line too which was sort of ambiguous.. The line was about how she can see something pure and beautiful in his eyes.. and then it went mad/crazy. ┐(‘~`;)┌

    jennifer said:
    July 2, 2012 at 14:50

    wait in the good ending does it mean Auger killed Fiona?

      Ilinox responded:
      July 2, 2012 at 15:04

      I think they left it open-ended but heavily implied that he strangles her since he’s says “baaaaaaka” at the very end after the ED song.. plus he’s been uninterested and lying to her from the beginning of the game. I’m not convinced by the way he’s acting at the end.

      Also, I definitely think that the bad end sheds a lot of light on his character. He’s motivated by entertainment and kills Mejojo because he’s boring and then Fiona when she has no more use for him. In the good end, after Mejojo starts his descent into rage-mode I bet Auger started to get bored at how predictable his brother became.

      There was a point in the game where he thought it’d be amazing to die to his brother’s blade, but I think that was when Mejojo still had his reason and mind. Now he’s just an angry beast who lashes out at everyone and still has this boring fixation with Fiona (at least in Auger’s eyes) so that he probably tried to find entertainment in goading Mejojo by stealing Fiona. Then after that, when Fiona became his, he became bored again and killed her.

      Basically.. I don’t really know what to think of myself, but I just don’t trust in Auger.

    Nodoka said:
    July 2, 2012 at 07:04

    Thank You! I (**)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( just asking, who are you going to play next? )

      Ilinox responded:
      July 2, 2012 at 14:56

      No problem~! The next post is going to be a secret, but then after that I’ll probably do Nesso and then Julian to finish up the cats. Then Zara and then the wolves 8D!

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