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(These twin endings appear after you finish doing Mejojo and Auger’s good and bad endings. I didn’t want to add them onto the end of Auger’s post since they involve both brothers in an equal sense. So, yay, another post! It has the added benefit of making me look like I’m updating rapidly too 8D /bricked).

(If you right-click on the images and click “view image” you can view them in full size which is 1025 x 575).

Everything is the same in Mejojo’s route, with her showing a preference for Mejojo in every choice, up to the point where Fiona is locked in the tower and forced to observe the fight that is happening down in the royal garden.


Fiona decides to look for Mejojo and she sees him fighting Arles. Their fight ends with Arles dying but taking Mejojo’s left eye with him. Back at the gates, Guillan forces Rath to run away before he dies. Then Fiona gives a monologue about how this point in history will forever be known as the “Bloody Nightmare”.

Everything has become nothing. Her family has been killed and she has no reason to leave the castle anymore. She just wants to shut her eyes. In a situation like this, how can she not close her eyes from the sight of it. Surely, no one would blame her.

Time skip. Fiona wakes up in the cottage in the gardens to the sound of birds chirping and the light shining through her window. She blinks rapidly and thinks about how she felt like she had a dream. A terrifying dream about becoming dirtied in blood. She slips out of bed, because she’s thirsty after having a bad dream. It might be because she was crying and shouting in her dream. When she tries to slip out of the bed though an arm curls around her waist and pulls her back down.

Mejojo’s asks her huskily where she thinks she’s going and his breath caresses her ear. She tells him that her throat is dry and so she thought she’d get up first. Although he murmurs his consent he doesn’t bother letting her go. He’s embracing her body as if she were a child’s stuffed animal. It’s been several years since the extermination of the wolves and that bright red nightmare. Fiona has formally become the wife of Mejojo and they have two children. One is a girl that is a white cat just like her father.

The other is a boy that is a human just like his mother. They’re both lovely children, but she knows that she might not see her son one day. Because he’s not a cat he won’t be able to become king. One day his right to the throne will be stolen somehow. Even if she knows that though she can’t do anything. All she can do is love him now. Fiona reminds Mejojo that she’s thirsty, but he asks her lowly 「……私を置いて、一人で起きてしまうのか?」(.. Are you going to leave me and get up alone?).

Fiona explains that he’s been really busy lately and so she thought she’d let him sleep more. He tells her 「そんな気遣いはいらん。……私を置いていくな。」(That worry is unneeded… Don’t leave me). Fiona sighs and accuses him of being spoiled, before giggling at his sulking face. Mejojo is a good king. After that night, he was angry and broken while his wound healed but after that it was as an evil demon disappeared and he settled down.

Right now he is concentrating his efforts on restoring the villages destroyed by the wolves and exterminating Zodiva. After that night, the medicine for Zodiva was suddenly completed in the castle. She reminds herself that she mustn’t think about who did this research or where they did it. If she thinks about it, she’ll remember, and she’ll disappear. She’ll go crazy. That’s why she’s blocking everything out and pretending that she can’t see the past. Now she has her lovely children.

And a gentle and intelligent husband who is a king. That’s all she has and that’s enough for her. Gently, with a smile, she loves Mejojo. She relaxes and entrusts her body to the warmth of Mejojo’s arm that is embracing her to his chest and naps in the morning light. She’s happy. Fiona convinces herself that this is surely happiness. Surely. She closes her eyes and starts to lose to the sweet temptation of falling asleep again.

But then suddenly their door is thrown open and Auger greets them loudly and cheerfully. LMAO I NEARLY FREAKED OUT THINKING I WAS GOING TO GET STABBED WHEN THE MUSIC STOPPED. Fiona startles while Mejojo just sighs heavily. She shouldn’t be so surprised at the sight of Auger though, since there is no one else but him who could come here. Anyone else who tried to enter would be swiftly executed. This garden and house is separated from everything else for her sake.

People can only enter with Mejojo and Auger’s permission. The same goes for leaving. Mejojo asks Auger with annoyance what his business is. Auger pouts and tells them that Mejojo didn’t show up for the meeting nor was he in the study and so Auger grew bored. Mejojo sighs and asks him if he thought it was a good idea to interrupt a married couple’s time just because he’s bored?

Auger replies slyly 「いいじゃん、兄さん。おれも混ぜてよ。二人だけでイチャイチャするなんてずるいよ。」(It’s fine, brother~. I want to join too. It’s unfair for just the two of you to act cozy). Fiona splutters at that but then Auger continues to tell them to have breakfast with him like a family. He doesn’t want to have breakfast by himself. Mejojo and Fiona both  exchange amazed glances before they sigh. After all, they can’t defeat Auger when he has his mind set. Mejojo admits defeat and tells Auger to order the maids to prepare breakfast.

He’ll go when the preparations are done. Auger acknowledges the order and leaves the room humming cheerfully. It’s likely that he’ll order a maid to prepare breakfast immediately. Fiona remarks on how Auger really loves Mejojo. Mejojo just huffs and replies that he’s his only brother after all. She nods and thinks about how she’s heard these words a lot. Auger and Mejojo both recite this phrase as if it were a charm. Recently, Mejojo has been gradually revealing the past behind those words.

Flashback! Mejojo is explaining to Fiona that Auger and he were alone in the castle. No one helped them. Fiona doesn’t understand since they were both princes. Mejojo sneers and reveals that his mother had a low status and she wasn’t loved by their father. Julian’s mother tried to assassinate them many times and still no one helped them. Their own mother committed suicide. Fiona’s eyes widen in shock, but Mejojo averts his eyes and corrects himself. Their mother didn’t commit suicide. He and Auger killed her.

Fiona gasps but then Mejojo explains that his mother used him and Auger to kill herself. They killed their mother without knowing that they were doing so. He nods and tells her that his mother wanted to play a game and she made them pull a rope. It was just that the end of the rope was tied around her neck. And so in this castle where they had no allies, the two of them lived on. Just the two of them.

Back to the present. Even after hearing this though, she still can’t forgive them. At least that’s what she thought but she was moved. As she was trusted little by little and Mejojo gradually revealed his and Auger’s past, it wasn’t possible for her to hold onto the abhorrence she had for this calm and gentle Mejojo, who was her husband, after that night. Anyway, Fiona suggests that they should get up now and Mejojo agrees reluctantly, because he wanted to spend more time with her.

She giggles and Mejojo gets up out of bed since he knows that Auger will intrude again and complain if he’s made to wait. She follows after him and after they straighten each other’s appearances up, they head to the living room where Auger would be waiting. Maids are running around busily preparing the breakfast and so Fiona takes a seat and looks dimly out at the garden. After that night, the garden which had been ruined and dyed red had been restored.

Now the grass is thick and green and the beautiful flowers are in bloom and the wind smells sweet. It’s like a dream. Or more like she wants to think that it was a dream. That everything had been a bad dream. Her son and daughter ask her what she’s doing looking all spaced out, but Fiona just smiles and reassures them that she was just wondering if everyone was happy. The children ask her who she’s talking about, but Fiona just smiles mysteriously and doesn’t answer.

At her words, the children lower their eyebrows in disinterest. And then her daughter asks her if she can play outside until breakfast is ready. The boy asks for the same permission, but Fiona glances sat Mejojo. Mejojo informs them that they’ll call them when breakfast is ready and so the two are to play in a place where they can hear them. The children nod excitedly and then run outside cheerfully. As she watches their back, she feels her chest tighten for some unknown reason.

She wonders when they’ll learn that there is a world outside of this one. Will they also come to yearn the outside world like she did? Auger comments on how the children love the outside, kind of like Fiona in the past. Mejojo smiles and agrees at how in the past Fiona’s wish to see the outside caused them a lot of trouble. She grins and replies that it was in the past. She shakes her head as they tease her. She doesn’t think about wanting to go outside anymore.

The outside world isn’t hoped for anymore. For her, there is only here. This calm, beautiful, and gentle as a lie time. As long as she plays the role that they want her to, no one will do anything hurtful to her. And no one will get into any dangerous situations. Mejojo suddenly asks her if she still thinks about wanting to go out. She tells him promptly and with a smile that she doesn’t think about it. She doesn’t want to go to the world on the outside. She doesn’t want to see the world on the outside.

In the world on the outside, there’s Nesso and Zara and her father and Pearl and Richie and the Scharlmessen where everyone lived happily in peace. They might worry a little bit about her whenever they remember her. But they don’t contact her now that she’s a member of the royal family and the queen. She also doesn’t think about contacting them because she is no longer a daughter of the Galland family. But still she hopes they’re doing as well as her. They have to be. They can’t not be doing well.

Her world consists of this place. Their world is on the outside. That’s why they can’t meet. She no longer wants to see the outside world. Mejojo asks her if she’s happy. She replies with a smile that she is. But Auger asks why she’s crying. She blinks in surprise and lifts a hand up to her cheek only to feel how wet it is. She doesn’t know since there’s nothing to be sad about. She is supposed to be happy. Mejojo calls her a strange woman. Fiona just smiles sadly and agrees.

It might be that she became strange. She has a husband that is a gentle, wise, and excellent king and lovely children. And a brother-in-law who supports her husband. She is happy to be enclosed by her family like this. The reason why her tears are overflowing must be because the garden is beautiful and because she’s happy. Fiona smiles tearfully and mutters that she’s happy. In the middle of this beautiful never-ending nightmare. UHH.. I CAN’T DECIDE IF I SHOULD BE PLEASED OR DEPRESSED.

*** TWIN BAD END ***

In the tower Fiona chooses to search for Auger. She sees Nesso and Zara fighting and watches Auger kill Nesso. Then Zara is dragged away to places unknown. Meanwhile, Guillan forces Rath to run away at the end. Fiona monologues about how this period of time will forever be known as the “Bloody Nightmare”.

Everything has become nothing. Her family has been killed and she no longer has anything outside of the castle for her. The last wish that she, who has lost everything, has is to be punished. Fiona believes that everything is her fault and that she killed everyone. And so she deserves to be punished.

Time skip! In a dark, narrow, and sultry dungeon.. THEY’RE FREAKING FREAKY!! Fiona has no concept of the amount of time that has passed since she’s been down here. After that night she was returned back into this prison. Every day is spent chained in the darkness. How many days has it been? How many months? How many years? The roiling and intense feelings that overflowed in her on that night have gradually weakened as she passes her time in this unchanging place.

Or more like it’s not that her feelings have weakened, but that lately she’s been feeling very spaced out. The sense of her own existence is starting to melt away. Who is she? Her existence is melting and merging with this darkness around her. It extends greatly and swells. Fiona suddenly startles at the sound of a water drip and is shocked by her own thoughts. She’s scared of her own self now. To return to herself like this.. she’s starting to fear losing the sense of her own existence.

She repeats in her mind that she’s Fiona. Fiona Galland. She’s the only daughter of the Galland family.. but what is the Galland family? Everything is vague. Nothing is understood anymore. Is she awake? Or is she asleep? Her consciousness just continues on a straight line. In this dark dungeon and tied in chains, she’s dreaming by herself. Suddenly, she thinks she hears footsteps. Fiona wonders if it’s time for dinner, but she doesn’t think so since she’s not hungry.

The meal here is simple and it doesn’t happen at predictable times. Each time she is left until she starts to cry from hunger. But she isn’t at that level of hunger yet and so these footsteps can’t be dinner. Fiona smiles as she wonders if it’s Mejojo or Auger. She’s so happy! The two of them are coming. Surely, it’s those two. There’s no one else who would come down into these filthy dungeons except for those two. She’s happpy! If she weren’t a human and had a tail, it would be wagging at their reception.

The door is opened and Fiona calls out happily 「メヨーヨ様! オージェ様!」(Mejojo-sama! Auger-sama!). OH GOD SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME IS NOT COOL. ALL SORTS OF CRAZY THINGS HAPPEN TO THE PERSON. She was correct and now that the door is open, light streams into the world that was pitch darkness. The light is painful on her eyes which had become accustomed to the dark. But even more than that, her eyes are filled with tears at the sight of Mejojo and Auger who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

She’s happy that she wasn’t forgotten. She doesn’t have anyone other than these two. They are the only ones who know that she exists. If these two disappeared, if these two threw her away.. there will be nothing left of her. That’s why Auger and Mejojo are everything to her. When she thinks about the brand they left on her, her chest is filled with happiness. If only they had placed it in a position where she could see it. That way she won’t be lonely even if she’s left in the dark.

Fiona thinks of the brand as proof of their love. Auger snickers and asks if she’s so happy to see them that she’s crying? Fiona nods vigorously. Mejojo sneers and comments on how she seems to have learned her place and she’s acting like a pet. Auger compliments his brother for giving out such good discipline. Then Auger calls her a kitten and asks her how she’d like to be bullied today. Her eyes widen in surprise.

It’s possible to get care. It’s possible to get pain. It’s possible to get pleasure. Thinking about this fills her with so much pleasure and joy that her body starts to shake. Mejojo takes the whip from the wall and Fiona is smiling as she grovels on the floor to present her back to Mejojo and make it easier for him to whip her. Her hands and feet are trembling with pleasure. She thinks about how long ago it was when there was a time that she couldn’t help but be scared of being whipped by Mejojo.

Fiona thinks about how she was such an idiot. She was such a fool to be unable to understand the pleasure of being struck like this. It really hurts to be struck over and over again to the point where she can’t help but cry and the wounds are swollen and hot. But in exchange, she’s able to think about how she isn’t alone. Mejojo is the one who gives this pain. By clinging and holding onto this pain, she’ll be able to endure being alone in the dark.

Auger is smiling crazily as he tells Mejojo to look at Fiona and how she’s so happy to be whipped. Mejojo sneers at how she’s acting like a dog by being so pleased to be struck. Because of this it’ll be necessary to think of something else as punishment. Auger sniggers and suggests that not being able to meet Mejojo is the best punishment. Mejojo smiles coldly and tells her that she’s cute. It’s lovely how unsightly she is. The leather of the whip creaks and she shivers in thrill.

DON’T YOU DARE PLAY THE ACOUSTIC GUITAR VERSION OF DEAR DESPAIR WHILE THIS SCENE HAPPENS. IT’LL GIVE ME BAD ASSOCIATIONS!! Fiona screams out when the whip hits her back and Mejojo asks her mockingly 「嬉しそうな声だな。鞭がそんなに美味しいか?ならばもっとくれてやろう。」(Such a happy voice. Is the feeling of a whip that delicious? Then I’ll give you more!). In the midst of the raining blows of the whip and her crying out because of the pain, her body is shaking in pleasure.

She’s pleased to be degraded and struck like a domesticated animal. These beautiful twin princes.. No, now they’re beautiful twin kings. She’s happy and proud to be cared for by the two of them like this. She’ll go to any length to answer whatever form they require of her. That’s why.. Fiona screams out at them to give her more. Her body shakes from the force of her yells as she wants them to give her more and more pain. ….(°Α°) She wants them to break her more and more.

To the point where she won’t remember anything. To the point where she can’t think about anything. She wants them to make her forget all her sadness and herself. Her last thoughts are that she wants a more violent punishment. WELL I CAN’T SAY I EXPECTED ANYTHING NICE OUT OF A BAD END.. BUT STILL.. EXTREME CREEPINESS ABOUNDS. AND I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WHAT CAN PROBABLY BE CONSIDERED THE TWO MOST CRAZY CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME?

17 thoughts on “BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Twin Ends ~

    udonchan222 said:
    May 12, 2013 at 20:49

    I had a heart attack every time the music stopped as well. I’m thinking. ‘GAH! GUNNA GET STABBED NOW!’ Sheesh, I dunno if I regret playing this game or not…. It was a lovely game though, if you look past the torture and stuff. Art is beautiful. ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      May 13, 2013 at 03:23

      The soundtrack to Black Wolves Saga is hands down amazing. It’s perfect at setting the mood and some tracks are just so sad or haunting ;;; ugh. I think this game was excellent as a gothic fantasy game with political undertones. It still classifies as an otome game because of the romance options, but I would recommend people to look at it more as a novel than a dating simulation.

      Kuroyuki’s art is amazing |D and I don’t regret playing it at all. It gave me my two biases Mejojo and Arles ;w; (one day… I will get to Last Hope… one day).

    randomtsubasa said:
    August 6, 2012 at 00:21

    I’ve finished both Auger’s and Mejojo’ good and bad ends. But I can’t get to the twin endings.
    I wonder why….

      Ilinox responded:
      August 6, 2012 at 10:59

      Hmm, that’s weird. Are you following a guide? I think their twin ends branch off somewhere in Mejojo’s route, so for the twin ends you need to have high affection with Mejojo. Would you like me to link you the guide I used?

        randomtsubasa said:
        August 6, 2012 at 13:34

        At first I didn’t, but after some some time I started to follow a walkthrough. It didn’t work either.
        I wonder if it’s about the saving? Does playing from loading a scene differ from playing from the start again?
        Thank you, that’ll be helpful.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 6, 2012 at 14:36

        The saving shouldn’t affect it since I used this guide and I loaded my save from save2* in Mejojo’s route.

        So I had like 80 affection with Mejojo and then at the last choice you either choose “search for Mejojo” or “search for Auger” and you should get a second choice “close your eyes” or “I deserve punishment” immediately after.

        randomtsubasa said:
        August 6, 2012 at 20:41

        I tried it but it didn’t work.
        Thanks anyway :)
        I’m giving up this game. Too bad. Wanted to finish it, try the grooming and special voice features… Oh well.

    starryusagi said:
    July 13, 2012 at 00:09

    I see the words “Twin Ends” and I think 3P ENDING WITH THE TWINS? LOLOLOL /bricked

    Okay. Cough. Now onto more serious matters. I didn’t read through this post either cause as I stated earlier xD I want to play the game through myself ;w; or at least attempt to ;-; lol but I did see that last picture… I’m uh… kind of scared. Not gonna lie. LOL

      Ilinox responded:
      July 13, 2012 at 00:26

      It’s definitely more fun to play through the first time completely blind without knowing what’ll happen because BWS is amazing at surprising you around every corner.

      While there are torture scenes in it (like the famous one advertised in Dengeki or was it B’s Log?) I wouldn’t say that they’re overpowering. Like, it makes sense in the time period and because of what Fiona did.. so while it’s brutal and horrifying at the same time it’s understandable? You’ll have to play through it to form your own opinion about it /o\. I’m totally biased because I adore Mejojo’s tragic character.

        starryusagi said:
        July 13, 2012 at 16:34

        Awesome \o/ I can’t wait!!! Yeah that’s partly why I’ve been avoiding reading full reviews of BWS (I’ve only read clips of certain characters and such and seen the pictures…oh the pictures lol) so the twists and turns in the game are definitely what are going to keep me hooked. And yeah I agree, I feel like a lot of the scenes in this game are really calculated moves and I’m pretty interested to see how the entire thing turns out \o/

    roiya said:
    July 10, 2012 at 19:33

    makes sense you dont really get with anyone but mejojo even in a 3p ending with the twins because Auger is a friggin psychopath that has no capacity for love i.m.o

      Ilinox responded:
      July 12, 2012 at 11:26

      LOL That was pretty much my thoughts. I was going to be surprised if it was a 3p ending with Auger, but figured he was just bored and wanting to join in on the fun. The fact that it’s mainly focused around Mejojo pleases me though.. (/ω\) Mejojo biased.

    harunafuu said:
    July 4, 2012 at 00:30

    At first I thought it’s going to be a 3P Ending, but damn was I wrong…

    I thought a good ending should be “good”?! Fiona is totally broken in this one!! She may not be punished, but she became a prisoner of a world, she created herself in order to not loose her sanity… (°Α°) THAT’S REALLY CREEPY!!

    Are there any CG’s of the children? I wonder, how they look like… Somehow I got a feeling, that they will grow up to be cruel like Mejojo and Auger… And when the time to suceed the throne comes, they will either support each other like the brothers did or try to kill each other… That’s soo cruel… \cries I dunno, are the kids really that desinterested in Fiona or does it just sound so bad?

    I didn’t expected the endings to be romantic or whatever, but this endings are just so…. ughh…. NOT satisfying… To much creepiness for me to handle… Really… But I guess, that’s Rejet for you?! ^^
    I love mysterious and dark stories, but don’t let them end so depressing Rejet!!! ヽ(。_゜)ノ

    Somehow I got the feeling, that Otomate will mess up the characters for Last Hope… LOL Hopefully the charas will NOT be totally OOC…

      Ilinox responded:
      July 4, 2012 at 01:52

      I thought it was going to be a 3P ending too for some reason but it was like another Mejojo ending, which would have been okay if it weren’t for the reasons you mentioned! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who felt like it was a really creepy ending since she’s deluding herself into thinking that she wants to be in this world he created for her.

      No CGs of the children unfortunately or I would have put them up ;ww; I still don’t understand how one of them ended up a full cat and the other ended up a full human instead of like half-human and half-cat HANYOUS.

      There was some creepy foreshadowing about how the boy might be assassinated or disposed of though because he’s not a full cat and so he can’t take the throne and the daughter of course can’t take it. Hmm, I think the kids love their mother as much as kids are able to, but being kids they don’t think much about their mother’s actions or anything.

      LOL I don’t even know why they gave us twin endings.. are there really people out there who wanted more of Auger and Mejojo? The descriptions for the endings were kind of interesting though.. the bad ending described Fiona as being unable to live without Mejojo and Auger. The good ending describes her choosing to be with them since she has no one else.

        harunafuu said:
        July 4, 2012 at 03:30

        Well, I guess it’s quite normal, that one child is a full cat and one a full human… I mean, if you ever saw intercultural couples e.g. asian-american couple, sometimes the children are half-half or have full asian or american features. That’s “breedcrossing” for you! ;)

        Hmm… okay, than it was just my imagination that the kids were disrespectful to their mother… ^^

        And yes, since Fiona does not have anyone else there are only 2 options: Accept her fate and supress all bad things that happened or loosing her sanity due to the cruelness she witnessed. It’s understandable though…

        Oh god, the bad ending was just BAD! To be confined in a dark place… Definetely a cruel fate, she went insane after all… Since there was nothing left to make her feel joy, pain became pleasure instead… I think that’s just a natural psychological process… to keep herself alive…

        Seems like the cat’s endings are the real bad endings?

        Ilinox responded:
        July 4, 2012 at 16:29

        Ooh, I didn’t think about it like that! That makes sense now with I guess the cat genes being either dominant or recessive, and so you’re either an all-cat or all-human depending on what kind of genes you get.

        But now I wonder about people like wolves and humans breeding.. because Arles, Guillan, and Rath can transform into their animal form.. Are they born human or animal?! Does it matter what the mother is?… why am I spending so much time thinking about babies? /)_(\

        Yep, the bad ending just reminded me of this sensory deprivation and it’s a natural psychological process. Humans can’t stand isolation for any periods of time and who knows how long Fiona was down there Orz.

        Hmm, I don’t know. The two official bad endings in the game are Fiona dying. The rest of the bad ends are just like other options in their routes..

        harunafuu said:
        July 4, 2012 at 23:13

        Hmm… I guess their born half-half + random magic transform factor? Hahaha… :D :D

        Well, at least there must be a human and a wolve parent, as they can switch to both appearances… And I guess, that the human genes are stronger than the wolve ones, since they walk around as humans most of the time?

        But you see, it’s a fantasy game and werewolfes don’t exist in RL, so we can just assume how the whole concept of wolves works… I mean Rejet could just say, that wolves ARE half-beings and that it always worked this way, because nobody really knows it…
        Maybe the wolve routes will explain it further?

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