BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Nesso Galland ~

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Nesso Galland (ネッソ ガーランド)
CV: Miki Shinichiro (三木 眞一郎)

This man is utterly obsessed and enamored with his younger sister; he can almost rival Mejojo in his possessiveness over Fiona, except he’s not as insane. He doesn’t even try to hide his siscon. He treats her very well and protects her fiercely. In fact, he’s Weblin’s finest and strongest knight and is the captain of a squad called the Gefreiter. HE ALSO LOOKS A LOT LIKE KANBA FROM MAWARU PENGUINDRUM /SHOT.

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Everything is the same in Mejojo’s post up to the part where Fiona thinks about who she’d like to dance with. Which means the wolves attack a village, Mejojo and Auger devised a plan to imprison Fiona, and so Fiona is now confined in the royal castle, accused of being a witch, while her family tries to quell a rebellion in their land.

Anyway, Fiona wishes to dance with Nesso even if she knows that it’s an impossibility. She reminisces about how he would approach her with a hand and then they’d dance. She used to practice with both Nesso and Zara, although the tower they danced in wasn’t as large as this hall.

Flashback! Nesso guides her into a turn, but she trips and he worriedly asks if she’s okay. She smiles as she reassures him that she just stumbled on her own foot. Fiona frowns though as she remarks on how she fails at being a lady for not being able to even dance. If she continues to be like this then she won’t be able to come out into society. Nesso frowns and asks her what she’s saying since they just started learning. He smiles as he tells her they’re still practicing and then he urges her to try again.

As they start over again Nesso confesses that he yearns for it. When she looks at him in confusion, he reveals that he wants to be her escort for her debut into society. He smiles as he explains that the debut of an aristocratic lady involves dancing first with her relatives. There are a lot of dances with their father. Fiona asks if she shouldn’t be learning to dance with her father then, but Nesso replies 「だぁめ。お前は俺と踊るの。そのために、こうして教えてるんだから。」(Nope! You’re dancing with me. That’s why I’m teaching you like this).

Fiona giggles exasperatedly at how happy he looks. Nesso starts to imagine how everyone’s attention will be on her, but he’ll take her hand and he’ll be the first man to dance with her. _(_△_)ノ彡☆ COME ON NESSO AT LEAST TRY AND HIDE IT WILL YOU? Fiona starts to blush as she finds it embarrassing how happy he sounds. Then she wonders out loud when that day will come and Nesso reassures her that it’ll definitely come one day.

Back to the present. Those were nostalgic memories, but thanks to Nesso’s special training she’s able to dance at the level of normal people. After that, her heart pounded at the thought of her society debut. She didn’t think her debut would arrive in this form. To begin with, this can’t even be called a society debut. But it is her first dance party. She stands with her back to a wall and watches the other dancers. In this situation, she’s a wallflower.

She read in a book that ladies without partners at a party and who couldn’t dance were called wallflowers. Now she knows how lonely it feels. The dance hall is very colorful and everyone is smiling radiantly and dancing beautifully. She feels unnecessary as she stands on the outside and watches them. Then she wonders if Nesso came. Suddenly, footsteps approach her and Nesso calls to her. Fiona startles and for a second she thinks he’s a hallucination.

When she asks why he’s here he only replies in relief 「よかった、お前に会えて……!」(Thank god, I found you..!). He wraps a hand around her arm and pulls her into a tight embrace. Fiona blushes and yelps out that people are looking. Dancing is another thing, but this sudden embrace will draw eyes. Nesso just chuckles and tells her that he doesn’t care. Fiona exasperatedly tells him that she cares, but even though she’s serious she doesn’t extract herself from his arms. He finally releases her after he’s satisfied.

Once again she asks him why he’s here and so Nesso explains than an invitation came from the castle to them. He’s representing their father. Fiona nods in realization. The Galland family has deep connections to the royal family and so it’d be strange if they weren’t invited to a dance party like this. But she thought they wouldn’t be invited because of the rebellion and the accusations against her as a witch. She’s glad, but then she worriedly asks him why he’s acting as a representative of her father. Did something happen to him?

Nesso frowns as he reveals that their father’s health has declined a bit, since he had to endure a lot of things. The source of her father’s declining health is clear although Nesso tried to gloss over it. He’s worried at how she was taken to the castle. Then Nesso asks her if she’s fine, since Auger gave them a brief explanation, but he wants to know if she’s troubled. Fiona smiles and reassures him that Mejojo and Auger have been excellent. The room they prepared for her is beautiful.

He exhales loudly and admits that seeing her face relieves him. Fiona admits the same. Even though they were parted for only a day, she can’t help but miss him. Nesso wishes the rumors to be stopped quickly, that way she can come back home. Fiona wants to return home too and this makes Nesso laugh as he reminds her that she used to want to leave the tower. Fiona sadly tells him that this is different and he agrees quietly. She does think how ironic it is that she’d been dying to leave the tower but once she has, she wants to return.

Nesso confesses that he wants to take her with him right now, but if he did that then the accusations against her would be confirmed. Fiona nods glumly and Nesso promises her that he’ll definitely do something but for now they can do nothing but endure. For a second, Nesso’s eyes glint the same color as his hair. She thanks him and he nods before he perks up and asks her for a dance, since they’re at a dance party after all and it’s her first one. He extends his hand to her.

And for some reason, with the background of the brilliantly shining dance hall behind him, she feels like he’s different from usual and her heart starts to pound. To conceal her pounding heart, she nods with a smile and places her hand in his. He takes her onto the dance floor like an escort and before they start he asks her in a whisper if she’s nervous. She admits that she is a bit since this is her first time dancing in a place like this. He tells her that it’ll be fine and she just needs to trust him.

Like they practiced, Fiona places her right hand into his left hand and her left hand on his shoulder while he places his right hand around her waist. He asks her if she’s ready and she nods shakily which makes him laugh and reassure her that it’ll be fine. Nesso waits for the right timing and then whisks them both onto the dance floor. Fiona’s brows scrunch in thought as she reminds herself to do it as they practiced.

She starts to count the rhythm of her feet but panics when she can’t remember the number of turns. Nesso tells her to calm down and to just act like they’re practicing. Thankfully, even if her mind is panicking her body remembers the movements. As they do a turn the dress flares out magnificently. Nesso compliments her and Fiona quietly asks if she’s dancing properly. He reassures her that she’s doing it very well. Gradually the tension in her disappears as she dances and she starts to enjoy herself.

She wonders if he’s enjoying himself too. When she peeks up at him though she finds her breath catching in her throat at the utterly soft expression in his eyes. Her heart starts to race. Her cheeks turn bright red and she shuts her eyes at how sneaky it is to look at her with that kind of face. But she herself doesn’t know why she finds it unfair and sneaky.

She recalls his words in the past about how he’s looking forward to being her escort for her debut into society. Those words weren’t a lie and Fiona admits to herself that she’s glad Nesso is her first dance partner. And so she passed the time at her first dance party with Nesso.

Meanwhile, the cats plan sneaky things. Mejojo has a nightmare about his past. The rebellion in Scharlmessen gets worse. Fiona learns the truth about Julian and his past. Nesso tries to see Fiona but Mejojo and Auger reveal their craziness. The wolves gather information about the current state of affairs. Mejojo and Auger take Fiona wolf hunting. When she meets Rath she turns her head away from his capture.

Rath is tortured in the dungeons and Mejojo remembers how he got his scar. The wolves invade the castle and rescue Rath. Mejojo freaks out at the bite in her shoulder and strangles her. Fiona collapses into unconsciousness and has a dream.

In her dream she’s back in her tower and it feels as if one month hasn’t passed at all. A strange nostalgic feeling rises in her. Suddenly, she’s hit by a feeling of vertigo and the world starts to distort, except she realizes that it’s her vision distorting. It’s impossible to stand and she feels her consciousness start to fade, but there’s a faint voice calling her name. It sounds like Nesso, but her awareness starts to whirl around rapidly. She has an old, nostalgic dream.

It’s a very very old memory. A very nostalgic one. A child!Fiona asks Nesso why she can’t leave the tower. She’s lying in a large bed in her tower and Nesso is sitting beside her. Her body is strangely warm and it is likely that she has a fever. Nesso explains to her that the outside world is full of danger. The world is cruel and miserable and he doesn’t want to leave her in a world like that. He asks if she can understand that it’s for her sake.

Even when she was young she knew Nesso would never lie to her since his words are always gentle and sincere. Her kind brother has always worried about her from the bottom of his heart. She asks him if that means she’ll never leave this place then. Her eyes start to become hot. It’s not that she’s unhappy with this place since her family is always kind and she is never in want of anything. But for her it was more than scary enough to think about this place being her only world.

Nesso murmurs her name helplessly and Fiona tells him that she loves how safe it is here, but it’s boring. Very boring. Nothing changes. Every day is just repeated calmly. She tells him that she wants to go out. Even if he gets angry, she can’t help but tell him her true feelings. Nesso just silently and kindly strokes her head. The chill of his hand feels good against her feverish skin. Finally he says 「……そうか。フィオナは外に出たいんだな。」(.. I see. Fiona wants to go out, huh?).

Fiona nods and tells him that she wants to see the the same things he sees. She doesn’t want to be alone. Nesso smiles sadly and tells her that when the time comes for her to go out then he’ll be by her side to protect her. He promises her that he’ll definitely protect her.. his lovely princess. For her sake he’ll do anything. Then he softly kisses her on the lips, though he usually kisses her on the brow. ヾ( ゚д゚)ノ゛ SHE WAS EVEN YOUNGER IN THE PAST YOU CREEP!

BY THE WAY, SICKLY SISTER? CHECK. BED SCENE + KISS? CHECK. HI KANBA! She expected him to place his lips on her brow as if he was humoring her, but now she’s confused. Fiona asks him why he kissed her on the mouth, because she read in a book that kissing on the mouth is only what lovers do. Nesso shakily replies 「……うん、そうだね。」(… Un, I suppose so). She reminds him that he’s her brother. Nesso replies 「……ああ。でも……俺は……。」(.. Aa.. but.. I..).

She asks him innocently if something is wrong and if he’s in pain. Did he catch a cold? He has a pained expression as she asks her questions. Except now that she thinks about it, it looks more like a hurt expression. His voice is strained as he says 「いや、大丈夫だよ。だけど……。」(No, I’m fine.. but..). He breaks down and slants his mouth over hers again. WHAT THE HELL (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚) THIS IS SO WRONG BECAUSE SHE’S JUST A CHILD RIGHT NOW. He kisses her with love from the bottom of his heart.

Fiona asks if he can stop since her heart is pounding. Nesso was her first kiss and her child’s heart was racing. Nesso flinches back before murmuring her name. She’s relieved that her heart stops racing when their lips separate, but for some reason her lips feel lonely. The first time she saw his hurt expression, her heart also started pounding. His promise to always protect her was because he was her beloved brother.. right? This is a dream. A nostalgic dream.

Yet the the feeling that her lips were touched is awfully real and her heart starts to race. It’s just a dream.. right? Fiona wakes up in the cottage and recalls her dream about Nesso vowing to protect her as his beloved princess and that for her sake he’ll do anything. And then she remembers the soft warmth that touched her lips. Even though it happened in her dream, the feeling strangely remains on her lips.

Fiona thinks about how strange it is and tries to convince herself that it isn’t strange to kiss Nesso. Affections between family are exchanged countless times. But it’s strange that she’s so bothered by seeing that dream. Is it because they separated? She starts to feel her heart pound just like it did in the dream. It’s just a dream. Suddenly, Nesso appears in front of her and asks if she’s awake and alright. He cups her cheek as he asks her this. It’s a loved and gentle hand.

For a second she’s struck by how real the sensation is. Zara comments on how she still seems spaced out and asks if she can hear his voice. She blinks slowly at the nostalgic and worried voice. Zara reassures her that he’s here and asks if she still hurts anywhere. She blinks dully but as he repeats his words she starts to feel a dim pain on her shoulder. The wound starts to sting with heat. It’s too painful to be a dream. Fiona’s eyes widen when she realizes she’s not dreaming and she tries leaps out of bed.

Anyway, Fiona meets Nesso and Zara in the cottage and they devise a plan to escape the castle and country with Julian’s help. Fiona wonders if this is the right thing to do. Nesso is this country’s finest knight. He’s part of the country’s knights who have dedicated their swords and loyalty to the Garibaldi family for six generations. Is it really okay for him to throw away his country just for her? The same goes for her father. Her father and Nesso are throwing away all they built up to now just to protect her.

She knows she needs to choose, but she doesn’t know if she deserves to make it. If she gives up then they’ll be able to remain the way they are. She doesn’t think that Mejojo and Auger will execute her if people think of her as a witch. These two used the rumor of her being a witch to separate her from the Galland house. That’s why if she remains here, accused of being a witch, then her body should be safe.. as Mejojo’s fiancée. If she obediently becomes Mejojo’s wife then Nesso and her father won’t lose anything.

Nesso asks her if there’s something wrong since Fiona has remained silent for a long time. She tells him that she’s thinking of remaining here. Nesso frowns and his voice lowers as he asks her what she means by that. It’s a calm and scolding voice he uses when she’s being unreasonable. Fiona points out that if she runs away from here then the Galland house will be no more. Nesso, her father, and even Pearl and Richie will lose everything. In that case, she thinks remaining here would be…

He snaps out that that’s impossible and he won’t permit it. Then he adds that 「……お前が、メヨーヨを好きで好きでたまらない、結婚したくて仕方がないって言うなら考えてやってもいいが……お前は、俺たちのために自分を犠牲にしようとしているだけだ。……そんなの、俺も父上も嬉しくない。」(.. If you love Mejojo unbearably to the point of wanting to marry him because there’s no other choice.. THEN I’d think about it but… if you’re just going to sacrifice yourself for us.. That won’t make our father or me happy). Fiona angrily replies that they’re doing the same thing! They’re throwing everything away for her.

DAMN, YOU TELL HIM FIONA! Nesso reluctantly admits that that’s true, however even though it’s for her sake in the end they’re also doing this for themselves. He wants her to be happy. This is his and their father’s selfish wish. Fiona confesses that she just wants them to be happy. Nesso just calmly replies that it’s a majority rule then. When she blinks in confusion he explains that he and their father want her to take her and escape from this country.

But she’s the only one who says that they should stay. And so they win because it’s two against one. Fiona splutters his name before feeling tears well up in her eyes at how unfair he’s being. Nesso and her father are too sweet on her. They would leave all their other things because they treasure her that much. On one side those feelings make her happy, but on the other she just wants to apologize to them. Zara adds with a smile that while they’re on the topic, he also wants Fiona to leave this place.

Now it’s three against one. She sniffs as her tears roll down her cheeks at how even Zara is supporting Nesso. If these two cooperate then there is no way she’ll be able to win. And honestly she wants to be together with them.

Anyway, they decide to run away using a drainage tunnel that Julian knows about. Meanwhile, Mejojo and Auger kill their father. Julian breaks down in the tunnel. Auger receives a scar for failing his mission to capture Fiona. Fiona collapses from a fever. Zara explains all that he knows about Zodiva and how a cure can be made, but they’ll need the help of the wolves.

Fiona asks what Nesso thinks but he replies that it’s complex. She agrees but asks him what he would do if he were alone. He asks her what she means and so she explains that ignoring everything else what does he think would be the best thing to do. He repeats her words slowly and so she clarifies by telling him to forget about her and the family before he thinks about what he himself would want to do. Because Nesso has a lot of responsibilities.

He has his responsibility as a brother. Responsiblity as the eldest son. She wants him to throw all those facets about him away and to hear, purely, what he wants to do. Nesso hums in thought and replies that if he were alone then his decision would already be made. Fiona is surprised by how fast it is, since even if she throws away her responsibilities to think, her mind is still crowded and full of worry. Nesso tells her that if it were him, then he wouldn’t want to do anything.

Fiona gapes at him in shock. Nesso, as a knight of country, would do nothing about the two princes who are driving it to destruction? She angrily asks him what he means by that, but he cuts her off and explains that if he was alone then he wouldn’t have anything. He would have nothing to protect and nothing he wants to protect and so he wouldn’t do anything. It’d be bothersome. Fiona splutters at his answer. He’s saying this in an awful, cheery, and fresh manner.

She tries to argue that he’s a knight of this country and sworn to protect and defend it. And if that’s so then he has to choose to defend it. Nesso shrugs and replies 「やー……、たぶんないだろうな。だって、フィオナ。俺が騎士になったのは、お前を守りたかったからだ。」(Ah–.. probably not. Because, Fiona, I became a knight to protect you). He adds that 「守りたいお前という存在がいてくれたから、俺はお前が暮らすこの国を守ろうと、思った。騎士になろうと思ったんだ。」(Because you, who I wanted to protect, existed, I thought about protecting the country you lived in. So I thought about becoming a knight).

DOES YOUR SISCON GUIDE YOUR EVERY DECISION!? WAIT, STUPID QUESTION. Fiona blushes at his words. Nesso just continues on cheerfully to say that if she, who he wants to protect, didn’t exist and he was alone then he would just exist blankly. He admits that he’s actually a really lazy person and then, with a mischievous smile, he ruffles her hair. It’s a habit from the past, to ruffle her hair and stroke her head.

Fiona looks at him sadly. Nesso is always spoiling her. If she didn’t exist then he would probably deny the world. It’s because of her that he threw away his position as a knight of Weblin, but even still he treasures her more than anything in this world. Suddenly Nesso smiles and asks her what she wants to do. He wants to hear her wish.

Anyway, Fiona doesn’t want to abandon her country until she talks to the wolves. Meanwhile, Mejojo is crowned king of Weblin. Fiona meets up with the wolves but Arles refuses to help the country. However, Fiona convinces Rath not to give up hope. Arles decides to let them stay in Zanan until they make their next decision. Fiona learns about Arles’ past with Elvira and Mejojo.

When it comes time to make her decision Fiona decides that she wants to live in peace with her family. She’s going to leave this country with Nesso and Zara tomorrow. Arles’ voice is calm as he acknowledges her wish, but she can hear what he doesn’t need to say out loud. She asks him if he blames her since she’s abandoning everything, including the wolves and Weblin. She, being a Lobeira, has the possibility of doing something about the Zodiva that ravages the country. Yet she’s running away.

Even though the wolves are heading towards ruin. Even though this country is falling into the worst situation. And even though she has the possibility to stop it all, she is going to run away to save herself. Arles asks who can blame her, since if she remains here then it’s the same as becoming a sacrifice. No one has the right to blame her who is seeking her happiness above being a sacrifice and abandoning everything for her happiness. HNNGH DAMN YOU ARLES FOR BEING SO SEXY.

He gives her a small smile as he tells her that she has the right to live for the sake of her own happiness. She thinks about his words and how she’s giving priority to returning the peaceful days she once had with her family. Arles reminds her that this is her choice. Fiona nods quietly. This is her choice to put her family above the wolves and country. She’s choosing to live with her family. Arles smiles again and wishes for her happiness and then he turns on his heel and departs.

Fiona’s eyes widen and she wants to yell at him to stop. She wants to stop him and apologize. She wants to apologize for abandoning them. She wants to apologize for not helping. She wants to request his permission. But she’s already decided. She can’t obtain his permission by apologizing. Plus, from the beginning she was already allowed. If she wasn’t then he would have locked her up somewhere. Arles gave her choices and told her to choose for herself.

If he wasn’t going to allow her to abandon the wolves then from the start he wouldn’t have granted her a choice and would have trapped her to him by force. But he didn’t do that and he let her choose. Fiona thinks about how choosing is cruel. Arles taught her, who had been protected up until now, the weight of making a decision. That’s why.. she just thanks him. In exchange of an apology, she quietly murmurs her thanks. After that, morning arrives after a sleepless night.

Zara wishes her good morning and comments on how unusual it is to see her awake. She returns his greeting with a wide smile, but Zara just falls silent before asking her if she didn’t sleep. Fiona averts her eyes. She thought she tricked him for a second, but her opponent is Zara and no one is able to sneak a lie past Zara. She admits that she was thinking about things and Zara frowns unhappily before telling her that the next time that happens he wishes to be woken up.

When she asks him why he explains that he’s able to help make her feel sleepy, although it isn’t good to rely too much on medicine. He tells her that he can make a herbal tea to help her relax and other things. Fiona thanks him with a smile and promises to rely on him the next time she can’t sleep. Nesso is the next person to greet her, though he’s also surprised by how she’s already awake. Julian greets everyone cheerfully and Fiona returns their greeting, while calling Nesso mean.

He asks her what she finds mean with a shocked expression and Fiona rants about how he spoke as if it was surprising to see her awake first. It’s as if he’s implying that she normally oversleeps. Julian’s eyes widen as he makes a noise of surprise, but this just makes Fiona turn on him and ask him what he means by that noise. Julian smiles sheepishly and explains that he was just thinking about whether or not she woke up early in the castle. Zara teasingly asks Fiona if she wasn’t able to wake herself up at the castle either.

Nesso smirks as he agrees with how Fiona used to oversleep a lot in the past. She blushes in embarrassment at how she’s dug her own grave and then growls at them in frustration. Nesso laughingly tells her that they’ll keep how she oversleeps a secret before they all stop teasing her. She averts her eyes and pouts. This is why old friends are troublesome, because they know all her evil deeds and failures. Anyway, Nesso becomes serious and asks her if her mind is decided.

She nods and suddenly everyone becomes serious as they look at each other. Finally, Fiona tells them that she wants to leave this country. Nesso and Zara exhale in relief and start smiling when they hear her decision. They were probably afraid of the possibility that she would remain here. She wants to find out what will happen to the country. She wants to help the wolves. But the most important thing to her is her family. She wants to be able to live together peacefully and happily with everyone.

If she can’t choose everything then she can do nothing but choose the most important thing to her. She chose her family. Fiona apologizes for making them worry and tells them that this is what she decided on after thinking about everything. She’s fine now because she’s resolved. Nesso is glad that she’s made her resolution and Zara comments on how it’ll be a severe journey but they’ll get through it together. Fiona nods but admits that she’ll probably spend the whole journey being saved by them.

She bows her head to them and asks them to take care of her, since she believes she’ll be a burden on them. Nesso grins and rumples her hair, but he asks her to take care of him as well. Zara interrupts their moment and asks Julian what he wants to do, which startles Fiona since she forgot about him. It just felt natural for him to come with them up to this point after the left the castle. She wonders what he wants to do. Julian lowers his eyes to a pool of water and looks troubled.

Fiona recalls how he told them in the royal garden that he wanted to go with them. He wanted to live in freedom outside of the castle. Was that the truth? Or was that just a lie to get them into the tunnel? They all waited for him to speak. Julian opens his mouth but he starts to hesitate and even looks pained. Fiona wishes to help him, but she knows that he has to decide himself. Julian needs to decide on his own will or there will be no meaning if he’s ordered. The others think the same thing since they remain silent.

Julian starts to say something before he cuts himself off and adds that he has no right to say this, but he wants to go with them. Fiona smiles at that, but Julian lowers his eyes and apologizes since he knows he’ll be nothing but trouble. He thinks it’s natural for them not to trust him and so he won’t mind if they leave him behind since he did the same to them. Nesso and Zara exchange a thoughtful glance while Fiona says Julian’s name. She does realize that he betrayed them once already, even if it wasn’t his own will.

From here on there’ll be a hard journey to the borders of Weblin and they’ll have to escape the people that Mejojo will send after them. It’s natural to want to avoid danger from the very beginning of that journey. But Fiona wants to believe in Julian and she thought the same thing even when he was broken and betrayed them with Auger. Zara finally says to Julian that he has two or three things he wants to ask first. Julian tells him to ask him anything and so Zara asks if he remembers betraying them in the drainage tunnel.

He flinches when he hears the word and averts his eyes, but he doesn’t try to deceive them. He confesses that he does remember. He bitterly remarks on how it’s too optimistic to want to go with them after doing such a thing, right? Zara smiles gently and tells him that he didn’t mean that. He was just thinking about how different the Julian now is from the Julian then. He’s just wondering if the broken Julian is the real one.

Julian shakily admits 「……あれも、本当に俺です。俺は……、壊れてしまっているんです。自分でも、どうしようもないほどに……。」(.. That was.. the real me.. I’m.. broken. I’m helpless..). Nesso narrows his eyes and asks him what he means by broken, before he adds that he feels the same as Zara. He doesn’t think of Julian as a bad guy even if he betrayed them. Julian chuckles nervously before revealing that his real name is Julian von Garibaldi and he was the first heir to the throne of Weblin. Nesso and Zara’s eyes widen in shock.

Fiona can sympathize with how much of a shock it must be to learn that. After they escaped from the castle, there wasn’t really a time to introduce Julian to them. Nesso asks Fiona if she knew and she nods before apologizing for not revealing it. Nesso shakes his head since he knows that they didn’t have time either, but he’s surprised that Julian is still alive. It had been announced to the country that Julian died with Rayleigh in an epidemic. Julian is surprised to hear that before he smiles bitterly.

It wasn’t as if a big deal could be made about disinheriting the first heir. It’s been 12 or 13 years since then and he’s been tending to the royal garden during that time. Mejojo and Auger left him there since they had nowhere else to put him. Nesso, Zara, and Fiona’s eyes widen as they glance at each other. They can imagine how Mejojo and Auger treated him. They can imagine the kind of cruel things they did. And yet, Julian softens it by stating that they placed him in the position of a gardener.

In Julian, who had been broken by Mejojo and Auger, exists two parts of him. His consciousness and his self-awareness and the two must exist in complexity with the parts that Mejojo and Auger created. Zara frowns and tells him that, after hearing his story, he roughly understands the situation now. Julian is very unstable. Julian just blinks in surprise and asks if that is so. Fiona is struck by how strange and relaxed he is in talking about his own state.

He reveals to them that, while living in the garden, he learned to submit himself to them. If he defied them then terrible punishments were dealt out. He blurts out that this is why he can’t defy them. They would whip and torture him until he became absolutely obedient. He was let out only when he was broken to the point of having a sense of values that obeyed them and sought their praise. Zara notes that they must have used some deep psychology on him and Julian is controlled by them in a subconscious part.

Julian nods and then explains that he wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to run away with them. If he ran away then.. Fiona murmurs his name in comfort, but he continues on to explain that even though he was thinking this he couldn’t defy Auger’s orders to lead them through the drainage tunnel. His voice is teary as he apologizes to them before bowing deeply. Fiona informs everyone that she wants to believe in Julian, although if something happens then she’ll be relying on Zara and Nesso.

If Julian becomes Mejojo and Auger’s puppet again then Zara and Nesso’s power will be needed. Because she wants to believe in Julian she wants to continue traveling with him. But she, alone, won’t be able to do anything if something happens to Julian. Nesso and Zara have to be the ones to accept Julian into their group. Zara asks Nesso what he thinks but Nesso just shrugs lightly before telling Julian that he saw him when they were fighting with the wolves and so he knows he won’t have trouble cutting him down.

Fiona and Julian’s eyes widen in shock at Nesso’s extremely honest words, but Zara just smiles and translates that, in other words, no matter what Julian is planning to do he isn’t an enemy or opponent for Nesso. Then Nesso tells him that the next problem is that if Julian calls for enemies to attack them, then he’ll have to think of counter-measures. Julian asks with a stutter if this means what he thinks it means. Zara replies gently that it means they’re going to travel together.

Julian asks if this is really alright and Nesso nods before telling him that he didn’t just see his sword arm from the fight with the wolves. He saw Julian placing himself in front of Fiona to protect her. If he was a spy for the princes then Nesso would still be suspicious of him, but he asks Julian rhetorically if that was a split-second decision. Julian nods hesitantly. Zara tells them that this might sound strage, but if they know that someone is going to betray them they can plan for it.

Of course it’d be best if they weren’t betrayed. Julian apologizes for that and Fiona starts to giggle. When Zara asks her why she’s laughing, she points out that they’re having a really strange conversation. They don’t know if Julian will betray them, but he’s mentally unstable. But Nesso and Zara have decided that even if they’ll be betrayed they can set up counter-measures. Nesso chuckles and agrees with how they’re having a conversation about feigned ignorance. Zara points out that it’s the truth though.

Meanwhile Julian apologizes again for being a burden. Nesso brushes that aside and asks Julian if he’s really alright with this. When Julian looks at him in confusion, Nesso reminds him that he said he’d cut Julian down in a worst case scenario. If Julian wants to go with them then he’ll be going down a road that conflicts with the princes. Once the princes find out that Julian is with them they’ll try to use him.. and he won’t be able to defy it. Julian agrees honestly that, most likely, he won’t be able to disobey them.

However, he’s somehow relieved at the knowledge that if that time comes he’ll be cut down. Nesso snorts in laughter while Zara comments on how he feels a bit out of sync. Fiona agrees. It’s one thing for Nesso to declare about killing someone, but for Julian to be relieved makes the whole thing seem strange. Anyway, they’ll be traveling together now. Nesso and Zara welcome him into the group with a handshake, but Nesso suddenly remember something. Before they can consider Julian to be one of them he wants to confirm something.

He wants to know if he should stand on ceremony with Julian, since even though Julian disinherited the throne he is still the brother of the princes. Nesso is kind of flustered as he talks about how treated him normally up to now because he didn’t know the truth about his background. Julian blinks in confusion and so Nesso coughs into a fist before putting on a serious face and asking 「殿下、とお呼びしたほうがよろしいでしょうか、ユリアン様。」(Would you like to be called “Your Highness”, Julian-sama?).

Julian flushes in shock and stutters at him to stop that since he’s just a gardener. He’s just a Julian that happened to pass by. Nesso, Fiona, and Zara burst out in laughter at how confused and flustered Julian is by Nesso’s offer that his words became jumbled. Julian turns even more red as he grumbles at them to stop laughing. Nesso replies with a chuckle 「悪かったって。それじゃあお前は……、「俺達の仲間のただのユリアン」な。」(My bad, my bad. Then you’re just “our friend Julian”). Julian beams at him and this is how Julian officially became their companion.

Afterwards. Nesso asks if they should leave now that they’re done breakfast. Fiona agrees but Zara has a frown on his face. When Julian asks him if something’s wrong, Zara admits that it’s a bit painful to not have received cooperation from the wolves. The smile on Fiona’s face falls. Weblin is attacked by wolves. Wolves are faced with prejudice and persecution. And Zodiva gnaws at them both. They found an answer to solve all the problems, but they don’t have the time to achieve it.

Fiona has decided to leave the country with everyone. Even if the result is that she’ll be abandoning everyone left in this country. She decided to prioritize her family. Zara suddenly asks if she drank her medicine and Fiona replies that she did after breakfast. He smiles and reminds her not to forget to drink it after every meal, just in case. There’s a possibility that she was infected with Zodiva and if it develops.. death will await her even if she leaves the country.

Zara frowns at her fallen expression, but she musters up a smile and reassures him that they don’t know if she’s infected for certain yet. Although she feels a bit melancholic; courage is needed right now. Anyway, she suggests that they leave if their preparations are done and Nesso agrees that they can’t dally here forever. Zara and Julian finish their preparations and the group starts to leave Zanan, but Rath appears in front of them. Nesso steps forward to protect everyone and asks tightly if Rath has business with them.

Rath just silently takes out the dagger at his waist, which makes Nesso grip the hilt of his sword. But in the next moment, Rath just sinks the dagger into his own arm. Blood starts to drip down from his arm, but since they can’t understand Rath’s intention they’re just confused. FOR ZODIVA, DUH! Rath is indifferent to their stare and just dabs at the wound with a cloth until it’s soaked red and then he hands it out to them. Then he curtly says 「狼種ヴォルフの血が。必要なんだろう。」(The blood of a wolf. You need it, right?).

Zara asks him in shock if he’s giving them a sample. Rath just jerks his head and then takes out two more cloths. One of them has Guillan’s blood and the other has Arles’. The center of the cloths are stained dark red, but it’s dry. Zara asks if the two of them are also cooperating, but Rath informs them that they wouldn’t and so he took it by force. Fiona splutters at that unexpected image and Rath reassures her that both of them are fine and they still live.

Nesso tries to correct Rath but ends up shaking his head in bewilderment. Fiona wonders if this is a joke from Rath. Meanwhile, Rath asks if it’s helpful and Zara replies gratefully that it is. But he wants to know why Rath is helping them since he thought the wolves weren’t going to cooperate. Rath agrees that the wolves have no intentions of helping them. Fiona asks him why he did it then, but Rath admits that he doesn’t know himself. He just did it for some reason or another.

Then he walks past Nesso and stops right in front of Fiona. She looks at him in confusion as he gently touches her cheek. His words are rough 「おまえに。……死んで欲しくない、と。そう、思った。」(I just thought.. that I don’t want you.. to die). Fiona murmurs his name, but he continues on to say that he cursed everything. He cursed himself as a wolf. He cursed the people of Weblin who persecuted them. And he cursed this useless world. She’s a Lobeira who can easily die and is accused and chased on account of being a witch.

He thinks they resemble each other a lot. But she accepted the world the way she was. If there are people like her in this world then maybe, one day, the world will become a better place. OH GOD RATH 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。. He roughly whispers 「だから。おまえは死ぬな。」(That’s why.. you mustn’t die). Then he drops his hand, quickly passes by her, and leaves. Fiona calls for him, but he doesn’t stop. Even though he’s helping her, he doesn’t have any intentions of cooperating with them as a wolf.

Looking at his back and his silent rejection, her invitation for him to come along with them gets stuck in her throat. That’s why all she does is thank him out loud from the bottom of her heart. She can barely see him as he looks back with a faint smile.

Anyway, after they leave Zanan they head north to the border of Weblin. Fiona sighs and complains about how her shoes are wet. Zara grumbles about how he even tried to waterproof them before coming into this area. Nesso points out that it’s probably because they’re splashing around. Julian sighs because he also has wet shoes. They all complain as they continue forward. Weblin naturally has many forests in its territory. Fiona learned it from books as well as looking at the scenery from her tower.

Although they could all be called forests, there are many different types. For example, the trees around Zanan have no leaves and they give off a chilly impression. The feature of the forest that they’re currently in is.. muddy ground. Zara comments on how it’s not good to have their feet become cold and then he tells Fiona to inform them immediately if her health declines. She nods since she knows how she’ll trouble them if she hides it and becomes unhelpable.

Nesso grins as he points out that he even offered to carry her on his back. Fiona smiles back and tells him that that is overprotection. They have no idea how long this marsh will continue and so she doesn’t want Nesso to have to carry her. Suddenly, he stops at the head of the group. Fiona and Zara ask if there’s a problem. Julian asks as well, but he lets out a noise of surprise when he comes beside Nesso. Fiona and Zara exchange a glance and sigh when they see what the other two saw.

The road that they had been walking on has been blocked with a river. She thought they had been walking in the wetlands, but apparently they had been following a river. They didn’t notice up until now because the whole road had been muddy. Julian notes that it seems to become deep suddenly, but it’s hard to judge since the trees around here grow unusually thick. Nesso asks him if he knows roughly how deep it is. Around the knees? Waist? It shouldn’t be a depth that they can’t cross.

Zara wishes to avoid touching the water in this temperature though. Fiona agrees since after they left Zanan and headed north, the temperature has been falling little by little. They can still walk normally, but this isn’t the temperature to be playing in water. Nesso wonders out loud what they should do and Fiona agrees with a frown before looking around for an idea. She gasps and catches Julian’s attention. When he asks what she saw, she points to an area a little bit away from them and asks if it doesn’t look usable.

There are rocks that are barely above the water and seem to extend from one side to the other. Zara thinks it should be able to be used and so Nesso tells them to wait while he tries it. Fiona warns him to be careful and he nods, but grins as he points out that if he fails he’ll just become a wet rat. First he passes off the supplies that can’t be wet to Zara before he steps out onto the stones. Nesso comments on how the footing is unstable, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll collapse or sink.

He easily hops across and then comes back immediately. Apparently the marsh also ends after this river. Zara is relieved at how they’re saved. He suggests that they cross quickly and leave the wetlands. Julian nods, but Nesso is the only one who voices a slight problem. Fiona winces as Nesso looks at her. Nesso points out that it’ll be dangerous for her to cross alone and she’s the person who can’t get wet since it’ll be bad. Fiona agrees though she wants to obstinately declare that she’s fine by herself.

But if she fails then she won’t be able to look at any of them in the eye. It’d be best if she asked someone to help. Fiona asks Nesso if he can help and he instantly replies 「もちろん。最初からそのつもりだよ。」(Of course! I was going to do that from the start). She thanks him and Zara decides that Nesso and Fiona should go first and he and Julian will follow after. Nesso acknowledges that and in the next moment he lifts Fiona up bridal style which makes her gasp. He asks her to hold onto him tightly and not to move.

Fiona nods shakily and wraps her arm around his neck. After he confirms that she’s ready he steps out onto the stones. Fiona doesn’t feel scared at all though and just feels them moving. She thinks it’s because it’s Nesso and she can leave her body to be taken care of by him. The stability feels nostalgic. Nesso asks her if she’s scared but she shakes her head and tells him not at all. He smiles at that and the hand that supports her shoulders is warm.

Being held by him like this makes her feel like she’s a princess being protected by her knight. THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CG (〃▽〃)キャー♪! Of course Nesso is an actual knight, but he’s also her brother. A person who naturally helped her when she was small. One day Nesso will choose a princess just for himself. He’s just helping her right now because he’s her brother. OH GIRL IF ONLY YOU KNEW.. IF ONLY.. She wonders if one day he’ll have someone he prioritizes over her.

Fiona bites her lips because for some reason that isn’t an interesting thing to imagine. Usually she protests against her brother’s overprotection and he protests against leaving her. Apparently, she feels the same way about leaving him. Her arms tighten in response and Nesso asks her 「フィオナ?やっぱり怖いのか?」(Fiona? Are you actually scared?). But she just shakes her head and tells him that she’s fine. She not sure if she should say that she’s envious of her unknown future sister-in-law.

Nesso reassures her that they’re almost there and pats her on the shoulder, but he’s only moving the wrist of his hand. Fiona thinks about how she’s really spoiled. She’s a bit afraid that after being accustomed to how Nesso treats her, she’ll find other men unsatisfactory. They finally reach the other side and he lowers her to the ground. Fiona remarks on how the dry ground is the best and Nesso agrees with a chuckle. She heartily welcomes the feeling of the dry ground after such a long time.

After Zara and Julian see that Nesso and Fiona have made it safely to the other side, they start to move across. Zara easily hops across the rocks, but Fiona watches anxiously as Julian crosses and wonders out loud if he’s alright. Nesso admits that he feels nervous just watching Julian. It’s not that Julian’s reflexes are bad, but for some reason they can’t help but feel like it’s dangerous for him. But if she crossed by herself, it would have been even worse than Julian.

Fiona thanks Nesso with a smile and admits that if he didn’t help her, she surely would have fell into the river. Nesso laughs bashfully and tells her that it’s his mission to protect her and this wasn’t anything. Fiona frowns though at the word mission. Nesso tells her that he’s decided to always protect her. She points out that if he says things like that he won’t be able to marry. Nesso blinks in surprise and asks her why not. She asks him what his princess will do if he’s always protecting her.

One day she’s going to have to hand over her seat to another woman.. at least that’s what she thought. But Nesso just smiles softly and says with a serious face 「俺のお姫様は、お前だけだよ、フィオナ。」(You’re my only princess, Fiona). Fiona’s eyes widen and she hurriedly points out that they’re siblings. Nesso asks if there’s a problem since they’re actually half-siblings. She realizes he has a point since marriages to half-siblings aren’t unusual among aristocrats. Then Nesso asks her if she remembers something.

When Fiona looks at him in confusion Nesso pouts at how mean she is for not remembering since he’s always remembered it. He informs her 「結婚の約束。俺とお前、ずっと昔に結婚の約束してるんだぜ?」(The marriage promise. You and I promised to marry way back in the past). Fiona vaguely recalls it once he tells her this. It was a childish promise like playing house; to become her brother’s wife. She starts to blush when she realizes that he’s always remembered that. Nesso grins in satisfaction at her response and then ruffles her hair.

Even though it’s a habit that hasn’t changed, she can’t help but feel embarrassed this time. It must be because she remembered her the promise she made when she was young. She waits for Zara and Julian to join them with a racing heart. Anyway, now that they’ve finally crossed the river Nesso suggests that they quicken their pace. Zara nods and points out that now that they’ve escaped the marsh it shouldn’t be any trouble to find a spot to set up camp.

Julian recalls how they had such trouble trying to find a dry site to set up camp in the marshes. Fiona agrees since they also had problems finding dry firewood to set up a fire. Zara sympathizes with them. Anyway, the forests surrounding them has changed again after they crossed the river and escaped the marsh. Now the forest is a normal type that she knows well. It won’t be any trouble to find a campsite now. Nesso decides that they should travel until the sky grows too dark for them to move on.

The rest of them nod in agreement. They continue to head north from Zanan and even though their journey has gotten easier now that they’re out of the marsh, the next thing that awaits them is the fierce cold. Fiona comments on how thankful she is of a hot soup now that it’s so cold. Zara talks about how it’ll be hard to find a warm place to rest now in their situation. Then Fiona mentions that they have no idea who’s looking for them either after they ran away from the capital.

Zara thinks that there is a high possibility a search has been sent out for them. Fiona’s face falls at how she’s become a wanted person and so Zara jokes about how their status has changed so much in such a short time. Fiona just nods glumly. She went from being an earl’s daughter to being a witch. Then from a witch to the fiancée of the heir to the throne. Now she’s probably known as a rebel. Zara isn’t too bothered with the state of things and he tells Fiona to drink some hot soup to warm herself up.

He also warns her that since her body catches colds easily, she shouldn’t leave the fire as much as possible. Fiona thanks him and reassures him that she’s fine since she’s right beside the fire. Then she asks Zara what he thinks about these ingredients for the soup and shows him small pieces of salted meat, mountain herbs, and mushrooms. She collected these herbs and mushrooms under Zara’s instructions during the day. She doesn’t think she’s at the level that Zara is though.

When she was still living in the tower, Zara taught her a lot of various things such as edible grass, mountain herbs, and mushrooms. She probably won’t ever match the masterful level that Zara is at. He starts to separate the things she has in her palms and the mushrooms that she thought were edible actually had poison. Zara compliments the rest of her choices and starts to cook the ingredients while the water boils. It’s an extremely simple soup, but they’ll be able to taste the seasoning in it from the cooked ingredients.

Fiona watches the ingredients as they slowly cook on the pan. All the mushrooms and mountain herbs she gathered in the day are used, but they still have preserved salted meat. She informs Zara that she’ll store the rest of the ingredients and he thanks her while noting that the amount of salted meat and seasoning they have left seems to be fine. Fiona notices the hesitance in his voice though and asks if they’ll be alright.

He muses about how there won’t be any towns or villages ahead and so they can’t replenish their preserved food or seasoning. Fiona notes that they’ve journeyed rather deep into the forest. Although up to now they’ve been making their way stealthily through the forests, occasionally they went into a nearby village to procure more goods. Suddenly there are footsteps Nesso and Julian appear shivering and complaining about the cold. Fiona welcomes them back with a smile and they return her greeting.

Zara thanks them for their hard work and then tells Nesso to sit by the fire to warm up. Fiona scoots over and invites Julian to sit down beside her and he thanks her. Nesso and Julian had been searching for firewood while Zara and Fiona prepared dinner. Nesso asks Zara if he thinks their current pile of firewood will be enough to last until the morning, because if it isn’t he’ll go out to find more. Zara inspects the load that the two of them brought and decides that it should just barely be enough.

If there isn’t enough then he’ll be the one to look for more when the time comes. Nesso nods but tells him to call without reservation if he needs help. Julian offers his help as well and Zara thanks them both, but orders them to rest beside the fire for now since they currently have enough firewood. Nesso asks Fiona what she’s doing and she tells him that she’s making soup, although right now she’s just waiting for it to cook.

Nesso smiles awkwardly and remarks about how he’s somehow feeling a deep emotion at the thought of eating her cooking. NOT IN FRONT OF ZARA AND JULIAN NESSO! THAT’S JUST CRUEL! He continues on to add that when they were in the tower the food was all prepared by cooks. Fiona giggles and admits that it was normal for a woman of her position not to do any housework. Her face falls as she thinks about how she never really considered herself one though. If she had a normal life then she’d have a mother and a sister.

But her mother died when she was still young. Nesso hums thoughtfully and admits that he’s not familiar with those circumstances either, since his mother died when he was young too. Fiona smiles sadly at how both their mothers have died. She can’t even imagine the feelings their father must have for having lost two women who he loved. Julian contributes and tells them that his mother didn’t do anything. She ate the dishes made by her servants and it was natural that the servants cleaned everything.

He can’t sympathize either. LOL TALKING ABOUT ALL YOUR DEAD MOTHERS DOES NOT MAKE GOOD CAMPFIRE TALKS. Fiona points out with a smile that Julian’s mother was a princess. He nods hesitantly and she laughingly tells him that the difference between her position and his mother’s is too great. Nesso tells them that when he went to the castle he used to know this aristocratic lady who made cakes. And so he asks if some didn’t consider cooking a hobby.

Fiona nods in realization. They don’t cook for food, but they cook for fun and as a hobby. Zara recalls that in the past Fiona wanted to have a dessert contest. Fiona recalls that vaguely and Julian expresses his amazement at how she can cook. Then he wistfully mentions how he wants to eat her desserts now. Nesso and Zara fall silent and this makes Fiona angrily tell them to stop that. Julian asks with wide eyes if something is wrong and so Zara tells him that he was just remembering the first time Fiona made cookies.

Nesso sheepishly admits that it wasn’t inedible, but it was.. strange. Zara agrees with a groan while Julian just looks confused. Fiona pouts and tells Julian that it was in the past and anyone would fail at their first time making a dessert. Julian hurriedly reassures her that it isn’t strange at all to fail. Fiona nods strongly and then calls Zara and Nesso mean for making fun of her like that. Plus, she didn’t think it was that much of a failure since it wasn’t inedible.

It could be eaten normally but it was just slightly strange. Julian admits that he’s curious as to where the strange taste came from and so he asks where she ended up failing. Fiona shuts her eyes in embarrassmen while Nesso and Zara look at each other and start to laugh. She’s annoyed at how they’re enjoying this and so she finally sighs and starts to explain, but Julian reassures her that if she doesn’t want to talk about it then she doesn’t have to. Fiona tells him that it’s not that important, it’s just embarrassing.

MISTOOK THE SALT AND SUGAR? Julian still looks unsure and so Fiona reassures him that the reason she doesn’t want to talk about it is because it’s embarrasing, and not because it’s a miserable memory. Julian looks confused about that and so Fiona explains that it’s a stupid failure story. She stirs the cooking ingredients as she finds her words. If she really hated it that much then Nesso and Zara wouldn’t be teasing her like this. The story is that her first dessert challenge was to make chocolate chip cookies.

In books, the first dessert a girl seemed to make were chocolate chip cookies and so Fiona wanted to try making some too. Julian agrees that although he has no experience with it, he’s also read books where adolescent girls try to make cookies. Anyway, Julian asks with a smile how those cookies ended up. Fiona tells him that on the outside they looked like cookies. At her words Julian seems to know where the story is heading and his eyes widen. Fiona notices his reaction and continues on with a depressed voice.

While they looked like chocolate chip cookies, they tasted like bread. Julian just blinks in bewilderment. Nesso points out how strange that was since it looked like a chocolate chip cookie but when he placed it in his mouth it tasted like bread. Zara agrees and wonders out loud what happened. Fiona doesn’t even know herself since she followed the recipe in a book. Julian tries to contain his laughter but he starts snickering.

Fiona adds with a frown that her father also praised her first dessert for having such a delicious bread taste. Julian bursts into laughter. Fiona admits that she also finds it strange since she still doesn’t know what went wrong. Nesso chuckles at the memory of Fiona’s face when she had been praised by their father. Zara adds that he had  been trying to hold back his laughter so much that his stomach hurt.

In the end, when she saw her father praising her with a smile, she didn’t have the heart to correct him about how it was a cookie and not bread. Nesso snickers as he recalls their father’s last words about the matter. Zara asks him what it was and so Nesso does an impression. He tells them that their father told Fiona that the next time she was going to make bread, she should make it larger since its current size resembles a cookie. Zara dissolves into laughter because he can’t restrain himself anymore.

Even Nesso starts to laugh. Fiona giggles and tells Nesso that if he does that kind of impression she can’t help but laugh as well. Julian continues laughing and the four of them, surrounding the fire, have fun talking about this reminiscence. To Zara, Nesso, and Fiona it’s an nostalgic legend. To Julian it’s a friend’s failure story. Fiona likes this current atmosphere and even if the temperature is low outside, the air around the fire and them is warm. Under the wintry sky, they pass the time leisurely and calmly like this.

After their supper, they prepare their beds around the fire and start to rest but Fiona can’t sleep because it’s so cold. Her face is warm because it’s facing the fire, but all the other parts of her are cold. Her back is numb with cold and even if she buries her head into her blankets it doesn’t help. She needs to sleep because they’ll be walking a lot tomorrow. There’ll be one large obstacle waiting for them at the border. Weblin is enclosed naturally and tightly by its geography.

It’s separated from the other countries by its valleys, mountains, and forests. So while invasion is difficult, the opposite is true as well. She’s the one with the least amount of strength and so she needs to rest whenever possible. But even though she knows all this, she can’t fall asleep. The cold gradually seeps into her body. If she moves she’ll become colder, but she shuffles around in her blanket anyway to try and escape the cold. She blows hot air onto her hands.

Suddenly she hears the sound of someone moving around and wonders if someone else can’t sleep either. Fiona wonders if it’s Nesso only for him to ask her if she’s still awake. She pulls her head out from her blanket and sees him looking at her in the dim light of the fire. Fiona tells him that her hands and feet got cold for a moment, but she knows she has to sleep. He sympathizes with how cold it is before saying that he’d ask her to sleep closer to the fire, but she’s already as close as she can get.

LET’S SHARE A BED?! (〃゚艸゚):;*. Fiona giggles and nods since if she’s any closer to the fire she’ll burn while she’s sleeping. And so Nesso sits up and tells her to come closer to him. Her eyes widen but he just says 「お前は寒くて眠れないんだろう?俺が温めてやるからさ。ほら、おいで。」(You’re so cold you can’t sleep right? Then I’ll warm you up. Here, come closer). It’s a bit shameful since they’re siblings, but she’s conscious of the fact that lately they haven’t been acting like siblings. For her to receive warmth from THAT kind of Nesso is..

He reassures her that it’ll be fine, but Fiona starts to blush. The meaning of him warming her up isn’t lost on her. Nesso frowns slightly as he reminds her that she should know best that if her health declined, they’d all be troubled. She protests that she does, but he continues on to point out that she can’t sleep because she’s cold and they have to walk on a mountain road tomorrow. She needs rest whenever she can get it. Fiona nods and in her mind she cries out about how she knows all that, but it’s just.. her face turns redder.

Even if she knows all this, embarrassing things are still embarrassing. Nesso smiles relaxingly and tells her to come over again since it’ll be a problem if she can’t move tomorrow. Fiona nods and slowly starts to lose her will to fight at his soft voice. She prepares her resolve and stands up with her blanket, and even though the cold air is wrapping around her body her heart is beating loudly and noisily. Nesso tells her 「……ん、いいこだ。ほら、こっちにおいで。」(.. Nn, good girl. Here, come closer).

As she shuffles over to him awkwardly, he turns to face her and lifts up the edge of his blanket. Her courage starts to disappear but when Nesso sees her hesitate he jokingly tells her to hurry up before he becomes cold as well. Fiona averts her eyes since when he says that she has nowhere to run anymore. And so she slides in under his blanket. He tells her to come closer and then wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her tightly into him.

She gasps out his name in admonishment, but he just points out that she’s warm now right? She admits it hesitantly, but it’s embarrassing because she’s pressed into his chest. Nesso suggests that she place her blanket on top of his to make it even warmer. After he adjusts their blankets he asks her if she’s fine now. She nods shyly and her heart continues to race loudly; the meaning of which is not safe. But it’s true that the warmth surrounding her is surprisingly pleasant now.

Nesso asks if she’ll be able to sleep now. She nods hesitantly, because while she’ll be able to escape the situation of being unable to sleep from the cold she’s not sure she’ll be able to sleep like this either. But the warmth starts to ease her tension. Nesso’s body is so large that she’s reminded of being a small child again. Nesso murmurs about how this brings back memories and Fiona asks if it’s about the cookies which tasted like bread?

He chuckles and shakes his head before asking if she doesn’t remember the storm that occurred when they were small. Fiona recalls it now and how she was afraid of the sound of the wind. He nods before saying how, at that time, he also held her like this for the entire night to help her sleep. He also told her 「怖くない、怖くない、俺がついてるから大丈夫だぞ、って言い聞かせてさ。」(It’s not scary, it’s not scary, I’m with you so it’ll be alright.. is what I told you). Fiona comments on how he also protected her at that time.

When they were children all she did was get protected by him. He murmurs 「いいんだよ。俺がお前を守りたいんだから。」(That’s fine. I want to protect you after all). She thanks him and as his body heat soaks into her, her heart starts to settle. She could almost say that the warmth of his body has always been beside her; on stormy nights and on the nights that she’s had nightmares. Nesso is always by her side. Fiona giggles and points out that she feels like she’s returned to being a small child. The physical difference almost feels unnecessary.

Nesso says slowly 「子供、か。俺は……、お前のことを子供だとは思っていないんだけどな。」(A child, huh. I.. don’t think of you as a child though). When Fiona looks at him in confusion he starts to chuckle lowly 「こうして抱き締めてるときも……、俺は色々、我慢したりしてる。……はははっ……ははっ。」(Even holding you like this.. I have to endure various things.. hahaha.. haha). THAT WAS A CREEPY LAUGH! When she says his name he starts to say that something about her is able to cut people down in a battlefield, but then he corrects himself. I THINK HE WAS ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT HER CHARM OR BEAUTY.

He apologizes tightly and asks what he should do. Fiona reassures him and tells him to take his time before talking. But in the instant that he mutters her name, his eyes are glittering like a flame and he kisses her forcefully. For a moment, she doesn’t understand what happened but when she does she gasps out his name. He just tells her 「お前は、俺のものなんだ。ずっと昔から決まってた……。そう……ずっと……んんっ。」(You’re.. mine. It’s been decided since way back.. yes.. for a long time.. Nnn). WTF NESSO LMAO ( 。>艸<).

Nesso slides his tongue into her mouth roughly and violently. It’s as if he’s trying to project all his feelings through this intense kiss. Her mind becomes completely blank and all the power leaves her body. But even still, Nesso slides his hand into her hair and pulls her closer. She’s kissing her brother, though this type of kiss is her first time. Fiona is unbearably embarrassed, but she doesn’t feel any unpleasantness.

After their kiss Nesso murmurs 「……これからも、ずっとお前のことは俺が守る。絶対に……。」(From here on.. I’ll always be the one to protect you.. Absolutely..). Fiona shyly nods her head and thanks him. She wants to ask him why he kissed her like that, but before she can Nesso tells her 「……おやすみ、フィオナ。明日もまた歩くことになる。ゆっくりと、休めよ?」(.. Goodnight, Fiona. Tomorrow we’ll be walking again, so get some rest). Although she wanted to ask him, he closes his eyes and falls asleep while still holding onto her.

She calls out his name but he’s completely unresponsive. She sighs in exasperation at how he’s running away from her questions, but she closes her eyes as well. The kiss had made her heart race loudly, but it also made her tired. Thanks to Nesso’s warmth, it’s as if her not being able to sleep due to the cold had been a lie, and she quickly dozes off with slightly swollen lips. Her last thoughts are about how her heart is still throbbing and she calls Nesso an idiot. She sighs to calm her heart and falls asleep.

At dawn the next day, they have a quick breakfast while preparing for their departure. They heat up last night’s soup for an easy meal. Nesso informs them they’ll leave after breakfast and they’ll most likely reach the borders today or tomorrow. They just have a little more to go. Julian’s eyes are on the ground as he comments on how they’ll soon be out of this country. Zara perceptively asks him if he’s feeling complicated about that. Julian admits that this country is special to him, but he has no regrets.

He adds that he no longer exists in this country anyway. He’s fine with their choice. Fiona murmurs his name, but he just turns around to look at the road from which they came with painful eyes. When she follows his gaze she can only see a large forest and a road leading into it. Nesso orders them to move out with a smile and Zara and Fiona return it, but Julian just exhales before looking forward determinedly. They continue to head to the border.

They spent most of the day reaching the outskirts of the forest they’re in. The trees have become sparser, but the road continues on. But the group stops right before the forest ends, which makes Fiona ask them what’s wrong since they’re so close to the border. Nesso nods but explains that it’s necessary to be careful BECAUSE they’re so close to the border. Zara asks if there are sentries posted and Nesso curtly answers that the probability is high. He starts to glance around the outside of the forest.

The rest of them copy him. Nesso points out that the border is just right in front of them and once they pass that they’ll be in the next country. Once they are, the King won’t be able to reach them. Zara is surprised by the border because he thought it’d be more inaccessible. Fiona also expected it to be more inaccessible since she read that Weblin’s natural geography defends it from invasions from other countries. Julian admits that he thought it’d be a vertical cliff or something. LMAO OMG JULIAN BABY.

Nesso asks with a smile if the cliff would be a sheer precipice in one’s path. Julian nods and then Nesso tells him that his imagination isn’t that wrong, since Weblin’s borders have that sort of feeling. Nesso explains that this small road makes it feel as if it’s the only way out and because of that sentries are placed here. Zara is impressed with Nesso’s information and Nesso reveals that the Gefreiter’s worked on border security once. Fiona recalls that Nesso leads a group of knights called the Gefrieter.

But then she’s surprised that they would be sent out to do border security, since it sounds like something lower-ranking soldiers would be sent to do. Only the son of a noble house can become a knight. They serve the king and fight for them. She also knows that they guard the castle and work as local enforcement for lesser lords, but.. Nesso averts his eyes at her question and looks around as if he were searching for words.

When she says his name questioningly he gives in and reveals that he wasn’t liked by the princes and so he had to do some degrading jobs. Zara explains that normally Nesso, as the eldest son of the Earl Galland and Weblin’s finest knight, would work in the castle. It’s no wonder he disliked being sent to work as a guard in suburban villages. Nesso flashes a grin at Zara, but Fiona realizes that this happened before they ran away and so she asks him why Mejojo would do such a thing.

He just smiles and tells her they really just didn’t get along. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY. Julian thinks that it must be because of Arles. When Fiona looks confused Julian explains that Arles was also acknowledged as one of Weblin’s finest knights. Mejojo had his fiancée, Elvira, stolen by that Arles. Zara realizes that Mejojo had antipathy from the beginning for Nesso because of his similarity to Arles. Nesso adds that he also had a relationship with Mejojo’s fiancée.

Fiona asks if he’s talking about her and Nesso nods before revealing that whenever Mejojo tried to get her into the castle, her father and Nesso both refused. It’s unmistakable that Mejojo just didn’t like him. Fiona didn’t know this at all and she feels terrible for troubling him so much. She never knew he was sent to be a local guard in far away villages. She just thought it was his job. Or that, because he was a young leader of a group of knights, he had to start by being a guard of the provinces.

Fiona apologizes to him, but Nesso tells her that she has nothing to apologize for. It was he and their father who decided to refuse the prince and so she doesn’t need to feel involved. Fiona tries to protest since, in the end, Nesso is abandoning this country for her sake. Once again Nesso reassures her and tells her not to be concerned about it. Plus, thanks to it, they’re currently able to make a strategy to escape this country. He can enjoy the experiences he’s had up to now to reach this point.

She smiles at him helplessly and Nesso just shrugs his shoulders with a chuckle before ruffling her hair. Zara asks if he knows the attitude of the sentries and so Nesso explains that they’re usually not strict since not many people go in and out. In other words, there are only two sentries posted at a time and they stay in a lodge near the entrance of the border. The rest remain in a nearby village and only mobilize when they’re called. Julian thinks out loud about how they might be able to forcibly get themselves over then.

They just have to do it fast enough before reinforcements arrive. Fiona agrees since two ordinary soldiers won’t be able to win against their group. Even if reinforcements are called they can cross the border before they arrive, which means the reinforcements won’t be able to do anything. Not only do they have the finest knight of Weblin, Nesso, but they also have Julian and Zara. Nesso is the finest knight in Weblin because his swordsmanship is unparalleled.

The only problem is, and Nesso points it out, is how much of their movements they wish to reveal to the princes. Fiona agrees and thinks about how up to now she hasn’t felt the presence of pursuers yet. She doesn’t know if it’s because they chose to move through the forest or if it’s because Mejojo has a plan. It’d be best if Mejojo and Auger gave up, but after seeing how devoted they are in destroying the wolves she thinks it’s impossible.

Zara points out that Mejojo should already know that Edgar, Fiona’s father, has escaped already. Nesso isn’t sure about that since all Mejojo should know is that Edgar isn’t in Scharlmessen anymore. Fiona points out that Mejojo probably went to confirm this after they escaped the castle. Nesso agrees that Scharlmessen would be the first place they would search. Julian doesn’t know how they’ll move now that Mejojo knows they’ve disappeared and they aren’t in Scharlmessen.

Fiona wonders if the princes think they’re hiding in the country, or if they know that they’re aiming for another country. It’s complicated. If they leave the forest their chances of hiding will decrease greatly. It’s dangerous to leave the forest carelessly when they don’t know what lies in wait. But they can’t stay here forever either. Zara asks if there isn’t another road or place they can cross the border without being seen. Nesso lowers his eyes in thought as he searches his memory.

The only person who has been here before has been only him so they can do nothing but rely on his memory. Nesso suddenly blurts out that there is and he remembered after Zara asked about it, but it’ll be dangerous. Julian asks if it’s going to be a cliff. Nesso shakes his head and explains that it isn’t something as dangerous as that, but more like there’s barely a road. Zara asks what’s so dangerous about that and so Nesso explains that the ground is fragile and might collapse.

If it collapses while they’re walking on it then they’ll fall into a ravine. Zara agrees that that’s dangerous, but he also feels like it’s dangerous to just try and walk straight through the border here. He can’t help but feel worried about coming this far without any pursuers. Julian asks Zara if he means they’ll be captured after seeing their last obstacle. Zara nods and talks about how it might be an attempt to crush their will after showing them the hope of an escape only to get beaten.

He feels that kind of malice, but he admits that it might just be his nerves. But Zara’s words causes Fiona’s body to tremble. She feels like Mejojo is leering at them from somewhere with a smirk as he waits for the right timing to send them despair. It’d be something he would do and so she agrees with Zara that it’s too dangerous to head straight through. Julian agrees that it’d be better to avoid Mejojo and Auger even if they have to choose a dangerous road.

Hearing all their opinions Nesso nods and tells them that he’ll lead them there then. Fiona asks if anyone else knows about this place, but Nesso doesn’t think so. He found out about it by chance while he was guarding the border. Apparently they hesitated over reporting it to the border guards, because Elza thought that no one would risk walking on such a dangerous road. Zara smiles and says that he has to express his gratitude for that decision at another time.

Nesso just smirks and then tells them to be utterly careful as he leads them to the secret path. Fiona nods determinedly and hopes that they’ll be alright. They can almost escape this country. Just a little bit more and they’ll be free. Under Nesso’s guidance they arrive at the dangerous road and he calls out for them to be careful. Any sort of vibration has the possibility to start a collapse. Zara asks with wide eyes if it’s that fragile, but as he says this a part of the road crumbles away causing him to wince.

Even without them doing anything it’s already collapsing, so it wouldn’t be strange if something happened when they walked on it. Julian blurts out that this road makes him feel like it’s too dangerous and he doubts if they can cross over safely. Nesso points out that wild animals still seem to use it and shows them a deer’s footprint. Zara blinks in surprise and says that if a deer can cross it then the road isn’t as fragile as it looks. Julian points out that even still it seems impossible for them to all cross at the same time.

Nesso decides that it’ll be best if two people cross it at the same time then. When Fiona questions this he explains that four people is too much, but one person might not be able to deal with anything that happens. If there’s two people then they’ll be able to help each other. Fiona averts her eyes and wonders who she should ask to help her. She asks for Nesso’s help and he tells her to leave it all up to him, because he’ll take her out of this country properly.

He grins as he pats her head and the usual gesture is reassuring. Zara decides that he and Julian should go first then to check it out. Nesso warns them not to overdo it and to return immediately at the smallest sign of danger. The two of them start to cross the cliff road and every step they take makes a little bit of it crumble away. Fiona is scared to take her eyes off of them because it feels like they could disappear from in front of her at any moment. Nesso reassures her that they’ll be fine, especially if it’s those two.

And then he covers her hand which she had clenched into a fist. The large hand and heat that encompasses her soothes her fear. She bites her lip as she prays for them, but Julian and Zara make it safely across under their watch. Fiona exhales loudly in relief which makes Nesso ask her why she’s so relieved since they’re next. Fiona winces as she agrees that while she’s relieved that Julian and Zara have crossed over safely, the real thing will be next. Nesso holds onto her hand tightly as they step onto the road.

He advises her to think of nothing else and to walk as if this were a normal road. Fiona nods and tries not to think about the cliff beside her. She tries not to hear the sounds of rocks falling down a little bit away from them. She does nothing but look and walk straight away, all the while holding onto Nesso’s hand tightly. But when they happen to be in the middle of the path.. Zara suddenly yells at them to quicken their speed. Julian warns them that pursuers are after them.

Startled by their words, Fiona turns around reflexively only to see cat knights barreling down on them on horses. They are Mejojo and Auger’s bodyguards. Nesso grits his teeth and remarks on how it seems like there was an ambush after all. Fiona gasps out that they have to hurry, but Nesso calmly tells her not to panic since there’s a high possibility of the path collapsing if she starts to run. Fiona nods shakily and walks quickly without panicking; the two of them only think about the next step.

One of the knights calls out and asks if she, the witch called Fiona von Galland, is going to run away with her cursed subordinate? Fiona yelps out Nesso’s name when she realizes that the knights are going to step on the road on their horses. Could it be that they don’t see how fragile it is? Nesso yells out and warns the knights that the ground here is fragile and if they continue on like they are then they’ll make it collapse. The knights merely reply that it’s uselss to try and make them hesitate with words.

They won’t let them run away! Fiona tells them that they’re not lying and it really is dangerous, but the knight yells at her to shut up. Fiona flinches as she realizes it’s useless since whatever they say will be thought of as an excuse to escape. It really is dangerous and even now she can hear more and more rocks tumble down the cliff. But they don’t seem to hear this at all. Nesso tells her that they must hurry. Fiona nods as they pick up their pace and she wants to escape this frightening passage as quickly as possible.

But their quickening steps only force their pursuers to speed up as well. The knight asks them again if they’re going to continue running and then yells at his troops to chase after them. He also warns them that running will only buy Mejojo’s anger. Fiona screams out Nesso’s name and he grits his teeth since he can feel the ground underneath his feet shaking. Zara pleads with them to hurry and Julian points out that the road won’t hold.

Nesso can’t believe it’s come to this, but it’s helpless even if they’re careful on the road since the knights are gaining on them. And so he grabs Fiona’s hand and begins to run. Fiona yelps because the unstable ground beneath them begins to tremble, but they just continue to run forward. But the next step causes the ground to collapse and Fiona can’t even find the air to scream. Nesso grits his teeth and pulls her tightly into his chest as if to protect her from anything.

And all they can hear is far away sound of screams from the cat knights and Zara and Julian yelling out their names in fear before they fall down the cliff and into the area below. Fiona gains consciousness after a while and her whole body throbs in pain. She wonders what happened, because she vaguely recalls something scary happening. A flash of Zara and Julian screaming her name comes to memory and she sits up. She remembers that they had to walk across an unstable path to cross the border.

But they were caught up to by Mejojo and Auger’s knights and in the conflict the ground collapsed and they fell. She’s grateful that she seemed to survive it and looking up she can barely see the path from which she fell from. She must have slipped down rather than fallen straight down and all along the way she was being protected by Nesso. At the thought of him she looks around in worry only to panic when she realizes that he’s not beside her. Nesso would never leave her alone in this kind of situation.

Which means that if he’s not beside her it’s because he can’t be. She continues to call out his name and look around but there’s no response. Finally her gaze falls to the ground and she freezes in shock when she sees an arm stretching out from the sand and rocks. She screams out Nesso’s name and knows that she has to start digging him out, but she’s frozen in fear. She’s afraid that if she touches that arm and it’s cold, it’ll mean that Nesso is no longer by her side.

She mutters over and over under her breath that she has to save him and dig him out, but her body won’t listen to her. She can only fall to her knees while wishing for Nesso to be beside her and give her courage and reassure her. Tears well up in her eyes and she yells out that she’ll save him and so he has to hold on and finally she manages to start digging. She digs frantically and the only thoughts in her mind revolves around saving him. When his upper body is uncovered, he groans out her name in a weak voice.

Fiona’s face is wet with tears as she sobs with relief. Nesso smiles painfully while asking if she’s alright. The lower half of his body is still stuck in the sand and rocks. Fiona nods vigorously and tells him that she’s safe thanks to his protection. Nesso is relieved at that but Fiona snaps out that it’s not alright, because even if she’s safe there’s no meaning in that if Nesso is gone. Nesso laughs lightly and apologizes for his blunder. MAN WHAT A BOSS, HE’S COVERED IN BLOOD (´;ω;`).

Anyway, Fiona tells him to wait because she’ll save him immediately and she starts to dig out the rest of his upper body. Once his arms are freed he’ll be able to help dig out the rest of him. But Nesso just stares at her sadly before he calls her name and tells her to run away and leave him behind. Her eyes widen in shock before she snaps out that she wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. Nesso points out that their pursuers will catch up to them quickly, but while he won’t be able to run away she can.

He yells at her to run away before he starts begging her to. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to die to anyone. Fiona snaps back that she doesn’t want to and that the things he’s saying are terrible. It’s impossible for her to leave him behind and run away. Absolutely impossible. She doesn’t want anything else but for them to be together. She hurriedly tells him not to worry because she’ll get him out soon. She continues to dig and dig and dig, but she can’t see his body.

The lower half of his body can’t be dug out. Fiona panics and wonders what she should do in her mind. She’s starting to be crushed by the fear that she won’t be able to help Nesso alone. Nesso informs her that Elza and the rest of his men are waiting at the base of a mountain for them. He smiles tiredly and tells her that she must know Elza. He’s a lion and a lady-killer and she should spot him immediately. Anyway, if she gets there then Elza will help her. Fiona shakes her head and yells out that she won’t leave.

Nesso hisses in frustration but Fiona just shuts her eyes and shakes her head like a child. She’s rejecting his words with her whole body. Suddenly they hear footsteps and Nesso snaps at her to run. But Fiona refuses and grabs onto his arm. No matter what happens, she doesn’t want to let go. She even starts to apologize for being unable to save him. But Nesso just begs for her to run away in a tearful voice. It’s the first time she’s heard him use that kind of voice. The footsteps get closer.

And then Zara, Julian, and Elza appear asking the two of them if they’re unharmed. Fiona is frozen in surprise by the appearance of lifesavers instead of the cat knights she expected. Zara reassures her that everything will be alright, including Nesso. Fiona can only stare blankly as Elza and Julian immediately start to dig out Nesso. She asks why Elza is here and so Zara explains that when she and Nesso fell he immediately started to search the roads below with Julian.

Elza had arranged to be sent to the border to guard it and he happened to hear Zara and Julian and so he came to help. Anyway, the two manage to dig up Nesso and they pull him out of the sand before Elza shoulders most of Nesso’s weight. Zara informs them hurriedly that he’ll perform an examination once they get to a secure spot and Elza nods before informing Nesso to endure for just a bit more. Nesso nods tightly and Julian suggests they head off. And so the group of them leave the forest.

Under Elza’s guidance, they managed to safely join up with her father and Richie and Pearl. However, Nesso received an irreparable injury..

Time skip! Fiona knocks on a door and Nesso invites her in lazily. When she enters the room, Nesso manages to sit up in his bed. She asks him if he’s okay but he shrugs and admits that he’s in pain here and there still. Fiona reminds him that it WAS a grievous injury. On that day when he was carried by Elza, Zara’s face frowned as he did his examination. Nesso’s lower body had broken bones here and there and there was internal injuries thanks to being buried in the sand.

She couldn’t help but be scared as she watched the bedridden Nesso sleep. She was also surprised to find out how many old wounds that he had. But now he’s able to smile at her as he slowly heals as much as he can. Fiona’s relieved. Anyway, Nesso asks her if something happened. She shakes her head and tells him that she just wondered if he wanted to eat an apple and she shows him the apple she has in her hand. Nesso grins as he thanks her and tells her that he wants to eat it.

Fiona smiles as she sits beside his bed and starts to peel it. Then Nesso asks what everyone else is doing. She explains that their father, because he was a high-ranking aristocrat in Weblin, is being received hospitably by the aristocrats here. They’re all interested in the culture of Weblin. Zara is working as a pharmacist and Julian is his assistant. Pearl and Richie are the same as always. And Elza, because he’s a former Weblin knight, is doing various jobs here and there.

Apparently he wants to recreate a group of knights with Nesso when he’s better. Nesso sighs at how everyone is working hard while he’s just lying here in idleness. He never even had such a severe wound when he was in the battlefield. Fiona frowns and asks him what he’s saying. She reminds him that he’s an injured person and he should think about nothing else but healing. He frowns at her words before confessing that he feels awful at relying on Zara, Julian, and Elza for his livelihood.

Fiona rolls her eyes in exasperation at how he’s trying to look good. Their family has thrown away all their titles and they’ve started living from zero in this new land. But because their father left the country first while they were escaping Weblin themselves, there isn’t any trouble at their cost of living right now. They can have extra things. But still, Zara and Elza immediately found jobs when they came to this new town so that they could have income.

It isn’t unusual for Nesso, who is injured, to feel unbearably irritated since they are relying on them. Their current residence is a place that their father bought with the money he brought out of Weblin. Zara, Julian, and Elza live here but they pass money to her in the form of rent. But in truth they have enough money to buy themselves a place to live. But they still continue to return to this house and give her money. She thinks about how kind they are.

Fiona tells him that if he wants to heal early then he should remain in a good mood and once he’s more energetic he can try moving. But for now he should rest slowly. Nesso grins and tells her that he feels like he can move soon, but Fiona instantly declares that it’s just his imagination. Until Zara gives permission she has no intentions of letting him out of bed. She wonders if Nesso felt the same things she’s feeling now when he nursed her whenever she was sick.

Their positions are now switched with Nesso being in bed and she the one at the bedside. She finishes peeling the apple and cuts off a wedge to give to him. He thanks her and compliments how sweet and delicious it is. Fiona smiles at that before she hesitantly asks him to become better soon. She can’t seem to calm down when she sees Nesso’s current health and how he’s stuck in bed. She also doesn’t want him to have a dangerous job that might send him out into the battlefield again.

Suddenly Nesso grins mischievously up at her while he chews on his apple. Then he tells her that 「お前が……。お前が、キスしてくれたら、すぐに治る気がする。」(If you… If you kiss me, I have a feeling I’d recover at once). Fiona’s eyes widen in shock at his words and for a second she thinks he’s joking, but he continues to stare straight at her. Although his lips, moist from the apple’s juices, are in a smile there’s a serious light in his eyes. They stare at each other in silence until Fiona sighs and calls him a child, but she still approaches him.

They’re so close that Fiona can smell the scent of the apple on his mouth and Nesso whispers 「……まあな。でも、これじゃあ……我慢できないな。」(.. I guess so, but this.. I can’t endure). Fiona splutters his name when the light in his eyes change and he pulls her tightly into a hug and kisses her. She asks him worriedly if he’s alright but he just chuckles and reassures her that it’s fine. But she notices that the tone of his voice changed. Suddenly Nesso confesses that he’s been wondering if they can do it if he’s like this… injured.

He admits that it’s been in the corner of his mind for a long time and he asks lowly and teasingly what she would do if he asked her. He kisses her deeply again but Fiona manages to gasp out and ask what he’s trying to say. She thinks he said something strange. She also has a lot that she wants to say and ask, but she can’t respond when her senses have been obstructed by Nesso’s tongue. Every day, after he was injured, Nesso tries to weasel out a deep kiss from her. She’s still embarrassed about these kisses.

But she doesn’t resist and allows it to happen every time when it happens. Nesso confesses 「……ん、戦場で戦うのも、筆頭騎士になったのも、すべて……お前を守りたいからだ……。」(… Nn, fighting on a battlefield.. becoming the finest knight.. all of it was to protect you). He adds that 「お前を守る力が欲しかったから。でも、お前の側には居れなかった。だから、今は……すごく、幸せだ。」(I wanted the power to protect you. But I wasn’t able to be by your side.. that’s why.. right now.. I’m really happy).

Fiona murmurs his name but he just admits 「くくくっ……二十四時間、こうしてお前と一緒に居られるなんて、夢のようだ……。ああ……フィオナ……。」(Hehehe.. Being together with you like this for 24 hours is like a dream… Ah… Fiona..). He chuckles lowly in satisfaction before tightening his grip on her until she’s pressed flush against his body. Fiona tries to protest and asks what he’ll do if he makes his injuries worse. But he just says 「……もう治ってるよ。お前と一緒にいられるだけで治るんだ。」(.. It’s already healed. Just being with you has healed me).

She sighs in exasperation before asking him not to say such absurd things. Nesso just pulls her in for another kiss before saying 「ずっと、ずっと、ずっと一緒だ。フィオナ……。この世の終わりが来ても。」(Let’s be together for a long, long, long time.. Fiona.. until the end of the world comes). Then he says 「永遠にお前の事を離さない。そうだ、今度……塔をまた作ろう?俺がまた建ててやる。」(I won’t ever let you go.. I know.. shall we make another tower? I’ll build it again). She blinks in surprise at the non sequiter, but he just tells her that he doesn’t want to make the Scharlmessen one.

He wants to make it higher, as if it’d reach the heavens, and he’ll earn the money for it and build it. Then he asks what she’d think about living there with just the two of them. Fiona thanks him hesitantly and tells him that his feelings make her happy but.. But at that moment, Nesso just crushingly kisses her. His voice is husky as he says 「……一緒に、墓に入ろうな?骨まで愛してやるからさ……。ずっとずっと……ずっと。」(… Let’s die at the same time, alright? Because I love you to the core.. forever and ever..). I SWEAR I’M HONESTLY NOT TRYING TO MAKE HIM CREEPY!

Fiona finds herself frozen and her brain paralyzed. She doesn’t understand what he’s saying. But that deep love is conveyed to her.. That deep and heavy love that wraps around her. In her mind, Fiona reminds him that he was the finest knight of Weblin and wonders if something happened in the landslide beside the injuries. Nesso says with a laugh 「何言ってるんだよ。俺は俺だ。変わってなんか、いないよ。」(What are you saying. I’m me. I haven’t changed).

Then he asks her to take off his clothes for him because his wound hurts and he wants her to warm him up. His voice is sly as he points out that if she doesn’t do her part in healing him then he won’t ever recover. After the sounds of clothing being shifted are heard, Nesso calls her a good girl while Fiona continues to wonder if this is the real Nesso. She continues to think about this while she accepts something hot that enters her hard and deeply.


*** BAD END ***

Starts at the scene where they have to find a way across the river but this time Fiona asks for Zara’s help. Then during the campfire scene where Fiona can’t fall asleep she hears someone moving and it turns out to be Julian. And then during the cliff scene Fiona asks Nesso to be her partner. The scene after the fall where Fiona wakes up to find Nesso buried in the rocks and sand plays out in the same way as the GOOD END.

At the point where Nesso tries to order Fiona to leave him behind and run, she refuses to and starts to try and dig out his lower body. But no matter how much she digs she can’t seem to find him. However, she realizes that he might be able to be dragged out and so asks him to give her his hand. But when he doesn’t respond she just grabs onto his arm and starts to pull him while using her whole weight. She thinks about how silly it’d look if she’s thrown back when he’s finally pulled free.

Surely he’d laugh at her. She continues to pull on him while thinking about these happy things, but no matter how hard she pulls he doesn’t even move. She’s panting with exhaustion by now but she still pulls until her hands slip from all the mud and she falls to the ground. But the pain of not being able to help him hurts her more than the pain of her body hitting the ground. Nesso quietly says her name, but Fiona just starts to sob again while thinking about how she doesn’t want to hear him say her name in that quiet voice.

It’s a voice that doesn’t want to be helped and is instead thinking about her survival until the very end. It’s also a voice that’s already decided on its own end. He points out that there’s a road that will lead to the base of a mountain from here. She yells out that she’s not listening, but he snaps at her to listen before his voice softens and he pleads her to listen. She shakes her head like a child and he begs her before continuing on to explain that Elza and the rest of the group will most likely be there.

They’re waiting for them. He tells her that she must know Elza, the lion and lady-killer. She’ll know who he is for sure. But Fiona just cries about and denies knowing him. However, Nesso just ignores her and tells her that if she goes there Elza will save her. But she refuses to leave because she doesn’t want to leave him. She can’t bring herself to do such a thing and so she continues to dig. She tells him that she’s definitely going to save him, because if he’s not with her then she’s not going to go anywhere.

Nesso groans in pain but Fiona just chants that she’ll help him and he’ll be saved soon. Very soon. He just has to wait a bit more. Nesso is starting to breath hard though and he suddenly tells her that he feels a bit sleepy. Then he mumbles 「そこにいるのか……?俺の……大好きな……。世界で……たったひとりの……。誰よりも…………。」(Are you there..? My.. most beloved… in the world… the only one… more than anyone else). He smiles tiredly while covered in blood, but Fiona doesn’t respond and just continues to dig. She digs while crying.

All of a sudden she hears voices ask her worriedly if she’s alright as well as asking where Nesso is. But all Fiona does is look up blankly. How much time had passed? She finds Zara and Julian in front of her and the young lion that Nesso had told her about. Zara explains that while he and Julian were searching for a road down to them they met Elza who had been waiting for them. Elza explains that he made arrangements to be placed at the border where he could stand by and wait for them.

Then he asks where Nesso is and so Fiona turns and tells Nesso that they’re saved because everyone came. Then she tells them to help her since Nesso is buried under the earth and sand. All three of them tell her to stand to the side and Fiona smiles since he’ll be saved with this. The three of them will be able to help Nesso. But there’s no response and Zara freezes with wide eyes. Elza yells out his name while Julian gasps in fright. Fiona asks them slowly what’s wrong.

She points out that they have to hurry up and save Nesso and that they have to hurry up and get him out of there. Then she starts to sob as she tells them that Nesso seems to be in pain. Nesso won’t respond. Nesso won’t move. Zara whispers her name and then embraces her strongly. Fiona wonders brokenly why Zara won’t help Nesso. Meanwhile, Elza grits his teeth and blames himself for not arriving here fast enough. Julian just cries out Nesso’s name. Fiona asks them hysterically why they won’t save Nesso.

Fiona screams at Zara to release her but he continues to try and hold her until she forcefully pulls herself away. She resumes her frantic digging because if the three of them aren’t going to help, then she’ll just have to do it by herself. She has to get Nesso out. Zara calls her name again and tries to tell her that Nesso is already.. But Fiona just sobs and tells Nesso’s body that she’ll save him. Julian pleads with her to stop because her hands are bleeding and ripped.

He tells her that it’s too late already. Fiona stares up at him with horrified eyes and asks him what he’s saying because they need to hurry up and save Nesso. Elza becomes expressionless as he tells them that they need to take Fiona to her father, Edgar, immediately. They’ll come back for Nesso tomorrow morning. Zara bows his head and thanks Elza while Julian averts his eyes in pain. Fiona freaks out at the word tomorrow and points out that poor Nesso will be alone.

They can’t do that to him and so she’ll stay here with him. Zara sharply says her name but Fiona turns back to Nesso’s body and tells him that she’s beside him so everything will be alright. He doesn’t need to be lonely. She’ll save him. Elza tries to tell her that Nesso is already.. but he can’t bring himself to say the word and Fiona can’t hear it anyway. For some reason it feels like the voice of those three are coming from a great distance. Her consciousness becomes distant.

There’s a pain that claws deeply into her. Fiona’s last thoughts are asking Nesso if he didn’t promise to stay together with her forever. She asks him why he’s not replying. WELL.. I CAN’T SAY THAT WASN’T PREDICTABLE.

16 thoughts on “BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Nesso Galland ~

    Bobabi said:
    February 16, 2013 at 11:24

    Is he her real brother?

      Ilinox responded:
      February 17, 2013 at 18:45

      He’s her half-brother actually! They share the same father, but their mothers are different. In the world of BWS though marriage between cousins or closely related siblings isn’t strange.

    Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
    July 18, 2012 at 04:55

    Am I the only one who found Nesso to be funniest dude ever? Because every time he was a blatant siscon I just laughed my ass off. Maybe it’s because after Toma and all the other jerk brothers that we have had recently and all their lame “do I want her as a sister or as a woman? oh well better lock her up while I think about it” drama, I was so happy to have a guy that was like “yep I’m a siscon, I wanna do ya, and I don’t give a crap if others hear it”. And he never locked her up despite her leaving him for other dudes, so I’m happy with him. He’s creepy at times, but he never follows up on it unless she wants him too, so I’m totally fine with that. Well, except if you choose to go for the cats but don’t have enough affection with either, then he stops her, but I can’t blame him for that.

    Plus, Zara trying to get him to shut up with his siscon remarks, comforting him when he loses her, Elza being a bro even with the knowledge that he’s a creep, and the way the father just goes “…” when Nesso says he wants to marry Fiona, etc, are just way too funny for me to dislike him. Yeah, him slobbering over her at times and the fact that he wanted to lock her up in the tower so she could always be with him is creepy, but damnit, he makes me laugh. Just like Guillan is a creepy psycho but I love him because he’s so funny and more, I like Nesso because he’s so ridiculous. After the cat torture, I need my laughs.

    And you really gotta wonder what he with his life does when she stays with the wolves. With Julian and Zara he still gets to see her, with the cats he’s dead, but with the wolves he will never see her again. The fact that he doesn’t come back and respects her decision makes me like him even without all the laughs he gives me.

    As for Rath, don’t get your hopes up for him. Yeah, he’s super cute and likable even though he’s a bit emotionless and I love him too, but Rejet did its best to make him and Arles routes as meh as possible. I still desperately want him in Last Hope, which is more than I can say for Arles or anyone else in the game for that matter, so that shows that he really is a good character and a likable main dude, but his route is still disappointing. When you get to the wolves I recommend doing Rath and then Guillan first, because Arles is boring and not cute like his little brother is.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 18, 2012 at 13:18

      I’m thankful that I don’t have to read through scenes and scenes of drama about whether he likes her as a woman or his sister or whether Fiona likes him as a brother or a man as well, since there’s enough drama with trying to escape the clutches of Mejojo. But it was a bit ridiculous how nothing existed for him outside of Fiona and so I grew annoyed at how every single line was basically “I’m like this — because I wanna do ya” (/ω\).

      Overall I didn’t mind Nesso’s route as much as it might sound, but it was kind of boring because I didn’t feel any suspense other than whether or not they were going to be captured by Mejojo, but going down the good end makes it kind of obvious you’d escape. I guess it’s because I did the cats in which every scene made me go “OH SHIT WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN” or “How is this even going to work out!?” xDD;; Nesso’s was just so idyllic.. sort of.

      Ooh, I haven’t done any wolf routes yet (as you can see) so I can’t say much about that. But yeah! Nesso is kind of remarkable because he even told her that if she loved Mejojo to the point of being unable to leave him and wanted to get married right away to him ONLY THEN would he think about leaving her behind at the castle. <– His response when she tells him she wants to stay at the castle before they run away. Despite his enormous siscon he really respects her boundaries and feelings. Unlike SOMEONE.. *cough*Toma*cough*.

      Awww, all these "meh" feelings towards Arles people are having makes me a bit worried that I'll end up not finding him interesting either!

        Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
        July 18, 2012 at 14:29

        I don’t think the boring route is really Nesso’s fault, since Zara and Julian’s normal route are also boring. They don’t have a lot of things at stake like the wolves have and they don’t torture her, so all their routes are a little lighter. For those who started with them they are boring, but I was exhausted and angry after doing the cats, so I enjoyed my time with them. It does make worry for Last Hope though, both the extra routes are family routes, and since Fiona gets stuck with the wolves this time the family routes might be just as tacked on as they were in this game. Plus, who the hell thought it was a good idea to trade Guillan for the puppy shotas? You’d think LH being the wolves game he’d get a route there, but nooo, you gotta go for kids instead *pouts*

        I also find his and Zara’s bad ends the saddest ones. They’re predictable, but it’s so sad to see Fiona in such despair. There are worse endings in the game, but given that they had done nothing wrong to deserve it, it makes me feel so bad. Because the wolves bad ends are sad/terrifying and all, but I have not forgotten the village they destroyed and the humans they ate at the beginning so I don’t that much pity for them. Julian’s bad end is very sad too.

        I don’t think Arles is uninteresting, but his route with Fiona is. Just like Rath is a very lovable guy, but you sure wouldn’t get that feeling from his route. His moment with her when he gives the blood samples is more romantic than his route IMO. I think Rejet did it on purpose, since LH will be their game. They sure made Guillan as fun and as moe as possible even though he’s the guy with least screentime, because he only has routes in this game, so I’m pretty sure the other wolf routes were made boring to leave you wanting more. Worked for Rath for me, but not with Arles since I don’t like him all that much. After biting Fiona on purpose and that creepy opening with him encouraging Rath to mercilessly kill and eat humans, I don’t find him that much better than Mejojo. He’s only ahead because he doesn’t torture her. Besides infecting her with a fatal disease for petty revenge that is.

    Hinano said:
    July 16, 2012 at 07:02

    She continues to think about this while she accepts something hot that enters her hard and deeply.

    Am I supposed to take this the wrong way? Because I am www

      Ilinox responded:
      July 16, 2012 at 09:22

      I think you’re supposed to take this as sexual as possible L O L. Rejet’s “subtle” way of letting you know what’s going on.. I was actually surprised since they did it in a subtler way in Mejojo’s route.

    Roiya said:
    July 14, 2012 at 03:19

    Oh elza why are you not a route?! Hes a hottie! I’m interested to see how the Julian and Rath routes end up. Nesso is a boss but his siscon was way too obsessive for me. Juliann has such a warped past with the twins. I am really excited for his..

      Ilinox responded:
      July 15, 2012 at 06:39

      Don’t worry!! It’s been revealed that Elza, Richie, and Pearl will be routes in Last Hope (although I don’t know if Richie and Pearl are together or separate routes..). But I know right?! He’s described as an 色男 which is basically lady-killer or sexy man L O L. And he’s voiced by Kishio Daisuke which just reminds me of Nico ;;;

      He reminded me so much of Kanba from Mawaru Penguindrum that looking at him automatically makes me like him but his extreme siscon and lack of any goals or ambition made me a little annoyed. I think I totally lost any liking I had for Miki Shinichiro’s voice here too for some reason Orz.

      Julian is next so please look forward to it 8D!

        Roiya said:
        July 17, 2012 at 19:21

        Ooh elza is gonna be a route?*squeals. But pearl and Richie….they’re so young…id feel like a pedo lol.I wish they would keep Guilian from the wolves as a route in the psp since his character is fascinating to me. I’m looking forward to ur Julian post soon!

    starryusagi said:
    July 13, 2012 at 00:06

    When Nesso came on the screen I was like “LOL DAT SISCON” and I also thought “LOL KANBA”



    Pretty much what I thought when he popped onto the screen LOL. Okay so I kind of didn’t read this / have been avoiding your BWS posts cause I’m also trying to get through the game xD LOL key word “trying” hahahaha I’ve been really lazy as of recent.

    As for the game, what do you think of it? I’m hoping for a good story and some… interesting (whether this be good or bad, it doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s interesting xD) characters lol so give me a liiiittle bit of a spoiler as to what I should expect please ;D haha!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 13, 2012 at 00:23

      IF ONLY HE WAS VOICED BY KANBAAAAA!! I think it would have made his route way more enjoyable. I’m not that big of a fan of Miki Shinichiro anymore, especially because Nesso’s voice was really boring /o\.

      I’ve seen your BWS posts and they’re so amazing! They’re even more detailed than mine and so I can totally sympathize with how much dedication and work you’re putting into it. You even translate almost every line they say!

      The main story of the game is pretty long in your first play through but I really enjoyed it! It’s a dark, gritty, and gothic fantasy-type game and it really reminds me of “Game of Thrones”. Rejet didn’t pull any punches with making this aristocratic and medieval world believable and so different from our own.

      But I do have to agree that after the first play through the game just kind of blasts through and just has individual scenes. Some parts of the game might feel draggy and irritating with how much they repeat key points so it might help if you take your time to play it and don’t try to rush through the story.

      I, and along with many others, would tell you to expect that whatever bad thing you’re thinking might happen.. it’ll be way worse than that. EVERYTHING GETS WORSE IN BWS. It surprises you a lot with some scenes.

      What can you expect character wise? Since I, myself, still haven’t finished like 5 characters I can’t say much about them all. BUT the two “villains” of the story, Mejojo and Auger, are utterly fascinating. I could go on and on and on about them and I know a lot of other people can too. If you don’t want to 100% complete BWS then I definitely recommend you do one of the cat routes and then one of the wolf routes.

      (Do both cat routes if you want the full hellish and trollish experience though wwww)

        starryusagi said:
        July 13, 2012 at 16:33

        LOL OH KANBA KANBA KANBA. I agree Nesso’s voice is just so… oh I don’t know, just like so plain lol and boring. I’m not a big fan, even though I really liked his character design lol.
        Aww thanks! I kind of translate almost every line by accident to be honest LOL! But I agree, playing just through the small amount I have has definitely been a struggle. The game is really interesting so far for me but the whole translating/writing the blog post at the same time (which I have to do or else I’ll forget everything LOL) is probably just making it worse xD And to the Game of Thrones reference… I totally agree. I’m really liking all the little quirks about the actual game and stuff, like the rain falling and the settings and the artwork is definitely my type so I agree, I’m pretty pleased about that so far and I’ve only experienced just a little bit of it! And yeah the first play through the game play feels really like, an emotional roller coaster and it’s kind of like you’re just being thrown right in lol. AND OH GOD. OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. So everything that I think horrible is going to happen… is just 10x worse than I actually think it is LOL FANTASTIC. MY BODY IS READY.
        As for the storyline, I’m definitely pleased by what I’m hearing lol. In terms of romance I’m not expecting much I guess you could say lol I’m really looking more at the storyline and the way the characters act, not actually if I find them you know, a really good romance interest for the heroine or not LOL :P which is a little weird for me but I’m actually pretty excited. Yeah I heard the cat boys are pretty forking crazy (in an interesting yet absolutely horrible way lol) but really friggin’ interesting as well. The game sounds like a psychologists’ playground lol and yeah I’m going to try to go 100% complete (I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN ;w;) but if I can’t lol I’ll definitely do the two cat boys and a wolf route!
        (and maybe the bunny route 8D cause I’m biased and love bunnies. LOL)

    huyutfsakura said:
    July 12, 2012 at 16:32

    I-It’s okay. I once mistaken salt for sugar T_T (My god, it tasted like I was pouring salt down my throat ;_____; ) I sense that Nesso’s yandere levels aren’t that high as the twins but he is kind of Toma like….xD! But still, I’m lovng his route. His siscon is, uhm, sweet? Nesso Fighting! <3~

    On a side note….RATH, BABY RATH, COME TO MEEEE~ He's so precious, I swear he's the first person I'm going after in Last Hope. A sweetheart is what he is :')

    I can't stop laughing at this sentence, "She continues to think about this while she accepts something hot that enters her hard and deeply." Aren't they suggesting something *ahem* sexual? *nudge nudge* *wink wink* ;)

    I wonder what other routes there are left :D! Hope to see more of these~

      Ilinox responded:
      July 13, 2012 at 00:17

      It seems like a common scene to have with the heroine of a story ww but it’s kind of funny how they didn’t go with that route. Instead they said that she made her cookies taste like bread.. which makes me really confused. How do you do that? o_o I don’t know the first thing about making bread or cookies though, but I thought you had to knead the dough for bread? Cookies you don’t? xD;;

      Anywaaaay, I liked him in the beginning but I think his obsession over Fiona started bothering me near the end. Especially when he didn’t seem like he had any ambition other than protecting her.. for some reason that bothered me. I’m fine with a guy being super protective and obsessed, but they have to have something else that guides them too imo.

      I love how.. emotionless yet nice he is xDD. I really wonder how his route is going to be done in just Bloody Nightmare. Wahh, the wolves are so close yet so far away.. I think I’ll just do Julian next and then one of the wolves before going to Zara. I can’t.. resist.. them.. any.. longer..

      L O L my thoughts exactly. I did a double-take at this because they were so blunt about them doing the deed.. it was way more subtle in Mejojo’s route and so then I was like “is there any other way to write this without making it sound so dirty?!.. nope”.

      Thank you for reading~ and there’s Julian, Zara, Arles, Guillan, and Rath left wwww a mountain in other words ;;;

        ab said:
        August 11, 2012 at 16:35

        I think the reason why Rath give his blood to them is because he loves her just like Mejojo route it’s the same thing when Rath uneasy about Fiona and wanted to rescue her is because loves her her. That’s why I said they make a good couple anyway the next route will be either Zana or Guillan because you said in one of your comments that you do Rath last which make scene a way so it’s either going to be either Zana or Guillan but either way i’m looking forward to it.

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