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Ikki (イッキ)
CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山 紀章)

Ikki has matured since the original game and he isn’t shy about showing his affections towards the heroine who has finally decided to move in with him. He’s utterly smitten with her and restrains himself from pushing her outside of her comfort zone. But this doesn’t stop his seductions or sweet teasing. Basically he’s perfect boyfriend material and I’m so bias it’s not even funny (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

(Sorry!! I’ll definitely get back to BWS after this but even I need a break from depressing and dark stories no matter how much I like that genre. Also, a friend was browbeating me into finishing Ikki’s route before they spoiled me silly. Don’t worry, once I finish BWS I’ll be back to finishing Amnesia Later!.. No, really, I will).

The game starts with Orion explaining the background. In a certain world, in a certain country, and in a certain girl’s story on the first of August she woke up and lost all her memories. Beside her was a strange spirit boy who called himself Orion. Orion told her that it was his fault she lost her memories and so he promises to help her find her memories and together they start to investigate around.

After they find out that she has many bonds with other people, Orion realizes that he’s the reason as to why she lost her memories. And so this leads them on a quest to return her memories. They also need to find out why she lost her memories. And will Orion be able to protect her on this journey?! What will be the fate of the girl and Orion?! I KID YOU NOT, THIS DRAMATIC RE-CAP IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY ORION プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. I MISSED MY COMMENTATOR!

*** NEW WORLD ***

8月10日. Orion greets Lin in the morning, but when he sees her confused face he becomes worried and asks her if she remembers what they’ve been doing up to now. He reminds her that he’s the reason as to why she lost her memories and so he’s taking responsibility for it by helping her regain them. He reassures her that he’ll protect her even though he can’t touch humans, no one can see him other than her, and he can’t even talk to them. He does a little skit where he plays the part of Lin yelling for Orion to help her.

And then he switches roles and tells her to leave it to him since he knows this place like the back of his hand and so she should take the next corner. Then he sighs depressingly at how the painful reality is that he can only do these background checks. Lin comforts him by telling him that she’ll be relying on him and so Orion looks at her with teary eyes and thanks her. He smiles brightly and tells her that even though he still hasn’t done anything too helpful yet, he’ll work harder and harder.

He optimistically states that there’s no use lamenting over these things and they should concentrate on the things they can do. The thing that he can do right now is to support her and then he tells her to look at this correlation chart that he made while she was sleeping. It basically summarizes everything they know about her in this world.

Her father has gone to some far away place. She lives alone and she has no boyfriend. She has two childhood friends and four co-workers. The chart shows that Shin and Toma are her childhood friends. Her four co-workers are Ikki, Kent, Sawa, and Mine. Waka is the manager of their Maid and Butler Cafe. Rika is Ikki’s fan and Ukyo is a regular customer.

She didn’t lose her memories because of an incident that resulted in an injury. She doesn’t seem to be bullie by anyone. And it wasn’t because of a man who stalked her due to a tragic and miserable fate. L M F A O ALL THESE REASONS ARE WHY SHE LOST HER MEMORY IN THE FIRST GAME. SHIN = INJURIES. IKKI = BITCH BRIGADE. TOMA/UKYO = STALKING MAN? Orion suggests for her to choose the most reliable person she knows to help her regain her memories.

He thinks that’s the best route and she happens to have a work day today, and so she should talk with her co-workers to find the person she wants to rely on. Lin gets changed and they head towards the cafe. Along the way they meet Shin who asks if she’s heading to the cafe and that if she is, she should hurry up before she becomes late. He informs her to fix her habit of dawdling due to sleepiness.

At this, Orion thanks Shin sarcastically for his strict lecture right in the morning. ORION HAVE I TOLD YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS? (人´∀`*). Orion reminds her that this is Shin, one of her childhood friends, and although he’s blunt he does care about her.. in a Spartan-like way. He thinks that Shin might not be a bad choice for his dependable personality. Anyway, Shin interrupts and asks Lin if she’s fallen asleep again since she’s spacing out. He makes a remark on how lately she seems to be more spaced out.

And then he complains about how there seems to be a lot of people needing help. Lin asks him if something happened and so he explains how his mother was panicking because she forgot to buy bread and so Shin was sent out to get some, but the bread shop was closed on holiday. And when he went to a convenience store they were having problems. Orion notes how although Shin is complaining, he was still kind enough to listen to everyone’s problems and help his mother. Anyway, Shin tells Lin that she should get going before she’s late to work.

He sends her off by telling her to work hard today. When Lin and Orion reach the cafe they’re greeted by Ikki who notes how they’ve been meeting a lot and that she must be working hard since this is the sixth consecutive day she’s worked. He wonders if her exhaustion isn’t slowly piling up and then he points out that her headdress is slanted. Ikki asks her if he can fix it, which makes Orion yell at him to stop flirting right in the morning.

Then Orion introduces Ikki 「このエロ魔人はキミのバイト先の先輩であり大学4年生のイッキ」(This perverted demon is your co-worker, a 4th year university student called Ikki). プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. He’s also someone who is very popular with the girls and he even has a fan club. But then he quickly cuts himself off and tells Lin to say something since Ikki is getting closer. Lin asks Ikki to fix it for her and Orion yells at her to wait a second.

But Ikki just responds with 「・・・意外。照れて逃げると思ったのにな。僕を意識してないってこと?んー・・・・だとしたら残念だけど、まぁいいか。綺麗な髪だから、ずっと前から触りたいと思ったし・・・」(.. That’s surprising. I thought you would become embarrassed and run away. Are you not conscious of me? Hmm~.. If that’s the case then it’s a shame, oh well. You have beautiful hair and so I’ve always wanted to touch it). EXCUSE ME AS I DIE IN DELIGHT ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ . But before he can do anything Kent tells Ikki to wait right there.

Kent orders Ikki not to stand so close to Lin and that even if the manager allows him to sexually harass people, he won’t. Ikki exclaims that the mysterious statistics man Mad Kent has appeared! Orion denies Kent’s title and properly introduces Kent as another one of Lin’s senior co-workers. He’s from a different university and he does give off a statistics aura. He’s skilled in mathematical theory. Anyway, Ikki asks Kent what right he has to get in his way and so Kent informs Ikki that he lost the 500th mathematical puzzle to him.

The loser has to obey the the winner and so that’s why he has the right to stop him. Kent tells Ikki that he’ll make the next one easier, since it can’t be helped if he couldn’t clear this one. Ikki tells him not to bother since that’ll make the puzzles lame and he wouldn’t be able to put his whole effort in. Kent smirks and tells him that the 501th puzzle will be just as hard then if not harder. Ikki returns the smirk and tells him that he’ll apply his full power to it. Orion just sighs at how these two have made it to 500 puzzles.

Orion points out that Ikki and Kent are very good friends and although they aren’t normal, they are people she can depend on. He even debates on the idea of depending on the two as a set. However, Ikki calls out to Lin and returns the conversation to what she’s going to do about her hat. He asks her if she wants him to fix it or Kent, meanwhile Orion is annoyed at how they only get two choices. Lin decides to ask Kent to fix it and he looks surprised before he refuses saying it’s impossible for him to fix a girl’s headdress. (´-ω-`).

(If Lin asks Ikki then he happily tells her to come closer. While he’s fixing her headdress he’ll also comment on how this is the first time he’s been at point-blank range of her. Then he teasingly admits 「これで君が僕の虜になってくれたら嬉しいんだけど・・・どう?まだ効かない?」(I’d be happy if you became my prisoner with this.. well? Still not affected?). Orion reminds Ikki loudly that he’s just supposed to fix the headdress. Then Kent intrudes and comments on how Lin has bad taste).

On the other hand, Ikki tells him that he should do it since Lin went through all the trouble of choosing Kent over him. Orion points out how Ikki is sulking. Then Kent explains that if the opposite sex touches her hair it can be construed as a sexual action, and she probably won’t like it if he does that. Ikki points out that she wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t like it, unless it’s Kent who doesn’t like her. Kent protests with a stutter that it isn’t like that, but then they’re interrupted by Waka.

Ikki and Kent both greet him and he greets them back before he notices that Lin’s headdress is tilted. He orders her to go to the back and fix it before he gives out the morning speech to everyone. Orion helps her fix it in the back room and tells her that Waka is the manager of the cafe. Orion thinks he’s a good person but he doesn’t know why Waka has a wooden stick. They return and Waka compliments them on being quick before giving orders for the day. Lin and Ikki will take the floor and Ikki replies that they’ll have no problems.

Waka asks if Kent can handle the kitchen by himself, to which Kent brings up a problem. Apparently they ran out of sauce and Waka made a mistake last time of making a different sauce. They won’t be able to make the sauce they need and if they go out to buy the necessary ingredients then the store will have to open five minutes late. Waka is devastated at his own error and starts talking about committing suicide. Ikki stops him and informs him that it’ll be a problem if he cuts his own stomach.

Kent adds that Waka is their manager and so he doesn’t need to apologize to anyone. Ikki also points out that they’re in a cafe in the modern times, and so since they’re not in Edo period with a ranking system he can stop trying to commit suicide. Kent takes over again and explains that he was thinking of switching the pasta to a cheese and that way the problem is averted. Anyway, the shop opens up and Lin starts working. Soon Toma, Mine, and Sawa come to visit and Orion introduces them to her.

Toma notices her spacing out and asks her if she has hypotension again and then chides her to be more careful since she’s living alone. Orion calls him Toma the mother hen and tells Lin that Toma often looks after her. He’s also her childhood friend and older than her by a year. Him, Shin, and Lin act like siblings. Sawa recalls out loud that Toma used to sleep in a lot, catch colds, and feel homesick ever since he started living alone. Orion introduces her as Sawa. She’s the same age as Lin and they seem to be friends since they go out together a lot on free days.

He thinks Sawa is a bit ditzy but she’s a good girl. Mine blinks in confusion and points out that Toma’s real house is close-by though. And so if he catches a cold he can just go over to his parent’s place. Orion informs Lin that this girl is Mine and she’s younger than Lin by a year and in her last year of high school. She’s a bit selfish, but she’s an honest girl. They’re all part of the staff of the Maid and Butler Cafe and they’re all good friends. And that’s why it’s difficult for Lin and Orion to choose who to depend on.

Toma explains that he can’t do that since his parents believe he should be responsible for his own self now that he’s living alone, and so if he catches a cold then he has to deal with it. Sawa winces at how strict they are, while Mine asks if his parents just let him do whatever. Toma confirms that they do before noting that they shouldn’t continue to stand her and talk since they’re in the way. They head off to pick a table while returning to their previous conversation which piques Orion’s interest.

Ikki comes up to them though and compliments her for working hard before he notices the group. He comments on how unusual it is to see Toma with two girls and then asks Lin to take care of some orders while he heads to take the group’s order, but then a girl calls out to him about her order and so he has to apologize and ask Lin to take his place. Orion doesn’t mind though since he wants to know what they’re talking about. It turns out that they’re talking about plans for a trip.

Sawa keeps on wanting to go to a river, but Toma isn’t sure if they’ll be allowed since it rained a lot this year and the river might be flooded. However, it might be pretty because of that. Mine suggests the beach or the mountain, which Sawa supports because she’s excited at the thought of camping and barbecue, but then Mine wonders if Shin will agree to go since he looks like the type to hate barbecue. Toma reassures her that he will, because although he doesn’t participate excitedly in their conversations he likes having fun in a group.

But he turns down the idea of going into the mountains because Mine is still a high school student and so she’s not allowed to spend the night outside. He thinks they can go to the mountain next year though. Mine pouts and calls him strict but Toma points out that he’s helping to supervise the whole thing and so he needs to be strict. He also adds that he was never nice from the start. FLASHBACKS OF TOMA’S ROUTE Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ! Sawa is shocked that he’s saying that about himself, but then she admits that they should focus on a day trip.

Then Toma notices Lin and apologetically gives his order for a blend of coffee. Mine orders Cinnamon Milk and Sawa orders another type of coffee after she realizes that Kent is working in the kitchen, because he makes the best of this kind of coffee. Toma recalls Kent saying something about the formula. Anyway, then Mine asks Lin where she wants to go and Sawa realizes that’s a good idea since Lin is the star of the event.

This freaks out Orion of course since he and Lin have no idea what they’re talking about. Lin evades the question by telling them that she’ll let Toma decide. Mine remarks on how Lin is always sweet to Toma, but Sawa points out that they’re like siblings. At any rate, Toma accepts the responsibility and asks her what she would like, which makes Mine pout since he didn’t ask them that, but Toma excuses himself by saying that it’s been a while since Lin relied on him and so he’ll do his best as her “big brother”.

He wonders if they should choose somewhere near their neighbourhood, since they might not have enough money for a faraway trip. Mine reassures him that she saved up her money, while Sawa is mostly confident that she does. Toma comments on how Lin will have enough as well since she told him that she’s been working a lot lately for the money. Orion is surprised to find this out since he had been wondering why they had so many shifts.

But then he wonders what the past!Lin’s goal had been to earn this much money to go out. Anyway, they finish work and return home and Orion calls for a debriefing. They met all the members of the cafe today and he believes they can all be trusted. He’s sure that they’ll all help her when they find out that Lin has lost her memories, but that’s why it’s so difficult to choose just one person.

Orion acts out how that conversation would go and he starts off by saying that they should just skip the morning talk, because in truth she has no memory! He sighs at how reckless that would be. However, he soon cheers up and points out that they at least know why she’s working so hard now. Although he wonders if she has some sort of goal involving one of the members of the cafe and the trip they’re going on.

But it doesn’t seem like Kent and Ikki are coming, since if Toma called himself a supervisor then that means there’s a lot of people going but no one is older than Toma. In that case Kent, Ikki, and Waka wouldn’t be joining. But when he thinks about that he recalls that Ikki responded when he saw Toma enter the cafe and he even commented on how unusual it is. If Ikki was going on the trip as well then he wouldn’t have been surprised.

At least this is what Orion thinks, but he decides to give up for the night. He suggests Lin to take a bath, eat dinner, and spend some time watching the television. The weather looks good tomorrow too and so they can dry her futon in the sun tomorrow. Lin turns on the television and the news starts talking about the unusual amount of fireflies this year. The image of fireflies throws Lin and Orion into a flashback.

All she can hear are the words that next year they’ll definitely watch the fireflies together again. Orion is frightened by how close they were to falling, but he’s glad that she regained a memory. The person talking was her and she made a promise with someone to watch the fireflies together. But then he realizes worriedly that they don’t know who it is. Orion is struck by the realization that it might be Toma, Sawa, and Mine since all the places they wanted to go would have fireflies.

And so all they have to do is ask someone tomorrow. Orion is excited by the fact that, if she finds out who she promised to watch the fireflies with, the rest of her memories might come rushing back.

8月11日. However, in the next morning, their plans completely fall apart when Ikki invites them to see the fireflies with him tomorrow night. Orion wonders in confusion if it was Ikki she promised instead of Toma. Ikki reminds her that she doesn’t have to work tomorrow and so she’ll have a lot of time. Then he smirks and reassures her that it won’t just be them, since Kent will be there, and so she can relax.

Kent also has a car, but just before he can ask Lin for her answer Kent interrupts and tells Ikki that Waka wants to confirm next month’s shifts with him. Ikki sighs at that, but then informs Lin that he’ll be waiting for a good answer. When he’s gone, Kent comments on how fast Ikki moves since he had just invited Kent to look at the fireflies three minutes ago. Orion wonders if that means Kent wasn’t the person they promised.

But then Kent admits that he also wants to look at the fireflies with her and so he’ll be waiting for her answer too. He leaves before she can say anything and Orion yells at Kent to come back, because he wants Kent to talk about the fireflies more. But then a customer comes in and so they have to return to work. The customer turns out to be Ukyo. Orion tells Lin that Ukyo is a regular patron of the store and a photographer, but he doesn’t know any more than that.

While Ukyo doesn’t seem like a bad person, Orion doesn’t feel like they should trust him and even Ukyo himself told them not to trust in him. Anyway, Ukyo asks if Waka is around and when Waka appears Ukyo asks him if he’s seen pictures of fireflies before. Orion startles at how the subject about fireflies is brought up again. Ukyo explains that he was sleeping in a natural clearing, but then he was woken up by many little lights.

Meanwhile Orion is wondering exasperatedly why Ukyo was sleeping in a clearing in the first place. Anyway, Ukyo woke up and it turns out that those lights were fireflies. He was surprised since he didn’t know that the city had fireflies. Waka explains that they come ever two years although no one knows the reason why. Ukyo hums in thought since he doesn’t watch the news and then he mutters under his breath about this seems to be particular to this world only, since he hadn’t heard about fireflies in the other worlds.

When Waka looks at him in confusion, Ukyo tells them that he was just talking to himself. Anyway, he shows them the pictures he took and, because he was lying on the ground as he took them, the fireflies became mixed in with the night sky and stars. Waka is completely amazed by the pictures and he can’t believe his eyes. Ukyo is pleased by Waka’s reaction and reassures him that they’re all real and if Waka wants to see them then he can take him to the river bed.

Waka accepts his offer but he excuses himself to confirm when he has free time. Then Orion realizes that they should seat Ukyo and so Lin calls out to him. However Ukyo startles and then asks her with a choked voice if she actually said his name. Orion wonders worriedly if they did something wrong, but Ukyo just smiles tearfully and apologizes before telling her that he can seat himself. Orion watches Ukyo go curiously before he points out how Ukyo’s reaction was both happy and pained, but he doen’t understand at all.

He can’t even begin to imagine what is going on in Ukyo’s heart. A while later, everyone is gathered around Ukyo’s table and looking at his pictures. Ikki is impressed at how the fireflies are almost indistinguishable from the stars. When he asks Ukyo how he managed to get this angle, Ukyo explains that he was sleeping in the riverbed and he took these pictures when he woke up. It was luck that gave him a clear starry sky though.

But Kent comments on how even if he had the same conditions as Ukyo, he wouldn’t have been able to take pictures as beautiful as these ones. Ukyo laughs in embarrassment and admits that he’s a professional, but lately digital cameras have made it so that anyone can take nice photos. Ikki asks him where he took it, but Waka is the one who explains that Ukyo took it from a nearby riverbed. Kent asks Ukyo if he’ll tell them where it is, but Ukyo offers to take them there instead since he was going to take Waka.

Waka doesn’t mind and then he gets the idea to invite everyone who works at the cafe to come along. Kent doesn’t mind and then Ikki asks Lin if she’s fine with that too since he definitely wants her to see the fireflies. The three of them can go out together some other time. Waka orders Ikki to invite Rika along too though since she’s also a regular patron and Ikki agrees with that, while commenting on how she’ll be pleased. NOOOO IKKI WHAT ARE YOU DOING Σ(゚Д゚;)!!

Ikki also gets the idea to make it a yukata event since there’ll be a lot of women with them. Waka finds the idea pleasing since it reminds him of the summer and so he informs them all that he’ll send out a mass email and they’ll meet at 5 pm in front of this store. But then Ukyo yells at them to wait and he asks worriedly if Lin will be coming. Waka confusedly tells him that of course she will be and then he asks if there’s a problem.

Ukyo yells out that there is because if she goes to the riverbed to look at the fireflies she might slip and crack her head open. Or she might fall into the river and drown or driftwood might crash into her. She might get lost on the path or she might mistake a cigarette for a firefly and burn herself or she might be hit by a falling meteorite. _(_△_)ノ彡☆ギャハハ!!バンバン!! I CAN’T BREATHE!! THESE DEATHS ARE TOO HILARIOUS!

The fence that prevents people from falling into the riverbed might collapse and she might get crushed under it. The handle of her fan might break off and stab into her chest. Ukyo yells out worriedly that those things might happen, but Orion yells back 「するかぁっ!!!!」(AS IF!!!!).

Orion splutters about what kind of person Ukyo is to imagine things like falling meteorites and driftwood killing her. But then he reluctantly admits that there might be one that is probable in that list and it’s mistaking a cigarette for a firefly. He wonders if that happened to Ukyo. Ikki frowns and tells Ukyo that those things won’t happen and that he worries extremely too much. Even Kent agrees with Ikki about how improbable those are.

But Ukyo protests that mistaking a cigarette for a firefly is possible. He goes on to talk about how a burnt finger hurts for a long time. This just makes Orion sigh in exasperation as he realizes that it actually happened to Ukyo. And Ukyo even says 「そんな思いを彼女にさせたくないんだよ・・・!」(I don’t want to put her through that experience…!). Orion understands that Ukyo is worried about Lin, but he has the urge to burst out laughing too.

Anyway, Waka reassures him that the whole staff will be there to stop anything dangerous from happening. Ukyo looks indecisive before he vows on his life that he’ll take them to the fireflies safely. Orion slowly tells Ukyo that he doesn’t have to go that far. Anyway, their shift ends and Orion notes out loud that they need to wear a yukata tomorrow but she doesn’t have one. They still don’t know who she promised to look at the fireflies with either, although everyone will be there tomorrow and so she can ask someone then.

Suddenly Toma greets them and comments on how he thought that her shift ended now. Shin appears too and says 「なんでトーマ、こいつのシフトとか覚えてんの?気持ち悪いんだけど」(Why do you remember her shift schedule, Toma? That’s creepy). Toma rolls his eyes and tells Shin that he’s being rude before he explains that he doesn’t just know Lin’s schedule; he knows Shin’s as well. Shin’s response is 「余計キモい・・・・」(That’s too creepy…) but Toma reveals that he memorized Shin’s schedule so that he and Lin can cover shifts for Shin when he has tests on the same day.

If Waka found out that he was getting in the way of Shin’s future he might try to commit seppuku again. Shin narrows his eyes at him since he had thought it was suspicious whenever Waka changed his shift, but before he can complain Toma tells him to hurry up and get into a university and then they’ll give him all the shifts that he wants. Shin realizes that it’s useless to try and argue with Toma, so he just tells Lin to come with him. Orion panics since he doesn’t know where they’re going, but then Toma interrupts and tells Shin not to say that so suddenly since Lin doesn’t understand.

Shin points out bluntly that her face is always like that, which just makes Toma sigh in irritation. He manages to explain to Lin that they received the mass email from Waka about going to see the fireflies tomorrow night, but he and Shin don’t have yukatas and so they were going to buy some. However, Shin pointed out that Lin doesn’t have one either and they should ask her to come along. Shin grumbles in embarrassment and tells Toma to shut up.

This makes Orion relieved though since he has no idea of what Lin’s usual style is like, but her childhood friends should be able to help her pick out a yukata. And so Toma brings them to a nearby clothing store where he and Shin quickly get into a debate as to what she should wear. Shin doesn’t like Toma’s choice of a pastel-colored yukata, but Toma points out that it’s light pink like a sakura. Shin still dislikes it though because all of Toma’s choices make her look like a child and so he asks Toma for his opinion on a patterned one.

Shin holds up one for Toma’s inspection, but even though Toma thinks it’s pretty he doesn’t like how it’s patterned all over since it makes it look cheap. So then Shin holds up a blue one that Toma thinks is fine, but he finds it a bit plain. But Shin points out that if the obi is colorful then it’ll be balanced and he thinks a yellow obi will be fine. Toma hums thoughtfully before asking if the two colors don’t look weird beside each other. Shin grits his teeth and asks what Toma thinks he’s trying to do by deciding that himself.

But Toma just ignores him and adds that Shin should change the geta that he picked and make them one size larger so that they don’t hurt Lin’s toes. Shin snaps at him to shut up. Meanwhile, Orion sighs and admits that he can’t believe he said it would be easier with Toma and Shin around. He wonders if they’ll be alright for tomorrow. Anyway, they finally manage to return home after three hours and Orion immediately yells out in exhaustion that she’s never going shopping with Toma and Shin again because while it’s interesting it’s also disastrous.

It was interesting because they could see that Toma, while kind, was also strict sometimes. Meanwhile Shin, while blunt, was also kind. Anyway, Orion likes how everyone is kind to her and this includes Kent, Ikki, Waka, and the girls. But once again he wonders who she promised to watch the fireflies with, especially if she gets along with everyone.

8月12日. The next day everyone meets at the front of the cafe. Mine immediately compliments Lin on how cute she is, before pouting at how a rival has appeared. But Rika appears and informs her that jealousy isn’t a nice look on a girl and that there is no meaning to comparing flowers. The rose and the lily have their own beauty. Orion comments on how while Mine’s and Rika’s yukatas look feminine and suit them, their added accessories are amazing. But no matter how many things she adds onto her yukata, Orion thinks that it looks simpler than her normal clothes.

The next person is Sawa and Orion thinks that it’s unusual to see her so neat. Sawa also compliments Lin’s yukata and how it really suits her. Toma proudly states that of course it would suit her when he and Shin finally agreed on a yukata. Shin appears and complains about how Toma was really bossy, but Toma points out that he couldn’t let Shin match the yukata with the wrong shoes, not to mention they were too small. Shin replies sharply that he changed his mind after he let Lin test the size. Anyway, Orion thinks Shin looks cool and like an adult in his black yukata.

He thinks Toma looks like a young master of some shop in his yukata and unexpectedly it suits him. Then Orion points out Ikki and Kent while they’re still on the subject of yukatas unexpectedly matching someone. Meanwhile, Ikki frowns and talks about how regrettable it is that Toma and Shin chose her yukata. If he had known that she didn’t have one then he would have happily chosen one for her. Kent rolls his eyes at how trivial it is for Ikki to become depressed over something like this, because choosing a yukata isn’t anything important.

Orion comments on how Ikki looks classical while Kent looks like a student and he’s curious about where Kent got his belt-like obi from. Anyway, Ikki explains 「浴衣選び自体に意味はないけど自分が選んだ浴衣を彼女が着てくれるって結構よくない?」(The act itself of choosing a yukata isn’t anything important, but isn’t it enough to see a girl wear the yukata that you chose?). Kent replies 「・・・・それは・・・」(… That’s..) but Ikki just smiles slyly and repeats 「よくない?」(Isn’t it?). Kent starts to blush as he stutters out 「い、いや・・・別に、そのような事に興味はないな」(N-No.. It’s not like I have an interest in that). (〃▽〃)キャー♪ HOW IS IKKI SO SMOOTH?

Ikki teases Kent 「興味がない男の顔と声じゃないよ、ケン」(That isn’t the face or voice of an uninterested man, Ken). Anyway, Ikki returns to the subject of what a shame it is that he didn’t get to choose her yukata. Rika overhears this and gasps in shock at how Toma and Shin chose her yukata. Because she would have happily chosen one for Lin as well and in fact she would have went to every shop to find the perfect one. Orion comments slowly on how normally he’d think it’s nice to be loved by so many people, but.. Sawa finishes his sentence by asking Lin if she isn’t being crushed underneath everyone’s love.

Then she reassures Lin that she’ll keep a proper distance away from Lin as a friend; not too far and not too close. Orion thanks her quietly with a smile and then he wonders where Ukyo is. Waka manages to spot him though and he asks Ukyo why he’s hiding in a corner. Ukyo jumps in surprise and then tells him that he was watching over everyone from far away. Orion is surprised to see how normal Ukyo looks and he thinks it’s because Ukyo is wearing a yukata and has his hair up. His usual atmosphere of being a suspicious man is completely gone.

Anyway, Ukyo explains that he’s used to concealing himself in the background to watch over everyone. But Waka points out that he’s their guide and so it’ll be a problem if he tries to hide himself. Orion nods along before excitedly declaring that now is the last and greatest outfit.. Waka’s!! The moment he sees what Waka is wearing Orion yells out 「店長のそれは浴衣じゃない!!!」(THAT ISN’T A YUKATA, BOSS!!!). Waka is wearing a haori and a hakama. In fact, he even has his bamboo fencing stick attached to his waist. Orion complains in frustration at how much he wants to tell Waka that he isn’t wearing a yukata, but his voice can’t reach him.

However, he has to reluctantly admit that it fits Waka. Anyway, Ukyo confirms that everyone is here before he takes them to the riverbed. One hour later, they arrive at the bridge and the riverbed but there are no fireflies. Sawa wonders out loud if they ran away because of their large group, but Kent answers that fireflies don’t do that. Shin asks if Ukyo led them to the wrong area and Ukyo looks worried, but he’s pretty sure that he remembers where he took the pictures. Waka calmly points out that this riverbed is long and so it’s easy to mistake the place.

Lately it’s also been cold and so it’s not Ukyo’s fault if the fireflies don’t appear. Ukyo apologizes deeply but Kent tells him that it’s not necessary since the walk wasn’t bad, even if it had no meaning. Ikki adds that he’s content enough to have seen the girls in their yukatas. Shin asks Ikki if that’s all he has in his head, which makes Toma chide him before he apologizes to Ikki for Shin’s frankness. But Ikki merely shrugs and replies that it’s the truth, although if he had to choose he’d prefer Toma’s words. Anyway, Waka decides to let everyone do their own thing from here.

They can do whatever they want whether it’s having fun or searching for fireflies or walking along the riverbed. The only thing he requests from them is to not walk around alone. Orion asks her who she wants to walk around with and Lin chooses Ikki and Kent. And when he asks which one of the two, she chooses Ikki. Orion spots Ikki talking to Kent and when she approaches them Ikki informs her that he was just about to call out to her. Since they’re allowed to do whatever they want he was going to ask if she wanted to go out on a night drive with him.

He thinks it’ll be fun to go on the highway with her at night. Meanwhile, Orion is wondering if it isn’t dangerous to be alone in a locked car with Ikki. Ikki frowns when he doesn’t receive an answer, but then he smirks and asks 「だったら勝手に、君は行きたいけど照れちゃって返事ができないって解釈するよ?いい?」(In that case, I’ll just interpret this as you wanting to go, but being too embarrassed to respond. Alright?). Orion is panicking at how they should respond because they do need to return her memories and so they’ll need to get close to someone, but..

Kent interrupts and chides Ikki for troubling Lin. He reassures her that it won’t just be Ikki and her alone since he’ll be coming too as the driver, and so she can relax. Ikki pouts and tells Kent that he revealed it too fast because he was looking forward to seeing Lin look troubled. Kent rolls his eyes and tells Ikki that he doesn’t mind it if Ikki did that on his own, but he doesn’t want to be an inadvertent accomplice. Ikki sighs at how boring he is but when Kent sharply says his name Ikki apologizes. Anyway, Ikki properly explains to Lin that she’ll be coming with him and Kent for a drive.

They haven’t decided on a destination yet, but they don’t have work tomorrow and so they have lots of time. Orion agrees slowly, before he realizes with irritation that Ikki is talking as if they’ve already decided when he didn’t even invite them yet. Anyway, Ikki informs her that they’ll have to sneak away when no one is looking and head to Kent’s house to get the car. Orion is uncertain about this, but he thinks that there shouldn’t be a problem if there’s three people.

Anyway, they make it to Kent’s house and he comes out before apologizing for making them wait. Ikki is surprised to see that he didn’t change and so Kent explains that he just changed his footwear so that he could drive better. Changing into his normal clothes would take time and he didn’t want to make Lin wait any longer. Ikki hums at that but then he asks in concern if Kent isn’t cold like that, but Kent just points out that everyone else is wearing the same thing. And if it gets too cold they can stop and find a place to stay.

Orion wonders if they’re going to head to a place that’s cold, because right now he’s already cold enough.This makes Ikki recall that he arranged a place for them to stay at an inn. Orion yelps in shock, but Ikki reassures Lin that they don’t have to stay at the inn. It’s just an option for them to have a warm place to go if they need it. Although since they’re leaving so late, it would be painful if they tried to return in the same day. Kent replies that he doesn’t mind if he has to walk back, but Ikki points out that it would be fine if it were just the two of them.

But because they have a girl with them they need a proper place to rest. Kent remarks on how he doesn’t know what secret intentions Ikki has, but he’s quite kind. Anyway, Kent leaves to bring out the car which leaves Ikki and Lin alone. Ikki informs her that they’ll be returning here tomorrow and he apologizes for how sudden it is and how she must be surprised. But then he smirks and asks her if she doesn’t find spontaneous things fun? Lin answers that she finds them fun, which makes Ikki grin as he thought she’d say that.

Planned trips are fun, but spontaneous ones have an element of risk and adventure. He and Kent do a lot of things like this. The latest thing they did was to see who could find the largest beetle. They went up into the mountains and explored the forest for beetles, but in the end they didn’t find any. And so then they bought some soft ice cream and ate it while they returned home. Ikki fondly recalls how cold they were.

Meanwhile, Orion wonders what the heck these two are trying to do. Anyway, Ikki admits that he likes to do trivial things like this and then his voice drops as he asks her if she’ll go out with him again to do things like this. Then he says 「漫画の決めセリフみたいだけど、一緒に冒険しよう?」(These sound like lines from a manga but.. will you go on an adventure with me?). Orion hesitantly points out that the meaning of those words changes depending on if it’s a manga for boys (shounen) or if it’s a manga for girls (shoujo).

Kent finally brings the car around and opens the door before inviting them in. They’ll reach the place they want to go in 2.5 hours if they leave right now. Ikki nods his head before telling Lin that she can climb into the back seat and sit beside him. Kent pauses before asking in confusion if the passenger seat will be empty then. Ikki explains with a troubled face 「だって僕が助手席に座ったら彼女が後ろでひとりになっちゃうし・・・」(But if I sit in the passenger seat then she’ll be all alone in the back).

And then he adds 「彼女がケンの助手席に座るのは僕が嫌だよ、妬けるから」(I don’t want her to sit in the passenger seat beside you, because I’ll be jealous). Kent sighs in exasperation and remarks on how Ikki’s heart is small if he’s jealous just by seating arrangements. Ikki huffs but admits that he might be acting a little too sensitive. He didn’t think of himself as the type who would get jealous over a slight thing like this, but he adds 「・・・今夜、彼女の浴衣姿があんまり可愛かったから、それも理由のひとつかもしれないな」(.. One of the reasons might be because of how cute she looks tonight in her yukata).

But then he says 「でも妬けるのは本当だから迷惑かもしれないけど諦めてよ。抑えのきく感情でもないしさ」(But my feelings of jealousy are real, that’s why even if it’s a bother you should give up. I have no intentions of holding back my feelings). Ikki turns to Lin and with a soft voice asks 「だから、リン。僕の隣に座って。いいでしょう?」(That’s why, Lin, sit beside me. That’s fine, right). Kent rolls his eyes and grumbles at how Ikki is saying this to a girl who isn’t even his lover, but he gives up since it can’t be helped.

Orion interrupts as he notices that Kent is speaking the truth. Orion recalls that he couldn’t feel any presence of her lovers. So while he knew they weren’t going out with Ikki, Orion had wondered what her relationship with him was. He wonders if it’s just a one-sided interest on Ikki’s part. Anyway, Kent sighs and tells Lin that since it can’t be helped she should get into the back seat.

He tells her 「狼が隣にいるようで落ち着かないかもしれないが、それでも一応同意を得ずに手出しはしない男だ」(You might not be able to relax with a wolf beside you, but he’s not a man who will force consent) and he adds 「問題行動を起こすようであれば私が止めに入る。君の身の安全は保障しよう」(If any problematic behaviour occurs I’ll stop it. I will guarantee your body’s safety). OMG SITTING BESIDE A WOLF IS THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION FOR IKKI (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. Orion mutters about how he’s just become more worried now that he’s heard those words and he’s still wondering where the heck they’re going.

But Ikki just tells Lin 「それじゃあ行こうか。2時間半、眠かったら寝ちゃってもいいからね。膝枕するからさ」(Well then, let’s go. It’s two and a half hours, so if you feel sleepy you can sleep. I’ll lend you my lap). They soon reach their destination and Ikki asks her if she’s tired. Orion answers heatedly that they are because he’s been tense ever since the trip started. He couldn’t help but feel nervous as to where they’re going and he still doesn’t know where they are.

Ikki notices that she looks confused and so he explains that they’re at a place called Shinano, deep in the mountains. It’s actually the place where the news reporters were talking about the fireflies. And the last time they had been here it hadn’t been that dark and they were searching for fireflies. Anyway, Kent returns and informs them that he parked the car, checked in, and sent their luggage to their rooms. Ikki asks him if he’s tired and if they should rest, but Kent replies that after sitting still for 2.5 hours he wants to move.

And so they decide to go searching for fireflies in the mountain. The mountain path is very dark though and the two men start to reminisce about their last trip to find the fireflies. It wasn’t as dark as this and they weren’t in yukatas, which is actually making it hard for them to move through the forest. Even with a flashlight that they luckily bought from a convenience store it’s still very dark and so they decide to search just a bit more before returning back to the inn. Ikki comments on how it’s a little frightening to walk through the woods with an unreliable flashlight and with a girl.

Kent agrees, but he also wants to find the fireflies. Unfortunately they don’t see any fireflies even when they go near the river where fireflies are said to populate. Kent wonders out loud if it’s too cold and so they all died since the place where Ukyo saw them was also empty of fireflies. Ikki asks Lin what she wants to do and Orion ponders on that as well. He wants to ask them why they’re trying so hard to find the fireflies and if it’s for Lin’s sake, but he thinks it’s a bad idea to ask them outright.

The other option is to just quietly go along, but it’s difficult to choose the best action. Lin ends up asking about the beetle hunt that Kent and Ikki went on. Ikki is surprised that she wants to know about that and warns her that although it was fun it’s also a boring conversation. But he ends up explaining that they were in Kent’s laboratory and they both saw a beetle outside the window.

Kent recalls the size of a huge beetle from his childhood, but Ikki recalls seeing one the size of his hand. They ended up getting in an argument which led to them deciding to find the largest beetle they could find and prove it to each other. And so Kent drove them all the way out to the mountains and they started looking for beetles with the light from the headlights of the car. But, either due to the lights or the coldness, none of them found a large beetle.

All they found were small bugs and so they returned back home after 30 minutes. Kent grumbles as he recalls that the beetle from his past was at least around 8cm, but Ikki tells him that he can’t trust his memory as a child. Kent replies sharply that he can’t believe Ikki’s exaggerations about ahand-sized beetle either. Not to mention anything would seem big to a child’s hand. Ikki glares off to the side and replies that he was around the 6th gradeand the beetle was as large as his hand was then.

Kent points out that Ikki’s stature was smaller than Rika’s when he was a child, which means that his hands would be small. Ikki’s eyes widen and he stutters as he asks why Rika and Kent would talk about that. Then he adds with a frown that this isn’t something they should be talking about in front of Lin. LMAO ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ IMAGINING A CHIBI IKKI IS PRECIOUS. OHH SO ADORABLE IF HE USED TO BE A REALLY SMALL KID. Kent apologizes and explains that he didn’t realize Ikki’s height as a child was supposed to be secret.

Ikki blushes as he replies quietly that it’s not a secret, but saying that he was smaller than Rika is a bit.. embarrassing. At this Kent apologizes formally for bringing it up. Ikki just smiles and tells Kent that it’s fine, before he asks if they can conclude that the beetle he found was larger then. Kent’s eyes widen before he frowns and asks why they should do that. Ikki points out that Kent apologized, but as an additional apology gift he can admit that Ikki’s beetle was larger.

Kent snaps out that those two topics are completely unrelated and so he’s not going to admit to that. Ikki sighs but then points out that while the size isn’t that important he can’t allow Kent to think that his memory was correct. They stare each other down before Kent points out that they’re in the middle of a forest right now. Ikki picks up on his train of thought and agrees to go on another beetle hunt. Meanwhile Orion realizes exasperatedly that this is how they got into a beetle hunt in the first place.

But Ikki suddenly stops and points out that they have Lin with them. Kent freezes before apologizing to Lin for getting carried away. Ikki also apologizes for getting fired up before he winces at how she saw them acting like kids. He comments on how they need to reflect on their actions and Kent agrees since they’re in their 20s and yet they still end up doing things like going on a beetle hunt. Ikki apologizes to Lin again and asks if she’s shocked.

Surprisingly she tells Ikki that she thinks it’s cute. Ikki steps closer with a smirk as he asks her if that’s her way of giving compliments. Then he asks if she’s said that to other men too. Orion wonders worriedly if they made Ikki angry by calling him cute. Ikki notices her expression and reassures her that his feelings weren’t harmed and in fact he finds it refreshing. He’s heard a lot of people call him amazing or cool, but he’s never really heard himself being called cute.

Then he adds 「女の子ってすごいよね。自分より年上の、体の大きな男の事可愛いって思えるんだから・・・」(Women are amazing to be able to think of an older and bigger man as cute). He comments on how that might be a maternal instinct before he asks Lin if she’s that type of girl. Then he adds 「・・・その辺、興味あるな。今までも僕に惹かれない君に興味があったけど、今まで以上に・・・」(.. I’m interested in that side. I was already interested in you, who hasn’t been charmed by me, but I’m even more interested now..).

Kent exasperatedly points out that not only are they in the middle of a mountain, but he’s in front of another person as well. He tells Ikki to stop his flirting but Ikki just calmly replies 「あれ、いたんだっけ、ケン」(Oh, you’re here, Ken). HIS DEADPAN REPLY KILLS ME プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Kent rolls his eyes and tells Ikki that while it may be routine work for him, it’s annoying to have to see it done in front of him. He tells Ikki to rein it in, but Ikki just points out that he wasn’t doing it in front of Kent on purpose and to see what he thought.

He was just having a normal conversation with her, but then he smirks and asks Kent if he’s afraid of Ikki becoming serious towards Lin. Kent tells Ikki sharply not to say such trivial things and to stop thinking that everyone is like him. He reminds Ikki that he has no interest in love and that it would be nice if Ikki understood the concept of that. Lin interrupts the two of them and asks them why she was brought here. Ikki tells her with a grin 「君を喜ばせてあげたいから。・・・そんなの、聞くまでもないことでしょう?」(I wanted to please you.. Did you really have to ask?).

Orion complains about how, while Ikki’s lines are smooth and all that, he’d like to get a direct answer. And then Ikki comments on how he wasn’t the only one to think that though, since everyone in the Maid and Butler cafe had the same idea. Lin asks if they shouldn’t return and Ikki agrees since it’s getting really dark and it’s painful to be so cold. He apologizes for not being able to show her the fireflies. The group returns back to the inn to rest and Ikki asks if they want some hot coffee.

Kent declines though since he’s tired and he excuses himself to rest in his room since he has to be ready to drive them all back tomorrow. Ikki nods and then tells him that they’ll return to their rooms after they rest a bit in the lounge. After Kent leaves, Ikki pops out to make some coffee but he returns to tell her that it’ll be ready in 10 minutes. Orion looks forward to it since it sounds delicious. Then Ikki invites them to come outside with him for a bit, since he saw how beautiful the moon was from the windows.

In replacement for not being able to show her the fireflies he wants to show her the moon instead. Orion is amazed at how pretty it is since all the clouds have cleared away. Ikki apologizes again for making her walk so much tonight when they didn’t even find any fireflies, but last year when she saw them she looked deeply moved and so he wanted to see that expression again this year. Last year and this year were said to be a great migration of fireflies and so he was afraid that there wouldn’t be another chance next year.

Ikki goes on to say that last year, she said that she wanted to come here next year with everyone. Before he can finish his sentence, Lin is dragged into a flashback and she finally recalls herself talking about how she hadn’t seen so many fireflies before and she definitely wants to see them again with everyone. Orion realizes that she came with all of the members from the Maid and Butler Cafe and because they all saw how deeply moved she was, everyone worked hard to give her another chance to see the fireflies.

She didn’t make a promise with one person, she made a promise with everyone. Lin comes out of her flashback with a stagger and collapses, but Ikki catches her and notes with worry that she must be really tired since her legs are trembling. Then he says 「どさくさにまぎれて抱きとめちゃったよ。・・・ごめんね」(In the confusion I ended up embracing you.. Sorry). DON’T APOLOGIZE~ IT’S VERY VERY WELCOME (〃▽〃)キャー♪. But he adds 「・・・でも、せっかくだから。もう少しこのままでいいかな・・・?」(.. But, since we ended up like this, can we stay like this for a while longer…?).

Then he confesses that he really just wanted to bring her out of Tokyo. He wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to show her the fireflies, but above that he wanted to go somewhere very far away with her because there are too many people in Tokyo who are watching them closely and he can’t find any time to be alone with her. He wanted to be able to hold a long conversation, like this, with her. Then he points out that even like this, when he’s embracing her, she’s not falling for him.

He realizes that to her, he’s just a man and not a target to conquer or claim. He doesn’t know if he should feel happy at that, or regret. He doesn’t even know what he, himself, thinks of her. It’s the truth when he says that he has an interest in her, but he doesn’t know if it’s because of curiosity about how she’s immune to his eyes. All he knows is that right now he doesn’t want to release her. Ikki laughs when he feels her body stiffening, but he quickly reassures her that he won’t do anything.

His voice lowers as he says that he just wants to hold her. Then he asks out loud why she won’t fall in love with him and why is he so interested in her. He finds it really strange. Then he starts wondering what love is, since it’s not something that can be gained just with kisses and hugs. He asks her quietly if she’ll teach him.

Ikki tells her that she doesn’t have to answer right now, but he wants her to promise that they’ll continue to see each other even when they return to Tokyo. Then he says 「約束してくれたら、この手を離してあげる。そうでなければ・・・どうしようかな?」(If you promise, I’ll let you go. If you don’t… who knows what will happen?).

(I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. I HAD TO SEE WHAT HE’D DO IF I TEASED HIM AND CHOSE THE WRONG ANSWER. Lin tells him that she can’t promise him that. He responds with 「ふうん?・・・なら今夜が最後のチャンスってことになるね。どうしようかな。キスくらいしておこうか?」(Hmm?.. Then tonight is my last chance, huh. What should I do.. Shall I kiss you?). They’re both silent before Ikki tells her that he was joking and she doesn’t need to make such an expression.

He asks her if she was nervous and then explains that it was because she was teasing him like that, so he wanted to tease her back a little. He apologizes for it. OH MY GOD. BEST REACTION EVER ( 。>艸<)! Then he points out that the coffee will be done in 5 minutes and so he wishes to remain like this until then.. BACK TO THE REAL ROUTE.)

Lin promises him and he thanks her as well as telling her that it makes him happy. Then he asks her to come with him next week to the festival of the fireflies. This time they won’t be able to see the fireflies, but he thinks they’ll still have fun at the festival. And it’ll also make him happy to see her in a yukata again. Then Lin reminds him that he said he’d let her go if she promised, but he just chuckles and tells her that he lied. Then he tells her that she’s so cute he doesn’t want to let her go.

He points out that the coffee will be done in 5 minutes and so until then he wants to remain like this. Once again he comments on how beautiful the moon is and that he wants to come back to this place again next year, with just the two of them.


7月15日. This is two months ago. Almost one month before the end of the original game. Ikki is surrounded by fangirls and they start squealing over him and praising him for his hard work. He thanks them calmly and then tells them to be quiet, but one of them tells him that she couldn’t help herself since seeing him made her so happy. Another one asks if he won’t come and play with them now that he’s done, but Ikki declines politely.

They sigh at how he’s been so busy lately and then ask if they can walk with him to the station. Ikki lets them do that and the group starts to walk away, but unbeknownst to them Lin is watching from an alleyway. She jumps in surprise when Shin asks her what she’s doing here staring at Ikki. Lin tries to change the subject by asking him if he’s finished working and he nods before explaining that he was returning home. But then he returns to the original conversation and asks her what she’s doing.

He notices that Ikki is surrounded by his fan club, but he points out that Lin is Ikki’s girlfriend. She doesn’t need to sneak around like this and if she’s curious then she should just walk straight up to Ikki. He recalls that Lin made a promise with Ikki to meet up at the office and walk home from there, but yet she’s here in an alleyway. Lin explains that she doesn’t think it’s good for her to walk beside Ikki where his fangirls can see her, because then they’ll become jealous and feel mad.

Shin hums thoughtfully and agrees that it’ll be troublesome if the fangirls become jealous. Then he laughs at how it’s as if she was the girlfriend to an idol, to which Lin agrees. Shin comments on how problematic that must be and then asks her if they go on dates outside. She explains that it’s not something that they can’t do, but they don’t do it very often since they have to be careful of what they do outside with all the people watching them.

He comments on how harsh that must be and then asks Lin if she’s alright with that. But then he closes his eyes and realizes out loud that she isn’t fine with that, which is why she’s spying on Ikki like this. She tells him that she’s fine and it’s Ikki who has the most problems, but the truth is that she does feel a bit lonely. Shin asks her if she said that to Ikki, but she hasn’t since she doesn’t want to trouble Ikki.

If Ikki started treating her even more nicely then the fan club will riot and this will make Ikki feel sad, which would make her feel pained. So she tries not to think about it that much. Shin grins at that and comments on how it’s a big problem, yet she still loves him. But Lin wonders out loud if she really does love Ikki. In her mind she thinks about how she knew from the start that if she fell in love with Ikki it’d be painful. During the three months that they’ve been going out seriously, they’ve had to hide themselves from his fan club.

Because if they’re seen together than the fan club won’t be happy. If she were to fall in love with him she’d end up crying, which is why she can’t say those words so easily, but.. Shin brings her out of her thoughts by pointing out that Ikki is running past the shop. When she sees him, Lin hurriedly excuses herself because Ikki is heading towards their meeting place. Before she runs off Shin tells her that he’ll see her the next time they’re working and congratulates her for working hard.

Lin reaches the meeting place, but Ikki is already there and he asks her where she went before he apologizes for making her wait. Lin apologizes back and tells him that she was talking to Shin, but when she saw him running by she realized that she had to run to their meeting place too. Ikki’s eyes widen at the thought of her having to run to meet him and then he realizes that she saw him running. He winces and comments on how embarrassing it is to have her see him catching his breath.

She just giggles and informs him that she already knew he ran to meet her. Ikki’s eyes widen in shock before he sighs heavily at how she seems to be seeing all his embarrassing moments. Lin confesses that she doesn’t find it embarrassing and in fact she likes seeing him when he’s careless. Ikki frowns at that though and asks her not to say that she likes those parts of him, because he’s still waiting for her direct confession. Lin tells him that she didn’t say it easily.

He smirks slowly and asks her if she’s confessing. She splutters at that before finally telling him to give her more time for her answer. Ikki just sighs before commenting on how she’s refusing him again. Lin apologizes quietly and then tells him that she does like him, but.. Ikki interrupts her and asks her if she only likes him as a friend. But he smirks again before she can say anything and tells her that they still have 2 months to go, and she can think slowly about her answer before August is over.

In her mind she thinks he’s wrong though. She’ll probably fall in love with him since she’s already halfway there. If she doesn’t prepare herself she knows she’ll cry at the end of their relationship. That’s why she wants more time to be with him.

8月31日. One month later. This is where the original game ended. Ikki notes that this is the end of August, but this date has no meaning to them now. He grins and tells her that if it did matter then they’d have a problem. Then he tells her 「・・・もう目の力なんかに負けない。誰の目も気にしない。君を傷付けるようなこともさせない」(.. I won’t lose to the power of these eyes anymore. I won’t care about anyone else’s opinion. I won’t let you get hurt anymore). Then he says softly 「覚悟、決めたよ」(I’ve.. decided).

Then he smiles warmly 「・・・君も、覚悟決めてね。絶対に離さないから」(.. You’ve prepared yourself, right? Because I will never let you go). She answers him in her mind that she’s already decided and prepared herself to love him. No matter what painful things happen and what problems occur, she’ll stay by his side. She’s found the courage to do so.

9月15日. Lin is handing the landlady of her apartment complex the keys to her apartment and confirming that she wants to end her rent. The landlady takes a look around and confirms that the inside of the room is in fine condition and that there aren’t any strange stains or tobacco stains. Lin thanks her for helping her during the short time she lived here but the landlady kindly shakes her head and tells Lin that she should be thanking her for keeping the apartment so clean.

The two of them head out and the landlady locks her apartment. Lin monologues about how today is the day she leaves the apartment she’s lived in for half a year and she’ll be walking to a small mansion that is 15 minutes away and a small distance from the station. She promised to live there with the person that she loves. She reaches the mansion and greets Ikki. He greets her back and asks her if she managed to finish everything that she needed to do.

Lin nods before apologizing for making him wait, but he shakes his head and tells her that he’s just glad she didn’t have any problems. He asks her if the landlady said anything and so Lin tells him that the landlady thanked her for keeping it so clean. This reminds her to thank Ikki for helping her out and although he tells her she’s welcome, he points out that all he did was help polish the floor. She was the one who did most of the cleaning. When one lives alone, one learns a lot about cleaning.

But this reminds him that his own place is kind of dirty and he’ll need to do some big cleaning. Lin tells him that at the end of the year, they’ll be able to clean it together. He sighs in pleasure at how they can make this promise and it makes him feel like she’s really living with him now. Then he reminds her with a smirk that they were just supposed to test out living together for one month, but it sounds like she has plans to live with him until next year. Lin’s eyes widen at that and he laughingly asks her if she forgot.

She admits quietly that she did, but he just tells her that if she forgot then he doesn’t mind if she leaves it forgotten since it’s not important. After all, he wants to continue living with her even after the month ends. It makes him happy to know that inwardly she wants to continue living with him too. That’s why he felt relieved when he heard her promise to help him clean his house at the end of the year. Lin tells him that she’ll be by his side, and Ikki responds softly with 「うん、離さないよ」(Un, I won’t let you go).

Then he tells her 「さて、それじゃあ帰ろうか。君の新しい家にね」(Now then, let’s go home. To your new house). But then he steps closer to her and says 「緊張してるの?あんまり気負わないで。手貸して。繋いで帰ろう」(Are you nervous? You don’t have to get so worked up. Here, give me your hand. We’ll return home together). Then he whispers 「リン、僕は、君と一緒に暮らせるだけでとても幸せなんだよ」(Lin, just living with you makes me exceedingly happy). She confesses that she is too. And then she starts thinking about how 3 months ago, when her father wanted her to come back, Ikki offered to room share with her.

But his mansion is only one room with one bed and while Ikki said that he’d buy a futon and sleep on the floor, she wasn’t sure she’d have the courage to accept his offer. Then while she was considering it, she lost her memories during August. Thanks to his fan club, she ended up doubting Ikki. In the end she thought that she would have to return home, but just before the 3 months ended her feelings towards Ikki changed and she accepted his offer. And now here they are.

As they enter into his home, Lin excuses herself before she enters. But Ikki frowns and corrects her by saying that this is her home now starting from today. She amends her words and tells him that she’s home, to which he replies with a grin 「おかえり」(Welcome home). HE TOTALLY PLANNED THAT DIDN’T HE? THAT SNEAKY GRIN ISN’T FOOLING ANYONE (〃゚艸゚):;*. Anyway, Ikki confirms with her that she didn’t leave anything important behind in her apartment. None of the furniture was brought over and all she brought was her clothes, toiletries, and tableware.

He made room for her things in his house, but there isn’t much room to begin with since the house was intended for one person. He tells her that if they can’t fit something in then they’ll think about it later. They start to unpack, but as Lin reaches for the heavy tableware Ikki tells her to leave that to him and she can unpack something lighter like her clothes since he can’t help her with that. He made room for her on the left side of the closet and so she goes over to it.

When she opens it though she’s assailed by Ikki’s scent. She tries to place the scent, but it’s not cologne because it’s more bitter. The closest resemblance she can think of is coffee. This is where she’ll be putting her clothes and so she wonders if her clothes will start to smell the same or will their scents be mixed. She’d be happy either way. SORRY. I THINK I JUST DIED AT THIS SCENE. SCENTS ARE A BIG THING TO ME AND THIS SCENE WAS JUST ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. OH GOD IF IKKI SMELLED LIKE MY FAVORITE SCENT I’D GO CRAZY (๑→‿←๑).

While she’s thinking about this, Ikki comes by and tells her that they can’t fit any more mugs into the cupboard and so he wants her to choose which one she wants. He pauses though when he realizes that she’s just standing there. He asks her if something’s wrong but she tells him it’s nothing. He’s not convinced though because she hasn’t opened anything except for the closet. He asks her if she’s thinking about something and she admits that she is, but it’s nothing important.

Ikki narrows his eyes though and says 「ふうん。怪しいな。何でそう後ずさるの。言えないようなこと考えてたの?」(Hmm, suspicious. Why are you shrinking away? Are you thinking of something you can’t say?). Lin tries to stall for time, but he tells her 「言わないとキスするよ?」(If you don’t say, I’ll kiss you). Her eyes widen, but then she tells him that wouldn’t be a punishment for her. Ikki just takes this in stride though with a wicked grin 「ならないんだ。じゃあご褒美にしようか。言ったらキスしてあげる」(So it isn’t. Then, let’s make it a reward. If you tell me I’ll kiss you).

When Lin continues to remain silent Ikki tells her that he’ll have to start guessing then. He closes his eyes and guesses that she’s thinking about tonight. Then he smirks and says 「僕と2人きりで眠るのはどんな気分かって想像してた。もちろん甘い気持ちでね」(You’re trying to imagine how it’ll feel when the two of us are sleeping. Of course they’re sweet feelings). Then he corrects himself and says 「あ、違うかな。僕が君を誘惑するためにどれだけ甘い言葉を並べるか考えて、そわそわしてたのかも」(Ah, I might be wrong. You’re restlessly thinking about the sweet words I’ve lined up to try and seduce you with).

(*ノ∀ノ)イヤン I LOVE IT SO MUCH WHEN HE TEASES YOU. He continues on 「何て返事しようか悩んでた。当然、考えざるをえないもんね?もしかして、楽しみにしてる?」(You’ll be troubled by how to respond. Of course, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it, ne? Actually, could it be that you’re looking forward to it?). He nods to himself 「うん、きっとそうだ。言わないならそういうことにしておくよ」(Yes, it has to be that. If you won’t say anything, then I’ll just assume that). Lin falls for Ikki’s trick and hurriedly tells him that he’s wrong and that she was just thinking about his scent in this closet and how it makes her.. happy.

RGDHAIJGH SNEAKY SNEAKY BASTARD ( 。>艸<)! Ikki’s eyes widen in shock and he splutters while blushing 「え。それは・・・えーと、本当に?」(Eh. That’s… umm.. really?). He asks her if she was really spacing out in front of the closet just because she was thinking about his scent. WHEN YOU PUT IT THAT WAY IT SOUNDS CREEPY LMAO. She self-consciously asks him if it’s strange. But his eyes soften as he says 「あのね、そんなこと言われたら、キスしないわけにはいかないでしょう」(You know, if you say that, I can’t stop myself from kissing you).

He steps closer to her and whispers 「・・・硬くなってる。まだ恥ずかしいんだ、キス」(.. You’ve become stiff. You’re still embarrassed by a kiss..). Lin tells him that it’s embarrassing, but he points out that apparently he’s been close enough to her and long enough for her to remember his scent. She doesn’t have a response to that, and so he asks her what he smells like. She tells him that he smells like coffee and he grins before telling her that it must be because he drinks coffee every day.

Ikki tells her that she smells like roses and asks if it’s her perfume or shampoo. She tells him that it’s her shampoo and then he tells her that it fits. He’d like it if they used the same shampoo so they smelt the same since then they’d resemble a couple living with each other, but he doesn’t want to change her scent. Lin corrects him by telling him that she’s his room share and they’re not cohabitating. He hums before telling her that they mean the same thing to him.

But he agrees that they’re more like room shares since they have two shampoos. Although it’ll be crowded in the bathroom with both of their things in there. She apologizes for having to intrude on his life like this, but then she points out that it’d be a bit strange for him to use her shampoo. He asks her what she’d think of a rose-scented man. Lin tells him that if it’s him then she thinks he can pull it off. He blinks in surprise but then grins and tells her that one day he’ll have to try it, since she said that, and he’ll see what kind of face Shin makes.

Lin thinks that Shin would definitely make a disgusted face. He thinks so too, but before they decide on their shampoo she should decide between her two mugs. She chooses one before telling him that she’ll finish quickly, but he tells her to take her time since he likes seeing her think about this and that in his house. After some time, she finally finishes placing everything in the closet. But when she decides to organize her toiletries, Ikki asks her if she wants to take a break and eat dinner now.

She’s surprised by how fast the time went by and realizes that she completely forgot about dinner and so she didn’t buy anything. Ikki realizes that they didn’t decide on who would make dinner either, so then he asks her if she’s the type to hate eating out. Lin shakes her head at that which makes him glad and so then he invites her out to a nearby restaurant to eat. They can celebrate her moving too, although she’ll have to drink pop instead of alcohol.

They head out to the restaurant, but along the way Lin notes that his house is separated from the rest of the city. He never really had to realize that and so he asks her if she’s scared. She replies that she is a little and so he tells her to walk closer to him so that he can squeeze her hand in reassurance. Then he slyly comments on how this road can be used as a good excuse to be close to her. But unfortunately they’ll only be able to walk this road together for one more week.

Once her university starts, she’ll be coming home from a different route. He feels a little lonely at the thought, since they’ve been together since the start of September. He wakes up, meets her at the workplace, walks home holding hands with her, then they drink tea to relax themselves after their day. Even though they’ve been spending so much time together, it’s still not enough for him. Starting from today, she’ll be with him before he sleeps which gives him a strange feeling.

Suddenly Ikki tells her that he wants to spend all the time with her in that last week before her university starts, to fill all the time that they won’t be able to meet. Lin nods at that, but Ikki asks her with a teasing smirk 「私も一緒にいたい、とは言ってくれないの?」(Won’t you say “I want to be together with you too”?). But he realizes that when he asks her like this, she won’t say it since she’s too embarrassed. He knew this would happen, but he just wanted to tease her.

Then he sighs heavily and confesses that this is the first time he’s ever thought about not wanting university to start. However, even before university starts he has overnight seminars to attend and just thinking about it makes him feel depressed. Lin starts to ask him why, before she freezes and asks him if there’ll be fan club members at that seminar. Ikki hurriedly tells her that she’s wrong. While there will be fan club members, he won’t have anything to do with them. It’s just that it’ll be painful to be away from her. HE’S SO AFFECTIONATE!

Lin sighs and tells him to enjoy himself since it’s an overnight seminar. He nods glumly before telling her that he’ll try. Although he feels bad for having to make her watch the house while he’s gone just after she moves in. He asks her if she’ll be fine by herself on this road. Lin reassures him that she’ll be fine as long as she returns home during the day. He tells her that’d be best since, if they ignore the thought about spirits, it’s quite dark on the road.

But then he tells her that the greenery around them smells wonderful in the morning. It’s quiet and the university is close. He enjoys walking on the road in the morning and so he hopes she enjoys it too. Lin tells him that she’ll look forward to it tomorrow morning. Anyway, the two of them reach the restaurant and they start eating outside when Ikki mutters 「・・・失敗したな」(.. I failed). She looks at him in confusion and so he explains that they shouldn’t have eaten out. I LOVE HOW HE WANTS TO SHARE EVERY PART OF HIS LIFE WITH HER.

They should have just bought something to eat at home, because he wants to continue to be alone with her. In a place like this with so many people he’s unable to be close to her. Then he says 「手を握りたい、って言ってももちろん君は拒むんだよね?」(If I said that I wanted to hold your hand, of course you’d refuse me, right?). Lin points out shyly that they’re in the middle of the shop and Ikki just sighs quietly before he admits that he knew she’d say that.

Then he says 「今日はずっと君を独占できるって思ってたのに。早く連れて帰りたいな」(I thought I would be able to monopolize you all day. I want to hurry up and return home now). She pouts at his incorrigible attitude, but then points out that they can talk about the ground rules for living together, like what to do if someone calls or how they should handle their meals. Ikki asks if they can decide about the promises each of them should make while living together. She nods at that and so then he starts.

First 「僕から君にお願いしたいことはね、おはようとおやすみを言う時にはキスをすること」(What I wish from you is for you to kiss me every time you say “good morning” and “good night”). Lin asks him exasperatedly if that’s what he meant by promises about living together, but Ikki just ignores her and continues on. 「いってきますとただいまを言う時にはハグをすること。1日1回は好きって言うこと」(Give me a hug whenever you say “I’m off” or “I’m home”. And at least once every day, say that you love me). SERIOUSLY WHERE CAN I FIND A GUY LIKE THIS ( *´艸`)クスッ♪.

He finally adds 「あと、湯上がりの姿は誰にも見せないこと。僕が独り占めするからね」(Also, don’t let anyone else see the way you look after a bath. I want to be the only one). Lin tells him to be serious for a second. He tells her that he is and that he thought they could take turns. He might even add more to these rules and when they get back he’ll make a list. Lin hesitantly asks if he’s going to write down that she needs to kiss him every time she says good morning and good night. He nods and then wonders where he’ll put it up.

Lin complains that it’ll be too embarrassing, but Ikki just frowns and tells her that if he doesn’t decide these things beforehand then she’ll surely.. he gets interrupted by his phone and apologizes before he excuses himself. While he’s talking on his phone outside, Lin wonders what she should make him promise and what they should decide upon. Ikki doesn’t seem like the type to make a list. Maybe he feels more at ease making decisions on the fly.

She organizes a list in her mind about what they should decide on, like cooking and cleaning duty. There’s also trash and laundry duty. Ikki comes back and apologizes for making her wait, but she tells him that it’s alright before asking him what’s wrong since he has a frown. He tells her that it’s nothing, but he just remembered something he didn’t want to. It turns out that he has to do a mini-report before he goes to the overnight seminar and he completely forgot about that.

The phone call had been someone from the university to remind him about it. Lin sympathizes with him before admitting that she’s glad it’s just that. When she saw his expression she thought something had happened. Ikki smirks at her before telling her with a pout that he’s under a lot of stress right now and so won’t she heal him? Lin freezes at that, but then Ikki just tells her to talk about anything, like the cooking and cleaning duty. Lin asks him if he’ll feel better from that.

He tells her that it’ll be more than enough. It’s nice to be able to hear her voice now that it’s become more quiet. It makes him happier than he thought and he thinks it’s really pleasant. After dinner, the two of them return home and since it’s only 9 at night he decides to show her how to work the bath since it’s totally automatic. Later, while Lin is taking a bath she thinks about how odd it is to do that in Ikki’s house. From now on they’ll be living together, but she wonders if she can really do it.

She’s worried that she’ll be a bother to Ikki, although all this time he’s been saying sweet things to her. She wonders what he’ll think when he sees her after her bath. No one, outside of her family and girl friends, have seen her pajamas. She’s a bit nervous. Anyway, she finally leaves the bath and informs him that he can use it now. He greets her reflexively with a smile, but then he falls silent when he actually sees her and his expression is blank. Lin asks him nervously if something is weird.

Ikki smiles softly and reassures her 「ううん、全然おかしくない。可愛いよ。こっち来て。抱きしめさせて」(No, nothing is weird. You’re cute. Come here, let me hug you). She walks over to him in embarrassment and he embraces her before murmuring 「・・・うん、バラの匂い。この格好、僕以外の人間に絶対見せないでね」(… Un, the smell of roses. Never show anyone, other than myself, these clothes). SHOW ME MORE POSSESSIVE!IKKI PLEASE (人´∀`*). She nods her head shyly.

This makes him just smile before saying 「よしよし、そんなに緊張しないで。君が可愛いから少し抱き締めたかっただけだよ」(There there, no need to be so nervous. You’re so cute I just wanted to hug you, that’s all). Then he lets her go before telling her that he’ll be using the bathroom now and so she can make herself comfortable. She waves him off and when he disappears she berates herself for being so stiff. She tries to get a hold of herself. Then she remembers that she wanted to write down the cooking and cleaning duties on a note.

But as she looks around for something to write on she wonders if she’s allowed to just open things. Lin decides to ask first so she knocks on the bathroom door and asks if she can open the cupboards to look for a note to write on. He tells her to go ahead and so she thanks him before doing so, but instead of finding a note she finds a cute looking album. 15 minutes later, Ikki comes out of the bath and Lin is surprised to see his pajamas since it’s the first time. He smiles and points out how the experience is new for the both of them.

Then he asks her what she’s sitting in front of a desk for, only for his eyes to widen when he notices that she’s looking at his album. He asks her if she’s looked inside yet, but she shakes her head and tells him that she wanted him to show it to her and so she waited. Ikki chuckles before telling her that he’ll show her, but no matter what they see inside she can’t laugh. She nods eagerly and so they sit down together to look at it.

Inside she finds a picture of Ikki when he had to dress up as a maid for his high school festival. They wanted to do a cafe, but for some reason it was a maid cafe. Ikki puts on a suffering face as he recalls how he had to wear a long-haired wig. Although it was embarrassing it also made their cafe really popular. Lin compliments him for looking like a beautiful classical maid and he calmly thanks her. He even went to the Maid and Butler Cafe to get an idea of what the real thing looked like, but the power of his eyes made a commotion when he was there.

Waka forgave him and somehow Ikki ended up working there. Lin comments on how they seem to be good friends and Ikki admits that they go out drinking together sometimes, but it’s thanks to her that he’s able to do that. Waka is interested in how much Ikki loves Lin and how he overcame the power of his eyes. This embarrasses Lin and she tries to tell him that she thinks it would have happened in the future anyway, without her help. The next picture they look at is when he was in the sports club during middle school.

His hair was shorter than it is now, because he didn’t want it to get in the way. Lin asks him what he played and he tells her tennis. They find a picture of him while he was playing and Lin compliments him for looking cool. Ikki is surprised since this is the first time he’s heard her call him cool. Lin blushes at that and he calls her a shy person before teasing her by saying that she should say it more often. Lin quietly confesses that she’s always thinking that, which makes Ikki exhale in surprise.

But then Lin hurriedly changes the topic by flipping the page to look at the next set of pictures. They look at a picture of everyone from the Maid and Butler Cafe when they celebrated New Years with together. Ikki suffered a crushing defeat from Waka during a badminton match even though he had confidence that he would win. He jokingly tells Lin not to remember that when she recalls how he lost. Anyway, they look at a few more pictures and then it’s time to sleep.

They both brush their teeth and get ready to sleep and Lin reminds herself that Ikki promised to sleep on the futon, but before he does he turns off the lights and leans over her. Ikki reminds her that when she agreed to be his room share he had promised that he would whisper sweet nothings to her. And so he says huskily 「ねえ・・・君が好きだよ。苦しくなるくらい好きだ」(You know.. I love you. I love you to the point of pain). Then 「今日1日、僕がどれだけ浮かれてたかわかる?」(Do you know how happy I am on this first day?).

「誰にも邪魔されずに君を独り占めできるこんな場所が、ずっと欲しかったんだ」(I’ve always wanted to be able to have you to myself without anyone to interrupt). He adds 「君のその可愛いほっぺたにも、恥ずかしそうな目の縁にも、もっともっとキスしたい」(Those cute cheeks of yours, and that embarrassed look in your eyes, makes me want to kiss you more and more). Then 「君が溶けちゃうくらい、好きだって言いたい」(I want to continue saying “I love you” to the point that you melt). Then 「誰も行ったことがないくらい、君の近くに行きたい」(I want to be close to you more than anyone else has ever been). HOLY SHIT IKKI. STOP. JUST STOP (〃゚艸゚):;*.

And lastly 「僕の傍で寝たいって、君から言って。そうしたら、一晩中抱きしめててあげるから」(Say that you want to sleep beside me. If you do, then I’ll embrace you all through the night). Once again Ikki breathily asks her to say it, but Lin pleads with him to give her more time. Ikki accepts that easily and explains that he didn’t think a shy person like her would give in so easily anyway. Then he tells her 「時間はたっぷりあるんだ。君の気持ちが僕に追いつくまでとなりで待ってるよ」(We have a lot of time. I’ll wait for your feelings catch up to mine). GOD PERFECT BOYFRIEND ( >﹏<。).

But then he adds 「1人で寝るのが寂しくなったらいつでも言って。愛してあげるから」(Whenever you’re feeling lonely of sleeping alone, tell me. I’ll give you my love). Then he wishes her goodnight and returns to his bed. Lin is a little surprised at how he kept his word and just whispered sweet nothings to her and it makes her actually feel a bit lonely, although she knows how unfair that is. In truth, she also wants to sleep beside him but she’s anxious at what will happen afterwards if she does.

9月16日. The alarm goes off and wakes Lin up. She notes that this is the first time she’s experienced a morning at Ikki’s house and she still feels a little strange, even though she’s living here now. Anyway, she tries to get Ikki to wake up so that they can get changed and eat breakfast, but Ikki grumpily refuses to get up. He tries to cajole her to go back to sleep since they still have time but she refuses.

This goes back and forth a little, before he finally tells her with a smile in his voice 「んー・・・こういう時って何て言うんだっけ・・・あーそう、えーっとね、キスしてくれたら起きる」(Nn~.. what should one say at a time like this.. Ah, I know. Um, if you kiss me then I’ll wake up). Lin gapes at him and then tells him not to tease her like that before asking him to get up again, but Ikki just smirks and asks if she’s going to kiss him then. Lin tenses up and finally settles on a compromise by telling him that she’ll hug him if he gets up.

Ikki is silent for a second before he suddenly springs up and laughs at her terms but he agrees to them while telling her that it makes him happy to hear it. Lin just pouts and asks if he was teasing her, but he shakes his head 「ううん、からかってないよ。君の言葉で目が覚めた」(No, I wasn’t teasing you. I woke up because of your words). Chuckling, he confesses that he always wanted to try this just once and then greets her good morning before asking for his hug. 10 minutes later, she goes into the bathroom to get changed.

Lin realizes that she’s seen another hidden side to Ikki, the fact that he’s not a morning person. She also remembers seeing hints of that when she used to meet him in front of the station. It makes her happy to see these sides of him. Anyway, she finishes changing and assumes that Ikki is too. As she returns to the room she asks him if he’s done, but she enters anyway only to gasp in shock at his undressed state. She quickly realizes that he must have fallen asleep again and she tells him to wake up.

She quickly spins around and crouches to hide her face in between her knees, but the image of his chest doesn’t disappear from her mind. She pleads for him to wake up again so that they can eat breakfast and he resumes changing after a while. Finally, he tells her that he’s done but she suspiciously asks him if he’s telling the truth. He nods and then tells her not to hide over there and to come over to him. When she does he properly greets her good morning again and then apologizes for not being a morning person.

He explains that he didn’t get much sleep yesterday and then he teases her on how fast she, his princess, fell asleep before saying that it would have been nice if she had been more nervous. Lin pouts and tells him that she was nervous enough and that the reason she was tired was because of how nervous she was through the whole day. She apologizes for how fast she fell asleep, but he just hakes his head and tells her that he’s happy he got to see her sleeping face.

Lin blushes bright red and he takes mercy on her by telling her that he’s going to make coffee after he yawns. Lin offers to make breakfast as long as he teaches her how to use the appliances and he agrees before commenting on how long it’s been since he ate breakfast at home. She sighs before telling him to eat properly today and he tells her teasingly 「食べるよ。でもその前に・・・おはようのキスしよう」(I’ll eat. But before that.. let’s have a good morning kiss). They do so and then thirty minutes later they’re both out the door and walking to work.

As they’re walking Lin takes in the scenery and exclaims about how right he is on how nice the trees and flowers smell. Ikki is happy at her sentiment and then he comments on how this is the second time they’ve walked together to work, with the first being when she lost her memories. Lin apologizes for causing him trouble during that time, but he tells her lightly that he wasn’t bothered. Although, it would have been nice if she ran to him crying when she lost her memories.

Lin confesses that she thought about that, but when she woke up without any memories about Ikki all she saw was him talking to his fangirls. And so she became unhappy due to her own imagination. When she apologizes, Ikki loses the smile on his face before he apologizes and explains that it was his fault for making her unhappy. He tells her not to make that tearful expression since she couldn’t help herself from misunderstanding if she didn’t have any memories of him and saw him doing that.

Ikki apologizes again sincerely 「不安にさせてごめん。君を1人きりにして、ごめんね」(I’m sorry for making you unhappy. I’m sorry for making you feel alone). Then he sighs before muttering about how this one thing is something that he can’t stop apologizing for. Lin tries to comfort him by pointing out that it was her fault for not being brave enough to tell him immediately about her amnesia. But he tells her 「そんなこと言わないで。謝らせてよ。君を傷つけたって後悔してるんだから」(Please don’t say that. Let me apologize, because I regret hurting you).

He looks at her seriously and tells her that he’s sorry and that he won’t let her bear that kind of burden ever again. She vows that she won’t doubt him ever again. This makes him give a small smile as he thanks her before saying that he’s saved by her belief in him. They both reach the Maid and Butler Cafe and Waka goes through his usual briefing before the day’s work. He snaps out commands like a military general and reminds them that the customers have priority over everything.

Waka reminds Lin and Ikki to work hard even if they’re tired from last night’s move, unless they want to suffer the punishment of his painful massage. Waka dismisses them and everyone gets to work. It’s just Ikki, Shin, and Lin today and she returns to the kitchen to give Shin her orders. He tells her to wait a little for the iced coffee and then Ikki comes by after he finishes taking his customers’ orders. While they’re waiting he slyly grabs Lin’s hand, but she lets out a small gasp which makes Shin look over at them with suspicious eyes.

He ends up telling Ikki to stop holding his girlfriend’s hand in the middle of work. Ikki just gives an incorrigble smile 「あれ、バレた。見つからないようにやったんだけどな」(Ah, I got found out. I thought I did it so that it couldn’t be seen). Shin admits that he only saw it because Lin made a noise. This just makes Ikki say 「なるほど。リン、今度は静かにね」(I see. Lin, let’s be more quiet next time). Shin just narrows his eyes and responds sharply 「『今度』は、ナシにしてください」(“Next time” won’t happen). Ikki just pouts and explains to Shin that seeing his girlfriend’s face makes him want to be close to her.

Ikki points out that he’s not causing any trouble and so Shin should just overlook it. But Shin just coldly states that seeing it in front of him is more than enough trouble. He roughly hands the iced coffee to Lin and they all return back to work. At the end of work Ikki invites Lin to walk home with him, but Waka comes around before they can leave and asks them if the move went smoothly. Lin nods and tells Waka that it’s all thanks to Ikki’s help, to which Waka nods understandingly.

But then suddenly he shouts at Ikki and yells out that he was too happy today and his eyes never left Lin’s form. He reminds them in a loud voice that the enemies they are shooting down here are the customers. Ikki apologizes stiffly and bows his head. Waka points out that he knows Lin is also Ikki’s enemy, one that he needs to pay attention to as well. But they should do everything that they need and want to do at home, before they get to work. When they’re at this shop, the customers get priority over everything!

Ikki keeps his head bowed and accepts the reprimand before saying that he’ll take it to heart. Waka leaves and Ikki is silent for a second before he sighs and comments on how it seems everyone can see how happy he is. Lin giggles at that, but then he asks her if she saw it too. She admits that he smiled alot more, but he didn’t make any mistakes. Ikki is surprised that she saw and she confesses shyly that she was watching him all day too. He smiles gently and tells her that her words are cute.

Her words make him happy, but they need to be more careful when they’re at work. Anyway, the two of them return home and along the way they buy some ingredients to make dinner. At home, Lin is teaching Ikki how to cook because he’s not very good at it. It’s good enough for him if the food is edible at the very least. It turns out that Lin is talented at cooking because she had to learn how while her father went out and dated many different women. Ikki compliments her cooking, but she tries to downplay her skill by saying that it’s just hard work.

The doorbell rings while Ikki is trying to learn how to cook the egg and so Lin leaves to get it. It turns out to be her father who asks to talk to her outside of the house. When they reach the ground floor, he immediately tells her that he has a lot of things to say to her. While he acknowledges the fact that she thinks Ikki is a credible person and that she wants to live away from him, he can’t accept it. He thinks that there’s going to be a lot of problems if she lives with Ikki.

Once school starts, he’s worried about her grades and how their relationship will be because while he believes in his daughter he distrusts Ikki. To him Ikki is still a young man who might treasure Lin right now, but his heart might change in the future and if that happens then what will she do? Lin can see where her father is coming from but she reassures him that Ikki isn’t like that. He snaps back and asks her if she might not have a wrong impression of Ikki. He informs Lin that he’s seen Ikki surrounded by many girls before.

Lin tries to explain the situation but her father interrupts and tells her that Ikki is a man who loves girls and those kinds of people are playboys. Then he awkwardly admits that he used to be a youth who was like that, which is why, in his mind, he thinks he knows how Ikki will act. Lin argues back that he’s wrong and that Ikki is a very serious person. Her father stubbornly insists that he and Ikki are alike and that one day Ikki will get tired of her.

Then he tells her that the type of man who will really treasure a girl is another conversation for another time. Lin tries to defend Ikki again, but her father talks over her and orders her to return home. He’ll let her have her fun living with someone else because he has a lot of trips to make in the next week, but when he comes back he’ll listen to her answer. (*`へ´*) CAN I JUST SLAP HIM FOR NOT LISTENING TO HER? HOW DARE HE SLANDER IKKI LIKE THAT. Anyway, before he leaves he tells her to think about it.

When she returns, Ikki welcomes her back quietly. She responds to him just as quietly. He knows that the person who came by was her father and so he reminds her that she could have called on him to talk to her father for her. She thanks him but she already hid behind him once and so she felt like she needed to be the one to talk to her father this time. He admits that he loves this serious side to her, but now that they’re living together it’s both of their problems.

After all, if she goes home then the person who will be the most troubled will be him since he’ll miss her. Lin is silent, but Ikki just reminds her quietly that she can rely on him. She thanks him weakly and then admits that she might need his help later on. Her eyes start to tear up as she thanks him again in a whisper. Anyway, it’s soon nighttime and once again Ikki is keeping his promise of whispering sweet nothings to her.

He tells her 「1人で寝るのは寂しいって背中に書いてあるよ」(The loneliness of sleeping alone is written on your back) and 「僕も寂しいよ・・・。君を抱いて眠りたい。離したくない」(I’m also lonely.. I want to sleep with you in my embrace. I don’t want to let you go). He confesses 「君が好きだよ。寝る間も、君の傍にいたいんだ」(I love you. Even while I’m sleeping, I wish to be by your side). Then he pleads 「リン、僕と一緒に寝たいって言って。君の声で聞かせて・・・」(Lin, say that you want to sleep together with me. Let me hear your voice..). HOLY BEOJHAGIJ WHERE DOES HE GET THESE LINES FROM (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

Once again though, Lin pleads for him to give her time and Ikki agrees gracefully with 「そう。・・・わかった、もう少しだけだよ?」(I see… I understand, just a while longer, alright?). But then he points out that her own words have given away how much she wants to say it herself. Then he adds again 「早く言って。待ってるから」(Say it soon. I’ll be waiting). Finally he wishes her good night, which she returns, and then he goes to sleep. Lin thinks about how much she wants to sleep against him, but she still can’t bring herself to say it.

9月19日. Today Lin is shopping with Sawa and Lin brings Sawa up-to-date on what’s been happening. It’s almost been a week since she moved in with Ikki and she’s slowly getting used to it. She’s also having fun and Sawa is glad with how well she gets along with Ikki. Unfortunately, Lin is still troubled by how her father won’t accept her relationship with Ikki, but Sawa just advises her not to swell on it too much since Lin has always been getting into fights with her father.

Sawa understands that Lin wants to settle things with her father, but she thinks it’s good for Lin to live apart from her parents. Especially since that was the reason she moved out in the first place and so she should just relax and enjoy herself. Plus, in return for her deteriorating relationship with her father she’s strengthened her bond with Ikki and so there’s no problem. In fact, Sawa is sort of jealous of her. Lin thanks Sawa for cheering her up but Sawa just shakes her head before changing the subject.

She points out some cute chopsticks which Lin feels like buying as a present to celebrate her moving in, which Sawa calls cute. Lin blushes at that and thinks that Sawa is going too far in calling it a present, but Sawa points out that she wouldn’t have thought about doing that kind of thing. Lin counters by saying that Sawa hasn’t been in her situation yet. Anyway, now that they’re living togethers she’s noticed that she’s been more aware of what she should buy. Sawa thinks that it’s natural for people who live together to start matching things like their chopsticks.

While Lin blushes at that, Sawa points out that her happiness is what matters the most. Although she was surprised when she first heard that Lin was going to move in with Ikki, because she hasn’t seen his good sides. Lin apologizes and explains that she couldn’t reveal Ikki’s good side since his fan club would just gossip about it. She thought it’d be alright if she just kept it as a secret for herself, but it wasn’t like she was trying to hide things from Sawa. Sawa just chuckles and tells her that it’s fine, as long as she’s not affected by Ikki’s eyes.

Lin nods but then says uncertainly that she hopes she’s not at least. Sawa’s mouth drops open and so Lin explains that she hasn’t been tricked by Ikki, but lately she feels as if she’s falling under the power of his eyes. When Sawa asks her why she thinks that, Lin stutters for an explanation, and so Sawa asks her if her heart pounds when their eyes meet. Lin nods and so then Sawa asks what happens when their eyes aren’t meeting. Lin admits that her heart still pounds. Sawa bursts into laughter and then tells her that she’s fine.

She’s not being affected by his eyes, or more like it has nothing to do with his eyes. It’s simply that she’s falling in love. Sawa sighs in exasperation at the heroine’s thickheadedness, before she makes a teasing comment about how scared she is when she imagines how sickeningly sweet the atmosphere between the two must be. Then Sawa orders the heroine to buy those chopsticks and to return home to tell Ikki that she wants to match him. She’ll cheer on their lovey-dovey moments.

While she’s heading home she phones to tell Ikki that she’ll be home in 15 minutes. He tells her that she could have taken her time since it’s been a while since she’s seen Sawa. Lin agrees, but then she tries to confess. Ikki finishes her line for her 「僕に会いたかった?」(You wanted to see me?). She falls silent in embarrassment, which makes Ikki assume that he’s being too conceited. Then he tells her to hurry home if she’s finished her errands, but that she should also take care.

The call ends and Lin sighs to herself at how she missed her chance to say her feelings again. But whenever she talks to Ikki her heart starts pounding and so her words get stuck. She wants to tell him that he’s not being conceited and that she wants to be together with him. Especially since he’s going to his seminar tomorrow and when he comes back her university will be starting. Today is the last night that they’ll be able to be together for the whole day. The moment she gets back home though and calls out a greeting, Kent grabs her and tells her not to move.

He informs her that he’s restraining her and if she doesn’t want to get injured then she’ll stay quiet. Ikki appears and yells at Kent to stop it and to let Lin go. Kent smirks and orders Ikki to give “that” up if he wants her to be released. Ikki grits his teeth and mutters about how this is his greatest mistake and if he hands it over to Kent then who knows what will happen. Kent continues smirking and asks if Ikki doesn’t care about what will happen to Lin.

Ikki hurriedly tells Kent to stop and that he’ll hand it over, but first he has to give Lin over. Kent orders Ikki to give him “that” first. Ikki proposes a simultaneous trade, but Kent asks if Ikki is giving him the real thing. Ikki coldly states that he wouldn’t play around with Lin’s life. Lin yells at Ikki to stop and pleads for him not to give Kent what he wants. Kent and Ikki both fall silent and stare at her, which makes her ask in an embarrassed voice if she mistook the situation.

But Kent and Ikki just burst out laughing and Ikki hands it over to Kent with a shake of his head. Kent compliments Lin on how she played along with them, to which Ikki admits that he’s also surprised. Then he tells Lin to come over to him since it’s fine now. She asks Kent if it’s alright and he tells her that he doesn’t care since he’s gotten what he came for. Ikki just sighs and tells Kent not to mark it and to just throw it away since he knows he got the question wrong.

Kent is surprised by Ikki’s lack of confidence since it’s unusual and then he asks if living with Lin has made him so happy that he’s lost his touch. Ikki just shrugs noncommittally. Lin asks Kent if he came to retrieve the puzzle that he gave Ikki and he nods, but also tells her that he came to return Ikki’s reading glasses that he forgot in Kent’s laboratory. Lin is surprised to find out that he uses glasses, since she didn’t know. Ikki explains that his eyesight isn’t terrible enough to warrant glasses, but he does use them to read.

The reason why he doesn’t usually wear them is because they don’t suit him. Lin disagrees though and tells him that she wants to see, to which he just hums thoughtfully and agrees to show her later. Kent smirks and asks him why he doesn’t show her right now, to which Ikki just sighs and points out that Kent will make fun of him. Kent doesn’t deny this and agrees that Ikki looks interesting when he wears glasses. Ikki sighs and tells Kent not to stir up Lin’s anticipation.

Ikki invites Kent to drink alcohol with him so that he can forget about the puzzle that Ikki messed up on, but Kent just grins and agrees to drink so that he won’t forget about the puzzle. Lin offers to make them food, but Kent tells her that she doesn’t need to since Ikki made some, although he’s not sure how good it is. Ikki just sighs and points out that as long as it’s edible then it’s fine. Kent informs him that it’s this kind of response which makes him worried for Ikki’s health.

His response to that is that he doesn’t want to hear those words from someone who only eats takeout. Kent sighs and tells Lin that he’ll be counting on her to fix Ikki’s lifestyle. And so Lin tells him that she’ll try her best, but Ikki frowns at Kent and tells him not to put pressure on her and that he’ll work on improving his lifestyle himself. Anyway, the two start to drink and before long Ikki becomes completely drunk.

He starts going on a drunken rant with 「ケン・・・君はリンの魅力を全っ然わかってない」(Ken.. you don’t understand any of Lin’s charms). Kent just nods while rolling his eyes as he apologizes sarcastically for that. Then he tells Ikki that he understands Lin is unbearably cute, but he wants Ikki to calm down. Ikki agrees that Kent will never understand the actual feeling, since now that Lin is living with him he’s feeling new things. He confesses that Lin is cuter than expected now that she’s living with him.

Up until now Ikki has only seen Lin while they were working or walking home. His voice turns husky as he admits that it’s unbearable to see her cooking, watching the television, sleeping, or after a bath. He tells Kent that he, who has only seen her a few times, cannot understand her charms. Kent replies with a smile that if he did understand her charms then wouldn’t Ikki be in trouble?

Ikki admits 「まあね。それは困る。だけど僕が彼女に夢中な気持ちも・・・ちょっとは理解してほしいっ」(Well, a little. But I want you to understand even a little the feeling of ecstasy that I have with her). Then he says 「君は・・・もうちょっと落ち着けって言うけどさ、この生活でどう落ち着けるっていうの?」(You say.. that I should calm down a little, but how can I calm down with this kind of life?). And also 「毎朝毎晩、彼女の顔を見ていられるんだよ?話したい時に話せるんだよ?」(Every morning and every night, I see her face you know? Whenever I want to talk to her I can, you know?).

HE’S SO DRUNK IT’S HILARIOUS ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛!! He goes on to talk about how whenever he longs for her, he can embrace her without her disliking it. They can cuddle. Ikki also describes how whenever she’s about to sleep, she moves closer to him of her own free will and clutches onto his shirt while looking up at him. He confesses that sometimes he doesn’t know whether to hug her or kiss her. She’s that cute. Meanwhile, Lin is blushing furiously and tells him to stop.

Kent tells her it’s useless because Ikki is completely smashed. Ikki’s response is only 「あー・・・抱きしめたい。離したくない。ねえ、リン。もうちょっとこっちおいで?」(Ahh~.. I want to hug you. I don’t want to let you go. Hey Lin, will you come a little closer?). Lin splutters as she tells him that now isn’t the time to do this. Kent just snickers and informs them that he’ll head home now. Lin apologizes but Kent just waves it off and tells her that it amuses him to watch Ikki make a fool out of himself while he’s drunk.

He also tells her that while she may have hardships, Ikki is an interesting person. Kent wants her to have as much fun as she wants while they’re living together. He excuses himself as he leaves and she sends him off by telling him to be careful. The room falls silent for a second before Lin says Ikki’s name hesitantly. He just smiles softly at her and asks if he can be sweet on her. She nods in embarrassment and so he tells her to sit down and lend her lap to him.

Lin repeats his words in embarrassment which makes him frown as he says 「嫌?君が嫌ならやめておくけど」(No? If you don’t want to you don’t have to do it). Lin shakes her head and tells him to go ahead. He thanks her with a sweet smile before he places his head on her lap and snuggles into it with a sigh of pleasure 「あー柔らかい。気持ちいい・・・」(Ahh~ so soft. It feels good..). She asks if it really feels that good and he nods before admitting that it makes him want to be naughty. Lin startles at that.

But Ikki immediately tells her 「しないけどね。君から求めてくれるまで手出しはしない約束だし」(But I won’t. I promised not to do anything until you wish for it). He adds that just this is more than enough for him right now. But he admits 「まあ、これだけ、って言っても同居前に比べるとずいぶん甘えてるけど」(Well, when I say “just this”, it’s definitely more intimate compared to how we were before living together). He asks if she isn’t too relaxed with him like this? He points out that he always acts like this when he’s drunk.

It’s dangerous when he’s drunk because his self-restraint is weakened. He warns her to remember that. Lin is silent before she admits quietly that she might like it if he’s a little more intimate towards her. Ikki responds with 「んー?なあに?珍しいね」(Hmm? What? That’s unusual). Then she asks if he won’t show her what he looks like with his glasses. Ikki agrees since they’re alone now and puts them on before returning his head to her lap. He asks how he looks since he doesn’t think they suit him.

Lin shakes her head and tells him that it looks really good, but they somehow make him seem like a different person. He looks more like an adult with them. He asks teasingly 「それ、普段の僕が大人っぽくないってこと?」(Does that mean I don’t normally look like an adult?). She stutters out that she didn’t say that before explaining slowly that normally he has more of a sexy air around him. She reluctantly admits that even when he’s calm and not doing anything, he looks very amorous.

L M F A O SOMEONE HELP ME. THE HEROINE’S CONFESSION IS SO SPOT ON ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. When he wears glasses though the atmosphere changes and makes him look serious. It’s unexpected. Ikki just hums thoughtfully before saying that he’s fine with being sexy normally as long as his sex appeal can capture her. But he admits that he’s pleased she likes it. It’s convenient for reading newspapers. He adds 「もしかしたらこれからは時々かけてるかもね。見かけても笑わないでくれる?」(Maybe I’ll wear it from time to time. Don’t laugh when you see it, alright?).

GJGIHSIF HE’S SO PRECIOUS. Lin promises him that she won’t and Ikki pouts as he tells her that whenever he wears these around Kent, Kent laughs and tells him it doesn’t suit him. He knows that it’s just Kent’s way of showing affection towards him, but sometimes it’s irritating. Lin comments on how the two of them are very close and it makes her envious. Ikki immediately asks if she’s jealous. She flinches before admitting reluctantly that she might be a little jealous.

He replies 「へえ、本当にそうなんだ。ケンと君は違うよ」(Hmm, you really are? Kent is different from you). He tells her that Kent is a precious friend who laughs at him when he does stupid things. But 「君は僕の馬鹿なところも受け止めてくれる特別な子。誰も君の代わりにはなれない」(You’re the special person who stops me before I do something stupid. No one can replace you). He asks her if she’s still jealous of Kent. Lin admits that she still is and he laughs before admitting that he’s happy about that. She’s surprised that he’s happy and asks if he really doesn’t mind.

Ikki points out 「嫌なわけないよ。それって君が僕の一番になりたいってことでしょう?嬉しいよ」(Of course I don’t mind. This means that you want to become my most precious person, right? That makes me happy). Then he asks out of curiosity what she’s jealous of? Lin is taken aback before she stutters out that she’s jealous of how they fool around without any reserve. Ikki chuckles and says that it might be too interesting if he fools around with her like he does with Kent.

Lin continues on to say that she’s jealous of how Kent knows what Ikki looks like wearing glasses that he doesn’t show anyone else. Ikki points out that he’s shown her now. Lin is silent a bit before she admits she’s jealous of how Kent calls Ikki by his real name. Ikki sits straight up with wide eyes as he says 「え。僕の本名・・・呼びたい?」(Eh. You want to call me.. by my real name?). Lin shakes her head and tells him that she wants to call him by a name that he wants to be called by.

But the fact that only Kent calls Ikki by his real name makes him seem special and she’s a little envious of that. Ikki has a conflicted look on his face as he admits that he thinks that point is a bit meaningless, but he’ll let her say it once. Lin is surprised and asks him if it’s really alright. Ikki closes his eyes and says 「1回だけね。君の声で呼ばれれば、もしかしたら、少し自分の名前が好きになれるかもしれない」(Just once. But if you’re saying it, then maybe, I might grow to like my name a little).

He suggests that they try it out, but once again reminds her that she can only say it once. Lin hesitantly says she’s going to say it then and Ikki nods. LMAO WHY IS THIS SITUATION SO SERIOUS. Finally Lin says “Ikkyuu-san” and Ikki is silent for a long time before he bursts into laughter. He tells her that if she called him by his name it would have been alright, but for her to add on a “-san” to the end reminds him of this character.

Ikki tells her that he doesn’t like it still and apologizes because he’s only going to let her say it that once. He starts to laugh again and even Lin admits that she was reminded of the character, so she can understand why he wouldn’t like it. He admits that he was teased in elementary school for his name, which is why he isn’t too fond of it. That’s why he definitely doesn’t want a “-san” added to it. Ikki confesses that his name might have been the reason why he made that stupid wish to be popular.

He was depressed by how unpopular he was and how the girls in his class teased him with his name. But he admits that he’s an idiot, because when he looks back on it he thinks that they might have just been trying to get to know him better. He hated himself which was why he wished to be popular. Ikki sighs with a self-deprecating smile at how he was so wrong. He knows that no one cares about his name anymore, but even now he still has bad memories about his real name.

Lin murmurs his name and he smiles slowly 「その呼び方、好きだよ」(I like this way of calling). It doesn’t make him think of someone else. It doesn’t sound like a performer’s name. It makes him feel as if she’s calling his name. He tells her huskily to say it more. Lin says it and he immediately replies 「もっと」(More). She repeats it and then says it again before adding on that she likes him.

His voice is a whisper 「・・・僕も。僕も好きだよ、リン」(.. Me too. I love you as well, Lin). Then he tells her 「確かに本名ではないけど、君の声で呼ばれる時のその名前は、僕にとって間違いなく特別だよ」(It’s true that it’s not my real name, but when you say my name with your voice, it’s unmistakably precious to me).

Night falls and Lin is in bed with Ikki hovering over her. He asks her 「リン・・・明日は離ればなれだよね。寂しいと思わない?」(Lin.. tomorrow we’ll be separated. Doesn’t it make you sad?). He adds 「もう寝なきゃいけないってわかってるけど、君を離したくない」(I know we should be sleeping now, but I don’t want to let you go). He whispers that in the small time before they sleep he wants to love her like this. He wants to engrave himself in her heart for the time tomorrow and the day after that that they can’t be together.

He murmurs 「君も僕に愛されたいと思わない?言ってよ。一緒に寝たいって、言って」(Don’t you want to love me as well? Say it. Say that you want to sleep together). Lin says something unintelligibly and Ikki says 「うん?」(Yes..?). She only manages to say the word together before she blurts out that it’s impossible to say it! Ikki replies 「・・・あ、そう。んーどうしようかな。今日はもうちょっと押してみようか」(.. Ah, I see. Hmm, what shall I do then? Let’s be a little forceful today then). HOLY SHI- HOLY SHI- MY FACE HURTS FROM ALL THE GRINNING AND SQUEAKING I’M DOING ( 。>艸<).

Lin starts to get nervous but Ikki just asks lowly 「ねえ、キスはどう?しても、いいよね?」(Hey, how about a kiss? It’s alright if I do that, right?). She nods shyly but he asks where he can kiss her; her hair? Her cheeks? Are those fine? She nods with embarrassment and he continues on huskily 「まぶたは?唇は?指にもキスしたい。腕にも」(Your eyelids? Your lips? I also want to kiss your fingers. Your arm too).

「・・・ねえ、キスだけでも僕の気持ちを伝えることはできると思うよ。どこまで許してくれる?君が許したところまでしかキスしないよ」(.. Ne, I believe that I can convey my feelings with only kisses. How far will you let me go? I’ll kiss nothing but the places you allow me). But he adds 「君が大丈夫だと思う範囲で、本当に大丈夫かどうか試してみようか」(The range which you think is fine, let’s test to see if you’re really fine with it). Ikki’s voice is a low whisper as he asks 「言って、どこまでならいい」(Say it. How far can I go?).

Lin is so nervous she starts to stutter as she buys for time before she says her lips. Ikki smoothly responds 「唇だけ?いいよ、唇を許してくれるなら十分君を誘惑できるから」(Just your lips? That’s fine, your lips is more than enough for me to be able to seduce you). AIJGODGJAIOJHIAHJA. He tells her 「真面目な君の理性が溶けるくらい、甘いキスをしようか」(I’ll kiss you sweetly until your strict senses melt). And so he starts to kiss her until she finally starts to protest.

He asks her if she gives up and Lin tells him exasperatedly that they need to sleep. He replies with a grin 「・・・そう。わかった、じゃあ今日はここまでね」(.. I see. I understand, then we’ll stop here for today). He apologizes for going overboard and asks her to forgive him since he had promised to just whisper sweet words to her, but it seems he’s a little drunk still. He wishes her good night and she returns the words before they both turn in.

But before she falls asleep Lin apologizes in her mind because she’s a little scared of surrendering herself. But she wonders if she should have just said it. To say or not to say. Every day she has to weigh these two options. Lin finally decides that when he comes back from his trip, she’ll say it. She even thinks that sleeping with Ikki in the night will be warm. IS THIS A EUPHEMISM? LOL.

9月20日. The next morning Ikki prepares for his trip and informs her that he’ll be back tomorrow night. She asks him if he’ll be back in time for dinner. He plans on it, but he’s afraid he might be late so he tells her that she should eat first. Lin tells him that she’ll wait for him, so he shouldn’t return home too late. Ikki smiles gently and agrees. He falls silent as he seems to contemplate something and so she prompts him by saying his name.

Ikki confesses that he doesn’t want to leave her and so he feels like taking her along with him. Lin doesn’t have a response to that and so Ikki asks if she’s lonely. She admits that she is, but they’ll see each other again tomorrow and so she’ll wait for him. He says 「・・・うん。寂しくなったらメールして。僕もたぶんするから」(… Un. If you’re lonely mail me. I’ll probably be doing that too). He frowns as he looks at the time and realizes that it can’t be put off any longer and so he excuses himself reluctantly.

She sends him off and after he leaves she thinks about how she’ll be alone for today and the next. She’s a little lonely already, but she decides to prepare a delicious meal for him when he returns tomorrow. Because Kent was at their place yesterday she didn’t show Ikki the matching chopsticks, but she’ll place them on the table tomorrow and so she wonders if he’ll be pleased. Today after work she’ll study some new recipes. Lin tells herself to cheer up because she has work today and tomorrow.

Anyway, she goes to work and prepares to leave once her shift is over. But Waka calls her back and informs her that there are a group of girls gathering in front of the shop. He recalls that Ikki said he was on a trip and so he doesn’t like this timing. He also doesn’t know the rules with which these girls fight with and so he asks if she’ll be alright. Lin replies slowly that she thinks she is since they probably just want to see Ikki. Waka tells her that she can retreat into the shop if she can’t win.

He’ll make a mockery of them for her. Lin thanks him but reassures him that she’ll be fine. Waka just sternly tells her that she’s Ikki’s lover and so she better not lose her fighting spirit. Lin yells an affirmative and then leaves through the alley, but the girls are waiting for her and they ask if she’s free. Lin misunderstands them though and informs them that Ikki isn’t here today. They tell her impatiently that they knew that and so they’re asking her if she’s free.

Lin is surprised especially when they continue on to ask if she wants to hang out with them. They can go to a karaoke place or a club. When Lin continues to look surprised they ask her if she’s never gone to those before. Lin tells them that she’s gone to a karaoke place before and then gets interrupted as they decide to head to a club together then. But before they can do anything Rika asks them loudly what they’re doing and runs over.

The two faceless girls flinch as she asks them coldly if they want to receive punishment 666 for approaching Lin when Ikki hasn’t forgiven them. She asks them if they’ve forgotten and they flinch again as they mutter that they haven’t. They just wanted to talk to Lin a little, but now they’ll head home. The two of them run off and Rika grumbles about how she’ll have to fix their attitude and then she asks Lin sweetly if they didn’t do anything terrible.

Lin shakes her head and informs her that they just invited her out which surprised her. Then she realizes it’s been a while since she last saw Rika and Rika notices that this is the first time they’ve talked like this. Rika is surprised that Lin isn’t with Ikki because she wanted to talk to him. Lin informs her that Ikki is on a trip and he’ll be back tomorrow if she has business wtih him.

Rika is surprised and then realizes that it must be his seminar. Lately she hasn’t been stalking him. She realizes that this must be why those girls approached Lin today. She’s irritated at how they took advantage of her negligence. But then Rika admits that there are lot of things she should apologize to Lin for. She thinks it might be fate for them to meet like this and asks if Lin won’t talk to her for a little bit. She suggests for them to talk at a shop since they’re in the middle of a street.

Lin stutters out an affirmative and Rika laughs before telling her not to be so nervous because she doesn’t have any intentions on doing anything to her anymore. She just wants to apologize. First, she apologizes for allowing Lin to be accosted by those girls because she loosened their reins. Lately there are people in the fan club who want to be close to Lin in order to get closer to Ikki. She did tell them to stop those insolent and shrewd intentions.

Rika explains that it’s hard work to govern the girls in the fan club and that the rules are being broken lately. She finds it embarrassing for Lin to be bothered by them. Lin reassures her that she doesn’t need to apologize and Rika thanks her for her kind words. She actually dissolved the fan club but apparently there are some fans who have a problem with that. Rika wanted to break up the fan club and create a new one to praise him.

Lin nods hesitantly and Rika explains that she might not think the two are any different, but Rika believes that Ikki needs a fan club. This was one of the things she wanted to talk to Ikki about. There is no end to the amount of girls who like Ikki. The fan club was created in order to stop the number of girls who harassed Ikki, who is too nice to refuse them all. Rika asks Lin if she knows the number of girls who confessed to Ikki before the fan club had been created.

On bad days it was once every week. Rika can only imagine how much this wounded Ikki who probably blamed himself for every one that he had to reject. Just imagining it makes her want to curse the heavens and surprisingly enough Lin can understand that feeling. After the fan club was made, these things died down 80 to 90 percent. Rika doesn’t like how she reinforced these rules but she couldn’t think of any other way.

Anyway, so when Lin started disobeying them by not showing up for meetings or reporting in Rika could only assign her punishment 44. Rika admits that she might have felt resentment against Lin. It was all to protect the rules and Ikki though. She couldn’t believe that Ikki would be that furious when he found out. Meanwhile, Lin is shocked into silence and wonders if she can believe what Rika is saying about the fan club being created purely to protect Ikki’s feelings.

But now she wonders if she can sympathize and understand with Rika. Lin apologizes deeply for breaking the rules of the fan club and for worrying Rika. She knows Rika might be surprised by this but she reveals that during August she had lost all her memories in an accident. She didn’t know who Ikki was and she didn’t know that she entered the fan club. Rika can only gape at Lin while she admits that she completely understands Rika’s wish to decrease the number of girls who confess to Ikki for fun.

Thanks to the fan club the number of girls who confess to him have decreased and his troubles have lessened. Lin wondered what she could do to get closer to Ikki, but all she could do was listen to his story about how much of a weight the power of his eyes were. It’s the truth that the fan club’s method of management has hurt people, but Lin isn’t able to ignore that by thinking that this is the only way. However, she can completely sympathize with the feeling of wanting to do something for Ikki.

Time passes as they converse with each other and soon Rika has to excuse herself. She informs Lin that if there are any more troubles with any members of the fan club then she can contact Rika. Lin thanks her but reassures her that she’ll be fine and Rika realizes that if it’s Lin then she might not have to worry because no matter how much the fan club interferes Lin will be waiting for Ikki. Rika admits that she’s moved by Lin’s earnest feelings.

WALL OF TEXT OMG AND ALL I’M THINKING IS “I PRESUME YOUR STRICT MANAGEMENT INVOLVES PUSHING PEOPLE OFF CLIFFS?” Anyway, Rika excuses herself and tells Lin that she’ll come to speak to her again when she has the chance. Lin is still surprised by the whole conversation and what Rika’s real feelings were. She said she wanted to talk to Ikki about this but Lin wonders if Ikki will listen to Rika’s words. It’d be nice if he could feel more at ease.

Rika returns back though because she just remembered that she forgot something important. She gives Lin a present, which turns out to be her homemade food, and she hopes the two of them will eat it. She’s not sure if her apologizes can be conveyed through her food but she hopes it will. Lin bows deeply and thanks her but then recalls Rika mentioning she had something to talk to Ikki about. It turns out Rika wanted to apologize to Ikki about the carelessness in her management.

Because yesterday there was an idiot girl who yelled a confession to Ikki at a street full of traffic. Not only did she trouble the general public but she also didn’t think about Ikki’s dignity. Rika is furious at the embarrassment this girl made of the honor of Ikki’s fan club. Lin is surprised that happened and then Rika continues on to reveal that there have been many phone calls to him as well.

Rika’s face turns dark as she spits out that one day she’ll show these little girls hell for having this manner. Lin feels a shiver down her spine but then Rika smiles exasperatedly at how the fan club has become a mess. She hopes Lin will keep an eye out for Ikki. Then she realizes that she’s said more than she wanted to and lets out a giggle before excusing herself. I CAN SEE HOW SHE COULD PUSH SOMEONE OFF A CLIFF NOW.. (‘д‘;). After Rika leaves Lin thinks about all the things she’s missed.

The person who confessed yesterday to Ikki in a crowded place.. Was that when she was with Sawa? And then Ikki got himself drunk yesterday as well. She didn’t notice anything. She also didn’t realize there were these phone calls being made, but now that she thinks about it Ikki always looks tired after a phone call. ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ┌┛Σ(ノ´Д`)ノ THOSE BITCHES! She always thought it was his schoolwork but it might have been those girls. She starts to worry that the seminar might have a lot of women who’ll cause problems.

Lin realizes she might have been oblivious to many things. Anyway, she returns home and calls out but no one answers her. She remembers that she’s alone now and pep talks herself not to feel too lonely since she’ll have to do this tomorrow as well. Lin decides that she should study some recipes but this reminds her of Rika’s present. She opens it up to see some sort of meal with potatoes and bamboo shoots and she’s shocked at how well it’s made.

Rika seems to be an excellent chef at home and Lin feels a stab at her confidence to prepare something like this. Then she wonders if these are Ikki’s favorites since Rika would know. Ikki can’t cook at at all and she wonders if it’s because people continuously made things like this for him. She falls silent before deciding that it must be because of that. So she’ll also study hard! She won’t lose to them! Rika, the fan club, and many others all like Ikki.

Lin doesn’t know what the best course of action is right now, but she should also start thinking about doing things for his sake. The first thing for now is that she needs to prepare a smile to welcome him back home tomorrow. She knows she can do that but..

Time passes and night falls. Suddenly her cellphone starts to ring and it’s Ikki’s number. Lin greets him enthusiastically and he greets her back before apologizing for phoning at such a late time. He asks if she’s still up and she reassures him that she’s fine because she’s studying. He’s surprised at how she’s studying but he finds it admirable, although he thought she told him that her school assignments were finished.

Lin replies that they are over but she’s studying something else. Ikki asks her curiously what she’s studying, but she tells him that it’s a secret. She doesn’t know what kind of result she can get but she’ll work hard and she wants him to look forward to it. He sounds even more curious and informs her that just from her words he’s already looking forward to it. Then he adds 「なんだか僕がいなくても楽しそうだね。ちょっと妬けるな」(It seems like you’re having fun without me there. I’m a little jealous).

She’s silent before confessing that she’s actually not. She’s been thinking about him all day. Ikki says 「本当に?僕も君のことばかり考えてるよ」(Really? I was also thinking only about you today) then he adds 「今も、君の声が聞きたくてちょっとだけ抜けてきたんだ。もういい加減我慢できなくて」(Right now I wanted to hear your voice so badly I slipped out for a bit. I couldn’t endure it any longer). He tells her to talk about anything before asking her if all she did was return home and study and Lin answers in the affirmative.

But then she recalls that she also met Rika and the fan club and they talked a bit. Ikki sounds worried as he asks her what they talked about and so Lin reassures him that it’s fine and she understood a lot of things like why the fan club was created, what Rika’s goals were, etc. Lin also informs him about Rika’s wish to talk to him and he answers that he’ll listen to what she has to say. Then Lin comments on how the situation with the fan club sounds difficult.

She thinks that they’ve gone about it the wrong way but she can understand their feelings for wanting to lessen Ikki’s burdens. She understands how painful it can be to see him like that. And so she thinks she needs to be more aware of these things. Ikki is completely silent and so Lin apologizes before asking if she made him unhappy. He denies it and tells her that he’s just surprised she and Rika had that kind of conversation. Lin tells him that she feels a little lonely at how Rika knows Ikki better than her.

Ikki has been troubled for more than she knew. Lin asks him if he’s doing fine right now and if he isn’t tired. Ikki is completely silent again and so she tells him that if he’s tired then he can say it. She wants him to tell her if she can do anything for him. Finally he murmurs 「・・・大丈夫だよ。あーでも今すごく君を抱き締めたい」(.. I’m fine. Ah, but I really want to hug you right now). Lin confesses that she wants to be by his side as well. He exhales sharply at that.

Then he tells her that it’s impossible for him to think of a night without her. They’ve just been apart for a day and he’s hopeless. He whispers 「早く君のところへ帰りたい。君を抱き締めたい。・・・贅沢になったよね」(I want to hurry home. I want to embrace you… it’s become a luxury). He adds 「もっと君に溺れてもいい?僕が君なしでいられなくなっても君はどこにも行かない・・・?」(Can I drown myself in you more? Even if I can no longer be without you.. don’t go anywhere..?).

KHOPHSGH ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪!! I THINK I HAVE A NEW FETISH.. AND IT’S TALKING OVER CELLPHONES. SWEET NOTHINGS OVER THE PHONE LMAO DAMMIT IKKI IS SUCH A PRO. Ikki confesses 「はぁ・・・ほんと。君のことが好きすぎて、少し怖いくらいだよ・・・」(Haa.. really.. I love you so much it’s a little frightening..).

9月21日. Lin goes to work again and greets Waka happily. He’s pleased by her ambition today and asks if she safely dealt with the girls from yesterday. Lin thanks him for worrying about her but all they wanted to do was talk. He finds that splendid and is pleased that she has a backbone and then informs her that he’s expecting her to confront the upcoming battle with that ambition.

Soon work ends and Lin excuses herself first. But the moment she steps out of the shop she’s greeted by the fan club girls again. They congratulate her for working hard in a sickly sweet voice and ask if she’s free. Lin greets them hesitantly before pointing out that it’s forbidden for them to do this, but the girls shrug and tell her not to speak so stiffly since they’re not doing anything bad. They just want to be her friend. UHH.. YEAH RIGHT..

They inform her that Rika is busy with dance practice today. Then one of them spits out that if she tattles on them then something bad will happen. THAT’S NOT.. BEING VERY NICE LMFAO. The first girl hisses at the other one to be quiet because they’re trying to be friends and so she can’t threaten Lin. The second girl laughs awkwardly before apologizing and telling Lin that they want to become her friends. It’s not like they have another motive or anything!

The first girl nods and points out that Lin is Ikki’s girlfriend and so of course they should be friends. Up until now they’ve had bad feelings and so they want to become friends. The second girl tells Lin that if she wanted to be friends with everyone then Rika would have to accept that. They try to pull her somewhere and Lin asks them cautiously where they’re going to go. And one girl immediately responds that they’re going to Ikki!

They have friends who are in the same seminar as Ikki and after the trip they were going to invite Ikki to an afterparty. If his girlfriend was going to go then Ikki will certainly come too! The other girl shushes the other one and tells Lin that if Ikki is there then she can have fun without reserve. The first girl points out that Lin is free anyway and so it’s decided that they’ll go! Lin tries to protest but she’s dragged along.

Meawhile Ikki’s seminar ends and everyone exchanges goodbyes. But a fan club member stops Ikki and comments on how happy she is to have spent time with him on this trip since it’s been a long time. Ikki distractedly thanks her and then excuses himself but she stops him again and asks him flusteredly if he’s just going to return home after this, because a number of people are going to get drinks and talk and she’s inviting him. A lot of fan club members are coming too.

Ikki declines the invitation and explains that he’s going home since his girlfriend is waiting. But the fan club members blurts out that Lin is coming too. Ikki is surprised and asks why and the girl nervously explains that her friends met Lin yesterday and they became close friends. They’re inviting her right now. He recalls Lin telling him yesterday about how she met them and the girl jumps on this chance to needle him some more into coming.

Ikki replies with 「・・・いいよ、行こうか。みんなと少し話がしたいな」(.. Alright, let’s go. I have something to say to everyone). UH OH.. IS THIS ANGRY!IKKI AGAIN?! The girl blushes and squeals in joy and then tells Ikki to follow her to this great store.

Meanwhile Lin managed to refuse and return home. She thinks about how their intent to become friends with her to be by Ikki’s side might be genuine, but she doesn’t think they can become friends so easily. Especially since she’s Ikki’s girlfriend. She also believes that Ikki will worry and so she believes she made the right choice. Suddenly she gets a mail from Ikki and in it he tells her that he went drinking with some girls from the fan club. But he doesn’t want her to worry because he has something to talk to them about.

He doesn’t know if she was invited or not but if she was he wants her to refuse. He ends his mail by telling her that he’ll return home to eat. Lin realizes that Ikki accepted their invitation and she’s silent for a while before she nods firmly at herself. It seems that he heard that she was invited and so he might be planning something. She starts to prepare dinner. But 30 minutes later she realizes that she forgot to buy an ingredient.

She contemplates heading to the supermarket but it’ll be dark soon. Suddenly she receives a mail from an unknown person. The message talks about how they’re drinking with Ikki right now and that she should come. There’s an attachment that shows a picture of Ikki enjoying himself with them and Lin flinches at how Ikki isn’t resisting anything. But then she thinks about how strange the picture is and that Ikki wouldn’t remain silent about this.

Lin convinces herself that this picture is mistaken and she shouldn’t bother with it. She sighs heavily and decides to head out to buy the last ingredient. While she waits for a train to pass she reassures herself that it’s an old picture. The fan club members are just bullying her because she rejected their invitation. She repeats to herself that everything will be fine and then her phone starts to ring. The caller is Ikki.

The moment she picks up Ikki asks her where she is. She blinks in surprise but Ikki continues on to ask her if she’s meeting one of the fan club members alone because they called her out. Lin stutters out that she’s just heading to the supermarket. Ikki repeats her words in amazement before sighing in utter relief that she’s not meeting those girls. Lin asks if something is wrong and if something happened? Ikki explains that he was surprised when he arrived home and couldn’t find her.

He thought she accepted their invitation or something. Lin is surprised he’s already home and exclaims about how fast that was. Ikki reminds her that he just had something to say to them and now he’s going to where she is, so she should remain in a noticeable place.

15 minutes later. Ikki sounds out of breath as he tells her that he’s found her. He frowns as he tells her how glad he is to find her since he was afraid something had happened. Then he mutters 「まったくこの子は、心配かけるな。どうしてスーパーなんか行ってたの?」(Geez, this girl.. making me worry. Why were you heading to the supermarket?). She nervously tells him that she forgot to buy an ingredient and Ikki asks if it’s that much of a problem if she doesn’t have it.

He points out how dark this road is and tells her that she shouldn’t walk alone this late at night. Lin nods her head in chagrin and he curtly asks if this was all she was going to buy before he suggests they they head home and he takes her shopping bag. Lin stutters a bit before she blurts out a welcome home. Ikki’s eyebrows raise in surprise and so she hurriedly explains that she thought this was the best thing to say when she saw his face. Although she had wanted to say it when she was waiting properly in the house.

She realizes how strange it must be saying that phrase while they’re standing in a place like this. Ikki’s expression just softens before he whispers 「・・・ただいま」(.. I’m home). Then he apologizes for going to a bar after returning from his trip, but he wanted to say something to the fan club. She remarks on how everyone probably said they invited her, right? Ikki knew that already and Lin knew that too from what he wrote in his mail. She also knows how worried he is about her interactions with his fan club.

Ikki wonders out loud if he should have told her directly how worried he was. Last night when they talked on the phone, he could hear how much she believed in the good intentions of the fan club and so he found it hard to tell her how worried he was. He thought it was just a meaningless encounter and some talk, but then he started to think about what he would do if he didn’t stop it right now and they decided to take her somewhere. He’s glad she refused.

Lin comments on how the members of the fan club have good intentions yet not. She didn’t want to make him worried and so she refused today’s invitation. He nods and warns her to keep a distance around those girls if she can, because he doesn’t know what they might do. PUSH HER OFF A CLIFF. TRAP HER IN A SHRINE AND SET HER OWN FIRE. CUT HER HAIR. EGG HER HOUSE Σ(^∀^;). Lin agrees to that and then asks if all he did was talk to them. Ikki confirms that but Lin tells her that she was sent a picture with him and the girls.

She asks if they were just bullying her and Ikki frowns as he asks her to show him. She shows him the picture on her phone and he’s silent before he replies that it’s an old photo. It was before they started going out and he points out how his hair is different. Lin only notices it when he points it out and Ikki apologizes deeply because even if he says that he knows it makes her unhappy. He wonders who sent that. He vows to stop it so that it won’t happen a second time and then apologizes again.

Lin reassures him that it’s fine. As long as he didn’t do anything like that today then it’s fine, because this is nothing. Ikki tries to protest but Lin tells him that she was prepared for this level of bullying and so she’s fine. She was just a little uneasy which was why she wanted to confirm it with him and she apologizes for that. He tells her that it’s fine for her to consult him and in fact he encourages it. He’ll take care of everything else.

He doesn’t want these types of mail to trouble her and he doesn’t want to make her uneasy. He wants her to be able to spend the days feeling at peace. It looks like he hasn’t made enough arrangements yet. Then he confesses that he didn’t want her to see him worried and nervous about her because protecting her is his responsibility. Lin reassures him that she’s fine. Then she tells him that she thought about this earlier but she wants him to rely on her more. She doesn’t want him to bear everything alone.

There might be something that she can’t be relied on, but she isn’t completely weak and useless either. She confesses that she also wants to protect him and that’s why she feels lonely when he doesn’t tell her things. Ikki whispers 「・・・君を巻き込みたくないんだ」(.. I don’t want to get you involved). Who knows what might happen around those girls. FIRE. DEATH. CREATION OF A YANDERE. Lin tells him that it makes her happy to be protected but.. and she suddenly recalls the words he told her before.

Now that they’re living together any problems, like the one with her father, isn’t just her problem now. The same goes for the fan club. No one wants him to silently endure everything by himself. Even though they’re together, if he’s the only one working hard, then it feels painful for her not to be able to do anything. It hurts her not to know when he’s feeling lonely. That’s why no matter what happens she wants to overcome them together.

Ikki has remained silent through her entire speech. Lin continues on to say that she knows how he is. She understands that she’ll be involved in their bullying. It’s because she understands that she wants to share his burden. She tells him that she’s resolved herself and requests for him to rely on her. Ikki remains silent but then he suddenly embraces her tightly. He murmurs that once she started complaining his restraint dissolved.

He won’t be able to stop himself from being sweet on her. He’ll take advantage of her kindness. She says his name but he tells her that in this one week, a lot of intimate nights occurred, but he had no confidence to reveal his real passion in the room where they spend alone together. Above the permission she gave him, he wasn’t sure where he’d take her. Because in front of her his reason becomes useless.

If he doesn’t draw a clear line for himself then one day when he’s so lonely that he can’t bear it he might embrace her to a frightening extent. He’s afraid he won’t be able to treat her gently. Lin tells him gently that it’s fine if he treats her intimately. It’s fine if he relies on her. He chuckles quietly and tells her that if she accepts him like that he’ll become spoiled. He might make her unhappy.

Lin points out that on the day she confessed that she liked him she had prepared herself for a lot of things. No one can exchange places with Ikki, but she’ll be beside him. She wants to become someone who can support him. She wants to become his strength. That’s why there’s nothing that she’ll be able to hate. She reassures him that everything will be fine and he’s silent before he hugs her tighter and she returns his embrace.

He thanks her roughly and admits that he has no idea what he should say here. Then he confesses that he’s always yearned for this. For two people in love to face their difficulties together. And now he’s surprised that it exists and that there’s a person who would say this. He points out 「君は僕の一番ダメなところを知ってるのに、僕を受け入れてくれて、僕の話を聞いてくれる。」(Even though you know my worst fault you still accept me and listen to me).

Ikki adds 「それだけで十分過ぎるくらいありがたいのにね。これ以上君が大切になったら、困るよ」(Just that is enough to make me want to thank you excessively. It’ll be a problem if I treasure you any more than this). He’s grown accustomed to the luxury of having her by his side. Lin reassures him that she’ll remain beside him. Ikki thanks her and then sighs in pleasure at how happy he is, though he wonders if they can continue to think like this henceforth.

But he vows never to let her go no matter what happens. Then he tells her 「・・・あのね、今度は言うよ。何か辛いことがあったら、君に言う。寂しいことがあっても、言う。もちろん楽しいことも嬉しいことも言う。君を頼らせて」(.. Hey, I’ll say it next time. If something painful happens, I’ll tell you. If something sad happens, I’ll tell you. Of course I’ll tell you when I’m having fun or happy. I’ll rely on you). HE-HELP!! ALL MY FEELINGS ARE OVERFLOWING 。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。!!

Then he says 「それから君も僕を頼って。辛いことも、楽しいことも、僕に言って。我慢しないで」(And so you should rely on me as well. Tell me when you’re in pain and when you’re having fun. Don’t bear it). He finishes with 「全部、2人で分け合おう」(Let’s share everything together). Lin promises and he promises as well before telling her that he hopes their promises of happiness continue to increase. And then they finally head home.

At home he comments on the surprisingly large amount of food which makes Lin wince in embarrassment at how she went overboard. He shakes his head with a smile though and tells her that it’s amazing and she even seems to know his favorite foods. Lin apologizes as she tells him that was what Rika made and Ikki closes his eyes as he realizes, now that she’s said it, that the food is made in Rika’s style. Lin informs him that it was a present from yesterday. She remarks on how it really is his favorite food, huh.

And so she decides that she’ll make those next time. She can’t guarantee that they’ll be as delicious as Rika’s but she’ll try her hardest! Ikki smiles softly and tells her not to be too enthusiastic, since just having her beside him makes him happy. Lin nods in embarrassment and then remembers to show him the chopsticks she bought with Sawa. He notes how cute they are and how they match and asks if it’s for them. She nods excitedly and admits that she wanted at least one thing of theirs to match now that they live together.

She also wanted to buy something to celebrate her living together with him. Lin asks if he’ll use them but Ikki simply replies 「・・・可愛い」(… Cute). She beams at him and tells him that Sawa chose them but she liked them a lot as well. But Ikki tells her 「お箸がじゃなくて君がだよ」(I wasn’t talking about the chopsticks. I meant you). LMFOAFAIGJOH SO CORNY BUT I SCREECHED WHEN HE SAID IT LMFAOFKG (〃▽〃)キャー♪. Lin turns bright red but manages to thank him. Ikki just grins and tells her he’ll use and treasure it.

Then he asks if dinner is made only to remember that she bought something. Lin explains that she just has to place the vegetables she bought into the soup and asks him to wait. He tells her to call him if she needs any help. But Lin tells him that it’s fine and that today is the result of all the studying she did and so she wants him to relax. Ikki realizes that she was studying how to cook and Lin admits that she did it for only one night. He reassures her that he’s looking forward to it.

But the phone starts ringing and so he has to excuse himself. He thanks the person on the other side and asks if they’re alright. He’s saved by them but he doesn’t want them to push themselves. The call soon ends and Ikki informs her that it was Rika. Apparently she heard about what the members of the fan club tried to do today and was furious. She reprimanded them viciously and made them delete Lin’s phone number as well as other things.

He had been told before that they deleted these things, but apparently some members kept it hidden. He frowns as he apologizes again for being too soft on them. At present she shouldn’t be getting any strange emails from those girls anymore. Lin thanks him and tells him to pass her thanks along to Rika as well. He nods but wonders out loud if this is something he should be happy about.

The whole situation is complicated. But it seems like Rika’s methods are making some progress. But he still thinks the future will hold more clashes like this. It’ll take time for everyone to get used to the current state of affairs.

Time passes. Ikki asks her if she’s finished her preparations for tomorrow. When she confirms it he tells her that he’ll turn off the lights now. She nods and then he wishes her good night after turning the lights off. Lin is a little surprised and asks him hesitantly if he won’t whisper to her today. He looks uncomfortable as he reminds her today they had that talk and so even if she says she wants him to be more intimate with her, he isn’t sure if she really wants it or not.

He even admits 「ちょっと・・・自制できる自信がない。君に触れるのはやめとくよ」(I don’t really.. have confidence in my self-control. So I thought I’d stop touching you). NOOO WHAT WHAT. YOU’RE TOTALLY WELCOME IKKI!! He smiles gently and tells her to ask him tomorrow and then wishes her good night again. Lin makes a soft noise of protest and so he asks lowly 「・・・それとも、今言ってくれる?君の方から、一緒に寝たいって」(.. Or are you going to say it now? That you want to us to sleep together).

カモ-ンщ(゚ロ゚щ) GO GIRL GO! Lin starts to say the sentence and Ikki’s eyes widen, but then she starts to stutter and mumble. She keeps restarting the sentence and soon Ikki starts to smirk as he teasingly asks her what she wants. She can’t seem to find her words though and so he sighs and says that he’s going to be depressed now. Lin begs him to wait though because she’ll say it! His voice grows lower 「うん。聞かせて」(Un. Ask). Lin manages to get the second word out before her voice fails her.

This just makes Ikki decide 「3、2、1で言おうか。・・・ハイ、3,2,1」(How about saying it after a 3, 2, 1 count down?.. Okay 3.. 2.. 1..). Lin only manages to make a strangled noise and then she apologizes before explaining that his count was too fast and so she wasn’t able to prepare her heart. She tells him nervously that she’ll do the counting and decides to say it after she counts to 10. She only manages to get to two before Ikki’s silent stare makes her too flustered. LMFAO THIS GUY HAS THE PATIENCE OF A SAINT.

THESE FAILURES ARE TOO ADORABLE TOO (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八. She stutters out that she’ll try again and this time she’ll do it. But Ikki replies 「・・・ごめん、もう我慢できない」(.. I’m sorry, but I can’t endure this any longer). He attacks her with a kiss and pins her to the bed. GJARIOJHIOG!??! She tries to say his name but he silences her before he apologizes for not being able to wait until she said it herself. But when she’s being that cute, waiting is physically painful.

And finally Lin manages to tell him that she wants to sleep together with him, but he responds huskily 「ダメ、寝かせてあげない」(Too bad, I won’t let you sleep). OHKOPHK OHLOFGHS O(≧∇≦)O 萌えぇぇぇぇ!! He tells her 「焦らされた分も、君のことたくさん愛してあげるから。覚悟してね」(I have a lot of love to give you for all the times you made me wait. Prepare yourself, ne?). He murmurs that he loves her and then it fades out. WOOO IKKI GOT LAID?! IKKI GOT LAID! FINALLY!

9月22日. Lin wakes up groggily and Ikki apologizes for waking her, but he couldn’t help but stroke her hair when he saw how soft and good it looked. He informs her that there’s still 5 minutes until the alarm and so she can return to sleep. But he realizes that 5 minutes isn’t enough time to sleep for a long time anyway. She greets him tiredly and comments on how he woke up early today.

He nods and explains that when he opened his eyes and saw her sleeping face, he became awake immediately. She blinks in confusion at that until he reminds her that he was sleeping beside her. Lin turns bright red but tries to keep her composure. Ikki just grins and notes how she still seems groggy and so he’ll make some coffee. But after a period of silence he points out that he can’t move if she’s holding onto his pajamas like that.

Ikki asks teasingly 「離れてほしくないの?」(You don’t want to let go?). Lin apologizes quickly and lets go while telling him that she must still be sleepy. But he just smirks and says 「離れてほしくないなら離れてほしくないって言ってもいいんだよ」(If you don’t want to let go then you can tell me that you don’t want to let go). Then he asks with a grin 「お互いに甘えようって昨日約束したばっかりじゃない?」(Didn’t we both promise yesterday to treat each other intimately now?).

And then he says 「言ってよ。僕に傍にいてほしい?」(Say it. Do you want to be by my side?). Lin replies that her university starts today and so she needs to eat and she needs to get up. Ikki responds 「うん。でも傍にいてほしいんだ?」(I know. But you want me by your side, right?). She tries to tell him that even if she said something selfish like that they only have 30 minutes to lay around. Ikki immediately points out that 30 minutes is a long time. Lin weakly points out that she should be eating breakfast.

But Ikki asks with a sly smirk that it should be fine to ignore it for today. Lin runs out of protests and so he asks again in a drawl 「傍に、いてほしい?」(Do you want me by your side?). She finally gives in and asks for him to stay beside her for a little while longer. Ikki laughs happily and tells her that of course he will. They can stay in bed until the last moment. He wishes her good morning and she returns the greeting.

Time skip! Classes have ended and Sawa complains about how her head hurts from having a lecture immediately after a summer break. Lin agrees since she was just working yesterday too and switching brain tracks like this is problematic. But they have a long way to go. Sawa agrees sympathetically and tells Lin that they can cry together before a test. But Lin scolds Sawa by saying that they can’t cry before a test.

Suddenly her cellphone receives a mail. It’s from her father who is returning from abroad. He wants to meet her to continue the conversation they had last time. Sawa asks her worriedly who the mail was from and so Lin tells her that her father wants to meet her. Sawa winces at the unfortunate timing since university just started. Both of them are silent before Sawa explodes and rants about how she’s like a sister to Lin and so she should be able to protect her from stuff like this.

But she can’t do anything even when Lin is troubled like this. She can’t do anything but listen to Lin’s cries and complaints. She’s disappointed with herself. Lin reassures her that she’s always thankful for being able to cry on Sawa, but Sawa snaps out that she can’t do anything but that! Lin tells her that it’s more than enough and thanks her again. Then she realizes out loud that Ikki once told her that they could talk to her father together. Sawa is reassured at that.

Lin wonders if she should rely on him for this though, to which Sawa points out that of course she should. If Ikki said so himself that he would talk to her father with her then he definitely wants Lin to rely on him. If it were her, she would be sad not to be relied on at a time like this. Lin realizes that she’s right since she herself would also be lonely. Sawa grins and urges Lin to mail Ikki and ask him to help her right now.

An indeterminate amount of time later. Her father and Ikki are staring each other down in silence. Lin returns from the kitchen and quietly gives them both coffee. Her father just nods at her while Ikki thanks her and asks her to sit down beside him. After she sits down, her father points out that Ikki must understand why he came here. Ikki nods and replies that he heard from Lin that her father opposed Lin being his roomshare.

Her father informs them that he thought it was time for him to take Lin back home. A roomshare is something they, as her parents, cannot approve. Lin hasn’t married yet and she’s still very young. He believes she’s still at the age where she can’t make her own judgements. She’s at the age where she should still listen to her father. Ikki can understand her father’s feelings. Lin’s father continues on to say that his wife also agrees with him. Lin has choices but he doesn’t think she can choose the right choice.

Ikki curtly asks her father to speak bluntly. Are they still thinking about allowing Lin to roomshare with him, or are they not going to permit her and so they consider him an opponent. Her father sighs heavily and tells him that just by looking at Ikki he can see that he’s a man with a showy social disposition. He corrects himself and asks Ikki bluntly if he isn’t a man who is loose around women. Lin gasps her father’s name, but Ikki reassures her and tells her that he can explain.

Her father asks Ikki directly if he isn’t intimate with an unspecified large number of women. He tells Ikki that he might have feelings for his daughter right now but can he say that he’ll feel the same after a long time? Ikki tells her father that he’ll speak honestly. Up until he started dating Lin, he has had a close friendship with many women. Even though he’s erased that part of himself, it’s the truth that women still call him.

Because of his unprincipled ways there are still a lot of women who have hopes for him. Because of his mutual relations with these girls he’s caused trouble for a lot of other people, but the person who changed his way of thinking is Lin. She’s forgiven his imperfections and has said that she’ll support him. He has a unique disposition that he can’t explain in one word, but it has impeded his ability to live a normal life.

Because of that he separated himself from his family and started to live an isolated life. He had given up on his life and was prepared to live like this forever. But now that Lin is living with him, he’s able to feel the warmth of another person. And now he cannot stand by himself if she’s not supporting him. He can’t exist without her. It’s not a feeling he decided on lightly and so he’s desperately requesting their permission to allow Lin to continue living here.

Lin’s father just asks if it’s the truth that Ikki can’t exist without her and points out that if his feelings change then it’ll be a problem. Ikki declares firmly 「絶対に、お嬢さんでなくてはいけません。気が変わることなどありえません」(I absolutely cannot exist without your daughter. It’s impossible for my feelings to change). Her father asks what Ikki’s special constitution is, but Ikki frowns and admits that he can’t explain it easily. Plus, he isn’t sure if her father will believe him either. Her father decides that it isn’t important to know anyway.

What he wants to know is if Ikki will be the man who can make his daughter happy. If he’s said that his feelings aren’t light then he should be taking responsibility for the future. Ikki simply replies that he has the intentions of marrying Lin after she finishes university. エッ(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)マジ? WOAH WAY TO SPRING IT ON ME. Lin and her father both gape in surprise and then he asks Ikki if he’s serious. Ikki replies firmly that he is.

And then Ikki prostrates himself on the ground, bows his head, and says 「お願いします。お嬢さんとの同居を許して下さい」(I beg of you. Please permit your daughter to roomshare). IKKI.. OMG.. IKKI.. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。. Lin gasps his name in shock while her father sighs heavily. But Ikki remains in that position and says 「僕には彼女が必要なんです。彼女なしでの生活はもう考えられません」(She’s essential for me. I can no longer imagine a life without her).

「僕の気持ちをわかっていただくためなら何でもします」(I will do anything for the sake of proving my feelings). Her father awkwardly asks her if she has the same feelings as Ikki and if she’s prepared to remain married for life. She blurts out that she is and also pleads for her father to let her remain by Ikki’s side. She wants to support him. Her father sighs heavily and once again Lin pleads. He sighs some more and Lin finally begs her father. And finally her father orders Ikki, who has remained silent the entire time, to raise his head.

Lin’s father informs them that he understands their feelings. He’s a little uneasy but he’ll believe in them. He will watch them to make sure of the truth behind their words. Of course if Ikki starts to have an affair then he’ll immediately take Lin back home. He cracks a smile as he notes that it seems unlikely though. Ikki thanks her father deeply and gratefully. Her father remarks on how he’s finally met the man she has deep feelings for.

He admits that he hadn’t been prepared to see how much they loved each other and he muses about how he might treat his wife more seriously when he returns home. Anyway, Lin and Ikki escort her father to the train station. He apologizes for making them go out of their way to escort him but he extends an invitation to their house. He looks forward to having a nice long talk. He asks if Ikki drinks sake and Ikki replies that he does and he’s looking forward to making his acquaintance.

Her father smiles and then remarks tiredly at how fast she’s going to become a bride. He starts to reminisce about how cute she was when she was a child and now she’s become an adult with her own man. He addresses Ikki and talks about how when Lin was small she would grab onto his sleeve and ask him not to leave her. Then he asks Ikki if she’s ever said that to him. Ikki raises a hand to his face and stutters vaguely.

But Lin points out that even though she pleaded with him he still left her for other women. Her father averts his eyes as he awkwardly tells her that it couldn’t be helped since he had promises to keep. He can’t break a promise just because his daughter begged him. And in exchange he took her to an amusement park. Lin tells him that he only did that once. Her father hastily points out that he never forgot her birthday and bought her presents.

Lin responds that he was never in the house though. Her father falls silent while Ikki has been silently watching them both. Then her father tells her gently that he still worries about her. Lin smiles at him and thanks him. It honestly does make her happy that he worried. Anyway, her father tells Ikki that even if he’s this kind of father he still treasures his daughter. He’s relying on Ikki to take care of her.

Ikki vows that he’ll treasure her. Anyway, they see her father off and start to walk home. Ikki suddenly remarks on how she’s the type who can’t seem to leave miserable and shameful men alone. She startles at that and then fiercely tells him that he isn’t a miserable man. He smiles softly and says 「そうかな・・・そうだといいんだけど。まあ君の思う男になれるよう努力するよ」(I wonder.. It’d be nice if I wasn’t. Well, I’ll work hard to be the man you think I am).

Lin changes the subject and thanks him gratefully before apologizing for making him have to bow his head to her father. He tells her not to apologize since he did that for himself. Then Lin admits with a stutter that she was surprised that he said he would marry her. He frowns at her reaction to his announcement since he thought she’d receive it happily. Jokes aside, he really wanted to propose to her properly.

But the timing and the situation were complicated. Then he apologizes for it taking that kind of shape, but he’ll propose to her anew when she graduates and so he wants her to anticipate it. She agrees to do that with a blush and then Ikki comments on how she always waited for him here on this street corner when they started going out. When he ran to meet her, no matter what kind of day she had, she always greeted him with a smile.

He thinks of himself as a miserable person who has a lot of problems and has hurt a lot of people. But 「君を心底愛してるってことだけは誓って言える」(I can vow that I love you from the bottom of my heart) and 「これからも君にはいっぱい迷惑をかけると思う。でも、もう君を離せない」(From here on out I think there will be a lot of trouble. But I won’t ever let you go).

「僕と2人で笑って、僕と2人で考えて、僕が間違ってたら叱って欲しいんだ」(I want to laugh together, I want to think together, I want you to scold me when I’m wrong). Then he proposes to her 「お願い、僕と一緒に生きて」(Please, live together with me). Lin agrees to and tells him that she doesn’t know if she can do anything but she wants to be together with him. She wants to do the things that she can do. She wants to live with him. Lin confesses that she likes him a lot. Ikki just smiles warmly and replies 「愛してるよ」(I love you).

This causes Lin to stutter as she tries to reply the same but the words keep getting caught. Ikki just patiently encourages her by repeating the only words she manages to get out 「私も?」(I also…?). She almost manages to whisper the word out but Ikki asks with a frown 「えーなあに、聞こえないんだけど。大きな声で言ってよ」(Eh? What is it? I can’t hear you. Say it louder). YOU SNEAKY SNEAKY BASTARD. She can only manage a squeaky noise.

He just grins and says 「まあいいや。言ってくれないなら、後で、別の方法で聞くから」(Oh well. If you can’t say it, later, I’ll ask you in another way). When Lin hesitantly asks what that is he immediately whispers lowly 「君がもうちょっと素直になれる方法」(A method in which you’ll be a little more honest). IMPLYING SEX. OMG HE’S IMPLYING SEX. AHAHTIAHAJGIHFHG (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. Lin is confused though and asks him what he means, which makes Ikki ask her if he can really say it right here.

She tells him that she’s getting a bad feeling and Ikki just smirks and tells her that they should return home then. Since he can’t try it out here. As he starts to pull her home she asks him worriedly what he really meant by “another way”.

11月1日. Lin asks if Ikki has finished preparing himself and warns him that she’s going to enter, but she flinches when she does before exasperatedly telling him not to fall asleep while in the middle of changing. She informs him that it’s morning already and he apologizes sleepily. Then he asks her if she’s put on the coffee and she tells him that she will as long as he doesn’t fall asleep again.

Ikki stops her by commenting on how lately she hasn’t been growing embarrassed anymore. It puts him in the mood of wanting to do “it” with her. Lin looks confused and asks him what he means. He explains using a euphemism about winning over the cat but when Lin continues to look confused he shakes his head and tells her that he wants some coffee. If he explains in detail what he meant then he’ll want to tease her in the morning.

Lin blushes bright red and escapes by telling him she’ll make the coffee right now. Later, after they finish working, Shin asks her if she’s finished changing. If she has then he wants her to hurry up and take this thing home. The thing he is referring to is Ikki and he can’t help but be irritated at him. Lin just blinks in surprise while Ikki pouts at how mean Shin is, because all he did was tell him some idle complaints.

Shin snaps back and tells him that those weren’t idle complaints at all. They things along the lines of Ikki being hot and bothered by Lin lately. He’s troubled by Lin when he conquers her and makes her honest from her embarrassed state. He’s bothered because she’s so cute. LMFAO IS THIS THE SORT OF THING YOU TELL YOUR COWORKER!? Shin angrily points out that no matter how you look at it Ikki is constantly speaking fondly of her.

Ikki bursts out laughing and apologizes because he knew he was speaking fondly of her, but he found it interesting how Shin would listen seriously to him. Shin curtly asks Ikki to only tease Lin. Ikki just smirks slowly in Lin’s direction and says 「君をからかうのもまた別の楽しみがあるんだけどね」(There are other fun things to do than tease you). Shin tells him that he doesn’t want to see it and that it’s an annoyance. Ikki just grins and suggests that they return home since he wants to be alone with her now.

Shin tells them to hurry up and leave but Waka interrupts and asks Ikki to carry out an errand before he leaves and so Ikki excuses himself. Shin just grumbles about how annoying Ikki is and then asks Lin seriously if she isn’t tired from being teased every day. Lin informs him that Ikki is very kind and he only teases her from time to time. Shin narrows his eyes and tells her that it’s because she’s so sweet on Ikki that he’s become so spoiled. But he sighs and tells her that nothing is more important than the two of them being happy.

Lin giggles at his reaction and Shin comments on how Ikki seems to be smiling and laughing a lot now. She’s surprised by that but Shin admits that he’s had the impression that he used to force himself to smile in the past, but now he’s not. Lin is glad for that and Shin is glad that Ikki has the self-confidence to smile. She’s still unsure about that but he’s positive and so she can only thank him for worrying about the two of them.

He gives her a small smile and tells her that it’s nothing. It’s more like he’s being nosy but he does want them to make him worry less. Lin reassures him that everything is fine and he can see that. She giggles again and then Ikki comes back with Waka. They talk a bit about how an appliance seems to be acting up but for now it seems stable. If anything changes Ikki volunteers to be called on to look at it. Then everyone exchanges goodbyes as Ikki takes Lin home.

Ikki apologizes for making her wait and asks her what she talked about with Shin. Lin informs him that they were talking about him and how he’s been smiling more often. Ikki is surprised but points out that living with her makes him aware of how fun every day is. He’s surprised he’s been smiling enough for other people to notice though and asks her if she thinks the same. She admits that now that he’s said it she thinks he does smile more than he did in the past.

If that is the case then she’d think he’s happy now. Ikki’s voice is soft as he replies that it’s all thanks to her. Lin wonders about that but he tells her 「間違いないよ。僕は君といられて、毎日幸せだって思ってるんだから」(There’s no mistake. When you’re with me, I find that every day is filled with happiness). She’s glad for that and Ikki confesses 「・・・君と暮らすようになって、僕の世界は本当に変わったんだ。今でも、夢を見てるみたいだって思うことがある」(.. Ever since you came to live with me, my world has changed. Even now, sometimes I think of it as a dream).

But he says 「だけど夢になんかしたくない。絶対離さないから、傍にいてね」(But I don’t want this to be a dream. I will never let you go. You’ll be by my side, right?). Lin answers him that she will and then he lowers his sunglasses and asks her quietly 「キスしていい?」(Can I kiss you?). She starts to blush as she asks him if he means here and he replies that yes, he wants to kiss right here. He takes off his sunglasses and whispers 「・・・リン。こっち見て」(.. Lin, look here).

However, when Lin looks over she startles at hearing a girl gasping in shock. Another one quickly points at Ikki and a second one starts squealing about how Ikki is so cool. HAHAHA THAT WOULD BE MY REACTION TOO BUT OMG DAMN FANGIRLS THIS IS GETTING TO BE ANNOYING! The second girl wonders if he’s a performer and if she can get his autograph. Ikki just sighs heavily and replaces his sunglasses while apologizing for taking them off.

He asks her if she’s put off now but Lin reassures him that she’s fine. He asks her with a sly smile if they should run then. She nods with a smile and they dash off much to the dismay of the girls. They’re sad they got seen while one groans about how envious she is of Lin. But the second girl comments on how they seem to compliment each other. Ikki and Lin overhear that at the entrance of the store.

Lin asks him what he thinks and he thinks they do fit, but this just causes her to start giggling. Then he says 「--これからも、ずっととなりにいてね」(– From now on, we’ll be together, right?). She agrees happily.

Epilogue! Ikki sighs in pleasure at the beautiful night sky and how it’s perfect for this night. He asks Lin to take a look at it and asks her if she’s still crying. Lin tells him that she’s fine now and apologizes for how her feelings are overwhelming her. A WEDDING CG. A FRIGGIN WEDDING CG. SGHIJA NICE SPADE SUIT IKKI ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑. He answers that he is as well and then comments on how he thought it’d be lonely to have a wedding with just the two of them.

But being the only one to see her crying face isn’t so bad. He apologizes for not inviting anyone else. She laughingly asks him how long he’s going to apologize for that. He smiles sheepishly at that and so she reminds him that she’s happy to be alone with him. It makes her happy to spend their precious time slowly alone with him. To her this is an amazing wedding. Ikki tells her that he’ll remember her words for a long time.

Then he comments on how it’s true that they’ll be able to spend their time leisurely. He’ll be able to look at the stars with her. He suddenly points out a shooting star. After a period of silence he asks her if she wished for something and she nods. He tells her 「僕のお願いはね、死が2人を分かつまで君が傍にいてくれますようにって」(My wish was to remain by your side until death separates us). He asks if her wish was along those lines.

But Lin tells him that her wish was for his eyes to return to normal and so that they can live a serene life. Ikki is stunned into silence and Lin reminds him of how he told her that he wished upon a shooting star for the power of his eyes and how it was granted. If that wish was granted because a god was listening then they should listen to her current wish as well and erase that power. All her wishes are these kinds of wishes.

Ikki thanks her quietly but while he might have wanted that before, now that he has her beside him he finds that everything is softened. 「今は、君がいなくなることが一番怖い。目が治らないことよりもずっとね」(Now my greatest fear is you disappearing. That’s more frightening than my eyes being incurable). He tells her that his wish for her to remain by his side hasn’t changed for 3 years and so he asks if she won’t change her wish. Lin asks him again if her being by his side has relieved him of his troubles.

She asks if she’s been able to support him. Ikki replies quietly 「うん。君のおかげでね・・・僕は今、すっごく幸せ」(Yes. Thanks to you.. right now, I’m extremely happy). She closes her eyes and tells him that she’ll change her wish the next time she sees a shooting star. She’ll wish that she can be together with Ikki forever. She’ll pray to be able to continue supporting him. His response 「ありがとう。--愛してるよ、リン」(Thank you.. I love you).


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      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2018 at 10:26

      THIS WAS THE PERFECT ADDITION TO HIS FIRST GAME because there was so much fangirl drama and the is-he-genuine-is-he-not thing going on so now they just get to be a sickeningly sweet couple and it’s so nice ;w;.

      Ah, yeah, the first Amnesia was a really good game to practice Japanese on since it’s almost fully-voiced with Orion doing most of the speaking and commenting for the heroine, but now in the FD you have to deal with her silent thoughts and dialogue :”) And I’m sure you’re making progress in your learning, especially by doing that! (That’s actually how I learned Japanese too |D).

      I have a wedding image? I just went over the route again and I don’t recall seeing that anywhere…? Or are you talking about the image you get at the end? Whatever images are in the post are the images that are in the route ><.

        CatMuto said:
        June 26, 2018 at 11:30

        OmG, yes! I said it before, but I did Shin’s route first and got so annoyed with it, so going into Ikki’s and just… romantic love-love! It totally made up for it and more!! I swear, Ikki has gotten super, DUPER close to my favorite guy in Amnesia! (Next to Ukyo; we’ll see how his route goes. I only did one day, up until he starts talking loudly in the furniture store that NO, REALLY, THERE’S NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE TO HIM WONDERING IF A SINGLE IS A GOOD SIZE FOR HIS BED! XD)

        Ikki is just… argh! <3
        Even my boyfriend said, if Ikki were real, he'd be jealous! Ikki's just so… d'awwwwwwwwwww~!

        I actually looked at Ikki's route in Amnesia and thought… you know, I could rewrite this into the heroine being just as desperate for love and affection as Ikki is and I would BARELY have to rewrite anything! Somehow, it would work… well, I think so… Ugh… especially the scene on the day of the fireworks… I hate that scene because it just feels so… WHY, IKKI? WHY? Why can't you tell your fanclub where to screw off to? D= Poor heroine, I always feel like crying at that scene… (kinda wish there was an option for her to just turn around and go back inside, without saying anything)

        Though, is it me or did the heroine and Ikki not do it after THAT line? I mean, I could be wrong, but since both are implied to be (and Ikki says) fully dressed in their pajamas, and Ikki's comments about how hot and bothered the heroine makes him, I somehow have the feeling they didn't go all the way… …though I do wonder if, maybe, Ikki would ever have the two of them take a free day off of work just so they can spend all day in bed together… and then they come back the next day, and the heroine is covered in bandages (to hide hickeys) XD

        Ah, jeez, I feel like Ikki's route totally spoiled me~! I just started Kent's and I do see him being his awkward sweetness, but… Ikki was so adorable~

        Yeah, I re-read your Shin route post (and got angry again! Argh, shut up, Shin! …I hope he's more tolerable in CROWD) and saw I was wrong. The image I saw was the heroine in a wedding dress sitting on a bed with Shin in his heart suit lying nearby. I must have seen it on google images, I'm guessing, and it's from CROWD?

        Ikki's spade suit… <3 Sorry, what? I think I got distracted~

        CatMuto said:
        July 18, 2018 at 10:46

        Y’know, since I ‘had’ to replay his route (Oh, no, I was forced to replay his route~ How terrible~<3), I got to see the beginning again… Ugh. The way he talks to her in the first scene, taking place in July… it's… it's so COLD! Hearing him speak that way to her, when I'm so used to hearing his voice being much warmer around her… is kinda painful. D=
        Ah, I don't want this kinda Ikki. Let's just skip to the happier, lovey-dovey parts. Like Ikki making up the rule of the good morning/goodnight kisses, while the heroine just thinks up rules for laundry and garbage duty… XD

    ochaforrest said:
    July 6, 2017 at 18:48

    Reblogged this on TRASH Forest ▶.

    Nami said:
    September 10, 2015 at 15:21

    Holy cow! That was such a good summary, I just read the whole thing – my reaction was every time the same as your emoticons :D Ikki is just the best. I just can’t. He’s like really the guy that is made out of girl dream material. Thanks again for the summary!

      Ilinox responded:
      September 12, 2015 at 00:39

      Aha, I call them summaries because they’re not literal translations of the game but at the same time they’re not concise overviews of the route either… LOL. Oh god, congratulations to you for making it through that huge wall of text though! I couldn’t stop translating all of the sweet nothings that Ikki says because they were just such good lines. I’m glad you enjoyed it <3 and YES IKKI IS IDEAL MATERIAL.

    Alexiel said:
    June 8, 2015 at 11:09

    I remember seeing this as an anime and became curious…I had read your Diabolik Lovers summaries and translations and decided to poke around for some Amnesia ones…I am now a super Ikki fan! Wow…thank you for sharing these summaries and translations with us, as I know you must work hard on them…and as always, your comments are gold! I’m all dokidoki over Ikki-san now..and I didn’t even have to look into his eyes…but I did love his glasses…Squee

      Ilinox responded:
      June 15, 2015 at 13:23

      ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Haha, no but seriously, welcome to the Ikki club (the sane one and not his crazy fangirls in the game). Thank you for taking the time to read them and leave a comment! And as always, I’m glad you enjoyed them.

      Ikki is one of the sweetest men ever and he still has a consistent spot in my heart <3.

    nightbloomingrose said:
    April 24, 2013 at 21:17

    Oh my! Ikki! Just when I didn’t think he could be sweeter he gets sweeter! ( *´艸`) (couldn’t resist copying this and using it XD)

    Ikki he is just SO SMOOTH! How did she resist as long as she did, I will never know. He is just so ( *´艸`) And when he got drunk, he gets really clingy, that is just so cute! I just love how he wants to share every part of his life with her! So sweet!

    LOL, at how hard he is to wake up. XD I understand the feeling and have actually almost fallen asleep while changing before. XD And how Ikki teases Shin. Yeah, really is that what you say to your co-worker? XD I would be disturbed if I was Shin too, I have to admit. XD

    Also, Rika, I must say I like her. She did apologize so that’s good. Really I just kinda pity her. I just can’t hate her or dislike her. Not like those faceless 3!

    Ikki and Kent’s friendship is still as amusing as ever. And was even more so with her joining in. XD

    And oh my! Ikki how he begs her father to let her stay with him! Oh my!

    Oh my! The wedding at the end! It’s so romantic! ( *´艸`) Ikki changing his wish like that so sweet. (And spade suit looks real good) Ah, perfect end. <3

      Ilinox responded:
      April 25, 2013 at 15:50

      He’s adorable (〃▽〃)キャー♪ and sweet and sexy and gorgeous and amazing and perfect and— //bricked. I definitely know what you mean though! Every time I reply to comments on his page I always end up skimming through my own post and then grinning like a loon at the scenes and CGs.

      I’m surprised Shin lasted so long and wasn’t like “OKAY. SHUT UP. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR GIRLFRIEND” although I’d be just as mean to my co-workers if I was in a relationship with Ikki… oops. It’d be an entire day full of “.. and then he did this and UGH IT WAS SO CUTE AND–” /)ω(\.

      Rika turns out be an awesome friend in Ukyo’s route in Amnesia. It’s nice to see that she isn’t simply 2D like those faceless girls.. although they turn out pretty okay too in Amnesia Crowd, haha. But yeah I like how, fundamentally, she’s simply protective of Ikki because she’s a good friend of his.

      Honestly, I would be tempted to play Amnesia just for Kent and Ikki’s relationship /)ω(\ they’re such awesome buddies. It’s different from how Shin and Toma act around each other and every day sounds fun with these guys. Random beetle-catching tournament?? Random fort-building LMAO.

      Spade suit spade suit spade suit _(:3」∠)_ Ikki rocks suits like nobody’s business and wedding suits are one of my weaknesses, ack.

        nightbloomingrose said:
        April 26, 2013 at 20:27

        Yes, yes, he is! (〃▽〃)キャー♪ He’s just totally all of that and- //bricked. I can’t blame you. I come and look at your post regularly just to see the CGs and read some scenes over again. ^^

        Yeah, instead he just listened and complained to her. XD LOL, I can’t blame you. ^^

        Yeah, and that’s really great to see (I have scanned Ukyo’s). It sure is. They do in Amnesia Crowd? Really? I can’t believe it! Yeah, I like that too, so really I can’t dislike her for that either since she was doing it for him and not for herself.

        I admit I would be too (and I don’t care for friendship stories). /)ω(\ They really are! They have such a great friendship! Totally different, Shin and Toma don’t really even trust each other. Sure does! And math puzzle battles!!! (I hate math, but their dramatic battles are great!) Haha

        I agree with you on that! <3

    darkestic said:
    April 4, 2013 at 21:25

    I love this anime and thing. I am cosplaying Ukyo, but I love the entire thing. first series that made me cry since mew two strikes back

      Ilinox responded:
      April 5, 2013 at 12:47

      Aww, I’m glad you really enjoyed it! Spread the otome love! I find that most otome games turned anime seem to generate two polar responses; the hate camp and the love it camp, and so it’s lovely to see someone who liked it (putting aside my own disappointments with the anime).

    tmliza said:
    March 27, 2013 at 22:33

    I love your writing! As someone who can’t play the game this is awesome(plus I cosplay the Heroine so haha. XD)

    I’m very confused about the beginning new world thing thing. Like…what is it? It seems like the rest follows the part after the first game but the beginning?

      Ilinox responded:
      March 29, 2013 at 11:04

      Aww, thank you so much! I hope you have friends cosplaying with you, otherwise you’d be lonely as the heroine (・ω\). I believe that the very beginning is another “alternate universe” kind of world where she woke up with amnesia but she doesn’t have ANY boyfriend and everyone is friends. I’m not sure why they did that since they didn’t go anywhere with it www.

        tmliza said:
        March 31, 2013 at 17:02

        I have friends cosplaying all of the guys plus Orion. ^_^

        Huh, it’s weird that they made another world just to have a firefly event. Well, it was cute at least. XD

    LilGamerGirl said:
    March 7, 2013 at 19:47

    Im kinda weordddd I like Toma more thank ikki lol. Butikki is still *Q*

      Ilinox responded:
      March 9, 2013 at 05:49

      Haha, the best thing about otome games is that they appeal to many different types of people! There’s nothing weird in liking another character since there are multiple ones for you to choose from! In my case I like Ikki more than Toma ;D

    iCooky said:
    February 28, 2013 at 17:32

    Hi! Thanks for the detailed walkthrough on Ikki! I was wondering why you spelled リン as Lin and not Rin.. To me, Lin sounds Chinese so the first time I read your guides, I kept thinking the main character was Chinese – lol! I just found it a bit awkward cuz I kept interpreting it as a Chinese name and not a Japanese one until I saw the screenshots with the MC’s name included in it – maybe that’s just my own distorted odd preference lol – don’t mind me!! >< Awesome detailed descriptions though – really appreciate you spending so much time writing these www I actually don't like the playboy type kind of guys but Ikki seems okay, just sorta over the top mushyy wwww but sincere , that I admit too.. ^o^

      iCooky said:
      February 28, 2013 at 17:35

      Oh yeah BTW, I found a CG pic of a character from an MMORPG I played that really reminded me on Ikki, (hair color, face, hair style (?)) Anyways, take a look! :)

        Ilinox responded:
        February 28, 2013 at 18:17

        Hello and you’re very welcome! Oh, there’s no deep reason as to why I call her Lin rather than Rin wwww other than the fact that I named my heroine after my brother’s girlfriend (・ω\). The Japanese don’t have “L” noises so I had to make due like that, haha. You have good instincts though because you’re right and it is a Chinese name.

        Aww, thank you for kind words! I adore aggressive men and in this game Ikki is as close as it gets |D;; although like you said he’s really romantic and affectionate. I’m not sure why I like him so much fdgafggfsds even after I wrote a super long editorial about him on Otome Jikan for Valentines, haha. He’s just my type ( 。>艸<).

        BTW is that picture from Tera? The graphics looks really familiar for some reason and I can see why he reminded you of Ikki xDD the hairstyle is really similar!

    HappyGirl282 said:
    February 5, 2013 at 20:36

    You’re just the best at reviewing the routes! Truly the best! I don’t have a PSP, plus I don’t speak/read japanese at all, so yeah… no chance at playing Amnesia, or Amnesia Later (or Amnesia Crowd).
    But your journals are so perfect they make me feel like I’m actually playing the game. So thank you!!

    Owwww Ikki is just too adorable! He’s just the perfect boyfriend, isn’t he?
    Tho, oddly enough, I still prefer Toma (even with his scary yandere side).
    Hahaha your comments during the routes always make me laugh hahaha

    Hey is it true that Orion gets a route on this game??

      Ilinox responded:
      February 20, 2013 at 17:18

      I’m sorry for getting to this comment so late ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛ wow I need to keep track of the comments better! And thank you so much for your words asfghfh now I'm sitting here all embarrassed. It really makes me happy that you feel like you're playing these games through reading my playthroughs, although I have to say that hearing their voices makes everything a thousand times better!

      Ikki is fantabulous!! I'm afraid he's given me very high standards ;; or more like narrowed down what I'm looking for in a partner, haha. Toma has a special place in my heart as well <3 he's like the kind older brother-type yet still close to your age and with a DROP DEAD SEXY VOICE. My friends and I joke that we tend to gloss over his yandere side because of the Hino effect (Toma's voice actor).

      Aww, I'm glad to hear that my comments are funny rather than annoying and distracting! I'll make sure to throw in some more in the future. Yep, it's true that Orion gets a route! He's a secret character that unlocks after you do the rest and don't worry I'll be sure to do him… one day… ;w; my playing speed is a bit slow with school.

        HappyGirl282 said:
        February 20, 2013 at 22:00

        Don’t worry about it! I actually didn’t think you’d answer hahaha Oh, I recently found a channel on Youtube that uploads each route! Now I can hear their voices!! I died with Toma’s route! God, you weren’t kidding about his voice (人´∀`*) !!! Hino’s voice is just too much for my poor heart *´∀`*)

        You’ll think I’m stupid, but you were like my (or anyone who reads your playthroughs) own Orion with your awesome comments! hahaha
        Oh I see!! I can’t imagine what his route is going to be like.
        Evil school, always interfering with playing time (,,#゚Д゚)

        Sorry for taking your time with my silliness like this (^^ゞ

        Ilinox responded:
        February 21, 2013 at 21:10

        adkjdsgfg I make an effort to try and reply to everything at least once |D;; so if I don’t reply it might mean that I missed it. Ohoho I see you’re falling for the Hino effect too. With a voice like that (especially when he drops into the lower tone) you can almost forgive him for anything… almost.

        omg o////o ghfsh t-that’s a really nice thing to say. And I’m always really thankful for comments so don’t worry about it and it isn’t silly at all.

    Lalani said:
    January 12, 2013 at 07:16

    At first I’m eying for Shin for his coolness but after I read your blog about Ikki, he has become my no.1 favorite character in Amnesia though I haven’t play the game yet. Gosh, where can I find a guy like him, he’s so sweet and it seems that I have been drown by his sweet talks~

    I have read both Amnesia and Amnesia Later from your blog and I still go for him!!! I can’t wait to see him back in Amnesia Crowd. =D

      Ilinox responded:
      January 12, 2013 at 17:06

      I KNOW RIGHT?! My friend will probably glare daggers at me for saying this, but Ikki >>> Shin |D //bricked. Shin has a sort of bad boy look to him that makes him cool, but he turns out to have a rather blunt but kind childhood friend vibe. Meanwhile, Ikki looks like the playboy but turns out to be this romantic, adorable, and sweet boyfriend adgjhfhjsgh. I don’t know what you mean about being biased.

      I ask myself that question every day: Where can I find someone like Ikki. His sweet talks were the best and omg if only you could hear his voice. Aww, thank you for reading so much of my blog and supporting Ikki (≧ω≦)! If he gets even sweeter in Amnesia Crowd I’m afraid I might die.

    ab said:
    August 13, 2012 at 09:33

    KAAAA!!! Shirtless Ikki or open shirt….Oh nevermind away Thank you for this I was what look like with no shirt on. Anyway almost died KAAA!!! Ikki and MC are a good couple but Ukoyu and MC are still the couple because will…he did for her that’s all going say on that.

      ab said:
      August 13, 2012 at 09:36

      PFFFFTTT…sorry but it sort of damage Ikki man pride when they dressed him as a maid but he actually is pretty for a girl and could mistake as a girl if you didn’t as a guy but that damages his pride as a guy.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 13, 2012 at 13:40

        You’re welcome~ everyone needs to see shirtless Ikki once in their life because he’s the best ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. Yes, I’m horribly horribly biased.

        I loved every scene with him in it and especially how Ikki isn’t above dressing as a maid just because it was something his class did for the cultural festival. He looks so much like the archetypal playboy but he completely flips that stereotype on its head. Instead, he’s this kind yet sexy teasing boyfriend who isn’t arrogant at all. UGH. I could go on and on about how much I wish I had a Ikki o/////o.

    LoveyDovey said:
    July 29, 2012 at 07:25

    Is there a Toma route for Amnesia Later? o-o SORRY. I’ve never played Amnesia before, but I’m squealing for Toma 8D

      Ilinox responded:
      July 29, 2012 at 15:32

      Yep, there’s routes for everyone in Amnesia Later! Even a Girl’s Party with Sawa, Rika, and Mine and Waka route. Orion gets one too 8D!

      Haha, Toma does have a seductive voice doesn’t he? It’s so smooth~ but absolutely frightening when he’s angry or yandere ;; Don’t worry, I’ll be getting to Toma’s route… one day /o\.

    harunafuu said:
    July 29, 2012 at 04:41

    Oh Ikki, let me marry you!!! He’s so smooth, seductive, smexy and soooo charming… How can a girl resist him, anyway?! (*ノωノ) And dat teasing… OMGOMGOMG!!! Taniyama Kisho is the perfect voice for Ikki, really…

    「・・・ごめん、もう我慢できない」I understand you Ikki, you’ve waited long enough! Do what you have to do! (*ノ▽ノ) /smacked

    Normally I’m not into “playboys”, but Ikki is too smooth for me to resist… xD

      Ilinox responded:
      July 29, 2012 at 15:31

      I agree! Taniyama does such a wonderful job at being teasing as Ikki while also doing an embarrassed voice for those precious precious moments where Ikki is the one caught flatfooted and shocked ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ like that closet scene.

      「ダメ、寝かせてあげない」 ← most amazing line ever and said in Ikki’s teasing voice.. fgskskhifh ugh.

      I think what makes Ikki so charming is that he subverts the playboy archetype by not treating all the girls equally. He’s just a kind guy who actually knows what to do when he sees a girl he’s interested in and ends up loving 8DD. Unlike.. SOMEONE.. *cough Toma cough* wwwww.

    Yumii said:
    July 28, 2012 at 14:56

    Don’t blame you for taking a break from BWS! Reading such dark stories over and over can do things to you (  ̄д ̄)
    Ikki is very charming and just like everyone else I’m happy he gets his happy ending and wedding scene.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 29, 2012 at 15:28

      It’ll probably put me in the right masochistic mood for Diabolik Lovers when it comes out /o\.

      I adore Ikki so much it’s embarrassing. I just become a creepy fangirl whenever he appears and I’m starting to think I like doing the other charas in Amnesia just so that I can see more of Ikki xD;;

    huyutfsakura said:
    July 27, 2012 at 17:16

    gdakgljagkan THAT WEDDING CG. I-It’s so beautiful ; u ; IKKI, damn although he’s a playboy he got moves ;) AND HE FINALLY GOT LAID. HELL TO THE YES. You go Ikki! WOOP! \( o u o)/

    I’m so happy you posted an Anmesia Later route T u T!! <3 Can't wait to see the rest of the routes and BWS :DD Go go go! Hwaiting~ Don't over work yourself (/ o u o )/~

      Ilinox responded:
      July 29, 2012 at 15:25

      I AM NOW GOING TO HAVE MY WEDDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND ALONE (*´∀`*)えへへ. I feel bad for constantly calling him a playboy because he really isn’t, yet he’s built out of the playboy archetype. BUT YESS~ he has such good moves too ww he deserved to get laid /o\.

      I’m so sorry for my slow speed ;ww; I feel like I’m running all over the place trying to cover all the games I want to play on my blog but also obligated to finish them xDD;; Thank you for your kind words and patience <3!

    roiyachan said:
    July 26, 2012 at 22:01

    ikki is my absolute fav guy from amnesia. hes perfect! cant wait to see your BWS reviews again ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      July 26, 2012 at 23:18

      ヾ(*´∀`*)/ Isn’t he such an amazingly perfect man?! His sense of humor.. his style.. the way he talks.. the way he seduces.. ghfgj I’m so embarrassed at how I’m such a fangirl of his, especially when all his fangirls usually turn out murderous.. Rika.. e_e.

      I couldn’t restrain myself from Ikki any longer /o\. I’m halfway through Julian’s route already though!

    Dellz said:
    July 26, 2012 at 18:14

    Ikki (≧∇≦)/ why you are so adorable. I played Amnesia later only for Ikki and Ukyo lol. I skipped the rest for the sake of collecting CG xD
    「ダメ、寝かせてあげない」-> My fave line ever from him ( ̄ー ̄) . And very glad that they have a wedding scene (*´▽`*)

      Ilinox responded:
      July 26, 2012 at 23:16

      I’m interested in Toma, Ukyo, Orion, and of course Ikki 8DD! I have no idea why Amnesia appeals to me so much because it doesn’t have that much of an amazing story, but I suppose it manages to pull off the every day kind of life with interesting twists.. (except for what I hear about Shin’s route).

      Or maybe Ikki just made this game completely amazing for me because even in other people’s routes I’m concentrating on him and squealing at everything he’s saying.

      THAT LINE. THAT LINE. I was already going (*´д`*)ハァハァハァハァ from the CG and then all of a sudden he says that so quickly it’s like “… wat? YOU PERVERTED gkshksgh ERO-MAJIN!”

      I thought everyone has a wedding scene? xD;; BUT YES. I love his spade suit and did you notice the heroine’s spade dress? ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪

        Dellz said:
        July 27, 2012 at 00:18

        Touma is cute but somehow his yandere side in Amnesia kinda freaked me out. Well about Shin and the wedding, I won’t spoil you xD Ah Orion… how come I forget about my baby. He is so cute…., I’m sure you will squeal when you go to his story xD

        Or maybe Ikki just made this game completely amazing-> OMG I totally agree, I rarely like a playboy type in the game but he is an exception. And his fangirl can burn in hell. LOL

        Dellz said:
        July 27, 2012 at 00:27

        Wait.. heroine’s spade dress? AJSHSGDH I didn’t notice it before then I looked again very closely, I saw the spade design in her arms ^0^

    Euryx said:
    July 24, 2012 at 03:16

    IKKIIIIIIII ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    I’m sorry. That was, uhm, some nonsense comment. /o\
    I had to control myself from reading this entirely (I skimmed through your post, sorry again DX) and from squealing so hard for Ikki. You’re tempting me to abandon the 1st Amnesia just for this route. ( ´艸`)
    Thanks for posting this! :D

      Ilinox responded:
      July 24, 2012 at 11:28


      Pff, don’t worry, I can totally understand nonsense rambling whenever Ikki is around 8DD! Don’t apologize for skimming~ I tend to do that a lot too when I know I’m going to play the game yet I kind of want to see what it’s about.

      You should just finish Ikki’s route in Amnesia and then immediately go into his FD route, bwahaha ♪(´ε` ).

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