BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Julian ~

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Julian (ユリアン)
CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa (細谷 佳正)

Julian appears to be a gentle and sweet cat with his black hair, baby blue eyes, and timid behaviour. His soft voice and kind nature endears him to Fiona and he introduces himself as the caretaker of the royal garden but this gardener has dark secrets and a hidden personality. BTW I LOVE HIS DESIGN (*ノ∀ノ) DOESN’T HE JUST LOOK ADORABLE?!

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The wolves attack a village. Rumours abound about Fiona being a witch. Auger and Mejojo capitalize on that to steal Fiona away to the castle. Her family has no choice but to agree while they try to quell the uprising in Scharlmessen. Mejojo hosts a dance party to celebrate Fiona’s 16th birthday and coming to the castle. However, she soon finds herself left alone in the dance hall.

Fiona decides to leave the dance hall since either way she’s a wallflower. She read from a book that a wallflower is a lady who doesn’t have a dance partner. It’s a very lonely thing as she watches the colorful dance hall and how everyone seems to be dancing magnificently and with radiant smiles. Standing on the outside of the circle and looking in, she can’t help but feel like an outsider. Fiona gathers her courage and leaves even though it’s regrettable that she couldn’t dance in this beautiful dress.

She convinces herself that it’s good enough to just taste the atmosphere of this colorful dance party. Fiona returns to the gardens and plans to tell Mejojo, if he asks, that she was tired from the experience of her first dance party. She stretches her arms out and enjoys the night wind on her flushed face. While dressing up occasionally like this isn’t bad, she finds it a little tight still. Suddenly there are footsteps and she turns around to see a young man who looks surprised to see her.

Fiona remembers that his name is Julian and he was assigned to take care of her while she lived here. He smiles kindly and asks if something happened since he thought she was attending the party. Fiona tells him that she attended, but she couldn’t find a dance partner. Julian seems shocked at that and so Fiona points out that her current status, accused of being a witch, stands out and so Mejojo and Auger didn’t dance with her. He nods his head in sympathy as if he knew how it felt to have that kind of status.

Then he says 「でも……、もったいないですね。こんなに綺麗なお姫様なのに。」(But… it’s a bit of a shame, isn’t it? Especially when there’s a beautiful princess like this). Fiona blushes at the straightforward compliment, but also finds it strange since he’s a servant. She’s inexperienced with the world, but she had servants in the tower, however few, and they praised her a lot. She was used to those remarks as their master and their service. Yet for some reason Julian’s words embarrasses her.

Fiona thinks it’s because he doesn’t resemble a servant although he carries himself calmly and softly. The atmosphere around him is a lot like the atmosphere around Zara, but also different. But anyway, she does agree that it’s a shame since it’s her first dance party. She even took the time to dress up and is wearing such a pretty dress; so it’s really a shame that she has no one to dance with. She sighs with regret but then Julian asks her if she would like to dance with him; if she doesn’t mind having him.

However, because he’s a servant he can’t enter the dance hall and so he asks if they can dance out here in the garden. HOW ROMANTIC~! Fiona blinks at him in surprise before narrowing her eyes and thinking about how he really isn’t a servant. Julian winces as he hurriedly reassures her that she may refuse, of course. He apologizes for inviting her impudently like that. Fiona shakes her head with a smile and tell him that that’s not it. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, but she’s a little puzzled.

She’s unsure if she should accept his hand because she can’t grasp his true colors. Julian, unknowing of her thoughts, smiles at her and formally asks if she would like to dance one song with him. And as if he knew that she wasn’t averse to the idea, he extends a hand to her. Fiona notices that he’s received education because he’s behaving like a gentleman. Once again she thinks about how he doesn’t resemble a servant. Somehow, his manner makes her think of an aristocrat.

Fiona hesitates a bit more but ends up taking it when Julian just continues to smile. It’s true that she doesn’t know his true character, but at the same time she knows that he holds no malice. He thanks her before excusing himself as he clasps her hand with his left and then places his right on her waist. He asks softly if she can hear the music and Fiona nods. The music of the live performance in the dance hall spills out to the gardens.

Listening to the quiet music, Julian starts after he finds the timing and Fiona follows his lead while counting out the waltz rhythm in her head. The steps start out small and gradual and Fiona is thankful since she considers herself a beginner. When she lifts her eyes up, she sees the wonderful starry sky instead of the gorgeous chandelier. It’s beautiful. Julian asks if she’s alright and when she looks confused he clarifies and asks if dancing on the lawn isn’t hard.

Fiona nods in agreement since if she’s not careful her heels will dig into the soft earth. It’s much different from the dance hall. She points out that the stars are beautiful though. Julian looks up and agrees before he comments on how no matter what they think about he stars though, the stars themselves won’t care since they can’t see themselves. Fiona asks what he means by that, but Julian shakes his head and tells her it’s nothing before he urges her to continue dancing.

Sneaking out of the dance hall because she was a wallflower and ending up dancing with a servant, it’s a situation that would normally make a person miserable. But she doesn’t feel that way at all. In fact, she’s happy and feels like it’s a very special night. As the music starts to end, Julian asks her in a whisper if she’d like to dance for another one to which Fiona nods quietly. And so the two of them continued to dance together until the dance party ended.

Meanwhile, the King’s health starts to fail after the dance party. Mejojo dreams about the death of his mother. The uprising in Scharlmessen starts to escalate. Fiona learns the truth about Julian’s past and how he’s the elder brother to Mejojo and Auger. He was the first heir to the throne, but because of his participation in his mother’s plots to assassinate Mejojo and the exposure of a failed attempt to kill Mejojo, he was disinherited. Mejojo and Auger allowed him to work as a gardener in the royal garden.

Nesso tries to retrieve Fiona and bargains the house of the Galland’s status for it, but Mejojo and Auger show their crazy. The wolves attack a village for information about Weblin. Mejojo takes Fiona out to see the destruction of a wolf attack and then they go wolf hunting. Fiona turns her face away at Rath’s capture and faints before waking up in the cottage where she is comforted by Julian.

Mejojo tortures Rath in the dungeons and recalls how his face was scarred. The wolves invade the castle to rescue Rath. Arles meets Fiona and Julian in the garden and he bites her in the shoulder. Mejojo finds Fiona and starts to strangle her when he becomes delusional. Auger manages to calm him down though and the princes leave while Fiona falls unconscious.

In her unconscious state, Fiona starts to dream and she dreams of the castle. She finds herself in the cottage in the garden and thinks she can hear someone’s voice on the wind calling her name. It sounds like Julian! The moment she says his name quietly though the wind becomes stronger and threatens to blow her away. She shuts her eyes even though she realizes that this is a dream because it’s not possible to have such a strong wind in a closed room.

Julian yells at her to watch out and then grabs her arm and pulls her back forcefully. In his haste he misjudges the strength needed though and he loses his balance when Fiona is pulled into him and they both fall to the ground with her on top. Fiona asks him worriedly if he’s alright and he smiles bashfully as he replies that he is and then he asks her. She tells him that she’s fine, but she’s more worried about him since he’s on the bottom. Once again he reassures her that he’s fine because she’s extremely light.

Fiona blushes as she blurts out that he’s lying, but he just grins and lifts her up in his arms to prove his point. Fiona panics a little at the sudden movement and grips his shoulders. She notices that he’s strong despite his slim body and she starts to feel admiration. Because of his image, she accidentally started to think of him as incompetent. It occurs to her that, as a gardener, he must carry a lot of heavy things.

She’s seen people maintaining gardens before from the window of her tower and they walked around with heavy bags of soil. She comments on how strong he is, but Julian instantly denies it and says that it’s just because she’s light. He really isn’t powerful because if he was… Fiona says his name, but he just lowers her to the floor. She tries to thank him but the words get stuck in her throat at his self-ridiculing voice. Julian bites his lips with a mortified look.

Fiona asks him quietly what’s wrong and why he’s making that face, and so Julian blurts out that when she was attacked by Arles he couldn’t do anything. He was scared and he couldn’t move. Fiona smiles and tells him that no such thing happened, because he protected her. It was after he tried to defend her that the wolf smacked him away. He’s wrong if he thinks he didn’t do anything. But Julian shakes his head viciously and tells her that he’s a cowardly weakling.

He stood up, yet he wasn’t standing up for anything. Fiona lowers her eyes and thinks again about how he’s not like a prince at all. He would have been at ease if he didn’t try moving after the pain of being smacked away by the wolf. But he still managed to stand up and so he didn’t have to confess that he was so scared he couldn’t move. She thinks he isn’t like a prince at all. Julian murmurs that even though she’s a woman, she received such a cruel wound and he timidly reaches out to it.

She resists very little when his hand approaches her neck, even though she’s blushing, because she wants to let him do something. She wonders if it’ll hurt, since even if it doesn’t hurt now it should when it’s touched. He mutters 「こんな、傷……。」(This wound..) and his finger hovers over the wound hesitantly before touching the swollen skin lightly. Fiona’s eyes widen when it doesn’t hurt at all.

And then she remembers that this is a dream. She knew this was a dream, but she must have forgotten along the way. Is it because Julian’s speech and behavior resemble reality too much? She wonders if the real Julian would be like this one in front of her and be just as overcome by guilt and depressed. She knows the real one is extremely self-conscious. Anyway, Julian is looking down on the floor looking depressed and Fiona realizes that she doesn’t want to leave him alone despite this being a dream.

Fiona says his name to get his attention and tells him that it made her happy to be protected by him. He replies in a pained voice that he didn’t stand up after the second time though and he let her be harmed. She tells him he’s wrong, because she thinks that he was damaged in body and in his mind. A blow from that wolf hurt his mind and that’s why he couldn’t stand up. She thinks about how not many men would be able to continue standing in Julian’s position as a disinherited prince.

She points out that it wasn’t that he didn’t stand up, but that he couldn’t stand. She stares straight into his eyes as she says this and he gives a short painful laugh before managing a small smile. He points out that her words doesn’t improve a person’s confidence and she winces at her lack of a follow-up but when she notices that Julian looks much more at ease compared to how he was before. She’s glad. Meanwhile, Julian murmurs that it’d be nice if her wound healed quickly.

Fiona blushes at the ticklish sensation of his voice in her ear before he ducks his head to touch the wound with lips. Julian murmurs a childish rhyme to wish the pain away. If it wasn’t a dream her wound would definitely be hurting, but since it’s a dream there is no pain. Instead, she can feel his hot and moist tongue licking her. HOLY CRAP WHERE DID THE SHY JULIAN GO?! She tells him that it tickles, but he just orders her not to move because he’s healing her wound.

She tries to protest because she’s remembering the time that Arles bit her, but Julian doesn’t touch her skin with his teeth at all. All he does is lick her wound. She starts to tremble unconsciously at the feeling of his hot tongue along her bare skin even though she reminds herself that he’s just healing her wound. She stutters out his name and tells him that it’s embarrassing and she’s fine now. Even though it’s a dream, it feels so real that her body is flushing.

Because it’s so embarrassing she pleads with him to let her go. But Julian just murmurs 「照れてるあなたも……、可愛いです……。」(You’re so cute.. when you’re embarrassed) and tightens his embrace while he continues to lick her wound so she can’t run away. She points out that if he’s just trying to heal her wound then she’s more than fine. Julian replies that she’s right he’s just healing her wound, which is why she doesn’t have to be so self-conscious. She denies that but he just chuckles and continues to lick.

Fiona is flustered at how even though he’s nice, he’s also a teasing bully. Suddenly Julian says 「でも、本当に……、守れなくて、ごめんなさい。」(But really.. I’m sorry for not protecting you). Fiona murmurs his name and then wonders why she’s seeing this dream. Is this what she wishes for? Or.. Fiona decides that she needs to wake up. She needs to wake up and tell the real Julian that she’s fine, because surely he’s worrying. He might be like the dream!Julian and is depressed at being unable to protect her.

She needs to wake up. As she thinks this, she raises a hand to kindly stroke the back of Julian’s head. Maybe she’s the one who is wishing for this gentle dream not to end. Fiona slowly wakes up and has the feeling that she met someone in a dream. She suddenly recalls Julian licking at her wound and murmuring about how he wishes her wound would heal quickly. This makes her turn completely red as she berates herself for dreaming about that.

It is written in books that a person’s dream shows what they desire. And she can’t deny that. Even though she realized she was dreaming in her dream, she didn’t wake up. Fiona shoots up from her bed because she can’t believe that she would want that with Julian and then winces from pain.

Anyway, Fiona wakes up to find that Nesso and Zara managed to sneak to her side and that they plan on escaping the country with her. She wonders if it will be alright for Julian to escape with them because even if he’s disinherited he is still a prince of this country. Is it proper to take such a person out of the country? But of course if they leave him here she has no idea what Mejojo and Auger might do to him.

However, at the same time, the only one who can stop Mejojo and Auger is him. Since they are all from the royal family. She thinks that Julian will be able to stop Mejojo and Auger in a moment of peril. That he can deter them. But when she looks at him she realizes she can’t say that. She is running away herself and so she doesn’t have the ability to tell him, who wishes the same thing, to work hard. She can’t push the responsibility onto him alone.

She knows all this but she’s still lost on whether or not it’s the right thing to do to take Julian out of this country. Is it right for the person who was born as the first prince to throw away his country? Julian notices her look and tells her that it’s fine. When she looks surprised he explains that she’s a gentle person and so he can roughly understand what she’s thinking about. He asks if she’s lost on the decision to take him out of the country.

Fiona averts her eyes as she tells him that she understands the feeling of wanting to run from Mejojo and Auger, but she selfishly wonders if it’s alright for him to escape the country. Julian admits that it might be selfish of her to decide that herself, but he is also being selfish when he thinks about running away from this country. He smiles brightly as he reassures her that it’s fine because he decided this himself. And so she shouldn’t need to feel responsible.

She gives in at that and thinks that it should be right if he’s decided it himself. But there’s doubt in the back of her mind. Just like how she decided to escape this country with Nesso and Zara; Julian has decided for himself. Fiona strengthens her resolve and agrees to escape with everyone.

And so Nesso, Zara, Julian, and Fiona escape through the drainage system of the royal gardens which Julian discovered also acted as a secret tunnel to the outside world. Meanwhile, Mejojo strangles his father with Auger watching. Then Fiona and co. get ambushed in the tunnel by Auger and Julian reveals how broken he is by their teachings. Nesso forces Auger to retreat though and the group manages to escape after Fiona slaps the sense back into Julian.

As punishment for failing to capture Fiona, Mejojo carves a similar looking scar into Auger’s face. Meanwhile, Fiona collapses on the run and when she wakes up in a cabin she founds out from Zara that she might have been infected with Zodiva by Arles. Zara explains about his research on Zodiva and how there might be a chance to create a vaccine if he has antibodies from the wolves, who seem to be able to become immune. Now Fiona has to decide to either abandon her country or save it through cooperation with the wolves.

Fiona ends up asking Julian what he thinks, but he reacts with surprise. When she repeats her request for his opinion, he looks completely shocked. Finally, after blinking several times, he lowers his eyes and reminds her that she saw how broken he is. He tells her self-deprecatingly that he’s not sane and yet she’s still asking him for his opinion? Fiona recalls the scene in the sewers where Julian was crazily begging Auger to praise him.

She has to admit that he wasn’t sane then, but she smiles as she tells him that right now he’s the Julian she knows and that’s why she wants to hear his opinion. Julian exhales shakily but ends up admitting that he wants to save this country. However, he’s not himself when he’s in front of Mejojo and Auger. He’s scared of that and he chuckles bitterly at how pathetic that is. Fiona shakes her head at that though.

It’s more scary and sad that he ended up that way rather than pathetic. Julian laughs gently at her denial. It’s a smile that always makes her think of something fleeting. He asks her what she wants to do and Fiona determinedly states that she wants to talk to the wolves first before she gives up on this country. Nesso and Zara reluctantly agree to her plan.

Meanwhile, Mejojo finally ascends the throne as king of Weblin. Fiona and the group manage to find the wolves. They get in a fight with Guillan but Arles interrupts and takes them to Zanan. Zara tries to convince him to let him develop a vaccine for Zodiva with their cooperation, but Arles refuses. Fiona manages to give hope to Rath though and so Arles allows them to stay in Zanan while they make their next decision.

Here Fiona learns the truth about the incident in the past with Elvira, Mejojo, and Arles. Afterwards Arles asks her for her decision and Fiona decides that she wants to live in peace with her family. And so Fiona, Nesso, Zara, and Julian prepare to set out from Zanan the next day in order to leave the country. Before they leave though, Rath offers them blood samples to develop a cure for Zodiva in case Fiona was infected.

Anyway, the group heads north towards the border, but they soon come upon a wide river that obstructs their path. The only way to cross the river is to walk across some stones but it would be dangerous if Fiona fell into the water and caught a cold.

And so she decides to request Julian’s help. Nesso asks in an offended voice if she won’t choose him while Zara admits that her choice makes him feel uneasy and he asks if it’s really alright. Even Julian points at himself with surprise and admits that he’s uneasy. Fiona just shuts her eyes and blurts out that it’ll be fine and she’s decided to go with Julian. She can’t believe that not only are Zara and Nesso uneasy, but even Julian doesn’t have any confidence in himself; and she isn’t going to let that lie.

Although she’s never actually saved someone before, she still wants to stretch a hand out to Julian for some reason. She wants to tell them all that if it’s Julian then it’ll be alright. Julian manages to find the courage to request her hand then. Fiona nods with a bright smile and he grasps her hand gently while returning her smile. He doesn’t hold her hand powerfully like Nesso nor does he have the sense of security like Zara, but it’s so gentle that it instills reliance.

However, holding hands like this makes her feel like she has to work hard together with him. It gives her a fighting spirit to save Julian herself instead of being protected and treasured. Julian leaps onto a rock and then he extends his hand to support her. When she leaps onto it, her body is supported and stopped by him but this nearly causes him to unbalance and Fiona is forced to use all her strength to pull him back. LMFAO THESE TWO BAKAPPURU.

Nesso asks them worriedly if they’re alright while Zara tells them not to overdo it. Fiona reassures them they’re fine, but the two of them watch over her and Julian nervously. Meanwhile Julian is relieved that they’re safe somehow but he asks her why she chose him since he’s making everyone worry and any of those two would be safer. Fiona has to admit that it’s certainly true they’re more safe and in fact she thinks they would be able to get her across easily.

Julian asks her why she chose him then and Fiona grins as she replies that it makes her feel like they can work hard together. She explains that Zara and Nesso are always protecting her and so it makes her feel as if all she can do is rely on them. Julian chuckles sheepishly at her words since it makes him feel a bit miserable but also happy. She just giggles and asks him if he’ll work hard with her and he replies with a grin that he will.

And so they advance with Fiona telling him that she’ll step on the next rock and he can support her from here. She hops over and then tells him that his turn is next and she’ll support him. He beams at her and when she squeezes his hand he returns the squeeze. It makes her happy to feel like she’s being relied on. Anyway, the two of them cross the stones like this mutually supporting each other. But the last rock is farther away and so Julian offers to go first and they separate their hands.

He asks her to wait a little as he leaps the last one and Fiona agrees with a smile but warns him to be careful. Then, with a stronger jump than all the other ones, Julian lands safely on the other side. Fiona exhales with relief and finds her feelings strange since Julian is older than her and so his motor skills aren’t any worse than hers. The leap isn’t impossible either and in fact it’s something that she can jump too, but it’s just a little farther than what they’ve done so far.

But even still, somehow together with Julian, it feels like they overcame some tremendous challenge. Fiona realizes that it’s because they’re similar to each other. Because she’s a Lobeira she’s lived in a tower for a long time. Because Julian is a disinherited prince, and thought to be dead, he’s been confined within the castle for a long time. Both of them are experiencing the outside world for the first time.

Because everything is a first for them, they’re able to easily have fun together. Julian looks back at her and tells her to leap without fear, because he’ll absolutely catch her. Fiona nods with a gentle smile and thinks about how if it were Zara or Nesso they would have finished this quickly. But because it’s Julian it became an adventure. She warns him that she’s jumping and then she takes a flying leap at Julian who has spread his arms for her.

Fiona easily crosses the distance but because she put too much power in her jump she flies straight into his arms and crashes into him. Both of them fall down and in the confusion Julian’s arms are wrapped around her waist. And somehow their lips are touching. OH WOW.. CLICHE MUCH? LOL. THESE TWO ARE SO SICKENINGLY ADORABLE ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ. Both of them stare at each other in shock before Julian hastily apologizes since it wasn’t his intention to kiss her.

She stutters out that she didn’t mean to either, but then Julian admits that it was sweet though and tasted like roses. Fiona is silent before she tells him that she doesn’t know what to say. He asks her if that was her first and kiss and she explains that she has hugged and kissed Richie and Pearl, her dogs, before but.. Julian chuckles 「あはははっ。あなたは……、なんだか可愛いですね。」(Ahaha, you’re.. somehow really cute).

Then he asks nervously 「俺としては、もう少しこのままでいたいなって思ってしまっているのですが……、迷惑だったりしますか?」(I would like to remain like this for a little longer but.. that would trouble you, wouldn’t it?). Fiona stutters out that it wouldn’t be, but asks if she isn’t heavy. He shakes his head quickly and reassures her that she’s very light even if she tried to place her weight on him. Fiona blurts out that she couldn’t do that since it’d be embarrassing.

Julian chuckles and calls her cute again before comparing her to cherry blossoms that bloom in the garden. Fiona exasperatedly points out that he’s too flattering, but she thanks him for saving her. He accepts her thanks but sheepishly comments on how it would have been cooler if he caught her without falling. She giggles and he starts to laugh at how this is more his style, although his shoulders drop.

But then Nesso asks them slowly what they think they’re doing. Zara asks Julian if he’s okay. Apparently the two of them crossed the river while Julian and Fiona were distracted. What appeared to be a large adventure to them turned out to be nothing for Nesso and Zara. Fiona and Julian exchange a secretive glance before they both start laughing.

Anyway, the group continues to journey north and it gets colder and colder. Nesso and Julian collect the firewood while Fiona and Zara prepare dinner. Afterwards they exchange stories about Fiona’s misadventures in cooking, like making a cookie taste like bread, before they prepare for sleep. But it’s so cold that Fiona continues to toss and turn. She hears someone else shifting around and wonders who it is.

She thinks it might be Julian and her suspicions are confirmed when he asks her quietly if she’s still awake. Fiona peeks her head out of her blanket and sees him staring at her in the dim light of the fire. She explains that her feet and hands are cold, but she knows that she has to sleep. Julian winces in sympathy at her discomfort, although he doesn’t feel the cold. He asks her if she wants to exchange spots with him, since his side might be warmer.

Fiona shakes her head and reassures him that she’s fine though since her place is close to the fire as well. But she thinks it might have to do with the density. When he looks at her in confusion she explains that he’s sleeping with Nesso and Zara on one side, while she’s all alone on the other side. It’s not because she’s an outcast though; it’s simply because they’re all men and she’s the only woman. Julian realizes that she’s right since it’s warmer with someone laying beside you.

But that means no matter what she does, since she’s alone, she’ll be cold. He wonders out loud what to do. Fiona points out that there is nothing that they can do. Julian disagrees with that but then the two of them fall silent as they stare at each other. They’re both thinking the same thing but the words are caught in their throat since they can’t say it. They can’t ask the other to come to lie beside them. She knows that nothing will happen since they’ll just be sleeping beside each other like Nesso and Zara.

She also knows that Julian would never do something to her. But it’s just that she can’t bring herself to say that they should sleep together. No matter how one thinks it, that line is strangely suggestive. Fiona tightens the blanket around her again to ward out the cold even just a little bit. Julian blushes as he starts to say something with a stutter. His voice is trembling as he finally manages to ask 「そ、そのええと……っ。と、と、隣に行ってもいいですか……っ?」(Th-That is.. um.. ca-can I lie down.. beside you?).

Fiona’s eyes widen at how it’s finally been said. She thought it was a line that could never be said, but Julian managed to in a trembling voice. He averts his eyes as he hurriedly points out that she’s a Lobeira and if she catches a cold here it’ll be a big problem. And so he asks if she won’t use him as a windbreak. Fiona murmurs his name since he proposed it in a way that she can’t refuse. Julian found the courage to say what she was thinking of but couldn’t say.

And so all she can do is nod with a small smile. His eyes widen even as his cheeks stay red. She finds it funny how even though he’s the one who said it, he’s even more surprised by her acceptance. Julian slowly moves over to her side so as to not wake the other two. And then he lies down behind her and she immediately feels a warmth behind her back. Julian asks her nervously if she doesn’t feel any cold like this. She nods shyly since she can no longer feel the cold wind at her back.

But then she asks him worriedly if he doesn’t feel cold, since she’s in the way of the fire. Julian tries to deny it but he sneezes in his sentence. Fiona giggles at how she’s right and she urges him to shuffle closer to the fire before he catches a cold. Julian admits that he should but he points out that he came here to become a windbreak. And if he moves closer to the fire then she’ll be the one feeling cold. She bites her lip at that since it’s undeniably warmer now compared to before.

She doesn’t want him to be the one to catch a cold though. She noticed that Julian is unconsciously keeping a small distance between them, but if they press closer together then it’ll be warmer. She can’t help but hesitate though, even though she knows that he became a windbreak for her sake. It’s not that she doesn’t want him to, but she finds it embarrassing. But Fiona orders herself to persevere. And so after strengthening her decision she calls out to him.

Fiona points out that if their backs are pressed to each other then it’ll be warmer. Julian’s makes a noise of surprise and Fiona hurriedly says that if he doesn’t want to then it’s fine. She also apologizes for saying something weird. Julian blurts out reassuringly that he doesn’t mind it and in fact he’s happy. Fiona repeats his word in shock and Julian 「うわ、ええええっと、そういう意味じゃなくて……!」(Uwah, uhhhh.. umm.. I didn’t mean it that way..!). THESE TWO ARE TOO CUTE OMG.

She stutters out that she already knew that. She knows that he doesn’t mean anything suggestive since he’s Julian. But her heart is pounding and she’s glad it’s dark so that her red face can’t be seen. Surely her ears are also red. Then Julian stutters out 「それじゃあ……、その。失礼、しますね。」(Then.. um.. excuse me). He turns around and embraces her from the back. Compared to before, she can now feel his warmth directly.

In her mind she thinks about how warm he is and at the same time Julian murmurs softly that she’s warm. She’s a little embarrassed but the feeling of warmth and the perfect fit swirls around and around in her. She can hear the sound of someone’s heart beating quickly, but she doesn’t know if it’s hers or Julian’s. The night passes slowly with the two of them like this.

The next morning the group resumes their journey to Weblin’s borders in order to escape the country. They reach the border but are wary of a trap that Mejojo or Auger could have set for them and so Nesso leads them to a secret path that he had discovered when he was on border patrol. It turns out to be a fragile cliff that stands between them and freedom. But since it’s so fragile they can only cross two at a time.

Fiona chooses Julian to go with her, but when she asks he once again responds in surprise and amazement while blinking rapidly. Fiona smiles as she tells him that she thought it’d be nice to go together with him, unless he doesn’t want to. She looks down as she thinks about how she’s unreliable. If it were Nesso or Zara then they could easily save him, but she wouldn’t be able to do anything. She plasters a fake smile on her face as she tells him that if he doesn’t want to then it’s fine.

She apologizes before telling him that she’ll choose Zara or Nesso and so he doesn’t have to force himself. Julian fiercely tells her that she’s wrong before he explains that he was just surprised she would want to rely on him. He tries to tell her that he would never dislike it, but Fiona interrupts him with a smile and asks again if he would like to cross with her then. He beams and nods greatly before answering that he would love to.

Fiona happily tells everyone that she and Julian are a pair then. Nesso nods and tells them that he and Zara will go first then to test it. Before they leave Nesso sternly informs Julian that he’ll be leaving Fiona to him then. Zara smiles and also asks him to take care of Fiona. He accepts this duty solemnly and with a bit of nervousness. The cliff crumbles a little as Nesso and Zara start to walk across it and Fiona stares fearfully at them.

She’s afraid that if she takes her eyes off them for a second they’ll disappear in an instant. Julian reassures her that if it’s those two then they’ll be fine and he grasps her hand. She tightens her grip and notices that his hand is colder than usual and wonders if it’s due to tension. It’s as if he’s trying to reassure himself with the words he whispered to her. And Fiona realizes that Julian is also nervous and afraid.

Fiona realizes she isn’t the only one afraid, but Julian is the one who has the courage to try and soothe her. And so she strengthens her resolve and convinces herself that they’ll be alright. He squeezes her hand firmly and agrees strongly. Nesso and Zara finally cross to the other side and Fiona exhales with relief. Julian’s voice is also rough with relief as he comments on how worked up they both got just from watching them.

They exchange small smiles as she remarks on how it’s bad for the heart. Nesso interrupts them by yelling that they’re next. Fiona gulps in fear as she realizes the real test is now upon them after they just finished watching Nesso and Zara. Julian’s voice is shaky with fear as he suggests that they should go. Fiona nods stiffly and the two of them step out onto the cliff while holding hands. She tells him not to think about anything unnecessary and to only think about advancing forward.

Julian agrees that they shouldn’t think about anything else. Fiona reminds herself not to think of anything. All they have to do is walk straight normally. They must not think about the cliff beside them. They mustn’t hear the sound of rocks falling down away from them. She firmly fixes her eyes straight ahead and walks. All she thinks about is walking and her grip on Julian’s hand. But when they reach the middle of the path, Nesso shouts out that they have to hurry.

Zara warns them that they have pursuers and Fiona turns around reflexively only to flinch with fear at the sight of mounted cat knights. Julian realizes they must have been waiting while Fiona gasps that they have hurry. He agrees with her but warns her that they have to be careful or else something terrible will happen if they move foolishly. Fiona nods shakily and speeds her steps up without panicking. The two of them think only about their next step and the ones following that.

The knights yell out at her and ask if she, Fiona Galland the witch, is going to run away with her minion. Julian shouts back and calls for them to stop since the footing here is unstable. At the same time as he shouts, a large section of the cliff collapses behind them. One of the knights commands the others to stop since the ground is collapsing. Fortunately the knights stop and curse when they realize the ground is fragile. Julian quickly tells Fiona to keep moving while they have the chance.

A knight points out that the witch is fleeing and angrily asks what they should do. Fiona can hear them being noisy behind her and she knows they won’t let her go just like this. Something is going to happen. She’s afraid of what they intend to do, but she can’t stop moving. Julian is pulling on her hand and advancing forward single-mindedly. But then an arrow flies past her face. They’re shooting arrows at them from behind. She tells Julian this and his eyes widen in fear.

They can do nothing but become targets. There’s no place to hide on their cliff and it’s a straight path. Julian exhales slowly and carefully, but when Fiona says his name questioningly he just slows down silently. She wonders what he’s going to do, but then he tells her to continue on from here. He pushes her forward and then turns around to face the knights. He intends to protect her back from the arrows of the knights. JULIAN.. ( ゚д゚) WHAT A MAN.

Fiona calls out his name in panic since she doesn’t want him to use his own body to defend her. But Julian just stares straight at the knights before taking a deep breath. And then his voice is cold and dangerous as he asks 「お前たち、誰に向かって弓を射かけているつもりだ!!」(You lot! Who exactly do you think you’re aiming your bows at!?!). HOLY.. SHIT.. JULIAN’S “PRINCE” VOICE IS (*´Д`)ハァハァ. IT’S SO LOW AND DANGEROUS SOUNDING AND FKDADGDJ. Fiona is startled.

The person who is blocking her is Julian, but his appearance makes her think of Mejojo as his voice lowers to order the group of knights. The knights gasp and begin to look disturbed. Even Fiona starts to shake. But Julian ignores all this and continues on lowly 「私の名は、ユリアン・フォン・ガバルディ!ウェブリン王家の第一王位継承者である!その私にこうして弓を向けること、王家への反逆の意図ありと見做すが相違ないか!」(My name is Julian von Garibaldi! The first prince of Weblin’s royal family! Thus to aim at me with a bow.. are you intending to rebel against the royal family!).

Knight 1 flinches but Knight 2 shouts out that they’re being deceived because he’s just a gardener. But Julian snarls 「黙れ、下郎が……!!」(Silence, lowly servants!!) and his voice cracks through the air like an electric shock. Knight 2’s words are strangled in his throat. This is Fiona’s first time hearing Julian’s voice like this. It’s as if his usual gentle and kind voice had been a lie.

Up until now she never thought about how Julian was connected to Mejojo and Auger through their blood, but now she realizes that he’s still their brother even if he only shares half their blood. The way he is arrogantly standing reminds her of them. The knights are overpowered by Julian’s stare and they lower their bows with shaky hands. They’re starting to doubt themselves about whether or not the Julian in front of them is the real one.

Julian’s response is merely 「……フン。行くぞ。」(… Hn, let’s go) and, as if they were worthless insects, he turns on his heel. And then their eyes meet, but Julian averts his. She cheers him on in her mind because the appearance he took seems to peel off after he met her eyes. Even though the knights can only see his back from here, he can’t appear exhausted now. And so she continues to cheer him on in her mind. He has to remain like that just a little bit more. Julian exhales softly and slowly.

And then he starts to walk with a lofty step. It’s the distinctive character of a king and it makes the fact that he’s accompaning her, the witch, and crossing the cliff natural. And then Auger snickers and comments on how he saw a really interesting thing. Julian and Fiona both startle. It’s the voice they don’t want to hear the most. Fiona turns around slowly to that voice that sounds as if it can’t help but be unbearably entertained. And in the middle of the knights is Auger with his terribly unpleasant smile.

Fiona can’t help but ask why he’s here, because while the knights are understandable she doesn’t know why Auger would be at this outpost. Auger smirks and points out that it’s obvious he’d be chasing them. He explains that Scharlmessen was completely empty and so he decided they must be trying to flee the country. That’s why he tightened the security around the border. Then his smirk turns ugly as he muses out loud about how it might be fate that they met him here today.

She thinks about how if this was fate then they had the worst luck. There are many other roads that lead to the border, and yet this place was chosen amongst all others by Auger. Auger informs them that the other roads have guards on them while he just flits from place to place. His voice is light as he comments on how he really is lucky to meet them in a place like this. Fiona grits her teeth at the way Auger smiles at her as if they were friends.

Then her eyes dart to Julian because his hand, which is still in hers, is trembling minutely. Then Auger asks them what they were trying to do a few minutes ago. An imitation of his brother? Julian’s breathing is starting to become rough while Auger snickers and comments on how it was really interesting. He thinks it’s great that they’ve found a new art. Julian tries to deny it in a shaky voice, but Fiona cuts him off by saying his name firmly.

Julian’s voice has turned hoarse and is completely different from the powerful one he used before. Auger’s eyes narrow as he asks loudly what Julian just said because he can’t hear it. If he wants to say something then he should say it properly. Julian’s breath catches in his throat. Auger’s face is crazed as he tells them that while it was interesting, and he knows Julian did it with his utmost effort, it was disgusting.

He tells them that it’s laughable for Julian to imitate his brother and he should know his place. Auger’s face returns a chilling smile as he asks Julian if he has feelings of wanting to kill his brother and become the king. His nasty laugh is intended to hurt Julian and Fiona can feel Julian’s entire body trembling through their connected hand. Fiona murmurs his name and squeezes him in an effort to reassure him, but Julian doesn’t return her grip.

Auger starts to mock Julian 「なんだっけ?黙れ下郎~、だっけ?おっかしいの。」(What was that? “Shut up, lowly servants”~? Hilarious). Then he spits out 「下郎はおまえだろ?兄さんを殺そうとして、王位継承権を奪われて、汚らしい庭師にまで貶められて。」(The lowly servant is you, isn’t it? For trying to kill my brother, for having your rights to the throne taken, for degrading into a dirty gardener). JESUS AUGER. I JUST WANT TO STRANGLE YOU RIGHT NOW.. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!?

He points out that they’re splendid knights who have the position of serving him and his brother. They aren’t children who Julian can deride. Julian’s breathing is still rough and Fiona starts to worry as all the strength leaves Julian’s hand. He’s no longer trembling but now he looks like a doll who has had his soul sucked out. Fiona realizes that she can’t let this continue and so she yells out Julian’s name and tells him to get a hold of himself.

But Julian’s eyes are like blank beads which can only look hollowly at Auger. He doesn’t even try to see her. Fiona continues to shout his name and even Zara and Nesso join in. But Julian doesn’t react and continues to stare blankly forward. Compared to before where he gripped her hand to a painful extent, there is no power at all in his hands anymore. Auger laughs softly and praises Julian for being a good child. He reminds Julian that Julian is his toy and that he can’t not listen to his words.

Auger leers as he asks Julian if he intends to be punished. Julian blankly mutters over and over again 「……い、……や、……。お仕置きは、嫌、です……。許して、許してください、俺を許してください。」(.. N.. No.. I.. don’t want to be.. punished.. forgive.. forgive me please.. please forgive me). Fiona shouts out at him to wake up because she’s here beside him. Her chest hurts as if it’s about to collapse. In the space of their travel she was able to see various faces of his. She learned things about him that she never knew.

She thought the distance between her and Julian had grown smaller. And yet he’s leaving her again. He broke again. Frustration and heat rises up into her throat and she wants to cry. She thought that Julian had regained a little bit of himself while he traveled with them. And all that healing that had accumulated over all their time was destroyed in an instant by Auger. Once again, Julian is broken.

Auger is grinning 「そうだね~、お仕置きは怖いし痛いもんね?おまえ、お仕置き嫌いだもんね。」(That’s right~ punishments are scary and painful, right? You don’t like to be punished, right?). Julian crazily says 「ああ、俺のことを褒めてください。俺のことを認めてください。俺を許してください。」(Aa, please praise me. Please accept me. Please forgive me). And Auger replies that he’s going to give Julian an order and if he follows that order then his punishment will be forgotten. He muses on how kind he is.

And Julian replies 「はい、オージェ様はとても優しくて立派なお方です。俺みたいなどうしようもない屑に、温情をかけていただきありがとうございます。」(Yes! Lord Auger is a very gentle and splendid person. Thank you for being kind to such a worthless rubbish like me). He goes on about how he’s trash and he’s just a gardener. There is no value to his life and he’s a burden on Mejojo and Auger just for living. Auger hums in pleasure at how Julian has finally remembered his station. Fiona is horrified at how broken Julian becomes every time Auger speaks.

He’s become a Julian she doesn’t know. Auger orders Julian to bring Fiona to him and Julian eagerly accepts his orders. And Fiona’s eyes widen when the strength returns into Julian’s hand. But it’s different from the one she wished for. Completely different. It’s the opposite. Nesso hoarsely shouts at Julian to stop while Zara pleads with Julian to release Fiona and to stop. But Julian doesn’t hear them at all and starts to drag Fiona back the way they came.

Auger is grinning crazily as he praises Julian before informing him that he loves toys that listen to him. He orders Julian to return where he’ll be praised and cherished. Once again Julian beams and crazily begs Auger to praise him, accept him, and forgive him. WTF IS THIS. I’M PRETTY SURE I’M ON HIS GOOD END?! WHAT.. WHAT.. GDI THAT MEANS THE BAD END WILL PROBABLY HAVE HIM OBEY AUGER.. (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

Fiona pleads with him to let her go and stop, but no matter how frantically she struggles she can’t overpower Julian. He continues to drag her towards Auger. She starts to cry as she wonders why he’s become like this. Despair overflows from her heart. But then Julian stops. Auger blinks in surprise and says his name questioningly and Fiona looks up at Julian. He’s staring down at her with eyes that resemble a vast ocean. They’re hollow eyes that have no thoughts; like glass beads.

But he stopped. And so Fiona asks him to be free together with her. She tells him that he mustn’t return back to that place because they won’t become happy. Once again she asks if he’ll go with her. Julian is expressionless but his eyelashes tremble minutely and then his eyes widen as he breathes out Fiona’s name. The light has returned back to his eyes. Fiona calls out his name in relief and squeezes his hand and he returns her squeeze weakly. Auger gapes in surprise.

And then Fiona’s tears start to spill down her face. Julian is back and he managed to escape Auger’s spell. Julian’s voice is hoarse as he tries to say something and then he grips Fiona’s hand tight enough to hurt, but she just returns that powerful squeeze. But he manages to get out 「俺はもう、あなたの玩具じゃない……!」(I’m no longer.. your toy..!). Auger’s face twists into a snarl while Fiona just smiles in heartbreaking relief. Then Julian suggests for them to go and he apologizes for making her experience fear.

Fiona shakes her head and tells him that it’s fine, because she’s extremely happy to have him return to her. He nods shakily and agrees that he’s also overjoyed to exist again. It’s thanks to her. Meanwhile, Auger is spitting with rage and screams at them not to screw around with him. He curses them for selfishly deciding not to be his toys. But the two of them just turn their backs on him and resume their walk to Nesso and Zara. Nesso tells them to come over while Zara warns them to hurry up before Auger regains his senses.

Finally they finish crossing the cliff and Julian escapes the long painful spell that Auger had on him. Afterwards, they meet up safely with her father. Pearl and Richie are safe too and they start a new life in their new environment.

Time skip! Fiona is biting her lip and Julian asks if something is wrong since she has a frustrated look on her face. She informs him that she was just wondering what to do from here. He echoes her words in confusion and tilts his head as he comes to her side. They have finally settled down in their new home and began to live. Fiona nods and points out that she thought she should start to think about their future. Julian averts his eyes and his shoulders droop.

He points out that those are his lines, because she’s fine. Fiona disagrees because she can’t continue to do nothing. Since they’ve come to a new land they have to start a new life. Nesso is searching for a job that will use the swordsmanship skills he’s gained as a knight of the royal palace. Zara is using his knowledge as a pharmacist for income. Her father, because of his previous position as earl of Weblin, has become a teacher and is invited to the other aristocrats’ meetings.

While she hasn’t been able to take one new step forward in this country; Julian either. The two of them lower their eyes and sigh. They’re not even starting in this new land from zero since her father managed to bring various things with him out of Weblin. Thanks to that they aren’t living in an embarrassing state. But Fiona reminds herself that she mustn’t rely on that. Of course Nesso and Zara are completely opposed to the idea of her working, because she’s a Lobeira.

They’re worried about her contracting some illness in this new land. She’s thankful for their concern but she’s no longer the daughter of an earl. She can’t continue to remain as a noble lady of the house. But even if she has these thoughts she doesn’t know what she should do. Fiona believes that if she’s chosen, despite her body, she will be able to work. But if the result is her becoming deathly sick then she knows her family will blame themselves. And she wants to avoid that.

In order to save and protect her, they threw away everything including their country and their station. She doesn’t want them to regret that. She doesn’t want them to think that her body became ruined because they came to this country. And because she’s concerned about this, she’s trying to look for work to do where she won’t overwork herself. But she doesn’t know if such a convenient job exists. On the other side, Julian is plagued by a similar worry.

Basically, she and Julian are very similar. Because she’s a Lobeira she grew up in a tower and didn’t learn about the outside world. Julian grew up as the first prince and then he lost his rights to the throne and was confined in the gardens. They’re a pair who doesn’t know about the outside world. Nesso and Zara merged with surprising swiftness between the people in this country, but she and Julian can’t even seem to move. The two of them sigh heavily again before Julian flops down onto the table.

Fiona reassures him that he doesn’t need to do anything immediately, but Julian just pouts and points out that she said the opposite just a few minutes ago. She explains that she’s being strict on herself but sweet on him. He continues to pout as he says 「これ以上俺を甘やかさないでください。」(Please don’t spoil me any further). She giggles but points out that everyone else told him not to push himself too much. He reluctantly agrees that Edgar, Nesso, and Zara did tell him to take his time to discover what he wants to do with himself.

She asks him if it isn’t fine then to slowly search for the thing he wants and is able to do. He asks her with minor annoyance if she’s suggesting for him to have everyone else support him in the meantime. Fiona points out that she’s in the same boat as him. He replies 「あなたは……、女性だから。」(That’s because you’re… a girl). She instantly responds that he was a former prince. Then she caresses his black hair with a finger. When her finger brushes a ear, it trembles.

Fiona thinks it’s cute but Julian opens his eyes and and tells her that he doesn’t want that. When she innocently asks him what he means, he just huffs and falls silent. It’s as if he has something to say but can’t find the words to say it. Or more like he’s hesitant to say it. When Fiona asks worriedly if something is wrong, he sits up and looks straight at her. Fiona asks him what it is and he tells her 「……俺は、情けない男、ですけど。」(… I know.. I’m a pathetic man, but..).

She tries to disagree but he cuts her off 「いいんです。俺は、この年になっても未だ定職にもついたことのない情けない男なんです。」(It’s fine. I’m a pathetic man who can’t find a job even at this age). She informs him that she thinks that’s a faulty impression. After all he spent many years as a prince and then was confined by his younger brothers. But she wonders what’s gotten into him. She knows he has a very low self-confidence after all the years of being belittled by Auger. That’s why it’s not unusual to hear him degrading himself.

But for some reason he sounds fired up. He continues to stare straight at her as he says 「……あなたを、養える甲斐性が欲しいんです。」(… I want to be able to support you). Fiona just blinks in blank surprise while her mind stutters as she wonders if he means what she thinks he means. She starts to blush as he continues to gaze at her. Julian informs her that he can’t promise to be able to grant her the life she had before as an earl’s daughter, but he wants to be a man who can secure a happy life for her where she doesn’t have to do anything.

She can only murmur his name, but he just wraps his hands around hers on the table and lowers his face to hers. His voice is nervous as he asks 「……俺はまだ情けない無職ですけど。これからも、一緒に歩いていってくれますか?」(.. I’m still a pathetic unemployed preson, but.. will you walk together with me from hereafter?). She quietly nods and tells him that now that they’ve become free, even if it takes them some time, she wants to be able to walk together with him on their own feet.

He thanks her gratefully. Now that they have escaped their respective cages, they are at a loss of what they should do in this free and wide world. But.. she squeezes his hands.. from here on if they’re together then she has the feeling that they can support each other wherever they go. Julian kisses her with a quiet 「………ずっと、一緒に。」(… Let’s be together.. forever).


*** BAD END ***

At the river crossing, Fiona relies on Nesso. When she’s cold beside the fire she thinks she hears Zara moving. And then when they’re going to cross the cliff she chooses Julian to walk across with her. The only manage to make it halfway before Mejojo and Auger’s cat knights come barreling down at them, but Julian draws on the posture of a king and commands them to stand down. However, Auger shows up and breaks Julian and orders him to bring Fiona back to him and he starts to do that.

Nesso, Zara, and Fiona try to yell at Julian to stop but he continues to pull her while muttering 「俺はオージェ様の玩具です。俺はオージェ様の玩具です。俺はオージェ様の玩具です。」(I am Prince Auger’s toy. I am Prince Auger’s toy. I am Prince Auger’s toy). Auger continues to grin crazily and he praises Julian for being a good kid before asking him to say it once more. Julian repeats those words again but louder and Fiona begs him to let her go and to stop. But no matter how frantically she resists she can’t overpower Julian.

She wonders desperately how he became like this as he continues to drag her with hollow eyes and without any thoughts for what will happen to her after this. Fiona is terrified at how this Julian isn’t the one that she knows. She screams out that this isn’t the Julian she knows. She shoves Julian away from her with all her might, because this isn’t Julian. He blinks in surprise as he releases her hand. And then… the ground beneath him collapses.

YOU KNOW WHEN I SECRETLY THOUGHT ABOUT GETTING SOMEONE TO SHOVE JULIAN OFF THE CLIFF SO THAT HE’D STOP REPEATING HE WAS AUGER’S TOY.. I DIDN’T MEAN THAT LITERALLY OMFG Σ(゚ー゚;*). Julian’s body is thrown out to the air and he gasps quietly. It’s a gasp that sounds of both surprise and acceptance. He’s blinking as if he can’t believe what’s happening and it’s the face of the Julian that she knows. But he disappears from her eyes as if he were in slow motion.

Slowly.. slowly.. his body disappears from her sight. Fiona screams in denial because she’s the one who pushed him. She pushed Julian. She.. She.. killed Julian. She screams so loud she’s surprised blood hasn’t come out of her throat. Even though she knows her screams won’t turn back time she can’t help but continue screaming in denial. If she doesn’t scream then her mind will start to panic.

Meanwhile Auger is howling with laughter as he shouts about how they’re the best entertainment. He comments on how he didn’t think she would kill Julian and sighs at how he wanted to show his brother this. Auger’s laughter is mixed with her screaming. Nesso and Zara yell at her to come over to them, but even though she hears them she can’t move. There’s just a little bit more to go before she reaches them but she can no longer move.

Her hand is empty. She’s no longer holding onto someone’s hand. And that someone is no longer holding onto her hand. She can’t move. Julian has fallen. Julian is no longer there. All her strength leaves her and she just collapses onto her knees. Nesso grits his teeth and starts to move in her direction, but Auger just sweetly asks the knights to bring Fiona to them. And on his orders, two knights quickly move over to Fiona and pull her up by her arms.

Nesso and Zara shout her name but their voices are distant to her. Auger just cackles and informs them that they can run away by themselves if they want to, because he’ll give Fiona some firm loving. His face twists cruelly as he notes that it seems like she’s broken already though. Fiona wonders slowly who is broken. Someone? Her? The knights continue to drag her towards Auger and Nesso just screams at them to stop until he’s hoarse. Zara also shouts at them.

Even though they’re not that far their voices don’t reach her head. But nothing matters anymore. She doesn’t care about what will happen. Because it’s a fact that she killed Julian with her own hands. Tears start to flow down her cheeks as she remembers the last time she saw Julian and how his eyes were like broken glass. Those eyes would be forever burned in her mind’s eye for an eternity and they would never fade.

*** TRUE END ***

When Arles asks Fiona for her decision she informs him that she wishes to protect Weblin. It turns out that Julian was eavesdropping but he also shares her wish and so Arles and Guillan escort Julian and Fiona to the nearest village where they are taken back to the castle in chains. Fiona and Julian try to convince Mejojo and Auger to cooperate with the wolves to create a vaccine for Zodiva but the two princes just mock them and laugh.

Fiona notices it when Auger’s hand slips into his jacket at Julian’s passionate speech. She doesn’t know what he might take out, but she has a terrible feeling. She has to stop it! And so Fiona screams out at him to stop and Julian notices what Auger is trying to do. Julian’s face pales while Auger tsks and expresses his disappointment at how they noticed. He wanted to kill them in surprise and he grins as he slips out the black knife.

If she hadn’t stopped him right now.. Fiona is terrified at the thought. Mejojo just chuckles and comments on how interesting this is. When Auger looks at him in confusion, Mejojo explains that he thought he wouldn’t care if Julian was killed but it seems like he and Fiona have a mutual intimate relationship. Auger smiles slowly as he agrees since it seems Fiona stopped Auger out of love for Julian’s sake.

Auger asks her if she didn’t think about how she might be killed for stopping him. He asks if she didn’t think about what might happen to her and was only worrying about Julian. Fiona stares at the two princes with wide and frightened eyes. Julian interrupts and tells them that she only wanted to save him, but he’s knocked down by Auger for trying to defend her. Auger informs them lowly that this isn’t interesting. He reminds Julian that Fiona is his brother’s possession and so defending her isn’t a bright idea.

He ends his sentence with a snarl and then kicks Julian with all his strength. Julian yelps in pain and groans as he’s kicked over and over again. Fiona panics as she tries to decide what to do. Right now Auger is delivering violence onto Julian because he didn’t like how he defended her. She’s afraid that if she tries to stop him she’ll just be adding fuel to the fire. Auger snickers and asks Mejojo if he should just kick Julian to death right now. Mejojo informs him that he doesn’t care.

After all, Julian is just a toy that was going to be disposed sooner or later. Auger sneers and informs Julian that he’s no longer needed as a toy before he delivers more kicks. Julian grunts in pain. She wants to yell at them to stop but the words are stuck in her throat. She doesn’t know if they’ll do even more cruel things to Julian if she stops them right now. Because she doesn’t know what to do her eyes meet Mejojo.

He has a quiet, amused smile as he watches her and Julian. And as she’s being observed by these cruel eyes she finally realizes their intention. She remembers Mejojo’s words about how he didn’t care if Julian died but it seems like these two have a relationship as well as Auger’s words about if she didn’t think about what might happen to her if she stopped them from doing anything to Julian. They intend for her to watch Julian die without helping him.

They are expecting her to desert Julian to protect herself. In that case.. Fiona shouts at them to stop because she’s not going to silently watch Julian die. Even if she becomes the next target. Tears start to fall down her face as she pleads for them to stop before Julian dies. She throws herself on top of Julian to protect him from Auger. Julian weakly tells at her not to do that, but she tells him that it’s fine. She shakes her head left and right as she continues to protect him from Auger.

Auger raises an eyebrow and asks her if she, by defending Julian like that, intends to take his place as their toy. Mejojo chuckles and asks her if she wants to play with them instead? He’s curious. Then he decides that she can receive the rest of Julian’s punishment. Auger snickers and asks her if she likes pain since she’s offering herself up for punishment. Fiona shuts her eyes as they look down on her with cruel smiles.

They’re trying to frighten her. Real cats don’t kill things to eat them. They kill them for the enjoyment of hurting it. They are trying to hunt her and corner her mentally. And because she knows this she keeps her lips pressed together. Mejojo remarks on how courageous she is and wonders if she’s always had this. Then he decides that her first punishment is to have her body washed since she met the wolves. They are going to purify her body and he would like to hear exactly where the filth of the wolves has touched her.

At the same time as his words, Auger grabs her wrist and pulls her up and through the passages of the castle. She doesn’t know where they are heading or what they will do. She’s scared but Julian is dragged along next to her and so she’s able to feel a little relief at not being alone. Julian’s voice is a quiet whisper 「……大丈夫です。あなたはきっと、大丈夫です。」(.. It’ll be alright. You will surely be alright). SORRY BRO BUT THAT’S NOT GOING TO CUT IT. Fiona is doubtful and it shows in her glance.

Julian replies that the one who is going to be hurt will be him. Her eyes widen but he tells her weakly 「……情けないところを、見せてしまうと思いますけど……。……軽蔑しないでくださいね。」(.. I think you’ll see a pathetic.. side of me.. please don’t hate me). He didn’t want her to see this though. In her mind she yells out that she would never despise him or be disgusted. She stares at him firmly before shaking her head and then her eyes lower as she realizes Julian is going to be broken again.

Mejojo and Auger will break Julian in front of her without mercy. And she will be able to do nothing but watch. She suddenly gasps as her chain is pulled and she staggers. Auger lightly laughs and asks them what they’re having so much fun talking about with just the two of them. He wants to be included with his brother. Meanwhile Mejojo smiles cruelly and asks if she wants to make him jealous by her friendship with Julian? He calls her a naughty woman to want to be deliberately punished.

Fiona tries to deny that but the two of them continue to laugh and drag them through the passage. Then Mejojo informs her that he prepared that beautiful garden for her sake. But she ran away from there. Perhaps she didn’t like that place? His smile is crazed as he apologizes for not knowing that, but he’s sure she’ll like the next place he has prepared for her. Fiona asks them in a small voice if it’s a new room and she realizes now that they aren’t taking the path to the garden.

There’s also no one else in the hallway except for them. She starts to become frightened as she wonders where this passage leads. Auger winks at her and informs her that it’s a favorite room of his and his brother. He’s sure that she’ll like it. Mejojo agrees with Auger and then his voice turns venomously soft as he reminds Julian that he knows this path very well. Julian gasps in fright when the talk turns to him. Fiona realizes that he knows this road and then unintentionally realizes the truth.

They will be going to the room where they hurt Julian and where they broke him. They plan to break him again in the same place. She doesn’t have the courage to refuse them, but her feet stop. She doesn’t want to go! Auger is amused and asks her what’s wrong since it can’t be helped. She doesn’t like to be treated kindly after all. Mejojo softly tells her not to be selfish since this is the result that she wished for. She should accept it obediently.

As if in contrast to Mejojo’s soft voice, Auger violently yanks her arm. The chains around her wrist start to clank as proof of her crimes. Auger tells her not to be selfish or else she’ll trouble them. He continues to pull her along forcefully while he scolds her like a disobedient child. Fiona prays for someone to save her but her prayers reach no one. And so they are taken into a dark room under the ground. Since it’s still dark she can’t really see anything.

All she knows is that there is a chilly air and the rusty scent of old and dried blood. Just as she wonders where she is, Auger introduces excitedly introduces this place as his and Mejojo’s secret laboratory. He spreads his arm wide and Fiona wonders if this laboratory is the place they research about Zodiva. But she recalls Zara’s words about how he couldn’t abide by Mejojo’s torture in the name of research because that isn’t research. A chill runs down her spine when she remembers those words.

As she grows used to the light her eyes land on the cages that have been piled up in the room. She wonders if those were for wolves, but they’re much too narrow. Even Pearl and Richie, with their small size, would have nowhere to move if they were in them. However, she feels as if she’s right in how those cages are for wolves. And there’s a black stain on the floor of those cages. She hears the sound of a chain being pulled and Auger chuckles before asking her if it isn’t convenient.

They’re able to punish disobedient children here. The chain in Auger’s hand jangles and she follows it up to the ceiling. She has a terrible feeling, especially when she’s yanked forward. Fiona trips as she is pulled forward but Auger gently steadies her. But his gentleness frightens her even more. Auger chides her softly to be careful since there are various tools lying around. If she is clumsy around here she might cause herself a grievous injury. Fiona’s eyes are wide with fear.

She doesn’t want to think about what these various tools are for. Auger connects her chain to the one on the ceiling and asks his brother how high he should make it. Mejojo informs Auger to make it so that she can barely touch the ground on tiptoes. It’s the most painful body pose. Auger adjusts the chain and Fiona winces as her body is lifted by the chain that is attached to both of her wrists. She’s already feeling the pain in her shoulders from the wierd angle.

Because she can barely touch the floor, the moment her balance falters her body starts to spin. Then suddenly Julian asks them why they’re doing that. His face is full of blank surprise and he only spoke after she was chained up. He asks them desperately what they’re doing and why she’s there, because he’s supposed to be there. But at his words Fiona instantly understands. She and Julian had been mistaken from the start. They were mistaken that the one who would be tortured would be Julian and that he would be broken.

They were wrong. The one who will be hurt is Fiona. The blood drains from her face while Julian begs them 「やめてください……!!俺に、俺にしてください……!!彼女は、傷つけないでください……!」(Please stop..!! Please do it to me instead..!! Please don’t hurt her..!). Mejojo coldly commands him to be silent and to watch from there. Auger nods and informs Julian that he’ll just be watching today. Although if he wants to be played with that much then he might just play with Julian.

Julian desperately pleads 「やめてください……!!あなた達の遊び相手なら、俺がなります!彼女に酷い事をしないでください!!」(Please stop..!! If you want to play with someone, I’ll do it! Please don’t do cruel things to her!!). Auger orders him to shut up before he slams him into the wall and chains him. But Julian continues to frantically jerk at his chains until Auger places his foot on Julian’s shoulder and shoves him down. Fiona gasps out Julian’s name.

But he continues to groan and beg them to stop even though he’s collapsed onto the ground. Fiona is deathly frightened of what they might do if they’re willing to hurt Julian that much just to quiet him. Then Mejojo steps in front of her and she can’t stop the trembling in her shoulders even though she didn’t want to show them how scared she was. He asks her with a smirk if she’s frightened. She asks them to release her, but he just huffs and comments on how she doesn’t seem to know her place.

Auger comments on how she’s still thinking like a princess, but her father and brother and everyone has deserted this country. They’ve thrown away their titles. And so she has nothing. No house, no title, nothing. He asks her lowly if she understands that she’s nothing but an ordinary woman now. She has no right to address them like equals and demand that they release her. Fiona averts her eyes since it’s a fact that the Galland family has fallen.

But it’s also the truth that her father and Nesso chose the safety of the family over their standing in the country. And yet she did something idiotic. She thought that she could stop these two and so she came back. And the result is this. Tears start to roll down her cheeks. Mejojo asks in fake concern why she’s crying and Auger answers that she must have realized what a fool she was to disobey him. Then he asks Mejojo to give Fiona a chance. Fiona repeats his words fearfully.

While Mejojo asks with a smile what kind of chance. Auger explains that it should be a chance for her to escape her punishment. She should apologize for doing something wrong and they’ll forgive her. Mejojo hums in thought and agrees that generosity is important for a king. He’s going to be the one to punish her. All she can do is look at these two beautiful princes in front of her and wonder what they will do to her. Even in such a frightening dim light the two of them are beautiful.

It just makes them more frightening. Mejojo nods and informs her that it must make her feel relief to be punished if it’ll make her be forgiven. Fiona doubts his words and wonders if the punishment will involve killing her so that nothing more will be done to her. Hope and despair begin to swirl around in her. Then Auger asks who will deliver the punishment. He knows that Fiona is his brother’s and so if his brother wants to do it then he’ll leave it to him.

But if he doesn’t want to touch such a dirty girl then he’ll deliver it. Fiona flinches at his words because no matter how many times he repeats his insults, she can’t get used to them. It’s strange how her mind can still be damaged in a situation like this. Mejojo draws her attention and informs her that he’ll let her choose. He asks her who she would like to be punished by before laughing gently and softly. It’s as if they’re asking who she’d like as a dance partner.

His smile is full of amusement and it’s as if she’s misunderstanding this whole thing and it’s just some new sort of game. But this isn’t a game. Auger impatiently orders her to choose one. Fiona decides to choose Mejojo because Auger tried to kill Julian in front of her. If she hadn’t stopped him then he would have. To have that kind of man punish her frightens her too much. Compared to Auger she feels like Mejojo will give a suitable punishment.

Mejojo is entertained at being chosen while Auger pouts at how his brother is more popular. Fiona can’t help but think of how their appearance hasn’t changed from how she knew them. They’re acting like how they always do when they played with her in the tower. But her memories of this conversation do not fit his situation at all. She’s tied to a chain and the two people in front of her are about to mete out a punishment.

Anyway, Mejojo takes out a whip from the wall and cracks it in the air which makes Fiona’s blood freeze. He notices the look and informs her cruelly that the whip is an instrument that an adult uses to punish a bad child. He’s sure she’ll appreciate it. Her body starts to tremble from fear. Up until now she has never been touched by a whip. She’s been scolded before but she has never done anything that to grant the taste of a whip.

In fact she has grown up without any physical punishment. Meanwhile, Julian continues to rattle his chains as he begs for them to hit him instead. Auger sighs and reminds him to be quiet since his brother is playing with Fiona right now. He kicks Julian in the stomach and orders him to be quiet, but Julian continues to beg. He even clings onto Auger as he begs for her not to be hit. Fiona is horrified and seeing that sight she is able to resolve herself.

She wanted to exchange places with Julian and receive his punishment. That was why she defended him. There is no meaning if she starts to look for help right now due to fear. It just makes Julian more painful. Since she decided to defend him then she should prepare herself. Fiona tells herself that she’ll be okay and she bites down on her teeth and bears the trembling in her body. Auger is amused by the look in her eyes and thinks it’ll be interesting to see how long she can remain unbroken with that stance.

Auger’s face becomes serious as he advises his brother to limit himself with the first strike and if he starts softly then she won’t be able to get used to the pain. Mejojo agrees since if he starts out severely then she won’t learn her lesson. Fiona shuts her eyes as he whispers cruelly for her to remember the taste of the whip. He steps around to her back and she instinctively tries to follow him with her eyes because she’s scared to lose sight of him.

It’s easy to turn her body to follow him, but Auger snickers and murmurs about how cute and brave it is in wanting to keep his brother in sight. He tells her softly that receiving a whip to the face will be extremely painful. Of course he doesn’t mind if she loves pain that much. But he adds that her skin might peel and if Mejojo aims badly then she might lose an eye. Fiona is terrified at his words and attempts to support her body, but because Mejojo is behind her she doesn’t know what he is doing at all.

She thinks she senses movement and so she shuts her eyes and stiffens her body only for Auger to laugh at how quick she is to do that, because all Mejojo did was shift his weight. Fiona wonders if she was mistaken and all they are trying to do is frighten her with the thought of the whip. But at that moment the whip strikes her back. It burns more than it hurts, but her scream is caught in her throat. Mejojo is impressed by how quiet she is.

Auger agrees and comments on how Julian screamed ungracefully from the start. Mejojo informs her that he doesn’t mind if she raises her voice, but there’s an appeal in how she’s keeping silent as well. It’s arousing. He’s talking to her as if he were describing musical instruments. The scorching heat on her back gradually turns into pain. And Fiona finally exhales sharply. Mejojo asks her if she’s relieved already before he informs her that it’s too early to relax since there is more to go.

When her eyes widen Mejojo points out that her punishment won’t end just after one hit. He asks her how many times she wants to be hit and how she wants it. Fiona’s conscious starts to twist at the thought of experiencing this pain over and over again. He raises the whip to her again and before she can plead for them to stop he hits her. It makes her body spin a little and she can see the grinning face of Auger, Mejojo with the whip, and Julian who is staring blankly at her.

Mejojo starts to raise his hand again and Fiona panics when she recalls the words of Auger who warned her about being hit in the face. She begs for them to stop and wait as she tries to fix her position but in her haste her foot slips and she’s sent twirling. She tries to beg for them to stop in her mind, but Mejojo’s next strike hits her in the belly and she screams. Auger tsks at what a bad student she is since he warned her and Mejojo points out that this is why they’re disciplining her.

The two cats have cruel smiles as they watch her and Fiona starts to beg for them to stop with tears in her face. She no longer thinks about how Julian is watching her because all she wants to do is escape this pain. Auger is unimpressed by how she broke from just after three hits. Mejojo informs her that if she wants to be forgiven then she should apologize. If her apology is sincere then he might hear it. She starts to apologize but Mejojo snarls out that he can’t hear her.

He whips her and she screams out an apology. But he whips her again and asks if she’s reflecting on her actions. Fiona sobs out that she is and begs them to forgive her but Auger calmly points out that her words are strange since his brother is the king and she’s just a belonging. She should learn how to speak. She begs for them to stop and forgive her, but starts to use more proper words. Mejojo continues to hit her until she calls him by his title though to which he smirks and praises her.

Auger agrees and comments on how he can see why she’s cute, but Mejojo reminds him firmly that she’s his. He chuckles and tells Mejojo that he knows. And then he informs Fiona sweetly that she just called Mejojo by his title and Fiona is stricken by how she lost her mind and mouth to escape the pain. Her lips start to tremble and tears leak out of her eyes. Even when Mejojo was a prince she had never used his title. And Julian is seeing this all. Despair starts to crush her.

Mejojo asks her if she understands that it’s useless to defy him. He tells her softly 「もう二度とは言わない。私から離れるな。私の傍にいろ。」(I will not say this again. You will not leave me. You will remain beside me). When she doesn’t respond he snarls at her to answer and cracks the whip on the floor. Fiona’s body has learnt the meaning of that sound and it cringes as she hears it. She knows the pain that will follow that sound and she can no longer defy him. She’s already called him by his title and so all she can do is obey him.

The moment she agrees he smiles with satisfaction. It’s a smile that is satisfied because it has finally obtained something that it has longed for for a long time. And Julian can only watch her with a pale face. Anyway, Mejojo and Auger continue to look down at her before Mejojo asks her if she will swear to be his. Fiona can do nothing but nod her head. And Julian continues to stare straight at her with a pale face.

With tears in her eyes Fiona wishes for him not to despise her. It is after being brought into this room that she now understands the meaning of Julian’s words when he said that. Now that her mind has given up, once she starts to betray what she believed in, she will become nothing but a pathetic person. But even still she doesn’t want to receive more cruelty. She doesn’t want to be afraid, hurt, or experience pain.

In this short amount of time her mind has already been broken into pieces by these two princes. Auger snickers at how obedient she’s become and informs her that if she continues to obey them then he’ll cherish her. Her heart trembles at the thought of being treated gently. If she listens to what they say then they’ll be nice. If she disobeys then fearful things will happen. That’s what she learned in this short time. Then Mejojo informs her that in order for her not to forget that she is his, he’s going to give her his crest.

When Fiona looks confused Mejojo orders Auger to bring it over and her eyes widen when she sees the red-hot brand and she tries to crawl away. Auger asks her dangerously if she wants to be punished and she instantly freezes. He asks where he should place it and Mejojo muses out loud about how it’ll be very noticeable on her white skin, but since the polite fiction is that she’s his wife he doesn’t want it on a noticeable place. And so he orders Auger to lift up her hair.

They warn her that any movement will cause her unnecessary pain and then they place it on the back of her neck. Her world turns into fire and pain. And after what feels like an eternity they remove it. And then on the back of her neck is physical proof that she belongs to them. Julian’s breathing starts to turn rough and Fiona looks over at him fearfully. There is an unknown and hidden heat in his eyes as he watches her. UHH.. CRAY CRAY TIME?

Meanwhile, the wolves decides to invade the castle in one last fight to overthrow the king and Arles leaves behind his notes on Zodiva. Nesso and Zara request to go along to retrieve Fiona.

Back with Fiona. She has lost track of how long she has been in the dungeons and while she tried to keep track of the time by when her food was delivered, she realized it was given to her sparsely. The door opens and she quickly curls up in a corner to make herself as small as possible. It is probably Mejojo or Auger come to torture her some more. They continue to break her with the whip and no matter how much she begs, cries, or apologizes, they do not forgive her.

Every day is a continuing hell. She shuts her eyes as she thinks about how she doesn’t want to be hurt anymore. But the footsteps come closer and then Auger asks her if she’s been a good child. And when she looks up at him slowly she sees Julian behind him. After that fateful day, their paths split. Julian has become their servant while she has been chained down here like a pet. Julian doesn’t avert his eyes from her crouched form. He stares at her fixedly.

Naturally, the cruel things that Auger and Mejojo do to her are painful. But no matter how much weakness and disgraceful behavior she shows, it is Julian’s eyes that watch her which hurts her the most. She doesn’t understand why he’s looking at her with those eyes. It’s not contempt. It’s not sympathy. He just stares at her with dark eyes as if he were memorizing her form. She wonders what he’s thinking when he sees her like this.

But he doesn’t answer. He just continues to stare at her. Auger asks her what her answer is and her attention is dragged back to Auger as she stutters out that she has been. He approves of how she answers his questions and he pats her on the head before informing her that he has interesting news for her today. He tells her that he’s sure she’ll like it, but Fiona knows he’s lying because what he finds fun isn’t what she finds fun. It’ll surely be something that will make her scream and cry.

Auger’s eyebrow raises as he asks her if she isn’t happy and he yanks her hair forcefully. Fiona cries out that she’s happy and he throws her to the floor as he approves. She sighs with relief at being released, but she has no freedom when she’s confined like this. She has mental freedom, but not physical freedom. No matter how unpleasant it is, she has to do what Auger and Mejojo order her to do. She has to say what they want her to say. When she’s sad she has to say she’s happy.

When she’s happy she has to say she’s sad. She has to deny her own feelings. Fiona is starting to question the point of her existence. It might be easier if she disappeared. If she had no feelings and no will and became an existence that only followed orders.. The sweet poison of that idea gnaws at her little by little. Fiona reminds herself that she is Fiona Galland and she is herself. She came back to this castle for the sake of Weblin. No matter how much she is oppressed she mustn’t give up.

She mustn’t break herself. After strengthening her resolve she looks up at Auger who orders her to stand and to follow him. He detaches her chain from the wall while she staggers up slowly and wonders where they’ll be going. But then she realizes that it doesn’t matter where they go so long as they leave this place. There is only stagnated air in the dungeons. She wants to breathe in fresh air and she wants to see sunlight. Auger makes a cutting remark about how she should move more energetically since she’s young.

But he shrugs and sets off at a quick pace which makes Fiona panic as she tries to follow him. And as always, Julian only watches her silently. Just before they arrive at the throne room, Auger whispers something to Julian and he disappears silently off to somewhere. Fiona can’t help but feel relieved at the lack of eyes on her. She doesn’t want him to see her when she breaks down and cries. Anyway, Auger takes her into the throne room and Fiona feels her breath catch at the sight of Mejojo.

He has an unbearably cruel smirk on his face that is full of vicious delight. That smile only appears when the topic is about wolves and Fiona instantly knows that the topic of the conversation won’t be anything good for her. Auger informs his brother that he’s brought her and Mejojo praises him. While the two of them talk Fiona kneels down and lowers her head. It’s a basic stance that she’s learnt after her long stay here. From the start, she wasn’t able to do this unless directed to by Auger.

But somewhere along the line it has become natural. Mejojo informs her that today he has information that he wants to give especially to her. She glances at him timidly to see that he has crossed his legs arrogantly and is looking cheerful. He informs her that he had sent many soldiers to the place where she had been caught, but they couldn’t find the base of the wolves. It was one thing that Julian and she would take to their deaths.

No matter how many times Mejojo and Auger asked, they would not reveal the position. But it’s more like Nesso never told her the details of where they were going and all she knows is that there is a deserted castle in the mountains. When Arles and Guillan took her and Julian to the village it was night and they were moving so fast that she had no idea of her surroundings. Anyway, it turns out that the wolves are making the first move.

Fiona can’t believe that they’re going to attack the castle again since they promised to wait. But she realizes that she failed anyway since Mejojo and Auger won’t listen to her. Her heart hurts at the thought of conflict though because countless people will die. There will no longer be any reconciliation with the wolves, but when Fiona points out that if there are no wolves then a cure for Zodiva cannot be made Mejojo smirks coldly and tells her to relax since he’ll capture countless amounts.

He’ll chain them up and perform research on them until he discovers the vaccine. Fiona freezes as she wonders if she’s just given him another reason to use the wolves. Anyway, he also informs her that he has more good news. There has been sightings of a man and rabbit among the wolf pack. Mejojo’s eyes glitter with amusement as he watches her carefully so he doesn’t miss her reaction. Fiona’s breath catches in her throat and she asks why in a croaking voice.

Auger points out that it’s obvious they’ve come to save her. Fiona doesn’t understand why since she chose Weblin over a future with her family and she betrayed them by sneaking out of the night. She is suffering due to her own decision and so she’s resigned to it, but those two haven’t done anything. Fiona begs them to stop them or spare them, but Mejojo asks her how she will stop them since she can’t contact them from here. Auger points out that they haven’t done anything to them.

It’s Nesso and Zara’s fault for coming here to become their enemy. He pouts at how her words wound him by making them sound like the bad guys. She starts to cry at how they should have been able to escape the country, but because they wish to save her they are approaching with the wolves. Mejojo sneers at how foolish she is and comments on how frantically she is trying to save their lives. It’s clear they are precious to her and consider her precious. He asks her angrily if she’s forgotten who she belongs to.

He knows she’ll accept their hand when they come to save her, despite knowing who she should belong to. She’s shameless. Auger agrees because she’s a loose slut who will surely wag her tail at the appearance of those two. Fiona’s eyes widen before she sobs out that she won’t leave the castle. She’ll definitely stay so long as they spare them. Auger softly laughs and points out how ugly she is by how desperate she is. But she’s cute because of how ungraceful she is.

Auger asks Mejojo what he will do and so Mejojo remarks slowly on how since his lovely wife is entreating him so much, he will think on it. Fiona asks him hopefully if he really will. She doesn’t care if he calls her his wife or his pet so long as those two are spared she will do anything. Mejojo just smiles gently at her desperation and nods. When she smiles at him gratefully he crushes her hopes by saying he will only think about it. Auger bursts out laughing at her face and how pale it became.

Mejojo sneers and reminds her that he’s king of Weblin. He cannot allow people who defy him to live. When she calls them cruel, Auger looks confused and points out that other countries are the same. Anyone who disobeys the king is executed. She continues to beg them despite the fact that they simply look down on her with a cruel smile. And then she hears the sound of a cart being pushed. It’s Julian who is bringing them tea.

She’s sure Auger and Mejojo ordered him to do that and Fiona cries silently at how she didn’t want him to come. This is why she didn’t want him to come. Her heart clenches at the thought of him seeing her crying miserably in front of the two like this. Auger informs her that he just had a good idea. He wants to see how unpresentable she can be. And if she does that then she might be able to save Nesso and Zara. He continues to smile as he pours himself a cup of tea.

And then he spills it onto the floor. A cruel smirk appears on his face as he orders her to drink it. ಠ_ಠ AUGER… NO. JUST NO. Fiona grits her teeth while Mejojo chuckles and comments on how he was wondering why Auger ordered tea, but now he sees what an interested idea he had. He asks Fiona what she will do since if she becomes even more pathetic she might be able to save Nesso and Zara. Fiona doesn’t believe them though, because they are just baiting her with hope and once they deprive her of her dignity they won’t spare them.

Sobs start to spill from her throat because no matter what she does, Mejojo and Auger will kill Nesso and Zara. But even if she knows this, she can’t help but hope and so she starts to crawl towards the spilled tea. щ(゚Д゚щ) FIONA YOU KNOW YET WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!? FIONA!! While she breaks down and lowers her mouth to the floor, she can hear Julian indifferently preparing tea for those two. Even if she knows it, she can’t not try to save Nesso and Zara. If there is even a possibility then she can only attempt it.

As her face approaches the floor she hesitates, because no matter how clean this place is it’s been a place where countless people have walked on. She shuts her eyes and lowers her face, but then she hears something heavy fall down. She realizes something has happened but she can’t seem to bring her head up. If she incurs the wrath of Mejojo and Auger then they will simply do more cruel things. But she hears Mejojo gasping in pain and someone on the throne trembling.

Fiona is wondering what is happening and then she hears Julian tell her that it’s alright to lift her head now. At his gentle voice she is urged to lift her head. And when she looks up she’s shocked at a scene which she could never have imagined. Auger has collapsed onto the floor while Mejojo has slipped off his throne and is clutching his chest in pain. Only Julian was standing gracefully. Julian gently tells her that there is poison in the tea, but she can relax because it won’t kill them.

Fiona lowers her eyes and wonders why but then realization settles in her mind and her shoulders start to shake when she thinks about why he doesn’t kill them. Julian admits that he thought about killing them, but then he thought about various other things. When Fiona repeats his words he smiles at her kindly and his look at her is as if nothing has changed up to now except that he’s done some hard work. Except, for some reason she can see something strange and terrible in the Julian standing before her.

Mejojo snarls in pain at Julian and asks him what he intends to do with him and Auger. Fiona flinches but Julian reassures her that while they have conscious and can speak, they cannot move. But she still hesitates to be near them and so she shuffles over to Julian’s side. Auger is chuckling painfully at how interesting he’s being. Fiona wonders how he can still keep his composure in a situation like this. Mejojo asks him with a sneer if Julian is going to kill them both.

Auger continues to chuckle and invites them too since they’ll die as well. Mejojo crazily informs them that if they kill the royal family then they will be pursued. Fiona’s eyes widen as she realizes the truth in their words, because if they’re killed then Weblin won’t change. If the king is lost then Weblin might fall into greater confusion and conflict. They’ll be caught the moment they leave the room if they kill Mejojo and Auger and then the only thing waiting for them will be an execution.

Fiona shuts her eyes as she wonders hopelessly if they can’t do anything in the end. She asks Julian what they should do, but he reassures her calmly and places a hand on her shoulder. Then he shouts for someone to enter and countless soldiers march into the room much to Mejojo and Auger’s surprise. For a moment fear spikes through her at the thought of being caught, but once again Julian reassures her and she realizes that he wouldn’t have called them in if they were going to be captured.

Since she can’t read the situation at all she can only tremble timidly. Julian continues to pat her shoulder in order to calm her. The knights do not look at Julian or Fiona and instead they face the fallen Mejojo and Auger. They excuse themselves to Mejojo and Auger as they lift them up. Mejojo asks them cautiously what they’re doing while Auger shouts out that they won’t get away with doing this to him and his brother. Mejojo asks them if they aren’t guards of the castle.

And just as Fiona wonders about that, Julian coldly informs them that these are soldiers of the Galland Marquis. Mejojo’s eyes narrow while Fiona gasps out her uncle’s name. The Marquis is her father’s older brother and the father of Elvira Galland, Mejojo’s previous fiancée. He is the head of the Galland family in Weblin which is known as one of the three noble families. Fiona wonders why that person would do this and then he enters the room and comments on how regrettable it is to meet her in this state.

The Marquis has appeared from behind his soldiers. Because Fiona has lived in a tower all her life, she doesn’t really remember his face since she’s never met him often. But he resembles her father a lot. His strong face softens when he takes in how Julian is keeping a hand on her shoulder. He apologizes to Fiona for being slow in helping her. That gentle smile on his face reminds her of the father she left and tears spill down her cheeks before she clings onto him instinctively.

He’s surprised before he wraps an arm powerfully around her. She can’t stop sobbing harshly and all the Marquis can do is rub her back and reassure her in a teary voice that everything is over. Fiona realizes that the weight she has been on her father must have been a weight that Elvira was on the Marquis and so he can see Elvira in her. After all, Mejojo and Arles has mentioned that she looks a lot like her. Elvira was taken to the castle as Mejojo’s fiancée and she lost her life.

And the Marquis must not have known the truth about what happened to his daughter. Since the tragedy that happened ten years ago has been blamed on Arles. And it is said that Arles is dead. After everything was over, the grieving Marquis would have lost his daughter without being told anything. Auger asks the Marquis angrily why he would do this and so Julian explains that he revealed everything to the Marquis; about what happened ten years ago and what they should do to cure Zodiva.

Mejojo and Auger’s eyes widen in shock and Julian coldly asks them if they didn’t consider the possibility that he might defy them. Did they not think he would make a move when he had his own will? He smiles bitterly at them as he notes that they must not have thought a broken doll like him could retain his conscious and make a move. Fiona murmurs his name. Mejojo and Auger had said and thought that Julian was bound to them through fear. And that was the truth, up until he escaped the castle.

But Mejojo and Auger overlooked Julian. They thought he couldn’t do anything. They thought they could just leave him alone. But they were wrong because Julian isn’t their toy anymore. And he made his move quietly. The Marquis informs everyone that he has consulted with the other aristocrats and Mejojo and Auger’s reign has ended now. Mejojo snarls at him to stop fooling around and asks what he intends to do with the throne.

Julian calmly informs him that he is going to succeed the throne. Mejojo and Auger’s eyes widen before Auger calls that foolishness since he was disinherited. Julian agrees that he was disinherited and lost his rights to the throne, but the father who disinherited him is gone. Killed by these two. Mejojo and Auger and even Fiona gasp. She can’t believe they killed their own father. But then Mejojo points out desperately that he has no proof.

Fiona is silent since Mejojo’s reaction is proof enough. She recalls the first time she met the king and how kind he was despite Auger and Mejojo’s complaints. He told her that nothing bad would happen to her as she stayed here until the accusations of her being a witch were disproved. She can’t believe these two would kill their own father or go to such lengths. Such as the things they did to the wolves and to her.

As she looks at Mejojo and Auger’s limp body in the arms of the knights, she realizes that she will never understand them even if she had an eternity. Auger snaps out that they don’t have proof that he and Mejojo killed their father. Julian easily admits that they don’t have the evidence, but he consulted the physician in charge of his father’s health and he said that their father shouldn’t have died so suddenly. He also told Julian that Mejojo and Auger were the only ones to care for the king.

Everything happened behind closed doors. Mejojo snarls out that they still don’t have proof to do this to him. Julian interrupts and tells him that isn’t all. The aristocrats that the Marquis have gathered have decided amongst themselves that they can no longer follow Mejojo. Assassinating their own father, persecuting the wolves, and concealing the medicine for Zodiva.. Mejojo and Auger have committed too many crimes.

The Marquis accuses them of riling up the people of the country for no reason other than to accuse Fiona of being a witch and to crush the house of his younger brother, the Galland Earl. He asks if they understand how frightening that is to the other aristocrats. It’s frightening to have the possibility of losing everything for no reason. Auger grinds his teeth as the Marquis informs them that the aristocrats, who were oppressed by fear, leapt at the hope that His Highness, Julian, gave them.

Mejojo is stunned by the title that Julian is addressed by and the Marquis nods before informing him that Julian is the true heir to the throne, while Mejojo and Auger are usurpers. Mejojo grits his teeth while Auger shouts at them to stop this foolishness because it’s obvious that Mejojo is the king. He turns hysterical as he screams that only Mejojo can be this country’s king. The Marquis releases a heavy sigh and orders them to be taken away.

And as they’re dragged away Mejojo snarls at them to release him and realize who he is. Auger screams at them to stop, release him, and stop touching him with their filth. Their voices gradually become farther and farther. When Fiona asks Julian what will happen to them he admits that he doesn’t know, but he thinks a decision will be made with everyone. The Marquis decides that they should be imprisoned for now. Fiona nods before she thanks him gratefully and tiredly.

But then she asks what will really happen now? Will Julian actually be the king? The Marquis nods at that since there is no one else who can succeed the throne. Right now there is a minimum amount of powerful aristocrats who have heard the Marquis’ story and support him and so no one will oppose Julian becoming king. Also, up until now everyone has lived in fear of the unknown sickness Zodiva; aristocrats and commoners alike.

And if a king, who should originally defend the country, appears and frees them from this fear then no one would defy him. And so no one will oppose Julian if he’s the one who discovers the treatment method and reconciles with the wolves. Once everything has settled down, the Marquis promises to prepare Julian to succeed the throne. The Galland family will attach their house to their new king, Julian. He thanks the Marquis gratefully since everything that happened here was thanks to him.

The Marquis shakes his head and points out that Julian was the one who revealed the truth to him. Thanks to Julian the Marquis was finally able to learn about what happened to his daughter ten years ago. Fiona asks if everything is solved, but Julian shrugs his shoulder. He doesn’t think things will settle that easily and he also believes he isn’t as excellent as Mejojo is in ruling. Fiona tries to deny that but Julian shakes his head and tells her that he isn’t an excellent prince like they were.

That’s why he accepted the hardships with being disinherited and allowed the two to do whatever they please. Fiona’s eyes soften while Julian informs the Marquis that he is an immature prince who will surely be an immature king and asks if he can and will still support him. The Marquis kindly tells him that he will. The Galland family will act as a good friend and good vassal. Julian thanks him gratefully and they clasp hands before shaking firmly.

Fiona thinks about how there’s a chance Julian might lose his temper to the extent that Mejojo and Auger had, but still.. if it’s Julian then she believes everything will be fine. She believes in the certainty of this. All the aristocrats will follow the Galland Marquis and support Julian. Her father and Nesso as well. Now that Mejojo and Auger have lost their power, her family no longer needs to escape the country. She can live together with her family in Weblin again.

Then Fiona’s eyes widen as she blurts out that the wolves are coming here to attack the castle and they need to do something quickly. She was so relieved that she was saved, but everything isn’t finished yet because Arles is still heading towards the castle. Julian smiles and reassures her that he already put measures in place for that. The Marquis explains that all the guards who were supposed to defend the castle have been sent away. He hopes the wolves will stop their attack when they realize no one wants to fight them.

Julian explains that the only people in this castle are just them three. Fiona is surprised because she thought the castle was always as quiet as this. All of this occurred while she had been tortured and bullied by Mejojo and Auger as they informed her about Nesso and Zara. Fiona didn’t notice this at all and Julian warns her not to trust in them. When Fiona asks what that means, the Marquis explains that Mejojo’s source of information comes from the CCK. Once the CCK are suppressed then they are blind.

Fiona realizes that the CCK are often informing Mejojo of the comings and goings around the country. When she asks what happened to them, Julian tells her that they are imprisoned for now. She nods glumly since the CCK treated her well while she was in the garden. She knows they can’t treat them nicely, but she doesn’t want any cruel punishment to be bestowed upon them. Julian tells her that he wants to wait for Arles’ arrival at the gates.

The Marquis feels like that’ll be dangerous but Julian reassures him and points out that they won’t believe him until they see him. The Marquis is troubled by this since he doesn’t wish to put the next king in danger. His face draws down into a frown but Fiona volunteers herself to wait with him. He startles at that and tells her that he won’t be able to look his brother in the face if he allows her into that dangerous situation. Fiona reassures him that it’ll be alright.

She was the one who made him promise to wait and believe in her. She looks at Julian with a smile and points out that it’d be proper. Julian returns her smile and confesses that it’s reassuring to have her by his side. He grasps her hand and squeezes it firmly. When they escaped the castle and returned to it, they were together. And that’s why they should end everything together. And so Julian and her were seen off by the Marquis and they head to the gates.

The wolves who came to attack seem puzzled at the gates that are flung open and how Julia and Fiona are the only ones standing there while holding hands. Soon Arles, Nesso, and Zara step out from the crowd. Nesso loudly calls her an idiotic girl and asks her if she knows how much they worried. Zara also asks her if she wants him to die from strain because he was so worried his chest was about to collapse. But even though they’re scolding her they embrace her tightly.

And though it was painful, it was warm. Fiona apologizes as tears well up in her eyes and a hot feeling rises in her chest. She didn’t think she’d be able to meet them alive. Just a few minutes ago she had been prepared to lick up tea from the floor just to beg for their lives. She sobs out that she didn’t think she’d be able to see them again. The two of them call her an idiot, but they continue to hold her firmly and gently.

When they finish their reunion, Julian also finishes his explanation about everything to Arles. Guillan complains about not being able to kill anything, but Rath smiles at being able to avoid a useless fight. Guillan just snarls at how he had prepared himself to kill a ton of people, but now it’s all for nothing. Rath can only sigh with an amazed look at how dissatisfied Guillan is. Fiona smiles at how Guillan might be disappointed, but she’s glad they avoided a fight.

And then Arles, who had remained silent up until now, solemnly opens his mouth and asks what will happen to Mejojo and Auger. Julian muses on how they are no longer part of the royal family and so they will be disinherited. Perhaps they will be imprisoned forever in the castle and have their positions removed. Arles exhales quietly while Guillan complains about how much trouble they’re going through when they should just end their lives in one blow. Rath agrees with Guillan that imprisonment is too light of a punishment.

Arles sighs again and Fiona looks at him in confusion since he’s remained silent through Guillan and Rath’s demands. She wonders why since amongst the wolves Arles is the one who has the deepest grudge against them. His lover had been killed, he had been framed, his race was persecuted, and he was chased out. But Arles just keeps silent before he confirms with Julian that they are going to be imprisoned in the castle. Julian nods.

He confirms that their positions will be stripped and Julian nods again. Then he asks if they’ll be imprisoned like how Julian was. Fiona blinks in confusion but Arles’ words resound with meaning. Arles stares straight at Julian with a fierce look and Julian stares back before a calm smile appears and he inclines his head 「ええ。かつての俺のように。」(Yes. Just like how I was). Fiona’s eyes widen in shock because Mejojo and Auger aren’t a threat to anyone any longer.

But Arles laughs quietly at Julian’s answer before he orders his wolves to move out since there is no longer a reason to fight. Guillan gapes while Rath asks if it’s really alright not to kill Mejojo and Auger. Arles tells them that he doesn’t care before ordering them to move. Guillan and Rath follow Arles in dissatisfaction as he withdraws with a flare of his mantle. He informs Julian that they will return to the deserted castle of Zanan. If they need to contact him in the future they can send a messenger.

Julian inclines his head and the wolves depart. Nesso asks if they should return as well and Zara agrees since it will take some time before everything is settled and they can rest in their castle until then. Fiona agrees since a lot of things happened after she was taken out of the tower and into the castle. And in that time she hadn’t had the chance to rest her mind. Her face falls when she thinks of her residence and then she notices Julian looking depressed.

When she asks him if something is the matter he averts his eyes and shakes his head with a blush. But he looks back at her as if he wants to object while Fiona wonders if she’s imagining the redness in his cheeks. Julian exhales shakily but Fiona continues to wait patiently. And after he hesitates and searches for his words.. he blurts out 「フィオナ、俺にはあなたが必要です……!!これからも、俺の側にいてくれませんか……!?」(Fiona, I need you..!! Could you stay by my side from hereafter..!?).

Fiona is startled by his words and then the heat rushes into her cheeks. Nesso groans in the background and raises a hand to his face while Zara chuckles. And for some reason their reactions make her even more embarrassed. Julian asks her worriedly 「……だ、駄目ですか……?」(.. Is it im-impossible..?). She thinks carefully about how Julian has been oppressed by Mejojo and Auger for a long time and has had his mind broken.

But that person, in the end, gathered the support of the other aristocrats and saved not just her but the future of Weblin. What she feels for that Julian is.. Fiona smiles gently and tells him that it’s not impossible because she also wants to stay by his side. Nesso makes a strangled noise while Zara continues to snicker. Julian asks her eagerly if she means that and Fiona nods before telling him that she wants to be with him from now on.

She wants to be able to support him even a little. He thanks her in an emotional voice and behind her, as Julian takes her hand, Nesso sighs again while Zara pats him comfortingly on the back.

Meanwhile, Guillan asks Arles why he isn’t going to kill Mejojo and Auger. Rath also points out how he can’t accept that and asks why. No one would be able to stop them if they sent someone to do it. Arles just asks them both what they have heard. When they both look at him in confusion Arles reminds them that Julian promised to imprison Mejojo and Auger exactly how they imprisoned him.

Comprehension dawns on Rath, but Guillan pouts and asks someone to explain it to him. Arles voice is a growl as he explains that those two will continue to experience a pain greater than death. He orders them sharply to move and Guillan obeys reluctantly while Rath becomes appeased.

Several days passed from that. Her father, who had left the country with Pearl and Richie, returned to Scharlmessen. The rumors about her being a witch disappeared slowly as the news was spread that a medicine for Zodiva was starting to be developed. Nesso and Zara inform her that it will take just a little bit more time before everything returns to normal. Meanwhile her life..

Fiona notes that Julian is late today and she looks blankly out at the scenery. She opted to remain in the castle to support Julian and so she returned to the cottage in the garden. While there are scary memories here, this is also the place where she first met Julian. And this garden continues to be taken care of by Julian. In the end, it’s a place that Julian has also spent a lot of time in.

As the new king of Weblin he has work to take care of, but whenever he can find leisure time he spends it in the gardens. They take care of the flowers together and drink tea together. They can spend their day relaxing and talking while looking at the flowers. The days where she might die at any moment seem like a lie. She didn’t think she’d be able to experience such a peaceful feeling in the castle. Fiona wonders out loud where Julian is and a maid answers that she heard he had finished his work.

Another maid asks if she should make for the castle to see where he is, but Fiona shakes her head with a smile. She thinks he had just been caught by someone in the hall and was drawn into a long conversation. She waves her hand to stop the maids who had bowed in worry. Her maids take care of her and talk to her when Julian isn’t here. She’s not forbidden to leave this place unlike before, but still she doesn’t feel much like leaving the castle.

It’s probably because of the bad associations she has with that idea. She’s able to spend her time calmly and luxuriously while she waits for Julian to return. Suddenly, footsteps are heard and Fiona smiles as she thinks it must be Julian. The maids exchange grins and they stand up to prepare themselves to return to the castle when Julian arrives. Fiona is amused by the consideration they give her and how they allow her and Julian have their alone time.

Anyway, Julian appears with a gentle smile and greets her. She greets him back and asks him happily how his day went. Julian thinks it went so-so since he feels like he’s getting by as the king only due to the Marquis and the support of the other aristocrats. He laughingly points out that if he were by himself then he wouldn’t be able to do anything since he’d be so lost. The maids greet him and teasingly inform him that Fiona was waiting impatiently. Another maid agrees and then wishes them to spend their time together slowly.

Fiona blushes while the maids giggle and leave. Even though she looked forward to Julian returning, she’s a bit embarrassed to have that known. Julian winces and apologizes before he asks if she waited long. Fiona shakes her head and reassures him that it’s fine, since she can’t be selfish when he has work. Julian shyly tells her 「別に……、あなただったら我儘を言われても嬉しいのに。」(It’s nothing.. It actually makes me happy if you’re the one being selfish). She turns red and exasperatedly says his name.

Julian chuckles and points out that her face is red, which just makes Fiona shout at him not to say that. Julian smiles at their silly and affectionate talk before he moves into the kitchen. He had been a gardener for such a long time, that he prefers to do things himself rather than have someone else do them. Fiona volunteers to make the tea but Julian tells her that he likes making tea and he points out that she likes his tea too, right?

She frowns as she reluctantly admits that and he merely grins as he tells her to sit down. Fiona sits down but wonders if it’s proper for the king of a country to be making tea. But she decides that it’s fine, since the person in question is happy. She watches him make the tea and then asks him if he stopped anywhere along the way back. He blinks at her in surprise and she hastily explains that he was slower than usual today and she had heard that he already left the study.

So she was wondering if something happened. Julian tells her 「ああ、それは――…。……ちょっと、廊下で貴族の方に捕まってしまっていたんです。」(Aah, that… I was.. caught by an aristocrat in the hall). He elaborates on how the aristocrat had many questions about the Zodiva research and how it was being advanced thanks to the cooperation of the wolves. Fiona excitedly asks if the research is finally starting and Julian smiles in satisfaction and nods. Julian, her, Nesso, and Zara were able to come to a mutual understanding with the wolves.

But it will take a little more time for that to occur throughout the country. Thanks to the wound that Mejojo and Auger carved ten years ago. Julian extends the cup of tea towards her and Fiona accepts it happily, but her expression falls when she notices a stain on the cuff of his sleeve. It looks as if drops of black water splashed onto it. She feels like she saw something unpleasant and so she averts her eyes.

It looked like a bloodstain. She thought of something unpleasant. She shouldn’t think about that. Julian asks her innocently if something is wrong and Fiona shakes her head with a fake smile while she receives her tea cup. She lies about how she just remembered a scary story that she heard from her maids. Julian raises his eyebrows and Fiona explains that the maids told her about the seven mysteries of the castle to pass the time.

Julian is surprised since he hadn’t known that at all and he asks her to tell him. Fiona is alarmed and hurriedly tells him that she doesn’t want to because it’s scary. She regrets hearing it and wants to forgret it already. Julian chuckles and comments on what a shame it is, but his voice doesn’t sound as if he regrets it and he lifts his cup of tea to his mouth. In her mind Fiona thinks about how she regrets asking.

She recalls a conversation she had with her maids about there’s a scary story going around the castle. Fiona’s eyes widen while another maid tells the first one not to talk about that story. The first maid realizes her mistake and apologizes but Fiona points out that she can’t help but be curious now. But if there’s a rumor going around like that then it must be because the castle is so peaceful now.

Maid 2 thinks that might be a possibility since people have too much time on their hands now. And so Fiona eagerly asks what kind of scary story is being passed around. Maid 1 asks her if she knows about the room Mejojo and Auger built underneath the ground to torture wolves. Fiona averts her eyes and nods slowly. Maid 1 continues to say that the room is completely closed now and no one is allowed to enter it.

But one can still hear the sounds of someone suffering and crying. The blood drains from Fiona’s face and Maid 2 notices it immediately and realizes that they shouldn’t talk about this topic. Maid 1 apologizes for getting into the mood. Fiona shakes her head weakly.

Back in the present. Fiona convinces herself that it was just a rumor. Her eyes lower and she savors the taste of her tea. The sweet smell warms her and heals her mind. She compliments how delicious it is and Julian smiles softly in delight. A beautiful garden and a gentle Julian. Fiona is happy. Yes, she’s happy. And because she’s happy she doesn’t want to think about anything that might destroy that happiness.

The black stain on Julian’s cuff. The amount of time Julian is gone for after he leaves the study. Voices heard from the underground torture room that should have been closed. And the whereabouts of Mejojo and Auger. She heard that they were imprisoned in the castle, but she doesn’t know exactly where they are. She’s scared to know. That’s why she will shut her eyes to everything and see only the things she wants to see.

She thinks it’s unfair, but.. Julian notices her look and asks her gently if something is the matter. Fiona smiles and reassures him that it’s nothing and they exchange calm smiles. She shuts her eyes to the faint scent of blood when she draws close to Julian.

Julian laughs softly and quietly.


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    Moguri said:
    May 12, 2019 at 22:06

    I know this is a very old post so I’m sorry to be commenting here, it’s unlike that I’ll get a reply but still, I’m trapped trying to get Julian’s true. After playing both Auger and Mejojo’s good and bad ends I decided to go for Julian and I managed to get his good and bad endings (this one broke my heart ;-;) but when I try his true end, Julian always dies because the option to save him from Auger never appears to me. I wonder if I have to play all the other routes first to get this end. I’ve heard that the best playing order is Mejojo (or Auger), then Nesso (ugh somehow I hate him already), Zara, Rath, Guillian, Arles and then Julian. But I also failed when I tried Aruru’s good end and ended up with a dead Fiona. What should I do? Please any help is appreciated! 🥺

      Ilinox responded:
      May 12, 2019 at 22:22

      Hmm, I think you only need to complete one of the routes: Mejojo, Auger, Nesso, or Zara, and you need to get Julian’s good end to unlock his true end.

      Try these choices from a game that starts at the very beginning, not a save at the first choice or anything.


        Moguri said:
        May 16, 2019 at 19:23

        I followed your guide, but still, Julian died. The option to stop Auger and save him didn’t even popped up, he just straight killed him. I don’t know what’s wrong, maybe I’ll have to do all the other routes first and leave his true ending for last, that way maybe it will unlock it.

    Suzy said:
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    The Creepy Laugh at the End Was Julian’s?

      Ilinox responded:
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      Yesss… I ASSURE YOU IT WAS VERY EERIE. Like it wasn’t full-blown crazy laughter but he was definitely doing one of those villainous chuckles.

        Cindy said:
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        Now I really want to hear it lol xD

    bambi said:
    August 8, 2012 at 18:54

    i think julian’s true end makes me think of that movie… hmm… about this pedophile… the movie’s just about this man living this really ordinary life interacting with his family, co-workers, etc. normal in every way except that he has a boy locked in his basement who he molests from time to time. AGH THIS IS SO FREAKY SO FREAKED OUT /cannotkeepcalm ffffffffffffff i need a time out
    (ok back) replying to random people’s comments like Kumiko_Fujimoto and Ilinox i just have to say: idk maybe i’m disregarding the context of this story being in an otoge setting but honesty, to me, the point is not whether he’ll hurt fiona or not. or whether he’s just as morally reprehensible as the twins. i honestly think the whole point of this whole story, all routes considered, is to demonstrate how drawn we are to sickness in humanity. it doesn’t matter what people’s reactions are, be they freaked out (LOL me) or analytical like many of the commenters here. the point is that we all read it. when we hear the premise of the story, when we start finding out what kind of direction it’s taking, we are at once repulsed and fascinated. we cannot turn away. when we read about/see the intensely repugnant and psychologically traumatizing tortures inflicted upon these characters, we stay to watch the show, to
    “see where it might lead to.” so, really, the real darkness in all this is in ourselves, in our thirst for the grotesque and transgressive.

    p.s. this is really more a self-discovering written diarrhea than anything. i was pointing the finger at myself. (still feel icky now T-T)

      Ilinox responded:
      August 9, 2012 at 11:15

      I think that’s an interesting point and probably why material like this sells so much. I think I’ve made a similar mention before in my Mejojo post or my sadist podcast with Suri. We talked (or I talked ;; I can’t remember which) about how stories like these might sell well because they’re an exploration of the grotesque side to humans.

      It’s like how people can’t seem to turn their eyes from a spectacle or an accident. We’re just drawn to watching these things. BWS definitely sells this point well and I love how it explores all these horrible horrible sides of the human psyche; delving into madness, obsession, war, etc.

    Otoya Oto-kun Ittoki said:
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    Waaa this was such a good route! I’d have to say out of all the routes I’ve read so far Julian’s ‘true’ route was the best. I mean, I really did love all the rest you’ve translated so far but this one was the most satisfying. There isn’t a single thing I dislike about it, nor would I want to change. Of course since this is a BN ending there’s going to be a little horror at the end right? Any who, everything fit together rather nicely and I’m fairly happy with how things turned out. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading more if you do continue to write about the other routes!

      Ilinox responded:
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      They’re probably keeping the “true” ends for the rest of the characters in their PSP sequel or something. At least, that’s what my friends and I think.

      LOL good point! It wouldn’t be BN if someone somewhere wasn’t getting tortured or suffering for something /o\. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and I’ll definitely be writing the other routes!

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      Is Julian toutering Auger and Mejojo at the jail that is close off to others and I like the good and true ending the best.

        Ilinox responded:
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        Yes, it is very heavily implied that Julian is torturing Mejojo and Auger in the secret dungeon. I don’t think anyone would love the bad endings in this game since they usually turn out to be terrifying!

        ab said:
        August 11, 2012 at 14:35

        if they then good!!!! Twin cat brothers got whats coming to them. With the Wolfs killing for own revenge and nothing else. I hope stay there for 10 or 50 or better yet forever!! With what did to the poor wolfs the twin cat need to be punished for it.

    Roiya said:
    August 3, 2012 at 03:09

    Julian is such a sweet person. It was hard to see his broken side since hes normal gentle. The kingly version sounds badass though. About the children, I’m going to go technical but maybe since they can intermix with humans, cats, wolves and rabbit because all species contain the human gene. Makes sense that way. If a human and cat mated the child would either receive both human genes and be human or receive a cat gene that dominates the human the case of two different animal species a double animal genes combination results in a miscarriage supporting the idea that babies can only be one or the other. Hey btw who’s route are you doing next? I hope its Zara or Rather since they seem the most sane of the bunch.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 3, 2012 at 16:58

      That is.. actually really plausible and makes a lot of sense. I think that was what I was trying to get at when I mentioned recessive genes before my brain died on me and I proved to the world how idiotic I actually am /)_(\.

      Yeah! Then if a wolf and a cat had children it’d be like a Wh gene and a Ch gene (yeah I know recessive / dominant genes should be labelled with the same letter but this just makes it easier to see). So, according to your theory, the two different animal species would have a 25% chance of having a wolf pup, 25% chance of a kitten, 25% of a pure human, and 25% of a miscarriage?

      Fufufu, the next route is a secret~! Please look forward to it!

        Roiya said:
        August 4, 2012 at 03:06

        Yup exactly the punnette square model. Explains whys there’s no mixed cat colors either since a double cat gene means miscarriage. Oooh I think we figured out the biology behind bws. Lol. And I definitely look forward to your next route =)

    Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
    August 2, 2012 at 19:02

    *continuing on again* But Guillan already gets his punishment, by dying in a lot of endings, whereas Rath, the only semi-good wolf, gets to live in a lot of them (Arles is a bastard too like I’ve said before). And even Rath is not without his sins, remember the opening of the game, even if he seems reluctant to do it and probably regrets it (I think this will play a part in his route in LH, but we’ll talk more once we get to Rath). So in a way his torture scene isn’t completely unjustifiable, but it’s still pretty sad.

    I think the only completely good guy in the game so far is Zara. The twins are nuts, Arles is nuts, Guillan is definitely nuts, Rath also has his sins, Julian has enough darkness in his heart to seek revenge and Nesso has his yandere moments that I’m sure otomate will grasp on to. But Zara, even though he should have a grudge against wolves for killing his parents, he still tried to help Rath during and after his torture scene and willing to cooperate with them later on. He’s so loyal to the Gallands despite Nesso’s siscon behavior and his own feelings for Fiona (like Yandere said in her types of love post, I think he’s been in love with her for quite a while) and makes so many sacrifices for them. It’s why even though his route his a bit boring, he’s the one I feel most sorry for when he dies, which is still quite a lot.

    And as for the no interbreeding, no way, then Mejojo would have to cheat on her to get an heir, even if he did get redeemed in last hope. And bastard or no, if he’s gonna marry Fiona after all that crap then I want him to at least be loyal to her damnit, she deserves at least that. And to his credit, nothing indicates that he isn’t in any of his endings.

    harunafuu said:
    August 2, 2012 at 09:37

    ASDFJKLM!! Hnnnnn…. Julian, Y U SO CUTE?! You are so adorable and those blue shy eyes… 人´∀`*)I fell in love with his design the first time I saw him… (/ω\)
    By the way… Fiona and Julian are sooo CUUTE together! What a BAKAPPURU! Hehe…

    But the cuteness aside… WTH did your brothers do to you, Julian?? He’s totally BROKEN!! ((((;゜Д゜))) Poor him, I mean, he’s such a gentle, sweet and caring person and yet he had to suffer such pain… /sob Everytime Auger would show up, Julian’s reverted to a doll… That’s sooo scary!!

    I wonder how Julian’s voice sounds like, when he uses his lower voice, while talking to the servants… I just can’t imagine it… ^^ Oh, he’s really a prince in the shining armor, when trying to protect Fiona from the arrows. You said it: WHAT A MAN!

    The good end was unbelieveable normal, that I wondered if AUGER is going to show up anywhere… LOL I couldn’t believe, that this game has such a normal ending…

    True ending:
    Torture Time! I thought, that the twins are going to order Julian to whip Fiona or something like this! Gladly they didn’t… orz
    And while Julian only stared at her after becoming a servant to the twins, I thought that he might despise her, but I was totally wrong… (I think he tried to memorize how they tortured her to pay them back or something?)

    I was utterly shocked, when it turned out that Julian poisened Mejojo and Auger. Really I NEVER thought he would… do THAT! And even becoming king with the help of aristrocrats… We definitely looked down on Julian and look at what he’s capable of! But he tortures his brothers EVERY day?! OMG… Where is MY PRECIOUS Julian? (((( ;°Д°)))) I know that he has a deep grudge for his brothers but, that’s just…

    It’s most likely, that he will become a crazy violent king some day, isn’t it? Hopefully he will not, he’s better with being a gentle and tender king…

      Ilinox responded:
      August 2, 2012 at 11:11

      I fell in love with his design too~! And then when he turned out to be kind of broken I was like ( ゚д゚). It’s kind of weird how much it feels like a high school romance especially when they’re in this kind of world and situation.

      You know, I’ve always wondered how Julian would have grown up if he hadn’t been tortured by Mejojo and Auger. Because he would still be the first prince and while we got to hear him when he was a child, Mejojo and Auger were just as adorable and misleading since they both grew up into crazies /o\.

      So like.. I keep thinking of a darker or more confident Julian and gkifgsih I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO SEE THAT. You should have heard him when he was like 「黙れ、下郎が・・・!」 <– chilling. His voice drops really low and he sounds sinister.

      I was expecting him to just stab them in the back or have an epic duel or something, but poisoning through tea is very.. Julianらしい www. I don't think he'll be an insane king since there is basically no more conflict and he has everything that he could possibly want. Even Mejojo turned out to be great kings after he destroyed the wolves and obtained Fiona.

      I like to think that Julian's past will keep him kind and gentle.. at least to everyone else but his brothers ;;;

    Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
    August 1, 2012 at 14:53

    And to talk back about why I like this ending and defend Julian not becoming a psychopath so much…it’s just so perfect otherwise! Nobody dies, including Arles (and there’s only two endings where that doesn’t happen), zodiva will be healed, the wolves relationships with the people of weblin may be healed over time, her family can come back and she will not be known as a witch anymore. And the only price we have to pay is the twins getting tortured daily and Fiona turning a blind eye on it because she’s dumb and thinks everything should be happy even though they deserve what they got, then so be it, I love this ending, and I want it to stay this way. I don’t wanna think about Julian becoming like them, both because I don’t really see it that happening and because I don’t want it to happen. Let this story have a happy ending before otomate possibly ruins it!

    ….there might be a problem if Fiona doesn’t have any cat sons though. Julian might be advised to get another wife….I mean this could happen in the twins best end too, but Mejojo is both strong and obsessed enough to refuse such a thing even if it endagers his children. Julian on the other hand….I just hope he remembers the mistakes of the past if such a thing happens.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 1, 2012 at 15:59

      “And the only price we have to pay is the twins getting tortured daily and Fiona turning a blind eye on it because she’s dumb and thinks everything should be happy even though they deserve what they got” I’m a bad person for laughing out loud at this /)_(\. I can kind of sympathize with how she doesn’t want anymore trouble though.

      For once Fiona wants to put her own happiness above someone else’s and I would actually argue that she seems tired of trying to defend someone like Auger and Mejojo. So while she fundamentally opposes the thought of torture she can’t muster up the energy to defend them or stop Julian. She probably think she has no right to stop him and she’s right after what he went through.

      I’m a pessimistic person which is why I love thinking about what-if’s and secret crazy people but to be honest I liked this ending for how everything was wrapped up as well. Dare I say it, this is as close to a happy ending as Bloody Nightmare can get? I doubt anyone would feel bad for the twins.. okay.. fine.. I do.. a little but that’s because I feel like Mejojo is redeemable. I am absolutely fine with whatever happens to Auger though.

      I think they would be able to try over and over again until they have a cat son, since Fiona had a cat daughter in the twins’ best end. Doesn’t seem that hard to get a cat son in the future xD;; my mind is constantly broken by how that works though. YOU’D THINK THEY’D BE QUARTER CATS. Maybe it works like a recessive gene…

        Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
        August 2, 2012 at 14:55

        *continuing from our last conversation* well I am pretty vindictive, so I see what happens to them at the end completely justifiable. They aren’t paying just for what Julian went through; they’re paying for the countless lives they killed and the countless wolves they tortured (as an aside, why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the Rath torture thing? Everyone is like *eek branding poor Fiona* but no one ever seems to talk about the poor kid begging for death ;.; ).

        Having a lot kids does make it more complicated to the succession of the throne, but I can’t fault the game for that since it’s pretty true to life. At least the king doesn’t have a ton of bastard children (that we know of) like a lot of kings had. Still wondering why he got the mistress though. The most sense it does to me is the reasons I already gave, first wife had issues with conceiving or he wanted white cats. But this is BWS, so maybe he did it to get a kick or something, we’ll probably never know.

        While I think he loved Julian, I don’t think he cared that deeply for him. Not like Fiona’s family do for her. After all he never knew about Julian’s torture, and you’d think he’d notice some weird behavior in the beginning, but it seems anything flies for him. Not a very good husband and father that’s for sure, but he at least cared enough to ask the twins to take care of him, and Auger says it himself that father was devastated when Julian was disinherited because he really loved him.

        Julian might have said their blood was cursed too, but IDK, it seems everything is cursed about the royal family according to the characters. Bloodline, king, throne, being a part of it ruins your life. Or from what we see with Arles and the Galland family, being anywhere near the royal family ruins everything for them.

        Uh, if Mejojo’s mom is also a cat, shouldn’t all his children with Fiona be half cats? Fiona doesn’t seem to have cat genes in her, so it shouldn’t be recessive either. If both are dominant, then we don’t know which one is dominant over the other. I’d like to know more about how this interbreeding work, but series like this seldom give us explanations for fear of sounding stupid.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 2, 2012 at 16:55

        Oh, that’s true about Rath ;;; but then there’s Guillan who has tortured countless cat knights whose only crime is being employed under Mejojo. UGH, this game and how all its characters have their sins.

        Yeah, I doubt Last Hope is going to clarify this for us. Maybe the King had a tryst with Mejojo’s mother because Julian’s mother was a political marriage to ally the black cats with the white cats or something.. But then he fell in love with his wife after and realized that he shouldn’t have had a mistress but it was too late now.

        LMAO IGNORE EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT THE GENES. It’s obvious I totally cheated my way through high school and university Biology or something since I’m spouting off nonsense. BWS is a mystical world where the child is either an all or nothing! It makes you wonder what a wolf and a cat would create.. but according to the game it would either be a wolf or a cat instead of a wolf-cat.

        They should have just made it so that interbreeding didn’t work, because this makes even less sense with Fiona’s children being full cat or full human.

    Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
    August 1, 2012 at 14:32

    *skips over reading the torture part* Most people were bored since it was mostly the same and no cgs, but Julian’s presence in there made it so much worse for me….

    Anyways, back to our conversation on twitter, I just can’t see Julian hurting Fiona, ever. What happened to her is what sent him over the edge, since he’s fine in the good ending even though he almost got her captured. But seeing her tortured in front of him to protect him, this after he already failed to protect her twice (one from Arles and one from Auger) and given how self conscious he is, it must have made him feel the lowest of the low. Enough to make him finally get over his fear of Auger. She was the only one who gave a crap about him and he failed her three times.

    While the laugh is creepy, I honestly think he’ll only be crazy with his brothers. Like I said, I don’t see him hurting her, especially since Fiona is smart enough not to ask unwelcome questions anymore, and he seems to want to do peace with the wolves. He has no grudge with anyone else, nor does he care about needless wars to gain power like his dad did. I think his true end is a good thing for him, it’s like he stopped being so broken and instead of being a toy for Auger he gained enough will of his own to want revenge against him. Since they both deserve it I feel no pity for them.

    You say their bloodline is cursed, but I think the curse mostly comes from the twin’s mother. While the dad is a bastard, getting a mistress and starting a needless war, he’s not crazy or almost incapable of love like the twins are. I think he really liked his wife and only got a mistress for political reason, since Auger goes on about white cats taking the throne from the red cats and he had a black haired son (meaning that Julian’s mother has black hair), an advisor might have told him to get white haired children so fights over the throne wouldn’t get ugly. If Julian (whom he really loved) was in danger of being assassinated he could just hand over the throne to one of the twins and keep him safe.

    It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t care about the twins otherwise, and he seems to have despised their mother, so I don’t think he got a mistress for any other reason other than political ones. He might have loved his first wife and was pissed that he had to get another one just to get white cats. It would explain why he’s so cruel to his mistress and children; he didn’t want them at all and had to hurt his wife anyways. About the rabbit wars, he did because they were the symbol of power of his father’s throne, so he wanted to take that away? I didn’t really understand much from what Auger said, but at no point does it seem like he hated rabbits like the twins hate wolves, so I could see him doing a war to diminish the previous king’s power. It’s a stupid reason, but not a crazy reason and lots of kings do that.

    And he is capable of honest love. He loves Julian enough to ask for Auger and Mejojo to take of him and Fiona, and he cares deeply for the Galland family too. And even though he thinks the wolves brought ruination to Weblin and started a war with them, he still cares for Arles even after ten years. He made some big mistakes and pretty awful things for stupid reasons, but I don’t think he was ever truly crazy or malicious at heart.

    The twins mother though…she went through a lot, but to kill herself the way she did is still too much. While their father’s treatment was bad for the twins, it was the way she killed herself that really messed them up. It’s because of her that they see live as a game. She was the only other person who loved them and she made them do such a thing. Similarly to how Julian’s craziness comes from seeing the only person who cared about him getting tortured, their craziness comes from that moment and they passed part of that craziness onto Julian, because otherwise Julian would be fine. And in the good ending, it seems that Julian will heal overtime. It’s only being near the twins that bring out his crazy side, which they will be for the rest of their lives in the true end. So I truly believe that the bloodline is cursed because of the mother and not the king. I doubt Julian will get another wife or start any wars, so I don’t even see him doing most of his father’s mistakes.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 1, 2012 at 15:52

      Yep, I nearly died of frustration during the torture scenes since 90% of it was the same except for the 1-2 lines talking about Julian. I definitely agree Julian being there made it worse though..

      I would like to think that Julian wouldn’t hurt her and I would probably agree with you. But it’s interesting to think about what it implies of his character to be able to torture Mejojo and Auger like they tortured him. I mean, you could argue that it’s a primal part of human nature to hurt someone who hurt you. I would probably retaliate the same way, but I’m not sure if I would be able to continuously torture them like Julian seems to be doing.

      I know we can’t all be saints and it wouldn’t be realistic for Julian to take the moral high ground and just keep them imprisoned while he lives out his life, especially considering the things he’s done to them. But he seems to be doing exactly what they did to him to them. Don’t you think that puts him at the same level that they are on? And it makes me curious as to what kind of person he would be 10 years later down the road? Could he just as easily start to feel persecuted like Mejojo? He already is very self-conscious thanks to Auger’s treatment and so what would happen if he starts to misunderstand people’s actions and start to think that they’re trying to oppress him?

      In the end, disregarding my thoughts about what-if’s, I also like Julian’s true end! It wraps up everything neatly and he actually manages to stand up by himself, although I thought that was conveyed neatly in the good end as well.

      You would think that the color of the cats wouldn’t matter after the throne line is established though and it’d basically be “My father was the king and so I’m the next one” irregardless if they’re a black cat or a color other than white. Also, Fiona had a human boy and a female cat with Mejojo so you would think that the children the King had with his wife would create black or white cats which makes another mistress for the specific purpose of creating a white child needless? From the twin ending with Fiona it also sounded like the successor just had to be cat.

      I might need to check with what Auger said, but I believe that after the 5th King died there was a fight over the throne (which kind of makes me confused because you think he’d have a successor). The rabbits who were his allies allied with the wrong side to take over the throne and so the 6th King wiped them all out (once again you’d think the rabbits would ally with their king’s son or heir or whatever.. unless there were more than one and it was a bid for the throne?).

      So yeah, hmm, I guess you’re right that the 6th King was pretty okay for a guy. He never went to the lengths of cruelty that Mejojo did and you could say that the things which are attributed to him such as the last genocide of the rabbits and persecution of the wolves was actually something that Mejojo instigated. I believe I remember hearing him and Auger talk about how they killed like 50 rabbits to hide knowledge about Zodiva?

      I totally agree with this paragraph about how terrible the twins’ mother was to kill herself like that. They seemed to be as normal as they could be in that kind of situation and loved her and each other as much as they could. After all, the only people they could count on in the castle were each other. Then everything went to hell after their mother committed suicide imo. That’s an interesting view about how their bloodline’s curse started from their mother. The only reason said their bloodline is cursed is because I remember hearing a character say that but I can’t remember who it was.. it was one of the cats /o\.

        Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
        August 1, 2012 at 18:33

        ” Don’t you think that puts him at the same level that they are on” Not exactly, since he has a reason to retaliate against them, while they had a reason to retaliate against his mother but no reason to do what they did to him after he got disinherited. To me that’s justice, they do not deserve to get out of what they did to an innocent boy who seemed to love them and whose only fault was having a crazy mother and rather bastard father. If they wanted him out of the way for real so he couldn’t take the throne back they could have just killed him or imprisoned him, but what they did instead is way too cruel, At that point they were just savoring their victory over him.

        Even if he does become paranoid like Mejojo later on or crazy like Auger, as long as he had them his revenge should be sated. Mejojo becomes good once he gets what he wants, Fiona for himself and the wolves dead. Julian already got his revenge since with his father dead, there is no one else who was cruel to him. And if he does get crazy like Auger he always has his toys to vent on. What toys could be more entertaining to him than his beloved little brothers?

        I guess how he becomes later on depends on how the nobles treat him, he might become paranoid too. But still, it took a lot to make Mejojo as paranoid as he was, but Julian seems to have it pretty good for him. The nobles help, he has friends and a wife/fiancé, things Mejojo all lost. No species hate him and he will be well viewed for trying to patch things up with the wolves and finally curing Zodiva. And he has no one to fight for the throne with. Even if the nobles start liking another person better for the throne he still has the Gallands and Fiona, way more than anything Mejojo had, who only had a crazy brother who only encouraged him to do worse. It all depends though, if he’s mended enough to stand up to other people and how they treat him, and if he takes after Mejojo’s paranoia or Auger’s craziness…

        As for the king getting another wife, we don’t know how genetics work, but I’m thinking the hair thing is like ours and black hair must be more dominant than blond hair. She might have had troubles conceiving too, the twins and Julian are very close in age, so maybe he got a mistress to get children and then his wife finally got pregnant around that time? It’s not that uncommon and royal families of the old days always wanted an heir after like two-three years, which caused many troubles for perfectly fertile women that just took a while to get pregnant. Plus did we ever get to know what species the mothers were? Maybe Mejojo already has human genes in him, so his son with Fiona just happened to not get any cat genes, hence why he’s human.

        The twins good end does make it confusing, but Fiona and Mejojo would very obviously have white cats or blond humans, so technically they would just have to try till they got a cat son. Mejojo just doesn’t seem to care, but both kids seemed young so they had time for that. But it does seem hair colour is important, not as important as the cat part, but why else would Auger talk about how the throne was preferably taken by white cats and that the white cats had to wrestle it away from the red cats once (maybe it was their dad who did that with the rabbit war and the red cat was the other successor?). Otherwise, with all the things they could insult about Julian, why harp on him being a black cat? Why even bother putting so much emphasis on how the king is a white cat and they are white cats too?

        The twins had nothing to do with the rabbit wars. They kill rabbit doctors too, but that’s just so they can’t tell the truth about the zodiva experiments and they only used rabbits because they are the best. They are only 4 years older than Zara, who became an orphan when he was kid, and wolves were the main force the king used to wipe them out. At that point in time the twins must have been little and too busy almost getting poisoned to death, so I’m pretty sure that war in 100% on the 6th king’s head.

        Man, we need so much more info than what we have now about the royal family, and you just know that otomate is not going to give us any. Why did their father get a mistress that he didn’t seem to even want, damnit?!

        Hmm, I think it’s the maids in the beginning who speak about the king being cursed? Because he lost two wives. Otherwise it might have been Auger who said it when he was telling Fiona about the royal family.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 2, 2012 at 11:01

        I’m not sure if I would call what Julian does to his brothers as justice. To me it was more like revenge. I agree that they don’t deserve to get out of torturing Julian for like half his life, but I’m not sure if they deserve to be tortured the same way that Julian was for the rest of their lives. I think this topic goes into the question of what our own moral beliefs are though and if we think that people like Mejojo and Auger deserve a fate worse than death.

        Oh! That’s a really good point! Mejojo turned out to be a great ruler once the goals he had been obsessing about had been accomplished. I think even Auger ended up being a good king? So you’re right, it doesn’t seem like Julian will go off the deep end anytime soon or be a bad king.

        I’d like to think that, because of his past, Julian has the knowledge not to commit the same mistakes that Julian and Auger did. He also has the support of the Galland family (like you said) and his low self-esteem allows him to easily accept their help and advice.

        To me it just feels like a bad decision to have so much children. I know the policy back then was usually “a heir and a spare” but too many would mean that a fight for the right to the throne could erupt and if the king really loved Julian, like you’re saying he did, then having more children who could take the throne seems.. counter-productive. I think Mejojo said that his mother was a white cat like him.

        Ooh, I don’t remember that scene where Auger placed emphasis on Julian’s color. I just thought the whole white cats vs. red cats was because of the ruling back then. As in there were two clans of cats and the white cats slaughtered the red cats in order to take the throne. But if the white cats are established as the new royal family already then there shouldn’t be any problem in accepting new bloodlines or having a black cat succeed the throne since he came from the white cat line family. Maybe.

        Ugh, I want more history lessons about the royal family and the past! Screw placing so much importance on the “incident” 10 years ago with Elvira and Arles lmao.

        Ah, I was mistaken then. For some reason I thought the twins took part in the genocide of the rabbits, but you’re right I think it was the 6th King only. But they did have a hand in killing like 50 of them off.. I think Auger was talking about the curse of the throne, because I vaguely recall Julian being the one to say that it might be a curse of their line/family. I really need to find that line.. but that might have just been purely metaphorical.

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