BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Arles V. Felnoir ~

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Arles V. Felnoir (アルル V. フェルノア)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川 智之)

Arles is the older brother to Rath and the oldest in the whole game. He was the strongest knight in the country of Weblin and used to be known as the “Silver Wolf of Salvation” for ending a war; however, now he’s known as the Wolf King. He tends to have a curt and taciturn attitude but he does act gentlemanly around Fiona… most of the time. He’s even playful from time to time. BTW I’M UNHEALTHILY BIASED TOWARDS ARLES BECAUSE HE’S A WOLF ( 。>艸<). I LOVE WOLVES SDFSGHTG.

(If you right-click on the images and click “view image” you can view them in full size which is 1025 x 575).

The wolves attack a village. Mejojo’s suit for Fiona is rejected. Auger comes up with a plan to take Fiona to the castle by force. Fiona is accused of being a witch and so has to live in the castle. Edgar and Nesso are sent back to Scharlmessen to try and quell the rebellion. A dance party is thrown to celebrate Fiona’s birthday and her arrival at the castle.

In the dance hall, Fiona chooses to dance with Mejojo. He dances with her intimately and even nibbles on her ear. In the end, she doesn’t meet her family at the dance party. The King’s health starts to decline. Mejojo dreams about his childhood while the mob starts to become unruly at Scharlmessen. Fiona meets Julian and finds out the truth about his background and relationship with Mejojo and Auger.

Nesso tries to bargain with Mejojo to rescue Fiona but he finds out how insane the princes are. The wolves attack another village for information. One day, Fiona expresses her wish to go outside and so Mejojo brings her to a destroyed village. Then he takes her wolf hunting and Rath is cornered.

Fiona decides to try and stop this. And so she screams at them to stop and even tries to leap off of her horse but Auger, who had come up beside her, stops her in time and warns her that it’s dangerous. She snaps at him to release her but Auger just chuckles and informs her that he already said it was dangerous. If something happens to her then his brother will be angry at him. She tries to protest but the arrows are released and Rath screams in agony.

He collapses and Auger leers at her before pointing out that she’s already too slow. Fiona’s eyes are wide with horror as she looks over Auger’s shoulders to see Rath’s blood-covered body collapse to the ground with arrows sticking out of it. Rath curses and calls out for his brother before Auger releases Fiona to kick him. And then Fiona faints from the brutality.

She wakes up in the cottage and is comforted by Julian. Meanwhile, Mejojo is torturing Rath in the dungeons with Zara trying to stop him and Auger goading him on. Mejojo recalls a bit of the incident ten years ago which gave him his scar. Meanwhile, Arles and Guillan plan to invade the castle to rescue Rath. Rath’s torture is interrupted by the attack on the castle. Fiona meets Arles in the garden when he’s looking for Rath.

He finds out that she’s a Lobeira and Mejojo’s fiancée. Arles bites her in the shoulder before licking the wound until it stops bleeding. And then he leaves. Mejojo comes upon Fiona immediately after and falls into an insane fury and strangles her. Auger manages to stop him and the two head back to their rooms while Fiona falls unconscious.

Fiona finds herself dreaming about a forest. She doesn’t know where she came from or where she’s heading. She wonders where she is but all she can see are trees and even the sky can barely be seen through the canopy. Fiona doesn’t know anything else other than that. But then she hears a bush rustle and wonders if something is there. It wouldn’t be strange to see an animal in a forest as dense as this.

She wonders if it’s the beautiful wolf she saw in the castle. She holds her breath as she stares at the bush. The noise in the bush seems to approach her and Fiona debates hiding somewhere. But when she looks around the only place to hide is in a bush. She thinks it’s hopeless, because if that silver wolf is heading towards her then she wouldn’t be able to deceive it. After all, a wolf’s sense of smell is superb.

But then Fiona realizes that if it isn’t the silver wolf then it might be better if she hid herself. Once she thinks about what terrible things could appear she decides that it’d be better if she hid. She starts to push herself into a bush but, at that moment, the silver wolf appears from a bush directly opposite of hers. Their eyes meet and Fiona stutters awkwardly because she must look stupid being half in the bush and crouching.

Arles gives a short huff of laughter and Fiona turns bright red. She’s more embarrassed about being seen like this than afraid of being attacked again. He asks if she was hiding from him and Fiona tells him that she knows it’s useless to hide from an opponent like him, but she points out that if it hadn’t been him then hiding might have been effective. Arles chuckles and agrees that it might have been effective against anyone but him.

But he points out that she hid herself too slow and Fiona bites her lip since she has no retort to that. Because it’s true that if something had happened upon her, then hiding halfway like that would have been meaningless. And so she pulls herself out of the bush and brushes off her dress before facing him. She thinks it’s strange. He’s a wolf and they have been causing disaster throughout Weblin. She even saw the village he destroyed with her own eyes.

And she didn’t just see these. She was also actually attacked by him. And yet, they’re standing directly opposite of each other right now. It’s strange how she feels no fear. She wonders if it’s because the atmosphere around him isn’t scary. There’s no air of violence around him. In fact, he’s completely calm. Fiona also wonders why she feels close to him. She raises her head at the sound of footsteps only to realize that he’s drawn close to her.

He starts to nose around her waist and the action reminds her so much of a dog that she wants to pet him just like she does to Richie and Pearl. ME TOO OMG LOOK HOW HUGE HE IS AND HOW FLUFFY AND FGSKHJGFHS. But she restrains herself since she believes that he’ll get angry, but she wonders if he’ll allow her to touch him. She cautiously extends a hand and touches his flank. The silver fur is just a bit coarser than Richie and Pearl’s fur. She wonders if it’s because he’s a wolf or if it’s because he’s an adult.

On the surface his fur is a little cold and smooth, almost delicate. But his warmth is gradually transmitted as she remains touching him. STOP DESCRIBING HIS FUR BECAUSE I’M SO JEALOUS ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛. Fiona had decided that she would immediately remove her hand if he disliked it even a little, but he doesn’t look like he dislikes it at all. And so she pets him a little. Arles starts to growl softly and Fiona wonders if it feels pleasant. It’s getting more and more strange.

It’s strange how he’s letting her do this, but why does she feel relaxed and calm when she’s together with him? Arles lifts his nose while she’s petting him and asks her slowly if her wound doesn’t hurt. His deep blue eyes stare straight into her. Fiona echoes his word and raises her hand to where the wound is on her neck, but when she prepares herself for the pain of touching it with a finger she’s surprised by the lack of it.

This reminds Fiona that she’s dreaming. Somewhere along the way she had forgot, but now she remembers that she fell unconscious after Mejojo strangled her. Arles asks her if something is the matter and she averts her eyes as she realizes that Mejojo did such cruel things to her because Arles bit her. She accuses him of being cruel because he bit her knowing that it would cause Mejojo to fly into a delusional rage.

But Arles informs her that he has no idea what she’s talking about. Fiona tells him not to act innocent, but he just crinkles his nose in laughter. If she realized that this was a dream then he must have realized it as well. If this were a dream then he’s an existence she created. And now because she’s realized this she has the feeling that she should wake up soon. Arles asks if she’s going to leave and Fiona nods because Julian must be worrying.

She admits inwardly that she’s reluctant to part from the time she’s spending with him though. Fiona realizes that the time she spends here is like she’s comforting herself, but it can’t be denied that she finds it comfortable to touch him. But she has to leave and wake up. Julian will be worrying and she wants to find out what is happening in the castle after the wolf attack. Then she admits to him that she wants to know if he safely rescued his brother.

Arles just snorts in amusement. And so Fiona closes her eyes to end the dream and in that instant she feels the world of the forest and the kingly silver wolf disappear silently. She wakes up in the real world feeling like she had a dream and she recalls Arles asking her if her wound hurts. She shuts her eyes as she notices that it hurts a lot now and it isn’t painless anymore. Her cheeks redden as she thinks about how strange it is for her to be so curious about a person she might not meet again.

Anyway, Fiona wakes up to see Nesso and Zara and they inform her about their plans to escape the castle and country. She can’t help but think about Auger and how he obeys all of Mejojo’s orders which should mean that Mejojo is the most frightening person, and so she doesn’t understand why she is so frightened of Auger. She decides to escape with them though and Julian wishes to come along. He also tells them about the drainage system they can use.

Meanwhile, Mejojo strangles his father to death. Fiona and the group meet Auger in the tunnel and they find out that it was a trap. It is also revealed how broken Julian is. But Nesso forces Auger to retreat and they escape. Then Auger is punished by Mejojo for his failure and has a matching scar carved into his face. Back with the group, Fiona collapses from a fever and Zara informs the group about how she might have Zodiva thanks to Arles’ bite.

He also explains about Zodiva and how there is a chance to create a vaccine if he manages to get the cooperation of the wolves. Fiona asks what Nesso would do if he had no responsibilities and Nesso confesses that he would abandon everyone since everything he does is for her sake. And so Fiona makes the decision to speak with the wolves first since she can’t abandon her country. Meanwhile, Mejojo is crowned as the king of Weblin. Fiona’s group finally meets up with the wolves.

Guillan tries to kill them but Arles interrupts and brings them to Zanan to hear them out. He refuses to cooperate with Zara to create a vaccine to save the country of Weblin because they abandoned and persecuted his race. If they wish to curse him then he will curse them back. Fiona manages to give hope to Rath though and so Arles allows them to stay at Zanan while they make their next decision. At night, Arles invites Fiona out to a moonlight walk and there she learns the truth about the incident ten years ago.

Arles came down with Zodiva and started to hunger for human blood. He bit Elvira, who was a Lobeira just like Fiona, and somehow it satiated his hunger. But Mejojo intruded upon them and tried to kill Arles out of jealousy and rage; however he ended up killing Elvira. In return, Arles gave him a scar and then fled. The rest is history.

Fiona decides to believe his side of the story since it explains why Mejojo wishes to obtain her so badly, because of her resemblance to Elvira, and why he has such an overwhelming hatred towards wolves. Nesso and Zara try to convince her to leave the country again but she needs more time. And on the day that she has to make her decision, she tells Arles that she wants to live together with the wolves.

Arles exhales and furrows his eyebrows and so Fiona explains that up until now she has lived without knowing the side of the wolves. She had lived protected in her tower by her father, Nesso, and Zara. Then she was taken to the castle and she saw the wolf hunts with her own eyes. She wanted to look away. Arles tells her sternly that his side hunts the people of Weblin in return and so he doesn’t want her childish sympathy or guilt. Fiona shakes her head and remarks on how she thought he’d say that.

If only it were a simple thing as helping a poor person in front of her. But things aren’t that simple. It’s true that Mejojo and Auger have persecuted the wolves. But it is also true that Arles has led the wolves to attack the villages and people of Weblin. The one at fault can’t be decided on that easily. It isn’t possible to label this as good and evil. Fiona informs him that she knows the wolves have attacked villages.

Her body trembles when she recalls that horrible scene behind her eyes of how the fire engulfed and destroyed people, things, and everything. It was a cruel spectacle. Arles’ eyes turn cruel as he asks if she’s still willing to compromise with the wolves despite seeing that. Especially when she’s a human herself. His voice makes her feel small and foolish. It’s a voice that sounds angered at what he considers her cheap sympathy. But she doesn’t mean that. She knows that the wolves are both victims and assailants.

And it is after knowing their dual nature that she still chooses to align herself with them. Fiona refuses to flinch here and so she stares firmly at the man in front of her. And then she tells him that she’s a Lobeira and so it won’t be necessary for the wolves to attack the villages anymore if she’s here. Arles is stunned before he asks her slowly if she plans to suppress the wolves’ starvation with her own body. Fiona nods although she admits that it might be difficult to heal them all at once since there are a lot of wolves.

But if she is given time then she believes that she can cure everyone of Zodiva. And then they wouldn’t have to attack the villages of Weblin. The reason for Mejojo and Auger’s wolf hunting is their own personal grudge, but the wolves are different. They act because of the sick impulses created by Zodiva and they cannot help attacking people. And so Fiona believes that if they do not need to attack people then they won’t.

And if the wolves do not attack any more people then the lies that Mejojo is using to persecute the wolves will collapse. Arles sighs heavily and then informs her that she is mistaken. When she looks confused he points out with a small smile that she isn’t remaining here for the sake of the wolves. He tells her that she is trying to save the people of Weblin from them by offering her body to them. Fiona gasps sharply because it can be taken that way; that she is sacrificing herself for the sake of protecting Weblin’s people.

Arles comments on her beautiful self-sacrifice. And Fiona can’t deny his words as she admits that he might be right. If the wolves are stopped then the people of Weblin can be saved and just like that the number of villages that are burned and destroyed won’t increase. That is definitely one of her motives. But Fiona points out that he must know the wolves have no future if they continue their conflict with both Mejojo and Zodiva.

For example, even if there was a future where all the races other than wolves were exterminated then all that is waiting for them is annihilation by sickness. She tells him sadly that if they continue to remain this way then no matter how much they struggle they will not survive. Arles agrees calmly. But Fiona points out forcefully that things would be different if she’s here. If Zodiva can be cured then a future can be seen which would include the people of Weblin and the wolves.

She doesn’t believe that Arles would continue attacking the villages if the wolves were cured of Zodiva. But her first motive is to protect the wolves. She wants them to survive. Arles falls silent and furrows his eyebrows and she wonders if he’s weighing the merits and demerits of her staying here. Fiona continues to stare firmly at him. She wants to save the wolves. Up until now, she didn’t think there was anything good about being born as a Lobeira.

When she was small she was always sleeping. When she was older she couldn’t leave the tower. But if being born as a Lobeira allows her to end the persecution against the wolves then she can find a meaning to being a Lobeira. Saving the wolves is something only a Lobeira like her can do. Gripped by that desire she stares straight at Arles. Arles exhales quietly but with what seems like amazement. Then he says 「……わかった。オマエを、我が眷属に迎え入れよう。」(… Fine. I welcome you into my family).

Fiona’s eyes widen before she smiles brightly and thanks him. But Arles asks her seriously if she doesn’t mind being parted from her family. She still has a smile as she replies that she’s resolved herself. After thinking about it she’s already decided. It’ll hurt her heart to inform Nesso and Zara tomorrow that she’ll be staying here.. but even still she wants to stay. She wants to save the wolves who have been persecuted up until now. She’s decided.

Arles recognizes her determination and formally welcomes her 「……そうか。ならば……、フィオナ・ガーランド。オマエをオレの一族に迎え入れよう。」(… I see. Then.. Fiona Galland. I welcome you into my clan). He extends his hand to her and she knows precisely the meaning behind his gesture. Knowing this, she places her hand on top of his and thanks him again. And thus she was welcomed into their family despite not having a strong body, fangs, or claws.

After this, Fiona wasn’t able to fall asleep and so she stays up until the morning. She washes her face in a nearby fountain before heading to Nesso, Zara, and Julian. Zara is surprised that she’s up so early, but Nesso comments on how she should have woken him up and Julian scolds her because even if the Wolf King has given them permission their safety isn’t secured. He doesn’t want her to do such dangerous things. Faced with three worried faces, Fiona can only nod and apologize quietly.

She doesn’t know how to break her choice to them. Nesso notices the troubled air around her and asks her kindly if something is wrong, but this just causes Fiona to tear up at his kind voice. His eyes widen before he asks her if she’s decided and Fiona can only nod because her throat is clogged. She knows that she has to say this properly to them, especially since it’s her decision. She’ll hate herself if she has to rely on Nesso’s kindness at the very end.

Nesso accurately guesses that for her to have such a face is because she wishes to remain in this country. Fiona’s eyes widen at being seen through and Zara and Julian, who were watching from behind, are also surprised. Zara is instantly angry and asks her what she thinks she’s saying, but Nesso cuts him off and tells him to let Fiona speak. And so Fiona tries to find the courage in herself to speak. To tell them that she wants to remain here. She wants to remain here for the wolves.

Even if she has to turn her back on Zara, Nesso, and her family. The three of them continue to stare at her in a heavy silence, waiting for her to open her mouth. Her voice trembles as she starts to speak, but she forces herself to go on and tell them properly that she wishes to remain here. Nesso’s mouth drops open in surprise but Fiona continues on to tell them that she wants to help the wolves. She wants to remain here and make sure of it. Zara instantly protests and asks her why she thought of that.

If she remains here then she’ll be attacked by Mejojo and Auger. He asks if she’s placed her heart with the wolves. He also points out that she might develop Zodiva still and the circumstances around that are unknown. Fiona is shocked at Zara’s rough and angry voice because, while he’s always been strict, he’s never talked like this before. She lowers her eyes as she realizes that she’s made him angry.

But it makes sense since they went through all that trouble to rescue her from the castle only for her to voluntarily remain in a dangerous place. Nesso tells her lowly that he can’t agree with her opinion either. He believes that she’s just confused from all the things that have recently happened and because she’s too kind. Fiona vehemently tells them that they’re wrong and that she’s not being kind. Contrary to Zara’s angry and rough voice, Nesso’s is soft and gentle.

She shakes her head furiously at how he’s talking to her gently as if she were being a selfish child who wasn’t listening to reason. She doesn’t want them to speak like that. She doesn’t want them to treat her decision lightly as if she were a spoiled child. Even if it makes her an idiot, it’s a conclusion that she decided on herself. Her eyes start to warm but she knows that if she starts crying in a place like this then she’ll seem like even more of a child.

But still the heat inside her swirls around until her tears can’t help but overflow. Fiona childishly gets angry at Nesso who is treating her like a child. And so she repeats again loudly that he’s wrong and she isn’t just being kind. If she was being kind then she wouldn’t betray them like this after they helped her escape the castle. Zara and Nesso’s eyes widen before Zara asks her angrily why she’s doing this then. Fiona shouts back that she wants to be useful.

Nesso and Zara avert their eyes in silence and Julian exhales softly. Fiona points out that Nesso, Zara, and her father have always protected her because she was a Lobeira. She only ever protected and treasured and it made her impatient and angry at why she couldn’t do anything. Zara protests and tells her that she wasn’t doing nothing because as long as she was healthy then.. Fiona smiles gently and tells them that she knows.

But it still made her feel miserable. She couldn’t save anyone. She couldn’t protect anyone. She just lived and she felt extremely miserable at being unable to protect anyone. Everyone just said that she only needed to be there. That they were thankful if she just lived. But she was impatient with herself who wasn’t able to do anything but that. She wants to be able to do something for someone. She wants to accomplish something. She wants to leave a sign of her life in this world.

Zara and Nesso are stunned by her words but Fiona continues on to apologize because she knows she’s saying selfish things. She knows that she might be doing something reckless with the life that these two saved. But if she remains then the race of the wolves might not end. She might be able to help as a Lobeira. She had been protected by the people around her for a long time because she was a Lobeira. She had been protected preciously. And because she is a Lobeira, she might be able to protect someone else.

Her eyes are teary and her breath heaves as she confesses to them that this is why she wants to remain here. She wants to be helpful as a Lobeira. She’s disappointed at how much it resembles a child’s tantrum. It was a decision she spent long and hard thinking about, but this makes it sound like a desperate plea during an emotional time. The three are silent due to her attitude, but finally Nesso tells her that he understands her feelings.

Zara looks over at him in surprise, but Nesso continues on and tells her that if she’s that determined to remain here then.. he will also remain here with her. Fiona’s eyes widen in shock, especially when Zara and Julian agree to remain as well. But then she realizes that she should have expected this because they treat her sweetly. She refuses to let them though and points out that they should making running away their priority. Nesso smiles as he tells her that he can’t do that, because he won’t go anywhere without her.

Then Zara points out that he won’t either; plus if he, the pharmacist, leaves then how will the wolves be saved from Zodiva? Fiona tries to point out that they just need her blood. Zara agrees lightly since there is a possibility the wolves will be cured with her blood, but then he asks her what she would do if she herself was infected. She reminds him that she drank his medicine, but Zara informs her that it only lessens the symptoms. If she has already developed it then it would be useless.

Does she really think he could abandon her like that and leave the country for his own safety? All of Fiona’s points are countered and she finds herself at a loss for words. She wonders what she should do since she had considered the possibility that she might develop Zodiva by remaining here. But she steeled herself for her decision rather than thinking about a solution. Plus, she doesn’t think that she would live that long to begin with since she’s a Lobeira.

She was only able to live to this age because she was protected and treasured in her tower. But her body is one that might die at anytime to a sickness. Any illness might develop into a fatal one in her body. That’s why she doesn’t just want to die as a Lobeira, but she wants to die while helping the wolves. The decision she made was based on this desire. FATALISTIC MUCH? BUT FIONA BRINGS UP A GOOD POINT.. I CAN’T IMAGINE LIVING KNOWING THAT YOU’LL DIE AT ANY TIME. IT’S LIKE HAVING HIV.

But it’s hard for her to voice this. She can’t tell these people, who have always treasured her, that if is going to die then she wants to die being useful. Once again she refuses to let them stay and begs them to stick to their original plan of meeting her father. Nesso stubbornly refuses and tells her that he won’t abandon her. Either they go together or they stay together. Fiona protests since they will undoubtedly be drawn into the conflict if they stay here.

Fiona doesn’t want that at all. She had prepared herself for the possibility of death but she can’t prepare herself for the possibility of them getting caught. She yells at them to leave, but Nesso replies firmly 「嫌だ」(No). Zara also refuses but once again she yells at them to leave. Nesso snaps back that he won’t while Zara points out that they can’t possibly do that. There is no end in sight since she refuses to give in and both Nesso and Zara refuse to as well.

Just as she worriedly wonders what she should do, the sound of footsteps interrupts them. Arles appears and asks them what they’re doing because it’s not decent to be so noisy in the morning. Fiona says his name like a plea and Arles, who is flanked by Guillan and Rath, looks over the group and understands the situation immediately. He comments on how the discussion didn’t seem to have gone well. Fiona can do nothing but look down at his amazed voice.

Even though she spoke such big words last night and joined the wolf clan, she can’t even convince her family. Arles hums in thought before asking Nesso and Zara what their complaints are. Nesso informs him tightly that if Fiona is remaining then they are as well. Zara tells Arles that the only two choices are for her to leave with them or they all stay. Arles bursts into laughter and Fiona can only stare blankly in surprise at how amused he seems.

But she’s not the only one. Guillan mutters about how Arles shouldn’t laugh so suddenly since it’s scary. Rath finds it eerie. They both look at Arles from behind him as if he lost his mind. The same goes for Nesso and Zara except they also become angry at having their resolution laughed at. Nesso asks Arles what is so strange. Arles points out that their overprotection is nothing but amusing. Then he says 「花嫁にその兄と執事がついてくるなど、聞いたことがない。」(I’ve never heard of a bride who came with a brother and a butler).

(゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚) WAIT DID HE JUST.. Fiona blinks in confusion while Nesso and Zara’s mouth drop open. The air that was strained until now shattered with Arles’ words. The bride in question could only be her since she’s the only woman here. Arles raises an eyebrow and asks them why they look so vacant. Fiona continues to blink in confusion and asks him what he means by bride. Arles sighs as if in amazement and exhaustion at her surprise. Fiona just continues to look confused.

They couldn’t have had this conversation last night. So why did it come to this point? Arles reminds her that he promised he would welcome her into the wolf family. Fiona nods slowly at that since she was received despite being a human. Nesso, Zara, and Julian gasp in shock since they understood the implications faster than her. Fiona is still confused even when Arles informs her that he will introduce her formally. Beside him is Rath Vogart and Guillan Guinor.

Rath introduces himself with just his name while Guillan tells her to call him Guillan-sama. They cordially greet her and she returns their bow, but she’s still confused as to why they’re introducing themselves right now. Certainly, she should learn the names of her wolf companions but she doesn’t think now is the time. Just as she finally opens her mouth to ask him what on earth is going on, Arles drops the explosive truth. He says 「オマエの夫候補だ。どちらでも好きな方を選べ。」(They are your husband candidates. Choose your favorite).

For a second Fiona remains smiling awkwardly because she can’t believe that she heard what she just did. But then her voice raises into a screech as she asks 「お、おおおお、夫……!?」(HU-HU-HU-HU-HUSBAND….!?). She doesn’t understand how they got to the point. Nesso growls in the background while Arles asks her calmly why she’s panicking, since it’s clear she has to be a bride to enter into his family. This is why he brought these two, who were around her age, to her.

Once again he tells her to choose her favorite. Guillan narrows his eyes and points out that Arles is talking in a way that pisses him off, because he didn’t hear about this. Rath’s eyes widen as he wasn’t informed of this either. Arles points out that they shouldn’t even care since they’re at the age where it isn’t unusual to have one or two wives. Fiona’s smiles becomes stiff as she points out that she thinks two wives would be trouble.

But it is true that men with positions have more than one wife. Fiona mentally berates herself for being distracted and violently shakes her head. Arles asks her coolly if there’s a problem and Fiona can only gape at him. Of course there was a problem! She wasn’t told that to be welcomed into a wolf can equaled marrying someone. Nesso and Zara have been shocked into silence at how this conversation progressed. And then Arles takes her hand and draws her to his side.

Where he lowers his mouth to her ear to whisper 「素直にどちらかを選べ。そうすれば話が早い。」(Just obediently choose one. That way this conversation can end). Fiona finally realizes that this is all just a trick to get Nesso and Zara to leave. It’s true that if she were to marry a wolf then it would be strange for Zara and Nesso to accompany her; Arles was right about that. But can she go through with this? Fiona takes a peek at Arles and he nods placidly as if to reassure her. In that case..

Fiona decides on Arles. LMFAO HE DIDN’T LIST HIMSELF! She asks him if she can choose him. He just calmly points out that their age difference is large. Her smile grows larger as she informs him that she prefers him. In her mind, he can be trusted the most as an accomplice. He’s the leader who promised her last night that he would welcome her into the wolf clan. She is able to trust him. He huffs quietly in laughter and she asks him if it’s not possible.

But he just smirks and replies 「……ふむ。想定外だが、構わんだろう。」(… Hm. It wasn’t foreseen, but I do not mind). However, he warns her 「だが、覚悟しておけ。狼の王の妻になるからには、それなりの代償を払ってもらう。」(But prepare yourself. If you become the wife to the King of Wolves then you must pay a price). Fiona’s eyes widen at his words and so Arles goes on to say 「その身体、その魂。すべてオレのものとなれ。」(Your body and your soul.. Everything must become mine). FGSJHFGADF POSSESSIVE WOLF IS SHOWING.

Instinctively she repeats his words and then Arles says 「それでも、オマエがそう望むのならば――…、オマエをオレの妻にしよう。」(If you still wish for this despite that… then I will make you my wife). Nesso asks her loudly in shock if she’s serious while Zara pleads for her to reconsider. But Fiona has no intentions of changing her decision. She will join the wolf clan. Arles steps back from her and formally tells everyone that they have heard the truth. This woman is entering the wolf clan. Her very person is now his. WHY DOES THIS SOUND SEXY?

Nesso’s voice is strained with astonishment as he asks them if they think he’ll accept that. Zara agrees heatedly and points out that they don’t have a reason to not allow them to remain. Arles narrows his eyes and tells them to do what they like. Fiona’s eyes widen in worry as the very reason for her trouble was because she wanted them to keep to the plan and escape to her father. She doesn’t want them to remain.

And so it’s be a problem if Arles tells them to do as they like, because no doubt they’ll remain here. Arles must have seen her worry though because he tells her to relax and the corners of his mouth turn up. Then he explains that she is already part of his family. Her body is one with the wolves. Fiona nods warily and then Arles says 「ならば――…、共に。」(In that case–… together). Nesso and Zara reach for Fiona in a panic, but before they can Arles sweeps her up and into his arms. IS HE GOING TO RAVISH HER? //BRICKED.

Actually, she’s not exactly in his arms. It’s more like she’s thrown onto his back. In an instant, Arles transforms from a human appearance into a wolf. She feels like her body is floating on his soft fur. Arles orders her to hold onto him tightly and Fiona nods quickly before getting a grip. And then just as Nesso and Zara reach out while yelling at how they won’t let them go, Arles takes a great leap and they land in the forest. Fiona can hear a clamor of wolves barking from behind them.

And then she sees a lot of wolves dash out of the deserted castle. But the largest among them is Arles in order for him to control them. He roars loudly and around him the wolves howl as if responding. Arles snorts in amusement and informs Fiona that if Nesso and Zara are determined to stay in Zanan then they just have to change bases. Rath comes up beside them and tells Fiona that it’s useless if her brother and her butler stay there. They will have to give up and leave the country.

Fiona thanks them quietly but lowers her eyes since she’s forcing Arles to go through a lot of trouble to welcome her into his family. For instance, he had to trick them by declaring her a bride and then he had to change bases. Arles senses her unhappiness and tells her that he said he would welcome her into his family and wolves value their companions. If they have to change bases to protect her then he doesn’t mind. Fiona’s eyes widen as she wonders if that was why he called her a bride.

Arles wanted to show Nesso that he would welcome her into the clan as family rather than just use her as a tool. He wanted them to give up with ease. Fiona turns around and she can barely see shadows in the castle entrance. She apologizes to them painfully since she’s being selfish. In order to carry out her intentions, she had to wound the three of them. A sob builds up when she realizes that she won’t be able to see them anymore. But it was her own decision. She’s pathetic.

Once more. Just once more, she turns around but she can no longer see any human shadows. Her tears quietly fall onto Arles’ fur as he continues to run and he quietly reminds her that this is the road she chose. Fiona knows that and so, just this once, she apologizes and asks him to allow her this weakness. She knows that it is unbecoming and extremely impolite to be crying like this after choosing this road and agreeing to cooperate. But still, she can’t stop the sobs in her chest.

Arles just huffs in amusement and informs her that he can’t see her and so he doesn’t know if she’s crying or what. Fiona thanks him quietly. Just for today, he will overlook her tears. She thanks him again in her heart and sobs again and again while Arles continues to run through the forest with a pack of wolves. Deep in the forest, after they left the castle, they come upon a small clearing. Arles informs everyone that they will rest here and it doesn’t seem like it’ll rain for a while either.

Although if it does rain they can just move into a nearby cave. At Arles words all the wolves around them adjourn and start to search for a sleeping place. Fiona looks at the ground feeling like she’s been left behind. Even though she chose this path, she can’t help but feel depressed at being in this unfamiliar group. She hates how weak she is, especially when she joined the wolves to become strong and be useful. Suddenly Guillan approaches her and asks her with annoyance if she’s still depressed.

Fiona apologizes while noticing that both Guillan and Rath have returned to their human form. Guillan frowns and asks her what is with her reaction, since it makes him look like he’s bullying her. Rath replies that he is in a deadpan voice. Guillan snarls and asks him when he ever bullied her. Rath snorts but Fiona quickly interrupts the two of them and reassures them that she isn’t being bullied. She’s the one at fault for being depressed after coming along with them.

Rath frowns and points out that it’s natural to feel pain after being separated from her family. Guillan asks in confusion if that really happens. Arles appears and informs them not to look for sympathy in Guillan about delicate feelings. Fiona nods with a small smile because she came to that conclusion herself. She understood that from the way Arles and Rath treats Guillan. Then Fiona gasps in realization and Guillan roughly asks her what is it now.

She’s a bit taken aback by his threatening attitude, but Rath relieves her by quietly asking if something happened. And so Fiona picks up the courage to ask them what they want to be called. She tells them to call her Fiona. Guillan loudly tells her to call him Guillan-sama. Fiona repeats his words with a stutter and he nods in satisfaction, but Rath just sighs heavily. Guillan glares at Rath and asks him what that look is for. Rath just shrugs but he’s looking at Guillan like he’s helpless.

Then Rath tells Fiona to just call him Rath. Fiona tells them that it’s nice to meet them while using their names and Guillan’s honorific. Rath silently stares at Guillan while sighing. Guillan awkwardly tries to clear his throat and his eyes start to wander over the clearing. Fiona asks him if something is the matter.. while still using his title. Fiona thinks about how it would be better if she used a polite tone while using the title at the same time.

And so because she starts to stand on ceremony because she’s thinking that, Guillan’s expression becomes uneasy. Rath laughs quietly and Fiona is surprised to see how young he looks when he does, since he’s usually expressionless. It’s her first time seeing him smile. Honestly, she thinks it’s cute and wants to see it more. Guillan insults Rath and yells at him not to laugh. He punches Rath in the shoulder which makes Rath glare and ask him what that was for. But Guillan just shouts at him to shut up.

Fiona has to muffle her laughter because for reasons she doesn’t understand Guillan is angry. Actually, it’s more like he’s sulking than angry. Then suddenly Guillan calls her loudly and orders her to just call him Guillan without any honorifics. When she looks confused he spits out that it feels disgusting. Fiona is even more confused at how he’s sulking when he was the one who ordered her to call him that.

Arles sighs and explains to her that although Guillan has always wanted an honorific attached to his name, no one has ever called him by that. He’s embarrassed. Fiona is shocked and, somehow at his words, she sees that Guillan is kind of cute. She smiles as she used to think that wolves were a fearsome existence. But in truth they aren’t much different from normal people. At this thought she feels like she’ll be able to work hard with them.

After living in the forest for several days, she has become a little more accustomed to her life with the wolves. Although everyone basically remains in their wolf form. The only people who take their human appearances is Rath, Arles, and Guillan. She wonders if everyone else can return to their human forms once they recover from Zodiva. She recalls Zara’s words about how, as Zodiva progresses, wolves lose their human reasoning and start to become beasts.

She thinks it must be painful; only being able to exchange a few words with each other before they lost their human appearance. A wolf whines near her and she notices that the small wolf is approaching her. It snuffles quietly and raises its nose to hers. She smiles as she realizes that it’s the same signal Richie and Pearl use to request a pet. It feels nostalgic and she’s reminded of the time she used to spend in the tower. But a pain tightens in her chest at those memories.

Fiona wonders what happened to Zara and Nesso. Are they still waiting for her to return to Zanan? The wolf whines again and Fiona apologizes with a small smile before asking if it’s alright to touch it. It makes a snorting noise of affirmation and she laughs quietly while stroking it; the fur is more coarse than Richie and Pearl’s fur. Then Arles comes up to her and remarks on how surprising it is to see the wolf yearning for her touch. Rath also comments on how unusual it is for the wolf to want to be touched.

Guillan growls roughly at how it has spirit to go find Fiona to be petted. Fiona raises her head and greets them with a smile, but the wolf beneath her whines reverently at the sight of Arles and bows its head before it leaves. Even in such a place there is a strict hierarchy among the wolves. Fiona knows that she should learn it as well, but she isn’t sure where she stands among their ranks. Is she an underling or a newcomer?

And so she just comments at how it left. Arles asks her with a grin 「邪魔したか?」(Did we interrupt?). She shakes her head with a smile and then asks why the three of them are together. He becomes serious and informs her that he just received a report about a wolf who was sent to watch Zanan. It was watching over her brother. Guillan tells her in annoyance that her brother’s sleeping out in the open. Fiona winces and apologizes since it’s her fault that they had to leave Zanan.

Guillan raises an eyebrow and snaps out that she’s wrong. They’re strong wolves and so they’re fine out here. The problem is her. Rath points out that she’s a human and a Lobeira at that. Isn’t her body weak? Arles explains that they used to be a race that lived in the wolves. There is no complication to continuing to live in the forest, especially if there is no rain. But she’s different. Fiona nods slowly at that and realizes that these three are worried about her.

She’s surprised, not so much at Arles, but at how Rath and Guillan also worry about her physical condition. Arles asks her why she has such a stupefied look on her face, which makes her shake her head and tell him that she’s happy to receive their worry. He smiles gently at her and tells her that it’s natural since she’s part of the family. She’s one of them. Guillan replies with a fanged grin 「アルルがそう決めたンなら、テメェはオレ様の仲間だ。ま、面倒見てやンぜ。」(If Arles is decided on this, then you’re my companion. Well, an annoying one).

THE WAY GUILLAN TALKS IS HILARIOUS BUT IT DOESN’T COME OUT RIGHT IN ENGLISH.. Although Rath doesn’t say anything he nods strongly at their words. Fiona beams at them and thanks them happily, but then asks if they can return to the conversation. So, anyway, the wolf continued to watch over her brother and his group. Fiona notes that it must be waiting for them to leave and then Arles informs her that he just received the report that they have finally given up and left the castle.

Fiona’s expression falls as she thinks about Nesso and Zara. Then she asks if Julian went with them. Arles nods and tells her that there is no one left in the castle now. Julian, the first prince of the country, has had his life wrecked with the conflict between Arles and Mejojo. And so, if it is his wish, she hopes he can find happiness outside the country. Arles asks her slowly if she’s regretting her choice. She reassures him that she doesn’t, but she feels just a little.. lonely.

It’s a small sentiment. She was the one who casted them away from her. She whispers an apology in her heart even though she knows it won’t reach anyone. The three wolves are silent. And then Arles tells her that he has just one thing to say to her. She chose this. Fiona nods in understanding and opens her mouth, but before she can say anything Arles steps closer and strokes her head kindly despite his severe tone. He quietly reminds her that she joined his family. He embraced her into his clan as a wolf’s bride.

Instinctively Fiona gasps at his words and Guillan asks her in annoyance if there’s something to be unhappy about. Even Rath asks her if she’s unhappy to have them. Fiona hurriedly tells them that they’re wrong, but she thought the whole bride thing was just a trick to get Nesso and Zara to accept her choice. Arles smiles slowly and informs her that he embraced her into this clan as a new member of the family.

Fiona nods slowly at that and Rath explains that, in other words, she should consider them her new family. He gives her a small smile as he tells her not to forget that. Fiona’s eyes widen before she starts to smile gratefully. It’s true that she’s lonely after being separated from Nesso, Zara, and Julian, but she is able to spend the days welcomed into her new family like this. And so she thanks them for accepting her. She really is thankful.

Honestly, after the way the wolves were treated by the cats and Weblin’s people, she would have been satisfied even if she was seen as a tool to cure Zodiva.She even prepared herself to not care if that were the case. But she was actually accepted as family and it makes her overjoyed. Guillan shakes off the sappy mood and informs her that they’re going to wait to make sure her brother has completely vacated the castle before they return to it.

Arles nods his head at this plan and points out that there’s a possibility her brother still hasn’t given up yet. Rath reassures her that they have to live outside just a while longer. They’ll return when they’re sure her brother has crossed the country’s borders. Fiona can do nothing but pray for Nesso, Zara, and Julian to safely cross the border.

Several days later, they finally return to Zanan after the wolf, who was following Nesso and the group, notifies them about how Nesso and his group have crossed the border. Guillan sighs in pleasure at how they’re back since this place is the safest. Arles immediately tells them that he’s retiring to his study and if something happens they can call on him. Before he leaves he calls Fiona over and tells her to make an empty room into her room. If she needs anything she can call on Guillan or Rath.

She thanks him with a stutter and then he turns around and quickly disappears into the castle. Fiona thinks he’s doing exactly what he said and is shutting himself up in the study. Arles used to be a knight with a high position, and the atmosphere around him compared to Rath and Guillan is different. Of course there’s still the wildness of the wolf in him, but also a nobility. He has a charisma that a person can’t help but respect and bow their head to. PART OF MY ENDLESS BIAS PROBABLY COMES FROM HOW NOBLE HE’S PORTRAYED.

Arles has an appearance that can command the wolf pack and this power is exactly why he is called the Wolf King. Guillan is smirking as he asks Fiona why she is looking admiringly at Arles. Fiona squeaks at that and Guillan snorts in laughter before telling her not to make such strange noises. She snaps back that it’s because he startled her like that so suddenly. But they’re interrupted by Rath who calls Fiona over. Fiona and Guillan automatically exchange looks of surprise.

The two of them walk over to Rath and Fiona asks if something happened. Rath informs her that there’s a letter for her. She looks confused but Guillan notes that this place is the place her brother used to sleep. Fiona’s eyes widen at that before she notices the black soot of a burnt out fire, but when she squats and touches the floor it has already gone cold. This was where Nesso, Zara, and Julian were. Rath hands her the letter and she thanks him quietly.

Nesso wrote the letter and in it he tells Fiona that he wrote this letter because he’s sure the wolves who abducted her won’t return to this place. He confesses that he’s honestly sad that the road she chose is different from the road they chose. He’s already troubled by what he should tell their father. But he realizes she’s decided. Or more like she has already decided. When he thinks about it, she used to be a child who endured a lot.

It gives him and Zara deep feeling that their first meeting with her and their last was her being defiant. Then he tells her to listen carefully. He, Zara, Julian, her faraway father, Pearl and Richie, and everyone will always be praying for her happiness. He doesn’t want her to forget that. He wants her to work hard energetically. And if she ever wants to run away, she can call him. He’ll run away with her to anywhere.

Fiona is stunned by how he seems to have forgiven her. Even though she did this selfish thing, deciding by herself and leaving the three of them behind. But even still Nesso spoils her, forgives her, and will even come to assist her if she needs it. She starts to sob as she once again misses them. It can’t be helped that she misses the gentle people who were always with her and who always saved her. But she herself was the one wh odecided to leave those gentle people.

Rath gently asks her if she’s fine and Fiona sobs out that she is. She had wondered if she was still loved. Rath nods and tells her softly 「……うん。おまえは、……愛されてるよ。」(… Un. You are.. loved). Even more tears spill down her cheeks at his words but they aren’t unpleasant tears. They aren’t just tears of sadness. Guillan tells them that there is other things here too. When she looks at him in confusion, he starts to sniff the air and sits down near a wall to search it. He reports that he smells something strange.

When she moves to Guillan’s side she smells the scent of medicinal herbs that she had always associated with a young man who had been sponsored by her family. Above a wrapped package there is a letter for her from Zara. He talks about how Nesso must have roughly said everything that needed to be said, but he wants to play a role as well. In the wrapping below this letter are various medicines. He made them hurriedly but she should know best how effective his medicine is.

He even made the Zodiva inhibitor. He made these only for reserve but he wants her to use them if anything happens. Then he reminds her that he is wishing for her happiness. No matter the distance he will always, always, always wish it for her. He doesn’t want her to forget that. After reading the letter, the wrapped package feels heavier in her hand. Could it be that they only remained here to create that medicine? She can’t stop her sobbing and she continues to cry like a child.

Guillan points out how the look on her face is completely amazing and Fiona snaps at him to leave her alone. She turns away from his gaze and covers her face with her hands as she cries. She doesn’t regret it. She shouldn’t regret staying here. But in the end.. Fiona sobs out Nesso and Zara’s name. In the end she’s sad at how she might be eternally separated from the family which had always been with her. Rath tries to comfort her 「……大丈夫だ。今は、オレ達が、いる。」(.. It’s okay. We’re here.. now).

YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT RATH (屮゚Д゚)屮 FIONA IS BEING RIDICULOUS IN HOW LONG SHE’S MOURNING HER FAMILY. ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE SAID SHE WOULDN’T REGRET. He starts to rub her back as if she were a child. Guillan’s voice is annoyed as he orders her to stop crying and he looks uncomfortable as he ruffles her hair. Their gentle actions only remind her of the gentle actions of her precious people who had been with her and so she can only continue crying.

Then, as if he thought of something, Guillan changes into a wolf. Fiona flinches back from him and asks him what he’s doing, but he just points out that he’s obviously licking her tears away. Rath also transforms and starts to lick her, but Guillan snaps at him for taking what is his. Rath points out calmly that it isn’t his in the first place. Fiona is licked over and over again by rough tongues.

Guillan tells her sternly 「忘れちまえ、全部。オレ様がいるからよ。新しい家族が。」(Forget it all. We’re here for you. We’re your new family). Rath tells her not to worry, that it’ll be fine, and that Nesso and them are surely doing well. The two of them treat her as if she were also a wolf and lick her everywhere. It feels ticklish but also pleasant and she falls asleep between them, exhausted by her crying. OKAY.. I HAVE TO ADMIT THIS SCENE WAS ADORABLE. NOT ON ANY PART OF FIONA’S THOUGH.

Time skip! After a while of living at Zanan for a while, Fiona finally starts to accomplish her first purpose of giving her blood to the wolves. But well, Arles orders her not to push herself, and so he forbids her from giving her blood to a large amount of wolves at the same time. However, she doesn’t know how much blood she should be giving either. And the result of that discussion was..

Flashback! Fiona wonders out loud how much blood one person needs. Arles is silent but Fiona recalls that Arles had tasted Elvira’s blood in the past. He nods stiffly and tells her that the antibodies for Zodiva in his body is thanks to that. He also tells her that Elvira was also a thin and slight woman. Fiona admits that she never heard that Elvira was also a Lobeira. Arles asks if it isn’t because she died while Fiona was still very young.

Fiona thinks it’s a possibility, but if Elvira was a Lobeira she would have preferred that they told her. Such as if Elvira was an obedient child and if she drank all her medicine without fuss. Rath sighs from behind Arles and comments on how he has an idea of what Fiona was like as a child. She coughs awkwardly at that and changes the subject. Arles muses on how Elvira might not have been a complete Lobeira like Fiona.

Anyway, even when Arles was engaged to Elvira he didn’t hear about how she was a Lobeira. He just heard that her body was a little weak. Fiona smiles weakly and then points out that Elvira and her are both from the Galland family. Being a Lobeira might be a factor in the blood of a Galland daughter. Arles shrugs and then Fiona asks him how much blood he drank from Elvira. He stiffens at that and Guillan asks him loudly why he averted his eyes like that.

Arles confesses tightly that he wants to remain silent. Rath notes that it must have been a considerable amount then and even Fiona agrees. Arles just exhales heavily. It’s a sigh that has given up and is going to clear their doubts, but he continues to look away from them as he answers that he drank enough to nearly kill her. Fiona’s eyes widen since she didn’t think he’d say it like that. Meanwhile, Guillan starts to snicker and asks if he’s saying that Zodiva can only be cured if kill her and drink all her blood.

Rath points out that Elvira might not have been a complete Lobeira though. In that case, Fiona might just need to give a smaller amount of blood. Fiona averts her eyes as she agrees that it might be a possibility. Arles tells them that, whichever it is, he doesn’t want her to offer her blood to the limit. After all, she is undoubtedly a Lobeira and they don’t know what illness she might catch when she’s weak. He will not allow her to overwork and strain her body.

Fiona nods in agreement and thanks him. Arles just reminds her that she doesn’t need to thank him. He’s told her countless of times that she is now part of his clan and they don’t expose their companions to dangerous situations. She giggles at his words and tells him that no matter how many times he says it, it makes her happy and she thanks him again. Rath brings the subject back to hand and asks her what she will do.

Guillan asks her if she’ll just try a little bit at a time. They can increase it little by little until it’s effective. Arles agrees and then sternly tells Rath and Guillan that one of the three of them must be beside Fiona when they test this out. It will be extremely bad if the other wolves are driven mad by the scent of her blood. The two younger wolves acknowledge the order and then Arles informs Fiona to call one of them when she is ready to give her blood to a wolf. Fiona agrees to his terms.

Present time! And so it has come to this; Fiona decides that she will give her blood once a day to 5 people. She wonders who she should ask to be with her, since she needs someone by her side in case of an emergency. She decides that it would be best to ask Arles to help her. She heads to his study, but she’s puzzled when she knocks and receives no answer. Usually Arles immediately asks who is it but this time it’s silent. Fiona frowns as she wonders if he isn’t there.

Normally Arles is never far away from the castle. He usually shuts himself up in the study or patrols the castle surroundings. She didn’t see him in the hall and so she thinks he has to be in here. But maybe he left when she didn’t notice. Fiona decides to test the doorknob. She’s not entering without permission because Arles told her to loan a book from his bookshelf whenever she finds herself bored. And so she opens the door and slips in.

Even though she’s not doing anything wrong, she can’t help but walk quietly. It must be the guilt of stepping into a room when the owner is away. Fiona’s eyes widen though when she sees Arles sleeping. She was startled when she saw him because she thought he wasn’t here. But apparently he fell asleep while in his chair. Fiona thinks about how unusual it is to see Arles sleeping. Actually, it’s her first time. She quietly closes the door behind her.

Fiona doesn’t understand why she doesn’t leave the room and instead she steps closer. It doesn’t have to be Arles who supervises her as she gives away her blood and she could search for Rath or Guillan. There’s little chance of them both being away. They’ve coordinated so that whenever one of them leaves, the other remains behind. And so why is she walking silently to Arles’ sleeping form? She notes the wrinkles in his forehead and how, even in sleep, he looks strict.

She wonders if he’s having a bad dream and asks him that in her mind while she looks at his face. The furrows in his forehead might even be deeper than the ones he has when he’s awake. A groan escapes his lips as if he’s having a nightmare and Fiona murmurs his name in concern. Did she wake him up? Fiona holds her breath as she continues to watch him. I’D USE THIS TIME TO PET HIS EARS ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ. But Arles continues to remain asleep and Fiona smiles in relief.

It looks like she didn’t wake him. Then Fiona chides herself and asks herself what she’s doing, because she shouldn’t have entered the moment she realized Arles was asleep. Instead she unintentionally approached him uninvited like this. But now she wonders what she should do. Fiona thinks about leaving but now that she’s inside and this far she feels like she should do something. Her glance is drawn to the sofa. There’s a blanket there for whenever Guillan comes in exhausted and flops down on it.

Fiona smiles as she decides to place the blanket on top of Arles before leaving. She quietly walks over to the sofa and picks up the blanket, but when she returns to Arles side he groans out Elvira’s name. Fiona instantly stops because even though she didn’t hear the full thing she knows he’s saying the name of his fiancée. The woman who was killed by Mejojo right in front of him for defending him and Fiona’s older cousin. She recalls that Arles commented on how similar they looked.

And then she realizes that he is having a nightmare since the wrinkles in his forehead, the groaning, and calling his fiancée’s name all point to it. Is he experiencing the loss of her again in his dreams? Fiona wonders if she should wake him up. If he’s having a bad dream then it might be kinder to wake him up. Thinking that she puts a hand on his shoulder, but suddenly Arles calls out her name at the same time before embracing her strongly.

Fiona automatically answers to her name although she’s completely surprised by how powerfully he pulls her that she’s pressed right up against his chest. AWWRIGHT. She calls out his name questioningly, but he doesn’t answer and just tightens his grip. She wonders if he’s still half-asleep and calls out his name again before asking him if he’s alright. Arles exhales shakily but when she says his name again he opens his eyes and apologizes roughly.

She shakes her head and reassures him that it’s fine but then asks him shyly if he could release her. He doesn’t answer her and the arms around her don’t loosen. It’s a silent rejection. Fiona is puzzled and wonders what happened. It looks like he had a bad dream but she thought it was one about Elvira. When he was first having his nightmare he whispered Elvira’s name. But even if he mistook her for Elvira, because they look similar, he had said her name at the end.

Was she also the source of his nightmare? The moment she has that thought she starts to feel guilty even though she didn’t do anything. Even though he’s older than her and the leader of the wolves, it seems like he can still be harmed by this. Gradually, the arms around her begin to loosen although he hesitates before releasing her completely. His actions are timid, as if he was afraid that the moment the strength left his arms she would disappear.

Arles asks her roughly why she is here. Fiona explains that she wanted to give her blood away and so she came here to find him. She tells him that she knocked, but when she received no answer she peeked into the room and saw him sleeping. And then she entered. She really had no special reason, it was as if the moment she saw the unusual sight of him sleeping her feet were drawn to him. Fiona asks if he had a bad dream.

He nods and tells her that it was a long dream.. that made his insides grow cold. She asks him slowly if it was about Elvira and he asks her curtly how she would know that. Fiona tells him that he called Elvira’s name out while in the throes of his nightmare. He exhales at that and tightens his grip around her in silence. It’s as if he were debating on whether or not he should tell her the contents of his nightmare. Then Arles confesses that he dreamt about her as well.

When Fiona looks surprised at this he repeats that it was a dream about her. A dream with her in it. As if he were a child who woke up from a bad dream and needed to embrace a stuffed animal while talking, he continues to hold her. But it wasn’t with the strength he used in the beginning, it’s become a softer hold. But she’s a little embarrassed and she feels like she should insist on getting off his lap. But she decides not to in the end because he looks like he needs it.

She could see that, because he had a bad dream concerning her, he wants to feel her warmth. Fiona asks him what terrible thing she did in his dreams, but Arles responds that her committing a crime would have been extremely welcomed. It makes her wonder even more about the dream that he had. She must have died; it must have been a dream where he lost her much like he lost Elvira. As a leader of a pack and having the responsibilities that come with it, it must be painful to lose a companion.

Moreover, she is much like his old lover and looks similar to her who had been killed right in front of his eyes. That would certainly be a bad dream. Arles starts to talk slowly 「オマエを、守れない夢だ。メヨーヨや、オージェに、オマエを傷つけさせてしまう夢だった。」(It was a dream where I couldn’t protect you. A dream where Mejojo and Auger hurt you). Arles lowers his chin onto her shoulder and she notices that he looks exhausted because of the dream. It was a gesture as if he were worn out and seeking comfort.

He mutters lowly into her ears 「……オレは、オマエを守れるだろうか。」(… Can I.. even protect you?). Fiona whispers that she believes in him, to try and encourage him. On that night when she decided on what standpoint she would have, she also decided to entrust her life to Arles. She was determined to believe in Arles and trust him, such as becoming family and being welcomed into his clan. He replies 「……そう、だな。」(.. I see..). Because words are insufficient for comforting, and being comforted, their replies are short.

But Fiona has the feeling that the things they want to convey and say have been conveyed. And so a calm silence passes while Arles continues to embrace her. After a while, Fiona gently points out that he can let her go now but Arles just says 「離しがたいな。」(It’s hard to let you go) and she can feel his low chuckle. He adds 「オマエはとても暖かで、抱き心地がいい。」(You’re very warm and the sensation of holding you is nice). She lightly asks him if she’s a pillow.

And Arles immediately responds 「寝室にまでついてきてくれると、なお嬉しいんだが。」(If you came with me to the bedroom, I confess I would be happy). Fiona replies flatly that she won’t. (〃゚艸゚):;* GOD THIS EXCHANGE IS ADORABLE. ARLES NEEDS TO BE PLAYFUL MORE OFTEN~! But even though they’re joking around like this, they remain close to each other until the remaining influences of the nightmare disappear.

However, a while after her life with the wolves had begun.. The calm days did not continue for long. The castle is filled with sounds of unrest because four of the wolves who had been sent on patrol hadn’t returned when they should have. Guillan murmurs that he has a bad feeling and Arles agrees. Rath volunteers to investigate. Arles permits it and with a surprising swiftness Rath transforms into a wolf and darts off into the forest.

Fiona wonders out loud if something happened, to which Guillan responds that if nothing happened then the patrols would have returned. Fiona realizes he has a point and then asks if something like this had happened before. Arles explains that there have been wolves who were attacked by a fit of Zodiva while patrolling and because they couldn’t endure their impulses they went to attack a village alone and never returned. Fiona points out that everyone’s Zodiva should have been suppressed by now.

It was for that sake that she gave everyone her blood. Although she couldn’t completely cure it, she could make it so that they wouldn’t lose control of themselves. Arles remains silent but Guillan asks with a slow smile that there is only one reason why the patrols didn’t return. When Fiona looks at him in confusion Guillan informs her that they could have met those Weblin bastards. Fiona inhales sharply, but somewhere in her head she had prepared for that, she just didn’t want to consider it as a possibility.

She hurriedly points out that there aren’t any villages around here that have attacked the wolves. That is why they are able to continue living in this castle, even though there are rumors about them being here. Arles quietly states that the time must have come. Fiona’s eyes widen but she can’t bring herself to ask him what has come. She understands without having to ask. It must be the king’s army.

Mejojo has ascended the throne as king of Weblin and now he has all the power. If Mejojo wishes it then he can order the entire army to mobilize and exterminate the wolves. She prays that the worst-case scenario hasn’t come upon them, but everyone is uneasy as they wait for Rath to return from his scouting.

Several hours later, Rath finally returns. Guillan snaps at how slow he was and then growls out that he better have information for taking so long. The look on Rath’s face gives away what his report will be. Mejojo and Auger’s army is already near them. Guillan glares off to the side while Arles confirms his suspicions. Then he asks Rath if the army knows where their castle is. Rath reports that they don’t seem to know where their base is, just that there have been many sightings of wolves in this area.

Arles nods and comments on how this means they still have a little time. Rath asks him slowly what he’s going to do and Fiona swallows as she watches Arles. He is the king of wolves and the decision of what they’re going to do rests on him. Will they attack the army head-on or no? Guillan offers his opinion loudly about how he thinks they should fight them. He’ll make sure the army never raises a hand against them again.

Since Mejojo and Auger went through the trouble of mobilizing the army here it’s a nice chance to kill them all. Rath agrees that it is a nice chance to defeat Mejojo and Auger. Fiona reluctantly agrees with them. Normally, Mejojo and Auger would live in the castle where there are many defenses. And so it would be a great chance to defeat the two of them who are leading the army here. But even if it was a good chance, she doesn’t want everyone to face a dangerous situation.

She would like to give more priority to living over fighting and winning. Fiona understands that it’s useless for them to run away, because with Mejojo and Auger recognizing the wolves as enemies they will continue to hunt them for an eternity. Even if they continue to run, as long as they’re in this country they will be hunted as rebels. What can she do to have the wolves be able to live in peace? But it looks like as long as Mejojo and Auger are undealt with, that day will never come.

Trapped in her thoughts, she only lifts her head when she hears Arles calling her name. She sucks in a breath at the serious look on his face. He tells her to run away before Mejojo’s army starts hunting through the mountains. Fiona doesn’t know what to say and looks around, but Rath and Guillan only watch her silently with no objections. Arles informs her that they intend to face Mejojo and Auger from here and so he wants her to run. Fiona protests and asks why she is the only one leaving if everyone else is remaining.

Arles snaps at her and asks what she can do if she remains. When she gasps, he tells her flatly that she can’t fight and in a battlefield, those who can’t fight are obstructions. Fiona protests that she can treat injuries or something. In truth, she knows that when the fighting starts she can’t do anything. Arles asks her sarcastically if she knows how to treat people who have had their hands or feet torn off. Does she know how to treat people whose entrails are protruding out of their slit belly?

Fiona flinches at his words even though they’re said indifferently and not with blame. But it hurts because it is said as an indifferent fact. And so Fiona switches tracks and shouts out that even if she can’t do anything, she wants to be with everyone until the last moment. That was her true intention. She doesn’t have the strength to run away by herself and leave Arles, Rath, and Guillan fighting together with the other wolves and risking their lives. Fiona starts to sob.

She wants to be together with them until the end. But if she’s here then she will be a burden. Arles, Rath, and Guillan will have to protect her. And because they know it, Rath and Guillan don’t intervene while Arles orders her to run. And even though she knows it, it’s frustrating and sad. She can’t do anything for them. The only thing she can do for the people who welcomed her into their family and are fighting for their lives, is to run. If only she had Nesso’s strength or Zara’s knowledge.

Fiona would be able to fight alongside everyone if she had Nesso’s strength. She would be able to heal people in the disorder if she had Zara’s knowledge. But she can’t do anything. Fiona sobs as she apologizes to them for being useless. The only thing she can do for them is to not get in their way. Arles exhales heavily and places a hand on top of her head as her tears continue to fall. Then he tells her 「オマエは、充分によくやった。」(You’ve done more than enough).

When she looks confused he points out that, in the time that she’s been here, she’s given a lot of her blood to the wolves. It is thanks to her that they have a larger force which can fight. Guillan agrees roughly that thanks to her the wolves who would have died were revived. Rath praises her for doing well. Then he takes her hand and gently pats the tip of her fingers which have scars on them. She had to injure her hand for them. Rath reassures her that he thinks she did more than enough for them.

Fiona’s cheeks turn red even as more tears well up in her eyes. Her hand, which had been soft and didn’t know labor and which shouldn’t have been damaged, had to be wounded many times in order to give them blood. Arles smiles at her and reassures her that she upheld more than enough of her responsibilities as one of his family. More tears fall as she wonders if this is the truth. She can’t do anything as they prepare to fight to the death.

Yet still they welcome her and accept her as family. She asks slowly and with a stutter if she can introduce herself as a wolf. Even if she has no fangs, claws, or strong body. Even if she cannot fight. She asks if it’s alright to be part of their family. Arles smile grows larger as he says 「……当たり前だ。オマエは、オレの眷属だ。誇り高き狼種ヴォルフの一員だ。」(… Of course. You are my family; a proud member of the wolves). Her sobs start to wrack her body and she can no longer speak. Guillan teasingly calls her a crybaby.

But he and Rath are smiling. Arles pulls her into an embrace and Rath pats her on the back while Guillan ruffles her hair. Then Arles tells her that he has one more thing he wants her to do for them all. When she asks what she can do, he informs her bluntly that there is the possibility that they might die in this fight. Fiona gasps and more tears come to her eyes at that word. Arles frowns as he tells her that they don’t intend to die that easily, but she must understand that the possibility is there.

And she nods even though she doesn’t want to understand. She wants to believe, like a fool, that everyone will win without fail. Arles informs her that if that happens she will be the only one who knows the truth about wolves. If they die then he believes that Mejojo and Auger will fabricate history. Just like what happened 10 years ago, the cats will try to make their side sound correct in history to pass down to future generations.

Fiona realizes he’s right since, before she met the wolves, she had misunderstood the incident from 10 years ago and she believed in Mejojo’s words. The same thing will surely happen again. Rath tells her they’ll be known in history as the Wolves’ Saga; a black curse and the tragedy of being violated by Zodiva. She will be the only one who will know the truth. Guillan orders her to pass the truth down and make them sound awesome.

Arles is entrusting the history of the wolves to her. There are truths that only she will know since she has been welcomed into their family despite her humanity. Fiona accepts her responsiblity solemnly. To the present Weblin, the wolves are known only as a brutal misfortune. They spread Zodiva, attack humans, and destroy villages. But she knows. She knows what they think, what they feel, and how they live. She agrees to pass it on properly, but she still protests.

She protests even though she knows this is something that only she can do. She knows that she has to do this. But still.. Fiona orders them not to die. The three wolves smile at her and promise her that they won’t die. Even though she knows that when the battle starts they might not be able to keep their promises in the chaos, but it still comforts her. Then Arles becomes serious and asks her if she understands that she has to run now. Fiona promises to run.

And then Rath points out to his brother that there are still wolves who can’t fight because of their condition. He asks if they can be sent along with Fiona. Arles exhales slowly and ponders it before asking Fiona if she can take care of them. She smiles and tells him that she will of course. Most of the wolves who she had given her blood to were able to move, but the wolves who had been infected for a long time are still recovering and aren’t in any condition to fight.

Arles muses out loud on how he doesn’t think she will be able to run away safely if she’s alone no matter what road she takes. She will need a guide. And Fiona easily admits to this. She had been taken from her tower and then taken from the castle. And although the days she spent with the wolves were calm, she was still technically an innocent girl who knew nothing of the world. Even if she’s told to run into the forest, the possibility is high that she wouldn’t know what to do.

And so Arles informs her that many preparations must be made and she should also prepare to leave. Fiona nods sadly. And so the decision was made that she would separate from everyone to run away. She returns to her room after their discussion and begins to pack her luggage. In truth, she has very little luggage. All she brings with her is a change of clothes and she also remembers to take Zara’s medicine with her. Then after she arranges her luggage to her satisfaction she hears a knock on her door.

Fiona wonders who it is and then asks out loud if it’s Arles. It does turn out to be Arles and asks her if she has time right now. She smiles and tells him that she is almost finished before asking him how his preparations are going. He replies that his is almost complete as well. Fiona loses the smile on her face and asks quietly if she has to leave now. A tight look comes on his face as he says 「いや、オレはオマエを呼びに来たわけではない。ただ少し……、話があってな。」(No, I didn’t come here to call for you. I just.. wanted to talk a little).

MMMM.. YES? I’M ALL EARS (*´ω`*). She invites him into her room and pats on a cushion in front of her while she sits down and faces him. He joins her and sits down before asking her quietly if she regrets joining the wolves. Fiona blinks in surprise at the abrupt topic but Arles stares at her seriously. He is waiting for a serious answer. And so Fiona tells him that she doesn’t regret the decision she made that night. She thinks it was good to be able to be together with them.

Fiona winces at her words because she used past tense when she was talking about the time she spent with them. Because, if it is possible, she wants to be able to continue being together with them. Arles replies slowly 「……そうか。もしも……、オマエが望むのならば。オマエを、家族のもとに届けることも出来る。」(… I see. If.. If it is your wish… you can be delivered to your family). The place where her brother and butler are. Fiona asks him why he is saying this and if he knows where they are. Arles confesses that he does.

Although he told her that he just made sure they crossed the country’s border, in truth he actually went so far as to find out where they decided to live. She asks him if that was in case she ever told him that she wanted to return to them. He inclines his head and confesses that if she had told him that she wanted to return to her human family then he would have taken her there. Her voice becomes strained as she asks him why he did that. She had resolved herself to abandon her family and throw herself to the wolves.

Arles was the one who told her that she couldn’t have both and urged her to choose one. So she wonders why he was preparing a refuge for her. He tells her lightly 「……知っていると思うが。オレは身内には甘い。」(.. I think you already know, but.. I care about family). Fiona tells him that she knew. He’s the King of Wolves and merciless against his enemies. He’s attacked villages, sowed destruction, and a dangerous man who challenges the rule of Weblin. But in truth, there’s a sweet and kind side to him.

Once again Arles asks her softly what she will do. If she wishes it then he can help her run away to her family. Fiona is silent as she thinks. It’s a sweet temptation. She can separate from Arles, Rath, and Guillan and live hidden in a far away place. She can return to her family and live happily in a foreign country. She apologizes in her mind and then tells Arles that her family is them now. She is a member of their clan and that is why she won’t go to where Nesso and Zara are.

This is the second time that she has given up on her family, Nesso, and Zara. It’s the second time but painful things are still painful. But she had made her decision. She is a member of the wolves and she decided to become a part of their family. That’s why she won’t run away. Well, actually, she will have to do some running. Arles’ voice is rough 「…………。……そう、か。それが、オマエの決断なんだな?」(….. I.. see. This is your decision, isn’t it?). Fiona smiles gently and nods her head.

She tells him that she’ll be with them. Although she can’t fight together with them, she’ll be waiting for them to return to her when everything is finished. Arles replies 「……わかった。事が済んだら、オマエを向かえに行こう。」(.. I understand. When this ends, I will go to you). Her voice is soft as she promises him that she’ll wait. She’ll always be waiting. Arles’ reply is just as soft 「……ああ。」(.. Aa). Then he caresses her hair gently. And until the rest of the preparations were done, they spend their time talking about trifling things.

Time skip! Preparations are finished and they are called out into the hall. There is an unexpected thing waiting for her there and Fiona stares at it in silence. It looks like a wrapping that is large enough to fit one person. She stares because if she isn’t mistaken then it looks like it could fit a corpse. Arles suddenly says 「フィオナ、服を脱げ。」(Fiona, take off your clothes). Fiona gapes at him in surprise and then Guillan starts calling for her to strip as well, but just snaps at him to be silent.

Fiona turns to Arles and gives him a questioning look. He reassures her that she doesn’t have to strip here and then calls Rath over. Rath gives her a change of clothes and tells her to change into them before handing her old clothes over to him. She informs them that she doesn’t mind, but she wants to know what they’re doing. She takes the clothes but she can’t read any of their intentions in their faces. She can’t help but be curious about what the bag is for though.

It doesn’t seem to be food since the wolves are driven to eat other races. The normal wolves tend to eat the same things that she eats, although she admits that there are still things she doesn’t know about their diet. Her glance falls to the bag again and Arles finally answers her question. It is just as she imagined and there is a corpse inside. They dug up the corpse of a girl around her age who had died to Zodiva. Although she had been half prepared for that, it was still scary to imagine and so she averts her eyes.

When she asks what they plan to do Rath explains that they will dress her in Fiona’s clothes and then bury her. When she looks confused, Guillan points out that this will make it seem like she died. Those bastard cat princes will give up on her if they think she’s dead. Fiona realizes their plan now and believes that it will work, since no matter how attached Mejojo is to her she doubts he’d continue to look for her if she was dead. Now that she understands she’ll change right away.

But she freezes in the middle of returning to her room to change because of a scary thought. If the corpse was going to have her clothes, where did the corpse’s clothes go? She glances at the clothes in her hand and then looks at the body bag. Fiona asks Arles hesitantly that she must be mistaken right? Guillan just snickers and asks her to have fun changing into those clothes. Fiona’s eyes widen because even if she realizes that it’s necessary, there is still some resistance in putting on a corpse’s clothes.

Her eyes start to tear up but Arles snaps at Guillan not to say such idiotic things and strikes him on the head. Guillan collapses howling in pain. Rath reassures her that those clothes came from elsewhere. Fiona exhales in relief while Guillan complains about how it’s already bad for them to be stripping off the clothes from the corpse. Anyway, Fiona changes in her room and returns to hand her clothes to Rath. The three wolves take the corpse to a place where she can’t see it and change its clothes.

Now that the preparations are complete. She is ready to depart. Arles tells her to follow the wolves who are accompanying her because they know the destination. Fiona nods with a determined look. There are ten wolves who will be with her. They are recovered enough to function in daily life, but they do not have the strength to fight. Rath tells her to be careful, but Fiona points out that those are her lines. She warns them not to do reckless things. Rath nods while Guillan smirks and tells her that they’ll end it soon.

He’ll going to show the entire country what the wolves can do. Fiona smiles as she tells him that he doesn’t have to go that far. But she also hopes he takes care and doesn’t do unreasonable things. Guillan acknowledges it with a pout. Arles tells her that if something happens on the road the wolves who are with her will protect her. He tells her to be careful. Rath adds that they’ll meet again. Fiona just exasperatedly tells them that these are her lines. She wants everyone to be careful. And she wants them to promise not to die.

Arles inclines his head and with this their words of separation are exchanged. She’s reluctant to part with them, but she’ll be a burden if she stays. Any time now the fight will begin and the ground will be painted in blood. She has to go and so she puts on a strong face and orders the wolves around her to move out. They bark in agreement and Fiona leaves the castle behind. They hurry through the forest with the intent to be as far as Zanan as possible. They are aiming for a place deep in the forest.

Fiona murmurs Arles’ name in her heart. Ever since she left the castle he has been occupying her mind. It’s impossible for him to be unharmed since it is the king’s army, composed of Weblin’s knights, that are invading the castle. This time Mejojo and Auger intend to end the conflict between wolves and cats. It will be Mejojo’s first expedition after taking the throne, he must feel like he can’t fail. Fiona doesn’t think Mejojo and Auger will make any allowances.

After all they are surging into Zanan with the intent to exterminate all wolves without mercy. She is sure they will kill until the last wolf is killed and until the wolves are annihilated completely. Do they have a winning chance? Fiona lowers her eyes as she thinks that they don’t. To begin with, the numbers are different. Suffering from sickness and hunted by people, the number of wolves have decreased dramatically. The knights in the king’s army have been gathered through the king’s prestige.

Because there was no winning chance to begin with Arles made them run. Fiona shuts her eyes. She wants to return. She wants to be together with him until the very end. That is one of her desires. But on the other hand, she can’t disregard the wish Arles entrusted to her; to pass down the truth about the wolves. If Arles is defeated by the army here and she dies with them, then the truth about the wolves will forever be buried in the dark of Weblin’s history.

She doesn’t want that to happen. She doesn’t want the cats to be misinterpreted as good and to pass on the legend about the cursed wolves to future generations. She has to do what only she can do. She has to leave this place and survive. She has to pass down the history and truth about the wolves. She has to wait for Arles to return to her. This is what she can do. This is something that she must do.

Suddenly, a wolf from beside her freezes and its lips lift into a snarl as it starts to growl. The wolves who were walking behind her also stop at their leader’s reaction and begin to examine their surroundings. Fiona wonders if it’s an enemy and when she asks the wolf, he barks in affirmation. Fiona’s eyes widen as she realizes that it must be a part of the king’s army. They really are determined to annihilate the wolves. That’s why they are being enclosed.

They don’t plan to miss even one. There hadn’t been a place to run to in the beginning. Fiona’s eyes become stony as she orders them to return. If they cannot advance any further then they can’t run away. She’s made her decision. The plan to escape safely and pass down the truth of the wolves’ history has been crushed. She believes it would be better if she returned then. There might still be something she can do together with them.

The wolves around her bark in agreement. Moreover, none of them wished to abandon their comrades from the beginning. Fiona apologizes deeply to Arles in her mind and then orders them to return quickly. The fight must have started. The wolves give a rousing howl and they start to return.

Meanwhile, the battlefield is overflowing with death. A stench of death pervades the surroundings. Everything is dyed red and there is a mountain of corpses made out of both races. Arles is panting with exhaustion and Guillan comes up beside him to report that there is no one left. Not even one wolf. Rath asks him tiredly what they will do. Before he was aware of it, the only people remaining by his side were Rath and Guillan. The two are decidedly not uninjured and the same goes for himself.

Guillan’s left arm hangs down without any strength and it looks like his nerves had been severed by a weapon. Rath is completely covered in blood and there is a deep laceration in his stomach. Arles remarks on their cruel circumstances and Guillan scoffs at how this isn’t something he would usually say. Arles huffs in laughter. He is also covered in wounds. Although he managed to avoid a mortal wound, the amount of blood he is losing from his wounds cannot be scoffed at.

Rath’s lips curl up into a snarl as he talks about how if there hadn’t been a bombardment then they wouldn’t end up like this. Mejojo and Auger brought cannons to hunt them. It hadn’t been seen in a battle up until now and so they must have just created it or bought it from another country. The cannons had fired at Zanan without mercy and a lot of damage was wrought to the wolves. At the beginning many wolves who had been barricading themselves in the castle died from being crushed by the walls.

And if one was fortunate enough to escape to the outside then there was an army of knights that were waiting to subjugate the wolves. The wolves who tried to escape had been hunted down one after another. The entire fight was to the advantage of the king’s army. Encircled around like that, they had no place to run. Guillan whines out Arles’ name and Rath also calls Arles before informing him that he can still run away right now. They might be able to make it to the border.

Then he asks the two wolves what the point of living would be if they ran away from this place. Rath tries to protest but Arles tells them curtly that if they wish to run then the two of them can. Rath, who could have ran away by himself if he so wished to, knew what he was meaning by saying that. He remains silent at Arles words and then Arles informs him that there is no meaning to running away trying to escape. And for ten years they have been running away from persecution.

It is necessary for everyone to know the consequences of confronting the wolves. To those who escaped safely and to those who live without threats. For the sake of passing on the truth about the history of the wolves. Those who carelessly raise their hands to the wolves will be bitten and they will be taught through pain. It doesn’t matter if they don’t win. These mountain of corpses will serve as a shield to defend the wolves who escaped safely.

Arles murmurs Fiona’s name in his mind and he recalls her unhappy expression as she turned around with tears in her eyes and ran. He thinks (……オマエは、生きてくれ。 そして、伝えてくれ。 ――…狼種ヴォルフの真実の歴史を)(.. Please live.. and please tell it.. The truth about the wolves). It is for that sake, as well as defending his companions, that he must fight. It is also for his brothers who have died. And so he orders Rath and Guillan that they mustn’t give up. Even one wolf may kill and eat many knights. They will not think about what happens after.

He will not permit them to succumb to death after coming this far. If he is going to die then he will take as many people with him as possible. Guillan barks in laughter at the hidden meaning in Arles’ words. He asks him if he’s serious because he can’t move his arm. But Rath points out that they have no choice but to fight. He starts to say something else, but the sharp whistling of something cutting through the air interrupts him. Guillan howls in pain and curses them while Rath coughs out blood.

Arles calls their name in alarm but they collapse after being shot by innumerable arrows. Normally their keen sense would have caught the sound of arrows, but they were all exhausted and approaching their limits. Then footsteps are heard and two white cat twins appear. Behind them is a row of knights. Mejojo comments on how unbecoming this end is for the dirty King of Wolves. He asks him with a sneer if he’s going to bleed to death. Auger is smiling as he agrees with his brother.

He mocks how Arles used to be called the “Silver Wolf of Salvation” and that the title is spoiled on an average person like him. Arles snarls out Mejojo’s name, but Auger scolds Arles for calling Mejojo by his first name. He’s the King of Weblin now and should be addressed with a title. Guillan curses at them and tries to get up but he’s slashed down by Auger who remarks on the small fish he’s caught. Mejojo’s eyes narrow as he asks Arles where Fiona is since she has to be here.

Arles mockingly asks if he can’t see for himself. She isn’t here. She died. He lies to Mejojo about how she came here and developed Zodiva. Mejojo laughs loudly at that and asks Arles who would believe nonsense like that. He points out that the wolves need a woman with Lobeira in order to survive Zodiva. He’s sure that Arles stole her from him and hid her. Auger snickers and comments on how he’s sure Fiona has become food and is living a painful life. She must be close by.

In response Arles smiles slowly and points out that Mejojo seems to be attached to her. Mejojo asks him what foolish nonsense he’s spouting off now, but this makes Arles’ expression is cruel as he informs Mejojo that he’ll tell him something good. Mejojo raises both eyebrows in feigned interest and then Arles smirks and tells him that Fiona has become one of the family. She will never return to him again. Mejojo’s composure falls as he repeats Arles’ words in horror.

Arles tells him that even if they are all killed here, Mejojo will obtain nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then he says 「フィオナも、エルヴィラも。誰もオマエを選ばない。」(Not Fiona. Not Elvira. No one chooses you). He adds lightly 「完全に――…、手遅れだ。」(You are completely–… late). PLAY NICE. THIS SORT OF THING IS JUST WHAT WILL MAKE MEJOJO FLIP HIS SHIT ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ. IT’S SO MEAN TOO! He is making a bet for better or for worse. With a smile around his mouth he plans to bring Mejojo’s wrath out.

And if Mejojo acts like he remembers then he will easily lose his temper. Mejojo’s face twists into a hateful snarl as he curses Arles. Mejojo pulls out his rapier while Arles wishes for him to come closer. Because when he does he’ll rip his throat out in an instant. But Mejojo exhales shakily and remains far away though his rapier is drawn. He starts to laugh as he asks Arles if he thought he could be so easily provoked. Auger compliments how amazing his brother is and how he’s grown up. As expected of the King.

A cruel grin appears on Mejojo’s face as he informs Arles that his time is already over. He no longer has the strength to continue fighting. What a miserable king. Mejojo lifts his rapier as he orders the archers to take their stance. Then he says 「これで、終わりだ。私の悪夢もようやく終る。完全にな。」(This is the end. At last my nightmare will end.. completely). Arles raises his sword with a snarl of Mejojo’s name, but Mejojo shouts at the archers to fire. This must be the end. There is no distance to avoid them and he has no will to avoid them.

.. Blood spills. But Guillan is in front of him and groans out 「……アルルゥ……。褒めて、くれ……、よ。」(… Arles.. praise.. me..?). His left arm is still dangling uselessly, but even still he’s flung out his other to block everything. Arles is horrified as he asks Guillan why he did such a foolish thing. Guillan is pierced by countless arrows, but he still asks Arles to praise him in a thin childlike voice. He’s asking for praise like he always does. And so the only thing Arles can say is 「……よく、やった。」(… Well.. done) in a strained voice.

Panting heavily now, Guillan manages a small smile in his last moments despite all the arrows in him. And then he collapses. Auger laughs and compliments how hard Guillan worked. But that death was completely meaningless. He orders the next volley in a light tone. But Rath interrupts him with a scream of rage which makes Auger snap out that his brother is the king, and if his brother wants them to die then they should die quickly. His voice turns crazy as he shouts at how annoying they are and how he wants their ugliness to disappear.

Auger screams out that he’ll kill them all! He yells at the archers to take their positions again and Arles notes that this time it’ll be the end. He can no longer do anything despite how Mejojo and Auger’s hateful presence is just right in front of him. Even though the distance between them is just one leap, it feels extraordinarily far to him. His sword, his hand, and his claws won’t reach that body. He sees a flash of kid!Rath calling his name and then feels Rath gripping his hand, which can’t reach anything.

Rath’s hand is covered in blood, but there is still warmth in it. Arles grits his teeth and returns Rath’s grip. In this situation he just remembers one thing. In his memory, a child!Rath is asking him to play. He wants to race to the forest. When they still used to have a harmonious relationship with the country, Rath often said this while pulling his hand. That young smile and the family he wanted to protect. Arles apologizes brokenly in his mind.

He couldn’t protect him. He involved him in death. He wasn’t able to let him run. Auger screams at them to fire and Arles is resigned to his end. But at that moment someone screams at them to stop. At the same time as the scream there is a black shadow in front of him. It’s a voice that shouldn’t have been here and his eyes widen. The arrows that should have hit him pierced the bodies of his companions who should have already escaped. And behind them is Fiona calling out Rath, Guillan, and Arles’ name.

The girl who he sent off to live and hand down the truth is standing there. Arles’ voice is frantic as he asks her why she is here. Rath snarls and calls her an idiot because they told her to run. Auger is laughing with glee as things have become infinitely more interesting with her appearance. He asks if she came to play with them. He also slyly points out that she’s alive as well and so Arles was lying. Arles is distressed as he asks her why she came back because he ordered her to run.

Fiona tells him that it wasn’t possible to run. The forest was completely encircled and that’s why she returned. If they couldn’t run then they could be by his side at the very end. That was their wish. Fiona’s eyes fall to the wolves who had defended him from the arrows and had fallen to the ground. Once again the lives of his family has disappeared. But that was their wish. To be there until the end.

Mejojo’s voice is cool 「……生きていたのだな、フィオナ。さあ、こちらに来い。今なら、許してやる。」(… So you’re still alive, Fiona. Now, come here. If you do it, then I’ll forgive you). Fiona replies steadily that she can’t do that because she became part of the wolves’ family. Therefore, she will be together with them until death. Mejojo asks her if she has lowered her human body to the level of beasts, despite how she has no claws or fangs. Fiona nods and informs him that she gave them her blood to create a future where the wolves could live.

She accepted them into her. Mejojo’s voice is a growl as he tells her how despicable it is for her to forget that she’s human. Auger interrupts in a voice panting with excitement about how Mejojo should end this farce and kill them all, since Fiona is insane. Fiona responds instantly that they are the insane ones. Mejojo points his rapier at her and says 「いいや、違うな、フィオナ。おかしいのはお前だ。お前はゾディバに冒され、狂ったのだ。」(No, you’re wrong, Fiona. The insane one is you. You were infected by Zodiva and went mad).

He adds 「そうでなければ……。私を捨てて狼種ヴォルフを選ぶなんて馬鹿げたことが、あり得るはずがない。」(If that wasn’t so… then you would never have done something so foolish as to abandon me and choose the wolves). Then with finality 「今、楽にしてやろう。死んで――…、私のものとなれ。」(I will give you peace now. Die–… and become MINE). He takes a step forward to her. And the distance.. the distance that Arles had given up on reaching, Mejojo had shortened. OH GOD SHIVERS AT THIS SCENE RIGHT HERE. IT WAS WELL WRITTEN.

In an instant the real nature awakens in Arles. An overwhelming violence fills him to consume the cats in front of him. This dark impulse within him reminds him of how he felt when he had been gnawed at by Zodiva. But it’s different. He is no longer infected by Zodiva. This is not an impulse driven by sickness. This is his own will. He is going to kill Mejojo. Arles howls with rage and the knights scream in terror at the monster in front of them.

With that roar Arles uses his last strength to transform into a wolf and then he immediately lunges. Mejojo screams in pain as Arles bites his left arm and tears it off while flinging him. Auger yells his brother’s name. Mejojo continues screaming as Arles paints the earth with Mejojo’s blood and Auger runs up screeching his brother’s name. Arles’ mind is filled only with bloodlust. He will not repeat what he did last time. He is determined. Arles, covered in blood, snarls out that he won’t kill them with a sword.

They will not have deaths befitting a noble king, they will die as if they were food for a beast. Mejojo screams out an insult but Auger frantically tells his brother that they have to run. Arles howls with rage and flings himself at Auger who screeches and sobs in pain as his foot is torn off. The two white cats slowly become stained in red and their pure-white clothes become defiled by the mud and blood.

The CCK yell out Auger and Mejojo’s name but Auger just snaps at them and orders them to hurry up and drag him out of here. But it is impossible for the small CCK to move them both. Fiona and Rath call out Arles’ name in worry, but he orders them to stand back. Then he asks Mejojo if he remembers that this is the same as that time. The time when Mejojo was driven by his rage and tried to kill Arles, but instead received that wound on his face. Arles sneers as he notes how Mejojo didn’t seem to have learned then.

He takes a step forward. This situation is happening because Mejojo wished to be on the frontlines. Arles tells Mejojo that he isn’t a king at all. He is simply an ugly cat twisted hideously by rage. Mejojo is screaming in hate 「ぐっ……、貴様貴様貴様ァ……!貴様貴様貴様貴様貴様貴様ァ……!狼種ヴォルフ……、ふざけるなあああ!!」(Gugh… Bastard, bastard, bastard..!! YOU BASTARD, BASTARD, BASTARD, BASTARD, BASTARD…!! YOU WOLF.. STOP FUCKING WITH ME!!).

Arles informs him that he is going to die and he will end this madness in Weblin’s history; their madness. If they have one last thing to say then they should say it now. Auger’s eyes are mad as he spits on the ground 「いいからサァ……。早く殺せよ、クソ狼?びびってんのかよぉオオオオオオオオ?」(Listen.. hurry up and kill me, you fucking wolf. OR ARE YOU SCAREEEEED?!). He starts to cackle insanely and Arles snarls in fury and leaps onto him. Blood is spilled.

Monologue! The death of King Mejojo and his younger brother Auger marked the end of the Wolves’ dark period in Weblin. The cats who had ruled in the castle for hundreds of years are now gone. Weblin is still in turmoil over who would ascend the throne next. The truth about the wolves can’t be understood that easily. The prejudice which had spread for so long will not be dispersed that quickly.

There is still a lot of time until the history that paints the wolves in a black light is clarified. But there is hope. Because the Wolf King and people who can pass down the truth about the history of wolves still live.

Several years later. Fiona finishes washing the laundry with a smile. Rath is beside her and comments on how this place has become lively, especially with the children. A wolf girl calls Fiona mother and asks her to play, while a boy asks brother Rath to play with him. The girl wants to remain with mother. Fiona is smiling as she asks them to wait and let her put the clothes in order. Rath sighs but he’s smiling as he asks if Guillan isn’t being too energetic.

It must be the name and who he was named after. Fiona grins and points out that it’s good for children to be energetic, especially if it’s a boy. Rath admits that he’s afraid of what might happen later because of that. Fiona giggles at how much Rath worries. All the children here are born from Arles and her. Their first boy was named after Guillan. After that frightening fight, they escaped deep into the woods and settled in a place that no one knows.

The knights who had encircled the forest so as to prevent wolves from escaping became disordered after the death of Mejojo and Auger. Only ten of them survived, but they passed the trial at Zanan. The wolves were not destroyed. And now they calmly in a forest far away from Weblin’s castle. The scar that Mejojo and Auger left by wolf hunting is deep and the mutual trust between the wolves and other races will not return easily.

But Fiona still believes. Even if it doesn’t happen in her lifetime then the next generation might see it. It might also be a story for the next generation. Surely, one day will come when the races can take each other’s hands. The children here are bearers of hope. She and Arles watch over the wolves who survived and live peacefully together. Anyway, Arles comes up to them and informs them that the sun is falling and they should return to the house.

Rath frowns and tells his brother not to treat him like a child because he’s an adult. Arles smirks as he admits that he can’t help but see him as a child still. Fiona giggles as she points out that if Arles can see it then it might be true. Rath frowns even deeper before he grins slyly and asks if his brother is just trying to get rid of him. Arles just raises an eyebrow and Fiona notes that Rath might have hit on the truth. But she sends Rath off by telling him to be careful.

This just makes him ask her not to treat him like a child as well. After he leaves the evening glow from the setting sun reflects in the brook in front of them. The dazzling light is thrown around while the wind quietly rustles the leaves and plants. Everything is wondrous. Even though Weblin is suffering from that incident there is still beauty. Arles murmurs her name and she says his in return. Then he notes the beautiful scenery around them and Fiona agrees while mentioning that it seems like a dream.

Arles smiles and tells her 「夢じゃないさ。オレ達が掴み取った未来だ。」(It’s not a dream. It’s the future we reached out and grabbed). Fiona nods before telling him slowly that she’s happy. He replies that he is as well and once again he says her name. When she looks at him in confusion he says 「オマエを守りぬけて、よかった。」(I’m glad that I was able to protect you). He confesses that in those ten years he didn’t think he would ever be happy. The only thing he thought about was living as a wolf and achieving his revenge on Mejojo.

He had cursed himself and asked why it had come to this. However, he adds 「だが……、こうしてオマエを妻として娶ることができたのは……、オレの呪われた人生の中、最大の幸福だ。」(But.. being able to make you my wife like this.. In this cursed life of mine, I am happy). Fiona tells him that he is no longer cursed. Everything is over. He responds 「……そうだな。愛しているよ、フィオナ……。」(.. I suppose so. I love you, Fiona..). Arles embraces her from behind gently, gently. Then 「誰よりも、ウェブリンで……。いや、世界中で一番フィオナを愛してる。」(More than anyone in Weblin.. no, I love you more than anything in this world).

His voice is a husky rumble beside her ear 「だから、ずっと離れないでくれ。」(That’s why.. don’t ever leave me). He lowers his head to her neck and bites it lightly and the prick of pain, after those sweet words, makes her jump slightly. In order to cure Zodiva, she has to continue giving blood to the wolves. But Arles’ actions have an entirely different meaning. Arles is special. L M F A O IS THIS LIKE A MATING BITE? (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

Fiona moans for Arles to do it more and drink more of her blood. It feels very good. Arles groans out 「……ハッ、……んん……。フィオナ……、とても美しい。綺麗だ……。」(… Ha.. nn.. Fiona.. you’re absolutely beautiful. Just amazing..). Arles wants her blood as a token of affection. And she gives it as proof of her love. OKAY.. SOME WOLF CUSTOM? (・ω\). The children who are newly born will learn the pleasure of life and the pain of Weblin. There will be pain and joy and sadness that will never part at the way history has painted wolves with Zodiva.

They must live.. bearing these. Fiona calls for Arles attention and when he looks at her she tells him that she might have good news for him soon. His voice is awed as he asks 「……本当か?」(.. Really?). He seemed to have guessed what she wanted to tell him with just the word good news. Arles starts to smile lightly and gently and seeing that expression makes her happy. She comments on how Guillan might have a younger brother. Or maybe a sister?

Arles can only reply 「……フィオナ、もう一度言おう。愛してる。」(.. Fiona, I’ll say this once more. I love you). He pulls her tighter into his chest. The wound on her neck is bleeding sluggishly and the blood falls down to twine around their hands which are clasped together. The blood drips onto the ground and the earth of Weblin sucks it in. That blood will be the provisions for their new history.

*** BAD END ***

Fiona chooses to marry Rath. She finds Guillan to supervise her when she’s giving out blood. And thinks it’s Arles who visits her while she’s preparing to leave. After she sets out from Zanan she doesn’t know how much time has passed. She, and her contingent of ten wolves, made for a small cave that is deep in a steep forest and far from any human villages. They continue to live there while they wait for Rath, Guillan, and Arles to return to them.

A female wolf pup asks Fiona to tell her a story. A boy one pouts and requests a story about Arles. The female wants a Rath story. Fiona smiles and asks them how they would like a Guillan one. The female pup whines about how a story about Guillan is scary! Even the boy agrees. LMFAO POOR GUILLAN. Fiona laughs and tells them that if the real Guillan heard it then he would probably sulk; she spins some string while she talks.

But then the mother of the pups chides her children for interrupting Lady Fiona while she’s working. The girl pouts and tells her mother that she wasn’t interrupting. The boy agrees. Fiona smiles reassuringly and tells the mother that they weren’t. The mother can only give in. Every day is spent peacefully and calmly. When they had left Zanan the wolves were unable to take a human appearance, but now they were able to switch between both freely.

The blood she gave little by little was able to cure Zodiva. Life is self-sufficient in the forest. Everyone’s efforts are put together to obtain food and cultivate fields and live. Fiona doesn’t just give them blood. She performs jobs that don’t require a lot of strength like spinning yarn, weaving, and looking after the children. She’s a member of this wonderful family and a smile floats on her face. This small village in the forest; undoubtedly it’s what Arles wished for.

Scene skip! Although their life is self-sufficient in the forest, she enters the village occasionally. This kind of thing is her job since even if she’s a member of the wolf family she isn’t a wolf herself. She has no ears, tail, claws, or fangs. At that time when Arles ordered her to run away, she regretted not having the strength to fight. But she’s starting to realize that there are things she can do as a human and it feels pleasant.

An village woman greets Fiona and notes that it’s been a long time since they saw her. She asks what Fiona is going to buy today. Fiona smiles and orders the usual seasoning while asking for medicinal herbs. The lady asks if she wants the usual amount and Fiona nods. Then the lady asks if Fiona once again has brought things to sell. Fiona informs her that she is since this year she has a lot of animal furs. They’re very warm, soft, and light.

The lady thanks her and talks about how the quality of the fur Fiona brings in is always excellent. It’s popular. Fiona smiles and thanks her while browsing more merchandise as they exchange small talk. She sells what they gather in the forest and using the income she buys things they can’t obtain in the forest before returning home. That’s one of her jobs. Fiona comments on how lively it is and how she thought it’d be a little more quiet. The lady informs her that it must be because King Mejojo has finally exterminated all wolves.

Thanks to King Mejojo the number of villagers who fall to Zodiva have also decreased. They’re extremely thankful. Fiona smiles stiffly and averts her eyes while thinking about the woman’s words. Although she comes here to buy materials, she also comes for information about what happened at Zanan. Through gossip she has found out that Mejojo and Auger seem to have succeeded in their campaign against the wolves and Zanan and has subjugated the wicked wolves.

And unfortunately the princess who was kidnapped by the wolves was killed by their hands. And to think they used to accuse her of being a witch. Fiona Galland, confined in the castle, and called the Witch of Scharlmessen. The poor princess kidnapped by wolves. The villagers will never know that these two rumors are connected. After all, a rumor is a rumor. The lady hands Fiona her purchases and Fiona thanks her before telling her that she’ll return when she needs more.

The lady thanks her and Fiona completes her transaction before leaving the village with her goods. She walks deep into the forest until she can’t sense the presence of anyone and approaches the meeting place. There a male wolf greets her and asks if she finished buying. Fiona nods and apologizes for making him wait but he smiles and reassures her that he didn’t wait for long. Plus, they’re really saved with her being here. Fiona smiles and tells him it makes her happy to hear that.

Anyway, Fiona attaches the purchases to his back so that they won’t fall easily. When the male asks if she’s secured them, Fiona reassures him that they’ll hold.. she thinks. He asks her to get on his back and she excuses herself as she climbs on. She’s used to getting onto a wolf’s back now and the speed at which he runs covers distances that she wouldn’t be able to do in a day. Living in a forest and sitting on a wolf.. Fiona laughs softly at how she completes the image of a witch.

The wolf asks if there is something the matter but Fiona shakes her head and reassures him that it’s nothing. He must think it strange after feeling the vibration from her laugh. They quickly return back to their village. Supper is prepared and eaten and then the children are put to sleep. Soon it is completely dark. Before she sleeps, Fiona decides to look at the stars. Maybe because the forest is distanced from the villages and the night deep, but the stars are exceptionally beautiful.

Her face falls as she contemplates the fact that the wolves at Zanan have been annihilated. She mutters quietly that she won’t believe that. After all, people’s rumors and rumors and the source is unquestionably Mejojo. She believes that Mejojo created this rumor to reassure the people of Weblin. Just like how he told everyone ten years ago that Arles died. That’s why she won’t believe it. Arles is surely alive.

And one day he will return to them. She believes that. Fiona starts to look around though when she smells something strange. It smells like oil but thicker than the one she uses for cooking. It’s a stinking, unpleasant smell. Did someone knock down a bucket of oil? Fiona decides to turn back to the village, but freezes instantly at the huge pillar of fire that erupted at the place where the village would be. The fire roars and waves as it tries to burn everything up.

Fiona’s eyes are wide as she tries to understand what’s happening. Before she even entered the cave she made sure that their fire was put out, because there are a lot of people sleeping inside the cave. So why.. the screams of her family reach her ears from deep inside the cave. The children are crying for their parents. A shadow appears from the cave wrapped in flames and it falls to the ground, rolling desperately, but soon it doesn’t move as it continues to burn.

She’s shaking. These flames aren’t normal. Something must have happened and this fire must have been created. At that moment she has a bad feeling and ice runs down her spine. She hears the sound of horses and the sound of knights moving. She’s afraid. She’s frightened. But she slowly heads in that direction and there she sees the two people who she doesn’t want to see the most. Mejojo greets her lightly and comments on how he thought she was alive.

Auger greets her cheerfully and tells her that they came to save the poor princess kidnapped by wolves. Under the moonlight and waring pure-white clothes, the twin princes laugh. No.. they’re kings now. Fiona is horrified as she realizes that they must have poured oil into the cave while everyone slept and set them on fire. Fiona tries to ask them why they’re doing this, but Mejojo interrupts and asks her what she means. He’s just exterminating dangerous animals.

An action that should be thanked. Auger comments on how thought they had wiped them all out at Zanan, but to think they were surviving and breeding here. How persistent. Then Auger perks up and remembers that he brought her a present. He gracefully takes something out of the pouch that his horse is carrying and Fiona vaguely notes that it looks large. And then Arles shows it to her. The heads of Guillan, Rath, and Arles. Fiona screams at the truth that she cannot accept.

Auger chuckles and admits that her scream was just as he hoped for; completely charming and cute. Fiona’s head is spinning and she feels dizzy. She staggers as her strength starts to leave. Her mind attempts to reject the truth shown to her. Mejojo sneers at how she thought it was a lie that the wolves at Zanan had been annihilated. How regrettable. Auger’s smirk is cruel as he points out that such a small force of wolves couldn’t possibly win. Fiona can only ask them why.

Then she realizes something else. How did these two know that wolves were here? When she asks them this Mejojo informs her with a smile that they were told by a superstitious woman in the village. A lady who appears once or twice a month to buy things and then disappears into the forest can be nothing but a witch. Fiona is horrified to realize that she must have been seen even though she tried to make sure that no one was watching when she entered the forest. This was her fault.

Fiona gathers her strength though and asks them why they did this. These wolves are no longer infected by Zodiva. They haven’t attacked anyone. And if they didn’t attack anyone then they would pass on Zodiva. They were just people who harmlessly wished for a calm and free life. And yet..! She can hear the sound of the fire crackling; but there are no more screams. Mejojo says 「人を襲わない?ゾディバを伝染さない?……そんなことは、関係ない。」(They aren’t attacking people? They won’t transmit Zodiva?… I don’t care about that).

「――…狼種ヴォルフであることが罪なのだ。」(–.. Just being a wolf is a sin). Fiona yells in anger and charges at Mejojo screaming that she’ll kill him. But before she can reach him Auger steps in and obstructs her. He slams the handle of his rapier into her stomach. It hurts and her conscious starts to fade as she can’t catch her breath. Fiona sobs an apology in her mind. She wasn’t able to protect the wolves. She wasn’t able to leave the truth about their history behind.

She tells Arles in her mind that in the end she wished she had claws and fangs. She wants the power to fight. She wants to the strength to tear up Mejojo and turn Auger into a bloodbath. Mejojo sneers at how living in the forest seems to have turned her into a beast. Auger points out to his brother that it’s fine because they can discipline her every evening and every day at the castle. Mejojo starts to laugh and the last thing she hears before she falls unconscious is their voices.

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    Hi! I know I’m playing this game a bit too late but it was only recently that I fell in love with the otome/otoge games after I purchased the English version of Amnesia. With that being said, I ALWAYS wanted to play BWS, so using VNR to translate the text, I began with Auger’s route, since he seemed more interesting, charming and more good-looking than Mejojo, also I’ve read that it’s good to start with the Kyasshi’s route first because it unfolds the whole history (which is not the case but nevermind). So I did Auger’s good and bad end (and his bad end completely broke me omg ;-;) and then did Mejojo’s both endings, then I wanted to move to wolf’s path, so I went after Arles first but then I noticed something was off even before reading your guide because when Fiona was packing her stuff, Rath was the one that showed up and promised to go back for her, I mean, that part where you’re suppose to select Arles as the one who is knocking, that option didn’t even showed up and I followed the same options as you did, but it was Rath that showed up and then in the end Rath was the one that came back for Fiona buck she died cause of Zodiva. Yikes.

    I don’t know what I did wrong, I selected all the choices correctly, except the last one for Arles that never popped up, does that mean I have to play Rath’s first? What should I do? I really loved Aruru T-T. I know this is an old post but please help me out! Thank you!

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      Ack, I’m regretting that I didn’t make my choices more clearer in my older posts like these because I vaguely recall other people encountering the same problems getting into Arles’ route from this summary post I wrote (where I never clearly highlighted the choices).

      Hmm, I’m not sure what’s going on here but I’d try an entire new save from the beginning and select these choices (I don’t believe you need to play Rath first, just Mejojo and Auger for Arles):

      [SAVE HERE]
      [GOOD END]

      ギラン or ラス
      [BAD END]

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      I KNOW!! WE WERE TROLLED AGAIN BY REJET AND THE CATS Orz. I already expected him to die in the bad end, but then I was like “oh this isn’t so bad” with them having their own village… but of course we can’t have semi-happy endings in the bad ends. Noo, those darn cats have to ruin EVERYTHING.

      They could have at least kissed at the end Orz but it sort of makes sense as to why he appeared as a wolf in her dream since she’s never seen him as a human before. I’m praying Last Hope will have many more romantic moments with Arles (>人<;).

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        I pray both Arles and Rath get better endings. Strangely I want to know more about their background as brothers too.

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        I hope Arles and Rath get better endings too ;w; I, especially, wanted to know why Arles has a different last name than Rath if they’re brothers. Why is he Arles V. Felnoir?! Where did the Felnoir come from!?

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    His happy ending is just so ポポポ(*゚Д゚(*゚Д゚(*゚Д゚*)゚Д゚*)゚Д゚*)ポポッ I love that CG. *saves* Arles is so sly because he has this super swag design not to mention is a wolf. (*´д`*)ハァハァThank you for reviewing Arles’ route because I just… can’t bring myself to play this game. LOL. (*´∀人)ありがとうございます♪

      Ilinox responded:
      August 12, 2012 at 18:55

      “super swag design” <—- yessss~ ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ. I wish he actually had a proper make-out dream session with Fiona instead of that wolf form //bricked.. but.. but the fluffy petting was also good..

      どういたしまして! I hope you enjoy the rest of the wolves ;D

    ab said:
    August 11, 2012 at 18:47

    Well given the fact that he saw humans as his enemy and infected by Zodiac or whatever. I didn’t blame Rath being emotionless and doesn’t the Zodiac effect those kind of things also he give up that that they could be saved so that also affect him but scene MC give Rath hope again he’ll get better at showing his emotions so yeah. Sorry about commenting on this again but i’m not sure if it’s been answered or not but if I were in Rath’s shoes right now i’d might feel hopeless and emotionless too but that might just be me there thou and sorry if there any bad spelling.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 12, 2012 at 12:12

      I don’t blame Rath for being emotionless, but it’s because he’s emotionless that he’s not the type of character I normally like and so it kind of places him around my least favorite (among the wolves). He gets bonus points just for being a wolf 8DD;;

      But you’re right. It’s hard not to feel hopeless and closed off when you’re pretty much resigned to death. I’m sure Rath and all the wolves up to now didn’t think they could ever have a cure ;ww;

    Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
    August 10, 2012 at 17:40

    Rath kidnapping her on her birthday party was the original plot remember? But that was before they decided to split the plot into two games. So we all though it would be the plot of Last Hope, but they completely changed their minds. Probably for the best, since the plot of Bloody Nightmare did feel a little incomplete, but like I said before, how the hell will that game be lighter if the things in the plot have already gone down the crapper? How will Mejojo not do worse things to her after she escaped him twice? How will her family and the wolves not die horribly because of it? I think we’ll get more romance with the family and wolves, but the game will be as ‘light’ as Gekka was. So Guillan and Julian could still die (;.;). Also Auger’s sprite in the LH site should have a scar, it’s not really a spoiler since the LH only players will always see him like that, but they didn’t even bother to changer the character descriptions so that’s a case of pure laziness on Rejet/Otomate’s part.

    Also, sorry, but you cannot play Rath last because you can’t do Guillan till you do his route.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 11, 2012 at 14:16

      Ahh, I didn’t realize that I couldn’t do Guillan before Rath! For some reason I thought Guillan’s route would unlock if you completed any wolf route like Arles. All my plans are ruined ;ww;

      I wonder if people will have to play Bloody Nightmare in order to understand Last Hope then if it seems like a continuation from BN, unless they’re going to do a quick summary of the events in BN or something. Well, it looks like we’ll have to wait for LH to come out to know how the endings are going to be like /o\.

      ab said:
      August 11, 2012 at 19:27

      But what if you played Rath route first and not Arles route does Guillan route come out after you play Rath or do have to do the two wolf brothers first before you do Guillan or just play Rath route then Guillan route will become playable after get done playing Rath route is what I mean to say because i’m just curious about that.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 12, 2012 at 11:48

        You only need to play Rath’s route to unlock Guillan and so nope, you don’t have to Arles to do Guillan.

        ab said:
        August 12, 2012 at 20:41

        Oh okay…but why play Rath to unlock Guillan. I mean sense Guillan likes being praised so much be Arles. So you Arles not Rath but *sigh* no use in crying over spilled milk. Anyway good luck on playing the other routes i look forward to reading them. :)

    ab said:
    August 10, 2012 at 16:48

    PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT!!!! HHHHHHUUUUSSBAND!!!!! (ten minutes later) Okay that I did not see coming at all so yeah uh… if were Fiona and had to chose a husband candidates or whatever I would denfinley chose Arles and i’m dead serious about and give two dimes about the age diffidence so pretty i’m chosing Alres. My reason because one I love his wolf so much KAAA. Also who doesn’t love a handsome genltleman so yeah my say on that but the husband caught me off guard a lot so…wow… i’m getting jealous of Fiona because one she’s 17 or 16 and she’s getting to the guy they just met!!! I bf been for 5 to 6 years and were not close that married stage yet gaah! Fiona your so lucky right now and bet a lot of people are thinking to i think anyway back to reading the story talk to later! :)

      ab said:
      August 10, 2012 at 17:01

      Oh so that…well I feel silly now but it’s the guy you chose for that scene and end up being your husband anyway and the first part was…uh… you now….gaah never mind but I was serious about choosing thing though at my pft comment that is.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 11, 2012 at 14:28

        It’s hilarious how he doesn’t even list himself as a candidate but Fiona is all like “Hmm, can I choose you then? :3”. His composed reaction is sort of a cop-out though I kind of wanted to see him lose his composure and be all like “.. EEHH?!” but as expected of the Wolf King and a closet lady-killer.

        Well, the choosing her husband at the beginning was sort of a trick.. but I think Arles didn’t see it that way since he didn’t consider himself a candidate? That scene was actually a bit confusing since he took it so seriously even when he told her it was just a trick to get rid of Nesso and Zara..

        I’m sure it took them several years after (in the good end) for them to properly have affection and love for each other and become a true husband and wife couple.

        ab said:
        August 11, 2012 at 19:08

        I didn’t want to say it was a trick because I thought it be a spoiler because some people read the comment before the walkthourgh that’s why i said felt silly because I read the husband candidates part then comment on it the second I read because I get sidetracked very that I forget what I’m going to do. Sorry about typing this twice the first one doesn’t make sense so thought i’d type it again hope it makes this time around.

        ab said:
        August 11, 2012 at 22:12

        you can delete trick comment if you want because i think sound i little mean there because i thing of acting before thinking so yeah but have Zara yet because i don’t see in the walkthoughs unless i missed it by mistake but when Arles was first thing I would got for is toughing he’s ears and tail and know it’s rude but nnnuuuggg there so cutie can’t not touch them but would put blanket now him like MC did but I wonder how Guillan and Rath look like when their sleeping but they don’t scenes like Arles twice so they’ll be different but scene where Guillan didn’t want to be called sama and there laughing has happy aurora or feeling. I like that scene and also dogs licking MC was good to it’s better then being tourted by the twins that’s for sure and now how MC feels about not seeing your family and by making a decision she hurt ones that been with sense she was a kid even though she won’t regret but times when she left them in the castle and and when she came back found those letter and cried it wasn’t because because she was regretted it was because in relf in away because she thought her family hated her and thinking them and the fact that you say can’t thank you or i’m sorry is because there gone it’s going to hurt no matter how much you won’t regret and that’s a fact i think but that’s might but I’d pretty much do the same thing at least i think would.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 12, 2012 at 11:24

        Oh no, it’s okay. You have a point there that some people read the comments because they just want to get the general gist of the feeling for this route or game (especially when I don’t write a “my thoughts” section) so I did kind of just spoil it right there /)_(\.

        I understand and can sympathize with Fiona’s feelings towards her family and how much it hurts to be separated from them but when she’s crying and whining about it for THREE DAMN WHOLE SCENES then I get kind of annoyed.. infuriated more like it. They could have just had her feeling sad when they left Nesso the first time and then have the whole resolution thing at the castle.

        But the entire time that Fiona was living outside with the wolves while they waited for Nesso and his group to leave, she kept on crying and whining and asjkfddkajh. All the repeating was driving me crazy! The wolves already have a short route in Bloody Nightmare so I’d appreciate it if they put more scenes with them interacting with Fiona during the time in the forest, not scenes with Fiona moping.

        ab said:
        August 12, 2012 at 20:33

        Haha that would be nice. But hopeful she’ll act more growen up in Last Hope and be less of i’d do now a nightmare Pfft. anyway I do hope the twin cats are less crazy in Last Hope because Auger good was a little bit nug if you now what mean.

    carl brock said:
    August 10, 2012 at 15:27

    If your routes Guillan next and Rath should be last because MC and Rath make a good couple so best for last but Arles is also a good match for the MC too but nug… I still Rath better match but I still love Arles no matter what.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 11, 2012 at 14:28

      You’re welcome~! I couldn’t resist doing Arles after having done most of the family routes. I would leave Rath for last but apparently I need to do Rath to unlock Guillan and so Guillan will be the last one.

        ab said:
        August 11, 2012 at 21:40

        wait a minute Arles said he’d pick guys around her age so that means Guillan is around his teenage year but I thought he was in his 20’s but Rath acts more like an adult then Guillan does which is sad if you know what i mean.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 12, 2012 at 11:36

        Yes, Guillan is actually just 17 (one year older than Fiona) and Rath is 18. I’m kind of surprised Rath is older than Guillan, but it’s only by one year.

        Well, I think Rath’s circumstances have forced him to mature very quickly. He pretty much has a counter on him that is ticking towards death every second since he’s infected by Zodiva. He’s already lost sight in his left eye… It’s not surprising that he acts much more like an adult than Guillan. I can’t wait until I get into Guillan’s back story though to see how he ended up being with Arles! I hope they talk about that in the game.

      ab said:
      August 11, 2012 at 21:16

      like said before that before that sucks that you have Rath before Guillan in order to unlock but it’s easier to play the character route the type so…gaa…you can that last part anyway if you do Guillan next…think brace yourself if when you do his route I think he’s going to die both good or bad because he pretty much give his up to save Arles so they might make it to where your with him in his last moments or something but hey might make the good ending to be Guillan is live and kicking and have babies with the MC and him biting her or whatever and being carefree….*sigh* whenever you do Guillan route i’m going his first before Rath becase I want get the sad route over with and then go read Rath’s route where i’m aww and kaa and whatnot I hope that will cheer up when I read Guillan route*whines* but the wolfs are suppose happy good ending not people dying like Guillan and the MC suppose to “win” *sigh* but all though I did like how the twin cats got ripped like food for beast as Arles put it severs right for crazy idiots silly twin cats.

    carl brock said:
    August 10, 2012 at 15:22

    YAY Arles! I’ve been waiting for this.Thank you so much.

    harunafuu said:
    August 10, 2012 at 05:01

    Ohohohoh.. The first wolve route. Arles is such a noble wolve and gentleman, despite biting Fiona… LOL And he’s a real family person. Well, I guess a wolve pack always emits a big family feeling…

    I’m so not biased towards Arles… Dunno, maybe he’s too old?! xD Actually I fell in love with Rath instead… (๑´ლ`๑)♡ He’s sooo adorable!!!!

    But I do LOVE Arles in his wolve form. Look at his fur! It’s so delicate and soft and ASDFDKKLSFK!!! (〃д〃) Another thing I loved Arles for is his good ending. It’s really a good ending, without leaving a sour after taste. I think it’s the first ending, where Fiona is really happy without forcing herself to shut her eyes from the cruel reality?! ^^

    Uh, and that bad ending… Well, I guess the twins are too good material to create a bad ending to not use them, right?! LOL

    Oh yeah, btw… how is Rath’s reaction, when Fiona chooses Rath as her husband? I think he was shocked? xD

    Hopefully, you will to Rath next?! \puppy eyes….

      Ilinox responded:
      August 10, 2012 at 12:04

      I KNOW RIGHT?! It’s always so awkward for me because the first adjectives that pop into my mind in describing Arles is gentlemanly and noble.. and then I remember he bit Fiona for like no reason or to anger Mejojo and I’m like “.. that was just cruel.”

      H-He doesn’t look 30!! ( >﹏<。) I like all of the wolves, but I think Rath's emotionless attitude might make him one of my lesser favorites. I am a firm believer that if Bloody Nightmare wasn't so bloody and dark, Arles would be a lady-killer. Have you heard his teasing and playful side?! He's exceptional at it (≧ω≦) like when talking about his height he's all like "180 cm. I can completely cover you up".

      Oh, that's a very good point! I do think this is the first ending I've gotten in which Fiona is just genuinely happy. She doesn't have to ignore Julian's torturing or Mejojo's crazy past. I thought she was genuinely happy in Nesso's route too though?.. He sounded kind of crazy though at the end… I don't really trust Nesso Orz.

      I kind of just expected Arles to be dead and Fiona would have to live without him. That's bad right?! I should have expected the twins to pop up and ruin everything like they always do… it made me want to go back to the good end just to see them die.. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ.

      I'm not sure what Rath's reaction was because I just jumped past it xD;; since I'll be covering it in Rath's route. I have no comment on whose route I'll be doing next, because I'm evil like that and anticipation makes the next post sweeter~ //bricked.

        harunafuu said:
        August 10, 2012 at 16:35

        Nah, he doesn’t look THAT old, but dunno, I like younger guys that show more skin? xD (I feel like a pedobear sometimes… orz)

        Haha, yeah, I guess that Arles would totally be a ladykiller if the story was not that dark… Well… didn’t Elvira fell for him, even though she was Mejojo’s fiancée. Wasn’t that just a proof that he is kind of a ladies man? :D I guess his playful side makes him more attractive?

        Well, I haven’t read Nesso’s review, since I’m afraid of Wabisuke 2… ((*゜Д゜)ゞ” Rejet and Otomate always create a sis-con brother…

        I hoped, that the cats wouldn’t interfere in the bad ending, but I guess, we were to naive?! (*´_ゝ`) Hahaha… Well, I don’t think that I hate Mejojo that much too see him die so often… LOL That bias is unbelievable…

        Oh, okay, not knowing what’s going to be next is also nice from time to time. /bricked

        Ilinox responded:
        August 11, 2012 at 18:34

        Like Guillan’s outfit? xD;; is that enough skin for you?

        Don’t worry! Nesso isn’t that frightening~ although there were some.. creepy not-sane laughter and possessive FIONA FIONA FIONA thinking..

        harunafuu said:
        August 12, 2012 at 16:02

        Well, Guillian’s outfit would be barely enough. xD Nah, I actually think that Guillian’s outfit is a bit too much showing. LOL Dunno, doesn’t Arles look a bit uptight? But well… I guess that his gentleman manners make it up for it! :D

        Ilinox responded:
        August 12, 2012 at 18:48

        I… I really like Arles’ outfit ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ It’s so fancy and it has almost everything I like! A cravat, an awesome cape, the color design is amazing and he’s so tall and slim… dsjfkjaksfa okay I’ll stop being so grossly biased.

        I agree though, I find Guillan’s outfit to be a bit.. odd. No wonder it hurts so much for him to get shot by arrows //bricked but you’d think they’d wear some armor or something. AND THOSE SHORT SHORTS….

        harunafuu said:
        August 13, 2012 at 15:36

        Well, I think that Arles outfit makes him look more noble than he already is. Just like an aristrocrat.

        I guess, Guillian is just a victim of the Japanese shota concept, don’t you think? xD Looking at Gekka Ryouran’s Seri. LOL

    gothicat said:
    August 10, 2012 at 04:34

    Guillan! (;.;) It’s so sad that even in the wolves good end he dies. I’m guessing that’s what happens in Rath’s end that leads to Last Hope and that’s why he’s not available. (I’m also guessing that something happens to Julian). Well, at least Arles doesn’t have a good track record either. Besides his death, the good end showdown is really cool. As for the bad end, this is what makes me worried for Last Hope. This is how he reacts after she leaves him for the wolves once, killing everyone and locking her up to torture. Than what the hell will happen in Last Hope, where she escapes him twice? I’ll talk more once you do Rath, but man I do not have a good feeling.

    One of my biggest issues with Arles and another wolf, is that they never acknowledge her as a wife. Arles is all like “you gotta give yo’ body and soul to me” and then nothing of the sort happens. He just dreams about her and Elvira, tells her he can take her home and the end. And that ending is so romantic for what we got. At one point he’s happy to let her go back to the castle knowing fully that Mejojo and Auger are sickos, the next he’s married to her and has kids. How did they went from him liking her as a useful member of the member to full out love? We don’t see! And since I got a jerk impression from him after the OP and bitting Fiona (speaking of that, you infected her with Zodiva you jerk and you refused to cooperate with Zara to make a cure, you’ve basically doomed her and yet you never offer a sincere apology) this route was just not enough to get him above ‘meh’ for me.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 10, 2012 at 11:50

      They could have appearances in Last Hope, but just be unattainable like Elza and Richie and Pearl were.. so sort of like cameo appearances?

      I thought the beginning of Last Hope starts with Rath kidnapping Fiona? At least that’s what it could look like to everyone else, while in truth I’m sure Fiona is seizing on the chance to see the outside world. But I mean Mejojo might not think it’s her fault? Whenever I say this I just want to snort because we’re talking about the guy who told her to die instead of let a wolf touch her (when Arles goes to rescue Rath). The developers did say that Last Hope was supposed to be lighter than Bloody Nightmare..

      It’s sort of implied in the good end though? He did actually say 「だが……、こうしてオマエを妻として娶ることができたのは……、オレの呪われた人生の中、最大の幸福だ。」. But yeah, I definitely agree that the wolves had a extremely short end xDD;; it can’t be helped since you only meet them once you’re 2/3 through the game. We can only imagine what happened in the years after he killed Mejojo and Auger ;;; since they said several had passed.

      I don’t actually believe Fiona was infected with Zodiva. In none of the ends so far that I’ve played did she die to Zodiva and because she’s human, and a Lobeira to boot, if she did have it then its incubation period should have been quick and she would have come down with it. The only reason wolves have survived Zodiva for so long is because of their superior physicality. Zara was worried about the possibility of her having Zodiva and that if it developed she would die without a cure since he’s only given her medicine to prevent Zodiva.

      I admit it doesn’t change anything about the fact that Arles still bit her knowing that she could have the chance to be infected though.. so what an ass. UNLESS, he knew that he couldn’t infect anyone because he was already cured and had antibodies. But it’s never explained so… hmm. I mean in the good end he continues to bite her to suck her blood.. if she had the chance to get infected by Zodiva then, you would think he would stop because he might kill the person he loves.

      (I WILL DEFEND ARLES TO THE DEATH //bricked. I’m kidding, I just love discussing stuff like this and I’m hopelessly biased 8DD).

        Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
        August 10, 2012 at 12:07

        Didn’t you hear the news? Last Hope starts directly after Rath’s good end. Which means Mejojo is already king, Auger has a scar, and Fiona’s family is in another country.

        As for her having Zodiva….*cough*Zara’s route*cough*, yeah she has it. It just seems that it’s permanently in incubation state due to Zara’s surpressor medicine. Her Lobeira blood might also help supressing it too. In one end though, it does surface back up and it has bad results. So it’s a definite possibility that she will full out develop it if the surpressor stops working. In the family ends she has Zara to treat her, in the cats she has a full working cure, but with the wolves it’s up to luck. Which is why Arles could have gone to Zara in private and given in blood to work for a cure for her in preparation for that possibility. Zara wouldn’t say no to that, no matter if he never saw her or not. It’s pure luck that it didn’t surface back up again in Arles good ending, but it wouldn’t be a good end if she died I guess. I figure he keeps sucking on her because he knows she’s infected with it but it’s in incubation mode, so bitting her wouldn’t do her any harm. I have another event that supports this, but it’s in Rath’s route, so it would be a spoiler for you.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 10, 2012 at 15:40

        Ohh, I remember hearing that Last Hope started after Rath kidnaps her but I didn’t realize it was his good end. It’s perfect how I planned on Rath being the last then~ so his route can link up with Last Hope whenever it comes out!

        Oh snap, it looks like I’ll have to play through the rest of the routes in order to come up with another argument to defend Arles /o\. I just thought since every route in an otome game is almost like an alternate universe (like what if she went back to Mejojo, etc) that there could be the possibility in the wolf routes that she just doesn’t have it.

        But if there’s an event in Rath’s route which supports your argument then… :( damnit Arles stop making it hard to defend you!

        ab said:
        August 11, 2012 at 09:10

        Last Hope better be less blood then bloody nightmare because in Auger and Mejojo route had better less crazy then in bloody nightmare and do think Guillan will they show in Last Hope because in scene he died in Bloody Nightmare but Rath better be in Last Hope because they need some characters from the last game for it to be good.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 11, 2012 at 14:36

        Rath will definitely be in Last Hope and I think most of the wolves. I have no idea about Julian and Guillan though since they’re exclusive to PC only. They might appear as cameos and just be unattainable.. or they might die.. we don’t have any information about that yet, I think.

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