BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Rath Vogart ~

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Rath Vogart (ラス ヴォガード)
CV: Kaji Yuuki (梶 裕貴)

An emotionless young man. He has been afflicted with Zodiva which caused him to lose sight in his left eye and made him resigned to his death. However, after meeting Fiona, he is given hope again and starts to believe and trust in others. He carries a lot of emotional pain with him and tends to be a lone wolf. In truth, he has a gentle soul but it is hard to hold onto that in this world.

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The wolves attack a village. Fiona celebrates her 16th birthday. Auger kidnaps her to the castle. She is accused of being a witch and sentenced to living in the royal castle. Nesso is sent away to deal with the riots in Scharlmessen. Mejojo hosts a dance party to celebrate her arrival. Fiona dances with Mejojo. The King’s health declines. Mejojo dreams about his childhood. The riots in Scharlmessen worsen.

Julian informs her of his past and relation to the twin princes. Nesso tries to bargain with Mejojo to release Fiona but realizes they’ve gone mad. The wolves torture villagers for information. Mejojo takes Fiona out to show her a destroyed village and then brings her wolf hunting. She tries to stop them from shooting Rath but fails and faints. Mejojo tortures Rath in the dungeons. Arles invades the castle to rescue Rath.

He meets Fiona in the gardens and finds out that history is repeating itself. Arles bites Fiona to confirm that she is a Lobeira. Mejojo strangles Fiona upon seeing the wound and she falls unconscious. She dreams that she is in a dense forest and then she hears rustling in the bushes. It might be some animal or it could be that young man!

The image of the young man that she saw when Mejojo took her wolf hunting comes suddenly to her mind. The young man with the sad eye. It was said that he was caught in the castle, but maybe he ran away? This forest greatly resembles the forest at that time. Fiona calls out and asks if someone is there but then the bush rustling noises become farther. Her eyes widen when she manages to catch a glimpse of him on the other side of the greenery.

Fiona calls out for him to wait and chases after him. She doesn’t have a purpose nor does she have anything to talk to him about though. She just feels like she shouldn’t lose sight of him. Rath looks back at her and she catches sight of his deep, ice-blue eye. It’s a very beautiful color, yet why does she feel a tightening pain in her chest? She wonders why he has such a sad look. Once again he looks away from her and disappears deeper into the forest.

And once again she chases after him, elbowing her way through the bushes. But no matter how frantically she chases after him the distance doesn’t shorten. She pleads for him to wait. Sometimes he stops and turns to look back at her without saying anything. He simply watches her with that sad eye. Fiona wonders what he wants to say and why he continues to have such a sad eye. She continues to run after him deeper into the forest.

How much time has passed? She’s panting now and she has to stop to catch her breath. Suddenly, she hears him asking her what she wants and when she lifts her head he is standing right in front of her and watching her. She makes a light comment about how he’s finally here. But she knows that if she tries to approach him he will disappear instantly, as if he were a dream. But then Fiona realizes that this IS a dream.

Rath tells her lowly that humans and wolves can no longer be friends. The saga can no longer change. She doesn’t know his voice. She doesn’t know what he’s predicting. All she knows about him is that eye of his. That beautiful and clear ice-blue eye. She feels like she can hear a voice from within his eye. Rath tells her not to approach him because she might die. Fiona asks him in her mind to tell him what he is trying to bring to attention.

Little by little he starts to disappear, starting from his feet, right in front of her. Is it because her dream is prepared to end? Or is it ending because she is conscious that this is a dream. Either way the dream ends. She stretches out a hand towards him, wanting to say something or call for this to stop. But if this is a dream then he wouldn’t answer anyway. Because she knows this, it becomes impossible to keep him in her dream.

And because she herself has realized that this is a dream the forest around her disappears. She needs to wake up. She can no longer see Rath around in the forest. Fiona surfaces from her dream and vaguely recalls meeting someone. She remembers Rath telling her not to come close to him and the objection in his eye. Why is she so curious about him? If she saw him in her dream, does this mean she’s yearning for him?

It is as if she were taken with him at first sight, similar to love at first sight but not as strong. She doesn’t even know if she’ll be able to see him again. Her introspection is interrupted by Nesso and Zara who are concerned about her health.

Fiona learns that Nesso plans to escape the country with her and Julian leads them through a secret tunnel. She thinks about Auger’s character. Meanwhile, Mejojo kills his father. Auger ambushes them in the tunnel and mentally breaks Julian. Nesso drives him off and they escape. Auger is punished by Mejojo for his failure with a similar scar. Fiona faints from a fever and is taken to a cabin.

Zara explains about his research into Zodiva and how a vaccine could be created if the wolves cooperated. There is the possibility that Fiona may have been infected with Zodiva. She asks Nesso for his opinion. Meanwhile, Mejojo succeeds the throne as King of Weblin. Fiona finds the wolves and is attacked by Guillan. Arles interrupts and brings them to Zanan. He refuses to cooperate with Zara, but because Fiona manages to give Rath hope, he allows them to stay.

Fiona tries to decide on their next course of action. Arles takes her for a moonlit walk and reveals the truth about the incidence ten years ago with Mejojo and Elvira and him. The wolves have been framed and persecuted by a hateful mad cat. Fiona believes him and decides to stay with the wolves to save them. Her family protest her decision though and so Arles devises a trick to have her marry into the wolf clan.

Rath inhales sharply and asks her with a wide eye why she chose him. She tells him shyly that she feels like she can’t leave him alone. Rath protests that he has no intentions of marrying and he doesn’t know her. Then he starts mumbling 「大体、名前すら知って間もない。なんだ結婚って……、ケッコン。兄さんは……、馬鹿なのか、ああ、多分そうか……。」(Firstly, I only just learnt your name.. Now we’re marrying?.. marriage. My brother is.. an idiot.. Aa, he must be..). Fiona worries about what he is mumbling over there.

She lowers her eyes at how much he seems to dislike it, but it must be a shock. Fiona decides to ask him bluntly if he dislikes the idea that much. He tells her pointedly that if she doesn’t want to be torn to pieces then she should choose someone other than him. She smiles though and tells him that even if he wants her to select someone else, she wants him. He grits his teeth and growls out that she’s foolish. He won’t accept this.

WHAT A ROMANTIC ONE HE IS. ARLES IS LIKE A CASANOVA COMPARED TO HIM. The delicate blue of his eye is stabbing into her. Nesso and Zara protest against it and so Arles tells them to do as they please. However, Fiona is now one of the wolves and so her body is theirs. Arles orders Rath to take care of her and Rath gives a sharp nod. Before Zara and Nesso can reach her, Rath throws her over his back and instantly shifts into his wolf form.

He tells her to hold on tight and then leaps out of the castle. The wolves stream out from the castle with barks and yelps and Fiona is amazed at the sight. Arles is the largest among them, in order to command them, and he howls loudly. The rest of the wolves answer with their own as they dash into the forest. Rath informs Fiona that it is useless for her family to remain in the castle. She is married to them now and kidnapped.

Fiona’s eyes widen and she quickly turns around, but she can barely see the shadow of a human shape at the entrance of the castle. She apologizes deeply to them in her mind for hurting them with her selfish intentions. She sobs as she realizes that it won’t be possible for her to see them again. It’s pathetic since she decided on this course of action herself. She turns around again but she can no longer see the castle.

The tears fall from her cheeks and splash onto Rath’s fur, but even though he surely notices it he acts as if he doesn’t and continues to run deeper into the forest. They reach a clearing where they can rest and Arles informs her that they will live out in the forest until her family gives up and leaves the country. Fiona introduces herself to Rath and Guillan and finds out how they would like to be addressed.

Several days are spent like this and Fiona can’t help but continue to mourn her separation from her family. The wolves comfort her many times. I’M NOT GOING TO GO THROUGH THIS MOPING AGAIN SO HERE’S A QUICK SUMMARY (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚! Arles reminds her that she has a new family through them since he’s welcomed her into his family. Fiona realizes that they could have just used her as a tool to cure Zodiva, yet they decided to accept her into their family.

Anyway, the wolves return to Zanan when a scout tells them that Fiona’s family has finally given up and exited the country. Fiona finds a letter addressed to her by Nesso and Zara telling her how they forgive her. Zara also provides her with medicine. She cries some more and is comforted by Rath and Guillan who lick her and they all fall asleep in a puppy pile. Finally, Fiona decides to start curing the wolves but Arles forbids her from straining herself.

She also requires someone’s supervision in case any of the wolves become berserk from the scent of her blood. Fiona decides to ask Rath. At the beginning she used to find it hard to read his expressions, but now she feels like she’s seen a little more of his faces. She wants to see him smile again like he did once before. She wants to become closer to him. She sets off to find him immediately but he doesn’t seem to be in the castle.

No matter where she looked she doesn’t see his appearance. Although Zanan has a lot of rooms, since it used to be a castle, most of them have rotted away. The only rooms that can be used in this castle is the one that she has and Arles’ study. Apparently Rath and Guillan don’t require rooms. They tend to be around in the hall. When it’s time to sleep she usually finds them in the hall.

She thought they might catch a cold but Arles told her to leave them alone. Anyway, she can’t seem to find him and so she wonders if he’s outside. She decides to take a peek outside and walks through the forest while calling out Rath’s name. She had been told that it was dangerous to go into the forest alone and so she mustn’t stray too deep. Fiona searches for Rath within eyesight of the castle. Where did he go?

Rath isn’t the type to like being in a group. He gives off the feeling of a lone wolf. Most of the other wolves tend to crowd around in the hall, but Rath is often alone. Without notice he disappears and without notice he returns. She calls out his name again and looks deeply into the forest. It’s dangerous and so she shouldn’t go. Fiona repeats to herself that she mustn’t, but she’s starting to become worried about Rath’s whereabouts.

Fiona decides to just take a peek. At the first sight of danger she will return. And so she steps onto a small path leading into the forest with those thoughts. But then her arm is pulled suddenly and a scream is caught in her throat. Rath sharply asks her what she was trying to do. She isn’t supposed to enter the forest. Fiona breathes out in relief at the sight of the person she was searching for. She tells him that she was shocked and then asks him where he went.

He shrugs his shoulders and steps away from her. She frowns when she realizes he has no intentions of telling her. Then Rath’s eye widen as he asks her if she had been searching for him. She nods and tells him that she wanted him to help her distribute her blood to everyone. Rath apologizes for making her spend her time searching for him and then asks if Guillan or his brother were gone. Fiona blinks before telling him that they were there, but she thought it would be nice to have Rath with her, which is why she searched for him.

Rath murmurs 「……そうか。」(.. I see) and Fiona nods. Then he falls silent and she is silent as well. She winces inwardly at how she thought she had become more friendly with Rath. Apparently she had been mistaken. Guillan is lively and with Arles there always seems to be something to talk about, but when when she’s alone with Rath it is always quiet. She tries to think about something to talk about but she doesn’t have many shared topics with Rath.

In fact, they barely have anything in common. She finally asks him how his injuries are and apologizes for being so late in asking. He repeats her words with an uncomprehending look. She reminds him that when they first met he had received serious injuries. She had been taken wolf hunting by Mejojo and Rath, who was cornered, had been shot with many arrows. Comprehension dawns on Rath and he informs her that it’s in the past.

She apologizes quietly but she had been curious after seeing him walk around healthily and run through the forest. He asks her why she is apologizing and she points out that she had brought up something that was long past. She smiles as she adds that he is clearly healthy right now and so it’s obvious he’s fine. Rath explains quietly that wolves, more than any other race, are specialized in fighting. They recover quickly from their injuries.

Fiona comments on how convenient that is. She’s jealous. Do they also recover quickly from sicknesses? He tells her that it is hard for them to catch a cold, although they are infected with Zodiva. Fiona’s eyes unconsciously shift from Rath’s eye to his eyepatch. Then her face becomes serious as she asks if he won’t drink her blood. Rath’s eye widens and he asks her why, since there must be others that she should give priority to.

She reluctantly nods her head. In previous discussions, she was told to give priority to the wolves who weren’t able to assume human forms. She confesses in a whisper that she would like Rath’s eye to heal. She wants to turn the grey into a beautiful ice-blue. When she first saw him she was fascinated. In those dark pupils she could see an unknown sadness. She has always been interested in him.

Rath informs her that this eye has been completely infected. Even if Zodiva were to be cured he doubts the eye will recover. She asks him if even the blood of a Lobeira won’t be able to cure it. He answers her with silence. She lowers her eyes and admits that it feels frustrating. When he asks her what is, she answers that she can’t heal his eyes but she thought she could be useful as a Lobeira.

He reassures her that she is actually useful. Arles has said that thanks to her everyone’s feeling of starvation has been reduced. She frowns and tells him that she can’t cure the person she wants to heal though. She quietly lifts her hand, and when he doesn’t run, she slides a finger across the eyepatch that covered his eye. She wants to heal the grey eye that is under this patch. He asks her if she wants to test it to see if her blood can heal him.

Fiona’s eyes widen before she asks him if he’s fine with that. He tells her that he doesn’t care. She smiles and politely asks him to go ahead then, to which he grins and replies that the one who should be politely asking her is him. She’s a strange woman. She is pleased to see him smiling since this is the first time he has done so while it’s just the two of them. He has smiled before but it was usually in a group.

She can’t stop the giggle that escapes as she gives him her hand. When giving blood to everyone she uses a knife, because it is easy for them to be driven berserk if they bit her. She nicks herself in places like her finger or arm, where an injury won’t be serious. He warns her that this may hurt a little and she nods. Rath withdraws a dagger from his waist and places it against her finger.

Fiona winces at the sharp pain and then a drop of blood wells up on her finger. He takes her hand and lifts it to his face and.. licks it. Fiona startles at that but he wraps his tongue around her finger and sucks it into his mouth. He’s sucking gently on it and instead of pain she feels her heart beating rapidly. She panicking inside her mind. Normally when she gives blood to everyone they are in their wolf forms.

To have someone in a human form licking her finger like this.. it’s bad for her heart! Whenever his hot tongue caresses her finger, an answering chill dances up and down her spine. She moans quietly and is instantly embarrassed by that unconscious noise. Meanwhile, Rath’s entire body starts to tremble as if he can’t endure it. He gasps out 「……うっ、うあっ……。これ、は……。」(… Ugh, uah.. th-this…). Fiona murmurs his name.

But he groans out 「っ、……だめだ、頭がクラクラする……。はなれ……、離れ……。」(… Useless.. my mind is spinning.. Let go.. I have to let go..). He starts to frantically fight his instincts and release her, but the eye that stares at her piercingly is that of a beast. Fiona whispers to him in a trembling voice that he doesn’t have to endure it and it will be fine. Strangely enough, she’s not afraid. In response he pushes her down and she yelps in surprise.

As if he can’t endure it any longer, he bites her in the neck. He’s panting harshly 「っ、ハッ……はあっ、ハアアッ……!ハアアッ……ハア……ハアアアッ……。」(Ha.. Haa.. Haa… Haa.. Ha… Ha..) but she just lies there and gives him her blood. An indeterminable amount of time passes with Rath sucking and licking at her neck. He continues to lick at her neck until it doesn’t taste of blood anymore. He’s breathing heavily as he apologizes for doing this since it wasn’t his intention to.

He blushes in frustration at how weak he is. Fiona reassures him that it couldn’t be helped and it only hurt a little. He kisses her skin softly and apologizes for doing this to such beautiful skin. Then he kisses her neck again. He finally looks up but she can’t seem to look at him straight in the face. Her own face is completely red. He thanks her seriously and then blinks in confusion as he points out that her face is red and is she alright?

Fiona stutters out that she’s fine. He tells her that he doesn’t think he drank that much, but is her health declining? Fiona shakes her head quickly and tells him that her health isn’t turning bad. If he drank too much of her blood then normally she would turn blue. But right now her face is as red as a boiled octopus. She hurriedly changes the subject and asks how his eye is and Rath asks her to check it.

He slips off the eyepatch and Fiona bites her lip. Underneath the eyepatch, the eye is still grey. She tells him that it didn’t seem to work and then she apologizes. Rath tells her not to apologize and then suggests for her to return to the castle. She nods quietly and he quickly attaches the eyepatch again before casually extending his hand to her. She thanks him in her mind.

Rath knew that her blood would not effect his eyes, but he still let her try in order to ease her feelings. Her heart is warmed by his kindness. And so she grips his hand firmly and squeezes it. The two of them return to the castle together.

However, her peaceful life with the wolves could not last forever. One day, a pair of scouts do not return and Rath is sent out to take a look around. He comes back to report that the king’s army is marching to them. They haven’t seem to have found the castle yet and so they have time to prepare. Arles orders Fiona to run away with ten wolves who haven’t healed enough to fight. They must live and pass down the truth about the wolves.

Someone knocks on the door as she packs and she asks if it’s Rath. He enters the room and asks if she’s busy. She shakes her head before asking him if there is something wrong. He thanks her before telling her that he has something to ask her and then he has something to say to her later. Fiona has a terrible feeling. Later is when she will be leaving the castle, and before they’re going to separate she is hearing the words “I have something to say”.

She buys time by asking if he would like to sit down first and she pats a cushion in front of her as she settles herself on another. He sits down and then stares at her in silence. She looks back.. and then thinks about how he was supposed to have something to ask and tell her. But even though he has things to say and ask he continues to face her silently. She’s noticed that Rath isn’t a talkative person.

Moreover he tends to talk in a halting fashion as if he weren’t good at speaking. Fiona wonders if she should start it. But when she opens her mouth they both talk at the same time. Instantly they both fall silent and Fiona winces at how he was going to do it. Rath, who had finally opened his mouth with great pain, had failed. She apologizes and asks him to go first, but he apologizes as well.

Then he slowly tells her that the thing he wants to ask her is.. Fiona encourages him to go on but he falls silent. She worriedly wonders what it is that he wants to ask her that makes it so hard. His voice is quiet 「もしも。この戦いが。終わったら。」(If.. this fight.. ends..). She notices that he looks more nervous than usual and his speech has become even more halting. She encourages him again and in her mind she’s dying to suspense.

Rath exhales shakily and then finally blurts out 「……また。おまえを。迎えにいってもいいか。」(.. Can I… go to you..?). BASICALLY HE’S ASKING IF SHE’LL ACCEPT HIM AND RECEIVE HIM AGAIN.. KIND OF LIKE A LOVER. Fiona is startled because she didn’t expect to hear those words from his mouth. He asks her weakly 「……駄目か?」(.. Is it impossible?). She hurriedly reassures him that it isn’t impossible and she’s happy. In fact, she’s happy. She’ll be happy to welcome him back.

He closes his eyes in embarrassment at her joy. When she sees him like that, her heart races fast enough to hurt. Fiona confesses that she has always been interested in him. He’s surprised by that and she asks him if he remembers their first meeting when he was being hunted. He remembers it. Fiona tells him that she became interested in him from the time their eyes met.

She had been told that wolves were frightening creatures who spread Zodiva and were the enemy of Weblin. Yet his eye had been terribly sad. She wanted to know why he had such a sad expression. Rath exhales slowly before confessing that he used to hate the people of Weblin. They were hunted and discriminated against. He hated those who persecuted his race. He had decided not to believe in anyone anymore.

Fiona murmurs his name and at last, after hearing his words, she understands the color of deep sadness in his eye. He said that he had decided not to believe in anyone anymore. Is it because if he didn’t, he would find himself believing in someone? If he didn’t determine not to believe in anyone then he would be tricked. That was his state. He wants to believe yet he can’t believe.

Left in that kind of state, of course his eyes would gain that sad color. She asks him if he still hates them now because she picked up on the fact that he spoke in past tense. That must mean he feels differently now. Rath tells her that is what he wanted to tell her. He thought he wouldn’t believe in anyone and that it was impossible for everyone to understand each other, especially since he hated the people of Weblin.

But she, who was a human, compromised and met them halfway. She tried to understand them and did end up understanding them. He’s happy to have been able to come to believe in her. His ice-blue eye is staring straight at her and she’s sure that the color of sadness within them will not disappear that easily. But now his eyes are filled with, not just sadness, but also a strong determination.

Fiona tells him that she is happy to receive his trust and then she thanks him. He nods shyly. When this fight ends.. those words are a hope to the future. The two of them spend the rest of their time talking about various things until the rest of the preparations are finished.

Soon the preparations are complete and Fiona is given new clothes. The plan is to dress the corpse of a young girl in her clothes and bury her. They will fake her death and she will leave with ten wolves while the rest of them fight off the king’s army. She is to live and pass down the truth of their history while waiting for them to return to her. And so Fiona leaves the castle with her entourage of wolves.

The wolves around her lead the way and she mindlessly follows, consumed with worry about whether or not the people back at the castle are safe. If only she had someone to talk to so that she could take her mind off the worry. However, the wolves around her aren’t able to speak human words yet. Until they regain their reason and humanity they cannot speak. She has to hurry up and cure them.

Even if it’s just a little she wants to give her blood to them so that she can cure their Zodiva. As she thinks about this and walks forward, the lead wolf freezes suddenly. She asks him worriedly if something is the matter and even though she doesn’t understand their language, she can understand the message. He turns back to glare behind her and starts to growl loudly. In fact, all the wolves around her start to growl viciously.

Fiona wonders if something is approaching and then she hears the sound of small feet. She knows this sound. It is too small to be a human, but neither is it an animal. This sound is.. Suddenly Leonidas calls out for Auger and informs him that they have found the enemy. Vincent tells them that they can’t run and Fiona’s eyes widen as she identifies the Chu Chu Knights. They surround her to prevent her escape.

She spits out Auger’s name when she sees him appear from behind the CCK along with his bodyguards. He praises the CCK slowly and then smirks as he comments on what an unexpected meeting this is since he had only planned to blow off his boredom hunting wolves. His smile is wicked as he admits that he thought she would have ran off with Nesso already. He’s surprised that she was living together here with the wolves.

His voice is light as he asks her what she thinks she’s doing, but she doesn’t answer and she slowly steps back. Auger continues to smile as he points out that they have just been reunited after a long time, so she should chat more and deepen their friendship. He winks as he tells her that he is extremely curious as to what she has been doing. Fiona continues to stare at him in silence and he shrugs as he realizes that she won’t talk to him.

They can talk in detail after he eradicates those dirty wolves. Auger orders his knights to advance and they charge out from behind him. Fiona cries out to her group as they leap forward to intercept the charge. They still do not have the strength to fight and they should run away with her! They have no chance of fighting the cat knights. Fiona screams at them to stop but the knights start to cut down the wolves. The CCK converge and stab at any fallen wolf.

Auger laughs at her words and informs her that she’s saying such strange things. All he is doing is sweeping away the garbage. He asks her lightly if she has also joined with the garbage. In that case, perhaps he should also clean her too. He draws out his rapier and approaches her slowly. But just as he lifts up the rapier and points it at her throat, she hears Rath tell her to come this way and at the same time he grabs her arm and yanks her to the side.

She is drawn into a nearby bush and Rath immediately tells her that they’re running. She nods shakily and starts to run as he pulls her arm. Auger is grinning as he asks if this is a chase. He doesn’t mind since it’ll be fun. Fiona can hear Auger from behind them and so she obeys Rath as he leads her through random turns and twists in an effort to lose Auger. They continue to run deeper into the forest while crossing their tracks.

The pounding of her heart hurts but she doesn’t know if it iscoming from the fear or from being pushed to run to her limit. Every time her heart pulses a sharp pain answers in her chest. But she knows she mustn’t stop. If she stops she will surely be killed. If she is killed then even this feeling will disappear. That’s why she cannot stop. Rath’s eyes widen when he hears Fiona panting and behind them Auger is laughing.

He asks Fiona where she intends to run and that he’s having fun. His cruel laughter is chasing them from behind. Rath encourages to continue on and she nods shakily. They continue to run and run and run. But they have to stop when they find themselves on a cliff that was hidden. Rath grits his teeth and immediately turns around to head back into the forest, but the knights have found them. It isn’t possible to retreat into the forest.

Fiona desperately asks Rath what they should do but he has no answer. More knights appear from the forest and behind them is Auger. Auger comments on how this situation seems very familiar, almost like a deja vu. He smirks as he realizes that this is exactly what happened when they had gone wolf hunting. He calls Rath a terribly slow learner. Fiona realizes that Auger is right. This is exactly like the day Mejojo took her out wolf hunting.

It was the day she met Rath for the first time. Rath had been cornered at that time. The difference is that Mejojo isn’t here and she isn’t on the side of the pursuers but the one being pursued. Fiona gaspingly asks Rath why he came here. She’s still breathless and her chest hurts from running. Rath tells her quickly that it was a trap. The moment his brother, Arles, realized that he told Rath to go.

Fiona realizes they must have split their forces to attack the wolves as well as catch any fleeing ones. Arles, who had realized this, sent Rath back to her. But they’re not saved. They are cornered to the edge of a cliff and they have no place to run. In front of them are the knights and Auger who is smirking. Behind them is the cliff. Auger tells them to prepare their bow and arrows. Once they cannot move, they will be captured.

The knights acknowledge their orders and one by one they withdraw their bows and take a stance. Fiona’s eyes widen and she instinctively grips Rath’s hand. He squeezes her hand back strongly and she is only slightly reassured by his strength. Her eyes are wide with fright as she wonders what they can do. She can’t help but remember Rath’s appearance that time and how his body, full of arrows, had collapsed.

Fiona squeezes her eyes shut in fear and Rath inhales sharply. Auger coldly orders his knights to fire. And then Rath says 「行こう、フィオナ。」(Let’s go, Fiona). Her eyes widen and at the same moment all the arrows are released. But before the arrows could reach them, Rath pulls her along with him as he leaps off the cliff. Auger looks surprised and asks if they’re committing a double suicide, but then he snickers since he’s fine with that.

Rath and Fiona plunge down the cliff free from any arrow wounds. The wind whistles by their ears. They fall with their hands connected. They fall and fall and fall deeply. A vivid green extends before her eyes. It is an abundance of trees and Fiona wonders if they’re saved. She makes an effort to keep their hands clasped and she glances over at him. Rath, who is close to her, is smiling brightly. It’s a smile that she hasn’t seen until now.

She is charmed by that smile. They fall and fall and fall. Wherever they fall, their destination will surely be… paradise. She calls out his name right before everything turns dark.

The next thing she hears is Rath telling her to come to her senses. His voice sounds as if it is coming from far away though. Once again, Rath calls her name and tells her to wake up. Fiona finally opens her eyes and the first thing she sees is the vivid blue of the sky and then an eye with the same color as the sky. Rath smiles at her in relief as she’s alive and then he passes her water. She thanks him and drinks the water in one gulp.

They survived. They miraculously managed to survive. It is likely that the trees cushioned their fall. Rath informs her that it is likely their pursuers will catch up to them soon if they stay and so they have to continue running. Fiona worries about Arles and Guillan though. His voice is calm as he informs her that he doesn’t know, but he thinks they are fighting for their lives right now.

However, his voice is firm with determination when he tells her 「オレ達は、逃げよう。」(We will run). Fiona’s eyes widen and she asks in a panic what the others will do. He tells her lowly that it’s useless. She grabs onto him and wants to yell at him not to give up so easily. She wants to say that they have to save them, but she swallows her words when she sees his only remaining eye after being afflicted with Zodiva. Tears are dripping silently from it.

She realizes that Rath must be hurting more than her. Arles is his brother and even though he always fights with Guillan, he has known them for far longer than she has. His voice is raw with pain as he confesses that in these ten years, all he has done is run from Weblin. Always. They have been abused by cats and humans.. killed.. he has lost companions, but he still lived.

He continued to be hunted and by the time he joined up with his brother, all his pack members had died. He was infected by Zodiva and he somedays he couldn’t even find food. But he still lived. His voice is strangled as he asks 「何故だろうな、何故なんだろう。何故か、何故……ナゼ……、ああ……。」(Why.. Why do I still live? Why.. Why.. Why.. aa..). He confesses in a tearful voice that when he met his brother, he was happy from the bottom of his heart.

But whenever he was alone he couldn’t forget what had happened. All those things. He repeats his words in a mutter and directs them more at himself than her. Fiona’s eyes start to tear at this sight. He manages to grit out 「だから……、兄さん達は、きっと生きるよ。兄さんは、……強い、から。」(That’s why.. My brother and them must be alive. Because my brother is… strong). Fiona nods while tears spill down her cheeks.

Rath gasps out 「だから、生きててもいいんだって。」(That’s why.. it must be fine for us to live). His words are more halting than normal, but it must be because of all his feelings. And he has been hurting for a long, long time. Every day must have been spent in pain. He tells her 「だから、兄さん達のこと……。そして狼種ヴォルフのことを伝えよう。」(That’s why.. we must tell the truth about my brother.. and about the wolves). He breathes in deeply before opening his mouth.

「オレ達、狼種ヴォルフの歴史を――…。捏造されない真実の話を。この世界で、オレ達が生きる事に意味があるなら、きっと、歴史を、伝えていくこと……。オレ達が生きること……――…だと、思うんだ。」(About the saga of the wolves–.. the unfabricated truth. If there is a meaning for why we lived in this world.. the reason why we lived.. surely.. it must be to convey this history.. I think..). His eyes are determined as he tells her roughly 「だから、生きよう……。フィオナ。」(That’s why, let us live.. Fiona).

They have no choice but to survive. In order to protect the remaining wolves. In order to tell the truth. In order to tell the saga that is blotted in black. She scrubs at her eyes with her fists to stop her tears. And then, grabbing Rath’s extended hand, she stands up. He tells her 「行こう。」(Let’s go). To where? To tomorrow. To the future where they will tell the truth. They will combine their strength together.


*** BAD END ***

Fiona chooses to marry Arles. She decides to find and ask Guillan to supervise her as she gives out blood. And she thinks the person who is knocking on her door when she is preparing to leave is Rath. Everything proceeds similarly to Arles’ route. Arles plans to fake her death by dressing up a corpse in her clothes and then she will run away with ten other wolves who are too weak to fight. They are to live on and convey the truth about the history of the wolves.

She and her entourage of wolves make their way to a cave deep in the forest. They don’t know how much time has passed but they have managed to create a small village and cultivate food. Life is self-sustaining in the forest and there are even children. Fiona thinks this is a sight that Arles would have hoped for. However, there is has been an unforeseen complication. She starts to cough and the children ask her if she’s alright.

A boy tells her to rest while they go out to play. Fiona plasters on a smile and nods while breathing out carefully. In this small village, she has managed to give her blood to everyone and cure them of their Zodiva. But she has developed Zodiva herself. The symptoms that continue to appear can no longer be suppressed through the medicine that Zara had created. The black marks on her arm are proof of Zodiva.

They are spreading slowly and little by little. She is sure that she doesn’t have much longer left. Everyone tried to do something to cure her of Zodiva. They thought that if her blood cured Zodiva then she should try drinking it. They also tried making her drink the blood of those who had been cured of Zodiva. But none of it was effective.

Fiona recalls how one of them had cursed the world at letting Fiona collapse to Zodiva after she had saved them all from Zodiva. The women had cried and begged her to hold on. Even in this kind of situation, her heart warms at the thought of how worried everyone is for her. This must be fate. She’s really glad that she managed to save everyone. She is really glad that everyone has been cured from their Zodiva.

She really thinks so from the bottom of her heart. But she does have a selfish regret.. she wished she could wait for Rath to return. They had promised that he would return to her. She is sure that he is alive somewhere. If one day he comes back and she wasn’t waiting for him then she is sure he’ll be sad. Once again that beautiful ice-blue eye will be colored with sadness.

That is why.. until Rath returns.. She won’t lose to this sickness; to Zodiva. Fiona is determined to wait until Rath returns. Until he can live here. She is sure that once he does, his sadness will heal. Until then.. she will continue to live. Suddenly, her eyes begin to become heavy and her body starts to turn feverish. One of the children cry out and ask her if she’s alright. A woman realizes she has a terrible fever.

She begs Fiona to lie down and not to strain herself. Another woman starts to yell for everyone to come. Fiona vaguely realizes that her surroundings have become noisy. Did someone come? She looks towards the entrance and sees someone standing there. A voice tells her 「フィオナ、ただいま。」(Fiona, I’m home). Ah, it’s Rath. Rath has finally returned home. Fiona chants his name in her mind as she smiles at him. She had been waiting for a long time.

If she isn’t there anymore.. he won’t be able to live, will he? Once again his eye will become filled with sadness. He’s not saying anything to her. But that’s fine because he returned to her. She tells him in her mind that she had waited for him, because she wanted to know more about him. Fiona stands up and walks towards Rath. She welcomes him home and tells him that she has many things to say.

Rath replies softly that he does as well. For an instant, the world is swallowed by a dazzling flash of gold and something explodes beautifully. UHH.. SHE HALLUCINATED AND THEN AUGER LIT THE WHOLE PLACE UP?

24 thoughts on “BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Rath Vogart ~

    Roiya said:
    August 18, 2012 at 20:58

    I have a Rath bias lol.just like how you have your Arles bias. I think there is something very melancholy about his character that fascinates me. Mejojo was also a favorite of mine because while he is broken like Auger I find him redeemable. I highly doubt they can make Auger an otome route on the psp without me thinking :”its a trap!” the whole time hahaha. I’m convinced hes a bonafide psychopath for life.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 18, 2012 at 21:37

      I completely agree! Even with my Arles bias, something about the melancholy and sadness in Rath’s route just draws me in. Arles is the type of character that makes me go (*´Д`)ハァハァ embarrassingly enough, but Mejojo and Rath are characters who make me think. I just want to poke at their brains and understand them.

      I-I really need to restrain myself before I start going on a full blown rant about how much I love Mejojo’s character because of, like you said, the possibility of his redemption and just how tragic his character was and is. (It seems like we both love the tragic-type characters).

      YES ;ww; I have no idea how the Auger route in the PSP will go, but I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be as troll-ish as his BN ones. I would be disappointed if he wasn’t a bonafide psychopath in Last Hope, hahaha.

        roiyachan said:
        August 19, 2012 at 19:46

        same here i have a horrible love hate relationship with Auger so while hes not my favorite(hes too much of a troll) i cant help but be very very curious about his route in the psp. i expect him to be a bonafide psycho there too cause i cant see Auger in any other way ha!

    huyutfsakura said:
    August 18, 2012 at 08:52

    I know Rath was the silent sad type of route but my god, WAS THAT REALLY REALLY SAD ; n ; I was like “RATH BABY NOOOO” Forever crying T_T The ending for his route too was pretty sad! No definite ending where they kiss or hug each other living blissfully, it was just an opening ending. I was really looking forward to a kissing scene *cries* His wolf form is pretty cool though :’D

    I guess my eyes will cry rivers when I see Last Hope released :’D

      Ilinox responded:
      August 18, 2012 at 09:00

      I knowwww 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。! I thought he’d have more development by being the main character and while it does seem like he and Fiona have much more of a connection.. HIS STORY IS SO SAD?! WHY IS IT SO SAD!? It’s so bittersweet that I can’t help but love it while feeling terrible.

      For a while I thought Last Hope would continue off of Rath’s good end, which was why they left it so open. But apparently Last Hope is an AU where Fiona starts off being kidnapped by the wolves instead of being carted off to the castle. So that means Rath’s good end is supposed to stand alone.. and like you said, it’s surprisingly open.

      Hopefully Last Hope will be much more hopeful and loving to the wolves ;ww;

        huyutfsakura said:
        December 28, 2012 at 07:15

        I just finished Rath’s Good route in Last Hope. OH GEEZ, I think I spent a good hour or two crying is his route. There were 3 things that got me crying.

        1. His whole past and route is just so SAD. I mean, how can you put a person through all those events that Rath went through?!

        2. The ending to his route is very, very, sad yet bittersweet. It just made me want to knock em, sock em, beat DAFUQ out of Mejojo and Auger.

        3. His epilouge (or the very end I guess) is so, ugh, SUCH A TEAR JERKER. It just made go “Fuck this shit ヾ(*´ー`)ノ As long as your happy. Baby, Rath. I LOVE YOU!!!”

        I’m off to blow my nose (T▽T)

        PS. It is set in a AU where Rath kidnaps Fiona T u T I’m still on Nesso’s route!

    Otoya Oto-kun Ittoki said:
    August 16, 2012 at 23:25


    laksdkjsah I cried at this route I’m sorry. Even the happy ending is just– I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to be the best ending since BN doesn’t really focus on Rath and more on the cats, BUT THE TEARS WOULD NOT STOP. Rath was actually the whole reason I became interested in BWS at first because I loved his character design. The art style as well– Kuroyuki-san (黒裄) is one of my favorite artists. (I think that’s how it’s translated..?)

    BUT, AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH. I enjoyed reading it :>

      Ilinox responded:
      August 17, 2012 at 11:53

      Rath babbbyyy (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ everyone here loves youu! //bricked

      No no it’s totally fine! I was feeling really depressed after doing his route too ;ww; it’s sad that the wolves barely got any screen time but like you said BN focuses more on the cats. In this case it just made Rath’s end so bittersweet.. which I love.. but at the same time I just want to curl up and cry. ARLES. MY POOR POOR ARLES.

      Yep, I’m pretty sure she’s called Kuroyuki and I love her/his (?) art so much as well! Have you seen Gekka Ryouran Romance? The artist is the same for that game (which is why I mainly played it ;;). I pretty much loved Arles and Rath’s design from the beginning and it was why I was interested in BWS too. A main character with an eyepatch? Awww yeahhh clearly I know priorities //bricked

      YOU’RE VERY WELCOME 8DD! Thank you so much for sticking through all my slow updates and commenting on them <3.

        Otoya Oto-kun Ittoki said:
        August 26, 2012 at 00:30

        It was so touching, I must admit I did enjoy it.

        I have heard of Gekka Ryouran Romance but I have yet to bring myself to read your post yet- Well I have read the beginning of Kaneda’s route then got distracted with the updates of BWS then later on Amnesia. skdjhf You have converted me to the Ikki fandom- – /kicked I promise to read that next though since it seems very interesting!

        You update faster than I can read, it seems like every time I finish a route there’s another one posted. I could seriously just stay on here and read your posts all day. I encourage more podcasts also c:

        I hope my comments aren’t troublesome–

        Ilinox responded:
        August 26, 2012 at 21:07

        Oh man, you’re in for such a treat if you do read the Gekka stories, especially if you do them after BWS. It’s like darkness and angst and twistedness galore xDD;;!

        That’s the first time I heard someone tell me that I post faster than they read /o\! It’s usually they read it in one day but it takes me a month to post something, ahaha. Suri and I are already brimming with ideas for other podcasts so please look forward to it 8D!

        Aww, no way! I love reading your comments~! You always have such interesting things to bring into discussion! It just gets a little tiring when I receive 10 comments on one page and they’re like single sentences ;;; I’m an adorer of textwalls so please continue~ in fact I encourage more!

        PS. YES! (≧ω≦)b SCORE ONE FOR THE IKKI FAN CLUB (the sane version of his fan club)!

    harunafuu said:
    August 16, 2012 at 17:48

    Uwaaaaah!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ <- This was my first reaction, when I saw your Rath post, followed by an instant "NOOOOOOOOOOOO ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━, WHY THE HELL is Kaji Yuuki voicing my precious Rath?!!!! (」゜ロ゜)」But when I listened to his voice samples I was like: (´ ▽`).。o♡ I really dislike Kaji's high shota voice, so I was afraid, that he would ruin Rath with that voice. orz But luckily it turned out to be a low wolfish voice, just what I had imagined.

    Rath isn't very good with words, but his actions say more than 1000 words… Just like the scene where he kisses her neck gently after he bite her… *(*´∀`*)☆ I want to hear him stutter, when he's embarrassed, it must be unbearable adorable. \bricked

    Don't you think that Arles wolve form is much more "noble" and fluffier than Rath's? Maybe because he is sooo young? But I still love Rath's wolve form, somehow it reminds me of huskies. Cuuuute!

    My poor Rath! You wanted to believe humans, but couldn't. It must have been hard for you…。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

    I love the game's artwork so much (just like Gekka Ryouran), it's not even funny anymore. It's so gorgeous and everyone looks so nice! Rath's blue eye captured me, just like Julian's! His sad and deep blue eye is too much for my heart… (*°∀°)=3 Btw I just can't resist blue eyes. LOL

    The good ending is kind of open? Well, as I heard Last Hope will continue from here, right? The bad ending on the other hand is really sad. Fiona develops Zodiva and Rath is assumedly dead? As we know from Arles route, Auger lit up the place where the wolves hide. So I guess, we can assume the same happens in this route? But it's nice that Fiona got to meet Rath in the end, even though it was just her imagination that was caused by Zodiva. It's tragic and heartwrenching, I could cry like for hours…

      Ilinox responded:
      August 16, 2012 at 19:10

      LMAO your reaction is exactly what my reaction was when BWS was first coming out and I heard that Kaji Yuuki was doing Rath. I was like “NOOOOO I HATE YOUR SHOUTA VOICE!” but then I heard the sample voice and was relieved. His low voice is so sexy and so it’s a bit of a shame that Rath rarely talks and if he does talk it’s very.. broken and halting.

      I.. you’re absolutely right! ( 。>艸<) His actions definitely show how much of a gentle soul he has inside and his emotions when his words fail him. It's unbearably hot when he's panting after sucking her blood too wwww.

      I do! I don't know why.. it must be because Arles is so huge or maybe that necklace really makes a difference. Because Guillan and Rath have scarves and a hat an eyepatch respectively, it makes them look more.. childlike or dressed up. Arles is like the epitome of a wild wolf 8DD //clearly biased.

      I absolutely adore the artwork as well! I especially love how most of the wolves or the good ends tend to be done in blue color schemes. Like the one where Mejojo kisses Fiona in the cottage with the light streaming in.. that was so beautiful! And then Rath has that pretty dream sequence.. ughghgj the art is too good. My brother thinks they look weird though (*`へ´*).

      I'm a sucker for blue eyes too~ I can stare at Arles all day.. (*ノ∀ノ). I heard that Last Hope started from there as well.. but I remember seeing a CG of Rath kidnapping Fiona from her tower.. so that's a bit weird. Why would he do that if they start off from the good end? And it sounds pretty grim for Arles and Guillan in Rath's good end since they're still fighting ;; unless everyone just ran.

        harunafuu said:
        August 19, 2012 at 16:04

        Haha, yeah, Kaji Yuki should do more mature roles. He has a sexy voice, when he’s not squealing like a middleschool brat. I’M SORRY Kaji-san. orz

        Do you think DIALOVERS changed us? Fangirls nowadays like panting and moaning Seiyuu… xD It’s kind of scary… (ノдヽ)

        Yeah, Arles does look like a boss for real. The title “king of the wolves” fits him well. (*/∇\*)Maybe he does have a magic necklace that makes him transform into a wild huge wolve? xD

        Yeah, the art is so pretty and the story really good, I want to play BWS badly!! Your posts already set my otome-heart in fire, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before I buy it. LOL I wonder if I should get the LE? I kind of love the drama CD’s that comes with the games.

        I think that the Collabs between Rejet and Otomate always brings good games. Honestly, I want to buy them all!! But it’s so expensive…. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

    ab said:
    August 15, 2012 at 14:08

    Which characters do you like the most in this game? For Arles for sure and then Rath don’t why but there’s something about him i like.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 15, 2012 at 14:21

      If you google “Ijiwaru My Master walkthrough” you get a ton of search results.. Yes, I’ll be finishing Guillan and then moving onto Amnesia Later. Otomate has listed that Last Hope will be coming out 2012, but they’re starting to become known for their delays so it might be delayed until 2013.

      I like Arles the best as a romantic choice in this game. I think I’ve talked embarrassingly a lot about why I like him in his post ww but his nobility is charming. Character-wise I like Mejojo the best followed by Rath. And then I’m looking forward to Elza since he’s a ladies man apparently (*´ω`*).

        ab said:
        August 15, 2012 at 20:37

        I’ll try hopeful i’ll find one we don’t now much about Elza other than being a ladies man that is. Thankfully in Amnesia Later actually Ukyou wants to have MC and not giving her off to every else in the last one and he’s not as timid as was before which is a good because it’s boring if they do that twice.

    ab said:
    August 15, 2012 at 14:06

    If Ijiwaru My Master old game there should be at least 2 or 3 walkthrough of it but for some there isn’t *sigh* the last Guy is Guillan and then your going to Amniesa Later Story next. Last Hope is coming out this year right. Hopeful it’ll be a good game but twins cats hopeful be more sane the insane.

    Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
    August 15, 2012 at 09:40

    “Rath looks back at her and she catches sight of his deep, ice-blue eyes.” Even though you tried so hard, you still had a couple instances with eyes and pupils. Oh well, I don’t care and I don’t think anyone else does either.

    So what are your thoughts on him? I really wish you had a section with your thoughts on the guy so we could start more conversation. As for me, I really loved him. I know his emotionless behavior turns off some people, and it does make a lot of scenes (like the beginning of the blood giving scene) really awkward, and his response to the marriage thing really hurt me, and I don’t like what he did what the beginning of the game, but….I still love him. It’s like with you and Arles, he doesn’t do much in this game but I still like him. Plus I forgave a lot of his personality because I can relate, I suffered from depression for 4 years and in that time a lot of who I was was lost. The feeling of wanting to trust people but being afraid…I can relate a lot to it. I also related to Fiona in this route, I was drawn in by his sad eyes and wanted to make it better for him, but those moments where they had nothing to talk about was all very familiar. I still wish he had said something when she was crying, but I can understand he must have been feeling confused about marrying her too. It was yet another thing he had no control over.

    I think his personality in the drama CDs is what he really is. Cute and even a bit teasing. But it’s hidden beneath all the crap that happens to him. The only thing I want in Last Hope is to see him become like that over time, at least with Fiona. Unlike all those bastard emo dudes in other games, he does have a good reason to be this way, and I want to see what’s underneath. Without Guillan the only reason I’ll go through the stupid cats in Last Hope is because I want to see Rath happy. So even though his route was lackluster in this game, I think Rejet did a good job with him. Don’t mess it up otomate!

      Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
      August 15, 2012 at 09:44

      Also his bad end voice was so sad….but his grooming part was awesome. You can pet both of his ears and doing just that fills his meter. Plus he lets you kiss him. I dislike all of the dudes who don’t like it when you kiss them. His voices were really cute in general, and unlike many others I didn’t have any conflicting feelings about what they meant compared to the game. I felt all of them were genuine. Plus he’s still happy about being wolf despite everything, how sweet.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 15, 2012 at 11:11

        Noooo! I tried so hard and got so far.. but in the end it doesn’t even matter ♪~ //bricked. I edited now so no one can see my embarrassing mistake.

        Sorry about that /o\. I’m pretty terrible at summarizing all my thoughts up at the end of a route and so I never tried making a “thoughts” section. If I start my OCD will kick in too and force me to make one for every route, but sometimes I just have literally nothing to say regarding some characters.

        I really liked him as well! Normally, his type of emotionless characters make me fall asleep but I could sympathize with Rath a lot. I felt like the game did a fabulous job in showing you glimpses of the gentle soul he would have been if he hadn’t been born in these circumstances (it’s what made his line about being proud to be born a wolf so heartbreaking).

        I felt like his scenes really conveyed his character across to us and so I wasn’t bothered with any of them. I can imagine the shock of being told you’re going to marry some girl you don’t even know and only at the age of 18. Especially when it’s someone as distrustful to everyone in the world like Rath. I felt like, at that point of time, he still regarded Fiona as being a person of Weblin and he hates the people of Weblin. But it’s after getting to know her better that he is able to trust and believe in her, like he said.

        All in all, I loved Rath’s character in the way I like Mejojo’s character. They’re very interesting and tragic characters /o\. Arles still takes the top place as the guy who makes me go (*´Д`)ハァハァ though wwww.

    ab said:
    August 15, 2012 at 03:30

    Whoa whoa wait if Rath ran that means…NO ARLES!!!! Gaaah why game WHY?! *cries* I’m going to ask another question… do Arles appear at Last Hope as a playable route but if doesn’t then gaaa…why…*wines*

    ab said:
    August 15, 2012 at 03:16

    Well you do that pretty quickly and surpisely Rath wolf form not half bad really but not reading all of it.Because i’m waiting for Guillan to come otu them read Rath and your almost done with the game that’s good. Do know if the come out or if anyone doing of this ijiwaru my master because some of the characters catched my liking and just thought I asked but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to and yes it’s in Japanese *sigh* gaaah! Okay i’m going to try and to read Japanese or at least try anyway hopeful.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 15, 2012 at 10:59

      Ijiwaru My Master is a pretty old otome game. I believe it came out in 2008. No, I don’t have plans on playing this game. If you’re really curious about all the otome games out there, I recommend looking at THIS BLOG because Hinano reviews games extremely fast.

      All of the characters in Bloody Nightmare have routes in Last Hope, except for Guillan and Julian who are PC exclusive. In return, Last Hope features Richie & Pearl and Elza who are PSP exclusive.

        ab said:
        August 15, 2012 at 13:57

        Yeah that might be good thing because it’s for + 18 so it’s a good thing gaaah…(thanks for the website) japanese can’t Japan is being mean for keeping good otome games black wolf saga and alot of others games I want to play but *wines* *sigh* anyway GOOD it wouldn’t be a good game without Arles and Rath to because won’t make sense the story starts with him kidnapping Fiona so yeah but it’s a little sad that Julian and Guillan aren’t going to be in it and I also liked them to. But Richie & Pearl and Elza are going to be in the Last Hope so that’s a up side.

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