BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Guillan Guinor ~

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Guillan Guinor (ギラン ギノー)
CV: Taniyama Kisho (谷山 紀章)

Guillan is one of Arles’ trusted friends and confidant, despite being half his age. In return, he looks up to Arles and constantly seeks praise from him. He seems to extremely love violence and often acts as an interrogator for the wolves. He’s a bit spoiled and acts like a selfish child. His way of talking is rough and usually insulting, but he is true to his feelings.

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Everything is the same as Rath’s route up to the point where Fiona has to choose her husband. Please read Rath’s route for more details on the choices made and Mejojo’s post is the one with the most details. Fiona chooses Guillan to be her husband.

His reaction is 「おいおい、マジかよ。まあ、オレ様カッコイイしィ?テメェが惚れても仕方ねぇかァ。」(Oi oi, are ya serious? Well, I guess I am too cool. You couldn’t help but fall in love with me). But then he asks 「ンっていうかアレかァ?ちょっとアブノーマルな感じで、噛まれたい~、とかァ?」(Are ya that type? A little abnormal feeling. Do ya wanna be bitten~?). He starts to cackle and says 「ヒャハハハッ!すぐに調教してやんよォ?身体にいっぱい傷つけてやっからよォ?」(Hyahahaha! I’ll train you immediately, you know? I’ll hurt your body a lot!).

THIS IS NOT A SANE CHOICE. NOT AT ALL. Guillan looks innocently at Arles and asks 「アルルぅー?こいつ死んでもいいんだろ?」(Arles~? Is it alright if she dies?). Arles replies firmly that he isn’t allowed to do that. In response, Guillan wrinkles his noise and complains about how boring that is. If she died he would have eaten her body. He’s saying these outrageous things in a wicked voice. But he hasn’t mentioned any complaints about the marriage.

She realizes that he’s a frightening person, but she can’t help but feel curious. When he had held a blade against Nesso, he had looked like a brutal wolf. But when he’s with Arles he acts remarkably young. Guillan is a person she’s never seen before and so she can’t help but be attracted to his mystery. MYSTERY? MYSTERY?! ARLES AND RATH HAVE MYSTERY TOO! Nesso and Zara protest but Arles tells them to do as they wish because Fiona is part of the wolves now.

He orders Guillan to take care of her and before Nesso and Zara can reach her, she is thrown over his back. The world spins as she is thrown over his shoulder and she is thankful to land on his soft fur when he shifts instantly from a human to a wolf. Guillan orders her to grab on tightly before he springs out of the castle. Fiona is shocked by the power in his spring and she is thankful he warned her to hold on tight, because if she didn’t then she would have fell.

Guillan snaps at her that she’s pulling his fur and she apologizes quickly, but points out that she might fall. He growls but doesn’t say anything further as he sprints into the forest. The other wolves stream out, barking and yipping, from the castle and among them is Arles’ large and commanding form. He raises up a howl and all the wolves join in. Guillan snickers and talks about how good this feels.

No matter how long her family remains in the castle, there is no meaning if they aren’t there. It’s useless for them to try and search for her because they’ll never catch up like this. Fiona turns around in shock but she can barely see the entrance of the castle anymore. She starts to sob at how she won’t be able to see Nesso and Zara again and it’s pathetic that she’s crying since she made this selfish decision.

Guillan asks her 「……テメェ、泣いてンのかよ。馬鹿かァ?」(… Yo, are you crying? Are you an idiot or something?). He tells her that if she is going to cry then she should have gone with Nesso and them in the first place. Fiona shakes her head and tells him that she isn’t crying, but she’s sobbing. He doesn’t need to see her face to know that it’s a lie though. Guillan tells her she sounds like an idiot and Fiona quietly replies that it is because she is an idiot.

She is a large idiot for leaving behind the people who treasure her the most over everyone else. Guillan is silent before he snaps out that if any of her runny nose drips down onto his fur then he’ll kill her, even if she is his wife. Fiona accidentally laughs at that and he growlingly asks her what she’s laughing at. She can’t help but smile through her tears at his interesting choice of words in a time like this.

He snorts in dissatisfaction at her reaction but continues to run through the forest. Soon they reach a clearing where Arles orders them to rest. Fiona asks Rath and Guillan what they would like to be addressed by and Guillan orders her to address him with a suffix. However, he soon grows embarrassed when she does what he says and snaps at her to just call him by name.

They spend several days in the forest waiting for Nesso, Zara, and Julian to leave Zanan and give up on Fiona. She continues to mourn the separation from her family and the wolves comfort her by reminding her that she has a new family now. They could have used her as a tool, but they decided to welcome her as family instead. They finally return to Zanan after seeing that her family has given up.

Back in Zanan, Fiona finds two letters addressed to her by Zara and Nesso who forgive her. Fiona grieves one last time and Guillan and Rath comfort her in their wolf form. Finally, she begins her new life at Zanan and starts to distribute her blood among the wolves. Arles forbids her from straining herself and requires her to have supervision in the case of a wolf going berserk at the smell of her blood.

One day, she decides to request Guillan to supervise her. At first she had been wary of his scary image, but after she was accustomed to it she realizes that he’s easy to talk to. She looks around the hall for him but he isn’t in his usual place. She wonders where he went since he doesn’t have a room. Although Zanan is a castle, most of the rooms have rotted away and the only useable ones are Arles’ study and her room. Rath and Guillan don’t have one.

And so they tend to be found in the hall. She had been worried about them catching a cold sleeping outside, but Arles told her to leave them alone. She wonders if Guillan is in Arles’ study. He can usually be found lounging on the sofa in there. She decides to take a peek into the study, but it turns out that he isn’t there either. She startles though when she sees Guillan entering the hall the moment she exits Arles’ study.

Guillan notices her staring asks her boredly if she has business with him. Fiona informs him that she wishes to distribute her blood to everyone and wanted his help. She asks him where he went and he explains that he was patrolling as precaution in case the cats ever attack. Fiona’s smile becomes strained as she nods. Ever since she joined them, they stopped attacking villages.

The reason the attacks have stopped is because the wolves are no longer on the verge of starvation. But even still, she knows that Mejojo will attack them if he catches hint of their whereabouts. Fiona knows that even if she solves the problem on the side of the wolves, that doesn’t mean Weblin’s wolf hunting will stop. Yet having the fact that they might be attacked pointed out to her again makes her wonder if she is even making a difference.

She sighs heavily only for Guillan to complain sharply about how she shouldn’t stop him only to get depressed by herself and start sighing. She apologizes quickly with a stutter and he grumbles before violently ruffling her hair. Instead of a caress it’s more like an attack with the way he’s grinding her head. Fiona winces at the pain and Guillan smiles in satisfaction. He tells her softly not to worry because whoever decides to attack them and dares to lift their hand against them will be killed by him.

Then he corrects himself and says that actually it’s more like people who come close to this castle will be killed. Fiona frowns and tells him to select his victims since she was scared when he attacked her that time. Guillan’s eyes widen as he recalls that he did try to kill her. She glares at him and tells him not to forget that since it had been a serious thing. He gives a fanged grin and points out that it was nice. She denies it instantly.

He huffs and falls silent as he glances around. Fiona realizes that Guillan seems to act as a guard who independently patrols around the castle. It is dangerous work. Guillan changes the subject and asks her if she plans to give her blood again. She nods with a smile and explains that there are still people who haven’t been given blood. She wants to give them her blood before their health deteriorates.

Guillan smirks as he says 「なら、決まりだな。」(Then it’s decided) and when she asks him what is, he replies 「まずは、オレ様にくれよ。」(First, you’ll give it to me). Fiona gapes at him in surprise and he frowns as he asks if there’s a problem. She points out that he looks just as healthy as Arles and he doesn’t seem to have been afflicted with Zodiva at all. He replies loudly 「ばッか、オレ様ちょーゾディバだっつーの!テメェの見えないところで日々苦しんでるんだっつーのォ!」(IDIOT, I’M VERY ZODIVAED! I hurt everyday in places you can’t see!).

Σ(^∀^;) YOU LITTLE LIAR! Fiona opens her mouth but then shuts it. No matter how she looks at it, his words stink of lies. She asks him if he’s telling the truth and he replies 「本当本当。ちょーマジ。何? テメェ、オレ様のこと信じてくれねェワケ?」(Really really. SERIOUSLY! What? Ya don’t believe in me?). He pouts and tells her that he’s hurt. He’s VERY hurt and she needs to make reparations. She repeats his words in shock.

But Guillan continues on 「テメェの血、飲ませろ。それかめちゃ褒めろ。ナデナデしろ。」(Lemme drink your blood. Then you’ll praise me. And pet me) and his ears start twitching. He reminds her of a dog. THAT’S KIND OF CUTE.. A VIOLENT DOG ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. She asks him flatly that he just wants to taste her blood doesn’t he? Guillan points out that it’s fine since it’s not like he’s asking for all of her blood. His voice lowers into a whine 「なァなァ。いいだろォ?」(Hey hey, it’s fine right~?).

Fiona starts to blush and she has to look away from his puppy eyes and twitching ears. She can’t help but see him as cute even though she knows she’s being tricked. She knows that even though he says these outrageous remarks, from time to time he also acts adorable to beg things off of Arles. And she always finds him cute in those moments. When he actually begs her like this, it’s unbearably cute.

And so she caves in and tells him that he can only have a little, since her blood isn’t necessary to him. He agrees to her conditions happily, but Fiona is doubtful. But when she is given a full view of his twitching ears she can’t hold onto her suspicions. Before she can give him her hand, he tells her 「おう、行こうぜ。」(Ou, let’s go!). She asks him in confusion where to and he replies bluntly that they’re going to her room.

Her eyes widen and she asks loudly why. Usually when she gives her blood out she doesn’t move to her room to do it. She just slices her finger then and there and gives them blood that way. This method was adopted since she didn’t want to risk the wolves becoming berserk if they bit her. But Guillan grabs her arm and pulls her along rapidly while trembling from excitement. It’s not that it would be bad to do it in her room.

But she doesn’t know what Guillan is so happily looking forward to. Fiona is dragged by Julian all the way into her room. This room had as much rot as the others, but Rath and Guillan helped fix it up. Arles gave her the furniture from somewhere. She’s a bit scared to ask where it came from. Guillan orders her to come over and sit on her bed. She nods slowly and then sits down obediently on her bed.

Guillan immediately climbs onto the bed when she sits down and also sits down, although he’s facing her directly. The two of them are silent but Fiona notices that his eyes seem to be shining. Instead of glittering it is more like the light is glaring. His voice is breathy as he asks if they can start the tasting immediately. Fiona stutters as she reminds him that he can only have a little.

She stretches her hand out with a slight flinch since she’s not really looking forward to it. Her eyes widen when he grabs the wrist of the hand that she was going to let him drink blood from and pulls her closer. Before she can resist at all he pushes her down onto the bed. She protests and asks him what he’s doing but he replies 「何って。ナニ?」(What do you mean.. what?). The unfamiliar sensation of someone breathing against her ear sends shivers down her spine.

The sound is utterly mischievous. Fiona growls out his name in exasperation but he points out quietly that she was the one who said it was okay for him to taste her blood. She admits that she did say that, but she didn’t mean it this way. He replies lowly that there is no difference. He’s holding onto her strongly enough to prevent her from running away. And so she says his name warningly but his voice becomes lower 「味見、さしてくれよ。……なァ?」(Let me.. taste you.. yes?).

That low whisper caresses her ear and then he lowers his face into her neck. Fiona panics as she realizes what he’s going to do and she yells at him to wait, because he mustn’t! Guillan’s intentions become crystal clear. He never intended to taste her blood from her finger. He wanted it from her personally. She tries to struggle but he tells her lightly not to do that, because it’ll be a problem if he carelessly bites her somewhere.

She freezes instantly at his words and then she clenches her eyes shut in preparation. A hot tongue traces her neck, trying to find a blood vessel. She gasps out his name and he says slowly 「んなカワイイ声出すな。あんまり痛くはしねェよ、我慢してろ。」(Don’t make that kind of cute noise. I won’t hurt you too much.. bear with me). Fiona tries to ask him what he’s doing, but then a fang is pressed to her skin. And then she hears her skin giving way to the fang that is being pressed into her neck.

Fiona bites her lip to muffle her yelp of pain and in her mind she screams at how big of an idiot he is. The part about it not hurting was a lie. Or did he mean that he wouldn’t hurt her apart from this? She can hear him licking and slurping the blood that is spilling from the wound. Guillan sounds surprised as he notices how delicious her blood is. She flinches in pain and curses him in her mind for thinking that while she’s in such pain.

In fact, because she hates how he’s the only one delighted and smacking his lips, she yanks at his hair to her heart’s content. THAT’S HILARIOUS! I KIND OF LIKE THIS DYNAMIC. Guillan yelps in pain and she snaps out that she’ll hurt him back because he’s an idiot. But no matter how much she yanks at his hair, he refuses to raise his head from her neck. He just continues to slurp at her neck and Fiona starts to think about how idiotic it looks resisting.

So she just sighs heavily and lets him do whatever he wants. After a while, she wonders about their current situation. She has grown used to the pain in her neck and there is no more blood spilling out of it, but Guillan remains pressed against her and with his face in her neck. He also doesn’t try to make another wound on her. He just has his lips pressed against the wound. They continue to lie in silence until Fiona notes that they can’t stay like this forever.

She calls out his name and he sleepily acknowledges her. Fiona wonders if he’s sleepy because of his full stomach. She can’t help but think of him as a child like this. But she ends up asking him what he’s doing and he replies that he’s thinking about things. Fiona frowns and asks him if he can let her go if he’s just thinking about things. There’s a problem with their current pose. He smirks and tells her that there isn’t really a problem.

Fiona snaps out that while he might not have a problem, she does and so she wants him to let her go. She struggles to put her hands between them and shoves at him. And this time, maybe because he’s satisfied and full, he separates from her reluctantly. She stares him down but just when she’s about to ask him what he plans on doing, his body topples over and he lays his head down on her lap.

She instinctively raises her arm and drops her elbow on the side of his head at his action. Even she’s surprised at herself when she hears the thunk of her hitting him. But Guillan is unresponsive and he seems to be seriously thinking about something. Fiona wonders what he’s thinking so seriously about and decides to ask him what he is doing. He sounds distracted as he tells her that he’s thinking hard about something.

When she asks him what he’s thinking about, he replies with a fanged grin 「テメェを、独り占めする方法。」(A way to monopolize ya). Fiona stares at him blankly before the meaning of his words hit her and she gapes. Guillan looks surprised at her reaction before protesting that she’s too delicious and so he doesn’t want to share her. She angrily tells him that he can’t do that and she can’t believe he’s thinking seriously about that.

Guillan clings onto her knees as if he were a child who didn’t want to share his favorite food. Fiona is frowning as she asks him if he understands the reason why she is living with them. He replies obediently that she’s here to cure their Zodiva. She smiles as she tells him that he’s right and that is why she needs to give her blood to everyone else. But he complains 「オレ様は、あんたを独り占めしたい。」(I want to have you all to myself though).

Fiona tells him that he’s not allowed and then Guillan asks that, in other words if there were another Lobeira around then it would be okay? She can be given to the rest and then he can have Fiona. She frowns and points out that he isn’t infected with Zodiva at all and so there’s no need for him to have exclusive use of her. He protests loudly 「ありますゥ。オレ様ちょー必要ありますゥ。」(THERE IS! I really need you). He’s sulking as he presses his head into her lap.

She’s starting to feel like she’s dealing with a child or an unreasonable pet. Fiona sighs in exasperation and starts to amuse herself with petting Guillan’s hair. Guillan sighs in pleasure and looks extremely happy. Once again she sighs heavily but decides to give him what he wants. Needless to say, when Arles discovers the bite on her neck he was very angry at Guillan.

Anyway, her calm days with living beside the wolves couldn’t continue forever. A patrol goes missing and Rath decides to investigate. He returns only to report that the king’s army is invading their forest. Arles orders Fiona to run away with ten wolves who are in no condition to fight. They are to live on and pass down the truth about the history of the wolves. Everyone leaves to make preparations but then Fiona hears a knock on her door.

She asks if it’s Guillan and he springs in yelling 「大当たりィ。ご褒美に、オレ様のハーグ!」(CORRECT! As a reward, here’s a hug!). The instant he comes in he embraces her to his heart’s content. Fiona blushes and is surprised at his actions because while he does tend to do things without meaning, this was abrupt. She asks him if something is the matter and doesn’t he have preparations to make? He hums and tells her that he thinks they should be fine.

Fiona stares at him blankly and wonders if he skipped out on helping. In this crowd, Guillan is the most belligerent of them. He loves fighting to the extreme. She, who had grown up without any relation to war, finds his attitude a little frightening. But it’s reassuring when he’s her ally. Actually, she heard that Guillan is the leader of a special attack group and takes a greatly active part in fights.

That’s what she heard. And so is it really alright for him to be doing this when the fight against the king’s army is about to start? She asks out loud if it’s necessary for her to call for Arles. He tells her not to and she knowingly asks him if he’s skipping then. It is the only reason why he would be troubled if Arles is called. Guillan grins and tells her that she could say it like that, but he he wants to talk to her about something and so she should set aside her own preparations.

She asks if talking to her was the reason he slipped out. He nods vigorously but just as she’s about to ask him what he wants to talk to her about, he suddenly bites her. It’s not enough to break the skin but she can feel the pressure of his fangs. Fiona splutters and asks him what he’s doing all of a sudden. He said he had something to talk about! She can never seem to catch up with Guillan whenever they’re together.

Or more like she can never read his behaviour. After a while of keeping his teeth pressed against her, he looks up at her with a satisfied expression. She asks him tiredly what he’s trying to do and Guillan replies perkily 「ンー?これ、オレ様のシルシ、な?」(Nn? This is my mark). She asks if this is his symbol and he corrects her by saying that it is a mark of his possession. She asks him when did she ever become his.

He replies easily that his mark right now makes her his. He’s thrusting his chest out in pride and she finds that she can’t say anything. Fiona notes that apparently her will doesn’t matter. She sighs in exasperation and then asks him if this was what he wanted to talk about, although this shouldn’t be considered a talk. He tells her that of course he has something to tell her still. This is a marking. The two are completely different.

Fiona asks him what he wanted to talk about then, but unusually Guillan starts to hesitate. She starts to wonder what he wants to say since he usually blurts things out unexpectedly and without reserve. She’s a little frightened to imagine what could make him hesitate. And so she’s determined not to flinch no matter what is said. She prepares her heart. But then Guillan sheepishly says 「あー……。なんか、こういうの妙に照れくせェな。」(Aa-.. this is strangely embarrassing).

She asks him what is embarrassing and what does he want to say? He orders her to shut up and listen. Fiona nods obediently, although she rolls her eyes, and then obediently waits for his words. After Guillan groans for a little while and tries to find his words, he tells her bluntly 「メヨーヨとオージェのヤツをぶッ殺したらよ。……テメェのこと、迎えにいってやる。」(I’ll kill Mejojo and Auger.. and then I’ll head for ya). Fiona just blinks in confusion.

Guillan repeats himself in an annoyed voice that after all the trouble is ended here he will return to her. It must be the embarrassment that is making his words curt. But.. it makes her happy. He asks her roughly to say something. And so she tells him that she’s happy. He pouts to most likely cover up his embarrassment. Then he asks her loudly if she understands that she’s not supposed to let other guys eat her.

Once every single troublesome thing is over, then she’ll be exclusively his. She laughingly agrees happily to his words, because even if she’s being treated as food somehow that’s okay. Then she asks him if it’s really alright for him to stay here since the preparations haven’t been completed yet. He responds 「アルルがいるから大丈夫、だろ。オレ様はテメェにマーキング中だから忙しいのォ。」(Arles is there so it’s fine. I’m busy being in the middle of marking you).

Fiona tells him that she thought the marking was over. There is a clear imprint of his teeth in her shoulder. He tells her softly that he has to mark her with his smell. And so, until the other preparations are finished she spends time with Guillan clinging onto her.

The battle is soon to begin and so Fiona sets out from the castle after a last goodbye. She doesn’t know how much time has passed since she left the castle, and she and the wolves have made their home in a cave far away from civilization. The wolves have managed to regain their human forms and even have children. Life is self-sustaining in the forest and Fiona is sure that their village is a sight Arles would have wished for.

She has become a definite member of the pack now and helps take care of the children as well as spin yarn. One day, she does a check on their supplies and decides that she needs to make another trip into the village. She buys things they can’t obtain like medicine and seasoning there. Fiona steps outside the cave to check on their other supplies though and decides to create a grocery list. But she suddenly hears a sound from the bushes.

It wouldn’t be a problem if it’s another wolf. Animals are also not a problem. However, if it is a human.. She wants to think it would be impossible for a human to come this deep into the forest, but there is still a possibility. She wonders panickingly what she should do. If it is discovered that the wolves have created a village and are living here then wolf hunting will surely appear again in Weblin.

Fiona quickly decides that she might be able to trick a human since she’s a human herself, but she needs to come up with a reason as to why she’s here all alone. Her mind spins around and around as she tries to come up with a lie and she starts to panic even more when the rustling approaches. But the person that appears shocks her because she didn’t think she would see him again. It’s Guillan. She blurts out his name in shock.

He looks surprised to see her but then he frowns and asks why she is in a place like this. He wanted to have a more touching reunion. Fiona realizes this isn’t a dream since only Guillan would say such an idiotic thing. She doesn’t understand what he means by a touching reunion since just seeing him appear in front of her after she thought he was dead is enough. A sob builds in her throat at the painful clench of her heart.

Tears start to spill down her cheeks and Guillan asks her with a grin if she’s that happy to see him. She yells out that of course she is and does he have any idea how much time passed? Several months have passed since the time she left Zanan. She sobs out that she had heard rumours about how all the wolves at Zanan had been annihilated. She had been worried for a long time! Guillan asks her if she’s serious because he’s completely healthy.

She angrily tells him that if he was healthy he should have found her sooner. He pouts and mutters that at that time he hadn’t been healthy. He admits that he had been greatly wounded to the point where he couldn’t move. She asks him hesitantly if he’s fine now. Guillan averts his eyes and tells her that the reason he returned to her is because he’s fine. Fiona sobs out that she’s happy then and because she can’t bear it any longer, she embraces him tightly with both arms.

Guillan is taken off guard by her passion. She tells him that it’s fine because she’s happy. Even though he’s making fun of her, he also wraps his arms around her. The warmth that flows into her through their embrace proves that he’s the real thing. This isn’t a dream. She had many of these dreams while she waited for Guillan to return. Many times she had heard sounds in the bushes and rushed out to see if it was Guillan.

And the Guillan that she wished for so much is finally here, embracing her. Fiona sobs out that she’s glad he’s safe. She’s really glad. He tells her softly that he kept his promise and returned to her. She nods with a watery smile and confesses that she’s really happy. He’s grinning his usual fanged grin as he lowers his head and touches her lips with his. In this moving reunion, where they are both embracing each other, they have their first kiss.

Finally, after enjoying a long and pleasant reunion they return to settle in at last. Although she’s a bit embarrassed she guides Guillan through the village. She points out that they live in this cave instead of a house. He comments on how it doesn’t seem to have changed from Zanan at all. She agrees since instead of sleeping in a deserted castle they sleep in a deserted cave. But a lot of things have also changed.

Compared to life at Zanan, they are living much more human-like. Guillan hums but he doesn’t look too interested. As she guides him around the village she finally brings up the courage to ask him where the other two are. Guillan replies bluntly that Arles died. Fiona inhales sharply at that and she can barely believe what she’s hearing. Guillan grits his teeth and explains that he died and took down Mejojo with him.

But Guillan is annoyed at how he didn’t manage to kill Auger. Fiona frowns at how she didn’t hear anything in the rumours about the damage the cats suffered. It could be because Mejojo and Auger hid the fact that they participated in wolf hunts. It can’t really be revealed that the royal family voluntarily went wolf hunting and then was killed by one. She wonders if Arles was able to achieve his revenge.

To have killed the man who killed his lover. Could Arles be satisfied with that result? She asks Guillan about Rath and he tells her with a grin that he still lives and is heading here. Fiona beams happily at that but then she notices Guillan’s unhappy face and she asks him hesitantly if something is wrong. He tells her lightly that he was just thinking about how she suddenly had such a happy face.

He’s sulking. He doesn’t seem to be pleased with how happy she was at hearing that Rath was alive. Fiona can’t help but smile at how much of a child he’s acting like. But then she realizes something and asks him why they didn’t return together. If both Guillan and Rath were heading here then it should have been better to travel together. Guillan looks sly as he asks her if she wants to know. Fiona nods and tells him she does.

Guillan starts to tease her by saying slowly 「そーれーはァ。」(That is because..). Fiona encourages him to continue and he suddenly yells out 「オレ様が!テメェを攫っちまうつもりだったからでェす!」(Because I’m going to abduct ya!!). Fiona blinks in surprise and before she can react to his wolfish smirk, she is thrown over his shoulder. She starts to splutter and ask him what he’s doing before she yells at him to put her down. He promptly says 「やだピョン。」(I don’t wanna).

Fiona yells at how he can’t just say it like that, but Guillan ignores her and points out that she has cured everyone here of Zodiva, right? She nods hesitantly and Guillan jumps on her hesitation to say that there isn’t a problem if he kidnaps her then. Fiona hurriedly yells out that there is one! Firstly, why is it even necessary for him to abduct her?! Guillan asks her what the problem is.

She stutters for a bit at his question and he cuts her off to say that her time is up. If she can’t give him an immediate reason then there isn’t a huge problem. She splutters at that but he continues to walk while carrying her on his shoulder. Fiona thinks about how bad this is and she looks around in a panic, but all the other wolves are just watching them with stunned faces. She admits that even she’s stunned.

Fiona has no idea what Guillan is going to do. Then Guillan remembers something and turns around to yell for the other wolves’ attention. They flinch at seeig Guillan direct his attention to them so suddenly, but Guillan just informs them that Rath will be arriving here shortly and he will take care of everything. They nod shakily to his words and then Guillan tells Fiona that she can relax now.

She admits reluctantly that she feels at ease for everyone once Rath comes, but she doesn’t feel at ease with what is going to happen to her since she has no idea what’s going on. Guillan just grins 「ふっふー。なァ、一緒に旅しようぜェ。」(Fufu~. Hey, let’s travel together). She repeats his words in surprise and he nods excitedly. They’re going to look at a lot of things and search for amazing things. She falls silent as she realizes something.

And then Fiona asks him if this is what Arles told him. Guillan’s grin becomes a bit embarrassed. He confesses that Arles told him that his world was too small and he should go out to see more things. He feels like Arles meant for him to convey the truth about the wolves as well. Fiona falls silent at that. Arles is dead and no longer here, but Guillan still remembers his words. And she does as well.

They need to tell the truth about the wolves. Fiona sighs and tells him that she understands his want to journey now, but why is she being taken along? Guillan replies easily 「そりゃあ、テメェがオレ様専用だからだ。ほら、行くぜェ。」(That’s because you belong exclusively to me. Come on, let’s go). Fiona huffs in exasperation, but while she should be angry at those words a smile is already forming on her lips.

It’ll surely be problematic traveling together with Guillan who is preposterously unreasonable. But it’ll surely be fun. They’ll see the world together and learn together. And then they’ll tell the truth about the story of the wolves. Fiona asks where they will head first since Weblin hasn’t stopped their wolf hunts. Guillan replies cheerily that he doesn’t know, but first he wants to go to a place where he can monopolize her.

She asks in a scandalized voice where exactly that is. But the two of them keep in mind Arles’ words. In order to tell the truth. In order to tell the truth about the saga that was painted black, they set out on a journey.

*** BAD END ***

Fiona chooses to marry Arles. She decides to search for Rath and ask him to help supervise her. Someone knocks on the door during her preparations and it turns out to be Guillan. She leaves from the castle and sets out with her entourage of wolves before the fighting starts. She can’t help but worry about the rest of them back at the castle though. Unfortunately, none of the wolves around her can talk to her to distract her.

They haven’t regained enough of their humanity to form human words or shift their forms. This just makes her more determined to heal them with her blood. Suddenly, the lead wolf freezes and she asks him if something is wrong. Even if she doesn’t understand their language she can understand the message. He just shakes his head and lies himself down in the shade of a tree. Fiona realizes that they’re taking a rest and the wolf nods to confirm it.

She notices that they have walked for quite a long time after they left the castle. Although she doesn’t have a lot of stamina neither do the wolves who are accompanying her since they’re sick. If they do not take frequent rests then they won’t be able to make it to their destination before they collapse from exhaustion. She thanks him and he grunts in acknowledgement. They can communicate surprisingly well even if only one of them can speak.

Fiona seats herself in the shade of a tree and leans back against the trunk. She didn’t notice it while she was walking, but now that she’s sitting down she can feel how tired she is. It’ll be troublesome later when they start walking again now that she’s aware of her fatigue. Fiona blinks in surprise when she hears the sound of water flowing in the distance. She asks the leader if she can go check out the river.

He growls thoughtfully and stares off into the distance. He seems to be wondering if she will be safe alone. She reassures him with a smile that it seems to be close and so she should be fine. It is only after he flicks his ears around and sniffs their surroundings and confirms that there is no danger that he allows her to go. She thanks him and excuses herself to push herself through the bushes.

It turns out to be a small spring and the water is beautifully clear. No doubt it is safe to drink. She dips her hands in it and flinches at the coldness of it. Maybe it’s because it is underneath the shade of the trees or maybe because the water comes from underground, but it is surprisingly cool. She scoops some into her mouth and the chilly water is delicious. Fiona decides to return and tell the others about it since their throats must be dry from all the walking.

But then she hears the sound of the bushes rustling. It must be him. Fiona exclaims cheerily that the spring water is deliciously cold and they should tell everyone, but the person who appears is a bloodied Guillan who raises his hand weakly. Fiona’s eyes widen in shock at the sight of Guillan who she had just left behind and how his body is completely dyed red. Guillan is swaying as he staggers over to her and one of his feet are dragging.

Fiona panickingly asks him what happened and how did he get this wound and is everyone alright?! Guillan tiredly tells her that it hurts to say this but it appears like they were completely defeated. She asks him desperately where Arles and Rath are and Guillan points out that they’re obviously dead. Fiona gasps at that and Guillan grits his teeth at how they didn’t have a chance of winning against those number of troops. He curses loudly.


She hurriedly supports his body when he starts to sway and his blood seeps into her clothes. She reprimands herself for thinking about that at a time like this. Fiona tells him to stay together and she allows him to rest himself on her lap like he usually does. She tells him that she’ll call someone over and she has medicine in her luggage. Zara’s medicine is extremely effective. He must have given her medicine for injuries and illnesses apart from the Zodiva one.

Fiona raises her head and opens her mouth to call for someone but she doesn’t get a sound out. Why? Because Guillan who had been leaning against her lunges up and clamps his jaws down on her throat. Her red blood spills at the same time a burning pain lances through her. She’s wheezing as she asks him why, but it’s hard to get any sound out with her throat torn. She feels like her air is leaking from somewhere. ΣΣ(゚д゚lll).

Guillan must have done that with his last strength because he collapses back onto her lap and Fiona topples over onto him as well. Their lips are within touching distance and Guillan’s blood covered face is smiling. He reminds her, while gasping painfully, that he said she was exlusively his. He doesn’t want her to be anyone else’s and so he thought he’d take her with him in death. Fiona gurgles in pain.

But she recalls it. How dependent he seemed and how strong his desires were to be pet and to monopolize her. It was as if he were a selfish child. She laughs softly in a hoarse voice. The blood that spills from her throat starts to mix with the blood covering Guillan. Similarly, their temperatures start to melt into each other. He asks her quietly if she’s mad. She isn’t mad but she doesn’t have a voice anymore.

For some reason her feet and hands are becoming cold and she’s sleepy. Guillan notices that she isn’t angry and he sighs in relief. Fiona wonders what he would do if she were angry. She wants to ask him that but she’s sleepy. He groans in pain before asking her pantingly 「最後によォ、褒めて……くれねぇか?ここまで……、戻ってきたんだ……。テメェに……、あいに……。」(At the end.. could you.. praise me? I.. managed to.. return here… to meet.. you..).

Fiona manages to praise him and call him a good boy. His laugh is a wheeze as he notes how he’s acting like a dog by being so happy at being praised. But Fiona is sleepy. She’s terribly sleepy. In her thoughts she wishes him good night before closing her eyes. He whispers good night to her and also closes his eyes. What kind of a dream would she see together with this wolf who can’t stand to be alone?


*** TRUE END ***

Fiona chooses Guillan to be her husband. She searches for Guillan to supervise her. She thinks it is Guillan who knocks on her door. And so when she leaves the castle with her entourage of wolves under Arles’ orders to live on and tell the truth about them, her mind is filled only with Guillan. She hopes that he manages to return to her unharmed. She fervently believes he will return to her.

And then once again everyone will be able to live together. But first they need to endure through some painful things. Her face is filled with determination as she tells the wolves to move out. They soon find themselves at a cave and Fiona asks them if this is their destination. One of them grunts lowly and she wonders nervously if that was an affirmation. Without Arles, Rath, or Guillan she has no idea what they’re saying.

But when the wolves start to lie down she decides that it must be. The cave is deep enough to keep out the wind and rain. It is also deeper into the forest than Zanan was and so even Mejojo should have a hard time discovering them. She tells herself in her heart that everything will be fine in order to deny the helplessness crowding within her. There are a lot of problems that await her in trying to live with beasts when she is a human and a Lobeira.

At least until they are cured from Zodiva. If they are cured, with her blood, from the Zodiva that robs them of their humanity then they will surely be able to return to their human forms. Plus, Guillan will be returning to her. After all, he promised. She prays for his safety before spending the night sleeping with the wolves.

Several nights after living in the cave, Fiona is woken up by the wolf beside her who is growling. She managed to slowly gather grass throughout the days in order to form a bedding for them all. She sleepily lifts her head up to look around their surroundings, but she can only see the darkness stretching out before her. But then she realizes she can see a dim shadow, lit by the moonlight, at the entrance of the cave. The shadow is on two feet.

Fiona startles and thinks that they’ve been found. The first thing that enters her mind is fear of being found by Mejojo. She flinches and crawls away from the entrance. But the shadow approaches them. It turns out to be a bloodied Guillan who raises his hand tiredly in greeting. When she gasps out his name he tells her with a grin 「……迎えに、来たぜェ?」(… I came to you..). He has a smile on his face though his body is covered entirely by wounds.

And even though they’re dripping blood, there is a glittering gleam in his eyes. Fiona tries to point out that he has serious injuries, but then her eyes widen when she realizes he’s carrying something. Her expression twists in fear and her lips start to tremble. She can’t recognize well the thing that he is carrying, but it looks like an arm that has been separated from its body at the shoulder.

The arm is even carrying a sword as if it still has intentions to fight even after being separated from its body. Fiona stutteringly asks Guillan what that is and he tells her bluntly that it is Arles’ arm. PLEASE DON’T TROLL ME AGAIN GUILLAN (|||❛︵❛.). Fiona trembles head to toe and Guillan explains that Arles exchanged a deathblow with Mejojo. He doesn’t know what happened to Rath in the confusion of the battle and he was too busy helping Arles.

Fiona lowers her eyes at the realization that Arles is dead and Rath’s current state is unknown. Guillan had said that Arles and Mejojo exchanged a deathblow but which side won? But does that even matter? None of those outcomes will stop the spread of Zodiva. Even though they’ve lost so many things, nothing changes in Weblin. Such is the cruelty of reality. She doesn’t know what she should do anymore.

Instead she asks him why he brought back Arles’ arm. Guillan admits that he wanted to bring back Arles’ whole body but that is impossible even for him. And so he only brought home the arm. A fire lights up in his eyes as he snarls out that this sword belonged to Arles and he wasn’t going to let them have it. Fiona’s eyes fall to the black lacquered, slim sword with its beautiful art near its handle. Arles has had it for a long time.

Guillan tells her that the sword is proof of Arles’ strength. He definitely wasn’t going to let them have it. He repeats his words feverishly and she realizes that underneath his words he wants to keep it as a memento. Arles, the great leader who commanded and protected the wolves from the persecution of the cats. If that sword was his symbol then one certainly couldn’t allow the cats to have it.

And then he addresses the wolves around him and tells them to perk up their ears and listen to him. He pins them all with a heated glare. Before she knew it, the rest of the wolves in the cave had awoken and had been watching him. He tells them that Arles is gone. The Arles who protected them is gone. Everyone hangs their heads down at Guillan’s words. But Guillan tells them sharply that they still have things they need to do even if Arles isn’t here.

But the only response is more whining and lowering of heads. Fiona realizes that everyone is mourning. The talk about Arles’ death is different from the death of a companion. Like what Guillan said, up until now Arles has continued to protect the entire pack. He was an absolute guardian for them.. and they lost him. Fiona lowers her eyes as she wonders what they will do now. What should they do?

She, who had decided to live together with the wolves, wonders what to do. A silence fill the cave as everyone appears to be lost. But Guillan breaks it by smashing his fist against the wall. He angrily snarls at them 「……ったくシケたツラしてんじゃねェよ!アルルが死んだら狼種ヴォルフが終わるってかァ!?ふざけんな……!!」(.. Now isn’t the fucking time to be depressed! Is it the end for the wolves if Arles is dead!? Don’t fucking kid me..!!). He yells out that they’re still alive. It isn’t over yet!

Guillan snaps out that something can still be done about their Zodiva with Fiona here. That’s why they shouldn’t be immobilized by their grief. He’s screaming himself hoarse 「アルルがいねェからダメだァ?だったらオレ様がアルルになってやんよ!テメェらまとめて面倒みてやんよ!」(If Arles is gone are you guys useless?! IN THAT CASE I’LL BECOME ARLES! I’ll bring you troublesome lot together!). Fiona gasps when, after screaming, Guillan tears into Arles arm with his teeth.

And bites off a chunk of meat. The thick blood that had been turning black starts to drip down Guillan’s lips. She can’t bring herself to look away from the spectacle. The only sounds within the cave are Guillan’s harsh pants and the tearing of flesh as he consumes Arles’ arm. It should have been despicable. He’s eating the body part of a deceased comrade. It should be frightening. It should be disgusting.

Yet.. the appearance of Guillan eating the arm and becoming stained with Arles’ blood is like a ceremony. It feels like he’s literally having a blood relation to Arles. The Arles who had always acted to protect his pack. Guillan is succeeding all of that. Guillan lifts his head and his eyes are glimmering with a strong light. It isn’t possible to look away. And as if it was timed, Arles’ arm drops his blade.

The black laquered sword, which had been gripped in that hand until now, drops. But Guillan catches it. It’s as if Arles was gifting him with it, as if he formally admitted Guillan as his successor and transferred his sword. Even though it was more likely that Guillan ate the tendons in the arm that kept the sword in place.

Guillan’s voice is a low growl 「今この瞬間から、テメェらの面倒はこのオレ様が見てやんよ。文句があるヤツは出てこい。オレ様がぶっ殺してやる。」(From this instance on, I will see to you lot’s troubles. If anyone has a problem with that, step forth. I’ll kill them). He glares at all of them and no one says anything. No, more like no one is able to say anything. The pressure that Guillan is exuding prevents them from speaking at all.

He yells out 「……誰も文句はねェみたいだなァ?んじゃ、これはからオレ様がテメェらのリーダーだ。わかったなァ!?」(.. It looks like no one has complaints. Then from now on I’M your guys’ LEADER. GOT IT!?). All the wolves raise their voices into a howl at the end of his words and their echoing howls in the cave celebrate the birth of a new king. Guillan walks through the crowd of wolves to Fiona. He lowers himself to the ground and Fiona murmurs his name.

But he reassures her 「……テメェのことも、オレ様がきっちり守ってやる。だから、心配すんな。」(… I’ll definitely protect ya. So don’t worry). She nods quietly and with a smile draws closer to him. The smell of blood and his warmth surround her. He tells her 「……テメェも、この群れも……。オレ様が守ってやる。……心配か?」(… You.. this crowd.. I’ll protect you all.. Are you worried?). He stares straight into her eyes and Fiona tells him that she’s not. She’ll be relying on him.

In her mind she whispers that she believes in him. She believes in him, the new king, who has promised to protect them all. Guillan smiles, almost shyly, and then lowers his face to kiss her. Their lips touch and she can taste the blood. He draws away and grins as he comments on how now that he’s also gotten her approval..

Guillan stands back up and addresses the rest of the wolves 「……新しい狼種ヴォルフの王とその妻に、もう一度、忠誠を誓え!!」(.. Once again swear your loyalty.. TO YOUR NEW KING AND QUEEN!!). The legend of a new black wolf starts now.


23 thoughts on “BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Guillan Guinor ~

    Aracudia said:
    September 17, 2014 at 09:22

    Hi! Thank you for your review! I really enjoyed reading BWS: BN despite the dark elements in which some fans may not appreciate.

    If you wouldn’t mind, may I know where to get a physical copy of BWS: BN? I’ve been searching high and low for it and hope fails me as even Rejet’s SKiT doesn’t seem to have it in stock anymore. :C

      Ilinox responded:
      September 20, 2014 at 19:34

      Hello! Thank you for your comment (*´ω`*)! Haha, yes, I remember when they were first advertising BWS: BN and the audience’s shock when we heard that there was going to be full out torture scenes like the whipping and branding one. I loved the dark elements in the story as well though |D;; it was perfectly fitting for the gothic fantasy atmosphere.

      I took a quick look around for BWS: BN and I’m really surprised by the lack of it. There’s no love for PC games I guess. I don’t think any of the limited editions are around anymore either ;;; but you could try From Japan (they have some going off for auctions though ridiculously priced). Have you tried Amazon Japan? I think they’re selling the regular edition for 130$.

      EDIT: Oh! Were you perchance looking for the limited edition? A friend just informed me that the regular edition is still up at Rejet’s SKIT. I put links to both SKIT and Amazon so you can check those out :3!

    Jasmine said:
    May 15, 2013 at 14:33

    I love your summaries ♥
    There’s this group that has started translating Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare. Here’s their thread:

    And here’s the scripts page for the game:

    I was wondering, would you be willing to help them out by translating some of the scripts? It would be amazing if you can. If you don’t want to though, I understand. Thanks, I would really appreciate it^^

      Ilinox responded:
      May 15, 2013 at 18:39

      Aw, thank you so much and thanks for bringing that to my attention! I heard about a BWS translation project starting up but I had no idea how it was going or anything. It seems to be doing really good and they seem to have everything in hand /o\. I’m still on my holiday so I haven’t had that much free time apart from catching up to my TL and replying to comments ;;;; but I’ll keep an eye on this!

        Jasmine said:
        May 17, 2013 at 09:44

        Yeah, but they mentioned that they still require a lot more help and would appreciate every helping hand :) After all, it’s a visual novel and takes time to translation, so the more help, the better haha. Anyways, I’m glad to see that you’ll keep it in mind and it would be great if you can help them out! And of course, hope you’re having a great holiday^^ Thanks ♥

    Brooke said:
    April 21, 2013 at 02:47

    I will sum up every character with a route usin my opinions and some knowledge. Excuse my language.

    Auger – A FUCKING troll. Like all cats IRL.

    Mejojo – A batshit cat obsessed with getting his hands on a girl.

    Nesso – A utterly hilarious siscon

    Zara – A kawaii bunny doctor.

    Julian – Crazy as cat guy, but so kawaii when he’s normal.

    Arles – The (sexy) Wolf King who is freaking protective of his family

    Gullian – Our loveable sweetie pie who is sometimes makes me go NOPE NOPE NOPE

    Rath – Kawaii moment overloads. He’s so cute I just wanna hug him.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 24, 2013 at 00:39

      Haha, that sounds about right for Auger. In truth, the only way to handle this game is with a lot of humor unless you want to be sobbing over your keyboard over how depressing this whole thing is… ah, Rejet… why do you torture us all like this. This game is literally like Game of Thrones: Otome Version and with anthropomorphized animals.

        Brooke said:
        April 27, 2013 at 20:43

        Last Hope no means to spoil, but you will hate Auger even more. I can’t wait for you to play! I also found a picture that instead of augers face we had a troll one haha

    masu said:
    March 25, 2013 at 10:21

    Hello! this might sound like a stupid question but how the heck do you get to the true end? I played it and got to the normal end(?) where they decide to go on a journey together, but after that the game just restarts? oh and also thank you so much for writing all this! have you played the BWS last hope? if so, is it worth buying? :)

      Ilinox responded:
      March 25, 2013 at 12:16

      ‘Allo! Hmm, have you tried doing the bad end as well? It’s been a while so I can’t remember clearly, but I think there are a few requirements before the true end unlocks. I know finishing Rath’s route is one of them.

      You’re welcome! I haven’t played Last Hope yet Orz my playing speed is really slow agjkhfgh but I was intending to!… some day. From what I hear, it’s almost as dark as Bloody Nightmare. I’d recommend it if you really liked the universe and Bloody Nightmare.

    Seeing Lag said:
    December 29, 2012 at 08:56

    Nesso: HONKI KA?! OI!!
    XD i can’t help myself but LOOOOL!!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 31, 2012 at 03:43

      LMFAO YEP. Pretty much everyone in this route is like “……… wait wait WHAT. Are you serious Fiona!? Are you running a fever or something!?” even Guillan himself is kind of confused /o\.

    Roiya said:
    August 18, 2012 at 21:25

    Man I am the oppossite of you.I liked Arles but I loved rath and guillian more. I must have a thing for childishly possessive characters as long as they don’t go overboard or something lol. I really hope they keep guillians route for psp since hes a favorite of mine. I got pissy at his bad end because that was really selfish of him but I could relate to his character the most. The true end gave me chills on how feral it was.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 18, 2012 at 21:42

      I feel too much like a caretaker and an older role model when I see childishly possessive characters /)_(\. I want to swoon and be taken care of or have snarky and witty rebuttals with someone, not indulge and spoil some child’s selfish requests!

      That said, I did love Guillan’s good and true end! Like you said, the ferocity and feral aspects of the wolves fascinates me and I’m so glad Rejet actually played on that! I mean, if you’re going to make a game where there are humanoid animal races then you better give them animalistic qualities or SOMETHING to have it make sense or else you might as well have just made everyone humans.

      The way I see it cats, with their independence and how they’re almost treated like royalty in history and certain cultures, were the perfect fit for being the royal family. The wolves had their pack mentality and emphasis on family and their strength highlighted. The rabbits had pharmaceutical geniuses. dfkjasfs I just really loved their universe and still do /o\.

      Unfortunately, Guillan won’t have a route in the PSP version since he and Julian are PC exclusive. Instead, we get to have the lion, Elza, and the two dogs, Richie and Pearl, for the PSP.

        roiyachan said:
        August 19, 2012 at 19:40

        i suppose im happy with the addition of Elza (hes rumored to be a ladies man after all*excited)but im not as excited about pearl and richie because they seems so ….young lolz makes me feel like a shotacon i hope their route would be profound and not a typical shota route.i like my characters cheeky and slightly childish sometimes if they are a little younger or same age as the protagonist but not full out a child …….

    huyutfsakura said:
    August 18, 2012 at 09:13

    Good ending: Fluffy
    Bad Ending: WHAT THE F-!?
    True Ending: WOAH

    I’m surprised that Guillian was more of a possessive child rather than a complete asshat that I imagined him to be ^^; But man, his route was good! Until it became bloody at the end…I think he was really sweet and his image in my mind now has changed \(o u o)/ His wolf form is pretty cool too like Rath’s! :) Ah, such a spoiled child~

    Is this the end to all the routes or are there still more? I think you’ve covered all the characters! :D

      Ilinox responded:
      August 18, 2012 at 09:32

      That was my reaction too Orz. It just went spiraling into madness after the fluffy good ending ;; I actually thought his true ending would be kind of happy like Julian’s was and maybe the wolves will survive but nope nope nope!

      He is surprisingly relatable! I think we can all remember times when we’ve really respected someone and just wanted to be acknowledged and praised by that person we respect. I’ve had times where I tend to be clingy to my precious people (๑→‿←๑).

      I think it’s my strange bias for Arles that makes me dislike Guillan though, all because of his bad end. And because I usually dislike these type of characters ;ww; selfish childlike characters make me unhappy.

      Nope ヽ(;▽;)ノ! With this Black Wolves Saga: Bloody Nightmare is officially finished! No more of these crazy cats and wolves until Last Hope comes out now.

    Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
    August 18, 2012 at 08:03

    I kind of understand the bad end, since Guillan’s route is about growing and putting others before himself. He does that in the true end when no one else could do it, and in the good end he’ll mature along the way with Fiona, plus he’s thinking of Arles. But in the bad end he doesn’t get enough time to grow up, so this happens. And I kinda forgive him for it, because let’s face it, the wolves are doomed anyways. We see in Arles bad end that Mejojo and Auger will always find them and torch them, and either Fiona is torched with the wolves or they’ll lock her up in the dungeons for ever and ever, and fuck the cats, I’d rather her die with Guillan than that, I hate them (or at least I used to, but the magazine with the cg of the wolves that looks like they’re about to gang rape Rath makes my opinion of them go way down, and the cats look nicer, especially Mejojo who, in my stupid mind, is looking at Fiona lovingly, if in a creepy way, in the art where rath is holding her so…we’ll see how LH turns out. But Rath is crying in that CG, he doesn’t even cry IN his torture cgs in BN T.T ). But in this game, I’d rather her die than end with the cats.

    Plus his good end is the best end in my opinion, because Fiona will finally get what she always wanted to, to see the world, and with a lover by her side! After so many ends where she ended up locked up or lukewarm ends where she didn’t quite get what she wanted, I was really happy to see this one. I also really like Guillan because he was the only one who took the wife thing seriously, that comment when they were leaving Zanan made my day, way better than Rath just ignoring her. And the true end, yesss, finally someone who truly is married to her besides Mejojo, who I hate in this game. And no, Arles doesn’t count because his ending was a cop out, it came out of nowhere. And in the end, I don’t mind bratty kids, the characters I hate are the crazies and manwhores, and I like men my closer to my age, so Guillan over Arles for me. Come to think of it, I felt sorry for the remaining wolves in the bad end, cried over the possibility of Rath being dead, but I didn’t even think about Arles, much less his dying wish. So I guess the bad end also doesn’t affect me as much because IDGAF about Arles.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 18, 2012 at 10:18

      I guess I felt like all ends started from the same premise. They have a humongous battle and Arles ends up dying. And so it almost seems like it’s only in this end that Guillan decides to not grow up and continue being a selfish, and dependent child. But I realize you could argue that it’s only in the bad end that the wolves seemed to be horribly outnumbered and just get slaughtered, so this could have just destroyed all of Guillan’s hopes (Arles dies without taking Mejojo down) which is why he decides to take Fiona with him.

      Us, as the readers, know that there could be worse alternatives like Fiona being captured by Mejojo and Auger in Arles’ bad end, but the characters don’t know that Orz. Fiona still has the hope of escaping with her wolves and waiting for Guillan to return to her, but Guillan just completely takes the choice out of her hands.

      Haha, the fact that you don’t care about Arles while I do might be why we have such differing views on Guillan’s bad end |D. I really liked his good end though because I’m such a sucker for traveling journeys of self-discovery and bonus points for him taking Fiona with them 8DD! I love traveling pairs.

      However, I’d have to argue that Arles took the marriage seriously as well! Disregarding the cop out good ending, since even I agree the off-screen romance is a bit “….” but it can’t be helped since the developers probably had a budget and the wolves had such a short screen time in BN, Arles told her that she would have to be prepared to pay the price as wife to the King of Wolves. He said that she would become his and her body and soul would belong to him. Then he tells her that if she’s prepared for that, then he will take her as his wife. So I think he’s pretty serious there.

      I actually felt like Guillan’s almost childlike personality (at least until he matures in his ends like his true end) made that comment about her being his wife not as serious, like he doesn’t know what it fully entails. I actually liked Rath’s reaction because 1) he wasn’t told about Arles’ plan and 2) he has no intentions of marrying. Personally, I’m not a fan of marriage either so if I was abruptly forced into one like Rath was I’d be a little like “teh fuq?” as well /)_(\. Add to the fact that Rath has some serious emotional baggage, survivor’s guilt about his last pack, and trust issues… well I can see why he wouldn’t want a wife to accidentally get close to.

        Kumiko_Fujimoto said:
        August 18, 2012 at 11:15

        That might be a good explanation. Arles didn’t take Mejojo down, so I don’t think the wolves with Fiona would have even be able to get away. Remember in Arles good ending how they couldn’t leave because the whole forest was surrounded? In Guillan’s good and true end, Arles taking Mejojo down might dismantle the castle’s troops enough for the weaker wolves to get away, but with him alive they’re toast.

        Actually, Arles speech makes me more pissed off at him! Because the way he said it, I thought “well, Fiona is finally gonna get some action or romance here” but then after that scene Arles never mentions it again, and all the events are so benign and boring. Dream of her and Elvira, talk about taking her home, the end. Snore, where’s all the stuff about her having to give her body and soul to Arles? Because I see none of that, which makes me think he only said that stuff to convince her family. At least when Mejojo marries her, he makes clear he really wanted her as a wife. He wants to possess her all the way, whereas Arles does nothing. I would have liked him so much if he had followed up on his speech, but we get nothing.

        And Guillan’s childlike personality makes think he did take the wife thing seriously. He seems to take everything Arles says at face value and is slow to catch on to certain things (like not figuring out what Julian’s imprisonment of his brothers would entice). And what could marriage possibly mean to someone as selfish and childish as Guillan? Why, owning someone all to himself of course. And that’s exactly what all his events with Fiona are, wanting her all to himself and thinking she’s already his. When Fiona asks when she became his thing when he was marking her, I think he already thought of her as his since she’s his wife to own.

        As for Rath, I like marriage so I was a little disappointed, but I understood him. I also don’t think he has anything against marriage per say (he seems happy for Fiona and Arles in Arles’ good end), he just doesn’t want anyone to get close to him because of his trust issues. Since he doesn’t seem to like arranged marriages, he might think marriage needs love or at least trust, so by default he doesn’t think he’ll ever find someone to marry. Arles forcing someone onto him messes that up, which is why he tries to ignore her (and yet when she tries to make conversation he answers, as does he answer her request for giving him blood, which means he doesn’t dislike her because of the forced marriage). I think if the battle had gone well for the wolves he would have come back to her as her lover/husband, but it wasn’t meant to be. Which pisses me off now that we know LH is AU, since they never even got a kiss CG. Not even a cop out happy ending like Arles. He’s the main guy and he got so robbed.

    Otoya Oto-kun Ittoki said:
    August 17, 2012 at 01:41


    I looooooved Guillan’s happy ending it was so cute and adorable. THE BAD ENDING WAS…NOT OKAY.

    His true ending I could see, but still like the happy ending the most. I think I died from all of Guillan’s cuteness it should be illegal.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 17, 2012 at 12:00

      I will admit that I had to take like an hour break after doing Guillan’s bad end because I was so spitting mad. Throughout the whole game he’s always respected Arles’ wishes and orders, especially when they were important.

      The true end shows how much he cares about Arles that he’s willing to rip off his arm to keep his sword from the cats and as a memento. The good end also shows how much he takes Arles’ words to heart, even going on a journey to learn more about the world and tell the truth about the wolves.

      AND THEN!? WHAT THE HELL!?! IN THE BAD END!! There were still those ten wolves who were alive but weren’t cured of Zodiva yet! Arles’ dying last wish was ruined by this brat who didn’t want to die alone and let Fiona live by herself.(╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻ all the tables that were flipped that day…

      But in truth, I don’t mind his character that much. I.. I must confess I don’t like these type of bratty children feeling characters /o\ I’d treat Guillan like a fussy younger brother and just indulge him sometimes like how Arles does. I-I guess this means I like older character? like twice my age old since Mejojo is 27 and Arles is 30 //bricked

        Otoya Oto-kun Ittoki said:
        August 26, 2012 at 00:50

        I was deeply upset also, it just….didn’t seem fair. The only reason I could think of why they made it was because it’s a BN ending. I was so shocked, and I think the reason why Gullian was given so much attention by Rejet was because he was also a little blood thirsty like the cats were for the wolves. Well, I wouldn’t put him on the same terms has the twins, but he did have that possessive side to him also.

        Then again I think the only ones in the game who didn’t have a possessive side were Zara, Rath, and Julian (Auger not so much either) So I guess that’s half and half.

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