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Toma (トーマ)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

Toma likes to self-deprecate himself a lot because he knows he has issues, but it doesn’t deter him from loving the heroine. Plus, in the Diamond World the heroine is just as crazy about him as he is about her. There’s not much to say about him except that he still acts like an older brother figure and so he’s responsible, caring, and protective.

This post will be starting from the point where the heroine has to choose who she wants to go with to search for fireflies. There will be a quick summary to refresh everyone’s memory, but for details please refer back to the Amnesia Later Ikki post.

8月10日. Orion gets Lin up to speed about who she knows. Shin and Toma are her childhood friends. Ikki is a senior at another university and a perverted demon. Kent attends the same university as Ikki and is a mathematical genius. Ukyo is a photographer. Toma is planning a trip for Lin. Waka decides to have a staff holiday for everyone to go see the fireflies. She goes yukata shopping with Shin and Toma.

8月12日. Everyone gathers in front of the Maid and Butler Cafe and compliments Lin on her yukata. Ukyo leads them to where he took his pictures of the fireflies but they don’t see any. Waka allows everyone to split into pairs to search for the fireflies or to just relax.

Lin chooses to go with Shin and Toma and picks Toma out of the two. Orion is curious as to why he’s just standing there, but when Lin goes over Toma asks her why she’s here since he thought she was talking to the girls. But then he points out that they have a problem and tells her to look under the bridge. Kent and Ikki decided that they were going to make a beaver dam to scare little kids. Σ(゚ー゚;*) LMFAO ARE YOU SERIOUS? HOW OLD ARE YOU GUYS.

Orion seems confused and Toma explains to her that a beaver is a type of rodent that builds a nest which can plug up a river. Ikki and Kent are going to build one to mess with the minds of elementary school kids. Toma felt that as long as they weren’t troubling other people then he would just watch them silently. Incidentally, Shin went down to stop them but.. Lin can hear him telling Ikki that the water is leaking over there.

Ikki asks him where since it’s so dark he can’t see well. Kent apologizes because he can’t see it either and asks Shin to point it out since he’s reinforcing the dam with his hands. Shin sighs and asks them to switch places with him so that they can fix it. Toma smiles exasperatedly and explains that Shin was dragged in. Orion sighs helplessly at that while Toma recalls that Shin loved to play in the water as a child, so it can’t be helped.

Orion thinks that if Shin heard that he’d have hurt feelings. Toma smiles as he notes that it’s been a long time since everyone came out together, especially in yukatas. This triggers a flashback for Lin about being together with Toma at night in yukatas. Orion yelps as they’re thrown into a memory of her being with Toma in a school at night during the summer. They come out of it dizzy and confused but Orion is excited at the memory.

She remembered something about a school! But he wonders if it has anything to do with fireflies. The memory wasn’t that detailed and so he suggests for Lin to ask Toma to head to school with her. If they try and do the same things she might remember something. He encourages her to come up with any kind of reason to ask him. Meanwhile, Toma asks her if something is wrong since she looks spaced out.

He notes that she does that a lot and warns her to take care of her health. Orion tells him that it’s nothing to be concerned about. He thinks they should appeal to Toma to take them to the school, but then he wonders if Toma plans to join Ikki and them. He’s been standing here and watching them but maybe he wants to join in. Lin asks Toma if he wants to help make the dam and he tells her to give him a break since it’ll be bothersome if his yukata is dirtied.

Orion thinks this is very characteristic of Toma. Meanwhile Toma is wondering what has gotten into those three people. They’ve become very lively playing in the water and are thinking of themselves as beavers. He doesn’t want to think about what will happen if he gets himself wet as well, since Shin is already soaked and Toma is certain that he’ll catch a cold if he walks home like that. Toma had thought about returning to the store to grab a change of clothes.

But he knows Shin wouldn’t like that. Toma sighs and complains about how Shin used to be such a cute child who followed him around and called him big brother. Now Shin is always rebellious, but Toma admits that he might be hovering too much. Orion thinks that if Toma is self-aware of that then he should just stop it. Lin tells Toma that she forgot something back at the school and he instantly frowns and tells her she should have said it earlier.

At night the university is completely closed and to prepare for the Bon Festival it is undergoing cleaning. So the university is closed today and tomorrow merchants will be allowed in. If only she had told him earlier so that they could have gone at lunch. But then Toma realizes that if she brought it up like this, it means it’ll be bad if she doesn’t have it. So he suggests that it can’t be helped and they’ll have to sneak in.

Orion cheers and thanks Toma, but he’s a bit wary of how quickly Toma came to the conclusion of sneaking in. He knows Toma is doing this for Lin’s sake but.. YOU HAVE GOOD INSTINCTS ORION. Toma suggests for them to sneak away since it’ll be noisy if they’re seen, although Shin might be angry at them slipping away. But Toma thinks he can reflect on his own fault at letting himself be dragged into creating a beaver dam.

But he’ll mail Waka later so as not to have people worry about them. Anyway, he takes them to the school and tells them that the gates are closed, but they’ll be sneaking in from the back. She might not know but they have a sports ground for the soccer club. The gate over there has a simple lock that can be opened by hand. The members of the soccer club taught him when he was in their club for a little while.

The gate is a little far from where they are though and Toma is concerned about your feet since you’re wearing getas. Orion chirps out that Lin is fine since Toma walked slowly and so her feet aren’t sore. They’re thankful. But then Orion admits that a school at night gives off a eerie vibe. If they weren’t trying to regain her memories then they definitely wouldn’t be here. Toma whispers for her to step carefully since it’s dark.

Orion notes that it is really dark which makes the atmosphere scary. He wonders why schools at night are so scary. It must be how deserted it is with nobody around. Toma recalls vaguely that Lin’s main lecture room is upstairs and then he points out that the windows of the university are open so they can enter from there. He notes that she can’t climb with a yukata and so he’ll lift her through it.

When they enter Orion is a bit freaked out at how dark it is inside compared to the outside, since there is no light. It’s scary how they can’t even see the floor beneath them. Toma chides Lin not to totter around like that before she becomes lost. Then he asks her what she forgot in the school. Orion panics at that and suggests for her to blurt out anything. Lin blurts out that she forgot her law assignment and Toma looks unimpressed.

He tells her that he has that. The assignment for law is famous for being the same every summer. He asks if the subject was to compare the present law with the example given above in one’s own words. There isn’t a need to create a new assignment since every year laws are altered. He still has the printout for the law assignment and if he knew that from the start he would have lended it to her. Orion laughs nervously.

They continue on though and Toma comments on how dark the stairs are compared to the hallway. If only they brought a flashlight with them. He suddenly asks her if she’s heard of this story before about the deaths of some members of the theatre club. It is said that this incident happened ten years ago. The theatre club used to practice late into the night in this building’s stage. Two members, second year girls, went to the toilet to put on their makeup.

But they didn’t return. Some of the members became worried about them and went to check up on them.. but they didn’t return either. Orion weakly tries to interrupt Toma, but because Toma can’t hear him he continues on. He tells Lin that the men in the club thought it was strange and so they went to the bathroom as well. It was the girls washroom, but a situation might have occurred. And in actuality, an unthinkable event did occur.

When the club members came rushing into the toilet, they found a sea of blood. Orion squeals in fright. The girls who had first went to the toilet and the girls who went to check up on them.. had their throats slit, were bloodstained, and died with agonized expressions. With their throats cut they hadn’t been able to scream. It wasn’t just their throat either, their whole bodies had been sliced up. Orion is whimpering by now.

Toma reassures her that the criminal was caught immediately. He had been hiding in the same bathroom with a large pair of scissors. The killer seemed to be from the same class as the girls who first went into the bathroom. His motive was because he had been cheated on and thrown away. Toma smiles sheepishly and tells her that he doesn’t know the truth. The killer also died in prison. The cause of his death is unknown.

And now every year after that incident around August.. Toma starts to whisper 「切らないで・・・」(Don’t cut me…) and becomes progressively louder before he ends in screech of 「切らないで!!!」(DON’T CUT ME!!). Orion screams in fright. Those shouts emerge in blood across the walls and floors of that bathroom. The unvoiced screams of the girls who had their throats slit became written in blood. After a tense silence, Toma smiles innocently and asks her if she was frightened.

SAFDSJKS SO I WAS PLAYING THIS AT 2 IN THE MORNING AND HE’S TELLING ME A FUCKING GHOST STORY. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE! I HAD TO PLAY THIS PART IN THE NEXT MORNING.. I’M SUCH A COWARD Σ(T▽T;). Orion angrily yells out that it’s obvious they’re scared! He also asks Toma why he had to tell that ghost story in their current situation. He shouts out 「トーマ、性格悪い!!絶対悪い!いじわる、根性悪-!」(TOMA, YOU’RE PERSONALITY IS EVIL! ABSOLUTELY EVIL! BULLY, TERRIBLE NATURE!).

Toma asks Lin if she’s angry before smiling slyly and telling her that there’s still one more part to the story. Does she want to hear it? Orion whimpers and Lin vehemently tells Toma that she doesn’t want to hear it. He chuckles and admits that he thought she’d say that. Then he confesses that he doesn’t really want to talk about it either, since it’s scary. Orion grumbles about how even Toma was scared, yet he still told it.

It’s proof of his ill nature. Anyway, they finally reach Lin’s classroom and Toma recalls how she usually sits in a certain place. I THINK I’M MORE SCARED OF YOU THAN THOSE GHOST STORIES… HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS!? He tells her that he’ll make sure no one comes while she searches for her assignment. It’s forbidden for them to be in the university right now and so it’ll be bad if they were found by a security guard.

Orion suggests for Lin to start searching randomly for things, although he’s a bit afraid to separate from Toma after that scary story. It would be normal if they told Toma to come with them because they’re scared though. Suddenly, footsteps are heard and Toma curses. The next thing Lin knows is that she’s pulled underneath the podium with Toma and he whispers for her to be quiet.

It’s a security guard and they’re very strict because of how unruly the university is. It was careless of him to suggest for them to sneak in when he knew they did frequent patrols. He had thought that, with the merchants arriving tomorrow and having the gates blocked off, the security guards wouldn’t be around. Apparently he was too optimistic.

Then he says 「ごめん、嫌だと思うけどもうちょっとこっちに寄って顔伏せて」(Sorry, you probably won’t like this but you need to come closer and lower your head). The door opens and Toma holds his breath. After a tense period of silence, the door closes again and he exhales loudly in relief while admitting that he was nervous. He softly tells Lin that it’s alright to raise her head now and then apologizes for pushing her underneath the podium.

But then he laughingly comments on their actions and how the two of them snuck into school at night and hid from the security guard. It’ll be a funny story to tell Shin. Then he apologizes for placing her into this position since she probably doesn’t like it. Lin asks him if he doesn’t like it, and he quickly responds 「全然嫌じゃないよ。むしろ役得だよなあって思ってる」(No, it’s completely fine! In fact, I was thinking about how it was a side benefit).

TAKE NOTE. ALL MEN ARE BEASTS ( *´艸`)クスッ♪. He even says 「俺男だしさ、結構・・・嬉しい事態ではあるわけよ」(I’m a man, so.. it’s a pleasant situation). He also adds 「でもそれ喜んでいい立場でも状況でもないしね。どうしようかなって思ってたとこ」(But this isn’t the time to be pleased and I don’t have the right to. It’s making me wonder what to do). Then Toma tells her awkwardly that he can’t move unless she gets up first, because 「おまえ、俺の膝に乗っかっちゃってるからさ」(Because.. you’re on my lap).

He confesses that he didn’t notice it when they had been talking, but being pressed up against each other like this is.. pushing his limits. His voice is a bit strained as he asks if she can get out first. They climb out from underneath the podium and Toma breathes out shakily. He’s silent for a period before saying 「・・・その・・・浴衣って結構薄いのな」(… Um.. yukatas are pretty thin aren’t they?). SEE LMFAO MIND IN GUTTER (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. MIND IN GUTTER!

Toma starts to blush as he mutters about how it’s obviously different from the feeling of jeans, but the proportion of how much he could feel her body was.. He quickly shakes his head 「あー・・・駄目だ!早めに忘れよう」(Ah-.. No! I need to quickly forget this!). He sounds resigned 「でないと大変なことになる。俺が」(If I don’t I’ll have a big.. problem). Orion hesitantly asks if they can leave now and then apologizes to Lin for concealing the fact that he was there.

But it wasn’t as if this were a love scene. Suddenly Toma recalls a memory about something similar happening to them when they were young. He asks if she remembers. They were in elementary school and during the summer festival when the three of them, Shin and Toma and her, were returning home.. Lin is thrown into a flashback about the summer festival at the end of summer. Child!Shin suggests for them to do a test of courage by sneaking into the school.

Child!Toma sounds apprehensive and is worried since they’re just kids and people may get mad. Shin reassures him that it’ll be fine since their parents think they went to the summer festival. Toma frowns and asks him if he wants to go that bad and what will he do if a real ghost appears? Shin starts to stutter and so Toma presses him and asks him what he will do. Shin huffs loudly and yells out that ghosts don’t exist.

Toma tells them that if there are no ghosts then there is no meaning in having a test of courage. Shin pouts but then Toma asks Lin if she wants to go and he sighs when he realizes that she does. He tells them that he’ll be coming along since it’ll be dangerous if it’s just them. Shin cheers but Toma informs them that they better listen properly to him. If he tells them to hide then they’ll hide. If they’re found then people will be really angry.

They are thrown out and Orion comments on how this was one of her childhood memories. The memory of a cute adventure at the end of summer. Back in the present, Toma tries to recall exactly what happened. They ended up sneaking into the school but they were seen by a teacher who remained behind and they ended up running around the whole school. They escaped from the school through a hole in the fence and it tore Shin’s yukata.

When they returned home, their parents were extremely mad. Toma smiles at how nostalgic the memory is. It had been the three of them during that time, but now.. Toma falls silent before he sighs and confesses 「・・・だめだな。シンがいないと、おまえが俺だけのもんだって勘違いしちまいそうになるよ」(.. It’s no good. Without Shin here, I’m starting to mistakenlythink of you as mine). His expression softens 「特に、今夜のおまえ、すごく綺麗だしさ」(Especially since tonight you look.. beautiful).

Then he admits 「・・・見てるだけじゃ我慢できなくなる」(.. just looking makes it almost unbearable). I DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO BE ALARMED OR PLEASED LMFAO. As if he realized what he just said, Toma hurriedly changes the subject and suggests that they find her assignment and leave. They might be able to return in time to rejoin everyone. They manage to return to the streets of the city and Toma sighs in relief at how bright it is here.

He also comments 「やっぱさ、夜の学校は危険だね。色んな意味で試されるよ」(In the end, a school at night is dangerous.. in a lot of different ways). IMPLYING HOW MUCH YOU WERE HOLDING BACK THE BEAST? Orion flatly asks if Toma is talking about himself. OMG LMAO ORION _(_△_)ノ彡☆ギャハハ! Anyway, Toma asks if Lin managed to find what she forgot since he heard her rustling through things. He asks her why she’s remaining silent but then sighs and tells her that it doesn’t matter.

Apparently Lin didn’t find anything. Toma notes that they still have time and he asks if she would like to return to the river. He thinks the others are still playing around in the river and so they should go and watch. Orion frowns at how, in the end, their trip to the school wasn’t related to the fireflies. But they did manage to trigger a flashback so maybe it wasn’t a waste. Lin and Toma return to the river to find that everyone is gone.

Mine appears though after she sees Toma and she pouts as she asks them when they disappeared and where did they go? Toma laughs sheepishly and apologizes as he explains that Lin forgot something back at the university. Then Sawa appears to ask Mine if she wants to come with her to get something since Waka is in charge of all the money, but she stops and greets Toma and Lin with surprise when she notices them. Mine repeats Toma’s explanation for Sawa.

But she adds that it sounds more like they slipped out. Toma responds with 「うーん・・・そうとられても仕方ないけど、そういう関係じゃないからさ、俺たち」(Hm-m.. it can’t be helped if you think that, but we don’t have that kind of relationship). WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS LIKE THIS? THIS IS WHAT CAUSED THE MISUNDERSTANDING TO HAPPEN IN THE BEGINNING TOMA.. TOMA.. STOP BEING PESSIMISTIC ಠ_ಠ. Toma changes the subject and asks where Ikki, Shin, and Kent went. Mine averts her eyes and so Sawa explains.

Apparently, Rika took over supervision and took them all to a water supply to bathe their heads in cold water. Toma repeats her words questioningly and Mine takes over to explain that, in the middle of playing in the water, Ikki fell into the mud. Sawa tells them that Shin and Kent, who were pointing at him and laughing, were dragged in by Ikki. Ukyo was also dragged in just for being close by. Toma can’t believe they were dragged into the river.

He sighs at how this drastic situation developed. Mine is impressed by how they were completely covered in mud and filthy. Toma just sighs even more heavily and wonders what to do about those three. Sawa tells them excitedly that Rika was so angry she forced them to sit seiza. She told them that they had to remove the dirt from their yukatas and forced them to wash in cold water. Toma winces in sympathy at how cold that must be.

Luckily he wasn’t there! But at this rate Shin, Kent, and Ikki will catch a cold. What will they do? Sawa reassures Toma that this is why Waka was entrusted with the money and keys to the shop. He used the money to buy them bath towels and he has the key to the Maid and Butler Cafe to bring them their uniforms to wear. Toma smiles as he realizes that everyone will change into their uniforms and with this they won’t catch a cold.

Although it’s a little strange to return home in clothes like that. But then Toma remembers about Ukyo and asks about him. Sawa replies that Waka said he would lend him something. Toma wonders out loud if it would fit Ukyo. Mine doesn’t know but she’d like to see! She finds Ukyo a little strange, but he’s handsome and so she’s looking forward to it. LOL MINE. FELLOW FANGIRL! Sawa laughs nervously at Mine’s omnivorous ways.

Mine confidently tells them that if one isn’t omnivorous then they wouldn’t catch a good man. Waka appears and greets Toma, who notes that things seem problematic here. Waka calmly tells them that everyone became dejected after being scolded by Rika, but it’s nice for the youthful to be energetic. Then Waka apologizes as he tells Sawa and Mine to hurry since the men are soaked and shivering. Sawa quickly drags Mine away to buy bath towels.

Toma winces in sympathy at how harsh it must be to be wet in this temperature. Waka points out that it can’t be helped since their yukatas will be ruined if the mud isn’t washed off. Then Waka recalls that Toma was planning a trip to find the fireflies with Shin, Mine, Sawa, and Lin. Toma nods and informs him that it’s a day trip because this year Lin can’t go on a pleasure trip, but he wants to be able to show her the fireflies at least.

Orion repeats Toma’s words in confusion and then Lin is taken by a flood of memories. She remembers seeing beautiful fireflies and wanting to see them next year with everyone. Next year she wanted to go on a trip with everyone again. Orion finally realizes that last year she went on a trip with all the members of the Maid and Butler Cafe to see the fireflies. When everyone saw how happy she was, they worked hard to show her the fireflies this year too.

She didn’t make a promise with just one person. She made a promise with all of them. But unfortunately, she won’t be able to go on a trip with all of them because she has to visit her father overseas. It’s regrettable but it can’t be helped and she also wants to see her father. Waka expresses his sympathy for her not being able to come on the trip. He tried to adjust their schedule, but the travel agency told them it was impossible and denied them.

Toma reassures him that it can’t be helped. At any rate, they’ll continue to search for the fireflies next week as well. Waka asks if they’ve chosen their site already, because if they haven’t then he can help them find one. Toma’s eyes widen before he smiles and admits that it’d be very helpful if Waka told them the spots. He had examined the place beforehand, but it didn’t look very promising.

Waka informs him that he’ll mail Toma the map data then and asks if he can have Toma’s email. Toma tells him that he doesn’t mind and thanks Waka gratefully. Waka is happy to be of help. Toma approaches Lin and tells her happily that while tonight was a failure, it seems like they’ll still be able to see the fireflies. He blinks in surprise when he notices her staring at him though. Lin asks him why he would do all of this for her.

He replies firmly 「俺がおまえのために何かするなんて、当たり前だろ」(It’s obvious that I would do anything for you). He adds 「そこに理由なんてないから、聞かれても答えらんないよ」(There is no other reason, so even if you ask I can’t answer). Toma’s voice soften as he tells her that was what he always did in the past and he would like to continue doing so. He would do anything for her. Then he grins as he suggests for them to go and laugh at the men who are soaked.

However, he wants their adventure to remain a secret. If someone finds out then Toma will probably be beaten. Although there were things that happened so that he wouldn’t mind being beaten. THAT SENTENCE WAS WEIRD.. BASICALLY HE DOESN’T MIND GETTING HIT SINCE HE GOT TO HOLD HER. The two of them head back to join the group.


The after story starts with a memory of the scene where Toma kisses Lin at the end of August. He tells her 「今更、抱きしめてそれだけで終わると思ってるのが甘い」(After all this, you’re naive to think I would just stop at a hug). He adds 「今まで我慢してた分、思いっ切りイチャついてやる。覚悟しといて」(For all the things I’ve endured up to now, I’ll be seducing you with all my strength. Prepare yourself). Then he confesses that he loves her; up until now and forever on.

8月25日. And then, once again, Toma takes her to his house. He comments on how a lot of her things seems to have been left in his house. Lin nods slowly and then asks him if he’s telling her to take them and return home? He answers that he would say that if she were returning home, but he’s been thinking about this a lot as they walked back. Will she not stay in his house for just a while longer? ONLY IF YOU GET RID OF THE CAGE BRO.

Lin blinks in surprise and Toma explains that he had talked to Ikki about the internet fiasco. Even at its shortest, he doesn’t think one week will be able to clean everything up. He believes that the fan club will no longer directly attack her, but the internet won’t calm down that quickly. In fact, a photograph of her walking with him will probably be uploaded onto the internet soon. Lin lowers her eyes at that and Toma tries to reassure her.

He tells her that this is just what he thinks might happen. In the gossip that has been washed away, she was said to have an unspecified large number of boyfriends. And so conversely, if she is seen to have a specific and particular lover than deter the rumors somewhat. She also has the proof of supporters. That’s why he doesn’t want her to be alone. He wants her to remain at his house for several days.

Toma hurriedly adds 「もちろん今度は閉じ込めたりしないし、束縛もしない」(Of course this time I won’t lock you up or shackle you). LMFAO THE FACT THAT HE HAS TO SAY THAT TO YOU.. (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八. He even promises 「おまえの嫌がることは絶対にしないよ。約束するから」(I absolutely won’t do anything you don’t like. I promise). Lin takes the time to consider it before she asks how long she can stay at his house. His eyes widen as he hears the implication, but he still asks if she wants to stay with him.

She points out that until she confessed to him she hadn’t seen him for three months. She endured all that and now they’ve finally become lovers. And so, if it’s possible, she wants to spend as much time with him as possible. He asks if she means that she wants to be more together with him than they have never been? Lin nods and points out that up until now she hasn’t been very normal. Toma agrees that she had been spacing out a lot, but she had amnesia.

Lin confesses that when she looks back on that time, she wasn’t really herself. She doesn’t know how to say it well but ever since the start of August she hadn’t been herself. That’s why she isn’t satisfied yet. She wants to properly be with Toma as herself. And now that she’s already his lover, they will no longer be lost or insecure. Now she can tell him that she likes him whenever she wants. That’s why she doesn’t want to separate from him.

She wants to be by his side even if she might be a burden to him. Toma starts to blush completely red before he softly tells her that she’s not a burden. He grumbles under his breath 「あぁもう・・・おまえなんでそんな可愛いの」(Ahh geez.. why are you so cute?). He still can’t believe that she is really his and he asks if this isn’t a dream. She murmurs his name and he inhales before telling her firmly that he’ll say it again without reserve then.

He wants her to live with him until the worst of the situation clears up in a week. During that time he wants her to tell him that she loves him whenever she wants, because he’ll always listen to her as well as return it. Lin nods with a beaming smile and Toma turns around to tell her over his shoulder 「それじゃ改めて。・・・俺の家にどうぞ、リン」(Then once again.. Welcome to my house, Lin). They both enter his house and for a second they both awkwardly stand there.

However, he soon asks her to change her compress and turns away to give her privacy. Every eight hours she has to change the compress or else it’ll start to stick. He notes that her shoulder and knees must hurt. Yesterday, he had seen her bruises. Lin starts to turn red when she remembers just HOW he saw them and Toma mumbles 「・・・そこで赤くなられると俺も困るんだけど」(… If you turn red like that, I’ll also be troubled).

Lin tries to say something, but Toma cuts her off and apologizes for his actions then. He promises her that he won’t do it again and he’ll reflect on his actions. He doesn’t know how many million times he should apologize to her for that. Will she even still be with him by the time he can ever finish apologizing? Lin reassures him that she’ll still be with him and she’ll listen to his apologies until he forgives himself.

Toma is surprised by her words and asks if it shouldn’t be until she forgives him? Lin tells him that she hasn’t ever wanted his apologies, but if it makes him feel better then she’ll listen to them. IMPLYING THAT SHE’S ALREADY FORGIVEN HIM. He gives a small smile at that and says 「・・・おまえって大物だよな」(.. You’re really something). She looks confused but he grins and tells her that they’ll go out until he forgives himself and until his apologies are enough.

His voice is teasing as he says he doesn’t know how many decades that will take though. Ten minutes later, she changes the compress and tells Toma that she’s finished. There is the sound of chopping and his voice is far away as he asks her how the injuries are and if there is any swelling. Lin reassures him that any swelling is already fading and it doesn’t hurt. Toma sighs in relief and then yelps as he nearly drops a kitchen knife.

I DON’T KNOW HOW I FEEL WITH HAVING TOMA NEAR A KNIFE.. /)_(\ I’M HAVING FLASHBACKS OF WABISUKE’S HYENA GIGGLING. Lin calls out and asks what he’s doing. Toma replies that he’s making dinner. He asks if she’s fine with him using leftovers in the refrigerator to make curry. He also informs her that he’ll be throwing in celery and if she doesn’t like it then she should say so now, although he remembers that she’s fine with celery.

Toma starts to search for the curry powder. Lin thinks about how Toma has more experience in cooking than her since he’s lived on his own for two years now. She feels troubled at allowing him to continue spoiling her like this though and so she asks if she could help out. He sounds surprised before he comes over and tells her that he doesn’t mind, but her clothes will get dirty because he has no apron.

Her voice is quiet as she points out that if Toma made dinner and she just ate it then.. He finishes her sentence and asks her if she would feel guilt? He reminds her that he’s the host while she’s the guest and so he doesn’t think she needs to concern herself over this. Lin tells him firmly that she wishes to help still. He hums thoughtfully but agrees to let her and calls her over to him. He warns her that the kitchen is small so she needs to take care.

Lin asks Toma if she can cook things in the pot. He nods and tells her to start cooking the sliced onions, but not to burn them. She should stop when they’re a golden brown. He’ll be dicing things up on the cutting board, so when the time is right he wants her to toss in the vegetables. Lin nods and then asks him what kind of curry he’s making. He informs her that it’s an Indian curry and the recipe came from their Maid and Butler Cafe.

Well, actually, he’s not creating the one in the cafe because it’s a hassle so his version has skipped some steps. He explains that before he was a waiter he used to help out in the kitchen and he still remembers the recipe. He finely dices the celery and then warns her to stand back as he pours it into the pot. He does the same to the carrots and Lin watches avidly as he explains his steps.

After this he will grate an apple into it to improve the taste, but if he has no apples then he won’t. Lin falls silent and closes her eyes, which makes Toma ask her if something is wrong. She ends up commenting on how Toma is skilled at cooking. He explains that he lives alone and so it’s become something that he needs to do, but he doesn’t think he’s skilled. Lin points out that he’s way better than her.

It makes her feel a little depressed but it also makes her want to work hard. Toma tells her not to be so seriously depressed. Isn’t it nice if he’s the chef and she’s the waitress? And compared to him she’s a pro at waitressing. He’s already forgotten how to service customers, although he might remember he steps back onto the floor. Lin recalls out loud that Toma doesn’t come into the cafe often when she’s working.

She confesses that it makes her feel a bit lonely. Toma starts to look uncomfortable and she asks him if he has a reason. He blushes as he tells her that it’s embarrassing and so he doesn’t really want to say it. He starts to confess 「おまえがあの格好してんの、直視できなかったんだよね。可愛すぎて」(When you wear those clothes, I can’t look at you in the eyes. You’re too cute).

He also tells her 「あれで『お帰りなさいませ』とかやってんの破壊力抜群でさ」(That “Welcome home” is exceptionally destructive). And then 「他の男の前でそれやってんの見るのもキツイし」(It’s hard on me to watch you do that in front of other guys). In the end he confesses 「絶対平常心でいられないからあの店避けてたんだよ」(I couldn’t keep my mind calm and so I avoided the cafe). IT’S SO HARD FOR ME TO TAKE TOMA SERIOUSLY (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八ノヽノヽ. Lin asks him slowly if he was jealous.

IF HE WEREN’T VOICED BY HINO (WHICH RANKS HIM SO HIGH ON MY LIST), HE’D STILL BE MY SECOND FAVORITE JUST BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH HE TRIES TO KEEP BACK HIS INNER BEAST. MY FAVORITE IS OF COURSE IKKI WHO LETS OUT HIS INNER BEAST EASILY. He replies 「ヤキモチもだし、照れもあるし・・・まぁ色々」(I was jealous.. and embarrassed.. and a lot of other things). He tells her that it wasn’t because he didn’t want to see her as a waitress; it’s because of the complicated heart of a man.

He admits that the truth is he would want her to do that only in front of him, which makes Lin ask if he would be happy if she did it only to him in this house then? Toma’s reaction is 「へ?」(Eh?) before he tells her flusteredly that she doesn’t have to, because he was just saying. He admits in a mumble that if she started doing that he would have no idea what to do, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to stop it once it started.

Lin is thoughtful and starts to say something, but Toma interrupts and reassures her that she doesn’t have to do it. He comments on how, just now, she made an amazing suggestion. It would be really troubling for him if he saw her in those clothes. Suddenly the pot makes a loud hissing noise and both of them startle in surprise. Toma exclaims that the curry is burning and it turned from golden brown to burnt brown.

When Lin suggests turning off the fire Toma tells her to pour in water and mix it together. Two hours later, Toma sheepishly comments on how it was relatively delicious but it did taste slightly burned. They can still eat it normally and he’s sure it’ll be fine. Lin apologizes quietly while Toma muses on how it might have been alright if it was stew, but they’re having curry unfortunately.

Lin feels like if she had paid more attention then the onions wouldn’t have gotten burnt. Toma reassures her that he was just as involved in the conversation and so he shares the same offence. She doesn’t need to worry. But, putting what happened aside, it ended up being pretty delicious. He asks what she thinks and Lin admits that, ignoring the fact she feels it’s her fault it failed, it is delicious.

Toma grins at that and comments on how he put coffee as a finishing touch in it to cover up the charred flavour. Tomorrow the curry will mature and be even more delicious, which means they’re still having curry tomorrow. Lin nods and notes that they still have a lot, but she’s still going to study how to cook more foods. She’s a bit mortified at how things are currently and she wants Toma to be able to say one day that her cooking was delicious.

She promises him she’ll work hard and Toma is surprised into silence before he smiles softly and calls her admirable. Lin doesn’t think so though, because any girl would want to try their best for the person they like. She doesn’t think it makes her special. He tells her with a grin 「俺にとっては特別だよ。こんなに可愛い女の子、見たことない」(To me you’re special. I haven’t seen any other girl as cute as you).

He honestly has never met someone who is willing to work so hard for him. He thinks about her in the same way, but he doesn’t think it makes him a good man. Lin tries to protest that but she’s interrupted by Toma’s cellphone. It looks like a mail has been sent to him. She urges him to go look at it in case it’s something urgent. Toma apologizes as he excuses himself to check it. It turns out to be from Waka and he wants Toma to help at the cafe for 2-3 days.

Apparently one of the staff caught a cold and so they need another waiter. Waka understands their situation though and told Toma that he doesn’t need to do anything unreasonable. Lin volunteers to go but Toma tells her that she shouldn’t since the cafe has a lot of unknown customers. Toma decides to send his apologies to Waka. He would like to repay him but then Lin would be left at home all alone.

She reassures him that she’ll be fine and he should go if he wants to. Toma falls silent in thought and admits that Waka’s request is actually a godsend since he had thought about getting a part-time job. Now that he’s finished his report and everything has calmed down, he’s in need of some money now. Lin apologizes when she remembers how many things he bought for her. He reassures her that he took the money out of his traveling funds.

When she asks him about that, he explains that it was for Shin’s graduation from high school. He thought the three of them could go on a trip somewhere to celebrate Shin’s graduation and so he started saving up money. He reassures her that his purchases weren’t cutting into his living expenses. Toma sheepishly confesses that the largest purchase was the cage that is now out on the balcony. WHAT WILL YOUR NEIGHBOURS THINK TOMA!?

He reassures her again that she doesn’t have to concern herself with this. Lin is silent and so he decides to help out at the cafe. Once again he asks if she’ll be fine. Lin reassures him that she’ll be fine and obedient. She points out that it should be fine as long as she doesn’t go out, right? Toma tells her that the fan club shouldn’t attack her anymore so he won’t tell her that she can’t go out.

However, if she does go out he wants her to choose a place with a lot of people. In fact, if she decides to go out without him then he would prefer her to invite someone to be with her. Shin would be the best choice, but girl friends are alright. Toma recalls that she had talked to him before about a strange man (Ukyo) who seemed to show himself only when she was alone, and so he wants her to avoid being alone.

Lin obediently tells him that she understands and he shakes his head in exasperation at how she always responds obediently, but never follows through with it. Anyway, night falls and Toma comes out of the bath relaxed. Lin comments on how he took his time and he replies that it’s been a while since he last soaked in the bath. He also informs her that she wouldn’t know, but he’s the type of person to take a long bath.

Whenever he and Shin go to an onsen, he stays in there for so long that in the end he becomes slightly burnt. But because it’s an onsen, he wants to spend as much time in it as possible. Anyway, he appears before her and informs her that he’s going to get a soda to drink and asks if she wants anything. Lin is stunned into silence which makes him ask her if something is wrong. She explains that she’s a bit surprised by his pajamas.

Toma recalls that he always slept in his normal clothes when she was here. Lin asks him why he did that, because now she’s curious. He easily replies that if he had been wearing his pajamas and something happened at night, it would be troublesome. He doesn’t have a specific example for her but during that situation it wouldn’t have been strange if something had happened. He explains that he would have been able to break her out and carry her away whenever.

There isn’t any other deeper meaning. I CAN KIND OF UNDERSTAND THIS LMAO BECAUSE THOSE ARE MY THOUGHTS REGARDING HEELS AND DRESSES. WHAT IF A MURDERER COMES AFTER ME?! I WANT TO BE ABLE TO VAULT OVER FENCES ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ. Lin is impressed with how amazing Toma is for thinking about all this, while she just spaces out. He comments on how she doesn’t pay enough attention to dangers outside of her own person.

Anyway, since the fan club fiasco seems to have calmed down Toma thinks it’s fine to change his clothes and sleep normally now. Not to mention sleeping in his normal clothes gives him stiff shoulders. Lin wonders out loud how many years it’s been since she’s last seen him in pajamas. Toma is certain she’s seen him when they were in elementary school, but he doesn’t remember the exact years. And it’s been years since she last slept over with him.

Lin asks if Shin has and Toma explains that Shin is still a high school student and so he has to return home at night. Shin himself finds that annoying. Lin can imagine that. Toma muses out loud on how Shin might stay around more when he’s a university student. Anyway, Toma tells her that they should sleep and turns off the light. He wishes her good night and she replies the same.

But then she asks if he will be sleeping on the floor. Toma points out that he can’t sleep together with her on a bed meant for one person. She tries to protest but he orders her to sleep. He doesn’t want to delve too deeply into this topic. WHY? WILL IT UNLEASH YOUR BEAST? プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Lin falls silent before once again wishing him good night. He returns the good night and everything falls quiet.

However, Lin can’t sleep. She notices that Toma seems to be sleeping since she can hear him breathing slowly. She starts to wonder if his body doesn’t hurt from lying on the floor all the time. But even if it did hurt, he’d probably just endure it. She suddenly wants to see his face. She thinks that it should be fine if she secretly does it for a short time. But the moment she shifts on the bed, Toma sighs and asks her what she is doing.

Does she still want to slip in beside him? Lin asks him if he woke up and he replies that it was more like he couldn’t sleep. But she should be sleeping and since she can finally sleep on a bed she should rest properly. She points out that having him sleep on the floor makes her feel awkward. Toma tells her that he’s doing something he wishes to, so it’s fine. Plus, he doesn’t know what he might do and so she should sleep over there.

Lin is silent and Toma asks her why she has such an unhappy look on her face. She tells him that she’s more lonely than unhappy. Before, they slept together for a little while and it made her extremely happy. He tells her that was an exception, sort of like an accident of them being close together. He uses the excuse that she’s an injured person and so she should be resting her body alone.

He even tells her that she’s here at his house because of an emergency and that she would have no other reason to be here. UHH.. YOU’RE LOVERS. But then he reveals that at least that’s what he’s been persuading himself with and so she shouldn’t press it. His voice is teasing as he tells her that he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to stop once he starts. He tells her that he doesn’t want to say this, but men are more dangerous creatures than she thinks.

Toma warns her lowly that he’s especially dangerous. His fuse is really short, infinitely more than yesterday. In fact, it’s almost zero. Yesterday, he still thought she wasn’t his but now it’s different. Lin quietly says his name, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to see her miserable expression in this kind of situation. The two of them are silent before Toma awkwardly asks her if he can sleep outside on the balcony in the cage. He’ll give her the keys.

Lin is surprised and asks him why, but he just closes his eyes painfully and asks her if she really has to ask. She hurriedly tells him that it’ll be fine because she has confidence in him being in this room. She promises to try and sleep alone as long as he stays. He sighs heavily and she weakly apologizes and tells him that she won’t say selfish things either anymore as long as he please just stays.

Toma sighs again and looks conflicted before he finally curses and mutters about how this is foul play. She calls his name questioningly, but then yelps in surprise when he joins her in the bed. Toma tells her quietly that he’ll do this for tonight and so she should obediently go to sleep. AWWW YEAH SOME LOVELY SOINE (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

When she murmurs his name, he tells her 「ご希望通り添い寝するだけ。他には何もしない。安心して」(As you wish, we’ll just sleep together. I won’t do anything else, relax). But he admits that he interpreted her request broadly so that he could embrace her like this. But 「・・・他は我慢するから。このくらい、いいよな・・・?」(.. I’ll hold myself back from doing anything else. Will this be alright..?). Lin nods shyly but then asks if she can face him because she wants to see his face.

Of course Toma replies 「それは駄目。顔見たらキスしたくなるし、したら止まらなくなるから」(That’s impossible. If I see your face I’ll want to kiss you, once I do I won’t be able to stop). She’s silent at that and then Toma slowly says to her that this might just be his imagination but.. She forgave him even when he locked her in the cage and shackled her.

And so 「きっと今夜、このまま・・・俺のしたいようにしちまっても、文句言わないんだろうね」(Most likely.. if I were to do what I want to do tonight, you wouldn’t protest right?). But he tells her 「でもさ、俺はそう簡単に許されちゃ駄目なんだ」(But you shouldn’t forgive me so easily like that). He thinks it’s still too early for them to be this happy and that’s why he’s going to suggest a proposal. He wants them to have a test period of being lovers. Lin makes a noise of confusion.

Toma explains 「・・・おまえ、見ただろ?おまえに関することになると何するか私自身にもわかんないし止められないんだよ」(.. You saw it, didn’t you? When it comes to you even I don’t know what I’ll do nor can I stop myself). He doesn’t have the confidence that he won’t make her disgusted with him. That’s why he wants them to be on a test period until her terrible situation is extinguished.

He tells her 「その間俺が怖くなったり、嫌になったりしたら、言って。ちゃんと別れるから」(During that time if I become scary or do something unpleasant, tell me. I’ll break up properly with you). YOU KNOW I WAS KIDDING ABOUT THE BEAST THING TOMA.. YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE IT THAT LITERALLY AND SERIOUSLY (|||❛︵❛.). Lin panics at hearing the words break up and she tries to turn herself over but Toma stops her and reminds her not to face him and not to have such a sad voice.

Toma tells her 「別におまえが嫌いって言ってるわけじゃない。俺が駄目人間だって言ってるだけだから」(It’s not that I’m saying I dislike you or anything. I’m just saying that I’m a hopeless case). His voice becomes soft 「おまえの心が変わらなかったらそれでいい」(It’ll be nice if your heart doesn’t change). But for the sake of if her heart does change, he wants to create options for her. Lin is silent before she remarks on how he’s always like this.

In her mind she thinks about how he’s always preparing her a path to run away on. It might be a public attiude, or excuse, or what he thinks is right, or kindness, but.. She loves him so much. She would never be able to tell him that she wanted to break up. But is it possible for her to convey that to him? It makes her sad. All she can do is tell him that she loves him. Lin brings up Toma’s hand and kisses his fingers which makes Toma’s eyes widen.

He’s flustered as he asks her what she’s doing and then he tells her 「そういうのマジでやめて。抑えられなくなるから」(Please stop that, seriously. I won’t be able to restrain myself). She easily replies that she loves him and so she decided to give him a kiss. His voice is soft 「・・・いい子だから、もう寝て。・・・俺も、愛してるからさ」(.. You’re a kind girl, but sleep already.. I love you). She asks him if he’s telling the truth and he replies that he hasn’t lied anywhere. It’s the truth.

Toma confesses 「・・・俺はね、表面だけなら誰でも好意を持つことができるし優しくすることもできる。だけどやっぱり俺が愛してるって言い切れるのは、俺が狂うのはおまえだけなんだよ」(… You know, on the surface I can show courtesy to anyone and I can be kind to anyone. But, as I thought, the only person I can say “I love you” to and the only person that makes me crazy is you). Lin points out that he was going to give her to Ikki at the beginning though. Was he actually fine with that happening?

He tells her that he would never be fine with that, but he had prepared for the eventuality of having to give up. She had steadily become more beautiful from when she was a child, her friends increased, and her range of activities widened. No matter how much he treasured her, there would be one day where they wouldn’t be together like they were as children. One day he would just become an acquaintance. She would grow to like another man.

Then she would never see him again. He was scared of that day approaching, but he realized that he couldn’t not give his blessings. He tells her 「おまえが幸せなら、笑っていられるならそれでいいって。だから、いつの間にか・・・俺の願いはおまえに愛される事じゃなく、おまえが幸せになる事にすり替わってたんだ」(It would be fine as long as you were happy and smiling. That’s why, before I knew it.. my wish changed from being loved by you to wishing you happiness). GUH (ノ;Д;)ノ WHY IS THIS SO SAD?!

Toma tells her 「おまえが誰といようと、どこにいようと、幸せならそれでいい。そのためなら何でもするってね」(No matter who you were with, or where you were, it would be fine as long as you were happy. For that reason I would do anything). Lin murmurs his name but he tells her that this also isn’t a lie. These are his true feelings and he’s being serious. Lin realizes that this is why he locked her up here. He wanted to protect her and create a happy future for her.

And that is why he is able to also tell her to break up with him whenever she wants to. Everything is for her sake. But she needs Toma and she won’t be able to be happy without him. She doesn’t believe that there will ever be a time where she grows to hate Toma. Lin is troubled by how she can make Toma understand that.

8月26日. Lin wakes up and the first thing she asks is where Toma went. He answers her from in the room and she sees that he’s already dressed. Toma greets her good morning and she returns the greeting. But then he laughingly asks 「・・・寝起きの第一声が俺の名前ってどうなのそれ」(.. The first thing you say upon getting up is my name.. what’s with that?). He’s grinning as he tells her that she’s too cute.

If she continues to do that then he feels like he absolutely has to be beside her when she wakes up. Then he asks how she slept and if the bed was too small with him on it. Lin reassures him that it was fine, although she was a bit nervous at the beginning. Toma averts his eyes with a blush as he admits that he was as well. But then he tells her that while he was in the middle of fighting with himself, when he glanced at her she had fallen sound asleep.

Toma sounds disappointed as he points out that she must not treat and see him as a man still. Even when they are sleeping on the same bed and pressed together, she was able to fall sound asleep with no problem. He muses on how being a childhood friend is actually a harmful position. Lin winces and hurriedly tells him that he’s wrong. She tells him that she was extremely nervous when he held her.

But because it was Toma holding her she was able to fall asleep. It’s because he was by her side that she felt at ease. Toma’s eyes widen as he asks 「・・・俺がいると安心できるわけ?こんな危ない男なのに?」(… You’re able to feel at ease when I’m here? When I’m such a dangerous man?). TOMA, YOU REALLY HAVE TO STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP. Toma feels that it’s more like she has a conditioned reflex and even Lin has to admit that it might be so.

However, she still protests that it doesn’t mean she doesn’t see him as a man. Lin confesses that when he gets close to her, her heart races. When he kisses her she feels extremely happy. And even right now, living together in the same house makes her happy. She definitely doesn’t not see him as a man. Toma has fallen silent through her whole speech and so she calls his name worriedly, but he just chuckles and tells her that she’s too desperate.

Lin blinks in surprise and he admits that he already knew it without her saying it. He tells her with a smirk that if she didn’t see him as a man then she wouldn’t have been so stiff when he held her at night. Normally she’s fine but the moment he does anything she turns so nervous it’s cute. Lin pouts when she realizes that his depression over being a childhood friend was just.. Toma smiles sheepishly and apologizes for teasing her.

She starts to glare at him and he’s laughing as he apologizes and tells her not to be mad. She calls him an idiot and he confesses that he likes to see her sulking face. It might make him a bit of a maniac. Then he tells her to face him and his voice lowers 「俺とキスすると嬉しいんだろ?だったらーー」(A kiss from me makes you happy, right? In that case–). ( 。>艸<) HOW DO YOU GO FROM BEING SO SELF-DEPRECATING TO SUCH A TEASING SEXY MAN.

Toma leans in and kisses her before murmuring 「・・・少しくらい意地悪言いたくなるよ」(… I just wanted to be a bit of a bully). He asks her 「だってさ、ゆうべ俺がどんだけ辛かったと思ってんの?拷問だよ、あれ」(After all, do you know how painful it was for me last night? It was torture). And yet she was sleeping in his arms so peacefully. If the smell of her compress didn’t bring him back then he would have definitely ravished her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.

Lin can only say his name, but then he leans back and notes that her face is red. He asks her teasingly if she’s still angry. She tells him that it’s mean to ask that immediately after a kiss. Toma just tells her with a grin 「あれ、知らなかった?俺は卑怯者だよ、ずっと昔からね」(Oh, you didn’t know? I’m very mean and I always have been). YOU LOOK WAY TOO HAPPY WHEN YOU SAY THAT.

Anyway, Toma has to leave for work and so he tells Lin to be good while he’s gone. She asks him how long he’ll be gone for and he tells her that he’ll be at the shop from 12-4. He told Waka to place him during the most busiest of hours. It’ll be short. She tells him to work hard but he also tells her that Ikki seems to be working today and so he’ll be talking to him to make sure that no other sources of evil remain.

He’ll send her an email before he returns home. He wishes her goodbye and she sends him off with a farewell. Except that he pauses and starts to blush. When Lin asks him if something is wrong, he confesses sheepishly that the sound of her wishing him farewell echoed a little within him. He chuckles at how simple he is before he properly sets off.

Toma is gone and has locked the door by the time she manages to wish him farewell again. Then she thinks about how this must be the feeling of living together, wishing the other person goodbye and the other person setting off. Anyway, Toma won’t return home until four in the evening and so she decides to organize her possessions here. But then she remembers that she hasn’t written in her diary for a while and so she’ll do that.

The last time she wrote in her diary was July the 31st. She reads the entry and it talks about how tomorrow is the last day. She followed Ikki’s instructions and refused to see Toma for three months. She’d like to think that she became prettier during the three months that she didn’t see him. She wonders if Toma had been sad when she wasn’t there. Tomorrow she will profess her love for him.

Her aim is to rid herself of being seen as a little sister. Since then, in one month.. Lin starts a new entry with the date of August the 26th. She’s become Toma’s lover. Just as she finishes that sentence the doorbell rings and she realizes that someone is here. It might be Toma who forgot something. When Lin calls out, Rika identifies herself and asks if Lin has time. Lin is surprised by this, but Rika informs her that she has something to give Lin.

And so she asks Lin if she could open the door. Lin hesitantly asks her if she’s alone and Rika reassures her that she is alone. There are no other members with her. Lin decides to let Rika in and Rika excuses herself as she steps inside. When she asks where Toma is, Lin informs her that he went out for a bit and then she asks what Rika would like to give her. Rika hands her a CD and tells her that it’s a video the fan club made.

It contains all their apologies. Everything was uploaded onto the internet this morning at nine. The url is placed in the video and she would like Lin to look at it. Lin thanks her with a stutter and informs her that she’ll convey this to Toma. Rika is stunned by Lin’s thanks and asks if it isn’t strange for her to be receiving gratitude. Lin tries to point out that she couldn’t just take this CD without saying anything..

But Rika tells her that if she were in Lin’s position she would be hurling abuse before she forgave her. She had prepared herself for that when she came here. Lin weakly tells her that yelling abuse is a bit.. Rika asks her if she can’t be strong without Toma. Lin replies that she might be right, but she finds it hard to be angry at people. Plus, it isn’t like Rika holds bad feelings against her so it’s hard to be angry at her.

When Lin entered the fan club, Rika talked to her a lot. She introduced Lin to all the members. She taught Lin the important points and club regulations. Rika treated her very kindly and the impression she made on Lin is still strong. That’s why it’s hard for Lin to yell at her. Rika tries to get Lin to understand just what they tried to do to her, and she’s saying that she still isn’t angry about that?

Lin does but she points out that Rika never did anything directly to her and so her anger just won’t come. No matter how hard she tries, she apologizes because she just can’t get angry. Rika snaps out that this is what she dislikes about Lin. UH, ME TOO. I STILL DON’T FORGIVE HER FOR PUSHING ME OFF A CLIFF IN IKKI’S ROUTE. Even when Rika thought of Lin as a hateful rival, she couldn’t hate her from the bottom of her heart.

Rika is hates how she was holding this one-sided feeling of defeat. Lin blinks in surprise at that, but Rika starts to go on a rant about how if Lin had just one bad quality like the rest of the members in the club, such as how they follow Ikki around and only want to press forward their feelings; how they don’t consider his feelings; and how they want to monopolize him, then she could feel at ease.

If Lin had been like that then no matter what happened Rika would never bow her head in defeat. Even if it made Ikki hate her, she would use all her power to eliminate anything that threatened Ikki’s peace. That is her mission as the president of Ikki’s fan club. Lin is silent before she asks if that wouldn’t make Rika sad though, to be hated by Ikki. Rika likes Ikki so much, yet she’s saying that she’s willing to be hated..

Rika tells her firmly that she doesn’t care what happens to her. As long as Ikki can have peaceful and ordinary days she will be happy. That’s why if her existence threatened Ikki’s life then Rika would eliminate her by any dirty means. At least that was her intentions, but it seems that she was mistaken about Lin. Even though she was so close to Ikki, she was never approaching him in adoration.

Lin tells her that the one she loves is Toma, not Ikki. Rika replies that she thought so in the past, but Lin has changed. Lin informs her that she’s still the same, but that she just loves Toma. Rika comments on how she can’t believe that there is a woman out there who won’t fall in love with Ikki when he looks at them. ME TOO RIKA. ME TOO. Lin confesses that Ikki said the same thing and added that it was interesting.

When she didn’t fall in love with Ikki at first sight, Ikki was curious. Lin told him that the reason was because she loved someone else. Then somehow they started meeting to consult her love life. Rika’s eyes widen as she tells Lin that she didn’t know that. No one in the fan club knew that. Ikki never told them why he went out of his way to talk to Lin and about what, and Lin herself didn’t say anything either.

Lin admits that it was because she found it hard to talk carefreely about the subject of her consultations. Especially since the subject was about her love life. She thought Ikki stayed quiet for the same reason. Rika thinks that might be a possibility, but she does asks Lin in amazement if she noticed that her consulting partner was Ikki, right? Ikki doesn’t have any qualifications to be a love consultant. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

This makes Lin realize that Ikki said the same thing about himself. Lin can’t help but point out that Rika is similar to Toma. Rika’s eyes widen at that and she asks how she is similar to him. Lin explains that they both don’t care much for themselves and they think and act only to make their special person happy. Lin informs Rika that Toma is that kind of person. He doesn’t care if he’s hated or disliked by Lin as long as she’s happy.

But she thinks this is strange. Toma and Rika should think about their own happiness first. They shouldn’t just be thinking about making others happy. Rika is speechless and Lin continues on about how it might have been better if everyone had just talked to each other. If only Toma had spoken about his feelings and if only Rika had spoken about her unhappiness. Then all this wouldn’t have happened.

Because Ikki only thought she was interesting and they were only consulting about her love life. If Rika had heard that then she probably would have just smiled wryly and that would be the end of it. She wouldn’t have been jealous and then Rika wouldn’t be angry and blame her. It’s impossible not to see similarities in Rika and Toma. Lin thinks that it might have been better if she had consulted Rika instead of Ikki.

Rika informs her that she wouldn’t have been much help as a love consultant, because she has been pining after Ikki since middle school. She hasn’t had a normal love. She points out wryly that this doesn’t qualify her to give advice about Lin’s love life. Lin is silent in surprise and Rika asks her if Lin thinks she’s an idiotic girl; but to Rika, it’s her pride. Lin doesn’t think that Rika is stupid because she’s the same.

After all, she had been pining after Toma for nineteen years. Rika repeats her words in shock and so Lin explains that Toma is her childhood friend and so they’ve been together since they were born. Since she was a child she liked Toma and these feelings haven’t changed. It’s just that the like turned into love somewhere along the way. And so if you count the times she liked and loved Toma than she has been pining after him for a long time.

That’s why she can understand Rika’s feelings. Rika is silent before she starts to laugh and she asks herself why she ever felt hatred towards Lin. Then she asks Lin why she is so attracted to Toma. It might be rude but she wants to know if Toma has a quality that made it so Ikki couldn’t seduce her. Lin tells Rika that Toma is extremely cool. Rika replies that Ikki doesn’t just look cool, but he’s also kind.

Lin tells her that Toma also treats her very kindly. He is always protecting her and helping her whenever anything happens. He took care of her mail before she noticed anything. Rika repeats Lin’s words questioningly and so Lin explains that he took care of her mail when she didn’t know it. Rika exclaims that those seem like the actions of a stalker. (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八ノヽノヽ. Lin denies it vehemently.

Rika admits that she doesn’t remember Toma’s face clearly since, when they had all been talking together, she had been too preoccupied with Ikki’s anger and reprimands. But now she’s a bit curious as to what Toma looks like after hearing Lin talk about him in that way. Rika wants to meet him again, but she doesn’t think Toma would like to see her. Lin admits that once Toma thinks of someone as an enemy, he won’t ever forgive them.

This makes Rika comment on how he has a merciless attitude. Then she asks if he has a lot of enemies. Lin doesn’t think so, because even if he dislikes someone or judges someone he is still able to come in contact with them on the surface. Rika states 「・・・要するに性格が悪い方なのかしら」(.. In other words, he has a bad personality). POOR TOMA HIS PERSONALITY GETS PICKED ON SO MUCH BY EVERYONE _(_△_)ノ彡☆ギャハハ!!バンバン!!

Lin splutters at that but she has to admit that her other childhood friend also talks about how Toma has a terrible personality. Now Rika is curious to see just exactly what attractive qualities Toma has. But it looks like Toma is out today and so she won’t have another chance to see him. If she does meet him then surely he’ll just look at her coldly. Lin hesitantly informs Rika that Toma is working at the Maid and Butler Cafe today.

Rika is surprised since she heard from Ikki that Toma had quit his job there. Lin tells her that she wasn’t wrong, but today they are short on staff and so Toma was called in to help. She heard that Ikki has a shift today as well and so they’re both being waiters today. Rika and Lin are silent as they realize Ikki and Toma will be together and now both are curious. Rika tells Lin that Ikki holds no ill intentions towards Toma, but what about Toma?

She’s afraid she might make the atmosphere between the two strained. Lin tries to reassure Rika that Toma said he didn’t want any loose ends, and so it should be fine. Rika is uneasy though and so she decides to check up on them, plus she’s still curious about Toma. Rika asks if Lin would like to come along and Lin agrees, but only to look at them. She can’t be out long or else Toma will start to worry.

Rika smiles and tells Lin that she’ll be escorting her. Since Lin is Ikki’s friend, Rika will be sure to treat her right. Although it might be selfish to say that she wants to change her attitude. Lin shakes her head and tells Rika that she’s happy to have an escort. Anyway, the two of them go to the cafe and Rika whispers for Lin to follow her in from the back entrance. They will be able to have a secure spot to look out over the floor from here.

Lin is surprised since she thought that it was hard to see the floor from the rear entrance. Rika smirks and tells Lin that she knows the best positions to look at the store interior. From the back entrance they have an angle where they can see the people inside, but they won’t be noticed. The customers don’t use this path a lot and even the staff, when they’re resting, don’t use this entrance much.

If they just peeked in for a few minutes then there won’t be any problems. Lin is amazed by Rika and Rika just smiles smugly and tells her that she wouldn’t be the president of the fan club if she couldn’t do this much. She informs Lin that if she wishes to enter the store from the front then she doesn’t have to hide. Rika thinks she’ll be a bother to Toma though and so that is why she’s concealing herself.

Lin informs Rika that she’ll also hide because if Toma thought she came here alone then he’ll be angry. The two of them hide themselves and peek into the store. They can’t hear what Toma and Ikki are talking about, but the two of them are laughing. It doesn’t look like the atmosphere is strained. They see Waka join Toma and Ikki and then all three start smiling. They look like they’re all getting along.

Rika agrees and then she comments breathlessly about how when all three of them stand together like that, it makes such a beautiful picture. Lin agrees and then Rika admits that Toma looks very attractive, just like Lin said. His energy and determination looks strong and kind and he protects only Lin. Rika is starting to understand Lin’s long love for Toma. She informs Lin that of course she still thinks Ikki is superior though.

Lin thanks Rika for being able to appreciate Toma’s qualities since it makes her happy. But then they notice Toma’s eyes snap to their direction and Rika gasps at being sensed. Rika hurriedly tells Lin to retreat to the front, but when they get there Toma storms out and asks them what they’re doing. Rika and Lin are both taken aback while Ikki appears and asks Toma lightly if there’s something wrong.

Ikki looks surprised when he notices Lin and Rika but he is calm as he asks them why they’re both here. Rika tries to explain herself, but Toma snaps at her to let go of Lin. AGGRESSIVE TOMA IS UNF (;´Д`)ハァハァ・・・. His voice is a growl as he asks Rika how she plans to hurt Lin this time. Or is she planning to kidnap her. Rika is stuttering now and so Lin interrupts and reassures Toma that Rika had no such intentions, she just..

Toma’s voice is low 「ただ、何?」(She just.. what?). FJSAIJGNHN HE SOUNDS SO DANGEROUS. Lin explains that she and Rika just wanted to confirm if Toma and Ikki were getting along. They didn’t think the two men would argue, but they were afraid the atmosphere would be awkward. She even defends Rika by telling Toma that Rika was worried that the relationship between the two would become strained thanks to her.

Lin explains that she just came to check up on them as well, that’s why Toma doesn’t need to be so angry. Toma’s expression softens and he murmurs 「・・・この状況で、おまえは俺の方を止めるんだな。おまえのそのお人よしなとこ、基本的には可愛いと思ってるけど・・・イラつくこともあるよ」(.. In this situation I would be the one you would stop, huh? I find your gentleness cute but.. it’s irritating at times). Especially when she’s with Rika, the person who tried to kill her.

For Toma, if something happens from now on, Rika would be elevated from someone to be removed to someone who must be eliminated. ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) HE JUST IMPLIED HE’D KILL RIKA. His voice is a drawl as he asks Lin if she understands that much. Lin hurriedly tells him that she understands and it’s because she understands that she’ll apologize for deciding on something alone. But Rika isn’t there enemy anymore and she wants Toma to know that.

Toma exhales tightly before he tells her to wait here while he informs Waka that he’s done for today. Lin points out worriedly that he still has time left in his shift. Toma replies that he can’t let her return home from here alone. Plus, the lunch rush is over now and so it should be okay. Then he turns his attention to Rika and informs her that he knows all the spots for discreet observation in the store.

He’s even checked the places where cameras can be hidden easily. And so he warns her not to think that she can catch him off-guard. Rika is shocked into silence and then Toma tells Lin softly to wait five minutes for him. The moment Toma leaves, Ikki comments on how terrifying Toma is when he loses his temper. He’s seen Toma angry before, but never to this extent. Then he asks when the two of them appeared in the back entrance.

Because he was surprised when Toma rushed out all of a sudden. Rika explains weakly that they had just been here for several minutes and then she apologizes deeply for acting off on her own. Ikki reassures her that it’s fine but he doesn’t know what to say at seeing them together. He asks if the two of them have reconciled. Lin points out that they can’t really reconcile since she was never in a fight with Rika.

Ikki frowns at this and points out that under every circumstances one would say that her heart is too large. Toma’s reaction was the normal one here. Even Rika agrees, although she is a bit disturbed even if she’s on the side that did those terrible things. Ikki points out that she should be able to understand Toma’s overprotection about Lin in regards to her. Rika asks if Toma isn’t being too overprotective.

After all, he did check the entire store and its surroundings for hidden places. This is the first time Rika has met someone who exceeds her abilities and skills. Add Toma’s speech and conduct and… Rika asks Lin worriedly if she’ll be alright since she made Toma considerably angry by being with Lin. Ikki thinks that it’ll be fine. He points out that Toma was one-sidely angry but he listened to the two of them talk and didn’t drag Lin away.

He was cool but he spoke to them as equals and so he shouldn’t have problems with their relationship. Ikki thinks that all the blood rushed into Toma’s head a while ago, but give him a few minutes and he’ll be calm. Rika asks Lin worriedly if that’s true and Lin reassures her that Ikki is right. She thanks Rika for her concern. Lin explains that Toma and her have known each other for so long that they often have fights like that.

Ikki notes how that’s like a lover’s quarrel. This reminds Ikki to ask her what her relationship is with Toma, because he gets the feeling that there is one but he’s never asked. Rika recalls that Lin is going out with him. Lin confirms that she is and they became a couple. Ikki congratulates her and comments on how her confession must have worked. Lin confesses that it happened in an unexpected way, but they managed to finally talk to each other.

This makes Ikki comment on how it doesn’t sound like it was a big deal, but apparently that’s what happened. He smiles slyly and tells her that he wants to hear all the details at some other time. He wants to know what kind of expression Toma, who wasn’t true to his feelings, made when she confessed to him. Lin replies that it’s a secret and Ikki pouts before wheedling her to tell him since that’s the most interesting point.

Lin replies firmly that she doesn’t want to talk about it since it was embarrassing and not a situation she can tell other people about. Ikki just raises his eyebrows and tells her that he’s even more curious now. And so he asks if she won’t take a bet then. Ikki challenges her to a game of darts and if he wins then she has to spill. Lin is unsure and then Rika laughs and reveals that Ikki is a pro at darts, so that bet is a little..

Ikki pouts and tells Rika that she wasn’t supposed to give it away. Lin says Ikki’s name in exasperation, but he is undeterred as he changes the game and asks her how she feels about cards? Toma interrupts them though and tells Lin flatly that they’re going home. Ikki sighs 「あれ、王子様が帰ってきちゃったか。残念」(Oh, the prince came back. What a shame) before telling them that he’ll return to work then before Waka gets angry at how lazy he is.

He apologizes to Toma for Rika’s actions, but Toma reassures him that he doesn’t have to take responsibility. Toma tells them that the source of this situation is Lin, the idiot. Lin has no comment. WOW, HE IS REAAAAAALLY ANGRY… Anyway, Toma excuses himself and Ikki sees them off. Rika tells them to be careful but she looks uncomfortable. They walk most of the road in silence before Lin gathers up the courage to ask Toma if he’s angry.

Toma sighs heavily and tells her that he is, but it’s no use to be angry at her and so he’s trying to deal with it inside himself. Lin asks if it’s better if she doesn’t talk yet. Toma breathes out heavily before he tells her tiredly that it’s fine. Lin apologizes for surprising him today and making him worry. He points out that worrying about her seems to be his basic function, and so she doesn’t have to be concerned about that.

But he asks Lin in exasperation if she understands that she’s the victim and Rika is the offender. Lin tells him that she knows and she remembers, but she can’t seem to bring herself to hate Rika. He asks her what the reason for her benevolence is. Lin explains that he might not be able to see it but when Mine invited her to accompany her into Ikki’s fan club, Rika was the first person to introduce herself to them.

Toma points out flatly that Rika had a responsibility as the president of the fan club. Lin admits that she thought that as well, but she still remembers how kind Rika was. Rika never did anything directly to her and so she can’t get angry. Plus, she thinks Toma was angry enough for the both of them. She knows that Toma calls her soft-hearted and benevolent, but she doesn’t see it that way.

She thinks that it would be tiring to be angry all the time and she doesn’t want that. Lin explains that she doesn’t think she’s being kind, she is just terrible at staying angry. Toma just sighs and comments on how she has bothersome qualities. Lin nods her head weakly. Toma starts to rant about how she’s too optimistic sometimes and she carries ideas out roughly. She nods to that as well.

Finally, Toma remarks on how if she could forgive him who did all those things to her then it wouldn’t be impossible for her to forgive Rika either. He gives a small smile before he turns around and asks for her hand. He wants to walk home while holding hands like they used to in the past. Lin agrees and then she notices how warm and large his hand is. She comments out loud about how it’s completely different from when they were children.

He asks her if it’s the size or the feeling. She admits that it’s both. When they were children his hand was smaller and softer, but he points out that his hand had always been larger than hers even when they were children. Lin finds that part the same, then she asks if he remembers that winter day when they were in elementary school. It was a day when it snowed unexpectedly. On the road home she told him she was cold because she forgot her mittens at school.

And so he enveloped her hands with his. He told her that with this she would be warmer. Toma doesn’t recall this and asks when exactly it happened in elementary school. Lin remembers that Toma was around the 4th Grade while she was in the 3rd Grade. Toma tries to remember why he didn’t have mittens either, because if he did then he would have given them to her. Lin explains that he gave his mittens to Shin.

Shin had gotten his mittens soaked while playing in the snow. Toma finally remembers what she is talking about. He recalls that Shin and her tried to create a huge snowman, but there wasn’t enough snow. He remembers how cute and hilarious it was to see their faces collapse as if the world was going to end at that part. In the end, the three of them just created really small snowmen. Lin recalls that Toma wanted to create an ohinasama doll set.

They had two months before the snowfall ended and they managed it. The moment they finished Lin and Shin cheered and he couldn’t help but think about how cute they were. Lin falls silent at this and Toma asks her if something is wrong. She points out that he’s always treating her like a child, because in his eyes she and Shin will always be younger than him. However, she doesn’t think a one year difference is that much.

Toma admits that one year might not be that much of a difference but because she’s always such a ditzy girl, he became like this. She’s even more of a child than Shin because of how awkward she was. It was always suspenseful. His voice soften as he confesses that was why his eyes couldn’t leave her. He didn’t want to look away from her. When he realized it, he already couldn’t see anyone but her.

Lin murmurs his name, but he just smiles and pulls her closer to him under the pretense of the road becoming narrower. Once again she apologizes for surprising him by being together with Rika. Toma loses the smile on his face at that, but Lin continues on to admit that she talked a lot about him to Rika. She talked to Rika about why she loved Toma, how kind he is, and how important he is to her.

If she talked to anyone else then it would have seemed like she was just praising her boyfriend, but she thought it would help Rika understand that she didn’t love Ikki. It also made her really happy. When Toma looks confused she explains that it might have troubled Rika, but she boasted a lot about Toma. Being able to talk about her lover to another person made her really happy.

Toma blushes before murmuring that if she says things like that with that kind of face then he won’t be able to scold her. But he tells her sternly that he’s still angry though. Lin apologizes for that, but he just sighs and tells her that it’s also unfair. He has no one to tell how much he loves her and how cute he thinks she is. He wants to talk about it so badly, but there’s no one to listen to him.

Lin tells him to say it to her. She wants him to show her just how much he loves her. BOLD AS BRASS GIRL (〃゚艸゚):;*. Toma tries to protest but she tells him that she wants to hear it. She tells him that she’s always loved Toma for a long time, but she wants to know Toma’s side of the story. She’s curious as to when he started noticing her. He looks uncomfortable but he finally confesses that it was very much like what she wrote in her diary.

Every day he could only think about how he met her that day or heard her voice. When they were children they attended school together and played together and so he didn’t notice her too much then. When they were in middle school, he started to think about how they were growing farther apart. It was natural that they would make friends around their own age and be busy with clubs and stuff.

But it pained him to rely on fortune to maybe be able to see her face once a week. He also started to see how different she was from childhood and how she was a woman. But he was a really proud brat in high school and so he couldn’t call out to her. Then in high school he grew unbearably sad at the distance between them. It was also at that time that the others around him started to become noisy about their own love life.

Everyone started talking about which girl was the cutest in class and which student teacher was the best. But Toma confesses that his feelings wouldn’t move for anyone but her. And that was when he realized that he was in love. But at that age they met very infrequently. When his exams ended, she started her exams. But he couldn’t call out to her. Also, whenever they did see each other, she greeted him with the same smile that she did as a child.

Just like it had been when they were children, her smile was full of faith and trust in him. It was too innocent and defenceless. It was very painful when he realized that she still thought of him as a brother. Lin interrupts and tells him that he was wrong. Toma smiles wryly and tells her that he knows, or well more like he knows now. He asks her if she liked him from when they were children and Lin nods.

Ever since they were small she loved Toma, though it was unrequited at the beginning. Toma realizes that this is why her attitude never changed towards him. He laughs bitterly at his own blind spot. He only started having a strong awareness towards woman around the middle, while she had been like that from the start. He thinks it wouldn’t be just him who wouldn’t know that though, because in that situation the object of interest wouldn’t notice.

But anyway, because he thought she didn’t like him, he desperately tried to give up on her. It was a wasted endeavour though. Lin tells him that if he was struggling so hard then he should have just confessed to her. Toma points out that he might not have been able to have a normal conversation, since he’s refuses to accept defeat. Lin has nothing to say to that, but then Toma also confesses that he didn’t want to lose their childhood friendship.

He thought that he’d rather stay by her side as a childhood friend than risk being unable to see her. In the end, the person to take the first step was her. Toma compliments her on her strength, because he was a coward and couldn’t do that. Lin murmurs his name before telling him that she loves him. His eyes widen and he blushes at how sudden that was. Lin explains that she just felt like saying it all of a sudden. Should she not?

Toma averts his eyes and tells her softly that she’s allowed to and thanks her, but then he tells her teasingly that she shouldn’t say it in a place like this. They can’t unfold their love scene here. Lin freezes at that and Toma laughs in embarrassment before telling her that he was just saying it. But anyway, it looks like no matter how much he kicks and struggles he can never win against her.

They finally return home. Toma asks if she finished loading the washing machine and if he can turn it on. Lin informs him that she can do it and he should sit down. But Toma reassures her that all he has to do is flip a switch. However, he could use her help in drying the laundry since it’s a little complicated for him to handle her undergarments. Lin agrees hesitantly but then she realizes that..

Toma finishes her sentence by saying that he’s been doing all of it up until now. She nods and points out that he did it while she was in the cage and wasn’t he fine then? He replies firmly that it was definitely not fine. But he couldn’t tell her to dry her things when she was in the cage and so he had to prepare his heart. Thanks to that, he developed the skill of focusing on a point so as to not see anything as he dried them.

Lin is silent before she informs him that today she’ll do all of the laundry. She also asks if she can clean around the house, especially when he’s gone in the afternoon to work. Toma is surprised before he tells her that her feelings are enough for him and he can do it. Lin tries to protest and so Toma asks her if she’s going to clean every nook and cranny in this room. Before she can answer he tells her that would be problematic for him.

Because he’s a guy he has one or two things that he doesn’t want her to see. She asks if that’s true and he tells her it is before adding that they aren’t going to pursue this topic any further. Lin hums in thought but Toma informs her that she doesn’t have to do anything. Suddenly Toma remembers that he didn’t put the detergent into the washing machine and disappears. Lin tries to guess where Toma would hide things.

But realizes that if she doesn’t find it then it would be bad. After all, it must be something bad if he’s hiding it. She realizes that it would be a transgression of manners, but now she’s extremely curious about what Toma could be hiding. She thinks about how Toma read her diary, but argues to herself that it was by accident. Plus she doesn’t think that he’s hiding a diary. She decides to search just a little, because she’s curious.

She’ll search the places that Toma used to hide things in when he was little, such as the shelves, under the desk, and gaps. She doesn’t find anything between the gaps nor is anything under the desk. She does find something in the shelves though. She feels scrap pieces of paper and it makes her want to look at them. She wonders if it’s a note, but it doesn’t feel like one. Maybe an album?

Lin really wants to look at it, but she realizes that she shouldn’t. But maybe this is.. Toma returns at this point mumbling about there was only one use of the detergent left and they will have to get more tomorrow. He yelps when he sees what she has and tries to tell her to wait, but Lin has flipped it open and sees that they’re photographs of her. Toma is panicking and he can’t believe she found that so fast.

When she tries to ask him what this is, he ignores her as he continues to mutter and ask himself if it was because he hid it poorly. But no one else has managed to find it yet! She flips the page and he tells her to stop looking at it. Lin replies that she already saw it and so even if he stops her she thinks it’d be the same thing. She apologizes though and Toma groans. Then Lin asks why he has pictures of her in high school in here.

Toma closes his eyes and tells her firmly that although these look like it, they aren’t peeping photos. They were pictures taken by their school during school trips and cultural festivals, etc. They could buy whatever pictures they liked with their own money. Lin points out that he has pictures of her during the time that he graduated. Toma blushes as he admits that he bargained with a junior for those.

He bought him his favorite idol DVD. In university, he had friends in the movie club and so he was able to get them to lend him the movie reel. Toma made printouts of her whenever she appeared in it. (´・ω・`)… He explains that he knows it’s bordering on the verge of being a stalker and that’s why he hid it. His eyes widen as he notices that she’s turning red though and he asks if she doesn’t feel disgusted.

AT LEAST HE REALIZES HIMSELF WHAT HE’S DOING LMAO. Lin confesses that it doesn’t make her feel disgusted because.. she also asked Shin to help her take pictures of Toma. Σ(゚ー゚;*) OH DEAR. Toma blinks in surprise and Lin explains that she has a lot of pictures of him as a child, but she didn’t have any recent ones. But it would be hard to say that she wanted photos all of a sudden and that’s why she asked Shin.

Toma recalls a time where Shin had told him that the camera on his phone was acting weird and so he wanted to test it out on Toma. Lin tells him that it must have been then when he took it. Later, Shin mailed her the pictures. She points out how similar they are. Toma can’t help but chuckle. He tells her that Shin must have been wondering what these two idiots were doing. Lin admits that he didn’t just think that, but he actually said it.

Shin told her to take the pictures herself. Toma laughs some more at how characteristic of Shin it is to say that, but to also take the pictures and send them along. But then he changes the subject and tells her that even if she understands he wants her to hand the album to him. She asks him if it’s because it’s embarrassing, but he replies that it’s precious. He confesses that it’s a treasured item.

But then he adds 「今はおまえ自身が俺の宝物だけどね」(Although, right now, you’re my treasure too). Anyway, night falls and they prepare to go to sleep. Toma turns off the lights and wishes her good night. However, Lin tries to speak up and hesitantly asks Toma if he could.. He’s smirking as he says 「どこで寝て欲しい?」(Where do you want to sleep?). Lin flounders for her words and he comments on how it’s unfair for him to ask this.

And so Toma calls her over to him. He asks her if her shoulder and feet hurt, but she shakes her head and reassures him that they’re healed. They fall silent before she tells him that this almost seems like a dream. When she was a child, she used to imagine things like this. She would imagine how when she was older she would become Toma’s bride. She would wake up in the morning to prepare breakfast and send him off.

At night he would return and they would spend the rest of the day together. They would sleep together in the same bed. Toma recalls that she said that a lot as a child, that she would marry him. He informs her that she said it so much his parents would tease him and his friends would make fun of him. It was a big problem. Lin apologizes but confesses that it was her happiest and most anticipated future.

Lin confesses that right now her dreams have been half-granted and she’s extremely happy. She wants to be together forever with him. He replies that he feels similarly.. although there are a few things he’s still unsatisfied about. Lin sighs his name in exasperation, but he continues on to tell her that however to be able to express his love for her and to have that responded to.. He can feel, through embracing her body, her love for him.

He’s so happy that he would be fine if he had to die now. He’s thought about how he needs to hurry up and return her home. It’s not a lie, but it’s painful to imagine sleeping alone on this bed where her scent is. If only she could remain here forever. She murmurs his name, but he sighs and tells her that he knows he can’t do that. Lin asks if that is something he is telling himself inside.

Toma answers that he can’t betray her parents, who have been appointed overseas, who trust in him and ordered him to take care of her. He chuckles wryly as he notes that he’s actually betrayed that trust already. At any rate, he promises to protect her. He’ll take care of her properly. Lin is silent and then Toma murmurs 「それに・・・俺は・・・」(Beside.. I…). When she encourages him to go on, he shakes his head and tells her that it’s nothing.

Instead he just tells her to go to sleep since she’s a good girl. He’ll be sleeping too now. She nods quietly but she wonders what he was going to say. She falls asleep, but is woken up in the middle of the night when she realizes that her back is cold when Toma is supposed to be there. She sits up and calls out his name only to hear him apologize when he realizes he woke her up. He was trying to be quiet too.

Lin tells him that she was woken up and then asks if he couldn’t sleep. He answers that he was just thinking about things. When she looks at him questioningly, he tells her that a lot has happened. He starts to say 「・・・やっぱさ・・・俺は・・・おまえとは・・・」(.. Actually.. I… with you…) but once again he trails off and apologizes before saying that it’s nothing. Lin is starting to become worried and she asks him hesitantly if he’s trying to break up with her.

Toma reassures her that he wouldn’t say that. That is something he definitely wouldn’t say. He tells her 「どんなに罪悪感に押し潰されそうでも、自分が何をしでかすか怖くても。俺が自分からおまえを手放すことだけは絶対にしない」(No matter how crushed I am by feelings of guilt, or how afraid I am of what I’ll do. I will never send you away from myself). BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DO THAT A DAY AGO..? But he’s realized that things can’t remain like this.

He tells her 「おまえは俺に甘すぎるから、今こんなことになってるけど・・・俺は一度徹底的に叱られないと駄目だ。罪をおかしたらそれ相応の罰を受けないとね」(It’s because you’re too soft on me, which is how things became like this but.. I shouldn’t be allowed to be free of reprimand. If a crime occurs, the appropriate thing to do is to accept punishment). He admits quietly that he did horrible things to her. Lin is even more worried now, but he reassures her that there is nothing to be worried about.

Toma informs her that he’s prepared himself and decided that he can’t run away. If she won’t deliver punishment onto him then the one who surely will is–…

8月27日. In the morning Lin asks Toma if he would like sugar in his tea, but he refuses and tells her that since there’s breakfast he would rather have a simple tea. She agrees when she realizes that the rice cakes she ate are settling heavy in her stomach. He comments on how sweet soy sauce is a bit thick and that tomorrow they should get something lighter to eat. Lin returns to set his tea on the table.

Toma thanks her and informs her that he’s almost done checking the apology video that Rika gave them. He’s amazed by the high quality of it. When Lin looks confused, Toma tries to explain that it was done with a lot of spirit and emotion. It almost feels like a scoop on television. One cameraman and one report out seeking the truth. The reporter went to the crime scene and investigated the mayonnaise that was there and even the maker.

Then they inspected all the personal belongings of the members of the fan club and recovered all the receipts they made at the supermarket. Then they found the maker of the mayonnaise on the receipt and caught the member who purchased it. The bodies of the dead bugs were found to have come from a pet shop and the member was also caught. Then pressure was put on those two girls until they gave up the identity of their leader.

The pursuit continued until the crying and collapsed form of the ringleader was broadcasted. Then they made the ringleader confess that her weakness was the source of everything as she bit her handkerchief. Lin remarks on how that must have been Rika doing all this. Toma doesn’t disagree and adds that she made a copy for him as well as a picture of the ringleader caught in action. The apology video is starting to make its rounds around the net.

In 24 hours, slander against her had made its way around the internet in the past. There’s a lot of people who know about her situation now, especially after this. With this a lot of the people will realize that she was being slandered against. He’s a bit unhappy at the way this turned out, but realizes that it might be quicker. If those girls are going to upload anything else onto the web they’ll need a lot of courage.

Toma tells her that the reason this apology movie’s quality was so high was probably to help change people’s perception of her. He still has no intentions of forgiving any of them, but he can acknowledge their efforts. With this he believes that she’ll be able to return to her house in a week or so. He asks if she isn’t happy and Lin nods weakly. In her mind she thinks glumly about how she can only stay here for just one more week.

Once that week passes, they’ll return to their ordinary days. She realizes that it’s natural and they’ve been spending their days rather ordinarily right now too. But it’ll be lonely to separate after having lived together like this. Lin wonders if she’s just being selfish to think that after becoming lovers every day would be filled with happiness and no sadness. Just thinking about returning home and having to say goodbye to Toma hurts her.

She can’t help but think about wanting to stay with him forever. She wonders if she went from having an unrequited love to being greedy. Suddenly Toma remembers to tell her that he doesn’t have to work today. Waka had sent him a mail telling him to take today and tomorrow off. He wants Toma to come in the day after tomorrow though. And so Toma decides that they should go shopping together since they need to buy detergent.

Lin finishes her tea before beginning preparations to set out. When they arrive at the shopping district, Toma asks her if she needs anything. Lin doesn’t have anything in particular that she wants because she still has a lot of things from the last time they went shopping. Toma starts to blush and when Lin asks him if something is wrong, he tells her that he just recalled an embarrassing memory. He asks her if his face is red and she tells him it is.

When she asks him what he remembered he can only reply in a strangled voice that he remembered the lingerie shop. Lin becomes embarrassed when she remembers it herself and Toma asks her what that had been all about. And if that was her approach and had a serious meaning then he’s a little embarrassed. Lin hurriedly denies coming onto him through that way and tells him that she just spaced out and was curious about it.

She just wanted to go into the store and ask a few questions. There was no deeper meaning to it. Toma chuckles awkwardly and asks her if she knows how impatient he was to get away from that situation. She says there’s no deeper meaning into it, but one doesn’t just stand in front of a man in undergarments.. Lin apologizes with a stutter and admits that now that she remembers it she’s become embarrassed too.

Toma starts to blush fiercer and he chides her for turning so red herself, since it’s just making him more embarrassed. They’re both silent until Toma hurriedly turns away and notes that they probably won’t go to that shop. Lin agrees quickly and so they head to a supermarket. Toma apologizes for it being a bother, but they’ll probably get everything in this store.

He knows that she said she didn’t want anything, but he thinks she’ll want to look at things since she’s a girl. EXCUSE ME? ARE YOU STEREOTYPING? Since they still have time, he’ll keep her company to look at things. Lin is in the mood for sweets and so they check them out. She suddenly wants to eat some hot cakes. Toma asks if hot cakes fall into the sweets category and Lin puzzles on that before saying hesitantly that she thinks they do.

Anyway, she suddenly remembered that Toma’s mother used to make them and now she wants to eat some. Toma recalls that she used to make them a lot, and Lin remembers how delicious they were. They had a lovely golden brown color and were really fluffy. Her own mother can’t make them like that. Toma is surprised since he thought everyone’s hot cake would turn out like that. Lin tells him that it’s unexpectedly hard trying to make it from the package.

He hums thoughtfully and then asks Lin if she would like to visit his mother like she used to then? He’s sure she’d be pleased. Lin asks if she won’t be a bother and Toma reassures her that she wouldn’t since his mother often complains about being lonely since she hasn’t seen Lin for a while. His mother still tells him that she wish she had a daughter. He rolls his eyes at that. Lin comments on how if he suddenly had a little sister he’d be troubled.

Toma tells her that he wouldn’t be troubled, but he’d definitely be bewildered. Then he blushes as he suddenly realizes that his mother mustn’t have meant the other meaning. Lin looks at him in confusion and he hurriedly tells her that it’s nothing and he won’t think deeper into that. IMPLYING SHE WANTS TOMA TO MARRY LIN. Anyway, he reassures her that his mother will be overjoyed to see Lin again.

Lin decides that she will then at another time. She’ll also beg his mother to teach her how to make hot cakes. But for now she wants to buy some hot cake mix. Toma informs her that they’ll have to get some butter too, since he doesn’t have any. Twenty minutes later, Toma is looking exasperated. It’s fine since they’ve already bought it, but he wants to know why she bought so much mix and two more sticks of butter.

She informs him that since they’re already here she’s decided to make some cake as well. He asks her in surprise if she can do that out of the hot cake mix and Lin starts to instruct him on the ways one can make a cake, such as adding more butter, eggs, and sugar into the hot cake mix. In the end, Toma points out that if she just makes all these sweets to eat then she’ll become fat. Lin ducks her shoulders at that.

Lin decides to look at kitchen equipment next, though Toma asks her what she is looking for. Pots, pans, or mugs? She tells him that she wants an apron since it’d be nice to have one when cooking at his house. Toma asks her if she’s going to take it with her when she returns to her house. Lin is silent before telling him that even if she returns home, she wants to go over to his house still.

And when she does, she wants to be able to cook him meals. That’s why she’d like to leave an apron at his house for her to use whenever. She asks if that isn’t allowed and he smiles before reassuring her that she doesn’t even need to ask. They start to head over to the apron section together and then Toma asks if he can choose the apron she’ll wear. If she’s going to be cooking the food then he wants to be a part of it.

Lin asks him if he has an apron fetish. He grins and replies that rather than a fetish it’s more like a man’s selfish dream. He explains that it is a man’s wildest dream to see his girlfriend in an apron. They head upstairs to the next floor to find the kitchen supplies. Thirty minutes later, Lin is thanking Toma for choosing one. But she points out that the design is awfully cute. He admits that he thought so too.

It looks like the image he has of her inside him is still childlike. Whenever he looks at her he can see that she’s nineteen years old, but whenever he has to choose something for her his hands automatically move towards more childlike things. He’s telling himself that he needs to change his feelings for her regarding this. OH THAT’S IT. YOU’RE GOING TO SUFFER AT THE LINGERIE SHOP THEN, MUAHAHAHA.

The next place they go to is the game shop. Toma recalls that she played a lot of games at his house. He asks her if she wants to borrow any when she returns home, but Lin informs him that she cleared them all. Toma’s mouth drops open as Lin tells him that she cleared all six of his games, so he doesn’t have to lend her them. He can’t believe it and he asks her when she had the time to clear them all.

She informs him that it wasn’t impossible, but then she remembers to apologize for one thing. She erased his previous saved data. Before she knew it, she accidentally overwrote his data with her own. She’s really sorry about erasing his speed play. Toma reassures her weakly that it’s fine, but that he worked hard on it. Then he comments on how she is talented in that area. Lin points out that if she clears it fast then she can’t spend a long time playing it.

It takes all the fun out of it and so it’s not a talent that she’s happy about. Somehow, he feels like it suits her to show her true strength in that area. Thirty minutes later, Toma asks her what she bought. She tells him that she bought a game with elements of love, fantasy, suspense, and mystery. Toma is confused by how all of that is in one game. Exactly what audience is it targeted towards? Even Lin isn’t too sure.

The last place to go to is the lingerie shop, but Lin doesn’t have the courage to say. Toma notices her eyes flickering around and he asks her what she’s doing before following her line of sight. He notes that she’s looking at a lingerie store and when Lin nods to confirm it, he asks her calmly if she wants to buy something. Lin admits that she does and Toma is silent for a second before sighing heavily.

He thinks about how she hasn’t bought anything for a while and so he agrees to go with her. Lin asks him worriedly if he’s really okay with that, and he reassures her that he is. They can’t not go if there’s something that she wants. But he tells her firmly that this time he’ll remain outside the shop. It’s a different shop from last time, but if he isn’t vigilant then he might get dragged in again.

Toma is prepared to stay far away from the entrance. Lin nods and they head to the store.. only to hear this girl welcome them into the store and note that Lin is with her boyfriend. Toma freaks out when he realizes that this peron is the same person from last time who dragged him inside. But he points out that the store is different! The attendant informs them that this shop is part of the same franchise as the other one.

She works in this store for half the week and then spends the other half at the other store. Toma asks her angrily what kind of trap this is, but she just drags him into the shop. Toma tries to protest 「違っ・・・あ、いや彼氏であることは否定しないけど!!」(You’re wro– Ah, I mean I won’t deny that I’m her boyfriend, but!!). The attendant slyly asks him why he’s so reserved since he’ll be seeing her in these when she’s trying them on and he might seem them again later today.

The attendant tries to promote a new brand that just came today. It’s a bra that has a front hook and emphasizes the breasts. Toma blurts out that she doesn’t need that feature. The attendant pouts but then notes that Lin’s breasts are already large, if they were any bigger then it might be a problem~! She tries to promote another new production which features panties with a ribbon that can let it come apart.

_(_△_)ノ彡☆ギャハハ!! KAWAISOU TOMA! She asks for the manager if the changing rooms are empty and Toma makes a strangled noise. The attendant informs them that she still remembers Lin’s sizes from the last time she was here and so she’ll pick a few pieces out for Lin. In fact she picks up a set made out of lace and points out that it’s cute but still sexy. Toma apologizes but yells out that they have to leave and he drags Lin out of there in a run.

The attendant calls after them in confusion, but they’re long gone. Toma sighs in exhaustion and mumbles about how he thought he’d die. Lin agrees while Toma complains and asks how that attendant could be working here as well. Give him a break! Then he asks Lin why she remained silent and made him have to deal with everything. Lin replies that she didn’t feel like she could get a word in and that she’d lose the instant she spoke.

Toma can sympathize with that since he felt the same way. The attendant had completely spoken around them. Toma felt like his life had been shortened and grumbles about how if it were someone else’s problems he would have laughed. Then he apologizes to Lin since he remembers that she had something she wanted, but he took her along with him in his escape. He asks if she would like to return by herself.

Lin reassures him that it’s fine. All she wanted were stockings, but she doesn’t need them right now. He sighs in relief at that and then comments on how tired he is, because that event sucked out his life force. Lin shyly tells him that it made her a bit happy that he had told the attendant he can’t deny being her boyfriend. Toma averts his eyes with a blush, but he tells her that it’s a fact. He wants to say it out loud.

Then he changes the subject and informs her that now he knows he can’t ever go to that kind of shop, because he’ll always get dragged in. Lin confesses that his flustered face is kind of cute. Toma points out that on the other hand she’d be letting him see her in her undergarments. Lin splutters at that and he nods as he points out that she doesn’t want him to, right? That’s why there won’t be a next time!

Toma comments on how promising to buy things with her always ends up being an adventure. Anyway, they start to return home and he notices the abnormal weather. It’s still August which is supposed to be the summer yet the stores are already selling winter vegetables used in stew. Lin notices that the vegetables are all on discount and Toma informs her that they’re cheap and so he bought them. They’ll be having hot pot tonight.

Lin notes that hot pot isn’t exactly something one eats in August, but Toma points out that the nights are cold and so he thought eating something warm would be nice. He asks if she doesn’t want to but Lin shakes her head and reassures him it’s fine. She asks if they have an earthenware pot and he tells her that they do. He doesn’t use it all that often though and so he put it in the very back of the kitchen.

In fact Shin was the one who gave it to him and told him to use it, but he never ended up using it. Lin asks if he never had hot pot with Shin. Toma informs her that last year he asked Shin to eat some with him, but Shin had a disgusted expression and asked why he would eat hot pot with Toma. Lin knows that would be something he’d say. Toma admits that two men eating hot pot would be boring and troublesome.

Although if Shin drinks a little sake then he becomes different. Lin asks if Toma drinks alcohol. He smiles as he tells her that he enjoys a glass once in a while. Normally he doesn’t drink it, but when he’s having hot pot he likes to have a beer. Lin confesses she can’t imagine that. In university whenever they went out to eat together she never saw him drinking sake. Toma replies that he never drank in front of her, or more like he wouldn’t.

When Lin asks why Toma informs her that he had to escort her home and so he didn’t want to drink any alcohol. If he had gotten himself drunk and something happened then it’d be problematic. YOU’RE SO PARANOID.. Lin is silent and Toma asks her if she’s going to laugh at how much he worries. She tells him that she won’t laugh but she wants to know why he does so much for her. She’s sure that he sacrificed many things because of her.

It hurts her heart a little. Toma chuckles and asks her if she really has to ask why he would do those things. Lin tries to protest but he tells her softly that it’s because he loves her. He says 「おまえが好きだから。可愛いから、守りたいから。・・・幸せにしたいから」(It’s because I love you. It’s because you’re cute and I want to protect you.. because I want to make you happy).

He confesses 「だから俺は何を犠牲にしても怖くないんだ・・・おまえのためなら何だってするよ」(That’s why I’m not afraid to sacrifice anything.. For you I would do anything). He tells her that she doesn’t have to look at him as if she owes him. He’s doing this out of his own free will. Lin is silent and then Toma admits that he was a bit more reserved before. He felt it was a bit strange that she was so much of his center.

Toma thought he’d be troubling her if a man like him, who wasn’t her relative or boyfriend, thought like that. Lin reassures him that she wouldn’t have been troubled because.. He interrupts and smiles as he tells her that he knows. At least now that he knows her feelings but, as he thought, he’s not normal. He tells her 「俺の思考はほとんど呪いだってシンに言われたけど、ほんとそうだと思う」(Shin told me that my thoughts were cursed and now I’m starting to think so).

He confesses that when he caged her he was scared of himself. He was afraid of why he might do against her will. He thought about how he was just a childhood friend and how he had no right to do that to her. Yet, even as he knew that, he couldn’t stop himself. Toma sighs and calls himself a hopeless case. But now she’s finally become his most precious person. They’re able to act like lovers and so it’s natural they’ll treasure each other.

Now he can say that he isn’t afraid of what others may say. It can’t be helped how happy he is. He promises that he will never force her against her will anymore, but this also means that he won’t be reserved. He tells her 「今まで以上に全身全霊でおまえを守って幸せにする」(Now more than ever I will protect you and make you happy with my body and soul). His smile is gentle as he tells her to be prepared for that.

They finally return home and Toma notes that they walked a lot today and so he asks if her knees hurt. Lin reassures him that she’s fine and she completely forgot about it. Toma is relieved by that but he still doesn’t want her to strain herself. He advises her to change the compress just in case, but he’s interrupted by his cellphone going off. Someone is calling him and so he excuses himself to talk to that person.

Toma mentions something about being early and how he understands. He asks where the other person is then is surprised by how they’re already at a place. He doesn’t mind it. Then he tells the person to just wait there. Toma apologizes to the heroine but he has a minor business to take care of and so he’ll be stepping out. Lin asks if someone is waiting for him and he nods but reassures her that it isn’t important.

It might take some time though and so he wants her to wait leisurely. He apologizes again as he leave and she sends him off, all the while wondering who he’s going to meet. She thinks that if it was someone she knew, he would say and so it’s probably a university friend. Since he said it would take some time she decides to just prepare the hot pot by chopping the ingredients. Thirty minutes later, she finishes preparing.

She doesn’t know where he keeps the earthenware pot though and so she decides to ask him when he’s back. He should be back soon. But she starts to wonder if he’ll still take some time. Suddenly, she hears Orion’s voice call out to her but she doesn’t recognize it. Lin looks around the room but there’s no one here other than her. Maybe she was hallucinating? Orion hurriedly tells her to go after Toma and quickly!

Lin startles at that and asks who it is but no one answers and there’s no one in the room. The voice told her to find Toma and quickly and although she doesn’t know who it is, it sounds familiar. She wonders what to do since she’s a bit scared, but she feels like she can believe this voice. ???? WHERE DID ORION COME FROM? Lin runs out of the house only to see Toma and Shin nearby. Was Shin the person Toma was going to talk to?

Her eyes widen when she notices Shin bringing back his arm and she screams at them to stop, but Shin punches Toma right in the face. Lin yells out Toma’s name, but Toma just huffs and comments on how it hurts a lot and he might have broken a molar. Shin coldly informs him that that was his intention and he’s definitely not done yet. Toma replies merely with 「--もっと殴る?いいよ、俺もそのほうがいいから」(–you’re going to hit me more? Go ahead, I want that as well).

Lin yells at them to stop and asks them why they’re doing this, but Shin sneers and asks her if she really has to ask. Toma deceived her, drugged her, and then locked her in a cage. He asks her if that was a joke. It’d be nice if it was, but it wasn’t. Shin comments on how even still she’s asking him, who is hitting Toma, why he’s doing this. He thinks she’s speaking to the wrong person.

She tries to deny it but then Shin continues on to ask her coldly why she was silent about the fan club fiasco. Especially since that was the beginning. Lin is silent before she admits that her actions were the source of everything. She couldn’t see anything around her because her mind was full of Toma. She put a lot of things off because of that. Lin confesses that it was the end of July when she received mail from an unknown person.

Lin even remembers the exact situation. It was July 25th and she was returning home from work. She received an email and when she looked at it, it merely told her to go and die. It made her feel terrible but she thought it might have been a chainmail. But then she started receiving many letters that insulted her and called her names. She learned very quickly that the people in Ikki’s fan club were the perpetrators.

Especially since a lot of the words were telling her to break up. She thought about telling Ikki, but because she had no proof she thought she’d just be troubling him. She thought about telling Sawa or her other friends, but she didn’t want to trouble them. Shin asks her if she didn’t think about telling him. Lin informs him that she did, but she wasn’t sure if he would tell Toma about it.

Shin points out that by remaining silent about it she ended up hiding it from him. Lin admits that but she points out that Toma is extremely keen and if Shin’s attitude changed even just a little then he would pick up on it. And she absolutely couldn’t talk to Toma. If she did tell Toma about the bullying then she would have felt like she needed to tell him about what she and Ikki talked about.

If she made up a random reason then Toma would have seen through her lie. That’s why she decided to remain completely silent. She was only getting hate letters and mail and so the damage was still little. Plus, she was going to confess to Toma in a week. If it was successful then she would become Toma’s girlfriend. Then once everyone realized that she wasn’t trying to claim Ikki’s affections all the hate would stop.

And if her confession failed then she thought that it would be fine to tell Toma everything. At any rate, that’s why she decided to endure everything for one more week. Toma climbs back to his feet, wincing at his pain, to add into the conversation that the bullying he saw wasn’t that lenient. He doesn’t think that Lin can say they were doing little damage. Lin informs them that the bullying increased in intensity only around July the 30th or 31st.

She thinks it’s because it was so close to the day of confession that her meetings with Ikki increased. They tried to meet in secret but apparently they couldn’t avoid the eyes of the fan club. The bullying sped up instantly at that. Lin confesses that she was scared and felt terrible, but she just needed to last one more day. She just had to endure a little more.

Shin’s voice is unamused as he comments on how, in short, because she could only think about confessing to Toma everything else could be left alone. Lin nods her head weakly. Shin is exasperated at how these two would end up together on their deathbed. Lin is silent at that so then Shin asks her roughly 「んで何?トーマが好きだから、トーマには何されても平気だって?」(And what? So because you like Toma, you’ll let him do anything to you?).

He snaps out that if they go that far it’s disgusting. They’re codependent on each other. Is she really alright with that? WELL.. WE HAVE THE YANDERE AND THE GIRL THAT IS OBSESSED. I THINK IT’S A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Lin argues that she wasn’t fine with everything. Unpleasant things are still unpleasant. Even if it’s Toma there are things that are unforgivable and undismissable. But this time she was experiencing things much scarier than Toma.

And that’s why she was happy that Toma was by her side. Even the days when she had lost her memory and was unsure about herself, she still found the dead bugs and the potted plants crashing down and getting her hair cut to be extremely frightening. Toma protected her from all that. He protected her with his entire being and desperately even though he was pained by the awareness of his crimes.

But she still remembers him promising her as a child that he would protect her from anything scary. That’s why she shouldn’t cry and that everything is fine, because he’s with her. Toma promised on that far away day that he would protect her. That’s why she forgave him for everything. Toma and Shin are both silent through her speech until Shin sighs heavily and calls the two of them idiots. Then he calls out to Toma, who looks at him warily.

Shin points out that Toma chose this place for him to get beat up because it’s hidden from prying eyes and far from the street. And so if he beat him up here then he wouldn’t be reported. Toma shrugs and replies lightly that Shin is taking exams and so if he was reported then it’d be a problem. Shin frowns and tells Toma that his consideration at a time like this is irritating as hell. Toma apologizes for that.

This just makes Shin ask him angrily why he’s always deciding to do things alone. Does he think that it’d be alright for him to be the only one covered in mud? He asks Toma if he thinks he can do everything by himself. Isn’t that a bit arrogant? He snaps out that he really hates that part of Toma and if he doesn’t improve that part of himself then he won’t hang out with him. Toma softly apologizes again and accepts that he’s at fault.

Toma doesn’t even know what he was doing at that time. Lin murmurs his name but Toma just smiles wryly and talks about how he’s hopeless. He’s hopeless if they’re not around. If Lin isn’t around then he’ll be unbearably pained. If Shin isn’t around then he walks off the simple road. Toma apologizes again for being like this. Shin is silent before he calls out Toma’s name. When Toma looks at him, he gets punched again in the face.

Lin gasps out Shin’s name, but Shin just asks Toma angrily why he thinks he can decide that by himself. Toma looks up in surprise but Shin just tells him flatly to listen well because he won’t repeat it. He tells Toma that he really hates how Toma decides everything by himself and sacrifices himself, but they wouldn’t want him any other way. He and Lin had decided as children to stay by Toma’s side, even if he’s like that.

Even if Toma is hopeless, terrible, the worst, and a coward. He’s needed by them! LMFAO NICE ONE SHIN. Shin confesses that they would hate it if he wasn’t there with them. That’s why he doesn’t want Toma to give up and become pessimistic and hate himself and create walls. The next time something happens he wants Toma to think twice about cutting their bonds, disappearing, and bearing everything on his own.

Shin yells at him not to screw around with them. What is he to them? What did he decide for himself what he was to them? Toma is taken aback by Shin’s rant and hesitantly says a brother. Shin snaps back that if he’s a brother then their bonds can’t be broken so easily! Anyway, that’s what Toma is to him but Toma is Lin’s lover! Shin wants Toma to be more aware of that fact.

He also calls him an idiot and tells him to stop living his life creating backup plans to run away. Toma lowers his eyes and agrees with everything that Shin has said. He apologizes again but then thanks him with a small smile. Once again Shin calls him an idiotic brother and then yells at him not to make them worry like that. Toma laughs and apologizes again.

Then Shin turns onto Lin and tells her to understand that she’ll never be a bother to him. In fact, her responsibility is to be bothering him. Lin startles but then agrees and apologizes. Shin accuses her of being too reserved and unable to a bad situation properly. Lin agrees with that and Shin sighs as he tells her that is the worst part of her. She’s aware of her inability to read the atmosphere yet she remains the same.

Lin apologizes and promises that she’ll rely on him more often from now on. Shin just grumbles some more about how troublesome she is for someone who is supposed to be older.

Scene skip! Shin is complaining about how in that situation, when he told them later, he actually meant he was saying goodbye. So how did he get drawn into eating hot pot with the three of them? Lin points out that it’s been a long time since they’ve been together and she thought they could improve their relationship. Shin grumbles about how this is what he meant by her being unable to read the atmosphere.

Lin completely ignores him and asks him if he would like the ham or chicken, and Shin replies chicken. Meanwhile, Toma is wincing in pain but he’s relieved that his molars didn’t get knocked out. Lin asks him if he’s still able to eat. Toma reassures her that he can still eat, especially since they’re finally having hot pot. But then he winces at how even talking makes his face hurt.

She asks him if he would like to change the ice in the towel, but he reassures her that it’s still cold. He just feels a little bad at having a cut in his mouth. Lin asks Shin if his hand is alright and if it doesn’t hurt to move his wrist. She could get him a compress if he would like. Shin tells her that he’s fine and if he smells the compress then his appetite would be ruined. Lin doesn’t settle for that response though.

And so she orders him to stretch out his hand. Toma recalls that they have compresses that don’t smell and he tells Shin to wait. Shin tells them loudly that he doesn’t want one. But Toma ignores him and tells him that he needs one since his hand must hurt from punching someone. Plus, he remembers that Shin fought in middle school with another boy and pulled a muscle in his hand. That injury is only half-healed up until now.

Lin is shocked at that and comments on how painful it must be, especially when it’s half-healed. Toma points out that muscle injuries take a while to heal. Lin decides that Shin should have the compress then, but Shin just growls at how the two of them cooperating is troublesome. He curses as he tells them he takes back his words from before, because they’re utterly annoying. They finish dinner late at night and Shin thanks them for the meal.

As he prepares to leaves Toma invites him over to eat tomorrow and the day after that since they will still be having hot pot. The next one will be korean hot pot. Toma smiles sheepishly and admits that he bought some chinese cabbages and he still has loads of vegetables. Plus, using the earthenware pot just once is annoying. Shin rolls his eyes at that reason, but Lin tells him that they really do need to eat together again. She’ll be waiting.

Shin gives in and leaves with a small smile. Lin watches him leave and Toma reassures her that Shin will be back tomorrow night, although he might look displeased. They’re silent for a second until Toma turns serious and asks her if she would like to return home after Shin eats dinner with them tomorrow night. When she looks at him in surprise, he informs her that the internet looks fine now and the bullying has stopped.

Toma believes that she doesn’t need to stay at his house anymore and he thinks it’ll be better if she returns to her own. Lin is silent before she admits that she needs to return to her house one day. Toma tells her that the problem is that she needs to return one day, but that she came to his house during an emergency. Which means that it’s natural she should return home. Lin nods and quietly promises to go home tomorrow.

She thanks him formally for all his help. Toma looks conflicted and he sighs as he tells her that he would like her not to say it with that kind of expression. Lin is confused and asks him what kind of face she’s making. Toma replies that she looks like she’s going to cry. She is smiling like she’s trying to be brave and not cry. She has nothing to say to that and then he asks her if she really doesn’t want to go that badly.

Is she still scared? Lin reassures him that she’s no longer scared and she’ll be fine, it’s just.. When her words trail off he tries to encourage her, but it takes her a while until she asks him if he’ll listen to this selfish request of hers. Toma breathes in deeply but tells her to go ahead. Lin confesses that in the past it used to be unrequited love, but now they’re finally able to act like lovers.

She thought that it would be enough just to become his girlfriend, but now that she is his girlfriend she’s noticed that it isn’t enough for her. She wants to be with him more. She found these three days to be very fun. It is the same happy life that she saw in her dreams as a child. There’s a difference in the fact that she’s not Toma’s bride, but it’s an unbelievable happiness. She’s really content.

That’s why she’s sad to return home alone. She knows that she should be more than happy with becoming his lover, but her desires have deepened. She’s steadily becoming more selfish. She wants to cry just when she thinks about having to wish him goodbye and waving her hands. Lin asks him desperately how other people do it. How do other people overcome this lonesome feeling?

She doesn’t know or understand how people can return home after waving goodbye to the person they love. Toma closes his eyes tightly before he sighs and asks her with a smile 「それができないから、結婚するんじゃないのかな。・・・離れていたくないから」(Maybe it’s because they can’t do it that they marry.. since they don’t want to let go). Lin’s eyes start to widen and Toma continues on to say that she called herself selfish for saying these things but he is too then.

He hasn’t had enough of her by his side. He also feels, from the bottom of his heart, that he doesn’t want to let her go. Toma confesses that he keeps thinking about how he can’t keep her here nor can he do strange things to her because her parents trust in him and he can’t betray that trust. He didn’t want to disappoint the adults he knew from childhood. Her parents are overseas right now and so he didn’t want to make them worry unnecessarily.

And of course, it’s because he wanted to treasure her. As the elder, he told himself that he needed to keep a hold of himself. But if he is allowed to say it clearly, he’s at his limits. He tells her 「わかってると思うけど俺すごく独占欲強いんだ」(You probably already know it, but I have a strong desire to possess). Having to leave her after the paradisiacal and torturous life of being together with her for 24 hours is too painful for him.

He recalls that she said she didn’t want to return home, right? He doesn’t want her to return many times more than she does. And 「だから・・・おまえがそれを望んでくれるなら・・・明日にでもおまえのおじさんたちにちゃんと言うよ。リンを俺にくださいって」(That’s why.. if this is what you wish then.. tomorrow I’ll talk to you parents properly. I’ll ask them for your hand). Lin can only say his name in awe and Toma tells her that he knows he’s still just a university student, and the same goes for her.

So he knows that it might be difficult to be married anytime soon, but he can no longer exist without her. He confesses 「おまえを一生愛するか、・・・・一生愛しながら、それを隠して生きるか。最初から俺にはその選択肢しかないんだ」(I will love you through my whole life… or I will love you through my whole life, but live hiding it. From the beginning, those were my only choices). He says softly 「だから、俺の奥さんになってよ、リン」(That’s why, please be my wife, Lin).

Then he adds 「シンや他の皆に呆れられるほど幸せになろう」(Let’s become happy to the point of disgusting Shin and the others). Toma vows 「ずっとずっと・・・一緒にいよう。一緒に生きていこう」(Let’s be together.. forever and always. Let’s live together). He teasingly asks her what her answer is and Lin responds with a firm yes.

8月28日. Toma is on the phone with someone telling them that this is how the current situation is. He thought he should tell them first before.. Toma’s mother interrupts and teases him about how long it took him to arrive at this stage. She thinks he did things a little out of order though. Toma looks confused and asks her what he did out of order. His mother points out that he’s living together with Lin right now.

Toma’s eyes widen and he asks her frantically what she’s saying all of a sudden. How did she even come to that conclusion? He denies that they’re living together, but his mother informs him that Shin told her. He said that Lin had been living together with Toma for two weeks now. Toma growls under his breath at how Shin revealed it all. She scolds him for not getting the permission of Lin’s parents properly.

He tries to protest and explain himself but she continues on to complain about how they were all waiting and so he isn’t allowed to live together with Lin in secret. She is exasperated by their secretiveness. Toma is taken aback and he asks what she meant by waiting. She reveals that all their parents had been looking forward to the time when Toma would ask for Lin’s hand in marriage. Toma asks her what is with that story.

His mother points out that as children they used to say they would be married once they grew up. Toma points out that was something they said in kindergarten. She corrects him to say that it was elementary school and they always played at each other’s houses. And yet, for so many years they hadn’t been dating at all. The parents used to talk about how long it was taking and how it didn’t seem like they were married yet.

Toma protests that he isn’t even 20 yet and so they can’t say he was taking too long, but then he brings himself back on track and complains about how both families were gossiping like that. His mother loudly tells him that they were talking with the reliability of a childhood promise, and yet they still secretively started living together. She complains about what a problematic son he is.

He just sighs heavily and tries to defend himself, but his mother continues on to complain about how everyone expected them to live together when Lin was accepted into his university. But nope, they both requested separate apartments. Plus, the only reason Lin was allowed to live alone by her parents was because Toma was nearby. This is the first time Toma has heard that, althoug he was given a duplicate key before her parents went overseas.

But he thought that was for him to check up on the house and not the person herself. His mother snaps at how he doesn’t notice anything unless it’s spelled out for him. She sighs at how useless he is. Toma is speechless but then his mother orders him to call Lin’s parents and get their consent after this phone call is over. In truth, he’s supposed to tell them in person and directly but it’s impossible since they’re so far away.

His mother makes sure that he has their overseas phone number. She also orders him to make sure that he’s talking about the future and not about the present. She wants him to bow his head seriously and plead for them to give their daughter over to him in marriage. Toma just closes his eyes and sighs, but when his mother sternly tells him to answer, Toma replies with a smile that all of this is a given.

He has no objections but he does have a mountain load of things to say. Toma’s mother is pleased and she informs him that she won’t listen to his grumbles. She also wants them to decide where the two of them will live, after Toma’s phone call to Lin’s parents. She’ll help them if they need it. She won’t oppose them marrying in university, but she would like it if they found employment first since there will be a few problems.

She also orders the two of them to visit her next week. She’ll make sure to give them mochi. Toma’s mother ends the call after telling him to take care of Shin and Lin. The call ends and Toma sighs heavily. Lin is shuffling nervously in the background and he asks her sheepishly if she heard. She nods and informs him that his mother’s voice is loud. Toma remarks on how somehow it seems like this was something both families had anticipated.

But then he grumbles at how Shin decided to spill everything and especially to his mother. Then he tells her with a smile that it looks like their parents want them to decide where to live together. He can’t believe it though because he thought it would be an absolute refusal to have her living with him during university. He was afraid it would trouble her parents and so he endured through a lot of things.

And yet the actual situation was different! Toma complains about the attitude of both families and how he doesn’t understand them at all. Lin tries to say something, but Toma continues on his rant about how he had prepared himself to fight to the death and everything. He sighs heavily and confesses that he thought he’d be hit by her father or something. Lin apologizes for her own parents. Toma grins and apologizes for his own.

Lin points out that she’s happy though, to be accepted. Toma agrees with it a little, but he decides to prepare a speech for the next time. Anyway, this time he has to phone her parents. Lin nods at that and then Toma reassures her that they’ll discuss where to live, what to do with the furniture, and other small details like that later. It’d be best if they could live somewhere where they could visit both parents.

And then tonight he’ll put the screws on Shin as payment for spilling everything. Lin wonders if he’ll even come but Toma reassures her that he’ll come in good grace, although he’ll mutter a lot of complaints. She nods and then Toma’s expression softens as he tells her 「・・・リン。これからはさ・・・もう『また明日』も『バイバイ』も無しだよ」(.. Lin, from now on.. we’ll no longer have to say “See you tomorrow” and “Bye bye”).

He adds 「『行ってらっしゃい』『おかえり』・・・そう言い合って2人で暮らそう」(“Have a safe trip” “Welcome home”.. let’s live together with these words). They’ll wake up together and sleep together and spend everyday forever like this, like how they dreamed as a child. Lin recalls the memory of her telling a child!Toma that she loved him and was going to marry him and how he exasperatedly thanks her. Back in the present, Toma asks her if that is fine.

Toma wants her to listen to him as he phones her parents, because he’ll be requesting her hand in marriage and he’ll be vowing to give her happiness. Thanks to his conversation with his mother, it looks like he’ll have to psych himself up for this one. Lin giggles as he searches for the phone number. Toma inhales deeply and then murmurs about how he’ll phone them in one more minute. She asks him if he’s nervous.

And he answers that it would be impossible not to be nervous. Plus, she knows that he’s a coward. Lin just smiles and reassures him that she’ll be cheering him on and so she wishes him luck. Toma promises her that he will be working hard for the sake of being able to spend today, tomorrow, and all the other days with her.

Toma finally calls them and introduces himself before telling them that he has something to say to them. In her diary, Lin writes that on the 28th of August she became Toma’s fiancée.

10月1日. Lin loudly calls out Toma’s name and runs over to him when he waves her over. When she reaches him he chides her for using such a loud voice, since it’s embarrassing. She apologizes and then asks him if he waited long. He reassures her that he just finished his work and so he barely made it here on time. He asks her about the house and she tells him that she cleaned and scrubbed everything.

He compliments her and then asks if she threw out the garbage. Lin admits that she was going to but it was too heavy. Toma tells her that he’ll take care of it tomorrow and he’ll also clean tomorrow. Lin argues that she’ll make breakfast then and is there anything he would like to eat? He hums in thought and decides on stew since they can toss in the cabbages. Lin nods and promises to make it as well as add in other ingredients.

Toma tells her that he’ll look forward to it, before he laughs sheepishly at how they met outside for a date and yet they’re talking about mundane things like chores. But well, it’s fine as long as it’s fun. Anyway, he asks her what she wants to ride on first since they’re at an amusement park. She promptly tells him something that isn’t scary. Toma tells her that if she uses his basis of something that isn’t scary he’d choose the roller coaster.

Lin hurriedly protests that they can’t do that one since it’s scary. He teasingly points out that it isn’t scary to him. Lin quickly searches for something else to do and asks if they can go on the ferris wheel. Toma recalls cheerfully that she liked that as a child along with the merry-go-round and the coffee cups. He asks if she likes rides that are slow and Lin admits that she probably does.

She asks him if he wants to ride the jet roller coaster, but he shrugs and tells her that he doesn’t really. He used to ride it in the past with his friends but he doesn’t find it particularly enjoyable. In comparison to that, he finds riding the merry-go-round together with her to be much more enjoyable. Lin thanks him but tells him that if there is a ride he wants to go on, she’ll work hard to accompany him.

Toma thanks her with a grin and then tells her to give him her hand as they walk to the ferris wheel. Lin thinks about how at sometime it became natural to walk with their hands held together. A good morning kiss and a good night kiss also became natural. Their happiness is increasing like this little by little and one by one. Toma looks back and notices that she’s thinking about something.

When he asks about it Lin confesses that she’s thinking about things like happiness. He smiles at that and then they climb into the ride. There he asks if she’s alright and if it isn’t too narrow. Lin reassures him that she’s fine but admits that it’s a bit embarrassing. People on the outside will be able to see them. Toma points out that there’s no problem if they are seen and they won’t be troubled by anyone who sees them.

She agrees hesitantly and then asks him if he’s told his friends that he’s living together with her. Toma admits that he’s told his close friends and then returns the question. Lin informs him that she’s only told Sawa and Rika, because she finds it hard to talk about. She asks him if he’s fine with telling his friends. He tells her that in his university there are a lot of people living together with their girlfriends.

So he doesn’t find it particularly hard to talk about. He admits they tease him a lot and bother him about it, but he finds it fun. She nods in thought and then confesses that she wants to tell other people about it but after she tells them that they’re living together because they’re engaged, she’s afraid that she’ll start boasting about him. Toma laughs at that and asks her if that’s the reason she won’t say anything.

Lin adds that there are also embarrassing things and so she knows she’ll be teased for sure. She’s already teased for attending the same university as him. Toma comments on how girls seem to love that kind of topic, such as who is going out with who and who is doing what with who. Lin tells him that when she’s seen buying ingredients for dinner, she’s teased about how lovey dovey they are.

Toma asks her if it isn’t fine because it’s the truth. But he admits that it seems hard to give a clear explanation since they’re girls. He teasingly muses out loud 「なら・・・ここでキスとかはやめといた方がいいか」(In that case.. I shouldn’t kiss you here). Lin’s eyes widen but he just continues on 「外から見えるかもしれないし、ヤだろ?誰かに見られたら」(Someone outside might see us and you don’t want that, right? To have someone see us).

Lin tries to protest but he just grins 「せっかくふたりきりだし、こんだけ密着してるし・・・今日朝からまだキスしてないし」(Even though we’re finally alone, we’re still being observed like this.. From now I won’t kiss you in the morning either). He adds 「いいチャンスだと思ったんだけど残念だなぁ」(Just when I thought it was a good chance too, what a shame~). Lin is silent before she tells him slowly that maybe if they were at the highest place..

He easily picks up on it 「てっぺんならいいんだ?了解。あと少し大人しくしてるよ」(It’s fine if we’re at the peak? Understood. You just have to quietly wait a little bit more then). They fall silent before Lin points at the gondola ahead of them and how there’s a child waving at them. Toma laughs at how the little girl is waving crazily at them and Lin comments on how cute she is. Toma falls silent at that and Lin looks at him curiously.

Toma confesses that he feels sentiment and strong feelings whenever he sees a parent and a child. He’s engaged to her, who he has known since childhood, and soon they’ll be married. One day they might have children. Lin nods at that and Toma talks about how this feeling is still far away but he wonders at the sensation. He feels like he’s happy, yet too happy. He feels like his eyes are blurred, yet opened wide.

It’s a strange feeling and one he doesn’t understand. But like this, their time together is connected together and heading towards the future. He doesn’t know what will happen in the future, but the one thing he does know is that.. he loves her and will continue to love her forever and always. Lin replies that she loves him as well with her entire being. No matter what happens or what occurs, she’ll always love him.

In life until death she will continue to love him. Toma smiles softly at her and tells her that he feels like those are the strongest words said to him. If he has those words, and her with him, then he’ll be able to become strong one day. For the sake of protecting their future together. Lin murmurs his name and he laughs sheepishly at himself and what he’s saying. But she shakes her head and confesses that she’s happy to hear it.

She thanks him and he smiles before pointing out that they’re almost at the top. Lin notices that they are and Toma murmurs that they made a promise didn’t they? He asks her to close her eyes…


39 thoughts on “Amnesia Later ~ Toma ~

    CatMuto said:
    July 5, 2018 at 07:08

    “… If you turn red like that, I’ll also be troubled”
    Good! You should be! You tried to rape her; and I am amazed that she forgave you so easily and quickly. Be glad it’s the heroine because I don’t think other women would have forgiven you so easily… seriously, the heroine is such a sweetie-pie, she’d probably forgive murder-Oh, wait! She did! She forgives Ukyo for killing her in other timeslines. =P

    Funnily enough, I finished Toma’s route really fast and in only 4 videos. The other three routes all took 7 videos… but then, Toma’s videos were longer. At least two of them are over an hour long.

    Yeah! As soon as Toma mentioned they’d be going shopping today, I instantly thought of the lingerie shop. I’m a bit… disappointed that one of his LATER CGs is basically one you already got in Amnesia, but… *shrug* Still kinda wish he’d stop being such an immature brat about it. It’s UNDERWEAR, Toma. Chill!

    By the way, isn’t the café’s name Meido no Hitsuji (Sheep of the Underworld)? I know the background image says Meido no Shitsuji, but… the text says Meido no Hitsuji… I guess the whole thing IS a pun name.

    All in all, I find Toma’s route to be………. I don’t want to say a disappointment, but it felt so… unnecessary? I can’t find the right word. It’s not a very entertaining route, and his repeated self-deprecation and pity made me lose my temper. I even feel like a good chunk of the problems of his route (in Amnesia and here) could be solved if he just had sex with the heroine already. May sound weird, though…

    So far, Ikki’s route is still my favorite. Yeah, it’s annoying that his fanclub is dipping their fingers into their relationship pie AGAIN, but at least they weren’t around for very long! Majority of his route was just… adorable sweetness~ <3

    I'm looking forward to Ukyo's route next.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 5, 2018 at 09:07

      Haha, forgiveness is the superpower of the majority of heroines–. But yeah, it’s been a while since I played (6 years to be exact going by the date of this post, oh god) so I don’t remember the name of the cafe. It’s probably a pun like you said and I just didn’t pick up on it then or decided to just translate it’s plain name, haha.

      Aw, I actually thought this was a necessary bridge to whatever they’ll do with him in Crowd. I don’t think the writers could leave the events of the first game up in the air or brush it to the side (that’d feel even worse) so it’s great to see how self-aware Toma is |D;; even if you hated his repeated self-deprecation. Ultimately, he’s insecure in another way than Ikki because of his ex-position with the heroine as her older brother and not wanting to break the triangle of their relationship, so I think it’s natural that he doesn’t have much confidence in himself even when he’s in a relationship after all those years.

      Hands down Ikki stan all the way though LOL. My second would probably have to be Ukyo so I hope you enjoy his route!

        CatMuto said:
        July 5, 2018 at 09:25

        If Toma had let up a little bit on the self-pity wallowing, I might have kept my temper with him more. As it is, I didn’t particularly enjoy his route in Amnesia itself (though I SO wish, upon being locked in the cage, the heroine had made him her errand boy. “Toma! I’m bored; get me a book. Pain my toenails! Gimme my bag, I want to change my clothes! My back hurts; massage it!” =P) and this one wasn’t… well, you called it boring, and I have to agree. It wasn’t AS infurating to me as Shin’s, but still not one I would replay.
        That honor still belongs to Ikki~
        I might even replay Kent’s route, because that did have some sweet stuff near the end.

        I only played a bit of Ukyo’s route before starting the LP. That already had a funny scene in the beginning. =) And then the moment in the furniture store. Wondering if a single is the right size bed to get… N-N-N-Not that he was, you know, MEANING anything by saying that! O///O (Sure you weren’t, Ukyo~)

        So far, the guys for me are Ikki and Ukyo at #1. Kent at #2. Toma at #3 because at least I do feel like he loves the heroine, even in his initial route. Shin is at the bottom… I so hope he improves in Crowd. His Amnesia and Later route were not very entertaining or even romantic.

        Ikki is just… so sweet when he reveals how much he likes the heroine and hopes that she loves him back…! Argh, I wanna go back and replay his Later route! And his Amnesia route again. Even if the events on the day of the firework feel like they are breaking my heart. (And Otome’s… ah, yeah, I called the heroine Otome… I wanted a feminine-ish name for her, and somehow, calling her… well… maiden… seemed appropriately feminine? XD)

        I am looking foward to doing Orion’s route, though. Not sure what to think of Waka’s… do I have to do ALL of his route personality options? Or do I just pick one?

    ochaforrest said:
    July 6, 2017 at 18:45

    Reblogged this on TRASH Forest ▶.

    Ayana said:
    April 19, 2015 at 22:58

    TOMA! HOW COULD YOU, THE MOST INTERESTING, INSANE, MURDEROUS, RAPEY, CREEPY DUDE HAVE SUCH A BORING ROUTE? I’m so surprised that Toma’s route was so boring in this. Their dealing with the fact that he caged her up and drugged her was also super lack luster.

    Toma: “Hey, are you sure you’re ok being with me? I totally stalked you, lied to you, drugged you, kidnapped you, imprisoned you against your will by literally locking your in a dog kennel, sexually assaulted you (and you totally don’t know this, but if I caught you out of your cage I would have raped you and never let you leave the house again leaving you in a permanent state of amnesia because apparently our friends, family, and the authorities by large are completely incompetent and never would search my house for you. Also, if you chose Shin over me, I would have murdered you if I got the chance… I probably would have also murdered the fan girls too if I could… you know… because I love you and stuff).

    Lin: “Yeah, that’s cool. I’m fine with that. Whateve’s right? Everyone makes mistakes :D”

    Shin: “Holy freaking shit you two are insane. If I wasn’t such an abrasive emo jackass and tattletale, I would try to make new friends or something before you murder me. Sigh, but it’s just so hard not calling people idiots in the first few minutes of meeting them… so I guess it’s just easier to stay with you psychopaths”.

    Toma: “Awesome! Hey you guys… does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?”.

    Shin: “I don’t know, let me seee…. awww god damn it, I see whua yuu did theeeeerreee~”. Falls to floor.

    Toma: “Quick Lin! Go open the cage. WE NEED TO DRESS SHIN UP LIKE A DOLL SO HE HAS TO BE MY FRIEND FOREVER!…. I mean… protect him… from… stuff…”

    Lin: “…ok. I see nothing wrong with this”.

    Toma: “Awesome”.

      Ayana said:
      April 19, 2015 at 22:59

      Like, Toma was so much more not ok with it than her. I was expecting him to make her move back to his apartment, and to have her push to move in with him while trying to get him to forgive himself. And… I don’t know drag the cage out of his apartment and destroy it together?!? Like, SOMETHING symbolic?!

      Or for him to report himself into the police or something… but then have her drop the charges after I served some sort of short sentence…I don’t know? That’s what I thought he was talking about when he was saying that he had to pay for what he did and when he trailed off. The whole Shin beating him up thing… just wasn’t…enough? Like, maybe he should have told her that he won’t have her move back with him until he’s seen a councilor and knows that she’ll be safe from him because he doesn’t trust himself with how possessive he can get?

      Like this conclusion just does not make sense… it just makes him seem like he never got better, still sees her as a child… and kinda fetishizes her being kid’ish… which kinda made him sound like a pedo in some of this. I don’t know, didn’t like, didn’t like! Lol. I wanted them to maybe have some sort of confrontation where Lin grows a backbone and tells him that she’s an adult and that if he wants to be with her, the compromise can’t all be on her. That he’ll have to accept that they have to be equal partners with equal trust and responsibility, otherwise it won’t work if he just treats her like a child. Because his view of her as being some child that needs to be controlled and cared for is where his insane Yandere bar is coming from. But nooooo, apparently it’s Lin’s fault he goes loco.

        Ayana said:
        April 19, 2015 at 23:00

        Ikki’s route was so much better because there was so much more character development between the two of them, and for their characters in general. Ikki starts to lean to be more forceful and to stop trying to please everyone. Lin has to learn to trust Ikki more, and deal with jealousy.

        There is no character development in Toma’s route…(though I totally didn’t understand why Ikki and the heroine weren’t just sharing the bed in the first place and just cuddling or some shit like how Toma and her were in this version. I was super confused why she couldn’t just freaking tell Ikki to come cuddle with her. And then I felt reeeeeeally dumb when I realized that he wanted her to tell him when she was ready for sexy time… not cuddles… and it all made so much more sense. Aaaaand I laughed so hard when you were like OMGERD IKKI GOT LAAAAID!)

        Toma’s route has no awkward sexy flirting, not really. I thought he was just waiting for her to get healed up… or something because he’s so afraid of hurting her. I was expecting something like that after the Ikki route, and all the lingerie shopping… buuuuut nothing. Toma, how could you be so boring after you were literally the character with the most room for character development in the last game route? So disappointed lol

        You’re totally right. Ikki’s route was so much better. I thought that Toma was going to make conditions where he has to ask for her input and consent on everything she does concerning her… cause… that constantly checking up on consent this with Ikki (to the point of teasing and making her beg)…. was hella hot. Ok… I feel like a perv now. I’m out. Hahahahahaha

        Ilinox responded:
        April 23, 2015 at 21:26

        LOL. Well, in Toma’s defense, he didn’t plan on going that far with any of his actions. He just wanted to keep her blind to all the harassment the other girls were doing until he could stop them and then he’d retreat out of her life. But since she kept trying to leave and putting herself in danger he started feeling more and more desperate (and more crazy). Of course NONE OF THIS trying to push anything onto the heroine because she’s not at fault at all but I guess I’m saying I can understand where Toma’s slip in sanity came from. Ultimately, when he started doing his more despicable acts he’s fully resigned to being the “villain” and was willing to leave her life forever once he confirmed that she was safe.

        I do see where you’re coming from with the consent talk but in this route the heroine is actually just as crazily possessive and obsessed with Toma as he is her |D;; Remember how they had a moment where she’s basically like “Wow, you have this album full of stalker photos? HEY I DO TOO!” I just view this relationship as something between two crazily obsessed people in love and they’re both okay with that. Besides, the heroine herself has forgiven Toma so… Actually, this is the perfect place to bring up a quote from a lovely book I read, haha.

        “A marriage is a private thing. It has its own wild laws, and secret histories, and savage acts, and what passes between married people is incomprehensible to outsiders. We look terrible to you, and severe, and you see our blood flying, but what we carry between us is hard-won, and we made it just as we wished it to be, just the color, just the shape.”
        ― Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless

        Regarding Toma vs. Ikki’s route. It’s interesting because they’re both dealing with the aftermath of their first game. Toma’s route was to explain the actions that went on in the first game and all the self-recrimination that Toma is putting himself through. Ikki’s route is still about him finding his own agency and becoming more comfortable with how he finally has a “true” lover who is with him out of choice and not because of his eyes, which is why he constantly asks for consent (that and he’s ultimately very insecure about himself imo but that’s another essay for another day).

        EDIT: OH! I forgot to talk about the cultural differences between the West and East and how it’s very apparent in otome game heroines and people’s reaction to their reactions |D;; Japan isn’t very open in general to extreme PDA and sexuality in women (although it seems to be becoming more open and imo we can see that in the rise of variety in otome games) so it’s not surprising to see the heroine hesitate/feel embarrassed like that, although I’ll admit that it did feel like it was going on too long…

      Ari said:
      June 17, 2015 at 18:55

      I feel like your short story here was almost better than the actually story. lol XD You should write a fan fic about how you thought it should have ended! I’d totally read it, because it’d be hilarious! haha. I seriously almost died laughing reading this!

      CatMuto said:
      July 5, 2018 at 07:19

      HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! …you know, the really sad thing is, your little conversation there is very realistic. I could totally see that happening. )=

      But, yeah, WHY nobody seemed to care that the heroine suddenly ends up perma-locked into a cage in his second bad ending… I mean, at least SHIN would have appeared. He knows that she was at Toma’s place, and I think he would check up on her, at least after a month, maybe, to see what is still going on.
      I mean, he wasn’t very happy to hear that she was at Toma’s place to begin with!

    dayse502 said:
    July 11, 2014 at 00:44

    I love your comments! (≧∇≦) They’re so fun, and you had me laughing so much! XD
    We think quite similar here! (highfive here sis! ^0^/ ), because I think Ikki is GADHGHFDAJHAH gorgeous and seductive, Toma comes right after him, my sweetie cute freaking yandere.
    Soooo, I was kinda disapointed with this end…no passionate kisses, where’s the happy time? LOL i’m kidding (but not 100%), cause it was kinda sweet…but wouldn’t it be much better if after all that children talk he then just said “If you wish, how about we do some practice now baby?” LOLOLOL

      Ilinox responded:
      July 14, 2014 at 00:55

      Ahaha, I’m really glad you enjoyed my comments. It always amazes and delights me when other people enjoy my sometimes-too-snarky comments on the things that happen in games. I try to keep it all in good fun though and never too mean |D;; so yeah, glad you like ’em.

      YES. MORE IKKI FANS (σ゚∀゚)σ *returns highfive* Toma and Ukyo rank about the same in second place for me but no one can compare to Ikki in my mind jshfkh I’m afraid I’m far too bias in that direction.

      LMAO there was a bit too much of a build-up of sexual tension and definitely no release anywhere… poor Toma having to deal with sleeping all cuddled up to her but not being able to do anything. It was a bit disappointing but I think I can also understand it since Toma is so self-sacrificing and self-deprecating that this route was all about him trying to get over the heinous actions he did in the first game ;;;; he needed some closure I guess. Maybe he’ll get his deserved action in Crowd, haha.

        dayse502 said:
        July 14, 2014 at 19:56

        I hope so! (But if not, as a last resort, let’s have him take some lessons with Ikki! XD)

    Crowd~ said:
    April 27, 2013 at 21:28

    You should play amnesia crowd, and especially Tomas route :3 I was surprised what happened in the route xD hes forgiven in my book

      Ilinox responded:
      April 27, 2013 at 23:22

      Ooh, I have actually! I couldn’t resist doing Ikki’s route in CROWD because he’s one of my eternal biases. Everyone’s route sounds promising in CROWD and I even hear that Shin gets treated better there than he was in his poor Later route, haha.

        TeA said:
        November 4, 2017 at 21:47

        Eh? So does this mean you’ll be doing an Amnesia Crowd write-up too? I would love that please! ><

        Ilinox responded:
        November 5, 2017 at 11:20

        I’ve been thinking about since I do like the Amnesia series and should probably conclude everything but time, where |D;; I keep getting distracted by shiny new games and am just juggling too much projects right now. One day!!

    Helene said:
    April 27, 2013 at 10:13

    I watched the anime, but i didn’t know that there was a game a_a can you give me its link? *3*

      Ilinox responded:
      April 27, 2013 at 23:20

      Haha, most of the reverse harem animes came from a game. For example, Hakuouki and Arcana Famiglia are also otome games that were turned into anime. Amnesia Later is a PSP game and you can buy it on Amazon or other shopping sites.

    Brooke said:
    April 16, 2013 at 19:45

    Heroine you know what else Toma and Rika have in common. Here is my list;

    1. They are REEEALLY jealous.

    2. They push you off cliffs.

    3. They try to kill you. (But one of them successfully finish the job)

      Ilinox responded:
      April 19, 2013 at 03:51

      LMAO (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八ノヽノヽ You should change point 3 to say that they both successfully incapacitate the heroine. But Toma has a few differences that puts him above Rika, such as having a sexy voice haha.

        Brooke said:
        April 19, 2013 at 23:12

        What? I don’t remember her dying throughout the three routes I have played ( Oh, I couldn’t get Amnesia Later from issues so I found your blog by doing that.) I don’t know why, but whenever I see dating games, I always want the yandere characters to do something crazy so I can predict what happens next.

        Ilinox responded:
        April 23, 2013 at 13:33

        Oh no, she doesn’t die to Toma. I was using the word “incapacitate” so that it would include Toma’s drugging and caging. It’s kind of interesting in a morbid way to see how far the yandere is willing to go… which is frighteningly far. You should check out Gekka Ryouran Romance if you’re interested in a really crazy yandere brotherly-type character (like Toma.. they even share the same voice!).

    Binku_Muja said:
    September 15, 2012 at 15:38

    Thank you for the summary!

    I have to say, I much prefer your more detailed runthrough of these routes, the others I came across written by other people were either completely messed up or bare bones in detail.

    But I do want to know if you’ll do the other routes as well? Because I really want to read Ukyou’s (and see the beautiful Ukyou in his festival clothes) and Shin’s Later routes.

    I’m actually going to be buying this game myself (along with a psp) sometime this month, and I was wondering if it’s at all possible to gain translation software on PSP? I’ve never had one before so I have no bloody idea. -_-‘ sorry if this is an incredibly stupid question or one you’ve recieved from another commentor on a completely different summary.

    Can’t wait to get started on Toma and Ukyou’s route (you don’t have to clear the other routes first before getting him in Later do you?) though I couldn’t help thinking “Dammit, just jump him/her already!!” at certain choke points in the summary. It’s just a pity that you weren’t presented with the option to punch Toma during that scary story part.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 15, 2012 at 15:49

      You’re welcome ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ! Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Aww, that makes me really happy to hear! I’m sure my textwalls must look intimidating to some people, but it’s great to hear that you loved the details!

      I’ll definitely be doing the other routes! Once I post one route down I’m obligated to post them all, it’s just that my university has started again and so my playing speed has slowed down even more than it usually is.. now it’s like extra snail pace ;;. Sorry about that! I’ll be doing Shin next though, so please look forward to it!

      Don’t worry, this isn’t a stupid question at all! Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure there are no translation softwares for the PSP, which kind of makes me hate and love them since there’s so many PSP games but it’s a struggle to get through them. They tend to improve your Japanese rapidly though since you have no choice but to dictionary all the words /)_(\.

      Nope, I’m pretty sure all you have to do is go through their NEW WORLD route and then it’ll unlock their AFTER STORIES. I just like to say Ukyo for last because of how I played the first game (where Ukyo was locked until all the other guys were done).

      Haha, definitely! The way Toma restrains himself just makes me want to shake him.. especially when I did Ikki’s route before his and I am an unabashed Ikki fangirl (〃▽〃)キャー♪. The only options you had were to ask him about even more ghost stories //sobs.

        Binku_Muja said:
        September 16, 2012 at 11:06

        Wall ‘o Text summaries for otome’s never intimidate me, they seem to have the opposite affect to be honest. If I see one that’s short as hell I don’t bother with it because I know it’ll probably be nothing more than the persons impression on the game rather than a full blown explanation about the whole route, which I don’t like at all.

        Reason being it’s impossible to come up with your own impression on the route, the characters, etc and your basically given a ‘the artwork was nice, but this character sucked just cuz he did something I hated, yadda yadda.’ Your sitting there pounding the computer monitor screaming “What? WHAT exactly did he do?!? Your allusions are not helping dammit!” If I didn’t have the attention span of a goldfish, I’d be translating like crazy as well….and knew Japanese.

        I am trying to give back to the community though. At the moment I’m trying to translate HnKnA’s two Clover manga’s (Julius’ and Ace’s.) I got the german copies so I’m google translating it…but my mum needed a file block for training and it happened to be the one I was translating on…Google comes up with the weirdest translations I’ve noticed. One particular translation that Ace said had me doing a double take and saying, “Right so this is-wait what?!?” Σ(⊙﹏⊙ )m I should probably look for better translation software or obtain an english to german dictionary sometime soon, because some of the things being translated are downright trippy at times.

        You have a life and uni so it’s understandable that things will take much longer-how much of term do you have left? What dictionary do you use for translating? I’ll have to order one before I order the other stuff.

        Does that mean you’ll be doing Waka and the Girl’s short stories before Ukyou? (´・~・`) I do wonder if the rumour about Waka is true, the one about him being in some kind of Death Squad, or was that one of the things that got buggered up in translation on one of the other sites?

        With Ukyou I was too busy (๑´ლ`๑)♡ even when O.U, started to emerge to bust up the happy couple-He surprised me by being the canonical boyfriend because usually I HATE the pre-ordained partner for the MC (Rune Factories Shara for example, I wanted to feed to Aquaticus) Ukyou just makes me want to bundle him up and take him home while crooning, “It’ll be alright sweetheart, nothing bad’s going to happen to you so long as I’m around.” Despite the fact that the MC IS the reason bad things are going to happen to him. ( ≖‿≖)

        It’s odd that my favourate pair of the Amnesia series is a Yandere and a man whose very sanity is called into question on both personalities. As for Toma’s ghost story options it was basically ‘Hell no I dont want to hear more!” and a bit of a daredevil “Lay part 2 on me bro! I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” response. If someone actually did that, what would be your response? Physical violence tends to work for me. That or I sneak away and scare them further down the line for kicks. Hair of the dog that bit ya and all that. Ah, I’ll cut it off here, I’ve rambled too long. /(.□ . \)

        Out of all the VA’s for the five boys, who do you prefer?

        Ilinox responded:
        September 17, 2012 at 02:22

        OMG LOL are you me?! That’s exactly my reaction whenever I check a game that I’m unsure of playing and see a short review on it. I start dying of curiosity knowing WHY they hate that one character or why they love that one character. It’s fun to read all my friends’ blogs and see their takes on the same character. You can tell what scenes were someone’s favorite by how much detail they write about it, haha.

        I’ve just started my last year so I have 6 months left to go! Once I get settled into a routine it should be easier since my class load is really light this last year, but one of my courses requires me to fulfill a practicum placement and so I’ve been stressed lately trying to find a clinical placement that’ll accept an undergraduate as a volunteer.

        I don’t actually have a physical dictionary. I just use a combination of tangorin, google translate, and google to see if someone is saying what I think they’re saying but twisted with their keigo. For a really simple example, tough guys tend to talk with だぜ(daze) or ねぇ(nee) endings. So instead of something like 嘘じゃない(usojanai), it’d be 嘘じゃねぇ(usojanee).

        Google translate likes to freak out when you get those sort of words and so then I’d have to google to see if it’s just some slang version of a proper word, etc.

        Nope, I plan on doing Ukyo after the four main guys. What I planned to do was Shin > Kent > Ukyo and then finish up with Waka, the girls, and Orion.

        The thing with Waka is that he’s different in each alternate world. In Heart, he was like a metrosexual kind of guy. In Diamond, he was just nice and normal. In Clubs, he was as silent as Kent and scary with his deadly glares. In Spade, he was a crazy war general. I believe he used to be part of the special ops in the Joker world.

        SAME! I usually hate the canonical characters because they tend to possess like the stereotypical hero attributes. I’m much more of a fan of anti-heroes or playboy/devilish types which usually don’t get casted as the main character.

        If someone did what? Told me a ghost story? I’d probably listen to it quietly and then have nightmares at night ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ. I love to hear people talk about the plot to a scary movie, but I can’t watch it myself. However, things like urban legends just scare the crap out of me Orz. I’d probably cling onto Toma and bawl at how he can’t leave me for the rest of the night because I’m terrified.

        Oh, that’s easy. HINO SATOSHIIIIIIIIIIII! His voice is just a treat to listen to anywhere (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. I think the only one time I didn’t like his voice was when he did a genki or trap character. But I’m also a fan of Taniyama Kisho’s voice just because Ikki is my favorite character in Amnesia. PERFECT BOYFRIEND RIGHT THERE (〃▽〃)キャー♪.

    Taylor Parks said:
    September 10, 2012 at 05:43

    oh, it’s the cage boy~Lol~ in the other otome game called Genroh, there’s a character there who also likes to lock up the heroine:P
    Anyways, I’m kinda shock that the heroine allowed Toma to bed her but refused to do it with Shin and the other boys in their routes 0_0… well… there’s something wrong with the heroine-_-

      Ilinox responded:
      September 10, 2012 at 20:12

      Ahaha! Oh my, “cage boy” is such an apt description of Toma and sadly probably the only thing he’s going to be remembered by forever. What is it with otome games and having this one crazy dude that always locks you up? I mean, it’s one thing to have a yandere that might cause harm to others just to monopolize you but that doesn’t necessarily entail a cage…

      Wait wait, from what I remember Toma doesn’t get any implied scenes. He just gets to sleep with her on the bed… but Ikki on the other hand… 8DDD! He totally got everything.

        LilGamerGirl said:
        March 7, 2013 at 20:14

        -sigh- I get teary eyes when people call him Cage Boy alto he did lock her in a cage…>_< but gosh IDONTKNOWHYBUTILOVEHIMKYUU~ Tehe I think im fangirling XD

    ad said:
    September 3, 2012 at 20:56

    I was kind of scared that MC would get caged again and when Toma saw MC with Rika and had a angry face I thought Oh crap. >_< Man he scares me sometimes and having scare eyes makes it worse gaah.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 10, 2012 at 19:32

      Me too /o\ I thought Toma was going to go off the deep end, but that actually would have been kind of fun. Hino Satoshi has SUCH a good yandere or angry voice.. I could hear him yell at me for hours.. //bricked.

    huyutfsakura said:
    August 26, 2012 at 13:50

    HINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I can only yell out how much I love his voice. <3 :D But man, Toma's route was full of him holding in his *ahem* desires? ;)c I really thought he would get laid :/ BUT HE HAD TO HOLD IT IN T_T/ The lingerie woman is awesome! Can't believe she works in BOTH stores :D She trolls Toma too much~ xD I'm suprised at how fast Lin can forgive people, she's so nice ; u ;

    Thanks for making another Amnesia Later route :D Can't wait to see the other characters~

      Ilinox responded:
      August 27, 2012 at 12:38

      HINOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! His voice is 2nd best out of all male seiyuu voices for me (〃▽〃)キャー♪! I just love how versatile his range is and how smooth his voice is. It can be perfectly calm and gentle one second and then creepy giggling or screaming and yelling with anger.

      LOL I THOUGHT HE WOULD GET LAID TOO! I mean, come on!? Nothing happened during ANY of those soine scenes?!? ANY? I’m also a bit surprised that Ikki had a wedding scene whereas Toma didn’t. Since this is the FD I thought they’d give all the guys a wedding scene, but nope. At least we get to see what Toma would look like in a wedding suit 8D.

      I laughed so hard during that lingerie scene, because the way the attendant talked was hilariously schmoozy. She was like “Ara~~ welcome to the store~~ is that your boyyyfrieeeend~?” and poor Toma is like “WH-WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”

      You’re welcome ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ! Please look forward to Shin next (and apparently the endless walls of rage that will follow).

    harunafuu said:
    August 26, 2012 at 12:17

    Hino’s voice is really hngggg… And I loved Toma’s sleeping CG when he embraces Lin. It’s so cute! (*ノ▽ノ) And Toma looks really hot without his hairband… Please throw it in the garbage in the next game, PLEASE!!!

    Toma can be really sweet, fighting his inner beast is really hard, isn’t it? Poor him. But our heroine is literarily inviting him, without even knowing it…(/_\)

      Ilinox responded:
      August 27, 2012 at 12:31

      I was kind of like “GPAGKDFOGAHIJ” when I saw the heroine kiss his hand during the sleeping CG wwww it was hilarious and omg if only you could have heard Toma’s voice then. It was so flustered sounding and like “uh… wh-what are you doing..” (人´∀`*)!

      LOL whenever I think about Toma’s hairband I keep thinking about that one comment (when Toma won the Amnesia popularity contest) where the girl was like “I WISH I WAS TOMA’S HAIRBAND!!” wwww I agree though.. I’m not sure why he has a hairband, his design looks fabulous without it~

      I like how sweet he is but he’s really really really hesitant sometimes Orz always asking the heroine for permission and then always talking about how awful he is.

        harunafuu said:
        August 28, 2012 at 11:15

        Well, I can’t wati to play Amnesia + FD someday. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

        Toma, hopefully you will get laid in the next game!(*/∇\*)You know, holding it in too much is not good for your health and apparently not for Lin, if she gets ravaged… xD

        Toma thinks that he has no right to be loved by the heroine, since he did awful things to her, so he is always hesitant and careful to avoid dangerous situations with him… It’s kind of cute though, he shows how much he cares for her. I think he sometimes forgives himself and therefore teases her to his heart’s content, when using his seductive voice… (*°∀°)=3

    Euryx said:
    August 25, 2012 at 19:35

    —THIS. MTE xD
    Toma made me like him a little in his route even if I just skipped through his lines. /o\ But everything pales in comparison to Ikki. <333

      Ilinox responded:
      August 27, 2012 at 12:27

      I was feeling really bad for him whenever he started self-deprecating himself and how much he really seemed to hate his own personality, but was resigned to live with it. But then when he kept on repeating that over and over and over again I just wanted knock some sense into him!

      When he does let himself go he is almost on par with Ikki in seducing someone, but he rarely ever lets himself go and always has to mention his terrible personality somewhere in there ;;; geez Toma, get some more self-confidence!

      (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Ikki will forever be my numero uno!

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