Diabolik Lovers Versus ~ Ayato vs. Shu ~

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Sakamaki Ayato (逆巻 アヤト)
CV: Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光)

Sakamaki Shu (逆巻 シュウ)
CV: Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海 浩輔)

(Here’s a treat for you all! I mean, I’m basically the unofficial Diabolik Lovers girl around here now… /)_(\. I figured that since I’ve already translated all 6 volumes and will be playing the game, I might as well just suck it up and translate the Versus CDs as well! You have my OCD to thank for this..

I know that Misty Moon Night on tumblr has been translating the DiaLov Versus series as well, so you can go there to check out her translation too! We have different personal styles so you can check it out~! Don’t expect this to be a perfect translation because some lines were really hard (シ_ _)シ).

If there’s a tracklist out there and anyone can direct me to it I’ll update the track names, but on my computer they’re just called Track 1, etc. So I’ll just be titling it as Track 1-9. Also, if anyone could find a cover art that doesn’t have the title “Diabolik Lovers” that’d be awesome too!

Note: Chichinashi is Ayato’s nickname for you and it means “no breasts”.
Note2: Since Ayato and Shu’s voices act as pointers, I’ll be cutting down on the timestamps.

*** TRACK 1 ***

Ayato: Oi! Hurry up and wake up, chichinashi!


A: Oh, you’ve woken up, chichinashi? You look really spaced out. Are you still sleepy?.. Hm? You don’t understand the situation you’re in? Ahaha.. Look at your own body carefully to understand the situation.

[00:32]*chains clanking*

A: Hahaha.. You can’t move, can you? Yep, that’s right. That’s because we tied up your whole body with chains.

Shu: Ah? Ayato was the one who did just about all of it.

A: Oi, oi! Don’t blame me. It’s because you agreed that it ended up like this.

S: It doesn’t matter, just hurry up.. I want to hurry up and end this with you because I’m sleepy.

A: Tch. Geez, you have no motivation.

[01:07]*you struggle*

A: Hah? “Don’t talk as if I’m not here”? My bad about that. But your face still says you don’t understand your situation.

*chains clanking*

S: Ah? You want to be untied from these chains?.. When the match ends, you’ll be untied. Ah? “What do you mean by match?”.. *amused* You should be able to roughly understand it..

[01:40]*you shift around*

S: That blank expression on your face.. It seems like you really don’t know, huh? Geez.. I have to explain it from the beginning? *sighs* How annoying.

A: Maa, the cause of this is Shu anyway. This guy was being noisy-

S: No. I was just listening to my music quietly in the living room.. The one who intruded was Ayato.

A: Hah?! That’s because you’re always playing those mysterious scraping sounds.. that sound hurts my ears!

S: That’s because my earphones were suddenly stolen. There isn’t any other way.

A: You’re so fussy. You just have to turn down your volume!

S: If you don’t like it then you could go somewhere else. Why can’t you even understand that?


A: Bastard! Tch. Whatever, now’s not the time to be arguing.

S: That’s right. We should begin soon. Although it’s rather boring to quarrel with you, but it can’t be helped.

A: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!.. Every word from you pisses me off.. Goddamn. Oi, are you interested in what we’re talking about, chichinashi?

[03:01]*chains rattle*

A: Hey chichinashi, I think that your blood becomes sweeter the more you can feel pleasure.. Don’t you think so as well?

S: No, that’s wrong. It’s clear your blood turns sweet when you’re frozen with fear. The bitter taste of fear is much more delicious than the sweetness of pleasure.

A: No, when she feels pleasure is when the blood becomes hot and deliciously sweet. That’s obvious.

S: No… you’re wrong…

A: No, you’re wrong!

S: *angry sigh*

A: Tch, whatever, that’s it. Even if we say it, it can’t be helped. Chichinashi, basically you’ve become an experiment.

[03:55]*you struggle*

A: Whoever is right.. your body will be the one to tell us… ahaha.

S: I don’t really feel like doing this. I’d rather drink your blood alone and slowly with lots of time.. but if we continue to argue like this then Ayato will continue to be loud and annoying.. It can’t be helped this time.

S: By the way.. hey, do you like being bullied that much? That face.. you’re looking forward to me gouging you deeply with my fangs, biting you, and filling you with fear, right?


A: That’s wrong, right chichinashi? What you’re hoping for is my finger touching you all over, right? Your body throbbing.. you wanting my fangs so badly that your body can’t bear it and opens up.. you love that pleasure, don’t you?

S: Hey.. Tell us which one you want. Whose fangs do you like, mine or Ayato’s?

A: Don’t be shy. Say it honestly that you want to give your blood to Ayato-sama. Right, Chichinashi? Come on!

[05:27]*chains rattle*

A: Tch, hah? You can’t say it clearly in front of Shu? Whatever, once the match starts anyway that body will quickly show the proof. A pleasure that’ll addict you.. I’ll be the one giving you that. Let me, over Shu, drink your sweet sweet blood.. You hear?

S: If that’s the case, I’ll drink as much as I want of her fear. Hey, that’s fine right? That’s why, instead of Ayato, give your delicious blood to me.

*** TRACK 2 ***

S: Now then, Ayato, you can stand silently over there. It’s a little annoying, but it looks like I’ll have to teach that child, Ayato, the exquisite taste of fear-tinged blood.

A: Go ahead! I’ll carefully watch the faces chichinashi makes for Shu from here.

S: Ah, show me again the expression that you haven’t shown them, hehe. That face where you can completely feel the fear and me drinking your blood. We’ll have to show him that.

[00:48]*you struggle crazily*

S: Come on, look over here. Properly speaking, I’d make you do everything yourself.. but in this situation it can’t be helped. I’ll specially do it. *whips out knife* Look at this, you know what it is don’t you? Look at it properly.. Yes.. a sharp silver knife!


S: This’ll be able to cut you in every corner of your body… to the bone. Haha, are you crying already? You should be.. since I might actually cut you to death. But a pervert like you still isn’t satisfied by that? If I made you more afraid..


S: Ahh, I know! Hey.. Let me blindfold you. The sensation of my finger or knife slowly creeping around your body in the pitch darkness… just thinking about it.. makes you aroused, doesn’t it? Hehehe..

[02:29]*you struggle* *he blindfolds you*

S: With this you can’t see anything, right? Hehe.. *whispers* Come on, feel it. My fingers rubbing your skin.. you recognize it, right? Feeling only my fingers in this darkness.. gradually the habits and warmth of my fingers should let you know just where I’m interested in on your body.


S: I wonder just what kind of bad habit I have.. Hey.. tell me. How do you want my fingers right now to defile you? *growls* Come on.. *whispers* try saying it. Hahaha.. You still need some time? That’s fine.. I’ll slowly carve everything of me into you.


S: Why don’t we reach the climax together? Hehe… Now then.. first of all, since I’m going to love you.. I’m going to cut to pieces your clothes that are in the way. That way you can feel real horror with nothing to protect you.


S: Come on, can you comprehend it? The sensation of the cold knife passing above your breast.

*drops knife* *rips your clothes*

S: *smirking* I’ve torn your clothes.. I can see your breasts and stomach. Let’s make it so that I see more..

*picks up knife* *tearing clothes*

S: Hah… Everything is completely visible. Oh, your underwear is in the way.. a loose girl like you doesn’t need something like this, wouldn’t you agree? Haha..


S: Your chest is heaving. What’s wrong? Are you excited?

*tears more clothes*

S: Ahh.. your breasts are as small as usual.. they’re such a pure white color. *amused* You really have a body that begs to be dirtied. It’s nothing but tempting. Cutting your skin with this knife.. would your inflamed red heart spill out?.. I wonder what your blood would taste like if I drank it directly from there.

[05:35]*chains jangle*

S: Look.. just like this, hehe. Idiot, don’t struggle. Ah? “It hurts”? Obviously, since you’ve been cut by a knife. Your blood is welling up at once.. such delicious blood, isn’t it? *slurps*

S: Haha.. there’s not enough fear yet. Your blood.. isn’t just like this, right? Ah, it can’t be helped. It looks like I need to drown you more in a sea of fear..

[06:25]*drops knife* *rips more clothing*

S: This time, over here. Ah, I can see your deliciously small thighs trembling. Your legs aren’t so bad.. they’re so slender that I want to break them to the point where you won’t immediately die.. Come on, spread your legs.

[06:53]*chains rattle*

S: Ahh.. what a surprisingly nice view. Seeing you like that makes my vampire blood excited… Mmnn.. hehehe, such a nice smell! The smell of your blood seeping out of your skin.. it’s stimulating and scorching something deep inside of me.


S: Good, now.. how about we play a game? Will the pain you feel be from my nails or from the point of the knife? Guess which one it is. Easy, right?

*chains clatter*

S: Oi, stop struggling! You can’t run away like that. Heh, what’s the point of struggling like that when you know it’s useless? You can’t have forgotten how tied up you are, right? You’re not that stupid, are you?


S: If that’s the case, why did you do that?.. Ah.. Could it be that you’re embarrassed to be seen by Ayato? Hehe. *whispers* But that mix of concentration and fear on your face is.. extremely arousing. Ahh.. Hey.. Is it scary to be cut by a knife?


S: Of course it is, isn’t it.. It’s different from a nail.. merciless and inhuman.. a dangerous weapon. Ahaha.. your fear can be felt. You understand, don’t you? Be more frightened. Be more terrified! Ahh.. that side of you.. touches me deeply.


S: Undoubtedly, your blood right now is more delicious than it had been. Now then.. let’s start the game. Your.. ah, I know.. this pain tracing up your pure white side.. *knife being drawn* *clothes rustling* Which one do you think it is?


S: Haha.. so much drool! Are you so scared you can’t stop yourself? Heh.. Come on, the thing before, guess if it was the knife or my nail. Hm? The knife? Hehehe.. Too bad. It was my nail tracing your side.


S: It looks like fear paralyzed your senses. Am I right? Even though you have no wound on you, the sharp pain rushed through you like an electric current. Come on, the game hasn’t ended yet. Next is..


S: Here.. these slightly sweaty thighs.. Yes, this line to the base of your feet. You know.. tracing this place here like this.. doesn’t it make you feel really dirty? Haha.. You’re trembling very hard aren’t you?


S: I suppose so.. It’d be unbearable if you were cut here by a knife, huh.. You might lose the ability to walk. *excited* Come on, which one is it? Try saying it..


S: My nail? Haha.. you’re SUCH an idiot, aren’t you? I wouldn’t finish in such a delicious place with just my nail. *starts sucking* Ahh.. amazing.. As I thought, it’s the most delicious when you’re feeling fear. *kisses* Your blood is irresistible.


S: Ah? Haha.. you’re trembling a lot. Hey, why are you so scared just from not being able to see? I suppose in the darkness your survival instincts are struck only by danger. No… or are you convulsing because of how good it feels?


S: In any case, you were given two chances and you missed both. Could you possibly have failed on purpose? What you really want is for me to do more cruel things to you? Hey.. in that case.. how about I cut this pounding pulse.. at the back of your neck..

*whips out knife*

S: Haha.. your breath has shortened at the touch of the knife against your neck. *grabs you* Scared? You’re scared, aren’t you? *whispers* If I drew my hand back immediately like this.. what do you think will happen to your neck?


S: The thick blood vessel would split into two parts.. “I’ll die”? Ah, that’s true. You might die.. heh, but dying isn’t a trouble, right? After all, you don’t like this, right? Having terrible things like this done to you by us.. yet being unable to run away.


S: In that caes, wouldn’t death be an escape? *amused* That’s why you don’t have to be so frightened. Your lips are trembling.. That’s nice. Your soft lips.. are delicious. It makes me want to bite them.


S: Ah.. your face is so pale.. yet your ears are completely red. Your blood is rushing around your body in fear and pleasure, isn’t it? Right now will surely be the most delicious time. *bites you* *sucks*


S: Nngh.. Ahh.. delicious.. the taste is rapidly becoming better. I can understand from your blood that you’re unbearably scared. Hehe.. that’s right, isn’t it? You can’t move your body at all, huh? It doesn’t permit you to run away no matter what is done to you.

*chains rattle*

S: Ah?.. Your wrists are red from the chains.. If you were docile then this wouldn’t have happened. Hmm.. *inhales* these wrists also have an intensely delicious smell around them. It’s a deliciousness of you that is making me aroused.


S: Huh? Ahahaha.. what are you doing? Are you an idiot? Cutting your own neck on the knife because you moved. *lightly* What? Could it be that you forgot the presence of the knife?.. You are SUCH an idiot.


S: Ahh.. your blood is gushing out.. what a waste. Nnngh.. *slurps*

S: Ah, this is the best. As I thought, a neck wound is scary, isn’t it? *kisses* Ugh.. I can’t resist..


S: Ah? What’s with that sound? Are you actually feeling pleasure in this kind of situation? Ah, I see. Haha.. You have the best expression. Even though you’re in a maelstrom of fear, you can still make such a dirty noise. It seems like you can’t tell between pain and pleasure anymore, huh?


S: *low voice* That’s fine.. the highest state of your blood.. I’ll be sucking it.

*** TRACK 3 ***

S: Tch, ah?

A: Oi, Shu. Isn’t it enough already?

S: *sighs* What’s with that.. just when I got to a good place.

A: Good place? As if.. hurry up and switch with me.

S: Tch.. It can’t be helped, fine. At any rate, first of all taste some of her blood. It must be the most delicious right now.

A: I was watching everything from before and I don’t think so. Oi, chichinashi.. Let me taste your neck.

[00:41]*wood creaking*

A: Mmm *slurps*.. Ugh, bitter! You completely spoiled her blood! What part of this is delicious!?

S: As I thought you ARE a child to not understand this flavor of bitterness. This exquisite flavor is obviously the best. Is this what they call stupid tongue (no sense in taste)?

A: Tch, fuck you, you demon bastard! It’s because a bastard like you doesn’t understand the most delicious state of her blood that you’re mistaking this to be the best.

S: Hmm? Then, for the present, let’s switch. I’ll be looking forward to see what exactly Ayato considers the most delicious blood.


A: Sure. Come on chichinashi, I’ll show Shu what you look like.. with your whole body melting in pleasure. The face you always show only me.. that brilliant expression.. Today is special.

*** TRACK 4 ***

A: Now then.. wait. Ah~.. you’re completely scared, huh? That guy Shu says that a person’s blood, when scared, is most delicious but.. when you’re making those brilliant expressions and disheveled to the point of forgetting yourself.. is when your blood is the most delicious and sweet. That’s obvious.


A: Drowning in pleasure.. losing your mind to it.. I.. love your blood when you’re like that.

*chains jangle*

A: In other words, I’ll take that blindfold off of you. I want you to see yourself in pleasure as I play with you.

*unties the blindfold*

A: Geez.. it’s all wet from your tears. Shu.. it’s obvious that sucking your blood like this is terrible. I can’t understand at all.

A: *comes closer* *sighs* Come on, stop crying! Chichinashi, I’ll make you forget your fear right now. I’ll make you feel the utmost pleasure.

[01:28]*chains rattle*

A: Nnn.. *kisses* Hn, these chains are in the way. It can’t be helped. I’ll take them off so be obedient.

*he takes off the shackles*

A: And also.. your body is full of cuts thanks to Shu. Pisses me off. Oi, chichinashi, I’m going to make you lie face down. Look.. hurry up I said!

*flips you*

A: As I thought, your back is still full of beauty. *kisses* There’s taste of your sweat.. *kisses* Hehe.. Are you excited? Even when I’m just above your skin.. I can see through you. Look.. *kisses*


A: Your blood is feeling pleased.. *licks and kisses* Hahaha… wasn’t that a surprisingly honest reaction. You… First of all, let’s dye this pure white back… in bright red. *bites*


A: Come on.. the feeling of my fangs stabbing into you.. can you recognize it? Hehehe.. Feel it fully. *bites and sucks* As I thought your blood.. *sucks* is becoming delicious. *bites again*


A: But.. it’s not enough. It’s not at all sweet enough. Come on.. I’ll make you feel even better. *whispers* My fingers.. my tongue.. my fangs.. concentrate only on the bewitching heat and pain. Hahaha.. just whispering close to your ear made your body jerk.


A: Hey.. you love my voice, don’t you? Apart from my fangs.. you want to be driven senseless by my voice too, am I right?.. You’re such a greedy one.. Hehe.. Come on, don’t run. *whispers* Because I’ll break you with my whole body. *kisses*


A: Your ears are also.. starting to smell really sweet. Ah? You have a look that says it’s not enough to just be licked. Chichinashi.. I understand. You want to be bitten, right? Hm? You want a pain that makes you feel as if you’re falling from somewhere, right?


A: It can’t be helped~.. I’ll bite you. This hard part of your ear.. I’ll pierce it with my fangs. *sucking sounds* It feels like my tongue is melting.. Hehehe.. This is bad. The release of the scent of your blood is making me tingle.


A: Hey.. Don’t you think the same? You can’t resist the feeling of me biting you, right? You don’t want this pleasure to ever end for an eternity… am I right?

A: Ahahaha.. what? What’s with those clingy eyes? Are you feeling so much pleasure that you can’t speak? That’s why you’re inviting me with those eyes, right? Alright chichinashi, you’re special. You should think only about me and be full only of me. I’ll make you forget that guy and what he did.


A: Hey.. that reminds me.. it’s delicious here, isn’t it? Hm? Here, your upper arm. *kisses* Ugh, so soft. *bites* My fangs are deliciously wet.. Hey chichinashi.. your hips are twitching.


A: Stroking you like this.. It feels good, does it? Look, how about here then. Hahaha.. closing your eyes in rapture like that.. you’re surprisingly honest. Alright, as a reward I’ll suck more blood from that other arm. *sucks* Haha.. rapidly sweetening. *bites and sucks*


A: Haha.. chichinashi, you love having your hips caressed like this, huh? Such a great expression. Like this the sensitivity nerves in your head might get cut off..

A: Your breath is hitching. What? This isn’t enough? You want my fangs, right? “Hurry up and bite me again please!”.. is what you must be reciting in your head over and over again, huh?


A: Hey, what does it feel like to be watched by Shu? Arousing? Unbearably embarrassing? Or.. are you losing your mind so much to me that you haven’t thought about him at all? Haha.. that must be it. You never made these faces with Shu. Come on, show me more.

[09:26]*wood creaking*

A: Yes, that’s right. Look, Shu is over there. Look at him properly. Hm? What? “Don’t pull my hair”? Hehe.. If I didn’t do that then you wouldn’t have turned your head, right? Alright, I’ll suck your blood like this. Your neck is fine, right? Let’s let Shu see very well how I’m burying my face in your neck and sucking your blood.


A: I’m biting you.. With all my strength I’ll be doing terrible things to you. Just as you wish, right? Look.. *bites and sucks*

A: *low voice* How is it..? You can hear it, right? Your blood pouring into me.. Your blood is soaking into my body. Aahh.. your blood is really the finest quality. It’s irresistible.


A: Give me more and more sweet blood. Become sweeter. That’s why, I’ll make you feel even better.. More.. Hey, what should I do to make you feel more pleasure? I’ll do what you want so say it clearly.


A: Ah? You want me to be gentler? Even though I’ve already been more than gentle enough.. you’re really selfish, aren’t you? I understand. Gently.. huh? I’ll be gentle.

A: Ah, that’s right. Oi, chichinashi, face this way. *grabs you* Ah, that’s right. If you face this way then all of the wounds Shu made on you are showing. Tch! I don’t like it. There’s no pervert out there who would be pleased at wounds created by another guy.


A: *annoyed* What now? I told you not to resist! It can’t be helped. It looks like I have no choice but to tie you up again. *grabs the chains* Come on, I told you not to struggle! If you struggle the chains will bite into you and your wrists will be injured again.


A: Well, whatever.. I did say I’d make you forget the pain done on you by that dull man. Anyway, raise your legs. What am I doing? You should understand just by looking. You’re below me and I’m hovering above you. Your legs are spread open and raised.. I heard that women like this position?


A: Our lower bodies mutually rubbing against each other.. You’re aroused, aren’t you? Hehehe.. Your face is surprisingly red! As I thought, do you like it? This position? Are you feeling pleasure just from my body being in the space between your legs?


A: We’re certainly glued together, huh… also it’s a very nice view, chichinashi. What? Curling your toes like that I can feel your legs tensing… Are you embarrassed? I suppose so.. In a pinned down position like this.. it would be embarrassing, huh? Hahaha..


A: Come on, watch this carefully.. I’m lifting your leg up like this.. *kisses* tasting your toes.. *kisses* Haha.. You’ve closed your eyes again. I told you to watch, didn’t I? Or what? Does it simply tickle?


A: What a cute look you have. Come on, look over here. Show me more of that face. Look, I’m biting. I wonder what flavor of blood flows through your toes.. *bites and sucks*

A: How was it? In this position with me biting and tasting your toes. Hahaha.. what a lewd expression. Haha, what? What’s with that twisting of your body? Even though you can’t run away from this pleasure. Plus, even if there was a place to run.. chichinashi, you wouldn’t run, right?


A: You personally wish for this pleasure. If I suddenly released you right now.. even you know what you would do, right? You would cling onto me like this.. *whispers* and say “Wait.. please give me more pleasure”.

A: It makes me feel like seeing it. Well, this time is fine. Next time I’ll try that out. Because you’re such a Do-M your tail would wag in pleasure, huh? By the look of your face..

*** TRACK 5 ***

S: OI!

A: Hah?!

S: Too long. That’s enough already. It’s your turn to watch.

A: Tch, fuck off. I haven’t drank enough yet. Besides, look at how chichinashi’s eyes beg me to suck her blood more.

S: Ahh.. she’s certainly become heated. The room is filled with her sweet scent. What’s with that? So that’s the kind of faces you make when you’re with Ayato.. Hnn.. *murmurs* I feel kind of irritated..


S: Ah, at any rate, let me taste that blood; the state of blood that Ayato thinks is the best.

A: Ahaha.. As I thought, her blood becomes more delicious the more pleasure she feels. It’s irresistible.. this flavor. I’ll hand it over to you specially.


S: Heh. Come on, let me drink the blood from your ear. *bites* Ugh, sweet! It’s so sweet it burns! To say that this terrible aftertaste is the best.. as I thought your taste is awful.

A: Hmph, it doesn’t need any bitterness. It’s obvious that blood is delicious when sweet.

S: That’s why I said you had a stupid tongue.

A: Hah?! Don’t fuck with me! You lack any sense of taste!

*** TRACK 6 ***

S: At any rate, your breathing has sped up considerably. Ah.. which one do you like? Try saying it. My fangs or Ayato’s fangs?

A: There’s nothing to compare. It’s obviously mine. Chichinashi has always desired my fangs.

S: Hmm.. it feels like the person in question has no energy to answer.. Either way, going with the taste of blood from before, what I said was clearly right. Her blood is the most delicious when tormented with fear.

A: Hah?! No matter how you look at it, mine was more sweeter! I’m the right one!

S: *sighs angrily* As I thought, a child can’t understand the profound flavor.

A: What’d you say, asshole?! I don’t want to hear that from a lazy bastard like you!


S: Same here, hearing those arrogant words from a person with no sense of taste.. *mutters* You should listen to your elders.

A: Tch! Is that a joke?! To say that in this kind of situation. You should say that after you do something befitting of the eldest son.

S: Hah?! I’m always the one cleaning up after you! Ugh.. fighting against a brat like you.. so troublesome.

A: Looks like you’re seriously picking a fight with me.

S: A brat like you should leave…

A: Bring it on!!

[01:48]*chains rattle*

A: Hah? What is it?

S: Do you want those restraints to be taken off?

A: Eh? “The experiment should be over by now”?.. Ah, that’s right. The experiment is over. But.. until we make this right or wrong the match won’t be over.

S: *whispers in left* Besides… I haven’t had enough blood.

A: *whispers in right* Let me drink more of your blood. Tonight our throats are dry so it can’t be helped.

*chains clank*

S: Hehe.. What? You want to tell us not to come near? But you know.. my mood has improved. It’s best if you just obediently listen to what I say. Although Ayato is a bother.


A: I haven’t sucked enough blood at all. That’s why let me suck more. Though Shu is in the way.

S: The one who is in the way is you!

A: Shut up!

S: O-Oi!

*** TRACK 7 ***

A: It’s bad to do things inefficiently. Come on, chichinashi, don’t turn your face away and look this way. You’ve rested more than enough, right? Secretly before Shu… of course, first I should start from the neck. *sucks*


A: It was just a little break, but your blood has turned harsh again.

S: Oi.. you have some courage brushing me aside. Hurry up and switch.

A: I don’t wanna. You might as well watch her face for a little while. Ah, I know. Hey, you want to feel more and more good right? If that’s the case, there’s a fantastic way.


A: Oi, Shu! Fetch that small bottle.

S: *annoyed* Why me? Geez.. Ah, this? Here you go. *tosses*

A: *catches* Thanks. Hey chichinashi~ do you know what this is? Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t. Come on, drink this. If you drink this you’ll be able to obtain even more pleasure than you have right now. Come on..


A: Tch! “I don’t want to drink it”?! Then it can’t be helped. I’ll force you to drink it. *uncorks bottle* *forces you* Great! You drank it all, right? Aren’t you a good girl. Woah! Stop struggling! Shu, pin down her legs!

S: Tch.. Don’t order me around. Well, whatever, it’s a little interesting so I’ll join in.

A: Great, this is good. Hehe.. Oi, chichinashi, has your body started to ache immediately? You’re twisting your body in pain. Ah, are you feeling it from how Shu is touching your legs?


A: Tch, if that’s the case that’s not interesting. Look, concentrate on me! Right here.. on your breasts.. my fangs will give you plenty of love. *bites and sucks* Mm? The heat of your body is rising?


A: Hey, are you aroused more than usual at being surrounded by Shu and I? Or is it due to the aphrodisiac? Hehe.. I told you that struggling is useless! Your body is already turning to the aphrodisiac.


A: The proof of that is.. look, just stroking your side with a nail.. haha, as I thought your body is twitching. Come on, you want it, don’t you? A pain that’ll make you lose your mind.. Say that you want my fangs.


A: Hehe.. you actually said it huh, chichinashi. What was with your resistance before? Well whatever, just as you wish I’ll hurt you firmly.

A: Hey, if my fangs enter these fingers it’d hurt a lot, huh? How about it? Shaking your neck like that.. is that a no? But you know, chichinashi, you really know it, right?


A: The more pain there is the stronger the pleasure imparted. That’s why you’re really looking forward to it.. am I right? Hehe.. bull’s-eye, right? I understand. It’s useless to lie.


A: Come on, give me your finger. *licks* I can hear your pulse speeding up just from licking it. Your anticipation leaked out. I’m biting.. *bites*

A: Mm? It hurts?? But, you don’t want me to stop right? You want me to do more, right? Ahaha.. your eyes are dazed. Are my fingers, voice, and fangs the best? But you haven’t had enough at all, right?


A: “I want you to keep going” is what your trembling hips are saying. How many times have you said it this night? Alright, no matter how many times you say it I’ll do it. I’ll penetrate you as deep as I can and fill you up with me.


A: Now.. where do you want me to bite? Next is.. woah, hah?!

S: Oi you.. why did you suddenly grab my arm? I haven’t thought about saving you in the slightest.. Hah? I’m mistaken? Ah, I see.

A: Oi, chichinashi. Could it be that you’re saying my fangs alone aren’t enough for you?

S: Haha.. I can understand it just from seeing your eyes. It really seems that way. You really ARE a pervert. Grabbing it personally with your own hands.. you have no sanity.


S: Well, it’s obvious you’re not all there. It looks like that medicine was extremely effective..

A: Tch.. maybe the amount was too much. To have her body become so that I’m not enough is.. frustrating.

*** TRACK 8 ***

S: *sighs* It can’t be helped.. I’m slowly getting tired of just watching. I’ll be your opponent. *amused* But.. just clenching your hand and grabbing my arm like that.. just what are you appealing for me to do?


S: Come on.. say it. What do you want?.. *chuckling* What? You’re going to stay silent? If that’s the case then I won’t do anything. That’s obvious, isn’t it? Why would you think that I would care about you when you won’t beg me?


S: Isn’t that shameless? If you’re going to look at me with those blurred eyes, use your voice and speak out clearly. What do you want? How do you want to be tormented?

S: Give me the motivation.. with your words. Come on, I’ll do what you ask.


S: Ahahaha.. you seriously said it. You’re a real pervert. Although much of it is the medicine at work.. To throw away your pride like that..

A: Tch! Oi chichinashi, you can’t possibly be thinking Shu is better than me right?

*chains rattle*

A: Hmm? You’re shaking your head. Then what? You want to be attacked by both me and Shu?

S: Heh? Isn’t that quite a selfish request from you? *amused* But wait.. before that let me have some fun once more with you alone.

A: Haha, whatever, I’m fine with that. Hey chichinashi, let me take my time in looking at your face twisted in pleasure.

S: It’s annoying to have Ayato look at your face, but whatever. The fact that you grabbed my arm is proof that you want to lose your mind to my fangs. That’s fine, I’ll make you lose more of your mind.


S: I did say, before, that I’d bite your legs in order. I’ll give you pain. Come on, first is your right foot. *bites and sucks* Haha.. I’ve just licked your toes and I can tell how strongly excited your blood is.

S: I can see clearly the blood vessel in the arch of your foot.. If I bite this place on both feet you might not be able to walk because of the pain.. but it doesn’t matter if you can’t walk.


S: You might as well take a break from school. *quietly* If you can’t stand up then you’ll always be below me. I’ll suck your blood forever.. *bites*

S: Amazing.. the blood is gushing and overflowing. Come on, this foot too. If I don’t bite it well then you’ll go to school tomorrow despite being crippled. *bites and sucks*


S: With this you can’t walk, can you? Hehe.. just imagining you trying to run away by crawling gives me a thrill.. Ahh.. though I won’t let you run.

S: *whispers* If you do run then.. I’ll step on your injured feet and.. I know~.. I might even crucify you. Well then next is.. your calf. If I bite here then it’d plainly hurt, huh?


S: Though I’ll be thrusting my fangs deeper than I did with your breasts. *amused* What’s wrong? Your legs are trembling. Hehe.. and yet you’re not drawing back your legs.


S: In other words, you’re actually trembling from anticipation? You’re such a slut it makes me laugh. Come on.. if that’s the case then watch as I pierce your calf deeply with my fangs. *bites and sucks*

S: Haha.. does it hurt so much you have no strength? But you know.. it’s such a good feeling to see you in pain. Your blood has told me many things.. even though your conscious is faint from the pain.. but you’re frantically wishing for the pleasure of my fangs.


S: You want my fangs more and more. Painful, hurtful, hot.. You’re aching for a pleasure that’ll make your mind faint. Isn’t that right? *amused* You’re an unexpectedly bad woman, huh?


S: Come on, open up your legs. These soft and white thighs.. I really love the blood from here. *kisses* Just tasting the top with my tongue.. the smell of your blood is making me crazy.

S: Come on, beg me once more. Say “I’m begging you, please stick your fangs into my thighs”. Hah?! I can’t hear you.. If you don’t say it much louder then it won’t reach my ears.


S: Hehe.. Hahahaha! The current you is the best! Hey, how is your mind after saying such an embarrassing thing? I don’t dislike honest women. Look, as you wish I’ll pierce you deeper. *bites and sucks*

S: Haha.. Ahh.. delicious! You’re blood will really.. drive me crazy. You’re blood is mine on-.. hah?!

A: Huh? What’s with this hand gripping my arm tightly?

S: *angry* Oi.. what are you trying to do? I’m right here.. that’s annoying.

A: Hahaha! I see, you want to say that my fangs feel better than Shu’s, right? Come on, in that case Shu needs to get out of the way. I’ll drink her bloo-… hey!


S: Heh? You’re grabbing my arm.. Interesting.

A: Ah.. what? You’re saying one person isn’t enough?

S: I’m not pleased at all.. but whatever. This time will be an exception. I don’t have the patience either for Ayato’s useless fight.

A: Tch! I guess it can’t be helped so I’ll forgive Shu for sucking your blood here. Just this time though.

*** TRACK 9 ***

S: Well then.. I’ll bite these twitching and trembling hips.. hehe. Did you really just react with a shuddering sigh? You’re weak to your fate, aren’t you? Though the aphrodisiac that entered you is making you feel everything easier.


S: Come on, come closer here. *bites and sucks*

A: Oi! Don’t make that kind of noise from Shu biting your hips, chichinashi! You should moan in pleasure only when I bite you, isn’t that right? I’ll occupy that mouth of yours. *kisses*


S: Oi!! Stop that, I can’t hear her voice!

A: As if I’ll stop! *continues kissing* Oi chichinashi, stick out your tongue.. because I’ll bite it. Ah, aren’t you obedient. *sucks and bites*

S: Somehow.. your blood, because of the aphrodisiac maybe, is making my mind hazy and I can’t control myself.

A: Ngh? Ah.. me too.. My throat is unbearably dry.

S: Give me more of your blood..

A: Close to your heart.. biting here near your left breast.. you’ll most likely scream loudly, huh? Let me bite it.. I’m sure you’ll secretly feel pleasure. Look, concentrate on here. *bites*


S: Haha.. does it feel surprisingly good? Your legs are convulsing and twitching. Somehow.. you feeling Ayato’s fangs like that.. right in front of me, it certainly feels unpleasant.


S: Irritating.. I’ll block that mouth of yours. *kisses deeply* Hah?! Oi! Concentrate over here more. Open your eyes and look at my face; me who is sucking blood from your tongue.


S: Come on.. stick out your tongue. Yes, like that.. *bites and sucks* Not yet.. stick it out further. Don’t look at Ayato. Feel my.. feel my fangs only. *bites and groans*

A: Tch.. just when I was sucking some amazingly thick and sweet blood. I’m unsatisfied when I can’t see chichinashi’s face. Oi Shu! I’ve decided that we should stop blocking her mouth.

S: *finishes drinking* Hah? Just when I was at a good place.. plus, Ayato was the one who did it first. Well whatever, somehow my head is all dizzy. Am I drunk from her blood?

A: Ah.. I’m also dizzy from her blood. It’s such a good feeling. Hehe.. Chichinashi, it’s only you who can drive me senseless.


S: Hehehehe.. what’s with those greedy eyes? Are you driven helpless with too much pleasure from being attacked by us two?

A: Here, I’ll take those chains off. You can cling onto our bodies however you’d like.

*takes off chains*

S: Even though your restraints are taken off you aren’t running away at all. Your self-restraint is already a thing of the past, isn’t it? It’s fine, isn’t it? You can move around however you’d like.

A: Now then, once again I’ll bite that soft breast of yours. I’ll pierce my fangs more deeply into you. *bites and sucks*


A: As I thought, the blood from your breast is much different. *bites and sucks* You know, biting your breast.. the hot blood is overflowing in my mouth.

S: Your body is trembling so hard.. Is it that good to have Ayato suck your blood? I thought you liked my fangs the best.. or are you in such a haze that you don’t know if it’s Ayato or me who is sucking your blood?


S: Maa.. it can’t be helped since you’re dosed with medicine. I’ll forgive you only for today for having that kind of face while Ayato is sucking your blood. But.. next time if I see that expression again.. I’ll kill you.

S: Ah.. I’ll bite it again.. your side which is shaking in anticipation of that. Hehe.. just from touching your hips you’re feeling that much pleasure?

A: Then I’ll bite the back of her neck.

S: Hey, clench your teeth. I’ll be hurting you as much as possible. *bites and sucks* Ugh.. this is bad.. I can’t stop.


A: *sucking* Ahh.. delicious..

S: Nnngh.. *sucking* *rough voice* Your blood.. why is it so hard to lose interest in.. It’s an addiction.. really.. *bites* Nngh..

A: *kissing* I won’t let go of this blood.. haha.. You’re an amazing woman. My thirst hasn’t settled yet. Well, that’s not a bad thing is it, chichinashi? Because you don’t want it to stop, huh.

S: Relax.. we’ll continue to play with you.

A: Because the long night hasn’t ended yet… see?

53 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers Versus ~ Ayato vs. Shu ~

    Zariell said:
    November 16, 2016 at 14:48

    You know…I stumbled on this CD by accident. When Shuu started going at it, I was shocked! I had NO idea that he could display such a sadistic side to him. And when Ayato went all gentle…I was floored.
    This CD was terrifying and amazing. Your translations have inspired me to buy lots more of these! Thank you for your hard work!!

      Ilinox responded:
      November 21, 2016 at 00:07

      IIRC these CDs were out before the game came out (especially the first six CDs) so their personalities are just a tad different from the first game. I remember kind of enjoying Laito’s CD but being terrified by how he was in the game LOL (Shu’s CD has Yui acting unnaturally pushy to create situations where he could drink her blood).

      Haha, I suppose a lot of their actions also comes from their “preference” for blood. Shu loves the blood of people in pain while Ayato loves the blood of people in pleasure :”D.

      Thank you for the comments! Drama CDs are definitely another way to improve one’s Japanese |D though I would still recommend something with a script so you have a easier time looking up words you don’t understand.

    Maria Vega said:
    June 13, 2016 at 15:43

    I was wondering if I could use your translations to use in my videos that I am going to make of the versus CD’s.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 15, 2016 at 22:17

      Sure! I don’t mind so long as I’m credited and it’s noted that these are fan translations so they might not be 100% accurate :).

    IWasAbusedByMyBabySitter said:
    July 2, 2015 at 08:25


    […] Sakamaki Ayato VS Sakamaki Shuu (C) […]

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