Hana Awase 「蛟編」 ~ Common Route ~

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The wheels of fate turn without rest, stopping for nothing and no one. Love is not just joy and happiness; Love is obsessive, overwhelming, unrequited, and sorrowful. A love without reward is still love. But the winner is the one who is shone on by the moon. The losers; playthings to fate’s machinations. This is the world of Hana Awase, where only the flower touched by the blessed water blooms.

“Although its scent still lingers on,
the form of a flower has scattered away.
For whom will the glory
of this world remain unchanged?
Arriving today at the yonder side
of the deep mountains of evanescent existence.
We shall never allow ourselves to drift away,
intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams.”
“Iroha” by Ryuichi Abe.

(Because I adore this game so much, I decided to do a common route for it. The path, depending on which person you choose, happens at the end of this common route. I sincerely recommend you take these happy moments in this common route to heart because after this it is just a speeding freight train to despair _(:3」∠)_. This is a ridiculously amazing game though; my game of the year. PS. I promise to return to DiaLov!)

(The wonderful Lore at Tealdeer also made an English primer for this. Full view pictures at 850 x 595).

The game starts with a mysterious voice calling out to the protagonist, Mikoto. She doesn’t know who it is, but the voice is ecstatic at meeting her because it’s been waiting forever. It introduces itself as the Half Moon and even though they’re meeting like this they will soon part. That’s why they’ll meet again with the power of the moon that only she has.

「万よりは近く、千程も遠い奇跡を要する望月の再会。それでもふたりが合わされば、幾千万の奇跡がひとつとなり、命が生まれよう。」(The reunion of the full moon which requires more than a thousand, close to ten thousands of miracles. Even so, if the two are to meet, then tens of millions of miracles will become one and then fate (mikoto) will be born).

THIS IS A PLAY ON HER NAME WHICH MEANS LIFE OR FATE. It tells her that this place is hell. If she continues to stay then her body will wither. She must be returned to her original world. The Half Moon urges her to close her eyes and to grab the hand that is there the next time she awakens. That person will be the one to guide her.

Mikoto closes her eyes and the Half Moon tells her to hold onto the hand just like that. She must reach more towards the light and grab that light. Mikoto sees a flash of a crescent moon and she gasps. THIS GAME WILL MAKE YOU CRY WHEN YOU REPLAY IT. The Half Moon notes that she’s found it and then wishes her farewell; its precious and other Half Moon.

She opens her eyes blurrily and wonders about her dream. But then she sees that she’s in an unfamiliar hospital room. When she tries to move her entire body hurts. A voice greets her by noting that she’s awake. IROHA-SAMA DESU. She looks at him in confusion and he asks her if she doesn’t remember him. She doesn’t think they’ve met before because he’s so beautiful she’d have remembered him.

Mikoto apologizes, but he ignores it and informs her that she was in an accident and so he carried her to the hospital. Because he happened to be present at the time of the accident he accompanied her to the hospital. He informs her that the doctor said her life wasn’t in danger and all she needs to do is rest. He walks off after he completes his explanation and she calls out for him to wait, but he’s already gone.

She thinks about how intense and other-worldly he was. Mikoto scolds herself for not thanking him for accompanying her to the hospital. She also forgot to ask for his name. But then she recalls that his uniform was… her attention drops to the bed where a card rests. It’s beautiful but did that person forget it? This card is certainly… Suddenly the door opens and a doctor comes in.

He comments on how she’s awake and how her body must hurt, but two days or so of rest and she should be healed. The doctor is pleased that she escaped rather lightly from the car accident. Mikoto is shocked to hear that it was such a big accident. He heard from the paramedics that a student from Kaen saved her. When she looks confused, the doctor points out that the person must have been here.

That man was an extremely handsome person and he continued to stay with her after carrying her here. Mikoto is amazed to hear that and then the doctor asks if that person is her lover. She splutters at that but the doctor continues on to muse about how that person’s gaze was heated and he was clasping her hand. The doctor thought beyond a doubt that they were lovers. _(:3」∠)_ IROHA FASFDFGF YOU’LL PROBABLY SEE THIS EMOTICON EVERYWHERE.

ALSO GET THIS. THE PROLOGUE TALKED ABOUT HOW THE HAND THAT WILL BE THERE WHEN SHE WAKES IS THE PERSON WHO WILL GUIDE HER. *HINT HINT* *NUDGE NUDGE* I APOLOGIZE AHEAD OF TIME FOR MY BIAS. Mikoto is surprised to hear that he held her hand, because she didn’t get that feeling from him at all. But not only did he wait on her, he also saved her. She can’t believe she didn’t thank him.

The door opens again and her childhood friends, Ai and Shou, appear. Ai is glad that she’s alive because she thought her heart stopped at the words “accident”. Shou teases her about how energetic she looks. He thought she’d look like a mummy, but if she looks like this then it doesn’t look like they were needed. Ai smiles slyly and asks Shou what he’s saying because he was the one who was most worried.

He kept on yelling about how they needed to go to the hospital right now and that Mikoto was in an accident. Shou snaps back that he didn’t do that! He stumbles over his words as he says that Mikoto easily gets in dangerous situations and he shouldn’t have taken his eyes off her. The doctor comments on how lively they are and asks them if they’re Mikoto’s friends. The doctor tells them to take their time visiting since he’s finished the check-up.

Ai continues on about how the accident was scary and why did such a thing happen to Mikoto? Shou points out that there’s no point in talking about something that already happened. At least she’s well. Mikoto apologizes for making them worry and Ai tells her not to because she’s the victim. She should sue for consolation money. Mikoto laughs at that and then Ai informs her that she brought Mikoto a change of clothes.

If there is something else that she needs then she can call them. She thanks them gratefully and Shou clumsily tells her that they’re like family and so Mikoto can be selfish without reserve. Ai teasingly asks Shou if that is all he’ll say and if he doesn’t have anything cooler to say. Shou calls her an idiot and splutters out that he didn’t say anything to sound cool.

Ai snickers and tells Shou that they need to head home now. They’ll come visit Mikoto tomorrow! Mikoto watches them go with a smile and then looks into the bag to discover that she has a change of clothes and shoes, which is something Ai would do. There are also games and manga which must have come from Shou. There’s also a remote control.

She wonders why that’s there before realizing they must have tossed things in from the house before coming here. She’s thankful for their worry. She flops back on her bed and winces at the pain throughout her whole body. It looks like she really was in an accident. She’s uneasy about not remembering the car accident but she’s also scared to remember. If she can she would like to not remember.

Mikoto decides to sleep and recover quickly so that she doesn’t worry Ai and Shou any more. She also needs to return the card. It looks to be something used in a Kasen, a game which uses hanafuda. The person that was here before had the uniform of Kaen. She’s seen things about them on the TV. She wonders if he really is a student from Kaen. She heard that it was a place above the clouds.

It looks like the people who attend that place are amazing. To think that such a beautiful person is there. Before she falls asleep she decides to go to Kaen with Ai and Shou to give her thanks.

Meanwhile, at Kaen, a pink-haired girl comments on how Mikoto awakened. The person from before answers with a curt yes. She sighs in relief and then decides they should visit Mikoto after she’s well and when the formalities are finished. The man wonders if Mikoto will be called to this place though. The girl asks him what he means, because the contract has been completed.

If so, then it is useless to doubt. She was chosen by the card and soon she will be born from the moon. The girl sighs in pleasure at how much she looks forward to it. Just thinking about Mikoto makes her heart hammer. She giggles in pleasure while the man looks on silently.

The next day, Mikoto goes to Kaen with Ai and Shou. Ai is amazed by how gorgeous Kaen is while Shou complains about how this place seems more like a palace than a school. They’re all looking in from the gates. Ai explains that this place is a school that has the most influence in Hana Utsushi. It’s a place where they, as common people, should have no business with. Then Ai pouts and asks if Hana Utsushi is becoming popular.

Shou points out that it’s a traditional event. Then he talks about how he saw on the TV once a Hana Utsushi battle and one of the men who held the cards did something and something came out like ZAZAAA! He dissolves into a sound effect here which makes Ai raise an eyebrow. She tells him that she doesn’t understand him at all. What went ZAZAAA?

He tells her that ZAZAAA is ZAZAAA, but anyway it was amazing. Something came out of the cards and no matter how many times he sees it he doesn’t understand. Mikoto explains that the powers in the card are unlocked by the energy that the minamo give. It can’t be done if the person doesn’t have much power and these people who can use this power are called Kaei. Only a handful of people can be a kaei.

Also the minamo who support the kaei as they play Hana Utsushi can only be girls. Ai giggles as she summarizes it by saying that Mikoto is a nerd. She demurs that she only likes it. Ai points out that the two are the same because she dislikes it greatly. She can’t accept or understand it at all. Plus, all the people who play Hana Utsushi are weird. They’re all so exaggerated and arrogant and cold.

Mikoto defends it by saying that those are the uniforms for Hana Utsushi and the tradition of the game is a special case. She tries to go on about the specifics of the game but Ai stops her. She doesn’t understand anything Mikoto is saying and she hates these strict and painful tradition things. She pouts and whines about wanting to return home so that they can get a parfait. Mikoto giggles at that and Ai looks at her questioningly.

This makes Mikoto point out that even though Ai says that, she still comes along. Ai splutters and explains that she’s just worried about Mikoto who had just been released by the hospital. She won’t let her walk around this strange place by herself. Shou points out that he’s here. Ai calls him an idiot and says that he’s less reliable than that wobbly stone over there. Anyway, they should hurry up and find Mikoto’s savior.

Shou grumbles about how her savior is just going to be someone with a lot of money. He heard that the people here have some kind of relationship to royalty. It’s a completely different world. Ai teasingly asks him if he’s jealous. Shou sneers and says that he won’t say anything. He also suggests finding the person and the returning home since he doesn’t want Mikoto to strain herself.

She smiles but reassures them that she’s recovered already because it wasn’t that bad of an injury. She blinks in surprise when Shou ruffles her hair and he tells her to be more selfish and honest. It’s dangerous how she always pushes herself. Mikoto tells him that she understands and he can stop patting her head because she’s not a child anymore. He teasingly asks her what she’s saying because she is one.

Mikoto glares back at him and Ai giggles off to the side. When Shou glares at her Ai whispers that he’s being too cowardly. Mikoto is very oblivious to that kind of thing and so she won’t notice anything if he continues to do that. Shou splutters out that he isn’t doing anything and then yells at Mikoto not to believe that only to find out that she’s gone. She’s gone looking for an entrance.

Ai continues to laugh on the side and Shou snaps at her to be quiet. Mikoto calls back to ask them what they’re doing because she’s found the gates and they’re opening. Ai heads immediately for it before Mikoto can stop her to suggest asking some people around. She runs after Ai only to crash into a pink-haired girl who exclaims how amazing it is to see her here.

She welcomes Mikoto to Kaen and tells her that she’s happy Mikoto came. It’s like a miracle granted by God. Does Mikoto know how long she’s been waiting to meet her? They’re like Adam and Eve. No, they were even more predestined to meet than that. Mikoto stares at her with wide eyes, but the girl continues on to ask Mikoto to let her see her face.

The pink-haired girl thinks she’s even cuter than her photos. She’s fallen more in love! Ai asks Mikoto in a loud whisper if she knows this really weird girl. Mikoto shakes her head and asks the girl if she’s mistaken. The girl smiles gently and points out that she’s Mikoto, right? She heard everything from Iroha.

Saying this name summons Iroha himself who comes and asks what the unrest is. Mikoto’s eyes widen when she sees him and Iroha is also taken aback. Mikoto can’t believe she met him this fast. The pink-haired girl comments on the divine fortune Mikoto has to have a moon come out of the gates to meet her and not just any moon, but the highest. Iroha suggests that they explain everything first.

The girl smiles in embarrassment and apologizes for talking too fast because she was too pleased to see Mikoto. She introduces herself as Momotose, a third year student at Kaen, and a minamo for the kaei beside her, Iroha. Mikoto is amazed that Iroha is a kaei and that Momotose is a minamo. Shou is also impressed by seeing the real thing. Ai points out that these things are this school’s specialty.

Then Ai snaps at Momotose and ask her what kind of world she came from because embracing someone so suddenly like that is too surprising. Iroha flatly states that the same can be said for their trespass without permission. Ai asks him angrily who he thinks he is. Shou tells her to calm down. Momotose is pleased to meet them all and believes that liveliness is best. Doesn’t Mikoto think so?

Mikoto is taken aback at being addressed and Momotose giggles at how cute she is. Mikoto doesn’t understand how she knows her name when she hasn’t met her before. But more importantly… Shou tells Mikoto that they can ask these people for the person she’s looking for, but she’s already moving. Mikoto apologizes to Iroha for entering without permission and then thanks him for saving her.

She also heard that he accompanied her to the hospital, yet she forgot to give her thanks. He tells her emotionlessly that he didn’t do it for her sake, he was simply fulfilling his duty. Ai angrily asks him what those words are and he should be saying something else, shouldn’t he? Mikoto tells Ai to stop and then presents Iroha the card. It was left on her bed, but it’s his right?

Iroha tells her that it’s different now. The card chose her and so now it is hers. Mikoto blinks in surprise and Momotose explains that the onifuda chose her as its master, which means she’s invited to this school. Shou protests and points out that someone can’t enter that easily, right?! And plus, Mikoto is attending the same school as them.

Momotose reassures them that Mikoto can simply transfer. In fact, she’s already spoken to Mikoto’s school. Of course, she’s also exempt from all the school tuition. Ai snarls out at them and asks them who they think they are, especially when they change Mikoto’s school selfishly like that. She informs them angrily that they have no idea of the hardships Mikoto went through to change to their school.

She, a person with no single relative, worked hard enough to earn a scholarship. Ai yells out that Mikoto is different from these rich people who have no concept of hardship. HAHA IF ONLY YOU KNEW AI. THERE IS NOTHING BUT PAIN AHEAD. Iroha emotionlessly asks if there is any meaning in comparing them. Shou and Mikoto’s eyes widen, but then Iroha asks Mikoto if she feels indebted because of that.

Mikoto quietly denies it and so Iroha tells her that there is no problem then. The card chose her and is leading her to them. The next thing to do is to decide by herself. Ai is shaking with anger as she spits out that Iroha is prickling on her nerves and pissing her off. Mikoto calms Ai down before she asks if she has to decide if she is going to attend this school. Iroha asks her who else would decide.

He informs her to knock on the gates of the school twice when she’s decided. Shou angrily asks who would come here and then tells Mikoto to leave. Mikoto calls out to Shou and Ai in alarm when they leave, but Momotose just giggles and tells Mikoto that they’ll be waiting. She wishes Mikoto farewell.

While they walk on the streets Ai complains about how irritated she is by those people. She can’t believe them! What do they think people are?! She doesn’t think Mikoto needs to listen to them. Mikoto thinks it can’t be helped since they entered abruptly. She was surprised to be embraced suddenly though. Shou confirms that she doesn’t know them, right? Mikoto nods but then smiles at the thought of how pretty they were.

Plus, Kaen is a school that is renowned for its Kasen, the game which is played using hanafuda. She thinks it’d be amazing to play Hana Utsushi there. Ai gasps and asks Mikoto if she’s hesitating, because there’s no need to go! They can talk to the principal for her. Shou nods and tells her that seeing it in real life is different from the TV.

The people in Kaen were born from a different breed. They look down on ordinary people. Ai doesn’t know if they work for royalty or whatever, but they’re just rich people who play games only. Mikoto gives a strained smile and corrects her by explaining how Hana Utsushi isn’t a game, but a contest. She heard that Kaen has a lot of people with talent.

Ai sighs heavily at how Mikoto is such a Hana Utsushi nerd. She wants her to see the truth about how she definitely won’t fit in with those people. Mikoto tells her strongly that she won’t know if she doesn’t try. Plus, she wants to know the meaning of this card. She recalls out loud how Iroha said the card chose her. She wants to know the reason, if there is one, with that. Ai sighs out her name.

Meanwhile, Momotose comments on how she’s surprised by the power of the onifuda again. She thought they would have to head to Mikoto.. She asks Iroha if he doesn’t think the same. He merely asks her if Mikoto will come. Momotose smiles because she thinks so. She sighs in pleasure at how amazing Mikoto was. She can feel the fate! They need to inform the chairmen immediately about preparations for the ceremony.

As Momotose walks away, Iroha murmurs to himself 「誰を選ぶか・・・それが、彼女の命(みこと)を決めるはず。願わくば・・・いや、それはかなわぬ望み」(Who will be chosen… that is something her fate must decide. I wish… no, that is an ungrantable wish). HELP 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 LET ME WARN YOU GUYS AGAIN. THERE IS ONLY PAIN.

Then he adds 「あさきゆめみし・・・えひもせず・・・」(We shall never allow ourselves to drift away… intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams). THIS LINE COMES FROM THE POEM “IROHA” AND HE’S QUOTING THE LAST TWO LINES. THE FULL POEM IS FEATURED AT THE VERY TOP OF THE INTRO.

In the evening Mikoto thinks about how Kaen is full of elite people who play Hana Utsushi. In truth, she’s always longed for it. She wanted to go to it and it might become a reality. But is it really alright? After all that hard work she did to enter the same school as Ai and Shou only to quit and go to another one. She’s scared to decide on something this big and she thinks she should consult with Ai and Shou.

She pauses before realizing that she’s wrong. Like Iroha said, she should decide what she wants to do. What does she want to do? In the past her grandfather taught her his knowledge about Hana Utsushi.

Then she thinks to herself 「――逃げるな、全てから。逃げたその時、お前から全てのツキが逃げる。ツキを決めるのはお前・・・逃げたら、ツキも終わる。」(–Do not run away from everything. The moment you run, all the moons will escape from you. The one who decides the moon is you. If you run away, the moon will also end).

Mikoto realizes she can’t run away. She must not run away and she must decide on her own. She… Suddenly her phone rings and she picks it up only to hear Shou ask her if she has time. She’s surprised to hear his voice but he tells her that she’s going to go to Kaen, isn’t she? Mikoto apologizes and he sighs heavily.

He thought she would though and he knows she won’t move when she’s made a decision. Ai will probably be noisy and complain about why she went. That’s why he thinks Mikoto should go silently. He tells her to leave it to him to calm Ai down because he’s used to it by now. She smiles softly, but then he opens his mouth and almost confesses… only to decide not to. He laughs at how he’s not being himself right now.

Anyway, whenever she finds it too hard she can return home anytime. Mikoto thanks him and promises to work hard. He cheers her on and tells her to prove herself to those pretentious rich people. Mikoto giggles at Shou’s usual character.

The next day she enters the gates of Kaen and Iroha greets her by formally welcoming her to the Nation Academy of Kasen. He, and the others, welcome her. Some time passes and Momotose knocks on a door to ask if Mikoto has finished her preparations. Mikoto answers that she is and steps out. Momotose’s eyes widen in pleasure as her guess about Mikoto’s uniform size was correct. She looks lovely!

Mikoto looks down and asks if the skirt isn’t too short though. Momotose tells her not to hide it because the length is within regulations and so it should be left like that. Mikoto realizes that it can’t be helped if it’s decided. But it’s a little embarrassing. Momotose asks her if something is wrong but then urges her to follow since everyone is waiting. There is a ceremony being held for Mikoto in the auditorium.

When Mikoto looks shocked, Momotose explains that they must decide which one of the 5 Brights she will be affiliated with. She will be studying her mastery in the art of Hana Awase in that group. Mikoto asks what the 5 Brights are and so Momotose explains that this is a title given to those skilled enough to graduate as a kaei. And Mikoto is going to be their moon who holds their fate. THAT LAST WORD CAN ALSO BE READ AS “DOOM”. FUCK THIS GAME.

Mikoto can’t grasp these feelings of being the one to hold their moon. Momotose giggles at her expression and looks forward to working with her. But the details can come later because an assembly of all the students in this Academy is waiting for her. Hearing this makes Mikoto’s eyes widen. Anyway, Momotose leads her through the greenhouse to reach the assembly and Mikoto is amazed by how it looks like a botanical garden.

Momotose giggles at her awe and notes that it must be unusual to have a greenhouse in the school, but this is the chairmen’s hobby. Mikoto blinks in confusion and Momotose notes that there will probably be a lot of things that will surprise Mikoto. But anyway, they’ve reached the door that leads to the assembly. Mikoto gasps in surprise when she enters the assembly and Momotose wisely tells her that this will be a world that will exceed her imaginations.

She wishes Mikoto farewell and leaves to take her place. Meanwhile Mikoto freezes at how many people are in this deep assembly and how they’re all looking at her. Suddenly a voice tells her that they’ve been waiting for her. He introduces himself as a chairman of Kaen. His name is Kintokihana. The other introduces himself as Awahana. Mikoto is shocked by the fact that the chairmen is these two twins.

THEY USUALLY SAY THEIR NAMES WITHOUT THE HANA THOUGH SO I’LL BE DROPPING IT FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMARIES. Awa comments on how she seems to be the one chosen by the onifuda. At last she has appeared. Will it come from her exterior or her interior? It’s something to look forward to. Kintoki points out that she doesn’t have the full moon yet. She still hasn’t awakened? Awa notes that she might still be a chrysalis without wings yet. Only if she doesn’t become stained. Mikoto wonders what the heck they are saying.

But then Kintoki tells her, the daughter the onifuda chose, that they will decide what she came to this school to establish. He tells her to bring out the card she’s holding and she does. Then Awa wonders out loud what this chrysalis will metamorphosize into, but whatever she turns into the onifuda will be with her since it chose her. Mikoto protests that when she woke up the card was left on her bed.

Kintoki informs her that the onifuda was heading to its owner. Iroha also reported to them that she formed a contract with the onifuda. Awa tells his twin that looks like a pigeon who has been shot, in other words she has wide eyes. She must not understand that the card was left with her. Kintoki reminds him that she is from the outside world after all, but whether she wishes it or not the ceremony will continue.

He tells her to bring the card closer. She quietly obeys them and then Kintoki calls out for the 5 Brights to come. Mikoto is in awe at how beautiful they are. Awa introduces them as Iroha of the Chisengumi (Earth Hermit Group). Mizuchi of the Koukokugumi (Large Swan Group). Himeutsugi of the Gekkougumi (Moonlight Group). And then Karakurenai of the Oukagumi (Cherry Blossom Group).


They are the only ones in this school that have the title of kaei. They are also the only ones she can partner with. Then Awa tells her to listen to the onifuda and find out which one of the 5 Brights she wishes for. Kintoki orders her to touch the card and wish. Mikoto touches the card in confusion and then suddenly a bright light encompasses her vision.


Kintoki notes that she has been chosen to enter the Koukokugumi, in other words Mizuchi’s group. At this Mizuchi comes up to her and welcomes her into the Koukokugumi. He introduces himself and tells her that he looks forward to working with her. She repeats the same words and then notices that when she looks at him closely, he has an extreme intensity.

His strength is a bit different from Iroha but that may be because of his eyepatch. He’s a bit scary… He’s also very tall and so it’s a bit overwhelming. In the background, a girl can’t believe that Mikoto chose Mizuchi. Another one mutters about how sad it is for Mizuchi, who must hate this. Another one yells out that they need to reject her for Mizuchi’s sake.

DEM CRAZY BITCHES. Mikoto notices that the glances at her are filled with hostility. Awa scolds Mizuchi because his minamo are being noisy, but it might be useless. Kintoki comments on how he’s heard that the minamo in the Koukokugumi have blind enthusiasm and craziness for Mizuchi. Is a storm approaching?

Mizuchi demurs by saying that he does only what he needs to. Meanwhile, Karakurenai snickers and criticizes how she could choose Mizuchi of them all. How laughable. Himeutsugi chides Karakurenai for speaking too much. Karakurenai tells them that he’s only saying the truth. First of all, what can a person, who hasn’t touched a woman before, even do?

Iroha tells Karakurenai to refrain from speaking like that because he is in the presence of the chairmen. Karakurenai snickers at how Iroha is as cold and tall as usual. He directs a smirk to Mikoto and notes that she is quite his type though. Her body is passing and the things that need to stick out are sticking out. It also looks like it’ll feel good to embrace her.

He tells her to reconsider and become his woman. Iroha informs him emotionlessly that the decision of the card is absolute. Karakurenai narrows his eyes at how annoying Iroha is and tells him not to pick on every little thing. But this is boring and he’s going to disappear before he sees something unpleasant.

As Karakurenai disappears, Awa asks Mizuchi if he has the resolution to accept the onifuda. Mizuchi firmly states that he does which makes Awa ask him to show them the proof then. Mizuchi acknowledges that curtly and then approaches Mikoto.

He informs her 「初対面の御婦人に・・・突然、このようなことをするのは申し訳なく思う。しかしこれも儀式のひとつ。・・・許してもらいたい。」(I think that doing such a thing so suddenly to a lady during the first meeting is inexcusable. But this is also a part of the ceremony… I would ask for forgiveness). UGH HE TALKS SO FANCY.. AGDFGJDFKA MIZUCHI IS ADORABLE.

Mikoto is confused by what she is supposed to forgive. He makes an uncomfortable noise as he stares at her before he finally averts his eye and quietly asks 「・・・失礼。目を、閉じてもらえないか。」(… Excuse me. Could you consider closing your eyes?). She does so and asks him questioningly if he meant like this. Then all of a sudden he kisses her on the cheek which shocks her.

The girls in the audience scream at the kiss while Mikoto is wondering what is happening. But then suddenly her card starts to glow and Awa notes that the card is resonating. It looks like this was a success. Kintoki points out that this isn’t all of the onifuda’s powers yet. He looks forward to the things ahead. PAIN PAIN AND MORE PAIN?!

Anyway, Mizuchi withdraws and then apologizes again to Mikoto. UGHGHG LOOK AT THAT POLITE BABY. Mikoto shakes her head in shock, but then a girl interrupts and yells at Mikoto not to pollute her brother. She can’t believe Mikoto touched him! There’s no such thing as the onifuda. She’s going to call their grandfather! Her voice turns sickeningly sweet as she urges the others to leave.

Before she leaves the girl snarls out that they, as minamo, won’t accept this ceremony. Everyone leaves and Iroha notes that those were the minamo of the Koukoku. Mizuchi apologizes formally since his minamo left before everything was finished. Awa simply laughs and informs him that they adore him. It’s unusual for the minamo of the Koukoku to do this when they normally adhere strictly to the rules though.

That is to say that their feelings towards Mizuchi are strong. How cute. Kintoki points out that the power they give is the most difficult art. But this is simply another trial. He advises Mikoto to be diligent and she nods with wide eyes. Iroha proclaims that with this the ceremony’s curtain has dropped and now the assembly of students can disperse.

Mikoto thinks about how this ceremony was filled with a ton of things that she didn’t understand. Suddenly Mizuchi calls out to her and says 「さきほどの非礼、許してほしい。」(I would ask your forgiveness for the impoliteness from before). UHGHGH JUST CONSTANTLY KEEP IN MIND THAT MIZUCHI TALKS LIKE A GENTLEMAN. AN 19TH CENTURY ONE LMFAO.

She reassures him that it was no problem, but she would like to know what all of this is. What it means to be chosen by the onifuda and what his kiss was for. Mizuchi exhales quietly but then Himeutsugi appears and tells Mizuchi to explain properly since she’ll be his lover from now on. Mikoto splutters at the word lovers but Mizuchi corrects her by stating that it was a part of the ceremony and it has no relation to being lovers.

The kiss was to enhance their ability to work together. Himeutsugi teases that they kissed in the presence of others, but then he points out that he didn’t give the entire explanation. Mizuchi narrows his eye and opens his mouth, only to be interrupted by Momotose who tells them that she will explain from here. She tells Mikoto that being chosen by the onifuda and coming to Kaen means she is the only senki candidate.

Mikoto’s eyes widen because she knows that a senki is an existence, among a large group of minamo, which has a great hidden power. They allow the kaei to draw out their greatest technique. In other words, a senki is the top of the minamo. She can’t believe she’s a candidate. Momotose explains that a senki candidate chooses one kaei and pours her minamo power to make the flowers bloom.

YOU MAKE IT SOUND SO SIMPLE //SOBS. She adds that the way to adminster that power to those who would use it is through contact, such as a kiss. Mikoto gapes at Momotose who is giggling. Himeutsugi adds that when the flower and water become one, their power deepens. Kissing is obvious, but there’s also another way. Mizuchi states calmly that it is fine for the flower and water to just touch.

He scolds Himeutsugi for leaping through the conversation. Himeutsugi apologizes with a smile but points out that this means they didn’t give a complete explanation. Momotose pouts and confesses that she’s jealous Mizuchi will be able to give Mikoto a ton of kisses. She almost wants to switch with him to be able to do that to Mikoto. Himeutsugi comments on how unusual it is for Momotose to say that.

She giggles and tells them that Mikoto is special to her. Mikoto is confused by this outrageous conversation. Momotose informs Mikoto that it is the wish of all kaei to be able to Hana Awase with the legendary senki candidate. She’s sure the other 5 Brights will start to want her unbearably. Mizuchi requests Momotose to refrain from speaking in that way, because the senki candidate is not a tool.

Momotose apologizes with a giggle and says that she is a gentleman and so she is only thinking about wanting to welcome Mikoto. Meanwhile Mikoto is looking troubled. Himeutsugi urges Mikoto to try talking to Mizuchi. From now on they will be like lovers and they need to be able to understand one another. He thinks they should know each other mutually.

Mizuchi closes his eye and rhetorically asks how many times he needs to say this. They won’t have that kind of a relationship. They are partners! SORRY BUT THOSE ARE THE SAME THINGS LMFAO. Momotose tells him that any of those is fine, but if he doesn’t want the senki candidate to become a tool then he needs to keep close to her. But considering he’s rigid and gallant, that might be difficult.

Himeutsugi laughs at how she struck a sore point with Mizuchi, but he agrees. He advises Mikoto to cling onto Mizuchi with all her strength. Mizuchi sighs out that they’re implying too much. Himeutsugi laughs brightly but then excuses himself along with Momotose. When it becomes the two of them, Mikoto wonders what to talk about because Mizuchi looks angry.

And because she heard those kinds of things she can’t meet his eye anymore. Suddenly Mizuchi murmurs that he won’t. When she looks back to him in confusion, because she had been staring off to the side, he reassures her 「君には今後、一切触れない。だから、怖がらないでもらいたい。」(I absolutely won’t touch you from hereafter. Therefore, I would ask for you to not be scared).

Mikoto apologizes but he tells her that she has no need to. He is doing this for himself. He doesn’t want to rely on her with that kind of immorality. And so he would like her to give him her power like the rest of his minamo. He would like her to think that she is part of large group of minamo. He believes that they are an irreplaceable and sacred existence for providing power to be used. He wants her to consider herself as one of those.

He knows that she is probably perplexed by the whole minamo and senki candidate business, but he would like her to strive carefully to train herself. Mikoto thanks him and promises to work hard as a minamo. He looks forward to working with her. But then a scream sounds out and Mikoto flinches while Mizuchi narrows his eye. It came from the greenhouse and the two head there.

Mikoto is shocked to find that the greenhouse she had passed through is now surrounded by darkness. Mizuchi remarks on how this feeling must mean that “they” have come. A person screams and then blood is sprayed into the air. Mikoto is frozen at the sight of the blood and then a groaning shadow appears. Mizuchi snaps out that it’s dangerous and pulls her out of the way.

She gasps out in horror at how the shadow is spreading the human blood. Mizuchi warns her not to lose her mind or she’ll become possessed by the utsurohi. Mikoto repeats his words in confusion but then Himeutsugi appears with Momotose to inform Mizuchi that the exit is blocked by utsurohi. Mizuchi comments on their cunning movements and wonders if the shadows intend to trap and kill them.

Suddenly the utsurohi asks where the senki is in a broken way. Mikoto gasps and then screams when the shadow locates her. Mizuchi pulls her behind him though and orders her not to let go of his back. She nods worriedly and Himeutsugi warns Mizuchi to be careful since the target is Mikoto. Mizuchi wonders out loud if this is the act of the Adabana (enemy flowers) to have these shadows sense the presence of the senki.

Himeutsugi states that he can’t feel the presence of the Adabana. He thinks that a student has just been possessed by the shadows. If they use their powers to defeat it then it should disappear. Momotose agrees but the only problem is that there are no minamo here. If they wish to seal this here then they need the personal power of the kaei, but the only minamo here to give them this power is her and Mikoto.

Since it’s come to this she will be Himeutsugi’s minamo and Mikoto will be Mizuchi’s minamo. They must use Hana Awase to defeat them. Mikoto’s eyes widen and Himeutsugi protests that it’s impossible. Mikoto hasn’t even done Hana Awase once and she hasn’t even practiced Hana Utsushi. Not to mention this is her first time being a minamo. Momotose points out firmly that Mikoto is a senki candidate.

Himeutsugi tries to point out that it’s too sudden. Momotose asks Mizuchi what he thinks and he responds firmly that he’s already decided. He addresses Mikoto and requests her to be his minamo. Her eyes widen but he points out that the utsurohi are targetting her. But he will not let her be harmed. He vows that he will protect her even with his life.

Mikoto thinks about how she’s scared to fight the darkness with Hana Awase, but Mizuchi believes in her. What should she do!?

IF YOU HESITATE. Mikoto wants to believe in Mizuchi but she’s scared! Himeutsugi reassures that everything will be alright. Mizuchi is strong in times like these and he’ll definitely protect her. She should believe in him. Mikoto is convinced by his words and tells Mizuchi that she’ll try her best.

IF YOU CHOOSE YES. Mikoto realizes that this isn’t the place to be scared. She will believe in the words of Mizuchi who believes in her! She tells him that she understands and will try her best. He smiles and thanks her.

Momotose explains that the real body of the utsurohi is the Kaen male student because his heart has been possessed. The only way to vanquish it and return him to normal is to win at Hana Awase. Now they will commence to the real fight. Momotose reassures Mikoto that she will be her support and so she can act calmly. She wishes her fortune in battle.

Mizuchi closes his eye to set up the barrier and field of battle and then he opens his eye to unleash it. His field call is 「フィールド生成、完了。では……まいる!」(Field creation; complete. Then… let us proceed!). THERE’S A HANAFUDA MINI-GAME IN THIS GAME. I’LL ONLY BE MENTIONING WHEN THEY HAPPEN. Anyway, they win the battle and the darkness is banished.

Mikoto is relieved but then realizes that all the strength is leaving her body and she can’t move. She collapses onto the ground and hears Mizuchi gasping in surprise and Himeutsugi calling out her name. Momotose reassures them that she simply lost consciousness. She points out that this was Mikoto’s first Hana Awase and she did well coming this far.

This is something a normal minamo can’t do and it is as expected of the senki candidate. She teasingly asks Mizuchi if he doesn’t think so, but he replies stiffly that it is the behaviour of a minamo from the Koukokugumi. But it is only one step forward and he still wants her to put more concentration into becoming a minamo.

Himeutsugi sighs at the characteristic answer and then points out to Mizuchi that it is sad to leave Mikoto collapsed like that. He should carry her. Mizuchi agrees and decides to call for someone to bring a stretcher. He also asks Momotose to care for Mikoto. Momotose happily accepts that only to call out when Mizuchi runs off.

She complains about how he was supposed to be a gentleman and pick Mikoto up. He doesn’t understand a woman’s heart at all! Himeutsugi tells her that it is impossible to search for that in Mizuchi. Momotose sighs at how Mizuchi is more straight-laced than she imagined. Can he really become lovers with Mikoto like that? It’ll take a long time… Mikoto finally loses consciousness.

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem 「花見れば そのいはれとは なけれども 心のうちぞ 苦しかりける――」(When I look at the flowers, without any foreseeable reasons, deep in my heart, a pain appears–). THIS IS AN ACTUAL POEM BY SAIGYO HOSHI #68He monologues about how he thought the senki candidate existed only in legends.

Even though he met her, it doesn’t feel like reality. But she must be feeling the same way. When they did Hana Awase he noticed that her legs were trembling, but even still she stood. He admires that courage in her. Eagerness aside, he would like her to become the model of the Koukokugumi as much as possible. The monologue ends with him excusing himself.

The next day, Mikoto is troubled over how short the skirt is. Just a little wind and it will be dangerous. She can’t believe everyone else is fine with this! She thinks that it fits Momotose’s style but for her it’s a little… impossible. She decides to tamper with the frill a little to make it look longer only to be attacked by Momotose who gasps out that she mustn’t!

She begs Mikoto to leave the length like that because it is enjoyable to be able to see her legs. MOMOTOSE IS AMAZING DESPITE HOW CREEPY SHE MIGHT COME OFF AS. Mikoto asks her hesitantly when she had been there. Momotose shrugs slyly and then greets her before suggesting that they head to Kaen together. Mikoto hurries to collect her bag.

Meanwhile Momotose wrinkles her nose at Mikoto’s room and comments on how small and dirty it is. It almost resembles a dog house and why was she assigned to such a place? This place isn’t suitable for the senki candidate and she will talk to the dormitory leader to change Mikoto’s room. Mikoto protests and tells Momotose that it is fine. She doesn’t want to be a nuisance when her boarding tuition, school tuition, and food expenses are all exempt.

She doesn’t need any more luxury. The dirtiness will be fine after a good cleaning. Mikoto also points out with a smile that she has a ceiling window and so at night she can see the stars. Momotose is impressed by how strong Mikoto’s heart is, but it is as expected of one chosen by the onifuda. But she frowns as she realizes that the people in Kaen definitely won’t have the same way of thinking as her.

Momotose advises Mikoto to be careful since their sense of values will be different. If anything happens, she would like Mikoto to tell her because she’ll lend aid. Mikoto thanks her gratefully and she thinks about how she was surprised when Momotose first embraced her, but after talking to her she can see how kind and gentle Momotose is. She’s glad that they’re friends. But this difference in the sense of values must be what worries Ai and Shou.

Kaen is full of only the rich and powerful. Can she manage to do well here? As Mikoto and Momotose head towards the school, they run into Iroha and Mizuchi. Momotose asks Iroha what he is doing here and he answers emotionlessly that he is collecting information from Mizuchi. Mizuchi reports that the movement of the utsurohi is a big mystery. Why did that shadow appear in the Kaen greenhouse?

When he investigated he found out that at the time of the incident, something melted the barrier around the greenhouse. In that space, the students who were returning to school after the ceremony were possessed by the utsurohi all at once. Their target was the senki candidate. Iroha explains that if the senki is tainted then they would need to vanquish her.

In other words, it has the same meaning as the utsurohi trying to quickly remove the senki candidate. Momotose asks if the root of all this disturbance is the Adabana. Iroha replies that they’re still investigating. Momotose comments on how it was a scary affair. She asks Mizuchi to protect Mikoto, especially since they’re fated lovers guided by the onifuda.

Mizuchi flatly asks her how many times he has to say it, but they do not have that sort of relationship. He excuses himself after making sure that the business is concluded. Momotose pouts and asks if that is the behaviour of a lover. Iroha flatly states that the senki candidate and kaei are partners to the end. Momotose points out that partners and lovers are the same! At least he could have greeted Mikoto.

Iroha points out that Mizuchi isn’t the character to talk to minamo. Above that, he must be lost as to what kind of distance he should maintain around the senki candidate. Momotose reluctantly agrees and thinks about how the only female he really talks to is Aoi. What a troublesome man. When Mikoto asks who Aoi is, Momotose explains that Aoi is a second year in the Koukokugumi. Since they’re in the same group she’d like them to get along.

Suddenly a voice tells Momotose not to joke around. Who would be friends with this girl. She comments on how she heard that Mikoto is a commoner who was accepted specially. She sneers at how a commoner is mixing around in Kaen, because this place is only for the rich and powerful. The girl blames Mikoto for tainting Mizuchi because she appeared. She will never forgive Mikoto.

In fact, she thinks Mikoto should hurry up and leave Kaen. She storms off with a huff and Momotose sighs at Aoi’s actions. Mikoto is surprised to hear that the girl was Aoi. Momotose explains that Aoi is Mizuchi’s cousin and minamo. Iroha points out that Momotose couldn’t have believed that Aoi would be comfortable with how Mizuchi had to accept the senki candidate as his minamo to defeat the utsurohi.

Momotose points out that it was an emergency and couldn’t be helped. Iroha states flatly that it is a problem of pride. She frowns at how this will be a problem because Aoi won’t listen to anyone in that state. Suddenly, someone yawns and comments on how scary a woman’s jealousy is and because of that he was woken up. Mikoto notices the smell of alcohol and wonders who this person is.

He wonders out loud if there isn’t anything better to wake up to.. for example the panties of a female student. He flips up the front of Mikoto’s skirt and sighs at how normal her white panties are. She screams in surprise and Momotose scolds Onosada before telling him not to do rude things. He points out that wearing these short skirts is begging for someone to flip them.

Mikoto leaps back and shouts out that she isn’t. Momotose sighs at how he seems to be drunk again and tells him that if the other teachers find out they will scold him. Onosada chuckles and tells them that he doesn’t care about the words of young rich boys. Momotose sighs at his characteristic words and then tells Mikoto that this teacher is Onosada Kurou. His specialty is teaching Kasen, the game which uses hanafuda.

This shocks Mikoto since she can’t see this person being a teacher. He tells Mikoto to call him Onosada, Kurou, or anything easy to say. But he didn’t realize she was the one who Momotose was so devoted to. Mikoto blurts out that his face is too close. Onosada murmurs in a whisper that his eyes are bad. He notes that she has some nerve but he can’t see any special power in her.

Also, while she may look as beautiful as Aoi with that clear face. Is that really anything precious? Iroha points out that she isn’t overtaken by her emotions. This makes Onosada chuckle in amusement at how unusual it is for the emotionless Iroha to defend someone; as expected of the senki candidate. Momotose yells at Onosada not to bully her and then apologizes to Mikoto, since she’s sure Onosada has made her feel bad.

Onosada rolls his eyes and agrees that he’s a bad person, but then he asks Mikoto when she will drive Aoi out. When Mikoto repeats his words in surprise he notes that she must be playing dumb. With her around, Mizuchi has two minamo. Which one of them will step down? Mikoto is surprised to hear that happens and Momotose sadly confirms it.

The 5 Brights decide on their one minamo. But from how Aoi is acting it doesn’t look like she will hand over that position easily. Mikoto realizes that becoming the senki candidate she has taken Aoi’s position. That’s why Aoi is so mad. Mikoto wonders what she should do and Onosada sighs before commenting on how this is why children are annoying.

But they need to find a way not to cause any future trouble. He decides that Mikoto should challenge Aoi to a card battle. Iroha’s eyes widen while Momotose gasps. She can’t believe Onosada is suggesting that Mikoto should fight Aoi. Onosada points out that if Mikoto wins against Aoi then she can claim the position as Mizuchi’s minamo completely innocently. Mikoto gapes at him.

Momotose asks him to wait nad points out that it is too harsh to suddenly make Mikoto fight in a card battle. Onosada tells them that this isn’t the time to feel sympathetic. This is the law of Kaen and he advises Mikoto to clear this sort of thing quickly. The reward for the winner can be a date with Mizuchi. Mikoto’s eyes widen but Momotose gasps in wonder. This can be a lover’s date! Mikoto weakly repeats those words.

Onosada smirks as he points out that this is Mizuchi and he won’t do anything to the senki candidate. Aoi will also participate with this reward and of course the loser will drop out. Mikoto asks him to wait because she doesn’t know how to card battle and to suddenly drop out.. Iroha wonders out loud if Mizuchi will acknowledge this method. Onosada shrugs and tells them that this is an order from a teacher.

Mikoto can’t believe this and looks to Momotose for help, but Momotose is convinced that it’s a good idea now. Mikoto weakly says Momotose’s name, but Momotose points out that Mizuchi will have to participate in the lover’s date if it’s a rule. Therefore let the card battle commence. She doesn’t believe that Mikoto will lose. Mikoto tries to protest but Onosada tells her to strike while the iron is hot.

In fact he’ll place an entry for her to enter the card battle. He tells her to work hard and leaves chuckling. Momotose is also suddenly looking forward to this match and asks Iroha what he thinks. He gives a vague answer while Mikoto thinks about how outrageous this has become.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, some girls are gossiping about how the senki candidate became Mizuchi’s minamo and they did a Hana Awase in the greenhouse. Another one asks if that isn’t cruel, because Mizuchi’s minamo is… Aoi snaps at them to shut up and to stop gossiping.

She frowns at how sad Mizuchi must be after the senki candidate appeared. Just watch though, she will definitely drive that girl out. She won’t let anyone lay one finger on her precious brother, Mizuchi.

In Mizuchi’s room, Himeutsugi enters and tells Mizuchi that he received this directive from Onosada. Mizuchi closes his eye in anger, because he’s never heard of this kind of indecent card battle. What does Onosada think the minamo are?! Himeutsugi comments on how, putting aside that he needs to choose one, this is quite violent. It makes them seem like Mizuchi’s trophies.

Mizuchi shuts the door in Himeutsugi’s face and Himeutsugi quietly wonders if this is bad. He agrees with Onosada’s plan, but it must be painful for those two.. in various ways.

Meanwhile, Mikoto visits the chairmen. Awa comments on how she has finally appeared and Kintoki remarks on how they’ve been waiting. Awa informs her that she will be spending her days at this school. Her lessons in Hana Utsushi and the card battles she places in will depend on her. Kintoki tells her to also choose and enjoy the places in the school. He asks if she would like a tour.

Mikoto accepts and so Kintoki shows her the Kasen lecture room. Onosada teaches here and she can practice as much Hana Utsushi as she wants. Then he shows her the rooms of the 5 Brights. They are given special rooms. Awa thinks she should be busy every day, but whenever she has free time she can enjoy any of these places or practice Hana Utsushi.

If there are things she doesn’t know then she can head to Momotose’s room. Momotose is sweet on her and so she will teach Mikoto whatever she wants to know. She also is familiar on the other 5 Brights. As expected of Iroha’s minamo, or maybe because she has good ears. They end the tour and Awa informs her that there are 5 days until the match with Aoi. She should strive to improve her rank.

DAY 1. Momotose remarks on how the school is circulating with this topic and that Mikoto’s entry into the tournament has been logged. Mikoto is uncertain whether she has the ability to do a card battle. She also isn’t sure about stealing Aoi’s position as Mizuchi’s minamo. Momotose smiles sadly at how kind Mikoto is but this is a contest. If she loses then she will have to drop out and is she willing to do that?

She knows Aoi will come at Mikoto with all her strength and so Mikoto has the responsibility as the senki candidate to answer in kind. She believes in Mikoto! Anyway, Mikoto heads to the courtyard since it is after school and she’s amazed by how fast a day ended. She wasn’t able to follow along with the Kasen lecture at all and she barely understood the terminology.

Of course she hasn’t practiced at all either. There is a great difference between playing it as a hobby and competing. Everyone’s technique in the Koukokugumi is greater than her and the subject is difficult. If she wants to be able to do it she should ask someone to teacher but she doesn’t want to be a trouble, since everyone is busy.

She can’t be pampered and so she needs to work hard on her own. Mikoto realizes that the library should have a lot of books on minamo and so she’ll read them all. Suddenly, a girl asks Mikoto if she has time. Mikoto is startled before she nods. The person talking to her is the class representative for the first year students in the Koukokugumi. She asks Mikoto what she thought she was doing in her mock match.

The class rep scolds her for being bad at reading cards and not following along with her leader. Is she really the senki candidate of the legends? She wants Mikoto to study more like the other minamo. She won’t forgive Mikoto if Mizuchi’s name is tainted because of her. She’s saying this kindly too. She makes sure Mikoto understands before walking off, leaving Mikoto to stare at her back with wide eyes.

Onosada appears and, while yawning, calls her an idiot. Aside from being a senki candidate, she is also a good-for-nothing minamo. He asks her if hearing this makes her frustrated. Mikoto admits that it is mortifying. She isn’t able to do the basics of Kasen and she’ll be a hindrance to the Koukokugumi at this rate. She is apologetic to everyone and will try to study properly to catch up.

He laughs sharply at how she’s pretending to be a nice girl. Because of that she won’t seek anyone’s advice. It makes him want to puke. She has more pride in herself than he thought. When Mikoto gapes at him, Onosada points out that if she doesn’t know the basics then she should ask someone who is skilled at it. Or is the senki candidate unable to ask someone without a flourish of trumpets?

Mikoto falls silent but Onosada continues on to say how laughable it is for her to fight a minamo from the Koukokugumi like this. Mikoto snaps out that this is all because he did this without her consent. He tells her to shut up because he’s not going to soften his words. Above making a decision to do it, she needs to see this as a contest.

He tells her to quit what she’s doing and start feeling a determination in her gut. She doesn’t have enough resolution. Mikoto angrily yells out that she knows best that she doesn’t have enough resolution. She would ask someone to help if she needs it but… Onosada smirks and points out if a decision is something that has a “but” in it.

Mikoto yells out that there is and then she snaps out that he doesn’t know anything about her. Because he doesn’t know anything about her, he shouldn’t say she’s pretending to be nice. She calls him an idiot before her eyes widen at what she just did. Onosada laughs and calls her interesting. Mikoto averts her eyes and accuses him of bullying her. He informs her that she’s 100 years too young to be impertinent to him.

Anyway, he advises her that she needs to find the power that suits her. Kasen is a world that requires true strength. Black and white are decided there; just like the way he talks. Then he tells her that this is revenge and he flips her skirt again. He’s disappointed by how her panties are still white and tells her to wear black because that’s his preference. Mikoto refuses hotly.

She shoves him away and he smirks at how even a girl like her, with a lot of pride, can become honest. Since it can’t be helped he invites her to come to the Kasen lecture room. He offers to teach her hints to becoming strong because he wants to pull the nose on that class rep from before. He waves to her as he leaves and Mikoto thinks about how unreasonable he is.

He’s violent and indecent.. is he really adored by the students? She definitely doesn’t want to go to that person. Absolutely not! Mikoto falls silent before she winces and admits that Onosada spoke the truth though. If she is crushed here then there wasn’t any meaning in transferring schools to come to Kaen. She’ll work hard and first of all do what she can do herself.

She’ll even go to the Kasen lecture room next time. Anyway, soon night falls and Mikoto turns off the light to go to sleep. The next day she wakes up with a mumble. SO THIS GAME ACTUALLY MAKES YOU CHOOSE WHERE TO GO AND GIVES YOU SORT OF SCRIPTED EVENTS. THEY’RE KIND OF RANDOM YET THEY FOLLOW THEIR OWN STORYLINE. THERE’S NO SET ORDER TO GO SO I’LL JUST BE DOING MY ORDER.

DAY 2. Mikoto decides to go to the Kasen lecture room and Onosada greets her with a grin and tells her that he’s been waiting. He informs her that she can do two things here. She can play Hana Utsushi or check her entry. He asks if she would like a detailed explanation. Mikoto agrees and so Onosada explains that she can play as much Hana Utsushi as she wants.

I’M SKIPPING THE PARTS WHERE IT BREAKS THE 4TH WALL AS HE TELLS YOU TO PUT THE POINTS YOU EARN FROM WINNING INTO STATS LIKE DEFENCE, OFFENCE, HP, ETC. She can compete with anyone she wants, but she should compete with strong opponents to increase her rank. The higher her rank is the more the people around her will look at her differently. Then people who are interested in her will put their own entry in.

The 5 Brights are at the top of this tournament. They seldomly involve themselves and so she can relax. But if she manages to compete with them then that’ll be amazing. He’ll tell her the people who have put in entries too. He doesn’t care if she recalls her entry so that she doesn’t compete against someone stronger or that she’ll be useless again.

The Hana Utsushi here is virtual and so she won’t drop out if she loses. He asks her with a grin if this makes her relieved. Anyway, she can do as she pleases and take it easy. Then he informs her that the computer over there will teach her about Hana Utsushi and the tournament if she forgets.



Once Mikoto finishes practicing enough, she steps outside and notices that the entrance is noisy. There are girls who are complimenting Aoi for her splendid Hana Utsushi skills. She thanks them sweetly and tells them that her victory was certain though. Mikoto notes that Aoi is surrounded by a lot of minamo. One of them offers Aoi a towel to use, but another snaps at her not to steal her line and asks Aoi to use her towel today.

Aoi tells them that she’ll use whichever one. Mikoto notices how Aoi is beautiful, brimming with confidence, and popular. She wonders if it’ll be alright to compete over the position of being Mizuchi’s minamo. Aoi notices Mikoto and sneers as she tells her that suddenly her mood is spoiled. Mikoto greets Aoi hesitantly, but one of Aoi’s fans yells out that Mikoto isn’t a senki candidate.

Another one talks about how Mikoto is the worst for doing things with their Mizuchi-sama. Especially when Mizuchi is with Aoi. They accuse her of overstepping her place by doing a Hana Awase with Mizuchi when he has Aoi as a minamo. Then they yell at her to pull out of the competition. Aoi sweetly tells them to stop, because she won’t lose to an amateur commoner like that.

She tells them to watch as she makes the transfer student lose unsightly. She’ll make Mikoto know that she is the best. She stalks off with her fans calling out for her to wait. Then Onosada comes by yawning about how Aoi is the same as usual. He comments on how she is a bit too emotional and that this is fatal for the calm decisions necessary of the 5 Brights.

Mikoto inwardly agrees that Aoi seems like the person who would honestly convey her feelings. She heard that Aoi was cousins with Mizuchi, but their personalities are so different. Then Onosada asks her if she wants to win against Aoi. Mikoto tells him firmly that there are still a lot of things she wants to study at this school and if she can then she would like to remain here.

Onosada is impressed that she said it and reminds her that this means Aoi will be kicked out of the school. Does she understand? Mikoto’s eyes widen but he continues on to tell her that this is what it means to win, especially as the senki candidate. People are looking at her differently compared to the other minamo. Can she overcome that? He grins and tells her to work hard before leaving.

Mikoto decides to head to her room. Her phone notifies her that she received a message from Ai and it asks her if she’s well and eating properly. She better not be bullied by the rich people at Kaen. She teasingly confesses that she was thinking about writing her grudge with Mikoto selfishly disappearing on her own, but she decided not to. She knows that Mikoto is a stubborn girl that will continue on the path she chose.

Plus she knows that her grudge against Mikoto will have no effect, so she gave it up. But this doesn’t mean that Mikoto is forgiven. The next time they meet, she will flick Mikoto in the forehead 100 times without reserve! Ai warns Mikoto to remember that, but then the message softens as she recalls that when they were in elementary they used to play imaginary Hana Utsushi.

Even when the others left to do something else, Mikoto would play it alone. She would become engrossed and mutter to herself. When Ai thinks about it, that might have been when Mikoto started becoming a Hana Utsushi nerd. Mikoto has always been a hard-to-understand child in the past, and now that she’s entered Kaen she’ll become even harder to understand.

Ai tells Mikoto that this is why she doesn’t want her to be too far. She should come home once in a while and not forget them. She’ll always be on Mikoto’s side and if she’s bullied by a rich person then Mikoto should tell her. She’ll help Mikoto get revenge! She knows that Mikoto is poor at corresponding, but she wants a proper reply! Ai also tells Mikoto to contact Shou too, since he’s worried about her. Mikoto smiles gently at Ai’s message and then the day ends and Mikoto turns in for the night.

DAY 3. Mikoto is in her class and wondering what Mizuchi is like normally. She wonders if she could sneakily go to see him before classes start. She ends up convincing herself that she’ll just take a peek and so she wanders towards the second year classes. Her eyes widen when she sees Mizuchi and he inhales quietly but sharply before staring at her intensely.

She hesitantly greets him, but then he asks her sternly why she is here and if she has permission. Mikoto is stunned by his reaction but answers that she doesn’t have permission. Mizuchi tells her that she must leave this place then, since he must uphold the rules. He walks off after he says this and Mikoto calls out his name in surprise. Why was he mad? What did he mean by rules?

Suddenly a second year student informs Mikoto that she was certain to be scolded by Mizuchi. They explain that the relationship is strict between upper and lower years. First years cannot wander around the second year classrooms without permission. Mizuchi is a strict enforcer of the rules more than anyone else. They realize that she’s the senki candidate and then ask if the minamo of the Koukokugumi didn’t teach her this.

Mikoto looks away and apologizes. The student tells Mikoto that she’s lucky to have been found by a member of the Gekkougumi and then urges Mikoto to return quickly. Then she should familiarize herself on the rules of the Koukokugumi. Mikoto thanks them and quietly obeys. She realizes that she did something rude to Mizuchi and she needs to learn the values of the school.

She also realizes that she hasn’t properly asked anyone for help in this school; just like Onosada said. She decides to ask the class representative about the rules. Now that she has a plan, she just has to manage by herself a little bit longer. After some time, Mikoto finally gets the chance to ask the class rep a question. The class rep warns her to be brief and so Mikoto blurts out that she wants to know the rules of the Koukokugumi.

The class rep is surprised that Mikoto doesn’t know. Mikoto determinedly tells her that she would like to be taught and then bows. The remembers that Mikoto was admitted into the school, because usually they learn it when coming into the school. She sighs before realizing that it can’t be helped and so she passes Mikoto this thick book. Mikoto gapes and then asks what this dictionary is.class rep

She answers that this is the book of rules of the Koukokugumi. Mikoto’s eyes widen because it is at least 5 centimeters thick. The class rep answers that this book contains Kaen rules, Koukokugumi rules, rules of interacting with Mizuchi, rules of the minamo, rules of how the Koukoku live, rules of what the Koukoku eat, and all the other rules necessary for living in this school as a Koukokugumi.

Members of the Koukokugumi are to read that whole book in one day. Mikoto continues to gape at the class rep as she tells her that she must also finish it in one day. Mikoto is amazed by how everyone finished such a heavy book in one day. The Koukokugumi seem to be very strict though with their rules. Anyway, Mikoto decides to head to the courtyard.

When she gets there she hears girls screaming Mizuchi’s name. Apparently he’s reading a book and they’re gushing about how sharp his gaze is as he’s reading. He always looks so beautiful. Mikoto is amazed by the amount of people surrounding and staring at him. Suddenly the class rep appears and asks Mikoto what she’s doing. Mikoto answers that she’s curious about why the girls don’t approach Mizuchi.

The class rep tells her sternly that this is the rule of the Koukokugumi. When Mizuchi is alone then they aren’t allowed to get within 10 meters of him. THIS SCENE CRACKED ME UP SO MUCH. Mikoto is a bit shocked by how specific that is. The class rep adds that if anyone gets close then they’ll suffer a severe punishment, which is why everyone is staying far away and looking at him.

Mikoto awkwardly points out that by standing around in a crowd like this, they stand out more. The class rep answers that even so there are a lot of minamo who want to see Mizuchi. A senki candidate like her won’t understand. Mikoto winces and defends herself by saying that she’s not that close. The class rep reassures her that everyone knows she’s special, but she still has to act within rules.

This makes Mikoto flip open the rulebook to rule 15, which states that the senki candidate is special to this rule and is allowed to be within 1 meter of Mizuchi. Mikoto asks in shock when this was added in, but then the class rep tells her firmly to remember this. 1 meter only. If she gets any closer then that then she has to clean the toilets for the next week.

Mikoto winces at that, but then suddenly Mizuchi calls out to Mikoto and approaches her. She greets him and then he tells her that he’ll lend her this book. It was written for minamo on the subject of Hana Utsushi. She thanks him automatically in surprise. Then Mizuchi tells her that she can return it whenever convenient before excusing himself. She watches him leave in confusion.

But then suddenly she’s surrounded by the rest of the minamo and they all chant out that she broke the rules and must clean the toilets for the next week. Mikoto’s mouth drops open before she sighs heavily at how Mizuchi’s popularity is too tremendous. Anyway, Mikoto decides to visit Momotose next and Momotose happily asks if she has any questions because she’ll answer anything.

Mikoto asks about the school, Kaen. Momotose explains that Kaen is a national academy where people learn about the traditional game of Kasen and the school escalates and integrates middle school, high school, and university. Fundamentally, the school is a place where those with the qualities to do Kasen are gathered, but rich students are also here because attending Kaen is a symbol of status.

Of course, this school isn’t just about Kasen and it has general courses as well. It would please her if Mikoto thought of this school as being a regular high school with Kasen lessons interspersed in between. There are various routes to take after one graduates. If one is skilled enough at Kasen then they can become a priest used by royalty, and that is just one route.

There are a lot of opportunities for those who know Kasen to enter the upper echelons within the country and since this school is filled with the rich and the powerful, their future prospects are secure. Mikoto asks about the 5 Brights and Momotose answers that the 5 Brights are five of Kaen’s most excellent players. The current 5 Brights are Iroha, Mizuchi, Himeutsugi, and Karakurenai.

They were selected out of all the students in all the years because they won over everyone. They are the only ones in Kaen who have obtained the title of kaei. The 5 Bright groups are the Chisen, Koukoku, Gekkou, Ouka, and Houou; and minamo are passed into these groups depending on these 5 cards. The 5 Brights are each group’s pride and aspiration. They are everyone’s goals.

Mikoto points out that there are only four people. Momotose answers that the Houougumi has someone called Utsutsu, but shortly after he became a Bright he went missing. She won’t say anything more than this and apologizes. Mikoto asks about minamo and Momotose explains that minamo can amplify their partner’s abilities. Minamo embody the idea of pure shrine maidens.

Their power is released like the ripples of water and that is where their name comes from. Since they’re like shrine maidens, they are unmarried… or more like they’re virgins. If they do commit an act with a male then they lose their power and it starts to degrade. Consequently, it is a requirement that all the minamo in Kaen are virgins. As long as the minamo aren’t deflowered then they’re fine.

There are a few minamo that do have dalliances with men, but those aren’t publicly known. Only one minamo is used for each of the 5 Brights; Iroha has Momotose, Mizuchi has Aoi, Himeutsugi has Kagami, and Karakurenai hasn’t decided on one minamo yet. The females match their powers to the males and so they are close to their respective 5 Brights. That one minamo is held in envy by the rest of the minamo.

Mikoto asks about the senki and Momotose explains that the senki possesses a special power among the minamo. It is something that existed in legends. They are able to pull out a kaei’s greatest power and it is said that they can move heaven and earth with that power, but it’s not definite. It is said that a senki is guided by the onifuda like how Mikoto is. The senki is said to be born once every tens to hundreds of years.

Momotose tells Mikoto that she is a candidate of that miracle. Mikoto has no more questions and Momotose is surprised by how the time flies by in a blink of the eye with her muse. She tells Mikoto to come back whenever she wants. After this information session, Mikoto turns in for the night.

DAY 4. The next day Mikoto is reading the rulebook about how a minamo is supposed to think about their next move, before they cheer in chorus with their player, and react to their opponent’s cards. The class rep tries to get Mikoto’s attention, but she continues to read about how the timing of the player and minamo are essential. The class rep finally yells out Mikoto’s name and she looks up with startled eyes.

She is informed by the class rep that today is her turn to be part of the greetings. She should be quick about it. When Mikoto looks confused the class rep points out that there’s an entry on minamo in the rulebook. Mikoto asks sheepishly for the page and the class rep yells out 396. But when Mikoto takes too long to flip to it, the class rep yells out that she’ll teach her.

The greeting duty is when, every day, a number of people can greet Mizuchi. Aoi was the one who arranged this rule, because minamo seldomly get to talk to Mizuchi. It’s a precious opportunity. Mikoto is amazed that there is even a rule about greetings. Anyway, the class rep hurries Mikoto along because they can’t be late. Mikoto obeys and they’re soon outside in the school courtyard.

Mikoto is told that today is the first years and her turn with the class rep. The class rep warns Mikoto that a blunder won’t be forgiven and she has to do it properly. Mikoto asks and practices if she just has to bow and greet like this. The chairmain yells at her to be more perpendicular and elegant. They do a count of three and then Mikoto is told to lift her head. Mikoto winces in pain when her hair is pulled to raise her head.

But the class rep snaps at her to be quiet because Mikoto’s disgrace is her disgrace. A random second year tells them to be quiet and the class rep apologizes in embarrassment, before hissing at Mikoto that it was her fault they were scolded. Mikoto apologizes and then suddenly another second year yells out that they’re coming. The class rep whispers at Mikoto to bow right now and so Mikoto hurriedly does.

Aoi’s voice can be heard asking Mizuchi to come this way and she giggles. Aoi’s voice turns mocking as she points out that there’s the senki candidate who is picking a fight with her. The class rep hisses at Mikoto to keep her head down as she replies and so Mikoto quietly answers in the affirmative. Aoi continues to mock her by saying that the legendary senki, chosen by the onifuda, is here mixing in with the other minamo.

Mikoto remains silent and the class rep falls silent too. Then Aoi laughs cruelly at how it suits Mikoto to keep her head bowed like that, because that’s her existence. The class rep bites her lip which surprises Mikoto. Aoi exclaims how happy she is and then asks Mizuchi what he thinks, but Mizuchi coolly tells Aoi to apologize. This makes Aoi point out that she didn’t do anything bad, so why does she have to apologize to this girl.

Mizuchi informs her that she isn’t apologizing just to Mikoto, but to everyone. Aoi is even more taken aback and refuses to do so. He tells her that there is no superiority or inferiority between minamo and her words are an embarrassment, not just to the Koukokugumi but their family. Mizuchi requests for everyone to raise their heads because he isn’t a person who needs them to do this sort of thing.

He would like to apologize for Aoi’s improper words. Aoi is horrified by the sight of Mizuchi, one of the 5 Brights, lowering his head to them and Mikoto raises her head in curiosity. Mizuchi tells her sternly that the 5 Brights aren’t eminent. He includes her in this as well and then he tells the assembly that rules are there to protect justice. This rule is mistaken and he would like to abolish it from today onwards.

Then he excuses himself and leaves. Mikoto is surprised by his words and wonders what he meant by “abolish”. One of the second year students asks worriedly if this means they won’t be able to greet Mizuchi anymore. Another wonders what they should do because they made Mizuchi feel discomfort. He might even hate them! Mikoto is shocked by how disordered everyone has become.

Suddenly Aoi screams out that it’s Mikoto’s fault and slaps her because she made Mizuchi hate her. She angrily asks Mikoto why she did that. Ever since Mikoto came, everything has been hateful. It’s all her fault! Mikoto tries to say Aoi’s name, but Aoi hisses at her not to call her by name like that because Mikoto is dirty. She’s definitely going to win in the card battle and drive her out.

Mikoto can only stare with wide eyes at her, but then a second year yells out that Aoi is right and it’s Mikoto’s fault! Another says that it’s her fault Mizuchi was involved in this. Aoi made this rule for them! Plus, there’s no way a first year can challenge Aoi to be Mizuchi’s minamo. Mikoto tries to protest, but one of them sneers and asks whose fault it is that a card battle has been decided on. Mikoto apologizes and admits that it is her fault.

One girl calls it indecent, the way that Mikoto can’t discriminate between the hanafuda rules. Nobodies like these from the lower classes are scary. Mikoto falls silent with a flinch, but then the class rep steps in and reminds them that there is no meaning to the birth of a minamo. And the person who decided to abolish the rule was Mizuchi himself.

Mikoto is shocked by the defense, but then one girl angrily asks if the class rep is implying that this is Mizuchi’s fault. The class rep apologizes with a stutter and denies the implication before saying that she only takes care of the first years. Suddenly Himeutsugi appears and tells them all to stop before explaining that if the minamo of the Koukokugumi were to get into a noisy fight here then Mizuchi will be troubled.

One of the second years apologizes deeply, but Himeutsugi continues on to say that he heard what they were saying and he understands their painful feelings. But Mizuchi is feeling the same thing. When they look confused, Himeutsugi explains that Mizuchi would like to have an equal relationship with his minamo. That’s why he dislikes the greetings and the concept of superiority and inferiority, even if they are rules.

They start to realize that even though Mizuchi doesn’t say it, he treats them as equals. The minamo of the Koukokugumi greatly respect, from their hearts, Mizuchi’s sincerity. But even so, they would like to hear Mizuchi’s words and so they fervently sought Aoi’s assent, even if it would have been useless. That’s why it isn’t Aoi’s mistake.

Himeutsugi smiles and reassures them that they did nothing wrong, their feelings just slipped slightly. It’ll be fine and Mizuchi really treasures them. He guarantees it. The girls start to sob as they thank him for his kind words. Mikoto is awed by how his words pacified all the second years. But she can see how everyone adores Mizuchi and their feelings are hurt. The same goes for Aoi…

One of the second years thanks Himeutsugi again and then suggests that they return to the school, because if they remain here they’ll trouble Mizuchi. Mikoto thanks the class rep for defending her, but the class rep replies stiffly that she didn’t do it for Mikoto’s sake. She did it to defend the pride of the first year minamo. Mikoto smiles brightly anyway, which makes the class rep shout out at her not to mistake that.

She still hasn’t accepted Mikoto yet! Himeutsugi comments on how amazing these minamo are. Mikoto looks away and nods quietly, but Himeutsugi explains that the stronger the feelings are the stronger the power the minamo can release. They, as kaei, are supported by them. Mikoto promises to reflect on her actions because she didn’t say what she was supposed to and caused everyone to feel insecure; this goes for Aoi as well.

Himeutsugi murmurs that she’s a good kid. It makes him want to puke… at least that’s what Onosada would say. Mikoto’s eyes widen as she asks him if he heard their conversation. He laughs freely and then apologizes but her expression at that time was a masterpiece. Onosada is quite harsh. Mikoto glares at him and tells him that he’s laughing too much.

But this just makes Himeutsugi ask her if she’s annoyed yet. She admits that she is a little; or more like a lot. He sighs at how nice that part of her is and he wants to see more. Mikoto refuses sharply and he comments on how she’s more of a tomboy than he thought. She denies that and so then he asks if she’s pretending to be nice. She flinches and then glares at him as she accuses him of teasing her.

She thought he was kinder. He smiles easily and points out what a narrow view that is and it applies to her as well, doesn’t it? She winces at that and then admits it reluctantly. This makes Himeutsugi laugh brightly and he ruffles her hair as he tells her that it’s better when she’s honest and she’s a good kid. Mikoto protests at having her hair ruffled and tries to get away.

He’s doing what Shou would have done! She’s surprised by how gentlemanly Himeutsugi had just been and now he’s like this all of a sudden. But she understands what he wants to say to her. It’s not that she wants to be a good kid, but… Himeutsugi suddenly tells her that she’s the same as another person. When she looks confused, he just laughs softly and comments on how it might be suitable for two similar things to be together.

She doesn’t understand what he’s saying but her hair is sticking up all over the place now. Then Himeutsugi muses on how she’s strong in that aspect. The concern is with Aoi, because she’s unstable. Himeutsugi nods and points out that her emotions are too unstable. More than being an unstable minamo, it’s as if her family’s… he cuts himself off and hopes that it is just his imagination.

Mikoto stares at him in confusion which makes him suddenly grin and ask her if she wants to be petted some more, to which Mikoto refuses loudly. Meanwhile, in another part of the courtyard, Aoi is angry at how cruel Mizuchi was to embarrass her in front of everyone. Where’s the wrong in the greeting duties? She created that rule because everyone wanted it!

She did it out of pity for the minamo in the lower positions that couldn’t talk to Mizuchi. All those looks of envy and respect were on Mizuchi and of course her, who was beside him. It was the best feeling in the world, and then…! Ever since that woman came, everything became strange. Mizuchi is supposed to be only hers! What the hell is a senki! That thing doesn’t exist!

Aoi’s face twists into hatred as she vows not to lose to Mikoto. She won’t ever hand Mizuchi over to that woman. There’s no way she would hand him over. He belongs only to her. Aoi starts to laugh creepily. As if she would lose because her grandfather would be angry. It is the rule of the family that no one can touch Mizuchi. Rules are absolute, aren’t they? She cackles to herself. SHE’S REALLY GOING CRAY CRAY HERE.

Back in her room, Mikoto thinks about how a lot of things happened today. She’s amazed by the second year students and Aoi who feel so strongly toward their players. Everyone must really like Mizuchi. She doesn’t know him well enough yet. He’s taciturn, his eye is so sharp it’s scary, and he’s blunt. She also can’t see any emotions and so he seems cold. Even though they’re partners, he’s too much of a puzzle.

To go on a date with such a person, what will they do? But she needs to work hard if she doesn’t want to get kicked out of the school. She sighs heavily and wonders if she’ll ever be like the rest and have strong feelings to her player. Will she ever be entranced by someone throughout her whole body? HAHA.. HA.. SOBS. SO MUCH PAIN. But she also feels a bit scared, as if her own self would be changed.

The relationship between a minamo and their player. There’s too many things she doesn’t know and so she needs to study more. Mikoto wonders if she should ask someone and reassures herself that it should be fine to ask. Also, who did Himeutsugi say she resembled?

DAY 5. Momotose announces that the card battle between Aoi is about to start. Mikoto nods in determination while Momotose advises her that Aoi is the type to win by a large amount, so she won’t use small combinations. Momotose would like Mikoto not to do anything unreasonable and to win reliably though. She wishes her good fortune and then Mikoto heads up to where Aoi is.

Aoi sneers and tells her that she’ll make sure Mikoto remembers this. The battle ends in Mikoto’s favor and Aoi is in shock at how she could have possibly lost. She screams that it’s not possible and what part of her is inferior to Mikoto. Everything about her should surpass Mikoto. This fight dirties her! She’s a pure minamo who hasn’t known any defeat. She screams loudly in anger, before a broken smile appears on her face.

She accuses Mikoto of cheating. She starts to laugh crazily to herself as her speech becomes more broken the more she repeats that word. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she worriedly says Aoi’s name, but Aoi shrieks at how she couldn’t have lost. Losing is a dirty thing. A DIRTY THING! Mizuchi worriedly points out that her appearance is strange and then Momotose shouts out that it’s dangerous when Aoi’s form starts to ooze darkness.

Mikoto backs away as Aoi screams about how it’s not possible and that she’s pretty. That’s why Mizuchi belongs to her! Mikoto finally notices the dark smoke and then a mysterious voice cackles in glee at this scene and yells at Aoi to become more stained. Momotose gasps at the sight of an Adabana. She can’t believe that an Adabana managed to sneak into the school.

Aoi giggles creepily about how she won’t hand Mizuchi to anyone because he belongs to her. The Adabana snickers at the tainted soul and notes that Aoi is a minamo to one of the 5 Brights. She’ll be delicious and he orders his utsurohi to feast. Aoi screams in pain while Mikoto is horrified at the sight of Aoi’s body being consumed by darkness.

She shouts out Aoi’s name but Momotose warns her not to run over there because Aoi is already taken in by the utsurohi and tainted. There is no way to save her anymore. Mikoto’s eyes widen while the Adabana steps closer to Aoi and comments on how delicious she is; a tainted soul is a delicacy. He’ll taint her all at once! Then after he’s finished with this minamo he’ll go after the senki candidate.

Mikoto’s eyes widen, but then Iroha asks Mizuchi emotionlessly if it’s fine. Mizuchi replies flatly that he’s prepared. Iroha inclines his head and then orders everyone to stand back because he is going to Hana Awase and purge Aoi and the Adabana. Mikoto repeats his words in shock and so he coolly explains that it means what the words imply. He is going to kill the tainted flower and dirtied water.

Momotose explains that it is a rule of the school to end the life of a tainted minamo. Iroha also adds that if the player is possessed then they can be left to wither and die. But they can’t leave a minamo because they are water. If a player uses tainted water then they also become tainted. Momotose mentions that Aoi is also a minamo of one of the 5 Brights. It’d be easy for her to taint the players in this school.

If that happens then the school will be in trouble! Mikoto is horrified at the thought of taking away Aoi’s life just because she’s possessed though. Iroha coldly informs her that Hana Awase is a fight that uses their lives. The senki candidate must be resolute and he is aware of her qualifications for that. Mikoto shouts out that she doesn’t understand this and they take lives too easily for anything that happens.

She begs him to reconsider which makes Iroha ask her if she is saying that she is fine with letting the other students become tainted. Mikoto reels back and denies it but points out desperately that there has to be a way to end this without taking a life. Suddenly Mizuchi asks her stiffly if she has pride as a minamo. He has pride as as a kaei, which means that he is prepared to dispose of Aoi.

He informs her that she should hold her pride in being a minamo. If she has no such intentions then she should leave this school. Mikoto gasps his name, but Iroha notes that there is no time. He orders Momotose to come with him, however Mikoto interrupts again and asks him to wait. She turns to ask Mizuchi if he’s really fine with this. She points out that Aoi adored him and as a minamo her feelings were strong which made her power strong.

Aoi is this strong because her feelings for Mizuchi were that strong! Will he really let that person die without helping?! Mizuchi grits his teeth but Mikoto continues on to say that she can see that he is in great pain. Mizuchi shuts his eye and admits that he can’t do anything, but suddenly Mikoto narrows her eyes in determination and refuses that. He can do it. She grabs his hand and is inwardly shocked by how cold it is.

This is proof that Mizuchi is in pain, but even so he wasn’t going to do anything. Mikoto confesses that right now she’s petrified but she feels like she can do something when she’s with him. She can’t say it well, but she believes there are things more important than rules. She asks him to Hana Awase with her because she isn’t going to abandon Aoi. That is her pride as a minamo.

Mizuchi murmurs her name quietly and then tells her that she’s a strange person. She is firm yet there is a fragility to her, but right now she is calm and the depths of her heart is hot. He confesses that he would like her to give him some of her courage. He vows that he will protect this school and everyone precious. Mikoto nods with a bright smile and then Mizuchi addresses Iroha and asks him to let them do it.

Iroha flatly tells them that failure won’t be forgiven. Mizuchi states that he won’t let any student in this school become tainted. Iroha stares at him silently and Mizuchi looks back firmly. Finally, Iroha informs him that he’s leaving it to them. Mizuchi quickly sets up the field and then they fight.

When they win, Mikoto calls out Aoi’s name worriedly. Momotose reassures her that the taint has disappeared from Aoi’s body; she’s saved! The Adabana groans in pain at how he thought they would just be at the strength of a high school kaei, but this is the power of one of the 5 Brights. Iroha asks him coldly who is directing them to target the senki candidate.

The Adabana sneers and tells him that he obviously won’t say. Then he chokes in surprise, calls out for his sister, and then collapses. Mikoto is horrified to see him dry up. Momotose explains that without any water an Adabana’s fate is to wither. This is the fate of an enemy who chooses a path other than the right one of flowers. Mikoto thinks it’s cruel.

And then Kintoki appears to comment on how their fight wasn’t bad. Awa agrees and informs Mizuchi and Mikoto that they saw the fight with their own eyes and it is to be praised. Mizuchi, who was surprised by their appearance, states that it was all thanks to Mikoto’s assistance. Mikoto demurs and says that it was because he allowed her to help.

Her vision blurs and she sways on her feet, but Mizuchi tells her to hold onto him when he sees that she can’t stand. She thanks him in embarrassment since she’s being pathetic again. He reassures her that this isn’t unreasonable and he thinks she worked hard. He softly tells her that he’ll look forward to working with her from hereafter and they both smile at each other as she agrees.

Kintoki chuckles and asks Awa what they should make of this. Awa comments on how this can be said to be progress, but it makes him impatient. Momotose points out that time is necessary for mutual feelings to approach one another and it is important to nurture this little by little. She asks what Iroha thinks, but he asks if there is even enough time. WHY WOULD YOU ASK HIM THIS MOMO. THAT’S JUST PAINFUL. YOU GUYS WILL SEE WHY.

Then Kintoki points out that this is the second time the utsurohi have been moving. Something smells. Awa comments on how he’s heard bad rumors coming from Goto-gai, the city. This Adabana may have been part of that party. Kintoki muses on the utsurohi of Goto-gai, but he feels like he can see another shape behind these disturbances; however he doesn’t understand it yet.

At night Mizuchi recites 「深き山に すみける月をみざりせば 思ひ出もなき 我が身ならまし――」(Deep in the mountains, if I did not see that perfectly clear moonlight, I would have no memories of it–). THIS IS ANOTHER POEM BY SAIGYO HOSHI #1104. He talks about how Aoi was someone who he was acquainted with from when they were children. He wasn’t calm at all but, binded by the rules, he couldn’t do anything.

He was woken by her sincere thoughts though and was reminded of what was most precious to him as a player, before he was a kaei. He would like to thank her. Then he says 「君の手は、やはり震えていたな。そこに重ねる手があることを、君を支える者がいることを忘れないでいてほしい。」(Your hand was shaking, wasn’t it. I would like you not to forget that where you placed that hand, lies a person who would support you).

SERIOUSLY I WISH YOU GUYS COULD ALL UNDERSTAND HOW FANCY AND FORMAL THIS GUY IS, IT’S SO CUTE. Then he adds 「自分は、つねに君のパートナーとして傍にいるのだから。」(Because I, as your partner, will always be by your side).

DAY 6. Onosada yawns as he praises Mizuchi and Mikoto, in the present, for winning the card battle. Mikoto asks him worriedly if Aoi is alright, but Onosada informs her that Aoi has dropped out of the school as according to the rules. She averts her eyes at that but Onosada comments lightly on how, before she dropped out, Aoi was about to be killed but by a stroke of luck she wasn’t.

He looks at Mizuchi as he says this and Mizuchi explains that Aoi is resting at home, but afterwards she will transfer to an Kaen on the outskirts. Mikoto is surprised to hear that there are other Kaen. Onosada explains that Kasen is a national thing. All the other places are branches of this place though, so this place can be considered the headquarters.

Mikoto smiles in relief at the thought that Aoi can continue doing Kasen. Onosada teases at how relaxed she is which can be connected to her being a senki candidate, or because she’s thick. But he admits that this attitude might be right for now. Then he smirks and asks them when the two of them will go on their reward date. Mizuchi tells him seriously that he doesn’t think the idea is wholesome.

Onosada rolls his eyes and tells him not to say childish things. The world will continue to move on, and since it’s just one date they should just go. Mizuchi averts his eye and Onosada sighs before he tells them that he’s ordering them as a teacher to go on a date this weekend; and they should also kiss once. Mikoto stutters in surprise while Mizuchi closes his eye in exasperation.

But Onosada just grins and whispers that they can also do more than that. Anyway, in the 5 Bright’s rooms Mizuchi is staring out the window silently. Suddenly Himeutsugi appears and asks him what he is doing. Mizuchi whips around while pulling the curtains, but this just makes Himeutsugi curious and he asks Mizuchi to move so that he can see what he’s hiding.

Mizuchi sternly tells him that he’s not hiding anything and to stop it. Himeutsugi takes a look anyway though and notes that it is the senki candidate’s PE class. He asks Mizuchi teasingly if he’s looking at her gym uniform, but Mizuchi replies flatly 「下品な妄想はやめて欲しい。」(I would appreciate it if you stopped your indecent fantasies).

Himeutsugi continues on to talk about how praiseworthy it is to see her work hard in making friends, and even in classes that she’s unskilled at she tries with all her strength. Even her grades have gone up! He muses on how she comes off as aloof and weak to being bullied, yet she says things bluntly; the gap is nice. He chuckles as he admits that he teased her a bit before this and she became angry; it was cute.

Mizuchi tells him not to make a pass at the Koukoku minamo. Himeutsugi reassures him that he’ll stay within good sense, but he’s tempted to care. Mizuchi asks him lowly if he’s interested and Himeutsugi smiles carefreely as he admits that he fell in love at first sight. Mizuchi’s eye widens as he chokes on air, to which Hime’s eyes widen as well.

Then he slowly says Mizuchi’s name with dawning glee. For a second he was surprised! He teases Mizuchi about liking such a stubborn person and then reassures him that he’s just interested in what kind of person Mikoto is. Mizuchi closes his eye and tells him firmly not to misunderstand. He has no relationship with Mikoto other than being partners.

Himeutsugi hums in thought and then admits that he’s envious of Mizuchi being able to monopolize such a cute girl. Then he excitedly points out that they must be hot out there, since she’s taking off her jersey. Mizuchi snaps the curtains shut and he tells Himeutsugi lowly to hurry up and change. Himeutsugi asks with wide eyes if Mizuchi plans to sneakily look at them by himself.

Mizuchi shuts his eye and snaps at Himeutsugi not to lump him in with him. Himeutsugi snickers before commenting on how they’re very similar. Mizuchi informs Himeutsugi that from time to time he has no idea what Hime is talking about. If he has something to say, then say it clearly. And so Himeutsugi casually asks him where he’s taking Mikoto out for a date. In this season, it seems like they would head to a park.

Silence is his answer, which only makes Himeutsugi tease Mizuchi more by saying that he can’t go to Goto-gai because the large number of hotels there will be a temptation. Mizuchi reminds him that the city is a tainted place and even saying its name is forbidden. It isn’t something to joke about. Himeutsugi points out that this is only publicly so and only something the Koukokugumi protects.

Sometimes there are those who sneak out to play there, like Karakurenai. Mizuchi states that this topic is unpleasant and he’s going to change in another room now. Mizuchi darts off and Himeutsugi wonders casually if he made him angry. At night in her room, Mikoto thinks about how next weekend she will be having a date with Mizuchi. She no longer feels that he’s as scary or cold as before.

But they have no conversations apart from Hana Awase and she still doesn’t know what kind of person he is. And to call it a date must trouble him just as much as her. She sighs heavily and then is startled her her phone rings. She answers it only to hear Ai ask her if she’s well. Mikoto happily greets her friend, but Ai reminds her to contact them and isn’t she lonely? It’ll be very bad if Shou is starting to lack Mikoto.

Mikoto laughs at that and brushes aside the joke, but Ai sighs heavily and comments out loud on how she already knew this but Mikoto’s denseness is really bad. Mikoto asks if that’s true and Ai tells her firmly that it is and asks if she knows how many men she made cry. The first time Ai met Mikoto, she thought she was conceited and it made her really angry.

This makes Mikoto laugh sheepishly as she notes how bluntly Ai said it, but even so they somehow became such good friends. Ai agrees and talks about how Mikoto is simply disinterested in being excellent at sensual love, and awful at hiding her feelings. But Ai would like her to be more self-aware because she’s actually strangely popular. Mikoto thinks that’s a lie because Ai is more popular.

Ai explains that it’s because she’s different from Mikoto and predisposed to love! If she prefers that type of person then she’ll accept him when he comes to her! Mikoto comments enviously on how she’d like that and Ai is shocked to hear that. She didn’t think a slow Hana Utsushi nerd without any interest in love would say something like that!

Mikoto shouts back that she’s not a nerd, she just likes it! And Ai’s words were too much. But she admits that she has someone she’s curious about, rather than interested in love. Ai’s interest is piqued and she asks Mikoto if she can’t overlook that person. Will she tells her? Mikoto denies the former and then warns Ai that the conversation may be long. After some time, she finishes retelling everything.

Ai hums in thought at how Mikoto has to go on a date with a guy, just because of a rule. She really doesn’t understand this Kaen place, which would decide such a thing. Mikoto admits that, rather than the school, it was a teacher who decided on it. But anyway, Ai asks Mikoto what she thinks of the other person. Does she want to go out with them? She’ll say this right now, but the object of love is to find out if there is love or hate in this relationship.

Mikoto hesitantly admits that she respects him, but she doesn’t think it’s love. Plus, she doesn’t think he holds any interest in her because he’s very curt. Ai easily tells Mikoto that she won’t know if he has interest in her or not unless she tries. Mikoto gasps but Ai just points out that she has to test some stuff out on the date and see if the other person accepts her. Mikoto is convinced by this and determinedly promises to try something.

Ai cheers her on while realizing out loud that Mikoto seems to need drastic measures. Ah, they’re also going to keep this a secret from Shou! And then Ai extracts a promise out of Mikoto to report back if she succeeds, before she hangs up with a giggle. Mikoto realizes that if she doesn’t do anything then she won’t know; she’s prepared to do her best on the date with Mizuchi. But… what are they even going to do?

DAY 7. The class rep hands Mikoto her Kasen test score and Mikoto is relieved to see that she got a grade of 50. The class rep sighs and admits that she’d like to praise Mikoto for being so pleased at that level, but the average was 80. She would like it if Mikoto tried harder or else she’s going to drag the group down. Mikoto nods glumly and then confesses that she’s happy because she usually gets a failing grade.

The class rep smiles at how positive Mikoto’s outlook is and then reassures her that as long as she keeps trying hard then she’ll be accepted. Mikoto tells her that it’s because the class rep helped teach her how to take tests. This makes the class rep stutter out that she didn’t do it for Mikoto’s sake. It was just convenient as she was studying, so she doesn’t want any misunderstandings. I LOVE HOW TSUNDERE THIS GIRL IS LMFAO.

But then she admits that Mikoto has become more of a Koukokugumi than she was when she first entered the class, maybe because lately she’s more approachable. Mikoto blinks in surprise and so the class rep explains that she exudes this aura that makes people not want to come close. As a senki candidate she has to take that into consideration.

Mikoto apologizes because she wasn’t aware of this herself. The class rep tells her not to apologize because she now knows that Mikoto is a rather average person who is an amateur at Kasen. She’s just fulfilling her duty as the class rep. Mikoto smiles and points out that this is why the class rep defended her on that day. The class rep asks Mikoto why she’s grinning like that and then sighs while complaining that she’s going to go crazy because of her.

Meanwhile Mikoto feels like she is understanding the class rep little by little. The people in Kaen are just the same as her and Ai. The one who was acting like an elite and being distant might have been her. She reminds herself to thank Onosada for pointing that out to her. Suddenly the class rep asks Mikoto if she’s listening and Mikoto snaps back into the present with a sheepish smile.

The class rep complains and tells her not to space out, but even though her notes are horrible her practical skills are strangely good. Mikoto won against Aoi in the card battle and so she must be strong, because Aoi was really strong. Suddenly the class rep stops before sighing quietly at how it can’t be helped, but she didn’t think it was possible for Aoi to be taken by the utsurohi.

Not to mention an Adabana also came, which is an unprecedented event. She’s glad that Aoi was only expelled from the school, because normally those tainted by the utsurohi lose their lives. Usually Adabana take them to Goto-gai where the minamo become fallen. Mikoto repeats the name of the city in confusion, but the class rep brushes the question off and tells her that it’s nothing. They have to prepare for the next class!

Mikoto wonders what is wrong with the class rep because the center of Goto-gai is just the business district, isn’t it? Did she say something wrong? Some time later, the class rep screeches to Mikoto that there is a problem because Mizuchi and Himeutsugi are crossing over to her. Mikoto looks over in surprise and is taken aback by how overwhelming it is to see the two of them beside each other.

She hesitantly asks them if they have business and then Mizuchi asks her what she thinks about going to the park next weekend. When she looks confused at the abrupt subject, Himeutsugi explains that this is the place for the date. Mizuchi informs her that the forecast for next weekend is pleasant and so he thinks it will be the best time to see the seasonal flowers.

Mikoto accepts hurriedly and then Mizuchi informs her to meet him at noon in front of the entrance to the park. He excuses himself before leaving quickly and then Himeutsugi grins as he tells Mikoto to take care of Mizuchi because this is his first date. GJADFKGDG PRECIOUS PRECIOUS BABU. Mikoto’s eyes widen when suddenly, the moment the men leave, all the girls in the classroom start squealing.

They can’t believe Mizuchi came to the first year classrooms with Himeutsugi. It’s like the shock of having the Bon festival and New Years all at once! Mikoto startles and then asks in surprise when everyone gathered behind her. One of the girl exclaims that their auras are too amazing and the instant they entered the room, it was like she was struck by lightning. Her breath stopped!

Mikoto is stunned by something that extreme happening. WELL GURL, YOU JUST NEED TO GO STARE AT IROHA AND THE MOON IN HIS EYES. The class rep comments flatly on how Mikoto really isn’t ordinary and then asks her what they talked about. Mikoto avoids the question by saying vaguely that they wanted to confirm something. She knows that if she says she’s going on a date with Mizuchi, there’ll be a big uproar. She definitely won’t say it.

Then one of the girls asks what a senki candidate is. When Mikoto looks over in that direction, the girl continues on to point out that she won against Aoi who was Mizuchi’s minamo and then publicly became Mizuchi’s partner in name and reality. What did the two of them talk about? Mikoto smiles stiffly and tells them that they didn’t say anything.

Another girl calls her a liar and points out that they’ve embraced before, haven’t they!? Mikoto denies that hurriedly but they call her a liar and then one of them asks her to let them touch her. If they do this then it’d be an indirect kiss! Mikoto shrieks and asks them where they’re touching! One of the males in the class asks them what they’re doing by assaulting the senki candidate.

One of the girls informs him that men aren’t allowed, only women are allowed here. Mikoto yells out that even women are denied! In her mind she thinks about how indirectly the popularity of Mizuchi is tremendous. Can she really be the partner to this person? She yelps at them to stop. Finally, some time later, Mikoto manages to escape but because she is thinking about the date she started heading automatically to Mizuchi’s room.

But then she looks out the window and sees Mizuchi and Momotose in the courtyard. Mikoto wonders what they’re doing. Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Mizuchi formally tells Momotose that he has something he wishes to ask. Momotose is surprised since it’s unusual to have Mizuchi ask her a question. He tells her that he uses a standard of waiting 30 minutes when he’s meeting someone, but what is the appropriate length of time for a lady.

GAKDGDGJKH THIS SCENE IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. JUST A NOTE THAT HE DOESN’T USE “OJOU-SAMA” FOR LADY EITHER BUT “GOFUJIN” WHICH IS LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY FORMAL. Momotose gasps in pleasure as she realizes that he’s asking about the time for his lover’s date with the muse. Mizuchi’s voice becomes strained as he tells Momotose that her voice is too loud.

Momotose tells him that it’s something to be happy about, but then she muses on how failing a first lover’s date is bad and so he should be waiting 5 hours early. Mizuchi’s eye widens 「5時間前・・・ですか?」(5 hours… before?). Momotose informs him that this is the right amount of time to please the other person and it gives them time to thoroughly prepare their appearance.

Mizuchi replies formally 「成程。ご教授ありがとうございます。」(I understand. Thank you for your instructions). I CAN NEVER GET THROUGH THIS SCENE WITHOUT HURTING MYSELF LAUGHING _(_△_)ノ彡☆ギャハハ!! He walks off immediately after this, but then Momotose says that she’s joking and waiting 5 minutes earlier should be fine. She blinks in confusion when she realizes that Mizuchi isn’t here any longer though.

She wonders why he’s so impatient but she doesn’t think he’ll truly wait for 5 hours. It should be fine. HAHAHA NO WAY. HE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO BE WAITING _(:3」∠)_. Anyway, after this it becomes night and so Mikoto returns to her room and sleeps.

DAY 8. Mikoto heads to the courtyard and thinks about how a date means they’ll be alone together. But with the other person being Mizuchi, what should they talk about? She doesn’t really talk to men… the thought about men gives her the idea to call Shou. As the phone rings, she thinks about how Shou is more of a brother than a man and so he should be able to give her advice.

But no one picks up and she thinks that he might have gone out since it’s lunch. Suddenly Iroha appears to tell her distantly that telephone calls in the school are forbidden. Mikoto yelps his name out in surprise because she didn’t expect to meet him here. She apologizes quickly and tells him that she just ended the call. He only looks at her silently, but then Mikoto realizes that Iroha might be able to help her.

Mikoto starts by saying that she knows he was investigating with Mizuchi, but do they also spend time together apart from that? Iroha asks her what she wants to say. She smiles politely and tells him that she just wants to know what he normally talks about with Mizuchi. Iroha replies promptly that they don’t converse. GJDHGFSH UGH MY MOEBABY SERIOUSLY HE IS FILLED WITH SO MUCH SWAG _(:3」∠)_.

She stares at him in surprise and so Iroha explains without emotion that they don’t have what can be called “conversations”. They only talk when there is something to say. Mikoto smiles and nods before she realizes what he said and gapes at him. She stares at him in horror and asks him what they resolve like that then, but he walks off as she’s talking. Mikoto sighs and wonders if she asked the wrong person.

Mikoto returns to her room to see that she has a message from Shou. He asks her how she is doing over there and if she’s well. He informs her that Ai had been putting up a big fuss after Mikoto left and was going to march into Kaen, but everything is still the same as always. He reassures her that Ai understands. She cried and shouted but she finally gave up because she knows how engrossed Mikoto has always been to Hana Utsushi.

He thinks Ai honestly wants to cheer Mikoto on. A lot of things have happened and so he’s a bit worried about her, especially since she spaces out a lot. His message sounds flustered as he tells her that while the man at the gates might have saved her life, he doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. What he means is that he doesn’t want her to cry later! Shou defends himself by saying he has no other ulterior motives!

I FEEL A BIT BAD FOR THIS GUY. HE’S SUCH A CUTE CHILDHOOD FRIEND BUT… NO MATCH FOR THE BOYS. He grumbles about how he seems to have become a bit nonsensical. He also reminds her to contact Ai because she’s worried and maybe a message will calm her down. He ends the message with a goodbye and Mikoto is left staring at her phone with a thankful smile. She promises to work hard.

Then she heads to Momotose’s room to ask more questions. Mikoto asks about Kasen and so Momotose explains that Kasen is a game of entertainment employing the use of hanafuda cards. This game goes by the name Hana Utsushi. A player and their minamo can call upon the power held in the cards and then a special power is unleashed in a transformation. Momotose realizes that this sounds difficult and confusing.

And so she simplifies it by saying that it’s a battle of abilities; she can just think of it as special moves coming out of card combinations, and the ones who release those moves are the player and their minamo. The Kasen they play has rules resembling hanafuda, but they also have original rules. Momotose advises Mikoto to look at a tutorial. Mikoto then asks about the kaei.

Momotose explains that kaei are men who play Hana Awase. Hana Utsushi is only a game for entertainment compared to Hana Awase that actually puts lives on the line to fight. It’s an ability that is recognized and accepted by the country. In Kaen, the only people who have the title of kaei are the 5 Brights. The students undergo a graduation ceremony where they undergo a trial to be a kaei; only a minority of people actually become a kaei.

Mikoto asks about Hana Utsushi and Hana Awase. Momotose explains that the rules for both are the same and the only difference is that Hana Awase involves lives. Hana Utsushi is a formal game and is also used in cross-national contests to improve relations. It is a public sport where lives won’t be lost. In contrast, Hana Awase hangs lives in the balance and so it requires the country’s permission.

Hana Awase can’t be done by the average student and is a service of the 5 Brights; and because of this their responsibilities are heavy. They response to emergencies like the utsurohi and suppress the Adabana, but they don’t do anything reckless and so Mikoto can relax. Mikoto asks about the utsurohi and Momotose explains that they are evil spirits born from people’s thoughts.

They are tainted things that act like vicious grudges. The utsurohi do not have shapes and depend on a host in order to influence others. The only people who can see these are those who have training in Kasen; in other words the players and minamo. Then Momotose warns her that minamo are tainted and influenced easily by utsurohi and so it is essential to follow their player.

But if the combination of a player and minamo can do Hana Awase then they can smoothly fight off the utsurohi. This ends the rest of the day and so Mikoto returns to her room to sleep.

DAY 9. Mikoto heads to Momotose’s room to ask more questions. This time she asks about Iroha and so Momotose explains that Iroha is a third year student and kaei. He is the best among the 5 Brights and his technique, heart, and card abilities, are all perfect. He is the top of the top amongst the 5 Brights. Among this world, he is one of those rare people who have moons in their eyes.

Because of that, whenever anyone looks into his eyes they are mesmerized. It is a strange power. There are so many people who want to enter his Chisengumi that they need to be selected. It is not an exaggeration to say that everyone in Kaen aspires to be like him. Then Momotose grins and admits that to her, Iroha is just a weird person. If Mikoto is curious about which part of him is weird, she should ask Iroha directly.

Mikoto asks about Mizuchi next and so Momotose explains that he is a second year student and kaei of the Koukokugumi, and because he had such outstanding talent he passed the trial to be a kaei in his second year. Him and Himeutsugi are one of the fastest to become Brights. Mizuchi is the son if a distinguished family that has an ancient and honorable origin. They are proud and honest and it is said that the family undergoes strict discipline.

The way Mizuchi leads his group is by his way of life. They are a well-ordered, law-abiding, serious group; on the reverse, they treat those who break the rules very strictly. Then Momotose comments on how it can be said that he’s too sincere that he isn’t adaptable. For example, he is inexperienced with women and he needs to be less formal.

Himeutsugi is next and so Momotose explains that he is a second year student and kaei of the Gekkougumi. He entered Kaen on recommendation and, the same as Mizuchi, he became a kaei when he was promoted into second year. Himeutsugi is a deeply considerate and kind person and even though he is a special person, he isn’t haughty. He is also sociable and doesn’t put on airs, so he is greatly loved by both the males and females.

The Gekkougumi are much like Himeutsugi in that a lot of them are calm people. They will help anyone in trouble and a lot of kind students are received into this group. He doesn’t have any rumors about a special lady, because he has too much respect for his surroundings and treats himself as a secondary person. He really is like an angel. GAKDGJH THIS JUST MAKES ME FEEL AWFUL FOR HIME. YOU’LL SEE WHY IN HIS ROUTE.

Mikoto asks about Karakurenai and so Momotose explains that he is a third year student and kaei of the Oukagumi. He is distantly related to the school chairmen, Awa and Kintoki, and was admitted to Kaen in his second year. He became a kaei in his third. His Kasen abilities are outstandingly high and he’s second to Iroha. She hasn’t seen him lose a match yet and he is surely a genius.

In addition to having pride about his abilities, Karakurenai also thinks of himself first above everything else. The Ouka worship him and his words are their everything. Momotose warns Mikoto that the way he treats women is a little bit of a problem. He doesn’t go so far as to make them lose their qualifications to be a minamo but… It’s best if Mikoto is careful.

Mikoto has no more questions and so she leaves and while walking down the hallway she wonders what she should talk about during the date. Kasen? Or maybe the history of hanafuda? While thinking she bumps into Karakurenai and she quickly apologizes. She notices him glaring at her intensely and it scares her, so she decides to leave quickly. She excuses herself and tries to leave, but Karakurenai stops her by calling out for her to wait.

She’s the senki candidate, isn’t she? And is she just going to leave after bumping into him? Mikoto quietly apologizes for any injury she may have caused, but he tells her lowly that he didn’t mean that and then he grabs her as he growls at her to come closer. Mikoto yelps and then asks him to release her, but Karakurenai just smirks and comments on how she really is his type because of her large chest.

Mikoto gasps and then yells at him not to touch her. Karakurenai continues smirking as he tells her that this is nothing and all the other minamo are doing it. Her eyes widen as she asks him what he is talking about. Karakurenai asks her if she’s asking him and then his voice lowers as he tells her that he’ll teach her then if she’ll lend him her ear.

She yelps when he lowers his mouth beside her ear and whispers that Kaen is full of virgins. This is the first condition of a minamo. But women, who are always in heat, can’t bear it and so, from time to time, he plays with them. Mikoto repeats his words in shock but then Karakurenai turns to pin her against the wall as he says 「・・・ここに、突っ込まねえ程度のことだよ。わかってんだろ?」(… To the degree where nothing is plunged here. Get it?).

KURENAI-SAMA IS LIKE THE BIGGEST DOUCHE EVER. BUT HE HAS SUCH MOE PARTS THAT IT CREATES THIS WEIRD CONTRAST WHERE YOU HATE TO LOVE HIM. PLUS THE HINO EFFECT = ( *´艸`). Mikoto tries to shriek but he covers her mouth with a hand and then her eyes widen when she feels his other hand on her skirt. Then he tells her to transfer over to him instead of Mizuchi. He’ll let her drop the formal stuff and make her feel good.

She struggles against him and his voice becomes a husky whisper 「へえ・・・その目・・・すげえいいわ。男誘うのうめえな。」(Heh… those eyes… are great. They’re great at seducing a man). Mikoto’s eyes widen at that, but this just makes him murmur 「止まんなくなる・・・やべえ、こっち来い。くれなゐ様の部屋で・・・続きしようぜ。」(It makes me not want to stop… this is bad, come here. Let’s continue… in my room).

Mikoto tries to yell but every sound she makes is muffled. Suddenly Mizuchi and Himeutsugi appear and then Mizuchi coldly addresses Karakurenai and asks him what he’s doing. Mikoto’s eyes dart to them and Himeutsugi asks her worriedly if she’s alright. She screams at him not to touch her when Karakurenai abruptly releases her, but then she realizes who she’s talking to and apologizes weakly.

Meanwhile Karakurenai is snickering as he points out that she doesn’t want those two to touch her. But then Mizuchi informs Karakurenai that he desires an apology from him. However, Karakurenai’s smile instantly disappears and he asks Mizuchi warningly what he just said right now. Mizuchi coldly tells him that he is demanding an apology from Karakurenai in regards to the insult towards a Koukokugumi minamo.

Karakurenai asks him lowly what this knightly attitude is and then insults Mizuchi by calling him a virgin bastard. Mizuchi informs him that his undignified words are sullying the quality of the 5 Brights. He will inform the school chairmen about this and let them hand down a punishment. Karakurenai sneers and tells him to try it before he reminds them all that he’s related to the chairmen.

Mizuchi asks him what that has to do with anything, because a low-life is still a low-life and the chairmen are not fools. Karakurenai snarls out 「んだと、てめえ・・・ぶっ殺すぞ!」(-the fuck was that, bastard… I’LL KILL YOU!). Suddenly Himeutsugi intrudes and tells Mizuchi that Mikoto is becoming frightened. Mizuchi’s eye widens and he glances at her before he falls silent.

Then Himeutsugi reminds Karakurenai that if the 5 Brights begin to quarrel then even Onosada will be angry. Karakurenai huffs and then tells them to do whatever they want, but then he addresses Mikoto. He snickers as he tells her 「童貞野耶じゃ、その体も満足できねえだろ。くれなゐ様が、また可愛いがってやるぜ。くくく・・・っ。」(That virgin bastard won’t be able to satisfy that body. Kurenai-sama will love some more again later. Kukuku…).

He stalks off and then Himeutsugi carefully approaches her and notes that this must have been scary. He offers to call Momotose but Mikoto replies that she’s fine. Inwardly, she wishes she was fine but the place that Karakurenai touched is tingling and feels disgusting, but she can’t say that. Above that, being seen like that by Mizuchi is embarrassing.

Mizuchi is staring at her silently, though his exhale is strained. Mikoto doesn’t understand why he’s staring intently at her. His eye is scary… is he mad? There’s something strange about it. All of a sudden Mizuchi excuses himself in a tight voice, leaving Mikoto to stare at his retreating back with wide eyes. What was that just now? But then Himeutsugi invites Mikoto into his room to drink something hot, since his room is very close.

She accepts weakly and soon they’re both in Himeutsugi’s room. He asks her if the hot chocolate is good and she thanks him gratefully before requesting that he doesn’t fuss over her. She reassures him that she was just stunned a while ago. Himeutsugi smiles kindly and tells her to stay here until she’s calm. Mikoto protests though because she’s really fine.

Himeutsugi tells her that she’s too considerate and it’s fine to be more selfish. She notes that he isn’t teasing her like before. He points out that this isn’t the time for that right now. Mikoto apologizes quietly and then inhales sharply which causes him to ask her if there is something wrong. She confesses that she is poor at being selfish. When she was small she did everything by herself, though she doesn’t know why that is.

Mikoto smiles nostalgically as she recalls how Ai, a friend, always scolded her. She would tell Mikoto that there were times to be selfish and she shouldn’t be so reserved. But the opposite of being spoiled and selfish, is that she looks like she’s thrusting people away. But Onosada saw through her and maybe Himeutsugi is also seeing it. Mikoto stops as she realizes that this wasn’t what she wanted to say.

Himeutsugi continues to smile kindly though as he tells her that he’ll listen to anything. She apologizes because she’s not good at speaking. She doesn’t know how much she should let herself be spoiled in situations like these. It’s not that she’s reserved, it’s that relying on someone isn’t one of her strong points. That’s why even though that situation happened with Karakurenai, she doesn’t know what to say to anyone.

Mikoto winces and corrects herself. She closes her eyes as she blurts out that she was scared. She was really scared and she didn’t want it! Himeutsugi is taken aback by her confession and murmurs her name before he urges her to drink again before her hot chocolate becomes cold. She obeys him quietly and then he tells her that she is similar to Mizuchi.

Her eyes widen at that and Himeutsugi continues to explain that Mizuchi is poor at relying on people or letting himself be pampered. This type of person also can’t do the opposite. Mikoto asks him if he means that they can’t comfort someone or trust someone? Mikoto wonders out loud if she can’t do that, but then she realizes that it’s more like she hasn’t even let it happen.

Then she wondered if she was the only one… Mikoto’s eyes widen as she hurriedly tells him that she doesn’t think Mizuchi is like that though! Himeutsugi laughs softly at that 「ふふ。人間らしくて好きだな。蛟も君も。」(Fufu, I really like humanity. You and Mizuchi as well). Then he muses out loud on how the human heart is difficult. Even when one wants to be a certain way, it isn’t necessarily a certainty.

Respectively, there’s a struggle between the two. It can only be done to a certain extent. Himeutsugi reveals to her that when Mizuchi saw her being hurt, he was considerably shaken. Though he appears like that, Mizuchi is actually an emotional person. Mikoto is shocked to hear that because she couldn’t see that at all! He always comes off as cool and calm to her and so it doesn’t seem like he’d ever become emotional.

Her expression turns sad as she murmurs that Mizuchi can do anything, because he has such flawless nobility. Suddenly Himeutsugi asks her if she wants others to think of her like that. She sends him a confused look and thinks inwardly that she doesn’t want people to think of her like they do Mizuchi, because she isn’t anything at all like him. But then Himeutsugi advises her to learn more about Mizuchi and save him. If it’s her, then she can definitely do it.

In her mind Mikoto wonders about his words. Save Mizuchi? Instead of saving him she seems more likely to hold him back; plus he holds no consideration for her. After all, he immediately left her a few minutes ago. But he was staring at her intensely and if he wasn’t angry at her then why…? She doesn’t understand Mizuchi at all. For some reason she feels depressed deep in her heart. What are these… feelings?

During the evening, Himeutsugi asks Mizuchi if he’s calmed down. He reassures him that Mikoto is safe and he reported the situation to Onosada. But Mizuchi only casts a look to the ground and gives Himeutsugi permission to look down at him. Himeutsugi tells him that he won’t, because he’s actually worried. He hopes Mizuchi won’t do anything reckless. Mizuchi exhales slowly and shakily.

Then Himeutsugi tells him that he wants to advise him to drink some hot milk. He placed a little bit of honey into it and it’ll be delicious. Mizuchi replies firmly that he doesn’t need that sort of… but then he corrects himself and says quietly that he’ll drink it later. Himeutsugi smiles at that and tells him that’ll be nice then. He leaves to prepare it, leaving Mizuchi to exhale heavily again.

At night Mikoto recalls how frightening the day was. She can’t believe there’s such a scary person like Karakurenai among the 5 Brights. The place that Karakurenai touched still feels disgusting and it is completely different from the other girls in class who touched her. Those glaring eyes resembled a wolf targeting its prey… and that creeping hand… Mikoto flinches when she realizes that she accidentally remembered it again.

She realizes that this is what a man is. They’re violent in their search for something… She finds that scary and doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want that person to touch her again! But Mizuchi is… different. Even during ceremony, where he kissed her on the cheek, or when he held her hand as they did Hana Awase or when he held her, she didn’t feel disgusted.

Is it because, like Himeutsugi said, she and Mizuchi are similar? But she still feels like they aren’t similar… she doesn’t understand it at all. Above all, she’s embarrassed to have been seen like that. She hopes Mizuchi, who is always so clean, doesn’t end up hating her.

DAY 10. Momotose is giggling about how today is the lover’s date in Mikoto’s room! Mikoto sighs and points out that Momotose is smirking. Momotose points out that it’s because today is the important day that Mikoto and Mizuchi can be close together. Ah, but she’s sad that Mizuchi is stealing her Mikoto away. Then she points out slowly that Mikoto is wearing her uniform on a day off. She can’t possibly be going out while wearing that, right?

Mikoto replies in surprise that she intended to. Momotose gasps in outrage and tells Mikoto that she’s not going out on a social studies field trip! Instead of catching a gentleman’s heart she will deflate it! At these words, she steps forward to yank at Mikoto’s clothes and Mikoto yelps in surprise and asks what she’s doing. Suddenly, Momotose yanks her out of her room which causes Mikoto to ask loudly where they’re going. Where is she being taken!?

They end up somewhere still on the school grounds, but Mikoto is panting from exhaustion. However, Momotose excitedly decides that first is the cosmetics. Then she decides on a western-style clothing that is pale pink with lace. It fits the neat and clean Mikoto. She asks these two men called Tane and Kasu what they think. They reply that it looks amazing.

Mikoto yelps because she’s still in the middle of changing. They apologize blankly and inform her that they’ll close their eyes. Momotose reassures her that they’re just like walls and then she places a ribbon in Mikoto’s hair before declaring her complete. Mikoto’s eyes widen at her reflection while Momotose gasps in pleasure at how lovely Mikoto is. She looks like a muse who had just been born from bubbles.

This causes Mikoto to look away with a blush as she points out that Momotose’s compliments are too excessive. But she inwardly admits that this dress is cute. There are a lot of frills and then cloth is soft… and then there’s this. Mikoto asks Momotose if she can’t make the skirt longer. Momotose tells her that it’s best like that so that it capitalizes on her beautiful legs.

Mikoto inwardly sighs as she realizes that this means it can’t be lengthened. Suddenly Tane and Kasu say that they want to look. Momotose is surprised that they still kept their eyes closed and then gives them permission to open them. The two of them gasp in audible awe, but Mikoto just yelps at them not to stare at her. Momotose giggles and tells her that this will unmistakably stop a gentlemen in place.

If Mizuchi doesn’t make a move on her then he will receive divine punishment. Tane and Kasu repeat that he’ll receive divine punishment. Mikoto wonders what she should do, but she realizes that she has no choice but to go like this. Momotose sends her off with a farewell and also tells her to knock out Mizuchi. GAKGJDHFJ REALLY MOMOTOSE IS HILARIOUSLY CUTE.

Anyway, Mikoto heads towards the park and cringes inwardly at how open the skirt is. This is her first time wearing something like this and Momotose’s plain clothes must definitely be expensive. Then she wonders why Momotose is always helping her like this. She comes out of her thoughts when she realizes how much she stands out in these clothes. A while ago a lot of people were looking her up and down and it’s embarrassing.

Suddenly, some playboy calls out about how cute she is and asks her where she’s going. He invites her to come and play with him if she’s free. Mikoto refuses and tells him that she has business, but the playboy presses forward and says that it’s just a little bit. How about karaoke? He tells her that she’s really his type. Mikoto hurriedly blurts out that she’s in a rush and tries to leave.

But the playboy grabs her arm to pull her to him and then whistles at how slender her arm is. Mikoto yelps and then her ears start to ring because this feels exactly the same as that time with Karakurenai. She feels disgusted! The place that he’s touching her makes her body start to feel cold. She yells at him to release her and to stop it. But the playboy snickers and tells her that it’s fine.

Suddenly, a voice says lowly 「穢らわしい。」(Repulsive). The playboy yelps in surprise while Mikoto gasps out Mizuchi’s name. The playboy asks him what he wants and insults him by calling him an eyepatch bastard. I FEEL SORRY FOR MIZUCHI GETTING CALLED THESE THINGS. But Mizuchi just tells him coldly to release that hand. The playboy snaps at him not to try to look good by interrupting.

The person who found her first wins! But Mizuchi smoothly replies 「それなら、自分の勝ちだ。こちらの御婦人は、自分が先に手をつけている。そうだろう、みこと君。」(If that is the case, then I win. I am the one who reached this lady first. Isn’t that right, Mikoto-kun). Mikoto’s mouth drops open but then she stutters out that this is true.

This makes the playboy complain about how she’s already going out with a guy. She should have said that earlier! He curses as he leaves and then Mikoto thanks Mizuchi gratefully for saving her. However, Mizuchi apologizes for saying things rudely and for noticing her too slowly again. The atmosphere around is slightly different from usual and so… GADKGHGH SEE WHY I LOVE THIS GUY? HE’S SO ADORABLE.

Mikoto is silent though which makes Mizuchi ask her if something is wrong because she looks pale. She apologizes and then admits that she remembered the thing that happened before and now her body is… She’s surprised when her vision starts to darken. Her entire body is turning cold… what is this… Mikoto whispers out that she’s cold and then she collapses to Mizuchi yelling out her name in worry.

She slowly regains consciousness and wonders what happened to her. She recalls that she was involved in a situation, Mizuchi saved her, she felt bad, and then she collapsed. Mikoto notices that her body feels warm and that there’s a secure feeling of warmth. What is this? It’s pleasant and reminds her of a time long ago where someone did this… a kind warmth that wraps around her.

Mikoto starts to hear the noises of the park around her, but she can hear another sound passing through her skin. The sound of another heartbeat. Is this…? Mikoto groans quietly and opens her eyes only to be in shock when she realizes that she’s in Mizuchi’s arms. She freaks out in her mind and wonders why she’s in this position. Mizuchi softly asks her if she’s aware now.

She blurts out his name and tries to say something, but he interrupts and tells her to be quiet because people are coming. He wants to stay like this because he doesn’t want anyone to see her like this. UGFGFH SO PROTECTIVE AND CONSIDERATE. Mikoto asks in confusion if they’re still in the park. Mizuchi confirms it and explains that it was an emergency and so he sought out a place without any people in haste.

He’s still in the middle of treating her and so he’d like her to remain still. She repeats his words in confusion and then asks him what happened to her and so he informs her that she dried up. Mikoto’s eyes widen in shock but then she recalls that this is something that happens only to minamo. Mizuchi confirms that drying up is the symptom a minamo has when their water levels have decreased extremely.

When a minamo senses danger to their body, like judging it to be tainted, they purify their own water. This is a kind of defense reaction. It resembles anemia but if the emergency treatment is too slow then their lives will wither and so it’s dangerous. Mikoto recalls out loud that a book said that drying up doesn’t occur much outside of Hana Awase. Mizuchi theorizes that it is because she just became a minamo and so she can’t control her own water.

This most likely occurred because of the situation with Karakurenai accumulating. Mikoto realizes that having been touched by Karakurenai and then that playboy made her body conclude that she was tainted. That’s why her body felt strange. His voice becomes self-blaming 「水妹に枯渇を起こさせるなんて・・・自分がついていながら、なんという失態・・・許して欲しい。」(For a minamo to experience drying up… in spite of my presence is such a disgrace… I would ask for your forgiveness).

Mikoto reassures him that he isn’t at fault. She needs to learn how to control herself, especially since she dried up to the point of needing emergency treatment. Mizuchi explains that, in order to reverse the drying up, it is necessary for the player to circulate water with the minamo. This isn’t a thing that the hospitals can handle, but they have no time to return back to Kaen.

Once again he blames himself 「結果、屋外で君にこんな辱しめをさせてしまった。」(As a result, I have shamed you like this in the outdoors). SGADJGH SERIOUSLY I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM AND BE LIKE “NO NO NO IT’S COMPLETELY FINE. ABSOLUTELY FINE”. Mikoto protests and then explains that she was just surprised since this is her first time being treated like this for drying up.

Mizuchi confesses that he was worried that when she regained consciousness she would be frightened at his actions and then he wouldn’t be able to cure her. Mikoto is shocked to think that he would think she would be scared, but she can see the uneasiness in his face. She looks inward to try and see if she feels as scared as when Karakurenai or that playboy touched, but she concludes that it’s fine.

She tells him that she doesn’t feel scared when he touches her, because they’re partners. She is completely fine with this. He murmurs her name, but then she asks if they can stay like this a while longer. His voice softens as he tells her that of course they can. They’ll stay like this until she’s cured. Mikoto thinks about how she isn’t scared and how warm she is.

Being embraced by Mizuchi is making her entire body fill up with water. Is the reason that she isn’t scared of his touch, unlike the time with Karakurenai, because of the fact that he’s the partner chosen by the onifuda? She doesn’t think so and thinks it’s because Mizuchi saved her. He was desperate to protect her as a minamo. It’s because those feelings are conveyed that she isn’t scared.

It’s because there is a kindness in Mizuchi. Suddenly, Mizuchi’s voice is strained 「あまり、見つめないでくれ。」(Could you please not… stare at me so much?). Mikoto is a bit surprised but then tells him that she’ll close her eyes. Mizuchi exhales shakily but then Mikoto apologizes for letting this happen because she wanted to look around this place. Mizuchi reassures her quietly that he doesn’t mind.

THIS SCENE WAS SO GOOD HADFAGKKJG BECAUSE IT’S THE FIRST TIME YOU REALLY HEAR HIS USUAL STERN VOICE BECOME SOFT. AND HIS EMBARRASSMENT IS PRECIOUS. Mikoto talks about how this park is a famous park in Chuuouku and is adjacent to a botanical garden. This is her first time coming here and she actually got lost a bit on the road to this place.

Mizuchi follows up on her topic and tells her that this is the best part within the city. The flower beds within the park bloom in each season. The tending is good and any time one comes here they will never get tired of the sight. Mizuchi muses on how even if the soil is good, without water, a flower will wither. It’s just like them. Their school is the soil and the minamo are water. They are nurtured from the power granted to them by the minamo.

The water that one minamo pours is for the sake of one day blooming a large-petaled flower. I LOVE HOW EQUAL THIS RELATIONSHIP IS. THE MEN ARE THE FLOWERS AND THE WOMEN THE WATER. Mizuchi quietly notes that she seems filled and then tells her to open her eyes. They both get to their feet and Mikoto is amazed by how light and refreshed she feels. She thanks him brightly and he gives her a small smile.

He huffs in amusement and comments on how pure she is. Mikoto is shocked to see that he laughed and smiled, but then Mizuchi advises that they shouldn’t be negligent and so they’ll return for today. He’ll escort her. She agrees and as they walk back she thinks about how this is the first time she’s seen his smiling face. It’s foul play! In the end, it didn’t end up feeling like a date.

It’s a little late now, but she recalls how she was embraced by Mizuchi… and scolds herself for getting embarrassed over it now. She’s becoming more aware of him and now her face is hot. She needs to make sure that Mizuchi doesn’t think she’s weird. As she thinks this, she bumps into a blond-haired man which makes her apologize quickly. The man also apologizes and then Mizuchi asks her if she’s alright.

She nods quickly and then chides herself. She needs to pull herself together! When they make it back to the school, Mikoto apologizes again for all the things that happened. But Mizuchi also apologizes 「いや。こちらこそ、失礼した。・・・君・・・。」(No, I would also like to apologize for my impoliteness…. You…). He averts his eye and looks uncomfortable.

But then he finally says 「君さえよければだが・・・また、あらためるのはどうだろうか。」(Only if it pleases you but… would you like to do it properly?). HE’S SO AWKWARD HERE IT’S ADKGJDLFAD. Mikoto repeats his words in confusion and then realizes what he’s asking. She quickly nods her head which makes Mizuchi give her another small smile. He thanks her and then asks to meet at the same time next week, before he then excuses himself.

She wishes him good night as he leaves. In her mind she thinks about how they’re going to be doing another date now. Is it because he was worried that they didn’t have a proper date? But she thinks that the promise made from the card battle only applied to today. Maybe it’s because Mizuchi is a serious person. Suddenly the wind blows and then she notices a faint scent clinging to her hair.

It’s a fresh and kind scent and it isn’t hers. Is this Mizuchi’s scent? Mikoto realizes that it must have come from when he embraced her. A shock hits her and her heart is… It’s tightening around her body and she can’t calm down. What is this feeling? CAAAAAN YOU FEEEEEEL THE LURRRRVE. I WOULD JOKE MORE BUT THEN I WOULD BURST INTO TEARS BECAUSE OF THE PAIN THAT FOLLOWS.

She’s even more embarrassed now than she was when Mizuchi touched her. What’s wrong with her? At night, Mizuchi recites a poem 「くまもなき 月の光にさそはれて 幾雲居までゆく心ぞも――。」(So taken with the faultless face and radiance of an alluring moon, my mind goes farther… farther to reach remote regions of the sky). THIS IS ANOTHER SAIGYO POEM #327.

Mizuchi monologues about how today was a disaster, though it was well that they were able to rest safely. But this was his first time treating a case of drying up. He followed the procedure that was in the books, but he did not conduct himself soundly. He would like to apologize to her. Why did it end up so that he was touching her? It was a coincidence, but it was as if it were an inevitability.

As if he had wished, countless of times, to touch her. Mizuchi inhales deeply in his sentence and then his voice becomes strained as he wonders out loud if it is the light of the moon causing these emotions to well up. He requests for the moon to, above shining down at him, punish this body of his.

DAY 11. In her dream Mikoto hears the Half Moon calling her name. It confirms if she’s Mikoto and she realizes that this is the same dream that she had in the hospital. She answers that she is Mikoto and the Half Moon sounds ecstatic as it tells her that it has waited for this day for so long. She asks if it is the Half Moon and it answers that it is. She asks who it is and to show her its appearance.

But the Half Moon falls silent. Mikoto begs for it to show her its face, so then an image of Mizuchi appears. Mikoto is shocked and then wonders if the Half Moon is actually Mizuchi. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THEIR VOICES ARE DIFFERENT LMAO. THE HALF MOON’S IDENTITY IS NEVER EXPLICITLY REVEALED BUT YOU’LL SEE… Mikoto calls out Mizuchi’s name, but suddenly he opens his eye and asks lowly who this person is.

Mikoto is confused but suddenly Mizuchi shouts out in pain 「来るな!く・・・っ!?何者だ、貴様はっ!」(Don’t come close! Guh…!? What are you, bastard!?). Mikoto thinks that his situation is strange, but then realizes that he’s not seeing her form. He groans in pain as something seems to be entering his body. Mikoto shouts out his name in worry and asks him what is wrong.

But Mizuchi doesn’t hear her as he pants out that his eye… his eye…! He screams in pain and Mikoto yells out his name in horror, but then she shoots up straight from her bed. It was a dream but it made her feel unpleasant. Her body is drenched in sweat. Then Momotose knocks on her door and greets her and Mikoto hurries to open the door, only to realize her current state and so she apologizes but asks her to wait a bit.

She can’t leave the room in this state! Mikoto hurriedly changes and then opens her door with a hesitant greeting, but Momotose notices that her face is pale. Is she sick? Mikoto reassures her that she’s fine and Momotose accepts it hesitantly but tells Mikoto not to push herself. Mikoto inwardly wonders why she saw a dream about Mizuchi and then reassures herself that the dream won’t come true anyway.

And then Momotose cheerfully asks Mikoto how her lover’s date went yesterday. Did she knock out Mizuchi with her charm? But then Momotose notices Mikoto’s lack of cheer and asks her worriedly if something is wrong. Mikoto explains what occurred yesterday and Momotose frowns worriedly at the fact that Mikoto dried up. It was a good thing Mizuchi was there.

Mikoto nods and murmurs that if Mizuchi hadn’t been there to nurse her then… Momotose’s eyes widen as she repeats Mikoto’s words with a gasp. Does that mean that Mizuchi personally gave her treatment? Skin on skin? Mikoto blushes as she tries to deny that, but Momotose grins as she points out that her face is red. Mikoto looks away and then denies it again.

But Momotose giggles and comments on how lovely she is. For the pure Mizuchi to do such a bold thing, it must mean that he’s interested in her. Mikoto notes that Momotose looks extremely happy. If she tells her about next week’s date then it’ll turn into a grand event. Momotose muses out loud on how amazing love is. Mikoto’s eyes widen as she turns red again. What does she mean by suddenly speaking about love!

Momotose smiles slyly as she asks Mikoto if she hasn’t noticed yet. The bud is already blooming; both Mizuchi and her. When Mikoto continues to gape at her, Momotose points out that she’s interested in Mizuchi, right? And if she thinks about it, she’s only thinking about the other person. That is no doubt the thing called love. Mikoto denies that happening to her, but Momotose giggles out that she’ll cheer them on.

Anyway, Mikoto decides to head to Momotose’s room after school to ask her about the school chairmen. Momotose explains that the chairmen of Kaen are Awahana and Kintokihana and the two of them are basically one. They have full knowledge about Kasen and its abilities. They’re basically heaven-sent children of Kasen. They are nobles with royal blood and basically close to the emperor.

Even though they look like that, they’re actually much older than everyone in the school. THEY’RE ACTUALLY… WAIT FOR IT… 60 YEARS OLD. They like card battles and so whenever a person’s rank is high enough, they are invited to tea parties. Momotose giggles and tells Mikoto that it’d be nice if that was an incentive for her.

Mikoto asks about Onosada and Momotose explains that he’s the lecturer on Kasen. He is quite skilled at it, despite his appearance, speech, and conduct. He’s not popular amongst the other teachers. Even though he doesn’t take care of anyone, he is quite popular among the students. He tends to sleep here and there around Kasen and so Momotose advises Mikoto to become familiar with that sight.

Then Mikoto asks about Momotose which makes Momotose exclaim that she’s happy Mikoto wants to know more about her. She explains that she is Iroha’s minamo which means she’s in the Chisengumi. She also arranges the rest of the 5 Brights’ minamo. She also tells Mikoto that if they spend more time together then she will surely understand more about her.

Anyway, Mikoto has no more questions to ask and so she heads to Mizuchi’s room. She thinks his room is beautiful; it has a lot of books and is orderly without fail… or more like as expected. Mizuchi greets her and asks her what business she has and so she asks him about Iroha. He informs her that Iroha’s ability as a kaei is undisputed and his character is also magnificent. MIZUCHI IS BASICALLY A BIG IROHA FANBOY.

It’s not just his gumi, but all the other students pay attention to him. He knows it is unattainable for him to catch up to Iroha, but if it is possible to support him even a little then he wants to devote himself to that. Mikoto notes that Mizuchi respects Iroha from the bottom of his heart.

Then Mikoto asks about Karakurenai and Mizuchi admits that if he weren’t to pick his words then he thinks Karakurenai lacks sincerity. He doesn’t take in any of the lessons and only walks around playing. Above all, Mizuchi thinks Karakurenai’s way of treating his own minamo as his possessions is unfavorable. He would like Karakurenai to act more to the standards of the 5 Brights.

His voice softens as he apologizes again for the unpleasant incident that happened to her. UGHGH PRECIOUS BABY STOP APOLOGIZING. Mikoto notes that he doesn’t seem to like Karakurenai much, but that’s probably because their personalities are the complete opposite. Mikoto thanks him and then returns to her room to sleep since the day is ending.

DAY 12. Mikoto heads to Momotose’s room and Momotose is happy that she came, but unfortunately Onosada called for her. Mikoto reassures her that she’ll come again some other time but before she can leave Momotose asks her to wait because she could use Mikoto’s help. She asks Mikoto if she could deliver these shirts to Iroha and then dumps a pile into her arms. Mikoto’s jaw drops open at the large amount.

Momotose explains that Iroha is indifferent to the things he wears. He would continue to wear his uniform and shirts dirtied by kabatsu, and so she has to give him brand new ones. Mikoto feels herself effected by Momotose’s mood and then thinks about how well Momotose and Iroha get along if they’re doing this. Momotose frowns and notes that Mikoto must have made a misunderstand right now, didn’t she?

She tells her that Iroha is nothing, because she likes Mikoto! Mikoto smiles and replies that she likes Momotose as well. Momotose giggles in joy at their mutual love. It makes her happy! Mikoto watches as Momotose dances out the door and then wonders if friends can be in mutual love. Momotose reminds her of Ai because even though their personalities are different, they seem to have direct and immediate personalities.

Then she remembers that she has to head to Iroha’s room and so she goes there and knocks on the door. He asks flatly through the door who it is. Mikoto introduces herself and then tells him that Momotose requested her to deliver his shirts to him. He tells her to leave it on his desk and so she opens his room only to be taken aback. She tries to recall if she’s actually in one of the 5 Brights’ rooms.

Iroha’s room is very untidy. Mikoto flinches when she steps on something on her journey to the desk and it turns out to be a cookie box! She’s really amazed by the sight of his room. Maybe he’s poor at cleaning? She decides to just ignore it though. LMFADGJDAG IROHA IS TOO MOE. SAI MOE. Mikoto is a bit nervous being alone with just Iroha. It’s not exactly a feeling of intimidation but she feels like she needs to be careful.

Maybe it’s his aura. Suddenly, she sees something pretty and wonders what it is. Iroha asks her, without emotion, if she is curious about that box. Mikoto is a bit shocked by how close his face is but then she smiles and comments on how he must really like sweets, since the box is full of konpeitou. He tells her that what goes into the mouth is the same for everyone.

But the efficiency factor of sweetness is good, and so he eats a lot of them. GKAFGJDH IN OTHER WORDS YOU WORK ON SUGAR _(:3」∠)_. Mikoto can’t imagine Iroha eating sweets for the sweetness. Suddenly, Iroha asks her if she’s interested and so Mikoto explains that her grandfather loved them. He thought they were tiny and cute. They ate them together when she was a small child. She would open her mouth and he would toss them in.

The multicolored candy made her happy and before she knew it she would eat too much. Iroha notes that she’s smiling brightly just from the recollection of eating konpeitou. Is it such a happy memory? Her smile softens as she quietly admits that it is. Then Iroha suddenly says 「わかった。顔を上にあげろ。」(I understand. Raise your head). KEEP IN MIND BY THE WAY THAT IROHA SAYS THINGS IN MONOTONE.

Mikoto raises her head in confusion and asks him if he means like this. She jerks in surprise when Iroha suddenly places his fingers in her mouth. He tells her 「動くな。うまく乗せられない。」(Don’t move. I won’t be able to place them well). Mikoto tries to chew threw the candy in her mouth and then Iroha asks her if they’re sweet. She speaks around her mouthful and tells him they are.

In her mind she wonders in surprise if Iroha is reproducing her memory. But this posture is embarrassing! Iroha murmurs quietly 「笑わない。」(No smile). Mikoto is confused by what he means, but then he says 「足りないのか。もっと入れよう。」(Is it not enough? I’ll put more). He places more in her mouth and Mikoto quickly tries to tell him that it’s enough while taking a step back.

She smiles as she speaks through her mouthful to thank him in a garbled voice. He informs her that if she likes them then she can take the box. He tells her that he doesn’t care and that there are a lot of spares. Mikoto is surprised by his words about there being spares and then wonders if Iroha has a sweet tooth. She thanks him for them though through her mouthful.

And then Iroha comments on how she looks like a balloon. Mikoto’s eyes widen and then she runs out of the room. As she walks she thinks about how surprised she was because she didn’t expect Iroha to do such a thing. But to call her a balloon… She groans as she realizes that once again Iroha saw a strange part of her. Meanwhile, in Iroha’s room, his breath catches in his throat and then he whispers 「・・・甘い。」(… Sweet).

YOU GUYS DON’T UNDERSTAND. HOW PAINFUL THIS IS. SEEING HIM AFTER HIS ROUTE 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。. After she leaves his room, Mikoto decides to head to the greenhouse. Every time she comes here she is surprised because of how big it is. It’s like a botanical garden. Suddenly, she notices that Mizuchi is alone in the distance and she wonders what he’s doing.

He recites to himself 「水底に深く緑の色見えて 風に浪よる河柳かな・・・。」(At the river bottom, a deep green can be seen, like a waving willow in the wind…). ANOTHER SAIGYO POEM #55 AND BY THE WAY, THERE’S A REASON SAIGYO IS THE SOURCE OF MIZUCHI’S POEMS. THE THEMES IN THEIR LIVES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. UGH, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME AND ITS DETAILS.

And then he releases the field he’s built up. A shower of water rains down in the greenhouse and Mikoto is in awe at the beauty. Is this Mizuchi’s doing? She decides to stay to look at it a bit more. Mizuchi’s expression is softer than it usually is. It looks like he can also make those expressions. It’s surprising since she hasn’t seen anything other than a strict face.

Even so, he’s a beautiful person. He’s tall, but has an elegance to his movements that create a picture. She’s fascinated by him. She feels like the 5 Brights aren’t normal humans; they have a strange charm that draws people in. Is that what it means when they’re called “flowers”? She finds it nice to see him sparkling like that; she wants to look at him more. Suddenly, Mizuchi notices her and his eye widens.

Mikoto realizes that this is bad and so she blurts out an apology and says that she came here to get something she forgot, then she saw Mizuchi and… His expression falls back to its passive mask and then he stares at her silently. Mikoto wonders what she should do and then she wonders if he was surprised to have his technique seen. He’s simply looking at her without saying anything.

In addition her heart is… Mikoto scolds herself and tells herself to pull it together and have a proper conversation. As she approaches him, Mizuchi warns her that there is water on this side and so the footing isn’t secure. Therefore coming close is… Mikoto doesn’t catch what he’s saying and so she asks him to repeat himself, but then she slips with Mizuchi calling out her name in worry.

She hits the ground and yelps in pain, and then Mizuchi comes close to apologize for not saying it quicker. Mikoto reassures him that it was her carelessness, but when she tries to stand up she falls back down in pain. The concrete rubble scraped her waist. She recalls that the disturbance with the utsurohi must have caused this place to crumble. How clumsy is she to fall here…

Mizuchi notes that she struck the rubble, but asks if she can stand. She answers that she can, but when she tries she can’t move and so it seems impossible. Mizuchi frowns and exhales loudly, and so Mikoto reassures him that if she just stays here for a bit it’ll heal and so he doesn’t need to worry. He tells her not to jump to a hasty conclusion and they should consult a doctor.

He also points out that she is soaked and she’ll catch a cold if she stays like that. Mikoto tries to reassure him that she’ll be fine, but she sneezes halfway through her sentence. She hurriedly tells him that she’s fine, but Mizuchi closes his eye and starts to mutter to himself.

「こんなところに御婦人をひとり残しておくわけには・・・あのときとは状況が・・・だが・・・担架を運んでくる間に体を冷やしてしまうことも・・・しかし・・・。」(I can’t possibly leave a lady in place like this alone… there were circumstances before at that time… but… In the interval while being carried by a stretcher your body will become chilled… but…). HE’S SO CONFLICTED LMFAO KLDFSDLG.

Mikoto asks him hesitantly if there is something the matter. He finally says awkwardly in a strained voice that it can’t be avoided and then asks her to close her eyes. She obeys quietly, but then yelps and opens them when she’s picked up bridal style. She says his name questioningly but Mizuchi shouts out that he told her to close her eyes! She quickly closes her eyes again, but inwardly thinks that it’s still embarrassing to be carried by him even with closed eyes!

Then he apologizes to her for breaking the rule he made. She asks him what he means by that and he answers that on the day of the ceremony he told her that he wouldn’t touch her. His voice becomes self-blaming as he asks how he should apologize to her. Mikoto gasps out at that and points out that he can’t possibly have been protecting that promise since then…?

It was something he only said; to think that he protected it up until now. She wonders if all those times that he was cold to her was to protect that rule. His voice is still rough as he points out that she must be displeased. Mikoto firmly denies that and then points out that Mizuchi must have been the one displeased instead. He tells her sternly that such a thing is not possible.

He just thinks that this is inexcusable, especially if he does something like this and she happens to become tainted. Mikoto tells him heatedly that such a thing won’t happen. His voice softens briefly before it turns firm 「そうか。医務室まで運ぶので、しばし我慢してほしい。」(I see. I will be carrying you to the medical office, I would ask of you to endure this for a short while).

NAH, PLEASE HOLD ME AS LONG AS YOU’D LIKE _(:3」∠)_. Mikoto inwardly panics at the thought of Mizuchi intending to carry her like this all the way to the medical office. She wonders what she should do, but she realizes that if she shows displeasure here then it would be bad because then she’d be rejecting the feelings of Mizuchi who broke his rule to carry her.

She’s embarrassed but it might be best if she stayed quiet and listened to his words. Mizuchi inhales a bit shakily as he continues to walk through the greenhouse. Mikoto notices that he’s been staring forward all this time, making sure not to let her enter his field of vision. She wonders if he’s being considerate. They’re pressed very closely together and because she’s wet, an excess amount of warmth is being transmitted.

Mikoto notices how strong his hands are and how much strength he surprisingly has for how slender he looks. PLEASE DON’T DESCRIBE HIM AS SLENDER AND TALL AND GORGEOUS BECAUSE THOSE ARE MY FETISHES. Suddenly Mizuchi inhales sharply and blurts out that this is bad. Mikoto asks him questioningly what is bad, but Mizuchi just averts his eye from her and bites his lip.

She wonders if he’s angry because of how suddenly he became silent. In the end, she really doesn’t understand him. As they walk through the halls, a crowd of girls scream on the side about how Mizuchi is carrying a girl. Mikoto shuts her eyes while one girl squeals and asks what this is. Mikoto finally whispers to Mizuchi that everyone is staring. He replies promptly and tightly that someone is being carried and that’s bound to draw eyes.

In her mind Mikoto thinks that isn’t exactly it. More girls start squealing out Mizuchi’s name, but then Mizuchi sternly orders them to be silent because it is forbidden to whisper in the halls. Once again Mikoto inwardly thinks that he has it wrong. She decides to keep her eyes closed and prays for them to reach the medical office before any misunderstandings happen.

After this incident, Mikoto heads to Momotose’s room but when she enters Momotose immediately accosts her and tells her that she heard Mizuchi was carrying the senki candidate bridal style and walking pridefully during lunch. Mikoto is blushing as she asks loudly why the conversation jumped to that immediately. Momotose explains that there are rumors in the school already and she thought Mizuchi was a late-blooming flower, but he mustn’t be underestimated.

Mikoto hurriedly tells her that she’s misunderstanding, to which Momotose reassures her that she was joking. She heard the news from the doctor and asks how Mikoto’s hip is doing. Mikoto averts her eyes and tells her that a little rest will make her feel fine; that was how hard she hit it. But above that, she’s afraid of the looks people will give her tomorrow.

Momotose advises her to act without apology because she and Mizuchi are partners. Mikoto’s eyes widen but then she frowns and admits that she doesn’t think she’s reached that kind of excellent position. But she does feel like she understands it a little better… why everyone seems to adore Mizuchi. She hurriedly points out that she doesn’t know everything yet though.

But Mizuchi isn’t as scary as she thought he was, and then Mikoto apologizes for speaking that way about one of the 5 Brights. Momotose reassures her that the 5 Brights are still just human and she should learn as much as she can about Mizuchi. Even Momotose herself doesn’t know much about Mizuchi. Mikoto is surprised by that but Momotose explains that Mizuchi’s family is a bit strange.

They have peculiar rules… like that eyepatch that Mizuchi wears. That’s one of his family’s rules. Mikoto is surprised to hear that, but unfortunately Momotose doesn’t know any more than that. Inwardly, Mikoto thinks about how she didn’t know that; just what kind of rules does Mizuchi’s family have? After this, night falls and so Mikoto returns to her room to sleep.

DAY 13. Mikoto heads to the greenhouse and then is awed by a sight of many butterflies. They’re so beautiful and shining with different colors which makes her wonder what type they are. Suddenly, one of the school chairmen appear and asks Mikoto what she’s doing. She is startled and then tries to greet them but hesitates until the chairman informs her that he’s Kintoki.

She apologizes sheepishly but since they have the same face she can’t tell which one is which. Anyway, she answers that she was looking at how beautiful the butterflies are. He smiles and agrees that they’re beautiful before he informs her that he raised them until they grew wings. They’re lovely. Mikoto is surprised to hear that these butterflies are the chairmen’s. She’s amazed that he raised them until they grew wings.

He merely smiles slowly and urges her to continue praising him. She obeys with an awkward smile, but then they both turn to look at the butterflies. Kintoki muses out loud 「見ろ、楽しそうに踊っておる。互いに交わるために、花から花へ・・・。」(Look at how they dance happily. Fluttering from flower to flower for the sake of mutually meeting).

His voice softens 「次の命につなぐためのダンス。あとわずかの命と思うと、また美しい・・・。」(A dance for the sake of connecting to the next life. The thought of their short life after is also beautiful…). Mikoto looks at how the butterflies are fluttering and thinks that they’re like an illusion. As if they were in a dream. When she sees Kintoki, she only sees that he looks younger than her but she’s wrong, isn’t she? How old is he?

Kintoki informs that if she knew then she’d have to leave the school and Mikoto flinches in surprise. He tells her that he can see through to her thoughts, but then he asks her impatiently when she will awaken as a senki. She averts her eyes and then he informs her that she didn’t come to this school on a whim; it is for the sake of awakening the senki. He is providing assistance for that cause.

She apologizes quietly but he continues on to say that Mizuchi will some day hold enough ability to be used for the emperor. Chosen by the onifuda, he is more than enough of a kaei to awaken the senki. She realizes out loud that the problem is her then. Kintoki lightly tells her that it is both parties. The two of them seem to be missing something and they should ponder it carefully and find it.

Then Kintoki walks off and calls out for the butterflies to play. He chuckles as he tells them to come and Mikoto watches as the butterflies gather around him. What does he do to make them so attached? All she can conclude is that the chairmen are strange people. But he was right, because she knows she can’t remain like this. What should she do…? If only she knew what she was lacking.

She heads to Mizuchi’s room afterwards and asks him about Himeutsugi. He informs her that Himeutsugi hasn’t changed since he entered this school. He has soft spots but he is a considerate and deeply sympathetic person. He smiles a bit as he admits that whenever he himself doesn’t have the words, Himeutsugi supplements them in a casual manner. He is a modest and nice man.

But he is like a different person when he does Hana Awase. When one watches it, they will see that he puts all his strength in his tactics. He isn’t an enemy that anyone would want. Mikoto notes that he’s talking happily and he seems to trust Himeutsugi. She thanks him and then leaves to return to her classroom. She finds out that she has an afternoon PE class and needs to change.

However, her class is squealing in joy at how lovely Mizuchi and Himeutsugi are. Mikoto notices that everyone is being noisy around a window and wonders what is happening. She goes to look only to see Himeutsugi and Mizuchi there. She’s amazed by their amazing rally and thinks they’re unreasonably good. The class representative informs her that when Hime is practicing for matches with other schools, Mizuchi is his partner.

The tennis ace Himeutsugi is so strong that the only person who can counter-measure him is Mizuchi. Suddenly, one of the girls squeals out that she saw Mizuchi’s bare legs for that brief period and this is a precious chance. The class rep snaps out that she’s being disgraceful. Mikoto notices that even though the class rep said that, she’s also looking closely.

A girl talks about how the only one that understands Mizuchi the best is Himeutsugi. They became part of the 5 Brights at the same time and so Mizuchi becomes less formal only to Hime. One of the girls sighs at how happy she is to see the two beside each other. But soon the class rep coughs and reminds them that they don’t have much time for the next class and so they need to change.

Mikoto thinks about how it’s true that they’re close friends, Mizuchi and Himeutsugi. What kind of conversations do the two of them have? Anyway, Mikoto’s day ends after this and so she returns to her room to sleep.

DAY 14. During her class, Iroha suddenly comes in and asks demandingly where the senki candidate is. Mikoto’s eyes widen at the sight of Iroha and she quickly stands up to tell him that she’s here. He replies without emotion that he can see that and then informs her that Momotose called for her. She wants to spend time together during lunch in the courtyard.

Mikoto recalls out loud that she made a bento for Momotose. He tells her that Momotose said she was looking forward to enjoying Mikoto’s homemade bento. Then he tells her that the verbal message he was to convey ends here. He walks off immediately afterwards and Mikoto notes that he’s gone like the wind. Suddenly, she hears a gasp behind her and Mikoto’s eyes widen when she realizes that everyone in the class collapsed.

She asks the class rep worriedly what happened. The class rep splutters out with a blush that it’s dangerous to look at Iroha so closely, she gasps out 「いろは様の目を見た・・・?あの、妖しくも麗しい瞳・・・っ!蛟様ともまた違った、誘惑の瞳・・・ああっ!」(Did you see Iroha-sama’s eyes…? Those bewitching and lovely eyes…! The same as Mizuchi-sama yet different, those seductive eyes… Aa!).

FAJGDFG I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL CLASS REP _(:3」∠)_ I JUST WANT TO STARE AT THE MOON IN HIS EYES. Mikoto repeats her words in surprise, but then the class rep explains 「はぁうっ・・・あの方に見られると、おかしくなっちゃうよっ。あれは魔性の瞳よっ。」(Haa… being looked like that makes you strange. Those are the devil’s eyes).

Mikoto hesitantly confesses that she just thinks they’re beautiful, but this makes the class rep snap out that she’s the strange one. The class rep tells her that all the minamo become strange like this by Iroha; only Momotose isn’t bewitched by those devilish eyes. Suddenly the class rep coughs out that she can’t take it anymore and then collapses which makes Mikoto call out in worry.

She doesn’t understand this thing about the devilish eyes, because she’s not affected at all. Then she gasps in shock when she realizes that it’s not just her class but even the minamo in the hallway have collapsed. Iroha is scary. Anyway, Mikoto decides to head to the greenhouse and she sees Mizuchi there. She decides to try talking to him and so she heads over to greet him.

Mizuchi asks her if she needs something. Mikoto stutters a bit and inwardly panics because she doesn’t know what to talk about now that they’re facing each other. Not to mention Mizuchi is tall and so now that she’s this close to him, she feels a bit nervous. She continues to stutter and so Mizuchi comes closer to her and asks her if she has a question for him.

She blurts out that she doesn’t but continues to hesitate and so he states 「何故、口ごもる?問題があるのか。自分は、何を改善するといいのだ。言ってくれたまえ。」(Why are you hesitating? Is there a problem? If there is anything I can do to better myself, please say it). I CAJGFDG I CAN’T AGDKAG STOP LAUGHING GFDA AT THIS SCENE. HE JUST KEEPS COMING CLOSER AND CLOSER.

He comes even closer which makes Mikoto inwardly yelp and so she hurriedly blurts out that she has no problem! She apologizes quickly and tries to excuse herself, but Mizuchi comes even closer and calls out to her to wait before asking why she is apologizing and if there is a reason for it. She shakes her head but continues to stutter, which causes Mizuchi to ask her loudly why she’s frightened and if he did something.

Mikoto yelps and apologizes shrilly, but then Himeutsugi intrudes and tells Mizuchi to stop there. Then he explains to Mizuchi that when a large man, like him, approaches a girl with a frown like that then they’ll get scared. He grins as he advises Mizuchi to smile. Mizuchi’s voice softens as he asks Mikoto slowly if she finds him scary. KGJADKGD POOR BABY BUT LMFAO THIS SCENE WAS SO AWKWARD. LIKE EVEN I FELT UNCOMFORTABLE.

She averts her eyes and apologizes as she says that she thought he was angry. Mizuchi’s breath catches in his throat before he closes his eye in a pained look and murmurs that he cannot fix his face. FKAKGDAGDLK SCREAMING IN LAUGHTER. Mikoto hurriedly reassures him by saying that she said something rude, but Himeutsugi interrupts and tells her that it’s fine.

He thinks Mizuchi needs to study up a little on how to treat women. Mikoto decides to listen to Himeutsugi since it’s him, but she hopes Mizuchi doesn’t become too concerned over this. Anyway, night falls and Mikoto returns to her room to sleep, but her phone suddenly rings and it’s Shou. She answers it in surprise and tells him that she had just planned on phoning him too.

Shou greets her and then asks if something happened. She’s silent for a while before she hesitantly asks him if he’s ever been in love before. He’s taken aback and then quickly asks her if she fell in love with that Kaen man. She hurriedly denies it and also adds that it’s not that person either. She debates on how to tell him, but Shou is muttering to himself over the phone to calm down, take a deep breath, and calm down.

Mikoto asks him worriedly if something is wrong, because she wants to ask him something but… Anyway, she ends up telling him all the things that have happened. Shou asks again if she’s interested in the person that she’s partnered up with. Mikoto confesses that she doesn’t know, because she doesn’t know what it means to be interested.

She explains that the person is serious, has a lot of strength, and everyone in the group adores him. But she thinks he’s a bit scary, because he doesn’t smile at all and he’s strict. He’s also very tall and so it’s intimidating when he’s close, like she’ll be pulled in. But then she hurriedly defends him by saying that he’s actually kind. When she tripped and couldn’t move and when she fell, he helped her.

He doesn’t seem to dislike her either. Shou exhales loudly and heavily, but then Mikoto points out that if this is love then it’s strange. She still doesn’t know anything about him. Shou points out quietly that she already has her answer, doesn’t she? When she makes a confused noise, he explains that she’s never been this interested in another person before and she wants to know more about that person, right?

Mikoto quietly agrees with a blush. Shou sighs again and then scolds himself for not doing anything before she went to Kaen. He knew this would happen the moment he let his eyes off her and he’s such an idiot! GADKGJD SHOU… (|||❛︵❛.). Mikoto asks him what he’s grumbling about, which makes him reply that he’s never been thankful for how dense she was until now.

When she makes a questioning noise, he changes the subject and tells her to listen up. If she’s interested then she should go to the end. She should learn about the other person thoroughly and once she’s faced them head-to-head then she will find out if that is love or not. She comments on how broad something like that seems, but Shou points out that she should already know her answer.

This makes her snap out angrily that she doesn’t know! Then she accuses him of bullying her. He snaps back that she should just be thankful he gave her advice as a childhood friend, and even if she does it well he won’t congratulate her. Then he informs her that he’s sleeping now and he hangs up on her. She tries to stop him but it’s too late.

But she takes the advice of knowing something thoroughly. She’ll try her best at next week’s date! With this, Mikoto concludes the day and goes to sleep.

DAY 15. Mikoto heads out to the courtyard and sees Himeutsugi. He’s surrounded by Gekkougumi students who congratulate him on his big victory in a match. He thanks them politely and tells them that it’s because everyone was supporting him. The girls squeal at that while Mikoto wonders if they mean a tennis match. Did one even happen? She’s amazed at how he’s surrounded by girls.

Her eyes widen when Himeutsugi approaches her though and he asks her if something is wrong. Is there a problem? She shakes her head, but then decides to ask him quietly if he’s ever fallen in love before. He’s taken aback by her sudden question, but then he smiles and tells her that he loves all of the minamo in the Gekkougumi. Mikoto is surprised by that, but Himeutsugi explains that everyone is lovely.

Then he points out that she must love Mizuchi, right? Her face turns bright red as she gasps, which makes Himeutsugi chuckles as he comments on how love is something that starts before one knows it. He walks off and leaves Mikoto pondering about his words. Before she knows it? But somehow the love that Himeutsugi is talking about is different… In the end, love is different.

She continues to stay in the courtyard and then sees Mizuchi with Onosada. Onosada asks Mizuchi teasingly how everything is going and if he’s doing well with the senki candidate. Mizuchi asks him seriously what he means by doing well. Onosada sighs and comments on how dense he is before explaining that he’s asking if Mizuchi has done anything with her yet after becoming partners.

He points out that while Mikoto has no sex appeal she has a reasonably nice body and then he makes grabbing motions at chest height. Mizuchi’s voice is flat 「先生の発言は御婦人へ侮辱にあたります。そのような発言はやめていただきたい。」(Your words are an insult to a lady. I would request that you cease those utterances). SASUGA A FORMAL GENTLEMAN.

Onosada waves it off and points out that it isn’t like Mizuchi dislikes it, because he’s a youthful high school student. He couldn’t not possibly eat a meal set before him. FAMAFDKAD TEACHER. TEACHER WHY. Suddenly Onosada notices Mikoto and greets her. Mizuchi makes a choked noise of surprise and then excuses himself loudly before he runs off. Onosada complains about how he just needed a little more time.

Mikoto glares at him and asks him what exactly he needed a little more time for. He smirks and whispers out that it was for Mizuchi’s Vita Sexualis. THIS IS AN ACTUAL BOOK ABOUT SEXUAL AWAKENING BY MORI OGAI. Mikoto doesn’t understand what he means and so Onosada explains that Mizuchi is so inexperienced it makes him worry. He needs an adult to explain things properly to him.

Onosada starts to laugh to himself, leaving Mikoto confused as to what just happened but she does know that the conversation took an unnecessary turn. Anyway, evening falls and she heads back to her room only to see Iroha and Mizuchi together. She’s seen them together quite a bit… are they still investigating? The two of them are so tall that they’re overwhelming and their aura is amazing.

It’s difficult to approach them but she wants to know more about Mizuchi. She greets them with a hesitant smile but Mizuchi exhales slowly. She says his name questioningly and notices that the expressions on the two men are… Iroha informs Mizuchi that several days ago, when Mizuchi was at the park, they discovered the body of a male who had a link to Mizuchi. He withered and died.

Mizuchi tells her that the male was an Adabana and Iroha has shown him that these series of events were connected to each other; this includes Aoi’s situation. Mikoto’s eyes widen and asks him what he means, to which Iroha replies that everyone is targeting the senki candidate. She gasps and then Mizuchi explains that an Adabana cannot easily corrupt the general populace.

However, with the training of a kaei then they can. The circumstances of a purge require a mandatory report to the country, but they haven’t heard of a report from the country for the purging of a kaei. Mikoto realizes out loud that this means the suspect is still unknown. Mizuchi reassures her that they are urgently investigating this and then he tells her that he won’t let her encounter a dangerous situation.

Iroha informs her without emotion that the decision is made then. For the present, the senki candidate should refrain from going out. If she is attacked outside of the school’s barrier then he cannot assume responsibility for that. She agrees to do that and then realizes that they won’t be able to go for next week’s date since she’s forbidden from going out.

But above that… she turns to look at Mizuchi and he informs her that Iroha’s plan is the best. She agrees hesitantly, but she wonders out loud why she became the senki candidate. She’s a candidate, yet she doesn’t have the power that most minamo have. And there’s no sign of her awakening as a senki. She isn’t living up to the chairmen and everyone’s expectations. She’s also causing trouble for him.

She looks away and confesses that she shouldn’t have been a senki candidate, it would have been better if she were a minamo. Then she shake her head and says that this wouldn’t have happened if she went to a normal high school. If she didn’t come to Kaen then these events wouldn’t have happened. She can’t believe people are getting hurt! It would have been better if she weren’t a senki candidate.

This is all her fault. FDGJG I LOVE THIS SCENE BY THE WAY. THE WAY MIZUCHI COMFORTS HER… Mikoto’s eyes widen when she realizes that she’s starting to cry. She apologizes with a stutter and tries to tell him that she didn’t intend to cry. She sobs out that it’s unbecoming, but Mizuchi tells her softly not to force herself. Her eyes widen and she tries to apologize again.

But Mizuchi murmurs 「こうしていれば誰にも見えない。君が落ち着くまで待とう。」(No one will see you here. We can wait until you calm). She nods and then thinks about how his hands are large and warm. They’re kind and are hands that seem to wrap her up in security. She can feel her heart slowly calming. Mizuchi tells her that she’s working really hard but she has a tendency to overdo it.

Whenever he sees her he almost becomes worried. Mikoto is surprised that just now Mizuchi confessed he was worried about her and almost always. He reassures her that these series of events are not her responsibility. Even if there are various insecurities, he will endeavor to settle them. That’s why he would like her to believe in him. Her eyes widen at his words because she’s always believed in him.

But then she realizes that while she may have always been like that, Mizuchi might not have been able to see it. She recalls that it was like the class representative said. If one is thinking about themselves then they won’t be to convey their feelings to the other person. She wonders how she can convey it to Mizuchi; her feelings, and her belief in him.

At her continued silence, Mizuchi’s eyebrows furrow and he says her name. She thanks him tearily and then smiles as she tells him firmly that she believes in him. She asks him to protect her and to support her when she becomes weak before long. Mizuchi sucks in a breath in surprise and then he replies 「そ、うか。・・・君は・・・やはり不思議な人だな。」(I-I see… You are… such a strange person).

Then he tells her firmly that he won’t let her regret coming to Kaen and becoming a minamo of the Koukokugumi. For the sake he will protect her, even to the point of exchanging his life. Mikoto’s eyes widen but then she smiles brightly at him and tells him that she looks forward to working with him. One by one Mizuchi’s words soak into her chest. His words are absolutely not lies.

And that is why she wants to reply with feelings that are not lies. She’s always wanted to depend on someone. It’s embarrassing and shameful but this is the real her. She wants Mizuchi to know this; all the places that she’s weak in. She wants to let him know all about her. And she also wants to know more about him. This is probably the most important and precious thing right now, above thinking about if this is love or like.

Then she comes back to the present to catch the tail end of Mizuchi’s proposal and he asks her if she agrees. She quickly nods her head and then scolds herself for spacing out. What did she just agree to right now…? Mizuchi nods and informs her that tomorrow, after their classes have ended, they will be moving together.

When she continues to stare at him in confusion he explains that, apart from classes, they won’t be parted from each other for any moment. He is going to eliminate any danger that could happen to her. Then he informs her that he looks forward to working together with her starting from tomorrow. Mikoto repeats his words in her mind in shock and then gasps.

DAY 16. Mikoto heads to the courtyard and then catches the end of a conversation between Kintoki and Kurenai, with Kintoki ordering him absolutely not to forget it. Karakurenai walks off with a sneer and tells him that he’ll do whatever he wants. Mikoto gasps quietly when she sees him stalking towards her, but all he does is sigh heavily. Behind him, Kintoki sternly asks him if he understands.

Finally Karakurenai smiles coldly and answers that he understands already. He complains under his breath about how everybody is getting on his case and then he exhales sharply. Mikoto is taken aback by his glare, but then he finally huffs and calls her an idiot. And then he suddenly brushes past her and slaps her ass. FDAMFMA DYING OF LAUGHTER HERE. THE LOOK ON HIS FACE AJDFKGAD.

He walks off laughing about what a nice butt she has while Mikoto stares at him in shock. Kintoki sighs at how Karakurenai immediately makes a move on a girl he likes; he calls Karakurenai a man who is always in mating season. Mikoto is still shocked by Karakurenai’s parting words. Kintoki comments on how Karakurenai is like a rogue who isn’t related to them. Interesting, isn’t he?

Mikoto points out that even if he’s interesting, she’s troubled by him touching her butt. Kintoki tells her that it’s not the end of the world and that she should let him touch it. She refuses promptly. He remarks on how high her guard is, but this makes her eligible for being the senki candidate. Mikoto inwardly thinks about how that isn’t the problem right now.

Kintoki informs her that he will only give a warning to Karakurenai if he tries something too over. Then he gives her a farewell, while also tapping her on the butt as he leaves. She yelps and then yells at him not to touch her butt in the confusion of the moment. But he’s already gone and she sighs as she thinks that Karakurenai and the chairmen are somehow similar.

Anyway, she goes to her classroom and Himeutsugi ends up coming to see her. When he greets her, she asks him in surprise if something is the matter. He informs her that he’s looking for Mizuchi and because Mizuchi is interested in her, he thought Mizuchi would certainly be here. Mikoto blinks in surprise and points at herself, to which Himeutsugi nods. When she continues to look confused, he asks her if she isn’t happy.

She shakes her head and tells him that she’s just wondering why Mizuchi would be interested in her. Himeutsugi’s eyes widen and he stares at her blankly before he asks her slowly if she likes Mizuchi. Mikoto has a small blush as she answers in the affirmative and then she tells him that she respects Mizuchi a lot. But she’s still inexperienced as a partner and as a minamo. She wants to catch up, even just a little.

Himeutsugi’s eyes widen again as he stares at her in disbelief. Mikoto tells him firmly that she needs to study any parts that she can so that she doesn’t become a hindrance to Mizuchi. Himeutsugi can only reply 「あー・・・ああ、いい。うん、わかった。」(Aa… umm, okay. Okay, I get it). When she looks at him in confusion he mutters under his breath that a dense couple is a serious problem. His responsibilities seem even graver now.

But then he smiles and decides that he’ll try his best. He gives her a quick goodbye and then walks off, leaving Mikoto calling his name out in confusion. What was that all about? In the evening, Momotose informs Mikoto that she heard a rumor in school about Mizuchi. Mikoto looks away with a small blush because she already knows what Momotose is talking about.

Momotose only smiles slyly and points out that during free time and the path to and from school, the two of them are always together. They’re completely like lovers, are they not? Mikoto denies it and explains that there’s circumstances. Momotose pouts at how it was her pleasure to walk together with her muse to and from school, but if there are circumstances then it can’t be helped. At least they can talk like this in the dorms.

She adds that she didn’t know Mizuchi had such a passionate side to him either. He’s completely charmed by Mikoto! Mikoto smiles sheepishly and tells her that the circumstances are a bit different. It’s more of a sense of duty. Though, in her mind, she thinks about how Mizuchi has been with her for the past several days. He’s concerned about her body but the people around them are definitely misunderstanding it.

This is what he meant by protecting her, even if he has to exchange his life. But with him sticking so closely to her, even she is starting to misunderstand. It’s almost as if the two of them were… But if the misunderstanding were to become real then that Mizuchi… Momotose points out slyly that Mikoto’s face is completely red. Mikoto winces and then scolds herself for thinking these things. She shouldn’t!

Inwardly she sighs and hopes that Mizuchi doesn’t treat her too kindly; or else she’ll start to think strange things. Speaking of strange, she’s been seeing that dream about the Half Moon every day. The Half Moon might actually be Mizuchi. But it’s painful to always see Mizuchi grasping his eye and in pain. Hopefully, she won’t see that dream tonight.

At night, Himeutsugi comes into Mizuchi’s room and greets him by calling him an officially recognized couple. Mizuchi asks him what he’s talking about and so Himeutsugi points out that Mizuchi must have decided about Mikoto already, since the two of them are always together and being all affectionate. But this just makes Mizuchi tell him flatly that his way of speaking is impolite to her.

But Himeutsugi smiles slyly and points out that he’s not as annoyed as he’s trying to come off. Mizuchi answers that he simply can’t leave her alone. If he’s not protecting her, then who will? Himeutsugi becomes serious as he notes that Mizuchi is serious, isn’t he. Mizuchi replies honestly that he is and then asks him if there is a problem with that. Himeutsugi grins at that and congratulates him before saying that the next part depends on Mikoto.

Mizuchi asks him slowly what he’s trying to imply, but Himeutsugi leaves the room. Mizuchi sighs at how incomprehensible. Suddenly Mizuchi hunches over and grits his teeth against the pain in his eye. He exhales slowly as the pain lessens and he wonders if it’s his imagination. But lately his covered eye has been aching and also… Mizuchi wonders out loud where he dropped “it”. He needs to hurry and find it.

DAY 17. The class representative gives Mikoto her test back and Mikoto is ecstatic at seeing an 85. The class rep admits that this happened in a fairly short period of time and that even Onosada praised her for doing well. Mikoto’s eyes widen at this and so the class rep explains that he recognizes students who are trying hard. It’s rare to be praised by Onosada and so she’s jealous of Mikoto.

Mikoto thinks about how Onosada never revealed these feelings in front of her, but she’s happy. But then the class repthinks that it’s natural for this to happen when one is studying one-to-one with Mizuchi. She asks Mikoto if she’s heading to the library today as well? Mikoto nods and has a shy smile as she says that he’s waiting. Suddenly, a girl shouts out that she heard. Mikoto yelps in surprise.

The girl sighs out that she’s so jealous of Mikoto since Mizuchi is always with her. But if that happened to her she might be so nervous that she wouldn’t know what to say! Mikoto smiles and explains that there is a lot, such as talking about the strategy of Kasen and information about minamo. Another girl interrupts and tells her that’s not it. They want to hear about his hobbies or his favorite food.

Mikoto asks them what they’ll do when they know his hobbies. The first girl asks her angrily what is with that response. It’s obvious that as Mizuchi’s minamo they want to know! Since they adore him, they want to know anything about him and this is a maiden’s heart! Mikoto listens to them with interest and then wonders if she was somehow mistaken because she also wants to know more about him, but not like that.

But then suddenly a girl hands her a paper and Mikoto accepts it with wide eyes. There’s a lot of closely packed writing on it and the title is “100 Questions for Mizuchi”. The girl explains that it’s a questionnaire from every minamo in the Koukokugumi. They want Mikoto to represent them and ask Mizuchi these in private. Mikoto’s mouth drops open and she asks why her.

The girl points out that it’s because she’s Mizuchi’s minamo. Mizuchi has the highest guard among the 5 Brights, but Mikoto is their opening! The resulting information will be supplied to the newspaper and they’ll create a scoop labeled “Mizuchi’s Minamo Report”. Mikoto takes a look at the paper and there’s a question about his bust, waist, height, and shoe size.

Mikoto winces and doesn’t think that these will be told to her. One of the girls tells her that it is her mission to ask these! They point out that since Mizuchi is with her all the time, he will be a little more frank with her, right? Mikoto’s eyes widen and then she mumbles out loud that she doesn’t really feel like he’s becoming more open with her, but who knows.

But the girls don’t care and expect her to try hard to fill out those questions. They’re counting on her. Mikoto wonders what she should do and the class rep agrees that those girls are quite troublesome. They should know that even if Mikoto knows about his personality, she won’t tell them. There is only one minamo who is closest to Mizuchi. Mikoto has no choice but to bear the full brunt of it.

The class rep reveals that Aoi also endured this hardship. Mikoto can understand it and sympathizes with how difficult it must have been for Aoi. Plus, there are some mysteries in Mizuchi’s background. Himeutsugi and Karakurenai have told various things about themselves to people and Iroha has Momotose to do that. Mizuchi is the only one who hasn’t said anything.

Mikoto’s eyes widen and she asks if even Himeutsugi, who is a close friend, hasn’t said anything. The class rep explains that Himeutsugi said he was forbidden to speak of it. Because they’re starved for information, the Koukokugumi are more extreme than the rest. Everyone is reckless in their want to know more about Mizuchi. Scolding the minamo who are running wild is also a big problem.

The class rep sighs and Mikoto realizes that even she’s facing difficulties. But Mikoto is uncertain if Mizuchi will even answer this many questions. Anyway, classes finally end and Mikoto starts to hurry towards the library. If she’s too slow then Mizuchi will become concerned and come to her. It happened before and the class fell into disorder. Because they’re always together, people are starting to suspect things even though all they do is study in the library.

She didn’t expect him to be so thorough; he’s completely overprotective. But will he answer this questionnaire? As she walks out into the hall she sees Karakurenai which makes her freeze and wonder what she should do. Karakurenai smirks at the sight of her and asks her teasingly what she’s so scared about, all the while calling her the senki candidate. Mikoto shakes her head and excuses herself politely.

But he asks her lowly if she’s scared. She eyes him silently and he grins as he tells her not to be so cautious. The chairmen told him not to make a move on her because she’s the precious senki candidate; it’s like the treatment of a rare animal. Mikoto remains silent and so he continues on to ask her if she’s already mated with the crucial Mizuchi.

Mikoto’s eyes widen at that and Karakurenai sighs out that it doesn’t seem like it. There’s no way a virgin bastard like that can be depended upon. Mikoto glares at him for this and yells at him not to insult Mizuchi like that. Karakurenai’s eyes narrow and he loses his smile, but Mikoto tells him that he can say whatever he wants about her but she wants him to stop talking about Mizuchi like that.

Plus, being a senki candidate and partner has no relation to that. Karakurenai smirks as he notes that she’s been skillfully domesticated. He comments on how Mizuchi is surprisingly good at breaking animals. She repeats his words in outrage, but Karakurenai approaches her and tells her lowly that he has no interest in other people’s women. So she must understand what it means for him to be this interested.

He informs her that he wants her. It has nothing to do with her being the senki candidate. He doesn’t care about who the onifuda chose, what the chairmen say, or about her belong to that bastard Mizuchi. Mikoto is taken aback but she still asks him angrily why. He doesn’t know anything about her, she’s not in his group, and she has no ability as a minamo.

Why does he want such a person? Karakurenai smirks and replies 「バーカ。男が女を欲しがることに理屈はねえよ。体だけだ。てめえとヤリてえ、それだけ。」(Idi~ot. A man doesn’t need a reason to want a woman. It’s just about bodies. I want to fuck you, that is all). SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME IF I THINK THIS IS CUTE, BUT HIS VOICE HERE IS SO PLAYFULLY SINISTER /)_(\.

He sneers coldly and tells her not to look at men too naively. Even that bastard Mizuchi is itching to hammer her. He laughs at his crude words which makes Mikoto glare at him with a red face. She slaps him and shouts out that Mizuchi isn’t a person like Karakurenai. She’s glad she wasn’t his partner! She doesn’t like a person who thinks of minamo like that.

Kurenai smiles slowly 「は・・・おもしれえ。ぞくぞくするわ・・・てめえ、マジにキたわ――勃っちまった。」(Ha… interesting. I’m shivering… I’m really looking forward to you– I’m hard). SCREMAING GUYS I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS THEF FIRST ITME AGDFGJ HE’S SO VULGAR LMFAO. Mikoto is taken aback by his reaction and then he tells her sleep with him, and then she’ll think that it would have been better to be his partner.

Suddenly Onosada yells out Karakurenai’s name and Karakurenai sighs loudly before telling him that he knows. He grumbles under his breath about how even though he’s not at all close to her, he’s lectured by everyone. Mikoto replies coldly that she thinks it’s obvious why. She tells him that she’s Mizuchi’s partner and she has no intentions of changing before she excuses herself flatly.

Karakurenai snorts but then he tosses her something and tells her to give it to Mizuchi. When she asks what this is, he answers that it’s something Mizuchi dropped. Then he asks her slyly if the Mizuchi that she knows is even the real Mizuchi. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she asks him what he means by that, but Karakurenai stalks off. I’M NOT KIDDING DAGJG ALL THE GUYS HAVE DIFFERENT SOUNDING FOOTSTEPS.

Mikoto wonders what those words were about because now she’s curious. What’s inside the case? It looks like small medicine pills. Anyway, Mikoto runs into the library and apologizes for being late. Mizuchi chides her and tells her to get someone to tell him if she’s running late, because he looked for her. She apologizes again and asks him hesitantly if he had been searching for her up until now.

He tells her that naturally he did, but he wasn’t able to converse with the minamo in her group. He just barely managed to hold one with the class representative. Mikoto apologizes again but he changes the subject and asks her what she is studying today. Mikoto is a bit thrown by the subject change but answers that she would like to look at Kasen textbook, chapter 6, and the three variating conditions of a match and the coping or application of them.

Mizuchi smiles as he tells her that this is an important matter. It concerns the case of dealing with Hana Awase in a minute manner. He’ll search for materials. She thanks him and leaves it to him, meanwhile she praises the good idea of coming to the library to study because it’s so large that there aren’t a lot of public eyes on them. Of course she’s nervous because the person teaching her is Mizuchi.

Anything she asks is answered seriously. His seriousness and kindness makes him much different from Karakurenai. Mikoto reassures herself that it was better not to say what happened a while ago so that she doesn’t worry him. But then she looks at the case of pills she has and admits that she’s curious. If this belongs to Mizuchi then there’s no harm in it. She should return it quickly, but she’s still conflicted.

Suddenly a pulse is heard and Mikoto wonders if it was her imagination that she felt like she had chills down her back. But then she notices that Mizuchi is already at a table and she needs to follow! When she gets there, Mizuchi immediately informs her that there are several materials but this author uses a lot of verifications, so he thinks it’s easy to understand for a beginner.

She accepts it and decides that she’ll integrate it into her report then. As she begins writing she notes that it’s has a good tone; just as Mizuchi recommended it is easy to comprehend. The tactics are rapidly filling up in her mind and with this she should finish early. And while she’s writing, Mizuchi is always watching over her. Even though he’s just teaching her, she’s still a bit nervous.

Mikoto murmurs out loud to herself about this verification example and then starts flipping the pages. But she notes that Mizuchi has been staring at her hand all this time, which makes her wonder if she can look at him a little. She’ll sneakily do it so that he doesn’t catch her. Then she’s fascinated by how his eyelashes are longer than she thought. The skin around his eye is clear and even though he’s a man his skin is shining.

I’M SORRY DGGDG THERE’S NO WAY I CAN TRANSLATE THE DESCRIPTIONS WITHOUT MAKING IT SOUND DUMB. HE SPARKLES LIKE A TWILIGHT VAMPIRE!! Mikoto is once again in awe at how beautiful he is. But his body is very firm looking. Even though he’s so slender he has a lot of power. She wonders if he trains, but he hasn’t joined any club activities; he just accompanies Himeutsugi when he’s practicing tennis.

So how does he… Mizuchi asks her if she needs something. Mikoto becomes flustered when he looks at her and apologizes before telling him that she zoned out. She scolds herself and tells herself to concentrate! After a while, she finishes and starts to check the structure. But Mizuchi praises her while noting that everything seems to be in order.

Mikoto demurs and tells him that it’s because he chose easy to understand materials. She thinks she’ll be able to remember a lot of information about minamo like this. She admits that it’s fun when she understands what is going on and the timing and consideration involved with the player during the progress of the battle. Mizuchi murmurs that the pleasure to learn and know is the first step in learning.

He smiles as Mikoto agrees brightly. She’s only able to study this much about Kasen only in Kaen. She didn’t know anything before she was admitted in and even now Kasen is difficult for her. There are a lot of things she fumbles and her curiosity is tickling at her for all the things she doesn’t know. She wants to learn more about the world of Kasen.

When she became weak she forgot something important here; she forgot how much she loved Kasen. She needs to treasure these valuable circumstances more. Mizuchi points out that they still have time before the library closes and so she can self-study. She agrees happily and then asks him if he’s going to read a book. He declines and tells her that if he is looking elsewhere then he can’t protect her.

Mikoto gapes at him and protests to that, but then recalls her promise to herself. She changes her words to thank him instead. Mizuchi gives her a small amused smile. UGH THE DEVELOPMENT HERE IS AMAZING. REMEMBER HOW SHE WANTED TO DEPEND AND TRUST PEOPLE MORE? YEAH. THIS RIGHT HERE. Mikoto thinks about how she’s still unused to taking advantage of someone’s kindness.

Catching his feelings makes something in her squirm and she feels embarrassed, but recently she’s starting to feel happy. It’s a strange feeling that she hasn’t felt until now and it’s only to Mizuchi. What is this… Mizuchi exhales slowly. She notes that now that they’ve finished studying, Mizuchi seems to be relaxing. Then she wonders if she should ask him some of the questions on the questionnaire.

She’ll only ask him the safe questions from it though. She asks him hesitantly if she can ask him a question, not about what they studied but about himself. Mizuchi looks confused at this and Mikoto hurriedly tells him that if it’s impolite then he doesn’t have to answer. She asks him about the eyepatch that he wears. He explains calmly that there isn’t anything particular about it. From the time that he was a child, it’s been a rule in his family to wear it.

It’s not that his eye is bad or anything. He admits that it’s inconvenient to have one eye, but it’s not a hindrance to his life and he’s become used to it. She blinks in surprise and notes that the thing about it being a rule of his family is the same as what Momotose said. If there is no problem with his eye, then is he hiding it purposefully? Mizuchi asks her why she asked such a question.

She sheepishly smiles and tells him that she was just curious, but suddenly Mizuchi grits his teeth. Mikoto looks at him in worry, but he hisses out that it’s happening again. When she calls out his name worriedly, he collapses onto the floor which makes her ask him what happened. But Mizuchi is groaning in pain and clutching at his covered eye. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she yells out Mizuchi’s name, but this feeling is the same as the one in her dream!

It couldn’t be that her dream came true!? Mikoto tells him to hang on and then looks around for someone to help, but she’s alarmed when no one is here. What’s going on? There were people here just a while ago! She asks out loud what she should do and then she recalls that Karakurenai gave her that medicine. Maybe Mizuchi is having some sort of attack or seizure.

She asks Mizuchi if this medicine is his and if it is his then… but Mizuchi’s eye widens and he inhales sharply. Mikoto is taken aback when Mizuchi’s eyepatch is removed. He’s panting in pain but she can only call out his name worriedly. He suddenly murmurs her name and opens his eyes, but she immediately notices that something is wrong with his eyes.

Mizuchi grits his teeth and tries to take in deep breaths, but then Mikoto nervously says his name again. But then Mizuchi opens his crazed eyes again and says her name slowly 「・・・みこと君・・・。みこと君・・・。君が・・・。・・・・君が欲しいっ!」(… Mikoto-kun… Mikoto-kun… you…… I WANT YOU!). Mikoto flinches in surprise and gapes at him, but then he starts to pant with strain.

He groans out that he wants her some more and Mikoto is slowly becoming frightened by how his eyes are the same as Karakurenai’s at that time. They’re glittering as if searching for something… but why now all of a sudden!? She calls out for him to calm down but he grabs her which makes her beg him to release her. She shakes him off and then tries to seize this chance to run.

But suddenly Mizuchi shouts at her not to move and then he pins her to the floor. She screams as she’s thrown to the ground, but then he pants heavily 「はぁっ、はぁ・・・動くな・・・頼む・・・。」(Haa, haa… don’t move… I beg of you…). His voice lowers as he asks her to remain just like that. I JUST FEEL SO AWFUL FOR MIZUCHI HERE. I WON’T SAY ANYMORE BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW THE REASON TO THIS SCENE.

She tries to call out his name but he suddenly kisses her. Mikoto protests and tries to push him off but he’s too strong. His tongue is in her mouth and she hates it. He suddenly breaks the kiss and drops his head to her neck where he bites it. Mikoto yelps in pain and continues to tell him to stop it, then she freaks out when he starts to lick her neck. She doesn’t want this but her body is starting to shiver.

Mikoto suddenly pounds at his chest and yells at him to stop, but he only breathes heavily against her skin. She realizes that he’s not even moving because she doesn’t have enough strength. Mizuchi suddenly lowers a hand beneath her skirt and gasps out that he wants more and more of her. Mikoto cries out at him to stop and that he can’t go there.

But Mizuchi asks her why in a tortured voice and yells out that they’re partners. Mikoto is taken aback but then yells out that partners wouldn’t do such a thing, but he just lowers his head to her neck again. She yells out that this will become a problem and that he mustn’t do this! She begs him to calm down and to compose himself. She asks him why he’s doing this and tries to shout out that Mizuchi isn’t this sort of person.

He kisses her violently though through her struggles, but then suddenly he breaks the kiss with a sharp gasp. He says her name slowly and she notices that his eyes have returned to normal. She’s relieved but she still asks him why this happened. Mizuchi looks confused but then he grunts in pain and gasps out that he doesn’t know, but he can’t seem to suppress it; he can only place his hands beside her head.

Mizuchi wonders out loud why his thoughts are filled with nothing but wanting her. What are these feelings…? He chokes in pain and Mikoto’s eyes widen when she realizes that his eyes have become crazed again. He gasps out that he can’t restrain himself and he wants her. He yells out her name, but Mikoto seems to realize something and then begs him to return to consciousness again.

But he returns his hand underneath her skirt and groans out that he wants her quickly. Mikoto wonders what she should do, but her strength is leaving her. All the water in her body is disappearing, like a wave being pulled back. Even though she wasn’t afraid when she was embraced in the park… her body is becoming cold and she’s trembling.

She doesn’t want to believe… this person isn’t Mizuchi. This isn’t the Mizuchi that she knows. He’s panting as he starts to remove her clothing, but this time Mikoto can only weakly protest and try to call out for someone. She screams out and then suddenly someone snarls at Mizuchi not to touch her. Mikoto is startled and then recognizes the voice as Iroha’s.

Iroha hauls Mizucho off of her and throws him to the ground. Mikoto screams out Mizuchi’s name at that show of violence, especially when Iroha starts to pummel Mizuchi violently. She’s frozen in shock before she yells at Iroha to stop it. But he coldly continues to pummel Mizuchi, even after he starts to cough out blood. Mikoto screams at him to stop because any further and…

She runs over and asks Mizuchi if he’s alright, but Iroha tells her without emotion to move because he doesn’t want to hit her. She starts to cry and begs him to stop before asking him why he’s doing this. He informs her that to deprive the senki candidate of her qualifications is something the Kaen absolutely won’t forgive. She shouts out that he’s wrong and that Mizuchi wouldn’t do such a thing.

There has to be a reason. That’s why she’s begging him not to be reckless. He asks her lowly if she knows what was about to happen to her. She blurts out that she does, but since nothing happened she doesn’t think Iroha has to resort to this. Mizuchi couldn’t be someone like this. He’s not a person like that. That’s why she’s begging him not to hurt Mizuchi, please!

Iroha’s expression softens and he exhales quietly 「そこまで、か・・・君は。そんなにも・・・。」(You would go… that far, huh. Even that…). When she looks at him in confusion because she didn’t catch his words, Iroha tells her flatly that he understands and he’ll stop. Besides… he wants her to look at their surroundings. She obeys and then her eyes widen when she sees them surrounded by students.

When did everyone gather here…? But above that, their behavior is strange? It’s as if they’re possessed by something… could it be!? This feeling is the utsurohi! Suddenly she hears Mizuchi groaning and he stumbles to his feet while asking what is going on. Why is he… Mikoto calls out his name and he’s surprised to see her and Iroha. He asks them what happened here.

But this just stuns Mikoto; does this mean he doesn’t remember anything from a while ago? Her eyes widen when she sees shadows gathering behind him and so she warns him about the utsurohi behind. But suddenly Iroha tells her to come with him and he grabs her by the arm. He drags her out into the hall and then closes the library door which makes her ask him why he’s doing that since Mizuchi and the others are inside.

Suddenly the ground shakes and Iroha informs her that he doesn’t want her to be involved. When she looks at him in confusion he explains that he will purge all the tainted beings who have been eaten by the utsurohi right here. Her eyes widen at that but then he starts to recite a poem.

「みをつめぱ 物思ふらしほととぎす 鳴きのみまどふ 五月雨のやみ」(Restrain my body, lost in thoughts, the doubting cuckoo’s cry, the darkness of the summer rain). THIS IS LINE 13 IN THE EXTENDED AMETSUCHI NO UTA OR “WORDS OF THE UNIVERSE”. THERE’S NO INTERPRETATION OF IT SO YOU HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH MY CRAPPY LITERAL ONE.

Mikoto screams in surprise when the door to the library is blown away. She is amazed by how even though he has no minamo to give him power, Iroha can still do this much. Some of the utsurohi scream in pain and then she hears Mizuchi gritting his teeth. Her eyes widen when she realizes that Iroha intends to kill everyone in here including Mizuchi.

She yells out that he can’t do that and runs past Iroha to Mizuchi where she asks him if he’s alright. Mizuchi’s eyes soften but then Iroha appears behind her and coldly tells her to move because she’s a hindrance. She shouts out that she won’t because then everyone will die. The ground shakes to that and she yelps in surprise. Iroha tells her lowly that Mizuchi is going to die.

Defiling the senki candidate is enough of a reason to purge him. Her mouth drops open but she realizes that he’s serious. At this rate not only Mizuchi but everyone will die for the sake of protecting the school from the utsurohi. He mustn’t! At this rate a lot of people will die, but what should she do?

IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO NOTHING. Mikoto looks away because she can’t do anything; against the overwhelming power of Iroha, her power is of no avail. She is powerless here. Iroha tells her to move again and then she’s pushed out of the way as he notes that the utsurohi have multiplied. With this the damage will be massive, therefore the maximum priority is to sever the source.

Above that, he address Mikoto and tells her that he doesn’t want her to become tainted. It is his mission to eradicate all intrusions. Her eyes widen at his words and then she screams and begs him to stop, but he remains as silent as stone. Mizuchi tries to ask Iroha about these circumstances, but Iroha is silent for a long time before he states in a chilling tone 「私は・・・・・・君を許さない。」(I… will not forgive you).

Mizuchi’s eyes widen, but Iroha continues 「君は鬼札に選ばれただけの存在。それを逸脱した行為は、決して許さない。」(You exist only because you were chosen by the onifuda. I will never forgive an act of deviation from that). Mikoto protests and tries to tell him that Mizuchi is… but Iroha narrows his eyes and quietly tells her to be silent.

Iroha flatly states that in the name of the 5 Brights he will execute a purge on Mizuchi. He will submit his life! Iroha’s hand flashes and suddenly Mizuchi grunts in pain as he’s sliced. Mikoto screams out his name while Iroha is silent, and then Mizuchi tries to tell Iroha something about himself but he’s repeatedly slashed at by Iroha. He coughs out blood and the last thing he says is Mikoto’s name, before he collapses with a small smile.

Mikoto is horrified and she screams before yelling Mizuchi’s name over and over again. But Iroha tells her not to get close because he is going to continue slicing him up. Mikoto’s eyes are wide as she looks at Mizuchi’s silent body and back to Iroha. She’s screeching in denial and sobs out Mizuchi’s name, but Iroha growls at her to wait and grabs her arm. She struggles against him though and cries at him to release her.

But Iroha tells her not to get close to Mizuchi before she becomes tainted. She can only stare at him in shock as he informs her flatly that he would like her to be more aware of herself as a senki candidate. Then he notes that the utsurohi are gathering and he orders her to follow him. But she struggles and continues to yell out Mizuchi’s name. Iroha exhales quietly before telling her to sever her indecision right here.

He pushes her away from him and orders her to stay there. Then he starts to systematically clear out the utsurohi one by one by cutting down their host. Mikoto becomes more and more horrified as she sees the blood spray. All of this is her fault… because she’s a senki candidate… because she’s a senki candidate who cannot be tainted. It’s her fault that everyone is… Mikoto starts to lose consciousness and then she screams. GAME OVER.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO SAVE THEM. Mikoto hears a bell ring and then she notices that the onifuda is glowing. She wonders what’s going on as she’s starting to have words come into her mind. She slowly sounds them out and then she feels power entering into her. It’s hot, but the power of the onifuda is flowing into her. It’s coming to her! She pleads for it to grant her power.

And then she chants out 「天、地、星、空・・・!」(Heaven, earth, star, sky…!). THIS IS THE AMETSUCHI NO UTA POEM OR “WORDS OF THE UNIVERSE”. COINCIDENCE THAT IROHA KNOWS THE EXTENDED VERSION? I THINK NOT. Mikoto shouts out that she wants to save everybody! Iroha’s eyes widen in surprise, but then he has to shut his eyes as a blinding light flashes.

Mikoto returns back to normal and tells him that he mustn’t go any farther than this. Iroha is surprised that his power is returned, but Mikoto continues to plead with him not to kill everyone. She wants to find another way. Iroha murmurs to himself 「覚醒・・・?いや、違う。月は戻っていない。・・・なのに、ここまでの力を使ったというのか・・・。」(Awakened…? No, this is different. The moon hasn’t returned… yet to use this power right now…).

But then Mizuchi calls out her name worriedly and tries to ask about the power she just used, but Mikoto starts to sob out his name. She’s glad that he returned back to the way he was. She clings onto him and Mizuchi inhales in surprise while Iroha’s breath catches in his throat. She smiles at him tearily as she tells him that it’s okay because she’s not scared even when he touches her.

She’s glad… she really is! He averts his eyes with a blush while he tells her that he doesn’t understand what happened, but he doesn’t think her current state is very wholesome. Suddenly the utsurohi start to growl and Mizuchi protectively stands in front of her as he snaps out that the shadows are coming. She turns determinedly to Iroha and tells him that she and Mizuchi are going to Hana Awase.

The two of them will free everyone from the utsurohi without taking their lives. She asks him if he will let them, to which he tells them flatly to do as they wish. She smiles in surprise at that and then turns back to Mizuchi. He grins at her and tells her that he accepts and he will swear to protect her. He sets up the field and then the two of them engage the utsurohi.

They win the battle and Mikoto is relieved to see that everyone seems to be unharmed. Iroha informs them that he is going to report these circumstances to the school chairmen, but Mikoto stops him to thank him for a lot of things. Even though he saved her, she said a lot of things. He tells her without emotion that he doesn’t care and then he walks off, leaving her to stare at his back.

But then she turns to Mizuchi who is staring at the ground in shock. She notices that he’s staring at the broken case of medicine on the ground. Then she recalls that his eyepatch fell off the table and so she hands it to him with a small smile. But he only continues to stare at the case before he finally turns his eyes to her. He blinks in confusion before accepting it with a quiet apology.

She wonders if something is wrong because his complexion is… Meanwhile, outside of the library, Iroha is gazing silently into the room with pained eyes. He murmurs 「・・・覚醒が近いのかもしれない。引き起こしたのは、おそらく彼・・・。」(… The awakening might be soon. The one who induced it is most likely him…).

Then his voice becomes soft and pained 「わかっている。月は、私を決して照らさない・・・決して・・・。」(I know that. The moon will… never shine on me… never…). FUCKING HATE THIS LINE SO MUCH BECAUSE IT MAKES ME CRY ALL THE TIME UGHGH. YOU CAN HEAR HOW FDGAG TORTURED HE IS ABOUT THIS. AND THE LOOK ON HIS FACE FUCK (ノ;Д;)ノ. And then he finally walks alway slowly.

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem 「つくづくと 物を思ふに うちそへて 折あはれなる 鐘の音かな――」(In deep reverie on how time buffets all, I hear blows fall on a temple bell… drawing out more of its sound and my sadness). YEP YOU GOT IT ANOTHER POEM AND IT’S SAIGYO HOSHI #721.

He muses out loud on how he must not have been able to conceal his discomposure. Even though he tries to call for it, he remembers nearly nothing. Like a string that has been cut, his memories have disappeared. Could it be… MIZUCHI’s…? Mizuchi’s voice is shaking as he refuses to believe it.

He wonders if Mikoto has seen the real him and then his voice becomes pained「・・・みこと君・・・自分は穢れている・・・他の・・・誰よりも・・・。」(… Mikoto-kun… I am tainted… more than… anyone else). THERE’S SO MUCH FORESHADOWING HERE IT’S RIDICULOUS GAFAKJGAHA.

DAY 18. Awahana greets Mikoto in their conference room while Kintokihana informs her that they heard from Iroha about how the utsurohi appeared in the library. Awa comments on how once can be disregarded, but twice, and then three times is alarming. This can only be interpreted as a challenge from Goto. Mikoto startles at that name which makes Kintoki ask her if she doesn’t know; this is what separates them from the general public.

He tells her that Goto is the man who has taken control of the central district of Goto-gai. Awa adds that the whole region is controlled from the shadows and suspicious. It’s a place where enormous gambling is done and a place that children can’t enter into it easily, so it stands to reason that they wouldn’t know about it. Kintoki explains that it would be fine if they just quietly gamble, but the utsurohi and Adabana gather there.

And one thing or another there is badness there. Because their conduct is violent and heartless the country has issued them, the chairmen, directives to deal with them by kabatsu. Mikoto notes that kabatsu is another word she hasn’t heard before. Momotose notices this and explains that the name means what it sounds like; cutting the flowers. They must terminate the fallen kaei who have become Adabana.

This duty is the duty of the 5 Brights and their minamo. Kintoki also informs her that these people, who are controlled by the shadows, are an eyesore to them at the school, which is why Kaen has a barrier around it. Awa points out that such a crucial thing has been entirely broken. Kintoki closes his eyes in annoyance and snaps at him to sweep those words away.

Then he coughs and informs them that since the other side is moving like that, they will also respond. And so they petitioned the country for permission to do kabatsu and they have been approved. Kintoki steps closer to them and declares formally that they are ordering the 5 Brights to commence kabatsu. Their objective at this time is to find the principal offender of the recent utsurohi disturbances as well as suppress the Adabana of Goto-gai.

He also adds that if they start settling the Adabana problem right now then Goto will learn from experience and won’t raise his hand to them so easily. Mikoto is staring at them with a shocked look and so Kintoki asks her if there is a problem for her eyebrows to be so close together. She confirms out loud that doing kabatsu is different from a card battle and will take the other opponent’s life, won’t it?

Kintoki tells her that she doesn’t even need to ask. Mikoto tells them that she understands about searching for the offender of the utsurohi disturbance, but she is wondering if they can’t avoid taking other people’s lives for the sake of sending a message. She wants to find another method to avoid that, like discussing with them. Kurenai snorts and calls her laughable. Is she serious about trying to talk it out with the Adabana?

Mikoto’s eyes widen in outrage but Himeutsugi sternly tells Karakurenai that Mikoto doesn’t know about the Adabana. Karakurenai sneers and points out that this is why it’s laughable to hear a layman say that. He asks Mikoto if she even knows about Goto. When Mikoto only looks at him silently, he tells her to look at herself and asks how she can arrogantly say that she doesn’t want to kill. What part of her can say that.

She can’t respond because what Karakurenai says is the truth. She doesn’t know anything about the Adabana; she just doesn’t want to take a human life. She can’t help but dislike taking away life so easily. Mikoto looks away and replies that she might be acting spoiled, but she wants to find solution that avoids taking lives. Iroha asks her flatly what she has learned and studied up to now.

When she looks surprised, Iroha explains without emotion that kabatsu is when the 5 Brights reap the lives of the Adabana. If they make one mistake then their lives are lost and it is the duty of the minamo to support and prevent that. His brows come together as he tells her that if the minamo herself is hesitant then that influences the kaei when they fight. They do not need a minamo who isn’t prepared.

Mikoto flinches back but Himeutsugi defends her by telling everyone that kabatsu is a hard thing and she needs time. Karakurenai snorts and points out that they don’t have time. If they leave it then the utsurohi will crush this school since the barrier has no meaning anymore. Kintoki coughs loudly and then tells them that the barrier is a security that has been in place since the founding of the school.

Those inside might not know it, but outside forces cannot so easily break into this place. Awa points out that this is why it’s baffling, but then he addresses Mikoto and tells her that whether or not she wishes it they are heading out to do kabatsu; this is an order. Then he tells them to talk to Onosada before they head out, because even the Adabana must have a general and Onosada can point them.

She can only obey their orders. Then Awa addresses Mizuchi and asks him if this will be fine. Mizuchi agrees stiffly and so Kintoki informs Mikoto that she can choose any of the 5 Brights to do kabatsu with. Mikoto’s eyes widen in shock and she asks them what they mean. Awa informs her that Iroha reported how Mizuchi was trying to steal the senki candidate’s qualifications.

Kintoki sighs at how outrageous it is for senki candidate’s qualifications to be stolen; let alone get her to awaken. They wouldn’t even care to immediately expel him. Mikoto protests that there had to have been a reason but Kintoki snaps at her to be silent, because they’re not listening. Awa informs them that a part of them cannot help but whisper that they might have misread the onifuda.

Is Mizuchi really the person the card chose? Mikoto gapes at them but Kintoki informs her that only the person themselves can redeem themselves. They will grant her the choice to join any of the 5 Brights’ groups and awaken as a senki. Originally they were going to deprive Mizuchi of this chance because he tried to steal the senki candidate’s qualifications but Momotose strongly requested for it.

Mikoto looks over to Momotose at this and Momotose smiles softly at her before pointing out that having more possibilities is better, no? Mikoto smiles gratefully, but then Karakurenai grins and states that this means he can make her his then. How lucky! Then he calls out to Mizuchi and points out that this is a feast for the fittest. He snickers and then calls him disgraceful, because he continues to have no balls.

Karakurenai’s lips twist cruelly as he points out that even though Mizuchi kept on tediously lecturing him, he wanted to fuck her so bad he couldn’t resist. Then Karakurenai says lowly 「素直になっちまえよ、ド助平野郎!」(Be more honest, you perverted bastard). Mizuchi inhales sharply and then grits his teeth angrily before he stalks out of the room.

Mikoto calls out Mizuchi’s name in worry and then Himeutsugi scolds Karakurenai for going too far with his words. Karakurenai informs them that he was just telling the truth. Mizuchi is a dimwit who can’t even sleep with a woman, let alone awaken the senki. He laughs coldly, but Mikoto glares at him and slaps him again. Karakurenai narrows his eyes and asks her angrily what her problem is. She’s been hitting him unreservedly all this time.

She snaps at him to apologize to Mizuchi. Karakurenai asks her flatly why he has to apologize, which makes her call him disgusting. Karakurenai is taken aback by those words, but before he can respond Iroha tells them calmly to be silent. Where do they think they are? Karakurenai curses under his breath and then snarls out that he wasn’t going to do anything, but then he stomps out of the room.

Iroha apologizes quietly to the chairmen, but Awa tells him that it is fine. It’s just right that they remain so energetic. Kintoki agrees and then informs Mikoto that she is free to choose Mizuchi or the others. All he asks for is that she protects her own chastity. She acknowledges it quietly, but then Kintoki warns her that if she does not awaken during the period of kabatsu then they will deem that she has no qualifications to be a senki.

Kintoki explains that Kaen is a place where only the chosen can enter. They cannot keep raising only a candidate and so if she does not awaken then they will expel her. She should prepare herself. Mikoto acknowledges this gravely. Awa tells her that her deadline to make a decision is until Onosada gives her a direction and then he orders her firmly to do kabatsu and suppress the Adabana in Goto-gai and awaken.

When Mikoto exits the room she finds Iroha standing in the hall silently. She’s taken aback by his scary expression and wonders if he was angry about what happened in the meeting; about her who has no awareness as a minamo. She tries to say something but Iroha cuts her off 「迷いは破滅に続く。」(Doubt leads to ruin).

Mikoto looks at him in confusion and so he cryptically explains that she is the only one who can decide for herself the partner she is resolved to Hana Awase with. But if she mistakes her path then eventually destruction will follow. She tries to ask about this destruction but Iroha’s expression softens and then he walks off. Was he trying to convey something to her? NO SHIT GIRL.

Anyway, Mikoto decides to head to the greenhouse and finds herself to be sleepy. She stayed up all night for a test and so she finds this chair comfortable in the warm greenhouse. It’s long enough for her to lie down and she decides that she’s just going to nap for a little bit… just a little. She falls asleep and then wakes up later feeling satisfied, but she’s a bit cold.

The moment she cracks open her eyes, Mizuchi informs her flatly that she’s too careless. Mikoto screams in fright and then gasps out his name. He asks her lowly what she would have done if something happened while she was sleeping here alone. Mikoto springs up from the chair and apologizes quickly. He informs her that she was sleeping soundly for 3 hours and he would like her to be more aware of herself as a senki candidate.

Mikoto gasps when she hears the time and then Mizuchi tells her not to waste her time before he leaves. Mikoto nods with wide eyes but then she wonders how Mizuchi knows that she slept for 3 hours. CAUSE HE WAS STARING AT YOU FOR SO LONG AKGDGAJG LMFAO WASTING TIME AFKDG _(:3」∠)_.

In the evening, Momotose complains to Mikoto about how problematic this day was. The chairmen’s instructions to them lacked any consideration for the females. She thinks that this situation is a delicate one. In addition, not counting Karakurenai, it was surprising what Mizuchi did. If Iroha didn’t come then by now Mikoto would be… Mikoto disagrees and tells Momotose that Mizuchi would never do something to hurt her.

And yet, that sort of thing was said in front of everyone. All she can do is think about what Mizuchi is feeling right now. She admits that the Mizuchi in the library was scary, but she doesn’t consider that person to have been Mizuchi. There must be a reason. Mikoto tells Momotose firmly that she believes in Mizuchi and then she requests that Momotose do the same.

Momotose murmurs her name, but then Mikoto points out that the onifuda called her to this school. It is because this card chose Mizuchi during the ceremony that they became partners. That was their relation, but now it’s different. It isn’t just that, because now there’s something different… Mikoto cringes and asks Momotose if she can’t choose Mizuchi.

If she continues to choose Mizuchi like this will the ruin that Iroha told her about come to pass? Just like she is hesitant over taking lives during kabatsu, she is lost at sea as to who to choose. She doesn’t know if she is able to become a senki with these feelings! Momotose smiles softly and tells her that she will believe in the path that Mikoto chooses and so she should follow her heart.

No matter what, she will continue to be Mikoto’s support. She reassures Mikoto that even if she chooses someone other than Mizuchi, he won’t run away. Therefore she should try to relax. Mikoto nods her head quietly and Momotose smiles as she tells her that she’s become beautiful. Mikoto looks at her in confusion, but Momotose only murmurs that the flower is starting to bloom. It makes her happy, but also a little sad.

Momotose asks Mikoto, her muse, not to go too far away. Mikoto is confused by these cryptic sentences, but she decides to leave them be. Anyway, night falls and so Mikoto returns to her room. She thinks about how she can pick any of the 5 Brights to partner with even though she has Mizuchi. She can also continue to choose Mizuchi, but it isn’t sure if she can awaken as a senki like that.

Maybe choosing another person will… but is using that to decide on a partner a good choice? She doesn’t know, but she can’t not choose. Mikoto reminds herself 「――逃げるな、全てから。逃げたその時、お前から全てのツキが逃げる」(–Do not run away from everything. The moment you run, all the moons will escape from you). THIS IS PART OF THE SAME THING SHE TOLD HERSELF AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME.

「・・・ツキは運。逃げたらツキも終わる。そう教わってきた。・・・だから逃げない。私が決める」(… The moon is fortune. If you run then the moon ends. That’s what I was taught… that’s why I won’t run. I will decide). She will decide which one of the 5 Brights is her partner.

DAY 19. Onosada greets Mikoto and tells her that she heard from the chairmen that she was looking for a new husband. Mikoto angrily tells him that he’s got it wrong, but Onosada waves it off and tells her any of those terms works. Whether they’re her husband or not, it has no relation to him. What he wants to talk about is kabatsu and just hearing it makes his arm throb.

He restates that the mission handed down by the chairmen are to find the principal offender of the utsurohi disturbances and to suppress the Adabana. He judges that the person who is causing all these utsurohi disturbances is the deed of one of Goto’s subordinates called Suuto. CAN I JUST CALL THEM “SUITS”? THEY WILL BE SUITS TO ME FROM NOW ON.

Mikoto repeats the unfamiliar word and so Onosada explains that they are leaders of gangs who have divided up the city. Suuto is a popular name for them behind the scenes, but the one who is controlling all the strings is their boss Goto. But these are just rumors that he’s heard because he hasn’t seen them. Goto and the Suuto are all wrapped in mystery, but what he does know is that they are strong enough to Hana Awase.

She notes that kabatsu means fighting with the Suuto then. Onosada chides her and tells her that they might at the end, but it’s impossible to do it immediately because they won’t show themselves so easily. First, she should bring to light the person related to the recent utsurohi disturbances. If they just indiscriminately do kabatsu then they might grab them by the scruff of the neck and discover the footprints of a Suuto’s deeds.

The word “indiscriminately” makes it sound like a haphazard strategy. Onosada notes that she has a look of incomprehension and so he tells her to believe in an adult. All she has to do is work hard at doing kabatsu, because it’s a valuable thing for him. Mikoto nods and then thanks him, but then Onosada tells her that she has to find her husband though.

Because he also wants to get started quickly and so he’ll give her three days. In that period she has to find a husband. He doesn’t know if she doesn’t want to choose anyone or not, but he’ll warn her now that any indecisiveness will get her expelled from the school. Mikoto acknowledges it sadly, but wonders if she’ll be able to decide on a partner in three days. But she reminds herself that she has to!

She’ll go to the rooms of the 5 Brights so that she can talk to them properly. But she decides to head to the greenhouse instead and sees Momotose and Iroha. Momotose greets her happily while Iroha just stares at her silently. Mikoto asks the two of them what they are doing, but this makes Momotose sigh heavily. Mikoto looks at them in confusion and then Iroha asks Momotose flatly if this isn’t enough already.

Momotose snaps out that it isn’t and orders Iroha to remain still. Mikoto notices that Momotose has something in her hand… it’s the sleeve of a uniform! Momotose explains that it’s Iroha’s sleeve. Mikoto realizes that Momotose has taken Iroha’s right sleeve, which she didn’t see before since their bodies were hiding it. Mikoto hesitantly notes that it seems like there’s a rather large rip.

This just makes Momotose tell her sadly that in just this year they have gone through 10 brand new uniforms. Mikoto’s mouth drops open at that, but then Iroha tells them flatly that he doesn’t care. Momotose snaps back that she cares and it’s shameful for her to be the minamo of a Bright whose left sleeve is ripped. She complains to Iroha about how he is too messy in his everyday life, out of doing Kasen. She wants him to be more reliable.

Iroha tells her without emotion that he isn’t sloppy. Momotose yells out that he’s wrong and that he’s extremely messy. Mikoto smiles sheepishly and tries to prevent them from fighting, but then Iroha tells them both that if they have no business then he is done here. Mikoto gapes at him and tries to call him back because his left sleeve is becoming more ripped.

Momotose yells at Mikoto to help her catch him, because she won’t let him get away! Momotose dashes off and Mikoto stares at them with wide eyes before she yells out Iroha’s name and tells him to wait. She ends up running off after him. Anyway, after a while, Himeutsugi comes upon her in the greenhouse. She greets him with a smile and then he asks her if she has time because he’d like her to answer a question.

When she tilts her head curiously, he grins and then fires off his question. When did she have her first love? She stares at him with wide eyes and then awkwardly points out how sudden that was. Himeutsugi apologizes but then explains that it’s very important to him, as a cupid. Mikoto looks away in thought and stammers for an answer, which makes Himeutsugi eye her questioningly.

Finally Mikoto asks him slowly if she has to answer this. He asks her if she can’t remember it, but Mikoto admits that rather than not remembering it… Himeutsugi’s eyes widen as he asks her if she’s trying to say that she hasn’t had her first love yet. Mikoto hurriedly tries to deny it, but then she gives up and winces before asking him if it’s hopeless that she hasn’t had one yet at this age.

Himeutsugi reassures her that it isn’t hopeless, but he’s surprised that a cute girl like her hasn’t had a first love yet. Mikoto blushes and she asks him not to look at her like that. The school she was at before also teased for this. She sighs heavily and so Himeutsugi tells her that it’s fine. Love isn’t something that is obligated to happen, but it’s amazing how she’s been unhurt up to now.

Once again he repeats that she and Mizuchi are really similar. When she looks at him in confusion, he decides to conclude his questions for now. But he chuckles under his breath at how interesting they are. Mikoto closes her eyes in annoyance and asks him not to laugh.

DAY 20. For some reason Mikoto feels feverish in class; her body is heavy, she feels sleepy, and she’s tired. The class representative notes that her complexion is bad. Mikoto quietly admits that she feels sluggish. The class rep rolls her eyes at how Mikoto can’t seem to even manage her own health. She scolds her and tells her to pull herself together as Mizuchi’s minamo.

Mikoto apologizes weakly which takes the class rep back a bit before she yells at Mikoto to speak more briskly. Now isn’t the moment to fall apart! She hands Mikoto something and tells her to pull herself together. Mikoto blinks at the sight of a nutrition drink. The class rep stammers out that she shouldn’t misunderstand this. It’s not like she bought it at the school store because she was worried for Mikoto.

She just so happened to have it. LFMAKDG SO PRECIOUS. Mikoto thanks her slowly, still in shock, and then she’s surprised by the strawberry taste in it. It’s delicious! The class rep smirks and points out that it’s easy to drink, isn’t it? It’s the latest craze among the minamo. There’s a lot of collagen in it too and so it’ll make her skin feel smooth. Mikoto is surprised that there are these things, because she didn’t know.

The class rep snaps out that it’s because she’s so careless the rest of the minamo are all worried. She urges Mikoto to drink it and get better. Mikoto’s eyes widen at hearing how everyone is worried. The class rep hurriedly tells her that everyone isn’t worried for her. They’re only worried about her body as Mizuchi’s minamo. Mikoto starts to notice that there are people glancing at her to watch over her.

Some part of her feels warmed at that. The class rep’s smile softens as she informs Mikoto that everyone is thankful for how she defeated all the utsurohi, who have been appearing frequently, in the library. For the library to be disrupted by utsurohi is a frightening thing. Mizuchi gave praise to her achievements more than he did himself. Mikoto’s eyes widen at that.

The class rep adds that Mizuchi also told the students in the Koukokugumi about how Mikoto mustered her courage and eliminated the utsurohi without making any sacrifices. Mikoto is shocked and wonders when Mizuchi did that. The class rep informs her that lately it hasn’t just been the first years but even the second and third years are looking at her differently.

Mizuchi has never said that about a minamo before; as expected of the senki candidate. Mikoto hurriedly protests that she isn’t one at all yet. The class rep points out that the people around her don’t think so and then tells Mikoto to just accept their admiration honestly. Mikoto smiles shyly at that and thanks her. Then the class rep muses on how she feels like Mizuchi has been just as depressed as Mikoto.

Mikoto’s eyes widen and asks if that’s true, but the class rep can only say that he hasn’t shown around a lot and so it’s just a feeling. But she just feels like he’s been a bit haggard. Then the class rep becomes fierce and tells Mikoto that the next time she sees Mizuchi she needs to ask him, and she has to give him these. Mikoto yelps at the weight and stares at the dozen of nutrition drinks she has now.

The class rep snaps out that these are the feelings of the first year minamo in the Koukokugumi. Their feelings! Mikoto doesn’t think that this amount could be finished in one sitting though. But these are their feelings and everyone is worried about Mizuchi. Mikoto nods and decides to hand them over next time she sees him. Also, the destruction in the library wasn’t from the utsurohi it was Iroha, but she’ll stay silent on that.

After classes, Mikoto is walking down the hall and notices that it is forbidden to enter the library area, most likely because of the broken things inside. Then she notices that someone is facing her and one of the chairman greets her. She starts to greet him but then pauses uncertainly until he informs her that he’s Awahana. She apologizes but he tells her that he doesn’t care since there aren’t a lot of people who can tell them apart.

Mikoto notes that they look very similar and their clothes are just the same. Awa informs her that it’s vexing, because Kintoki is the one who acts without thinking. Mikoto’s mouth drops open and she asks worriedly if she said that out loud, but Awa tells her that he can see what she’s thinking. She apologizes sheepishly for her rudeness and Awa hums, but then he informs her that the onifuda is crying.

She brings it out in surprise and notices that it’s glowing, though not as strongly as that time. Awa notes that it’s resonating with her. He considers it a good sign and that her awakening might be close. He asks her if she’s had words come to her mind lately. She recalls that during the library when the utsurohi appeared, she did have some words.

Mikoto sounds out the words from her memory and Awa notes that it’s the “Words of the Universe”. When she looks confused he explains that those are the power of words from the senki of legends. It is said that, while in Kasen, if the senki recites the “Words of the Universe” then they can change the world. Mikoto gasps and asks if such an amazing thing can really happen.

Awa smirks and tells her to calm down because it is only a legend. It hasn’t been seen before. Plus, if she recited the real “Words of the Universe” then the world would naturally have changed. Mikoto thinks about how outrageous that sounds. He informs her that after all, she is only a candidate and they have only seen a part of her power. But he warns her not to use it recklessly.

No doubt it has been a great burden on her body, that hasn’t had this much power before. Mikoto realizes that lately her body has been feeling strange. Is it because she recited the “Words of the Universe”? Awa informs her that this just means she needs to be aware of her body. Then he grins and comments and how lately she’s become more sexual. Mikoto’s eyes widen in shock.

And suddenly Awa approaches her while saying that she has a smell. He sniffs at her and then Mikoto yelps in surprise before asking him what he’s doing, because it tickles! He tells her that it isn’t the end of the world and to let him smell her. She whimpers but allows him to continue to smell her and he notes that it’s sweet like honey… a seductive water. Mikoto repeats his words in shock.

Awa explains that it’s a pheromone, specific only to females, that charms males. But this amount of it isn’t average. Is this the sweet-smelling scent that the senki exudes? Mikoto doesn’t understand what he means by pheromones, and so she hesitantly asks him if he could stop now. This posture is a little painful for her. He hums in agreement and she sighs as she thinks she’s about to be released.

Only for him to bite her ear. Mikoto yelps in surprise and then turns bright red as she asks him what he’s doing. Awa explains that she smelled delicious and so he wanted to try eating her, but even though she smells that way she isn’t sweet. Mikoto blurts out that it’s obvious and then requests him to stop trying to eat her. He informs her that he was just sampling her and not to suspect him of having ulterior motives.

But then he muses on how strong this seductive water is. If it continues to exude like this then at this rate she’ll sleep with someone. Mikoto is taken aback by how cute his face is yet how audacious his words are. Awa tells her lowly not to look down at an adult, because he’s actually older than her. Then he teasingly tells her that they can head directly to a bed from here.

Mikoto freezes at that word, but then Awa releases her and tells her with a smirk that the joking will stop here. Then he advises her that as she continues to release the seductive water, men will start to become reckless, and she should have a save to prevent herself from losing her qualifications before she becomes a senki. Mikoto asks him how she would go about getting a save.

But Awa tells her that he doesn’t know and she should think of one herself. Then he tells her 「その香りは、正しいツキでなければ、取り返しのつかないことになるやもな。せいぜい、気をつけろ。」(That scent, if it is not the right moon, will become something that cannot be undone. Be careful as much as possible). Then he walks away, leaving Mikoto wondering about the pheromones.

Does she really have that smell? She sniffs herself but she doesn’t understand it at all. But like the chairman said, it is important for her to focus her mind. Only she can protect her own body. She needs to be firm. Then she recalls the “Words of the Universe” and how curious she is about it, and so she’ll go search up literature on it. But then she remembers that she can’t enter the library.

In the evening, Himeutsugi worriedly asks Mizuchi if he’s alright. Mizuchi’s voice is rough as he tells Himeutsugi not to mind him. It is only natural for Iroha to reprimand him, because he tried to such a tainted thing to the senki candidate. Himeutsugi points out that she was unharmed though. Mizuchi snarls out that she isn’t unharmed. He expels a heavy breath and then apologizes tiredly.

He doesn’t remember anything he did to Mikoto and it’s frightening. But then he corrects himself to say that he has fragments of memory here and there… the terrible state that she was in… how she was crying. Himeutsugi advises him not to corner himself because it didn’t result into a serious matter. He shouldn’t worry about it too much or he’ll trouble Mikoto.

Himeutsugi reveals that she defended Mizuchi in the chairmen’s room. Mizuchi’s eye widens at this and Himeutsugi chuckles as he explains that she slapped Karakurenai. He’s always surprised by her. Mizuchi inhales in surprise and then Himeutsugi tells him seriously that Mikoto trusts in him. What will he do if he doesn’t respond to that? But Mizuchi closes his eye in pain and murmurs that he hasn’t sorted himself out yet.

He needs a little more time. Himeutsugi tells him that he understands and he’s Mizuchi’s supporter. Mizuchi can tell him whenever he’s in pain. Then he hands a case of pills to Mizuchi and explains that he heard the previous case broke in the library. Then he notes that it’s almost time for Mizuchi to attend a memorial service for his predecessor, right? Mizuchi comments on how Himeutsugi is always paying attention to other’s needs.

Himeutsugi merely smiles and tells him that he’s welcome. Mizuchi walks off silently after that, but then Karakurenai comes stalking in with a bark of amusement at how the two of them are the same as ever, playing a game of make-believe at being friends. Himeutsugi asks him in surprise if he heard their conversation. Karakurenai informs him that it was just by coincidence, but his smile is dangerous.

Then he asks Himeutsugi if he knows what the medicine that he gave to Mizuchi is, which makes Himeutsugi asks Karakurenai how he knows that. Karakurenai easily replies that it was a missing item and so he brought it to someone he knew in Goto-gai, who trades in these things. Himeutsugi’s eyes widen at the mention of the town, while Karakurenai tells him that it seems like Mizuchi has been there at Goto-gai and with a woman.

Himeutsugi blurts out that it’s impossible and Mizuchi wouldn’t do such a thing… Karakurenai narrows his eyes as he points out that this is why they’re playing a game of being friends. There exists a Mizuchi that he doesn’t know. Himeutsugi inhales sharply at that, but Karakurenai continues and notes that the always prim Mizuchi… might one day come unstuck from his disguise.

He stalks off and leaves Himeutsugi murmuring that it isn’t possible. But it doesn’t seem like Karakurenai is lying either… He walks off softly, but hidden in the corner is Iroha who remains silent.

Anyway, at night, Mikoto reviews how the senki is the top of the minamo. They are able to draw out the maximum power of their kaei. The kaei must administer contact with the senki in order to access their power. She closes her book and sighs at how everything has written the same thing. But there are only a few books on senki. She could only find this much after looking through the entire school.

But she’s too shy to ask the chairmen. Mikoto ponders on the word contact and thinks about how Momotose said it was a kiss, but is that the real “deed”? She wonders what this means. Does it mean that water needs to be given for the flowers to bloom? If a kiss is for that sake then it sounds like a practical matter; just a thing with the bodies. She recalls how she was kissed by Mizuchi.

It happened during the ceremony and in the library… there was tongue. Their breathing was wild… and that tongue… Mikoto finds herself becoming embarrassed at this time. But then she sighs heavily and thinks about how Mizuchi doesn’t seem to remember any thing at all. It’s just her who is worrying endlessly for some reason. Mizuchi said he wanted her, but what did he mean by that?

Did he want her as a senki? But Mizuchi isn’t that sort of person. MY GOD WOMAN. DID YOU LIVE IN A ROCK OR SOMETHING? AS KURENAI WOULD SAY HERE “THEY ALL WANNA FUCK YOU”. That’s why she doesn’t understand the incident. Why did he assault her? Mikoto scolds herself for spacing out like this. She has to continue investigating!

DAY 21. Mikoto is staring up at the blue sky in her room and then she springs up from her bed. It’s already this time! Today she has to… Mikoto sighs heavily as she recalls how she has to choose today. She has to choose a partner to kabatsu with, within these three days. If she doesn’t pick a partner then she won’t have to do kabatsu and she will feel at ease for not having to take a person’s life.

But in that case she’ll be expelled. What should she do…? IF YOU DON’T CHOOSE ANYONE FOR 3 DAYS YOU AUTOMATICALLY GAME OVER.


Karakurenai is sleeping in the classroom and snoring about how Mikoto belongs to him.

Onosada has to stop Karakurenai from beating a Gekkougumi member to death because he slept with one of Karakurenai’s minamo and took her chastity so now she’ll lose her powers. The both of them are to be expelled from the school. THIS IS BEFORE THE DATE HAPPENS.

Mikoto asks the class representative about love, but she gets all flustered and denies being in love and especially not with Mizuchi because she just respects him. THIS IS BEFORE THE DATE HAPPENS.

Onosada asks how the date went with Mizuchi and if he made a move on her. Tells Mikoto that after the incident with Karakurenai, Mizuchi went straight to the school chairmen because he was angry. Mikoto is shocked to hear that because he always seems so composed, but Onosada explains that this is a man’s pride. THIS IS AFTER THE DATE HAPPENS.

Mikoto can ask Onosada questions. Asking about Goto-gai makes Onosada explain that it’s a place where casino and gambling happen everywhere. The country and police don’t talk about it much and the 5 Brights are tasked to destroy the Adabana from there. THIS IS AFTER THE LIBRARY SCENE.

When she asks about Goto, Onosada explains that he’s the boss of this section in Goto-gai and is a corrupt man, who drinks and gambles and has women all day. It makes him kind of envious. He heard that Goto was surprisingly young but all the Adabana bow their heads to him.

If Mikoto asks about kabatsu, Onosada explains that it is when a kaei has fallen and become an Adabana and must be eliminated. The only way to do kabatsu is by Hana Awase, which is dangerous since it becomes a fight for their lives. He warns her not to sympathize with them since they’re full of evil and so the only way to treat them is by winning and letting them wither so that they do not come back.

57 thoughts on “Hana Awase 「蛟編」 ~ Common Route ~

    Alika said:
    March 20, 2019 at 13:57

    That’s an old post but I saw in your master list that you gave 5 stars to this game (I’d never heard the title of this game by the way) and it made me curious. So I begin to read XD
    I just finished the common route, but this seems really promising ! I can’t wait to read the rest of the story that but I have to work for university (sigh T_T).
    So far, Mizuchi is my favorite (thank god because it seems like he’s the only one who’s gonna have a more or less happy ending ?). Personality-wise, he’s just totally my type. Serious, rule-abiding and so polite that it’s becoming funny sometimes. But most of all, a very awkward and attentive character. I LOVE awkward characters so much. I find them just too cute. And Mizuchi got quite a lot of these cute scene. I think I’m fallen in love with him. Physically, he’s not really my type though. I find Himeustsugi and Iroha way more handsome, but despite that, I love him the most x)
    I was also very surprised by his voice actor. I didn’t know that Fukuyama Jun was once in the industry of otome games x) But it’s a good choice. I’m convinced that his voice fits Mizuchi very well. I’d like to hear it…
    Anyway, Mizuchi will definitely be the post that I’ll read first when I’ve the time. I don’t know if I’ll read the other’s posts. I’m not really interested in Himeutsugi.
    And Iroha… Well, from your commentaries, I understood that he was going to suffer greatly so… I don’t know if I’m ready to sink into despair x) But I’ll probably read it anyway since Iroha seems really interesting. And after that, I’ll reread Mizuchi’s post to comfort myself T_T
    And about Karakurenai… Yeah… You, just stay away from me. Like really really REALLY away. I really dislike this type of character. I was so happy when Mikoto slapped him after he insulted Mizuchi. (I love you too Mikoto, thank you for putting this vulgar asshole in his place !)
    I’d really like to play this game (since I’m learning japanese, I think it could be a good thing to do + the fact that I’m totally in love with the story so far) but it seems hard to find and I don’t even know if DVD-ROM for PC games are zoned or something ? (I live in Europe) But what I’m the most “afraid” of is that I’ll be unable to play the minigame properly and thus to progress in the story XD
    Anyway, I think I’m getting lost here, so I’ll stop and say a huge thank you for your awesome translation. I’m really happy you did that game because without that, I probably wouldn’t even have discovered it !

      Ilinox responded:
      March 20, 2019 at 16:52

      I’m not surprised this game isn’t talked about much in the western hemisphere because it’s a very Japanese game (based heavily on Shinto religion) and there are themes that would make people do a double-take at the very beginning, aka. the minamos and their “purity” in order to use their powers for the men. (I could go on for an enormous essay on how the game is self-aware about this though and how the concept of purity gets questioned throughout the series).

      Haha, take your time in reading these posts. They’ll always be here and real life + work comes first /o/!

      If you’re a Mizuchi fan then you’ll definitely be rewarded in this game LOL. I actually clipped out his voice a long time ago to remind myself how amazing Fukuyama Jun was in this game. I think… this was in Karakurenai’s route but it’s been a while now, so I can’t be sure.

      Hana Awase is a tetralogy (4 game series) and it’s a pretty complicated story with lots of interwoven elements, so I’d actually recommend reading the other posts in Mizuchi-hen too because they all give you hints about the greater picture. Iroha should always be left last though because he links up the games :’)) and you’ll understand when you see it. Himeutsugi should also be checked too because the last part of his route will make the last part of Iroha’s route make sense, ahaha.

      PC games aren’t region-locked, but you might need to temporarily switch your computer to Japanese locale/region in order to install some games properly (and have Japanese font installed so that the file paths can be built properly). I think Amazon JP should still sell this game and they ship internationally.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a fun comment ;3;! I’d love to hear your thoughts after you finish reading a route too!!

        Alika said:
        March 21, 2019 at 00:02

        Oh thank you for the sample of Fukuyama Jun’s voice ! It was really good. Now I want to listen to it even more –‘

        And you were right, Amazon JP still sells it. I think I’ll bought it then. Besides it was not very expensive (if I don’t get random customs fees).

        I’ll probably leave a “consequent” comment on Mizuchi’s post. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep my thoughts on him locked in my mind x) The other’s, I’ll see if I have something interesting (or not XD) to say about them.

    Shun~shun said:
    February 19, 2015 at 22:29

    Hallooo~! Ok so basically, I’m not really into playing these sort of games, so the fact that I’m here reading about these games is like the weirdest thing for me, I’m more of a manga/anime type of person (~ ̄︶ ̄)~. That said tough, I stumbled across your blog after watching the anime for DiaLov and basically got curious about the story and that led me to searching for the game, which led me to other blogs in which the reviews were “totally hated it, dropped it after the 3rd vamp” or “loved it for the whole voice actors thing” but I wanted the story!!! (屮゚Д゚)屮

    So as if it were a godsend I ended up here, and truly I am just soo thankful for the way you write! You’re awesome at it and I don’t feel like I’m reading about a game at all but more like an actual story (my fav) ♥(^ω^)

    The amount of detail you put into it is crazy and really kudos for that (ノ´ー`)ノ And your side comments were hilarious! I laughed more than I should have lol

    I could not stop reading Ayato’s post and then I jumped to Reiji, then Laito, then Subaru and Shuu (skipped Kanato ‘cus not into Shotas, and the dark eye circles and the teddy was a major no-no plus I read about his tantrums ( ̄◇ ̄;) )

    And then, somehow I kept scrolling and jumped to black wolf saga ε=(・ρ・*) ahem! Got swept over the design for Arles (that wolf form tho) and then …………………………………… Let’s just say that I finished that also (skipped Auger) and now I’m here (〃▽〃) and I feel like I want to call you s-sempai (。ノω\。)゚

    Hahahaha you even got me curious about buying this game but my Jap skills are a 2/10 and I’m not into pain and suffering (´・ω・`) but the story and the characters are so interesting though!!!!! I want to keep reading the other posts in hana awase but those warnings about the pain ahead are already hurting my 心 I’m so conflicted! ! ヾ(T□T)ノ゛

    Anyway I wanted to thank you again for these translations, really you make these stories and characters available for those who like me were not interested in the games at first or didn’t know enough Japanese (*´ω`*)
    My overall change of attitude while reading your blog was:
    Σ(゚Д゚ノ)ノ then Σ(゚ー゚;*) then Σ(^∀^;) then (〃゚艸゚):;* and ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛ the first mainly for DiaLov.

    Fav characters so far are Subaru, Shuu, Arles (fluffy~), Mizuchi and Iroha. Hahaha most of the times I'm not entirely pleased with the endings (they're too extreme) but in BWS Julian's good/bad was by far my fav and the more realistically happy I suppose? I don't know ( p_q)

    Sorry for the long text and random babblings, keep up the good work
    アリガトォ (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~☆♡

      Ilinox responded:
      February 26, 2015 at 17:19

      You can’t see me right now but I’m grinning from ear to ear. Hearing that you’re more of an anime/manga person but you ended up checking these out is the greatest compliment that I could receive! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading these posts and found them like a story (which is pretty much the definition of a visual novel).

      Aww, haha, thank you for enjoying my side comments. I always have this lingering fear that I’m intruding on people’s reading enjoyment with my comments, but I’m glad that no one has felt that way! I hope it felt like you were reading/playing along with me.

      YOU ENJOYED BLACK WOLVES SAGA?! Yay! Bloody Nightmare ranks as one of my favorite games because of it’s setting and the characters, so I’m glad you read that too. Eep, you’re making me blush with your words.

      Oh my god, if you ever need to read one thing on this entire blog then I would definitely nudge you towards Hana Awase. Shinigami to Shoujo is another one that I really loved but my posts for that were done when I was still getting the hang of posting and learning Japanese… so the quality isn’t as great as I would like *winces*.

      On a side note, you could pretty much play any of these games with my translations beside you |D;; and I do want to point out that the BGM and voice acting is really really fantastic in some of these games which my writing doesn’t do justice. It’s up to you in the end if you want to get any of these games though!

      Aww, no, thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment and reading through all my posts. And hi-five on sharing our favorites in Arles, Mizuchi, and Iroha <3!

        Shun~shun said:
        February 27, 2015 at 13:45

        Yes! Definitely like a visual novel and your reactions were for the most part the same as mine I can imagine us fangirlingO(≧∇≦)Ohahahaha

        I did enjoy BN, the story kind of sucks you in and when it comes to the cats you kind of want to hate them but at the same time you can’t not to understand why they turned out the way they did and watch in fascination/horror (゚×゚;)

        Right now I’m reading your amnesia posts (I’m in Ukyo’s route right now, so adorbs yet weirdly scary) and I guess we can share yet another bias in Ikki ( 。>艸<) huehuehue. I totally became a fangirl (non-phychotic) and can't help but squeal "IKKIIII~♡" when I see him in another route, which has earned me weird stares from family members (I regret nothing) (~ ̄︶ ̄)~

        I think our likes are similar, I checked your list of biases and we can add Rin and Daisy to our shared favorites (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。) (sorry for Shuu and Subaru they're on the bottom by now if not forgotten)

        I'm thinking of finishing your Amnesia and Amnesia Later posts and then decide if buy Hana Awase, if so then I'll go in armed with your posts(*^ワ^*)muahahahahaa but if not then I'll just read them and join you guys in the despair (´・ω・`). Probably read those Shinigami to Shoujo posts after, don't worry I'm sure they're good regardles especially if you humor is in there.(^ω^)

        And yeah I decided to write my thanks after spending so long lurking in your blog and enjoying your posts so much. You'll probably hear about me again specially if I end up buying Hana Awase (*^▽^)/☆ Thank you again and again still love your posts がんばって!

    Feria said:
    November 17, 2014 at 10:24

    I’m interested in buying this, but I’m afraid the gameplay system will be to hard. Can you explain it more in detail? Is it easy to fail? ;A;

      Ilinox responded:
      November 23, 2014 at 20:56

      Of course, I’ll try my best! Basically, in the card game you make combos with cards that they’ll show for you and these cards deal damage once you end your turn. You don’t have to memorize the combinations or anything; it all just shows up in a red box.

      During your card-picking phase, you pick the combos that you want and then have the option to either 1) use that one combo or 2) draw more cards to make more combos (called koi koi). One of my amazing friends made a tutorial video HERE which should hopefully give you an idea on how it all works.

      Overall, I think it’s pretty easy to pick up and not that hard! Iroha’s route is best left for last though because his battle is quite difficult if you’re trying to do it from level 1… your stats and cards carry through to new game+ so when you finish one route, just make sure to continue rather than start a new game |D.

      If there are any specific questions you want to ask, please feel free to comment here again!

    Bel H. said:
    November 15, 2014 at 11:41

    I loved your review.
    But after reading Iroha’s route I’m in despair too. _(:3」∠)_

      Ilinox responded:
      November 23, 2014 at 20:49

      Aww, thank you! I did things a little bit differently this time in having played the game first before replaying it to review it (so my comments were more foreshadowing and full of knowledge rather than the conjectures or random comments I usually do). I’m glad you enjoyed it though <3!

      I.. I know exactly how you feel.. Iroha is going to suffer through two more games too ;;; I have to play Himeutsugi-hen and Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen is now coming out too… all of which are games that still have Iroha being tortured //sobs.

    Sara said:
    October 30, 2014 at 04:10

    how the MC of this game is ?

      Ilinox responded:
      November 3, 2014 at 00:05

      I like her a lot! She’s kind of traditional and she’s certainly more shy than a lot of other heroines, but I guess what I enjoyed about the Mikoto in Mizuchi-hen is that, because this is Mizuchi’s game, she’ll fall in love with Mizuchi no matter what and that gives her a backbone in the routes of the other men.

      I know some people might not like her for how demure she is outside of her love for Mizuchi. She’s also pushed around a lot by her situation and so that gives her a damsel-in-distress feeling that some people may not like. And then, once again, the whole “she only loves Mizuchi” kind of thing may bother some people too.

      Overall though, I think Hana Awase’s story is fantastically well-written and everyone should give it a shot!

    kaorychan said:
    February 14, 2014 at 11:21

    Thanks a lot for the walktrough! °(*w*)° I really couldn’t get some of those dialogues so I’m gratefull for this post ( ; v ; ) I would like to ask you something about the routes.. When there’s the library scene with Iroha and Michiru, I don’t know why but the choices don’t appear, instead Mikoto just helps everyone and I can’t get the bad ending (°-°)? Also I just went for Karakurenai’s route and I got the 1/3 bad ending, but as before the choices didn’t appear, he just went and strangled her ;.; Was it because I had to choose as first route Michiru’s? And even with the first bad ending, my level was 22-24 but still no choices..
    Now I’ll wait some days before continuing it, but I would like to know if you have some suggestions ^o^

      Ilinox responded:
      February 20, 2014 at 00:37

      ♥~(‘▽‘人) You’re very welcome! I don’t blame anyone who didn’t catch the dialogue at some of the parts in this game because Mizuchi and Iroha are like walking dictionaries and thesauruses… the way they talk with uncommon words is crazy.

      I believe that the library scene only appears after you’ve beaten the game once ;;; and Karakurenai’s route is the only one that requires a second playthrough for some reason (I think?). I played Karakurenai’s route first as well and then just replayed it again immediately afterward to get the rest of his endings.

        kaorychan said:
        February 23, 2014 at 06:37

        You were right, I had to start again the game to get the bad ending in the library (;-_-) about Kurenai’s route I was just loading the save data, so of course he was going to strangle her every time.
        About this lady killer, I would like to thank you again for the translations ( ; v ; ) I was laughing my ass off when he said to the teacher ” On the surface he looks as if he’s supporting Mizuchi, but underneath everyone has an erection” cuz I got that he was mocking everyone since they all want Mikoto, and of course it could only have been a bad word or some double meaning,… but when I read your post I was all “You pervert! xDxD” really, he’s such a straight-forward bishie \(//∇//)\
        Now I’m gonna prepare my heart to Iroha’s route, he’s such a cutie! I was agreeing with your comments all through the game, I really loved his “macaron” scene xD he’s, he’s, owww O(≧∇≦)O
        I hope I won’t die of moe (*/∇\*)

        Ilinox responded:
        February 27, 2014 at 21:24

        I’m glad I could help ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ and I hope you enjoy the rest of the game (I hope you don’t flood your keyboard with tears like I did)! In an odd way, Karakurenai is the only one who is ridiculously blunt and honest and sums up the entire game with the words ” ‘Cause you all wanna bone her” LOL. I don’t think he’s ever stayed in a meeting until the very end…

        I-I’m not sure if you’re going to die of moe in Iroha’s route… more like pain |D;; sometimes he’s a frustratingly emotionless robot but just all that hidden pain in him is… UGH. It must be great to be able to finish up this game and then jump into the second game, which just came out a day ago!

        kaorychan said:
        March 10, 2014 at 06:25

        Gurl, I just finished the game and ugh.. so much pain in Iroha’s route.. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 And everytime the half moon appeared I was “oww” and started crying right away, even with that damn bgm, so many tears fell everytime I’d listen to it (╥﹏╥) .
        As you said the next game is already out and I will love to play it cause many things were left unclear (WoGa did a great job in these, since they will explain everything as the games come out) and I’m dying to know all the characters’ personal life and of course Iroha’s sin and so on, since by now it’s clear that he is the half moon (also Terashima-san’s voice is unmistakable >w< ).
        I would also love if you will translate the next installment too since you did a great job with this one and of course you're a bless for us that don't know this level of japanese ( ; v ; )/ Of course it's a plead made by understanding the time needed to translate it and also real life needs, since we all have but sometimes people forget about it (-c-).. Lastly but not least, don't forget the pain this story brings so maybe it will take awhile before not crying everytime you see a character's face (;へ:)
        Now I'm gonna try to collect all the pieces of my broken heart, so much pain and tears but worth it! o(;△;)o

        Ilinox responded:
        March 11, 2014 at 23:04

        Congratulations for surviving that roller coaster ride into despair and heartbreak and suffering ヨシヨシ(;゚ー゚)ノ(T_T). Hana Awase’s BGM is really simplistic yet hauntingly beautiful ;;; like the piano parts when sweet moments are happening… AND THEN WHEN THEY PAIR THAT WITH DESPAIRING MOMENTS (I’m eyeing that ending of Karakurenai’s… why did they use that piano BGM).

        Aww, thank you, you’re really sweet ヽ(;▽;)ノ. I would love to just dive straight into Himeutsugi-hen and just translate it for everyone but I need to get some other stuff out of the way first. I’m pretty much determined to blog it though because it is one of my favorite games as you can probably imagine.

        *passes you hot chocolate* Eat lots of apple chips and sweets ;w; that’s the only cure to this (as well as added despair but…).

    Sena said:
    October 30, 2013 at 17:09

    Totally not related to Hana Awase, but I ended up buying the Diabolik Lovers Twinpack. Knowing my personality, I’d probably cave in eventually and decided sooner rather than later might be good since CdJapan showed Quantity: 1 available. So I bought it. And now it’s considered “Out of Print.” Yup. I regret nothing.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 3, 2013 at 17:11

      ;;; It’s sad that the game’s mechanics is getting in your way. Have you tried a different route maybe? It might be easier to do Himeutsugi first.

      I’m really happy at how the otome industry is starting to have this wide variety. Otomate usually has the catchy and shiny art and fluffy romance while QR is based on a lot of fairytales. I don’t think the games they’re coming out with are THAT bad but probably just not to your taste. I hear King Arthur was a good one.

      Haha, I do plan on playing some R18 games like Chou no Doku Hana and Koezaru but I’ve just never got around to them. If I ever do and finish blogging one then I’ll definitely let you know! The last R18 game I played recently was DMMd but that one is a BL game.

      It was meant to be |D;; when CDJapan showed you that they only had one copy left. I hope you enjoy this game! It’s rare to find a game in which you love all the characters ;;; so I try to choose games to play based on the story and the couple of characters that I do like. Games like Shinigami to Shoujo and Hana Awase are the rare ones in which I liked all the characters but I think it’s because the story pulled me through.

      In all the other games I’ve played my pace in blogging slows down extremely when I’m sloughing through someone I’m not too interested in |D;; *cough* Kent from Amnesia right now *cough*.

        Sena said:
        November 4, 2013 at 11:23

        I know. I’m pretty depressed about it. I haven’t even be able to pick it up again yet because I’m a huge chicken. I was thinking of trying a different route, but I think just to be safe I’d still need to start from the beginning, so that should be fun…

        You’re probably right. Most of my opinion is based on hearsay too, so I probably shouldn’t be too hard on the industry. I’ve only bought a few games that came out this year (most of the ones I’ve been buying are older) because of all the reviews I’ve been reading on different gamer’s blogs. The majority of them seem to try and give the games the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes they can’t. And a lot of the issues they mentioned they had are things that would probably bother me, so I just figured it might be safer (and cheaper) to not buy games that sound like they might be more trouble than they’re worth.

        I keep hearing about DRAMAtical Murder but I never looked into it that much myself. I have read some reviews about it, though. I was considering it as something I might want to try playing in the future.

        I certainly think so. I had some error messages when I was trying to buy it and thought it was a lost cause, but I found out it wasn’t and I was so happy to be able to buy it when I thought it was gone forever that it was like all my earlier unsureness disappeared and I just felt like I’d made the right decision.

        I usually do that now too. Besides Tokimemo Girl’s Side (1, 2, 3), Amnesia was actually the first otome game I bought and I did it mostly because of Ikki and Shin and because I liked the art (and their clothes) and the world sounded interesting. My game collection is still rather small, but if I think about it, it’s kind of a lot for the amount of time I’ve been into otome games. I started playing around end of February beginning of March (basically a month or so before Amnesia Crowd came out). Shinigami to Shoujo is one of those games that’s been on my list of a game I’m thinking of buying but haven’t yet. Since you like it so much, it makes me feel like there’s a high chance I’ll like it, though, considering our similarities in taste.

        Are you still working on Amnesia Later? Kent’s cute sometimes, but he’s not really my type as much as I like Ishida’s voice. Plus, I don’t think I forgave him for making me do that math worksheet in the original game. There’s this one part in Amnesia Crowd that made me want to cry in Ikki’s route from frustration and I actually rage quit for a while and went back to it much later. When you get there, let me know, haha. Unless you don’t know which part I’m talking about. Then we can just discuss his route in its entirety.

        Ilinox responded:
        November 12, 2013 at 07:02

        Mm, sometimes it’s tough but I like to think that in general all bloggers can decide on what games are good (even if they don’t like it personally) and what is just bad writing in general (*stares at Shiratsuyu*). But all blogs are biased in the end, mine included, since my tastes for games might be different from someone else’s.

        It’s great that there’s a variety of blogs around though to disperse this kind of bias |D;; and I like to think that the readers on my blog share similar tastes to me, which is why they come to my blog.

        Yep ;;; I have stalled so much on Kent’s route that I feel really bad but it’s also something I need to do along with the rest of the Amnesia Later routes and Diabolik Lovers routes. Leave no route untouched! I should be more picky in what games I decide to pick up so this kind of thing doesn’t happen, ahaha.

        I don’t particularly like Ishida’s voice and I don’t like Kent’s type either ;; so it’s like a double-bad route for me to do. My motivation is at an all-time low. Are you talking about the puzzles in Ikki’s route in Crowd? Ikki’s route was the only one I finished from Crowd because I just wanted to see him again /)ω(\.

        Sena said:
        November 12, 2013 at 12:12

        This makes sense. I try to go into a game without preconceptions (which is hard when you read a million reviews before playing the game) but I often experience a mixture of different bloggers’ feelings depending on out tastes. I tend to believe that I’ll agree with you because yeah, like you said, one of the reasons I follow your blog is because it seems we have those similarities. It is nice to read several different opinions on the same game because it gives good perspective.

        Well, don’t feel too bad. You just go at your own pace. Your reviews are so long and detailed and essentially translate the whole routes, so I can see why they’d take time. Plus you have work too. It’s so hard to get through some routes though. I’m struggling through Kanato’s one right now because he really just terrifies me and kills my ears with his temper tantrums. I’m making progress though. I’ve just picked up some shoujo mangas I’ve been following (not so closely lately) to make me feel better in between. This game is so heavy.

        I did Ikki’s route first too, which was alright in Amnesia since I mostly liked everyone, but it was hard because it was harder to motivate myself to play since I had already finished my favorite character. This is why lately I try to vary my playing order and not play my favorite character (or who I assume will be my favorite character) first. It’s very unmotivating otherwise. I have no excuse though because I really played Amnesia, Amnesia Later, and Amnesia Crowd right after each other, so wanting to play Ikki’s route first just showed how little resistance I have.

        And yes, the puzzles in the Suspense mode. Some of the puzzles were alright. I did 2 of them moderately easy and one of them I got some help but was able to get through it, but that stupid coin one. I couldn’t figure it out so I literally passed it with a random guess. I wouldn’t be able to duplicate it again. What was good and bad about the puzzles was that I understood the questions and what you were trying to solve but I just had issues solving them. Therefore my Japanese ability is obviously stronger than my logic/problem-solving ability. Some people didn’t seem to have as much of an issue as I did, but it really put a stopper on my enjoyment. I was so relieved when I finally got through it.

        I like what they did with Ikki’s route as his was different than the other guys because of his ending in Later. So it was like they filled in a gap somewhere. I like what they did. The way Crowd ended makes me wonder what on earth they’re putting in Amnesia World because the endings seemed pretty definitive. Amnesia seems pretty popular though so Otomate’s probably milking it. The art I’ve seen for Amnesia World makes me want it, though, but I’d have to buy a Vita and I don’t really want to…

    Sena said:
    September 26, 2013 at 18:46

    My God. This game. I’m in love~ I need it like…now. I stayed up so late last night trying to finish reading just the common route so I could sleep in peace. My mind wouldn’t let me end it in the middle.

    I didn’t do much research on it yet, but is it confirmed that they’re going to make games for the other 5 Brights? I haven’t finished reading all the routes for Mizuchi hen, but I was just curious.

    Also, I’m really interested in how the card playing aspect works. I really just ran into this game because of that. I love hanafuda (and other variations of it) and play it with a friend of mine all the time. We have a joke that we’re like old jijis, playing cards and drinking tea on a weekly basis.

    I’ve lurked on your blog for a while, but I decided that I should finally say something to you since I’ve gotten so much out of reading your ridiculously detailed posts, which I wholeheartedly thank you for. Plus, this game just sounds amazing. I’ve been trying really hard not to read spoilers before I play games because it’s a bad habit of mine that I’m trying to break, but I couldn’t help myself this time around. And I feel like I’ll still be able to enjoy the game regardless of knowing what will happen. I’m a sucker for nice (tragic-sounding) BGMs and well-done voice acting. And art. This plot is amazing and so intricate. This game has like…everything I could want in a game. I’m excited to read all the routes!

    Your comments in between the text were so amusing too. I looked at your list of biases and haven’t played or heard of all the games on that list, but I feel like we share similar biases, *cough* Ikki*cough*Iroha* so that’s exciting. My Japanese isn’t as good as yours and I really feel like I should practice it more while I play so I can get up to your level of comprehension. You shall be my goal :)

    Anyways, you’ll probably see me popping on here once and a while now that I posted once, haha. I apologize in advance for the probably spamming that shall occur hereafter.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 27, 2013 at 22:52

      Oops, haha, take a break! I know my posts are huge TL;DR walls sometimes so it can’t be healthy to blast through it all in one day or night ;;;; I took many breaks when I was writing this. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ I’m really happy that you love this game so much though because this is definitely one of my Top Ten.

      It’s definitely going to be a trilogy. This one was Mizuchi-hen and next is Himeutsugi-hen and then the last is Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen. However, on their main site they also put a ??? slot which they haven’t released any hints about or anything so… I’m not sure what it is. It could be a tetralogy or it could just some kind of omake disk or anything really. I’m praying to the Powers That Be that it’s Iroha-hen though.

      Aww, thank you so much for coming out of lurking to say such nice things o3o. Hana Awase is definitely a game that should be played to hear their voice acting, in my opinion, because the directors were REALLY detailed. Most games leave dialogue like this “….” silent but in Hana Awase you can hear every inch of emotion when they make those “….” noises.

      (Especially Iroha and Mizuchi who are usually taciturn and try to portray themselves without much emotion but those silences give them away so much… //sobs I feel sad just thinking about it). I think I linked some of the voice acting clips though like Hime being crazy.

      You’re seriously making me blush with those words (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン stop! If we share the same biases then you could consider taking a look at the other games like Black Wolves Saga :’D *hint hint hint*.

      Even now I’m still working on improving my Japanese but yes playing games is definitely a fun way to learn the language! Playing it with a summary that helps you make sure you’re on the right track with understanding words is also a nice way to learn.

      No worries or apologizes! I love long detailed comments since I’m a wordy person myself too |D so feel free to comment away on anything! I hope you enjoy the future posts of this blog too!

        Sena said:
        October 3, 2013 at 12:40

        OMG. I’m in the middle of playing this game but I got too excited and started it without a walkthrough and then I got confused over the places you pick a day and did so much stuff wrong so I keep getting to places where I should have choice and I don’t. Plus I kept leveling up my Hana Utsushi skills in between all these wrong decisions so I’ve actually been playing the game for hours but getting nowhere. I read over all the comments you wrote back to my original response, but I was planning on replying after I finished each respective guy’s route. It’s just taking longer than I anticipated T_T

        I love your huge text wall posts. It really makes it easy to get into the game as the next best thing to actually playing it. For example, I didn’t comment on these (yet?) because I read them when I was still lurking on your blog, but I read all your Diabolik Lovers posts. It doesn’t seem like my type of game, but I was happy I was able to read about the routes in so much detail since I didn’t feel like I’d ever play it. I mean even with the anime airing right now, it wouldn’t be the same because anime adaptations have to leave so much out. I guess it would be good for the voices though. That’s one thing good about anime adaptations of games.

        I was wondering why Karakurenai and Utsutsu have a combined game while Mizuchi and Himeutsugi get their own. I wonder why the last game doesn’t have a distinction though. I mean, if it’s not Iroha-hen I think I might throw a cow. Or a donkey. Or the closest large animal I can find. Maybe there’s something that’s going to be revealed in Himeutsugi-hen and Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen that we as the players don’t know yet (for obvious reasons since the games aren’t out yet) so the makers can’t show us what’s going on in that last game. Like maybe it’s Iroha/???-hen, but they can’t show that because we don’t know who ??? is? I have no idea. But Iroha seriously needs a game.

        Oh yeah, I noticed the “….” you were talking about. I was like…hey, they make sounds that don’t really constitute as speaking but are important.

        I same the thinks but I didn’t want to hear his voice just like that. I thought it would be better to hear him be crazy after I hear him be normal first, haha.

        I kinda started skim reading your review for Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare (what’s the difference between Bloody Nightmare and Last Hope, by the way?) because you had two biases from that game. The art style is pretty nice. I didn’t like it as much when I first saw it, but it grew on me. Especially because I really like the coloring. Without playing, I might have developed a minor bias for Arles. He’s a pretty wolf, haha. Mejojo and Auger seem a little too extreme for me. It might be different if I actually played it or read in more detail, but yeah….their characters are complex and interesting, but I wouldn’t say I have a bias for them.

        My level of Japanese should be so much higher than it is considering how many years I studied it. I hate to say it, but it seems like I’m one of those people who are only good at learning in school and when I’m not in school all the initiative to learn disappears. I still have the desire to learn and improve, but I get lazy and lose the drive because there’s no urgency to it. It’s rather sad.

        Sena said:
        October 3, 2013 at 12:43

        Although speaking of the biases, I realized the way I phrased things made it seem like Auger and Mejojo were your biases from Black Wolves Saga when it’s Arles and Mejojo who are your biases, haha. So I guess that can almost be 3/4 so far we have in common? If I play the other games on your list, I’ll probably be able to see if any more of them match up, haha. 3/4 is a lot so far though, if you think about it.

        Ilinox responded:
        October 6, 2013 at 17:30

        It doesn’t really matter where you pick up to Day 21! That’s where the real branching choices come in. The rest of the choices that pop up through the day are just minor things like elaborating on things you want to know or seeing some hidden scene, etc.

        If you do level up your Hana Utsushi skills throughout the day instead of doing it in one day you might miss some scenes :C so it’s not recommended if you want to see as many scenes as possible. You only really need to be strong enough to get through the fight in the library and with Aoi and then once you lock yourself down into a route they’ll continue to give you free options to train without wasting your day!

        Aww, I’m glad you’re enjoying the long posts ♥~(‘▽‘人). I tend to write them in the form of novels that way people can feel like they’ve played the game without having to know Japanese |D;; and I’m glad that intentions comes across! But yes, like you said, the BGMs and character voices makes a world of difference sometimes.

        No ones why WoGa has organized their games like that ;;; I just hope that Utsutsu starts to show more of a presence in Himeutsugi’s game so that he doesn’t just come from the left side in his game with Karakurenai. The question of what the “???” game is torturous.

        Mm, Kuroyuki’s art and coloring is really beautiful with the way she uses like a watercolor effect. I think a lot of my bias for Mejojo comes from the fact that he’s voiced by Sakurai who is one of my top seiyuu |D;; and his dynamic with Arles. The difference between Bloody Nightmare and Last Hope is that BN is for the PC and contains Julian and Guillan as capturable characters. BN also focuses more on the cat side and how they’re the villains. From what I know of LH (I haven’t played it yet) is that it is the PSP version and an alternate universe that focuses more on the wolves being the villains; it has Elza and Pearl/Richie as capturable characters.

        Haha, yeah! I think 3/4 biases is enough to show that we have similar tastes in things :’D which is nice if you like reading my blog sjhgkgh since hopefully you’ll be finding games to your liking.

        Sena said:
        October 7, 2013 at 01:18

        I seriously don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I haven’t played in like…2 or 3 days because I can’t figure it out and it’s frustrating. This game hate me >.< Somehow, I must be choosing something wrong. Every time 'important' choice come up, I follow the ones written on this walkthrough, then I do whatever I want on the 3 places for the day and I get to Day 17 and Mikoto automatically thinks she can't do crap and then Iroha goes and kills everyone and I get a game over. I didn't have that issue the first time because I was able to get through Day 17 properly, but then I recall picking the 'wrong choice' for all the other routes besides Mizuchi's from on the the questions and then I kept getting Mikoto killed in Karakurenai's route from Mizuchi when he strangles her. I thought something was wrong there too because I didn't get the choice whether to believe in him or the other one, it just automatically went ahead and she died.

        And I think whenever I got the free options to train before or after kabatsu (and I always trained) this apparently also led to the strangling end of no options.

        I'm so sad because I really want to play but I'm just stuck. Argh. Hopefully the break will shed some light onto what's going on but I don't really see how unfortunately…

        Yeah, that would be nice if Utsutsu gets introduced earlier on. Who knows. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

        Ah, favorite seiyuus make a huge difference. I have seiyuus I recognize and/or like, but I don't really have a bias (yet). I haven't played otome games long enough, I think. Oh, thanks so much for the explanation. I was so confused, haha. So is Last Hope like a PSP adaptaion that they decided to make using the same characters in kind of the same world but with different focuses? That's interesting, because as far as I know, usually PC to PSP ports keep the same story and just change platforms, like PS2 to PSP ports.

        I like reaidng your blog thus far and don't really see a reason for that changing any time soon. In fact, your blog was probably one of the main things that pushed me into actively buying games because I got drawn in from Amnesia and could tell from your posts that I would enjoy the game. I don't know if I should curse or thank you for that. The majority of me wants to glomp you but the money-conscious part of me wants to strangle you a little (like stupid Mizuchi strangling Mikoto in that stupid ending I can't escape from…). Just a little, though.

        Ilinox responded:
        October 11, 2013 at 22:02

        Hmm.. that’s really weird ;;; you shouldn’t have any troubles getting past Day 17 at all. Karakurenai’s route is actually special in that you need to play it twice in order to be able to unlock the other endings, so after you game over I think you have the choice of restarting the game with your current level and stuff?

        Could it be that your level is too low? ;; You’re not having troubles defeating the utsurohi are you? I’m not sure why this is happening because the common route should take no effort at all to get through. Worst comes to worst you could look for a proper walkthrough? /o\ My route posts usually aren’t proper walkthroughs since I try to include all scenes and things.

        Yep, exactly! Last Hope is like an alternate universe from Bloody Nightmare and vice versa. I remember reading an interview where the directors said that the vision of the game was so large that they had to split it into two games, so that’s neat.

        ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ What’s life without a little hedonistic pleasure? Don’t blame me, blame the companies for making such interesting games! Haha, but seriously I’m really happy that you’re enjoying these games <3! It's great to be able to share a hobby and passion with other people.

        Sena said:
        October 14, 2013 at 12:00

        I knoooooow. That’s why I’m so frustrated T.T Ironically, when I played off of your review like a semi-walkthrough, I got past Day 17 and was able to choose someone on Day 20. But then I couldn’t seem to get past that part I mentioned where Mizuchi automatically strangles Mikoto because she believes in him. And I just sat there like “girl, I didn’t choose that option, what are you doing???!?!?!!”

        When I got the Game Over, it went back to the title screen so I don’t think I was able to continue with my current level…and my level was definitely not too low. I didn’t have any problems defeating utsuroshi.

        I actually started to use a proper walkthrough afterwards because I couldn’t seem to get past that one part (which was soooo clooooose to the ends, argh). I’m just taking a break from it for now until I can play it again. I’m probably going to start from the beginning (again) just to try and get through it. The only issue I really have is that means I need to rank up again. This will be the 4th time. I actually liked the card game before, but because of my weird issues getting through this, I’m getting tired of playing it.

        That does sound pretty neat. Originally, I didn’t think I’d be able to play BWS because it was too dark for me, but I don’t know. I feel like lately I’ve been into darker things and it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. After reading your reviews of Diabolik Lovers and some other blogs, I felt like I would never want to play the game, but I somehow started to get the desire to and ended up ordering the twinpack that’s going to release since the new game is coming out. So if I can play that, I really don’t see why BWS should be an issue anymore…ironically, if I ended up playing it, Mejojo might start to grow on me and then we’d be 4/4 same biases.

        It really is. It’s fun in general to talk to people about games you both like, but it’s fun on a different level to talk to someone who gravitates towards the same type of guy, haha. My friends know I play these games but they don’t really know since they don’t play them themselves. It’s different talking about a game to someone who knows nothing about them but gets the concepts compared to talking to someone who plays.

        Sena said:
        October 21, 2013 at 12:16

        Aaaaaaah, apparently I didn’t order the Diabolik Lovers twinpack soon enough or something because I got an email from Amiami that they couldn’t secure my order for it. So the question is, should I take this as a sign not to buy it or should I say eff that, I ordered it late so it’s probably just due to that and order it elsewhere? Haha.

        Ilinox responded:
        October 22, 2013 at 23:33

        The scene where Mizuchi strangles Mikoto is in Karakurenai’s route isn’t it? Karakurenai’s route is the only one in the game where you have to go through it twice in order to unlock the other choices, otherwise you just end up being strangled ;;; When you Game Over it should give you a choice to go back and continue using your old stats? I don’t remember having to make a completely new game…

        Oh man, I can imagine how annoying it must be to have to rank up again. I hope these setbacks aren’t making you annoyed at the game ;; although it’d be understandable if that did happen. I’ve never had these problems while playing so I’m having a hard time trying to figure out a way past those.

        It’s interesting to see more companies take on more serious romances and stories in general. I feel like that is what is starting to happen in the otome industry especially as Rejet becomes more popular and starts to gain more ground (Rejet has definitely secured its place as one of my favorite companies).

        But it does seem to be something you get more used to and an acquired taste maybe? I know how surprised I was when I played Amnesia and got to Toma’s route and then had that hellish ride through Gekka Ryouran. Then BWS amped up the level even more and then DiaLov took me through a journey. Hana Awase was another mind-breaker and now I’m both scared and wondering if it’s possible to have a game be darker than all of those other ones.

        Definitely! I’m blessed to have a close group of friends who play otome games, and while we don’t gravitate towards the same guy, we’re able to share our thoughts and experiences as we play through and analyze their routes. I also have friends who don’t play otome games and it’s a very different feeling trying to explain to them the story or the characters.

        I think it depends on how much you want to play Diabolik Lovers |D;; you can always order it from FromJapan I believe? I’m not sure if DiaLov would be a game that I would recommend to people. It doesn’t feature a lot of romance and the story is heavily character-centric and focuses a lot on relationships between family members and abuse ;;; I’m not sure if these themes would appeal to a lot of people.

        Sena said:
        October 23, 2013 at 13:54

        Oh, yes, it would have made sense to tell you whose route I was working on *headdesk*

        I heard about having to restart his route because I was looking it up in several places to figure out what’s going on with my game, but yeah. It just doesn’t seem to like me. I’m not tired of the game per se, but I am very frustrated. So much so that I haven’t picked it up again yet. I don’t even have the drive to try and do the other routes. I made a joke with a different blogger that I talk to that at the rate I’m going, I might not even finish this game before Himeutsugi’s one comes out. I still really like the game and its themes and all that so it’s not like I don’t like it anymore. I just feel like it’s rejecting me T_T

        I’m glad that they’re trying. Some games I’ve noticed tend to go too far into story with not enough of the otome aspect. It’s nice when you can find a pretty good mix. I should definitely check out more Rejet though. I feel like the main companies most newbies get into are Otomate and QuinRose, but both of them haven’t been coming out with the best games this year, which is tragic because I started playing this year so I almost feel like I’m a bad omen or something. One company I really liked was Heterodoxy when they had The Second Reproduction, but that was really the only game I played from them. I heard that most of the people from that company become Operetta, so I’m pretty excited. The branch Operetta Due came out with the R-18 game Koezaru wa Akai Hana. R-18 isn’t really up my alley because it’s often done terribly, but I think they did a decent job from what I’ve seen so far of the game. I really liked that they had a spunky, voiced heroine and the story was interesting. Like it actually had a plot. Plus, I generally feel like I like all the characters, which is good too. It’s going to be ported tot he PSP next year in the spring, so I’m really excited. I don’t know if you heard about it or want to look into it, but if you do, let me know~ Then we can discuss another game together, haha.

        Haha. It sounds like an emotional roller coaster of PAIN. Perhaps I should continue to let you be the vanguard so I can prepare myself xD.

        Yeah…one friend plays otome games that I know, but she plays a lot of games in general so the amount of otome games she plays is not significant. She knows what I’m talking about and she’s active enough that she’s heard of a lot of the games I play/plan on playing, but she didn’t actually play them so it’s not the same. Another friend of mine likes watching anime adaptations of games but hasn’t really played one. There’s definitely good things about talking to people with the same biases and also people with different ones. It makes for good conversation. I noticed that if you like a character more, you notice complexities about them that your friends who like a different character might not notice and when you share it amongst yourselves, you all end up revealing things about other characters. I find that really neat because it helps everyone like more of the characters in a way. Which is why it would be nice if I had more friends who could play the same games as me T_T

        CdJapan still had it last time I checked. I tend to order from Amiami or CdJapan. Amiami I usually go through if it’s preorders and CdJapan I usually use for older games (plus, I buy a lot of CDs and live concert DVDs fro Japanese bands I like as well so I tend to accumulate a lot of bonus points that sometimes negate shipping and then some).

        I’m really mixed about Diabolik Lovers. I feel like I like half the characters and don’t like the other half, haha. Like Reiji doesn’t sound like my cup of tea at all, Laito sounds like he has terrible endings, and Kanato kind of creeps me out. I really like Ayato, Shuu, and Subaru though. This is just based on reviews and stuff since I obviously didn’t play yet. So I guess I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I like character-centirc games as long as they’re done well and complexities and mysteries are always good, but yeah…the abuse in that family sounds horrendous which is why I’m not even sure if I should get it. But it’s so tempting. The art is pretty. The voice actors sound like they did a good job. I just don’t know. *pulls hair out*

    Carmelia said:
    June 17, 2013 at 18:26

    I’m not sure if I’ve already commented this before or anything, but I just LOVE your blog <3

    I'm able to play (and understand) hana awase thanks to you!
    Your summaries are essentially translations, so I play the game alongside your blog. I usually don't get Japanese games, but now I'm getting the ones that you cover (well the PC ones). At least, I'm able to enjoy the game while understanding what's going on at the same time :)
    Anyways, I was wondering though. Is there a way to follow your blog (like I could get email updates whenever you make a new post?). I can't seem to find the spot where I could input my email address :P

      Ilinox responded:
      June 18, 2013 at 01:08

      ( *´艸`) Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! I find it easier to write in a 3rd person exposition style but my summaries are, like you said, essentially translations of the entire game. It always makes me so happy to hear of people being able to play these games that interest them thanks to translations gdkfjhg I hope you end up enjoying Hana Awase!

      Oops, I didn’t realize that this theme I had got rid of my “subscribe” or “follow” button /)_(\ I placed one at the bottom of my sidebar so you should be able to get email updates now, sorry!

        Carmelia said:
        June 18, 2013 at 14:16

        Yay subscribed! Now, I’ll get to know whenever you make a new post ~

        Oh you find it easier to write that way? I actually always thought it’d be easier to write like actual translations (ex. Iroha:_______ etc) and the style you use now was harder. But maybe I was wrong :P

        And yep, I really like Hana Awase so far! I’m still in the beginning (like day 9 or 10), but some things (especially the romance aspect) is progressing a bit too fast lol. Still, as a whole, I’m really loving it <3

        However, I kinda suck at the card battles D: I'm around rank 100 and can't seem to go lower than that. The only reason I got this far was cause of Lore's helpful video tutorial. A lot of the people I'm against (the opponents I guess) often use the koi-koi (?) like 4-5 times in a row or something and just completely defeat me. I only use the koi-koi (?) twice at most cause if I do more than that, then usually I lose everything (like all the koi-koi's cancel).

        Oh kinda unrelated, but do you happen to already know what other PC games you'll be translating in the future? Thanks :)

        Ilinox responded:
        June 18, 2013 at 22:24

        It’s a bit hard to explain but when I write exposition I can be more relaxed? I just have to get the general gist of it, like I often just skip translating “hai!” or “ano” with just like “she nodded” or “she hesitated”. If I translate line-by-line I get too stuck on translating everything perfectly in their speech sdgkjhg it’s one of the reasons why I’ve finished Ayato and Kanato’s summaries/translations here but the Diabolik Lovers wiki is still moving so slow. You’d think it’d be quicker but…

        Hm, have you defeated all of the people who have “?” cards beside their names? They’re usually the people who challenge you and stuff! They’ll give you a new card that is added to your deck automatically and makes it easier to set up crazy koi-kois. It’ll get easier as you level up more too so don’t be afraid of continuing on with the story!

        Now that I think about it, I do seem to have more PSP games translated than PC ones /o\. I was debating on doing Tiny x Machinegun but I heard that Rin was going to do that in place of NORN9, so I was thinking of taking NORN9 while she did TxM. I’m also thinking about blogging about OZMAFIA. Is there any game in particular that you’re interested in or…?

        Right now I’m actually trying to finish Diabolik Lovers still ;;; especially since the winner of my blog’s anniversary giveaway requested it of me.

        Carmelia said:
        June 19, 2013 at 09:51

        OHH I see, I never knew that. Since I don’t know Japanese or anything, I’ve never done translating. I actually always thought line by line was the easier/faster way. That’s quite interesting. Yay, I learned something new^^

        And oops, I didn’t defeat all of them. There are some of those type of opponents, but they had a lower rank than me, so I thought I shouldn’t battle with them anyway. Now that I realize it, what you said makes sense. Thanks for the advice!

        Psst *cough cough* you’re my favourite blogger. After all, you’re the most detailed and like I said, they’re essentially translations, which is amazing :D But I still really appreciate their summaries as well!

        Yeah, I can’t play PSP games unfortunately :( Ahh why are most otome games for psp >< Well, norn9 looks cool^^ And omg, so excited for Ozmafia to come out! I'm crossing my fingers for poni-pachet to release an English version in the future, since they seemed to show interest in doing so. I don't know how likely it is, but here's to hoping :D

        Hmm for PC games, I'd love to see Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari or Koezaru wa Akai Hana in the future. But they're R-18, and I don't think you play those, so nvm haha XD I'm not that well-versed with Japanese otome games actually (just English ones lol), so I'm not too knowledgeable in them :P But, I'm loving the games you do, so that's good!

        Ilinox responded:
        June 20, 2013 at 23:59

        Oh gosh, I’m really flattered at being considered your favorite blogger (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン! I love how there’s been more bloggers starting up lately so that readers can find writing styles they like and not to mention everyone plays different games.

        I’m not sure why a lot of games are released for the PSP. I know there’s quite a bit of PC ones still, but it definitely doesn’t compare with the handheld version. It might have something to do with not needing as much detail in the CGs or something because of how small the screen is maybe?

        I’ve been looking forward to OZMAFIA ever since it was announced like two years ago jkhgfh so now that it’s so close I can barely believe it (I can barely believe my backlog either omg how am I going to blog about all these games). I think they sent out an email noticing the English attention but wanting to concentrate first on the sales they make with their Japanese version ;; so maybe if they get a lot of support… Have you played the demo for it?

        Aha, I haven’t gotten to playing any R18 games because I’ve been lazy and always finding something else new and shiny ;;; but Koezaru has been recommended to me by a good friend so I’m interested in picking it up one day in the far future. I believe Lore was writing about it since she’s already LPed two routes? I’ve also heard that Chou no Doku is good as well… Eep, if only I had a time machine.

        Carmelia said:
        June 21, 2013 at 09:04

        I’m glad that made you happy, it’s how I really feel^^ And yeah, you’re right. Even though there are more otome games for PSP, there are still many for PC as well :)
        Regarding Ozmafia, I’m so glad it’s finally coming out too! I played the demo and really enjoyed it due to someone posting an LP for it, so I could actually understand it. It makes me want to play the full game even more! As much as I would like to buy the Japanese version to support them, my wallet will cry. If they do end up releasing an English version and/or you blog about it, I’d most definitely get it though!

        Haha I saw that LP by Lore and it’s what got me into the game in the first place. She said that she won’t LP any more routes though and might finish her third and final one at the end of this year or something. If you do end up picking it up, that’d be great! I really like the game and by ignoring the bad ends, Koezaru is one of my ultimate faves. The protagonist is just amazing and is one of my favourite, if not favourite protag ever :D

        I’ve heard so many good things about Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari and as I’m just a sucker for the drama, it would be perfect for me XD

        Omg I know what you mean though! There are literally soo many games out there, that it takes such a long time to get through all of them. Plus, with even more great ones coming out all the time, it’s so hard to keep track and play them all LOL It’s times like that where I’m grateful I don’t know Japanese, or I’d go completely broke XD

    V-san said:
    March 23, 2013 at 07:50

    Strange, I didn’t have the option at the library to let them die. This is the first time I hear about that. o.O
    Anyway, a really nice summary. :) I’m still not so good with japanese so I can’t understand all the details (sadly…) just the bottom lines. ^^”

      Ilinox responded:
      March 24, 2013 at 00:38

      I think the option to let them die at the library appears after you beat the game once, so you’ll only see it in subsequent playthroughs.

      Thank you! Ooh, Hana Awase is a pretty difficult game in my opinion. I think the only easily comprehensible person is Hime.. Kurenai talks in a really yankee-like style which might make it hard to understand. Iroha and Mizuchi are walking dictionaries ;;; and then there’s the really complicated explanations of things. And then there’s the poetry analysis, haha… I’m glad this summary helped!

    Michelle said:
    February 24, 2013 at 01:03

    Thank you so much for these summaries!
    I started playing Hana Awase after reading this summary.
    I used your guide to help me through the game since I do not know ANY Japanese whatsoever…I might be able to recognize some words if I hear it, but reading Japanese is a totally different matter.
    This summary/translation really helped me get through the game. I’m planning to do Mizuchi’s route first so it’ll be interesting to do it without any summaries, unless I find another site of course.
    Thank you again! It’s so enjoyable to read your comments.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 26, 2013 at 23:03

      You’re very welcome! I live to serve 8DD and drag people into the pit of despair that is Rejet and WoGa. Don’t worry, that’s how I started learning Japanese too and before you know it you’ll start to pick up more and more comprehension as you play more!

      I know Rin from Love-colored Sky has just finished her Mizuchi post so you can use that one to help guide you <3! I'm working on his post as well, but unfortunately uni is eating up all my time. You're welcome again and thank you for stopping by to drop this lovely comment!

    Amy said:
    January 1, 2013 at 21:23

    Also, thank you very much for doing this!

      Ilinox responded:
      January 2, 2013 at 11:56

      You’re welcome! It shouldn’t take that long to reach Rank 20 ;;; but you need to constantly fight people who are higher levels then you in order to increase your rank. Getting up to rank 200~ or 150~ should be enough for the general story. Then once you get into the character routes they give you plenty of time to train more if you want /o\ so you can always do more there.

      Also try to defeat the characters who have faces/cards because they’ll give you new cards to use that’ll make it easier to chain koikoi combos and stuff 8D!

        Amy said:
        January 2, 2013 at 12:08

        Thanks, I was starting to get stressed out…tried multiple times and could not get higher than 207.

    Amy said:
    January 1, 2013 at 21:23

    How long did it take you to reach Rank 20? And how come I’ve stayed Rank 207 for hours?

    Saya said:
    January 1, 2013 at 19:33

    I had a minor heart attack when I saw that you summarized this game since I desperately wanted to play it since it came out. THANK YOU~

      Ilinox responded:
      January 2, 2013 at 11:54

      Eep, I hope you don’t have the glass heart syndrome |D or else I might have to help train your heart wwww (through more dokis stuff of course). And you’re very welcome~~ I love spreading the despair _(:3」∠)_ so I hope you enjoy the game!

    shiroi said:
    December 27, 2012 at 05:36

    Thank you so much for doing this ; U ; I was lost half the time and this post clarifies so much (and everything just hurts so much more fjfjgjasdjf iroha ; A ;).

      Ilinox responded:
      December 31, 2012 at 03:41

      You’re very welcome! I’m close to finishing the next route so I hope you enjoy reading it too~ I know a lot of the poems in this game are pretty confusing unless you’re a complete geek like I am and research them with friends |D.

    boizanberi said:
    December 25, 2012 at 05:38

    Daaaym! That was a long post but soooooo worth the read! Thanks so much! Your efforts are much appreciated. I’m so going back to playing this game over the weekend. ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      December 26, 2012 at 12:25

      /)_(\ I’m sorry I can’t seem to ever stop myself when I get writing and before I know it, I’ve translated like everything. At least now you know what all the scenes are~!

    Euryx said:
    December 25, 2012 at 03:40

    Bless you for posting this! I’ve just started this game and there are some parts that are unclear to me. /o\

      Ilinox responded:
      December 26, 2012 at 12:24

      You’re welcome! 8DD I’ll be posting the rest of the routes too so feel free to check those out for poem translations and things to note~! I’m embarrassingly in too much love with this game and so I’ve analysed the daylights out of it with my friends agkjdfdjkag.

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