Hana Awase 「蛟編」 ~ Karakurenai ~

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Karakurenai (唐紅)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

Karakurenai is Rank 2 among the 5 Brights and a third year kaei of the Oukagumi. He is known to be a genius at Hana Awase and is so strong that one minamo isn’t enough to support him. All of his minamo love to be played by him and he treats them like his possessions. He’s a playboy, selfish, and savagely possessive of what he considers to be his. He also thinks of himself first before anyone else, but is this his true character?

DAY 21. Mikoto wakes up in her room and realizes that today is the day to decide on a partner to help her awaken as a senki and to do kabatsu with.

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As she tries to come to a decision, she finds herself distracted by a disturbance in the hallway. A group of female students are heading towards the auditorium. Mikoto asks them what they’re doing and the females, who are from the Oukagumi, explain that they don’t know why but Karakurenai-sama suddenly told them that he wishes to talk to them and that he wants all the minamo within the school to gather in the auditorium.

Mikoto blinks in confusion but then the Oukagumi member adds that it seems to be a talk about the disturbance of utsurohi during the library incident. She also heard that it has something to do with Mizuchi-sama. The girl finds it unusual to hear Karakurenai talking about Mizuchi and so she wonders what it’ll be about. Mikoto panics upon hearing that and rushes off to Karakurenai’s room. He can’t possibly be talking about…?!

She bursts into his room and calls out his name worriedly. Karakurenai makes a questioning noise and so she explains, while panting from her run, that she heard he was gathering the minamo in the auditorium right now. He smirks at that and asks if she heard it as well; the great speech that Kurenai-sama will be giving.

When she repeats the word “speech” warily, he snickers and explains that he’ll tell all the minamo to be careful because Mizuchi tried to fuck the senki candidate of the legends. Her eyes widen before she glares at him angrily and asks him why he would do that. He points out that it’s a natural directive as one of the 5 Brights. If minamo from the Oukagumi had their qualifications taken then he would be troubled.

Mikoto calls him a liar and accuses him of doing it to make people look down upon Mizuchi. She asks him why he’s going that far to corner Mizuchi like that and then yells out that he’s despicable. She tries to slap him, but he catches her hand and tells her that he won’t let that hand hit him again. Mikoto struggles and yells at him to let her go, but Karakurenai loses the smile on his face as he asks her who she thinks she is to always call him despicable.

He rhetorically asks if she thinks she isn’t dirty so long as she seduces men and then deceives them. She punches people with her “pretty” logic and then slaps them in an unpleasing way. What an arrogant person. Mikoto flinches and averts her eyes which makes him snicker and comment on how she’s a natural at feigning innocence. His voice lowers as he tells her to be honest.

Her real reason for coming here is “that”, right? The next move is hers and he wants her to try saying it. Mikoto is outraged by his implications and can only stare at him in furious silence.

IF YOU REFUSE. Mikoto snaps out that she wouldn’t ever say that and then yells out that he’s an extreme pervert. She punches him as she demands him to release her and Karakurenai grunts in surprise as he’s thrown to the floor. He snarls in pain before asking her what she thinks she’s doing. Mikoto is huffing from her exertion and she snaps back at him not to look down at her because she tried to hold herself back.

But he’s the one who is being unreasonable!! Karakurenai’s surprised expression gives way to an angry glare, but Mikoto continues on to say that if he talks about Mizuchi then she’ll tell all the girls about what Karakurenai did to her! She’ll say even worse things about him! She’ll tell them all about how despicable he is! Karakurenai closes his eyes and exhales loudly before sneering and telling her that it’s fine if she talks.

It’s of no concern to him if he has a bad reputation. Mikoto grits her teeth in anger, but then Karakurenai admits that this is the first time a minamo has directly given him, Kurenai-sama and one of the 5 Brights, a blow like this. He asks her to let him stand and she eyes him warily before giving him permission. But she adds that if he tries to do anything then she’ll punch him again. I LOVE HOW MUCH OF A BOSS MIKOTO IS BEING HERE.

He scoffs and tells her not to say such cheeky things before he stands up. Then he tells her that he’s going to go to the auditorium and tell them to breakup because he has other things to do. Her mouth drops open in surprise, but he’s not done and so he adds that an impertinent bastard like her is similar to Mizuchi. Because they’re so similar they should get as close to each other as possible.

Karakurenai leaves with a smirk on his face and Mikoto watches him go in stunned silence. She didn’t think he would withdraw so easily, but… what happened? Maybe Karakurenai isn’t that bad of a person? If that’s the case then she might have went too far. This is her first time punching a man thoughtlessly. She looks at her hands though and admits that it makes her feel satisfied. LMFAO YEP. VIOLENCE SOLVES EVERYTHING.

IF YOU BEG. Mikoto realizes that even if she’s belligerent here, it wouldn’t reach Karakurenai. Even though the things he’s saying are horrible, right now she can’t let him go to the auditorium. She has to persuade him somehow! And so Mikoto begs him not to dirty Mizuchi’s name. She tries to explain that there is a misunderstanding and on that fateful day, Mizuchi wasn’t sane. He wasn’t the Mizuchi that she knows.

She quietly pleads that Mizuchi is hurting and so she doesn’t want Karakurenai to hurt Mizuchi more than this. Karakurenai closes his eyes and complains about how irritating it is the way she goes on about Mizuchi; it’s a kill-joy. But Mikoto continues to look at him with pleading eyes and so he tells her that he’s fine with not saying anything, but there are conditions to that. She repeats the word “conditions” and so he bluntly tells her to become his woman.

_(:3」∠)_ I MISSED THIS AGGRESSIVE MAN. Mikoto’s mouth drops open at that, but Karakurenai points out that she wants to clear away Mizuchi’s dishonor, right? It’s a simple condition and if she accepts it then he won’t tell the Ouka minamo anything. She wonders if he means that he wants her to become his partner when he says that he wants her to be his woman. MIKOTO YOUR LEAP OF LOGIC ASTOUNDS ME.

But she doesn’t want to… she definitely doesn’t want to be a partner to this cruel person! But if she doesn’t accept these conditions then Mizuchi will… He’s smirking as she looks conflicted, but then she finally confirms again that he really won’t say anything about Mizuchi if she becomes his partner. Karakurenai’s voice drops as he tells her that she won’t become his partner, she’ll be his woman. But then he scoffs out that they’re the same thing anyway.

Mikoto flinches but she reluctantly gives in and tells him that she understands and she’ll become his partner. Inwardly, she really doesn’t want to but if she opposes Karakurenai here then she won’t be able to protect Mizuchi. Karakurenai smirks at this and comments on how she’s become obedient. In that case, he wants to see her proof as his possession. When she looks confused, he states bluntly 「みこと、くれなゐ様にキスしろ。」(Mikoto, kiss this Kurenai-sama).

HE HAS THIS WEIRD HABIT OF ALMOST ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF IN THIRD PERSON. She gapes at him in outrage and then promptly refuses. He points out that it’s obvious they need to kiss, but if she doesn’t want to do it then he can go right now to the auditorium. Mikoto bites her lip in frustration and wonders what she should do. She doesn’t want to kiss Karakurenai!

She wants to refuse him! She doesn’t want to touch him… no matter what. Mikoto averts her eyes which makes him scoff out that she seems to have broken down. In that case, he’ll be going then. As he leaves a smirk appears on his face, but Mikoto hurriedly stops him. He stops and turns to her with a victorious grin, especially when she tells him determinedly that she understands.

Mikoto pecks him quickly and then asks him not to head to the auditorium with this. Inwardly, she’s shocked at how cold his skin is! She only touched him but now her body feels chilled. She’s scared and all the water in her body is being pulled back. Karakurenai closes his eyes and sighs loudly before he asks her what she’s doing and if she’s an idiot. When she looks at him in confusion, he whispers out that a kiss is like this.

Karakurenai suddenly pulls her into him, which makes her yelp in surprise, and kisses her forcefully. She tries to protest but all her cries are muffled as he kisses her deeply. Finally, he releases her and whispers against her lips 「・・・はっ、どーだ、みこと・・・。震えるだろ?」(… Ha, how is it, Mikoto… You’re shivering, right?). HAGKHGHDAK THIS CG KAFDGHD THIS VOICE.. GAKDFKHJG UNF.

He tells her that this is a kiss; something that makes the heart and body ache. She tries to protest and struggle but he continues to kiss her and growl out that he’ll carve it into her; the fact that he’s a real man. In her mind, she screams out a litany of denials. This isn’t a kiss! The way it bores into her is scary!

She makes some more muffled protests but Kurenai only growls out that starting from today she absolutely won’t call out any other man’s name, apart from his own. This includes Mizuchi. He hisses out that with this she belongs to him. Mikoto finds her consciousness dimming and panics at how the water in her body is running out.

She’s cold… her body… and her heart… At this rate, she might become his. Her last thoughts are addressed to Mizuchi and wondering what she should do. She might have done something outrageous. She pleas for help in the darkness of her mind and then loses consciousness.

At night, Karakurenai recites a poem 「思ふには 忍ぶることぞまけにける 逢ふにしかへば さもあらばあれ――」(Love, the thought of you overwhelms all discretion, leaving me undone. As long as I can see you, let the world do what it will). POEM #1151 BY NARIHIRA ABOUT HIM BEING SO OBSESSED WITH A WOMAN THAT HE COULD IGNORED PROPRIETY, ETC.

He grumbles about how she dried up when they just got to this point too. He reassures her that he isn’t thirsty enough to the point of sleeping with a woman who fainted. Although, that doesn’t mean he won’t give her treatment. Karakurenai chuckles as he admits that he’ll enjoy that at least. He also tells her that she’s comfortable to hold.

It’s still alright for him to think of her as becoming his possession. Karakurenai starts to laugh as he warns Mikoto that he definitely won’t let her run away now that she’s come into his hands.

Meanwhile, back at Mikoto’s room, she thinks about how kabatsu will start tomorrow. Even she doesn’t know just what will happen. Was her choice the correct one? She shakes her head and reassures herself that she won’t regret whatever the result because she chose this road. She’ll work hard to become a senki!

DAY 22. When she falls asleep, she dreams about the Half Moon who asks if she’s Mikoto. She asks if this is the Half Moon and it’s surprised that she remembered its name. She points out that she’d remember something she met every day. It confesses that it’s happy because it can’t meet her anywhere but here. Mikoto asks what it is, but the Half Moon replies that even if it tells her, she certainly wouldn’t know that it was him.

She asks it what it means by that, but it only falls silent. Then the Half Moon warns her that the full moon is close. It is the time when the moon becomes full and fate greatly changes. But that is her trial; what she should believe in… There is only one answer. The Half Moon tells her to find her half of the moon. Mikoto tries to reach out and stop it, but she ends up waking in her bed with a gasp. Just who is it that she keeps seeing every day?

She can only hear its voice and it seems somehow nostalgic… but she can’t remember it. The Half Moon… it has a strange sound to it. Then she remembers that she needs to tell Momotose that she decided on a partner. She’s decided on a moon. Yes… she.. and that person…

Of course Momotose gasps at the news that Mikoto chose Karakurenai as her partner. It’s unexpected and she’d like to know why Mikoto chose him. Mikoto stalls for an answer because if she said that it was to protect Mizuchi’s honor then she’d make Momotose unnecessarily worried. But what should she say instead then? In the end Mikoto can only avert her eyes in silence.

But Momotose smiles gently and gives Mikoto her best regards. She also wants Mikoto to know that, whatever happens, she will be on Mikoto’s side. She advises Mikoto to hold a strong heart so as to not lose to Karakurenai’s violent disposition. Mikoto returns back to her room and thinks about the words Momotose said, but Karakurenai has already kissed her.

Then somehow, during the time that she went to Karakurenai’s room, she dried up due to the shock of being kissed. When she woke up her uniform had been stripped from her. She found herself in Karakurenai’s arms in her undergarments. During the time that she was unconscious, she had been stripped of her clothes. It doesn’t seem like anything else happened other than that, but she’s so embarrassed she wants to run away.

What has she done? Will she be able to do kabatsu in this situation? Mikoto sighs heavily because they still need to carry out the kabatsu. She still has time before they have to set out, so she thinks about practicing some more in the lecture room. Mikoto decides not to though and heads to the school gate to wait for Karakurenai, but there’s no sign of him for a long time.

It doesn’t seem like Karakurenai will come, but they have to do kabatsu today… maybe she mistook the meeting time? Mikoto’s eyes widen when she sees Karakurenai and she starts to call out his name, only to pause when she sees him surrounded by Oukagumi minamo. They’re squealing and blushing at Karakurenai. One even asks him if he won’t give her a kiss.

He tells her that he just did a few minutes ago, but the minamo tells him that she wants more and he should know that, right? Another girl intrudes though and complains that she’s next! There’s an order to this. The first girl reminds the other girl that she went out with Karakurenai yesterday night to play together. It’s unfair if she monopolizes him like that! The accused girl angrily asks what is with her tone.

But then Karakurenai tells them all not to fight. He’ll make sure to give them all some lovin’. The first girl squeals at that and praises him. Meanwhile, Mikoto is standing there in shock at the sight of this. Karakurenai asks them who wants a kiss and his voice drops to a husky tone as he asks one of the minamo. She squeals and then the two kiss. Mikoto is so astounded she can’t even speak.

They’re kissing in this place?! Mikoto finally yells out Karakurenai’s name in anger and he greets her flatly before asking her if she’d also like a kiss. Her face is red as she denies it loudly and then she reminds him that they were supposed to kabatsu. He laughs shortly at that and recalls out loud that there was supposed to be something like that today, huh. Mikoto can’t help but stare at him in shock. Could he actually have forgotten it!?

But then Karakurenai tells her bluntly that it’s troublesome and they’re canceling it. Mikoto is taken aback, but then she reminds him sternly that Onosada already gave them directions to the place they are supposed to kabatsu, didn’t he? He sneers and tells her that he doesn’t care, because he doesn’t feel like it. Mikoto can only stare at him in shocked outrage, but then one of the Oukagumi minamo ask Karakurenai if that isn’t Mizuchi’s senki candidate.

Another one asks why Mikoto is fawning on Karakurenai instead of being with her own group. In her mind, Mikoto wonders which part of their conversation had any fawning going on. Karakurenai smirks at that and then tells everyone around him to listen well before he tells them that Mikoto has become his woman. He tells them that Mikoto switched over to him from that Mizuchi bastard.

Mikoto blurts out that he’s wrong and if he speaks like that then there’ll be misunderstandings! But the minamo ignore her and ask her if that isn’t fine. When Mikoto looks confused, another one welcomes her to the Oukagumi before telling her that it’s an honor to belong to Karakurenai. Another one adds that Karakurenai makes sure to treasure his minamo… in a various ways; she giggles as she says this.

All of the girls are nodding which makes Mikoto wonder in horror if all of the minamo in the Oukagumi are like this. As if they think it’s natural to belong to Karakurenai. She decides that this won’t do and she needs to explain things properly or else there’ll be a misunderstanding. The words “switching over” will hurt Mizuchi’s honor! And so Mikoto hurriedly explains that she hasn’t become part of the Oukagumi.

She’s still enrolled as a Koukokugumi member. Karakurenai, who had closed his eyes with a smug smile, opens his eyes at this and loses all expression. But Mikoto continues on to say that she is only Karakurenai’s partner for now.. because the current situation is special. She gives Karakurenai a fierce look as she states that she hasn’t switched over. One of the girls comments on how it’s wasteful if that’s the case.

Another one pouts about how the Ouka are much better. Isn’t that right, Karakurenai-sama? When Karakurenai continues to stare at Mikoto with a stony expression, the minamo hesitantly calls out his name. But then Karakurenai grits his teeth before asking Mikoto lowly what she’s doing. Mikoto stutters out that she just said the truth, which makes Karakurenai close his eyes as he sighs heavily.

Suddenly he snarls out 「・・・・・来い。」(….. Come). HOLY FUCK. NO SERIOUSLY. LIKE HOLY SHIT GHKFS. HIS VOICE IS SO LOW AND ROUGH HERE THAT I ACTUALLY FLINCHED. UGH, IT’S SO GOOD. When Mikoto freezes at his rough voice, he yells out that he told her to come with him. She flinches at his voice but then he grabs her arm and starts to drag her away.

One of the minamo ask him where he’s going and so he pitches his voice softer as he tells them that he’ll give them some lovin’ again tomorrow. The last thing Mikoto hears are the girls squealing before she’s dragged all the way to the courtyard. His strength is so strong that it feels like her arm is being torn off and so she politely asks him to release her because it hurts.

But Karakurenai tells her lowly not to give him orders. Mikoto swallows at the look on his face, but then she yelps in surprise when he shoves her to the ground. As she winces in pain, he steps closer and asks her if she remembers what she said at that time. She asks him if he means when she agreed to become his partner. His expression twists into a snarl as he reminds her that he told her to become his woman!

Mikoto shrieks when he rips the ribbon off of her uniform and then begs him to stop. But he just growls out 「いいか、てめえのこの体、全部くれなゐ様のモンだ!」(Listen, this body of yours, all of it belongs to this Kurenai-sama!).

He adds in a voice full of rage 「くれなゐ様が欲しいときに欲しいまま・・・。さっきの桜花の水妹と同じように、好きにさせるんだよ。わかったか!」(What this Kurenai-sama wants, when he wants it… You’ll let me do as I like just like those minamo from the Ouka a while ago. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!). Mikoto can’t help but gape at him and his absurd words.

Karakurenai’s eyes are glaring at her… and it’s scary… but she can’t lose here!! If she’s washed away then she’ll become what he says. She needs to resist within the limits… once again those eyes… Mikoto squints her own eyes and holds her ground against his glare before she firmly declares that she won’t do that! Karakurenai’s glare partially decreases as he’s surprised by her words.

But Mikoto continues on to admit that she certainly did say she would become Karakurenai’s partner but that was for the sake of being a senki candidate and doing kabatsu. It wasn’t for the sake of letting him do things like these to her! Then she adds that she is a pupil of the Koukoku, no, Mizuchi’s group. She won’t become the same as the minamo of the Ouka. Karakurenai grits his teeth in anger and then closes his eyes.

His expression smooths out as he finally says darkly that he understands. Mikoto blinks in surprise and then opens her mouth, only for him to interrupt and say 「てめえには、体に覚えさせるのが一番ってことが。」(That it’s best to make your body learn it). Mikoto only has time to gasp before he forces her down with his body and kisses her roughly. In between his kiss he asks her what she’s using her tongue for against him.

Mikoto struggles and gasps at him to release her, but he rhetorically asks if he would and then kisses her over and over again while asking her how it feels. She tries to protest and then is shocked to feel him playing with her tongue. He growls out against her lips that from now on, whenever she speaks Mizuchi’s name, she’ll make it so that he won’t be taken seriously; this means he needs to give her a little scolding.

IF THIS IS A LITTLE SCOLDING.. I DON’T WANT TO SEE A LOT… OR DO I…? She struggles at this and tries to blurt out that she didn’t intend that. But he continues to kiss her deeply and so she can only beg him not to touch her. In her mind, she’s screaming out why. Why is it that anything she says to this person is useless?! She’s scared… The tongue that Karakurenai has touched… her chest… her body has become cold… She’s trembling.

Once again her consciousness is drifting far away… Mikoto weakly cries out, but Karakurenai withdraws in surprise before commenting on how her body has, once again, become cold. He tsks under his breath at how she shouldn’t dry up each and every time with just this. Mikoto finds her consciousness returning and she starts to pant heavily. She’s freezing and her head is spinning.

She bites her lip to stifle any sounds she’ll make and shakily tries to return her clothes to the way they were before, because she’s exposed. Meanwhile, Karakurenai only looks at her with a neutral expression before he finally sighs explosively about what an extremely tiresome woman she is. He can’t even enjoy her a little bit. Mikoto’s eyes dart over to him in shock.

But he continues on to tell her that it’s boring to do things to an unconscious woman. Since becoming a possession, she should please him. 「いいか。てめえは、くれなゐ様のことだけ考えろ。くれなゐ様の喜ぶことをしろ。甘え、媚びろ。それが女ってもんだ。」(Listen up. You should think only about this Kurenai-sama. You should please this Kurenai-sama. Fawn over me, flirt with me. That’s what a woman is).

Mikoto gapes and then points out that he’s just treating her like a thing then. He asks her what is wrong with that, which she is unable to answer. In her mind, she thinks he’s cruel and wonders what he thinks women are. She can’t feel any sincerity or the kindness that Mizuchi is wrapped up in from this person. This person is the worst. Karakurenai’s voice is low as he comments on how he can’t stomach those eyes of her.

She continues to stare at him though and so he sighs before hissing out that he feels disgusted. He walks off after this, leaving Mikoto to call out and ask him where he’s going but it’s too late and he’s gone. She wonders worriedly what she’s going to do about the kabatsu. It suddenly became like this… She knows that every time he touches her, the water in her body becomes as cold as ice.

Even though a relationship of reliance and trust is the most important between partners, she feels too much fear and dread towards Karakurenai. Even though she’s resolved herself, her body feels like it’s saying that it doesn’t want to become that person’s minamo. But she’s chosen her partner… what should she do…? Suddenly, she hears Himeutsugi ask her worriedly if her health is alright because her complexion is pale.

She returns to the present to see Mizuchi there as well, which startles her. She panics at the sight of him seeing her torn uniform and so she quickly excuses herself and runs off with an apology. Himeutsugi calls out worriedly, but she’s already gone. Meanwhile, Mizuchi averts his eyes and exhales quietly. Himeutsugi comments on how her behavior seems a bit strange. They passed Karakurenai a while ago and he wonders if there’s a connection there.

Mizuchi exhales shakily, but then Himeutsugi narrows his eyes as he sees Mikoto’s uniform’s ribbon on the ground. Mizuchi breathes in deeply at that before sharply expelling the breath and then walking off. Himeutsugi calls out Mizuchi’s name questioningly, but there is no answer.

At night, Mikoto fixes her shirt somehow. It was fortunate that she brought a sewing box from home. She thinks that Karakurenai is too violent… not only did he selfishly cancel the kabatsu but he also tore her clothes. She has a depressed look on her face as she places her clothes on the hangar, but then she notices that the ribbon around her throat is gone. It must have fell during that time. She’ll have to ask Momotose later on if there’s a spare.

Anyway, she turns off the light and lays down on her bed with a sigh. She hopes that Mizuchi didn’t see the conversational exchange between her and Karakurenai, but now she wonders what kind of expression she should have if they meet. After all, she’s someone who changed partners and betrayed him. She sends a plea to Mizuchi not to misunderstand. Even if Karakurenai does all those things to her, she’s still Mizuchi’s minamo.

Once again, Karakurenai recites a poem at night 「世の中に 絶えて桜のなかりせば 春の心は のどけからまし――」(Ah, if in this world there were only no such thing as cherry blossoms– then perhaps in the springtime our hearts could be at peace). POEM #53 BY NARIHIRA.


Karakurenai mumbles about how irritated he is and wonders what Mikoto’s problem is. Women, every last one of them, always have faces of irresistibly wanting to sleep with him. It’s natural that they should be happy. In the end, she dried up again… is she making fun of him? What kind of kaei causes minamo to dry up? His voice is low as he warns her that the compensation for this is high. She’ll have to repay it fully with her body.

DAY 23. Onosada asks Karakurenai and Mikoto if they understand the reason they were called to him. Mikoto nods glumly and Onosada sighs as he scolds them about neglecting their kabatsu. What are they doing? She apologizes deeply at that. But Onosada continues to tell her that this isn’t a game and that the road to her becoming a senki is connected to her also being expelled. He wants her to be more serious.

She nods in shame and tells him she understands. Onosada suddenly tells Karakurenai that this includes him too. He’s free to gallivant about, but when it comes time to do things he should do them. If he doesn’t, he won’t get credit in school and it is unheard of for one of the 5 Brights to repeat a year. Karakurenai interrupts and tells him that he’s annoying and he’ll figure something out even if he repeats a year.

Onosada merely rolls his eyes and calls him an inexperienced idiot. He sighs as he complains about how this is why he’s annoyed by children. He orders them to do it properly today because he doesn’t want to be shouted at by the higher-ups and then he shoos them out of his lecture room. Mikoto exits the room with a strained look; the teacher is right and she has to hold her sense of responsibility and do kabatsu.

And so she looks at Karakurenai and points out needlessly that they have kabatsu today. He just shrugs and asks her if he should care. Her mouth drops open before she asks him exasperatedly if he heard that conversation. Even Onosada talked about it and so they have to do the kabatsu. But Karakurenai yawns and tells her that they still have time before it’s night and he’s going to take an afternoon nap in the greenhouse.

He slowly walks off but she yells out his name in frustration. When he pauses, she tells him that he can’t and they need to do kabatsu today. He merely shuts his eyes in annoyance and snaps out that she’s annoying. He doesn’t feel like it. She can only stare at him in shock at how he won’t do it simply because he’s not in the mood. Karakurenai didn’t have any intentions of doing kabatsu in the first place!

She realizes that he was satisfied simply to show contempt for Mizuchi. He has no interest in her or the senki, because to him she’s simply a thing. Mikoto looks away before telling him quietly that she understands. Then she tells him that she’ll do kabatsu by herself. Karakurenai raises an eyebrow and asks her what she’s saying, because there’s no way she can… He shouts out in surprise when she stomps off.

In her mind, she snaps out that she doesn’t know that person anymore! She can’t rely on him anymore. She’ll go do kabatsu even if she’s alone. She doesn’t know what to do but… it’s better than not going. To kabatsu! Anyway, some time later she finds herself in the Chuuouku of Goto-gai. She really came here by herself and she can see the whole air of the town stagnating.

She used to come here to shop with Ai in the past, but the atmosphere of that time was different.. it must be because she’s become a minamo. The air is stickily coiling around her and her body is reacting as if it were being dirtied. Mikoto wonders what this feeling is because it makes her disgusted. She decides to turn back but then she hears snickering. She startles, especially when she feels the presence of taint.

But then something starts to cackle about how there’s a smell; a sweet sexy smell! Mikoto turns around and then stiffens at the sight of a shadowy humanoid. It cackles when it realizes that the smell is the smell of a senki. She notices that it resembles the utsurohi, but as it yells out that it’ll take her she realizes that it is more than that. It shrieks out that it’ll taint that pretty body of hers and dirty it.

Its hatred is shiver-inducing and she realizes in horror that this must be an Adabana. Suddenly it screeches out that it’ll tear up her skin to pieces and then starts to howl with laughter. Mikoto screams in fright and runs away. In her mind, she keeps chanting about how scared she is as the Adabana chases after her with a cackle and yells at her to wait. Mikoto screams again, but then the Adabana shrieks with pain as something pierces it.

Mikoto turns to see where it came from and then gasps out Mizuchi’s name in surprise. His face is deadly serious as he asks her if she’s unharmed and she hurriedly nods. Then he demands her to Hana Awase, which makes her eyes widen but then she agrees determinedly. Mizuchi sets up his field and then unleashes it. They soundly defeat the Adabana and it crumples to the ground with a shriek of agony.

She’s panting from exhaustion as she realizes that they’ve won, but then her eyes widen at the sight of the Adabana withering and disappearing. It was human just a little while ago… She made it wither and even though it was an Adabana it had its own consciousness. For it to disappear this quickly, what is an Adabana? It’s similar to a human yet not… a sad, tainted existence.

Suddenly Mizuchi asks her, once again, if she’s injured. She reassures him shakily that she isn’t and then thanks him gratefully for saving her. But Mizuchi stiffly tells her that, officially, he isn’t her partner and so he would ask her for forgiveness for breaking the rules even though it was necessary in the emergency. Mikoto protests to that and points out that she would have been in great trouble if he weren’t here.

No matter how much she thanks him it won’t be enough. Then she asks him curiously as to why he was in Goto-gai. Mizuchi averts his eyes at this and exhales slowly before he tells her quietly that he thought to return this to her. Mikoto realizes that he returned her uniform’s ribbon to her. It dropped when Karakurenai pushed her down and Mizuchi picked it up?!

He averts his eyes again and informs her that he didn’t intend to follow her after that, but when he saw that she was heading to Goto-gai alone then he followed after her in concern. Mikoto realizes slowly that Mizuchi was worried about her. He looks back at her and admits that he’s glad she’s safe. She can only say his name quietly with wide eyes because he’s staring frankly at her.

And Mikoto recalls how Mizuchi has always gazed at her like this and supported her. Even though their partners have changed, this hasn’t changed. She finds herself feeling, to such a kind and warm person, that she… Her voice is shaky as she addresses him and tries to confess something, but then her arm is grabbed and she’s pulled towards Karakurenai, who has a vicious expression.

When she blurts out his name in surprise he only closes his eyes and sighs shortly. Then he tells Mizuchi not to come any closer than that. Mizuchi clenches his teeth but doesn’t respond and so Mikoto tries to explain to Karakurenai that he’s mistaken. She was attacked by an Adabana and Mizuchi saved her, but Karakurenai shouts at her to shut up. Mikoto is horrified when he throws a punch at Mizuchi after that.

She screams out Mizuchi’s name when Karakurenai steps on his head. She asks him worriedly if he’s alright, but Mizuchi only grits his teeth before requesting her not to come any closer. When she only looks at him in confusion, he explains that he broke the rules and did Hana Awase with her. This is a natural punishment. Mikoto protests to that, but Karakurenai cuts in and sneers at Mizuchi’s pretty pretentious statement.

He calls Mizuchi a filthy bastard thief! He stomps on Mizuchi’s head and Mikoto screams at him to stop because he’s being too cruel. But Karakurenai informs her that she’s included too. She has some nerve to Hana Awase with another man when she’s his woman. Mikoto defends herself by saying that this is because he didn’t want to do kabatsu and then, once again, she tells him that Mizuchi saved her when she was attacked.

Karakurenai asks her lowly if this was when she united with him too. She nods at that. GURL THIS IS NOT HOW YOU CALM A POSSESSIVE PERSON DOWN. He sneers and asks her if she’s trying to test him… or make fun of him. She denies it and then asks him what he means by testing him. But Karakurenai merely stomps down on Mizuchi again, which causes Mizuchi to grunt out in pain.

Mikoto screams out his name again while Karakurenai snarls out that he hates, above everything else, people who make a move on his woman. He stomps down again and Mizuchi coughs out blood. Mikoto can only stare in horror as Karakurenai continues to stomp on Mizuchi while laughing cruelly. He tells her to look at that sorry sight, but she only begs for him to stop. This is too cruel…

Karakurenai merely sneers and tells her that she’s also annoying. Even when she’s a possession, she still throws other men amorous glances. Mikoto tells him that she wasn’t doing that, but her words are cut off when he suddenly grips her face and kisses her harshly. Mizuchi blurts out Mikoto’s name in horror and Mikoto is shocked to be kissed right in front of Mizuchi. She doesn’t want to be seen!

And so she struggles and yells at him to let her go, but Karakurenai only snickers and admits that he wants to sleep with her right now, but he would also find it interesting if she became a senki. Because, at any rate, Mizuchi wasn’t able to awaken the great senki candidate. Mizuchi can only breathe harshly against the ground. And so Karakurenai informs her that they’ll do kabatsu.

He will do things that this virgin bastard couldn’t do, like making her a senki and doing things to her as a woman. Mikoto is horrified at how cruel he is, but then she finds her consciousness fading again. Her last thoughts are a plea for someone to come and save her. She doesn’t want this… someone help!

Mikoto wakes up in her room at night and finds Momotose there, who is glad to see Mikoto awake since she was worried. She explains that Karakurenai carried Mikoto back after she dried up in the middle of kabatsu. Mikoto is shocked to hear that, but Momotose continues on to say that they gave her treatment but she wouldn’t open her eyes which worried her. She’s glad that Mikoto is unharmed though. Mikoto apologizes for worrying her.

Momotose looks at her worriedly and points out that, lately, her complexion hasn’t been great. Has something happened? Mikoto only looks down in silence before she finally tells Momotose that nothing happened. Momotose doesn’t look convinced, but she only tells Mikoto to value her body because drying up consumes her physical strength. She would like Mikoto to rest slowly.

Mikoto gives her a small smile and then wishes her good night. After Momotose leaves the room, Mikoto apologizes to her in her head. If she talks to her about what Karakurenai has done then she’ll surely worry. Mikoto breathes out heavily because her body feels heavy and dizzy. It’s certainly true that she’s dried up countless of times now. Though when Mizuchi circulated her water, she recovered immediately.

But right now her partner isn’t Mizuchi, it’s Karakurenai. It’s her fault that Mizuchi suffered through something like that and she has to do things properly. Karakurenai is… scary. But she mustn’t become weak after becoming his partner because she’s the one who decided on being partners. She has to accept him properly. Karakurenai said that they were to do kabatsu and so she has no choice but to believe in those words and work hard. She has to be more level-headed.

At night, Karakurenai recites a poem 「月やあらぬ春や昔の春ならぬ 我が身ひとつはもとの身にして――。」(Is this not the moon, this spring not as in those days springtime used to be– while I alone linger on, just what I have always been). POEM #747 BY NARIHIRA ABOUT HOW EVERYTHING FEELS CHANGED NOW THAT THE WOMAN HE LOVES IS GONE; EVEN THE UNCHANGING MOON AND SPRING FEEL CHANGED.

He starts to cackle and wonders out loud if Mikoto saw it; the look on Mizuchi’s mug when he kissed her. Mizuchi had such wide eyes that even now makes him want to strike him some more. Karakurenai snickers at the sad sight that Mizuchi made. His voice is a low snarl as he promises to give her a lot of love as a senki candidate that has caught his interest. He’ll make it so that she can’t live without him!

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem as well 「あはれあはれこの世はよしやさもあらば あれ来む世もかくや苦しかるべき――。」(I care not what suffering I go through in this world, but will the next life be just as painful?). POEM #710 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. IT’S SO HARD TO FIND PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATIONS OF SAIGYO’S WORKS SO YOU’LL HAVE TO BEAR WITH MINE /)_(\.

He apologizes to Mikoto for making her suffer through that painful experience. Everything is his fault. It was because he acted in a way that he should not have to her, when he was her partner, that he caused her pain. He growls out that he cannot forgive Karakurenai for acting in such a heartless way to her. He finds him repulsive! Suddenly, Mizuchi has to clench his teeth to muffle his cries of pain.

Mizuchi wonders weakly what he should do. Even though he took the medicine, he can’t control his emotions. He can’t suppress the feelings and sensations that are welling up. He breathes out harshly 「大丈夫だ・・・まだ、幻月は・・・ある。目覚めたくない。恐ろしい、血の運命に・・・。」(It’s still alright… the crescent moon… is still there. I don’t want to awaken. It’s frightening… the fate of this blood…).


DAY 24. Mikoto wakes up feeling really sleepy. She needs to get up but her body feels sluggish. She yawns and recalls how she didn’t get much sleep at night. But she shakes her head and scolds herself for saying something spoiled, she has things she needs to do. And so she forces herself up but then she realizes how she hasn’t seen the dream about the Half Moon lately. Why is that?

Then she sees the ribbon that Mizuchi picked up for her. She hopes he isn’t injured. It was her fault that he had such a cruel thing done to him. Even if she apologizes, the apology wouldn’t cut it. Mikoto sighs and wonders how she should face him next time. She starts to walk to school but groans inwardly at how painful it is to simply do this. Her physical strength has dropped considerably.

Mikoto, who had been looking up at the sky, looks back down on the path only to freeze in surprise when she sees Iroha. He stares at her in silence without any expression. She can’t help but notice that the air seems to be glittering around him and it doesn’t seem to be from the morning sun… is this his aura? She’s amazed by how dazzling he is even though he’s only walking.

But even up to now she still doesn’t understand what kind of person Iroha is. It’s a strange feeling. But she still walks up to him to greet him and give him a smile. He only stares back at her in silence before he finally states that he heard it from Momotose, and then he orders her to open her mouth. Mikoto blinks in confusion but hesitantly obeys him. She yelps in surprise when he shoves something into her mouth.

(ㅎ.ㅎ) MOGU MOGU. She quickly starts to chew and it seems to be something soft and sweet… is this a marshmallow?! He declares that it’s suitable and she should eat these. Mikoto looks inside the paper bag that she is handed and sees a ton of marshmallows. Could it be that Iroha… for her sake…? She beams at him and agrees; only for him to stuff another marshmallow into her mouth in a flash.

She tries to thank him with her mouth full but he has already walked off, and she blinks in surprise. He’s quick when leaving and she doesn’t even know when he wasn’t there. She swallows the marshmallow in her mouth and recalls how something like this happened before too. It somehow seems like she’s being fed by Iroha…

Anyway, during class Mikoto asks the class representative to teach her. The class rep is surprised that she has another question but tells her to ask something within the range that she knows. Mikoto tells her that she wants to know about Karakurenai of the Oukagumi. The class rep seems a bit surprised and so Mikoto explains that she wants to know what kind of person he is.

The class rep admits that she doesn’t want to say this loudly, but he drips with women. He’s greatly different from Mizuchi. She also heard that he thinks of himself as number one and if he isn’t noticed as being the best then his temper becomes bad. It’s also said that he skips his classes and only takes the Ouka minamo out to play in Goto-gai. Mikoto repeats the name of the city curiously, but the class rep shushes her.

She tells Mikoto that Mizuchi hates that place and so she shouldn’t speak about it. But then she adds that Karakurenai’s grades are always at the top of the class though. Even though he always skips the class on Kasen, he doesn’t lose his matches. There’s untactful rumors about how he’s even stronger than Iroha. Mikoto muses on how she hasn’t seen Karakurenai Hana Awase yet.

The class rep informs her that Karakurenai only does Hana Awase when he feels like it and so his real strength is uncertain. Mikoto hums in thought, which makes the class rep point out that it’s because Karakurenai has such confidence in himself that it’s only appropriate he has the strength. She starts to blush as she admits that she prefers Mizuchi though because of that stoic nature…

She suddenly freaks out when she notices what she’s saying and claims that this is disgraceful! This conversation is over. Mikoto is surprised when she suddenly leaves. Anyway, Mikoto is left with thoughts on how Karakurenai fights. After classes, she walks through the hallways as she tries to find Karakurenai… but he isn’t around. She sighs and then wonders out loud what she should do.

Someone raps her on the head and she yelps in pain. It turns out to be Onosada who asks her what she’s doing. She explains that she’s searching for Karakurenai, which makes Onosada raise his eyebrows before he informs her that Karakurenai left to go out a while ago with an Ouka minamo. Mikoto gapes at that because they promised to meet, yet he went ahead first!

Onosada notices the look on her face and asks her why she’s like that. Before this, they both kept on neglecting their duty and they weren’t doing well anyway. Mikoto averts her eyes in shame, which makes him scold her for having such a stormy expression. Boys won’t approach her like that and she should smile. When Mikoto continues to look away glumly, he purses his lips in thought.

And then leans in and states 「・・・ス・マ・イ・ル!」(.. S-mi-le!). Mikoto shrieks in surprise, because she had been lost in thoughts, and tells him to stop peering into her face because her heart was unprepared…! But he only smiles at her and tells her to try smiling while looking into his eyes. Her mouth drops open at his subject change, but then she refuses because it’s embarrassing and she wants him to stop teasing her.

He hums in thought but continues to stare straight at her. Mikoto’s face is red with embarrassment as she tries to stare back, but then she gives him a weak smile and asks him if this is enough. She inwardly winces at her poor smile because she’s forcing it. But Onosada grins and tells her that she passes. He advises her to smile like she is now when she hits a wall. When she’s troubled, she should be troubled. When she’s laughing, she should be laughing.

And then she should forget everything after that. Mikoto asks him in surprise if it’s alright to forget about the troubling things. He nods and points out that there’s no way a kid can get the right answer from the start. She shouldn’t try to stretch herself beyond her limits and she should do the things within her reach. Mikoto narrows her eyes and points out that it sounds like he’s implying she’s overextending herself.

Onosada tells her that he is while calling her an honors student. Then he gets a glint in his eyes and flips up her skirt to comment on how her panties are a boring white as usual. Mikoto shrieks and then punches him in the face, which makes him groan out that she should be fine if she can throw out a punch like that. He gives a nasally laugh while he covers the place on his face where she punched him.

In the end, the kabatsu was neglected today as well. In preparation for tomorrow’s kabatsu, Mikoto wonders if she should train. But she decides not to and returns to her room in the evening where she decides to find Karakurenai tomorrow before he can run away. They will be going to kabatsu. I BELIEVE THERE’S A SMALL ERROR HERE WHERE THEY REPEAT DAY 24 LMFAO. OR MORE LIKE TOMORROW IS ALSO DAY 24. GROUNDHOG LOOP!

DAY 24. Mikoto finishes her classes and reminds herself that it’s time for kabatsu now. She has to find Karakurenai before he isn’t here. She’s sure she wouldn’t be able to find him if she searched Goto-gai, and if she goes alone then it’ll end up like that time again. Mikoto gasps out Mizuchi’s name in surprise when she sees him in the hallway, but he doesn’t respond.

Her expression falls as she wonders what she should do. She wants to call out to him and ask about how he is and if he’s unharmed. But if she talks to him and then is found by Karakurenai… Mizuchi breathes out quietly while Mikoto averts her eyes. She can only greet him with all her might. This is the only thing she can do right now… she can’t cause trouble for Mizuchi.

She orders herself to pull herself together and meet Karakurenai. But where is he… in his room? She knocks on his door and introduces herself, but there’s no answer. She wonders if he isn’t there, but then she hears a giggle. She can hear a person’s voice in the room… Mikoto knocks again and asks firmly if Karakurenai is there and if she can open the door. Suddenly the door opens though and Mikoto’s mouth drops open when a Ouka minamo apologizes to her coquettishly.

The minamo walks off while Mikoto stares in shock because the girl had her clothes and hair disheveled. Mikoto grits her teeth and reminds herself to endure it. Whatever the two did inside is none of her business. She tells herself that she mustn’t falter, because she decided to work hard. And so she enters into his room and straight out requests for him to come and do kabatsu.

Karakurenai closes his eyes with a harsh sigh before he tells her that she wasn’t cute at all. She narrows her eyes in confusion, and so he explains 「もっと、可愛くおねだりしろ。大好きな唐紅様、花伐にいきましょう~ってなあ?」(Beg me more cutely. Something like “Let’s go kabatsu~, oh lovely Karakurenai-sama”). Mikoto asks in outrage who would say something like that.

But then she grits her teeth as she realizes that she can’t oppose him here. In her mind, she growls out that she won’t lose! And so she scrunches up her face and manages to ask him cutely to come kabatsu with her. But he tells her that there wasn’t enough sexiness in it and she has to do it again. She glares furiously at him before she plasters on a smile and a wink and repeats the sentence.

Mikoto inwardly winces when she fumbles her words. Karakurenai laughs at how uncool that was which makes Mikoto tell him not to laugh because she was serious! But he continues to laugh until he gasps out that for the time being, as a reward for her saying it, he’ll go. He trails off into more snickers. Mikoto is vexed by how he’s laughing so hard that he has to hold his stomach.

But it looks like his mood is unusually good. With this, they might actually do kabatsu… Karakurenai gives her a sharp grin as he collects himself and orders her to come with him because they’re going. She quickly obeys him, but as they walk through the hallway she has to ask him to stop touching her waist. Everyone is looking!

Karakurenai calls her an idiot and tells her to let them see; he’s letting it be known that she’s his possession. She growls in her mind at him. Unbeknownst to them Mizuchi, who was watching the two, inhales deeply and then releases a shaky breath.

Anyway, Mikoto finds herself back at Goto-gai and she’s nervous. Karakurenai looks completely fine, but he comes here often. She looks down at her notes and confirms that the point Onosada told them to kabatsu is certainly around… but Karakurenai tells her that they don’t need that thing. This city is humming with Adabana and any one of them is fine. He advises her to stop being sluggish because they’re going to put them all together and mow them down.

Mikoto blinks in confusion and asks him what he means by putting them all together… He smirks and tells her that it’s simple. He’s going to call them all one after another to this place with her. Mikoto’s eyes widen when he starts to set up his field. He calls out 「フィールド生成完了!見とけ!これがくれなゐ様の舞台だ!」(Field creation; complete! Watch! This is Kurenai-sama’s stage!).

They defeat two Adabana in a row and Mikoto is left panting at how sudden the consecutive battles were. Is kabatsu this hard!? Karakurenai isn’t tired at all and in fact has an unconcerned expression. Besides, she’s also amazed at how strong he is. Even though his opponent was an Adabana, he didn’t even move an eyebrow as he defeated them. She was simply supporting him but it took all of her strength.

He’s grinning as he shouts out that his interest has increased now. He wants to go to the next! Mikoto’s eyes widen before she asks him hesitantly if they could stop here for today. He narrows his eyes and points out that she was the one who wanted to kabatsu and as a senki candidate she shouldn’t say such careless things. She flinches at that and then determinedly tells him that she’ll continue then.

Karakurenai smirks at that and then starts to lead her to the next. Mikoto nods but for some reason she finds his voice coming from a distance. Why… she can only let out a small gasp as she faints. The last thing she hears is Karakurenai calling out her name. But there is no response and so then he worriedly tries to get her to respond.

The next time Mikoto wakes up she finds herself in an unfamiliar room. Then she jerks when she finds herself in her undergarments. She turns her head to the site and yelps out Karakurenai’s name in horror, but he’s sleeping peacefully beside her. Mikoto tries to remember what happened to her… they were certainly doing kabatsu.. then her vision turned black..

Where is this place? She’s on a bed in a locked room.. and Karakurenai is sleeping beside her.. Could it be…!? Mikoto tells herself to calm down because her undergarments are still on properly.. it should be fine.. definitely.. probably.. This happened before.. why did he remove her clothes? Karakurenai continues to snore beside her and Mikoto can’t help but turn to look at him. This is the first time she’s able to carefully look at him like this.

He’s a handsome person with a lot of elegance. She can’t see any hint of him being that vulgar person. When he sleeps he looks a little young, though she can still see that he’s older than her. Like this, nothing weird should happen… right? But then Karakurenai blearily opens his eyes and mumbles out her name questioningly. She blurts out his name in surprise and then points out that she collapsed again.

He breathes out heavily and then closes his eyes before softly calling her an idiot. He chides her quietly and tells her to inform him properly when her body is tired. His voice is almost gentle as he says 「ったく、てめえは甘えるのがヘタなんだ。くれなゐ様の前ではもっと素直になれ。」(Geez, you’re bad at relying on someone. Be more honest in front of this Kurenai-sama).

_(:3」∠)_ HE’S SUCH A MOEBLOB HERE OMFG AKDGJHGH. Mikoto bites her lip before she apologizes quietly. He grunts in amusement before he tells her to come closer and get held. She freezes at that which makes him tell her tiredly not to stiffen her body and relax more. She admits that she’s nervous and then tries to protest that any more than this and she’ll…

Karakurenai murmurs that he won’t do anything, before he scoffs and admits that he doesn’t feel like it. She’s glad upon hearing that, but then he hesitantly tells her that in exchange he wants to smell her scent. She repeats his words in surprise and he confirms that there’s this extremely inexplicable scent coming from her body… He inhales deeply and murmurs that it’s sweet.

She stutters out that it tickles, but he whispers to her to endure it and then breathes in again. She can’t help but think he’s like a large dog with the way he’s sniffing her with his nose. Then she recalls that the chairman said the same thing.. does she really have that smell?

He suddenly murmurs 「・・・この匂い、すげえ興奮して、いまにも抱いちまいたくなんのに。はぁ・・・っ、なんでだろな・・。前と同じだ、クソッ・・・。」(… This smell, makes me so aroused, yet even though I want to sleep with you right now.. Haa… I wonder why that is… It’s the same as before, shit…).

Mikoto looks at him in confusion but he only tells her quietly that she can never leave his side. This scent and her body… all of it belongs to him. She’s silent at that before she finally asks him what a “thing” is. He doesn’t answer but he starts to frown. She continues though to inform him that she thinks a “thing” doesn’t have a heart. She asks him again if what he wants is the body. This would mean that he wouldn’t have the heart.

He exhales loudly before he tells her it’s annoying and she doesn’t need to think about that stuff. Mikoto tries to protest, but he closes his eyes and whispers at her to be silent and just… let him hold her like this. She becomes quiet and inwardly wonders why she has the feeling that she shouldn’t object to him right now. Because for some reason… he seems to be very desolate.

Karakurenai starts to softly breathe in and out and she notices that he’s fallen asleep. Then she realizes that even though he’s touching her, she isn’t drying up… why is that? Right now, she isn’t scared of Karakurenai even though she’s this close to him. Besides… she doesn’t dislike this… defenseless expression. Now that she’s relaxed she feels kind of sleepy and so she decides to sleep for a bit as well.

At night, among the bustle of Goto-gai, Karakurenai recites a poem 「見ずもあらず 見もせぬ人の恋しくは あやなく今日や ながめくらさむ――」(Mastered by desire for one I have neither seen nor failed to see, must I now helplessly spend my days staring and sighing?). POEM #476 BY NARIHIRA.

He remarks on how she’s a tentative senki candidate. Up until now, there hasn’t been anyone who could accompany him like that by themselves. He’ll give her praise for that. But she’s a huge idiot. If she’s tired then he wants her to tell him properly. Once again he’s stuck with nursing her. He exhales heavily and then murmurs that it’s the same as that time.

Her clothes had been taken off and he thought about doing something to her… but his hand stopped. Why is that? It should be fine… He curses sharply. Then he growls out lowly that, in the end, she’s really annoying.

DAY 25. Himeutsugi is at the gates and he notes that it’s 5AM. He might have arrived a bit early even if it is morning practice. No one seems to have come yet… but then he’s surprised when he sees Mikoto and Karakurenai further in the distance. What are they doing at this time?! In the bushes, Mizuchi inhales sharply at the same sight. Himeutsugi’s eyes narrow in worry as he wonders what this means.

Back at her room, Mikoto yawns at how nicely she slept. It looks like she’s not tired at all and she’s glad for that. With this she can do kabatsu, for the first time, perfectly ready. Momotose knocks on her door and enters before greeting Mikoto and then she smiles as she sees that Mikoto looks healthy today. Mikoto greets her back before apologizing for making her worry, but she’s fine now.

Momotose tells her that she was pleased to and then asks Mikoto if she’s used to kabatsu now. Mikoto sheepishly admits that they’ve only just started but she was surprised by how strong Karakurenai is at Kasen. Momotose confirms that he is strong and he is one of the greatest players in Kaen… that is when he feels like it. She also reveals that he’s so strong, one minamo isn’t enough for him.

Mikoto blinks in surprise at that, but Momotose continues on to explain that the minamo who are able to support Karakurenai’s prodigious strength are rare. Because of that, he hasn’t decided on a particular minamo yet. All the minamo alternate on who offers him strength to cover the cost of his strength. That’s why it is said that he has a lot of minamo to serve him. Mikoto didn’t know that.

Is this why Karakurenai gives his minamo equal love? But she mumbles that his way of appreciating them is a bit… Momotose asks her to repeat herself since she didn’t hear it, but Mikoto hurriedly blurts out that it was nothing. But then Momotose advises her that Karakurenai doesn’t understand any limits, so she needs to tell him properly if he’s doing reckless things during kabatsu.

Mikoto smiles and promises to be careful. It’s true that because she didn’t keep a watch on her own strength, she collapsed. She needs to tell him when she can’t carry on. After her classes, Mikoto tries to recall the time that she is supposed to meet with Karakurenai but then the class representative stutters out to Mikoto that once again someone has come to see her. She looks really flustered.

It turns out to be Himeutsugi! He apologizes for coming to her class and then asks if she has time to spare. Mikoto hurriedly nods, but she’s confused as to why he’s calling her out. Did something happen? The two of them go to the courtyard, where he stares at her with a troubled silence. She can’t help but notice that his expression is gloomy. Then he suddenly reveals to her that lately Mizuchi has been acting strange.

He explains that every day, Mizuchi secludes himself in his own room but then he’ll unexpectedly leave. This is the first time he’s seen Mizuchi like that. Moreover, something happened that he’s a bit worried about. She tilts her head at that, and then he asks her bluntly if she didn’t return early in the morning lately. Mikoto gasps at that and then realizes that he must mean when she and Karakurenai stayed at the hotel for that one night.

Nothing happened during that time.. but if she says that they stayed overnight together then there will certainly be a misunderstanding. She averts her eyes, but Himeutsugi only smiles sadly and apologizes for speaking too far. She apologizes back to him quietly as well. But then he informs her that Mizuchi was born into a family with a strict guard and he’s the most strict with himself.

Because he is strict, there are things that he’s locked up inside. He reveals to her that while Mizuchi looks composed, he’s actually an emotional person. One could say that he is unskilled at preserving the balance of his feelings, or that he worries too much.. Mikoto is struck with worry and so Himeutsugi apologizes for causing her pain by saying these things. That’s why what he’s going to say next is going to be to himself.

Mizuchi has been asked by the chairmen to tend the plants in the greenhouse, once every week, alone at night. And today is that day. Mikoto repeats his words in confusion until realization dawns on her, but Himeutsugi just laughs softly and tells her that the flowers of the night are beautiful. He excuses himself with a goodbye, leaving Mikoto to think about how Himeutsugi secretly told her this.. a place where she can talk to Mizuchi with just the two of them.

It’s her fault that Mizuchi has become like that. It’s because she hurt him.. She wants to talk to him properly. She wants to talk and clear up misunderstandings. Tonight she’ll go to the greenhouse. Anyway, she hurries to meet with Karakurenai and they head to Goto-gai where they defeat rounds of Adabana. After a while, Karakurenai cancels his field with a fierce grin and decides that today’s kabatsu is done with this.

Mikoto takes this time to catch her breath. She’s glad it’s over and she somehow managed to keep up. Karakurenai looks as composed as usual while she’s completely exhausted. She might have overdone it.. Karakurenai smirks smugly and comments on how he hasn’t had enough destroying things yet. Shall they do one more dozen? Mikoto’s jaw drops in horror at that amount.

She hurriedly blurts out that it’s impossible and she wants to stop here. He frowns as he notices that her pace is already staggering and then he sighs, but it can’t be helped. She winces and apologizes, but Karakurenai gives her a smirk and admits that she has guts though before he tosses her something. Mikoto blinks when she takes it and sees that it’s gum.

He informs her that it’s her reward for keeping up and she should be thankful. She thanks him with surprise and then wonders if he knew she was tired. Karakurenai has some kind spots, huh. She’ll take it without reservation then. It tastes like soda and Mikoto wonders if he seems to unexpectedly like cute things… She takes one strip. Only to yelp when something shocks her.

What is this!? It looks like gum but it’s actually a toy? Karakurenai bursts out laughing at how she was tricked by something for kids. She glares at him and then calls him mean. He promptly replies that the one who was tricked is at fault and she’s too easy. In her mind, Mikoto withdraws her previous statement about him being nice. He frowns and asks her why she’s sulking.

Mikoto snaps back that she isn’t sulking at all. But he sighs and hands her a real piece of gum before telling her to eat it. Her eyes widen in surprise and then she thinks about how if she refuses it here then once again she’ll be drawn into his pace. In that case… she stuffs it into her mouth and thanks him. But then he smirks and murmurs huskily 「じゃあ、こっちもいただき。」(Well, I’ll also have a bite).

He steals a kiss from her and she stares at him in shock as he whispers that she tastes just like him. Mikoto splutters as she turns bright red before she finally asks him angrily why he’s always doing things like this. He replies with a mean grin 「あー?決まってんだろ、んあモン・・・。」(Ah? Isn’t that obvious, that kind of thing…) but then he cuts himself off with a troubled expression.

Mikoto calls out his name questioningly, but he closes his eyes as he struggles for words. He finally spits out 「からかいやすいからだよ。ばぁか!」(You’re too easy to tease. Idiot!). TOO ADORABLE.. I CAN’T.. ADKGJHGFH ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ HE’S THE KIND OF BOY WHO PULLS ON THE HAIR OF THE GIRL HE LIKES. He smirks at her and walks off, leaving Mikoto to yell out that he’s mean again.

She’s exasperated by him but, for an instant, she felt as if his words were caught. Maybe it was just her imagination. The two of them wait for the crosswalk and Karakurenai’s shifts awkwardly before he asks her hesitantly 「なあ、てめえ・・・。俺様と、ずっと昔に会ったことねえか?」(Hey, you… We haven’t met before in the past, right?). FIRST TIME HE USES ORE-SAMA GDKFJFHSKGH.

Mikoto is surprised by his question but replies that she doesn’t think they have. Karakurenai murmurs 「・・・ま、俺も記憶ねえし。違うか。」(… Well, I don’t have a memory of it either. Guess I was wrong). She wonders what that was all about.

At night, she receives a message from Karakurenai on her cellphone. He tells her that the taste of her today wasn’t bad. He asks her to let him eat her again some time. Mikoto eyes the phrasing of the words and how this message invites misunderstandings. She realizes that she should reply though because Karakurenai seems to be the type who would be angry if he doesn’t get a response immediately.

She replies back by thanking him for working hard today and she looks forward to working with him tomorrow. She sends that message with a nod of satisfaction before checking the time. It’s 10PM and the Kasen should have no one around. She’ll slip out after turning off the lights in her dorm and though she feels shy, she wants to meet Mizuchi no matter what today.

Mikoto promises to return immediately after she sneaks out. She also remembers to bring something that she made a while ago. It’s still warm which relieves her. She decides to leave before it gets cold. Mikoto walks through the dark hallways and then tries the door to the greenhouse. It’s unlocked which relieves her since that means Mizuchi is really in there. She opens the door and slips in.

The greenhouse at night is pleasantly cool. It’s a little scary but also a bit mysterious somehow.. She wonders if Mizuchi is deeper inside. But suddenly he calls out and asks who is there. Mikoto shrieks in surprise and then stutters out that she was told Mizuchi tended to the flowers. He steps out into her sight and informs her that no one can enter this place without permission and he would ask for her to leave.

She flinches at that and apologizes quietly before telling him that she’ll return home. But before that she would like him to have this. She made some hot sandwiches for him because she thought he might be hungry. He exhales quietly, but she isn’t deterred and tells him with a sad smile that if it would please him, she would like him to eat them while they’re still warm.

Mikoto excuses herself quietly but, before she can leave, he informs her that he doesn’t think he can eat this amount since he generally eats little. When she turns back to him in surprise, he asks her politely to help him. He’ll inform the chairmen himself about this later. She repeats his words in slight shock, but then beams happily at him and agrees. Anyway, the two of them sit down and she explains that she created two kinds.

There is one with cheese and ham and the other is tomato and chicken. There’s also fruits to cleanse their mouth. Mizuchi has a small smile as he watches her and then he comments on what a luxury this is before politely digging in. She smiles back even though she’s inwardly nervous about him eating her food. As she watches him take a bite, she hesitantly asks him how it is.

He’s silent with a closed eye as he chews it and swallows, which makes Mikoto ask him worriedly if it doesn’t meet his taste. But Mizuchi opens his eye and smiles before telling her that it’s delicious. She expresses her relief at that and then he comments on how she seems to be able to cook. She nods and explains that, before she came to Kaen, she cooked every day at home.

She can’t really make elaborate things, but it’s her specialty to be able to create something within a small amount of ingredients. Mizuchi notes that there is the taste of herbs in the chicken. Mikoto reveals that she used a bit of basil in it and the cheese was smoked; this would make it smell good. She also brought along black tea and she pours some in a cup to hand to him.

The entire time she’s talking, Mizuchi is watching her with a smile that turns painful. Mikoto finally notices his troubled expression and she says his name worriedly. But then he comments on how she has something to talk about, doesn’t she. She’s taken aback before she admits, with a sad look, that she does. Properly, it was something that she was supposed to tell him before she started kabatsu.

Even though she was supposed to tell him at the beginning… she apologizes deeply for it happening so late. Mikoto looks straight at him as she confesses that right now she’s become Karakurenai’s partner. Mizuchi averts his eye and exhales deeply. But then Mikoto tells him that she’s the Koukoku’s… no Mizuchi’s minamo. She’s only being partners for now, but after everything is settled she wants to return to being his minamo.

Mizuchi shuts his eye at that and Mikoto apologizes for saying it this late. She’s taking a lot for granted, but even still she… He asks her stiffly though why there is a need for her to return. If she becomes a senki then there is no meaning to her uniting with him. Above that, he doesn’t understand her reason for returning. Her eyes widen before she asks him sadly if she can’t simply want to be his minamo.

He inhales sharply at that before sighing heavily. Mikoto confesses that he and everyone in the Koukokugumi prepared her for being a minamo and taught her the rules. It’s because of their support that she’s worked hard up to now. She was really happy when he saved her from the Adabana that time. She blurts out that she respects him, but she also… She falls silent while his lips part in surprise.

But then she continues on to admit that he is a precious existence to her. Not just as a player and a minamo… something more different.. Mizuchi averts his eye as his breath catches in his throat. She notices him clenching his teeth and so she quickly apologizes because these sudden words must trouble him. She tries to search for a more proper reason, but Mizuchi suddenly grabs her.

She blurts out his name in surprise, but he requests in a soft voice to remain like this for a little while. She’s shocked at that but agrees. Being embraced by Mizuchi is making her heart pound and she wonders if he can hear the beat. Mizuchi exhales shakily and then asks out loud what he should do. He confesses that after that he constantly chased after her appearance.

Every day, the only thing he could think about was whether she was hurting or not or if Karakurenai was tainting her or not. He blurts out that he doesn’t want Karakurenai to dirty her… he doesn’t want her to be by the side of such a vulgar man. At that time, no even after that, whenever he saw the two of them together he would become strange. Mikoto wonders what he means by “after that”.

Mizuchi declares 「君は穢れのない水妹だ。穢すことは・・・誰であっても許さない。」(You are an untainted minamo. I won’t allow anyone… to taint you). She murmurs his name and he breathes in shakily before asking her 「みこと君。君を清めたいのだが、いいだろうか。」(Mikoto-kun. I want to cleanse you but… would it be permissible?). FGAJKJGHJG THIS FUCKING BGM. MAKING ME CRY.

Mikoto tries to ask him what he means by that, but she’s startled when Mizuchi kisses her passionately. She tries to ask him why he’s doing this, but he asks her in a murmur to open her mouth. He tells her 「彼が触れたところ、全てを・・・清めたい。」(All the places he touched… I want to cleanse it). She tries to call out his name, but he uses this chance to kiss her deeply.

She’s taken aback by this intense kiss. It’s completely different from that time in the library. This is… Mizuchi feels… for her… She’s caught by his deep breaths filled with his heat and their tongues are entwined. Her body is trembling and she can’t think well. The one thing she can say is… she doesn’t dislike Mizuchi’s kiss.

The heat of his body is conveyed to her and she can feel her water filling up. Mizuchi tells her that this is a ceremony. A ceremony to cleanse her and so he would like her to be at ease. As long as he stays within the bounds of cleansing her like this, she won’t be tainted. Mikoto can only gasp out his name and he resumes kissing her.

But suddenly she notices something. Was it just her imagination? The eye that Mizuchi is looking at her with is… She wonders if this is alright to be like this right now… Right now, if she touches Mizuchi… In her mind, she cries out his name over and over again.

At night, Karakurenai recites a poem 「君により 思ひならひぬ 世の中の人は これをや恋といふらむ」(Thanks to you, my friend, I now know what they all mean: this, obviously, must be what out in the world people keep calling “desire”). POEM #944 BY NARIHIRA. OW…. LOOK AT HOW MUCH KARAKURENAI TRIES TO DENY HIS FEELINGS AND THEN MIKOTO IS OFF HAVING A SECRET RENDEZVOUS.

He snickers when he recalls the face she made when she got tricked; it was a masterpiece. Her face turned bright red in anger. Karakurenai wonders how he should tease her next. He says 「みこと、てめえは、所詮ただの物。くれなゐ様のヒマtすぶしだ。ははっ・・・。・・・・そう言おうと思ったのに、言葉に出なかった。」(Mikoto, you’re just a thing to help pass the time for this Kurenai-sama. Haha!……. is what I thought, but the words wouldn’t come out).

Karakurenai admits that it was because he saw her depressed eyes. But then he corrects himself and tells himself that he doesn’t care about that… he’s come all this way with her being like that. He curses and grumbles about how he doesn’t understand it before shrugging off his melancholy and advising her to endure it for the next while. He laughs shortly as he tells her that their future is long.

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem in a shaky voice 「嘆けとて 月やは物を思はする かこち顔なる わが涙かな――」(Is my grief because of the moon, who has induced pensiveness in me? No, I am certain it is not. My tears flow as if it were the work of the moon, but in truth it is the agony of my love, is it not?). POEM #628 BY SAIGYO HOSHI.

He talks about how, on that day she collapsed from kabatsu, Karakurenai took her to a tainted place in Goto-gai. Fortunately, nothing seemed to have happened but… it was unreasonable for Karakurenai to take her unconscious self to that place to stay overnight. It’s an action he will definitely not forgive.

Then he murmurs lowly that during the time he kissed her, just a while ago, there was a weak taste.. a sweet taste like that of a child’s preference… It was the taste of the gum that Karakurenai often chews. UMM… MIZUCHI.. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT LMFAO KAJGKHFJGFS. He wonders out loud what Mikoto has let happen to her by Karakurenai. Could something have happened, more than just a kiss?

Mizuchi’s voice becomes low as he swears 「だとしたら、清めなければならない。唐紅先輩によって、穢されていく君を、自分は助けなければならない。」(In that case, I must cleanse you. I must save you from Karakurenai-senpai’s taint). He inhales deeply before confessing that, up to now, he has never been thankful for the clamor of this abominable blood.

He growls out 「幻月は・・・消えた。これより、全ての迷いを断ち切る・・・ミズチの血に、今こそ目覚めよう。」(The crescent moon… has disappeared. Hereafter, all doubt will be severed… now is the time for MIZUCHI’s blood to awaken). THERE’S A REASON MIZUCHI IS CAPITALIZED. ALL WILL BE REVEALED IN HIS ROUTE.

DAY 26. Mikoto dreams about the Half Moon and it greets her by saying that it’s been a while. She points out that it hadn’t been appearing lately and it nods before admitting that it thought it was doing a good thing, but it couldn’t do it. It tells her seriously that it can no longer stop it. She asks it what it’s saying, but it ignores her and asks her if she only has one moon.

It can see two moons behind her, but one must wane. Even it doesn’t know what will happen after this. Everything is dependent upon her. It hopes that her chosen moon will not lead her from this place. Mikoto gasps and then calls out for it to wait, but she ends up springing awake in her bed. What did the Half Moon mean with its words, especially about the two moons?

Anyway, in the hallway some girl asks Mikoto if she’s the senki candidate. Mikoto nods hesitantly and then realizes that this person is familiar. They’re a minamo from the Oukagumi. The girl tells Mikoto that she has a question and then asks if she doesn’t think that Karakurenai has been a bit strange lately. Mikoto frowns in confusion and the girl admits that she doesn’t understand but he hasn’t been concerning himself with them.

He hasn’t taken them out to play at night at all! It’s boring. She asks Mikoto if he’s been so busy awakening her as a senki candidate and doing kabatsu that he has no time for them. Mikoto protests that he hasn’t been together with her all the time to that extent. Another girl asks if that’s true, since the amount of chances they get to call him has also decreased. It makes them lonely.

One of the girls admits that she knows they’re simply pawns to Karakurenai. In that way he equally gives them all love, but that is just related to their bodies… But there are no minamo who embody the true meaning of that word. Another minamo adds that even still, they love Karakurenai though and want to be loved like that. They tell Mikoto that they would like her to say something next time.

They want her to tell Karakurenai that the minamo of Ouka will always be waiting. Then they walk off, leaving Mikoto to realize that the minamo of Ouka really love Karakurenai. But are they really fine with just being pawns? Is there such a thing as being fine with not being loved? If it was her, she would like Mizuchi to have the same feelings as her.. but that’s a ridiculous wish, isn’t it.

But.. one day, she’d like to be special to Mizuchi. But first she should tell Karakurenai what those girls wanted her to tell him. Mikoto recalls that Onosada wanted her to come to the lecture room later, but she can arrive earlier and practice some Hana Utsushi. She decides to go later and so arrives on time with Karakurenai. Onosada praises the two of them for actually being here today.

Karakurenai grumbles at Onosada to shut up and then points out that he’s the one who called them here, so get to the point already. Onosada pouts and asks what he intends with that kind of mouth to a teacher, although it’s hopeless to say that to someone like Karakurenai. But anyway, Onosada brings up the main issue and informs them that there was an instance of disturbance in the park of Chuuouku.

They’ve finally advanced one step forward. It appears to be something that has to do with a Kaen student. Mikoto gasps, but Onosada continues to say that on that day, in the park, there was a man and woman in the uniform of Kaen. After that, they received a report about the withering up of an Adabana. Mikoto asks if the man and woman were a player and minamo.

Onosada confirms that it seems to be that way. Mikoto asks him if this means he has appointed students, other than them, to kabatsu as well. But Onosada tells her that he hasn’t and then peers at them closely before explaining that the barrier of the chairmen’s pride cannot be broken from the outside by a set of people. Which means that it was cancelled by someone from the inside.

He tells them that he’s going to talk to someone who has been acting strangely since the disturbance of utsurohi in the greenhouse. He wants them to head to the park and search for any clues. Karakurenai sighs and asks him why they’re playing as detectives. He doesn’t want such troublesome things. But Mikoto tells Onosada that she understands and then she asks Karakurenai to head out with her.

Karakurenai huffs with closed eyes, before he grumbles at how it can’t be helped. But he gets it and she’ll be satisfied if he just goes, right? He stalks off without another word, leaving Mikoto to call after him to wait. Onosada has a sly grin on his face as he comments on how Karakurenai is someone who can be changed huh… Is this the work of the senki candidate’s training?

Mikoto denies it fiercely and tells him that he’s wrong, but she inwardly does admit that Karakurenai was obedient… even though he was grumbling so much. She wonders why. Anyway, the two of them head to the park where Mikoto thinks about how long it’s been since she came here. The last time was during the date with Mizuchi. The inside is quite large and it’ll be difficult to find a clue. Will they even find any?

She shakes her head and reminds herself that she can’t be timid. In her mind, she promises to work hard to Mizuchi. She’ll work hard to end her responsibility and then return to him. Suddenly, Karakurenai asks her lowly what she’s thinking about. She yelps and then blurts out it was nothing. He tells her to talk if that’s the case, because he hates silence.

Mikoto is taken aback by the order and asks him if she should talk about their investigation today then.. or where they should start searching. His voice lacks its usual rough edge as he calls her an idiot and tells her to talk about something more sexual, like asking him to give her a service or something. He smirks at her as she inwardly thinks about how she won’t do that.

Then he shuts his eyes and complains about how boring it is without any kabatsu. Suddenly, he tells her with a serious face to let him grope her breasts. Her mouth drops open before she refuses loudly. Inwardly, she wonders what the heck he’s thinking. He closes his eyes again at that 「あっそ。あーあ、つまんねえ。」(I see. Aa, so boring). She blinks in surprise when he quickly starts to leave.

Usually he’s more persistent at picking a fight. Why isn’t he? Suddenly, he yells out that he’s got her and she squeals when she realizes that he’s grabbed her from behind. She yells at him to stop, but he hums out loud about how her breasts are the perfect size. He likes breasts to be like this, since there’s something to grope. She’s bright red as she calls him a pervert and asks him to stop.

Karakurenai just laughs and tells her that her displeased face makes him more turned on. He continues to grope her while she cries out at him to stop, and then suddenly an arrow whizzes by. Karakurenai and Mikoto both freeze in surprise and then she asks in a stutter if something just flew by right in front of her eyes. She panics when she sees that it’s an arrow and it pierced very deeply into a tree.

Mikoto realizes that the position of it is right beside her… no, it looks like it was aimed just right at Karakurenai… Just as she thinks this, Karakurenai growls out that this is interesting and then he asks loudly who the person is that aimed at this Kurenai-sama. Mikoto quickly calls out for him to wait and to calm down, but her eyes widen when she sees him flip out a knife. Why is he carrying such a dangerous thing!?

He snaps out that this is a good fight. He won’t let them run or hide and then he yells at them to come out. Mikoto is shocked and wonders what’s wrong with Karakurenai. It’s true that the arrow was aimed at Karakurenai, but for him to be this angry.. Karakurenai stalks off and starts snarling at the unknown assailant to show himself and yells out about how the assailant is trash.

She realizes that he’s so agitated he’s lost control of himself. In the distance, Karakurenai kicks something over and so she hurriedly wonders what to do. If there is something she can do… Mikoto yells out Karakurenai’s name determinedly. Karakurenai snarls as he asks her what she’s doing gripping onto his hand. He demands her to let him go, but she tells him firmly that she won’t.

Mikoto pleads with him to get a hold of himself and to return to his senses. Karakurenai inhales in surprise, but then Mikoto yells at him to look at her properly. He bares his teeth and asks her angrily what she’s trying to.. but when he locks eyes with her his breath catches in his throat. She stares firmly straight at him and doesn’t say a single thing. Karakurenai’s eyes soften as he wonders out loud what’s going on.

Water is pouring into him from her hand. Mikoto continues to stare determinedly straight into his eyes and in her mind she pleads with him to please calm down; because it’ll be alright; because she’s here. In her mind, she asks him to receive and accept this water in her. Please! I LOVE THIS SCENE SO FUCKING MUCH KANKDGND OMFG THE WAY THE TWO ARE JUST LOOKING AT EACH OTHER AND THE BGM AND IGHGH 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。.

Karakurenai exhales tightly and Mikoto notices that he’s become quiet. Could it be that her message was conveyed? She blurts out that she’s glad he’s calmed down and then suggests heading to a safe place first. This could be connected to the utsurohi disturbance and it’s dangerous. She thinks they should withdraw from this place and sort out the situation. Karakurenai only inhales deeply before sighing.

She calls out his name in worry, but he suddenly explodes in a shaky voice 「・・・ハ。わけ、わけんねえ。マジかよ・・・てめえ。」(… Ha. I don’t get it all. Is this serious… you). She repeats his words in confusion and he suddenly shouts out 「ああ、マジだ。マジだ!悪いか、ああ?」(Aa, seriously. SERIOUSLY! IS THAT BAD, HUH?). She yelps in surprise when he suddenly embraces her and she asks what he’s doing.

But he just growls out that she has to take responsibility for this happening. When she continues to be confused, he confesses lowly 「おめえに・・・マジになっちまったんだよ。マジに・・・惚れちまった。」(I’ve become… serious about you. I’ve seriously… fell in love with you). Mikoto is shocked and then quickly points out that he said she was just a possession. HE’S NOT REFERRING TO HER AS TEME ANYMORE!!

He snarls out that he doesn’t understand himself either! She stiffens in surprise and then inwardly calls out his name questioningly. But Karakurenai only continues on to say that she doesn’t listen to him at all, she’s stupidly impertinent, and she recklessly gives him lip service. She has a natural gift for making him irritated. And yet… he fell in love with her. He whispers harshly that it’s all her fault.

She seduced him. Mikoto tries to protest to that but he snaps out 「っ!誘ってんだろ!なんだよ、このやわらけえ体は!この匂いは・・っ!こんなの知らねえんだよ!!」(You seduced me! What’s with this soft body! This smell..! I’ve never known this!).

Karakurenai’s voice is strained 「もっと触りてえ・・・抱きしめて、もっと奥に・・・っ!突っ込んで・・・かきまわして・・・おめえを満たして・・ざけんな、ああ、クソ・・ッ!」(I want to touch you more… hold you.. even deeper..! I want to thrust into you.. stir you up.. fill you up.. FUCK THIS, argh, shit…!). Mikoto stutters at that and in her mind she panics as she wonders what she should do! Karakurenai is serious towards her. He seriously likes her.

But… she has Mizuchi. She can’t answer Karakurenai’s feelings. She has to say things clearly, or else at this rate everything will be washed away. And so she blurts out his name before telling him that right now she’s his minamo as a partner. She won’t become anything more than that. AGHKJHHDG ON ONE HAND YAY FOR DEVOTION ON THE OTHER ヽ(;▽;)ノ KA-KARAKURENAI!!

He exhales shakily, but she continues on to say that there are many minamo in Ouka who think of him as important. There are many of them who wish to receive his love. Those people are waiting and she would like for him to please treasure them. But Karakurenai only murmurs 「ひとりだ。」(Alone).

When she’s confused, he says firmly 「俺はおめえひとりでいい。大勢なんか、いらねえんだよ。おめえだけいればいい。」(I’m fine with you alone. I don’t need a great crowd. I just want you). She gasps at that, but then he continues on to point out that haven’t they been doing kabatsu with just her alone? There hasn’t been a woman who could Hana Awase with him alone. Doesn’t she understand? Their affinity is good; that’s why…

Mikoto tells him quietly that she’s Mizuchi’s minamo though. Karakurenai inhales sharply at that, but Mikoto continues to say that she will return to Mizuchi when everything is over. That’s why she won’t accept his feelings. She tells him that he can be angry… and then apologizes deeply. But Karakurenai can only gape at her in stunned silence for a few seconds. Finally he releases her and grits his teeth as he steps away. With eyes shut tightly, he walks off.

Mikoto can only watch him go with wide eyes, because she thought he’d be angry but he simply left in silence. What Karakurenai feels for her… just what should she do? Mikoto averts her eyes sadly and looks at the arrow, which is an elegant looking thing. Who threw this? Was the target really Karakurenai, instead of her the senki candidate? But why? She decides to take it back and show it to Onosada tomorrow. He might know something.

At night in Goto-gai, a girl from a gambling den asks Karakurenai if he’s returning home already. He tells her relaxedly that he needs to get a good night’s sleep or else tomorrow will be hard. The girl responds by noting how unusual it is for Karakurenai to be concerned about tomorrow. It’s as if he’ll be meeting a lover. He replies quietly 「・・ま、そんなトコだな。」(.. Ma, something like that).

The girl gasps in surprise and asks him if he’s serious, because didn’t he not want to have a special girl? She finally understands the reasons why, lately, he doesn’t have any hanger-ons. He’s very engrossed with his lover. She wants to see the girl that he fell in love with. He sneers and tells her that he wouldn’t show her to them. He’s decreasing his time outside because everything about her belongs to him.

She claps her hands and comments on his extreme desire to monopolize, but she wants him to be careful. Women might, on the surface, obey someone but their true feelings are mysterious things. One might think the girl belongs to them, but in reality they actually belong to someone else. Karakurenai tells her not to lump him in with her.

The girl dismisses his words and tells him that if he really treasures his girl, then he should tie a rope around her neck and make sure that he doesn’t let her go! Karakurenai snorts in amusement at her telling him something that he already knows and it’s unnecessary help. But then he sighs loudly before looking up at the full moon and commenting quietly that this moon looks like her, Mikoto.

Just looking at it draws him to it… what is this.. this thing that has this magnetic ability. Up to now, he’s never fallen in love with a woman. And yet.. she said those things as if she were thankful. Quietly, he murmurs that he wants to hurry up and meet her… and… make love to her. He’s reached the limit of his endurance.

At night, Mikoto dreams about the past. A small boy tells her that “that person” is dangerous. Child!Mikoto asks why and then says that the person isn’t dangerous. He made everyone shaved ice, didn’t he? She giggles as she points out that shaved ice is what Kurenai-kun eats the most, isn’t it? His tongue is deep blue. The boy blurts out that he’s fine. Mikoto teasingly points out that he really loves the soda flavor, huh.

The boy asks snappishly if that’s bad. Soda flavor is the most cool flavor and strawberry is something girls eat. Mikoto tells him that’s a prejudiced view, but he snaps out that he doesn’t care. Then he pulls the conversation back to the original subject by telling her to be careful around that guy. He knows that she doesn’t understand things like suspicion, but there is a saying about being wary of sweet things.

She repeats his words in confusion and asks if those aren’t just words? He shrugs and then states firmly that, anyway, he doesn’t like that other guy. He declares that she’s forbidden from calling that guy over to the secret base tomorrow. Mikoto protests to that because yesterday they decided to gather everyone together. The boy shouts out that if he says she can’t then she can’t! That guy is bad.

If he sees him here then he’ll chase him out. Mikoto snaps out that Kurenai-kun is a bully, but he just tells her to shut up before also telling her not to flit around from here and there. She’s his wife, geez. She’s taken by surprise at those words, but the boy continues on to say that wives are supposed to listen to their husbands. Then he tells her to come closer and Mikoto yelps out that it tickles around her waist.

The boy just tells her to be quiet as he spoils her some more. After all, she belongs to Kurenai-sama… He notes that her body is soft and there’s some sort of sweet smell. Once again he tells her 「おめえは俺のヨメだ。ずっと傍にいろ。いいな、みこと・・・。」(You’re my wife. Stay by my side forever. You got that, Mikoto…). And then Mikoto finds herself waking up in her room. Had that been a dream?

It seems like a memory from her childhood but… she doesn’t remember it at all. Kurenai-sama… couldn’t possibly be.. She sighs loudly because thanks to that strange dream she’s woken up. It’s 2AM in the morning and from her ceiling window she can see the moon. It’s a full moon today. It’s extremely beautiful.. as if she’s being drawn into it. In the world of Kasen, the moon is the “moon”.

She also read in textbooks that it is a symbol of madness; that one can be possessed by the moon and become mad. Looking at the moon like this alone is.. a bit scary. Just looking at it makes her feelings feel uplifted though. Her thoughts suddenly change as she thinks about how Karakurenai is serious. But why her? Is it because she’s a senki candidate? Is it fine for her to remain as Karakurenai’s partner like this?

Because as a minamo she belongs to Mizuchi… including her feelings… What does she want to do? Mizuchi and Karakurenai, she… Mikoto is startled out of her thoughts when her cellphone starts to ring and she wonders who is calling at this time. She answers the phone only to gasp in surprise at hearing Mizuchi’s voice. She’s surprised that he wants to meet right now but agrees to head there.

It’s unusual to be called on the cellphone by Mizuchi. He said that he has urgent business with her, but what is it? Mikoto runs to the park and tries to catch her breath as she stops at the appointed place. Her face lights up when she sees Mizuchi nearby and so she quickly greets him and asks him if something is the matter, since he called her out in the middle of the night. But he only inhales deeply before breathing out.

Then he states slowly that he wanted to look at this moon with her. This full moon.. with the light that occurs only now.. he wanted to view it with her. In her mind, she’s surprised that he called her out for the sake of looking at the moon. He points out that before the utsurohi disturbance they promised to meet here again and so that is why he took this chance. If no one sees them then they aren’t committing a sin.

Mikoto recalls that promise and then smiles gently as she realizes he remembered that. In her mind she wonders if this is really alright though. Certainly there is no one around at this time, but it’s a bit unlike Mizuchi who is a firm protector of the rules. She shakes her head to dislodge those thoughts because he called her here; plus it makes her happy to be together with Mizuchi.

And so she smiles brightly and tells him that she’d love to view the moon together. She wants to look at it slowly and so she suggests a nearby bench to sit at. She gasps in pleasure at how beautiful it is from their special seat. It’s a beautiful full moon with no clouds. She talks about how large the moon is and it how it seems like it’s pressing down on them which is a bit scary.

Mizuchi grits his teeth and inhales sharply, which causes her to call out his name questioningly. She blurts out his name in surprise when he suddenly boxes her in on the bench. His voice is lilting as he points out that the night is cold, isn’t it? If they’re like this then it’ll be warm. Mikoto gasps quietly but then nods shakily. It is warm but… this posture is too embarrassing.

Then Mizuchi tells her that he has something he wishes to ask her. He asks her lightly what she thinks about Karakurenai, which surprises her but she answers honestly that he’s her kabatsu partner. He’s very strong and it’s difficult to keep up with him. Mizuchi exhales slowly, but she continues on to say that at first he was very violent but lately he’s softened a little. She feels like he’s calmed down… just a little though.

She feels like Karakurenai isn’t as bad as she thought he was. WARNING WARNING WARNING! ABORT ABORT! Mizuchi asks her if she’s attracted to Karakurenai, and her eyes widen before she yelps when his hand goes to her chest. Mizuchi asks her if she’s fine with having her chest touched like this because she’s attracted to him. She splutters at his actions before blurting out that she’s troubled by where he’s touching her and she’d like him to let go.

But he tells her in an unstable voice that this is a ceremony. It’s for the sake of not allowing her to be tainted. She gapes at him, but he starts to rant about how he will absolutely not let that man dirty her. She is an existence that cannot be anything but clean. Isn’t that right? Mikoto realizes that Mizuchi’s eye is strange. What happened!? And how does he know that Karakurenai touched her chest?!

She blurts out that she hasn’t been tainted and so he can stop. She points out that this isn’t like him, to which he repeats her words in curiosity. Mikoto tells him that Mizuchi is sincere and stricter on himself more than anyone else. He also protects the rules. He isn’t someone who would do these forceful things. She asks him desperately what’s wrong before saying that this isn’t the Mizuchi she knows. YOU NEVER SAY THAT TO SOME UNSTABLE GUY. NEVER!!

Mizuchi starts to laugh hysterically and when her eyes widen he tells her that she knows nothing about him. From the start, his household of MIZUCHI did not protect the rules. They were a cruel and bloodthirsty clan. Because they tried to gain control of the emperor their were sealed by the power of the moon. Thereafter, they resigned themselves to serving the emperor.. even one such as he with no moon in that pupil.

But then he rips off his eyepatch and orders her to look at how he managed to hide the fact that he has a moon in both eyes. With the crescent moon, or mock moon, that his grandfather gave to him… the disgrace of being sealed is over with this fake star. Mikoto gasps out his name, but he tells her that it was thanks to her. She was the one who awoke MIZUCHI’s blood inside of him.

His heart which craved to take her forcefully and fill her up… has been filled. He growls out that the laws that were imposed on him are… no longer. Now, under the light of the moon, he is going to take her. Mikoto starts to chant a litany of “no”s and then she screams. But then someone snarls at Mizuchi to release her! Mikoto yells out Karakurenai’s name in surprise when she sees him here.

Karakurenai is glaring at Mizuchi though as he snaps out that Mizuchi isn’t taking him seriously if he thought he could make a move on his woman late at night. Then he demands Mikoto to come to his side. Her eyes widen at his words but she apologizes to Mizuchi and shoves him away before running to Karakurenai. Mizuchi raises and eyebrow and asks her calmly why she’s leaving.

She is a human of the Koukokugumi, is she not? She belongs to his side and he orders her to return. Mizuchi’s eyes are dark as he watches her. But Karakurenai sneers and calls him a sexually excited asshole, before asking him what he’s doing. This woman belongs to Karakurenai-sama. He starts to say that she doesn’t belong to a male virgin like him, but he’s interrupted when Mizuchi throws an arrow at him.

Karakurenai’s eyes widen and Mizuchi states lowly that Karakurenai is repulsive and he will not stand for further derision. Kurenai snorts and notes that this must be his true self. He compliments Mizuchi’s prim disguise and now he’s getting interested. Mikoto stutters out his name, but Karakurenai only orders her to come closer to him because the utsurohi are gathering around.

Her eyes widen as she sees the shadows gathering around and Karakurenai points out that Mizuchi is the one calling them. Who is he saying is tainted? Because he’s the most tainted one around here! Then he calls out to Mizuchi and tells him that this woman belongs to him and if he wants her then he’ll have to steal her from him! Mizuchi calmly accepts those terms and adds that he’ll go to the point of destroying Karakurenai too.

The two of them start to glow and Karakurenai does his field call roughly and quickly. They win the battle and the utsurohi around Mizuchi disappear in a small explosion, leaving Mizuchi to grit his teeth in rage. He disappears in a flash while Mikoto is still stunned by the turn of events and so Karakurenai sneers at how he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs.

She has an uncomfortable feeling at this conclusion though. Moreover, she felt like he still had power left. Mikoto averts her eyes in conflict since she ended up fighting Mizuchi even though they used to be partners and he saved her many times. For this to happen… What will happen afterwards…?

DAY 27. Awahana addresses Mikoto and informs her that they received the report. She remains silent as Kintoki lists off how Mizuchi has once again tried to assault the senki candidate and threw an arrow at Karakurenai. He asks Awa what he thinks of this, and Awa muses out loud on how Mikoto told them that the origin of all of this is the blood of the MIZUCHI household. Mikoto nods quietly at that.

But Kintoki states that MIZUCHI is a clan that is deeply loyal to the emperor and trusted. It is difficult to believe in her words. Awa points out that the clan is insular though and so if something did happen to them, they wouldn’t lower themselves to talking about it to them. Karakurenai snaps at them not to talk about dull things because that bastard Mizuchi showed his true colors to them.

Mikoto gasps out Karakurenai’s name and Onosada scolds him before telling him to speak more properly to the chairmen. Awa waves Onosada’s words away, because there is no one in this world who wouldn’t be angry after receiving a wound in a fight. Then Kintoki returns the conversation back to the subject by noting that Mizuchi hasn’t come to the Kaen. Mikoto admits that he hasn’t been picking up his calls and she has no idea about his whereabouts.

Awa asks Himeutsugi if he knew Mizuchi’s true side. Himeutsugi replies that he didn’t know about it up to this state… All he knew was that Mizuchi’s family was an emotional one. Then he shows them a case of medicine which makes Kintoki ask what it is for. Himeutsugi informs everyone that it is a tranquilizer and Mizuchi used them in order to suppress his emotions from getting worked up.

He believes that Mizuchi has always endured the pain of his clan’s blood. Karakurenai angrily asks if he’s trying to say this is the reason Mizuchi assaulted them. He snaps at them not to say such pretentious statements. He declares that Mizuchi is the same as an Adabana if he went so far as to use the utsurohi. Naturally, they should revoke his title as one of the 5 Brights but also his title as a kaei. Then he’ll kill Mizuchi after that…!

Mikoto gasps out that he can’t do that! She points out that they need to listen to Mizuchi’s feelings and maybe they can discuss this out. Iroha states without emotion that it won’t happen because a heavier punishment is being demanded over being expelled. She looks at him with wide eyes, but Awa is the one who explains that the 5 Brights must accept a suitable responsibility.

With the amount of times this has happened, there is no other course but to offer death. Mikoto gasps at that and then begs them to wait. She looks to Himeutsugi and Momotose for help, but the two remain silent with pained expressions. Mikoto can’t believe this and asks everyone in the room if they’re serious about killing Mizuchi. Kintoki points out that it’s the law and Mizuchi is someone who, over everyone else, protected the law.

Even up to sacrificing himself to fate. Mikoto blurts out that it’s cruel especially when they didn’t even talk to Mizuchi. She excuses herself quickly from the room which makes Himeutsugi call out worriedly, but she ignores him and exits the room. Outside she sobs quietly at how it came to this.. It’s cruel how everyone is fine with killing Mizuchi even when they’re all Brights and friends.

There has to be some sort of reason… She wants to believe in Mizuchi. Even if he has his clan’s blood… After all, hasn’t Mizuchi been defying his blood all this time? To even take medicine for it… he was regulating himself. And so to kill him even after all that.. how outrageous. Mizuchi is the miserable one here. Even if it’s only her, she wants to be his ally. Suddenly her cellphone rings and she’s startled as she recognizes this ringtone to be Mizuchi.

She answers the cellphone and then asks where he is right now. She’s taken aback by his answer and then quickly runs off to the greenhouse. When she gets there, Mizuchi steps out onto the path and she calls out his name worriedly. To think that he was in Kaen… She confesses that she was worried. Meanwhile, Mizuchi gives her a pained look and then suddenly embraces her.

Mikoto is surprised but then she relaxes into his warmth and his wide chest. This person couldn’t possibly do something cruel.. She wants to believe that. And so she pleads with him to talk to everyone else, but he only answers her by breathing out slowly. She says out loud that everyone is misunderstanding and there must be a reason, right? Something like his clan’s blood..

Mizuchi starts to grit his teeth, but she continues to beg him to talk about that. They will surely understand. She’ll also do anything that she can do while staying by his side. However, Mikoto starts to notice his odd silence and so she calls out his name hesitantly. She asks him why he’s being silent and then tries to say his name again, but he interrupts her softly and says that it might be too late already.

When she looks at him in confusion, he murmurs that she’s already tainted. It might be useless now for him to try and cleanse her… she’s tainted… stained… corrupted. Mikoto asks him hesitantly what he’s talking about, but Mizuchi ignores her and admits that he’s always thought about this; about what he was willing to do for her sake to protect her if she was tainted.

Mikoto can’t help but think that Mizuchi is talking in a delirium. He’s different from before… what happened!? She asks him desperately what he means by tainted and then reassures him that she’s fine. In fact, she’s more worried about him than she is herself! She tries to say something more, but her words are choked off when he starts to strangle her. Mizuchi murmurs that her neck is very slender. It’d be so easy to break the bone…

He starts to ramble 「今なら、大丈夫。まだ完全に穢れていない・・・このまま、穢れなきまま、ともに・・・逝こう。」(If it’s now, it’s still fine. You haven’t been completely tainted yet… like this, before you’re tainted, let us die… together). Mikoto’s eyes widen and she tries to struggle, but she can only make garbled noises as he tightens his hand around her neck.

She realizes that he’s serious about it with the strength that he’s using! She manages to wheeze out that it hurts, but Mizuchi only starts to breathe harshly. In her mind, she wonders why! Why is Mizuchi doing this to her?! Is it because she didn’t know who Mizuchi was? The person that she knew was kind… sincere… She gasps out that she doesn’t want this…

IF YOU CHOOSE “I BELIEVE”. Mikoto manages to gasp out that she loves him though. Mizuchi inhales shakily in surprise and so Mikoto repeats that she loves him. Because she loves him.. she believes in him. Mizuchi shakily confesses that he can no longer return to the way he was. She weakly says his name, but he only spits out harshly that he can no longer stop these feelings.

She brokenly says his name again, but he tightens his grip on her neck and says in a strangled voice 「君を・・・・奪われ・・たくないんだ・・・。」(I don’t want you.. to be stolen… away!). Mikoto finds her consciousness drifting far away and she wonders distantly why things became this way. The last thing she hears is Mizuchi begging for her forgiveness. ENDING 1. WELP….

IF YOU CHOOSE “EVEN THOUGH I LOVE YOU”. Mikoto manages to gasp out that she loves him though and Mizuchi inhales sharply in surprise. She states again that she loves him before saying that because she loves him, she doesn’t want to hate him. She wants to believe in him. Mizuchi starts to breathe shakily before he releases her abruptly and Mikoto splutters as she gulps in the air.

Mizuchi has a horrified look on his face before he confesses to her that he can no longer return to himself. His voice is agonized 「この感情を・・止められない。誰かを殺したい・・・傷つけたいという感情を・・・いや、それ以上に君を・・奪われたくないという恋情を!」(These feelings.. won’t stop. The feelings of wanting to kill someone.. of wanting to hurt someone.. No, above that, this lovesickness that makes me not want you to be stolen away!).

Mikoto’s eyes are wide as he gasps out 「飲んでも、薬も効かない・・・この血が・・暴走して・・いく・・っ。自分は、狂うしかないんだ・・・もう・・はは・・はっ・・。」(Even when I take it, the medicine is ineffective.. this blood is.. rampaging.. I’m already.. insane… haha… ha..!). IGJDGH I’M CRYING HERE. HIS VOICE. HOLY CRAP.

He starts to smile crazily and she hurriedly tells him that it isn’t true and she’s here. She’s here for his feelings. She, who wants to support him, is… Mizuchi stares at her in shock and so she asks hesitantly if that isn’t allowed. His breathing is extremely shaky, but then someone interrupts and says that it’s obviously not allowed. Mikoto spins around and blurts out Karakurenai’s name when she sees him eyeing the two of them.

Karakurenai ignores her though and greets Mizuchi calmly while asking him what hole he popped up from to get here. Mikoto asks him to stop, but Karakurenai demands her to come over to him. She yelps when he grabs her arm tightly and yanks her to him. He tells her that there is no way he would hand over the woman he seriously fell in love with. Then he tells her to listen up because he’s going to make love to her after killing Mizuchi.

When she gapes at him he closes his eyes and informs her that he doesn’t care about kabatsu or the senki business. All he wants is her. Tonight he’ll make her a genuine woman. Mikoto refuses him firmly and tells him she doesn’t want that. She blurts out that she loves Mizuchi and so she doesn’t want that! Mizuchi gasps before removing his eyepatch, and Mikoto is startled when the glass starts to shatter in the greenhouse.

She panics when she sees a horde of utsurohi, but then Mizuchi glares at them and says dangerously that he’ll kill Karakurenai. But Karakurenai just grins and asks him if his true self has come out. They even have quite a lot of audience around them and so he’s pleased. He orders Mikoto to Hana Awase with him, but she glares at him before yelling out that she refuses.

Karakurenai’s breath catches in surprise and she continues on to say that she doesn’t want to fight Mizuchi any more. She doesn’t belong to Karakurenai! Karakurenai snarls at her to repeat that, but she tells him that he isn’t a bad person; and she knows this from being his partner up until now. But if he kills Mizuchi then she’ll reject him as a partner! She is going to protect Mizuchi!

He sneers and tells her not to fuck around. Does she understand this situation?! Or does she intend to follow Mizuchi? Mikoto flinches at that and then averts her eyes as she decides…

*** ENDING 2 ***

She states firmly that she is going to follow Mizuchi. Karakurenai’s mouth drops open, but she continues on to say that she is fine with disobeying the Kasen’s laws. She will be together with Mizuchi. Karakurenai shuts his eyes in pain, but yells out that she can do whatever she wants. THIS FUCKING EDNINGNDGFKJG IS SUCH A FUCKING TROLL. He stalks away, but a minamo from the Ouka yells out his name.

Mikoto is surprised to see them, but then another one asks Karakurenai worriedly if he’s unharmed. They heard that the utsurohi was gushing forth. Why are they here in the greenhouse!? A third one tells him that they’ll be his support! They might not have a lot of power but they’ll support him even if it takes their lives. Karakurenai’s voice is soft as he murmurs 「・・てめえら。は・・っ、たまんねえな。」(.. You guys. Ha.. irresistible).

In the next second, he sets up a field with his field call but his voice is lacking its usual vigor. However, Mikoto and Mizuchi are too strong and when they win against him Karakurenai coughs out blood as his field shatters. The minamo around him scream and Mikoto rushes over to his side while yelling out his name in worry. The minamo of the Ouka are all lying on top of each other and Karakurenai as they collapsed.

One of the minamo manages to gasp out Karakurenai’s name and they apologize for not being able to help him. If they had more power then they would have been able to support him.. Mikoto is horrified when they fall silent. Is everyone dead?! Did she… kill them…? Mikoto starts to hyperventilate and then she turns her head to see Mizuchi breathing calmly. She asks him brokenly if she…

But he only inhales deeply before throwing an arrow. It sinks into Karakurenai who grunts in pain and Mikoto screams at the sight. As Mizuchi withdraws another arrow, Mikoto screams out that he mustn’t! She begs him to wait because they finished Hana Awase. He mustn’t do any more! But Mizuchi mumbles out that it isn’t enough. He starts to laugh insanely as he yells out that this isn’t enough. He wants more screams.. more pained screams… humiliation! He wants more..!

Mikoto stutters out Mizuchi’s name, but he only throws another arrow into Karakurenai who chokes. Another one is sent flying. But by now Karakurenai has fallen silent. Mikoto is becoming hysterical as she whimpers out Karakurenai’s name. Meanwhile, Mizuchi’s voice is ecstatic as he addresses her and tells her that they have one last ceremony. She repeats his words in horror.

And so Mizuchi explains that she must have slept with Karakurenai. And so he needs to purify her, which means that he himself needs to sleep with her. Mikoto is stunned before she yelps out that she’s untouched and to call that a ceremony…! Besides, does he understand the current situation!? She gasps out that he isn’t sane. YOU JUST GOT THAT NOW? LMFAO. But Mizuchi ignores her words and takes a step closer to her. Mikoto can only scream in denial.

*** ENDING 3 ***

Mikoto tells herself to become composed. Whose partner is she currently? Besides, Mizuchi has lost his sanity. If she unites with him and becomes partners with him in that condition, who knows what will happen. AH, YOU KNOW, NOTHING TOO BAD. JUST THAT EVERYONE WILL DIE LIKE WHAT HAPPENED ABOVE. If there is a way to save Mizuchi then… Mikoto tells Karakurenai that she has a request.

She admits that she’s his partner and so she will fight with him. But she pleads with him to somehow not kill Mizuchi. Karakurenai grits his teeth but she begs him deeply. He snaps out that this isn’t the best situation to say that and the instructions to purge him has been issued. Mikoto tries to protest though, and so Karakurenai tells her that he has no desire to save Mizuchi.

But she can do whatever she likes. Mikoto is stunned at that before she agrees determinedly. The two of them face Mizuchi and Karakurenai quickly sets up a field in a fierce voice. They defeat Mizuchi and as the field shatters, he can be heard screaming in pain. Mikoto yells out Mizuchi’s name and runs over to him, much to Karakurenai’s worry as he calls for her to wait.

However, she reaches Mizuchi and starts to call out his name desperately. Mizuchi only groans in reply, but she’s relieved that he’s still breathing. Then she apologizes to him for not knowing anything. He must have been burdened heavily by the fate of his clan… It must have been painful. Mizuchi breathes in painfully and so Mikoto continues on to tell him gently that, if he would like her, she wants to be by his side.

They can redo everything together. However, Karakurenai huffs and tells her that it’s already too late. Mikoto turns around in surprise at that, only to see Momotose appear and look at her sadly. As Mikoto blurts out Momotose’s name in surprise, Iroha steps onto the path and informs everyone that the barrier is complete. Now they will proceed with the purge on Mizuchi.

He orders all the minamo and the rest of the Brights to await orders. Himeutsugi appears with a pained face. Mikoto can only stare at them in horror and so Momotose apologizes, but they must protect the laws of Kaen even if it is a friend. This makes Mikoto plead with Himeutsugi, but he remains silent. Karakurenai sneers and tells everyone to look at the end of someone who was only acting as a friend.

Mikoto denies that, though she is still looking at Himeutsugi in shock, but then everyone is alarmed when the greenhouse becomes submerged in shadows again. Momotose alerts Iroha to a massive quantity of utsurohi and Mikoto looks around in a panic. It’s as if the utsurohi are flowing into something inviting them. Himeutsugi calls out Mizuchi’s name in alarm which makes Mikoto look down.

But then Iroha is there in a flash and he grabs her while yelling at her to release Mizuchi. Mikoto screams when she sees the shadows swarming around Mizuchi. She yells out his name desperately while Momotose is shocked at the sight of a Bright being corrupted. Iroha points out that the amount of utsurohi is abnormal and at this rate the outside students will be tainted.

She acknowledges his words and asks if they should strengthen the barrier, but her words trail off when Mizuchi starts to chuckle darkly. Mikoto spins around in alarm only to see Mizuchi staggering to his feet as he starts to laugh insanely. He yells out that it feels good and this is the best feeling in the world. She yells out his name while Iroha asks lowly if he’s become stained in darkness.

Mikoto is horrified by that and cries out Mizuchi’s name, but he just grins brokenly while saying that he’ll taint everything. He yells out 「・・・クク。血ハ・・・血ハッ、ドコダアアアッッ!コッチはカラカラなんダヨォ・・・、ノマセロヨッ、チヲ・・・、血ヲオオオ!!」(.. Hehe. Blood.. blood.. WHERE IS IT! I’m parched here… let me drink some.. blood… BLOOOOOOD!!). YOU KNOW THEY’RE BEYOND SAVING WHEN THEY TALK IN KATAKANA.

She realizes that the utsurohi and Mizuchi are acting in tandem, but she still holds onto the belief that if she purifies Mizuchi then… She yells out his name, but he only howls at them to give him blood. Himeutsugi calls out Mikoto’s name in worry, but suddenly a field is created. Beside her Karakurenai is glowing orange and she blurts out his name in surprise and confusion.

He only smirks though and calls out to Mizuchi to tell him that he’s a major disaster, isn’t he? It’s so annoying. Is it because of his blood that he was hiding himself behind a prim and taciturn mask? Karakurenai narrows his eyes and tells Mizuchi not to use his family as an excuse for his true self. Fate is a stupid thing to him and if Mizuchi isn’t going to cut through his own fate then what is he going to do? He’s just weak!

Mizuchi’s breathing becomes harsh in anger, but Karakurenai only tells Mizuchi to show himself as a man. If he doesn’t then Karakurenai will really steal this woman. But Mizuchi’s only reply is to yell out that he’ll kill him! Karakurenai grins at that and comments on how nice this is; the best festival! Then he yells out that he’ll be the one to give Mizuchi his last rites before death.

Another battle occurs, but once again they win and Mizuchi collapses after spitting out blood. Mikoto is shocked by how strong Karakurenai is.. but with this Mizuchi is also.. However, Mikoto yells out Karakurenai’s name in worry when he winces and falls to his knees. She asks him worriedly if he’s alright, but he only grits his teeth and tells her that it’s thanks to her he’s reached his limits. How careless of him.

Mikoto asks him not to speak because blood is pouring out of a wound from him. But he only smirks and points out weakly that the blood suits him, doesn’t it? She protests to that and takes offense to that kind of joke. Then she begs him not to die.. she doesn’t want him to die! Don’t die!! He opens his eyes which he had closed and says, with amusement, that she does have a cute side.

In the end, he likes her when she’s honest. He breathes out painfully before murmuring quietly that he’d like to have had one round with her. Something rustles behind her and she turns around to see Mizuchi staggering up again. When she gasps out his name, he manages to get out in a rough voice that he wants her to stop him. Her eyes widen at that, but Karakurenai points out weakly that Mizuchi wants himself to be stopped.

He passes her the knife that he carries and she accepts it with tears in her eyes. Karakurenai apologizes faintly because he’s at death’s door and it’s a shame. She will have to close the curtains to this stage. His voice is a weak whisper 「みこと・・・俺は、おめえのこと・・・。」(Mikoto… I… you…). IN JAPANESE IT’S HEAVILY IMPLIED THAT HE’S GOING TO SAY HE LOVES HER.

But before he can finish he takes his last breath. Mikoto stares in horror at his body and tears start to fall; meanwhile Mizuchi is cackling and screaming out that he’ll kill! HE’LL KILL! She is completely silent as she steps towards him and then, with tears pouring down her face, she blurts out that she… she… She sobs out his name as she stabs him deep in the stomach with Karakurenai’s knife.

Mizuchi gasps out brokenly that he must kill… Once again she sobs out his name, but suddenly Mizuchi’s eyes return to normal and he whispers out Mikoto’s name in shock. She can only apologize to him over and over again though. She can’t do anymore than this… his pride and everything that he has built up.. is lost.. She doesn’t want to see him in this sort of state.

But Mizuchi only breathes in shakily before saying with a relieved smile 「みこと・・・君。君は・・・ここにいたのか。」(Mikoto.. you. You were.. right here?). He tells her that he was searching for her constantly; from the time that she disappeared from his side as his partner. Finally, he is able to touch her. It was as if he were in a long dream. He wonders faintly what he did. Mikoto sobs out his name and then tells him weakly that he.. he was always Mizuchi.

He was the person that was always precious to her. Mizuchi smiles gently and then tries to thank her, but he’s cut off by a slash. Blood sprays into the air and then he collapses onto Mikoto, who screams out Iroha’s name in shock. He replies flatly that the purging is complete and now they must transition to eliminating the utsurohi. In her mind, she wonders in shock if that is his only reaction after seeing Karakurenai and Mizuchi.

Then he tells her lowly 「・・君は、ツキを違えた。」(.. You mistook the moon). When she remains confused, he reminds her that he said it before. She recalls the words he said about how if she mistook her road then, sooner or later, destruction will follow. Did she mistake her path? The fate she chose wasn’t the right one? What happened to Mizuchi and Karakurenai was… her fault? Mikoto’s vision turns blurry as she starts to sob harshly.

Mikoto dropped out of school after that. The utsurohi disturbances never occurred again after that event. A lot of speculation flew about whether it was the work of Mizuchi or Goto, but in the end they still don’t know who or what was guiding them. She also heard that many minamo who respected and adored Mizuchi and Karakurenai were saddened and also dropped out of school.

Himeutsugi continued to be concerned about her after she dropped out. Today is the first anniversary of Mizuchi and Karakurenai’s death. The footsteps of a person draws her gaze away from the evening sky and it turns out to be Himeutsugi who greets her and apologizes for making her wait. She smiles sadly and reassures him that she just arrived as well.

He notes that she has a beautiful bouquet and asks if she bought it. Mikoto tells him that she brought them from her house where they were growing. They’re campanulas. FUCKING CAMPANULAS. I HATE THIS GAME SO FUCKING MUCH. AKGJADKLGFH LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT THE MEANING AND STORY. HOLY SHIT. Himeutsugi comments on how they’re so small they’re cute.

It looks like she raised them preciously. Mikoto smiles painfully and reveals that she wanted to bring them today no matter what, which is why she took care of them so well for so long. He walks her to the gates of Kaen and she muses on how it’s been a long time. The Kaen has a unique feeling to it. But anyway, she tells him that she’ll be stopping here because she’s no longer a student at this school.

Then she asks him quietly if he could take these flowers as tribute to that place. He smiles and agrees, before a pained expression appears on his face and he asks her if she resents him. At that time, he didn’t say anything. She denies it because that situation couldn’t be helped. But Himeutsugi reveals that, a long time ago, Mizuchi told him that if his clan’s blood awakened.. and he wasn’t able to defy fate then he would like to be killed without hesitation.

Mikoto’s eyes widen at that and then Himeutsugi explains that Mizuchi was in pain from having been born into a cursed family. For the sake of protecting his pride, he suppressed his emotions and depended on drugs… but after meeting her he seemed to be having fun. It’s surprising how love can change a person to that extent.

For him, the unexpected one was Karakurenai. He didn’t think a person like Karakurenai would become serious about her… Mikoto averts her eyes and tells him that Karakurenai was actually a very kind person. It was just that at that time she couldn’t understand that. She was so full of feelings towards Mizuchi… Himeutsugi informs her that he has something to give her.

She accepts it and is confused to see a poem. Himeutsugi reveals that Mizuchi entrusted this to him. He told Himeutsugi that he wanted him to give it to Mikoto if anything happened to him. She opens the poem and her eyes widen; but Himeutsugi continues on to say that Mizuchi and Karakurenai felt for her almost instantly. He believes that is the truth. He gives her a pained smile as she agrees with tears spilling down her cheeks.

To what extent were the feelings that Mizuchi hid in his heart? The meaning of this poem… And also, the the continuation of the last words that Karakurenai said… She thinks she would like to know them one day. HE WAS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO SAY THAT HE LOVED YOU AKJHKGHF. Right now, with these campanula flowers, she wants her feelings to be sent to them away from this school.

She sends a prayer to the sky so that in the next destiny she doesn’t mistake her moon. The last poem is by Mizuchi and he recites softly 「ねがはくは 花のもとにて春死なむ そのきさらぎの 望月の頃――」(If I had a wish, I would want to die in the spring, underneath the cherry trees, around the time of the full moon in February). POEM #77 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. I’M SORRY.. CAN I JUST SPAZZ AND GEEK OUT OVER HERE?




When Mikoto reaches Rank 3, Onosada informs her that an extreme guest has come. Karakurenai greets her with a smirk and tells her that he’s been waiting. He chuckles and tells her that he’s heard she’s been systematically crushing the world of the 5 Brights. Mikoto denies that and tells him that it isn’t like that.

He narrows his eyes and tells her not to pretend to be nice, because what she’s doing is exactly that. Then he asks 「で?次の獲物はくれなゐ様だろ?」(Well? Your next prey is me, Kurenai-sama, right?). Mikoto stares at him fiercely and he smiles slowly while warning her that he is strong unlike those bastards, Mizuchi and Hime. She’s a pushover compared to him.

Then he decides that if he wins then she has to listen to whatever he says. Her mouth drops open at that and he muses out loud 「さあて。なあに・・・してもらおうかなあ?」(Well then. What… shall I do?). FGADLGKJLDG I SEE HOW IT IS AGMKDLGD THAT’S A REWARD NOT A PUNISHMENT LMFAO. Mikoto refuses to participate but he snickers and tells her that it’s too late because he’s made an entry. She is stunned by his forceful ways.

But he just reminds her that if he wins then she has to listen to anything he says. If he loses then he’ll do anything. Of course, this is only something to think about if she wins. She glares at him and then suddenly Iroha appears to declare that he will watch over this. Mikoto blurts out his name in surprise and Kurenai asks him if Iroha is interested because the next one in line is him.

Karakurenai turns back to Mikoto and tells her that he doesn’t have any interest in contests, but if it means being able to order her to do any grand thing she’s told then that’s another story. He tells her to watch her neck.

IF MIKOTO WINS. Mikoto cheers happily about winning while Karakurenai’s mouth drops open. He sneers at her and she’s glad, although she wonders if she should really be this relieved. He curses but then admits that he can’t stomach letting that bastard Iroha win and so he’ll teach her his technique. He orders her to perk her ears and listen carefully.

IF MIKOTO LOSES. She realizes in horror that she lost and Karakurenai snickers before telling her that she has to listen to his words now. Iroha, who has been supervising this match, reminds Karakurenai that she is the senki candidate and it is forbidden to do anything that would make her lose those qualifications. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY CHASTITY IROHA.

Karakurenai narrows his eyes and rhetorically asks if he should care about that stuff. The winner is him and so he makes the rules. He grabs Mikoto’s arm and drags her out of the room. Iroha’s eyes widen in surprise as they leave. Meanwhile, Mikoto struggles and asks Karakurenai to release her but he just tells her to shut up and follow him. Mikoto worriedly wonders what she should do.

He throws her roughly into his room and shuts the door. She yelps in surprise at the action, but is even more taken aback when he orders her 「脱げ。可愛がってやるよ。」(Strip. I’ll give you some love). SCREEAMDGDGJAGDK SO MUCH FOR PROTECTING MY CHASTITY IROHA. Mikoto refuses loudly but he snarls out that the loser has to listen to anything he says. She tells him that she refuses even if that’s the case. She doesn’t want to!

She struggles violently against him and he growls at her not to struggle or else he won’t be able to strip her. Finally he huffs and realizes that it can’t be helped. Mikoto’s eyes widen when she notices him pulling out some rope. He smirks and points out that this is precisely the thing for an unmanageable person like her. She screams and struggles against him, but he soon finishes and steps back to dust off his hands.

He asks her how she feels but Mikoto can only whimper. He chuckles lowly and points out that she can’t move, can she? SCREAMGJDGN DKJAGN THIS CG ADJKGAD HOLY SHIT KURENAI-SAMA GFADJKG I LOVE THIS GUY’S AGGRESSION. Her words are muffled against his mouth as he presses his lips against hers, but then he warns her not to bite him. Because if she bites him then he’ll hurt her more too.

Mikoto makes another whimper and Karakurenai’s voice softens as he praises her for being good. She just has to remain quiet and obedient. She still tries to yell at him, but he tells her that this a legitimate action; a way for her to recompense him using her body. Mikoto wriggles around and he laughs loudly before telling her that her attemps to struggle are useless. But his laugh is interrupted when his door is kicked open.

Iroha appears and tells him that this is enough. Karakurenai growls out his name but Iroha merely states flatly that he already said it was forbidden to make the senki candidate lose her qualifications. If Kurenai’s actions were on the verge of that then it is enough for him to be punished severely. Karakurenai asks him slowly if he’s being serious. Iroha replies coldly that he is.

Then he starts to recite a poem 「みをつめぱ 物思ふらし ほととぎす 鳴きのみまどふ 五月雨のやみ」(Restrain my body, lost in thoughts, the doubting cuckoo’s cry, the darkness of the summer rain) which causes the earth to shake. Karakurenai inhales sharply in surprise, but when Iroha finishes his recitation a blast of energy flings Karakurenai away. The next thing Iroha does is release Mikoto. EXTENDED AMETSUCHI NO UTA.

He informs her flatly that he will further Karakurenai’s severe punishment. He won’t take his life but he will make it so that Karakurenai doesn’t raise a hand to her a second time. Mikoto wonders what he means by not letting Karakurenai do it a second time. What exactly is he going to do? LMFAO DON’T JUST LEAVE POOR KARAKURENAI TO IROHA’S MERCY.


Karakurenai also knew Mikoto in the past and calls her his wife. At one point he also asks her if they’ve met before. He also warns her away from someone who he thinks is dangerous.

This time Iroha tells Mikoto that she’s mistaken her path and caused all of this. JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL I DO YOUR ROUTE JERK.

Once again the amazing Lore is the resident expert on the poems for Karakurenai. All of his poems come from Narihira who was basically a legendary lover and who wrote this collection of poetry about his adventures as a lover and falling in love with an imperial princess who later on became the Queen; it was a huge scandal.

Narihira also wrote extremely thoughtful poems about love; like how it’s a feeling of losing control and how even reason cannot make the stronger forces of emotion obey. Thanks to Lore for this information about Narihira. There’s this poem from Narihira asking about “Is it the waking world that is reality, or the world of dreams?” and this could explain why his volume is paired with Utsutsu, whose namesake poem is about dreams and reality.

Karakurenai’s namesake poem comes from Narihira’s poem #17. 「千早ぶる 神代もきかず 龍田川 からくれなゐに 水くくるとは」(When, swift and mighty, the gods of old had their day, Tatsuta River never ran as now it runs in tie-dyed wavelets of red). It can be interpreted as a poem about love and how even though, like autumn, that love has faded it is still there like the water flowing beneath the red maple leaves.

My own thoughts regarding this route is that it can be affectionately known as the horror route. Himeutsugi’s is known as the soul-crushing one, haha. I did this route first and ended up hating Mizuchi… until I did Mizuchi’s route and now I consider Karakurenai to be one of my precious babies. You guys should have seen the spam I unleashed on twitter whenever I played a route…

Honestly, Karakurenai’s character is really sweet. He comes off as an aggressive asshole most of the time and it’s basically universal that people tend to hate him at the beginning of his route because of the things he does (I know I did), but once you see how he softens and his insecurities rise up… then you just melt. He strikes this weird balance between being such an utter douche that you dislike him, but yet being so adorable that you can’t help but love him _(:3」∠)_.

He’s ridiculously smart and observant which you can see in the others’ routes. He was the only one who saw through Himeutsugi after all. The discrepancy between his monologues and his poems also strikes me so hard in the heart, because it sounds like he’s putting up a tough front. He loved Mikoto so much and DID YOU SEE THOSE LAST WORDS OF HIS NEAR THE END?! UGH.

Also, the Hino effect is amazing. HAVE YOU HEARD KARAKURENAI TALK!? The way he drawls out his words will just make you quiver into a puddle of goo. I seriously recommend people go on tumblr and search up the Hana Awase tag! I know Phii and Lore have some Karakurenai tracks out there and I captured some too, because hot DAMN his voice…

15 thoughts on “Hana Awase 「蛟編」 ~ Karakurenai ~

    Sena said:
    September 26, 2013 at 22:00

    OMG. I wasn’t sure how to feel about Karakurenai in the common route because he was pretty bastardy at times, but he’s actually pretty adorable. I’ve developed somewhat of a soft spot for him. Overall, I like his aggression and crudeness too, haha. It’s really amusing. And he certainly has impact.

    I can see why you’d call Ending 2 the troll end, but I almost feel like both were, haha. It’s like the game creators were like “oh look you can play this other dude’s route even though it’s mainly for Mizuchi…just kidding, your mans are all gonna die if you do that.” T__T

    Thanks for all the poetry translations and interpretations. It really added a lot. I feel like I would’ve been too lazy to try and translate the poetry myself, and even if I ended up being successful, I doubt it would’ve made as much sense. I really love the inserted poetry, though. It really matches the art coloring and style and just…yeah, everything falls so nicely together. And that’s not even touching on the storyline itself. It actually feels like there’s worth in playing the other routes. And just…all the symbolism is so intense. The creators of this game really put a lot of commendable effort into this. I feel like I’d have to go back after I finish reading everyone to pick up on things I missed the first run through.

    Also, I super loved that they went with the whole traditional thing and used the archaic ゐ for い in Karakurenai’s name.

    I really probably should’ve read these routes in the order that you posted them, but I got interested in how Mikoto would end up partnering with Karakurenai when she had such distaste for him earlier. I really should’ve seen it coming, but somehow I didn’t, haha.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 27, 2013 at 23:11

      Karakurenai is an interesting character |D;; I think I put him up on my bias list but then ended taking him down. He’s cute and adorable.. yet at the same time there’s no softening the fact that he’s a jerk. It’s like you hate to love him but you love to hate him at the same time.

      My first route in the whole game was actually Karakurenai and his endings traumatized me so badly… although the rest of them were just as bad if not worse… I freaked out so much over Ending 2 and 3 but you have to give props to WoGa for giving them the idea of making a trilogy which gives them the ability to give you other guy routes but make them utterly tragic.

      Aw, thank you! I did my best to translate the poetry but I’m not sure if I did it justice ;;;; translating exposition is one thing but poetry requires more finesse in the language than I have including knowledge of the context in which it was written at the author You should see the notes my friends and I have on the poets of all the men and how much research we did when we started translating poetry |D;;; My friend has like 5 books on Narihira who is Karakurenai’s assigned poet.

      Speaking of the poetry though, Hana Awase implemented them VERY VERY well. Each guy has a specific style or poet that is assigned to them. If you’ve ever read a biography about Saigyo Hoshi or Narihira and then look at Mizuchi and Karakurenai it’s… frightening.

      Oh man, this game is definitely one in which you start to pick up on so many things from another run. I started blogging about this game after I already beat the game actually ;;; so in a sense I went through the entire game twice. Once you finish reading Iroha’s route and then go back to the start and see the scene where he’s holding Mikoto’s hand you just…. GODS. THIS GAME. C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァンッ!

      On another note, I just want to point out that the character songs I translated are also very symbolic of the characters. All of these guys’ songs crush my heart…. ahh…

      I’m biased in thinking that the order I posted them in is the best way to see the story of Hana Awase unravel in terms of mystery and story, but there’s no actual order you have to do them in although I feel like Iroha should always be last |D;;

    Aika said:
    May 5, 2013 at 04:37

    Hello! I’m reaaaallllyyy grateful you wrote a detailed review for this game’s routes. Hehehe. I don’t really understand japanese, so your blog is like a bible to me (while playing hana awase of course, hehehe)

    Anyway, aside from rambling on how worth-squealing karakurenai (or I should say kurenai-sama :D) is, I can’t seem to accessed his first ending… I managed to get his other two, but the first one…… ??????

    So then, how did you get his first ending? Are there some kind of requirements for it since I didn’t get the choice that branched to ending 1 and ending 2-3.

    Thank you! And have a nice day!! :)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 5, 2013 at 07:03

      You’re welcome! I’m really glad that my posts are able to help you |D;; and I promise I’ll finish up soon with Iroha so that you can complete your collection of despair.

      If I remember correctly you have to play his route twice to get Ending 1. It’s not very worth it as you can see though, but if you’re a completionist you just have to go through Kurenai’s route again (thank god for skip button?).

      You’re welcome again and have a nice day as well! I hope you don’t cry too hard while playing Hana Awase!

    bluesky said:
    February 24, 2013 at 11:54

    thank you so much For this!! i hope you will doing iroha route too >.<,Thanks once again

      Ilinox responded:
      February 26, 2013 at 23:10

      You’re very welcome! I will definitely be finishing all the routes in Hana Awase but lately I’ve been really busy agkjhgh I’m buried underneath writing essays for all my classes and even the TL;DR kaei gets exhausted from that, haha ;;; Please look forward to it though!

    Amy said:
    January 13, 2013 at 10:59

    What an emotional roller coaster! I finished Karakurenia’s route, and cried. In the end I really liked Karakurenia. Yes, at times I just wanted to slap him while other times I just wanted to give him a hug. Psychologically it’s the type of guys/person one is attracted to. :)

    Thanks again for the recommendation, I have to take a break and play a little more uplifting game or study before finishing Mizuchi’s route and starting Iroha route.

      Ilinox responded:
      January 15, 2013 at 23:54

      It’s so weird how he toes the line between being an overbearing douche and being a teasing, sweet guy right?! I’m literally hating him one moment and then loving him the next… akgkgjg but yes his aggressive and confident personality is definitely attractive.

      Haha, you’re welcome! Feel free to take as long of a break as you need because this game is pretty emotionally draining ;; I had to take a three day break after finishing Karakurenai’s route because the last choice made me have to walk away before I started crying.

    shiroi said:
    January 12, 2013 at 22:28

    The whole time throughout Kurenai’s route I think I was stuck going ‘nnNOOOO OH MYG od’ either from what Kurenai was doing or because of what was happening (at the endings aaaAAAA). I didn’t think I was going to like Karakurenai at all, but then all the scenes where he starts referring to himself as ‘ore’ instead of ‘Kurenai-sama’ aaaaaaaa ; __ ; He’s kind of like Himeutsugi in that sense, hiding behind a persona and acting how people expect them to…
    It’s just so interesting how it’s Mizuchi that goes crazy in this route, rather than Kurenai himself. Maybe it’s because he’s the least connected to the rest of the kaei (excluding Utsutsu), since Mizuchi is friends with Himeutsugi, and looks up/respects Iroha a lot? Because with the other guys Mizuchi is ‘stable’ in the sense that he isn’t raging with hatred (or just strong dislike) towards them. ; v ;
    Once again, thanks for taking the time to write this! That last bit about Campanulas and Narihara just… Kurenai… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻

      Ilinox responded:
      January 15, 2013 at 23:52

      BASICALLY! I spent his entire route being polarized one way or the other ;; burning hatred at the beginning of how much of a jerk he was and then melting into a puddle of goo at how adorable he is. I think you’re exactly right about him hiding behind a persona just like Himeutsugi, instead it’s a spiky “push everyone away” kind of mask.

      Hmmm, you have a point here. Maybe it’s to show how much Mizuchi really doesn’t get along with Karakurenai LMFAO like you said with his raging hatred. But Karakurena definitely seems the most stable out of all the other Brights.. I think it’s because he admits that he’s a man with needs ;D ;D.

      CRIES. DON’T EVER MENTION THE CAMPANULAS. I have so much to say about them because I feel like the story completely represents the three of them. The mirror is Mikoto, and the boy who picks it up and falls into obsessive love can be either one of them, with the cupid being the other man. Then the smashing of the mirror can be symbolic to how broken Mikoto is but also how everyone’s life has basically been shattered BECAUSE of this obsession.


        shiroi said:
        January 16, 2013 at 00:41

        This game has made me sadistic (nothing feels better than koi koi-ing the hell out of characters that made you cry over their route~~), and I kind of want to see Karakurenai mentally snap \o/ Mostly because there are so many ways he could fall into that downward spiral when his mask breaks… Maybe it’ll happen in Utsutsu’s half of the game or something, I’m not too sure how they’re going to have two good endings in one game ; _ ;

        THIS GAME JUST MAKES ME MORE DEPRESSED THE MORE I ELABORATE ON THINGS (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻ as if playing the game by itself wasn’t depressing enough, but the authors probably just went nOPE LETS ADD ALL THESE LITTLE DETAILS AND ALL THIS SYMBOLISM THAT’LL JUST MAKE THEM EVEN MORE DEPRESSED #jeah !!!
        Because I remember looking up Japanese mythology about butterflies after Iroha’s route and also more about his namesake poem and just (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻
        Gekka Project why must you wound me so _(:3」∠)_

    Amy said:
    January 12, 2013 at 14:54

    Wow! Thanks for doing this. I just started Mizuchi’s route, and before Karakurenai. Would you recommend doing it this way? Or Karakurenai first?

      Ilinox responded:
      January 12, 2013 at 16:54

      You’re very welcome! In terms of revealing story, I actually recommend playing through in the order of Himeutsugi -> Karakurenai -> Mizuchi -> Iroha. Of course you can play them in whatever order you want, but I feel that Iroha should always be left last.

      Basically, Mizuchi’s route helps you understand Karakurenai’s route because of what you learn about his family and stuff. So it’s just a question on whether you want a bit of mystery and a gradual reveal of the story, or if you want to know what happens and then be able to sympathize and feel even worse in Karakurenai’s route, haha.

        Amy said:
        January 12, 2013 at 17:40

        I loved hearing Satoshi Hino’s voice in Amnesia (not so much the character itself), so i love listening to Karakurenai’s voice, and tend to save the best for last. I also thought that in order to unlock the “Special” scenes, you had to finish Mizuchi…oh well, I’ll take your advice and start Karakurenia’s route.

        Thanks again.

        Ilinox responded:
        January 12, 2013 at 22:10

        I love Hino Satoshi’s voice too |D he’s one of my god-tier seiyuu adkjgkgh but yeah Karakurenai is a really polarizing character. You love to hate and you hate to love him, haha!

        Yep, to unlock the Brights in the ranking you have to finish Mizuchi’s route but those can always be saved for later. I like to leave those small pockets of happiness for the end after the utter despair trip that the rest of the game leaves you in ;ww; You don’t have to take my recommendation though~! I know a lot of friends who played in much more different orders!

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