Hana Awase 「蛟編」 ~ Mizuchi ~

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Mizuchi (蛟)
CV: Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤)

Mizuchi is Rank 3 among the 5 Brights and a second year kaei of the Koukokugumi, which Mikoto ends up joining. He appears stiff and very formal, but it’s easy to see his sincere and kind nature. Everyone teases him for being pure and prim because he has no idea how to treat a lady other than with innocent respect; however, there is a reason for his rigid self-control, obsessive adherence to rules, and how strict he is on himself.

(Gods, I am so sorry for how long it took to get this out. I’ve been terribly busy with school and the time that I do have free is taken by Fire Emblem: Awakening and Tokimeki Restaurant. I really really apologize! Just one more to go and then back to Diabolik Lovers and Amnesia Later.)

DAY 21. Mikoto must choose a partner to do kabatsu with and to help her awaken as a senki.

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She heads to Mizuchi’s room and knocks on his door before introducing herself and asking if she can enter, but there is no response. Is he not there? However, Mikoto tells him that she’ll be entering anyway.. and when she does she’s startled to see him standing inside silently. He doesn’t look at her. Mikoto notices that he looks worn out and so she tries to say something, but he interrupts and requests for her not to come close to him.

When Mikoto looks confused, Mizuchi explains in a strained voice that he heard from Iroha what he did to her at that time. He closes his eye in shame and tells her that this cannot be settled by saying that he has no memories of that event. He doesn’t know how he should apologize to her.. Mikoto protests loudly that she’s fine. But Mizuchi only swallows tightly and she realizes that he’s in pain from being concerned about her.

But they have to talk about it. If they don’t talk about it now then Mizuchi will never advance past that event. And so Mikoto points out hesitantly that they’re a bit far away and asks if she could come a little closer. He gasps loudly at that, which startles her, before he averts his eye and apologizes. He thinks that he might become strange again if she comes closer to him.

He doesn’t think they should get close to each other any more. This is for her sake. Mizuchi also tells her that he wants her to please choose someone other than him for a partner. He looks pained as he confesses that he doesn’t want to taint her. Mikoto’s expression falls at that and she…

IF YOU CHOOSE TO SAY NOTHING. Mikoto realizes that Mizuchi is blaming himself and she doesn’t know what kind of words are suitable at this time. It looks like anything she says to Mizuchi right now will only trouble him.. For the present, she should return back to her room. And so she quietly tells him that she understands and excuses herself.

It pains her to see Mizuchi in so much pain. If placing distance between them will give a little peace to Mizuchi’s feelings then… Mikoto scolds herself for being so helpless and she apologizes in her mind to Mizuchi.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO CALL HIM A LIAR. Mikoto realizes that Mizuchi wants her to part from him for her sake. But.. what does she want? Does she really want to leave Mizuchi? Does she want to choose another person as her partner? Does she want someone other than Mizuchi to touch her body? She… Mikoto realizes that she has to be honest to her own feelings, to what she wants, and to how she wants Mizuchi.

She decides determinedly that she has to say it now; her real feelings. If she doesn’t then she’ll… lose Mizuchi. And so Mikoto, with a sad expression, calls him a liar. He mumbles her name in confusion and so she points out that, at that time, he said he’d protect her. He told her that he wanted her to believe in him. Were those lies? He averts his eye in silence and so she continues on to say that Mizuchi isn’t the type of person who would break laws so easily.

He would like to thank her for her words, but he thinks she’s seeing a fantasy. He’s a person who did those.. things to her. Mizuchi quickly tells her that their conversation will stop here and he would like her to leave the room, but his words are interrupted when Mikoto approaches him and asks him if he’s done with her. She asks if, to him, she’s already someone that he doesn’t need.

She asks if he’s fine with her choosing another person. RECALLING HIS REACTION TO KARAKURENAI RIGHT NOW. Mizuchi averts his eye and clenches his jaw. Mikoto points out with a hurt expression that, as a senki candidate, she must come into contact with a player to release her power. Hereafter, she would have to come into contact with a different person. She will become someone else’s partner.

He replies in a defeated voice 「・・それが、必然なら。」(.. If that is.. necessary). He’s still not looking at her and so she tells him that she doesn’t want to. Mizuchi’s eye flies to her in surprise while she continues on to admit that she was scared of what he did… but she doesn’t want to be touched by anyone other than him. Is she the only one with these feelings? Her voice becomes wobbly as she asks him this again.

But Mizuchi is speechless which prompts Mikoto to call out his name desperately. He grits his teeth before grabbing her shoulders and accusing her of being cruel for saying those things with her own mouth. He asks her desperately if she’s resolved; even if he were to hurt her.. even if he were to taint her?! His words are blocked when Mizuchi leans up and kisses him straight on the mouth. WOOHOOOO!!

Mikoto asks him quietly to taint her. He inhales sharply at that, but she only repeats her words more clearly. He tries to ask her what she’s doing, but she tells him that she’s serious. In her mind, she realizes that he’s concerned about what he did to her in the library. But then she corrects herself as she realizes that even before then he was concerned about not tainting her… he’s just that kind of person.

That’s why, in order to pass over what happened, she has to be the one to pass over it. For the sake of having Mizuchi as her partner. She becomes visibly nervous, but she forges on as she removes her ribbon and lays her hand on her chest before asking him to hurt her. She tells him that it’s still there and then gives him permission to hurt her in the same place. Mizuchi’s mouth has dropped open as he can only stare at her in blank shock.

Inwardly she’s scared and embarrassed but there’s still more… She tries to stutter out what she wants him to do, but she’s so scared that her body is trembling. Finally, she stutters out that she’d like him to touch her here. He can only reply weakly 「・・っ!?こんなこと・・・君!」(.. !? Such a thing… you!). But she’s still not done and she continues on to say 「触って、そして・・・そして・・・っ、私を・・・。」(Touch me, and then… and then… I…).

He inhales deeply in the suspense, but then Mikoto expels a large breath before she lowers her head in embarrassment and apologizes for reaching her limit. Mizuchi’s face is tinted red as he calls out her name worriedly, but she only replies that her heartbeat is pounding so hard that she feels strange. She might have done something excessive. He thinks that was obvious and then asks her why she did such an audacious thing.

Mikoto breathes out heavily and then tells him that she’s not scared. Even when he touches her, she’s not scared. She’s only a little, more like very, nervous. It’s probably because she’s fine as long as it’s Mizuchi. She confesses to him that she isn’t as pretty of a human as he thinks she is. She’s selfish and she doesn’t think things through… that’s why she would like him by her side. She wants him to scold her for doing unreasonable things.

She wants him to support her. She tells him that he is necessary to her. She doesn’t want to part from him. Mizuchi is shocked to hear how she describes him, but then he finally breaks down and embraces her tightly. He tells her in a rough voice that he understands and so she doesn’t need to do these things anymore. She nods quietly and then he remarks on how, for his sake, she went to such lengths…

Mizuchi murmurs 「・・・本当の自分を知れば、きっと君は離れていくだろう。」(… If you knew the real me, you would surely leave, right?). But he wonders if it would be alright for them to remain like this. Just for a little bit… he would like to touch her courage. Mikoto only nods quietly again while, in her mind, she feels her body heating up with Mizuchi’s voice pounding inside her ear. Her mind is exploding.

Her terrible egoism has troubled Mizuchi because all she doesn’t want is to lose Mizuchi. Even she didn’t know that she had these feelings. She’s embarrassed but she won’t regret it. With this she can go forward without losing Mizuchi… and for such a thing to relieve her this much.. She finally understands what she feels towards Mizuchi. In her mind, she calls out his name over and over again.

Mizuchi breathes in deeply and Mikoto is surprised to feel him tighten his grip to the point where she can barely breathe. It’s conveying his feelings to her. She wants to be held even more tightly… she wants to remain like this even longer. His scent surrounds her and it’s the same as that time in the park. It’s a refreshing.. and different scent from hers. She doesn’t want to lose this scent.

Up to now, after coming to Kaen and becoming a senki candidate, she was Mizuchi’s partner only because the onifuda chose him. But now it’s different and she’s the one who chose.. only Mizuchi. Her entire body is filling up with water and her heart is overflowing. It’s a strong and happy power. She wants to pour her water into him and she wants to give him all the power that she has. She wants to become his strength.

She wants to become his senki. She’ll work hard and if it’s the two of them then they’ll be able to do kabatsu. So long as Mizuchi is supporting her… she can do anything as long as he’s by her side. In her mind, she confesses to him that she loves him.

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem 「花に染む 心のいかで残りけむ 捨てはててきと思ふ わが身に――」(Why do I, who broke so completely with this world, find in my body still the pulsing of a heart once dyed in blossoms’ hues?). POEM #76 BY SAIGYO ON BEING OBSESSED OVER THE BEAUTY OF A FLOWER EVEN THOUGH HE THREW AWAY ATTACHMENTS TO THE WORLD.

He muses on how he embraced her as if in a trance. Even now the sensation of her lingers on his hands. It’s strange how, even though he embraced her like that, he still thinks it isn’t enough. He murmurs out loud about how she doesn’t know, does she? About how he has within him these disgusting feelings.

He cannot be suspected and so he must act as he usually does so that he doesn’t frighten her. Because, above all, he must protect the vow that he swore to Iroha-sama.

At night, in Mikoto’s room, she thinks about how kabatsu will start tomorrow. Even she doesn’t know what will happen. Was her decision the right one? She shakes her head and reminds her not to regret whatever the outcome is, because this is the path she chose. She has to work hard to become the senki. Then she falls asleep and dreams of the Half Moon calling her name.

It confirms that she’s Mikoto and then is ecstatic when she remembers its name. She points out that she’d remember it since she meets it every night. It tells her its happy because it can’t meet her other than here. When she asks what it is, it tells her sadly that even if it told her she surely wouldn’t know that it was him. She asks it what it means by that, but it doesn’t answer.

Instead it tells her that full moon is close. The time when the moon is full and fate changes greatly, but that is a trial for her. What should she believe in? But there is only one answer. It tells her to find her half of the moon. Mikoto tries to reach out to stop it, but she ends up waking up in bed. Just who is the person that she keeps seeing every night? She can only hear its voice and it sounds familiar but… she can’t recognize it all.

The Half Moon… the name has a strange ring to it. Then she remembers that she should tell Momotose about her decision for a partner! She decided on her moon. Yes, she and that person…

DAY 22. Momotose is smiling gently as she is told about how Mizuchi has been chosen. Mikoto affirms that she will do kabatsu with Mizuchi and become the senki. Momotose expected this of her muse and she’ll support Mikoto! Then she asks slyly if Mikoto likes Mizuchi. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she has a blush on her face, but she quietly admits that she does like him. Momotose only giggles at that because she thought so.

Mikoto confesses that it’s a bit embarrassing to blurt it out. Love is still difficult. She still doesn’t know if she really.. Plus, she doesn’t think Mizuchi feels that emotion. He’s only going along with her selfishness. Momotose tells her that she thinks its mutual love which shocks Mikoto and makes her end up asking what she should do if that were the case. Momotose can only exclaim about how cute Mikoto is and hug her.

Then she reassures Mikoto that no gentleman would be able to leave such a lovely girl alone. She would like Mikoto to have more self-confidence and attack. Mikoto blurts out that before she attacks she needs to do kabatsu. She reminds herself in her mind that she can’t be too merry and she has to properly do what she must so that she doesn’t embarrass Mizuchi.

She’s nervous about doing kabatsu with Mizuchi but she’ll work hard! Anyway, after classes she meets up with Mizuchi at the gates and he tells her that he looks forward to working with her from hereon. She returns the phrase, but then ends up staring at him in silence. Mizuchi asks her if she has something she would like to say, which makes her startle and blurt out that it’s nothing.

Mikoto scolds herself for staring too much at Mizuchi’s face; because she’s so conscious of him she’s even more awkward than usual. She reminds herself to do this properly because kabatsu involves lives. She must focus her mind. Anyway, the two of them head out to Chuuouku in Goto-gai. She mentions out loud about how when she looks at it, it looks like a normal business district…

Mizuchi informs her that it only looks like that on the surface. As they enter deeper they will be able to see the dark side of this city. This place is a breeding ground for Adabana and it’s a tainted city. She realizes that Mizuchi greatly detests this place. But she can certainly feel something stagnant in the atmosphere and as if something were dirty. Mizuchi states that this isn’t a place they can stay in for long.

He wishes to conclude their business quickly and they will move in a way so that she doesn’t leave his side. Mikoto obeys him and they start to walk deeper, but she feels unnecessarily nervous at how close they are. Mizuchi takes a look at her and then points out that her face is red. Is she unwell? LMFAO NO, MY HEART IS JUST DOKI DOKI 1000%. Mikoto’s eyes widen but she hurriedly denies it and tells him that it’s from the atmosphere.

Mizuchi apologizes with a small frown for forgetting that she only just became a minamo. That means she is easily tainted and so if they’re not careful then she may become dried up. He looks away briefly in thought before suddenly ordering her to give him her hand. She extends it and is surprised when he grips it. He explains that they’ll be able to cycle her water like this and they also won’t be separated.

Mikoto can only stare at him with a blush on her face, which prompts him to say her name questioningly. She doesn’t know what to do because it’s extremely embarrassing holding his hand. She can’t even look him in the face. She thinks he’ll be disgusted with her if she keeps this up and so she chides herself to pull it together. Suddenly, they hear something giggle and she freezes as she feels a cold slither down her spine.

Mizuchi narrows his eyes as the voice screeches about how there’s a sweet smell. Mikoto realizes that she’s feeling the taint and turns to see an Adabana cackling about it smells a senki. Mizuchi informs her that it’s a low class Adabana, but still orders her to stand behind him. She obeys him quickly, but the Adabana only screeches out that it’s futile to try and hide. It threatens to take her by force and taint her pretty skin. It’ll tear her apart!

Mikoto is frightened by the overwhelming hatred pouring out of it. This is an Adabana?! Mizuchi explains that inside an Adabana is a heart fallen and stained by taint. It no longer has human emotions. She finds that harsh, but he warns her not to have a shred of compassion for it. If they do not wither the Adabana then they will die. He tells her firmly that he is going to send the Adabana off to its requiem. What will she do?

She gives him a determined look and tells him that she’s prepared to be with him! He smiles at that and then states that they will Hana Awase. He will spread out a special field so that ordinary people won’t be touched by their kabatsu. People on the outside won’t be able to see what will happen inside. She nods tightly and so he releases his field call and they engage the Adabana.

They are victorious, but Mikoto is shocked to see it wither and disappear. It looked human a while ago… She was the one who made it wither. Even though it was an Adabana, it had self-awareness. For it to disappear so quickly like that… just what is an Adabana? It looks like a human yet it is not… a tainted and sorrowful existence.

Anyway, Mizuchi informs her that they will conclude today’s kabatsu and they will now report to Onosada. She nods quietly and then widens her eyes when he squeezes her hand. Is he worried about her? She thanks him with a gentle smile, but he only remains silent. As they walk back she thinks about how his hand is warm and kind. Because of the touch from his hand, she can feel her uneasiness slowly disappearing.

Is it because Mizuchi is circulating the water inside of her? She doesn’t think that it’s only that… It’s because it’s Mizuchi. She can’t calm down just from looking at him or holding his hand. She’s so embarrassed that she wants to let go of his hand, yet she doesn’t want to let go of this. Her feelings are such a contradiction. She doesn’t know what to do with these feelings.

Suddenly, Mizuchi asks her if she’s tired. She shakes her head and reassures him that she’s fine, but then Mizuchi tells her that he would like her to think of this as a ritual. When she looks confused, he explains that to the end this is simply a ritual between a kaei and the senki candidate. There is no further meaning to this and so she can relax. Her brows furrow at that, but she quietly tells him that she understands. UGH MIZUCHI YOU’RE GETTING IT ALL WRONG.

In her mind she realizes that it was to be expected that Mizuchi is only attending to her as the senki candidate. Yet why does she feel… such a shock? Then he averts his eye and asks her awkwardly if she was at the flower beds today. Mikoto is confused but answers in the negative, which makes Mizuchi murmur 「そう、か・・・ならばいい。」(I.. see.. that’s good). Mikoto wonders what that was about since they didn’t go to the flower beds today. Is something strange on her?

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem 「花散らで月は雲らぬ よなりせば 物を思はぬ わが身ならまし――」(A world without the scattering blossoms, without the clouding over of the moon, would deprive me of my melancholy). POEM #72 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. He muses on how this was their first kabatsu together and he thinks she did very well.

Even though the Adabana are enemies, they used to be humans. Destroying them filled her with fear and unhappiness, but he wants to praise her determination and courage. Even though he did such a thing towards her at that time, she still believed and chose him. He wants to respond even a little to that sincerity.

Mizuchi’s voice becomes shaky 「それに・・・いや。自分は言う資格を持たない。だが・・はぁっ・・・・。」(Moreover… no. I have no qualifications to say that. But.. haa…). He muses on how that smell was rising up from her body… like a fragrant flower… a sweet and attracting thing. Even right now there is a scent that remains on his hand… He inhales deeply before he clenches his jaw.

He scolds himself harshly and asks him what kind of foolish thing he’s doing… Didn’t he make a vow to Iroha-sama? He must protect it. He cannot, under any circumstance, break it. The law that he imposed upon himself…

Meanwhile, in her room, Mikoto phones Ai and tells her that she wants to consult her. Ai is surprised to hear from Mikoto and it’s even more unusual to be consulted for advice. Mikoto admits with a blush that she has someone she likes. Ai splutters before asking loudly if she’s being serious. The world must be ending for Mikoto to say the words “love” or “hate”.

Mikoto snaps out that Ai is being rude right now. Ai apologizes sheepishly and confesses that she was really surprised. But then she asks if it’s the person they talked about before and Mikoto admits it. Then she explains that the person, Mizuchi, doesn’t view her in that way. Ai comments lightly on how this is unreciprocated love. Mikoto angrily tells Ai to listen properly, but Ai tells her that she’s never had unreciprocated love before.

She confesses immediately to any man who catches her eye, and if it doesn’t work out then she goes onto the next one. Mikoto is surprised by how simple Ai’s way is and so Ai points out that it’s troublesome to grope around for whether or not the other person likes her. The essential point is to have sex. Mikoto stutters at that which makes Ai ask her slowly if she knows what happens after she likes someone.

Mikoto is bright red as she shouts back through the phone that she does and she isn’t a child! Ai points out to her that Mizuchi, as a man, must want to do that. Mikoto splutters at that and denies it before explaining that she’s a minamo and so if they do those things then she’ll be expelled. She also explains that while she likes Mizuchi.. it’s not exactly like that.. or more like she hasn’t thought about what comes after.

Ai asks in shock what kind of anachronism that is and points out that even though she may think that, the other person might not. She has also told Mikoto before that she has made a lot of men cry. Ai sighs heavily before telling Mikoto to be more aware of herself. Mikoto tells her that she didn’t know since none of them said anything. Ai lightly explains that Mikoto has an unapproachable aura and she also has Shou guarding her.

Mikoto is surprised by that and Ai gleefully tells her that Shou said he would always protect her, but that’s also an awkward thing on his part. Ai giggles as she remarks on how Mikoto has a winner now though and so Shou will have to be dismissed from his job. How sad~! And since it can’t be helped, she’ll have to comfort him! Mikoto smiles at that and comments on how Ai seems to like Shou.

Ai splutters at that and then asks Mikoto what she means by suddenly saying that. Don’t joke around! Mikoto continues to smile though as she quietly tells Ai that she knew. Ai falls silent before suddenly calling Mikoto an impertinent brat! Mikoto giggles at that which makes Ai grumble about how unbearable she is. At any rate, Ai advises her to confess immediately if she already knows that she likes him.

If she idles then another woman might take him away! Mikoto winces but promises to try before thanking Ai for advising her. They end the phone call and as Mikoto places the cellphone away she can’t help but think that Ai is cute in her embarrassment over liking Shou; even though in the past Ai used to say that he only sees her as a little sister. Even though she tried not to pay attention to him.

However, Mikoto’s thoughts turn to what happens after liking someone. Before this, they had kissed but she was in such a daze and nervous that she doesn’t remember it well. To do something further than that with Mizuchi… Mikoto shakes her head and splutters out that it’d be impossible! She finds her face heating up and so she quickly decides to go to sleep.

DAY 23. Mikoto is heading to her next class but she feels a chill behind her. Someone calls out to her to wait and then asks if she’s Mikoto. She nods and then notices that this uniform is… A girl introduces herself and the group as a third year minamo in the Koukokugumi. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she hurriedly greets them formally. She remembers the class representative telling her to greet the minamo formally.

The seniors from third year are all ladies from noble families apparently. She also heard that these people were very special. Mikoto finds them gorgeous but also feels a chill in the air. One of the girls tells Mikoto that they heard rumors about how she was strong, praised as being stronger than even the third years. Mikoto starts to apologize formally but then she yelps when she’s suddenly hugged.

Another girls giggles at how lovely Mikoto is while the last one explains that Aoi had been beautiful and pure but Mikoto is also lovely, like a dainty wildflower. It makes her feel like plucking Mikoto and keeping her. She giggles at how cute Mikoto is and how she looks like a doll. Mikoto can only stare at these three girls with wide eyes and an open mouth. Her hair is as as dark as obsidian and glossy.

Her cheeks glitter like ivory. They sigh and remark on how she’s more beautiful than the rumors describe and this must be because she’s the senki candidate. One of the girls calls tells the other girl, Shimo, to hand over Mikoto because she’s tempted to do something. She notices that Mikoto is slender but she has the presence of breasts too and she touches them while asking Mikoto if she’s a C-cup or D-cup.

Mikoto squeals at her actions, but then another girl tells Rokka that she’s being unfair and to bring Mikoto closer to her as well. Mikoto squeaks as she starts being touched all over the place and wonders how she got into this situation. They’re even more intense than Momotose and she feels that her body is in danger. She has to run away! And so Mikoto blurts out that she hears a teacher calling her and excuses herself loudly before dashing off.

The three girls call for her to wait, but she manages to get away. She’s panting in her classroom and the class representative comments on how she seems to have been caught in an evil power. The class rep tells Mikoto that the third year seniors are famously known as the sundew minamo. That is their alias though and they’re actually called Shimo, Rokka, and Rokuyuki.

Mikoto recalls seeing them do Hana Utsushi. Anyway, the class rep explains that these three like cute things and strong minamo who can Kasen. They sexually harass the people they like and so they’re a bit dangerous. Mikoto asks her angrily why she wasn’t told this sooner and so the class rep explains that because the three seniors liked those things, she thought that they would think nothing of Mikoto.

At any rate, for the seniors to like her means that her social ranking at Kaen has increased and isn’t that well? Mikoto blurts out that it isn’t good at all if it means she’ll be touched unreasonably like that! The class rep jokes about what a luxurious trouble she has and then excuses herself, leaving Mikoto frustrated at how the class rep thinks it’s someone else’s problem.

Anyway, she suffered through a terrible experience with the sundew minamo and so she finds them frightening. If she can, she’ll try not to encounter them again. Then she recalls that Momotose invited her to have tea in her room, but there’s still time before she has to arrive and she wonders if she should practice some more Hana Utsushi. She decides not to and spends some time in her room until she has to leave to Momotose’s room.

Because she’s always being treated by Momotose she made macarons yesterday for Momotose, since Momotose seems to like sweets. Mikoto finishes wrapping them up in paper napkins and then heads to Momotose’s room where she knocks on the door. Momotose opens the door with a big smile and invites her inside, but Mikoto is stunned to see Iroha and Mizuchi inside.

Why are they here!? It is forbidden for men to be inside the girls’ dormitory. Momotose notices the look on her face and tells her to relax because they asked for permission from the dormitory leader; at least Iroha did. Mikoto’s eyes widen at that and she looks at him, but he remains silent. She thinks that the dormitory leader had no choice but to assent when being asked by someone like Iroha.

Meanwhile Mizuchi exhales tightly and Mikoto can’t help but notice how uncomfortable he looks here. But then Momotose orders the men to help and directs Iroha to bring out the cups while Mizuchi cuts the oranges. Iroha obeys her order without a change in expression while Mikoto thinks about how unsuited these large men are in Momotose’s room, and so she asks Momotose what all of this is.

Momotose explains that she thought a party would be more fun with more people and because Iroha is taciturn, which makes talking to him a bit difficult, she brought along Mizuchi! Mikoto can’t help but think of how coercive Momotose is, but she does have the feeling that it’s been a while since Iroha and Mizuchi were together. And so perhaps Momotose arranged this?

And then Momotose notices the sweets that Mikoto brought and so Mikoto explains that she made macarons with almond powder in the dormitory kitchen. Iroha snaps to attention and mutters 「・・・マカロン。」(… Macaron). HE IS SUCH A PRECIOUS BABY OMG FKANGJKHGFH. Momotose compliments how pretty they look with all the various colors and decides to place them all on a plate.

Mikoto agrees and so the macarons are placed on a plate and then Mizuchi informs Momotose that he finished cutting up the oranges. Mikoto is taken aback by how beautifully sliced the oranges are since they’re all alike in width and very methodical. She offers to place them on a plate but Mizuchi tries to tell her that she needn’t help him, however Mikoto insists and then they accidentally touch hands.

Mizuchi’s eyes instantly drop to their hands and he inhales sharply, which causes Mikoto to apologize. However, Mizuchi averts his eyes and apologizes for his carelessness. She shakes her head and tries to claim the blame though, but then Iroha interrupts and asks them if the oranges can be placed on this plate. Mikoto is startled by his sudden appearance before she nods; meanwhile Mizuchi closes his eyes and exhales softly.

But Mikoto notices that and wonders if something is the matter with him. At any rate, Momotose asks if the cups are prepared and then she commences the party! Mikoto wonders what is with this eccentrically gorgeous tea party. Everyone is beautiful, except for her who is completely out-of-place. The cups and utensils are of high quality and even the tea must be of a famous brand.

Beside them Kasu and Tane tell Mikoto that she can inform them whenever she wants a second helping of the tea and she blinks in surprise before thanking them with a stutter. Meanwhile, Momotose gasps in pleasure at how delicious the macarons are. Mikoto thanks her before complimenting how tasty the scones are. It’s fluffy and sweet-smelling and the taste of raspberry sauce and clotted cream is the best.

Momotose smiles and reveals that they were made by Tane and Kasu from the recipe that Mikoto gave them the last time she was here. Mikoto is surprised by that and Momotose beams as she tells Mikoto that Tane and Kasu are her hands and feet. Mikoto thinks that those words are such a Momotose-thing to say. Then Momotose scolds Mizuchi for eating sandwiches only and tells him to try some confections.

Mizuchi replies that he dislikes sweet things, but Momotose sweetly asks if this includes macarons that Mikoto made. This makes him stutter a denial and he quickly takes one. Mikoto tries to tell Mizuchi not to force himself, but he makes a surprised noise before commenting on how it is actually quite good. He only just ate one, but he finds it nice that it isn’t too sweet. Mikoto thanks him happily because she’s pleased to be complimented by Mizuchi!

Meanwhile, Iroha is dead silent. CRIES AKDJHKGH IROHA BABY. Then Momotose cries out that confections made by one’s loved one will obviously be delicious. Mikoto chokes out Momotose’s name at that while Mizuchi averts his eyes. Momotose slyly asks Mizuchi to confess if he sees Mikoto as a piece of meat. He asks her flatly what she means exactly by “a piece of meat”. She grins and tells him that she’s asking him if he likes her or not.

Mikoto chokes again and then tries to stop Momotose, but suddenly Iroha states without emotion that Mikoto is the senki candidate and Mizuchi understands that. Mikoto is confused by Iroha’s interjection, but Mizuchi lets out a strained exhale before he states that Iroha spoke the truth. There is nothing more than that. Momotose snaps at Iroha not to get in the way, but then she gasps in horror and asks him if he ate the rest of the macarons by himself.

This makes Mikoto turn back to Iroha only for her to see that it’s true. The plate is all empty but there must have been 20 there! Iroha replies flatly that they were on the plate. Is there a problem? Momotose cries out that she only had one. How cruel! These were homemade by her muse! She demands Iroha to eat only one a day next time. Mikoto is taken aback by how unreasonable things became.

Once again she’s reminded of how surprising he is, although before he had eaten konpeito. He has a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, Mizuchi has a stern frown on his face as he looks off to the side and Mikoto sadly realizes that he doesn’t see her as anything but the senki candidate. It feels as if he’s emphasizing what he said before when they did kabatsu. She feels a little shocked…

During the evening, Iroha is still in Momotose’s room and he asks her if she’s still angry. She snaps back that of course she is! She had gone to such lengths to fix the rift between him and Mizuchi, but now the party has gone to waste. Iroha points out that there is no need to fix their relationship. Momotose shakes her head because she knows he’s still dragging out the library incident.

She’s exasperated by how much he’s acting like a child and then asks him sternly to pass her a fork. He passes it to her before stating that he was only chiding Mizuchi. If they take one wrong step then the qualifications of the senki candidate will be lost. He asks her if the cloth can be placed over here. Momotose snaps out angrily that anywhere is fine. She sighs heavily before pointing out that those reasons of his aren’t all of them.

Iroha narrows his eyes questioningly. Momotose declares 「蛟に嫉妬してたんでしょう!」(You’re jealous of Mizuchi, aren’t you!). He replies quietly 「嫉妬、私が蛟に?理解ができません。」(Jealous? Me of Mizuchi? I do not understand). GJAKG THIS HURTS. RIKAI GA DEKIMASEN IS HIS TRADEMARK. Momotose points out that he is someone who can do anything, as number one, in the Kaen. Yet he’s also the person who can’t do anything.

But Iroha only responds 「理解を超えました。失礼します。」(My comprehension has been exceeded. Excuse me). Momotose tells him snappily to return home and then he, and Mizuchi, should both study the heart of a maiden! When Iroha leaves the room, Momotose sighs and muses on how miserable Mikoto must be. It’s just like Mizuchi to say that there is nothing more than that. Mikoto certainly fell in love with a troublesome person.

At night, Mizuchi quotes 「面影の忘らるまじき 別れかな 名残を人の 月にとどめて――」(I’ll never forget her look when I said goodbye… especially since, as keepsake, she set her sorrow-filled face on the moon above). POEM #621 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. He comments on how Iroha hasn’t forgiven him yet. Iroha might have noticed something in the depths of his heart.

A feeling that shouldn’t be there… Mizuchi tells himself stiffly that he understands. If he breaks the rules then he’ll cause pain on Mikoto. But even still, his heart is always thinking the opposite. Even now it throbs, in time with his right eye. Mizuchi grits his teeth as his vision pulses and he breathes deeply before wondering out loud if it is sleeping. At this rate it’ll awaken…

DAY 24. Onosada greets the two of them, but then informs them that today’s kabatsu is canceled. Mikoto is surprised by that, but then Onosada informs them that he wants them to investigate this instead. It is a student who is affiliated with the Koukokugumi in the second year. Mikoto’s eyes widen when she sees the picture and Onosada notes that she seems to remember it.

This was the person who, on the day of the ceremony, was possessed by the utsurohi. It has been said that he’s been acting weirdly from then on. But at that time, when he heard that Onosada wanted to talk to him he won’t show his tail anywhere and immediately ran away. That’s why it is now the senki candidate’s turn. Mikoto blinks in confusion at that and so he tells her with a grin that it’s obvious women are better than men.

All she has to do is flash him a peek of her panties and he’ll answer anything she asks. It’s a service! Mikoto splutters at that and turns bright red before she shouts out a refusal and she won’t do that! Meanwhile, Mizuchi scolds Onosada for being rude. Onosada defends himself by saying that he has no interest in the panties of high school girls. He restricts himself to women who are twenty years of age.

In her mind, Mikoto yells out that even when he says that he still flips her skirt! Onosada notices the look on her face and steps closer while slyly pointing out that she looks disapproving. Does she want to be treated as a woman? Mikoto growls out that she doesn’t want it at all! Then she asks him not to place his face so close to hers. Mizuchi interrupts and states that this person is in the same class as him.

He will ask the questions and then he asks Mikoto to come along with him. She hurriedly nods and Onosada sends them off with a cheeky smile, leaving Mikoto exasperated. Mizuchi breathes out heavily, but she thinks that he’s as calm as always. She’s readily drawn in to Onosada’s frivolous talk, but Mizuchi is greatly different from her in how he cuts straight to the point.

Somehow it makes her feel like she’s the only child. How shameful. Anyway, the two of them head to the second year classrooms and Mikoto thinks about how long it’s been since she was here. Mizuchi informs her that he’ll call the person and so she can wait here. She nods and then watches as the person who they’re question starts squeaking and asks Mizuchi with a stutter if he wishes something from him.

Mizuchi tells the student that he has something to talk about and requests for him to come with them. The student stutters out an affirmative but apologizes as he keeps hiccuping and then he tells them that he has to prepare his heart. Mikoto thinks that he seems very nervous since he’s hiccuping. Mizuchi tells her not to be concerned though because that person is always like that.

She wonders if they’re even able to talk like that. Anyway, they head to the greenhouse where the student stutters out a question as to why one of the 5 Brights and the senki candidate has business with a small fry like him. Mizuchi tells him that he wishes to talk about what occurred during the ceremony a few days ago. The student squeals out that he didn’t intend to do what he did then to Himeutsugi or Mizuchi.

Mizuchi brushes that aside and then asks him what happened in the greenhouse. The student blurts out that he had a sudden impulse. Mikoto repeats his words in confusion and then the student wails out that he knew she was Mizuchi’s minamo but he couldn’t endure it anymore! Mikoto asks him if he’s talking about Aoi, as Mizuchi’s minamo. The student squeals and then confesses that it’s embarrassing.

She was replaced as a minamo by the senki candidate and so he thought his chance arrived! It makes him seem guilty by association but… Mizuchi interrupts and asks him in confusion what he’s trying to say. Mikoto explains that he must be talking about confessing to Aoi that he liked her. The student wails at Mikoto not to say it and then apologizes profusely. On that day, he noticed her leaving first and so he chased after her.

Then he saw her phone someone and it was a long conversation. She was moving here and there as if performing some sort of spell. What was that? What was the talk about? When would he confess? And so then he moved and then his ear caught… Mikoto asks him to continue, but he can only say that then he lost consciousness. When he next came to, his angel Aoi was expelled!

He starts to wail again, but Mizuchi quickly tells him that he’d like to talk about the greenhouse some more before the expulsion. Mikoto can only murmur Mizuchi’s name because she understands that this student really loved Aoi. But right now they’re stuck talking about this… The student stutters out a recollection of something strange appearing before he lost consciousness.

Mikoto’s eyes widen as the student reveals that someone wearing a suit appeared. He had long black hair and was a very tall man! Could it have been Aoi’s boyfriend!? That’s what he thought. Mikoto narrows down on the description of a tall man. The student tells them that the man was around the same height as Mizuchi and he wondered what this was and so he approached.

He went closer because he was curious! Mikoto becomes alarmed as his speech starts to break down. The student stutters out that it’s useless for him to say anything more because if he says any more he’ll be… punished? He starts to brokenly stutter out the word punishment. Mizuchi quickly orders Mikoto to stand back and then the student snarls out that he’ll kill them!

The glass shatters around the greenhouse and Mikoto is alarmed to see utsurohi pouring in from the outside. The student they were talking to starts to laugh crazily and then he addresses Mizuchi. He hatefully glares at Mizuchi and growls out that he hates him a lot. He accuses Mizuchi of always assuming an air of importance. Who does he think he is!? It’s not just him either! All the players are the same as him!

The possessed student screams out that he hates Mizuchi! He hates him! He hates him! He hates him! He was cold towards Aoi even though Aoi only looked at him. What kind of Bright is he when he doesn’t understand people’s feelings?! He’s envious. If it was him then Aoi would have loved him. Him! HIM! If only he had power! IF ONLY HE HAD POWER! He’s jealous. Jealous! JEALOUS! JEALOUS! He hates Mizuchi! Hates! HATES!

He screams at Mizuchi to die and Mikoto is taken aback by the strong hatred. Why is it like this here!? However, Mizuchi keeps his cool and asks Mikoto to Hana Awase with him. She’s taken aback by his composure, which she expected, but still… She shakes her head and reminds herself that now isn’t the time to think and then she gives him a firm nod. This person is only possessed by the utsurohi.

They aren’t an Adabana. Just like the time in the library, they might be able to return him to normal without withering him. In her mind, Mikoto is determined to fight to return him to normal. Mizuchi coolly does his field call and they engage in a fight. They win the battle but then the student screams out in pain and gasps out that he hates Mizuchi. Then he brokenly sobs out Aoi’s name before saying he doesn’t want to die.

Mikoto is horrified to see that he’s withering and she doesn’t understand why. Suddenly she hears Onosada explaining without emotion that on the day of the ceremony, that student was eaten by the utsurohi and transformed into an Adabana. The nesting darkness of utsurohi in this person drove him mad. The latent negativity in this person amplified his feelings and manipulated him.

Then Onosada comments on how it was a skillful move to hide an incubating Adabana in Kaen. This is definitely the work of Goto. Mikoto is stunned at how fast the student became an Adabana just because he liked Aoi. Why did such a thing happen? But the words the student said towards Mizuchi.. she looks over only to see Mizuchi inform Onosada that he will summarize this information and report it later.

He walks off and leaves Mikoto staring after him with a pained look, but Onosada urges her to go after him. When she looks at him in confusion he smirks and points out that she should know, shouldn’t she? She averts her eyes at that before giving him a determined nod and running off. Onosada sighs out loud about how young they are and looks up at the sky.

Meanwhile, Mikoto finally catches up to Mizuchi in the courtyard and she asks him to wait. He stops at her voice and turns around to wait silently as she catches her breath. She tries to bring up the topic of what just happened, but Mizuchi tells her flatly that the utsurohi eat people whose hearts are consumed with darkness. It is one’s own problem if their soul is consumed. That player had been inexperienced.

Another person cannot remove the darkness. The responsibility belongs to the person themselves. Mizuchi’s voice softens as he notes that their Hana Awase had an effect on her body and she should hurry and rest. He walks off after that leaving Mikoto to stare after him with a sad expression again. She doesn’t believe that was all that he had to say about that situation but he still left.

He’s always serene and noble.. even at times like these. He hasn’t lost his composure and is calm. However, Mikoto asks herself if she truly knows Mizuchi’s heart. But then she shakes her head and realizes the question is actually what she wants to be. Does she want to be seen by other people like that? Does she want to be seen as unshaken no matter what happens? A calm and pure person?

Right now if it was Mizuchi… she… Mikoto bites her lip before she suddenly runs forward and yells out Mizuchi’s name. He turns around in confusion as she throws herself into his arms. She stutters out that she’s scared and begs him not to leave her alone. His brows furrow but she blurts out that she hasn’t gotten used to the kabatsu yet and today she made someone from Kaen wither.

Her feelings are stirring and it hurts. Once again she asks him not to leave her alone because she feels safe here. She wants to remain like this for just a while longer. He averts his eye, but then she tells him that this is a selfish request from her – no, the senki candidate. As he closes his eyes, she begs him quietly. He exhales stiffly but then says 「・・君が、望むなら。」(.. If that is.. your wish).

She thanks him in surprise and a small smile appears on his face. But then she berates herself for saying such an unreasonable thing after she thought about being calm. She remembers what Himeutsugi said to her though, about how Mizuchi doesn’t know how to spoil someone and doesn’t let himself be spoiled. Because she also can’t do that, she can understand Mizuchi’s feelings just a little.

Right now, she doesn’t want to be alone. She wants someone by her side. She wants someone she can get close to. She wants someone to touch her. That’s why this is what she can do with all her might. In her mind, she pleads with Mizuchi to stay by her side as long as he’s fine with her. Even if it is only for now, he is able to make her feel safe.

Mizuchi exhales loudly before admitting that while he wasn’t close to the student, they were both of the Koukokugumi and advanced with the same intentions. As one of the 5 Brights and as a kaei he has followed the rules set out before him. But in situations like these he doesn’t know how he should conduct himself. He asks her if it would be alright to remain like this for a short while even after she’s soothed.

HE ALMOST CALLS HER THE SENKI CANDIDATE HERE BUT THEN SAYS “YOU” GHGH I LOVE HOW YOU CAN SEE HIS CONFLICTED FEELINGS. Mikoto hesitantly gives him permission. He murmurs that a warm water is flowing into his body, as if those drops of water were sacred and purifying everything. Is this the power of the legendary senki or… He shakes his head and decides to leave it. They will stay like this until their water is filled.

Mikoto says his name quietly and feels his words soaking into her one by one. It’s fine if Mizuchi doesn’t see her as a romantic interest. Right now, as long as Mizuchi is like this with her… as he just touches her like this.. she’s fine. In her mind, she urges him to take more and more water from her. She wants to give all her water.. and her heart to him.

At night, Mizuchi recites a poem 「とにかくに 厭はまほしき世なれども 君が住むにも ひかれぬるかな――」(However look at, it’s a world to be loathed — but as long as you live there, I’m drawn to it). POEM #1348 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. Mizuchi talks about how instances, such as what happened to the student, have happened countless times in the past.

He’d been prepared to cross with these feelings of the inexperienced ever since becoming one of the 5 Brights. But, during that time when he touched her, he was shaken to a degree that surprised himself. His voice softens as he talks about how the water Mikoto gave him was overflowing with affection as if it were wrapping around him.. it is his first time receiving such water.

Originally, the player and the minamo were partners for battle and had no feelings other than that. That is how it should be. He grits his teeth and murmurs that her water is throwing him into chaos and making him strange.

Meanwhile, Mikoto is dreaming but the Half Moon isn’t here. She wonders what happened and then is shocked to see a faint image of Mizuchi appear. She calls out his name, but then Aoi appears addressing Mizuchi as her “brother” happily. Mikoto is taken aback by these turn of events and then Aoi notices Mikoto nearby which makes her smirk and ask her if she’s still here.

It’s a shame but Mizuchi has returned to her. Mikoto gapes at those words, but Aoi sneers and tells her that Mizuchi is someone of the same world that Aoi is in. Mikoto repeats her words in confusion and so Aoi explains that Mizuchi and her are high class nobles with the same blood. They’re different from a dirty commoner like her! Her voice turns sickeningly sweet as she asks Mizuchi for his opinion, but he remains silent with closed eyes.

Mikoto murmurs Mizuchi’s name quietly in her mind, but then she’s shocked when he suddenly disappears. Aoi laughs gleefully and explains that this means family sticks with family. She mockingly calls Mikoto the senki candidate and gives her a farewell before disappearing. Mikoto yells at her to wait and then starts to call out Mizuchi’s name, but she ends up springing up from her bed.

Why did she dream of Aoi… and to have THAT kind of dream too. She recalls how it was said that Aoi was expelled and returned to their family’s house. Why does she feel a tightening in her chest.

DAY 25. Mikoto excuses herself as she enters Onosada’s lecture room with Mizuchi, but Onosada yawns and comments about how he’s sleepy. The moment he wakes up he needs a beer. She feels a spark of irritation at his actions because he’s always drinking beer. Is there a day when he isn’t a drunkard? Then he asks her in a sly whisper if anything fun happened yesterday after he sent her off.

She yells out that he’s wrong and asks angrily what he thinks he’s saying! He pouts and tells her that he was joking and she shouldn’t take everything so seriously. He take a long drink of his beer and sighs in pleasure before informing her that he read Mizuchi’s report. The culprit is a man in a suit with long black hair. They won’t know anything with this since Goto-gai is swarming with those. But it looks like they have no choice but to search.

For the present, their objective is to strive to do kabatsu. Onosada stops to burp which makes Mikoto yell at him before she sighs in exasperation. She can’t tell if he’s serious or not serious and even his private life is a mystery. But since she’s here already she wonders if she should do some Hana Utsushi. THE REASON I KEEP SAYING NO BTW IS BECAUSE I’M IN A NEW GAME PLUS AT LEVEL 95 ;;; I OVERKILL EVERYTHING.

She decides to leave and as they exit the room, Mizuchi informs her that he’ll part ways here. She opens her mouth but he’s gone before she can say anything. Speaking of unknown things… Mizuchi is also a mystery to her. Even though the time they spend together is long Mizuchi doesn’t talk about himself a lot. But she’s glad that he seems healthy. Suddenly, he comes back to tell her something that he forgot.

This weekend he will be returning to his family’s house and so he would like to suspend their kabatsu. Mikoto’s eyes widen but she hurriedly gives acknowledgment. Speaking of his family’s house though… she asks him if Aoi is healthy. Mizuchi informs her that he heard from his family that she is recuperating. He doesn’t know anything more since he hasn’t seen her.

Mikoto averts her eyes at that and then Mizuchi excuses himself politely before walking off again. She realizes that this means Mizuchi hasn’t talked to Aoi directly, which confuses her when she feels relieved at that. It’s as if she’s relieved that he didn’t have contact with her. That’s strange since Mizuchi and Aoi are relatives. She shouldn’t… It might be the fault of the dream that she had.

She decides not to think too deeply on it. Then she notices Himeutsugi walking towards her and when he reaches her he asks if she’s gotten used to kabatsu. She shakes her head sadly, but manages to summon a smile as she tells him that she’s able to advance forward little by little thanks to Mizuchi’s support. He smiles at that and comments on how characteristic it is of her to say that.

However, Mikoto suddenly blurts out that she has something to ask. It’s about Aoi and when she was still Mizuchi’s partner before Mikoto came to Kaen. How did the two act? Himeutsugi gives her a questioning look and so she hurriedly tells him that there’s no deeper meaning into it. She just wants to know the relationship between the two. MHM SUUURE YOU DO THAT TOTALLY WASN’T OBVIOUS.

She had said that she would study more about the minamo and Aoi is pretty and surpasses her. That’s why… Himeutsugi slowly asks her if she’s jealous. Mikoto’s face turns red as she quickly denies it. She’s just curious! Himeutsugi eyes her suspiciously but tells her that Aoi has been engrossed with Mizuchi ever since she was small. But because it’s Mizuchi, he didn’t notice her feelings.

Even when they did Hana Awase, Himeutsugi never saw them acting as anything more than a player and a minamo. He notices the look on Mikoto’s face and asks her slyly if she’s relieved. She denies it hastily and he grins at how unskilled she is at lying. It’s amusing how she has that side of her. With a red face she gives him a dirty look and tells him not to be amused at that.

He chuckles but then murmurs quietly that there’s also the fact that they both have… that blood. When she repeats the word in confusion, he explains that their connection due to having blood from the same family might be deep. Mizuchi and Aoi’s family is peculiar. Mikoto’s eyes widen at that, but Himeutsugi informs her that he only knows this much.

If she wants to know more then she has to ask Mizuchi himself. Himeutsugi excuses himself with a smile before she can say anything more. Mikoto is left feeling confused about the connection of blood in Mizuchi and Aoi. For their blood to be special… What kind of people are Mizuchi’s family?

Anyway, in the evening Mizuchi and Mikoto go out to do kabatsu. They finish at the park and she congratulates him on his hard work. He returns the praise and apologizes for taking her along everywhere, especially when they didn’t bring a meal. She grins sheepishly as she just noticed her stomach when he mentioned that. Mizuchi asks her politely if she would let him treat her to a meal.

There is a nearby traditional Japanese store that he is familiar with. Mikoto blurts out quickly that it’d be too much for her. In her mind she finds going to a traditional Japanese store while in the position of a student to be a little… but she is hungry. What should she do? Mikoto looks around for something cheap and notices a food stand. She asks Mizuchi excitedly if he would like some hot dogs.

He responds with utter confusion and asks her what hot dogs are. Mikoto is shocked to learn that he doesn’t know what those are and so she quickly tells him to wait before she dashes off. She returns with two hot dogs and some soda and Mizuchi stares at it in stunned silence. Mikoto apologizes when she remembers that soda is a carbonated drink, but he tells her that he doesn’t mind.

They start eating and Mikoto happily exclaims how delicious it is. There are a lot of onions and the sauce and mustard are perfectly distributed. She wonders if there are pickles in it, because it’s also perfectly sour and then starts to wonder if she can replicate it at the dormitory as she munches down. Mizuchi softly comments on how she looks like she’s happily eating it.

She turns red and replies that she was hungry. He tells her that he thinks it’s good though and it has deep flavor. She’s glad about that, since she worried about whether or not it would suit his taste. She also worried about if it was bad manners to eat outside like this, since she heard that his house was strict. Mizuchi does inform her that it is forbidden in his house to buy things to eat outside.

Mikoto’s eyes widen and she apologizes, but he reassures her that he doesn’t mind. It’s also good to eat outside from time to time and they can see the sunset from here. She blinks in surprise at that and then turns to look at the sky only to be in awe at how pretty it is. Mizuchi murmurs about how their kabatsu a few hours ago seems like a dream. It’s quiet and beautiful right now.

She agrees and then confesses that she loves this time the best, when the day is ending. When she was young she used to sit on the 2nd floor and look out the window. She liked to watch the people returning home from shopping as the evening arrived. In her mind she thought about how they were all seeing the same sunset. That thought gave her a strange, lonely, and ticklish feeling.

Mizuchi is silent at her confession and so she continues on. When she entered middle school, the time she had to look at the evening decreased. She’s happy right now to be able to watch the sunset slowly and leisurely. She abruptly realizes that she’s been rambling and apologizes to him, to which he tells her that it’s fine. He never saw the sunset in that light but right now he finds the sunset, that he’s seeing with her while they eat, to be special.

She returns his smile with a shy one and murmurs his name. Then Mizuchi confesses that on the day of the ceremony he thought she was a reserved and quiet lady, but his impression of her has changed many times as they spend time together. Her eyes widen and she asks him what impressions have changed. He gives her a small smile and replies that they’re things like how she’s so engrossed with eating that she didn’t realize she has sauce on her lips.

Mikoto instantly turns red and apologizes while searching for a mirror, but Mizuchi tells her to hold still. She freezes when she feels him touch her cheek with a gentle finger, as if she were a child. His gaze suddenly falls onto his hand before he tells her that she always surprises him and he’s become aware of how his eyes follow her to make sure. Mikoto averts her eyes and mournfully points out that it’s because she’s a hazard, right?

He starts to agree, but then furrows his brows and admits that there’s a different reason. When she looks back to him, since he stopped speaking, her mouth drops open in surprise when he licks the sauce off his finger. GKAJHGH MIZUCHI YOU DON’T DO THAT KIND OF STUFF (*ノ∀ノ). He lifts his eye from his hand to stare at her, which makes her wonder why he’s looking so intently at her.

Her heart is starting to race and her face feels hot, because this is the first time Mizuchi has looked at her in this way. LIKE HE’S ABOUT TO EAT YOU? She stutters a little as she wonders why he’s staying silent. He breathes in and Mikoto can’t help but notice how close the distance is between them. She’s so nervous she feels like her heart is going to break. She can’t take this anymore!

She starts to blurt something out, but then a camera shutter is heard. She whips around in surprise only to see a westerner, who apologizes in broken Japanese 「Solly,驚かせマシタ?」(Sorry, did I surprise you?). GUYS. GUYS. THIS IS REALLY BROKEN JAPANESE LMFAO. LOOK AT THAT ENGRISH AND THEN THE MIX OF HIRAGANA AND KATAKANA.

Mikoto is confused at the sight of a foreigner, but then she feels like she’s seen him from somewhere. He tells them that he’s not a suspicious person and that they made a nice couple, so he couldn’t help but take a picture. Mikoto is still bright red as she blinks in surprise. The foreigner continues on to say that a beautiful woman and beautiful man are his favorites.

Mizuchi coolly tells him to stop taking pictures without permission and he would like him to delete the data of the photograph. The foreigner frowns but deletes the picture. Mikoto is taken aback by how easy that was and then she notices the blond hair and blue eyes, which makes her wonder what country he’s from. He’s also really tall, almost the same height as Mizuchi.

Suddenly, he comes closer to her and comments out loud about how very cute she is. He asks her if she’s a high school student and Mikoto answers hesitantly that she is, but then Mizuchi cuts in coldly 「寄るな。無礼者。」(Do not approach her. Insolent man). The foreigner apologizes at his rudeness since the two of them are lovers. Mizuchi ignores his words though and urges Mikoto follow him.

She follows him obediently, thoroughly confused at these events, but she notices the foreigner yells out a goodbye while waving his hand with a grin. What a friendly fellow. But she still feels as if she’s seen him before somewhere. Anyway, the two of them return to the school and she congratulates him for working hard. She looks forward to being in his care tomorrow as well.

Mizuchi exhales sharply and Mikoto is confused to see him staring at her intensely again. His breathing becomes strained which makes her ask him if something is wrong, but he simply excuses himself before telling her that he looks forward to working with her tomorrow. He walks off quickly and leaves Mikoto to stare after him in confusion.

At night, Mizuchi quotes 「様々に思ひみだるる心をば 君がもとにぞ束ねあつむる――」(In the end my heart, disordered when thinking about you, returns to be bundled in you–). POEM #675 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. Mizuchi confesses out loud to the sky that when he saw the man approach her, he felt a rush of anger that surprised him. Unconsciously, his hand did that to her…

Whenever he sees her, he feels himself becoming strange. THIS IS WHAT WE CALL HORMONES DEAR. An unspeakable feeling wells up when he sees her gazing at him. Reprimanded by Iroha, he’s suppressed these feelings deep in his chest countless of times. But it’s become all the more stronger the more he suppresses it. Even though he has no choice but to suppress it… even though he cannot desire what he wants.

Suddenly, an unknown voice asks Mizuchi why he shouldn’t desire it. Mizuchi’s eyes widen in surprise and the voice chuckles darkly. It tells Mizuchi that if he desires the girl then he should seek her out. Mizuchi asks it angrily who it is. It informs him that it is the voice of his heart. His heart’s mouthpiece so to speak. Mizuchi grips his head as he realizes the sound is reverberating deep in his mind.

The voice confirms that it is him. It is going to talk about his true feelings. It is going to weave a string with the voice of his heart. It starts to tell Mizuchi that he wants to sleep with the senki candidate. He wants to devour her greedily as a man, isn’t that right? Mizuchi grits his teeth and snaps at the voice to stop those indecent thoughts. The voice points out that those are his desires though.

Some time ago he tried to take the innocence of the senki candidate, after all. Mizuchi cries out that the voice is wrong and his memory from that time ago is…! The voice interrupts and asks him if it is really true that he has no recollection. Mizuchi doesn’t respond and so the voice continues on to say that the memory is in a corner of his mind; the sight of Mikoto refusing him.

He inhales sharply at that and the voice gleefully points out that his family lineage is like that. Mizuchi gasps as the voice tells him that MIZUCHI is waking up.. that is the reason for everything. He asks it how it knows that and the voice reminds him that it is a mouthpiece. It IS him. It is his true heart and so it understands everything that he wants to do. It is useless for him to put on the airs of an honor student and hide.

Mizuchi snarls at it to shut up but then cries out in pain. The voice quietly asks if his right eye is throbbing. It is the anger of MIZUCHI. MIZUCHI is raging because he isn’t being honest and not letting his true feelings out. Mizuchi grits his teeth against the pain. He manages to yell at it to stop because this is nonsense! But the voice tells him to close his eyes and imagine Mikoto.

The voice is a croon as it comments on the attraction of the body of the girl who he was staring at. How lovely it is… that bashful face… Ahh, it wants to embrace her! Mizuchi’s breathing starts to become rapid and strained. The voice tells him that he must remember it; the feeling of holding her. The soft, sweet-smelling, and beautiful body.. different from his own; a woman’s body. Doesn’t he desire it?

Doesn’t he want to make that untainted body belong to him? Mizuchi’s voice is empty as he repeats 「・・・自分の、物・・・・に。」(… My.. own…). The voice softly tells him that he must know the feeling of her lips. No, more, the feeling of her tongue and those breasts, which resemble faintly the color of a rose. Mizuchi begs shakily for the voice to stop and then clenches his eyes shut.

The voice merely tells him that this is his true appearance. Mizuchi denies it in a tortured voice because this kind of thing is unclean. OKAY, AT THIS POINT THERE ARE REALLY REALLY SUSPICIOUS NOISES. LIKE… SHEETS RUSTLING HAND MOVING NOISES ( >﹏<。). BASICALLY IMPLIED THAT HE.. UH… YEAH. IN HIS BED. YEAH. Mizuchi is gasping now in his bed and the voice quietly tells him to strike Mikoto with those desires of his.

It tells him that the girl will surely receive him. Mizuchi manages to yell at it to stop again in a strangled voice and then he grits out that even if the voice was his conscience he doesn’t want to hurt Mikoto with himself. This is a deception! And he will never ever become MIZUCHI! He shouts at it to leave him. The voice calmly notes his stubbornness and then it tells Mizuchi that his medicine won’t help him.

The thing that he is relying on is just a tranquilizer. It will not be the solution to his fundamental problem. MIZUCHI is not that simple of a curse. Plus, he’s depending on this in secret from his grandfather. If he found out that his heir was taking medicine to pretend to be calm then it’ll be a great problem. Mizuchi merely grits his teeth and pants. The voice nonchalantly tells him that it’ll stop here for today.

But then the voice warns him that sooner or later the girl will discover his true self. When that time comes, he’ll have to try his best not to be hated. Mizuchi draws in a strangled breath and then whispers out Mikoto’s name. He doesn’t want her to know this side of him.

DAY 26. Mikoto sighs as she looks at her results, which were pretty good for today. But she needs to become stronger and so she debates on going to practice more Hana Utsushi. In the end, she decides to head back to the dormitory, but she encounters Karakurenai on the way. What is he doing? She doesn’t feel very comfortable since he did some things to her before.

She’ll try to sneak by without standing out as much as possible. But then Karakurenai asks her roughly what she thinks she’s doing by ignoring him. She winces at that, but since she was seen and he is her senior she decides to greet him properly. Karakurenai scoffs and tells her not to do such a disgusting greeting which makes her cry out in her mind that he’s mean!

Suddenly, the foreigner from before appears and laughs at how Karakurenai is the same as always. HE CALLS KARAKURENAI “KARAI” HERE BY THE WAY, WHICH MEANS SPICY LMFAO. Mikoto’s eyes widen when she sees him, and the foreigner greets her again. Karakurenai narrows his eyes as he notes that these two know each other? Meanwhile, Mikoto is wondering why this guy is with Karakurenai.

The foreigner explains that they met before when Mikoto was on a date with a handsome man wearing an eyepatch. She splutters at that, which makes the foreigner exclaim at how she’s very cute. He takes a picture of her which makes her yelp in surprise, but he just grins at how photogenic she is. Can he take another? Mikoto hurriedly tells him that it’s troubling to have pictures taken of her so suddenly.

She tries to ask Karakurenai who this person is, but he tells her that she should be able to tell just by looking. He’s just a tag-along. The foreigner explains that he had been flirting in Goto-gai when Karakurenai had punched him. It was mean to do it so suddenly! Karakurenai was pissed and punched him again after telling him not to invade his territory. Karakurenai tells him lowly that it was his fault for trying to pick up one of Karakurenai’s girls.

The foreigner laughs at that and says that it looked like one of Japan’s traditional fist bump greetings. Anyway, he became good friends with Karakurenai after that. RIIIIIGHT… STEREOTYPICAL FOREIGNER DEPICTION //CRIES. Mikoto thinks he’s mistaken. Karakurenai tells him not to talk about worthless things and then asks Mikoto if she went on a date with that bastard Mizuchi.

She nods at that and then he asks her with a sneer if she thinks she can become the senki like that. But then he shrugs and tells them to continue playing house if it pleases them since they suit each other like; like a cracked pot and a mended lid. The foreigner repeats Karakurenai’s words slowly and hums at how interesting the Japanese language is. Mikoto notices that he’s taking notes down passionately.

He suddenly asks for Mikoto’s name and she gives it to him hesitantly. He exclaims at what a good name that is and introduces himself as Water. She repeats his name in confusion and so he explains that this school has minamo, right? His name is the same as the word “water”. Isn’t it fate?! Karakurenai sighs and tells the foreigner not to lie; his name is Walter.

Walter waves it off and tells her that names are not important. She can call him Walter, Water, or Watt, or anything she wants. He kisses the back of her hand and she wonders if foreigners do these sorts of things. Karakurenai slaps Walter though and threatens in a low voice 「・・触んな。殺すぞ。」(.. Don’t touch her, or I’ll kill you). Walter pouts at how Karakurenai is as scary as always.

But then he points out that Mikoto already has a lover. Karakurenai responds with a disdainful huff before stalking off. Walter laughs at how interesting Karakurenai is and how he’s like a spoiled brat. Mikoto asks him not to clasp her shoulder like that and he apologizes for forgetting how shy Japanese girls were. Mikoto can’t help but think of him as a friendly person. He doesn’t seem to have any bad intentions.

Suddenly, he tells her that he has something to give her. It’s a picture and Walter took it by coincidence. He thinks that it will act as evidence. Mikoto doesn’t understand what he means by evidence until she looks down at the picture. She’s shocked to see that it’s a picture of Mizuchi and Aoi. Walter confirms with her that it’s Mizuchi, isn’t it? One needs to be able to catch the scene of infidelity when it happens.

Walter explains that she had a date before then too. He remembers how cute she was when she was wearing that pink clothing. DUDE, YOU’RE A FREAKIN’ STALKER Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ. This picture was taken after that date and these two look like they’re also on a date. Mikoto can’t unsee that. Walter remembers this because Aoi is very beautiful and she and Mizuchi were walking with their arms linked. He doesn’t think a person should two-time though.

Mikoto recalls that the day she was wearing pink was the day she went on a date with Mizuchi! Immediately after that, Aoi was expelled. Plus, they have their arms linked… but Mizuchi told her that he didn’t meet with Aoi. She stares at the picture in silence and Walter hesitantly asks if she’s in shock, which makes sense since they’re lovers. But Mikoto denies it quietly. She and Mizuchi aren’t lovers.

He asks her if that’s true and she nods with a pained look. Walter exclaims happily at that, while Mikoto wonders why she’s so shaken at the sight of the picture when she and Mizuchi aren’t lovers. She can’t see an expression on Mizuchi’s face but Aoi looks ecstatic. Walter tells her that he might have said this countless of times, but he doesn’t recommend Mizuchi. He will only make women unhappy.

Walter reassures her that there’s someone out there that will suit her. Her fated person. They are surely waiting for her. Mikoto remains silent through all of this. And so Walter reintroduces himself. He is Walter, a university student with a hobby of photography. He takes pictures in the park. The park is close to Goto-gai and so he often goes there to drink and that’s where he met Karai.

Mikoto blinks in confusion and asks him if he means Karakurenai when he says Karai. Walter explains in a chipper voice that Karakurenai is too hard to say and so he just calls him Karai. Karakurenai is always causing loud riots in Goto-gai and so it’s easy to find him. Mikoto thinks that’s exactly something Karakurenai would do. Anyway, Walter tells her that he loves Japan and especially traditional girls like her! He hopes they’ll meet again and then he leaves after a farewell!

She thinks Walter is a lively person. He gave her the photograph but she’s not sure what to do with it and she can’t ask Mizuchi. Mikoto recalls that Mizuchi told her he was returning home next weekend and Aoi will be there, huh. Something hurts deep in her chest. What is this… She doesn’t like this feeling.

At night, the Half Moon greets her. She informs it that it’s been a while. It tells her that it was just making a bit of room and then asks if she was lonely without meeting it. She tells it that she doesn’t know. It laughs softly and then comments on how honest she is. Then it asks her if something is the matter, since she seems depressed. She’s silent for a bit before she confesses that she saw a photo.

It repeats her words in confusion. And so Mikoto explains that the person she’s interested in was in a picture with another girl. They were in the park.. with linked arms.. and they looked happy together. It hums thoughtfully and says that she’s been rejected.

Mikoto immediately tells it that it’s wrong before she corrects herself quietly and admits that she wants to think that it’s wrong. She doesn’t understand… She’s never fallen in love. What should she do in times like these? But then she confesses that she does like him though. She likes that person.

The Half Moon is silent at this, but then it asks where the photo is. Mikoto tells it that she left it on top of the table. Is there something about it? The Half Moon falls silent again before it abruptly tells her that it’ll see her again. NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL YO. Mikoto wakes up in confusion and wonders what was with the Half Moon that wasn’t acting like how it usually did.

DAY 27. Mikoto sighs heavily which makes the class representative ask her why she has such an undisciplined expression on. Mikoto blinks in surprise and then points at herself, to which the class rep snaps out that yes she’s talking to her. Her bento hasn’t decreased at all and she should be more neat in the middle of a meal! Mikoto replies that she ate breakfast. The class rep gapes at her and asks her what she’s saying.

As the senki candidate she needs to hold a more dignified appearance or else it’ll be troubling! Mikoto asks her if she had such a terrible expression. The class rep nods furiously and tells her that she had her mouth open. She grumbles at how she always has to watch out for Mikoto and can’t leave her alone because of how she lapses. She hastily tells Mikoto not to be mistaken though! She’s saying this as someone entrusted with the first year Koukokugumi.

Mikoto compliments the class representative and then sighs at how she wants to be as frank as the class rep. The class rep asks Mikoto what she means by saying it that way, but it sounds like something has come up. She’ll provide advice for Mikoto if she wants some. Mikoto’s eyes widen at that and she asks if the class rep is sure about that. If so, then she’d like some advice!

She asks the class rep if she’s forgive unfaithfulness. The class rep spits out the water she was drinking and then splutters as she asks Mikoto why she’s asking that so abruptly. Could it be that she…!? Mikoto’s face is red as she denies it. She’s just asking for a general opinion! The class rep tells her that it’s a stupid question. She would never fall in love with a man who is unfaithful.

Unfaithfulness is the worst! THE WORST! Mikoto sighs heavily at that and closes her eyes. The class rep informs her that she can’t stomach that look on Mikoto’s face. Mikoto blinks in confusion at that only for her mouth to be stuffed with food as the class rep tells her that it’s the look of a girl troubled by love! She tells Mikoto that if she leaves her behind for interest in the other sex then she’s going to shove another fried prawn into her mouth.

Mikoto chews obediently and then asks if she was making that kind of face. The class rep confirms that she was and that it was irritating. Mikoto frowns unhappily at that, but then suddenly Himeutsugi appears and asks them if they’re eating lunch. The class rep stutters at his arrival, especially when Mizuchi shows up too. In her mind, Mikoto whispers his name.

Meanwhile, Hime smiles and explains that the two of them looked so happy eating that he became curious. Right, Mizuchi? Mizuchi tells them that they were simply passing along the way and then tells Himeutsugi not to intrude on their meal. Hime teases him by saying that he’s actually curious. Mikoto’s expression becomes pained and so she quickly tells the class rep that she remembered something she had to do. She apologizes for leaving first.

The class rep looks at her in confusion, but Mikoto excuses herself quickly and leaves. Himeutsugi calls her name questioningly while Mizuchi stares after her silently. Meanwhile, the class rep yells at her to wait because of this scary.. no miraculous setting! Does Mikoto intend to leave her all alone here? She yells at Mikoto to wait! Himeutsugi jokes about how they were rejected and then comments on how delicious her bento looks. He’d like a bite~.

This makes the class rep completely flustered and she stumbles over her words as she offers him chopsticks. Meanwhile, Mizuchi narrows his eye and wonders if it’s because of… Himeutsugi asks Mizuchi if something is the matter and then tells him that these fried prawns are delicious. But Mizuchi excuses himself curtly, leaving Himeutsugi to stare after him in confusion.

In the hallway, Mikoto is panting from her rush to escape. Why did she run away?! She’s acting strange! But right now she doesn’t want to see Mizuchi’s face. Aoi’s face is also floating across her mind. She sighs and decides that she really hates this side of herself. What’s with these feelings and this surge of anger in her chest. IT’S CALLED JEALOUSY SWEETIE AND I FEEL IT ALL THE TIME.

She doesn’t want to become used to such feelings. Mikoto stares at the ground with a conflicted expression. There’s still time left before she has to go do kabatsu. Should she practice? She decides not to and soon she finds herself in Goto-gai with Mizuchi, who tells her that he’ll be looking forward to working with her. She replies in kind and then notices him staring intently at her face.

Somehow, it’s a bit scarier than usual? She thinks it must have been that time at lunch when she left suddenly. It must have looked like she was running away. She should apologize, but then she decides not to. Whenever she tries to say something, the photo appears in her mind. Mizuchi is still silent and then she notices his hand make an abortive movement as if he was going to hold something.

She suddenly realizes that they usually hold hands when they walk. She winces though because she doesn’t want to hold hands… today. Mikoto mentions to him with a bright smile that the weather looks like it’ll easily take a turn for the worse, and so they should quickly end it today. She stutters a bit as she tells him that she’ll work hard to finish quickly. She’ll head first into the town and look around.

Mizuchi’s mouth opens in surprise, but she’s gone by then. Anyway, they soon finish their daily kabatsu and Mikoto thanks him for his hard work. He doesn’t say anything though which makes her wince at the tension between them. In the end, she kept on avoiding him today. It might have been conspicuous. Mizuchi is treating her like he always does, but she’s pretty sure she ruined his mood too.

His words have somewhat become less too. The silence has become painful… she should do something. Mikoto comments on how she’s glad the weather didn’t turn bad. But they finished kabatsu sooner than planned, so she’s relieved. She thanks him for today and then suggests that they head back to Kaen. Mizuchi starts to open his mouth, but Mikoto hurriedly walks off. It might be a bit rude to go ahead of him, but she wants to return quickly.

Suddenly, Mizuchi calls out her name and Mikoto flinches in surprise when she feels her hand being grabbed from behind. She can’t bring herself to turn around and her heartbeat is racing. Mizuchi asks her seriously if something happened. If he was impolite then he wants her to tell him. Mikoto stutters out that he didn’t do anything. It’s nothing, really. She blurts out that it’s simply because the weather looks like it’ll be bad.

Then she asks him if he could release her. Mizuchi quietly replies 「・・・そうか。」(… I see). YEAH YOU AREN’T CONVINCING ANYONE HERE MIKOTO. Mikoto holds herself tensely until Mizuchi tells her curtly that they’re returning. She notices him leaving and she should follow him. But… why won’t her feet move? She was too mean. She was cruel to Mizuchi. What is she doing. Doesn’t she like Mizuchi?

There’s no point to her avoiding him like this. She’s pathetic and angry at herself. What does she think she’s doing, becoming strange like this? Is this because she loves Mizuchi? Is this what love is? She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want these feelings. She wants to stop loving him. Suddenly, Walter comments on how hard it is being tangled in love. Mikoto screams in surprise before she asks him what he’s doing here.

He looks at her in confusion and then tells her that he’s here for… this! Mikoto eyes the crepe in his hand. Walter exclaims that this is Goto-gai’s specialty; the vanilla-chocolate-tornado demon-serving mix banana-marmalade with melted cheese special! W-WHAT THAT SOUNDS.. I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S AWESOME OR DISGUSTING. Mikoto finds the name to be a mouthful… besides, she doesn’t know if it can be called a crepe either. It looks more like a bucket.

It was a featured product at a shopping mall a while back. He tells her that it’s delicious and encourages her to open her mouth. But Mikoto declines with a depressed look. Walter pouts, since it would be fun to eat it from end to end together. He takes a chomp out of it and finds it delicious. The cheese and marmalade blend together fantastically! Mikoto feels queasy watching him eat.

Walter munches on his food before asking her if she isn’t doing so well with her boyfriend. She bites her lip and so he asks if it’s because of the photo he gave her. Is she curious about it? Mikoto denies that weakly and Walter chews some more before commenting on how cold Mizuchi is for leaving a girl alone in a place like this. She quickly protests to that and explains that she’s the one who put a distance between them.

Moreover, she didn’t meet his eye.. and she acted cruelly towards Mizuchi. She was the one who was cold. She flinches in surprise when he takes a picture of her. He explains that the profile of a beautiful girl’s face tinged with distress is delicious! Mikoto sighs in exasperation and he laughs awkwardly. But then he’s suddenly hit by something in the back and he collapses.

Mikoto is stunned before she worriedly calls out his name. He collapsed so suddenly. What happened?! She tries to ask him what happened, but then she feels the atmosphere turn strange. A woman’s voice comments out loud on how that uniform shows that she’s from Kaen. Mikoto turns to see a man and woman standing together. The woman tells her that to be lost in a place like this.. is like a moth flying into a flame.

The man laughs sharply and tells Arabuki, the woman, that Mikoto smells. He sniffs the air before snarling out that she stinks. She stinks, she stinks! He isn’t mistaken about the scent. This is the senki candidate who killed Tamamushi. Mikoto looks at them with frightened eyes and wonders who they are. Arabuki scrutinizes Mikoto at those words before saying that no matter how she looks at her, the kid just looks like nasty trash.

She’s the type that Arabuki hates. Plus, to be the one who killed Tamamushi… there’s no choice but to kill her. The man giggles and compliments Arabuki for cutting to the chase. But is it really alright? Goto-sama ordered them to capture her alive. Arabuki hums thoughtfully and then suggests presenting her as worn out garbage to another player, tainted to the point of almost dying by the utsurohi.

Mikoto’s eyes narrow at their words, but Arabuki continues on to grumble about how Goto-sama’s eyes have been caught by such a boring and pitiful girl. It makes her… FURIOUS! The man laughs and then tells her that he, Suzumushi, will aid her. I LIKE HOW THEIR NAMES ARE SORT OF RELATED TO FLOWERS. ARABUKI IS LIKE BLOWN DEW. SUZUMUSHI IS CRICKET. AND TAMAMUSHI IS A JEWEL BEETLE.

Arabuki nods and tells him that this is condolence for Tamamushi. They’ll take Mikoto down in one blow and it’s not as if they have to bring her back in perfect health. She tells Mikoto that she’ll muddy her pretty face so badly that no one will look twice at her! Suzumushi cackles and acknowledges that. Mikoto looks at them determinedly but she’s taken aback by their aura. This woman… is she a minamo?!

She screams when she feels black water creep around her feet though. What is this chill? Is it the taint? For there to be a minamo that can use this water… what is she!? Mikoto tries to struggle but she feels her power leaving her… she gasps weakly. Arabuki laughs coldly at the pleasing sight. She wants Mikoto to struggle more! In her mind, Mikoto realizes that if she had followed Mizuchi… if she didn’t remain in Goto-gai… she also brought Walter into danger.

Will she really be captured… alive… for Goto? Mikoto screams as Arabuki comments on how it is the fate of the moon for Mikoto to meet her in Goto-gai. Now she will taint that life! Suddenly, Mizuchi leaps in and yells out that he won’t let them. He throws a blade at them and Mikoto is startled to see the filthy water retreat. Arabuki exclaims in surprise, but Mikoto finds herself free and she pants heavily.

Her body is expelling the taint that had been filling her. Then she turns to call out Mizuchi’s name in shock. He asks her if she’s unharmed and she nods weakly. Mizuchi returned for her… he returned. Suzumushi curses and tells Arabuki that this man is one of the 5 Brights. Arabuki tells him to shut up and not to be scared. She doesn’t care if he’s one of the 5 Brights; she’ll still kill him!

Mikoto asks Mizuchi who these two are and so he tells her that one is an Adabana and the other is a minamo who has fallen to Goto. The Adabana isn’t anything to worry about, but the minamo is skilled. Mizuchi notes that her body cannot hold for a drawn-out battle and so they need to finish this in one blow. Mikoto nods determinedly at that. And so Mizuchi sets up his field and unleashes it with a shout.

They win the fight and Suzumushi screams in pain before running off. Arabuki yells out his name angrily and then snaps at the two of them not to feel good just because they won. They better remember that she’ll repay this debt! Arabuki retreats quickly after that.

Mikoto cringes as she thanks Mizuchi for his help and then she tries to explain herself, but Mizuchi grits his teeth and suddenly slaps her. Her face is turned away from the force of it and she finds herself frozen in shock before she drags her eyes back to him. He asks her angrily where she thinks this place is and then asks her why she left his side. Mikoto opens her mouth wordlessly.

He asks her if she forgot her own position. What did she think would happen if she was tainted by those two Adabana? She doesn’t reply because she knows he’s speaking the truth. Her mind was so full of Aoi that she took a careless risk in a dangerous place like Goto-gai. If Mizuchi hadn’t returned then… She tries to say something, but ends up looking away again and biting her lip.

Finally she blurts out that she’s sorry. Mizuchi shuts his eye and breathes out tightly. Then he tells her lowly to come with him. She’s confused at his sudden behavior, but follows him quickly. They end up in an alleyway where he tells her to stretch out her leg. Mikoto is completely confused but she obeys his orders, only to squawk when he kneels down in front of her.

She turns red as she asks him what he’s doing. His only response is to start licking her leg, although there’s a faint hint of a blush on his cheeks. She squeaks in surprise and asks him loudly why he’s doing such a thing. He explains that the tainted water fell on her and the taint of that minamo is strong. If it is left then she’ll be tainted. She finally realizes that he’s licking the water that was on her legs.

Mikoto protests though because the water is tainted and if Mizuchi does that then… But he tells her lowly that she’s the senki candidate and if she was tainted then she’d lose her qualifications. In her mind she freaks out about how he’s going this far just because she’s the senki candidate? Mizuchi’s fastidiousness is… He looks up from between her legs and tells her that this is a quick treatment. DON’T DO THAT GKHFJFHHG.

It is to prevent her from drying up and so he requests that she endure it. She gives another squeak when she feels his tongue coming and going around her leg. She knows that he’s trying to finish it quickly, but it’s making her feel more squirmy. Mikoto almost moans but she quickly bites down on her lip. When he looks up at her from the noise, she hurriedly apologizes and tells him that it’s embarrassing. She can do the rest herself.

He looks up at her and murmurs, in between licking her, that she isn’t able to do this by herself. Mikoto squirms inwardly because even though he says that… no one licks people’s legs in this way! She’s so embarrassed she doesn’t know what to do… She accidentally gasps, which makes her scold herself for making a strange noise. She can’t make strange noises or he’ll think she’s weird. OR HE’LL BE TURNED ON– I MEAN…

She inwardly pleads with herself not to make any more noises. But she can’t help groaning quietly because his tongue is making her body shiver. She whimpers a bit before stuttering out that it’s fine now. She can’t handle it if he goes any further! Plus, none of the taint reached her that far up. She’s fine now. But Mizuchi tells her that he’s not done yet, and he’d like her to endure a little more.

In her mind, she feels dread at those words. But then she winces in surprise at a sense of pain. What happened? There’s a sharp sense of pain on her leg. When she looks down she blurts out Mizuchi’s name in shock because he’s sucking on her leg. She tries to tell him to stop but ends up biting her lip to stifle her groan. Mizuchi lays a kiss on her leg before telling her that he made a mark.

Mikoto looks down in shock to see her skin turning red. This is the same thing that was made on her chest in the library. Mizuchi stands back up and tells her that he removed most of the taint, but some might still be remaining. This is a technique to prevent the taint from spreading upwards. UH HUH IT’S JUST A HICKEY. A faint tinge of red can be seen on his cheeks.

She didn’t know there were things for that.. but if Mizuchi says so then.. She thanks him with a red face. Suddenly, Walter exclaims that she can’t accept it just like that, it’s a kiss mark! Mikoto spins around in surprise and Walter tells her that he was surprised. When he woke up and didn’t see Mikoto, he searched for her only to find her leg being kissed like that.

Mikoto is confused until she realizes that he didn’t see the Hana Awase because of the barrier. Then he wonders out loud what happened, because it’s scary to suddenly be struck from behind. She asks him if he’s alright and if there’s any injuries, but Mizuchi interrupts and tells her curtly that they’re returning. Mikoto blinks in surprise and tries to ask him to wait, but he grabs her hand and pulls her away.

It’s as if he’s trying to keep her away from Walter. Mikoto quickly apologizes to Walter because it was her fault, but Walter reassures her that it was his own fault and so she shouldn’t worry. He tells them that they look hot together, before giving them a goodbye. She’s relieved that nothing serious happened since he’s energetic.

As they walk back to Kaen, Mizuchi recalls that they met that man before. Mikoto tells him that Walter is an acquaintance of Karakurenai. His lips tighten at the sound of Karakurenai’s name, but then she apologizes for dragging him into the fight. He doesn’t reply though and she notices that he has a grim look on his face. Did she say something weird?

Then he asks her if she could refrain from being in contact with people outside, or else something like the battle today might happen again. She stares at him in surprise before realizing that it’s true; because she went off on her own, she caused trouble for Mizuchi and Walter. And so she agrees with a chastised look. Mizuchi merely looks away with a pained look on his face.

Mikoto winces and asks him politely if he could loosen the grip he has on her hand. There is no response though and so she prompts him again. He looks back at her in surprise and loosens the grip. She wonders if something is wrong with him.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious room a man informs Arabuki that he heard the report from Suzumushi. Arabuki apologizes deeply to him, calling him Coin-sama, because they messed up their chance. Just like he said she targeted the foreigner, Walter, before going for the senki candidate. Just as they were about to capture her alive, one of the 5 Brights came and interrupted.

The unknown man points out that then she ran away home without even bringing a present. Arabuki gasps while the man tells her that Goto hates useless tools. Arabuki is trembling with fear as she tells him she understands. The man reminds her that Goto-sama ordered for the senki candidate to be captured alive, meaning that he wanted her as an untainted virgin.

Does she understand the meaning of what he is saying? Arabuki only trembles. The man finally tells her that he won’t forgive her again if she acts on her own. If she does… then he’ll deliver a punishment that is more painful than death. He chuckles as he threatens to coil this string around her brain. Arabuki begs for anything but that. The man tells her that should do her work accurately then.

Goto-sama isn’t very patient. Besides, they are running out of time. The moon of the senki candidate is almost full. If they don’t make her fall before she belongs to another man then… It can’t be helped. As he thought, it looks like it’s his turn to appear. He has already laid out his strings. After that… there is only dancing.. under the hands of him, Coin of the Suuto. The man laughs.

At night, Mizuchi recites the poem 「あはれとも見る人あらば思はなむ 月のおもてに宿す心を――。」(If there is one who is gazing at the moon as I am, at the least I wish for compassion. The moon continuously reminds me of the face of my lover, the face that always rests in my heart). POEM #618 BY SAIGYO HOSHI.

Mizuchi murmurs out loud about how he did a foolish thing to her… Today, she avoided him entirely. As if by some chance she suspected him of having done a wicked thing and so she felt uneasy. That’s why… Suddenly, the voice returns and asks him if that’s why he licked the leg of the senki candidate. Mizuchi grits his teeth as the voice comments on how amazed he is at Mizuchi’s sexual frustration.

It wasn’t as if Mikoto disliked it, although it would like it if Mizuchi didn’t silently do his own things. Mizuchi snaps at the voice to get lost. The voice chuckles and tells him that it is merely greeting him, since he’s his conscience after all. Mizuchi tells it that it’s wrong and he can feel nothing but evilness and taint from it. What exactly is it?! The voice hums in thought, before admitting that it was found out a little too fast.

The voice thought it could slowly and pleasurably pull the strings, but well time is running out so it’s fine. The senki candidate is about to awaken and it’s all Mizuchi’s fault. Mizuchi questions that, but the voice continues on to say that the senki candidate’s heart is stronger than it expected. She still follows Mizuchi even after he did horrible things to her. How strange.

Even though he was going to steal her chastity in the library. Even though she has a fear of men, she still believes in him. The voice thought she would look down on Mizuchi after being hurt by his betrayal when she trusted him the most, but the opposite happened. Mizuchi gasps and then asks it to repeat what it just said. The voice muses on how it thought it made the best move for a woman who isn’t accustomed to the lust of men.

But maybe it was mistaken in its methods. At this rate, she’ll become inappropriate to be a bride for Goto-sama. That’s a problem. The voice talks about how it’s useless to use Mizuchi’s young desires to assail her, although it was fun to tease such an inexperienced man. There is no time. Any time now, the finishing touches will be done. The voice welcomes him in.

Suddenly, Mizuchi gasps out Aoi’s name. What is she doing here?! The voice declares that it is time to dance. Mizuchi grits his teeth in pain. He yells in pain as he feels something in his head. The voice laughs darkly as it talks about how the two of them will dance once more as his dolls.

Meanwhile, Mikoto sluggishly wonders if she was dreaming. This reminds her that the Half Moon hasn’t shown itself for a while. She wonders why… Suddenly, a voice addresses her politely. THE SAME ONE THAT TALKED TO MIZUCHI BY THE WAY. Mikoto asks if this is the Half Moon, but the voice comments on how this is where she is. It has finally reached her. She finds herself confused.

The voice notes how she seems fine in a hell like this. As it thought, the senki candidate is not just an ordinary thing. Mikoto asks the voice who it is. It tells her that it isn’t someone that needs to introduce themselves, but if it has to answer then she can know it as the thing that has come to usher her in. Mikoto points at herself and the voice nods with a chuckle.

And then it tells her that she shall become Goto-sama’s bride. She becomes alarmed at that, but the voice continues on to say that the great Goto-sama is waiting for her. It wants to restore her to her place without any fingerprints from players. It informs her that to belong to Goto is a great privilege. Mikoto tries to ask why that person wants her…

It tells her that she and Goto are bound by fate. This is something that has been decided for many months and years. She’s shocked by those words and then the voice tells her to take its hand. This hell will eat into her body as if it were an insect. Since she’s different she cannot remain here for long. Mikoto yells at it not to come and tries to scream. She’s scared! It’s scary! She can feel an intense negative power from this person.

She can’t let herself be caught! Suddenly, another voice yells at her not to take it. Do not take that hand! GJAGGHFKJ FREAKING OUT SO MUCH. THIS IS IROHA’S VOICE. THIS IS WHERE YOU GO “WAIT A SECOND…” Mikoto is stunned because that voice is… The first voice growls in frustration. It just needed a little more time… Oh well, it can’t be helped. It will withdraw for today.

Before it does though, it will give her a message from Goto. She can no longer run away. She already belongs to him. Yes… He will tie her up strongly to the point of being constrained. And then he will continue to seek her forever. He loves her moon. SINISTER. OH GOD, I HAVE SO MANY THEORIES FOR GOTO.

Mikoto shoots up from her bed and pants heavily. It was a dream.. but why did she have it? Who was that person and why is Goto going after her…? Because Goto is definitely… She’s scared. If this is all true then what should she do?

DAY 28. Even though there’s no school, she still came here. After seeing that dream, she’s a little scared about going outside but… Today is the day that Mizuchi returns to his family’s house. Did he meet Aoi? She’s a bit curious… In the end, she ends up in the courtyard where one of the chairmen greets her. Mikoto greets him as Awahana. He corrects her by saying that he’s Kintokihana.

Mikoto apologizes profusely, but Kintoki smirks and tells her that it’s fine since they enjoy changing places once in a while. They enjoy people’s reactions to that. As she thought, the chairmen are puzzles. Anyway, Kintoki informs her that he heard from Awa about how he’s seen signs of the senki. He notices the look on her face and asks her why she has it; she should be more pleased.

But Mikoto tells him that she has a question she’d like to ask. What kind of person is Goto, who has taken control of Goto-gai. Kintoki narrows his eyes and hums; if he has to say anything, he’d call Goto a heretic or demon. There is not one base in Goto-gai. The underground is enormous and gripped by the syndicate. They have heard that the stem is overseas, but they cannot be sure.

They thought he was only had interest in monetary values, but recently Adabana and fallen minamo have been assembling and movements of unrest have been made. The gambling might be a cover. Mikoto mentions out loud about how hearing this makes it feel like this person is from another world. But Kintoki shakes his head and reminds her that Goto is targeting the senki.

She hasn’t awakened yet, but the senki holds enough power to break the world. It would be strange if Goto’s eyes were not caught by this. Mikoto looks away at this, but Kintoki reassures her by asking her why she thinks they have a barrier set up. Plus, the 5 Brights are performing kabatsu. They will protect her with their lives. She’s shocked by that and then asks him desperately why she was chosen as the senki candidate. She doesn’t understand, even up to now.

Why was it her? He tells her flatly that it’s simple. It was karma. Her current fate and the karma from her life before now are all connected. The origins and the results are the same thing. It is an unavoidable fate. It is also fate that has brought Goto to target her. Then he flicks his hand out and Mikoto gasps when butterflies suddenly appear and start fluttering. The spiral that they’re drawing is beautiful.

OH GOD WHERE DO I EVEN START AT THE SYMBOLISM HERE. SPIRALS. BUTTERFLIES. Kintoki tells her that these butterflies right now are not short-lived creatures. They are creatures whose lives repeat. Creatures who are connected to the drawn spiral. In the moment when one reaches their next life, their fate is released. Every sin and every love climbs into the small carriage known as samsara. WHEEL OF LIFE AND DEATH AND REBIRTH.

Then he tells Mikoto that her life is in the carriage of fate that makes her a senki. Whether she will release it or not is dependent upon her. She asks him if he’s implying that she can change fate. But he tells her to think about that herself; as long as it is a fate that she will not regret. She thanks him gratefully because she feels like she somehow understands it a bit.

He smirks and tells her that it was a simple thing. By the way, he was actually Awahana. Her mouth drops open, but he reminds her that he said they enjoyed playing around by changing places. He takes advantage of her state of shock to walk off. Mikoto is left thinking about how she didn’t know about the switch at all. Then she thinks about the carriage of fate.

If she is really continuing a life from before… what kind of fate did she have? Was the senki at that time just as troubled as she is now? Was the person at the destination… the same? Mikoto puts aside those thoughts for now and wonders if she should practice Hana Utsushi now that she’s come to school. But she decides to return to the dormitory.

Mikoto finds herself thinking about how bored she is, but it’s dangerous to go outside the barrier. Then she recalls that she can return the notes she borrowed from Momotose. In addition, it’s all put together so beautifully that she feels like she needs to work harder too. She also decides to bake and bring some cookies as thanks. Also because Iroha practically ate all the macarons last time.

Momotose was really angry after that… but Iroha was completely unperturbed. When she remembers it now, it’s a bit strange. She giggles at how both Momotose and Iroha have sweet tooths. It’s evening by the time she finishes, but she remembers that Momotose likes cute things and so she devises a cute wrapping. She’s placed the cookies in a bin and wrapped them in lace paper napkins.

And then the whole thing is tied with a pink ribbon. She nods her head decisively at how cute it turned out! Her floor is scattered with failures of other ribbons, but she’ll tidy them up later. Anyway, she heads over to Momotose’s room and knocks on the door while introducing herself. But as she opens her mouth the door creaks open. Was it not closed properly?

She hesitantly calls out Momotose’s name and excuses herself as she enters. Momotose’s room is, as usual, so gorgeous that it doesn’t look like a dormitory room. She recalls Tane and Kasu talking about how they knocked down the walls of 4 rooms and remodeled it… but it’s completely different from other rooms.. It’s almost expected.. There looks to be more rooms further in and maybe Momotose is in there?

Mikoto steps forward to call out Momotose’s name again, but suddenly Momotose’s voice is heard murmuring about 「そうですか、まさか・・・あの事件の犯人が・・・」(I see. It is unexpected.. that the culprit of that incident is…). Mikoto freezes at these words, and then Iroha can be heard saying that it is almost certain. Next is to determine the identity of the minamo by the man’s side.

Momotose acknowledges that and informs Iroha that she will consult with the chairmen urgently. She will start to plan their advantage and she would request that he do as he wants. However, she reminds him that they still do not have positive proof; so he must act cautiously. Does he understand? Mikoto feels like she’s overhearing something that she shouldn’t.

Suddenly the door opens and Iroha asks if the senki candidate is eavesdropping. Mikoto yelps at that, but Momotose greets her with a surprised exclamation. Mikoto quickly apologizes because she didn’t intend to eavesdrop, she just came to return the notes. As she trails off Iroha excuses himself and walks off, making her eyes widen. Then she apologizes to Momotose again for entering as she pleased.

Momotose waves it off and tells her that it’s fine. What did she come here for though? Mikoto replies that she came to return some notes. She thanks Momotose gratefully since it helped her a lot. Momotose merely smiles and tells her that she would do anything to help her muse. Then she notices the cute wrapping in Mikoto’s hands. Mikoto tells her that, as thanks for the notes, she baked cookies. There’s coconut, pistachio, and almond.

This makes Momotose ecstatic at being able to eat Mikoto’s handmade food again. Mikoto giggles, but then suddenly Iroha reappears with 「・・・クッキー。」(… Cookie). LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE MAN. UGH. SAIMOE. Mikoto yelps in surprise at his sudden reappearance while Momotose frowns and points out that he had just left, didn’t he?! Iroha replies that he was only in the middle of it. MAKE COOKIES AND HE COMES RUNNING (〃゚艸゚).

Mikoto hesitates before asking Iroha if he would like some cookies as well. He nods. But then Momotose exclaims that if she gives it to Iroha, it’ll become empty. She gasps in horror though since Mikoto already handed it over. Mikoto is surprised by how fast Iroha opens up the wrappings on the cookies. Momotose snaps out that those are hers and he should return them!

At this, Mikoto winces since she’s caused a fight again. Because Iroha is so tall, Momotose can’t reach them. Iroha is munching on them without a care, but Momotose is going to be angry with him again after that. In addition, what was the talk before?

Back in her room at night she thinks about how pleased Momotose was when they baked more cookies in addition to the ones she brought today. This time she made a lot and separated them in two bins so a fight wouldn’t break out. Momotose shared some with Tane and Kasu.. but she gave none to Iroha. The relationship between the two is a mystery to her.

Mikoto yawns. Is it because of kabatsu that she’s so sleepy every day? It’s still only 8PM but maybe she should sleep. She looks around for her change of clothes, but then blinks in confusion when she notices that the photo Walter gave her is gone. HINT HINT HINT. She was sure she left it on top of the table.. that’s strange. But even if she says that, she doesn’t really want to see it. She’ll search for it another time.

Suddenly, she receives a phone call. Who is phoning her at this time? She answers it and then exclaims in surprise when she finds out it’s Mizuchi. She starts to ask him if something is wrong, since she thought he returned to his family’s house. He answers that he returned for a memorial service. She realizes that the business he had at his house was a memorial service.

Then Mizuchi informs her that he would like her to come to his house. Mikoto’s eyes widen as she asks him if he means right now and points out that it’s late at night. He’s also in the middle of a memorial service and she doesn’t want to be a bother. Mizuchi tells her that he doesn’t mind. Also, after talking to his grandfather about her, he spoke of wanting to see the legendary senki candidate at least once.

He apologizes before once again requesting her to come. Mikoto is surprised to hear that he spoke of her to his grandfather, and it’s unusual to hear Mizuchi request something like this. What should she do? But.. she wants to go to Mizuchi’s house even if Aoi is there. And so she tells him that she understands. Mizuchi thanks her and then tells her that he would like her to come to this address right now.

But he also has one more request. He wants her to come to his house alone. Mikoto is confused by that and so Mizuchi explains that, as per the rules, only those who are invited onto the premises can enter. She recalls that Mizuchi’s house is strict; how completely strict they are, to restrict the people entering in. At any rate, Mikoto agrees to come alone and quickly writes the address down.

They end the call and Mikoto finds her heart racing at the thought of going to Mizuchi’s house. And then she scolds herself for zoning out, because it’ll make her late. She has to hurry! When she reaches the gates though, Iroha appears and asks calmly where the senki candidate is heading at this time of night. Mikoto opens and closes her mouth before she tells him that she forgot something at school. He points out that she looked like she was exiting the school though.

She winces and apologizes before she explains that Mizuchi called her and so she was going outside. Iroha repeats Mizuchi’s name in surprise and she nods hesitantly, to which he tells her that he understands and he’ll come with her. Mikoto hurriedly shakes her head and tells him that she’ll be fine alone. But Iroha asks her if she can protect her body by herself. She has no reply to that and so she can only bow her head and accede.

The things he said were natural, but Mizuchi told her to come along. Will this be alright? Then she notices that at the edge of Iroha’s uniform, there’s a fragment of something small. It’s pink… is it the scraps of a ribbon? Did the scraps of the wrappings cling onto him? She abruptly realizes that this isn’t the time to be thinking about these things though, because Iroha already walked off. She has to hurry!

When they finally reach Mizuchi’s house, Mikoto gasps at how large it is. In the middle of coming, there was a constant fence beside them. Could it be that this entire site is all one place? She was surprised when she saw Kaen too, but this place is huge. She heard that Mizuchi was born from a noble lineage. It looks like it’s true. It makes her feel like the worlds they’re living in are too different.

She also noticed that Iroha came to this place without getting lost, and so she asks if he’s come to this place before. He replies without emotion that he was invited by the present head of the family once. She tells him that she heard from Mizuchi only chosen people could enter these grounds. Iroha replies that his eyes hold the full moon.

Mikoto is confused by that and so he explains that he is someone who was born with the moon in his eyes. The full moon is particularly suited and has an affinity towards Kasen. Mikoto remembers vaguely that this came up in a test. She recalls that normally a person isn’t able to see it. It can only be seen by someone familiar with it or during Kasen. Then he tells her that he heard Mizuchi’s family’s loyalty to the full moon is more than their loyalty to the royal family.

For generations, it has been a rule that only those with the mark of the full moon can succeed the family. Mikoto asks if this means that Mizuchi also has a moon. Iroha informs her that Mizuchi has the crescent moon. That’s what they call people who only have the moon on one side. It is said that Mizuchi’s moon is in the eye under his eyepatch. Mikoto didn’t hear about this at all when she asked.

But Iroha was told. Was he the only one? She scolds herself for thinking like that, because it makes her sound jealous of Iroha. The two men have built up their relationship over a long time, so what is she thinking?! She decides to ask if Mizuchi has the mark of succession, to which Iroha says that Mizuchi’s future prospects after graduating as one of the 5 Brights is secure.

A road to being a priest close to the emperor is open and the conditions for being the head of the family are alike. The only problem is the crescent moon. Will the conservative members of the family accept someone who doesn’t have the full moon. Mikoto asks sadly if the full moon is that important. Iroha replies that he heard the present head of the family is stubborn.

In that case, the crescent moon is a deficient person. Her brows furrow as she murmurs about how miserable that is, to be considered a broken thing. It wasn’t something that Mizuchi wished for, yet he’s called that. Iroha frowns and tells her that he does not comprehend her. As a senki candidate she is Mizuchi’s partner. Why is it necessary to mix her feelings and sentiment to that relationship?

Feelings are not connected to her awakening. Mikoto snaps out that he’s wrong, but then her eyes widen in horror at her outburst and she apologizes. But she believes that feelings are involved. Iroha only remains silent. Up until now, it has been said that through contact between the senki candidate and her player, her powers will manifest. She does think that it is important to come into contact.

But after becoming Mizuchi’s partner she understood it a little more. Now, she wonders if there isn’t another meaning to the technique and relationship of trust in the contact. Those feelings of being supported by Mizuchi and being beside him… It clears up the water inside her. She doesn’t know if that will awaken her, but that water is something she hasn’t had before. That’s why she definitely thinks that what she feels for Mizuchi is…

Iroha snaps out 「関係ない。」(There is no connection). GADKJG GOD MY POOR ROBOT BABY. She flinches at his harsh voice, and his expression softens before he murmurs that hearing anything more than that is meaningless. Then he walks off and leaves Mikoto thinking about how, for a moment, his voice had become hard. Was it just her imagination? Did she say something strange?

She notices that he’s already at the door though and scolds herself. She needs to go! An attendant answers the door and asks them who they are. Iroha introduces himsel as Iroha from Kaen and he came to deliver a message from Momotose. The attendant acknowledges that and requests that they wait for a second. Mikoto is surprised at his words and tries to ask him what he means by that.

But then she sees the door open. However, the person inside isn’t coming out. Suddenly, Iroha grabs her and orders her to stay down. She’s startled by his action but then she hears a volley of arrows fly over them. Iroha tells her not to touch them and she obeys quickly. Suddenly, an old man addresses Iroha and tells him that it’s been a long time. Iroha coolly replies 「九頭龍。手荒い歓迎ですね。」(Venerable Kuzuryuu. What a violent welcome).

The old man apologizes and laughs as he explains that he forgot to cancel the defense trap against intruders. Mikoto’s mouth drops open as she looks back at the arrows. Kuzuryuu tells them that the people in his house are very wary of everyone. They won’t let any outsiders, not even an ant, enter. Iroha also tells Mikoto that this arrow is stocked up on concealed poison in the tip and the feathers.

Almost all of this arrow has some sort of drug applied to it. Kuzuryuu compliments Iroha and informs them that they sent away for an imported specially made paralyzing drug. Mikoto gasps at that while Kuzuryuu explains that this way they can capture people alive, since it doesn’t take their lives. After that… He laughs as he comments on how he shouldn’t continue on in front of a lady. THIS GUY IS SUCH A CREEPER OMFG.

She can’t help but feel the immense power from this man. Just who is he? Iroha did call him the “venerable Kuzuryuu” but… Kuzuryuu notices that she is also from Kaen and apologizes for making her scared. She reassures him that it’s fine, to which he then asks her if she’s the rumored senki candidate. He comments thoughtfully on how he heard about her from his grandchild. So that’s who the senki candidate is…

He’s been waiting for her. Kuzuryuu chuckles lowly to himself while Mikoto stares at him in confusion. He seems to be staring intently into her eyes. Then he tells her that she holds a splendid full moon. This makes her blink. She holds the full moon? That’s strange, because she thought she didn’t hold the full moon. Kuzuryuu also compliments Iroha for having a magnificent full moon, as usual.

Iroha merely replies 「おそれいります。」(Much obliged). Then Kuzuryuu realizes that an introduction is long overdue. He is Mizuchi’s grandfather, Kuzuryuu. Mikoto is shocked to hear that this man is Mizuchi’s grandfather, because he’s young! She thought he was Mizuchi’s father. But now that she looks closer, she can see a vague resemblance to Mizuchi’s face.

Anyway, Kuzuryuu tells them that he heard stories from Momotose and his grandchild while he urges them to enter his house. Iroha excuses himself politely as he enters and Mikoto goes to follow, but before she does she thinks about how she felt a chill when her eyes were being looked at. Those eyes were as if a snake was glaring at her…

She shakes her head and scolds herself for being rude to think that of Mizuchi’s grandfather, and in their first meeting. But what is this… unrest in her chest. As they walk through the halls of the house, she notices Iroha stopping abruptly. Kuzuryuu asks him if there is a problem, but Iroha replies that there is no need to worry. Mikoto wonders what happened, because for a second the color of his face was…

But Iroha is back to the way that he always is. Maybe it was her imagination? She also recalls that Iroha had said he was bringing a message from Momotose. Could it be that Iroha had plans to come to Mizuchi’s house from the start? Something is strange. Just what exactly is happening? Anyway, they enter into a large room which surprises Mikoto because, while the outside was large, the inside is just as large.

Mizuchi’s house, compared to the place she lives, is far too different. As she thought, Mizuchi is an amazing person. Anyway, Kuzuryuu tells them that he didn’t think they would come together. He heard that Iroha would arrive tomorrow morning. Iroha replies that the plans have changed.

Kuzuryuu hums at that and then informs them that they are holding a memorial service today for their predecessor, and so they cannot entertain them. He politely asks them for their pardon. Iroha says, without emotion, that he doesn’t mind and their business will conclude soon. Mikoto glances at him with confusion, but then Kuzuryuu talks about how Iroha is popular in Kaen for being one of the 5 Brights who holds the full moon.

He has a promising future. Kuzuryuu grumbles that, on the contrary, his grandchild has… The memorial service is for Mizuchi’s departed father, which Mizuchi has to attend as a representative of the family head. But things are problematic since he doesn’t hold the full moon. He would like his successor to have his sign but.. it’s something that can’t be done easily.

Iroha mentions that their predecessors were priests who closely served the emperor. Kuzuryuu is impressed with Iroha’s memory. Indeed, his predecessors held the full moon much like how Iroha does and, because of that, it is said they held the favor of the emperor. Iroha comments on how those who held the full moon in both eyes were considered to be treasures to the imperial family. Mizuchi’s predecessors had that much power.

Kuzuryuu laughs loudly because that’s an old story. Nowadays, their blood has weakened and a full moon cannot be found. The circumstances are barely enough for a crescent moon. Iroha tells him that he heard Mizuchi’s mother also held a crescent moon; the same as Mizuchi. Kuzuryuu loses the smile on his face at those words before stating lowly that they researched well.

Mizuchi’s mother hid it when Mizuchi was still young and at the very end she regretted it. She couldn’t grant Kuzuryuu’s grandchild the full moon… The reason for all that is because she had a crescent moon. The whole situation was very painful. Mikoto is silent as she wonders if it’s alright for her to listen to this; things about the mark of succession and Mizuchi’s mother. Both might be things that Mizuchi doesn’t want her to know.

To talk about this while Mizuchi isn’t here… Then she realizes that she needs to hurry up and meet Mizuchi. After all, that was her goal! She interrupts politely and asks Kuzuryuu where Mizuchi can be found. She came here because he called her. Kuzuryuu is surprised by that and Mikoto affirms that Mizuchi wanted her to arrive immediately. Kuzuryuu is silent for a second before he smiles and tells her that he’ll guide them there then.

He starts to lead the way, but Mikoto first peeks at Iroha and murmurs his name. He merely looks at her without emotion and tells her that he doesn’t mind. He’ll be coming along though. She nods her head hesitantly and then they leave the large room. Mikoto is surprised to see the grandfather exit outside though. Once again Mikoto is struck by how large the residence is when they get outside, or more like how isolated it is.

Finally Kuzuryuu stops and tells them that they’ve arrived. Mikoto blinks in surprise because they’re in front of a warehouse. Kuzuryuu informs them that Mizuchi is waiting inside and he waves her in. But Mikoto is confused as to why Mizuchi is here because… What is the meaning of this?! Kuzuryuu tells her not to be so reserved, but she continues to stare at the warehouse with a wary look.

Her attention is drawn to Iroha, who has been completely silent, when he tells Kuzuryuu that he would like to ask several questions before they enter. Kuzuryuu slowly asks him what they are. Iroha asks him why, when they arrived at the residence, did Kuzuryuu come to greet them. Kuzuryuu asks him what he means by this and so Iroha replies that he thinks it strange for the head of the family to come to the gates for a visitor.

Normally, someone else in the family besides the head would come. Mikoto is confused by these turn of events but she recalls how, in movies, the house of a rich person has servants or helpers who come out. Is that what he means? Iroha adds that while they walked through the hallways he didn’t feel the presence of other family members at all. Kuzuryuu is silent.

Iroha points out that today is a memorial service. Normally there are people coming and going, yet why haven’t they seen anyone other than him? Mikoto’s eyes widen while Kuzuryuu lightly notes that the excuse of “by chance” wouldn’t work, would it? Iroha replies flatly that it wouldn’t and then he comments on how Kuzuryuu must know the reason already as to why he came here through Momotose.

Kuzuryuu shrugs and so Iroha cuts straight to the point and tells him that the recent disturbance of utsurohi at Kaen is connected to them, the MIZUCHI family. Mikoto gasps in shock and then asks Iroha desperately what he means. Meanwhile, Kuzuryuu laughs loudly at how even Iroha can tell a joke. He heard about the matter of the utsurohi disturbance from Aoi, and now Iroha is accusing his family of being an enemy of Kaen?

Iroha doesn’t respond to that, which makes Kuzuryuu frown before he curtly tells Iroha to explain it then. And so Iroha starts from the first utsurohi incident. On that day, the barrier around the greenhouse was broken and the utsurohi invaded. It was reported that Aoi was in the greenhouse just before the incident. Mikoto realizes that this is the story from that player!

On the day of the ceremony when Aoi saw the exchange between Mizuchi and the senki candidate, she cried out that she would tell Kuzuryuu. After that, she made a phone call in the greenhouse. There is only one person who she could have been talking to. Thereafter, Aoi started to become strange… As everyone knows, she was expelled for being consumed by the utsurohi.

Kuzuryuu doesn’t respond and so Iroha continues. There was also an Adabana purge outside of the school… the work of Mizuchi and Aoi, right? Mikoto is speechless as Iroha explains that a person needs permission from the country to purge an Adabana. But they received no reports about that. Which made him think… there is one feasible way for someone to not need permission from the country.

Only a certain type of kaei doesn’t have the duty to report to the country. In other words, it had to be one of the 5 Brights. Kuzuryuu asks if Iroha is implying that the person of the 5 Brights is Mizuchi. What an interesting made-up story. Everything is just a guess! He accuses them of having no proof, but Iroha presents a photo. Kuzuryuu takes it with a frown while Mikoto inwardly gasps. It’s Walter’s photo that had been in her room!

How does Iroha have it… Could it have been that he went to her room.. at that time!? Iroha points out that the date on the photo is the same as the day the Adabana withered. Would he call it a coincidence that his family, not to mention a kaei and minamo, were there in the park? He politely asks for Kuzuryuu’s answer. Mikoto gasps out Iroha’s name, but Kuzuryuu simply starts to laugh.

He tells Iroha that he seemed to have underestimated him. Then he tells someone to come out. Mikoto exclaims in surprise when she sees Mizuchi and Aoi step out from the warehouse. Kuzuryuu comments on how if it had just been the senki candidate then they could finish this without any unexpected difficulties, but it cannot be helped. Then he orders Mizuchi and Aoi to capture Iroha and the senki candidate alive.

Mizuchi acknowledges the order without emotion. Mikoto asks him desperately why he’s doing this and if something happened. Aoi starts to giggle creepily and Iroha points out to Mikoto that she’s fallen. Mikoto looks at Aoi’s feet and gasps at the dirty water coiling around her. This is tainted… could it be?! Calmly, Iroha tells her to Hana Awase and not to ease up on them at all. Mikoto nods firmly.

Iroha sets up his field 「フィールドを生成完了。・・・これより、粛清に移る。」(Field creation; complete… From here, move to purge). They defeat Aoi and Mizuchi, but then Iroha exhales sharply and grits his teeth in pain. He collapses a second later and Mikoto yells out his name in concern. What happened?! Iroha only gasps shakily in response. Then Kuzuryuu cackles and asks if the top of the 5 Brights is already finished.

Although, he would like to give him praise for holding himself together this far. The paralyzing poison has been circulating in him for a while. Mikoto shoots him a wide-eyed look and so Kuzuryuu asks her if she knew that Iroha suffered an injury when he protected her. But he has great fortitude to endure it until now. Iroha’s entire body is paralyzed and soon his consciousness will be gone as well.

Mikoto asks him angrily why he would do such a thing and then she notices Iroha trying to pull himself up. She asks him why he didn’t say anything. He replies with strain that there was no need to say it. It had nothing to do with her. She cries out his name, but he whispers at her to run away immediately. It’s dangerous. But Mikoto snaps out that she won’t leave him here.

Iroha stares at her silently before saying 「・・・君は・・・甘い・・・。」(.. You are… naive). Kuzuryuu laughs some more at what a sad sight this is but, after all, Iroha is simply a youngster. With this the senki candidate has fallen in his hands. Iroha starts to struggle to breathe and Mikoto calls out his name worriedly again. He’s completely limp and can’t move. What should she do…!?

Suddenly she hears footsteps and she looks up to see Mizuchi. She pleads with him that this is all wrong… right? But he only stares at her with blank eyes. She begs him to save Iroha but she’s struck unconscious. As she falls into darkness she whispers Mizuchi’s name.

The next time she wakes up, she wonders where she is. Her body hurts and she can’t move her hands and legs? A door opens and Kuzuryuu asks her if she’s woken up. She stiffens in alarm, but Kuzuryuu only apologizes for the poor treatment of a lady – no, the senki candidate – like this. He’d ask that she endure it for a little longer though. Just then she notices the rope around her.

Mikoto grits her teeth and asks him why he is doing this. She gasps out Mizuchi’s name when he appears with Aoi though and then begs him to untie her. He doesn’t respond though, leaving her to stare at him in betrayal. Kuzuryuu laughs and tells her that it’s useless to talk to him. Mizuchi has long forgotten about the senki candidate, because someone is waiting for her.

She repeats his words warily and Kuzuryuu explains that this great person saved the MIZUCHI family. For the sake of offering her up, she was called here. Mikoto realizes that Mizuchi’s phone call was… She glances at Mizuchi desperately and yells at him to return to himself. But Kuzuryuu tells her that he would like her to forget about that, because she is to become Goto’s bride.

Mikoto gasps at that and then demands to know what they mean by that. How do they know that name?! Kuzuryuu merely chuckles and tells her that she’ll understand soon. Then he orders Aoi to make the senki candidate undergo a purification ceremony before Goto’s messenger arrives.

Aoi cackles 「フフ・・・ハハ・・コロ・・ス・・。ヒヒッ・・キャハッ・・。」(Fufu… haha… di.. e… Hihi.. Kyaha..). Kuzuryuu sneers and wonders if she was corrupted too much. YA THINK? Since it can’t be helped, he orders Mizuchi to do the purification instead. Mizuchi blankly acknowledges the order and picks Mikoto up, which makes her yelp. Kuzuryuu tells her to relax because nothing bad will be done to her.

As she’s carried down the hallway, she can hear Kuzuryuu laughing in the room. Anyway, she calls out Mizuchi’s name again but there’s no response. Does he not realize it’s her?! She’s shocked when she’s brought into a bath. Then she finds herself being untied and she sighs in relief at being able to move. She starts to say Mizuchi’s name, but then she yelps when she finds her clothes being stripped off.

Mizuchi tells her flatly that he is to purify her body. Mikoto struggles at that and yells at him to release her, but he ignores her efforts and orders her to strip everything off. She replies that it’s impossible to do that.. in front of Mizuchi. He only sneers and then forcefully strips her. She starts to struggle again but he tells her not to move because they have no time.

Mikoto is shocked by his cold eyes. This person isn’t Mizuchi. Did he become strange?! She wants to run away and it’s embarrassing! But then he tells her to submerge herself in that bath. She flinches when she touches it though because it’s not hot water. It’s cold!? He tells her to submerge herself to her shoulders. Mikoto is conflicted because although she’s seen down to her skin like this… it’d also be troubling to be seen entering that.

But Mizuchi forcefully dumps her into it and she starts to shiver violently at how cold it is. It’s impossible to stay in it motionlessly. He tells her to remain submerged for 5 minutes which horrifies her. Is this the purification ceremony? Why does she have to undergo this…?! Mizuchi is calmly breathing beside her as she closes her eyes and lets time pass.

How long has it been? Mizuchi suddenly tells her to get up and he’ll dry her body. She’s relieved to finally be able to get out, but then freezes when she realizes what he just said. Dry her body?! Mizuchi pulls her out by force though and she squeals at him to let her go. But he remains silent and she notices him staring at her body. She quietly pleads with him not to look at her.

Mizuchi looks completely fine; only his eyes are strange. As if his consciousness went somewhere… She flinches as a cloth is run over her body. It’s embarrassing.. this kind of thing. Mikoto can’t help but struggle and yelp out that it’s ticklish. She’s especially mortified when he touches certain places. She wants to run away, but the hand gripping her body is strong and she can’t move her body.

She finally begs him to stop because she can’t take any more. But he coldly tells her not to move. She refuses though and starts to sob at him to wake up somehow. What happened? She tells him that Mizuchi wouldn’t do such a thing and he isn’t the Mizuchi that she knows. Who is he?! But there’s no response and she starts to freak out when his hand starts to move higher.

That place is unreasonable. He absolutely can’t go there. Mikoto struggles fiercely as he doesn’t respond and continues on. She finally snaps out that he’s a pervert and slaps him hard. Her eyes widen at her own actions and then she apologizes for forgetting herself. Mizuchi blinks multiple times and then when he looks back at her, his eyes widen in shock and a blush appears.

She looks at him in confusion, but then he demands with embarrassment to know why she’s in that state! He’s even more horrified when he realizes where his hand is. Mikoto realizes it as well and she screams. Mizuchi’s eyes dart all over the place before he shuts his eyes and suggests that they let go of each other at the same time. He’s closing his eyes and so she can move herself away.

Mikoto hurriedly obeys and then she starts to search for something to wear. But where’s her uniform…!? She apologizes quietly but there’s no change of clothes. But Mizuchi yells out at her to wear anything and he’ll continue to keep his eyes closed. She searches around for anything and then sees something in a basket. It’s for a woman and was it placed here for her to change into?

She asks him if there’s a dressing room. But Mizuchi only shouts out that anything is fine with him and he’s still keeping his eyes closed. HE SOUNDS SO CUTE HERE LMFAO LIKE SUPER FLUSTERED. She decides to quickly get changed and then apologizes for making him wait. It’s fine now. But he only inhales deeply. She notices that he hasn’t moved a step and wonders if he’s become strange again.

Mikoto asks him worriedly if something happened, but he only asks her in strained voice to not come any closer, please. In a little while, it’ll calm down. She asks him what he means by that and what will calm down, to which Mizuchi splutters before he tells her to go out. She must absolutely not come in for 10 minutes. She obeys him in confusion and exits the room. She wonders what exactly he’s doing in there as she looks out the hallway window.

She becomes pensive but then she finds her uniform in the hall and so she quickly changes into it. After 10 minutes, Mizuchi comes out and so she thanks him for loaning her some clothes. She notices that he’s not looking at her though. His clothes are also soaking wet… and his ears are red. Did he take a bath? But the water is cold. She opens her mouth to say something, but Mizuchi hurriedly tells her that they should put the current situation in order first.

Why is she here? And what… he starts to cough a lot before managing to ask what happened. Mikoto is surprised at the realization that Mizuchi doesn’t remember anything, but she quickly explains everything to him. Mizuchi is horrified to hear that his grandfather did such a thing. She accepts that he might not believe in her story, but everything she’s said is the truth.

Then she blurts out that Iroha is in danger and won’t he search this place together with her? But Mizuchi points out that right now Goto is targeting her and so they can’t stay here for long. Mikoto tells him that she can’t leave Iroha because he came here with her out of worry. She can’t just abandon him! Mizuchi tells her that he’ll bear the responsibility of looking for Iroha and requests her to return to the school.

She tries to protest but he snaps at her to return. He tells her in a rough voice to leave this residence and to never again get caught up with him… and his family. He will drop out of Kaen. She gasps his name in horror, but Mizuchi points out that his family is connected with Goto. That is more than enough of a reason. He doesn’t want to get her involved any more than this. He’s depending on her for this.

Mikoto can only stare at him in shock. It’s true and she understands that it’s dangerous to stay here. But is it really alright? She has the feeling that if she leaves this place right now she won’t ever meet Iroha or Mizuchi. Goto is targeting her. She knows that he’s coming and if she remains she might be captured. She’s the senki candidate. If by remaining here she’ll cause everyone trouble then…

She averts her eyes before murmuring that she understands and she’ll return to the school. But only if he doesn’t drop out. This time it wasn’t his fault and that’s why… Mizuchi lowers his eyes before closing them and sighing. She asks him if they’ll meet again. But he only tells her that he’ll escort her to the entranceway. She murmurs his name, but the two of them are interrupted by a voice snarling at them to freeze.

It’s Aoi and she giggles out about how she can’t possibly let Mikoto run away. She’ll kill her! She stole her brother! She’ll never… ever… FORGIVE HER! Mikoto gasps as Aoi starts to become consumed by a large amount of utsurohi. Aoi cries out that Mizuchi belongs to her. And yet… Mikoto.. STOLE HIM. Her only brother. The person who bore the same pain as her… HER ONLY BROTHER!!

GOD THIS IS WHERE I STARTED FEELING SAD FOR HER. THIS STUPID PIANO TRACK HURTS MY SOUL. She’ll kill her! Aoi giggles crazily and then starts to scream out that she’ll kill this girl! She’ll kill Mikoto with this blood of MIZUCHI. Mikoto is taken aback by this hatred. Just what is this?! Beside her, Mizuchi exhales slowly before telling Mikoto that they will purge Aoi with Hana Awase.

Mikoto stutters out a protest, but Mizuchi averts his eyes and inhales shakily. When he looks back at her, his eyes are resolute as he tells her that this is different from that time. Aoi can no longer return. She’s been consumed by the blood of MIZUCHI. Mikoto repeats his words and then asks if it’s not just the utsurohi. Mizuchi explains that the blood of MIZUCHI is cursed.

It’s a destructive blood that his family has been concealing for generations upon generations. He tells her to sever her hesitation and sets up his field. The moment they defeat her, Aoi screams in pain and falls to the ground. Mikoto yells out Aoi’s name and runs up to her. She asks her to hold herself together but Aoi only gasps at Mikoto not to touch her because Mikoto is repulsive. GEE THANKS.

Aoi sobs out that she hates Mikoto a lot because she’s the woman who stole away her brother. Mikoto rears back in shock at that. Then Aoi starts to call out for her brother and asks him where he is; she smiles weakly when she finds him and his breath catches. She asks him if she worked hard. This entire time she had been enduring it for Mizuchi’s sake, but she lost to the blood of MIZUCHI.

She apologizes for not being able to become a minamo that Mizuchi could boast about. Mizuchi tells her quietly that she did her best. Aoi’s breath catches before she smiles beautifully and admits that she’s happy. She can also say goodbye to this blood now, right? If she’s born again next time, in a normal house with no shackles, she would tell him that she loves him.

Her eyes slip closed and then she collapses onto the ground. As Mikoto sobs out Aoi’s name and starts to cry, Mizuchi recites a poem 「――この世にて、またあふまじき悲しさに。 すすめし人ぞ 心みだれし・・・」(–In this world, the sadness of being unable to meet again, threw my heart in disorder…). POEM #806 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. Mizuchi exhales heavily and then reveals that Aoi bore the same fate that he has.

Consequently, because of this fate, Aoi and he had even more of a responsibility imposed upon them within the family. The two of them were born without the moon that all members of the MIZUCHI family hold. Those who do not hold a moon bear a fate and Aoi couldn’t endure that fate. Mikoto mouths the word “fate” and then asks him what that means exactly.

Mizuchi explains that the crumbling of their emotions and emergence of destructive impulses is what is called MIZUCHI’s curse. He heard that formerly the MIZUCHI family was a cruel lineage who did not uphold laws. In ancient times, they turned their fangs towards the emperor and became sealed by the mighty power of the moon. The moon was granted to the eyes of the family.

Those who have the moon in their eyes do not experience a disturbance of emotions. But that seal weakens along with the flow of time.. until people are born without the moon. He is one of those. Mizuchi averts his eyes as Mikoto stares at him in shock. But Iroha and his grandfather said that he held a crescent moon. He inhales deeply before telling her that he has an illusion of a moon. A mock moon.

I JUST.. THE DETAILS IN THIS GAME. CRESCENT MOON AND MOCK MOONS ARE BOTH “GENGETSU” BUT THE WAY THEY’RE WRITTEN IS DIFFERENT. Because he would be a danger to the emperor without a moon, his grandfather gave him the mock moon. But in the end it is a fake. It cannot fully suppress his feelings. Consequently, strict rules were created, and he obeyed them while regulating himself.

Mikoto realizes that the reason Mizuchi is so strict about rules is for the sake of suppressing MIZUCHI’s curse. But, because of his inexperience, he is lost at sea in his blood and the curse of MIZUCHI; same with the things he did to her. She blinks and asks him what he means by that, which makes him grit his teeth before he admits that there are urges he cannot suppress.

An explosive impulse that is occurring within him even as they touch right now. For this feeling to be inside of him, it’s unbearably disgusting. I FEEL SO BAD FOR MIZUCHI. IF HE GREW UP LIKE THIS, HE WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO TELL WHAT NORMAL FEELINGS ARE AND WHAT IS THE CURSE. He doesn’t know if he’s being manipulated by Goto or if this is the wish of his blood; the things he wants to do to her.

She sees that he’s in great pain, but the feeling to that degree.. what is it? Mizuchi confesses desperately that if it were just feelings then it’d be okay… but when he thinks about a destructive impulse happening and hurting her because of that..! He’s dangerous. He tells her that it would be best if they never met again, for the sake of protecting her. She murmurs his name quietly.

But he reminds her that Goto’s messenger is coming, isn’t he? She cannot remain here and she has to leave before she’s found. But a voice suddenly asks if they called for him. Mikoto and Mizuchi both spin around to see a man with long black hair. He sighs at them and comments on how the moment he took his eyes off of Mizuchi, he couldn’t even do anything satisfactory.

Laying a hand on the senki candidate like that is the same as being an unusable subordinate. Oh well, he was going to be dealt with anyway. Mikoto wonders who this man is, especially since she feels as if she met him from somewhere. But more importantly, what are these chills she’s experiencing?! BTW HIS VOICE IS THE SAME AS THE VOICE THAT TRIED TO STEAL HER AWAY IN THE MOON SCENE.

Anyway, the man decides that there must not have been enough strings. Then he orders them to step away from each other because the flirting is over. He snaps his fingers and Mizuchi starts to scream in pain while clutching his head. The man tells them that it is unforgivable for him to lay a hand on the senki candidate who is for Goto. He’ll teach Mizuchi a lesson through the strings coiled around his body and tightening around his nerves.

The lesson that he’s this man’s doll to manipulate! Mikoto yells out Mizuchi’s name worriedly as he continues to scream in pain. The man laughs at this sight and so Mikoto desperately asks him what he’s doing. He replies that it’s obvious he’s punishing Mizuchi for being a doll that doesn’t listen. Then he notes that the introductions are late, but in place of a greeting he’ll present to her a card.

He throws it to her and Mikoto is surprised to see a tarot card! It’s a Queen of Pentacles. He introduces himself to her politely as one of the Suuto who serve Goto. His name is Coin and from here on they will be acquaintances. Mikoto reacts inwardly to his title, but then Coin muses out loud on how problematic it is for the situation to have become like this in the middle of their contract. Even though he was cooperating with Kuzuryuu.

When she asks about this cooperation, Coin explains that it’s a wonderful give-and-take contract. She blurts out that she doesn’t understand a thing he’s saying. But Coin tells her gently that it’s fine if she doesn’t understand; all she needs to do is think about Goto. He laughs at that before asking her if she can see the multiple layers of mind strings around Mizuchi’s body.

He snaps his hand again and Mizuchi cries out in pain, causing Mikoto to gasp in horror. Coin asks him if it hurts since all his nerves are being tampered with. With these strings he can make someone die in madness from the pain. Mizuchi starts to choke and so Mikoto yells at Coin to stop and not to do such a cruel thing. Coin sighs and then admits that he’s fine with stopping, but only if she obediently becomes Goto’s wife.

Mikoto hesitates at that and so Coin points out that if she doesn’t want to then he can just kill Mizuchi and take her along with him by force. Does she understand? With these mind strings of his he can easily lance them into her chest and easily manipulate her thoughts and feelings. But if possible, he’s restraining himself to taking her along with him while she’s still pretty.

That’s why this is a transaction. He asks for her decision and Mikoto grits her teeth. At this rate Mizuchi will be killed. She only has one thing she can do! She carefully confirms that Goto’s objective is only her, right? If she goes then he won’t hurt Mizuchi, right? Coin tells her that he wouldn’t and he’s not a liar. But Mizuchi grunts out painfully that she must not go and not to worry about him, especially if it’ll lead to her being stolen.

Coin sighs and then calls Mizuchi an annoyance. He snaps his finger again and Mizuchi screams. Mikoto cries out his name as Coin tells him that he is patiently negotiating a deal; thus he should be silent! But suddenly a voice says that the one who should shut up is him. All three of them are surprised as they look behind them to see Momotose appear.

She throws something that slices through Coin’s strings and comments on how it is as expected of Goto’s humans to lack refinement by using these strings to manipulate people’s hearts. Coin asks her who she is to have cut the strings he laid out like that. Momotose replies flatly that she will not give her name out to a brute. Then she apologizes to Mikoto because if she had arrived a bit earlier…

Mikoto shakes her head and then asks her why she’s here. Momotose explains that her cellphone received an emergency message from Iroha. Mikoto is stunned to hear that and Momotose nods as she adds that it was instructed to send a message if anything happened. Then Momotose asks Iroha if that isn’t right, and both Mikoto and Mizuchi are shocked to see Iroha appear.

UGH HE’S SO BADASS. Mikoto asks him if he was unhurt all this time, but Iroha only calmly states that he told her to run. She’s too naive. Then he pulls out something which Mikoto identifies as the jar she placed her cookies in! Iroha explains that the arrow hit exactly on the jar. Momotose giggles and tells him that he was aiming it on purpose and having a sweet tooth is helpful sometimes.

Mikoto tries to understand that this means the paralyzing poison was… Iroha tells her that there wasn’t any. Kuzuryuu was deceived and now he’s locked in the warehouse. Coin starts to laugh loudly before sighing at how pleased he is. If this didn’t happen then things wouldn’t have been interesting. He’s fired up now. This excitement is irresistible and he’s getting shivers.

He will excuse himself for today. The next time will be… the evening of the full moon. Coin fades out of the room to Mikoto’s shock, but Iroha calmly tells Momotose that they should return for the present to Kaen and report to the chairmen. Momotose acknowledges it and tells Mizuchi and Mikoto to come with her, but Mizuchi declines roughly and opts to remain.

His family and him has committed danger to the senki candidate and he no longer holds he qualifications to return to Kaen. Iroha is silent before he informs them all coldly that the decision is settled. Whether or not he returns, Mizuchi will be purged. Mikoto gasps in horror while Momotose asks Iroha angrily what he means. Iroha’s expression is fierce though his voice is flat as he points out that there are many incidents of treason. It is obvious.

Mizuchi calmly accepts this decision and tells Iroha that he will neither run nor hide. He and his grandfather will await their punishment here. Mikoto cries out that he can’t and that this can’t be done. But Iroha tells her to come and grabs her arm. She struggles and yells at him to let her go but she’s dragged out. Mizuchi can only watch silently in pain as she screams for him. Mikoto is horrified to hear about the act of purging Mizuchi. What should she do…!?

DAY 29. A memory from the past appears. Boy 1 asks Mikoto if she’s changing schools. They won’t meet again…? Child!Mikoto shakes her head and says that she’s only leaving her grandfather’s house. But it looks like they won’t be able to play here anymore. Her mother told her not to play anymore… Boy 2 realizes that this is the last meeting where everyone is gathered together at the secret base then.

THE NAMELESS CHILDREN ARE TOUGH, BUT I’M GOING TO TRY AND ASSIGN NUMBERS BASED ON THEIR SPEECH. Boy 3 asks Boy 2 why he’s so solemn. They can just meet at another place like how they met here for the first time, isn’t that right Mikoto? She nods at that. Boy 1 asks Mikoto if she told “that person” about her transferring schools. She shakes her head.

Boy 3 points out how “that person” seldom comes anyway and so it’s fine. Boy 2 sighs in exasperation at how cold Kurenai-kun is because they’re all friends, aren’t they? Boy 3 tells Mizuchi to shut up and not to act like an honors student. He definitely won’t be tricked by shaved ice! Boy 2 mutters that he wasn’t trying to trick him, he just thought everyone would be happy.

Mikoto tells the two of them not to fight. Boy 4 laughs at how Boy 3 and Boy 2 are such close friends and then he asks Mikoto if they won’t play here one last time. He thinks that everyone would want to see her power. Boy 3 agrees because it should be fine once in a while, because Mikoto’s power is really amazing. Mikoto hesitates because her mother told her not to.

Boy 3 points out that if she doesn’t say anything then her mother won’t find out. She should do it! She still hesitates though and so Boy 2 tells them not to pressure her. Besides she… He asks her if she likes anyone. Who does she like the most out of all of them?

The dream fades out and Mikoto wakes up in her bed. It felt like a memory from her childhood but… Mizuchi and the other’s names appeared, even though she met these people for the first time only when coming to Kaen. What was with this strange dream? Suddenly Momotose knocks on her door and informs her that she has been called by the chairmen and she should prepare herself.

Mikoto hurriedly gets up to prepare while recalling how, after reporting the situation with Mizuchi, the chairmens’ faces became clouded. Just what exactly is going to happen? She’s scared…

When everyone assembles in the room, Awahana asks Onosada if he investigated this event. Onosada informs them that this Coin is one of the Suuto and his specialty is in mental attacks. From Momotose’s reports it seems like his specialty is in using mind strings to manipulate. He manipulates people’s minds by sneaking his strings unnoticed into their brain and nerves.

Awa notes that their target was Mizuchi. Onosada nods before adding that he thinks that was why Mizuchi assaulted the senki candidate in the library as well. Kintoki sighs and admits that even now he has a hard time believing that Mizuchi’s family and Goto are together. Awa mentions that the connection between the MIZUCHI family and the emperor has been strong since ancient times.

It is baffling how they would unite with Goto who runs contrary to that. Kintoki asks Mikoto to confirm if Coin said that he made a contract with Kuzuryuu. When she nods, Awa hypothesizes that the contents of the contract might hold the key to this mystery. But then Iroha interrupts and asks the chairmen for permission to purge Mizuchi. Kintoki sighs in frustration but it seems unavoidable.

Mikoto is horrified by that and begs the chairmen to wait on the purge. Iroha tells her coldly that this has no connection to her intentions. This is the law of Kaen. Mikoto flinches at his words while Awa notes that Mizuchi is a man of pride and he will understand their decision. He lays down the order for the 5 Brights and their minamo to head to the residence tomorrow afternoon and purge Mizuchi.

Kintoki adds that, once again, for the safety of the senki candidate she will be forbidden from leaving the dormitory at all. Momotose will guard her. Momotose acknowledges the order with a pained face and then apologizes quietly to Mikoto, who has fallen into silence. Himeutsugi protests to the chairmen and tries to say that Mikoto’s feelings for Mizuchi are…

Iroha replies flatly that the important thing for the Kaen right now is to secure the safety of the senki candidate’s body. Her feelings have no bearing on this. Himeutsugi asks him coldly if he won’t respect her feelings. Iroha replies that it’s an annoyance. Karakurenai bursts into laughter at that and everyone looks over to him in shock. He smirks as he tells Iroha that he’s wrong and he should be more honest.

Karakurenai accuses Iroha of not being able to accept the senki candidate falling deeply in love with Mizuchi. He adds 「よかったなあ~邪魔者を堂々と殺すことができて。ああ?」(Isn’t that convenient~ to be able to kill the intruder openly. Aa?). There is no response from Iroha. Onosada chides Karakurenai for being overly cruel, but he answers that he only spoke about an obvious fact.

He sneers at the ludicrous of a purge and tells them to do it before he stalks off, leaving Onosada to sigh. LMAO HE NEVER STAYS FOR A FULL MEETING. Anyway Iroha informs the chairmen that he will escort the senki candidate to her dormitory, which surprises Mikoto. He tells her to come and grabs her arm again, but she snaps at him not to pull her like that.

When he stares at her silently, she replies quietly that she understands and she’ll come. The two of them leave and Awa comments on how their 5 Brights are quite free in their actions. Kintoki agrees but he realizes that they’re doing something cruel to the senki candidate. Momotose whispers Mikoto’s name.

Meanwhile, Mikoto pleads with Iroha to release her. She won’t run away and his grip hurts! Iroha remains silent as he releases her and she winces at the throbbing in her arm. Why is he doing this? Suddenly he tells her to forget about Mizuchi and another partner will be supplied to her. It is unnecessary to think about her feelings. The senki candidate should only think about awakening.

Mikoto’s eyes widen in shock before she averts her eyes and refuses quietly. She tells him that she isn’t able to forget about Mizuchi. Iroha replies 「・・・理解ができない。」(… I do not comprehend). EVERY TIME HE SAYS THIS. MY SOUL IS LITERALLY CRUSHED. He asks her strongly why she continues to persist towards Mizuchi. He is connected with Goto and committed a crime. He is an existence that is to be purged.

She refuses that in horror and then defends Mizuchi by saying he didn’t do that. She believes in him; even if he became a changed person when he was manipulated and even if he did horrible things to her. Anything Mizuchi does she will…! Iroha interrupts with a harsh 「黙れ。」(Shut up). He tells her that he does not intend to comprehend her speech; just like before.

He won’t allow the senki candidate to have a connection with a kaei above being partners. He orders her not to forget her objective for coming to Kaen. Iroha’s angry expression softens before he tells her to go and Mikoto leaves in silence and with a pained expression.

Meanwhile, Karakurenai is in his room and asks if he’s going to be lectured. Onosada hums and answers that it wouldn’t suit him to do that. Then he points out how unexpected it is for Karakurenai to side with Mizuchi. Karakurenai replies that he isn’t siding with Mizuchi and he hates both Iroha and Mizuchi a lot. He doesn’t care about either of them; including the senki candidate.

Looking at another man’s woman makes him feel disgusted. Onosada sighs in exasperation but he can understand Karakurenai’s feelings. Karakurenai asks Onosada if he knows that all of the 5 Brights are aiming for that girl. Isn’t it interesting? Even Hime is. On the surface he looks as if he’s supporting Mizuchi, but underneath everyone has an erection. KURENAI PLEASE.

Onosada is amused at Karakurenai’s extreme words. Karakurenai shakes his head and comments on how after the idiotic thing Mizuchi did in the library, everyone’s eyes became strange. Anyone and everyone is looking at Mikoto as if she’s prey. He sneers and says that he doesn’t care at all for that thing. The only thing he should have done was fuck that impertinent girl once. That’s all.

But Onosada asks him quietly if that’s the truth. Karakurenai narrows his eyes and so Onosada explains that he’s a bit curious, but in the past Karakurenai wouldn’t have any interest in a woman who wasn’t his territory. As Karakurenai stiffens, Onosada continues on to say that Karakurenai didn’t get involved with a woman who didn’t hold favor for him and didn’t approach him.

And yet, why does he care about the senki candidate? He doesn’t just want her body… right? Karakurenai’s expression turns stormy, but he has no response. Finally, he sneers and calls Onosada a bastard teacher who shouldn’t speak as if he knows things. Karakurenai stalks out of his room with a huff only to encounter Himeutsugi who calls out his name. But Karakurenai just snaps at him to move out of the way, before he leaves.

Onosada comes out of the room and smiles wryly at how Himeutsugi heard some unnecessary things. He comments on the suffering of a man. When they can’t obtain the woman they want, they start to become strange. Himeutsugi’s voice is light as he replies that this is what “love” is. Onosada is taken aback by how Himeutsugi said it without any embarrassment.

Himeutsugi laughs softly and tells him that it isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. He likes everyone. He loves everyone. But he admits slowly that if he did fall into true love then… he thinks he would hide it to himself without saying anything to anyone. A deep love hidden until the very end… he thinks that is also a form of love. Onosada admits that he doesn’t understand the feelings of a romanticist princess. Himeutsugi tells him that it’s fine before chuckling.

But then he asks Onosada if he knows that tonight will be a full moon. The moon will be filled and then Mizuchi will be purged. Onosada mentions that it’s painful, huh. Himeutsugi quietly agrees, but then he makes an amused noise. When Onosada looks at him in confusion, he apologizes and excuses himself. Onosada wonders if it was just his imagination, but right now did Himeutsugi just… smile…? FREAKING SCARY.

At night, Momotose knocks on Mikoto’s door and asks her if she’s inside. Mikoto answers quietly that she is and so Momotose asks hesitantly if she can enter. There’s no answer and so enters with a pained smile and comments on how she did an unavoidable thing even though she might be hated for it. Mikoto reassures her that it’s not her fault; it’s because she doesn’t have enough self-awareness as a senki candidate.

And now she’s troubling Momotose. Mikoto closes her eyes before confessing that the things she’s going to say now are things that the senki candidate shouldn’t say; but even so, will she listen? Momotose nods respectfully and so Mikoto takes a deep breath before saying that she wants to save Mizuchi, even if she has to break the rules of Kaen. She wants to save Mizuchi’s life by any means.

The senki candidate must not act with feelings. She believes that Iroha’s words are right, but she cannot become just. She can’t lie to these feelings. For the first time she’s fallen in love. She doesn’t want to lose this… She loves him… She loves him. Mikoto starts to cry silently and Momotose’s breath catches. Mikoto apologizes because she wanted to say this well and hoped for that.

She adds that she would throw away everything about the senki candidate for Mizuchi. Momotose comes closer and starts to pet Mikoto’s head, but this only makes Mikoto cry harder and apologize for losing her composure. Momotose reassures her that she doesn’t mind and then admits that she’s been thinking about the senki candidate and why their powers become stronger when they come in contact with their partner.

Why does the senki candidate, who hates to be tainted, desire contact? Mikoto answers that it’s a mutual relationship of trust. Momotose shakes her head and tells her that there’s something more. Then she tells Mikoto that this is an assumption and so she could be wrong, but there might be a road to the senki candidate’s awakening when the relationship of mutual trust becomes exceeded.

Mikoto wipes away her tears and repeats Momotose’s words in confusion. Exceeding a relationship of mutual trust? Momotose brightly replies that she thinks love is a wonderful thing. A woman becomes beautiful when she loves someone. That’s why when she sees the love her muse has for Mizuchi, she becomes happy at seeing that beauty. But there’s more to love…

The point of love is something that exceeds a relationship of mutual trust. It’s something that exceeds the relationship of a senki candidate and her partner. Momotose smiles brightly and then tells Mikoto that the thing she says next is something she shouldn’t say. She asks Mikoto if her moon is full. She confesses that she wishes for Mikoto to awaken as a senki, but that might also be the one thing she doesn’t wish for the most.

Mikoto is confused by her words, but Momotose only tells her that she really loves her; her muse. She gives Mikoto a painful smile and tells her that this is the only thing she wants to convey right now. Mikoto doesn’t understand why Momotose has such a sad expression. Then she tells Mikoto that Tane and Kase are standing outside her room as guards and she can relax because they won’t enter her room.

Then she tells Mikoto that tonight a nice moon has appeared. She excuses herself formally and leaves with another painful smile. Mikoto wonders what Momotose was trying to say and then ponders more on the meaning of something that exceeds the relationship of mutual trust. In other words… But then she notices light coming from her skylight. She looks up and is taken aback by the beautiful full moon.

The beauty of it almost feels like it’ll suck her in. In the world of Kasen, the moon exists as the moon card… and she read in her textbook that it is a symbol of madness. The moon possesses them and makes them strange. Tomorrow in the afternoon Mizuchi will be purged. Is she really alright with that? Can she only wait here, like this, for Mizuchi to be killed?

She falls silent before recalling her grandfather’s words. Do not run away from everything. The moment she runs away, all the moons will run away from her. The one who decides on the moon is her. If she runs away then the moon will end. Mizuchi’s life will also… end. Mikoto realizes that she’s chosen. Whether it is the moon… or madness… She has already decided on her answer. She will…

Even if she breaks the rules… Even if she’s expelled from the school, she wants to be together with Mizuchi. She yells out Mizuchi’s name and then exits her room with purposeful steps. Tane and Kasu greet her and she begs them to somehow overlook her. They look at her silently before Tane tells her that they ate a lot of the cookies that Mikoto made the other day and now they’re sleepy. Isn’t that right, Kasu?

Kasu replies that he’s right and that it was so delicious they ate too much. Tane adds that they carelessly nodded off, and so they missed the sight of the senki candidate leaving. Mikoto looks at them with wide eyes as Kasu comments on how it’ll be a disaster when they wake. Tane agrees and comments on how they’ll receive a scolding from Momotose. Mikoto smiles tearfully and thanks them deeply as she realizes they’re letting her go.

Then Kasu tells her that they also talked in their sleep about a message Momotose gave them. The message from Momotose is that she will support whichever road Mikoto believes in. Tane adds that there’s one more… and that message tells her to find the thing beyond love. Mikoto tells them with a gentle smile that she understands she’ll search for it. Tane sends her off and then adds that this is also sleep-talking, but they will support her too.

Both of them wish for her safety. Mikoto dashes off after that and as she runs through the town her body feels hot. Her entire body is stirred up by a strange impulse. The full moon above her head is shining down on the path ahead of her. She’s sure that this path is a mistake. A moon that a senki candidate should not have. But even so, she has no regrets. She cannot return anymore on the path that she’s running. She yells out Mizuchi’s name again as she runs.

Meanwhile, Mizuchi is walking through the grounds of his house. He stops before the warehouse and asks his grandfather if he’s inside. Then he asks for forgiveness for not opening the door. There is a sin inside there. A sin that will never be forgiven. Even before he was granted this mock moon… there is a sin that remains even now though he has no memory of it.

Now he understands how Coin penetrated his sin and weakness and deceived his mind. He believes that his grandfather and Aoi are the same. Their family, ruled by their emotions, were being played around with by the curse. He sighs heavily before noting that soon Iroha and the rest will come to purge them. After he, the one and only heir, dies then the blood of their family… the curse of MIZUCHI will end.

He will be set free from rules and from this blood. He’s amused as he notes that it’s strange how he feels a bit regretful, even though he suffered so much. Mizuchi drops his medicine bottle and murmurs that it is no longer necessary for the medicine to suppress his worked up emotions. This is the end… of everything. He suddenly notices the light of the moon and he recalls that today is a full moon as he looks up.

Mizuchi sighs heavily again and confesses that he yearns for the moon. He’s always wished for it; for the full moon to rest in both eyes. He wanted the moon. But that wish didn’t happen, even though he feels like he can reach out and hold it in his hand. The moon is still so far… He smiles wryly as he realizes that it’s like Mikoto; a far away existence that makes him yearn for her stronger.

He recites a poem as he stares at the moon 「――なにとなく、さすがに惜しき命かな。ありへば人や思ひ知るとて・・・」(Somehow or other, my life is still very regrettable. If I had a long life, that person might have understood my feelings…). POEM #658 BY SAIGYO HOSHI.

Mizuchi snorts in amusement and dismisses it as impossible. The reason why is because there will be no future for this hand. Nothing… He inhales deeply and almost laughs out loud, but then he hears footsteps. He turns to see Mikoto run up to him and call out his name desperately. Mikoto stops to pant in exhaustion while Mizuchi gapes at the sight of her in shock.

She tells him with a smile that she’s glad… she’s glad she got to meet him. His expression twists with conflict though as he asks her roughly why she came. Didn’t he tell her not to come ever again? Mizuchi closes his eyes and tells her to return to the school, but Mikoto tells him firmly that she won’t. Mizuchi is taken aback by that, but she only repeats again that she won’t return.

This time she will hold his hand; his hand which had supported her all this time. If she releases this hand then she will lose him, that’s why she won’t let go. Mizuchi is stunned into silence as Mikoto continues on to confess that she came here because he was here. She wants to be together with him and then she pleads with him to let her stay. He averts his eyes with a pained look before he tells her quietly that she cannot.

She doesn’t know the cursed blood in him. She doesn’t know what he wants to do to her! Even now when they’re simply touching, he feels himself becoming improper. He glares at the ground as he points out that she’s afraid of his desires, isn’t she? But Mikoto smiles sadly and tells him that she is not. If that is what Mizuchi wishes then she wants him to do it, even if that makes her lose her qualifications to be a senki candidate.

Mizuchi’s mouth drops open before he exhales heavily. He murmurs about how she sometimes takes surprising actions.. that it always leaves him in confusion. Even now it hasn’t changed. She’s looking at him with trust and complete innocence. Mizuchi asks her hesitantly if it is alright for him to desire her. Mikoto smiles as she tells him that he can and that she wishes to be the one he desires.

Then she tells him 「・・・私は、蛟さんの水になりたい。あなたの瞳に宿る、永遠の・・水になりたい。」(… I want to be Mizuchi’s water. I want to be the water that rests in your eyes.. forever). SCREAMS BECAUSE THIS LINE IS IN HIS PROMOTIONAL POSTER. Mizuchi inhales shakily and then he gives her a small smile. But then he blushes as he asks her if she can close her eyes.

Mikoto blinks in surprise but then obeys him. She starts to ask him if he meant like this, but Mizuchi suddenly grabs her and kisses her passionately. She whimpers in surprise and tries to blurt out his name, but then she gives into the kiss. He murmurs her name between kisses before confessing shakily that it’s strange. This body of his desires her without stop. He wants more… more…

She gasps out his name as he draws back to ask her in a whisper if she isn’t afraid of him. She replies that she isn’t and she wants him to do more of this. He inhales sharply before telling her fiercely that he won’t let her go. Even if she trembles in unhappiness, writhes in agony, or runs away… he won’t let her go! He… this Mizuchi, even if he falls into hell, he will…

Mikoto asks him not to release her and to let her stay together with him like this forever. She confesses quietly that she loves him. She loves him. She loves him, she loves him, she… Mizuchi silences her with deep kiss before confessing that he feels the same towards her. An electrifying sensation pierces her mind and she feels her body trembling. It’s different from the kiss they had before.

She moans into his mouth and wonders if this is what a kiss is; every time their lips meet and every time their tongues intertwine, she’s becoming one with him. Her water is filling up. She wants to do more. She wants to stay like this with Mizuchi forever.

Suddenly, a voice asks them if they’re going to have sex right there. Mizuchi and Mikoto break apart to see Arabuki sighing as she comes closer with Suzumushi behind her. She tells them that she doesn’t have time to watch two brats crave each other. Suzumushi cackles at how Coin spoke the truth about sticking with the heir of MIZUCHI and that the senki candidate will be pulled in.

Arabuki calls Mikoto an idiot for being caught up with Mizuchi. After all, she is just a tool to this family. Mikoto’s eyes widen at that and Arabuki laughs softly before commenting on how pitiful she is and maybe she should teach Mikoto about it. She reveals to them that the MIZUCHI family used Mikoto as an ingredient for Coin’s contract. Coin made a transaction with the old man of the MIZUCHI family.

In return for giving Mizuchi the full moon they will present him with the senki candidate! Mizuchi gasps at that along with Mikoto. Suzumushi snickers at how Kuzuryuu loves his grandchild and so he made Mikoto the bait. Mikoto snaps out that she won’t believe that. Arabuki huffs and tells her to believe in it or not, that’s her choice. But she can ask the old man inside the warehouse after this if she wants.

Of course, this is after Mikoto is defeated by her, Arabuki! Mikoto flinches at that and Arabuki cackles as she exclaims that she’s overflowing with water and it’s irresistible! She’s going to pay them back for making her fall in embarrassment to Coin from before! Mizuchi exhales tightly and then grits his teeth before telling Mikoto to sever their hesitation. They’ll Hana Awase!

Mikoto and Mizuchi defeat the two of them and Suzumushi collapses to the ground with a gurgle. Arabuki yells out his name in worry and is frightened by how exceptionally stronger the two of them are from before. Suzumushi apologizes in a gasping voice at how he was a hindrance. Arabuki curses at how now that it’s come to this… but Mizuchi tells her coldly not to move. If she moves a single step he will finish her off.

She glares and tells him not to be full of himself as a brat. Does he think she’ll listen to his words?! Mizuchi tells her that it can’t be helped then. Mikoto stutters out Mizuchi’s name in shock at his coldness, but then a voice tells them that they can’t do that. Someone snaps their fingers and Suzumushi howls in pain. Arabuki asks him what is wrong with him and Suzumushi screams out that it hurts and his body is on fire.

The voice is full of amusement as it tells Suzumushi goodbye. Another snap of his fingers and Suzumushi explodes in blood and a final scream. Arabuki stutters out his name while Mikoto flinches back. Arabuki asks in horror what this sight is, but the voice replies that those are his lines. Coin appears with a chilling smile and she greets him in shock. He comments on how once was enough, but to be done in by one of the 5 Brights a second time.

That is nothing but embarrassment. Arabuki asks if right now Coin was the one who… Coin chuckles and replies that a pet is something that has a collar on. Arabuki tries to protest, but he asks her flatly if she intends to backtalk to him. Does she also want to be entwined around with these strings? Arabuki gasps loudly and hurriedly apologizes, which he accepts calmly.

Then he greets Mikoto since they meet again. She only stares at him silently with a fierce expression. Coin informs her that he came for her on the evening of the full moon, as the bride of Goto… Mikoto refuses that. She has no intentions of going! Mizuchi tells Mikoto to stand back and then he tells her that as long as he is here, he won’t let anyone touch her.

Mizuchi orders them to leave his residence immediately. If not, then they will lose their life. Coin murmurs that he thought Mizuchi would say that. Since it can’t be helped, he’ll call out a guest. He calls out for someone to step out and then snaps his fingers. Mikoto is shocked to see the lock on the warehouse break and then Kuzuryuu steps out. Mizuchi gasps out his grandfather’s name in surprise.

Coin informs Kuzuryuu that his grandchild has zero intentions of handing over the senki candidate. In other words, the contract between Goto and the MIZUCHI family has become scrap paper. Even though the family’s souls had been absorbed and he had just been about to give him the full moon. Mizuchi repeats those words in confusion and Coin recalls that Mizuchi didn’t have his memories then.

And so he reveals that the full moon isn’t something he can easily give away like that. It requires the blood of many sacrifices. For that sake, Kuzuryuu exchanged the lives of his family and offered them for the full moon. Mizuchi is horrified by this revelation. It required much effort to steal the souls of the family who were coming to attend the memorial service, though.

Mikoto is stunned by this, but she realizes that there were no sounds coming from inside the residence when she came that day. If what Iroha said was true then… Mizuchi grits his teeth in fury before snarling out that he won’t forgive him! Mikoto calls his name worriedly while Coin asks him slowly what that expression is for. In the first place, all of this is done for Mizuchi’s sake. In fact, he would like to be thanked.

He tells them to look and shows them his hand, in which rests the souls of those in the MIZUCHI family who had no moons. These are the souls of failures. This was what he was going to give Mizuchi… but now what should he do with it? He smiles coldly as he decides to try it out on Kuzuryuu. Mizuchi inhales sharply, but Coin merely snickers and then tells Kuzuryuu that he knows his sin.

Kuzuryuu only stares forward blankly. Coin points out that he surely desired the moon as well, right? Kuzuryuu starts to pant and Coin notes that he might be able to attain the full moon from this. Only if that body of his can endure it though… He snaps his finger and Kuzuryuu starts to yell in pain as shadows consume him. Kuzuryuu collapses to his knees and Mizuchi yells out his name worriedly.

But Kuzuryuu only screams some more. His eyes are burning up! Coin laughs in glee and then apologizes for what he’s done. As he thought, it didn’t work… it seems beyond Kuzuryuu’s means. Kuzuryuu starts to choke and Coin muses on how, after all, Kuzuryuu never had the power to accept it. Mikoto is horrified by his cruelty, but Coin ignores her and asks Kuzuryuu if his blood is dancing.

Kuzuryuu is gasping in pain now, but Coin keeps up his crooning and asks him if he wants to break. Doesn’t he want to kill? The moon doesn’t suit him; hatred does. Coin reveals that this is the MIZUCHI family’s impulse for destruction; this seething obsession for death, destrudo! How much sinful blood is pulsing through him… because of all the foolish souls he gave to him!

He wants to kill things unbearably, doesn’t he? Coin is laughing crazily now before he tells Kuzuryuu to awaken. Mizuchi yells at him to stop and starts to call out his grandfather’s name, but Kuzuryuu stands to his feet silently before telling them to die. Mizuchi’s breath catches as his grandfather repeats that word over and over again. He screams at them to die and then light explodes.

Mikoto screams in surprise and then opens her eyes to see a large serpent, which laughs darkly at them. It introduces itself as MIZUCHI. He is the serpent of treason from ancient times. Mikoto exclaims to Mizuchi that his grandfather is…! THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. AS IF WE COULDN’T ALL SEE THE BIG ASS DRAGON SERPENT. BY THE WAY THIS REVEAL IS AMAZING. THIS IS THE DRAGON IN THE BACK OF MIZUCHI’S BG.

Coin asks them what they think, because this is Mizuchi’s family’s real nature. Lightning crackles in the background as he admits that he added a bit of utsurohi to the tainted souls of his family. How is it? It appears as if a monster has been born. He laughs at that before commenting with amusement at how the holy MIZUCHI family, who had received favor from the emperor, was in truth an existence more tainted than anyone else! How delightful!

Mizuchi curses him loudly, but Coin calls him the son of MIZUCHI and tells him that they are reaping what they sowed. He also has one within him… a tainted existence. Mizuchi grits his teeth, but then MIZUCHI asks where the blood is… the crimson and sweet BLOOD! There’s not enough… It hasn’t had enough blood! It wants to eat everything and all the souls and grow. It wants to eat their souls and grow!

Mikoto screams when the sound of thunder cracks above them. What should they do!? At this rate… But their opponent is Mizuchi’s grandfather! Mizuchi breathes in deeply and then tells Mikoto quietly that they’re going to Hana Awase. When she looks at him in surprise, he tells her that he will avenge his grandfather as the head of the family. He will liberate the abominable curse of MIZUCHI. This is the wish of everyone in his cursed family.

Her eyes widen as she sees him extend his hand to her. Mizuchi tells her to lend him her power, because he needs her. She nods in determination and grips his cold hand. She realizes that he’s shaken off everything to fight and so she’ll support him! He sets up his field and they try to fight, but they’re soon defeated and Mizuchi collapses with a yell of pain. Mikoto sways as she doesn’t have enough water.

It feels like her body is paralyzed too and she can’t move. MIZUCHI screams for more blood and she’s shocked by how strong it is; they couldn’t form an opposition at all. Coin laughs in pleasure before telling her that it’s useless no matter how many times they stand up. Then he tells Mizuchi to be killed like this from the grotesque curse. Mizuchi coughs out blood.

Then Coin tells Mikoto that she won’t be doing any more Hana Awase from now on and orders her to come to him. He grabs her arm as he chuckles about receiving some scolding from Goto for bringing her back in a slightly injured condition. Mikoto struggles though and yells at him to let her go. Mizuchi calls her name out and struggles to his feet to yell at Coin to stop and release her.

Mikoto’s eyes widen in horror though when something slashes at Mizuchi. MIZUCHI roars in triumph and then growls at him to die. Mizuchi gurgles out his grandfather’s name as he’s attacked by the serpent, and then he falls to the ground in a spray of blood. Mikoto screams out his name and struggles wildly in Coin’s grip. Suddenly, her eyes narrow and she declares imperiously for him to release her.

A bright light flashes and Coin releases her in surprise while asking what that shock right now was, but Mikoto is freed and she runs to Mizuchi to beg him to hold on. He opens his eyes tiredly and murmurs her name, but she realizes in horror that the blood won’t stop. She holds onto hope though and tells him to wait because she’ll stop the blood. Mizuchi tells her to stop though, because he can’t be saved. His internal organs were hit.

She stares at him in shock before refusing to and telling him that it’ll be alright. She’ll stop the blood… right now… But the blood is overflowing. She starts to shake her head hysterically while telling him to hold on. But Mizuchi tells her that it’s fine… to let all of this blood flow out… this curse of MIZUCHI. With this the curse and his family will end. He has no regrets.

Mikoto is speechless and he smiles painfully at her before saying 「・・君に・・出会えた・・・か・・」(.. Because I.. met… you…). He falls silent after that and Mikoto starts to sob and shake her head. He can’t die. She doesn’t want him to die! There is no response from him though. She pleads with him to open his eyes before she screams in denial. Suddenly, a bell tinkles and the sound of rushing water can be heard.

Coin winces and asks angrily what this light is, while Mikoto wonders what is happening because her entire body feels warm. The water in her body is filling up and overflowing. The onifuda is shining?! She gasps as it bursts open in front of her eyes. Arabuki is shocked to see water appear and asks if the senki candidate’s water crest has opened. Mikoto notices the ripples of water spreading from her.

The water crest is filling the area around Mizuchi with water and Mikoto directs it to wrap around him. Suddenly, her clothes change into formal priestess clothes. She looks down at herself in surprise and then notices that Mizuchi’s wounds are healing. She prompts the water to return his blood to him and Mizuchi soon furrows his brows before opening his eyes slowly.

He blinks slowly before he smiles dazedly at her and murmurs her name. Mikoto blurts out his name in relief before starting to cry again. He looks around himself and asks her if she did this. She takes a second to compose herself before she smiles tearfully and nods. He smiles weakly again and confesses that this water is warm and gentle. He can feel it purifying his body and filling it up. What is this…

Mizuchi starts to become more lucid and he informs her in shock that he can see the moon in her eyes. She blinks in surprise as he tells her that she has moons in both. Is this the full moon? Mikoto is surprised by that, but they’re interrupted by Coin who growls in annoyance at how it happened. It was a miscalculation for her to become the senki here.

Arabuki gasps in shock at the word “senki”. According to Goto, the senki awakens when the full moon rests in both eyes. He loses his smile as he notes that this moon is now over. The senki cannot allow herself to awaken to anyone but Goto, so this is a failed moon. He frowns at how unpleasant this is for him, Coin, not to be able to grant Goto’s dearest wish. He falls silent for a minute before he smiles and states that they no longer have business with her.

Then he orders MIZUCHI to kill both the boy and the senki, because he doesn’t care anymore. But MIZUCHI is writhing in pain. Mizuchi asks Mikoto if her water has the power to save his grandfather like she saved him. She’s taken aback by his request but then tells him determinedly that she will. He smiles and thanks her gratefully before activating his field once more.

This time they defeat MIZUCHI and the serpent thrashes before crumbling back into the form of Kuzuryuu. Mizuchi yells out his grandfather’s name and runs up to help support him. Meanwhile, Arabuki asks with fright what that power was because it was so strong! She’s never seen a minamo like that before. Is this the power of the senki?! Coin grits his teeth in frustration.

Anyway, Mikoto also hurries over to the panting Kuzuryuu and asks him to give her his hand. She’ll use her water to save him and heal his wounds, but he waves her off and tells her not to touch him. Both Mizuchi and Mikoto stare in shock as he explains that he wishes to fall like this. He will bear the burden of the sins and the blood of the family as he passes away.

Mizuchi begs him not to do that and to let himself be aided, but Kuzuryuu asks him to grant him this last wish. He wants to pass away. He wants to go to the place where his daughter, Mizuchi’s mother, is waiting. It is his sin that she was only granted a crescent moon. It is his sin for becoming the head of the family when he hid the fact that he had no moon. Mizuchi freezes and then asks him to repeat what he just said.

Kuzuryuu huffs in amusement at how he didn’t know; how could Mizuchi know that he desired the full moon just like him. And yet, he put Mizuchi through more painful things than he went through. Mizuchi shakes his head and tells him that nothing like that happened. It definitely wasn’t like that. He respects his grandfather extremely. Kuzuryuu gives a bark of laughter at Mizuchi’s words.

He always thought Mizuchi couldn’t be relied on, yet before he knew it he was relying on him. Then he informs Mizuchi that he is also suitable to be the head of the MIZUCHI family. He is entrusting Mizuchi with the family. Kuzuryuu believes that if it is Mizuchi then he can bring a future to this blood of theirs and hope of forgiveness for all of MIZUCHI. Kuzuryuu gives one last cough and then becomes silent.

Mizuchi yells out his grandfather’s name desperately before gritting his teeth. Mikoto remains silent by his side, but then they’re interrupted by Coin who apologizes sarcastically for bothering them while they’re in the middle of something but it isn’t over yet. Mizuchi glares up at Coin as he grumbles about how much effort this is taking. Now that it’s become like this, it looks like he’ll have to personally lower his hand.

Now that he only has to kill them he is able to stab Mikoto with his strings without hesitation. Coin snickers at this and then orders Arabuki to be his minamo. He also adds for her to be thankful to be used by a Suuto when she’s merely a dirty minamo. She’s silent before shakily thanking him for gracing her with his presence. Mizuchi alerts Mikoto that they’re coming and asks if she’s prepared. She nods determinedly.

And so Mizuchi sets up his field. OMFG IT’S WHITE. HE’S GLOWING WHITE THIS TIME!??! WHITE CHAKRA. A COMBINATION OF ALL OF THEM / ASCENSION TO THE MAX. OH GOD. Coin and Arabuki are defeated and Arabuki collapses from the strain of the battle. She gasps in pain because her water is… Coin sighs in annoyance. It is as he thought and her minamo powers were insufficient.

Arabuki apologizes with a pain-filled voice to Coin, but he asks her coldly if she really thinks that. When she gasps up at him, he tells her lowly to prostrate herself before him. She obeys in a shaky voice and he tells her that this is how one apologizes. But then his lip curls as he kicks her harshly. It’s her fault that they lost. Mikoto can only stare at this scene in shock.

Coin kicks Arabuki again and tells her that the sin of wounding the name of a Suuto is heavy. He calls her a weed and kicks her again and again while yelling that insult out. Arabuki gurgles in pain and begs for forgiveness to the point where Mikoto asks him why he’s doing that. She’s his partner and yet he’s so cruel. Mizuchi turns her around and tells her stiffly not to watch.

This makes Coin ask Mizuchi if he’s pretending to be a knight; he finds that unpleasant. He points out that an unneeded weed is reaped and isn’t that what the people at Kaen do? Mizuchi doesn’t answer and so Coin tells him that they’re doing the same thing. Where is the difference? He starts to chuckle, but Mizuchi states that it’s useless. He will no longer be deceived again by him.

Coin frowns and tells him not to be full of himself just because he’s acquired the senki. He takes his frustration out on Arabuki before vowing that he won’t forget this humiliation. Mikoto gasps when he fades away with Arabuki. Mizuchi only exhales heavily before returning to his grandfather’s body. He murmurs softly at how his grandfather looks peaceful before he recites a poem.

「――死出の山、越ゆるたえまはあらじかし なくなる人の かずつづきつつ」(There’s no gap or break in the ranks of those marching under the hill: an endless line of dying men, coming on and on and on…). POEM #1868 BY SAIGYO HOSHI.

And then he tells Mikoto 「しばし、お休みください・・・。自分は、一族の骸を探しにまいります。」(Please, rest for a while… I am going to search for the bodies of my family). SCREAMS AGNHGFSH I FLIPPED OUT HERE BECAUSE THIS IS THE LINE HE SAYS IN THE OPENING. OMFG.

DAY 30. It is now dawn and Mikoto looks up as Mizuchi enters the main room in the house. She tells him that she brewed some tea, but he closes his eyes and doesn’t respond. She falls silent and mirrors his look of sadness, but then he apologizes to her for having her fuss over him. She shakes her head and recalls how he shut all the corpses of his family members inside the warehouse.

Mizuchi carried his grandfather back to the residence and went through a memorial service for his family all by himself. She wasn’t able to do anything but be by his side. His expression as he looked at his family is seared into her mind and she can’t forget it. And yet, he endured it motionlessly. He looked at them straight on with his eye and without a change in expression.

What will happen from now on? Is Mizuchi going to succeed the family alone? She inwardly shakes her head because he’s not alone. She comes out of her thoughts when he asks her if she isn’t cold. Mikoto reassures him that she’s fine and he nods before averting his eyes. After inhaling deeply he informs her that he has something he would like to say to her, but before that he has something that he needs to tell her.

It’s about his past and he asks her if she will listen. Mikoto looks at him worriedly but nods. And so Mizuchi tells her that his grandfather was strict towards people who held no moon. Therefore, he heard that his grandfather was also strict towards his mother who only held a crescent moon. The day his mother married a man unrelated to the family and with no moon she was nearly disinherited.

And so the two of them eloped and left the house, and in the middle of that he was born. After that, his grandfather brought him and his mother back by force and on that note he never met his father. For the sake of bearing a heir that held the full moon, his grandfather forcibly has his mother enter a second marriage. But it didn’t happen, and she died when he was young.

Mizuchi closes his eyes and breathes in deeply before confessing that the death of his mother has a connection to him. He caused an accident that was about to claim his life, but his mother lost her life to protect him. It’s as if he killed her. But his memory of that time has fallen away. He doesn’t remember what happened at all. His grandfather never touched the subject either but it’s because of him that a heir who held the moon wasn’t born.

He reveals that the concealment of his right eye isn’t a rule of the house. His grandfather gave him a mock moon in his right eye; the same as the placement of his mother’s moon. Every time he sees the moon, he remembers his mother. The moon makes his chest astir and it gives him violent urges. He wants to break everything… taint everything. Because he couldn’t endure it, he covered it up with this cloth.

Also for the sake of hiding this sin that he can’t wipe away for his entire life. He tells her that she can feel disdain for him, but Mikoto shakes her head. She points out that he’s bore this burden all this time… and alone. She won’t feel disdain for him. He smiles bitterly before admitting that this is the first time he’s talked about this. As he thought, it makes him a bit nervous.

But with this, he can now say the things he wants to say to her. He wants her to answer now that she knows everything. Mizuchi closes his eyes and breathes in deeply before he opens his eye and asks her to come with him. Her eyes widen in surprise, but he continues on to say that she is dear to him. She is irresistibly lovely. He doesn’t want to suppress these feelings anymore.

He tells her 「未来永劫、君を守るのは自分でありたい。」(I want to be the one to protect you for eternity). Mikoto looks at him peacefully before saying that she won’t part from him no matter what happens. She also wants to protect him. She gives him a bright smile as she says that she wants to stay by his side forever. Mizuchi breathes in and out deeply at that which makes her say his name worriedly.

But he shakes his head before awkwardly noting that she became the senki. Mikoto is taken aback by the change in subject, but goes along and nods. She still doesn’t feel as if it’s real but.. before she knew it she was wearing beautiful clothing. It surprised her. And then she was surprised again when the beautiful clothing returned back to her school uniform.

Mizuchi smiles in amusement at how characteristic that is of her and then he decides that it would be best to first report to the chairmen that she’s become a senki. Mikoto agrees that it’s certainly something they need to say, but then she requests him to come along with her. She wants to report it with him. Mizuchi nods and admits that he was thinking the same thing too.

Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to… Mikoto tilts her head in confusion, but Mizuchi averts his eyes and says that he’ll do it when everything is over. She wonders what he means by that since his face is red. Anyway, he tells her that tomorrow will be a busy day and they should rest. She agrees and then he comments on how it wouldn’t be well for them to sleep on a futon and so he’ll bring a blanket instead.

When Mikoto looks surprised at his words, he explains that laying out a futon means they’ll have to rest in separate rooms, but he doesn’t want to part from her even for a short time. He gives her a small smile and she starts to blush as well but she agrees. For Mizuchi to say this kind of thing makes her happy and it tickles.

After they finish preparing their bed and lay down, Mikoto asks him if he isn’t cold. But he points out that she’s the cold one, isn’t she? Mikoto reassures him that she isn’t cold at all and she was just thinking about how nice it’d be if he wasn’t cold as well. He replies 「平気だ。むしろ、君の・・・その・・・」(I’m fine. Rather, it’s your… um…). She hears him rustling around and apologizes before asking him if it’s hard to sleep.

But he tells her in a stiff voice 「いや、違う・・・。少し・・・角度を・・・変えている。」(No, it’s not that… I’m just… changing my.. position a little). When she repeats the word position in confusion, he stutters out 「君が驚かないように、その・・・している。」(So that I won’t surprise you.. um…). (*ノ∀`)アハハ八 I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT HOW AWKWARD HE SOUNDS HERE.

Inwardly, Mikoto wonders what he means by her being surprised. But then Mizuchi inhales deeply and asks her quietly if he can come closer. She nods and confesses that she wants to as well. They slide closer to each other and she mumbles about how warm he is, to which he agrees. She feels like she might have somehow done a bold thing, but she wants to be closer to him. More and more.

Mizuchi breathes in deeply before asking her if he can touch her hair. I JUST… ALL HIS REQUESTS (〃゚艸゚):;*. She nods her head and so he raises a hand to gently caress her hair. Then he murmurs that he wants to touch her face and she nods before flinching and telling him that it tickles. Mizuchi quickly apologizes and then asks hesitantly if this kind of touch is fine.

She feels his finger gliding slowly over her cheek… nose… eyes… Mizuchi’s breath catches as his finger slides over her lips. Then he asks her in a whisper if he can kiss her. SCREAMIGNDSJHGF SAKGD (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. Mikoto stutters before she nods. He kisses her lightly and then murmurs against her lips that he wants to touch everything of her; much more deeply and inside of her…

Mikoto replies that she does too. She wants to become more closer with him. Mizuchi chokes on air and then asks her quickly if she understands the meaning of what she’s saying. Mikoto blinks in confusion and asks if she mistook something. MIKOTO YOU AGJKGHG LMFAO THERE’S ONLY /ONE/ MEANING.

He stifles a groan before he reassures her with a smile that it’s fine and she doesn’t need to think on it. She’s still confused but he suggests that they sleep like this now. Mikoto agrees and then finds herself embraced gently by Mizuchi. She feels like she might have mistook something but… she wants to remain like this forever.

As she falls asleep, Mizuchi recites another poem 「いとほしや さらに心のをさなびて 魂ぎれらるる 恋もするかな――」(When one falls in love, their mind is stolen by another, and the senses won’t move. I, who am suffering, can do nothing–). POEM #1320 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. I THINK THE MEANING IS YOU’VE FALLEN SO MUCH IN LOVE THAT YOU’VE LOST ALL REASON.

He notices that she’s asleep and so he exhales heavily. Even now he thinks that this is a dream, to have her in his arms. As humans, even when they obtain something, more desires appear. If they love one another, he wants to connect with her. He wants to unleash these impulses that are filling up his heart with her… but it’s still too early for her, huh.

He’ll wait for her to mature. Until the day that she accepts him he’ll stay by her side like this. Even though, up until now, he’s been relying on the medicine that couldn’t control his emotions, right now his feelings are calm. He wonders if it’s because he’s obtained her. Mizuchi snorts softly in amusement and then whispers goodnight to her.

In her dreams Mikoto hears the Full Moon greet her softly. HEARTBREAK HEARTBREAKER. I’M CRYING. She calls out its name, but it only sighs with depression. She asks it if something happened since it sounds sad somehow. It tells her 「うん。・・・フラれちゃったんだ。」(Yep… I got rejected). OW, THAT WASN’T GLASS. THAT WAS MY HEART SHATTERING.

She doesn’t understand what it means by rejected, but there is only silence. Finally, it sighs before saying loudly that it has the role of a loser. Although it always knew it from that time onward. Mikoto asks it what it means by “that time”, but once again it doesn’t answer. Then it asks her if it can continue to wait for her as long as it likes. It’s voice softens as it asks 「この罪は・・いつ消えるんだろう。」(When will this sin… disappear?).

Mikoto asks it what it’s sin is and then tells it that it’s kind of strange today. The Half Moon doesn’t reply and when it finally does it tells her cryptically that it’s a moon that will protect her. It’ll always wish for her happiness from afar. Forever… The Half Moon fades away after this and Mikoto finds herself waking up.

Every time she speaks to the Half Moon, somehow it seems like it gradually becomes sadder. Why is that? Then she notices her kimono and recalls that she slept together with Mizuchi. But Mizuchi isn’t here…? Where did he go? But before she goes off to search for him she needs to change her clothes.

After she changes her clothes she steps outside the residence, but she doesn’t see him. Where did Mizuchi go? She finally finds him in front of the warehouse and she greets him good morning. He returns the greeting and she starts to blush, which makes him ask her if something is wrong. Mikoto shakes her head but inwardly she feels a bit embarrassed, because she slept together with him.

She scolds herself to act normally since today is an important day. She points out that it’s almost time for them to go to the school. Mizuchi nods at that and he smiles as he extends his hand to her. She returns the gentle smile and grasps his hand; it’s large and warm. This is such a small thing, but it makes her happy. She won’t let go of this hand that she is holding, no matter what happens.

The two of them return back to Kaen and Mikoto suggests heading directly to the chairmen’s rooms, but Mizuchi is frowning. When she asks him if something is wrong, he replies that it’s strange because he can’t sense anyone’s presence. Mikoto’s eyes widen but she realizes that it’s true, since it’s time to go to school yet no one is here. It’s silent to the point of being scary.

Suddenly, a voice calls out Mikoto’s name and she turns to see that it’s the class representative. She exhales in relief and tells the class rep that she’s glad to see her, but something about the school’s appearance is strange. The class rep asks where it is strange and then tells her that she thinks it’s the same. The class rep starts to giggle and Mikoto stares at her in confusion.

Then Himeutsugi appears and greets Mizuchi in a flat voice. He welcomes them back and tells them that everyone has been waiting for them. Mizuchi is silent as Himeutsugi explains that it was a disaster, but it’ll be alright. He’ll speak to the chairmen for them. The class rep adds that she will speak for them as well; after all, they’re friends. Mikoto can’t shake the feeling that something is strange.

The class rep informs them that the chairmen are waiting and suggests that they all go there. But Mikoto doesn’t move, which makes the class rep confused. She smiles at the two of them and encourages them to come with her. Even Himeutsugi tells them to come along. But then suddenly Walter yells for the two of them not to go and to step away from them.

Mikoto spins around in surprise, but Walter warns them that Himeutsugi and the class representative are being strange and to run away. The class rep starts to cackle at that and Himeutsugi laughs darkly as he activates his field. Mizuchi grits his teeth and calls Mikoto to Hana Awase with him. Mizuchi sets up his field in response and they fight. IT’S BACK TO BLUE AGAIN.

They win the battle which causes the class rep and Himeutsugi to groan in pain. Mikoto yells out their names worriedly, but then the class rep moans about how that hurts. She suddenly realizes the situation that she’s in and asks what is happening. Mikoto heaves a sigh of relief and embraces the class rep, which makes her all flustered enough to yell at Mikoto not to hug her. More importantly, what happened?!

Mikoto is glad that the class rep is back to her usual self. Meanwhile, Mizuchi asks Himeutsugi worriedly if he’s alright. Himeutsugi groans before he opens his eyes in confusion and asks Mizuchi what is going on. Mizuchi replies that he has the same question; what happened here? Himeutsugi is just as confused though and he’s even surprised to see Mikoto along with Mizuchi.

She realizes that this situation is the same as the one with Mizuchi during that time. Walter tells them these people aren’t the only ones. He came to see Karakurenai, but his appearance was strange and he wouldn’t talk which made Walter puzzled. Mikoto is shocked to hear that the same fate has befallen Karakurenai as well. Walter points at the school and Mikoto’s eyes widen at the sight of the entire Kaen being coiled around by strings. It’s like a spider’s web.

Mikoto realizes who the perpetrator could be and asks if everyone is… Mizuchi comes to the same conclusion that it’s Coin’s work. Walter asks who Coin is and then he tells them that he saw the four of them disappear, which shocked him. What was that? Magic? Mikoto shakes her head and recalls that they set up a barrier which made Walter unable to see them. But she can’t tell him that.

Walter has no connections to Goto and so she can’t let him get dragged into the conflict. She tells him that this place is dangerous and asks him to leave Kaen. Walter asks her loudly why, which makes her stutter for an excuse, but then he tells her that he’s worried about “Karai”. Can’t he search together with them? He knows the place where Karakurenai is and he’s seen the strings coiled around him and how he looks to be in pain.

Mizuchi and Mikoto’s eyes widen. Walter continues on to say that he thought of wanting to save him quickly and so he came back to the school gates. He tells them to come with him and he’ll lead the way. Mikoto turns to ask Mizuchi what they should do, but Mizuchi points out quietly that Hime and the class rep are gone. She glances around and realizes that he’s right. Himeutsugi and the class rep have disappeared?! What is the meaning of this…?

Walter tells them to hurry, but Mikoto hesitates. Suddenly, a voice calls out for them not to be deceived. The voice reveals itself to be Arabuki and she sneers at how he looks the part. It’s a useless farce, but she was also completely deceived. Walter asks slowly who that woman is, but Arabuki snarls at him not to play dumb. She asks him if he was going to get close to the senki and kill her like that? How cheap.

She’s glad that she listened to what he said like a dog, because thanks to that she knows the secret to his magic. She asks him if he knew that he wouldn’t be able to win against the senki without using this. She calls him a ball-less bastard, but Walter is only amazed at what she said. He closes his eyes and asks her what that was… revenge for Suzumushi? Or hatred for having prostrated herself in a traditional Japanese state.

Arabuki sneers and tells him that any of those is fine. She’s fed up with him and she won’t let him order her around again. She is Goto’s woman and not his! Walter huffs in amusement, but she yells at him to give up and show his true nature. Or shall she rip it off herself? Walter realizes that it can’t be helped, even though he liked this Page form of his. I’M GUESSING PAGE OF PENTACLES FOR THE TRUSTWORTHINESS.

When Mikoto repeats his words in confusion, he tells her that he’ll give her this. It’s the Knight of Pentacles. He was doing just fine too, but an intrusion came. He was bitten by his pet dog. Well, in that case, there is only one answer. He’ll send them all to hell! Walter’s form becomes consumed in shadows and then reveals itself to be Coin! Mizuchi and Mikoto gasp in surprise.

Coin tells them that it’s a shame, but he’s a reversed Knight and not as lenient as the Queen. Mikoto realizes that his appearance is different from before. Arabuki explains that the Coin of Suuto holds several personalities. In one moment he’s a foreigner in college, in another he’s a superficially polite man, and at other times he’s… a lunatic. A person who can manipulate personalities with his cards, that is Coin of the Suuto!

He asks her why she’s introducing him, then he adds that Goto is a super demon to people who betray him. What is she going to do? Arabuki flinches but snaps back that she’s prepared for it, besides she has no intentions of being his minamo. She interrupts herself with a gasp though as Coin frowns and points out that she’s too cheeky. He tells her with a chilling smile that at this rate she’ll die.

She gurgles when his long hair lashes out and starts to strangle her. She tries to ask him what he’s doing, but Coin merely sighs and asks her how long she’s been a minamo for Goto. If one joins Goto then it’s loyalty until death. She should understand what happens if she breaks that. She’s gasping for air, but he only continues to talk about how she’s really a doll which can’t be used.

Oh well, in the end she can still help him out a little. Coin laughs gleefully and tells her to rejoice, because he’s going to use her powers as a weed once more. He tells her to eat this doping of his deluxe ecstasy. Arabuki tries to scream at him to stop because her mind is…! Mikoto is horrified to see something flowing into Arabuki from Coin’s hair. Mizuchi warns her to be careful because he can feel evil from them.

Arabuki soon stops her screaming and starts to smile brokenly. She giggles at how good it feels, which shocks Mikoto, and then begs for Coin to let her feel more. Her eyes have become strange! Arabuki yells out that she wants to feel more pain and then laughs madly! Coin reminds them that he said it’d be different from before. He’s absorbed the powers of the Kaen’s minamo and he’ll smash them.

Mikoto realizes that the strings coiled around the Kaen are… Coin laughs and tells her that he isn’t an idiot. Of course he’d make preparations to fight against the senki. When he pulls in a string, he can have as much power as he likes. How is it? Isn’t it perfect? He smiles crazily and yells out that the condition is green; time to go! Mikoto turns to Mizuchi worriedly and he replies that whatever happens, he won’t change. They will fight!

He starts to activate his field as he tells her that is is the last fight; now onwards! The two of them are defeated though, and Mizuchi collapses to the ground with a grunt of pain. Mikoto yells out his name worriedly as Coin chuckles and asks them if they’re done already. How boring. Mikoto grits her teeth because he’s so strong that it’s too overwhelming.

As Mizuchi pants beside her, she realizes that he’s reached the limits of his strength. It’s impossible for them to fight any more. Arabuki giggles by Coin’s side and Mikoto glares at them, but this makes Coin call her a cute girl and ask her why she’s glaring at them. Her eyes widen at his offensive words, but she realizes that he’s obviously different from before. He’s even overwhelmingly stronger.

Is it because he’s attaining power from the Kaen…? His strength hasn’t decreased at all. What should she do? At this rate… Suddenly, she hears a faint voice calling her name. She closes her eyes as the voice asks her if she can hear it. She recognizes this voice! It realizes that she remembers it, but reintroduces itself as the Half Moon anyway. She asks it how it can be here, because she thought they could only meet in her dreams.

It tells her to ignore that and asks her to listen. She has to give the power of the moon that she holds to Mizuchi. The power of the moon that only the senki holds. It wants her to give it to Mizuchi. If she does that then a miracle will occur in him. When she asks how she does it, the Half Moon tells her to recite the words it is about to say together. She agrees quickly, but the Half Moon warns her that she will lose the full moon if she recites these words.

Is she fine with that? Mikoto tells it that she doesn’t mind. It admits that it thought she would say that. Coin narrows his eyes and asks her what she’s doing muttering to herself over there, but Half Moon begins the chant 「天地星空。山川峰谷。雲霧室苔。」(Heaven, earth, star, sky. Mountain, river, ridge, valley. Cloud, fog, greenhouse, moss). Mikoto repeats those words dutifully after him and starts to glow.

Coin is taken aback and asks in a stutter what this is, but the Half Moon continues 「人犬上末。」(Person, dog, top, end). Coin yelps when the ground starts to shake. Meanwhile, Mikoto can feel ripples rising up within her. The Half Moon recites the whole chant again and so she repeats it as well. THIS IS THE WORDS OF THE UNIVERSE POEM. She yells out Mizuchi’s name as she finishes and a dazzling light envelops everything.

The Half Moon congratulates her, because she liberated the moon. Then it says 「・・今回のツキは、僕じゃなかった。」(.. The moon this time.. wasn’t me). It also adds 「君がこの時で選んだのは蛟・・・彼もまた、君との再会を望んだ。」(The one you chose this time was Mizuchi… He also wished for a reunion with you).

Then it repeats its saying about how the reunion of the full moon requires more than a thousand, close to ten thousands, of miracles. Even so, if the two are to meet, then tens of millions of miracles will become one and fate (Mikoto) will be born. It tells her to close her eyes and then to grab the hand that will be there the next time she opens them. That hand will be her precious person…

Mikoto obeys him and closes her eyes and the Half Moon encourages her to reach out her hand. As she does, the Half Moon tells her to reach out more and into the light; as if she were grabbing the light. She feels another hand grip hers and she opens her eyes. Could this hand be…? The Half Moon notes that she’s found it and then it sends her off while also telling her goodbye. CRYING SOBBING GROSSLY.

It adds 「次は・・・僕と出会おう。約束だよ・・・。」(The next time… meet with me. It’s a promise…). Mikoto doesn’t hear him anymore though, because she’s focused on the hand. It’s unmistakable that this hand is…! Mizuchi yells out Mizuchi’s name and she calls out his name as well. He murmurs in confusion at the feeling of dizziness in his head. He clutches at his right eye because it feels hot.

Mikoto gasps and tells him that there’s a moon in his right eye. His eyes widen and then he gasps when he realizes that the moon from her right eye is disappearing. Could it be that the moon in her right eye went to Mizuchi?! But then she feels her left eye heat up as well as if it’s attracted to the other side. Mizuchi murmurs her name before the two collide in a passionate kiss. (*ノ∀ノ).

Power is flowing into her from Mizuchi as if the power she usually gives him is flowing back to her. Her water is filling up… but then she realizes that it isn’t just her. Both of them are filling up with water. They separate and Mikoto realizes that all the flowers around the school have… Mizuchi asks what is happening and she repeats in shock that the flowers have bloomed; countless numbers of flowers above the water.

Mizuchi realizes that she’s the one who made them bloom. She blinks in surprise but then tells him that it wasn’t her. It was her and Mizuchi. SCATKHFGH I’M GUSHING AT THIS AND FEELING SO SAD TOO. HER AND MIZUCHI. NOT HER AND ANYONE ELSE. NO HALF MOON. Both their moons became one and they called the water to make the flowers bloom. Mizuchi repeats her words in shock.

Meanwhile, Coin yells in shock when the flowers start to shine. Mikoto suddenly hears someone call her name and she turns to see Momotose. She tells Mikoto that she and Iroha have sliced the strings that were coiled around Kaen. Coin asks angrily what she just said. Iroha appears behind Momotose and notices that the flowers have bloomed; the senki has awakened.

All karma has been severed. Then he orders Mizuchi, as a kaei, to destroy Coin with the senki. Mizuchi and Mikoto gape at Iroha’s implicit acceptance and then Mizuchi acknowledges the order curtly. Coin growls in anger at these two shitty brats. How dare they destroy his strings! He won’t forgive them! He won’t forgive this! He’ll teach these bastards a lesson! Mikoto notices that his appearance is strange.

And then Coin tosses her another card; the King of Pentacles. He’s summoned it in a reversed position. Then he calls all of the utsurohi to gather around his strings. He gathers the jealousy, pain, and destruction as they are in the souls of darkness to him. Mikoto gasps when the whole area is covered by a spread of darkness. What is this hatred?

Coin laughs darkly and informs them that they are the first and the last to see him release himself like this. Then he tells them to come at him in this last gamble. Mikoto gulps at the sight of a mountain of utsurohi before Coin, and so Iroha asks if they would like covering. But Mizuchi declines and tells him that he and Mikoto will defeat Coin together. She turns to him in surprise, but Iroha expresses his acknowledgment of that.

She smiles in relief at his acceptance and Mizuchi returns her smile. HUFF HUFF MIZUCHI LOOKS GOOD WITHOUT HIS EYEPATCH. This time Mikoto does the battle cry. They’ll make the flowers bloom. This time they defeat Coin and he screams in pain before gasping in shock at how his body is disappearing. He curses loudly before telling them not to think that they’ve won!

He snarls out that Goto will never give up on the senki! The moon will return and his dearest wish will… As if Goto would lose to the likes of them! His words are cut off when he’s suddenly stabbed from the back. Arabuki gasps out painfully that he’s annoying. Mikoto’s eyes widen as Arabuki tells Coin to be silent. As Coin withers away she gives a small smile of satisfaction.

She asks his remains how it feels to be finished off by a weed. With her dying breath she tells Suzumushi and Tamamushi that she’ll be heading to them. She collapses to the ground and also vanishes. They’ve withered and disappeared without leaving a trace. Mizuchi exhales and she turns to see him offer her his hand. He tells her that he would like to thank her.

Mikoto gives him a sad smile and thanks him as well. Suddenly, Momotose teases them about how they’re staring into each other’s eyes. They both blush and Mikoto splutters out Momotose’s name, but she only thanks them for letting her see the legendary senki and one of the 5 Brights fight. Isn’t that right, Iroha? He doesn’t respond which makes Mikoto worried.

But finally he tells them that the students are in disarray due to Coin’s strings. They should return. He walks off and Momotose angrily asks him if that is all he has to say. He turns back to stare at them before he adds that there isn’t enough hands. He would like them to help. Mizuchi’s eyes widen and Mikoto hesitantly asks about the purge, to which Iroha’s eyes narrow.

He repeats that he said there weren’t enough hands; they can talk after. Mikoto smiles brightly at him while Momotose giggles at how Iroha isn’t honest at all. Mikoto turns to Mizuchi and asks him to come along with her, together. He’s staring at her with a conflicted expression, but then it smooths out and he smiles before agreeing.

EPILOGUE. Ai sighs and then sighs some more. Finally, Shou runs up to her and asks her loudly if she was waiting for long. She snaps back that he’s much too late! He apologizes but the alarm to wake him up didn’t ring. She complains about how that makes him an idiot and he should learn. She’s been standing underneath this blazing sun. Shou snaps back that he apologized already.

Besides, he’s generally not called out in the morning like this. Ai asks him what he’s saying, because this is the normal time for departure. How long does he think the attractions will wait for him? He tells her to shut up because she’s always full of complaints. Ai asks him if he has a problem, but then Mikoto appears and tells them to calm down. Shou’s eyes widen and he stutters out that it’s been a long time; even though they talked over the phone.

Mikoto smiles and comments on how a lot of time has passed. Shou asks her slowly what happened to her. When she looks at him in confusion, he explains that somehow her impression has completely changed. It’s like… Ai butts in and tells her that she’s beautiful! Shou stutters out that it’s something like that feeling and it’s as if she has a halo around her.

This makes Mikoto ask if it isn’t just the clothes? She borrowed this one piece from a senior at the school. Ai shakes her head and tells her she’s sparkling from inside. But perhaps this is the radiance of having a lover. Mikoto blushes but chides Ai, while Shou grits his teeth and then asks if that guy is coming today. Mikoto nods and tells them that right now he went to buy some drinks.

Just as she says this she hears him coming back. Mikoto welcomes Mizuchi back with a bright smile. He smiles back and apologizes for being slow before asking her if this is fine. She thanks him cheerily. Meanwhile, Shou chokes on air in the background. Mizuchi notices the new person and asks him who he is, and so Mikoto introduces Shou to Mizuchi as her childhood friend and Mizuchi to Shou.

Mizuchi recalls Mikoto talking about her childhood friend before and greets him politely. Shou stutters out a return greeting and Ai snickers before admitting in a whisper that this was her same reaction. She asks him what he thinks and points out that Mizuchi has an amazing hunk force. Shou repeats her words blankly and then admits that Mizuchi is huge and somehow he feels… like he lost?

Ai bursts into laughter and applauds him for actually understanding. Shou yells at her not to call him an idiot, because she’s the one who…! Mikoto interrupts and tells the two to stop right there, especially since they’re in front of Mizuchi. Mizuchi reassures her that he doesn’t mind the liveliness. Then he notes that they’re being shined down on by the day here and they should change to the shade under the trees. What time is the bus?

Mikoto checks that it’s 10 more minutes. Ai watches them in amazement as Mizuchi decides that they can rest under the shade for 5 minutes then. Mikoto agrees with a large smile and Shou stares on in silence. Then Mizuchi notes that it might be hard for Mikoto to drink like that and he offers to hold her bag. As Shou and Ai watch the two of them walk off, they hear Mikoto apologizing for having him do that.

Ai whistles in admiration at how the two suit each other too well. Mikoto looks extremely happy. Shou looks as if the soul has been sucked out of him. Ai asks him if he’s given up now and he sadly mumbles that he’s anything but given up yet. But that kind of man is a cheat and it’s unfair! Ai points out that it’s good there are good men like that in that stinky Kaen place.

Shou admits that reluctantly and she tells him that he’s unreasonably stubborn! It’s their duty to watch over Mikoto’s happiness from behind. Shou clutches his head because he recalls himself saying that and she has good memory of their childhood. Ai replies cheerily that she just has a good memory. Then she tells him that this is life and she’ll comfort him and so he should cheer up!

He only replies glumly 「お前じゃなあ・・・。」(You’re not-…). Ai angrily asks him if he has a problem, but then they’re interrupted by Mikoto who calls them over. Ai smiles brightly and tells him to move and to be firm like a man. He sighs heavily but obeys. Ai offers to let him hold her hand too. But he only replies glumly 「お前じゃなあ・・・。」(You’re not-…). LMFAO SHOU PLEASE AKGJGKHJGFH. Ai growls at him in annoyance.

Meanwhile, Mikoto and Mizuchi are at the bus stop and she’s sighing in exasperation at how Shou and Ai haven’t changed at all. Mizuchi tells her that they look like they’re fighting to him. Will it be alright? Mikoto reassures them that the two of them have always been like that. That’s how they show their affection. Mizuchi doesn’t look convinced, but he drops the subject.

Then she asks him worriedly if it was alright for her to forcibly invite him out like this. He reassures her that it’s fine since he’s always been coming and going from his house and to the school; this relaxes him. He also thanks her again for her help at his house. Mikoto shakes her head and tries to say that she did nothing, but Mizuchi points out that it was because she was there that he’s here now.

It’s thanks to her that the chairmen withdrew their orders to purge him and the blames against his family. It’s because she gave him the moon. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she protests by saying that she also feels the same way and it’s because he was by her side that she… If he weren’t there then she wouldn’t have become a senki. That’s why…

They’re interrupted by Ai who whispers out that they’re staring at each other too much and it’s hard for her to enter in the conversation. Mikoto turns bright red as she yells out her friend’s name. Setting aside the love, she doesn’t want them to forget that today is a double date.

Shou asks her in a loud voice who his partner is if this is a double date. Ai frowns and tells him that she’s right here. But he only replies glumly 「お前じゃなあ・・・。」(You’re not-…). Ai kicks him in the shin and he whimpers in pain. Mizuchi’s eyes widen, but Ai only grins and points out that the bus came right on time.

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse at Kaen, Kintoki is trying to lure some butterflies closer. Awa steps out from a bush and asks him what he is doing here wasting his time. The audience with the emperor will be any day now. Kintoki sighs when he recalls that but it doesn’t matter. Then he asks what the two maelstroms are doing. Iroha answers flatly that they went to the amusement park.

Kintoki sounds amused at that and Momotose adds brightly that they’re going with Mikoto’s friends and it sounded like a double date. Awa asks what a double date is which surprises Momotose, but she eagerly goes to explain it when Iroha interrupts to bring them to the main issue. He will convey to the emperor that the senki gave her own moon to Mizuchi and so they became a set of senki.

At this Kintoki admits that he still has trouble comprehending that. The senki is Mizuchi and Mikoto and basically both of them are one? Iroha nods and explains that the requirement for a senki is a full moon, but due to her giving Mizuchi one side of her full moon, she is an incomplete senki by herself. Momotose adds that her muse, without Mizuchi, won’t be a senki. The two of them are an unbreakable existence.

Iroha points out that this is a problem in of itself. By being unable to change partners, Mizuchi must have a strong burden. Momotose merely smiles and tells him that it’s fine. After all, Mizuchi will protect Mikoto no matter what. Awa recalls that he said that to them clearly too. Kintoki recalls that Mizuchi told them he would live together with the senki. Awa sighs and admits that he also didn’t think Mizuchi would make a bold speech about engagement.

Kintoki comments in amusement at how that straight-laced person actually said it, isn’t that right Iroha? Iroha narrows his eyes and tells them that he won’t allow the senki to have her qualifications taken away. Momotose points out that this is why they will implore the emperor. Does Iroha not want Mikoto to be taken away by Mizuchi that badly? He only replies without emotion that the conversation is deviating.

But Kintoki shrugs and tells them that it’s fine. Mizuchi said that he wouldn’t lay a hand on her until they graduated. Mizuchi is the pride of the Kaen for being one of the 5 Brights to awaken the senki. That is why they have withdrawn the purge order and his expelled status. Iroha grits his teeth and Momotose tells him to just give up. He asks her in the same flat voice what she means.

Even if Coin has disappeared, there is still Goto. They must be prudent. He believes that it is necessary to watch over the two to make sure they don’t exceed themselves. Then he excuses himself. Kintoki comments on Iroha’s bad mood and wonders if it’s jealousy. Momotose sighs in exasperation but then she smiles and reveals that he’s not the only one burned by jealousy. Awa asks curiously who the rest are, but she only giggles.

Meanwhile, Himeutsugi greets Karakurenai at the school gates. But Karakurenai only sighs heavily. Himeutsugi asks him where he’s heading, to which Kurenai asks him why he needs to tell him everything. Himeutsugi merely shrugs and admits that he was curious about if Kurenai was going to Goto-gai to search for Coin. There’s no response. Hime muses on how Coin vanished.

In other words, there is still a possibility that he hasn’t withered yet. He guesses that Karakurenai feels the responsibility of having been deceived by Walter’s connection to him… Karakurenai interrupts him and calls him a shit princess, before sneering at his smooth tongue. If he says anything more than that, he’ll kill him. Onosada interrupts the two of them and tells them, as part of the 5 Brights, not to say such dangerous things in front of the gates.

Karakurenai narrows his eyes. But then Onosada rebukes Himeutsugi for stirring Kurenai up. He didn’t know Himeutsugi was that type of character. Hime only chuckles and explains that he learned through Mizuchi’s example. When Onosada makes a questioning noise Himeutsugi explains that it is as he thought; if he isn’t honest to his own feelings then he won’t obtain what he wants.

He can’t forget the words Mizuchi said to them in the chairmen’s rooms after Coin was defeated. Onosada recalls that Mizuchi announced his engagement to the senki candidate – no, senki. Himeutsugi admits that he was surprised Mizuchi would say something like that when he was still in the position of maybe being purged. Onosada points out that everything turned out well though.

Karakurenai scoffs and tells them that he doesn’t care about this; it has nothing to do with him and he walks off. Onosada comments on how Kurenai is in a bad temper and, aside from that, he’s also furious about being used by Coin. Himeutsugi agrees and adds that Coin entered Kaen through Karakurenai by being friends with him through Walter and then being led into the school.

Onosada is impressed with the use of his brains and how well Coin did it, because only players and minamo can open the door to Kaen’s barrier. Himeutsugi chuckles, but then Onosada asks him how he’s doing. Himeutsugi asks him what he means by that. Onosada smirks at how he’s playing innocent, but clarifies his question to how Himeutsugi feels about Mizuchi and Mikoto.

Himeutsugi smiles brightly and tells him that of course he’ll give them his blessing. Onosada closes his eyes and points out that’s obvious but not what he was getting at. Himeutsugi’s expression becomes serious as he reminds Onosada that he said it before; that a feeling hidden until the very end also is a form of love. He smiles gently again and excuses himself because the Gekka minamo are waiting.

Onosada smirks at what an actor Himeutsugi is. Then he talks to himself about how he didn’t think they’d really make things bloom. A full moon that needs both of them. He snorts in amusement at how smart that is. Then he quietly chuckles to himself 「五斗・・・ねえ?今回も、ツいてなかったな。ま、次は頑張れや。ははっ!」(Goto… huh. He didn’t get it this time either. Oh well, next time he’ll have to try harder. Haha!).

It is now night time. Ai waves goodbye to Mikoto and thanks her for today. They’ll continue to mail each other though! Mikoto smiles brightly and agrees that it was fun. They’ll see each other later! Shou and Ai walk off and Mikoto gasps when she notices the time. She’ll barely make it to the dormitory gates like this. They might not make it if they don’t run.

Mizuchi makes a noise of protest though and when she looks at him, he confesses that he’d like to be with her for a while longer. Mikoto turns red at that and he averts his eyes nervously. But then she smiles shyly and agrees. As they walk through the city, she comments on how there aren’t many people at this time. Mizuchi remains silent and so she tries to think of something more to say.

She ends up apologizing for how rowdy Shou and Ai were today. Shou overturned his lunch tray too. She tells him that usually Shou is better than that, but the same can be said for Ai. In the case of Ai, she kept on barraging Mizuchi with questions and only asked him weird things. Mikoto laughs nervously and then points out how the two of them seemed to overflow with interest in Mizuchi.

Mikoto goes on to say more but she notices Mizuchi simply staring at her and freezes. He smiles though and tells her that he’s listening. She turns red before admitting that she might be a little bit nervous. She becomes embarrassed when she thinks of the two of them becoming alone. His brows furrow as he asks her if she dislikes it. She shakes her head quickly and admits that it makes her happy.

Being like this makes her really happy. He smiles at her again before admitting that he feels the same. But he doesn’t know what to talk about. Even still though, he wants to be with her. Mikoto confesses the same. Mizuchi suddenly blushes and asks her if he can do something. She only has time to blink in confusion before he pulls her to him and kisses her gently. (〃▽〃)キャー♪ THEY’RE SO CUTE.

He confesses 「・・・好きだ。君が欲しい。君を・・・抱きたい。」(… I love you. I want you. I want to… make love to you). Mikoto remains silent through his confessions, and then he tells her that he wants to become one right now despite the fact that he said he’d wait until graduation. He never would have thought he’d become like this. Up until now, he thought it was right to uphold the rules and suppress all and every desire.

But in front of her, all of this collapses. She wanted to know about the foolish him; his concealed eye… his sins… everything. He asks her in a shaky voice if she isn’t afraid of this side of him. Mikoto replies firmly that she isn’t afraid and she feels the same way. She wants him to know her more; she wants him to know how much she feels for him.

He laughs quietly before admitting that he can still restrain himself. His heart and body is satisfied with just having her here like this. He breathes in deeply before telling her that if the emperor doesn’t give them permission to be engaged though… She asks him what he’ll do and he replies bluntly that he’ll force his way. Mikoto gasps and then asks if he means that he’ll…

Mizuchi only smiles at her and she starts to giggle, which makes him join in. Then she tells him that she understands and she’ll cooperate. He thanks her for her approval and as an expression of his thanks… he kisses her deeply.

At the very end, Mizuchi’s voice can be heard softly reciting 「いとほしや さらに心のをさなびて 魂ぎれらるる 恋もするかな――」(How lovely, to wholeheartedly love in a way that makes my heart childish, and makes my soul run out). POEM #1320 BY SAIGYO HOSHI. I DID A DIFFERENT, MORE ROMANTIC INTERPRETATION THIS TIME. This Mizuchi will live together with her; within the limits of his life.


When Mikoto reaches Rank 4, Onosada informs her that another guest has come. Momotose is also here and greets Mikoto by saying that they’ve been waiting. Mikoto is surprised to see Momotose and Mizuchi there. Momotose informs her with a sly smile that she came here to act as a guard so that Onosada won’t do anything indecent to Mikoto. Mikoto blinks in surprise at that.

Then Momotose asks Mizuchi if he knew that Mikoto won against Himeutsugi. He tells her that of course he heard about it and she grins before saying that this is expected of her muse; to win against Himeutsugi. At this rate she can aim for the top! She’s excited for Mikoto fight against the 5 Brights and become the top of the top. Mikoto protests loudly about how impossible that is.

Momotose reassures her that she can do it. Her next opponent will be Mizuchi. This surprises Mizuchi who replies 「自分・・・ですか?いや、自分は彼女のパートナーですから。」(Me…? No, I couldn’t because I’m her partner). Momotose informs him that he was greatly mistaken if he thought that he was exempted from fighting Mikoto just because they are partners. In the card battle, everyone is equal! She asks him if he doesn’t think so and he murmurs 「・・・そう、でしょうか。」(… Is that.. so?).

She yells out that this is how it is, because if it weren’t then there wouldn’t have been any meaning to dragging him here. Mizuchi closes his eye in exasperation and Momotose tells them that it’s decided. To make sure they give it their all in this match, the loser suffers a severe punishment. The loser must wear this outfit that Momotose picked out and become her photographic subject.

The moment she drags it out Mizuchi croaks in surprise and then averts his eye with a blush. Mikoto blurts out Momotose’s name in surprise, but Momotose just smiles calmly and tells them that lately she’s been into photography and she’s been searching for a subject to make portraits of. Mikoto tries to protest to the clothing and so Momotose points out that if she dislikes it then she must fight with all her strength.

IF MIKOTO WINS. Mikoto she cheers at how she somehow managed to win. Mizuchi gives her a smile and admits that he’s surprised. He accepts his defeat graciously and congratulates her. Mizuchi also offers to teach her his technique in the case that it might make things easier on her from here on. He would like for her to remember this and to be able to use it to help herself in battle.

IF MIKOTO LOSES. She looks down at the ground, troubled by her loss. Meanwhile Mizuchi is looking away and has a blush on his face. Momotose happily hands Mikoto the change of clothes and Mikoto asks with a blush if she really has to wear this. Momotose tells her that she must! Then she happily beckons Mizuchi and Mikoto to her private studio.

At the studio, Tane asks Momotose if she would like the reflector over here. Momotose directs him to hold it higher. Kasu tells Momotose that the light preparations are finished. Momotose decides that it’s fine and then starts the photo session. FDALKGDL LMFAO THIS CGM AKDLGD AGRGHGHGH THESE TWO PRECIOUS BABUS.

Mizuchi asks, with embarrassment, what this is supposed to be. Momotose explains the setting as a beautiful maiden in a chinese dress being pursused by one of the 5 Brights. Mizuchi tells her that he wasn’t mentioning that, but Momotose is too busy squealing over how Mikoto looks amazing in that chinese dress. Mikoto whimpers in humiliation and this makes Mizuchi ask her in concern if she’s alright.

She whispers out that she is, but in her mind she’s screaming about how it isn’t because she’s embarrassed. The slit in the chinese dress is too large of a whole on her chest. Suddenly Momotose requests Mikoto to open her eyes and look at Mizuchi. In her mind Mikoto shouts out that it’s impossible. She’s too embarrassed that she doesn’t want to look at Mizuchi.

But Momotose orders that Mizuchi has to open his eyes as well and they have to kiss. Mizuchi sighs and accuses Momotose of playing too much. Mikoto opens her eyes in confusion only to yelp inwardly at how close they are. Momotose takes a picture at that moment. They’re so close that, with Mizuchi’s eyes closed, they might just kiss anyway. Mikoto ends up saying his name out loud. He makes a questioning noise before the flashing camera makes him open his eyes.

Mizuchi makes this choked sound before he asks her frantically and in a stutter what this is. Momotose sighs in the background and reminds them that she wants them to kiss. Something is tossed at them and Mikoto closes her eyes as Mizuchi is forced closer to her. She feels something brush against her lips and she notes how soft it is, only to realize that Mizuchi’s hand is also on her chest.

Momotose gasps and then compliments how nice this is with Mizuchi grabbing hold of her chest. FAJFDSA FFUCKING MOMOTOSE AMDLFGMD LMFAO STOP TORTURING THEM. Mizuchi inhales sharply before he shouts out a formal apology and runs off. Momotose blinks in surprise and then calls after him, but he’s long gone.

Meanwhile, Mikoto whimpers in mortification. Her chest was touched… And then Tane remarks on how nice that was to Kasu. Kasu tells Tane that he’s envious. LFMASJFAJGNDFKG ANHHHH //SCREECHES //FLIES OFF TO THE SUN.


While it’s never explicitly said, Iroha and the Half Moon have the same voice (but they use different tones). Also, the Half Moon uses a masculine form of “I” and so it’s basically confirmed that it’s a male. I’m just too used to writing it as a neutral gender. Anyway, the Half Moon asked about the picture which ended up in Iroha’s possession. It was Iroha’s voice which was heard yelling at Coin and for her not to take Coin’s hand.

FUN FACT: IF YOU TURN OFF IROHA’S VOICE, IT DOESN’T ACTUALLY SILENCE THE HALF MOON. Now, importantly the Half Moon asks about when its sin will disappear. It also talks about how she chose Mizuchi “again” and how Mizuchi wanted a reunion with her. “Next time” it will be the Half Moon as well… HMMMM.

There is also symbolism here about spirals and butterflies. Butterflies commonly symbolize rebirth and change, because of their short, fleeting lives. Spirals are pretty self-explanatory symbols about cycles and never-ending loops. UGH, I LOVE THE DETAILS IN THIS GAME.

GOTO. WHO IS GOTO. It’s really curious how Coin spoke about fate connecting Mikoto and Goto and how she’s destined to be his bride and how he’ll always desire and seek her. WHO IS HE. I have this stupid feeling that it’s Utsutsu, but that barely makes any sense. Onosada is also suspicious in how he’s like “better luck next time!”.

Also, now that we’ve seen all the field calls for the guys I want to point out that they have different colors. My friends thought it was very close to chakra and the meanings are pretty spot on for each guy. Iroha is purple (crown), Kurenai is orange (sacral), Mizuchi is blue (throat), and Hime is yellow (solar plexus).

For once I’m the resident expert in the poetry this time. Mizuchi’s assigned poet is Saigyo Hoshi who, long story short, was a warrior who decided to become a traveling monk because he wanted to leave behind the bad karma of his family’s warrior tradition. However, he was quite conflicted and struggled with himself over his life as a monk. Does this ring any bells? Mizuchi’s cursed blood forces him into a bloodthirsty state and he tries to live his life peacefully.

More information. Saigyo Hoshi was born into a military family that served the imperial house. He was promoted to the point of being part of an elite corps of samurai. During his time as a guard in the palace, he was inspired to write about the gaps between reality and appearance after observing “retired” men who still had power. He chose to live a secluded life as a monk because he wanted to get away from civilization.

His name sake poem is 「恋しさや思ひ弱るとながむればいとど心をくだく月影」(Weak from yearning and being unable to meet, I became increasingly disconsolate looking at the moon while thinking of you). POEM #646 BY SAIGYO. I don’t know how this actually relates to his name because there is no “Mizuchi” in there…

My thoughts on Mizuchi. NOTHING AGJKSJGH CUTIE PIE KFDJKGJSHG… Obviously, I love all of the characters in this game but Mizuchi is just.. such a precious guy. He’s so sincere and innocent and ughsdfgh I just want to tease him so badly. Technically, his route was supposed to be the only happy one because of how he’s Mikoto’s “fated” one but it ended up being more bittersweet.

I MEAN LOOK AT THE OTHER GUYS. The Half Moon’s words of rejection.. Himeutsugi talking about his hidden form of love.. Karakurenai clearly trying to put up a tough front.. and Iroha constantly trying to pick faults with Mizuchi and Mikoto being together. Anyway, Mizuchi’s past was definitely highlighted here and I love how everything just fits together in his route.

A lot of things were also revealed here, but there is still just a few more mysteries left that Iroha’s route will solve. I’m afraid the end of Iroha’s route will be a HUGE TEXT WALL filled with my conjecture for this game. So please look forward to it!

22 thoughts on “Hana Awase 「蛟編」 ~ Mizuchi ~

    Alika said:
    April 8, 2019 at 08:28

    I wrote this comment while reading the post, because I couldn’t find the time to read the entire thing in one or two go. I don’t know what’s happening here but I’m literally overwhelmed by my university work. I’m not one to postpone things, so I don’t know. Maybe it’s a bad year or maybe I’m too perfectionist…
    Anyway, this will probably a messy comment. And I’m sorry if I’m bothering with my lengthy and messy comments -_-
    So, let’s get started !

    First, I really liked the scene at the very beginning of the route, where Mikoto went in Mizuchi’s room and told him that she wanted to be his partner despite what happened at the library. This scene was very sweet and so beautiful… It wasn’t a particularly tragic scene (and god I wasn’t prepared to read the rest of the post at that time), but it really moved me. And the CG of that moment was beautiful too. I totally fell in love with Mizuchi in this scene.

    I also liked the scene with the hot dog. Mizuchi was so cute when he asked what a hot dog is… (I’m in love) And also when he smiled while saying that she wasn’t as quiet and reserved as he thought the first time they met, like for example how she had sauce on her face and didn’t notice it because she liked that hot dog that much.
    I also really liked the scene when he masturbated (probably ?) himself in the bed with the mysterious voice. I was like, don’t worry Mizuchi, it’s totally normal. Your body is reacting just like every men’s body. As long as you don’t assault Mikoto (like in the library, hum hum) it’s fine.

    So, this scene in the library was because of the lack of this medicine (that Karakurenai stole at that time I suppose ? Or did he really just find it somewhere ?).
    I don’t know why, but I really like the fact that he’s taking medicine to stay calm. To have to rely on that kind of things, that The Mizuchi has to rely on that kind of things…
    I think it’s the first time that we actually really see him being weak. And that he wants to hide this weakness from the one he loves… (I love you Mizuchi (*ノ∀ノ) ).

    Also, I love how this game surprises me (and always in the good way). They’re small things, but for example the moment when Mizuchi slapped Mikoto. I was like, wow… I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT ! (But I approve this idea)

    Every time I thought that Mikoto and Mizuchi’s relationship would turn into clichés, the game proved me that I was wrong ! And I really loved that.

    Another scene that I really liked (maybe, now that I’ve read the entire post, my most preferred scene) was when Mizuchi explained his past to Mikoto, especially when he said that his eyepatch wasn’t a rule of his family, but just a way for him to not see the same moon as his mother that was in his eye. He was just so honest and immediately after, he asked if she felt disdain towards him (God, my ultimate weakness, when a guy reveals his true himself and feels ashamed right after… Stop playing with my poor heart like this Mizuchi !). Oh, and also when he said he wanted to sleep in the same room while blushing…

    And when they slept together and he continuously asked if he could come closer or touch her or kiss her… (*ノ∀ノ) (Mizuchi, what did I just say about my poor heart ?) And just after that, Mikoto just broke everything with her total unawareness of sex… I quite like Mikoto, really, but in regards to that topic… Well, it’s not like I’d like to see her jump on Mizuchi or something, but girl… Just… Just be more AWARE of the… The THING please !

    And finally, the ending. They were just too cute together(♡⌂♡)And the CG of the epilogue is probably (in my opinion) the most beautiful CG of the route. At first sight, I didn’t really like the art of the game, but now, I find it beautiful.
    I finally ordered the game, it’ll come one day… (I hope without custom fees) Probably in more than a month, but it’ll come x) And at that time, I’ll be in exam T°T Ah, Mizuchi, I’ll have to wait a little more to enjoy your route properly. And I’ll play the other’s routes too. I’m kinda intrigued by everything now x)

    Again a huge thank you for the translation. I’ll go read the rest when I’ve time !

    PS : Now that I reread what I’ve written, I feel ashamed I don’t know why. It really was a messy comment but I don’t have the energy to make it cleaner (especially since I’m not a native english speaker and I’m not very comfortable with proper writing) -_-

      Ilinox responded:
      April 8, 2019 at 15:01

      Oh gosh, don’t try to force yourself to read these monster posts in one sitting. It takes me weeks to write these things out so I certainly don’t expect anyone to just read through it in one go LOL.

      First, congratulations on reading through Mizuchi’s route though!

      If there’s one complaint I have about the Hana Awase series it is definitely how shy and embarrassed Mikoto is about sex LOL. Like, I don’t care if you decide if it’s not for you or you want to take your time, find the right person, etc etc. But in Mikoto’s situation there’s this overwhelming drama, fear, and the “I DO BUT I DON’T BUT I DO BUT I DON’T” and it’s like 1000x worse in the book, UGH.

      The proportions in the CGs can be weird at times, but yeah I really like some CGs too! Especially the cover art for Mizuchi-hen because it’s so pretty. I also love the black and white art they used mostly for advertisements in the magazines and things |D It’s actually mostly the game art itself that I’m like “Hm” because even the standing sprites are gorgeous.

      Aw, I’ll hope for a speedy shipment of the game to you. But it’s also nice to leave it as a reward for after your exams.

      Haha, there’s no rules to comments here (other than being polite) so don’t worry about it! I really enjoyed reading about your favorite scenes and just seeing your raw reactions to things in this route. Don’t force yourself to write a proper essay /o/.

      Also, ehehe, I’m glad the rest of the routes have started to interest you too. I hope you enjoy them!

    Carmelia said:
    December 1, 2016 at 22:30

    I finished Himeutsugi Hen earlier this week! I love youu!! Thank you for allowing me to go through a second awesome experience 😊😊😊 This game was phenomenal, and it made me want to replay some stuff from Mizuchi Hen since some of the references were a little foggy in my mind. I got a new laptop a while ago, but when I opened up the game, my saves are not there. I’m so stupid, I didn’t even think to transfer my saves from my old laptop. Could I be so horrible to request for your Mizuchi Hen saves once more? The link no longer works, I’m very sorry about this and thank you! OTL

      Ilinox responded:
      December 4, 2016 at 22:32

      Aw, you’re welcome! I’m surprised the link stopped working since I don’t think I touched anything on my mediafire account but here’s the link again, and it’s no problem at all. I hope summer school went well for you!! And that you were playing Hime-hen during your break and not when you should be studying for your finals, haha. What did you think about Hime-hen? :o I don’t think you commented on their individual posts.

        Carmelia said:
        December 5, 2016 at 17:19

        Thank you!!! Mediafire’s weird I guess >_< It did! I'm glad it's over 😊 It was hard to resist the temptation yet I managed! Its hard to arrange all my thoughts on this game because every time I finished a route, I couldn't wait to get to the next one OTLLL I think Karakurenai's route was the most disappointing… I usually find him cute & funny. I think his rapey-ness came across a little too overbearing. C'mon Karakurenai, stop trying to rape her every second…. He was even about to drag her to a hotel… He only stops when someone interferes, yet never on his own accord even though Mikoto clearly says NO STOPPP. I still love him though! My favorite route was Iroha's since it was sooo sad and his gap-moe hit me straight to the kokoro </3 The game was phenomenal all together & the poems made me cry <333

        I know you'll be taking a break until the next game which is very understandable!! I'm curious about the next game because of Utsutsu and I realized I forgot about him since he is never mentioned. Sorry Utsutsu! The creators need to give us more about this character 😮 I see you're playing Haitaka, hope you're having fun!

    Conheça: Hana Awase | Otomices said:
    September 24, 2015 at 19:41

    […] – Poema 646 de Saigyo (Link original, tradução em inglês) […]

    Sena said:
    September 26, 2013 at 22:37

    So the only reason I can comment so quickly on this route now is because I actually read it earlier in the day, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish it tonight, haha.

    I’m pretty satisfied with this ending for Mizuchi. And damn he looks good without the eyepatch, haha. I’m not exceptionally fond of the fact that he calls her Mikoto-kun, but I suppose it matches. And I’m fine with the rest of the way he speaks, haha. The extremely proper, rule-abiding ones are not usually my type, but Mizuchi grew on me too. And his life, man. Poor guy.

    This plot is ridiculous (in a really really good way). It’s so elaborate with so much detail and what we don’t find out was seemingly intentional to foreshadow what happens next. They must’ve had to do a lot of planning to put so much. It feels like they’re revealing a good amount of info to make you want more, but not in a really mean leaving-you-hanging-forever type of way. Obviously, everything isn’t answered, and some answers lead to more questions, but based on what was slowly revealed through Mizuchi’s (I guess OTP?) game, I feel like all the questions they’re making me ask are going to eventually be answered in other routes/the next games.

    Oh man, though, the mysteries surrounding the Half Moon and Goto. So many theories are running through my head. I wonder if any of them are correct. And if they aren’t that might actually make me happier because they did something I couldn’t predict. I really love it when I speculate and make predictions and I was totally off. It doesn’t happen often because I’m pretty good at guessing things, and it gets so boring when things become predictable, so I’m looking forward to being blown away.

    You’re right though, Iroha’s super previous. I would bake him sweets everyday, haha~ Your comments throughout the game when he popped up makes me really curious about him and I’m already bracing myself for the pain (even though I was planning on reading Himeutsugi’s route first…although you called it “soul-crushing” on Karakurenai’s post so I might need to be ready anyway). I shouldn’t have been thinking so much about him during Mizuchi’s route (sorry Mizuchi), but I couldn’t help it.

    I just can’t. This game. I feel like it’s going to take over my life, and I haven’t even played it yet. My poor RL friends were getting bombarded via messages my reactions while reading your reviews.

      Sena said:
      September 27, 2013 at 00:01

      I forgot to mention in my gigantic post about how this concept of rebirth they incorporated is really interesting, especially because there were mentions of she chose Mizuchi again or she didn’t choose so-and-so this time, like the 5 Brights of Senki (candidate) are always the same souls.

      This game just has so many concepts. it really makes you think.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 28, 2013 at 02:52

      I never had a thing for arms until I saw Mizuchi’s sleeves rolled up… I think it’s kind of funny to see him standing beside Shou and seeing his actual height compared to people of normal height since the Hana Awase men are generally really tall. I think Iroha is like 180cm+??

      I’m completely the same! I thought he was a bit stiff at the beginning, but ugh he’s so precious and adorable when he starts getting embarrassed. It took a bit for me to get used to the way he refers to himself with “jibun” and the way he uses “Mikoto-kun”.

      I have full faith in WoGa after reading the developer interview about Himeutsugi-hen and how they are planning on answering the questions raised in Mizuchi’s game. But the mystery aspect of this game is definitely one of its strong points. There’s SO many foreshadowing elements.

      I feel like Rejet’s games are my kind of games precisely because they’re hard to predict. I would never have expected Gekka to end the way it did or Black Wolves Saga and NO ONE expected this out of Hana Awase (which wasn’t done by Rejet but the principles are still the same).

      Yep, there are so many theories going on about the looping in this game. I think we’re all 100% certain that there is a loop going around but whether it’s a parallel dimension, same universe, or alternate universe… no one knows. It seems like Iroha (and Half Moon) seem to be the only ones cognizant of the loops while everyone else isn’t… except the ending to Iroha’s route puts that into question if she’s hearing who I think she’s hearing at the end… hmmm.

    Carmelia said:
    August 19, 2013 at 09:15

    I played Mizuchi’s route first and I loved it! Can’t wait to play the rest of the guys :D But I had a question, I didn’t get the special scene, cause I only made it to rank 6 in Mizuchi’s route. Do I have to start his route all over again and rank up to rank 4 to get his special scene? Thanks again for your wonderful posts! Plus, I love your little side comments way more than I should xD

      Ilinox responded:
      August 19, 2013 at 17:59

      I’m glad you loved it! I adore this game to pieces and everything about this game just makes me want to lie in a puddle of my own tears.

      If I remember correctly you can continue off of a new game plus every time you beat the game and it keeps your level and stats. I can’t remember if it keeps your ranking though so you might have to re-beat your way up to Rank 6. But you keep all the cards you’ve earned! You only get to see the special scenes once too so make sure to have a save before those if you want to replay them (or else you’ll have to make an entirely new game).

      Aww, haha, thank you for such nice comments and I’m glad you didn’t find my side comments in this post obnoxious. I broke my usual tradition of blogging as I play and actually played this game first before blogging about it and so I had to refrain from spoiling things. But I couldn’t stop myself from pointing out things like “THIS IS IMPORTANT. REMEMBER.” haha!

        Carmelia said:
        August 19, 2013 at 18:45

        Make that two puddles, I saw your reply a little late and went on to do Hime’s route along with your post. Gahh it was so tragic :( I couldnt get his end 2 cause i couldnt beat him in hana awase >.<) But I still read the rest and I balled my eyes out. I'm sure when I try his end 2 again, hearing the voicing and music will make me drown in tears and pain lol.

        Aww so I have to replay the whole game again to get his special scene? :( Not only that, but I have to replay it each time I start a new character route, huh? I noticed when playing Hime's route, my stats weren't saved since I loaded from the branching point.

        I'm soo lazy! I don't want to keep restarting and levelling up my stats LOL My life will soon start becoming super busy cause of uni ugh. So before that, I wanna finish hana awase before school begins. Don't want to be depressed and drowning in feels during classes XD

        Hmm do you know of where I'd be able to find full save files of this game? I found the folder where they're located thanks to hana-awase.net/support but couldn't find files anywhere online. By chance, do you know where I'd be able to find them?

        Thank you again <3

        Ilinox responded:
        August 19, 2013 at 19:28

        Oops, sorry if I explained it badly. I meant that you would have to replay an entirely new game if you want to see the entrance part of their special scenes when they introduce themselves. I think if you lose to them whenever you’ll be able to see the small scenes they have… I think. I never tried it after I beat and lost to them once |D;;

        I couldn’t recall it exactly but I think you have to re-rank yourself if you beat the game and start a new game plus. But since you keep your levels and cards you can just beat the highest level person and they should unlock pretty fast.

        Oh, wait! You do have to beat the game once I believe in order to unlock the 5 Brights or else you can only get to Rank 6 or Rank 5? So for the next route you should load from a game that you finished |D;; the beginning is pretty quick to skip if you want to so it shouldn’t be too bad.

        I don’t know any place that keeps a repository of saved game files from otome games, sorry! I find that the beginning goes by fast if you just use skip though /o/!

        Carmelia said:
        August 19, 2013 at 19:47

        No I think that I got what you said :D And the beginning is fast? I wish there was a jump skip option, cause the skipping isn’t that fast imo haha, It’s 21 (?) days after all with free actions. Hmm do you mind giving me your save files? Would that work though? However, if you don’t want to, that’s fine and I understand^^ In the end, I guess I’ll have to suck it up and just charge through it LOL. In the midst of all that, I need to have tissues at the ready!

        Ilinox responded:
        August 19, 2013 at 20:16

        I don’t mind giving you my save files! I uploaded them a while back for a friend and so I have a handy link HERE. It’s just that I’m afraid if you load one of these you might skip something that you haven’t seen before.

        Ignore all the random save files that I have LOL. I saved them at key moments to replay and feel the agony… but I believe Save 10 is when the 5 Brights are introduced and you can use that save to fight them in the ranks and see their special scenes. You have to lose to them to see everyone’s special scene EXCEPT Iroha who you need to beat.

        Use Save 28 to pick which route you want to go down. That one is the one with all the guys completed and is basically max level ;; I think I’m like level 98 there or something.

        Carmelia said:
        August 19, 2013 at 21:17

        Omg you’re a huge life saver! Thank you :D And I most probably won’t miss anything cause I’m following through the game with your posts too, so it should be fine :) AND I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO YOUR TITLES HAHAHA XD I only played half the game and my titles are similar to yours – AGAIN THE PAIN LMAO

        Thanks once again for the saves!! it’s an enormous help <3 Alright, back to playing the rest of this heart-wrenching game!

    shoujosei said:
    April 18, 2013 at 17:33

    Thanks for writing this in so much detail. Read the entire thing (with breaks!). Interesting to see the reveal for Mizuchi’s angsty bg. His route also ties together much of the mystery from the other routes. Will be interested to read Iroha’s route when you get through it as well. Oddly enough, Mizuchi’s route actually made me more intrigued with Iroha. I’m also eager to see how the forthcoming releases centralize each of the Brights in their respective games as Mikoto’s OTP. (Less tragic? Less cray?)

    Ah, the possibilities!! HW lends itself so easily to motto backstory. I’m totally hooked into the drama! *(*´∀`*)☆

      Ilinox responded:
      April 20, 2013 at 01:31

      You’re very welcome and thank you so much for reading through it all! It’s really motivating to me when I get comments <3! Yeah, his route explains well why he went crazy in Karakurenai's route and makes it so you just want to tuck him away because he's had a hard life ;w;

      Ohoho, I hope you've prepared a box of tissues when you read Iroha's route because it's tragic to the max. Iroha has so many mysteries surrounding him that I don't blame you for being curious about him, especially with the hints being dropped around in Mizuchi's route.

      What I love best about the Hana Awase series is that the creators made it with the idea of it being a trilogy and so the next releases will bring light to more of the mysteries in this game. I'm sad that we'll have to say goodbye to Mizuchi's good end though ;; now it's only suffering for him for the next.. 3 games? ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ I'm totally hooked with this game too though and eagerly looking forward to more of it! The details are insane as well as the foreshadowing it does!

    All-you-can-eat said:
    April 5, 2013 at 12:50

    Ah, the only good end in this game…. My poor iroha… T.T anyway, thanks for doing mizuchi’s route! It practically solved half of the mystery (counting the ones which will probably shown on the next games…) Great job to you!! ^_^

    Well, three done, one more to go… Can’t wait for my sweet-tooth darling Iroha!(I’m so biased, it’s not even funny ;D)

      Ilinox responded:
      April 9, 2013 at 02:44

      ;w; the only good end and yet it’s still kind of painful because of everyone else’s reactions… IROHA-SAMA!! And you’re very welcome! I’m sorry for taking such a long time with this though, haha. Don’t worry, I’m just as biased when it comes to Iroha ww and I’m so looking forward to finishing up with his route.

    alicia said:
    April 5, 2013 at 11:37

    Okay that’s a little messed up. Mizuchi gets a good ending while the most of the other characters I seen in this so far it sad endings. :(

      Ilinox responded:
      April 5, 2013 at 12:50

      Not really! The thing I love about Hana Awase is that the developers made it with a trilogy in mind (although they added a ??? volume too so… quadrilogy?). This part, or volume if you want to call it that, is Mizuchi’s game and so he’s the “fated one” in this volume. The next game that is going to come out for Hana Awase is Himeutsugi’s game, so I’m expecting that he’ll be the only one to have a happy ending over there.

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