Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Reiji ~

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Sakamaki Reiji (逆巻 レイジ)
CV: Konishi Katsuyuki (小西 克幸)

Reiji is the second oldest of the Sakamaki brothers. He talks very politely and tries to uphold the image of being refined and not falling prey to his vampire instincts. He also acts like a caretaker for his brothers and cleans the house. He has a fondness for tea and his tea cup collection.

(Since so many people were requesting Reiji I decided to do him! I was also convinced by his Versus CD where he just sounds amazing. Can you believe that we’re halfway through the vampires? It’s only taken me like… half a year).

Yui decides to select Reiji, which makes him raise an eyebrow. He thinks it is admirable to choose him; it seems like she would like to be disciplined by him. She hesitantly tells him that she wasn’t intending that… and then finishes the thought in her mind that choosing anyone here would be the same. Shu reminds Reiji not to kill her, though he admits that he wouldn’t care either way.

Reiji is silent and Yui notices that the two of them seem to have a bad relationship. There’s some kind of dangerous atmosphere between them. Kanato asks Shu why they can’t kill her and Shu answers that he doesn’t know either. He was only told by “that person” that they had to treat their guest hospitably. Yui snaps at him to mention that kind of thing earlier! Shu only replies that it was troublesome, which makes Yui’s jaw drop.

Ayato grumbles and wonders what “that bastard” is thinking. Why do they have to treat this uncool human girl hospitably? Laito muses on how this might have a deeper meaning and “that person” might have a plan. Kanato asks if he’s implying that there’s something about Yui. Laito shrugs with an easy grin before saying that he doesn’t understand “that person’s” way of thinking at all.

Yui tries to tell them that she’s not following the conversation, but Ayato tells her to shut up because this is their family problem. She flinches before wondering if “this person” that these guys are talking about might be the church person that her father told her about. In which case the question becomes why such a person is connected to these vampires. But then how does her “relative” fit into this.

Anyway, Shu reminds them all once again that this is how it is and so they can’t kill her. Reiji is unconcerned and tells Yui with a smirk that he will discipline her into becoming a lady befitting of this mansion. Yui is alarmed by those words but she is determined to somehow contact her father and escape this place. But moreover… just how did she get into such an absurd situation!?


Yui is in her room and wondering what her future will be like from now on. It can’t be helped that she’s feeling uneasy… But then she shakes her head and tells herself not to think that way! It also can’t be helped that she’s troubled, but she’s going to sleep tonight in preparation for tomorrow. Suddenly someone knocks on her door which startles her. Yui asks who it is with a stutter.

Reiji introduces himself and she pauses in surprise, but this just makes him ask with annoyance how long she’s going to make him wait. He wants her to hurry up and open the door. She quickly obeys but the moment she opens the door Reiji complains about how she seems to be a woman who takes her time. HEY WE CAN’T ALL HAVE SUPER VAMPIRE SPEEDS.

She apologizes awkwardly and then asks what he is doing here. Reiji informs her that because she seems like someone who would be hard to wake up he came to find her himself. Then he asks her what exactly she’s doing. Yui answers in confusion that she’s preparing for tomorrow by sleeping now. Reiji tilts his head at the word “sleep” and tells her that they have school now.

Yui gasps at that which makes Reiji ask her why she’s so surprised. If she thinks about the time that vampires like them are active then it becomes obvious. She tells him that it might be like that for them but— Reiji cuts her off and asks her if she’s going to say that it has nothing to do with her. He chuckles before commenting on how it seems as if she doesn’t understand her place yet.

He explains that in the point of time that she became entangled with him and his family, it has been decided that she is to live in the night as well. She tries to protest but Reiji tells her in a soft voice not to be anxious because he already finished the arrangements to transfer her and enroll her in their school. She’s shocked and asks him when he did that, although in the first place that was quite selfish of him…

Reiji repeats her question of “why” in amusement and then calls that a foolish question. He sneers as he tells her that he does not require her approval and so that time spent talking to her would have been useless. Then he tells her that this worthless conversation is finished. He orders her to quickly dress herself and then come to the living room before he exits her room.

Yui is irritated at his high-handedness but realizes that she can’t do anything now that it’s come to this; when in Rome do as the Romans do. Anyway, she finishes dressing and then heads to the living room while apologizing for making people wait. She pauses as she smells something nice though. Reiji notes that she’s finally arrived and then tells her that she came right in time because he finished brewing tea to wake people up.

She’s smiling as she wonders if he likes tea. Meanwhile, Reiji has fallen silent with a small smile on his face. Yui continues to wonder if it would be okay for her to drink some as well? But she can’t find any tea cups. Finally she hesitantly calls out his name, but he doesn’t respond. But the moment she falls silent, he glances over and asks if something is the matter.

Yui regains her smile and tells him that she was just wondering if it would be alright for her to have some tea as well. Reiji blinks before apologizing for his rudeness, especially because it’s him. Yui hurriedly tells him that she was a bit rude as well, but then a smirk widens on Reiji’s face as he tells her that he completely forgot about how he was going to teach her place to her.

She pauses in confusion and so Reiji apologizes formally, but he didn’t realize that he had to teach her this as well. He would like her to stop being so conceited as to think she could drink tea with him. It is presumptuous. His smirk widens until his fangs peek out as he asks her if she understands. She nods quietly, although in her mind she thinks about how he didn’t need to say it like that.

Reiji’s voice becomes stern as he asks her if she really does understand. Yui blurts out an affirmative and he smiles slowly before telling her to wait over there until he finishes drinking his tea then. He smirks again as he comments on how she’s a troublesome servant.

Yui blurts out the word “servant” in astonishment, but Reiji’s voice is sharp as he asks her if she has a problem. Yui hurriedly tells him that it’s nothing, which makes him give a pleased smile. She thinks on how he’s much more crueler than she could ever have imagined, especially when he treats her like a servant. Is it going to be like this from now on?

*** DARK 01 ***

In the science room, Reiji sighs in pleasure at how drinking tea is calming. Then he asks Yui if she doesn’t think the same, to which she responds ambivalently. As she expected, there’s no tea cup for her. Reiji lifts an eyebrow and comments on how she seems to be exceptionally dissatisfied. If she has something to say then he would like her to say it without reservation.

Yui shakes her head and quickly tells him that it’s nothing. He hums thoughtfully before telling her that is a shame then because he had been thinking of pouring her one cup if she wanted some tea. Her eyes widen and she excitedly asks if it is really alright. He smirks and tells her that of course it is and then asks politely if she would like to drink some. Yui nods and thanks him.

He waves off her thanks by pointing out that she also needs time to rest, right? I DON’T BELIEVE THIS. I’M EXPECTING HIM TO POUR THE TEA ON THE GROUND AND CACKLE LMAO. He asks her to wait and then starts to prepare. Yui is smiling as she thinks on how he has kind moments as well. Maybe she was mistaken? As he pours her tea, she notices that the smell is a bit different from the one before.

Reiji is impressed by her observation, but then he tells her that he prepared a special tea for her sake. YOU MEAN ONE LACED WITH POISON? HAHA… Yui thanks him hesitantly and he chuckles before offering it to her. She wonders if he’s kinder than she had thought; Reiji has this side to him as well, huh. He watches her as she lifts the cup up to drink.

And then in the next moment the cup falls and shatters on the ground. Yui is alarmed because her lips are tingling from where the tea touched them. Reiji smirks and comments lightly on how it seems as if she didn’t find it palatable. She asks him warily what that was. He reminds her that he said it a while ago; this was a special tea brewed for her. He placed poison in it. DFGHJK REIJI PLEASE I WASN’T SERIOUS /)_(\!

Yui thinks in her mind on how glad she is that she didn’t drink all of it. However, Reiji asks her why she’s being so relaxed; a vicious smirk appears as he points out that her first action should be to hurry up and crawl on the floor to lick up all the spilled tea. Yui is stunned before she blurts out that she can’t do that! Then she asks him why he did this in the first place.

Reiji is puzzled because, even if she asks that, isn’t it normal to want to test a newly developed drug when there’s a convenient experimental subject? Moreover, she couldn’t possibly have thought that he would brew tea just for her, right? Yui is shocked by his words and he chuckles lowly at her expression. She changes the topic and asks him to stop doing these things.

He informs her that people who are caught by this level of a trap have no value in living. Besides, he honestly didn’t think that she was this incompetent and idiotic. He sighs heavily 「まったく、失望しましたよ・・・謝罪を求めたいのは私の方です。」(Good gracious, I’m disappointed… I’m the one who wants an apology). I JUST LOVE HOW HE SPEAKS LMFAO AND HIS SNARK.

Yui winces inwardly at how cruel he is, and she wonders why he created a poison in the first place. It doesn’t seem like her life is in any serious condition… but that was scary.

*** DARK 02 ***

In the hallway at home, Yui yawns because she woke up considerably early… although it’s still night. There’s still time before she goes to school. She’s not used at all to the lifestyle of sleeping in the afternoon and waking up at night. She suddenly hears a noise and wonders what it is. It sounds like it’s coming from the living room. Yui enters the room to find Reiji who raises an eyebrow when he sees her.

Then he smiles before greeting her. She returns the greeting warily and then he notes that she woke up considerably early. He asks her if there is something the matter, because if she has no business with him then he would be helped if she disappeared since she’s an eyesore. Yui inwardly winces and thinks on how she shouldn’t have came. She apologizes and attempts to excuse herself.

But then Reiji calls out for her to wait with a wide smirk. She blinks in surprise and so he explains that since she’s here already he might as well show her his collection. She repeats the word “collection” in confusion, but his smirk merely widens even more before he presents to her his tableware. She’s awed at the large amount of glittering tableware in the shelves.

She feels like she should have expected this, but they’re all lined up so prettily. She’s scared to touch them. However, Reiji tells her that he’ll let her polish this plate specially for today. Yui is surprised and asks if he’s fine with that; and then she thanks him politely. DON’T!! I’M SCARED OF BREAKING IT!!

But Reiji sighs deeply before asking her slowly if that is all she is going to say. She hesitates and tries to find something else to say, but then he tells her that normally she should be hanging her head and on the verge of tears. Yui wonders if that’s how it should be.

Anyway, Reiji hands the plate over to her and then says that he thinks she already understands without him saying it, but he would like her to think of all these plates as being more important than her own life. Yui cringes inwardly because when he says it like that it makes her hands tremble. Then Reiji asks her what her impressions are from touching it. She answers hesitantly that it’s… cold…

I’M PLAYING WHILE PEEKING THROUGH MY FINGERS BECAUSE THIS IS SCARY AS HELL. REMEMBER HOW AYATO CALLED HIM A TABLEWARE OTAKU?? YEAH. Reiji sighs deeply at her artless impression, though he thinks it’s very characteristic of her to answer like that. He doesn’t care though since she’s just that kind of woman. Inwardly, Yui is irritated at how cruel he is as usual.

Then Reiji orders her to look at the bottom of the plate. The emblem of the producer is there. She goes to turn it over but then the plate slips out of her hands and shatters on the floor. Reiji is silent. Yui blurts out apologizes and tells him that her hands slipped. ┐(‘~`;)┌ IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU, YUI. Reiji continues to remain silent.

Yui stares at him warily but realizes that she can’t say any complaints no matter what cruel things he does to her after having done something like this. Reiji says nothing. She hesitantly calls out his name. He only calmly asks her what she is being idle for and then orders her to hurry and clean it up. She obeys quickly while being surprised by how he isn’t angrier than she thought he would be.

Then he asks her why she kept staring at his face not long ago; it’s impolite. She apologizes for that and then apologizes sincerely again for the plate. Reiji makes a noise of comprehension before he tells her that he doesn’t really care. |ω・)R-REALLY?? WOAH. He explains 「割れてしまった途端、すっかり興味がなくなりましたから。」(Because, in the moment that it broke, I completely lost interest in it).

He chuckles lowly 「ふふ・・・そう。私は、完璧でないものには興味がありません。」(Fufu… that’s right. I have no interest in things that are not perfect). Yui calls out his name questioningly in her mind. She doesn’t really understand but it’s good that it ended without him being angry.

Then Reiji recalls something and tells her that, just to make sure, he wants her to know that, just like this plate, he holds absolutely no interest in her who is not perfect. However, she might not be bad for passing the time. Yui shudders inwardly, but she isn’t surprised by his words.

*** DARK 03 ***

In the living room, Yui expresses her gratitude for her meal and then prepares to eat. Reiji is staring at her silently. Her smile slips off her face as she continues to eat. But the moment her utensil hits the plate, he informs her that she made a sound. She freezes as he comments exasperatedly on how disgraceful it is for her not to know table manners. Then he tells her to have a sense of shame.

Yui nods her head quickly but wonders inwardly why he has to make it so nerve-wracking for her when it’s just a meal. Because it’s always like this, she hasn’t tasted her cooking at all. Finally, Reiji sighs and mutters that it can’t be helped. Even for an instant, it makes him unhappy to be beside a woman who has no manners. He will teach her thoroughly. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TELL BETWEEN A FRUIT FORK AND A STRAWBERRY FORK.

Her eyes widen as she confirms if he’s going to teach it to her. He smirks as he affirms that and then asks if she is unhappy. She decides to place herself in his care. In her mind she thinks on how, since he offered, she might as well be taught. She promises him that she’ll work hard with all her might. Reiji notes that she seems considerably enthusiastic, but he tells her that her “best” has no value.

He informs her that all he wants to do is get rid of an eyesore who has no idea about manners. He would like her to not misunderstand that. Yui inwardly winces and isn’t surprised. Reiji decides to begin their lessons immediately since they’re wasting time here like this. She summons up a smile and nods; since she’s going to be doing it she still needs to work hard!

Some time later, Reiji snarls out that she’s wrong! How many times does he have to say it before she understands?! Yui apologizes with a stutter and he sighs heavily before admitting that he didn’t think there could be a young lady with this bad of a memory. In her mind, Yui winces and thinks on how Reiji is too strict. He’s been like this ever since they started, however long ago that was.

Reiji notices her gaze and asks her if something is the matter. She hears the annoyance in his tone and quickly tells him that it’s nothing before apologizing. He tells her that he didn’t ask to hear her apologizes and they are offensive to his ears. But then he smirks and admits that he doesn’t dislike her discomforted expression though.

She opens her mouth to make a questioning noise, but he immediately snaps at her not to open her mouth. He already told her that she offends his ears. LMAO I’M HONESTLY WAITING FOR HIM TO BE LIKE “YOUR BREATHING OFFENDS ME”. He orders her to be quiet and obedient so as to not displease him even further than he already is. Then he approaches her and comments on how she’s surprisingly small when he’s this close.

Reiji tells her to face him more and Yui is shocked to feel him grip her chin. He notes quietly that her facial structures aren’t bad, but then a smirk appears as he talks about how strange it is that she’s so uninteresting to him. it is strange how she’s so uninteresting to him. But if he bit her lips and moistened the thirst in his throat with her sweet blood–

Yui is alarmed by those words and pushes him away while yelling at him to stop. Reiji grunts in surprise as he’s forced back and she hurriedly apologizes. But Reiji only laughs out loud before reassuring her that there is no way a person like him would do anything to a worthless existence like her. His voice drops as he tells her not to be conceited, human.

Then he sighs and informs her that his interest is lost and so they will finish this coaching on her manners. He tells her to do the rest herself and then excuses himself. She watches him go silently and thinks on how he released her without doing anything but somehow it’s complicated… She had forgotten since nothing has happened up until now but, Reiji also drinks blood…

*** DARK 04 ***

In the hallways of the mansion, Yui wonders if Reiji is in his room. She came to find him because there’s something she doesn’t understand in her homework, but she’s nervous just at the act of knocking. The reason she’s in this situation is…

Flashback! At school, Yui sighs tiredly but it is finally a break period. Even though she’s changed the time she attends school, the fundamentals of what she should study are the same. It’s more difficult than the school she changed from though and so she’s having problems following along. Suddenly she hears footsteps and she’s surprised to see Reiji appear in front of her.

When she asks him why he’s here, he tells her that he heard about how she didn’t understand a problem in class and so received attention from the teacher. Yui nods slowly because she’s surprised that he knew that, but then she tells him that she understood after receiving an explanation though. That’s why next time– Reiji snaps out that this isn’t the problem.

Putting aside that she’s a freeloader, for her to ask another person to teach her when she’s been placed into the Sakamaki family… should not happen! She hesitantly points out that even if he says that, the other person is a teacher. But this just makes Reiji order her to be silent. He smiles coldly as he tells her that he will not permit this a second time. Next time if she is in a situation like this then he wants her to consult with him. He concludes curtly that this is all and then he leaves.

Present! Yui knocks on his door and calls out his name. There’s no response. She notices that the door is unlocked though and wonders if it’ll be alright to peek in. She creaks open the door and immediately sees that he’s sleeping. It looks like he fell asleep in the middle of reading a book. Yui smiles and decides that it would be best to leave him quietly and return. But then she thinks that it would be better to place a blanket on him at least.

Although she thinks that, as vampires, he won’t catch something like a cold. She places a blanket on him but then she notices a crease in between his brows. Could it be that he’s having a nightmare? Reiji groans in his sleep and she wonders what kind of dream he’s seeing. She wonders what she should do. Would it be better to wake him? But–

Reiji suddenly asks her what she’s doing here. Yui startles but he only comments exasperatedly on how was woken up by the scent of her blood. Yui thinks it would be better for her to apologize and so she does, but Reiji only asks coldly if she thinks she’ll be forgiven just because she apologized. However… he’ll forgive her specially this time.

His voice is quiet 「悪夢を見続けるよりは、ずっといい・・・」(It’s much more preferable than continuing to see a nightmare…). Yui is confused by his attitude, but then he changes the subject and asks lightly if she’s the reason behind this blanket. He scoffs before saying that it’s an indiscretion for him to have someone like her be concerned.

Then he asks her why she did it, since he didn’t even call her. It’s quite proactive of her. Yui hurriedly explains that she doesn’t understand a part in her homework and so she came her to see if he would teach her. He smirks and tells her to use that chair over there since it’s fine and it can’t be helped.

She smiles brightly, but his smirk only widens as he tells her that he’ll teach her thoroughly until she understands. Yui winces before nodding. I LOVE HOW “THOROUGHLY” IS BECOMING REIJI’S CATCHPHRASE. She wonders if she’ll be alright and she’s also curious about just what kind of dream he saw.

*** DARK 05 ***

In her room Yui is exhausted. She still isn’t used to the life of going to school at night. At any rate, she decides to change out of her uniform and rest. Just as she starts to take off her ribbon her door opens and Reiji enters. She gasps out his name in shock, but he only smirks and notes that she’s here. She repeats his words in irritation and then snaps out that this is her room.

She also finishes ranting in her mind that she was in the middle of changing! Reiji notes that she was changing. YES THANKS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. Then he tells her 「お気になさらず続けて。私は紅茶が飲みたいだけなので。」(Please continue without worry. I only wish to drink tea). UM… IS THERE A REASON YOU’RE DOING /HERE/? (・ω・). Yui is stunned into silence.

But Reiji only continues on to say that he’s borrowing a chair over there before he gestures at her to continue. In her mind, Yui is wondering what the hell he just said. It looks like she should get changed quickly though. Even though he’s not looking, she’s embarrassed! WAIT WHY ARE YOU EVEN CHANGING IN HERE THEN LMFAO. Anyway, she gets it over with and cheers in her mind after she finishes changing.

She calls out to Reiji before stuttering out an excuse to leave, but he tells her to wait from behind. She turns around only to be startled by how close he is to her. He orders her to remain still and Yui obeys hesitantly, which makes him chuckle in pleasure. He doesn’t dislike women who are perceptive. Once again he repeats for her to stay still and she blushes when she feels his hands on her neck.

He seems to be fiddling with her clothing and after a while he finally exhales and tells her that he’s finished. When she looks at him questioningly, he huffs in exasperation before calling her a slovenly person for leaving her collar folded down like that. She’s surprised that Reiji fixed her clothing. Then he informs her that as a girl she should be all the more concerned with her personal appearance.

Reiji tells her that he only wanted to drink his tea in silence but when he saw her like– he narrows his eyes and asks her why she’s staring at his face. Yui, who had been smiling, stutters out that it’s nothing. But she ends up calling him kind and thanks him. He stares at her in confusion and repeats the word “kind” before telling her flatly that he is upset at her for thinking of him like that. It makes him extremely unhappy.

Yui tries to placate him, but he complains about how his tea has become cold now. He will no longer associate himself with her. He exits the room after this, leaving her to think that she said something unnecessary. It seems like she still doesn’t understand him.

*** DARK 06 ***

In the classroom, Yui sighs at how never-ending this seems. It seems like tallying the questionnaires is a very difficult task. She is supposed to be done today, but if no one helps her then she won’t be able to finish. However, no one is here anymore. Suddenly Reiji enters her classroom and confirms his suspicions of her being here.

She greets him while he looks at her sheaf of papers. He doesn’t believe this is the case, but he asks her if she was forced to do this job by other people. Yui nervously replies that other people could but the teacher asked her. He repeats her words lightly before smirking and asking her if she isn’t mistaken about it being forced onto her. She can only admit reluctantly that this might be the case.

He scoffs before commenting on how he understands; and this must be the reason for the foolish look on her face. He reprimands her for being in this situation because she promised something without due consideration. She bows her head and apologizes, before summoning a smile and promising to work hard to finish it. He tells her those are admirable words, but can she really finish them?

Yui tells him that she will endeavor to finish them. He asks her for a concrete plan, to which she can’t answer. He smiles mockingly at her for not having thought that far. But since it can’t be helped now that it’s come to this, he’ll help her. She gasps audibly in surprise. It’s surprising to hear Reiji say such a thing. He narrows his eyes and asks her if there is a problem.

She quickly shakes her head and then tells him that she looks forward to working with him. He returns the sentiment politely and then asks what she would like him to help with. WHY IS HE SO NICE..? *PINCHES SELF* I MUST BE DREAMING. She asks him to help tally a stack and inwardly is pleased with how they’ll be finished by the end of the day in this manner.

Is what she thought… except some time later Reiji tells her harshly that he’s never seen someone as bad as her. He orders her to move her hands faster and she apologizes. She’s glad that he’s helping but he’s as critical as ever. Yui accidentally spills her stack of papers which makes him ask her coldly what she’s doing before he tells her to hurry up and pick them up.

She obeys him quickly but winces when she cuts her finger on the edge of the papers. It’s only a little cut though and so she should be okay. However, Reiji is suddenly in front of her and sighs in exasperation at how her finger appears to be wounded. He orders her to give him her hand but she tries to tell him that it isn’t anything serious.

She lets out a squeak and blushes though when he licks her finger. Reiji’s smirk widens as he asks her if something is the matter, since she let out a thin voice. Does it hurt? She shakes her head quickly and he tells her that he’s glad then. Yui turns even more red and blurts out that she’s fine now! They don’t have much time and so they should return to work!

Reiji chuckles as he admits that she’s right and he’s happy that’s become so eager… really. In her mind she accuses him of doing those things completely on purpose. Will he continue to act like this from now on?

*** DARK 07 ***

Yui is panting as she sprints down the hallway of the house. She thinks that Reiji is too selfish for asking her suddenly to come to his room within a minute. But she doesn’t know what will happen if she disobeys him… so she has to hurry! She suddenly slows down in her run when she sees Shu standing in the hallway. She greets him carefully, but he only grunts in response.

This makes her wonder if he’s the type of person that needs to be talked to bluntly. Shu asks her if she wants something, because if not then he’s going to leave. She calls out for him to wait as he turns to leave, but she ends up stuttering for something to say. Finally she asks him if Reiji is always like this normally. Shu shrugs, which confuses Yui enough to point out that they’re all siblings, aren’t they?

He answers that they are for convenience, but the truth is different. She blinks in surprise, but he only asks her in annoyance if he can leave now. She refuses to let him and asks him to explain this properly. He tells her tiredly that Ayato, Raito, and Kanato are triplets. Subaru is an only child. Yui nods in comprehension before she asks him if he and Reiji are brothers then. Is Reiji the older brother?

Shu corrects her and says that he’s the older brother, which makes her apologize hurriedly. He waves her apology off. Yui thinks it’s unexpected for Reiji to be the second son since he seemed like the eldest. Then she asks him if this means that their parents are different. Shu repeats the word “parents” quietly and falls silent before finally snapping out that she’s annoying and this is troublesome.

She apologizes again hesitantly and Shu asks again if he can leave now. He leaves quickly after she nods and Yui has the feeling that this is something she shouldn’t pry into. Abruptly she realizes that she’s still in a rush! The moment she finally reaches Reiji’s room she blurts out an apology for being late. He looks at her in silence and so she also apologizes for being noisy.

He continues to remain silent, which makes her think he’s angry. Yui nervously apologizes again and promises to be quicker next time. Reiji finally narrows his eyes and comments on how she has the scent of that deadbeat. She’s confused until she realizes that he must be talking about Shu. He calmly decides that she needs to be given a punishment.

Yui protests that she was only late by a little, but he orders her in a hiss to come to him. When she continues to stand there, he stalks over and grabs her arm. She yelps out his name before asking him to wait and stop.

Some time later, the two of them are in the dungeon and Reiji asks her flatly if that was really all she asked from Shu. If she doesn’t want to be hit by the whip any more than this, then he wants her to tell the truth without any lies. Yui begs him to believe her because she told him everything. He’s silent until a pleased smirk appears and he decides to give her a reward; he will engrave her with even more whip marks.

Yui thinks that, no matter what she says, it’ll be futile. Reiji notices that her expression shows she’s given up, and it seems she no longer has the strength to resist. He chuckles before telling her that he isn’t satisfied at all yet; rather, he feels like hurting her more. He cracks the whip over her before ordering her not to talk to the deadbeat ever again after this. It is a decided matter and she has no choice! He continues to whip her before asking lightly if she understands.

Even when the feeling of her entire body has become numb, Reiji’s whip continues to strike her body. She doesn’t know what kind of discord is between him and his actual brother, Shu. However, she definitely approached something that she shouldn’t have touched. Are the scars that are being engraved on her body the pain of Reiji’s heart…? Thinking that way may just be too convenient though.

*** DARK 08 ***

Yui is moving stiffly in the gardens because she has been ordered by Reiji to come and harvest roses to decorate a room. However, her back still hurts from being whipped. He’s always been a strict person, but that was the first time she’s seen him like that. Why was Reiji that angry? All she did was talk to Shu for a little bit. She shouldn’t meet Shu any more after what happened.

Reiji suddenly appears and comments on how she seems to be engrossed in her thoughts. Yui’s eyes widen in surprise and his name slips out of her lips. He smirks as he asks her just who she was thinking about. She stutters for an answer and Reiji’s grin widens as he tells her that it is upsetting to see her so scared. She looks as if she saw a monster.

Yui remains silent and so he huffs in amusement before telling her that, more importantly, she has been letting loose a considerably sweet scent. Because of that, he knew where she was immediately. When she looks at him in confusion, he asks her if she hasn’t noticed even though her finger is bleeding and releasing such a sweet scent. He thinks that she probably wounded her finger on a rose thorn.

Reiji’s voice lowers as he tells her to be careful. It appears that her blood is special and it… tempts vampires. She hurriedly nods and he chuckles in pleasure before telling her that he likes perceptive women. She looks at him warily because she doesn’t quite understand, but it appears like today his mood is different from usual and actually good.

She wonders if she should ask him about Shu right now, but… Reiji pushes up his glasses as he asks her if something is the matter, since she’s fallen into thought once again. Yui automatically blurts out that it’s nothing, but he points out that it doesn’t seem that way. If she has something she wants to say then she should say it without reservation.

Yui continues to remain hesitant but Reiji encourages her calmly and so she ends up asking him what exactly happened between him and Shu. He looks visibly surprised before letting out a huff of amusement. He had wondered what she was thinking, but it ended up being this again. He comments on how she’s a woman of idle curiosity it seems to wanting to know about that.

His voice drops as he decides that he’ll tell her then. Yui gasps in pain when she’s pushed down by him and Reiji bares his fangs in a mocking smile as he asks her if something is the matter, since she looks like she’s going to cry. Especially when he’s going through the effort of telling her what she wants to hear. She stutters out his name and tries to say something, but he interrupts her with a name “Beatrix”.

He explains that Beatrix is their mother… and the name of the murdered woman that he requested of the vampire hunters. Yui is alarmed and tries to ask him why he would do such a thing to his mother. He whispers that she was a foolish existence that didn’t understand the worth of things. She was an eyesore… and so it was natural for her to die. Yui can only stare at him with horrified eyes.

Reiji laughs softly and then asks her if he’s scary. In her mind, she’s petrified with her fear and Reiji is even more amused when he asks her if she can’t even use her mouth. But he’s not satisfied with just this degree of fear. He hisses darkly into her ear 「私を怖がれ、もっと、もっと。」(Fear me more… and more). Humans are nothing more than mere vessels of blood.

If he pierces her skin with his fangs then– Yui can do nothing when he sinks his fangs into her neck and drinks. He finds it ironic that he is only granting her pleasure when she has the standing of a worthless receptacle. Yui whimpers out loud and he asks her softly if something is the matter, because her voice is trembling.

She asks him to stop but he asks her if she really wishes for that. If she allows him then he was thinking of drowning her in an even deeper pleasure. He bites her even deeper to show her and Yui whimpers.

Apart from pain and fear, an undeniable pleasure rushed around throughout her body. The choking fragrance of roses only accelerated it. Even though she tells herself not to forget that these sensations are something she must not have, she feels like her body is refuses to.

Reiji looked down on her sitting form for several seconds, but then turned his back and walked away as if he lost interest. But still she could not move. The full moon suspended in the sky blurred with her tears.

*** DARK 09 ***

In the hallway of the house, Yui is thinking about how she hasn’t met Reiji for a while ever since that happened. It’s nice that danger like that has decreased but… She loses the smile on her face as she thinks this, but then her eyes widen when she catches sight of Reiji in the hall. He returns her look in silence while she wonders about this timing.

Finally Reiji narrows his eyes and asks her if something is the matter; it’s impolite to stare at someone’s face. He goes to excuse himself but Yui suddenly calls out and tries to make conversation by asking him what he was doing here. Reiji looks at her in bemusement and answers that he was simply returning to his room. She apologizes for detaining him and then cringes inwardly while wondering what she’s doing.

He looks at her silently before telling her that his feelings have changed though, and he is going to revise his plans. She looks at him in surprise as he smiles and requests for her to accompany him for a while. She agrees hesitantly and asks where they are going. Reiji asks her if she needs an explanation for ever single thing; she’s such a troublesome person. He orders her to follow him as it’s pointless to waste time. She has no choice but to follow.

Some time later, Reiji declares checkmate. He comments on how this has been her 15th defeat. Yui winces at that and he muses on how he wouldn’t have thought this was her first time at chess but… it seems certain that she has no sense or intelligence. She can’t retort to that. Reiji asks her if she would like another game; perhaps the goddess of victory will smile on her.

Yui tells him that she’s done, which makes him admit that it’s a shame since he was in a pleasant mood after passing the time like this. He doesn’t dislike her vexed face. She asks him not to tease her and he smiles 「からかってなどいませんよ、可愛い人。私は嘘をつきません。」(I was not teasing you, my dear. I do not lie). KJAKHG KAWAII HITO AJKGH MY DEAR ( 。>艸<).

She excuses herself angrily, but Reiji only chuckles and mockingly calls her scary. The smile falls from his lips though as he tells her that he won’t allow her to exit this room without his permission though. He tells her to kneel down, bow her head, and beg for permission. In her mind she yells out about how she doesn’t want to do that. Reiji suddenly chuckles and tells her not to take it seriously.

When she looks confused, he clarifies that it was a joke. He tells her to go wherever she wishes, because there is no value in him detaining her. Like a cherished doll, there are countless others he can replace her with. Yui thinks about how cruel he is and how, as usual, he’s bullying her. She excuses herself angrily and leaves with him laughing.

She could hear Reiji’s laugh from behind her back. She was a bit surprised at her own thoughts of wanting to turn around to see his face. She broke off that temptation and rushed to her room. But on that day, thoughts of Reiji wouldn’t leave her mind and she wasn’t able to fall asleep. She’s sure that to Reiji he was only playing by teasing a young girl. But she… to her… perhaps she was staring to go mad little by little?

*** DARK 10 ***

In the hallway of the house, Yui thinks about how unusual it is to be invited by Reiji for tea. She doesn’t know what will happen to her but it would be a disaster if she didn’t go. Ever since coming here she hasn’t been able to stop feeling worried.

She suddenly freezes when she sees Shu in the hallway because she recalls Reiji’s words in the dungeon ordering her not to talk to that deadbeat ever again after this. She recalls the pain of the whip and how cold Reiji’s smile was as he told her that she had no choice because this was a decided matter. Her remembrance ends with Reiji asking her if she understands.

Back in the present, Yui is silent. Shu is just as quiet before he finally asks what her problem is. She wonders worriedly what she should do before deciding to just run away. In her mind she apologizes to him but Reiji told her not to talk to him so… Anyway, Yui dashes off and reaches Reiji’s room out of breath. She gasps out an apology for being late. Reiji coolly tells her that she’s 3 seconds late.

She apologizes and winces inwardly at how angry he seems. He orders her to fix it by telling him the reason for her lateness. She stutters out that various things happened… He tells her that she’s too abstract and he won’t understand anything from that. Yui tells him that she happened to meet someone… Reiji immediately asks her who she met.

Yui hesitantly tells him that it was Shu. Reiji growls out “deadbeat” before stating that just hearing his name sullies his ears. But then he smiles and asks her what she did; she couldn’t have done such a foolish thing such as exchanging words, right? She nods quickly and explains that she promised him after all so… He smiles in pleasure and then tells her that he’ll give her a reward then.

She asks in alarm if it’s going to be the whip again, which makes Reiji ask her in amusement if she wishes to be hit. She quickly shakes her head and he laughs before telling her not to be so scared. Then he orders her to come to him. She obeys him even though she’s worried about what he’ll do. Reiji, who had been smiling at her in silence, tells her that she did a good job.

Yui’s eyes widen and she wonders if she misheard something, because Reiji couldn’t possibly have… Reiji’s grin widens as he tells her that it is an honor to be praised by him, is it not? Then he notes that it is time for tea. Of course, there is none for her and she simply has to enjoy the aroma. Yui agrees with a smile as she realizes that he’s still the same as usual. She thinks that this really was a reward though.

When she thinks about him brandishing a whip, this was unexpectedly kind. She doesn’t understand Reiji. Which one is the real Reiji? The one thing she does know is that even such a small thing makes her heart beat fast. Is this a trap? If so then she… might already be caught in it.


Reiji suddenly asks her if she is listening to his words and tells her to repeat what he just said. Yui winces because she can’t do it since she’s too sleepy. She’s getting used to this lifestyle little by little but she still has a ways to go. What should she do? She intended to listen to him properly but none of it entered her head.

He sighs at how she dozed off while he was in the middle of talking; she really is a helpless person. She apologizes quietly, but he waves it off since it can’t be helped and suggests changing the subject. He decides to tell her an extraordinarily happy fairytale to wake her up. She repeats the words “happy fairytale” in confusion.

Reiji merely smiles before telling her that on that night there was a full moon much like today. He goes on to say that he met her father on that night. Yui is startled at the mention of her father.

Flashback! Beatrix asks Karl Heinz why he… but her words are directed to an empty garden. She startles when she hears footsteps but she realizes that it’s just Shu. She asks him what he is doing in a place like this. He tells her that those are his lines. She smiles wryly since he’s correct. Beatrix asks him what she looks to be doing and then she requests Shu to stay by her side for a while. He is silent.

Meanwhile, in another part of the garden, Reiji looks on in silence before he leaves. Later on, in his room, someone called Seiji asks if the woman in the photograph is the target. Reiji smiles coldly and tells him that she is. Then he comments on how strange it is for him to be talking with Seiji like this; for a day to come where he’s exchanging words with a vampire hunter.

He tells the vampire hunter that he’s relying on him. Seiji coolly replies that the request will definitely be accomplished, and one day he will come to kill Reiji as well. Reiji smirks and tells him that he’s welcome to come and try at any time and he’ll be waiting. It looks like they’ll have a long relationship with each other.

Seiji scoffs and then leaves Reiji’s room. Left behind, Reiji chuckles because soon she will know who excels the most. Right, mother?

Back in the present, Yui could see that Reiji was talking indifferently or even with amusement. Her father is a vampire hunter? And he killed Reiji’s mother…? The world that she has seen up to now is audibly collapsing. She doesn’t want to hear any more than this. She doesn’t want to know anything. She’s scared. But Reiji, who is enjoying her state, continues to spin his words–.


In his room, Reiji is laughing as he asks her why she looks so surprised. His mother was killed by her father– how is it? There’s never been a more interesting story, right? She asks him weakly why, but he tells her that the reasons don’t really matter. Besides the story isn’t over yet.

He informs her that her father, with marvelous ability, captured his mother and in the several minutes before her death Reiji went to that place. The moment he arrived was also the moment her father was already leaving that place. His mother was already at death’s door.

Flashback! Beatrix is gasping in pain and she flinches when she hears footsteps. It turns out to be Reiji who only looks at his mother dispassionately. She whispers out his name but he remains unresponsive. She realizes that he was the one who instigated this. He continues to remain silent.

Beatrix laughs in pain and then murmurs out that she was able to see his ability permanently. Reiji narrows his eyes in confusion, but she only gasps out that she thought he would be the one to kill her. Reiji inhales in surprise as his mother coughs out that she’s satisfied. She thanks him before she finally dies and Reiji is left stunned.

At the last moment, she died with a smile? He won’t forgive that! A snarl twists his face as he spits out that he won’t forgive that! He had no intentions of letting his mother die peacefully. Such a thing can never be forgiven! He won’t forgive it.

Back in the present! Yui is horrified by how cruel that was. The vampire hunter that killed Reiji’s mother was her father. The one who induced that is Reiji… But that’s a lie, right? Why would he? Did Reiji really do such a thing as kill his own mother? Reiji chuckles at the lack of pallor in her face and asks if this kind of conversation isn’t pleasing to her. She tells him that she didn’t want to hear this story.

He informs her in amusement that he told her this out of kindness, and now she’s saying that she’s unhappy? How considerably rude. Yui points out hesitantly that such a cruel story… must be a lie, right? She begs him to tell her that he made that story up. But he asks her pointedly why he would go out of his way to tell her a made-up story. Does she think that her value is the same as the time that would have been spent?

Yui flinches and he smirks coldly before recalling that there is a bonus to this story. She repeats the word “bonus” questioningly and he nods before telling her that “that woman” died while smiling with the intent of looking down on him. Yui inwardly wonders if that is the truth.

Within the limits of what she heard, that wasn’t the feeling that she got from his mother. However, Reiji continues on and informs her that this is why he decided that the next time he would kill her while making them taste every possible pain. Yui’s eyes widen as she points out in confusion that Reiji’s mother is already… But Reiji only chuckles before telling her that the story ends here. What are her thoughts?

She has nothing to say. She has no thoughts because she doesn’t want to believe anything of this. Reiji killed his mother? Her father is a vampire hunter? She didn’t… know about that! What is the meaning of this…!? Reiji notes that she seems to be so confused she can’t even speak. That’s enough for him.

He wants to see her make those expressions more. Yui murmurs his name and wonders if he told her this story just for that sake. He informs her that from here on he is going to plant various perplexities in her. He laughs lowly and asks her to look forward to it.

*** MANIAC 01 ***

Yui excuses herself as she enters the science room at school. Reiji smiles when he sees that she’s here and then orders her to come to him. She obeys but asks him why he called for her. He asks her if he didn’t say it already, but then smirks and tells her that he’s making a poison right now but he doesn’t have enough hands alone. That is why he would like her to be his helper.

She points out that she doesn’t know anything about poisons though. He tells her exasperatedly that he didn’t think she would be able to help in making a delicate poison. Even though she’s a helper, at most he just wants her to do various jobs like immediately rinsing beakers full of highly volatile chemicals.

Yui is relieved by that and tells him that she’ll manage it somehow then. If he’s really making a poison then she doesn’t want to help if she can but… she doesn’t know what will happen if she refuses. Reiji starts the process and begins to order her around.

Sometime later, he declares it finished. Yui looks at it nervously and notices that it’s red but transparent and almost like water. It also doesn’t have a smell. Reiji smiles and points out that it’s quite a beautiful color, isn’t it? She nods and then asks what kind of poison this is. He tells her that it’s one to be drunk. She tells him that she could understand that for herself.

But then he smirks and tells her to try drinking it herself. When she looks at him in confusion, he asks her impatiently if she doesn’t understand. He’s telling her to lift that beaker to her mouth, tilt it, and drink it all at once. She looks at him in horror but he informs her that this is an order and he wants her to be quick about it. She hesitates though and points out desperately that this is poison.

Reiji’s voice lowers as he reminds her that he said it was an order. Yui closes her eyes as she realizes that if she doesn’t drink it… she doesn’t know what will be done to her. Her heart gives a loud beat. What should she do? She blurts out an apology and this makes Reiji laugh. He asks her why she said that all of a sudden. Does he look like he wants an apology?

She begs him in a stutter to pardon her from drinking the poison. He laughs softly and tells her not to be so scared, because he’s sure that she can do it. She stutters out that she can’t and apologizes again. His smile disappears as he murmurs that it can’t be helped then. Yui smiles hesitantly at the thought that he’s given up.

But then Reiji talks about how it would have been interesting to see her drink it with her own hands… because he didn’t really want to use this method. A piercing noise rings out. Yui is alarmed to find her hand moving without her control and it’s lifting the beaker filled with poison to her lips. Reiji chuckles softly as he watches her. She tries to struggle as she wonders what’s happening.

Her hand is moving on its own… and Reiji’s eyes are… She can’t seem to tear her eyes away from his. Reiji tells her quietly that tonight is a full moon and so he can use this technique without any problems. Then he orders her to hurry up and drain the contents of the cup. She continues to resist but it is useless. The beaker drops to the floor and shatters as Reiji chuckles at how she drank it all.

However, he notices that some of it still remains near her mouth. She’s shocked when he comes closer to her and licks her lips. Reiji smirks and notes that he made this well, if he had to say so himself. Yui turns red as she gasps. Right now, Reiji just licked her lips…!? Even though it was poison…!? She notices that the flavor is spread all over the inside of her mouth and it is…

Reiji suddenly grins and tells her that this wasn’t poison, but original tea. I AM GOING TO BREAK YOUR PRECIOUS TEACUPS FOR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE I LOST 10 YEARS OF MY LIFE (⊙ω⊙✿). She stares at him dumbfounded. He explains that his way of making it is different from a humans and so, at a glance, it looks like he is creating drugs.

She asks hesitantly if he’s saying that she had been tricked. He laughs before telling her that he thinks it’s better for her to be careful. One never knows when someone will set up a trap. She stiffens and then wonders if this means that Reiji will lay traps for people. For example, like his mother…

Her heart beats loudly. Reiji tells her to feel honored that he let her drink his original tea. She nods shakily and her heart beats again. Her heart hurts. Is it because Reiji licked her lips like that? It beats again. She feels her cheeks heat up as she finds the violent throbbing to be noisy.

*** MANIAC 02 ***

Outside in the forest, Yui is wondering where Reiji went. It’s almost time for them to head to school. She came here because Ayato said that he felt a presence in the forest but… If she doesn’t find Reiji at this rate then even she’ll be decidedly late for school. A meow suddenly sounds out and Yui is surprised to hear a cat in the forest.

Then there’s a baa and she realizes that it’s a sheep. Where is it coming from? She tries to follow the sounds and then halts in surprise at the sight. Reiji is smiling as he tells them that they are fine; he can’t see any fragments of ugliness from them. They are pure existences. A dog barks happily and Reiji praises it for being good. A cat meows while Yui is taken back in surprise at how Reiji is holding various animals in his arms.

Birds chirp around him as he continues to praise them and she watches the unexpected site. She didn’t know that he was the type to be emotionally attached to animals. DISNEY PRINCESS REIJI LMFAO. Then he suddenly raises his voice and asks her how long she’s going to stand there. Yui is confused until he tells her that he’s addressing her, who is hiding in the bushes.

Yui blushes at being noticed and then is worried that he’s angry. What should she do? He’ll definitely be angry! She wants to run away but… then he’ll be even scarier later. It isn’t as if she doesn’t know what he’ll do to her. She steps out and he chuckles at how she obediently came out. That was a good decision on her part.

He informs her that if she had ran away then at night he would have caught her and tortured her to death. She narrowly escaped dying. O-OH… She’s terrified but tries to reassure herself that he must be joking… right? At any rate, Reiji confesses that he’s surprised she has a hobby of peeking. It is a deplorable inclination.

She turns bright red and splutters before denying it. That wasn’t her intention! At her voice, some birds fly off and Reiji orders her to be more quiet before she scares off the animals. Then he orders her to quietly sit over here. She confirms if he wants her to sit by his side. He asks her exasperatedly where else does she see him pointing to. She apologizes and then takes a seat.

As they sit quietly the animals start to come closer and Yui smiles in delight. He asks her if they aren’t cute. She nods and comments on how there are a lot of living creatures in this forest. Reiji agrees before adding that they’re all easy to love and adorable. She startles when the dog licks her hand and then the cat curls up on her lap. Birds have stopped on her head and the deer and sheep are coming closer.

Reiji laughs and notes that they seem to like her considerably. She smiles at that and is also relieved at how Reiji doesn’t seem angry about her peeking. The dog continues to lick her and Yui squirms at the drool. It’s also sticking so close to her that she feels ticklish. Reiji smirks and tells her that they are able to become excited at the sight of a human female. HE USES THE WORD KOUFUN AND THAT ALSO MEANS AROUSED.. WHICH IS A BIT.. //CRIES.

She blinks in confusion as he notes out loud that the effects of the drug seem to be perfect. The experiment is also a success and so now he shall return. She tells him that she will too then, but as she tries to get up the dog pulls her back down. Reiji raises an eyebrow and tells her that she cannot, because she has a duty to be with the animals until they are satisfied.

Yui gapes at him as he orders her not to go to school tonight and to play with the animals here. She tries to protest but he excuses himself smoothly. She tries to call out his name, but all the animals pile on her. There are sheep baaing, horses neighing, dogs barking, and birds chirping. She’s being crushed and it hurts. She thinks that, in the end, Reiji was angry at being peeked on! WHERE DO THESE ANIMALS COME FROM?? LMAO HORSE??

*** MANIAC 03 ***

In the dungeon, Reiji informs her that he would like her help with the maintenance of this room’s apparatuses. She exhales slowly and nods, but this makes him ask her what is with that answer. She won’t be doing everything halfheartedly, will she? She doesn’t answer but inwardly thinks that she doesn’t really want to touch the apparatuses in this room because they have many hooks and strange stains on them.

Reiji slowly says out loud that he doesn’t believe this but she isn’t intending to refuse, is she? She, who only has the social standing of a human, can’t be thinking of disobeying him, right? Or does she want him to educate her? In that case then it is another story…

Yui winces and thinks on how the “education” that Reiji is talking about isn’t a calm subject, huh…. He asks her why she is silent and demands an answer. She apologizes and tells him that she’ll do maintenance on the apparatuses and she’ll work hard. He chuckles and tells her that he’s relieved to know that she’s not that much of a fool. She answers in her mind that she’s too afraid of what will be done to her if she resists.

Anyway, Reiji decides to begin and so she asks him what she should do. He instructs her to polish the apparatuses, and of course their hooks, so that not even a fingerprint is left behind. She nods obediently and then turns to choose one of the devices to polish from the ones lined up. She decides to start with a large knife and she’s surprised at how heavy it is when she picks it up.

Reiji is amused to see that she’s starting with that. He explains that the knife is one that excels in killing and has sucked the blood of several million people considered as prey in the past. Her eyes widen as he also tells her that the handle she is gripping has been stained a lot with the blood of victims, of which none were spared. He chuckles and asks for her thoughts.

Is it not a wonderful and beautiful weapon? Yui flinches and tries to hurry up and polish it because she doesn’t want to hold it any longer. She decides to hurry up and finish it all so that she can leave this detestable room. As soon as she’s done her part then even Reiji can’t make any complaints.

Reiji, who has been watching her silently, notes that she’s polishing them considerably carefully no matter what instrument it is. Yui nods and reminds him with a smile that she needs to polish these so that not one fingerprint is left behind, right? Reiji sighs loudly before saying that it’s boring.

When she looks at him in confusion he states 「従ってばかりのその態度、気に入りません。」(An attitude of pure obedience is displeasing). She continues to look at him in confusion, but then he smirks and decides that this needs to be punished. He is going to strike her with the whip. SO YOU’RE PUNISHING HER FOR…. NOT DISOBEYING? Σ(゚ー゚;*).

He cracks the whip in the air and Yui hurriedly asks him what he’s talking about! She would like him to stop with the strange jokes. GIRL, I DON’T THINK HE’S JOKING. Reiji repeats the word “joke” in amusement and then asks if she really sees it that way. He strikes out at her and she stumbles away with a scream. As the whip cracks on the ground, Reiji smirks and notes that he missed.

She begs him to stop. Even though she was doing as he said, he still isn’t pleased. He’s too cruel! Besides, that whip has a lot of spines and just thinking about being hit once with that… Reiji tells her sternly 「従順なだけではつまらないんですよ。・・・わかりますか?」(Just obedience is boring… do you understand?). He lashes out with the whip again and Yui closes her eyes in terror.

But her eyes fly open when she hears the whip strike nothing. She didn’t dodge this time and yet it still missed…? Reiji chuckles and admits that he’s surprised to have been seen through. She stares at him and so he explains that, like she said, this was merely a joke. She knew it all along, huh? She stutters out the word “joke” questioningly.

He smirks and explains that he isn’t bored when he does trivial things like this to her. Then he informs her that this whip, and other instruments, have been damaged. He wants her to tidy all of them up. Yui agrees with a stutter, and he chuckles before telling her that easily taught things are wonderful.

She thanks him quietly and inwardly realizes that she can’t do it. As she thought, it is impossible to defy Reiji. The fear of not knowing what he will do to her feels as if it is stacking up every day. She is… ruled by that fear… and she might not be able to move her body at this rate.

*** MANIAC 04 ***

In the bathroom, Yui sighs at how she woke up at a strange time. It is 1PM. Reversing her life from morning to night is still difficult. If she doesn’t sleep at this time then it can’t be helped when she falls asleep during class. She decides to sleep immediately upon returning home from school today since she’s awake at this time. She checks to see if the bath has filled up with water yet.

The door suddenly opens and her eyes widen when Reiji appears to tell her that it’s noisy. She shrieks out his name in surprise and then tries to ask what he’s doing since she’s going to enter the bath. He only looks at her silently. Yui is glad that she still had her shirt on, but she’s still embarrassed! She decides to sit down so that she can hide herself more than she would be if she was standing.

But Reiji chuckles and praises her for what she’s aiming to do. She looks confused and so he points out that she’s finally starting to understand the difference between their positions and to lower her head when he’s looking at her. Yui denies that and tells him that she’s only embarrassed. Reiji repeats the word “embarrassed” in confusion because he doesn’t understand her meaning at all.

He only came to stop her because the noise of the shower is annoying. She apologizes for being noisy. Then he tells her not to have the shower on when she’s not using it; she should only pull the shower head out if she is going to use it. Yui turns off the shower and nods quietly. She feels like she did something bad since Reiji still looks sleepy. He suddenly smirks though and points out that he thought she was embarrassed.

Yui turns red as she shouts at him not to look this way. He asks her why not. She snaps back that it’s because it’s embarrassing and what was he thinking just coming in here all of a sudden. He asks her to expand on that and so she tells him that, even though she is sorry for being noisy with the shower, he could have called out to her from outside the door or many other ways.

And yet, he just came in suddenly. He narrows his eyes as he comments on her unusually rebellious attitude. He asks her if the reason for her embarrassment is because of her nude body. Her mouth drops open because, even though she isn’t completely naked, when he says that she feels embarrassed. Then he smirks and drops his gaze to her legs, which makes her stiffen and shut her eyes.

Reiji hums thoughtfully and Yui starts to think that, rather than being looked at, she feels like it would be more proper to say that she’s being examined. He finally says that, in the end, he doesn’t understand why he can’t look. She glares at him and opens her mouth to say something, but he cuts her off and informs her that he feels absolutely nothing when he looks at her. ICE MAN… ICE ICE BABY ICE.

She blinks in shock while he points out that, because he doesn’t feel anything, there is no reason for her to feel embarrassed. Yui can’t help but feel that, in this case, she’s hurt now! But then Reiji tells her that he has something he’s curious about. She warily asks him what it is and so he points out that she must not wash her body uniformly, right? She asks him questioningly if that’s true.

He tells her that she must be unskilled at washing her body then. He can show her a model way to wash. Yui is just shocked into silence. Reiji smirks and tells her that he’ll polish her thoroughly and into all her nooks. She tells him quickly that she’ll pass on that. But just as quickly he tells her that he’s rejecting her refusal. She narrows her eyes while his grin widens as he tells her that it is a good experience to have her body polished until her skin is grazed.

Yui tries to refuse again but he only whispers ominously that they’re going to start. She protests again and in her mind thinks on how it hurts just from him looking at her…! Moreover for him to touch her… She tells God that today is an unlucky day.

*** MANIAC 05 ***

In the hallway of the house, Ayato is chuckling to himself. Yui comes upon this sight and wonders why he’s laughing. Ayato notices her and tells her that she came at the right time. She asks him what he’s doing here and so he tells her that he saw something interesting a while ago. He starts to laugh again and manages to blurt out that just thinking about it makes him laugh.

Yui is starting to become curious and he asks her if she wants to go and see, since she’s curious. This spectacle is seldom seen and so it’ll be etched into her memory. She agrees and so Ayato tells her to come and follow him. They stop in front of a room and Ayato whispers for her to look quietly. She peeks into the kitchen and sees Reiji who is smiling to himself at the pleasant smell.

She’s surprised to see Reiji and then even more surprised to see him cooking. He tests the food he is cooking and he compliments it for being wonderful. This is perfectly al dente. Yui hears the word “al dente” and realizes that he’s making pasta. Ayato starts to laugh again as he asks her if this isn’t interesting; the serious look on Reiji’s face as he says “al dente”.

Yui hurriedly tries to shush Ayato which makes him ask her why. If she wants to laugh then she should laugh because it’s okay. He points out that humans have this saying about how bearing in laughter is poison. She admits that there is a saying like that but she doesn’t find anything wrong with Reiji being serious about cooking. Suddenly, Reiji asks if that’s true from inside the kitchen and Yui startles in surprise.

Ayato winces at having been caught, but Reiji informs them that he won’t let them run. Then he orders the two of them to kneel over there. Yui obeys while apologizing. Ayato snaps at him to quit his joke because he’s not going to do something as irritating as kneeling. Reiji informs him that, by refusing, he will be forced to as punishment. What does he mean by stealing glances at him and laughing.

But Ayato only smirks and tells him that it’s his fault for doing something that doesn’t fit him. He bids a quick goodbye and then runs away, leaving Yui to call out his name in dismay. Reiji sighs in exasperation and comments on how, as usual, Ayato is quick at running away.

In her mind, she thinks Ayato is cruel for running away and leaving her here alone. Reiji smirks as he turns to address how she, who was left behind, will also receive Ayato’s punishment. Her mouth drops open and he asks her flatly if she has a complaint. She knows that what she says will be unreasonable, no matter the circumstances, and so she resigns herself to her fate and agrees to accept Ayato’s punishment as well.

Reiji laughs softly and admits that he thought she would say that obediently. He thinks that she might have some qualities. She looks at him in curiosity and asks him what kind of qualities. He bluntly answers that she has the qualities of a servant. If polished, she might shine with outstanding talent as a servant. Yui hesitantly wonders if she should take this as a compliment.

Anyway, she asks him cautiously about the punishment. He smiles at the reminder and decides out loud to use this. Her eyes widen when she sees him pick up a fork. What is he going to use that for? She’s scared! Reiji orders her to close her eyes, which makes her gasp in alarm. But he snaps at her to obey quickly and so she has no choice but to do as he says.

Then he orders her to open her mouth. Yui is petrified as she wonders why, but once again he orders her to be quick about it. She obeys him and he laughs in pleasure. She flinches when something enters her mouth. This is…!? She murmurs slowly that it’s pasta carbonara. He praises her for being correct.

She chews the portion in her mouth and tells him that it’s delicious. Reiji tells her that it was natural that it would, since he made it with devotion. Yui is surprised to see him looking happy. Even Reiji can make these faces too, huh. Reiji lowers the fork he was using before he tells her that she can leave. She blinks in surprise and asks him about her punishment again, because all she did was have a bite of carbonara.

He tells her that if he did punish her then the carbonara that he worked hard on would become cold. He doesn’t have the leisure to be concerned about her. Then he excuses himself as he returns back to the stove, leaving Yui to stare after him in surprise.

She thinks back on how delicious his carbonara was… it had the taste of someone familiar in making it. Could it be that he likes carbonara? It’s a little cute… and unexpected. She giggles at having seen a side of him without him knowing it. She feels like she won something!

*** MANIAC 06 ***

In the dance hall, Yui recalls how she was taken along with them because tonight is a vampire dance party. She feels like a lot of people are scrutinizing her. Everyone is dressed up and dancing gracefully. She feels out-of-place. Suddenly, Reiji appears and asks her if she’s having fun being a wallflower. She greets him with a smile and then repeats the word “wallflower” questioningly.

He tells her that is what she is being right now. She can’t help but laugh at how those words are something one would say in an ordinary life. Reiji exhales before telling her to come because they’re going to dance. Her eyes widen before she protests and says it’s impossible. She doesn’t dance! But he only tells her with a smirk that he doesn’t care about her circumstances.

She gapes at him but then he takes her by the hand and guides her to the floor. Yui is inwardly freaking out because it is impossible to dance without rehearsal at such an extravagant dance party. Reiji tells her that if she leaves her body to him to move then they’ll manage. She smiles weakly and agrees, but inwardly she has no confidence. She doesn’t know the tempo of this song and so it feels difficult to follow the rhythm.

Yui notes out loud that this song is probably a waltz and so she should move her feet following three beats, right? He praises her for knowing that much and tells her that she is correct. She’s relieved since it was practically intuition but she was on target! He instructs her to listen well to the music because it has three beats and to follow his step while leaving her body to him.

She tells him that she’ll try her best, but she gasps out a quick apology when she steps on his foot. Reiji grunts in pain. Yui cringes inwardly when she hears people laughing. Reiji admits that he didn’t expect a mistake to appear before they even turned. She apologizes again. He sighs at how she has an unbelievably lack of sense for dance. Yui blurts out that it’s because she hasn’t–

Once again she apologizes sincerely. He sighs in exasperation before telling her to look at how she dirtied his shoes. She winces and then he asks her how she will take responsibility. She suggests that they move to the corner of the hall and then she can wipe off the dirt. He softly calls her an idiot. When she looks confused, he explains that she is an invitee to this place.

How does she think it’ll look if he, the organizer’s son, made a temporary guest like her do such a thing? She apologizes quietly again, which makes him tell her that she has apologized more than enough. But there is some other use that she can provide. Yui continues to look confused and so he smirks and asks for her blood. Her eyes widen as he tells her lowly that she is to give it to him right now in this place.

She hurriedly tells him to wait before asking him if he means in front of all these guests by “this place”. He informs her that everyone is keenly interested in the invitee and of who would suck her blood, the only human in this place. Then he tells her that the only person who has the right to drink her blood is him, right? Yui stiffens because she can feel a lot of people watching her.

Reiji whispers into her ear 「さあ・・・貴女が誰のものなのか、全員に見せつけて差し上げましょう。」(Now… Let us show everyone who exactly you belong to). He loosens the rest of her ribbon and then places his fangs on her neck. She whimpers as he starts to suck her blood and the surrounding crowd starts to whisper furiously. She’s being seen by a lot of people. Everyone is seeing how Reiji is sucking her blood.

She whimpers out his name. It’s no good though because she can feel her mind turning blank. He chuckles lowly and tells her that the night won’t end with just this. He wants all of the invitees to have their fill of the scent of her sweet blood. He pants in her ear before telling her that the long night is starting.

*** MANIAC 07 ***

Yui is vacuuming in Reiji’s room and she thinks on how unusual it is for him to request her to clean his room, rather than other rooms. She had helped in with a lot of troublesome things like all the instruments in the dungeon room, but she thought he would be the type that would never let any others touch his things.

Then she wonders if it was so much of a shock when he realized that they ran out of ingredients for carbonara, because he went out shopping with frightening energy. She accidentally bumps a chair with the vacuum and a note falls from Reiji’s desk. She picks it up to return it only to notice that there is the word “analeptic” written on the page. She wonders what that means.

Normally “rebirth” means returning a dead person back to life, right? Is there even a drug that can do that? Yui thinks it’s absurd. But then she closes her eyes in conflict because she’s curious. Even though she knows she shouldn’t see any more than this… but she reasons out loud that Reiji won’t return home yet and so if she peeks at it then he won’t know. She apologizes to him in her mind.

As she flips through it she realizes that this much be research notes. According to these notes, they aren’t the poison he normally researches but a resurrection drug. Moreover, he has written that he’s close. Yui’s eyes widen as she can’t believe it! He can make a drug to revive a dead person?! The door suddenly opens and startles her. Reiji’s eyes widen when he notices what she has in her hand.

Yui welcomes him home and then weakly comments on how fast he was. His voice drops as he realizes out loud that she must have read it. She stutters out that she didn’t and she only saw the word “analeptic”. He inhales sharply at that and then lunges at her while hissing out that he’ll kill her. Yui closes her eyes in pain when she realizes that she can’t breathe.

Reiji tells her with a crazy smile that he’ll kill her just like he killed his mother! He tells her to die and she can’t believe that he’s really going to kill her. She tries to scream out for help but he chuckles lowly in her left ear because just who does she think she’ll reach with that hoarse voice. She has a fate to die here without anyone knowing. He tightens his hands around her neck and Yui realizes that she won’t be able to use her voice any more.

It hurts. She’s going to die. He’s really… going to kill her. Her heart beats loudly and then she hears a voice in her mind telling her weakly to do him in before he does her in. Yui is confused, but the voice suddenly gains strength and yells at her to kill him before he kills her! Yui suddenly yells out and shoves him away from her. Miraculously, Reiji is flung away from her and he gasps in surprise.

She coughs as she tries to catch her breath. Reiji is stunned because the strength she used right now is more than a human woman could output. Yui looks at him in caution while he mumbles in shock that it was as if she were a vampire… then she runs away after glaring at him. Reiji is left to mumble that what happened here was… His eyes narrow in speculation.

Yui manages to return to her room. Her heart is pounding in her ears and she is out of breath. Her mind is in complete disorder. She knows that it is her fault for looking at the note but why does he need to kill her for that? Just who does he plan on using the analeptic on?

Moreover… what was with the strength she had to send Reiji flying at that spur of the moment? Just who was that woman’s voice that she heard from somewhere at that time? Just thinking about it makes fear gush up from inside of her and she shuts her eyes tightly.

*** MANIAC 08 ***

In the hallway of the mansion, Yui sighs loudly. What happened a while ago? Reiji seemed like he was going to kill her… and there was a voice in her head… Her heart beats loudly and she notices that it’s happened again. Lately, her body has been very strange. What is wrong with her?

Suddenly Reiji asks her if something is the matter. She startles at the sight of him and his name slips out. He asks if she isn’t feeling well. She stutters out that it’s nothing and then apologizes before excusing herself. She runs away in the next moment, leaving him to stare after her contemplatively.

Yui runs into her room and realizes that she involuntarily ran away. But it can’t be helped since it was extremely awkward. She was going to be killed… and besides, her father killed Reiji’s mother. She can’t stop thinking about what her strange power is. Her heart beats loudly which makes her note that it’s doing it again. It beats again and she gasps. Once again it beats and she finds it painful. What’s wrong with her? Someone… Someone… help her!

Her heart beats loudly again and then she falls unconscious. She groggily wakes up to someone saying the name “Cordelia” and when she opens her eyes she sees an unknown man asking her if she’s awake. YO IT’S CREEPY YOU’RE STANDING IN HER ROOM. In her mind she wonders who this is and then is surprised to notice that she’s on her bed. When did she get here?

Could it be that this man carried her? He tells her not to be so wary because he has no intentions of harming her. She nods hesitantly and then he asks if she is comfortable. She answers that she is for now. Then she asks who he is and why he is here. His expression twists and Yui wonders why he has such a sad look. He finally tells her lowly that they’ll meet soon.

She looks at him questioningly but he only continues to say that, until then, they must part for a while. She tries to call out to him, but he only pauses for a second before exiting the room quickly. Yui is left wondering just who that man was. Then someone knocks on her door and excuses himself before entering. Her eyes widen when she sees that it is Reiji.

He asks if she was sleeping and then notes out loud that her health must be unfavorable. She admits that it is a little, which makes him tell her that he thought that would be the case and so he brought medicine. She should drink half of it with hot water. In her mind she’s thankful for him bringing her medicine out of worry but… he had just tried to kill her a while ago.

Moreover, he’s made her drink strange things. She really doesn’t want to try and be killed again. Reiji exhales thoughtfully as he waits for her, but in the end Yui refuses politely to drink this. A smirk curls on his lips as he replies that he thought she would say that. She tells him bluntly that right now she can’t trust him and then apologizes. He tells her that he doesn’t think she needs to apologize.

They look at each other in silence before he asks her to relax. He thought there was a possibility that she wouldn’t prefer that medicine right now and so he brought a different kind. She blinks in surprise before telling him sharply that she won’t drink it even if he changes the medicine. He narrows his eyes and tells her that the medicine now and the medicine before aren’t poison.

She continues to glare at him suspiciously which makes him laugh as he admits that it’s hard to go so far as to ask her to trust him. But right now he is honestly telling the truth. This medicine has been prescribed for the sake of her health. He guarantees an effect. She asks him hesitantly if he really made it for her. Reiji nods before telling her that he did reflection before this.

When she repeats the word “reflection” questioningly, he points out that he wasn’t acting very much like an adult on that night. Yui is flabbergasted at his use of words about how he wasn’t very much like an adult. If that wasn’t a lot then… Anyway, once again Reiji urges her to drink the medicine that he created in seriousness.

She giggles quietly which makes him ask her if something is strange. Her cheeks turn red as she denies it quickly, but in her mind she thinks on how she’s a bit happy if she thinks about this as Reiji’s strongest apology. She thanks him as she decides that she’ll drink it then. He tells her that he doesn’t need thanks. More importantly…

Yui looks at him questioningly and then he asks seriously if someone was here. There’s a delicate presence of something that remains. It isn’t his brothers. This reminds Yui to ask him if he passed a man in the halls. Reiji answers negatively and so she describes the man as wearing black clothes. His entire being felt dark and he seemed like a sad man. Reiji inhales sharply. Could it be…?

She asks him if he knows that person, but Reiji only warns her to be careful around that man. He orders her not to be moved by his actions of kindness. She continues to look at him confusedly while feeling a bit scared at Reiji’s frightening atmosphere.

It seems like Reiji doesn’t want to talk any more about that man and so she decided not to ask anything. Then she drank half of the medicine in one gulp. The slight pain that was in her bones disappeared after she washed the coarse powder down her throat with hot water.

After that, for the present, her health became well. It seems that the medicine really wasn’t poison. It would be nice if Reiji became more kind with her in this state but… why does she wish for that?

*** MANIAC 09 ***

On the road to school Yui sighs at how much of an idiot she is. Why did she forget about the homework that she is supposed to submit tomorrow in the classroom? Because of that she has to walk alone on the streets at night. She doesn’t like this.

Yui thinks out loud that it would have been better if she asked Reiji to come with her. But he would definitely think she was a complete idiot for forgetting. Then he would ask why he had to waste his time like that. She sighs heavily before deciding to be quick about it. She runs back to the school and then enters her classroom to pick up her homework. Now she has to return home.

If she were to take the brightly lit roads then it would be a long detour. She decides to take a shortcut. DARK ALLEYWAYS… NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Yui leaves the school to walk through an alley that acts as a shortcut; which she found out about recently. If she runs through this road then she’ll reach the mansion immediately.

Suddenly, a delinquent calls out about how he’s found a woman in this place. Guy B is amazed that it’s a high school girl. Yui can’t believe that she didn’t notice them. There are countless men in the dark. Guy C asks her to come and play with them because she must be free. She replies quickly that she’s not free. Guy A laughs because he thinks she just said a boring joke.

He grabs her and she shouts at him to let her go. Guy B laughs at how politely she said that and then calls her cute. Guy C once again tells her to come play with them and that it’ll be fine. He grabs her too and she shuts her eyes in fear but then her heart thumps loudly. Yui shoves them away angrily and they are sent to the ground. She’s shocked at how she has this strength once again.

Guy A is shocked at her monstrous strength. Guy B snarls out that he’s just warming up. Yui apologizes quickly before running off and Guy C yells at her to wait. But she just thinks on how she needs to get out of here! She runs back to the mansion and pants tiredly. However, Reiji is standing at the entrance and he notes that she returned home late. She’s surprised to see him and asks why he is standing in front of the house.

He answers that he had a bad premonition. She looks at him in confusion but he only murmurs that it seems like she came back safely… actually that isn’t the truth. He informs her that he can smell blood and she must be bleeding. She looks at herself and notices that she skinned the back of her hand. When did that happen? Because she was concentrating on running away she didn’t notice at all.

Reiji’s voice lowers as he notes that he can also smell the scent of other men. He spits out that it’s a dirty scent like something festering. That wound must have been caused by them, right? She admits quietly that it probably was. He tells her that she shouldn’t have let other men injure her. Yui apologizes and he smirks as he orders her to give him her hand so that he can treat it.

She freezes in surprise which makes him ask her why she is hesitating. He wants her to be quick about it. She asks him hesitantly if he isn’t going to drink her blood. Reiji blinks in surprise before asking slowly if that is a complaint to invite him to suck her blood. If that is the case then it was very ill-prepared and not inviting at all. She hurriedly blurts out that he’s wrong and she just thought he was going to suck her blood!

He apologizes formally for not answering her expectations. Just thinking about drinking the blood from a wound that was touched by dirty men makes him shudder. It would be impossible. Yui is taken aback by his answer before deciding that those words are reassuring and so she’ll let him treat her wound.

Once again Reiji orders her to extend her hand then because if this takes up any more time of his then he’ll rethink the offer. She hurriedly holds out her hand and he laughs before telling her that she should have done this at the start. Yui thinks on how she really doesn’t understand what he’s doing when he speaks like that.

Then Reiji warns her that this might sting. He’s disinfecting it and then he’ll finish wrapping it in a bandage. She thinks that a bandage is a bit unnecessary, but he tells her that her wound will heal faster like this. She thanks him before wondering if he came outside because he thought she might be injured. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t have brought out a salve and bandage.

He was worried for her… Yui can’t help but feel happy about that. She suddenly yelps out that it hurts but he informs her that, so that she doesn’t continue to bleed, he has to first tighten the bandage around her wrist strongly. He finishes wrapping the bandage and tells her he’s done, but she points out hesitantly that it hurts. It’s a little mean to wrap her up like this.

But Reiji only tells her to endure that pain for the time being. She gapes at him but he points out that a hundredfold of this is befitting of his anger. She winces but then he suggests for them to return to the mansion. She nods quietly as she realizes that he’s really angry. She’ll be more careful from now on. But then he suddenly turns to her because he recalled something which makes her ask him hurriedly what it is now.

He tells her to wash herself immediately when they return because she’s stinks unbearably. Yui winces again and agrees before apologizing. He also orders her to clean her clothes when it’s dawn. Her mouth drops open before she protests that she has school tomorrow as well!

But Reiji tells her that she could go to school naked. She weakly tries to protest but he cuts her off and asks if she has any complaints. Yui quickly shakes her head and apologizes. Reiji leaves to return to the mansion first, leaving Yui to think on how he’s extremely mad.

For the time being she leaves the bandage that Reiji wrapped around her wrist exactly as it is. Her hand, which is stinging from a lack of blood circulation, can finally heal… However, when she thinks about this stinging pain as a sign of Reiji’s worry she’s a little sad about it disappearing.

When she thinks about him, her chest starts to throb strangely… She feels like someone is snickering at her slowly changing feelings. Could it be that Reiji is actually kind?… It can’t be… right?

*** MANIAC 10 ***

In school the intercom is turned on and Reiji asks for his “food” to come to the science room. Yui immediately recognizes the voice while one of her classmates wonders out loud what “food” is supposed to mean. Classmate B is just as confused. Reiji announces that if she does not come immediately then she will be floating in a sea of her own blood. The intercom closes and everyone in the classroom bursts into furious whispers. What was with that?

Yui winces and wonders why Reiji had to announce it throughout the school like that. She dashes towards the science room and bursts into the room after knocking to call out Reiji’s name. He narrows his eyes at her and asks why she’s being so noisy. She snaps back that those are her lines because what was he doing with that announcement?

He smirks and points out that if he says it like that then he won’t have to wait very long for her. She splutters before bringing his attention to the words “food” and “sea of blood”. He doesn’t see a problem with that since all of those were the truth. She is his food and the moment he is irritated she is an existence that will all too quickly become a sea of blood. She’s frightened by the serious look in his eyes as he says this.

Then he smiles before telling her that they should begin. She looks at him questioningly and so he explains that he was struck with an idea on mixing together a new drug just a while ago. Her blood is essential for this. He drops a knife and orders her to spill her blood with this. Her eyes widen as she struggles with the idea that he wants her to use the knife to spill her own blood.

He sternly tells her to be quick about it unless she intends to make him wait. She blurts out that she can’t do this, which makes him look confused as he asks her why not. She tries to ask why she has to be the one to do it and he smirks before telling her that it’s interesting that way. She flinches and he chuckles lowly before telling her not to make that expression. Is she not going to listen to what he says?

Yui stiffens her spine before telling him that she won’t listen to him. The smile disappears on his face before he tells her that, in exchange, she won’t care what he does to her then? Her eyes widen, but he continues on to ask if she’s saying that she still won’t listen to his words even if he’ll do that. She stutters out quickly that she will do it and he smirks before asking if she’s listening to him now.

In her mind she points out that it’s because she really doesn’t know what he’ll do if she doesn’t listen to him. In that case, there’s nothing she can do but endure this. He chuckles at her expression before telling her to bring that knife to her hand and press the edge of the blade to her skin as much as she can to cut herself thinly. He tells her that if she slowly slides the knife then the slow pain will flow out along with her blood slowly.

He tells her that it’ll be fine and it won’t hurt that much. She holds the knife with a shaking hand before blurting out that, as she thought, she can’t do it! Reiji laughs softly before saying that it can’t be helped; she’s a troublesome person. He tells her that he only needs several drops of her blood. That is why he thought that, above him doing it, she would only bleed a little if she made herself bleed.

A smirk appears as he asks her if she wants him to drink her blood that much. She asks him in a stutter to wait before saying that he doesn’t need to suck her blood then! He can just use that knife and prick her finger and then… His voice lowers as he tells her that it’s nonsense for a vampire to use a knife to draw out blood, right?

He walks closer to her and asks her to stay very still. He’ll be tasting her blood now… Reiji bites into her and she shuts her eyes in pain. He murmurs that her blood is a rich and wonderful flavor. As he thought, it is difficult to suck out only the amount that he needs for the mixture.

She feels her blood steadily being drawn out of her body. He informs her that tonight he is thirsty and so he’ll be drinking more than usual. That is why he told her to wound herself instead. It would have been better if she listened to him… now he’s going to make her regret it a lot.

… When she wakes up she finds herself left lying on the floor and Reiji is happily pouring a drug into a beaker that is over a fire. What is he using her blood for? Does it have a connection to the… analeptic? After a few hours pass, the finished drug is apparently an aphrodisiac that Laito asked Reiji to create.

It makes her feel irritated and she wants to let out a sigh when she thinks about her blood being sucked for the sake of that, but… seeing Reiji’s content expression at the moment of the drug’s completion isn’t all that bad.


Yui wakes up groggily and wonders when she fell asleep on the sofa in the living room of the mansion. She recalls watching the television and becoming sleepy. Then she notices that the television is turned off and she wonders who turned it off. Suddenly Reiji asks if she’s awake now, which makes her scream in fright.

He narrows his eyes and asks what that noise is and he would ask of her to stop it since it hurts his ears. She quickly apologizes and tells him that she thought no one was here and so she was startled. She thanks him since he must have been the one to close the television, right? He informs her that he only closed it because it pleased him and so it isn’t anything deserving of thanks.

This makes her giggle inwardly because Reiji appears to be someone who has a hard time honestly accepting thanks. Reiji asks her if she shouldn’t be going to her room now. She agrees before she asks him curiously what he’s doing over here. He replies curtly that he’s doing nothing at this time. Yui is confused since he seemed to be by her side from the moment she woke.

Reiji informs her that, if he has to say something, he was confirming that the doors were closed before sleeping. It wouldn’t do to allow a man of unknown background to invade their house again. She nods in understanding before wondering in shock if this meant that Reiji was by her side out of concern. She also recalls that she saw Reiji on her year floor at school countless of times.

She feels like Reiji has been by her side more often now since that man appeared. Her heart beats loudly and she flinches. Reiji asks her if something is the matter because her face appears to be red. She reassures him that it’s nothing and then smiles. Even though Reiji is always doing horrible things to her… when she thinks about him being by her side out of concern… she somehow feels…

Her heart beats loudly as she admits inwardly that she’s starting to think he isn’t a bad person. Reiji suddenly whispers lowly in her right ear that her face is steadily becoming more red. Yui blushes heavily as she blurts out an apology and tells him that she’s going to sleep right now! Good night! She runs off in the next instant, leaving Reiji to smile in exasperation.

In her room, Yui whispers out that she was surprised. Her heart throbs again and she wonders why her heart is suddenly feeling all fluttery towards Reiji. She only thought of him as being a little nice…. and now… Her heart continues to throb loudly and painfully to the point where she gasps. It hurts and her heart is once again starting to beat wildly.

Her body feels light and fluffy. It’s as if her body is becoming something that isn’t her own. Suddenly the unknown man appears and asks her concernedly if it hurts. Her eyes widen when she sees him, but he only murmurs that he can finally… finally meet her again. He starts to fumble with her clothing and kisses her as he murmurs the name “Cordelia”. Yui is alarmed but her heart throbs loudly and suddenly the voice of Cordelia gasps out the name “Richter”.

Yui’s vision flickers between darkness and light before, finally, she smiles as she tells Richter that she’s finally able to meet him. Richter inclines his head and thanks her for waiting. In her mind, Yui wonders what is going on because the person talking isn’t her! The one moving her body also isn’t her! Reiji suddenly bursts into the room and asks them angrily what they’re doing.

She calls out Reiji’s name with relief in her mind, but Richter only states Reiji’s name flatly. Yui’s body giggles and informs Reiji that he’s already too late. What did he come here for…? He’s surprised by the tone of her voice and murmurs that he came back because her heart was loud but… what is the meaning of this?

He addresses Richter as his uncle and asks him what he did to Yui. Yui is surprised to hear that name and realizes that this means this man is… Reiji’s relative!? Richter decides to tell him the story and to let him wallow in despair; the story about his and Cordelia’s secret.


“–I love you. I love you. I am in love with you. The feelings I have for you are to the point where my unmoving chest feels as if it is moving. If I die from loving you then there is no greater happiness. I want to remain eternally in darkness in that hand of yours.” – Lord Richter.

Flashback! Cordelia welcomes people into her castle. Vampire A greets her politely and comments on how long it’s been. She looks as beautiful as usual. Cordelia giggles and comments on how he’s as much of a flatterer as usual. Vampire B tells her that he wanted to meet her! She calmly greets him before telling him that she also wanted to meet him.

In the background Richter is gritting his teeth. Back with Cordelia she goes on to compliment what a wonderful night this is for her to be able to meet them. Vampire C politely requests one dance with her. She smiles and goes to accept it only to pause with a gasp. Richter’s eyes widen as Cordelia apologizes because she just remembered a previous engagement. She will have to dance with him next time. Vampire C can do nothing but watch her leave.

Cordelia approaches Richter and greets him as a Lord before noting that he’s here. He murmurs a greeting and notes that it’s been a long time. She agrees with a laugh because it’s been countless of years; since she married into this house it’s been roughly hundreds of years. But more importantly she wants to know what he’s been doing during all that time.

Richter looks pained as he answers that he’s a deadbeat after all. He has been wandering the world as a make-believe poet. He changes the subject though because more importantly he wants to know if she is… pleased with those men. She narrows her eyes and tells him flippantly that they will do. In the end they are only there to pass her time. In that case she and him…

He narrows his eyes and sharply addresses her as his sister-in-law. Cordelia bursts into laughter at how he went out of his way to speak like that. He is as lovable as usual. A pained frown appears as he tells her that it wasn’t out of his way. It is an inconcealable fact that she is his older brother’s wife. He is a man who fought with his brother over her and lost miserably.

She laughs again and calls him a darling before asking him to dance with her. His eyes widen before he protests because he can’t do that! The first dance should go to his brother, should it not? Cordelia snaps angrily that Karl won’t come because he doesn’t have time to accompany her. Richter inhales sharply as she tells him that “he” doesn’t want her; he only wants her because she is the daughter of the vampire king.

Cordelia smiles sweetly again and wonders out loud why she didn’t choose Richter at that time. She regrets it. I DON’T BELIEVE YOU. Richter sharply tells her not to say it. She cannot overturn the past where she didn’t choose him at that time. She continues to smile as she agrees with his words, but… what about the future?

He looks at her in confusion and so she murmurs that, depending on his ability, he might be able to steal her away from “him”. Richter stiffens before he pleads with his sister-in-law to stop. Cordelia’s smile widens as she asks him to stop calling her that. She wants him to call her “Cordelia” like how he used to in a voice thick with passion. Richter’s resistance is crumbling as he murmurs her name passionately before calling her a terrible woman.

Cordelia’s smile is tinged with victory as she points out that he likes that side of her though, right? He tells her desperately that he wandered the world for hundreds of years in order to forget about her. She laughs and asks him why he would do that because there is no need to forget about her, right? Is it because she belongs to his brother? GODS I WANT TO PUNCH CORDELIA IN THE FACE. LEAVE RICHTER ALONE!

Richter states firmly that she belongs to his brother. She is the wife of the head of this family and house. Cordelia narrows her eyes and reminds him that she isn’t the only wife. Besides Karl really loves…. Richter interrupts and tells her not to speak any further. They aren’t surrounded by only allies in this place. She sneers before telling him that he, in contrast to his appearance, is occasionally wounded by his feelings for his brother.

He informs her that the curse of their house is not so easily cleared. Cordelia laughs loudly at how ridiculously human he is being. He points out that this is the reparation for co-existing with humans. She shrugs and dismisses this subject because she wants to dance now. She wants to dance in ecstasy with him for today until they tire. Richter says her name in a wavering voice.

She prepares to dance with him only to gasp in surprise at the sight of Karl Heinz. Why… he wasn’t supposed to come today! Richter gasps out his brother’s name while Cordelia starts to call out Karl’s name in happiness. Richter then calls out Cordelia’s name but he quickly corrects himself to address her as his sister-in-law. But she disappears from his side in an instant.

Richter starts to monologue to himself in a teary voice. He wonders out loud how many times a person like her has to crush his heart until she’s satisfied. He starts to laugh loudly. I WANT TO CRY FOR RICHTER AGJKHG.

Back in the present, Richter informs Yui and Reiji that he continued to repeat the same mistakes. Even while knowing it was taboo, he couldn’t do anything but give himself freely to the woman. She and him joined their bodies together many times and indulged within the limits of their passion.

He had full knowledge that she didn’t love him and was only using him as a substitute for Karl Heinz. He was drowning in her devilishness and then.. on that day, she was suddenly suffering from a grave and deathly wound. She was already in an unchangeable state where she was a husk. He was summoned by her desires.

Flashback! Cordelia begs Richter and he asks her softly what she wishes. She informs him that her body is already beyond saving but there is one way of surviving. His eyes widen as she asks him to use this knife and carve out her heart before placing it in someone else’s body. He asks her seriously if she is able to survive with this. She gasps out an affirmative before telling him to be quick. That child is coming and he will burn her body.

Present! Reiji has already drawn the conclusion and confirms with his uncle if he took the heart of the triplets’ mother and placed it in Yui, when she was a baby? Richter inclines his head and tells Reiji that she was only an abandoned child. He, who had come across the perfect body at the right time, buried Cordelia’s heart into her unfalteringly.

Yui is stunned at this revelation. Reiji asks him why he let her go as a baby since she was holding his beloved Cordelia’s heart. A flash of pain crosses Richter’s face as he murmurs that time was needed and he needed to pretend in front of his brother. To his brother Cordelia and her soul only had value as the demon king’s daughter.

Reiji points out that, in other words, Richter was avoiding the danger of having his brother steal her away again if he had her on hand. Richter admits it freely and also informs them that he handed Yui, who had Cordelia’s heart, was handed over to the vampire hunters. It was a vampire hunter that he knows Reiji is familiar with.

Yui realizes that they must mean her father! Reiji tells him that he understands the summary, but he still has a question. Why does their father, in other words Karl Heinz, want them to see her as their bride? Yui is shocked to hear that she is their bride. What does this mean?! Reiji continues on to muse out loud that perhaps their father noticed Richter’s bad intrigue.

Richter denies this and thinks it is simply a bad prank by fate. He believes his brother simply looked for a human who had a powerful energy. By chance Yui, who had Cordelia’s heart, stood out. That is all there is to it. But then he thinks that the sleeping Cordelia within the girl was unconsciously desiring Karl Heinz’ blood. There might be that possibility as well.

In her mind Yui denies all of this. She can’t believe it! It must be lies! But her mouth opens without her control and Cordelia states that it can’t be helped if she doesn’t believe it… but she is able to come out like this. Isn’t that more proof than anything? Richter’s voice wavers as he murmurs that he wanted to meet her, Cordelia. She replies back that she did as well. He really worked hard.

I GUESS IF I SQUINT MY EYES I CAN IMAGINE THIS AS MY YUI X RICHTER PAIRI– /BRICKED. But then she asks him how he dares to come searching for her like this. Richter hurriedly defends himself by saying that he didn’t think the vampire hunter would have stolen her under his eyes and ran away to a foreign country. He is deeply apologetic for making her be alone.

Reiji narrows his eyes and comments on how he is quite unpleased. Richter snaps at Reiji to be silent, but Reiji replies that he won’t be silent. He informs them 「私は彼女・・・ユイの所有者なのですよ。」(I am this girl’s… Yui’s owner). He smirks as he tells Richter that he has thoughts if Richter will say that he is going to sweep away this girl no matter.

Richter sneers and asks what Reiji can even do, which just makes Reiji smile chillingly. He tells them that he will use every single and possible power that he has to kill Richter… and Cordelia. Richter declares that he isn’t able to do that. Reiji simply shrugs and points out that no one knows. He would ask them not to underestimate him though.

Cordelia asks Richter to pull back for a moment. He gives her a pained and hesitant look, but she reassures him that it’ll be fine. Right now Yui’s body belongs to her and she won’t be going anywhere. Richter bows his head and acknowledges her orders. He wants her to summon him again when the time is right though. She smiles and tells him that she will.

Richter prepares to leave but Cordelia stops him to tell him that he will get his reward the next time. She will give him a lot of… love. Richter’s voice is full of anticipation as he acknowledges that and then he finally leaves. Reiji’s lips curl as he comments on how pathetic that was. His uncle is also such an opportunity… For him to offer his body and his heart to a woman like her…

Cordelia, who is still using Yui’s body, smirks and informs him that Richter is easier to use than a familiar. He will do everything she says so long as she loves him. Reiji admits out loud that he isn’t able to comprehend why Richter does those things while knowing this. Cordelia narrows her eyes and tells him that she’ll teach him then, if he doesn’t understand.

She suddenly grabs onto him and he inhales sharply before asking her angrily what she’s doing. Yui screams out his name in worry, but this only makes Cordelia snap out that she’s being noisy. She only has the social standing of being her container and so she shouldn’t make a noise. Reiji snaps out 「おい、私のユイに勝手に命令をするな!」(Oi, do not order my Yui around as you please!).

MMM… POSSESSIVE REIJI. Cordelia sneers before pointing out that it’s a shame because right now this body belongs to her. She is able to treat it as she pleases. He should understand. Reiji is speechless for once. Cordelia laughs and comments on how interesting this situation is. She will enjoy herself for a while. Yui yells out Reiji’s name again and, surprisingly, Yui’s name slips out of his mouth.

However, Cordelia merely smiles and then orders him to kneel before her if he understands this situation. He repeats her words in shock. Cordelia nods while Yui screams at him not to do it. Reiji takes a deep breath before replying in a calm voice that he understands and he will. WHAT?? エッ(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)マジ? Yui doesn’t understand why.

Meanwhile, Cordelia starts to cackle at how interesting this is! It is the best feeling to have Beatrix’s son kneeling in front of her. She orders him to lower his head more because it is for this girl’s sake, right? She won’t let him say no. Reiji laughs with contempt at how she is satisfied with just this. She is such an easy person. Cordelia smiles coldly and tells him that before long he will be submitting from his heart.

Then she smiles brightly and points out that, perfectly, he has the scent of Karl. Just like with Richter she can use him as a substitute. Reiji grinds his teeth and Cordelia looks at his expression with pleasure. She doesn’t dislike that look. Yui doesn’t understand how it came to this. Can she do nothing but silently watch on?! Just what should she do!? Moreover, why did Reiji kneel for this person? Why?!

*** ECSTASY 01 ***

In the science room at school Reiji asks sharply what she thinks this place is. Cordelia looks up and greets Reiji with a smile. He finally came. He denies finally coming to her and then asks her to answer his question. She frowns but answers that she would have troubles answering what he asked. She doesn’t understand what school is about.

Yui snaps out in her mind that she told Cordelia not to do anything. This place is Reiji’s science room! Cordelia sighs and tells her to shut up before grumbling at how the screaming going on from the girl inside of her is troublesome. She would like him to do something. Reiji sneers and tells her that it is natural since Yui knows about the importance of this room.

He also adds that she shouldn’t take out a teacup as she pleases and enjoy the tea. If he had to say what he wanted then he would be asking her to stop those actions. Cordelia merely huffs before noting that he has somewhat nice tea utensils. Moreover, the tea leaves aren’t bad as well. He only has one way of doing it, right?

She sighs in pleasure and wonders out loud how many years it’s been since she could taste and have the sensation of tea passing through her throat. Reiji’s voice is laced with anger as he asks her if she was listening to him! Cordelia snaps back that she was listening and she’s aware that he is displeased with her taking her tea here.

He loudly declares that he isn’t pleased at all! His precious collection of study results are lined up here. He also wouldn’t be pleased if she accidentally took his medicine. Moreover, the cup she has in her hand is especially rare and high in value in his collection. He would like her to refrain from touching it recklessly.

Cordelia hums before she points out that, in other words, he is worried about this body drinking one of the terrible poisons of his hobby by accident. In fact he could care less about her breaking this tea utensil, right? Reiji falls silent with a minute flinch. Cordelia comments on how adorable he is and how Beatrix’ son has somewhat worthy points of note.

Yui can’t help but blurt out her thanks to Reiji. This makes Cordelia frown as she informs Reiji that she isn’t pleased with how the child inside of her is thanking him. Reiji is flustered as he answers that just didn’t particularly want to needlessly use his medicines. TSUNTSUN REIJI. He declares that it wasn’t because he was worried for her sake.

Cordelia sneers at how he isn’t honest. Yui can’t help but admit that this is something she would like to say. At any rate, Reiji asks them to leave the room immediately because he is busy. Cordelia smirks and points out that she isn’t busy though and she’s bored. She wants him to accompany her in drinking tea. Reiji refuses politely. Cordelia loses her smile and tells him that he’s been continuously saying irritating things.

She’s going to teach him a lesson about their positions now. Yui is horrified in her mind as Cordelia drops the teacup. It shatters on the ground and Reiji inhales sharply. That was a cup that Reiji treasured! And she broke it! How cruel! Cordelia smirks and asks him if something is the matter. Reiji is calm as he asks her if this was her way of trying to teach him the differences in their position.

Cordelia nods and explains that she does what she wants to do… at any time. I DO WHAT I WANT, LEAVE ME ALONE THOR. OH WAIT WRONG FANDOM. That is why her impulsiveness is unable to be understood. For example… Cordelia picks up a broken shard and tells him that she might use this to injure this girl’s body. Yui yells at her to stop what she’s doing while Reiji’s eyes widen in shock.

But Cordelia points out how there’s a thin injury on her wrist now. If she uses a bit more power then blood will come out. Reiji’s voice is strained as he asks her to stop. Cordelia narrows her eyes and asks if that is the attitude he would use when requesting something from a superior human. Reiji grits his teeth but begs 「っ・・・お、やめ下さい。コーデリア様・・・」(.. Please, stop. Cordelia-sama…).

THIS IS SO GOOD BUT YET SO BAD?? I LOVE THE DESPERATION IN HIS VOICE BUT UGH CORDELIA. She smiles and orders him to get down to one knee and to bow his head to her. He looks visibly pained but slowly obeys her orders. Yui is confused as to why he’s going that far for her body. Cordelia admits that this is a good question and tells Reiji that the girl inside of her is asking why he is so concerned for her body.

Reiji murmurs before his voice picks up strength 「・・・それは・・・それは、その身体が私のものだからだ。」(… That is… Because that body belongs to me). He informs her that he can do whatever he likes with that body, but he won’t permit her to do as she pleases. That is all. I SMELL LIES. Cordelia hums thoughtfully before telling him that she understands. She asks if Yui is satisfied with that answer.

Yui can only murmur his name. Then Reiji suggests that they drink tea again and he’ll pour some for her, Cordelia. She is surprised at this current direction that the wind is blowing since before he was telling her to get out. Reiji smiles and informs her that he changed his mind after thinking on it. He’s decided to treat her to a special made blend of tea.

Cordelia hums in understanding and Reiji narrows his eyes as he asks her what she understands. She replies that she knows he’s thinking about testing it on her, but she’ll accept that and try it out. He continues with his preparations and sets a cup of tea in front of her.

She thanks him before smelling it and complimenting it on its scent though she knows that this might be a tea that he is testing to try and kill her with. Reiji shrugs with a noncommittal smile. Cordelia talks about how to them, vampires, death is the start of a festival. And so, even while being scared, they yearn for that moment. It is the luxury of the strong to be able to wander about eternally in the dead of the night.

Cordelia confesses that Karl Heinz has always wanted to die. She thinks Karl anticipated granting this girl, Yui, to him. Reiji realizes that the head of the family, Karl, is forcing them to kill him to change generations. I THINK HE MEANS LIKE PASSING EVERYTHING ON TO THE FUTURE GENERATION. He smirks as he finally understands his father’s true goal. Cordelia continues to tell him that Karl has always sought death.

But he couldn’t find someone to kill him; someone he approved. Her face is lined with pain as she murmurs that he was always strong… stronger than anyone… her Karl. Reiji suddenly steps closer and whispers a good night to Cordelia while wishing her pleasant dreams.

Yui calls out Reiji’s name in surprise and it actually comes out. He greets her by saying that he’s finally able to meet her. She asks him what this is because she can’t move her body but her voice is… He answers that he’s taking advantage of the opportunity with her actual body sleeping right now; which is why it is no wonder that she can’t move her body. Yui asks him desperately what she can do to get out of this situation.

He murmurs that, in a manner of speaking, there is no way. She gasps in horror but then he asks her to wait because he just recalled something. She tells him that, in that time, she feels like she will disappear with her body being used as Cordelia pleases. Reiji asks her quietly if she’s scared. She answers that she’s extremely scared. Even though they’re able to talk like this she can’t even move a finger.

Reiji asks her to calm down because surely there is a method… that is why… Yui notices in confusion that he’s coming closer to her fallen form. He lowers his head and she feels her lips being touched. Is this a kiss? Reiji promises her that he will definitely free her. THESE MOMENTS ARE SO GOOD BECAUSE HE’S ACTUALLY USING HER NAME! He explains that the reason he is doing this is because her body belongs to him; including her life.

He murmurs 「必ず、私がこの手で貴女を殺して差し上げますからね。ええ、必ずです。」(I will definitely be the one to kill you with these hands. Yes, definitely). ER.. THAT WENT FROM COMFORTING TO FRIGHTENING. Yui wonders if she can believe that. Can she be liberated from this reality that is like a nightmare? She inwardly shakes her head and decides to believe in it. Reiji will surely save her from Cordelia.

*** ECSTASY 02 ***

In the dungeon room of the mansion Reiji asks Cordelia why he was called to such a place. What business does she have? She answers that she’s bored and she wants him to be her companion. He points out that, unfortunately, even if she has free time doesn’t mean that he does and so he will have to refuse. She smirks and comments on how unfriendly he is, but of course his charm is in that indifference.

She finds it a shame that this body isn’t able to seduce him to satisfaction. Reiji frowns and asks Cordelia not to place him with men in those areas. She huffs but agrees since he is Karl’s son and Beatrix’s second son. He holds powers that can’t be outdone by her children. He smiles at that and asks what she intends to do with seducing a person such as he.

Cordelia smiles coyly and asks him what he thinks she would do. At any rate, now that they are here they might as well play. She picks up something from the table and Reiji jerks in surprise when she shouts out that she’s caught him. Yui is alarmed by what is going on because Reiji is in handcuffs now. He regains his smile though as he asks her what she intends to do by placing him in handcuffs.

She smiles and asks him what he wants. If his answer is good then she won’t do anything bad to him. Reiji sneers at her question and points out that it’s obvious what he wants. He would like her to release him. It is a shame but even though he likes playing, he doesn’t like to be played with. Cordelia smirks and tells him that she’ll just have to make him like it then.

Cordelia picks up a whip and cracks it in the air which makes Yui ask her in alarm what she intends to do with that. She answers out loud that she intends to hit him until he cries out, obviously. Yui gasps in horror and then yells at her to stop it. But Cordelia only smiles as she tells Reiji that Yui is being cute by yelling at her to stop. Reiji smiles and tells them both that there is no need to worry. There is nothing to say about being whipped.

His smile turns into a smirk as he tells her that she is cheap if her mood will be pleased with that. Yui murmurs that even if that is so she doesn’t want to see him hurt. Cordelia grins and tells him that if he is going to say that then she will grant his wish with the whip. She cracks the whip over him and Yui screams at her to stop, but Reiji only breathes calmly.

Cordelia narrows her eyes because his composed expression displeases her. She whips him some more but he only huffs in amusement and asks her if this is all she has. It feels as if an insect brushed by his cheek. She asks him how long he can continue his bravado and resumes whipping him. Yui yells at her to stop again. But Cordelia only smiles and points out that he’s bleeding.

Well? Does he want to bow his head to her and earn her forgiveness? Reiji frowns in exasperation at how his words haven’t had an effect. He’s already said it before but she is looking down on him too much. Cordelia snarls out that she isn’t pleased with this at all! Yui gasps when she sees Cordelia slap him with an open hand. Reiji’s glasses are knocked off and they shatter on the ground.

He looks surprised for a split second before he sighs heavily and talks about how this is why he dislikes women of her type. Even though they have no power in themselves they do high-handed and overbearing things as if men were inferior. Cordelia asks him in a screech to repeat what he just said. He laughs at her anger and points out that it is the truth.

Moreover it is bad shape to be this enraged at having the truth be pointed out. She returns back to slapping him but he only chuckles before telling her that it is useless no matter how many times she does it. He has long surpassed the pain that is inflicted upon the body. Cordelia forces a smile as she admits that it seems that way, but then again she is unskilled at inflicting this kind of pain.

But how about this… Yui is horrified to see Cordelia stripping and stutters at her to stop. Reiji sneers as he asks her if she is turning to using seductive techniques when she can’t use strength. Cordelia smiles and answers that this is a woman’s weapon. In addition, this isn’t her original body and so how shall she use it? Reiji smirks and informs her that her original body has long become ashes. The explanation is ugly.

He declares that the appearance she has right now is the present her. She repeats his words in rage, but he only continues on to say that if she is really a woman then she won’t care what vessel she is in. She snarls out that she will beat his impudent talk out of him. She resumes slapping him but he bears it silently. Yui screams at Cordelia to stop but Cordelia snarls back that she can’t stop.

She will continue doing this until his prim face becomes distorted!! Yui wonders in desperation if there is really nothing she can do but remain here and watch this. Cordelia answers out loud that it’s true because, after all, she no longer has a place to belong! She screeches at Yui to hurry up and disappear and to leave. Yui flinches mightily inside Cordelia.

Reiji suddenly asks Yui to lend an ear to him. He tells her lowly 「貴女のいる場所はここにある。いいですね?」(The place you belong is right here. Isn’t that right?). GODS REIJI HAS JUST BECOME A CASANOVA. Cordelia calls him impertinent and resumes hitting him. Yui desperately asks God what she should do. She isn’t able to endure just watching this.

*** ECSTASY 03 ***

In the kitchen Cordelia talks about how she was wondering what he was doing in a place like this. Is he playing at being a human? Reiji informs her that, under the orders of her beloved man, the siblings have to periodically assemble and gather around a meal. He’s making preparations for that. Cordelia smiles as she recalls that Karl, as usual, enjoys making incomprehensible rules for hobbies.

She asks him what he thinks the meaning of this rule is. Reiji shrugs but answers that if he had to say something he thinks it is their father meddling to induce them to mutually hate each other. He addresses her as Cordelia as he says that this is his interpretation. She thinks that he is quite correct because Karl terribly hates familial and sibling love.

Reiji’s smile turns cruel as he points out that she was the cause of that, was she not? She smiles and asks him if he thinks of her as the source of all evils. He huffs in amusement before telling her that he isn’t going that far as to say that. She thinks it’s fine for him to speak plainly though because she wants to get close to him and then tear up Richter and Karl.

He comments on how indirect she is. After all, the relationship between the two brothers has been broken thanks to a woman like her. It happened from the start, didn’t it? WAIT LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. KARL IS A DICK BECAUSE HE WAS BETRAYED BY RICHTER FALLING IN LOVE WITH CORDELIA??

Cordelia frowns and Reiji’s smile widens as he offers to apologize if he hurt her feelings. She snaps back that compared to her, a demon king’s daughter, his mouth has no effect on her. It looks like she’ll have to punish him though. He laughs sharply at the words “punishment” and asks if she is going to use Yui’s body as a shield like she did before, because she herself is something that is unable to hold a victory.

It makes him a little disappointed. Cordelia glares and then overturns the preparations Reiji made for dinner which makes Yui wince from inside since he went through so much trouble. Reiji loses his smile. Cordelia tells him that she doesn’t want to hear those words from someone who does human-like things like cooking. But Reiji only snorts in amusement and asks if that is her answer.

Cordelia angrily asks what he means by that. He smirks cruelly as he says that, in other words, she is saying that she has no charm or redeeming feature. He notes that he’s on the mark from her flinch and then asks her not to hit him. Because, in that case, he would prefer the girl inside of her over a woman like her who is nothing. Yui thanks him happily from inside Cordelia.

But this only makes Cordelia sneer as she repeats Yui’s words and then tells them not to mess around. Reiji points out calmly that this is only talk about the comparison of the body and inside. He would like her not to become conceited. Yui winces and answers that she knows that but… she’s still happy he said those words.

Cordelia decides to give him that for the present. More importantly, she feels hungry at the right time. Originally, she was going to suck his blood but she is aware that blood from the same family tastes unpleasant. She will have to endure eating the food he has made. Reiji smirks and points out that she had just been complaining about how idiotic it is to mimic humans and now she is going to have dinner?

She shrugs and points out that having such a thing once in a while isn’t bad. Then she tells him to prepare something for her and this is an order. Reiji frowns while Yui asks her if she intends to flip the food over again. Cordelia answers ambiguously that she doesn’t know what she’ll do. Yui gasps before yelling at Reiji that he doesn’t need to do what he’s doing.

Cordelia smiles and reminds her that shouting is useless, before pointing out that her manservant is standing obediently in the kitchen. Reiji politely apologizes for making her wait and sets a plate in front of her. Cordelia is surprised because he was very quick… Yui is puzzled at seeing what is in front of them. It is like the food one would put out for an animal… OH SNAP GOOD ONE REIJI.

This makes Cordelia ask coldly what this is. Reiji answers that this is what she requested, Cordelia. She glares angrily at him and knocks the plate away where it shatters on the floor. Yui cringes but Reiji continues to smile. Cordelia snaps out that she’s tired of him bullying her.Yui asks Reiji worriedly if he’s okay, but he only starts to laugh before commenting on how skilled she is at being a poor loser.

*** ECSTASY 04 ***

In the game room of the mansion Reiji is shoved down and he blinks in surprise before asking tiredly what Cordelia is pretending to do now. She answers that she has free time and so she wants to pass the time with him. Yui shouts at her to stop it, but Cordelia only snaps back at her to shut up; after all, she is a freeloader in her and so she can just look on enviously while being able to do nothing.

Yui winces but says that she can’t just stay silent and watch as Reiji is pushed over. Cordelia smiles and asks if she is feeling jealous. Reiji sighs before asking her what she is talking about. Cordelia explains that the girl is saying she can’t endure staying silent and watching. His eyes widen in surprise. Yui opens her mouth to deny it but she realizes that there is no point in saying a lie now.

And so she answers Cordelia that she is jealous. She is burning with jealousy. Cordelia reports that Yui has admitted she is jealous. Reiji tries to scoff and asks what idiotic thing she is saying but Cordelia points out that his face is red. Now she’s the one who is jealous. Yui is a bit surprised to see Reiji being embarrassed. I THINK REIJI IS THE ONLY BRO WHO HAS TWO WOMEN FIGHTING FOR HIM LMAO.

At any rate, Cordelia decides to leave the girl alone and suggests for the two of them to have their own fun. Reiji asks with an amused smile what she intends to do in a place like this. Cordelia widens her eyes coyly and explains that she thought there was a perfect bed within reach. She won’t listen to him say that he didn’t know that.

She starts to strip him and the smile drops from his face, but Yui notices in confusion that he isn’t resisting. Cordelia notes that he has a very nice body. It isn’t bad at all. Reiji explains that it is because he’s trained. IN SWORDPLAY? Y/Y. She smiles at that and then promises to make him feel good. Yui shouts at her to stop. What is she doing with her body?!

Suddenly Shu opens the door and blinks in surprise at the sight. Reiji’s eyes widen before he grits his teeth. Shu blinks again while Yui calls out his name in horror. Then Shu apologizes before saying that he’ll leave immediately. As he walks off Reiji calls out for him to wait but it is too late.

Cordelia notes with interest on how that is Beatrix’s eldest son; Reiji’s older brother. Reiji confirms it with a frown and then asks her what of it. Cordelia only answers that she’s thought of something nice. She nimbly leaps off of Reiji’s body and then calls for Shu to wait as she runs up to him. Shu asks her tiredly what she wants before telling her to be with Reiji instead.

But Cordelia blushes and answers shyly that she was saved when he entered. Yui notices in alarm that Cordelia is mimicking the way she speaks. Reiji is alarmed as he tries to ask Cordelia what she’s doing, but he cuts himself off before he says her name and changes it to “Yui” instead. Cordelia smiles and tells Reiji that she’ll do him next time, okay? Shu narrows his eyes at how troublesome this is. What is with this turn of events?

She points out that playing with a different person isn’t bad once in a while, right? That quiet and unsociable person.. Being Reiji’s opponent is a little tiring. Shu eyes her suspiciously before shrugging. Reiji’s eyes widen as Shu tells her to do what she wants if she is attaching herself to him. Yui can’t believe that, of all things, Cordelia is attaching herself to Shu.

Reiji’s face twists into a snarl 「あのアバズレ・・・!」(That bitch…!). OH MY FUCKING GOD IT’S KARL AND RICHTER ALL OVER AGAIN. BROTHERS OVER A WOMAN. THAT BITCH. THIS IS SO POIGNANT BECAUSE REIJI NEVER SWEARS?! Cordelia asks him what they should play because right now she’ll do what he wants to do. Shu sighs before complaining on how annoying that is.

But this only makes her smile as she points out that she has no choice but to do as she pleases then. Shu and Cordelia exit the room and start to walk down the hall together. Yui shouts at her to stop and not to use Shu at the least, but Cordelia tells her to stop being so noisy. She also wants Yui to imagine it because right now that person has a red face. Yui tries to protest again but then Shu asks her who she is talking to.

Cordelia blinks innocently and apologizes for talking to herself. Shu narrows his eyes as he notes that the atmosphere around her is different from how she normally is. Cordelia points out that living in this mansion the entire time will change her personality. Especially if she has to deal with that person every night. Shu clucks his tongue at how annoying all of this is and he didn’t want to get close to this.

She only nods patronizingly and Yui watches as he leaves. Cordelia comments on how refreshed she is after seeing that prim face change pallor. Yui asks her angrily why she did such a thing. Cordelia answers that she was bored and besides it isn’t bad to disturb someone who is always unperturbed. Yui doesn’t think that way at all.

Cordelia only smiles as she explains that Yui is just a young girl. Humans, and of course vampires, all have weak points. It is fun to find and poke at that. Yui calls her the worst! Cordelia tells her to say whatever she wants because this is the act of spitting at heaven. After all, she is Yui and Yui is her. Yui asks how long this situation will continue. Forever? If so then she might… before then… What should she do? Moreover, is Reiji alright? She’s worried for him.

*** ECSTASY 05 ***

Yui asks Cordelia in alarm what she’s doing in Reiji’s room. Cordelia replies that she’s sneaking a visit and since Yui can’t do anything she would like her to be quiet and obedient. Reiji points out that even though she’s talking about being quiet she herself has a loud voice. She doesn’t understand the concept of sneaking into a room at night at all. Cordelia blinks in surprise at seeing him awake.

Reiji answers that he wasn’t awake. It was more that he was woken up by her loud voice. Cordelia decides to keep their talk short then. He asks her what she wants to talk about and so she asks him if he won’t do something good with her? He sighs before telling her that being unrefined isn’t to his taste. He would like her to leave. I’M DYING TO HIS SOFT VOICE RIGHT NOW. IT SOUNDS LIKE HE JUST WOKE UP. IT’S NOT GROGGY BUT REALLY SOFT.

Cordelia huffs but she thought he would say that… and so how will he react to this?! Yui is stunned when Cordelia pounces on Reiji and kisses him forcefully. They continue to kiss until Yui asks in a stutter how long they intend to do that! She doesn’t want to see this! Cordelia releases his lips and asks out loud if she is jealous.

Yui snaps back that it is only irritating at how she can’t move her own body with her own will and has to watch as Cordelia does whatever she pleases. Cordelia finds that plausible. Reiji asks her if something is the matter and so she reports that Yui is jealous. He laughs in amusement and points out that if she’s talking about the kiss then he’s kissing her body. For her to be jealous…

Inwardly Yui grumbles at how she isn’t jealous but now it’s become like this. However, Cordelia suggests for them to continue because they have lots of time. Reiji sighs as he comments on how she’s completely troublesome. She points out who’s talking, but she also has charms there. He asks her in amusement if that’s true but Cordelia changes the subject to ask for a kiss again.

Reiji complies and kisses her. WAT ARE YOU DOING?!? Yui is shocked by how he isn’t resisting. Cordelia pulls back to laugh softly and tell him that the girl is asking him if he won’t resist. She’s also quite flustered. He merely smiles and explains that resisting is also an agreeable option but he’s curious about what the daughter of a demon king is like. Even he doesn’t not have an interest in that.

Cordelia compliments him for his cute words. It would have been nice if he was honest like this from the start. She tells him that she won’t do anything bad. In fact, she’s quite amazing. Reiji smirks and tells her that he will have some expectations then. Yui is horrified and she shouts out at Cordelia not to use her body for strange things. Cordelia sighs in pleasure at how nice it is to embrace a living body.

Reiji murmurs that she must be quite starved. Cordelia points out that it is obvious since she had always been in this girl during her growth to adulthood; looking on enviously while being able to do nothing. Then she found the perfect partner and aimed at moving her heart. It is nice.

He pulls back from her at this and notes that she is the one who arranged for Yui to come to this mansion then. Cordelia admits it and explains that she wanted to meet Karl once again. That is why she commanded magic to manipulate her desires. She mixed Yui’s name into the list of brides that was sent to Karl from the church. At the same time as rousing her heart she understood that the girl would awaken after coming here.

Reiji asks her if it was not disagreeable for her to entrust her body to her own sons for the sake of once again being embraced by her beloved. Cordelia narrows her eyes in confusion before she recalls that she did have children. They certainly had faults. But it is all in the past and she doesn’t think about it anymore.

He smirks and points out that the people in question do not think of it as the past though. She is quite the terrible person. Cordelia dismisses them as still being young. If they had continued to live in the darkness of ignorance like Beatrix… then those feelings would have become irrelevant before long. She, and others like her, are a much more merciful existence than God.

Yui is shocked to hear that everything about her and coming here, including everything, was all set up by this person. All for the sake of meeting Reiji’s father, Karl Heinz, once again? Cordelia corrects Yui’s thoughts and explains that she is going to meet Karl Heinz and kill him. Reiji smirks and points out that it is obvious the person to kill Karl is the next head of the house who has awoken the bride.

Right now, the person in that place is him. Cordelia loses her smile as she declares that she’ll kill him first then and then kill that person. She tells him that being killed by her is her way of showing the greatest of her love. She is going to fulfill his greatest desire to die. Isn’t that wonderful?

Reiji notes that she has no interest in being the one who is most loved. In other words, she just wants to sell her own love. She tells him to say whatever he wants. More importantly, she wants to continue what they started. Yui can’t believe that Cordelia used her, Richter, and her father all for that sake. Reiji frowns and tells her that the more he listens to her the more he realizes that she is a vulgar woman.

Cordelia yelps while Yui blinks in surprise at seeing Reiji throw her off of him. Cordelia angrily asks him what he’s doing, but Reiji snaps at her not to touch him because she’s dirty. She is the worst bitch. Cordelia inhales sharply and asks him to repeat what he said. But Reiji only shouts at her to leave. Leave immediately! Cordelia snarls and tells him that she’ll remember this! Yui worriedly wonders if he’s alright.

Reiji is panting as he murmurs 「ああ、あんな女のために・・・母上は死にたいだなんて思って。」(Aa, because of that woman… my mother wanted to die). R-REIJI… HIS SHOUTING WAS SAD. It makes him shiver. That person was killed by those people. He won’t forgive that woman for manipulating his mother until she wanted to die. He won’t accept it. He will definitely not allow it. That is why… this time… This time he will kill his mother with these hands.

*** ECSTASY 06 ***

In the church room of the mansion Reiji asks if Cordelia is going to harass him again after going out of the way to call him here. She smirks and points out that it’s obvious she called him here for that and he came while knowing that. She finds that he’s an unexpectedly honest person. He sneers and answers that he is the same as her in that he has too much time in his hands.

Even if she has the bad hobby of meeting in churches. Yui orders Cordelia not to do anything strange here. Cordelia asks for her not to shout because, even at the best of times, she feels like collapsing here from dizziness. She brushes off her feeling though and decides that they should begin.

Reiji narrows his eyes and asks her what she is starting. Cordelia tells him that they are obviously going to kneel down and pray. He admits that he did not think she would suggest that. It is difficult for him to understand but what exactly does she want him to do? She smiles as she answers that she wants him to do everything he dislikes. She wants to see his expression stained with bitterness.

His lips upturn as he asks her if that is true. In that case… Yui is shocked to see him bend down to his knees and start praying. Reiji addresses the Father in the heavens. She’s even more surprised to hear him do it properly. Cordelia asks him in shock what he’s doing. Reiji snorts and tells her that, at most, he only feels slightly ill in a church.

What kind of vulgar life form is she? What kind of vampire cannot act to this degree. Cordelia snarls and splashes something onto Reiji. Yui shouts and asks her what she’s doing while Reiji flinches when he realizes that it’s holy water. Cordelia asks him with a sneer how he feels after having his head drenched in holy water. He must feel unpleasant, right?

She looks at him questioningly when he makes a quiet noise. But then Reiji starts to laugh loudly and longly. Cordelia asks him angrily why he’s laughing. His voice is full of amusement as he shakes his head and admits that he was thinking on how she could be quite cute. She starts to take an offense to his words, but he tells her that he might be drawn in by her charm.

But Cordelia snaps back that she won’t forgive his rude mouth. Meanwhile, Yui calls out his name in confusion. What does he mean!? Cordelia reports to him that even the girl is asking what he meant. He smirks and answers that it doesn’t have any meaning. He said it because he thought she was cute and this is no lie. Yui flinches because if he says it like that then he meant it but…

Somehow her chest feels like it’s in bits and pieces. Cordelia frowns because Reiji has been full of contempt all this time, so how did it become like this? He’s smirking as he points out that she’s the one assaulting him and making him exasperated. Cordelia acknowledges that he’s correct; at least, that is what other men would do. He points out that they would be acting just as she expected then.

His smirk is cruel as he asks why he needs to fulfill her worthless desires. He points out that not all men in the world give themselves over to be stepped on by women. Cordelia glares before commenting on how he’s a thoroughly cunning man. He smiles and tells her that he is much obliged by her words. But then Cordelia smiles and admits that she might like that part of him.

She suddenly walks up closer to him, which makes Yui yelp and ask her what she’s doing. Cordelia answers out loud that she is embracing him. Reiji frowns and asks her what her intentions are since she splashed holy water on him, which should make her not want to approach him. She smirks and informs him that his talisman is a failure if that was the case. She’s giving him a reward.

He narrows his eyes and repeats her words suspiciously. Cordelia tells him that it is a reward for enduring her tests. She wants him to drink this body’s blood. He chuckles in amusement at how it finally came; this is completely faithful to her desires. Cordelia tells him that she doesn’t let just anyone drink her blood. She only gives the men she chooses the highest of pleasures.

Reiji comments lightly on how that is an honor then. Yui blurts out his name in shock and Cordelia tells Reiji that the girl is waiting eagerly for it as well. She wants to taste his fangs that have been a long time. Yui splutters and tells Cordelia not to lie like that. He frowns and notes that she’s saying a lie because she thinks he can’t hear, right? He knows that Yui wouldn’t say something like that… although that is a shame.

Cordelia notes that while he’s saying all that, he is still going to drink her blood. He smirks and answers that while this body may be hers it is also, without a doubt, belonging to Yui as well. Yui murmurs his name in surprise while Cordelia admits that she’s jealous of his attachment. Reiji doesn’t respond as he sinks his fangs into her neck. Cordelia moans out at how long it’s been since she’s felt the pain of having her blood sucked.

As he’s drinking, he murmurs that it might be cause of it being quite a while but… it is so sweet it is as if the honey from a flower was flowing into him. Cordelia is moaning and Yui can’t believe that the pleasure is being felt all the way to her as well. Her body is feeling hot. This floating feeling… makes her feel like she’s being revived.

He’s breathing heavily in her ear as Cordelia murmurs that she didn’t think it would feel this good to have her blood sucked. She wants him to make it quicker and a personal experience. Reiji whispers that he’ll drink more then just as she wishes. Cordelia asks him what happened since his service today is full of spirit and vigor.

Reiji chuckles and answers that it has been a while since he sucked her blood like this. She hums thoughtfully and asks if he didn’t lay a hand on any other women. He points out that, at this point, he doesn’t feel like drinking the blood from people with humble birth. Yui murmurs his name. Cordelia decides that it doesn’t matter what he is scheming, because she will allow it for today.

Now she wants him to drink her blood. More! He answers that he will do as she commands. Yui doesn’t understand that even though she feels as if she has woken up in her own body she still feels like a bystander. Even though feelings are being transmitted. What is with this feeling? She feels strange.

*** ECSTASY 07 ***

In the science room at school Reiji snaps out that he would appreciate it if she could stop. Cordelia is amused as she sees that he is finally irritated. He realizes that she’s talking as if she was testing him and so he would like her to know that even he has limits of endurance. She notes that his limit seems to be after she has destroyed all of his precious collection. YO THAT’S JUST CRUEL…

She’ll be using that as a reference now. Reiji’s voice is low as he tells her to stop now. He endured her play for a little bit, but he’s reached his limit. He shouts at her to leave Yui’s body immediately. Cordelia is smiling as she refuses. She definitely won’t leave. If someone were to leave, it would be the girl instead, wouldn’t it?

Yui groans and tells Cordelia that she tried to stop her. She broke all of Reiji’s precious results for his experiments. He grits his teeth and picks up a knife, which makes Cordelia ask if it is silver. Is he going to stab her heart? She smirks and tells him to do it if he wishes, but this girl will also die. If he’s happy with that…

His smile is cruel as he reminds her that he already said that the girl was property to him. She belongs to him. He is free to choose whether she lives or dies. Cordelia is amused by his words. But Reiji continues on to say that killing her is no trouble to him. Yui is aware that Reiji is extremely angry.

She can understand though because the long research that he has been doing has stopped here. Cordelia smirks and tells him that she understands and it can’t be helped. This place is perfect because it has poison. His eyes widen as she declares that she’ll give him his death. Reiji calls her an idiot and yells at her to stop before tackling her.

It smashes on the ground and Cordelia points out angrily that he’s the one who told her to die. Why is he so flustered?! Reiji ignores her words and asks her worriedly to open her mouth. Yui is startled by how Reiji wrenches open her mouth like a horse. He kisses her desperately. Yui is confused because even though he said he didn’t care if she died, why is he sucking the poison out?

Cordelia starts to cough when he releases her. Reiji is breathing heavily as he complains out loud about what kind of woman she is. She snaps back that he’s the one who told her to do that. He shouts back that he didn’t say that! He said he’d kill her but… Cordelia angrily points out that they’re the same. He informs her that she’s wrong. There’s a great difference there.

Yui realizes that it has something to do with his mother and she understands his feelings. Cordelia smiles as she recites Yui’s words to him. Reiji scoffs with a smirk and asks her what she means by that. She doesn’t understand. She can’t understand. Yui winces at her presumption.

He’s regained his calm again as he points out that, in the first place, she didn’t intend to die. The evidence of that is how she kept the poison in her mouth and didn’t swallow. She was testing him. Cordelia laughs before admitting that he’s right. She knows that he feels this much towards the girl inside of her. As she thought, it must be vexing to part with the bride. After all, she’s finally reached an awakening.

Although, all of this is because of her power. Reiji narrows his eyes at her. She orders him to answer her and so he tells her that he has no interest in the girl as a bride. In the first place, he doesn’t have any interest in succeeding the inheritance to this family. He informs her that, if he had to say anything, she can think that he’s attracted at the thought of obtaining the right to kill a man equivalent to God.

Cordelia argues that he saved this body though. As expected of him, he wasn’t trying to save her, right? She understands that much, which asks the question of why he saved this girl. He flatly tells her not to make him say it countless of times; she belongs to him. Cordelia smiles and points out that he loves her, right?

He falls speechless. Yui calls out his name questioningly. But then Reiji snorts and then says that this is why he dislikes women. Love? What a laugh. Cordelia narrows her eyes and states that she was on the mark. She knows that he’s just avoiding it. He loves this girl. Reiji sneers and tells her that this is worthless. Why would he fall in love and feel sympathy for his food.

Cordelia points out that the opposite could be said in that he shouldn’t be falling in love because she is food. Once again, Reiji snaps out that her words are worthless. He would like her to stop trying to discompose him. She latches onto the word “discompose” and asks why he’s feeling that, because she’s just playing with words. She completely doesn’t understand. THESE TWO ARE SO VERBALLY VICIOUS.

Reiji grits his teeth before hissing at her to leave. He needs to clean this place up. In addition to that, he is behind on his research thanks to her. He needs to regain the delay that has been caused. Cordelia decides to listen to him, but before that she has one nice thing to tell him. He narrows his eyes suspiciously.

She asks him what he would do if she told him that the girl inside of her is already gone from this world. Reiji’s eyes widen as he asks her what she just said. Cordelia states that the meaning is exactly as it is. He hurriedly calls her a liar because Yui still existed some time ago. Cordelia informs him that it was just her acting it out all along. Reiji’s voice gets caught in his throat.

Yui yells out that it’s a lie. She’s here! She desperately calls out his name. Cordelia giggles at finally having seen his panicked expression. She’s satisfied for today and she blows a kiss towards him. Reiji snarls out quietly that she really is a good-for-nothing bitch. She tells him to say whatever he likes. Anyway, she’ll be leaving the act of tidying up in his care.

Reiji stares at her retreating back in silence, all the while Yui is yelling out his name. She didn’t think it would be this painful not to have her voice reach him. Even though she’s right here… Even though he’s right in front of her. Yui shouts out again to Reiji that she’s right here. Believe!

–The reason Reiji protected her. Cordelia said that it was because he loved her. But she doesn’t believe that at all. Reiji isn’t that kind of person. That’s what she believes. Did she misunderstand him? Cordelia, who is like a large groove between her and him, said over her shoulder that she wasn’t here.

Even while knowing she couldn’t reach him, she continued to shout out that she was here to Reiji. At the same time though, she fell into despair at how this is the same as her not being in the world anymore. Cordelia’s words have also shaken her.

*** ECSTASY 08 ***

In the living room of the mansion Cordelia requests some tea. Reiji acknowledges her order without protest. This makes Cordelia note out loud that he’s been quite obedient since that scene. It is a bit of disappointment. He’s unexpectedly fragile to believe in the words that Yui might or might not be here.

Yui defends him vehemently and Cordelia snorts before asking where that confidence came. Yui tells her weakly that it’s because Reiji doesn’t want her to interrupt his research… anymore… He’s just pretending to obey her. Cordelia admits that this might be the case. She had such fun at that time; the feeling of doing as much destruction as possible.

At any rate, she realizes that Yui doesn’t think Reiji has become disheartened simply because she isn’t there. Yui agrees strongly with this. Cordelia smirks in understanding though and tells her that they should test it then. Reiji finally returns and informs her that he brought the tea. She thanks him and proceeds to take a sip but spills it.

Reiji is startled while she gasps in dismay at how her arm is stained. It’s hot and she got burned. Reiji sighs heavily and points out that she did it on purpose, right Cordelia? She huffs and tells him that she didn’t do it on purpose; her hand slipped. He informs her that they should cool it and he’ll retrieve some ice.

She refuses, but he tells her that it will be inflamed if she doesn’t. Her body still hasn’t awakened fully yet. Cordelia smirks and points out that he’s still worried about Yui, right? He smirks as he tells her that he thought she’d ask that but, unfortunately, it is of no relation to him whether or not Yui is there. Cordelia hums in thought and then tells him that she’ll leave the burn then.

Reiji is still smirking as he tells her to do as she pleases then. If she leaves it then a blister will form and her skin will peel off unattractively and hurt. Cordelia’s eyes widen as he shrugs gracefully and comments out loud on how if that is what she wishes then… She snaps out that she understands and she’d like him to give her treatment then since it can’t be helped. REIJI: 23 CORDELIA: 22 JUST KIDDING I WASN’T KEEPING TRACK.

He acknowledges her request and leaves to retrieve items. In the meantime Yui points out that she already said it. He’s thinking more about his research than he is about her. Cordelia asks her if she isn’t sad when she says that? Yui reluctantly admits that she is a little sad. Cordelia suddenly calls out and tells Reiji that the girl inside of her says she’s lonely.

His eyes widen in surprise which makes Cordelia smile in victory at how that expression proves that he’s interested in the girl. Yui calls out his name questioningly, but Cordelia brushes the subject away to order him to treat her quickly. He replies that he’s in the middle of preparations and so she’ll have to wait. She frowns and informs him that she can’t wait for that. She’s already impatient!

Reiji is startled when she thrusts her hand at him abruptly. When he asks her what she wants, she orders him to lick it. She tells him there’s more of an effect by him licking it than cooling it with ice or water. He asks her sharply why he needs to go that far and do such a thing for her. Cordelia smiles and tells him that it’s fine, but the pain is also shared by the girl.

He answers flatly that he doesn’t care either way. Cordelia tells him lightly that she understands; she’ll get his brother Shu to do it then. Reiji smirks and informs her that he wouldn’t keep company with a woman like her. Cordelia smiles coyly and asks him if that’s really true.

Reiji grits his teeth and glares at her for her specialty in raising doubts. This is how she broke up the friendship between Richter and Karl, huh. ヽ(;▽;)ノ STUPID CORDELIA KGJGFH POOR RICHTER. He snaps at her to hurry up and present her arm then. She tells him victoriously that she thought he would come around. She extends her arm and orders him to be gentle.

He starts to lick at her hand and she tells him to be thorough and slow. Yui can feel Reiji’s tongue trailing along her arm and, even though this body isn’t hers, she can feel the sensations. It’s a strange feeling. Cordelia notes that the injury is healing, as expected of a vampire. Reiji murmurs that she’ll soon become one of them if things continue the way they are.

Cordelia admits that it’s a strange feeling. A half-vampire like her became a human, who is going to awaken again as a vampire. HUH, SO I GUESS SHE’S A HALF-VAMPIRE HALF-DEMON THING. Reiji tells her that he is amazed at her tenacity. She informs him that she’d rather him call her persistent. She asks him if he will make her his bride if she awakens.

He is silent. Yui wonders how he’ll answer. He finally tells her that he’s going to return the question back to her; she has no interest in settling as his wife, right? Her goal is his father… she plans on killing her original husband. She snorts before telling him that her plans have changed a little after meeting him. She’ll also be fine with becoming his bride.

But Reiji refuses politely. Yui is relieved, which makes Cordelia ask her why she’s relieved. They’re talking about her as well! Reiji smirks and tells her that he’s glad Yui and he are thinking the same thing. Cordelia asks him what he means by that, but he only demurs and says he’s talking to himself.

Lately, Cordelia has begun to hold an interest in Reiji. That’s what it feels like. Nonetheless, Cordelia’s body is her body… It’s a bit complicated. If this situation continues then one day Reiji will belong to Cordelia, the woman who took over her body, won’t he?

When she thinks about that, she becomes terribly irritated. She doesn’t know why she herself has these feelings. Could it be that she… feels a bit of love for Reiji.

*** ECSTASY 09 ***

Reiji asks her why she went out of her way to come to the castle. He doesn’t have the time to listen to her talk about her memories. She waves off his complaints and points out that the moon tonight is ideal for being bathed in moonlight. He growls in exasperation which makes her ask cheerily if it was that much of a problem for her to mess up that room.

He tells her curtly that she understands well and is completely right. He was so close… to completing it. Yui murmurs his name quietly while Cordelia frowns. She points out that vampires live for a long time and so why is he being impatient to that degree? He explains that there is a reason to be impatient.

Her eyes widen before she shrugs and tells him that it can’t be helped now. He needs to create some time to view the moon though. He sighs before finally agreeing with her. Cordelia points out that the Japanese have a phrase about making a mistake if one rushes, right? He snipes at her by noting that she said quite an honest thing.

Cordelia frowns and asks what kind of a person he thinks she is. Then she tells him to look and tosses a rock into the lake; the reflected image of the moon is broken. She confesses to him that she loves the sight of the swaying and shaking moon in the reflections of the water. He comments on how it means she likes insecure things, right? Insecurity fits her perfectly.

She narrows her eyes and asks if that is a compliment. He answers blandly that it was the greatest compliment. She smiles as she tells him that next is… Yui is alarmed and quickly calls for Cordelia to wait as she wades into the lake in her clothes. She plans on swimming in the cold water. She starts to flail though and Yui cries out that she’s very bad at swimming.

Reiji’s eyes widen as he asks her what she’s messing around with. Cordelia shouts out in surprise that this girl can’t swim! THE IRONY OF THIS SCENE JUST AS I FINISH WATCHING FREE! Yui panics as they submerge underwater. It hurts! She can’t breathe! She shouts out for Cordelia only to find out in astonishment that she’s not here. Ah, she can move… her body…

She can hear Reiji shouting but she can’t… her hand… He grits his teeth and finally dives into the water. In the next moment, Yui is coughing loudly. Reiji scolds her exasperatedly for taking up his time like this. Yui is surprised to see that he saved her. He continues to grumble about how he ended up diving into the lake with his clothes on… it’s just like Laito.

Yui tries to cough out a question and he asks for clarification with impatience. She finally manages to ask why he saved her. He laughs sharply at that and wonders to himself why indeed. Would she like to be tossed once again into the lake? She hurriedly shouts at him to wait. He murmurs Cordelia’s name in surprise when she grips him.

But Yui tells him that he’s mistaken. She’s not Cordelia; it’s her, Yui. He’s surprised before he asks her suspiciously if this is true. She’s not trying to trick him, is she? She admits that Cordelia might do something like this… but she isn’t her. It really is her, Yui.

Reiji realizes that Cordelia must have lost consciousness when they went under water. Yui agrees with that but she’s also happy that she’s able to come out like this, even for a little bit. She strengthens her grip and he blinks in surprise before asking her exasperatedly if she knows who she’s holding like this. She answers firmly that she does… it’s Reiji.

He sighs 「やれやれ。鳥かごの中に閉じ込められると、小鳥もしおらしくなるものなのですかね。」(Oh dear. Even a songbird will become meek after being shut in a birdcage). He decides to allow her this for now though; including the way he’s carrying her horizontally.

She stiffens in shock when she realizes that she’s being carried bridal style by him. Now that she’s aware of this she’s become embarrassed. What should she do!? She ends up asking shyly if they can remain like this… just for a while longer. He asks her if she’s wanting to be spoiled. She winces but tells him that she wants him to treat her sweetly, once in a while. Especially since it’s been a while since they last met…

He makes a show of contemplating it but she sees through him because, while he’s saying that, he’s still carrying her. Then he points out that Cordelia should awaken soon. Yui murmurs about how she won’t be able to see Reiji again if that happens. He frowns and notes that she’s saying there’s no means of saving her from that woman in this place… at all.

She nods, which makes him tell her that she should speak a lot right now while she can. She hesitantly agrees out loud but she inwardly wonders what to do. Reiji is being kinder than she ever though he could be and it’s making her confused. Besides, even though he said that it was fine for her to speak, she doesn’t know what to talk about now that it’s come to this.

Reiji asks her if there’s nothing she wants to say. In that case he wishes to return to the mansion to change. She quickly calls for him to stay a little. He asks her questioningly what the matter is. She asks him quietly why he’s always protecting her body. He repeats her word “why” slowly and so she hurries on to explain that, because it is him, she always thought there was another more reasonable answer.

But now she’s curious as to why. His voice is full of amusement as he tells her that this is something he would like to ask. When she looks confused, he explains that his body moves instantly. Every single time. Even though he hasn’t thought about wanting to save her even a little bit. She asks him what that means.

Reiji tells her that it is baffling. This is the first time that this has ever happened to him. Yui starts to think that means… But then Cordelia cuts in and tells them that the conversation stops here. Reiji calmly welcomes her back home. Cordelia smiles as she answers that she’s back home. She fell asleep for a little while.

Yui sighs from within at how she’s returned back to how she was. But she’s glad that she got to talk to Reiji directly, even if it was for a little bit only. When is the next time she’ll be able to talk to him? Thinking about that makes her depressed. Reiji only sighs heavily.

It’s been a long time since she was able to experience her own body. Reiji was unusually kind… to the point where she wondered if Reiji was an imposter. Is he sympathetic to her circumstances? But… even still she’s happy. Besides, she got to ask what she always wanted to ask about. Why is he keeping her body alive? She didn’t hear his answer but… Reiji is protecting her. Because of that truth, she feels like she can endure this life.

*** ECSTASY 10 ***

In her room in the mansion Reiji asks Cordelia where she is planning to go. She tells him that she is obviously going to the castle. He informs her that, unfortunately, Karl Heinz is busy and won’t be in the castle. Even if he was there, he would be with the woman she hates, Christa.

She huffs in surprise at how that woman is still living. Or more like it would be better to say that she’s still allowed to live. Reiji smirks and tells her that it can’t be helped because it is the orders of the head of the house. Cordelia admits that it’s somewhat irritating, but she doesn’t care. She wants him to stop talking about that displeasing woman. She wants to drink in the air of the castle, which she hasn’t been to for a long time.

Yui complains about how she doesn’t need to wear such a formal dress. Cordelia informs her that personal grooming is important in that place. It’s the castle which she might head to in the future as the bride. She thinks Yui should take a look at it as well.

Reiji sighs in exasperation at how well she comes up with ideas that do nothing but trouble him. She ignores his words and orders him to tighten her corset. She wants her waist to look very slim; especially since Yui has no curves and so she wants to emphasize the difference. Yui calls her mean. Reiji informs her that he’s going to tighten it and Cordelia nods before her breath is taken away.

Yui feels like she’s going to die with how painful it is. Reiji smirks and asks if she wants him to tighten it even more. Cordelia orders him to continue. Yui yells at her to stop it because if she becomes any slimmer than this it will just look bad. Cordelia acknowledges her words and asks Reiji what he thinks about this state. She also tells him that Yui is yelling at her to stop.

His smile is cruel as he tells her that he’s going to tighten it some more then. Yui yells at him to stop because she knows he’s doing it on purpose. After some time, Yui groans about how she thought she was going to die. Cordelia feels composed in these clothes.

But Reiji asks her not to walk around outside in that appearance. Especially since their mansion is said to be a haunted house. She tells him that it’ll be fine and then asks him what he thinks of her appearance. He snorts in amusement and asks if she wants to be complimented.

Cordelia points out that, though its imperfect, it is the appearance of his beloved “someone”. He repeats the word “beloved” in amusement. What a joke. Lately, she has been trying to pierce him. Cordelia tells him that calling it that is just distasteful. She is merely telling him things as they are. In fact, she believes that her existence has given Reiji and Yui’s bond an excuse to strengthen and it is unmistakable.

Doesn’t he think the same? Yui thinks that even if Cordelia says that… she has to agree. If this person had not come then… Cordelia informs him that even Yui thinks the same. Reiji admits that it might be true; the relationship between the owner and the owned has become stronger. They have Cordelia to thank for this. Yui finds this questionable and wonders if Reiji is being honest.

At any rate, Cordelia reminds him that he should compliment her. He asks her for a reason. Cordelia points out that women become beautiful the more they are complimented. Reiji asks if there is any benefit for him if she is beautiful. She points out that a beautiful food has higher value, no?

He raises an eyebrow at how she said something logical. She smiles and tells him to praise her in that case then. He answers that he will only compliment her if there is a meaning to that compliment; then he calls her wonderful… amazingly so. She giggles and asks for more.

Reiji whispers to her that the dress loses in comparison to her pale skin. He adds that her skin is smooth to the point that this silk would run away in shame. Yui scolds herself for feeling her heart pound. Cordelia asks him sweetly if she is beautiful.

He murmurs 「ええ、誰よりも美しく、愛らしいですよ。私の貴女・・・」(Yes, you are more beautiful and lovelier than anyone. My dear…). THIS WOULD BE MORE ROMANTIC IF HE WASN’T SAYING IT TO… CORDELIA. She asks him to compliment her more and more.

At this rate, he wants to tear that dress off of her immediately and wholeheartedly take her violently. If he doesn’t then… men from the outside would eat her up in an instant. She sighs in pleasure before ordering him to kneel and help her put on her shoes. He answers 「はい。愛しい貴女。」(Yes, dearly beloved).

Yui is shocked to see him kneel. Cordelia orders him to place her feet in his lap. He chuckles lowly and mentions how her feet are as beautiful as always… like a graceful swan. This feet is so lovely and small that it fits snugly and is covered by the palm of his hand. Yui can’t take any more of this because it’s making her dizzy.

Reiji informs her that he will put her shoes on now. Cordelia inclines her head, but then he suddenly laughs. She starts to laugh with him and he admits that this is interesting. She tells him that his compliments weren’t very bad and she even inadvertently felt her heart skip. She reveals that Yui’s heart was pounding from the beginning to the end though. Yui snaps out Cordelia’s name in embarrassment.

He points out casually that Yui would, and that isn’t so bad. Cordelia asks him to repeat what he said since she didn’t catch it, but he shakes his head and tells her that it’s nothing. Now they can head to the castle; he will escort her, lady. She’s amused by how they’re continuing this game. He’s not bad. Yui finds that she can’t follow along with these people at all. YEAH THEY’RE PRETTY MUCH SNARK MASTERS.

The words that Cordelia said remain in her ear. Cordelia’s existence has strengthened the bond between her and Reiji. If she hadn’t appeared then what would have become of them? She believes that she and Reiji would have had the relationship of prey and predator to the end.

She feels like that probably wouldn’t change even if she awakened, became one of them, and was chosen as his bride. When she thinks about that, she feels that she is not altogether wrong.


In the ballroom of the castle, Yui wonders what Reiji intends to do on calling her – no, Cordelia – here. Reiji enters the room and apologizes for making her wait. Cordelia snaps out that her dance partner has finally arrived; she was tired of waiting. He apologizes formally and explains that he was delayed. She’s surprised by that and asks if there were preparations being made.

He smirks and informs her that the previous research he has done on the drug that they have talked about… is finally been complete. When Cordelia looks confused, Yui explains that it is a secret medicine for the sake of resurrecting his dead mother. Cordelia asks if he is going to revive Beatrix.

Reiji inclines his head and explains that this time he is thinking of making her die while regretting everything. She’s amused by how he’s resurrecting her for the sake of killing her. Oh well, it’s interesting. It is like her tenacity. She comments on how, in truth, she thinks the two of them have similar points.

He merely smiles before asking her formally if he can have one dance to celebrate its completion. She smiles and tells him that of course he can. Then she muses on how, in this amount of time, their relationship has been comprised of her doing outrageous things. He agrees and informs her that she has subjected him to quite terrible things.

She points out that it’s all fine since the outcome came to fruition, right? Reiji smiles and says that he can clear away these long-standing feelings with this. She comments on how wonderful that is and thinks that she should start to clear away her long-standing feelings as well. Yui wonders worriedly if this is for the best… It’s something that she completely can’t understand but… if this is able to save Reiji even a little then…

Reiji asks Cordelia if she is able to carry out her long-standing feelings. She admits that she wonders that herself but… because somehow she has become interested in him. Yui stills in surprise. Reiji asks her what she means by that. Cordelia answers with a smile that it means she is not going to kill Karl with these hands. After all, he is going to die to Reiji.

If he does that then she thinks it wouldn’t be bad to rule this land again as the bride of the next head of the house. He starts to laugh at how characteristic this is of her. She asks him what he thinks about that, since he intends to make this girl his bride anyway, right? He agrees slowly and so she points out that there are no problems then.

Yui blurts out his name in shock as he tells Cordelia that she is correct. Cordelia declares that they have come to an amicable solution then. Afterward she wants to see him call out Beatrix and kill her. He agrees and then asks if she will give him a kiss to seal their vow before that. She’s surprised by what an unexpected romanticist he is. He merely smiles and so she tells him to take one whenever he wants.

Reiji steps closer and murmurs her name. Yui is stunned and wonders why he’s doing this. Does he not care anything about her? He kisses her deeply and Cordelia’s eyes widen. Yui is surprised when she sees Cordelia shove Reiji away. Cordelia asks him angrily what this means. He chuckles and tells her that he’s caught her. He made her drink a certain drug.

She gasps. Could it be…? Reiji declares that it is a drug to restore the real her… Yui. Cordelia groans out that this isn’t an analeptic. He explains that the purification of the analeptic failed. But the drug to consign her to oblivion from this world was… a success.

Yui is surprised and wonders if the drug that he was so impatient on creating was… this?! Cordelia starts to cough and insults him by calling him a boy. Reiji’s voice is filled with glee as he says goodbye to Cordelia. May she return to the bottom of the bottom of hell this time. She snarls out that she won’t forgive him… for tricking her… the daughter of a demon king. How dare he?! HOW dare he!? HOW DARE HE?!

Reiji comments lightly on how the force of her words is having an opposite effect on her body and her strength is leaving. Yui realizes that it’s true and she can move her body with her own will now! Cordelia starts to scream and Reiji’s expression becomes serious 「もう少しだ・・・もう少しで・・・さあ、ユイ、手を伸ばしなさい。」(Just a little more… a little more… Now, Yui, grab my hand). REIJI: 24124 CORDELIA: 34.

Yui hears his words from far away and wonders if it is alright to grab his hand. Cordelia yells out that she won’t let her! Yui screams at her to stop and to let her go. Reiji shouts at her to wish for it more and more strongly. Yui calls out his name over and over again until finally… OH I SEE HOW THE BAD ENDS ARE GOING TO WORK NOW.

*** ENDING 01 ***

In Reiji’s room he is breathing softly. Yui thinks on how unusual it is for him to be sleeping so soundly. She wants to look at his sleeping face forever. He continues to breathe quietly as she thinks back on how, at that time, it was thanks to Reiji that she returned to herself.

The drug that Reiji created was weak by itself and couldn’t suppress Cordelia. But because Reiji was calling her so strongly she… was able to defeat Cordelia. Richter, who was so attached to Cordelia, approached when she imitated Cordelia and was finished. There is no longer anyone who can get between her and Reiji.

She suddenly winces in pain because her neck hurts from when Reiji sucked her blood yesterday. Ah, it makes her so happy… to be able to continue feeling the pain that Reiji gives her. He suddenly groans and opens his eyes drowsily. She blinks in surprise and asks him if he’s awake. She’ll make some tea immediately.

He acknowledges her words with a smile and then asks if she was by his side this whole time. She blushes as she confesses that she was because she didn’t want to leave his side, even for a moment. Was she an intrusion? He smiles in amusement and denies it. She breathes out in relief and then prepares to make the tea.

But he calls for her to wait. Before that, he wants her to come here. Her eyes widen when he embraces her. She opens her mouth to say his name, but he interrupts and tells her that he is in the mood for drinking her blood more than he wants the tea. He whispers for her to stay still.

She gasps as he sucks deeply. Then she asks for a kiss and he chuckles at how unusual it is for her to plead for a kiss. But he grants her wish and tells her that she can have as many as she wants. In her mind she thinks on how she was embarrassed to say it, but she’s always thinking of it.

He laughs at how now she’s silent. She really is a troublesome servant. He whispers in her ear that if she troubles him a second time… then he’ll kill her next time. YOU’RE JUST ALL BARK AND NO BITE REIJI (*´ω`*). He resumes drinking her blood as she thinks on how she doesn’t want to trouble him but… she wouldn’t care if she were killed by these hands. Her life is already… his.

*** ENDING 02 ***

Ecstasy 07! Reiji snarls at Cordelia to stop breaking his things. He threatens her and so she tries to drink poison, but then he tackles her and drains it out. Yui doesn’t understand why he didn’t let her die because if he did then this whole situation would be over. Cordelia asks Reiji that question.

He’s visibly surprised and at a loss for words. Yui can’t help but think that it would be more comfortable. Cordelia taunts him about actually loving Yui and then lies to Reiji about how she’s already gone.

Ecstasy 08! Cordelia orders Reiji to get some tea and then chats with Yui about how obedient he is. Yui thinks Reiji is just appeasing her so that he can work on his research. He doesn’t care about anything else. Cordelia asks her if she isn’t sad about that, but Yui lies and tells her that she isn’t particularly sad. Cordelia tells Reiji that Yui says she doesn’t care if she doesn’t meet him anymore.

He’s startled and then points out quickly that Yui is actually there then!? Cordelia smirks and answers that she is, but she doesn’t want to meet him. Yui knows she’s lacking in judgment but it looks like Reiji is disappointed. It might have been better for her to be honest. Then Cordelia spills tea on herself and Reiji licks her better.

Ecstasy 09! Cordelia jumps into the lake and then falls unconscious. Reiji picks up Yui bridal style and they talk to each other. She asks him quickly to place her down though and he acknowledges her request. He drops her and she plunges back into the water.

Yui snaps out that he didn’t have to drop her so suddenly. He informs her that she was the one who wanted to be lowered. She has to give him that but… Anyway, the two of them talk about their feeling and then Cordelia interrupts.

Ecstasy 10! Cordelia orders Reiji to help her get in the dress. Then she talks about how his bond with Yui strengthened because of her presence. Yui thinks she’s mistaken though. Cordelia reports Yui’s answer and Reiji agrees. There is no way his relationship with Yui has become better in this situation.

Yui feels like their connection has become stronger though… At any rate, Cordelia asks Reiji to praise her and the two of them start to joke by acting smitten with one another.

Ending! Yui notes that tonight is a full moon. She frowns in sympathy for poor Cordelia who won’t ever see such a beautiful moon again. But she is grateful to her, because ever since that incident she now knows the wonder of being able to live freely. From now on she is going to live in freedom without being imprisoned by anyone. Freely… just as the thought implies.

She starts to giggle to herself but then someone knocks on the door. She invites them in and blurts out Reiji’s name in surprise with honorifics. But then she corrects herself and calls him just “Reiji” before informing him that he was late and he needs to pour her tea. He tells her that he will bring some immediately. She tells him that she wishes for something of superior quality.

Of course that wouldn’t be him. He inclines his head without protest. Then she tells him that her feelings have changed and she wants him to comb her hair before the tea. He obeys without protest. She orders him to be careful. He answers 「・・・仰せのままに。」(As you command).( ゚д゚) DID… YUI BREAK.. REIJI??

As he brushes her hair she asks him about the situation with Richter. Did he deal with him? Reiji smirks before answering affirmatively that he cleaned him up with these hands, just as she ordered. She giggles in pleasure before telling him that she feels good today. The moon is also beautiful and so she wishes to walk to school. That’s fine, right Reiji?

He agrees slowly which makes her ask if he is unhappy about something. He denies it. She narrows her eyes at him and takes his words as fact, but now her mood is wrecked due to him. What will he do about that? She laughs and talks about how someone with a good mind like him should know what to do, right? She orders him to kneel before her and praises him when he obeys.

Yui orders him to drink blood from her hand and then make her feel good. He obeys without protest and bites into her hand. She moans before ordering him to drink more. He starts to gulp heavily and she laughs before asking him if something is wrong. She doesn’t want to him be so greedy. A person such as him no longer has that allowance. She starts to laugh before moaning in pleasure.

He swallows her blood desperately but then she informs him that they are done now. He’s startled as she shoves him and calls him dirty. She tells him to release her but he begs out for her to wait. He would like more blood… She asks him coldly if he didn’t hear her. She told him to let go.

She slaps him and he winces. She reminds him who he is opening his mouth to. She would like him to understand his position. He falls silent and she smiles victoriously before telling him that he is a prisoner to her blood. She won’t let him go anymore. She wishes him to work hard so that she won’t throw him away. He looks alarmed at that.

The blood from Cordelia’s heart that she captured is like opium to the vampires. He can no longer endure being without her blood. Reiji would do anything she says now… he is her slave. He will belong to her forever! Ah, it feels so good! She can live however she wants! It’s wonderful!! Yui starts to cackle out loud. CALM DOWN GIRL Σ (´д`lll) POWER TRIP.

*** ENDING 03 ***

Maniac 07! Yui is cleaning Reiji’s room and then sees his notes on an analeptic. Reiji finds her snooping and starts to choke her. She realizes that she needs to get him to release his hand and so she starts to push and struggle. He only growls out at her to die! It’s hopeless because she isn’t affecting him at all! Then her heart thumps and she gets enough strength to shove him away.

Maniac 08! She avoids Reiji and collapses in her room due to her pounding heart. She wakes up to Richter who waxes poetic on finally meeting her and he’ll wait for her to awaken. Then Reiji comes into her room to give her some tea, which she refuses with an apology. She throws the bottle away and it shatters.

He comments on how her attitude is unlike her but she points out that it’s fine to throw away medicine she won’t drink, right? He smirks and admits that she has a point but she has to clean it up herself. He isn’t going to bother watching over her to that point. Then he warns her not to talk to Richter again.

Maniac 09! Yui is late coming home and encounters some men in the alley. She manages to escape and finds Reiji waiting for her in front of the house. When he offers take care of her wound she asks him suspiciously if he intends to put poison into her through his mouth. Reiji is visibly angry but then he smirks and asks to test it out then.

She quickly apologizes and asks him not to do it. He laughs at how she’s returned to talking before she prompted this calamity; he suggests that she doesn’t say any unnecessary things. Then he bandages her wrist tightly.

Maniac 10! Reiji calls for Yui through the intercom. He orders her to cut herself for this new drug he made. She refuses angrily, but he only laughs and asks her what she doesn’t want to do. She tries to tell him that she can’t give out her own blood and so he notes out loud that she must not mind if someone else does it then.

She tries to deny that but he points out that she doesn’t dislike it when he sucks her blood. She has nothing to say to that and so then he goes ahead with biting her and sucking her blood. She ends up fainting onto the floor and he gets to use her blood anyway.

Ending! In the ballroom, Cordelia (who is in Yui’s body) chuckles and compliments Richter for being a skilled escort just like he was in the past. He replies that if he was not able to do this much then he wouldn’t be suited to be by her side. She praises how he’s as gallant as usual. He tells her that he can be anything as long as it is for her sake.

He sighs in pleasure and asks her why she is so beautiful. She blinks in surprise and asks him if this is true even if she’s in this girl’s poor body? He tells her strongly that she is beautiful no matter her appearance. She giggles before agreeing. She notes that even now his heart is throbbing. She can feel it with her hand pressed on his chest like this. His breath catches in his throat.

Then Cordelia laughs and comments on how the girl inside of her is quite stubborn. But it doesn’t matter because she won’t win against her even once; her body, her charm, or even her avarice. She suddenly remembers to ask him what happened to Reiji. She recalls telling Richter to do whatever he wants with him. He answers that he killed Reiji with these hands. She starts to laugh in delight.

Flashback! Reiji growls out in pain that he will definitely return one day to kill him and that woman. He will return… for certain!

Present! Richter grits his teeth and answers stiffly that he wasn’t able to forgive Reiji for breathing the same air as her even a little. Cordelia comments lightly on how Richter has always been deeply jealous. He answers that he is only for her. But now he’s finally caught her from now on… and forever.

She merely giggles before asking him what he is saying. He looks at her in confusion. She asks him if he intended to catch her with this. He whispers her name in a shaking voice. She laughs at how conceited he was. Then she tells him cruelly that he isn’t enough… not at all. Cordelia whisper with a blush that only “that person” can fulfill her heart and body. He inhales sharply as she smiles coyly and apologizes. WOW RICHTER IS JUST DEVASTATED…


Yui knocks on the door to Reiji’s room and tells him that she’s coming in. She enters his room and tells him that she brought tea. He greets her with a smile and notes that she’s exactly on time; not even a seconds deviation. She nods and points out that he’s punctual about time and so she thought she should be too.

He tells her that is an extraordinarily desirable way of thinking. Yui is ecstatic at having pleased Reiji! He smirks and asks her why her face softened so suddenly. She turns bright red as she stutters out that she was happy to receive praise from him. He chuckles lowly before commenting on how she’s become quite obedient. As a reward he will suck her blood.

Reiji asks her where she would like to be bitten. She shyly answers her wrist. She wants to see his face as he sucks her blood. He laughs softly before telling her that is a shame because he’s not in the mood for her wrist. He wants to drink it violently from her throat. She winces before flushing in pleasure at the thought of her blood blending inside Reiji.

She begs him to drink more of her blood. She wants to slowly become part of Reiji like this. He chuckles against her ear and comments on how she’s a woman who can’t be helped. He bites even harder and she moans out loud before gasping in surprise at her own voice.

He laughs at her expression of ecstasy. He wouldn’t have been able to imagine this from the moment they met. Before they reached this point she always looked as if she saw a monster. She asks if that’s true and then apologizes. Yui tells him that she didn’t know anything back then. She was just a foolish being; but now it’s different. Reiji was the one to change her.

In the future she wants to become something that Reiji sees in this world. She’ll do anything he says. She lives only for that. Reiji’s smile disappears as he asks her flatly if that is true. He informs her that he would be bored then. Her eyes widen as he tells her that she doesn’t understand anything. Even though they say that people who surrender their will and freedom are happy…

She opens her mouth but he interrupts to say that he enjoys it when he sees her eyes well up with tears or when she’s afraid at the sight of a whip. She asks him desperately what she should do then. What can she do so that she is a perfect being to Reiji? He answers 「さあ・・・それは貴女自身が考えることですよ。」(Who knows… That is something you will have to think for yourself).

Yui repeats the words “yourself” and he nods before telling her to work hard. She agrees shakily. In her mind she thinks on how it seems quite difficult to become a perfect being to Reiji. But she’ll surely show him! She can accomplish anything for his sake. She has to prove that.

*** HEAVEN 01 ***

In her room Yui wakes up on her bed with a smile. She saw Reiji in her dreams again today. He drank a lot of her blood, felt good, and praised her. He’s on her mind when she’s sleeping and when she’s awake. If she could, she’d think about pleasing him every second. What should she do to please him… Oh, she knows!

After some time, Yui finishes her preparations in the dining room. She thought about trying to make his beloved carbonara, but it was her first time… It doesn’t resemble the one he makes at all. This is her eighth time. Did it finally approach the taste of the one Reiji makes?

Reiji suddenly enters the room and asks her loudly what she’s doing. She gasps out his name. He informs her that it is a great crime to dirty the kitchen without his approval. She apologizes quickly before stuttering out that she tried to cook to please him even the slightest bit.

He repeats the word “cooking” in astonishment and she nods before explaining that she made carbonara. If it would suit him, perhaps he can sample this? He answers slowly that he doesn’t mind but… She hurriedly tells him that she’ll make preparations immediately! If he could just wait over there… She realizes that she has to do this before he changes his mind! He smiles and decides to accept her offer. He’ll be anticipating it.

Some time later she sets the plate down in front of him while feeling nervous. Yui asks him nervously how it is. Reiji’s smile has disappeared off his face and his eyes narrow. If he could be frank…. It is not something that is distasteful to eat.

He complains exasperatedly about how she made him eat such a thing. Even displeasure has its limits. Yui pleads with him to eat a little more and he laughs lightly at how she has the nerve to give him an order. Her eyes widen as she hastily apologizes and tells him that she didn’t intend that.

Reiji is pleased by her answer, but then he muses out loud on how it’s a problem if her skill in cooking is at this level. It can’t be helped. He cracks his whip in the air as he says that he will have to give her a special lesson. He cracks the whip again and then tells her that, first, he is going to make her body remember not to make this kind of cooking ever again.

Yui flinches at the pain on her skin that feels like it’s burning. Reiji whips her some more and chuckles darkly. But for some reason… she wants more of the pain that Reiji is giving. More and more.

*** HEAVEN 02 ***

In her room Yui is admiring how beautiful the full moon is. She wonders if Reiji is looking up at the moon in the same way. If he is then she’d be happy… REIJI REIJI REIJI REIJI REIJI THIS GIRL IS LIKE A ROBOT. In reality she wants to be looking at it together but that’s a selfish request, huh.

Ah, she wants to meet Reiji… she doesn’t want to be apart for even a moment. Her door suddenly opens and Reiji enters to note that she’s awake. What perfect timing. She blurts out his name in surprise and asks him why he is here. She admits that she’s surprised because she had just been thinking about him.

He asks her flatly 「・・・私のこと以外を考えている時間があるのですか?」(… Is there even a time where you are thinking about something other than me?). OMG GOOD RESPONSE. She smiles as she answers that there isn’t. Even in her dreams she thinks about him. He laughs before telling her that tonight is a full moon and he couldn’t sleep because he felt a bit enhanced.

She asks him if that is why he came here. He answers affirmatively and then asks if there is a problem. She hurriedly shakes her head and inwardly wonders what to do because she’s happy. He went out of his way to come to her… It might be strange now but she feels like thanking God.

Reiji is smiling at her before he suddenly says that they should start. Yui turns bright red as she finds herself pushed onto the bed. Σ(OωO ) WAO I DIDN’T KNOW HE HAD IT IN HIM. He asks her if she won’t resist. She answers shyly that there is no reason to resist. Instead she asks him to come even closer.

He laughs softly in her ear before whispering that he doesn’t dislike women who are honest with their desires. Now, what does she want him to do? He’ll do as she wishes. Her eyes widen before she thinks on how she wants to give him blood. But that’s so embarrassing she can’t say it… He notes that her eyes look like she wants something.

Reiji orders her to be faithful to her desires. She starts to blurt out that she wants… He echoes her statement; she wants…? She confesses that she wants her blood sucked. He smiles and asks her who she wants. She whispers his name. But his smile only widens as he asks her how she wants it. HOLY CRAP DYING FROM EMBARRASSMENT AT HOW HE’S DRAWING IT OUT.

She tells him that she wants his fangs in her neck. He chuckles before praising her in a low voice for saying it. Then he bites down. She groans out at the feeling as he drinks deeply. She wants to be like this forever and ever… It’d be nice if this happened every night on the full moon…

*** HEAVEN 03 ***

Yui runs down the hallway in the mansion as she thinks on how happy she is to be invited to play chess with Reiji. She giggles in joy and reminds herself to be quick! She crashes into someone though and she winces in pain. But then her eyes widen when she notices who it is.

Shu stares back at her in silence. Yui wonders worriedly what she should do, but Shu remains silent. He finally asks if she is alright. She reminds herself that she can’t do anything. She made a promise not to talk to Shuu- no, this deadbeat. She continues to stay silent with a troubled face.

Suddenly Reiji walks down the hallway and complains to her about how she’s late by one minute. Just where was she loitering abou–. Yui is alarmed to see Reiji and how he arrived at this time of all things. Shu is silent as Reiji smirks slowly. He starts to chuckle as he comments out loud on how he sees how it is.

Yui blurts out that he’s mistaken and this was a coincidence! But Reiji snaps at her to be silent. He doesn’t care if it was a coincidence or not. Then he states that they are leaving and grabs her by the wrist. Shu looks on in confusion as they leave. OH BOY…

Reiji slams the door to her room shut and snarls out that she really is a person who cannot be helped. Yui yelps as she’s pushed down onto the bed. He growls out about how he even gave her a warning about not approaching Shu. It seems like she still doesn’t understand. She protests and tells him that he’s mistaken. It was just a coincidence…

He snaps out that he doesn’t want to listen to excuses. He won’t say this twice. She nods weakly and apologizes. He’s pleased and then informs her that she is to be under house arrest in this room until he forgives her. She repeats the word “house arrest” worriedly and he smiles cruelly before telling her that she is not allowed to even get down from her bed.

Until he says that it is okay, she cannot leave or eat. Everything is forbidden. She tries to protest but he asks her dangerously if she has something to say. He would like her to be grateful that he’s only doing something of this degree to her. She desperately asks if this also means that she won’t be seeing him for a while. He answers naturally yes.

For the next while he doesn’t want to see her face! It’s irritating… She protests and begs him not to say such a thing. She’s begging him to please be by her side. She doesn’t want to be apart for even an instant! He snorts in amusement at how considerably courageous she is. But it won’t move him. He excuses himself curtly.

But as he leaves she begs him to wait. Reiji is silent as he pauses before returning. She wonders if he came back. He smirks as he says 「・・・籠の中の小鳥でも、もう少し静かだと言うのに。」(… Even though it is said that a songbird in a birdcage would be more quiet).

She turns red as he leans in to kiss her on the lips. Then he sneers and exits the room, leaving her dazed from the heat on her lips. She doesn’t want to be parted from him for even a second though…!


Yui knocks on Reiji’s room and excuses herself as she enters. He greets her with a smile and she tells him that she brought tea today as well. She’ll brew some immediately and asks him to wait a bit. This moment of brewing tea for Reiji is pure happiness… She needs to make sure she brews delicious tea!

He suddenly calls her by her full name, “Komori Yui”. She gives him a startled glance and he informs her that the temperature for the tea is too high. Her mouth drops open as she notices that and inwardly she calls herself an idiot. He asks out loud how many times he has to teach her this; he’s considerably tired.

She panics at this because at this rate Reiji will abandon her! She apologizes quickly and tries to explain herself, but he tells her that he isn’t seeking her apologies. He has also told her this countless of times. She nods reluctantly before blurting out that she doesn’t want to be hated by him. He asks her why.

Yui answers slowly that it’s because she… for him… It’s because she thinks she likes him. He repeats the word “like” without emotion. Then he laughs before commenting on how he didn’t think the day would come where he would hear this word. It is an interesting word. He orders her to say it once more. She turned bright red at that.

He notices her hesitance and asks if she is assuming importance now. What a sinful person. She quickly denies having that intention. In her mind she’s embarrassed but those feelings aren’t a lie. If Reiji wishes it then… She confesses once again that she likes him. He tells her that it isn’t enough. Is that the extent to what she feels? He had expectations and now he’s disappointed.

She hurriedly blurts out again that she likes him! He suddenly asks her lowly if she really does and to what extent. He bites down languidly on her wrist and starts to suck her blood. She tells him that she likes him to the point of not minding if this world were destroyed.

He smiles slowly and asks her if that is the extent. She is putting him on the same level as this worthless world. Yui’s eyes widen and she tries to deny that. She tells him that she likes him to the point where she doesn’t value her own life and she would offer her life up to him. He laughs in pleasure before biting even deeper into her wrist.

She flushes with pleasure and he tells her that she can stop now because he’s extraordinarily pleased. She tries to catch her breath and he laughs at how she is out of breath from this. It makes her easy to tease. Then he asks her if she hasn’t noticed how easy she is to be used.

Yui answers that she is satisfied to be used by Reiji. That is why she would like him to allow her to be by his side forever and ever. He tells her lowly that he doesn’t mind. In exchange, she has to make sure he isn’t bored. Forever…

71 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Reiji ~

    sillensa said:
    July 6, 2017 at 12:27

    Thank you so much!!!! So hard to find a good Reiji route guide. *hugs*

      Ilinox responded:
      July 7, 2017 at 12:20

      You’re welcome <3! Glad you enjoyed it! I know Reiji is a bit of a hit and miss with the fandom, haha, some people love him and some people hate him (actually isn't it like that for all of the boys?).

    Neko_Lafanette said:
    April 4, 2017 at 22:03

    The ”Heaven” scenarios were actually cute to me. ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      April 9, 2017 at 00:40

      Oops, I tend to get snarky in my commentaries sometimes but YES I agree in that the Heaven scenarios were generally really cute :’D all the fun vampire shenanigans without all the craziness that went on in main routes.

    Gabriella said:
    January 5, 2017 at 12:43

    WTF happened ;-;

      Ilinox responded:
      January 7, 2017 at 13:04

      Reiji is a tough character to understand |D he hides a lot of his true feelings and even his actions are so controlled. THINGS DO GET PRETTY WILD HERE THOUGH… and poor dude’s route was used mostly for exposition about the main story.

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