Celebrating 2nd Anniversary!

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♪(*⌒ー⌒)o∠★:゚*PAN! Can you imagine that it’s been two years already? Wow, time flies… Especially when you look at my blog and you realize that there hasn’t even been that many posts since last year? Oops, I really need to do something about my speed //sobs. But my motto has always been “slow and steady” (at least in regards to this blog). It’s better to keep up my average speed like this than to try and rush out reviews and just burn myself out from otome games, don’t you think so?

Anyway, I should get to the point of this post. Once again I want to thank all of you so much for continuing to follow this blog! So here’s a big thank you to all of my old and new followers ♥~(‘▽‘人). To be honest I was hoping I could finish Diabolik Lovers and Amnesia Later before it reached my second anniversary so that I could host another game summary giveaway but… yeah, as you can see, not happening unless I get a time machine ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ. Instead I’ll be making this a drama CD translation giveaway and feedback post.

EDIT: As of August 26, 12:06 PM PST, the giveaway is officially over! The random number generator spat up #32 and the person closest to that was shoujosei who had #36! I’ll get started on the request Jooubachi no Kanbinaru as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who participated! I won’t close the comments this time so people can still give me feedback /o/.

So, umm, yeah! Please comment below and let me know how you feel towards the way I’m currently running this blog. Do you guys want me to shorten my details and become more “summary”-like so that I can speed up my pace? Currently I’m literally translating every (or every other) line. You can basically play one of these games by following my posts ;;;

When I talk about “summaries” I’m thinking something like the way I do the Maniac and Ecstasy choices in Endings 2 and 3 for my Diabolik Lovers posts. Basically, I can sum up a scene in a paragraph and just be like “Cordelia defeated Yui and is now in possession of her body. She’s free to do as she wishes and Richter tells her how much he loves her. He even killed Reiji for her. Unfortunately, Cordelia spurns his love”.

The rules for the giveaway will be really similar to last year’s event. Please request ONE drama CD that you would like me to translate. An example of my work is my Diabolik Lover translations. Also, I should let you guys know that Wasurenagusa, Seventh Heaven, Diabolik Lovers More Blood, and Shukan Soine are off the table because I know there are other people doing those /)ω(\. I reserve the right to refuse a request for reasons I may or may not give. I’ll just simply ask you to request something else.


  1. Comment below with a number from 1-100. Don’t forget to add your drama CD request!
  2. Deadline is 11:59pm of August 25th PST.
  3. A random number will be chosen from 1-100.
  4. Whoever is closest to the chosen number wins!
  5. I will get started on the request as soon as possible!

EDIT: In case people are having troubles thinking of drama CDs other than the ones Rejet has done (I was having troubles too, oops ;;; Rejet is consuming my soul) Sweet Voices is a wonderful blog that likes to do reviews and short summaries on the drama CDs that she’s listened to. I’d recommend checking this place out!

49 thoughts on “Celebrating 2nd Anniversary!

    Sena said:
    March 10, 2014 at 11:23

    I started a new thread! I feel bad for spamming your wall more now, though, since it got so long that this became an option.

    Isn’t it amazing when you can find works that pretty much incorporate all of that put together? Sometimes I find that I can’t exactly relate to some characters because our situations are so different, but certain writers are really good at bringing you into their situation so although you’re different, you can still feel a connection to them. I almost find those characters to be more amazing in some way than characters that I might feel closer to because I can understand them or relate to them more. I understand about one lines. I also have issues with endings. Like…I read this one fanfic a while back that I really liked, but the ending almost ruined it for me. It just didn’t seem to match. The rest of the story felt so well-thought out, but just at the very end, I felt like I was missing something. Obviously, based on this hobby, I don’t need a happy end to be satisfied, I just need an end that neatly closes the whole story in a way that matches. Don’t make a character do something so unbelievable that you destroy my image of them when they had been so consistent through the rest of the story. Don’t suddenly introduce a new theme or drop old ones at that very end when I just want some form of closure. It’s frustrating sometimes.

    I was reading a bit about the point system, so we’ll see how that goes. I want to try it eventually, but I’m kind of shuffling around and trying to do my research on what methods might be good. Amiami does have a point system, but you get very little points for a rather large purchase, and their discounts are mostly that almost all their items are sold at 10%-15% off the prices of other websites usually. In that sense, I’ve been using Amiami because they’re convenient and cheap so I haven’t had the real need to look around for other sites. However, I’ve been starting to try and look into tokutens, so I might need to employ other forwarding/proxy services to order from certain websites.

    Ah, slumps. That’s been happening to me a lot, except this weekend I like…marathoned Kekkonroku. I am now completely caught up with all the CDs (except Yamazaki’s Kekkonroku because that hasn’t come out yet). Holy crap. I actually listened to the latter half of Heisuke’s one on my daily walk around the neighborhood and it was a silly, silly idea. I had to try and control my expressions because of the cars and people passing by, which was kind of hard. I think I failed sometimes and I definitely laughed on a few occasions too. The good thing about Diabolik Lovers during your slump is that you can at least cleanly divide out the scenes that way.

    Hmmmm. I forgot where I was at. I know I bookmarked it somewhere, but it probably got buried so it would just make sense to guess and figure it out. I’m probably not super far behind though. And yes, it’s really funny that way about making fun of shoujo tropes. A friend introduced the series to me by continuously telling me she needs a Daisy. I eventually looked it up as a result, haha. The realistic aspect of it is one of the reasons why I liked it. I mean…it’s a manga, so there are obviously so strange and suspension-of-belief things going on, but I find it’s realistic in the relationship ideas and certain other ones where it counts and it makes it easier to believe the more not so realistic things.

    Haha, it’s okay. I’m supposed to be working on a fanfic (oops) but I haven’t really since the last time I posted (double oops) except like…a few paragraphs I wrote the other day. I don’t have many people following that (probably due to my playing speed), but I feel bad for the people who do. My updating speed for that story is worse than my playing speed for any games so I totally get you.

    Razu said:
    February 13, 2014 at 08:26

    Hi^^ I just read this post when I was typing “hana awase karakuri meguri translation” in Google. You finally picked Joubachi no kanbinaru and there are some people request for Hana Awase Karakuri Meguri [iroha, kurenai, himeutsugi] drama cd, and I just want share some information for anyone who are still looking for the translation, you can find it here: http://kokochiyoi.tumblr.com/post/76413741344/hana-awase-karakuri-meguri-translation

    thank you^^

      Ilinox responded:
      February 15, 2014 at 01:03

      Hi! Thank you for sharing this here and I’m sure a lot of people who had been looking for the Karakuri translation will be very happy to have this translation!

        Razu said:
        February 15, 2014 at 04:51

        I hope so^^

    Sena said:
    February 7, 2014 at 17:14

    This is obviously very late as your blog is now closer to being 2.5 years old rather than 2, but I did want to get it out there that I really like the detailed nature of your blog. That’s actually one of the reasons why I follow it (besides our similar taste in biases). The semi-detailed summary examples you provided are still good, but if I had to choose, I like your current style which delves into detail on what goes on. I think it really helps people who might not know Japanese that well. It helps me catch things I might have overlooked on my playthroughs because I admit I’m very lazy and often play “getting by” rather than trying to comprehend every single thing going on. I’m sure my Japanese ability would get much better if I put more effort into it though, haha (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

    So even if your text wall posts do mean you need to spend more time on them, as long as you’re willing to write the reviews that way, I think you should continue to do so.

    Also, since you don’t have a post for this because like you said, you’re not going to translate drama CDs for certain series if you know they’re already being done, I shall leave a brief comment on the fact that I love your Twitter comments about Wasurenagusa (and I think Ken ga Kimi???) right now. I almost feel like I should actually go on Twitter so I can follow your posts there. Too funny, you. I just started Wasurenagusa myself. I wonder if our favorites are the same again (✿◠‿◠)

      Ilinox responded:
      February 15, 2014 at 01:11

      Aww, thank you so much for writing your thoughts down here. A lot of the times I do wonder if I should just start making it more streamlined or summarize every 5 sentences rather than try to make a sentence by sentence translation but then I start to get lazy, much like you said. It’s a hate and love thing because it does feel great to know every single detail that is happening but at the same time it takes you forever to read through one scene.

      ;3; Thank you for leaving such a great review though! You’re right, right now I still haven’t lost my interest in keeping my current style of writing and so I’m just trucking along with my slow pace.

      safdkjKGSKhgj ( 。>艸<) my twitter is even more obnoxious than the side comments I make in my posts if that is even possible. I'm so much more wild and crazier there but I'm glad you find them funny. My twitter isn't locked so you can always just browse my twitter from the website without logging on I think if you don't want to make one.

      I may have plans for something Wasurenagusa-themed in the spirit of Valentines (even though I won't make it in time) :'). Who are you favorites in the series? I'm going to laugh if they end up being exactly the same!

        Sena said:
        February 17, 2014 at 01:06

        I figured I might as well since you were asking about it and I essentially stalk your blog (。´∀`)ノ…if it ever becomes too much for you, I feel like the summaries work as well because it tells what happened in general with enough info that you can figure out what’s going on. I can imagine that writing reviews like you do can get very tiring. I am, however, glad to hear that you still have interest in the way you currently do things.

        I really should get un-lazy and try to translate things on my own…maybe not like translate translate (because understanding and translating are rather different things), but at least spend more time looking things up that I don’t know rather than glossing over them. I basically sit there, play, try to make sense of what goes on, kind of get it (or at least think I do) and then run into a scene where I’m like WTF HAPPENED, I THINK I MISSED SOMETHING/TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD SOMETHING (; ̄д ̄) but still move on without really looking it up. Since I don’t run my own blog but I like talking to other games, I just go to a few blogs that review games I’ve played/want to or plan to play and have ended up talking to a lot of the bloggers. It’s really great and super impressive how many people started off with little to no Japanese knowledge but got into these games and can now essentially translate the whole thing (or at least understand enough of it to write reviews about it). I often take for granted that I studied Japanese in school for about…5 years? So since I have a lot of vocab and grammar under my belt, I rely on that too much and haven’t really continued learning, like I should be. Oh, my Japanese senseis would all lament ( ≧Д≦)

        I don’t really think my review was all that great, but I’m glad you seem to think so! If it helps even a little then it was worth writing something.

        Your tweets don’t sound obnoxious to me (from the ones I’ve read. I really do sound like a stalker now…). I find it highly entertaining because most of what I see seems to be real time reactions to things. Sometimes they come out a little messy, but I like real time reactions because they’re like pictures except instead of an image, they capture what a person feels at the time. That opinion might be changed later, but it was 100% accurate at the time it was written. I find that to be neat and amusing. I actually have an account on Twitter and I might already be following you, but I just rarely log onto Twitter anymore, but like you said, it’s not like I have to log on to read them. I guess I was thinking more on the interaction side.

        Haha, don’t worry about timing. I’m sure people won’t mind even if it comes out late. I certainly won’t (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

        In terms of my favorites from Wasurenagusa…I have a definite Saitou bias. After I finished Mokuhiroku, I listened to the tokuten CDs from Animate and the official one, and I just…yeah. I really liked them all interacting with one another but Saitou definitely stood out the most in that one was well as his 10 minute track from the other tokuten. My current ranking is Saitou, Okita, Sano, Heisuke, Yamazaki, Hijikata, and Kondou. I only listened to the first two from Kekkonroku so I’m not sure if anything will change. But goddamn, the seiyuu seriously all do a really good job. I’ve become pretty obsessed with this series and gush about it non-stop to my other otome game friend that I mentioned before who was playing Amnesia (Touma and Ikki ended up tying in first place for her and I was just like…how is it possible for anyone to top Ikki but she loves yanderes so I was a little surprised she didn’t end up liking Touma the most). Hijikata and Kondou just didn’t appeal to me as much because of…certain things *cough*dog*cough*sword*cough* (´Д`。) Their CDs were still interesting though so I didn’t mind because it fills up the picture more in terms of story and dynamic. I don’t even usually listen to drama CDs. This is the first series I really tried out because it sounded like my kind of thing (and I was right) so I’ve been trying to look into other drama CDs to see if I’ve developed a liking for the genre or if it’s just Wasurenagusa.

        Ilinox responded:
        February 23, 2014 at 14:49

        Aww, it’s a balance between wanting to improve your Japanese and look up every single word and trying not to burn yourself out through the game by taking so long to get to things. It’s frustrating to know the general context of what they’re talking about but you don’t know the specific words they’re using ;;; and if I didn’t have to blog I would definitely just blast through it all.

        But then I just feel so guilty because when I do go back to blog and I take the time to look up every single word it reveals the poetry or construction of the words they use and sometimes it makes scenes even more poignant then like “Ah yes insert evil monologue spiel here something about destroying the world, okay”. I bet your Japanese is still improving slowly though |D you might just not realize it!

        Sometimes those real-time snapshots are so embarrassing though |D;; most of my posts I actually write as I play so they capture my thoughts at the time, which makes going back and re-reading them kind of hilarious. For example, my Ikki post was all about me being suspicious and not sure if I liked his playboy attitude but now look at where I am… I also didn’t like Toma much and it probably came across a lot like that in his post but now he actually ranks as my second favorite.

        Ohoho, in Mokuhiroku, Saitou is my favorite as well. Everyone else is just kind of floating on the same level |D;; but in Kekkonroku Kondou actually shot to my top (although Saitou’s CD hasn’t come out yet so it might not be fair to judge right now). I had the same issue in the first series with Hijikata’s “dog” nickname and Kondou’s obsession with Kotetsu… that made the R18 scene SO WEIRD LMFAO. But he gets so much better in Kekkonroku and oh god I cried so many buckets of tears over that CD.

        You should definitely continue on listening to Kekkonroku /o/! Overall, I think it was a great addition to the first series. I would recommend Seventh Heaven as another CD series by Rejet to check out if you’re starting to venture into the world of drama CDs :3.

        Sena said:
        February 24, 2014 at 12:21

        This is true. I feel like I probably burn out too easily. Even now, I had to take a break from Utapuri because of the seiyuu thing I was telling you about because I don’t want to go back to Amnesia now. It’s too recently played to slight other games I have waiting to be played. I really should stop reading spoiler reviews until after I play a game though…I feel like it makes it much less motivating to play when I know what happens. At the same time, I read those kinds of reviews to determine whether I want to get a game in the first place. It’s hard to judge sometimes. And OMG Mizuchi-hen. I feel like I might never finish it at this rate…the good news is that since I preordered Himeutsugi-hen, there is a very low chance I will have the patience to wait for people to review it, so I would start playing it soon after I get it, which means…no spoilers! Haha. However, this also means no guide, but seeing how good guides have been working for me in the first game, I might just go through it and hope Lady Luck shines down on me this time…

        I agree that I’m probably improving a little. I watched anime recently after playing some games and realized I can understand more slang than I previously could (you don’t learn slang in college classroom settings afterall) and I learned some uh…interesting vocab. I was just telling my other friend that otome games have taught me extensive vocab for situations that I don’t really see popping up in real life (^^ゞ…the two that immediately come to mind that I didn’t know before playing otome games are 抵抗 and ぐちゃぐちゃ…yeah, those can sound wrong out of context . I have been exposed to a lot more Onomatopoeia than I knew before though…which is kind of handy since it’s used so much in Japanese.

        Mentioning the blog thing is one of the reasons I was thinking of starting one up, because it would kind of force me to try and understand more, you know? But I have a very bad track record with keeping up with things. I start out strong and burn out fast and then my moods are very finicky. When I’m into something, I get really into it and it blocks out all other things I might like. It’s a very moment-based thing because I just get into these modes. It’s bad for when I want to change my mood though.

        Haha, that’s really amusing. I remember reading your comments throughout Ikki’s post and laughing at your reactions because you started out with that suspicion and as time went on he just drew you in until you got as deep as you are not into the Ikki bias (´ω`★) Personally, I still don’t really like Touma, but then again I haven’t really given him a chance yet because I kind of cheated and didn’t really play through his route. I actually kind of skipped through it. What made him grow on you? (I did see that you didn’t seem to like him much in your post for his route)

        We would have the same favorite, hahaha. I almost feel like everyone else is on the same level because their ranks keep fluctuating. For comparison purposes, I tried to make a more set ranking, but really, Saitou is just in his own area in first and everyone else goes up and down and all around the places 2 and under. That’s encouraging about Kondou in Kekkonroku, because I was really not feeling his CD at all in Mokuhiroku, which is a shame because I like his seiyuu. I was slightly traumatized by it so I almost developed a dislike for it because of Kotetsu and the whole R18 stuff in that CD…BUT I DON’T WANNA CRY BUCKETS OF TEARS ヽ(´□`。)ノ, lol. I’m all cried out and emotionally drained from all the rest of them…I suppose Kekkonroku will be the worst because it’s the second CDs for each guy.

        I’m totally going to listen to Kekkonroku, don’t worry about that. I’m so hooked it’s not even funny. I already bought them all (*´∀`*)…well, almost all. I think I didn’t order one or two of them, but I have to wait for it anyway because I preordered Saitou and Yamazaki’s Kekkonroku CDs. I bought a few of the CDs when I was in Japan but I didn’t listen to myself when part of me said to buy them all, lol. I deeply regret this decision. It was probably because there was less swaying factor since I hadn’t listened to any of them before I went there…if I had, I would’ve wiped the Animate store clean (well…just one of each one…) of the Wasurenagusa CDs.

        I heard of Seventh Heaven but didn’t look into it much yet. I shall now though since it’s a rec from you, haha. You’re totally fueling my unhealthy addictions, you. I also got interested in that new one that’s supposed to come out this year for Rejet. The Oz series one. (it’s the pull of the seiyuu…definitely the seiyuu…) Even though I suck at audio comprehension (I’m more reading inclined when it comes to understanding Japanese), I’ve always been auditory inclined so these seiyuu and their voices are so bad for my health (/ω\)

        Sena said:
        February 25, 2014 at 02:12

        I literally just finished listening to the first SEVENTH HEAVEN CD. I should be sleeping. I want to hate you sometimes, Ili. I really do. But I absolutely can’t. I held up fine during all the depressing and crushing dialogue, but when the effing song started, the tears came pouring out like they were from a dam that just broke. ALL THE FEELS. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

        Ilinox responded:
        February 27, 2014 at 21:43

        Haha, you definitely learn a lot of random one-liners in otome games compared to the classroom setting. You also get to hear a lot of different ways to talk like the rude gangster-way, tsundere or kuudere way, and butler or ojou-sama like or something instead of just the polite -masu forms.

        You could always blog summaries or short tidbits of your favorite characters and things~! Since it’s your blog you can do whatever you like with it and no one said that it has to be a full completionist thing |D;; (I have a perfectionist problem which makes me trudge through every single character; that and you get to see different sides to your character too! I would miss out on so much Ikki if I didn’t do Kent’s route).

        What I love about Ikki’s route was the amazing mystery aspect of it. I kept on telling myself “this is an otome game so I’m definitely going to get the guy” but he kept on coming off as a stereotypical playboy only to show glimpses of something else and I was just getting confused. The fact that his route could make me doubt my intuition was great! And then he turned out to be the most amazingly sweet man in this world |D;; (I went on a really embarrassing Ikki noroke on twitter a few days ago).

        I think I started liking Toma more after I discussed him with my friends and talked about him with other people who had him as their bias. Also, after experiencing Wabisuke from Gekka Ryouran Romance… Toma comes off as an angel ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ. In my opinion what makes Toma great is his self-awareness ;;;; he’s fully aware that he can be an awful and possessive person and his self-loathing in the second game just makes me wince so much, especially when the heroine clearly returns his feelings. I mean none of this excuses his actions of drugging and caging the heroine and it’s great that he realizes it too even if things are “fine” now since they both like each other.

        Ohohoho Ψ(`∀´)Ψケケケ. Seventh Heaven is one of my top drama CD series along with Wasurenagusa if I had to rank them. I haven’t been able to get into Rejet’s new series as much though like Bad Medicine, Alice=Alice, and Vanquish Brothers… so I hope their new ones are a bit more interesting too ;;;; I’m also looking forward to the Oz one. The Three Kingdoms looks pretty promising too!

        Akira was a bit too tsundere for me but when his song started I just wanted to lie on the ground because HOLY CRAP HIS SONG IS SO GOOD. I can’t wait for you to reach the others though… muaha. Itsuki’s was particularly painful and Hinata’s was pretty good too. My favorite has to be Kanade though |D;; including his song.

        Sena said:
        February 28, 2014 at 11:28

        For sure. I sometimes have a hard time speaking casually because I’m so use to conjugating the verbs all the time. This is helpful when I want to ask strangers questions if I’m lost or what-not, but yeah. It means when I talk to friends or acquaintances younger/around the same age, I struggle a little more. I’ve been exposed to those other speech styles from anime and dramas, but it feels like I learn more from the games because they don’t have English subtitles and I have to rely on my ability to comprehend Japanese. Whenever they bust out the keigo my head hurts a little. I used to be pretty decent at it, but not so much anymore since I can’t really practice. I can’t believe I met shakaijin when I studied abroad and had to try and speak to them in keigo…so hard. How did I survive that? Haha.

        This is true. I definitely would not be able to handle blogging about the whole thing, I guess I just feel like so many bloggers have already blogged about a lot of the games I’ve played so I wouldn’t be contributing much? If that makes sense. There needs to be a balance between telling what’s going on and giving your input and I don’t know if I’ll be able to find that. I don’t even really know where to start, actually either. I’m still thinking about it. Thank you for the encouragement! I’m a perfectionist in certain things, but I also know my limits. Like say in Utapuri, I was trying not to just get S level on each song/other minigame things, but I was trying to get perfect scores. Now that I’ve played Music a little more and the songs are significantly harder on there, I have come to accept that I can’t get a perfect score on every song because I don’t have the ability. I think I stayed up for 3 hours once just trying. Not the best idea. In fact, since I’m pretty perfectionist overall, I think it’s harder to let go and try not to be that way so it might be best.

        I totally played Kent’s route looking forward to seeing Ikki (Sorry, Kent!)

        I played Amnesia after watching the anime, so I didn’t really have that mystery as much as you did, haha. I do love when games can do that, though. I’m usually pretty good at guessing what will happen when I read books or watch movies so I really get enjoyment out of works that can lead me astray and throw curveballs. I think I might have seen a few of those Ikki posts o (^‿^✿)

        That’s good. I guess it’s because my friend who likes Touma just likes yanderes makes it hard for me to discuss him with her because she fangirls a lot without much foundation that I can see. I did appreciate that self-awareness that you mentioned, but yeah…since I didn’t like him much from the first game, I didn’t feel quite as bad in the beginning when he beat himself up all the time about the incident, but after a while, I did start to feel bad for him despite what he had done. I like him more than I used to, that’s for sure, but he’s still not really a favorite of mine.

        I really like this series. I wasn’t that interested in all the ones you mentioned that you couldn’t get into, but the Oz one and the Teikoku Star one seemed pretty promising to me. And the Three Kingdoms one does sound pretty good!

        I agree Akira was a bit over-tsundere, but I liked him and I LOVED his song. My only issue with the songs is that I’m not particularly fond of speaking within songs, but I like the way the songs themselves sound. In contest of the whole drama CD, I was fine with the talking lines, but I don’t know how I’ll feel listening to the songs just on their own…I’m making it a point not to listen to any of the songs again until I finish the whole series (and I’ve been listening to one CD a night), but I feel like I liked it the most. I DIED A LITTLE IN ITSUKI’S. I was just like…this is not going to end well. Did they just…? Oh my God they did. Are they going to…? THEY DID. OMG. Hinata was alright. He’s not really my type, but I felt for him at the end. Yuuri on the other hand…I don’t know, man. He was a little too much for me. The drugging and the butterfly wings (I really like butterflies (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) too) was just…yeah. And I’m really curious about Kanade! Everyone mentioned him in their CDs and makes me want to know more about him since there’s so much mystery there.

        Did you get Himeutsugi-hen yet? I’ve been having payment issues where Amiami has been rejecting my cards and they basically replied to me that they can’t help me. I was really upset. I solved the problem on my own in the end, but I was just so peeved that I had to do so much on my end and all they could say was “sorry, we can’t help you with credit card issues.” I can see how much they appreciate my business (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

        Sena said:
        March 1, 2014 at 01:35

        Ili, I can’t take this. I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE. Shion’s such a punk but he’s such an adorable little kid. Thanks, Rejet. It’s not like I needed my heart or soul or anything T.T

        Why do these CDs feel so short? Is it just me or were they made that way? Wasurenagusa CDs feel longer so I feel so bereft. I suppose they did it on purpose to show how fast the month goes for them… I know where all my money’s going. To stupid Rejet drama CDs of delicious PAIN. Seriously, why do we do this to ourselves?

        Ilinox responded:
        March 5, 2014 at 00:18

        Aww, don’t worry, your blogging style can be whatever you want it to be! There’s no rule saying that it needs to stay the same either so for games you’re more interested in you could do more detailed posts and for other games you could do impressionistic blurbs, etc.

        Nowadays there are tons of other blogs blogging too that sometimes I wonder what I’m contributing |D;; other than slow TL;DRs every month or something. I think you need a good balance in blogging for yourself and others that way you never feel burned out yet still enjoying the community.

        Haha, we’re so similar! I vastly prefer games and stories that can surprise me, but unfortunately the more you read the harder it gets to surprise you because you start to become more and more used to the various techniques and literary devices that people use /)_(\. Although, I’m not sure if I’ll ever grow out of the romantic in me that just loves mushy, possessive, self-sacrificing, and self-destructive lines.

        The ending of Itsuki’s CD had me yelling “NO” every time the crow cawed because that was just cruel… Hinata isn’t exactly my type but I love the theme in his story about how painful immortality can be. Once again, Kanade falls into my “head-honcho and all-mighty powerful leader” trope that I seem to gravitate toward without fail…

        I have! I’ve been using From Japan for my orders but I never had any problems with AmiAmi before. Sometimes these sites get delays in shipping and things though _(┐「ε’:)_ I’m currently waiting on a few packages from Treasure Japan but they haven’t been shipped out for some reason.

        We’ve been trained well by Rejet to be do-Ms. Wasurenagusa is split into two CDs and I think in total it is somewhere around 2 hours while Seventh Heaven is just one hour, if barely.

        Sena said:
        March 5, 2014 at 10:55

        Thanks! I’ll see what happens. Right now I’ll just focus on trying to complete the games that I started but never finished and then maybe I’ll give the blogging thing more serious thought. And for the record, I think your blog contributes a lot! It’s the one I’m following the most actively right now. It’s probably also because you’re very hands-on and we have gigantic text comment conversations all over. Some people might answer once and then stop, but not you. It’s always fun trying to find the “reply” link because there’s so much text, haha.

        There are some days where I can accept works the way they are regardless of whether they could really surprise me or not because sometimes they do other things really well, like having the meaningful lines you mentioned. If a story can have at least one line like that, usually it leaves a huge impact. This has been happening more lately because in my various fandoms, I have exhausted the resources for many. I admit I haven’t read too many original works over the last few years either.

        Listening to Kanade’s CD really put things more into perspective, but Itsuki’s ending was just damn depressing. What was also interesting to me was that I guess it wasn’t overtly obvious until Kanade’s CD, but each girl is a different one. Like in Wasurenagusa, it sounds like it’s the same one because she was always found by Saitou at Ikedaya. I probably should have realized it since their chosen way of dying was different, but I wasn’t sure because they always talked about a pure soul coming and I originally just thought it was the same girl but based on the way she chose to die, she met the different shinigami. However in Kanade’s CD, Itsuki’s incident still happened, which led me to believe that each drama CD was a separate incident in the same world rather than a parallel like I had originally thought.

        I don’t know if I always like the leaders, but I do see certain characteristics in them that are fascinating. Kanade wanted to be part of the group more, but he had to be the leader, which automatically creates a divide between him and the rest of SEVENTH HEAVEN. It’s expected, but still rather depressing since he genuinely seemed to like and care for all of them.

        I never really had issues with Amiami before this one, but it’s solved so I’m just trying to forget about it now that the initial anger has worn off. If there’s anything I like to pride myself in, it’s that I don’t hold onto anger very long. In the midst of the angry period, I could rant all I want, but once I get it out of my system, I’m usually good. I haven’t used From Japan myself but I hear a lot of goods things about it.

        Where is Himeutsugi-hen in your current play order? I know you’re still working on Diabolik Lovers and the Amnesia series, so I was just curious. And I;m sure you have other hobbies. OMG. I just realized from your Twitter you read Dengeki Daisy. I think it’s updated monthly, so I haven’t read it in a while since I caught up the last time…I wonder how many chapters have come out since then. I love that series.

        I never really thought about the fact that Wasurenagusa was two CDs. I guess when I transferred over the tracks from the CDs I currently own, I didn’t really think about it (and as it was/is my first foray into the drama CD world, I didn’t really have a basis for comparison). We really have been trained by Rejet. Otherwise there’s no explanation on why we keep going back for more…

        Ilinox responded:
        March 10, 2014 at 01:46

        Haha, I’ve actually been wondering if we should make a new comment just to start a new comment thread since, like you said, this one is so long I always have to take a moment to find the reply button (it caps itself at 3 boxes though if that helps). Thank you for your words too <3 I try to reply at least once to every comment and then continue on the conversation if there are questions or things to talk about.

        That's true! My judgement for works usually goes by how deeply they can make me think, how much they touch me, how much they surprise me, or how much I can relate to them. One very well and meaningful line can actually make or break a work for me.

        What's nice about From Japan is that you get FJ points whenever you buy things and they can be used as discount for your next purchases. The more you buy things too the more you can level up with them and get more discounts on things, so that's nice. I don't believe AmiAmi or Treasure Japan have that kind of leveling and discount system.

        I've been thinking about playing Diabolik Lovers and Himeutsugi-hen at the same time, but I've actually been in a slump for this past week and have barely touched anything |D;; I'm not too sure why I'm like that so I've forced myself to at least try to to do one scene day.

        Dengeki Daisy is up to Chapter 60 or so iirc and I love how it's a shoujo manga that makes fun of shoujo manga tropes. I find some of its themes and portrayal of cute scenes between the two leads really realistic too. It's great! The last time I read it was like an year ago and that was up to Chapter 25 or so, haha.

        In terms of other hobbies… ヾ(´▽`;)ゝウヘヘ I do tend to derp around on the internet a lot or get too easily invited to do other things like MMOs with friends or whatnot, so that certainly doesn't help my playing speed.

    mila fionne said:
    October 22, 2013 at 08:11

    Uhm… Hi ^_^
    I just want to ask something to you. will you post Subaru and Shuu’s Route from Diabolik Lovers? I’ve read Ayato’s in your blog. I love how you wrote it down. as if I play the game by myself! And now I really want to know about shuu and subaru. I heard that they are the nicest guy who treat yui like a ‘girl’
    well… will you post it here?
    please reply, I am waiting.
    sorry if I disturb you.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 27, 2013 at 22:21

      (。・ω・。)ノシ Hello!

      Yes, I will be getting to those one day. Unfortunately I’m playing really slowly just due to the things I’ve been doing in life and work eating up all my time. I’m afraid I have the attention span of a goldfish some times and so I get distracted with other things ;;; but I promise I’m trying to make progress in my translating!

      Mm, I’ve been hearing a lot about Shu and Subaru being seen as the “nice” guys in the Sakamaki family but I think people should keep in mind that they’re still sadistic vampires in the end and in the drama CDs these guys have shown examples of how cruel they can be.

      I post up my translations whenever I finish them so if nothing has come up yet it means I’m still working on them sadly ;3; Don’t worry, I don’t mind answering questions like these but I’d appreciate it if people were understanding of how long the process may take to get summaries out sometimes |D;;

    boizanberi said:
    September 9, 2013 at 05:09

    Belated happy 2nd anniversary! I look forward to more review and impression posts from this blog! (*^v^)

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