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Kent (ケント)
CV: Ishida Akira (石田 彰)

Kent has grown up so much from the first game and yet, in other ways, he remains the same dense man with respect to the matters of love. His route focuses a lot on him learning daily life lessons like cooking, washing, and other things while progressing his relationship with the heroine.

(It’s been a long time since we came back to Amnesia Later and so I’ll do a quick refresher on what happens at the beginning before the heroine chooses who she wants to be with to search for the fireflies. Please refer to Amnesia Later Ikki’s post for all the details. Also… I AM STILL NOT ANY CLOSER TO UNDERSTANDING KENT).

In the New World, Lin doesn’t have any of her memories. She doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend or be particularly close to anyone either. Orion is a spirit who is helping her to regain them.

8月10日. Orion gives her a briefing on the people she should know. Shin and Toma are her childhood friends. She works at a place called Maid and Buter Cafe and she has four co-workers; Ikki, Kent, Mine, and Sawa. The owner of the store is Waka. Rika is Ikki’s fan. Ukyo is a strange photographer.

Anyway, Toma seems to be planning a trip of some kind for her. Orion wonders why Lin has been working so hard and saving her money. Did they have something planned? At night she nearly collapses from a memory and all she can remember is promising someone to watch the fireflies together next year.

8月11日. Ukyo enters the store and shows Waka his photographs. Everyone is impressed with the firefly ones and this leads to a conversation about Ukyo taking them to see the fireflies. Waka decides to make this a company trip along with friends and so Lin goes yukata shopping with Shin and Toma.

8月12日. Everyone meets at the Maid and Buter Cafe and they compliment each other on their clothing before they are led by Ukyo to find the fireflies. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to find any and so Waka allows everyone to split up into groups to relax or to search for the fireflies.

Lin decides to look for Ikki and Kent; specifically Kent. Orion locates Kent who is standing and talking to Ikki. Kent notices her looking at him and asks if she has business with him. Ikki chides him on his way of speaking. He points out that she must want to talk to him since she’s approaching him during her free time.

Kent hums thoughtfully and praises her for doing so then. It’s also a godsend for him because he was just about to call out to her. He had been a bit troubled on how to call out to her though, because he had never tried to do a rude thing like invite a woman out on a midnight drive. Orion is confused and Ikki points out that Kent has the order wrong.

Ikki asks Lin if she wants to sneak away with them and go on a drive. This place has no fireflies and, according to Kent, he had seen some in Shinano. Orion recalls Shinano as the place being talked about on the news. It’s far away though, isn’t it? Kent reports that the possibility of seeing fireflies at Shinano is high taking into account the news and ecology of fireflies.

If they take the highway then it will only take 2.5 hours to reach Shinano. In other words, this conversation about going to Shinano isn’t unrealistic and is actually easy. However, since the trip will take 2.5 hours they won’t be returning in the same day if they go. But he wonders if it is a good idea for them to pass a day if a woman like her is accompanying them.

Ikki argues that Lin lives alone, has a break from work tomorrow, is on a summer break from university, and so it won’t matter if it ends up going over a day. It must be normal for a university student to stay up all night playing. Kent points out that Lin is still a minor and so, taking that into account, wandering around at night isn’t good. Ikki smirks and points out that it’ll be fine if she’s supervised by an adult then.

He says 「僕もケンも立派な成人男性だし保護者役をするには充分だと思うよ」(Ken and I are splendid adult men and so I think we’re more than enough to act as protectors). BUT WHO WILL PROTECT HER FROM HER PROTECTORS ✿◔‿◔✿? Kent starts to nod in comprehension before he pauses and points out that being a protector is something only a relative can say.

In fact, it is more problematic for two adult men to take along with them a woman who is a minor. Ikki sighs before complaining about how noisy Kent is, especially when he was pleased with proposing a drive to Lin. Kent becomes flustered as he snaps out that he just has an interest in observing the plague zone for the fireflies. He has no interest in her.

His goal is just to reach Shinano and there’s no other meaning to the drive. He won’t deny that the drive itself has a component of fun in it, but that is a case between him and Ikki. In the end, he still thinks it isn’t a good thing for a woman to be taken away in a car that can act as a secret room. Ikki points out that even if it acts as a secret room there is three of them; so they don’t have to worry about it that much.

Ikki even says that Kent will stop him if he lays a hand on Lin, right? He’s grinning as Kent states that he would, of course. Then Ikki says that if the opposite happens and Kent tries to do something to Lin he thinks… he probably will stop it. PROBABLY?? LMFAO IKKI PLEASE.

Kent says that he wouldn’t do such a violent thing, but he’s also wondering why Ikki said “maybe”. He should stop it with all strength. Ikki only smirks and points out that if Lin is getting into it then it would be bad to stop. (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八 I’LL ONLY EVER FEEL THAT WITH YOU. Kent splutters at that.

Ikki notes that he can’t deny it; which makes sense since women and men are hard to understand. Kent snaps out that no matter what stage their relationship arrives at tonight, he wouldn’t do that kind of thing. Ikki points out that there is nothing to worry about then, right? Kent won’t do anything and if he does anything then Kent will stop him. See? There’s no problem then. YOU STUPID SMOOTH TALKER.

Kent accuses him of being a sophist and skilled in rhetoric, but… He sighs heavily before deciding to let Lin choose. He summarizes their plan for going on a drive to Shinano to catch fireflies; just the three of them. They will most likely return home tomorrow. They are two men but they promise not to do anything to her; whether or not she believes them is up to her. What will she do?

Orion muses on that and admits that he thinks it’d be better to go. He still asks what Lin thinks though. He thinks that even if they remain here they will still be fixated on the fireflies. There must be some meaning there. He’s a bit scared at the possibility of giving themselves away one-on-one but it looks like a conversation can still move on even if she’s silent.

In the end, he does think she should go to grab any clues on her memory. For the sake of figuring out why everyone wants to show her the fireflies. Lin asks them to please let her come along. Kent’s eyes widen and he stiffens. Ikki has a pleased smile as he suggests that they all head out then, but then he asks Kent why he’s frozen.

Kent wants to know why she spoke like that. He hasn’t heard her say please that politely outside of the cafe. He wonders if this is a strategy for you to unsettle him by creating a psychological gap. If so then it was only partly successful and she is still an amateur. She needs to use that strategy in the middle of the discussion or else it’ll have no meaning. YOU LOST ME…

Ikki furrows his eyebrows and asks what Kent is doing and isn’t his intuition a little too much? He’s reading into things too deeply. Kent informs Ikki that he doesn’t know how he and Lin usually converse and that is why he can express such a general opinion. Ikki realizes that they love to argue. Kent corrects him to call them friends who love to discuss.

Kent explains that, because they are both a part of the staff at the cafe they have calmed down, but originally they had that sort of relationship. Ikki decides to leave the question of whether they are arguing comrades or discussion comrades aside and suggests that they head out.

He also suggests making a reservation at the lodge in Shinano since making a round trip would be harsh. They need a base, whether they sleep there or not. It isn’t polite to keep a girl in the car for a long period of time. Kent agrees and tells Ikki that he’s leaving the arrangements to him. Ikki decides to search for an empty lodge while Kent brings out the car. Kent points out that if they leave now they’ll arrive at Shinano before 10PM.

Some time later at Kent’s house, Ikki tells Lin about how he changed into his yukata at Kent’s house. He didn’t have the confidence to put it on himself. Everything was alright but the obi… Kent is skilled at using belts and obis, things like that. He comments on how her yukata was chosen by Shin and Toma, right? It pains him but their sense isn’t so bad.

Then he says 「すごく似合ってる。・・・こういう言い方するのは好きじゃないけど、女の子たちの中で一番綺麗だね」(It suits you well… I don’t really like talking this way, but you’re the most beautiful among all the girls). OH STOP IT YOU (〃▽〃)キャー♪. He also reports that while Kent was talking he sent looks at her too. He seemed very conscious of her.

Ikki asks her if she and Kent really aren’t together; being discussion partners isn’t just an excuse, is it? Orion panics and wonders about that because Lin doesn’t know herself… Ikki admits that he’s surprised at the existence of a girl who can talk frequently with Kent. Most girls lose in a conversation with him and run away. But she didn’t run away and instead continued talking to him. Why?

He wonders out loud why she argues with Kent. Rebelliousness? Curiosity? Or is it… Orion winces and answers that even if he asks they still don’t know. They only found out tonight that they were discussion partners! Suddenly Kent calls out Ikki’s name and asks what he intends to do with his cross-examination. Ikki pouts at how he returned.

Kent doesn’t want to concern himself with Ikki’s way of cross-examining her but he isn’t pleased by how Ikki is asking questions about him when he’s not there. Ikki points out that Kent won’t answer if he asks him since they’re discussion partners. Then he wonders out loud if that isn’t the true story since he’s being glared at. Kent tells him to stop with the unjust suspicion or else he’ll bother Lin without any reason.

But Ikki asks if it really is unjust suspicions? Kent replies firmly that it is and then he tells them that the car has been prepared. They just need to get in now. Ikki hums thoughtfully but decides to leave it alone for now. He calls for Lin to sit beside him; they can take the back seat. Kent frowns in confusion and points out that Ikki always sits in the passenger seat.

Ikki points out that Kent has been to Shinano before and so he doesn’t need a navigator. Plus, it’s sad to leave a girl all alone in the back seat. But then he smirks and if Kent will be more pleased if Lin takes the passenger seat. Kent becomes flustered before he states quickly that Lin should be deciding on whether or not she wants the passenger seat for reasons other than if it will please him or not.

This makes Ikki ask what those other reasons would be. Kent points out that they should find out if she gets car sick easily. Ikki rolls his eyes because he can sense the incoming lecture. Kent goes on to talk about how it is a distance even if they use the relatively stable highway and he heard that it is easier to become car sick in the back than the front. One can’t dismiss all folklore.

Kent tells Lin that she can sit in the passenger seat if she becomes sick easily, if not then she can take the back seat. Which one does she want? Lin answers that she wants to sit beside him in the passenger seat and he acknowledges that she must get car sick easily then. The passenger seat is the best decision then. He’ll endeavor to keep their trip stable. He leaves after telling them to come to the car.

Meanwhile, Ikki shoots Lin a troubled glance and offers to supplement information since the person in question didn’t seem to notice. He tells her that Kent is pleased by her saying she’ll take the passenger seat. Orion is surprised by that because he didn’t notice that at all. Ikki points out that Kent fell silent for an instant, right? That was the interval of when he was pleased.

Ikki informs her that Kent is unfamiliar with expressing emotions and so he comes off as unsociable, but he’s unexpectedly sensitive. He smiles softly and tells Lin to be gentle with Kent. Orion is surprised by how Ikki doesn’t just tease and play around with Kent. But then Ikki grins and tells her that if she treats Kent gently then he’ll probably become unbelievably confused. Just imagining that is interesting, isn’t it? Orion sighs at how he’s actually enjoying himself.

2 hours and 30 minutes later, they all exit out of the car. Orion looks around at Shinano and admits that he didn’t know where or what this place was. It’s deep in the mountains and there aren’t any houses around at all. He asks Lin if she ever came to this place. No? She probably doesn’t know.

Kent comments on how they arrived in 2.5 hours just as he predicted; they more or less reached it in that time. Ikki offers to head in first and check them in. He’ll also take their luggage to their rooms and so he asks Kent and Lin to wait out here. Kent suggests going through the mountain pass after Ikki returns. A stream branches through there and so the possibility of fireflies is high. If they aren’t unlucky they should be able to find fireflies.

He murmurs under his breath 「・・・蛍を見つけたら・・・君は、去年のように・・・」(… If we find the fireflies… like last year you’ll be…). He shakes his head before talking about how he said some uncharacteristic nonsense. He thinks it might be because Lin is wearing different clothes than she normally is and so his feelings are restless. He has to be careful.

Some time later in the mountain pass, Ikki comments on how he predicted that it would be dark but not this dark. It’s pitch darkness when they turn their flashlights on and there’s barely any moonlight. Kent points out that, though it is a consolation, it won’t be helpful to them in finding things. They walked quite far from the lodge and now they can’t even see its lights. If they aren’t careful they could become lost.

Ikki recalls there being signs to guide them around but they won’t be able to see it if there is no light. Kent realizes that they should have bought flashlights at the service area. Ikki agrees even though at first he had wondered why the service area stocked flashlights. There must be a lot of people who go to walk in the mountains. He pauses as he notices something.

Kent asks him what’s wrong. Ikki points out that the light on their flashlight turned smaller. Kent raises an eyebrow and asks if it is defective. Ikki doesn’t think so; he thinks a simpler answer is that the battery is running out. The battery he placed in it at the beginning must not have a lot remaining.

He wonders out loud what they should do and then asks Kent about his flashlight. Kent replies that his flashlight has no problems but now that they’re talking about it, his might fade out at any second. He suggests for Ikki and Lin to wait here while he returns to the lodge to buy batteries at the shop there.

Ikki grins and tells him that he’ll be the one to go. A trip back is around 30 minutes and so Kent and Lin can wait here for an hour. Kent is confused as to why it is him and Lin. Ikki points out that it would be a disaster if all of them became lost and when push comes to shove his judgment is better than Kent. He’ll let Kent be by the side of a frail woman. EXCUSE ME?

Kent smiles wryly and points out that he doubts Lin would mind if he was by her side or not. But he understands Ikki’s attempts at distributing the risk and so he gives Ikki his flashlight. If Ikki walks with meager light then he will definitely get lost; meanwhile Kent and Lin are simply waiting here and so they’ll be fine. Ikki understands and so he switches flashlights with Kent.

He wants them to call him on the cellphone if anything happens. It looks like there is a tentative signal. In the worst case scenario they can wait until the morning to see the signs and return back to the lodge. Kent points out that he’d like not to spend a night out in the mountains.

Ikki informs them that he’ll be leaving now and to pray for his return in one hour. Kent falls silent and Orion notes that Ikki is now gone. There is a long period of silence until Orion hesitantly points out that there’s no conversation. He wonders what is going on. Were the two of them originally this kind of people? Or is he nervous right now? Is he waiting for Lin to talk? Or is remaining silent the right thing to do?

He doesn’t know! Orion cries out for Ikki to return. But suddenly Kent apologizes, which makes Orion gasp out at how he talked. Kent goes on to explain by how they partly forced her to come with them, but right now they haven’t found any fireflies and they’re basically lost. Ikki is used to these abrupt small trips; he’s a person who enjoys trouble and spice.

Because Kent is used to that he was negligent in his pre-test. Kent believes that he should have been more careful in his preparations and arranged the necessary things when she was coming with them. He shouldn’t have used the intuition of two men and he thinks this was his mistake. He apologizes again to Lin.

Orion is surprised by his apology and wonders how Lin should respond. She tells him not to worry about it and Orion agrees that they have no choice but to say those words. Kent opens his mouth to say something but then his attention is caught. Orion wonders what is wrong.

Suddenly Kent asks her to wait here because something on the opposite side has made him curious. He tells Lin that he’ll return immediately but he’ll be leaving the flashlight in her hands. In the worst case scenario and he doesn’t return, he’ll simply wait until morning like Ikki said and return then. There’s no problem with that, right? He excuses himself and disappears into the brush before Orion can call out for him to wait.

Orion yells out Kent’s name in surprise because he can’t believe it! He can’t believe that Kent left them all alone in a pitch dark forest and even when they were in the middle of a conversation! Orion points out that Lin is a girl! He doesn’t know the reasons for it but normally one wouldn’t desert a girl! He growls in frustration and wonders what Kent was thinking.

He knows Kent said he’d return immediately but he doesn’t want to spend even 1 minute in such darkness. He points out how scary it is with it being dark and cold and not knowing what may happen at any moment. Orion yells out that Kent is an idiot.

10 minutes later, Orion wonders what Kent is doing since he’s not back yet. He doesn’t think Kent would have gone far since he doesn’t have a flashlight. He suddenly gasps in fear at a noise, but Kent reappears again. Kent explains that he saw a small light deep inside the forest and he thought it was a firefly, but unfortunately he was mistaken. But he does have good news.

The light is a bit out of the forest and appears to come from a street light on a large road. In other words they don’t have to wait until the morning. They can head that way and walk back to the lodge. For the present they’ve managed to avoid getting stranded and so now they just have to wait for Ikki.

Kent pauses as he notices her expression and asks if something happened. Lin tells him that she was uneasy being left alone. He repeats the word “questioningly” in confusion. Orion slowly asks if he really needs to have it repeated. Kent apologizes again because he isn’t too concerned with himself and so he accidentally treated her without concern as well.

The fact that someone as firm as her has said such a thing must mean that he made her feel like she had no one to rely on. He apologizes deeply for that and for being too fixated on the fireflies. He realizes that Ikki’s words about leaving the fragile woman to him also has the meaning of dispelling any uneasiness. He doesn’t have enough consideration for that because he doesn’t feel those things.

He apologizes again and promises not to leave her side for the rest of the night. He suggests sitting down in a place that isn’t dirtied by feet, since standing for the next 40 minutes would be tiring. He also notes that the temperature is falling and, if she doesn’t mind, he would sit beside her so that it will be warm. He gives a small smile and asks her to come.

As they sit down beside each other he admits that he wanted to show her the fireflies. He explains how all the members of the cafe went on a company trip last year and she was as happy as a child when she saw the fireflies. He hadn’t seen her smile like that and so it was a shock to him. Then he thought that she might smile the same way if he showed her the fireflies again. That is why he became so frantic. He smiles wryly at how stupid of a story that was.

Lin’s mind latches onto the words “company trip” and “fireflies”. Orion is surprised when they’re sucked into her memories. The fireflies are beautiful. She didn’t think she would see them on the company trip. Next year too… Next year, definitely together… Orion finally understands what happened.

Last year she went on a trip with all her friends and workers from the Maid and Butler Cafe and saw the fireflies at the place they stayed. Everyone who had seen how happy she was worked hard to show her the fireflies this year as well. He realizes that the promise wasn’t made to one person but to everyone.

Kent asks her worriedly if something is wrong and if she’s dizzy. She started swaying suddenly and is she alright? He notes that they’ve traveled quite a distance and there’s a temperature difference so she must be tired. He suggests resting like this for a while. He cannot deny that they seem to be sticking quite close to each other for a man and woman who are neither related by blood nor in love.

He promises that he won’t do anything more than this as a man; so he’d like her to rest easy. He notices that his hand is around her shoulder but she probably doesn’t think anything of it, right? Lin admits that she’s nervous. Kent admits that he is as well because he’s surprised by how small and cute she is after touching her in her yukata. He’s still a bit lost as to whether or not he should leave his hand on her shoulder.

Kent recalls how they exchanged harsh arguments but then were able to talk like equals. He’s a bit unsettled by how they became like this. He’s surprised… but it doesn’t feel bad. All they exchanged were arguments when he met her but… he thinks that it might not be bad for them to spend time without any arguments like this.

His words start to trail off as he mentions how this year’s firefly hunt failed but… when they return to Tokyo… if she’s willing… His cellphone suddenly chimes and he checks to see that it’s an email from Ikki. He has safely replaced the batteries and is heading towards them. He also tells Kent not to sexually molest Lin. Kent complains at Ikki’s unnecessary words because he wouldn’t raise a hand towards her and Ikki can’t seem to comprehend that.

He shakes his head as he realizes that the position they’re in wouldn’t persuade him either. He apologizes but suggests releasing each other by the time that Ikki arrives. He can only imagine the things Ikki would tease them with when he catches them like this. But… until then… He would like to remain like this with just the two of them.


9月10日. Lin dashes toward the station and catches her breath in relief when she realizes that she made it by the promised time. There’s still 15 minutes and she came early because she was nervous. She wonders if her hair is in disarray. She’s suddenly started by the sight of Kent who notes that she came here in a hurry.

Did she think that she was going to be late? If she did then it means that her watch is 10 minutes ahead. She stutters out a denial. His voice is filled with soft amusement as he points out about how flustered she looked when she finally saw him; although it’s unlike her not to notice his presence.

Lin winces because he speaks the truth. A person who stands out as much as Kent… the person she likes… yet she still didn’t notice him immediately. SERIOUSLY? IS THIS GOING TO BE A DRAMA POINT?? Kent recalls out loud that last night she phoned him to tell him that she was too nervous to sleep.

He wonders if the source for this is the dinner she is going to have with his parents tonight; and the stress has lowered her attentiveness, correct? She agrees, a bit taken aback by his observations, before pointing out that he was early today as well. He’s always right on time. Kent expresses his admiration on how she dodged the question with a vague answer before giving him her own question.

But it’s a good question and his answer to that question is this: for some reason he woke up earlier than usual. In fact he woke up 2 hours before he planned to wake. In addition, she appeared in his mind the moment he woke up. She repeats his words in astonishment and he nods before explaining in definite terms that he was wondering things like what she was doing and what she’d wear when she arrived.

However, the thing he thought the most was… if she remembered the promise for the two of them to go somewhere before dinner happened. Lin tells him that there is no way she would forget about a promise with him. He smiles as he says that she is correct; therefore even he reached the conclusion that she wouldn’t forget the promise.

But he couldn’t help but be worried about it and so he left the house immediately after preparing. He thought about contacting her through her phone but then he worried about waking her up if she were still sleeping. Lin pauses in realization before asking him if he had been waiting here for an extremely long time then? He answers that he has been.

She apologizes as she thinks it would have been better if she had been even more earlier. YOU GUYS… Kent doesn’t understand why she’s apologizing since she arrived 15 minutes before the promised time. She tries to protest but he interrupts to supplement his words.

He looked over the thesis that he is going to announce at the next scientific meeting while he was waiting; therefore it wasn’t wasted time. There’s no need for her to be worried. The only reason he came so early was because he couldn’t wait to meet her… His cheeks are red as he tells her that this is probably the reason; does she understand? She does.

Kent also adds that reading a book outside isn’t such a bad change either. It gave him great ideas and he feels like he can go to London with the announcement at the next scientific meeting in this condition. She also promises to work hard at being recommended to be an overseas student so she can go with him. He smiles but points out that she has a lot of challenges in learning a language.

If she isn’t able to use the language freely then it’ll be difficult to be an overseas student. She nods glumly. But then he changes the subject to explain that London works with a system known as flatshare. It’s an apartment where the kitchen, shower, toilet, and the rest of the water are all shared. The rooms are still private but, in another meaning, daily life is shared with other people.

There will be languages other than English there as well and so if she doesn’t learn any then it will be a hindrance to her daily life. But he realizes that they should start with English or else she can’t start anything if she doesn’t know at least this much. Kent asks if she has confidence in speaking in English.

Lin isn’t very confident in being able to hold a conversation but she has begun preparations; although she’s still consulting middle school and high school textbooks on English. He admires how she initiated it on herself but points out that there’s a limit to how much one can self-study. I’M IN THE EXACT OPPOSITE SITUATION LEARNING JAPANESE, HAHA. Lin is thinking about enrolling in a language course.

Kent praises her decision because actually talking to people will improve her conversation skills quickly. He also wants her to ask him for help if there’s something she can’t do; he’ll lend his aid. She thanks him. Then he notices that they’ve reached the time they promised after exchanging conversation. He suggests heading out and she agrees but realizes that they have to decide where to go first.

He tells her that it isn’t a problem since there’s an immediate selection of choices. She’s reassured by that and he comments on how this is a good trend in their relationship for her to feel that. Anyway, he presents the results of his search. He first suggests going to see a macaron specialty store; which has become the subject recently.

Lin looks surprised by this and so he explains that women, around her age, have wanted to go to it even if they had to line up. Or well, that was what his investigations concluded but was he wrong? Lin shakes her head and admits that she wants to go. Kent smiles because he made a reservation just in case and he was glad that it wasn’t wasted. She’s surprised that he was that prepared.

Kent informs her that he would of course because he wasn’t going to let her wait in boredom. She thanks him and he opens his mouth to say something more but trails off. She waits silently. He still doesn’t say anything. Lin finally asks him if something is the matter. He starts to turn red and she tilts her head questioningly.

He finally asks if they can hold hands. She blinks in surprise and he quickly explains that they need to walk a little ways to reach the shop and so in that time… it’s natural for lovers to do that, right? Of course if she doesn’t want to then they don’t. She tells him that she’s happy. He turns red and stutters out about how unusual it is for her to reveal her feelings frankly without embarrassment.

She comments on how mean that statement was and he hurriedly apologizes; those comments are his bad idiosyncrasies. He will apologize though if he hurt her feelings but he doesn’t want her to misunderstand that he finds her happiness to be his happiness. Kent smiles softly and she nods shyly. Then he suggests that they go and holds out his hand with a red face.

Hours later. Lin thinks on how the macarons were very delicious but… Kent notices her looking at him and asks if something was wrong. Did the macarons at the shop not taste well? She shakes her head and he’s pleased by that; he even noticed that she liked the raisin ones. She’s surprised by how well he knew that but Kent tells her that he understood immediately from just observing. WE’VE GOT A SHERLOCK HERE.

But he also noticed that there was some rum inside those ones. Didn’t that taste harsh to a person like her, who is underage? She shakes her head and answers that it was delicious; or more like she became used to the taste in her mouth. He comments on how, unexpectedly, she may have a drinker’s habits. She wonders about that worriedly.

Kent tells her in amusement that he would like to be there when she drinks for the first time. He thinks it would be an interesting sight. Lin pouts and asks him not to tease her! He chuckles before telling her that it was a joke. It looks like she’s returned to being herself though.

When she looks at him in confusion he reminds her that she was so nervous about meeting his parents that she couldn’t sleep, right? He’s hoping that he managed to relax her a bit. She blinks in surprise but then admits that she does feel more at ease. Kent is glad because that was the meaning of going to the shop. Lin finally realizes that he went out of his way to make plans there and brought her along.

He’s embarrassed but admits that she could say it that way. She thanks him deeply and he asks her if this is unlike him, in which case he would agree as well. He confesses out loud that he thinks following Ikki’s advice is definitely uncharacteristic of him.

Lin questions him about this and so he reveals that last night she told him she was nervous, right? When he heard that he asked Ikki about the things girls like to do and this shop was recommended. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BE AMUSED AT. IKKI’S WINGMAN POSITION OR KENT BEING SO THOUGHTFUL. He starts to say that he made arrangements quickly but then stops himself when he realizes that this part isn’t an explanation.

He smiles wryly at how his mouth, which can announce research results alone and unaided, isn’t helpful at all when talking to her. In short, he thought she would be able to relax after eating sweet and tasty things. He concludes by asking her if she understands that he took her to this shop today in order to lessen her burden.

She understands him fully now and thanks him deeply again. His voice is amused as he apologizes for not solving it with his own power but he’s glad that she was pleased. But he notices from her expression that she’s still nervous. Lin apologizes but he tells her not to worry about and she has nothing to apologize for.

Instead he asks her if they can make a stop at one more place before they head to his parents’ house. I THOUGHT SHE ALREADY MET THEM THOUGH…? She doesn’t mind but she asks if it’ll be alright. He tells her not to worry about the time because it is a park that is close to his house; any road would pass through it.

There are a lot of cosmos flowers blooming at this time and the park is flourishing with a lot of people who come and look at them. He asks if she is interested. Lin wishes to look at them as long as they have the time. He smiles and decides to take her to look at them for a short while. He heard that the color and atmosphere of nature can calm the heart; it would be nice if it could release her nervousness.

She’s touched by how he’s thought a lot about this after understand her nervousness. His feelings make her very happy, but when she thinks about what will happen later she still becomes nervous.

Some time later as they are walking towards his house she comments on how the cosmos were really pretty. He agrees and though it was crowded it didn’t detract from the flowers’ beauty. She agrees and talks about how seeing beautiful things calms people’s hearts. He agrees with that opinion before confessing that he feels the same way when he’s in front of her. THAT WAS THE CUTEST INDIRECT WAY OF SAYING SHE’S BEAUTIFUL.

She asks if he means when he’s looking at her. He smiles and starts to agree before he stops and suddenly realizes what he’s been saying. His face turns bright red as he stutters out that he doesn’t mean he sees her as a flower; although he adds quietly that she isn’t too different from one.

Kent averts his eyes and confesses that when he sees her his heart becomes at peace. He wanted to say that this feeling he has is a lot like the feeling one gets when seeing something beautiful. IF A = B = C THEN A = C KENT… AKA: YOU THINK SHE’S BEAUTIFUL. He ends up apologizing before saying that he can sympathize with her from before now that he’s flustered as well. He asks her to wait a little so that he can calm down.

He scolds himself for becoming flustered when he’s been trying to help her manage her nervousness. After a few seconds of silence he tells her that he’s fine now and then apologizes for showing her such an unbecoming sight. Then he asks if she’s still nervous. She asks if her face shows it.

Kent tells her that she’s not showing it but he can guess that much. She apologizes before answering that she is still a little nervous. He raises an eyebrow and admits that it’s difficult to understand because she had eaten with his parents before, hadn’t she? So why is she so nervous now? OH PHEW THEY DO ADDRESS IT.

She informs him that at that time they hadn’t talked about her going together with him to London. She admits that she’ll feel uneasy if his parents aren’t comfortable with her going together with Kent. He’s surprised that she was worried about that to the extent of not sleeping.

He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry in that case because his parents are already treating her as his– Kent turns red again and falls silent. Lin asks him questioningly if something is wrong and he hurriedly shakes his head before asking her to forget what he said just now. She tilts her head.

But he changes the subject and tells her that he has a question he must ask. She’s taken aback by his sudden seriousness but asks him what it is. He tells her that it isn’t about anything but her father; he wants to know what she told him when she said she was going to London.

Even if she was recommended as an exchange student it would be impossible if she didn’t have her father’s consent. She tells him not to worry about it; her father supports her in going to London. Instead he’s pleased that she’s going to the capital and hopes she’ll study hard. Kent is relieved before he tells her that he also wants to meet her father before long to ease her and her father’s worries.

Lin is touched by his words and how far he’s thought about the subject of going to London. It makes her happy. He’s always thinking about her and not just on dates. She also wants to become his strength, but what can she do? Is there anything that she can do…

Scene skip! Kent’s mother urges everyone to eat, especially Lin. Lin thanks her politely while Kent’s father comments on how it’s been a while since the family gathered to eat. He even feels that it’s an honor to be able to eat with her again. Lin hurriedly replies that she’s the one who feels that way and she’s happy they can eat like this again.

Kent’s mother tells her not to be so humble because she’s basically family. HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE. She actually wants Lin to think of them as her family. Lin thanks her with a stutter and Kent finally steps in to ask his mother not to put so much pressure on Lin. She’ll just make Lin unnecessarily nervous by speaking like that.

But Kent’s mother points out that the two of them are searching for a room together, right? In that case it makes them seem like family already. Kent agrees that the two of them are planning to look for a room but they’re not going to live in the same room. It’s a trend over in London to flatshare and they’ll simply be living beside each other in the same apartment.

Kent’s mother blinks in surprise and asks if that’s true. Kent’s father points out that it is inefficient for Kent and that sooner or later they’re going to live together anyway, right? WINK WINK HINT HINT. Kent replies back that the keyword is “at some future time” because right now they are only lovers so they can’t be expected to live in the same room.

His father asks if there is a problem because the two of them are going to marry, no? Lin startles at that while Kent hisses out that the topic of marriage is too early. Kent’s father points out that conditions have been met and there is no problems with the genetics. He thinks it will naturally happen whether it is fast or slow.

Kent tells them that he’s not saying it won’t happen but that they aren’t at that stage yet. At any rate, he’s told them this before but he wants his parents to leave them alone. He’s not a child and so he’ll do this well. Kent’s mother giggles and asks if Kent is embarrassed; this is her first time seeing this expression on him. He sighs heavily.

But then she says that even though, temporarily, they aren’t going to live in the same room, she’s relieved that Lin will live beside him. She prompts her husband for his opinion. Kent’s father agrees that they have nothing to worry about as long as Lin is beside Kent. Kent narrows his eyes and asks his mother and father what they mean by that.

Kent’s mother smiles and asks him if he isn’t self-aware of his lack of ability in living alone. In the past they didn’t say anything about it in relation to his studying but, on the other hand, his cooking and laundering abilities are nonexistent. Lin is surprised by that. Kent’s father admits that he can’t say much about this either but Kent is especially bad, to the point of trying to wash a futon in its entirety.

Lin is shocked to hear that. Kent’s mother explains that he spilled dirt from his decorative plants onto the cover of his futon and so apparently he thought to wash it. She then says that Kent didn’t realize he had to remove the cover and even they were surprised at that time. Even the cleaning person they called in was surprised to find not just the cover but also the futon.

Kent grumbles at his parents and points out how they shouldn’t be exposing his embarrassment out to the air when he’s unwilling. Kent’s mother points out that one day Lin will find out anyway if they live together; and so confessing early isn’t a loss, right? Kent can only continue to grumble under his breath.

At any rate, Kent’s father explains that this is why they were a bit uneasy at whether or not Kent could live safely in London. That’s why they were greatly relieved when they heard that Lin was going with him. Kent’s mother adds that, at the very least, he won’t be negligent with meals.

Kent complains and asks how old his parents think he is. But Kent’s mother ignores him and tells Lin that it might be hard to look after Kent but she would ask Lin to see him in a long-term view. Kent’s father also agrees with this and tells Lin that he’s leaving his son in her hands. Lin is clearly surprised but she tells them that she’ll do her best and she looks forward to working with them.

It’s night by the time Lin leaves Kent’s house and she notes that she stayed for quite a while. She hopes she wasn’t a trouble to them. Kent is smiling softly as he says that she is far from being bothersome. His parents were having an extraordinarily fun time and he’s sure they were pleased to be able to talk to her again.

She asks if that’s true and he answers that they were 2.8 times more talkative. In fact, they even said unnecessary things because of her presence. Lin giggles as she recalls out loud the story of the futon cover before she admits that she’s surprised. She thought Kent was someone who could do anything by himself.

He laughs softly and shakes his head because that isn’t true; but he does feel a bit annoyed at having his ability to live to be questioned to that degree. He frowns and points out that he is able to live in London even if he doesn’t remove a futon cover, right? Lin points out that it’s a bit of a problem if he washes his futon.

Kent is silent for a minute before he changes the subject and tells her not to worry. More importantly, he has no intention of being a burden to her in their daily life. His parents spoke as if she would have to watch over all his troubles but his wish for her to come to London has nothing to do with that. At any rate, it’ll be fine. He can take care of himself and he won’t trouble her.

Lin falls quiet before she calls out his name, which makes him look at her questioningly. She confesses to him that it makes her happy when he has to depend on her. He raises an eyebrow in confusion and so she explains that he’s always thinking about her and becoming her strength. She wants to do the same and be helpful to him. She wants him to rely on her.

She hesitantly asks if she is insufficient. Kent shakes his head slowly as he tells her that she’s mistaken on something at the fundamental level. She doesn’t understand and so he explains that right now she thinks that she isn’t being helpful but… he can declare that she is greatly mistaken. The reason is… because… Kent averts his eyes before mumbling that he can’t seem to find his words at such a crucial time.

He finally smiles and confesses that just having her beside him brings him peace. No one else can bring about this kind of feeling. He tells her 「君は・・・とても重要な存在なんだ。だからこうして、私は君の傍にいる」(You are… an essential existence. That is why I am beside you). She murmurs his name but he mumbles out that this explanation may be inadequate but…

She shakes her head and tells him that it is enough; he conveyed his message. He smiles nervously in relief before admitting that love is difficult. Even though he excels in scientific meetings he still has much to go in this field. He thinks that she has to go through a lot of hardships for being with him and he’s greatly sorry.

Lin tells him not to say that it is a hardship. She’s enjoying it all; studying, and being in love. She likes to learn things as long as she’s together with him. That is why she doesn’t want him to think of himself as a burden or hardship. It would make her happy if he relied on her more.

He smiles at that and realizes that when she asks him to rely on her it isn’t necessarily something that is confined to being a burden on the other person. He thanks her deeply and finds it heartening that she is saying that, and no one else. Then he changes the subject and apologizes for it being prompt but he is going to rely on her. He has something new he wants to learn with her.

She agrees without hesitation to learn it with him and then asks what it is. He averts his eyes and mumbles out that he’d be saved if she taught him the correct method for putting on and removing a futon cover and washing it. OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS A CUTIE.

He frowns at her expression and tells her not to laugh because he still doesn’t know how and this is a serious problem. She giggles but agrees with him and then offers to teach him tomorrow. He smiles at that and tells her that he’ll be relying on her then.

9月11日. Lin is in Kent’s room and teaching him how to remove the covers on a futon. Kent’s voice is filled with surprise as he admits that he didn’t know that the futon was fastened to the four corners inside. Lin explains that the fastening prevents the covers from slipping off while people sleep.

Kent muses on how the structure itself is extremely simple but it’s an interesting method. But then he scrunches his eyebrows and asks how everyone else learned about this. Lin asks him if his parents never taught him? He thinks on it and answers that they didn’t. It’s just like his parents to expose his shame while not teaching him the essential thing.

But he admits that he didn’t think it was important and so he paid no attention to it. Lin thinks that his parents might not have bothered with it since it wasn’t a hindrance to daily life. Kent also starts to think out loud that this information should also be known to men rather than girls who usually do the housework.

Lin doesn’t think that everyone knows everything about futon covers but she thinks that people generally know what to do. Kent’s eyes widen as he asks if even Ikki knows how. Lin opens her mouth and closes it before admitting slowly that it doesn’t seem to suit Ikki’s image. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? OF COURSE HE KNOWS HOW TO CHANGE BED COVERS.. I BET HE KNOWS BED SHEETS TOO–… (・ω\).

She wonders out loud if they should ask him when they next see him. Kent shakes his head and decides to stop their curiosity. He doesn’t see the need to purposefully let someone get a hold of his weakness. He changes the subject and decides to make a note of this new knowledge that he’s gained.

Lin realizes that since they’ve taken the covers off anyway they might as well wash it. Kent informs her that he had that intention from the start; he was thinking of calling the cleaning staff. Lin stutters at him to wait, which makes him ask her why because the cleaning people he will call can come in 10 minutes. It won’t be a waste of time.

She tells him that he’s missing the point. If they go to London then they need to learn how to do this themselves. He acknowledges her point and grins as he declares that they will wash this futon cover personally themselves then. She agrees happily but then Kent realizes that his house doesn’t have a washing machine. She looks at him in surprise.

Kent realizes that they need to work out another way of doing this. Lin suggests heading to the nearby coin laundry, which Kent agrees to with a soft smile.

One hour later; Lin asks Kent worriedly if the futon cover isn’t too heavy. He tells her that it isn’t a problem because there’s only one sheet and one cover and just several towels. Kent comments on how he was surprised about needing to change the detergent depending on what is being washed too. Lin recalls how he was constantly looking at the detergent container.

Kent frowns and answers that it can’t be helped; he doesn’t understand why they couldn’t just put one in. If she hadn’t been there then he would have given up on washing and just returned home. She informs him that, lately, the detergent is built in and is automatically dispensed. She asks him if he wants to find that but he tells her that he won’t learn that knowledge like that. He’s going to remember this.

Lin thinks that is good. She also thinks it’s best to memorize the methods to wash wool. He asks her curiously if she’s implying that it has a special method then. Lin explains that wool will shrink if he uses the normal method. Kent closes his eyes in thought and agrees that this is essential. He’ll make sure to grasp this properly.

She notices that he’s really passionately taking down notes. Kent notices her expression and asks her curiously if something is wrong. She points out that he’s passionate and he grins before answering that this is natural. Because when he thinks about living together he doesn’t want to be a burden to her. Lin is taken aback by his answer and can only thank him.

He averts his eyes as he adds that her voice also makes him feel good; that is why he might become unnecessarily passionate sometimes. OH MY GOD HE’S JUST SO HAPPY BEING WITH HER THAT HE CAN’T CONTAIN HIS EXCITEMENT… She’s taken aback by his words and he smiles wryly as he notes the strange effect it has.

Kent muses on how he should make his next research be about the connection between voices and the desire to improve one’s self. Lin admits that she’s interested in that as well. He chuckles as he tells her that it is very favorable for the both of them to have such an interest in it.

Then he changes the subject to admit that it was his first time seeing a laundry machine in action and it is very complex and interesting. She tilts her head curiously and so he explains that he doesn’t understand how he didn’t lose interest in watching the water swirl around in a whirlpool over and over again.

Lin tells him that she understands that actually; sometimes she also has times when she simply spaces out and watches something. He nods in thought at her words and then tells her that thinking about centrifugal forces is the ideal opportunity to do that. She repeats the word “centrifugal force” in confusion and hesitates at going that far as to describe spacing out in that way…

He raises an eyebrow and asks her a question then; when she is watching the laundry machine, what is she thinking about? She hesitates, which makes him backtrack and tell her quickly that he’s not accusing her or anything and so he doesn’t want her to misunderstand that. He is just… innocently curious as to what she is thinking about.

She tells him slowly that this is just an example but today she was wondering about what they would do next, and things like that. He continues to look at her attentively and asks her if there is anything else. She confesses that she thinks about him a lot too like what he’s doing right now or something. He turns red at that.

He wouldn’t have thought that he and a laundry machine had common grounds but… he doesn’t find it bad if she recalls things about him because of it. Kent promises that the next time he looks at the laundry machine spinning he will think about her in addition to the centrifugal force.

Lin teasingly tells him that she would be happier if he could think about her before the centrifugal force. He laughs at that and apologizes before promising that from now on he will think about her first before anything else.

At any rate, they return back to his house and Kent muses on how the drying machine is a very convenient thing. He’s impressed by how the drying machine was able to dry the large futon cover in a few minutes; it is definitely handy on rainy days. Lin tells him that they are for home use and it might be convenient to buy one in London. She’s heard that the weather over there isn’t that great.

Kent hums thoughtfully and promises to investigate it. She nods at that and then he suggests putting on the covers again then. Lin takes over from here and shows him how he is supposed to start from here, but Kent tells her to let him try first. She acquiesces but asks him if he knows the way to do it.

He only watched her as she removed the cover but he doesn’t think applying those methods will be that difficult. She is a bit hesitant but steps aside.

Five minutes later. Kent is silent.

Ten minutes later. He is starting to struggle.

Twenty minutes later. Lin hesitantly calls his name but he tells her not to worry because he’s done it. He’s only done one corner and she finds it strange to see him putting his entire being and effort into this. But she’s also a bit happy… to see him like this.

One hour later. Kent shakes the futon out and then tiredly states that it’s complete. Lin tells him brightly that it’s perfect and he smiles in relief at that before telling her that everything was due to her teaching though and he’s very thankful. She becomes embarrassed by that.

But then Kent finds out that his strength is completely exhausted at doing something that he isn’t familiar with. He’s a bit tired. Lin suggests taking a break and he agrees before suggesting that they sit down. As they sit down beside each other he comments on how her hands smell of detergent.

She realizes that she does but then she points out that he smells the same. He’s surprised by that because he can’t tell but… Lin points out that they match. He’s a bit befuddled by her words but agrees. She asks him quietly if he dislikes it, which makes him ask her why she would think that; he didn’t say that.

He confesses that this is his first time experiencing such a thing since he was born, but it isn’t bad. No, in fact he actually finds it nice. She giggles and is relieved. Kent opens his mouth to say that even when they go to London… He trails off and she makes a questioning noise.

After a period of silence he murmurs that even when they go to London… he would like to have peaceful moments like these together. Lin agrees quietly which makes him admit that he feels at ease to hear that. He also adds that being by her side really is calm and it makes him want to continue staying like this forever.

Lin points out that it will continue to happen because she’s going to be by his side; then she asks if he will be by her side. He points out that she doesn’t even need to ask at this point, does she? He tells her 「私以外の男が君の傍にいるなんて、仮定の話だとしても御免だ。とても耐えられない」(Even if the talk about a man other than me being by your side is a supposition, I’m very sorry but I refuse that. I wouldn’t be able to bear it).

She reassures him that this would never happen. Kent finds it a relief to hear that and once again promises that he’ll be with her like this. Lin’s eyes widen when she hears him start to breathe slowly. She calls out his name quietly but there is no response. He’s fallen asleep and it looks like he was that tired. It makes her happy to see such a defenseless Kent for the first time.

NOW TIME TO DRAW A MUSTACHE WITH PERMANENT MARKER– I MEAN… Before she lost her memory she wouldn’t have thought they would be able to spend time together like this. It almost feels like a dream right now… but it isn’t, right? She wants to stay like this for a while longer. She starts to drift off.

Flashback! Kent asks why she’s been staring at him so intently. It’s distracting. He only has one more week until his academic conference and his preparations haven’t been arranged at all. He doesn’t have time to play around with her, but he went out with her last night when she invited him. He frowns and wonders what the heck he is doing. Even now he feels mistaken by her line of sight and he can only turn his head to her.

Flashback! Lin is crying and she asks him harshly why he said such a thing. Kent is taken aback by her ferocity. She repeats her question before saying that she already understands that she needs to reflect on her actions a lot. She knows that it is her fault as an inexperienced owner that Kuro, her dog, died. She knows even if he doesn’t say it.

But is that something that she has to think about now? Can she not feel devastated over Kuro and the fact that Kuro is dead? She snaps at him to go away and leave her alone. Kent is silent before he tells her that accidents are things that couldn’t be helped and no one is at fault.

However, he thinks that this mistake is connected to others and she can repay her dead dog’s life by reflecting on it. He starts to tell her that the next time she raises a dog she should… Lin yells at him to stop and to go away! She wants to be alone! She screams out that she hates him! She hates him!! Kent doesn’t respond.

In the darkness, she can hear Kent’s voice asking her if something is wrong. He shakes her gently and calls out again and Lin finds herself waking up slowly. He exhales as he sees her finally waking up. He tells her that she was making lots of noises and then asks if she had a scary dream?

She admits slowly that she did and he apologizes for having fallen asleep. The scent of the washed sheets were so comfortable that he was lured in to sleep. She shakes her head but he points out that she’s in very low spirits and once again asks if she saw a bad dream.

Lin finally tells him that, more than being a bad dream, she saw a sad dream from the past. She finds it strange since she’s so happy right now being together with him. But it is because she is happy that she wondered if this moment wasn’t just a dream.

Kent is silent in thought before suggesting that she might have become nervous for a moment at the uneasiness of a lifestyle change. She thinks he has a point and apologizes for saying something strange. He tells her that it isn’t strange because he hears a lot of people say that.

But he does think that the way of solving her problem is right in front of her. She tilts her head questioningly and he answers with a soft smile 「私がいるだろう。今のこの瞬間を不安だと思うなら、君は、何度でも私に確認すればいい」(I’m here, aren’t I? If you feel uneasy in this moment then you can re-affirm yourself with me as many times as you want).

YOU KNOW IF THIS HAD BEEN IKKI OR IF THIS WAS R18 I WAS THINKING IT’D BE A LINE OF “THIS KISS WILL PROVE THAT I’M REAL” (〃゚艸゚):;*. Kent promises to response to that each time with the words that this isn’t a dream and that the two of them are together. She murmurs his name and he asks her quietly if that will not take away her uneasiness.

Lin shakes her head and thanks him deeply. If she ever feels uneasy again… at that time she’ll talk to him. He smiles softly again and tells her to do that because he has no intentions of causing her uneasiness. Lin is moved by how Kent is always supporting her like this. He’s someone… she greatly loves…

She suddenly notices him staring at her intently. When she gives him a questioning look he opens his mouth and tries to say something about her eyes but then he shakes his head and tells her quickly that it’s nothing. IT SOUNDED LIKE HE WAS GOING TO ASK HER TO CLOSE HER EYES TO KISS HER LMFAO. He awkwardly points out the late time and offers to take her back home.

They return to her home quite quickly and she thanks him for escorting her back. He tells her not to worry about it and reminds her not to forget to close her doors tightly. She nods obediently and then notices that he’s suddenly fallen silent again. She asks him hesitantly if she said something wrong today that got under his skin.

Kent looks completely confused and asks her what she’s talking about. She points out that he’s been falling silent repeatedly throughout the day ever since lunch. He startles at that and hurriedly blurts out that she didn’t do anything wrong. He admits that… if he has to say something… it’s his problem.

Lin is confused by that but Kent is silent before he stutters out that, at any rate, she didn’t do anything wrong. He tells her not to worry about it. More importantly, he has something he wants to ask her again. She asks him what it is and so he requests her to teach him how to cook. He’s been thinking that he should at least know how to make one Japanese dish before he departs for London.

He believes that there is a high possibility of having a conversation turn to dishes from one’s homeland when staying in a foreign country. Even if that doesn’t happen, they’ll be sharing a kitchen in the apartment they’ve arranged to live in. He thinks it’s important to be able to communicate with the other residents while eating. She agrees with that and so she’ll teach him as long as he’ll have her.

Kent smiles and tells her that hearing this sounds promising. Lin asks him what he would like to cook though, which makes him muse out loud about how the ideal dish would have to be something residents from a foreign country could accept easily while also being able to have ingredients easily found in an overseas country. Is there any menu that corresponds to those points?

No bright ideas are surfacing to his mind and so he’ll have to borrow her wisdom and be saved by it in exchange. He asks her for any ideas and she considers it before suggesting a meat and potato dish. She’s thinking something that has the origin of a beef stew and people from foreign countries would also be able to accept it, she thinks.

Rather than a famous Japanese dish, she thinks it would be more fresh for people overseas to experience something from home and more conversation-inducing. He sees the thought in that and thinks it’s a good idea. Meat and potato stew is something she can teach and so she’ll teach him if he’s fine with that. His eyes soften as he tells her that it’s not a problem. As he thought, asking for her opinion was the correct thing to do. He thanks her.

He’ll be placing himself in her care tomorrow. She responds with the same sentiment and then he tells her to hurry up and go inside now that they’ve decided. Lin wishes him good night and he replies the same. As Lin enters her home she thinks about how she’ll be cooking with Kent tomorrow. She needs to buy some ingredients after her work. But for some reason she feels like she’s been deceived by him. As she thought, after they fell asleep in his room… his attitude has been strange for a while. Or is she thinking too much?

9月12日. At work Mine is surprised to see Lin heading home already. Lin is surprised to hear that and answers affirmatively before asking if she left something behind. Mine shakes her head and explains that she thought about talking with Sawa over a meal some more and was wondering if Lin wanted to join.

Lin thanks her for the invitation but declines because she has a previous engagement. Mine looks at her suspiciously and says that it can’t be helped if she has a previous engagement but… is it something that is more important than the bond between girls?

Mine tells her that going out like this, and human connections, are very important. Lin tells her that she thinks the same but… Sawa suddenly appears to tell Mine not to tease Lin. Mine yelps in surprise before asking Sawa not to surprise her like that. Sawa apologizes for that but explains to Mine that Lin has a date with Kent after this and so they shouldn’t get in the way.

Lin becomes embarrassed as Mine grins and replies that she knows and she’s just teasing Lin. But Lin has to ask the two of them how they know that. Sawa and Mine exchange looks before shrugging with smiles. Mine tells Lin that she’s too easy to read.

Sawa points out that she’s been smiling more for unknown reasons while Mine points out that she’s exuding a happy aura. Lin asks if that is true, to which Sawa says that it is and she’s surprised that Lin might be doing it unconsciously. Lin is embarrassed to be so easy to read though, but Sawa hugs her tightly and squeals about how cute she is.

Mine chides Sawa by saying that Kent will be angry if she hugs Lin that tightly. Sawa waves those words away by saying that this is a special right for women. She can hug Lin as much as she wants! Lin gasps out that it hurts, but then Sawa grins and asks her if she’s advanced with Kent.

Lin becomes flustered while Mine is surprised by how frank that was, although she’s just as curious. In fact, she also grabs onto Lin and asks her how it is. Until she answers, they won’t let her go to her date! Lin starts to squeak and so Sawa asks her for a “yes” or “no” answer.

Sawa asks the first question of whether or not they hold hands when they’re on a date. Lin stutters out that they do. Sawa can’t stop grinning when she sees how red Lin becomes. Mine comments on how innocent she is before asking if Kent suddenly stays overnight as well. Lin hesitantly answers that he doesn’t because he’s busy.

Mine’s face falls instantly with a 「へ・・・?」(Eh…?). (*ノ∀`)アハハ八 THAT QUESTION SURPRISED ME BUT MY REACTION WAS THE SAME TOO. YOU KNOW IKKI WOU— I’M SORRY. Lin hurriedly adds that Kent will walk her back home after a date though. Mine asks her about kisses then. Lin quietly stutters out that… yes… they do.

This makes Mine hum thoughtfully as she comments on how, even though they’re going at a slow pace, they’re still getting things done. Lin nods but admits in embarrassment that they’ve only done it once though. Mine splutters in surprise at those words which makes Lin ask if that is strange. Sawa awkwardly answers that she doesn’t think it’s particularly strange but…

Mine asks Lin if she’s teasing Kent. Lin denies it, which Sawa agrees with since Lin isn’t the type of girl to use that strategy. Mine agrees with a sigh. At any rate, Sawa understands the situation now. Mine also understands and she sighs again at how Kent is an extremely late bloomer. HE NEEDS TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH IKKI. PROBLEM SOLVED. Sawa points out that, to them, this is a good innocent impression though.

Suddenly the door opens and Waka asks them calmly what they’re talking about. Mine gasps out his name. He tells them that everyone outside can hear their conversation. Sawa laughs awkwardly and apologizes for the girls’ talk. Waka repeats that word slowly and with narrowed eyes, and so Mine hurriedly asks him if something happened.

This reminds Waka to tell Lin that she has a guest. He’s been waiting outside for a while and she should hurry up and go to him. Lin blinks in surprise but obeys. She runs outside to find Kent waiting for her and he apologizes for having her rush out since that wasn’t his intention. She just calls out his name happily though and he smiles before congratulating her for working hard.

She thanks him and notices in her mind that though he was acting strange yesterday he seems quite normal today… maybe? Kent tells her that he thought about reading a book in the store until she came out but… then Waka appeared right then. He didn’t mean to hurry her but Waka did him the courtesy of calling for her. But he tells her that he can wait of course if she still has work she needs to finish.

Lin reassures him that it’s fine and she was intending to go home. Kent is relieved at that, but then she asks him why he’s here. The plan was to meet at her house one hour later. He realizes that but she’s going to go and buy the ingredients for the meat and potato stew she’s going to teach him, right?

When she nods, he explains that he can make a natural prediction that her luggage will increase then. He has no intentions of having her carry that burden after her strength has been consumed by her work. He can carry the bags and so that is why he came here. Lin is touched by his actions and thanks him gratefully.

He becomes a little embarrassed as he tells her not to worry about that. Besides, he’s the one who requested her to teach him and so meeting and helping her out like this is natural. At any rate, their time is becoming limited and so they should leave if she has all her preparations. Or do they need to go someplace for her to rest?

Lin is taken aback by his concern but reassures him that she’s fine. Suddenly they hear Sawa whispering furiously at Mine not to press on her like this, but then she yelps and the two of them tumble down to Kent and Lin. Kent blinks in surprise before narrowing his eyes at them. Sawa smiles sheepishly before greeting Kent and Mine echoes her quietly.

Kent tells them that he’s willing to hear their excuse if they think they have one that he’ll accept. Sawa hurriedly shakes her head and apologizes. Kent sighs at how they really love prying into other people’s business. It’s a bad hobby. He doesn’t understand why they don’t direct their spirit of inquiry to the pursuit of knowledge when they’re so passionate.

Sawa winces at his sharp words. Mine also adds that he’s treating them as severe as usual, but then she whispers 「ま、実はキスもできないくらい奥手なくせにってわかってると、怖くもありませんけど」(Well, now that I know the truth about you being a late bloomer to the point where you can’t kiss, I’m not afraid). (*ノ∀`)アハハ八.

Kent asks her to repeat that while Lin yells out Mine’s name in embarrassment. Kent asks Mine to repeat that again because he didn’t hear it the first time, but Lin pushes him out and tells him that they’re going home! He’s surprised by her suddenness, but she just calls out a farewell to Mine and Sawa.

Outside the cafe, Kent tells her to wait because he can’t walk well with her pulling at his arm like that. She apologizes but he tells her that she doesn’t need to; it’s just uncharacteristic for her to do that. He’s just guessing at this point but was there something that would have been bad if he heard? Lin splutters out that he’s mistaken! It was nothing!

Kent is suspicious but he heard that women have a lot of secrets and it is futile to ask. At any rate, they should first go and buy their ingredients; a department store is fine, right? She nods but then he informs her that this is his first time going shopping with the purpose of buying ingredients and so he wants her to tell him if there’s a problem.

She thinks he’s exaggerating because it’s just like shopping normally. He points out that it might be that way for her, but it is an experience not yet known to him. He’s evaluated materials for his research but he’s never seriously chosen ingredients for things that would go into his body.

He knows that she understands those things and so he’d be saved if she acted as his support. She tells him to leave it to her! He smiles at her reliable answer. Then he admits that his heart is dancing at having a new experience because he hasn’t had one for a number of years. He also feels like it’ll be fun because he’s together with her too. What does she feel?

Lin confesses that she feels the same; in fact she feels like it is even more fun. He blushes at her words but admits that her words are the truth, since if she wasn’t here then he wouldn’t be feeling this either. Anyway, they finally head out to the department store.

At the mall, Lin starts to locate where the cooking ingredients are and Kent points out that they are underground. Lin comments on how cooking things are usually underground and wonders why. NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT… Kent answers that there are various theories but the most famous one is the “fountain effect”.

He explains that this is where popular provisions and stores are arranged at the lower levels and the high sales from the lower levels will lead to higher sales in the upper levels. WAIT WHAT.. KENT JUST TAUGHT ME SOMETHING HOLY CRAP. Plus, they can arrange transportation and piping to preserve their image. It would be a problem to have the sales area visible.

A distinct circumstance will differ from store to store, but he thinks he’s hit upon the main reason. He asks her if he was of use and she response in awe about how detailed that was. Kent waves her words away and tells her that it was nothing because he had the same question a while back, that’s all. Naturally, he was much younger than her when he thought of that. Lin narrows her eyes and asks him if he’s saying she’s a child then.

He chuckles before asking her not to be angry because he didn’t intend that. He points out that the two of them don’t think the same at all, right? And so their thoughts often collide into each other. But right now they both touched upon the same question and that makes him happy. It is said that a married couple will resemble each other after a long time together and this situation isn’t that much differ–.

Kent falls silent abruptly to the point where she calls out his name worriedly. But he just turns bright red and apologizes before saying that he was simply using a figure of speech. He thinks that it’s simply because they resemble a married couple in this situation of buying ingredients for dinner together. He acknowledges that it invites misunderstanding though so he wants her to speak up if her mood was damaged.

Lin is surprised by his words and reassures him quickly that she wasn’t bothered. He’s glad that she isn’t angry but then suggests that they head down to the basement; they should look for an escalator. She points out that there is an escalator right here and he becomes even more flustered as he realizes that it was just in front of them. He apologizes before hurrying her down.

One hour later, Kent is staring at something intently. She hesitantly asks him if something is the matter, to which he answers that it’s nothing. He confirms that she hasn’t forgotten to buy anything and she answers that everything is good and they bought all the ingredients they needed. Lin asks him if he’s tired but he shakes his head and says that the shopping in itself was interesting and a good experience but…

She asks him if he’s talking about the shop personnel in the side dish place. Kent nods and explains that he didn’t think an unfamiliar person would question her relationship to that extent. Normally he is able to deal with things happening beyond his expectations but he couldn’t keep his calm when she was involved. He notes that she must have been bewildered too since that shop employee, from the start, talked to them like they were a married couple.

He sighs in exasperation before commenting on how, his parents aside, he doesn’t understand why other people around are treating her like she is his wife. He mutters under his breath that they haven’t even kissed once, let alone discussing marriage. Lin didn’t catch that though and she tilts her head questioningly. Kent tells her it was nothing.

At any rate, he points out that if they delay any much longer then the meat they bought will spoil. They should head home quickly to prepare the food. Lin can do nothing but agree though she’s starting to become pensive.

Kent notes on the way home that the sun is setting. It looks like shopping can take a long time. Lin thinks that it is the perfect time because they will be hungry by the time they finish preparing the meat and potato stew. She comments on how they should be eating this at her house, right? Kent repeats her words in surprise.

She thinks they should since they went through all this. Kent tries to protest but she tells him that she lives alone and so, from time to time, she wants to eat dinner with someone else. And so she’ll be happy if he eats together with her. In the face of these words, Kent can only agree.

They return back to her home and in the kitchen Lin prepares to start the meal. She starts off by explaining that she usually only makes enough for one person, but today they need to make sure the amount is enough. He agrees that it would be a problem if there wasn’t. His data in his notes are unclear and so he’ll have to reference it later.

Anyway, Lin prepares to start only to realize that he should wear an apron. They both bought some at the department store. Kent is embarrassed at having forgotten that and he realizes that this is why they bought them. Lin tells him to put it on and then asks if he can prepare the right amount of ingredients as stated in the recipe.

Kent acknowledges that and tells her to leave it to him! But first he should put on his apron. He invites her to go ahead while he prepares. Lin gets herself ready to do the work.

After some time they finish all the preliminary work. She compliments him for weighing the perfect amount and comments on how, while this is his first time, she can see that he’s quite skilled. He explains that the work is similar to how he prepares fertilizer and water for his plants. It must be the result of that.

Lin asks him if he measures the correct amount of water for his potted plants. He answers that of course he does and, not just that, he also records it. If he pours in the wrong amount of water than most often it would result in cases that are different. In other words, this is essential to his data. And so, where it is concerned, he calculates the amount every day and leaves data records.

He teases her by pointing out that she must not have thought he could use that in practical application for cooking. But now they have another problem. What do they do next? Lin instructs him that they need to fry the onions now. He acknowledges her words and places the onions into the pan. He stares at them as they fry and she watches.

As the minutes pass, Lin stutters out that they will start to burn if he just continues to stare at them like that. He has to stir them around from time to time. Kent is surprised but listens to her words. He stirs it experimentally and looks for her approval which she gives while pointing out how the smell is coming out.

Kent is surprised by how he’s managing to do this. Then he asks if they can switch places for a bit. She’s fine with that but asks him if something is the matter. He explains that he’d like to write all of this down but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to have the note beside a fire.

Lin tells him that she’ll repeat her explanations again afterward but right now takes priority. Speed in cooking is very important. He’s interested at the concept of speed being important in cooking, but he’ll concentrate on the moment right now since she told him to. He returns to stirring the onions seriously and then asks her how long he should do this for.

She answers that it is difficult to state the perfect time. If she had to say though, it would be when the onions have softened and become transparent. He hums thoughtfully at how cooking needs discernment over the time. He chuckles at how deep it is and he’s becoming more interested than he thought he would.

One hour later, everything has been placed into the pot which is boiling. Lin informs him that they just have to wait now. Kent worriedly asks again if it is really alright to take their eyes off the pot. She reassures him that the fire is turned down low and so it is safe. Just to be sure though, she’ll set a timer.

Once the timer sounds then they just have to wait for the broth to disappear. Kent summarizes that there are 9 steps in the process of making this then? She nods and then congratulates him for working hard before asking him how it felt to have made it. Kent answers honestly that this is his first time so there were a lot of things that confused him, and so he studied a lot.

He’s very grateful for her guidance and thorough explanations. He found the accomplishment fun… at least that’s what he wants to say but there is also one thing that makes him uneasy. As expected, he wonders if he did it skillfully. Lin reassures him that he did it perfectly and it’ll be tasty.

Kent smiles and admits that he’s comforted to hear that. He doesn’t want to have made her accurate teaching useless because her skill is, above all, very good. Her behavior is something that couldn’t be done unless the person normally touches food. He believes that stew can’t be anything but delicious when made by someone like her.

But then he has a wry grin as he says that would be what he’d like to think, however there were some disturbing elements entangled and the possibility of that driving the result mad is great. She repeats the word “disturbing elements” in confusion and he continues to grin as he explains that he means himself.

He realizes that it isn’t good for him to be so pessimistic either though, so he’ll pray for it to be tasty. Lin once again reassures him that it’ll be fine and it’ll be tasty. Kent does think that it wouldn’t become that bad because, putting the point of cooking aside, it resembled a lot like a formula. And so, contrary to expectations, he might actually have a talent in cooking.

Lin giggles and agrees that he has a point. Kent tells her that he would like to learn cooking other than meat and potato stew as well. Does she mind? She tells him that she’d be pleased to if he would have her and then asks him if he would like to rest while they’re waiting for the stew to boil well. He agrees with a soft smile.

And so the two migrate to the living room where she presents him with tea. She asks if he would like sugar in it, but he refuses and thanks her. She notices that he’s been writing in his notes about the way to make stew. He wanted to write it down before he forgot. Kent asks her to point out if he’s forgotten a point.

She giggles but agrees and so he continues to write while commenting ton how writing everything down one by one like this shows that cooking involves doing various things in sequence. Lin explains that the flavor often changes depending on how one does the sequences. Kent finds himself even more interested when he realizes that thinking about the procedure is necessary to create something with the best taste.

He suddenly falls silent before repeating the words “best procedure”. Kent sighs before muttering that it would be nice if there was a procedure for her company; because then he could be more smooth in pleasing her. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK IKKI FOR ADVICE. Lin tilts her head in confusion before informing him that she’s happy right now.

Kent is puzzled by that and then wonders out loud if he’s the only one who doesn’t comprehend this then. She repeats the word “comprehend” questioningly. He is silent before he finally asks her seriously if she feels any discomfort with him like this; things like going out to buy ingredients for food together and being mistaken as a married couple.

Lin doesn’t understand the point he’s trying to make and Kent realizes this, and so he decides to give her another example. He reminds her that the day before yesterday his parents were treating her like his wife. He wants to know what she thinks about that. Does she find it strange? He hasn’t even proposed to her formally yet. Does she dislike being treated like that?

Of course in the near future he intends to propose to her officially. He knows that it might be a problem sooner or later with her parents to be seen like that but… it is very difficult to talk about; especially when they’ve only kissed once. He thinks it is strange for him to think about marriage in spite of this. Then that event happened in the department store and he can’t comprehend it.

She murmurs his name and he suddenly smiles before apologizing for thinking about this so much; he might start to be called a straight-laced person. She shakes her head and tells him that she thinks of this as one of his good points; then she asks him what would help him comprehend this. He muses out loud on how he doesn’t want to forcibly correct the thought of her in the position of his wife and so…

He blushes as he suggests that they launch into the process and catch up to the order of how things are done. Lin asks if he’s trying to say that they should kiss more. (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八ノヽノヽ GOOD ANSWER!! Kent chokes before agreeing that following the argument to its logical conclusion leads to this. He’s saved by her wisdom.

Of course he hastily reassures her that he isn’t going to pressure her if she doesn’t want to do this. It’s part of the process to gain the other party’s consent. Kent hesitates before asking for her opinion. Lin tells him that she doesn’t dislike it and Kent smiles excitedly and in relief at that. HE SOUNDS LIKE A PUPPY HERE.

His expression becomes serious though as he asks quietly 「・・・リン。そちらへ寄ってもいいだろうか」(… Lin, may I come closer to you?). She startles as he nears her and just as she opens her mouth to gasp his name they are interrupted by a loud beeping. They stare at each other in astonishment before Lin points out that the meat and potato stew seems to be finished.

Kent’s voice is disappointed as he agrees on how it seems that way. Lin tries to say something but he interrupts and suggests that they turn off the fire first, because it’ll burn if they leave it. They both enter the kitchen and Lin asks for his opinion on the stew. He notes that it doesn’t look bad and the smell is also fine; but these aren’t indicators of its taste.

He’s smiling as he says that he’s curious about the result. They should eat before it becomes cold. She nods while Kent mutters that it’s a bit disappointing to have been interrupted at that point. Lin didn’t catch that though and looks over questioningly, but Kent just shakes his head and asks her to pass him the plates. He’ll ladle their dinner up. Lin is still confused but she passes him the plates without pursuing the topic.

20 minutes later. Lin asks him if something is the matter because she noticed his wide-eyed look. Kent replies in astonishment that it’s delicious. It is the best meat and potato stew he has ever had. She giggles before telling him that she’s relieved then. In the end, something is more delicious when one makes it themselves. Kent admits that he can actually feel it now, because up to now he’s just failed in cooking.

He urges her to try some too and so she does. Lin happily agrees on how delicious it is. This was a great success! His smile becomes soft as he tells her that they might be jumping to a hasty conclusion but when she says it like that it makes him want to cook something else.

2 hours later. Lin sighs as she finishes washing the dishes and then Kent asks her if she uses this towel to wipe the dishes. She hurriedly tells him that she can do it and urges him to sit down because he doesn’t need to help. He shakes his head and tells her that he wants to do it, besides it isn’t a large amount either. Ever since yesterday she’s just been teaching him new things.

And so he wants to do the things he’s able to do. Lin thanks him and decides to take him up on his offer then since he’s insisting; and so she asks him politely if he could dry these dishes. Kent seems taken aback before his entire countenance softens and he tells her to leave it to him. They fall into silence as he dries the dishes until she calls out his name.

He startles a bit before apologizing because of how concentrated he was in cleaning the dishes. She blinks in surprise before accepting that and leaving him to wash in silence. Kent soon finishes and asks her if there is anything else that needs to be done, which startles Lin who was in thought and she answers automatically that there is.

She starts to stutter as she tries to think of what needs to be done though and then she suddenly brings up the fact that she heard tonight the weather was going to be bad. She’s going to take a look outside. Kent remains silent as Lin takes a quick look out the window and reports back that the weather seems fine. It looks like the news was wrong today.

Kent replies that he’s glad to hear that. I WOULD MAKE A QUIP AT THERE BEING SEXUAL TENSION HERE BUT THESE TWO BEING THE WAY THEY ARE… IT’S JUST AWKWARD TENSION LOL. Lin tells him that far from there being rain the stars can be seen and they’re extremely pretty. It looks like tomorrow will be just as clear if the weather is like this.

Lin becomes confused when there is no response and she calls out Kent’s name questioningly, but before she can turn around he embraces her from behind. He stutters a bit as he tells her that he would like her to continue facing the other way. He asks her if she was surprised, to which she answers that she’s still in a state of surprise. He apologizes for that.

Another period of silence passes between them before she murmurs his name, and then he asks her if she would mind if they continued what they started before… that is if she is agreeable to that. She stiffens in surprise and Kent hurriedly tells her not to worry. He’s made sure that the timer was taken care of and nothing will interrupt them now.

She continues to remain silent and Kent murmurs that if she consents then he’d be saved if she would close her eyes. (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八ノヽ HELP THESE TWO ARE SO DORKY. She teases him gently by asking if she has to do it first, to which he tells her that if he closed his eyes first then he might fail like he’s done in the past. Plus, he also wouldn’t be able to see her face.

Lin stutters out that when he says that he just makes it harder for her to close her eyes. He realizes that it does and so he proposes a compromise. How about the two of them close their eyes at the same time? She agrees with that and then somehow they can… He thanks her but then asks sheepishly what kind of signal is best in this situation. Lin suggests counting down.

Kent thinks that’s a good idea and decides that they should do that. And so Lin counts down and then closes her eyes. The two of them are silent before Kent finally whispers 「・・・リン。本当はずっと、こうして君に――」(… Lin, for a long time I’ve been wanting to–). Suddenly a cellphone starts ringing… and ringing… and ringing. Kent is utterly silent.

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING OH MY AGJKHKGFH. Lin awkwardly points out that his cellphone is ringing. He is silent for a few more seconds before he sighs loudly and apologizes. It’s from his professor and it might be an emergency if they are calling this late at night. It will probably be a long call and so he will excuse himself for the night.

Kent apologizes for being in a rush and when the call is over he’ll text her. She wishes him goodnight and hears him answering the call, apologizing for making the other person wait, as he leaves. Lin also exhales loudly as the door closes and wonders if she should be relieved by the call or disappointed. As she thought though she feels a bit disappointed. Lin sighs again.

9月13日. In his room, Kent is talking to someone else about how he is also in agreement. He understands and he will make revisions in that way. If there is another urgent change again then he will contact them. Kent ends the call and sighs before starting to type on his computer.

Lin calls out his name and when he turns to her questioningly she asks him if she should go home. Kent furrows his brows and asks her why she suddenly wants to do that. He suddenly realizes and apologizes for being so focused on preparing documents that he’s been negligent in conversing with her.

He tells her that if she wants to talk then he will listen; he’s the one who called her here after all. It is his responsibility to make her feel welcome. Lin shakes her head and tells him that isn’t it… she’s wondering if she is distracting him by being here. He smiles a little as he answers that he would be lying if he said she isn’t distracting, but it is only because he is aware of her existence nothing more.

But back to the point, if he thought she was a bother then he wouldn’t invite her over in the first place. YEH BUT IF YOU’RE GOING TO IGNORE HER THEN… ALTHOUGH I DON’T MIND WATCHING MY S/O WORK IF I HAD ONE. She’s glad for that but now she’s wondering why he invited her over today.

He averts his eyes as he explains that he returned home without even thanking her and so he was thinking of apologizing… Lin reminds him that he apologized a lot through his texts last night. Kent turns a bit red as he finally confesses that he invited her here because he wanted to see her; there is no other clear reason. He apologizes though as he realizes this must be boring for her and he wasn’t being considerate.

She shakes her head and reassures him that it can’t be helped because his professor needed him for an emergency. Besides, she’s’ also happy to just have him around. He turns even more red but he’s pleased that his decision to invite her over was correct. But then he comments on how he should resume his work before his concentration is completely gone.

He returns back to typing and Lin asks him if he doesn’t need a drink. He looks over at her momentarily before agreeing that moderate replenishment of fluids increases the efficiency of his work. He has the bad habit of immersing himself so much in his work that he forgets to take care of his needs and so he’s helped by her pointing it out.

Lin notes that his mother seems to have left for work and so asks Kent if she has his permission to prepare some refreshments. Kent replies that he doesn’t mind, but is it proper for a guest like her to do that? She tells him not to worry since she wants to do at least this much for him if she can’t help with his work. Kent blinks in surprise but he’ll take her words for what they are and then he apologizes for giving her trouble.

She reassures him that it isn’t a bother and then asks if he could show her where they keep their kitchenware. He explains that the cups and plates are in the cabinets and the pots and coffee maker are in sight and so she shouldn’t have troubles finding those. The coffee and tea are in the cupboards and can be taken out while the milk is in the refrigerator.

Lin nods her head in understanding but Kent also tells her to call him if she doesn’t understand something. He’ll help go and help her at that point. She thanks him and then informs him that she’s going to borrow his kitchen now. He thanks her again and returns back to working.

Some time later, she returns back and apologizes for making him wait. He welcomes her back and asks if she had any problems. She tells him that there weren’t and then tells him that she had thought this before but his kitchen is very pretty and clean. He’s smiling as he tells her that they don’t use it other than making coffee and so it doesn’t get dirty.

She tells him that it’s still so very clean even if they just use it for that and she was a bit nervous about what would happen if she made it dirty. Then she places the coffee she made in front of him and tells him to be careful since it’s hot. He looks in her direction as he thanks her and she becomes a bit confused when he continues staring at her.

Lin calls out his name in confusion and he starts to blush as he murmurs that he gives up. She tilts her head and so he explains that he suddenly thought about how, if they got married, it would feel like this every day; even though he said all those self-important things yesterday. His smile becomes sheepish as he realizes he’s an obstinate man.

He continues to look at her for a bit before he suddenly realizes that he doesn’t have much time and he needs to continue working. He suggests for her to read any book she wants. He thanks her again for making the coffee and tells her that he’ll drink it while feeling grateful. MAN THE LANGUAGE HE USES IS EVEN MORE POLITE THAN BUTLERS. She smiles happily at that.

In the evening, Kent sees Lin to the door and apologizes for not being able to walk her back. She shakes her head and reassures him that it’s still bright out. She tells him to work hard and promises to also do that. Kent raises an eyebrow curiously and asks her what she’s going to be working on. She explains that she decided she would go to a language study school after the talk they had.

Kent thinks that’s a good idea and is in favor of that. He’ll also pick her up from there one day then. He doesn’t want to interfere but he’d like to look it over one day. She nods and tells him that she’ll order some pamphlets after looking at some schools then.

He tells her that his work should calm down after three days and they can decide on a school together for her. She nods before saying her goodbye, but Kent reminds her to be careful around cars and suspicious people. Also, when she gets home she needs to make sure– Lin finishes his sentence by saying that she should close her door securely, right?

He gives her a pleased smile and tells her that it’s enough if she understands. He falls silent with a frown before finally admitting that she might laugh when she hears he can’t endure even 72 hours away from her but… until the next time they see each other, if he wants to see her again, he wonders if she would mind if he contacted her. It’ll probably be boring like today, but would she mind?

Lin reassures him that he can contact her whenever he wants. His countenance softens and he thanks her before wishing her good night.

9月17日. Lin excuses herself as she enters Kent’s workroom at the university. Kent greets her as well as commenting on how she arrived earlier than expected; it seems that she didn’t get lost today. Lin points out that she’s come here many times now so she can’t get lost. He smiles as he says that he’s happy she’s grown up but it’s also a bit of a shame.

Then he adds 「君が困ったような声で私に電話をかけてくるのも、実を言うと嫌いではなかったんだが」(In truth, your troubled voice when you called me wasn’t a bad thing). *SPITS* WHAT. WHO IS THIS. THIS SMOOTH TALKER CAN’T BE KENT. Lin narrows her eyes and asks him if he’s saying that he enjoys it when she’s troubled.

Kent’s voice is full of amusement as he denies it, but he does confess that she’s cute when she is. And that is why he thinks it is a bit of shame that he won’t be able to see that any more, that’s all. Does she understand? Lin tells him that she understand, but when he says that it makes her not want to call him. He reassures her that he was just stating his thoughts frankly. She doesn’t have to worry about it.

She comments that today he seems rather cocksure. In fact the more directly he speaks of things the more she feels embarrassed. He explains that they’re in his home ground so that’s probably why, and he might say things frankly that he normally wouldn’t say. Although he recalls that she’s seen disgraceful sides of him in here too.

When Lin looks confused he reminds her of the time they had their first kiss. Does she remember? He was so nervous that they bumped foreheads and his attempt to kiss her was over. That was pathetic of him. He smiles softly as he recalls that she was able to laugh and accept that side of him though; it made him very happy.

But then he tells her that it doesn’t matter if she can’t remember it, in fact he would be saved if she forgot it; and so he doesn’t want her to worry over it. But anyway, he wants to change the topic to the main question at hand. He asks Lin if she brought the examples. She pulls them out and he’s surprised by the amount.

She tells him that, when she searched for language schools, there were a lot of them. She brought at least ten pamphlets. Kent agrees that having a large selection isn’t bad. A frown appears though when he realizes that she walked all the way here. Wasn’t it heavy carrying all of this? If he knew she was carrying such heavy luggage then he would have met her at the school gates.

Lin tells him that he’s busy with his research and he’s still giving his time to her like this, so she couldn’t have bothered him any more. Besides, even though she might look like this she has a lot of strength. Kent chuckles and comments on how that’s a reliable thing to hear; but her arms are still slender and he doesn’t want her forcing herself.

He reminds her that she once told him she’s happy when he relies on her, well the same goes for him as well. That’s why he wants her to rely on him when she needs to without reservations. She thanks him quietly and he smiles before suggesting that they look at the pamphlets. It’d be nice if they could find one that suits her.

15 minutes later. Kent mutters that this one won’t do as well, but Lin points out that this was the last one. He points out that it can’t be helped though because no good things are no good. He looked through the history and name of the teachers but he didn’t feel like he needed to attend any of them. In this case, he thinks it would be more effective for him to teach her during his spare time.

Kent grumbles some more before asking her where she found this information. She may have skill in cooking but it doesn’t look like she is very good at collecting information. Lin frowns and tells him that she searched through these very hard and even asked about their reputation and class information. Kent is surprised that this is the result, in which case there’s an even bigger problem than he thought.

He points out that she doesn’t have that much free time. What will she do if she wastes her precious time like that? Lin is silent before she apologizes quietly. Kent is taken aback by her reaction and hurriedly apologizes because he wasn’t intending to blame her. But he realizes that the way he spoke was pretty much the same as blaming her. He apologizes again for losing his calm.

But he reminds her that they don’t have much time before they go abroad and, between her work and classes, she doesn’t have time to concentrate on language school. And so because he was trying to think of a way for her that would be most effective in the shortest amount of time he accidentally spoke severely.

He wants to correct what he said before and she did well. Kent apologizes for being insensible. Lin tells him that it’s fine and she’s sorry as well. But it looks like she’ll have to do another search for schools. He agrees but he’s going to ask a professor that he trusts about a good school. He thinks he’ll have reference materials by next week.

If she has no problems with that he would like her to look those over as well. She thanks him gratefully. Kent smiles sheepishly and confesses that he didn’t think it was good for him to interfere too much, which is why he stayed silent, but it ended up like this anyway. She’s surprised he was being reserved.

Kent points out that this is her challenge. Besides, it is said that one doesn’t feel any motivation when they feel compulsion to do something because of others. But when he thinks about her wanting to go with him to London he accidentally became too forward. He knows what he’s saying is selfish but he wants her to work hard.

If just before they leave for London she decides that it is too difficult to go then–. He falls silent and Lin says his name questioningly. But Kent hisses at her to be quiet. Lin is confused as Kent snaps out that he’s already aware of the eavesdropper standing over there. How about he mans up and comes in?

A light-hearted voice replies that he’s quite impressive to have noticed his presence. Lin tries to say that she recognizes this voice but Kent orders her to be quiet. The enemy already knows she’s here but if she reveals her exact location then she might be taken hostage. LMAO THESE GAMES.

The mystery person responds 「人質だなんて人聞きの悪い。でもそうだな・・・可愛いお姫様を奪えるなら、それもいいかな?」(It’s disgraceful to take a hostage. But, hmm… I wouldn’t mind it if I could steal such a cute princess). Kent snorts and calls him out on his nonsense.

But the other informs him that he has a weapon. If he wants to return home uninjured then he’ll surrender now. Kent tells him that he’ll give him what he wishes and he should come out where the tables will be turned. Ikki opens the door and enters before yelling out at Kent to take this: the pride and confidence of this solved and 100% answer rate math puzzle!

Kent smirks and tells him that he’s too weak! He has a defense wall of this super hard-to-understand version! Ikki gasps in shock. Kent adds that, among the degree of difficulty of the ones created, this one surpasses the rest. Even Ikki won’t be able to solve it that easily. Kent tells him that if he is going to say that he will steal Lin then he needs to solve that.

Ikki frowns and points out that even as Kent tells him to solve it, he’s prepared two or three other volumes, right? Kent compliments him before saying that he also has two other volumes that are of even higher difficulty at hand. Ikki stills before stating flatly that he’s being a bit unfair. Kent replies that it’s strategy.

This makes Ikki smirk 「ふぅん。彼女を簡単に渡す気はないってことか。いいね、障害の多い恋は燃えるから好きだよ」(Hm, in other words you have no intentions of handing her over easily. Good, I like a love that has to overcome many obstacles). (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン THIS GUY. Kent sighs at how he doesn’t learn from his lessons.

Lin starts to giggle which makes Kent turn around and ask her if something is strange. She shakes her head and answers that she was just thinking they were having fun. Kent is amused as he admits that he is, but is Ikki feeling that? Ikki grins and answers that today was especially fun, especially since a cute heroine was present and so it was more showy than usual.

Ikki steps closer to her and greets her kindly before asking how she’s been. She replies that she’s been well and she hopes he has as well. In the background, Kent is frowning and asks Ikki why he needs to take a step forward to greet her. (*ノ∀`)アハハ八 BECAUSE HE’S IKKI. Ikki replies nonchalantly that he’s being courteous.

Kent snaps back that this courtesy Ikki is showing is bullshit. He orders Ikki to step away immediately and not to touch her by accident. Ikki pouts and comments on how Kent seems to have grown more intolerant of misbehavior; but then he smirks as he realizes that he’s wrong. Kent is actually much more possessive and he advises Kent that a man who easily gets jealous is unpopular.

This makes Kent splutter while Lin stutters out Ikki’s name in horror. Ikki apologizes for having those words slip out, but this is just too interesting. Then Ikki asks Lin if Kent is always like that around her, to which Lin admits that he is generally like that. Kent grumbles at how she needn’t have replied so honestly.

Lin shrinks and apologizes, but Ikki sighs at how Kent is speaking harshly again. He tells Lin not to worry about it because Kent is just embarrassed. He tells Lin that Kent is just embarrassed to have the lewd look in his face be seen by Ikki. For being the oldest, he can surprisingly be a child. IK… KI… STOP. I CAN’T BREATHE I’M LAUGHING SO HARD.

Kent snarls at Ikki to quit it before he orders him to leave this room. Ikki takes a step back and tells them that he understands and he won’t say anything more. Kent sighs heavily before asking Ikki why he came here, since he doubts Ikki came only to jeer at him.

Ikki replies in affront 「まさか。用もなく恋人たちの甘い時間を邪魔するほど野暮じゃないよ、僕は」(Of course not. I’m not so unrefined as to intrude upon the sweet time between lovers if I had no business). He tells Kent that he was asked by a professor to come and call Kent to them. Kent’s cellphone is turned off and so, in replacement, they had Ikki come to contact him.

Kent answers that he didn’t turn off his phone but that it ran out of batteries. Ikki smirks and tells Kent that he’ll leave Kent’s words alone since they’re in front of Lin. At any rate, Kent apologizes to Lin but it looks like he’ll have to step out for a while. Lin asks if she can wait here. He nods and tells her that they can discuss the matter about the schools when he returns.

Ikki suggests that he can fill in the role of being Lin’s host until Kent returns. Kent narrows his eyes and tells Ikki that while he isn’t here he sincerely hopes Ikki won’t talk about unnecessary things. Ikki rolls his eyes good-naturedly and tells Kent that he understands and he should trust in his friends from time to time. Kent’s voice is full of reluctance as he says his goodbye.

The moment Kent leaves, Ikki sighs before commenting on how Kent has mellowed out a lot. He’s completely different from how he was a few months ago. He apologizes to Lin though since she came all this way to see Kent but he interrupted. Lin tells him not to worry about it, besides she likes seeing him and Kent fool around. They look like they’re having fun.

Ikki is interested by her words. Do they look like they’re having that much fun? Lin nods before admitting that Kent has an expression on his face that he doesn’t have with her. In fact, she’s even jealous of that sometimes. Ikki frowns thoughtfully before telling her that Kent wants to look cool in front of the girl he likes. But then he points out that, in exchange, she gets to know in-detail sides of Kent that he never shows anyone.

He grins as he points out that Kent’s jealousy is one of those. He would only have that kind of expression for her. Lin is surprised by that and Ikki adds that it also made him want to tease him, unusually so. He tells Lin that in the long time he’s known Kent, it’s only been recently that he’s seen all these different expressions. This makes Lin ask him what started their friendship.

Ikki hums in thought before replying that there wasn’t especially a motive. He thinks Kent might just be happy that his problems were getting solved over and over again. He thinks it is hard for people to approach Kent with his stature and character, in addition to those puzzles. He suddenly recalls that Lin was taught mathematics by Kent, wasn’t she?

He asks Lin if she complained a lot. She admits that she did, which makes him laugh out loud. But then Lin tells him that Kent answers questions with passion and when told that she doesn’t understand, he’ll teach her no matter how long it takes. He’ll help her out until she finally understands it.

Ikki muses on how, in Kent’s heart, he must have been happy to spend countless hours with her and a problem. Kent has a very bookish mind and talks fastidiously about things but he won’t be able to thrust away someone who is putting in a lot of effort, even if his words can be harsh. Lin tells him that she understands that, a lot. Ikki merely grins and tells her that Kent is a very clumsy guy. He’ll be leaving him in her care.

Lin promises that she will. And then Ikki wonders out loud why the two of them are praising Kent when he isn’t here. She laughs at the truth in his words. Ikki frowns and comments on how it’s making him feel creepy and they should stop. He suggests a different topic.

Only to realize that even if he says that he can’t seduce her and the only common topic they have is Kent. ARE YOU KIDDING ME LMFAO. But then Ikki suddenly asks her what she’s doing on the 23rd. Lin tilts her head and asks him what is happening on the 23rd, which makes Ikki gape at her in surprise. He gathers himself together to sigh as he realizes that Kent is as indifferent as always.

She prompts him again and he apologizes for being distracted before answering that the 23rd is Kent’s birthday. Lin gasps because she didn’t know, which is what Ikki thought. He explains that Kent seems to be the type to forget as well even on that date and so there’s no ill will. He thinks it’s a little lonely though when one has a girlfriend and it looks like Kent still doesn’t understand those fine details.

But then Ikki realizes that this might also be very favorable. Lin isn’t following and so Ikki suggests that they use this situation and throw a surprise party for Kent. Wouldn’t it be interesting to prepare this in secret from him and then present a cake to him on his birthday to surprise him? He believes that Kent hasn’t experienced such a thing and it would be a good memory of Japan.

He’s sure that Kent will also be overjoyed at having her celebrate it. What does she think? Lin thinks it over and decides that it’s a great idea, although they don’t have much time! Ikki smiles and offers to do anything she wants since he’ll happily help. She thanks him gratefully which only makes him sigh in envy at how Kent has such a nice girlfriend.

Ikki suddenly looks to the door and murmurs that the person blessed in question seems to be returning. Lin welcomes Kent back as he enters the room, and Kent replies to her greeting. But then he asks Ikki why he’s staring at his face so intently like that. Is there something he wants to say? Ikki shrugs and states that he’s simply jealous.

Kent raises an eyebrow and asks him what he wants to say, but Ikki only tells him that he’ll understand soon enough. At any rate, Ikki decides that he’ll remove himself since he knows he’s intruding. He tells Lin that he’ll see her some other time. Lin thanks him again as he leaves and Kent watches silently before he asks Lin if Ikki did anything.

When she looks confused he points out that she just thanked Ikki and those are words a person would say for no reason. Lin blurts out that she was simply thanking him for talking to her! She changes the subject and asks him if he’s done talking with his professor already. Kent blinks in surprise but also recalls that he said, before he left the room, that he would ask his professor about any schools.

He’s brought back the answer to that. He’s surprised by how fast it was compared to his estimate, but he’d like her to peruse these references. These references have track records as well as the top-notch teachers. The distance to commute from her house is also nice. He also tells her not to worry about him and to put him in the list of candidates as well.

She understands and she’ll look over the list. Kent reassures her that even though he’s said there isn’t much time, they actually aren’t leaving for London until next year. He wants her to find a good way for herself to study without too much rush. She nods in agreement.

And then Kent coughs deliberately before asking if she has any plans later tonight. She thinks out loud that she doesn’t have work and so she’s– Lin suddenly recalls that she needs to prepare if they are to have a surprise birthday party. There isn’t even a week before it’s the 23rd. She needs to buy a present within that time. Instead of leaving it last minute she thinks she’ll definitely buy a better present with more time to spare and prepare.

Kent eyes her curiously and asks her to complete her sentence. Lin stutters out that she thought about going shopping today. He asks her if she’s buying food ingredients or daily life products? If he isn’t a bother then he wouldn’t mind going with her; and if possible he would like to go to her house–…

Lin blurts out that she’d be troubled if he did! Kent blinks in surprise before he slowly asks if she’s telling him that she doesn’t want him in her house then…? She hurriedly corrects herself and tells him that she’d be troubled about the other thing! He furrows his brows and clarifies that she doesn’t want him to go shopping with her then?

He’s suspicious of her words and wonders just what she is going to buy. She tells him that she’s going to buy clothes, which makes him even more confused. He doesn’t understand why he can’t see those. Lin stutters out that she’s thinking of going to a place that might make a man uncomfortable… He repeats her words thoughtfully and tries to think of a clothes shop that would make a man uncomfortable–.

Kent turns bright red when realization dawns on him. He apologizes for taking so long to understand and if that is the case then he will refrain from going; or more like that is something he should do. He’s not sure what he, as a guy in a relationship, would do when faced with the temptation of seeing skin.

He hurriedly says 「女性に失礼なことを聞いてしまった。許してくれ。すまなかった」(I asked something rude of a woman. Forgive me, I’m sorry). Lin tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize like that. In her mind she apologizes to Kent but she needs to hide this from him until his birthday. Kent decides that they should part for today then so that she can buy her things and return home before it is dark.

She agrees and leaves the university quickly. She sighs at the gates and thinks on how hiding things from Kent is hard, but she is going to prepare the best present to please him on his birthday.

9月19日. At work Sawa is surprised to hear that it is almost Kent’s birthday, but she finally understands why Lin’s aura underwent a complete change from happy to troubled. Mine asks what she has to be confused about, to which Sawa points out that it must be the present. She must be troubled over what to give!

Lin nods glumly and tells them that she’s gone searching in these past two days but nothing is fitting. Sawa can’t even imagine what Kent would want and he doesn’t seem like a materialistic person. Mine recalls out loud that Lin received a handmade workbook from Kent, didn’t she? Lin nods before pointing out that it wasn’t her birthday though.

Mine suggests that Lin can try making a workbook for Kent this time. Lin gapes at her while Sawa closes her eyes in incredulity at the thought of a couple exchanging handmade workbooks. Mine doesn’t see a problem since there must be one or two couples like that on this earth. She asks them if they don’t think it’s a good idea.

Lin points out that the problems she comes up with will most likely seem like a elementary school test to Kent. Sawa laughs nervously and agrees. Mine winces as she realizes there’s a chance it’ll be returned with corrections in red ink and then she shivers in fear. Lin decides that she isn’t going to do a workbook, which Sawa wholeheartedly agrees with.

Sawa groans at how she doesn’t have any idea whatsoever now! And because it is a surprise they can’t even ask him. Mine suggests that they can ask Kent so that Lin won’t be found out. Sawa asks Mine if she thinks Kent would tell them honestly. Mine apologizes for her silly proposition. Lin blurts out that Kent is actually a nice person!

But Sawa declares that he’s kind compared to before. It’s thanks to feeling good beside her that he’s mellowed out a lot. Mine adds that he is only like that around her because she is special and he’s still cold to them. Lin ponders on that since she thinks Kent is a nice person. Sawa comments out loud on how Lin has changed a lot as well, since in the past they used to get fights merely upon seeing the other’s face.

She’s amazed by how they went from that situation into a large reversal and now their relationship is to the point where they’re considering studying abroad together. Mine teasingly tells her that it is the power of love. Sawa sighs in envy before realizing that the conversation is slowly getting away from them; they were talking about presents.

Mine points out that it is because they can’t see the goal and so the conversation ended there. Sawa frowns greatly before she decides that they should go together to find a present now that it’s come to this! Lin is shocked by this and asks her if she’s really fine with that. Sawa reassures her that it is said three heads are better than one, plus she also knows Kent a little.

At any rate, Mine thinks they should get some necessary party supplies as well since it’s too much for Lin to handle alone. Lin thanks them gratefully as Mine confesses that she likes looking at party goods. She’ll also be able to do a preliminary look at the things she can use for Waka’s birthday. I FORGOT SHE LIKES WAKA IN THIS WORLD LMAO. Sawa is completely unimpressed at her real purpose.

Some time later. Sawa muses out loud on how if they are speaking about a party then… Mine echoes her words in confusion only for Sawa to exclaim excitedly that they definitely need party poppers! They’re constant sellers! Mine rolls her eyes and tells Sawa that she can accept her party-like attitude but she has no charm. Sawa pouts in mock hurt.

Mine thinks they should light candles and go in the direction of a romantic atmosphere. She picks out various items and warns Lin that the basket is going to become heavy as she dumps them in. Lin is surprised by the amount, but Mine declares that this is natural because a birthday is like a showdown between lovers. Lin repeats the word “showdown” in confusion, but Mine only states that it can be called a battle so to speak.

Lin repeats the word “battle” in growing alarm, but Mine only continues on to say that she needs to prepare the best tactics in order to win! In other words it is an event that requires tactics! Lin stutters out that she’ll try her hardest, and Sawa sighs at how Mine made Lin start to use formal speech. Mine orders them to continue on and Lin agrees heartily.

One hour later. Sawa notes that they seem to have collected a large amount of party things. Lin agrees and decides that she can buy the raw ingredients the day before. Mine points out that they weren’t about to find the most crucial thing though; Kent’s present. Lin nods glumly and Sawa suggests that they check out the front of the train station since a new shop was–.

Sawa’s eyes widen as she trails off and Mine calls her name worriedly. Sawa only gasps at their bad luck though and hisses quickly at Mine to hide their basket. Mine blinks in confusion and asks her what is going on, but Sawa only tells her to do it quickly and she’ll explain later! They can hide the basket underneath that shelf! Lin asks Sawa what is going on, but Sawa only tells her to turn around and act natural.

Lin is utterly confused but then she hears a familiar voice call out her name in surprise. She turns to yelp out Kent’s name. Kent comments on how he thought this place was noisy and it turns out that it was because of Sawa. He reprimands her to be more quiet before she troubles the others around her. Sawa apologizes nervously and promises to be more careful.

Kent narrows his eyes when he only sees the two of them because he thought he also heard another noisy voice. Sawa tells him that it’s simply his imagination because today there’s just her and Lin. He asks what the two of them are doing here. Sawa answers that they’re buying things, obviously, and it’s a shopping date between women.

She points out that they’re always surrendering Lin to him and so this should be fine from time to time. Kent merely tells her that he doesn’t recall restricting Lin from going shopping with her friends. Sawa explains that she’s talking about how he monopolizes Lin; he doesn’t need to probe too deeply into her words.

Lin takes over the conversation and asks Kent if he’s shopping. He nods and tells her that he came for ingredients. Sawa is surprised by the thought of him cooking. He tells Sawa that he learned from Lin a few days ago and now he has an interest in cooking. In fact, he thought about challenging the meat stew again today. Lin asks him if he is okay by himself and she can help…

Kent reassures her that there is no problem; he can figure it out somehow from his notes. He smiles softly at her and reminds her that he said he didn’t think he was a man who would steal her away from her time with friends. He wants her to continue shopping without worrying. He decides to excuse himself and tells them to be careful on the way home.

Sawa watches him leave silently before sighing explosively in relief. She was surprised and didn’t think they would meet Kent here! Mine asks hesitantly if she can finally come out now. Sawa gives her the okay and Mine steps out with a sigh of her own from how fast her heart was beating. She chides Sawa for not even giving her an explanation. Sawa apologizes but she became flustered when Kent suddenly came into her field of vision.

She’s certain that he would have asked all sorts of questions if he saw what was in their basket though. Mine thinks it was a good thing they went that far then because the surprise would have been ruined if they were caught here. Sawa realizes that this is also a chance. Lin is confused and so Sawa reminds her that Kent said he was going to buy ingredients, right?

Mine catches on and realizes that this is a great chance to see if he looks at anything else and wants anything. Sawa suggests that Lin should shadow him! As Lin gapes at her, Sawa tells her that she’ll watch over their stuff and Lin should get going before she loses sight of him! She also shouldn’t let herself get seen! Mine offers to come with her and excitedly leads the way with Lin agreeing to this hesitantly.

And so they start to tail Kent. Mine quickly points out where he is and pulls Lin to a hiding spot before ordering her to lower her head. Lin is taken aback by how much fun Mine is having. Mine exclaims that she’s having tons of fun because this makes them feel like detectives and she’s getting all fired up. She reminds herself that they shouldn’t let their target leave their sights though.

She notices that this seems to be a general goods area and Kent seems to be looking at something in his hand. Lin squints and identifies it as some kind of muffler. Mine notes that he seems to be staring quite hard at it. Then he shook his head! Mine realizes that the length must not be enough for him it seems; what a shame. Lin points out that he’s picked up a different muffler!

They watch as he immediately puts it back on the shelf. Lin wonders if he didn’t like the color. Mine is surprised by how picky he is, since he comes off as being disinterested. She notes that he’s now looking at the tag and is he the type of person to be interested in the materials used? How interesting. Lin explains that she taught him how to wash things and he must be interested in that; such as whether it can be washed at home or not.

Ah, it looks like he placed it back. Mine watches him leave and states that he must not have found anything to his liking. But now they know what to get! It looks like he wants a muffler! Lin agrees since he didn’t look at anything else but mufflers. Mine cheers at their accomplishment. Mission complete!

In fact, they did so well that it was a bit surprising and also somewhat anticlimactic. Lin is glad they decided to shadow Kent though. Mine tells Lin that she’s being too serious and she shouldn’t think of it as shadowing someone but more like human observation. She points out that this is something Kent does a lot, isn’t it? He observes people, makes analysis, and on top of that he says hurtful things.

Suddenly, they hear Kent as he says that he doesn’t say hurtful words, he states facts. Both Mine and Lin startle in surprise. Kent comments on how he knew Mine was here as well. Mine is puzzled by those words before focusing on how he’s here, since she definitely saw him leave. Kent raises an eyebrow and asks if she doesn’t understand the structure of this department store.

It is obvious that when one makes a round around this place they will end up at the same place again. Mine gapes at him before asking if he purposefully went around in a circle because he knew they were there. He has a bad hobby. Kent narrows his eyes at her and asks if she can say that when she’s the one sneaking and shadowing him. Then Kent turns his attentions to Lin and asks her why she’s here.

Lin blurts out that they were playing detective. Kent is silent before he asks if this is a trend among girls to play as detectives. HELL YEAH. Mine hurriedly agrees and says that everyone is doing it. Kent thinks that they’re lying. Mine tells him that they aren’t lying and that there are girls who sneakily look at their boyfriend’s cellphone to check for any extramarital affairs.

Mine starts to smirk as she wonders out loud if Kent is okay in that department. Although she knows Lin wouldn’t do such a thing. Kent thanks her flatly for the warning but it has no relation to him since he doesn’t do anything guilty. In fact, he states confidently that he only has Lin. He doesn’t even think about any other women and so he wouldn’t have an affair.

He does think that having several relationships with the opposite sex is effective, but he doesn’t wish for that. The reason for that is because he is more than satisfied enough with Lin. Has he gotten anything wrong? Mine stares at him with wide eyes before muttering that she can’t tell if Kent is a late developer or if he is bold.

Kent eyes her curiously but shrugs off the meaning of her sentence. He has been told by Ikki that he investigates too much into women. At any rate, he wants them to restrain from doing this in the future. Lin nods her head before apologizing.

And then he asks them, simply out of interest, what new discovery they made from the results of their investigation into him. Mine quickly answers that they have and then blurts out that Kent must want a muffler, right? Kent can’t help but smile since not only did they observe him, but they also came up with an analysis. He’ll praise them that much. He confirms their deduction; he does want a muffler.

Before the season actually changes, he was thinking of acquiring something to prevent the cold and so he looks at them in his spare time. He was wanting to pick something he can also use in London too, but… he was unable to find anything good by chance. Lin offers to go looking with him the next time they have time. Kent asks if she’s really alright with that, to which she nods happily.

He decides that they should do that then on the 24th. Lin blurts out that the date is perfect! Which makes Kent repeat the word “perfect” in confusion. Mine’s eyes widen in alarm and she hurriedly tells Lin that she received a text from Sawa and they should return back to her! This makes Kent decide that he should head downstairs since he needs to buy ingredients. Lin tells him that she’ll text him, and he smiles in acknowledgment.

Mine sighs in relief at how they somehow managed to deceive him. Lin nods in agreement; she was surprised by being caught but at least he hasn’t found out about the birthday. Mine points out excitedly that their preparations are perfect too with this. They don’t have to worry about him buying a muffler now. It’s a bit different from the plan at first, but the result was okay. They should return back to Sawa!

As the three girls walk home, Lin thanks them for coming with her today. Sawa waves her thanks off and tells her that she had fun today, right Mine? Mine agrees and also teasingly says that she also wants to play detective again. Sawa wants to refrain from making Kent their opponent though; her heart can’t handle his cross-examination. In addition they also covered the present and so now they can move on towards the birthday safely.

Lin thanks them again, but then Mine asks her if she is going to buy the muffler or knit one. Lin admits that she was thinking of knitting one but… Sawa asks in surprise if she can knit. Lin replies shyly that she can’t. Mine winces since it seems a bit hard for a beginner to make a muffler in 4 days. Plus, her opponent is Kent and the moment he sees a tattered muffler he’d probably say hurtful words like this not protecting him from the cold.

Reacting to Mine’s words, Lin tries to defend Kent weakly by saying he wouldn’t do that. Sawa returns to the original topic and points out that she really doesn’t have any time, and she’s also working. Lin nods because she has work on the next three days with a break on the 23rd. Sawa thinks it would be safer to just buy one and then use the rest of her time preparing for the party.

Lin agrees and will do that. Mine tells her to call them if she needs help with anything else. Sawa teases Mine for suddenly being so cooperative. Mine tells her that it’s natural since they’re friends. Plus, she’s curious about the effect of a surprise on an eccentric, overbearing, and straight-laced person. Sawa sighs at the truth.

At night, Lin receives a phone call from Kent. She answers the phone and he immediately apologizes for calling her at night. Is she still awake? She reassures him that it’s fine and then asks if something is the matter. He tells her that he doesn’t have anything especially… but, as always, the feeling of love is a baffling burden. He ended up calling her just because he wanted to hear her voice. YO DON’T STEAL IKKI’S LINES THERE.

She stutters in surprise, but he continues to admit that now that his wish has been granted his heart has become unusually calm. It really is an unsolvable mystery. He suddenly recalls something and tells her proudly that his meat stew was good. He proceeded from his notes and so it seems natural that it was so, but the taste was great if he can say so himself.

Lin giggles and congratulates him. But then Kent confesses that it didn’t feel as delicious as the time when he prepared it at her place. He was going to think on how strange that was since he used the same ingredients and amount, but the answer is exceedingly simple. It all comes down to one fact; that she wasn’t there beside him.

It looks like preparing food with her and eating together with her comprises a part of the flavor. That’s why, if she is agreeable, he would like to cook together with her again. He wants to be at the same dining table. Lin tells him quietly that those words sound like a proposal. He’s surprised at how she took those words because that’d be a problem… it would be outrageous to propose a marriage over the phone.

Lin teasingly asks him if she should forget what he said now then. Kent agrees in amusement because he wants to see her face properly when he proposes. Lin suddenly realizes she has something to say and calls out his name. He makes a questioning noise, and so she asks him if he is free on the 23rd even though it’s far away. He repeats the date thoughtfully and then asks her to wait.

He checks and then reports back that it seems fine. He doesn’t need to go to the university. Lin is glad and then asks him to come to her house on that day. He doesn’t mind meeting her, but is she fine with it being at her house? He’ll go with her to any place she wants to go to. She stutters as she tries to come up with a reason and then blurts out that, once in a while, she wants to watch movies while relaxing at home!

Kent repeats the word “movies” thoughtfully and then comments on how they haven’t had a date like that, when he thinks back on it. He doesn’t mind. Lin thanks him and then tells him that she’ll text him the time. Kent promises her that he’ll wait and so then she wishes him goodnight. He returns the phrase before they end the call.

Lin is relieved now that they’ve gotten confirmation. But she realizes that Kent’s attitude means that he really has forgotten his own birthday. But with this he’s promised to spend time with her on that day. Now she just has to buy his present and prepare the food on that day. She’ll work hard to make him think that this was his best birthday.

9月23日. Lin finishes up all the cooking and notes that Kent will arrive in an hour. She’s also set up the candles that she bought with Sawa and Mine. The present she chose in her three days is also stashed away. Her sponge cake is baking and the decoration preparations are done. Everything is perfect and she just has to wait for the cake to bake!

30 minutes later, she’s puzzled by why her cake isn’t expanding. Did she mess something up…? She shakes her head when she realizes that she should be thinking about what to do with the cake rather than searching for the cause. But she doesn’t have any ingredients or time now. What should she do…?

Lin startles when she hears the doorbell, but she goes to answer it immediately. Kent apologizes for arrive earlier than the arranged time but he was feeling impatient. He wasn’t mistaken about today being the day to watch movies with her, was he? He knows that she was the one to prepare the movies but… he felt bad and so he also brought his own.

He goes on to talk about how he definitely brought different genres to pick and so there’s no need to force herself to watch them if she isn’t interested– Kent pauses before asking if something is the matter because she seems really depressed. She opens her mouth to say something but Kent asks if she was making something. There’s a mouth-watering smell coming from inside…

But from her downhearted expression with that smell… Is there some kind of connection? Lin ushers him inside first, at which point his eyes widen at the sight of all the food. Lin asks him if he remembers what day it is today. Kent furrows his eyebrows in thought before he recalls that today is a birthday. This was the day that a physicist was born; he’s not too clear on the details but he heard that the physicist had great achievements.

Lin tells him that he’s close but not quite. She was wondering if he realized something about a closer man. Kent repeats her words in confusion. He wonders out loud if she’s asking about what day they started dating, because in that case today is–… Lin exasperatedly tells him that he’s wrong and that it’s related to him!

He’s still confused though. After a short period of silence he finally recalls that today is his birthday. Was he right? ARE YOU SERIOUS? LMFAO HOW DO YOU FORGET THAT. Lin asks him if he forgot. He answers that he’s not at an age to make noise about and he never notices every year until someone mentions it. He starts to realize that all this food was prepared to celebrate his birthday then?

Lin nods before apologizing for being silent about it, but she wanted to make it a surprise party. Kent laughs genuinely before telling her that he was definitely surprised and he still is. I THINK THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HEARD HIM LAUGH OUT LOUD INSTEAD OF CHUCKLING. But now he understands that, in this week, all her sneaking around and not being calm was for the sake of preparing this.

He’s guessing that she also asked for Sawa and Mine’s cooperation. He asks her if the meeting in the store a few days ago was also for this? Lin nods and apologizes for lying and misleading him. He tells her not to worry about it since he welcomes this unforeseen development. He thanks her sincerely and tells her that, over everything else, he’s happy that she thought of wanting to celebrate his birthday.

But then this makes him want to ask again why she’s depressed. Lin explains the problem and shows him the cake, which makes him surprised that even a person who was cooking as long as she has can fail like this. Either she messed up on mixing it or she was mistaken in the amount. She comments on how detailed his comments are, and so he explains that when he started cooking he actually found himself interested in baking.

At present, he’s in the middle of researching. Lin is surprised since she didn’t have any idea. Kent explains that he was already learning under her cooking and so he thought he’d self-study baking. It’s regrettable what happened to the cake, but now that it’s become like this it might be a good thing actually. Lin is confused until Kent urges her to open this box he has.

She opens it and is surprised to see a homemade cake?! Kent smiles and explains that, just like he said a while ago, he’s recently been interested in baking and so this is a prototype. He sampled it at home and it wasn’t that bad. He brought it over because he wanted her to try something, but the situations has become like this.

It is a bit strange to eat a cake that one made on one’s birthday, but he doesn’t find it all that bad if he is with her. He points out that with this she shouldn’t have a reason to be depressed anymore, right? She nods because she’s been saved by this. Kent is pleased that she’s finally smiling now and he’s not saying this because it’s his birthday, but he wants her to be smiling.

He coughs nervously and then suggests that they start the party. Lin agrees and so they move back into the living room where Lin properly wishes him a happy birthday. He thanks her softly and confesses that this is the first time he’s received that kind of thing. He’s never thought of his birthday as having an important meaning, but he’s starting to re-think that.

At any rate, he asks if they can start eating and so Lin tells him to dig in. His eyes widen as he takes a bite and then he smiles before saying that it is delicious, as he thought. He doesn’t know if it is because she made it or if it is because she’s eating with him. Lin is relieved by his compliment and she urges him to eat a lot. He reassures her that he’ll eat without reservation.

They continue to enjoy each other’s presence until night falls. Lin suddenly tells him that she got him a birthday present. Kent is surprised that she prepared that as well and not just the meal. He’s amused at how many times he’s being surprised by her today. He asks her if she minds him opening it right now, but she urges him to do it although she hopes that he’ll like it.

Kent pulls it out and is surprised to see a muffler. She asks him if he likes it and he reassures her that he’s very pleased with it; the length and color is perfect. Lin is relieved and it seems like all the shops she went around to paid off. She confesses that she wanted to give him a handmade one, but she didn’t have confidence in her skill.

She apologizes but he tells her not to since, even though she bought this, she spent a lot of effort to pick this out. In that case, to him it is the same as a handmade one because it has her feelings inside. He thanks her deeply and promises to use it preciously.

He also suddenly realizes that her words about buying a muffler on the 24th was also for this. Lin nervously admits this and tries to explain, but Kent cuts her off to tell her that he understands. A lot of the mystery in this past week has now been solved and it’s a nice feeling. He thanks her again because this has been a great birthday thanks to her and he’s feeling an unusual amount of happiness right now.

Lin suggests that they eat the cake now and Kent nods before saying that it’d be great if she liked it. She thinks it’ll be delicious and then tells him that she’ll prepare the candles. He’s surprised she went that far. Lin thinks that it’s natural she does since this birthday only comes around once a year and so she would do anything that she can!

He’s amused because it makes it seem like today is her birthday. Lin tries to apologize but Kent shakes his head and tells her that he still isn’t used to birthdays and he should learn from her more. He inclines his head to her and she smiles brightly at him.

3 minutes later, Lin finishes placing all the candles and so now they just have to turn off the lights. Kent comments on how this is his first time doing this, but the light from the candles is beautiful. She urges him to try wishing for something. He blinks in confusion and so she explains that it is a custom in the West to make a wish and blow out all the candles, because then his wish would be granted!

He’s interested at her words and closes his eyes to make a wish. But then he asks her to tell him her wish. Lin looks at him in confusion so he explains that his wish is to have her wish granted; he can’t think of anything else. She gapes at him before blurting out that he can’t do that! He has to properly make a wish for himself.

Kent frowns because even if she says that he’s still lost. He is happy as long as she is happy. He closes his eyes again before finally smiling and deciding that he can try to wish for something he wants since today is his birthday after all. He ponders on it some more before finally telling her that he has one. Lin asks him to blow out all the candles in one breath.

He comments on how he doesn’t have the chance to see this often and so it seems a bit sad to blow it all out immediately. Lin reassures him that he’ll be able to see it next year. One year will pass in the blink of an eye. Kent smiles at that, but then he points out that her birthday will come before his next birthday as well.

And then it will be his turn to throw her a surprise party in return for today. Lin points out that it won’t be a surprise if he tells her it before. He frowns thoughtfully before realizing she’s right. He tells her to forget what he just said right now. She laughs at that and points out that she’s already heard it and she won’t be forgetting it since it makes her happy.

Kent frowns at this problem, but then he suddenly smirks and tells her that he’ll be silent on what year he will throw her a surprise party. In that case, even she won’t know. It might be her next birthday or it might be her birthday in ten years or even father in the future. It is a long term plan and he will continue to refine it.

He asks her excitedly what she thinks, because he’s sure that she’ll be able to enjoy a surprise this way. Lin is completely silent though, which makes Kent confused by how surprised she looks. Did he say something strange? She shakes her head slowly and then admits that she was just wondering if they would still be together ten years from now or even more in the future.

Kent frowns and tells her that he intends to. Is he mistaken? Lin shakes her head quickly and tells him that she also wants to celebrate birthdays with him, no matter how many years pass. She wants to be with Kent, the person she loves… forever. He turns dark red but manages to nod in agreement, and then he apologizes because he’s going to put the party on hold temporarily.

Lin only has enough time to gasp before he pins her down. He begs her not to say such cute things; when it involves her he can only think about simple things. He knows she’s probably think about how he said he wanted to take things in steps and procedures, but he can no longer care about those. Right now he wants to kiss her, touch her, and hold her.

He can’t think of anything but how cute and lovely she is. She murmurs his name, but then he asks her if she would like to hear what he wished for a while ago. She asks him what he wished for and he falls silent, before finally saying that she might laugh because it is a pitiable and selfish wish but… he wished to be able to kiss her a second time tonight.

Kent asks her if she can grant him that. YOU’RE TOTALLY STEALING LINES FROM IKKI *POINTS TO FIRST GAME*. Lin is quiet before she gives a gentle nod. He kisses her gently before murmuring that his wish was granted before the candles were blown out. Lin giggles at that, but then Kent adds that they can now proceed onwards from here. WAIT YOU CAN’T MEAN…

Lin sends him a questioning look since she didn’t catch his words, but Kent only shakes his head and tells her that he’s talking to himself. At any rate, that conversation would have to wait until another time. OH WOW I THOUGHT HE WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO DO THE DO. More importantly, he wants to kiss her again.

He murmurs 「三度目はまだ願っていないが、構わないか? リン」(I haven’t wished for my third one yet, but you won’t mind, right Lin?). She tells him that she doesn’t.

11月1日. In Kent’s room, Lin is amazed by how Kent’s notes are full of recipes. Kent notes that it has already reached three volumes. But lately, he’s been finding it more interesting to accomplish new inventions by fumbling around more than any existing recipes. He’s been recording his own work in other notes and eventually he will want to increase those instead.

Lin thinks that going to London won’t be a problem at this rate and his parents will also be relieved. Kent smiles in amusement as he points out that this only applies to food, and so because of that she shouldn’t be getting any ideas of living in a different apartment. He won’t budge on that. Besides, if he had to say, he is only good at baking and his skill in main dishes and side dishes still need work.

That is why it would be a problem if she wasn’t there; although he wants to clear up any misunderstandings because he didn’t intend that to mean that it’d be troublesome in terms of meals. Lin laughs at his flustered expression and tells him that she understands. She turns back to comment on how there really is a lot of notes and he really–…

Kent asks her curiously if something is wrong since she paused mid-sentence. She shakes her head and tells him that just this page is suddenly empty of words. He doesn’t understand what she means and so he comes over to look at it only to quickly tell her not to look. But Lin has already read out the title, “Ways to Propose”. OH MY GAHAHAHA.

He turns a bright shade of red and mumbles that he told her not to look at it. She starts to ask him about this and so he explains that this is what he writes about when he’s reached his limits in inventing new recipes. Or more like it is because he was thinking about it that he reached a block in his inventions; he’s getting his priorities backwards.

Lin reads out loud about how the proposal place should be a place with memories; the university is not charming and so the park would be good. Kent has averted and closed his eyes by this point. She continues to read out loud about how the ring must be handed over and that the size must be confirmed so that he won’t blunder. After the proposal, if possible, one should kiss.

Kent is still red as he asks her in a strangled voice why she’s reading it out loud. Is she trying to kill him with shame!? Lin apologizes for her accidental actions, but he only sighs at how everything has been leaked even though he heard that it is most effective to have the proposal be a surprise. But he thinks this might be the interesting thing about relationships and how they seldom go according to plan.

He’ll treat this optimistically as a good chance. Kent looks at her seriously and apologizes for his timing but… he would like her to give him her hand. He reminds her that several months ago he told her that one day he would swear on her ring finger that he will remain faithful for life. He’s decided to fulfill that promise right now.

If she is going to accept this proposal then once again he will swear his love and sincerity to her for life. Lin asks him quietly if he really wants her and he tells her that this isn’t even a question. He wouldn’t swear these words to anyone else and there is no one else but her for him. At some point he started to strongly feel the want to live together with her. And so… won’t she marry him?

He wants her to be by his side from now and forever if she has the same feelings as him. She is silent before telling him teasingly that it is too late. She had already decided to be together with him from the time he gave her that advance notice. He asks if that is true and when she nods, he chuckles softly at how a protocol really doesn’t work in love.


Epilogue! Lin is looking up at a snowy sky and comments on how the weather is the same as usual. Kent grumbles in agreement but… all the same there are still tons of people on this holiday. Lin notes that they’ve really arrived in London. He’s amused by how she’s still saying that. She pouts and tells him that she still can’t believe it.

He reminds her that it was a favorable announcement in his academic conference. Her ability in languages advanced so fast that there was no problem with her grades to study abroad. Her growth is much more than he imagined. Lin is embarrassed as she confesses that it was because she knew that if she didn’t improve then she would be separated from Kent. And so she put all her effort into studying.

Kent’s expression softens and then he asks for her hand. She gives him a confused look and so he explains that he suddenly wants to hold hands and so he wants to grab her hand. Or is she not going to let him? She holds her hand out shyly and they entwine their fingers. Then Kent teases her about how she’s so small that she easily gets lost and he would rather not repeat that scene from a few days ago.

She asks him if he’s talking about the London Eye event. He nods and tells her that he was really wondering what he should do when she got lost. He doesn’t want to repeat the feeling of being scared to death. She apologizes before pointing out that, in comparison, he stands out a lot in London. She can find him easily whenever they have to meet.

He notes that it gives him a lot to talk about since, to outsiders, it must be unusual to see a Japanese person of that build. This reminds Lin to ask him about the conversation they had with the street stall from before. The conversation was quick and so she wasn’t able to follow along well… what did they talk about? Kent tells her that the vendor was asking if he was shopping with his wife.

Lin asks him what he responded with. Kent informs her that he told the man that officially she isn’t his wife yet but he has that intention. Was he wrong in answering that way? Lin shakes her head but admits that it makes her embarrassed to hear it again. Kent points out that he’s just speaking the truth and so what is there to be embarrassed about?

Plus, to him, she is someone who he wants to boast about from time to time. He tells her that he’s been told about how cute she is and how envious they are. They answer along the lines of “How nice”. She laughs at his actions and Kent starts to say that after that they–… but then he shakes his head and tells her that the conversation certainly ended there.

She points out that they seemed to have talked for quite a long time. He tells her immediately that it’s simply her imagination. But she eyes him suspiciously and asks again if it really ended there. Kent is silent before he tells her that they talked about how nice the weather was. Lin informs him that the word for “weather” didn’t pop up and it is snowing today.

He frowns and points out that she could understand then. She hesitates before admitting with an apology that she wanted to hear him say it from his mouth. He falls silent before telling her quietly that she shouldn’t say those things outside. At her look of confusion he tells her that it makes him want to kiss her when she says such lovable things.

She startles in surprise but Kent reassures her that he knows; even in a foreign country he isn’t the man who would be tactless and kiss her in front of other people. Then he adds that 「それに・・・焦らずとも、部屋に戻れば、いくらでも君に触れることはできる。そうだろう?」(In addition… when we return back to our room I can touch you however many times I want without any rush, isn’t that right?).

WOAH THERE (・ω\)! Lin answers quietly in affirmation and they both fall silent for a while. Suddenly, he returns back to the subject of the conversation with the stall owner and how he boasted about her a lot and how the shopkeeper asked about her. He was asked if he loved her. She nods in agreement and Kent points out exasperatedly again that she should know what happened after if she understood that much too!

She tells him that she only understood the general gist of it but she would like to hear it in Japanese. Kent tenses before muttering that he will only say it once. She nods and waits expectantly. He falls silent as he gathers his composure before finally murmuring 「――誰よりも愛している。世界一大切な女性だと、そう言った」(– I love her more than anyone else. I said that you were the world’s most important woman).

He smiles softly and asks her if she understands this time. Lin tells him that she understood perfectly. He tells her teasingly that he said it so now when they return home she has to say it. She asks him if it has to be at home and he splutters out that if she said it here he would be troubled a bit in how to coping with it. He wants to ask her slowly in their room.

Lin suggests that they hurry home quick then. IS IT JUST ME OR IS THIS VERY HEAVY IN INNUENDO HERE? Kent agrees nervously and then adds that after he hears her words can they… He tells her to be prepared because he won’t have any intentions of releasing her for a while. She tells him that she’ll be prepared.


24 thoughts on “Amnesia Later ~ Kent ~

    CatMuto said:
    July 2, 2018 at 09:27

    “(In addition… when we return back to our room I can touch you however many times I want without any rush, isn’t that right?)”
    Whow, Kent. You TOTALLY got tips from Ikki before going to London, didn’t you? XD

    Also… don’t they wanna get rid of the fire hazard of the candles on his birthday BEFORE… you know they focus on each other? Though I was so confused when Kent said they have never kissed before… I was, like, uh… Kent, what about that kiss in Amnesia? In that math lab area? …are you sure YOU aren’t having memory issues right now? XD

    Kent was the first guy I played when I played Amnesia blind. (You probably know that the first game was released in English? Under Amnesia: Memories. The translation is pretty good… I don’t like the font, though, and how some of the text ends up looking odd in the bubbles…) I just closed my eyes, had the mouse go over the four options and stop somewhere, which was on Clover World.

    Kent is so awkward. But cute. Awkward sweet. A total goof. But I loved his route in Amnesia, especially when he tells the heroine that she needs to TELL him when he does something she doesn’t like because he can’t read her mind. It was like one, big lesson on Open Communication between couples. I didn’t mind… though the thing with the dog still hurts! D=

    This route was okay. Nowhere NEAR as sweet and adorable as Ikki’s, but it did have its good moments near the end. Though I dunno if any route could be as adorably romantic as Ikki’s… (I so wanna play Crowd! But I swore I wouldn’t play it until I finish Later. But I saw the opening… and that… CG of Ikki with his shirt open… ASOBITAI! D=)

    Next up will be Toma for me… not entirely sure how I feel about it. I don’t hate him, but I don’t love him. I like him well enough.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 5, 2018 at 09:00

      Either Kent was feeling more secure after being in a committed (and openly communicative) relationship with the heroine or Ikki took him aside for some one-on-one tips LOL.

      Haha, I have to admit that I’ve never thought much about Kent especially when the time I played his route was when I was still beginning in Japanese so all the big words he used and logical phrases just kept flying over my head and made the whole thing a huuuuge headache for me. I did like how mundane his route was though and how it focused, like you said, on open communication! No crazy outside drama, just something that can be relatable to any couple.

      Ahaha, I did play Crowd just for Ikki when I first got it :’)) but I… have to admit I was a bit disappointed in how Ikki’s route turned out so that kind of dimmed my joy for Amnesia in general (and the fact that they just kept pumping out games and screams I can’t keep up with everything).

        CatMuto said:
        July 8, 2018 at 14:50

        Yeah, one issue I have with Kent is his speech… so many big words. Dude, I’m not good with kanji; ease up a bit. Though he’s nowhere NEAR as bad as Rika is for me! With her constant Keigo and way of talking… I absolutely messed up what she was actually saying in Toma’s route than what I thought she was saying… (I hope Luka isn’t this bad in Crowd…)

        Well, it seems like World is the last game pumped out for Amnesia? …least, it’s the only one I know of that’s the latest, and that one was released in 2014, I think? Ikki’s route in Crowd is a disappointment? Hmm… well, it can’t be worse than Shin’s, right? …right? D=

    TeA said:
    November 5, 2017 at 03:14

    My favourite character in Amnesia is Kent so thank you so much for translating! I hope you’ll do Amnesia Crowd in due time! The way you chronicled Ikki’s post was fantastic too! Thanks again for your work and I CANT WAIT for your comments when you get to Amnesia Crowd and World. I can’t understand Japanese so these really helps. <3

      Ilinox responded:
      November 5, 2017 at 11:22

      <33 You're welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed these so much! I'll tackle Crowd and World one day though I have no idea when that'll be (but I do have the games so it'll be stupid if I never play them–).

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    Reblogged this on TRASH Forest ▶.

    emma0824 said:
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    I stumbled my way to Amnesia series and your blog quite late compared to everyone. Still, I would like to thanks you for all of these fantastic work. I like Kent, though I love Ukyo. They are such adorable men and you are the best for feeding my fangirl soul (´∀`)b

    It inspires me so much to pick up studying Japanese (at the moment I can only understand a little) so that I can play and understand the game all by myself. And maybe someday I might as well run a blog like this for entertainment, I bet there are many out there need these kind of miracle!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 4, 2017 at 20:49

      IMO it’s never too late to read any stories :D! Aw, you’re welcome and I’m happy to receive your comments; it’s such a nostalgic trip to come back to these old posts and see what my writing / skill level was like back then. Haha, I’m always up for sharing the love for fictional men ;D.

      !! Having something to motivate you (like being able to play otome games) is definitely a good tool to keep you interested in learning a language /o/ and that’s how I did it too so there’s no shame! I’d love to see more otome blogs around but don’t feel pressured or rushed to do anything and take your time in learning! The most important thing in learning another language is to have fun.

    Lindsay said:
    December 18, 2015 at 23:22

    Amazing! I can’t thank you enough for this beautifully detailed translation!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 24, 2015 at 15:05

      You’re welcome <3! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Shadow said:
    August 21, 2014 at 04:19

    Thanks for the post. Ah, ken, his inexperience with love is so cute, and i love reading about him!

      Shadow said:
      August 21, 2014 at 04:20

      Ah, whoops, *kent

        Ilinox responded:
        August 21, 2014 at 23:10

        You’re welcome! Thank you for stopping by and commenting <3! Ahaha, his inexperience is kind of cute but because he's so scientific it makes understanding him so hard. I'm glad you enjoyed his route!

    deepti said:
    May 5, 2014 at 11:44

    OMG thank you so much for this translation! I love how detailed they are. And Kent is such a dork XD Will you be doing Ukyo’s route too? Thanks for the Diabolik Lovers translations as well!!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 11, 2014 at 18:43

      Aww, thanks and thank you for commenting <3! I do have plans to finish Amnesia Later but I think I'll be doing that after Diabolik Lovers.

    Sena said:
    December 10, 2013 at 10:59

    Ah, you finished it! お疲れ様です~ (especially since I know you were having a hard time going through Kent’s route). I suddenly feel the urge to go back and read all your Amnesia/Amnesua Later posts so we can discuss them!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 12, 2013 at 22:26

      ありがとう _(‘・ω・」 ∠)_. Every time I look at how long it took to finish his route I get so embarrassed. It literally took half a year and I think I translated like 5 drama CDs and two Diabolik Lovers routes in the meantime.

      Haha, you don’t have to if you don’t want to! Were you going to play Amnesia as well? I can’t remember what games you bought /o\ I know you got the Diabolik Lover twin pack…

        Sena said:
        December 18, 2013 at 12:29

        It’s okay. Everyone has their rough patches. And it’s not like you weren’t doing anything in between. Five drama CDs and two other game routes are impressive.

        It might be good to refresh my memory. I already played all the Amnesia games in their entirety so far, haha. (I don’t have a Vita so I probably won’t be getting Amnesia World any time soon sadly). I finished the first game in I think around 4 or 5 days, and then Later in around 3 days, then I waited about a month for Crowd to come out, and then I played that in around 5 days. It took longer because of some rage quitting I did for a day or two. I kind of powered through them.

        I’m still going through the first Diabolik Lovers game. It’s a bit heavy so I take breaks in between. I actually finished 4 routes so far. I still didn’t post anything to the Kanato post yet even though I’ve finished Laito and Reiji’s ones since then…I just started Subaru’s route. Pretty literally, too. I did the prologue only, haha.

    Cindy said:
    December 10, 2013 at 10:28

    I thought you are going to do subura route ?

      Lore said:
      December 10, 2013 at 19:25

      Ili started playing Amnesia Later before Diabolik Lovers. Blogging with this level of detail is hard work and it makes sense for her to alternate game routes to keep her interest up, especially since she’s been so busy with work. Please try to be patient instead of continually asking about Subaru.

      Ilinox responded:
      December 11, 2013 at 22:36

      @Cindy: I was playing both at the same time (❛人❛.) but Kent was closer to being done and so I figured I would get something up first since I haven’t updated in a long time. Rest assured I am still working on Subaru’s route.

        Cindy said:
        December 12, 2013 at 03:55

        Sorry I wasn’t trying being mean I was asking since I never you were doing kent.

    SwissGem96 said:
    December 10, 2013 at 03:31

    I’m commenting to say I love all your posts :D I’ve read each and everyone of them and your posts are hilarious, even for just a playthrough xD
    I actually look forward to your ingame comments xD They crack me up more than the game xDD And it seems like you adore Ikki. :3 But it’s kinda sad how Ikki is much more interesting in other’s routes than in his own one, except he was so adorable in Amnesia Later. :3

    I was waiting for your Kent post, because for some odd reason, I adore his quirky personality. And your walkthroughs are highly detailed, than the other blog posts I have read, and you also you anecdote directly. One reason I love reading your posts, and also the cute appropriate pictures you slipped in. I love the fact that you take time to selflessly write these stuff for us :3

    And compared to his previous routes, Kent seems more human in this xD And plus he is more smooth talking except for that awkward countdown for kissing :D

      Ilinox responded:
      December 12, 2013 at 22:24

      Thank you for such a lovely comment ( 。>艸<)! I can never get used to people actually enjoying my little comments, especially when I edit my own posts and just shake my head at how immature I can be sometimes.

      I never imagined falling so hard for Ikki like I did but he's so sdkgjh sweet, adorable, teasing, sexy, and handsome as sin. I like to believe that he shines as much in his own route as others |D;; but he definitely shows his funnier side in other routes compared to how he gets more personal in his route.

      I'm glad I finally got this route out for you then ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ! It's really interesting to see how the guys mature as the game progresses. I mean you actually get a sense of them learning lessons and growing up from the things they faced in the first game, so that's always neat! I did find Kent more likable than the first game but unfortunately his character type isn't one of my favorites still. I'm happy that you enjoyed it though <3!

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