Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Subaru ~

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Sakamaki Subaru (逆巻 スバル)
CV: Kondou Takashi (近藤 隆)

Subaru is the youngest of all the brothers in the Sakamaki family. He has a very short temper and tends to destroy everything around him; much to the displeasure of Laito. He talks a lot like a gangster and would probably be swearing every second word in English. He can be surprisingly sensitive and concerned about others though.

(I know a ton of people have been waiting for this route so I hope you enjoy! Also, every time Subaru talks you literally just have to imagine him making those “AH!? WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” noises like yakuza members. No, seriously, I’m not kidding he talks like that all the time).

The moment Yui chooses Subaru he comments on how she seems to be a very curious person; does she want to be killed? Hah?! Inwardly, Yui justifies her choice on thinking that they would all be the same since they’re all vampires but she might have been mistaken…

Subaru shrugs though and decides that it’s fine, since he’ll grant her wish and kill her if she wants to be killed that badly. As Yui takes a step back in fear, Shu interrupts to tell them that they need to moderate themselves because they cannot kill her. Subaru frowns and asks why not.

Shu reports that he was told they had to prohibit themselves from killing her if they want to be worthy to be the next leader. He grumbles at how troublesome it is and he doesn’t want them to make him repeat himself again. Kanato still doesn’t understand why it is not allowed. Shu grunts out that he doesn’t know and that these are the words of “that person”; they are to treat their guest hospitably.

Yui splutters out that he should have said that sooner! Shu replies that it was too troublesome. As she gapes at him, Ayato complains out loud and wonders what “that person” is thinking. Why do they need to treat this boring little girl hospitably? Subaru grumbles some more about that bastard rapidly becoming an eyesore.

Reiji reprimands Subaru for speaking without thinking. If he thinks that way then he should kill that person, that is as long as he is fine with disobeying that person. Subaru snarls at how one day he will kill “that person” and all the rest. Laito comments on how he’s starting to feel that this is uninteresting, because everything seems orchestrated by that person.

Kanato asks if he’s implying that there’s something about this girl. Laito merely shrugs. Yui tries to pipe up about how she isn’t following the conversation, but Ayato calls her flat-chested and tells her to shut up. This is their family’s problem.

Yui wonders if “that person” the vampires are talking about is the church person her father told her about. But then that asks the question of why such a person would be connected to these vampires and settled down here. Also, how does her “relative” fit into all of this? COULD HER FATHER HAVE MEANT HER HEART MADE HER RELATED TO…

At any rate, Shu lays down the rule of how this is how it is and they must treat her in a way that won’t kill her. Subaru can’t believe this shit and then snaps at Yui not to irritate him or else he’ll kill her. OI DIDN’T YOU JUST LISTEN TO WHAT SHU SAID? Yui stiffens in fright but is determined to try and contact her father somehow and leave this place. In addition, how did this escalate to this ridiculous point!?


In the church, Yui is wondering out loud how things became like this. She grumbles at her father’s job doing things on their own convenience and making it so that she had to be left alone in Japan since it couldn’t be helped. She’s even become a freeloader and is caught up in all of this. Vampires… could she be dreaming? Not to mention even her school is…

Flashback! Yui is shocked to hear that she’s transferred. Shu tells her nonchalantly that he already processed it. She call him mean for doing these things as he pleases. Does he think he can just do this because she’s not family?! Shu points out that, as long as she is living here, they are her family now, right? He also points out that she is in the position of living at their house and so she needs to obey their rules.

At any rate, she is going to go to school with them tomorrow… at night. She’s surprised by that, but Shu points out that it’s obvious since they’re vampires. He also reminds her not to try and contact the people she was close to in her life. It would be a trouble if he had to deal with any more nuisances. She can only stand there in disbelief.

Present! Yui is reminded that her cellphone is broken at any rate and so it wouldn’t be that easy to contact anyone. She is also in the mess of having chosen who gets to drink her blood. Because she didn’t understand the situation, she ended up running here without thinking. Yui sighs out loud and wonders what she should do.

If she has to live rent-free at that house then maybe she can lodge at this church, which also makes her realize that she left the house unexpectedly easy. Unfortunately, just as she thinks this, a person chuckles before pointing out that there is nothing she can do. Yui turns around and asks angrily who is there.

The unknown voice calls her stupid and that she’s looking at the wrong place; she needs to look up. She’s confused since above her is just the skylight… Her mouth drops open when she sees Subaru there and he greets her 「・・・よう、ドンくさい女。」(… Yo, dumb girl). HE’S TRYING SO HARD TO BE A PUNK, AWW. She gasps about his name and points out weakly that he’s floating!?

Subaru tilts his head and asks her why she’s so surprised because floating is nothing. She splutters out that it isn’t nothing because normally people don’t float! He interrupts and reminds her that he’s not normal, he’s a vampire that can carelessly do things that vulgar and inferior humans couldn’t do for their entire lives; this includes his family.

He sneers at her expression and asks her if there is something she’s unhappy about. In the next moment, he shatters the skylight and drops down, which makes Yui scream. He grumbles about her being so noisy screaming like that; he simply broke the glass and there’s no need to be so noisy.

She retorts by saying that he didn’t “just” break it and instead he smashed it recklessly! Besides, he’s a vampire who entered the church! In her mind, Yui admits to thinking that she would be completely safe here! Subaru scoffs and tells her not to lump him in with those weak vampires. For someone like him, entering this church is a piece of cake. Plus, he thought she realized from before that the cross didn’t effect them. Does she not have brains?

Yui realized that the cross wasn’t effective, but she still thought that she would be fine inside a church… Subaru changes the subject to remind her that she’s his prey, by the way; so why did she leave the house as she pleased? She points out that she wasn’t never told that she couldn’t leave. OH SNAP, GOOD RETORT. She also tries to protest against being called prey.

But Subaru snaps at her not to talk back. What good is it for his prey to be so damn annoying?! In other words, he’s saying that he’s pissed. Yui starts to worry because he seems to be really angry. She needs to run! But she can’t slip beside him to escape so what should she do… climb the windows?

Subaru’s voice drops as he asks her what she’s looking at because he’s right here. She turns back to him only to yelp when he backs her into a wall. He laughs in her face at her idiocy and naivety, while she panics inwardly at how he appeared in front of her so fast. He huffs at how unattractive she is when he looks at her up close. He feels like his fangs would hit her bones the moment he sinks them in.

But she looks like she wants him to drink her blood. He smirks as he points out that she’s trying to say that she wants to become his woman, right? I THINK OUR RELATIONSHIP IS PROGRESSING TOO FAST SUBARU-KUN. Yui can only gape at him in shock, which makes him laugh and decide that she must be thinking that. She finally snaps back that she’s not thinking that at all!

She’s scared because his face is so close to hers that she can distinctly see his sharp fangs. Could it be that he came here to drink her blood? Just a few moments ago he was floating in the sky and so he must be a real vampire… Yui tries to explain that at the time she chose him it was sudden and she had no time, and so she hasn’t thought about that. Even now she can’t explain the reasons as to why she chose him.

At any rate, she’d like him to release her a little because it’s hard to talk when he’s this close. Subaru’s lips curl into a snarl and he punches the wall beside her, making her scream when a hole appears. He swears when he realizes the wall was more fragile than he thought. But then he tells her to use her dim-witted mind and remember this well.

He is telling her to obey everything he says; she cannot defy him without exception. It is true that he can’t kill her but that isn’t to say he cannot kill her as long as it is not immediately. He doesn’t need a troublesome girl and he’s warning her not to take up his time. If she doesn’t listen to him then… Subaru chuckles before punching the wall again.

Yui closes her eyes with a flinch as another hole appears, and then Subaru’s voice lowers as he promises that he’ll break her like this wall… no, even more… he’ll utterly wreck her, to the point where there are no fragments. She stares at him in horror and he laughs softly at her expression; that look of fear is relatively arousing.

She startles when he grabs her neck and she’s shocked to experience his strength because she cannot even move an inch. He tells her that he’ll drink her blood as a reward for making such a nice expression. He whispers for her to hand it over and then sinks his fangs into her neck, making Yui scream in pain. He comments on how her skin is unexpectedly soft since he only lightly pierced her with his fangs.

He starts to suck on her skin and points out that her blood is overflowing. She can feel his fangs sinking into the back of her neck. Subaru announces that it is now time to sample her blood and he’s going to drink a lot. From having her blood sucked, Yui finds her head becoming heavier with the pain and heat. She wants to shake him off but the strength in her body is… and for some reason she…

For some reason her body is becoming heated. What is this? Subaru starts to drink deeply. By the time he finishes, both of them are panting heavily. But she can still feel the heat and throbbing pain from the nape of her neck spreading through her whole body. She feels like she would have sank to the floor if his hands were not gripping her.

Is this what it feels like to have one’s blood sucked by a vampire? A sensation of heat and pain… she feels her mind becoming strange. Subaru comments on how her blood isn’t that bad, it’s just… He shakes his head and decides that it is just his imagination. WELL WE ALL KNOW BY NOW WHAT HER BLOOD TRULY IS… She nervously asks him why he’s staring at her like that.

But Subaru merely grunts and tells her that he was just thinking about how it would be nice if she recognized even a little that she is his prey. She yelps when he releases her and she falls to the ground. He’s smirking as he informs her that he was thinking of killing her if she tasted bad, but it looks like he’ll have some fun for a while and so he’ll let her live; at least until he grows bored.

Yui watches him walk off and then flinches as he kicks the door open to leave. I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT HOW MUCH OF A PUNK HE IS. Her heart is throbbing and she can’t put any energy into her legs. It looks like she still can’t stand. She’s in shock at how her blood had just been sucked. She really had her blood sucked.

But she always thought that it was the end when a person had their blood sucked by a vampire even once. She doesn’t feel her body temperature dropping and she also has her consciousness… Is it because she had her rosary in her pocket? OR YOU KNOW.. YOU COULD BE WRONG WITH YOUR FOLKLORE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT VAMPIRES??

She wonders if her father is protecting her still even though he’s away. Or is it because she is in a church? But then again the glass window, walls, and door were broken… Is this a test from God?

*** DARK 01 ***

In the game room, Yui is surprised to hear that Subaru won’t play. Subaru frowns and asks her angrily why he needs to play. She points out hesitantly that Ayato forcibly demanded that everyone participate in a chess showdown. He sneers and tells her that he could care less about it and she can do whatever she wants. He won’t join in.

She watches as he turns the other way. It looks like he really has no intentions of joining in. But he still came to this place so… does he actually want to participate? At any rate, maybe she should try to invite him some more? She stares at him and decides that it would be best to leave him alone since he wants that.

Yui continues to stare at him as she wonders what she should do, and Subaru slowly starts to look more and more uncomfortable. He finally snaps and calls for her attention. When she looks at him in confusion he orders her not to coax him with that weird expression. He said he didn’t want to play and so he won’t play! She repeats the words “weird expression” in surprise. But Subaru is already grumbling at how annoyed and disgusted he is.

She hurriedly apologizes and realizes that she must have stared at him for too long while thinking about her problem. At any rate, Subaru states again that he is not participating. She tries to protest but then Reiji informs her that she is the first match. She’s shocked to hear that she has to play and Laito giggles before saying that she needs to as well, bitch-chan! Because the prize is her blood and so she should have some fighting spirit.

Yui asks loudly when that was ever decided. Subaru freezes upon hearing this while Ayato smirks and tells her that it was obvious from the start. He insults her by saying that it might be difficult for her to understand, but matches need to have a reward in order to liven things up. She retorts about how he can’t use that reason to make people prizes as he pleases.

Kanato interrupts to tell her with a cold smile that if she doesn’t want her blood sucked then she should work hard to win. She has no choice but to agree; it can’t be helped and so she needs to protect her own body! At any rate, she needs to concentrate on the game. Subaru sneers off to the side.

At the very end, Reiji has a pleased smile as he declares himself the champion. Yui stiffens in alarm and Reiji’s eyes narrow as he asks her why she has that look in her eyes. She shakes her head and replies that it’s nothing; in the first place, by participating in the game at that time, she was agreeing to give away her blood. She can’t suddenly declare that she doesn’t want to when she loses.

Reiji’s smirk widens as he orders Yui to come closer to him. She hesitates because even if she understands all that, taking the proactive approach is a little… Reiji asks her what the matter is because he doesn’t enjoy forcibly pinning someone down and taking their blood by force. He reminds her that this is a legitimate reward. Is he wrong? She can do nothing but shake her head.

And so he tells her again to give up and accept his fangs. Yui closes her eyes and wonders what she should do as Reiji starts to move her clothing aside. Suddenly, a smashing sound happens. Her eyes fly open as she wonders what that noise was. Even Reiji looks away and complains as to why it is so noisy. In the background, Subaru growls out that he shouldn’t be saying that, because what is he trying to do with something that belongs to him.

Yui is alarmed to see that the chess board is broken. Could it be that Subaru did that?! Reiji calmly reminds him that he said it a few minutes ago but he is simply taking his reward for his victory in the game. Subaru retorts that he doesn’t give a fuck about that because it has nothing to do with him. He calls out to Yui and she yelps in pain when he suddenly appears in front of her and grabs her wrist.

He asks her impatiently how long she’s going to continue to cling onto Reiji. He wants her to come over here! She squeals as he manhandles her roughly while stating that it would be too wasteful to have her blood drained by that glasses-guy. She can’t do anything but gasp when he suddenly bites her and drinks her blood.

Yui tries to ask him what he’s doing all of a sudden, but he only snaps at her to shut up and let herself be bitten because she’s noisy. If she isn’t quiet then her wound will become worse. Her mouth clacks shut and Subaru smirks against her skin before praising her for being silent. But even though he said that she’s finding this situation…

In the background Ayato points out that Subaru is in no position to monopolize her because he didn’t participate in the match and flat-chest is the prize. Subaru merely tells him to shut up though because he doesn’t care. I’M SENSING A PATTERN HERE. IT GOES LIKE “SHUT UP” AND “I DON’T CARE”. He can’t stand having his prey be taken away by them; that’s why he’s going to take her back. Yui feels like she’s really going to be eaten with the way he’s biting her there and here.

She even thought, for an instant, that he was rescuing her. Reiji only sighs in exasperation at how much of a kill-joy Subaru is. Laito snickers at how she looks like she has a pleased expression. She tries to protest to that with an embarrassed face, but Subaru whispers at her not to look away or he’ll kill her. But she can’t believe it! Why did it become like this… What is going to become of her?!

*** DARK 02 ***

In the gardens Yui is ecstatic to see so many blooming roses. Subaru merely snorts in derision. But she is undeterred and can’t believe that there is such a beautiful garden here. She was forcibly taken on a walk but she ended up seeing something great. And then she yelps when she suddenly trips. He frowns and asks her what she’s doing.

She tells him that she didn’t notice the rock on the ground and it seems like she toppled to the ground. She yelps when she suddenly walks into Subaru. He frowns and asks her what she’s doing. She winces as she tries standing up and wonders what to do because it looks like her legs were braced strangely when she tumbled down. There is a throbbing pain in her ankles. But with this kind of pain it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to make it back home either, right?

Subaru asks her if something is wrong. She hesitantly tells him that it’s nothing and so he scoffs before telling her to come then, they’re leaving. She nods and he walks off immediately. In her mind, she tells herself that she can’t have her foot be a burden and so she needs to move slowly, but she also can’t lose sight of him.

Soon, she winces at her own optimism because just like that she lost sight of Subaru’s back. She wonders what to do because this is her first time here and so she doesn’t know the paths. She took a lot of split paths to make it to this place too and so she’s sure that she’ll become lost if she tries to return. If it were during the day then that would have been easier.

There’s barely any light and she isn’t a vampire so she can’t see anything in this darkness. It’s pitch black. She tries to reassure herself about how nothing will appear… right? A monster might be one thing but there won’t be any wild animals… right? She thinks about how, in this situation, a stray wolf might… Yui shakes her head and wonders what she is even thinking. There’s no wolves around, aha… ha…

She screams when she suddenly hears a rustling in the bushes. What was that noise just now!? It must have been the wind or a cat!… wait, what is she even afraid of? Vampires should be much more scarier than beasts. She hesitantly calls out and asks what that was, but inside her mind she’s praying for the thing not to come closer.

A voice suddenly asks her what she’s doing spacing out in a place like this. She exclaims his name in shock and then asks him what he’s doing here, because she thought he left already. A slight flush rises to his cheeks as he snaps back that it doesn’t matter. OH HO HO THE DEREBARU IS APPEARING.

He also adds that, more importantly, she shouldn’t be so scared of things other than him. It’s irritating. ARE YOU SERIOUS? LMFAO. “DON’T BE SCARED OF ANYTHING OTHER THAN ME HMPH. I-I-IT’S NOT LIKE I WANT TO BE CUDDLY >:C”. Yui tries to point out that anyone, in the pitch darkness, would be scared after hearing sudden rustling. Subaru snarls at her not to talk back to him.

She yelps in pain when he suddenly grabs her lapels and she finds it hard to breathe. She starts to struggle because at this rate…! Yui gasps out his name and tells him to stop because she can’t breathe. Let her go! He releases her with a sneer and she starts to cough desperately. She’s saved by him releasing her, thankfully.

Subaru comments on how humans are boring with how weak they are; but she has some nerve trying to hit him. His voice lowers as he tells her that she’s prepared for that, right? Hehehe… She flinches at the dark look on his face. He tells her not to get strange ideas from unnecessary things. All she should do is present her pale neck to his fangs and then he’ll bite her. He’s going to bite needlessly deep this time.

Yui groans in pain and finds her strength leaving her with how deep his teeth are in her skin. She doesn’t want her blood sucked but she can’t put any strength into her body. She can’t even feel the pain in her foot anymore. Subaru sucks deeply before releasing her and sighing. He notes that her blood tastes bad though.

She repeats his words in confusion because he has the same satisfied expression that he always has after drinking her blood. He realizes that it was because she had unnecessary feelings towards something other than him that her blood was mixed with impurity. It became gross. She wonders if he’s talking about how she was scared of the dark. Does the taste of blood change with things like that?

Subaru smirks though as he notes that it can’t be helped and he’ll have to take her some place else to see if that’ll fix her taste. She yelps in surprise when she’s suddenly lifted to his shoulder. She’s saved because her foot hurts, but does he intend to carry her like this?! I’M IMAGINING A FIREMAN’S CARRY. He tells her that the smelly roses are annoying and they’re changing places.

Yui nods when he tells her that they’re leaving and she can’t help but notice that even though he was rough when he placed her on his shoulder, she feels like he’s walking gently in a way that doesn’t shake her much. Could it be that he’s helping her… nah, that wouldn’t happen.

*** DARK 03 ***

In the library Yui is surprised to find Subaru sleeping on a desk in the study space. She can’t help but smile at how unexpected it is to see him here, compared to someone like Reiji. Could it be that he came here in anticipation in order to drink her blood? Subaru continues to breathe softly in his sleep though and so she decides that he wasn’t, especially since he’s sleeping so deeply.

She’s amused to see him have such a defenseless expression as he sleeps, which makes her suddenly recall that he’s in a year below her; although his actual years may be difference since he’s a vampire. But she can’t help but find it hard to see a terrifying image when she thinks about him being a year below… She murmurs out loud that she can even see him as… cute.

Yui smiles as she declares out loud that he’s cute. She suddenly notices him pouting and wonders what kind of dream he is having. But he really is sleeping deeply and she’s worried that he might be cold; then again he is a vampire… She decides to quietly turn around and walk back out before he sees her.

But just as she turns around she’s grabbed by someone!? She screams as Subaru pushes her down onto the desk; it hurts! She asks him in surprise if he was actually awake. He mutters that he’s woke up right now because she’s noisy. She apologizes but then he also snaps out that she stinks, which mortifies her. Does she smell!?

He whispers that she smells intense… especially around this area. She turns bright red and squeaks as he lowers his mouth to her skin. He hums at the sight of her blood vessels standing out thinly. She can feel his tongue tracing the back of her neck and following the blood vessel; her thick vein here, the carotid artery, is exuding a heavy smell. It’s irresistible.

Yui freezes in alarm because if she bleeds from there… she has a feeling it’d be really bad! UH.. YOU THINK!? She hurriedly apologizes for waking him up and tells him that she’ll leave after borrowing a book immediately, so… Subaru makes a distracted questioning noise. She asks him politely to release her and also tells him that the desk is hurting her back.

But Subaru only huffs before nipping her. She squirms a little but then he points out that that she was thinking of something strange a moment ago, right? At her look of confusion, he awkwardly reminds her that she called him cute or something. She nods and answers truthfully that she felt that when she saw his sleeping face and because he’s a year below her. Was she not supposed to?

He turns his head away with a blush, but then he growls out that she’s annoying. She struggles when he places his mouth on her wrist and yells at him to let her go. What is he intending to do!? He smirks and calls her an idiot for thinking he’d release her. He’s going to punish her for thinking strange things about him. She barely has any time to react before he sinks his fangs into her.

Yui winces in pain from how her wrist is tingling, and the pain is somewhat stronger than when her neck is bitten. Subaru comments on how the skin around this area is thin and points out how she can feel his fangs more than usual. He digs his fangs deeper into her and she groans at the sensation, making him chuckle at how timid her reaction is to him. He’s going to make her overflow with want to have him drink her blood.

She tries to protest but her words die in her throat. It hurts and yet she can’t remove his hand… why? He smirks in amusement by how this wasn’t a punishment after all, huh. His voice is low as he murmurs that she’s looking at him with such inviting eyes because of this different pain and she… is quite cute, isn’t she? He chuckles darkly.

*** DARK 04 ***

In the house, Yui knocks on a door and announces to Subaru that she’s coming in. She apologizes for coming in to his room all of a sudden but Reiji told her to let him know that it is almost time for dinner and to come to the first floor. Her words trail away in shock though when she spies a coffin. She’s amazed because this is the first time she’s seen a real coffin; and it seems that vampires really do sleep in coffins.

It doesn’t seem like he went outside and so he could be in there. She walks closer and knocks on the coffin before calling out to Subaru to wake up. She tells him that it is time for dinner and if he doesn’t hurry up and go then Reiji will be angry. She was told that today was a dinner in which the whole family had to gather… which reminds her to wonder about the need for a meal in the first place.

At any rate, there is no reaction at all. This coffin can’t be soundproof, can it? If so, then he wouldn’t be able to hear her knocks or voice. Maybe she should open it? She attempts to do so but then groans at how heavy it is; she can’t even budge the cover. It would be impossible for her by herself and so it looks like she has no choice but to call for someone and open it together with them.

She decides out loud on that and starts to leave, only for her to suddenly get grabbed. She winces in pain at how she’s manhandled and then she finds herself in a dark and narrow space. She’s pretty sure someone grabbed her but where is she…? Wait, could it be that she’s in the coffin? She tries to push on the lid only to be alarmed at how she’s trapped inside. Why?!

Suddenly a tired voice murmurs at her to stop struggling. Yui squirms when she hears Subaru’s voice from right behind her. But then that means Subaru was the one who grabbed her! She confirms with him that he’s Subaru and that currently they’re in… He confirms that they’re inside his coffin.

She asks him in outrage why she’s inside his coffin and then tells him that she can’t calm down here. She wants to go outside! YOU JUST BROUGHT HIM DINNER IN BED, DEAR. But he ignores her completely and nips at her ear, which makes her turn red. His voice is still a low growl as he reminds her that he ordered her not to struggle. It’s narrow in here and so she needs to be quiet and obedient.

Yui points out that if this place is small then they should get out. He tells her that he wants to sleep still and then snaps at her not to struggle again. His voice is full of amusement as he warns her that he’ll bite her, but he merely nips her ear again and her flush reappears. She can’t help but feel apprehensive because, inside the coffin, they’re plastered against each other.

For some reason she can feel him by her side more than before. She starts to shift around, but then he tells her not to lean against him because she’s heavy. She apologizes quickly but for some reason she can’t find any strength. If she thinks about telling him that it’s because he’s so close she starts to be so nervous she can’t breathe.

Subaru laugh is low and husky 「・・・へえ、力が抜けたのか。」(… Heh, your strength left you, huh). HOLY MOTHER OF.. THE WAY HE SAYS THIS LINE IS JUST DRIPPING WITH SEDUCTION. THE RUMBLING, SEXY, SLOW LAUGH… (〃▽〃)キャー♪. He points out that he hasn’t even sucked her blood. Didn’t she come here to call him for dinner?

She’s reminded by his words and asks him if he can open this lid. She can’t seem to open it with her strength. His expression becomes flat and she’s surprised to find his arms tightening around her. Is he going to drink her blood? He finally states that this is fine.

When she looks at him in confusion, he explains that his meal for today is right here; that’s why he wants her to sleep with him here. In her mind she wonders if he’s simply saying that she’s prey again. She protests hesitantly and tells him that today is the dinner where everyone has to be there. Subaru sneers and tells her that those other guys can do whatever they want to with that. He’s fine with just eating her whenever he’s hungry.

His voice drops dangerously to tell her that she should… let him eat her. Yui closes her eyes in fright and wonders what to do because she can’t resist in this situation.

*** DARK 05 ***

In the bathroom Yui shrieks when the wall collapses. Subaru snaps at her to shut up before ordering her not to shout at the level of these actions. She angrily tells him that even if he says that who’s the one who suddenly broke the wall of the bath!? She’s relieved that she was only in the middle of changing after she came out of the bath though…

She tells him that she’s still in the middle of changing so he should get out! But he only scoffs before telling her to shut up again since he only came here because he had business. And yet she’s telling him to leave, isn’t she an idio–. He silences himself mid-speech.

Outside the bathroom someone asks loudly where Subaru went; that bastard is being impertinent simply because he’s the youngest. It suddenly pauses before asking if this work was Subaru’s and if he’s in the bathroom right now with flat-chest. Yui freezes as she recognizes the voice as Ayato’s. Subaru tsks at how he came. Ayato asks him why he ran away to such a place. They weren’t done talking.

Yui turns red as she realizes that she’s still in the middle of changing and if Ayato were to come in… Oh no, what should she do?! She starts to pull on her clothes with flustered actions and Subaru stares at her with an incomprehensible look before he suddenly shouts at Ayato not to come in. Ayato makes a noise of confusion and even Yui is confused.

Subaru explains that he’s telling Ayato not to come in. Ayato is amused at Subaru’s words and reminds him that he’s lame for running away to flat-chest in the middle of their talk. Plus, they haven’t settled their previous matter too. He wants Subaru to confess that he ate the takoyaki! Subaru scoffs again and snaps out that the lame one is Ayato for being hung up over the takoyaki thing.

He punches the wall to emphasize his words, which only makes that one collapse as well. He yells at Ayato to leave before he seriously beats him up to pieces. Ayato doesn’t know what’s wrong with Subaru and asks if his head is full of hot air because it has serious gaps. In the first place, he’s the victim! AYATO… (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八. He finally growls out that this is boring and he’s going somewhere else.

Yui is relieved by how Ayato seems to have left. Subaru also relaxes at how he finally went away. She can’t help but wonder if he helped her out right now. She thanks him quietly which surprises him to asking her why she’s saying that. She points out that he helped her out right now, didn’t he?

He retorts that she’s wrong because he simply didn’t want anyone interrupting him when he’s eating. He also asks how long she’s going to stay crouching there for and orders her to stand. She turns red as she blurts out that she’s in this state though… But Subaru snarls impatiently at her to shut up and stand.

She yelps in surprise when he suddenly embraces her, and so he tells her roughly 「こうして抱きしめてりゃ、気にならねえだろ。」(If I hold you like this then there’s nothing to worry about, right?). I THINK MY TSUN-METER JUST EXPLODED. She stutters out that whether or not she’ll be bothered isn’t the problem! But he only growls at her to shut up and be silent.

In the first place he has no interest in her body. What he is interested in is her… His voice drops as he states that it is her blood only. She stiffens as he mentions that he’s hungry and if she understands then she’ll hurry up and let him drink. He lowers his head and bites her. As he drinks Yui realizes in her head that he didn’t save her a while ago, it was only because he was hungry.

It wasn’t like he was saving her. It’s something she understood from the start and yet… Subaru’s breathing turns heavy as he notes that her blood is delicious. It’s just the right amount. He also notices that she hasn’t struggled at all; does she finally understand that she’s his prey? She doesn’t respond, but he doesn’t care anyway because all she needs to do is accept his fangs. Always. Faintly, Yui wonders why she feels like she received a shock.

*** DARK 06 ***

At school and in the hallway, Yui hears someone yell out and whimper in pain. Another voice follows and growls at the other person to bring it on. Yui is alarmed to see Subaru beating up one of his first year classmates. She runs up to Subaru while yelling out his name, which makes him snarl and ask her why she’s suddenly grabbing onto his arm. Let go!

She refuses to release him and tells him to stop acting violently. THAT’S LIKE TRYING TO STOP A FORCE OF NATURE YUI… His expression darkens as he asks her if she’s disobeying. If she doesn’t let go then… She’s surprised when he grabs her in return. He smirks as he warns her that at this rate he’s going to pin her down in front of the other guy. He won’t stop even if she shouts and cries in pain.

He points out that if she disobeyed him then it is implying that she’s resolved to accept those consequences. He sneers at her strained expression and tells her that if she understands that then she should step aside immediately. It’s disgusting. But she still refuses because she can’t just stand and watch this. He snarls furiously at her but she forges on to say that she doesn’t know what happened, but violence is prohibited!

Subaru snaps out that he doesn’t care because this guy was the one who provoked him first. The first year boy starts to cough pathetically and asks why such a violent person is in this school. Subaru stares at him flatly while the boy yells out that he’s going to tell his father. Subaru slams him into the wall for his troubles and as the boy chokes violently, he laughs darkly at how this kid seems to want to hurt him greatly; it’s so outrageous it makes him want to laugh.

Yui calls out his name sharply in reprimand, but Subaru only growls out to the other student that he’ll break him thoroughly enough that he won’t ever spit out those words a second time. He yells out as he raises his fist and Yui screams out his name.

Some time later, Yui is breathing heavily from how tired she is. Subaru sneers at how the irritating pest is finally gone. She snaps at him not to say that and she’s glad that a security guard took the other student to the infirmary. If Subaru had hit him any more then he would have needed to go to the hospital. She asks him just what exactly happened.

Subaru tells her that it was nothing; the coward simply said something annoying. He murmurs under his breath that it isn’t like he’s hated by everyone around him or anything. He shakes his head because all of this is annoying; it’s much easier for him to be alone… Yui murmurs his name in astonishment and he looks startled before snapping out that he said it was nothing.

She notices how he’s strangely turned away. She finds this situation unusual because normally, when he’s badmouthed, Subaru doesn’t attack the other people. It looks like something was said that greatly hurt his feelings… Yui tries to tell him that even if someone insults him, he shouldn’t return that with violence. If he does that then hatred won’t stop no matter how much time passes.

He growls at her to shut up. She winces at his harsh words but then her eyes widen when she looks at him and she quickly apologizes. She approaches him and murmurs out loud that it is as she thought. He asks her roughly what she’s doing and so she asks him if he was hurt; she couldn’t see it because his hair covered it, but it looks like he’s scraped his cheek.

Subaru confirms that when he flung the other guy up, he was grazed on the cheek. Yui notes that it’s oozing a little blood and she’ll treat it, so they should head to the infirmary. Subaru repeats her words faintly. She nods and tells him that it isn’t good to leave it even if it is a small wound and they should disinfect it.

He sneers and points out that he doesn’t need it. Is she an idiot? He’s a vampire! She recalls that he’s right and he’s different from a normal human. They might not need disinfectant. He suddenly snickers and tells her that he’s thought of something even a stupid person like her can do, and it’s not disinfectant. When she looks at him in confusion, he says one thing 「――舐めろ。」(–Lick it).

She tries to protest to that but he snarls at her and slams the wall. He asks her rhetorically why she’s trying to refuse when he’s ordering her. She flinches when she sees his hand bleeding as well, but Subaru only tells her to stop complaining and to hurry up and do it. She realizes that it doesn’t look like he quietly withdraw at this rate, what should she do…?

It can’t be helped. Yui has no choice but to tell him she understands. She apologizes for intruding on his space and then starts to do it. She wonders if it is okay for her to taste vampire blood, but it has the same taste as normal blood. Subaru’s intense stare is making her blush and she finally asks him if this is okay. But he only chuckles before whispering that it isn’t enough.

Yui splutters at his words and tries to tell him that he’s not bleeding anymore, but Subaru snarls at her to shut up. He wants her blood because he wasn’t going to be satisfied by her licking him like a little kid. He bites her left ear and starts to drink deeply, causing Yui to gasp at the sensation. He growls in pleasure at how it’s becoming sweet and he tells her to feel his fangs more because he can’t stop. He wants her to give herself completely to him.

She doesn’t understand why she doesn’t seem to have any strength whenever he drinks her blood. Even though she wants to resist and she wants to thrust him away and run… for some reason her body is hot and floating. He finally releases her and decides to stop here for now. Yui is breathing heavily and he chuckles before pointing out that she looks greedy; does she want him to drink more?

At her protest, he laughs before telling her that she can say anything she wants, but her cloudy eyes are glaring at him. His voice drops as he whispers 「・・・誘われてるようにしか、見えねえよ・・・」(… I can’t see it as anything else but tempting me…).

*** DARK 07 ***

Yui is startled when the door to the church is slammed open. Subaru stalks in and snaps out that she’s quite incorrigible to have come here again. When she calls out his name in surprise at his tone, he snarls at her not to call him that and asks her why she’s here. She states firmly that she can go wherever she pleases.

Unfortunately, this just makes Subaru raise an eyebrow before telling her that she’s mistaken, and she must not understand this yet. He reminds her that she is his prey; from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, she belongs completely to him. He steps closer to her and hisses that, without his approval, she can’t do anything but blink.

He threatens to hit her stupid brains again if she doesn’t get it. Yui flinches at his words, but she still tries to protest by saying that it is her habit, from her time as a child, to pray to God at least once every day like this. He calls that stupid and orders her to stop that habit from today onwards. She tries to call him a tyrant, but he shouts at her to shut up before telling her to come to him.

She pauses before yelping in pain at his grip. She tells him not to pull her arm like that. But he only growls at her to be silent and to hurry up and come. She yells at him to stop it because she understands and she’ll come with him. But she wants a little more time since she’s in the middle of her prayers. She wishes to at least finish them.

Subaru tells her that he doesn’t give a shit about her convenience. He wants her to cut it out and be self-aware of her status as his prey–. He suddenly pauses and looks startled, which makes her ask him questioningly if something is wrong. He just tsks under his breath at how they’re too late. Once again he whispers demandingly at her to hurry up and come with him.

She gasps at his manhandling, but he pushes her down to the ground and covers her mouth while telling her to be quiet. She scrunches her face in pain at his grip on her wrist, but she can’t shake it off. Subaru reminds her in a harsh whisper that he told her not to move. She continues to shift though because his hand is so large that it’s covering her nose as well. It hurts and she can’t breathe.

Subaru looks surprised when he sees that she’s crying. He laughs softly and calls her an idiot if she thought she could rival his strength. He can restrain both her hands with just one. He’s not even using much strength and she’s pinned down to the point where she can’t even move her body. Only her mouth… Yui is shocked when she finds his finger slipping into her mouth.

…====( •̀д•́))) IS SUBARU LEARNING THINGS FROM HIS BROTHERS?? He chuckles at her small tongue. She can’t take the pain any more and even though she doesn’t want to cry, tears are blurring her field of vision. He winces briefly before laughing at how she’s trying to resist by biting down on his finger. He’s finding this interesting and he wants her to try and remove his finger from her mouth.

If she does then he’ll consider treating her nicely somewhat. Her eyes are feeling hot from tears at how he’s looking down on her and even her mouth is… She tries to call out in her mind for someone to save her, and then footsteps are heard walking up to them before a voice comments on how it’s suddenly cut off; just a moment ago bitch-chan’s scent was intense. Yui can hear the voice coming from outside the church. Did someone come? This voice is…

Laito is disappointed as he was thinking of playing around with bitch-chan before it was meal time. Yui stiffens at his words and even Subaru is silent. But then Laito shrugs at how it can’t be helped and he’ll go find another girl. Yui listens to his footsteps as they grow distant and realizes that he must not have noticed her here. Subaru exhales before commenting on how Laito left.

Yui wonders if Laito didn’t notice her because she was being covered by Subaru and surrounded in his scent. Was he hiding her from Laito? At any rate, Subaru finally removes his hand and she starts coughing and inhaling the air desperately. He frowns though and mutters that he feels like puking; if he stays here any more than all the blood in his body will decay and get dirtied. He wants her to watch as he breaks everything over there.

As he removes his finger from the inside of her mouth, his expression twists into annoyance. It isn’t that he can’t enter the church, but it looks like it is painful to stay for a long time. But is it just her lost mind or was he enduring the pain to save her from Laito? Subaru, one of the vampires; it is said that they hold cursed blood. Essentially, they should be nothing but objects of fear. But gradually… she’s starting to feel curious about Subaru.

*** DARK 08 ***

In the attic of the house, Yui doesn’t seem to see Subaru here. She’s looked everywhere for him and this was the last spot. Where did he go… She’s looking here and there for him because she was asked to by Reiji when he couldn’t find him after not seeing Subaru’s figure around. She came here because she believed in Laito’s words about him being in this direction. AND YOU TRUSTED HIM???

But now that she thinks about it, Laito seemed to have a smile as he told her… could she have been tricked? She sighs out loud and decides to look elsewhere. But then someone growls out that she’s noisy. Yui is startled and loudly asks who is there. Subaru appears with a large frown. She says his name in surprise because she didn’t think anyone was here from how dark and quiet it was.

What is he doing here? Did he have business here? Subaru narrows his eyes at her but answers that he went to the palace and then he came here to sleep. She blinks at his words and then points out that he should have returned to his room if he wanted to sleep. He scoffs and mumbles that she would have came without reservation and then he wouldn’t be able to be alone.

She tilts her head and asks him if he said something because she didn’t catch those words. But Subaru only snaps out that he said nothing. She accepts this and then apologizes for interrupting his sleep but Reiji asked her to find him. She suggests returning back together, but Subaru is silent. It is only now that she starts to realize he’s in a bad mood.

Yui asks him if something happened at the castle. But he only snarls at her to shut up. She yelps when he suddenly pushes her down, but as she tries to ask him what he’s doing something tears. Subaru pauses before asking in surprise what the sound was. Yui is completely red as she admits that her clothing teared. He smirks as he realizes that it must have torn from a nail in the ground.

He orders her to show him her back so that he can see the extent of the rip. She stutters out that she won’t show him and she’s sure it’s just a small rip. Besides, she can’t move with Subaru on top of her. She yelps when her clothing is torn even more and Subaru chuckles at how she’s completely visible. She asks him angrily why he’s trying to bully her like this.

But Subaru only tells her lowly that she isn’t to disobey him. Even though he’s been saying it from the beginning, she still doesn’t seem to comprehend that she’s his prey no matter how much time passes. He’ll only say it once. She belongs completely to him. Yui, who had been frozen in surprise, snaps back that she belongs to no one! She belongs to herself! YOU GO GIRL! EXCEPT I DON’T THINK THAT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO SAY…

This merely makes him smile slowly and dangerously. He suddenly starts to press down on her and she tries to ask him in a stuttered breath what he’s doing and to stop. But Subaru only comments on how weak she is for feeling pain from this little of his strength. If he uses even a little more force he could easily crush her. Humans are fragile.

He can stop her heart here, and he can even control her movement. Does she understand now how everything depends on his decision? He chuckles at her expression and notes that she finally understands; he can hear her heartbeat picking up. But then he tilts his head because the sound is different from a humans and it isn’t throbbing from fear or dread. This is…

Yui wonders what’s wrong because he suddenly fell silent. But Subaru merely smirks again as he decides that she must be feeling it too much. She repeats his words in mortification and he confirms it because he can feel it being conveyed to the palm of his hand from her throbbing heart. He chuckles 「オレに触られて嬉しいのか。ククッ・・・身体は正直、だな。」(Are you happy to be touched by me? Hehe… your body is honest).

She begs him to forgive her because she’s so embarrassed it hurts. But he whispers that he won’t forgive her and this place is… She’s not telling him to stop and her chest is sticking to his hand. It’s telling him that she wants to be touched more. (・ω\)… Yui can’t take any more of this and she yells at him to cut it out. She’s shocked when he suddenly embraces her though. Is he going to suck her blood again?

Yui calls out his name but he only inhales shakily. She can feel the strength in his arm increasing. He’s not going to suck her blood? Besides, she also saw that his mood was terrible a while ago, so why… Subaru’s expression twists painfully. She doesn’t understand this expression of his. He’s buried his face into her chest. It’s as if he’s clinging to her…

Subaru is surprised when she shifts to return his embrace, but she explains in a tight voice that he’s going to drink her blood after this anyway, right? But if they part even a little then he’ll see her exposed and so… she wants to remain like this a while longer, with them pressed together. If he lets her then she won’t resist when it comes time to drink her blood.

His eyes widen at her words before he laughs shortly. It can’t be helped and he’ll listen to her words once in a while. He murmurs her name and Yui is inwardly surprised to hear her name for the first time instead of just being called “you”. Subaru exhales deeply and asks to stay like this for a while longer. He repeats those words.

After saying those words, the strength in Subaru’s arms which are embracing her increases even more. They’re pressed against each other to the point of not having any gap. As her body slowly becomes numb from the pressure of his body… she feels like she’s falling into an illusion of the boundary lines between their bodies disappearing. Her heartbeat, which is pounding more than it ever has, emits a sweet pain. It isn’t that she’s being embraced because of a special feeling. But even though she understands that, her temperature does not lower even a little.

*** DARK 09 ***

Yui enters the bathroom and is confused when she doesn’t see Subaru in here. It’s strange because she was certain that he told her to come here. She jumps when she’s suddenly grabbed from behind and someone chuckles before commenting on how she came. She identifies the voices as Subaru and asks him not to surprise her like that from behind.

He frowns and asks why not. She points out that it’s obvious someone will be startled when suddenly approached from behind! By the way, was there something that he wanted from her? Subaru smirks at that and tells her that there is. She’s surprised when he hugs her tightly from behind. He points out awkwardly that previously he had broken the wall while she was in the middle of bathing, right?

She nods hesitantly and he admits that even if he was irritated, he went too far there. (゚Д゚ )ハァ? IS HE ACTUALLY APOLOGIZING? Yui stares at him in blank surprise. He tells her 「つうわけで、今日はお詫びに、お前にオレの身体を見せてやろうと思ってな?」(In other words, as an apology today, I thought I would show you my body). Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚) HAH?? WHAT THE…

He points out that it’s unfair if he was the only one seeing everything. Yui turns bright red before she yells out that she doesn’t need to see it! He can release her now!! Subaru asks her in a growl if she’s rejecting his good will. She stills in warning and realizes that she can’t see his expression because he’s behind her but… she’s sure he’s completely mad! If she isn’t obedient then he’ll be even more of a bully like usual.

She’s flustered as she apologizes and thanks him for his words because they make her happy but… they’re more than enough! He sounds confused as he points out that she hasn’t had enough though. She blurts out that he’s wrong and that this is more than enough. Subaru merely smirks and blows softly into her ear. GADKHJ SDJHIJTHH THE DUMMY MIC HERE KJAGKGHJGKH.

Yui squeaks at his actions and Subaru murmurs that he’ll give her additional service. He’ll have her at his mercy while he’s embracing her from behind like this. But then he asks her if she would rather see his face if that’s what makes her hot. He chuckles lowly and asks which she prefers. WHO IS THIS HOLY CRAP. HE’S SO TEASING AND WHAT WHAT ISN’T HE LIKE 16? 17? WHAT THE.

She tries to imagine him in front of her and ends up stuttering out that she’d prefer him to be behind her. He nods in understanding at how she wants to be at his mercy then. She blurts out that she doesn’t want to be at his mercy! She’s simply choosing between the two options! He snaps at her to be quiet and not to feign innocence; then he asks in a mutter if this will really change the taste of her blood.

Yui is surprised to hear that the taste of blood can change. Subaru explains that people like him can understand the difference; the position one drinks from obviously changes it, but the best way to change the flavor is… after one becomes a woman. Her jaw drops as she realizes that by “becoming a woman” he means “that” right?! *COUGH* SEX *COUGH*.

She squeaks out that she doesn’t want that and then asks him not to change the taste of her blood. Subaru huffs but decides to leave it. He tells her that he performed a service today and so in return she’s going to have to return it now. She frowns and asks him what she should do to return it. He tells her that it’s obvious, she’s going to give him her blood.

Yui asks him if he possibly called her here for that reason; and the condition of returning that favor… she never asked for that kind of forceful service to begin with! He tells her that her feelings are of no concern to him. He’s hungry. He’s thirsty. He wants her blood. These reasons are more than enough. She yells at him not to come closer to her or to embrace her, and to go to the other side.

But Subaru snarls at her to shut up and punches the wall, which causes it to crumble. She screams in fright and he lowers his voice to grumble about how annoying she is. In the next moment he tears her clothing and tells her that he drinks when he wants to drink; she should hurry up and show him her skin. Yui tries to protest but then he bites down.

As he drinks, she cries out at the pain and asks him to release her and to stop. But Subaru only chuckles and points out that her voice is trembling. She feels herself blushing as her body’s temperature starts to rise from being surrounded in the bathroom steam. Subaru’s skin is cold. As he continues drinking her blood, Yui can’t help but think that it feels good.

He laughs at how, even though she’s hating it, she’s weak to his fangs. Thanks to that her blood has become sweet; he can’t stop. She closes her eyes as he bites down again and begs him to stop because she’s losing her mind, but Subaru orders her not to keep up appearances in the presence of his fangs. He wants her reasoning to go flying and to become disordered. Does she understand?

Subaru’s panting breaths are tickling her ears. It isn’t just because of the steam, Subaru is slowly making her body heat up. She can’t believe she’d be teased by a man who is embracing her. Even the her from just a little while ago would not have been able to imagine that. Why can she not firmly push aside Subaru’s behavior and fangs? Even though God is seeing everything… Even as her body is packed with immorality, she’s pressed tightly against Subaru’s wide body.

*** DARK 10 ***

Inside the car Yui asks slowly why everyone has to be sitting this closely together side by side? In her mind she also complains about being the person held between. People have taken up positions on both of her sides and there isn’t even a millimeter of space… no matter how one looks at this it’s too painful!

Ayato tells her to shut up because she should just be silent and sit in the space beside them! She points out that even if he says that she’s already at her limit. At this rate she’s going to be crushed… She calls out to Subaru and asks him to pull her out with his hands. On the far side Subaru raises an eyebrow and asks her why it has to be him; he grunts at how annoying she is.

She tells him that the other two are pressed so close to her that she can’t escape with her own power! If he gives her a hand then she can be together with him on the opposite seats and sitting comfortably. He sneers and asks her if she thought he would just politely say “Oh, of course” and extend his hand to his food? He’ll need some sort of compensation.

Yui glares at him and tells him that she’ll move herself then. He decides that this would be a nice compensation and so he’ll help her, which causes her to stare at him in confusion because she’s going to be moving under her own strength. But Subaru only grins and points out that, according to her words, she’s not going to wait for him to bite her but that she’s going to pierce herself on his fangs.

She tells him flatly that she won’t do that. Ayato notes that she’s not moving right now… and then realizes that he’s really close to her and in this opportunity… she doesn’t have a hand to flee. She turns red as he leans in and sniffs her before commenting that she has a nice scent as usual. Subaru starts to lose his grin in the background. Laito pouts and tells Ayato that he’s not being fair, because he’s hungry.

He tries to say that, in order to study well today, he needs to… He licks her cheek and asks her in a whisper if he can eat her. She flinches away from him and shrieks at him to stop. Subaru starts to clench his teeth. NOT SO FUNNY NOW, EH?! Kanato squeezes by and tells Ayato that he’s in the way, and then he asks Yui if he can sink his fangs into her then?

She snaps back that biting is also forbidden! His face is also too close! Everyone is surprised when Subaru grabs Yui’s arm and brings her over to his side. Ayato asks him in an annoyed voice what he thinks he’s doing as he pleases. But Subaru only snaps at him to shut up and then orders Yui to be silent and sit here.

Laito complains about having to sit beside Ayato until they reach the school. THIS IS A CAR FULL OF WHINY CHILDREN LMAO. Ayato snaps back that those were his lines! Subaru simply ignores them with a scoff. Meanwhile, Yui can’t stop her blush at having been saved by him. Just when she reached her limit she was saved…

She starts to thank him shyly, but he growls out 「・・・チッ。お前も何勝手にアイツらに遊ばれてんだよ!ちったあ抵抗しろ!バカ!」(… Che, and what were you doing playing around with them!? Resist even a little! Idiot!). (´・ω・`) いや、そのつもりけど・・・. Yui asks him in an offended tone why he’s so angry! And why is he always calling her an idiot!?

It wasn’t like she wanted to play or was playing around with them! She couldn’t pull herself out with her own strength… He retorts that this is why he’s calling her an idiot! Why didn’t she move to his side before she found herself in that situation!?

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING BECAUSE AYATO AND LAITO IN THE BACKGROUND HAVE EXPRESSIONS LIKE “WOAH MARRIED COUPLE FIGHTING HERE” LMAO. She points out that everyone trapped her between them the moment they climbed into the car and so it couldn’t be helped! In her mind, she knows that she’s grateful to him for saving her but his words are a bit…

Subaru and Yui glare at each other in silence. And then both of them turn away in a huff. (*ノ∀`)アハハ八八ノヽ SUBARU IS RUBBING OFF ON YUI. THEY’RE LIKE LITTLE KIDS. Reiji is amused by how unexpected this is and how Subaru is just taking that attitude. Shu comments quietly on how they’re relatively similar too.

Even though Reiji and Shu’s muttered words slipped into her ears, she can’t bring herself to face Subaru. It might be because she’s food, or that he wants to monopolize her but the result was that he saved her. Even though she thought she needed to express her gratitude, when she sees his face, she can’t seem to honestly say her thanks. Like Shu said, they might resemble each other a bit. Because she thinks they’re both a bit clumsy.


Flashback! Christa is panting heavily and begging someone to kill her. Child!Subaru is silent. She begs for death some more, which finally brings him to ask her who she’s seeing in her eyes. Whose hand is she holding? Who is she talking to? Him? Or is it… In the past it had always been him.

He recalls how his mother had said his name and asked him to keep something; he must not let it leave his body. Subaru recalls that she gave him his silver knife. He asks her to look at him properly and at this silver knife in his hands, this knife that could easily kill him and is being gripped by his childish hand. He remembers how she made him promise to always keep it on him.

A screeching sound like static rips across his memories. He sees his mother screaming at someone to release her. She wants someone to kill her with that silver knife. Child!Subaru grits his teeth, but at his mother’s scream for death, he tells her that he will because that’s her wish, isn’t it? A wish that she had for so long. He’ll… grant it.

Subaru feels someone shaking him and asking him to wake up. He’s disoriented as he opens his eyes to see Yui in his room. She exclaims her relief at the sight of him being up, which makes him raise a questioning brow. She explains that he wouldn’t wake up no matter how long she called out to him, and she asks him if he was seeing a bad dream. He was tossing and turning and it looked painful.

He repeats the word “dream” in a daze and Yui apologizes for waking him up. She also apologizes for holding his hand, but he kept on clenching them. His eyes drift down to their hands in confusion and then he realizes that the heat from before was from her hand. She calls out his name questioningly and he averts his eyes with a heavy blush.

Suddenly, Subaru shoves her away and snaps at her not to touch him and that it’s nothing. She starts to apologize but he calls her an idiot and asks her angrily why she came into his room as she pleased. Besides, he’s also pissed at how she decided to hold onto his hand tightly from such a stupid reason. He tells her to look at the mark left on his hand! He swears loudly before inhaling and exhaling loudly.

Yui is stunned by this show of emotion before she apologizes again sincerely. Subaru is surprised by her words before he looks away with a faint blush again. He calls her an idiot in a softer voice and asks why she’s apologizing so honestly. She woke him up because he had a nightmare and she was holding onto his hand because his hand was clenching, right?

She nods hesitantly but points out that it seems like she did a bad thing to him though. He’s taken aback by her words and then calls her an idiot again for saying that, especially when he normally drains her blood severely. Is she touched in the head to apologize to someone like him that many times?

Someone as stupid and annoying as her would immediately go mad if she met “that person” in that room. She takes a step closer to him in alarm and says his name, but he steps back while snapping at her not to come closer. He doesn’t want her to get involved with him any more than this. If she comes close then he’ll smash her to pieces; and not just her body. It’ll be her soul… and everything… He stalks out of the room leaving Yui to stare after him in concern.

He left… and even though he’s always been violent up until now, his appearance is different. He was having a nightmare while he was sleeping and it looked painful and sad… like he was going to cry. At that time when he shook off her hand, he was the one who looked to be in pain. Yui suddenly cringes when her heart beats loudly. Why… does her heart… hurt… suddenly…? She murmurs Subaru’s name. What kind of dream was he seeing?


Flashback! Child!Subaru wakes up and wonders when he fell asleep. Besides, having to look after someone every day makes him drowsy. He blinks when he realizes she isn’t there. Where did she…? He suddenly notices that things around him are noisy and just what is happening…? A door is suddenly opened and a butler calls out Subaru’s name in alarm. He looks at the butler questioningly.

Several minutes later, Subaru is dashing through the sewers and cursing. Why did she stagger off as she pleased?! He curses out loud and threatens to fasten that woman to the bed next time. He yells out for that person desperately in the sewers and starts to pant from his exertions. Silence greets him.

He laughs bitterly though as he realizes that there’s no way that person would respond to his voice. Something like his voice… Suddenly someone screams and Subaru stiffens as he realizes that this voice must be that woman! He swears loudly again and runs off in that direction!

When he reaches her, he calls out in alarm. Christa is gasping and Subaru freezes before shouting at her to get rid of that knife pointed at her chest. She starts to breathe heavily but then stutters out his name. Subaru asks her desperately if her sanity has returned and if she understands what he’s saying. But she whispers out the word “cut” and then, at his confusion, screams at him to slit her neck.

He repeats her words in a stunned tone, but she begs for him to do it quickly. He lifts up the knife shakily and grits his teeth, but then suddenly someone asks him what he is about to do with that knife. Subaru spins around and is shocked to see that person, who steps closer and notes that he made Christa wait.

Christa becomes hysterical when she sees the person approach and screams at him not to come closer. The stranger orders her to stop her foolish and unconscious actions. Christa starts to beg Subaru to save her and Subaru grits his teeth even harder. The man continues to walk towards her though and she yells at him not to come closer or touch her.

The man is silent before he orders Subaru to discard the knife. Subaru growls lowly but he has no choice but to toss the knife away, making Christa cry out in helplessness. The man reminds her that she belongs to him, and so to even think about discontinuing her life as she pleases and leaving him forever is… He definitely won’t forgive that.

Subaru wonders hollowly what he can do. He who has no power and is tiny. He who has tainted and unseemly blood flowing through him. What can he do?

Present! Subaru wakes up to find himself in the living room and with Yui watching over him. His eyes widen before he asks her why her face is so close to his. Yui apologizes hurriedly before explaining that he didn’t answer no matter how much she called for him and so she wondered if he was sleeping. He narrows his eyes before admitting that he was remembering the past.

Yui wonders what the matter with him is since it isn’t like him to space out. Is he sick? But he’s a vampire so that seems unlikely. But his eyes are a bit blurred and so she can’t help but wonder if he has a fever. She asks him if he’s alright, which makes him throw her a confused look. She shakes her head and points out that he’s sweating a lot.

Subaru can’t help the soft laugh of amusement as he comments on how she really is an idiot. She protests halfheartedly because somehow his smile looks extremely sad. She suddenly notices the knife in his hand and asks him if it is made from silver. He lifts the blade in question and grunts affirmatively. Yui is confused because she thought that silver was dangerous to vampires.

But then again it looks like her general knowledge about vampires doesn’t seem have any effect, so it’s probably fine. He suddenly drops the knife and calls out to her. Yui flinches when she sees him move his arm because she thought he was going to pull her closer forcefully and suck her blood, but he only extends his arm and strokes her head. She says his name questioningly but he doesn’t answer.

In the next moment, he stands up and starts to leave. She asks him where he’s going and a flash of pain appears on his face, before he smiles sadly and answers 「・・・お前がいねえトコ。」(… A place without you). She watches him leave with a concerned frown and wonders if he left because she woke him up while he was sleeping, causing him to be in a bad mood. But he was looking at her with that expression…

Her heart suddenly thumps and she winces in pain. Why is her heart suddenly… It’s throbbing so hard that it hurts. Ever since she came to this mansion her heart has been hurting. But this is much more painful than the last time… Could this be some illness, caused by having her blood sucked? Which reminds her that Subaru hasn’t sucked her blood; will he be fine?

She wonders where he went… and then recalls how he told her not to come closer to him. Maybe it would be best to avoid him. Her heart starts to pound and Yui clutches at her chest in pain. Is her heart hurting more when she thinks about Subaru? Maybe it’s just anemia? She murmurs his name while wondering what exactly is going on.

*** MANIAC 01 ***

In the kitchen, Yui nods in satisfaction as she brings out the knife and cutting board. But then Subaru suddenly appears and asks her what she’s doing. She’s surprised to see him but answers that she’s making pot-au-feu, known as french beef stew, for dinner. Will Subaru be eating? He wrinkles his nose in disdain and answers in the negative, but Yui points out that vampires can have things other than blood though, right?

Subaru narrows his eyes and she notes that he didn’t refuse it… which means that she’s right? She smiles as she realizes that he must dislike stew, and so she asks him if he would eat if it was something he liked? He replies that he doesn’t like anything. She’s taken aback by that and asks him what he dislikes then. He answers curtly that there’s nothing.

As she becomes even more confused, he elaborates to say that he doesn’t have any interest in cooked food. She looks at him with wide eyes and asks if that isn’t boring. He tilts his head in confusion, but Yui is determined to use this opportunity to search for something he likes or has an interest in. He sighs exasperatedly but she isn’t deterred and suggests having him try out various foods.

And maybe while he’s sampling them he’ll also become interested in eating. He asks her if she’s an idiot, because he’s a vampire. He doesn’t need human food and so he hasn’t thought about wanting to eat it; therefore he can’t possibly be interested in it. SUBARU SOUNDS LIKE A KID CLINGING TO THE FOLKLORES OF VAMPIRES. RAWR I’M A SOULLESS MONSTER WHO NEEDS BLOOD ONLY.

She can’t refute his words but in her mind she thinks answering “nothing” to everything is a bit lonely. She tells him that 「・・・何かこだわりがあった方が、絶対人生に潤いが出ると思うよ。」(… I think having something to be obsessed about will definitely enrich one’s life). WELL… HE LIKES SMASHING THINGS? He scoffs at what a weird woman she is.

He doesn’t care about any of that and, more importantly, he wants her to place that down. Yui follows his gaze to the knife that she’s holding. She tells him that she was going to cut the vegetables though… He snaps out that he’s telling her to stop cooking and to come over here. She yelps when he grabs her and tries to warn him that pulling her suddenly like that while she’s holding the knife is dang-…

Yui is horrified when the tip of the knife grazes Subaru’s finger and slices it. She apologizes hurriedly and asks him if he’s alright. Subaru, who had taken a step back, growls and narrows his eyes at her. She winces as she notices how mad he is and wonders what to do with him glaring at her. But then he tilts his head and smirks slowly as he comments out loud on how this place is where one prepares meals, right?

She nods hesitantly in confirmation, which makes him tell her that he’ll prepare one too then. She is surprised to hear that he cooks since she didn’t know that. NO DUMMY HE MEANS YOU. HE’S GOING TO PREPARE YOU! He growls under his breath at her obliviousness and Yui yelps when he suddenly pushes her down on top of the sink.

He tells her that he’s doing this because she didn’t listen to his words. She turns red and asks him loudly what he’s doing when he rips her clothes. He replies that he’s making food, duh. She retorts that one doesn’t need to tear clothes to make food! But he only smirks and points out that she peels the things that are covering her ingredients, no? She finally realizes that he’s implying she’s an ingredient.

She hurriedly tells him to wait because this is a place for normal food to be prepared, and so what they’re doing isn’t allowed she thinks… He merely raises his lip in contempt and tells her to shut up. He wants her to stop resisting because he’s so hungry he could collapse. Ingredients should just be silent and let him prepare it. He licks her nape and she squeaks in surprise, making him laugh at how lively his ingredient is. He was only sampling her and she startled.

Now, he’d like her to remain quiet as he uses the edge of his fangs. Where shall he do it… perhaps her intestines? She can only gasp as he sinks his fangs into her stomach and drinks deeply. It’s deep inside around her navel and she can gradually feel the ache expand throughout her body. She can’t find her strength… He licks at her stomach and chuckles at how she tastes as good as ever.

She cries out again which amuses him since her voice is so conflicted. He smirks as he tells her that he’ll withdraw what he said earlier; he has an interest in preparing food with her. She turns red at his words, but he only laughs lowly again and whispers 「ククッ・・・まだ調理も味付けも、食うのだって残ってるな・・・?」(Hehe… I’ve prepared and seasoned, now all that’s left is to eat… right?).

He whispers directly into her ear that he’s going to slowly enjoy this new hobby of his. She should be pleased. Yui tries to protest but then he bites down on her again. In her mind she can’t believe that he has an interest in preparing her as food… it would have been better if she hadn’t said such unnecessary things.

*** MANIAC 02 ***

Yui opens the door into the mansion and heads in while calling out that she’s home. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see Subaru standing in front of her silently and she crashes straight into him. He takes a step back in surprise while she yelp out his name. She hurriedly apologizes for crashing into him so suddenly. He was right in front of her nose and eyes the moment she opened the door and so she…

She winces as he continues to remain silent because that means he must be angry… right? But he only eyes her silently before demanding her to come with him. Yui tells him that she just came back though and she’d like to change her clothes first before attending to his business. But Subaru snarls at her to follow him again and she cries out in pain when he yanks at her.

Yui has no choice but to follow him to wherever he’s taking her. She ends up in the dungeons and asks him out loud where they are. It’s dark and so she can’t see well but she can see a variety of tools all lined up on one side of the wall… and is that a chair with spikes on it!? More importantly there’s this smell… It’s a choking scent of rusted iron. Could it be blood?

Subaru is standing in the room with a grin as he realizes that it hasn’t occurred to her yet what this place is. She nods shakily and so he tells her bluntly that this is a torture room. Yui’s eyes widen. He laughs as he tells her that this is the perfect room for punishing a stupid woman who has no training, right? She starts to shake her head in mute horror.

He explains absently that, according to some pervert’s hobbies, there are torture instruments gathered here from all ages and countries and specially made from royalty. He snickers and asks her which one she’s interested in, because he’ll use that tool that she wants to be punished with to play. She opens and closes her mouth in fright, but Subaru only lowers his voice and asks her again to choose one. Which tool does she like?

Yui finally snaps back that she hates them all! She doesn’t want to be punished. Subaru smirks as he asks if he should take her words to mean that she doesn’t want to be punished by a tool, but by his body. She turns red at that innuendo and stutters out a denial. He laughs at her and tells her not to be so flustered, but then he takes a step closer and tells her to take out both hands and hold them out in front of her.

She hesitantly obeys his wishes. IT BETTER NOT BE HANDCUFFS… She’s startled when he claps on handcuffs, with a long chain, to her hands. She quickly asks him to release her, but he only tells her that he’s decided to start with hoisting her against the wall. I FUCKING KNEW IT. ALSO, HOW DO THE BROTHERS KNOW HOW TO USE THESE TOOLS? DID THEY ALL GET LESSONS FROM THEIR FATHER OR SOMETHING? LMAO. SON, TODAY YOU’RE GOING TO LEARN TO USE THIS WHIP.

Subaru chuckles at what a nice sight she makes; with both her hands fastened above her, even her tiny breasts are emphasized a little. NOT YOU TOO SUBARU… She calls him cruel, but he only asks her how it feels to be affixed to the wall. She tells him to release her, but he answers that he couldn’t possibly since he said she’s being punished. She protests to having this type of thing done to her because she didn’t do anything!

He reminds her that she did. As soon as she returned home and saw his face she screamed loudly before also crashing into him. She explains that she only did that because Subaru was right there immediately after she opened the door. In her mind she tries to reassure herself that she’s in the right. The normal thing to do is scream and crash into someone whose face suddenly appears at that close of a distance.

Subaru murmurs that he knew she was there though. At her confusion, he elaborates to say that he knows her scene no matter how far away she is or even in a place like this with its intense smell of disgusting blood. He tells her that she should also discern his scent. She tells him that’s unreasonable because she isn’t a vampire like him. He frowns heavily before suddenly deciding upon her punishment.

She asks him fearfully what it is and so he answers that, at first, he was thinking of using a tool to play with her but he’s decided to corner her mentally and emotionally. Yui asks him what that means. He tells her that he’s going to leave her here alone for a while. As she gapes at him, he informs her that he’s going to leave her here until she screams and cries for him to let her remember his scent and that she will remember it.

He’s going to leave her here in the middle of this disgusting smell of blood to reflect. She can’t believe that he’s actually going to do this. But Subaru only chuckles and tells her to call for him in a loud voice after she’s done reflecting. He’ll train her a lot with his scent when she’s inclined to. She tries to call out to him but he only says his farewells and leaves the room.

The door is shut closed to Yui’s disbelieving eyes. He actually left. Is he allowed to leave her alone here in this scary room forever?! She sobs out an apology and tells him that she’s reflected on her actions! She screams out his name, but there is no answer.

*** MANIAC 03 ***

In the hallway of school, Yui thanks a bat for its message. Then she asks it to take her message that she’ll meet in front of the gates in 30 minutes to the other person. She sighs as the messenger flies away; it looks like the limousine will arrive in 30 minutes. She was a bit surprised to see a bat come to her with a message, but it saved her from having to wait in vain in the dark.

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT THE IMAGE OF A MESSENGER BAT. She decides to wait obediently for the limousine to come and get her since it’s too scary to walk home alone in the middle of the night. But then she wonders what to do since she has some time to kill now. She could return back to her classroom to do her homework but… now that she’s here she might as well explore the inside of the school!

Yui slips into the music room with a whispered excuse, but then sees that no one is inside. She realizes that at this time there’s no curiosity in this room. Stereotypically, the music room would be one of the seven great mystery spots. For example, she would suddenly hear a piano noise from the music room when is definitely no one inside.

Of course, just as she thinks this, a piano note rings out. She freezes at the sound and wonders if this is really one of the seven great mysteries! But she realizes she’s mistaken because, even though it’s dark and she can’t see well, she can see that there’s a preceding visitor beside the piano. Are they sleeping? Who is it…?

Her eyes widen when she walks closer and sees Subaru. He’s breathing softly in his deep sleep. She thought this before as well, but when he’s sleeping he doesn’t look scary at all. He has a beautiful face and is popular among the girls of the school. If he were more gentle then more people would talk to him though… He suddenly groans and she notices his brows furrowing. Is he about to wake up soon?

Once he’s awake he’ll return to being scary Subaru, huh… Yui starts to panic in her mind because she hasn’t prepared herself yet! She wishes for him not to wake and then looks around for something to help her. Ah ha! I DON’T SUPPOSE THERE’S A VASE NEARBY IS THERE? She starts humming the song “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” to him.

「いーつくしみ探ーきー、友なるイエスは~♪。罪 咎 憂いをとり去りたもう~♪」(What a friend we have in Jesus~♪. Removing our sins, crimes, and sorrows~♪). Subaru starts to grit his teeth. After humming three lines she inwardly cheers at how he didn’t wake up. Her strategy of using a song to send him back to sleep worked! TH-THAT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A PLEASED FACE…

She’s startled when a discordant noise comes out of the piano as Subaru shifts and opens an eye to glare at her. She asks him hesitantly if he was woken up, but he shoves himself to his feet and asks her dangerously what she was trying to do with that song.

Yui explains that she was trying to wish him a pleasant sleep and was singing a song that is used as a lullaby. He asks her rhetorically how a hymn can be used as a lullaby for a vampire. He snarls and points out that she must know what kind of condition he’ll be in as a vampire if she sings a hymn as a Christian. Her eyes widen and then she apologizes profusely because she didn’t intend on hurting him!

It was just that the song that came to her mind was a hymn because she’s heard it a lot as a child… He tells her to shut up and not to force her likes on him. She apologizes again but then he tells her not to immerse herself in self-satisfaction. She nods and says again that she really is sorry.

Subaru scoffs and tells her that someone like him can bear one or two hymns, but a blunder is a blunder and she needs to recompense him with her body. She yelps in surprise when he grabs her arm and pulls her closer to him. Subaru growls out that his mood is terrible after being woken up by an awful song. She winces at how much it hurts when he bites down hard, and Subaru tells her that he’s doing this on purpose to get his revenge.

She tries to shake her head, but Subaru’s voice is a dangerous purr as he tells her to rejoice because for today, until he is satisfied, he is going to bite her slowly and firmly to the point where she can’t even sleep from the pain. He licks her neck as she berates herself in her mind for being an idiot; if only she thought her actions out!

*** MANIAC 04 ***

In the mansion, Yui knocks on Subaru’s door and warns him that she’s entering. She instantly winces upon seeing him leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. It looks like he’s in a terrible mood. He’s been in a bad mood for a while now and even at school he’s sullen; it seemed like he even left early.

She wonders what happened and admits in her mind that, if she was able to, she wouldn’t approach him and would step around him quietly. She hesitantly asks him what he wanted, to which he demands her to come stand in front of him. She nods shakily and approaches him while thinking about how she doesn’t understand him since he told her not to get close to him, yet he’s also told her to come here.

Subaru suddenly tells her to stop right there. Yui obeys him immediately, but is then startled when he grabs her neckline. He asks her when she arrived home. She tells him that she came home an hour ago or so after her classes ended as usual…? He remains silent and she starts to plead with him to let her go because it’s hurting. His strength is amazing because her body is almost lifted up.

He asks her flatly why she didn’t come report to his room if she had been home for an hour. She stares at him in surprise, which makes him snarl at her not to make that expression. She winces in pain as he slams her up against the wall. Her neck hurts! He reminds her that she belongs to him, right? In that case, she needs to report everything she does to him in detail.

EXCEPT WHEN SHE DOES THAT YOU’LL PROBABLY SAY YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED AND NOT TO FORCE HER BORING DAILY LIFE STUFF ON YOU (´-ω-`). She reminds him that he told her not to approach him before. Subaru is taken aback and flounders for a second before he regains his footing and explains angrily that he told her not to approach him any more than necessary. It is her duty to report back to him!

She apologizes in a strangled breath because it hurts and she can’t breathe. His face is close to hers and she can’t think anymore. He asks for her agreement and tells her that she needs to inform him of everything before she does it. I’M SUPER UNIMPRESSED HERE. HE CAN BE AS TSUN AS HE WANTS, BUT DON’T FREAK OUT ON HER ABOUT SOMETHING YOU ORDERED HER TO DO AKA: STAY AWAY.

His voice becomes soft as he tells her to tell him about anything and everything. Does she understand? She becomes alarmed when she sees Subaru’s leg rising between her thighs. She hurriedly calls for him to stop, but he only repeats her words in an incredulous growl. He chuckles and asks her if she’s afraid, because she’s always being turned on… He chuckles at her fear.

Yui begs him to stop, but he only tells her that hearing that makes him want to continue on. Her eyes start to widen as he whispers almost lovingly 「・・・なあ、泣いてみるよ。泣いて、オレに縋って・・・惨めったらしく何度でも許しを請うてみろよ。」(… Hey, cry out. Cry out, cling to me… and beg pathetically countless of times for forgiveness). Then he might think about it; whichever she wants to do he’ll listen to her hopes.

She tries to ask him what he’s talking about, but he only tightens his grip around her neck and asks her how she wants to be attacked by him. Does she want to thoroughly go through painful experiences? Or does she want to be in such pleasure that she won’t be able to think? Yui realizes that at this rate she won’t be able to breathe and so she apologizes to Subaru in her mind and bites him.

He releases her in surprise and she greedily gulps the air. He growls out about how she has some guts to bite down on his arm. He tells her to look because it’s bleeding, but then huffs at how it has a bit of her flavor because she bit him. As Yui continues to catch her breath, he suddenly chuckles and notes that she appears to want to be loved by him still.

She jerks in shock as he suddenly slams his fist into the wall beside her, but he continues to chuckle before whispering that he’s changed his mind. Until she comes up with her answer to what she wants, he won’t stop. In exchange, she has to let him drink from her. Yui can only close her eyes as he whispers that she has to endure this until he changes his mind again.

*** MANIAC 05 ***

Outside the mansion, Yui stretches and enjoys the nice weather. It’s a great night to take a stroll since the moon tonight is bright. She’s surprised to see Subaru and then wonders where he’s going, since it’s unusual to see him outside. She’s curious and so she decides to follow him.

She follows him to the lake and is stunned by the sight. Is she dreaming? She can see birds, squirrels, rabbits, and even… a deer? There’s even a wild boar… They’re all nestling close to him. Could it be that he is attached to animals? WHAT IS IT WITH VAMPIRES AND BEING DISNEY PRINCESSES? FIRST REIJI AND NOW… LMFAO. Subaru affectionately tells them they’re noisy and orders them not to lick him.

He wrinkles his noise at their smell but tells them to leave when they’re finally done. She can see that he looks displeased, but his eyes are gentle as he looks at the animals. She’s quite surprised. But then she accidentally snaps a twig and Subaru’s eyes instantly dart to her.

As he stalks over to her, she greets him nervously. Subaru averts his eyes with a red tinge on his cheeks and gritted teeth, but then he explosively shouts at the animals to stop swarming around him and to scatter! Yui watches with wide eyes as Subaru drives them away and in the blink of an eye all the animals are gone.

She asks him hesitantly if she can sit beside him and walks up to him even though he is silent. She peeks at him when she reaches his side and realizes that he looks quite angry; so she apologizes for spying on him. She smiles though as she recalls that all the animals seemed attached to him. He scowls at her but there’s a faint blush on his cheeks as he comments on how she seems to have seen a lot. Did she follow him?

Yui stills as she decides what to do, but in the end she tells the truth that she followed him from the house. She apologizes for that as well as following him silently. It would have been better if she had called out. Subaru listens to her in silence. She apologizes again and he scoffs before telling her that it’s creepy to be peeped at but it’s even more irritating that he couldn’t smell her scent because of the scent of the animals.

She flinches when he slams his fist into the ground and swears, but then she recalls that he had made comments about her scent before. She asks him if her scent is really that different from other humans. He tells her not to ask obvious things. She apologizes for that but he continues on to point out that she can differentiate between the smell of things she likes and things she dislikes, right? Yui stares at him with wide eyes because his words imply that he likes her blood.

Subaru notices the look on her face and asks her grumpily if there’s a problem. She hurriedly shakes her head but in her mind she thinks about how her heart skipped a beat when he said “things he liked”. It’s almost like she’s becoming crazy…

*** MANIAC 06 ***

Yui desperately asks Subaru where they’re going. He only continues to drag her along while telling her to shut up and follow him. In her mind, she points out exasperatedly that walking through a cemetery at night without saying anything is strange! She continues to press him to answer her question on why they’re here. But Subaru only chuckles and comments on how this is such a nice place, isn’t it?

She gives him a look of disbelief but then he tells her that this place calms him and so that’s why he went out of his way to take her here. AWW, ARE YOU SHOWING US YOUR FAVORITE PLACE? She repeats his words with faint surprise especially when she realizes that he took her here, not to bully her, but because he finds this place relaxing. In other words, he’s showing her a place he likes!?

Yui tells him that she’s grateful… then… she thinks? He narrows his eyes and asks her what that hesitant answer means. She apologizes but he just brushes her words away and asks her to relax as well. She nods weakly but then her foot hits something on the ground.

The moment she looks down she screams, causing Subaru to grab her and growl at her to shut up. She squeaks out that she tripped on a… a… He looks down before scoffing at her reaction since it’s just a dried up dead body. Σ(⊙ロ⊙;)… UH… J-JUST… A DEAD BODY…?? Yui doesn’t understand why that’s here and is horrified when she sees human bones. Is this normal for a cemetery?!

Normally cemeteries have ghosts and floating wisps. UH.. WHAT CEMETERY HAVE YOU BEEN TO? Subaru tries to reassure her by holding it up, but Yui screams at him not to bring that bone close. She can’t take this any more! Yui tries to run away, but Subaru snatches her arm with a smirk and tells her that he won’t let her run.

She yelps at him to release her but he replies, in a voice full of amusement, that she was the one who clung onto him from the beginning. He won’t let her go… not until he’s tired of it. She starts to shiver as she begs, in her mind, for him not to bring the bone any closer. Subaru notes that it’s going to be annoying if she continues to scream at every little thing though and so he tosses the bone away, which relieves Yui.

Yui asks him why he would do such an awful thing then… to which he answers that it would be strange if he didn’t do it since it’s interesting, idiot. He smirks slowly as he points out that she drew closer to him because she wanted to be played with, didn’t she?

She turns red and tries to deny that, but Subaru merely laughs softly 「ククッ・・・、ご期待に添ってやるぜ。」(Hehe… I’ll satisfy your wishes then). She finds herself irritated at how much fun he’s having, but she’s too scared right now to let go of him. Suddenly, Subaru tells her that he’s going to teach her one thing.

When she looks at him in confusion, he informs her that the arm that she’s been clutching… isn’t his. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ WHY IS THIS SCENE SO FREAKIN’ CREEPY. Her eyes widen slowly as he tells her that it’s a weather-beaten… bone. She releases it instantly with a loud scream and tries to understand what she had just been doing.

Meanwhile, Subaru points out that she really is an idiot. Could she not feel the difference between an arm and a bone? She pauses in her hysterics as he sighs loudly and realizes that she actually was clinging onto Subaru’s arm, though she was disheveled from how scared she was. She glares at him as she realizes that he tricked her! He’s cruel! Subaru snickers at her accusation and tells her that it’s the fault of the one who was tricked.

He continues snickering at how calming it is to hear the screams of an idiot woman who couldn’t differentiate between an arm and a bone in the quiet cemetery. She tries to deny that, but he tells her to be silent and punches into his hand. She flinches before apologizing quietly. However, she can’t help but feel like he definitely took her along to bully her like this. She notices that his speech is violent but he seems to enjoy teasing her.

*** MANIAC 07 ***

In the church Yui nods in satisfaction as her preparations for mass are complete. She was asked by the Catholic priest, who was her father’s successor, to prepare for the midnight mass but she kept getting diverted by her current living situation. In truth, she wanted to tell the priest about her present situation and ask him to help her but…

If such a thing were to be found out… she can’t even imagine the things that Subaru would do and so she kept quiet cowardly. Suddenly, the door opens and Subaru calls out to her which makes her startle. She asks if something is the matter since he came all the way to the church. She’s surprised since he came just as she was thinking about him.

He ignores her question and asks her why she’s being incorrigible and preparing for the mass. Besides, she’s supposed to report to him whenever she’s about to go anywhere. He reminds her that she belongs to him and she can’t move around as she pleases. Yui protests to being a possession and tells him that she’s not saying she has no intentions of following his orders but she simply can’t ignore the preparations for mass.

Subaru’s lips curl in disgust, but she tells him that she’ll listen to him as they return to the mansion since he must have come here for something. He’s taken aback by her sudden honesty and he wonders at the sudden change in her attitude. She’s surprised by his words and points out that she finished her preparations and she’s always honest.

The places that Subaru had broken the last time he was here had just been repaired and it would be unbearable if he started breaking things again; and so Yui is trying to naturally change their location before he’s provoked. Unfortunately, Subaru starts to smirk and tells her that he finally understands. He sees through her crafty actions and can smell the stench of her idiocy.

However, because he can see it… it makes him want to break an excessive amount of things. Yui screams in surprise when he lashes out and smashes a chair to pieces. Subaru only laughs in delight at how beautifully it flew. Now, what should he break next? She desperately asks him not to break things if he understands why she doesn’t want him to do that. Why does he have to bully her like this?!

He reminds her that he already said he was going to torture her. Whenever he hurts her and whenever her face is twisted with pain, it makes him want to bully her more and torment her more. His feelings get excited at the sight and it’s irresistible. Yui cannot believe his audacity, but her expression only causes Subaru to inhale in delight 「そうだ、その顔だ。もっと見せろよ・・・」(Yes, that’s the face. Show me more…).

She takes a step back in fright and he asks her in amusement if she’s going to try and run. If she wants to run then she’s free to run, but in exchange this place will be left to him. He’s going to destroy everything without leaving a trace. In fact he’s already decided to destroy this huge and idiotic nuisance… Yui runs up to him and shouts at him to stop it and not to destroy that.

He sneers when she bumps into him and then wonders out loud if he should break her like this. It must be her dream to be destroyed together with that then, right? She grits her teeth before spitting out that she doesn’t want either to happen. He scoffs at how selfish she is and tells her that she should be obedient and let him break it. She snaps back that she wouldn’t possibly be obedient about that. Now she wants him to cut it out and release her!

Subaru stares at her in silence and hums thoughtfully before telling her that he’ll leave obediently if she listens to something he says unconditionally. She cautiously repeats the word “unconditionally” and he nods before elaborating that he means he wants her to obey him without her usual resistances. If she does that then he’ll promise to leave the church without breaking anything more than he already has.

Yui asks him what he wants her to obey, but he tells her slyly that he’ll tell her that only after she answers him. She stares at him intently and thinks on how, because this is Subaru, he’ll most likely break everything without reservation if she steps aside here. By unconditionally, he probably means for her to let him drink a lot of her blood. In the end, she tells him she understands and she’ll accept his conditions.

Subaru chuckles in delight and accepts her answer. She asks him what he is going to do then… suck her blood? But he only flashes her a smile and starts to walk away, leading her to call after him and ask him where he’s going. He replies that he’s leaving obediently without breaking anything. She asks him about what she promised to listen to though. But he only tells her to look forward to that later. She watches him leave worriedly and wonders if she was too hasty.

It was in a daze that she watched Subaru, who was smiling daringly, walk off. She made a promise to listen to Subaru’s words unconditionally so that he wouldn’t destroy the church. With the way that he spoke… feelings of regret and fear start to emerge. But, during the time that she’s lived with Subaru, she knows that she’s not always forced into things against her will. She’d like to think that she doesn’t need to be too scared.

*** MANIAC 08 ***

In the park, Yui is surprised to see Subaru and she calls out his name. He glances over at her and grunts in acknowledgment. She comments on how it’s unusual to see him in a park and comes closer to him. In her mind, she notes that he doesn’t appear to have been sleeping so what was he doing? BEATING PEOPLE UP?

Subaru suddenly orders her not to come. She pauses and sends him a questioning look, but he only repeats his words and tells her not to come any closer to him. She asks him if something is wrong but he only scoffs before snapping out that she’s annoying with how she always approaches him whenever she sees him. In fact, he’s sure that he told her not to come close to him unless it was for a necessary reason. Does she have any business with him?

Yui is taken aback by his harsh words and tells him hesitantly that she doesn’t but… He asks her if she wants to be together with him. She nods warily and asks him if that would be fine once in a while. Subaru laughs at how she’s awakening more and more. She repeats the word “awakening” with confusion and so he explains that he’s talking about her transformation into a vampire. She was thrown into their home for that reason.

She asks him what he means. He rolls his eyes before telling her that a human will slowly transform into a vampire when they’re intimate with a vampire. WAIT, I DON’T RECALL THEM HAVING SEX YET?? Yui is completely stunned in disbelief before she asks him desperately why he didn’t mention that earlier.

He steps closer to her with a dark smirk and wonders out loud if he didn’t say it. Plus, if he did mention it would she have been able to stop it from happening? She retorts that she could have ran or done other things! He snorts and reminds her that she’s their special food. This was arranged from the start! His voice falls as he murmurs that she’s been enthralled by “that person”… the same as… his mother.

Yui tells him desperately that she can’t possibly understand this when it’s spoken about so abruptly. Change into a vampire? Why her?! He sneers at her attempts to being angry at him when she’s the one who was playing innocent with her own carelessness. In addition, she lacks such a sense of danger when she’s a human and a woman; she walked nonchalantly into a den of vampires.

She defends herself by saying that she didn’t know. Subaru’s expression twists into pained look as he murmurs that she should have ran when he overlooked her. Did she not think about these things and if she was set up!? She opens and closes her mouth without any words. She had thought about it and about running away but she had been afraid… no, that’s not true…

There was definitely fear but… she has the feeling that it wasn’t only fear she had felt. Why didn’t she run? Is that proof that she was awakening?! Subaru suddenly snarls and grabs her, which makes her cringe, but then he yells at her not to cry and to come here. She finds herself being pushed down onto the bench. Subaru growls out in a strangled voice that she really is an idiot… this is why he told her not to get any closer.

She really is a woman who doesn’t listen to him. It’s irritating. AND ALL OF THIS IS COMING SO LEFT FIELD THAT I’M FEELING IRRITATED… He’s even been restraining himself from drinking her blood. If she comes close to him then that makes his actions meaningless. Yui stutters out his name and asks him what he means, but he suddenly snarls out that it’s nothing.

He tells her to listen closely; he doesn’t want her to approach him out of curiosity anymore. She stares at him in worry as he growls out that he doesn’t know what he’ll do. IF THIS CONTINUES TO BE RIPPED STRAIGHT OUT OF A SHOUJO MANGA PLOT I DON’T KNOW WHAT /I’LL/ DO… She asks him what she’s been entangled in. She wants to know.

Subaru scoffs and asks why humans always need an answer to something like that. He repeats again that she shouldn’t approach him or else her blood will become corrupted. OH WOE IS ME THE SOULLESS MONSTER *COUGH EDWARD COUGH*. He repeats in a hiss 「・・・醜く穢れた、不浄の血に。」(… into the disgustingly unclean and filthy blood).

She can only stare at him in surprise and he points out that even she wouldn’t want that, right? She wonders what he means by “filthy blood”. Does he mean what he said about her blood changing? Or is there another meaning to it…? But if such a thing were true and he was continuing to be mean to her because of that then… only to give her fragments of kindness… she doesn’t know what she should do.

Yui tells him quietly that she won’t go. Subaru is taken aback by her words, but she repeats that she’s going to be here. His jaw drops before he asks her what kind of idiotic thing she’s saying. He’s telling her that she’ll be tainted! She tells him that she doesn’t have anywhere else to go and… In her mind she thinks that since she’s said this much and because she has the thought of wanting to be by his side then she should…

She should change into a vampire? Or… Subaru grits his teeth before snapping out that she really is annoying. He wants her to go wherever she pleases. He doesn’t want her to approach him ever again if it isn’t necessary. She notices that he’s withdrawn the hand that was pinning her down to the bench. Does he want her to run away?

Yui sits up and he watches her silently. She returns his look. Silence. He finally snarls at her and asks why she isn’t departing. Why is she looking up at his face like an idiot!? She tries to give him a reason but ends up trailing off into silence. He continues to stare at her without any words. She holds his gaze.

Finally, he asks in a murmur if she really won’t leave. Does she want to stay? She answers truthfully that she doesn’t know what to do. She does want to run away but she’s also concerned about him. She doesn’t know what she wants to do.

He whispers her name in surprise, but then he snaps out in a blustered voice that she can do whatever she wants then. She nods in agreement and he huffs before calling her strange. Yui knows that, unmistakably, she should be running away but… when she thinks about Subaru she becomes unable to move.

Subaru’s expression a second ago is burned into her mind and it won’t leave. Lately, she’s been seeing it and she wonders why he’s making such a sorrowful expression. What is he hiding? Although, having said that, it might be something that she can’t comprehend; because that person is a resident of the night, a vampire. But even so… The feelings that have began to move in her heart start to hold her body tight, as if to entrap it.

*** MANIAC 09 ***

That night Yui was forced to participate in a masquerade at the vampire stronghold. She was surprised to find out that the vampire stronghold was below the Sakamaki family’s house; the castle that appeared could have came straight out of a fairytale. She doesn’t know if it was in Japan or overseas.

But she was taken along forcibly to attend a banquet with non-human beings, and it was quite scary. Even though Reiji explained the vampires’ so-called social circles… Subaru was grumpy from the beginning to the end and didn’t say a single word to anyone when it started; moreover he left her alone and disappeared immediately.

Yui finally finds Subaru on the balcony and she calls out happily. He looks at her in surprise and asks her why she is here. She answers that she returned home when he suddenly disappeared on her. She asks him if it is fine for him not to return, and then notices that he even tossed away his mask which makes the point of a masquerade party meaningless.

He simply calls her annoying with a scowl. She repeats his words with her own pout and then points out that he didn’t even dance for one song. He glares at her and asks why he needs to dance. But then he suddenly frowns and scrutinizes her before asking who she danced with. She becomes embarrassed and tells him that she didn’t dance and she can’t dance.

Besides, there’s no way she can dance amongst vampires because she was afraid of being bitten halfway through and having her blood drained. He snickers at her expression and asks if she was seized by fear? Oh well, it’s not like anyone would be seduced by a woman like her who has no sexual appeal. She glares at him before shouting out that she’s fine with not having any appeal and now she’s going to return to her room!

Subaru accepts her words to mean that she understands the limit of her own body. She glares even more fiercely at him but then he tsks and orders her to hand it out. At her look of confusion he impatiently asks her to give him her hand. Her eyes widen as Subaru explains that he’ll accompany her for a while as a reward for an idiot like her making a fine decision.

She wants to dance right? With him, that is. She starts to open her mouth, but he cuts her off and tells her that if she tells him that she doesn’t want to dance then he’ll throw her down right now; just like how a certain person would. She tilts her head and asks him who he’s talking about but he grumbles out that she doesn’t need to know.

Once again he orders her to give him her hand and then warns her that if she steps on his feet then he’ll suck her blood here and now as a punishment. She protests because she’s a beginner at this! He informs her that he could care less if she was a beginner or not… now he would like her to entrust her body more to him.

Subaru asks if she’s ready and then snaps his fingers which causes music to start playing from somewhere. She asks him about it and he explains that it is from his familiar. He doesn’t use it much because it’s annoying, but he knows that Laito uses his often. It is something that people like her can’t see; familiars are convenient by how they listen to everything their master says.

If he orders it to make music like this then it will do it. Yui is surprised such a thing existed since she had no idea. At any rate, Subaru informs her that they’re going to start dancing at the next phrase. She nods at that and then he begins counting their steps. She can’t help but feel her heart pounding at how she’s dancing under the moonlight like this with Subaru.

In the end they end up dancing quite a lot. She has a smile on her face as she thinks about how, apart from sucking her blood and bullying her, this is the first time she’s spent such a long time with him. Somehow she feels a bit embarrassed… Subaru suddenly mumbles that it’s hot. She asks him what he means with a blush, and so he explains that he’s referring to the warmth of humans. He’s saying her body is hot.

She confesses quietly that it’s because of him. He gives her a startled glance and so she tells him that he’s not bullying her and instead is being unusually gentle; it’s causing her heart to pound. He smirks slowly at that and asks her in a whisper if she would like him to make her heart pound faster. She turns even brighter red when he drops a soft kiss on her ear.

But she realizes, from being embraced closely by him, that Subaru has no warmth despite how close they are. Subaru really is a vampire… Subaru asks her what she’s doing by staring up at him like that. She shakes her head and tells him that it’s nothing, which makes him call her strange.

Nestled close together, there is no warmth being transmitted from Subaru’s body. He’s a vampire who holds no warmth. That should be obvious but… whenever she looks into his eyes, they’re always shining with heat. She is always feeling that heat and even now she isn’t conscious of any cold. Subaru is a vampire. Even while she is once again reminded of that reality, she grips his arm and continues to sway with his body until they can’t hear the music anymore.

*** MANIAC 10 ***

In the classroom Yui nods in satisfaction as she finishes her preparations to go home. She was told the limousine was going to be here soon so she starts to head towards the school gates. She blinks in surprise when the door opens and Subaru enters though and she asks him if he is going to be taking the car home. His lips curl into a sneer and she realizes instantly that he seems to be in a bad mood.

He stalks closer to her and calls her an idiot. Why does he need to go home together with her like friends?! She screams when he suddenly lashes out, but then she asks him angrily why he had to kick those desks which she had lined up tidily? He tells her flatly that he could care less about that. She retorts back that it does matter because it’ll become the duty of the person on cleanup duty.

Subaru repeats her words with incredulity before snickering and saying that’s too bad then. In that case, just to make sure that the person on cleanup duty doesn’t get punished for their job… she’s saying that in exchange he should kick her then, right? Yui takes a step back in fear when she realizes the brunt of his anger has been directed to her now.

For every step he takes, she takes one backwards until she hits the wall. Subaru has a cruel smirk as he points out that it can’t be helped if she’s saying that. It looks like he’ll kick her against this wall then. Her cries and screams might calm him down. As he’s snickering, Yui wonders what happened because he is unusually violent. YA THINK!?

Under the color of the moonlight, Subaru’s expression is colder than usual and only his eyes are glittering with heat. Yui can’t help but close her eyes and turn her head away. In her mind she apologizes to him but she’s so scared she can’t bear to look. Subaru narrows his eyes and asks her why she turned her head away. Is she saying she doesn’t want to be seen by him!?

Her eyes fly open when he whispers in a strangled voice 「・・・そうか、お前もかよ!」(… I see… even you!?). It’s because he’s unsightly. Yui is confused by his words, but then he slams his fist into the wall and swears viciously. She finally realizes that it is almost the full moon. She’s heard that vampires have even more strength than usual when the full moon appears.

But, for some reason, today even she is… a little strange. What is this sensation? Suddenly, Subaru scoffs and tells her not to space out and to face him. She yelps when he forcefully turns her head and wonders out loud what to do to her. Maybe he’ll drain her blood to the point where she’s lukewarm and at the limits of death. Or maybe he’ll choke the life out of her in an instant and eat her body. OUT OF ALL THE OLDER BROTHER ROLE MODELS… NOT KANATO!!

He inhales slowly because it’s a great idea and she’ll belong to him in the true meaning. Yui reminds him weakly that Shu said they weren’t allowed to kill her. He snarls out that he couldn’t give a fuck about that and it has nothing to do with him. He’s more than fed up with listening to that person’s orders. He starts to touch her harshly which causes Yui to turn red and ask him in a squeak where he’s touching.

But he only growls out that everything and all of these places belong to him. Biting her, sucking her blood, smashing her bones, and consuming her flesh are all things that he can do as he pleases, right? Yui can feel his hand crawling around her entire body. What should she do? If she shows him that she’s terrified she might just unnecessarily increase his severity…

It would be useless to beg him to stop. It is also meaningless to be afraid. If she says something unskillfully then she might anger him even more. There is no other choice but for her to embrace him and hold him to the point of being one. Subaru completely stills before he starts to struggle and ask her angrily what she’s doing.

He finally shoves her away and she yelps in pain when she hits the ground. For a second Subaru looks startled but then he snarls out that she’s getting what she deserves. She’s startled when he turns and leaves abruptly through the window. But by the time she leaps to her feet and runs to the window she sees him flying away for the second time.

His appearance was considerably odd and it might be good to follow after him but… because she touched him as she pleased without saying anything he became angry. Besides, if she comes closer to that person any more… she really doesn’t know what might happen. But… what’s wrong with Subaru?

She looks out the window that Subaru flew away from. The full moon, which was close, illuminated her gently. Looking at that light an indescribable feeling wells up inside her chest. Why is she so curious and interested about Subaru to the point of no return? Is it because she can feel the concealed sorrow in the depths of his eyes even though he threatens her with his violence, words, and attitude? For quite a while she has not been able to find the answer to that question.


On the balcony Yui notes that it’s the full moon. Beside her Subaru is silent, but she is undeterred and continues on to say that she knows vampires like him are charmed by the full moon. It’s so beautiful and mysterious that it would be strange for someone not to be moved by it.

Moreover, lately her body has been feeling hot whenever she looks at the moon. It seems like really is starting to awaken… Subaru scoffs and points out that she knows what vampires are like on the full moon, so she shouldn’t be close to him with halfhearted feelings like this.

She admits that his warning is true but she points out that there is some distance between them. He gives her an incredulous look because the distance between them is only one hand. She knows that he’d disagree with that but for some reason she wants to be beside him. She wonders what is truly happening with her…

He scoffs and tells her that he doesn’t mean that. He’s a vampire and so whether she’s a hand distance away from him or ten meters doesn’t matter. In an instant that distance can be covered. She nods with a smile, which causes him to sigh loudly before he asks her exasperatedly why she is beside him if she knows the danger of a full moon night. Is she really okay with him consuming her entirely!?

Subaru growls out 「一度手を掴んだら放さない。泣き叫んでも止まらない。」(If I grab you even once I won’t release you. Even if you scream or cry I won’t stop). He will consume her with the true nature of a vampire. Is she prepared for that? His voice weakens as he asks her if she has the resolution to continue staying beside him.

She has nothing to respond to that with and so he sneers and tells her that she isn’t the slightest bit prepared. He wants her to hurry up and leave. That’s the neatest way. Yui can’t help but feel like he actually wants her to stay instead. But maybe she’s being pretentious.

An unknown voice calls out Subaru’s name. Flashback! In the garden, Christa praises Subaru for being a good child and she reminds him to always be on his best behavior. If he does so then one day people’s views of him will change… and he will be able to stand confidently.

Her face twists as she tells him that if he does so then one day even he, whose blood is more disgusting and unseemly than anyone else, will… Everything is pitch black as Christa says that it would have been better if he hadn’t been born. If he hadn’t been born then she could have ran. She could have had her pure and sacred body… Him… IT WAS ALL HIM. UHH… SUBARU’S MOTHER…

Back in the present! Yui calls out Subaru’s name worriedly and he is startled back into the present. She asks him why he was spaced out and what he was thinking about. He is silent before brusquely telling her that it was nothing and not her business. She has no choice but to admit to that but…

They stare at each other in silence before Subaru sneers and comments on how the color of the moon tonight is rotten. She smiles and agrees that it’s beautiful, which causes Subaru to call her an idiot because he said it was rotten. FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT I READ IT WRONG LMAO AND MY REACTION WAS JUST LIKE SUBARU “WAIT, HE CALLED IT ROTTEN THOUGH…”.

She points out that he’s calling it beautiful in his own way, isn’t he? A tinge of red spreads across his cheeks as he scoffs and calls her really annoying. She merely continues to smile at him.

It was because she was concerned about Subaru who appeared to be looking up at the moon with a pained face that she called out to him, but he only shook his head loosely with a brooding expression. Sometimes when she catches a peek of his expression she can feel her chest constricting.

If Subaru doesn’t say anything then even she can’t do anything. Besides, even though she’s in the situation of not knowing what to do with herself, he appears to be even more lost. Suppressing the feeling to hold his hand, she sits alone together with Subaru and stares up at the moon with him…. acting as if she did not feel the terrible thirst in her throat.


Flashback! In the dance hall, Christa is begging Subaru to kill that person. Karl and Subaru are having a silent standoff before Karl finally scoffs and grabs Subaru. He comments on how the expression that Subaru is making resembles Christa when she was young. Subaru growls out in a strangled voice to be released and Karl sneers before shoving him away. He walks out of the room in the next moment.

Subaru slams his fist into the wall and curses violently. Meanwhile, Christa begs him to kill that person please. Subaru calls out to his mother in a pained voice and approaches her as she whimpers for help. He asks her whose help she is searching for, but his mother only starts to scream for someone to save her and to kill that person and not to come any closer.

He tries to tell her in a shaking voice that he… but Christa only screams loudly and asks him not to come any closer because she’ll be tainted and he’s dirty! He flinches as she screams at him not to touch her. Subaru realizes in a broken whisper that he can’t save her…?

Back in the present! Yui calls out Subaru’s name worriedly in the living room. He snaps back into the present with a startled look, but she hurriedly tells him to release the knife in his hand because he’s bleeding! He looks down in confusion before dropping the knife as he realizes that he was holding it by the blade. Yui snaps at him angrily that he should have realized when he was bleeding this much.

Then she orders him to give her his hand and she’ll stop his blood with her handkerchief. He grumbles out that he doesn’t need it and he’ll just lick it clean. He’s a vampire. She has no choice but to give him that but it looks incredibly painful to the human senses. He repeats her words in amusement and asks if she hasn’t awoken yet. When she looks at him in confusion, he merely shakes his head and tells her it’s nothing before sucking at his wound.

Subaru curses quietly at the awful taste. Her blood is completely more preferable than this corrupted blood; more preferable than this dirtied, rotten, and cursed blood… Yui murmurs his name in concern as she notes that it’s happening again. Sometimes she can see Subaru, who is usually full of hubris and selfish, have a dark and resigned expression. She wonders if some deep circumstance happened to him. But it isn’t something she should worry about… huh…

Once again Yui asks for his hand, but she also grabs it by force. He complains but she silences him by saying that she knows he’s a vampire, but she can’t leave him alone when he’s bleeding that much. He’s free to throw away the handkerchief when the bleeding stops. Subaru calls her an annoying woman, but leaves her to do as she pleases. She tells him stubbornly that she will.

She has no idea of what he is carrying with him… but even though she knows that, she feels like there might be something she can do. She also knows that he sees her as nothing but food but… she’s concerned. What’s the matter with her? Speaking of which, she realizes that he hasn’t been violent or assaulted her apart from sucking her blood.

Even though he says horrible things and treats her like a thing, he hasn’t hurt her meaninglessly. UM… VERBAL ABUSE IS JUST AS BAD AS PHYSICAL ABUSE… |ω・). Besides, for some reason recently she hasn’t been minding it as much when he sucks her blood. What is this feeling? Even she doesn’t know.

Yui comes out of her thoughts and tells him that she’s finished bandaging his hand. He can have his hand back now. Subaru merely huffs. She asks him what he was spacing out and thinking about to have gripped a knife to the point where he cut himself so deeply? He tells her that it’s nothing and he just remembered something about this knife. She asks him if he’s talking about this silver knife.

Subaru is always carrying this knife even though it’s dangerous towards a vampire… Yui can’t stop herself from chiding him about how dangerous that knife is since it’s different from a normal knife by being made out of silver. He has a wry smile as he acknowledges that it can kill him. She’s alarmed as he picks up the knife and admits that if he is stabbed in the heart with this knife, like a stake, it may be able to stop his life, and other vampires.

He admits that normally it isn’t that simple but… there are always examples like that woman. His voice drops as he murmurs that the woman gouged out her heart though. She tilts her head in confusion, but he shakes his head and tells her that he’s just talking to himself. More importantly, he’ll let her do this.

At her look of confusion he explains that he’s letting her kill him if she wants. He extends his hand and tells her that he’ll give her this knife. She repeats his words haltingly… kill him? It’s true that vampires are an impure existence, because they have to drink blood everyday, she hadn’t thought of this before. But she’s never wanted to kill him.

Subaru asks her impatiently if she doesn’t want it and then reminds her again that this knife can kill him. She flinches at his words and admits in her mind that she doesn’t know what will happen to her if she continues to stay here. Perhaps, when the time comes… will she even be able to remain normal? Maybe, when that time comes… she… with this knife…

Yui tells him that she doesn’t want it. Subaru exhales softly and asks her if she’s scared. She doesn’t answer and Subaru admits that he can understand that. She can only blink in confusion before he walks away. Right now… did she just imagine his sad and pained expression?

She suddenly cringes in pain when her heart throbs. W-Why?! She can’t even stand… what is this… She pants heavily and clutches her chest until the pain starts to lessen. What was that just now? As she thought, she might have a terrible sickness…

*** ECSTASY 01 ***

In the forest Yui notes how quiet it is. In her current situation, living together with vampires, it all seems like a dream. She thought she’d be able to travel together with her father, but she was unable to; then she was introduced to a relative and sent to live there, only to find it to be a dwelling of vampires. She couldn’t have believed that everyday she would have her blood sucked by vampires.

She sighs loudly and wonders out loud why she had to be in such a place. Besides, since going abroad she’s concerned about her father who she has heard no news from. Suddenly, someone tells her that it is because this is her fate. Yui turns around in confusion only to see Subaru who is smirking. When did he get beside her?! He suddenly starts to laugh which makes her ask for the reason.

He points out that she had just been wondering when he came beside her, right? She asks in surprise how he knew that, to which he answers that it was on her face. She turns red in embarrassment, which just makes him laugh more. Yui wonders if she is that simple? Inwardly she shakes her head though and believes that his powers of observation are just that sharp.

Meanwhile, Subaru narrows his eyes and wonders why that person would choose such a simple woman… He considers the pulsing of her blood. Is it just a coincidence? Or is it… Yui repeats his words in confusion, but Subaru falls silent. Is it something that he doesn’t want to talk about? But Yui persists and asks him what he was just talking about. However, he tells her to be silent and not to get any closer to him.

Yui stiffens before glaring at him and his way of talking. She informs him that she came here first and he’s the one who approached her! For an instant he looks surprised at her words before he smirks and grabs her as he acknowledges that she’s right about how he was the one who approached her. Yui worriedly asks him what he’s trying to do. But he only chuckles before whispering that she should already know.

She winces as she’s pushed to the ground. She knows that he’s intending to drain her blood but… somehow she has a different feeling now that he’s pinned her down. She starts to struggle, but this only angers Subaru and he asks her loudly why she’s trying to oppose him. She points out that he’s just going to suck her blood so there’s no need to cover that action up in this way.

Subaru’s smirk widens as he asks her if she’s becoming conscious of their position. He snickers when she turns red and points out that this means she’s aware of him in that way. He tells her to let him know when she wants the taste of her blood to change. IMPLYING THE HORIZONTAL TANGO HERE. He admits that he’s interested in the blood of a kid like her becoming a woman.

If she wishes for it then for one night he’ll fuck her while tormenting her slowly. Yui soundly refuses. He laughs in amusement at how dishonest she is, but he doesn’t care because he’s going to suck her blood anyway. Yui screws her eyes shut at the pain from his fangs driving into her. Once again he’s drinking her blood and the electric sensation is spreading slowly through her whole body; heating her up.

Being toyed with his fangs like this is making her feel incomprehensible. But then she’s surprised to find that her consciousness isn’t dropping like it always does. Besides, not only does she feel hot but… it’s heartrending? She wonders why she feels this sadness… Her chest feels like it is going to burst open at this loneliness and sadness; even though her body has no strength as usual and she feels like sinking.

Her consciousness is clear and trapped in this sadness. Subaru releases her neck with a sigh of satisfaction, but Yui is confused as to how she can move her hand. Usually, after having her blood drained, she can’t move at all but today she seems fine… Why? She’s also surprised to see that Subaru hasn’t immediately withdrawn from her even though he finished drinking.

Usually, after drinking, he’ll say that he no longer has any business and then he’ll disappear. Yui asks him if something is the matter since he’s been staring at her with a serious expression. He only murmurs that it’s nothing and then pulls himself away. She sees something drop from his clothes though and quickly points it out to him. It’s the knife that he always has with him.

She picks it up and holds it out to him with a smile, but his lips curl at her action. She forges on though and tells him that she’s been curious about this before but this knife is made out of silver, right? Aren’t silver things dangerous to vampires? Isn’t he scared to hold that kind of thing? He repeats the word “scared” with incredulity and then answers that he doesn’t feel any fear at all; in fact, he has it because it is made from silver. With this knife he can end it. Forever.

Yui repeats the word “end it” in confusion and then asks him what he’s talking about. But Subaru only walks away without answering. She calls after him but he’s long gone. She only pried into it a little bit… but maybe she asked too much. But every time she’s asked about the knife before… there’s something strange about it. Besides, “ending it forever”… what does that mean?

*** ECSTASY 02 ***

In the school hall, Yui thanks the bats for their message as they fly away before sighing. She’s troubled because the car isn’t going to be coming. It can’t be helped if the car broke down but there’s a lot of dark roads between the school and the mansion. The distance isn’t that far but she’s resistant to the idea of walking home alone at this time.

Suddenly, Subaru walks down the hallway and asks why she’s standing there. She greets him excitedly because of his timing and then asks if he will be returning home. He tilts his head in confusion and so she explains that the car won’t be coming to pick them up because it’s broken down; she was thinking of walking home right now but… they can go home together if he doesn’t mind.

He frowns and tells her that he could care less about that and she can go home herself. She can barely get his name out before he disappears. She’s sure that he’s returning home though and decides to jog after him to catch up and go home together. It’s decided that she’ll follow him then!

She ends up following him downtown and it takes effort not to lose sight of him since there are a lot of people at this time because it is the end of the week. But… She can’t help but notice that Subaru is walking at a slower pace than usual and so it looks like she’ll be able to follow him back home. Maybe it’s because there are a lot of people? But he usually walks without caring about other people.

Why is it that he is walking down a road with so much people today? Thanks to that she’s saved by not losing sight of him though. Suddenly, a woman calls out to Subaru which makes him grunt at her questioningly. Yui wonders who that woman is as she comments on how Subaru seems to be in a bad mood. Did he experience a last-minute cancellation?

She invites Subaru to play with her if he has time because she knows a good shop. OH GOD IT’S A COUGAR. Subaru growls out that she’s annoying and orders her to hurry up and disappear. However, the woman only giggles at his bluff and tells him that he doesn’t need to be scared. She’ll teach him a lot. |ω・) I’M WORRIED FOR HER… She touches him and whispers that she’ll teach him a lot of things… that he doesn’t know.

Yui is shocked to see the woman grab his arm. She’s beautiful and a completely different type compared to Yui. Subaru’s voice suddenly softens as he asks her to come with him. The woman giggles and tells him that she thought he would say that! YES COME INTO MY PARLOR… SAID THE SPIDER TO THE FLY… Yui watches them walk off worriedly and wonders if Subaru is intending to play with her before returning home.

What should she do? Now that she’s here, she should be able to get home but… she can’t help but feel curious! She’ll follow after them! She follows him to an alleyway just in time to see him push himself away and spit to the side at the horrible taste. She stills before asking him in horror if he… to this woman…

He asks her lightly if she saw him before explaining that the woman was just so annoying… he decided to drink from her. His smiling cruelly as he calls the woman an idiot for being drawn to him accidentally by his scent. She can’t believe that he drinks blood from other people… from people he doesn’t even know… from people other than her…

Subaru continues on to say that she was stubborn. He drank her blood to silence her and so he didn’t even hold back as he drank. He snorts at how the flavor was mixed with strange medicines and it was a disgusting taste. It didn’t even top his hunger off. Yui can only continue staring at him in stricken horror, but then he orders her to come to him.

She’s jolted back into the present when he grabs her and whispers that, as he thought, if he is going to drink blood then he should drink hers. Because of her blood, his tongue has become much more discerning… she needs to take responsibility for that. She stares at him seriously before telling him that he needs to take responsibility too then…

He narrows his eyes and asks her what she means. She points out that lately he hasn’t been drinking as much, right? When she has her blood drank by him it’s a bit… She tries to explain that she doesn’t like it when he drinks her blood but, on the other hand, when he doesn’t drink at all she becomes concerned… He looks at her in bewilderment and so she quickly changes the subject and just orders him to take responsibility as well.

She even blurts out that if he is going to drink from other people then he should just drink from her! Subaru laughs at that and calls her a strange girl. Has she finally fallen for his charms? She turns red as he whispers huskily into her ear that he’s fine with that and he’ll take responsibility so… she should let him drink. Subaru starts to drink heavily and groans out that, as he thought, her blood is still the best.

In her mind, Yui is surprised by how she isn’t resisting at all. She doesn’t even feel like it… On the contrary, at some point she’s started to feel happy at having him drink her blood…? She realizes that she’s been thinking he should only drink blood from her. Was she jealous of that other girl? Such a thing… can’t be…!?

*** ECSTASY 03 ***

Once again, Yui is enjoying how beautiful the roses are in the garden. She even has Reiji’s permission to harvest some, which she’ll use to decorate her room and the living room. She is suddenly startled though when Subaru appears. He doesn’t say a word though even when she admonishes him for standing behind her abruptly like that; it surprised her! Subaru brusquely answers that he’s free to stand wherever he wants.

She agrees but points out that it’s alarming when he does it all of a sudden. He snorts. Yui decides to change the subject and asks him if he came to pick some roses as well? She finds them all beautiful, especially this white one. He murmurs “white rose” under his breath.

Yui asks him excitedly if he knows what roses mean in the language of flowers; they have an image of passion. However, white roses stand for “innocence” and “purity”. All of its meanings lead to “pure”. It can also stand for “chastity”. Subaru stares at her in silence and she starts to wonder what she’s doing, talking to him about this. The roses were just so beautiful that she became giddy.

But then she gasps in horror and asks him what he’s doing when he suddenly lashes out and tears her white rose apart. It’s petals have become crumbled. She calls him cruel and tells him that flowers are living too! But Subaru only repeats the word “chastity” in derision. Then he asks her if she understands the meaning of a wilted white rose. She’s surprised to hear that there is a language for wilted flowers.

He tells her there is and, when he was a child, an aunt from his family taught him this kindly. A wilted white rose means “a wish for death for that lost innocence”. Her eyes widen as he snarls out that he hates roses, especially white ones! She gasps as he throws the rest of the blooming white roses to the ground. But then she blinks in surprise when she notices something red mixed in the middle of the petals of the white roses.

Subaru curses when he realizes his finger was pricked by a thorn. She asks to see it and reaches for his hand, but he snarls at her not to touch him. She winces as she’s shoved away by him. Subaru looks at her with a pained face and then tells her quietly not to touch him or the roses. She can only murmur his name, because once again his eyes are filled with sadness.

But then she ignores him and starts to pick up the fallen roses, which makes him ask her what she’s doing. She talks out loud about how they will be fine after she brushes the dirt from them, even though they fell to the ground. Even if she just has the petals they are more than pretty enough. Since she’s gone through all this trouble, she’ll just use this to decorate. Their beauty is unchanging… even if they wilt.

Subaru smiles bitterly as he realizes that she’s not going to listen to his words. She tries to explain herself, but he orders her to open her mouth. She asks him warily what he’s going to do but he just snaps at her to hurry up and open it, unless she’s going to disobey him again? She tells him that it wasn’t like she was intending to disobey him in the first place…

She opens her mouth even though she’s nervous. She turns red as he suddenly places his wounded finger in her mouth and whispers that she’s become beautiful. His blood is being wiped onto her tongue. It tastes like iron… the flavor of Subaru’s blood. He informs her that, after learning from this experience, she should return to the mansion and never come here again.

He warns her not to get close to the roses and then stalks off. She can only stare at his retreating back and sigh at how she seemed to have angered him again, which is all that she seems to do. But from what she read of children’s stories and stories, the main food for a vampire other than blood is roses. She thought that might be why vampires love roses, but it looks like Subaru is different. Is there a reason for why he hates roses?

*** ECSTASY 04 ***

During the evening downtown, Yui suddenly spots Subaru in the distance. What’s he doing there? He’s looking up at something and she notices that it’s a large screen. It’s a news show and a famous politician is starring as a guest. She feels like she knows that person but she can’t seem to remember their name. She can see Subaru watching it intensely and so she feels bad for calling out.

But she’s surprised that Subaru would have an interest in the politics of Japan. She’s sure that politician has a lot of power in philanthropic work. She knows that he’s famous but there are many other fans who like him because of how cool he is. But then Yui is startled when her heart suddenly starts to pound. Is it because she’s watching that politician? *COUGH* KARL *COUGH*.

She admits that he is cool but he’s not her type at all… and she even knew of him before so why suddenly… She shuts her eyes at her extreme sense of vertigo and the edges of her vision start to turn white; this is the same as that time she collapsed. Her heart is pounding and her body is burning up. Her chest hurts and her head is blank. She can’t stand…

Suddenly, a man comes up to her and asks if she’s alright. She wonders who that person is since her vision is blurry and she can’t see his face clearly. The man points out that her face is extremely pale and she’s wavering on her feet. Does she feel bad? She answers weakly that it’s probably anemia.

He tells her that he can’t leave her like that and asks her to hold onto his arm. He knows a place for her to rest slowly and she doesn’t need to be afraid. She repeats his words blankly and he reassures her that it’ll be fine and he’ll be with her the entire way.

She feels like the ground is fluffy and she’s being supported by someone’s shoulder…? He’s told her that he’ll take her to a place where she can relax. In her mind she murmurs Subaru’s name. She feels safe when Subaru is around. And so… this person will take her to Subaru…? Her vision fades to white.

Suddenly, someone is yelling and asking what she’s doing. Someone… is pulling her? She opens her eyes to see a blurry vision of Subaru, who snarls at her to stop staggering around and to stand on her own feet. He even calls her an idiot. She nods shakily, but then the man tells Subaru angrily that this girl is feeling terrible and he’ll watch over her from here.

Subaru turns his head slowly to the other man. The man cowers immediately at the force of Subaru’s glare and stutters out that he didn’t say anything and he’ll leave this girl with him! Subaru sneers at that fleeing worm before turning an angry look onto Yui. He calls her an idiot and asks why she was doing such an annoying thing. She stares at him in confusion and so he calls her an easy woman in a frustrated voice. Was she just planning on following him?!

Yui answers that the person was helping her kindly. Subaru gives a bark of laughter before calling her a true idiot. What kind of kind person would have a shady look of secret intentions!? She’s surprised to hear that the man had that expression. Subaru asks her angrily if she wants to be fucked and then dumped.

Her mouth drops open at his crude words, but then continues on to say that her virginity belongs to him. Yui turns a deep red and then hisses furiously at him not to yell such strange things. He mutters that he’s just stating the truth. She tries to protest to that but Subaru asks her with a smirk if she wants him to make her realize it right here? He grabs her suddenly and whispers lowly into her ear that it wouldn’t be bad doing it in front of the public gaze.

She begs him to stop but he only blows air into her ear and asks her if she honestly wants him to stop. He starts to suck lightly on her ear. ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛. Yui is red with embarrassment but even though she honestly wants him to stop and even though people are looking she… Subaru laughs softly and calls her a perverted woman. She has no response to that, but he takes a step back from her and asks if her head is cleared.

Yui is thrown by the subject change but is surprised when she realizes that it is! He gives her a small smile as he tells her to stand then since she should have strength in her legs. She obeys him with a nod and then thanks him before telling him that she’s fine. He brushes her gratitude aside, but she only thanks him again. He averts his eyes and snorts in derision. But both of them are blushing.

But then once again Subaru complains about why she did such a troublesome thing as relying on that kind of bastard. She explains that when she was looking at the big screen her vision narrowed all of a sudden. She thinks it’s probably anemia. Even her heart started hurting and she wasn’t able to stand. Subaru repeats the word “heart” quietly in alarm. Then he asks how she is doing right now.

She reports with a smile that everything is fine now, but then realizes how strange that is because her heart was in so much pain and yet she feels nothing now. Is it because she’s with Subaru? Did she feel relieved and calm because Subaru came? Meanwhile, Subaru asks her exasperatedly what she’s looking at.

Yui turns pink but hurriedly tells him that it’s nothing before changing the subject to point out that he was watching the big screen before. He looked very absorbed in watching it and so she asks if he is interested in politics. Subaru raises an eyebrow in confusion and so she explains that she was in the middle of returning home when she saw him. She was going to invite him to walk with her.

If they use the car then they should be able to make it home in time for the show again. Won’t he return home together with her? But Subaru sneers and asks angrily who would look at that person with affection. Yui is surprised by his reaction, but then he asks where the car is parked. She answers that it is close by and the walking distance should be within a minute.

He tells her rudely that she can return alone by herself then. He also warns her not to be caught by another weird person. She tries to say his name but he leaves immediately after those words. Did his mood plummet? It looks like he greatly dislikes the politician from before… is there a connection?

*** ECSTASY 05 ***

Yui is in her bedroom gaping at the damage. What is this?! She came from her school just to see this in her room. What happened? All the furniture is overturned and destroyed to pieces. Her eyes suddenly widen and she runs over to a picture of her father, which had its stand broken to pieces. Its glass is also broken and the picture is torn up.

She sobs at the cruelty of this because there are few pictures of her together with her father when she was young. She treasures them. She apologizes out to her father and promises to fix it later. Right now she’s curious about the other rooms and so she’ll go to check them.

After some time, she returns back to her room with a heavy sigh. It looks like her room was the only one broken into. But there’s no sign of someone entering. She had been told not to bring her situation to the police, and so it looks like she has no choice but to quietly clean this up. Why did this happen? She doesn’t understand at all…

Suddenly, someone chuckles and comments on how the damage around her room is extreme. She turns around in surprise to see Subaru and asks him why he’s here. She also notices in her mind that for some reason his mood is better than usual. She apologizes for the untidy state of things right now, but Subaru frowns and tells her not to clean it up.

She freezes as he smirks and tells her that she should leave it as is, since it is devastated like this at great pains. She slowly asks him if he’s implying that… Subaru cuts her off and admits that he’s the one who did it. She flinches as he confesses with a laugh to destroy everything and anything. It was such a great sight.

Yui opens and closes her mouth wordlessly before asking him why he would do such a horrible thing. Even that photograph and how destroyed it became was from Subaru. The vampire in question narrows his eyes at her expression and asks if she has something she wants to say. She shakes her head slowly.

In her mind, she is extremely sad and angry but… she has the feeling that he wouldn’t do this to her room without a reason. She’ll ask him about this slowly and carefully later. She tells him that she’s decided, in the end, to clean up a little and asks him to wait. He tilts his head in confusion as she invites him to sit on the bed, only to realize that the bed is broken as well. In that case…

She continues to putter around her room, much to Subaru’s muttered astonishment. When she turns to look at him in confusion, he asks her in a trembling voice why she won’t become angry. In return, she asks him why he would do such a thing because she’s concerned… but it doesn’t change the fact that it was done. The result wouldn’t change even if she blames him.

And that is why she is cleaning her room to calm her feelings down. It would make her happy to hear his reason though. Subaru grits his teeth and asks her slowly if that was something “God” taught her. She tells him he’s wrong. She was taught things by God but in this case, if she was taught by God, she wouldn’t even be angry, right? She tells him that she believes he wouldn’t do something like this without a reason.

Subaru is taken aback by her words and says her name… He grits his teeth as he searches for words before finally snarling angrily at her not to say such lip service. She screams in surprise when he shoves her down on the bed, but when she asks him what he’s doing he just hisses at her to be silent and then bites her. She can’t help but cringe at the pain.

What is he doing all of a sudden pushing her down on the bed? He didn’t even say anything before sucking her blood. She asks him quietly what the matter is. He tells her lowly that it’s annoying when she uses lip service to dress up her words prettily. His lips curl into an angry snarl as he shouts at her not to look at him with pitying eyes and not to cover it up with dressed up words.

She asks him what he’s going on about because she didn’t intend to… But Subaru chokes out that she was! She’s alarmed when he tells her 「オレを、見るよ。ちゃんと見ろ、無視すんな!」(Look at me. Look at me properly. Don’t ignore me!). A person like her… Yui turns red and gasps out his name when he tears off her clothes.

But Subaru only murmurs 「もうそんな薄っぺらな目でオレを見られないよう、お前を堕としてやる・・・」(So that you don’t look at me with that cheap look, I’ll make you fall…). She’s frightened by the look in his eyes. Could he be serious!? He’s not just going to suck her blood but he’s going to… her body…

Yui tries to struggle but Subaru shoves her down again and tells her to give up. He’s not going to let her go anywhere. He tells her that this is her fault because he warned her before to run away. But then he smirks in amusement as he notes that in truth she did try to run, right? She tries to protest but Subaru only chuckles at the look of fear drawn on her face. It makes him want to laugh.

Then he tells her to try praying to God as much as she can, although he doesn’t know if her wish will be able to reach God with how corrupted she is now. She shakes her head in denial and he presses her down into the bed before whispering for her to hate him. Her eyes fly open in surprise as he repeats 「オレのこと、憎んで憎んで・・・憎めばいい。」(Hate me… Detest me… You should hate me).

He’s going to make it so that his existence within her will never disappear for a lifetime. She struggles against his words and he shoves her deeper into the bed, but then she yelps at the pain. He narrows his eyes at her as she informs him that her back hurts. Subaru asks her worriedly what happened but she screams when he touches her. He snaps at her to be silent and then peers at her back.

There are fragments of glass. She hears his muttered words and wonders if it came from the photograph. It must have shattered onto the bed as well and it feels like bits of it are stabbed into her back; it hurts. She winces at the pain and Subaru informs her that she’s wounded.

She could have guessed that but she reassures him that she’s fine and it only stings. Subaru eyes her silently before a smirk appears and he leans down to lick her back. She inhales sharply at his actions and then yelps out his name. Why is he licking the wounds on her back!? She clenches her eyes shut at the sensation as he continues on silently, but then she can feel his tongue leaving her back.

The places he was licking… it had a different meaning than his actions from a while ago and it hurts… He gazes at her without saying anything before stepping away from the bed and apologizing quietly. She’s stunned by his words, but before she can say anything he exits the room. He apologized!? What happened?

*** ECSTASY 06 ***

In the house, Yui knocks on Subaru’s door from the hallway and asks him if he has time. She enters after a brief moment of silence only to gape at the destruction in his room. All the walls of his room are full of holes?! Even the coffin is overturned! Upon closer look, she can see blood marks on the broken walls as well. What is the meaning of this!?

She leaves his room and sighs as she wonders if that was Subaru’s doing as well. Everyone else is acting the same as usual though. Does Subaru normally destroy his room like that? He’s destroyed the church, the shower room, and even her own room. SUBARU IS GOING TO SINGLE-HANDEDLY TEAR DOWN THE SAKAMAKI MANSION LOL.

Does Subaru not have anything that he treasures? Even though his coffin is something he sleeps in everyday; such a heavy thing was flipped over cleanly. She manages to find Subaru on the balcony and greets him. He only grunts out an acknowledgment when he sees that it’s Yui. Then he compliments her on her good timing since he’s hungry after running wild.

He asks her to let him suck her blood, but she points out that he needs aid! He repeats her words in confusion. In her mind, she realizes that if she tells him that she wants to treat him then he probably wouldn’t let her do it obediently. She can see that it doesn’t look life-threatening but… She finally says out loud that she understands and it’ll do. Subaru narrows his eyes in suspicion.

She points out that he wants to suck her blood, right? She’ll let him. He tells her that she’s unusually cooperative, which is unusual. But he’ll drink her blood now then… She closes her eyes at the sensation of his fangs entering into her deeply. Her blood is flowing through Subaru… Her blood…

Yui wishes inwardly for her blood to heal him even a little bit… She wonders if a wish like that could be granted even by a little… Subaru blinks in confusion and notices that it’s changed. She asks him what he means and if something happened, but he only drinks her blood even more deeply before noting that it is as he thought, the flavor of her blood is…

He wonders with amusement what is with this and starts to drink from her more earnestly, asking for more. Her face starts to become flushed as she wishes to be of more help to Subaru. She finally asks him if he’s had enough and he reluctantly pulls away as he answers that it is enough; if he drinks any more than this then he won’t be able to stop. Then he asks her if she didn’t notice that right now he drank considerably more than he normally did.

She realizes that he’s right since she feels very dizzy but… He asks her quietly what she was doing. Her blood was awfully delicious today. What did she do? She blinks in confusion, which makes him ask her angrily if she drank anything strange from Reiji or Laito. She answers that she didn’t drink anything. She suggests that her blood is stronger because he hasn’t been drinking her bloody lately.

He only stares at her in silence. But then she calls out to him and tells him that she has a request now that she let him drink her blood. His mouth drops open at her words and then he calls her annoying as he realizes that this is why she was so obedient today. She apologizes with a stutter, but he waves it off and tells her that he’ll listen to her request for the time being since her blood was delicious today.

Yui thanks him and then explains that she went to his room and saw that it was destroyed. Was he the one who did that? His eyes widen a little before he answers slowly that he returned from the castle and did that to his room in a temper. Does she have a problem with that? She realizes that he’s almost always in a bad mood when he goes to the castle. Is there something at the castle?

She changes the subject though and asks him if the wounds on his hand are fine. He blinks in confusion at the change in subject and then asks her impatiently what her request was. She hesitantly tells him that she wanted to see the wounds on his hand. He asks her what she’ll do after seeing them. She answers that she wants to treat them. He grumbles about how strange she is, since he doesn’t understand the meaning of requesting something like that.

Besides, the wound on his hand is just a scratch and it healed from her blood. He shows her his hand and she’s surprised to see that it’s true and the wound has disappeared. He points out that he’s said this multiple times, hasn’t he? He’s a vampire. Then he huffs and tells her that her request is finished now. However, Yui tells him that it isn’t done yet. He glares and points out that he isn’t wounded and so she can let him go now that she understands–.

Subaru halts his words mid-speech at her actions. She tells him that even if his wound has healed, the pain from that moment hasn’t disappeared right? And that’s why she wants him to let her do this for now. He opens and closes his mouth speechlessly.

In her mind, Yui notices how strange it is for her to want to touch Subaru like this. In addition, she wonders why she’s reassured very much by this… He murmurs her name in shock before averting his eyes with a small blush. He really doesn’t understand her actions. She agrees and then apologizes for that. He calls her annoying and tells her not to apologize.

She nods quietly and then he tells her nonchalantly that he’s going to let her do this until the wound heals. She thanks him happily. Subaru’s hands are cold and she notes that he is, as she thought, a living corpse. THAT… ISN’T A VERY NICE DESCRIPTION OF SOMEONE. But she hopes that, wrapped around his hand like this, it can warm up even just a little bit…

*** ECSTASY 07 ***

In the revolving staircase at the castle, Subaru asks Yui what she is doing over there. She’s surprised to see him but answers that she grew dizzy while going down these stairs. She’s resting because her eyes are a bit blurred. He calls her lame, which she knows since he’s repeated that so many times. She asks if he’s going upstairs before telling him that she’ll move aside in a second.

He snaps at her to hurry up and so she tries to stand up, but then the vertigo causes her to release her grip on the handrail. She’s going to fall! But she doesn’t… and she opens her eyes in surprise only to see that she fell against Subaru, who calls her an idiot. He doesn’t know whether she’s dizzy or anemic, but clearly she shouldn’t stand up so suddenly. What is she doing? Although, he won’t stop her if she wants to fall to the first floor.

She turns red and thanks him gratefully for saving her! Subaru averts his eyes with a light flush. She’s thankful that he saved her when she was feeling dizzy again, and she decides to continue sitting here for a bit. She asks him to release her because she’s fine now.

Subaru eyes her thoughtfully and recalls that she was like this before too. At her look of confusion he explains that during the times she had her blood sucked, or when she sprained her ankle, or even when she asks him to stop or wait, she never desires to be saved. He smirks and asks if she is thinking that, as long as she is a good girl and endures it, one day God will come and save her? Does she think she needs to envelop others in unconditional love?

I THINK UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM YOUR PARENTS WOULD HAVE SAVED ALL YOU GUYS A WORLD OF MENTAL PROBLEMS… He tells her that, if this is the case, she’s a good and naive girl to the point where he’s disgusted and wants to throw up. Yui protests that she does believe in God but she’s not depending on him. He narrows his eyes and so she elaborates to say that she just tries to do what she can do under her own strength.

In her mind she thinks on how there’s no one to rely on here anyway. A wry smile appears on Subaru’s face as he murmurs 「・・・そう、か・・・そういうヤツだから・・・オレは、アイツの手からお前を・・・」(… I see… it’s because you’re that kind of person that… From that person’s hand I’ll… you…). She looks at him in confusion and then he orders her to come with him.

She splutters and turns red when he suddenly picks her up, but Subaru snaps at her to be silent and to stop struggling before she falls. If she’s scared then she can cling onto him. She can’t believe he’s carrying her… Why?! He finally deposits her in the dance hall and she thanks him quietly. He waves it off nonchalantly. She can’t help but be touched though since he went out of his way to carry her here even though he was going somewhere.

Yui hesitantly asks him why he helped her, but Subaru only smirks and then grabs her thighs. She gasps and asks him loudly what he’s doing before shoving him away. He growls and asks her if she normally hits someone who just grabs her thigh? UH… YEAH?? She snaps back that she would and he starts to laugh at how characteristic that is.

He continues chuckling as he points out that she has no breasts but her legs are decent… as well as… feeling nice when he embraces her. Of course, she also tastes nice… Subaru starts to drop kisses on her skin and she turns red at the way he’s kissing her leg. Subaru laughs again and muses on how it isn’t so bad to drink from her lower half while looking up at her.

She stiffens before telling him not to say such lewd things! He blinks in confusion and asks her what she’s saying, because if men weren’t perverted then the entire human race would be easily and completely destroyed… as prey for vampires. She looks at him steadily and so he changes the subject to say that if she can shout that enthusiastically then she should be fine, even though she nearly collapsed from anemia like usual.

Yui looks at him questioningly since she didn’t catch that last part, but Subaru shakes his head and tells her it’s nothing. He notes that she should be fine, right? She’s taken aback by the change in subject but nods quickly. She’s completely fine. He asks her about her heart and she answers that it didn’t hurt today. He eyes her silently for a moment before telling that is a good thing then. Then he walks off with a brief farewell.

After saying that, Subaru left to go somewhere. She doesn’t know how to react at all to this version of him that is completely different from normal. Why did he help her? And why did he appear immediately to her like that? Was he concerned about her…?

She presses her hand against her heart, which is now hurting with a different pain from usual. Even though he’s a vampire, even though he’s done horrible things to her up until now, why is her heart beating so fast? Is this just more evidence about how she’s awakening?

*** ECSTASY 08 ***

In the sewers, Yui is surprised to find that the door to the dungeon is open. Every time she’s come here it has always been closed though… how unusual. From here she can go to places around the area that are connected to the castle… Maybe she can take a peek…? It’s damp and dark.

She wonders if this place was used in the past. Maybe, if she had truly run away and had been caught she would have been placed here… Her eyes suddenly catch on something in the corner of the room. It’s a drawing. It looks like a woman but she can’t see it very well.

Yui coughs as she picks it up and brushes the dust from it. There’s quite a lot and so it must have been here for quite a long time. She gasps in awe when she finally sees the picture. Who is it? She has beautiful silver hair and cherry blossom-colored lips. Her cheeks are also slightly colored. She feels like the expression is, what they call, a fleeting smile.

She looks to be the same age as Yui, but for some reason she feels the need to protect her. Yui whispers out loud that this person is so pretty. Only to cringe the next moment because of her chest. What? All of sudden her heart started throbbing. Is it because this woman is too beautiful?

Yui turns red in embarrassment and tries to brush that event away. Yes, the painting is beautiful but who feels their heart throb just by looking at one… She takes a closer look at the painting though because it resembles someone… Suddenly, someone states that she’s correct.

She jerks around in surprise to see Subaru, who had startled her. Yui asks him if he knows this woman. He answers that it is a painting of his mother when she was young. She’s surprised to hear that this is their mother but she can also see the resemblance now. He shakes his head and corrects her by saying that this is his mother, but Ayato and the others have different mothers.

Yui blinks in surprise and then asks if only his mother is different while everyone else has the same. He explains that Ayato, Laito, and Kanato have the same mother and she was the first wife. Shu and Reiji’s mother was the second wife; yet she had her children first. But his mother gave birth to no one but him.

She tells him that everyone had the same atmosphere and so she didn’t realize this at all. Subaru growls out that they aren’t like each other at all! She merely shrugs and in her mind points out that they are all beautiful and so she feels like they are similar… maybe? Really, somehow they are similar. She stubbornly insists that they are all a bit similar…

Subaru remains silent but his eyes narrow even further. She changes the subject to tell him that he resembles his mother a lot. Of course, his outward appearance looks like her but he also has the same fleeting atmosphere. He asks her angrily what she means by that. Is she saying he looks weak?! She bluntly tells him that she does and he chokes on air.

But then she continues on to say that, from time to time, she sees him sad and it makes her want to embrace him. He’s taken aback by her words and asks her quietly what she’s saying. Is she treating him as a fool? She hurriedly denies that; it’s just that she… She smiles as she tells him that he’s just extremely beautiful.

He repeats her words hesitantly and she nods firmly, before being reminded of how her chest was throbbing a while ago. Is it because she thought the woman resembled Subaru? Meanwhile, Subaru stares at her seriously before stating firmly that he cannot be pretty. She looks at him in confusion.

Subaru tells her that she’s simply a human who was mesmerized by him as a vampire, and that’s why she can’t see past that. He doesn’t every want to hear that he’s pretty again. He loathes it… IN THIS CONTEXT HE’S ALSO USING THE WORD AS LIKE “CLEAN”. Yui tries to tell him that she was just complimenting him, but Subaru slams his fist against the wall and screams at her not to say it ever again.

She flinches and wonders why he’s so angry. Ah, she recalls that he told her before not to come close to him because his blood was dirty. If she gets close to him, will her blood become dirtied? Does she think of him as beautiful because she’s in the process of awakening? She stares at him intently before murmuring that it’s wrong.

Subaru gives her a glancing look and so she tells him that he isn’t pretty just from his outward appearance. At first she didn’t understand, because he was just always angry but… he’s gentle. She thinks his kindness is pretty. Subaru inhales sharply before spitting out that it’s not true. His uncleanliness stains white roses and drives them insane. He reminds her that he said it before, how white roses are a wish for death…

She asks him if he’s talking about what he told her in the park, about the flower language of wilted white roses? He nods before croaking out that everything was his fault. She can see that he’s in pain. Subaru continues on to say that this is why he hates white roses, the hand that plucks them, and himself who makes them wilt. He slams his fist against the wall again and yells out that it pisses him off.

Yui calls out his name worriedly, but he shouts at her to shut up before warning her again not to come close to him if she doesn’t want to be tainted. Then he yells at her to hurry up and leave this place. She can only murmur his name in her mind worriedly.

In front of her eyes, she could see him kick up everything that was lying in the room. In the middle of that loud clattering noise of things being kicked over, she could keenly feel Subaru’s loneliness. She ran up and hugged him… and he became slightly more quiet. Subaru… is pure. She stroked his back over and over again while putting this emotion into it. After remaining like that for a while, Subaru trembled minutely before sinking into her embrace and returning it.

*** ECSTASY 09 ***

On the school rooftop, Subaru is surprised to see Yui. She smiles because she’s finally found him, though she inwardly wonders if he’s going to tell her not to come close to him again. He looks calm today… Subaru walks up to her and sighs in amusement at how she doesn’t learn her lesson. She apologizes but he tells her that it’s fine since he’s used to how annoying she is.

She wonders out loud if she should say her thanks for that. His eyes crinkle from his smile as he tells her to say it because it was a compliment. She thanks him hesitantly though she still feels strange from whether that was a compliment or degradation. On another note, she feels happy that he hasn’t told her not to come close to him even though the full moon is near.

Yui reminds him that they had both looked up at the sky like this before, huh. He asks if she’s talking about the moon, but she shakes her head and explains that they had been looking at a big screen and a news report show. At that time he had looked so serious that she couldn’t call out to him. He doesn’t respond. She asks him if he was like that because it was the full moon.

She’s curious because his temperament always seems to change. Subaru tells her that it wasn’t related to the moon. She concludes that it must have been the politician then, like she thought. That person must have some relation with Subaru. And so she straight up asks him about the politician and if there is something between them.

Subaru stills before answering quietly that the man there is one he hates second most in this world. She repeats his words in surprise and he adds that he hates him from the bottom of his heart. She’s surprised by his words. After that day, she had looked up the politician’s face again and she felt like he resembled Subaru a little. She wants to ask but she might be intruding too much.

She wonders if she could get it out of him by asking more about what he’s talking about. She asks him who he hates most in this world then if he hates that politician second most. He smiles at her and tells her that’s obvious; 「醜い、自分だ。」(My disgusting self).

His name slips out of Yui’s mouth. She doesn’t want him to say that with such a sad expression. Even though she’s here by his side she feels like she’s far away. She grabs onto his sleeve and he blinks at her in surprise. She apologizes to him and explains that she feels a little dizzy. Can they stay like this for a while? THAT’S SNEAKY! I APPROVE! Subaru allows it but…

He points out how she said before that he was beautiful. She nods slowly. His smile becomes shy as he confesses that after hearing that he felt a bit idiotic for always thinking he was ugly. It doesn’t change the fact that he still hates himself the most but… it isn’t as strong of a feeling compared to before. It’s all because of her. She tells him that it’s a good thing for him to think that way.

Subaru agrees because while it’s annoying… it doesn’t feel bad. That’s why he wants her to stay by his side tonight for a while longer. She smiles in agreement.

Standing beside Subaru, they both look up at the moon from the rooftop. The moon, which is almost full, illuminates Subaru’s profile. She doesn’t know what kind of darkness he has in his heart, but if she can be even a little help to him then… that makes her happy. From now on, no matter what happens, she wants to stand by his side like this, and look up at the moon. That is what she wished from her heart.

*** ECSTASY 10 ***

In Subaru’s room, Yui takes a look at it and is taken aback. The walls are still destroyed and have been left like that; it gives off a bleak feeling. She asks Subaru what business he had though. Does he want help cleaning up the wreckage? He points out incredulously that she can’t even lift up one of these, so he couldn’t rely on her.

She points out that they won’t know until they try and she’ll do her best! He tells her to try picking up the debris by her feet then. She pauses at the sight of it and tells him that she’d like to start from something small first… Subaru chuckles and tells her that it’s a joke. He doesn’t want her to help with any small or big ones. HIS SMILE IS LIKE THE SUN.

She wonders what other thing he wants with her then. He stops his chuckling and then, still with a smile on his face, pushes her down on the bed. She starts to turn red as he whispers that, at a time like this, there is only one thing for a man and a woman to do. Yui starts to stutter and he asks if she doesn’t know. PLAY… JENGA? She asks him if he is going to suck her blood.

Subaru’s smile disappears as he answers that she’s wrong. She guesses that he’s just going to bully her then? He rolls his eyes and tells her that this guess is also wrong. She scrambles to find another answer, which makes Subaru laugh softly because she already knows doesn’t she? He kisses her lightly on the ear and she flinches back.

His voice lowers as he points out that she’s feeling conscious of it, isn’t she? She clenches her eyes shut at the ticklish sensation of his breath washing over her ear. The atmosphere around him is completely different from the one he has when he’s drinking blood. It’s bewitching… or sexual…

She wonders what to do because she can’t move her body on the bed. He chuckles and asks her why she’s being so flustered. She stutters back that she isn’t. But then she notices something odd; Subaru has a teasing smile on his lips, but his eyes aren’t. In the fleeting light, the eyes that are looking down on her are serious. He’s not playing around and he’s not bullying her or playing around.

Does he seriously wish to do this with her? If that is the case then… even if it is just for tonight then it is fine. She won’t regret it, because she… likes Subaru. Subaru, who had looked surprised at her actions, smiles slowly as he notes that she’s relaxed her body. Is she not going to resist? She has a smile on her face as she answers that she won’t, because this is what a man and woman are like together, right?

He stills before murmuring slowly that she must not truly understand what he means by this. He warns her that he’s thinking about changing everything about her. She nods. He tells her louder that he’ll consume her. She nods. He reminds her heatedly that, during their first meeting at night in the church, she told him that she had no intentions of being consumed by him.

She agrees that she did, but her thinking from then has changed. As she slowly grew to know him better, she started to think that it was a good thing she chose him. That is why she won’t regret it even if she is changed. He reminds her that it wouldn’t matter if it was any other normal person, but he’s a vampire. If she has sex with him even once then she will no longer be able to return to the lifestyle that she has had up until now.

He asks her 「・・・それでもお前・・・神を捨てる覚悟があんのか?」(… Even still… are you prepared to throw away God?). She tells him firmly that she isn’t discarding him; even now vampires cannot seem to comprehend believing in God. She tells him that she cares about him. He repeats her words in confusion, and she answers in her mind that she wants to know him more and so she will accept everything. She won’t regret it, because she loves him.

Subaru’s brows furrow as she tells her that he doesn’t believe in God and he sees human as food, so he can’t comprehend that. But she… only she… Yui gasps softly as she feels the sensation of warmth coming from him. Is it because he’s being more gentle than she thought he would? Or is it because every movement from him is making her feel his warmth. Even though warm blood shouldn’t flow through vampires…

Yui closes her eyes as he kisses her softly and whispers her name. In between their kisses, Yui asks him to please say and call out her name. He pants out her name and then whispers that he loves her. She’s happy.

She can feel Subaru’s body heating up through the transfer of her body temperature. In no time, she’s intoxicated from their kiss; everything about Subaru makes her feel tossed around. It wasn’t like he was forcibly pinning her down. It wasn’t that he wrenched her open violently. And yet, her tears couldn’t stop… that was the degree of Subaru’s gentleness… Once again, tonight, she experienced crying tears in a moment of happiness.


In front of the mansion, Yui chases after Subaru and asks him to wait. He turns back to her silently and so she desperately asks him where he’s going, but he only orders her not to follow him or he’ll kill her. She flinches back and notices that his temperament is strange… as if he was saying cruel things on purpose in order to estrange her…

But that cold glare in his eyes isn’t scary at all. She already knows that the real him is incredibly kind, and so she tells him that if he wants to do that then fine. He sneers and asks her if she wants to stop him that badly. She tells him that it’s because she has a really terrible premonition, even though she doesn’t understand it well. Once again she asks him where he’s going.

Subaru only answers that if she wants to stop him then she should take this. Her eyes widen at the sight of the silver knife and then she wonders why he is… He tells her to stab him in the heart with that. Her eyes grow even wider as he continues on to say that she should also behead him immediately afterward. If she does that then, as she wishes, she’ll stop him.

Her mouth opens and closes before she asks him if he’s telling her to kill him. He replies that she is going to have to do that if she wants to stop him. She stutters out that it would be impossible. His laugh is cold as he asks if that is how far her resolution goes. She shouts back that she’s wrong, but then winces at a throb in her chest. Without thinking, she had grabbed the knife but now her heart is hurting again…

Yui’s hand is trembling and she can’t hold the knife well. Subaru starts to realize that something is wrong and he asks her worriedly if something is the matter. She pants out that she’s fine and her heart is only beating a little fast. But Subaru’s eyes widen before he curses someone under his breath. It doesn’t look like he has the time to linger here. However, Yui asks him again where he is going.

He only looks at her though and recalls out loud that she had said she would listen to anything he says, right? At her look of confusion, he reminds her about the time when she opposed him and asked him not to destroy things in the church. Her eyes widen in recognition at the time when she was fixing the church that he destroyed.

She didn’t want him to destroy it even further and so she had told him that she would listen to one thing of his without disobedience. But then it was left like that. She answers slowly that she remembers… Subaru smiles in victory as he tells her that he’s using that now. She’s shocked that he wants to use it now but she has no choice but to agree since it was a promise. What does he want her to do?

Yui flinches back when she sees him approach her, since she believes he’s going to suck her blood until she can’t move and then leave to wherever he’s going. But he just kisses her softly. She’s completely stunned. Why? He didn’t bite her on the neck as usually. Right now… she… and Subaru… are kissing? He deepens the kiss before releasing her gently.

Subaru tells her with a small smile to be a good girl and wait. As he takes a step back, Yui realizes that he’s taken the knife back as well. He leaves the next instant and she wonders worriedly where he went. She wants to follow after him… She wants to follow after him but…!!

In her mind, Subaru’s words about being a good girl and waiting resound through her head. She’s frustrated since the pain in her heart from a while ago has now stopped. Now her heart hurts from a different meaning. It is like she lost something precious. She prays for Subaru to return quickly.

*** ENDING 01 ***

In the living room, Shu complains about how Subaru did something troublesome. Subaru doesn’t respond. Shu continues on to tell him that it is a serious crime to kill the head of the house. He is hereby banished from their family and needs to leave this house. Subaru inclines his head and replies that he’ll leave by tonight; he also thanks Shu for taking care of him.

Shu’s expression softens before he tells him not to die. Subaru replies back affirmatively and then calls out to Yui. She’s startled at being addressed but he only tells her to take this. It is his silver knife… She thanks him quietly and he chuckles softly before telling her that it’s a reward for being a good girl and waiting. Then he says his farewell and exits the room, leaving her to stare at him with wide eyes. The knife falls to the ground.

After that moment with the kiss, Subaru had returned. But from what Shu said it looks as if he can no longer stay in this house. The head of the house… he killed his father… and his mother. Why…? After they had finally met again, will she never see him a second time?

Yui runs to the balcony and calls out Subaru’s name. He turns to look at her in surprise and asks if something is the matter. She tells him that she saw his back and so she called out; did he finish his packing? He laughs and answers that he never had much to begin with and the only thing of value was… he smiles as he tells her that she already has it. She brings out the silver knife.

This knife is something precious to him, right? He answers affirmatively and then tells her that, when he was still a child, his mother gave that to him. She pressed this into his hand and made him hold it… and then told him to kill his father. Yui’s eyes widen in shock and then she cautiously asks him if he’s alright. He gives her a look of confusion and asks why he wouldn’t be.

She points out hesitantly that his mother… He murmurs that it doesn’t matter since he was just ending it. She asks him what he means and so he reminds her that he had spoken before about how his blood was disgusting and would taint and drive white roses mad. At her nod, he continues on to say that his mother was the most beautiful lady out of all the ones in the family and she was called a white rose.

And the cause of tainting that white rose, which was his mother, was his birth. It was because he was born that his mother went mad. His father raped her, he was born, and thus the white rose wilted. The white rose whose beauty that everyone sung praises about wilted because of his tainted existence. But even though it was their fault she was tainted and even though she hated them…

His mother wouldn’t forgive herself for killing them or letting her life continue to pass. Unlike humans who at most can live to one hundred years or so, their flow of time is different because they are vampires. She had no choice but to continue in this madness towards an end that could not be seen in this long time… and so instead of lettering her be trapped by his father in her madness eternally he… with his own hand…

Yui murmurs his name, but Subaru continues on to say that he could never forgive. The person that had forcibly plucked the petals from the white rose and… himself who had wilted the white rose. That’s why he erased that person. Yui can see the pain his eyes and she realizes that this is why he said he hated white roses in the garden. His regrets of making the white rose wilt and changing his mother had piled on.

And that is why he thinks of himself as disgusting and tainted and has this expression of pain. She asks him quietly what intends to do from here on. He thought he would discover his father’s plans but it seemed like he didn’t know either… but there is a high possibility that there is some other mastermind because that other old guy is also considerably suspicious.

He suddenly changes the topic and asks her how her heart is doing. She blinks in surprise before answering that nothing has happened. Now that she thinks about it, nothing has happened ever since he left. He wonders to himself if it disappeared… She asks him if something is wrong but he shakes his head and reassures her that it’s nothing. Then he muses on how, from here on, the white roses will bloom once more.

There are still many that would target white roses with madness. He is going to exterminate them. She repeats his words in confusion and asks if there is another apart from his mother. He nods his head and then says 「とびきり上等な、オレだけの白薔薇がな。」(An extraordinarily superior white rose, who belongs only to me).

He starts to smile 「・・・いや。白薔薇というよりは、月下美人だな。極上の血の臭いに混じって、夜に咲く、あの白い花の香りがしやがるから・・・」(… No, rather than a white rose, a Queen of the Night. That scent of that white flower, blooming in the night, mixing with the scent of the finest-quality blood).

Yui can’t help but smile at the soft expression on his face. But her smile disappears as she thinks about his words of a white rose and beauty under the moonlight… he has someone precious to him. IT’S YOU DUMMY. It seems like she didn’t become someone precious to him. But even still she…

She suddenly tells Subaru that she has a request, to which he tilts his head questioningly. She tells him that, after he leaves this house, she thinks he might encounter various troubles and she knows that she’ll become a hindrance but she wants to walk together with him. Please, won’t he take her along with him?

Subaru looks taken aback but then he tells her with a smile that he won’t let her withdraw that. Then he admits that, a while ago, he had been thinking on how he could snatch her away without her noticing. She asks him if he wanted to do that because she’s food? But she’s noticed that he hasn’t been drinking her blood lately. He tells her that it’s because he doesn’t know what his father and that old guy’s plan is…

If he drank too much of her blood and didn’t needlessly provoke “that man” then he’s sure she would have spent her life like this. Yui repeats all these unfamiliar titles such as his father and that old man and their goals… and who is “that man”? Subaru exasperatedly tells her that it’s all past now and she doesn’t need to know anything unnecessary.

She stares at him in silence before finally nodding her head. If Subaru says everything is alright then she’ll believe in him. Instead, she tells him that she has one more request. He asks her what it is and so she asks him if she would be able to meet his “beauty under the moonlight” one day. (ノ_<。) THIS IS ME FACE-PALMING. Subaru stares at her blankly before asking what she means.

Yui reminds him that he spoke about it a few minutes ago; about his precious person. He chokes on air before turning red and calling her an idiot. Does he have to spell it out for her to understand? He suddenly demands her to come closer and she yelps when he pulls her into him. He kiss her lightly on the lips and she says his name in confusion.

He realizes out loud that she doesn’t understand anything about herself. No matter what kind of human, they won’t awaken just from having their blood sucked. It’s because they hold special blood that… He exhales loudly and decides to stop grumbling about these trivial things. Instead he confesses 「――オレの特別な月下美人は・・・ユイ、お前だ。」(– My precious beauty under the moon is… you, Yui).

(〃゚艸゚):;* I THINK MY FACE IS STARTING TO STEAM. THAT IS ADORABLE. I LOVE THAT ENDEARMENT… GEKKABIJIN. He has a blush on his face and she turns just as red to match him when the meaning of his words reach her. H-Her? B-but… She tries to point out that he used the words extraordinarily superior and she’s just his food for the sake of him drinking blood…

He growls under his breath and grumbles out that he didn’t know how to face her. It’s true that at the beginning he didn’t see her as anything more than food. But, even though she was just a human, when he started to notice her he became interested; even though she’s an idiot, slow, stubborn, extremely annoying, and lacks all sexual appeal. When he touched her… it wasn’t just because she was his food but because it was the first time he properly saw her.

She had looked back with clear eyes at the tainted and disgusting him without averting them. She turns even redder at his words while he complains about how he really doesn’t understand it. She frowns at those words and asks him why he clicked his tongue with such dislike. He just huffs though and looks away with a blush before quickly pecking her on the lips.

She closes her eyes at the sensation and he whispers that he loves her. Her eyes widen before she blushes again and murmurs his name. Subaru looks away with his own blush before sighing tiredly and asking her if this is enough. She glares at him and asks him what he means by that way of speaking. He snaps back that he had no choice but to say it since she was being so annoying and yapping.

He grits his teeth before telling her that those were just slips of his tongue and he’s never going to say it anymore. She asks him worriedly if he means their entire life when he says “never”. He stares at her before realizing something. Yui is surprised when he wraps an arm around her waist and draws her closer to him. He thought he was going to say this after he had more time to prepare himself, but he’ll do it now.

That is… if she intends to live with him for eternity. He’s also not going to say these words again. She asks him what he means by eternity and so he explains that she has already entered a large stage in awakening. In this situation, blood will… His blood… If she drinks his blood then she will be able to walk together with him for the same long period of time.

Yui realizes that he’s telling her that if she drinks a vampire’s blood then she’ll be able to have an eternal life. He warns her that in order to eliminate those who would cause madness he is going to walk on a grim and long path. It isn’t a happy life that a normal human woman would wish for but…

He asks her in a whisper 「オレと同じ時を生きろ。オレの隣を歩け。・・・これから、ずっとだ。誓え。」(Live in the same time as me. Walk by my side… Be together with me from here on. Swear it). She whispers his name before nodding her head and swearing it. She doesn’t need a happy or peaceful or tranquil life. She brings up his silver knife and tells them that she is fine as long as she has this.

Holding the knife that he has given her, she will get close and walk by his side from here on and forever. Subaru murmurs 「・・・あぁ、絶対だ。オレはお前を永遠に離さない。・・・愛してる。・・・ん。」(… Aa, definitely. I will never let you go for eternity… I love you). He kisses her.

*** ENDING 02 ***

Ecstasy 07! Yui is dizzy from climbing the staircase and so Subaru carries her to the dance hall. When Subaru grabs onto her legs, she places her own hands on top and asks him with a coy smile what he’s doing. He looks startled before smirking and telling her that he was responding to her hopes because she had an extremely lustful face. She giggles at how she was found out but then points out that, even though he knew that, he still touched a boring place.

Is he trying to tease her? His voice lowers as he points out that she wants to be teased, right? JESUSAJGHJFH WHEN DID HE GET SO SEXY. She calls him a bully and then tells him that she’ll also tease him then. Subaru stiffens when she pushes back and then Yui comes back to herself with a violent blush. She apologizes hurriedly to him. She doesn’t know what she’s saying… Could it be that her awakening is advancing?

Ecstasy 08! Yui finds the painting of Subaru’s mother and tells him that they look the same; they both have white hair and red eyes. A color that really makes her want to eat them… |ω・)THAT’S NOT OBVIOUS AT ALL CORDELIA. Subaru pauses with a surprised look on his face and Yui turns red as she wonders why she suddenly blurted that out. Her mouth just moved on its own volition…

Subaru smirks as he points out that lately she’s becoming more like them. But Yui just apologizes loudly because she didn’t mean that right now. She didn’t want to say that, really! Subaru still ends up becoming irritated though and starts to destroy the room until she embraces him.

Ecstasy 09! On the rooftop, Subaru confesses that he finds himself disgusting. Yui feels her heart throb and then she starts to snicker. He pauses and then asks her why she’s laughing, to which she apologizes because it just slipped out. She admits that she was just thinking of how he was such a pitiful child as usual. Subaru grits his teeth before he spits out that it’s true. Meanwhile, Yui doesn’t understand why she said something strange again. Her mouth is just moving on its own…!! But they still end up staring at the moon together.

Ecstasy 10! In Subaru’s room, he pushes her down on the bed and tells her that there is only one thing a man and woman can do. Her heart throbs and then she smirks before telling him that of course she knows what it is and she’s been waiting for it. Subaru withdraws a little in surprise while Yui turns red at what she’s doing. But then he growls out at her to be prepared. Yui realizes that this doesn’t seem to be a dream… But she still gives in to him because this is Subaru and she loves him.

Epilogue! Subaru and Yui are both running through the forest before Subaru finally orders them to stop. It should be fine now that they’ve come this far. Yui nods in agreement while gasping desperately for air. He decides that they should rest and asks her to come beside him. She thanks him before taking a seat beside him and sighing at how now she can calm down.

It’s been a while since she last ran like that! She thought her heart was going to explode. Subaru asks her worriedly if it hurts, but she reassures him that it doesn’t. It was pounding when they were running, but now it’s calm. His expression softens in relief. She had been running all this time after they fled the castle and she followed Subaru into this forest. At some point, without stopping, they ran to this place.

She notices that he has a dark expression on his face. After their last kiss, she was so worried about him that she couldn’t continue to stay at home and wait. She went with everyone to the castle, since they knew that he was there, and she found Subaru glaring at another man. At first, she thought they were arguing but they seemed serious on defeating each other.

In addition, that man was the person she had seen on the screen before in town; the politician Sakamaki Tougo. The person who was there, the father of Subaru and the others, was also the head of the Sakamaki family. And then, beside him the fallen woman… If her eyes weren’t deceiving her it was the woman who was in the painting that she found in the dungeons; the woman with silver hair… Subaru’s mother.

Yui asks him if he is alright and he asks her why he wouldn’t be. She hesitantly brings up the topic of his mother and he tells her that it doesn’t matter since the one who killed his mother is him. She stares at him in shock and he nods before saying that she could also call it releasing. He told her about it before, didn’t he? About how his blood was disgusting and would taint and drive mad a white rose.

She nods slowly and he continues on to say that his mother was the most beautiful lady out of all those in the family; she was known as the white rose. It was because he was born that the white rose, that was his mother, was tainted. His mother went mad because he was born. His father raped his mother, he was born, and then the white rose wilted.

And yet, even though she was tainted by them and hated them, his mother wouldn’t forgive killing them or letting her own life continue… because they are vampires. Unlike humans, who can at most live one hundred years, their flow of time is different. She had no choice but to continue living in madness through a long time and to an end that could not be seen.

That is why, instead of continuing to be trapped by his father eternally in madness, he decided to end his mother with his own hands. She murmurs his name sadly and realizes that this is why he told her that he hated white roses in the garden. He was filled with regret for changing his mother and causing the white rose to wilt. And that is why he has such a pained expression and finds himself disgusting and tainted.

Yui asks about his father next. Did he kill his father because he was taking revenge for his mother? Subaru shakes his head; he did do it partially because of his mother but not just because. He suddenly says her name and she startles with a blush when he grabs her arm. Subaru leans closer though and tells her to listen well because her heart… She looks questioningly at him, but then he shakes his head.

She presses him though and asks him what he was going to say about her heart. However, Subaru tells her that it’s nothing and to forget about what he just said. She tries to protest but he tells her in a rough voice to forget about it. She watches him in silence for a moment longer before nodding in acceptance. He has a pained look and so she won’t ask him any more than this.

One day until he talks, she’ll wait and believe in him. Instead, she asks him about what they are going to do now? His father seemed very angry. Was it right for them to listen to Shu and the others about running away? Subaru frowns because he wanted to end it for real but it can’t be helped. Right now, he still can’t defeat his father. She blinks in surprise and repeat his words; he wants to defeat his father?

Subaru nods, but this time he realizes the gap in power between them. All his strength was only enough to release his mother… Subaru punches a tree and curses. She can see that he is filled with frustration because he has a reason that makes him need to defeat his father. She doesn’t know if she can help him but…

Yui tells him firmly to drink her blood. He looks at her in confusion and so she brings up the words he said when he drank her blood for the first time. When he drank her blood, he said that it felt like his power was overflowing. She doesn’t know the reason why he needs to fight his father… but she wants to help him. And that is why she is telling him to drink her blood.

His eyes widen and he admits slowly that her blood is certainly the best quality. The more he drinks the more power he can feel brimming inside of him. It is as if her blood can stimulate things. He feel like it’s calling out to him… to drink more… to fill himself with it…

Yui calls out his name worriedly because he sounds dazed. She wonders what’s wrong because he’s looking at her with eyes that are thawing with heat. The distance between them is gradually lessening… Subaru suddenly grips her tightly and curses viciously. She worriedly calls out his name, but he only continues to curse. If he remembers the taste of her blood then…

He starts to pant out that, because he was hit by his father’s presence, he can’t suppress it… his blood as a vampire is stirring… He spits out that he wants her blood… unbearably… Subaru grits his teeth and tries to bear it. She murmurs his name and realizes that he’s in pain; lately he’s also been greatly decreasing the amount of blood he’s drained. She’s sure that he’s been restraining himself all this time…. for her sake.

She tells him that he doesn’t need to hold himself back any more. He groans out in confusion and so she explains that she didn’t keep the promise of waiting quietly like he said. And, just like she said before, she wants to save him. It was she who chose him at the beginning. As long as it is Subaru then she doesn’t mind being food…

Subaru looks up at her with pained eyes and mumbles her name. But Yui continues on to say that, in exchange, she has one request. She wants him to promise not to drink anyone’s blood but hers. In her mind, she thinks about how she loves Subaru and so if he drinks another person’s blood then…

She doesn’t mind being just food. She doesn’t care if she is only used… she wants to be together with him. She wants to be the only one who can quench the thirst in his throat. Subaru calls her an idiot and tells her that he can no longer be satisfied by anyone else’s blood after knowing her taste. Then he tells her softly that he can no longer suppress it… She nods quietly and so he sinks his fangs into her.

His fangs are sinking deep into her right above her heart. Her heart… which had become at peace… is hurting again. She’s scared… and feels like she’s becoming someone who isn’t her… But even still… she… towards Subaru…! Subaru groans out her name and tells her that she is his prey for his entire life. He won’t let her go for an eternity. Her heart starts to throb in response.

*** ENDING 03 ***

Maniac 07! In response to Subaru breaking the church, she tells him that if he is going to break her then she wants to break together with him. He pauses and asks her what she’s saying, which is what Yui is wondering as well. But then he’s smirking at how her entire body is inviting him to touch her more and drink from her more whenever he drinks her blood. He doesn’t find it bad for her to directly invite him to do it from time to time though.

Maniac 08! Instead of sitting up, after being pinned to the bench, she smirks instead and asks him why he released her. Subaru freezes and Yui is horrified by how her mouth moved on its own again. His voice is strained as he asks her to stop, because he’s telling her not to get close to him. Is she not listening!? He removes his hand completely.

Maniac 09! Subaru and Yui share a dance out on the balcony and when he comments on how warm she is, she smirks back and points out how it would be nice if he were to heat up as well. Subaru looks taken aback and asks her how since he doesn’t have any temperature. She tells him that even if he has no temperature he can press himself close to her and feel her warmth. She’ll get hotter because of that and he’ll be able to feel more heat.

Subaru starts to look progressively more and more surprised. Suddenly, Yui freezes and wonders what she’s saying. Once again her mouth is running off without her consent. It’s embarrassing! But it’s true that he has no temperature. I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING BECAUSE EVERY TIME CORDELIA TAKES OVER AND MAKES YUI SAY THESE THINGS, SUBARU DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO REACT LMFAO (・ω\).

Maniac 10! In the classroom, Subaru is on a rampage and destroying everything because of the full moon. He threatens to attack her and use her screams to calm him down, but Yui touches him and asks him if he is alright after her heart throbs loudly. He snarls at her not to touch him and she’s shocked to see him fly into a greater rage. He yells at her not to treat him like a kid. Yui doesn’t understand why she’s been changing lately to become more bold.

Ending! In her room, Yui springs up from bed with Subaru’s name on her lips. It was a dream? She felt like he was calling her though… she must have fell asleep at some time while waiting for him. Day is breaking… Subaru hasn’t come home yet. No matter how strong Subaru is, when the morning sun washes over him it would be a bit painful…

Her eyes widen when bats suddenly fly into her room. What happened? These bats are the ones that are usually used for communication, right? They were used to send a message about the car having failed through a memo tied on its foot. But why is one here at this time? She spies a small bag tied onto its foot and takes a look inside.

She’s shocked to see that it is Subaru’s silver knife… there’s also a white rose? She startles when the bat immediately flies away. What does this all mean? Why did that bat carry to her Subaru’s silver knife and a white rose? Then she notices that the white rose is… red… there’s blood on it. Why… Horror starts to grow in her as she wonders if this could mean that…

Flashback! Subaru tells her that he would like her to recognize that she is simply his food. He thought about killing her if she tasted awful but it looks like they’ll have some fun for a while; he’ll let her live. At least until he grows tired of it.

In the present, she yells out Subaru’s name in worry.

Flashback! Subaru calls her an idiot.

In the present, she shakes her head in denial.

Flashback! Subaru asks her if she knows the meaning of a wilted white rose in the language of flowers. He tells her that it means a wish for death after losing innocence; that is the meaning of a wilted white rose.

In the present, she whispers that it can’t be.

Flashback! Subaru kisses her one last time. Then he tells her, with a gentle smile, to be a good girl and wait.

In the present, Yui screams. Why is Subaru…!? Why didn’t she stop him!? She begs someone to save him. If he’s saved then she’ll… even throw away God!! The sound of glass shattering echoes around her and then Cordelia exclaims that she’s finally released. Yui wonders who she is and Cordelia answers that she is Yui and Yui is her.

Then she complains about how Yui’s religious devotion was steadfast and Subaru didn’t want to needlessly taint her, and so she couldn’t really come to the surface. But finally Yui has cursed her own life. She threw away God and searched for help. Finally, her heart can start to beat. Yui repeats her words in confusion and so Cordelia informs her that she can never be anything more than a receptacle, especially compared to a large existence such as hers.

Yui tries to protest to that, but Cordelia merely giggles and tells her to be glad. She should think of it as an honor to die for Cordelia. In addition, she is going to let Cordelia use her body. There is no greater honor than this for a lower organism like her. She admits that she did miscalculate how they would have to pass the time here until she can perfectly move though.

But it looks like Subaru was starting to realize this little by little so it couldn’t be helped. At Yui’s look of surprise, Cordelia explains that he noticed her and refrained from drinking her blood. He was sure that he would save her and Cordelia wouldn’t come out as long as Yui has a pure and unselfish soul. Cordelia narrows her eyes and murmurs in disgust at what kind of feelings he bears towards a human girl.

What a naive boy, just like his mother. But if he had drank the blood of her resting power, without Yui noticing, then… he might not have been killed uncouthly. Yui is still stuck on the point that Subaru did all that for her sake… Cordelia decides that she’s talked enough now though. In the end, as a reward for living for her sake she will lend some of her powers to Yui.

Cordelia talks about how Yui must want revenge, right? Before she is eaten by Cordelia’s soul and before her own stops. She will give her vampire powers to Yui and let her kill that detestable man! Cordelia starts to cackle and Yui realizes that this is why her heart… Subaru noticed the unusual phenomenon of her heart; that is why he decreased the amount of blood he drank, and how he would always appear whenever she was about to collapse.

He was always watching over her… Back in her room, Yui picks up the knife while murmuring Subaru’s name. Cordelia’s eyes widen and she asks desperately what she’s doing. But Yui ignores her and apologizes because, even for an instant, she said something which made Subaru’s kindness meaningless. Cordelia asks Yui desperately about how she doesn’t intend to stab her own heart with that silver knife, right?!

She shouts at Yui to stop this idiotic act. She is almost out and almost freed! Hurry up and release her body to her! But Yui continues on and realizes that Subaru relied on this bat at the very end. He told it to deliver to her this silver knife and white rose, though this white rose isn’t wilted. Cordelia begs Yui to stop.

However, Yui only smiles and talks about how, after searching into it, there is one more meaning to a wilted white rose. Cordelia screams at her to stop, but Yui stabs herself in her chest with her last thought being on that one last meaning (”生涯を、誓う”――)(“to pledge one’s life”–). She pledges her life to Subaru.


In Yui’s room, Subaru has decided on something; he is no longer going to be concerned with her feelings. He is going to do whatever he wants. Yui’s eyes widen as she asks him what he’s suddenly doing. Why is he turning the silver knife towards her?!

She doesn’t understand why he has a smile on his face as he approaches her with a knife in his hand. She hesitantly asks him what he’s doing; he’s acting a bit strange. Subaru chuckles before telling her that he isn’t being strange at all… he suddenly swings the knife and splits her clothes. She winces in pain and he notes that he swung it with too much force and sliced her skin as well. Does it hurt?

Yui glares at him in answer and he snickers as he knows that it must hurt. Before his eyes, the tattered remains of her shirt are being stained red. Once again she asks him why he’s doing this. Why did he cut her clothes? He laughs out loud and points out that she shouldn’t need to ask to understand. WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON?? He’s decided to eat her. She turns a vivid shade of red at that.

He flashes a smirk at her before becoming serious and confessing to her that, up until now, he hasn’t had anything that he was attached to. In short, this silver knife was the only normal thing that he received from his mother. But he, who thought nothing of materialistic goods, life, or death, acquired her.

At first, he thought she was annoying but the more he grew to know her the more he wanted to entrap her in his hands. He slices her a bit more and starts to suck at the blood, groaning about how her blood is as irresistible as usual. For him to be so fixated… only she could make him like that. She gasps at the feeling of him biting into her but Subaru only chuckles and tells her that they haven’t even started. He’s going to drive his fangs into her more and more.

Yui pleads with him to stop because it hurts, but she screams when he suddenly stabs into her deeply. Subaru chuckles and points out that he can hear the beat of her heart. It continues to pulse without stopping to present to him new blood. He praises her internal organs. C…R EEPY…… It makes him want to sink his fangs into her more gently than others and more cruel than others.

She asks him not to touch her any more, but he replies that it’s impossible. The moment he knew the taste of her blood he couldn’t release her any more. He’s going to drink everything. She clenches her eyes shut when he resumes drinking her blood, because once again she finds her whole body falling under his control the moment he drinks. She can’t even move a finger…

Subaru notes that she’s become obedient. Has she finally resolved herself to falling to him? He tears her clothes even more and whispers to her to give him more blood. He kisses her softly and murmurs 「お前の熱をオレに移せ。オレの熱を・・・感じろ。」(Pass your heat to me, and feel… my heat). She asks him to wait but he answers that he won’t because he will no longer stop himself. He is going to go until their limit and from head to toe… he is going to consume her.

*** HEAVEN 01 ***

In the living room, Yui yelps in surprise as she’s forced down onto the couch. She angrily asks Ayato and Laito to stop and what are they doing all of a sudden?! She yells at Ayato to move and for Laito to remove his hands. She was just reading a book at her leisure on the couch when Ayato suddenly forced her down. And then Laito restrained her.

Ayato chuckles at her words and points out that it should be obvious. Laito has a flush on his cheeks as he nods in agreement; he tells her that she’s a bad girl to be bitten by both of them. Ayato doesn’t exactly like the thought of them doing it at the same time though. Laito snickers and tells Ayato that those are his lines, but what he can’t stand the most is… her master being Subaru. But his heart pounds at the thought of Subaru’s feelings on this.

Laito is sure that he will go mad from jealousy and will destroy things from here and there. Yui realizes that Ayato and Laito are serious in their intent to bite her, and so she yells again at them to release her and to stop. She tells them that Subaru will be extremely mad when he sees this. Ayato tells her to shut up because he could care less about that. She falls silent at his words.

But then suddenly Subaru appears behind them and comments on how he has some courage to say that kind of thing. Yui blurts out Subaru’s name in surprise while Ayato and Laito flinch back. When did he appear!? He was leaning against the wall… and watching this!? In her mind, she angrily thinks on how he should have helped her instead of watching.

Laito comments lightly on how Subaru was here all along and then invites him to join them. Subaru merely narrows his eyes, which causes Ayato to ask him to say something. Yui worriedly wonders why he won’t say anything. She decides to close her eyes and look away because she doesn’t want him to see her like this! Laito tilts his head when he notices her averting her eyes and biting her lips. What’s wrong?

Ayato chuckles as he asks if she is trying to endure this for them. What a nice endeavor. He encourages her to continue showing her brave front… that is if she can keep it up. A laugh escapes out of Subaru and Laito comments on how it looks like Subaru has decided to remain a spectator; could it be that he has the same interest as them? Ayato calls him an idiot because he wouldn’t be able to stand that many perverts in the same house.

He thinks that it’s more probably that Subaru is conceding his food to his older brothers admirably. Laito shrugs since it doesn’t matter to him and then he turns a smile on Yui and tells her that they’re going to feel good together. Yui protests and yells at them to stop, but Ayato asks her what kind of idiot would stop just because they were told to stop. Her eyes fly wide as Ayato tears her clothes. They’re cruel to put her through this!

Ayato wonders out loud where he should bite… Yui wonders desperately what she should do and so she closes her eyes tight and inwardly calls out for Subaru. She doesn’t want this! Suddenly, Subaru orders them to wait. Laito hums questioningly, while Yui opens her eyes at this voice. It’s Subaru!? When did he get so close…!?

Laito asks him what he wants. Could it be that he wants to join with them? But he thinks that she’ll break from being drained too much with three of them. Ayato points out that he’s always drinking from her and so they’ll return her after they’re done this time. Isn’t that good enough? Subaru tells them flatly not to touch her. Ayato narrows his eyes, but Subaru continues on to say that her blood and her tear-stained face belong to him.

He orders them lowly to move away. Ayato’s lips curl into a snarl as he asks Subaru what he’s saying; he’s not going to do that during such a fun time. Besides, wasn’t Subaru grinning while watching them!? Subaru replies that he’s changed his mind. Laito comments on how the selfishness of the youngest child has come out. Then he snickers and tells Subaru that he’ll become a spoiled brat if he doesn’t want his toy to be taken.

Subaru snarls at the two of them to shut up and calls them pipsqueaks. He doesn’t want them to act older than him. Ayato growls back and asks him if he’s itching for a fight with him or something. Subaru merely raises his lip and smashes the sofa before telling them to be silent. Yui is shocked to see a hole in the sofa. Once again, Subaru asks the two of them to move off from her. If they don’t move then… he’ll move them by force.

Ayato snorts and calls Subaru a kill-joy for getting so heated up over this flat-chested girl. He decides that this is lame anyway and there was no worth in fucking her; he’s going to find some girls in the town. Laito calls out for Ayato to leave when he sees him disappear. And then he leaves as well, but not before telling Yui that it seems like they’ll have to play some other time. Later, bitch-chan.

Subaru huffs and tells them to hurry up and go. Yui murmurs his name because, just a while ago, he had been watching her with an interested face; so why did he suddenly come save her? She asks him why but he tells her to be quiet. He already said that his feelings changed. More importantly, he wants her to show him… He peers at her neck where Ayato was about to bite her. It doesn’t seem like his fangs pierced her.

She reassures him that he didn’t bite her, but he asks her suspiciously if that’s the truth. He exhales deeply and she turns red at the action, which makes him point that out. She blurts out that it’s because he suddenly breathed on her neck. It tickled… ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛ PLEASE DON’T BREATHE LIKE THATAJKHFKH.

Subaru blinks in confusion and then asks why she turned such an inviting shade when it only tickled. She repeats his words faintly in shock and turns an even deeper red. But then she confesses quietly that it wasn’t just that… it was because he was also touching her… Yui asks him in a stutter why he’s straddling her.

He answers that he couldn’t possibly not do anything when her skin is exposed and basically calling out to be sucked from. Besides… he was seduced by her. He chuckles lowly and tells her that he’s going to breath on her, not just on her neck, but her entire body. Yui feels like she would have been damaged less with Ayato and Laito, but strangely she feels happy when it is Subaru…

*** HEAVEN 02 ***

In Subaru’s room, Yui is pounding on his coffin and calling out his name. She’s annoyed because there’s no response and it’s almost time for them to go to school. What should she do? He doesn’t intend to just be a shut-in, ri–? Before she can finish her train of thought, she screams in surprise when she’s suddenly grabbed.

She winces in pain because she smacked her nose into something. In the coffin, Subaru chuckles and comments on how she finally came. She turns red at the sight of him and asks him loudly why he dragged her into the coffin. He’s right below her?! Furthermore, their fronts are pressed together?! His lips curl as he complains about how noisy she was in the morning.

Yui corrects him by saying that it isn’t morning now it’s evening and they’re going to be late for school! She asks him to release her and to put on his uniform. They need to go back. Subaru stares at her silently before sticking out his lower lip and mumbling that he doesn’t want to; and he’s not going to let her go. She frowns and asks him to release her like she said.

But Subaru only tells her that he’s going to skip school. She tells him that they can’t since everyone is waiting in the living room. She suddenly hears the door open and Reiji calls out to ask them what they’re doing. He pauses though when he sees that there’s no one in the room. Yui recognizes the voice as Reiji’s and she realizes that he must have come to check up on them since she’s being tardy.

She asks Subaru to release her since it looks like Reiji came to collect them. Subaru huffs and tells her that he didn’t ask him to do that. His expression softens as he murmurs at her not to move since it’s narrow. He wants her to just be quiet for a little bit… Yui is surprised to see him close his eyes. Did he fall asleep!?

Yui’s heart pulses and then she smirks as she tells him that he’s still such a child for doing this because he’s sleepy. Subaru eyes open into slits as he asks her lowly what she just said. She points out that he’s hugging her like she was a stuffed animal or something. Does he want her to help him change as well? I’M LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS OH GOD CORDELIA!YUI IS AMAZING.

Subaru replies with his own smirk though and tells her that he’s not a child, look… In her mind, Yui cheers at how her strategy to get him to release her is a success! DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY’RE HATCHED… Subaru’s voice is a husky whisper as he tells her that he’ll show her the evidence. Yui pauses and wonders worriedly why he’s tightening his grip on her.

He informs her 「オレがもう大人だっての、お前の体を使って、証明してやるよ。」(I am going to use your body to prove that I am already an adult). ….. *MIND COMBUSTS* WINNER OF THIS ROUND IS SUBARU. He murmurs that she was the one who instigated this and so she should be prepared. She inwardly despairs in her mind because she’s caused the opposite effect!

Yui turns red as she feels him biting her neck, but it doesn’t hurt. He’s not drinking her blood? And now she’s feeling strange… She murmurs his name and he chuckles before asking her if something is wrong; does it feel strange not to have her blood sucked? He can’t do what he usually does because Reiji is a single door away from them…

She repeats his word in confusion and he nods before he continues on. She flushes even more when she feels him caress her legs. He praises her legs for not being bad and then tells her not to avoid him. She squeaks at him to stop but he tells her that he won’t because she’s the one who roused him up. Or is she going to try and look for help in Reiji?

Meanwhile, Reiji sighs out loud and comments on how he would appreciate it if they didn’t trouble him like this. He doesn’t have the time to play. Yui realizes that Reiji is still trying to find them. She also realizes that she wouldn’t be able to open this coffin by herself but if Reiji opened it… Just when she thinks this though, her eyes fly wide at the feeling of Subaru slipping his hand under the hem of her clothes.

He asks her quietly what she was trying to do just now. Was she going to knock on the coffin from the inside? She answers him firmly that she was because she was going to get Reiji to open it. Subaru smirks and asks her if she wants to be seen in this position with him by Reiji. She stills at that and he continues on to say that she’s going to be seen with his hand touching around this area.

She bites her lip when she feels his hand slide even further beneath her clothes. He chuckles as he notes that she seems to comprehend her situation. He’s not going to let this perfect chance to see her tear-stained face up close escape that easily. And that’s why… he wants her to cry. He whispers in her ear to let her voice out. It’s even fine if Reiji notices…

Yui starts to turn red when she feels his hand crawling higher up her skin. He laughs softly before murmuring about how warm she is. He’s starting to feel that this isn’t enough. Subaru orders her to face him and then he kisses her deeply. Outside, Reiji sighs at how it doesn’t seem like the two of them are going to accompany them.

Meanwhile, even though she can hear Reiji’s voice outside the coffin, she can’t seem to think about anything due to the heat of his tongue and the way his fingers are tracing around her body. Subaru chuckles softly since it seems like some of her sexual appeal is showing now. Does she still want to get out of here? She tells him dazedly that she does and he murmurs that she’s not honest.

He tells her that she has a lustful look on her face and he can see her red tongue in between her half-opened lips. It seems like she’s feeling more than she normally does because of Reiji. He wants to see more of that look on her face and as a reward he’s going to bite her and drink her dry in a different place.

*** HEAVEN 03 ***

In her room, Yui asks Subaru if he is okay because the pallor of his face looks awful. Subaru groans out an affirmative. She asks him if something happened since he came to her room in broad daylight. He answers that he’s been feeling strange since dawn but… he suddenly wavers on his feet and she grabs him in concern. He’s turning pale!

She tells him that she can’t carry him underground alone. He might not want to be on her bed but she thinks it would be better for him to lie down. He asks her faintly if that would be alright and she tells him that it would be, of course. She asks him to hold onto her and he nods weakly before they struggle to her bed. Subaru is panting by the time he lies down on it.

Yui notices that his breathing is rough and pained. She asks him to wait because she’s going to call for someone immediately. He calls out for her to wait though and pants out that he simply doesn’t have enough blood. She doesn’t need to call someone. She asks him if he means anemia when he says he doesn’t have enough blood. It seems that vampires, when they don’t have enough blood, also become anemic like them.

It was troublesome how he would suddenly drink her blood, but when she sees how weak he is… Yui asks him if he will heal if he drinks blood. Subaru answers that he would and so she offers her blood to him. He looks at her in surprise and so she reveals that she was wondering if his pallor would improve if he drank her blood. He answers that it’s impossible, which makes her gape at him and ask why.

He answers that he has no strength in his arms and so he can’t pull her to him. He’s going to need to rely on her… and so he asks her to come closer. She turns red as she understands the meaning of his words and then apologizes for intruding on his space. She loosens her collar and wonders if this is enough before she brings her neck closer to his mouth.

She asks him shyly if he can drink from this. It’s a bit embarrassing to ask for her blood to be sucked like this… He apologizes but he can’t drink while lying down because it’s painful. He needs her to come closer; he needs her to settle herself on top of him. I CAN’T HELP BUT THINK HE’S LYING AND BEING SNEAKY. Yui turns bright red at his words and wonders if she can even do such an embarrassing thing.

Her expression becomes firm as she decides that she’ll do her best. This is the first time she’s seen him in so much pain and she doesn’t want to see him like this any more. He thanks her with a small smile and she blushes before telling him that it can’t be helped since his health is bad. This is her first time seeing him with such a soft smile. It’s making her heart pound.

She turns even redder when she experiences what it feels like to be on top of him. O-KAY. STOP RIGHT THERE BECAUSE NOW I’M BLUSHING. It’s a strange feeling to be looking down on Subaru, who is so tall. She notices that Subaru is still breathing painfully and so she reminds herself that she needs to do something to help him, since he’s in so much pain. She lowers her face to his and asks him to drink from her; he should be able to from here, right?

Subaru tells her weakly that he can and bites down on her. She winces at the sensation of him sucking greedily at her blood, and then he groans out that he can feel her blood flowing through him. This taste… the taste of her blood is seducing him… He’s panting as he breathes out that he can’t stop. Yui starts to worry because her vision is blurring. Is he drinking too much that he’s making her anemic!?

She asks him for him to stop and wait because she’s losing strength in her body and Subaru pauses. But then he smirks slowly and tells her that he won’t. She freezes in surprise as he continues on to say that this is a nice sight; she’s limp and leaning her body on top of him while breathing heavily. Yui is furious that he made her do such an embarrassing thing and endure it because she thought he was anemic. Wait… could it be that…

Subaru chuckles out loud and asks her if she’s finally realized it. I KNEW IT!! He tells her that it wasn’t so bad seeing her trembling on top of him with her clothes open. She angrily asks him if everything before was a lie. He calls her an idiot and tells her that’s obviously what it was. He asks her if she really thought someone like him would beg so unseemly like that.

But Yui wonders if that is true because she can see that he looks embarrassed and there’s a slight blush on his cheeks. Subaru, who had averted his eyes, looks back and comments on how she’s the one who is anemic though now. She looks pale. He drank more than he needed from her because she was that delicious. He chuckles again before telling her that, as thanks for dancing to his tune, he’ll let her drink his blood in exchange.

She repeats his words blankly and he nods before saying that, in her current state, he’s sure that she’ll think of it as delicious. She bluntly refuses. She’s a bit scared at those words of his which are implying that she’ll change into a vampire. Suddenly, she asks him why he’s pinning her down.

He huffs and tells her to be more thankful because he’s letting her drink his blood; the blood of a vampire without any mixed blood. He wants to hear her impressions on the taste of his blood. She blurts out that she doesn’t need his blood and asks him to release her! But Subaru only laughs and tells her not to be shy. As he fiddles with her clothes he murmurs quietly 「・・・ありがとな、ユイ・・・」(… Thanks, Yui…). Her eyes widen.


As Yui ascends the revolving staircase in the castle, she suddenly screams when she realizes the floor has disappeared in front of her but her fall is suddenly stopped by someone. It turns out to be Subaru, who chuckles as he notices that he caught her by a hair’s breadth. She thanks him gratefully for saving her especially since she was startled.

For some reason the dance floor has a hole in the ground and she nearly fell into that! If Subaru hadn’t saved her then she surely would have been injured severely. She asks him about the hole since it wasn’t here yesterday. Does he know? He answers that he does. Her eyes widen and so she asks him directly why there’s a hole. He only snickers though. DUH, HE’S THE ONE WHO MADE IT LMAO.

It’s strange because he seems to be laughing, though she can’t be sure since she can’t see his face from being carried on his shoulder. It also seems like it would be best if she didn’t stay here long. And so she asks Subaru to let her down since she’s fine now. She’s afraid that she’s heavy for him to carry on his shoulder, not to mention it’s painful to talk. Most importantly though, it’s embarrassing to be in that position!

Subaru only laughs out loud before telling her that no one would be idiotic enough to release their prey that they’ve just caught. Her eyes widen before she asks him angrily if he was the one who made this hole. He easily answers that he did. She asks him why he made a hole here because it’s dangerous!

He’s smirking as he answers that he thought it would be nice to hunt every once in a while; and so he set up a trap. She realizes that he made this hole in order to capture her. He nods before asking if she isn’t glad. Wasn’t it fun to have that feeling of fear as she fell? He gives a bark of laughter at the look in her eyes and asks her if she’s pouting because she wanted him to do something even more cruel.

She snaps back that he’s wrong and then points out that she could have died if there was one misstep. He answers without hesitation that she wouldn’t have died. When she looks at him in confusion, he reminds her that she belongs to him. Even if it was a trick that he did, he wouldn’t permit her to get hurt. That’s why he saved her at the last moment.

The only person and thing that can hurt her is him. Besides, her body is also no longer normal. He informs her that she wouldn’t have been injured at all if she had fallen. She stares at him in silence before finally sighing and giving up. Even though he’s actually nice, it seems like he can’t settle down if he doesn’t do these cruel tricks. Could it be that he’s extremely childish?…

At any rate, she asks him what he is going to do now that he’s caught her. UM… DO YOU NEED TO ASK? He ponders that out loud as well and how he should prepare her as food. Right in front of him is the only thing that can be praised about her body… or well two things… He bites down and she turns dark red.

What is he doing all of a sudden?! He just bit down on her leg! Subaru answers that he bit down since it just looked so delicious. It looks like there was quite a response to that and so he wonders how it’ll be for the inner part… She yelps at the ticklish sensation of him biting the inside of her leg. She desperately asks him to stop and not to bring his face up any closer…!! He chuckles and tells her that her words just make him want to do it even more.

Right now his fangs are piercing her thigh and so next is more… She squeaks at him to stop but he only laughs and asks her if she wants more. Even though her mouth is saying no, her body is actually pestering him to do it. It’s telling him to do more and to do it deeply. Her entire body is calling to him… She denies that but he just ignores her and muses out loud on how it’s difficult to drink from her in this position.

Yui clenches her eyes shut because she can’t seem to bring any strength to her body and so she can’t resist, even though someone could pass through here at any time… she pleads with him quietly to change their location at the very least. He narrows his eyes and asks if she’s trying to say that she doesn’t want to be seen in this place with him doing things to her like this. She pleads with him again and he chuckles before agreeing.

In the end, he carries her to his room and deposits her on his bed, at which point he asks her what she wants. She opens her mouth hesitantly because her body still has no energy from the lingering memory of what he did a while ago. She can’t even think. Subaru breathes out her name before his voice lowers as he asks her if she wasn’t ignited from what they were doing before. It’s too late for him to stop.

She closes her eyes as he tells her that she’s wanting his fangs irresistibly and her body is flushed and aching. He remade her body with these thoughts in mind. Her eyes fly open in offense at this and she shoves him, which makes him laugh before asking if she really intended to hit him. He reminds her that she was the one who wanted to change locations. Her eyes widen as he raises himself above her and whispers that she should be pleased, because he’s going to do more and more than this.

The one who took her prisoner is him. She belongs to him. That’s why he… Subaru bites down on her and she winces at the pain. He laughs before whispering that he’ll kill her sweetly. He bites down again and Yui doesn’t know what is happening anymore because she is at the mercy of these cold fangs, to the point where she can’t even breathe. She wants to be like this forever with Subaru.

80 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Subaru ~

    Gabriella said:
    January 5, 2017 at 12:07

    One of the reasons that I love Subaru is because he don’t killed his brothers, in his endings, he dies, or Yui dies.
    In everyone’s endings (Bad Ending and Normal Ending) they killed at least one brother, and for that and more reasons, I love him.
    I was searching his other endings, and now I’m SOOO SAD ;-; I’m CRYING ;-;

      Ilinox responded:
      January 7, 2017 at 00:22

      Oh, huh, I never noticed that and that’s kind of sweet of him ;w;!! He’s definitely one of the brothers who was least embroiled in the whole heir/succession fight though and he just had a personal conflict with their father because of his mother, so kinda makes sense that he’d leave his brothers alone. Huh, neat!

      T_T it’s been like 2 years since I played Diabolik Lovers so I went back to see what you meant about the endings and GAH that third ending was really sad. All I could remember from most of their endings was 1) Yui gets twisted or 2) everyone dies LOL.

      emma0824 said:
      March 29, 2017 at 04:03

      I actually glad Shu bursted Reiji in his End 2 though

    maplevalleyblog said:
    December 11, 2016 at 06:52

    Omg thank you sooooo much for this ;v; I’ve been looking for a complete and detailed walkthrough/gameplay/whatever you call it since I cannot download the game nor can I read Japanese ;v; I really love how detailed you are, it’s as if I waa watching you play the game haha

      Ilinox responded:
      December 15, 2016 at 16:50

      You’re very welcome <3! I'm happy you enjoyed this post and glad you felt like you were watching me play (it's good to feel that writing up these long posts is worth it, ahaha).

    Violet (@MichiGoCrayon) said:
    November 26, 2016 at 09:34

    For some reason there’s no reply button to your comment, so I’m just gonna post a new one.
    Lol that one line was incredibly funny to me :D I’m pretty sure people can make a strip version out of every game, if they put a little thought into it.

    I played Reiji first, so it’s not like I dislike him because of Shu alone. Shu just added some fuel to the already burning fire haha. Argh, his attitude is just… *clenches fist*

    … If you only knew LOL. I went on a scavenger hunt through the depths of the internet for as many CD’s as possible (well, not the CD’s per se, just for downloadable content). I have found quite a number of Laito tracks (some of them over an hour long, god bless my soul *_*), of course finding translations is a completely different thing. I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but the Bloody Bouquet one includes a Free Talk and I’m dying to know what he’s talking about T_T. Either I’m not searching hard enough or there’s simply no translation. TIME TO STUDY JAPANESE.

    On a different note, I was reading other comments on this site and you said you’d rather not play More Blood due to the things they did to Ayato (care to enlighten me? lol) and mixed reviews. I don’t think I’m gonna play Ayato’s route. But I noticed the recurring theme they went for in this game so far: Your man going through some type of breakdown (thanks to the new characters), making you feel like crap. I guess that explains the mixed reviews haha… Not gonna lie, I got teary eyed while playing Laito’s route and it’s coming to that point with Kanato too. I’m still enjoying the game, I kinda like the fact it has such an impact on me. And the happy ending feels that much more rewarding. So that’s my opinion.

    What I think is funny though… I imagine the developers like, “The new guys, you know the ones who effed up your bae? Yeah, you can date them too!” I was feeling sour towards them at first. But… Yuma kinda tickled my fancy lol.
    Just a suggestion, maybe you could play the new characters only? I understand if you don’t want to pick this up anymore though.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 29, 2016 at 12:19

      Oh, my comments are nested to 3 levels only that way if people reply in a long chain it doesn’t get squished to the point of just one word on the side |D if you hit the only reply button that you can see (so on your second comment) it’ll put your comment directly below mine!

      Haha! I feel like Reiji’s route also suffered some massive exposition dump for some reason, so there wasn’t as much spotlight on his character (which felt kind of needed since he’s much like Ayato in the type where they say one thing but do another thing). But yeah ;w; I just want Shu and Reiji to get along, b’aw.

      Aw, most translations for drama CDs don’t include free talks. It’s usually harder to translate since the seiyuu speak naturally at that point and REALLY fast. I also think it’s usually ignored because it doesn’t add much onto the character, haha, but your mileage may vary.

      I heard they switched writers for More Blood and so some of the boys were hit and miss. Like Laito’s route was really good in More Blood but Ayato got the short end of the stick and had bad writing in his route, things like that. LOL it’s an inside joke amongst my friends that Rejet was trying to draw me back to the Diabolik Lovers series because they casted two of my favorite seiyuus, Sakurai Takahiro (Ruki) and Morikawa Toshiyuki (Carla). THEY EVEN PIT THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER AGAIN much like how they did in Black Wolves Saga for these two seiyuu.

      Sorry :(( I feel bad for saying this but I just don’t have any intention at all of playing More Blood in the near future. I keep falling behind in my backlog, ahaha, and there are some old games that I am desperately trying to create space/time for.

    Violet (@MichiGoCrayon) said:
    November 24, 2016 at 15:15

    SON, TODAY YOU’RE GOING TO LEARN TO USE THIS WHIP. It’s been 20 minutes and I’m still chuckling, omg.
    PLAY… JENGA? Hell yeah, that’s how men and women bond.
    Laito, let’s play Jenga!
    Eh? What’s that?
    It’s fun, you’ll see!
    5 minutes in…

    Bitch-chan, this is boring, let’s add a new rule.
    *questioning look*
    Every time you mess up, you have to remove a piece of clothing.
    *messes up out of surprise*
    Here we go~
    NO WAIT.

    I said I would write a final review, here I am lol.
    Subaru’s route was okay for me. Not bad, but not that impressive either. Still every time he blushed, I wanted to pinch his cheeks (terrible idea). I was wondering what the hell was wrong with his mother most of the time, my ears were bleeding from her screams. And now after finally finding out… that’s just horrible. :(
    You mentioned before that Subaru’s the fan favorite, and I can totally see why, even though he’s not my type haha. Forgot to add, I absolutely adore his laugh.
    So… if I had to make a list from fav to least fav character…
    1. Laito (I know that was unexpected. Got ya. I just googled for a male equivalent of Waifu, and apparently Husbando is a thing. What I’m trying to say is, well you know by now. NO SHAME)
    2. Kanato (Just left me in awe. Already rambled about him in my last post.)
    3. Shu (Funny and ridiculous to an extent. No point in arguing with him. The thing with Edgar was heartbreaking, and the ending kinda romantic ^_^ (I think it was the first one, where they went to live in Transsylvania? My memory’s blurry, it’s been a while.)
    4. Subaru (Oh you cutie… *cough* I mean you’re a TOTAL badass ‘n stuff!! Don’t murder me!)
    5. Ayato (Hmmm. I don’t even know what to say about him. Don’t like his attitude. While I can recall certain scenarios that stood out for me from the other boys’ stories, my mind is blank this time around. Totally unimpressed, I’m sorry >_<)
    6. Reiji (I usually like the intellectual type, so I was keen on playing his story. I was disappointed, to say the least. Finding out about his relationship with Shu made me literally hate him.)

    That's it! I guess you can stop reading this cringy mess now. lol
    I'm currently fully enraptured by More Blood. New characters, yay! New funky soundtrack (Yuuma and Kou's themes I could listen to for hours), yay! More ear porn, yay!
    Shu meets an old friend, Kanato gets driven insane, and the relationship status with Laito has improved from reading porn together to watching porn together!
    On a serious note, the Maniac chapter has me heartbroken, can't stand watching him suffer so much. T_T It's supposed to be the other way around… :)
    Btw Hirakawa Daisuke has stepped up his game. I didn't think it was possible. I barely made it through some chapters, sweating profusely. Oh lawd. He's totally into it.

    Additionally, today I found out there's not one but fricking THREE more games on the PSVita, and another one is going to be realeased soon. They are still going strong with this franchise. RIP my wallet. My soul has already been taken. I'm helplessly addicted. Just the thought of so much more Laito has me sighing in delight.

    Best regards,
    Dialovers trash
    (A last thank you for the translations!!)

      Violet (@MichiGoCrayon) said:
      November 24, 2016 at 15:33

      Also I’m scared, because the more recent games apparently have a 17+ rating…

        Ilinox responded:
        November 25, 2016 at 15:25

        Oh man it’s been so long I actually had to ctrl+find through my post to recall what you meant by “son, today you’re going to learn to use this whip” BECAUSE I HAD NO MEMORIES OF WRITING THAT LMAO. Strip Jenga is totally a thing. I just know it.

        Welcome back and congratulations on finishing this final route! Haha, there’s a reason many shoujo manga heroes are rough on the outside but with hearts of gold on the inside :’) this tsundere archetype… though not sure if I’d ever call Subaru someone with a heart of gold LOL.

        Ooh, it’s always interesting to see people’s rankings because they’re all so different! Quick question, did you play Reiji before or after Shu? I’m curious because I think a lot of people’s impressions of him were influenced depending on the order they did the guys in :’D I totally understand side-eyeing him throughout Shu’s route though because it was like “BUDDY. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. Stop this massive second child complex you have!”.

        Aw, no, I love long comments! I’m so happy you’re enjoying this game/series so much. Don’t forget there’s also the horde of drama CDs they have for this series if you ever want more content too |D. You’re welcome and thank you for leaving these delightful comments!

    Anomedv said:
    December 16, 2015 at 04:28

    This was great, it’s the best description of the routes that I have seen. Subaru, he’s so cute. I have to say that him and Shu are the only ones that can really love. Even if he does have a short fuse he NEVER hurts on purpose. They only happened when he was really upset and he didn’t realize what he was doing. I wonder if you’ll make the others game of DL. I’ve been looking but I can’t find a detailed description like you do. Well more blood sucks, they ruined the ends and the violence is not stop. The only want that’s good is Laito. They developed his character. Even if the first game is cannon it’s hard to believe that someone that took care of his brothers and really loved that bitch can’t love again. If you won’t do the Carnival or The last one. Would you tell where to find one as excellent as yours ( which I really doubt). Your comments made laugh so hard. Thanks for doing this that it’s that long. Sorry for too much writing.

      Ilinox responded:
      December 16, 2015 at 23:26

      Aw, thank you so much for the compliment! Haha, Subaru is pretty cute (unfortunately my brain started seeing him as a little brother and now I can’t un-see that). I’d argue that none of the brothers can really love, especially in a healthy and positive way, but they certainly try their best! I do think that Subaru has one of the cutest and most innocent (?) endings though, haha, since he keeps Yui away from everything and settles things himself.

      I was pretty burnt out after finishing HDB so I don’t know if I’ll ever come back to this series. I’ve heard really mixed things about More Blood too that makes me hesitant to play it (poor Ayato). Hm, I don’t think I know of anyone else who’s translating Diabolik Lovers and writes in a descriptive exposition-style like I do, but I do know that Akui Chansera has translated a lot of scenes for Vandead Carnival and Dark Fate! She does literal line-by-line translations, so give that a shot!

      Also, I love long comments so never apologize for that!

        Ashley said:
        July 16, 2016 at 15:40

        I know right he’s cute good prologue loved it so much and you should come back to the series

        talaya said:
        October 19, 2016 at 11:38

        Hey I don’t like the way you talk about Kanato I happen to really like him he’s crazy nice loves sweets and is creative

    […] Sakamaki Subaru (C) […]

    yashizawashiori said:
    May 5, 2015 at 11:47

    Hi, I just start playing this game. I really want to choose Subaru route, but in the prologue there are only the triplets. There’s no Subaru, Shu, or Reiji. Please tell me how to get to Subaru route.
    Thank you. :)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 6, 2015 at 17:55

      Hello! The other three routes are unlocked after you finish one of the triplets’ routes! So, unfortunately, you’ll have to blast through one of them before you can get to Subaru. Hope this helps!

        msburnett99 said:
        March 6, 2016 at 19:59

        Here are the triplets. Ayato thinks it’s entertaining to use you as a human dart board. Kanato stabs you with a fork for not bringing him his breakfast fast enough. So much for the old joke about it being bad form to stab someone with a fork. As for Laito, you really need to read the translator comments on his route to find out what he’s really about.

    Gina Penn said:
    January 20, 2015 at 14:03

    This was very enjoyable to read! Thank you for taking the time to write this!

    Subaru seems to have limits when he gets…loving, for the lack of a better term, especially in the first ending when he ends up with Yui. After giving those lines of affection (I have to agree, I thought the Gekkabijin thing was so endearing!) he reaches a point where he’s like “Okay, I can’t say any more without looking and sounding like a retard” and goes back to his I-don’t-give-a-damn mode, if that makes any sense. I think it’s hilarious to watch/read/listen to. ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      January 27, 2015 at 22:12

      Thank you for the comment!

      LOL He’s definitely what one would call a “chuunibyou” and you’re right at how he feels like he needs revert back to a man’s man and grunt to answer when he’s becomes too open with his feelings. It’s part of why I can’t take him seriously and keep on treating him like a younger brother, haha. (though he has some of those great romantic endearments…)

    Ami said:
    July 29, 2014 at 04:35

    I wish you publish the Sakamaki Shuu’s, too ! ^_^
    Do you have plan to publish it ?

      Ilinox responded:
      August 2, 2014 at 17:02

      Yes, I do! I’m currently still working through him, so I don’t think it’ll be out for another while.

    dayse502 said:
    July 23, 2014 at 13:18

    I loved loved loooved your comments! And I really appreciated how you even placed links for reference for certain terms in the text (like the name of that flower), thank you!! ♥

    Back to the point, isn’t Subaru such an adorable dangerous sweetie-tsun? XD In some parts, I can’t take his threats seriously, and I even find them cute LOL (what happened to my good sense! щ(゚Д゚щ) ), but in other parts he really is frightening, although not in creepy depths like some of the others brothers (Kanato, you taxidermist wannabe, I’m looking at you).

    Again, thank you so much for such detailed review. ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      July 28, 2014 at 23:22

      (〃▽〃)キャー♪ Oh thank you so much! If you liked the links of reference I put in sometimes you should check out my Hana Awase posts. I swear those things are exploding in links because I had to reference each poem.

      Haha, definitely! I can’t take Subaru seriously and always think of him as a cute but annoying little brother who I want to tease (completely ignoring the fact that he could snap me like a twig). Mhm, his violence is definitely a bit frightening but at least he never broke any of the heroines’ bones or completely twisted her sense of being… like Laito and Kanato.

      Aww, thank you so much for commenting too <3!

    fuzzlenop said:
    July 21, 2014 at 07:12

    Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into this ! It REALLY IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. <3 <3 .<

      Ilinox responded:
      July 23, 2014 at 22:45

      Aw, you’re very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment <3!

    unlimitedwallflower said:
    June 27, 2014 at 07:16

    I really really really really adore your blog.♥
    I’ ve readavery DiaLovers translation of yours, which were pretty much like a story and not normal translations, which I think is awesome.(=^-ω-^=)
    And I really loved Ayato’s and Subaru’s route. They are adorable(∩˃o˂∩)♡
    Eventhough Reiji was not such a dork like I thought he would be, I don’t really like him and I was kinda satisfied when Cordelia posessed Yui’s body and whiped & slapped Reiji, it was satisfing like hell. (Maybe I’m a sadist?(⊙_◎))
    And Kanato was adorkable. He was funny because of his craziness, but his endings were all crap. ( In every ending his hot brothers died.·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.)
    One Question when do you think you're gonna do Laito's or Shu's Route?
    I really look forward to it since January, but no stress. I am patient.
    ~Lots of Love♥
    ~Your UnlimitedWallflower( ˘ ³˘)♥

      Ilinox responded:
      July 6, 2014 at 19:07

      ( 。>艸<) Aww, thank you so much. I do try to give my own artistic flare into my writing to make it more like a story, which is why I write in third person exposition, and I'm glad it comes off that way! It's a bit of a struggle trying to write like a story but without taking away from the original too and sometimes I think things just sound clunky ;;;; so thank you for your comment!

      Ahaha, I can't help but feel sorry for Reiji because of how much of his route got turned into a plot device rather than romance like the rest of the guys' routes but it was nice at the same time to see a different side of the guys when faced with someone more on their level. I loved the exchange between Cordelia and Reiji.

      LMAO YEAH. Even to this day I still don't know what happened in Kanato's route… everyone just died and Yui went crazy and wow… compared to Ayato's ending it was a mess (in a well-written but scary way).

      I know I promised Laito's route in June and I'm really sorry that I actually didn't finish him then ;;; but I'm literally on his Endings right now so just those three to go and the Heaven ones and I'll be done! Thank you so much for being patient.

    Sienna Isa'ako said:
    June 6, 2014 at 14:25

    I thank you very much for these translations, you have no idea how irritated I got by watching videos on YouTube not understanding a word they say considering the only language I know is English. But I have two questions, for this game is there multiple endings or story lines to choose from or does everything come with the character you choose? Because you have multiple Ecstasy or Maniac And for the (Heaven) does that come with all of the story lines (if you do choose story lines) or it only comes with a specific ending/story line? and did you do other translations or was it only Subaru with Laitos almost done? Sorry for the questions lol, and once again please THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 15, 2014 at 15:40

      You’re very welcome <3! I'm glad you enjoyed these summary-cum-translation things I do and found them helpful. Ack, I'm sorry for getting to your questions so late too but to answer:

      Yep, there are multiple endings for each character. Rejet just labeled them as End 1, End 2, and End 3. End 1 is the best ending in a sense ;;; (if there can even be called a best ending) where Yui ends up becoming entirely masochistic and gets along well with the guy. End 2 is usually where she is sadistic and it's kind of a bad ending / alternate ending ;;; and End 3 is when she is split between masochistic and sadistic and it mostly leads to a bad ending.

      The multiple Ecstasy and Maniac scenes are for unlocking End 2 and End 3. How I play the game is that I usually get the good ending first, so I choose all masochistic choices, and then I reload to Maniac scenes and choose all the sadistic ones for End 3, and then continue on with sadistic choices to Ecstasy for End 2.

      Heaven unlocks when you choose the appropriate answers during scenes 7-10 for Dark, Maniac, and Ecstasy scenes. I didn't make a mention or bold what these answers were. And… I'm never too sure where Heaven is situated exactly ;; sometimes it feels like it's following after End 1 but other times it feels like it's in the middle of a route.

      I did Ayato, Kanato, and Reiji actually! It's just Laito and Shu left for me to complete. You can see them by checking the master list and the "Haunted Bridal" link or you can click on the tags of my posts to get into the Diabolik Lovers tag.

      I hope this helps <3! Feel free to comment again if you need anything else clarified or just want to chat.

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