Shinsengumi Wasurenagusa Kekkonroku ~ Kondou Isami ~

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Kondou Isami (近藤 勇)
CV: Inoue Kazuhiko (井上 和彦)

(HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES! I ridiculously missed the date but I wanted to share this as a Valentines gift to everyone. Kondou is one of my favorite characters from the Wasurenagusa series and his Kekkonroku track makes me bawl every time I listen to it. It was really surprising how much I liked him in the second series since I didn’t give him much thought in the first series (translated here by saki). Below will be somewhat of a TL;DR as I gush about why I love this guy).

Okay, I’ll assume you’re prepared for my TL;DR noroke on this character if you’re here. Unless, you’re just here for the translations in which case I guess you should just skip down to the actual translation part (´;ω;`). But if you are here to listen to me gush grossly about this guy then you’re in the right place!

One of the reasons why I love this CD series so much is that it develops the relationship between the heroine and the guy very well. It doesn’t happen just over the span of a few days but months and years. We have the added bonus of knowing that he had a previous CD that details the beginning of their relationship too.

OLDER MEN ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ I just love how quietly supportive and gentle the love between Kondou and the heroine is. Compared to the other CDs of the series I find that Kondou’s R18 scenes are really quiet and understated, which isn’t a bad thing because it just focuses more attention on their interactions outside. He’s teasing, kind, and their entire relationship just feels calming and peaceful.

The main reason why I love Kondou though is because his life doesn’t revolve around the heroine. There is no doubt that she holds a very special place in his heart but he has his goals and dreams that are separate from that as well (aka: restoring peace to the country and his way of the samurai). I mean, I love all types of love stories (where the heroine is literally the guy’s life) but there’s such sweet agony when a character is torn between two very important things to them.

Also, he loves swords. SWORDS. Come on, it was like we were meant to be togethe– *bricked*. It’s seriously cute how passionate he can get about them though (although I completely agree that his first CD was a bit… uhh… with the sword part).

I don’t want to say anything more before I spoil the rest of the CD so let’s just move into the translation!

T/N: Kondou calls the heroine “ojou-san” which is a polite way to call a young lady. I’ve decided to translate it as “Miss” here, but just keep in mind that he’s very polite.

*** TRACK 1 ***

K: 1866. October. Two years have passed since the night of the Ikedaya Incident. The Shinsengumi have expanded greatly after being well-received by the shogunate. However, in September there was an incident known as the Sanjo Seisatsu; and now, throughout the country, the Shinsengumi have earned the disparaging name of “The Wolves of Mibu”.

K: Our work has been recognized by the shogunate and we have officially become the retainers of the shogunate. The Shinsengumi are sailing smoothly. The name of the commander, Kondou Isami, and others like Hijikata and the leaders have spread.

K: Everything is thanks to all the people who believed and followed in me, who was born to farmers. I’m incredibly proud; however, problematic and troubling things have appeared in no small numbers following this success. There is one problem that is especially bothering me day and night as of late… and that is…

[02:14] *pages flipping*

K: *sighs* What is this… all these untouched reports have become unbearable. Even if I tell myself that these things are going to be presented to the shogunate and so I need to do them… I still don’t feel like it.

K: But if I don’t take care of these then Hijikata will get angry at me, huh. I want to avoid that… *sighs* Hmm… why can’t I be in the mood to do this? Ah, I know! If I sleep then I might get the energy to do this! I’ll go to sleep for tonight.

[03:10] *footsteps*

K: Oh? Miss, you came at the perfect time! Come in.

*sliding door opens* *sliding door closes*

K: Did you finish your work for tonight? The water is starting to turn cold, so are your hands becoming rough? How are they? Let me see.

K: *amused* I can’t see them at all when you hold them out at that distance. Why don’t you come closer to my side? We’re lovers after all… See, we should be at least this close.


K: Haha, Miss, it’s always so comfortable to hold you. The way you fit just right in these arms makes me wonder sometimes if you were born for me to hold like this. I often think about your warmth and softness when I spend nights alone.

K: If there weren’t so many eyes on us, I would definitely sleep with you in my arms every night. Hm? Ah, right, I was going to look at your hands. Let’s see.

K: That’s a relief! It doesn’t look like they’ve cracked, but you can’t let your guard down. If you feel even a little pain, tell me immediately. I’ll ask Yamazaki-kun for some effective medicine.


K: I pamper you too much? Haha! What are you saying? It’s natural to be worried about one’s beloved.

K: Besides, in these quarters, I’m not very involved with you so that we aren’t caught. And so, I should spoil you when we’re alone together like this, right?


K: I can’t help but be affection with you, Miss. If you’ll permit me, I would embrace you throughout the day and spend my time slowly together. Hm, that’s a great idea if I do say so myself. How about it, Miss? What do you say to spending time locked in a hotel room together intimately with me where the eyes of my men won’t reach?


K: *amused* You sound just like Hijikata-kun. It might be just a dream since we’re currently in such a busy time, but.. it might be reachable to me in a bit more. In that case, I’ll seriously think about it… eh? Ah, those things on my writing desk. Those are… well… ahaha, they aren’t things for you to worry about, Miss.


K: Right now, I just want to be with you. Don’t worry, I’ll finish my work properly. Putting that aside, you are more important right now. It’s been painful lately not concerning myself with you. Let me stay like this a while longer.

K: *exhales* I feel cured. Being together with you like this makes me feel like I have more energy, slowly. Hm, but I still want to take a break. *teasing* How about it, Miss? Do you want to help me until I feel like I can do my work? It’s simple… all I want is…. a kiss from you.


K: With that, my feelings will switch over and I promise I’ll return back to my desk. I’m quite amazing when I’m serious, you know. I’ll show an efficient work ethic and in one night that amount I’ll quickly finish it up.

K: Ahaha, it’s enjoyable to hear your laugh. Now, face this way. Well? Will you kiss me?

[09:13] *kisses*

K: Hm… Oh? Is it over with just this? Haha, what a cute kiss. It’s just like you, Miss. I feel a little bit unsatisfied but it can’t be helped. I have to protect the promise I made, huh. I should start my work.

K: Ah, Miss! Wait a moment, I forgot to say something. I don’t know when we’ll be able to spend time like this again, so I’ll say it right now. For a little while I’ll be even busier than I am now. Most likely, to the point where I won’t be in these quarters for days.

K: Right now, it is a difficult time with a lot of things happening for the Shinsengumi. I would appreciate it if you were patient with any feelings of loneliness that I might cause. When things calm down, as compensation, why don’t the two of us go out?


K: It’s impossible to stay at a hotel but… I should be able to create at least a day for us to go out. Oh right, before we promised to go to the market again and we haven’t done that yet, right? I’ve been interested in that all this time.

K: That’s why I’ll make another promise. Before long, the two of us will go out. I promise, okay? Haha, I’m looking forward to it right now. And somehow or another on that day, I am going to devote everything of myself to giving you so much attention that you’ll be overwhelmed. Prepare yourself.


K: Anyway, you should be able to sleep now that you’re warm, right? Good night.

*** TRACK 2 ***

K: However, I was worked to death for days. Even though I would have liked to see Miss’ face in those days, it was difficult to find the time to go out or even have a conversation. In the meanwhile, time passed. 1867.

[00:48] *sliding door opens*

K: Oh? It’s you, Miss! *sliding door closes* I’m happy to be able to meet you before even calling for you. It looks like the day will be great today.

K: That’s right, how many days has it been since we saw each other’s faces? Lately, I’ve just been bustling about here and there that it’s dizzying. Are there any changes with you, Miss?


K: Ah, you’ve arranged flowers? It was camellias today, huh. It must have been hard looking for flowers so soon after the winter. As always, thank you.

K: It would be nice if forget-me-nots bloomed all year round, since I would be satisfied with just those every day. Especially when that flower is a sentimental one between I and the Miss. I want to collect them again with you some day.


K: Oh dear, we haven’t had any days to spend leisurely though. Miss, would you lend me some of your time? Thank you. In truth, there was a meeting today but I asked for a favor and ended it early. In that time, I bought this!

K: *excited* Well? They’re bean rice cakes from Tokiwano. These bean rice cakes are so limited that if you don’t stand and watch for the freshly made ones, you would never get them! It’s sweetness spreads so faintly throughout your entire mouth that you’ll want think about wanting to always eat it from the bottom of your heart.

K: In addition, the size of these bean rice cakes are just right to bite into comfortably. Ah, just thinking about it makes me hungry. Now, let’s eat! They’re still warm and so they should be sof–… huh?


K: Eh? You don’t look very happy. I thought for sure you would have a weakness for swee–… Ah, no, you’re mistaken! It wasn’t that I put a priority on running out and buying sweets even though I hadn’t seen your face for quite some time, please don’t misunderstand!

K: From the start I bought these for you, Miss. Ah, I admit I did think to have one for myself but that was secondary! My objective was to please you but… *sighs* it looks like I failed. Everything that I say after buying these bean rice cakes won’t sound like anything but excuses. But it’s true, Miss. I bought these for you.


K: Especially when we weren’t able to see each other on the night of our anniversary. *amused* That look on your face shows that you don’t seem to have any idea of what I’m talking about, huh. Haha, even if you have forgotten I remember completely.

K: Yesterday marks the two year passage of the night we first joined together. You certainly won’t say that you’ve forgotten the events of that night, right? Going from your expression, it looks like you remember. Ahaha, I’m relieved.


K: Last year, I also wanted to spend the night together for our first anniversary but… it was just like this year. I can’t seem to find any time. I’ve given up regretfully. And so that’s why I thought that I should at least buy some sweets as an apology, you see. Well? Did I clear up the misunderstanding?

K: *chuckles* I’m glad. I wasn’t sure what to do when I saw that expression on your face, Miss. I’m always thinking about you. Well then, let’s eat these together! If we don’t hurry then we’ll waste these freshly pounded rice cakes.

*bag rustles*

K: Here, I’ll feed you. Open your mouth please… Haha, is it delicious? Ah, that’s a relief! As I thought, it’s best when you’re smiling like that. Miss, could you also give me a bite?


K: *takes a bite* Mm…! It’s delicious! This is a sweet I’d love to eat everyday. Mm, it’s good that I bought a lot. Miss, you should eat another one. Here, open your mouth. Haha, it looks like you’re happy.

K: By the way… I have something I want to talk about. Will you listen to me? *serious* In truth… the reason for ending this morning’s meeting to buy sweets… was found out by Hijikata-kun. I ran away as fast as I could but… I’m sure Hijikata-kun will catch up at any minute.

K: A long lecture is waiting for me if I get caught! Ah! Just imagining it makes me shudder! And so, I want to ask a favor from you, Miss. Where do you think I should run? You would know of a good hiding place after cleaning here and there around the quarters, right?


K: It goes without saying that you’ll tell me, won’t you? I’m begging you. I’m sure that Hijikata-kun’s anger will calm after some time passes… so I just need to hide somewhere for a little while.

K: A closet? Ahaha, I see! I’m sure that even Toshi wouldn’t think of someone my size hiding in a place like this. *excited* It’s a great idea!


K: *whispers* Uh oh, speak of the devil… Over here, Miss! I’m not sure what he will say if you stay here, so hide with me! Now, hurry!

*both of you run off and squeeze into a closet*


K: Okay, it’s a little tight but just endure it for a little while. Be quiet… *exhales* It doesn’t look like he’s coming. Is he looking somewhere else?

K: Well, it’s true that there would be no possibility of me being in my own room obediently. He might have decided from the start that I wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t come here. However, on the other side, he might have realized the possibility from my angle that I would come to my room. Hm… this is a serious battle between Toshi and I.


K: However, one way or another, hiding in a closet on this occasion is my win. After Toshi sees that my room is completely empty, we’ll be able to slip out of here. Miss, please endure this for a while longer.

K: But… it feels like it’s been a while since we were pressed up close to one another like this. Somehow it feels a little embarrassing, huh.


K: Hey, it’s a bit troubling if you react like that. It’ll make me want to make a pass at you even though we’re in the middle of playing hide and go seek.

K: *quietly* Oh my, it feels like I touched something soft… *teasing* I wonder what it is? I can’t see very well in this dark. Oh? It feels like my hand just slipped into someplace, hehe. I’m not sure where it is.

K: It’s interesting to feel the thing in my hand change shapes as I touch it, but I wonder what exactly it is. *clothes rustling* Shh… don’t struggle. What will you do if Hijikata-kun notices us? It’d be best for you to enjoy this without resisting. Come on… *kisses*


K: Yes, that’s right… accept me and use your tongue. *deeper kisses* *faint noise of a sliding door being opened* … It looks like he came. *footsteps* When I think about how we’re just separated by one thin wall… I get a thrill.


K: *whispers* So that we won’t be noticed… keep your voice silent. *resumes kissing* Miss, your body is hot. It looks like you’re working hard to endure this. How cute… *kisses*

K: Your voice… is leaking out, huh. I guess I’ll have to block it then. *passionate kiss* Your breath is catching… does it hurt? But just a little more… *kisses*


K: I’m in trouble now… at this rate.. ngh… I’m going to desire you more. Mm… *kisses* *footsteps fade and then a sliding door closes* Oh? It looks like he left… haha, what a shame. It was a bit amusing to imagine being caught right now. Ah well, I’ll be thankful for managing to avoid being lectured.

[13:06] *slides open closet door*

K: *exhales* Well, that was interesting! It was exciting to be with you in such a tight place, huh. It almost feels like it’ll become a vice. How about it? Next time shall we go until the en–… Ah, it looks you’re glaring at me with your eyes. Could it be that you’re angry? Ahaha, that expression on you is also cute.

K: It looks like I went too far with my teasing and joking around, I’m sorry. What can I do to apologize and cheer you up? It doesn’t look like you’ll forgive me if I were to give you all the remaining bean rice cakes, huh.


K: Hmm… ah, I know! How about I buy you something when we go out next time? Not sweets, but a proper gift. I’ll choose something wholeheartedly for you, Miss. How about it?

K: Haha, don’t say that! I’m a clumsy man who can’t show his feelings other than in this way. Mhm, this will also be a promise. There, there… *pets your head* Is your temper cured, Miss?


K: If we parted like this I would feel uneasy on whether or not you hated me. Come on, show me your smile.

K: Mm, that’s a nice smile! You’re so cute *light kiss*. Now then, we should return back to our work. Ah, see you later! I’m also looking forward to our promise.

*** TRACK 3 ***

K: 1867, June. The Shinsengumi were openly recognized as retainers for the shogunate. We moved our headquarters to Nishi Hongan-ji in Fudodo village. In this capital, suspicious activity from people who held grudges were reported. But, by a small degree, various troubles started to pile up.

K: In order to resolve these, I took command without any days of rest; especially when a critical decision appeared and was made.

[00:52] *footsteps*

K: Miss, are you there? I’m entering. *opens sliding door* Ah, you’re there. Good morning. It looks like the morning’s work has been finished, huh. *enters and closes sliding door*

K: There’s something I want to ask of you. You don’t have to do any more work today, so please give me your undivided attention… Ahem, I’m ordering you as the commander to spend time together with me and enjoy yourself to the fullest, okay?

[01:32] *you hug him*

K: Woah, haha! Were you surprised? I see; somehow I was able to make some time. The opportunity has finally come around. Of course, you’ll go out with me right?

K: Unfortunately, it’s not a market day but in exchange there’s a temple festival nearby. Why don’t we go there?

K: In that case, let’s make some preparations to head out. I’ve been waiting forever for this day; it wasn’t just a little while.

[02:18] *you two are walking through the festival*

K: It’s been a long a time since I’ve been to a temple festival. In Edo, I walked around a lot but here I had to make some arrangements. Hm? Well… I did have to meet some people, but I couldn’t bring myself to feel like it at all so I postponed those plans.

K: Relax, I didn’t do anything that would anger Hijikata-kun. Yep, although something did happen… it isn’t anything for you to worry about, Miss; it’s just that a decision was made that was a little bit depressing. But… it’s not attractive to complain, huh.


K: More importantly, I want to feel soothed by you without any questions. It’s more than enough to be together with you like this. Furthermore, I’m not always able to go out with you so let’s stop before it gets boring. Let’s have fun and throw away talks of treachery.

K: But this is an amazing crowd, huh. *lowers voice* With this many people, don’t you think that my people won’t be able to see us? Hehe… right? We can act a little more like lovers here. Come on, shall we hold hands? It looks like it’ll be hard to reunite if we get lost, so make sure not to let go of my hand.

K: Now then, let’s look around at some shops. I’ve heard that these stands have lot of things in season. I’m sure they’re filled with delicious things.


K: The shop that sells roasted chestnuts is probably around–… Hm? *excited* Aren’t there katanas over there?! Huh? This is my first time seeing that man! There’s a possibility that a katana that I haven’t seen yet is sleeping in there! In any case, I’ve become an acquaintance to most of the katanas there and so the thought of an unfamiliar katana is–… ah…

K: No, let’s not. It’s nothing, Miss. Haha, thank you, but the feeling is enough. I’ll take you up on that offer but I’ll be looking at the katanas last, because I’ll lose myself and space out when looking at the blades. That would be such a waste when I’m finally out here with you, Miss. I’ve decided to only think about you today.


K: *excited* Moreover, don’t you smell something delicious? This is the smell of fried dango! Let’s go that way! Look, they’re selling great fried dango!! I’m suddenly hungry. Miss, do you want to eat one? Mister, can we get two of those?

K: Here you go, this one is for you, Miss. It’s hot so be careful when you eat it. *bites down on his* Mm, delicious! I like it when there’s strong seasoning. It’s an unusual taste different from Kyoto, right?


K: Hm? Ah yes, that’s right, those sweet rice balls beside this shop look delicious as well but… Miss, did you want to eat some? In that case, I’ll go and buy some! Me? Hmm… it’s true that I’m interested in it but when I eat sweet things I inadvertently become entranced, to the point where I don’t pay attention to anything else. And so I was thinking that I wouldn’t touch them for today.

K: Besides, it would be a problem if you started sulking, right? Haha, I’m joking! At any rate, if I do want to eat something sweet then I can just ask for a bite from what you’re having. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to open my mouth and have you feed me in front of others, right? Now then, what kind of shop should we look at next? If there’s something you want to see, tell me. Me? Well… let’s walk some more down these food stalls and look at popular ones.


K: There aren’t many people after walking this far, huh. We’ve left behind the crowds around the stalls. Do you want to return? Ah, you’re curious about what’s past here? I’m certain there’s a shrine here, look, you can see the torii, right?

K: Yes, that’s true, it’d be wearing to return immediately to the bustle. At the least, let’s visit the shrine. *footsteps* Mm, what a nice wind. Autumn feels nice; there are delicious foods, the coolness is just right, and it’s easy to pass the time. It’s a feast for your eyes when you raise your head and look around at the vivid colors of the autumn leaves. It’s a great season.


K: But I’m sure that, from now on, my heart will hurt every time autumn comes around. Every year… every year… always…

K: It’s something that you don’t need to know, Miss. I want you to just see the beautiful things, if that is possible. It’s also a form of happiness to go on not knowing any pain, right? This might be a selfish and conceited request though.


K: We’ve arrived! Well then, let’s make some prayers. *tosses money into the box* *rings bell* *claps hands*


K: Haha… you have such a serious expression. What did you wish for? Sound health? For all of the Shinsengumi? Ahaha! That makes me happy, thank you. I’m sure a wish from a cute lady such as yourself will be delivered.

K: Me? That’s right… I… didn’t wish for anything. I didn’t know what to wish for since there were so many things that I wanted to be granted. I’m too greedy, I suppose.


K: The organization of the Shinsengumi… the men who compose that… the attitudes of the people… and the subjugation of this country… moreover, of course you, Miss. I treasure them all and I can’t put precedence over any one of them.

K: I want to carry all of my precious things and, while protecting them, continue to the future one step at a time; that would be nice, eh? That step… has become frightfully heavy these days. There are also things that go badly… but even still, for the people who follow what I do to the end, I have no choice but to continue walking.

K: I believe that there will be happiness for them further down this road. I must hold this commitment of walking as the vanguard to the end.


K: Hah, I’m sorry. I talked about boring things, huh. You don’t have to worry about it… It’s about time we returned back to the stalls. Let’s go.

[12:46] *footsteps*

K: Oh, how unusual! That stall over there sells obis. Why don’t we go look at it for a bit? The ready-made ones are made quite well. There are also a lot of patterns and designs… it looks like we can found a good buy.

K: Oh, I know, Miss! I made a promise previously to give you a present, right? How about an obi? If you’ll let me, I want choose one that suits you. Haha, thank you. Alright, I’ll choose one with vigor!


K: This one… hmm… it’s pretty but it doesn’t go with Miss’ kimono. This one over here… might be a bit too gaudy, it would be better to have something that is like you. Oh! This one…! Ah, this one is perfect! Miss, come over here. How about this one? It’s cute and suits you well! It’s as if this obi was made for you from the start.

K: That’s right… I think that this obi, with its faint falling flower petals, suits you. If you choose a kimono that has a subdued color and then have this conspicuous obi, it would give a fashionable impression. Haha, right? You’re interested?

K: In that case, let’s buy it! Mister, wrap this one up.


K: We bought something good, huh. I guarantee that it’ll suit you, Miss! I want to hurry up and see you with this obi on now. Moreover, I’m also looking forward to unwrapping that obi with my hands. Haha, sorry sorry! It looks like I have the tendency to say too much. It slipped out because your reaction is so cute.

K: Oops, it looks like I should be more careful from now on before I let something slip from my mouth. Hahaha! *you two start walking* Now then, let’s go look at other shops. There are a lot of other things that will look good on you, and we’ll buy them if we find something great.

K: I would like to buy everything from hairpins to getas, but… it looks like only kimonos are sold at temple festivals. At any rate, the number of people has grown! Miss, so that you aren’t taken away by this crowd of people hold my ha-… Eh? Miss?!

*** TRACK 4 ***

*birds chirping* *frantic footsteps*

K: Miss! *out of breath* So this is where you where…! I’m so relieved. I was worried! I’m sorry for leaving you alone. Did anything happen? I thought you might have returned back to the headquarters, but I realized your disposition would mean that you wouldn’t return until you found me. It looks like I was correct, as I thought.

K: Miss, you must have searched for me thoroughly as well, huh. Your hair is loosened and is stuck onto your forehead. Moreover, your kimono is in a bit of disorder as well. I’m sorry again for making you feel helpless. Please, let me fix your kimono.

K: Ah! If we go under the bridge there then we won’t be seen by other people. Come.

[01:12] *running stream*

K: Stay still… By the way, did you know, Miss, that when a man offers to fix your kimono they actually have an ulterior motive? Haha… this is the first time you’ve heard that? Then it would be best if you remembered it… nodding your head carelessly and being taken to a place where no one else can see you will get you teased. *kisses*


K: I feel like it has been a long time since I kissed you like this. I’m not a strong enough person to hold back for so long. I’ve wanted your lips like this… unbearably for so long. *kisses* It’s no good… I can’t get enough… more… *deeper kisses*

K: That look on you is irresistible; it makes me want to do more. You’re always breaking my self-control so easily… such a naughty girl.


K: You’re making such cute sounds… It’s fine; those kinds of sounds will be erased by the sound of the river… no one will find us. That’s why… *soft whisper in left ear* don’t worry… and relax your body. *kisses* I can’t stop…

K: I love you, Miss. I want to see more of your dazed face. *light kisses* Hehe… I’ll fix your kimono properly later… and so… be quiet and listen to my words. Come on… show me this place… No, you can’t do that; show me. It’s because your reaction is too cute that I can’t let it go…


K: *whispers* That’s right… that’s good. Heh… *wet sounds* you’re already like this, huh. Did you want me to do this to you? What a lovely girl. I’m going to… touch here. *more wet sounds*

K: You can close your eyes if you’re embarrassed. Simply just feel me. *kisses* Ahaha… your legs are trembling. Hold onto me tightly. *more kisses* I love you, Miss. Haha… please don’t make such an ardent noise… it makes me want to drive you senseless.


K: Just how far are you going to entrance me? Surely… I will want to do this again immediately afterwards… *kisses* Hehe… your breaths are hitching… Good gracious, you’re absolutely adorable. *more kisses*

K: It looks like you’re going to reach your limit soon… *sucking kisses* That’s fine… *resumes*

[06:48] *flowing river*

K: *hoarse voice* You were lovely, Miss, haha. Thanks to you, I feel like the thirst in my heart has been filled. But next time… let’s take our time in a room rather than outside. I now understand the pain of being unable to see all of your bare skin.

K: Next time… I’ll also be doing more things. *low chuckle* It’s something to look forward to from now. I’m worried about being able to endure this until the next opportunity. If I can’t endure it no matter what then… I’ll secretly sneak into your room at night, haha. Alright, Miss?


K: Hahaha, being silent means you’re not opposed to it, right? *chuckles* I’m glad, but don’t worry because I’ll properly let you know ahead of time before I sneak into your room.

K: You know, I love it when you have a defenseless look on your face but I love it more when you have a restless expression from waiting for me. Haha, now… this time I’ll fix your kimono properly. We need to look unsuspicious when we return to the headquarters.

*rustling clothes*

*** TRACK 5 ***

*howling wind* *footsteps*

K: Who is that over there? Come out. *amused* As I thought it’s you, Miss. Were you trying to surprise me? Too bad, I knew immediately that it was you.

K: Hm? No, I’m not doing anything in particular… I’m just… looking at the stars and moon after thinking that they were pretty in the wintry night.


K: The color of my face? Ah, I see… it’s nothing much… What’s wrong all of a sudden? Miss, your hand is considerably warm… no, I’m just cold.

K: How long have I been here? Who knows… since the moon started rising, maybe… that’s how long I feel like I’ve been here.


K: You don’t need to worry… I feel like staying like this. Miss, you should return back to your rooms and sleep. You can leave me alone.

K: *wry grin* I’ve lost… Do I really look that pale? Ahaha, certainly not! It’s fine and it’s not like I could leave your side, right? Don’t worry.


K: I know, and I’ll listen to you. It’s true that I’ll probably catch a cold like this. I’m sorry, but could you bring some hot water? Mm, I’ll wait until you heat it up.

[02:50] *you enter his room and close the sliding door* *placing cups down*

K: Thank you. *drinks* Mm, it warms my body. *drinks more* Today has… taken its toll on me. *places cup down* That’s right… it’s about Souji.

K: Even though he’s that weak… he still clung on wanting to be here… I sent Souji away from the headquarters, telling him that it was for medical treatment. From the start it was the result of thinking about the person in question’s sake. If he continued to remain in the Shinsengumi… that kid’s heart would… have been worn away.


K: At any rate… even though he couldn’t wield a katana anymore… that kid, who argued vehemently to be of any kind of help… I could not bear seeing anymore. Souji is… a really strong kid.

K: Although a lot of things happened this year… Souji always accompanied me. He’s been with me the longest… as one would expect, being separated hurts. I felt like only that kid would be with me until the end. It would be nice if we could meet again…


K: *sighs loudly* It became a gloomy conversation, huh. That’s right… I’m sure we’ll be able to see each other again. In any case, Souji has always been tenacious from long ago. There’s no mistake that he’ll return as if nothing happened after a short while.

K: Hm? I see, I haven’t talked about this. Yes, Souji has been with me for the longest. I met Souji at the Shieikan in Edo, a kenjutsu dojo… That boy was still nothing more than a kid and came with the goal of studying by observation. But, right after he entered the dojo, he thought of himself as being very strong and so he declared, without delay, that he was the best. Haha, what nerve, right?


K: At that time, there were people in the dojo stronger than me; and so they treated it as the nonsense of a child. They said something unreasonable like, if he was earnest and enthusiastic about this then he would continue to practice-swing his sword until the next morning. Souji agreed to that.

K: Because of that, I watched over him as he practiced swinging his word throughout the night. It was amazing. That kid accomplished an amazing feat… Even while he was staggering on his feet, he didn’t make one complaint. I ended up admiring his willpower.


K: The next day, Souji officially became a pupil of the Shieikan. He distinguished himself conspicuously. He might have been bullied for being the youngest, but… he got even without fail. He was born headstrong.

K: By the way, the next person who has been with me the longest is Hijikata-kun. My meeting with him was also connected to the Shieikan.


K: I was coaching at another dojo and met Hijikata-kun who was studying there. He became a pupil at the Shieikan when he saw my school, the Tennen Rishin-ryuu. I don’t know how many drinks I’ve had with Toshizo now. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol even though Toshi tries to get me into it, but I’m now better at handling my alcohol than Toshi *amused*.

K: By the way, Hijikata-kun’s excessive arrogance and long lectures haven’t changed from when I first met him. He’s often called the “Demon Vice-captain”; he’s quite a scary man when I think about that. I often think that he’s the only person I don’t want to anger, haha.


K: There were other guests at the Shieikan like Nagakura-kun, Harada-kun, Heisuke, and Saitou-kun. *picks up cup and drinks from it*

K: When I think back to those days, they haven’t changed much even now. Nagakura-kun feels a lot like an older brother… he’s very helpful and is someone you can rely on. He’s older and easily affectionate; and popular among men and women of all ages.


K: *lowers voice* This is just between us but even though Nagakura-kun acts like that, he’s actually lonely. He always wants to be with people, and though he makes women cry it is cute to think of him like that, no?

K: And the one who wants to be a man like Nagakura-kun is… Heisuke. It’s obvious from a glance that he admires Nagakura-kun. I remember that, in order to imitate him, Heisuke also played around with women, but… it made me smile to see him have to stand on tiptoe to be taller.


K: Even though the age I met Heisuke was when he stilled looked like a young boy, in the blink of an eye he was able to make that kind of decision by himself. People grow up so fast, huh.

K: Ah, that’s right, speaking of Heisuke, that kid also has a strange side of him that is unafraid of anything. That kid is able to connect with everyone without discrimination. He was even able to talk lightheartedly with Harada-kun, who in those days kept everyone at a distance.


K: Harada-kun is quite eccentric and doesn’t connect with others. He keeps a distance between everyone but, thanks to Heisuke continuous chatting and talking, the distance between him and everyone has been closing. Before very long Nagakura-kun, Harada-kun, and Heisuke started teasing each other and having fun together. I’m glad the three of them were such good friends..

K: Even Harada-kun has a softer expression when he’s with Heisuke…


K: Come to think of it those three always try to meddle with Saitou-kun, because he’s very serious. No matter what kind of silly question you ask of him, he always answers after serious thought. That was interesting… although the person himself was extremely serious.

K: I also think Saitou is an oddball. When he’s drunk he tends to randomly smile a lot which I think is strange but interesting. You see, normally he’s so straight-laced. Up to now I’ve never met a man who had such two different sides.


K: At the same time, it’s very interesting how he dislikes women. Once in a while, when he enters a restaurant and a waitress comes to take our orders he will get a crease on his forehead.

K: It’s just a small change but normally Saitou is always so expressionless, and it makes me laugh so hard that it hurts.


K: Those times… were such fun… Together with them, when we were still known as “The Wolves of Mibu”, we made a new start for the Shinsengumi. It makes me feel happy to have raised both the people and Shinsengumi together, and I thought that I could bear as much responsibility as is needed in order to protect the public order.

K: But when did it happen… I know that the members of the group that I hand-picked aren’t very far but… somehow, the lives of the men who I think of as family have disappeared in front of my eyes, to say nothing of each person’s heart.


K: I hadn’t thought properly about how one day… your precious things will break. I understand now… I realized too late that things can be broken outside of battle as well.

K: He had such spirit… only to fall to illness… From the start I only had a silent opinion, but before long cracks started to show. Throughout time, things like this happen all the time, huh… I try to come to terms with it every time and my mind tries to comprehend that it can’t be helped.


K: But still I wonder if there is anything that I can do… each and every person’s path separates infinitely… and their destination isn’t something that I can decide with just my will, huh.

K: Each and every time someone goes on a journey alone and moves slowly away from my hand… his smile appears… and won’t leave my mind. *soft voice* In the end… I can’t stop my regrets.


K: As the commander, I mustn’t allow myself to become lost. At the very least, I must serve everyone in this new territory without having my feelings perceived or showing my emotions.

K: But… I can’t continue to stand upright… while keeping my feelings suppressed and holding myself together strongly. *exhales* I’m sorry, Miss. Once again, our conversation returned to this… I’m not a very good conversationalist on a day like this, huh.


K: I’m not able to give you any entertainment… Let’s sleep for today. I’m fine and I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow. Thank you for the hot water and, if possible, I would like you to forget about tonight. I’m sorry for making you worry.

K: Aa, good night. *wind whistles*

*** TRACK 6 ***

K: The rest of society started to gradually overthrow the shogunate. A new age was swelling on the horizon… I started feeling that from a long time ago. But I… am already walking on this path. I cannot permit myself to turn back.

K: As a samurai, because of the shogunate, one has to use their own strength. The people cannot be drawn into battle… this country needs to be returned to peace once again. I vowed this to myself and left for Kyoto.


K: For the sake of peace I chose the path of gripping Kotetsu and cutting down enemies in my way. If the people who were trying to overthrow the shogunate were eliminated then the people could finally live in safety… that’s what I believed. But that is the same thing those who were trying to overthrow the shogunate believed in.

K: They are not intentionally trying to cause strife… they believe that this country will become better if they are successful in overthrowing the shogunate. The reverberation from this sacrifice of peace spreads. Even if we win… or if the other side wins… eventually peace will fall.


K: But I… want to grasp peace with my own hands. For the purpose of gaining favor with the shogunate and together with my comrades… I wanted to gain victory. 1868. January 3rd. A battle at Toba-Fushimi broke out; the Shinsengumi, joined with those from the shogunate, and the new government collided.

K: In that same year, on the sixth day of January, at the end of the vicious battle the shogunate was defeated. And the next day, at the mediation, a subjugation of the shogun was decreed. All the people who obeyed the shogunate… were branded as traitors. We… were defeated…

[03:15] *raining* *sliding door opens*

K: It’s me, Miss. I’m sorry… it’s dark and I’m late. *embraces you* I’m very sorry… you must have been worried, huh.

K: Others might hear us while we talk at the entrance, shall we go inside? *shuts the sliding door* *walks into the room and seats himself*

K: Miss, how have you been faring? Have you been eating properly? Just as ordered, you’re hiding and living as a relative of one of the Shinsengumi, right?


K: *quietly* Ah, I see… in that case you’ll surely be fine. A young lady like you won’t be taken by the new government.

K: Me? That’s right… right now, you could say that I’m being made to stand in the most painful adversity.


K: You already know… what’s become of us, right?… Our dreams have… fallen apart… The shogunate lost… My men have also become scattered from the battle.

K: As for me… rather than being wanted by the new government I’m wanted by the police.


K: If I am caught.. they will not overlook me. But it’ll be fine. For a little while I’ll change my name and hide myself.

K: No, Miss, you won’t be able to help me here. You’re finally living well here. I don’t know when I’ll be discovered… and being by my side will destroy this life you’ve made… I can’t do that.


K: *strongly* No! It’s too dangerous… I cannot put you in dangerous situations. Can you understand? Miss, you’re currently living peacefully, right? I… continued down this path wishing to give everyone peace. And so… why do you think I could intrude on your peaceful life?

K: If I did that… I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for my entire life. Please don’t cry. I have also thought about taking you with me… but I can’t. A day will surely come where it will be a mistake and I will regret it.


K: Miss, live here in happiness. I’m pleading you… *shaky* Don’t cry… *kisses* I’m sorry for my selfishness. What can I do to have you forgive me?… What can I do to have you accept this?

K: You won’t be able to accept this? *softly* That’s right… that’s natural… In that case, at the very least let us have one night of memories.


K: I want you to feel me completely… *kisses* *rain grows louder*

*** TRACK 7 ***

K: Come closer to the light… I want to see everything of you. I want to engrave this… firmly… in my mind.

*rustling clothes*

K: This obi… isn’t the one that was bought at the temple festival, huh… what a shame. In any case, I hoped that this was a night when you were wearing that obi… *wry tone* I have no luck, huh… to be unable to see you in that obi which suited you the best; how cruel.


K: You’re beautiful… Miss. It’s something that I noticed after we were parted for a while. When did you become so beautiful? Nn… *soft kisses*

K: I’ve always thought of you as a cute young girl… but three years has passed since the Ikedaya incident, huh. It’s been more than enough time to grow into adulthood… I think that I won’t be able to watch over you from here on.. as you become even more beautiful. My heart hurts.


K: Kotetsu is also reluctant to part from you, Miss. *unsheathes his sword* Here… kiss it. My precious lady and Kotetsu… I love it when you two are pressed against one another. Yes… nn… both of you are beautiful. I love you.

K: *murmurs against your lips* Stay still just like that… it’ll be dangerous if you move.


K: I won’t injure your skin… it’s just that… Kotetsu also seems to want you. Let me cut that kimono at the least… *swings sword* Kotetsu is throbbing to be held by you. Please hold it. You understand, right?

K: *low whisper* Such skill, Miss… let me feel your heat as well. Just for tonight… I want to forget everything… and drown in you, Miss.


K: How naughty… doing this… *kisses* Hah, what a nice response… you’re so beautiful… I think I could have fallen in love with just this. *kisses* Feel this as much as you want. I will ravish you until you can’t even think.

K: *desperate kisses* Say it, please. Where do you want it? Nn… over here some more? *kisses* Miss, why are you so delicious… here and there and wherever… no matter how many times I taste you, it isn’t enough.


K: When I think about how every inch of you is mine… I get a terrible feeling of luxury. I want to kiss not just your lips…*kisses* but many other places;…*kisses* your cheeks… your forehead… your ear… your neck… Haha, shall I try kissing you everywhere until you go mad?

[06:06] *you nearly drop Kotetsu*

K: Oops… that’s right… let us have some discretion for tonight from this child. It’s a night for farewells. Even if I look only at you… it’ll surely forgive me. *sheathes sword* Turn around, Miss… let me hold you. Come into my arms…

K: *kisses* Your skin… is so hot it burns… *sucking* It looks like you’re melting… haha, are you feeling impatient? But… tonight I want to deliberately treat you carefully… I want to feel you… slowly… leisurely… *kisses*


K: What a cute reaction… *kisses* It looks like you’re gradually losing strength. *whispers* Are you okay? Tell me when it hurts. *passionate kisses*

K: I want to feel you, Miss, just like this… *panting and wet noises* Miss…! I love you… I adore you… I can’t get enough of you… no matter how much and how long.


K: Miss, to me you are someone who brings me rest. The thing that I absolutely need to protect… is always you first, Miss, more than anything else. That’s right… even Kotetsu loves you and it is, to me, the hope for slashing open the future.

K: You… and Kotetsu… are existences that define me. Both of you… are essential to my heart and self. If I were to lose either one… I would lose my self. Do you understand?


K: Haha… thank you… *kisses* Ravishing you like this is nice, but… it’s sad being unable to see your face. Turn around and face me slowly.

K: Yes, that’s right… nicely done. Good girl… *gentle kisses* Don’t let go of me and stay like this. Nn… haha… how proactive of you, Miss. *groaning*


K: I want to love you… deeper… Nn… Does it hurt? You look fine, heh… *kisses* I… can’t be without you any more. You… are really… amazing… I’m completely entranced… haha, you as well?

K: I’m happy but… that’s a little troubling… No, right now… saying those kinds of things… *breathless* is a bit uncouth. *groaning*


K: You don’t have to hold back… go ahead and feel it all. *heavy breathing* Even at a time like this, you don’t change at all, Miss. *whispers* You’re so lovely… I love you… *deep kiss*

K: Are you alright, Miss?… I overdid it a little, huh. *gentle kiss* Aa, the night hasn’t ended yet… I’ll still stay by your side, so don’t worry.


K: Aren’t you tired? You should rest… I’ll caress you gently until you fall asleep. *pets your hair* *rain falls*

K: Haha… I’m not that cruel of a man. I’ll wake you up properly before leaving… be at ease.


K: *softly* My dream of regaining peace with these hands is already broken but… even still I… have my way of the sword. I think about how there might be something in this world still for me to be able to do. For the sake of that dream, I will hide myself… leave you here… lie to my self… and choose the path of running away.

K: I’m enough of a terrible man, huh… to you that is… This hand, which grips Kotetsu for the sake of chasing after a dream, and this hand, which wishes to bring you happiness… both are mine. Choosing either one of them… would be, at most, having half my body. And it would be the same thing if I lost either one of them.


K: I don’t want to lose either of them… For the sake of protecting both… I am going to leave you now…

K: At the end of this road… it would be nice if the Shinsengumi could stand again… and then, once again, I would like to protect the weak people in this world. My precious men… and you… I want you all to live. *caresses your hair*


K: Haha, how embarrassing… it looks like you’re already asleep, Miss.

K: If I stay here any longer beside you… I will find my will to leave weakening. *whispers* I should go soon… Please forgive me somehow for lying to you about waking you up when I am to leave. I swear that this will not be our final farewell. Please be happy until the day we meet again. *kisses*


K: See you then… Miss… *opens sliding door* *rain grows louder*

*** TRACK 8 ***

*howling wind* *footsteps*

K: What a terrible snowstorm… footsteps will be left behind in this. I need to put in as much distance as possible. I’ll raise money as a wandering samurai at some rural village… my one advantage is endurance.

K: Hm?! *more footsteps* Am I being followed? It looks like it is once again a large amount of people. Heh, do they wish for my head that badly? However… *grips sword* This head won’t be given that easily. I’ll resist until the very end and… no… *releases sword and runs off*


K: My only thought was to live and survive and so I threw away my shame and turned on my heel. I turned my back to the enemy and ran from that place. If I fought that number of people… I would have lost my life without a doubt. At first I thought that was fine…

K: Fighting until the last breath… covered in blood with Kotetsu… struggling through the fatal blows delivered by countless people… and being cut down while standing my ground. I wanted to face that end with my way of the sword.. is what I thought.


K: But when I drew my katana… my eyes landed suddenly on a blooming flower on the road. Even though I was hesitating… that blue flower in the snow, as if it were glittering, opened up. It was a forget-me-not.

K: In that moment, I thought about you more strongly than ever before… that time our hands were laid on top of the other when we both went to pluck it… that time when we mutually confessed our feelings… that broad smile when we ate sweets and you found them to be delicious… that clinging voice when you begged me to bring you along… *voice lowers* those tears trickling down your cheeks…


K: I mustn’t die… is what I thought strongly. I won’t end here. I… mustn’t do anything but survive. Not just for you, but the people following me… the people who lost their lives for me… and the people who believed in me and stood by my side until the end.

K: I… wouldn’t be able to face any of them if I stayed here like this… When I think about them and the Miss… and the fact that I devoted my self to Kotetsu… I felt as if I was betraying it.


K: And so I… turned on my heel… and showed my back to those chasing me. Haha, but that didn’t work out so well.

K: I ran and ran from the large crowd… and continued running but… soon I was caught. Maybe because I didn’t draw my sword even though I was being chased… I wasn’t cut down on the spot and was taken away by them. Now… I am in jail.


K: Soon, without a doubt, I will be executed. I am sure that they won’t permit to commit suicide under the way of the sword. I will have to lower my head as if ashamed… displayed for public humiliation… I might even be laughed at.

K: But… *fiercely* I still have… my life right now. As much as possible, with this life, and until the very last moment… I will… not give up on living! And then finally… I will be able to face you all.


K: Everyone… thank you for everything up until now. One day… it would be nice if we could laugh without constraint… that is what I wish for… and Miss… that vow I made about it not being our last farewell… I’m saved by the fact that it never reached you…

K: If you had heard it… somehow… you would feel betrayed, huh. *shaky voice* I’m sorry… I didn’t even say goodbye… no matter how much I apologize to you, Miss… it won’t be enough, right? *brokenly* I’m sorry… there were a lot of things I didn’t say to you… apologize, thanks… goodbyes… that I loved you… always…


K: If I conveyed to you all of my feelings… I wonder how long that would take… Why did I not talk to you more often when I had met you?… after all, if it was going to end like this… it would have been better if I had been by your side more, right?

K: *teary laugh* It seems like… my fate is to be covered with regrets until the end like this. I’m such a hopeless man… At the least… at the very least… I want to say again… an “I love you”… even just that… Until the last moment, I will think of you… if I had said that… how cruel would it have been?


K: You know, Miss, in truth… I had asked myself countless of times… why I didn’t take you along and damned if you were dragged into this… If you were beside me I feel like I could endure any kind of misery.

K: If I said that… I wonder what kind of reaction you would have had? Would you have smiled? Would you have been troubled? Would you have been embarrassed? I want to meet you… Miss…


K: At the end… even a glimpse would be fine… *broken voice* I want to see you…

*** TRACK 9 ***

*footsteps* *birds chirping*

K: Hey, Miss… once again you became all the more beautiful in the time that we were apart, huh. *you leap at him* Woah, haha! How have you been? Oh? Holding you like this… I can feel that you’ve become slimmer. Haven’t you been eating properly? That’s no good, Miss. I prefer hugging you when you fit me.

*you hit him*

K: Haha! Before we continue these light talks, there is a mountain of things we need to talk about, huh. But… at any rate… I’ve returned. I’m home, Miss.


K: You heard that I had been captured? I see… I’m sure you cried a lot, right? I must have worried you. As you can see, I’ve become skinnier as well after being captured. I was also tortured so my looks have changed, you see. *wry amusement* I’m not really in the position to complain about you getting skinnier.

K: In truth… I was uneasy as to whether or not you would recognize me at a glance with how I currently look. Mm… I’m rather grateful actually. With this appearance then the new government won’t be able to recognize me immediately. It’ll be easier to live.


K: *laughs* I’m also wondering if this is a dream! The Shinsengumi have become scattered, right? But there are still many who live… and someone came to break into the jail and save me. If this is a dream… then I don’t want to wake.

K: You’re curious as to who came? Haha… that’s right… it’s not interesting if I tell it so simply. I’ll tell you the whole story later.


K: More importantly, Miss… I can no longer live as the commander of the Shinsengumi… right now the only person here is… a man with no responsibilities.

K: But there are still things I can do in this new age. I won’t give up on my reformation. I want to start again from the beginning… *low voice* Miss… will you… come with me?


K: Please don’t cry. There, there… I won’t leave you alone any more. I will swear here that I won’t die so that I can be together with you as much as possible. I promise. From here on, we will be together.

K: I’m glad, haha! I don’t know what I would do if you refused. Well then, let me help with the preparations for our journey. I want to change to a bigger house. We need to find a place for us to stay…


K: Ah, that’s right! Will you listen to one of my requests when things have calmed down? What, it’ll be simple.

K: That obi… you still have it at home, right? In that case, next time I would like to see you wearing that obi. And then I’ll… say that “As I thought, you’re lovely”… before making love to you. And then we can both go to a festival again; we’ll walk with our hands held underneath the lights of the lanterns.

K: And then I’ll give you a present again. That’s right… how about a comb? *chuckles* You’re crying again. With these tears, it makes me think that it isn’t so bad to make you cry. I’ll reconsider that. *you start hitting him*


K: Haha, I’m sorry! As an apology, I’ll listen to your wishes for our new home. First, would you prefer going to the north or the south? It wouldn’t be bad to travel around the country either as an intimate trip.

K: Don’t worry, we have a lot of time. You can think about it as carefully as you want. *kisses* Haha, before we prepare for our trip ravishing you with all my love comes first, huh. Now, come… today, for this entire day, let’s pass the time making love slowly.


There are just so many points here that are awful when you realize what he is referring to in the history of the Shinsengumi. In Track 3, he talks about making a depressing decision… he was talking about assassinating one of the other commanders who betrayed them.

Also, here’s your first taste of hearing Kondou’s love for everything he believes in and how he can’t put anything over the others. I just… love men who are burdened by the weight of their aspirations and goals (also here’s another character that falls into theme of my biases being powerful people, oops).

TRACK 5. EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS TO SOUJI… so hearing this talk is just… gut wrenching. And just listening to how he picks himself back up because he’s responsible and mature, but it’s also heartbreaking because I DON’T NEED TO HAVE FUN I JUST WANT TO SUPPORT YOU.

Track 6. I am in love with this track as well because of how he acknowledges that his perspective is quite gray. He’s fighting for peace but whoever wins will end up bringing this country to peace, so his party isn’t exactly in the right and neither is the other.

Also, when I was talking about men who had dreams and goals apart from the heroine I was talking about Kondou’s wish for peace, and then Rejet has to stab me in the heart with their scenes. S C R E A MS and just… these types of stories where the protagonist becomes what they have been fighting against and the fact that Kondou is self-aware of that and leaves is just… heartbreaking.

TRACK 7. THAT DAMN OBI. HOLY HELL. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ANGRY… the first time I listened to this I was on the bus and I nearly cursed out loud because I was furious. I wasn’t expecting Rejet to just rip out my heart and stomp on it like that and not even give him the satisfaction of seeing her in that obi.

It just piled so much bittersweetness onto that scene and especially when he says that line about him being unlucky… I… *cries uncontrollably* I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT. WHY? WHAT THE HECK?! AND THEN THE END OF THE TRACK. FILTHY FILTHY LIAR HJSKHFKH *SCREECHES*.

Track 8. I just… kudos and many compliments to the writers at Rejet for STOMPING ON MY HEART. I… I like it when protagonists accept death and are prepared… but there’s also such joy in the agony of seeing men filled with regrets and KONDOU’S LAST MONOLOGUE HE JUST… HE WANTS TO SEE YOU SO BADLY. His speech about continuing to live but betraying his way of the sword too… this kind of conflict between two sides of him is glorious.

Honestly, I kind of wish his CD ended at track 8 after that heart shattering monologue… but then again it didn’t feel much like a resolution to the story and I am glad that he ended up being happy… it’s just that… Kondou actually does die at the execution so… UGH men who suddenly realize they can’t accept death though because they have so many regrets and precious things… I just love how realistic that is and sometimes it’s more devastating to see that than acceptance.

And… that’s it. That’s the end. Thank you to anyone who even bothered to read my ridiculously dumb TL;DRs on this guy… I’M SO LATE FOR VALENTINE’S IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I’m not even in the right month ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ but I think I’ll start to make it a ritual to do a post about one of my biases to share them. Once again, thank you all for your support of this blog!

37 thoughts on “Shinsengumi Wasurenagusa Kekkonroku ~ Kondou Isami ~

    garden said:
    February 19, 2018 at 21:46

    I haven’t listened to this volume yet so I think I’m gonna do so next. *saves this page*

    I’ve only heard of Shimono’s volume from first season(?) and Hirakawa’s, and they’re pretty good. though there is some scenes that I can’t understand fully like Kashitarou’s crying alone at night regretting about something?… thank god I’ve played Hakuoki before and got some base of the Shinsengumi’s history else I wouldn’t be able to understand the plot at all. is there any other character that you can recommend to listen to next?

    (sorry I’m creeping up your old posts like this)

      Ilinox responded:
      February 21, 2018 at 13:52

      Hold on, I don’t think there was a Hirakawa from the first season? Haha, it goes

      Mokuhiroku > Kekkonroku > Hiyokuroku > Gyoufuroku

      Mokuhiroku is the first season. Kekkonroku and Hiyokuroku are both sequels to Mokuhiroku but they’re alternate/parallel versions of each other, if that makes sense. Kekkonroku is the tragic end of everyone in the Shinsengumi (yes even Shinpachi and Sanosuke suffer) and Hiyokuroku is the happy end for everyone :’)).

      And then though Gyoufuroku is known as the 4th season it’s actually the prequel to Mokuhiroku where all of the guys meet a girl who is not the heroine they later meet. Tbh I haven’t touched this one because it makes me extremely salty since the guys in Moku or Kekkon/Hiyoku have these issues that the heroine helps them get through and so Gyoufuroku is almost like… either an exacerbation of their issues or caused the issue in the first place imo. I think I skimmed Sanosuke’s to try and get a sense of what it was like and then just noped out, haha.

      IIRC for Hirakawa/Kashitarou he was teaching the Shinsengumi people like literature and stuff? And because he splits off from the Shinsengumi, no longer agreeing with their ideals, that means he’s going to have to kill the students he taught. It’s been a long time since I listened haha but I do remember that acute sadness :’)).

      Hmm depends on how much sadness you want– haha. I really like Saitou’s first one in Mokuhiroku. Shinpachi and Sanosuke’s volumes were good; both the UTTER HEARTBREAK of Kekkonroku and then bittersweet aching happiness in Hiyokuroku. Heisuke, Yamato, and Hijikata weren’t bad either but ymmv. I enjoyed the theme of finding your own place in Heisuke’s. Yamato’s was a bit odd because omg he’s a masochist but I’m weak to the “I’m nothing so please define my existence” trope, oops. Hijikata for that Hosoyan voice~ but also because I think he had some great themes to go through as the vice-leader.

      Haha no worries! I love chatting about drama cds :’D though I gotta admit as we go back in time like this and I catch a glimpse of my old translations I’m wincing LOL.

    Kiseki Kaira said:
    October 15, 2015 at 11:16

    OMG!!! Thank You so much for translating this! Since I read this post, I became a big fan of Shinsengumi Wasurenagusa and started stalking Saki/Mikorin. *feels bad for Saki for having a weird stalker though this also apply to you too
    ~(♥_♥)~ LOL* But i don’t get the cupboard scene though… The “thing”… WTF is that anyway???!! Sorry if this sound like a dumb question since I’m really not understanding this meaning at all.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 16, 2015 at 08:37

      You’re welcome <3! Aha, don't worry because translators love it when people comment and share their excitement for what they translated. I definitely do and I wouldn't be surprised if Saki feels the same.

      I think he was talking about breasts because there were no wet sounds to indicate that he was touching her between her legs or anything. At least, that's what I'm assuming especially since he talked about the thing he was touching "changing shape", probably due to fondling her chest.

        Kiseki Kaira said:
        October 16, 2015 at 12:07

        Thanks for replying back♥♥♥~~ That explain so much about… THAT CHANGING SHAPE… (/////)… I also noticed I wrote cupboard instead of CLOSET!! *gasp* Sorry, it must be confusing and I don’t know what happen when I was writing that post ↑ up there… *facepalm* Anyway, THANK YOU!!!!!! For the translation, hardwork and replying my question~

    Aurora said:
    July 4, 2014 at 18:46

    When will you update? I love your way of writing!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 7, 2014 at 01:00

      I’m not sure ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ every time I try to plan for a time sometime soon, something inevitably comes up and I don’t make my own deadline //sobs. It’s pretty awful and I do feel really sorry for everyone who’s been waiting so patiently sdfgkjgh.

      I can reassure you that I only have the Heaven scenarios to go through on Laito though and so hopefully I can get him out sometime… this week? ;;;

    Sena said:
    April 28, 2014 at 13:41


    Also, I have successfully converted a friend into Wasurenagusa. MUAHAHAHA. She just finished Mokuhiroku (minus the tokutens). I think she finished listening to them faster than me, haha. ‘Tis exciting.

    Also, that Hirunaka chapter. I thought my heart was gonna leap out of my chest. BAD PLACE TO END THE CHAPTER. ARGH.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 4, 2014 at 01:27

      NO I DIDN’T! Is and was this a fan thing or is it something that Rejet is holding!? I’d love to have the OST for this and Suou’s art is gorgeous… Rejet will be spoiling us so much if they do this.

      Haha, we’re such bad influences on the people around us as we drag them kicking and screaming down into Rejet despair. I’m still sadly stuck on Heisuke’s track and I keep falling asleep on the first track of Saitou’s CD for Kekkonroku ;;;; I really need to find a better time and have more energy when I listen to them.

      EVERY SINGLE HIRUNAKA CHAPTER IS A STAB TO THE HEART. It’s so great though at the same time. I’m really enjoying the way it’s going (despite every whimpering sound I make as I see everyone coming to heads).

        Sena said:
        May 5, 2014 at 11:58

        This is something from Rejet! It’s from the official Rejet Wasurenagusa blog! otomeinsanity on Tumblr kindly translated a post about the whole campaign, but it looks like it’s actually more for the Kekkonroku Fanbook. I think I got confused because the OST requests were brought up in the same post, but I believe the retweeting campaign is just for the Fanbook. They might do a separate campaign for the OST or something, but I guess more info will be released later. I think the retweeting is a big thing because it’s possible a Fanbook won’t be released if the goals for retweets are not met. I know how much you were pushing for an OST release so I thought I’d share.

        Yeah, it’s really easy to when the content is just that good. She really likes Japanese history like I do, so it wasn’t hard to get her interested since she likes the Shinsengumi despite not having been exposed to them in pop culture much until me, hahaha.

        Pretty much. GAH. Hirunaka is so interesting. I don’t like waiting for each chapter every week. I keep telling myself to take a break to let the chapters accumulate, but no such luck. You totally like it partially because of the foreshadowing you see coming up, haha.

        Sena said:
        May 5, 2014 at 12:01

        It happens. I get stuck all the time. I’m still on the same PSP game (not even that, the same ROUTE) while I finished Hakuouki SSL on the Vita (minus going through all the unlocked omake stuffs) fairly quickly. I can’t gauge my moods properly so I end up doing nothing T___T

        Also, I probably should’ve linked to the Rejet blog entry but I don’t have the time to find it again now, haha. Maybe later, if I don’t forget >__<

    harufuu said:
    April 14, 2014 at 15:38

    I’m actually not brave enough to embrace all that sadness in Kekkonroku. I’ve only listened to my biases yet, but they were enough to break my heart into pieces and OMG I cried so much on Shinpachi’s CD… It was SO HEARTBREAKING. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I’m actually interested in Kondou’s volume, because he tends to talk a lot about the other members and it’s really nice how everything connects so well. I really like the Sano, Heisuke and Shinpachi trio, but DAMMIT, their CD’s are said to be the most cruel CDs in the series? LOL

    Regarding that “Happy End”… As I’m a really huge masochist and a sucker for bittersweet endings, I think they are actually not meeting in heaven, but in the heroine’s dream? You know, like they tell her, that her loved one fell, but she’s escaping from reality, because she couldn’t take it? orz No, forget what I said… I’m making myself sad right now… Ugh… ;w;
    But Rejet is usually a company that leaves you SAD, so I just can’t shake of the feeling, that the “Happy End” is actually fake…….

    Anyways, sorry for the TL;DR and thank you very much for your translation. You’re a real godess of Japanese and English… Your word choice is always so wonderful. Really. *worships Ilinox*

      Haruna said:
      April 14, 2014 at 15:41

      Arrrrghhh!!! I’m so stupid! I used the wrong account to comment. ;w; Well… Whatever… It already happened. Ugh… Why can’t I delete my own comments in WP….

        Ilinox responded:
        April 21, 2014 at 15:17

        Aha, no worries (づ。◕ω◕。)づ although I’m pretty disappointed that you can’t edit your own post either once you put it out (WHAT IF I HAVE A MISSPELL SOMETHING AND THEN IT’S OUT THERE FOREVER).

        Oh god, Sanosuke and Shinpachi’s CDs were pretty brutal… as expected of Rejet who basically laughed in our faces when everyone thought that it couldn’t be too bad since Sanosuke and Shinpachi live. Unfortunately, I think I’m still halfway through Heisuke’s CD because I keep falling asleep.

        I really recommend Kondou’s CD though |D;; it’s a big improvement from his first one (especially in terms of his sword play which probably turned a lot of people off /)ω(\ ).

        I love how we’re so well-trained by Rejet that we can’t even accept anything they give us that is remotely happy and we just look for tricks. It’s interesting because the dialogue in Hijikata’s CD makes it sound like he actually lived and came back (because he wrote her a letter) and so it does sound like Rejet is trying to make these endings real.

        In Kondou’s one he comes back scarred from his torture and things so I’m more on the side of it being reality ;;; but, in the end, either way is still a heck of a ton of sadness. Either the heroine is hallucinating him coming back or he really is back but has to turn his back on his ideals or his previous way of life… which is pretty heart-shattering.

        Oh gosh, thank you so much for commenting and your compliments ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛ I hesitate to go that far though akjhgh I'm just another fan doing my best to share the despair love. You don’t know how happy it makes me that you think my word choice is good though akjhkg I’m always struggling between literal translations and character expression.

        Haruna said:
        May 21, 2014 at 09:55

        Hahahaha. Indeed. Rejet taunte- I mean taught us well… They are the not the company for “despair and heartbreak” for nothing.

        I finally listened to Heisuke’s and Sano’s CD and they were both awful to my heart! ;w; Sano’s ending made me go: Noooooo! Why did you do this Rejet??? An Heisuke’s last tracks just make me cry until my eyes were puffed…. Because Shimono’s voice acting was so GORGEOUS. I guess, the twist was, that the members that should be alive are getting a good ending……… Oh wait… Saitou is the one that stays alive…. Shin and Sano get bad endings, because they are only add-ons to the second installment?????? °A° WHY?! Rejet, you’re CRUEL!!!

        I’ll listen to the whole series one day, because I’m only missing 3 CDs? xDDD Can buy the rest as well. LOL Though I’m really eager to listen to Kondou’s one, because Inoue can do pretty lethal whispers. xDDD And that sword play. Hahaha. I admit, that I actually found it funny in Mokuhiroku. wwww

        I know that feeling. It’s always hard to translate things and find the proper words. But I really adore your word choice!! (°w°)/

    tacypoc88 said:
    April 12, 2014 at 19:46

    I cried like more than 4 times last night from this and I never really broke down crying this much from drama cds. Only one that made me ever cry waterfalls…..
    Then my mom unexpectedly came home and interrupted me when I was in the middle of track 8. GOSHHHH MOM CAN’T YOU SEE I’M TRYING TO TORTURE MYSELF TO DESPAIR WITH REJET CDS. But kinda glad she stopped me…

    Bad ending just tore my heart out..after leaving everyone which was a pretty dumb idea for him since he freaking loves her and he just tore half of him apart…along with kotetsu cause he couldn’t even function to fight..End of story.

    Good ending still makes me sad…he ended up coming back all changed from torture ughhhh the painnnnn….still he did say he want to still continue his reforms even though all that happened. I do consider headstrong people can withstand negative things, but i don’t really believe after torture you won’t change since you’re pretty much facing with the people that are against you. Torturing you and putting their values and ideals in your head all day could make you go mad…..Loved the obi part…

    yea………..this…..this was a good story….

      Ilinox responded:
      April 14, 2014 at 00:59

      Don’t worry I still cry every time it gets to that stupid obi scene and Track 8 ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ EVERY SINGLE TIME BECAUSE. WHY.

      I’m not sure if Rejet made these drama CDs have bad ends or good ends, though you could see them that way depending on where you wanted to stop listening to. My personal preference is Track 8 |D;; but Track 9 is pretty sad when you think about how he actually did turn his back on his ideals in a sense so that he could live with her… after all he said that giving up either Kotetsu or the heroine was like giving up half of himself.

    Sena said:
    April 8, 2014 at 11:10

    Going to attempt to try and comment again. Let’s see if it’s still not working…(this basically means this comment is just taking up space if it does end up posting. Sorry >__<)

      Sena said:
      April 14, 2014 at 15:10

      …Yup. that’s it. I guess I really can’t reply to anything anymore because I typed up a new comment from scratch with mostly the same info but less detail and it still rejected, so I don’t know what to do about it anymore. It’s not like it was super important anyway, but it just seems rather lame that I can’t continue that conversation…T___T

        Sena said:
        April 14, 2014 at 15:12

        It’s weird though because it’s not like it’s blocking me either, because these short comments go through; it’s just that long one which I kept trying to work with. Sorry for all the trouble, Ili. I don’t want you to worry about this or anything. I think it’s just me anyway, and it’s not like I can’t discuss things with you elsewhere.

    mikucchan said:
    March 13, 2014 at 21:06

    Similarly, I feel like the last two tracks of Souji’s and Kondou’s Kekkonroku volumes are the bad ending and good ending that we have in otome games. Although the bad ends are painful, they make more sense to me than the others.

    Thank you for this translation!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 23, 2014 at 00:33

      Oh! That’s an interesting view and it makes a lot of sense too! In that case, people could choose if they wanted to end it on Track 8 or continue on to listen to the “epilogue” in a sense if you wanted a happier ending. I swear we’re trained masochists in how we prefer painful bad endings over given happy endings. *squints eyes* Rejet…

      You’re very welcome and thank you for commenting <3!

    Sena said:
    March 10, 2014 at 11:47

    Also, I really, really, really would like an OST release of this series, but I’ve never seen OST CDs be released for drama CDs so I’ve mostly resigned to the fact that this wish will not be met (゚´Д`゚)゚

      Ilinox responded:
      March 14, 2014 at 01:18

      UGH. YES TO THIS SO MUCH. They don’t even need to release an OST just give me a blank track or something… _(:3/ <)_ I really love the theme song for the Wasurenagusa series and the flowery piano one that plays during really sweet moments.

      (Going to reply to your other post in this one as well!)

      Mhm, none of the new concepts that Rejet has come up with has made me leap in interest, unlike Wasurenagusa's PV. I'm hesitant to say this but it feels like Rejet is starting to fall into a trope of using sadistic do-S guys a little too much now ;;; almost all of their CDs have crazy and twisted guys. I want a bit more variety than another ore-sama do-s.

      I haven't gotten around to Saitou yet ;;; I either keep falling asleep or am spending most of my traveling time to work reading Dengeki Daisy. I'm almost done that manga though so I'll probably go back to listening to drama CDs. It's weird how much I was looking forward to Saitou's CD and yet I've barely touched it.

      Ooh, ganbare! That's actually how I do most translations |D;; I've listened to Kondou's three times now (although that's because I really enjoy it) but if I were to translate a track from the first time going then I have to replay certain parts like 4 times to make sure I catch everything. It's natural to constantly repeat parts when you're still learning to translate immediately from spoken Japanese to written English.

      You should try saving or making note of the words you've looked up for your translation, unless you just memorize them |D;; in which case that's great! I find that you end up understanding so much more when you translate a CD because I normally drift off a bit if I'm just sitting around doing nothing but listening to something.

      Haha, don't apologize! I type as to how I speak too ;;; so it usually leads to tons of ellipses while I'm thinking of what to say next or my favorite emoticon ";;;;" which is like a sheepish pause… I think.

        Sena said:
        March 17, 2014 at 11:47

        That would be nice. I wanted the OST so much I was tempted to try and find a way to take vocals out of the audio and cut the mp3s, but that’s beyond my ability and then there’s also sound effects which I don’t think I’d be able to get rid of…so I guess I’ll just have to settle for listening to the CDs themselves over and over. I like the two songs you mentioned and also the one that plays when they have their opening up/depressing dialogues. Those three are my favorites.

        Same here. Even the Oz one, which is the one I’m most interested in so far kind of provoked a more “ah, that’s interesting, maybe I should check it out” type of feeling rather than a “I NEED THIS NOW ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ” type of feeling which I got from seeing the Wasurenagusa PV. I have to agree with you about the do-S guys though. In moderation, they’re interesting, but too much too strong all the time is when it starts to get predictable and I get kind of eh about it all. Rejet has the potential to be more than that.

        I actually got so into Wasurenagusa I went on a hunt for the tokuten CDs. I managed to get a hold of both the Mokuhiroku ones, so now I just have to wait to be invoiced for the shipping and stuff and then they should be on their way. I didn’t realize how the tokutens worked before ordering, so my CDs were bought all over at different times so I won’t be able to get the tokuten CDs the regular way for Kekkonroku either, but since I successfully managed to find both for Mokuhiroku, I hope I can be just as lucky with Kekkonroku, because I really don’t have enough money to buy the whole set from both Animate and SKiT (with the set I already ordered, that would make me have 3 sets). I was actually surprised they were even being sold. I was in a pool of depression for a little while because I thought no one would ever sell these but I found people that were. Bidding for items on Japanese websites using those third party services is rather taxing (especially with time difference and being outbid and stuff), but it was totally worth it. There goes all my money, though, haha. I regret nothing (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

        Haha, no worries. I was bad and did Saitou’s CD pretty soon after it came out because I was impatient and just couldn’t wait. I do agree that sometimes you can look forward to something so much that you don’t get to it right away, though. I’m like that as well. For example, I was dying waiting for Himeutsugi-hen for months, and now that it’s out and I actually received it, I still haven’t played it. What do I do instead? I played Jooubachi no Oubou. Good job, self. So now, I’m juggling working on some other stuff with the translation for Saitou’s Kekkonroku CD which I haven’t touched essentially since I talked to you about doing it, possibly writing a review for Jooubachi (since I finished it in its entirety in like..3 days), and to top it off I watched Free! this weekend so now I’m officially in the fandom (I say this because it was all over my dash so I knew a lot about it before ever watching a single episode). I really gotta stop getting into new things and just focus on one thing at a time so I can actually get things finished rather than adding more things to work on (´_`。)

        I really gotta work on the translation though, because knowing myself, if someone else posts a translation before I do and I only translated a little, I will probably give up, because I’m such a quitter, haha. I used to have listening exercises in my Japanese classes so I feel like I should be able to comprehend things better…but I suppose that’s what happens when you don’t practice.

        I did start saving words this time around when I actually started trying to transcribe/translate, haha. There’s no way I could remember all those words. However, there are a few that were used frequently enough that I started to recognize them or maybe even memorize a few. I hope that’s a good sign. Translating something definitely helps you understand it more. There are so many nuances infused in certain words and phrases and it forces you to really understand something you might have only partially understood before. It’s really easy to pick up words are phrases, but hearing the whole thing cohesively might change the implication or meaning. I got this a lot when I used to try and translate lyrics (lyrics are so hard to translate! There’s like…little to no tagging of subjects which means so much more is open to interpretation, but I guess that’s how lyrics are in any language really…such a pain to try and translate though…)

        Hopefully talking to you about this will make me feel chastised enough to try and work on the translation again, but I feel like I have a higher chance of finishing the Jooubachi review first. If I end up posting it, that would be rather funny, having my first contribution to the otome gaming community be an R18 game.

        I do utilize ellipses sometimes too, but not as much because I usually have the problem where I think faster than I type, and it becomes a problem because I might have three thought processes going on at the same time but I’m trying to write out just the one. I actually thought _(:3/ <)_ was your favorite emoticon because I feel like you use it that most, haha.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 23, 2014 at 00:43

        If only they had an “acoustic” track for whatever reason. But yeah ;;; that sounds hard to do if you were to try and isolate the background track from everything else that’s going on. I wonder if you could do it by listening to all the tracks from the other men and basically splicing together all the parts when they’re silent and attach them to the corresponding silent part in another guys’ track. That would take a REALLY long time though and you’d have to be accurate in your splicing and… yeah…

        Have you checked out Lip on my Prince by Rejet? I keep forgetting that they’re doing that one because it looks so sweet and fun. I’m always thinking “Rejet did that?! WHAT?!” but yeah it looks really fun and the princes are cuties (especially Seiya; he almost seems like a male version of me. We both love strawberries, gaming, and hate celery LOL).

        Haha, congratulations! Have you tried using options like sniper bidding? I believe From Japan has that option and apparently it works by placing your bid last minute before the bidding closes so maybe that’ll help?

        Eep, I’m completely in that boat too. I haven’t found time lately to reply to things on my blog or even continue on Laito’s route. Instead I… uhh… decided to translate Reine des Fleurs for OJ and I’m so deep into Hirunaka no Ryuusei that it kind of consumed me for the past week. Himeutsugi-hen is staring at me sadly from my desk but I have to stay strong and not touch it until I get one of these things done otherwise I’ll never finish them. I get a bit stressed when I feel like I’m juggling too many things too so I’ve just told myself to put off on playing Hime-hen for a bit until I finish these.

        I completely understand that feeling of having a sentence changed completely once you understand all its individual parts. It makes things so much more enjoyable too _(:3/ <)_ I had a lot of moments like that in Kondou's CD where I was like "OH. I knew he said ___ but I didn't realize he also talked about ____" and everything was all the more sadder.

        Hahaha, I do use that one quite a bit! Especially the flailing version |D;; but the semi colon sweat drops are really quick and easy to do (I can even do them on mobile) so I feel like those pop up more often. Ah, maybe I just use both so much though.

        Sena said:
        March 23, 2014 at 13:22

        Yeah…as much as I love the songs, I really don’t think I have the patience or the skill to pull something like that off. There’s also the issue of fluctuation in volume too, because in some parts, the music or the sound effects (eg. rain) will get louder or softer depending on what’s going on. Too complicated. Such sad. *sigh*

        I heard of Lip on my Prince, but I didn’t look into it too much (yet). I recall being mildly interested in it. I didn’t realize it was being done by Rejet. That should be interesting. I think that was the one that had a really star seiyuu cats with like…three Daisukes, haha. If I remember correctly. (I also love strawberries and hate celery. Otome gaming I love, but there’s very little other gaming I do besides Sims or Pokemon…I like the storylines of RPGs, but I’m kind of terrible at them so I don’t play them much…)

        The Sniper Bidding option was there, but the website I was using has this urgent order method you follow if the item you want to bid on is going to end in less than 24 hours. I actually ended up winning the two items that were “buy now” because I seem to suck at bidding ones…unless I do the bidding myself on say eBay. I heard that on Yahoo auctions, the auction time increases if people keep bidding in the last five minutes or something, but I didn’t read too much into it. I was thinking of trying different proxy and forwarding services to see which one I end up liking the best. I used Japonica Market this time upon recommendation of a friend, but they only offered EMS shipping which wasn’t to my taste since I usually go with SAL and 1200 yen shipping for 2 CDs seems a bit excessive when I’m used to 700 yen shipping for maybe 2 or 3 CDs anf 1 or 2 games in the same box…but either way, I got what I wanted and I tried out that service so I know how they work. Perhaps next time I shall try From Japan and compare them.

        I’m super interested in/looking forward to Reine des Fleurs. The art is so gorgeous. I really hope it doesn’t flop and isn’t one of those where the art is beautiful and the game premise/setting might have potential but it wasn’t executed well. I think the only reason I could break a little faster from Hirunaka no Ryuusei is because I read everything posted online so far (including raws) and I’d just make myself depressed waiting for it so I’m just going to try not to think about it for now and focus on other series. It really is hard though because I hadn’t gotten that into a shoujo manga in a while. The last one before that was Fetish Berry, but that one is even less established online…

        I literally just started Hime’s game like…the day before yesterday but I haven’t gotten that far. I’m trying to understand more so I’m playing through it much slower. I probably shouldn’t have started it and resisted like you did because I also get stressed with so many things to do…but I guess sometimes I’m good at isolating it in a part of my mind that doesn’t bother me quite so much all the time? Like sometimes when I’m playing, I do think about the fact that I should be doing ___ instead, but other times I can just ignore it and play without thinking about anything except the game itself. This could be both a bad thing and a good thing depending on the way I look at it.

        I really have to try and motivate myself. when I posted the last comment, I was fully in that mode of “I want to write a review for Jooubachi” and the translation of Saitou’s Kekkonroku CD went to the backburner, but now I’m playing Himeutsugi-hen and now I don’t feel like writing the review for Jooubachi anymore…I feel like I should work on Saitou’s CD but don’t have the burning need to like I did right after I listened tot he CD…my moods used to last much longer than this before, but nowadays I’ve been exposed to so many interesting things that the amount of time I focus on one thing seems to have decreased substantially. I remember when I used to be stuck on the same series for months…and now I can be on one series for days and then move on. Since I got into them all around the same time, I still like them, but I guess once I ‘finish’ something, if I have a lot of other things I’m looking forward to, I lose the really strong feeling of “I must finish this” and just kind of move on…it’s really depressing when I’m trying to actually finish projects…

        You might use the semi colon one a lot. I just feel like I see the other one more, haha.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 30, 2014 at 23:46

        Haha, I vaguely recall a drama CD that had to do with many Daisukes… I think it was literally called “Daisuke!!” or something.

        Hm, yeah, I believe that if people started bidding again at the last minute (including sniper bids?) on From Japan the bidding time gets extended by a bit. But I guess that’s the point of bidding and you really have to be on the ball and awake at that time to do your bidding. I usually use the “buy out” option as well or just bid on things that aren’t very well-known (I’m awful at bidding wars).

        Reines des Fleurs has a pretty standard concept. I’ve been translating all the character profiles and I only have two characters left ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ and that’s really where most of my interest is. I’ve heard that WoF had good characterization though and it’s very popular so the same group shouldn’t do too badly with a new project.

        Haha, my Hirunaka no Ryuusei fever has definitely calmed down, especially now that I can’t find as many edits and things to post but it’s still there in my mind. I couldn’t restrain myself from buying all the volumes so I’ll probably re-read the entire thing again in Japanese (maybe pick on a few clues or something about the endgame couple). It really stands apart and above all other manga for me (maybe even edging out over Dengeki Daisy in terms of realism and plot bunnies).

        Mm, I can definitely understand getting swept up in the torrent of new games and shiny things. I’ve been going back to a few old things though and it’s been nice to just enjoy them at a slow pace |D;; I really shouldn’t be saying that when Diabolik Lovers is going to reach its anniversary at this rate though. If only I had more time (the endless wish).

    Sena said:
    March 3, 2014 at 13:46

    Also, I’m extremely amused that Kondou is officially on the bias list (^3^♪ (since I went and checked like the crazy I am)

    Sena said:
    March 3, 2014 at 09:46

    Hey, you finished it (and now I finally know what Wasurenagusa-related thing you said you were working on)! お疲れ様~

    I shall look forward to reading this once I’m not at work, haha.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 5, 2014 at 00:21

      ありがとう!Haha, I actually came up with this idea one day before Valentine’s and then I realized there was no way I could possibly finish in time… I had hoped to get it up on the last day of February, but well… Anyway, I hope you enjoy his CD more than his first!

      Yep, I removed Kirite because while I like him I don’t adore him or anything. I’ve decided to organize people on my bias list by characters that I can just instantly write a 1000+ word essay on |D;; and Kondou is one of those characters. (He’s also one of those leader-type and in power characters that I seem to like… oops).

        Sena said:
        March 5, 2014 at 10:35

        I did enjoy the Kekkonroku CD more! It lived up to what you said about it. I wouldn’t say I grew to like him enough to consider him a bias, but I did like him a lot from this, almost amazingly so.

        I actually didn’t even mind Kotetsu as much this time around (which was my main gripe in Mokuhiroku) because I feel like it represented that warrior part of him that wanted to protect everyone precious to him and restore peace to Japan in such turbulent times. I think it especially struck because he came from such a humble start and being a warrior and living by the sword was just his way of life and an integral part of him. I suppose that’s why I also kind of felt like Track 8 would have been a good place to end in a way. It’s not that I wanted him to die, per se, but it would’ve help so much meaning if he did (especially because he died in real life). I really liked seeing his inner conflict over his ideals and desires and what-not too. I think it was great how they mention his view of how peace could happen from victory from either side. It really touched on his wish for peace but that he couldn’t turn away from his current path regardless.

        When he talked about all the captains in Track 5, it was so adorable and heart-wrenching because he talked about them with such nostalgia and affection. And it was so bittersweet because they can’t return to the way things were back then. In Track 7, when the obi thing came up, since it was only a short pause, I didn’t have enough time to think about what would happen so I might have had a small hope that she was wearing it, but then when he completed the sentence I was like…of course. It’s Rejet. Of course she’s not wearing it. What was I thinking? I was so caught up with the obi, it was like my usual deduction skills tapered off and I didn’t consider that he would lie and leave her when she was sleeping since he had so gently said before that he wasn’t cruel enough to not wake her up. AND THEN HE LEFT. KONDOU, WHY???

        These CDs will be the death of me. Really.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 10, 2014 at 01:36

        “I think it was great how they mention his view of how peace could happen from victory from either side.”

        Oh god, that sentence right there SO MUCH. I was very impressed with the mature theme that Rejet was going over here and how they don’t exactly romanticize the Shinsengumi. I mean, in part, they are already romanticized with how bishounen they all look and this secretive romance setting but I love how they don’t push the aspect of the Shinsengumi being these tragic but noble men. In Kondou’s track, it cut straight to the core of war and how both sides are fighting for what they believe in and what they think is right. They are both fighting for peace… but they just end up getting there through a different path and set of values/beliefs.

        I’m pretty sure all the strangers who were around me while I was listening to Track 7 for the first time thought I was crazy or something because I had the biggest “NO YOU DIDN’T FUAJDKGJKHJ” expression on me. First the obi thing made me hiss at Rejet to no tomorrow and then, because Kondou had always been sweet and loyal and sincere, I GOT TRICKED WITH HIM PROMISING NOT TO LEAVE. I was like “Oh thank god he promised not to snea–…….. gdi Rejet”.

        I just hope that at least one of their new CD releases will have such a great story as this one did _(:3/ <)_ Bad Medicine, Vanquish Brothers, and Alice=Alice has me kind of side-eyeing them.

        Sena said:
        March 10, 2014 at 11:41

        I get what you mean. I liked the concept for many reasons, but besides the whole romance set-up, they really didn’t try to pretty it up. It is (so very) tragic, but not in the way the Shinsengumi could and have been portrayed in pop culture, and I wouldn’t say they make them seem noble, which I agree is nice. They kind of present them in a certain light and one that seems to make sense with the times. They’re not bad people either, but you can see their struggles and what it does to them and how they break down and try to live their lives a certain way and it just feels very realistic.

        Haha, like I just talked about in the other post, I have decided it’s pretty silly for me to try and listen to these outside, so I think I’ll stick to listening to them at home, haha. I don’t want to risk exclaiming my feelings out loud, which I might do.

        I also got tricked. I totally believed him when he said he wouldn’t be cruel enough to leave and then he left. Damn it. I almost feel like it was worse than the obi, but in reality, I think it felt worse because it happened right after it pretty much so I still wasn’t over it.

        I hope so too. I admit that I’m semi-interested in some of the series because of the seiyuu, but I’m not super drawn in by the story premises.

        Also, I probably should have written to you earlier when I was actually experiencing each CD (since I did Hijikata, Heisuke, Shinpachi, and Saitou’s CDs all between Saturday and Sunday) because although I still feel it, the intense reaction feelings are gone, but yeah. Ummmmm…I’m definitely Saitou biased. I don’t know if you listened to his Kekkonroku CD yet. BUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED. I won’t say anything else in case you didn’t though…I was actually thinking of trying to translate his CD. My method for listening to these CDs was really just listening and pausing to look up words I didn’t know and then continuing, but I feel like out of all the CDs, I did this weekend, Saitou’s was probably the one I understood the most (or this could just be my bias speaking). My method obviously means sometimes I missed things or might not have gotten everything, but I actually feel like I caught more the second time I listened to it (yeah…I listened to that two times already…) and if I work with the words I have learned from this series and the words I need to look up (again since I didn’t save them/need to clarify my understanding of them), I might be able to pull it off. If I don’t die from embarrassment since these CDs are rather uh…steamy at times, haha.

        I just realized I use a lot of parenthesis when I type. Sorry if that’s confusing or hard to read. I type similarly to the way I talk, and I talk gigantic paragraphs in one breath so my typing also tried to fit a lot of into in one sentence I think.

    TC said:
    March 2, 2014 at 21:14

    It’s been my assumption that the happy reunions at the end of some of the Kekkonroku volumes are actually the two of them being reunited in the afterlife. But maybe that’s just me

      Ilinox responded:
      March 5, 2014 at 00:25

      The last tracks have always been a bit confusing for me. If I remember correctly, Okita’s sounded like they were meeting in Heaven. However, in Hijikata’s last track the heroine is reading a letter that Hijikata wanted her to read if he died and then he kicks up a minor fuss about her reading that because he didn’t intend on her reading it unless he was dead. So that’s makes me wonder a bit…

      In Kondou’s case he apparently came back all changed and tortured so ;;;; unless he’s in heaven with those scars because those were the last things on him when he died it kind of seems like they’re still alive. I think it could be interpreted as them meeting in heaven though if you really wanted them to be _(:3/ <)_ that would be really bittersweet.

      When I re-read the last track I feel a little bit better towards it because he didn't escape unharmed to live a happy life with her, but considering all the tracks before that last track was him talking about the conflict of his duties to the Shinsengumi and his ideal for peace against his love for the heroine… it didn't feel like it delved enough into what he had to sacrifice if he was going to live with the heroine. They just kind of wipe it off as "I no longer have any responsibilities and I'm going to make a fresh start", which is a bit ???? you don't just erase your dreams and ideals like that.

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