Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Shu ~

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Sakamaki Shu (逆巻 シュウ)
CV: Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海 浩輔)

Shu is the eldest of the brothers in the Sakamaki family. He comes off as being lethargic and disinterested in everything and anything but, as like all his other brothers, this personality came from an event in his past. He can be surprisingly sadistic and perverted. Also, underneath his lethargy, he can be quite cunning.

(I CAN’T BELIEVE WE DID IT. I finally collected all the vampires and this concludes my Diabolik Lovers journey. I won’t be playing More Blood or Dark Fate. Moreover, can you seriously believe it’s been two years since I started this game? LOL. I’ve finally completed Eva’s request from my blog’s first anniversary though ;;; SERIOUSLY THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE).

Yui decides to pick Shu, which makes him blink in surprise before he grumbles about how troublesome this will be. She notes that he doesn’t seem to be a very motivated person… but at least compared to the others he comes off as being more decent. Ayato growls and asks her why she picked Shu; she has bad taste in addition to being flat-chested.

Laito agrees and warns her that although Shu is often unmotivated, he can actually be quite “amazing”. Shu snorts before telling them to shut up. He shrugs languidly though and admits that he’ll welcome a delicious meal that has tumbled into his lap without him having to do anything. If she wants him to drink her blood then… she’ll have to present her neck to him by herself.

She stiffens at his words and then wonders exasperatedly in her mind how unmotivated a person can be. Although, she realizes that she’s saved in this way. Anyway, Shu calls out to everyone else and tells them to listen well; if they raise a hand to this girl… well… they can do whatever they want. LMFAO HEY YOU. But killing her is a no go.

Kanato tilts his head and asks why. Shu rubs the back of his neck in frustration and tells them that he doesn’t know, only that “that person” told them to treat their guest hospitably. Yui tells him exasperatedly to say that earlier! He replies that it was troublesome, leaving her to gape at him. Ayato frowns and wonders what that bastard is thinking; why do they need to treat this boring little human girl politely?

Subaru growls out about how that bastard is an eyesore all around. Reiji comments on Subaru’s impudent talk and tells him to kill that man if he wishes, or more like if he dares to defy that person. Subaru snarls viciously and curses before promising to kill that guy one day… him and everyone else. Laito ponders out loud about how there seems to be a hidden meaning. He wonders what that person may be planning.

Kanato realizes that he’s implying it might have something to do with Yui. Laito shrugs in answer because he doesn’t understand how that person thinks at all. Yui tells them that she isn’t following, but Ayato just tells her to be silent because this is a family problem. But she wonders if this person that they are talking about is the church person that her father spoke about.

In that case, why is that person connected with the vampires here? Also, where did the talk about her relative go? At any rate, Shu concludes the topic by saying that they can’t kill her. He also doesn’t want them to get in his way and act noisily. Yui decides that she needs to contact her father somehow and escape this place. Moreover, how in the world did things become this ridiculous?


In the living room Yui thinks on her situation and, putting aside that it couldn’t be helped since she was threatened, she can’t just acknowledge that she’s a vampire’s food. She feels like she’s in a nightmare. She asks God out loud why he is giving her this kind of trial.

Suddenly, Shu calls out to her and she screams in surprise. He frowns before calling her a noisy woman and then he chides her on jumping up and down in the house, since the floor will be worn out. If the house is damaged then “that person” will be annoying. She wonders if by “that person” he means Reiji.

He notices her staring at him and asks her flatly if something is the matter. She shakes her head before asking him what he is doing since he is wearing his uniform at night. He furrows his brows in confusion before pointing out that they have school right now. She’s surprised that they have school this late at night.

But then the door opens and Reiji enters with a frown as he notes that they are still in this spot. Yui greets him with a polite smile but then notices that he is also in a uniform. Shu mutters that the annoyance has arrived. Reiji orders Shu in a curt voice to hurry up and get in the car, because he will not forgive Shu for disgracing them if they are made late by him. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: SHU AND REIJI’S RELATIONSHIP IN A NUTSHELL.

Shu just grunts in acknowledgment and walks off. Yui tries to call out to him to wait, but he is gone before she can stop him. Reiji’s voice is calmer as he asks Yui to also be quick about her preparations. She asks him hesitantly what he means by preparations. She notes out loud that the two of them are wearing their uniforms even though it is late… do they have something to do at school?

Reiji frowns and asks her what nonsense she is spouting because their school is starting now. Her eyes widen as she tries to understand what he means. He explains that Ryoutei Academy is a high class night school for those who cannot study in the morning. Did she not know even that much? She stutters out an apology for not knowing.

She didn’t realize there was a school like that… and she left the procedure of transferring schools all to them, so she didn’t know anything. She asks him if they are attending night school because they are vampires? DING DING HERE’S A COOKIE. Reiji tells her that it is useless to inquire into these unnecessary things.

Once again, he orders her to prepare quickly and then to come to the lobby. In 10 minutes the limousine will depart. Her eyes widen at that time limit and she excuses herself hastily to prepare. She has to hurry because she doesn’t want to be late on her first day!

Scene skip! In the hallway at school, Yui finds herself exhausted despite the fact that she’s just attending school. But the people at school seem to be relatively normal… she thinks she can do well here. Moreover, even though there was talks about sucking her blood, Shu doesn’t seem to be interested at all in her. Her smile brightens on her face as she fantasizes about even being released without anything happening.

She decides that, as much as possible, she’ll try to pass the time without angering anyone. Suddenly, a female student calls out to her and Yui blinks in surprise at being addressed. The girl confirms that Yui is the transfer student into their class, right? Yui nods in confirmation and then introduces herself. The girl returns the greeting before broaching the topic of having seen Yui when she arrived… and she’s wondering what relation she has with the six Sakamaki brothers.

Yui is startled by the question but answers that, due to circumstances, she’s Shu’s… The female student pounces on that and asks her what is going on with Sakamaki Shu. Yui’s expression becomes more guarded as she asks the girl if there is any significance with Shu. The girl blurts out that of course there is! The Sakamaki brothers are famous!

She goes on to say that, moreover, Sakamaki Shu speaks to no one and it is said that he is the master of the music room. Yui blinks in confusion at that last title and the girl nods before explaining that he skips nearly all his classes and is always in the music room. Yui blinks in surprise before deciding that she shouldn’t pass by too closely to the music room then.

Anyway, the girl also asks Yui in a conspiring whisper if it isn’t amazing to be arriving to school together with the Sakamaki brothers. LADY… YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND THE SCENES. Once again she asks Yui excitedly about what kind of relationship she has with them. Yui gives a polite but stiff smile because she realizes that she can’t say that she’s living together with them as their food.

And then the girl asks slowly that she doesn’t think this is possible but… could it be that she is one of their… lovers? Yui turns bright red at that and blurts out a hasty denial. The girl eyes her speculatively. Yui asks her hesitantly what that look is for, but the girl just tells her that if she ever wants to tell the truth then Yui can secretly tell her and she won’t tell anyone else.

Yui turns even redder and whispers frantically that she already denied it! The girl tells Yui not to be embarrassed and then excuses herself. Yui is left to stare after her and feeling as if a huge misunderstanding just took place. At any rate, she’ll make sure not to approach the music room.

Suddenly, someone asks her cheerily if there’s something wrong with the music room. Yui screams in surprise and Laito pouts at how mean she is; she doesn’t need to be that scared. She recognizes him as one of the brothers and hesitantly says his name. He nods to confirm that she’s got it right and then asks her excitedly what she was doing spacing out here. If she has free time, won’t she play with him?

She blinks in surprise but then hesitantly denies him because she doesn’t really… But Laito just smiles and decides that she can be free right now then and then she’ll have to play with him! She shakes her head and tells him that she still has classes! He waves off the thought of classes because those don’t matter and he thinks the lesson between their bodies is more important, wouldn’t she say so? OH MY GOD. I THOUGHT I ESCAPED THIS GUY.

Her mouth drops open in shock at his words and he calls her cute for being so embarrassed. Anyway, he asks her to come with him because he knows a nice and empty room. As he reaches for her though Yui realizes that she needs to run away. She blurts out that she’s busy and then excuses herself hastily. Laito’s eyes widen as he watches her escape.

Yui runs away and enters a random room before shutting and locking the door. She pants heavily and in relief for having been able to run away. She’s frightened at having been attacked at school though. But then she looks around her surroundings and realizes in horror that this place… is… She was flustered when running and she didn’t notice when she entered this room but this is the music room!

She can hear music… someone is in here. C… Could it be… Shu? Shu asks her what she wants. She yelps in surprise and he cracks open an eye to glare at how noisy she’s being. She blurts out his name when she notices him lying on the ground… sleeping… UM. THIS GUY WORRIES ME LMFAO. AT LEAST SLEEP ON THE DESKS GEEZ. THE PIANO!?

He asks her what that strange expression is on her face. She opens and closes her mouth as she tries to think of something to say, and so he rises onto his feet and asks her what business she has. She replies hesitantly that she doesn’t really have any business…

She wonders if she should try to talk about something and so she starts to stutter something out, but Shu turns his back and snaps out that if she doesn’t have any business then she can leave. She’s annoying and he could care less about anything to do with her. She flinches back at his words, but he goes on to say that it looks like his younger brothers want her blood and body irresistibly. He, however, would like to not be lumped together with them.

Moreover, if she is trying to use her body to somehow aim for the influence of the Sakamaki family then it’s useless to come to him. He has no interest in the family. Is she still okay with that? Yui replies that she doesn’t really understand what he’s saying but what does he mean by “useless”? He frowns at how she doesn’t even understand that much, because explaining is troublesome.

She doesn’t see the connection with her… though? Shu points out that it doesn’t matter in that case. She protests to that but he informs her that talking is tiring and he’s already conveyed everything he wants to her. EVERYTHING IS TIRING TO YOU *THROWS HANDS UP*. She sighs as he realizes that he really has no motivation.

But, when says that it is useless, does that mean that he isn’t going to do anything to her? She smiles and decides to tell him politely that it was nice to meet him then. He blinks in surprise and asks her if she’s implying that she is choosing him even still? He mutters about how strange she is. She maintains a smile as she asks if he really thinks that because she doesn’t think so…

He is silent. She calls out his name questioningly. He doesn’t respond and closes his eyes. She wonders if this means that any further conversation is impossible. She decides to quietly excuse herself then. No answer from him. She isn’t quite sure what to make of him yet but he seems the most likely to release her without doing anything to her, so long as she can get along with him. HE’S MET HIS QUOTA OF SOCIALIZING TODAY.

*** DARK 01 ***

On the rooftop of the school Yui realizes that, despite all her attempts, she has been spending a lot of time together with Shu. But because he’s always listening to his music, she hasn’t been able to make any conversation. I CAN ACTUALLY HEAR TWO BGM TRACKS TOO LMFAO THE OP MUSIC AND THE GAME ONE. It feels like she isn’t even registering on his senses.

She isn’t too upset though because this is better than having anything done to her. And throughout all her inner thoughts, Shu has been completely silent. However, she does feel like this complete silence is a bit painful. She pastes on a smile and calls out to him. He turns down his music and asks her in an annoyed but tired tone what she wants. She tries to ask him if he, and his brothers, are really vampires.

He asks her if she is an idiot for asking them that at this point in time. She apologizes hastily. He stares at her in silence and she flinches at the realization that she can’t continue the conversation any longer. Maybe she should stop. But she decides to go on and ask him if they can turn into bats then and fly in the sky. He pauses before raising an eyebrow in astonishment.

But she’s on a roll now and she presses on to ask if they hate garlic and if they turn to ash when touched by sunlight. Is that why they attend a night school like Ryoutei Academy? Shu rubs the back of his head in frustration and sighs heavily before muttering about how she really is an idiot. She takes offense to that because being told that someone is a vampire isn’t anything norma-…

He interrupts to tell her flatly that he won’t die if he eats peperoncini and he can fly without needing to turn into a bat. Incidentally, if she had wanted to kill him, he will have to inform her sadly that he can go out into the middle of the afternoon without turning to ash. A faint smirk appears as he tells her that he won’t die from something that small.

She blurts out that she hadn’t been thinking about killing him… He eyes her thoughtfully but then ends up shrugging because he could care less. He informs her that the vampire folklore in the world is just the worthless delusions of humans, and then he asks her not to interrupt his time with such trivial things. She apologizes because that hadn’t been her intention…

In her mind she confirms to herself that communicating with this person really is difficult. Suddenly, the school bell rings and she points out that the afternoon classes are going to start. She only hears soft breathing from him though. Is he… asleep? She shakes him lightly and calls for him to wake up because classes are going to start! He cracks open an eye and grunts out that she’s annoying.

She apologizes in a stutter but tells him that the bell to signal the start of class is going to ring. He tells her exasperatedly that it’s not something he needs to know; right now he is at the part where the soloist plays and he doesn’t want to be interrupted. HEY THAT’S JUST LIKE ME. GOTTA FINISH THIS SONG FIRST BEFORE I DO ANYTHING ELSE. She shakes him again and lectures him on how he mustn’t fall asleep here.

Yui points out angrily that he’ll need to repeat a year like this! He opens his eyes, which had been closed, and informs her that it would be none of her business if he had to repeat a year or dropped out of school. She tries to protest but his voice becomes flat as he tells her that her hypocrisy and kindness is an eyesore. Can she disappear?

She frowns helplessly at his words but then thinks about how she might be released out of thanks from the Sakamaki family if she can prevent him from having to repeat a year. ARE YOU SERIOUS GURL? THEY’RE OVER HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD… HE DOESN’T NEED YOUR HELP. She gathers her determination because she’s going to make him feel gratitude towards her!

And so she tells him that they’re going to go to class, and she’ll even pull him there! She tugs at him but realizes abruptly that she can’t drag a man by herself. Shu narrows his eyes and asks her what she’s doing. She’s a strange one. She pleads with him to just stand up. He grumbles about how strange she is and then asks her if she really wants him to go to class that badly.

She nods and tells him that she wants the people she is with to do their best. His lips curl faintly at how she feels a social obligation for that. What a troublesome girl. She snaps back that it doesn’t matter if he finds it troublesome or anything, but skipping classes is not allowed! He hums thoughtfully. She asks him if this means that he’ll attend class then? PORNSAX BGM IS PLAYING GIRL… THAT MEANS NOTHING GOOD IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

He smiles slowly and tells her that he’ll head to class if she gives him a kiss. KGHJSKGKH WHAT. W-WHAT. Her eyes widen in surprise. What?! He asks her if she didn’t hear him, because he doesn’t want to have to tell her that it’s troublesome to repeat himself. She hastily tells him that she did hear him! B-But… a kiss…! She blurts out that his bargain is strange!

Shu’s voice is uninterested if he asks her if she won’t do it then. She tells him loudly that obviously she won’t! He shrugs and tells her that he won’t attend classes then. Her mouth drops open before she asks him not to say such selfish things. He doesn’t respond to her words and she realizes that he’s just staring blankly up at the sky. It looks like he’ll really just remain like this if she doesn’t kiss him…

But… to just suddenly kiss someone who she doesn’t like or even know… Shu finally tells her in a voice strained with annoyance that if she won’t do it then she should leave. He’s going to sleep here. She realizes that if she leaves him here then he’s going to skip classes. What should she do? She forces out the words through her mouth and confirms again that he’ll go to his classroom if she kisses him.

He smirks again and orders her to be quick about it then. She nods shakily and realizes that she can’t do anything but prepare herself and kiss him. She asks him to close his eyes and then she shuts her own eyes before whispering that she’ll kiss him now. He sighs and tells her to just hurry up and do it. She quickly leans forward and pecks him. He doesn’t respond. NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?! HUH!? щ(゚Д゚щ).

As she thought, maybe kissing him on the cheek wasn’t good enough…? He starts to walk off though, which leads her to call out to him in confusion. Shu turns around and spits out that her kisses are extremely bad. WOAH THERE NO NEED TO SOUND SO ANGRY. YOU COULD ALWAYS… TEACH ME *WAGGLES EYEBROWS*.

Her eyes widen but then he exits through the door. He kept his promise and got up after the kiss. But… it felt a bit too easy. In addition, he threw in some awfully rude words too! But she realizes that she should try to get herself released quickly without holding too much interest. She exhales loudly to erase her negativity, but then the bell rings and she realizes in embarrassment that she’s the one who is going to be late!

*** DARK 02 ***

Yui notices the time in her room and decides to check on the hot water of her bath. This house is old but their bath is extravagant and she really likes it! She smiles happily and wonders what kind of bathing powder to add in today. She enters the bathroom and decides on lemon grass bath salts. But then she hears very familiar music…

Could it be… Shu is breathing softly in sleep and her face turns bright red before she asks him loudly what he’s doing in the bath. He continues to sleep but then slips under the water. OH MY GOD… She runs up to the bath to call out and ask if he’s okay. He’s not a drunkard to slip under and drown in the bath!

She shakes him forcefully and asks him to wake up. He opens his eyes with a groan of displeasure. She sighs in relief, but then Shu murmurs 「何だ、あんたか。地獄の門番かと思った。」(What, it’s just you. I thought it was the gatekeeper to hell). THAT WAS EITHER THE HIGHEST INSULT EVER OR A COMPLIMENT LMFAO. She angrily asks him who he is calling hell.

A smirk appears on his face as he mumbles out that she has the face of a demon. She growls out that she’s not a demon! And then advises him not to fall asleep in the bath or else he’ll drown. But then Shu calls her a lecher and asks her where she’s looking. She asks him exasperatedly what he’s talking about because he’s wearing clothes! Moreover, she didn’t come in here because she wanted to peek on him!

He asks her what she’s doing then. She tells him that she came here to bath and, in fact, she should be asking him why he’s here since his room has a bathtub. He answers simply that his bathtub didn’t have hot water. She points out that it is because he didn’t fill it up with hot water, duh. But he continues on to say that he came to this bath and noticed that it was full of hot water and so he got in.

She shuts her eyes in exasperation, feeling a headache oncoming, as she tells him to fill up his own bath with hot water if he wants it. She would like to enter the bath now and so she wants him to get out! He tilts his head and asks her if she wants to get him up out of the water. She nods strongly and tells him that she also wants to enter the bath! He smiles in amusement and asks if she is going to pull him out of the bath.

Yui pauses to blink in surprise at his words and he sighs heavily at how annoying she is. She can’t believe that he finds it too troublesome to get up out of the bath by himself. He shrugs and tells her that he is going to sleep here then. He sinks back into the water and she yelps at how he went under again. He’s going to drown! I WORRY A LOT FOR THIS BOY LMFAO.

He surfaces again and asks her why she is so terrified, plus he would like her not to be so noisy in the bathroom. It echoes. She snaps out that it is natural for her to be surprised! But Shu ruffles the back of his head and points out that it has nothing to do with her if he drowns himself here, right? In fact, it would actually be convenient for her. Honestly, he finds it annoying having to plunge his fangs into someone’s neck every single time.

She wonders if he is always like this… ALL I CAN HEAR IS “BUT I’M LE TIRED”. She can’t see any energy from him in living. At any rate, she points out that he was the one who she chose and so it will be troubling to her if he dies. Moreover, she also wants to take a bath and she doesn’t want to get into a bath with a dead person.

His expression is full of amusement as he asks her if she is going to drag him out so that he doesn’t drown and die. She can’t believe he’s saying that again… He frowns and tells her that he doesn’t want to say it more than once, because it’s troublesome. If she doesn’t want to do anything then she should hurry up and leave because she’s a bother. She notes that if she leaves then she won’t be able to take a bath.

It looks like she has no choice. She orders him to give her his hand. He obeys her quietly and she pulls on him with all her strength. As he gets up she realizes that he’s soaked to the skin and she’s a bit troubled as to where to look! A flush appears on her cheeks. But then Shu closes his eyes and mumbles that he’s sleep, causing her to hurriedly ask him not to lean against her like that!!

His chuckles lazily into her ear and asks her why she is turning red. As he thought, she came here to see his skin, didn’t she? She squeaks out that he’s completely wrong. But he only smirks and notes that she really did want to see him. She’s a pervert for wanting to see a man’s bathing scene. She denies that profusely but he points out that her face is red.

In her mind, she screeches out that it is because there is a man right in front of her who just got up from the bath! She’s embarrassed! At any rate, Shu asks her what she is going to do now then. Is she going to ravage him? She tells him that she wouldn’t do such a thing.

He chuckles lowly 「クスクス・・・じゃ、あんたは俺の裸を妄想しながら、残り湯に浸かるといいさ。」(Hehe… then, you can soak yourself in the remaining water while daydreaming about me naked). I CAN’T BELIEVE… HOW CAN THIS GUY BE PARADOXICALLY SUPER LAZY BUT SO TEASINGLY PERVERTED.

Shu walks off in his dripping wet clothes. She yells after him and asks him what he means. Yui sighs because she suddenly feels exhausted and, because she’s entering the bath with her heart pounding, she doesn’t think it’ll be able to ease her exhaustion.

*** DARK 03 ***

Yui is passing through the living room and decides that she should be sleeping soon. She pauses in surprise when she sees Shu and inquires as to why he is still up and awake. But there’s no answer, leading her to realize that he must be completely absorbed in the world of music… as usual. But then she notices that, unusually, there’s no music leaking out from his earphones.

He has a small smile on his face and she thinks that he looks very absorbed in it… it makes her wonder what he’s listening to. Suddenly, she’s hit upon the idea that she’ll be able to make conversation with Shu if she talks about music, and so she calls out to him. UH… I’D COMPLIMENT YOU FOR FINDING A COMMON TOPIC BUT YOU COULD HAVE CHOSEN A BETTER TIME.

There is no response, and so she calls out his name loudly and sharply. Shu cracks open his eyes and sighs heavily as he realizes that it is her again. She asks him what he is listening to. He tells her that it is none of her business, isn’t it. She explains that he looked very absorbed and so she was curious. What song was it? He approaches her and says that if she is that curious then he’ll lend her an earphone. She can listen to it herself.

She thanks him and takes one of the earphones to place in her ear. She’s almost brimming with curiosity about what he was listening to. And the moment she does, she hears the heavy breathing of a woman and giggling. Yui turns bright red and scrambles away from Shu before asking in a screech what that was. L M F A O IS HE LISTENING TO R18 DRAMA CDS?

T-That was the voice of a woman… right? Why was he… Shu tilts his head and explains to her that it was obviously music, or does she not understand even that much? She glares at him and blurts out that it can’t possibly be called music. His lips curl in disdain as he tells her that it is unsightly to decide that with such self-righteousness.

At her look of confusion, he explains that the singing voice of a woman entwined with the pleasures of the body is the best; no better or less than Stravinsky’s Rondo. She can see that he’s saying these things seriously but… she tells him that she doesn’t understand it. He shrugs and tells her that he could care less about that because he doesn’t want to know her sense of morals.

(´~`) FEELING A BIT ANNOYED AT YUI HERE BECAUSE SHU IS RIGHT. WHAT RIGHT DOES SHE HAVE TO JUDGE HIS MUSICAL TASTES, SO LONG AS HE’S NOT HURTING ANYONE. She realizes once again that he really does have no interest in other people. She wonders if he always listens to this when music isn’t leaking out from his earphones.

She hesitantly calls out his name again, and he asks her in a voice tinged with frustration what she wants now. She asks him if he has others. He blinks in surprise and asks what she means. She asks him if he has others of that kind of “music”. He raises an eyebrow and asks her if she wants to listen to more? She seems to like them, huh.

Yui hurriedly dissuades him of the idea by saying she doesn’t. She’s just wondering about the sales of these things. She hasn’t seen them in CD stores or anything and so she’s wondering if he bought it from the net. His eyes crinkle in amusement before he chuckles briefly, making her frown and ask him what the matter is. He just shakes his head and comments on how interesting she is.

He asks her why she is so interested in the distribution of this. She protests and says that she’s perfectly normal, and he’s the one who is greatly weirder. He hums thoughtfully before informing her that it is foolish to try and understand him with human common sense. She has the feeling that it would be better for her not to understand him more deeply but…

Yui tells him that she’s going to head off to sleep now and wishes him good night. He only laughs softly, which leads her to ask him what the matter is. He’s still smirking as he asks her if, by listening to this right before she sleeps, she was intending to indulge in some dirty dreams. *CHOKES ON AIR* IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY TO HAVE DIRTY DREAMS SHU. TRUST ME I’VE TRIED WITH R18 DRAMA CDS *BRICKED*.

She yells out that she wouldn’t possibly do such a thing! He points out that her face is red. Did he hit the mark? She snaps out that he’s mistaken and stomps away. She finds herself feeling exhausted but she won’t forget his teasing!

*** DARK 04 ***

Reiji passes through the living room and pauses to ask Yui if she is a reader when he notices her flipping through a book. She looks up and smiles before answering that she is and she was borrowing a book from their library. He nods before saying that he had thought he had seen the front cover before, and it turns out he was correct. Yui tells him that, unfortunately, because it is not in Japanese she cannot understand what is written in it, but the illustrations are beautiful.

He shakes his head and says that it is no good for her not to be able to read German. She nods thoughtfully upon finding out what language the book is in. And then Reiji offers to teach her it tonight if she is agreeable. Her eyes widen at his offer and he smiles before promising that he’ll teach her strictly and gently, and improve her language to the level of a native in one month. HOLY… TEACH ME REIJI SO LONG AS YOU DON’T PUNISH ME FOR MISTAKES.

She declines warily when she sees his smile widen and hears him crack his whip. She’s happy at the offer to be taught but she has the feeling she’d be hit with that whip if she were to get anything wrong… He frowns and thinks it is a pity. NOT GONNA LIE BUT I’M FEELING PRETTY FINE WHERE I AM THANKS.

Yui laughs weakly and then reminds him that Shu was the one she chose too so… she thinks it would be best if she wasn’t with other men apart from Shu. Isn’t that right, Shu? She turns to look at him but he’s just breathing softly. THANKS FOR THE BACK UP MISTER. She sighs in exasperation at how he’s sleeping. Reiji also sighs because he notices Shu’s legs stretched out on top of the sofa and there is an extent to how unrefined someone can be.

He calls out to Shu and orders him to move his feet. There is no response. Reiji continues on though and tells him to listen to people who are talking as he’s awake; that sofa is not some thing for him to get mud on from his shoes. Shu still does not response. Yui points out that he seems to be sleeping while listening to music and so she doesn’t think he’s even awake…

Reiji’s voice turns low and cold as he asks Shu how far he will go to treat people as stupid until he’s satisfied? He sighs loudly before turning to Yui and noting that her feelings of compassion seem insuppressible. She laughs awkwardly again before telling him that she’s just gotten used to it, and then she asks if this sofa is of high quality. Reiji informs her that he heard this sofa was made by a master craftsman in France in the 18th century and given to their house.

And so there is no way he will permit this man to dirty it. Yui is surprised by how precious this sofa appears to be. Reiji lips curl as he states that, furthermore, in the middle of this living room’s beautiful furnishings is an unsightly sleeping body which is destroying the harmony in this room. If this filth continues to sleep here then he will set him on fire by throwing him into the incinerator. ΣΣ(゚д゚lll).

Yui hurriedly holds out her hands and asks him to wait a minute. Isn’t that a little… extreme? Reiji tilts his head at her words. Extreme? Nonsense, it is only the proper to deal with filth by incineration. He frowns as he decides that even touching Shu is repulsive and he’ll have to call someone. I’M CRYING FROM LAUGHING SO HARD. HE IS SO /DISGUSTED/.

She can’t believe this person is serious! She quickly shakes Shu and calls for him to wake up. Shu’s face furrows but he still remains asleep and so she shakes him harder before yelling at him to wake up. Reiji notes that it looks like her actions were useless and so, as he thought, disposing of him is the best way. She pleads with him to wait because she’ll wake him up right now!

Once again she calls for Shu to wake up or else he’ll be thrown away. He finally opens his eyes and asks her what she wants in a grumble. She smiles in relief at how he’s awake before telling him that Reiji has said that he can’t sleep with his feet on the sofa. He continues to stare groggily at her and so she asks him to lower his feet from the sofa or else he’ll be thrown…

She yelps when he suddenly tugs her into him. What is he doing?! He murmurs that he’s grown cold while sleeping. At her look of confusion he smiles and asks her to warm him up. She turns red and asks him what he’s saying. Is he still asleep!? Besides, Reiji is watching…! Shu’s face is too close!

Reiji makes a noise of exasperation before snarling at this shamelessness. He orders Shu to release the girl immediately while calling him a rude man. Shu drawls out a no. Yui starts to ask him to let go but she’s interrupted when he gives her a quick kiss. W-What?! Why is he kissing her?! In the background Reiji chokes in surprise.

Yui pushes at him enough to separate their lips and then asks him in a flustered voice what he’s doing. He only chuckles lowly and asks her what she is getting angry for and that her blood pressure will rise. She splutters before telling him that she’s not mad but why did he… suddenly…!?

He drawls into her ear 「あんたは俺を選んだ。つまり、俺に何をされてもいいってことだろ?俺は自分のしたいようにする。あんたは黙って従えばいい。」(You chose me. In other words, you’re saying that you’re fine with whatever I do to you, right? Like treating you as mine. Just stay silent and obey). GFDJHKJAKJJSHGK *GURGLES* I WAS NOT PROPERLY PREPARED FOR THIS.

Reiji is trembling with rage as he spits out that Shu is not only a dirty brute from his actions and outward experience, but also from the bottom of his heart. Is it because he was spoiled as the eldest son? It is also the sin of the wet nurse and the others. No, he thinks that this is the nature of the person themselves and Shu has never had any character.

Shu rubs the back of his head and mutters that he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about at all. But he does find Reiji annoying and orders him to go elsewhere. Reiji snaps out that the eyesore here is him and he should hanging out under the floor where no one can see him. Shu’s voice is a lazy rumble as he refuses because it’s cold; if Reiji does not want to see him then he should leave.

Reiji snarls silently before calling Shu a parasite. Yui hesitantly tries to calm the both of them down. She finds it unusual for Shu to talk back like this though; and the same goes for Reiji who is usually coolheaded, but it looks like he’s intentionally trying to stab Shu. She’s realized that the brothers, from the start, do not have a good relationship with one another but these two especially… In fact, these two might just have the worst relationship out of all of them.

*** DARK 05 ***

Yui is cleaning up the church because, even though there aren’t any people, there is still quite a bit of dust. She believes that successor to this church will be arriving soon and she needs to make it pretty. She hasn’t contacted her father since then but she hopes he’s doing well… she’s worried.

At any rate, she smiles as she looks around at her work. She thinks it’ll be fine to have cleaned the dust up to this degree, but she’ll have to get a mop and wipe out the benches. There are still a lot of things to do, but this is a place to pray to God and cutting corners is forbidden. She cheers herself on and starts to look for a mop.

She’s smiling widely as she looks around at how clean it has become. It makes her feel great. But then, as she’s cleaning, she steps on something. It’s soft… she looks down to see Shu, who groans in pain. She yelps his name in surprise and he opens an eye to peer at her before muttering that he had just fallen asleep too… she’s a cruel woman.

Yui asks him what he is doing sleeping on the floor of a church. He answers lazily that it is obvious this place is quiet. Her mouth drops open at his answer before she hesitantly points out that he’s a vampire… isn’t he afraid of the cross? He snorts in amusement before saying that he isn’t because it is just a symbol. She adds that she’s also heard that vampires cannot enter a church.

He answers tiredly that those are superstitions. She starts to frown, but then he admits that churches aren’t places where they are comfortable but this place is the most quiet. In addition, there isn’t a catholic priest here and so no one will come, which makes this an ideal place to nap. She can’t believe he came into the church on those reasons. But then Shu narrows his eyes and orders her to move her foot.

She hurriedly does so and apologizes deeply. Once again he grumbles about how he had just fallen asleep and then was suddenly stepped on. She apologizes again and explains that she hadn’t thought someone would sleep here… Suddenly, Shu mentions the color light blue. At her look of confusion he elaborates and says that her panties are light blue. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS GUY. SERIOUSLY.

Yui angrily asks him why he looked at them! He continues on in an unhurried voice on how they aren’t a T-back; is she trying to put on airs of being an innocent? She is filled with outrage but she realizes that if she tries to argue with him here then it’ll just be a part of his plan. Instead, she changes the subject and asks him to properly wake up because this is a place to pray to God. It is not a place to doze.

He promptly refuses. She gapes at him before telling him that he can’t say that! She tries to make him get up but then he yanks her down. She yelps as she hits the ground before asking him quickly what he thinks he’s doing. Yui turns red though when he smirks and pins her down from above. She asks him not to do that and points out that he’s heavy.

But then Shu asks her to let him look at it properly. She splutters and asks what he’s talking about… He answers calmly that he wants to see her underwear to do a careful investigation on whether it suits her or not. She protests loudly and tries to ask him to stop. He exhales in amusement and points out that even though she’s acting as if she dislikes this, her hips are trembling. How lewd.

She turns even redder and yells out that she’s not doing that! He frowns and tells her not to be so annoyingly loud. If she is going to make some noises then at least make them good noises. She cries out at him not to touch her skirt as his hand lowers, but he tells her sharply to be silent. She realizes in fear that he’s going to strip her at this rate. She closes her eyes and pleads with him to stop again, but he only smiles and refuses.

Yui flinches at the ticklish sensation on her thighs. She shakes her head and asks him not to touch her, but he laughs and refuses again. She can’t believe he’s teasing her again! She begs him to stop because this is a church and God is watching… But Shu snorts in disbelief and declares that such a being does not exist.

Her eyes fly open at that and she asks him angrily what he’s saying. He frowns and points out that if God did exist, then is it not strange for him, and others like him, to exist as the very epitome of blasphemy? Yui has no retort for his words, and so he continues on to say that God is just a creation by humans to rinse away their own sins; it is nothing more than an excessive aggrandizement.

But he also adds that if God really does exist and decides to wipe them away from this world, he wouldn’t mind at all. She murmurs his name and wonders in shock if this is the way a vampire thinks. But the things he says… is somehow degenerate. She protests out loud that she believes in God! And that is why she’s asking him… to stop… He falls silent and then takes a step back. She calls out his name hesitantly and wonders if he understands her.

Shu suddenly declares that this has become troublesome and he’s returning home now. She blinks in surprise. He notices the look on her face and smirks before asking her if she wanted to be assaulted. She snaps back that there is no way she was wanting that. He rolls his eyes at how she’s so noisy; he orders her to go pray to her God. At any rate, he’s going to head back.

Much to her surprise he actually does walk off. It looked like he had only intended to tease her…? More importantly, she doesn’t understand what he is thinking at all.

*** DARK 06 ***

Yui finishes her dinner and gives her thanks for the food before deciding that, now that she’s full, she should spend some time reading a book. But she’s interrupted by the appearance of Ayato who calls out to her. She hesitates when she confirms that he’s addressing her because she doesn’t know how to handle him when he’s so violent. What does he want?

Ayato tells her that he’ll help her exercise to aid her digestion; he’s going to make her laugh. She warily declines and reminds him that she chose Shu. She hopes Shu doesn’t mind her using his name here like this. But then Shu appears and asks her calmly why she’s misusing the authority of his name like that. OOPS… FOUND OUT.

Yui blinks in surprise at his abrupt appearance, but then he goes on to tell Ayato to take her away if he wants her and he’ll even hand her off with a blessing. Ayato frowns and asks him to repeat what he just said. Shu merely smirks and points out that he wants her, right? In that case, he’s saying that Ayato can take Yui. He’s fine with Shu’s used goods, isn’t he. YOU SLY MAN.

Ayato snarls at Shu’s tone and smashes his fist down. Yui startles at his violence and asks him to stop, while Shu exhales and quietly calls Ayato a child. Yui asks Shu not to fan the flames. But in the end Ayato sneers and snaps out that he’s grown bored of this and he doesn’t want a shitty woman like her anyway. He’s withdrawing his request. In her mind, she thinks that she’s saved by this decision of his.

She tries to smile at him and suggests that he play with Laito and Kanato instead of her. Kanato frowns and refuses because Ayato is too violent; instead he wants to play with Yui. Ayato growls and asks Kanato to repeat what he just said, all the while calling him a hysterical bastard. Kanato cries out that he’s being bullied by Ayato. Laito shakes his head in amusement at how these two have started on it again.

He grins widely and invites Yui, calling her Bitch-chan, to leave these two and do some “pleasurable” things with him. Shu rubs the back of his neck in frustration and asks Laito what he, as a pervert, is saying. He finds them all annoying and wishes they’d leave. Kanato starts to cry and Yui watches him be dragged out by his brothers.

But then, once again, she advises Shu not to aggravate Ayato so much. He stares at her in silence and she realizes that he’s spacing out again. And then she notices that he hasn’t touched any of his food. She calls out his name, which makes him sigh heavily before asking her what she wants. She asks him if he is not going to eat his food because all the rest of the brothers have finished eating.

She points out that the food has gone cold too and he should hurry up and eat. He turns away and states that it’s troublesome. She repeats his words in astonishment and asks him if he’s referring to eating. He nods lazily. ME TOO SOMETIMES. FOOD JUST GETS SO BORING. She chides him and tells him that if he doesn’t eat then he’ll go hungry and that’s not good for his body.

But this also makes her wonder if vampires can eat food and use it as a replacement for sucking blood. Up until now, he hasn’t sucked her blood and they appear much different than the vampires of legend. For all she knows, normal food is fine for them. Shu informs her that holding a spoon is troublesome. She suggests that he eat the bread then because he won’t have to use a spoon.

He retorts that if he eats it with his bare hands then they’ll get dirty from the butter, and washing his hands is troublesome. ARE YOU SERIOUS LMFAO. She frowns as she realizes that everything to him is troublesome. He finds eating bothersome and he’s even a person who finds living annoying. She still continues trying though and points out that if he doesn’t eat anything then he’ll collapse.

Shu narrows his eyes speculatively and asks her if she wants him to eat that badly. She’s confused briefly by his words before she brightens up and tells him that she does! She thinks that eating is the source of being healthy. He hums in thought before smiling slowly at how strange she is; in that case though and since she’s saying these things, he wants her to feed him.

She blinks in surprise and points to herself questioningly. He nods before stating once again that if she will feed him then he will eat. She sighs in exasperation but realizes that it can’t be helped. He tilts his head and asks her if she’s intending to treat him like a child. She hurriedly shakes her head and tells him that if he is willing to eat then she’ll feed him, is what she’s saying.

He smiles again at how strange she really is. In her mind, she doesn’t agree since she finds him much more strange. At any rate, she decides to start with the soup first, which has gone cold and is not hot, so she wants him to drink it. He murmurs quietly that it’s delicious. She smiles brightly and urges him to try some then!

But then he leans in and bites her, causing her to wince in pain and drop the spoon. She asks him loudly why he bit her finger! He tells her that it was because her finger looked so delicious. She gapes at him, but he just reminds her that he is not a humans. Humans, to vampires, are just objects of prey and nothing more and she should know that.

She flinches as he tells her that she is his food. Now, what shall she feed him next? She stutters at that, which makes him only lean in closer and murmur lowly that her body… doesn’t look that bad. He chuckles darkly. She whispers at him not to joke like that, but he just continues to snicker. Yui can’t tell if he is joking or if he is serious. Which one is his true intention?

*** DARK 07 ***

Yui rushes to the entry hall, scolding herself for oversleeping. Everyone has gathered to depart for school together but she’s late! She clambers down the stairs and apologizes for being late. Reiji is the one to greet her by noting that she’s late, but he also adds that running is an act of no character. She winces at his harsh words and apologizes again.

Everyone has already entered the limousine. But then she notices that Shu doesn’t seem to be there. What is he doing since it is time for the limousine to depart. Reiji smiles coldly and tells her that they can leave the filth behind and go. It is best to leave him be. She points out worriedly that if he is absent too much then he might have to repeat a year…

Reiji only continues to smile and nods before pointing out that it would be fitting for a man like that. Yui protests weakly though because repeating a year a second time is a little… Reiji advises her that being warm hearted may ruin her one day. It is best to disregard someone like Shu.

She doesn’t know about that and, besides, she also doesn’t want Shu to be angry at her. She tells Reiji quickly that she’s going to go to Shu’s room and wake him up and asks them to wait a bit. Reiji shouts at her to stop because she should leave that ma-! She runs off before he can finish his sentence.

Yui reaches his room and knocks on his door before telling him that it is time to wake up. There is no answer. She knocks again but realizes that it is useless because there’s no response. It looks like it can’t be helped and she excuses herself as she enters his room. It is no surprise to her to find him sleeping. If she leaves him to continue sleeping like this then, without a doubt, he won’t go to school. She’ll need to wake him.

She approaches the side of his bed and shakes him while calling out for him to wake up. He furrows his brows before mumbling a refusal. She shakes her head and asks him to wake up again before tugging at his blankets. He cracks open his eyes and grumbles that it’s cold. She sighs in irritation before telling him that it’s time for school! He needs to wake up!

He grunts out that he doesn’t want to and he could care less about school. She looks troubled as she points out hat he needs to go to school properly… He smiles slowly before murmuring that her troubled face… isn’t so bad. She asks him angrily if he’s playing around by troubling her!

Shu shrugs nonchalantly before telling her that is exactly what a toy is. It would be nice if they didn’t break instantly though. She snaps out that she doesn’t intend to become his toy! Now, he needs to wake up! She grabs his hand and then freezes in surprise at how cold it is. His expression stiffens before he tells her flatly that he’s sluggish.

She points out that even if he is feeling sluggish he needs to get up. He gives a small smirk and informs her that if she wants him to go to school that badly then she needs to dress him. Her eyes widen in confusion, and so he elaborates by saying that she’s the one who wants him to go to school, right? In that case, she needs to do everything. She points out that she can’t do that much by herself though…

He tells her that he’ll go to school like this then and then spread throughout school that she was the one who told him to do this. He snickers as he knows that this will spread rumors about her being a splendid pervert. She glares angrily at him for saying those kind of things. His voice leeches itself of its amusement as he orders her to dress him then.

She swallows heavily before telling him that she understands, and so she asks him to stand for her. He gets up and starts to strip, which makes her cry out for him to wait with a blush on her face. He growls in annoyance and calls her an annoying woman. He can’t just strip like that and he needs to wear his pants properly!

Shu snaps out that it’s troublesome and she can also dress that for him. She hesitates and can feel her will to continue through this disappearing. She can’t believe she’s helping a man put on his pants. She stutters out that she’ll help him though and so she needs him to stand. He obeys her languidly and she prepares the pants before asking him to raise his foot and place it in.

But she also shuts her eyes and decides not to look in his direction. She can feel his heavy gaze on her and so she clenches her eyes shut even tighter. Shu finally calls out to her. As she peeks at him, she yelps in surprise when he pins her down. What is he doing!?

His voice is filled with dark amusement as he informs her that she won’t be able to turn her face away and finish this. She asks him with a stutter to stop and not to climb on top of her. His smirk widens as he murmurs that she looks like a pinned butterfly and even if she struggles she won’t be able to match him.

She opens her mouth to ask him to stop, but he silences her by sucking harshly at her neck. Shu’s voice is a growl as he tells her that her pale neck is sweet. If he were to bite down here, would her blood come gushing out? She pleads quietly with him to stop and wonders in fear if he’s going to drink her blood. She didn’t think he would suck her blood but…!

Yui closes her eyes tight and awaits his bite. But Shu pauses and stares at her seriously. He suddenly shoves himself off of her and she opens her eyes in confusion to see him standing a few paces away from her. He grunts out that it’s cold before ordering her to hurry up and dress him.

She’s taken aback by this abrupt change and can only stare at him in confusion. Shu sighs before asking her if she still wants to see his skin or something. Pervert. She snaps out that there is no way she wants that! She’ll dress him immediately! He gives a pleased smile at that, and she is left feeling confused by what this all means.

It really is hard to know what he’s thinking. Ever since she met Shu, he has been an inexplicable existence. He doesn’t care about living. He’s followed around by an air of decadence and yet, on the other hand, the hand she touched was cold. But he didn’t touch the blood that is running deep in her skin. Will a day come when she will offer this blood up to him? Or is she simply his mere toy; to be played with, and when broken, simply thrown away…?

*** DARK 08 ***

In the game room, Laito praises Subaru for being amazing. Each of his darts have struck the center. Subaru smirks and says that this much is certain and a person who can’t play darts doesn’t have the right to hunt humans. Laito snickers but he agrees. He asks for a turn at darts.

Subaru narrows his eyes and tells him that he’s playing with them right now and Laito can leave. Laito pouts and tells him that it’s not fair to monopolize it! He also comes up with the idea of having a match since everyone is here. Subaru is amused at the idea of a match. Does Laito think he can win against him? Laito smiles slowly at how much confidence Subaru seems to have.

They won’t know until they try. Laito also invites Ayato into their match. Ayato looks over at them and asks him if he is trying to pick a fight. Laito shakes his head in exasperation and tells him that it’s not a fight, it’s a match. Ayato is amused by this and agrees, but a match definitely needs a prize. Laito agrees thoughtfully and then suggests Bitch-chan to be the prize.

Yui’s mouth drops open in astonishment. Laito continues on to say that whoever wins at darts gets to do whatever they want to her; it’s unfair for Shu to have her all the time. Kanato pipes up and says that he’ll participate in that case, and then he asks Yui to play with him a lot since he is going to win. She can’t believe she’s being treated like a thing…

She glances over at Shu and asks him if he’s troubled by this. There is no answer. She sighs to herself as she realizes that he’s not listening. Ayato narrows his eyes though and asks Shu to participate. Shu rubs the back of his neck and asks why he should since it’s bothersome.

Reiji’s smirk is vicious as he asks Shu if he is alright with Komori Yui, having become the prize, being stolen from him by the winner. Shu shrugs and tells them to do whatever they want. Reiji loses the smile on his face as he admits that he thought Shu would say something like that; to flinch at even a game… the word coward was made for him.

Yui winces at those words and tries to tell him that he’s going a bit far… but Reiji interrupts her and tells her that she doesn’t know but Shu was spoiled ever since he was a child. He is a good-for-nothing that can’t do anything by himself. Shu straightens at that and stares hard at Reiji. But Reiji continues on to reassure Yui that he will definitely be the victor and he will save her from the evil influences of Shu’s degradation. WOAH THERE BITTER MUCH…?

She doesn’t know what to say to that, especially when he says “save”… since she doesn’t think her position will change much… Laito cheerily decides that it’ll just be the five of them since Shu is not participating. He asks Yui to pray for his victory. Kanato smiles widely and urges them to start.

But then Shu stands up from his chair and says lowly that he’ll join. JSHFKJHFG HOLY SHU’S VOICE IS SO FLAT HERE. LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST DEADLY COLD. Reiji smiles cruelly before pointing out that it is shameful to take back everything one said. Is he unwilling to part from the girl?

Shu mutters under his breath for Reiji to say whatever he wants, then he tells the rest of them to hurry up and start if they’re going to play. In her mind, Yui cheers strongly for Shu. Laito grins widely and brings down his hand to start the struggle for Bitch-chan.

In the end, Laito shakes his head in surprise. Kanato screams out angrily and asks why Shu was the one who won. Shu states with boredom that all of them are too weak. Reiji gnashes his teeth. Subaru grits his teeth but admits that Shu has skill. Ayato curses loudly because Shu’s just a lazy piece of shit. He kicks something before calling out for another match with Shu because this time was just a fluke. He’ll definitely win the next one!

Shu exhales sharply before telling them to stop complaining, then he calls out to Yui. She blinks in surprise and asks him what he wants. He orders her to come to him. He tugs her into him when she’s too slow and, ignoring her squeak of surprise, he notes that she smells especially delicious today for some reason. Is she aroused from being gambled as a prize?

Yui tries to deny that and, in her mind, she notices that Shu seems different from his usual atmosphere… what happened? She pales with fear and starts to stutter but this only makes him chuckle before he whispers to her that she’s trembling. She asks him what he intends to do but he only notes that, surprisingly, her frightened expression isn’t so bad.

She tries to deny being scared but he interrupts with a raised eyebrow and asks her why she’s trembling then, if he’s wrong. She opens and closes her mouth fruitlessly. Reiji interrupts with a strained voice and asks him to release her with those dirty hands. He wants Shu to be ashamed by pressuring her like that. I FEEL LIKE I’M IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE WITH REIJI PROTECTING YUI’S CHASTITY LMFAO. BUT I KNOW HE JUST WANTS TO OPPOSE SHU.

Shu tsks before hissing under his breath at how annoying Reiji is. He says, louder, that he’s the one who acquired her and so Reiji can just look on enviously. In the next moment, he tears at her clothing and Yui screams in surprise before asking him what he’s doing. Shu tells her that it’s obvious. She is the winner’s meal.

Her eyes widen at the words “meal”. Could he mean… blood!? He laughs leisurely as she realizes that she needs to run! She shoves at him, which surprises him but he doesn’t release his hold on her. She pushes at him again and asks him to release her. His voice is quiet as he advises her not to move; unless she wants her eyes to be stabbed with these…

She stiffens completely at the sight of the darts. He’s going to stab her eyes!? His voice is a rumble against her ear as he praises her for being obedient and still. It’ll be over soon… Reiji’s voice is full of panic as he asks Shu what he’s doing.

Shu raises his voice in irritation 「負け犬は黙ってろ・・・」(Losers should be silent…). SHU IS SHOWING MORE EMOTION HERE THAN HE HAS IN THE LAST 7 SCENES WOW. He bites down on the nape of her neck and drinks a mouthful of her blood before murmuring that it’s hot… like a burn.

She whimpers. Shu muses out loud on how he understands the reason as to why she came to this house. Her blood is… of the highest quality… He bites down again. She starts to pant weakly and he notes that she’s getting aroused. What a lewd woman. His fangs are in her neck and yet her body is heating up this much. Shu is drinking deeply and Yui can feel her blood being drained. Why… is this… happening…

This was her first experience. Of fangs buried into the nape of her neck and her hot blood being drained as if it were being devoured. At last, she became the prey of a vampire. The reality of the futility in running away day after day should have caused her despair…

But… why is it that in the place where her blood was being sucked it was warm, and she was granted an indescribable pleasure. This was the start of everything. The rise of the curtain on her days of drowning to those fangs.

*** DARK 09 ***

The bell rings and Yui sighs in relief at the class finally being over; math is very difficult for her. However, the math teacher asks her to stay behind. She walks over to him and asks him what the matter is. He notes out loud that she’s quite close to Sakamaki, isn’t she? And by Sakamaki, he’s referring to the third year Sakamaki Shu.

She loses the smile on her but answers hesitantly in the affirmative. She can’t tell the teacher that she’s living together with them as their food. He nods before informing her that he is in charge of the lessons for Sakamaki but… Shu has skipped his class eight times in a row now. Her mouth drops open in astonishment.

The math teacher nods and comments on how he can usually find Shu sleeping on the rooftop or the music room, but he isn’t there today. Does she know any place that he would be in? She thinks heavily on that question before realizing that there is a place!

She might have an idea and so she offers to look for him after classes. The teacher apologizes for making her do that but he won’t be able to bear looking at Shu if he has to repeat another year. He’s repeatedly warned him too. Yui laughs a little and tells him that she understands. Shu is really a person who can’t be helped.

Anyway, after classes, she heads towards the broadcasting room. As she thought, he’s in this room and sleeping on the ground. This room is completely soundproofed and so he can play his music as much as he wants. In the school, this is the other place that Shu often frequents other than the rooftop and the music room.

She frowns sternly at him and calls for him to wake up while shaking him. Shu grumbles and cracks open his eyes. His voice is rough with sleep as he asks her what she wants. He isn’t impressed to see that it is her again. She tells him sharply that she spoke to his math teacher about how he’s constantly skipping classes and it is causing trouble.

He runs a hand through his hair before mumbling that it isn’t bothering her. Did she really come all this way just to say that worthless thing? She repeats his words in astonishment before telling him that his teacher is worried about him repeating a year as well. Shu eyes her speculatively for having come here out of kindness. Such idle curiosity.

She informs him that the teacher asked her to, and he also asked her to pass on the message for Shu to properly attend his classes. His eyes narrow as he asks her if the teacher is trying to order him around. DANGER DANGER DANGER. She hesitantly denies it being an order.

But Shu ends up shrugging and saying that she’s doing this on her own anyway, which means he could care less about that. Besides… She echoes his words in confusion. He smiles slowly as he comments on how she’s a woman who doesn’t learn. She should know what will happen if she’s along together with him. She barely has time to react before he pins her down.

Yui turns red as she asks him quickly what he’s doing. He laughs and states that she came here with the expectation and desire for him to do this to her, hadn’t she? Or is it that she wants to quicken her awakening? She retorts automatically that he’s wrong, before she comprehends his words. Awakening? What’s that? He frowns at himself before telling her that it’s nothing; he’s just talking to himself.

She’s distracted from his words when he starts to strip her uniform’s ribbon. She protests and pleads with him to stop, but he just chuckles and notes that she’s shaking. She snaps back that anyone would be scared in a situation like this with these things being done to them. His voice is full of amusement as he points out that it would be better to enjoy it then, although having her be afraid isn’t boring either.

Yui can’t believe his words and threatens to scream loudly. His expression becomes flat as he tells her to go ahead and try because this room is soundproof and no one will hear her. She realizes that he’s right and, when he starts to move his hands again, asks him to let her go. He murmurs into her ear that she’s the one who leaped into this; she’s asking for too much.

Shu kisses her neck and she can’t help but think that this is bad! She’s going to be drained… God please help her! Shu laughs when he notices her clutching her cross while shaking. He asks her if her God is going to come and save her just because she’s gripping it so hard like that. She continues to shake as she realizes that she has nothing to say to that; she can only close her eyes again and pray.

He tells her that it is fine for her to pray to God but he wants to play with her some more. She whimpers at him to stop but he just lowers his head and groans huskily at how warm she is, and how her viscous blood is passing through underneath her pale skin. She wonders in terror at what is going to happen to her here like this.

Her disturbed clothes. Shu kissing the exposed skin. His whispers were obscene against her ear and it denied her mind; she couldn’t understand anything he said. Her shaking hand, which was clutching the cross, was even colder than Shu’s hand. Her prayers were not answered. That absolute existence crumbled away without any difficulty. And, while experiencing faint doubts about supporting beliefs, she bit her lip gently.

*** DARK 10 ***

In the school hallway, Yui is surprised when she receives mail on her phone. She’s even more surprised to see that the sender is Shu. By the way, because of the inconvenience, she was given this new cellphone. It has no other contacts but the Sakamaki family though.

She opens the message and reads that Shu is in the infirmary. What happened? Did he collapse because of his usual habits in eating little? She reads the rest of the message and sees that it asks her to come to the infirmary. But she’s hesitant to because she doesn’t want anything unpleasant to happen to her; however, it would also be really bad if he did collapse to poor health.

There is still some time left in her recess and so she decides to check the infirmary out. She excuses herself as she enters and then notices in surprise that the infirmary teacher is not here. Is Shu sleeping further inside? She pushes the curtains aside and Shu grunts groggily as he wakes up and notices that she came.

She tells him that he was the one who sent her that mail asking her to come, wasn’t he? He hums tiredly at how she interpreted that message. She notices that he is looking as listless as ever but somehow she feels that his face is paler than usual. She asks him if he is okay because his pallor looks bad.

He replies that he doesn’t know and he can’t seem to lift himself up. She glares at him sternly and tells him that it is because he keeps on saying that everything is troublesome and didn’t eat enough. He glances at her and asks if she is implicitly giving him permission to suck her blood. She blurts out a quick denial before urging him to lie back down and rest.

His voice is mildly astonished as he asks her if she is worried for him. Her eyes widen in surprise before she denies that as well. She just… can’t leave alone a nearby person who is weakened. He tilts his head and a speculative smile appears. She becomes flustered and asks with a stutter if he is fine without taking any kind of medicine.

Shu repeats her words faintly before reminding her in an affronted voice that he’s a vampire. She realizes that he has a point and she doesn’t even know if human medicine will affect him. He smiles slowly before telling her that he’ll teacher a method to make him healthy again. At her questioning look, he says shortly 「血、飲ませろよ。」(Let me drink your blood).

She parrots his words with hesitance. As she thought, although they can eat regular foot, it looks like if they do not drink blood then their health deteriorates. He chuckles weakly and tells her that it’s obvious he wants her warm and sticky blood. As long as he drinks her blood then he wouldn’t have any business in this room stinking with disinfectant.

Yui hesitates at the thought of his fangs piercing into her neck again. Nothing has happened as of now, but if she lets him drain her blood over and over again… will she not become one of them…? Or is that just another one of the superstitions related to vampires. He laughs lowly and asks her if she is afraid. She points out shakily that the thought of being bitten in the neck is…

His voice drops even lower as he murmurs that it doesn’t have to be her neck… there are other places where her blood runs through. Her eyes widen when he appears suddenly in front of her and grabs her wrist. He can smell her fresh blood flowing through her wrist beyond her skin. It smells delicious. He suddenly bites down viciously and she screams in surprise and pain.

She can feel her blood being drawn out. Shu starts to breathe heavily as he continues to drink her blood and she can see him becoming enraptured. She’s scared and she can see her blood on his mouth. She shakes her head weakly, but before she can act he tells her sharply not to move. If she runs away right now then her blood will gush out and she’ll die.

But this just frightens her even more and she tugs at her hand. He exhales in exasperation and reminds her again that he said to not move, unless she wants him to destroy her mind. She trembles and shakes her head before promising to remain quiet and obedient. His eyes crinkle in amusement as he praises her. He doesn’t dislike seeing her frightened eyes. He would love for her to be quiet but frightened as much as possible.

He licks at her wrist one more time and then sighs in satisfaction before turning his back on her. She asks him hesitantly if he’s done. He asks her in a light voice if she wants him to suck her more. Does she want to die? She quickly shakes her head and denies it but… He laughs before asking her if she was aroused by it. She yells back immediately that he’s mistaken and it’s not that either! He eyes her thoughtfully before shrugging because he could care less.

She finally notices in surprise that the color in his face has become better. It looks like he did get healthier after drinking her blood… He informs her that her blood is of very high quality and that is all that he will admit. He gives her a small smile as he tells her to eat as much good food as she can to increase her blood count… for his sake, of course. It will be irritating if she collapses from anemia.

Yui snaps out that she isn’t living just to give him blood. He snorts before telling her that she is the same as livestock and she will become entranced by them. She can’t believe that… and even though he’s always so sluggish and spaced out, whenever he does open his mouth he says horrible things. But she persists in telling him to attend classes if his health has become better now.

He smiles slightly at her words before informing her that this and that are separate problems. He turns away from her and draws the blanket over himself, which makes her jaw drop. What is he doing!? Shu doesn’t answer since he has already fallen asleep. He really is something who can’t be helped. But more over, how long will she be together with him? At first, she thought that she would be released immediately but…

Her neck and her wrist have been pierced with those sharp fangs… there is no way those actions were not frightening. But… she didn’t fight against them. Shu’s sips of ecstasy rumbled through his throat as he drained her; his pale throat and delicate features. All of him was pretty to the point of making her body tremble. She doesn’t know when she started to break; the thought of being something filled with sweet temptation to his lifestyle started to sprout within her within her unconscious.


Flashback! A wet nurse runs through the gardens calling out the name of her young master, Shu, and asking where he is. Shu laughs in delight and tells her that he’s over here! The nurse gasps and warns him about the lake being over there and how it is dangerous. Shu reassures her that it’s fine and then points out how many fish are in there. He starts to play with the water and she asks him to stop because to peer into that is…

A butler appears and tells Shu that his nurse is correct. Shu stops his actions in surprise at the butler’s appearance. The butler continues on to say that if anything happens to him then the two of them will not be able to justify themselves to his father. Shu sighs at how immediate the butler is filled with worry. Well then, what should he be doing?

The wet nurse smiles tremulously and tells him that he doesn’t need to do anything. The butler agrees with her words and urges Shu to return deep within the castle to pass his time quietly. He tells Shu earnestly that there is nothing to look at in this dirty world of humans. Shu frowns and tells them that he wants to try and play outside though. The wet nurse only sighs sadly.

Suddenly, his mother, Beatrix, appears and asks him if he is saying spoiled things again. He calls out to her in surprise, but she continues on calmly to reminds him that he is his father’s precious successor and that it would be best for him not to look at the filthy world outside. Everything that he needs is within this castle and she would not have him troubling his nurse and others. Shu bows his head reluctantly.

But some time later shows him running through the forest. He breathes heavily and notes that he’s managed to get quite far from the castle. If he’s come this far then he doesn’t think his nurse and the others will be able to find him. He wonders worriedly if they’ll be mad to find out that he went out to play on his own. But just a small adventure is…

The bushes rustle and he startles before calling out and asking who it is. A young boy comes out and frowns at the sight of Shu because he had thought it was a rabbit. Shu is stunned at the sight of another person, while the other boy tilts his head at the unfamiliar face. He notices that Shu isn’t one of the village children… where did he come from?

Shu continues to be speechless and so the other boy sighs and comments on how he doesn’t seem to know how much risk he’s in. He warns Shu about how deeper into this forest is the place where vampires live and wasn’t he ever told not to go close to that? Shu nods hesitantly and explains that he rarely comes out of his house so…

The other boy is surprised to hear about someone like that existing. Shu nods before he suddenly notices that the other boy is holding something in his hand. What is that? The boy lifts it up in confusion and asks if Shu means this. Shu nods. The boy explains that it’s a hunting gun and he may have borrowed it from his father for a bit. The boy is surprised to see that Shu really doesn’t know what it is. Everyone around here definitely carries one to ward off the wolves.

And then the boy eyes Shu speculatively as he notices the quality of his clothes. Is he the young master of some place? Shu searches for something to say, but then the boy grins and tells him that he’ll show him the gun if he’s never seen one before. He gives a demonstration on how one uses it. He advises Shu to block his ears and then shoots.

Shu yelps in surprise when the gun fires and the boy laughs before asking him what he’s afraid of. It’s fine and these guns are what protects them from wolves. Shu is amazed. The boy grins widely and agrees before telling him excitedly that these things can also bring down a deer and he shot a rabbit before! Shu thinks he’s so cool and then he asks hesitantly if he can do it too.

The young boy tells him that anyone can with training and he can teach Shu if he’s interested. Shu is surprised but then becomes eager to learn. The young boy agrees easily and then introduces himself as Edgar. Shu introduces himself in return. Edgar finds his name interesting but then asks to become friends with him. Shu repeats the words “friend” in surprise.

Edgar laughs in astonishment at how Shu doesn’t even know what a friend is. He’s an interesting fellow. Shu tilts his head in confusion at the word “interesting” and Edgar laughs again before saying he’s the interesting one. He explains 「友達ってのは、楽しいことも辛いことも一緒に乗り越えていく、強い絆で結ばれた者同士のことだ。」(Friends are companions who are tied by a strong bond and who overcome fun and painful times together).

He asks Shu if he doesn’t want to become his friend? Shu parrots his words in thoughtfully before smiling brightly and saying excitedly that he does! He wants to be friends with Edgar! Edgar smiles back in response and tells him that he looks forward to getting to know him then. And then he suggests that they do a handshake of friendship. Shu blinks in confusion at that.

Edgar is amused again by how Shu doesn’t even know what a handshake is. He demonstrates by showing how they are to clasp hands and how it’s a confirmation of their friendship. Shu murmurs that Edgar’s hand is warm. Edgar replies that his hand is far too cold and it’s so slender! He chides Shu and tells him to eat more. Shu nods in surprise.

Present! Shu groans and cracks open his eyes. Yui greets him with a smile and asks if he’s awake. She comments on how one could say he has a talent for always being able to sleep anywhere. Shu narrows his eyes and murmurs Edgar’s name. She tilts her head and asks him who that is. Shu turns his head away from her and states coldly that it’s nothing.

She asks him in exasperation if he’s still half-asleep because of how he’s spacing out. In just a few minutes, dinner will be ready. He falls silent and she starts to become worried at how spaced out he is. She urges him to come with her into the dining room because she’s hungry. He just nods blankly.

Shu, who has just woken up with a distant look on his face, somehow seemed like a child innocently lost. But then he looked at her intently and seemed to mutter “strange person”. At that time, she did not know about the real meaning hidden beneath those words. Or about the gruesome memory of the past that lay sunken in his heart…


In the dining room, Ayato complains as to why dinner isn’t takoyaki. Kanato agrees because he wanted to eat pistachio macarons today. Laito thinks that macarons are a good idea but sachertortes would also be delicious, especially with the richness in chocolate. OMFG YOU BABIES. SHUT UP AND EAT REIJI’S COOKING. Ayato wrinkles his nose in disgust. How could they possibly eat such sweet things.

Yui notices that even though all three of them are complaining they are still finishing off their meals completely though, while on the other hand… She notes out loud that Shu hasn’t eaten yet. Shu sighs loudly and informs her that it’s fine because food is bothersome. JUST LIKE LIVING AND BREATHING? She sighs in return at how he’s saying those things again.

He smiles slyly and lets her know that he’ll eat if she feeds him. She decides that it can’t be helped… and tells him that she understands and she’ll feed him. Somehow she feels like she’s feeding a baby bird… oh well, so long as she can get him to eat. She doesn’t want to be troubled by having him demand to suck her blood when his health deteriorates.

She lifts up the spoon again and encourages him to take one more bite, but he turns his head away and tells her that it’s enough. She shakes her head and lectures him on how he’ll collapse if he does not eat properly. He stares past her and so she asks him not to listen to his music while in the middle of a meal. He needs to eat. He turns away even more and grumbles about how noisy she is. MAKING ME FEEL LIKE A MOTHER IS NOT ATTRACTIVE SHU.

He thinks it is hypocritical for her to try to feed him like this. Does she think that she’s doing something good with these actions and submerging herself in self-satisfaction? It’s so pitiful that it makes him yawn. He actually does that. She snaps back that she isn’t doing this for self-satisfaction but for her own purpose. Moreover, even if it was hypocritical… what’s wrong with that?

Shu pauses and asks her what she means by that. She explains that hypocrisy can be thought of as a good thing, especially if she can fill up his stomach and make him healthy. He blinks in confusion and asks her what she’s talking about. Healthy? She explains that a balance of good food is the source of being healthy. Once again, she encourages him to take a bite from his food.

Reiji interrupts by calling out Yui’s full name. She turns and asks him politely what he wants. He informs her that he’s been watching her actions and he wants to know what she’s doing. She blinks confusion before explaining that she’s been trying to get Shu to eat and working hard on that. Reiji repeats her words in astonishment. Shu? Food?

She nods before pointing out that he doesn’t eat much already and keeps saying that it’s bothersome. Reiji is silent for a beat before asking her if she is saying this seriously. She becomes even more confused but nods slowly. Reiji glares at Shu and asks him if he hasn’t told her anything. He sighs in exasperation and wishes this practical joke was limited only to Shu’s face. REIJI’S INSULTS ARE HILARIOUSLY MEAN SKHFGH.

Shu asks him what he means and then points out that Reiji doesn’t have the right to find fault with him anyway. Reiji forges on to ask him why he is bothering to say such foolish things such as asking Yui to feed him. Shu crosses his arms and states that he hasn’t said anything; this girl was the one who decided on her own and mistakenly that he needed food.

Yui’s eyes widen as she wonders what he means by “mistaken”. Reiji calmly asks if this is the truth and Yui defends herself by muttering that even if she asks they… She doesn’t finish the sentence but instead says that everyone is always eating their meals normally and so she thought that he shouldn’t not eat. Was she mistaken? Reiji sighs loudly.

Subaru calls her an idiot, and so she finally asks what they’re all trying to get at. Subaru tells her flatly that, as vampires, there is no way that they need human food. Her mouth drops open in surprise. Reiji inclines his head and carries on to say that Subaru is correct and that, from the viewpoint of living, they do not require human food. Blood is their only staple food.

Shu shrugs languidly and states that this is obvious. She can’t believe this… Reiji informs her that Shu’s negligence in explaining this to her is due too much to his stupidity but she is also at fault; even while knowing that a vampire’s main food is blood, why did she think that food was essential to them? She replies back defensively that she didn’t know blood was their staple food. Besides, everyone has been eating…

Reiji smiles mirthlessly as he tells her that, to vampires, human food is nothing more than an indulgence. It is an existence that only serves to provide them with enjoyment. Moreover, this dinner of theirs is a duty that their father ordered them to participate in. Shu grumbles quietly at how annoying it is.

At any rate, Reiji tells her to do away with her concern for Shu’s health and to take those nutrients for herself and increase her blood count. Shu tells her lazily that it was a worthless conversation but a sound argument. She glares at him angrily because up to now she has been trying her hardest to feed him and get nutrients into him, only for it all to be for nothing…

She asks him angrily why he was silent on that and that it would have been better if he had told her! He rubs the back of his neck in exhaustion and asks her why he needs to have that duty to her. It was just something she wanted to do herself and so she did it, wasn’t it? He calls her a girl who has no character but to blame others for things.

Yui tries to protest to that but just gives up and decides that it should be fine if she doesn’t feed him then, right? Shu smiles to himself though as he admits that he wouldn’t not eat a steak dripping in blood. At her look of horror, he drawls out that he likes steak. She points out that, just a while ago, he said that he didn’t need to eat…

Shu doesn’t give her an answer and instead turns away with a smile. She notices that he’s gone back to listening to his music. She thinks it would nice if she weren’t always being played around with by him like this… Moreover, in this kind of situation, can she even be released without coming to harm…?

*** MANIAC 01 ***

In the limousine, Ayato is beyond glad when they arrive at school because riding in a narrow space with seven people is crazy. Kanato snaps at Ayato to be silent and to get out. Ayato retorts by telling Kanato that he’s the noisy one and he should shut up, hysterical brat!

Kanato smile chillingly and asks Ayato if he wants to be bitten to death here. Yui interrupts and asks the two of them to exit the car if they have time to fight; they’re all going to be late. Ayato snarls at her and asks her to repeat what she said, shitty bitch. She only narrows her eyes at him and points out that the first bell is ringing.

Subaru shouts at Ayato to hurry up and move because he’s in the way! Reiji frowns and lectures Ayato on how being late would be a great shame to the Sakamaki family, so hurry up and exit. Ayato snorts under his breath at how annoying all of them are but he steps out.

Meanwhile, Shu is silent through all of this and Yui realizes that he’s fallen asleep again. She calls out for him to wake but there is no response. She shakes him lightly and tells him that everyone has already gone to school. He cracks open his eyes with a frown and asks her what she wants. She informs him that they’ve already arrived at school and if they do not get out soon then they’ll be late.

Shu grumbles that getting out of the car would be troublesome. *SIGHS* LIKE BREATHING AND EATING, RIGHT? She sighs in exasperation at his trademark words and points out that the school is right in front of him. Come on! He mutters out loud that he refuses because he doesn’t want to move his legs. He’ll return back home like this and she can go by herself.

She stares at him with furrowed brows and she can’t believe he’s come to this point of lethargy. She tells him that she’s heard a rumor about how bad his lack of attendance has become and so he has to go! He starts to sound more irritated as he tells her that this is none of her business… and it’s actually none of his as well. She disagrees and thinks that it is a concern for him. It looks like it can’t be helped.

Yui slips under his arm, which makes him ask her what she’s doing. She informs him that she’s making it so that she can take him to school without him needing to expend energy. His face relaxes in amusement as he asks her if she’ll drag him to school. She retorts that she’ll do something to get him out of the car at least and then hoists him up.

Shu growls at her monstrous strength and how it hurts. She tells him curtly to endure it for just a little bit. She pulls at him again and gasps out that she’ll drag him like this to the classroom! He tells her in a mutter to do whatever she wants. She yanks at him again, which causes him to finally call out to her. She asks him distractedly what he wants.

He smiles slowly as he tells her that, right now, he suddenly has something he wants to do. She smiles and asks him if he suddenly wants to go to school now. His lips part to reveal a fanged grin as he shakes his head and says that he’s decided to play with her. She yelps as he pushes her down but then she angrily asks him what he’s doing. He tells her that he doesn’t have a reason and it was her fault for being there.

She turns red as she feels him start to paw at her clothing and stutters at him to stop because if he does that then they’ll be late for school… He continues to grin as he points out that she was going to forcibly drag him to school when he didn’t want to, and so it is the same as him stripping her forcibly. UH… NO… NO IT’S NOT. She turns even more red as she wonders in her mind what kind of reasoning that is!

At any rate, Yui calls out to driver to help her. He doesn’t respond and Shu chuckles against her neck before calling her an idiot. She tries to understand why the driver isn’t helping her and so Shu helps out by explaining that there is no way a worker for the Sakamaki family would say anything against his actions; in fact, he encourages Yui to be as loud as possible.

She tries to protest but he just mutters at her to be silent and then tears her uniform. A smirk appears as he points out that with this she also can’t go to school. She glares angrily at him and tries to rebuke him but he shrugs and tells her that she can go to school still if she wants… but then his voice drops into a croon as he tells her that she can go, but only if she wants to show the rest of the school how lewd she is with her torn uniform.

Yui turns red and blurts out that she can’t possibly do that! He suggests that she give up then. She tries to ask him what he’s doing but he bites down sharply on her neck making her yelp in pain. He groans in pleasure before commenting on how delicious she is. Her breasts and her hips look thin and small but her blood is the best.

She gasps out weakly that those are not compliments. He loses the smile on his face as he tells her flatly that they were not intended to be compliments. She glares at him before reminding him that he kept on saying how troublesome it was to get out of the car but apparently pushing her down and sucking her blood is not tiring? His frown becomes pronounced as he tells her that it couldn’t be helped since she was in front of him.

Yui angrily asks him if he’s blaming her!? He asks her coldly what else could there be? Her clothes being ripped and her blood being sucked was all because she concerned herself with him. If she had went to school obediently then none of this would have happened. Does she not know the saying of “reaping what one sows”? What an idiotic girl. She can’t believe he’s using that frivolous excuse. Their argument is interrupted by the ringing of a bell and Yui’s eyes widen.

Shu pulls himself away from her and notes that the bell was the one to signal the starting of classes. She thinks so. He points out that going and not going to school would be the same thing then. If she still wants to go to school then she can struggle from beneath him. She tries to protest but then squeaks when he lowers himself on top of her again. Shu smiles slowly and asks to drink more of her blood. He tells her that she also finds that pleasurable, doesn’t she?

She tries to deny it but for some reason she can’t move even though she wants to reject him. Moreover… something deep inside her body is throbbing… it is as if her body is nodding in agreement to his words. His voice becomes a rumble as he notes that her expression is gradually becoming more pleasing.She can feel her body changing whenever she is together with Shu. It scares her.

*** MANIAC 02 ***

In the business district, Yui calls out to Shu to follow her in this direction. She is smiling as she pulls him along but he’s scowling and asking her to let him go because it hurts. She tells him sternly that she won’t let go because the last time she did that, just a few minutes ago, he became a lost child. He retorts that she was the lost child because he had just been standing there.

She informs him that he may have intended that but, due to the flow of the crowd, he had been walking in a direction. He denies having any knowledge of that and besides he finds this place noisy. He may like the music that humans create but he finds this noise jarring. Moreover, why does he have to accompany her while she goes shopping? Just when he had been sleeping peacefully in his room too a while ago.

Yui tells him that he needs to come out from time to time. NO WE DON’T *HISSES AT SUNLIGHT*. He also won’t wake up in the daytime now that he’s refrained from napping. In her mind, she recalls how much trouble she went through to get him out like this, although, it was Reiji who started this trouble by telling her to get Shu out of the room since he was cleaning. But now that they actually are out here they might as well have fun!

What is something that will interest Shu? She spies something in the distance and so then asks him brightly if he would like to come with her to a bookstore. There is a book that she wants. He refuses promptly. She hesitates before telling him that he could try reading a book from time to time rather than always just listening to his music.

He scowls and asks her what she wants him to do with a book written by a human. She points out that he listens to music created by humans. He informs her that music is a separate thing altogether; he doesn’t want her to group music and a bunch of words together. Shu sighs heavily before grumbling about how speaking about pointless things has made his throat dry.

She suggests that they head towards a nearby cafe then. He tells her that he doesn’t want to go to a place with lots of people. OH SUCK IT UP BABY. EVEN I’M NOT THAT MUCH OF A WHINER WHEN I GO OUT AND I’M PRETTY MUCH LIKE SHU WITH HIS LAZINESS AND HIS “EUGH CROWDS”. She hums in thought before deciding that they can go buy something at that nearby convenience store.

He turns away from her and tells her that she can go. She hesitates because she doesn’t mind doing that but… she wonders if this is okay and if he won’t go somewhere while alone. In the end she pastes on a smile and asks him to wait right here. She’ll be back in five minutes! He scowls even more fiercely before telling her to hurry up and go because she’s annoying. She just nods and then runs off.

Yui returns as quickly as she can and calls out to tell him that she bought something to drink. But he’s not there! Where did he go? She knows for sure that he wouldn’t have returned home by himself and so she needs to find him! She walks around and even looks into an alleyway for him, all the while calling out his name, but it doesn’t look like he’s here either. Honestly, where did he go?

She yells out his name again only to hear him tell her sharply to shut up and not to shout out his name like that. She startles when she sees him and then runs up to him in horror. What happened!? How did he get those wounds!? He answers calmly that he bumped into a man because he was standing there. And then a number of them gathered up; they must have said something but he doesn’t remember.

Yui gapes at him before telling him sharply that they didn’t just say something. Look at these horrible injuries! He continues to explain in a bored voice that he was brought here and hit, although he doesn’t exactly understand why. She wants to know who would do such a thing.

He shrugs and tells her that he doesn’t know; they were all so noisy that he didn’t bother saying anything. She realizes that he must have gotten involved and, because he wasn’t saying anything, they started to attack him. She asks him why he didn’t resist. Aren’t vampires strong? There’s a sardonic tone in his voice when he asks her if it would have been fine to resist. She pauses in confusion at his words.

Shu exhales before murmuring 「別に・・・そんな必要ないと思ってた。・・・そうか、抵抗して、あいつら殺してもいいのか。」(It’s not that… I decided that it wasn’t necessary… I see, should I have resisted and killed them?). She hurriedly tells him that he can’t and that killing people is a definite no! But she doesn’t think he should not resist a little either. He was let off with just injuries this time but if something were to happen to him…

He shrugs, which makes her protest weakly. Why does he have such a lack of attachment to himself? Could it be that, even if they were to hit him more to the point of death, Shu would still not have resisted…? If she hadn’t left him alone… She apologizes quietly. He asks her why she is apologizing. She points out that this was because she dragged him along with her…

She tries to help him up but he winces in pain, causing her to apologize profusely. Is he okay? Does she need to get the car to come to them? He waves her off and says that it is fine. She disagrees though and they need to hurry and disinfect his wounds and treat those! He tells her to lick his injuries then. She freezes in shock before pointing out that she’s not a vampire… to lick at blood like that…

Shu’s lips curl as he asks her so what. She doesn’t have a response to that. His voice drops as he orders her to lick him because that will affect his injuries much more greatly than her insignificant repentance. She realizes that he has a point since she was the one who forcibly took him here.

Yui nods her head and approaches him, all the while noticing his pale skin and how slender he is. As she places her lips against his cheek she can taste the blood. A vampire’s blood also has the taste of iron. Her heart thumps as she experiences how cold his skin is… and yet how warm his blood is. She notices how his skin has been split and it looks painful. Her heart continues to throb.

Shu flinches in pain and Yui can’t help but think how nice of an expression that pained look is. He draws back from her and exhales in amusement before asking her what she’s doing. Yui, who had been caught in a pleasurable haze, blinks in surprise and then startles at what she had been doing.

A slow smile appears on his face as he asks her if she was possibly becoming aroused by licking at his injuries. She turns bright red and tries to deny it, but his voice drops to a sinful whisper as he asks her what kind of beast she is to bite at his skin that was split and to taste his blood. She apologizes loudly because it must have hurt, right?

He frowns and his voice is normal as he asks her why she is saying that now. Even if she glosses over it, it doesn’t change the fact that she tried to eat him. L M F A O. She glares at him for using those words because she wasn’t… eating… him. At least that wasn’t her intention, but she realizes in horror that the taste of Shu’s blood is still on her tongue.

It’s… delicious… Moreover, the sensation of his pale skin… she wants to lick him some more… She tries to wonder why she’s acting this way since it’s just her heart that is throbbing strangely. At what point was she charmed by these vampires!?

*** MANIAC 03 ***

In an abandoned building, Yui asks Shu why they came to this place. It is covered in dust and there are no lights. Shu does not answer her. She tells him that this place is unsettling and suggests that they head back. He frowns and grunts out that she has been noisy from the very start, besides shouldn’t she find him and his brothers to be more than creepy enough? Especially since she called their residence a haunted house.

Moreover, he tells her to do as she wishes if she wants to head home. He doesn’t remember asking her to come here with him. She gives him that point but she was told that it was a test of courage. He blinks before asking her with derision if she thinks he would be the type to do a test of courage. Yui pauses and asks him if she was mistaken.

He gives her an amused look before informing her that he is going to live here for a while. Her eyes widen before she blurts out at him to wait a moment. Isn’t this place an abandoned building!? He tells her that, because no one will come to this place, it will be nice and quiet. He can sleep and listen to his music whenever he wants.

She points out that this building is in no kind of living conditions for a person though. He narrows his eyes before reminding her curtly that he is not a human. She tries to protest and tell him that this isn’t the problem… He voice sharpens in irritation as he reminds her that he told her to return home if she doesn’t like it. She has no right to complain under the pretense of being kind.

And then he dismisses her by commenting out loud on how nice this sofa is. He flops down onto it and Yui coughs at the large amount of dust that was displaced. She asks him seriously if he wouldn’t like this place to be cleaned up. He growls out that he could care less and once again tells her that she’s being noisy. He had already told her to go home if she doesn’t agree with this place. She’s such an irritating woman.

She glares at him and tells him firmly that she will not go back. From her standpoint, she can’t be without him. His eyes crinkle in amusement as he asks her if she is going to be his servant here then. She replies quickly that she won’t be his servant but… there are housework that Shu can’t do alone, right? He tells her that he can live without doing any housework… although he wouldn’t care if he died either.

Yui looks at him sadly as he says that phrase again. In her mind she thinks on how, when he says that, it makes it so that she can’t leave him alone more and more. Moreover, it would be discouraging to be left alone in that house. She feels like it would be dangerous… and so being here would be… She pastes on a smile and informs Shu that she will do the housework and so they will start living here together.

He turns away from her but there is an amused smile on his lips as he comments on what a curious woman she is. He gives her permission to do whatever she wants, so long as she does not intrude on his quiet life. She turns red at his acceptance and agrees immediately. Although, she is wondering if she can even live here without any electricity or water in the house.

A week has passed since they both started living in this house. Suddenly, a distant part of the house creaks before collapsing loudly and making her scream in fright. How many times has this happened? Parts of the house have been crumbling. And to make matters worse, when night falls it becomes unbearably cold without any heating. As she thought, living in an abandoned house is impossible…

She sighs loudly and then looks over at Shu. She has noticed that he doesn’t seem to mind it at all but she’s reached her limit. She finally opens her mouth and suggests that they return back to the Sakamaki house. He frowns angrily and asks her why. She points out that he should realize why after having lived here for a week. She can barely get into the bath and it is freezing. This place is not a place for anyone to live.

He reminds her that she was the one who wanted to live with him, so what kind of nonsense is she saying. She points out that he is having a hard time charging his music player here, right? They should go home. She smiles brightly and tries to tempt him by pointing out how he wants to listen to music at any time, right? He hums in thought before smiling slowly and asking her if she thought she could get him to move by ordering him.

Yui quiets and asks him what he means. He asks her if she did not learn that, in order to have one’s wishes and requests heard by another party, one has to compensate the other person suitably. It looks like she hasn’t been educated decently enough, because if she had then she would have taken back what she just said. She asks him hesitantly what he wants her to do.

Shu tilts his head thoughtfully before ordering her to entertain him. She pauses before asking him how she would go about entertaining him… Oh, since he likes music, how about she sings a song? He goes silent in astonishment before asking if she’s an idiot. She flinches and then wonders what she should do. What can she do that will satisfy him?

Hesitantly, she asks if he wants to drink her blood? He crosses his arms and comments on how absolutely ridiculous she is. Does she really think that would be entertaining? I… ACTUALLY THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO ASK FOR THAT. She’s confused as to why he won’t accept that, although he does drink from her quite often…

He closes his eyes in exasperation and states that doing something that he already does normally wouldn’t be fun at all. She needs to use her senses more. She desperately tries to think of something because, even if he says that, she doesn’t know what he would enjoy. Finally, she apologizes and then asks him to tell her. What can she do that will make him return to the house?

Shu ponders the question before a smirk appears and he orders her to strip. Yui turns bright red in shock but this just makes his tone sharpen as he asks her if she didn’t hear him. He ordered her to strip immediately. She hesitates and tries to protest, but then he just turns himself over and states that he won’t return then. She realizes that he won’t return to the house unless she strips.

She tells him that she understands and she’ll do it, but Shu still has his eyes closed as he snaps out that if she is going to say that at the end she should have done it at the beginning. What an irritating woman. She apologizes weakly and then informs him that she’ll be starting. She closes her eyes tightly as she does it because it’s embarrassing to strip in front of another person’s eyes.

Yui takes a peek at him before asking him quietly to please not to stare at her so intently. His smile reveals his teeth as he asks her if her embarrassment is a play. She turns even redder before denying it loudly. He orders her to hurry up and strip then because he’s sleepy. She nods shakily but then realizes that she can’t do any more. She stutters out that she’s already done this much so… Shu asks her with a bored voice if she is going to give up already.

She explains that it’s embarrassing and that she’s already pushed herself quite a bit. He crosses his arms and tells her again that he won’t return then. She tries to protest but he tells her that there is nothing fun about only going halfway. If she is going to strip then she needs to strip to the very last object. She can’t believe he wants her to strip down to nothing. She shakily tries to continue on and her heart thumps loudly.

He’s watching her and she thinks that this may be the first time that he’s ever looked so intently at her. And yet… why is it that she cannot feel the cold any longer when this room had been so cold? IT’S CALLED AROUSAL GURL. Her body is starting to heat as she becomes exposed to his gaze… Her heart thumps again and she wonders what will happen when she becomes naked. Why is she… thinking about these things again?

*** MANIAC 04 ***

Yui is doing her homework in her bedroom and finding it to be endless. One of her teachers has given a lot of homework and she needs to work hard on it. And then she turns to glare at Shu’s silent presence and ask him why he has been in her room all this time.

He glares back at her and asks her if there is a problem with him here. She winces at his tone and answers that there isn’t one but… He tells her snappishly not to complain then. She persists though and asks him if he doesn’t have homework to do. He shrugs because he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. She asks him if that is really okay because he’s a third year…

Shu informs her that he does whatever he wants and he does not want to hear her push her sense of values onto him. She has no words for that but then wonders if that means he wants to relax in her room, and then asks him that very question. Wouldn’t it be quieter and more peaceful in his own room? She also wants to concentrate on her homework…

He refuses flatly. She opens and closes her mouth in astonishment and so he continues on to state that going to his room is troublesome. She asks him what he’s saying because his room is right beside her room. He narrows his eyes and asks her what that has to do with anything. She watches in silence as he rolls over to face away from her. On top of all that it looks like he fell asleep. It can’t be helped.

But for some reason she feels like it would be sad if she woke him up and so she decides to leave him like that, at least until she finishes her homework. However, she notices that he didn’t even pull the blankets over him before falling asleep. She realizes that, as a vampire, he won’t catch a cold but… She walks over to place a blanket on him and giggles at how he looks like a child sleeping peacefully. She turns back to her homework with a smile and prepares to work hard again.

After some time, she shuts her book with a pleased sigh. She’s finally done and she can now sleep. She yawns at how sleepy she’s become. But when she turns around she realizes that Shu is deep in sleep. His sleeping face is so innocent that she can’t help but find him cute; however, she won’t be able to sleep with him like this. It looks like she can’t be helped and she’ll have to wake him up gently.

She shakes him lightly and asks him if he won’t wake up. Shu only grumbles in his sleep. She continues to cajole him though and ask him if he doesn’t want to return to his own room to sleep. He groans lowly and she wonders if he’s awake now. But then his hand snags her arm before yanking her down onto the bed. She yelps loudly before asking him what he’s doing. He only mutters that he’s sleepy.

Yui slowly turns red as she blurts out that she knows he’s sleepy but he should return to his own room… Shu refuses. She squeaks when she feels his hand land on her and asks him to wake up and not stay half-asleep. His hand is heavy! But then he starts to slide his hand under her clothes with a small smile on his face, and she starts to struggle while asking him to stop. He needs to wake up!

Shu grumbles sleepily while Yui squeals and asks him when he is going to stop touching. But then he also drops a kiss on her and she calls out his name loudly. He finally opens his eyes with a low chuckle. She turns even redder as she asks him if he has been awake all this time. He calls her gullible before noting that she’s also quite sensitive. She glares at him and asks him when he was awake. He answers her by noting how she loves to say whatever she pleases when she thought him asleep.

Her eyes widen as she realizes that he heard everything she said. Because she said so many things about him too he is going to want an apology from her. HEY IT WASN’T ANYTHING BAD… UNLESS HE HATES BEING CALLED CUTE. In her mind, she thinks on how this is the worst… what is he going to ask for as an apology. She has a feeling that she won’t be able to resist, and this makes it scary.

*** MANIAC 05 ***

Yui is observing Shu in the living room and it looks like he’s listening to his music and staring off into space again. She asks him how he feels about heading to the bath soon. He shrugs. She points out with a frown that his actions aren’t really an answer. He rubs the back of his neck in frustration and asks her what she’s doing; does she intend to be his mother?

She tells him flatly that she would say that even if she wasn’t his mother, and then urges him again to go enter the bath. He grunts out that it’s troublesome and tells her to go into the bath in his stead. She answers that she can’t do that! She’s going to use the bath after him and so she wants him to hurry up… but Shu has fallen asleep. She glares at him before shouting at him not to fall asleep.

Shu cracks open his eyes when she shoves him hard and grunts out that it hurts. She tells him that it hurts because he’s dragging things along. She prompts him to stand as he complains that her meddling is nothing but troublesome. She merely smiles and tells him that she could care less if it is a trouble to him; now they are going to the bath!

She tugs at his arm and he hisses out that this is troublesome. She tells him lightly that she already knows that so… She realizes that he must see her as a meddlesome person but she can’t leave him alone. At any rate, the two of them head to the bath.

In the bathroom, she turns red as she asks him to hold on and wait a minute. Shu looks back at her with a frustrated snarl and asks her what she wants. She was the one who told him to enter the bath and if she is about to tell him not to enter it then she’ll be a selfish woman. She points out that he’s still wearing his clothes, isn’t he?! He needs to strip before he enters the bath.

He turns away from her and mutters that it’s troublesome. She sighs in exasperation at his trademark phrase. He repeats that taking off his clothes is troublesome and so he is entering into the bath like this. She asks him not to say such idiotic things and to strip. He refuses before commenting on how her repeated calls for him to strip makes her a complete pervert, huh.

She glares angrily and tells him that he’s mistaken. One has to strip before one enters the bath! He smirks slowly at her and asks her if she’ll strip him then. She is the one forcing him into the bath and so she should take responsibility for it then. She realizes that he’ll soon say again that it’s troublesome and so… she sighs and tells him that she understands.

He snorts in amusement at how awfully docile she is. She retorts that somehow she’s gotten used to this. His lips tilt into a smile as he makes a comment about how, for her to be used to taking clothes off of men, it makes her sound like a prostitute. She snaps out that he’s wrong! He snickers before musing on how she doesn’t seem to have gotten used to this though.

She growls out that it can’t be helped! At any rate, she wants him to strip before the bath starts to cool! She starts to tug at his clothing which makes him narrow his eyes and state that she’s clumsy at this. WELL NO DUH. She’s completely red as she blurts out that she hasn’t had any experience in stripping someone of their clothes! It can’t be helped!

At least all the buttons are undone. Anyway, she asks him to pull his arm in from one of the sleeves. He shivers and mumbles that it’s cold, which just makes her tell him to take off his clothes faster so that he can soak in the bath. But then he just steps forward to sink in, much to her call of dismay and for him to stop.

In the end, he submerged himself into the water with his clothes. How did it come to this? Shu tilts his head with a smirk and asks her not to look at him with such a greedy look. Or is that she wants to come in with him? She glares and spits out that there is no way she would! But he snaps out his hand and yanks her into the bath. She splutters as she surfaces and asks him what he thinks he’s doing. He states that time can’t be wasted and so she should come in with him.

She stares at him silently before closing her eyes and wondering why she is doing such a thing. Before this moment she had lived quietly with her father and the church, but now… but… why is there a part of her that is content at being together with Shu? And, at the same time, why can she not defy him? What is happening to her? A flush rises on her cheeks.

*** MANIAC 06 ***

Yui is surprised to see Shu at the library in school, since it’s rare for him to come here. She asks him what book he is looking for. He doesn’t answer and she frowns at how he ignored her. But then he approaches her and calls out her name, making her ask him what he wants. He tells her that he wants to read “that”. She blinks in surprise and points at the book in question before asking him again if he wants to read that.

He nods. She’s pleasantly surprised by his answer since it is unusual for him to hold an interest in something. She asks him what kind of book that is. He responds curtly by saying that it’s none of her business and it is nothing. He wants her to bring it over to him. She blinks in surprise at his request and points at herself in question. He rhetorically asks about who else is in this room apart from her. She glares at him and tells him that it’s too high and she can’t reach.

She’ll bring over a stool but he can get it himself. He grunts and looks away, which makes her sigh before asking him if he finds that too troublesome. His lips curl as he comments on how her guess is correct; now a natural disaster might happen. She retorts by saying that this is something she’s used to now. But, well, since it’s unusual for Shu to have an interest in something she’ll get it for him. She tells him that she’ll do it and asks him to wait while she grabs the stool.

Yui is quick in returning with the stool and climbs on top of it before asking again what book he wants. He directs her to the eighth book from the right. She pulls it out questioningly and then is surprised by how old it looks and how the front cover is leather. It looks like an antique. She clambers back down and hands it to him. Shu accepts it with a frown before he immediately opens it.

She’s curious about the book and sees that it’s full of characters and notes. Is it a music book? She can’t understand what is written in it at all. She asks him what language it is in because she can’t read it at all. He informs her that it is Latin before commenting deridingly on how there’s a limit to her lack of education if she doesn’t know this much. She points out that a normal Japanese high schooler wouldn’t know Latin.

Shu glances up from the book and asks her in a flat voice if she still thinks of herself as a “normal” girl. She admits quietly that she might not be because she has been food for vampires and has had her blood sucked. She comes to the realization out loud that she’s no longer a normal high school student. He narrows his eyes at her and points out that this isn’t all. She looks at him in confusion and asks him what else there is.

He looks away and grunts out that he’s done talking because it’s troublesome. She frowns at that since she had thought he was going to be unusual today and talk more. Is there something else that’s different about her? But then Shu changes the conversation and tells her that there is another book he wants to read. She’s surprised to hear that.

Shu orders her to get him the book that is three shelves down from the previous one. She picks it out but finds that it is wedged tightly between the other books. She yanks it out but then yelps because, due to the reaction, all the books on the shelf are… Shu inhales sharply and then Yui closes her eyes to brace for impact. But she finds that… nothing hurt.

Yui opens her eyes to find Shu gritting his teeth above her. Did he protect her from the falling books? He grunts out that it hurts and she asks him quickly if he is okay. However, Shu ignores her and mutters in confusion 「・・・なんで・・・俺が・・・」(…. why… did I…). She makes a questioning noise which prompts him to open his eyes and tell her quickly that it’s nothing… but still… why.

She wonders what is wrong because he seems a little confused, and then she thinks about how unexpected it was to have him protect her. She asks him hesitantly if he is hurt anywhere. He turns away from her and reminds her in a strained voice that he is different from her and so there’s no way he was. She sighs in relief before thanking him sincerely.

He replies by saying that he doesn’t need thanks and gratitude is just a hindrance. She tells him that, in the world of humans, it is a courtesy to say one’s thanks when one is in gratitude. She’s human and so she wants him to let her say her thanks. He turns back to her to state again that her gratitude is a hindrance. If she really wants to show her thanks then she should give him her blood.

She blinks in surprise only to see him appear in front of her. Yui flinches and asks him to wait because he doesn’t seriously intend to drink blood from her here, does he?! His voice lowers as he tells her that he does. She tells him that anyone could come here! He smiles and replies that he could care less about someone coming; if they do come then they’ll just stop.

Yui points out that he’ll be found out as a vampire then! He tells her slowly and clearly that he could care less. She tries to protest but he just grabs her and whispers into her ear that she doesn’t know when to give up. Then he warns her that if she moves she’ll be hurt unnecessarily. He sinks his fangs into her and drinks deeply before groaning out about how this isn’t enough and he needs more.

She closes her eyes tightly and thinks on how this isn’t good and someone may come… but… she can’t resist. Her body is throbbing from her blood being sucked. A moan escapes her throat before she clamps her mouth shut, but she can feel her cheeks turning red.

Shu chuckles lowly against her ear and notes how she seems to feel good when her blood is sucked. She’s perverted and lewd but… that’s not a bad thing. Yui tries to deny it but her heart is throbbing and she realizes that she can’t deny it strongly. He resumes sucking her blood deeply and she closes her eyes tight again. What is going on? She can’t resist his fangs…

*** MANIAC 07 ***

Yui enters the torture room in the house and winces at the ominous feeling. She calls out for Shu into the darkness and asks if he is here. There is no answer. She sighs in exasperation because if she doesn’t call out to him and make him head to the dinner table then they won’t be able to start eating.

But then she sees his form and smiles in relief as she calls out to him. What is he doing? He steps aside to show her and she blinks at the sight of a large cow figure. It’s large size makes it a little creepy though… He admits to her that he doesn’t know how to use it and he is interested in how it can be used to torture people. UHH… UHHH… RUN LIKE HELL HOUNDS ARE AFTER YOU YUI. HE’S TALKING ABOUT THE BRAZEN BULL.

She examines it closer and points out that there are soot marks on its side. Maybe a fire was placed here…? She doesn’t really want to imagine how this torture device works though. Shu blinks and repeats the word “fire” in a daze. She thinks it is probable. Shu’s face becomes pinched and he grits his teeth. She calls out his name questioningly, but then he tells her that he’s done.

Yui is confused when he walks off without saying anything more and then looks at another one. He likes this one as well but… how is it used? He asks her to come over and sit down on it. She replies sharply that she won’t sit on it because it is covered in spikes! He tells her that he doesn’t know how to use it and so he wants her to sit on it to test it out. She snaps back that she’s refusing!

Shu smiles coldly and comments on how he is looking forward to what kind of scream she’ll make when she sits on this. She flinches at the look in his eyes and asks him not to look at her like that. He tugs at her and she screams loudly, which makes him laugh at what an amazing scream that was despite the fact that she didn’t even sit down. It was too bad he didn’t record that. THIS ONE HERE IS AN IRON CHAIR.

She asks him angrily what he was doing because it’s dangerous. He tells her that if she is talking about a dangerous one then that device over there is more dangerous than any other one. She looks at him in confusion and so he tells her to look behind. She does and blinks in confusion at the sight of an iron… coffin? THESE TORTURE DEVICES MAN… THIS ONE IS AN IRON MAIDEN.

Yui asks him what this one is. He tells her to look and opens the lid. She is shocked at the amount of spikes covering the entire lid and she tries to imagine what would happen if someone was shut in and the lid was also closed… GURL PLEASE BACK AWAY FROM THE OPEN COFFIN. He tells her in a delighted voice that he knows this one.

It is the iron maiden; an iron maiden whose structure embraces its victims and drags them down to hell. It is also a very good way to bring death to foolish humans. Yui tells him with a shiver that she wouldn’t want to die that way. Shu muses on how the sensitivities of humans in the Middle Ages wasn’t too bad. In fact, it was somewhat close to theirs.

He finds the sensitivities of the present-day humans to be extremely dull and everything they do is stupid… it’s such a shame. She thinks it is a good thing that they don’t have torture devices any more… Shu’s expression becomes flat as he asks her what she means by that. Is she wanting to say that humans are a more advanced existence compared to vampires?

She backtracks hurriedly and tells him that she wasn’t implying that. She was just saying that people have gradually become accustomed to suppressing the sensitivity of feeling pleasure by hurting another person. She tells him that God does not want human beings to harm each other. He raises an eyebrow. Is she still clinging onto pretty things like God? She frowns at his words and denies that. She’s just…

But then Shu shoves her hard and she screams as she’s thrown back. She’s in… the coffin that they had just been talking about! She quickly begs him not to do his and not to close it. The lid starts to move and she closes her eyes in absolute terror. She’s going to be killed! At the lack of any other noise she opens her eyes to see that it has stopped.

Shu is standing there with a smile on his face. She asks him shakily why… and in her mind she notices that he had laughed. He tells her in a low voice that her face and voice… it was even better than the last one. It has been a long time since he was so worked up. She has nothing to say to that.

He asks her 「何、その顔。珍しく褒めてやってるだろ。喜べよ。」(What is with that look. I’ve given you rare praise, be happy). She sighs heavily in exasperation at his words. He tilts his head and asks her if she’s become a cow, but this just makes her snap out that she doesn’t want to talk to him! He’s amused to see that she’s quite angry. She yells out that it’s obvious she would be.

In her mind she thinks angrily on how, even if he was fooling around to some extent, he had gone too far! What if she had actually gotten hurt or died? Would he still have laughed like that? She doesn’t want to look at his face! Yui runs off without a further word to him.

Whether he was joking or whether he was serious… as always, she didn’t know. But she has the feeling that the pleased expression he had when looking at her face twisted in terror was the real thing. Even if he is a person who shows no interest in anything other than music… she should have guessed that he would like torture and blood. No, she doesn’t think it’s just because he’s a vampire, she thinks that there might be a problem in his character. At any rate, on that day, she was unable to sleep with Shu’s voice stuck in her mind, that voice which took pleasure in sneering.

*** MANIAC 08 ***

Yui is cooking in the kitchen and about to move onto the preparations for the sauce. She finds it fun to prepare food every once in a while, but since it’s dinner she realizes that she needs to make a larger amount. She searches around for a pot to put hot water and tomatoes in. Suddenly, Shu enters the kitchen and calls out to her.

She shrieks in surprise before lecturing him about not surprising her. He doesn’t give a response to her words, and so she asks him if something is the matter? She is in the middle of preparing food… He narrows his eyes and comments on how egotistical she sounds despite doing something worthless

Yui tries to deny his words before giving that up as a lost cause; instead she tells him that it is not worthless. Food is important to her and she finds it enjoyable. She even states that they probably don’t understand though. He turns away with a smirk and notes that she’s talking as if she understands them. Could she be a stalker? How gross. WHAT ARE YOU FIVE? THAT RETORT WAS AWFUL.

She snaps back that she’s been living with them long enough that she’s grown used to their habits. She remembers how, before this, he had done an awful thing to her in the torture room and so she needs to deal with him strictly. Shu ignores her remarks and asks her what she is doing rummaging around in here. Her voice is still tinged with anger as she tells him that she’s making tomato sauce for pasta.

He asks her to hand him that so he can eat it. She refuses because the tomatoes are for the sauce. He pouts at how stingy she is. She repeats his words in astonishment before telling him that she’s making this for herself! Besides, he would be fine without eating it, so it shouldn’t matter right? He merely closes his eyes and calls her cold-blooded. She rolls her eyes and ignores him.

But he continues on to tell her that she’ll get fat. There might be some value if it gave her more grease and went into her breasts, but if it all went to her stomach then she would be ugly. I REPEAT. ARE YOU FIVE? She realizes that he’s just going to continue saying whatever he wants and she can’t leave him alone like that. But even still she refuses to give him any tomatoes.

Yui tells him that she will definitely not give him any. Shu frowns and tells her that she is his food; ergo, the food that she eats, including this tomato, is also his food. She asks him why that is and, moreover, she doesn’t even like having her blood drained. He interrupts her with a laugh and asks her how she is able to say that when her face is always in ecstasy.

She turns red and asks him loudly not to say such weird things. At any rate, no means no and she asks him if he can’t go to his room and listen to his music? His smile changes into a frown as he says that his music is always by his side, without her needing to say it, and then he orders her to move. She steps back and reminds him that she told him he wasn’t allowed any of the tomatoes!

But it’s too late and he bites into one, only to scrunch up his eyes and comment on how unappetizing it is. She yells at him not to eat it if he finds it unpleasant! Shu ignores her and asks for something else to eat. She refuses and tells him that she needs to boil the tomatoes now and so he needs to move. She turns on the fire but Shu inhales sharply at that and instantly turns it off.

She angrily asks him what he’s doing, but also wonders what is wrong with him. His voice is strained as he asks her not to use that. She blinks at him in confusion but then he suddenly pulls her into him and silences her protests with a kiss. He withdraws an inch and murmurs 「人間の飯は大概がマズい。でも・・・あんたの唇は美味いな。」(Almost all human food is disgusting, but… your lips are delicious).

Yui is thrown byhis words and then asks him if he, and his brothers, doesn’t need blood. There’s a smile in his words as he replies that they do. She asks him how a kiss can be delicious then. He answers 「何を美味いって感じようと俺の勝手だろ。あんたがいちいち俺たちのことを勘ぐる必要なんかない。」(I decide what I want to be delicious. We don’t need you trying to pick at every little thing we do).

He whispers softly into her ear that all she needs to do is obediently become his toy. She tries to protest to his words, but then her heart throbs painfully. Shu asks her slowly why she is grinning like that. Could it be that she has started to awaken?

She repeats the word “awaken” in confusion, but then her heart throbs again. It’s starting to ring and… she feels strange… what’s happening. Shu blinks in confusion and asks her if she doesn’t have any idea. She returns his look and answers that she has no idea what he’s talking about. He tsks under his breath but then ultimately shrugs.

And then he orders her not to space out and to hurry up and make something. If it ends up being more unpleasant than their kiss then he’s going to punish her. She sighs but then does as he says. Meanwhile, in her mind, she wonders what that was about. Her heart… maybe she has some kind of illness? Or could it be… what Shu said about an awakening…? Could it be related to her heart?

His actions were abrupt and full of arrogance. It would be best if she became his toy — those cruel words and strong kiss that was taken from her, she did not notice the truth that hid beneath those actions. Why did he interrupt her when she had turned on the fire. It seems like there is a special reason. And that word “awakening” that was blurted out from his mouth. There seems to be more to that… she heard another meaning behind it. Right now she doesn’t understand the meaning. Will there come a time when Shu will explain it to her?

*** MANIAC 09 ***

In the bath, Yui sighs in pleasure. Even her room has been barged into by Shu and the bath has become the only place that she can be alone. In the end, even though she was treating him harshly he never even noticed and so she couldn’t maintain that anger. She sighs loudly at her weak will. She hates herself for giving into the pleasure that he gives her.

Suddenly, the bath door opens and she jolts in surprise. Shu appears in the doorway and frowns at the sight of her, while Yui screams before asking him why he entered. He answers that he also wanted to enter the bath, that’s all. She snaps out that she’s the one in it right now and so he needs to get out! If he wants to take a bath then he can do it afterward.

Shu refuses because it’s troublesome to come back again. She sighs at his words and tries to compromise with him instead by asking him to step out into the hall at least. Quickly! He actually does what she asks and Yui sighs again before realizing she needs to get out and change. She quickly changes and then exits the room, apologizing for the wait, before telling him to go on in since she’s done.

He tells her that, because he was made to wait, there are things he’ll need to do before entering the bath alone but it’s troublesome and so he wants her to do it. She pauses before asking to clarify with him what he wants her to do. He won’t ask her to… wash his body, will he? He touches the water with a hand before ordering her to wash him. She sighs in her mind.

Yui asks him if he finds it too troublesome. She knows that he’s unexpectedly stubborn and so if she just says things once then he won’t listen. What should she do? She decides to tell him to at least wash his head by himself. Shu frowns and tells her that she is a woman who completely does not listen. He already said it was too troublesome.

But she only looks at him seriously and tells him that he needs to cut it out and do the things he needs to do alone. He’s always complaining about how troublesome things are, and so why does she need to wipe his butt? Shu smiles slowly and calls her a pervert. She pauses in her rant in confusion and so he explains that he didn’t say he needed her to wipe his butt.

She shakes her head and tells him that it was just an idiom. He calls her a liar and states that she just wanted to say the word “butt”, didn’t she? He’s fine with letting her touch it. OH MY GOD, CHILD, STOP. She snarls out that she obviously won’t touch it and, in comparison, she would rather wash his head. He tilts his head and hums thoughtfully at her, which makes her blush as she realizes the slip of her tongue. Crap!

He steps closer to her before turning around and ordering her to wash his head then, and he’ll even close his eyes. She gives in but tells him that she will only do his hair and she doesn’t care about his wet clothes! She turns on the water and warns him that she’s going to spray him now. He nods. She asks him about the temperature and if it isn’t too hot, to which he grunts in affirmation.

And then she squirts some shampoo into his hair and warns him not to open his eyes. She starts to massage it into his hair and then asks him if it feels good but then warns him not to fall asleep. She can’t stop the smile on her face though because he looks completely enraptured. She finds him kind of cute when he’s silent like this. And then she informs him that she is going to wash it off now.

But just as she’s about to pour water on him, she yelps in surprise. He cracks open his eyes and asks her what the matter is, to which she asks him where he thinks he’s touching with his searching hands. He closes his eyes again and shrugs as he tells her that he doesn’t know because he can’t see anything. She turns even redder as he continues on to say that, if she wants him to stop, she needs to tell him why she dislikes where he is touching and how he is touching her.

She stutters as she asks him why she needs to do that…! In her mind she realizes she can’t say it though. He muses out loud on how, if she won’t say it, that means she is giving permission for him to continue. He resumes his touching and she squeaks out at him to stop, but then clamps her mouth shut when she realizes that her voice is trembling.

Shu smirks as he comments on how he only touched her briefly and she’s feeling it to that extent… what a lewd sound she let out, like a prostitute. He tells her that she really is a woman greedy for pleasure. He may be starting it but her insides are muddied. She tries to deny it but her mind is full of confusion. Why is that… as she thought, her body is feeling strange… wasn’t it like this before…?

Before she came to this mansion, she was certainly someone who served God. But… being touched like this by Shu… she is letting out sounds like an lewd woman. She is trapped by one of the seven sins of this world, “lust”. She doesn’t know if the current her has any right to serve God any more. Is it her body that is becoming strange? Or her heart? Or is it…

*** MANIAC 10 ***

In the school hallway, Yui sighs at how she was asked by the teacher to search for Shu again. She believes that it’s because they’re alway seen together and so she’s become thought of as his overseer or something. She wonders where he is today and walks around aimlessly.

Laito comes upon her and asks her what she’s doing wandering around. She smiles at the sight of him and tells him that she’s looking for Shu. Has he seen him around? Laito pouts and calls her mean for speaking another boy’s name despite the fact that they’re having a conversation. She gives him a flat look and explains that a teacher asked her to look for Shu. It’ll be troubling if he has to stay back a year for not attending classes.

He tilts his head at her words and points out that Shu could care less about her though, right? She’s visibly taken aback by his words but, in her mind, she realizes that he has a point. Laito gives her a wide grin and suggests that she leave Shu alone and come with him to the broadcasting room. She looks at him in confusion and asks him what the reason is. He answers that the broadcasting club just bought a new camera.

Laito thinks that it would be amazingly great to use that camera to broadcast live around the school their sticky and heated entanglement. He starts to pant at the thought of stripping her slowly while sucking her blood. He wants to be buried in her soft skin. (⊙ω⊙✿)

But then they’re interrupted by Ayato popping up and asking what that pervert is saying. Yui is surprised by the sight of him but then smiles in relief. Is she saved? She quickly suggests that if Laito wants to play with video then he can do it together with Ayato. L M F A O YUI DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SUGGESTING.

Laito rears back and asks her what she intends to do to both him and Ayato. She continues grinning and tells him that it’s a good idea, isn’t it? The two of them can form a comedy act. Ayato growls and asks them what they’re doing ignoring him and talking around him. Yui informs him that she wasn’t ignoring him. She needs to look for Shu and so she’s simply telling the two of them to play together.

Ayato snarls quietly at how she’s still going on about Shu. He knows how much she doesn’t like being with Shu and he thinks Shu is a piece of trash that barely even has the willpower to live. She frowns at that and asks him if the word “trash” isn’t a little harsh. Laito hums thoughtfully before confessing that he also thinks of Shu as trash, though not as much as Ayato is.

Of course this just makes Ayato snarl angrily at him. Yui sighs in exasperation at the two and then tells them that she’s going to continue searching for Shu. She wants them to contact her if they end up finding him! Ayato frowns and asks her why he needs to do such a thing. Laito informs her that there is a fee for his information and he’ll consider telling her if she pays him with her body. She refuses angrily and then excuses herself quickly.

Anyway, after some time, she finds herself entering the music room which is the only place that Shu could be. She finally spots him snoozing and tells him that the teacher was looking for him. He only groans in his sleep before latching onto her and pulling her down to the ground. She yelps in pain when she hits the floor and then asks him angrily what he’s doing.

He finally cracks open an eye but then shifts onto her, making her turn red. She asks him loudly if he’s listening to her and then asks him not to lean on her. He tells her in a sleepy voice that, thanks to her waking him up, he’s bored. She tells him that if he is bored then he can go to the teacher! He refuses and states that as an apology for waking him up she has to be his opponent.

She stutters as she asks him what he means. He smiles slowly and asks her what she is playing innocent for, because she knows despite her asking. Or is she making that kind of play? She shakes her head and then points out that he had just been sleeping a while ago… He frowns slightly and points out that she was the one who woke him from that.

He murmurs to himself that he’s also come to the point where he’s tired of teasing her… he thinks she should take responsibility and engage with him until the very end. She repeats his words weakly and he regains his humor as he states that she should understand that much, at least. In her mind she runs over his words again; until the end… could he mean…!?

Her heart throbs, which surprises her. Right now… Shu laughs lowly and comments on that loud noise from her heart. He thinks she was really looking forward to this all along. She tries deny it and explains herself but he just ignores her and tears her clothes. Shu notes that she’s wearing white and she’s… trembling. She asks him in a terrified voice what he’s going to do, but he only tells her not to worry.

He kisses her deeply but she protests again his mouth and asks him to wait. She had just run away from Laito and the others a while back and they might come here… He pulls back from her a little and asks her in an amused voice if she’s saying that she would have preferred Laito. He thinks it’s just like her to try to choose her man like some kind of high class prostitute.

Yui turns bright red at this and tells him that he’s mistaken. His eyes are cold as he asks her what it is then. She realizes belatedly that he’s different from usual and this time he’s serious. He had been acting normal just a few minutes ago too, yet now he’s like this… She’s a bit scared but… but she…

She embraces him, which startles a gasp out of him, and then she tells him seriously that she’s glad it’s him. His eyebrows raise at her words and her heart throbs. She can’t believe her own actions in embracing him. What is happing with her…? And yet she’s not afraid. Her heart pulses again. She wonders at her own feelings.

Shu presses her down and she gasps quietly. He lowers his mouth to her ears and murmurs 「いい声。・・・もっと啼けよ。」(What a nice noise… Cry out more). Her heart is thudding loudly as she feels how cold his body is… and yet she has the feeling that heat is coming from somewhere.

His body was frighteningly cold. That body held no warmth but, even if it was a delusion, she was certain she could feel his heat. In that moment, underneath his body, she invited him in. She’s scared of her thoughts on how this was the moment she was waiting impatiently for; the feeling of losing herself. It’s scary. And yet, at the same time as her terror her heart is also throbbing harshly and loudly. As if it were a separate living entity…. She has now been completely captured.


Shu is standing alone in the park and he murmurs Edgar’s name, but then Yui comes running up to him and spots where he is standing with delight. He turns to her with a heavy sigh and calls her annoying before asking what she wants. She tells him that there’s a huge problem and someone ate Kanato’s pudding in the fridge.

Kanato started crying and then, taking advantage of that, Ayato started a fight with Subaru. She came to look for him in the hopes that he would do something. He asks her in an exasperated tone why she came looking for him. He thinks they should just be left to do as they please. She points out that he’s their elder brother and if they’re left alone like that the house will be destroyed.

He sniffs disdainfully and tells her that he doesn’t have the leisure to watch them in their greedy manner. He gives her a look before asking rhetorically about how greed is a sin in her God’s eyes, right? She nods and explains that greed is one of the seven deadly sins. She goes on to list them all starting from pride, gluttony, vanity, greed, wrath, envy, sloth, and then lastly lust.

Any of them is considered to be a dangerous desire for humans. He smiles in amusement at how he’s carrying the sin of sloth then. She answers hesitantly that he may well be and, in her mind, she’s surprised that he’s aware of that himself. His smiles turns into a slashed grin as he points out that she must be lust then. She tries to protest but it is weak…

Because he has a point. Even as she looked to God for help… she did that kind of thing with Shu… He laughs lowly and asks her what she’s imagining. She blurts out that it’s nothing but her cheeks are flushed. Their conversation is interrupted when a ball comes rolling to Shu’s feet. A child calls out to him and asks him to pick up that ball.

Shu loses the smile on his face and Yui calls out his name questioningly when he doesn’t move. She notices that the kid must want him to return the ball to them. Shu finally sighs before calling out for her to come with him. She pauses and tries to point out the ball to him but he throws a narrowed glare back at her as he orders her to leave it. She has no choice but to follow after him when he suddenly walks off.

She finally catches up to him only to find him staring off into space silently. She calls out his name, which makes him ask her curtly what she wants. She points out that, just a while ago, when the boy asked him to return the ball… he hesitated, didn’t he? He asks her what she’s talking about. She smiles and guesses that, for a moment, he had thought about returning the ball to them, right?

His lips curl in disdain as he denies that. Moreover, there will be nothing satisfactory with being concerned about him. He thinks the boys should have been glad he didn’t pick up the ball. She loses the smile on her face as she asks him what he’s talking about. But Shu just tells her abruptly that she shouldn’t get involved with him any more than this either.

He murmurs that everything beside him will be broken without fail. That is what happened with “him”… even when he though they’d be together forever… She says his name cautiously and wonders what is happening with him. And who does he mean by “him”?

Shu averts his eyes and rubs the back of his neck in frustration before he tells her that it was nothing. At any rate, he warns her not to get any more involved with him if she values her life. She asks him angrily what he’s saying because there’s no way she can do that at this point. He looks up from the ground at her and asks her what she means.

Yui confesses that, at first, she thought she could use a person like him who didn’t want to do anything to get herself released quickly. He compliments her on pretending to be such a schemer and then asks what became of her plan. She tells him bluntly that she doesn’t know. He gives a startled laugh before repeating her words in astonishment. She doesn’t know?

A faint blush appears as she admits that, even though she thinks it’s strange, for some reason she can’t leave him alone… she thinks he draws trouble to himself and so she can’t leave him alone. And that’s why… He sneers and asks her if she’s treating him like a child. She quickly tells him that she’s not treating him like a child and it’s just that she feels strangely content when she’s with him.

He hums in thought before telling her that if she is together with him then she will not be able to succeed the Sakamaki family. She blinks in confusion before denying that she wants it. But he interrupts and tells her that if she wants the influence of the house then she can make eyes at one of his younger brothers. He tells her that, with the current her, there would be others who would accept her with pleasure.

Shu sneers coldly as he states that if he were to tell them she was his used goods then there may be people who would come out and say that they don’t want her. She asks him perceptively if he’s talking about Reiji. He shrugs in cruel amusement and tells her that if she were to make eyes at him then even Reiji might yield. He suggests that she try it out if she wants that.

Yui refuses angrily because she doesn’t intend on being together with anyone apart from him. He frowns at her and admits that he really doesn’t understand her thoughts. She smiles and replies that she’s gradually getting to understand him though. He tells her flatly not to get conceited because she still doesn’t know anything. She isn’t deterred at all by his words and states that she’ll be able to learn a lot more about him then and she looks forward to it.

He turns away from her and calls her strange. He already warned her though and so he doesn’t want to hear her crying about it later. She smiles brightly and tells him that she won’t cry. He eyes her steadily for a moment before drawing her in for a kiss. Her cheeks become flushed and she wonders at this gentle kiss. Finally, Shu releases her and then says with a smile 「行くぞ、ノロマ。」(Let’s go, dunce).

She stares at him in shock as she realizes the taste in her mouth. Is that… the taste of pudding?! Could it be… the one who ate Kanato’s pudding was Shu!? He’s not looking at her but there is a smile on his face as he admits that he was the culprit if she’s talking about the pudding that was placed in the fridge without any name written on it. She realizes in anger that the reason for the fight was him then! She wants him to apologize to Kanato when they return.

He shrugs and tells her that she can admonish them for their wrath and gluttony. She points out that there is no way they would listen. And then she realizes that if they return home right now, Kanato might kill him. Shu suggests that he can play around with her over there then. He smirks slowly and tells her to be at ease because he’ll be tearing her clothes to pieces underneath that roof. She shouldn’t get cold… maybe.

She can’t believe he’s still…! Shu tilts his head and asks her calmly if she doesn’t want to. She hesitates, which makes him laugh before he comments again on how strange she is. And then he asks her to come with him. She nods her head with a smile and even though she knows what will happen if she goes with him… there is a version of her that wants to be with him. What is going to happen to her from now on?


Flashback! Edgar explains how to lift up the firing hammer to release the safety device. Shu follows his instructions and asks if he is doing it right. Edgar nods before quickly warning Shu to be careful. If he were to pull on the trigger right now then a bullet would come out. Shu nods quickly, making Edgar laugh before he tells him not to be so nervous.

Now, if he understands it from start to end, they can go out and shoot some rabbits later. Shu repeats the word “rabbit” excitedly and then exclaims that he wants to shoot them! If they catch a rabbit then he wants to eat the fresh meat dripping with blood. Edgar comments on how he likes his rabbit toasted on a fire, but he thinks they should throw a party if they do catch a rabbit! Shu smiles brightly at that.

Unbeknownst, Reiji is silently watching and murmurs 「・・・人間と遊ぶなんて・・・下衆な真似を。」(… to play with a human… what a boorish pretense). For Shu to succeed their father’s remains… he definitely won’t allow that. He walks away after those words. I’M FEELING SO SAD FOR BOTH OF THESE BOYS NOW.

Meanwhile, Shu and Edgar have gone out into the forest and after some time Shu sighs in pleasure at how fun that was. They should play together again some other time! Edgar agrees without hesitation because they’re friends and Shu can come any time. Shu smiles brightly at that. Edgar decides that next time they should go to the other side of the lake to hunt rabbits.

He suddenly cuts himself off and Shu looks over in confusion. Edgar points into the distance and hurriedly tells Shu to look over there. Shu is confused at what is over there because the sky is orange… Edgar shouts out that it’s a fire! Moreover, that direction is where his village is! Shu gasps loudly; Edgar’s village!? He opens his mouth and starts to ask about Edgar’s family.

Edgar states that they must be there. He’s going to return to the village! Shu asks him to wait because it’ll be dangerous to return now! He may get caught in the fire! Edgar asks him what he’s saying because there’s no way he can stay here! He’s going to go! Shu chases after him and shouts at him to stop.

They make it to the village and Shu is frightened at the flames. It’s so hot it feels like his cheeks are burning. Edgar can’t believe that his entire village is covered in flames. He yells for his father and mother and starts to take a step forward, but Shu grabs him and tells him not to go. He can’t go! But Edgar orders Shu to return home and not to follow him.

Shu cries out at him to stop because he’ll die! Edgar shakily tells him not to worry and that it’ll be okay. They can play in the forest again some other time. He shoves Shu away and then runs into the burning village, leaving Shu to scream after him. Why did he go!? A human will die immediately in those flames! He collapses to his knees and cries out for Edgar to come back.

Suddenly, Reiji appears and comments with amusement at the amazing fire. Shu asks him blankly what he is doing here. Reiji replies easily that it would be none of his business, right? More importantly, he finds Shu’s friend to be an idiot to jump into this kind of fire.

Shu glares at him and asks him if he is insulting Edgar. Reiji’s voice remains amused 「いいえ、とんでもない。僕が軽蔑するのは貴方ですよ・・・シュウ。」(No, absolutely not. The person I am looking down on is you… Shu). Shu is struck silent by this. Reiji states imperiously that Shu is not suitable to their father’s successor. He doesn’t do anything and simply lives in the depths of the castle like a flower that says nothing but merely breathes.

Reiji pause and then comments on how that would be an insult to flowers though. ARE YOU SERIOUS LMFAO REIJI IS SO BRATTY AS A KID. Shu can only gape at Reiji, who wrinkles his nose and notes that being here is shifting the smell of smoke into his hair. Reiji informs him that he is going to return to the castle and soon their butler should come and bring Shu back as well. He sneers and calls Shu useless before leaving.

Shu is left to stare blankly at where Reiji had been 「・・・僕が・・・役立たず・・・?」(… I’m… useless…?). The flames in the village roar higher and he cringes back as he realizes that it can’t be stopped any more. He cries out weakly 「僕は・・・役立たず・・・・なの?ねえ・・・エドガー・・・」(Am I… useless…? Hey… Edgar…).

Present! Yui exits onto the balcony and finds Shu there. She calls out to him and Shu springs awake with a startled look before he realizes that, once again, it was that dream. Yui asks him not to space out and tells him that they’re about to head to school and so he needs to prepare. He sighs loudly before grunting out that it’s troublesome.

She frowns at him and then chides him for saying that because it isn’t. He can’t not go to school. He looks back at her and tells her that she’s mistaken because he wasn’t talking about school. She blinks at him in confusion and so he orders her not to call him “Shu-san” and that hearing the suffix is troublesome. She asks him in astonishment if he really is going to go that far as to call that troublesome. He grunts in affirmation.

Yui asks him what she should call him then. OVERLORD MASTER. He tells her to just call him “Shu” and that he also finds her polite way of speaking to be irritating. She modifies her speech and tests out his name before asking him if her way of speech is fine now. He turns away from her and mumbles that he doesn’t really care. From the beginning, “that person” called him that.

She asks him who he is talking about and Shu quietly says the name “Edgar”. She recalls that he had said that name a while back while he was still half-asleep. She asks him if Edgar is his friend (while also correcting her automatic lapse into attaching a suffix onto his name). Shu tells her that he was in the past. Yui smiles in delight at hearing how even Shu had a friend. Is he not living close by any more?

Shu answers flatly that he’s dead. Her eyes widen and she falls silent. He offers no more words after that and she hurriedly apologizes. She didn’t know and so she accidentally… Shu finally turns back to her and states that Edgar was his first and last friend. She repeats his words faintly and then admits in her mind that she certainly isn’t Shu’s friend…

He frowns at her expression and asks her why she looks like that. She shakes her head before admitting out loud that she was just wondering if she couldn’t become a friend. His eyes crease in amusement as he repeats her words. Friend? Even presumptuousness has a limit.

She flinches at his words and apologizes but she stares at him determinedly and points out that talking like this makes her feel as if the distance between them is closing. And that kind of makes her happy. His eyes narrow as he asks her lowly if she wants to be close. As if sensing the danger in the air, she hesitates… He snorts before calling her an audacious woman. He even warned her not to get close to him.

YEAH AND WE ALL KNOW HOW WELL THAT WORKS IN ROMANCE NOVELS. She doesn’t know what to say to that. He continues on to say 「・・・これ以上は、俺も保証出来ないぜ。ユイ、お前がどうなっても・・・な。」(… From here on, even I won’t be able to guarantee anything. Especially what will happen to you… Yui…).

He huffs in amusement before telling her not to make a tearful face if she approaches him without resolve. They are past the point of no return. PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN. NO BACKWARD GLANCES. OUR GAMES OF MAKE-BELIEVE ARE AT AN END– *BRICKED*. She hesitates at his words about them being past the point of no return but then she shakes her head because she… with her own will… does not want to go back.

*** ECSTASY 01 ***

Yui sighs in pleasure as she walks down the mansion halls after her bath. Shu didn’t intrude on her today and so she was able to relax and choose when to get out. She’s going to prepare her things for tomorrow and then sleep early. Suddenly, the door that she walks by opens up and she’s pulled through.

She shrieks in surprise before she hits the floor with a thud; she winces in pain and then notices that Shu was the one who pulled her into his room. He calls her an idiotic woman and then asks if she can’t even fall safely. She sighs in exasperation at his words before snapping back that normally someone doesn’t need to know how to fall safely, so how could she possibly do that?!

Shu smirks and asks if that is what the ability of the human body amounts to. She ignores his words and points out that he’s heavy, so could he move? He presses more of his weight onto her and grunts out a refusal because he’s cold. She touches him and is surprised to find out that he really is colder than usual. She comments out loud on how he’s always cold.

His voice lowers as he murmurs 「ああ。・・・だからお前がふたり分の熱を出してくれないと、俺、凍えるかも知れない。」(Aa… that’s why you need to produce enough heat for both of us, or else I may just freeze). She asks him if he would like a bath. Shu refuses because it’s too troublesome and, besides, it’s enough for her to warm him up since she has such a warm body.

The words are a mere brush against her ears as he asks her to hurry up. H OLY SHIT ONCE AGAIN SEDUCING SHU MAKES AN APPEARANCE. She doesn’t know why but she’s decided to go along with the flow and so she starts to strip, making Shu’s eyebrows raise in surprise. He makes a comment on how lewd she is. She turns red and protests to that because he’s the one…!

He snorts in disdain before ordering her not to blame other people when she’s doing it out of her own will. She opens her mouth to deny that but she can’t think of anything to say. He eyes her silently before slipping off of her and walking off to his bed. She blinks in surprise at his withdrawal and then asks him if something is the matter.

Shu starts to chuckle and then, at her questioning look, points out that she has a very greedy look on her face. She’s even drooling. Yui turns bright red and hurriedly checks herself, which just makes him laugh louder before he tells her that he was joking. She glares at him for that but then he asks her when she started to have such wild eyes; women are terrifying creatures.

She smiles at that and asks him if he is scared of her. He shrugs and then asks her what she herself thinks. She narrows her eyes and chides him for answering a question with a question. He asks her what kind of answer she wants then. She ponders that before telling him that any answer will do. He smiles at that and calls her a lazy girl. She giggles at that before informing him that it’s contagious. THEIR BANTER IS KIND OF CUTE.

Shu chuckles again before pointing out that she’s giving him such an obscene look. She starts to turn red again and asks him quietly not to say that. He hums thoughtfully before his voice drops and he orders her to come to him. She nods silently with her face red and comes to sit beside him on the bed. Shu tries to decide on what to do next and settles on having her seduce him.

Her mouth drops open at that and she hesitates because that’s a little… He narrows his eyes and asks her to be quick about it because he’s cold. She stutters out that she can’t do that… He shrugs and tells her that he’s going to sleep then and she can leave. She murmurs his name as he flops on the bed and prepares to sleep.

But then her heart throbs loudly and she flinches at the feeling. Once again, the pulsing of her heart is making her feel strange… Her face becomes flushed as she whispers his name and starts to touch him. He cracks open his eyes in surprise to see that she’s still here. She tells him that she’ll do as he says, and so please…

A smirk appears on his face as he tells her that if she insists on it then… it looks like she’ll need more training. She doesn’t respond to that and so he asks her if she can properly do what he ordered her to do a while ago. She swallows heavily as he murmurs huskily 「欲しいなら、自分で動けよ。」(If you want it, then you’ll have to move yourself). W O W…… KINKY.

He comments on how her world must have this kind of saying as well, “Ask and it shall be given to you”. He smiles to himself in surprise at how, despite the human origin of these words, they’re nice ones. She nods with a shy smile and in her mind wonders at why she’s doing such a thing. Ah, her heart and body have become strange. But she can’t stop.

*** ECSTASY 02 ***

In her room, Yui is shocked at the current time. She spent too long relaxing in the bath! She needs to hurry and change to prepare for school! She realizes halfway through that the buttons on her jacket are mismatched. She doesn’t have any time though and she needs to hurry! Suddenly, her door opens and Shu calls out to her. She turns around with a yelped out greeting.

He blinks slowly at how disheveled she is before asking her what she’s doing. She explains that she’s changing in a hurry because she’s late, but because of her rush she buttoned her jacket wrongly. He gives a short hum before offering his help in dressing. She’s surprised by his offer and stutters out a polite refusal because she can do it.

A smile is spreading over his face as he asks her not to be so reserved. She replies curtly that she’s not. He ignores her words though and then pushes her down to the ground before pinning her. She squeaks before asking him what he’s doing because she can’t put on her clothes like this. He informs her with a chuckle that this way is easier.

In her mind she snaps out that it is only easier for him! He tells her that he’s going to close the skirt fastener now. He pulls the zipper up but then stops abruptly. She quickly asks him what the matter is and so he explains that the zipper is caught. It looks like some cloth got stuck and now it won’t go any higher. His voice is amused as he decides to leave it as it is.

Yui protests to that and asks him to pull it down before redoing it again. He laughs at that and asks her if she wants him to take her clothes off; what a lewd woman. He asks her to wait a moment while she tells him that she never said such a thing. He suddenly informs her that he knows the best way to do this. IF THIS INVOLVES TEARING HER ENTIRE SKIRT OFF…

He pulls out his knife and she freezes in terror. Why… does he have a knife… she asks him in a quivering voice what he intends to do. He shows her by slicing the knife through her skirt. His voice is calm as he tells her to look because the zipper is undone. I SWEAR TO GOD SHU. She asks him angrily why he did that because now he broke it instead! She was also petrified when he brought that knife out from nowhere!

His eyes light up at that fact and then, in the next moment, he brings the knife up to her skin. She freezes before pleading with him to stop. He just laughs, which makes her ask him why he’s laughing. He murmurs that it’s such nice music… her screams are the best music. He leans in to whisper into her ear to let him hear more.

Yui’s heart throbs loudly and she leans in to hold him tight. He pauses and then asks her in a dark voice what she’s doing. She just smiles up at him and asks him if he is having that much fun scaring her. He smiles at that and answers that he is and that hearing her screams gives him a thrill. It makes him want to record it all.

She giggles at that, which makes him narrow his eyes and ask her what is so funny, especially since she had just screamed a while ago. Her heart pulses again and she answers that he’s like a child. All amusement drains out of his face as he asks her to repeat that. She goes into more detail and explains that being pleased at the sight of someone being scared… that kind of simple cruelty is so much like a child that it’s cute.

POKING THE VAMPIRE… IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU YUI. Shu averts his eyes and grunts out how it was just like he said and that women are scary. But then a vicious grin appears as he orders her to come closer and let him hear more of her screams. She loses the smiles on her face as she asks him where he intends to do this. He huffs in amusement before pointing out that it’s obvious; her bed is right behind her.

He drags her onto it and then shoves her down before commenting on what a nice smell she has. The scent of her blood is wafting from her skin… he bites down. She groans out his name and then, in her mind, she comments on how she knows he wants to hear her voice but… she also doesn’t dislike the sounds he makes when he drinks her blood.

*** ECSTASY 03 ***

Yui is chopping food in the kitchen and notes that this should be enough to add in. Next is… the meat… She thinks on how the type that Shu likes is fresh meat like this. She finishes the meal preparations some time later and looks on it with pride. At first, she had wondered what she should do after she was ordered abruptly to make dinner but it turned out well.

She is a bit regretful that she didn’t make something easy to eat but it’s too late now. Suddenly, Reiji appears in the kitchen and asks her what she’s doing at this time of night. Yui turns around and greets him with a smile before explaining that Shu complained of hunger and so she decided to make dinner.

Reiji frowns and points out how she shouldn’t need to do anything for the sake of that man. Besides, they do not require human food. She answers simply that Shu said he wanted to eat. Reiji’s lip curls in disdain and he comments on how extremely unpleasant this is. She asks him what he means by that. He answers that everything that is happening in front of him right now is unpleasant. WOAH THERE.

He suddenly whips out his hand and sends the plate of food to the ground. Yui gasps in dismay at his action and then asks him what he’s trying to do. He snaps out curtly that she doesn’t need to carry any food to that good-for-nothing. He also wants her to stop concerning herself with Shu any more than this. She asks him what he’s trying to achieve by saying that at this point in time. Reiji orders her to listen to him because everything he is saying is for her sake.

UH HUH… AND NOT BECAUSE YOU SUFFER THE SECOND CHILD SYNDROME RIGHT? She looks him straight in the eye and refuses. He returns her look and tells her that she doesn’t know the true nature of that man. If she isn’t being gripped by her maternal instincts to care for Shu then she has just self-suggested it. He clucks his tongue and comments on how poor she is. He offers to remove that brainwashing from her and all she needs to do is come to him.

Yui asks him what he is saying. She is staying beside Shu out of her own free will. She also realizes in her mind that this is the truth; no matter what she says, she is at Shu’s side because she herself wants to be. Reiji has no right to say these kinds of things! Reiji notes that she’s quite stubborn and if she were to just accept this then she would be able to free herself from Shu’s unpleasant restraints and escape.

She replies that she is choosing to be together with Shu and she isn’t restrained by him… She is by his side because she wants to. She would be pleased if he stopped saying these things. At any rate, she refuses to listen to any more and she wishes him a curt good night. She walks away, leaving Reiji to call out after her to wait because they haven’t finished their talk!

Some time later, she has finished retelling that incident with Reiji to Shu in his room. She also adds that this is why there is no dinner and then apologizes. Shu snorts in amusement and then calls Reiji as meddlesome as usual. Yui is still hung up on how delicious she had made the food and then how it all ended up on the ground. It wasn’t even possible to pick up any edible pieces. She promises to make it for him next time.

He shrugs before commenting with a sneer that Reiji probably picked it up and ate it. Her heart pulses and she feels herself smiling as she agrees with him. She thinks Reiji might even be crawling on the ground in a shameful way to eat the fallen food. WOAH THERE THAT’S GOING TOO FAR. She winces in her mind and wonders what that was just now; not only is her heart acting weirdly but her feelings are as well.

Her heart throbs again and she starts to giggle before confessing to Shu that just thinking about it makes her feel unbearably strange… to the point where she wants to step on Reiji’s head. Yui is fighting herself in her mind but she can’t seem to stop her words. Shu averts his eyes and his cheeks become flushed as he murmurs that she’s a scary woman, but he also wants to stomp on Reiji’s head until his brains leak out. UMMM… (°Α°).

Yui’s heart continues to pulsate as she notes out loud on how Shu really seems to dislike Reiji, which is surprising since he seems to find it too troublesome to hate anything else. But he seems to show a clear hostility towards Reiji. He tilts his head and muses on that before admitting that it might be true. She asks him what he is thinking about.

Suddenly, Shu calls out her actual name. She blinks in surprise and asks him what the matter is. He faces her with a serious look and asks her how long she intends to concern herself with him. At her lack of an answer he steps closer to hold her against him before murmuring that if she values her life then she shouldn’t touch his soul. He advises her to just drown herself and indulge in the pleasures of the body. If she doesn’t… he won’t know what will happen.

She whispers his name quietly before kissing him deeply. He makes a startled noise at the back of his throat before asking her in a low voice what the point of that was. She merely smiles vaguely and shrugs. He looks at her in confusion and so she elaborates on how she doesn’t understand it well herself… but she is no longer thinking about wanting to run away from him.

Rather, she is starting to feel like she cannot help but be by his side… like this… She presses herself even closer to him and he asks her in a flat voice what she’s trying to do. She settles herself against his chest before answering that she can hear his heartbeat like this.

Somehow she feels calm when she can hear the sound of his heart. And then she has the feeling of wanting to be together with him. His expression softens as he comments on how she’s a curious woman. She agrees to that. In her mind, she realizes that this is strange even to herself but… when she hears his heartbeat… she feels calm.

*** ECSTASY 04 ***

Both Yui and Shu are in the business district of the town and Yui comments on how there’s a lot of people, as usual. She advises Shu to hold onto her hand so that he doesn’t go astray. He refuses though and grunts out that he wants to go home. She frowns and reminds him that he isn’t allowed. He rubs the back of his neck in frustration and asks why he has to do this thing.

She points out that they have no choice because it’s a class assignment. He has to make a bouquet by tomorrow and present it in home economics. She’ll help him though and so they need to go to the shop before it closes. He complains about how troublesome it is. She nods her head in exasperation and then tells him that it’ll be even more troublesome if he is held back a year and so he needs to work hard.

He sighs heavily before wondering out loud when she became such a bully… She starts to open her mouth to respond to that, but then they’re interrupted by the wailing of sirens. Yui turns around to see a fire truck and Shu stiffens. She looks around and then spots the fire in the distance, only to wince at the way the wind is bolstering the flames.

She suddenly hears Shu choke back a noise and turns to see him completely pale. He gasps out a faint denial before spinning around and dragging her away. She yells out his name in astonishment and then asks him not to pull her like that. But he continues to drag her until they reach an alleyway where he finally stops. She tries to ask him what the matter is and why he suddenly grabbed her like that but he doesn’t respond.

Instead, he tears her clothing with jerky movements. She shrieks before calling out his name again but this time desperately, but his eyes are wild as he gulps in the air before biting her hard. She cries out in pain and tries to ask him what is going on but he just continues to suck heavily. She can’t stop her moan at the sensation.

Shu finally finishes and steps away from her, but when she asks if he is calm he turns away from her and continues to breathe shakily. She realizes that he’s still trembling and wonders why he’s suddenly acting like this… could it be the fire that he saw? Now that she thinks on it, she realizes that Shu has never gone close to anywhere with fire.

Even when she’s cooking he’s told her not to use the fire but she just hasn’t noticed until now. She hesitantly asks him if he dislikes fire. He continues to tremble violently and choke on his sobs. She notes that he isn’t in any condition to hold a conversation and then wonders what she should do. She can’t let him become more scared than this and so she starts to stroke his head and whisper that it’s alright now.

She tells him that there’s nothing to be afraid of now; the fire has gone in another direction. Shu starts to breathe easier and she relaxes at the sight of him becoming a little more calm. She suggests that they head home and points out that he must have been scared, huh. He nods shakily.

But then they’re interrupted by a crowd of people walking by and commenting loudly on how the building over there is on fire. They should go and check it out! Shu trembles violently at that and inhales sharply. Yui hurriedly works to soothe him again and tells him that the fire won’t come here to him. He can relax and calm down. Shu starts to cry out and sob.

Once again Yui reassures him and tells him not to be afraid, but then her heart throbs and she murmurs that she’s mistaken. In her mind, she thinks on how she wants to see his frightened face. His terror-gripped appearance is so lovely… Aa, the tears in his eyes are also pretty… to the point where she wants to gouge them out and lick them. JEEBUS CORDELIA IS CRAZY.

Her heart throbs loudly again and she clenches her teeth. Why… it’s like her heart holds a separate personality… she reprimands herself and tells herself that she needs to help Shu when he’s scared. He has his eyes clenched shut and has started to make wounded noises. Yui embraces him and promises to protect him, so there is nothing to fear. She continues to whisper a litany of reassurances about everything being okay.

*** ECSTASY 05 ***

Yui opens the door to the school’s rooftop and flinches at the cold. It’s windy today, which just makes it even colder. She continues to walk out onto the rooftop though and notices Shu’s silent form. Yui sighs before wondering out loud why he is relaxing here when it’s so cold.

At any rate, she calls out to him but he responds curtly that she’s annoying and it’s his decision on where he wants to relax. She’s learned to tune out his words and just nods her head absently before asking him if he intends on skipping classes. He snaps back that it would also be his own decision if he did. Did she come here on purpose to intrude on his fun? She has too much time on her hands, as usual.

She informs him that she doesn’t have that much time on her hands because she also has classes. He smirks and asks her if she is looking for praise from him for working hard then. She snaps back angrily that she doesn’t particularly want that either and, in fact, if he were to say it she would be surprised. He shrugs before getting to the point and asking her if she thought that by coming here personally she would get him to attend classes obediently.

Yui admits that she would like it if he did but she didn’t count on it too much. She knows that it would be a miracle if he did. He sneers in disdain and asks her why she is wasting her efforts like this if she knows all that. He finds it seriously painful to try and comprehend humans. She opens her mouth before closing it again.

In her mind she thinks on how if she were to tell him that she just wanted to see his face, he would most likely make fun of her. Their relationship… is not one of lovers. What should their relationship even be called…? Suddenly, Shu calls out to her and asks her why she is spacing out like that. Does she intend on freezing to death? She glares at him and tells him that there’s no way she’d do that.

But then the wind blows strongly into her and she shivers at how cold it is. She won’t freeze to death but she certainly will catch a cold. He hums in thought as he looks at her and she tilts her head before asking him if something is the matter. He suddenly orders her to come and sit beside him. She reminds him that she has to go to classes but… she’ll indulge him for just a little bit.

Shu’s voice is soft as he tells her that she should just listen to what he says like this. He suddenly pins her down and she turns bright red before asking him loudly what he’s doing. Move! He refuses bluntly and so she asks shyly what he intends on doing. He smirks at that and asks her what is with that anticipation in her eyes.

She points out in a stutter that he did push her down like this… He laughs at how she’s already imagined that much. She is genuinely lewd if she is imagining them copulating at anytime and anywhere. His voice lowers as he informs her that her expression is showing that she can’t help but want her blood to be sucked. She narrows her eyes at him because she finds his words to be cruel.

At any rate, she tells him to release her because it really is cold today and if they remain here… He frowns and calls her annoying for constantly talking about how cold it is. She points out that he said it as well about how cold today is. But Shu just ignores her and places a kiss along her neck. He asks her if she is still cold. She starts to splutter but he continues on to murmur that her body is extremely hot and her face is red.

She whispers out that it’s because he’s doing such a thing… He laughs lowly 「クスクス・・・だったら俺に感謝するんだな。今のお前・・・ちっとも寒くなさそうだ。」(Haha… in that case you have to thank me. Right now… you aren’t the slightest bit cold). She responds that she isn’t cold but… in her mind she thinks on how it’s the exact opposite and she’s burning up now.

Yui murmurs his name and when he looks down on her questioningly, she asks him to make her even more warm… to the point where she’ll warm up his cold skin. He laughs softly and brushes his mouth against her ear before asking her about her classes. She begs him not to tease her. But he only continues and asks her if she wants him that badly. O H GOD HIS WHISPERS ARE DEADLY.

She nods weakly and in her mind admits that she wants him. He raises an eyebrow and tells her to do it to him then… whatever she wants. Her heart throbs and she finds herself smirking at him and asking if he is really fine with those words. In her mind, she’s alarmed at how her heart is making her speak without her meaning to.

Shu laughs and then points out that she has an erotic look on her face. She fires back by saying that he’s the one with that look on his face. He can’t help but want her blood… he has a hungering look in his eyes… and he’s experiencing a thrill. He’s amused by her words before telling her that it is as she says, but the one who will be eaten and have his fangs stabbed into will be her.

Yui’s heart throbs and then she giggles before telling him that it’ll be perfect then because they’ll be two people who will consume each other. Shu makes an affirming noise before ordering her to give him her blood. She smiles back and tells him to go ahead before she strips the ribbon from her uniform off. In her mind, Yui notices that it’s not just her body… but even her heart is becoming hot and painful. What is happening… her body… is gradually… her body is…

*** ECSTASY 06 ***

In the garden, Yui is enjoying the nice breeze. The garden here always has beautiful flowers that are in bloom. She smiles brightly at the thought of how pretty the living room would be if decorated in these flowers, even though Shu doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in them. She decides to come back out with a pair of scissors.

She comes back with a pair of scissors and starts to look around for the flowers that she wants. The roses over here are in full bloom and pretty, just like she thought. She snips one off and is delighted by the pleasant scent. She decides to collect a number of pink roses from another bush as well. She also wants to decorate her own room.

Now that she looks around some more she realizes that there are a lot of different types. Even though they’re so beautiful they’re also left alone… for some reason this emphasizes to her how different her values are. Suddenly, she’s interrupted by Shu calling out her name. She turns around to greet him with a smile and asks if something was the matter, since he had been sleeping in the living room.

He answers that his lap pillow was gone and so he woke up. She apologizes because she had thought he was in a deep sleep. He asks her calmly if she thought it would be okay to decide that on her own without his permission. She points out that he would be angry if she woke him though! She changes the subject though and shows him how, in exchange, she’s managed to pick out many beautiful roses. She’ll also decorate his room.

Shu snorts in disdain and tries to ask her if she is using that to gloss over hi-. He grabs her arm abruptly and she yelps in pain before dropping all of her roses. She asks him angrily why he did that all of a sudden. He answers flatly that there was a bug. She looks at him in confusion and asks him what he is saying. She isn’t a child as to ignore him. SHE MISTOOK THE WORD “MUSHI” AS THE ONE FOR IGNORING SOMEONE.

He shakes his head impatiently and tells her that she’s mistaken. He meant the bug. She stares at him in confusion and so he opens his hand to show her. She screams loudly and then hurriedly tells him to throw it away. He starts to smile and asks her why she is exaggerating so much. What is there to be scared of about this thing.

She snaps back angrily that he might be okay with it but she isn’t. He tilts his head and informs her that it only has a little bit of poison. For a human like her, she would be able to get over it in a week or so. She shakes her head and pleads with him to throw it away. He narrows his eyes and tells her that she’s being excessive in her terror. Ah well, it’s not like holding it is any fun to him.

Shu tells her that he’s tossed it away and she thanks him gratefully. He eyes her for a moment before commenting on how strange humans are. It would die immediately the moment she stepped on it, even though it is just like a person who is alive for purposes unknown. She explains to him that she is fine with looking at it but if it has landed on her body and when she thinks about being stung by it…

He hums in thought before asking her if she dislikes the sensation of a bug crawling on her. She shuts her eyes and answers that just thinking about it gives her the shivers. A smile starts to spread across his face, which makes her ask him why he is looking at her like that. He merely points out that she makes such ecstatic noises when he is sucking her blood though.

She immediately turns bright red and asks him why he is bringing that up. But then she looks down on the ground and sighs at how the flowers have gone to waste. Due to the impact of falling to the floor, all the flowers have been scattered. It looks like it can’t be helped and she’ll have to re-pick them. He murmurs that it won’t be needed and then embraces her from behind, making her ask him what he is doing.

He asks her to let him drink her blood. She asks him why he suddenly wants to do that… to which he answers that her scream from a few minutes ago made him aroused. Her mouth drops open as she recalls that scream. It wasn’t like she meant to do that… He tells her not to put on airs and then points out that she likes the feeling of his tongue creeping along her skin, right?

Yui tries to ask him not to say that but he interrupts and murmurs that her screams are nice but this voice of hers is almost like dessert… it’s sweet. He bites down on her neck before groaning out that her blood is sweet… and it is overflowing with a fragrant scent. She asks him in a moan if that is true.

He answers 「ああ・・・これがあれば花なんか要らない。お前の声と血があれば、それだけでいい・・・」(Aa… if I have this then I don’t need flowers. As long as I have your voice and blood, that is enough…). AWW THANKS. THAT’S KIND OF ROMANTIC FOR A BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE.

She whispers his name and in her mind realizes that he’s attached to her… for a person who disdains everything… only towards her is he like this. She stiffens at her thoughts and Shu pauses before asking her if something is wrong. She reassures him that it’s nothing and then asks him to drink as much of her blood as he wants. He nods.

*** ECSTASY 07 ***

In the school hallway, Shu is walking down the corridor. Yui spots him and runs up to him to grab onto him, which makes him ask her what she’s doing. She ignores that and asks him where he’s going. He shrugs and tells her that he is either going to the music room, the broadcasting room, or the rooftop. She points out sternly that the next class will start in five minutes.

She reminds him that he needs to show up to class because multiple absences are dangerous. He turns away from her and grunts out that it doesn’t matter. She tells him that’s no good and warns him that he’ll have to stay behind a year. Look, she’ll even walk him to his next class room, so will he attend? His lip curls as he calls her a troublesome woman before asking her if she intends to be his nanny.

Yui shakes her head and tells him that she just doesn’t want him to stay behind a year. She doesn’t want to be in the same year as him next year. He smirks at that and tells her he understands. She smiles brightly and asks if that means he’ll attend classes then. She’s surprised by how obedient he is today. His smirk widens as he tells her that he will attend if she comes along.

She pauses and sends him a questioning look. He explains that he’ll attend classes so long as she’s there too. She points out that she’s a second year and so she can’t attend third year classes. He shrugs and informs her that she won’t know until she tries. He grabs onto her arm and pulls her into class.

Some time later, she finds herself listening to the history teacher as he goes on to talk about the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. The circumstances of the war were attributed to things like problems with the suzerainty (the feudal system), the succession of the throne, and other problems here and there. It is also the age when the saint, Jeanne d’Arc appeared.

Yui can’t believe that she was allowed to participate in Shu’s class. And then, adding to her shame, even though she’s in his class participating he is uninterested at all in the lecture. She asks him in a whisper to properly pay attention to the teacher now that he’s finally in class. He shrugs and tells her that it doesn’t matter.

She asks him why, because there may be a test on this. He informs her that if it is about Joan of Arc then he’s read all the books about her in the castle. At her look of surprise he explains that there are plenty of books about the foolishness of humans. He goes on to describe how she was a young girl who was raised to the pedestal of a saint, was seen as a symbol of the war, was interrogated for heresy – he pauses here – and finally was burned at the stake.

He tells her that, ever since as a young child, he knows well the selfishness of them humans. The history teacher calls out to Shu and asks him to be quiet now that he’s finally attending class. In response to that, Shu closes his eyes and dozes off. Yui’s eyes widen at that and she’s amazed at how quickly he fell asleep. She shakes him gently and hisses at him to wake up, but he just continues to breathe calmly.

The history teacher sighs loudly and mutters about how it can’t be helped. He calls out to Shu again and orders him to wake up. He asks Shu to tell him the name of the battle that Joan of Arc participated in if he is so familiar with her. Shu continues to sleep and ignores him.

Yui realizes that there isn’t even a hint of him being awake. Shu truly doesn’t care about school. She apologizes in a stutter to the teacher and promises to wake him up immediately. Shu cracks open an eye at that and informs Yui that she doesn’t need to speak to the teacher like that. The only person she should be interacting with should be him. She turns to look at him in surprise and asks him when he woke up.

But Shu ignores her and instead tells her that, while he was sleeping, he saw a bit of a dream. He leans over and whispers that it was a dream about her being in a bed. He kisses her on the cheek and she turns deep red. What is he doing in front of everyone!? Everyone in the class bursts into talk and the teacher reminds Shu in a stern voice that this is a classroom!

Shu’s words are tinged with amusement as he asks them what they want. He’s not the one who is being troubled. It is them who are bound so firmly by morals. His voice turns cruel as he states that, at any case, they’re all just jealous, aren’t they? He tells them to go ahead and drool while watching. Yui murmurs his name… and then her heart throbs.

Even though this is so embarrassing, it is as if her heart is saying that it’s happy. Shu chuckles lowly as he asks her if she’s already aroused. Her body is hot. She helplessly tells him that she doesn’t know… because even though this is embarrassing… her body moves on its own when he touches her. He smiles in amusement and calls her a genuinely lewd person.

He wonders just how much her previous existence was mired in sins; was she a prostitute who engaged in prostitution for the sake of her own pleasure, or maybe one of those uncommon femme fatales. Or possibly, his voice lowers here, was she a saint who overflowed with service to her God. She repeats the word “saint” in a weak voice and he nods as he leans even closer to ask her to strip.

She squeaks and asks him to stop, but he starts to place his hands on her and murmurs that her body is becoming even more flushed. He wants her to accept her fate and to present to him everything of herself and some of her purity. He is sure that she’s unmistakably a saint… and to cause her to fall… it sends a thrill through him. He kisses her deeply and she moans out his name.

He tells her that everyone is watching… and then asks her to let them hear her voice. In her mind, Yui can’t stop her body… even though she doesn’t want to do this in front of everyone. She can’t do this! If she remains here any longer then she’ll…! She shoves her chair back and runs out of the classroom, leaving Shu to watch her departure with an amused smirk.

She was played with and disheveled in front of people. For her to be aroused at that immorality… she isn’t a saint. In the end she’s fallen, lost the qualifications to serve God, and has become just a prostitute. But even though she has received this shame… she can’t leave Shu. She has the feeling that, so long as Shu wishes it, she would endure being abused as a prostitute and even ridiculed as a witch and burned at the stake. She feels as if she has already fallen as far as possible.

*** ECSTASY 08 ***

In her bedroom, Yui is recalling how lately she feels like she’s been pushed down and pinned by Shu in many places without any concern. And, up until now, she definitely wouldn’t have been able to endure that. Her body becomes hot and gradually starts to be aroused whenever she’s touched by him.

Her cheeks heat up at the thought and she admits quietly to herself that she knows her body is changing… but she’s no longer the person that she was before she came to this house. She suddenly shrieks in surprise when she hears Shu wake up with a gasp. W-When did he!? He grunts out to her that it doesn’t matter when he came in. It is her fault for not locking her door.

She finds herself reluctantly nodding to his words before asking him why he suddenly came here though. Is he unable to sleep? He sighs loudly before admitting that he’s cold. She automatically asks him if he is alright and wonders if he caught a cold, only to remember that Shu – and his brothers – can’t catch colds. He asks her what she’s mumbling to herself about and then orders her to warm him up.

He embraces her tightly and sighs in pleasure against her ear about how warm she is. Yui notices in surprise that he’s colder than usual. He presses himself closer to her and complains that he’s still cold. She nods against him before suddenly making a noise of exclamation. He draws back a little and asks her what she is doing. She informs him that, because he’s always doing horrible things to her, this is God’s punishment on him.

Shu raises a brow before asking her if she still believes in God. Yui admits that she isn’t sure anymore… she certainly does think of it as a strange for her to preach about punishment when she has turned her back on God and has been committing fornication. But when she looks at him in her arms she can’t help but feel in love with him. She feels like he is more important than her father and God, no, than anyone else.

She caresses his cheek and he blinks at her before asking her what she wants. She just shakes her head and notes that his cheeks are also cold. He narrows his eyes at her in speculation before telling her that just being touched by her isn’t going to make him warm. She smiles at that and tells him that she’ll make him more warm then. However, she notices that his body isn’t becoming warmer.

He only grunts in answer to her comment. She asks him if the others, like Reiji and Subaru, are as cold as him. He asks her what she is going to do if she hears the answer. Is she going to sneak into their room at night and have sex with them? She instantly tries to deny that but he cuts her off and tells her that she doesn’t need to know that. She only needs to know his body temperature.

She blushes at his words and then finds herself pressed closer to him. Could this be… Shu’s desire to monopolize her? Her heart thuds and an unseen smirk appears on her face. Ah, of course, it’s because she opened her heart and body to him and so he has no choice but to become captive to her. She wants him to drown in her more. She’ll show these children, blind to the world by their arrogance, a dizzying sight of the world.

Her heart throbs again and she starts to giggle, which makes Shu ask her what is so funny. She reassures him that it’s nothing. In her mind, Yui wonders if this heart is her true self. Even though her mind is clear… her heart is always seeking out Shu. If that is the truth then she no longer has the right to believe in God. She would just be… Shu’s…

Suddenly, Shu informs her that his feet are cold. She smiles and tells him that she’ll warm him up even more then. She finds his legs to be frigid. He tells her that he’s not getting enough warmth and the blankets are a hindrance. She startles in embarrassment at that but then he orders her to strip or else he won’t get warm. She turns red but realizes it can’t be helped and so she strips for him.

He instantly presses himself close to her and moans at how warm she is. Moreover, he can smell the blood from her skin. She asks him if he’ll drink from her, to which he tells her that he will because he’s getting hungry now that he’s warm. He sinks his teeth into her and drinks large gulps of her blood. She moans out his name.

Contrary to her heart, she remembers the feeling of arousal just from being touched by Shu. It is as if her heart is a succubus. IS ANYONE GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT CORDELIA?? ANYONE?? At first, these repulsive desires were a terrifying existence trying to assert themselves. But this throbbing in her heart may be her true heart. Her feelings towards Shu are starting to deepen and her reason is melting to the desires of her heart. She has that feeling.

*** ECSTASY 09 ***

Yui enters the bathroom and calls out to Shu. Is he still in the bath? If he remains there for too long he’ll start to get dizzy. He grunts in acknowledgment and she finally spots him in the bathroom only to pause at the state of his clothes. They look wet… could it be that he entered the bath with his clothes again?!

He explains that he entered the bath, but when he came out he found drying himself off too troublesome. In the silence after his words, the water from his clothes drip onto the floor. She sighs in exasperation before pointing out that it’ll be a bother if his body becomes more cold from this. He grunts out that he’s already cold. She sighs again before noting that he’s really cold.

Once again she thinks on how she really can’t leave him alone. Anyway, she offers to dry him off and so asks him to come over to her. He obeys her without any protests, even when she asks him to lower his head. She starts to dry off his hair before commenting on how even his hair is cold to touch. He only grunts in response and then presses himself close to her, making her yelp and complain that she’ll get wet too!

He tells her that she should strip then. Does she not know even that much? She rolls her eyes slightly at his oft-spoken words before telling him that she’ll strip and enter the bath after drying him. He shakes his head and orders her to strip now or else he won’t put on the rest of his clothes. She sighs loudly but realizes that it can’t be helped.

She agrees to strip but then starts to blush as she realizes that, under his gaze, her hands are stumbling. He breathes out a laugh of amusement at her clumsiness. She closes her eyes and tries to explain but then something drops out of her clothes. She notices that it’s her rosary. She continues to take off the rest of her clothes while Shu watches her in silence with furrowed brows.

Finally, she notices his look and asks him if something is the matter. In response, he asks her if she is alright with that. She asks him what he is talking about and so he points out that her rosary is a precious symbol of her God, is it not? She looks at it and blinks in surprise before admitting to him that it is. He gives her a small smirk and asks her why she is not picking it up then. She may be punished for that.

She shrugs and tells him that it is fine. He chuckles at that and asks her what kind of faithlessness is that. She loses the smile on her face as she tells him that she no longer has the right to serve God. He sends her a look before asking her if that is because of him. She admits that he is the one who started it but she was the one who chose to remain by his side… and so it isn’t his fault.

His expression lightens with amusement as she continues on to admit that she may or may not be punished but… with Shu by her side she isn’t very afraid. She turns red as she confesses that she wants to be by his side. He hums in thought before asking her what she would do if he asked her, while they are together right now, to gouge out and present her eyeballs to him.

Yui hesitates and tries to find something to say, which just makes Shu laugh loudly. At her look of confusion he just laughs louder before noting that she’s terrified. It looks like she’s still human. But then he narrows his eyes and tells her seriously that if she is frightened at this then she is unfit to be his equal. She asks him angrily if he is teasing her.

He turns away with a smile and informs her that she is the one to decide what she wants to think. He advises her that if she has the resolve to follow him even to the limits of hell then she needs to plan to be able to present to him one or even both of her eyes. She nods shakily, which just makes his smile widen before he orders her to come closer. He’ll take her to hell, to heaven, or to wherever she wants to go.

Her cheeks flush as she presses herself close to him, but he notes that her body has also become cold. She suggests for him to suck her blood then because her body will become heated at that. He smirks in agreement at that and then bites down on her to drain her blood. She moans out his name and finds her body gradually becoming hotter… even though her blood is leaving her body… why is that… how strange.

Along with her rosary, she throws away her faith to God. This is something that she wishes on her own. Just like how her heart has become honest with its desires, she feels like it would be best for her feelings to become honest too. As long as she is with Shu, even to the end of this world or even hell, she will follow along. Her body becomes hot as he sucks her blood… this kind of her may no longer be able to return to the world of humans.

*** ECSTASY 10 ***

In the forest, Yui is following Shu in the middle of the night. She asks him where they are going. He shrugs and answers her that he’s walking on a whim. She eyes him thoughtfully but then looks around the forest and how quiet it is. She hasn’t really walked through it before. It looks like Shu is walking without being lost though.

She suddenly calls out his name, which makes him turn around with an annoyed look. She asks him if he is familiar with this forest. He tells her that he isn’t particularly and that he just played here as a child sometimes. She hums at the thought of Shu being a child. He has such a beautiful face… she feels like he would have been a shockingly beautiful young boy.

Yui asks him how he played in the forest. He is silent at that, to the point where she calls out his name worriedly. Shu averts his eyes and tells her that anything was fine and then orders her to hurry up and walk. She obeys him but then stops again after a minute. He sighs before asking her what it is now. She points out that ahead of them is a dead end, so what are they going to do?

He smirks at that and tells her that they’ll be doing… this. She shrieks in surprise when he suddenly lifts her into his arms bridal style and then she notices them start to float. He laughs before asking her why she is so surprised. Did she forget that he was a vampire? The moon grants residents of the night power and the full moon is when that power is at its greatest.

Her eyes remain wide as she looks down at how far the forest has become and how high they are flying. She starts to pale and asks him to set her down. His smile has a dash of cruelty as he asks her what the matter is and that her face looks pale. She stutters out that she’s scared and that they’re very high up. THE DISSONANCE WITH THE CG OVER THERE IS SO WEIRD. SHE’S SMILING BUT NOPE SHE’S ACTUALLY SCARED.

He chuckles and notes how nice her frightened voice is. He’s going to terrify her some more. Yui screams as he shifts his hold on her so that she’s barely being held. He laughs even louder and then tells her to fall. She begs him to stop this but he just wonders out loud on what would happen to her if she hit the floor from this height. Would the pink entrails in her body, scattered all around, shine in the moonlight?

Shu also adds that there are stray dogs in these forests and they would smell the scent of the blood from her insides and would devour her without leaving even a bone behind. She’s crying now as she begs him to stop. He laughs again before telling her that she doesn’t understand a joke when she hears one, as usual. She pauses in shock at how those frightening words were just a… joke. He chuckles low in his throat again and she weakly calls him mean.

He informs her that he’s just being his usual self and that if she gets angry at every little thing then she’ll grow old. She snaps back that there’s no way that would happen. As they continue flying though she notices that the wind is quite strong.

Finally, she ends up asking him where they are going. Shu shrugs and says that the wind is blowing from that direction so… they’re merely flowing along with it. She quiets down but observes how they’re entering deep into the forest. Just where exactly are they going?

Some time later, they finally land down. Yui comments out loud on how she can’t believe that there is a lake in this place. Both of them are currently in a boat and she hasn’t been in one since she was a child. She didn’t realize that there was a lake even though this is in the middle of the town, Kaminashi. This place almost has the atmosphere of a parallel dimension.

She notices that Shu is relaxing on the other side and realizes that he must like these quiet places. She decides to relax as well and calm herself to the sound of the waters. Before she knows it she dozes off to the sound of the water lapping against the boat.

The next thing she knows, she wakes to Shu calling out her name. She asks him if something is the matter while blinking her eyes sleepily. He just shifts over to her side, but this makes the boat wobble and causes her to warn him not to move so suddenly like that because it’s dangerous. He frowns and asks her if she is refusing him with that reason.

Yui opens her mouth to respond but then her heart throbs loudly and interrupts her. In her mind, she realizes her heart is saying that Shu is adorable when he’s sulking. She responds to him that there is no way she could refuse him. He smiles at that and asks her if she would even fall for him then. She replies that, as long as they are together, she will go anywhere with him.

She tells him that if they were to both fall into the lake then they could sink to the bottom of the lake’s mud and then head towards hell. She leans forward to peck him on the lips, which makes him smirk before calling her a frightening woman who may, at any moment, drag him down into the lake. She asks him if that’s true which makes him growl in affirmation before he admits that it’s unbearably arousing.

He bites down on her suddenly and starts to drink her blood. She moans out his name and then asks him if he’s getting excited. He’s panting as he answers that he is and then he notes that her blood is much more thick today. A deep flush arises on her cheeks as she hears that he’s aroused. He is… because of her? Why does this make her happy.

With her heart ringing loudly, she only continues to blurt out inflaming words to Shu. It is as if she herself has also become a resident of the night from how she is finding him cute and running her mouth off. But… if for example, she really did fall into the lake with him and they were able to spend time together in the cold mud of the bottom of the lake… she has a feeling that it would not be so bad.

She wouldn’t reject that. As long as Shu continues to desire her then she wants to be by his side forever and so… more… she wants him to desire her more and more…


Flashback! Shu is recalling how, after the fire, the butler came immediately and brought him back to the castle forcibly. He wonders what happened to the village though. He’s also praying for Edgar to be safe somehow. He manages to escape the confines of the castle though and run back to the village. He’s horrified by what he sees though.

The entire village has been burning. Everything has been burnt. Nothing is left. He remembers how Edgar told him that he would be fine though… so surely he’ll be in here somewhere. He starts to walk through the village and calls out to Edgar and asks him where he is. He can smell the scent of… burnt meat. Everywhere he looks there are dead bodies.

He also sees stray dogs fighting over each other for the meat. They growl at him as he passes by but Shu snarls back 「・・・僕に逆らう気か?去れ・・・この畜生が!」(… Do you intend to defy me? Begone… you beasts!). AWW HE SOUNDS SO ADORABLE HERE TRYING TO BE ASSERTIVE. They retreat while whining and then he realizes that he doesn’t have time to stand around doing this. Where is Edgar?

Shu suddenly sees something in the rubble. It’s Edgar’s gun! He shouts out Edgar’s name in delight. So he was here all along! Ed–… He suddenly screams loudly in horror before removing the debris roughly. His voice is hollow as he asks the body if he was Edgar…

He’s sobbing as he tells Edgar’s body that he still hadn’t been taught how to fire a gun… Edgar! He touches the body and continues to sob as he realizes that Edgar has become like charcoal. He’s in shock. He can’t comprehend how Edgar, who had been lively and bright, has become… this. This black charcoal… isn’t Edgar!

He begs someone to tell him that this isn’t Edgar. But then he realizes that he can check for himself. He shifts the body around before smelling it. This is… the smell of Edgar. Once again he asks the body if he is really Edgar. Is he really dead? He shakes the body but it only crumbles apart in his hands.

Shu’s voice is dead as he states out loud to Edgar that he… couldn’t do anything. He… can’t do anything… he couldn’t even protect his friend, Edgar. He is… an existence that does nothing. In that case… he… In the darkness, Reiji’s voice is heard sneering and calling him useless.

Present! In Yui’s bedroom, Shu wakes with a gasp. He’s heaving and shaking as he recalls his dream of that day… once again. He whispers Edgar’s name. Beside him Yui is still sleeping peacefully and he looks down at her before muttering about how she’s sleeping well without knowing anything. She suddenly murmurs Shu’s name in her sleep and tugs him down to lie beside her.

He startles at that and calls out her name, but when she remains asleep he realizes that she’s just moving around in her sleep. He suddenly shakes his head and declares that Yui is different from Edgar. Even if, for example, his house burned down she would still remain by his side. She will never… be separated from him. He sighs as if in relief over having declared that.

And then a wry smile appears on his face. Even though he warned her countless of times… in the end she came to remain by his side. She’s still sleeping when he leans over to whisper darkly into her ear that he won’t stop any more. 「ユイ・・・全てを吸い尽くしてやりたいほどに・・・お前を・・・愛してる・・・」(Yui… to the point of wanting to suck you dry… I… love you…).

*** ENDING 01 ***

In her bedroom, Yui notes how another day has ended. Lately, whenever she’s alone, she’s been thinking about a lot of things. She has already thrown away her faith to God. Even, for example, if she were to be punished for her lack of familial piety… she can no longer return to who she was.

She wonders what Shu is going to do from now on. Are they just going to continue dragging through their days together in this house like this? She’s fine with that but… she can’t help but worry about her future prospects… maybe because she is a human. She realizes that she shouldn’t try to brood too deeply on that and decides to go to sleep.

But then her door opens and Shu appears. She blinks in surprise at his appearance and asks him if something is the matter for him to appear so suddenly. He only walks closer to her and calls her name. She smiles and asks him if he wants to sleep together because he’s cold. But he just orders her to come with him.

She stares at him in surprise before asking him where they are going. He just shakes his head and orders her to come with him now. There’s no longer any need for them to stay here. She tries to resist and asks him to wait because she doesn’t understand what he means! But he drags her out and into the forest.

Yui tries again to ask him what happened. She wants an explanation for why they are suddenly leaving the house. He informs her that they will not be returning to the house. She asks him slowly what he is saying. He turns away and spits out that his little brothers can quarrel for the headship of the family all they want… but he doesn’t care about any of that.

She points out that he’d the eldest though so doesn’t he succeed the family…? He rubs the back of his neck in frustration and responds that it would be nothing but troublesome. Moreover, he’s fed up with his brothers, his father, the people crawling underneath like ants for political power, and the others seeking their own profit like the dead. And so he’s decided to throw it all away… except for her. He smiles at that.

Her eyes widen. What was that… just now… Shu muses out loud on how having her is basically the same as holding the source of the conflict though. His expression is lined with amusement as he confesses 「俺には、お前がいればそれでいい。それ以外は、何も要らない。」(All I need is for you to be here. I don’t need anything else).

However, he does realize that it can’t be helped and that by having obtained the cursed bride he is drawn into the conflict. He is willing to take up the gauntlet though. She starts to blush and smile in happiness as she realizes that… he finally… He smiles wryly at her and asks her what that expression is. Is she unhappy with that? To just have him…?

She interrupts and says his name adoringly. He finally said it! She’s still beaming at him as she hugs him, which startles a breathy laugh out of him before he asks why she’s suddenly embracing him. She confesses that she’s always wanted to hear those words. She doesn’t need anything else so long as he is here with her and she will go anywhere.

He tells her softly that he knows. Her body is one that cannot live without him any more. She smiles and nods. Her heart and body cannot go on without him. She wants to be with him forever! He agrees and that is why they first need to throw away the house so that the others will not interfere with their exquisite corruption.

She questions him as to where they’ll be going though. His voice can barely be heard as he whispers that they’ll go to the end of the world. She repeats his words in confusion. He explains that it is a place that vampires abhor and whose name they even shun. It will be their last paradise. She asks him if such a place even exists. He nods before telling her that it is beyond this point.

Yui asks him if he means beyond Kaminashi. He laughs at that and asks her if she thought they would stay in this city forever. She continues to look at him in confusion and so he elaborates on how even humans have often said that long ago there was an entrance to a parallel world in the dark forest, right? He tells her that this place is like that.

If they slip out of the barrier of the forest then they will be in Europe. Her eyes widen as she realizes that they’re… they’re not in Japan!? He points out that there is no way a lake like this could be at the outskirts of the city that they had just been in. She is an idiot, as usual.

She realizes that he’s speaking the truth because she had wondered why she didn’t notice the lake up until now. Now that he’s mentioned it, she can feel that the air is different. She asks him if they are going to live here then and won’t the others chase after them here? He informs her that they will be heading to Transylvania from here and they can fly… but it’s quite far and so they can also ride an airplane.

Yui repeats the word “Transylvania” in confusion. He explains that, once before, it used to be called the holy land of vampires. But because of that reason it was targeted by vampire hunters and so right now there are no vampires living there. It is the ideal place to hide. She asks him if it will be safe for them to go to that place. Won’t he be attacked…?

He merely shrugs and tells her that he’ll deal with that when the time comes. In fact, she may even meet her father. She asks him why he would say that. He shakes his head with a secretive smile and tells her that it was nothing. At any rate, she is a human. No one would think a young oriental girl would be together with a vampire. It will be a nice camouflage. NO I’M PRETTY SURE THAT JUST MAKES IT MORE SUSPICIOUS… PASSPORT? HOW YOU GOING TO LIVE?? ETC.

Besides, he only needs her blood. There is no way they will be attacked by others… or found out. She is relieved by these words and decides that it will be fine in that case. He suggests that they leave now because it’ll be troublesome if they are found by pursuers. She asks him to wait a minute because, if they are in Europe, both of them aren’t even holding passports!

Shu laughs loudly at that and then, at her look of confusion, asks her why she is worrying about such a pragmatic thing at this time. HEY I WAS WONDERING THE SAME THING! She asks him what he means by that? Do they not need passports or anything if he uses his vampire powers? He shakes his head and admits that those are impossible for him.

But he knows that the other Sakamakis have already noticed their absence. It is best if he doesn’t use his family’s connections. She tries to ask him what they are going to do then… to which he interrupts and opens his hands to show her that they’re going to use this. Her eyes widen at the sight of the amount of jewels in his hand. What is he doing with these?

He informs her that these are mementos of his mother. If they turn these into money then they can create fake passports and live easily and well-off for hundreds of years. BUT… THOSE ARE YOUR MOTHER’S… AND NOT TO MENTION REIJI’S MOTHER AND YOU’RE JUST GOING TO SELL THEM OFF JUST LIKE THAT? OKAY.

She’s surprised and delighted by how much thought he put into their life together. She smiles and tells him that he’s surprisingly cunning, isn’t he? Even though normally he’s so spaced out… Shu sighs in exasperation and informs her that being lethargic and being stupid are different. Does she not know even that much? She frowns at how he’s trying to argue for argument’s sake.

He ignores her words though and tells her that they need to go now because, without a doubt, they are being chased by people connected to the Sakamaki house. She asks him if this is because he is the heir. He shakes his head and answers that it is because of her. She blinks in surprise at that, but he continues on to tell her that there is no way he would hand her over though. His paradise does not exist if she is not there.

Shu approaches her and once again asks her to come. He will take her to a never-ending dream that she will never wake from. She nods with a smile and starts to blush as she realizes that she will be together with Shu forever from this. Nothing she throws away is valuable… He tells her that they’ll be going now. And she smiles.

A long time has passed. Yui is walking through the woods and calling out to Shu. Where is he? She finds him snoozing under a tree and shakes him awake. She tells him that she’s home and then lectures him about not sleeping so much before his eyes melt. UM… APPARENTLY THIS IS A SAYING ABOUT NOT SLEEPING TOO MUCH BEFORE YOU END UP WITH YOUR BACK HURTING AND A HEADACHE. BASICALLY SLEEPING TOO MUCH.

He’s still half-asleep as he murmurs that it doesn’t matter if he melts. In fact, he wouldn’t mind if everything melted. She giggles before agreeing that she wouldn’t mind if they fused together and mixed. They found a place to live in Eastern Europe and a year has already passed… they have been quietly passing their days. They do nothing. They simply spend their day obeying whatever desires they have… and filling their days with happy boredom.

Suddenly, Shu opens his eyes and murmurs that she has the scent of another human. She answers that she went to the town at the foot of the mountain to eat before coming here. She brought him a present. The market was selling raw deer meat. He smiles at that and is surprised that the town sells these things from time to time. She smiles brightly and tells him that it smells of fresh blood and so she thought he’d enjoy it.

He leans into her again and whispers into her ear that it’s a nice smell. The deer was female… and the smell is very inviting. She giggles before asking him if he has a craving for that deer… even though she is here? A flush appears on her cheeks as her heart throbs and she feels its pleasure. He shrugs at her in a teasing manner. IS NO ONE GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT CORDELIA? IT’S LIKE A CREEPY THREESOME.

She grins at him and tells him that she’ll need to punish him for being a bad man and having an affair. He’s smiling as he asks her in an intrigued tone as to how she’ll punish him. She thinks out loud on what she should do… and suggests that he suck her toes one by one. He comments on how that is quite the punishment and then asks her if he is a beloved pet.

Yui tells him that is a great idea and the next time she goes into the town she’ll buy a suitable collar for him. She thinks a red collar wrapped around that smooth and pale neck of his would look… adorable. He laughs at her terrible hobbies but he expects it of her by now. In the next moment, he pushes her to the ground and notes that her body is hot. She is sure that is because she ate a meal.

He merely smiles slowly and leisurely. She asks him what he means by that smile, and so he leans down and whispers in her ear if that is all that has made her hot. She blushes before shaking her head and then asking him to come closer. He must be hungry, right? He grunts in affirmation before kissing her lightly and then biting down.

As she gives him her blood she finds herself drowning in desire. In the middle of this life, the anxieties she felt while living in the human world, have all but vanished. She has no regrets or attachment to her previous life. The logical life she had is nothing but a memento of the past.

Some time later, she tells Shu that she’s sticky with sweat and blood. He yawns before telling her that if she dislikes it then she can take a cold bath. She shakes her head and tells him that it’s fine. She doesn’t want to do anything… He agrees with a tired grunt. They lie in silence for a moment before she asks him if they will be like this forever.

He answers that they will… until this world ends. She says that she doesn’t want that. He blinks at her in surprise. She explains that even when the world ends she wants to be together. Even if her body decays and she becomes just a soul… she still wants to be with him like this. He chuckles at how greedy she is… but…

She urges him to continue and he answers quietly that it wouldn’t be bad if this paradise existed for an eternity. He will be with her here. She nods and agrees to be with him for an eternity.

*** ENDING 03 ***

Maniac 07! Shu and Yui talk about torture devices and the sensibilities of people in the present compared to the past. Shu asks her dangerously if she’s claiming that humans are more advanced than vampires. Yui answers that she thinks they are equal and it isn’t nice to assign inferiority or superiority to living things. He thinks her words are arrogant but she believes that all of God’s creations are equal; and this is what she was taught by her father. He sneers at that and shoves her into the iron maiden to frighten her and laugh at her terror.

Maniac 08! Yui is preparing food for herself in the kitchen but Shu comes in to make a nuisance of himself and try to steal a tomato to eat. She refuses to give him one and asks him to beg for it if he wants to eat it. He is surprised by her words but she continues on to tell him that she’s tired of caring for every little thing he does and she needs to be strict.

He tells her cruelly that she has some nerve to say these things when her existence is lower than that of livestock. But then when she orders him to go to his room and listen to music and then turns on the fire, he startles and shuts it off immediately. He also kisses her and finds out that her lips taste delicious.

Maniac 09! Yui is taking a bath when Shu interrupts because he wants one as well. She ends up getting out and dressing herself to prepare to leave but then he demands her to prepare the bath and wash him. She tries to get out of washing his hair but finally acquiesces. She tells him that she won’t take responsibility for her what she does though.

At his look of confusion she explains that he will have to close his eyes when she shampoos his hair and that will make him defenseless. Who knows what she’ll do. If he does not want that then he should wash himself. Shu is smirking as he answers that he doesn’t care and, in fact, he is curious as to what she’ll do. He wants her to put it in practice and how shall she tease him when he’s defenseless.

She doesn’t know how to respond to that or what to say about what she’ll do and so she ends up washing his hair quietly. But then he starts to grope her while using the excuse of having his eyes closed to say that he doesn’t know where he’s touching her.

Maniac 10! Yui is tasked with finding Shu but instead she runs into Ayato and Laito who fight over each other to play with her. She manages to escape and finds Shu in the music room but when she wakes him up, he pins her down and tells her to take responsibility and be his opponent until the end since she woke him. She refuses loudly and with a blush which makes him laugh because he didn’t even say what he was going to do, so what was she imagining?

She has to admit that she imagined him touching her, but he finds her childish thoughts to be irritating and her act at playing innocent. Before she can say anything her heart takes over and she ends up embracing him and the sensations he induces in her.

Ending! Yui runs down the main hall of the house and apologizes for being late. Reiji is frowning sternly as he informs her that she is late and it looks like she has been infected quite a bit with Shu. He orders her to remember well that sloth is a sin and only a life of discipline is beautiful.

She lowers her head in embarrassment and understanding, but then Shu laughs sharply at that from behind them. Reiji turns and cracks his whip against the ground before gritting out that he will not permit an insult to his person. What does Shu mean by “how laughable” that was.

Shu’s smile is cruel as he mocks Reiji by asking him if he doesn’t understand himself. He keeps on going on about discipline and it makes him come off as a copycat to humans. Reiji’s voice is a hiss as he tells Shu that he has quite the impertinent mouth. Yui interrupts and asks the two of them not to fight here; they need to head to school.

But this just makes Shu shrug and tell her that he doesn’t particularly care if he goes to school. She smiles and urges him to get into the car then. However, Shu continues and tells Reiji directly that he won’t be going to school ever again. There is a pause before Reiji raises a brow and asks him what nonsense he is speaking about. Isn’t Shu the laughable one in this situation?

Shu is still smiling as he shakes his head and tells Reiji that he isn’t speaking nonsense. He has decided that Reiji should die today. Yui is perturbed by this and asks him what he is saying all of a sudden. Shu orders her to be silent and then asks Reiji if he remembers what this is. He holds something out.

Reiji asks him in a bored manner what that is. Shu’s voice is light as he asks if Reiji has truly forgotten this. It is his diary. Reiji’s voice is flat as he asks Shu where he found that. Shu explains that he found it in the book storage and it is a diary from ten years ago. It was placed with all the other ancient books in that storage. Reiji asks him what he wants to say while holding someone’s diary in their hand; that is an awful hobby.

Shu continues on in his light voice that Reiji wrote, quite gleefully, what he did on “that day”. Yui is confused at the emphasis on those words. Subaru joins in and asks them what they’re talking about. Shu informs them that he’ll tell them all since they asked. He directs a dangerous smile to Reiji and presumes that he wouldn’t mind, right? Reiji does not answer.

And so Shu states that, on that day, Reiji went to Edgar’s village after they left. Yui murmurs that name and recalls that Shu had said Edgar was his friend. Shu continues on to say that Reiji released a fire in the middle of the town… in order to steal his friend. He was jealous of Shu for having what he himself did not have… and annihilated an entire village because of that. Shu asks Reiji if he enjoyed burning Edgar to death. Reiji does not answer.

Yui repeats in a shocked voice that Reiji killed Shu’s friend. Furthermore, he did it with fire… this is the reason why Shu hates fire. Shu’s voice finally becomes cold and hard as he states that even though they have often said and looked at countless of humans as being lower existences and life-form, none of them have committed a massacre for pleasure. And this is because, if the vampire hunters found them, it would expose the entire family to danger.

Kanato tilts his head and asks Reiji if this is the truth. Reiji finally answers that this is a story from when they were children. Shu’s voice has regained its equanimity as he asks Reiji if he is going to use the excuse of being children to run away from this. He reminds Reiji that he used to insult him viciously with words like him being useless.

Reiji asks him with a cold smile if he is trying to insult him by exposing this to everyone here. It is just like him to take such a despicable revenge. Shu informs him that they are not ending it with this. He wants Reiji to die here today. Yui gasps at that and asks him what he is saying. Reiji mocks him by commenting on what an energetic exclamation that is for someone like Shu.

However, he admits that he had thought a day would come when Shu would want a conclusion. He is willing to be Shu’s opponent and can even see the conclusion already, because there is no way Shu can with after having spent a life in laziness. Yui asks them to hold on and wait. What are they both intending to do? What do they mean by conclusion? GOSH YUI CAN’T YOU SEE IT’S A GENTLEMAN’S DUEL.

Shu merely smirks and points out that they could both argue about who will die. Yui tries to beg Shu to stop because… to kill one’s sibling…! But Ayato calls out to her and asks her not to interfere when things have just gotten interesting. She turns to him and asks him why he is so calm when his brothers have declared to kill each other. Laito joins in with a snicker and points out that it’s interesting, is it not? He asks her to play together with him a lot when Shu dies. She can’t believe Laito is joining in too.

Back to Reiji and Shu, Reiji notes that the main hall is narrow and suggests that they move to the balcony. It is just right that tonight is also a full moon. He will stop Shu’s breath beneath the moon. Shu’s lips merely curl as he tells Reiji that he’s annoying with all his chatter. He acquiesces with the change in location though.

Yui shouts out Shu’s name in protest, but Laito tells her not to make a fuss and then hoists her along with him to head to the balcony. She asks him to wait but he drags her along and in her mind she still can’t believe that Reiji and Shu are about to duel.

As everyone heads out onto the balcony, Shu smiles in pleasure at the nice moon. Reiji is smirking as he tells Shu to feel the happiness of passing away under this moon. Shu finally turns to him and chuckles at how Reiji’s needless retorts are the only thing he does well and this hasn’t changed from when they were children. Reiji merely snorts in derision and states that tonight will be the last night he hears that from him.

He withdraws a sword and then tosses the other pair to Shu and telling him to pick that up. Shu narrows his eyes and comments on how these blades are from quite the period. Reiji informs him that they are from a collection in the torture room. He is sure the blades are pleased to be used again after having passed the time in perpetuity. Shu sighs and exclaims that he is growing tired of Reiji’s pretentious talk. He should hurry up and start because this is troublesome.

Once again Yui begs for them to stop. She can’t believe they’re using swords. GIRL THIS IS THE BEST PART. Shu glances over and orders her to be silent. She tries to protest but then even Reiji orders her to be silent and watch Shu’s last moments. If she intervenes she will be injured.

Reiji suddenly warns him that they’re starting and then lunges towards Shu, who is caught off guard and barely parries the blow. He takes a step back and Reiji presses his advantage while taunting Shu by asking him what the matter is. He must not be able to face a victory since he has normally neglected his training. Shu snarls at him to leave it and then starts to fight back.

Yui screams at them to stop and tries to run forward but she’s grabbed by Ayato who asks in boredom what she is doing. She snaps back that she’s stopping them because at this rate both of them will die. He huffs in amusement and asks her what nonsense she is prattling on about. What is she going to do if she isn’t going to watch such an interesting thing. He tells her to open her eyes wide and watch carefully.

But instead she closes her eyes and pleads for Shu not to die. The two vampires are still exchanging blows and Reiji pauses to to praise Shu for moving well despite sleeping all the time. Of course, compared to him, this is child’s play. Shu sneers and tells him that for being so boastful about his swordsmanship, he left an opening at his feet. Reiji starts to ask him what excuse he is going on about–

He’s interrupted when Shu lashes out with his leg and trips him. Reiji hits the ground hard and gasps out that it is cowardice to do that! Shu shrugs with a smirk and tells him that a match only needs a victory. Goodbye, Reiji! He lunges forward and stabs his sword straight into Reiji’s heart. Blood splatters and Yui turns her head away with closed eyes. Reiji screams in pain though and continues to struggle.

Shu only looks down coldly at him and notes out loud on how it isn’t an instant death from being stabbed in the heart. THAT’S CAUSE THE BLADE ACTUALLY STOPS THE BLOOD. PULL IT OUT AND HE’LL DRAIN LIKE A TUB. Reiji calls Shu a bastard. Shu shrugs and tells him lightly to stay like this for a while and regret parting from this world. He’ll even turn his face up so he can see the moon. He kicks Reiji over, which makes him spit out blood and grunt.

In the background, Ayato grumbles at how Shu was the one who won. Subaru grunts in agreement but then points out that Shu is still the eldest despite having become thin and withered. Yui cries out Shu’s name and runs up to him to check him over for injuries before she hugs him tightly. He gives her a small smile before telling her that everything is over with this.

He sighs loudly before admitting that he’s exhausted. As he thought, he shouldn’t go to school and should just laze about here. She ignores his words and focuses on the fact that he won. She’s so relieved. He’s amused at how she’s in a stupor and glad, even though there’s a man beside them who is turned over and is becoming a corpse. She exclaims that it’s because he’s uninjured and that is all that she needs.

Shu laughs softly 「・・・クスクス・・・それでこそ・・・俺の花嫁に相応しいな・・・」(… Hehe… as expected… you are suited to be my bride). She looks sup at him with wide eyes at that and he furrows his brow at her look before asking her what the problem is. She points out that he just called her his bride… right now… His expression softens before he agrees.

But then Reiji gasps out that they’re naive. Yui looks down in confusion as Reiji spits out that the match… has not been… decided yet. Shu is startled when he is suddenly jerked down and then stabbed. He pukes out blood as Yui screams out his name in shock. She collapses to her knees beside him, while Reiji sneers and spits out in his last dying breaths that, as expected, Shu cannot do anything.

Ayato comments lightly on how he is finally dead; he really was disciplined, that Reiji. Laito is grudgingly impressed by how long Reiji held on despite having his heart stabbed. Kanato wonders with glee how long Shu can hold onto life after having his heart stabbed. Yui grabs onto Shu’s body tightly and cries out for him to hold on. He won, right?! He can’t die! A wheeze escapes out of Shu in answer.

Subaru tells her roughly to look closely and that it’s useless; Shu’s heart has been stabbed. She shouts back that he is still breathing though. They need to get him to a hospital! Kanato informs her that they cannot do that because they aren’t human. She points out impatiently that they have to stop the bleeding somehow though… Subaru repeats again that it is useless and the action would be worthless.

She can only stare helplessly at Shu as he convulses in her arms. She begs with him not to die. She doesn’t want him to die! He finally stills and stops his breathing. She can’t believe it. In the background, she can hear Laito comment on how Shu has also died. Ayato yawns and then comments on how all of this was over too quick. Subaru shrugs and points out that Reiji and Shu had put on quite a show.

Laito agrees with a smile and notes that there’s a lot of blood that was spilled; it excites him. Ayato asks what they’ll do about flat-chested over there. Should they kill her? Laito frowns and tells them to give her to him if they are thinking that. He wants her blood. Kanato shouts out that he wants it! Ayato snaps back that he won’t let any of them have her. He’ll be the one to turn her into a toy or torment her to death.

Subaru notes that it looks like the four of them will have to compete for her again then. Laito snickers before agreeing to that, and then he reminds them that they should head to school now before they’re late. Kanato is surprised to see that Laito is correct when he checks the time. He tells everyone else to get moving too and Subaru nods before asking Yui what she is going to do.

She ignores him though and continues to repeat Shu’s name. Subaru frowns before deciding that it’s a lost cause. It looks like they’ll have to leave her and go to school themselves. Ayato sighs at how it can’t be helped but before they leave he orders Yui to take care of the dead bodies because they’re in the way. The four vampires leave the balcony and head to school.

Meanwhile, Yui calls out to Shu in a whisper. She shakes his body but there’s no response. She asks him why he’s like this… he won… right? She smiles shakily and asks him to open his eyes. He should sleep properly in his bed rather than a place like this. There’s no response. She begs with him before screaming out that he can’t be dead.

*** ENDING 02 ***

Ecstasy 07! Yui manages to get Shu to attend his class but he demands for her to attend it as well. She finds out that he’s read all about human history from the library in the castle. And then Shu starts to molest her in the back of the class with everyone watching. She shoves him away but he just finds her resistance even more arousing and tears her clothes.

He’s amused at her attempts to play the innocent saint when he knows her body is flushed and that she is drowning in a sea of desire for him. He wants her to accept her fate and be consumed by lust. She tries to protest but she can’t ignore how excited she’s becoming at feeling everyone’s shocked gaze. She ends up shoving him away and runs out.

Ecstasy 08! Shu is dozing in her bedroom and they end up talking about her fading belief in God. She admits that she doesn’t believe in him any more and then ends up kissing Shu, who is amused by how she can talk of God in one second and then kiss a vampire the next. She admits that her father will not forgive her for this but all that matters to her know is being by his side. Anyway, she spends the rest of the night warming him up.

Ecstasy 09! Yui finds Shu in wet clothes in the bathroom because he was too lazy to dry himself off. She ends up having to take her own clothes off before she gets wet and helps dry him. As they talk, Shu asks her if she would gouge out her own eyes for him.

She tells him that she will and her heart throbs as she tells him that it would be nice for her eyes to be so close to him so that she can see him at all times. Shu is impressed and amused at her character. In fact, he wants her to watch him until the end of hell. He wants her eyeballs and her body to be by his side. She nods with a smile and then offers him her blood, which he accepts happily.

Ecstasy 10! Shu takes her deep into the forest and then suddenly picks her up before flying. She finds it beautiful, which amuses Shu and makes him ask her if she isn’t scared. She answers that she’s more amazed than scared. He tells her lightly that his hands may release her at any moment, to which she dares him to do that. Her heart throbs as she tells him that she thinks dying from this height would be a nice last moment.

He frowns at that and when she asks him if he is not going to drop her, he replies in a sulk that it isn’t fun to kill someone who wants to die. She explains that she doesn’t care what is done to her by his hands. In fact, she wouldn’t mind falling together into the depths of hell. At any rate, he takes her to the lake where she dozes on the boat and then offers him her blood.

Ending! Yui enters an abandoned house and asks Reiji if something is the matter, since he suddenly called her out to such a place. He tells her slowly that there is… and he has something he wishes to talk to her about. She asks him what he wishes to talk about. He pauses before commenting on how it appears that she is joined quite deeply by heart and body to “that man”.

Her mouth parts in surprise at his question and she starts to turn red as she searches for a response. Reiji cracks his whip against the ground before ordering her to answer about that circumstance. She hurriedly tells him that he’s correct. She answers that she doesn’t know what Shu thinks but she… loves him. He smiles and praises her for being honest, but… that is an impermissible deed.

He mutters to himself about how incomprehensible all of this is… how a man can throw away everything and yet still acquire desirable things. He does not understand how she can awaken under the hands of “that man” when he had all but thought that it would be a failure. Yui hesitantly asks him what he is talking about. Somehow… the look in Reiji’s eyes is abnormal and she’s frightened.

Reiji’s voice starts to become shaky as he mumbles out that, at this rate, she and the Sakamaki house… everything… will belong to Shu. There will be nothing left for him. She tells him to calm down and that he’s acting weird. THAT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT. WHEN PEOPLE START TALKING TO THEMSELVES YOU RUN GIRL. An idea suddenly occurs to Reiji and a smile spreads across his face.

At her look of confusion, he starts to chuckle as he tells her that he came upon a great idea. He doesn’t know why this didn’t appear until now. If he cannot obtain her… then he might as well break her; as long as she is not here then… He withdraws a knife and she takes a step back while asking him what he is trying to do.

But Reiji just smiles calmly at her and remarks on how pretty the blade is. It sends a thrill through him at the thought of the clear silver being stained red. She shakily says his name but realizes that his eyes look insane. She has to run! Reiji immediately pursues her and grabs her within seconds. She screams out at him to release her, but he just grins widely and says his farewells to her as well as telling her to detest herself who became enthralled with a piece of trash like Shu.

He stabs her in the heart and she jerks with a small gasp before seeing black crawl across her vision. Reiji takes a step back and delights in how warm the blood of almost-awakened person feels. He tells her look at how much blood of overflowing from her heart. It irritates him when he thinks about how even all this blood belongs to Shu, but now with this everything will end and Shu will lose everything.

She weakly asks him why… and in her mind is shocked by how much Reiji hates him. Suddenly, the door slams open and Shu starts to ask them loudly what they’re doing but his words get cut off when his eyes land on Yui. She murmurs his name weakly and then collapses to the ground. He sprints over to her and grabs onto her before asking her to hold on. OH MAN HIS VOICE IS SO SHAKY AND HE’S USING HER NAME!!

Yui tries to keep her eyes open because she wants to see him more but everything is blurry. Everything grows dark and she suddenly falls limp. Shu inhales sharply and tightens his grip on her. In the back, Reiji notes with a small smile that it looks like she died. She held out for quite a while despite her heart having been pierced.

Shu is gasping soundlessly as he starts to shake and Reiji’s smile becomes a sneer as he asks if something is wrong with him. Did he forget his words? Foolish. Shu suddenly screams out in denial and then yells shakily at Yui to open her eyes and look at him. His voice cracks and becomes a whimper as he pleads with her to open her eyes. Reiji laughs.

But this makes Shu ask him in a snarl what he finds so funny. Reiji excuses himself mockingly for his rudeness, but then informs Shu that he is always like this. He is a pathetically weak existence who cannot protect those that are precious to him. Shu inhales sharply at that and murmurs Edgar’s name in realization.

Reiji tilts his head and asks him if he has remembered that boy from that time. He had also found that quite pleasant. He admits with a flush of pleasure on his cheeks that watching Edgar advance into the fire himself was quite the thrilling entertainment, even for him as a child. It was worth it for him to go out of his way to set that village on fire.

Shu’s voice is deadly flat as he asks Reiji to repeat what he just said. Reiji raises a brow and asks him if he did not realize it at that time. What an idiot. He admits that he was the one who set the village on fire. Shu’s voice is starting to shake with rage as he asks him to say it again. Reiji only continues on calmly to comment on how he thought, from the beginning, that the village’s existence was unsuitable for the beautiful forest.

On top of that, he found Shu and his friend’s boisterous voices to be annoying. Those flames were to clean the place up. He chuckles as he remarks on how his friend turned into some magnificent cinders. Shu’s voice is almost dazed as he realizes that Reiji… to Edgar… Reiji only starts to laugh and tells him that, thanks to him, the middle of the forest returned back to a wonderful and silent place.

He mockingly asks Shu if something is the matter because he has an awful look on his face. Shu’s voice starts off quiet before ending in a shouted accusation about how Reiji took Edgar and Yui from him! Reiji comments on how unusual this is for Shu to feel emotions like a living being. Shu yells out that none of that matters. He wants an answer from Reiji!

Reiji shrugs elegantly before saying that Shu’s accusation was correct. He is best suited to have nothing. A cruel smile appears as he orders Shu to live in loneliness and die in loneliness. And then he excuses himself because he’s been dirtied by the splash-back of Yui’s blood.

But before he can, Shu stands up and calls out for him to wait; their talk isn’t done yet. Reiji turns around and asks him what that could be. He no longer has anything more to say to Shu. Shu’s voice is flat as he asks Reiji one question. Did he enjoy taking everything from him?

Reiji’s smile is wide as he answers that it was extremely enjoyable and seeing Shu’s face twisted in pain was like the nectar of miracles. From now on, no matter what Shu obtains he is going to take it from him. Once again he starts to state that it is suitable for Shu to be someone who has nothing. But he’s suddenly cut off when Shu kicks him down. He snarls and asks Shu what he is doing.

But Shu only answers in a deadly calm voice 「汚い声で喋るな。耳が穢れる。」(Do not speak with that filthy voice. My ears will be dirtied). Reiji snarls at him and tries to get up but Shu keeps him down easily. He sneers at Reiji and tells him that he’s putting up a useless resistance. Reiji doesn’t understand how Shu has this much power.

Shu’s voice continues to be flat as he tells Reiji that there is no way he can match him, because he is the younger brother. There is no such thing as an older brother who cannot match his younger brother. Reiji grits his teeth and asks why this is happening. He can’t believe that Yui’s blood is in effect even up to now. Shu comments lightly on how he’s still making tedious talk. He finds Reiji’s face to be foul.

He kicks Reiji’s face and then places his foot on his head before asking him tauntingly how it tastes to be underneath the foot of a man he disdained. Reiji growls at Shu to release him. Shu laughs emptily before tilting his head and noting how Reiji looks like a worm. He wonders out loud if Reiji’s skull will crumble and if his lacking brain will spill out if he continues to apply pressure like this.

Reiji manages to ask Shu in a pained voice to stop. If he does that… he won’t be forgiven by their father for killing a family member. Shu tilts his head and asks him what sort of nonsense he is going on about. The Sakamaki house, from today onward, no longer belongs to that man. It is Reiji’s turn to be confused.

Shu’s voice is still extremely light as he tells Reiji that he realized something. If he wants to continue living a life of content and idleness without any interruptions then he should stand at the top. His voice becomes deadly soft as he tells Reiji that he’ll take the Sakamaki house. Reiji stiffens before spitting out that he will never let that happen. Shu interrupts and tells him that this talk doesn’t concern him… because he won’t be there to see the moment Shu takes the house.

Reiji freezes at that but Shu reassures him that he will immediately send their father to follow Reiji into hell. In fact, he’ll also send their uncle too. He won’t be lonely. Reiji snarls out that his words are not needed and they’re treason! Shu tells him to say anything that he wants because the howling of a loser is just white noise. IN JAPANESE THE WORDS FOR A LOSER ARE LITERALLY “DEFEATED DOG” WHICH IS WHY SHU IS USING THE WORD “HOWLING” HERE.

Shu tells Reiji softly that his sins are great. He burned the head of the Sakamaki family’s close friend to death and, moreover, killed the woman who was to become his wife. He comments on how nice it would be if he were to reach purgatory and be judged the same as Edgar. At any rate, he hopes Reiji enjoys the experience.

Reiji’s voice is full of panic as he pleads with Shu not to do that and to release him. He screams in pain though when Shu presses his foot all the way down. He dies. Shu huffs in amusement before noting how dirty and quick that was. He looks at the body beneath him and asks Reiji if he enjoyed living in hate and envy of others.

He returns back to Yui’s body and calls out her name gently. He picks her up and notes that she is cold… even though her skin used to be so warm. He asks her if she won’t open her eyes. Will she not look at him and tempt him? There is no response. Suddenly, the throbbing of a heart can be heard. Shu’s eyes widen as he realizes that she’s still alive. He orders her to hold on for one second.

There is the sound of something being ripped open. Shu hurriedly tells her to drink this. Yui does not respond. Shu points out desperately that her heart is moving right?! In that case, drink it! Faintly, Yui thinks she can hear Shu’s voice. He starts to grow even more desperate as he orders her to drink it, open her eyes, and look at him. She thinks she can see him crying.

Something is dripping into her mouth. It’s sweet. She inhales weakly and opens her eyes fully, much to Shu’s shock. She murmurs his name in confusion as he realizes that she’s come back to him. She wonders out loud how that happened because she was stabbed… and yet she doesn’t hurt. She wonders why. And then she realizes something which makes her hurriedly tell him that Reiji stabbed her. Reiji is—

She screams as she sees Reiji’s collapsed body. Shu glances over and tells her that it’s just filth and that she doesn’t need to look at it. She starts to realize that he’s covered completely in blood and Shu nods before telling her that he was just returning the favor after having everything taken from him. She murmurs his name.

He looks back at her and tells her that something interesting is going to happen… and he wants her to see it all by his side. She won’t have to worry about anything any more or be depressed. All she needs to do… is stay by his side. She nods weakly and wonders just what will be happening… but no matter what happens she’ll be by his side.

Some time in the future, Shu finds Yui in the gardens and calls out to her. She turns to welcome him back with a smile and tells him that he’s early. She points out that the roses are blooming beautifully this year as well and they smell wonderful. Shu snorts in amusement at how she doesn’t seem to grow tired of them… even though they’re just flowers.

She explains that it is because these are his castle gardens and so these roses are also his. It’s natural for her to love them. She frowns momentarily at how the current her isn’t able to care for them though. He embraces her at those words and then murmurs that her skin is cold. She nods before pointing out that he is also cold. She confesses that she also wants to hold him with these hands.

In her mind, she recalls how Shu, who had killed Reiji, killed his father and his uncle after that. All of this happened a year ago. And then, in defiance of the rest of the brothers, he became the head of the Sakamaki family. She became Shu’s wife and became a vampire after drinking their blood. Alas, she had to become one gradually and it involved being repeatedly fed blood while lying together skin on skin with Shu.

She heard that her circumstances were called the awakening. At that time, when Shu saved her and made her drink that blood… she became a real vampire. It was just… not perfect. As an after-effect from having her heart stabbed by Reiji while she was a human, she cannot move her own body. After her revival, her vision has been going bit by bit… and now she can’t see very much.

Yui is frustrated by how she has the cold skin and the body that consumes blood and yet she can’t move her body at all. She would have been lost but due to the joys of living together with Shu she lacked nothing. She’s brought out of her thoughts by a curious scent; it’s blood. Is he wounded somewhere?

He shakes his head and informs her that she’s smelling Ayato’s scent. She frowns and asks him if Ayato came to attack him again. Shu agrees and he thinks Ayato should give up soon before he becomes like Reiji. She agrees. The other brothers seem to be targeting and attacking Shu who became the head of the family by force. However, Shu’s strength has vastly increased after having her awakened blood. Right now they are ruling as the strongest with no rivals.

Suddenly, Shu calls for her attention and asks her if she regrets becoming a vampire. She asks him why he is asking her that question all of a sudden. He admits that he is wondering as to her thoughts on this like; having lost her warmth and on having to live on the blood of another person. She shrugs and tells him that she doesn’t particularly mind it.

She does think it is a shame that she can longer give him warmth, but she’s happy to be of the same race as him. She does not have to worry about her short life and she can be together forever with him. She may not have the strength to embrace him but there is no greater happiness than this. HOW ABOUT ENDING 1 LMAO.

Shu closes his eyes in pleasure and then whispers into her ear that there is no longer anyone to get in their way. He should have done this from the very beginning. Yui smiles as she repeats again that they’ll be together forever like this. He murmurs 「ああ。・・・そめためなら、何を失っても構わない・・・俺には・・・お前がいれば・・・」(Aa… For that sake, I don’t care what I have to lose… so long as you are by my side). She whispers his name and thinks on how happy she is. Even if this world ends… she will love him.


Yui has the feeling that she heard Shu’s voice on the boundary between dreams and reality. It was a gentle voice and full of love as it called her name. And then… her feelings and those same words spun out between her thin lips. She loves him. She opens her eyes slowly and with Shu’s name on her lips.

She is greeted by Shu who notes that she has woken up. Yui giggles at that, which makes him ask her what is so amusing. She replies that she was just thinking about how unusual it is for him to be up earlier than her. His eyes crinkle in amusement. And then she asks him if he said anything to her while she was asleep. Could it be… that those words in her dream…

Shu shakes his head and informs her that he was just looking at her stupid face. She pouts at his words before realizing out loud that it must have been a dream then. She blushes as she thinks in her mind that she doesn’t care about that though… because he is here. Suddenly, Shu asks her why she didn’t run from this house. She tilts her head and asks him why he is bringing that up all of a sudden.

He continues on to point out that, if she had wanted to, there were countless of chances for her to run away, and yet she remained here. She threw away her faith in God and her father… and so what reason is there left for her to remain here? YOU, DUH. She tells him in a serious voice that it is because he is here. His laugh is more air than sound as he remarks on what a cliché answer that is.

She tells him that there is no reason greater or more precious than that for her though. Moreover, if she did run from this house could she even have managed to get away? Shu acknowledges that it would have been futile; even if he had not chased her then the others from the house would have pursued her to the ends of the earth. She asks him if she couldn’t run away even if she hid at the church. He answers that she definitely would not have escaped.

Yui blinks at his definite tone. Shu merely laughs before explaining that the church organization is, in the end, nothing more than the world’s largest organization of special interests. She continues to look confused and so he elaborates that if the Sakamaki family, who have tremendous influence in the underground world, were to pursue her then the church would have handed her over gladly.

She accepts his words without hesitation and the look on her face brings a smile to his face. He asks her if she received a shock to find out that what she thought had been clean and upright was actually, underneath the shadows, covered in filthy desires. She shakes her head and tells him that she is fine. In her mind she thinks on how she has no faith in her heart any longer and in exchange there is only Shu. And that is why she is not hurt.

Yui asks him a question she has always had though. If she had run and was caught, what would have happened to her? He smiles and answers easily that she would have been brought to the torture room and have her spirit broken, and then all that would be left would be her body without any resistance or thought. At least that would be what would have happened under his uncle’s touch.

She comments hesitantly on the brutality of that, but then her heart throbs and she finds a smirk on her face. Her heart is pounding just from hearing about it… that kind of torture… she doesn’t want to experience it but she wants to inflict it on someone. Shu chuckles before calling her a strange woman for saying that after hearing about what would be done to her. She thinks some more on that and how if she runs away she will receive a punishment…

Yui admits to him that at the beginning she had thought that they would release her, which is why she did not think about running away. He smiles in amusement at how she was a strange girl from the very beginning then. She thought it was useless to run until she could get him to release her. But now her heart and body does not want to leave.

A flush arises on her cheeks as she whispers Shu’s name and so he leans in to kiss her deeply. She finds the cold sensation of his thin lips to be beloved. She finds him to be a strange person… even though he does nothing she is drawn to him. All he needs to do is be there… and she finds herself drawn in deeper. She does feel like she’s just following a flow but that’s not all there is to it. She is certain that she is drawn to him… and loves him.

He informs her that it was just because she has been trained in that. It has nothing to do with him. She frowns and points out that he’s being cold again… but even still she thinks that is fine. She doesn’t know the reason as to why… but she can’t exist without him. He shakes his head in amusement and comments on how there is nothing decent in getting involved with him, but even so… she really thinks of nothing but death.

Yui only smiles and tells him that as long as he is with her then she isn’t scared of anything in this world. He chuckles quietly before telling her that where he will most definitely be going into hell. She tells him that she is fine with that… so long as he’s there. But then she shakes her head and corrects herself to say that if he ever disappeared then this place would become hell.

There is no value in a world without him and dying would be all the better. She belongs at the place where he is and that is why… she doesn’t want him going anywhere. If he is to go anywhere far away then she wants him to take her. He tightens his hold around her and agrees to do that before averting his eyes. There is a faint blush on his cheeks as he admits that it wouldn’t be so bad to be at the end of the world together with her.

*** HEAVEN 01 ***

Yui is dragged, struggling, into Reiji’s room. She asks him angrily what he is doing. She screams though when Reiji cracks his whip against the ground, and he laughs at that before asking her cruelly why she’s so scared. She tries to stutter out an answer but can only finish in her mind that she’s scared because she was suddenly dragged into his room!

She manages to summon up her courage though and ask him if he has some business with her. She needs to go to Shu’s room… Reiji mocks her repetitive use of Shu’s name before asking her in a snarl if she is actually happy with that good-for-nothing. She’s startled by the extreme hostility he is showing and realizes that Reiji really hates Shu.

At any rate, she attempts to reason with him and asks what he is saying. She admits that everyday Shu just lies there doing nothing but to call him a good-for-nothing is a bit… besides he also has his good points. NOT HELPING! Reiji raises both brows and tells her that there is nothing good. Shu is man who only breathes and so where exactly are his good points?

He accuses her of just losing her head over her first body of a man. She opens her mouth and tells him firmly that he’s mistaken. He becomes amused and notes that she has said that with quite some confidence. She smiles as she answers that, while she also thinks that it is a bit strange, she is certain that she cannot leave Shu. She has even thought that this might be because he possesses charisma.

Reiji bursts loudly into laughter at the mere thought of that man having charisma. There is no joke more terrible than that! He asks her if she has bugs in her brain. She snaps back that she has no such thing and then blurts out that when Shu drinks her blood she falls under such ecstasy that she could care less about anything else.

He tilts his head and notes that she looks quite engrossed at that, and he thinks having that loveliness directed to just Shu is regrettable. He leans into grab her arm and she shrieks at him to release her because the only one who can touch her is–he interrupts and finishes her sentence by saying Shu’s name questioningly. A sneer curls his lip as he tells her that protecting her chastity like that is too much for trash.

By all rights, she is staying at the house that belongs to all of them and is eating their food. In that case, they should also have the right to sample her… he bites down and starts to drink from her. She shakes her head and begs him to stop, but in her mind she is screaming for Shu to save her!

Suddenly, the door opens and Shu appears to call out to them in a flat voice. He orders Reiji to release her and calls him a dirty asshole. Reiji removes his fangs to comment on how rude Shu is for barging into another person’s room. He shoves Yui to the ground in front of Shu and she scrambles up quickly. Shu grabs her to steady her before saying harshly that she’s an outrageous prostitute, and of all people to reach her hand out to… She tries to deny that.

Meanwhile, Reiji comments on how Shu seems to know nothing but bad words to call him a dirty asshole. And then he comments on how the fragrant smell of her blood set adrift into the air is almost as if she walked through town nude… and now he can understand a little as to why Shu is so engrossed with her.

The taste of this blood.. isn’t just that of a human. It’s sweetness and texture… all of it adds up to a supreme taste. He is surprised that a human could have this kind of blood. Yui is startled to hear this about her blood. Reiji continues on about how drinking this blood may even give the possibilities of unusual powers. She isn’t just food… she is a strategic asset in providing the new Sakamaki head with a great number of support.

Shu narrows his eyes and only states that he has no idea what Reiji is babbling on about. He calls for Yui to leave with him because he’s tired of being an idiot’s opponent. She hurriedly nods her head even though she is curious as to what Reiji is saying but… she doesn’t want to be here any longer.

Both of them leave and return to Shu’s room, where he immediately pins her to the bed. She whispers his name as he settles himself on top of her. He calls her a terrible woman and then asks her about the experience of having her blood sucked by Reiji. Did she become aroused? She shakes her head and tells him that she only felt pain and disgust.

She turns red as she confesses to him that she wonders why that is… because she feels such pleasure with him… He hums in thought before noticing that she has a wound on her neck that is still bleeding. It smells of Reiji and he doesn’t want it to follow them about. He drags her closer and lays a kiss on it, which makes her moan. He tells her that he’s cleaned it and she asks him if that is the truth.

He nods but then adds that he’ll also suck more of her blood though. He bites down and starts to drink and she compares how different the two experiences are. It feels extremely good for his fangs to separate her flesh… and there is no greater pleasure than this feeling of losing her blood.

She moans at him to suck more and he starts to redden but he obeys her and continues to drink. She confesses that it doesn’t feel good unless it’s Shu. She doesn’t want anyone else doing this but him. More and more… she wants him to drink from her.

*** HEAVEN 02 ***

Both Shu and Yui are on the school rooftop and Yui comments on how beautiful the starry sky is. It makes her sleepy just looking at them. She thinks that she also wants to watch the stars some more. Shu, who had been silent up until now, asks her if she won’t ask him to show up at class anymore. She tells him that she thinks it’s fine now.

He raises a brow at that and asks about her change of heart. She answers that she doesn’t think he is the type to learn anything through school classes. She thinks that carefully regulating one’s time is more of Reiji’s thing than his. Shu smirks before admitting that Reiji is definitely someone who is suited for the stiff structure of humanity. She gives him a sly smile as she tells him that it may just be that he is too unsuited for that.

Suddenly, the school bells rings and she realizes that classes have started. She tells him that she needs to go now and starts to get up, but he reaches out to grab her arm and calls for her to wait. At her questioning look, he orders her to stay here. She tries to explain that she has classes but Shu interrupts and tells her that, in his opinion, she isn’t the type to learn from school classes either.

She blinks in confusion and asks him what he means. His only answer is to tell her to remain here together with him… that is her entire life. She blushes and murmurs his name but he presses his point and asks her if she doesn’t want to stay. Does she want to leave and sit in a stiff chair and pass her time in idleness? She thinks that his point is quite attractive but…

He laughs suddenly and points out that she looks flustered in her lost state. She tries to deny that but his voice becomes cajoling as he says that she really wants to be here, right? And she also wants to bare her neck to him and have him drink her blood, right? He tells her to be honest.

Yui’s heart throbs and she starts to blush even redder as she realizes that she does want to be by his side… she wants him to touch her always. And so she shifts herself until she’s on top of him, which just makes him raise a brow and ask her why she suddenly did that. She’s heavy. She continues to stay red as she asks him not to say such rude things. She was just about to make him feel good too.

He eyes her speculatively and asks if she isn’t afraid to be seen like this by someone. She smiles and replies that she doesn’t care about being found; at most they would just drop out of school, right? She doesn’t care about anything so long as she is together with him. If they are found then they can both drop out of school and stay the house forever. He chuckles at that before agreeing that he wouldn’t mind. He’s grown tired of coming to school every day.

She confesses, while staring at him, that it looks tempting to place her hands around his defenseless throat like this. His voice is a whisper as he tells her to go ahead; there are some people who say they get off on being choked. She becomes intrigued at this and asks him if he would like to try it. She will do anything that feels good.

Shu tells her to do as she wishes and then orders her to strip because her clothes are in the way. She hurriedly obeys him and she barely finishes before he drags her back to him and kisses her deeply. She moans into the kiss and notes that his kisses are cold and sweet, but even so… she’s becoming hot. He’s panting as he admits that he is also becoming flushed… her body is amazing.

She groans out his name as he bites down on her. He murmurs that her blood is sweet. She ponders on that and then asks if blood is really that delicious. He nods before telling her that it completely fills up his thirst. Moreover, her blood is sweeter than anyone else’s. He suddenly laughs before informing her that his brothers, when they smell this blood, spend every night sleeplessly. She is a sinful woman.

Yui smiles and tells him that she won’t give anyone else this blood though. The only person who can drink it is Shu. He groans at that before admitting that he doesn’t want to smell the scent of anyone else on her body. She just needs to stay by his side always.

*** HEAVEN 03 ***

In the living room Yui turns off the television after finding nothing but boring channels on there. She asks Shu if there isn’t anything interesting to do. He raises a brow before telling her that there are only troublesome things rather than interesting. She asks if that is true and so he tells her that the human life’s ups and downs are nothing but irritation.

The most important thing for him is to have nothing happen. He doesn’t wish for stormy seas. He likes a still lake with no waves or wind. She wonders out loud if that even exists. He grunts out that there is. She sighs but then shrugs because she enjoys spending time leisurely like this with Shu. He chuckles before noting that she’s grown to understand. He doesn’t need any happenings in his life. It is enough for time to just flow on by. She agrees.

Suddenly, the door opens and Laito enters calling out for anyone. He spots Yui and calls out to her happily. She greets him politely and in surprise. He snickers as he notes that Shu and her are as stickily close together as always. He thinks she should play with him from time to time, and he’s free right now. She blinks in confusion and asks him what he wants to do together.

He smiles widely and tells her that there are countless of things of course, but first he thinks he would like to suck her blood. She refuses curtly and tells him that she has Shu. Laito pouts and tells her that it should be fine. He turns to Shu next and asks if he and Bitch-chan can play. Shu tells them to do whatever they want, which makes Yui look at him in surprise. She asks him what he’s saying because she doesn’t need anyone other than him.

Shu just smiles at her and tells her that it is fine to have a noncommittal partner sometimes. She frowns and wonders what he is saying before pointing out loud that normally he should be telling Laito not to touch what belongs to him and then getting in a fight, right? He makes a disbelieving noise in the back of his throat. She blinks in confusion.

He sighs before telling her that he already said he finds happenings to be troublesome. Shu suddenly calls out to Laito and tells him that she’s greedier than her looks imply. Can he satisfy her? Laito chuckles before telling him to leave it to him. He asks Yui which place she feels the most pleasure from in having her blood sucked.

Yui dares him to try and find it himself. He tilts his head and asks her if she is trying to invite him with that. Her heart throbs, which causes her to flinch minutely, before she tells him that he is correct. Oh, but she doesn’t know if a child like Laito can satisfy her. Laito narrows his eyes and asks her what she is saying. Obviously, he can. He knows that he can make her feel much better than Shu ever could.

He tears her clothes apart, which just makes her raise a brow at how surprisingly violent he is. But she invites him to try and she’ll also be testing him out. Laito flushes at the erotic look on her face and he promises to make her cry out as much as possible. He starts to fondle her as he praises her beautiful body.

Laito lays a kiss on her and she gasps quietly. He tells her to let her voice loose more and he’ll only suck her blood once he hears her best moan. She groans out his name and then notices Shu looking at them silently, which wipes all the expression on her face. But then Laito orders her to stop looking at Shu and to look at him. He kisses her deeply and she starts to flush at the deep kiss.

But something is wrong… there’s something different from Shu’s… Suddenly, Shu walks over and grabs Laito by the arm. Laito glares at him and asks him what he is doing because he was just getting to the good part. Shu answers that he’s changed his mind. Yui gasps in surprise. Laito’s eyebrows raise before he asks if they are going to have a threesome.

Shu sighs loudly before telling them that there is no chance of that. He tells Laito that he still has a ways to go and to wash his face and come back next time. Laito’s mouth drops open before he asks loudly what he’s saying. He was saying something different a while ago! Shu only smiles challengingly and tells him that he can’t find the one place that Yui likes the most, right? Yui turns bright red under his gaze but agrees.

Laito rounds on Yui with a snarl and asks her what she’s saying. He’s much better than Shu! Shu tells him to stop complaining and then grips Yui’s chin before telling her that he’ll be kissing her next. He slides his tongue into her mouth and she moans his name loudly. Meanwhile, Laito is taken aback by her extremely aroused look.

Shu’s voice is a rumble against her ear as he points out to Laito that it’s completely different from his kiss, right? Look, he is supposed to suck her blood like this. He sinks his teeth into her and she gasps his name. As she thought, his fangs are the best… but Laito is watching them… and she can feel his heated gaze.


Yui enters the church and thinks on how long it’s been since she last came here. She’s skipped out on cleaning it and so she can see the dust everywhere. But… this is also the last time that she will come here. She stops at the altar and then tells out loud to God that she has come here to leave him. She confesses that she is a sinful woman who has committed both lust and sloth. And more… she doesn’t regret any of it.

She admits that she has fallen. Right now she belongs to Shu. She is not requesting permission and if she is to descend into hell then she gladly welcomes it. Even if that means her body will burn… she does not care. She takes out her rosary and tells God that she will be returning this symbol of faith. The only thing she needs is—

Shu finishes her sentence by saying his own name. She startles before asking him if he heard all that. He nods before telling her that he heard her poem-like confession. At any rate, he finds this church to be as disagreeable as always. Even with its dirty appearance the air around them is floating with sublimity. His nose is wrinkled in disgust as he calls this place completely worthless.

Yui tells him with a smile that feels like she understands his words now. It’s strange how even though she’s thrown away her faith, she feels no pain in her heart. It’s because he is here… He laughs at that and tells her that if her father heard that he would faint. She tells him firmly that she wouldn’t care and she will no longer be seeing him again.

He hums in thought before admitting that he can’t hear a sense of regret in her words at all. She really has thrown away her faith. She nods. He eyes her before telling her that she is more suited to being the prostitute of vampires than a lamb of God. There hasn’t been a woman who has such an expression of ecstasy when her blood is being sucked. He orders her to exist together with him.

Shu’s smirk is dark as he tells her that the uncertain existence of God can never grant her want anything, much less the most supreme of pleasures. She agrees with a smile before turning to say a farewell to the church. She will be leaving together now with Shu. He comes closer to her and asks for her hand.

She extends it with a questioning look, which is answered when he takes her hand and kisses it. He murmurs 「清い体と心を捨てても、なおお前の手は白い・・・綺麗だな・・・俺も、お前がいれば他には何も望まない。」(Even though you have thrown away your pure body and heart, your hands are still white… It’s beautiful… I also wish for nothing so long as you are here).

Yui vows that the two of them will never be separated. Shu’s eyes narrow as he agrees and he won’t let anyone at all, no matter who they are, to intrude on them. If they do interrupt then… he will sink them in a sea of blood. He starts to chuckle, which makes her ask him what is so funny. He tells her wryly that he’s thinking about the future. Ever since he made a promise to play with “that person” he hadn’t thought he would ever make another promise.

She asks him if he is talking about his friend from before. Shu nods before explaining that they made a promise to play in the forest again but he died before they could fulfill that promise. He had thought that he wouldn’t think about the future at all and yet… He thought she would change upon being in contact with him but… in truth, he may have been the one to change. She repeats his words in astonishment. He changed because of her?

His expression softens as he admits that he has. He embraces her before murmuring that he doesn’t want to let go of this warmth. He wants to smell the scent of her blood for an eternity. He won’t permit anyone to intrude on them. These are feelings that he shouldn’t be having. His heart should have died together with “that person” on that day.

Shu smiles at her as he admits 「お前が地獄の底から引きずり出して来ちまった。・・・・責任は取ってもらうぞ、ユイ。」(You dragged me out from the bottom of hell… You will take responsibility for that, Yui). She only smiles happily at the realization that he thinks this and she tells him that it makes her happy beyond belief to know that. She loves him more than anything else. He repeats the word “love” in astonishment.

She nods before telling him seriously that this feeling is not a sentiment or compassion… she loves only him. She doesn’t care if everything else outside of that dies or is destroyed. If these feelings are what changed him… then she will consider it her pride to have thrown away God. He murmurs 「・・・ただひとりに向けられる、愛、な。」(… A love that is directed to just one person… huh…).

Yui nods before adding that it is completely selfish but also very thick. She vows to him that even if her body should disappear and she becomes nothing but a soul, she will still be by his side. She loves only him. He averts his eyes with a faint blush before admitting that he loves her too. Even if everything in this world is heading towards demise, he only needs her by his side. Only to her… does he…

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      I jammed his entire route into one post, so the last bit is actually Ending 1, 3, and then 2. First ending is when they run away to Transylvania (the best ending). The 3rd ending is when Shu dies (worst ending). And the 2nd ending is the normal ending where she’s crippled but a vampire with Shu.

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    I purchased DL with the intent of using it to practice my Japanese. Unfortunately, I can only understand about 60% of the speech and without your translations, I would have missed SO many nuances that make this game amazing. This translation has made this game 1000 times more enjoyable for me.

    Shuu is my OTP for this game, though I’m absolutely in love with Subaru as well. Ayato’s voice alone makes him my third favorite (damn those moans). What shocked me the most was how the voice actors literally have no qualms about the sounds they make. They are NOT shy and it was horrifying, mind blowing, and amazing. Thanks to that factor, I was unable to take my console with me to school for fear of my face spontaneously exploding from some of the things being said/done/voiced in this game, especially when the characters suddenly shift and whisper in one ear or another.

    I saw a comment here about these brothers being unable to love. In essence, I think that’s true, but I can’t completely agree. Each brother’s love is unique to their understanding of the emotion. Not to mention, they are vampires who suffer the curse of immortality. Really, how can we as humans fathom that or relate to it? I believe they love as much as they can. That doesn’t make it easy for Yui and I really pity her sometimes for all the things she goes through, but…

    Out of all of the brothers, Shuu made the most “sense” to me, both in his routes and in his good ending. He was, perhaps, the kindest to Yui out of all of them, but that wasn’t what won me over. His past and the way nobody in the house truly understands him hurt me deeply on an emotional level, maybe because I’ve gone through similar scenarios in my own life with my family. That, and hearing his voice when he was losing Yui…or when she got sick in the after ending…OMG…I almost cried. Seeing his trauma, I wanted to protect him from everything.

    Subaru was a close second. He had me at “i’m emotionally damaged, just leave me alone”. My heart went out to him every time he had a violent outburst because I felt like what he was trying to break wasn’t the wall, the church, or his bedroom, but HIMSELF. It hurt so much. I’ve never wanted to save a character as badly as I wanted to save him from his own self-loathing. In his own way, he was also kinder to Yui than his brothers. His voice was incredible, especially when he engaged “seductive” mode. I found his ending satisfying and realistic.

    I’ve already run through Vandead Carnival (sleeping vampire omgfdsakfjdsajlk) and have purchased More Blood just to see what it’s all about. Dark Fate has me intrigued because of more story. Someone mentioned bad reviews about it, but I’ve never seen them so I don’t know what to expect. Honestly, I found out about this series from the anime, and that left much to be desired. I figured I would ignore all the hate and make my own judgment after seeing the game with my own eyes. Thankfully, I was NOT disappointed.

    In conclusion, this experience has strengthened my resolve to continue studying Japanese even harder than I have been the past 2 years. It’s my ambition to live there someday, after all. For a while, I thought I wasn’t making much progress, but all of this has given me that push I need to keep trying my best.

    It’s all thanks to you!!

      Ilinox responded:
      November 21, 2016 at 00:02

      Thank you so so so much for this comment. I read every comment that passes by on this site and I adore hearing people’s thoughts on these games!

      Oho, we share Shu and Ayato being in our top 3 favorites. LOL Diabolik Lovers definitely took things to a new level by implementing the dummy mic feature, and yes omg even now I’m still surprised by the noises that voice actors make. Kudos to them for enriching the whole experience of this story though!

      “Each brother’s love is unique to their understanding of the emotion.” !!! I think you nailed it on the head. I can’t really remember the things I might have said in previous comments, but I agree with you wholeheartedly about how the brothers love in their own ways, though that might be twisted because of the experiences they’ve gone through. You bring up a good point about how, because they’re immortal vampires, their version of love might just be incomprehensible to us. That actually reminds me of a scene with Cordelia (I think in Laito’s route?) where she talks about how the ultimate expression of love from a vampire is by killing their vampire lover.

      Haha, I think that was why Shu is up there in my favorites as well. His inherent laziness makes it so that he doesn’t go out of his way to torture Yui unnecessarily I think. YES! I’m a sucker for his story themes and I think a lot of people can sympathize with the weight of expectations being placed on you. Reiji is actually one of my favorites as well and I find their relationship in this game to be SO fascinating.

      Subaru seems to be a fan favorite |D though I couldn’t see him as anything but a younger brother. I also agree with him being kinder to Yui, haha, probably because his violent outbursts seemed a bit uncontrollable.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying this series as much as you are! Yeah, there’s a lot of mixed reviews about More Blood, Vandead Carnival, and Dark Fate. Like some characters getting awesome treatment while others not so much. I can’t remember if some writers were added or removed for the sequels. They’re coming out with Lost Eden too (maybe it’s out already?).

      Aw, that’s awesome! Seriously, thank you for this lovely comment and I know you can definitely do it! I’m sure once you tackle the other games you’ll see your comprehension of them jump exponentially since you’ll be familiar with the writing and the words they use!

    msburnett99 said:
    March 12, 2016 at 17:03

    There’s something in one of Shu’s endings I don’t understand. How did they start out in Japan and suddenly end up in Europe?

      Ilinox responded:
      March 12, 2016 at 18:31

      According to Shu, there’s a portal in the forest that teleports them to Europe… convenient but that’s how the game explains it LOL.

        msburnett99 said:
        March 14, 2016 at 12:38

        I suppose that makes as much sense as the TV miniseries of Stephen King’s The Stand where a couple of characters go through the Armstrong tunnels in Pittsburgh and wind up in New Jersey. Though to be fair, the Armstrong Tunnels In Pittsburgh were doubling for the Holland Tunnels in New York City.

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